Coronation Street - Season 24

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  • Wed 28 Dec, 1983
    Wed 28 Dec, 1983
    Episode 104
    Bill worries that Elsie won't recognise him anymore. Elsie resigns from the Tropicana. Mrs Proctor calls on Rita. She apologises for upsetting her. Rita tells her she wants to know everything. Marjorie tells her she met Len a year ago; Len fitted her kitchen. Her husband had died and Len had helped her talk through it. Curly invites Sharon to tea but she isn't keen. Marjorie tells Rita she's asked Len to see her on the day he died, that's why he died on his way to Bolton. Rita demands to know if she slept with Len, Marjorie tells her she did. Rita ends up comforting Marjorie as she misses her dead husband. Rita promises her she doesn't think bad of her. Elsie is stunned to see Bill again. He tells her about his wonderful life in Portugal. Sharon agrees to have tea with Curly but asks him not to write any more poems. Elsie is thrilled to have Bill back, even if it is only briefly.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 1983
    Mon 26 Dec, 1983
    Episode 103
    Curly is frustrated as he can't muster the courage to ask Sharon out. He writes a poem to her, putting down his feelings for her. Elsie has a lonely Christmas, alone at No.11. Rita tells Alf about her worries about Len and Mrs Proctor. He agrees to drive her to Bolton. Curly gives Sharon his poem. She is embarrassed by it. Bill Gregory returns to the Street to pay his respects to Rita on hearing of Len's death. Rita calls on Mrs Proctor. Mrs Proctor refuses to talk to her and slams the door in her face. Elsie starts at the Tropicana and is horrified as it's so rough. Rita believes Len was with Mrs Proctor the night he died. She feels that the thought of that night is blocking out all the good memories she has of Len. Bill introduces himself to Rita and tells her Len will be greatly missed. He is amazed to discover Elsie is still living in the street as he thought she was in Newcastle.moreless
  • Wed 21 Dec, 1983
    Wed 21 Dec, 1983
    Episode 102
    Curly tries to build up courage to ask Sharon out. Elsie gets a barmaid's job at the Tropicana. Bet warns her that the pub is a dive. Curly travels into Manchester and lets two of Jack's pigeons loose. He finds one of them, Jimmy, has died on the journey. Fred is furious that his pigeon has died. He puts the dead bird into the coup and declares he's won the bet as it's first home. Bet as holder of the bet money agrees Fred has won and gives him the £20. Elsie asks Mike if she can withdraw her notice but he tells her it wouldn't be a good idea; she obviously doesn't fit in at the factory. Rita finds Mrs Proctor's job completed in Len's files. She phones her again but has the phone slammed down again.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 1983
    Mon 19 Dec, 1983
    Episode 101
    Rita goes through Len's clothes. She finds a beer mat with a Bolton phone number written on it. Curly sees Sharon and falls for her. Deirdre sorts out the paperwork at the Yard for Rita. Fred tells Jack he could show him how to look after his pigeons. They agree to race a couple, putting £10 down each. Elsie is fed up that Ivy has been made supervisor again. She contemplates leaving the factory. Remembering George Newton thought she'd be an ideal landlady she arranges an interview at the brewery. Mike is annoyed when Elsie takes time off and reprimands her. She resigns from the factory. Sharon is interested in Terry. Rita phones the Bolton number and gets a woman, she tells her Len is dead. When Rita says who she is, a Mrs Proctor puts the phone down.moreless
  • Wed 14 Dec, 1983
    Wed 14 Dec, 1983
    Episode 100
    Bet decides not to go to Len's funeral because of her affair with him as she doesn't want to upset Rita. Elsie, Mavis, Sharon, Mike, Emily, Alf, Fred and Betty help Rita bury Len. Mavis doesn't understand why Len was killed on the M61 when he was meant to be in Ashton. Rita puts on a brave face throughout the service but breaks down on her own. Mike apologises to Ivy for rowing with her and gives her her old job back. Rita has to face up to the fact that Len wasn't returning home from Ashton when he died.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 1983
    Mon 12 Dec, 1983
    Episode 99
    Mavis spends the night comforting Rita. She can't believe Len is dead, killed on a motorway. The residents are stunned by his death. Bet and Alf are sickened. Elsie asks Rita if she can do anything as she can't settle at work. ELSIE: "It's like losing your best mate, your kid brother and the only man you ever trusted all in one go." Elsie tells Rita she was lucky to have married Len. Emily brings Rita out of herself by sharing her experience over Ernie's death. She promises her life is a great healer. RITA: "I feel as if I've lost an arm and a leg, there's no tomorrow's anymore. My whole world's collapsed." Alf organises the funeral and takes care of the Yard. Sharon Gaskell arrives to comfort Rita when she hears of Len's death. Elsie tells Mike she would like the supervisor's job. He tells her he'll think about it. Albert is stunned by Len's death. Mike stirs the girls up by telling them Elsie has applied for the supervisor's job. The girls accuse Elsie of back-stabbing. Ivy tells Mike she'd like the supervisors' job back. Alone in the Yard, Rita weeps for Len.moreless
  • Wed 7 Dec, 1983
    Wed 7 Dec, 1983
    Episode 98
    The factory girls are amazed that Ivy is no longer supervisor. Vera and Shirley ask Mike to reinsate her but he refuses. Stan is horrified that he has to have a bath for the party. Rita is fed up of Len working in Ashton until all hours. The Yeats treat the Ogden's party as a farewell party. Vera is put out that she hasn't been invited to the Ogdens' party. Mike leads Elsie to believe she could have the supervisor's job. Alf toasts the Ogdens as their children aren't around. The residents join in the congratulations. Eddie says that the Ogdens have been like parents to him and he'll miss them. Jack agrees to play the piano if he and Vera can have free drinks. Rita sings for the party goers. The Yeats say their goodbyes and leave. Hilda is touched when Rita sings "We've been together now for forty years". The Yeats see the police knocking at No. 9. They are arriving to break the news to Rita that Len has been killed in a car accident.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 1983
    Mon 5 Dec, 1983
    Episode 97
    Hilda invites Trevor and family to her party. Eddie sorts out a transfer to Bury bins. Hilda hires the Select for her party, loving the idea of having the staff waiting on her. Mike finds Watkins isn't pulling his weight. Eddie tells Marion they'll have to move on Wednesday as that's when his transfer takes place. Mike rows at Ivy for the way she lets the machinists take liberties. He accuses her of running the factory like a play group. Hilda is upset when Trevor says he's got a prior engagement. Ivy has enough of Mike taking his troubles out on her and tells him she's had enough. She resigns as supervisor and says she'll go back on the machines.moreless
  • Wed 30 Nov, 1983
    Wed 30 Nov, 1983
    Episode 96
    Hilda has a new carpet laid at No. 13. She thinks it's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. Eddie doesn't want to live with Winifred but is aware that Marion is worried about her. He is furious that Marion wants to be with her mother rather than him. Percy is keen to start breeding but Mavis doesn't think Randy will be suitable. Len spends all his time in Ashton working on another disco. Percy pushes Mavis to mate budgies but she feels Harriett isn't keen. Percy takes the huff when she suggests Randy has knocked around a bit. Hilda plans a Ruby wedding party.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 1983
    Mon 28 Nov, 1983
    Episode 95
    Hilda realises it's forty years since she met Stan and their wedding anniversary is next week. Percy is interested to discover Mavis has a female budgie. He tells her his budgie is called 'Randy' and he wants them to meet. The Ogdens go for Stan's birth certificate so he can get a passport for a holiday. Hilda uses her cash card for the first time. She is annoyed to discover Stan knows her secret number: 5331. Eddie looks over a semi on Hillside Crescent. Stan's birth certificate shows that he was born in 1919, making him sixty-four instead of sixty-one. He is shocked but delighted to discover he'll get his pension and bus pass next year. Mavis is upset that Percy wants to mate Randy and Harriett. Marion tells Eddie they should move to Bury to look after Winifred.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 1983
    Wed 23 Nov, 1983
    Episode 94
    Alf worries that Bet is taking up with Des again. He warns her to be careful. Ken is ashamed when the Recorder is printed. Deirdre thinks it's amusing that Ken has had to flatter Mike so much. Ken calls Mike 'The Debonair Dynamo of Denim'. Des is amused by the way Bet is playing around with him. Eddie tries to organise a mortgage. The neighbours tell Ken they were depending on him to take up the battle for them. He tells them there's no proof that the disco goers caused the troubles. Mike winds Ken up by thanking him for the wonderful article. Des tells Bet Edith wants him to go back to her. Bet tells him it's nothing to do with her. She tells him all he's good for is a laugh now and again. The doctors want to release Winifred but she won't be able to look after herself. Marion realises she'll have to nurse her.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 1983
    Mon 21 Nov, 1983
    Episode 93
    Annie takes to her bed after a disturbed night during which one of the Rovers' windows is cracked by drunks from the disco. Ken worries what the neighbours will say when they read his passive article. The Yeats return from honeymoon to the news that Winifred has had a stroke and is in hospital. They visit her in Bury. Marion is stunned that she looks so frail. Des takes Bet out for a meal. She lets him think she's ready to sleep with him again.moreless
  • Wed 16 Nov, 1983
    Wed 16 Nov, 1983
    Episode 92
    Annie tells Bet she could miss her lunchtime shifts if she doesn't want to see Des but Bet decides to stand up to him. Ken is furious when Sally takes a copy of Ken's article to show Statham before it goes to print. Statham tells Ken the article isn't good enough. Ken is amazed that Statham favours the advertisers rather than the readers. Statham demands Ken writes about 'popular Mike Baldwin'. Des asks Bet to come out with him for old time's sake. She agrees. Ken rewrites his article, praising Mike's public spirit.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 1983
    Mon 14 Nov, 1983
    Episode 91
    Bet is shocked when Des arrives to decorate the Rovers for the brewery. Emily finds it hard calling Curly 'Curly' so he suggests she calls him by his real name - Norman. Ken writes an unenthusiastic piece about the club. Bet tries to ignore Des but he keeps speaking to her. She plays it cool and is civil towards her. He tells her fate has brought them together again.moreless
  • Wed 9 Nov, 1983
    Wed 9 Nov, 1983
    Episode 90
    Elsie starts to reassesses her life. Ken tells Mike that he won't take any more advertising for the club. Curly asks Emily if he could lodge with her. She agrees. Mike asks Deirdre to get Ken to take his advertising but she stands by Ken and tells him he's got a nerve to ask her for help. Fred sees Eunice and her solicitor. She tells him she's getting married again and wants all their pots and pans back. He hangs onto the colour TV but agrees to let her have everything back. Curly moves into No. 3. Emily is happy to have someone around the house. Percy is put out to find Emily has taken Curly in as a lodger. Statham lays into Ken for upsetting Mike. He demands they take the advertising and tells Ken to write a glowing report on the club as Mike is spending a lot of money with them.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 1983
    Mon 7 Nov, 1983
    Episode 89
    The disco goers cause sleepless nights for the residents. Percy tries to worm his way into Emily's affections by doing jobs around the house for her. Elsie is roughed up and pushed about by drunks from the disco. Curly cuts his hand on glass in Emily's rubbish. Emily feels responsible and dresses the wound for him. Fred hears from Eunice that she wants a divorce. Ken decides to write a piece in the Recorder slamming the Graffiti. Emily is surprised that Curly has good qualifications but works on the bins. She contemplates taking a student in as a lodger as she's so lonely. Sally Waterman warns Ken that he has to be careful what he says about the club as it advertises in the paper. Ken writes an article criticising the disco. Mike tells him he wants to take out more full-page advertisements. Ken agrees but Mike wants him to write a piece praising the club.moreless
  • Wed 2 Nov, 1983
    Wed 2 Nov, 1983
    Episode 88
    Jack can't get the Limo to start after the service as the Yeats are driven off by Norris in his Jag. Jack gatecrashes the reception. Maggie is forced to talk to Mike at the reception. She offers to let him hold Mark but he can't bring himself to. Stan finds the reception too much and sneaks off home for a snooze. The Yeats plan to spend their wedding night at No. 11 and to fly to Benidorm in the morning. Mike tells Bet that Maggie's baby is his. Winifred mellows and kisses Eddie, telling him she likes him. The guests guess that the Yeats are spending the night at No. 11, they booby-trap the bed causing Marion to break down. Elsie organises a get away, booking them a hotel in town. The Yeats escape through the window with their suitcases.moreless
  • Mon 31 Oct, 1983
    Mon 31 Oct, 1983
    Episode 87
    Eddie sports a black eye. Marion is upset to hear everyone now knows about the baby and he has a black eye. She breaks the news to Winifred who is horrified. Marion tells her she's not ashamed. Curly is thrilled to be stand in best man. Uncle Wilf gives Marion away. Jack chauffeurs them in a Limo. Hilda is proud to stand in for Eddie's mother. Norris Stephens makes it to the church just in time to be Eddie's bestman. Curly is put out. Mike is put out to see Maggie and baby Mark at the service. Elsie is Matron of Honour. Marion is late when the limo breaks down. She and Eddie are married at All Saints.moreless
  • Wed 26 Oct, 1983
    Wed 26 Oct, 1983
    Episode 86
    Johnny Webb turns up for Eddie's stag night twelve hours too early. Vera is forced to go through Jack's pockets. She finds money and is upset when he doesn't hand it over on his own account. Kevin is grateful to have a job. Ivy finds him sat reading when Brian is out. He fears she'll lose him his job. Johnny spends the day getting drunk. Fred throws him out when he chats the local women up. Eddie gets Norris Stephens from Liverpool to be his best man. He can't find a decent flat for them to live in. Kevin apologises for upsetting Ivy and is relieved when Brian lets it drop. Elsie tells Marion she and Eddie can live with her after the wedding. Terry is upset by all the arguments at home and his parents' constant rowing. Mavis takes up local history studies at the Centre. Elsie hosts Marion's hen party. Fred guesses that Marion is pregnant. He tricks Stan into confirming it and announces the news in the pub. Eddie tries to stop him and Fred thumps him to the floor.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 1983
    Mon 24 Oct, 1983
    Episode 85
    Vera is caught up in Jack and Terry's row. She fears Terry will leave home. Ken and Statham sign a contract making Ken a press baron. Mike looks forward to Marion's wedding. Marion warns him that Maggie will be coming with her husband and baby. Brian gets Kevin to look at a car to see how well he does. Mike worries about meeting Maggie again. Jack is £7 short in his housekeeping so Terry withdraws £7 of his. Kevin fixes the car so Brian takes him on as a mechanic.moreless
  • Wed 19 Oct, 1983
    Wed 19 Oct, 1983
    Episode 84
    Brian is embarrassed when Bert sends him £10 for his birthday. Jack threatens Terry with violence if he goes on about him working late in the cab. The vicar at All Saints agrees to marry Eddie and Marion. On discovering Eddie is a bin man Rev Nuttall asks him to remove an old mattress. Winifred is furious to discover Eddie has booked the Rovers for the reception. She tells him she refuses to let it happen. Eddie tells her he's had enough of her moaning; it's their wedding. She respects him. Alf's car breaks down in Bolton. Hitchhiker Kevin Webster repairs it, so Alf gives him a lift home. He encourages him to ask Brian for a job. Brian agrees to interview him. Eddie doesn't know who to ask to be his bestman. Terry and Vera are annoyed when Jack can't afford all his mortgage money. Terry has to sub him and threatens to leave home if Jack is short again.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 1983
    Mon 17 Oct, 1983
    Episode 83
    The Tilsleys move in with Ivy. Terry is annoyed at the way Jack doesn't do anything around the house. Winifred Willis arrives at No. 11 and tells Marion she wants her to marry in church, in white. Eddie books the Rovers for the reception. Winifred tells Marion and Eddie she wants them to marry in Bury, in the church where Marion was christened. They refuse as they don't know anyone there but agree to marry in a Weatherfield church. Winifred says she'll pay. Terry overhears Fred commenting on Jack entertaining red heads. He is furious and tells Jack he's sick of supporting him whilst Vera struggles.moreless
  • Wed 12 Oct, 1983
    Wed 12 Oct, 1983
    Episode 82
    Emily is flattered when Percy flirts with her. Mavis bakes a cake with a mystery ingredient in it. Annie and Hilda also bake cakes. Fred is amazed to find Miss Weatherfield selling kisses at the Fayre. Marion tells Winifred about the wedding. She takes the news well. Elsie guesses that Marion is pregnant. She tells her she's very happy for her. Rita runs the Bring and Buy, Mavis the cake stall, Vera the bingo stall, Percy the jumble. Eddie decides he'd like Hilda to know about the baby from him rather than hear from anyone else. Hilda is thrilled when the Deputy Mayoress buys Hilda's cake. Gail is sad when she has to start packing the house up. Albert guesses that the mystery ingredient in Mavis' cake is sage. When she gives him the cake he refuses to take it as only a fool would eat a cake with sage in. Victor is horrified when his pottery ends up on the plate smashing stall. Eddie tells Hilda that Marion is pregnant, she is disappointed in them but also pleased for them.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 1983
    Mon 10 Oct, 1983
    Episode 81
    Emily is pressurised from everyone as she prepares for the Fayre. Marion breaks the news to Elsie that she's marrying on 31st October. ELSIE: "The day Hilda Ogden is the last person to know anything, I'll do a double somersault over the Town Hall." Hilda is delighted that Eddie and Marion have set the date. Percy orders the stall holders about. Victor brings his pottery to the Centre. Mavis is thrilled to see him. He tells her he has no regrets about moving to Saddleworth. Eddie and Marion go public on their engagement. First time buyers, the Dentons tell the Tilsleys they will definitely buy the house. Marion dreads telling her mother about marrying in a Registry office.moreless
  • Wed 5 Oct, 1983
    Wed 5 Oct, 1983
    Episode 80
    The brewery sends Annie the uniforms: three t-shirts with the brewery logo on. Gail is furious when a nosey woman looks round the house just to see what it's like. Betty refuses to wear her tee-shirt. She tells Annie she'd die of shame. Annie returns the outfits to the brewery. A young couple makes an offer on Buxton Close. Gail is thrilled. Mavis tells Victor about the Fayre. He thinks it'll be a chance to show off his pottery.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 1983
    Mon 3 Oct, 1983
    Episode 79
    Marion is relieved Eddie wants the baby. Emily organises an Autumn Fayre for the hospital. Percy agrees to help her. The brewery writes to Annie with an idea about giving the staff uniforms. Marion gives up smoking because of the baby. Eddie joins her for support. She tells him she would abort the child if he felt trapped. He tells her she has changed his whole life and she and the baby are the best things ever to happen to him. Bet tells Annie the brewery outfits sound good and asks her to get some to try out. The estate agent values Buxton Close at £18,500 for a quick sale. Eddie tells Marion they'll be married soon.moreless
  • Wed 28 Sep, 1983
    Wed 28 Sep, 1983
    Episode 78
    Gail tells Brian she can face living with Ivy if it means they keep the garage on. Brian tells Laughton the garage is no longer for sale. Ken tells Statham he's interested in buying a third of the Recorder. After discovering there's nothing but grotty flats around to rent, the Tilsleys decide to move in with Ivy. Rita phones Victor and finds out that 'Mrs Pendlebury' is his sister-in-law. Mavis is relieved. Ivy promises to allow the Tilsleys' their freedom if they move in with her. She is delighted when they agree. Marion tells Eddie she is pregnant. He is stunned but tells her he's thrilled.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 1983
    Mon 26 Sep, 1983
    Episode 77
    Ken calls on Statham about replacing Pam on the Recorder. Statham tells him he wants a partner rather than an employee. Rita and Mavis go on a day trip to Saddleworth for something to do. Ivy rows with the Tilsleys over their plans to sell the house. They accuse her of being too sentimental. Ivy thinks they're spoilt. Mavis and Rita call at Victor's cottage. They are put out when a Mrs Pendlebury answers the door. Mavis is stunned. Ivy tells the Tilsleys that they could sell the house and move in with her, rent free. Ken admits to Deirdre that Statham has asked him to put money into the paper and become its editor. He feels it could be a challenge and a risk as it would take all his redundancy money and their savings.moreless
  • Wed 21 Sep, 1983
    Wed 21 Sep, 1983
    Episode 76
    Pam tells the Barlows she's leaving the Recorder and moving to Nottingham. Mr Loughton offers Brian a price £2,000 lower than the asking price. Brian thinks it over. Stan asks Hilda to open a joint account so he can draw money out for himself. She refuses. Mike advises Brian to sell everything he owns before selling his business. The Ogdens go to a French restaurant. Hilda threatens to strangle Stan if he ruins the evening for her. The menu is in French so they don't know what to order. Pam recommends Ken sees Bob Statham, the Recorder's owner. The Ogdens end up with melon and sea bass. Hilda is touched when Stan tells her he wouldn't swap her for any of the other diners. Gail tells Brian that Mike has the right idea - they should sell the house rather than the garage.moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 1983
    Mon 19 Sep, 1983
    Episode 75
    Gail is annoyed that Brian didn't discuss his plans with her before putting the garage up for sale. Mr Laughton looks over the garage. Fred has a cut forehead. Hilda receives a cheque for £1,583 from her solicitor. Ivy is stunned to hear Brian is selling the garage. She thinks it's Gail's idea and rows with her. Pam is shocked to discover Ken has lost his job because of her article. She refuses to let Ken write more articles for the paper. Ken finishes at the Centre. Hilda opens a bank account and gets a cheque book. She books an expensive restaurant for a meal to celebrate.moreless
  • Wed 14 Sep, 1983
    Wed 14 Sep, 1983
    Episode 74
    The Duckworths throw a bottle party. Jack fits flashing lights onto the bar in their house. Gail fails her driving test on three counts. Brian gloats. The Ogdens gatecrash the Duckworths' party. Vera wants to throw them out but Jack stops her. When Watkins pesters Deirdre, Mike steps in to save her. Brian advertises the garage for sale in the paper. Vera throws the Ogdens out. When Fred argues with Terry about his time in the Paras, Terry dares him to jump off the back wall. Fred falls backwards into the Yard.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 1983
    Mon 12 Sep, 1983
    Episode 73
    The Duckworths move into No. 9. Brian hates working a seventy-hour week. Gail feels they should keep the garage as they're building for the future. Gail gets a driving test cancellation. She thinks she'll be more help to Brian if she can drive. Brian can't find time to give her a lesson so Fred gives her one in the Rover. She narrowly misses the Duckworths, moving their bar across the street. Emily offers the Barlows financial help whilst Ken is unemployed. Terry moves into No. 9. The Duckworths leave the house in a tip and go to the Rovers. Gail tries to encourage Brian into hanging onto the garage.moreless
  • Wed 7 Sep, 1983
    Wed 7 Sep, 1983
    Episode 72
    Fred is furious to discover Annie had an invite to the club. When a cleaner doesn't turn up at the club Hilda steps in, although she's worn out from her other jobs. The auctioneers clear No. 9 of Chalkie's furniture - including the Duckworths'. Vera is horrified and fights the men for her furniture. Hilda tries on a fur coat left in the cloakroom. The estate agent is called to sort out the hassle over No. 9. He makes Jack take the Duckworths' furniture out of the house. Vera tries to make off with some of Chalkie's furniture but Jack lets her down. Ivy refuses to let them store the stuff at No. 5. When Vera pleads with him, Mike lets her store the furniture in the loading bay. Brian works late at the garage. He tells Gail he's had enough and is going to sell up.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 1983
    Mon 5 Sep, 1983
    Episode 71
    Jack can't afford to put the Duckworths' furniture in storage so he gets the key to No. 9 off the estate agent and puts the furniture in the house. They leave the old house and move in with Ivy. Watkins boasts in the Rovers that he can invite people to the opening night of the Graffitti. Fred and the factory girls decide to take him up on his offer. Mike is nervous on the opening night of the club. Hilda starts work at the cloak room. The factory girls turn up at the club but Watkins refuses to let them in. Vera creates a scene and starts insulting the customers. Eddie raffles a ticket for the club opening. Mavis wins it. Brian finds the garage work too hard. Don has Fred forcefully evicted from the club when he tries to get in.moreless
  • Wed 31 Aug, 1983
    Wed 31 Aug, 1983
    Episode 70
    The Duckworths have to vacate their old house. Mrs Lawson tracks Eddie down. Ken's boss tells him the Council aren't happy with his leaking and asks him to sign a new contract stating he'll never pass on Council information again. He refuses to sign, saying his job is to serve the community, not to hide things from them. Mrs Lawson accuses Eddie of stealing the carpet. She demands to have the carpet back. Ken is asked to resign because he has broken his contract. He refuses to resign and is sacked. Eddie finds Hilda's old carpet on the tip but she refuses to have it back; she's going to have new. Ken takes voluntary redundancy. Deirdre is annoyed that he wouldn't sign the contract as he's put their lives on the line. Jack discovers the house contract will take another week and they'll be homeless. Ivy agrees to take the Duckworths in.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 1983
    Mon 29 Aug, 1983
    Episode 69
    Eddie finds a carpet on his round and takes it home. Marion refuses to have it for their bottom drawer. Don Watkins tells Mike his uncle, Alec Yardley, has taken him on as manager of the club. Mike is annoyed as he didn't pick him. Eddie lays the carpet at No. 13. Yardley tells Mike that Don must be manager. Hilda likes the carpet. Mrs Lawson discovers Eddie has taken her new carpet.moreless
  • Wed 24 Aug, 1983
    Wed 24 Aug, 1983
    Episode 68
    Ken is pleased when one of his colleagues promises to stand by him. Vera celebrates getting No. 9. The neighbours are horrified when she bursts into the Rovers and announces their news. Bet is bitter that she's man-less again. Ken sees Peter Bromley. Bromley calls the leaking disloyal and tells Ken he has a reputation of being radical. He reminds Ken that he signed a confidentiality clause when he took the job. He asks Ken if he gave Council information to the Recorder. Gail is tired of both Tilsleys working all hours for nothing. Ken admits to being the mole. Deirdre fears he'll lose his job.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 1983
    Mon 22 Aug, 1983
    Episode 67
    Percy Sugden takes over as caretaker at the Community Centre. Vera talks Jack into buying No. 9 for £10,000, getting a £9,000 mortgage. Jack plans to race the pigeons Chalkie has left. Bet kids Percy that Emily is Elsie Tanner. He upsets Emily by telling her he won't be climbing into her bed at night. Ken calls a meeting with his fellow Development officers, telling them he leaked the document. He expects them to stand behind him. Percy rows with Alf parking his car outside the Centre before discovering he's a Councillor and his boss. Bert is moved to a psychiatric hospital in Southport. Ken's colleagues tell him they'll back him but if he's sacked, they won't threaten to resignmoreless
  • Wed 17 Aug, 1983
    Wed 17 Aug, 1983
    Episode 66
    Ivy returns to work to face her friends. Pam prints 'closure threat to youth clubs in secret Council plans'. Ken is pleased to see it in print but is worried about the Council reaction. Annie advises Bet to get some security from Des before moving in with him. BET: "Father Christmas keeps letting me down when I ask for a wedding ring." Ken is delighted to hear the Town Hall is in uproar. Edith calls at the shop. Bet is surprised that she doesn't know who she is. Edith tells Bet that Des' mistress is married with two kids. Ken is summoned to the Town Hall. When Bet tackles Des he swears she is the only woman in his life. She tells him he's a liar and finishes with him.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 1983
    Mon 15 Aug, 1983
    Episode 65
    Ivy faces the neighbours and tells them Bert is having special treatment. Pam investigates the Youth Club story but can't get anywhere. She tells Ken she needs quotes to make the piece stand up. He gives her a confidential report from the Town Hall to quote. She promises not to tell anyone where she got it from. Bet tackles Des about his wife throwing him out. He admits she did, as Edith found out about their affair. He tells her he's given up everything to be with her. She is touched and agrees to move in with him in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 10 Aug, 1983
    Wed 10 Aug, 1983
    Episode 64
    Albert celebrates his 88th birthday. Ken gives him the history of the Lancashire Fusiliers. Ivy is frightened that the neighbours will talk about Bert's mental illness. Albert blackmails Annie into buying him a drink, telling her he knows how old she is. Ivy refuses to return to work, not being able to face the girls. The Barlows throw a surprise party for Albert. Beattie arrives and is put out that she wasn't invited to the party. Bet agrees to move in with Des. Ken tells Pam that the Council are planning to close youth clubs and fabricating figures to show the clubs aren't used. Alf tells Bet that Des didn't leave Edith; she threw him out.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 1983
    Mon 8 Aug, 1983
    Episode 63
    Brian and Ivy go to Bristol to bring Bert home. Des wants to talk to Bet but she tries to ignore him. He tells her to meet him in a flat. Ken gets a pair of glasses for reading. Brian and Ivy have to leave Bert in Bristol. He was arrested after hanging round a shopping precinct all day. The doctors want to keep him in hospital. He didn't recognise Ivy. Against her better judgment, Bet meets Des at his flat. He tells her he wants her. She admits she loves him but doesn't want to be hurt. He tells her he's living at the flat having left Edith and wants Bet to live with him. He tells her he left Edith because of her.moreless
  • Wed 3 Aug, 1983
    Wed 3 Aug, 1983
    Episode 62
    Brian feels useless as he sits and waits for news of Bert. The Duckworths view No. 9. Vera and Terry like it although Jack tries to get Terry to side with him. Vera tells Jack to put the £1,000 down as a deposit. Chalkie is dreading flying. When Mike demands Ivy returns to work she is forced to tell him Bert has disappeared. He tells her he'll cover for her at work. Jack asks Chalkie if he can rent No. 9 off him but Chalkie throws him out. Mrs Earnshaw tells Hilda her marriage guidance is working. Phyllis tells Hilda that Mrs Earnshaw has been a widow for twenty years. Hilda can't believe she's been taken advantage of and calls Mrs Earnshaw a liar. But Mrs Earnshaw calls her a hypocrite for not caring about people with problems. Vera is horrified to find Jack tried to get away with renting No. 9. She tells Chalkie she definitely wants it. The police find Bert in a Bristol hospital. The residents wave farewell to Chalkie as he leaves for Australia.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 1983
    Mon 1 Aug, 1983
    Episode 61
    The Tilsleys wait up all night waiting for Bert. Ivy blames herself for leaving him on his own. The Duckworths' landlord wants to knock their house down to build flats. He offers them £1,000 to vacate. They ask Alf to find a council house for them but Alf refuses to get involved. Chalkie gives his job up and takes early retirement. Phyllis is stunned when he tells her he hopes to stay in Australia for six months. The Tilsleys refuse to tell anyone that Bert is missing. Ivy fears he'll never return as Bert has taken his favourite photograph and their holiday money with him. Mrs Earnshaw tells Hilda she's her only friend. She tells her that her husband drinks and is hateful. She asks Hilda to tell her her secret of her happy marriage. When the police call at No. 5 for a photograph of Bert, Ivy worries about what the neighbours will say. Jack wants to spend the £1,000 on a new car now that the tax people are after him and he has to do the taxis full time but Vera wants to use the money as a house deposit. She arranges for them to view No. 9. Hilda tries to give Mrs Earnshaw marriage guidance. She gives her £5 to buy some food for her husband.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jul, 1983
    Wed 27 Jul, 1983
    Episode 60
    Bet refuses to give Des up. Bert is frustrated when Ivy mollycoddles him. Hilda delivers a letter back to Mrs Earnshaw. Mrs Earnshaw calls at No. 13 and tells her she cried over her letter. Hilda offers her a chat. Des tells Bet he'll set her up in a flat in Jubilee Gardens. She asks if she'll always be his bit on the side or if he'll leave his wife for her. He tells her it would be too complicated to leave Edith so Bet tells him to get lost; she's not being a tart forever. Mrs Earnshaw tells Hilda her TV has been repossessed and is in bad health. She's grateful to Hilda for listening to her woes. Hilda feels sorry for her and gives her £5 to treat herself. Alf is relieved Bet has split with Des. He tells her she deserves someone better. Bert disappears from the house whilst babysitting with Nicky. Ivy doesn't know where he could be.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 1983
    Mon 25 Jul, 1983
    Episode 59
    Bet wants Des as he makes her feel good and exciting. She is upset that she hasn't heard from him since Edith phoned. BET: "When you've been kicked around as much as I have an' you find somethin' thats even 'alf way worth clingin' on to believe you me you cling on to it tooth and flamin' claw." Hilda receives a begging letter from a Mrs Earnshaw, telling her all about her bad luck. Bert returns home in an ambulance. He seems subdued and vague. When Des asks her out again, Bet hope he'll leave his wife. Hilda feels sorry for Mrs Earnshaw. Alf shows his disgust when Des takes Bet out. They laugh at his morals. When Edith arrives at the shop Alf is forced to cover for him again. Alf tells Bet that if she continues to see Des she must leave the flat.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jul, 1983
    Wed 20 Jul, 1983
    Episode 58
    Alf warns Bet that her relationship with Des will end in tears - hers. Ivy talks to Bert whilst he's in a coma. He comes too to see her at his bedside. Phyllis asks Chalkie to pay her electricity bill. He gives her £30. When she discovers he's going to Australia she calls him a monster for not taking her with him. She begs him to take her but he refuses. Alf is forced to cover up for Des when Edith calls as Des is with Bet.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 1983
    Mon 18 Jul, 1983
    Episode 57
    Unconscious Bert is rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Brian goes with him whilst Gail makes a statement to the police. Gail goes to the factory and breaks the news to Ivy. Mike runs them to hospital. Des asks Bet if he can take her out. She agrees. Bert is put on a life support machine. He has head and chest injuries. Ivy keeps a bedside vigil. She fears he's going to die. Bet dresses up to go out with Des but he wants to spend the evening in her flat. She admires his nerve. Phyllis hears about Chalkie's win. Alf returns from a Council meeting to find Bet and Des leaving her flat in a state of undress. Alf warns Bet that Des is married but she already knows.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jul, 1983
    Wed 13 Jul, 1983
    Episode 56
    Eddie escorts Chalkie to Chadwicks Bookies when he collects his £3,543.75 winnings in cash. Eddie fears he'll be mugged when they are followed home. Chalkie puts the money under his floor boards and buys drinks all round. Brian leaves Bert at the garage whilst he gives Gail a driving lesson. He refuses to just sweep up and tries to blow up a tyre for Brian. Eddie makes Chalkie put his money in the bank. Curly suggests he goes to Australia to visit Bob. The gas pressure explodes causing the whole garage, with Bert inside, to explode. Brian rushes in to find Bert.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 1983
    Mon 11 Jul, 1983
    Episode 55
    Chalkie puts £10 on a five-horse accumulator - Big Tom, Good Time Charlie, Blunderbus Two, Black Amber and Funny Phyllis. Councillor Des Foster asks Alf to back him over fighting vandalism at the Red Rec. Bert helps out at Brian's garage but is bored as all he can do is clean up. Bet and Des find each other attractive. Chalkie, Eddie and fellow bin man Curly Watts grow excited as Chalkie's horses start to win. Des catches Bet walking around in just a towel. She flirts with him. When Funny Phyllis wins Chalkie celebrates with a kiss from Elsie.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jul, 1983
    Wed 6 Jul, 1983
    Episode 54
    Ken buys Deirdre a watch for her birthday. The factory girls strike at their machines as the trade delegation is due. Mike is forced to agree to pay their production bonuses. Mike tries to impress the Russians. He is disappointed that they can't place an order with him. He finds the translator Eileen Hicks attractive. Beattie accuses Ken of taking advantage of Albert. The fatties weigh in again. Stan weighs 2lb more than at the start of the slim, Eddie is exactly the same. Alf has lost 3lb and Fred 5lb. Fred is declared the winner but is disqualified when Bet announces he had bags of coins in his pockets at the first weigh in. Alf wins the £20. Eileen agrees to a night out with Mike. Beattie thinks Albert's going senile but Ken assures her that her inheritance is safe. She accuses Ken of shortchanging her father, so Ken throws her out.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul, 1983
    Mon 4 Jul, 1983
    Episode 53
    The Barlows start converting the kitchen at No. 1. Mike prepares for a VIP visit he leads the girls on to believe Royalty are coming before telling them it's a trade delegation. He hopes to get some oversea sales from the visit. He tells Ivy to make sure everything runs like clockwork. The girls think it's hysterical when Mike tells them the delegation will be Russian. Albert refuses to live amongst dust and gets Beattie to take him in. She is pleased to find Ken is altering the house as it will add value to her inheritance. Albert tells Beattie he's sold No. 1 to Ken. She is furious. Fred puts £5 on himself to win the weigh-in as he knows he's going to win because of the coins. The girls threaten a sit-in strike when Mike refuses to pay their bonuses whilst they're cleaning the factory.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jun, 1983
    Wed 29 Jun, 1983
    Episode 52
    Hilda refuses to let Stan eat. Bet puts Alf on a diet. Suzie is certain Elsie won't throw her out. Elsie tells her she's wrong and she wants her gone. Suzie calls her two-faced. Trevor asks Hilda for a loan of £2,000 as he's overspent on a car and furniture. She tells him she only got £1,500. Stan tells Trevor they wouldn't give him money if they had it. Trevor tells him he's pathetic as he hasn't got anything. Hilda is upset by their rowing. Suzie begs Elsie to let her stay but Elsie is adamant. Elsie tells her she knows she was sacked from the Nelson because of her attitude. She meets a Rep in the Street who's going to Blackburn and gets a lift with him. Stan suggests to Hilda that they send Trevor a few quid but Hilda feels he doesn't deserve any money.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 1983
    Mon 27 Jun, 1983
    Episode 51
    Trevor and Damien visit the Ogdens. Stan demands to know what Trevor wants. Trevor asks them to look after Damien for the night whilst he attends a job interview. Brian tells Gail that Suzie tried to get him into bed. He tells her he threw Suzie out. Bet challenges the Rovers' men to lose weight. Eddie, Stan, Fred and Alf agree to put £5 each in a kitty and the winner to take all. Fred slips bags of coins from the till into his pocket for the weigh-in. Gail tells Suzie they're no longer friends. Suzie says that Brian led her on and persuaded her to sleep with him. Elsie reveals she saw Suzie in her bed at midnight. Gail is relieved. Stan is certain Trevor is after Archie's money. Hilda is upset that he thinks so little of his son. Elsie tells Suzie she's not welcome in her house anymore. Elsie slaps her face when she brings up her old flames and calls her a slag.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jun, 1983
    Wed 22 Jun, 1983
    Episode 50
    Audrey goes down with food poisoning so Gail looks after her. Albert doesn't want to leave the house to Beattie as it's obvious she doesn't love him. He appreciates all Ken has done for him. Deirdre is touched that Albert doesn't want to lose them. Mrs Lowther gives Hilda some leftovers from a party so Hilda decides to throw an inheritance party. Suzie discovers Brian is going to be on his own for the night as Gail is staying at Audrey's. The Barlows refuse to let Albert give them the house as it wouldn't be fair on Beattie. Suzie calls on Brian with a bottle of wine and a takeaway. Ken realises the logical thing to do would be for him to buy No. 1. Deirdre thinks it's a brilliant idea. Hilda enjoys entertaining the guests at her party. The carpet man calls during the party, as does the bathroom salesman. Suzie tries to get Brian drunk to seduce him. She offers to spend the night with him.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jun, 1983
    Mon 20 Jun, 1983
    Episode 49
    Hilda decides to spend her inheritance on carpets. Deirdre is depressed as the prospect of living in Albert's museum of a house for ever. Ken tells her they'll move with or without Albert. He tells Albert they'll be moving in two weeks. Albert offers to leave him No. 1 in his will but Ken doesn't want to upset Beattie. Hilda is amazed that a new carpet will cost over £400. Elsie is furious to discover Suzie has been putting shopping on her slate. Suzie gets annoyed when Gail accuses her of being jealous of her family. Suzie tells her about her marriage but Gail refuses to believe it was a marriage as it only lasted three months. Suzie advises her to keep an eye on her precious family in case someone lures Brian away. Albert shocks Ken by telling him he'll give him No. 1 and they can do what they like with it, so long as they stay together.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jun, 1983
    Wed 15 Jun, 1983
    Episode 48
    Ken offers Wadsworth £21,500 for his house. Albert tells the Barlows he will move with them. Hilda counts on getting £10,000 for the shop and tells Annie she's definitely leaving. Annie has the pub cleaned from top to bottom and buys flowers to arrange around the bar before the Brewery's inspection. Fred dresses up to impress Sarah but Annie asks him to take a day's holiday so he won't show her up. Hilda cleans the Rovers for the last time and tells Annie she's glad to leave. Annie tells her she had intended to give her an extra 25p an hour so Hilda agrees to stay on. Sarah Ridley and George Newton call at the Rovers. They drink in the bar to see how trade is. Annie greets them with surprise. Hilda's solicitor tells her Archie had debts and her inheritance will only be about £2,000. She is disappointed. Ken agrees to buy the Buxton Close house for £21,750. Deirdre is thrilled. George Newton chats Elsie up and tells her she'd be an ideal landlady. Fred offers to take Sarah out but she snubs him. Sarah advises Annie to stick to her spit and sawdust trade and to lose the flowers. The Barlows enthuse about the move but Albert tells them he realises he can't leave No. 1 as it's his home. He's sorry.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jun, 1983
    Mon 13 Jun, 1983
    Episode 47
    Annie hears that Sarah Ridley is doing spot checks at all pubs. Hilda writes out her resignation from the Rovers. Mavis regrets being too moral. Hilda resigns from the Rovers. Annie is annoyed that she's keeping the Lowthers and Mike on. Hilda tells her it's because they pay 25p an hour more. Ken tells Albert they'll never leave him alone at No. 1. They want to move but want him to come with them. He doesn't know if he'll fit in a new house. Hilda sees Mr Holt who tells her the chip shop lease will soon be up and he's going to put the rent up a considerable amount. The Barlows view a house with a garden. They feel it's ideal and try to sell the idea to Albert, telling him there's a greenhouse and potting shed. Hilda considers selling the shop as a going concern.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jun, 1983
    Wed 8 Jun, 1983
    Episode 46
    Mavis thinks that Victor may be thinking of marrying her as he let the neighbour believe they were married. MAVIS: "Sometimes I feel I'm at the back of a huge queue and all the women in front of me are getting good jobs, freedom of choice and equality. And it's never going to be my turn." Hilda tells Avril she knows she wasn't Archie's fiancée and that Frank is her lover. Avril tells her she can't prove anything as she's been very discrete. Hilda threatens her with a court case causing Frank to tell Avril he can't risk a court case. He threatens to drop her unless she drops the fight. Avril tells Hilda the shop is hers. Victor leads Mavis on to believe he's going to propose before telling her perhaps they could try the trial marriage just at weekends. He wants to be certain they're right for each other but Mavis refuses. She can't sacrifice her life for no security. The Barlows look at a house on Buxton Close.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jun, 1983
    Mon 6 Jun, 1983
    Episode 45
    Deirdre is embarrassed of No. 1 when Pam Mitchell calls it cosy. Rita advises Mavis to live with Victor as he obviously cares for her. Eddie gets Archie's bin men to find out the goings-on at the chip shop. Victor and Mavis view the cottage again. He tries to sell her the idea on the basis of the fresh air and creative neighbours. Deirdre types out Ken's notes for his agony column. They enjoy working together. Mavis is nearly persuaded to move in with Victor until a neighbour calls her "Mrs Pendlebury". Gail enjoys helping Brian at the garage and decides she'd be more help if she could drive. Brian agrees to give her lessons. Eddie tells Hilda that Avril's bin men have never seen Archie at her flat but have seen Frank from the shop leaving the flat in the early hours. Mavis tells Victor she's upset that he passed her off as his wife. She refuses to spend her life lying. Deirdre tells Ken she wants to move.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jun, 1983
    Wed 1 Jun, 1983
    Episode 44
    Rita doesn't know how to tell Mavis that if she moves to Saddleworth she'll have to give up her job as the flat goes with it. Hilda tells Avril she's got no rights to the shop and is trespassing. She gives a week to get out. Rita tells Mavis she'll have to give up the Kabin if she moves. Ken worries that he won't be able to answer the letters but Pam talks him into doing the column on a trial basis. Mavis tells Victor she can't face the idea of living in sin. She tries to talk herself into agreeing. Victor suggests she looks at the cottage again, this time as a future home. Avril shows Hilda a ring and tells her she was Archie's fiancée and were already cohabiting; as his common law wife she has a larger claim on the shop.moreless
  • Mon 30 May, 1983
    Mon 30 May, 1983
    Episode 43
    Hilda goes to the CAB for advice. Pam asks Ken to join the Recorder as Agony Uncle for her advice column. Hilda visits a Community Solicitor. Ken takes on the agony column. Deirdre thinks he's not equipped to answer the letters. Mavis wants to be with Victor but only as his wife. She worries that she'll lose him but feels she loves him. She fears this may be her last chance. She refuses to be rushed into a decision. Hilda has to fill in probate forms, the shop will be hers but only in a months time.moreless
  • Wed 25 May, 1983
    Wed 25 May, 1983
    Episode 42
    Mavis fears that she'll never see Victor when he moves. Vera arranges to meet Jack at the Rovers, through the agency. The Ogdens go to the chip shop and tell Avril that as Archie's next of kin the chip shop is theirs. Hilda is amazed at the amount of money taken over the counter. Avril throws them out, threatening them with the police. Victor secures the cottage and arranges to transfer his work to Saddleworth. Vera dons a red wig to pose as Carole. Jack dresses up in his Vince outfit to meet her. On seeing Carole is really Vera, he is horrified as all the Rovers' regulars look on and laugh. Vera chases him out of the pub, attacking him with her handbag. Victor tells Mavis the cottage is big enough for two. He invites her to join him on a trial marriage.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 1983
    Mon 23 May, 1983
    Episode 41
    Victor tells Mavis he's interested in buying a cottage in Saddleworth. He asks her to view it as he wants her opinion. Carole arranges to meet Vince. The Ogdens cremate Archie. Avril tells them what an awful time she's been having. Victor decides to buy the cottage. Mavis thinks it's beautiful. Hilda has enough of Avril going on about how wonderful Archie was and comments on how she was never around when Archie was ill. Avril tells Hilda the shop is her responsibility now as it was Archie's dying wish she had it. Hilda swears to get the shop off her.moreless
  • Wed 18 May, 1983
    Wed 18 May, 1983
    Episode 40
    Pam pays Ken £10 for his article. He tells her he hated it. Archie's assistant Avril Carter tells Hilda she was more to Archie than a friend - she was his common-law wife. Bet tells Vera she could a laugh by going to the video dating agency. Ken accuses Pam of rewriting his article. She justifies her actions by pointing out the huge amount of public response. She talks him into writing more pieces. Vera goes to the Bill & Coo agency to see the videos. She calls herself Carole Munroe. She is furious to see Jack is one of the clients. Hilda takes in Archie's body and puts him in the front parlour. Vera accuses Bet of setting her up but Bet tells her she sent her to the agency to play Jack at his own game. She suggests Vera, as Carole, makes a date to meet Vince.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 1983
    Mon 16 May, 1983
    Episode 39
    Ken's article on 'Abandoned children' appears in the Recorder. He feels Pam has changed his words and worries that the piece will get him into trouble. Annie puts Suzie onto a job at the Lord Nelson. The female customers upset Bet by laughing at the idea of video dating. Hilda worries about Archie's health. Bet visits the Bill & Coo Video Dating Agency. She views the videos of the agency's men. Alf doesn't like Ken's article and accuses him of having a go at all Councillors now. Bet is startled to find Jack Duckworth on the video, calling himself Vince St Clair. Suzie gets the job at the Nelson. Hilda is upset as her brother, Archie, dies of a heart attack. She is the only one left in her family. Stan comforts her.moreless
  • Wed 11 May, 1983
    Wed 11 May, 1983
    Episode 38
    Suzie looks for a job. Bet and Betty demand compensation from Fred for their ruined clothes. Brian makes the Rover look perfect and makes Fred take it away. Mike hears that Maggie has had his child. Fred refuses to pay Bet and Betty £50. They tell him they've contacted a solicitor. Ken completes his article. Pam agrees to print it but wants to edit it. Ken worries she'll make it too bland. Suzie offers to promote the disco for Mike but he doesn't want her. Bet puts on a posh voice and pretends to be a solicitor's secretary to frighten Fred on the phone. He agrees to pay Bet and Betty £7.50 each. Suzie is behind with the rent but can't get a job. When an old friend finds a man through video dating, Bet decides to give it a try.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 1983
    Mon 9 May, 1983
    Episode 37
    Maggie Dunlop has had her baby. Pam asks Ken for his views on the Recorder. He thinks she should stick her neck out more, to get the locals to read the paper. She tells him he has impressed her and wants him to contribute to the Recorder. Terry agrees to divorce Suzie. She is annoyed that it's going to be two years before she's free again. Brian retrieves the Rover for Fred and fixes it free of charge. Fred demands a full valeting service done but Brian refuses. Suzie decides to start her life afresh. Ken lays into team captain Neil for not turning up for a football match before learning his sister was knocked down by a car. Ken is appalled by the number of children run over on Clifton Road. He decides to write a piece for the Recorder. Deirdre warns him to be cautious as he does work for the Council.moreless
  • Wed 4 May, 1983
    Wed 4 May, 1983
    Episode 36
    Bet and Betty are stranded in the Rover in the middle of a lake. Fred wades out to the car but can't start it. Annie tries to cope alone at the Rovers. Suzie finds Terry in No. 11. He tells her he's sorry he hit her. She tries to phone the police but he has cut the phone wires. He tells her he loves her and doesn't understand why she's such a cow. He threatens to kill himself if she doesn't return. Fred carries Bet and Betty to land. Bet is furious when he sits her down on a cow pat. Terry packs Suzie's things but she refuses to leave. Elsie arrives and gets Suzie to run out and get help. She gets Eddie and Alf to come to Elsie's aid. They find she has dealt with him already. Terry tells Suzie he'll leave her alone, and admits defeat. Fred, Betty and Bet return in a taxi, cold and haggard. Fred blames Brian but Annie rules that as he took the car without the mechanic's consent he is to blame for everything. Fred tells Brian he wants the car brought back free of charge.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 1983
    Mon 2 May, 1983
    Episode 35
    Bet fears a boring Bank Holiday. Fred tries to get Brian to hurry up repairing the Rover's brakes so he can take Bet out. EDDIE: "You know Stanley, there's three types of idle. Idle, flamin' idle and you!" Hilda visits Archie who is taken ill. Marion looks after Stan and Eddie. Bet worries about being alone in the country with Fred so takes Betty along for protection. Elsie tries to bring Suzie out of herself and takes her shopping. Gail lets Fred take the Rover not realising Brian hasn't finished working on it. Fred takes Bet and Betty to Lyme Park. He tries to get Bet on her own but she sticks close to Betty. Terry breaks into No. 11 and waits for Suzie. Packing up the Rover, Fred slams the boot shut. The car, with Bet and Betty in rolls down a hill. Bet pulls on the handbrake but it comes off in her hand. The car ends up in a lake.moreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 1983
    Wed 27 Apr, 1983
    Episode 34
    Suzie tells Elsie Terry has a violent temper and used to beat her up. Elsie doesn't believe her. Terry tells Elsie he loves Suzie. He admits to being depressed over losing his job but now has a new one. He wants Suzie back. He swears he never laid a hand on Suzie. The Council passes the disco. Mike celebrates. Elsie urges Suzie to stand by her marriage vows. Ken is furious that he's lost the disco battle. Eddie offers to scrub the graffiti off the disco walls for Mike, it gives him the idea of calling the disco 'The Graffiti Club'. Elsie leaves Suzie with Terry and tells them to make up their differences. Terry asks Suzie to return to him. She tells him their marriage was a mistake. Later, Elsie returns home to find Suzie with a bloody face. She comforts her.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 1983
    Mon 25 Apr, 1983
    Episode 33
    Roy starts at the Yard. Suzie hears from her London flatmate that Terry has her address. She packs and tells Elsie she's moving on. She tells Elsie that Terry is a bloke she's trying to run away from. She tells Elsie she's frightened of him. Len realises he's forgotten his wedding anniversary. Elsie and Marion promise Suzie they won't let Terry get near her. She agrees to see what happens. Len gives Rita a gold necklace for their anniversary. She takes him out for a special meal. Terry Goodwin arrives at No. 11. Elsie tells him Suzie doesn't want to see him but lets him wait for her. Terry stuns Elsie by telling her Suzie is his wife. Suzie is horrified to see him and refuses to talk to him.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 1983
    Wed 20 Apr, 1983
    Episode 32
    Hilda is horrified to find Stan and Eddie have painted orange lines in the Street. She makes them scrub the cobbles. Rita discovers Mavis and Victor spent their nights in a Youth Hostel. Chalkie takes his bags to Alice but she tells him he's too late, she's taken in another lodger. Ken chairs the protest meeting. Pam Mitchell from the Weatherfield Recorder attends the meeting and tells Mike she'd like to do a piece on the disco. He agrees. Phyllis thinks it's hysterical that Alice doesn't want Chalkie anymore. Annie urges the residents to oppose the disco on moral grounds. Mike and Yardley don't deny they're in the venture for money but claim they will provide a service to the community. Phyllis tells Chalkie she'll take him in. He refuses. Alf swears the Council is impartial but no one believes him. The meeting ends in uproar as Mrs Harper accuses Alf of receiving back-handers.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 1983
    Mon 18 Apr, 1983
    Episode 31
    Victor and Mavis return from the Lakes. Mavis is glad to be back. Chalkie packs. Phyllis tries to stop him leaving. Alf refuses to attend the disco protest meeting. Anti-discoer, Mrs Harper's son, throws a brick through Mike's office window. Mike decides to attend the protest meeting to see what he's up against. Mavis suffers as the skin on her ankle is rubbed away. She tells Victor she found the holiday too much of an assault course. He is disappointed with her attitude. Chalkie refuses to let Phyllis join in his farewell party. She thinks Alice will take him for all his money and bump him. Stan and Eddie get drunk, they agree that the idea of a disco is awful as the noise will be too much. Thinking no cars will park in the street if it had yellow lines, they paint some in the street with orange paint.moreless
  • Wed 13 Apr, 1983
    Wed 13 Apr, 1983
    Episode 30
    Alf refuses to be interviewed on the radio. Len offers Roy an apprenticeship at the Yard. Roy isn't sure if he wants to make a career of plumbing. Victor organises Mavis' rucksack and clothing. She feels uncomfortable with the discomfort of it all. They set off for Windermere. Roy agrees to work with Len. Emily has seventy signatures on her petition. Ken is stunned to discover work is starting to convert the warehouse, before the Council has passed the plans. Ken decides to hold a public meeting at the Centre.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 1983
    Mon 11 Apr, 1983
    Episode 29
    Mavis is depressed on her 46th birthday. Victor cheers her up by saying he'll visit her. Len lends his tools to a keen lad, Roy Valentine, who does jobs for his mother. Victor tells Mavis he's taking her on a camping holiday as a birthday treat. Ken is interviewed by the Gazette, telling them the Councillors have lost the resident's views. It's obvious he's getting at Alf, accusing him of being more concerned with business profits. Alf is furious to read Ken's interview. He tells him he'll not stop him supporting the disco. Mavis feels Victor's tent is very small and worries about the sleeping arrangements. He puts the tent up in her flat. Radio Weatherfield invite Alf and Ken to talk about the disco on air. Mavis and Victor try out the tent for size. Mavis doesn't like the idea of sleeping in the open.moreless
  • Wed 6 Apr, 1983
    Wed 6 Apr, 1983
    Episode 28
    Emily starts a petition against the disco. The Cheethams decide they want to buy No. 9. Ken annoys Alf by putting a disco protest poster in his shop window. Annie phones Mr Cresswell at the brewery to talk about the disco. Mr Cheetham offers Chalkie £10,500 for the house, including fittings. Chalkie agrees. BET: "Maggie Thatcher's a cub mistress compared to our Annie when she's got her war paint on." Annie is furious to discover the brewery is backing the disco; it's going to sell Newton & Ridley beer. She realises her trade is going to suffer. Phyllis meets the Cheethams. She puts them off buying No. 9 by telling them about the planned disco. Mike offers Hilda a job as cloakroom attendant so she withdraws her name from the petition against the disco. Mike tells Ken he's going to lose this battle.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 1983
    Mon 4 Apr, 1983
    Episode 27
    Mike gives Len the plumbing contract at the new club. Eddie gets a roll of carpet for Marion's new room. She refuses to have stuff he's found on the bin round. Annie is horrified to hear of the planned disco. Chalkie shows the Cheethams around No. 9. Annie, Mavis, Hilda and Emily descend on Ken and ask him to help them fight the disco. They want him to put their case to the Council. He agrees to help all he can. They decide to protest about the noise, cars and people in the Street at night. Ken tells Deirdre his main objection is that it's Mike's venture. Eddie puts a bolt on Marion's door for added privacy. Ken tells Alf to warn Mike that he's going to oppose the disco. Alf refuses to represent the opposition. Phyllis tells Chalkie she doesn't him to sell the house as if he does Craig will never return. She breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 30 Mar, 1983
    Wed 30 Mar, 1983
    Episode 26
    Elsie suggests one of the girls moves into the front parlour. Hilda sees plans of the Street at Mike's flat. He tells her he's building an ice rink in the Street. Marion and Suzie agree to move into the parlour as it hasn't been used for years. Bet finds Fred is keeping a list of how much he's spent on Maureen. Marion tells Eddie she's decided to return to Bury and stay with her mum. Alf warns Mike that the Town Hall may cause trouble because of parking. Mike is confident that no one will oppose him. Fred takes Maureen for a meal at The Nelson. Eddie turns the front parlour into a love nest and proves to Marion that they'd be happy in the room. Suzie celebrates having a room of her own but soon becomes jealous of the cosiness in the parlour. Maureen tells Fred she has a twelve-year old daughter. When he drives her home she asks him to drive her babysitting aunt home, eight miles out of Warrington. Maureen tells him not to bother returning. Fred tells her she's too expensive for him and dumps her. The Barlows don't like the idea of having a disco in the Street. Ken feels the business has been kept too quiet.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 1983
    Mon 28 Mar, 1983
    Episode 25
    Suzie's workshy attitude gets to Marion. Fred skives off work to retrieve the Rover. He finds it has been taken from where he left it. The police inform him they had to impound it as it was in a bus terminal. He has to pay £43 to get it back. Marion finds it impossible to have any time alone in No. 11. Mike wines and dines Alf and Len, telling them he's bought the old warehouse on Rosamund Street with Alec Yardley and is going to turn it into a wine and disco bar. He knows there's going to be opposition and asks for their support. Marion is annoyed when Suzie wears her clothes and tells her she's sick of living in a tip. Suzie refuses to change. Alf and Len agree to support Mike's club venture. Marion tells Elsie she can't cope with Suzie in the house and wants her out.moreless
  • Wed 23 Mar, 1983
    Wed 23 Mar, 1983
    Episode 24
    Gail encourages Brian to get a bank loan to buy Ron out. The Faircloughs visit Sharon in Sheffield on her 18th birthday. Fred shows Maureen the Rovers, telling her he's the pub's manager. Mrs Lowther calls on Hilda, she is out so Stan - in his string vest - invites the Lowthers to wait. Stan and the doctor discover they were in the Western Desert together. The bank agrees to give Brian a loan. Ron toasts the future with him. Hilda is horrified to find the Lowthers waiting in No. 13 as it looks a tip. Maureen gets Fred to drive her back to Warrington, she refuses to let him into her flat. The car runs out of petrol.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 1983
    Mon 21 Mar, 1983
    Episode 23
    Eddie pushes Stan to work. They do the windows together. Brian tells Ron he can't run the garage single handed. Ron refuses to work as a mechanic and offers to buy Brian out. Stan is annoyed when Eddie doesn't let him clean Clara Regan's windows. Gail urges Brian not to sell his share of the garage. Brian agrees to let Ron buy him out but is annoyed when Ron only offers him the £2,000 he originally put in. Brian refuses to sell for that so Ron suggests he buys him out. After a night at the Roxy, Fred picks up Maureen Slater and agrees to drive her home, to Warrington.moreless
  • Wed 16 Mar, 1983
    Wed 16 Mar, 1983
    Episode 22
    Albert tells the Barlows he can't cope with anymore rows and wants them to move out so he can have the rest of his life in peace. Chalkie agrees to move into Alice's house in Chapel Yard. Brian gets fed up with coping alone at the garage, as Ron is never around. Deirdre and Ken both feel that they can't leave Albert alone. Emily says she'd take care of him. She points out that Albert doesn't want them to go, he just wants them to have a happy marriage. She advises them to prove to him that their marriage is stable. Mike calls at the shop whilst Ken is there and tries to be pleasant. Deirdre tells Ken he'll have to start trusting her again. Bert tells Ivy about his mini stroke. He tries to convince her everything will be alright, even though he can never work with machinery again. Phyllis hears that Chalkie is moving in with Alice Kirby. She calls him a hypocrite. The Barlows tell Albert they don't want to leave him and convince him that they love each other and he's part of their family. Brian loses customers as he's so busy. He decides to sort Ron out.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 1983
    Mon 14 Mar, 1983
    Episode 21
    Bet returns to the Rovers. The Barlows return from Malta. Alice Kirby's lodger dies. She suggests Chalkie moves in with her. Ken assures Deirdre he's forgiven her. They make plans for the future to make a new beginning. Deirdre tells Alf she wants to give up the shop to spend more time with Ken. He persuades her to return until his leg is better. The specialist tells Bert to take things easy. Chalkie tells Phyllis it wouldn't be moral for them to live together. He is frightened of living with Alice. Bert tells Brian he might have had a mini stroke. It's a warning that he could have a stroke any time. He doesn't know how to tell Ivy.moreless
  • Wed 9 Mar, 1983
    Wed 9 Mar, 1983
    Episode 20
    Alf manages to walk about on crutches. Fred is jealous of Jack as Suzie takes to him because of his free lifts. Bet tells Vera Jack has been taking Suzie for free rides. Vera tackles Jack about taking Suzie out. When Vera shouts at her in the Rovers, Suzie makes her look a fool by refusing to have a slanging match. Annie approves of the way she handled the situation. Bert visits the doctor. He reassures Ivy that his disability is temporary. The Council offer Phyllis a bungalow in Gorton Close. She invites Chalkie to live with her, or near her. He refuses, telling her he wants as much space between them as possible. Bet is pleased to hear Vera has caused trouble for Suzie at the Rovers. Brian feels Bert should see a specialist.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 1983
    Mon 7 Mar, 1983
    Episode 19
    Bet hates looking after the shop. Alf can't stand the thought of her ruining his trade. Bert gets a letter from work saying that his sick pay is going to halved. He feels that he's never going to get better. Bet tries to get Alf on his feet but he isn't up to moving. She asks Jack to help her to return to the Rovers, promising gratitude. He tells her he'll pull the 'wrong change' number on Suzie. When he sees Suzie he changes his mind and chats her up. Brian worries about Bert's illness. Fred tries to get time off to take Suzie to Stockport but Annie refuses. Jack takes her in his cab, for free. The Council offers Phyllis a flat on Brook Drive. She doesn't like it as it's on the fifth floor. She asks Chalkie if she could move in with him. He refuses, telling her he has to sell the house as Bob needs the money. Bet is furious to discover Jack has taken Suzie out.moreless
  • Wed 2 Mar, 1983
    Wed 2 Mar, 1983
    Episode 18
    Hilda is upset to discover Stan was frightened of her, and borrowed money to give her housekeeping. She is touched when he tells her how he can't climb ladders in the bad weather. Annie makes Bet help Alf out at the shop and takes Suzie back on at the Rovers. Bet is furious. MIKE: "Deirdre was made for me, but I wasn't made for her." Eddie realises something is troubling the Ogdens. Stan tells Kippax he can't repay him at the moment and asks for more time. Eddie finds Kippax at No. 13 and throws him out, telling Stan he's stupid to have borrowed money. Hilda wants to ask Trevor for the money but Stan refuses to borrow from him or Eddie. Bet gets revenge on Annie by letting her walk in on Alf whilst he's in the nude as he changes his pyjamas in the back room of the shop. Hilda asks Mike to reemploy her at the factory. He refuses as the girls would object. Eddie buys Stan's window round for £185 and tells him he's now employed. The Ogdens are thrilled.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 1983
    Mon 28 Feb, 1983
    Episode 17
    Mike is annoyed that the Barlows have left for Malta. Betty returns to work. Bet worries that Annie will replace her with Suzie. Alf trips on one of Bet's shoes and falls down the stairs. Annie tells the staff that Suzie has to leave as Betty is back. The doctor tells Alf his ankle is sprained. He has to rest up for a few weeks. Alf asks Bet to look after the shop but she refuses as she has to work at the Rovers. Kippax tells Hilda Stan owes him £185 and has twenty-four hours to pay up. She breaks down, upset that Stan has resorted to borrowing money. Stan tells her he hasn't been able to work and spends all his days at the pictures. He is distraught to see Hilda so upset and weeps in frustration.moreless
  • Wed 23 Feb, 1983
    Wed 23 Feb, 1983
    Episode 16
    Deirdre gives her job up and packs hers and Tracy's bags. Ken tells Albert Deirdre and Tracy are leaving for good. Albert is heartbroken and tells them he's sick and disgusted with them. Annie is pleased when Betty is well enough to return home. Stan fears Kippax will take the house off him. Deirdre tells Ken she's going to stay with Blanche. He is furious that she isn't going to Mike's. He tells her to remember she's wrecked their marriage and tells her never to return once she's walked out of the door. He breaks down as she leaves but she returns, telling him she can't go. She begs him not to make her go and tells him she'll do anything to stay. They are reconciled. Ken calls on Mike and tells him Deirdre doesn't want to see him again. Mike refuses to believe Deirdre isn't leaving Ken. Eddie helps Stan chase up bad payers. He discovers Stan has let the round disintegrate. Emily is delighted to hear Deirdre is staying with Ken. Albert weeps when Deirdre tells him she's not leaving. Fred advises Annie to keep Suzie on and get rid of Bet or Betty. Ken books an immediate holiday in Malta for Deirdre. Mike calls at No. 1 and accuses Ken of keeping Deirdre from him. Deirdre tells him herself that she's staying with Ken.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 1983
    Mon 21 Feb, 1983
    Episode 15
    Ken sleeps on the sofa. Albert realises something is wrong but Ken tells him to mind his own business. Ken gets Albert out of the house before laying into Deirdre. Deirdre apologises for hurting Ken but he tells her it's too late for her to be sorry. Suzie starts doing more work than usual as Annie returns from visiting Joan. Fred is annoyed as Annie still treats the Rover as if it was hers. Ken wants to know Deirdre's plans and accuses her of being selfish. She accuses him of never wanting her, just someone to clean up after him. Albert feels in the way at No. 1 as the Barlows row. Deirdre accuses Ken of tolerating her and it feels as if they've been married for 20 years. Mike calls on Deirdre. She tells him Ken knows, she has to stop Ken from hitting Mike whilst he drags her away from Mike, nearly hitting her in the process. Fred tackles Annie for petrol money but she ignores him. Ken calls Deirdre calculating and tells her she's killed their marriage; she must pack and get out.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 1983
    Wed 16 Feb, 1983
    Episode 14
    Eddie's building society account interest amounts to £92.08. He is amazed. Deirdre tells Mike it's going to be hard to get away for the weekend. Stan visits Syd Kippax loan lender and asks him to extend his loan. Kippax refuses him any more until he repays his original loan. Alf tells Deirdre Ken didn't get the job as the committee thought he didn't have enough energy or drive. Marion is annoyed when Suzie doesn't pull her weight. Elsie threatens to throw her out if she doesn't do her share. Marion is upset when Suzie says Eddie only calls round the house to see her in her skimpy outfits. Deirdre gets angry when Ken feels his life is dull and pointless. She tells him he's pathetic, all he needs to be is enthusiastic. She tells him he was too boring for the job. He is furious and upset. When he resigns himself to being boring Deirdre tells him she wants more from life than what he gives her and she's found someone else - Mike.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 1983
    Mon 14 Feb, 1983
    Episode 13
    Chalkie puts No. 9 up for sale as Bob needs the money. Chalkie plans to move to a Council flat by the park. Ken can't believe he hasn't got the job and wants to find out why. An anonymous Valentine is sent to 'the redhead' at No. 11. As all three occupants are redheads they don't know who it's from. Ken asks Alf to find out why he didn't get the job. Fred tells Suzie he wrote the Valentine to her. She is horrified. Stan finds it impossible to climb his ladders anymore. His customers refuse to pay him for just cleaning downstairs. Fred reorganises the bar so Suzie has to bend down to get beers. Stan gives Hilda his day's takings - £8. She tells him it's not good enough. Deirdre can't bring herself to leave Ken as he's so down. Mike promises he'll look after Tracy. He tells her they should go away together for a few days.moreless
  • Wed 9 Feb, 1983
    Wed 9 Feb, 1983
    Episode 12
    Emily tells Deirdre that she's doing a Ray. Fred wants to buy the Rover off Brian but has no money. Brian repossesses the battery from Len's van. Annie is horrified when Fred buys the Rover, telling him he's beneath her contempt. Fred borrowed the £250 off a money lender. Deirdre feels that she's two different people. She doesn't know if all the lies are worth it. Mike suggests she leaves Ken and marries him. She feels that she's being pulled by everyone. Mike urges her not to waste her life. She realises he's right. Bet is jealous of Suzie's youth and popularity behind the bar. Fred runs Suzie out to Southport in the Rover. Len spends ages searching for a new battery when he discovers his has been stolen. He decides to end the feud and gives Brian the £84. Brian returns £20, telling him he took the battery back. Deirdre decides to leave Ken whilst he's happy about the job. She prepares herself to tell him but finds him depressed as he hasn't got the job. He is bitter that he's suffered another failure. KEN: "I'm an expert on failure."moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 1983
    Mon 7 Feb, 1983
    Episode 11
    Annie refuses to employ Suzie, feeling she'd be unsuitable. Suzie wins her round by telling her she worked at the London Hilton. Brian gets the Rover on the road after buying it for scrap value. Brian gets someone else to repair his roof and demands Len pays his bill. Len tears the bill up and tells him to take him to court. Deirdre spends the afternoon with Mike. She finds the deceit hard to live with but needs Mike. She agrees with Mike that they're in love. Fred is thrilled to have Suzie behind the bar with him but disappointed when she tells him she doesn't fancy him. Bert tries to make the peace between Len and Brian but Len refuses to listen. Emily finds it possible working with Mike. He tells her she can leave whenever she wants to. Deirdre feels guilty when Ken starts talking about a holiday. She is stunned when he's got a cancellation and they're going next week. Brian has to sell the Rover to pay for his roof repairs.moreless
  • Wed 2 Feb, 1983
    Wed 2 Feb, 1983
    Episode 10
    Marion feels Suzie is a cheap tart and doesn't like sharing with her. Chalkie has a relapse and has to stay off work. Phyllis hears a rumour that the Council are going to knock her street down. Betty is ill with a virus leaving the Rovers short staffed. Emily walks out of the Rovers when she's caught between Mike and Ken. She tells Mike he's behaving outrageously; he's putting a marriage and a child's future at risk. She begs him to stop the affair. Mike tells her that he wants more from Deirdre than a casual fling. Emily urges him to consider Tracy. Phyllis is told her house is going to be flattened and she has to move. Fred discovers Suzie has bar experience and asks her to join the Rovers. She agrees. Deirdre tells Mike she still intends seeing him.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 1983
    Mon 31 Jan, 1983
    Episode 9
    Fred looks into a new Rover for Annie to buy. Emily tells Deirdre about overhearing her phone conversation with Mike and knows about her affair. Deirdre tells her it's none of her business. Her defence makes Emily realise she was right about the affair. Suzie annoys Gail by going on about her highlife in London whilst complaining about boring Weatherfield. Gail asks her to find somewhere else to live soon as there's no room in her house. They gang up on Elsie and ask her to get Marion to share her room. Deirdre tells Mike that Emily knows about them. Elsie talks Marion into sharing her room with Suzie by knocking £6 a week off her rent. Annie decides a new car would be expensive and decides to use taxis in future. Fred is annoyed. Suzie moves in with Marion. Deirdre apologises to Emily for shouting at her and admits to seeing Mike. She tries to explain how boring marriage to Ken is. Mike has given her something in her life which she feels she needs. Emily tells her she's putting her marriage on the line. Emily begs her to think of the consequences of the affair.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jan, 1983
    Wed 26 Jan, 1983
    Episode 8
    Gail doesn't like Suzie walking round in skimpy nighties. Annie holds Fred responsible for the crash. Ken springs a dance on Deirdre. She is alarmed as she was planning to see Mike. Ken tells her all his bosses will be at the dance so she agrees. Elsie is delighted to see Suzie. The insurance man inspects the car and tells Annie it's a right off; the repair cost is more than the car's worth. Suzie asks Mike for a job and throws herself at him. Mike tells her he can't employ her or take her out. Annie is distraught to find the Rover isn't worth £500. Deirdre tells Mike she can't see him as she's going to the Probation Officer's Ball. Emily overhears Mike's side of the phone call. Emily babysits for the Barlows, she is alarmed to discover they are going to the Probation Officer's Ball and realises Deirdre was Mike's date.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jan, 1983
    Mon 24 Jan, 1983
    Episode 7
    Deirdre returned home at 1am. Ken goes for the job interview and tells Deirdre he'll take her out for a meal to celebrate. Mike invites her out for a meal the next day, she agrees. Suzie Birchall hitches a lift to Weatherfield and arrives on Gail's doorstep. Eddie reverses the bin wagon into Annie's Rover after Fred drives it round the corner of the Rovers. The front of the car is smashed in. No one witnessed the smash. Eddie accuses Fred of driving the car into the van. Annie is horrified that the Rover has been damaged. Fred takes the car to Brian. Brian tells him it'll cost and he can't start until the insurance company give the go ahead. Ken enjoys the interview and is confident. Brian tells Suzie she can sleep on their sofa. Gail isn't too sure.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jan, 1983
    Wed 19 Jan, 1983
    Episode 6
    Ken is enthusiastic about the job and is sure he'll get it. The girls refuse to make any bags until Mike agrees to pay them a bonus as they designed the bags in the first place. Mike worries that he'll lose the deal and agrees to pay the girls. Phyllis is furious to discover Chalkie has had a letter from Craig. Deirdre pretends to see friend Carol, but really goes out with Mike. He takes her to an expensive restaurant. She realises Ken no longer notices her anymore. After the meal she agrees to go back to Mike's flat. They kiss.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 1983
    Mon 17 Jan, 1983
    Episode 5
    Elsie and Ida tell Vera it's too risky to make the bags. Deirdre returns home, she is pleased when Ken suggests a family outing to see Aladdin. Ken applies for the job of Deputy Director of Social Services. Mike finds out about Sammy visiting the girls. He accuses them of making more bags and sacks them. The girls maintain their innocence and tell him that Sammy was offering £150 a week. Phyllis reads Chalkie's bank book and discovers he's got £300 saved. She is upset when he eats Elsie's dinner rather than hers. Eddie names the bin wagon 'Rosie' and hopes to drive it full time. Ken pulls out of the pantomime as he's working. Deirdre is disappointed. Mike sends for Sammy and tells him he'll supply five hundred bags a week for £1.75 each. Mike invites Deirdre out for a meal - she agrees.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jan, 1983
    Wed 12 Jan, 1983
    Episode 4
    Ivy is annoyed when Sammy visits the girls. She warns him that they can not make any more bags. He tells them he wants 100 bags a week more from them. The girls tell him they can't help. He tries to tempt them with £100 a week. Brian tackles Len about his attitude. Len tells him they haven't got a deal anymore. Sammy offers the girls £150 a week. Brian gives Len a bill for £80 for the work he's done on the van. Len tears it up and refuses to pay. Rita and Gail stop Len and Brian fighting. Elsie, Ida and Vera decide to make the bags for Sammy.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jan, 1983
    Mon 10 Jan, 1983
    Episode 3
    Eddie worries about Chalkie when he doesn't turn up for work. The garage roof leaks. Brian wants Len to repair it as he owes him for repairing his van. Eddie and Marion find Chalkie in bed with flu. He refuses to see a doctor. Mike is surprised to find Deirdre has gone to visit Blanche. Bert doesn't like being off work with his arm. Chalkie wants a nursemaid, hoping for Bet or Elsie but Eddie gets Phyllis to look after him. Sammy Patel asks to see Vera and the girls. Phyllis forces medicine down Chalkie. Eddie enjoys driving the wagon. Len refuses to mend Brian's roof, telling Rita he blames him for Sharon leaving.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 1983
    Wed 5 Jan, 1983
    Episode 2
    Bet refuses to work on her day off. Annie tells Fred he'll have to cope on his own. Blanche writes to Deirdre offering the family a holiday. Ken tells Deirdre he hasn't got the time. Annie persuades Bet to work, telling her she doesn't have to talk to Fred. The customers leave the pub because of the icy atmosphere. Deirdre feels bored with Ken and, telling him she's seeing a girl friend, calls on Mike. He tells her she needs him as he's not reliable or steady. She feels frightened of her feelings for him. Annie summons Betty, Bet and Fred and tells them if they don't cheer up, she'll sack them all. To get away from Mike for a bit, Deirdre decides to visit Blanche.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 1983
    Mon 3 Jan, 1983
    Episode 1
    Mike tries to keep Deirdre with him for as long as possible. Betty is upset when drunken Fred tells her she's got a fat backside. She goes home in a huff. Deirdre returns home in the early hours. She enjoyed talking to Mike. He admits he misses Maggie and still hurts. Jack gatecrashes the Rovers' party and plays the piano, disturbing Annie. The next morning, Betty and Fred refuse to speak to each other. Betty points out that she's always having to help him out of scrapes. Fred throws Gordon's illegitimacy in her face. She is horrified to find Bet told Fred about Ted and resigns from the Rovers.moreless