Coronation Street - Season 25

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  • Mon 31 Dec, 1984
    Mon 31 Dec, 1984
    Episode 105
    Bet prepares for her interview but feels she really hasn't got a chance. Nicky celebrates his fourth birthday. Elaine returns from Southampton. Bill is delighted to see her. Gordon and Bet go to the brewery to be interviewed by Sarah. Bet tells Sarah that she knows she can do the job. She says she was happy being a barmaid under Annie but she knows she can do the job as well as any of the male managers. She has no experience of accounts but is willing to learn. She tells Sarah she wouldn't change the Rovers' image; the customers like it the way it is. She is surprised when Sarah shows her the regular's petition. Gordon tries to impress Sarah with his ideas about transforming the Rovers by having a main entrance on Rosamund Street, to turn it into a main road pub. Sarah is interested in his plans. Kevin accuses Bill of being under Elaine's thumb. Elaine is upset that Kevin isn't coming to Southampton. Hilda contemplates taking in a lodger.moreless
  • Wed 26 Dec, 1984
    Wed 26 Dec, 1984
    Episode 104
    Gail is annoyed that Ivy didn't let her cook anything for Christmas. Vera is shocked when Jack goes window cleaning on Boxing Day. He calls straight round to Dulcie's only to find her rigger husband Ralph is in. Ralph makes him clean the windows in the whole street to make sure he isn't Dulcie's fancy man. Ivy feels sorry for Hilda who has spent Christmas alone and invites her round for a sherry. Debbie is annoyed that Kevin is sulking over Christmas. Bill doesn't want him to feel he's riding roughshod over him. Jack returns home worn out but £20 better off. He is horrified when Vera takes it for housekeeping. Rita feels uncomfortable with Tony in the evenings and she doesn't want him to spend the night. She tells him she wants to continue seeing him. Bill is annoyed when Kevin tells him he's looking for digs. They have a stand up row in the Rovers. Tony realises Rita will never forget Len and is only after friendship. He tells her he wants more than that and finishes with her. She is upset that he won't wait for her.moreless
  • Mon 24 Dec, 1984
    Mon 24 Dec, 1984
    Episode 103
    Gordon thinks it's a joke that Bet has applied for the manager's job. Vera orders Jack to find a Christmas tree. Tony talks Rita into coming out with him for a drink. Percy takes possession of a huge Christmas tree for a children's party at the Centre. Elaine tells Bill she's found a Salon. Curly starts a petition to the brewery, backing Bet. Bill doesn't want his family breaking up but Kevin still refuses to leave Weatherfield. Percy is disgusted that someone cut the top off his Christmas tree, Vera realises Jack is the culprit. Hilda leads the Rovers regulars in singing 'Silent Night'.moreless
  • Wed 19 Dec, 1984
    Wed 19 Dec, 1984
    Episode 102
    Percy feels that Bill will treat Elaine like a drudge. Elaine asks Bill to win Percy round. Bet asks Mike for a £5000 loan so she can buy the pub and he tells her he'll see his accountant. Bill tells Percy he is good enough for Elaine; he loves her. Alf is sad to hear Rita is going out with Tony. Gordon tells Bet the brewery wants a manager, not a tenant and she doesn't stand a chance as she hasn't got enough experience. Percy gives Elaine his blessing. She goes to Southampton to look over a Salon. Rita tells Tony she's going to Knutsford; she's not over Len yet. Jack sends his application in to the brewery. Bet decides to apply to manage the Rovers. Kevin tells Bill he's not going to Southampton.moreless
  • Mon 17 Dec, 1984
    Mon 17 Dec, 1984
    Episode 101
    Bill tells Debbie and Kevin that he's marrying Elaine. Debbie is thrilled but Kevin doesn't like the idea. Bet feels she couldn't raise the £5,000 to buy the Rovers. Bill and Elaine set the date for 9th Jan at the registry office. Percy is horrified to hear from Debbie that Elaine is marrying Bill. Tony tells Rita he's taking her for a special meal on Christmas Eve in a hotel, she likes the idea. The brewery advertises for a manager of the Rovers and Jack decides to apply for the job. Bill tells Debbie and Kevin they're moving to Southampton. Debbie is thrilled when Elaine offers her a job in her new salon. Rita doesn't like the way Tony takes it for granted that they can stay over night at the hotel.moreless
  • Wed 12 Dec, 1984
    Wed 12 Dec, 1984
    Episode 100
    Jack meets Dulcie Froggat on his round. They flirt with each other and he starts to enjoy his work. Gordon puts his application in to the brewery for the Rovers. Bill and Elaine return to the news that she's to sail from Southampton in two days. Betty feels she's too old to take on the Rovers. Jack spends the afternoon with Dulcie and enjoys Vera's attention when she feels sorry for him having worked all day. Rita agrees to go out with Tony. Mike advises Bet to apply for the Rovers licence herself. Elaine tells Bill she'd rather marry him than go to sea.moreless
  • Mon 10 Dec, 1984
    Mon 10 Dec, 1984
    Episode 99
    Vera is furious when Jack spends the morning in the Rovers rather than cleaning windows. She throws him out of the pub. Gordon Lewis arrives to take over the Rovers. Percy doesn't approve of Elaine going to London with Bill. Bill promises he won't hurt Elaine; he's too fond of her. Jack has a rotten day cleaning windows and is threatened by another cleaner and only earns £6. Bill and Elaine leave for London. Mavis finds out from Bet that she no longer sees Tony and encourages Rita to go out with him. Bet is horrified to hear Gordon wants to take over the licence of the Rovers. She pushes Betty to apply for the licence herself.moreless
  • Wed 5 Dec, 1984
    Wed 5 Dec, 1984
    Episode 98
    Billy plans a new life in Jersey. Vera and Terry club together to get the £100 to buy Stan's round for Jack. Hilda hears from Eddie that the Yeats moved house and he didn't learn about Stan's death until after the funeral. Bill suggests to Elaine that they go away together. Vera buys the window round off Hilda when she hears Curly is interested in it. Jack is horrified. Kevin isn't keen on Bill's relationship with Elaine, seeing her as a threat to the family. Billy leaves Weatherfield for Jersey. He is quite sad to leave the Rovers. Jack doesn't like the thought of wandering the streets in the cold but Vera and Terry celebrate getting Jack off their backs. Sarah Ridley tells Betty and Bet that Gordon Lewis is taking over permanently.moreless
  • Mon 3 Dec, 1984
    Mon 3 Dec, 1984
    Episode 97
    Hilda returns to work as she's sick of moping about. Sarah Ridley summons Billy to the brewery. She asks him about his after-hours serving. He tries to charm her but she isn't interested. She tackles him about his low spirit sales as she knows he's been buying spirits cut price instead of from the brewery. She regrets giving him the licence. He suggests she buys him out and she agrees. They toast the end of the Walker empire. Vera tells Hilda she'd like to buy Stan's old round. BILLY: "There are Walkers and there are Walkers. I'm not your genial inn keeper. Like me dad and me mum. Well, not this inn anyway. Now something with five stars after its name. On the Champs Elysee. That would be very different." Jack refuses to take on Stan's round. Vera refuses to cook for him unless he agrees. Debbie gets Kevin out of the house so Bill and Elaine can get together. Bet and Betty worry about who will take over the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 28 Nov, 1984
    Wed 28 Nov, 1984
    Episode 96
    Billy lays on the funeral meal to help Hilda. Jack tells Tony how he gave the police Stan's name. Tony takes him to the station to make a statement. Trevor, Ken, Mike, Emily, Ivy, Vera, Fred and Alf attend Stan's funeral. Hilda is touched to receive flowers from Annie Walker and the Lowthers. Bill tells Elaine he thinks she's special. Tony tells Bet he's furious she warned Rita off; he's a free agent. He only went out with her for a bit of fun and doesn't want to see her again. Trevor finds the funeral boring, as soon as it's over he returns to Chesterfield. Mike tells Fred he's found out he's been posing as him to buy and sell shirts. He tells Fred he's fired. Hilda breaks down when she opens Stan's spectacle case, sent on by the hospital.moreless
  • Mon 26 Nov, 1984
    Mon 26 Nov, 1984
    Episode 95
    The neighbours rally round Hilda who is upset that she hasn't been able to cry. The residents give Ken stick for drinking after hours. Percy is ashamed that Elaine was caught drinking after hours and accuses Bill of leading her astray. He tells Elaine that Bill is too common for her. Alf arranges the funeral details for Hilda. Jack told the police he was Stan Ogden. He is horrified to discover Stan has died. Rita tells Tony she can't see him again. Hilda decides to take out a family plot for Stan. Bill tells Elaine he'd like to take her out. She is pleased. Trevor arrives and tells Hilda he's sorry he never said goodbye to Stan but he doesn't seem sincere. She is disappointed that he can't stay the night. Rita tells Tony that Bet warned her off him. Vera tells Jack he must confess to the police before Hilda gets a summons. Trevor tells Hilda they should cremate Stan as it'll be cheaper. She tells him she wants a plot with room for her when she dies.moreless
  • Wed 21 Nov, 1984
    Wed 21 Nov, 1984
    Episode 94
    Hilda is hopeful that Stan will soon be home when he has a 'comfortable' night in hospital. Betty warns Billy that he'll lose his licence if he continues to open after hours. Bet begins to feel Tony is avoiding her. She plans to invite him round for a meal so Betty tells her Tony took Rita out. Tony tells Rita he wants to see more of her but she is frightened of getting too involved. Elaine cuts Debbie's hair. They get on well. Bet calls on Rita and asks her what she's playing at going out with Tony. Rita tells her that Tony told her he was a free agent. Bet swears they're an item and accuses Rita of getting her claws into him. She begs Rita not to go out with Tony again. Percy introduces Elaine to Mike in the hope a romance will start. She is more interested in Bill. He buys her drinks after hours at the Rovers. The police call at the Rovers and accuse Billy of selling alcohol after hours. Everyone has to report their names. Bill, Elaine, Fred, Jack and Ken are booked. The hospital phone Hilda, via Alf, to tell her Stan has died. She is stunned.moreless
  • Mon 19 Nov, 1984
    Mon 19 Nov, 1984
    Episode 93
    Tony pesters Rita for a date. She doesn't want to get involved. Percy's niece Elaine tells him she's going to visit him. Rita asks questions about Bet and Tony. Alf and Betty tell her most of it's in Bet's mind. When Tony asks her out again she agrees. She's nervous as it's her first date since Len died. Hilda is upset that Trevor is too busy to visit Stan. Percy is delighted to have Elaine staying with him whilst she's on leave. Tony assures Rita that Bet is only a good mate; she's only a barmaid. After losing £100 at the casino, Billy goes dog racing with Bernie and the girls, where he loses more money. Rita and Tony enjoy their evening together.moreless
  • Wed 14 Nov, 1984
    Wed 14 Nov, 1984
    Episode 92
    Tony invites Rita out for a drink. She refuses because she knows Bet loves him. Dr Lowther suggests to Hilda that Stan could enter an old soliders' home, she refuses, believing they should be together, in sickness and in health. Betty warns Billy that his after-hours party are illegal but he isn't bothered. Bet is hurt when Tony stands her up. Hilda breaks down and tells Alf she fears Stan will never come home.moreless
  • Mon 12 Nov, 1984
    Mon 12 Nov, 1984
    Episode 91
    Billy is annoyed when Hilda fails to turn in for work. When he shouts at her and threatens to sack her, she breaks down in tears. Billy feels awful and organises the neighbours to look after her. Billy starts to buy his spirits from a wholesaler rather than the brewery. The doctor tells Hilda he wants to take Stan into hospital for tests to give them both a rest. Hilda is upset as an ambulance takes Stan off. Jack spins Jack a yarn about the cheque and asks him to put the cheque through his account. Mike agrees but tells him he'll have to deduct 30% for tax. Bet is disappointed when Tony doesn't want to go out with her. Billy throws an after-hours drinks party.moreless
  • Wed 7 Nov, 1984
    Wed 7 Nov, 1984
    Episode 90
    Bet announces to the world that she's in love. Billy entertains his friends after hours at the Rovers. He goes to the races with Bernie Fisher. Tony tells Betty that Bet is a good laugh and he's glad she's not taking their relationship serious. Hilda is run ragged between Stan and her cleaning. Billy and Bernie pick up two women at the races and take them back to the Rovers after hours. Bet invites Tony to spend the night with her, he willingly agrees. After spending an evening running after Stan, Hilda collapses.moreless
  • Mon 5 Nov, 1984
    Mon 5 Nov, 1984
    Episode 89
    Hilda is worried about Stan's health. Jack asks Alf to cash the cheque but Alf suspects it was stolen from Mike and refuses. Billy buys a ten-year old Mercedes. Fred and Jack go to see Tyler to ask if he'd make the cheque out to Jack as he's the company secretary. Tyler guesses they'd rather have cash and promises it to them in the morning. Bet talks Tony into taking her to the bonfire on the Red Rec. Curly spends £3 on a rocket and ceremoniously sets it off.moreless
  • Wed 31 Oct, 1984
    Wed 31 Oct, 1984
    Episode 88
    Deirdre calls Ken a liar because he fancied Sally and kissed her. He swears he only loves her, she tells him to watch it in future. Fred and Jack buy another load of shirts and store them in Mike's van. Audrey runs away from George who wants his engagement ring back. She regards them as the spoils of war. AUDREY: "It's not easy being a gad-about you know, late nights, tight dresses, high heels. You're always fighting your body. But what's a girl to do; you don't get gold bracelets by sitting at home pickling onions do you?" Sally tells Ken she'll resign as she's sick of the mess. Ken makes her see it's all blown over. She doesn't know if she can cope with working for Ken as she still fancies him. Tyler likes the shirts and takes Fred to a boozy business lunch. Brian catches George at No. 5 bothering Audrey for the £500 he gave her as a tax dodge. George tells him Gail enjoyed their kisses causing Brian to go for him. Brian sees him off but George tells him he'll never know if Gail encouraged him. Tony is embarrassed by all the attention he's receiving from Bet. IVY: "Audrey Potter's had more fancy women then Elsie Tanner and she set a flamin' record!" When Ken tells Deirdre that Sally offered to resign Deirdre is furious, she must have been feeling guilty. Fred has a great meal with Tyler and celebrates having his cheque for £432. Jack points out the cheque is made out to M Baldwin.moreless
  • Mon 29 Oct, 1984
    Mon 29 Oct, 1984
    Episode 87
    Jack hires a market stall for £5 a week. Sally calls on Deirdre to make her see she's not been to bed with Ken. Sally tells her all that happened was Ken kissed her. Deirdre is shocked. Sally accuses Deirdre of willing herself to believe Ken was unfaithful. Jack finds he can't sell the shirts. Fred fears he'll lose his money. Retailer, Frank Tyler, likes the look of Jack's shirts and buys the lot for £4 each and wants another load. Audrey tells Brian she's finished with George because of his interest in young girls, like Gail. Jack leads Tyler to believe the shirts are made at Baldwins. He passes Fred off as Mr Baldwin. Ken can't believe Sally told Deirdre that Ken made advances towards her. Tony takes Bet out to the pictures. Gail tells Brian that George made a pass at her.moreless
  • Wed 24 Oct, 1984
    Wed 24 Oct, 1984
    Episode 86
    Mike tries to make Deirdre see that Ken wouldn't be unfaithful but she thinks there's no smoke without fire. Jack sells the jewellery and wants some more but his supplier only has shirts to sell. Jack buys six to see if they'll sell. Ken is furious to hear Mike has been telling Deirdre about Billy's rumours. He warns Mike off so Mike warns him he's ruining his marriage. Jack looks into getting a market stall and asks Fred to come into business with him fifty-fifty for £75 capital and the use of Baldwin's van. Deirdre tells Billy Ken is not having an affair and asks him to stop spreading rumours. Fred agrees to come in with Jack and they put down a deposit on a load of shirts. Sally tells Ken it's her reputation that's being wrecked as well as his. Bet asks Tony out to stop him being lonely. He agrees. Betty accuses her of being too pushy. Deirdre tells Ken she'll understand if he does love Sally but she needs to know. He tells her to ask Sally.moreless
  • Mon 22 Oct, 1984
    Mon 22 Oct, 1984
    Episode 85
    Ken and Deirdre return from holiday. Jack borrows £25 from Vera's savings to buy some jewellery to sell. Billy is bitter about being dumped by Sally. He hints to Deirdre that Sally and Ken are having an affair. Sally tells Ken she realises they will never have an affair as he's a family man. He is pleased. Deirdre is upset to discover Billy has told Bet Sally is seeing Ken. Bet tells Deirdre to take no notice. Billy tells Mike that Sally is having an affair with Ken. Deirdre asks Ken if he's being unfaithful. He swears Sally is just a friend. Deirdre doesn't know what to believe.moreless
  • Wed 17 Oct, 1984
    Wed 17 Oct, 1984
    Episode 84
    Billy buys a gold bracelet for Sally. Jack packs most of his possessions up and pays Fred to store them in his van whilst the DHSS visit. Vera discovers that Jack has been moving all her furniture out of the house. She finds he's emptied the house and fears he's sold everything. She goes for him with her handbag before he tells her that he's only fiddling the DHSS. He tells the official that he's had to sell everything bit by bit. He tells her he has no money coming in and the family have left him. He goes over the top with tales of his mother who begs in the streets. When Jack doesn't turn up for work Bill tells him not to bother asking for work again. When Betty refuses to bring Tony to the Rovers, Bet calls on him and flirts. Sally tries to avoid Billy. When he persists she tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore; he's become too serious. He accuses her of having an affair with Ken. She tells him it's nothing to do with Ken. The DHSS official calls again and finds the Duckworths eating steak in the fully furnished room. She tells Jack he's not entitled to any benefit and Vera tells him he won't scrounge off her.moreless
  • Mon 15 Oct, 1984
    Mon 15 Oct, 1984
    Episode 83
    Betty enjoys having a policeman in the house again. Billy tries to find out why Sally is cooling off. Bill takes Jack on as casual labourer, cash in hand. Jack worries that it will put his social security claim in jeopardy. Bet likes the sound of Tony when Betty mentions he's separated. BET: "I'm the local expert on broken hearts; I've had more of them than other people have heated arguements." Sally is annoyed to discover Billy has told Bet that Sally has given him up. Sally tells Billy she knows how he feels about her and their relationship is getting too serious for her. He tells her he's very fond of her and loves her. Jack wears himself out working for Bill. He fears the DHSS will think they don't deserve benefit as they've got too many possessions.moreless
  • Wed 10 Oct, 1984
    Wed 10 Oct, 1984
    Episode 82
    Ken is touched when Sally remembers his birthday and buys him expensive aftershave. Billy pushes Sally to make her mind up about the weekend away. Deirdre gets Ken to admit he doesn't want to go on holiday but he tells her he'll put his feelings aside. Jack signs on the dole but can't get any money as he's self employed so he applies for assistance. Sgt Tony Cunliffe calls on Betty. She tells him she doesn't want a lodger as she's used to living alone. He understands. Ken gets the holiday tickets. He can't resist Sally anymore and kisses her passionately. She is glad and tells him she's fancied him for ages. Betty is delighted to discover Tony knew Cyril and finds she has a photo with them both on. She changes her mind and invites him to move in. Terry uses Jack's car but has to pay for the privilege. Sally tells Billy she doesn't want to go away with him. Billy blames Ken for putting Sally off. Deirdre begins to suspect that Ken looks upon Sally as more than an employee.moreless
  • Mon 8 Oct, 1984
    Mon 8 Oct, 1984
    Episode 81
    Sally is embarrassed spending the night at the Rovers with Ken living next door. Deirdre talks Ken into going to Corfu, although he doesn't want to go. The Duckworths go to court where Jack is fined £200 and banned from driving for a year. He has parked in a restricted area and gets a ticket. Sally realises Ken finds her attractive and encourages him to talk about his feelings. He tells her he doesn't want to go on holiday and be without her. She offers him a platonic relationship. Ken stands Deirdre up for lunch to take Sally out. An old police friend tells Betty that a Police Sgt is being transferred to the area and needs somewhere to lodge. He asks Betty if she'll take him in, she agrees to see him. JACK: "Lace curtains round the dustbin, that's the Barlows." Jack contemplates living off the state.moreless
  • Wed 3 Oct, 1984
    Wed 3 Oct, 1984
    Episode 80
    Jack was breathalysed. He blames Vera for treating him as a taxi. Terry has no sympathy for Jack. Derek writes to Mavis from Bournemouth apologising for jilting her. She feels she should leave Weatherfield and start life afresh. Deirdre tells Ken she wants them to have a holiday. Mavis doesn't like the idea of people thinking bad of Derek. She puts a brave face on things and ventures out of the flat to assure people she jilted Derek. Billy invites Sally to the Lakes for a weekend. Ken begs her not to throw herself away. He admits to her that he has strong feelings for her. Rita refuses to throw Mavis into the street for Sonia Wilkins so Sonia gives the job up. Rita is pleased when Mavis agrees to stay with the Kabin. Mavis is grateful for her support. Vera goes on a spending spree. Deirdre books a holiday abroad but Ken tells her he can't leave the Recorder. Sally advises him to go.moreless
  • Mon 1 Oct, 1984
    Mon 1 Oct, 1984
    Episode 79
    Mike is annoyed to hear Fred has been using the van to give lifts to women. Rita finds Mavis locked in her flat. She has no regrets about jilting Derek. Vera and Ivy win the £500 jackpot at bingo and split it fifty-fifty. Jack picks them up in his taxi, hoping for a share out. Mavis feels awful about jilting Derek so Rita tells her how Derek didn't turn up either. She feels even more awful now because she was jilted. Humiliated, she thinks that everyone will be laughing at her. Jack talks Ivy and Vera into celebrating their win with a meal out. Ken tells Sally she's cheapening herself hanging around Billy. She tells him it's nothing to do with him. The Duckworths and Ivy get drunk. A policeman stops him from driving.moreless
  • Wed 26 Sep, 1984
    Wed 26 Sep, 1984
    Episode 78
    Rita and Emily prepare Mavis for her wedding. She is nervous about everything. With ten minutes to go before the ceremony, Mavis tells Rita she can't marry Derek. She feels it wouldn't be right; she's always known she couldn't. She always meant to turn him down but didn't want to hurt his feelings. Rita tries to talk her round but she is adamant she's not right for Derek. Rita and Alf go to the church to tell Derek only to find he's not there either. His best man tells them that Derek can't go through with the wedding. Whilst Rita starts rowing with Edith over who jilted who Alf has to break the news to the vicar. Mavis disappears, leaving a note saying she's going away; she can't face anyone.moreless
  • Mon 24 Sep, 1984
    Mon 24 Sep, 1984
    Episode 77
    The police apologise to Percy and commend him for his home watch. Percy is bitter and thinks people will think of him as a criminal. Mavis is full of nerves as she's snowed under with wedding preparations. The residents beg Percy to continue his home watch. Mavis gets emotional when she serves her last newspaper after 11 years. Percy agrees to give the scheme another go. Terry tells him he reported him to the police, Percy commends him on his initiative. Derek refuses to go to a strip club on his stag night and drinks halves of shandy instead. Mavis gets upset at her noisy hen party and scared of the wedding.moreless
  • Wed 19 Sep, 1984
    Wed 19 Sep, 1984
    Episode 76
    Hilda is scandalised to find Sally has spent the night at the Rovers. She is upset that she's never tasted forbidden fruits. Rita gives Sonia Wilson the assistants' job. Mavis is distraught when she has to show her the flat. Ken worries that Sally will get hurt by Billy. Edith pressurises Mavis into holding a hen party. Terry doesn't like the way Percy wanders through the back alleys at night on home watch. Percy patrols the area around Coronation Street. He is stopped by the police, shining his torch into backyards, after they've had a report of a peeping tom in the area.moreless
  • Mon 17 Sep, 1984
    Mon 17 Sep, 1984
    Episode 75
    Rita advertises for a live-in assistant. Mavis asks Alf to give her away. He tells her he'll be honoured. Billy finds Sally attractive. Bet bets him he can't pull her. Billy invites Sally out to a candlelit dinner and is pleased when Sally tells him she'd love it. Mavis is upset to have to interview her replacement at the Kabin. Curly catches a woman stealing Deirdre's underwear off her washing line. The woman runs off but drops the underwear. Mike chats Sally up, she is flattered by and prefers Billy. Derek asks Mavis if he can stay the night with her, she refuses as she doesn't want to cheapen their relationship. Billy and Sally enjoy their night together. Afterwards she agrees to spend the night with him.moreless
  • Wed 12 Sep, 1984
    Wed 12 Sep, 1984
    Episode 74
    Debbie is annoyed that she had to leave a party at 11pm, to comply with Bill's instructions. Bill tells Debbie she can see Dazz so long as she stays off his bike. She tells him she's sick of living in a prison and might leave home. Mike takes Fred on as van driver at the factory. Derek and Mavis go to see the vicar at All Saints. Mike gets Billy to unbar Fred from the Rovers by threatening to get his workers to black the pub. Dazz gets tired of Debbie being a pain and dumps her for an older girl. Debbie is heart broken and turns to Bill for comfort. Mavis is upset that Derek won't see Victor off. She tells Victor she's marrying Derek. He tells her she's making the biggest mistake of her life.moreless
  • Mon 10 Sep, 1984
    Mon 10 Sep, 1984
    Episode 73
    Fred has a rented room in Trafalgar Street and looks for a job. Derek accuses Victor of hounding Mavis. Victor tells him he's the wrong man for Mavis; he's never probed her soul. He urges Derek to let Mavis' soul fly free. Dazz invites Debbie to a party. When Dazz calls Bill a nutter, Kevin warns him off. Fred discovers that Billy has had his name blacked at the brewery and no pub will employ him. He goes for Billy and is barred. Victor refuses to believe Mavis is going to marry Derek unless he hears it from her. Mike is sick of seeing Billy laying into Fred and gives him an interview.moreless
  • Wed 5 Sep, 1984
    Wed 5 Sep, 1984
    Episode 72
    Debbie has a bruised leg. Bill rows with her, upset that she went behind his back. She tells him she's sick of being treated like a kid. Phyllis decides Percy is worth pursuing. Mavis is confused by Victor's proposal. Bill is furious to see Debbie with Dazz at the cafe. He warns Dazz off, grabbing him by his jacket and threatening him with violence. Percy calls a meeting of the local residents and asks them to be vigilant. Mavis feels she'd like to marry Victor but doesn't want to hurt Derek. Debbie threatens to leave home if Bill tries to stop her seeing Dazz. Derek gets colleague Carl Stanton to be his best man. Mavis tells him that Victor has proposed to her and he won't take no for an answer. Derek tells her to leave Victor to him.moreless
  • Mon 3 Sep, 1984
    Mon 3 Sep, 1984
    Episode 71
    The corner shop is broken into. Alf discovers all his spirits and cigarettes have been stolen. Emily returns from holidaying in Devon to the news that Mavis is engaged, she is delighted for her. Derek tells Mavis he's stunned that she's shared a tent with Victor. Mavis is indignant and tells him that Victor asked her to live with him as well. Derek is pleased she turned Victor down. Debbie tells Bill she's seeing a girlfriend but really goes to a biker's party with Dazz. Percy starts up a neighbourhood watch scheme to fight the rising crime rate. Victor calls on Mavis late at night. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again but he tells her he doesn't accept she's going to marry someone else. He begs her to leave Derek and marry him. Bill hears that Debbie and Dazz have had a crash and she's been taken to hospital.moreless
  • Wed 29 Aug, 1984
    Wed 29 Aug, 1984
    Episode 70
    Jack discovers Phyllis' neighbour has found a budgie. Debbie tells Bill she loves Dazz and won't give him up. When he hears Percy has upped the reward to ten pounds, Jack gets the budgie off Phyllis' friend and returns it to Percy. He is stunned when Percy tells him it's not Randy; he's just returned home. Derek introduces Mavis to his sister Edith. Edith tells Mavis all about Derek's weak chest. The residents gather at Mavis' flat for the engagement party. Victor calls at the Kabin, when he hears the engagement party is in progress he gatecrashes. Mavis watches nervously as Derek chats to Victor. Victor tells Derek about his camping holiday with Mavis. Derek is amazed.moreless
  • Mon 27 Aug, 1984
    Mon 27 Aug, 1984
    Episode 69
    Billy has thrown Fred out of the pub and sports a bruise but is pleased to have the pub to himself. Mavis arranges an engagement party and is horrified to discover Victor has been calling. Bill visits the cafe and is annoyed to see Dazz eating there. He reminds Debbie that she's not to see Dazz. Mavis panics that Derek and Victor may come face to face. Bill is furious to see Debbie riding with Dazz on his motor bike. Percy loses Randy when he flies out of his window. He fears the local pigeons will attack him and offers a two pound reward. Victor hangs around outside the Kabin for a glimpse of Derek. Bill tells Debbie he doesn't like her lying to him and tells her she's not old enough to go out with Dazz; either she quits Dazz or she returns to school. Victor warns Mavis that she's falling into a trap in marrying Derek - she's obviously on the rebound from him. Mavis is furious at his cheek.moreless
  • Wed 22 Aug, 1984
    Wed 22 Aug, 1984
    Episode 68
    Billy makes an effort to make life unbearable for Fred. Debbie starts at the cafe. Billy gets Fred to sweep out the yard to whitewash it and gives Hilda the morning off so Fred can do her cleaning. Debbie is pleased to see her old neighbour Dazz Isherwood in the cafe. He lets her try out his motorbike. Billy gets Fred to paint the cellar, telling him he can hit him if he wants to. Victor Pendlebury calls on Mavis and is horrified when Rita tells him she's having a picnic with her fiancee. He feels she's let him down. Kevin threatens to tell Bill that Debbie has been on a motorbike if she doesn't wash up. Fred has enough of Billy getting at him and thumps him in front of all the customers.moreless
  • Mon 20 Aug, 1984
    Mon 20 Aug, 1984
    Episode 67
    Mavis is pleased that she's engaged. Derek takes her to a jeweller's to choose a ring. Debbie looks for a job but she's not qualified for anything. She discovers that Gail is looking for a waitress in the cafe and is taken on. Bill doesn't like the idea of her working in a cafe. Billy tells Fred he realises he does owe him, he tells him he can take as long as he wants to find a job and he'll give him an extra two weeks' pay. Gail promises Bill she'll keep an eye on Debbie at the cafe. Billy discovers from an old mate that there's a way he won't have to pay compensation to Fred.moreless
  • Wed 15 Aug, 1984
    Wed 15 Aug, 1984
    Episode 66
    Debbie accuses Bill of sexual discrimination as he let Kevin leave school. Bill maintains she must return. Hilda offers to sell Fred Stan's window round for £150. Fred laughs in her face. Bill insists the family have meals together and upsets Kevin by dragging him out of the Rovers. Mavis admits to Rita that she's frightened of marriage. Debbie tells Bill he can't expect her to run a house and gets CSE's as well. Mavis decides to turn Derek down as she isn't sure she loves him. Billy gives Fred the afternoon off to look for work and discovers he's gone to the races. Bill feels guilty about the way he has heaped burdens on Debbie. He agrees to her leaving school on the condition she finds a job before term starts. Billy tells Fred he's not letting him skive off and he has till the end of the week to get out. Fred tells Billy he is entitled to severance pay if he's sacked. Billy refuses to pay him compensation so Fred refuses to leave. Mavis can't bring herself to turn Derek down. He declares he loves her so she lets him believe she will marry him.moreless
  • Mon 13 Aug, 1984
    Mon 13 Aug, 1984
    Episode 65
    Rita is amazed that Derek has proposed to Mavis. Debbie's exam results come through - two 4's and two 5's and one unclassified. Billy tells Fed he's no longer needed at the Rovers and advises him to look for a job and a home. Fred accuses him of throwing him into the Street after he's kept the pub going for Annie. Billy tells him he can't afford to keep him on. Mavis fears she's left it too late to marry and feels he may just want a replacement for his mother. Debbie tries to hide her results from Bill but he forces them out of her. He is furious with her poor results. She swears she's no good at exams but he feels she didn't revise. He tells her she'll have to take the exams again but she refuses to return to school. Derek assumes Mavis wants to marry him and gives her an engagement ring. She gives it back to him when he tells her it was his mother's. She tells him if she does agree to marry him she will never wear his mother's ring.moreless
  • Wed 8 Aug, 1984
    Wed 8 Aug, 1984
    Episode 64
    Gail decides to take the job and wins Brian over by the extra money. Mavis buys Derek a golfing umbrella for his birthday. Gail takes Phyllis Pearce on at the cafe as part time washer upper. Hilda is upset as she wanted the job. Billy assures Bet and Betty that their jobs are safe. Mavis visits Derek's house in Bramhall. Fred assumes he's Billy's right hand man and is shocked when Billy insinuates he hasn't got a future at the Rovers. Derek proposes to Mavis, he tells her she's the one thing that's missing in his life. She needs time to think.moreless
  • Mon 6 Aug, 1984
    Mon 6 Aug, 1984
    Episode 63
    Fred returns from his holiday camp holiday. Alma is in America with a boyfriend, she wants Gail to run the cafe as manageress. Gail is shocked and doesn't know if she can work full time. Mavis is impressed by the new Derek. Gail likes the idea of running the cafe but Brian reminds her that the garage comes first and someone has to look after Nicky. Billy returns from Derby. Fred is annoyed as he thought he would be back in charge. Mavis entertains Derek to some home cooking. He invites her to his house for his birthday - the next day. She longs for him to be passionate but he kisses her good night on the cheek. Billy tells the staff Annie has talked him into taking the Rovers over; she has retired and he is licencee. Gail tells Brian she wants to take the job. Brian refuses to give her the support she needs.moreless
  • Wed 1 Aug, 1984
    Wed 1 Aug, 1984
    Episode 62
    Percy spreads it around that he saw off a hoard of burglars. Ken tells Sally he knows she gave her story to the Gazette. He rows with her for giving the information to another paper. Derek sends Mavis flowers with a note begging her to have dinner with him. Mavis decides to see him out of curiosity. Ken tells Sally if she goes against him again he'll fire her. Derek takes Mavis to a Spanish restaurant and tells her he's moved up in the world. Deirdre is annoyed that Ken hasn't sacked Sally; she told Ken about Alf blocking the plaza in confidence. When Percy goes on about the gang who raided the Rovers, Jack confesses it was him scaring Percy. Derek gives Mavis the canteen of cutlery, telling her he should have let her keep it years ago. He tells her he has a lot to make up to her for.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jul, 1984
    Mon 30 Jul, 1984
    Episode 61
    Sally is annoyed that Ken has kept her article out of the paper. He cuts her piece down to two paragraphs. Derek returns to the area, having decided that he'd like to see Mavis again. Betty doesn't want to spend another night alone at the Rovers. Ken tells Sally he appreciates her talent but he has to protect the newspaper from libel cases. She accuses him of being too worried about upsetting Alf. Sally phones the Gazette and tells them about Alf stopping the plaza because of his feelings for Rita. Deirdre finds out and tells Ken he should fire Sally for going behind her back. Percy offers to guard the Rovers for Betty at night. She agrees. Mavis doesn't want to see Derek again; he'll only ruin her life again. Derek waits for her in the Rovers hoping she'll call in but she doesn't. Percy spends the night on the sofa in the Rovers' living room. Betty hears someone in the bar and gets Percy to investigate. Percy panics so Betty investigates, she finds someone has pulled a pint and left it on the bar.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jul, 1984
    Wed 25 Jul, 1984
    Episode 60
    Alf gets the shopping plaza stopped. Rita tells him she's grateful as she was fearing the competition. Billy asks Colin Harvey for a loan but doesn't get anywhere. Mike takes delivery of a computer system. Ivy thought he had been joking and is shocked by the machines. Shirley suggests they strike until Mike explains what is going on. Sally is told by some Councillors that Alf stopped to plaza because of his and Rita's businesses being affected. Betty advises Billy to talk to Annie about his money problems. He decides to visit her to talk it over, telling Betty she has to stay overnight in the Rovers. Betty doesn't like the idea. Vera and Shirley want to take action of computers taking their jobs but Ivy isn't sure, until she knows what Mike is up to. Ivy tackles Mike only to find he has taken in a personal computer to play games on; the boxes were empty. He tells the girls he kidded them on to teach them a lesson. Sally writes a piece, shamming Alf. Ken thinks it's a brilliant piece but daren't print it as Alf could sue as it accuses him of putting his own interests before his constituents. Ken knows the piece is true as Alf confided as much to Deirdre.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jul, 1984
    Mon 23 Jul, 1984
    Episode 59
    Mike decides to frighten the girls by bringing computers into the factory. Sally hopes to find something out about the Council's new shopping plaza. Mike tells the girls he's going to tattoo bar codes onto the arms so the computer can check them in and out. Ivy and Vera are horrified. Sally tells Ken she appreciates the way he lets her write articles. A debt collector tells Billy that if he doesn't repay the £3,000 in seven days Peter Lasalle will prosecute. Alf doesn't like the idea of the shopping plaza because of competition. He decides to oppose it at the planning meeting and drums up support to kill it.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jul, 1984
    Wed 18 Jul, 1984
    Episode 58
    Gail refuses to be a witness at Audrey and George's wedding. Mike finds a stuffed image of himself in the factory room. Billy assures Emily he's after a business loan. He implies that he will spread it around about Deirdre and Mike's affair if Deirdre stands in his way of getting the money. Mike is annoyed to see the girls kicking and hitting his effigy to get rid of their frustrations. Emily realises she's being blackmailed by Billy and decides to lend him the money. Deirdre is horrified that she's doing it for her. Gail tells Ivy, in confidence, that George made a pass at her. Ivy advises her to tell Audrey for her own sake. Betty tells Mike that Billy is after Emily's money. Gail tells Audrey about George's pass. Audrey tries not to believe the story and accuses Gail of encouraging him. Audrey decides to tick George off. Mike tells Emily not to lend Billy money. He forces out of her the fact that Billy knows about his affair with Deirdre and is blackmailing her into giving him the money. Mike tells her he'll sort Billy out and not to worry about anything. Audrey forgives George and refuses to let the incident stand in the way of her marriage. Gail wishes her luck. Mike tells Ivy he's finished with Japan - he's into computers now. Mike tells Billy that if he takes Emily's money he'll go to the police and the authorities; Sam told him all about Billy's crooked deals in Jersey. Billy knows he's beaten.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jul, 1984
    Mon 16 Jul, 1984
    Episode 57
    Gail forces herself to keep quiet about George's pass. Shirley discovers Mike's Japanese business adviser runs a take away. Ivy realises Mike's been having them on about Japanese working practises. She leads the girls into playing Mike at his own game. Emily is thrilled that the fun raising raised over £300. Mike is put out when the girls call him 'honourable boss' and bow to him. Billy tells Emily he's in trouble and needs to borrow £6,000; to pay his debts and buy into a wine bar. He asks her to loan him the money. Audrey goes shopping for her wedding outfit. Ivy and the girls keep bowing to Mike, he tells them they look ridiculous. Emily tells Deirdre about Billy asking her for money. She doesn't know what to do. Vera gets the girls to make an effigy of Mike so they can take their frustrations out on it, Japanese style. Brian doesn't understand why Gail is short with Audrey and refuses to go out with her and George. Deirdre asks Billy to leave Emily out of his affairs. He advises her not to stop Emily; for her own good.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jul, 1984
    Wed 11 Jul, 1984
    Episode 56
    Mavis is a bag of nerves at the talent concert, fearing the turns will be awful. Billy acts as Master of Ceremonies at the concert. Percy, as 'Old Enoch', starts the concert with his farmyard impersonations. They are awful but he thinks the act went down well. Alf tells jokes but none of his jokes are funny. Curly sings a song, 'My Heart is a Bridge' accompanied by his guitar. Kevin and Terry harmonise with percussion. Vera and Ivy dress as tramps and sing "We're a Couple of Swells". Gail looks after Nicky whilst the family are at the concert. George calls on her and tells her he fancies her. She is frightened and tries to fight him off as he drags her to the floor.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jul, 1984
    Mon 9 Jul, 1984
    Episode 55
    The Websters move into No. 11. Alf is referee at the Olympics. Percy spends the day trying to get his loud hailer off him. Fred returns to the Rovers, he plans to take things easy but Billy sets him to work on the cellar straight away. Elaine finds the day boring, especially when she's tied to Curly for the three-legged race. They come in last and Brian and Gail win. Debbie enjoys nest making at No. 11. Bet tries to enter the egg and spoon race with an egg stuck on a spoon with chewing gum but is forced to use a standard egg. She comes in last. Vera wins after knocking an egg off the woman in front. She is disqualified and Hilda is declared the winner. Betty wins the wellie throwing contest. Percy finally gets the megaphone off Alf by pushing him into the tug-of-war. The Rovers team wins the tug-of-war and the Olympics overall.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jul, 1984
    Wed 4 Jul, 1984
    Episode 54
    Mike urges the girls to be more competitive and wants them to be more work conscious like the Japanese. Billy organises a pub Olympics in the Street against the Flying Horse to raise funds for Emily's appeal. Percy volunteers himself to head the committee for the Street Olympics. He is put out when Alf is appointed over him. Percy has to settle for deputy. Alf is thrilled to see Audrey again but is disappointed to hear she's engaged. Mike has a meeting with a Japanese business man, in view of the machinists. Ivy worries what he's up to. The Olympics committee - Emily, Mavis, Alf, Percy, Curly and Billy sort out the contest. They agree on a talent contest for the evening. Mavis is nominated as concert organiser, much to her horror. Mike tells the girls they have a lot to learn from the Japanese in their attitudes to work. He tells them from now on he's going to make sure they work constantly. Audrey tells Gail that Alf is the only man who was good to her but George loves her and she's glad he wants to marry her. Percy volunteers his services to Mavis as a farm yard impersonator. Ivy feels out of things now Audrey is getting married.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jul, 1984
    Mon 2 Jul, 1984
    Episode 53
    Mike is annoyed to find more and more buyers are cancelling orders to buy denim from the Far East. Billy's old partner phones him, demanding his £3,000 back. Billy tells Emily he'll help her with her fund raising anyway he can. Audrey calls on Gail and tells her she's engaged to be married. Gail refuses to get excited as she's heard it all before. Audrey introduces everyone to George. Ivy discovers Mike has been reading up on Japanese Production Methods.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jun, 1984
    Wed 27 Jun, 1984
    Episode 52
    Vera begs Terry to lend Jack the money he needs. Terry refuses, maintaining he'll never get it back. Billy discovers Rita has a lot of money. He offers to help her invest her money. She tells him she's not interested. Mike tries to chat Sam up. He asks her out for lunch and she goes after seeing Billy soft soaping Rita. Billy is furious that Sam went out with Mike. Vera gives Brian all her wages and Brian gives her the car back. She asks him to let on to Jack that he's got to pay the car off at £15 a week, which Brian will give back to Vera. Vera and Ivy make up. Billy tries to interest Alf in his wine bar venture. Alf isn't interested. Sam goes to the Isle of Man. Mike takes her to the airport. She tells Billy that Mike at least is a gentleman. Jack thinks Brian saw sense, giving him the car back. Billy hears Emily received compensation from Ernie's death and has never touched it.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jun, 1984
    Mon 25 Jun, 1984
    Episode 51
    Linda has left Coronation Street. Emily tries to think of a way to raise funds for the Hospital. Billy's girlfriend, Sam Benson, arrives at the Rovers on route to the Isle of Man. He gets her to stay the night. Ivy feels sorry for Brian stuck with Jack's car and she rows with Jack and Vera. The Duckworths shout at her, blaming her precious son for Jack not being able to work. The taxi firm threatens to take Jack's cab radio away if he doesn't get it back on the road. Billy enjoys having Sam to stay. She tells him that his time to pay his debts is running out. There are people in Jersey after him.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jun, 1984
    Wed 20 Jun, 1984
    Episode 50
    Jack offers to pay Brian weekly but Brian refuses to let it go. Curly holds court in the Snug with Elaine, Gill and Mandy who think he's wonderful now he's been on the radio. Kevin and Terry aren't amused when their girls are all over Curly. Curly is stunned when a lunatic calls on him asking him what his space brothers looked like. He is disappointed when Curly says he didn't see anyone. Linda apologises to Bill and hopes he'll take an interest in her. She is upset that he is only interested in the house and promises to leave immediately. Jack tries to steal the car from Brian's garage but finds Kevin and Terry with girls in it.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jun, 1984
    Mon 18 Jun, 1984
    Episode 49
    Linda takes a job behind the bar of the Flying Horse. Brian lets Jack have his car back. He is annoyed when Mavis only gives him £30 for the damage she caused. The Recorder receives lots of letters about UFO's. Ken gives them to Curly to reply to. Dave Burgess tracks Linda down. Brian repossesses Jack's car behind his back; he fears Jack will never pay the outstanding £100. Dave wants to know why Linda left him. She tells him he never gave her any space; he suffocated her. He wants her back but she feels it would never work out. Jack demands his car off Brian as he can't work without it. Radio Weatherfield interview Curly about his UFO spotting. Curly is nervous but soon warms to his subject. Dave accuses Linda of having another man. She throws him out. Bill wants to know if she's going to vacate the house, he takes her to the Rovers. Dave sees them together and accuses Bill of being her lover. He calls Linda a lousy tart and shouts at her. Bill warns him off and Billy throws him out. Bill accuses Linda of setting him up.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jun, 1984
    Wed 13 Jun, 1984
    Episode 48
    Rita gets annoyed when Mavis refuses to drive the car. Bill repays Rita her £1,100. Sally's article 'binman boffin spots UFO' is printed. Curly is embarrassed when everyone laughs at him. Debbie calls at No. 11 and persuades Linda to show her round it. Emily convinces Curly that his friends are envious of him, and that's why they're laughing at him. Mavis manages to get behind the wheel again. Jack gives her a bill for £130 to repair the car. She is shocked as she was expecting a £30 bill. Linda gets annoyed by Debbie's pushy manner and throws her out. Rita tells Mavis Jack must be taking her for a ride. She advises her to talk to Brian about the work. A national newspaper and the local radio tell Sally they're interested in Curly's story. She asks Curly to write his own account and she'll print it word for word. He agrees. Mavis tells Jack she'll pay for the damage she caused but won't pay for the other repairs.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jun, 1984
    Mon 11 Jun, 1984
    Episode 47
    Linda changes her mind about moving as she has no where else to go. Bill is confused when she tells him she isn't leaving. The building society tells Bill he can have a mortgage. Debbie is thrilled and can't wait to see inside the house. Jack gets Brian to repair his car. Mavis insists on paying for the repairs to stop Jack claiming on Rita's insurance. Curly sees a mysterious light in the sky with his telescope. Sally thinks it would make a good story and interviews him. He she Sally his charts which log the green light. Linda asks Bill to look around for another house but he has paid out for a survey. She hopes Elsie will let her stay as a tenant or that Bill will let her live with him.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jun, 1984
    Wed 6 Jun, 1984
    Episode 46
    The estate agent tells Linda that someone wants to buy No. 11, and they want her to move out. She is upset that Bill went behind her back to the estate agent. Deirdre tells Emily that Billy knows about Mike and her. She breaks down, not knowing what to do. Mavis passes her test first time. She is disappointed that she won't see Livesley anymore. Deirdre asks Billy to drop all thoughts of Mike and her; their affair is over. Billy promises her he won't tell anyone. Elsie phones Linda and tells her to vacate the house. After celebrating in the Rovers, Mavis backs into Jack's taxi. She feels she's a menace and swears never to drive again. Bill celebrates when Elsie accepts his offer of £11,500 for the house. He tells Linda there's no rush for her to leave.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jun, 1984
    Mon 4 Jun, 1984
    Episode 45
    Billy suspects Mike of having an affair with Deirdre. Linda hopes Bill is going to make a pass at her but he just wants to talk about buying No. 11. Billy apologises to Deirdre, she asks him not to pester her anymore. He tells her he knows she's got a bloke on the side. Livesley gives Mavis a trial examination. She worries when she makes no mistakes. Linda refuses to pass on Bill's offer to Elsie as she likes staying at No. 11. Ken feels responsible for the sale of No. 11 and advises Bill to deal with the estate agent rather than Linda. Bet tells Deirdre that Billy asked her if she was seeing Mike.moreless
  • Wed 30 May, 1984
    Wed 30 May, 1984
    Episode 44
    Hilda tells Mike she saw Billy leaving No. 1 late at night. Vera goes to court and is fined £150. Deirdre tells Mike that Billy made a pass at her. She tells him he's been pestering her since Ken went away. She's frightened what he'll do next. Linda enjoys Bill's company. Jack gets roaring drunk and knocks the TV over, breaking it. Bill takes Linda to Alderley Edge for a drink. Billy is surprised when Mike tells him he wants nothing to do with his Jersey scheme and accuses him of not being welcome in the Street.moreless
  • Mon 28 May, 1984
    Mon 28 May, 1984
    Episode 43
    Linda is being chased by a man who keeps phoning the Rovers. With Ken away, Deirdre feels down. Billy cheers her up. Vera asks Alf for a character reference but he tells her he doesn't know her well enough and suggests she tries Mike. Linda tells Bet about her affair with Dave who she left Ivan for. Vera pleads with Mike so he agrees to write her a reference. Bet talks Linda into visiting the Rovers. Bill is pleased to see her and buys her drinks. Billy calls on Deirdre, late at night. He pushes his way into the house and makes a pass at her. She tells him she doesn't want him and throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 23 May, 1984
    Wed 23 May, 1984
    Episode 42
    Bet meets Vinny from Strangeways and gives him £20. Bill repairs all the rotten wood at No. 11. HILDA: "When a Tanner does sommat that looks normal keep your eyes skinned for a rat with clogs on." Eddie phones Hilda with the news that Marion has had a 9lb 2oz girl. Bet feeds Vinny and is flattered when he chats her up. He tells her he can't trust himself to be alone. She falls for his line and takes care of him. Billy tries to interest Mike in buying his wine bar and pays him the money he owes his. Bet begins to worry as Vinny makes sexual overtones towards her. Eddie phones her and asks her why she didn't pick Vinny up; her Vinny was an imposter. Bet is furious when he runs off. Billy flirts with Deirdre, taking advantage of Ken being away. Betty finds the till is £50 down and realises Billy took the money to pay Mike back.moreless
  • Mon 21 May, 1984
    Mon 21 May, 1984
    Episode 41
    Elsie has told Linda to hurry up the sale of No. 11 and she is there to arrange it. Billy finds Weatherfield boring and arranges a poker school. Eddie Yeats phones Bet and asks her to meet a mate of his, Vinny Morris, from Strangeways. She thinks it'll be Linda packs up Elsie's belongings. Bill is interested in buying No. 11 but can't afford the £12,000 asking price. He asks Linda to see if Elsie will go down to £10,000. Jack, Bill and Mike join Billy's poker school. Jack and Bill drop out as Billy and Mike start on the big money. Mike wins all Billy's money plus an IOU for £50.moreless
  • Wed 16 May, 1984
    Wed 16 May, 1984
    Episode 40
    Stan celebrates his 65th birthday in bed. Bet advises Gordon to find out from the brewery why Billy is back. Terry finds himself giving Stan money to place bets. Ivy is disappointed that the Tilsleys are going on holiday with the Dewhursts. Gail doesn't like the sound of topless beaches. Terry returns home, telling Hilda he feels it's his duty to live at home. Hilda makes him admit living at No.13 was like living with his parents. Billy, Emily and the Barlows attend Albert's funeral. Beattie goes through his things and gives Ken his Military Medal. Brian accuses Gail of being a kill joy as she's reluctant to go to Spain. She tells him she wants a family holiday. He agrees. Gordon accuses Bet of sending him into a trap; the brewery did not know Billy was back but as he is Gordon must leave. Bet is thrilled. Vera is thrilled to have Terry back. Terry tells Jack that they should split the TV licence money three ways. Jack agrees. Vera and Ivy hear noises at No. 11 and knock on the door. They find that Linda Cheveski has moved in.moreless
  • Mon 14 May, 1984
    Mon 14 May, 1984
    Episode 39
    Terry upsets Hilda by spending the night with Gill. Billy has sold his share in the wine bar. Beattie calls on the Barlows and tells them Albert has died while he was staying with her. Gordon doesn't like Billy being in the Rovers and fears he's going to take the pub on. Gary tells Brian he has a villa in Spain and asks him to come away with them. Beattie arranges the funeral. She convinces herself that she was the perfect daughter. Ken tactfully lets her believe what she wants to. Beattie tells Ken that Albert looked upon him as a son. Gail feels that Ivy is run down and plans a family holiday. Gordon is annoyed when Billy tells Bet she can leave early. Bet enjoys stirring things between them. Brian tells Gail about going to Spain. She is astonished that he plans to leave Nicky with Ivy. Gail tells him that if they go on holiday they should take Nicky and Ivy. Brian accuses Gail of being awkward.moreless
  • Wed 9 May, 1984
    Wed 9 May, 1984
    Episode 38
    Hilda enjoys looking after Terry as Stan is ill upstairs in bed. Terry is annoyed when Stan uses him as a bookies runner. Kevin worries that Rita will throw Bill out of the Yard. He swears to Rita that Bill is not a thief and pleads with her not to evict him. The police tell Bill they've caught the lead thieves. Bill is furious that Kevin has apologised to Rita for him. Billy returns to the Rovers as he had to leave Jersey. He intends to live in the pub but is happy for Gordon to run the place. Barker apologises to Bill for not trusting him and offers him the chapel job back. The Tilsleys go to a casino with the Dewhursts. Gail and Brian feel out of their depths. Bet is furious when Gordon makes her wear less revealing dresses, telling her she's too old to flaunt herself. Bill apologises to Kevin for shouting at him. Rita makes peace with Bill. Gail doesn't like the way Gary keeps touching her.moreless
  • Mon 7 May, 1984
    Mon 7 May, 1984
    Episode 37
    Terry settles into No. 13 as the Ogdens' lodger. Gordon moves his stuff into the Rovers. He tells Bet and Betty that this time they're going to do everything he says. Rita wonders why Bill lost the chapel job. Alf is re-elected as Councillor. Vera is furious to discover Terry is living with Hilda. She accuses Hilda of enticing Terry away. Hilda tells her she drove Terry out of the house with her mouth. Brian and Gary arrange a foursome to keep Gail happy. But Gail feels they're in different leagues financially. Terry refuses to leave No. 13. Vera swears things would be different if he returned home but Terry is adamant. Vera calls Hilda a child stealer. Bill is annoyed when Rita questions him about the police calling on him. He tells her to stay out of his life.moreless
  • Wed 2 May, 1984
    Wed 2 May, 1984
    Episode 36
    Jack has a load of shower units which he tries to sell. Brian is full of his new friend Gary Dewhurst. He tries to get Gail to join them at the club but she is upset that he doesn't want to spend his evenings with the family. Barker tells Bill the chapel committee don't want him to complete his work. Bill is furious as he's laid out money. Vera tells Terry she'll go to prison if she doesn't find £400. She asks him to give her his holiday money. He refuses to give it to her. He is fed up of not having any home comforts. Emily feels awful that Bill has been taken off the chapel job. Bill agrees to take five of Jack's shower units on sale or return. Brian buys a leather jacket from Gary. Gail is annoyed that he's spent £50 on it. Bill discovers that the police have informed the chapel committee that they suspect him of theft; they believe he stole the fittings from the corporation. Terry leaves home. Vera is upset that Jack didn't try to stop him. To the dismay of the staff who remember him from his disastrous relief job in 1981, Gordon Lewis replaces Frank at the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 30 Apr, 1984
    Mon 30 Apr, 1984
    Episode 35
    Jack maintains he forgot to buy the licence. Brian takes up squash. Bill tells Mr Barker from the chapel that it will cost £200 to replace the stolen lead. Barker is relieved and tells him to continue with the work. Frank is sent to another pub. Gail wants a holiday and becomes annoyed as Brian spends so much time at the sports club. Emily tells Barker about the police's concern about Bill. The Duckworths face a £400 fine. Vera refuses to help Jack pay the fine. He discovers the old licence has Vera's name on it so she is responsible for it. He tells her not to expect any support or money from him.moreless
  • Wed 25 Apr, 1984
    Wed 25 Apr, 1984
    Episode 34
    Curly and Elaine spend the night together in the boat when it breaks down. Emily is upset that Curly didn't phone her. He is touched that someone worries about him. A TV detector van roams the area. Bill finds someone has stolen all the lead off the chapel roof. He calls in the police. The police tell Emily they're surprised she employed Bill in the first place. Jack panics when the detector van calls in the street. He tries to stop the family watching the TV but the detector operators call anyway. Vera swears she gave Jack the money to buy the licence but discovers he kept the money.moreless
  • Mon 23 Apr, 1984
    Mon 23 Apr, 1984
    Episode 33
    The Barlows plan an outing to Tatton Park which has to be cancelled as Ken is summoned to the hospital. The canal trip starts as a laugh but everyone soon gets bored as the boat can only go at 5mph. Vera tries to lure Jack into bed. He agrees on the condition she makes him some chips. The gang desert Curly for a pub. He stays with the boat so it won't be stolen. The girls refuse to go home on the canal so Terry and Kevin take them back on the bus leaving Curly to return the boat. Deirdre is annoyed that the family's Bank Holiday has been ruined. Ken tells her Christine is mentally ill; the events she described all happened three years ago. Elaine feels sorry for Curly and returns to help him take the boat back. When they haven't returned by night fall Emily fears for their safety.moreless
  • Wed 18 Apr, 1984
    Wed 18 Apr, 1984
    Episode 32
    Curly apologises to Emily. Deirdre is stunned when Christine introduces herself to her and tells her to tell Ken she's decided to have the baby. Frank has a bad hangover. Deirdre tackles Ken about Christine. He tells her what a pest she is and upsets Deirdre by telling her that he didn't tell her about Christine because he was reminded too much of her affair with Mike. Bill starts work on the chapel roof. Curly interests the gang in going on a friend's barge. He refuses to arrange a trip until Mandy and Gill assure him Elaine fancies him. Gill cuts his hair to give him a better image. Kathy leaves the Rovers. Curly hates his hair cut.moreless
  • Mon 16 Apr, 1984
    Mon 16 Apr, 1984
    Episode 31
    Emily lays on a buffet for Curly and his friends. She is pleased he's mixing with young people. Frank orders Bet to go to the dance with him. She submits, telling him he is the boss. Christine Glover installs herself at the Recorder when Ken tries to avoid her. Ken maintains he is not the right person to advise her. Frank is furious when Bet turns up for the dance dressed as a tramp. He goes alone, telling Bet she's pathetic. Emily is upset to find Curly and his friends staging a mini orgy in her living room. She tells Curly she misjudged him and asks him to get rid of his friends.moreless
  • Wed 11 Apr, 1984
    Wed 11 Apr, 1984
    Episode 30
    Kathy tells Bet that Frank told her that Bet didn't want to go to the dance as she had a thing going with Fred. Bet is astounded. Ken is forced to meet Mrs Glover when she threatens to kill herself. He tells her all he can offer is a sympathetic ear. Bet tackles Frank and tells him he's a liar. Christine Glover tells Ken all about the affair she's having whilst her husband is out of the country. He advises her to finish the affair but she is pregnant. Terry and Kevin plan a foursome with Gill and Mandy but can't find anywhere to entertain them. In desperation they invite Curly to join in with Elaine so they can use No. 3. Kathy tells Frank she doesn't want to go to the dance anymore. He tells Bet she can come but she tells him to get lost.moreless
  • Mon 9 Apr, 1984
    Mon 9 Apr, 1984
    Episode 29
    Fred goes to stay with his sister as he has pneumonia. Curly enjoyed his date with Elaine. He feels she's smitten. Betty takes charge of the Rovers and tells Kathy she won't be able to start work. The brewery sends Frank Harvey to take over the Rovers as temporary manager. Bet and Betty are annoyed that they aren't trusted to run the pub. Bet tries to chat Frank up to get him to take her to the dance. Ken is bothered by a distressed woman, Mrs Glover, who keeps writing to 'Dear K' in the Recorder. Ken tells her that he is 'K' and tells her he can't help her anymore. Curly can't get Elaine out of his thoughts. He writes her a love poem. Terry and Kevin decide to keep their dates to foursomes. Frank takes Kathy on the staff and tells her they should stick together. She agrees to go to the brewery dance with him. Bet is furious.moreless
  • Wed 4 Apr, 1984
    Wed 4 Apr, 1984
    Episode 28
    BET: "There's only two sort of women for Fred; dead and propositionable." Terry and Kevin didn't enjoy their blind dates as the girls brought along a friend. Knowing he needs a reference, Bill tries to make the peace with Alf. He asks for a reference but Alf refuses. Alf tells Rita she's stupid to lend a stranger money. She tells him it's her business and nothing to do with him. She accuses him of being petty not giving Bill a reference. Terry realises Curly is as boring as the odd girl he dated and persuades him to date her himself to get her off his back. Curly jumps at the chance. Kathy flirts with Fred and he employs her for the full week. Alf gives Bill a reference. Bill thanks him.moreless
  • Mon 2 Apr, 1984
    Mon 2 Apr, 1984
    Episode 27
    Bill gives Emily an estimate for the roof job. Terry offers to fix Kevin up with a bird if he can get a car for the night. Alf doesn't like the idea of Rita lending Bill money, fearing she's becoming too fond of him. Terry and Kevin plan their night out, Curly feels out of things. Alf accuses Bill of fleecing money off Rita and taking advantage of a poor widow. Alf warns him off. Fred takes Kathy Goodwin on as relief barmaid to help Betty out. He is interested in her as she's a divorcee and offers her a more permanent job. Emily gives Bill the chapel job on the condition he produces two references.moreless
  • Wed 28 Mar, 1984
    Wed 28 Mar, 1984
    Episode 26
    When Fred tells her no one else will go to the dance with him, Bet agrees to go. Bill looks at the chapel roof, he tells Emily he could do the job but can't get the material he needs on credit so won't be able to do the job. Mavis explains to Livesley about Dick's presence in her flat. Betty is cool towards Fred as he didn't invite her to the brewery dance. She refuses to look after the pub on her own whilst he takes Bet to the dance. Rita hears that Bill can't start work as he has no capital. She tells him she'll lend him £1,000 at 10% interest.moreless
  • Mon 26 Mar, 1984
    Mon 26 Mar, 1984
    Episode 25
    Fred returns to the Rovers, minus his appendix. The brewery sends him two tickets for the annual dance. Emily campaigns for funds to repair the Mawdsley Street chapel roof. Fred asks Rita to go to the dance with him but with quick thinking she says she has to visit a sick child in hospital. Emily asks Bill if he can repair the chapel roof but Bill thinks the job is too big for him. Mavis doesn't know if she can ever face Livesley again. Kevin boosts Bill's confidence and he agrees to give Emily an estimate for the chapel job. Fred asks Bet to go to the dance with him. She knows she's a last resort and tells him it's not right that she should go when Betty is more senior. She turns the invitation down.moreless
  • Wed 21 Mar, 1984
    Wed 21 Mar, 1984
    Episode 24
    Mavis comes down with a streaming cold. She tries to get better in time for the concert. Ivy doesn't like Arthur's possessive attitude. She fears he's set his sights on her and she doesn't like him that way. He gives her flowers and tells her he'll pick her up for bingo without giving her a chance to say she doesn't want to see him. Bill can't afford insurance and finds it hard to start up without any financial backing. He wants to do a job for Mike but needs some capital before he can start. Mike refuses to pay him before he starts. Billy decides to return to Jersey as Fred is coming back. Arthur is all over Ivy. She tells him she's not ready for a relationship and she doesn't want to see him again. He accuses her of leading him on and feels Brian has put her off. Dick gets ready for the concert in Mavis' flat. She is too ill to attend it. She is embarrassed when Mr Livesley calls on her and finds Dick in his underwear.moreless
  • Mon 19 Mar, 1984
    Mon 19 Mar, 1984
    Episode 23
    Bill installs himself at the Yard and puts up his own sign. Rita agrees to pay for Mavis to have a proper instructor. Gail is annoyed that Brian is upsetting Ivy by accusing her of forgetting Bert. Vera tells Brian that Ivy is a woman and she's lonely; she's got a life to lead and he's just plain selfish. Mavis is given two tickets to an Amateur Operatic production. She has her first lesson with Mr Livesley. Brian lays into Kevin for spending time at the Yard when he should be at the garage. Dick Lewis tells Mavis he'll accompany her to the Gilbert and Sullivan. Ivy and Arthur go to the bowls club dance.moreless
  • Wed 14 Mar, 1984
    Wed 14 Mar, 1984
    Episode 22
    Ivy tells Gail she isn't going out with Arthur because she doesn't want to upset Brian. Kevin agrees to give Mavis driving lessons for £2 an hour. Billy realises he's going to have to crawl to get the regulars back. He lays on free drinks at the Rovers as an apology to everyone. Ivy decides she should go out with Arthur as it will cheer her up. Kevin gives Mavis a driving lesson. She terrifies him. He swears not to give her anymore lessons but she enjoys it. Ivy wants to start living her life again and tells Brian she's tired of him bullying her.moreless
  • Mon 12 Mar, 1984
    Mon 12 Mar, 1984
    Episode 21
    Rita hires Dick Lewis to decorate Mavis' flat. Arthur asks Ivy to accompany him to the bowling club dance. Billy is annoyed as the regulars boycott the Rovers. Ivy tells Arthur it wouldn't feel right going out with him and refuses. Rita gives Mavis her first driving lesson. She is reluctant but Rita forces her behind the driver's seat. Mavis is a nervous wreck after the lesson. She tries to get out of the deal but Dick has already started the redecorating.moreless
  • Wed 7 Mar, 1984
    Wed 7 Mar, 1984
    Episode 20
    Stan continues to take money from the bank and kids Hilda he's on a winning streak. Rita is thrilled with her new car. Ken and Deirdre ask Billy to invite Percy back into the Rovers. He refuses to listen to them. They take their custom elsewhere. Mavis complains that there's too much chuntey in the Rovers' sandwiches. Billy is annoyed and bars her from the pub. Rita tells Mavis she'll pay for her flat to be decorated if she'll take driving lessons. Mavis agrees. Hilda receives a bank statement and discovers Stan has withdrawn £40, she accuses Stan of stealing the money but he is adamant that it was his money. She tries to make him see they'll need the money to live on soon. Billy tries to make up with Deirdre but she refuses to speak to him. Alf stands by Deirdre and bars him from the shop.moreless
  • Mon 5 Mar, 1984
    Mon 5 Mar, 1984
    Episode 19
    Hilda leaves the Graffiti when the staff is reorganised. Fred spends the night in hospital. Bet and Betty think it hysterical that he's been poisoned with his own pies. Ken writes up about the Rovers' food, saying how awful it is. The hospital tell Bet and Betty that Fred has appendicitis. Billy Walker returns to the Street on his mother's orders, to save the pub. He isn't pleased to be back. Brian finds Rita a Fiesta Saloon for £2,000. Billy is furious about Fred serving rotten pies and that Ken has written a slamming report. Rita wants to put Mavis down on her insurance as a co driver but Mavis doesn't like the idea of learning to drive. Percy complains to Billy about the terrible food served at the Rovers. He blames Annie for being an absentee landlady. Billy tells him he's is charge now and bars Percy from the pub.moreless
  • Wed 29 Feb, 1984
    Wed 29 Feb, 1984
    Episode 18
    Hilda realises Stan hasn't worked since December and won't draw his pension until May. She insists the £200 is invested as their housekeeping. Gail contemplates sending Nicky to a private school to give him a better chance in life. Fred cuts the price of the pies but the customers still complain about the pies' taste. Stan takes Hilda's cash card and uses it to withdraw money from the bank. Rita tells Heslop she is not buying the car and has stopped the cheque. He threatens her with the police but Brian tells him the car is a wreck and crooked and throws him out of the Kabin. Rita is grateful. Ken and Sally taste the fayre at the Rovers. Stan passes off his money as winnings from the horses. Fred is doubled up with pain.moreless
  • Mon 27 Feb, 1984
    Mon 27 Feb, 1984
    Episode 17
    Stan receives his £200 compensation. Ken constructs a good food guide from the local pubs. Rita realises she's at the warehouses' mercy without a car. Stan wants to hang onto the £200 but Hilda puts it in the bank. Fred decides to lay on hot lunches to impress Ken into writing the Rovers up in his good food guide. Rita looks over a Cortina which Heslop is selling. Fred tests all the pies on sale at the Rovers. Rita thinks £1,900 is too much for the Cortina. Heslop tells her he needs the money for his wife's operation. Fred orders pies from Cowards'. Betty warns him they're third rate pies. He needs to use cheaper pies as he wants to include peas and chips. Brian sees Heslop trying to sell Rita the car and recognises him as a crooked dealer. He warns Rita that he's bent but Rita's already paid half the money.moreless
  • Wed 22 Feb, 1984
    Wed 22 Feb, 1984
    Episode 16
    Bill keeps pestering Rita to let him rent the Yard until she gives in and agrees. Mike gets a letter from Maggie's solicitor's. He is upset that an ex-lover has become his enemy. Bet tries to help him and advises him to let go of Mark before he gets hurt even more by Maggie. Bet calls on Maggie and tells her Mike has a right to see Mark. Maggie accuses her of trying to worm her way back into Mike's affections. The brewery contact Annie and decide that Fred is to be appointed temporary manager of the Rovers. She informs Fred. Maggie tells Mike she doesn't want Mark torn between two fathers. Mike gives her an endowment policy for Mark to have when he's eighteen. She agrees to give it to him on the condition that Mike leaves them alone, he agrees. Fred takes charge of his bar as 'mine host' and makes Bet and Betty do all the serving.moreless
  • Mon 20 Feb, 1984
    Mon 20 Feb, 1984
    Episode 15
    The Yard is broken into. Rita is upset to see the place wrecked and vandalised. Bill makes the place secure again for her. Fred goes to the brewery to see Sarah Ridley. He is disappointed when he has to see George Newton. He feels he should run the pub as he lives on the premises. Maggie tells Harry that Mike is Mark's father so Mike can't blackmail her. They go to their solicitor in order to warn Mike off. Maggie warns Mike that if he persists she'll contact the police. He is hurt when she returns the toy rabbit.moreless
  • Wed 15 Feb, 1984
    Wed 15 Feb, 1984
    Episode 14
    Fred thinks it's unnatural to take orders from Betty. He feels Bet and Betty are ganging up on him. Bill tells Rita he's interested in renting the Yard but she tells him she wants to sell it. Mike gives Maggie a soft toy rabbit to give to Mark but she refuses to take it. She refuses to let him have any contact with Mark. She threatens to call the police when he threatens to take Mark off her. Fred accuses Bet and Betty of making a mug out of him. Betty doesn't think he's got anything to complain about.moreless
  • Mon 13 Feb, 1984
    Mon 13 Feb, 1984
    Episode 13
    A builder is interested in buying the Yard. Rita isn't sure she can face giving it up. Bet and Betty get annoyed when Fred assumes control behind the bar. Bill repairs some rotten floorboards at Alf's shop. Mike calls on Maggie and tells her he wants to see Mark. She tells him she doesn't want him to see him. He accuses her of being a bad mother as she's continued to run the shop rather than look after him. Maggie tells him she won't let him muck up Mark's future; he's not part of his life anymore. Mike refuses to forget Mark exists. Rita stumps her foot on Bill's tool box. Fred insists he is in charge of the pub but Betty reminds him she is senior barmaid. She phones Annie in Derby who tells Fred that Betty is in charge.moreless
  • Wed 8 Feb, 1984
    Wed 8 Feb, 1984
    Episode 12
    Mike starts to follow Maggie around town, anxious to see Mark. Ivy decides to tell Arthur she doesn't want him calling anymore; she knows Brian resents him. Mike feels he has a right to see Mark. Bill tells Brian there's other work needed on the garage. Percy sells the Rover to Kevin for £50 as he wants to use it for banger racing. Fred is furious. Arthur offers Ivy companionship but she doesn't want to upset Brian.moreless
  • Mon 6 Feb, 1984
    Mon 6 Feb, 1984
    Episode 11
    Percy is pleased to have won the Rover for £1. The staff hear that Annie is leaving the Rovers without a word to the staff. Betty feels certain she's in charge but Fred refuses to accept that. Brian has a leaky roof at the garage, Kevin persuades him to get his dad to look at it. Mike sees Maggie in town with Mark. Vera finds a stray puppy. She decides to keep it but Percy tells her it belongs to a little girl and she has to return it. Brian tells Percy it'll cost him £300 to make the Rover road worthy. Bill Webster looks at the garage roof and tells Brian he'll be able to fix it. Brian isn't happy to see Ivy entertaining Arthur and ignores him. Fred tells Percy he's now the official owner of the Rovers and it's obstructing the highway.moreless
  • Wed 1 Feb, 1984
    Wed 1 Feb, 1984
    Episode 10
    Hilda celebrates her birthday. Stan buys her a jewellery box. The solicitor tells her the Council have made an offer out of court. Stanley writes to Rita telling her he has no money and is unemployed. She realises he's after money. Mavis warns Rita that Alf is obviously keen on her. The solicitor tells the Ogdens the Council are offering £200. The Ogdens are disappointed but agree. Percy refuses to give his raffle ticket up, even when Fred offers him £2. Fred goes for him, threatening him with violence but Percy is undaunted. Alf tells Rita she's attractive and still has a life to lead. Terry gives Hilda T bone steaks for her birthday. Jack advises Fred to buy tickets off himself and include them in the raffle with Percy's ticket. He gets Hilda to draw the ticket. Hilda draws Percy's ticket. Fred is devastated.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jan, 1984
    Mon 30 Jan, 1984
    Episode 9
    Fred persuades Percy to buy a raffle ticket. Terry considers moving out of No. 9 as he's tired of supporting Jack. Hilda offers him a room at No. 13. Stan refuses to sleep downstairs anymore. He mistakes a council official for the solicitor and tells him he wants to fleece the council. Fred has only sold sixteen tickets. Betty advises him to cancel the raffle. Alf takes Rita out for a meal to cheer him up. Vera tells Hilda to keep out of their family affairs; accusing her of enticing Terry away. Percy refuses to sell Fred his raffle ticket back, insisting the raffle is drawn as it's the law.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jan, 1984
    Wed 25 Jan, 1984
    Episode 8
    Hilda employs a solicitor to help her sue the council. The solicitor is confident the Council will settle out of court. Mike wants Watkins to go to prison but Yardley wants to find him himself and tells Mike he'll give him all he's owed. Yardley offers to buy Mike out of the club, Mike agrees. Rita is thankful that she has Alf to lean on.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jan, 1984
    Mon 23 Jan, 1984
    Episode 7
    The Recorder runs the story of Stan's big toe, carrying a blown up picture of the toe. Hilda is horrified and accuses Ken of making Stan a laughing stock. Hilda allows Stan to go to the Rovers. The regulars take the mickey out of him and his toe. Emily tells Mike Watkins has fiddled £6,000 out of the stock. Mike can't believe he's been so stupid. Alf assures Rita he intends to help her all she can. Mike tells Yardley about Watkins' swindling. Mike tells him he wants the police brought in but Yardley doesn't want them involved.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jan, 1984
    Wed 18 Jan, 1984
    Episode 6
    Brian can't come to terms with Bert's death. Ivy tries to believe it's God's will but Brian is upset that he never said goodbye to him. Vera comforts Ivy and gives her a shoulder to cry on. Gail tries to keep hold of her grief but breaks down in the corner shop. Mike gets Emily to go over the club's books. Ivy admits that the hospital told her months ago that Bert was dying. Brian is annoyed she didn't tell him. Fred grows desperate to sell raffle tickets as he's only sold five. Watkins tells Mike he paid a DJ £70 after the DJ told Mike he was paid £40. Mike tells him they'll do a stock take. Watkins runs off.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jan, 1984
    Mon 16 Jan, 1984
    Episode 5
    Mike is puzzled by Watkins' figures about the club, it seems business is bad. Fred starts to sell raffle tickets at £1 each. The hospital contact Ivy and tell her Bert is dying. She rushes to be with him. Gail tries to contact Brian but he's on a job. Brian returns from attending to an accident, he rushes to the hospital on hearing the news. Watkins' girlfriend tells Mike that he's got a cabin cruiser. Ivy is with Bert when he dies. Brian arrives to comfort her and takes her home.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jan, 1984
    Wed 11 Jan, 1984
    Episode 4
    Stan gets bored lying in bed all day. Ken assigns Sally to cover Stan's toe story. She is thrilled as it's her first article. Hilda has her photograph taken, measuring the flag stone. Fred gives Jack his spare ignition key and reports the Rover as stolen. When the Rover runs out of petrol Jack has to abandon it. He returns to top it up and is stopped by the police. Sally interviews the Ogdens. Stan lays it on a bit. Fred is furious to hear Jack has been caught with the Rover. Fred is forced to tell the police he allowed Jack to borrow it. The police aren't pleased. Brian tells Ivy he doesn't like her seeing Arthur Whittaker. She is furious. Jack spends three hours in a police station. He goes for Fred. Fred considers raffling the Rover.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jan, 1984
    Mon 9 Jan, 1984
    Episode 3
    The residents hear of Elsie's moonlight flit. Fred sets about selling the Rover as he can't afford to run it. The Tilsleys persuade Ivy to have a night out at bingo. Fred is upset when no one wants to buy the Rover. Brian offers him £60 for scrap. The insurance on the Rover is worth more than the car. Hilda arranges to take a photograph of the offending pavement to take to the Town Hall. Ken agrees to run a piece on the toe. At bingo, Ivy runs into newly widowed Arthur Whittaker. Hilda refuses to allow Stan out of the house until she gets compensation. Ivy wins £20 at bingo. Arthur walks her home so she isn't mugged. Jack agrees to 'steal' the Rover so Fred can claim on the insurance. Jack's cut will be 25% of the £600. Fred agrees.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jan, 1984
    Wed 4 Jan, 1984
    Episode 2
    Elsie is stunned when Bill returns and tells her he wants her to come to Portugal with him. Curly wants to thump Terry for hijacking Sharon. Terry tells him he doesn't fancy her and advises him to build a few muscles to impress her. Bill tells Elsie he doesn't want to be lonely anymore - he's been lonely for her for years. She doesn't think she can give everything up on a whim. The Ogdens move Stan's bed into the sitting room. The police warn Fred that his tyres are bald. Sharon gets Curly to carry her bags to the station, telling him she's returning to Sheffield. That night, Elsie decides she's wasted enough of her life and she should grasp her opportunity to escape. Bill is delighted when she phones his hotel to say she's on her way to him in London. Elsie packs. She takes her photographs of Linda and Dennis and, posting her keys at the Barlow's and remembering old times, leaves the Street in a taxi for ever.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jan, 1984
    Mon 2 Jan, 1984
    Episode 1
    Curly prepares a meal to impress Sharon but she would rather go to see UB40 with Terry. Emily fears he's going to be disappointed with the evening. Stan stubs his toe on a loose paving stone. Hilda considers suing the Council. Bill takes Elsie for a meal. Sharon refuses to stay on her own with Curly and insists he takes her to the Rovers, once there she dumps Curly and goes to see UB40 with Terry. Curly is shell-shocked. Elsie hopes that Bill will stay with her but he tells her he has to return to Portugalmoreless