Coronation Street - Season 26

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 1985
    Mon 30 Dec, 1985
    Episode 104
    Audrey and Alf return from Paris. Mike invites Susan to spend New Year with him at a London hotel, she agrees. Alf is preoccupied with the overflow of stock at the shop. Frank makes another pass at Gloria and hurts her. She defends herself and threatens to tell Bet. Susan lies to Ken and tells him she's spending New Year in Newcastle with friends. Frank tells Gloria she'll regret rejecting him.moreless
  • Wed 25 Dec, 1985
    Wed 25 Dec, 1985
    Episode 103
    Sam is miserable about his lost pudding. Emily invites him for tea to cheer his Christmas up. Frank kisses Gloria under the mistletoe. The Barlow's Christmas is spoilt when Susan agrees to go for a drink at a hotel. Percy and Phyllis spend Christmas with Emily and seem to get on well. Sam arrives and accuses Percy of snatching the pudding. Frank makes a pass at Gloria. She tells him to stop.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 1985
    Mon 23 Dec, 1985
    Episode 102
    Alf throws the pudding away. He is hungover and ill-prepared for the wedding. Audrey worries about giving up her singleness. She and Gail laugh at the thought this being her first wedding day. Sam demands compensation from Bet for his lost pudding. Frank moves into the Rovers for Christmas. Gail, Brian, Ivy, Mike, Ken and Deirdre gather for Alf and Audrey's wedding. Alf and Audrey are married at the Registry Office. Bet lays on a wedding spread in the select of the Rovers. The celebrations turn into a Christmas party. Rita wishes Alf well. Ken is displeased to see Mike dancing with Susan at the party. Bet is upset to see Frank and Gloria flirting together. The Roberts sneak off on honeymoon to Paris.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 1985
    Wed 18 Dec, 1985
    Episode 101
    Emily invites Phyllis to spend Christmas with Percy and her. Terry and Curly discover Sam has swindled them over the rat as it is still at large. Phyllis insists Emily doesn't tell Percy that she's joining them; she wants it to be a surprise. Sam passes his ferret off as a rodent in order to claim more rat-catching money from Terry and Curly. Sam wins Percy's Christmas pudding in the raffle. Gail throws a hen party for Audrey. Her girlfriends arrive and liven it up. Ratcliffe complains about the noise and ends up being pounced on by the women. Alf gets drunk at his stag party and sits on Sam's Christmas pudding. Sam searches for his pudding.moreless
  • Mon 16 Dec, 1985
    Mon 16 Dec, 1985
    Episode 100
    Alf and Audrey make preparations for the wedding. Dougal catches the rat in the Yard. Terry gives Sam two quid. Emily is forced to invite Percy for Christmas dinner. Phyllis tries to get an invitation for herself. Alf asks Mike to be his best man. Mike agrees and starts to organise the stag party. Terry discovers the rat is still at large.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 1985
    Wed 11 Dec, 1985
    Episode 99
    Audrey tells Gail that Alf's proposed and she's accepted. She isn't sure if he was serious. Susan drums up custom for the Recorder. Alf assures Audrey he wants to marry her. Curly is disturbed by a rat in the Yard. Alf buys Audrey an engagement ring. Sam offers Terry and Curly the use of his dog, Dougal, to catch the rat in the Yard. Mike is impressed by Susan's presentation of his advert and takes her for a drink.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 1985
    Mon 9 Dec, 1985
    Episode 98
    Jack tells Vera he only won a couple of quid. Hilda refuses to help Jack with the bets anymore; she doesn't want to come between Jack and Vera. Audrey worries how to tell Alf that she's smashed his car up. Vera is horrified to discover Hilda and Jack won £50. She demands that Jack lets her go in with him on the System. They bet on three horses in order to win £900. Susan gets an advert for the Recorder from Mike. Ken isn't very pleased. The Duckworths' horses lose. Vera is furious and rips the System up. Audrey tells Alf she's smashed the car. He rows with her causing her to break down in tears. He comforts her with kisses.moreless
  • Wed 4 Dec, 1985
    Wed 4 Dec, 1985
    Episode 97
    Alf worries that something must have happened to the car. Jack and Hilda have another win on the horses. Ray writes to Deirdre and tells her Ken can legally adopt Tracy. Audrey begs Brian to repair Alf's car as she's crashed it. Ivy tells George she'll marry him if he still wants her but he tells her their romance is over. Vera finds out about Hilda and Jack's betting and accuses Jack of infidelity.moreless
  • Mon 2 Dec, 1985
    Mon 2 Dec, 1985
    Episode 96
    Ken finds Susan is too enthusiastic. Audrey borrows Alf's car to visit a girlfriend. George avoids Ivy. Father O'Brien tells Ivy that she can't marry George and remain a Catholic, in the church's eyes George is still married. She knows that she'll lose George if she doesn't marry him. Curly follows Susan around, lovesick. Jack and Hilda win on the horses. Ivy tells Brian she's going to marry George and give up the Church.moreless
  • Wed 27 Nov, 1985
    Wed 27 Nov, 1985
    Episode 95
    Ivy rows with Vera for not telling her about George and Pauline. Hilda gives Jack Stan's betting system - 'Captain Carstairs'. George Newton arrives to see Bet. Gloria covers for her and sends Terry to the hotel to bring her back. Bet returns with her coat covering her nightie. George tells Bet she's off probation. Jack can't get out of the house to put on bets because of his leg. Hilda agrees to help.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 1985
    Mon 25 Nov, 1985
    Episode 94
    Susan returns from Newcastle and moves into No. 1. Ivy looks forward to the future with George. Curly tries to impress Susan and is upset to find she already has a boyfriend. Bet goes off for the night with Frank, leaving Gloria running the pub. Ivy is shocked when Pauline Walsh tells her that she's going out with George.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 1985
    Wed 20 Nov, 1985
    Episode 93
    Ivy decides she wants George. Betty goes on holiday rather than see Bet make a fool of herself with Frank. Bet spends the night away from the Rovers. George Newton phones and Gloria covers for her. George turns down an evening with Ivy. Bet eventually returns to the Rovers at lunchtime. Ida and Shirley find George and factory worker Pauline Walsh out together.moreless
  • Mon 18 Nov, 1985
    Mon 18 Nov, 1985
    Episode 92
    Audrey stands in for Deirdre at the shop. The factory girls ask Mike for time for Christmas shopping, Mike refuses. Ivy considers taking up with George again. Frank tries to persuade Bet to spend the night with him at his hotel. Percy agrees to cook a Christmas pudding for Bet to raffle. George refuses to stand by and wait for Ivy. Betty warns Bet that she could be risking her probation by spending the night with Frank. Bet refuses to listen. Ivy asks George for a date but he turns her down.moreless
  • Wed 13 Nov, 1985
    Wed 13 Nov, 1985
    Episode 91
    Gloria admits she fancies Frank. Audrey feels she's getting nowhere with Alf. Ivy feels miserable and can't get George out of her system. Bet is worried about Gloria and Frank, she is relieved to see him put her down. Alf asks Audrey to help him with the decorating. Curly sells dealer Reg Dawson a clock for £200, to Terry's surprise and admiration. Ivy wants George even though her religion says she can't have him.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 1985
    Mon 11 Nov, 1985
    Episode 90
    Audrey throws herself at Alf. Ivy and Brian make up. Terry shows a dealer some pieces of furniture he's picked up. The dealer offers fifteen quid for the rubbish. Curly thinks it's worth more. Gloria flirts with Frank as he helps out behind the bar. Ivy refuses to have anything to do with George again. Audrey tells Gail she wants to marry Alf.moreless
  • Wed 6 Nov, 1985
    Wed 6 Nov, 1985
    Episode 89
    Jack celebrates his birthday in hospital. Bet takes advantage of his situation to get rid of him from the pub. Ken tells Susan that if she sorts herself out in Newcastle, and still wants to work with him, she'd be welcome. Vera suspects that Dulcie means more to Jack then he's letting on. Terry organises a kiss-a-gram for Jack, Vera is not amused. Susan and Deirdre make up before she returns to Newcastle. Audrey helps Alf pick new wallpaper for the flat. George accuses Ivy of messing him about when she makes excuses not to go out with him. He tells her he's had enough of her - for good.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 1985
    Mon 4 Nov, 1985
    Episode 88
    Jack is in hospital with a broken ankle. Ivy worries that George just wants a good time with her. Ken tells Susan she should return to Newcastle. Susan thinks she's got Deirdre's backing and tries to convince Ken she'd work hard on the paper. Jack finds himself in trouble when Vera nearly catches him with Dulcie. Susan feels got at when Deirdre tells her she thinks it would be wrong for her to work with Ken. Curly asks Susan for a drink but she tells him she's returning to Newcastle.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 1985
    Wed 30 Oct, 1985
    Episode 87
    Susan Barlow is interviewed by Ken for a job at the Recorder. Curly Watts is introduced to Susan, much to his delight. Bet tells Jack that his services are still required at the Rovers. Jack falls off his ladder - whilst cleaning Dulcie Froggatt's windows.
  • Mon 28 Oct, 1985
    Mon 28 Oct, 1985
    Episode 86
    Bet finds out through Mike Baldwin that Frank Mills is back in town - he eventually turns up at the Rovers Return. Jack and Vera are still 'dreaming' about running their own pub. Ken shows his daughter, Susan, round The Recorder office. Ken asks Deirdre to write to Ray about adopting Tracy.moreless
  • Wed 23 Oct, 1985
    Wed 23 Oct, 1985
    Episode 85
    Ken reads the riot act to Tracy and she apologises for running away. Ivy agrees to see George as a friend and arranges to go out with him. Stella tells Vera the brewery prefers married couples to run their pubs. Vera pushes Jack into thinking he'll make a good landlord. Jack gives Tracy a pigeon. Susan decides to stay around for a while longer. Brian is furious that Ivy is going out with George. When he calls her a slut, she slaps his face.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 1985
    Mon 21 Oct, 1985
    Episode 84
    Deirdre becomes hysterical and fears that Tracy has been abducted. Tracy arrives in Newcastle. A man tries to pick her up but Tracy threatens to tell a policeman. The police take her in. Emily tries to comfort Deirdre who blames herself for Tracy's disappearance. The police tell the Barlow's that Tracy is in Newcastle with Susan. Tracy tells Susan she wants to stay with her and not return home. Vera fancies the idea of being a pub landlady and encourages Jack. Gail pushes Audrey to find a job. She helps Alf out at the shop with Deirdre worrying about Tracy. Susan brings Tracy home. Stella tells the Rovers' staff about Bet's probation and tells Bet she'll support her all she can.moreless
  • Wed 16 Oct, 1985
    Wed 16 Oct, 1985
    Episode 83
    Vera rows with Shirley when she goes on about George and Ivy's lovelife causing Ivy to tell everyone that the wedding's off. Gail urges Ivy to talk to George. Tracy can't understand why Deirdre won't let her have a dog. Deirdre flares up and tells her to stop talking about dogs. Tracy packs a bag and leaves home. Ivy accuses George of leading her along. He tells her he's sorry and still wants to make her happy. Deirdre discovers Tracy is gone. Ken calls the police.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 1985
    Mon 14 Oct, 1985
    Episode 82
    George wants to apologise to Ivy but she doesn't want to know. Tracy wants a dog. George Newton calls at the Rovers. Jack tells him he's having problems working for man-mad Bet. George tells Bet she needs stability in the pub. He tells her she he doesn't want her to sack Jack; she's not likely to run off with him. Deirdre refuses to let Tracy have a dog. Bet tells Jack he can stay on at the Rovers. George tells Brian he can't see a future without Ivy.moreless
  • Wed 9 Oct, 1985
    Wed 9 Oct, 1985
    Episode 81
    Ivy takes the day off work. HILDA: "They're like stray cats them Duckworths. Invite 'em in for a saucer of milk and they're asleep in your best chair in front of fire before you can blink." Ivy tells Gail that she's split with George. Vera rows with Jack in the Rovers and accuses Bet of taking him for a mug. Bet tells Jack he's fired; she doesn't want Vera shouting in the pub. Phyllis stirs things up between Percy and Sam, telling Percy that Sam let the coach go early and that's why they missed it. Jack is furious that Vera lost him the only job he's ever enjoyed. Gail tells Brian about George and Ivy splitting. Brian tells Ivy the divorce is a stupid reason not to marry George and ruin their happiness. Jack tells Bet he's going to see George Newton to ask if he can stay on.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 1985
    Mon 7 Oct, 1985
    Episode 80
    Phyllis tells everyone Percy and she were having such a good time they missed the coach. Percy tells them that Phyllis followed him all day. He went for a paddle but she pinched his shoes and socks, causing them to miss the coach. Bet takes back charge of the Rovers. Vera tells Jack he'll lose his window round. He tells her he's trying to make something of his life in the pub trade but she's holding him back. Terry and Curly go into house clearances. Audrey enjoys having Alf spending money on her. Bet tells Jack she doesn't want him permanently at the Rovers; he's a good customer. George tells Ivy they can't marry in church because he's divorced and his wife is still alive. She says in her eyes he's still a married man.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 1985
    Wed 2 Oct, 1985
    Episode 79
    Percy, Sam and the bowlers set off to Southport. Percy is shocked to find Phyllis has got a ticket. Bet sees George Newton. She tells him she is annoyed at his lack of trust in her. Audrey is impressed at the way Alf has renovated the shop and is interested to know he hasn't got a girlfriend. Bet admits she made a mistake to George. He thinks she can't handle the responsibility and puts her on probation. Bet thanks Betty for running the pub and tells Gloria she's pleased at her progress and takes her on permanently. Percy and Phyllis miss the coach home. Alf is thrilled to see Audrey back. Sam thinks Percy has taken Phyllis to a Southport hotel to have his way with her.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 1985
    Mon 30 Sep, 1985
    Episode 78
    Percy invites Emily to the bowls outing. Paul throws Audrey out of their flat and changes the locks. Gail advises her to finish with him. Bet returns to find Jack and Gloria behind the bar. Betty tells her the Brewery have made her manager. Bet accuses her of shopping her to the Brewery. Bet refuses to tell the Brewery she's back or work behind the bar. Audrey arrives at the Tilsley's with her bags. Phyllis discovers there's loads of tickets left for the outing. She tells Percy he's horrible for lying to her. Gail agrees to let Audrey stay. Bet has finished with Frank and wishes she'd never gone on the cruise. She feels that she's going to be sacked, but she's going down with all guns blazing.moreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 1985
    Wed 25 Sep, 1985
    Episode 77
    The factory girls boycott the shop because of the barm cake situation. Alf backs down. Alf is depressed that he's on his own and the shop hasn't made any difference to his life. Gloria fears that Bet will sack her as soon as she returns. Ken wants to sell the VW. George tells Ivy they'll marry in church before Christmas. Curly feels Terry is getting too big for himself. Rita agrees to rent the Yard to Terry and Curly for ten pounds a week. Curly agrees to take more interest in the business. Betty worries how Bet will react to the news that she is her boss.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 1985
    Mon 23 Sep, 1985
    Episode 76
    Alf refuses to serve barm cakes unless they're ordered. Brian feels that George is taking Ivy for granted and dragging his feet. He tells Ivy. Curly returns from his parents to find Terry has got premises for the business. Jack wants to work at the Rovers permanently. The factory girls complain about Alf's new regime. Deirdre accuses him of being stroppy since the alterations. Terry refuses to pay Curly for the work he did whilst Curly was away. Terry asks Rita to rent the Yard to him permanently. She tells him to convince her the partnership is stable. No. 11 goes up for sale. Ivy asks George when they're getting married. He says he wants to as soon as possible, but not in a church. She refuses to marry in a registry office and is upset that his religion means so little.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 1985
    Wed 18 Sep, 1985
    Episode 75
    HILDA: "Bet Lynch's place is behind a bar wearing a pair of daft earrings and very little else." The Brewery accountant goes over the Rovers' books and stock takes. Jack is pleased the Brewery approve of him working at the Rovers. Terry does some removals for a friend and finds himself in the middle of a domestic dispute and has to hang on to the furniture. Percy tells Phyllis all the tickets are gone for the bowls outing. She is chuffed that he seems sorry they can't go. Terry can't take on any more jobs as the furniture is in the van. Rita lets him store it at the Yard temporarily. George Newton tells Betty the accounts are fine. He is annoyed at Bet and makes Betty temporary manager.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 1985
    Mon 16 Sep, 1985
    Episode 74
    Bet goes off on the cruise and gives Hilda the keys. She asks her to inform the brewery. As the taxi starts up Hilda mishears her and tells Betty the brewery have been informed. Phyllis is thrilled that Percy won the match knowing that he knew she was the prize. Betty asks for help from the Brewery. She takes Jack on to help in the cellar. Gloria arrives to help Betty out. Percy refuses to take Phyllis on the bowls trip. Gloria is tired of temping and looks for something more permanent. George Newton investigates Bet's disappearance. He is satisfied with the temporary staff but wants a stock take.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 1985
    Wed 11 Sep, 1985
    Episode 73
    Percy doesn't know he's playing bowls for Phyllis' hand. Rita doesn't know how to tell Alf she doesn't want him. Betty accuses Bet of making a fool of herself with Frank. Alf refuses to listen to Rita, causing her to walk out of the Rovers. He gets the message. Sam and Percy cross swords on the bowling green. Rita tells Alf she wants him to be a good friend, but she doesn't love him. Sam tells Percy that they're playing for Phyllis. Percy throws a game. Frank packs and tells Bet he's got a job on a Norwegian cruise liner. She accuses him of running out on him and slaps his face. He asks her to come with him, for a holiday. Percy is too proud to throw the match and wins. He runs away as Phyllis chases after him.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 1985
    Mon 9 Sep, 1985
    Episode 72
    Alf lays on wine for the grand opening. Miss Weatherfield is too ill to open the shop. Bet opens the mini-market as Miss Weatherfield 1957. Sam asks Phyllis to go on the bowling club outing with him. She tells him she'll go with him if he beats Percy at bowls. Alf gets drunk and proposes to Rita. She tells him to leave it until he's sober.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 1985
    Wed 4 Sep, 1985
    Episode 71
    Bet and Frank spend the night together and are content with each other. He tells her he's gone off Chester. Kevin celebrates his twentieth birthday. Sam asks Phyllis out. She discovers he's playing Percy in the bowls championship. Sam discovers Phyllis fancies Percy. Harry and Connie move the furniture out of No. 11. Connie accuses Terry of driving them out. He is surprised at the hatred she shows him. He realises he can't fight hate, and decides to make a fresh start in Weatherfield. Sam tracks Percy down and tells him to keep away from Phyllis.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 1985
    Mon 2 Sep, 1985
    Episode 70
    Vera's birthday arrives with the knowledge that Terry has gone. A friend offers Frank a job in Chester. He tells Bet he wants a permanent post with an incentive to stay on. Terry returns home. He tells Vera he got a ticket for London, fell asleep at the station and was mugged. Rita feeds Alf whilst the shop alterations are going on. Sam Tindall looks forward to the bowls championship, he gets Phyllis to kiss his bowls and makes a play for her. She isn't interested. Rita is relieved Alf just wants to be friends with her. Mike advises Terry not to run away from home. Bet tells Frank she fancies him but she wants a commitment. They kiss.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 1985
    Wed 28 Aug, 1985
    Episode 69
    Sue doesn't want to leave the Street. Connie tells Harry they could move in with her mother until they find somewhere else. Brian's neighbour Mr Ratcliffe complains about the breakdown being parked outside the house. Frank moves his stuff from Blackpool to the Rovers. Connie refuses to spend another night in the house. Harry worries that she's heading for a breakdown. Rita is the last customer in the Corner Shop before Alf closes for modernisation. The Claytons pack and leave the Street. Terry gets drunk and hammers on the Claytons' door before walking out of the Street.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 1985
    Mon 26 Aug, 1985
    Episode 68
    Alf has an architect look over the shop. Brian buys a breakdown truck. Vera accuses Andrea of driving Terry off, she asks her to give him a chance. Connie is horrified at the thought of Vera being the baby's grandmother. She tells Vera it's nothing to do with her. When Vera calls the house a muck hole, Connie throws her out. Connie decides they'll have to movemoreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 1985
    Wed 21 Aug, 1985
    Episode 67
    Hilda doesn't want to leave her neighbours. She tells Alf what Les said about the roof. Alf inspects the roof and tells her there's nothing wrong with it. Terry's tired of having nothing. Alf returns his quotation to Les and tells him he doesn't like the way he does business. Alf throws him out. Terry decides not to go to London but he intends to go somewhere. Hilda is thrilled that she can stay. Frank tells Bet he'll have to move out of the spare room. He tells her he wants to stay around. They both know it's only a matter of time before they sleep together.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 1985
    Mon 19 Aug, 1985
    Episode 66
    Hilda goes house hunting. Terry resigns from the abattoir, he tells Jack and Vera he's going to London. Frank takes on the job of potman at the Rovers. Ken gives Bet £5, telling her he was given too much change before. Percy looks over a house in Charlotte St with Hilda. Vera is upset that Terry is leaving home. Percy advises Hilda to buy the house. Bet apologises to Wilf about the money but he's got another job. Curly is furious that Terry is leaving the removals. He calls him a quitter causing Terry to go for him. Bet tells Alf about Hilda's roof repairs.moreless
  • Wed 14 Aug, 1985
    Wed 14 Aug, 1985
    Episode 65
    The Rovers till is a fiver light. Hilda tells Alf she'll sell to him for £14,000. Andrea gets her exam results: two Bs and a C, it means she can go to Sheffield. Wilf thinks Bet suspects him of stealing from the till. Alf realises Hilda isn't happy about the move and worries about it. Wilf accuses Bet of wanting an excuse to get rid of him. He resigns; there's nothing for him in the Rovers anymore. Bet accepts his resignation. Terry demands his rights as a father from Andrea. He offers her marriage, she tells him it wouldn't work.moreless
  • Mon 12 Aug, 1985
    Mon 12 Aug, 1985
    Episode 64
    Hilda has gone missing. Terry is still upset about the situation with Andrea, and Frank has some news for Bet about his job in Blackpool.
  • Wed 7 Aug, 1985
    Wed 7 Aug, 1985
    Episode 63
    Hilda worries about the roof but feels she can't tell anyone. Frank treated Bet like a lady and made her feel important. She's sorry he's returned to Blackpool. Betty discovers Bet cashed him a cheque. Martin tells Ken he should report on the local sport fixtures. Martin agrees to give him a report on the local football every week. Percy thinks he got his stomach from eating at the cafe. Jack takes up his cause. Frank decides to stay around for a while. To sort Percy out, Gail sends Phyllis round as compensation, to nurse him until he's better. He swears he's better. Frank mixes cocktails at the Rovers. Bet tells him he's welcome to her spare room. Hilda disappears.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 1985
    Mon 5 Aug, 1985
    Episode 62
    Hilda tells Alf she knows about the new houses being built in Bessie St. She asks for more money. Frank Mills turns up at the Rovers. Bet is thrilled to see him. He tells her he's up for a job and arranges to take her out. Percy has an upset stomach. Phyllis takes him in hand. Alf refuses to pay more money for No. 13. Les tells Hilda her roof is sagging and it could bring the house down. Frank doesn't get the job. Les tells Hilda the roof work will cost £2,000 pounds and advises her to sell to Alf.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jul, 1985
    Wed 31 Jul, 1985
    Episode 61
    Hilda feels that Alf will put pressure on her to sell. Terry feels depressed over Andrea and the baby. He offers to support her and the baby. Ken explains to Tracy why she's called Langton. He is pleased when Tracy tells him he is her real dad. Harry sets up a meeting between Terry and Andrea. Les pushes Hilda to sell the house and tells her Alf will go to £14,000. Terry tells Andrea he wants a share in the responsibility of bringing the baby up. Connie thinks it's good of him to offer help. Hilda discovers the Council are planning a redevelopment.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jul, 1985
    Mon 29 Jul, 1985
    Episode 60
    Les wants Alf to push Hilda over selling No. 13. Deirdre realises she's going to have to tell Tracy about Ray and the divorce. Andrea decides to keep the baby. Ken backs out of telling Tracy about Ray. Deirdre accuses him of being scared.
  • Wed 24 Jul, 1985
    Wed 24 Jul, 1985
    Episode 59
    Vera refuses to believe the baby is Terry's. Sue starts work at the bakery. Connie tells Andrea she'll look after the baby so she can go to University. Alf tells Deirdre he's expanding and making the shop self service. He plans to buy No. 13 and knock through. Andrea feels pressured into keeping the baby. Alf tells Hilda he wants to buy her house to expand the shop. He offers her more than the market value. She feels dropped on. Tracy wonders why she's called Langton. Ken worries that she doesn't think of him as her father as she asks questions about Ray. Andrea tells Connie she wants an abortion. Hilda considers moving to Chesterfield.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 1985
    Mon 22 Jul, 1985
    Episode 58
    Andrea is annoyed that Terry knows about the baby. Alf tells Les Pringle he wants to enlarge the shop. Terry feels the Claytons are treating him like dirt by not saying anything to him about the baby. Harry threatens Terry when he calls round. Andrea tells him she wants nothing from him. Ivy and George throw an engagement party. The Claytons can't understand the Duckworths' happy mood. When Jack asks them to join in the celebrations, they row. Harry tells them that Andrea is pregnant. Vera insinuates that Andrea is a slut causing Harry to thump Jack. Connie goes for Vera and they have to be separated.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 1985
    Wed 17 Jul, 1985
    Episode 57
    Andrea breaks down and tells Connie she's having a baby. Connie tells her it's not the end of the world. Andrea doesn't want Terry to know. George promises Brian he'll be straight with Ivy and look after her. Michelle and Kevin agree to be friends. She tells him that Andrea is pregnant and Terry is the father. Connie tells Harry Andrea is pregnant. He is furious and wants to kill Terry. Sue gets the job at the bakery. Ivy is upset when George jokes about marrying in a Registry office. Kevin tells Terry that Andrea is pregnant.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jul, 1985
    Mon 15 Jul, 1985
    Episode 56
    Connie worries that Andrea is upset over something. Sue gets an interview for a job at Elliston's Bakery. Kevin is upset that Michelle has finished with him. Ivy tells Gail and Brian that she is marrying George. Brian is happy for her. Ivy tells Brian she'll never forget Bert. Michelle regrets splitting with Kevin. Andrea tells Michelle she gave Terry her virginity and now she's pregnant. She feels a fool.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jul, 1985
    Wed 10 Jul, 1985
    Episode 55
    Deirdre is upset by Tracy's friend's parents' divorcing. Kevin worries about making a good impression on Michelle's parents. She laughs at him when he tells her he wants to marry her. Ken doesn't like it when Tracy starts asking him questions about divorce. George tells Ivy he's not taking her for a ride. She tells him she wants to continue seeing him so he proposes to her.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 1985
    Mon 8 Jul, 1985
    Episode 54
    Ivy and George return from the Isle of Man. Kevin thinks about going into partnership with Brian. Brian tells him it'll cost a lot. Ivy hopes that George is going to propose to her. Bet regrets the holiday. Mavis cherishes her moments with Norris. Kevin plans a weekend away in Southampton with Michelle. Ivy is upset by George taking her for granted when she thinks he wants to sleep with her. She asks him to leave.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jul, 1985
    Wed 3 Jul, 1985
    Episode 53
    Emily realises Mike has not advertised for a replacement for her. Bet gets Wally into bed but he bursts into tears and confesses he's married. Rita is upset when Glenn treats her like a mother. Emily agrees to withdraw her notice from the factory after lecturing Mike on his business practises. Gail advises Kevin to think seriously about his future. Mavis and Norris enjoy a day sightseeing in a pony and trek before they, regrettably, part company.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 1985
    Mon 1 Jul, 1985
    Episode 52
    Betty takes command of the Rovers whilst Bet holidays. In Blackpool, Mavis is embarrassed when men whistle at Bet. Rita finds herself caught in the middle. Bet grows frustrated as she hasn't met any men. Barman Frank Mills makes her night by telling her a load of toy reps are checking into the hotel. Mavis goes to the zoo on her own. Bet and Rita ensnare a couple of reps. Mavis meets up with Norris Birchall who shares her taste in literature. Rita is embarrassed by the youthful age of her Rep Glenn. Bet flirts heavily with Wally. Norris turns out to be the Reps' boss. Kevin and Michelle babysit with Nicky. Michelle worries that Kevin is getting too serious.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 1985
    Wed 26 Jun, 1985
    Episode 51
    Ivy assures Vera that she and George will have separate rooms. Ken loses 9lbs in weight. Bet gives him £5 for Save the Children as a reward. Alf plans to close the shop for a day and meet up with Rita in Blackpool. The girls give Emily a leaving present. She is embarrassed and tells them she's staying on an extra week. The girls accuse her of conning them. Bet is horrified to read Mavis' list of things she wants to do on holiday. Emily accuses Mike of trying to embarrass her into staying. She looks for a replacement for herself. Rita tells Alf she doesn't want him to follow her to Blackpool. He is upset that she doesn't want him. Bet, Rita and Mavis toast the holiday but none of them are looking forward to it.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jun, 1985
    Mon 24 Jun, 1985
    Episode 50
    Mike asks Emily to stay on longer but she refuses. Ivy has enough of the factory girls kidding her over the holiday sleeping arrangements. Kevin is depressed over finishing with Michelle. She tells him she hasn't fallen out with him and they are reconciled. Mike tells Ida there'll be no bonuses because Emily is leaving. Vera accuses Emily of not caring about her work mates. Emily agrees to stay another week to do the bonuses.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jun, 1985
    Wed 19 Jun, 1985
    Episode 49
    Terry and Curly buy the graffiti-covered van off Mike for £800. Kevin fears Michelle has finished with him. He realises he loves her and apologises to her. He gets tickets for a concert but she refuses to go with him as she's busy. Terry and Curly discover the van needs taxing. Kevin takes Curly to the concert. Bet, Rita and Mavis plan the holiday. Bet wants to see male strippers but Mavis wants to go to the zoo. Brian is shocked to discover Ivy and George are going to the Isle of Man together.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 1985
    Mon 17 Jun, 1985
    Episode 48
    The Tilsleys move into Hammond Road. Betty returns from Peter's christening. Emily isn't bothered about cancelling the holiday and drops out of any further ones. Wilf turns up for work as usual. Curly makes Kevin realise he's not getting anything out of Michelle as they're not lovers. Bet sacks Wilf. He begs her to give him another chance. She agrees. BET: "You can't beat Blackpool. There in a couple of hours in a charabanc. Everybody's letting their hair down. You can cut smell of shrimps and best bitter with a knife. It's paradise." Bet invites Rita to go on holiday to Blackpool with her. With Hilda out for the evening, Kevin entertains Michelle. Bet is horrified when Mavis decides she's going to Blackpool with them. Kevin tells Michelle he's a virgin and comes on heavy. She goes home.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 1985
    Wed 12 Jun, 1985
    Episode 47
    Bet tells Wilf and Hilda about the money. She realises Wilf took the money as Hilda tells her she didn't touch it. Emily gives Mike her notice. Bet shares her suspicions about Wilf with Mike. A customer tells Rita her holiday hotel is only half built. Mike calls on Wilf and accuses him of stealing the money and threatens him with the police. Hilda lays on a tea for Kevin and Michelle and is thrilled when they wash up. Rita and Mavis cancel the holiday. Wilf gives the money back to Mike. He tells Bet he is not really a thief and breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 1985
    Mon 10 Jun, 1985
    Episode 46
    Vera looks forward to the Rhyl holiday. She's not bothered if Ivy is going off with George. Mavis plans the holiday in Majorca but worries that she'll be stuck with Emily. Mike asks Emily not to tell the police about the £4,000. To avoid causing distress to Mrs Ashton she agrees. Mike tells Bet about the money. She tells him there was no money in it when she gave it to the police. Mrs Ashton tells Meadows that Don should have had a lot of money on him. Mike tells Meadows he didn't give him any money. Emily is horrified at his lies and is upset when Mike uses Ernie's shooting as an excuse for her behaviour. The Tilsleys take the tenancy of 33 Hammond Road. Emily tells Mike she is disgusted with him. He tells her he suspects Bet, Wilf and Hilda. Emily tells him she can't stomach him anymore and is thinking of resigning. Hilda tells Mike she looked in the briefcase and there was a big envelope in it. Kevin meets Michelle's dad and is impressed by her big house. Mike threatens Bet with a Brewery investigation if he doesn't get his money back.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 1985
    Wed 5 Jun, 1985
    Episode 45
    Hilda hands the briefcase in to Bet. Brian uses the van so Kevin can't use it to take Michelle out. He is impressed when Michelle uses her mother's car to take him out. Det Con Meadows tells Bet that Don Ashton is dead after driving his car into the canal whilst drunk. Bet puts him onto Mike and gives him Don's briefcase. Mike is horrified at Don's death and tries to find out if he put the order in. Ivy tells George she's not looking forward to going away with the Duckworths. He invites her to go on holiday with him. Michelle and Kevin get lost in a country lane but don't care. Mike tells Emily the order didn't go through; he has nothing on paper to prove the money isn't his. Hilda tells him Don left his briefcase behind.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 1985
    Mon 3 Jun, 1985
    Episode 44
    Mike withdraws £4,000 from the bank to do a cash deal with client Don Ashton. Vera demands a holiday from Jack, she plans to take Ivy with her. Don has a load of bankrupt denim for Mike. Mike gives him the £4,000 cash to avoid paying tax. Ivy fears trapped into going away with Duckworths. Don gets drunk in the Rovers. Bet sells him a bottle of scotch and he goes, leaving his briefcase behind.moreless
  • Wed 29 May, 1985
    Wed 29 May, 1985
    Episode 43
    Harry leaves milk for the Duckworths. Vera claims a victory. Terry reveals he paid the bill. Vera is furious. Kevin fears Michelle is too nice for him. The Tilsleys decide to take the Council house. Vera calls Terry a traitor and demands he tells the Claytons about the bill. Hilda throws Percy out of No. 13 for checking up on Kevin's living conditions on Emily's behalf. Connie is furious that Terry paid the bill. Wilf writes a book on human nature. Kevin sells the car for £900. Malcolm accuses Kevin of poaching Michelle. Kevin tells him Michelle doesn't want to see him anymore. He refuses to listen, even when Michelle tells him she's going out with Malcolm. Andrea returns the money to Terry and tells him she doesn't want to see him again until her 'A' Levels are over. Kevin fights Malcolm to sort him out. Malcolm can't believe Michelle prefers Kevin but gives in.moreless
  • Mon 27 May, 1985
    Mon 27 May, 1985
    Episode 42
    Martin flirts with Sue but she thinks he's a kid. Emily is put out to discover Kevin has settled well with Hilda. The Duckworths are horrified to discover Terry has been seeing Andrea. Vera rows with Terry for being disloyal. Emily is upset to find Curly eating at Hilda's. Kevin and Michelle get to know each other better. The Tilsleys view a Council house. Connie finds the £38.50 in an envelope on the doormat. She calls the war off.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 1985
    Wed 22 May, 1985
    Episode 41
    Kevin moves from Emily's to Hilda's. Emily is abit put out. George volunteers his notice. Michelle agrees to go out with Kevin, she tells him she's having problems finishing her relationship with Malcolm. Ivy is threatened with the sack as Mike accepts George's notice. He sees the funny side and reinstates them, but docks the £300 for the repairs from their wages. Harry and Connie catch Andrea and Terry on the sofa.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 1985
    Mon 20 May, 1985
    Episode 40
    Terry suggests Kevin moves in with Hilda; she's a brilliant landlady. George and Ivy tell Mike that the van has been vandalised. He is furious. Kevin asks Hilda if she'll take him on as a lodger. Mike holds George responsible but Ivy remains adamant that she is to blame. Hilda agrees to take Kevin in. Kevin finds Michelle playing tennis with Malcolm Nuttall. Sue catches Terry and Andrea snogging on the sofa. Ivy tells Mike that she wants the same punishment as George.moreless
  • Wed 15 May, 1985
    Wed 15 May, 1985
    Episode 39
    Curly spends the night looking for Halley's Comet making it impossible for Kevin to sleep. Ken takes up jogging. Emily tries to involve Kevin more in the household routine and gives him the silver to polish. The St Luke's rugby team's minibus breaks down so George can't get the team to the game. Ivy uses her factory keys to get the firm's van. Terry and Andrea leave notes for each other in the alley. Andrea asks him to fix up her friend Michelle Robinson with a fellah for a double date. Kevin goes with him and can't believe his luck when Michelle turns out to be a real looker. Ivy has a black eye after fighting one of the opponents' mother. She tells George she took the van without Mike's knowledge and now it's covered in graffiti.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 1985
    Mon 13 May, 1985
    Episode 38
    Kevin can't cope with Curly's alarm going off at 5am. Sue goes for a job interview. Andrea is too scared of the feud to go out with Terry. Emily is horrified at the state of the lad's room. Ken goes on a sponsored slim. Ivy makes rosettes for George's rugby team. Curly and Kevin row over each other's habits. Alf puts the housing department onto Nicky's welfare in the bedsit as a favour for Brian. Andrea goes behind her parents back to go out with Terry.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 1985
    Wed 8 May, 1985
    Episode 37
    Harry doesn't leave any milk at No. 9. Terry is annoyed when Curly and Kevin want to sell the car. Vera gets Percy to change his milk man, not knowing that he doesn't use Harry's firm. Harry is shocked when Percy asks him to put him on his books. Terry ands Andrea fall out over their parents' row. Ivy decides to decorate. George tells her he'll do it for her. Harry thinks Vera sent Percy by way of an apology. Connie and Vera row on the doorstep over the bill. When Jack joins in, Harry rows with him. Harry tells Vera that Jack got the lurex for free. Connie threatens Vera with her solicitor.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 1985
    Mon 6 May, 1985
    Episode 36
    Terry treats the car as purely his. Connie gives Vera a bill for £38.50 for the dress. Vera is furious as everyone laughed at her in it. Rita, Mavis and Emily go to the Bird Sanctuary. Bet tells Rita she must be getting desperate and past it. Curly and Kevin call Terry selfish for hogging the car. He calls them kids. George takes Ivy to Halifax on a delivery. Vera tells Connie she hates the dress and the bill is too much. She offers her £20 but Connie demands the full amount. CONNIE (to Vera): "You would make a Paris model look like a dish cloth." Kevin takes the rota-arm from the car so Terry can't take Andrea out. Harry rows with Jack when he points out that Connie owes him £4.50 window money.moreless
  • Wed 1 May, 1985
    Wed 1 May, 1985
    Episode 35
    The Tilsleys find it hard coping in the bedsit but like being alone. Terry uses the car to take Andrea out, telling Curly and Kevin he's taking it to show a buyer. Curly and Kevin clean the car for him. Vera looks a state in the silver lurex dress. She feels it makes her look old and fat. She begs Connie to alter it. Ivy expects Alf to pull strings in getting the Tilsleys a Council house. Connie works flat out on Vera's dress. The Duckworths go to the dance. Emily and Ivy see Terry and Andrea snogging in the car.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 1985
    Mon 29 Apr, 1985
    Episode 34
    Gail refuses to move back in with Ivy so Brian looks for somewhere to rent. Connie can't believe Vera's got such awful taste as she makes up the dress. Ivy hears that Brian and Gail are back together from the Rover's gossips before Brian can reach her. She is delighted but Brian tells her they're not moving back to No. 5. Terry invites Andrea out. She agrees so long as he takes her to see Oedipus Rex. Connie works overtime on Vera's dress alterations. Ivy feels alone. Vera gets two tickets for the Town Hall dance for £30. Jack is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 24 Apr, 1985
    Wed 24 Apr, 1985
    Episode 33
    Brian sleeps at the YMCA. Jack tells Harry that Vera's dress material came from a customer. Kevin agrees to repair the car for a part-share in it. Ivy tells Gail she's shaken Brian up and that she admires her for that. Vera gives Connie a pattern for the dress. Brian apologises to Gail and begs her to help him to say the right thing. He tells her he wants his family back. She tells him that's all he ever needed to say. Ivy agrees to go out regularly with George. Gail tells Brain they can rent a place, so long as they're on their own. They are reconciled.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 1985
    Mon 22 Apr, 1985
    Episode 32
    Brian spends the night at the garage. Jack gets a load of silver lurex off a customer. Ivy rows with Brian and makes him see he has to see Gail. Terry asks Kevin to fix the car for a part share in it. Jack gives Vera the material for an anniversary present. She gives it to Connie to have a dress made up. Brian tells Gail he'll buy a house if that's what she wants. She is upset at his manner and refuses a reconciliation.moreless
  • Wed 17 Apr, 1985
    Wed 17 Apr, 1985
    Episode 31
    Ivy is furious that Brian spent the night in a club. The Duckworths celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. Terry and Curly go halves on the car. Brian plans another night out and tells Ivy he's single again. The White Swan team are made up of professionals. Bet worries about the Rovers reputation. The car breaks down and Curly has to run to the Rovers to be in time for the quiz. Terry realises Jack knew the engine was knackered and it'll cost a fortune to repair. Stella is put out when the Rovers take a lead over the White Swan. Percy gets the deciding question wrong and the Rovers lose the quiz. He is sorry but everyone shuns him. Ivy packs Brian's bag and tells him to leave.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 1985
    Mon 15 Apr, 1985
    Episode 30
    Brian makes no effort at reconciliation, much to Gail's dismay, and Jack finally agrees on a price for his car.
  • Wed 10 Apr, 1985
    Wed 10 Apr, 1985
    Episode 29
    Terry hires Jack's car for £5 to move some furniture for money. Gail feels in the way of Audrey's love-life. She thinks Brian doesn't care as he doesn't get in contact with her. Terry and Curly plan to go into the removal business. Terry plans to buy Jack's car, do it up and sell it to buy a van. Wilf turns himself into a walking sports manual. The Brewery says he can't be on the team as he works for them. Terry and Curly are paid £10 for the removal. The car breaks down on the way. Percy replaces Wilf on the team. Wilf accuses him of reporting him to the Brewery. Gail and Nicky move into a bedsit. Ivy is angry that Brian hasn't seen Gail. He agrees to see her to stop Ivy's nagging. Terry offers Jack £500 for the car. Brain arrives at Audrey's to find Gail has left, thinking their marriage is over.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 1985
    Mon 8 Apr, 1985
    Episode 28
    Ivy urges Brian to talk to Gail but he refuses. Gail refuses to return until things change. Percy volunteers himself for the contest but Ken says the team's been picked. Audrey tries to convince Gail to return to Brian.
  • Wed 3 Apr, 1985
    Wed 3 Apr, 1985
    Episode 27
    Brian refuses to view a house that Gail is keen on. Mavis is delighted when Ken asks her to join the Rover's quiz team. Gail packs and gets Kevin to drive her and Nicky to Audrey's in Cadishead. Hilda has a wonderful time at the Lowthers. She returns home to find she's been burgled. Her bill money, £8.50 is taken and the house is vandalised. Wilf joins the quiz team. Brian returns home to find Gail has left. Ivy breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 1 Apr, 1985
    Mon 1 Apr, 1985
    Episode 26
    Nicky returns to playgroup. With the Lowthers going away, Hilda agrees to house-sit. Cliff Farmer from the Brewery tells Bet that Stella has entered her in the pub contest. Bet ropes Ken in to lead the team. Gail wants to buy a house but Brian refuses to look for one. Hilda enjoys herself at the Lowthers' posh house. The Tilsleys have over £3,000 saved. Brian wants to spend the money on the garage.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 1985
    Wed 27 Mar, 1985
    Episode 25
    Betty worries that Bet is getting like Annie Walker, especially when she calls her 'Elizabeth'. As Brian is working, Gail leaves Nicky with neighbour Connie so she can work. Bet is desperate to impress the Lady Vics. Ivy is surprised to find Connie looking after Nicky. Bet is embarrassed as the Lady Vics eye up the men in the pub. Brian is furious as Gail works late and there's no tea for him. Ivy goes out with George. Stella challenges Bet to enter the 'Brainiest Pub' contest. When Brian tells Gail she should be at home with Nicky she tells him she hasn't got a home.moreless
  • Mon 25 Mar, 1985
    Mon 25 Mar, 1985
    Episode 24
    Gail and Brian continue to fall out over looking after Nicky. Bet recovers from her night out and realises she's invited the girls round for a buffet. Betty refuses to help. Gail lets Hilda look after Nicky whilst she works causing Ivy to row with her over letting Hilda into the house on her own. Betty hears from Gordon that Caroline has had a son, called Peter. Bet breaks open the champagne. Betty agrees to do a buffet for Bet. George tells Brian not to be so protective over Ivy.moreless
  • Wed 20 Mar, 1985
    Wed 20 Mar, 1985
    Episode 23
    The Tilsleys work out a rota. PERCY: "I fried eggs under gun fire." Percy helps Phyllis out at the cafe on the condition he's in charge. Brian refuses to leave the garage because of all the work. Ivy irons fifteen rugby kits. Martin doesn't like Percy bossing him about. Bet goes to the Hare and Hounds with the girls. Ivy feels in the way as the Tilsleys row.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 1985
    Mon 18 Mar, 1985
    Episode 22
    Stella Rigby contacts Bet and invites her to join her circle of Lady Vics. Nicky is ill and has to be brought home from playgroup. Hilda hears about Bet's Uncle Ted. Vera volunteers Ivy to wash and iron the rugby team's kit for George. Hilda gets her own back on Bet by telling her that Ted will be around for a while. Nicky has chicken pox. Brian is surprised that Gail is returning to work. He tells her she'll have to look after Nicky; he's got to be at the garage. Bet puts on airs when Stella calls. Gail returns to the cafe telling Brian he'll have to look after Nicky. Stella invites Bet for a landladies night out. An important customer is annoyed when his van isn't repaired as Brian is at home.moreless
  • Wed 13 Mar, 1985
    Wed 13 Mar, 1985
    Episode 21
    Bet sets Hilda up, giving Betty a silver locket. Wilf pretends he's been invited East to Gorton. Hilda is chuffed. Ken talks to Andrea for Harry about her future. He tells her not to take the results as a failure. Bet asks an old friend to pretend to be her Cousin Arthur. Terry is keen for Andrea to leave school. 'Cousin Arthur' turns up to see Bet, Hilda is ecstatic until Jack reveals he's a club comic. When Vera tells Andrea she's making the right decision leaving school, Andrea changes her mind and agrees to stay on. Betty admits to Hilda that they've been having her on over the predictions. Hilda is upset. Bet is shocked when her uncle Ted arrives. He is a tramp and she fears he wants to see more of her.moreless
  • Mon 11 Mar, 1985
    Mon 11 Mar, 1985
    Episode 20
    George Wardle starts at Baldwins as van driver. He is pleased to see Ivy but she can't understand how he knows her. Hilda reads the Rovers staff tea leaves: Wilf to travel East, Betty and Silver and Bet will hear from a relative. Ivy realises that she knows George from Church. Andrea tells Harry she wants to leave school and get a job. He wants her to go to University. Mavis writes to Derek and tells him she'd still like to be friends. She wants to go on holiday with Rita but Rita isn't keen. Andrea reveals she's got her exam results and they're awful: E in Physics, O in Maths and Chemistry. Alf invites Rita to go on holiday with her. She tells him she's going out with Mavis. Bet decides to give Hilda's predictions a helping hand to shut her up.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 1985
    Wed 6 Mar, 1985
    Episode 19
    The papers carry Mavis' attack on Derek. Ken completes the D-I-Y units. Derek demands an explanation from Mavis. He realises her words were twisted. Ken considers fitting his own central heating at No. 1. Andrea has enough of revising and considers leaving school for good.
  • Mon 4 Mar, 1985
    Mon 4 Mar, 1985
    Episode 18
    The Nationals carry Derek's story of the jilting. Andrea can't study for her mocks because there's not enough room in the house. Ken finds the D-I-Y units too hard to erect. Mavis gives the reporter her reply to Derek's allegations that she's a scarlet woman. Derek turns up and tells Mavis the reporter tricked him and twisted her words. Ken is surprised when Deirdre puts the units together. Derek and Mavis start to talk to each other for the first time. She worries that the reporter will print what she said about Derek.moreless
  • Wed 27 Feb, 1985
    Wed 27 Feb, 1985
    Episode 17
    Sally resigns from the Recorder; the Gazette has offered her a job. The Gazette reports on Mavis' win. She grows hysterical. Henry tells Hilda he's starting afresh away from Weatherfield. Ken realises Sally got the job at the Gazette because of Mavis' story. He tells her to leave the Recorder immediately. A reporter from the Nationals calls on Mavis. He frightens her into giving him her side of the story.moreless
  • Mon 25 Feb, 1985
    Mon 25 Feb, 1985
    Episode 16
    Percy suggests Hilda looks for Henry at the library. Mavis wins a second honeymoon in 'Modern Bride' magazine. Sally wants to do an article on Mavis' win but Ken refuses to embarrass her. Hilda finds Henry at the Central Library in Manchester. He apologises for letting her down. Mavis tells Sally all about the Capri holiday. Sally promises the Recorder won't carry the story.moreless
  • Wed 20 Feb, 1985
    Wed 20 Feb, 1985
    Episode 15
    The Barlows clear out the sideboard. Percy leads the hunt for Henry. Ivy apologises to Hilda for Henry's upset and asks for forgiveness. They drink to Henry's return. The Barlows get £400 for the sideboard. They send £100 to Beattie. When the louts drink at the Rovers again, Bet takes the money for the bottles and breakages off them and throws them out, pretending she's had karate lessons. Percy spots Henry's bike. Ken buys D-I-Y units at trade from a client. Mike calls Ivy and Vera hypocrites when they show concern for Henry. Hilda feels like a jinx.moreless
  • Mon 18 Feb, 1985
    Mon 18 Feb, 1985
    Episode 14
    Ken decides to sell Albert's old sideboard. Mike advises Sally to grasp her opportunities when she tells him there's a job going at the Gazette. He gives her a free flying suit. Hilda is furious that Henry has been hounded out of the Street. Two louts cause trouble in the Rovers. They smash some glasses and steal a few bottles. Sally calls the Gazette about the job of trainee reporter. Hilda accuses Ivy and Vera of ruining her life; they've ruined her new start by hounding Henry away.moreless
  • Wed 13 Feb, 1985
    Wed 13 Feb, 1985
    Episode 13
    Percy prepares for the Dance. He is horrified to discover the DJ calls himself 'Kaiser Bill'. Vera calls Henry a 'scab', causing him to give his notice in. Mike sacks him so he can go onto the dole and gives him an extra week's wages. Christine tells Mike he has to realise their relationship is purely professional. Henry gets drunk before taking Hilda to the dance. Alf takes Rita to the dance, Terry takes Andrea. Gail is annoyed when Brian has to work and she has to go to the dance alone. Curly gets together with Shirley and takes her home. Henry snatches the microphone and tells the dancers they're a rotten lot. He walks out. Hilda finds he's not at home, but has left his key. Percy dodges Phyllis all night. She grabs him for the ladies' excuse me. Rita agrees to go dancing with Alf again.moreless
  • Mon 11 Feb, 1985
    Mon 11 Feb, 1985
    Episode 12
    Bet finds the responsibility of running the Rovers getting too much. Wilf Starkey applies for the job of cellarman. Ida is furious that Mike isn't going to sack Henry. The buyer places an order for the flying suits. Mike and Christine celebrate. Ida tells the girls Henry is a strike breaker. Terry tries to lure Andrea away from her revision. Ivy asks the factory girls to give Henry a chance but they all refuse to work with him. They threaten to strike unless Mike sacks him. Wilf agrees to start at the Rovers. David finds Christine and Mike celebrating together. He tells Mike that Christine's future is as a wife and mother.moreless
  • Wed 6 Feb, 1985
    Wed 6 Feb, 1985
    Episode 11
    The Union recommend Ida has Henry removed from the factory. Jack helps Bet out as temporary cellarman. Ida tells Mike Henry is a strike breaker. Christine tells Mike she's sorted David out. Vera accuses Bet of conning Jack into spending his time in the Rovers rather than his window round. She drags Jack out of the pub. Mike tells Henry he's not bothered about his past. Bet tells Gloria she's not got enough experience and she wants her to finish. Gloria accuses her of not liking the competition. Shirley models Christine's fly suits for a buyer. Terry helps Bet out in the cellar. Vera catches him but agrees to let him carry on when Bet compliments her on his good manners. Mike invites Christine out for a non business drink, she refuses.moreless
  • Mon 4 Feb, 1985
    Mon 4 Feb, 1985
    Episode 10
    Bet takes over the Rovers and moves her stuff from the shop to the pub. She doesn't think much of Gloria. Ida gets an anonymous letter telling her that Henry is a strike breaker. Bet feels that Gloria is no use behind the bar. Ida tells Ivy that Henry is a blackleg. She wants to take it further and contacts the Union. David Millward turns nasty when he learns Mike was in London with Christine; he thought she was on her own. He drags her away from Mike.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jan, 1985
    Wed 30 Jan, 1985
    Episode 9
    Kevin is bitter that his family has split. Percy organises the Centre's Valentine Dance. Phyllis waits for him to invite her. Terry agrees to help the Claytons move in when he sees Andrea. The Claytons move in. Gloria worries about her future when Bet returns. Connie doesn't like No. 11 and can't understand how Harry talked her into buying it. Kevin isn't happy about Emily's cosy rules at No. 3.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jan, 1985
    Mon 28 Jan, 1985
    Episode 8
    Martin Platt starts at the cafe. Kevin thinks about moving into the shop flat. Mike and Christine go to London. Harry and Connie Clayton make arrangements to move into No. 11. The truckers give Martin the run around at the cafe. Alf tells Kevin he's not renting the flat anymore. Kevin is homeless as the Claytons take possession of No. 11. Christine keeps reminding Mike she's married. Emily takes Kevin in.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 1985
    Wed 23 Jan, 1985
    Episode 7
    Mike starts producing Christine's flying suits. Hilda persuades Henry to stay with her. Gloria regrets her night with Frank. Hilda asks Mike to give Henry a job, he takes him on as van driver. Mike persuades Christine to go to London with him to see some buyers.
  • Mon 21 Jan, 1985
    Mon 21 Jan, 1985
    Episode 6
    Christine thinks Mike is stringing her along. Mike looks at her designs and tells her he's interested in them. Frank asks Gloria out for a meal. She agrees and they leave Maureen on her own. Henry tells Hilda he hasn't got a job. Mike tells Christine he's taking her flying suits on. Henry tells Hilda that he broke a strike at the foundry and the shame killed his mother. He apologises to Hilda for lying to her and tells her he'll leave in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jan, 1985
    Wed 16 Jan, 1985
    Episode 5
    Mike and Christine have a business lunch and he makes a play for her.Terry plans a rave up at Kevin's house.Frank starts Gloria at the Rovers and Betty takes Maureen Barnett on. Gloria has never worked behind a bar before.Mike tells Christine he's costing her designs.Curly recognises Henry from the library and tells Hilda he often sees him during the day.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jan, 1985
    Mon 14 Jan, 1985
    Episode 4
    Christine Millwood sends Mike her designs. Betty does all the work at the Rovers whilst Frank supervises. She demands he takes on someone else. Frank gets in contact with friend Gloria Todd and asks her to come and work for him. Mike is impressed when he meets Christine. He promises to look at her designs.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jan, 1985
    Wed 9 Jan, 1985
    Episode 3
    Kevin refuses to go to the wedding. Frank asks Bet out, she tries to avoid him. Brian makes Kevin see that Bill is entitled to a life. Bill refuses to let Kevin's absence spoil his day. Frank invites Bet to spend the night at the Rovers. Kevin arrives at the Registry Office just in time. Bill and Elaine are married. Henry moves into No. 13. Kevin agrees to stay at No. 11 until the house is sold. Bet tells Frank she's not moving in; her training course starts next week. The Websters go to Southampton leaving Kevin behind.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jan, 1985
    Mon 7 Jan, 1985
    Episode 2
    Kevin is determined not to go to Bill's wedding. Hilda decides to take in Henry Wakefield as her lodger. Until Bet is trained to take over, the brewery installs Frank Harvey as a relief manager. He takes a fancy to Bet but she finds him repulsive.
  • Wed 2 Jan, 1985
    Wed 2 Jan, 1985
    Episode 1
    Elaine wants Kevin to go to Southampton with them. Hilda advertises for a lady lodger as she's feeling lonely. Bet feels sure Gordon has got the job and he'll sack her. Elaine tells Kevin she doesn't want to split the family up and says that if he doesn't go with them he'll be splitting it up. Sarah tells Gordon she wants him to take over the Dockers Arms and makes Bet manageress of the Rovers. Henry Wakefield calls on Hilda as a prospective lodger. Bill rows with Kevin for mouthing Elaine and threatens to thump him if it happens again. Bet looks forward to moving into the Rovers and has to go on a training course. Kevin packs his stuff. Bill refuses to stop him leaving.moreless