Coronation Street - Season 27

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  • Wed 31 Dec, 1986
    Wed 31 Dec, 1986
    Episode 105
    Unconscious Martin is treated in hospital. Rita comforts Jenny. Jenny tells her the accident wasn't Martin's fault but doesn't tell her that she was driving the car. The police question Jenny about the crash. She tells them the car swerved out of control. Martin comes round. Ivy lays on a big tea for Nicky's birthday. Jenny asks Martin to say he was driving; she doesn't want to get into trouble. He agrees. Brian gives Nicky a drum kit for his birthday. The Tilsleys and Roberts gather for Nicky's birthday and try to be a happy family. Brian finds it hard being all together. Hilda feels out of place as the party is full of young people. Bet takes her to the Rovers for a staff party. Terry gets drunk at the party. When they run out of drink he breaks into Alf's shop and steals a load of spirits. Rita and Jenny toast the New Year in with champagne. Ivy and Audrey agree that they both want the same thing - for Gail and Brian to get back together. Alf finds the shop has been broken into.moreless
  • Mon 29 Dec, 1986
    Mon 29 Dec, 1986
    Episode 104
    Terry is using the van so Martin can't use it. Jenny tells him she'll get Rita to lend them her car. Sally talks Hilda into holding a party on New Years Eve, to stop Kevin going on a pub crawl with Terry. Rita isn't happy about Martin driving her car but agrees to please Jenny. Martin takes Jenny to the contest. She wins first prize. Afterwards she gets him to let her drive the car on a straight road for a thrill. She drives too fast and runs off the road. The car overturns. Jenny drags herself out but Martin is stuck inside the car.moreless
  • Wed 24 Dec, 1986
    Wed 24 Dec, 1986
    Episode 103
    Jenny wants to enter a talent contest in Rochdale. Rita agrees to Martin taking her when he promises to take care of her. Maggie apologises to Mike. He tells her he intends to keep his promise and not attempt to see Mark. She tells him she doesn't want Mark confused and there's no place in his life for Mike. Bet empties the staff box to share the money out. Jack is horrified as it was full of coppers. Bet replaces the money with £60 for the staff. Martin arranges to borrow Curly's van to take Jenny to Rochdale. Susan tells Mike that if Maggie had run a business as well as a child she doesn't see why she can't. Mike is thrilled. Gail pleases Ivy and Brian by telling them they can have Nicky for his birthday. The residents have a sing song in the Rovers to celebrate Christmas.moreless
  • Mon 22 Dec, 1986
    Mon 22 Dec, 1986
    Episode 102
    Mike tells Susan that Mark is his son. She is upset that he's never told her he had a child. He tells her he can't handle her emotions on top of his. Martin is glad he's going out with Jenny but doesn't like Rita breathing down his neck. Brian invites Gail round for Christmas dinner, for Nicky's sake, but she's arranged to go to the Roberts'. Susan goes to see Maggie and shocks her by telling her she's Mike's wife. Susan makes her see Mike had no idea who Mark was. Maggie tells her Mike only looked upon her as a breeding machine. Martin tells Rita he is not going to take advantage of Jenny. Rita respects him for talking to her. Ivy tells Brian that her whole life is ebbing away and she's going to have an awful Christmas without her family. Susan wonders why Mike married her. She asks Mike if it's because she's a convenient battery hen like Maggie.moreless
  • Wed 17 Dec, 1986
    Wed 17 Dec, 1986
    Episode 101
    Ivy makes up samples of the children's clothes. Tom shows Hilda his allotment. She enjoys the way he treats her like a lady. Bet finds no one is putting money into the staff appreciation Christmas box. She tells Jack she finds that worrying. Percy finds a water board man in Hilda's back yard. He thinks he's the man who stole from Emily so locks him in the outside toilet. The police arrive but the man turns out to be genuine. The police take Percy's name down for causing a public nuisance. Rita is annoyed to find Jenny kissing Martin when she should be doing her homework. Maggie allows Mark to model for 'Hopscotch'. She is horrified to discover it's part of Baldwin's Casuals and rushes to the factory. Jack puts a load of loose change in the staff box to make Bet think the customers appreciate the staff. Maggie drags Mark away from the fashion parade, telling Mike to stay away from Mark. He is stunned that Mark is his son. Susan demands to know what's going on.moreless
  • Mon 15 Dec, 1986
    Mon 15 Dec, 1986
    Episode 100
    Bet is sad that she may not see Alec again. Rita misses Alan and wants to see him again. She fears he'll take an extended contract. Sally's Uncle Tom gives her £50 as a wedding present. Hilda is surprised that she's got at least one decent relative. He flirts with Hilda. Susan arranges for two children from the playgroup to model clothes for Hopscotch. One of the mothers is Maggie Dunlop who agrees to Mark being one of the models, not knowing of Susan's connection to Mike.moreless
  • Wed 10 Dec, 1986
    Wed 10 Dec, 1986
    Episode 99
    Mike tells Cheryl her designs are too complicated. Susan calls the company 'Hopscotch'. She asks Ivy to look at the designs for her opinion. Rita hears that Jenny is keen on Martin and she's been entertaining him behind her back. Betty warns Bet that she thinks Alec has designs on the Rovers. Bet tells her she knows Alec is only interested in her because she's a landlady but she enjoys going out with Alec - he's a laugh. Rita tells Jenny she's welcome to have friends round but she'd like to know about them. Ivy advises Cheryl and Susan about the designs, she feels they would be easy to make if they're less complicated. Mike is annoyed that his objections are being ignored. Susan rows with him, telling him she's sorting things out for herself. Martin calls on Jenny and apologises to her for upsetting her. They agree to start going out together. Alec takes Bet for a night out. He tells her he hopes they have a future together. He is hurt when she tells him she knows he's interested in her as she's a landlady. She is confused when he walks out in anger, telling her he's fond of her as a woman.moreless
  • Mon 8 Dec, 1986
    Mon 8 Dec, 1986
    Episode 98
    Rita gets upset on the third anniversary of Len's death. Bet hears from Sam that Alec has been sacked by the brewery. When Jack tells her Alec is taking her for a mug she is furious. Alec tells Bet he wasn't sacked - the brewery didn't like him spending all his time running his theatrical agency. Jenny asks Martin to help her write some lyrics for a school music project. He isn't very keen. Cheryl shows Mike some of her sketches and designs. He is impressed. Jenny dresses up, hoping Martin will like her. He feels uncomfortable. She asks him to take her out but he feels she's too young. Her feelings are hurt. Alec calls on Bet late at night and gives her a gold lighter as a token of his affection. He thanks her for being a pal. She is puzzled by the gesture.moreless
  • Wed 3 Dec, 1986
    Wed 3 Dec, 1986
    Episode 97
    Susan visits a play group to talk to the leader about what mothers want in clothing. She is advised to go for the fashion end aimed at grandmothers. Jack worries that Alec is after getting his feet under Bet's table. Richard tells Gloria their mother has cancer and is dying. Gloria maintains she doesn't know her and doesn't want to see her. Susan is convinced she can make the children's clothing work if she gets the machinists' support. Alec assures Bet the Graffiti isn't going down and warns Jack to keep out of his affairs. Susan tells the girls there's lots of money to be made in children's clothes and it would be a challenge. She wins them over. Bet makes Gloria see that she'll never forgive herself if she doesn't see her mother. Gloria realises she would feel better if she met her. Susan contacts Cheryl her art student friend to ask her to design outfits. Mike tells her he'd rather she turned her mind to being a mother. Gloria and Richard leave for Canada.moreless
  • Mon 1 Dec, 1986
    Mon 1 Dec, 1986
    Episode 96
    Mike tells Susan he'll set her up in her own business if she can prove to him that children's wear is profitable. Alec tries to push Bet into having more acts. She tells him she will only have one act a week. Susan makes a report on manufacturing children's clothes. Richard Armstrong tracks Gloria down and tells her he's her half-brother. She is stunned. She is bitter when he talks about their mother, she feels she abandoned her and will always hate her. He tells her that their mother is very ill and wants to see her to make things up to her. Jack tells Bet that the Graffiti is losing money. Gloria refuses to see her mother - it would be too painful. Richard tells her he doesn't intend to return to Canada without her.moreless
  • Wed 26 Nov, 1986
    Wed 26 Nov, 1986
    Episode 95
    Susan is cool towards Mike. He maintains change costs money and there's no guarantee children's clothes would be successful. Sally tries to make up with Hilda by doing all the house work. Alf makes Hilda see that Sally looks upon Hilda as a mother figure and has always had a bad relationship with her mother. Betty is upset when Alec tells her if the pub's profits don't rise Bet will be told to cut back at staff. Singing duo 'Celebration' perform at the Rovers and boost trade. To make things up to Hilda, the Websters buy her a second hand washing machine. She is thrilled. Mike tells Susan she can do a feasibility study on children's clothes. Rita warns Bet not to get too involved with Alec - he's rotten to the core.moreless
  • Mon 24 Nov, 1986
    Mon 24 Nov, 1986
    Episode 94
    MIKE: "That Vera's about as subtle as a pick axe handle." Mike decides not to give the girls a Christmas bonus as profits are down. Ivy gets upset as the girls plan how to spend their bonuses so she tells them there won't be one. Hilda feels worn out, clearing up after Sally as well as doing her work. Susan tells Mike he should be more friendly with his staff; he's letting them down by not giving bonuses. She tells him he must move with the times. Alec tells Bet he's got a new act she can have at a special rate. She realises she has no option but have them. Mike tries to explain to the girls why there will be no bonuses. Susan suggests to Mike that they produce children's clothes to bring in new orders. He tells her to stick to housekeeping. Hilda tells Sally she's sick of being treated like a char in her own home. Sally tells her that she didn't think the house was so special - it's a bit of a dump. Hilda is mortally offended.moreless
  • Wed 19 Nov, 1986
    Wed 19 Nov, 1986
    Episode 93
    Alf takes Gail to see a solicitor. She doesn't want to go but he makes her see she must be prepared for the worse. Jack plans to sing at the open night in the hope that he will be 'discovered'. Curly sets up an accounts system at the Yard. Terry realises Emily would make the business look respectable if she took on the books. He tells her Curly is struggling with the accounts and she agrees to help. Gail signs the divorce papers she tells Brian that her solicitor has told her she owns half of the garage. Brian is furious. Jack dons his Vince St Clair outfit for the open mike. Bet is horrified as the talent night is awful, full of drunks and off key singers. In desperation she lets Jack sing. Brian tells Gail he's not going to let her get her hands on the garage. She tells him she doesn't want any of it, she just wants them to stop being enemies. They agree to stop making threats.moreless
  • Mon 17 Nov, 1986
    Mon 17 Nov, 1986
    Episode 92
    Terry still refuses to bring Emily in and goes for a job at the meat market, telling Curly he wants to sell everything. Bet turns on her charm to get Alec to give her a turn on discount. Mike gives Terry advice, telling him he's cheating himself by not having proper books. JACK (about Alec): "When it comes to fast foot work, he's got Gene Kelly beat." Alec is impressed when Bet flirts with him. He agrees to take her on a tour of his circuit so she can see his acts. Terry tells Curly he doesn't mind if they do their own books; he's confident that Curly can fiddle the books. They agree to start the partnership again. Curly pays for the van repairs. Alf gets sick of being involved in the Tilsley's divorce row. He advises Gail to get herself a solicitor. Bet is impressed by Alec's artistes but tells him she's only interested in cheap turns. He refuses. She decides to show him that she can do things herself and plans an open mike night as it doesn't cost anything.moreless
  • Wed 12 Nov, 1986
    Wed 12 Nov, 1986
    Episode 91
    Nicky gets upset when Gail and Brian row in front of him when Gail refuses to sign the divorce papers. He tells them he hates it when they shout. Bet discovers Alec has booked artistes for all the other pubs. Brian invites Gail out for the evening as they need to talk. Gail thinks he might be after a reconciliation. She dresses up to please him. Terry clears the Yard of his personal belongings. Brian takes Gail to a restaurant. They start to reminisce about the past. Bet wants to bring new custom into the pub. Brian is forced to admit that he's missed Gail. They come close to a reconciliation but Brian draws back, saying he can't forgive her; he's too selfish. She says she'll give him time but his mind is made up. He threatens to stop paying the rent on the house if she doesn't sign the divorce papers. Curly doesn't get the job and tells Terry he'll pay for the van repairs if Terry agrees to form a proper business.moreless
  • Mon 10 Nov, 1986
    Mon 10 Nov, 1986
    Episode 90
    The brewery tells Bet that they want to see more profits to help pay for the refurbishments. Terry sees red when Curly refuses to pay the van bill. He maintains he carried Curly whilst Curly was on the bins. Curly tells him that he's had enough - he's finished with Terry. Brian discovers that Gail hasn't signed her divorce papers and it's holding everything up. He is annoyed when she maintains she's in no hurry. Bet discovers Alec arranges pub entertainment for the brewery. He tells her he knows the brewery want her to bring in more customers.moreless
  • Wed 5 Nov, 1986
    Wed 5 Nov, 1986
    Episode 89
    Curly tells Terry they must keep proper accounts. Terry feels that would play right into the tax man's hands. Curly threatens to remove his money from the van repairs if they don't keep accounts. Terry refuses to be blackmailed. Rita takes the boxes back to Hawthorns. Derek is horrified, telling Mavis she's making life difficult for him at work. He begs her to take them back but she stands firm. Rita congratulates her for standing up to him. Neville calls at the Kabin wanting to know if Derek pressurised Mavis into making the order. She swears he didn't and offers to take half the order. Rita tells her she's pathetic. Terry refuses to let Emily keep the Yard's books or pay VAT and tax. Brian buys fireworks for Nicky but Gail has already organised a display with Pauline and her children. Brian feels alienated. Curly realises Terry must have something to hide.moreless
  • Mon 3 Nov, 1986
    Mon 3 Nov, 1986
    Episode 88
    Mavis is annoyed to receive an invoice for the stationary. She contacts Derek and demands he sorts the mess out. Brian tells Terry it'll cost £280 to replace the van's clutch. Terry tells Curly they'll have to use his telescope money. Derek tells Mavis to ignore the invoice but she could give him a cheque just for appearances. He promises to reimburse her. Gail redecorates the house. Brian assures her he has no intention of taking Liz to York. They both realise they're going to have to accept the other's partners. Curly tells Emily he feels obliged to use the money on the van. Rita tells Mavis she's as bad as Derek. There's only one way to deal with him - return the order.moreless
  • Wed 29 Oct, 1986
    Wed 29 Oct, 1986
    Episode 87
    Terry wants to buy a load of cutlery for £300 and sell it to a mate who has a wine bar for £400, using Curly's money. Curly refuses to let him use the money but Terry wears down his defences and Curly gives him £300, threatening to end the partnership if the venture doesn't pay off. Six boxes of stationery are delivered to the Kabin. Mavis is horrified. Rita orders Derek to get rid of them. Brian brings Liz to the Websters' for dinner. Terry returns Curly's £300 but tells him there'll be no point as the van has broken down and must be repaired. Gail and Ivy see Brian kissing Liz in the Rovers. Gail is furious and tells him there's no way he's taking Nicky away if he's taking another woman.moreless
  • Mon 27 Oct, 1986
    Mon 27 Oct, 1986
    Episode 86
    Curly refuses to speak to Emily over the insurance. Sally tells Kevin he should go into partnership with Brian. Gail tells Brian he can take Nicky to York. He agrees with her that in future he'll make arrangements with her. Emily feels guilty about Curly not being insured and makes him accept a cheque for £440 - the money he still owes on HP. Kevin finds he can't ask Brian about a partnership whilst at work so invites him round for a meal. Derek tells Mavis that Neville is suspicious so she has to put in an order for stationery. Derek assures her it will only be paperwork and he's put one in on her behalf, just for appearances sake. Terry doesn't know how he's going to pay for the repairs on the van. When he hears that Emily has given Curly £440 he intends to get it out of him.moreless
  • Wed 22 Oct, 1986
    Wed 22 Oct, 1986
    Episode 85
    Mavis lives in fear of Angela Hawthorn tracking her down. Nicky pesters Gail to go to see trains with his dad. Gail is furious that Brian made plans with Nicky without consulting her first. Trevor invites Hilda to come to Chesterfield for two weeks holiday. She is thrilled until she learns that Trevor and Polly won't be there; they want her to look after the children. She says she will help out. Derek tells Mavis that Neville didn't suspect a thing. He congratulates himself on getting one over on Neville. Gail tells Brian she's not going to let him use Nicky to get at her. Emily learns that her insurance only covered herself and her family - not lodgers. Curly is crushed.moreless
  • Mon 20 Oct, 1986
    Mon 20 Oct, 1986
    Episode 84
    Emily is upset that her engagement ring has been stolen. Brian wishes he could see more of Nicky but doesn't want to beg favours from Gail. Emily celebrates her birthday. She arranges to go out with Mavis but Mavis cancels in order to go out with Derek. Emily is annoyed. Derek takes Mavis for a meal. She enjoys meeting him in secret and gets drunk. She sympathises with him, married to domineering Angela. He panics when Neville turns up at the restaurant and introduces Mavis as a client, manageress of the Kabin group. Brian promises Nicky he'll take him to York for the weekend. Mavis wants to flee the restaurant but Derek makes her stay so as not to make Neville suspicious. She starts to cry when he snaps at her to act normal.moreless
  • Wed 15 Oct, 1986
    Wed 15 Oct, 1986
    Episode 83
    Susan starts work at the factory, annoying Emily by sharing her office. She manages to win back a cancelled order by smoothing over an over zealous manager. Ken holds the raffle and gets Alf to pull the winning card. The winner is someone who is always having exotic holidays. Emily lets two water board men into the house to check her water pressure. Mike gets Emily to agree to sharing her office, saying that if she doesn't he'll have to sack one of them. Curly entertains Lois to a meal at No. 3. He discovers that the water board men were bogus and have stolen his new £480 telescope. Emily is furious at herself for being taken in.moreless
  • Mon 13 Oct, 1986
    Mon 13 Oct, 1986
    Episode 82
    Ken and his new secretary Janet Bamford are snowed under with winners of the bingo. Ken realises the printers made a mistake with the cards. Jack and Phyllis are amongst the winners and demand their prizes from Ken. Mike is furious to discover Boswells have cancelled an order as the work wasn't up to standard. Curly takes Lois to the pictures. Ken has forty-three winners for the bingo. He doesn't know what to do about them. Tracy suggests he holds a raffle.moreless
  • Wed 8 Oct, 1986
    Wed 8 Oct, 1986
    Episode 81
    Kevin's nerves get to him. He feels he made a mistake having Terry as best man as he thinks the whole thing's a joke. Emily makes the wedding cake. Hilda tries to give Sally advice, telling her not to blame Kevin in times of trouble. Jenny, Martin, Brian, Curly and Hilda attend Kevin and Sally's wedding. They are married at the Registry Office. Hargreaves offers Susan the job as Promotions Manager on £9,000 a year. Jack celebrates winning the Recorder's bingo - a trip for two up the Rhine. Mike tells Susan he doesn't want her to work for Hargreaves and offers her a job at the factory, in charge of sales. She agrees. Curly and Sally's friend Lois find themselves attracted to each other. Kevin and Sally spend their wedding night at No. 13, with Hilda staying at the Rovers. Ken is alarmed when Jack and Emily both claim to have won the bingo game.moreless
  • Mon 6 Oct, 1986
    Mon 6 Oct, 1986
    Episode 80
    Kevin upsets Curly by asking Terry to be his best man. Jenny moves back to No. 7 as Alan leaves for Dubai. Hilda organises a buffet for Kevin and Sally. Mike is confident Trevor won't employ Susan but was only being polite. Sally's friend Lois helps her select a peach dress for the wedding. Nervous Kevin spends the night at the Duckworths'. Terry and Jack insist he has a stag night although he just wants an early night. Bet lays on free drinks at the stag party as a thank-you to Kevin for saving her from the fire.moreless
  • Wed 1 Oct, 1986
    Wed 1 Oct, 1986
    Episode 79
    Curly is depressed that Tina has finished with him. The Seddons call at No. 13. Eddie Seddon is aggressive and tells Sally he's come to stop her marrying; Kevin isn't good enough for her. He suggests Sally is pregnant and says she can't get married as he needs half her dole money. The Seddons tell Sally that if she marries Kevin they want nothing more to do with her. Sally is heart-broken. Rita and Jenny persuade Alan to take the job, saying Jenny will move in with Rita. Sally moves all her stuff into No. 13. Kevin tells her that they're getting married as soon as possible. The Baldwins entertain the Hargreaves. When he hears Susan is looking for a job Trevor offers her an interview.moreless
  • Mon 29 Sep, 1986
    Mon 29 Sep, 1986
    Episode 78
    Mike tells Susan he wants children soon. She tells him she's determined to put her career first. Kevin is upset when Bill tells him they won't be able to attend his wedding as they're leaving for Germany at the weekend. Mike makes arrangements for business contact Trevor Hargreaves and wife to come for a meal, without consulting Susan. Alan has a job interview in Liverpool. Sally breaks down after her parents show no interest in her wedding. Alan is given the job but tells Rita and Jenny he's not taking it - it's a three month contract in Dubai.moreless
  • Wed 24 Sep, 1986
    Wed 24 Sep, 1986
    Episode 77
    Betty returns to the Rovers. Hilda blames her for depriving Sally of her job. Jenny tells Rita about Alan's redundancy, hoping she can cheer him up. Alan tells Rita he feared she would go off him if he was jobless. He tells her he can't commit himself to a long term relationship whilst he's out of work. Brian tells solicitor Geoffrey Stacey that he wants his marriage ended as soon as possible. Hilda tells Sally and Kevin that she has no objections to them lodging with her once they're married. They are pleased.moreless
  • Mon 22 Sep, 1986
    Mon 22 Sep, 1986
    Episode 76
    Alan breaks the news to Jenny that he's been made redundant. Betty returns from Gordon's and maintains she's enjoying retirement. Bet sees through this and asks her to return to the Rovers to cook and serve dinnertimes only. Betty agrees. Brian tells Gail he isn't going to fight for custody of Nicky. Gail tells him he can see Nicky whenever he wants to. Alan cancels a date with Rita as he can't face her. She fears he's gone off her. Bet tells Sally that she's going to have to go back to only working evenings. Sally is furious as she planned to use her money to help rent a flat. She resigns. Kevin tells Hilda he's marrying Sally. She is pleased for them both. Sally tells Kevin that she no longer has a job and without security they can't get married.moreless
  • Wed 17 Sep, 1986
    Wed 17 Sep, 1986
    Episode 75
    Susan tells Vera she's sorry she's lost her job but she had nothing to do with it. Vera believes her. Susan tells Mike Vera has apologised for jumping to conclusions and should be reemployed. Mike tells her it's his decision - it's his factory. Kevin feels that no one cares for him anymore. Sally tells him she does and always will. Mike decides to reemploy Vera, telling her she has Susan to thank. Vera is grateful. Ivy finally has enough of everyone gossiping about Brian and Gail. She leaves work in tears. Vera comforts her. Susan asks Mike if she can work at the factory but he doesn't like this idea. Kevin tells Sally that his family is moving to Germany. He feels alienated and asks Sally to marry him. She is stunned but agrees.moreless
  • Mon 15 Sep, 1986
    Mon 15 Sep, 1986
    Episode 74
    The news spreads around the street about Gail's affair. Kevin returns from Southampton. Susan is upset that Vera has been sacked, she asks Mike to give her a chance to apologise. Sally is delighted to see Kevin again. Bet worries about the takings as she can't lay on food as she hasn't a cook. Kevin is upset by the break up of the Tilsley's marriage and tries to offer support. Susan is upset when the machinists ignore her. She decides to do something about it.moreless
  • Wed 10 Sep, 1986
    Wed 10 Sep, 1986
    Episode 73
    Vera accuses Susan of running to Mike with tales about her. Rita and Alan are pleased when Jenny suggests they have another holiday. Vera accuses Susan of being 'Little Miss Innocent' in the Rovers and announces Susan is Mike's spy. A row ensues, upsetting Susan. Ivy tells Brian not to forget he's a Catholic. He tells her he's seeing a solicitor and is going to start the divorce. Mike is angry to hear Vera has slagged Susan off in the Rovers. Susan asks him to drop the matter. He tells Vera that Susan didn't 'shop' her - he got the information out of Emily. He is furious and sacks her. Rita tells Alan she finds the idea of a ready made family very appealing. Brian finally snaps at the residents' criticism. He announces in the Rovers that Gail's baby might not be his.moreless
  • Mon 8 Sep, 1986
    Mon 8 Sep, 1986
    Episode 72
    Sally misses Kevin whilst he's in Southampton. Gail refuses to have an abortion and tells Audrey she couldn't have Brian back knowing he wanted her to kill her child. Audrey warns her that being a single parent is very hard. Mike discovers that Vera shouted at Susan in the factory. He asks Susan what it was about. When Gail tells him she won't have an abortion, Brian tells her they have no option but to divorce. Susan doesn't want to cause trouble for Vera but Mike makes her tell him that she caught Vera skiving. She doesn't want the girls to think she's a trouble maker. Mike tells Vera that she's on a final warning - one more incident and she's sacked. Ivy lays into Gail, telling her divorce is bad. She is stung when Gail tells her Brian wanted her to have an abortion.moreless
  • Wed 3 Sep, 1986
    Wed 3 Sep, 1986
    Episode 71
    Ida decides to give up the shop steward's job as it's too demanding. Mike goes to Birmingham on business. Audrey worries that Gail is close to a breakdown. Brian decides to fight for custody of Nicky on the grounds that Gail is an unfit mother. Ivy is distraught that the family is being ripped apart. Vera takes advantage of Mike being off to do some shopping in the car. Unfortunately she is spotted by Susan. Brian is moved to see Ivy so upset and cancels his appointment with the solicitor. Vera mistakenly thinks Susan has reported her to Ivy. She rows with her, accusing her of being a spy. Gail tells Brian she's convinced that the baby was conceived before he went to Scotland. Brian tells her he will return to her but only if she has an abortion.moreless
  • Mon 1 Sep, 1986
    Mon 1 Sep, 1986
    Episode 70
    Mike tells Susan she should make things up with Ken, otherwise she stands the risk of alienating herself from him completely. Ivy asks Alf to talk some sense into Brian before he sees a solicitor. Mavis isn't happy with being dismissed by Derek, she tells him that she wants to continue seeing him, platonically. Ivy tells everyone that the Tilsleys have separated over going to live in Australia. Vera doesn't believe her. Alf and Ivy urge Brian to accept the baby as his and to return to Gail. He is surprised that Ivy is on Alf's side.moreless
  • Wed 27 Aug, 1986
    Wed 27 Aug, 1986
    Episode 69
    Ken and Susan have a row about their working relationship. She accuses him of ignoring the fact that she was a private life but he maintains her mind is never on her work. Susan tells Ken she can't cope with the atmosphere and resigns. Tony Marsh pushes Brian to let the whole world know that Gail was unfaithful as people are blaming him for walking out on her. Ivy worries that things are moving too quickly to stop the Tilsley's divorcing. Fearing Gail can't cope alone, Audrey stays with her. Gail is certain that Brian will return to her once he sees the baby and knows it's his. Derek tells Mavis he can't see her anymore as Angela is becoming suspicious of his movements. Brian tells Ivy that he's going ahead with a divorce.moreless
  • Mon 25 Aug, 1986
    Mon 25 Aug, 1986
    Episode 68
    Gail agrees to a family conference but doesn't think it'll do any good. Susan is upset when Ken criticises her work, saying it lacks sparkle. Brian's mate Tony pushes him to fight Gail for all he can get. Brian gets sick of hearing about divorce. Susan tells Ken she doesn't like working for him anymore; they haven't got a good working relationship. Alf hosts the family conference. It finishes early as Brian doesn't turn up. Kevin doesn't want to push Sally over Southampton as he doesn't want to lose her. Derek meets Mavis in secret, behind Angela's back. Mavis feels like 'the other woman'.moreless
  • Wed 20 Aug, 1986
    Wed 20 Aug, 1986
    Episode 67
    Bet learns that Alison is now working at the Graffiti. She is furious as she's now a barmaid short. Gail pleads with Brian to come home. He refuses and tells her there's nothing more to be said, he struggles to hold back the tears. Betty tells Bet she'd gladly return to the Rovers. She is upset when Bet tells her she can't return; Gloria is back on the team. Betty has enough of Bet lording it over her and announces she's through with Weatherfield. She goes to London to stay with Gordon. Derek thanks Mavis for her help; he was able to tell the MD what his feelings were and Neville is to remain his junior. Kevin plans his 21st and decides to visit his family. He doesn't know if Sally will come with him as she's busy at the Rovers. Gloria is surprised to find the sight of Alan and Rita together doesn't hurt as much as she thought it would. Alec accuses Bet of setting him up with Alison; she's run off with the takings. Bet thinks it's hysterical. Brian moves in with Ivy, telling her he's come home for good.moreless
  • Mon 18 Aug, 1986
    Mon 18 Aug, 1986
    Episode 66
    Phyllis offers Gail support and tells her she's look after the cafe until she wants to return to work. Rita and the Bradleys return from Jersey having had a happy time together. Ivy is horrified when Brian tells her that Gail is expecting Ian's baby. Betty feels lonely and isn't enjoying her retirement. Ivy blames Gail for wrecking everyone's lives. Gail tries to explain that it wasn't a calculated event but Ivy doesn't want to know. Rita is stunned to hear from Mavis that Derek is married. Alec tells Alison she's wasted in the Rovers. He offers her a £2 an hour job at the Graffiti. Audrey asks Brian to remember that the baby is probably his. She warns him that if he doesn't return home Nicky will be hurt. Derek shares with Mavis his worries about the MD making Neville his boss. She tells him he must be assertive.moreless
  • Wed 13 Aug, 1986
    Wed 13 Aug, 1986
    Episode 65
    The residents attend the Rovers' reopening. They are surprised when the guest of honour turns out to be Hilda who proudly declares the Rovers open again. Emily warns Mavis about seeing Derek again. Mavis feels he's lonely and is happy to accept him as a friend. Ivy worries about the Tilsleys' marriage. Gail refuses to tell her why Brian has left. Bet impresses everyone with her young barmaids, Sally and Alison. Derek takes Mavis for a meal. He tells her all about his wife Angela. She is stunned. Kevin doesn't like the idea of Sally working behind the bar as they won't be able to go out so much. All Alec's customers drink at the Rovers. He gets bitter. Derek tells Mavis he's trapped in his marriage but she doesn't want to know. He assures her he doesn't want an affair, just her help. Brian returns for his things, telling Gail their marriage is over.moreless
  • Mon 11 Aug, 1986
    Mon 11 Aug, 1986
    Episode 64
    The refurbishments are finished at the Rovers. Bet thinks it's fantastic. Gail wants to talk to Brian to discuss the future but as far as he's concerned she's gone too far. Audrey tells Brian he's a hypocrite as he's been unfaithful. The brewery asks Bet to get a celebrity to open the new Rovers. Mavis is pleased when Derek calls on her. When Jack crawls to Bet, she gives him his job back. Gail swears to Brian she didn't plan to be unfaithful, she only wanted some excitement. He is disgusted to find she slept with Ian in their bed whilst Nicky was in the house. Ivy calls on the Tilsleys to celebrate but finds Brian leaving with his bags. Bet asks Hilda to perform the opening ceremony at the Rovers as she's worked there for twenty-two years.moreless
  • Wed 6 Aug, 1986
    Wed 6 Aug, 1986
    Episode 63
    Betty isn't happy when Bet interviews barmaids in her house. Sally is interviewed but storms off in anger when Betty makes it clear she doesn't like having her in the house. Betty warns Bet not to employ Sally - she's too hard faced. Alf decides to make the peace with Hilda before Percy alerts the press. He offers Hilda £20 compensation and Audrey to make her hair better. Sally is pleased when Bet gives her a part time job at the Rovers. Bet tells Jack it's obvious he's happy at the Graffiti so she won't need his services at the Rovers. Alec is annoyed to hear Jack wants to return to the Rovers and sacks him for lack of loyalty. Audrey puts Hilda's hair right. Alf tells her that he's not prepared to cope with anymore problems - he's closing the Salon. Betty is hurt when Bet reveals the brewery are glad she's retired; they weren't keen on re-employing her as she's too old. Gail tells Brian she wants an abortion. He refuses to let her have one so she tells him that Ian could be the father.moreless
  • Mon 4 Aug, 1986
    Mon 4 Aug, 1986
    Episode 62
    Percy takes up Hilda's case, telling her she can make a claim against Audrey. Betty tells Bet she's decided to retire and not return to the pub when it's opened. Bet doesn't like the idea of looking for all new staff. She advertises. Audrey offers to put Hilda's hair right but Percy advises Hilda to turn the offer down and fight for compensation. Gail tells Ivy she's pregnant. She is thrilled. Customers cancel their appointments with Audrey as the word spreads about Hilda's hair. Alec plans to reopen the disco to compete with the Rovers. He offers Sally a job behind the bar and suggests to Jack that he could be DJ at the disco.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jul, 1986
    Wed 30 Jul, 1986
    Episode 61
    Hilda decides to have her hair coloured the same tone as Rita's. Audrey urges Gail to convince herself the baby is Brian's. Gail becomes run down and collapses in the cafe. Audrey colours Hilda's hair. Brian is worried about Gail's health. She tells him she's pregnant and he is delighted. She tells him she's not happy about the baby. Martin makes Jenny see that she should accept Rita and go on holiday; it would be a laugh. Audrey visits Gail and is longer than she thought - as a result the dye is left on Hilda's hair for forty minutes more than necessary. Jenny agrees to go to Jersey. Alan is put out when Rita tells him she'll want a double bedroom - for Jenny and her. Hilda refuses to go to the party; her hair is bright orange.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jul, 1986
    Mon 28 Jul, 1986
    Episode 60
    Hilda is thrilled to be invited to the Lowthers' Ruby Wedding party but worried when Mrs Lowther insists she brings a man along. She invites Kevin but he doesn't want to stand the risk of bumping into Michelle. Rita is pleased when Alan tells her he wants them to go on holiday together. She agrees. Brian feels Gail is overworked when she keeps snapping at him. Hilda asks Percy to escort her to the party, on the condition he doesn't talk about the war and they make it clear they are only friends. He is delighted. Jenny refuses to go on holiday with Alan and Rita; she still blames Rita for stopping her singing. Gail breaks down and tells Audrey she's pregnant and she doesn't know who the father is.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jul, 1986
    Wed 23 Jul, 1986
    Episode 59
    Rita regrets pushing Alan into a corner when she feels he's chosen Gloria. Jack takes Dulcie out in the car again but he can only talk about Vera's infidelity. Gloria packs and leaves her flat, asking Jenny to keep an eye on things for her. Jack helps out at the Graffiti. Susan realises Rita and Alan both think the other isn't interested. She gets them both to call round and brings them together. Jack confronts Vera with the briefs. She gets Ivy to tell him the truth and has a go at Jack about why he was in the car in the first place. Alan assures Rita he's not avoiding her; he finished with Gloria. She is pleased.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jul, 1986
    Mon 21 Jul, 1986
    Episode 58
    Jack gets a copy made of Vera's car keys. Ivy makes Vera promise she won't tell anyone about her behaviour with the stripper. Jack entertains Dulcie in the car. She refuses to let him have his way until he buys her lunch. She finds a pair of men's briefs suffered down the back seat. Jack is furious to discover Vera's had a man in the car. He wants to have it out with her but Dulcie points out if he does Vera will know he's been in the car. Gloria asks Rita not to make a play for Alan; he's hers. She is devastated when Rita tells her she's been seeing Alan and has told him to choose between them. Jack tells Vera he knows she's up to something. Gloria confronts Alan. She tells him she feels a fool as she thought they had something special. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again - his lies have killed their relationship. She is left to cry.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jul, 1986
    Wed 16 Jul, 1986
    Episode 57
    Susan decides to sack Sally as she's useless but Hilda returns to work. Sally returns to the Yard. She gets upset when she hears Hilda calling her work behind her back. Alan doesn't know how to cope with seeing both Rita and Gloria. Gloria lets Rita know she's become very close to Alan. Rita is shocked. Ivy reluctantly agrees to go to the Pink Flamingo night club with Vera and Shirley. Sally decides she's had enough of Hilda. She packs and returns home. Kevin blames Hilda. Alan takes Rita for a meal at the Baldwin's. She makes it clear she knows he's seeing Gloria. Ivy gets drunk and gets on stage with the male stripper. He gives her his briefs and she takes them home with her. Alan tells Rita he likes both Gloria and her. Rita tells him to grow up and decide which one of them he wants.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jul, 1986
    Mon 14 Jul, 1986
    Episode 56
    Alan tells Jenny he doesn't mind her singing so long as it doesn't interfere with her schooling. Susan gets annoyed when Sally refuses to iron. She cleans the flat whilst wearing her walkman, getting to Susan with her cheek. Vera celebrates passing her test by taking Ivy for a ride in her car. Hilda worries for her job as Sally offends the Baldwins and the Lowthers. Rita innocently tells Alan that she doesn't trust Alec and shares some of her experiences with him. Alan tells Jenny he doesn't want her singing for Alec. Jenny refuses to listen, maintaining she's going to leave school to be a singer. When she asks Gloria for support, Alan blames Gloria for introducing Jenny to Alec in the first place.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jul, 1986
    Wed 9 Jul, 1986
    Episode 55
    Alan tells Gloria he spent the night playing cards with mates. She seduces him into spending an hour in bed with her. Vera takes her driving test and passes first time. Jenny auditions for Alec, singing "What I Did For Love". Sally has enough of waiting on Hilda and hates doing the housework. Alec goes behind the brewery's back and gets his spirits elsewhere. Alf refuses to sell him stock, fearing his cheque will bounce. Jenny braces herself to tell Alan that Alec liked her audition.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jul, 1986
    Mon 7 Jul, 1986
    Episode 54
    Alan tries to smooth things out with Rita. He tells her there's nothing between Gloria and him - she was giving him a friendly kiss as he'd talked Alec into giving her a job. Rita believes him. Gloria gets Alec to give Jenny a singing audition. Jenny is thrilled but decides not to tell Alan incase he tries to stop her. After a meal out, Rita takes Alan back to No. 7, telling him it's time they went a step further in their relationship.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jul, 1986
    Wed 2 Jul, 1986
    Episode 53
    Rita grows suspicious of Alan. Gloria tackles Alan about his feelings for Rita. He tells her that Rita wants a relationship with him but he isn't interested. Gloria advises him to put Rita straight. Hilda has a sprained ankle and can't work. She gets Sally to stand in for her at the Lowthers and Baldwins. Jenny deliberately stirs things by telling Rita that Alan was with Gloria when she called round. Hilda is touched when the Lowthers send her flowers, via Sally. Kevin and Sally make the most of Hilda being laid up to make love freely in the house. Jack fills the Graffiti with drinkers but Alec still refuses to employ him, giving the job to Gloria instead. Rita calls at the Graffiti and is upset to see Gloria and Alan kissing.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jun, 1986
    Mon 30 Jun, 1986
    Episode 52
    Alan and Gloria assure each other they want to see more of each other. Jack tries to interest people in the Graffiti, buying them free drinks. Vera rents a garage in Viaduct Street. Rita invites Alan for a meal but he says he's working when Gloria invites him round. Hilda knows Sally and Kevin are spending their nights together. Rita calls on Alan's flat to cheer him up and is put out when Jenny says he's out. Hilda lays a trap for Sally on the stairs. She forgets about it and falls down the stairs.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jun, 1986
    Wed 25 Jun, 1986
    Episode 51
    Bet fears that she's going to be blamed for the fire by the brewery. Alec gets Sam to buy barm cakes from Alf's for 50p which he sells at the club for £1 each. Bet is surprised when George Newton doesn't dwell on the fire but tells her that the brewery plan to renovate the pub. Jack is relieved that he's not going to be blamed. Gloria wants to celebrate the Rovers' reopening with Alan. He has to let her down to go with the newsagents dance with Rita. Jenny tells him he's an idiot going out with Rita and not Gloria. Alan and Rita have a wonderful evening together. Afterwards Rita instigates a kiss and Alan responds. She refuses to let him into the house but tells him there will be other nights. Alec is annoyed to hear the Rovers will be renovated. Gloria waits for Alan to return. When he does she tells him she still wants to celebrate. He succumbs to her and goes into her flat.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jun, 1986
    Mon 23 Jun, 1986
    Episode 50
    Bet comes out of hospital and moves in with Betty. She visits the gutted pub and breaks down to Rita. She doesn't know what's going to happen to her. BET: "When I come here to the Rovers, it was the first time in my life I felt that I'd found a place where I finally belonged. Jobs came and went, fellas came and went. But at this old dump I felt that I'd found somewhere I could hang on to. Not just a job but a place where Bet Lynch finally amounted to summat. I suppose what it give me was some self respect." Bet tells Rita she's had enough of picking herself up off the floor. When Mavis lets her down, Rita agrees to take Alan to a newsagent dance. Alec Gilroy is fed up with the lack of customers at the Graffiti. Jack asks him for a job. Alec tells him if he gets thirty new members he'll give him a job. Alan cheers Gloria up with wine and kisses. He assures her Rita is just a friend. Bet realises Jack bodged the fusebox and started the fire. She blames herself for not getting an electrician in.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jun, 1986
    Wed 18 Jun, 1986
    Episode 49
    Kevin and Sally return at 5. 30am. They spot smoke coming out of the Rovers' door. Sally wakes the residents whilst Kevin tries to wake Bet. Ken phones the fire brigade. Percy is raised and he and Kevin get a ladder up to Bet's window. Bet wakes up and tries to escape but the fumes force her back to her room. She vomits and collapses. The residents move their cars and try to wake Bet. Kevin climbs up the ladder and smashes Bet's window. He climbs in as the fire engine arrives and the front windows explode. Kevin tries to drag Bet to the window, the firemen take over and carry Bet to safety. Kevin is proclaimed a hero and refuses to go to hospital; he's only inhaled some fumes. Bet is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Jack is worried that he might have caused the fire by putting the wrong fuse in. Gail feels she should tell Brian about her affair. Audrey advises her to leave it. The brewery tells Betty that they intend to pull the Rovers down.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jun, 1986
    Mon 16 Jun, 1986
    Episode 48
    Ivy is thrilled that the Tilsleys aren't emigrating. The fuse in the Rovers' cellar keeps going. When the beer pump goes off, Bet gets Julian to entertain on the piano. She orders Jack to fix the fuse. Kevin and Sally go to Sheffield for an all night pop concert. Gloria dresses up to impress Alan, she is upset that she's too shy to push herself and he seems to spend all his time with Rita. Gail misses Ian. Brian tells her he's sick of her being moody. She is hurt when he tells her Ian said that she would never settle in Australia. He swears to her he wasn't unfaithful in Edinburgh. She feels awful. Bet employs Julian to play in the bar. The residents have a sing-song. The fuse keeps going so Jack puts in a heftier fuse wire. Gloria is thrilled when Alan drinks in the Rovers. Whilst Bet sleeps, the fuse box explodes and starts a fire in the cellar.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jun, 1986
    Wed 11 Jun, 1986
    Episode 47
    Brian is confused as Gail is agitated and snappy. The Barlows go to court to have Tracy's name changed. Ivy is sorry to see Ian go. Audrey makes sure he knows he will never be welcome in Weatherfield again. The judge grants the adoption to go ahead. Tracy is thrilled that her name is now Barlow. Alan tells Rita about his assault charge, telling her he feels she has a right to know this as he wants to see more of her. She is pleased and they spend the afternoon together in the Goyt Valley. Gail rushes to the airport in time to see Ian. She begs him not to go or to take her with him. She becomes hysterical, to his embarrassment. He tells her whatever they had is definitely over. She watches his plane go. Gail breaks down and tells Brian she's not going to Australia - it was all a dream. She is surprised when he comforts her and says they don't have to emigrate.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jun, 1986
    Mon 9 Jun, 1986
    Episode 46
    Brian returns from Scotland. He finds Gail distant and swears to her that he didn't play around. Vera thinks Terry should have Alan charged with assault but Terry just wants to forget all about it. Rita is frightened by Alan's aggressiveness. She is upset that he's so like Len in that respect. Gail makes Ian uncomfortable by wanting to continue the affair even though Brian is back. She stuns Audrey by telling her she loves Ian and isn't going to put off by danger. Ian tells Gail he isn't prepared to carry on the affair. Audrey tells Brian he should take more of an interest in Gail. Alan apologises to Gloria for hitting Terry. He explains that he has a two year suspended sentence for assault still hanging on him. Ian tells Gail he's cutting his visit short and is returning to Australia. She is stunned and declares her love for him. He tells her they would never work out together.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jun, 1986
    Wed 4 Jun, 1986
    Episode 45
    Hilda refuses to accept money from Sally, feeling it would bind her legally. Gail acts like a teenager, skiving off work to see Ian. She tells him she wants to make love to him again and again. Kevin tells Sally he wants to move into a flat with her, she is delighted. Ian is frightened about what would happen if Brian finds out about the affair. Gail tells him it's important for her to feel young and irresponsible again. Terry complains to Jenny about Alan. Hilda is mortified at the thought of Kevin and Sally living together. Audrey tackles Gail about her feelings for Ian. Gail resents her interfering. She tells Audrey she feels loved again and doesn't see the harm in it; Brian has loads of 'bits on the side'. GAIL: "I'm sick of being a drudge, which is what this marriage has made me. No one can live their life, year in year out, for other people." Audrey urges Gail to stop seeing Ian before she ruins her life. Alan is furious to hear Terry has been mouthing off about him. He goes for him in the Rovers, hitting him repeatedly. Rita is horrified and screams for him to stop. Bet throws him out.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jun, 1986
    Mon 2 Jun, 1986
    Episode 44
    Gail is glad she's spent the night with Ian. Martin celebrates his 18th birthday. Gail escapes from work to spend the afternoon with Ian. She stops feeling guilty and starts to enjoy herself. Terry pesters Gloria for a date but she tells him he's too much of a little lad. She grows irritated by him bothering her. Vera starts driving instructions with Peter Baker. She is taken with him. Hilda doesn't like leaving Sally and Kevin alone at No. 13 and monitors their every move. Brian phones Gail and tells her he has to stay in Scotland an extra night. Audrey begins to suspect that Gail has feelings towards Ian. Terry continues to pester Gloria for a good time. She gets upset and Alan asks him to cool it. Terry threatens to hit Alan but Alan remains calm and sees Terry off.moreless
  • Wed 28 May, 1986
    Wed 28 May, 1986
    Episode 43
    Brian sets off to Edinburgh despite Gail begging him not to go; she doesn't trust herself. Hilda tells Kevin that Sally must leave, immediately; they've misused her house. Gail takes time off work to go out with Ian. Jack offers to give Vera driving lessons planning to undermine her confidence. Mrs Seddon tracks Sally down for her dole money. Sally has to give her £10 out of her dole for Eddie Seddon's beer money but Hilda is shocked that the Seddons only want Sally for her money. Gail enjoys Ian's impulsiveness. He takes Nicky and her off to Blackpool. Gail tells him she's bored of her routine. GAIL: "My life's all about struggling through, settling for what I've got." Hilda tells Sally she can stay until she finds somewhere else to live; she doesn't want Sally to have to live with her father. Gail tells Ian she'd like him to spend the night with her. He does.moreless
  • Mon 26 May, 1986
    Mon 26 May, 1986
    Episode 42
    Brian tells Gail he's going to Edinburgh overnight to look over a van for a customer. Vera gets her provisional driving licence. With Hilda returning, Sally clears her things out of No. 13. Brian suggests to Ivy that she could emigrate with them but she refuses; she belongs in Weatherfield. Hilda returns from Torquay. Kevin explains that Sally is homeless. Hilda is forced to let Sally stay when Kevin threatens to leave and walk the streets with Sally. Terry gives Vera driving lesson but swears not to give her any more. Hilda learns that Sally has been staying at No. 13 during her absence.moreless
  • Wed 21 May, 1986
    Wed 21 May, 1986
    Episode 41
    Sally has spent the night with Kevin at No. 13. Terry spreads it around that Gloria was all over him after the party. Sally is upset when her father throws her out after discovering she spent the night with a man. Kevin takes her in. Ivy is distraught about the Tilsley's emigrating. Brian tries to explain why they are going. She tells him he's robbing her of all she holds dear. Gloria is horrified to hear Terry is calling her one of his conquests. When Brian has to do a rush job, he suggests Ian takes Gail out for a meal. Kevin is stunned to hear from Percy that Elaine is pregnant. He feels cut off by his family. Brian suggests to Gail that they take Ivy with them to Australia. Alan tells Rita he took Jenny's side against her because he saw it was a delicate situation. He makes Rita see he didn't want to risk losing Jenny. Gloria tells Terry she'll never go out with him again. Gail enjoys her meal with Ian. He tells her how his fiancée jilted him. He tells her he likes her and if she wants him she only has to say the word.moreless
  • Mon 19 May, 1986
    Mon 19 May, 1986
    Episode 40
    Gail tells Brian she thinks he's right; they should go to Australia for Nicky's sake. She tells Brian to tell Ivy and breaks the news to Audrey. Audrey tells her it's her life to do with what she wants to. With Hilda in Torquay, Kevin is set upon by Terry and Sally to hold a party at No. 13. Terry chats Gloria up and invites her to the party. She agrees. Vera picks up her Nova. She is amazed by Jack's winning slogan: "My husband is husband of the year because right from the day we were married he has made my life one long honeymoon." Vera announces she's going to learn to drive. Sally tells Kevin she's going to spend the night with him. Martin is flattered to be invited to Kevin's party, he is only asked as he works in the cafe. Gloria dresses up for Terry's party, she is horrified to find it's at No. 13 with a load of kids. Audrey puts her foot in it by telling Ivy about the Tilsley's emigrating.moreless
  • Wed 14 May, 1986
    Wed 14 May, 1986
    Episode 39
    Peter accuses Ken of packing Susan and him off to Glasgow because he couldn't cope with the responsibility of them. He is bitter that Ken washed his hands of them; they both needed him but he was never there. He tells Ken that Susan needs him and he should take his one chance of being a proper father after cutting them out for fifteen years. Ken is stung by his words. Deirdre prepares Susan for the wedding, Tracy and Jessica are bridesmaids. Mike hires a video firm to record the wedding. Bet, Betty, Hilda, Ivy, Vera, Ida, Shirley, Emily, Alf and Audrey attend the wedding. Friend, Don Lester, is Mike's best man. Brian considers emigrating to Sydney. At the last minute Ken rushes to the church to give Susan away. Brian suggests Gail shows Ian something of Weatherfield. She begins to warm to him. He sees that her life lacks excitement. Mike thanks Ken for coming but Ken tells him it was for Susan's sake. Ken tells Deirdre he knows he's lost Susan. Brian tells Gail they should emigrate.moreless
  • Mon 12 May, 1986
    Mon 12 May, 1986
    Episode 38
    Susan is upset that Edith is too ill to travel down for the wedding. Peter and Jessica arrive for the wedding. Peter is furious that Ken won't swallow his principles. Vera wins a car in 'Woman's Choice' magazine in a husband of the year competition. She is puzzled as she never entered the contest. Jack tells her he entered the competition in her name. She tells him that it's her car as it's in her name. Mike buys drinks all-round in the Rovers, causing Ken to walk out. Brian feels dissatisfied with his life after listening to Ian's tales. PETER: (about Ken): "He's always been keen about wearing a hair shirt." Ken turns to drink to drown his troubles. Deirdre begs him to forget about his hate for Mike and support Susan because he loves her.moreless
  • Wed 7 May, 1986
    Wed 7 May, 1986
    Episode 37
    Curly makes Terry see they must give Hilda all £110 from the bureau. Ian Latimer arrives at No. 5. Ivy is thrilled to see him. Gail is disturbed by the way he flirts with her. Hilda isn't bothered that she's only got £110 for the holiday as she fears she'll be too alone in Torquay. She visits Stan's grave and tells him about the holiday. Mike agrees to stay at the Portway so Susan can get married from the flat. Ian impresses Brian with all his tales about sunny Perth. Gail tells him she's sick of people running down Britain. Ken realises he's put Deirdre through a lot of stress so books a family holiday.moreless
  • Mon 5 May, 1986
    Mon 5 May, 1986
    Episode 36
    Ivy hears from nephew Ian who is in England and wants to visit her. Susan realises nothing is going to change Ken's mind. She packs her bags and moves into Mike's flat. Hilda is delighted to hear her bureau is valuable. She books a holiday in Torquay on the strength of it. Later, Curly and Terry are stunned when an antique dealer tells them the bill of sale doesn't relate to the bureau and offers them £110 for it. Ken tells Deirdre he's not going to fight Susan anymore. Ivy arranges for Ian to come to stay.moreless
  • Wed 30 Apr, 1986
    Wed 30 Apr, 1986
    Episode 35
    Tracy is looking forward to being Susan's bridesmaid. Peter arrives to find out that Ken is being horrid to Susan. Terry considers buying Hilda's bureau and looks it over. He finds a bill of sale dated 1889. He realises the bureau could be worth a fortune. Alf is forced to use the Rovers' toilet as Audrey's clients use the bathroom. Peter tells Ken he should be giving Susan away. Terry gives Hilda £40 for the bureau, telling her he'll give her more if it turns out to be worth more. Ken refuses to tell Peter what he has against Mike. Peter tells him he owes it to Susan to give her away; he's neglected her for most of her life. Susan breaks down over the rowing. Curly reads up on bureaus at the library and tells Terry it could be worth between £500 and £700.moreless
  • Mon 28 Apr, 1986
    Mon 28 Apr, 1986
    Episode 34
    As she doesn't have a sink in the Salon, Audrey has to wash her customers' hair in the bathroom. Alf is annoyed when the customers use the lounge as a waiting room. Ada leaves Hilda three dining chairs, a drop leaf table and an oak bureau. Mike asks Ken to come to the wedding, for Susan's sake. They row in the Rovers, with Mike telling him he's a lousy father. Terry and Curly pick up the furniture for Hilda. Susan phones Peter and tells him about the wedding. He agrees to give her away but is angry that Ken isn't being supportive. Hilda is surprised that she's also been left Ada's cat, Rommel.moreless
  • Wed 23 Apr, 1986
    Wed 23 Apr, 1986
    Episode 33
    Gail is Audrey's first customer at the Salon. Alf doesn't think the Salon will ever pay. Ken tries to put Susan off by telling her all about Mike's affair with Bet. Mike tells her about his relationship with Maggie but not about Mark. He promises he has no other secrets. Steve sleeps rough and turns up at the Rovers, demanding to speak to Gloria. Bet refuses to let him see her. Mike and Susan visit the vicar and set a date in May. Bet gives Steve a lecture, pointing out that he could cross the police if he continues to threaten Gloria. Steve tells Gloria he's had enough and heads South. Hilda is saddened when Ada dies in hospital. Deirdre tells Ken she intends to stand by Susan and help her prepare for the wedding. Hilda hears from Ada's nephew that she is mentioned in Ada's will.moreless
  • Mon 21 Apr, 1986
    Mon 21 Apr, 1986
    Episode 32
    Susan tells Ken she's getting married soon and Mike will pay. Hilda is touched when Mike tells her she'll be invited to his wedding. Alan tells Gloria he'll see Steve off if need be. Audrey's Salon is installed. Alf isn't happy about the cost or the way Audrey flirts with the plumber. Susan wishes Valerie was alive to help her prepare. Ken accepts Susan is going to marry Mike but decides not to attend. Steve hangs around the Rovers, making Gloria nervous. She gives him £10 to get a bed for the night. Mike tells Susan he hates to see her torn in two and suggests they drop the whole idea.moreless
  • Wed 16 Apr, 1986
    Wed 16 Apr, 1986
    Episode 31
    Bet gives Gloria moral support as she tells Steve she doesn't want to see him again. He doesn't understand and accuses her of having another man. She tells him she's fallen out of love with him. Steve leaves. Sally begins to find Terry a bit ignorant. Ken says he can afford a Christmas wedding. Susan agrees to wait but Mike thinks it's too long. Sally tells Kevin she's sorry she went out with Terry. She tells him she wants to go out with him and she swears that she is serious about him. Kevin is pleased. Susan realises Ken is stalling over the wedding. She tells Mike there's no point in waiting until Christmas. She says they'll marry in three weeks. Steve hangs around Gloria's flat but she refuses to talk to him.moreless
  • Mon 14 Apr, 1986
    Mon 14 Apr, 1986
    Episode 30
    Terry sports a black eye having come out of the fight worse. Sally refuses to take the blame for the fight; it's not her fault if lads get jealous over her. Gloria is uneasy to have Steve in her flat, him having tracked her down. He is glad to see her again after a year in prison. Kevin is upset that he's finished with Sally and upset that he couldn't trust his friends. Terry tires of hearing people talking about Kevin giving him a pasting. He rows with him, wanting another fight but Hilda stops them and lectures them on the value of friendship. Gloria tells Bet that she doesn't want Steve anymore but doesn't know how to tell him it's all over. Steve tells her he's noticed she no longer wears his ring. She tells him he can stay overnight at her flat as she's spending the night at the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 9 Apr, 1986
    Wed 9 Apr, 1986
    Episode 29
    Sally enjoys canoodling with Terry in the Yard whilst continuing to see Kevin. Curly is upset at the way Terry is mucking around with Sally. He asks Terry to lay off but Terry laughs him off, threatening to thump him if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. Kevin calls at the Yard and finds Sally on Terry's knee. He goes for Terry, hitting him. They fight in the Yard. Peter returns to Plymouth. Terry accuses Curly of telling Kevin about Sally and him. Curly says he didn't, although he wished he had. Gloria stays away from the Rovers, under pressure. Mike tells Ken he realises he can't afford the wedding just now so he'll pay for it. Ken tells him he won't accept a penny from him. Susan accuses Mike of hurting Ken's pride with his big wallet.moreless
  • Mon 7 Apr, 1986
    Mon 7 Apr, 1986
    Episode 28
    Alan takes a fancy to Gloria and tells her he'll always help her if she needs a man. Peter tackles Ken about why he doesn't like Mike. Ken tells him it's because he's so old. Sally is thrilled when Terry kisses her. Susan tells Mike she feels the car is too big to accept as a birthday present but agrees to have it for a wedding present. Peter is stunned to hear Ken has thumped Mike. Kevin is furious when Terry tells him that Sally is fair game. Kevin warns him to keep his hands off her. Ken tells Susan he spent so much on her 21st that it's going to be a while before he can afford a good wedding. Deirdre realises he's done it on purpose.moreless
  • Wed 2 Apr, 1986
    Wed 2 Apr, 1986
    Episode 27
    Curly is in love with Tina. Susan and Peter celebrate their 21ts birthday's. Terry asks Gloria out to the Barlows' party but she refuses. Ken hopes that surrounded by all her young friends, Susan will see how unsuitable Mike is. Susan is surprised to find Ken has invited all her friends from Newcastle and Glasgow. She is embarrassed when they think Mike is her dad. Kevin doesn't like the way Sally flirts with Terry. Curly takes Tina to the party. Terry flirts with her but she puts him down. Ken enjoys the party, seeing Mike out of place amongst youngsters. Mike buys Susan a car for her birthday.moreless
  • Mon 31 Mar, 1986
    Mon 31 Mar, 1986
    Episode 26
    Curly has no one to take to Susan's 21st so Sally offers to set him up with her friend Lois. Mike is surprised when Ken invites him to Susan's 21st. Peter arrives from Plymouth with his girlfriend Jessica. Peter is pleased to be with Susan again but is surprised to find she's engaged. Curly is depressed when Lois has a cold and can't party. Susan introduces Peter to Mike. Tina Wagstaff calls at the Yard with a job. Curly thinks she's beautiful and invites her to the party. He is stunned when she says yes.moreless
  • Wed 26 Mar, 1986
    Wed 26 Mar, 1986
    Episode 25
    Peter tells Ken he'll be able to get leave so he can have a joint 21st with Susan. Ken hires the Bellstaff for the party. Rita tries to keep Jenny for a while but Alan tells her he's taken a flat and wants Jenny to move in immediately. Gloria enjoys going out with David. Rita feels that Alan thinks she's been a bad foster mother. Alan and Jenny move into Flat 3, 41 Ashdale Road. Rita feels excluded as they enjoy setting up home. David is shocked when Gloria tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore.moreless
  • Mon 24 Mar, 1986
    Mon 24 Mar, 1986
    Episode 24
    Rita admits to Mavis that Alan rouses her in the way Len did. Alan is transferred to Manchester and starts looking for digs. Gloria puts her onto the flat across the landing from her. Mike urges Susan to set a date for the wedding. Terry takes Sally on to run the office at £1 an hour. Curly thinks it's a bad move. Sally decides to continue claiming the dole. When Jenny continues to cheek her, Rita explodes and tells her to mind her manners or else. She tells Jenny she's had enough of her and will get Alan to sort her out. Susan tells Ken she'd like to marry in April. He tells her that before her wedding he wants to throw a 21st party for her. Kevin doesn't like the idea of Sally working with Terry.moreless
  • Wed 19 Mar, 1986
    Wed 19 Mar, 1986
    Episode 23
    Gloria assures Jack she won't tell Vera he sent her the roses when he begs her not to. He swears he won't send her any more. Audrey gets food from the cafe for the party. Gloria is sent another rose. Rita shows some of her singing gowns off to Jenny. Gloria tackles Jack about the rose, he swears he didn't send it. David Atherton turns up and tells her he sent the rose, she is pleased. Audrey finds the housewarming very tame. Alf plays all his records. David takes Gloria for a meal. Alan and Rita watch Jenny singing at the school disco. Afterwards they go on to the Roberts' housewarming. Alan tells Rita he enjoys her company. Jenny turns up at the party and accuses Rita and Alan of only wanting to be with each other. Rita is embarrassed.moreless
  • Mon 17 Mar, 1986
    Mon 17 Mar, 1986
    Episode 22
    Percy keeps watch but no one delivers a rose at the front. Another one is left by the back door. This one has a message, asking Gloria to go to the Belstaff where all will be revealed. The Roberts move into No. 11 helped by Terry and Curly. Gloria refuses to meet the sender but Bet advises her to go with Jack as a minder. Jenny gets annoyed when Alan says he's too busy to take her ice skating, she tells him he would find time if Rita wanted to go. She accuses him of only being interested in Rita. Audrey plans a housewarming. Gloria meets David Atherton at the hotel and likes him. She is disappointed when he tells her he isn't the rose sender. She is stunned when Jack arrives in his Vince St Clair outfit and reveals he's been sending the roses. She is furious.moreless
  • Wed 12 Mar, 1986
    Wed 12 Mar, 1986
    Episode 21
    Kevin spends the night in the garage. Gloria gets tired of receiving roses. She thinks Terry is sending them. Sally confesses that she was out with another lad; it was Alex her ex boyfriend. She saw him to make sure he knew they were finished. Kevin feels a bit better. Hilda fears that Kevin is gone for good. Rita tells Alan she feels he's pursuing her. He admits he is and is enjoying doing so. Hilda is pleased when Kevin returns. He apologises about his behaviour. She doesn't mind but is annoyed to find he's still seeing Sally. Gloria gets Percy to keep watch on the Rovers all night to see who's leaving the roses.moreless
  • Mon 10 Mar, 1986
    Mon 10 Mar, 1986
    Episode 20
    Hilda is sad to find her old friend Ada Arrowsmith is in hospital. Gloria receives another rose and wonders who is sending them. Kevin gets annoyed when Sally keeps standing him up and missing dates. Jack advertises his window round for sale at £150. Alan takes Rita to the pictures when Jenny has to see a mate. Hilda tells Kevin she's seen Sally with a man. He is distraught, accuses Hilda of lying and slams out of the house.moreless
  • Wed 5 Mar, 1986
    Wed 5 Mar, 1986
    Episode 19
    Gloria receives a red rose 'from an admirer'. She is thrilled. Mike tells Terry he's taken on a driver and won't be using them again, although they did a good job. Unaware of this, Curly tells his boss to stick his job. Mike tells Susan Ken's manipulating her, he asks her not to work for Ken. She tells him she's sick of being caught up in their argument. Mike tells Susan she's too important to him to lose. Jenny refuses to believe that Rita and Alan don't fancy each other. Susan returns to No. 1. Curly splashes out on a new suit. Terry breaks the news to him that their job with Mike is finished.moreless
  • Mon 3 Mar, 1986
    Mon 3 Mar, 1986
    Episode 18
    Mike thinks Ken only wants Susan at No. 1 so that he can manipulate her. Terry tells Curly he's had enough of working all morning just to give Curly half the profits. Alan gets a week's work in Manchester and plans to use the time to see more of Jenny. He asks Rita to come for a meal with Jenny and him. He pleases Jenny by telling her he is planning to be transferred to Manchester and will buy them somewhere to live. Jenny has band practice so can't go for a meal so Rita and Alan go alone. Curly gets annoyed at work when he is passed over for promotion. Susan considers returning to work for Ken at the Recorder. After their meal, Alan is too tired to drive back to Leeds so Rita lets him sleep on the sofa.moreless
  • Wed 26 Feb, 1986
    Wed 26 Feb, 1986
    Episode 17
    Ken and Susan are reconciled - he asks her to move back until the wedding. Rita and Jenny are also friends again. Jenny is impressed to learn that Rita used to be a singer. Sam confronts Percy about Phyllis.
  • Mon 24 Feb, 1986
    Mon 24 Feb, 1986
    Episode 16
    Sam boasts to Percy about the way Phyllis enjoys his company. Percy tells him Phyllis is only interested in his money. Tracy is thrilled when Susan asks her to be her bridesmaid. Sam confesses to Phyllis that his houses are falling down and cost a fortune to maintain; he's penniless. Deirdre is furious when Ken tells Tracy she can't be Susan's bridesmaid as none of them will be going to the wedding. Deirdre asks him not to take out his feelings on Tracy. Terry starts work on delivering for Mike but has to do it alone as Curly is working on the bins. Phyllis is disappointed that Sam has no money and refuses to go to bingo with him. Jenny stays late at band practice, worrying Rita. When Rita tackles her about it Jenny tells her not to worry - after all she's being paid to look after her.moreless
  • Wed 19 Feb, 1986
    Wed 19 Feb, 1986
    Episode 15
    Mike is angry that Ken has upset Susan by refusing to attend the wedding. Terry refuses to track the Claytons down just to see his son; it would be too upsetting. Deirdre assures Susan she's on her side and asks her to be patient, saying she'll work on Ken. Hilda does her best to stop Kevin seeing Sally. Alan sees the Social Services and they all agree the best thing for Jenny would be for Alan to take her to Leeds. Sally tells Hilda she has no right to be so protective of Kevin; she's not his mother. Phyllis realises she's spending a small fortune on taking Sam out and paying for his drinks. He admits to her that he owns some houses. Mike agrees to let Terry and Curly do his deliveries on a free lance basis as he hasn't replaced George. Deirdre begs Ken not to turn his back on Susan. Jenny tells Alan and Rita there's no way she's living in Leeds; she doesn't know anybody in Leeds.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 1986
    Mon 17 Feb, 1986
    Episode 14
    Jenny falls for Kevin. Hilda asks Terry and Curly to try to get Kevin away from Sally by taking him on a lad's night out. Deirdre is stunned when Susan tells her that she's marrying Mike. She tells Deirdre she'll marry Mike with or without Ken's blessing. Kevin introduces Sally to the lads. They think she's fantastic. Alf tells Terry he's heard that Andrea has just had a baby boy. Terry is upset. Ken tells Susan that he can't have anything to do with her wedding as it's a travesty. She is upset, telling him she always thought she'd at least have a father to give her away.moreless
  • Wed 12 Feb, 1986
    Wed 12 Feb, 1986
    Episode 13
    The estate agent tells Alf that they've had an offer on No. 11. He wants to make an offer but Audrey isn't interested in it. Ivy warns George not to clock Pauline in as Mike doesn't approve. Phyllis tells Percy she'll never forgive him for driving Sam away and throws him out of the cafe. Mike catches Pauline shopping when she should be working. He discovers George clocked her in. Phyllis apologises to Sam for his upset at her party. Audrey is stunned when Alf tells her he's bought No. 11. He tells her they won't have to live there for ever. She is horrified when he tells her it's time she got a job; they can open a hair salon in the front parlour for her. Mike tackles George, telling him he's being ridiculous over his women. George gets angry and tells him he's being ridiculous - going out with a year year old. Mike sacks him for clocking Pauline in. Susan is thrilled when Mike tells her she can have a big wedding.moreless
  • Mon 10 Feb, 1986
    Mon 10 Feb, 1986
    Episode 12
    Hilda advises Susan to move out of Mike's flat; he'll soon tire of her. Susan doesn't want to rush things with Mike. Phyllis plays Sam off against Percy, hoping to win one of them at her birthday party. Percy tells Sam Phyllis is using him to make him jealous. George accuses Ivy of making Pauline's life a misery at the factory. Martin shows off his confectionary skills by making Phyllis a cake. Percy goes to Phyllis' party as he wants a bit of cake. Sam sees them dancing together and accuses Phyllis of playing with his affections and walks out. She accuses Percy of ruining her birthday. Susan thinks Mike's been having second thoughts. He tells her he wants her to be his wife, she agrees.moreless
  • Wed 5 Feb, 1986
    Wed 5 Feb, 1986
    Episode 11
    Phyllis discovers that Sam spent his fortune on property. Mike tells Terry and Curly that he has some work for them but Curly refuses to do business with him; he has stolen Susan. Terry makes him see that they can't afford to throw jobs away and tells him to get the order from Mike. Mike tells Susan he doesn't want to rush her but would like her to marry him. Audrey is horrified when Alf tells her that he's decided to buy No. 11 Coronation Street. Sam is confused when Phyllis makes a big fuss of him. She invites him to be her guest at her sixty-fifth birthday party.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 1986
    Mon 3 Feb, 1986
    Episode 10
    Mike and Susan return from London. She starts to look for a job. Curly is depressed that Susan has fallen for Mike. Audrey has to flirt with Alf to get him to agree a house. He is stunned when it turns out to be a large detached one. George and Pauline plan a holiday away together. Audrey falls in love with the Bolton Road house but Alf refuses to pay £42,000 for a house. Phyllis discovers that Sam won a fortune on the pools in the '50s. Mike doesn't like the idea of Susan looking for a job. She tells him he has to accept her independence.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jan, 1986
    Wed 29 Jan, 1986
    Episode 9
    Kevin is annoyed when Hilda keeps on about how unsuitable Sally is compared to Michelle. Jack puts his window round up for sale. The social worker tackles the Barlows about Susan's departure. They maintain it has nothing to do with the adoption. The social worker understands and agrees to the adoption going through. Kevin takes Sally to tea at No. 13 so Hilda can get to know her. When Sally insults Eddie they are soon shouting at each other. Jenny tells Rita she doesn't want to leave No. 7. Rita tells her she can stay for as long as she wants to. Deirdre fears all the factory girls know about her affair with Mike since Ken hit himmoreless
  • Mon 27 Jan, 1986
    Mon 27 Jan, 1986
    Episode 8
    Mike takes Susan to London for a break. Deirdre is worried that the row will affect Tracy's adoption if the social worker hears about it. Out in the van, Kevin goes through a puddle and splashes Sally Seddon. She is furious as she's on her way to a job interview. He takes her back to No. 13 to dry off. Hilda has heard of the Seddons and shows her dislike of Sally. Rita arranges for Alan to take Jenny for a meal but Jenny refuses to cooperate. The Barlows are interviewed by a social worker. Alan is hurt that Jenny refuses to talk to him. When he persists she agrees to having a meal with him. Tracy tells the social worker Susan has moved out after a row with Ken. Kevin goes on a date with Sally.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jan, 1986
    Wed 22 Jan, 1986
    Episode 7
    Mike assures Susan he loves her for who she is. Worthington asks Rita to act as mediator between the Bradleys. Jenny refuses to meet Alan when he travels from Leeds. Susan stays away from the Recorder. Rita tells Alan he's going to have to win Jenny's confidence. Mike tells Deirdre that Susan is with him and he intends to look after her. Audrey goes around Estate Agents and presents Alf with details of expensive detached houses. She likes one on Bolton Road for £42,000. Alf is mortified. Mike is furious when George gets orders mixed up. Deirdre tells Ken that Susan is with Mike. Ken marches into the factory and hits him to the floor.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 1986
    Mon 20 Jan, 1986
    Episode 6
    Ken doesn't know where Susan is but hopes she's in Newcastle. The factory boiler goes wrong and Ida decides the temperature is too low for the girls to work in. She suggests a walk out but no one is interested as the pubs aren't open. Mike returns from working in London to find Susan at his flat. He is forced to tell her all about his affair with Deirdre. He swears he is not seeing her just to get back at Ken. Susan tells him it changes everything and runs off. Mike calls at No. 1 demanding to see Susan. Deirdre tells him she isn't at No. 1. Worthington asks Jenny to give Alan a chance. She feels that he doesn't want her. Alf is annoyed when Audrey misuses the price gun. Ken is delighted to hear Mike doesn't know where Susan is. Susan returns to Mike's flat, telling him that she loves him and wants to stay with him.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jan, 1986
    Wed 15 Jan, 1986
    Episode 5
    Deirdre fears Susan will see her as an adulterous. Susan tells her that she feels Mike isn't to blame. She despises her. Jenny attends Pat's funeral. Curly and Terry tell Jack about a pub which needs a manager. Alan Bradley arrives, nervous at seeing Jenny after eight years. Jenny doesn't want to talk to Alan; she blames him for walking out of her life. Jack applies for the managing post at the Fir Tree before discovering it's been pulled down. Mrs Warburton tries to get Jenny's key to get 'her things', Rita sorts her out. Ken tells Susan he just wants to stop her getting hurt, she tells him he's hurt her enough. He tells her if she wants to see Mike he must leave No. 1. She tells him she's sick of him and moves out, into Mike's flat.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 1986
    Mon 13 Jan, 1986
    Episode 4
    Jenny settles in at No. 7 with Rita. Audrey is bored of working in the shop. She wants Alf to socialise more. Jenny's Aunt Doreen tries to get Jenny's key off her in order to route through all her things. Jenny refuses to give it to her. Deirdre tells Susan she's sick of hearing her talk about Mike. She tells him her infatuation is ruining her family life. Jack refuses to pay for Terry and Curly's drinks. Ken is furious to hear Deirdre has been to see Mike. Alf locks the shop for the first time, to have a sexual encounter with Audrey. Ken accuses Deirdre of being jealous of Susan, having an affair with Mike. KEN: "It seems to me that all Baldwin has to do is snap his fingers and the women of this household behave like idiotic infatuated adolescents. I don't understand it. A little weasle like that!" Worthington tells Rita that Jenny's father has been found. Jenny isn't keen to see him. Deirdre begs Ken not to tell Susan about her and Mike. Ken refuses to listen and tells Susan about Mike and Deirdre, he pleads with her to stop seeing Mike; he'll wreck her life.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jan, 1986
    Wed 8 Jan, 1986
    Episode 3
    Deirdre begs Ken to give Susan and Mike a chance to blow over. Jenny refuses to stay in the home and walks out. Bet gives Jack his cellar job back when she finds she can't rely on Terry and Curly for help. Don Worthington rows with Jenny and gets her to agree to return to the Home temporarily. He hopes Rita will foster her. Deirdre calls on Mike in secret. She asks him if he's seeing Susan just to hurt Ken. She begs him to drop Susan, for her sake. He tells her he can't; he loves her.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 1986
    Mon 6 Jan, 1986
    Episode 2
    Bet refuses to feel down about Frank leaving. Gloria is pleased she doesn't blame her and they plan a night out together. Susan refuses to let Ken put her off Mike. She tells Mike that if he can cope with all the problems, she still wants to see him. The police break the news to one of Rita's paper girls, Jenny Bradley, that her mother has been run over and is dead. Ken is convinced Susan will realise she's making a fool of herself. Jack hears that Frank has left and offers his services to Bet as cellarman. Bet tells him she's coping well without him - Terry is giving her a hand. Mike gives Susan the keys to his flat, telling her she'll always have somewhere to go. Don Worthington is called in as there is no one to look after Jenny. She is put into Larchfield Children's Home. Susan begs Deirdre to try to see Mike as she does. Deirdre asks Ken to let Susan be. She is distraught when he decides to tell Susan about the affair.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jan, 1986
    Wed 1 Jan, 1986
    Episode 1
    Audrey gets annoyed with Alf using the flat as a storeroom. Mike and Susan return from London. He tells her she makes him feel good. Gloria's arm is bruised from where Frank hurt her. She asks Jack to stick around her so Frank can't get at her again. Ken learns from Susan's taxi driver that she's returned from Mike's flat. Susan is forced to tell him she's been in London with Mike. Ken is furious. Jack tells Frank to keep his hands off Gloria. Frank tells Bet that Gloria has made a pass at him and has been slagging her off to the customers. Bet tells him she'll sort Gloria out. Ken tells Susan that Mike is unsuitable and too old for her. He tells her so must never see Mike again. Gloria tells Bet about Frank hurting her. Bet realises she's telling the truth, she tells Frank to get out of her life.moreless