Coronation Street - Season 29

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  • Wed 28 Dec, 1988
    Wed 28 Dec, 1988
    Episode 104
    Social Services tell Deirdre her interference in the Roscoe case has made extra work. They accuse her of trying to make a name for herself on the Council. Deirdre is horrified to hear that Roscoe assaulted his father-in-law and is in police custody. Mike sets up another card school. Don is pleased. Deirdre refuses to let her nasty experience put her off helping others. Mike, Don, Jack and Alan play cards. Alan and Jack step out of the game when big money is laid down as stakes. Mike raises the stakes too high. To get the £1,000 he needs to see Mike's cards, Don throws in the keys to his taxi. He is horrified when Mike wins the game.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 1988
    Mon 26 Dec, 1988
    Episode 103
    The Roberts return from the hotel early as Alf suffers from food poisoning. Tracy has nightmares about Deirdre disappearing. She tails Deirdre everywhere, fearing she'll go again. The Brennans and Duckworths go horse racing on Boxing Day. Don refuses to drive as he wants to drink. Vera is furious as she has to drive. Ken wants Roscoe caught as he feels he could have raped Deirdre. She just wants to forget all about it. Deirdre breaks down and tells Bet she really feared she was going to be raped. She felt vulnerable and frightened. Bet tells her she mustn't be frightened anymore. Vera has a rotten day as everyone but her gets drunk. Don celebrates a big win on the horses. He feels he's on a winning streak. He gets Jack and Mike to have a game of cards with him. Ivy thinks it's hysterical that Alf and Audrey had to leave the hotel because of food poisoning. Ivy feels uncomfortable when Don plays poker with Mike at No. 5. Don wins £60 from Mike. Ivy is frightened that Mike will be a sore loser and sack her.moreless
  • Sun 25 Dec, 1988
    Sun 25 Dec, 1988
    Episode 102
    Ken reports Deirdre missing to the police. They suspect she's run off with another man. Roscoe sits against the door, refusing to let Deirdre out despite her pleas. She has enough at 4am and starts to shout at him, telling him she's working class as well. She tells him she's sick of hearing about what he wants, she tells him he lives in luxury compared with some. She shoves the TV at Roscoe and runs out of the flats all the way home. Ken is grateful she isn't hurt and comforts her. Jack delights in working on Christmas Day as he can escape Vera. He is stunned when Alec employs Vera to help behind the bar as they're short-staffed. Percy thanks Emily for taking him in. She is annoyed when he says he feels that they're a couple. Vera enjoys flirting behind the bar. The police retrieve Deirdre's handbag from Roscoe's empty flat; he has disappeared. Tracy is disturbed by Deirdre's upset. The Gilroys and Wiltons join Emily and Percy for dinner. Percy lays on a feast and acts as host. Emily is pleased when Phyllis calls. She invites her to stay for dinner and sits her with Percy.moreless
  • Wed 21 Dec, 1988
    Wed 21 Dec, 1988
    Episode 101
    Alec is annoyed that none of the staff will work on Christmas Day. Bet refuses to serve as she's got to cook the dinner. He tells her they'll do without dinner. Deirdre buys presents for Roscoe's children. Ken accuses her of being a soft touch. Ken takes Tracy to Beattie's when Deirdre breaks down. The Wiltons throw their dinner party but DP doesn't turn up. Percy throws himself into making Christmas Dinner for Emily's guests. Bet gives her turkey to Emily to spite Alec. Deirdre takes the presents round to Roscoe's only to find his wife has left and taken the children with her. He tells her his life is over and he's lonely and depressed. Derek is depressed that DP hasn't come to the party. Mavis thinks it's unforgivable that he hasn't contacted them. Vera gatecrashes the party and starts a knees up. Roscoe tells Deirdre he's not going to spend Christmas alone; she'll have to stay with him. When she tries to leave he stops her.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 1988
    Mon 19 Dec, 1988
    Episode 100
    Deirdre is annoyed when mentally disturbed Roscoe keeps phoning her up. Derek tells Mavis he'd like to throw a party on Christmas Eve to impress his boss - 'DP'. Bet is amazed when Alec plans to open on Christmas Day. Roscoe calls at No. 1 whilst Deirdre is out. Tracy lets him in. She is disturbed by his strange manner. Ivy is stunned when Audrey tells her she and Alf are going to a hotel for Christmas. Gail invites the Brennans to join them for the day. Ivy is pleased as she won't have to have Don's mother. Emily invites the Wiltons for Christmas. Ken is furious to find Roscoe alone with Tracy. He tells Roscoe he shouldn't bother Deirdre at home and throws him out. Ken shouts at Tracy for letting a stranger into the house. Ken accuses Deirdre of getting too involved with no hopers. Roscoe corners Deirdre again. She tells him she can't help him find another flat before Christmas.moreless
  • Wed 14 Dec, 1988
    Wed 14 Dec, 1988
    Episode 99
    Ivy demands to know from Alf where they stand over Christmas. Bet finds out from Stella that Alec knows they booked out from the health farm. She stuns Alec by telling him she's booked him into the health farm as he obviously is so interested in it. She tells him he's a rat for letting her go on when he's known she booked out. Alan goes to a building society with the deeds to No. 7 and says he wants to mortgage the house for £15,000. He calls himself Len Fairclough.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 1988
    Mon 12 Dec, 1988
    Episode 98
    Alec learns from Paul Rigby that Bet and Stella are living it up in a hotel as they couldn't stand the regime at the health farm. Tracy is playing Jack's mother in the school panto. Ivy is annoyed when Audrey doesn't invite the Brennans for Christmas dinner. Bet returns to the Rovers, telling Alec and the customers what a wonderful time she had at the health farm. Bet is uncomfortable when Alec keeps going on about her looking healthy. She lays into him about Gloria leaving but he quietens her by going on about the health farm, making her feel guilty. Deirdre is contacted by Brian Roscoe who has no work and his family has been rehoused on the twelve floor of the derelict Turner House. He urges her to find him somewhere else as the strain is upsetting his family. Alan panics when Carole turns up at the Yard. She tells him she realises he's dumped her. Audrey decides she doesn't want the Brennans for Christmas. Alan searches through Rita's drawers and steals the deeds to No. 7 from a tin.moreless
  • Wed 7 Dec, 1988
    Wed 7 Dec, 1988
    Episode 97
    Terry tells Vera there's nothing left for him in Weatherfield. She begs him to stay for Christmas but he sells his jewellery and heads for Bournemouth. Vera is distraught and blames Mike for sacking Terry. Alec doesn't know how to tell Bet that Gloria has left. Vera is horrified to discover Terry sold his gold medallion to Jack. She attacks him for giving Terry the money to leave. Alan tells Rita he plans to give up the Yard and raise the finances for a shop. He assures her he won't be asking her for the money. Alec phones the health farm only to be told Bet and Stella checked out after only one week.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 1988
    Mon 5 Dec, 1988
    Episode 96
    Terry tells Vera he's resigned from the factory. Vera can't believe it. Rita can't believe Alan is back, she feels she's dreaming. Vera demands to know why Terry has left the factory. Mike tells her he's been fired. Vera feels all the girls are talking about her family. Alec asks Sandra to return to the Rovers, she tells him she'll think about it. Vera accuses Mike of victimising Terry because he's a Duckworth. Mike tells her that Terry took a married woman out in his Jag. Vera is horrified and lays into Terry for tom-catting with a married woman. She tells him she's disappointed in him. Rita is surprised that Alan's back but is too frightened to ask him why incase he leaves again. Alan tells Carole he still wants to see her even though he's returned to Rita. She accuses him of being after Rita's money but he says it's for Jenny's sake. She forgives him. Sandra agrees to return when Alec promises her a rise. Ivy is expecting to spend Christmas at the Roberts' as it's Audrey's turn to have the family. Alan assures Rita he's finished with Carole.moreless
  • Wed 30 Nov, 1988
    Wed 30 Nov, 1988
    Episode 95
    Gloria tells Sandra that she's been seeing Pete and they're in love. Sandra refuses to let her come between them; she'll forgive Pete as she loves him. Gloria swears it wasn't planned. Rita feels she humiliated herself, begging with Alan. Sandra calls Gloria a smug tart and throws a pint over her. Gloria breaks down as Jack holds Sandra back from attacking her. The bank manager refuses to give Alan a loan to buy new premises. Sandra apologises to Alec for causing a scene but he sacks her, saying he can't have her and Gloria fighting all the time. Mike tells Terry he knows he drove the jag; he forgot to alter the speedometer. He tells him he's fired. Alan asks Carole if he can move in with her as he knows he'd get a loan with her help. She tells him she's not interested; she's careful with money. Gloria tells Alec it isn't fair that Sandra should be sacked. She resigns so Sandra can be reinstated. She leaves the Rovers. Alan turns up at No. 7 and asks Rita if he can return. Rita and Jenny are delighted.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 1988
    Mon 28 Nov, 1988
    Episode 94
    Sandra feels that Pete has gone off her. Jenny tells Rita that Alan is moving out of their lives. She begs Rita to do something to stop him. Terry advises Mike to forget all about the graffiti. Mike discovers that his girlfriend Jenny's husband is definitely in Kuwait. Mike tells Terry he's worried about security; the married man might turn up and wreck the place. He gets Terry to spend the night in the factory guarding it. Rita calls on Alan and tells him he's hurting Jenny by staying away. He feels he has nothing to offer Jenny. He tells her she has to stop hiding behind the trauma of widowhood, saying she was a sexual iceberg and had nothing in common. She wants things to be as they were and begs him to return to her; she can't live without him. She promises she'll change and marry him if he wants her. He tells her she'll never change and he'll never return. She's terrified of the future and pleads with him to give her another chance. Betty asks Gloria if, as she suspects, she's seeing Pete behind Sandra's back. Gloria admits she is and doesn't know what to do. Betty tells her she must tell Sandra.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 1988
    Wed 23 Nov, 1988
    Episode 93
    Terry tries to get the graffiti off the jag but it needs a new spray job. When Mike returns, Terry shows him the car, letting him believe the graffiti is a warning for him. Mike is horrified and gets it re-sprayed quickly. When she doesn't hear from Alan about the Yard, Rita decides to see her solicitor. Mike confides in Terry that he's been seeing a married woman. Terry is certain he's got away with it. Rita is upset to receive a brief informal note from Alan saying he's vacating the Yard. Gloria feels awful as she's fallen for Pete. He tells her he really likes her and wants to see more of her. Sandra calls on Gloria whilst Pete's in her flat. She manages to get rid of Sandra without making her suspicious but feels rotten.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 1988
    Mon 21 Nov, 1988
    Episode 92
    Mike goes to London. Sandra has to attend a parent/teacher evening so has to break a date with Pete. She is pleased when he arranges to see her afterwards. The Wiltons return from Paris. Derek carries Mavis across the threshold of the flat. Terry fiddles with the Jag's milometer and takes Kathy out in it. Sandra has to stand Pete up. Gloria looks after him at the Rovers and he gives her a lift home afterwards. Kathy entertains Terry at her flat. He is horrified to find the Jag has been graffitied outside, with 'Stay Away From my Wife' sprayed on the side.moreless
  • Wed 16 Nov, 1988
    Wed 16 Nov, 1988
    Episode 91
    Brian urges Gail not to give her job up as they can't afford to set her up in business. Sandra is in love with Pete and wants to see more of him. Mike plans a trip to London. He tells Terry he doesn't want him touching the Jag whilst he's away. Bet decides to go to a health farm with Stella. Jack steals the microwave from the Wilton's flat behind Rita's back. Terry tells Kathy Pritchard the Jag is his and arranges to take her out in it. Gail tells Alma she's thinking of leaving the cafe. Alma considers selling up if she leaves. She doesn't want to look after the cafe herself. Alma tells Gail she doesn't want her to leave. She says she's willing to let her run the cafe as she wants to. Gail agrees but on the condition she gets a share of the profits from the sandwich round. Alma agrees. Terry plans to use the Jag whilst Mike's in London.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 1988
    Mon 14 Nov, 1988
    Episode 90
    Gail is annoyed that she has to stop the sandwich round. She feels frustrated working under Alma. Vera is furious that Jack hasn't got any money for the microwave. She refuses to cook him any food until he sorts it out. Terry has a date with a separated woman. Gail tells Alma she wants to run the round down slowly to let the customers find someone else but Alma wants it stopped immediately. Alma is annoyed when Gail accuses her of only being interested in the cafe when she feels like it. Sandra is thrilled when she meets Pete Shaw in a supermarket. He arranges a date with her. Jack tries to get the microwave out of the Wilton's flat but Rita refuses to let him. Gail decides to leave the cafe and take on the sandwich run herself. Gina says she'll help her. Sandra shows Pete off in the Rovers. Brian doesn't like the idea of Gail running a sandwich round from the house.moreless
  • Wed 9 Nov, 1988
    Wed 9 Nov, 1988
    Episode 89
    Percy gets Derek to the register office on time and all is well. They have their reception party at Emily's. Rita is hoping that Alan will turn up but he doesn't and she breaks down as they all wave goodbye to Mavis and Derek. Alma Sedgewick tells Gail that the sandwich round must stop.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 1988
    Mon 7 Nov, 1988
    Episode 88
    Mavis is upset when the paper boys joke about the possibility of Derek jilting her again. Percy starts to trail Derek. Alan tells Jenny he's moved into digs at 12A Redwing Road. Jack tries to sell the microwave to Derek. Alma returns to Weatherfield and hears Gail has started a sandwich round. She tells Gail she can't be doing so much business in the cafe if she's encouraging people to stay at work to eat. The lads play a joke on Derek at his stag night, phoning the Rovers as Victor, saying Mavis has run off with him. Derek guesses it's a joke, saying he knows Mavis loves him. Derek gets drunk on two pints and a brandy. Jack takes advantage to sell him the microwave. Mavis enjoys her hen party. She tells the women she will accept whatever happens as her destiny. Percy takes drunk Derek home. Jack makes them take the microwave, telling Derek he can give him the £200 in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 2 Nov, 1988
    Wed 2 Nov, 1988
    Episode 87
    Emily goes with Mavis to look for her wedding outfit. She can't make up her mind what to wear. Alan decides to look for a shop to start retailing alarms. He tries to get public sympathy by saying Rita is after all his money. Emily has enough of Mavis' dithering about as she tries on hundreds of dresses. Alan looks for somewhere to live, he tells Carole he doesn't want her being dragged into everything. Phyllis assures Arnold she's not using him. He agrees to take her out. Emily is worried that Derek is having second thoughts about marrying Mavis. Percy promises her he'll keep an eye on him.moreless
  • Mon 31 Oct, 1988
    Mon 31 Oct, 1988
    Episode 86
    Jack has some fun telling Arnold that Phyllis is two-timing him with Percy. Terry flirts with Gina, thinking she's easy. Derek doesn't know who to have as a best man now Alan has left Rita. Mavis hopes the wedding will bring Alan and Rita back together. Alan tells Derek he won't be at the wedding as Rita will be there. Bet makes Rita see Alan's come out of things well - he's still got the Yard and the business she paid for. Arnold tells Phyllis he knows she's seeing Percy and accuses her of using him to make Percy jealous. Rita tells Alan she wants him out of the Yard and she also wants the £6,000 back.moreless
  • Wed 26 Oct, 1988
    Wed 26 Oct, 1988
    Episode 85
    Rita tells Mavis that Alan has left her. Someone changes Percy's painting so it reads 'nosy parker'. Emily orders him to get all the paint off the pavement. He refuses to believe anyone thinks of him as a nosy parker, believing it must mean Emily. He accuses Don of vandalising his notice but Don tells him he's not bothered about what he writes. Jenny tells Alan that if makes her choose between Rita and him, she'll choose Rita. Jack admits to Gloria that he changed Percy's sign. Alan returns for the rest of his things. Rita is distraught as she hoped he was going to return for good. She begs him to stay but he refuses and gives her his keys back.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 1988
    Mon 24 Oct, 1988
    Episode 84
    Jenny blames Rita for driving Alan out of the house. Alan moves in with Carole. Mavis and Derek decide on a Paris honeymoon. Percy is annoyed when Emily is disturbed at night by Don coming home late at night in his taxi. He rows with Don for parking in front of No. 3. Alan tells Jenny he tried as hard as he could to make a success of his relationship with Rita but now it's over. She tells him he's a bastard. Percy paints 'no parking' on the pavement outside No. 3. Jenny tells Rita she thinks Alan spent the night with a mate and really wants a reconciliation.moreless
  • Wed 19 Oct, 1988
    Wed 19 Oct, 1988
    Episode 83
    Jenny begs Rita to forget all that she said. She tells her she wants to keep them all together as a family. Rita promises she won't throw Alan out so Jenny tells her that Alan's been seeing a woman in Oakwood Road. Rita goes through Alan's files at the office and finds out who lives at Oakwood Road. Gina has enough of Phyllis getting at her and accuses her of hating her. Gina tells her she's going to tell Gail they can't work together. Rita drives down Oakwood Road and sees Alan's car parked outside Carole's house. Audrey tells Phyllis that faced with a choice, Gail will keep Gina on. Phyllis tries to make up with Gina and begs her not to talk to Gail. She promises things will be better. Gina agrees to keep quiet. Vera gets the cash out of the Building Society. Jack is horrified when she only brings £30 home and gives him £15, telling him she's spent the rest on a bed, microwave and washing machine. Jack goes into shock. Alan guesses that Rita knows about his affair. He admits it to Rita, saying he's been seeing her for some time. He tells Rita she's physically cold and never shows him affection. She refuses to feel guilty. He tells her his affair happened because he wasn't committed to her - she wouldn't let him. He blames her for not marrying him and tells her he'll move out immediately.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 1988
    Mon 17 Oct, 1988
    Episode 82
    Rita quizzes Jenny as to why she was rowing with Alan. Jenny tells her it was nothing. Gina starts at the cafe. Phyllis shows her dislike of her. Alan sacks Martin, accusing him of telling Jenny about his private life. Martin tells him he wouldn't tell Jenny as he wouldn't want to hurt her; she's a mate. Gail gives Gina an old butcher's bike to do her deliveries on. Gina doesn't know how to rid a bike but agrees to give it a go. Derek tells Mavis he expects her to make the reception at her flat. She doesn't like the idea and is grateful when Emily tells them she'll lay on the reception at No. 3. Rita tells Alan she's hurt that he won't tell her why he's rowing with Jenny. He tells her it's none of her business and tells her to shut up about it. Vera tells Jack they should buy a new bed. Phyllis tries to prove to Gail that she can cope at the cafe. Gina enjoys meeting lads on the round. Jenny hopes she can stop Alan seeing Carole as she doesn't want Rita to get hurt. Alan tells Martin he can stay in the firm. Vera tells Jack they're having a washing machine and a microwave. Percy appoints himself host of the Wiltons' wedding reception and tells them he's baking them a cake. Rita asks Jenny if she's pregnant. Jenny is indignant and tells Rita that she hasn't been deceiving her.moreless
  • Wed 12 Oct, 1988
    Wed 12 Oct, 1988
    Episode 81
    Vera demands half of Jack's compensation but he hides the cheque. Joanne tells Jenny she's seen Alan hanging around with Carole Burns and has seen them kiss. Jack refuses to let Vera cash his cheque at her building society. Gail swears to Phyllis that she's not trying to get rid of her. Terry tells Ken that Mike's solicitor advised him to drop the libel case before he saw Deirdre. Gail takes Gina on to help with the sandwich round. Jenny accuses Martin of covering up for Alan. He refuses to say anything when she asks him if Alan's with Carole. She is stunned into realising it's true. Vera rows with Jack in the Rovers, telling everyone the insurance claim was a fiddle. Jack realises his only chance of cashing the cheque is to give it to Vera. He agrees to give her half the money. Deirdre is furious to discover Mike let her plead for Ken. She tells Ken that Mike's trying to stir things up between them. They agree to show Mike they're a loving couple. Jenny tells Alan she knows he's got another woman. Alan advises her to ignore nasty gossip. Mike is put out to see the Barlows all lovey-dovey. Vera puts the cheque into her account, telling Jack he'll have to wait for it to be cleared before he can have any money. He is horrified. Jenny breaks down, telling Alan she realises this is what he put her mum through.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 1988
    Mon 10 Oct, 1988
    Episode 80
    Jack gets a cheque for £600 from Vera's insurance. Phyllis fears that if Gail brings a young kid in to help with the sandwich round she'll be pushed out. Joanne hints to Jenny that Alan is seeing another woman. Ken is horrified when Mike tells him he's dropping the libel case as Deirdre talked him out of it. Ken accuses Deirdre of making him look a fool and suspects Deirdre flirted with Mike to win him round. He tells her he'd rather pay out thousands than have her act like a tart. She is hurt that he thinks she cheapened herself. DEIRDRE: (about Ken and Mike) "I'm sick to death of trying to keep the peace between two stupid, overgrown adolescents." Jack promises Terry a bottle of whisky if he keeps the news of his cheque from Vera. He doesn't have a bank account so can't cash the cheque. Alec refuses to cash it for him. Gina goes after the job at the cafe but Phyllis tells her it's been taken. Gail hears about this and arranges to interview Gina. Vera discovers that Jack has received his compensation.moreless
  • Wed 5 Oct, 1988
    Wed 5 Oct, 1988
    Episode 79
    The police find Alec's briefcase and return it to him. He takes great joy in showing Bet and Cecil his two paying in books – one for the Rovers and one for his artistes. Bet apologises to him for ever doubting his honesty. Deirdre calls on Mike at his flat and pleads with him to drop the libel case. Alec is horrified when Bet tells him that she knows how successful he is and she's like to help him spend his money. Deirdre tells Mike that they could lose everything if he sues them. He admits all he wants to do is teach Ken a lesson and doesn't want to hurt her. Gina goes for a job in a factory but she makes sure she isn't taken on by showing how thick she is. Mike enjoys having Deirdre in the flat pleading with him. She is shocked when he finally agrees to drop the case.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 1988
    Mon 3 Oct, 1988
    Episode 78
    Ken prints a two paragraph apology to Mike, on page two. Sally pushes Gina to find work. Cecil calls on Alec and suggests that if the Rovers is taking so much money, the rent should be increased. Alec gets fed up with having to explain about his club money. Gail spends her time drinking with Martin rather than going to the Job Centre. Mike tells Ken that as far as he's concerned the apology wasn't in the paper and he's going to sue him. Deirdre and Emily stop Ken from making a public scene. Sally threatens to have Gina sent to a Detention Centre if she doesn't get a job. Ken tells Deirdre he'll see Mike in court, upsetting Deirdre who fears her affair will be made public knowledge in courtmoreless
  • Wed 28 Sep, 1988
    Wed 28 Sep, 1988
    Episode 77
    Sally takes Gina to the Magistrates Court. Emily is upset when Mike tells her he intends to sue Ken and call her as a witness. Bet doesn't believe that Alec was banking his club money. Ken's solicitor tells him Mike has a good case and advises him to apologise to Mike. Ken grudgingly apologises to Mike for printing a mistake about the sub-standard curtains. Mike makes the most of the situation and tells Ken he wants a printed apology. Gina is fined £100 and put on probation. Sally has to promise to look after her and let her live at No. 13. Kevin isn't pleased. The police call on Alec and let him know that they think he's fiddling the insurance as well. Mike tells Ken he expects the apology to be a big one on the front page of the Recorder.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 1988
    Mon 26 Sep, 1988
    Episode 76
    Vera boasts to the girls that Mike is grooming Terry for management. Alec is mugged on his way to the bank. He is hit on the head and his briefcase is stolen, containing over £2,000. Ken runs a slamming story of Mike running a sweat shop. Bet is stunned to hear Alec was banking so much money. Alec assures her they are insured. Mike is furious to read the Recorder. He realises it will be damaging to the factory and threatens to sue Ken. When a customer cancels an order Mike decides to contact his solicitor. Kevin makes Gina see that it's best if she acts humble and tells the truth in court. Bet accuses Alec of fiddling the insurance as she knows the pub didn't take £2,000 over the weekend. He tells her it was his club money as well. Ken has quoted Mike as selling any sub-standard curtains which are made. Emily tells him this is true but they're sold to a market trader as seconds. He begins to worry when Emily tells him a customer has dropped an order so Mike has a case.moreless
  • Wed 21 Sep, 1988
    Wed 21 Sep, 1988
    Episode 75
    Curly lets Mike read the report. Mike finds it damaging and says it's all wrong. Curly is horrified when Mike rips it up. Derek assures Mavis he's doing all he can to get the divorce hitch sorted. Terry tells Mike he needs a chauffeur and right hand man. Mike admires his cheek when he offers his services and takes him on. Mike warns him that he's not to use his Jaguar for his own purposes. Ken feels the saga of Curly's report would make a good story. He talks to Vera who exaggerates the bad conditions. He invites Mike to give his side of the story but Mike refuses to talk to him. Mavis is relieved when the divorce hitch is sorted out. Gina confesses that she's been charged with being an accessory to stealing a car with Billy. Sally believes she didn't know the car was stolen but Kevin doesn't. Sally tells her she can stay so Eddie doesn't have to find out the truth. Curly tells Ken he'll give him a copy of the report.moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 1988
    Mon 19 Sep, 1988
    Episode 74
    Vera tells the Websters she feels sure Terry is ashamed of what he did and asks them to forgive him; she doesn't want him to leave because he's friendless. Curly writes his report, saying Mike makes his girls work in terribly Victorian conditions. Shirley tells the girls about his findings and they agree. They tackle Mike about their poor working conditions. Mike is furious that Curly's report has stirred them up and refuses to listen to them. Mavis hears through the grapevine that there's been a hitch in the Wiltons' divorce case and Derek won't be free until the New Year. She is upset that Derek hasn't told her. Gina turns up and asks the Websters if she can stay - Billy's in prison and she's nowhere to go. Kevin realises they don't have a choice. Mike demands that Curly lets him see the report. He threatens to sack Shirley unless Curly hands it over.moreless
  • Wed 14 Sep, 1988
    Wed 14 Sep, 1988
    Episode 73
    Kevin guesses that Terry has put a girl up to phoning Sally. He warns Terry off. Mike allows Curly to study the factory. Mike frustrates his intelligent questions by saying he's in business to make money. Alan and Rita agree to be Mavis and Derek's witnesses. Terry gets his mate Dazz to tell Sally to tell Kevin to keep his hands off his girlfriend. Sally is shaken by it. She breaks down and confronts Kevin. Kevin doesn't understand what's going on. Vera tells Curly all about the working conditions at the factory. Mandy overheard Dazz talking to Sally and feels bad. She tells Sally that Terry put Dazz up to it and it was her who phoned Sally up. She apologises. Mavis is delighted when Derek books the registry office for Nov 9th. Sally apologises to Kevin for not believing him. The Websters and Curly publicly spurn Terry. Terry pretends not to be bothered.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 1988
    Mon 12 Sep, 1988
    Episode 72
    Sally believes Kevin's explanation that Terry tricked a girl into kissing him, telling her it was his Stag night. Terry tells Sally he knows nothing about that. Kevin is annoyed that Sally believes Terry and not him. Curly needs to write his thesis on a working business. He asks Mike if he can write it on the factory. Rita and Emily can't believe Mavis has accepted Derek. They fear he'll jilt her again. Emily tells Mavis she must be mad. Sally is upset when a girl phones up asking for Kevin. Terry gets Mandy Taylor to phone Sally, stirring things up fore the Websters. Mandy is besotted with Terry. Sally accuses Kevin of getting off with a girl and giving her his number. Kevin swears he's innocent.moreless
  • Wed 7 Sep, 1988
    Wed 7 Sep, 1988
    Episode 71
    Vera gives Don £10 on Terry's behalf. Terry gets annoyed when Kevin refuses to lend him money. He is sickened by the sight of the Websters happily married. Emily and Rita are stunned that Derek has proposed. Mavis is delighted and revels in the euphoria of someone wanting her. Brian tells Don he wouldn't botch his repair. He tells Don that he knocked 10% off the service bill because he was family. Don is annoyed and gives him another £20 to cover it, saying he doesn't want favours, just a good job doing. Ivy asks Brian to make up with Don as she's sick of rows. Terry talks Kevin and Curly into a lad's night out. Derek tells Mavis he's expecting his divorce any day and wants to marry her as soon as he's free. Brian and Don make up for Ivy's sake. Brian insists Don takes the £20 back. Don refuses to so Brian throws the money at him. Don tells Ivy Brian can't admit he's in the wrong. Derek is hurt when Mavis tells him what all her friends think of him. She tells him he's hurt and humiliated her in the past and she's hated him for it. He is dejected until she tells him that she will, however, marry him. Kevin returns home at midnight. Sally is furious to find lipstick on his collar.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 1988
    Mon 5 Sep, 1988
    Episode 70
    Don annoys Brian by suggesting he did a bad job repairing it when it breaks down again. Mavis is horrified to receive a letter from Derek saying she hasn't got the job. She feels humiliated. Terry needs money and is forced to sell his gold watch to Alec for £50. Don sees Terry and grabs him, demanding his taxi fare. Terry swears he doesn't know what's going on. Derek calls on Mavis but she refuses to see him. He calls through the letterbox that the job wasn't for her. He tells her he loves her and proposes marriage. She is stunned.moreless
  • Wed 31 Aug, 1988
    Wed 31 Aug, 1988
    Episode 69
    Terry is surprised to discover Curly is living with Shirley. Mavis goes for her interview at Barkers and is stunned to be interviewed by Derek. He explains that he missed Manchester and sold his Cornwall company to Barkers. Mavis is embarrassed to see him but he's delighted to see her again. He continues to interview her. Curly loses Lucy at the fair. Shirley panics. Mavis feels certain Derek will give her the job. Lucy returns home, unaware of the bother she's caused. Shirley is furious with her and gets her mother to take her back immediately.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 1988
    Mon 29 Aug, 1988
    Episode 68
    Rita is hurt that Mavis is looking for another job. Terry returns to Weatherfield, getting Don to drive him to Rosamund Street where he runs off without paying him. Vera is thrilled that Terry is back. Jack is suspicious, thinking he must be after something. Shirley is annoyed when Curly spends all Bank Holiday taking Lucy to the fair. Terry flashes his gold jewellery and tells everyone he's done well for himself, working on funfairs all over the place. Mavis begins to doubt if she's got the ability to take on a more demanding job.moreless
  • Wed 24 Aug, 1988
    Wed 24 Aug, 1988
    Episode 67
    Curly enjoys having Lucy around and allows her to treat him like her own slave. Bet is upset when a little boy claims Rover as his lost dog Prince. Alec comforts Bet as she realises Tommy is his rightful owner. Mavis gets a job interview at Barkers' stationery firm. She feels certain it's going to be the start of her new life. Alec secretly pays the lad £10 for posing as Rover's owner. Lucy and her friend dance to ghetto blasters at the flat. Curly thinks the music's great but Shirley thinks Lucy's taking over. Mavis dreads telling Rita she's leaving the Kabin.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 1988
    Mon 22 Aug, 1988
    Episode 66
    Mrs Armitage has to visit her brother so she leaves Lucy with Shirley and Curly. With Shirley at work all day Curly has to entertain her. Bet spends all her time spoiling Rover and delighting in watching Alec feel uncomfortable with it. Shirley doesn't like the idea of having Lucy around, feeling she'll take Curly for a mug. Mavis applies for a new job as head of distribution at a stationery firm to prove she's worth something and isn't Rita's doormat.moreless
  • Wed 17 Aug, 1988
    Wed 17 Aug, 1988
    Episode 65
    Alec is frightened of Rover and the dog doesn't like him. Audrey refuses to stay if Alf if he doesn't talk to her. Rover runs away when Alec leaves the back gate open. Bet is upset and orders him to find the dog. Audrey tells Alf she has not let him down. She she's not going to live in an atmosphere. Brian services Don's car. Don tells Brian he didn't expect to be charged VAT as he's family. Sandra is upset when Tony sees her in her normal clothes and doesn't recognise her. Alf tells Audrey he believes in her innocence but she did make him believe she had done and that hurts him. She promises to be more careful in future. Percy finds Rover on the Red Rec and brings him back to Bet.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 1988
    Mon 15 Aug, 1988
    Episode 64
    Gail shows her dislike of Malcolm. He admits to her Audrey led him to believe in Canada that they had a future together. Alf refuses to believe Audrey was faithful. He throws Malcolm and his things onto the street. He threatens to kill Malcolm if he shows his face again. Arnold and Phyllis hitch a lift home together, getting drunk on the way. Arnold thanks Percy for putting him onto Phyllis, Percy is astonished that he fancies her. Gloria and Sandra go to a nightclub where Tony Walker chats them up, they call themselves Cheryl and Roxanne. They join him and his friend, who turns out to be Mike. Mike goes along with the charade. He enjoys getting at Sandra by telling her how bad his cleaner is. Gail tells Audrey she ought to be ashamed leading Malcolm on in front of everyone. Audrey breaks down when Gail tells her she doesn't respect her. Alec is horrified when Bet takes in an Alsatian guard dog called Rover.moreless
  • Wed 10 Aug, 1988
    Wed 10 Aug, 1988
    Episode 63
    Don organises everyone on the trip. Shirley looks after Curly as he gets coach sick. Arnold takes a shine to Phyllis. Percy sits them together and Phyllis finds Arnold a sport. Percy plans to escort Emily for the day but she spends her time with Mavis. Sandra agrees to a night out with Gloria. Mavis is fed up when Percy latches onto Emily and her. Phyllis and Arnold flirt with each other. Malcolm tells Audrey he's returning to Canada soon and wants her to come with him. Alf decides to drive to Blackpool to surprise Audrey and Malcolm. Jenny, Martin, Shirley and Curly spend the day in the Pleasure Park. The Tilsleys and Brennans spend the day on the beach picnicing. Nicky is fed up as Don plays with all his toys. Audrey is flattered but embarrassed by Malcolm's attention. He tells her he came over to see what her marriage is like and it's obviously bad. He urges her to be selfish. Alf searches Blackpool for Audrey and sees her sitting intimately in a pony carriage with Malcolm. Curly feels sick after the crowd eats and eats all day. Audrey refuses to leave Alf for Malcolm, telling him Alf is her husband and she intends to make their marriage work. Phyllis and Arnold decide to stay in Blackpool and let the coach go. Alf boards the coach and drags Audrey off. He accuses Malcolm of carrying on with her and goes for him. Brian has to hold Alf back. Audrey begs Alf to believe she hasn't been unfaithful.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 1988
    Mon 8 Aug, 1988
    Episode 62
    Don books a coach for the Blackpool trip. Alf tells Audrey he doesn't want her to go on the trip with Malcolm. She refuses to be ordered around and refuses to listen. Malcolm tells Audrey she's wasted with Alf; life should be exciting for her. Percy contacts old friend Arnold Swift and talks him into going on the trip, he tells him there's an attractive widow woman going who's his sort. Alf gets annoyed when Malcolm hints that Audrey's life is a drudge. He decides to go on the trip but it's fully booked.moreless
  • Wed 3 Aug, 1988
    Wed 3 Aug, 1988
    Episode 61
    Ivy tells Brian she's annoyed about being lied to about Audrey's visit to Canada. IVY: (about Audrey) "She seems to have made a career of making mistakes." Don decides to organise a coach trip to Blackpool. Alec refuses to let him call it a Rovers' trip as he doesn't want his regulars all going off for the day. Percy moves back in with Emily. Alec has second thoughts about the trip when he realises they'll need drinks on the coach. Ivy is upset when Audrey continues to talk of Malcolm as her brother-in-law. She tells her she's a liar; she knows the truth. Audrey tells her it's none of her business. Malcolm tells Alf he's pay for them all to go on the Blackpool trip but Alf tells him he can't leave the shop. He then discovers that Audrey has agreed to go with him.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 1988
    Mon 1 Aug, 1988
    Episode 60
    Audrey neglects Alf and the shop to be with Malcolm. Ivy is suspicious of Malcolm, who she believes is Audrey's brother in law. Emily feels sorry for Percy when she realises how lonely he is. Gus is furious that Alec sent a dud singer to the Old Band Club as he's been blamed. Ivy suspects Malcolm of having had an affair with Audrey. Emily finds herself offering Percy her spare room. He jumps at it, thanking her for her charity. Alec contacts Marge at the Club, telling her he's heard of Gus' naff singer. He succeeds in getting her to drop Gus and to agree to get her artistes from him in future. Malcolm innocently tells Ivy about Audrey's son Stephen.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jul, 1988
    Wed 27 Jul, 1988
    Episode 59
    Gus Ferris tells Alec he's been let down by a turn and he needs a replacement. Alec refuses as Gus is always trying to nick his acts. Jack overhears the conversation and tells Alec he could stand in. Alec realises that Jack has an awful voice and gives him the gig, singing at the Old Band Club. Audrey is thrilled when Malcolm flies in. Alf is not happy about the situation. Malcolm is full of his grand life style and how wonderful Canada is. Percy feels lonely in his new neighbourhood. Jack sings at the Club and is booed off stage. Alec is delighted.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 1988
    Mon 25 Jul, 1988
    Episode 58
    Ivy and Vera refuse to talk to each other. Percy visits the Street, telling everyone he's having a great time and is enjoying himself although he's lonely and depressed. Curly tells his parents he won't be seeing them. Shirley feels bad as she's cutting him off from his family. Alf books a holiday in the Lakes to please Audrey. Shirley tells Mr Watts she doesn't want to come for lunch as she didn't think she'd feel comfortable. She tells him they all need time to come to terms with the situation. Don tells Ivy it's stupid not talking to the Duckworths; they're acting as if they're children. Don calls at No. 9 and flatters Vera, taking the blame for the whole incident. They are all carried away with him and are all reconciled. Audrey tells Alf they can't go on holiday - Malcolm Reid is coming over to stay.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jul, 1988
    Wed 20 Jul, 1988
    Episode 57
    Don gives with winnings to Ivy to make her think his gambling is a good thing. Jack tries to get hold of £30. Bet refuses to sub him so he hides in the cellar from Vera. Vera discovers her £30 is missing. Ivy lets it slip that Jack and Don went to a casino. Mr Watts calls on Curly and invites both Shirley and him over for Sunday lunch. Vera blames Don for leading Jack astray. Ivy tells her Jack's old enough to get himself in trouble. Curly feels his parents want to make up but Shirley feels they don't really want her and refuses to go.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 1988
    Mon 18 Jul, 1988
    Episode 56
    Bet lets Sandra earn extra money by helping out behind the bar as a barmaid. With Ivy and Vera going to bingo, Don talks Jack into a night out at a casino. Jack is keen but needs stack money. The removal men move Percy and his furniture to his new flat. Percy thanks Emily for having him and is sad to leave Coronation Street. He moves to 15 Parliament Street. Deirdre feels that Ken is taking on too much when he takes on a new photographer. She fears he's spending too much money. Emily worries about Percy and gets Mavis to give her a lift to his flat. She is alarmed to find the block of flats is so dirty. Jack is depressed to lose £30 as he played recklessly. He asks Don to give him a handout as it was Vera's housekeeping money.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jul, 1988
    Wed 13 Jul, 1988
    Episode 55
    Emily hears that Percy's flat is ready. Percy is reluctant to leave No. 3. Sandra is thrilled the court are going to grant her an injunction so Ronnie will never be able to see her again. Fiona tries to interest Ken in buying word processors. Deirdre feels they can't afford to splash out. Emily braces herself to tell Percy she wants him to move out but he tells her he's decided to move into his flat. She is relieved.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 1988
    Mon 11 Jul, 1988
    Episode 54
    Jason runs out of the flat to the Rovers and tells everyone Sandra is being beaten up. Ken and Alan rush to help her. Mike calls the police whilst Bet takes care of distraught Jason. Ronnie leaves Sandra bruised and shaken. She is taken to hospital and kept in overnight for observation. Bet takes Jason in for the night. The police talk Sandra into making an official complaint against Ronnie. Bet apologises to her for not believing Ronnie was violent. Jack makes a list of his grievances since the accident, including lack of sexual appetite. Ken decides to rent premises in Curzon Road. He tells Statham he wants to buy his share of the Recorder and offers him £20,000. Statham wants £30,000 but Ken promises him the money immediately. Statham is forced to agree. The Barlows celebrate.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jul, 1988
    Wed 6 Jul, 1988
    Episode 53
    Mike tells Jack he's got a good case for compensation. Ken is proud when the Recorder is printed. Vera is stunned when Jack tells her he's suing her for compensation. He promises she won't have to pay any money as her insurance will pay up. Ronnie follows Sandra to her flat, she is dismayed. Sandra asks him to leave. Kevin tells Vera the car will cost £300 to repair. She thinks everyone is after her money. The receiver agrees that Nick has no share of the Recorder. Ken celebrates. Ronnie begs Sandra to take him back. When she refuses he starts to knock her about. Jason tries to stop him but Ronnie pushes him away. Sandra tells him to escape and get help. Jason runs off as Ronnie lashes out at Sandra.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul, 1988
    Mon 4 Jul, 1988
    Episode 52
    Jack lays into Vera about her driving nearly killing him. His nose is broken. Ken is amazed that Fiona kept hold of a set of keys to the office when the receiver took everyone else's. Vera worries that the insurance company won't pay for the car damage as she was kissing Jack when she had the accident. She announces she swerved to avoid a car. Sandra talks to Ronnie at the Rovers. He swears he's a changed man. She's heard it all before. Ken and Fiona break into Neptune House and steal the paste-ups.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jun, 1988
    Wed 29 Jun, 1988
    Episode 51
    Bet tells Sandra that Ronnie wants a reconciliation. Sandra is upset that no one believes Ronnie beats her. Vera forces Jack to go on a picnic with her. Fiona helps Ken get the Recorder together. Deirdre is annoyed that Fiona is helping out as she doesn't trust her. Ken needs the paste-ups which are locked in the office so Fiona suggests they break in to get them. Vera is full of romance at the picnic but Jack hates every minute. She forces him to lay with his head in her lap. Sandra decides to talk to Ronnie and put him straight, once and for all. Ken refuses to break into the office, causing Fiona to tell him he's not got any guts to help himself. Vera tells Jack she wants them to be friends as well as husband and wife. She orders him to take her to bingo. Returning home takes her eyes off the road to kiss him and hits a lamppost with the car.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 1988
    Mon 27 Jun, 1988
    Episode 50
    Sandra is horrified that Ronnie is on her trail. He confronts her and demands to know why she's run out on him. Ronnie finds out which school Jason is at and takes him out at lunchtime. Jason refuses to let him where they live, knowing it will cause trouble. Jason can't handle the situation. Ronnie tells Sandra he'll follow her to find out where she lives so she threatens him with the police. Ken and Statham see the Receiver but he is too busy to see them. They establish the Recorder is still theirs but don't know when they can publish as all their offices are locked up. Vera realises Mike is spending a fortune on an agency driver and offers her services as his full-time driver. Ken refuses to wait for permission and gets the paper out. Mike refuses to have Vera as his driver, telling her he wants glamour. Ronnie tells Bet he wants to make things up with Sandra, saying he loves her and wants his family together again. He's ashamed that he hit her.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jun, 1988
    Wed 22 Jun, 1988
    Episode 49
    Ken fears that Nick borrowed in the paper's name leaving him practically responsible. Mike causes a stir by parking his Jag in the street, letting everyone think he's driving whilst he's banned. Percy makes it his duty to spy on Mike and stop him driving whilst banned. Statham flies in when he can't get hold of Nick. Ken breaks the news about Nick's disappearance. Statham reveals Nick has never paid him the £40,000 for his 60% of the Recorder. Ken is delighted that Nick never paid him so he never owned the paper. Percy threatens to arrest Mike if he drives his car. He is annoyed when Mike introduces him to Denise, his driver. Ronnie Stubbs looks for Sandra at the Rovers. Bet refuses to tell him where she lives.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jun, 1988
    Mon 20 Jun, 1988
    Episode 48
    Percy starts his crossing duty. He enjoys wearing a uniform. Fiona tells Ken she doesn't know when Nick is and had no idea things were bad. She discovers a buyer was going to buy up the group but the deal broke at the last minute leaving Nick with debts so he disappeared. Vera is fed up that she never seems to go anywhere in her car. Martin grows suspicious of Alan's relationship with Carole Burns. Alan tells Martin it's not working out, him working for him and sacks him. Martin tells him he saw his car parked outside Carole's house when he said he was somewhere else on business, causing Alan to change his mind and give him another chance. Vera tells Jack she's considering selling the car as she doesn't get much use out of it. The solicitor tells Ken the receivers are being called in. Ken realises he could lose everything.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jun, 1988
    Wed 15 Jun, 1988
    Episode 47
    Alan talks Carole Burns into having a burglar alarm fitted and finds her attractive. Deirdre takes her driving test but fails it. A cabby friend of Don's gives Jack his suit back, saying he left it in his car. He wants to sell it back to the shop but Vera tells him he's keeping it and taking her out for a meal. Alan flirts with Carole who encourages him. Martin doesn't like it. Deirdre accuses Ken of not giving her any help with her driving. He assures her he'll help her in future. Percy gets the job of school crossings warden and takes possession of his lollipop. Jack is forced to go down the cellar in his new suit. The jacket is ripped on a nail. Fiona tells Ken the Clarion Group is in financial trouble and Nick has disappeared.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jun, 1988
    Mon 13 Jun, 1988
    Episode 46
    Jack has a terrible hangover. He can't remember where he left the suit and thinks it must have been stolen. Gail and Brian attend Ivy at the wedding. She wears an ivory two piece. Jack wears his Vince St Clair outfit for the wedding. Don regrets having him as bestman. Vera, Bet, Alf, Audrey, Nicky, Sarah, Shirley and Ida attend Don and Ivy's wedding at St Luke's. Brian gives Ivy away and Gail is her Matron of Honour. Jack has to hunt for ages to find the ring. The priest gets tired of waiting so they use Bert's one for the service. Vera recognises Jack's suit being worn by one of Don's mates. Jack gets drunk at the reception and insults Vera in his speech. Nicky drinks all the guests drinks behind their backs and gets drunk. Vera gets Jack to spy on the man in the suit. The man thinks Jack's gay and thumps him.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jun, 1988
    Wed 8 Jun, 1988
    Episode 45
    Ivy is amazed when the factory girls start celebrating her marriage in the afternoon, getting drunk at the Rovers. Vera organises her hen party. Mike is annoyed when the girls return late to work after drinking Ivy's health. In anger he closes the factory, locking the girls out, telling them he'll dock them all half a day's pay. Jack collects his suit. The girls get Ivy merry at her hen party. Jack escapes Vera and goes on Don's Stag Night. He returns at 2am without the suit.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jun, 1988
    Mon 6 Jun, 1988
    Episode 44
    Wayne follows Jason around as he does his round and fights him. Mavis is horrified to find Jason bloody again and wants the police brought in. Don takes Ivy to buy her a ring. She is amazed when he tells her they're going to Corfu for their honeymoon. Nicky refuses to be Ivy's page boy, saying he'll look daft. Vera tells Jack he's going to buy a suit for the wedding. He talks her into buying it for him. Mike wines and dines Graham Farrell to get him to boost his order. Emily is aghast to find Percy ironing her underwear. He tells her he's only trying to be helpful. Sandra gets the truth out of Jason that he's being harassed by Wayne. He wants to handle the situation himself. Jack buys a one-off sample suit. Vera gets the shop to alter the trousers for him. Sandra bumps into the Pickles in the Kabin, she accuses Wayne of being a bully. When Mrs Pickles threatens her Sandra punches her in the face and sees them off. Mavis is delighted but Sandra is horrified as she hates violence. It sickens her. Vera refuses to let Jack go on Don's stag night.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jun, 1988
    Wed 1 Jun, 1988
    Episode 43
    Emily can't believe it when Percy takes over the house, doing all the housework and waking her up by hoovering. She is annoyed when he starts organising her life. She is horrified when Percy publicly rows with Phyllis when Phyllis insinuates Emily is after his body. Don books the reception at the Rovers. He refuses to let Ivy get involved with the money side of the wedding. Emily is distressed by hearing people gossiping about Percy and her. She tells Percy she'll throw him out if he continues to follow her around, reorganise her life or partake in public slanging matches on her behalf. He is shocked. Don tells Ivy he wants to get her a wedding ring although she wants to continue wearing Bert's ring. She feels the wedding is costing too much money and feels they should use Bert's ring. Don refuses. Mavis hears that Wayne is planning to continue his harassment of Jason. Mavis refuses to stand by. She calls on Wayne's mother and tells her that Wayne has been picking on Jason. Mrs Pickles takes Wayne's side and threatens her with violence. Don apologises to Ivy and tells her she could wear Bert's ring on another finger. They make up and he agrees to show her all bills. They agree on a new start.moreless
  • Wed 25 May, 1988
    Wed 25 May, 1988
    Episode 42
    Phyllis feels Emily is taking advantage of Percy and is luring him into her clutches. Mavis tells Wayne she's sick of having to do his round and sacks him. She gives Jason his job. Phyllis tells Percy Emily is only after his body and tells him he should move in with her instead. Percy tells her she's cracked. Don brings his mother and daughter Maggie to meet Ivy. Ivy is alarmed to find Mrs Brennan so argumentative and such a hypochondriac. Jason starts his paper round. He returns with a bloody nose, saying he tripped over. Mavis realises Wayne has hit him. Percy moves his things into No. 3.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 1988
    Mon 23 May, 1988
    Episode 41
    Phyllis offers Percy a room at her bungalow. Alec panics when the burglar alarm goes off, driving the customers away. Ivy tells Brian she's remarrying, expecting him to object but he tells her he's pleased. Deirdre tells Emily that Percy's flat won't be ready for two months, not two weeks. Emily accuses Percy of deliberately misleading her. She feels bad when he takes offense. Vera is thrilled that Ivy is marrying Don. Jason asks at the Kabin for a paper round but they don't need anyone at the moment. Don tells Ivy his mother wants to meet her and asks Jack to be his best man. Jack readily accepts. Emily tells Percy that he can still move in.moreless
  • Wed 18 May, 1988
    Wed 18 May, 1988
    Episode 40
    Don strips the wallpaper at No. 5 and starts to hang new paper. Emily is horrified when Deirdre warns her that Percy is planning to dump himself on her. Mike is impressed by Sandra's work. He asks her never to talk about anything she sees or hears in his flat. Alan is annoyed when Alec gets someone else to install the security system at 10% cheaper than him. Percy asks Emily for temporary lodgings. She wants to refuse but he tells her he doesn't want to move away from his friends and it will only be two weeks. She agrees. Ivy thanks Don for helping her see she has to get on with the rest of her life. He proposes to her and she accepts.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 1988
    Mon 16 May, 1988
    Episode 39
    Mike takes Sandra on to clean his flat. Alan talks Alec into having a burglar alarm fitted and gives him an estimate. ALAN: "Women want a bloke they can look up to and all they find are wimps. It doesn't matter how liberated they are, deep down they all want the bloke to take charge." Don offers to decorate No. 5 for Ivy. Percy barricades himself inside his flat. Deirdre talks him into negotiations. Deirdre tells him she's managed to get him a flat in Rosamund Street. Ivy tells Don that today would have been her 31st wedding anniversary. She tells him the memory doesn't hurt anymore. Percy agrees to take the flat but it won't be ready for two months and he has to vacate the Centre in a week. He refuses to move into the Irwell Road flat temporarily, fearing he'll be stuck in it. He tells Deirdre he'll move in with Emily.moreless
  • Wed 11 May, 1988
    Wed 11 May, 1988
    Episode 38
    Vera asks Mike for her job back now Ida has confessed but he refuses. When she threatens to take him to a tribunal he shows her a file, telling her it's on her and full of sackable offenses. In reality it's the VAT file. Percy tells Deirdre he's being thrown into the street by the Council. She tells him he has to retire at sixty-five but promises to find him somewhere to live. Audrey gets a settlement from the credit card company saying she owes £668 run up in Canada. Alf goes to buy a coat and is horrified to find his credit refused as it's over the limit. He is thrown out of the shop. Alf is horrified to learn Audrey owes £668. He cuts her credit card up. She tells him he's being cruel and he must hate her. She tells him she can't handle money and tells him she needs guidance. Mike tells Vera he'd like to re-employ her but will only do so if she will be his witness against Ida to say at the tribunal that Ida was always a troublemaker. Deirdre discovers Percy has ignored all Council letters notifying him of his retirement. She tells him to look at his new flat. Emily has her hair cut short for the first time. Mike and Vera scare Ida into dropping the tribunal. Mike celebrates and Vera is delighted to have her job back. Percy looks at the tower block where he's to be re-housed. He refuses it and decides to barricade himself in his flat.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 1988
    Mon 9 May, 1988
    Episode 37
    Ivy tells Mike Vera did not shop him but she can't tell him who did. He refuses to reinstate Vera if Ivy won't tell him who did it. The Council asks Percy why he's ignoring the letters they've sent him. They explain he's now past retirement age and has to leave the job as someone else has been appointed. He is promised alternative accommodation and told his pension will be supplemented. Ivy asks Ida to tell Mike she shopped him as Vera is suffering. Jack thinks they should sue Mike for slander. Alf is annoyed to see pictures of Audrey posing close to Malcolm in Canada. He tells her he's sick of her whole trip. He tells her he doesn't like it when men look at her in the street, she is pleased. KEN: (about Mike) "I must say, Emily, I don't know how you manage to work with the odious little man without having to leave at regular intervals to throw up." Ida tells Mike she shopped him to the police and it gave her a great deal of pleasure.moreless
  • Wed 4 May, 1988
    Wed 4 May, 1988
    Episode 36
    Emily tries to stop Mike sacking Vera as she's worked for him for eleven and a half years. Alan sets up Bradley Securities Limited in the Yard. Sandra is late for her first day at work as she has to see Jason settled at his new school. Mike tells Vera he's not satisfied with her work and sacks her. Vera is upset and threatens to fight to get her job back. She doesn't understand why she's been sacked and breaks down. Jack comforts her and agrees to talk to Mike. Alan pesters Rita, saying he needs the equipment for his new business so she gives him a cheque for £1,000, telling him it's a gift. She realises she's a mug. Mike tells Jack he sacked Vera because she shopped him to the police. Vera swears to Jack she didn't but doesn't know how to clear her name. Alan offers Martin a job, Martin agrees to taking it. Ida hears about Vera being sacked, she feels awful and tells Ivy she shopped Mike.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 1988
    Mon 2 May, 1988
    Episode 35
    Sandra Stubbs answers Alec's advertisement for a cleaner. He is put off by her black eye. She tells him her husband gave it her. Bet tells him he can't hold that against her. Mike overhears Vera laughing over the fact he's lost his licence. Alan talks Rita into letting him use the Yard for his business, with him using it as collateral to get money from the bank. . She is amazed at the speed he's moving along. Alec tells Sandra the job is hers. Mike tells Emily he's not happy with the quality of the curtains being produced. He tells her he intends to make an example of one of the girls to shake the others up.moreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 1988
    Wed 27 Apr, 1988
    Episode 34
    Audrey is full of Steven. Alf tells her he's sick of hearing about him. Bet and the girls refuse to clean the Rovers anymore. Bet tells Alec he'll have to set to unless he finds another mug. Mike is banned for twelve months and fined £200. Bet forces Alec to apologise to Ken for throwing him out. Alf tells Audrey she can't go round talking about Canada as she'll let something slip; everyone thinks she went to nurse her sister. She doesn't care who knows but he doesn't want anyone to know she's got an illegitimate son. Alan is offered a load of good alarms at half price, £1,000. Don is furious when Mike accuses him of reporting him to the police.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 1988
    Mon 25 Apr, 1988
    Episode 33
    Rita tells Alan she doesn't know where she stands with him - he's turned into a liar and a cheat. Alan maintains he just wants to make a success of his life for them all. Alec advertises for a cleaner for £1.50 an hour. Bet tells him no one will do it for that money and she's sick of doing all the cleaning. Alf meets Audrey's plane as she returns from Toronto. Alan tries to win Rita around with flowers but she tells him she feels she can't trust him anymore. He promises not to keep her in the dark anymore. Alf lays into Audrey for disappearing in Canada and spending his money. Gail confronts Audrey and demands to know all about Stephen. Audrey tells her the circumstances of his birth and adoption. She tells her she didn't want her to think she was a slag so didn't tell her. Gail is touched by her story. Mike gets annoyed when some of the residents criticise him for still drinking and driving. Mike admits he was over the limit but doesn't care. Ken is infuriated by his attitude and tells him he's a menace on the roads and could kill someone. MIKE (to Ken): "You'd swear black was white on a Bible if it would harm me!" Bet is amazed when Alec bars Ken for shouting at Mike as Mike caused all the problems.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 1988
    Wed 20 Apr, 1988
    Episode 32
    Mike is indignant that he was stopped and contacts his solicitor. Vera thinks it's wonderful that Mike was breathalysed and spreads the news around. She hopes he'll go to prison. Curly tells Mike that the police were laying in wait for him; he was set up. Dave Craig tells Rita that Alan hasn't been working for him for a couple of weeks. Rita is puzzled as Alan is rushed off his feet with work. Mike accuses Gloria of reporting him to the police. She tells him that isn't worthy of her. Rita doesn't know what Alan's doing. She doesn't like the way Dave thinks she's Mrs Bradley. Dave calls on Alan at the Rovers and accuses him of poaching his customers. Alan tries to shut him up and throws him out of the pub, threatening him with violence. Rita walks out of the pub. Audrey phones Alf and tells him she's returning tomorrow.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 1988
    Mon 18 Apr, 1988
    Episode 31
    Curly gets a letter saying his mother wants nothing more to do with him. He is upset that she's turned her back on him and goes to Crewe to sort things out. Rita tells Alan she doesn't know him anymore; he's turning into a Jekyll and Hyde. He swears the car is an investment. He asks her to be supportive instead of always criticising him. Gloria is thrilled when she's sent a bouquet of roses. Mrs Watts refuses to let Curly in the house. Shirley is upset for him. Rita tells Gail Alf has told her the truth about Audrey, she wants her to know that if it gets out if won't be from her. Gail is furious that Alf told her. Mike books a table at an expensive restaurant confident that the roses will have melted Gloria. Curly tells Shirley he's going to accept the situation. Gloria is stunned to discover Mike sent the roses and is furious when he takes it for granted she'll go out with him. She throws the roses at him publicly and tells him to get lost. Alf tries to get hold of Audrey in vain. Mike is stopped whilst driving the jag by the police who breathalyse him. He is taken to the police station.moreless
  • Wed 13 Apr, 1988
    Wed 13 Apr, 1988
    Episode 30
    Alf oversleeps and misses opening the shop up. He feels neglected and upset to hear the residents think Audrey has left him. Ivy tackles Brian about why Audrey went to Canada but he tells her Gail doesn't want anyone to know. Mrs Armitage gives Curly the once over. She disapproves of him as he's living in sin with her daughter. She tells Shirley she should be ashamed. Curly promises Mrs Armitage he loves Shirley and won't hurt her. She is won over. Alan spends the £6,000 on a car. Alf is grateful when Rita cooks him a meal. He gets drunk and tells Rita about Audrey's son. Rita is furious to find Alan has spent her money on a car. He tells her he needs a car for the business.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 1988
    Mon 11 Apr, 1988
    Episode 29
    Alan asks Rita to lend him £6,000. She feels he should find out more about the business before he puts money into it. He refuses to wait and is annoyed by her attitude. Shirley celebrates her birthday. She tells Curly she doesn't want to lose the flat as she feels warm and happy with him. Alf misses Audrey and starts to drink for companionship. He feels that Audrey doesn't care about him. He isn't sure if she's coming home at all. Alan tells Rita that if he can't go into business he'll go to work abroad again. Jenny urges Rita to have faith in Alan and lend him the money he needs. Emily gets at Alf over this threat to evict Curly and Shirley. He has enough of the agro and agrees to them staying. Rita tells Alan she'll lend him the money to stop him leaving.moreless
  • Wed 6 Apr, 1988
    Wed 6 Apr, 1988
    Episode 28
    Shirley and Curly agree it's great living together. Martin and Gina have another day together at No. 13. Alan asks Dave if he can go into partnership with him but Dave says he's not interested. Billy takes off from work in a Vauxhall. Kevin swears he didn't let him test drive it but Brian isn't pleased. Billy calls on Gina and finds her with Martin. He goes for Martin, threatening to kill him. Sally is upset that her house is in a state after Martin and Billy's fight. Martin has a bloody face. Brian is annoyed when Billy admits to taking the car without permission and doesn't care. Billy gives the job up, telling him he's banned from driving anyway. Curly shows his parents around the flat. They are anxious to meet his girlfriend. Kevin is furious that the house is a state and tells Gina he's not interested in her excuses, he wants her out. He convinces Sally she'll be alright. Alan tells Rita that Dave has offered him a partnership if he can come up with the money. Mrs Watts is horrified to see Shirley is black. Curly is furious when she snubs Shirley. The Watts leave, refusing to look at Shirley. Shirley is upset but puts a brave face on it. Alf tells them he's sick of the rowing and wants them out of the flat.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 1988
    Mon 4 Apr, 1988
    Episode 27
    Gina gets bored as Billy has to work the Bank Holiday. She encourages Martin to call. Alf lets the flat unfurnished. He learns that it was a mistake as it's harder to get rid of tenants unfurnished. Kevin is annoyed when Brian lets Billy road test a car he's worked on, he gets Brian to change his mind. Sally discovers Gina has locked her out. She makes a noise alerting Gina who gets rid of Martin the back way. Emily helps Shirley make the flat look nice. Curly gets a few bits of furniture and Martin helps move him in. Shirley admits to Emily that she twisted Curly's arm a bit to get him to move in. Sally is certain Gina had a lad in the house and knows it wasn't Billy. Curly has some dutch courage in the Rovers before spending his first night with Shirley. Curly confesses to Shirley he's a virgin, she promises to be gentle with him.moreless
  • Wed 30 Mar, 1988
    Wed 30 Mar, 1988
    Episode 26
    Alf tells Curly he won't have immorality in his flat; he's got his reputation to think of. Curly tells him not to be so bloated. Rita doesn't like the way Alan makes decisions about his life without talking to her. Curly decides to get his double bed from his parents' house. Brian takes Billy on. Ivy wonders what Audrey is up to in Canada. She doesn't really believe that she's visiting her sister. Martin finds Gina attractive. Deirdre has her first driving lesson. Curly travels to Crewe to his parents' home. His mother makes the most of him having left the bins. She refuses to let him have the bed when he tells her he's going to live with a girl.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 1988
    Mon 28 Mar, 1988
    Episode 25
    Curly is keen to live with Shirley and likes the way their relationship is going. He breaks the news to Emily who is shocked and shows her disapproval. She tells him that she doesn't approve of living in sin. Billy asks Brian for a job. Brian is impressed by his motor knowledge but Kevin doesn't want him there as then Gina will stay at No. 13. Curly begins to doubt if he could live with Shirley as he doesn't know what his feelings are towards her. Alan is bored with running the video library. He gets a job fitting burglar alarms with Dave Craig. Alf is stunned when Curly tells him he'll be moving into the flat with Shirley.moreless
  • Wed 23 Mar, 1988
    Wed 23 Mar, 1988
    Episode 24
    Deirdre considers having driving lessons now they're a two-car family. Sally is annoyed when Gina keeps wearing her clothes and ruining them. Alf assures Shirley he's not prejudiced against her. She tells him it's his flat and he should do what he likes with it. Emily gets Sally to help her get at Alf. Sally agrees and tells Alf that Emily is taking him to the race relations board. Alf tells Emily it's obvious she wants Shirley to have the flat because she treats Curly like a son and doesn't want to lose him. Ken decides to sell the VW. He is surprised when Deirdre tells him she wants the car. Shirley tells Curly he can have the flat. He tells Alf he'd like it so Alf tells him he can have it if he can pay £20 a week. Curly isn't really happy about having the flat as it should be Shirleys'. Shirley suggests they move in together.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 1988
    Mon 21 Mar, 1988
    Episode 23
    Curly tells Emily Alf is using him to keep Shirley out of the flat. Nick tells Ken he's going to have a company car. Ken is thrilled. Curly tells Shirley the flat isn't his and he doesn't understand why she didn't get it. She's used to racism and tells him not to worry. Alf is stunned when Curly tells him he doesn't want his flat and it's obvious why he doesn't want Shirley to have it. Ken is stunned when his company car turns out to be a Ford Escort with the Clarion Group logo on the side. Sally tries to get her parents to take Gina back but Eddie refuses to see her. Sally is determined that Gina isn't staying at No. 13. Ken resents driving around in a mobile advertising hoarding. Gina introduces the Websters to Billy. They are shocked to find he's on probation. Sally feels she can't throw Gina out as she's end up getting into trouble with Billy. Emily tells Alf she's surprised that he's a racist. He tells her she's being ridiculous.moreless
  • Wed 16 Mar, 1988
    Wed 16 Mar, 1988
    Episode 22
    Sally doesn't like the way Gina flirts with Kevin. The Websters have a phone installed at No. 13. Brian helps Kevin pay for it so he can be contacted for breakdowns. Curly decides to forget about the flat as Shirley wants it. Emily writes Shirley's reference and gives it to Alf. Alf tells Emily Curly wants the flat himself. Emily is angry to think he wants to leave her house. She tells Curly she's hurt and disappointed that he's not been open about his feelings. Ken doesn't approve of Fiona's ethics when she blackmails people into advertising in the Recorder. Nick advises him to climb off his pedestal. Gina moves her gear into No. 13, as she wants to keep out of Eddie's way; he thinks Billy is a yobbo. Kevin is trapped into saying she can stay at No. 13. Sally is furious. Shirley is disappointed when Alf tells her he's decided to rent the flat to Curly, saying he asked first. Sally accuses Kevin of letting Gina twist him round her finger. Shirley bitterly tells Curly the flat is his. Curly is puzzled as he didn't give Alf a reference but Shirley did. He suspects Alf of being a racist.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 1988
    Mon 14 Mar, 1988
    Episode 21
    Fiona assures Ken she wants to learn the business and is keen to prove herself. Shirley is depressed living at home at her age and is sick of the overcrowding. She asks Alf if he'd let her have the flat now the Websters have moved out. He promises to give her first refusal if he decides to rent it. He stalls, saying he'd need a reference. Nick tells Ken he's moving the Recorder into Neptune House with the rest of the Clarion Group. The Gilroys are pleased that the baby has brought the together. Curly asks Alf to rent him the flat. Gina arrives at No. 13, telling Sally she's had enough of their Dad and dumps herself on them for the night. Sally isn't pleased. Curly discovers Emily writing Shirley a reference to help her get the shop flat.moreless
  • Wed 9 Mar, 1988
    Wed 9 Mar, 1988
    Episode 20
    Vera begins to worry that Jack is right and Amy has been stealing. Ken is annoyed that Nick has asked Janet to work full time. Jack convinces Vera he is concerned about Amy's thieving as he's in charge of stock and Alec will think he's the thief. She tackles Amy who accuses her of turning against her and threatens to leave. Nick makes Ken see they need someone full time in the office. Janet can't work it so they tell her she will have to leave. Amy tells Vera Jack's a rotten husband and should be thrown out. Vera becomes angry, telling her that Jack doesn't want to lose his job. Amy is shocked when Vera calls her bluff and tells her to leave, as she's missed her last bus Vera drives her and her bags to her sister Edie's. Bet returns from hospital, putting a brave face on things. Alone with Alec she breaks down, telling Alec she wanted the baby so much. They mourn together. Jack is ecstatic that Amy has left. Vera is furious to find Amy has stolen all her valuables and taken them with her. Ken is astounded when Nick's daughter Fiona moves into the office as his assistant. Ken feels she'll spy on him.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 1988
    Mon 7 Mar, 1988
    Episode 19
    The news spreads around that Mike has been beaten up. Gloria is upset but Ken is delighted. Jack discovers Amy is stealing bottles of stout from the Rovers. Nick asks Janet to work full time but she can't as she's got an invalid husband to look after. The idea of parenthood begins to be more appealing to the Gilroys. Bet admits to Alec that she's been having pains in her side. She tries to convince herself that it's wind but Alec makes her lie down and calls the doctor. Jack tells Vera that he thinks Amy is thieving from the Rovers. Vera refuses to believe him. Bet is taken into hospital and loses the baby.moreless
  • Wed 2 Mar, 1988
    Wed 2 Mar, 1988
    Episode 18
    Alec doesn't want a child. Bet doesn't understand how she became pregnant at her time of life. They're both frightened of the prospect of parenthood. Linda tells Gloria she's left Graham for good but is not going to chase after Mike. She confesses she's told Graham about her love for Mike. She asks Gloria to warn Mike. Betty is delighted to hear Bet is pregnant. She gives her extra hotpot. She gets satisfaction from calling Alec 'Daddy'. Graham and his brother confront Mike. Graham tells him that Linda has left him, he calls Mike a bastard and they beat him up.moreless
  • Mon 29 Feb, 1988
    Mon 29 Feb, 1988
    Episode 17
    Linda comes round. Gloria is stunned when Linda tells her she's left Graham for Mike. Linda swears Mike told her he loved her and she's been seeing him since Susan left. Mike begs Gloria to help him deal with Linda. Mike urges her to return home as she hasn't actually told Graham she's leaving. Gloria tells Mike she must have been stupid to fall for him. He asks her to take Linda home so Graham will think they've had a girls night out. Ken refuses to just give up the Recorder and decides to stand up to the Clarion Group. Bet returns from Morocco after having a wonderful time. Graham tells Mike he thinks Linda is seeing someone else. Ken meets Nick Cavanagh, owner of the Clarion Group. Ken tells him he wants the paper to be a success and is prepared to work at him with him. Mike is sorry that he had to involve Gloria in his problems. She tells him she despises herself for lying to Graham and is upset that she's been used. He tells her he never promised commitment. He accuses her of being jealous that he two timed her with Linda. The Websters move into No. 13. Bet tells Alec that she's seen a doctor and she's pregnant.moreless
  • Wed 24 Feb, 1988
    Wed 24 Feb, 1988
    Episode 16
    Ken looks forward to complete ownership of the Recorder. Gail works in the cafe in the morning, even though she's getting married in the afternoon. Gloria feels drawn to Mike despite herself. She is surprised when Mike tells her he admires her spirit and offers her a more permanent relationship. He gives her a key to his flat. Ivy, Alf and the children are witnesses as Brian marries Gail at the Registry Office. Gail wants it to be over as soon as possible and is embarrassed when Brian gives her an eternity ring. Ken tells Statham he wants to buy his 60% for £30,000. Statham tells him that he's rushed for time. He tells him the Clarion Group has put in a higher offer. Ken is furious. Statham tells him the Clarion Group will also buy him out, at £25,000. Brian and Gail's wedding night is spoilt when Nicky is ill and has to sleep with them. Linda gets drunk and calls on Mike, upset that he's finished with her. She tells him she needs him but she repulses him. They struggle and he shoves her to the floor. Gloria arrives in time to find Mike bending over unconscious Linda.moreless
  • Mon 22 Feb, 1988
    Mon 22 Feb, 1988
    Episode 15
    Ivy isn't pleased that Don is a regular gambler. Kevin fills out a mortgage application for Weatherfield Building Society. He worries as the form asks if he's ever been refused a mortgage. Pensioner Harry Ashton applies for a paper boy's job at the Kabin. Don is owed money from a fellow gambler. As he doesn't have any money, Don takes a load of keep-fit stuff in lieu. Ivy lets him store it all at No. 5. Curly takes Shirley out to the pictures to see 'Nightmare on Elm Street, 3'. Kevin decides to talk to the Building Society and be honest with them.moreless
  • Wed 17 Feb, 1988
    Wed 17 Feb, 1988
    Episode 14
    Gail demands to know from Alf what Audrey's up to. She is amazed when Alf tells her Audrey's gone to visit her son who's been involved in a car crash. Gail never knew she had a brother. Alf wonders what other secrets Audrey has kept from him. Statham tells Ken he's selling up and moving to Spain. Mike and Gloria go to a restaurant with the Farrells. Gloria feels out of her depth as Linda is so elegant. Statham offers Ken his share of the Recorder for £30,000. He has £10,000 saved and tells Deirdre they can get the rest by mortgaging the house. She realises he is keen and agrees. Mike assures Linda she's the only woman in his life.moreless
  • Mon 15 Feb, 1988
    Mon 15 Feb, 1988
    Episode 13
    Ivy is thrilled that the Tilsleys are remarrying. Brian is surprised when Alf tells him he'll pay for the wedding. He plans a big wedding in April. The Websters celebrate when they're given a mortgage. Gloria doesn't understand why Mike doesn't take her out anymore and can't understand what she did wrong. Gail tells Brian she only wants a quiet wedding - for Nicky's sake. Gloria asks Mike where she stands with him. He tells her he's been too busy at work to see her and asks her out for a foursome with the Farrells. Gail gets a phone call from Audrey who tells her she's flying out to Canada. Gail worries why.moreless
  • Wed 10 Feb, 1988
    Wed 10 Feb, 1988
    Episode 12
    Alec doesn't want Bet to go away with nymphomaniac Stella but refuses to leave the pub to go away with her. He refuses to let her go. She annoys him by telling all the customers Alec is being masterful and ordering her about. Alec doesn't like having his private business discussed over the bar. Pauline tells Gail she must be mad not to marry Brian. Gail tells her she's not in love with Brian. Bet tells Alec he's going to have to trust her not to be unfaithful. He realises she's right. Gail realises that if she turns Brian down he'll turn sour at being rejected. She knows the children need him and doesn't want to risk losing him. Bet leaves on holiday. Gail tells Brian that she will marry him if he really wants to. He is delighted.moreless
  • Mon 8 Feb, 1988
    Mon 8 Feb, 1988
    Episode 11
    Brian tells Gail he feels as if he's on trial. She doesn't want to spoil things as they're working out so well. Bet wants a honeymoon in Morocco but Alec prefers Europe. Harry's sister Muriel calls on Mavis and tells her Harry is very wealthy. She makes it clear she doesn't like her and considers her a threat. Alec is horrified when Bet books a holiday with Stella in Morocco. Brian maintains things will be better if Gail marries him; they'd be a settled family. Gail tells him she doesn't want to upset things incase it's too fragile.moreless
  • Wed 3 Feb, 1988
    Wed 3 Feb, 1988
    Episode 10
    Gail organises a family party to celebrate Sarah's first birthday. Don tells Ivy he'd like them to take a market stall long term Bet reminds Alec that they never had a honeymoon and asks him to organise one. He tries to get out of it, saying he has to run the Agency and the pub. Ivy tells Don that as Sarah's never been Christened she baptised her herself with water whilst babysitting once. The Tilsleys throw the party for Sarah. Harry takes Mavis out for a meal. She feels awful as he's a pensioner and orders an omlette as it's cheap. Brian tells Gail he feels they should buy a house together. She isn't keen as she likes things the way they are. He feels she's refusing as they're not married so proposes. She avoids giving him an answer.moreless
  • Mon 1 Feb, 1988
    Mon 1 Feb, 1988
    Episode 9
    Mavis doesn't want to go out with Harry. The paper boys and girls ask Mavis to sack Harry, saying they resent him taking a kid's job and threaten to leave if he doesn't. Harry realises how they feels and gives his notice in. Vera pushes Ivy into cementing her relationship with Don but Ivy is happy with the way things are progressing slowly. Mavis tells the paper boys they are petty-minded and selfish, she redesigns the rounds so they all share the rough flats and they agree to stay on, as does Harry. Brian decides he wants to make his relationship with Gail official.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jan, 1988
    Wed 27 Jan, 1988
    Episode 8
    Rita agrees to give Harry a chance and takes him on. Mavis worries that he'll have a heart attack. Don books a stall on the market to sell the exercise wheels. Ivy refuses to help him sell them. Kevin tells the Building Society about Sally's debt and how he's repaid it. His honesty is applauded and he is helped in filling out the form. Don shows Ivy a receipt for the exercise wheels to prove they're not stolen. She agrees to help him on the stall as a plant. Mavis is put on the spot when Harry asks her out for a meal. She agrees as she feels she can't refuse.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jan, 1988
    Mon 25 Jan, 1988
    Episode 7
    Ivy isn't pleased that Don is a regular gambler. Kevin fills out a mortgage application for Weatherfield Building Society. He worries as the form asks if he's ever been refused a mortgage. Pensioner Harry Ashton applies for a paper boy's job at the Kabin. Don is owed money from a fellow gambler. As he doesn't have any money, Don takes a load of keep fit stuff in lieu. Ivy lets him store it all at No. 5. Curly takes Shirley out to the pictures to see "Nightmare on Elm Street, 3". Kevin decides to talk to the Building Society and be honest with them.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jan, 1988
    Wed 20 Jan, 1988
    Episode 6
    ALEC (about Mike): "Smooth lecherous Cockney he might be. But there aren't many of the boss class left like him. Dedicated to grinding the faces of the working classes. And laughing all the way to the bank. Now that's what I call job satisfaction." Kevin tells Sally they're going to pay back her debt. Emily tells the girls that Mike is working them so hard to get out a big order. They are furious that Mike has cheated them into working all hours so he can make a big profit. Kevin realises every thing is going to have to be put back the way it was at No. 13. Martin can't believe it. Don is appalled when Ivy tells him how Mike has used his workers. He tackles Mike, telling him he's not being fair. Ken agrees with him when Don tells Mike he can't go treating people like dirt. Mike refuses to listen to them. Don accuses him of racking in blood money. Ivy fears his outburst could lose her her job. Sally is thrilled when Alf agrees to sub her a months wages so she can pay off her debt. Ivy tells Mike he's not going to get good results from the girls whilst Connie is breathing down their necks. Vera has enough of Connie bossing her around and tells her to shut up. Connie reports her to Mike and is astonished when Mike tells her she's fired; she's served her purpose. He gives Ivy the supervisor's job. Sally urges Kevin to apply for a mortgage in his name. He tells her to give Alf his money back; they'll repay her debt out of their savings. Gloria is upset when Mike breaks a date. Bet warns her that Mike will hurt her.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jan, 1988
    Mon 18 Jan, 1988
    Episode 5
    Ivy is annoyed when the girls don't make up the old rate and wages even though they work flat out. She refuses to take orders from Connie. Martin helps Kevin knock No. 13 about, building an archway. Mike is delighted to get an order from buyer Graham Farrell but isn't sure the order can be completed on time. Kevin spends his spare time stripping the wallpaper at No. 13. He and Sally are horrified when the building society reject their mortgage application. Mike realises he's going to have to win the girls round, he offers to up the rate 5% and tells Ivy he'll pay them all overtime at time-and-half. The girls reluctantly agree. The building society tells the Websters that in June 1985 Sally had a county court judgement made against her for an unpaid debt and as they didn't declare this they couldn't have the mortgage. Sally had forgotten all about the debt she tries to explain it to Kevin but he is furious, accusing her of ruining their chances.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jan, 1988
    Wed 13 Jan, 1988
    Episode 4
    Gloria enjoys a night out with Mike. Bet warns her to be careful. Ivy thinks Mike will reconsider sacking Ida and is shocked when he takes on a new supervisor Connie Parker who is experienced in curtain manufacturing. Connie starts to teach the girls how to make curtains up and Ivy is indignant to find she is now just a machinist. Vera hears that Alf accused Amy of shoplifting and tells him he was wrong as threatens him with legal action. She accuses Sally of calling her mother a thief. Patric tells Jenny he can't trust her anymore and decides to return to France. She is distraught when he tells her he can't marry someone who isn't faithful. Ida collects her cards and warns Mike she intends to take him to a tribunal for unfair dismissal. Patric says goodbye to Jenny and takes his ring back.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jan, 1988
    Mon 11 Jan, 1988
    Episode 3
    Patric accuses Jenny of stalling him and not wanting to get married. She doesn't know what she wants. Ida, Ivy, Vera and Shirley are horrified to discover the basic rate will be 20% less. The girls demand Ida brings the union in but Ida tells them the union won't be bothered as they don't pay their subs. They blame her for not collecting them. Ivy feels they should bargain with Mike but Mike refuses to talk to her. Patric discovers that Jenny kissed Gary but she tells him it was only a Christmas kiss. Alf and Audrey watch Amy as she shops and tackle her about shaving cream she hasn't paid for. Alf grabs her bag and finds the shaving cream but she swears she doesn't know how it's got there. Audrey advises Alf to let her go when she creates a fuss. Patric warns Gary off Jenny and is shocked to hear she took his ring off for Christmas. Ida tells Mike it's obvious he's making money and accuses him of exploiting the girls. He tells her she's fired.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jan, 1988
    Wed 6 Jan, 1988
    Episode 2
    Jenny wants to stall for time as Patric rushes her into marrying as soon as possible. Patric tells Alan his intentions. Alan is astounded and tells them there's no way he will agree to them marrying. Gloria is pleased that Mike could talk to her about his plans. Sally sees Amy pocket a jar of coffee. Vera is surprised when Amy starts giving her presents. The building society surveys No. 13 for the Websters. Lisa tells Patric that Jenny stole her boyfriend. Jenny tells him Lisa is lying and is obviously jealous of their love. He believes her. Mike enjoys watching the girls get into a panic over what his plans are for the factory. Jenny doesn't want to get married on the sly. She tells Patric she doesn't want to rush into things. Mike tells the girls denim is no longer selling well so they're going to switch production to curtains as they're cheaper to produce. He warns them that the work rate will be less so they'll have to work harder to earn their wages. He tells them they are free to leave if they don't like the idea.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jan, 1988
    Mon 4 Jan, 1988
    Episode 1
    Kevin and Sally start to knock the house around, taking all the old cupboards out. The factory girls worry when Mike cuts back orders. Sally is amazed to see Amy pocketing a tin of salmon. She doesn't tackle her as she doesn't want to offend her. Lisa tells Jenny she's ruined her life and she's going to make sure Patric finds out she's a cheat. Sally tells Alf about Amy shoplifting. Mike refuses to take any more denim orders. Patric arrives to Jenny's delight. Gloria is thrilled when Mike gives her a lift home. Patric tells Jenny he can't live without her and doesn't want to wait two years before they marry. Mike buys Gloria a meal and they spend the evening together. He tells her he's getting over Susan.moreless