Coronation Street - Season 30

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  • Fri 29 Dec, 1989
    Fri 29 Dec, 1989
    Episode 115
    Alf and Jim row over the window replacement cost. Alf is reluctant to claim on the insurance. Derek and Mavis cover up for his job loss, he tells everyone he's changing jobs as he's bored of Novelties. Bet worries about Alec as he becomes mournful. Ken tells Wendy that Deirdre knows about their affair. Deirdre is upset when Tracy tells her she knows Ken is with Wendy instead of working. Wendy tells Ken he's welcome to move in with her but he's worried about telling Tracy. Deirdre tries to explain the situation to Tracy, they comfort each other. Alec feels that he wants to find Sandra and make up for the last twenty years. Wendy tells Ken she's not prepared to share him with Deirdre. Alf gives Jim a glazier's bill for £145 as they sing Auld Lang Syne together. Deirdre sees the New Year in in tears as Ken returns from having spent the day and evening with Wendy.moreless
  • Wed 27 Dec, 1989
    Wed 27 Dec, 1989
    Episode 114
    Alma refuses to listen to Audrey's warnings and looks forward to being with Mike again. Deirdre accuses Ken of using Wendy as a way of getting back at her over Mike. She tells him she feels nothing but contempt for him. Mike entertains Alma. He tells her about the Spanish deal and that he's nearly broke. She feels sorry for him and assures him she's not put off him knowing he's got nothing. Alec is upset when an old act dies who was Alec's age. Ken asks Deirdre to give him time to finish with Wendy but she refuses. Alf is furious when the McDonald twins kick a football through the shop window.moreless
  • Mon 25 Dec, 1989
    Mon 25 Dec, 1989
    Episode 113
    Deirdre refuses to talk about the affair on Christmas Day. She tries to make the day as pleasant as possible for Tracy. Jack swears never to drink again after seeing Santa. Rita worries about Jenny spending Christmas on her own. Martin gives Gail a gold bracelet. They entertain the Brennans and the Roberts. Tracy tells her parents she'll go out so they can row. Ken tells Deirdre he was forced into Wendy's arms because she was so busy at the Council. He throws the Mike affair at her but she refuses to be blamed. Ivy is upset to find Brian's photo has been put away in a drawer. Jenny refuses to see Rita. Alma and Mike both have quiet Christmases. When he invites her for a meal on Boxing Day she accepts. Jack is relieved to discover it was Derek on the warehouse roof. Derek opens the envelope from work only to discover he's been fired. Deirdre refuses to talk any more to Ken and tells him to decide whether he's leaving or staying.moreless
  • Fri 22 Dec, 1989
    Fri 22 Dec, 1989
    Episode 112
    Derek is off to his office party. Sally invites Jenny for Christmas but she refuses and when Rita phones her she puts the phone down on her. Mike asks Alma to spend Christmas with him but she refuses. A very drunken Derek, dressed as Santa Claus, gets locked in the Novelty Warehouse. Vera and Jack forgive Curly and Jack invites him for a drink at the Legion. On the way back Jack is convinced that he has seen Santa Claus on the roof. Sing song in the Rovers being led by Percy but Mavis is tight lipped as Derek is still missing. Ken finally arrives home and reveals to Deidre he is having an affair with Wendy Crozier.moreless
  • Wed 20 Dec, 1989
    Wed 20 Dec, 1989
    Episode 111
    Nicky keeps asking about Martin. Curly has difficulty in finding digs. Liz gets a cool reception for Audrey. Gail tells Martin they are finished and to collect his things but when he turns up at the house Nicky appears wanting him to read a story. Martin refuses to accompany Jenny to see her solicitor. Alma gets flowers from Mike as a thank you for not letting him drive his car. Curly reveals to Vera the subterfuge he had resort to in order that she could keep her job. Martin and Gail make it up.moreless
  • Mon 18 Dec, 1989
    Mon 18 Dec, 1989
    Episode 110
    Gail is cool towards Martin after he has spent the night on Jenny's floor. Ken and Tracy, whilst Christmas shopping, bump into Wendy. Tracy later tells Deirdre about the meeting. The Duckworths tell Curly he's no longer welcome at No. 9. Alma, Terry, Gail and Martin have the cafe's Christmas party at a night club. Deirdre challenges Ken on why he didn't mention bumping into Wendy. He tells her he thought Wendy was a bad subject. Alma sees Mike drunk at the club. When he tries to get into his car she takes his car keys off him and puts him in a taxi. Jenny phones Martin at 1am, to Gail's fury he goes to her.moreless
  • Fri 15 Dec, 1989
    Fri 15 Dec, 1989
    Episode 109
    Renee congratulates Curly for getting rid of Vera, Kimberley overhears and is upset that Curly had a hand in Vera's dismissal. Rita realises Jenny blames her for Alan's death when she returns to find Jenny has moved out. Alan is buried. Martin, Sally and Kevin go along to support Jenny and are the only mourners. Curly finds Reg and Renee in a compromising position in the storeroom. Jenny is upset at the lack of mourners at the funeral. Curly secures Vera's job with the knowledge of Reg's affair. He is horrified when Vera discovers that it was his assessment that lost her the job in the first place. Audrey resumes house hunting. Jenny is emotional after the funeral and asks Martin to stay the night with her.moreless
  • Wed 13 Dec, 1989
    Wed 13 Dec, 1989
    Episode 108
    Jenny is determined to give Alan a proper funeral. She leans on Martin for support. Curly hands in his reassessments, he is appalled to discover they're going to be used to shed staff, including Vera. Martin stands Gail up to help Jenny. Alf has the rubbish cleared from the yard. Vera is sacked. She is convinced Renee Dodds is behind it all. Audrey locks herself in the bathroom with a bottle of whisky, drowning her sorrows. Rita recovers in hospital, she looks forward to the future. Jenny packs and returns to halls as she doesn't want anything to do with Rita.moreless
  • Mon 11 Dec, 1989
    Mon 11 Dec, 1989
    Episode 107
    A devastated Jenny identifies Alan's body. Curly surprises Reg by handing in his staff assessments early. Audrey is depressed about the house situation. Reg is not happy with the glowing assessments and tells Curly to make them more dodgy. Jenny feels that Alan was hounded to death. Jim threatens Alf if he doesn't clear the rubbish away. Bet offers to pay for Alan's funeral. Jenny refuses her help and tells her she blames all the residents for Alan's death.moreless
  • Fri 8 Dec, 1989
    Fri 8 Dec, 1989
    Episode 106
    Crichton calls off the search for Rita. Bet waits at the hotel for Rita to return. Alec tells Jenny that Rita is alive, she insists he tells Alan. Alan is outraged to discover Rita is in Blackpool and gets the hotel address off Alec. The Robert's solicitor tells them there's nothing he can do; they're homeless. Alf moves Audrey into the shop flat despite her protests. Alan drives to the Strand hotel in Blackpool to take Rita home. He finds Bet in her room and demands to know where Rita is. A terrified Bet rows with him. He bumps into Rita outside, she remembers everything when she sees him and tries to run away from him. She dashes through the traffic, he follows and is hit by a tram and killed instantly. Bet comforts a sobbing and distraught Rita as she collapses to the ground.moreless
  • Wed 6 Dec, 1989
    Wed 6 Dec, 1989
    Episode 105
    Rita has had a breakdown and has returned back mentally to the mid-70's. The Roberts move out of No. 11. Bet is concerned for Rita's sanity and stops Alec contacting the police. The Roberts arrive at Hillside Crescent but are told they can't move in as the chain has broken down. They return to No. 11 but are too late as the McDonalds move in with their teenage twin sons, Steve and Andy. Jim is furious to find the backyard full of Alf's junk. The Roberts book into a hotel. Audrey becomes distraught when the Duckworths see them there. Alan tells Jenny that Rita has ruined his life. Bet pretends to be ill to lure Rita to hospital. Alec returns home and tells the police that Rita is in Blackpool. Rita disappears from the hospital.moreless
  • Mon 4 Dec, 1989
    Mon 4 Dec, 1989
    Episode 104
    Vera receives a cheque for £1,123 redundancy money. She takes the day off as a celebration. Deirdre confides in Emily that she and Ken are having problems in their marriage. Alec receives a phone call from Cyril Partridge in Blackpool who has Rita Littlewood staying with him. Bet gets Alec to drive her to Blackpool. Audrey wants Alf to throw his old furniture away whilst they're moving. Alf stores the furniture in the back yard. Vera buys a new dress and a suit for Jack for a big night out. The Gilroys arrive at the Strand Hotel to find Rita singing in the bar. She stuns Bet by asking her how Len is coping on his own.moreless
  • Fri 1 Dec, 1989
    Fri 1 Dec, 1989
    Episode 103
    Mike tries to stop the Spanish deal but the sale has already gone through. Ken asks Wendy for more time before he tells Deirdre about them. Maurice refuses to take Alan back on at the site. Eddie has to stop Alan from hitting Maurice. Dawn begs Robert to buy the land back off Mike but he refuses. Eddie explains to Tina that he is not married to Jamie's mother and is a one-parent family. She is mollified. Maurice tells Deirdre that Ken is never in the Recorder office and rumour has it that the paper is sinking. Mike accuses Dawn of being in league with Robert to fleece him of all his money. She is upset and packs her stuff, leaving him. Deirdre asks Ken if he's having an affair. He is defensive and makes her break down and apologise for doubting him. That night, the residents lose patience with Alan and turn on him in the Rovers. He threatens them with a broken bottle as they advance on him. They break up when an upset Sally bursts into the pub and shouts out that the police are digging up the building site, looking for Rita's body. All of the residents, including Alan after he is goaded by Audrey, pour out of the pub and watch as the police start their operations.moreless
  • Wed 29 Nov, 1989
    Wed 29 Nov, 1989
    Episode 102
    Scene of crime squad arrives at No. 7. Ken tries to see Wendy but she's had enough and tells him to tell Deirdre about their affair. The police search Alan's bedsit. Tina refuses to speak to Eddie and tells him to go back to his wife. Ken is furious when Mike jokes to Deirdre that Ken has a girlfriend. Ken tells him to stay away from Deirdre. Wendy calls at the Kabin to see Deirdre. She is annoyed as Deirdre obviously doesn't know about the affair. Eddie swears to Tina that he's not married. A gleeful Mike tells Robert he bought the petrol station from under his nose for £150,000. He offers it to Robert for £250,000. Robert shatters him by telling him he's not interested in the land and reveals Mike bought the land off him all along through an intermediary and it's useless. He suggests Mike stays in his own league in future.moreless
  • Mon 27 Nov, 1989
    Mon 27 Nov, 1989
    Episode 101
    Mike returns from Spain, very pleased with himself. Alan is taken in for questioning again. Wendy tells Ken she's had enough of secrecy and wants to know who and what he wants. She tells him not to call her until he's made a decision. The police interrogate Alan. He swears he doesn't know where Rita is. Dawn is furious when Mike tells her he's bought the petrol station in Alcazar which Robert was planning to buy. Maurice sacks Alan as he doesn't want any trouble from the police. When Mike mentions to Deirdre he saw Ken at the airport, Ken tells Deirdre he was doing an airport passenger survey. Mrs Ramsden tells Tina that Jamie is Eddie's son.moreless
  • Fri 24 Nov, 1989
    Fri 24 Nov, 1989
    Episode 100
    Mavis goes to the mortuary and is relieved that the woman is not Rita. Eddie tells Tina his mother was ill but she refuses to believe him. The police take Alan in for questioning. Audrey is thrilled when the Robert's offer is accepted on a semi in Hillside Crescent. Maurice is annoyed that the police keep taking Alan off. The police search No. 7 for clues to Rita's whereabouts, Jenny begins to feel scared. Alan feels he's being victimised. Tina is touched to see Eddie babysitting with his baby brother Jamie. Ken worries as he hears Mike is returning in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 22 Nov, 1989
    Wed 22 Nov, 1989
    Episode 99
    Jenny moves back into No. 7 to wait for Rita to return. Mavis and Deirdre persuade Crichton to make enquiries about Rita's disappearance. Tina manages to get Jack to swap his night off with her so she can go out with Eddie. Wendy feels that Ken will never leave his family for her. Tina is upset when Eddie stands her up. Crichton asks Mavis to identify a woman at the mortuary who might be Rita.moreless
  • Mon 20 Nov, 1989
    Mon 20 Nov, 1989
    Episode 98
    Ken fears that Mike will cause trouble. Wendy doesn't see what he's worried about. Jenny rows with Mavis for bringing the police into Rita's disappearance. Tina agrees to go out with Eddie. Deirdre helps Mavis out at the Kabin. Alan gives Jenny £50 to help her out. Eddie and Tina have their first date. Mavis is convinced that Alan has murdered Rita and insists on going back to the police. Derek refuses to go with her so Deirdre agrees to.moreless
  • Fri 17 Nov, 1989
    Fri 17 Nov, 1989
    Episode 97
    Jack volunteers to referee the football match. Even more worried about Rita, Mavis is persuaded by Bet to call the police. Mike looks into the Spanish property. Jones is suspicious that Gazza the Giant is a Rovers regular. Derek also volunteers to referee the match and Alec agrees, sure that he will win the bet. Mike tells Dawn that he's going to London on business. The Rovers team wins the match and Alec wins his bet, despite Jones' suspicions. Ken meets Wendy at Manchester Airport. Mike is also there, flying to Spain and he sees Ken kiss Wendy. Ken spots Mike grinning at him.moreless
  • Wed 15 Nov, 1989
    Wed 15 Nov, 1989
    Episode 96
    Eddie asks Tina out. Alec refuses to buy strips for the lads. Robert apologises to Mike for his rudeness. Mavis grows worried about Rita's whereabouts. Jenny feels she's just gone on holiday. Alec has a Rovers' strip printed very cheaply. He is one man down on the team and Gazza the Giant is roped in. Alec is so confident he ups the bet with Maurice to £50. Mike fears he could do better then Robert any day. Robert tells him about a deal he's doing in Alcazar for land and whets Mike's appetite.moreless
  • Mon 13 Nov, 1989
    Mon 13 Nov, 1989
    Episode 95
    Tina quite enjoys Eddie following her around. Mike gets bored with not working. Dawn is pleased when her brother Robert flies in from Spain. Maurice gets Alec to put a £25 bet on the football match. Alec tries to get Kevin and Mark to play but they refuse to return to the Rovers. Dawn fears Robert and Mike won't get on and tries to keep them apart. Jack offers Kevin and Mark free drinks to return to the Rovers. They gladly return. Mavis worries when Rita doesn't arrive at work. Mike lays on a meal for Robert. Dawn and Robert go but she realises it was a mistake as Robert's success gets Mike annoyed. Robert thinks Mike is a failure.moreless
  • Fri 10 Nov, 1989
    Fri 10 Nov, 1989
    Episode 94
    Alec blames Tina for the fight in the pub but Bet backs her up. Mavis and Derek try to persaude Rita to take the day off. She refuses and breaks down. Bet goads Alec into trying to compensation from Jones but he refuses. Alan gets into No. 7 and moves the tin in which the mortgage deeds were held onto the table. Bet tells Alec to stop picking on Tina and face the real culprits. He does so - and bars Kevin, Sally and Marj for good measure! Rita comes home and panics. She flees outside and makes Don call the police. When they appear and spot a moved tin and no sign of a break-in, it starts to look as though Rita is cracking up. Bet persaudes Jones to pay up. He also suggests a 5-a-side football match between the Rovers and the builders. Alec is pleased but Bet points out he's barred half the team. Jenny hears about Rita calling the police. Furious, she packs her bags and leaves. Alan watches her go. Rita, fast breaking down, watches him from the upstairs window.moreless
  • Wed 8 Nov, 1989
    Wed 8 Nov, 1989
    Episode 93
    Jenny tells Rita she's being obsessed with Alan. The site workers give Tina the run around. Alec asks her to be nice to them as he doesn't want to lose their custom. Vera invites Kimberley to tea as a surprise for Curly. Jack tells her about Curly's past with Shirley. Eddie apologises to Tina in the Rovers. When Kevin arrives, the site workers turn on him and a fight starts. Kevin is thrown across a table and Curly is thumped in the eye.moreless
  • Mon 6 Nov, 1989
    Mon 6 Nov, 1989
    Episode 92
    Jenny accuses Rita of being vindictive. Vera pushes Curly to take Kimberley out but he isn't keen. Alan is released from the police station when the police find the Kabin intruder. Jenny is thrilled. Curly is forced into asking Kimberley for a date. Eddie Ramsden makes a play for Tina but she isn't interested. Vera match-makes between Kimberley and Curly. When Eddie bothers Tina, Kevin defends her, a scuffle ensues and Eddie is thrown out. Alan tells Rita she owes him an apology over the Kabin break-in and threatens her.moreless
  • Fri 3 Nov, 1989
    Fri 3 Nov, 1989
    Episode 91
    Audrey sleeps in the spare room. Mavis and Rita call in the police over the Kabin break-in, Rita is puzzled as the alarm had been turned off. Rita tells the police she's certain Alan did it. Alan is taken in for questioning. Jenny can't believe Rita set the police on Alan. Alf tells Audrey she can have the dockland flat even though it will mean a bigger mortgage. She tells him she'll settle for a semi. They are reconciled. Alan maintains he didn't break into the Kabin. Curly feels he can't ask Kimberley for a date as he's her boss. Jim McDonald is pleased when Audrey tells him he can have No. 11. Alan spends the night in the cells. Jenny accuses Rita of wanting Alan to be guilty.moreless
  • Wed 1 Nov, 1989
    Wed 1 Nov, 1989
    Episode 90
    Audrey asks Dawn to hang on to the flat until she's convinced Alf. Rita gets a letter from Alan wanting settlement for the videos. Audrey is upset as Alf stalls over the house buying. He says he's definitely not buying the flat. The McDonalds are annoyed when Alf cancels the sale but Audrey tells them to take no notice. Rita tells Alan she's not going to give him any money. Vera tells Curly that Kimberley fancies him. Audrey tells Alf she's leaving No. 11 with or without him. Someone breaks into the Kabin at night.moreless
  • Mon 30 Oct, 1989
    Mon 30 Oct, 1989
    Episode 89
    Alf has a dizzy turn at the thought of selling No. 11 and goes to the doctor. Vera starts work at Bettabuy under Curly's management. The doctor advises Alf to go on a diet and tells him buying a new flat will do him good as he could walk to work. Alan is forced to take a labouring job at the building site. Vera gets into trouble at work when she breaks the store detective's cover. Curly has to get Vera to tone down her make-up. She turns on him for siding with Renee the store detective against her. Rita decides to hibernate at home. Alf accuses Dawn of pushing Audrey into buying a flat. She flees after he gives her a mouthful. Rita is horrified to see Alan working on the building site opposite her house.moreless
  • Fri 27 Oct, 1989
    Fri 27 Oct, 1989
    Episode 88
    Alan moves into a bedsit at 31 Redford Street. Curly enjoys his new found authority. He is shocked when Vera sees Reg for a job. Dawn tells Audrey the docklands are starting a new phase. Audrey is keen to buy one of the flats. Reg gives Vera a job when she gives Curly as a reference. Curly fears she'll be no good and he'll be responsible. Alan tries to interest Maurice in backing an alarm business. Maurice isn't interested. Audrey shows ex-army sergeant Jim McDonald and his wife Liz round the house. Alf is horrified when they agree to buy it.moreless
  • Wed 25 Oct, 1989
    Wed 25 Oct, 1989
    Episode 87
    Curly starts work at Bettabuys. Mavis is upset when Alan calls at the Kabin. She has to pretend Derek is upstairs. Eccentric Store Manager Reg Holdsworth teaches Curly the ropes. Alan asks Mike to go into business with him, putting money up for a security business. Mike tells him he's not interested. Alan gets nasty when he discovers Dawn is Mike's girlfriend. Alf is shocked when Audrey calls in an estate agent to have the house valued. It is valued at £25,000, Alf is confident that the asking price won't be offered. Store worker Kimberley Taylor falls for Curly. Jenny is upset to hear Mike talking to Rita about Alan's nastiness. She tells them they've got Alan wrong. Curly is dismayed when Jack asks him to get Vera a job at the supermarket. No. 11 goes up for sale.moreless
  • Mon 23 Oct, 1989
    Mon 23 Oct, 1989
    Episode 86
    Rita is paralysed with shock at seeing Alan. He enters the house despite her telling him to go away. Curly lands the job of assistant manager (trainee) at Bettabuy's Supermarket. Alan tells Rita he wants to see Jenny but she is out. Rita is in tears as his presence threatens her and he taunts her. Audrey tells Dawn she'll persuade Alf to buy a flat. Alan rows with Rita and calls her vindictive. Bet arrives to see Rita and Alan leaves via the back door. Rita breaks down and is comforted by Bet. Alf refuses to buy a dockland flat. Alan tells Jenny he wants to stay around her and needs her love. Alf is horrified to discover Audrey knows how much money he has in the building society. Jenny tells Rita that she's being over dramatic about Alan's visit.moreless
  • Fri 20 Oct, 1989
    Fri 20 Oct, 1989
    Episode 85
    Rita fears that Alan will come after her and locks herself in the house. Ivy is forced to involve Martin in her nursing when Nicky demands to play with him. Deirdre surprises Ken with a picnic at the Recorder office but he's arranged to see Wendy and has to get rid of her. Martin reassures Ivy that he won't try to step into Brian's shoes. She is impressed by the way he handles Nicky. The Roberts are entertained by Mike and Dawn. Audrey wants to buy one of the dockland flats but Alf isn't interested. Rita opens the door to Alan, thinking he's someone else.moreless
  • Wed 18 Oct, 1989
    Wed 18 Oct, 1989
    Episode 84
    Crichton worries that Rita will crumble on the stand. Rita appears vindictive and is determined to see Alan go down. Gail goes back to the cafe as Ivy looks after the children. She refuses to look after Martin. Percy and Phyllis go to court to see Alan's trial. Alan pleads guilty to the charges of deception and actual bodily harm. Rita and Jenny are relieved they won't have to give evidence as Alan has pleaded guilty. Mike shows Audrey round his new flat. She loves it and arranges to bring Alf to dinner. Martin has a hard time with Ivy in the house. Jenny is upset when Alan gets two years. Rita is furious it wasn't longer. She is stunned to learn that he's served enough of his time on remand and has been released. Alan walks free from the court.moreless
  • Mon 16 Oct, 1989
    Mon 16 Oct, 1989
    Episode 83
    Gail can't work as she has to look after Nicky and Martin. Rita is horrified that Martin won't be able to give evidence against Alan because of his mumps. He is too sick to go home and is stuck at Gail's. Ken and Wendy make love in the afternoon. Ivy worries about Nicky's health and calls round as she thinks Martin and Gail have split. She is furious to find Martin at the house. Rita breaks down at the thought of sending Jenny's Dad to prison.moreless
  • Wed 11 Oct, 1989
    Wed 11 Oct, 1989
    Episode 82
    Deirdre accepts Ken's apology. He tells her he had to work late. Wendy suggests that she leaves the Recorder but Ken tells her there's no need. He wants an affair with her and she is keen. Rita fears the trial. Martin goes down with mumps. Wendy decides she must leave the Recorder. Ken tells Deirdre, she is delighted.moreless
  • Mon 9 Oct, 1989
    Mon 9 Oct, 1989
    Episode 81
    Ken celebrates his fiftieth birthday. Sally has the plaster taken off her leg. Martin tries to persuade Gail to attend the Websters' party but she fears she'll feel too old. Maurice tells Deirdre he will pay the redundancies. The factory girls celebrate. Wendy feels sorry for Ken as Deirdre forgets his birthday. She lays on a meal for him. Gail is persuaded to go to the party. Deirdre makes Ken a surprise birthday meal but he doesn't return. Jenny takes Stuart to the Webster's party, Mark takes Stephanie. Martin gets drunk and tells Gail he loves her. Ken and Wendy get to know each other better. When he kisses her she doesn't stop him. Martin declares his love for Gail loudly in the Street, in front of Ivy. Gail is embarrassed. Ken returns home to find the table laid for his surprise party but Deirdre has gone to bed.moreless
  • Wed 4 Oct, 1989
    Wed 4 Oct, 1989
    Episode 80
    The Gazette backs the factory picket. Jones accuses Deirdre of being a left wing busy body. Gail fears that Martin is becoming overenthusiastic about their affair. Maurice threatens to break the Recorder if Ken doesn't get Deirdre off his back. Ken refuses and advises Deirdre to try the Department of Employment. Gail decides to move Martin into Sarah Louise's room for appearances sake. Nicky comes down with mumps. The Websters plan an anniversary party.moreless
  • Mon 2 Oct, 1989
    Mon 2 Oct, 1989
    Episode 79
    Gail is cross with Martin for answering her phone but they make it up later. Deirdre sides with the factory girls and joins them when they have a sit-in on the site. Ken doesn't send a photographer but the Gazette does. Martin and Gail go public and meet in the Rovers and bump into Ivy. She doesn't take Vera's comments well. The factory girls take it in turns to guard the building site. Martin seems to have brought his slippers.moreless
  • Wed 27 Sep, 1989
    Wed 27 Sep, 1989
    Episode 78
    Emily goes on to the building site and when told Jones is not there, she says she'll wait. When he arrives he tries to fob her off but he does finally talk to her and refuses to take responsibility for redundancy money and the girls are disappointed and they come to a decision to implement stage two. Jenny is still worried about her dad and both Audrey then Alf drop round to warn her trial won't be plain sailing. Audrey takes Ivy's side against Gail and Martin but Gail says their relationship will go on.moreless
  • Mon 25 Sep, 1989
    Mon 25 Sep, 1989
    Episode 77
    Vera urges Ken to do a story on Mike selling his workers. Gail is furious to hear that Ivy hit Martin. Jenny starts at the Polytechnic studying Environmental Studies. Ken enjoys working with Wendy. Gail tells Ivy to keep away from her and the children. Ken interviews Mike over the factory sell off. Mike is happy to pose for a photo, sucking a cigar. Vera and the factory girls go to the Department of Employment Office looking for compensation. They are told Maurice is responsible for their redundancy payments. Jenny is too worried about Alan's trial to make new friends. Emily strikes up a plan of action to fight for redundancies.moreless
  • Wed 20 Sep, 1989
    Wed 20 Sep, 1989
    Episode 76
    The bulldozers move in and start to demolish the factory and the Community Centre. Kevin and Sally don't like Elsie living with them as she keeps hinting about babies. Gail surprises Audrey and Ivy be cornering them and telling them her affair with Martin is nothing to do with either of them. Gail accuses Ivy of blaming her for Brian's death. Ivy thinks her carrying on will have a bad effect on the children. Jenny makes arrangements to go to Manchester Poly rather than Brighton as she feels Rita needs her. Percy is sad to see the Centre flattened. Elsie tells the Websters she's returning to Scarborough. Ivy belts Martin round the head in the Rovers. The police tell Rita that Alan's trial is coming up.moreless
  • Mon 18 Sep, 1989
    Mon 18 Sep, 1989
    Episode 75
    Emily gets the keys to the factory off Percy to get her personal effects out of her office. Derek becomes obsessed with his rival. Gail is upset when Martin tells her Don has guessed their secret. Audrey is stunned when Ivy tells her about Gail and Martin's affair. Vera and Josie enter the factory with Emily, they take material. Vera takes the clocking-in clock as a momento. Derek finds Bernie trying to sell his wares in the Kabin and fights him off. Audrey is happy if Gail is happy. Ivy fears she is the only one to oppose Gail's affair. Ivy and Vera demand compensation from Mike. He tells them its nothing to do with him. Gail doesn't care what people think about her. Audrey volunteers to talk to Gail.moreless
  • Wed 13 Sep, 1989
    Wed 13 Sep, 1989
    Episode 74
    Maurice gives Percy the job of looking after the factory. Ivy is convinced Martin is carrying on with Gail. Don reckons she's imagining things. Derek fears that someone is moving in on his territory. Gail worries that Martin is getting too keen on her. Vera and Ivy go after the same job at Brown's textiles. Derek tackles competitor Bernie Bagshaw. He is unperturbed about trespassing. Neither Vera or Ivy get the job at Browns. Martin tells Don that whatever's going on between him and Gail is none of his concern. Don tells Ivy about his attitude.moreless
  • Mon 11 Sep, 1989
    Mon 11 Sep, 1989
    Episode 73
    Sally returns to the shop. Elsie Seddon calls and is annoyed to see her working. Ken tries to explain to Deirdre why he has offered Wendy a job. She doesn't want to listen. Ivy and Don take the children to Debdale Park. Martin takes Gail for a romantic day in the country. Wendy agrees to work for Ken. Tracy tells Deirdre she's being unreasonable over Wendy. Nicky tells Ivy that Martin spends the nights with Gail.moreless
  • Wed 6 Sep, 1989
    Wed 6 Sep, 1989
    Episode 72
    Jenny is jealous that Martin is spending all his time with Gail. Mark discovers that the differential on the banger had seized. Sally returns home on crutches. Deirdre is annoyed to find Wendy at the Recorder office. She is furious that Ken is having anything to do with Wendy. Vera decides to take the sandwich order to the cafe rather than Alf's because of his evicting Curly. Kevin admits that the banger was faulty when he sees the detached crown wheel. He is cross to find Sally drinking in the Rovers instead of resting at home. Gail complains to Martin about Jenny's snide remarks.moreless
  • Mon 4 Sep, 1989
    Mon 4 Sep, 1989
    Episode 71
    Kevin blames Mark for Sally's accident. She recovers in hospital with a broken ankle. Gail fears that Martin thinks upon her as a conquest. Ken accuses Deirdre of spending too much time at the Town Hall and letting Tracy down. Kevin has to look after himself on his birthday. Martin stands Jenny up to take Nicky to the park. Ken tells Deirdre that Wendy has been sacked for gross misconduct. Sally insists that the car was faulty before the crash. Ken apologises to Wendy for Deirdre's behaviour and offers her a job at the Recorder. Martin convinces Gail that he's serious about her. They decide to keep their relationship a secret.moreless
  • Wed 30 Aug, 1989
    Wed 30 Aug, 1989
    Episode 70
    Gail and Martin spend the night together.In the morning he leaves early. The factory girls find the gates are locked. Maurice tells them the factory is closed, he's knocking it down. Ivy tries to contact Mike. Mike moves out of his flat and into No. 6 Quebec House, Weatherfield Docks. He tells Ivy and Vera that he sold the factory as a going concern and it is Maurice's responsibility. Gail fears that she was a one night stand for Martin. Kevin watches Sally practising with Mark on the race track. She gets fed up waiting for Mark when he chats a girl up and drives the car on her own, it goes out of control and crashes.moreless
  • Mon 28 Aug, 1989
    Mon 28 Aug, 1989
    Episode 69
    Sally is determined to drive the banger. Mike and Maurice complete the sale. Mike tells Emily he no longer owns the factory. Gail is dismayed when Alma gets Martin to stand in at the cafe whilst she goes shopping. Mike tells the workers he's sold up. Vera is pleased that they'll have a new boss. Sally persuades Mark to take her on some practice runs in the car. Ivy is unhappy about the factory sale and fears for her job. Martin enjoys working with Gail, after hours he turns up at the house and tells her he wants her. They kiss.moreless
  • Wed 23 Aug, 1989
    Wed 23 Aug, 1989
    Episode 68
    Ken accuses Deirdre of putting Wendy's job on the line. Audrey is horrified when Dave turns up at the shop selling diet food. He doesn't let on to Alf that he knows Audrey, to her relief. Rita throws a party to celebrate Jenny's exam results. Ken tells Wendy he'll stand by her whatever happens. Martin leaves Jenny's party early to call on Gail. He tells her he wants a relationship with her but she tells him it wouldn't be that easy.moreless
  • Mon 21 Aug, 1989
    Mon 21 Aug, 1989
    Episode 67
    Jenny gets her 'A' Level results, failing Biology. She has to rethink her future. Deirdre is summoned to the Town Hall. Audrey decides it's too dangerous seeing Dave Sparks and tells Alma she's going on no more dates. Martin takes Nicky swimming. Both he and Gail are embarrassed by the kiss. When Reynolds accuses Deirdre of telling Ken about Maurice's plans, she tells him that Wendy is the mole. Ken can't believe it.moreless
  • Wed 16 Aug, 1989
    Wed 16 Aug, 1989
    Episode 66
    Audrey gets Alf to go to a function so she can go out with Alma and the men. Emily pushes Mike to speak to the workers. He tells them their jobs are safe. Deirdre is cool towards Wendy when she bumps into her at the Town Hall. Mike and Maurice haggle over the price of the factory. Ken asks Wendy to find out Maurice's plans for the factory. Gail has trouble settling Nicky down for the night and is forced to ask Martin to help. Alma and Terry enjoy their date, Audrey worries about getting home before Alf. Deirdre guesses that Ken has been talking to Wendy again when he knows all about Maurice's plans. Gail is worn out after coping with Nicky. Martin comforts her with a kiss which becomes passionate.moreless
  • Mon 14 Aug, 1989
    Mon 14 Aug, 1989
    Episode 65
    Mike asks Emily not to tell the workforce about the offer on the factory. The Barlows return from holiday. Mike decides to sell the factory if his accountant advises it. Deirdre makes Ken promise not to print any more council exposes. Alma plans another date with Terry and asks Audrey to make up the foursome again. Emily is upset when the workers accuse her of keeping them in the dark over Mike's plans. She tells Deirdre about the factory sale. Curly fails to get the job. Don tackles Mike about his mysterious plans. Ivy is upset when they start to argue. Deirdre tells Ken about Mike selling up. He is thrilled.moreless
  • Wed 9 Aug, 1989
    Wed 9 Aug, 1989
    Episode 64
    Ivy is suspicious when Mike puts a ban on overtime at the factory. A valuer looks over the factory, Mike tells the workers he is an insurance agent. Gail worries that Nicky is mithering Martin too much. Martin tells her he doesn't mind and invites him to join them watch the banger racing. Emily takes a phone call from a man confirming that Mike wants to cancel buying new sewing machines. Sally is annoyed when Kevin and Mark refuse to let her near the banger at the race track. Audrey and Alma are picked up at a wine bar by Dave and Terry. Kevin comes fifth in the race. Sally is furious to discover there was a ladies race which Kevin hadn't told her about. She hits back by driving the trailer home, leaving Kevin and Mark stranded. Emily interrupts Mike and Dawn's romantic evening. She accuses Mike of running the factory down with a view to selling it. He asks her to keep the news from the girls. She refuses to lie for him.moreless
  • Mon 7 Aug, 1989
    Mon 7 Aug, 1989
    Episode 63
    Vera worries that Jack is going to be sacked. He returns to the Rovers wearing Don's trousers which don't fit him. Nicky causes trouble at the cafe by kicking the fruit machine. Maurice shows Mike a map of his plans. Mike agrees to Maurice bringing a valuer in to assess a price. Emily finds Maurice's plans on Mike's desks. Curly has two job interviews, one at a fishmongers and another at Bettabuys supermarket. Gail is impressed when Martin takes Nicky off for the day to play golf. Nicky has a great time. Dawn finds out that Maurice has bought the Community Centre. Mike tells him this means the price will have to go up. Audrey tells Alma they'll go on the town to cheer Alma up. Emily fears Mike might sell the factory.moreless
  • Wed 2 Aug, 1989
    Wed 2 Aug, 1989
    Episode 62
    Sally is upset as Mark and Kevin are too busy to work on the car. Dawn finds out that Maurice owns pockets of land all over Weatherfield. Mike is interested. Audrey takes Alf's Volvo so Sally can use it for her test. She doesn't tell Alf who thinks the car has been stolen. Alf reports the theft to the police. Alec sends Jack a note saying that if he doesn't turn into to work he's fired. Vera tries to find him a pair of trousers. The police stop Sally during her driving test and ask her about the car. Sally passes her test when Audrey explains the car is hers. Mike tells Maurice he knows that he owns a lot of land. Maurice tells Mike he wants to build houses on the factory site. Mike is stunned to discover Maurice owns the land behind the factory. Sally insists that she can now drive the banger. Mike is tempted to sell the factory for a fat profit.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jul, 1989
    Mon 31 Jul, 1989
    Episode 61
    Kevin feels that Sally is taking her test too soon. Vera attacks Jack's trousers with scissors, slicing them all up. Mark is roped into giving Sally last minute lessons in the car. Mike is shocked when Maurice tells him he wants to buy the factory off him. The Brennans and Tilsleys have a picnic. Nicky proves to be a handful. Maurice tells Mike he's serious about the factory and tells him to name the price. Nicky misses his Dad and is rude to Don. Ivy feels it's Gail's fault that Nicky is playing up. Mark tells Sally that his car needs a new cylinder head so she won't be able to use it for her test.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jul, 1989
    Wed 26 Jul, 1989
    Episode 60
    Mickey Lee calls on Don and tells him his dog sired the pups and he wants two of them. Ivy refuses to let Mickey take the pups. Tina threatens to hit Jack if he continues to pester her. Mike admits to Alma that he took Dawn out. Alma tells him she loves him but he tells her he's not after love. When Vera tells Jack no woman would be interested in him he tells her he took Tina out. Alma breaks down over being rejected by Mike. Mike assures Dawn he's free and single so she agrees to go out with him. Don sells Lucky and the pups to Mickey for £800. He gives the money to Ivy as the last of the money he owes her for bailing him out. She is thrilled. Vera tackles Tina about her going out with Jack. Tina tells her it was for a joke, causing Vera to go wild. She throws a pint at Tina, who ducks. Alec is drenched.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jul, 1989
    Mon 24 Jul, 1989
    Episode 59
    Lucky goes into labour. Tina considers moving to another pub as Jack continues to pester her. Jack tells her he doesn't care if Vera finds out about them. Lucky gives birth to 5 puppies. Mike takes Dawn for lunch. She asks him to help her talk to Rita and make peace with her. The Barlows go on holiday. Vera breaks down over Jack's other woman. Don plans to sell the pups although Nicky wants one. Dawn tells Rita she feels partly responsible about what happened to her. Rita tells her she bears no grudge. Mike tells Dawn he wants to buy one of the dockland flats. Alma is upset to see them together.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jul, 1989
    Wed 19 Jul, 1989
    Episode 58
    Jack convinces Vera that Curly was mistaken about not seeing him. Ken refuses to tell Reynolds Wendy is the mole as she'll be sacked. Alma gives Audrey flowers for her hand in helping her trap Mike. Deirdre tells Ken she won't tell Reynolds about Wendy if he promises never to see her again. Ken refuses, saying the Recorder feeds the family and has to be kept going. Martin tells Vera about Jack running out of petrol miles away from the Legion. She calls Jack a liar. Deirdre tells Reynolds that Rafferty is not the mole but she doesn't know who is. She tells Wendy to stay away from Ken or his next headline will be her dismissal from the Town Hall. Maurice Jones asks Ken to cover a property development project he's starting. Rafferty bursts in on their meeting and goes for Ken. Maurice has to hold him back. Tina is upset as Jack starts leering at her. Mike shows an interest in Dawn, she thinks he's Alan's friend and avoids him. Vera realises Jack must have been with a woman.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jul, 1989
    Mon 17 Jul, 1989
    Episode 57
    Jack tells Vera he's taking the night off to join a snooker competition at the Legion. She lets him borrow the Nova. The Barlows look forward to their holiday in Brixam. Jack takes Tina to an expensive restaurant. She gets him to buy champagne. Rafferty tells Deirdre he's suspected of being the mole. He tells her he's not carrying the can for Ken. She realises he might have to resign. Mike and Alma look around the dockland development. He is surprised to find the saleswoman is Dawn Prescott. Deirdre refuses to go on holiday in the present circumstances when Ken refuses to clear Rafferty's name. Jack tries to seduce Tina in the car but she refuses to let him touch her, she thanks him for the meal and leaves. Vera discovers from Curly that Jack wasn't at the Legion. The Nova runs out of petrol and Jack has no money left to buy any.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jul, 1989
    Wed 12 Jul, 1989
    Episode 56
    Mike spends the night with Alma. Jack accuses Tina of flirting with him but she tells him she's serious about going out with him. Kevin gives Sally driving lessons. Tina accuses Jack of chickening out of their date. He pretends to have a bad back to get the night off to take her out. Alma tells Mike she's interested in buying a flat in Weatherfield Quays. She asks for his help. Ken tells Deirdre he wishes they could start again. When she promises not to tell anyone, Ken tells her his mole is Wendy Crozier.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jul, 1989
    Mon 10 Jul, 1989
    Episode 55
    Kevin reminds Sally that she hasn't passed her driving test so she can't drive the banger. Mike and Alma spend the afternoon playing golf. Rafferty tells Deirdre he's convinced she's not the mole. Reynolds asks her to find out who the mole is. Jack makes a play for Tina but she reminds him he's married. Curly passes his Higher National Diploma in Business Studies. Sally feels that Kevin is stalling her getting her licence. Alma beats Mike at golf and takes him back to her flat. Tina shocks Jack by telling him she will go out with him.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jul, 1989
    Wed 5 Jul, 1989
    Episode 54
    Ken urges Deirdre to attend the Town Hall and hold her head up. Wendy enjoys seeing her leaks in print as she hates the secrecy and corruption of the Council. Kevin tries to keep Sally from the time trials. Alma discovers Mike has joined a golf club, she tells him she can play. Sally demands her share of the banger as she's put her money into it. She threatens to take the wheels off the car unless she's allowed a time trial. Ken prints a story about how the Council has decided not to use the Community Centre as a hostel for homeless youths. He feels it vindicates Deirdre as she wasn't at the relevant committee meeting. She isn't happy. Gail is annoyed when Alma spends all her time pursuing Mike. Sally comes out with the best time when Kevin stalls and Mark crashes. Deirdre is summoned to see the Chief Executive Reynolds.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jul, 1989
    Mon 3 Jul, 1989
    Episode 53
    Deirdre discovers someone from the Planning Committee is the mole when Ken knows about her leaving the meeting. Alma feels she can't face Mike. She is thrilled when he takes her out. She encourages him to talk about his feelings. Mark tells Tina she's too old for him. Tina flirts with Martin and is hurt when he tells her she's too brassy. Deirdre is shunned by all her Council friends and breaks down. Ken promises to vindicate her. Sally tells Kevin she intends to have a time trial in the banger.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jun, 1989
    Wed 28 Jun, 1989
    Episode 52
    Curly asks Tina out but she rejects him. Deirdre decides not to resign but stick things out. Tina urges Curly to go to the banger racing so she can watch Mark. Alma lays on a romantic meal. Mike toasts her with champagne. Deirdre attends a Planning Committee meeting. Councillor Rafferty asks that Deirdre leaves the meeting, calling her a mole. The rest of the committee backs him so Deirdre leaves but under protest. Alma feeds Mike oysters. Their romantic session is ruined when she is sick. He leaves her to have an early night. Tina dumps Curly for Mark but he's not interested. Sally shows off her driving ability in the banger. Committee secretary, Wendy Crozier, tells Ken that Deirdre left the meeting and gives him a copy of the minutes.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jun, 1989
    Mon 26 Jun, 1989
    Episode 51
    Alf feels delicate. Ken feels the Recorder is more important than Deirdre's work. Tina fancies Mark and is keen to hear he's available. Deirdre is annoyed when the Councillors begin to turn against her. Alma invites Mike to help her have a flat warming. Deirdre assures Reynolds that she's not a council mole. He accuses her of pillow talk and threatens to have her taken off the meetings. The Gilroys return from Mirabella. Curly is certain Tina fancies him. Gail and Alma sign their partnership. Audrey feels Alma used her to get Mike and is bitchy to her. Deirdre asks Ken to stop using his mole or she'll have to resign.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jun, 1989
    Wed 21 Jun, 1989
    Episode 50
    Jean tells Mark she's got him a car to do up. He refuses it and takes an Escort instead. Mike invites Alma to the Roberts' dinner party. The Recorder leads with the Council's plans to turn the Community Centre into a hostel for homeless youths. Deirdre is furious. Jean refuses to let the lads have the Escort unless they give her £600 for it. Audrey is thrilled when Alma turns out to be Mike's date. After the meal Mike takes them all to a night club. Sally tells Kevin she'll help him buy the Escort with her inheritance money. Alf doesn't enjoy the disco. Mike tells Alma the woman in the Rovers was a buyer. Deirdre demands to know where Ken got the story but he refuses to tell her. Audrey is shocked when Alf hits the dance floor with a girl.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jun, 1989
    Mon 19 Jun, 1989
    Episode 49
    Ken is pleased as the Recorder is beating the Gazette free sheet. Mark tries to interest Kevin in banger racing. Deirdre refuses to give Ken a quote on the nursery. Jean Casey accuses Kevin of leading Mark astray with banger racing after Mark tells her it was Kevin's idea. Alma is upset when Mike entertains a woman in the Rovers. Kevin gets Mark to tell Jean the banger was his idea. Mark convinces her Kevin is alright. Audrey tells Alma she'll invite Mike for a meal and not tell him Alma will be there. IVY (about Alma): "When that madam is not chasing men, she's chasing money and Mike Baldwin is a combined operation." Sally wants to be involved in the banger racing. The Roberts invite Mike for a meal. He tells them he'll bring a girl along.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jun, 1989
    Wed 13 Jun, 1989
    Episode 48
    Jack discovers the Gilroys are going on holiday at short notice. He realises he'll be in charge and plans to show the brewery how well he can run a pub. Bet buys new clothes for the holiday. Phyllis is shocked when Gail tells her she can't return to the cafe; they can't afford her. Phyllis breaks down, feeling useless. The Gilroys leave for Spain. Jack is shocked to discover Betty has returned to take charge. Alma discovers the Roberts are Mike's friends and befriends them. Ken buys a trilby in order to question Deirdre about Council business. He knows about the closure of a day nursery. She tells him he can't print anything about the nursery as she's involved on the committee.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jun, 1989
    Mon 11 Jun, 1989
    Episode 47
    The Gilroys can't believe how near they came to losing each other. Deirdre tells Ken how stupid her committees are getting, thinking of inviting Batman and Prince Charles to open an abattoir but rejected them both. Bet refuses to return to the Rovers until Megan has left. Gail returns to working at the cafe. Alma enjoys her night out with Mike. Alec tells Megan she must leave and she accuses him of using her. She agrees to accept financial compensation and leaves. Jack and Vera are flabbergasted to discover Bet is back. Bet returns to the Rovers, she doesn't like the way she and Alec are being polite to each other. He offers her a delayed honeymoon. Ken prints an article 'Weatherfield Council snub Prince Charles'. Deirdre is annoyed as she told him as her husband. Vera accuses Jack of never achieving anything. She tells him she pities him and thats why she stays with him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jun, 1989
    Wed 7 Jun, 1989
    Episode 46
    Megan is annoyed when Alec keeps her from the bar. Martin takes a part time job at a petrol station. Alec visits the Flying Horse. When Marge tells him Bet was unsuitable and was sacked Alec lays into her, telling her that Bet is a lady not a trollop like herself. Gail tells Alma she'll pay £9,000 for a 40% share of the cafe. Alma agrees and gets Gail to invite Mike for a celebration drink to cement the partnership. Vera has the house valued. She is horrified to discover the stone cladding makes it less valuable. Mike shows Alma he's interested in her. Alec accuses Bet of shopping him to the brewery. She hasn't the strength to fight him. They admit to each other that they miss each other. Mike takes Alma for an Italian meal. Audrey and Ivy go to the dog track with Lucky but are told she can't race as she's heavily pregnant. Alec tells Bet he believes she wasn't unfaithful. They are reconciled and she tells him he can stay the night with her.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jun, 1989
    Mon 5 Jun, 1989
    Episode 45
    Derek starts work. Mavis is evasive to Rita over what he's doing. Audrey puts pressure on Alf to get Bet out of the flat. Gail is pleased when Mike gives her advice over a partnership in the cafe. Nigel calls at the Rovers on a survey. He tells Alec he knows all about his marital problems. Derek is upset when no one is interested in the novelties. Alec is embarrassed when Megan flaunts herself in front of Nigel. Bet hates working at the Flying Horse. Derek forces Rita to stock his novelties at the Kabin. Mavis is embarrassed. Alma is impressed by Mike. He tells Gail she'd be a fool not to buy into the cafe. Alec fears that Bet shopped him to the brewery and swears vengeance.moreless
  • Wed 31 May, 1989
    Wed 31 May, 1989
    Episode 44
    Jack and Vera long to be landlords of the Rovers. Alec asks the staff to rally round in Bet and Betty's absence. He refuses to let Bet into the house to get her clothes. Audrey asks Ivy to take Lucky on with her, cutting the men out. Ivy agrees it'll be a laugh. Bet gets a job as barmaid at the Flying Horse. Jack goes to the brewery and sees Nigel Ridley and tells him Bet has left Alec. He swears his loyalty to the brewery. Derek is given the sales position at Chuckles Novelties, selling false noses and jumping frogs. The Duckworths decide to get No. 9 valued. Vera can't wait to be landlady of the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 29 May, 1989
    Mon 29 May, 1989
    Episode 43
    Megan has designs on Alec and the Rovers. When she discovers Bet has left the Rovers, Betty walks out. Bet stays the night at Rita's. Alf tells Don he wants out of the Lucky partnership. Bet gives £20 to Alf and tells him she's moving into the shop flat, without giving him the chance to say no. Phyllis makes the most of her unemployment to follow Percy around. Jack decides to tell the brewery about the Gilroy's split, hoping he'll be given the tenancy. Audrey is horrified to discover has moved into the shop flat. She fears Alf will get involved in the Gilroy's divorce case. Mavis puts Derek onto a job advertised in the paper. Alec urges Megan not to be so intimate with him as Bet might cite her. Derek makes an appointment for the job. Don decides to get rid of Lucky as he hasn't got the time to look after her.moreless
  • Wed 24 May, 1989
    Wed 24 May, 1989
    Episode 42
    The agency refuses to supply anymore housekeepers for Alec. Alf and Don train Lucky. When Phyllis accuses Percy of being awkward Alma fires her for creating a fuss. Lucky refuses to run for Alf and Don. Bet looks for a job. Alec moves Megan into the Rovers as his resident housekeeper. She brings her budgies with her. Bet feels that the situation is becoming unbearable. The Brennans and the Roberts go to the races. Alma asks Gail to return to the cafe as she's not cut out to run the place. She offers her a partnership. Lucky loses her race. Bet packs and leaves the Rovers, accusing Alec of moving his tart into the pub. She tells him she's going to fight him for every penny she can get.moreless
  • Mon 22 May, 1989
    Mon 22 May, 1989
    Episode 41
    Alec finds it hard coping with the staff without Bet's management. Ivy begins to feel fond of Lucky. Don gets Audrey to persuade Alf to have a share in Lucky. Audrey fancies herself as an owner's wife. Alma sorts out her divorce, leaving Phyllis and Christine on their own in the cafe. Alec is forced to wear a Hawaiian shirt as it's his only clean one. He contacts the Home Care agency for a housekeeper. When Percy complains about the food at the cafe, Alma throws him out and closes the cafe as she can't cope. Alec takes Mrs Hargreaves on as housekeeper. Audrey worries as she's got no clothes that match Lucky's colour. Bet finds Mrs Hargreaves ironing Alec's shirts with her iron. She accuses her of being Alec's bit of stuff and takes the iron off her. Bet tells her Alec is a sex maniac. Ken worries as the Gazette starts a free sheet. Bet enjoys seeing Alec going under. Mrs Hargreaves leaves when Alec asks her to work behind the bar. He is forced to take Vera on for the night and accuses Bet of being a pub-wrecker.moreless
  • Wed 17 May, 1989
    Wed 17 May, 1989
    Episode 40
    Don assures Ivy he doesn't want Harry's Luck for gambling. She is adamant that it must go. Alec wants Bet to move out as she refuses to leave her home. Gail is upset by Alma's attitude, wanting to get rid of the old poor customers. Don plans to race Harry's Luck. He offers Alf a half share, Alf refuses. AUDREY (about Alma): "Her sort don't like to work, they like to find a man who'll do it all for her." Ivy is horrified when the dog chews a hole in her new sofa. She throws it out. Lucky disappears. Don searches for her. Phyllis is pleased when Sam calls at the cafe. Alma puts Christine and Phyllis on half-time as they're over staffed. Gail walks out when Alma keeps putting her down. Alec is annoyed when Bet refuses to wash and iron his clothes or cook his food. Harry Slinger turns up to pay Don the £40. Don refuses to give Lucky back, telling Ivy she'll be a gold mine. Alec decides to get a housekeeper.moreless
  • Mon 15 May, 1989
    Mon 15 May, 1989
    Episode 39
    Gail returns to work to find Alma has cut down on quantity and put the prices up. Gail thinks it's ridiculous to charge 40p for a cup of tea. Don suggests Ivy gives up her job to look after the children but she likes work too much. Stella asks Alec why he's saying Bet and Paul had an affair. She tells him Bet's too old for Paul. Alec tells her he found them together in the pub after midnight. Stella refuses to leave before she's seen Bet. Audrey is annoyed that Ivy offered Gail financial help and warns her off. IVY (about Audrey): "She always has to go one better, especially when I'm concerned." Stella calls Bet a bitch for breaking the LV's rule of sleeping with husbands. She asks her to keep Paul's name out of the divorce courts. Alma tells Gail she is no longer to make management decisions. Don's passenger Harry Slinger can't afford his £40 fare, he leaves his greyhound as security. Don brings the dog home to Ivy's fury. Bet breaks down over Alec's tactics.moreless
  • Wed 10 May, 1989
    Wed 10 May, 1989
    Episode 38
    Bet refuses to move out of the Rovers. Alec insists she doesn't work behind the bar. Betty is shocked to hear Alec has sacked her. Alma tells Gail she can cope without her at the cafe if she wants to give work up. Mavis stalls Mr Goodman the solicitor over the house. Derek feels a failure and breaks down in the Kabin. Bet lunches with Rita. Derek agrees to pull out of the house buying. Following his solicitor's advice, Alec makes the first move to be nice to Bet. He fears she's had lunch with a man but she doesn't put him right. Alec calls Betty in as a witness. The Gilroys row over her head. Gail tells Ivy she's returning to work; Nicky doesn't want to be tied to her apron strings. Ivy offers her money to stay at home. Gail refuses it: she's a mother but she also has her own life to lead.moreless
  • Mon 8 May, 1989
    Mon 8 May, 1989
    Episode 37
    Vera makes a fuss of Curly. Mavis tells Derek she knows he's lost his job. He promises her everything will be alright. Ivy tells Alma she thinks Gail should leave the cafe to look after Nicky. Bet gets herself a solicitor. Alec is horrified as he thought she'd admit to adultery and beg forgiveness. Derek looks for a job. Jack agrees to let Curly stay for £10 a week. Rita persuades Mavis to stay on at the Kabin as she's the only breadwinner now. The solicitor advises Bet to stay on at the Rovers. She wants to divorce Alec on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and his relationship with Megan and her twelve budgies. Derek is determined to go ahead with buying the semi. He accuses Rita of panicking Mavis and tells her Mavis will be leaving the Kabin. Alec tells Bet she's not dependable so she's fired from the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 3 May, 1989
    Wed 3 May, 1989
    Episode 36
    Gail searches for Nicky - his bed is still warm. Alec is adamant that Bet has been unfaithful. Curly offers Alf £5, it being all he's got. Derek tries to pretend everything is alright and leaves for work as usual. Audrey makes Gail contact the police whilst she and Ivy search the streets. Nicky goes to the garage to see Brian. Mark takes him home. Gail tries to make him see Brian is dead. The Wiltons' solicitor tells them the house-buying is complete. Mavis phones Barkers and is told Derek no longer works there. Curly can't pay Alf and is thrown out, Vera takes him as he's Terry's mate. Bet lays on a romantic meal for Alec. He tells her he's convinced she's been unfaithful and he wants a divorce.moreless
  • Mon 1 May, 1989
    Mon 1 May, 1989
    Episode 35
    Betty tries to get in contact with Bet but in vain. Alec returns three weeks early. Betty tells him Bet has gone to the cinema. Gail is upset that Nicky continues to think Brian is still alive. She feels that he's becoming a handful. Derek tries to contact DP at home. He tells DP he'd love to work in dispatch but DP refuses to take him back. Bet and Paul return at midnight. Bet is thrilled to see Alec but he thinks she's been unfaithful and throws Paul out. She swears nothing happened. Nicky thinks Gail is responsible for Brian's absence and attacks her. She tells him Brian is never returning and begs him to love her. Alf demands his £80 rent from Curly. Gail finds Nicky has disappeared from the house.moreless
  • Wed 26 Apr, 1989
    Wed 26 Apr, 1989
    Episode 34
    Bet is annoyed after Paul tried it on in the back of a taxi. He apologises and she agrees to go out with him again. Rita advertises for an assistant. Nicky is in trouble at school for bullying. Derek tries to see DP but DP doesn't want to see him. Derek sends DP a memo saying transfer to dispatch is unacceptable and he's having to reconsider his position. Bet tells Betty she can handle Paul. Betty is worried about her reputation. Mike gets his drivers licence back. Jenny gets offers from Leeds and Bristol. Christine makes a date with builder's lad John. Alma is annoyed to discover Gail has been looking after Nicky all afternoon. Ray tells Derek DP was interested in his memo and has accepted his resignation. Bet goes out with Paul. Alec phones Betty saying he's in Manchester and will be back in half an hour.moreless
  • Mon 24 Apr, 1989
    Mon 24 Apr, 1989
    Episode 33
    Alma moves builders into the cafe flat. Rita and Mavis are cool to each other. Stella tries to find out how Bet is coping. Bet tells her Paul has been looking after her. Stella invites her out for a girl's night. Mavis accuses Rita of being snide and small-minded over her move. Ray Griffiths tells Derek his blood pressure and heart rates are too high. Ray is worried about his ability to cope with stress. Alma tells Gail she's having to sell her house because of her divorce and is moving into the flat over the cafe. She is going to work at the cafe and sack Phyllis. Derek is moved from sales to dispatch and is furious. He refuses to take the insult lying down.moreless
  • Wed 19 Apr, 1989
    Wed 19 Apr, 1989
    Episode 32
    Mavis doesn't want to give up the Kabin but Derek tells her he'll need her soothing touch at home. Bet has a bad hangover. Alf grows tired of Curly stuck in the flat owing him money. Betty fears that Bet is playing with fire with Paul. Bet assures her he's just a mate. Martin tricks Curly into letting him into the flat. He tells him he's pathetic. Mavis tells Rita she'll be leaving the Kabin because Derek wants her at home. Derek has his pension medical. Emily offers to pay Curly's rent but Percy tells her it would hurt Curly's pride. Curly returns to the world of the living. Rita accuses Derek of ruining Mavis' life. Bet dresses up to go out with Paul. Jack thinks it's disgusting.moreless
  • Mon 17 Apr, 1989
    Mon 17 Apr, 1989
    Episode 31
    Mavis and Derek start jogging together. Curly locks himself in the flat. Audrey fears he may be suicidal. Bet misses Alec. Curly plays Shirley's tapes loud. Alf is annoyed as it drives customers off. Paul Rigby invites Bet to a night club, telling her Alec asked him to keep an eye on her. Emily worries about Curly's state of mind and is upset when he doesn't answer the door to her. Percy volunteers to follow Curly's every movement to make sure he doesn't kill himself. He follows him in a supermarket and arouses suspicion by hiding in the aisles. Derek is furious to see Mavis exposing her thigh in the Kabin window. He is upset that she does menial tasks and shows him up. He tells her that he wants her to give the Kabin up when they move. Bet goes out on the town with Paul. Alf reveals Curly owes him £60 rent.moreless
  • Wed 12 Apr, 1989
    Wed 12 Apr, 1989
    Episode 30
    Tom tells Kevin he went too far sacking Mark. Kevin refuses to take Mark back and threatens to leave himself. Martin takes Jenny to Risley. Rita is upset that Jenny is visiting Alan. She fears he'll turn her against her. Alan asks Jenny to get Rita to play down what happened. Kevin misses Mark's cheek and gives him the job back. Derek plans to take up jogging to help him through his pension medical. Jenny is disgusted that Alan showed no concern for her. Curly tells Shirley he loves her and asks her to marry him. He promises to change but she tells him they're finished. He breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 10 Apr, 1989
    Mon 10 Apr, 1989
    Episode 29
    When Mark is late for work, Kevin lays into him and makes him work into his lunch hour. Curly hangs round the factory, waiting for Shirley. She doesn't want to talk to him and gets Mike to see him off. Derek and Mavis view a semi in Kingsley Road. She is annoyed when he puts in a low offer for it. Jenny gets a letter from Alan and decides to go to Risley Remand Centre to visit him. Kevin fires Mark for being inefficient. Curly tells Shirley they have to talk but she just wants to get on with her life. Derek celebrates as he's invited to join the executive pension scheme. He tells Mavis that their offer has been accepted on the house.moreless
  • Wed 5 Apr, 1989
    Wed 5 Apr, 1989
    Episode 28
    Curly sits his exam after spending the night on the sofa. Mark takes liberties at the garage. Emily plans a cosy meal for Arthur. He tells her that he spent the day with Barbara, thinking Percy has told her. He tells her he's getting back with Barbara. Emily finds it strange that Percy didn't mention anything. Tom rows with Kevin for letting Mark skive off. He tells Kevin to treat Mark like any other mechanic. Emily and Percy decide to forget all about Arthur. Percy assures her he won't be moving out now. Jack puts off going to the opticians and is annoyed when Vera collects the glasses for him. She makes him wear them in the Rovers. Shirley packs her bags and tells Curly she's going home; they're poles apart and there's no point in going on. She wants fun in her life. He begs her not to go but she leaves.moreless
  • Mon 3 Apr, 1989
    Mon 3 Apr, 1989
    Episode 27
    Kevin is forced to work on Sunday because he has to do all the work at the garage. Shirley plans a surprise party for Curly to celebrate their year together. He is too busy revising to notice. Tom introduces Kevin to his son Mark, the new mechanic. Arthur calls off his date with Emily to take Barbara out to Tatton Park where he bumps into Percy. Percy decides not to tell Emily. Shirley throws the party. Mark takes his girlfriend Sharon to show her off. Kevin doesn't like working with the boss's son. Curly isn't amused by the surprise party as he has an exam in the morning. Shirley tells him she did it for him but he throws everyone out.moreless
  • Wed 29 Mar, 1989
    Wed 29 Mar, 1989
    Episode 26
    Percy tries to please Emily, fearing that she will throw him out. Mavis tells Emily that Arthur is still seeing his wife. Emily tells her she's entitled to some happiness and throws her out for gossiping. Jack goes to the optician and is convinced he needs glasses. Rita tells Jenny she'd never chuck her out; she's like a daughter to her. Emily is pleased when Arthur asks her out at the weekend.moreless
  • Mon 27 Mar, 1989
    Mon 27 Mar, 1989
    Episode 25
    Rita returns home. Bet finds the till is up. Rita clears out Alan's things. Arthur takes Emily to an art gallery. Bet asks Jack to return to the Rovers. He tells her he'll think about it. Jenny worries that Rita will want her to leave No. 7 as she's Alan's daughter. Vera discovers Jack's eyesight is going and he's been short changing at the Rovers. He tells her he's falling to pieces, he's getting old. Derek tells Mavis that Arthur still sees his wife and often spends the weekend with her.moreless
  • Wed 22 Mar, 1989
    Wed 22 Mar, 1989
    Episode 24
    Bet discovers the till is down. Jenny tells Martin that Alan has been in contact. She asks him to drive her to Gatley to see him. Emily tires of Percy running her life. Against his better nature, Martin drives Jenny to meet Alan. They are followed by the police. Jenny gives Alan his passport and some money. The police chase and catch him. He refuses to believe Jenny didn't shop him and is carted off in a police van. Rita tells Jenny she's frightened of Alan and is glad he's been caught. Jenny feels her life is ruined. Martin looks for a job. Emily tells Percy he should look for somewhere else to live. Bet tells Jack the till is down. He thinks she is accusing him of stealing and resigns.moreless
  • Mon 20 Mar, 1989
    Mon 20 Mar, 1989
    Episode 23
    Richardson tells Jenny to contact him as soon as Alan contacts her. Tina starts work at the Rovers. Emily decides it will be alright for Arthur to be a friend. Rita wants Alan to go to prison. Emily entertains Arthur to a home cooked meal. He tells her he's pleased they can be friends. She worries that Arthur wants more than friendship. Tina tells Bet Jack keeps short changing the customers. Percy plays gooseberry to Emily and Arthur. Martin offers to move in with Jenny for support but she declines. Alan phones Jenny and asks her to meet him at Gatley station with his passport. She begs him to tell her why he did it.moreless
  • Wed 15 Mar, 1989
    Wed 15 Mar, 1989
    Episode 22
    Rita is rushed to hospital. A WPC stands guard outside No. 7. Richardson takes up the search for Alan. Rita comes too in hospital. Jenny is shocked that Alan tried to kill Rita. Alan hides from the police. Emily is annoyed when Percy gossips in the Rovers about her relationship with Arthur. The police find Alan's car abandoned in Openshaw. Bet takes Tina on at the Rovers. Alan phones Jenny. She accuses him of being a murderer. He tells her she's his only hope of escape and begs her to help him.moreless
  • Mon 13 Mar, 1989
    Mon 13 Mar, 1989
    Episode 21
    Jenny prepares for her joint 18th birthday party with Joanne at the Belstaff Hotel. Tom tells Kevin that he'd like him to stay on at the garage as manager. Rita goes to the building society and discovers Alan would have needed the deeds to No. 7 to mortgage it. Arthur takes Emily to lunch and she has her hair done specially for the occasion. Rita discovers Alan has photocopied the deeds. Percy is put out that Emily is going out with Arthur. Bet interviews Tina Fowler for the barmaid's job. Rita tackles Alan about his fraud. He struggles to keep calm. Jenny phones home when Rita and Alan don't show up at the Belstaff. Rita tells Alan she's contacted the building society and he's finished. She answers the phone but Alan pushes her away, hitting her. Jenny hears Rita's screams and gets Martin to drive her home. Alan beats Rita around the room before smothering her face with a cushion. Jenny arrives home to find Rita unconscious. Alan rushes out of the house. Martin gives chase but Alan drives off.moreless
  • Wed 8 Mar, 1989
    Wed 8 Mar, 1989
    Episode 20
    Martin assures Rita that Dawn was not interested in Alan. Mavis panics about the dinner party. Terrified of being caught, Rita searches Alan's office. She finds letters from the building society. Alan returns to the office but she doesn't let on. Bet interviews barmaids. Kevin realises he can't raise the money to buy the garage. Gail decides to sell to Tom. Derek tries hard to impress Arthur. He and Mavis are both disappointed when Arthur has little appetite and spends the evening talking to Emily. They make a date to see each other again.moreless
  • Mon 6 Mar, 1989
    Mon 6 Mar, 1989
    Episode 19
    Tom Casey looks round the garage with a view to buying it. Jenny celebrates her 18th birthday. She is surprised when Mike gives her £30 to buy a present. Tom offers £18,000 cash to Gail. Kevin is annoyed that Gail didn't offer him the garage. Mavis invites Emily to join the dinner party. Percy assumes he's invited too. Dawn turns up at the shop with a friend as a witness. She accuses Alan of trying to rape her and tells him she knows what he's up to. DAWN: "You're a bastard Alan Bradley, a lying, scheming sod." Dawn threatens to sue Alan for sexual harassment. He tells her she hasn't got a case and sacks her. Emily is annoyed that she's just making up the numbers at the Wilton's dinner party. Percy is upset that he isn't invited. Kevin tells Gail he'd like to make an offer for the garage. She gives him twenty-four hours to match Tom's offer. Dawn tells Rita that Alan tried to rape her. Rita refuses to believe her and throws her out. Dawn tells her to ask Alan why he gets letters and phone calls for Leonard Fairclough. Rita is stunned.moreless
  • Wed 1 Mar, 1989
    Wed 1 Mar, 1989
    Episode 18
    Gail clears out Brian's things. Alan invites Dawn to join him on business in Preston. DP can't make the meal so Ray Griffith agrees to attend. Alan invites Dawn and Martin to lunch and tells Martin to remember another engagement. Martin refuses to lie to Dawn and leaves. Alan takes Dawn out and gets drunk. Ivy goes to confession about her anger towards Gail. She tells the priest she hates Gail for not giving Brian a proper burial. He takes her into the vestry. He assures her Brian is safe and advises her to make her peace with Gail. Persuaded, she begs forgiveness from Gail for her selfishness and they embrace. They agree to look forward, not back. Kevin can't cope on his own at the garage. Ray drops out of the meal so Arthur Dabner, the accountant accepts. Alan spends the afternoon drinking. He makes a pass at Dawn and is angry when she refuses to go to Preston. She realises he is going to rape her and manages to escape.moreless
  • Mon 27 Feb, 1989
    Mon 27 Feb, 1989
    Episode 17
    Gail, Nicky, Audrey, Alf, Ivy, Don, Kevin, Sally and Phyllis bury Brian. Ivy breaks down as Brian is buried as a Protestant. Gail remains composed. Alan is given an order for a warehouse job. Ivy ignores Gail and refuses to make her peace with her. She goes home rather than to the funeral tea. Derek and Mavis plan a dinner party to impress DP. Alan tells Dawn he respects her and fancies her. She tells him their relationship is strictly business. Don talks Ivy into seeing Gail. She rows with her but tells her that her conscience is clear. She says she'll never forgive Gail; she's dead as well as far as Ivy's concerned.moreless
  • Wed 22 Feb, 1989
    Wed 22 Feb, 1989
    Episode 16
    Vera loves the stone cladding and is upset that no one else does. Wally asks Alec to take the tour immediately. Bet tells him to go for the money, she'll cope. Gail tells Don she'll bury Brian as she sees fit; it's nothing to do with Ivy. Ivy feels that it was Gail who killed Brian by driving him out of the house. The social worker tells Sandra it's against the law for Jason to be left on his own whilst she works at the Rovers. Alec leaves on tour. Alan gives Dawn more responsibility but tells her he'll need time to train her. Sandra resigns from the Rovers and moves to her mother's. She rows with Alf for serving Jason with the lager. Alan takes Dawn for a meal. He is shocked when Mike sees them. Ivy asks Gail not to deny her a Catholic burial. They row and she accuses her of killing Brian. Gail tells her Brian was out with another woman when he was killed.moreless
  • Mon 20 Feb, 1989
    Mon 20 Feb, 1989
    Episode 15
    The police tell Gail that Brian is dead. Audrey rushes to comfort her and helps her identify the body. Alf breaks the news to the Brennans. Ivy collapses. Gail and Ivy are united in grief. Nicky wonders where Brian is. Alan asks Dawn out, telling her Rita is just his landlady. She doesn't believe he's a free agent. Alec contacts Wally Simpson about the Middle East tour. Gail refuses to give Brian a Catholic funeral. Sandra tells Bet she's got to see a social worker about Jason's drinking. She thinks Jason is going to be taken off her.moreless
  • Wed 15 Feb, 1989
    Wed 15 Feb, 1989
    Episode 14
    Sandra refuses to let Jason out of her sight. Gail wants Nicky to have a father but doesn't want Brian. She wishes she'd never married him again. The stone-cladders start work on No. 9. Sandra accuses Ken of reporting Jason to the police and rows with him in the Rovers. Brian tells Don Gail wants a divorce. He refuses to give Nicky up. Gail tells Brian she knew when they married again that it would never work. GAIL: "I married too young. Grew up afterwards. What was so wrong with me having an identity of my own? You couldn't cope with that. You're like summat from the dark ages. Women should stay in their place, they're all right in the kitchen, in the bedroom and that's about it." Brian tells her to get out if she wants to go; he's not letting her take Nicky away from him - she's a rotten mother and a hard, selfish bitch. Sandra apologises to Ken for rowing with him. The authorities say Jason can't be left on his own. GAIL: "All I wanted was a 'ome and 'usband and kids. I knew what I didn't want. To end up like me mam." Brian leaves a disco with a girl. She is bothered by youths, he tries to help her and is stabbed.moreless
  • Mon 13 Feb, 1989
    Mon 13 Feb, 1989
    Episode 13
    Emily has double glazing installed. Ivy begs Brian to work at his marriage. Ken calls on the Stubbs and finds Jason with a load of lager louts. Brian tells Don his marriage is finished because of his nights out with mates and women. Ken tells Sandra about Jason's drinking. Vera decides she wants No. 9 stone clad. Sandra finds the police at home enquiring about Jason's actions. Brian asks Gail for a fresh start. She tells him she doesn't love him and wants a divorce.moreless
  • Wed 8 Feb, 1989
    Wed 8 Feb, 1989
    Episode 12
    Alan makes Martin work hard installing alarms and plans to take Dawn out for lunch. Alec doesn't want to shop his clients because he could end up with no acts. Alan has to dump his lunch date with Dawn when Jenny turns up. Alec decides to pay the tax. Bet writes the £8,000 cheque because he finds it too painful. Dawn feels uncomfortable with Alan and feels his life is complicated. Derek doesn't want to buy a house because it's too expensive. Gail tells Ivy that she and Brian are leading separate lives. Their marriage is over, they don't love each other anymore.moreless
  • Mon 6 Feb, 1989
    Mon 6 Feb, 1989
    Episode 11
    Ivy is thrilled to discover Audrey is babysitting for the Tilsleys. Dawn discovers Alan also calls himself Len Fairclough. Derek makes an offer for the Willows. Alec considers putting everything in Bet's name and declaring himself bankrupt. Bet talks him out of it. Alan panics when the building society sends mail addressed to Mr Fairclough at No. 7. Ivy discovers Gail and Brian are going out separately. Mavis discovers Derek offered £10,000 below the asking price for the bungalow and they've lost it. Alec has to shop all his artistes who didn't pay tax or pay for their taxes as well. Alan finds Dawn attractive and gives her a lift home after taking her for a drink.moreless
  • Wed 1 Feb, 1989
    Wed 1 Feb, 1989
    Episode 10
    Alan gives the receptionist job to Dawn. Alec tries to fiddle his books. Alan throws an opening party. Brian tells Don it's none of his business how he spends his evenings. Carole turns up at Alan's grand opening. She threatens to create a scene, calls him a taker and introduces herself to Rita. She tells her Alan only returned to her for her money. Alan throws her out, she slaps his face. Don tells Ivy about seeing Brian in a disco. Rita is convinced that Alan and Carole are finished. The brewery have disclosed Alec's payments on his entertainment job. The tax man tells Alec he could end up in jail for not declaring his earnings.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jan, 1989
    Mon 30 Jan, 1989
    Episode 9
    Jenny gets an offer to go to Leeds University. Alan opens Weatherfield Security Systems on 72 Curzon St. He interviews Dawn Prescott for the job of receptionist. The Wiltons view 'The Willows'. Christine Carter starts work at the cafe. Ivy tries to push the Tilsleys into going out and offers her services as a babysitter. Alan avoids Carole. Derek doesn't want to commit himself to the bungalow. Alec tells Bet the tax man doesn't think he's been declaring all his income from the artistes. He feels he's had it. Don sees Brian going into a night club alone.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jan, 1989
    Wed 25 Jan, 1989
    Episode 8
    Sally tackles Gail about a partnership for Kevin. Bet asks Charlie to make Stella feel like a queen. Kevin is furious that Sally has talked to Gail about a partnership. He tells Sally he's sick of Brian; he's not working at the garage and has domestic problems. Stella takes a shine to Charlie and invites him to call on her at the White Swan. Sally dresses seductively and lays on a romantic meal for Kevin. Ivy worries that Brian and Gail are working too hard. Charlie resigns and tells Alec he's going to work for Stella. Bet helps him pack. Alec is summoned to the tax office.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jan, 1989
    Mon 23 Jan, 1989
    Episode 7
    Alec can't bring himself to tell Charlie to leave. Mavis falls in love with a dorma bungalow called 'The Willows'. Alec's accountant, Bernie Greenwood, tells Alec the Inland Revenue don't believe his tax returns. Alec tells Bet to get rid of Betty. Derek can't view the bungalow because of work. Sally wants to use the £1,000 to buy a share of the garage. Kevin refuses. Bet hatches a plan to get rid of Charlie and invites Stella over.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jan, 1989
    Wed 18 Jan, 1989
    Episode 6
    Betty is thrilled when Charlie kisses her hand and charms her. Alec convinces Bet she'll be able to manage without him and promises to take her on holiday when he returns. Megan Morgan (alias Tanya the Snake Dancer) arrives at the Rovers and tells Alec that she's on the tour. He's delighted, she reminds him of the good old days they shared. Bet overhears and storms out of the bar. Betty is outraged when Charlie fondles her bottom. Eddie Seddon is buried. Sally is annoyed when Gina disappears straight away after the service. Elsie gives both Sally and Gina £1,000 from Eddie's insurance. Rita and Alan drink to the success of 'Weatherfield Securities'. Gail tells Sally Gina has packed her job in and plans to enjoy spending her money away from the area. Alec decides to turn down the tour because of Bet's mistrust. Betty tells him and Bet that she's have had enough of Charlie and one of them will have to go.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jan, 1989
    Mon 16 Jan, 1989
    Episode 5
    Alan receives a £15,000 cheque from the building society. Betty is pleased when Charlie springs to her defence when Jack picks on her. Alan takes Len's old driving licence as identification in order to open a bank account in Len's name. Rita is pleased that Alan has got the loan for the shop. Alec is given the chance to manage a seven week tour of the Middle East. He's elated but Bet refuses to let him go.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jan, 1989
    Wed 11 Jan, 1989
    Episode 4
    Kevin is put out when Sally spends all her time at the hospital. Rita is curious to hear about a strange man looking round No. 7 with Alan in her absence. She asks Alan why he wanted her out of the way. He tells her the man was a competitor who looked over the house to fit an alarm as Alan wanted to check out his prices. Charlie takes a fancy to Betty when he hears she's a widow. Vera contemplates having No. 9 stone clad. Bet wants to warn Betty that Charlie is after her but Alec tells her to let nature run its course. Kevin rows with Sally for not looking after him before she tells him that her Dad has died.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jan, 1989
    Mon 9 Jan, 1989
    Episode 3
    Charlie Bracewell starts at the Rovers. Bet is surprised at his seediness. He used to be a ventriloquist on Alec's books, Alec feels sorry for him. Eddie Seddon crashes his lorry and is in Weatherfield General. Alan manages to get Rita and Jenny out of the house. The valuer tells Alan he could get £15,000 for the house. Sally and Gina look after Elsie. Charlie depresses everyone by talking about death all the time. Bet is shocked when Alec reveals Charlie is going to be residential.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jan, 1989
    Wed 4 Jan, 1989
    Episode 2
    Ivy is upset that Don is thinking of selling the cab. She asks Mike if Don can pay the debt back weekly. He refuses. Alan is put out when the building society want to view No. 7 before they agree to the loan. The Wiltons are told they can get a joint mortgage easily. Ivy pays Mike out of her savings, shocking Don. She tells him he now owes her the money. Alec tells Bet he's taken on a barman. Alan tries to ensure Rita won't be around when the valuer calls.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jan, 1989
    Mon 2 Jan, 1989
    Episode 1
    Don doesn't know how to tell Ivy he's lost the cab. Mavis tells Derek she'd like to find a house of their own. Mike doesn't want the cab. He tells Don he wants his £1,000 and refuses to let him pay it off on the drip. Don asks him to give him a break but Mike suggests he sells the cab. Ivy realises something is going on with Don and Mike. Don is forced to tell her about the poker game and Mike having given him a week to repay the £1000.moreless
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