Coronation Street - Season 32

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 1991
    Mon 30 Dec, 1991
    Episode 157
    Steve refuses to take the blame for Andy being beaten up. Jim and Liz take charge of Andy and turn on Steve. Angie fixes Curly up with a blind date. Jim tells Steve he can't bear to look at him and he's fired from the bike shop. Vicky takes a taxi home to see Saracen. She takes Steve with her. Ken and Alma book into a hotel in the Cotswolds. Vicky tells Steve she thinks Bet's having an affair and doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to return so Steve suggests they spend the night at the Ardens. Ivy promises Gail she'll not impose in the Platt's life. Curly is thrilled when his blind date turns out to be Raquel. Vicky tells Bet she's spending the night with Belinda but Belinda phones Bet and says she isn't. The McDonalds search for Steve. Alma tells Ken she went to bed with Mike but hates him now. He can't believe she cheated on him. He tells her he needs a few minutes on his own. He packs and leaves the hotel.moreless
  • Fri 27 Dec, 1991
    Fri 27 Dec, 1991
    Episode 156
    Martin tries to convince Gail it will be alright living across from Ivy. Jim replaces the broken window. Bet feels humiliated and wishes Alec was back. Steve is frightened to leave the house as the gang hang around the Street. Ken apologises to Alma for spoiling her Christmas. He suggests they go away for the New Year. She agrees. Vicky helps Steve escape from the gang. The Websters and Platts throw a joint birthday party for Rosie and David. Curly is upset that Angie is with Des and gets drunk. Gail is touched when Ivy buys David a present. Alma and Ken set off to the Cotswolds. The gang sets upon Andy and leave him a bruised and bloody mess, Liz becomes hysterical.moreless
  • Wed 25 Dec, 1991 [Episode 2]
    Mike tells Alma he'll make up the last year to her. He explains how he used Tracy to get Ken out of the way. She is shocked and appalled at the way he's manipulated everyone to get her in bed. She tells him he makes her feel dirty and she doesn't want anymore. She throws him out, he is stunned. A gift-wrapped brick is thrown through the McDonald's window. Curly ruins Christmas dinner by cooking the chicken with the giblets still inside. Des and Angie get drunk together and get physical. The Wiltons, feeling sorry for lonely Des, call on him and are embarrassed. Ivy tries to prove to Gail she's a changed person. Gail isn't convinced. Victoria keeps out of Bet and Des' way. Des tells Bet he fancies her and she's very desirable. She tries to fend him off as he makes a pass at her. He accuses her of teasing him and hits her. She throws him out, witnessed by Vicky.moreless
  • Wed 25 Dec, 1991 [Episode 1]
    Christmas Day. Liz lives in fear of one of the twins being beaten up. Angie feels guilty about eating with Des whilst Curly is alone. Vicki suspects Bet of having an affair with Des. Ivy is happy that the Platts are living in the Street and tells Don she'd like to stay at No.5. The Barlows spend the day together. Mike waylays Alma on her way to the Roberts, turning up at the cafe with champagne. Alf watches the Queen's speech while Audrey waits for Alma to turn up. At the carfe, Mike tells Alma he's made mistakes and he's sorry. He says he thought he loved Jackie but was wrong. He tells her he still loves her and always has. He asks her for a chance to start again. Andy and Steve paint over the Graffiti. Phyllis enjoys herself with Emily and Percy. Emily feels caught in the middle. Alma tells Mike she's learnt how to hate him in the last year. He makes her admit she's not in love with Ken. Culy and Reg spend the day together as they're both lonely. They raid Bettabuys for champagne and caviar. Vera misses Terry. She accuses Jack of driving all her family away. Bet invites Des to eat at the Rovers. She is shocked to find Victoria has already laid an extra place for him. Alma begs Mike to leave her alone, saying she can't stop loving him. He embraces her and she breaks down. Reg is caught by the police taking food from Bettabuys, the officer takes him to the station. Ivy tells the Platts they're not moving anymore. Gail is horrified that they'll be living across the road from each other. Tracy is put out when Deirdre tells Ken she's glad he's found a good woman. Curly identifies Reg and he is released by the police. Gail tells Martin she wants to move again, immediately. Mike and Alma spend the afternoon together in bed. She is upset when Ken calls on her and she has to keep quiet.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 1991
    Mon 23 Dec, 1991
    Episode 153
    Des borrows a van to help the Platts move house. Jim's bike shop door is sprayed with "Steve McDonald is a grass". Jim urges Steve to stop protecting his so-called friends. He tells his parents he's frightened of the lads. Phyllis tells Emily she'll be spending Christmas on her own. Emily feels sorry for her and invites her to No. 3. Percy gets annoyed when Reg criticises the way he portrays Santa and resigns. Angie is pleased when Des invites her to spend Christmas with him. Reg is forced to take over as Santa. Phyllis helps out at the cafe whilst Gail is moving house. A customer whose wife was insulted by Percy turns up and threatens Reg, shoving him into his scenery. The Platts move into No. 8. Emily is told to wind up the charity shop as the lease is not going to be renewed. Andy changes the Graffiti to read 'Andy McDonald is a grass'. Bet is touched when Des gives her a present. When he kisses her she doesn't stop him. She is horrified to find Victoria has seen them.moreless
  • Fri 20 Dec, 1991
    Fri 20 Dec, 1991
    Episode 152
    Mavis feels certain she's going to be arrested as an accomplice of Steve's. Steve refuses to tell the police where he got the radios. He can't shop him mates. Andy urges him to inform for Liz's sake. Andy hates to see Liz crying and gives her the names of Steve's crooked mates - Carl Redfern, Stuart Cunliffe, Craig Wilson and Scott Mason. Mike is pleased to hear Ken is spending Christmas at No. 1. Liz gives the names to the police. Steve is horrified and tells his parents the lads are sure to get him. Santa Percy upsets parents by telling their children they shouldn't be greedy and demand Christmas presents. The police charge Steve with handling stolen goods.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 1991
    Wed 18 Dec, 1991
    Episode 151
    Alf's car radio is stolen again. Audrey demands he calls the police. He hesitates. Martin and Don start to move furniture into No. 8. Bet tries to contact Alec. Alf tells Jim about the theft. Jim tells him he'll get him a new radio and replace the broken window for him. Victoria arrives at the Rovers. She feels awkward about having Alec summoned home from his cruise. Audrey tells Alf she's phoned the police. He is alarmed. Tracy asks Ken to spend Christmas at No. 1. Bet manages to contact Alec. She is furious when he tells her he can't return home. WDC Chapman talks to the Roberts and Mavis about the radios. Sarah Louise is shocked to find Percy eating in the cafe. She recognises him as Santa and is thrilled to see him in disguise. Mavis is forced to tell the police that she bought the radio off Steve. Chapman questions Steve. Steve says he bought the radios but refuses to say who from. He is taken to the station. Jim goes with him. Ken tells Alma he feels he is neglecting Tracy and has agreed to spend Christmas at No. 1. She is upset. Liz returns home from the shops to see her family driving off in a police car.moreless
  • Mon 16 Dec, 1991
    Mon 16 Dec, 1991
    Episode 150
    Liz is furious that Steve has been handling stolen goods. Alf decides not to contact the police as he doesn't want to upset Liz. Mavis tells Alf that she and Derek feel he should report Steve. Martin takes Sarah Louise to see Santa Percy. Mike tells Tracy that if she wants her parents back together she should get them to spend Christmas together. Andy considers taking driving lessons. Victoria's friend goes down with measles. She phones Bet and says she will spend Christmas at the Rovers. Alf tells the Wiltons he would cause the McDonalds hardship if he went to the police. They see his point. Tracy tells Deirdre she wants a family Christmas - including Ken. Deirdre is shaken but agrees. Ken tells Alma he's booked them a Christmas holiday in the Cotswolds. Alma is delighted.moreless
  • Fri 13 Dec, 1991
    Fri 13 Dec, 1991
    Episode 149
    Alf recognises Derek's new radio cassette as the one that was stolen from his car. He goes through the pre-set radio settings which are exactly the same as his. Alf and Derek confront Jim and tell him about the radio. Des works on the bedroom. He is amused that the residents think he and Bet are back together. Jim tells Steve the radios are nicked. Steve pleads innocence and promises not to sell any more. Jim replaces Alf's old radio cassette and gets Steve to buy Derek a new one. Jim gets Alf to drop talk of police, promising Steve was innocent. Alma tells Mike she's not interested in him. He refuses to listen to her and invites her out to dinner. She tells him to get lost. Liz learns from Rita all about Steve and the stolen radios. Alf decides he'll have to call the police in as he's a Councillor. Bet pays Des. He tells her he'll see her around.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 1991
    Wed 11 Dec, 1991
    Episode 148
    Ivy shocks Gail by telling her she's glad they've got No. 8. Steve sells Alf a radio cassette, he assures him it's not stolen. Mavis asks him to get one for Derek. Jack tells Betty he saw Des at the Rovers at midnight. Betty tells Bet she's being stupid and begs her not to put her marriage at risk. Audrey tells Mike that Alma and Ken are spending Christmas abroad. Kevin services Ken's new car for free to ease his conscience. Ken refuses to buy the car when Kevin tells him it's going through the company books; he refuses to give any money to Mike. Kevin insists he takes his £20 back. Steve sells Mavis a radio cassette player, telling her it came out of a wrecked car. Bet threatens to sack Jack if he continues spreading rumours about her. Mike tells Ken that Alma is too good for him and he's going to take her off him.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 1991
    Mon 9 Dec, 1991
    Episode 147
    Alf's car is broken into and his radio cassette player is taken. Des sends his assistant Greg to the Rovers to finish the job. Kevin finds a car for Ken at Leadbetters, the price is £2,300. Mike tells Kevin to charge an extra £200 commission and tells him he'll get £100 for himself. The Brennans have an offer made on their house. Vera tells Ivy that the Platts are buying No. 8. Gail tells Don that she and Martin are buying No. 8. Ken likes the car and gives Kevin £20 as a thank you, Kevin feels like a cheat. Gail and Alma settle on brown and cream for the cafe frontage. Alma tells Mike the name must stay the same. Steve offers Alf a radio cassette player for £40. Ivy surprises Don by being glad the Platts are starting afresh. Ken suggests a Christmas abroad to Alma. Jack sees Des calling on Bet late at night. Bet admits to Des that she employed him to get back at Alec but couldn't bring herself to be unfaithful. Des tells her he still fancies her.moreless
  • Fri 6 Dec, 1991
    Fri 6 Dec, 1991
    Episode 146
    Angie starts at the Rovers. Bet realises Des fancies her and plays it careful. He asks her out for old time's sake but she refuses. Gail wants the frontage painted and persuades Alma to let Mike spend his money on them. Alma tells Gail Mike frightens her. When Bet receives an impersonal postcard from Alec she tells Des she will have a meal with him - but no strings. Jones accepts the Platt's' offer of £38,000. Mike wants to change the name of the cafe. Alma tells Ken she's his woman and Mike can get lost. Bet calls off her date with Des, telling him it would be a mistake. He accuses her of taking him for a mug.moreless
  • Wed 4 Dec, 1991
    Wed 4 Dec, 1991
    Episode 145
    Martin and Gail view No. 8 and try to hide from Ivy. Betty tries to make Des see Bet is devoted to Alec. Percy settles into his grotto. The Platts go to the Building Society to sort out a mortgage. Percy surprises everyone by his understanding of children. Mike tells Alma he'll have the cafe frontage painted for her. She refuses. Angie asks Bet for a job behind the bar. Bet takes her on. Audrey tells Ken that Mike is pestering Alma.moreless
  • Mon 2 Dec, 1991
    Mon 2 Dec, 1991
    Episode 144
    Gail is adamant that she won't be able to afford a mortgage. Martin tells her they could use the £20,000 from Brian's insurance as a deposit. Gail tells him the money is for the children and can't be touched. Bet gets Jack to move Alec's wardrobe out of her bedroom. Percy starts at Bettabuys. Reg tells him to get the kids' mothers to spend lots at the store. Bet decides to have her bedroom decorated. Percy is horrified at the grotty grotto. He refuses to be presented as 'Santa Claus' as it's German. Angie refuses a job at Bettabuy as she doesn't want to be beholden to Curly. Audrey advises Gail to use Brian's money to buy the house. Bet shocks Betty by employing Des Foster as decorator. Gail tells Martin they can use the money; it's for the living not the dead.moreless
  • Fri 29 Nov, 1991
    Fri 29 Nov, 1991
    Episode 143
    Angie is furious that Curly has interfered in her life. She feels he's acting too much like a boyfriend. She tells him she is not his girlfriend. Des asks Angie out for a drink but she refuses. She changes her mind when he suggests Curly is stopping her. Ivy fancies a house in Fletcher Street, with a garden. Alma feels she can't handle Mike. Percy doesn't want the job of Santa until Mavis hints he wouldn't be tolerant enough anyway. Martin offers £38,000 for No. 8 without looking round it. Gail is horrified. Percy tells Reg he will be Father Christmas. Alma makes Ken kiss her in the Street in front of Mike.moreless
  • Wed 27 Nov, 1991
    Wed 27 Nov, 1991
    Episode 142
    Gail feels they can't afford to move. Martin feels they'll never get another chance. When Ruby goes on holiday, Emily has trouble running the shop. She is alarmed when Percy steps in. Angie falls behind with her rent but promises Rita she'll find it. Des is shocked when Lynette tells him she slept with him because she fancied him but she still wants a professional fee. She gives him the brush-off. Emily grows desperate to get Percy out of the shop. Rita tells Curly that Angie is behind with her rent. Des and Angie console each other in the Rovers. Martin tells Gail he wants to leave Hammond Road as it was Brian's house. Rita suggests Percy as the Bettabuy's Santa to do Emily a favour. Curly is upset when Angie eats with Des. She is shocked when he tells her he's paid her rent himself.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 1991
    Mon 25 Nov, 1991
    Episode 141
    The Bettabuy's Santa, Cyril Marsden, dies. Reg tells Curly to find a new Santa. Alma receives flowers. She realises Mike sent them and Gail has to stop her throwing them away. She is furious at Mike's cheek. Des realises Lynette looks upon him as her 'bit of rough'. She gives him her bill. Betty struggles to cope in the pub without Alec when Bet takes the day off to shop. Martin discovers the agent has reduced No. 8 from £51,500 to £41,500. Des is stunned to see Lynette's bill is for £640. Martin tells Gail that they should buy No. 8 as the Brennans are leaving the Street. Gail is stunned.moreless
  • Fri 22 Nov, 1991
    Fri 22 Nov, 1991
    Episode 140
    Don tells Julie he's back with Ivy. She isn't surprised but is upset. Jack tries to get more money out of Alec, saying another pub want him over Christmas. Alec's response is to go for his throat. Julie accuses Don of taking advantage of her. She tells him she could have spent the rest of her life with him. He's sorry. Alec leaves for the cruise. Bet refuses to say goodbye to him. Don tells Ivy he'll never forget Julie; she's the first woman he's hurt. Mike tells Alma one day he and she will be back together.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 1991
    Wed 20 Nov, 1991
    Episode 139
    Don sleeps on the settee. Ivy begs him to let them start again, he promises to think about it. Alec organises a special early Christmas for Bet but she refuses to play along. She refuses to do any work in the pub. Don tells Ivy they've had it and the sooner she realises that the better. She tells him she wants him and will do anything to keep him. Mike moves into another Quays flat, No. 4 Montreal House, Weatherfield Quays. He gives Alma his new number but she throws it away. Don agrees to give the marriage another go when Ivy convinces him she really wants him. She shocks him by telling him she'd like to sell up and move as the house holds too many memories for her. Betty cooks Christmas dinner for the Gilroys. Bet refuses to eat it as it's still November. Alec tells her he's trying to build a standing for them both but she doesn't believe him.moreless
  • Mon 18 Nov, 1991
    Mon 18 Nov, 1991
    Episode 138
    Lynette and Des spend the night together. He tells her she is helping him forget Steph. He tells her he wants to see her again. Father O'Rourke finds Ivy crying in church. She tells him she realises she has driven Don away. Bet discovers that Alec is going on the cruise as MC. The Wiltons are horrified when the charred remains of Des' boat are returned to the house. Mavis threatens to leave home if the boat stays. Bet accuses Alec of treating her like a skivvy. She is upset that he is going to be spending Christmas in the Caribbean. Ivy tracks Don down at the cab control centre. He grudgingly talks to her. Des has the boat taken to the tip; he paid the driver to detour down the Street to see the Wiltons' reaction. Don tells Ivy he can't live his life as a shrine to Bert and Brian. Ivy assumes Julie lured him away but he tells her it has nothing to do with Julie. She forces him to tell her Julie is younger than she is. Alec promises to take Bet away to Paris when he returns but she tells him she won't look after the pub in his absence. Ivy begs Don to stay the night, even if he sleeps on the settee.moreless
  • Fri 15 Nov, 1991
    Fri 15 Nov, 1991
    Episode 137
    Alec decides to go on the cruise for six weeks. Julie is relieved when Don assures her he hasn't left Ivy for her. Des is upset when Lynette tells the court about Steph and the emotional turmoil he's been put through. She asks the court to see that Des has lost everything and the fire was symbolic of the fire in his heart. Des is given a conditional discharge for twelve months and is told to have the wreck removed. Des invites Lynette out to celebrate. Kevin feels that explaining the books to Emily takes more time than doing them himself. Mike tells him to sack her. Gail realises Ivy is upset and tries to help but Ivy refuses to let her. Des makes a boat out of paper for Lynette and sets fire to it on the Wiltons' pond. She thinks he's romantic and they kiss.moreless
  • Wed 13 Nov, 1991
    Wed 13 Nov, 1991
    Episode 136
    Don spends the night with Julie. Ivy thinks he's been in a casino. Alec searches for an MC in vain. Des takes Lynette to the canal to see the charred remains of the boat. She is touched by his passion. Alec considers being the MC himself so he can spend Christmas in the sun. Des asks Derek to give him a character reference in court. Don tells Ivy he's found someone else. He packs and tells her he's moving to a bed and breakfast place.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 1991
    Mon 11 Nov, 1991
    Episode 135
    Ivy tells Don that gambling is ruining his life. She is upset as he ignores her and accuses him of breaking his marriage vows. Des wants to get his court appearance out of the way so he can forget all about the boat and Steph. Alec gets Archie Archer to be MC on the cruise. Don breaks a date with Julie as he feels guilty about Ivy. Julie is disappointed. Des' solicitor, Lynette Campion is surprised at Des' appearance as she thought he'd be a thug for 'polluting a public waterway with noxious matter'. He worries as he could get a six month sentence. He tells her he set fire to the boat to show Steph how much he loved her. Lynette thinks the story is romantic. Mark tackles Sally about the possibility of Kevin taking him on at the garage. Sally is disgusted with him and accuses him of ruining part of her life. Des realises Lynette fancies him and invites her to the canal. Mike gets leaflets printed advertising the garage and pays the twins to deliver them. Kevin refuses to take Mark on at the garage. Archer pulls out of the cruise to Alec's fury. Don tells Ivy their marriage is breaking up. He tells her she's turned into a mean, selfish, stupid, pompous, vain, ignorant old woman. DON: (to Ivy): "You're a machine for driving people round the bend." Don calls on Julie, she realises he needs her.moreless
  • Fri 8 Nov, 1991
    Fri 8 Nov, 1991
    Episode 134
    Mike makes Kevin wear his overalls for the Casey auction. Victoria writes to Alec saying she's spending Christmas with a friend. Kevin refuses to dress down and wears a suit so Mike gets him to drive the Jag. Alec demands that Victoria spends Christmas at the Rovers. Ivy rows with Vera at Bettabuys when Vera insinuates that her marriage is on the rocks. Victoria talks Alec round by saying her friend's dad is a posh doctor. Kevin enjoys himself at the auction. Mark is furious when Kevin buys all the best equipment at rock bottom prices. Ivy discovers Don took his day off yesterday. She wants to know why he lied to her when she finds racing tickets in his pocket. She accuses him of being addicted to gambling. He tells her he's tired of being 'good old Don' and doesn't care what she thinks.moreless
  • Wed 6 Nov, 1991
    Wed 6 Nov, 1991
    Episode 133
    Ivy makes an effort to be nice to Don. Alec is annoyed that all he's got is a backstreet pub. He wants to prove he's still got what it takes. Jim and the residents threaten to remove their custom if Alec sacks Liz. Don and Julie go to the races. Julie is thrilled when she wins. Don enjoys her warmth and enthusiasm. Ron Rogers gives Alec the job of finding six artistes for a cruise. Without consulting Kevin, Mike asks Emily to take on the garage books. Kevin feels Mike's just using him as an oily rag. Julie invites Don to stay at her flat but he feels obliged to return home. Ivy cooks Don a special meal but he has already eaten with Julie. He tells her he just wants her to leave him alone.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 1991
    Mon 4 Nov, 1991
    Episode 132
    Liz slips on a wet patch on the Rovers' floor but stops herself falling completely. Kevin starts work in the garage unit. Alec fears Liz shouldn't be working in the pub whilst pregnant. Bet refuses to get rid of her. Mark calls on Kevin and offers him cheap equipment. Kevin tells him he knows Casey's has gone bust and refuses to do Mark any favours. Alec realises Mike does have money and thinks about his old Graffiti plans. Liz decides to give up the Rovers when she's had the baby, not before. Mike tells Kevin they'll wait for the auction of Casey's gear before agreeing to buy anything. Don takes a friend's shift so he can pick Julie up from the club. Alec asks Mike to go in with him, buying the Graffiti. Mike tells him he's not interested. Julie agrees to go to the races with Don.moreless
  • Fri 1 Nov, 1991
    Fri 1 Nov, 1991
    Episode 131
    Martin sets Nicky up to play with the Ferndale Street under elevens. Kevin is enthusiastic to start work on his new business. Mike takes a lease out on Unit 16. Kevin wants the place called 'K Websters' but Mike tells him the company name will be 'MVB Motors'. Alec considers catering for businessmen at the Rovers, providing a conference room. Kevin doesn't know if he can trust Mike. Gail and Martin invite the Brennans to tea. Ivy refuses to go. Don tells Ivy she's twisted and bitter and he doesn't think he can put up with it for much longer. Ivy swallows her pride and tells Gail she'd love to come for tea. She apologises for the way she's been behaving. Gail assures her she isn't losing the children. Mike tells Kevin he won't interfere with the running of the garage and he has faith in him. He guarantees his wages for three months. Kevin agrees. Angie sells her design for £200. Don takes Julie home from the Club again. She kisses him and he responds.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 1991
    Wed 30 Oct, 1991
    Episode 130
    Gail and Martin hope Nicky will mend the damage Ivy may have done but he doesn't want to go to court. Don keeps out of Ivy's way as much as possible. He accuses her of getting pleasure from upsetting people. Alec makes Mike settle his bill weekly as he fears he has no money. Kevin feels he hasn't the facilities to service a fleet. A manufacturer wants to see Angie's designs. The Platts take the children to court. Ivy calls off work sick and rushes to the court. Nicky and Sarah tell the judge they like Martin, although Nicky says Ivy hates him. Ivy arrives at the court too late as the children are allowed to be adopted and their names changed. The Dole office knows Kevin has been servicing cars and his money is stopped. Gail asks Ivy if they can start afresh. Ivy agrees but resents the fact Gail has won. Angie is offered £200 for her designs. She needs the money to pay off her overdraft but doesn't want to be taken for a ride. Mike urges Kevin to take a risk, and offers to set him up in business at the factory unit. The Websters are stunned to silence.moreless
  • Mon 28 Oct, 1991
    Mon 28 Oct, 1991
    Episode 129
    Mike gets Kevin to service his Jag. Deirdre promises Ken she'll be on her guard against Mike in future. Mike oversees repair work at the cafe. Alma asks him not to hang around the cafe but he reminds her he's her landlord. Ivy tells Kathy Green she must stop the adoption, saying Gail feels guilty for Brian's death and wants to forget about him. She feels the marriage won't last over six months and wants the court to make the children stay Tilsleys; the marriage is unstable, Martin is too young and Gail is manipulating him for her own ends. Don finds out what Ivy is up to and warns Gail. DON:(about Ivy): "If my wife put her mind to it, she could find reasons why Mary and Joseph were unfit parents." Mike tells Kevin about a friend who has a fleet of vans which need servicing. Gail swears never to forgive Ivy if she stops the adoption. Don pours his worries out to barmaid Julie Shaw. He thinks about divorcing Ivy.moreless
  • Fri 25 Oct, 1991
    Fri 25 Oct, 1991
    Episode 128
    Kevin goes for an interview at Athertons exhaust centre. He tells Sally he's doing it for her but she isn't bothered. Mike invites Deirdre out to a French restaurant, she accepts the invitation. Alma tries to ignore Mike's presence in the Street and goes to the pictures with Ken. Kevin is turned down for the job as he's too old. He is angry and frustrated. Sally urges him to grow up and stop playing with little cars but to find any sort of job. Don tells Ivy she could shatter any stability Nicky might have if she contests the adoption. Ivy contacts the social services. Mike bumps into Alma and Ken and offers them congratulations on their relationship. He annoys them by taking Deirdre to the Rovers knowing they are there. Alma refuses to let him drive her out of the pub and lets him see her life is no longer in pieces. Deirdre realises Mike is using her and is embarrassed for Ken's sake. She walks out of the pub to Ken's amusement. She tells Mike she'd rather starve than eat with him. Mike is frustrated when Ken and Alma take his taxi.moreless
  • Wed 23 Oct, 1991
    Wed 23 Oct, 1991
    Episode 127
    Sally rows with Kevin for the putting the £20 on a horse. Kathy Green, Social worker, calls on the Platts about the adoption. Sally tells Kevin she doesn't know how they can cope financially. The adoption rests on Nicky's opinion on the future. Martin is uneasy but they have to agree to him being interviewed. Sally goes to Des' betting shop and puts all their money on a horse to spite Kevin. Kevin tries to stop her but Des has to take it. Nicky has a private interview with the social worker. Sally's horse doesn't win. Kevin is furious but Sally refuses to care. She breaks down at the fact they have nothing left. Audrey delights in telling Mike that Alma is now going out with Ken. Nicky admits to Gail and Martin he told the social worker that they won't let him play football or see his grandma. Ivy discovers the adoption is up and swears to stand in the way.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 1991
    Mon 21 Oct, 1991
    Episode 126
    Alma and Ken oversleep. They are pleased they spent the night together. Kevin finds Sally has saved £60 as a nest egg in case of emergences. Don tells Father O'Rourke about Ivy's obsession with the Tilsley name. O'Rourke tells Ivy to remember Brian is dead and not to interfere in Gail's life. Des gives Kevin £200 and asks him to put it on a horse for him. Kevin puts £20 of his own money on it but the horse falls. Martin begins to win Nicky round by suggesting they play football together. Mike moves into the Rovers as a paying guest. Gail fears that the rift between Martin and Nicky will affect their adoption plans. Sally discovers her savings are £20 down.moreless
  • Fri 18 Oct, 1991
    Fri 18 Oct, 1991
    Episode 125
    Audrey tells Ken it's Alma's birthday. She invites him to share a meal with her. An environmental officer looks over No. 11 and tells Jim to apply for planning permission. Jim rows with Jack in the Rovers. Jack suggests he returns to the army and gets himself killed. Alec has to stop them from fighting. Nicky tells Martin he can't tell him what to do; he's not his dad. Alma is shocked when Mike turns up. He wants to look at the repairs Alma wants doing to the cafe. Alma puts him off and refuses his invitation to a drink. Vera starts a petition against Jim's extension. Kevin refuses to sign. Jim finds out that Vera is petitioning against him and has to be stopped from going for her. Alma invites Ken to spend the night with her. He accepts.moreless
  • Wed 16 Oct, 1991
    Wed 16 Oct, 1991
    Episode 124
    Martin and Gail realise it's stupid to row; they're both on the same side. They ask Nicky to leave St Luke's team but he refuses. Vera holds a council of war with Jack and the Websters over Jim's extension. Kevin suggests they complain to the council. Jack tackles Jim about the extension. When Jim insults Vera, Jack nearly goes for him. Nicky runs out of the house with his football kit when Martin tries to stop him going to St Luke's. Jack rings up the Council and complains about Jim. Alf gives Bet money and asks her to buy an eternity ring for Audrey on his behalf as he can't get out of the house. Ivy watches Nicky playing football and is stunned when Martin appears and drags Nicky off the pitch. Liz begs Jim to talk to the Websters and Duckworths about the extension. Audrey loves the eternity ring. Martin is sorry for humiliating Nicky but Gail thinks he did the right thing. Nicky refuses to talk to either of them. Jim attempts to placate the Duckworths and Websters but ends up rowing with Vera. He is furious when Jack reveals he's contacted the Council and an Inspector is being sent round.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 1991
    Mon 14 Oct, 1991
    Episode 123
    Sally tells Kevin her nerves are in shreads and she can't stand much more. Martin is furious that Ivy is blackmailing Nicky into staying a Tilsley. Gail asks for time to sort Ivy out herself. Martin is furious when Sarah Louise is upset at becoming a Platt because of Ivy. He rows with Ivy and accuses her of destroying lives. Ivy tells him that so long as she's alive, Nicky will never be a Platt. Martin tells Ivy he'll see to it that she'll never see any of the children again, and if he ever sees her in the house he'll throw her out. Ivy complains to Gail, who tells her she has to accept Martin is Nicky's dad now. Jim's friend Stuart Morris draws up plans for the extension. Vera overhears them talking about building on the entire back yard. Gail accuses Martin of making things worse for Nicky. Martin tells her to remember that he's her husband now and Nicky is his son.moreless
  • Fri 11 Oct, 1991
    Fri 11 Oct, 1991
    Episode 122
    Derek's car fails to start, he asks Kevin to fix it but Kevin slams the door in his face. Sally has enough of the banging and tells Steve he's ripping her nerves to pieces. Someone complains about Kevin's servicing to the police. The police tell Kevin to find somewhere else to set up business. Liz begs Jim to get planning permission and proper plans. Mavis lets it slip that Derek informed the police, Sally rows with her. The residents accuse Derek of acting out of spite. Kevin explodes at the twins when they start throwing concrete around. He threatens Jim with the police if it carries on. Nicky tells Gail that Ivy has told him he'll inherited all her money if he stays a Tilsley.moreless
  • Wed 9 Oct, 1991
    Wed 9 Oct, 1991
    Episode 121
    Kevin plans to use his contacts to set up on his own. His first customer is Vera. Derek is put out to see him servicing the car in the street, feeling it lowers the tone. Jack asks Jim to show his extension plans to Vera. Jim tells Jack he's sure Jack will be able to win Vera over. Steve hacks away at the backyard with a pick axe. Jim decides to panic the neighbours by digging the whole of the yard up. Audrey urges Gail to stop Ivy from turning Nicky into a religious maniac. Gail tells her she doesn't want Nicky to suffer. Nicky plays in the altar boy's team and scores a goal. Martin gives his tactical advice. Jim promises Vera his extension will do for her house what her stone-cladding has done for his. She is appeased. Jim's hammering keeps Rosie awake. Liz warns Kevin that Derek is planning to get his street repairs stopped. Sally tells her that Jim's banging is making her life a misery.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 1991
    Mon 7 Oct, 1991
    Episode 120
    Martin tells Gail that Nicky's obsession with St Luke's will be over in a few weeks. Jim decides not to bother with planning permission for the extension. When Vera's car breaks down she asks Kevin to look at it but he hasn't the time. Kevin gets annoyed when he reprimanded for being late at work, for the first time. He's sick of being treated like rubbish. Sally tells him she's sick of him always moaning. Jim starts work on the extension. Mavis is upset that she's too old to have children and is furious when Derek points out he isn't. Gail forces herself to keep quiet when Ivy takes Nicky to church. Vera is horrified that Jim is building in the back yard and tells Jack to stop him. Nicky takes possession of his cassock, Ivy is proud of him. Kevin is sacked from Hendersons.moreless
  • Fri 4 Oct, 1991
    Fri 4 Oct, 1991
    Episode 119
    Rita feels obliged to agree to having a drink with Reg at his flat warming. Ivy takes Nicky to mass against his will. Father O'Rourke interests Nicky in the church football team. Jim tells the family he's going to build an extension in the back yard as the family is growing. He plans to take the kitchen out another seven feet and put a bedroom on top of it. Rita realises she's going to be the only guest at Reg's housewarming. Gail and Martin return from honeymoon. Nicky is thrilled that he's in the St Luke football team. Rita drags Bet along to Reg's. He is disappointed that Bet is there. Gail refuses to let Nicky be an altar-boy, which means he can't be in the football team. Nicky tells her she can't stop him.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 1991
    Wed 2 Oct, 1991
    Episode 118
    Next day, Liz is annoyed with Jim for telling everyone in the Rovers. Jim is more concerned as to why she is getting so much attention from her doctor. Ivy and Don argue over Barbara looking after the Platt children. Ivy won't go over as she doesn't want to be accused of interfering. Alma again has to tell Audrey to keep quiet about her weekend with Ken. Jim visits Liz's doctor and finds out that she enquired about terminating the baby. Reg and Percy chase away tow lads breaking into the Kabin. Don goes himself to the Platts' and Barbara invites him to stay for his tea. He accepts and phones Ivy to tell her he's working late. Reg helps Rita clear up and get a glazier. Liz confesses to Jim that she's confused about her pregnancy but is sure she'll be fine when the baby is due. They make up. Rita buys Reg and Percy a drink. Reg makes it clear that he thinks he's getting somewhere. Ivy finds out about Don's deception and tells him he's forced her to make an appearance at the Platts now!moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 1991
    Mon 30 Sep, 1991
    Episode 117
    Barbara invites the Brennans to see the children. Ivy doesn't like her. Steve works with Jim at the bike shop. Audrey discovers that Ken and Alma spent the weekend in the same room. Reg leaves his key with Mavis when he expects a delivery, rather than leave the key with Rita. Mavis goes without her lunch break. Bet guesses that Liz is pregnant. Reg takes possession of a water bed. The surgery wants to monitor Liz as they're researching pregnancies in women in their thirties. Reg brings flowers for Mavis, Rita thinks they're for her and throws them out. Alma is furious when Audrey pries into her weekend with Ken. Liz and Jim tell the lads she's pregnant. They aren't impressed. Jim announces the pregnancy in the Rovers and Liz realises she's going to have the baby now.moreless
  • Fri 27 Sep, 1991
    Fri 27 Sep, 1991
    Episode 116
    Gail has second thoughts about marrying Martin as he hasn't had the decency to tell her where he is. When he returns in the morning she tells him to throw himself on the Council tip. She throws his things at him and tells him to leave. Audrey tells him to leave Gail to her. Ivy is surprised when Don is aggressive towards her. Mavis enjoyed baby sitting for Gail. Alma and Audrey make Gail laugh by telling her she has to marry Martin as they've bought new hats. Jim looks after Rosie so Sally can go to the wedding. Liz realises he's trying to prove a point to himself. Martin can't believe it when Gail turns up in time. Kevin and Alma are the witnesses, Sally, Ivy, Des, Curly, Don, the Platts, Rita, Audrey and the children watch as Gail and Martin are married at the Registry office. Reg minds the Kabin whilst Mavis delivers papers. The guests gather at the Rovers for the reception. Ken and Alma set off on their weekend. Ivy tells Nicky never to forget that Brian is his real dad. Rita throws Reg out of the Kabin. Ken and Alma are both booked into the same room and the hotel is fully booked. Ken swears to Alma he didn't plan it. The Platts give Martin and Gail a present - a honeymoon in Abersoch. Barbara moves into their house to look after the children. Ken sleeps on the sofa in the hotel room. Liz tells Jim she thinks they'd better have the baby. Jim tells her she won't regret the decision.moreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 1991
    Wed 25 Sep, 1991
    Episode 115
    Don is furious that Ivy is leaving everything to Nicky. Mavis babysits as Gail and Martin go to their parties. AUDREY: "I'm the original party girl." Gail has her hen party at the Rovers whilst the men go to the Tik Tak club. At the club, Don meets a barmaid who uses his cab. He pretends to be her husband when a customer bothers her. Audrey is shocked that Alma is spending the weekend with Ken. Martin gets drunk but Don looks after him. Des takes him home, telling him he can't spend the night before the wedding with Gail. Gail doesn't know where he is. Liz realises this is her last chance to have a baby.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 1991
    Mon 23 Sep, 1991
    Episode 114
    Curly refuses to socialise with Reg. Jim isn't happy about Liz going to the clinic. She just wants to get it over with. Ivy takes Nicky from school to give him lunch and tell him how important the Tilsley name is. Jim wants to give the abortion more thought but Liz is scared that she'll start to want the baby. Liz can't bring herself to tell the doctor she wants an abortion. She feels confused, as does Jim. Barbara Platt gives Gail a slinky blue slip to wear at the wedding. Ken signs up for a gourmet weekend. He invites Alma to join him as his guest, all above board. She agrees. Ivy plans to update her will, leaving her half of the house to Nicky on the condition he changes his name back to "Tilsley".moreless
  • Fri 20 Sep, 1991
    Fri 20 Sep, 1991
    Episode 113
    Reg tells Rita he's now a free agent. She tells him she's not interested in him and tells him to keep away. Alma agrees to go to the theatre with Ken. Reg asks Angie to do some work for him at the flat but she tells him she'd never work for him. Ken and Alma walk out of the theatre half-way through. Reg begins to feel down as Rita, Curly and Angie snub him. Alma thanks Ken for giving her back her self respect. He tells her about Mike's affair with Deirdre. Liz tells Jim she wants an abortion.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 1991
    Wed 18 Sep, 1991
    Episode 112
    Liz has morning sickness and tries to hide from the twins. Rita is horrified to find Reg moving into No. 12. Vera starts a petition against Reg. Curly rips it up. Reg plans to turn No. 12 into a bachelor's paradise, even though Veronica has all the furniture. Liz doesn't know if she can cope with another child. Reg tries to be friendly towards Rita but she refuses to talk to him. Ken and Alma play scrabble together. Deirdre is embarrassed to find them together. Ken and Alma enjoy being friends.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 1991
    Mon 16 Sep, 1991
    Episode 111
    Rita is curious to see who her new neighbour is when No. 12 is sold. Reg takes a couple of days off work. Liz overhears Alec telling Bet he's glad Vicky's back at school, away from the bad influences of the Street. She calls Alec a jumped-up snob and walks out of the pub. She apologises to Bet, saying she's had some bad news. Des shows Frank Worrell round the house. Ken encourages Alma to stick at her lessons. They are both relieved when he kisses her and she tells him they needn't rush each other. He is pleased. Angie tells Vera about Reg stopping Curly's promotion. She is snide to him in the Rovers. Jim thinks Liz has cancer but she tells him she's pregnant.moreless
  • Fri 13 Sep, 1991
    Fri 13 Sep, 1991
    Episode 110
    Don warns Ivy that her actions may cut her off from the children. The Gilroys take Vicky back to school. The Head, Dr Carr, assures them she'll take care of Vicky. Alec pays the £2,500 school fee. Alec urges Vicky to make influential friends. Mavis is horrified when a dog breeder looks over No. 6. Alma is pleased when Ken asks her out. She tells him she's finished crying for Mike.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 1991
    Wed 11 Sep, 1991
    Episode 109
    Vicky is touched when Alec buys her a new kit for school. Kevin agrees to be Martin's best man. Reg tells Curly he did him a favour in stopping him going to Miles Platting. Curly tells him he could phone Brendan at any time and produce the book of raffle tickets. Alec is horrified when Bet and Vicky spend £200 on school equipment. Curly gives Reg the book of tickets, telling him he'd never lower himself to his level. Alma cooks a meal for Ken. Ivy tells Gail she'll fight the adoption. Gail warns her that she might stop her from seeing the children at all. Alec is sad that Vicky is returning to school. Ken and Alma grow sad together talking about their loves. When she breaks down he comforts her.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 1991
    Mon 9 Sep, 1991
    Episode 108
    Curly knows that Brendan hates him for ruining his plans for Raquel in Buxton. Des puts No. 6 up for sale. Ivy isn't really happy about Gail marrying Martin. Audrey is thrilled. Vicky looks forward to going back to Codrington. Reg tells Curly to keep him out of the investigation. Brendan tells Curly he was just about to be promoted to manager of the Miles Platting Branch. Instead he is reprimanded. Brendan tells him that Reg knew all about the promotion. Ivy wants Nicky and Sarah Louise to remain Tilsleys. Don tells her he's sick of hearing about Tilsleys. She's a Brennan now. Alma enjoys her Spanish lessons. She bumps into Ken who's doing the wine appreciation course. They go for a drink together. Alec tells Vicky to stop seeing so much of the twins. Liz over hears and is annoyed. Curly realises Reg has set him up to stop him being promoted. He swears to get even with him. The Gilroys celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. Betty makes a cake for them. Martin announces he's marrying Gail on the 27th of Sept.moreless
  • Fri 6 Sep, 1991
    Fri 6 Sep, 1991
    Episode 107
    Martin decides the adoption isn't worth the hassle; he doesn't want to risk being refused. The auditor arrives at Bettabuys. Curly tries to retrieve the docket but is too late. He asks Reg to countersign the docket but Reg refuses. Gail feels bad about Martin dropping the adoption. Steve refuses to return to school. The auditor sees the docket and reports the matter to Head Office. Angie feels awful that Curly has put his job on the line. Alma and Audrey are disappointed to find the Spanish class is full of women. Des decides to sell up and leave Weatherfield. Curly discovers Brendan Scott is being sent to investigate him. Gail realises she's been selfish, she goes on one knee and proposes to Martin. He is thrilled.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 1991
    Wed 4 Sep, 1991
    Episode 106
    Curly refuses to take the £100 back. Jim urges Des not to lose his self respect. Des throws his wedding album away. Curly gets the accounts clerk, Dennis Proctor, to pay the other £100 to Angie. Martin goes to the Citizens Advice Bureau to find out about adoption. They tell him he'll have to go to court and the judge might ask why he isn't marrying Gail. Reg is furious to discover Curly authorised payment for Angie. He tells him the auditors are due.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 1991
    Mon 2 Sep, 1991
    Episode 105
    Angie is furious that Reg won't pay the bill as she put £306 of her own money into the float. She rips up the shopping voucher. Martin tells Gail that if she died, Ivy and Audrey would have the children as he has no rights. She accuses him of moral blackmail. Reg proudly displays the Herbert Crabtree memorial shield that the float won. Steph returns for her clothes. Phyllis tells Des. Reg refuses to pay Angie, saying the event was for charity. Phyllis begs Steph to give Des another chance but she just wants to leave. Des arrives and she is forced to talk to him. She tells him she doesn't want anything from him and he can keep the house. He tells her she can always come back but she drives off. Curly takes the shield and refuses to return it until Angie is paid. Reg agrees to pay up the £306 Angie paid of her own money. Curly gives Angie the money plus £100 out of his own pocket. Alma and Audrey go to night school. They decide to learn Spanish. Angie realises £100 of the money was Curly's. She refuses to take it. Gail tells Martin she'd like him to adopt the children so they'd have his name and she'll change hers to Platt. He agrees.moreless
  • Fri 30 Aug, 1991
    Fri 30 Aug, 1991
    Episode 104
    Alec sees movement in No. 1 and calls the police not knowing it's Vicky and the twins. Vicky enjoys herself DJ'ing. Bet discovers they're the intruders and rush them out before the police arrive. The residents watch the carnival. Vivienne enacts Britannia on the WART float. Liz takes the radio equipment off the twins. Phyllis startles Percy, causing him to knock Vivienne off her chair, bringing the Union Jack down on top of them both. Bettabuys win the prize for best float. Gail refuses to marry Martin. Angie gives Reg a design bill of £406. Reg refuses to pay it and gives Curly a £10 voucher to give her.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 1991
    Wed 28 Aug, 1991
    Episode 103
    Des turns to drink in his depression. Phyllis cheers him up. The twins transmit from No. 1 whilst the Barlows are away. Vicky helps them. They break into the sherry. Reg finds out that the WARTs are doing 'Grocers of Olde Englande' for their float and scoffs. Gail is scared that marriage will ruin everything. She assures Martin that she loves him. Percy shows off his John Bull costume. Curly feels an idiot in his Mercury outfit. Reg loves his Bacchus dress and starts living the part. Alma tells Gail that all that Martin is looking for is some commitment.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 1991
    Mon 26 Aug, 1991
    Episode 102
    Bet refuses to give up smoking just to please Vicky. Nicky hits David on the head with a cricket bat. Martin takes the baby to hospital to check he hasn't got concussion. The twins stash the radio equipment with Vicky to hide it from Jim. Vera and Ivy help with the Bettabuy float. They are given the roles of Goddesses of Plenty. Reg is annoyed as he wanted to be surrounded by young women. Vicky shows an interest in the twins' radio. Martin is annoyed when the hospital treat him with suspicion as David's surname is Tilsley. He is upset that his son has got Brian's name. Don feels that Ivy's costume isn't decent. Martin tells Gail he feels left out of the family and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Fri 23 Aug, 1991
    Fri 23 Aug, 1991
    Episode 101
    Steph packs her bags. Nicky starts cubs. Des spends the night at Lymm Police Station for setting fire to the boat. Angie agrees to design the float but tells Curly she'll want professional payment. Vicky refuses to believe the Johnson's don't want her. Percy takes Alf's place on the WART carnival float. Martin urges Des to fight for his marriage. Vicky disappears from the Rovers and turns up at the Johnson's. They phone Alec. Alec makes the Johnson's say, in front of Vicky, that they don't want to take her on. Vicky agrees to return to the Rovers. Bet has to hold herself back from rowing with Vicky as her bitterness upsets Alec. Des slashes Steph's suitcases up and tells her she's staying with him. She tells him she doesn't love him anymore and begs him not to hit her. She walks out. Angie decides to have the Horn of Plenty as the float theme. Reg agrees to be Bacchus, with Curly as Mercury. Steph moves in with Simon.moreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 1991
    Wed 21 Aug, 1991
    Episode 100
    Curly asks Angie to design the float. Phyllis is upset to hear Des has left Steph. Steph tells Simon that Des knows. She is thrilled when he tells her to move into his flat but feels she can't leave without seeing Des. The Johnson's tell Alec they haven't thought about having Vicky living with them. They tell Alec they're willing to help but aren't keen to take her on. Des contacts Steph and asks her to meet him. Vicky discovers the Johnson's have visited in her absence and is furious. She tells them she doesn't want them or the Rovers. Steph finds Des drunk with the boat. When she tells him they are definitely finished he sets light to the boat as a symbolic gesture.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 1991
    Mon 19 Aug, 1991
    Episode 99
    Des doesn't return home. Steph worries where he is when he doesn't turn up at work. Alec begins to think it might be best for Vicky if she lived with the Johnsons. Steph finds the car parked at the marina. Victoria tells Alec she's not happy at the Rovers; everything is so ugly. AUDREY (about the Barnes): "They spend more time falling out than breathing." Curly is annoyed when Reg plays golf all day, leaving him to run the store. Reg puts him in charge of the Bettabuy float in Weatherfield Carnival. Alec decides to ask the Johnson's if they want Vicky. Steph realises she's been selfish. She fears Des has done something stupid.moreless
  • Fri 16 Aug, 1991
    Fri 16 Aug, 1991
    Episode 98
    Vicky wants to stay in Handforth but Bet takes her back to the Rovers to talk to the Arden's executor. The Tilsleys join the Barnes on the canal. Steve enjoys being a DJ. Ken returns a day early and hears 'The Adventures of Capt Ken Barlow' on the taxi radio. He is amused. Steph refuses to help with the boat. Ken interrupts the broadcast and throws the twins out of his flat. Vicky's Uncle Nick tells the Gilroys that Vicky has been well provided for in the wills. The money is to be kept in trust until she is eighteen so she can stay on at school. Alec decides to apply to be Vicky's legal guardian but she isn't sure if that's what she wants. Ken is annoyed with Tracy for using his flat. Tracy is relieved when Ken doesn't tell Deirdre about the radio. Sarah Louise doesn't like the boat. Steph rows with Des, accusing him of being selfish and obsessed with the boat. Tracy goes to France. Gail and Martin feel in the way with the Barnes and don't enjoy the day. Steph admits to Des that she's having an affair but asks him not to make a fuss in front of the Tilsleys. As they row, Gail gathers the children and gets Martin to get them a taxi. Vicky tells Alec she's going to live with her friend Belinda and her family. She wants to live with people she knows. Steph leaves with the Tilsleys, Des tells her he never wants to see her again hoping she won't go but she does.moreless
  • Wed 14 Aug, 1991
    Wed 14 Aug, 1991
    Episode 97
    Des organises a Sunday out with Steph. Vicky plans to live in Handforth with the daily, Mrs Cooper. Bet invites Deirdre and Tracy round to meet Vicky, hoping she'll make friends with Tracy but the girls don't get on. Des invites Martin and the family for a trip on the boat on Sunday to show Steph a happy family. The Gilroys take Vicky home. She tells them she's not returning to the Rovers. Mavis is pleased that the Barnes are getting on. Tracy refuses to give the twins the key to Ken's flat whilst she's in France. Bet stays with Vicky in Handforth as Alec returns to the Rovers. Vicky is upset that Mrs Cooper is too ill to live with her. Des tells Martin he fears Steph is being unfaithful but Martin tells him he's imagining it.moreless
  • Mon 12 Aug, 1991
    Mon 12 Aug, 1991
    Episode 96
    Des struggles with Mavis' allegation. Tracy lets the twins transmit from Ken's flat and in return they let her do some announcing. Andy finds a report Ken has done on him and is annoyed at its reference to his stupid sense of humour. Des tries to get closer to Steph. She forces herself to be nice to him. The Gilroys and Vicky return from Torquay. Bet worries that Vicky is bottling her emotions. Alec manages to break her down by telling her he's cried for Sandra. She tells him she wants her parents back. Steph arranges to meet Simon for lunch but has to change her plans when Des turns up to take her out. Steve and Andy start an adventure series on JCW: Captain Kenny the Android Warrior of Weatherfield with his Mechanical Sheep Baaa-low. Tracy is annoyed at first but joins in when the twins win her over. Simon tells Steph he's being sent to Swansea for a week. Liz and Jim hear the twin's broadcast, Jim thinks it's hysterical but Liz is furious. Vicky tells the Gilroys she wants to go home.moreless
  • Fri 9 Aug, 1991
    Fri 9 Aug, 1991
    Episode 95
    The twins continue to broadcast from the bike shop. Deirdre starts work at the shop, after 4 years absence. Percy is told he'll have to go to St Winifred's OAP home. Rita is furious to hear Steve broadcasting and giving the Kabin a plug with 'Reet and Mave' the page three girls. Mavis and Derek see Steph and Simon kissing at the perfume counter. Emily can't bear to think of Percy in a home and brings him back to No. 3. Rita complains to Liz about the broadcast. She tells the twins they'll have to stop. Andy decides to go underground. Ken goes on a walking holiday and gives Tracy his key to water the plants. Mavis calls Des a lout for being nasty to innocent Derek. She tells him he should be threatening his wife's lover.moreless
  • Wed 7 Aug, 1991
    Wed 7 Aug, 1991
    Episode 94
    Percy undergoes tests to see what caused his asthma; he's mildly allergic to pollen and extremely allergic to cats. Phyllis tells Des that Derek has been bothering Steph. Simon asks Steph to tell Des about their affair. Deirdre refuses to humiliate herself further by asking Alf for a job. Steph lets Des think Derek has been bothering her. A social worker calls on Emily and tells her Percy can't live with Mrs Dyson because of her cat. She refuses to take Percy back as she's valuing her peace. Andy, Steve and Tracy start transmitting on 'Just Can't Wait' Radio, playing tapes of local bands, and telling people to shop at Fat Alf's. Deirdre discovers Audrey is desperate for help at the shop. Des tells Derek to stay away from Steph. Derek has to stop himself telling him about Steph's affair.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 1991
    Mon 5 Aug, 1991
    Episode 93
    Andy and Steve ask Jim to help them start a radio station. Emily worries about Percy in hospital. She visits him and finds him weak and washed out, having had an asthma attack. Emily fears that the stress of the move brought it on. Jim gets the electric equipment to make a transmitter for the lads. Deirdre decides she's finished with men. Sally tells her Alf needs help at the shop if she needs a job. Mavis warns Steph that she's throwing all her happiness away and will regret it. Andy and Steve manage to set the transmitter up and can be picked up by a radio. Phyllis is furious that Emily hasn't told her Percy is in hospital. Phyllis accuses Emily of throwing Percy onto the street, Emily rushes from the hospital upset.moreless
  • Fri 2 Aug, 1991
    Fri 2 Aug, 1991
    Episode 92
    Steph asks Derek not to tell Des about Simon. He refuses to deceive Des. Betty docks Jack's wages when he skives off to put a bet on. Deirdre starts looking for a job. Emily tells Percy she's not selling up. He accuses her of just wanting to get rid of him. Ken offers Deirdre a £300 cheque to help out. She feels humiliated, he promises there are no strings attached. Steve grows interested in pirate radio. Deirdre agrees to borrow money from Emily rather than Ken. Derek tells Steph she should tell Des or stop seeing Simon. She is furious at his cheek. Phyllis sees Derek grabbing hold of Steph. Winnie finds Percy gasping for breath on the floor. Deirdre returns Ken's cheque. Phyllis spreads it about that Derek was molesting Steph. Percy is rushed to hospital.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jul, 1991
    Wed 31 Jul, 1991
    Episode 91
    Des feels insecure in his marriage. Percy feels at home with Winnie but goes down with a cold. Deirdre worries that Tracy will lose respect for her. BETTY: (about Bet) "She can manage to find a silver lining under every cloud." Derek tells Mavis about seeing Steph and she tells Rita. Don tells Deirdre he will go to the police with her. She tells him not to bother. Emily tells Mrs Ellis she's no longer selling. Deirdre tells Tracy that Phil is a married criminal. Don thinks Deirdre is covering up for Phil and wants his money back. Mavis fears the Barnes' marriage will end and urges Derek to talk sense into Steph. Tracy tells Ken that Phil has run off with his wife.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jul, 1991
    Mon 29 Jul, 1991
    Episode 90
    Des is annoyed that Steph is too busy to spend time with him. Percy moves in with Winnie Dyson, making Emily feel thoroughly guilty. Betty takes command of the Rovers with the Gilroys in Torquay. Winnie settles Percy into 'Norwin'. He doesn't like the idea of living with her cat Fluffy. Betty enjoys bossing Jack around. Deirdre finds Phil at his flat about to leave the country. She is stunned to discover he's married. His wife Valerie tells her she's one of many women he's been with. Steph spends the evening with Simon, telling Des she's at a friend's leaving party. Deirdre feels dirty and hates herself for being a fool. When she hears Deirdre has been crying in the Street, Ivy tells Don he must go to the police with her. He refuses to put his neck on the line. Phyllis gives Winnie the once over. They hit it off and to Percy's horror start singing together. Whilst entertaining a client, Derek sees Steph with Simon.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jul, 1991
    Fri 26 Jul, 1991
    Episode 89
    Percy makes a big issue of packing. Mike searches for Phil, He doesn't believe Deirdre when she says she doesn't know where he is. The Gilroys take Vicky to the Arden's funeral. Emily realises that she doesn't want to move, all she wanted was her house to herself again. She feels she's deceived Percy. Word reaches Alma that Mike and Jackie have split. Alec worries about Vicky's state of mind. Bet persuades him that they should go to Torquay on holiday. Percy asks reassurance from Emily that he is not the reason she's moving. She says he isn't. Dean gives Deirdre an address where she might find Phil. Mike gets drunk and hammers on Deirdre's door, demanding to know Phil's whereabouts. He leaves not knowing where he's going; he's got nothing left.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jul, 1991
    Wed 24 Jul, 1991
    Episode 88
    Don doesn't the police investigating Phil's whereabouts as he was the last person to see him. Dean advises Deirdre to run the business as usual and let Phil take care of himself. Alec takes Vicky to see her pony, Saracen. Liz advises Deirdre to contact the police. Dobson finishes work at Ingrams and tells Jackie she'll get a good price for it. Emily shows Mrs Ellis round No. 3. She's taken with it and agrees to buy it. Jackie tells Mike they're finished. Alec promises Vicky they won't get rid of Saracen. Jackie offers Mike £100,000 to get out of her life and let the divorce go through uncontested. Deirdre urges Don to tell the police what he saw but he refuses. Mike demands half the house and the factory but Jackie threatens to bring the police in and have him charged with fraud. He is beaten and takes the money and Alcazar Holdings. She throws him out of the house.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 1991
    Mon 22 Jul, 1991
    Episode 87
    Ivy is cool towards Don over his gambling. He is upset that Phil won't pay up. Mike has the locks changed at the house. Alec and Vicky return from Whitby. She demanded to see the Arden's bodies. Alec worries that she's bottling her grief up. Mavis tells Percy the only reason Emily is moving is to get away from him. Deirdre asks Mike for help, she doesn't know where Phil is. She is disgusted when he says he doesn't care what happens to Phil. Jackie tells Barrett to strike any deal he has to in order to get Mike out of the house. Bet advises Alec to include Vicky in all the funeral arrangements. Mike refuses to speak to Barrett, only Jackie. Deirdre searches for Phil. She worries that he's been left for dead. Don talks her out of contacting the police. Steph shies away from Des. Percy tells Emily he's found somewhere else to live.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jul, 1991
    Fri 19 Jul, 1991
    Episode 86
    Deirdre tells Ivy about the card school. Alec wants everything perfect for Victoria and puts everyone on their best behaviour. Before they go to the station. a policeman arrives to tell him Sandra and Tim have been killed in a car crash in Whitby. Ivy rows with Don, as far as she's concerned it makes no difference if he won or not. Alec and Bet meet Victoria off the train and have to break the news to her. Phil calls on Deirdre via the back door and asks her to trust him. Alec and Victoria go to Whitby to sort out identification. Phil refuses to pay Don the £450. Scotch Tommy arrives, Phil tells him to deal with Don. Instead of hitting Don, Tommy turns on Phil. Don is horrified. Simon takes Steph to the theatre and takes her back to his flat. Jackie and her solicitor tell Mike to leave the house. He refuses so they tell him they're going to tell the police he has been misappropriating company funds. Jackie refuses to stay in the same room as Mike and leaves the house.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 1991
    Wed 17 Jul, 1991
    Episode 85
    Steph feels tired of Des' boyishness and is attracted to Simon. Sandra asks Alec to meet Victoria from her boarding school and put her up whilst she and Tim attend the funeral in Whitby. Mike tells Deirdre that Phil turned Jackie against him, and told her about their affair. Mike tells her Phil is financially in ruin. Deirdre reminds him that he did trick Jackie. Phil only told her the truth. Angie tells Reg that Rita is angry that he might buy No. 3. Liz tells Deirdre that Phil lost her £200 at cards. Steph phones Simon behind Des' back. The thought of Rita's wrath puts Reg off No. 3. Don searches for Phil in vain.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jul, 1991
    Mon 15 Jul, 1991
    Episode 84
    Ivy and Vera attend the Bettabuy quiz night leaving the evening free for Don and Jack to hold a card game. Phil is forced to sell some of his machines. Deirdre lends him all her money - £200 - to get his car repaired. Rita is horrified to discover Reg is interested in buying No. 3. Sandra phones Alec and tells him Joyce has just died. Mike finds Dobson installed in his office administering the take-over. Dobson refuses to tell Mike where Jackie is and threatens him with security if he doesn't' leave. Steph is amused when architect Simon Beatty flirts with her. Alec is shocked by Joyce's death and worries about his own health. He tells Sandra he won't attend the funeral and comforts her when she breaks down. Phil, Des, Don, Jim and Jack play poker in the factory unit. Phil urges the others to bet big but they're careful. He annoys Don by insinuating that he's out of his league. Don matches Phil's £200 stake and they start adding markers. Jack and Jim try to stop Don. Don pays to see Phil. Phil has a full house but Don wins with four of a kind. He takes Phil's £200, Phil promises the other £450 in the morning.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jul, 1991
    Fri 12 Jul, 1991
    Episode 83
    Jackie and Mike agree to keep the factory if he can save it. Phil asks Mike for £500. Mike feels he'd never get it back and refuses. Percy shows Mrs Cudlip round No. 3 in Emily's absence. He tries to put her off the house. She loves the house but is put off when he tells her it's a noisy area. Kevin is pleased that Sally is working evenings when he finds out she's earning £9 a night. Dean grows tired of not being paid by Phil. Emily tells Percy he'll have to accept the fact that she is selling. Phil asks Jackie for a £500 loan. He tries to charm her but she realises he's in trouble and tells him Mike runs the business. In revenge he tells her all he knows about Mike's deceptions. Mike lands a big contract and wants to celebrate. He is bewildered when Jackie tells him she wants rid of the factory and him. She tells him she knows all about Deirdre and Susan and how he set Charlie Travers up to put in a low offer on the factory. She accuses him of setting her up and throws her rings at him. Jack wins on the horses. Phil arranges a card game with him and Don. Reg is interested in buying No. 3. Jackie threatens Mike with a shotgun, he takes it off her and she drives off. He is shocked to find the gun was loaded.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jul, 1991
    Wed 10 Jul, 1991
    Episode 82
    Jackie tells Mike she knows all about Alcazar Holdings and Alma. He tells her owning the cafe is good business - they haven't lost any money and it was a good way for him to unload guilt. He tells her she has to accept Alma was part of his life. The residents avoid Percy as he searches for somewhere to live. Kevin isn't keen when Sally considers working evenings at the shop. Emily shows the Wallace's around No. 3. Jackie calls on Alma and finds herself defending Mike when Alma tells her she doesn't like having handouts from rats with guilty consciences. They wish each other luck. Emily is furious when Percy tampers with the plumbing, letting the Wallace's believe the house is in bad repair. She accuses him of bloody-mindedness. Sally agrees to work in the shop for three hours a night, four nights a week for £9 a night. Phil asks Mike for £3,000. Mike refuses, Phil tells him he'll regret the decision. Vera wants to go on a holiday camp weekend to meet Lester again. Jack refuses. Phil gets drunk in the Rovers. Jackie forgives Mike, he promises he has no more secrets.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 1991
    Mon 8 Jul, 1991
    Episode 81
    Mike and Jackie spend their honeymoon rowing over his feelings that she has made him redundant. He tells her it's in his nature to work, he can't rest. Ivy starts at Bettabuys. Audrey finds she can't cope with the shop on her own. Percy looks for somewhere to live and reminds the Websters that they are family. Mike returns to work and tells Dobson to clear out. Dobson hints that he knows that Mike hasn't been straight with Jackie. Dobson tells Jackie that the Alcazar Holdings only asset is a five-year head-lease on Jim's Cafe and Alma's flat.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jul, 1991
    Fri 5 Jul, 1991
    Episode 80
    Percy tries to put Emily off selling No. 3. Alf rests in hospital. Audrey realises she's going to have to look after him and run the shop as Ivy is leaving. Alma is bitter knowing that it is Mike's wedding day. She feels he will be unhappy with Jackie and it serves him right. An estate agent views No. 3. Ivy finishes at the shop. Mike and Jackie are married at the Registry Office. Jackie gives a surprised Mike his wedding present - the knowledge that they're going to sell the factory and spend their time relaxing. He is horrified to hear Dobson is going through the accounts. Dobson notices Alcazar Holdings in the accounts. He calls on Alma to establish she runs the cafe.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jul, 1991
    Wed 3 Jul, 1991
    Episode 79
    Mike wears himself out trying to keep the business from going under. Jackie is annoyed as he doesn't seem to be preparing for the wedding. Alf collapsed of nervous exhaustion. Audrey feels that she caused it. She moves back home. She gets Phyllis to stay on as cleaner for £2.50 an hour. Phil reads Deirdre his best man's speech. She is upset when he jokes about Mike's ex-lovers. He tears the speech up when she tells him that she was one of them. Audrey returns to work at the shop, alongside Ivy. Jackie fears that Mike's obsession with work will ruin their relationship. Percy tries to give Emily some personal space. She tells him she's decided to sell up and move to Ross-on-Sea. Phil takes Mike on his stag party and resents his relationship with Deirdre. Jackie tells Ralph she will sell the factory but doesn't want Mike to know.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 1991
    Mon 1 Jul, 1991
    Episode 78
    Ivy refuses to stop on at the shop out of loyalty. She's starting at Bettabuys. Emily enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Ross-on-Sea. Deirdre discovers the arcade managers haven't been paid recently. Dean tells her Phil often has cash flow problems. Alma and Gail tell Audrey to pull herself together. Rita feels sorry for Alf. She finds herself in a corner when he tells her she's the only woman ever to understand him. Ralph Dobson contacts Jackie and arranges a private meeting. Rita lectures Audrey on what a mess she's making of her life. She makes her see that she needs Alf. Audrey goes to make up with Alf but when she sees Ivy at the shop she changes her mind. Phil tells Mike he needs money for a deal and asks for a £6,000 loan. Mike says he can't help him until after the wedding. Ralph tells Jackie his new firm wants to buy Ingrams. Ivy calls on Audrey and tells her Alf has collapsed in the shop and has been taken to hospital.moreless
  • Fri 28 Jun, 1991
    Fri 28 Jun, 1991
    Episode 77
    Audrey is nearly at breaking point. She doesn't want Gail's sympathy so moves back to Alma's. Percy is upset when Emily goes away by herself. Alf's nerves begin to take the form of anger. Audrey goes to the job centre, looking for work. Reg offers Ivy £6,000 a year to work at Bettabuys. She tells him she's happy with Alf. He does a test on her to see how quick she is on the till but Alf makes him buy the products. Audrey refuses to use Don's taxi, telling him she blames Ivy for breaking up her marriage. Jackie cuts back on the wedding to save some money.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 1991
    Wed 26 Jun, 1991
    Episode 76
    Alf gives Ivy a rise in gratitude for all her support. Reg introduces himself to Ivy and tells her she must be mad working for Alf. Gail is alarmed to find Audrey is making plans to run off to Canada with Malcolm. Percy tells Emily he'll go with her to Ross-on-Sea but she tells him she's going alone. Mellors go bust owing Ingrams £50,000. Mike is depressed. Alf accuses Reg of trying to steal his staff. Audrey discovers Malcolm is getting married next month to someone called Ruth. She breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jun, 1991
    Mon 24 Jun, 1991
    Episode 75
    Vera tells Ivy there are jobs going at Bettabuys. Alma is annoyed that she's working to give Mike money. Emily books a holiday in Ross-on-Sea but doesn't know how to tell Percy. Alf considers opening talks with Audrey before discovering she's looking for a solicitor. Audrey phones Stephen in Canada and asks him to get Malcolm to contact her. Gail tells Mike Alma knows about the cafe. He calls at the cafe and tells Alma he doesn't want her gratitude and that Jackie doesn't know anything about it. Alma tells Mike she's sorry for him, marrying Jackie for her money. Phyllis tells Percy about Emily's holiday plans. Ivy decides to apply to Bettabuys.moreless
  • Fri 21 Jun, 1991
    Fri 21 Jun, 1991
    Episode 74
    Audrey accuses Don of covering up for Alf, she thinks he was with Vivienne, not fishing. Deirdre is annoyed that Phil is avoiding the VAT man and won't tell her about his movements. Alma phones the agents pretending to be Mike's secretary to discover that Mike does own the cafe. She accuses Gail of dealing with Mike behind her back, and is furious that she's living on Mike's pity. Gail urges her to see it doesn't matter; its just Mike's way of unloading guilt. Audrey can't stand being on her own and decides to return home. Derek refuses to see Des has put right the damage, he thinks he's removed the evidence. Mavis accuses him of being obsessed. Audrey finds Alf has changed the locks. Derek makes his peace with Des. Audrey dumps herself on Gail and tells her she has decides to play Alf at his own game and get a divorce.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jun, 1991
    Wed 19 Jun, 1991
    Episode 73
    Derek is after compensation but Mavis is happy with the lounger. Deirdre is annoyed when Phil doesn't share any responsibility at work. Alma puzzles over the landlord being Alcazar Holdings. Audrey finds Alf's safe empty. She is startled to find Phyllis cleaning the house. Alma remembers Mike's petrol station is in Alcazar. Alf is pleased Audrey is desperate for money. Derek is foiled again when Des has a new fence erected. Vivienne tries to consol Alf over his marital problems and interrupts his bath. Audrey arrives home to return to Alf but doesn't stop when she sees Vivienne with dressing-gowned Alf.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 1991
    Mon 17 Jun, 1991
    Episode 72
    Alf and Jim search for Don. They find a cap floating in the water. Derek sulks as Des has moved the boat and refuses to talk to Mavis. Audrey is forced to stay with Gail. Don sobers up after falling in the river but is lost. Audrey turns up at the shop and takes money from the till. Ivy refuses to tell her where Alf has hidden the cash box. Alf and Jim return and tell Ivy they've lost Don. She identifies the cap as his and grows hysterical, thinking Don has drowned. Alma agrees to let Audrey stay with her. Don returns to find the police questioning Ivy about his disappearance. She is relieved to see him. Des buys Mavis a new sun lounger. Derek is furious when she accepts it. Audrey tells Alma she intends to visit Grasmere Drive and raid Alf's hidden savings.moreless
  • Fri 14 Jun, 1991
    Fri 14 Jun, 1991
    Episode 71
    Audrey tells Gail she's staying at the Postgate Hotel. Gail tells Alf but he refuses to see her. Phyllis does some cleaning for Alf. Rita tells Derek that his war with Des is breaking Mavis up. Des tells Mavis that he'll move the boat and put right the damage. Mavis decides not to tell Derek, knowing he'll try to stop the boat move. Mike asks Phil to be his best man. He agrees. Audrey discovers her credit card has been cancelled when she tries to settle her hotel bill to date. Derek returns home early to catch the crane moving the boat. He hangs onto the boat and is lifted off the ground. Don, Jim and Alf get drunk on their fishing trip. Unseen by Jim and Alf, Don falls into the canal.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 1991
    Wed 12 Jun, 1991
    Episode 70
    Alf cancels Audrey's credit card. Derek refuses to believe Des will part with the boat. Mike is shocked to discover Jackie has ordered the wedding flowers from Maggie Redman. Des agrees to pay for the repairs but not £200 compensation. Rita tells him the Wiltons are advertising the boat for sale. Des threatens to start bee-keeping if the Wiltons sell the boat. Mike calls on Maggie who tells him she knew the order was for him. He tells her Jackie knows nothing about Mark. She tells him his secret is safe with her. He is grateful when she introduces him to eight-year old Mark. Sales rep Dave Wallace chats Audrey up at the hotel. Mike is startled to discover Phil wants to bring Deirdre to the wedding. He feels all his secrets are crowding him. Ivy cooks for Alf. Des paints the bottom of the boat - in his garden - with anti-fouling paint. He stops when Derek threatens to chop up his half of the boat. Audrey drops Dave when he talks about his wife all the time. Alf decides to join the fishing trip putting Audrey out of her mind.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 1991
    Mon 10 Jun, 1991
    Episode 69
    Gail is startled to hear Audrey has left Alf. Audrey lounges about in a 5 star hotel. The crane men can't move the boat for a few days. Mike and Jackie worry about the recession as they start redundancies. Derek threatens to claim the boat as salvage. Audrey contacts Gail but refuses to tell her where she's staying. Gail tells her she's stupid leaving Alf. Audrey wants Alf to decide who comes first: her or the shop. Jim and Don plan a fishing trip. Alf is angry that Audrey phoned Gail and not him. He is horrified that she is in a five-star hotel. Derek gives Des a bill for £850 for material and emotional damage as Mavis becomes hysterical about the boat. Des refuses to pay and tells Derek he can keep the boat.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jun, 1991
    Fri 7 Jun, 1991
    Episode 68
    The Duckworths put the new wallpaper up. Steph assures Steve she hasn't been making a joke about his feelings. He agrees to be friends with her. Audrey wants Ivy out of the shop but doesn't want to work there herself. The insurance company tells the Duckworths they don't believe the claim for the hallway is true and refuse to pay anything. Steve refuses to listen to Liz going on about Steph and tells her to gossip in the corner shop if she wants to talk about her. Vera is furious with Jack for trying to get the hall on the claim. He promises to pay for the decorations himself. Derek buys a sun lounger for Mavis. Audrey leaves Alf. Des installs the motor after Kevin has tuned it up. The motion of the motor makes the boat topple over, crashing the Wilton's fence and sun-lounger.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 1991
    Wed 5 Jun, 1991
    Episode 67
    Gail is furious that Audrey wants to sack Ivy. The Duckworths spend a fortune on wallpaper. Steve discovers people are laughing about his infatuation with Steph. Mike and Jackie view a house and decide to buy it. Liz tries to comfort Steve but he is deeply hurt that Steph doesn't like him. STEPH: "You know, Des, every time you open your mouth, your mental age drops." Alf is furious is discover Audrey has been shopping at Bettabuys. Des is annoyed when Kevin tells him his new boat motor is rubbish. Steph tries to tell Steve she wants to be his friend. He refuses to admit he fancied her, and returns the scarf. Alf tells Audrey that if she won't work he won't give her any more money.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 1991
    Mon 3 Jun, 1991
    Episode 66
    Audrey refuses to have anything to do with the shop until Ivy has left. Steve steals Steph's scarf to keep as a love token. No plants grow in the Wiltons' garden because of the shadow cast by the boat. The loss assessor inspects No. 9. Steph is embarrassed to find Steve spying on her at work. She tells Des that Steve is beginning to give her the creeps. Ivy fears Alf is going to sack her but he thinks she's a good worker. Mike gives Jackie an engagement ring. Audrey is shocked that Alf would rather have Ivy in the shop than her. He tells her that if she wants Ivy sacked then she'll have to sack her.moreless
  • Fri 31 May, 1991
    Fri 31 May, 1991
    Episode 65
    The corner shop freezer has been turned off overnight and when Alf and Audrey arrive it has totally defrosted. Alf immediately blames Audrey - who blames Ivy. Des goes off to work leaving Steph with the smitten Steve. Tracy tells her Dad about Deidre's new work with Phil Jennings. Steve returns home after Steph has persuaded him, but is still refusing to do his re-sits. Audrey goads Ivy when Martin is in to thank Audrey for looking after the kids yesterday - Alf realises what has happened. Mrs Shaw comes to see Mavis in the Kabin and tells her that she will not proceed with the tribunal. Audrey storms out of the shop in a temper saying that she will never return.moreless
  • Wed 29 May, 1991
    Wed 29 May, 1991
    Episode 64
    Des feels that Steve is outstaying his welcome after three days. Steve wins him over by making breakfast. Liz is upset that Steve prefers living with strangers then at home. Phil shows Deirdre the inside of Unit 14. He tells her this will be the headquarters of PJ Promotions. He asks her to be a full partner and run the business for him. She is keen. Phyllis spreads the news that Steve has been sleeping at the Barnes'. Steve tells Jim he likes the Barnes as they treat him like an adult. Jim tells him there'll always be a bed for him at No. 11. Sarah Louise turns the freezer off in the shop whilst Audrey is looking after the kids. Mavis calls on Mrs Shaw and tells let Derek is a decent man and suggests Victor might take her back. Liz tells Steph she wants Steve back. Steph agrees to tell Steve he has to leave. Steph is disturbed to discover Steve is in love with her.moreless
  • Mon 27 May, 1991
    Mon 27 May, 1991
    Episode 63
    Steve spends the night in Des' boat. Liz is horrified that Jim told him he'd have to leave No. 11. Deirdre hates the telesales. Liz lets Steve stay working on the boat so long as he's not a nuisance to the Barnes'. Ken offers to pay for Tracy's French trip. Deirdre agrees. Derek visits Mrs Shaw and she agrees he wasn't really harassing her. He offers her a good reference if she drops the allegations. Mr Shaw arrives and accuses Derek of laying hands on his wife. He refuses to believe the sacking had nothing to do with the harassment. The telesale's people sack Deirdre for not getting any jobs. Steve wants to continue sleeping on the boat. Steph says it's alright so long as his parents agree. Steph worries that it'll rain and she moves Steve into the spare room. Phil asks Deirdre to front his new business, PJ Promotions. She agrees.moreless
  • Fri 24 May, 1991
    Fri 24 May, 1991
    Episode 62
    Steve refuses to go to school. Deirdre tells Tracy she can't go to France. Tracy tells her she suspected as much and isn't really bothered. Audrey boycotts the shop. Jim asks Andy to talk some sense into Steve. Steve asks Andy to stand up for him. Mrs Shaw's solicitor writes to PPP accusing Derek of sexual harassment and threatening him with a tribunal. Liz returns home to the news that Steve has left school. The Wiltons are upset when Bet puts parsnips in their hotpots. Liz can see that Steve won't achieve anything by taking his re-sits. Jim tells Steve that he's had enough of him and tells him to leave No. 11.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 1991
    Wed 22 May, 1991
    Episode 61
    Don worries that he'll never see Ivy when she works evenings. Steve works on the boat whilst Des is at work. Mavis feels guilty over the parsnips and tells Derek they were the cause of his bottom slapping. He is horrified. Victor fires Mrs Shaw the cleaner as a cut back before Derek can tell him about the bottom slapping. Jackie and Mike interview Deirdre. Mike backs her but Jackie wants someone else. She tells him she knows that Deirdre is an old friend of his. Steve skives off school to work on the boat and be with Steph. Mike tells Deirdre she hasn't got the job. Ivy works the first evening shift at the shop. Jim is horrified to discover Steve missed part of an exam. Steve tells him he's not taking his resits. Liz phones and tells Jim she's coming home.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 1991
    Mon 20 May, 1991
    Episode 60
    Mike is surprised to find Deirdre has applied for the job. Mavis is pleasantly surprised when the parsnips start working. Alf decides he will open the shop evenings and works out a rota. Audrey complains but Alf reminds her he is the boss. Deirdre tells Mike she's not after a hand out, he tells her he's glad she came to him. Steve helps Des out on the boat. He tells Steph he knows he's not going to pass his re-sits. Derek confesses to Mavis that he slapped the cleaner's bottom at work.moreless
  • Fri 17 May, 1991
    Fri 17 May, 1991
    Episode 59
    Mavis is annoyed that the parsnips didn't arouse Derek. She needs to know that he finds her sexually attractive. Tracy wants Deirdre to marry Phil so they'll be rich. Ivy tells Alf it would be a good idea to open evenings. Deirdre gets the telesales job, selling fitted kitchens. She feels useless after a morning of people putting the phone down and making improper suggestions. She discovers Ingrams are looking for a sales rep. A decorator gives Jack an over the top estimate so Jack plans to decorate himself. Deirdre applies for the Ingrams job.moreless
  • Wed 15 May, 1991
    Wed 15 May, 1991
    Episode 58
    Tracy worries that her school French trip might be in jeopody as Deirdre is in financial trouble. Ivy annoys Alf by sending a customer to Bettabuys for something they don't have in stock. Jack worries that the Insurance Company will send an assessor to view No. 9. Deirdre goes to the job centre and discovers she hasn't got any skills and will have to retrain. She contacts an old Council friend but he can only offer her a cleaning job. Audrey gives Ivy the run-around at the shop. Deirdre gets a job interview for telephone sales. Jack peels all the paper off the dry walls. Phil offers to pay for Tracy's French trip but Deirdre doesn't let him. Mavis feeds Derek 'parsnip surprise'.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 1991
    Mon 13 May, 1991
    Episode 57
    Jack and Vera try to dry No. 9 out. Ivy starts work at the shop. Alf leaves Audrey in charge of Ivy at the shop. Audrey takes the afternoon off, leaving Ivy on her own. Curly is amazed when Angie is brazen about their relationship. Mavis considers giving Derek an aphrodisiac, Rita suggests she tries parsnips. Jack tells Vera they'll go to town on the insurance. Phil offers Deirdre a job as his personal assistant. She turns him down.moreless
  • Fri 10 May, 1991
    Fri 10 May, 1991
    Episode 56
    Ivy is furious with herself and her mouth. Raquel is annoyed that Curly doesn't seem to mind that she ditched him. Alec bans Mavis from the Rovers for not helping with water. Deirdre accuses Alf of profiteering with his bottled water at 70p a time whilst the residents suffer a third day without water. Alf gives Ivy a job at the shop. Derek parks his car over Alec's hose pipe, cutting off the water supply. Alec is forced to apologise for barring Mavis and gives them free drinks. Alf orders more bottled water. Jackie tackles Mike about 'Alcazar Holdings' in the accounts. He tells her its a small holding company for tax purposes. Alf tells Audrey that Ivy will be working with her whilst he's on Council business. She is horrified. The water is turned back on. Angie and Curly find themselves kissing again. The Duckworths find No. 9 flooded; they'd left the taps on.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 1991
    Wed 8 May, 1991
    Episode 55
    Angie and Curly spend the night together. She is embarrassed afterwards. Vera is concerned for Curly when she learns Raquel has dumped him. Mike books Firwood Hall for the reception. Alec serves beer in plastic glasses. The Brewery tells him he'll have to close the Rovers if he doesn't have running water. Alec asks the Wiltons for help but they refuse. Jackie overhears Ivy slagging Mike off. Des runs a hose pipe from his house to the Rovers for free pints. Alf takes in a bulk delivery of bottled water. Angie tells Curly she regrets that last night happened. They shake hands and agree to be friends. Jackie sacks Ivy for gossiping.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 1991
    Mon 6 May, 1991
    Episode 54
    The water goes off in the street and Alec gets short shrift from the Wiltons. As he considers he got Alf elected as Councillor, he demands that Alf sorts it out. Raquel gives Curly the push and Angie finds some of her designs have been sold to a manufacturer.
  • Fri 3 May, 1991
    Fri 3 May, 1991
    Episode 53
    Alec is looking forward to the day's local election - Audrey is being left to mind the shop and Mrs Barford arrives to lend Alf a hand and moral support. Don arrives in the Rovers with the Gazette headline is "Councillor's husband threatens opponent" with a very large photograph. Raquel leaves work early for her session with the photographer. On election night - Alf wins the fight but loses the battle!moreless
  • Wed 1 May, 1991
    Wed 1 May, 1991
    Episode 52
    Vera tells Mrs Maxwell-Glover they can't take the jobs. Alf worries as the Gazette investigate the eviction threat. Curly worries that the photographer will want Raquel to pose nude. When Alf apologises, Ken accepts it. Mrs Maxwell-Glover's house is burgled and the police question the Duckworths. They think it's about the expenses and confess. Ken replaces the poster in his window. DS Richardson finds the story of the Duckworth's job very amusing. Alf glues a 'vote Roberts' poster onto the outside of Ken's window, covering the 'vote Barlow' one. Alf and Ken row in the Rovers and they start pushing each other. The Gazette photographer is present and takes a photograph to Alf's horror.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 1991
    Mon 29 Apr, 1991
    Episode 51
    Audrey refuses to work in the shop because of everyone talking about Mrs Barford. A photographer is interested in Raquel. Alf is furious to find Ken has put a 'vote Barlow' poster up at his window. Alf gets into the flat and rips it down. Audrey decides to stand by Alf and returns to work. Vera worries about Mrs Maxwell-Glover checking up on the references. Ken is furious that Alf illegally entered the flat. He tells the Gazette about the incident when Alf threatens to evict him for supporting his wife.moreless
  • Fri 26 Apr, 1991
    Fri 26 Apr, 1991
    Episode 50
    One of Alf's WART pals gets him an interview on Radio Weatherfield, on 'Shop talk'. Bettabuys provide the refreshments for the Fashion Show. Ben apologises to Angie and offers to lend a hand backstage but she tells him to get lost. Jeff does a glowing article on Deirdre. Phil phones into Alf's radio phone-in and asks him about his relationship with Vivien. Audrey and Deirdre are horrified. Alf tries to convince Audrey that Vivien is just a friend. Curly helps Angie backstage. When one of the male models is sick, Angie asks him to go on but he refuses. Angie breaks down and Raquel models to great acclaim.moreless
  • Wed 24 Apr, 1991
    Wed 24 Apr, 1991
    Episode 49
    Phil tells Andy he'll wait until Liz returns for an answer. Raquel threatens to resign. Deirdre is interviewed by the Gazette. Alf's posters arrive with the slogan 'Alf Roberts - the people's fiend'. Reg agrees to Raquel's modelling to keep her at Bettabuy, on the condition that 'Bettabuys' is mentioned. Joss forges the references but worries about Jack's etiquette. The reporter, Jeff Longton, is a friend of Phil's. He tells Phil he's discovered Alf has another woman. Angie panics about the fashion show and throws Ben out when he doesn't seem to care. Phil wants to spread it around about Alf's woman but Deirdre refuses.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 1991
    Mon 22 Apr, 1991
    Episode 48
    Angie urges Curly to sort Reg out. Alf is fed up at Alec's slowness as a campaign manager. Emily and Percy canvas for Deirdre. Alec makes Jack deliver leaflets. Deirdre is upset when Alf attacks her marital status in his leaflets. Reg refuses to back down over the modelling. Phil tells Jim Andy can stay at school and work for him in the holidays and weekends. Vera dreams about taking Mrs Maxwell-Glover's job. Ken tells Deirdre she has his support 100%. He accuses Alf of propaganda and is supported by Phil. Joss offers to forge references for the Duckworths.moreless
  • Fri 19 Apr, 1991
    Fri 19 Apr, 1991
    Episode 47
    Joss disapproves of Jack's fraud. Raquel likes the idea of modelling. Steph is proud of Des fighting for her honour. Mrs Maxwell-Glover interviews the Duckworths. They pocket the expenses and tell her they work for Sir Alec Gilroy-Holdsworth. Steve worries that Andy will get in trouble selling the posters. At the gig, an official makes a grab for Andy and demands the money he's taken. Phil arrives and saves him. Andy tells Phil he's back at school because he promised Liz. Phil offers him a job with real money. Reg tells Raquel that she's not allowed to appear in public other than as Miss Bettabuy. Mrs Maxwell-Glover gives the Duckworths the job, and wants references from Sir Alec. Vera worries as they gave her Coronation Street as a contact address.moreless
  • Wed 17 Apr, 1991
    Wed 17 Apr, 1991
    Episode 46
    Angie cooks goulash for the dinner party. Jack is keen to apply for the jobs. Phil advises Andy to watch out; selling unofficial posters could get him in trouble with the big boys. Des pretends to be a client to arrange a meeting with Clive. Raquel only agrees to the meal when Ben agrees to it. Jack tells Vera he only wants the interview for the expenses. He tells the mistress they'll be travelling from Southampton. Angie tackles Raquel about modelling her designs at the student collections. Des goes for Clive who floors him with his unarmed combat. Steph separates them and tells Des she loves him.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 1991
    Mon 15 Apr, 1991
    Episode 45
    Percy humbles himself to do Joss' shopping. Phyllis tells Steph that Des loves her but she's not interested. Curly is embarrassed when Angie does their shopping at Bettabuy's. Des returns. Steph swears she did not touch Clive. He shows her that she's got Clive's number on her ticket. Deirdre refuses to let Tracy go to a pop concert. Andy sells unofficial posters for it. Raquel tells Curly she doesn't like him living with Angie. Joss tells Jack about the good life he had in service. Phil buys Tracy a cassette of the tour. Angie plans a foursome with Curly, Raquel and Ben. Jack considers applying for a job as driver to a private house in Knutsford with Vera as a housekeeper. Steph tells Des the truth - how Clive pestered her on holiday - climbing onto her balcony at night. He wrote his number on the ticket. Des believes her and apologises.moreless
  • Fri 12 Apr, 1991
    Fri 12 Apr, 1991
    Episode 44
    Martin wonders why the new lease is with Alcazar Holdings. Vera is adamant that Joss is her dad. Gail and Alma celebrate. Jackie decides she wants to marry in a registry office, they set the date for 5th July; her birthday. Jack calls in at the blood centre and ends up giving blood. He discovers Joss and Vera could be related. Through the photos, Des discovers Clive Parnell holidayed with Steph. He accuses her of having an affair with him, packs and leaves.moreless
  • Wed 10 Apr, 1991
    Wed 10 Apr, 1991
    Episode 43
    Steph asks Phyllis to continue working for them. She agrees. Vera collects Joss from hospital. Ruby tells her Percy pushed him over. The recession hits Ingrams. Vera threatens Percy if he touches Joss again. Des is furious when he has the Italian translated: "Rome was not built in a day. But Steph was laid flat in two nights. None shall sleep. ";Steph is angry that Des thinks she was unfaithful. Mike knocks the agent down to £600 a month. Gail tells him they'll have to close. He asks her not to do anything for twenty-four hours. Jack discovers Joss' blood is A negative and Vera's O positive, proving that he isn't her father. Mike tells Gail he's sorted it to £350 a month and asks her not to tell Alma about his involvement. Steph asks Des to trust her. He goes behind her back and takes the receipt for her holiday photos.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 1991
    Mon 8 Apr, 1991
    Episode 42
    Phyllis cleans No. 6 for Steph's return. Sally gives up work to look after Rosie. Steph is pleased that the house is tidy. Joss tangos with Emily in the charity shop. Percy pushes him out of the way, he falls, is knocked unconscious and is rushed to hospital. Des is suspicious when he reads an Italian comment on Steph's leg plaster. Joss recovers in hospital. Vera blames Emily for dancing with him. He has to have a blood transfusion. Mike tells Gail he has some news for her about the lease. Martin realises Mike's involved and demands to know what's going on.moreless
  • Fri 5 Apr, 1991
    Fri 5 Apr, 1991
    Episode 41
    Joss refuses to believe Jack sent the card. Alma resigns herself to closing the cafe but Gail plans a fight. Phyllis falls for Joss' charms but he flirts with Emily. Gail visits the landlord's agent and starts to barter. Mike bumps into her and is worried to hear Alma might lose the cafe. He tells her he'll sort everything out but not to tell Alma. Percy worries that Emily might like Joss. Sally tells Kevin she doesn't want to work; she wants to be with Rosie.moreless
  • Wed 3 Apr, 1991
    Wed 3 Apr, 1991
    Episode 40
    Sally leaves Rosie with Martin for the morning as she returns to work. She worries all the time. Vera considers writing back to the Queen. Kevin collects Rosie from Martin but takes David by mistake. Sally is furious that he can't recognise his own child. Jackie wants the contract rewritten so that on marrying Mike he owns 50% of everything. The solicitor changes her mind and drafts a new contract - on their marriage, Mike is given 25% of the business. Mike is pleased and signs it. Jack tells Vera he sent her the card as an April Fools. She refuses to believe him.moreless
  • Mon 1 Apr, 1991
    Mon 1 Apr, 1991
    Episode 39
    Easter Monday: Vera receives a card from the Queen asking her to keep quiet about their relationship. Phyllis is impressed by all the Barnes' gadgets. Jack tells Alec he wrote the card to Vera. Audrey and Ivy criticise Gail for letting Martin look after two babies. Vera tells Jack that this is her proudest day. Jackie grows annoyed at Mike's suffering attitude. Phyllis uses the ice cream maker to produce Bacardi and peanut ice cream. Sally calls Ivy a nosey old woman for criticising her decision to let Martin care for Rosie. Jackie rips the contract up and pleases Mike. Alma shows Gail the cafe lease - the landlord has upped the rent from £225 per month to £900. She tells Gail they'll have to close.moreless
  • Fri 29 Mar, 1991
    Fri 29 Mar, 1991
    Episode 38
    Mike is insulted that Jackie wants him to sign a contract saying he won't take the factory if they divorce but agrees to it. Andy is determined to prove to Jim that he's mature. Sally considers asking Martin to look after Rosie. Mike assures Jackie he will never leave her. Andy opens the bike shop to take messages and keep things ticking over. Mike upsets Jackie by signing the contract without reading it. Martin agrees to look after Rosie. Phil warns Andy not to give Deirdre a hard time. Ivy is horrified at the thought of Martin looking after the children. Mike reads the contract. Phyllis becomes Des' housekeeper. He is delighted with her. Mike tells Jackie he's not going to marry someone who is thinking ahead to a divorce.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 1991
    Wed 27 Mar, 1991
    Episode 37
    Gail gleefully returns to the cafe. Jim worries about his mother's heart. Deirdre agrees to look after the twins as Liz and Jim go off to Belfast. Sally is cross that Gail is back at work when she has decided to return to the shop. The twins plan a party before discovering Deirdre will be watching them. Jackie tells Mike she wants him to sign a pre-marital contract.moreless
  • Mon 25 Mar, 1991
    Mon 25 Mar, 1991
    Episode 36
    Ken asks Andy not to give up; he's too bright. Jackie is interested in buying a listed building in the country. Liz agrees to be Deirdre's agent in the elections. Jim is annoyed that Andy blames him for the book backfiring; for talking in the Rovers about it. Gail offers to baby-mind Rosie for Sally so she can return to work. Des offers Angie £5 an hour to clean the house, she refuses as it's a tip. Emily expects to be Deirdre's agent and is upset when she discovers Liz is. Jackie proposes to Mike. They view the house. Jim hears that his mother in Belfast has taken a bad turn. He and Liz make plans to see her immediately. Martin tells Gail she can return to the cafe and he'll look after the children.moreless
  • Fri 22 Mar, 1991
    Fri 22 Mar, 1991
    Episode 35
    Jim and Liz try to persuade Andy to go to school. Vivien Barford congratulates Alf on standing. Audrey is jealous. Steph goes off on holiday. Des is sure she won't get on the plane. Jack finds it hard to cope with Vera, Duchess of Weatherfield. Jim accuses Andy of having no guts. Andy says he's leaving home. Des apologises to Steph for being rotten. He is shocked when she still goes on holiday.moreless
  • Wed 20 Mar, 1991
    Wed 20 Mar, 1991
    Episode 34
    Steph has her broken leg in plaster. Deirdre and Alf look forward to a good clean fight. Ken supervises Andy's pay out. He is upset when Tracy refuses to take her money back. Steph is determined to still go on holiday. Alf goes for a check-up and is given the all clear. Joss convinces Vera she has Royal blood in her. Andy tells Steve he's left school and isn't returning.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 1991
    Mon 18 Mar, 1991
    Episode 33
    Joss brightens up his bedroom at No. 9. Audrey is certain the Council will kill Alf. Ken tells Mrs Jeffers about the book. She is impressed with it but tells Andy to close it and return all money. Steve accuses Tracy of telling Ken of the book. Joss tells Vera his grandfather was Edward the Seventh. Both Barnes refuse to tidy the house. After a row Des moves into the boat. Alec backs Alf and is keen to discredit Deirdre. Steph falls off the boat and hurts her ankle.moreless
  • Fri 15 Mar, 1991
    Fri 15 Mar, 1991
    Episode 32
    Ken talks to Andy about the book. Andy refuses to listen. Curly and Raquel go to Buxton where Brendan tries to chat her up at the hotel. The Barnes slide further apart. The Bettabuys judges vote Luddenden Foot third, Blundell Sands second and Stalybridge first. Raquel blames pre-contest sex with Curly. When Ken tries to lecture Jim, he gets the cold shoulder. Curly, in underpants, catches Brendan planning to seduce Raquel. Raquel shuts them both out in the corridor. WART member Mrs Barford convinces Alf that he must stand for Council.moreless
  • Wed 13 Mar, 1991
    Wed 13 Mar, 1991
    Episode 31
    Steph refuses to do any of Des' cleaning and washing. Raquel refuses to go to Buxton with anyone but Curly. Alec tries to talk Audrey round but she refuses to let Alf stand. Curly shows Reg that he has found the book of raffle tickets which Rita's ticket came from. Reg realises Curly is blackmailing him. Deirdre advises Steph to let Des think he's got his own way so they don't end up splitting up. Reg agrees not to go to Buxton. When Des refuses to dry up, Steph throws the clean plates at him. Ken overhears Jim telling Alec about Andy's book.moreless
  • Mon 11 Mar, 1991
    Mon 11 Mar, 1991
    Episode 30
    Alec is frustrated when the Roberts refuse to have Alf standing for Council. He decides to stand himself. Liz threatens to tell Mrs Jeffers if Jim doesn't sort Andy out. Bet makes Alec realise they could lose money if he was a councillor as he wouldn't be impartial. Phil assures Deirdre he's not interested in her as a councillor but as a woman. Alec tries to wind Alf up into standing, saying Deirdre is too strong for him to beat. Des looks at Andy's book and tells Jim he can't loose. Des buys designer sailing wear. When he refuses to share his stew with Steph, she tips it over his lap. Curly coaches Raquel in deportment. The Roberts tell Alec they can see through his tricks. Reg tells Curly either he's going to Buxton with Raquel or she's not going.moreless
  • Fri 8 Mar, 1991
    Fri 8 Mar, 1991
    Episode 29
    Vera thinks Curly is going out with Angie. Curly thinks about getting Raquel into his bed. Alec thinks the Council should stop the club but with Deirdre on it he realises this won't happen. Jim confronts Andy about the £80. He tells him he's running a book on the FA Cup. Jim's impressed but Liz isn't. Steph spends a fortune on ski wear. Reg tells Raquel to prepare herself for the North West Beauty show at Buxton. Curly agrees to go with her. Alec plans to have Alf standing against Deirdre in the elections.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 1991
    Wed 6 Mar, 1991
    Episode 28
    Liz finds a box full of money under Andy's bed. Vera is upset that Curly is moving out. Raquel doesn't like the sound of him living with Angie. The staff realise the Gilroys are up to something. Alec tells them it's not true. Betty and Jack tell Liz he's lying; he smiled as he told them. Steph tells Des she's booking a skiing holiday for one; he's got his boat. Steve asks for more than £5 a week pocket money. Jim tries to cross examine Andy but gets nowhere. Curly moves into No. 7. Phil tells Alec he can't let him risk everything on the club so it's going it alone but will get his artistes from Alec. Alec feels dumped.moreless
  • Mon 4 Mar, 1991
    Mon 4 Mar, 1991
    Episode 27
    Vera plans to keep Joss at No. 9. Percy puts a postcard in the Kabin window about his waistcoat. Emily is shocked when Angie reveals she bought it and has completely revamped it. Steph reveals Jenny has packed her job in. Alec goes to the bank for a loan he is shocked to find a woman manager. She will only lend him £30,000. Percy demands his waistcoat back from Angie. He is shocked when she gives it to him as it's changed. He gives it back. Alec wants to sell the Rovers. Bet is horrified. He tells her it's her decision. Steph is cross when Des works on the boat rather than go out with her. Curly tells Vera he'll go if Joss doesn't. Angie tells Curly he can move in with her. Bet tells Alec she'll say goodbye to the Rovers for him.moreless
  • Fri 1 Mar, 1991
    Fri 1 Mar, 1991
    Episode 26
    Angie packs. Ruby and Percy cross each other at the charity shop. He is horrified when she sells his waistcoat. Phil leaves the Rovers. He tells Deirdre why he stayed there; the police worried that he might be called as a character witness in a trial and asked him to disappear for a bit. Bet convinces Alec to give the club a go. Phil comes up with the name: "The Alphabet Club". Curly has to sleep on the sofa as Joss stays the night. Angie agrees to stay on another week for Rita so she can try to talk sense into Jenny. Alec feels they should open the club in the old Graffiti premises, now un-let office accommodation. Jenny apologises to Rita. She tells her Angie can have the house; Robert's bought a flat and she's moving in with him. She leaves the Street. Bet is appalled that Alec has to find £60,000 to go into the club venture.moreless
  • Wed 27 Feb, 1991
    Wed 27 Feb, 1991
    Episode 25
    Vera is confused about her past. Alec considers opening a club with Phil. Angie tells Rita she's moving out. Robert worries as Jenny shows him off more and more. He tells her he's leaving his wife Linda. He says he loves her and he'll tell Linda about them. Deirdre officially opens the charity shop. Alec is annoyed when Phil puts forward the idea of having Bet in charge of a new club. Vera accepts Joss as her father. Jack thinks he's a fraud. When Jenny tells Rita she's made a mess of her own life, Rita calls her a selfish bitch and tells her she's not moving Robert in in Angie's place.moreless
  • Mon 25 Feb, 1991
    Mon 25 Feb, 1991
    Episode 24
    Veronica confronts Rita. She tells Reg she's selling the house and returning to New Zealand to her new man. She tells Rita she can have him. Rita tells Reg to keep away. Reg is thrown out by Veronica. He asks Rita to take him in. She tells him to get lost. Emily stocks up the charity shop. Alec feels he should have something more with his life. The Duckworths bury Amy. They discover Amy's last wish is for Vera to look after her friend Joss Shackleton. Jenny calls Rita a hypocrite going on about Robert when she knew Reg had a wife. Joss tells Vera he's her father.moreless
  • Fri 22 Feb, 1991
    Fri 22 Feb, 1991
    Episode 23
    Jack tries to get out of attending Amy's funeral. The residents react when they discover Phil has taken over the factory unit for PJ Leisure. They fear he's opening an amusement arcade. Phil tells Deirdre the factory will be a repair and storage shop for the machines. Percy follows Emily to the hospital. He refuses to believe she is not ill. She tells him she's going to open a charity shop for the hospital at No. 2. Jenny tells Rita that Robert is installing her in a flat of her own. Reg meets his wife Veronica from the airport. She shocks him by demanding to be taken to see Rita.moreless
  • Wed 20 Feb, 1991
    Wed 20 Feb, 1991
    Episode 22
    Vera breaks down over her mother. Amy had a heart attack in the middle of playing bingo. Percy tells Mavis he's worried about Emily's health. Phil tells Deirdre it's convenient for him to live at the Rovers. Emily tells Percy she wants to do something before she dies. Alec fears Phil is involved with the mob. Curly takes Raquel out again. Jenny tells Rita she has no right to tell her what to do with her life. Alec is frightened when Scotch Tommy calls for Phil.moreless
  • Mon 18 Feb, 1991
    Mon 18 Feb, 1991
    Episode 21
    Derek escapes from Boomer. The fox appears in the Wilton's garden and Mavis scares it off by making a lot of noise. The neighbours are woken by the racket. When the hunt follows Derek home, Mavis attacks Bert with a frying pan. Percy worries when Emily spends time at the hospital. Phil arranges with Alec to lodge at the Rovers. Jenny is annoyed when Rita mentions Robert's wife. Phil moves into the Rovers paying £20 a night. The Wiltons tell Jack about the fox. Vera hears that her mother has died. Jenny orders Angie out. Angie refuses to go.moreless
  • Fri 15 Feb, 1991
    Fri 15 Feb, 1991
    Episode 20
    Jenny celebrates her 20th birthday. Angie is angry when Jenny tells her she doesn't want the arranged party; she's going out with Robert. Percy convinces Jack that a fox killed the pigeons. The Wiltons begin to worry. Des has his boat installed in the garden to the Wilton's horror. Sally makes Kevin see it would be silly not to borrow the money off her mum. He agrees. Des paid £500 for the boat which he plans to do up. Jack and Bert Latham plan to go fox hunting. When Angie goes on about Robert being married, Jenny tells her to find somewhere else to live. Mavis plans to lure the fox away as Jack brings in Boomer the dog. Angie tells Rita about Robert. Jenny brings him into the pub. Rita snubs him. Derek is attacked by Boomer in the Duckworths' back yard.moreless
  • Wed 13 Feb, 1991
    Wed 13 Feb, 1991
    Episode 19
    Sally worries about bailiffs. Jack mourns his birds. Reg can't control Curly at work. Curly keeps calling Kimberley 'Jezebel'. Angie plans a party for Jenny's birthday. Reg tells Curly to stop sulking and transfer Kimberley. Mavis worries that Foxy Freddie is the pigeon killer. Kimberley threatens to tell Head Office that she's being harrassed. Curly agrees to her transfer to Bolton. Kevin is upset when Sally tells her mum about their problem. Mrs Seddon offers to give them the money. Sally is furious when Kevin refuses.moreless
  • Mon 11 Feb, 1991
    Mon 11 Feb, 1991
    Episode 18
    Mavis is shattered after staying up all night to see the fox. Sally receives a letter which upsets her but which she keeps from Kevin. Curly has a blazing row with Kimberley about Adrian in the middle of the store. Sally tells Liz that their repayment plan has been rejected by Seymour. Jack persuades Reg to give Vera her job back. Jim offers to help the Websters with a loan but Kevin rudely rejects the offer, triggering a row between him and Sally. The Duckworths celebrate Vera getting her job back but Curly is in no mood to join them. An amazed Derek sees the fox for himself. Jack's pigeon loft is attacked and some of the birds are killed.moreless
  • Fri 8 Feb, 1991
    Fri 8 Feb, 1991
    Episode 17
    Mavis is excited to see a fox in the garden. She tells Derek not to tell anyone about it but he doesn't believe her anyway. Raquel reads Curly a letter in a women's magazine. It could have been written by Kimberley. Rita realises Jenny is avoiding her. Curly confronts Kimberley with the letter. She tells him she didn't write it. Brendan is surprised to learn that Vera has dropped her allegation and is Curly's landlady. He thinks it's all a cover-up but can't prove Reg's guilt. Reg returns to work. Curly shows Adrian the letter which says that Adrian is after her as well. He is shocked and tells Curly he has already slept with Kimberley. Curly threatens to kill him. An assistant thinks Curly is robbing Adrian and the police arrive. Curly spends two hours in the police station. Mavis keeps watch for the fox.moreless
  • Wed 6 Feb, 1991
    Wed 6 Feb, 1991
    Episode 16
    Audrey arranges for some repairs to be taken out behind Alf's back. Raquel agrees to go out with Curly. Mike confronts the estate agent who gives him a description of Alma. She tells him she doesn't know why she did it and offers him payment. He is touched by her emotions. Reg asks Vera to withdraw her allegation and he'll take her back. Curly is shocked when Raquel makes it clear she wants to get him into bed. Rita tells Reg she wants their meetings to stop. Raquel is upset when Curly keeps talking about Kim.moreless
  • Mon 4 Feb, 1991
    Mon 4 Feb, 1991
    Episode 15
    The employees react to the news that Curly is in charge. Brendan talks to Vera about Rita's connection in the fix. Curly refuses Kim's transfer. He tells her she can resign if she wants a change that much. Raquel makes it clear she's interested in Curly. Alma, calling herself Mrs Halliwell, makes arrangements to view Jackie's house. Brendan interviews Rita about the trolley race. She refuses to talk to him. Alma tortures herself by looking round the house. Jackie discovers the duvet has been cut and slashed.moreless
  • Fri 1 Feb, 1991
    Fri 1 Feb, 1991
    Episode 14
    Reg discovers his old enemy Brendan Scott is coming from HQ and that a letter has been received by them. Brendan arrives in time to see Curly shouting at Kimberley. Sally works out the Webster's finances. Brendan starts his fraud investigation. The Websters can only offer £10 a week. Vera admits to Rita she wrote the letter. Brendan tells Reg that HQ has received many letters of complaint about him in the last ten years. Reg takes a holiday and gives Curly the keys to the store.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jan, 1991
    Wed 30 Jan, 1991
    Episode 13
    Alf has a sprained ankle but refuses to leave Audrey on her own at the shop. Seymours' solicitor writes to Kevin threatening legal action if he doesn't pay in fourteen days. Curly confronts Adrian at his building society and accuses him of stealing Kimberley. Adrian accuses Curly of using Kimberley. Mike accepts an offer for his flat. Jackie decides to sell her house and for them to find somewhere together - with no memories. Alf advises Sally to write to the solicitor explaining their financial situation. Vera writes to Head Office complaining about Reg.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jan, 1991
    Mon 28 Jan, 1991
    Episode 12
    Kevin starts work at Walkers. Kimberley tells Curly the man is her cousin Adrian and he is lodging with them. Curly is horrified. Rita is annoyed at local remarks about the trolley race. Alma assures Audrey that Ken is just a mate. Phyllis tells Reg that Vera is spreading the word about the trolley fix. Seymour threatens to take Kevin to court if he doesn't pay up. Alf refuses to do any of the repairs. He trips over a rotten riser and falls down stairs. Reg sacks Vera.moreless
  • Fri 25 Jan, 1991
    Fri 25 Jan, 1991
    Episode 11
    Mark takes on another mechanic. Ken invites Alma to share a meal with him. Reg refuses to let the trolley draw take place until Rita is present. Watched by the staff including Miss Bettabuy, Raquel Wolstenholme, Reg pulls out Rita's ticket. Curly helps Rita run around the shop in two minutes grabbing what they can. Kevin gets an offer of a job at Walkers' tyre and exhaust garage. Rita gives the goods to hospital; she realises Reg fixed the draw. Curly is certain that Kimberley really loves him. Vera spreads it around that the draw was a fiddle. Ken and Alma have a pleasant evening together. Curly discovers Kimberley in another man's arms.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 1991
    Wed 23 Jan, 1991
    Episode 10
    Kevin thinks he can repair the car for £400. Alf refuses to consider Ken's demands. Seymour refuses to let Kevin touch the car. Mike packs his flat up. Reg tells Curly he'll see to Kimberley's transfer after Brenda rows with him. Curly threatens to tell Rita that Mrs Holdsworth is only on holiday. Sally begs Mark to reconsider. He refuses. Reg agrees to hold onto the request for a week. Alf discovers a new water heater for the flat will cost £300. Kevin is annoyed that Sally begged for him. She doesn't know how to cope with everything. Mark sacks Kevin.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jan, 1991
    Mon 21 Jan, 1991
    Episode 9
    Kevin asks Mark to put the accident on the garage's insurance. Alf tries to teach Audrey shop management. Mark is paranoid that everyone is laughing at him. Seymour gives Kevin a bill for £1,250. Curly tells Kimberley he's not going to send her request in and rips it up. Mark refuses to claim off the insurance. Ken gives Alf a list of repairs that he wants doing to his flat.moreless
  • Fri 18 Jan, 1991
    Fri 18 Jan, 1991
    Episode 8
    Derek tells Mavis it is obvious that Victor is using Angela to split them up. Reg tells Curly to organise a trolley race. Curly takes Kim's transfer request form. Reg and Rita go to the races. Jenny tells Mark she wants to finish as she has someone else. He calls her a slag. Kevin takes Seymour's car to repair. Rita does well at the races. Kevin crashes into a tree in Seymour's car.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jan, 1991
    Wed 16 Jan, 1991
    Episode 7
    Steph is annoyed at Jenny's cheek. Curly is distraught at the thought of Kimberley transferring. Mark tells Des that Steph has a fella. Des tells him he's lying and goes for him in the Rovers. He confronts Steph who makes Jenny tell him the truth. Jenny tells Angie that Robert is married. Mark discovers Kevin's been doing foreigners. Mavis is upset when Derek has to have lunch with Angela. When Mark rows with Kevin, Kevin tells him he should be keeping an eye on Jenny.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jan, 1991
    Mon 14 Jan, 1991
    Episode 6
    Mark is surprised to find the lights still on at the garage on Monday morning. Kimberley tells Reg she wants a transfer. Victor orders Derek to keep Angela sweet. Derek tells Mavis that Victor is up to his old tricks; trying to split them up. She refuses to listen and sits in the dark. Reg invites Rita racing. He tells her his wife has gone to live in New Zealand. Jenny introduces Steph to her older man, Robert Weston. When Mark turns up, she passes Robert off as Steph's boyfriend.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jan, 1991
    Fri 11 Jan, 1991
    Episode 5
    Curly feels that he wants to marry Kimberley now. Reg asks Kevin to do a foreigner on his car. Kimberley refuses to let Curly talk to her. She threatens to resign if he continues to harrass her. Victor tells Mavis that Derek is going to have to see a lot of Angela. Rita begins to enjoy Reg's company. Curly shouts at Brenda and accuses her of ruining Kimberley's life. Angie thinks that Jenny has another boyfriend. Kevin plans to fix Reg's car in the garage during the weekend. Mavis is certain Derek is seeing Angela.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jan, 1991
    Wed 9 Jan, 1991
    Episode 4
    Des goes to the Boat Show. Rita is annoyed when Vera warns her off Reg. She tells him she will go dancing with him. Curly tells Kimberley her parents treat her like a prisoner. Derek secures his job's safety. Victor tells him that he wants him to keep Angela happy. Rita and Reg agree to be dance partners only. Jenny fobs Mark off. Angie and boyfriend Ben wonder what she's up to. Kimberley is upset when Curly makes it clear he doesn't like Brenda. Brenda is pleased when she gives him his ring back.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jan, 1991
    Mon 7 Jan, 1991
    Episode 3
    Rita tries to avoid Reg. Derek fears that Mavis will lose him Angela's contract. Kevin returns to work when he worries about their financial situation. Mavis decides not to go top Darlington at the last minute. Reg sends Rita flowers. The Websters can't believe that Rosie sleeps all the time. Des plans to go to the Boat Show. Derek clinches the deal with Angela. Rita is angry when Vera tells her she knows she's going out with Reg.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jan, 1991
    Fri 4 Jan, 1991
    Episode 2
    Deirdre returns home. She's angry when Tracy tells her about the row and confronts Ken. He tells her that he realises he's lost her. Mavis tells Derek she doesn't want him to go to Darlington. Kevin takes paternity leave from the garage. Mark isn't pleased. Rita is astounded when Reg makes a play for her. Tracy apologises to Ken. Curly decides he's never going to get anywhere with Kimberley so he'll break the engagement. Mavis tells Derek she's going to Darlington with him and Angela.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jan, 1991
    Wed 2 Jan, 1991
    Episode 1
    Ken continues to swallow tablets. Bet suspects someone is in No. 1. She finds Ken and forces him to tell her that he's only taken three tablets so far. He breaks down, telling her he's thrown everything away. She tells him he can't make Deirdre love him. He realises he won't achieve anything by dying. The Websters grow aggravated by Rosie's continual crying. The next morning, Ken is grateful that Bet stopped him. They agree never to tell anyone what happened. Mike gets the cold shoulder from the residents. Emily and Rita go to the tea dance and find Reg there. Reg tells Rita he's separated from his wife and makes it clear that he's interested in her. She does not feel the same way. Victor tells Derek he has to go to Darlington with Angela.moreless