Coronation Street - Season 33

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  • Wed 30 Dec, 1992
    Wed 30 Dec, 1992
    Episode 158
    Mike tells Alma he doesn't understand Maggie; he only wants to be Mark's father. Alma accuses him of only being interested in ruining Ken and Maggie's relationship. She reminds Mike that she's his wife and tells him he should start thinking about her. Martin forces Carmel to ring round for a bedsitter. Mike assures Alma the only person he's obsessed with is her. Doug` s stunned when Denise tells him she'll go out with him on Jan 1st. Maggie has a nightmare that Mike has stolen Mark. Ken tells her he'll see Mike and tell him to stay away. Don helps Martin out by putting Carmel onto a bedsitter. Denise tells Reg she'll be all his on Jan 1st, she then tells Jack the same. Jack can't believe his luck. Ken tells Mike that Maggie doesn't want him anywhere her son. Mike is furious and tells Ken to stay away from his son. Alma is caught in the middle and tells Mike he is obsessed; with Mark.moreless
  • Mon 28 Dec, 1992
    Mon 28 Dec, 1992
    Episode 157
    RITA: "Reg Holdsworth'd admire an orangutan if it wore a short skirt and lipstick." Carmel promises the kids a day out, trapping Martin into going with them whilst Gail works. Deirdre tells Mike he's disgusting when he tells her Ken is sleeping with Maggie to get at him. Mike gives the XJS to Rosie when Kevin finds it in the van. Bet is amused to hear Jack, Doug and Reg betting on who can pull Denise. She tells Denise about the bet. Martin tells Carmel he's had enough of living in her fantasy world; he's not her husband. He is shaken when she tells him he mustn't fight his love for her. He threatens to tell her parents and tutor if she doesn't move out. Alma makes Mike promise to forget about Mark. Mark, Maggie and Ken spend the day together. Later Mike calls on Maggie. She refuses to let him see Mark and slaps his face when he tells her Ken's only interested in her because Mark is his son.moreless
  • Fri 25 Dec, 1992
    Fri 25 Dec, 1992
    Episode 156
    Des calls on the Hortens to see Lisa whilst he's in Blackpool. Alma accuses Mike of wanting to get his foot in Maggie's door. Lisa is amazed to see Des. She starts to cry when he gives her a present. Reg tries to talk his way into spending the day at the Rovers but Bet ignores him. Mike dresses as a van driver to deliver the present to Maggie's house. He is stunned when Ken opens the door and tells him to get lost. Maggie is pleased he did. The Roberts and Brennans spend the day with the Platts. Bet lays on lunch for Raquel, Rita, Phyllis and Denise. Audrey buys Alf an excerise bike. Carmel turns up at the Platts, saying she missed the boat. Martin can't believe it. Mike can't get over the fact Ken is with Maggie and Mark. Carmel tells Martin she's returned early because she missed him.moreless
  • Wed 23 Dec, 1992
    Wed 23 Dec, 1992
    Episode 155
    Alma is furious that Mike has never told her he's got a son. He tells her Mark is the most important thing in his life. She feels that he'll leave her and live with Maggie. She becomes hysterical as she knows he's always wanted a family and she's too old to have one. Mike assures her Maggie means nothing to him but he wants to give Mark a present. Alma breaks down and tells Gail about Mike's son. Gail is furious that Mike is forever hurting Alma. Mike buys a radio controlled XJS although he promised Alma he wouldn't get Mark a present. Des and Curly head off to Blackpool. Audrey makes Alf eat grapes whilst she eats pork as he's forgotten their anniversary. Des and Curly go to a night club. Neil is still in love with Denise and tries to make her jealous by kissing Angie in front of her. Mike tells Alma they'll forget all about Mark but she catches him wrapping Mark's present.moreless
  • Mon 21 Dec, 1992
    Mon 21 Dec, 1992
    Episode 154
    Bet is disappointed when Vicky tells her she'll be spending Christmas with Alec. Audrey is horrified when Alf is told an ulcer caused him to collapse. She vows she'll put him on a diet. Raquel feels neglected by Wayne and, on reading he scored a goal, wonders why he hasn't told her. Des tells her that it was an Own Goal - one of Wayne's very own. Bet and Rita agree to spend Christmas together. Andy returns home with long hair. He tells his parents he's finished with Paula. Mike sees Mark for the first time and recognises him. He is stunned to hear from Nicky that Mark's father is dead. Mrs Jeffers asks Derek to look after the school gerbil, Gerry, for Christmas. He takes Gerry home much to Mavis' horror. Martin unburdens himself on Don, telling him all about Carmel. Don advises him not to tell Gail. Wayne puts the phone down on Raquel when she congratulates him on his Own Goal. Gail gives Martin the chance to tell her what's troubling him but he doesn't. Raquel feels humiliated and lashes out at Des, accusing him of being jealous because he's been dumped by all his women. Mike tells a stunned Alma that Mark Redman is his son.moreless
  • Fri 18 Dec, 1992
    Fri 18 Dec, 1992
    Episode 153
    In the morning Martin is alarmed to find himself in bed with Carmel. He demands to know what she's up to but she takes everything in her stride. Percy blames himself for Alf being in hospital, certain that he's got food poisoning from the pudding. Audrey is furious to hear about Alf eating the pudding. Martin is worried about his night with Carmel as he can't remember what happened. Alf recovers in hospital. He is horrified when Audrey takes his wallet to get more Christmas presents. Carmel tells Martin she's madly in love with him and thanks him for a wonderful night. He tells her he wants her to leave No. 8, telling her she's mad. He accuses her of trying to break up his marriage. She tells him she knows he loves her and advises him to tell Gail about his feelings. Curly and Des decide to spend Christmas in Blackpool rather than the street. Carmel leaves for Christmas in Ireland. Ken entertains Maggie in his flat. She refuses to let thoughts of Mike spoil their time together.moreless
  • Wed 16 Dec, 1992
    Wed 16 Dec, 1992
    Episode 152
    Carmel tells Martin she doesn't want to go home for Christmas. Alf eats one of his puddings in the Rovers, watched by the regulars. Jack ends up losing his £5 bet with Doug when Alf eats every crumb. Reg is thrilled that profits are up despite the recession. Ken and Deirdre get Tracy to promise not to tell Mark about his real father. Audrey and Alf go to the WARTS Christmas dinner. He eats too much and collapses during the meal, clutching his chest. Audrey hysterically tries to help him, screaming for an ambulance. Martin goes to the porter's Christmas party. Gail leaves Carmel looking after the kids to be with Audrey at the hospital. Reg asks Rita to spend Christmas with him. She refuses so he asks Bet. She also refuses. Audrey breaks down, certain that Alf has died. The doctors tell her he's out of danger and don't think it was a heart attack. Ken is pleased when Maggie invites him for Christmas. Gail stays the night with Audrey, phoning Carmel to tell Martin. Martin returns home completely drunk and gets into bed unaware that Carmel is lying beside him.moreless
  • Mon 14 Dec, 1992
    Mon 14 Dec, 1992
    Episode 151
    Ken waits for Deirdre to return from her night out with Audrey. He accuses her of spreading vicious rumours about Mark to hurt him because she's jealous. He tells her she should have told Tracy the whole truth - including her affair with Mike. Kevin refuses to carry the blame for Steve's accident. Percy is certain Alf is selling out of date Christmas puddings. When Mike asks him to drive the Jag, Steve admits he hasn't got a licence. Mike is furious and sacks him. Ken demands to know from Maggie about her relationship with Mike. She tells him the truth and swears she's tried to block Mike out of her life for years. He tells her about Mike's affair with Deirdre and his marriage to Susan. She is mortified as he explains he doesn't know if he can continue seeing her. Kevin tells Mike that as Steve hasn't got a licence his insurance on the Jag is void. Kevin agrees to present his licence at the police station to help Mike out on the condition he reemploys Steve. Mike is forced into agreeing. Percy swears to Gail he heard Carmel pass David off as her own. Maggie begs Ken not to throw away all they've got. Denise opens the Salon with assistant Fiona Middleton. Their cut-price cuts bring in the customers. Bet and Rita have beauty treatment. Gail is relieved when Carmel admits to passing David off as hers to stop a woman getting at her for being a babysitter. Kevin produces his licence at the police station where it is accepted without comment. Percy gets at Alf over the puddings, roping Betty in for her opinion. Alf threatens to spread rumours about her cooking and says he'll eat a pudding to prove it's safe. Mike congratulates Kevin for breaking the law. Kevin feels put on. Maggie is thrilled when Ken apologises, telling her he realises it's not her fault.moreless
  • Fri 11 Dec, 1992
    Fri 11 Dec, 1992
    Episode 150
    Neil is angry that Angie wasn't around for their meal and is cold towards him. She tells him that she knows Denise is his wife and is furious that he didn't tell her before they slept together. He swears they're separated but she tells him to keep away. Percy enjoys being Father Christmas again. Tracy refuses to see Ken stay in ignorance and invites him round for a meal. Neil accuses Denise of ruining his love life. Denise apologises to Angie for upsetting her and tells her they are separated. Steve takes Mike's Jag on a job and is hit by a car on a dual carriageway. Two policemen witness the crash and tell Steve he couldn't have avoided the crash as the other driver is drunk. When he's asked for his licence, Steve gives his name as Kevin Webster. Bet is amazed to find her takings have gone up £100 a night. Denise assures Angie that she and Neil are divorcing and explains how the marriage never worked. She assures Angie that the marriage is well and truly over. Mike is horrified to see the Jag with a smashed wing and door. Bet thanks the staff for their hard work and tells them they must keep the profits up. She decides to lay on crisps and peanuts to keep the drinkers' custom. Percy is disturbed to overhear Carmel telling a woman that David is her son. Steve's job is saved because of the police witnesses. Angie apologises to Neil, he is glad they're together again. Percy tells Sally about what he overheard. Sally tells Gail but Gail accuses her of getting her teeth into Carmel. Steve admits to Kevin that he failed his driving test and told the police he was him. Kevin is shocked. Tracy tells Ken that Mark is Mike's son. As soon as she's said it she realises she shouldn't have. Ken is furious and marches out.moreless
  • Wed 9 Dec, 1992
    Wed 9 Dec, 1992
    Episode 149
    Gail and Martin try to push Carmel into finding a flat but she's in no hurry. Gail is frustrated that Carmel is taking over. Curly doesn't like the idea of Angie going out with Neil. Sally asks Kevin to warn Martin that Carmel is after him but Kevin thinks Sally's imagining it. Sally tells Carmel that there's nothing wrong with the Platts' marriage and Martin is happily married. Carmel turns on the tears, telling Sally she's just trying to make trouble for her. Carmel tells the Platts that Sally has upset her by saying she's in the way. Gail wants to talk to Sally about it but Carmel makes her promise to forget about it. Angie cooks a romantic meal for Neil. Tracy fears Ken is going to get hurt over Mark. Phyllis agrees to be Bettabuy's Mother Christmas. Angie is stunned to learn from Denise that Neil is her husband.moreless
  • Mon 7 Dec, 1992
    Mon 7 Dec, 1992
    Episode 148
    Neil puts the finishing touches to Denise's Salon. Curly sells Reg the idea of having a Mother Christmas after Percy volunteers himself as Father Christmas. They decide to enter the Spirit of Europe. Reg suggests Percy tries Krazy Kuts and tells Curly he has to find Mother Christmas. The Platts enjoy having the house for themselves and hope Carmel will leave for good soon. Carmel tells Gail she's finished with Michael and he took it badly. Ken is pleased that Mark is beginning to trust him. Deirdre talks to him about Mark and realises he has no idea who Mark's real father is. Angie falls asleep at work after being up all night designing for Mike. Denise is annoyed that the shop is taking so long to set up. Deirdre tells Tracy she mustn't tell Ken about Mark. Percy is taken on at Krazy Kuts. When Neil kisses her, Angie surrenders herself to him.moreless
  • Fri 4 Dec, 1992
    Fri 4 Dec, 1992
    Episode 147
    Vera can't understand why she can't have a normal family. Denise Osbourne moves into her beauty salon at No. 2. Carmel goes to Ireland intent on finishing with Michael. When she talks about him to Sally she keeps calling him 'Martin'. Sally realises she's got a crush on Martin. Deirdre collects Tracy from school and realises who Maggie is. She is so stunned she tells Tracy about Mark being Mike's son.moreless
  • Wed 2 Dec, 1992
    Wed 2 Dec, 1992
    Episode 146
    Vera begs Lisa to stay. Lisa tells her she's sick of hearing how saintly Terry is meant to be. Vera goes for Jack when he tells Lisa he's sorry she married Terry. Jack tells Vera that it's time she started blaming Terry and stopped making excuses for him. Carmel tells Gail about her boyfriend Michael in Ireland. She considers giving up her course to marry him. Jack tells Lisa he'll miss her as he's loved her being around. Gail feels uncomfortable about Carmel's love for Michael. Bet starts a Happy Hour. Liz feels it's encouraging people to get drunk. Steve begins to panic when Mike sends him to Burnley in his Jag. Des worries that Terry will think Lisa's left him for him. DES (about the Duckworths): "The Duckworths are primitive life forms. If you're talking evolution they're about one step above fungus." Steve enjoys driving the Jag. Carmel starts to quiz Martin about Brian, telling him it must have been awful stepping into his shoes. Martin finds the situation hard to handle. Vera is hurt when she realises Lisa thinks she might try to abduct Tom. Lisa is adamant Terry is a violent man and fears he might turn on her. She tells Vera she's leaving as she doesn't want Tom brought up around violence. Doug is glad when the courts make him officially bankrupt. Jack comforts Vera as Lisa and Tom leave for Blackpool.moreless
  • Mon 30 Nov, 1992
    Mon 30 Nov, 1992
    Episode 145
    Phyllis is shocked to find bruised Des. He refuses to see a doctor. Gail feels that she over-reacted in warning Carmel off. Des tells Lisa that Terry got heavies to beat him up. She is stunned to think Terry could be so stupid. Des makes her see that Vera must have told Terry about him, fearing she's going to lose Tom. Lisa lays into Vera, telling her she now sees Terry for what he really is. Steve is horrified to fail his driving test for speeding. Knowing his job depends on him being able to drive he tells everyone he passed. Sally is put out when Carmel picks Sarah up from school. Vera admits to telling Terry about Des. Lisa tells her she's sick of her manipulating her. Carmel tells Sally that Martin and Gail are having marriage problems. Lisa realises Terry is a thug and will never change. Vera is adamant that Terry is a victim of circumstances. Lisa tells Vera she's not going to remain a prison wife; she's going back to Blackpool.moreless
  • Fri 27 Nov, 1992
    Fri 27 Nov, 1992
    Episode 144
    Gail and Martin blame each other for Carmel's mixed up message. Curly is depressed by Kimberley's rejection. Steve is confident he'll pass his driving test and refuses to revise; he's always driven. Doug visits a debt counsellor and is advised to declare himself bankrupt. Lisa visits Terry and thanks him for the flowers, he hesitates before saying he sent them. Lisa swears she loves him. Tracy starts at Maggie's Flowers. She is glad Maggie's going out with Ken. Lisa tells Vera she knows she sent the flowers. She tells her not to keep making excuses for Terry. Gail is annoyed when Carmel starts to make decisions about the children. She feels she never sees them anymore. Nicky feels Gail is harder than Carmel and sides with Carmel. Gail admits she feels like a visitor in her own home. Kimberley collects her stuff from No. 7 and gives Curly his ring back. She tells him that he's given her confidence to believe in herself. Deirdre grills Tracy over Maggie but Tracy avoids the issue. Des is beaten up by two thugs who tell him to stay away from Lisa.moreless
  • Wed 25 Nov, 1992
    Wed 25 Nov, 1992
    Episode 143
    Angie accuses Curly of using the telescope to provoke Kimberley into breaking the engagement. Mavis fears Derek will get hurt, caught up in the school politics. Lisa is thrilled to receive a bouquet from Terry for her birthday. Jack realises Vera must have sent it. Carmel secretly cuts out a photo of Martin. Willmore blames Bet for the quiz failure. He tells her to get more custom in the pub, warning her that he could get another manager. He tells her she's only got a couple of months to sort herself out. Vera admits to Jack that she sent the flowers to Lisa. Curly tells Kimberley he loves her but isn't prepared to get rid of his telescope. She tells him it's obvious he's not ready for marriage and they must finish. Mike asks Angie to design for him. She tells him she'd only be interested in a percentage of what he gets. He agrees. Carmel makes the most of Gail working late. She doesn't pass on the complete message to Martin and sets about showing him what a good home-maker she is. Kimberley tells her parents she won't be seeing Curly again. Brenda is furious that she's let Curly go, especially since she's slept with him. Kimberley is adamant she's not marrying a man who doesn't love her. Martin is furious Gail is so late home and accuses her of treating Carmel like a skivvy. Carmel is pleased he's annoyed with Gail.moreless
  • Mon 23 Nov, 1992
    Mon 23 Nov, 1992
    Episode 142
    Carmel searches for a bedsit. Derek tells Mrs Jeffers he wants to resign as he can't stand being Harry's whipping boy. He is stunned when she tells him she knows Harry is a bully and she wants rid of him. She asks Derek to stay and help her get rid of Harry by keeping a log of all he does. Derek agrees to act as her spy. Jack warns Vera not to alert Terry to Lisa's social life. Terry is amazed that Vera has arranged a special visit just to tell him he's forgotten Lisa's birthday. She slips up and tells him that Lisa has been going out with Des. She urges him to show Lisa how much he loves her. Carmel finds all the bedsits are rotten. Alma offers to rent her her old flat but Carmel says she's looking for somewhere bigger. Angie pays Mike the £20 for using his machinery. He is shocked when she admits she made £200 out of the venture. He tells her he's interested in her designs. Kimberley works out that Curly has spent £2,000 on his conversion. She demands that he sends the telescope back. When he refuses she tells him he has to decide between the telescope and her.moreless
  • Fri 20 Nov, 1992
    Fri 20 Nov, 1992
    Episode 141
    Vera is certain Des is after Lisa when Lisa swears she spent the whole evening in the Rovers. Harry tells Derek if he has any complaints he should join the union and talk to the union rep - him. Raquel is thrilled that Wayne is back in training. Doug is upset when the bailiffs take his Jaguar away. Mike is furious to see it happening as it could put customers off and sacks Doug. Kevin makes Mike see he's a fool to sack Doug as he's a good mechanic and is prepared to work for peanuts. Mike agrees to take him back. Maggie offers Tracy a Saturday job at the shop. Tracy takes it as she needs the money. Kimberley rows with Curly for spending a fortune on the telescope when they're meant to be saving for the wedding. Derek decides to stop playing Harry's game and plans to resign. Reg is shocked when Bet tells him she's pulled out of the brewery quiz. Vera makes an appointment to see Terry to stop his marriage being wrecked.moreless
  • Wed 18 Nov, 1992
    Wed 18 Nov, 1992
    Episode 140
    Lisa is upset when Terry forgets her birthday. Curly buys a six-inch reflector telescope and is certain Kimberley will grow to love it. Mike is impressed that Angie sold all her T-shirts in one night. Tracy pushes Deirdre to get a social life. Lisa has a new hair do to cheer herself up and tells everyone Terry sent her a wonderful card. Doug impresses Deirdre with his Jaguar and gets her to go to Cheshire for a drink. Lisa decides to have a good time and goes for a meal with Des. Curly is thrilled when Angie takes an interest in his observatory and the telescope. She is impressed by his knowledge. Des upsets Lisa by buying her a birthday cake. She tells him about Terry forgetting her and how she feels she is in a prison. Vera is furious to discover Lisa has gone out with Des.moreless
  • Mon 16 Nov, 1992
    Mon 16 Nov, 1992
    Episode 139
    Bet worries that Reg is after her. Doug returns and tells Kevin why he ran away: his real name is Dave Matthews and his business has just folded, leaving him with massive debts. The bailiffs are now after his Classic Jaguar. He asks Kevin to trust him as he needs the job. Jim is annoyed that Doug is back as he wanted his job. Reg hosts the quiz, assisted by Raquel. The teams of Curly, Derek, Jack and Martin verses Vera, Mavis, Gail and Deirdre are confused by Reg's rules. The fuse blows and the teams end up rowing with each other over the questions. Willmore is not amused.moreless
  • Fri 13 Nov, 1992
    Fri 13 Nov, 1992
    Episode 138
    Kevin gets annoyed when Doug doesn't come in for work. Jim helps him out at the garage. Mavis is alarmed to hear that Curly is building an observatory opposite her house. Angie is pleased Neil is back in the street. She agrees to go out with him, he is surprised. Bet feels the quiz is taking over and doesn't like having to do everything the Brewery demands. She is certain Willmore wants to get rid of her. Mark is furious when Maggie tells him she intends to see more of Ken. He is upset that whilst they go out he is babysat by Tracy. Kevin calls at Doug's house but is told he doesn't live there. Tracy babysits with Mark and is impressed by Maggie's house. Maggie tries to befriend her. Tracy has to stop Mark leaving to see his mates, she assures him she knows how uncomfortable he feels. Curly is horrified when Neil tells Kimberley about the observatory. Deirdre gets annoyed when Doug stands her up at the Rovers. Kimberley is upset that Curly never told her about his plans. She accuses him of not trusting her.moreless
  • Wed 11 Nov, 1992
    Wed 11 Nov, 1992
    Episode 137
    Neil shopfits the old charity shop. Derek refuses to dance to Harry's tune. He intends to seek out his weaknesses. Reg hopes the quiz will bring him closer to Bet. Curly points out to him that he has no general knowledge so Reg volunteers him as team captain. Doug asks Deirdre out for a meal. She admires his persistence and agrees to meet him for a drink. Bet becomes alarmed when Reg makes it plain he finds her attractive. Curly asks Neil to build an observatory in the loft. Kevin is puzzled when a man hangs around the garage asking for Dave Matthews. He feels he means Doug. Doug sees the man and disappears. Curly tells Kimberley he's building a room in the loft, she thinks it's a third bedroom and is thrilled. Derek plans a campaign to de-stabilise Harry.moreless
  • Mon 9 Nov, 1992
    Mon 9 Nov, 1992
    Episode 136
    Carmel eagily does all the housework at No. 8. With Randolph's operation set for January, Kimberley tells Curly she wants to marry in April. Phyllis trips in the Street and scratches her knees. Doug comes to her aid and drives her home. Harry gets Derek to clean out all the drains by himself. Lisa is confused by her feelings for Des as she loves Terry. She decides to stay away from Des. Derek decides to resign; he can't take Potts anymore. Curly decides to build an observatory for his telescope in the attic. Angie warns him that Kimberley might not be supportive. Willmore tells Bet she has to enter the Rovers in a superquiz to boost trade. Maggie thanks Ken for helping her to enjoy herself again. Bet is trapped into accepting Reg as team leader for the superquiz.moreless
  • Fri 6 Nov, 1992
    Fri 6 Nov, 1992
    Episode 135
    Raquel is furious that her love life is over as Wayne is confined to his digs. Ken is horrified to discover Derek has thrown away his displays. Derek is blamed and realises Harry set him up. Jim accuses Andy of running home to mummy. Liz asks him to be patient with him. Gail is thrilled when Carmel agrees to move into No. 8, sharing Sarah's room. Martin thinks it'll be chaotic. Andy tells Paula he can't stand being apart from her. She doesn't like his heaviness and asks him to return to Sheffield, not wanting to be blamed by the McDonalds. He is annoyed that she has made plans and can't be with him. Mark is awkward when Ken comes for a meal. Ken feels uncomfortable with him. Angie asks Steve to print Ben's T-shirts behind Mike's back. Steve agrees but doesn't want to put his job on the line. Ken is pleased when Maggie kisses him.moreless
  • Wed 4 Nov, 1992
    Wed 4 Nov, 1992
    Episode 134
    Raquel is furious that her love life is over as Wayne is confined to his digs. Ken is horrified to discover Derek has thrown away his displays. Derek is blamed and realises Harry set him up. Jim accuses Andy of running home to mummy. Liz asks him to be patient with him. Gail is thrilled when Carmel agrees to move into No. 8, sharing Sarah's room. Martin thinks it'll be chaotic. Andy tells Paula he can't stand being apart from her. She doesn't like his heaviness and asks him to return to Sheffield, not wanting to be blamed by the McDonalds. He is annoyed that she has made plans and can't be with him. Mark is awkward when Ken comes for a meal. Ken feels uncomfortable with him. Angie asks Steve to print Ben's T-shirts behind Mike's back. Steve agrees but doesn't want to put his job on the line. Ken is pleased when Maggie kisses him.moreless
  • Mon 2 Nov, 1992
    Mon 2 Nov, 1992
    Episode 133
    Mark is embarrassed to find Ken talking to Maggie. Raquel objects to Doug flirting with her. Doug pesters Deirdre for a date but she's not interested. She doesn't feel he's her type. Martin helps Nicky impress Mark by getting Wayne to call and give him his autograph. Wayne shows off his football skills to them. Martin tackles him and brings him down. Wayne is left with a knee injury. Raquel rushes to help him. Harry pushes Derek to do all the work and orders him to throw out wall charts from Ken's classroom. Angie is surprised to bump into Ben Williams. He is now managing a group called Dive. He asks Angie to design T-shirts for them to sell at gigs. Raquel rows with Martin, telling him Wayne has torn a ligament. Andy returns home, telling Jim he's had enough of University.moreless
  • Fri 30 Oct, 1992
    Fri 30 Oct, 1992
    Episode 132
    Don is adamant he's going to lead his own life and not be a 'couple' with Ivy anymore. She is hurt when he tells her he'll do everything for himself. Kimberley spends the night with Curly but her passion is interrupted by Angie. Don moves out of his flat and into the spare room at No. 5. Derek marks out the football pitch. He has to cancel a night out with Mavis to lock up after the school disco. At the disco Tracy flirts with Mark Jackson's DJ brother Stuart who's 20. Vera and Lisa go out leaving Jack babysitting. Curly has enough of the rug making. Gail tells Martin they could Carmel as a paying guest as she could help around the house. Jack sings all his Sinatra songs to Tom who loves them. Tracy is furious when Stuart dances with Debbie. She is so upset she cries. Derek sees her but she refuses to talk to him about it. Ken takes Maggie for a meal. Afterwards he wants to take her to the Rovers but, recognising the street, she refuses. Ken is baffled.moreless
  • Wed 28 Oct, 1992
    Wed 28 Oct, 1992
    Episode 131
    Don tells Ivy she needs help and suggests she contacts AA. She refuses to accept she's an alcoholic. Lisa decides to stay away from Des for the time being. Derek discovers Nigel Chadwick attends the Comp. Nigel offends him by getting a girl to call him 'Carpet Head'. Derek realises he's surrounded by enemies. Lisa tells Jack she's fed up of Vera getting at her and she may move back to Blackpool. Jack begs her not to leave. Deirdre is shocked when Tracy buys a new dress. She realises Tracy is now a young woman and has to struggle with her emotions. The Platts decide to let Carmel stay another night as they know she's scared of the nurses' home. Jack tells Vera her tongue is driving Lisa and Tom away. Vera is horrified and tells Lisa she can see Des whenever she wants to. Lisa assures her Des is not after her. Ivy tells Don she turns to drink as she's frightened of being alone. He refuses to be emotionally blackmailed but agrees to move back permanently to keep her off the bottle. She is thrilled.moreless
  • Mon 26 Oct, 1992
    Mon 26 Oct, 1992
    Episode 130
    Doug starts at the garage and finds Deirdre attractive. Ivy apologises to Gail for being so awkward. Derek starts at the Comp under caretaker Harry Potts. Potts expects Derek to run the place whilst he has Council meetings. Derek is set to work shovelling coal and the children soon give him the run around. Kimberley buys a rug making kit, telling Curly they can make it together for their love nest. He is appalled. Don organises a card school at his flat and tells Ivy he'll be spending the night there. Doug offers to buy Deirdre a drink but she isn't interested. Carmel is frightened by a prowler at the nurses' home. Gail insists she stays the night at No. 8. With Don back at his flat, Ivy starts to drink again. Don returns to check on her and finds her passed out. He gets angry and wakes her, telling her she's a drunk.moreless
  • Fri 23 Oct, 1992
    Fri 23 Oct, 1992
    Episode 129
    Klaus and Percy are so hungover that they miss the parade. Kevin interviews Doug Murray for the mechanic's job. Percy is sad to see Klaus leave. Kevin gives Doug the job. Phyllis agrees to babysit Tom so Raquel can take Lisa to the Rovers to cheer her up. Lisa refuses to go along with Vera's plans and tells her that she's going out with Tom but refuses to say where she's going. Ken takes Maggie to the pictures. She's nervous at being out with a man. Vera barges into No. 6 thinking Lisa's with Des. Phyllis shows her that Lisa is in the Rovers with a crowd. Vera rows with Lisa for leaving Tom with Phyllis whilst she drinks. Lisa is furious.moreless
  • Wed 21 Oct, 1992
    Wed 21 Oct, 1992
    Episode 128
    Percy decides to join the El Alamein parade in Blackpool. Vera refuses to babysit for Lisa in an attempt to keep her in the house. Derek is interviewed by Mrs Jeffers and Governors. They feel he's overqualified. He tells them he needs to work to keep his dignity. Klaus tracks Percy down and tells him he was under his control as a POW in the War. He thanks Percy for showing him kindness. Klaus tells him the German soldiers adored him and his cooking. Percy doesn't want to encourage him but Emily pushes him to be friendly. Derek is given the deputy caretaker's job. Percy is moved by some of Klaus' stories from the War. He begins to like him. They find they have a lot in common and Percy is persuaded to join Klaus in the Weatherfield parade. Ken bumps into Maggie in evening class. She teaches flower arranging. He takes her for a quick drink. She tells him she'd like to see more of him. Percy and Klaus get drunk together on schnapps.moreless
  • Mon 19 Oct, 1992
    Mon 19 Oct, 1992
    Episode 127
    Ivy assures Don his life is his own. Reg feels Kimberley is using Curly so she can spy on Bettabuys for Krazy Kuts. Curly thinks he's gone mad. Steve has his first job - fifty T-shirts for the auction house. Vera doesn't like the thought of Lisa spending her time with Des. Reg asks Curly to find out, through Kim, what Krazy Kuts are planning for Christmas. Steve wastes thirty T-shirts as he keeps smudging the prints. Angie discovers the stencil needs redoing and helps him. Don goes to a casino with Frank. They chat up two women but Don doesn't enjoy himself. Curly gets Kimberley to give Reg some bogus Christmas promotion plans: topless check-out girls. Reg is mortified but Curly can't keep the joke up. Angie and Steve get the T-shirts out in time for Mike. Klaus Muller searches in the area for Percy. Lisa is indignant when Vera tells her people are talking about Des and her. Lisa tells Vera that Terry may be in prison but she isn't.moreless
  • Fri 16 Oct, 1992
    Fri 16 Oct, 1992
    Episode 126
    Ivy tries to convince Don she won't drink anymore. Derek gets a job interview at the school. Mavis realises that she's going to have to make way for Rita to run the Kabin. Steve starts work in the factory unit, cleaning up ready for printing T-shirts. Reg tells Ivy he's sick of the way she's been behaving at work. Hhe tells her the company can't afford to carry dead wood. She promises Reg she's sorted out now. Reg tells her he won't allow it to happen again she's sacked. She is stunned. Curly pleads with Reg not to sack Ivy, fearing it will send her over the edge again. He urges him to show compassion. Mavis removes her manager badge. Rita promises her that they'll run the shop together and she'll maintain her salary. Derek is depressed at the thought of turning into old caretaker Percy. Reg tells Ivy she can stay on, telling her she has Curly to thank. Ken meets Maggie Redman at a parent's meeting. She's worried about Mark's behaviour after Harry's death. Ken assures her he'll keep an eye on him. Steve learns how to screen print. Don is concerned at the easy way Ivy has accepted him being back. Don reminds her it's only a temporary arrangement.moreless
  • Wed 14 Oct, 1992
    Wed 14 Oct, 1992
    Episode 125
    Don stays the night at No. 5. Ivy tells him she drinks because it makes her feel better. Jack hasn't paid his parking fine as Vera - the car is in her name - is summoned to go to court. She orders him to pay the £20 fine. Percy is upset that the committee has invited some Germans to join in the anniversary celebrations. He refuses to meet any Germans. Rita meets with the Brookes with Alf for support. She tells them she wants one of Ted's watercolours but they can have all the other furniture. She tells them that she's split the house money with them, keeping two thirds for herself. Roger thinks it sounds fair but Phillip says it's not enough. Mike tells Kevin he can have a new mechanic and moves Steve into his new unit to print tee shirts. Rita refuses to haggle with the Brookes. Phillip feels she's weakening and is certain he can prove the will is no good. He tells her he'll settle for two thirds of everything. He accuses her of marrying a dying man for his money. Alf sees Phillip off. Lisa leaves Tom with Vera for the first time to have a drink with Des. Ivy tells Don she's sorry he found her in a state but thanks him. She swears she isn't an alcoholic. She tells him she's over things now and would consider having him as a lodger. Don is shocked. She tells him that she'd stop drinking if she knew she wasn't alone anymore. He agrees to move in to see how it works.moreless
  • Mon 12 Oct, 1992
    Mon 12 Oct, 1992
    Episode 124
    Percy organises an El Alamein anniversary committee at the Legion. When Curly asks Ivy when she's returning to work she gives him a mouth full. To prove his worth, Derek applies for the caretaking job. Mavis doesn't think he'll be up to it. Don takes possession of his new adapted car. Lisa feels tied down by Tom. Ivy breaks down in the Rovers when she's refused service because she's drunk. She is stunned when Don appears and takes her home.moreless
  • Fri 9 Oct, 1992
    Fri 9 Oct, 1992
    Episode 123
    Vera gets annoyed when she has to keep covering up for Ivy as she stays away from work. Ivy just wants to be left alone. Rita assures Mavis she isn't going to push Derek out of the Kabin. Gail washes her hands of Ivy. Derek is offered a job a school caretaker at Weatherfield Comp. Mike tells Steve he wants him to get his driver's licence as soon as possible. Steve puts in for his test. Vera forces Don's address out of Jack. She calls on him and accuses him of turning Ivy into a wreck. She urges him to talk to Ivy to stop her going over the edge.moreless
  • Wed 7 Oct, 1992
    Wed 7 Oct, 1992
    Episode 122
    Steve starts work at MVB. Kevin is annoyed that he has to train him. Raquel hosts a lingerie party at the Rovers. Ivy goes to Don's local, The Rose and Thistle and gets drunk on her own. Steve resigns when Kevin is cold with him all morning. Roger tells Rita there's been an offer on Ted's house of £55,000. Rita knows it's worth £20,000 more than that and says she'd rather wait for a higher price. Roger is awkward as Philip wants a quick sale. Kevin tells Mike he's sick of being messed around by him and tells him he's not sure he wants to run the garage anymore. The women look at the lingerie, Mavis is shocked as she thought it was going to be a Tupperware party. Kevin is pleased when Mike gives him a £20 rise. He thanks Steve for giving him the push he needed to confront Mike and takes him back on. Ivy gets drunk at the party and starts insulting Gail who says she's always too drunk to look after the children. Jim tricks Steve into entering the Rovers' lounge, he is jumped upon by the women who want to see him in a G string. Ivy calls at No. 8 to tell the children what she thinks of Gail. Carmel manages to hold her back but Nicky is upset by the scene.moreless
  • Mon 5 Oct, 1992
    Mon 5 Oct, 1992
    Episode 121
    Rita desperately wants to remember Ted but doesn't have enough memories of him. Vera feels sorry for Ivy and tells Jack he must give her Don's new address but Jack has promised Don not to tell her. Kevin tells Mike he's fed up with working for little money and always being rushed off his feet. Lisa is troubled when Raquel tells her Terry won't be happy to hear she's been spending time with Des. Jim is annoyed when Steve lounges around all day on the dole with Susie. Jack is talked into giving Vera Don's address. Ivy secretly spikes her orange juices with vodka in the Rovers. She is thrilled when Vera gives her Don's address. Rita looks through Ted's things and realises she was nothing to Ted. She feels she was only therapy for him. Mike takes Steve on for £10 a day to help Kevin. Steve decides to carry on claiming the dole. Kevin is annoyed as he just wanted more money. Ivy calls on Don and is surprised to find he's coping very well. He shows off his new CD player. He tells her he's glad they can be friends, it's too much for Ivy and she has to leave before she breaks down. Angie is discontented at work. Ivy gets drunk and is furious when she's refused drink at the Rovers. She breaks down, saying she's lost everything.moreless
  • Fri 2 Oct, 1992
    Fri 2 Oct, 1992
    Episode 120
    Curly feels he needs time to himself to think. Kevin decides to ask Mike for a rise as he's sure he'll be asked to run the parts shop when it's opened. Don takes Jack to his bank and helps him open an account. Sarah tells Rita that Ted led her to believe that Roger would inherit everything. She wants to come to an agreement with Rita without going to court. Sarah tells her Ted's house is full of memories of their childhood. Rita feels she hardly knew Ted. Kevin is disappointed when Mike tells him he's changed his mind; there's no money in spares. Jack opens an account and is annoyed that he has to wait a week for his money. Gail tries to make the peace with Ivy but Ivy accuses her of humiliating her in front of everyone. She refuses to have anything to do with her.moreless
  • Wed 30 Sep, 1992
    Wed 30 Sep, 1992
    Episode 119
    Jack's cheque is crossed so he can only pay it into his account. Des encourages Lisa to use his garden. He enjoys her company. Gail tries to explain to Ivy that Carmel is looking after the children but Ivy accuses her of not trusting her with them. The Wiltons are put out when their peace is disturbed by Tom crying next door. Des surprises himself by liking Tom. The Platts go away for a couple of days leaving Carmel in residence at No. 8. Andy leaves for Southampton. Paula waves him off. Curly makes up with Kimberley but she quells his passion by saying she hopes they end up like her parents.moreless
  • Mon 28 Sep, 1992
    Mon 28 Sep, 1992
    Episode 118
    Raquel gets her holiday snaps back and upsets Jack by saying she's topless in them but refusing to show him them. Jack doesn't know what to do with his wage cheque. Roger tells Rita he believes she didn't marry Ted for his money. He asks her to talk to his parents. Andy helps Paula move into her flat in Manchester. Vera and Lisa take Tom to see Terry for the first time. Vera is upset when the guards take the film out of her camera after she's taken a photograph of Terry and Tom. Rita meets with the Brookes. Philip thinks the will is invalid because of Ted's illness. She is furious when Philip suggests Ted wasn't in sound mind when he married her. Gail is pleased when Carmel agrees to look after the children whilst the Platts go away. Randolph talks Curly into having tea with the Taylors to please Kimberley. Bet takes a wedding ring off her finger and tells Betty it's staying off.moreless
  • Fri 25 Sep, 1992
    Fri 25 Sep, 1992
    Episode 117
    Curly and Kimberley return from Cornwall having had a horrid time as Kimberley has been sick all the time. Curly thinks she's pathetic. Raquel returns from her holiday in Corfu. Rita is upset to get a letter from the Brookes solicitor saying they're contesting the will. Bet shows Willmore her figures and is stunned when he tells her she hasn't accounted for Hilda and Angie who Alec has still kept on the books. They both realise Alec has been pocketing wages of non-existent staff to defraud the Inland Revenue. Willmore installs the new till but the technology is beyond the staff. Kimberley is upset to discover Curly is still getting information on women from the dating agency. Curly gets some satisfaction in telling Kimberley the women sound sensational. She is upset and runs home. Curly confesses to Angie that he fears Kimberley will grow into Brenda. Gail worries about Ivy's drinking. She tackles her about it, infuriating Ivy who swears she wasn't drunk. Ivy throws Gail out and accuses her of saying she's a drunk in order to keep the children away from her.moreless
  • Wed 23 Sep, 1992
    Wed 23 Sep, 1992
    Episode 116
    Jack is let off with a parking ticket. Bet works out that the brewery is wrong - they're not overstaffed according to the monthly earnings. She doesn't know what to do. Ivy thinks Don is hurting her on purpose by visiting the Street. Vera suggests it's his way of staying in her life. Ivy calls at his B&B only to find he's moved and told the landlady not to give her his address. Stella goes through Bet's books with her and tells her she's right about not being overstaffed. She advises Bet not to complain to Willmore as she's on probation. Carmel is lonely and talks the Platts into letting her babysit. Phyllis lets Lisa sit in Des' garden with Tom. Des doesn't mind. Bet doesn't care if she's putting her job on the line, she is not going to sack anyone. Gail is horrified to find Ivy drunk in the Rovers. She takes her home.moreless
  • Mon 21 Sep, 1992
    Mon 21 Sep, 1992
    Episode 115
    Sally gets her registration and is made an official child minder. Fearing for his job, Jack goes out of his way to prove his worth to Bet. Ivy agrees to look after the children so Gail and Martin can go away to Abersoch. Bet realises Jack overheard her conversation with Willmore. She warns him that he's not indispensable. Betty tells Bet she knows she'll be the one to go as she doesn't need the money like the others. Bet tells her she doesn't intend to lose her. Jack uses Don's disabled sticker to park illegally. When a policeman checks on him he develops a limp to win him over. The policeman helps him to the car. Vera sees them and thinks Jack's been arrested, she creates a fuss making the policeman suspicious. The policeman takes Jack's name.moreless
  • Fri 18 Sep, 1992
    Fri 18 Sep, 1992
    Episode 114
    Jack is alarmed to hear the brewery are going to pay him monthly and not weekly, by cheque. Rita goes away to Whitby for a rest. Don ventures into the Rovers. He gets his disabled cards and looks forward to getting a new taxi. Against his better judgement he lends the stickers to Jack until he gets his car. Ivy is hurt to discover Don has been in the street without calling on her. She feels that no one is interested in her anymore. Jack hasn't got a bank account and doesn't like the idea of paying his wages into Vera's. Gail tells Martin she'd like them to go away for a few days. Willmore tells Bet she'll be getting a new till which will be linked with the brewery computer. He tells her she's overstaffed and someone will have to go. Jack overhears and is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 16 Sep, 1992
    Wed 16 Sep, 1992
    Episode 113
    Lisa returns home with Tommy. Vera bursts with pride and Jack can't stop cooing over him. The Brookes and Rita attend the reading of Ted's will. Rita and Roger are his executors. He leaves Sarah £2,000, Philip and Roger £1,000 each and the rest to Rita. Rita is upset when Philip accuses her of fleecing them all. Nicky and Mark are bullied by Billy Jarvis at school, who demands £1 a week protection money from them. Ken sees the incident and warns Gail that Nicky maybe being bullied. Philip tells Rita he's contesting the will, saying she's an evil, conniving woman who married Ted for his money.moreless
  • Mon 14 Sep, 1992
    Mon 14 Sep, 1992
    Episode 112
    Sarah Brookes thanks Rita for making Ted happy. Jack makes the ultimate sacrifice and agrees to get rid of his pigeons. He gives them to Wally Middleton. The Brookes, Bet, the Roberts, Emily and the Wiltons attend Ted's cremation with Rita. Sarah and Philip are annoyed to discover others knew about Ted's illness when they didn't. Jack is heartbroken without his pigeons. He is stunned when some of them fly home to the coup. He gets Vera to agree to let him keep them as they must be lucky birds. Rita refuses to cry over Ted; she's glad she met him and shared the happiest six months of her life with him.moreless
  • Fri 11 Sep, 1992
    Fri 11 Sep, 1992
    Episode 111
    Jack does a good job renovating the cot. Rita doesn't really have to arrange anything as Ted did it all before he died. Bet visits Vicky at school to explain what's happened. Bet assures her she'll always be welcome in the Rovers and she's still married to Alec. Vicky is relieved it's not all over. Ivy tells Gail she's upset at never being asked to babysit. Rita registers Ted's death. Vera tells Jack he's going to have to get rid of his pigeons as they're a health risk to the baby.moreless
  • Wed 9 Sep, 1992
    Wed 9 Sep, 1992
    Episode 110
    Lisa's labour pains start and she does the housework between contractions. She summons Vera from work and they go into hospital together. Lisa keeps calm but Vera is a nervous wreck. Jack is glad he's found Don again and they're still mates. Carmel takes every opportunity to babysit at the Platts. As Lisa isn't dilating beyond 4cm and the baby is tiring, she has a caesarian with an epidural. Vera sits with her in the theatre, taking her mind off things by chatting about her family. The residents watch Percy play Cyril Jukes at bowls. Phyllis cheers him on. Lisa gives birth to a son, she calls him Tom. Cyril beats Percy to Alf's relief. Jack and Vera become emotional at the sight of their grandson. At the match, Rita finds Ted asleep on a bench at the bowls match but then realises he's dead. The residents come to her aid as she weeps, cradling his head in her arms.moreless
  • Mon 7 Sep, 1992
    Mon 7 Sep, 1992
    Episode 109
    Alec sends Bet his change of address and nothing else on their anniversary. Vicky phones Bet after getting Alec's new address and demands to know what's going on. She takes the news of the spilt badly. Alf tries to get out of his bet with Percy. Don starts to get out and about, he meets Jack and agrees to watch Percy's bowling match with him. Alf is amazed when Percy beats a semi-pro and gets through to the quarter finals. Nicky finds the Comp frightening. He feels better after talking to Carmel who advises him not to give in. Lisa feels suffocated by Vera's attention all the time. After letting everyone think she doesn't care about Alec, Bet has a quiet weep whilst on her own.moreless
  • Fri 4 Sep, 1992
    Fri 4 Sep, 1992
    Episode 108
    Bet tries to make the most of things, she tells the staff Alec's gone and the brewery is now the boss. She tells them they'll be paid by cheque in future and has to pay rent on everything that used to be hers. Nicky starts at the Comp and befriends Mark Redman. Don gets his artificial leg. AUDREY: (about Ivy) "That woman should be in perpetual black - like one of them old Greek women, little tufts of hair sprouting out of her chin, and her head cast down. Picture of flamin' misery." Andy tells Paula she's right - they're too young to be tied down. They both agree they don't want to finish. Jack brings Terry's old cot out from the loft. He plans to do it up for the baby as a surprise for Lisa. Ivy begins to wallow in self pity, snapping at anyone who tries to help her. Percy gets through to the last sixteen of the Crown Green Challenge. Alf bets him £100 he won't win the tournament. Bet clears out the last of Alec's things.moreless
  • Wed 2 Sep, 1992
    Wed 2 Sep, 1992
    Episode 107
    Bet meets Richard Willmore, the brewery tied-trade director. She asks if she could stay at the Rovers as manager. Bet talks Willmore into letting her stay on. He puts her on a six-month probation. Alec is stunned when Bet tells him she's going to stay at the Rovers as manager and not go to Southampton. She tells him she can't leave. He refuses to listen to her and tells her they are leaving. Alec accuses Bet of trying to blackmail him into staying. He can't believe she'll let him go alone. Martin gets trainee nurse Carmel Finnan to babysit. Bet tells Alec she doesn't want their marriage to end as she wants to salvage something from it. He tells her he married her in order to share his life with her and he's given her everything, but now it's his turn and he wants the new job. He tells her if she doesn't go to Southampton she'll be finishing their marriage. The residents gather at the Rovers to see the Gilroys off. Alec walks through them all and leaves, Bet begs him to stay but he tells her she's killed their marriage. He drives off.moreless
  • Mon 31 Aug, 1992
    Mon 31 Aug, 1992
    Episode 106
    Martin tells Nicky he wants him to repay the money, 50p a week. Bet starts to pack and becomes nostalgic about past customers and friends. Alec is rushed, sorting all his accounts and books out. Betty feels that Bet doesn't care what happens to the staff and tells her she's disappointed in her. Paula tells Andy that she's decided to go to Manchester University, not Sheffield and has been offered a place. She tells him she's too young to settle down and wants to meet new friends. He is upset and feels a mug for loving her. Bet is pleased when the brewery value the Rovers at £25,000, less than Alec wanted. She is stunned when Alec calmly accepts the offer, saying the money isn't important. Bet realises she belongs at the Rovers and can't leave.moreless
  • Fri 28 Aug, 1992
    Fri 28 Aug, 1992
    Episode 105
    Reg returns from Spain, the McDonalds from Ireland. Betty realises that she's going to have to leave the Rovers when the Gilroys leave. Curly tells Kimberley she rouses him sexually. Reg is stunned to hear Curly is engaged, he tells him he's making a mistake. Vicky returns to school without seeing Steve, resigned to the fact she'll never see him again. Andy returns from Europe. He gets his exam results: 'B's in English and Computer Studies and a 'C' in Maths. The McDonalds celebrate. Reg tells Curly that Kimberley might be acting as a spy for Krazy Kuts. Paula gets two 'A's and a 'B' in her exams. Sally tells Gail Nicky took the money. Gail tells her she needs her support and agrees to try to treat Sally better in future. Brenda tells Curly the wedding will have to be postponed as Randolph has a hernia and is waiting for an operation. She plans a spring wedding. Curly agrees but says he'll take Kimberley on holiday as he is eager to go to bed with her. Brenda is forced to give Kimberley her engagement ring back. Andy tells Paula he wants them to share a flat when they go to Sheffield. Bet tells Alec she doesn't want to leave the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 26 Aug, 1992
    Wed 26 Aug, 1992
    Episode 104
    Ted is found in the hospital. Martin thinks Nicky took the money. Sally hears about it and tells the Platts she hopes they don't suspect her of taking it. She accuses Gail of treating her like a servant. Ted was found slumped in an alley. The police thought he was drunk. Rita is furious at the way he's been treated. Ted tells Rita he feels daft. Ted discharges himself and comes home with Rita. Rita is stunned when he has a memory lapse and thinks she's Doris. Nicky tells Sally he borrowed the £5. Rita didn't realise she wouldn't be able to cope. Sally decides to stop minding the Platts as she's sick of Gail ordering her about and being frosty. Bet is stricken when Alec tells her he's sold the tenancy back to the brewery.moreless
  • Mon 24 Aug, 1992
    Mon 24 Aug, 1992
    Episode 103
    The Gilroys go to Southampton. Gail asks Nicky if he borrowed the £5. He says he didn't. Vicky doesn't care when she lives anymore. Sally feels used by the Platts; there at their beck and call when they want her and easily dropped. Steve tells Vicky he has been to bed with Susie but it was no big deal. He points out Vicky had made it clear she wasn't interested. Rita is worried when Ted stays out all day and doesn't contact her. Gail is jealous of the way Sarah loves Sally. Rita calls at Highbank and discovers Ted hasn't been there. Brenda gives Angie the once over and offends her by saying it's clear Curly couldn't be interested in her. Angie lets it slip that they met through a dating agency. Bet has to admit that they'd be fools not to go to Southampton. Rita contacts the police and reports Ted as a missing person.moreless
  • Fri 21 Aug, 1992
    Fri 21 Aug, 1992
    Episode 102
    Angie offers to design Kimberley's wedding dress. Gail is horrified that Martin has to spend £30 on two text books. Rita worries when Ted goes for a walk and is late back. Alec tells Vicky that he caught Steve with another girl. She is stunned. Ted promises Rita he'll always phone her in future to let her know he's alright. Brenda calls on Curly to give No. 7 her approval. She finds a bra on the sofa. Curly assures her it isn't Kimberley's so she accuses him of being a womaniser. She refuses to let Kimberley marry him. Curly tells Angie to pack and leave, she is angry that their friendship means nothing to him. Martin finds £5 of his money is missing. He tells Gail it must have been taken. Vicky doesn't believe Steve has been 'unfaithful'. Curly tells Brenda about Angie, saying that there's nothing between them and he's not going to let her suspicions stop him marrying Kimberley. She marvels at his masterfulness. Alec promises Bet their move will bring them closer together. Their standard of living will improve and they'll be able to retire in style.moreless
  • Wed 19 Aug, 1992
    Wed 19 Aug, 1992
    Episode 101
    Steve upsets Vicky by openly flirting with Susie. Curly tells Brendan about his engagement, Brendan congratulates him, telling him he's done the right thing. Alec discovers Steve is entertaining a girl at No. 11 and calls round demanding to see Vicky only to find scantily dressed Susie. Ivy pours out her feelings to Father O'Rourke, explaining how Don hates her. She is distraught that he's going to Hell because he tried to kill himself. He tells her she must forgive God for everything and advises her to look within to see if the seed of hate is in her. Brenda is pleased with the engagement, Angie is puzzled by it. Bet tells Alec she's sick of him taking everything for granted; she's never even seen Southampton. Kimberley tells Curly to get Angie out of No. 7.moreless
  • Mon 17 Aug, 1992
    Mon 17 Aug, 1992
    Episode 100
    Bet and Vicky tell Alec they don't want to move. Ivy tells Don he should visit the church and seek help from God. Curly calls for Kimberley at the Taylors to take her to the dance. Brenda is cold towards him. Steve gets annoyed when Vicky teases him, kissing him but refusing to go any further. She gets upset when he tries to put his hand up her jumper. He accuses her of playing games. She is upset by his manner and runs off. Brenda warms to Curly when she discovers he know has his own house. Kimberley and Curly enjoy the dance. Brendan Scott tells him he's glad to see him taking on more responsibilities. He hints that there would be promotion for him if he were married. Curly asks Kimberley to marry him.moreless
  • Fri 14 Aug, 1992
    Fri 14 Aug, 1992
    Episode 99
    Kimberley doesn't know how to tell her parents she's seeing Curly again. Alec discovers Vicky has bought Steve a t-shirt. He thinks Steve is after her money. Angie advises Curly to stand up to the Taylors and be masterful. Alec tells Bet they're definitely selling up and moving South. Steve tells Vicky he's tired of her making all the decisions in their relationship. Vera advises Curly to evict Angie to please Kimberley. Vicky accuses Alec of always thinking the worse of her. She tells him she's not a bimbo but if he thinks she is she might as well be one. Kimberley plans alterations to No. 7, including a nursery. Don appreciates it when Ivy visits him as he's bored. Kimberley is thrilled when Curly acts masterfully, telling her she has to tell her parents she's seeing him. Don admits to Ivy that he tried to kill himself when he crashed. He tells her he's never returning to her because she drove him to it and it cost him his leg.moreless
  • Wed 12 Aug, 1992
    Wed 12 Aug, 1992
    Episode 98
    When Kevin calls on her in his overalls, Sally makes him sit on newspaper for fear of marking Gail's chairs. Kimberley hates the thought of Curly and Angie living under the same roof. He tells her that to him Angie isn't a woman; she's a tenant. Vicky helps Steve wash up at the cafe so he can leave early. Sunglobe shipping company offers Alec the job of running their entertainment. He tells Bet he wants to do it; to give up the Rovers and move to Southampton. She is stunned. Vicky is amazed when Alec tells her they might all move to Southampton. She is horrified at the thought. Bet assures her it's just an idea that he'll drop. Nicky tells Gail that Kevin wore his overalls in the house. She thinks she can see oil on the chair. Angie assures Kimberley she doesn't fancy Curly. She can't believe Kimberley is so naive. Alec is horrified to hear Vicky has been washing up in the cafe. When he accuses her of doing it for the money she tells him she's sold Saracen. Alec is furious and determines to make sure they move to Southampton.moreless
  • Mon 10 Aug, 1992
    Mon 10 Aug, 1992
    Episode 97
    Sally doesn't like spending the day at No. 8. Bet shows Vicky how to pull a pint from the pump. Alec is annoyed and accuses Bet of dragging her up like a barmaid. Gail shouts at Steve for spending his time with Susie instead of helping at the cafe. Sally struggles looking after Nicky and Sarah during the holidays. She can't control Nicky and he smashes a table lamp with a ball. Vicky cooks Steve a meal at his house. He assures her Susie is just a friend - she was the school slag. Sally thinks Gail feels she lets Nicky walk all over her. Curly shows Kimberley his house. She is impressed. She agrees to go to the Bettabuy's dance with him but is horrified to discover Curly has a female lodger.moreless
  • Fri 7 Aug, 1992
    Fri 7 Aug, 1992
    Episode 96
    Curly and Kimberley are pleased they've found each other again. He is relieved to hear she isn't seeing Adrian anymore. Vicky and Steve go to the pictures without telling Alec. He fears they're together at No. 11. Curly and Kimberley agree to see each other again. Alec refuses to believe Vicky has been at the cinema and accuses her of canoodling with Steve. She is furious and throws the cinema ticket stubs at him. Bet tells Alec he can't do anything to stop Vicky seeing Steve. Steve enjoys it when Susie Johnston flirts with him. Alec asks Steve exactly what his relationship with Vicky is about, telling him he doesn't trust him. He tells Steve that he's not good enough for Vicky and he wants him to stay away from her. The cruise line gets onto Alec and asks him to call at their office in Southampton. Bet threatens to leave him if he takes another cruise.moreless
  • Wed 5 Aug, 1992
    Wed 5 Aug, 1992
    Episode 95
    Vera trries to bring Ivy out of herself but she doesn't want to see anyone. Wayne takes Raquel out. She is besotted with him. Julie visits Don. She is shocked to find him with one leg. She blames herself for his accident and promises to keep in touch with him. Vicky sells Saracen to Sarah for £1,000. Jim and Liz leave for Ireland not completely happy about Steve being on his own at No. 11. Gail and Vera get Ivy to enter the Rovers. She puts on a brave face. Alec is horrified to discover Steve hasn't gone away with his parents. Curly goes to meet Miss Shaw at Central Library. He is stunned when she turns out to be Kimberley.moreless
  • Mon 3 Aug, 1992
    Mon 3 Aug, 1992
    Episode 94
    Ivy has to break the news to Nicky and Sarah that Don doesn't live with her anymore. She is touched when they both tell her they love her. Rita struggles to cope with Ted as he suffers spasms. He tries to cope with them and doesn't like her fussing. He feels like a big useless child. Calling himself 'Gerald Murray', Curly enrolls at Cupid's Arrow. He says he runs a mega-store and is interested in car rallies. Vicky tells Nick she wants an extra £50 a month. They compromise on £20. Steve tells his parents he's not going to Ireland; they'll have to trust him on his own. Paula and Andy set off Interailing. Gail visits Don, she tells him people care and he shouldn't cut everyone out of his life. The agency asks Curly to meet Janet Shaw for a date. Don phones Julie and asks her to visit him. She agrees.moreless
  • Fri 31 Jul, 1992
    Fri 31 Jul, 1992
    Episode 93
    Ivy calls on Don at the B&B. She is upset to see him on his crutches. She tells him he can come home at any time. Alec is furious to hear from Nicholas Wilding that Vicky has contacted him about her allowance. Vicky takes Steve to meet Saracen and Sarah Slade who is looking after him. Steve feels uncomfortable with the Cheshire set. Harry Norten arrives to collect his spider. Alec tells him it's dead and he's done research - there's no such thing as a Mexican mouse eating spider. He throws Harry out. Ted suffers more pain. He tells Rita he doesn't want to become dependant on drugs.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jul, 1992
    Wed 29 Jul, 1992
    Episode 92
    Ivy refuses to return to work until she has sorted Don out. Vicky tackles Alec about increasing her allowance but he refuses. Derek realises that Rita will return to work after Ted's death and he'll be job hunting again. Don leaves hospital. With Frank's help he moves into Wentworth's B&B at 191 Ashdale Road. Landlady Eileen Wentworth takes charge of him. The health inspector calls at The Rovers to check the kitchens are still clean. He tells Liz she must wear a hat in the kitchen. During his inspection, Alec sees the spider in the kitchen and is forced to catch it in his hand and squash it. Curly contacts Cupid's Arrow Introduction Bureau to make an appointment. Ivy can't believe Don hasn't returned home, she feels he must be with Julie. Frank tells her he's in a bed sit.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jul, 1992
    Mon 27 Jul, 1992
    Episode 91
    Don refuses to return to No. 5 when he's discharged. Social Services want to help but he refuses to get back with Ivy. Alec doesn't know where he's going to find the VAT money. Raquel is stunned when Angie admits she doesn't like her and finds her in the way at No. 7. Angie calls her a bimbo. Reg tells Curly he's going to the Costa del Sol and can't go to the annual management dance so he gives the invite to Curly. Social Services tell Ivy that it's a common reaction to hit back at loved ones and Don is bound to come round. Ivy is given fresh hope. Alec lying, tells the staff he found the spider and the mouse side by side, dead. Raquel is pleased and moves back in to get away from Angie. Ted agrees with Rita that the Wiltons should know the truth. Vera suggests to Curly that he tries to find a partner at a dating agency. He scoffs at the idea. Rita and Ted tell the Wiltons about the brain tumour. They are stunned. Mavis comforts Rita, Derek feels awful. Vicky is sick of having no money to spend. She is pleased when Steve tells her he doesn't want to go to Ireland. Don tells Ivy he's definitely not returning to her. She accuses him of breaking her heart.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jul, 1992
    Fri 24 Jul, 1992
    Episode 90
    Raquel models for knitting pattern leaflets. Vicky doesn't want to be met from school by the Gilroys as it will be a reminder of the Ardens' deaths so she gets Steve to meet her. Emily is delighted when Mike tells her he's dropping the court case. Rita tries to cover for Ted when his speech becomes slurred. Derek thinks Ted is a drunk. Mavis feels he's right and tells Rita she'll support her if she needs help and tells her they think Ted's an alcoholic. Jim is told he can go full time at work in five weeks. To fill in time he suggests to Liz that they holiday in Ireland. Rita tells Ted she wants to tell the Wiltons the truth - they have a right to know.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jul, 1992
    Wed 22 Jul, 1992
    Episode 89
    The VAT inspectors go through Alec's books at the Rovers. Emily doesn't want to have her sanity debated over in court. Ivy doesn't want anyone to know Don has finished with her. Jim closes the bike shop. Alec buys a mouse to tempt the spider out into the open. Curly contemplates having a skylight fitted into the roof so he can resume his astrology with his new telescope. He hasn't got the money so Reg advises him to put Angie's rent up. Alec is furious when the mouse escapes. Raquel goes to meet the players at County FC with publicist Gordon. At the grounds she meets footballer Wayne Farrell, the star striker. She falls for him. Ivy tells Gail that Don doesn't want to see her anymore. Gail comforts her. Mike tells Ken, publically, that he's dropping the case as he doesn't want to cause Emily anymore distress. The VAT people tell Alec he owes £3,500 in underpayment.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jul, 1992
    Mon 20 Jul, 1992
    Episode 88
    The spider escapes. The Rovers' staff are petrified at the thought of a huge spider at large. Ken refuses to apologise to Mike as a matter of principle, despite Alma pleading with him to. Alec orders the staff to search for the spider. Raquel refuses to stay under the same roof as a deadly spider at large. Alec fears the health and safety people will close the pub if a customer sees it. Mike makes Emily see she'll have to go to court as his witness. Emily tells Ken she resents him using their friendship to get back at Mike. Curly agrees to Raquel staying at No. 7. Angie is less than thrilled. Harry Norten tells Alec that the spider is worth £500. Angie lets it be known that the spider is loose so the customers leave the pub.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jul, 1992
    Fri 17 Jul, 1992
    Episode 87
    Alma doesn't like the idea of Mike suing Ken. Mike tells Des he wants him to be a witness as he heard Ken calling him a conman. Des tells him he doesn't want to get involved. Curly signs contracts on No. 7. Alec's pal, Harry Norten, tries to interest him in renting a vivarium with a spider in it to attract customers. He lets him have one, with a Mexican mouse eating spider in, on trial. Alec is pleased when it does stir trade but Bet tells him to get rid. Vera is thrilled when Lisa tells her she will be staying on when she hears Terry will be staying in Strangeways. Mike gets annoyed when no one wants to testify against Ken. Alma asks him to drop the case but he refuses. Don tells Ivy he wants her to stop visiting him. She is distraught. Mike tells Ken he'll drop the case if he apologises. Ken refuses.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jul, 1992
    Wed 15 Jul, 1992
    Episode 86
    Alma asks Ken to apologise to Mike for calling him a con man. Sally is upset that she's had to let the Platts down. A mate puts Jim onto a job at a security firm, installing surveillance systems. Jack asks Lisa not to return to Blackpool - he and Vera want to see their grandchild grow up. Raquel feels lonely and depressed. She contemplates going to London. Bet tells Alec that unless they stop her she could end up walking the streets. Mike asks Emily if she remembers giving him the money. She does and is upset to hear Percy and Ken have accused Mike of conning her. Alec tells Raquel she must stay at the Rovers, and treat it as her home. Sally tells Gail about a way round their problem; she can legally look after the children in Gail's house. Gail agrees. Ken apologises to Emily for causing her upset. She suggests he also apologises to Mike. Jim is too late for the job but gets another one at Shad Security, part time on security patrol. Raquel entertains Gordon Blinkhorn in the Rovers' living room. She shared a flat with his sister. Bet gets annoyed when they settle down for the evening. Mike tells Ken he intends to sue him for slander.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jul, 1992
    Mon 13 Jul, 1992
    Episode 85
    Vera and Lisa attend Terry's trial in Preston. Jack is genuinely too upset to attend. Jim tells the estate office he won't be renewing the lease on the workshop - the business is finished. He assures Liz he'll find work. Social services visit Sally and tell her she can no longer look after the Platts. She is advised to register as a child minder which will take a few months to process. Liz fears Jim will return to the army. He looks up an old army friend and discovers he's too old to rejoin. Vera breaks down as Terry gets a three-year sentence. Jack comforts her. Lisa swears she'll wait for him. Jack tells her they have to put the baby first now. Gail is annoyed when Sally refuses to break the law by looking after David anymore. Raquel feels bored as she spends her evening off in the Rovers' living room alone. Jim gets depressed that he's finished and turns to drink. Lisa tells Vera she feels she should return to Blackpool where the baby would be better off.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jul, 1992
    Fri 10 Jul, 1992
    Episode 84
    The Baldwins return from honeymoon. Alma moves her things into Mike's flat. Ken investigates Mike's financial situation. Kevin tells him that Mike is starting a new business up. Audrey grows tired of Alf talking about Ted's shady past and tells him about Ted's illness. He feels awful but doesn't understand why Rita married a dying man. David falls down stairs whilst in Sally's care. She takes him to hospital where he is given a stitch in his face. Gail doesn't blame her for the accident. Jack refuses to attend Terry's trial, certain he'll go down. The nurses tell Sally she should be registered if she looks after children, otherwise it's illegal. Ken publically accuses Mike of conning money out of Emily when she was sick and confused.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jul, 1992
    Wed 8 Jul, 1992
    Episode 83
    Percy fears Emily has forgotten lending Mike the money. Ted tells Rita he's heard the residents talking about him being after her money and Bet has been making him feel uncomfortable. Emily helps Ted tidy his garden at Highbank Ave. Rita tackles Bet about what people are saying about her. Bet tells her she's concerned about the way Ted seems to be after her money. Rita tells her it's nothing to do with her or anyone else. Neil tells Curly he's a fool buying a house. With Alma due back, Gail pays Steve off. Percy tells Ken that Mike swindled Emily out of £10,000.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jul, 1992 [Episode 2]
    Don refuses to tell Ivy about his amputation. The windows are replaced at No. 7. Julie is stunned when Don tells her about his leg. Martin is told about the amputation at work, he tells Gail but tells her not to tell Ivy; he'll be thrown off the course. Gail refuses to listen and calls Ivy but is told by Julie and rushes to the hospital. Angie is flattered when workman Neil Mitchell flirts with her. Alf begins to think Ted is after Rita's money. Emily returns home. Ivy tries to stop the operation but is held back by nurses. She can't understand why Don is turning his back on her. Don's lower leg is amputated. Reg agrees with Alf that Ted needs to be watched.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jul, 1992 [Episode 1]
    Curly doesn't like the way Angie finds Neil attractive. Ivy is relieved when Don's pleased to see her after his operation. IVY: "Bert, Brian, now Don. . . Poor Ivy, they say? Shouldn't feel sorry for me though, should they? It's me that brought it on 'em . . . I'm bad luck." Bet realises Rita is unhappy and thinks she regrets marrying Ted. The residents push Alf to find out why Ted seems to be upsetting Rita. Curly is annoyed when Angie goes out for a meal with Hanif. Ted is puzzled when Bet is cool towards him.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jul, 1992
    Fri 3 Jul, 1992
    Episode 80
    Rita tries to help Ted relax when he suffers pain in his head. Don phones Julie who confirms that as far as she's concerned they're finished. He urges her to visit him so they can talk. Ivy loves Don and can't face the future without him. Gail tries to comfort her. Gail is annoyed when Steve chats up girls at the cafe. Jim hasn't got enough work to keep him occupied. He has a few drinks and knocks over Liz's flowers. She is furious. Audrey gets fed up with being stuck in the shop. Sensing Liz and Rita are depressed, she opens champagne and they have a picnic in the shop. Alf returns to find three drunken women in the shop. The doctor tells Don his foot is not healing itself as it's so badly damaged. Don is stunned when the doctor says he wants to amputate his lower right leg.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jul, 1992
    Wed 1 Jul, 1992
    Episode 79
    Steve pushes Andy and together they send Liz a bouquet. Ivy calls on Julie. Julie tells her she hasn't slept with Don for a year. She tells Ivy she didn't chase Don; he did all the running. Ivy refuses to believe her. Julie tells her that Don crashed his car because she'd refused to take him in. Ivy is horrified to hear Don was planning to leave her. She accuses Julie of lying but realises she's telling the truth. Liz is thrilled to receive the flowers. Ted is depressed that he's going to die now he's found someone he really loves. He wants to grow old with Rita. Don tells Ivy he won't be returning to her when he leaves hospital. Ivy is bitter and tells him Julie won't have him either.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jun, 1992
    Mon 29 Jun, 1992
    Episode 78
    Don is out of danger and put in an ordinary ward. Angie gets an interview at Onyx Fashions for a buyer's job. She isn't keen as they were the people who stole her designs after her 2nd year show. Andy refuses to feel guilty about the money as he's going to Europe. Don is thrilled when Julie visits him in hospital. Ivy finds them together and realises who Julie is. Julie is embarrassed and walks away. Hanif Ruparell, owner of Onyx, interviews Angie. She accuses him of stealing her designs but he shows her he had no idea they were stolen. He apologises and she melts. Ivy accuses Don of carrying on with Julie and lying to her. Percy is pleased when Emily asks for him to visit her. She assures him he had nothing to do with her illness. She thanks him for looking after her. Ted takes Rita on a mystery tour to Southport. Hanif gives Angie the job, admiring her spirit. Ivy breaks down, telling Gail that Don's got another woman and he must have crashed his car on purpose out of guilt.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jun, 1992
    Fri 26 Jun, 1992
    Episode 77
    Steve and Andy celebrate their 18th's. They are amazed when Jim and Liz give them £200 each. Although he plans to sell his house, Ted still wants to keep the garden looking nice. He refuses to wait around to die, having his first row with Rita. Don regains consciousness he tells Ivy he doesn't want to talk about the accident. The doctors tell Emily she's been suffering from depression. She is upset over the way she treated Percy. Steve is suspicious and tackles Jim over where they got the money from. Jim tells him about Liz selling her ring. Angie is annoyed when she only gets a 2:2; she wanted a 2:1. She feels it's not good enough to get a job. Paula gives Andy a backpack for his birthday. Angie faints in the Rovers, after drinking on an empty stomach. Steve tells Andy Liz sold her ring to give them their presents.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jun, 1992
    Wed 24 Jun, 1992
    Episode 76
    Liz worries that the twins won't have a happy birthday as they can't afford good gifts for them. The Sullivans return from honeymoon in the Cotswolds. Ted moves into Rita's flat. Gail enjoys having Steve working at the cafe; he makes her feel young. Ivy keeps talking to Don hoping for some response from him. Emily enjoys resting in hospital in the Psychiatric Ward. Liz sells her grandmother's ring for £400 for money for the twins' birthdays. Jim is moved. Ivy is touched when the taxi drivers club together and give her £80 to buy Don something. She is stunned to hear Don wasn't working when he had the accident.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jun, 1992
    Mon 22 Jun, 1992
    Episode 75
    The police call on Ivy and tell her Don has been involved in an accident. Vera goes with Ivy to the hospital. The doctor tells Ivy Don's in a critical condition. Don is unconscious, his body covered in bandages. His ribs are broken and his legs have multiple fractures. Ivy is distraught. Gail rushes to help Ivy, taking her her rosary beads. Steve helps Gail out at the cafe, waiting on. Ivy keeps a bedside vigil. The police tell Gail they don't understand why Don was doing 70mph down a country road.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jun, 1992
    Fri 19 Jun, 1992
    Episode 74
    Alma decides not to marry Mike; he's a liar. Audrey tells her if she wants to humiliate Mike she should do it in style - in front of everyone. Kevin is annoyed that Sally has bought expensive glasses for Mike and Alma. She is furious when he accidentally drops them. Ken gives Alma a bottle of champagne and wishes her well. Mike is relieved when Alma turns up just in time. She lets him sweat before agreeing to marry him. Gail, Martin, Sally, Kevin, Bet, Alec, Alf and Audrey witness the wedding. Don decides he's going to leave Ivy. He is annoyed when Julie tells him it makes no difference to her feelings. She refuses to be bullied by him. She tells him she doesn't believe he'll leave Ivy completely. She urges him to go back to Ivy and forget about her. She wants him out of her life. Alec drops Sally's present again, Kevin stops her telling him it was already broken and Alec gives her £30 to replace it. Alma tells Mike she married him because she wanted to; she understands him completely now and she's not scared of him anymore. She tells him he'll never be able to lie to her again. Don feels he should have never returned to Ivy in the first place. He feels he's got nothing left. Julie tells him that if his life is wrecked then he wrecked it, not Ivy, God or her. He is stunned and tells her she's right, but he still loves her. Ivy worries about Don's whereabouts. Don speeds along country roads without caring for his safety. He misses a bend and crashes the car.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jun, 1992
    Wed 17 Jun, 1992
    Episode 73
    Alma is upset that Mike told Jackie they'd slept together, that he planned the whole thing to get her to marry him. She admires Jackie because she divorced Mike and came out on top. Percy discovers Emily has disappeared. He searches for her, worried for her well being. Everyone tells him to leave Emily alone and lead her own life, he breaks down in the shop, crying and saying that Emily is not well. Don tells Julie he'll willingly leave Ivy for her if she'll have him. Deirdre feels awful that she never took Percy's fears about Emily seriously. Alf drives Percy around looking for her whilst Sally waits at No. 3. Alma slaps Mike round the face and calls him a pig, telling him she won't marry him. He is stunned. She explains that Jackie put her in the picture, he swears she's lying. Percy and Alf find confused Emily on a railway station. She has her slippers on. Gail tells Alma that Mike must love her - he went to a lot of trouble to get her to marry him. Jim tells Steve he's laying him off. He hates doing it. A doctor looks at Emily and feels she needs rest, she admits her to a medical ward for tests to see if she needs psychiatrist help. Ivy returns from her retreat. Don doesn't know how to treat her. She tells him she wants them to renew their marriage vows. Mike begs Alma not to throw everything away - he needs her.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jun, 1992
    Mon 15 Jun, 1992
    Episode 72
    Seeing as their parents can't afford to host a party for their 18ths, Andy and Steve decide to hold a party at BJs, the local disco. Tracy gives Emily her skirt to hem as she's going out and Deirdre is too busy. With Ivy away, Don takes Julie on a picnic. Mike has difficulty finding a best man and has to end up with Alec. Julie tells Don he has to understand they're only mates. Alma hates the thought that Jackie thinks she broke their marriage up. She doesn't like being hated by anyone. Percy makes a meal of packing his bags. Emily tells him she doesn't understand why he's going; he's a friend and she needs friends. She asks him to stay and he agrees. Don finds he can relax with Julie, he can't with Ivy. He kisses Julie but she stops him; she's going through it all again. Tracy is annoyed when Emily forgets her skirt. Percy tries to cover for her, saying he must have covered it up. Jim tells Liz he can't afford to employ Steve anymore. Alma calls on Jackie to make her see she never committed adultery. Jackie tells her that Mike named her in the divorce petition, not her. She advises Alma to get away from Mike before it's too late.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jun, 1992
    Fri 12 Jun, 1992
    Episode 71
    Ivy celebrates her fourth wedding anniversary, looking forward to a meal out with Don. Andy sulks about the fact his parents can't afford to buy him a rail ticket. Jim feels bad about the situation. Emily is horrified to find Percy ironing her clothes. He is trying to be helpful but Emily tells him he's getting on her nerves. The Hortens try to get Lisa to return to Blackpool; it's their grandchild as well as the Duckworths. Deirdre suggests to Percy that Emily may improve if she were left alone. He refuses to see Emily go under. Mike makes sure Emily knows what she's doing before she gives him the money. She gives him a cheque made payable to MVB Motors. Percy sees her writing out the cheque and is horrified, he tries to stop her but she tells him she's sick of him running her life. Jack doesn't like the idea of having a screaming baby in the house and sides with the Hortens. Lisa becomes distraught. Vera arrives to find Lisa in tears. She is furious that Jack wants her to go and rows with him. Curly is concerned that Angie is working too hard. The Brennans go out for a meal. Don is uncomfortable when Ivy keeps telling him how much he means to her. Vera sides with Lisa and refuses to let her leave No. 9. Percy tells Emily he'll move out.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jun, 1992
    Wed 10 Jun, 1992
    Episode 70
    Jack and Lisa persuade Vera to reconsider and she retracts her resignation. Andy decides to ask for his Interail ticket for his 18th birthday present. Steve plans to ask for the money instead - £180. Don takes time out to track Julie down and give her lifts in the cab. She cooks him a meal when he persists to being with her. Jim is stunned that the twins want £180 each for their birthdays. Mike tries to raise cash to start the spares business. Angie is harrassed making her outfits for her final show. Don assures Julie he only wants to be friends with her. She isn't sure he'll always just want a platonic relationship. Mike offers Emily a part time job as his personal book keeper. He is stunned when she offers to lend him £10,000 so long as he pays interest. He accepts. Jim fears he's going under. He has a load of unpaid bills and nothing coming in. He doesn't know how to tell the twins they can't have a present.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jun, 1992
    Mon 8 Jun, 1992
    Episode 69
    Percy tries to get Emily's doctor to see her. She starts to dress shabbily. She gets her days mixed up. Percy gets her to return to bed and asks Mavis to help. She turns on Percy telling him Emily's problem is obviously him; he's controlling her life. Andy and Paula contemplate Interailing. Vera tells Reg that Terry will see to him when he gets out and rows with him for shopping him. Reg tells her he has to make an official report which could be read in court. Vera realises she's beaten. Vera feels humiliated by Reg and resigns.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jun, 1992
    Fri 5 Jun, 1992
    Episode 68
    Rita tells Curly she'll knock £2,000 off the price of No. 7 for him. He thanks her. Ted's hands feel numb so Rita takes him to a doctor. The doctor tells them it's early symptoms of a tumour. Ted confesses he's been feeling ill for a week. The doctor tells Ted he can't drive anymore. Derek changes his mind at the last moment and agrees to go to the wedding. Audrey, Alf, Bet and the Wiltons gather at the registry office to see Rita marry Ted. They exchange vows and rings and are married. Emily decides not to go to the wedding and looks through old photographs instead. Derek is cold towards Ted's nephew Roger at the wedding. Rita has no regrets about marrying Ted. Don calls on Julie again, she tells him she's seeing other men. Curly tells Jack that Reg shopped Terry.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jun, 1992
    Wed 3 Jun, 1992
    Episode 67
    Jack wants Terry to be caught before things get totally out of hand. He thinks he should face up to his responsibilities. Ivy tells Don she wants to go on a retreat, to a Carmelite Convent in Derbyshire. Mike discovers there's nowhere around Weatherfield to buy spares. He decides to set up a business, for trade and retail, electrical and mechanical. Curly's survey shows some damp in No. 7. Reg advises him to make Rita pay for treatment. Vera withdraws her savings from the building society. Curly is stunned to find Terry at Bettabuys, Terry and Vera beg him not to say anything. He agrees. Vera gives Terry the money. Reg sees Terry on the security camera and phones the police. Lisa arrives at Bettabuys in time to see Terry. He assures her he didn't use her as a means of escape. She delays his departure and he is cornered by the police. They take him away. Emily feels that Percy is becoming possessive. Don feels pushed out of Ivy's life by God. Vera shouts at Curly in the Rovers, accusing him of reporting Terry to the police.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jun, 1992
    Mon 1 Jun, 1992
    Episode 66
    Don tells Julie maybe they should start seeing each other again, she refuses. Emily upsets Percy by sitting in darkened rooms. Vera hopes Terry will stay on the run but Jack and Lisa feel he should give himself up. Terry visits Vera at work and asks her for money so he can go to Blackpool to see Charlie Bell, the chap he assaulted, to clear his name. She agrees to get him the money for the next day. Emily arranges to babysit for the Websters. Jack refuses to give Vera the £100 to give to Terry. Don buys Ivy flowers and takes her for a meal. Emily goes to bed at 7.30, forgetting about the babysitting. Lisa is desperate to see Terry and wants to hang around Bettabuys to see him but Vera tells her it would look suspicious.moreless
  • Fri 29 May, 1992
    Fri 29 May, 1992
    Episode 65
    The local paper reports on Terry's escape. Curly worries as a photograph appears in print with him on it. Terry phones home and tells Vera to tell Lisa he loves her. Lisa is upset when he hangs up before she can talk to him. Vera accuses Don of selling the newspaper the wedding picture. When Ivy stands up for him, saying he wouldn't, Vera tells her Don is a liar. Vera then discovers that Jack has taken the film out of her camera - he sold the picture. The knowledge of Ted's condition gets too much for Rita. She breaks down and tells Audrey about the brain tumour. Jack tells Vera he got £100 for the photographs, he maintains they need the money to support Lisa. Audrey promises Rita she'll not tell anyone about Ted. Lisa fears Terry used her as a means of escape. Don calls on Julie.moreless
  • Wed 27 May, 1992
    Wed 27 May, 1992
    Episode 64
    Vera refuses to let anything spoil the day for her. Raquel does Lisa's hair and makeup. At St Mary's, Terry is handcuffed to a prison officer for the service. Deirdre is concerned when Emily buys baby food at the shop. Don and Ivy joins the Duckworths and Hortons at the wedding. Vera pleads with the prison officer and persuades him to take the handcuffs off Terry for the ceremony. Terry takes his opportunity whilst the photographs are being taken and runs away. The officers give chase but he's too quick. Lisa is horrified. The Hortons and the Duckworths row over Terry's disappearance. The police suspect Vera of planning the episode. Lisa refuses to return to Blackpool, insisting that she wants to stay near the Duckworths. The police warn the Duckworths to tell them when Terry makes contact. Derek applies for every job he can in order to get away from Mavis' rule. Lisa is scared about what's going to happen.moreless
  • Mon 25 May, 1992
    Mon 25 May, 1992
    Episode 63
    Percy is bewildered when Emily arranges her photographs in a significant order. Curly is worried what to say in his speech about Terry. Percy shares his concern about Emily with Deirdre. She rushes round to see Emily but finds her behaving normally. Kevin doesn't like it when Sally starts talking about having another baby. He feels they can't afford one. Andy is surprised when Ken tutors him on his day off. Vera gets emotional at the thought of the wedding.moreless
  • Fri 22 May, 1992
    Fri 22 May, 1992
    Episode 62
    To stop misunderstandings, Mavis pins a badge on herself, it reads 'manager'. Derek feels put down. Ivy tries to bring Vera out of herself and gets lumbered with going to a club. Gail plans to show Martin she can still be young and carefree by taking him out for a romantic evening. Lisa buys her wedding dress. Raquel goes with her for support. Gail is furious when Martin tells her he and Tony have to write an essay and he can't go out. Ivy and Vera go to the Tik Tak club. Don picks them up afterwards and is embarrassed when they insist on giving barmaid Julie a lift home. Julie feels awkward being with Ivy. Gail rows with Martin for laughing with Tony until midnight and eating all the food in the house. Don is relieved when Julie doesn't give anything away to Ivy.moreless
  • Wed 20 May, 1992
    Wed 20 May, 1992
    Episode 61
    Derek upsets Mavis by refusing to attend Rita's wedding. Lisa is amazed that Jeff gave her £500 to buy a dress. Andy and Paula sit their General Studies exam. Andy walks out of the exam as he can't answer any of the questions. Ken urges him to return to the exam - for Paula's sake as she won't be able to concentrate on her paper. Derek is put out when Mavis refuses to allow him any responsibility at the Kabin. Andy returned to the exam for Paula's sake. Martin takes Tony home to meet the family. Gail is put out as she has a romantic evening planned. Vera talks Curly into being Terry's best man although he isn't keen. Tony's youthfulness gets to Gail. Martin tells her he's the same age as him.moreless
  • Mon 18 May, 1992
    Mon 18 May, 1992
    Episode 60
    Mavis finds the invite to Rita's wedding. Emily religiously polishes all the silver again and again. The Hortens arrive at No. 9 to meet the Duckworths. Jeff makes it plain he doesn't like them. Jack gets annoyed when Jeff shows his dislike of Terry. Jeff tells Lisa she's throwing her life away by marrying Terry. She refuses to return home and swears she loves Terry. Jeff agrees to pay for the wedding. Gail realises she must be jealous of Martin's opportunities. Andy decides he won't get the grades to go to Sheffield so stops bothering to revise. The building society gives Curly a mortgage, subject to survey.moreless
  • Fri 15 May, 1992
    Fri 15 May, 1992
    Episode 59
    Lisa is thrilled when the baby starts to kick. Jack tries to get Lisa to tell her parents about the wedding so they'll pick up the bill but she doesn't want them to know. He goes behind her back to phone them. Martin is pleased to show off his portering skills at the training. Alma refuses to be at Mike's beck and call. When he books an expensive restaurant for lunch she stands him up to work. Rita and Ted go off to York for the weekend. Before she goes, Rita gives Derek an invitation to the wedding. The Hortens phone Lisa. She is annoyed that Jack contacted them and tells him her parents are going to call round. Paula calls on Andy and tells him she can't concentrate on her revising. He tells her he's the same. They end up making love on the sofa.moreless
  • Wed 13 May, 1992
    Wed 13 May, 1992
    Episode 58
    Paula gets her mother to cover for her so she doesn't have to speak to Andy. Emily spring cleans, telling Percy she wants to do it herself, without his help. Rita is furious when Derek makes Ted pay for wedding invitation cards from the Kabin. Terry tells Vera and Lisa that he'll be allowed out to get married. He assures Lisa he would have proposed even if he hadn't been in prison. Percy is puzzled when Emily leaves the cleaning half done. Andy knows Mrs Maxwell is lying to him to stop him speaking to Paula. Martin finds writing essays on health matters very difficult. Paula is quite pleased that Andy is hanging around outside the house. She refuses to talk to him until after the exams. Jack isn't interested in Terry's wedding so long as Lisa's parents pay for it. Lisa can't bring herself to tell her parents she's getting married as they don't like Terry. Andy tells the Maxwells in anger to tell Paula he thinks she's pathetic and they're finished. Paula is horrified as this isn't what she wanted.moreless
  • Mon 11 May, 1992
    Mon 11 May, 1992
    Episode 57
    Des tries to apologise to Raquel to get her to move back but she tells him she should have left ages ago. Terry confesses to Vera that he served three weeks in Wormwood Scrubs for affray. He now knows the man he hit has a fractured skull and is going to be charged with resisting arrest and GBH. Lisa promises Terry she'll wait for him. He is touched and proposes to her, she agrees. Vera is thrilled that Terry is going to marry Lisa. Percy is puzzled that Emily seems distant. Liz starts at the Rovers. Betty gives her tips on mass cooking. Andy camps outside Paula's house. Lisa spells it out to Vera that Terry could get five years.moreless
  • Fri 8 May, 1992
    Fri 8 May, 1992
    Episode 56
    Des gets drunk and feels humiliated and bitter. Steph begs him to lash out at her but he tells her he still loves her, instead he insults Phyllis. Jim worries that business is slow. Steph leaves with her bags, to live with her new lover. Des sees her off with champagne. Alec and Liz agree to a three-month trial. She resigns from the Legion. Rita stops working at the Kabin and Mavis takes over. The Duckworths tell Lisa she can stay as long as she likes but she feels in the way. Drunk Des barges into the Rovers. Raquel thinks he's come for her and hides in the back but he only wants to apologise to Phyllis. Lisa tells Vera to face the facts; Terry is guilty and is going to prison for a long time.moreless
  • Wed 6 May, 1992
    Wed 6 May, 1992
    Episode 55
    Vera is touched when Lisa tells her she's a good mate. Raquel calls Steph a bitch and accuses her of stealing Des off her. Alec dislikes having Raquel living at the pub. Steph worries that Des is banking on a reconciliation. Whilst Vera doesn't want anyone to know Terry's in prison, Jack uses it as an excuse to get off work. Liz tells Bet she's willing to return to the Rovers to cook food in the evenings. Derek rows with Mavis for not asking him to work with her at the Kabin when she takes over. She feels he won't be any good in the job. She knows she's going to have to employ him but is determined to show him she's boss. Curly is shocked when Vera tells him Terry's up for GBH. Mavis formally offers Derek the job and he grudgingly accepts. Vera is disgusted that Jack took time off work to spend the afternoon at the bookies when he should have visited Terry. Alec sees the sense in having Liz doing the evening cooking and offers her the job. Des is shattered when Steph tells him she left Simon as she's found another man. He can't believe she is playing with his emotions still. She promises him that when she does leave she'll do so for good.moreless
  • Mon 4 May, 1992
    Mon 4 May, 1992
    Episode 54
    Raquel tells Steph she's not wanted at No. 6. Steph refuses to leave until Des asks her to. Mavis contemplates employing Derek as her assistant at the Kabin. Andy is annoyed when Paula takes private tuition. Lisa arrives in the Street to tell the Duckworths that Terry is in Strangeways. Jack is disgusted and Vera is upset. Vera goes with Lisa to visit Terry. Bet returns from holiday and tells Raquel there's always a room for her at the Rovers. Vera believes in Terry's innocence, even though he laid into a policeman. She tells Lisa to stay with them at No. 9 instead of travelling to Blackpool all the time. When Raquel calls her pathetic, Steph rows with her. When Des takes Steph's side, Raquel packs her bags. Des tries to stop her leaving but she is adamant.moreless
  • Fri 1 May, 1992
    Fri 1 May, 1992
    Episode 53
    Rita gets Mavis to talk to her. She assures Mavis that she had good reason to cancel the sale but refuses to tell her what. She tells Mavis that she's willing to make her manageress of the shop as she doesn't intend to work in it after she marries. Andy is annoyed as Paula tries to get out of seeing him as she wants to study. Vicky puts Alec off when he wants to see her off. Instead Steve arrives at the station to kiss her goodbye. Derek rows with Rita, bitter that he gave up the Hewitts' job. Simon calls at No. 6 looking for Steph. Des makes him see he's being an idiot. Mavis tells Derek she can't stand his bitterness; she intends to look forward and the manager's job is a good offer. She accepts Rita's offer. Raquel tells Des it's obvious he wants Steph back. She tells him he has to decide who he wants.moreless
  • Wed 29 Apr, 1992
    Wed 29 Apr, 1992
    Episode 52
    Steph assures Raquel she doesn't want to make trouble. She tells Des that Simon was possessive and jealous and she grew frightened of him. Phyllis is astounded to find Steph staying at No. 6. Curly offers Rita 30,000 for No. 7. She agrees to think about it. Rita tries to make amends to Mavis but Derek slams the door in her face. Mrs Jeffers is concerned that Paula is falling behind in her studies. She tells her she's capable of getting 'A's but her work is below par. She advises her to spend more time studying. Paula sees she's right. Raquel catches the Barnes laughing about old times and feels in the way.moreless
  • Mon 27 Apr, 1992
    Mon 27 Apr, 1992
    Episode 51
    Martin starts his nurses training. He feels inadequate amongst all the other students. Paula is behind with her essays as she's spending so much time with Andy. PERCY: "When you've prepared spotted dick and custard for one hundred and fifty under heavy artillery fire and not allowed one lump in that custard, you can do anything." Rita breaks the news to Mavis that she won't be selling the Kabin after all. Mavis struggles to keep calm but fails. She shocks Rita by accusing her of playing around with her life. She tells her she's had enough of her manipulation and will never step foot in the Kabin again. Derek tries to be optimistic, suggesting they look for another job but Mavis bitterly feels that they're not in control of their own lives. Derek accuses Ted of manipulating Rita and ruining Mavis' life. Martin finds the training over his head. Gail tries to build his confidence, pointing out that nursing is about people. Raquel is horrified when Steph arrives on the doorstep with her suitcases. Des tries to hide his delight in seeing her. Des tells Steph she can stay for a few nights, Raquel is indignant and makes a point of telling Steph she's Des' lover.moreless
  • Fri 24 Feb, 1992
    Fri 24 Feb, 1992
    Episode 50
    Des celebrates his twenty-seventh birthday. He is upset that Raquel and Phyllis haven't got him presents. Alec considers serving evening meals to help pay for the kitchen. Betty refuses to work evenings so he abandons the idea. Gail refuses to let Mike have free meals at the cafe and annoys him by making it clear she does not like him. Rita realises she loves Ted and tells him she will marry him but she won't go to Florida; she'll need her friends round her when he dies. He understands and is grateful that she cares so much. Raquel gets Des out of the house so the neighbours can prepare it for his party. He is amazed by the party and Raquel is thrilled that he didn't guess. Simon Beatty turns up during the party looking for Steph. Des goes for him and is pleased to hear Steph has left him.moreless
  • Wed 22 Apr, 1992
    Wed 22 Apr, 1992
    Episode 49
    Raquel recruits the residents' help to organise a party for Des. Mike tells Alma he'll be divorced in May and asks her to marry him in June. They set the date for 19th June. The Wiltons find a buyer for their house. They celebrate but Rita feels she's being trapped. Vicky arranges to go to the cinema with Steve. Alec tries to put her off him but she tells him he's wasting his time. She tells Steve that he's always welcome to visit her at school. Mike is surprised when Ken buys a bottle of champagne at the Rovers to celebrate Alma and him naming the day. He wishes Alma luck.moreless
  • Mon 20 Apr, 1992
    Mon 20 Apr, 1992
    Episode 48
    Mike invites Alma to move in with him. Betty finds the gadgets in the new kitchen hard to operate. Rita avoids Ted, not being able to cope with his illness. Betty is upset when her hot pots aren't ready as she hasn't mastered the timer on the cooker. Mike is shocked when Alma refuses to move in with him until they are married. He thinks the idea is pathetic. Alec lays into Betty about the hot pots. She is grateful when Vicky blames the cooker. Steve tells Vicky the party was awful and arranges to take her out. Ted apologises to Rita for not telling her about his illness before. He tells her he'll understand if she wants them to finish and promises to stay away until she's reached her decision.moreless
  • Fri 17 Apr, 1992
    Fri 17 Apr, 1992
    Episode 47
    Jim and Liz find that Andy has not slept on the sofa. Liz doesn't like the idea of them sleeping together. Mike and Alma spend the night together. Rita urges Ted to find a specialist to talk about his tumour. He tells her he's been to Christie's and to Guy's but no one can help him. She is distressed that he's going to die. He tells her he wants to enjoy the rest of his life. Ken is stunned when Alma tells him she's going to marry Mike. KEN:(about Mike) "The man's a cheat and a liar and he gets his kicks out of manipulating other people's lives." Ken tells Alma she's making the stupidest mistake of her life. Andy is worried what his parents will say about him sleeping with Paula. Ted explains to Rita how he feels about his illness. She tells him she feels cheated; she thought she was going to happy for the rest of her life but that was a trick. Liz and Jim tell Andy they're disappointed in him. Liz feels that Paula can't have any self respect. He apologises but assures them they took precautions. Mike announces his engagement in the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 15 Apr, 1992
    Wed 15 Apr, 1992
    Episode 46
    Ted and Rita return from Florida. Alma hopes Mike will be able to help her fight the divorce petition. He assures her he'll keep her out of the case somehow and pretends to be in contact with his solicitor. Liz refuses to let Steve take Vicky to the party. He upsets Vicky by refusing to take her. Mike makes Alma believe he's doing all he can to battle against Jackie and keep her out of the divorce. She is grateful. He lures her to the flat to talk about the case. With Steve away over night, Andy gets his parents to agree to Paula spending the night at No. 11. Raquel discovers it's Des' birthday coming up and plans a celebration. Mike tells Alma he's managed to get her name off the divorce petition. She is thrilled but feels sorry for him when he tells her he had to give Jackie a lot of money. She tells him she's grateful. Liz makes Andy a bed up on the sofa. Mike tells Alma that Jackie was jealous of their relationship. He tells Alma that he still loves her and proposes. He is astounded when she accepts. Ted tells Rita that he has a brain tumour and doesn't have long to live, whatever time he does have he wants to spend with her. She is stunned.moreless
  • Mon 13 Apr, 1992
    Mon 13 Apr, 1992
    Episode 45
    Derek refuses to be dictated to by schoolchildren but has to do eight paper rounds himself. He decides to apologise to the paper boys. The customers pester Alec to let Percy back into the pub. Alec refuses to let Vicky go to Steve's all night party. He tells Liz he's surprised that she's letting Steve go. She is annoyed when he tells her to keep Steve locked up. Percy finds Alec struggling with crates in the yard and gives him a hand. He apologises about the misunderstanding. Alec accepts his apology and tells him he's welcome to return to the Rovers. Nigel and the paperboys agree to return to the Kabin on the condition they get paid for the days they've missed. Mavis agrees. Mike calls on Jackie and tells her he now wants Alma left out of the divorce. He threatens to fight the divorce if she doesn't. Jackie feels sorry for Alma, having Mike standing up for her. Jackie tells him she doesn't mind dropping Alma. Mike tells Alma he couldn't get Jackie, he's sorry but her name is stuck on the divorce petition.moreless
  • Fri 10 Apr, 1992
    Fri 10 Apr, 1992
    Episode 44
    The paper boys and girls strike outside the Kabin. Mavis is stunned when Derek sacks all the picketing strikers. Bet tells Vicky she's not going on holiday whilst she's rowing with Alec. Vicky tells her she's decided to stay and exploit Alec's weaknesses, like Bet does. Vicky gets Alec to give her £50 for a new coat. Steve goes for Andy when he calls him a cradle snatcher. Andy gets his own back by telling Jim that Steve is going to an all night party. Bet leaves for Tenerife. Mike visits Gordon Barrett and tells him to leave Alma out of the divorce. Barrett reminds Mike that he named Alma as co-respondent to speed the divorce up. Mike tells him he's changed his mind. Barrett refuses to change the petition. Vicky and Steve shop for a coat together at Afflex Palace. She buys a figure hugging dress instead and tells Steve she'd like to go to the all night party with him. Derek tries to get the paper boys to betray Nigel, telling them they'll miss their money. Alec tells Steve he doesn't want him anywhere near Vicky in future. Mavis accuses Derek of ruining everything at the Kabin. Vicky accuses Alec of treating her like a blank cheque. He sends her to bed. She tells him he can't stop her seeing Steve or going to Liverpool for the all night party.moreless
  • Wed 8 Apr, 1992
    Wed 8 Apr, 1992
    Episode 43
    Alec doesn't like the idea of Bet holidaying with Stella. Vicky wishes Alec would treat her as an adult. Bet offers to take her to Tenerife but she wants to stay around Steve and Saracen. Nicholas Wilding tells Vicky that after tax and VAT her inheritance is £200,000. Until she inherits it she will be paid an allowance of £50 a month. He tells Alec he will be paid in full for all his expenses but questions the fact that he's put Saracen's new saddle down when it was meant to be Vicky's Christmas present from him. Mike discovers that Jackie has a new man and wants a quick divorce. Alec explains that he couldn't afford the whole saddle. Bet is disgusted with him but Wilding pays up. Derek accuses Nigel of mismanaging the papers he is delivering. Nigel accuses Derek of giving him the wrong papers to deliver. Derek fines him £1.75 for mis-delivery. Nigel tells him to stuff his job and threatens to black the Kabin. Vicky is disgusted that Alec made her pay for her own Christmas present and has been charging her £15 a night every night she's stayed at the Rovers. She decides she never wants to visit the pub again.moreless
  • Mon 6 Apr, 1992
    Mon 6 Apr, 1992
    Episode 42
    Derek is excited at the prospect of working at the Kabin. Steve plans to go to a party in Liverpool. Vicky returns for Easter to find the Rovers in chaos as the builders have taken the kitchen to pieces. Bet is annoyed when the bathroom toilet is blocked up so she has to use the ladies. She insists Alec takes them out for a meal to compensate. Steve is pleased to see Vicky. He arranges to take her to the pictures. Alec doesn't trust Steve. Steve is annoyed when his family laughs at him going out with a fifteen-year old. Mike sees his solicitor and tells Alma he'll contest the divorce. Vicky gets Steve to admit he sent her a Valentine card. They are about to kiss until Alec sees them. Vicky is embarrassed when Alec sends her to her room. Stella Rigby contacts Bet and asks her to fill a booking for a holiday in Tenerife. Bet agrees to go.moreless
  • Fri 3 Apr, 1992
    Fri 3 Apr, 1992
    Episode 41
    Curly accuses Reg of setting him up, suggesting he offered £20,000. Alma receives a letter from Jackie Ingram's solicitor, citing her as co-respondent in her divorce. She searches for Mike but he's in London. The Wiltons are left in charge of the Kabin as Ted and Reg fly off to Florida. Mike is horrified to hear Alma is being cited in his divorce, he rushes to see her to apologise. Alma is upset as the allegation isn't true. Derek rings Hewitts and turns the job down. Alma urges Mike to convince Jackie they did not commit adultery. ALMA: "The only sin I've committed, Mike, is knowing you. And I'll be regretting that for the rest of my life." Mike promises he'll get her name taken off the papers.moreless
  • Wed 1 Apr, 1992
    Wed 1 Apr, 1992
    Episode 40
    Mavis fears Derek will be too old to get a bank loan. Alec submits his expenses to Vicky's trustees. Reg contacts a rep who used to work with Ted. Curly offers Rita £20,000 for No. 7. She's insulted and tells him she won't discuss the matter with him until he offers £30,000. Henry Barnes tells Reg that Doris Sullivan died in a fishing accident, Ted tried to save her but she drowned. Alec employs Lomax to carry out the refurbishments for £7,000. Percy upsets a regular in the Legion by sitting in his chair. The bank manager agrees to give Derek a loan. Reg tells Rita how Doris died. He is surprised that she already knows. When he tells her Doris had a large life insurance she gets angry and throws him out.moreless
  • Mon 30 Mar, 1992
    Mon 30 Mar, 1992
    Episode 39
    Ted helps Rita organise the selling of the Kabin and No. 7. Curly wants to buy No. 7 and tells the estate agent it's damp in the hope he'll give Rita a low valuation. Emily feels sorry for Percy as he's barred from the Rovers. Derek works out that he'll need to take out a bank loan of £45,000 to buy the Kabin. Ted tells Rita they should go to Florida to look for a house. She tells the Wiltons they can run the place in her absence. A kitchen fitter gives Alec an estimate of £8,500, Alec is horrified. Vicky's solicitor contacts Alec saying the Ardens' wills have been cleared and he will be reimbursed for all his expenses. Reg tries to make Rita see she's making a mistake marrying Ted. He plans to unearth something unsavoury about Ted but needs time. He suggests Curly offers £20,000 for No. 7 instead of £30,000.moreless
  • Fri 27 Mar, 1992
    Fri 27 Mar, 1992
    Episode 38
    Derek has second thoughts about throwing away a stable job. He is stunned when Hewitts offer him another £2,000 as an incentive to work for them. The Environmental Health Officer calls at the Rovers and insists on inspecting the kitchen. He finds cracked wall tiles and flaking paint work. He quotes the Food Safety Act to Alec and tells him the kitchen is not good enough. RAQUEL: "It's one thing I'm grateful to my mother for. Calling me Raquel. It may sound like a brand of disinfectant, but at least nobody shortens it." Mavis tells Derek she'd rather spend all day with him than be rich. He decides to turn the job down. The atmosphere is strained when Raquel and Des entertain Curly and Angie. They agree to stay mates. Alec is horrified that he was to have a new kitchen fitted. When he discovers Percy caused the Inspector to call he turns on him and bars him from the pub.moreless
  • Wed 25 Mar, 1992
    Wed 25 Mar, 1992
    Episode 37
    Derek lands the salesman's job with a salary of £16,000. He doesn't know whether or not to accept it as Rita tells them she'll give them first refusal for the Kabin. Jim tells Mike that Kevin is a rare man; he's honest. Betty enjoys seeing Alec squirm as he's forced to beg her to return. He promises her a new modern kitchen to work in. Betty returns to the Rovers to sell her hot pot. Curly and Angie worry about what will happen to them when Rita goes to Florida. Martin passes his exam with flying colours. Gail is pleased for him but alarmed that he starts training in a month's time. Mavis longs to own the Kabin and be mistress of her own sweet shop. Raquel invites Curly and Angie for a meal as a peace offering. Mike tells Kevin he's right about the bills - they'll play it straight. Kevin is pleased. Rita agrees to sell the shop, the flat and the business to the Wiltons with £5,000 knocked off the market price.moreless
  • Mon 23 Mar, 1992
    Mon 23 Mar, 1992
    Episode 36
    Mavis is stunned to discover Rita is getting married and plans to live in Florida. She and Derek both realise they could buy the Kabin off Rita. Alec refuses to be despondent when customers leave as there's no food for sale. Jim is horrified to hear his joke cost Betty her joke. He apologises to Alec, telling him he has no intention to report him to the health inspector. Bet tells Alec that if they're not going to be reported they can sell food again. Percy thinks it's awful that Betty has been sacked and goes to the Town Hall to complain about the new food laws, telling the health officer that the customers support Betty. The officer doesn't know what he's talking about. Alec realises that if he doesn't serve food his profits will be drastically cut. He tells Bet Betty can return. Martin sits the intelligence test. Betty is upset by the way Alec cast her aside after twenty-two years service. She tells Bet she doesn't know if she wants to return or not. Mike finds out that Kevin sent Halliwell a £500 service bill. Halliwell tells Mike he realises how he's been adding to all the bills. Mike threatens Kevin with the sack if he doesn't play the game his way. Kevin decides to only charge for work carried out. Reg is stunned to hear Rita is marrying Ted.moreless
  • Fri 20 Mar, 1992
    Fri 20 Mar, 1992
    Episode 35
    Bet refuses to tell Betty she's sacked. Vanessa is moved to Walsall, to the first Bettabuy store. Alec tells Betty she has to leave the Rovers, she is distraught. Bet is upset when Betty leaves in tears. Derek enjoys his interview at an office furniture company. Reg is thrilled when Morgan complements him on the way he's badly treated Vanessa, thereby not showing her favouritism. Kevin tells Mike they've now made over £1,000 from adding onto the Halliwell bills. He feels they ought to stop now but Mike refuses - he's in business to make money. Kevin is annoyed and sends a joke invoice to Halliwells: £500 for mending mink lined brakes and gold plated spark plugs. Rita tells Ted she will marry him.moreless
  • Wed 18 Mar, 1992
    Wed 18 Mar, 1992
    Episode 34
    BET: "I once only had to walk in't Ritz Ballroom and I'd be fighting 'em off in truckloads. Now I could swan in in me nuddy and they'd not give pause from swilling lager down their gobs." Rita is attracted to Ted but doesn't want to make a mistake again. Jim discovers that the new Food and Safety Act says any place that cooks and serves food on the premises must have a separate kitchen. He ventures into the Rovers although he's barred, orders a hot pot and 'takes it for analysis'. Betty feels insulted. Reg accuses Lord Morgan of being a 'dirty old man' when he finds him in the store without a trolley. Curly delights in telling Reg that Morgan's the company chairman. Alec realises he's going to have to spend thousands refurbishing the kitchen or stop selling food. Gail tells Martin she's frightened they'll grow apart if he becomes a nurse. He assures her she's the most important thing in his life. Derek lands a job interview. Alec tells Bet they'll have to stop serving food, and that will mean Betty will have to go.moreless
  • Mon 16 Mar, 1992
    Mon 16 Mar, 1992
    Episode 33
    Reg fears his treatment of Vanessa will get him the sack. Vanessa thinks he's gone crazy when he suggests she reforms her display. Rita tells Bet about Ted's proposal. She is flattered but feels Ted lacks passion. Raquel is thrilled when Des tells her he doesn't want her to go. She tells him she'll never leave. Rita decides to tell Ted she can't marry him. He surprises her by whisking her into a passionate embrace.moreless
  • Fri 13 Mar, 1992
    Fri 13 Mar, 1992
    Episode 32
    Raquel agrees to take Lorraine's flat. She hopes Des will stop her but he seems uninterested. Reg insists Vanessa spends her day cheese cutting but she refuses as it will be a waste of time. Liz starts at the Legion. She finds steward Mike Maddocks a refreshing change from Alec. Reg insists he wants more cheese cutting so Vanessa puts all the cheese she cut the day before on his desk. She proves her point. Ted asks Rita to come to Florida with him, as his wife. She is stunned. Curly delights in telling Reg that Vanessa is the chairman's daughter. Reg is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 11 Mar, 1992
    Wed 11 Mar, 1992
    Episode 31
    Raquel is put out when Des wishes her luck when she mentions she might move in with Lorraine. Martin feels he can't be a nurse as he hasn't got five 'O' Levels. Curly encourages Vanessa to set up a cooking display in the store. Reg tells her she's wasting her time and orders her to move it. The hospital administrator tells Martin he could sit a DC Test if he hasn't got the qualifications to be a nurse. Raquel feels Des might have another woman. She annoys Alec by snapping at the customers. Reg annoys Vanessa when he accuses her of throwing herself at Curly in an attempt to better her career. Gail is shocked when Martin puts his name down for an intelligence test at the hospital. Ted takes Rita to Romana's restaurant. She is embarrassed when Angie serves them. Gail feels Martin doesn't stand a chance of becoming a nurse.moreless
  • Mon 9 Mar, 1992
    Mon 9 Mar, 1992
    Episode 30
    Ken returns to work. Curly tries to make Vanessa's life as easy as possible. She fears he's falling in love with her. Raquel's friend Lorraine Kinsey tells her a flat has become free in her house. She offers it to Raquel but Raquel is happy with Des. Curly discovers Reg kept from him a managerial appointment in Chesterfield. Reg is adamant he acted in Curly's best interests. Curly is furious. Raquel is upset when Des flirts with Lorraine. Reg is annoyed by Vanessa's presence and tries to make life difficult for her. Ted tells Rita he's thinking of living in Florida. She is pleased when he kisses her.moreless
  • Fri 6 Mar, 1992
    Fri 6 Mar, 1992
    Episode 29
    Martin is keen to train to be a nurse. Jack runs round at the Rovers to please Alec. Bet is livid that Raquel can get away with anything at the Rovers whilst Jack is always got at. Ken decides to move back to the flat as he feels unwelcome at No. 1. Brendan tells Curly that Vanessa is the daughter of Walter Morgan, Chairman of Bettabuys. Curly reacts by giving Vanessa the best jobs. Liz gets a job behind the bar at the Legion, getting 80p an hour more than at the Rovers. Reg is shocked to find Vanessa working in a superior position and demands she mops out the store room. Curly is annoyed and decides not to tell Reg who Vanessa is. Martin is encouraged to start nursing training. Gail feels they won't cope if he has to take a cut in wages. Thorpe sacks Jack for running off from the funeral. Raquel gets tired of Bet giving her cold looks and threatens to resign but Alec refuses to let her. Bet is sick of Alec undermining her authority.moreless
  • Wed 4 Mar, 1992
    Wed 4 Mar, 1992
    Episode 28
    Jack takes the day off, with his back, to pallbear. Vanessa Morgan starts at Bettabuys as management trainee. Reg puts Curly in charge of her. Ted tries to bring Rita out of herself. Jack is horrified to see Alec at the funeral. He tries to hide from him but is spotted. He escapes through the graveyard. Olive Oaks thanks Martin for saving her life. Sister Walker suggests he trains as a nurse. Jack runs home from St Mary's, Alec follows him and sacks him when his muddy shoes prove his guilt. Jack begs for his job back and Alec, faced with having to do cellar work himself, agrees to take him back. Reg thinks Vanessa is a spy for Brendan. Ted takes Rita for a meal. He tells her he'd like a companion to spend his retirement with.moreless
  • Mon 2 Mar, 1992
    Mon 2 Mar, 1992
    Episode 27
    Rita is woken at 5am by the Kabin alarm going off. She calls the police. Reg and Martin come to her aid but the intruders have left with cigarettes after smashing one of the windows. Martin gets stuck in a hospital lift with an elderly visitor, Mrs Oaks. She gets claustrophobic and collapses. He loosens her clothing and gives her mouth to mouth. When they are rescued she is rushed to Coronary Care. Mark listens to Tracy's tapes in her room. Andy starts at Bettabuys, on trolley patrol. Brendan Scott, as Area Manager, calls on Reg and tells him he will be getting a graduate to train in management. Tracy is furious when Ken sends Mark off after half an hour. Deirdre is annoyed that he such a low opinion of Tracy and reminds him that he has no say it what goes on in her house. Martin is proud when he is told he saved Mrs Oaks life. Rita is frightened to be on her own at nights.moreless
  • Fri 28 Feb, 1992
    Fri 28 Feb, 1992
    Episode 26
    Alec tells Bet he will only take Liz back if they sack Betty. He tells Liz he can't reemploy her as the brewery have instructed him to have young bar staff. She is furious. Tracy is thrilled when Mark asks to listen to some of her tapes. Andy is taken on at Bettabuy, sweeping up. Jim shouts at Alec, accusing him of humiliating Liz. Alec snaps and calls Jim a stupid Irishman. Jim insults Raquel causing Des to have a go at him. Alec throws Jim out of the pub.moreless
  • Wed 26 Feb, 1992
    Wed 26 Feb, 1992
    Episode 25
    Rita has a security roller fitted on the Kabin door. Mavis tells Rita it's obvious that Ted fancies her. Raquel gets a job demonstrating microwave popcorn. She asks Jack to make up an excuse for her to tell Alec. Andy gets tired of Steve moaning about subbing him and asks Curly for a part time job at Bettabuys. Vera worries that seeing Jack in the hearse was a premonition of his death. Mavis thinks Ted is perfect for Rita and starts to matchmake. Ted takes Rita to lunch at the Rovers. Jack tells Alec that Raquel can't work as she has back trouble. Bet thinks Raquel is useless and should be sacked. Jim worries that he's going to have to pay out a lot for Andy's grant. Vera discovers Jack is moonlighting for an undertaker and is furious that he denied her seeing him. She determines to find his money and spend it. Liz tells Bet she'd like her job back. Bet tells her there'll be no problem. Vera finds Jack's money in his pigeon coup and spends it on a jumper. Jack tells Vera he was saving the money to help with Terry's wedding. She feels awful and promises to repay the money. Rita thinks Ted's ideas of retirement sounds wonderful. Raquel short-changes Reg. Alec tries to cover up for her but Bet tells him she's useless. Steve tries to make Andy jealous by asking Paula out, he is annoyed when she refuses. Andy tells him he's too thick to pull Paula. Steve refuses to pay anymore rent until Liz and Jim stop giving Andy pocket money. Alec tells Bet he's not going to sack Raquel.moreless
  • Mon 24 Feb, 1992
    Mon 24 Feb, 1992
    Episode 24
    Steve is fed up that he has to pay £20 a week rent whilst Andy lives at home free. Tracy is sick of her parent's civilised attitude towards the divorce. Derek spends his day cooking for Ted Sullivan. Jack starts his first day as a pall-bearer. Vera has a shock when she sees him in a hearse. Andy gets his mock results: 'B' in maths, 'C' in computer studies and 'D' in English. He wants to get the grades for Sheffield as Paula is going there. Steve is annoyed when Liz gives Andy money to celebrate with Paula. When Vera tackles him about riding in a hearse, Jack tells her she needs glasses. Derek surprises Mavis by producing a good spread to impress Ted. Derek tries to sell himself to Ted hoping he'll recommend him for his job. Rita feels sorry for Ted and tries to rescue him. Ted tells Derek his nephew Roger is going to replace him. Derek feels dejected and weeps with no hope in his life.moreless
  • Fri 21 Feb, 1992
    Fri 21 Feb, 1992
    Episode 23
    Jack interrogates Ken for details of his bad back for future reference. Ken and Deirdre open their decree absolutes together. They tell Tracy they are now officially divorced. Steve follows Andy when he meets Paula and forces Andy to introduce him. Derek and Mavis invite Ted for a meal in the hope he'll recommend Derek for his job. Steve tries to chat up Paula. Andy gets annoyed and drags Paula off. Paula tells Andy that Steve is no threat to him; she prefers Andy. Ken and Deirdre celebrate their amicable divorce with champagne. Tracy tells them she's got nothing to celebrate; coming from a broken home.moreless
  • Wed 19 Feb, 1992
    Wed 19 Feb, 1992
    Episode 22
    Steve tries to find out who Andy is going out with. Jack asks Don to get him a job pall bearing. Deirdre sets Percy and Phyllis up to vist Ken to stop him getting too cosy. Undertaker Thorpe puts Jack on his list of part time pall bearers, telling him his natural lugubrious is wonderful. Rita is surprised to hear Rep Ted Sullivan is retiring. Deirdre tells Ken she's only putting up with him under sufferance. He is stunned.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 1992
    Mon 17 Feb, 1992
    Episode 21
    The Kabin is broken into at 4am. Don sees the robbers and chases them in his cab. Mavis recognises the alarm and rushes to the Kabin to check on Rita whilst Derek phones the police. Rita is shocked to find her door smashed in, Jim thinks he's found a robber and hits him, only to discover it's Reg. Don loses the robbers down an alley. The McDonalds tease Andy as he wears aftershave and is obviously in love. Two cartons of cigarettes were taken from the Kabin. Deirdre doesn't like being under the same roof as Ken. Tracy makes the most of having both parents together and tries to matchmake between them. Andy has a provisional offer from Sheffield University, but needs a B and two Cs. He is thrilled that Paula is also trying for Sheffield. They exchange phone numbers. Rita is bitter that she's become a crime victim. Reg fixes the Kabin door and tries to work his way into Rita's flat. Jack loses £50 on a horse. Don tells him he's moonlighting himself for gambling money, as a pallbearer. Ken and Tracy lay on an extravagant dinner as a treat for Deirdre. She isn't very happy.moreless
  • Fri 14 Feb, 1992
    Fri 14 Feb, 1992
    Episode 20
    Steve receives a Valentine from Vicky in Lancaster. Deirdre sets up a bed in the living room for Ken. Alf is sent a Valentine from 'Britannia' (Steve and Tracy). Audrey pretends to be furious and consoles herself by going shopping. Reg is delighted to receive a Valentine from Rita, unaware that Steve sent it. Rita is horrified when he comes on strong. Angela agrees to see Derek about a job, upsetting Mavis. Cherie calls on Alec. Bet introduces herself as Alec's mother and starts bossing 'little Alec' around. Alec is forced to explain that he is not a widower, Cherie is not amused. Mavis tells Derek she can't stand the thought of him spending every day with Angela. He tells her this may be his last chance to get a job, causing Mavis to say he must see Angela. Paula thanks Andy for his card and gives him one. He is pleased. Derek goes to Hawthornes but decides not to see Angela, telling Mavis their marriage is more important than work. Rita tells Reg she did not send him the Valentine. Deirdre is full of doubts as Ken is delivered to her from hospital.moreless
  • Wed 12 Feb, 1992
    Wed 12 Feb, 1992
    Episode 19
    Ken is told he won't have to have an operation but will have to stay in bed for a while. The doctor refuses to discharge him unless he has someone to look after him at home. Emily suggests he sleeps in her front room. Mavis begins to fear that they could loose the house if Derek doesn't find another job. Bet talks to Cherie when she phones up. She is furious when Cherie thinks she is Alec's mother, as he told her he was a widower. Bet attacks Alec with her handbag for telling Cherie she was dead. ALMA: (about Ken): "To look at him you'd think he was really stable and sensible, the sort of feller they love giving mortgages to. And his life is a total mess." Tracy and Steve sent bogus Valentine cards out. Andy is smitten with Paula and puts a Valentine card in her bag. Derek realises he's going to have to ask Angela for a job. Bet tells Alec that as his mother, she's invited Cherie to tea. Deirdre tells Ken he can't expect Emily to look after him so he'd better come to her and Tracy.moreless
  • Mon 10 Feb, 1992
    Mon 10 Feb, 1992
    Episode 18
    Alec gets a postcard from Cherie Watkins in Bermuda. Bet demands to know who she is. Alec tells her Cherie is related to a director of the shipping company and he tried to impress her. Bet is annoyed as Cherie thanks Alec for a wonderful time. Derek returns his car to PPP. Alec swears to Bet that he was not unfaithful. Ken has a myleogram. Alma visits him in hospital. He tells her he's pleased she's not selling the cafe anymore. Whilst studying at the library, Andy meets Paula Maxwell. They are attracted to each other. Bet believes Alec was faithful and rips up Cherie's postcard. Tracy tells Deirdre that they should take Ken in when he's discharged.moreless
  • Fri 7 Feb, 1992
    Fri 7 Feb, 1992
    Episode 17
    Vera tells Terry she's pleased for him about Lisa's baby. Jack tells him he's stupid and Lisa has set him up. Derek rings an old contact only to find he's been made redundant. Terry goes for Jack in the Rovers when Jack tells him Lisa will take his kid away like Andrea did. They fight and have to be separated by Alec. Jack advises Terry to ditch Lisa before she ditches him. Tracy persuades Deirdre to visit Ken in hospital. Terry and Lisa return to Blackpool. Vera tells Jack he's a louse for trying to put Terry off Lisa. Jack maintains he was protecting him. Ken is told the doctors need to take tests on his leg and has to stay in hospital.moreless
  • Wed 5 Feb, 1992
    Wed 5 Feb, 1992
    Episode 16
    Audrey finds Ken in his bed unable to move with his back and a pain in his leg. The Wiltons apologise to Rita. She enjoys being in control of them. Ken is embarrassed as he has no clothes on. Deirdre helps him get dressed. Raquel pretends to be ill as she has a modelling assignment. Gail shows Alma their partnership agreement where it states that if one sells they must both sell. Ken is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Rita begins to feel wary about the future. Terry brings Lisa to tea to meet his parents. Vera tries hard to impress Lisa and puts Jack on his best behaviour. Terry tries to keep Lisa away from everyone but Vera drags them to the Rovers. Martin tells Alma that Mike has won if she leaves town. He makes her see that Mike will track her down wherever she goes. He advises her to stay with her mates and fight Mike. She realises he's right and tells Gail she's staying. Vera guesses that Lisa is pregnant. When Lisa confirms this Vera is delighted.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 1992
    Mon 3 Feb, 1992
    Episode 15
    Derek is enthusiastic about buying the Kabin off Rita. Mavis isn't sure she'll want to sell. Kevin buys a double buggy for Sally, she is thrilled. Mavis and Derek throw a dinner party for Rita. Ken refuses to let his back stop him teaching. Alma receives the cafe valuation and is upset as it is so low. She realises that after buying Gail out and solicitor's fees she'll have nothing left. She suggests to Gail that she could move out and leave Gail to run the business. Gail is furious that Alma would let her look after the place single-handed. The Wiltons try to brooch the subject of retirement to Rita but she shocks them by telling them they should retire. Rita is outraged at Derek's suggestion of his buying the Kabin.moreless
  • Fri 31 Jan, 1992
    Fri 31 Jan, 1992
    Episode 14
    Mavis makes Derek see they can't afford a car. Ken's back goes again, whilst teaching. Alma is more determined than ever to sell up. Mike reminds Kevin that he's the one that committed fraud and tells him to keep Sally's mouth shut. Reg tries to get Rita to go out with him, she tries to ignore him. Raquel's agency goes bust, owing her £500. She is upset as she can't pay her way. Terry visits the Duckworths having heard they tried to track down Andrea. He asks Vera to forget all about the Claytons as he's got a new girlfriend and doesn't want her to know about his past. He agrees to bring Lisa visiting. Derek tells Mavis they should persuade Rita to retire and take over the Kabin together. Vera warns Jack not to mention Terry's past when Lisa comes to visit.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jan, 1992
    Wed 29 Jan, 1992
    Episode 13
    Raquel gets a job modeling slippers. PPP demand Derek returns his company car, or buys it for £5,000. Sally confides in Gail about Kevin's trouble with Mike. Tracy fancies Mark Jackson and is mortified when Ken shows her up in front of him. Ken's back goes whilst he's taking football practice. Alma tells Gail and Audrey that Mike has proposed. They both worry that he'll weaken her into accepting. Games mistress Gillian James takes Ken home. Alma tells Mike that she can never love him again. To put her off Mike, Gail tells her about the way he's turned Kevin into a thief. Derek wants to cash in the insurance policies to buy the car. Raquel can't model the slippers as her feet are too big. Mike goes down on one knee and begs Alma to marry him. She tells him he hasn't changed at all; the Websters' story has made her see him for what he is.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jan, 1992
    Mon 27 Jan, 1992
    Episode 12
    Kevin realises he'll lose his job if he goes to the police. Derek plans to claim unfair dismissal, exposing Victor's harassment through lustful pursuit of Mavis. Mavis doesn't want to tell Derek that Victor spurned her. Vera finds herself looking at all little boys, wondering if they're Paul. Alma can't understand Mike's motives in giving her the lease. Mavis tells Derek she doesn't want their marriage put on public display. She persuades Derek that their marriage is worth more than Victor's money. Kevin feels that Mike will deny knowledge of the bribes if he goes to the police. Mike tells Alma he gave her the lease as he loves her and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jan, 1992
    Fri 24 Jan, 1992
    Episode 11
    Gail is thrilled that Mike is no longer the landlord. Alma feels the fact doesn't change anything; she's still moving. Vera arranges to meet Hastings, overheard by Jack. The McDonalds go to the Magistrates Court. Steve is charged with handling stolen goods and pleads guilty. Mavis asks Victor to take Derek back. Victor tells her Derek is useless and he won't reemploy him. Mavis accuses him of jealousy. The Magistrates fine Steve £100. He has to pay it off at £5 a week. Jim is furious to discover the case against the rest of the gang has been dropped. Victor tells Mavis he's completely cured; he no longer fancies her. She is stricken. Jack follows Vera to a pub where she meets Hastings. Gail accuses Alma of not caring what happens to her or the cafe. Jack warns Hastings off Vera so she has to introduce them. Hastings tells Vera the Claytons have moved to Exeter. Jack refuses to let Vera give Hastings anymore money thinking he's a conman. He tells Hastings to stay away from them and tells Vera he knows the Claytons are living in Heaton Norris. He bumped into Harry a year ago and was told Andrea had the boy, Paul, adopted. Vera is upset that she's never seen him. Kevin fakes the first bill and feels like a thief. He looks for another job. Sally suggests he informs the police.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jan, 1992
    Wed 22 Jan, 1992
    Episode 10
    Mike gives Kevin £1,000 to give to Halliwell. Jack grows suspicious as Vera 'works late' and has no money. Derek starts looking for a job. He is pleased that Victor is now out of his life for good. Alma calls in an estate agent. Gail is bitter that she has to sell up as well. Jack fears that Vera has got a lover. Derek doesn't know what to do with himself. Jack discovers that Lester Fontayne is singing in Manchester. KEN: (about Mike) "He's like a vampire, draining the life out of people, destroying them." Kevin gives Halliwell the money and is disgusted with himself. Steve is scared that he's going to go to Borstal but tells Liz he wants to be severely punished. Sally finds it hard looking after all the children. Kevin is upset that he's got to fiddle all of Halliwell's bills. Vera plans to sell the car as she needs money to pay Hastings. Derek feels that he's achieved nothing in his life. He begs Mavis to ask Victor for his job back. Mike gives Alma the lease to the cafe to keep her in Weatherfield. She is stunned.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 1992
    Mon 20 Jan, 1992
    Episode 9
    Martin starts back at the hospital. Sally looks after David. Kevin can't believe Halliwell's cheek. Steve sees his solicitor about his court case. Kevin tells Mike about Halliwell's back hander. Mike tells him he wants him to deal with it as he says he can run the garage. Mike tells Kevin the best way to keep the contract is to put £25 on every service carried out for Halliwell's firm to pay the £1,000. Kevin doesn't like the deal as it's dishonest. Victor is surprised at Derek's company report. He agrees that the company needs streamlining and redundancies. Derek is alarmed when Victor tells him he can see from the report that the company needs only one manager and that he has made himself redundant. Sally urges Kevin to stand by his conscience but Kevin realises he's going to have to go along with Mike. Mike is shocked when Deirdre asks him if he enjoys wrecking lives.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jan, 1992
    Fri 17 Jan, 1992
    Episode 8
    Deirdre is upset to hear Alma is leaving town to get away from Mike. Raquel is embarrassed when Phyllis finds her earring in Des' bed. Angie goes for an interview for a waitressing job at Romanas. Derek makes a proposal at work which would save thousands. Victor is dismissive. Kevin asks Mike to let him handle Halliwell's contract when it comes up for renewal. Mike tells him he'll give him a bonus if he can get more money out of Halliwell. Hastings finds out the Claytons moved to Accrington and then to Edinburgh. Vera gives him £100 to drive to Scotland. Angie gets the waitressing job and thanks Alec for sacking her. Gail warns Sally that their childminding arrangement may fall through if she has to sell the business. Kevin asks Halliwell to pay 10% more for a servicing contract. Halliwell tells him he'll give him the firm's contract if Kevin gives him a £1,000 backhander. Kevin is stunned.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jan, 1992
    Wed 15 Jan, 1992
    Episode 7
    Alma offers Gail the chance to buy her out but Gail has no money. Sally hands her notice in at the shop. Gail tells Mike he's tearing Alma apart. She begs him to leave Alma alone. She tells him Alma is planning to sell up and asks him to stop her by telling her he's leave her alone. He says he can't leave her alone as he loves her. Gail tells Alma she can't let Mike drive her away from all her friends. Deirdre agrees to have a drink with Ken as he's so lonely. Raquel starts work at the Rovers. Derek plans to write an analysis of the PPP organisation to show Victor its shortcomings. Ken tells Deirdre about Alma sleeping with Mike. She feels sorry for both of them. Vera visits Hastings and asks him to track down Andrea Clayton and her child. She doesn't want Jack to know. Alma just wants to get as far away from Mike as possible. Angie is furious that Raquel has taken her job. She tells her she can have the shoes off her feet as well and throws them at her.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 1992
    Mon 13 Jan, 1992
    Episode 6
    Martin gets a job as hospital porter. He is thrilled he'll be seeing his mates again. Bet tries to tell Alec about Des but he is too busy to listen. Bettabuys are short staffed. Reg wants to take Raquel on but Curly wants Angie to have the job. Sally tries to cheer Liz up but ends up crying over Katie's picture. When Alec is insistent on employing Des, Bet tells him about her relationship with Des. Alec thinks she's been unfaithful. Gail hears that a fast food takeaway is going to open in the charity shop. She worries about the competition. Bet is forced to show Alec the bruises Des gave her. Alec is stunned and believes that she had to defend herself. He wants to sort Des out but Bet begs him to leave it alone as she wants to forget it all. Liz is touched when Jim buys her a frame for Katie's picture. He makes arrangements for a plaque at the crematorium. Vera contacts a private detective, Hastings, for an appointment. Mike tells Alma he knows she still wants him. She throws him out. Des gets Alec to employ Raquel as barmaid at the Rovers. She isn't too keen. Gail and Martin offer Sally money to look after David for them in the day. She agrees. Alma tells Gail she wants to sell up and move on, away from Mike.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jan, 1992
    Fri 10 Jan, 1992
    Episode 5
    Raquel is aware her presence is causing Des problems as he finds her desirable. Steve can't bring himself to attend Katherine's funeral & disappears. Jim is furious. Angie overhears Phyllis talking about the way Raquel shows off her body around the house. Vicky tells Alec Bet really missed him & he should make it up to her. Liz, Jim and Andy bury Katherine. Jim feels Steve has insulted the whole family. Steve goes to the police station and tells everything he knows about the radios. Bet is touched when Vicky kisses her before returning to school. Jim lays into Steve. When Steve tells him he's given the police a statement he is even more angry feeling the police will make a scapegoat of Steve. Liz is relieved that now they can begin to get on with their lives. Vera wishes she could see her grandson. Martin has an interview for a hospital porter's job. Angie pours a pint over Des' head when he boasts women fall at his feet. Alec reprimands & she resigns. Des & Raquel decide they don't care what people think about them & start kissing. Alec tells Bet that as a treat for her he's going to get Des Foster to decorate the rest of the living quarters.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jan, 1992
    Wed 8 Jan, 1992
    Episode 4
    Phyllis is astounded to find Raquel living with Des. Angie tells Raquel she's a calculating little cow and tells her she's wrecking her relationship with Des. Percy and Emily transfer all the shop stock to another shop. Jim brings Liz home from hospital. Steve breaks down and has to be comforted by Liz. She refuses to let Steve blame himself, she feels it was her fault that Katherine died. Raquel assures Curly that she is not after Des. She asks him to defend her from Angie's wrath but he accuses her of stringing him along. Jim registers Katherine's birth and death. Deirdre and Ken receive their divorce papers. Alec returns home. Bet gives him a warm welcome. Des tells Raquel he was never serious about Angie. He makes overtures towards her but she tells him she just wants a friendship with him. She agrees to pay him £20 a week. Vicky is annoyed when Bet insists she returns to school at the right time; she wants to see more of Alec.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 1992
    Mon 6 Jan, 1992
    Episode 3
    Jim gets the twins to fill in the extension trenches. Emily stores stock from the charity shop at No. 3. Jack wants to take Raquel in as a lodger. Curly and Angie are put out that Des has offered Raquel a room. The nurses give Liz a photograph of Katherine for her to keep. It moves Jim to tears. Jim agrees not to take out his anger on Steve. Bet gets Jack to move Alec's wardrobe back into her room. Curly accuses Des of wanting his wicked way with Raquel; not content with stealing Angie. Raquel witnesses their row. Bet asks Vicky not to tell Alec about Des. Vera tells Jack she's not having Raquel living with them. Raquel moves in at No. 6 with Des.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jan, 1992
    Fri 3 Jan, 1992
    Episode 2
    Andy makes Steve realise that he's been childish and selfish. Deirdre is furious to discover Mike has ruined Ken and Alma's relationship. Liz knows Katherine is dead before the doctor tells her. Alma vows never to be humiliated again. Liz tries to cry but can't manage it. Jim tells the twins that their sister is dead. Ken apologises to Alma. She tells him she doesn't care how he feels. He says he could have forgiven her for sleeping with anyone but Mike. She realises that his relationship with Mike was more important to him than his relationship with her. Steve decides to go to the police and tell them all he knows about the stolen radios. Jim tells him he should have sorted his priorities out sooner. Des tells Raquel she can move into his spare room.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jan, 1992
    Wed 1 Jan, 1992
    Episode 1
    The McDonalds worry about Steve's whereabouts. Liz fears the gang have got him and want the police brought in. Alma is upset to find Ken has checked out of the hotel. Liz grows hysterical when Jim refuses to contact the police and suffers stomach pains. Andy calls for an ambulance. Raquel is upset when Curly doesn't seem pleased to see her. Bet guesses that Vicky is at the Ardens. She finds Steve and her asleep at the house. They swear they didn't get up to anything. The ambulance takes twenty-five minutes to arrive for Liz. Raquel breaks down and tells Curly she's finished with modelling and is homeless. Curly comforts her. Vicky tells Bet she knows she's been having an affair with Des. Steve is appalled to discover he's caused Liz to go into premature labour. Bet tells Vicky that she wanted to make Alec jealous with Des but it back fired. She swears she wasn't unfaithful, Vicky believes her. Liz gives birth to a premature baby girl. She names her Katherine and realises she has little chance of survival. Jim is heartbroken. Raquel stays at No. 7. The doctor tells the McDonalds their baby's chances are not good.moreless