Coronation Street - Season 34

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  • Mon 31 Dec, 1993
    Mon 31 Dec, 1993
    Episode 157
    Steve is confident he'll be able to talk Alison round. Vicky blames Bet for not warning her about Steve's other women but Bet points out Vicky never listened to her warnings. Alf suffers from gout in his foot and embarrasses Audrey by going out in his slippers. Vicky gets drunk in the living room whilst the staff are busy on the pub. Ivy is relieved when Don returns. He tells her he wants to start afresh and asks her to stand by him. She isn't sure. Des comforts Vera, telling her how much he misses Tommy. She is upset that she never let him see Tommy but he tells her she did a wonderful job with him. Everyone gathers at No. 7 to see in the New Year. Alison turns up at the party with a man, telling Steve she meant what she said. Ivy agrees to stand by Don when he swears he won't put her through pain again. Vera tells Jack he's been right all along - Terry is no good. Jim walks Liz home after the party. He is surprised when she tells him she wants him to stay with her.moreless
  • Wed 29 Dec, 1993
    Wed 29 Dec, 1993
    Episode 156
    Jack is concerned for Vera as she refuses to eat or sleep. He tells Des the facts. Father O'Rourke comforts Ivy when she breaks down. Ken and Deirdre have a good Christmas, eating out together. Des is further depressed to receive his decree nisi. Bet shows off her latest revealing dress but is embarrassed when Charlie turns up. She is startled when he starts asking questions about her marital status. Don contacts Bet to see how Ivy is. He is horrified when she tells him she knows all about the phone calls. She meets him in a park and tries to help. He feels he's sick and breaks down. She tells him the best thing would be for him to return to Ivy and forget about Denise. Vicky wants Steve to get away with her for a few days but he is evasive. She is stunned when he tells her he wants them to finish. Alison tells Steve it's obvious he's still a child and is annoyed that he could two time someone, she finishes with him.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 1993
    Mon 27 Dec, 1993
    Episode 155
    Emily thanks all for their support - the food and clothes distribution went well. Vera tries to contact the Hortens in vain. Raquel and Bet do battle at the sales. Raquel is pleased to find a homeless girl wearing one of her cast off jumpers. Gail supports Ivy as she reports Don as a missing person to the police. When they can't find a taxi home Raquel gets lorry driver Charlie Whelan to give them a lift. Jack snaps and shouts at Vera, telling her to stop fooling herself about Terry's motives. Raquel is pleased when Charlie drinks at the Rovers. Steve is stunned when Vicky calls round unexpectedly and introduces herself to Alison as Steve's girlfriend.moreless
  • Fri 24 Dec, 1993
    Fri 24 Dec, 1993
    Episode 154
    Vera wraps Tommy's presents whilst Terry takes him for a walk. Gail grows concerned for Ivy so Ivy tells her about Don pestering Denise. Gail comforts her. Des gives Jack a present to give to Tommy. Terry delivers Tommy to the Hortens. They are annoyed to discover he hasn't told the Duckworths and demand he tells them, worried that they'll be accused of snatching Tom. Jeff goes with Terry to No. 9. Vera is stunned when Terry explains he wants Tommy to live with the Hortens. Jack tells him he knows he's sold his son and punches him, telling him he's no longer his son. He throws Jeff and Terry out despite Vera's pleas. Des is stunned to watch the scene. Following Deirdre's suggestion, Alf gives a load of food to Emily for Crisis at Christmas. Bet throws a party for friends at the Rovers after hours. Bet tells Steve that she'll be after him if he hurts Vicky by seeing another girl. Ivy is distraught to find Don isn't at his daughter's. She tells Gail she fears he'll try to kill himself. Audrey gets drunk at Bet's party and passes out in the bar. Deirdre is pleased when Ken kisses her. Vera sobs over Tom's presents.moreless
  • Wed 22 Dec, 1993
    Wed 22 Dec, 1993
    Episode 153
    Curly takes advantage of Alf's trouble by publishing the fact that Bettabuys will honour the vouchers. Vera urges Jack to be supportive of Terry. She ignores the way Terry avoids Tom. Vicky buys Steve a watch for £150 for Christmas. Andy asks his parents to act like a family and all spend Christmas together. Jim and Liz agree. Alf is defiant despite the fact that the shop is being boycotted. He is stunned to discover Curly is accepting the vouchers. He rows with Curly in front of a reporter and a load of OAP's. Alf gets angry and pushes a pensioner who falls, photographed by the reporter. Derek buys a living Christmas tree. Terry buys a new suit after getting his compensation for Lisa's death. He gets Des to shake his hand in peace before goading him about the money he's received, saying Lisa didn't die in vain. Curly stops Des from hitting him. Des remembers Lisa's death and breaks down in the Street. Curly consoles him. Tanya tells Bet about seeing Steve with another girl. Kevin gets annoyed with Sally getting at him and suggests she leaves him if she's fed up. Derek blows all the fuses in the street when he lights the outside Christmas tree.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 1993
    Mon 20 Dec, 1993
    Episode 152
    Jack and Curly are hanging out a banner to welcome Terry home. Vera takes Tommy to the prison to meet his Daddy, but Terry's in-laws get there first. Terry arrives home after taking care of some business, Vera is delighted to see him again. Denise reveals to Bet who has been making the funny phone calls - Bet is amazed.moreless
  • Fri 17 Dec, 1993
    Fri 17 Dec, 1993
    Episode 151
    Sally's sick of Kevin's whinging and realising she needs a break, Joe takes her and the kids out to celebrate Rosie's birthday. Once again he offers Sally a home with him but she insists she loves Kevin. Steve can't make deliveries for Mike now he's banned from driving but Mike's puzzled how readily the lad accepts a drop in wages. Percy and Phyllis bring in a local newspaper to investigate Alf's refusal to accept discount vouchers from OAP's. Alf's furious and threatens to sue. Denise discovers which number the mystery phone calls have been coming from and when she challenges Ivy, Don confesses. Ivy refuses to acknowledge it was love for Denise that drove him to do it and begs him to remember he's still married to her.moreless
  • Wed 15 Dec, 1993
    Wed 15 Dec, 1993
    Episode 150
    Kevin goes to court assuring Sally that he'll be let off lightly and that Steve has promised to pay his fine. The McDonalds and Websters go to court. Deirdre is certain Tracy will be able to take care of herself. Ken is surprised when Deirdre invites him to tea. Kevin is stunned when Steve's barrister blames him for leading Steve astray. The judge sentences Steve to 200 hours community service and fines Kevin £800. Kevin is furious at Steve letting him be treated so badly. He refuses to let Steve pay his fine, saying he no longer wants anything from him. The McDonalds celebrate. Don advises Denise to stop the search for the caller as the police might get involved. She refuses, enjoying the thought that she is after the caller rather than the other way round. Steve has a £200 fine and no licence for six months because of the traffic offences. Phyllis and Betty are furious by Alf ignoring the vouchers. Percy takes up the cause. Deirdre and Ken are both surprised when she feels so comfortable with him she calls him 'love'. Liz has to cover with Vicky when Steve takes a phone call from Alison. Kevin feels he's going to have to work all his life just to survive. He accuses Sally of pushing him too hard all the time.moreless
  • Mon 13 Dec, 1993
    Mon 13 Dec, 1993
    Episode 149
    Reg does a spot check on the store, finding plenty to fault. Alf refuses to honour the OAP vouchers Brendan issued. He upsets Betty by refusing hers, causing her to storm off. Phyllis invites Percy round to her house for Christmas but he says he's busy. Deirdre feels helpless as Tracy packs her bags and leaves with Craig. Tracy tells her she's never coming back. Ken is shocked but promises Deirdre he'll try to get Tracy to move back in. He is stunned when Deirdre tells him she doesn't care if she returns or not; the more she makes an effort the more Tracy resists her. Deirdre determines to get on with her own life. Vera visits Terry in prison for the last time and makes plans for their future together. Maureen threatens to let everyone know about her fling with Curly if Reg doesn't stop ignoring her. Kevin is optimistic about the court case when he realises Steve is going to take the blame. Maureen tells Reg that Curly is only half the man he is and begs him to understand. She talks him round by pointing out she is vulnerable and needs him. Reg refuses to give Curly the satisfaction of stopping the wedding. Denise tells Don about Hanif having her calls traced. She tells him she wants the nutter nailed.moreless
  • Fri 10 Dec, 1993
    Fri 10 Dec, 1993
    Episode 148
    Denise is grateful for all the support Don is giving her. Elaine has no memory of the party. Curly is bemused when she slaps his face for telling her they nearly went to bed. Denise confronts Hanif and accuses him of making the calls. She is stunned when he tells her he's forgotten her and is now married. Reg accuses Curly of seducing Maureen. Curly swears it was a one off but Reg warns him he intends to make life a misery for him. Percy refuses to spend Christmas with the Wiltons so Mavis invites Rita. Rita tries to get out of it. Vicky arrives to spend Christmas at the Rovers. She is hurt when Steve is cool towards her. Denise doesn't want the police involved with the calls so Hanif offers to use one of his contacts. Deirdre has enough of feeling in the way and asks Craig to leave.moreless
  • Wed 8 Dec, 1993
    Wed 8 Dec, 1993
    Episode 147
    Denise appreciates Don staying with her. Mavis offers to help Emily's Crisis at Christmas campaign but is horrified when Emily arranges for her to look after an OAP on Christmas Day. Denise tells Bet she feels Tanya might be making the calls. Bet confronts Tanya but Tanya swears her innocence. Bet tells her she doesn't like her attitude and wants her to change it. Curly hosts the staff party and tries to stop everyone drinking. Deirdre is put out when Tracy and Craig invite noisy friends to the house. Elaine gets drunk at the party and is all over Curly. She invites him up to her hotel room. The Wiltons are stunned when they're told their OAP is Percy. Maureen surprises Reg by booking a room at the hotel for the night so they can consummate their love. Curly is annoyed when Elaine falls asleep before anything happens. Wanting nothing to come between them, Reg confesses to Maureen that he has slept with Brenda Fallingthorpe from Head Office. She is relieved and admits she slept with Curly. Reg is stunned.moreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 1993
    Mon 6 Dec, 1993
    Episode 146
    Raquel gets a job hostessing a party for a bathroom fittings company. Craig asks Steve to print him some cheap Tee shirts for his band. Vera cleans out Joss' flat. Steve shows Alison around the workshop. Raquel breaks down when the company send her her outfit for the night - an elf's costume. Tanya thinks it's hysterical. Percy is stunned when Emily tells him she'll be spending Christmas Day feeding the homeless with Bernard. Deirdre is horrified at the thought of having Craig around at Christmas. Vera keeps Joss' old pot dog. Rita reaccepts Reg's offer on Highbank Avenue. He gives Maureen her engagement ring back. Tanya sees Steve kissing Alison. Raquel enjoys the party as it was full of children. Don urges Denise not to get rattled over the calls. She tells him she thinks kids are making the calls. He offers to sleep on the sofa to give her some company and she's grateful.moreless
  • Fri 3 Dec, 1993
    Fri 3 Dec, 1993
    Episode 145
    Don and Bet spend the night together. When the phone rings at 6am, Denise screams down it. Bet feels uncomfortable when Denise tells her she suspects Don of making the calls because she rejected him. Joe calls on Denise, telling her she's been reported for not declaring all her earnings. He goes through her books and finds they're in order. When the phone rings Denise blows a whistle down it. Steve is upset to see Alison with another man but he just turns out to be a friend. Deirdre gets upset when Ken and Craig get on, talking psychology. She tells Ken she's desperate for someone to show an interest in her. She is touched when he tells her she'll always have him. Denise accuses Don of making her life a misery, calling him a frustrated old man. He tells her she's wrong and upsets Bet by saying some women find him desirable. Jeff visits Terry and offers him a large sum of money if he'll let Tommy live in Blackpool.moreless
  • Wed 1 Dec, 1993
    Wed 1 Dec, 1993
    Episode 144
    Denise invites Don to her party but he is staggered when she also invites Ivy. The Hortens call at No. 9 and invite the Duckworths to spend Christmas with them but Vera refuses, explaining that Terry will be home. The Hortens realise that Terry could stop them seeing Tommy again. Denise's friends celebrate her birthday. Tracy is indignant when Bet stops her from drinking lager in the Rovers. Fiona takes Craig and her to Denise's party. Denise is put out when taxis keep arriving to take her to the hospital. Don refuses to go to the party as Ivy's there. He stays at the Rovers and drinks with Bet. He tells her he's sick of soldiering on. He tells her about his relationship with Ivy. Ivy has a great time at the party washing up. Bet tells Don that she's been feeling old and depressed. He tells her she's still attractive. She bolts the doors and leads him through to her living quarters.moreless
  • Mon 29 Nov, 1993
    Mon 29 Nov, 1993
    Episode 143
    Mavis completes her poem 'Our Friend the Fox'. Vera is moved to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace offering the Queen's condolences. Bet is suspicious when Steve asks her to put Vicky off spending Christmas in town. Vera looks forward to a family Christmas. Deirdre is frustrated as Tracy and Craig lounge around the house all day being physical. Mavis is upset when Derek criticises her poem. She is horrified to hear his poem 'Mavis, My Marilyn' in which he gets personal about her breasts. She calls him a pornographer. Don is annoyed when Denise doesn't invite him to her birthday party. Bet is certain Steve is two-timing Vicky. Phyllis reads her poem 'Ode to Percy', embarrassing him. She wins the £25 when the Wiltons withdraw from the contest.moreless
  • Fri 26 Nov, 1993
    Fri 26 Nov, 1993
    Episode 142
    Denise is pestered with calls all night. Ken is thrilled to see Tracy and Deirdre back together again. Andy moves into No. 7. Curly assures him they'll have a good time. Steve is surprised when Vicky turns up to help him get through the court case. Denise is horrified when pest controllers arrive at the salon to sort out her 'mouse problem'. Rita comforts Sally when she breaks down under the strain of Kevin's court case. Denise is upset when she finds herself accusing Fiona of making the calls. Kevin and Steve plead guilty in court and are told to reappear in three weeks for sentencing. Deirdre feels set upon when Tracy moves Craig in. She agrees to let him stay on the condition he sleeps in the front parlour. Elaine gets at Curly by telling him she intends to sleep with all the other managers until she's promoted. Bet is upset to learn Alec has another lady friend. After taking Vicky back to school Steve meets Alison for a night in her flat. Deirdre is aghast to see Tracy entering Craig's room at night.moreless
  • Wed 24 Nov, 1993
    Wed 24 Nov, 1993
    Episode 141
    Denise becomes unnerved by the phone calls. Elaine refuses to be much help at work but feels guilty about taking her feud out on the staff. Jim wishes Andy luck, glad that's he's still going to be around. Deirdre is overwhelmed when Tracy returns home, explaining the lease ran out on the flat. Curly urges Elaine to stop being petty but she refuses to mellow. Alison lets Steve drive her home from work but refuses to let him into her flat. However she does promise to see him again. Denise finally snaps and shouts abuse at the mystery caller.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 1993
    Mon 22 Nov, 1993
    Episode 140
    Eager to make up for lost time, Reg and Maureen decide to marry as soon as possible. Denise receives junk mail and keeps getting the phone calls. Jim refuses to let Andy throw his life away. He asks him to stay around as he needs him - he's got no one else. Raquel asks Tanya why she hurt her and is upset when Tanya tells her she's not a model - just a tart. Reg sets the date at St Christopher's for January 26th. Elaine accuses Curly of ruining her career and refuses to accept he did it out of love. She contacts Mrs Rogers for a transfer. Solicitor Stapleton advises both Kevin and Steve to plead guilty in court. He thinks Kevin will get a fine but if Steve takes the blame he could end up in prison. Steve is stunned. Raquel thanks Tanya for setting her up, telling her she spent the night with Des. Tanya is not pleased. Jim asks Liz to help him persuade Andy to stay around. Elaine is upset to find the Goole job has gone. She warns Curly she intends to stay but won't help him run the store. Andy agrees to stay at Bettabuys and asks Curly if he can rent his spare room. Curly agrees. Steve is thrilled when Alison agrees to go on a date with him.moreless
  • Fri 19 Nov, 1993
    Fri 19 Nov, 1993
    Episode 139
    Andy gives a week's notice at the flat. He tells Curly he doesn't want to train t Bettabuy anymore and wants to move away. Reg hates the way he's ruined his chances with Maureen. Curly arranges a meeting between him and Maureen. Denise is surprised when pizzas are delivered when she hasn't ordered any. She sends them back. Reg gives Maureen a silver bracelet, saying it's twenty-five years since they met. He swears she's the only woman he's ever loved. Des is furious when Tanya tells him she set Raquel up - there's no shoot. Des collects Raquel from where she's been waiting for the crew to arrive. He takes her back to No. 6 to comfort her. Curly entertains Elaine at No. 7. He is thrilled when they kiss. She is horrified when he tells her how he stopped her transfer, she belts him and storms out.moreless
  • Wed 17 Nov, 1993
    Wed 17 Nov, 1993
    Episode 138
    Bet is amazed to discover she has to promote a brewery poetry competition. Raquel is upset to discover someone off the course is doing really well. Bet feels sorry for her. Andy gets fed up with all the workers gossiping about Amy. He uses the price gun to graffiti 'she's dumped me' on the canteen wall. Jim gets sick of Steve treating No. 11 like a pig sty and orders him to be more help. Bet is thrilled for Raquel when there's a message on the answerphone for her to model in an Armani show. Raquel is amazed. Reg realises Curly has gone above him to Head Office and is furious. Reg tells Curly that one day he'll get him back. Jim plans to redecorate No. 11 and is annoyed when Steve tells him they need a break so he's returning to The Queens. Jim tells him he's selfish. Derek and Mavis decide to entry the poetry contest for the £100 prize money. Andy breaks down, wondering where he did wrong. Alma comforts him and advises him to sort it out himself. Steve finds Alison at the hospital and gives her his phone number.moreless
  • Mon 15 Nov, 1993
    Mon 15 Nov, 1993
    Episode 137
    Andy hides away in his flat. Curly tells Reg he doesn't want Elaine to go. He tells Elaine that he wouldn't like it if she left the store now, she is touched. Andy calls on Kath to find out if Amy loves Errol. Kath urges him not to torture himself. He asks Kath to tell Amy 'Good Luck' from him. Curly confides to Maureen about Elaine's transfer. She guesses that he's falling in love with her. She urges Curly to fight for Elaine. Raquel is thrilled to receive a job offer on her answerphone. She is too late phoning back and misses the job. Steve tries to contact Alison at the hospital but has no luck. Jim and Liz show a united front to console Andy. He realises they are hurting for him. Liz gets upset when Andy accuses her of doing to Jim what Amy has done to him. Denise is bothered by people making appointments they don't keep. Curly begs Reg to cancel the transfer but Reg wants rid of Elaine as she's too ambitious. Curly phones Mrs Rogers.moreless
  • Fri 12 Nov, 1993
    Fri 12 Nov, 1993
    Episode 136
    Andy is determined to show Amy his life will be wrecked if she doesn't return. Liz is delighted to hear Amy isn't coming back but Jim knows what Andy is going through and feels for him. Vera writes to the queen informing her of Joss' death. Jack supports Vera as Joss is buried. Amy's best friend Alison Rathbone calls on Andy and tells him the real reason why Amy isn't returning - she's staying with Dominic's father, Errol. She asks Andy not to hate her. Vera lays on an expensive funeral tea. One of Joss' friends tells Jack how he and Joss were in the army together in 1937. Jack feels this proves Joss wasn't Vera's father but she refuses to listen. Steve looks after Andy who gets drunk. Alison and Steve flirt. Curly is touched when Elaine tells him he's a good manager. He is pleased when she agrees to have dinner with him. Reg tells him that he's put Elaine up for the post of manager in Goole. Curly is horrified. Steve takes Alison for a Chinese meal. Liz calls on Andy but he accuses her of getting what she wanted - Amy out of his life.moreless
  • Wed 10 Nov, 1993
    Wed 10 Nov, 1993
    Episode 135
    Kevin receives a date for his court case. He becomes depressed at the thought of going to prison. Vera is thankful as Jack comforts her. Her Aunt Cissie arranges the funeral. All Curly's attempts to get to know Elaine are spoilt when he reprimands her over staff control. Vera is upset to learn Joss will be buried on the cheap as he left no policies. Andy goes to the airport to meet Amy. He is stunned when Kath turns up and tells him Amy and Dominic are staying in Trinidad. She explains Amy doesn't want to speak to him, her mind is made up. Kath returns his ring to him. Elaine tells Curly that if they're to work together they must sort out their differences. He is surprised when she takes him for a drink. Jack panics when Vera announces she's spending all her winnings on Joss' funeral. Elaine and Curly relax together. They start to understand each other. Andy decides he wants to fight for Amy, he intends to fly out and bring her back.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 1993
    Mon 8 Nov, 1993
    Episode 134
    Raquel is thrilled to be invited to sign up for an advanced modelling course. She hopes she'll be able to afford it. Bet realises she's being taken for a mug. Jack has a depressing birthday as everyone gives him socks. Liz is horrified when Andy invites her to his wedding. She refuses to attend, causing him to accuse her of throwing everything away - her home and family. Martin apologises to Percy for hurting his feelings. To make amends he cleans his windows. Andy invites Jim to his wedding. Tracy and Craig have tea with Deirdre. Tanya worries that she'll lose her job now Raquel is back. She questions Bet about her future but Bet isn't interested. Vera wins £100 at bingo but her joy is stopped when Jack breaks the news that Joss has died.moreless
  • Fri 5 Nov, 1993
    Fri 5 Nov, 1993
    Episode 133
    Jack tries to get Vera to put her money on an accumulator. She refuses, but gets him to put £10 on Tommy's Rattle, insisting it goes on at 33/1. Curly refuses to let Andy and Amy have a day off together as Andy refuses to tell him why they need the time. Emily tells Percy she's had enough of his selfish and petty attitude. She threatens him with eviction if he doesn't change his ways. Jack is amazed when Tommy's Rattle comes first, winning Vera £330. He takes £50 to put on his accumulator. Percy realises Emily is right and makes parkin for the Platts. Elaine talks Curly into giving Amy and Andy their day off, pointing out it must be something personal. Jack is thrilled when he wins £165 but Vera snatches the money from him when she learns her horse came in at 50/1, making her winnings up to £500. Deirdre is pleased when Tracy calls round to see how she is. The Platts throw a party. Percy calls round with the parkin and is hurt to find them burning a guy made up to look like him.moreless
  • Wed 3 Nov, 1993
    Wed 3 Nov, 1993
    Episode 132
    Liz celebrates her birthday, missing her family. Raquel refuses to work at the pub, saying she's just back until she gets modeling jobs coming in. Andy books the registry office for 26th November. Steve is stunned that Andy doesn't intend to tell Jim and Liz. Tanya thinks Raquel is a waste of space. Vera wins £200 on a lottery ticket. She splits it fifty-fifty with Ivy as Ivy bought the ticket. Raquel buys an answer phone to make sure she doesn't miss any work but has difficulty operating it. Curly wonders if Elaine is his future wife and unnerves her by following her around. Maud hears her predictions came true and feels she must have a gift. She talks Bet into letting her read palms in the pub, cutting her profits with her. Tanya goes out with Des out of spite when she learns Raquel is interested in him. Steve tells Andy he doesn't approve of marrying in secret and refuses to be best man.moreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 1993
    Mon 1 Nov, 1993
    Episode 131
    Madame Tzara calls off her evening at the Rovers as she feels she'll break down on the way. Maureen is disappointed and offers Bet Maud's services instead. Andy moves into the flat. Sally is amazed when Gail tells her Kevin told Martin what Hazel said. She worries when he shouts at Jonathan that he no longer likes the boy. Maud sets herself up as a gypsy in Bet's living room, reading palms. Maureen helps her by miming pieces of information to her. Vera has hers read and is told she's getting good fortune. Maud tells Curly he's already met his future wife, at work. He walks out when she tells him he'll never succeed in business. Raquel returns home.moreless
  • Fri 29 Oct, 1993
    Fri 29 Oct, 1993
    Episode 130
    Percy gets annoyed when he's pestered by penny for the guy children. He feels they're little more than beggers. Sally is shocked when Joe tells her that Hazel told Kevin they are having an affair. She feels Kevin must believe it as he hasn't said anything. Nicky, Sarah and David go trick or treating. Percy is furious when they call at No. 3. He tells them to clear off before he calls the police. They run home, David and Sarah scared. Martin is furious and rows with Percy. Emily is annoyed as she invited the children round. Martin is amazed when Percy refuses to apologise. Curly tells Reg he can't stand working with Elaine anymore and wants her transferred. Des asks Tanya out for a meal and is disappointed when she refuses. Don takes Denise to a restaurant and tries to impress her but she makes it clear she is only interested in a platonic relationship. Vicky arrives for the week. Steve is pleased to see her. Kevin admits to Sally that Hazel did tell him. Sally swears it's a lie and he believes her but admits he did doubt her. She offers to stop minding Jonathan but Kevin asks her to forget all about it.moreless
  • Wed 27 Oct, 1993
    Wed 27 Oct, 1993
    Episode 129
    Jim is furious to read Liz's cross petition, citing unreasonable behaviour. Elaine is smug when Mrs Rogers agrees to her holding regular wine sessions as wine profits double. Kevin does some work on Joe's car and finds a photo of Sally and Jonathan in it. Audrey tells Don that Denise is obviously short of cash. Kevin tackles Joe about the photo. Joe says it's for his mother and shows him more - of all the Websters. Kevin is reassured. Deirdre is pleased when Tracy phones asking about a jumper. She realises it's just an excuse to make contact again. Bet organises a tarot reading evening for charity. Jim tells Don that if he wasn't getting into a divorce he would make a play for Denise. Don realises he's had it all wrong. He tells Denise he's been let off the tax and doesn't need the money anymore. She is thrilled and agrees to have a meal with him, although she's suspicious of his motives.moreless
  • Mon 25 Oct, 1993
    Mon 25 Oct, 1993
    Episode 128
    Kevin tries his best to be around when Joe is with Sally. He is annoyed by the way Joe monopolises Sally. He tells Joe they've had enough of his problems. Sally is upset by his attitude. Denise is depressed about her financial situation. DEIRDRE: "It's times like these I'm glad I live where I do. Suppose I had no job or I were stuck in a flat somewhere on me own. It may not be much round here but at least I know everyone." When she discovers Audrey used to run a salon, Denise offers her a partnership with a £3,000 investment. Audrey refuses, saying Alf would never invest in it. Curly takes the credit for a wine promotion which Elaine has set up. Mrs Rogers commends him. Des frames the photo of Derek in tennis rackets behind the Rovers' bar. Kevin tells Martin what Hazel said. Kevin is certain Hazel was lying. Martin advises him to tell Sally. Derek enjoys seeing his photo up and jokes along with Des, putting a plastic spider in his beer. Des plays along but wishes he'd never started the thing. Kevin intends to tell Sally but changes his mind when she thanks him for standing up for her against Joe. He knows she loves him.moreless
  • Fri 22 Oct, 1993
    Fri 22 Oct, 1993
    Episode 127
    Derek feels Des is trying to drive him insane. He is convinced everyone's laughing about it. Andy talks Alma into letting him rent the flat above the cafe for when Amy returns. Liz takes a solicitor, Richard Addlestone, and decides to cross-petition Jim as she doesn't want her name blackened. Don tells Denise he needs his money back by the end of the week. She is horrified. Ken and Tracy meet in a cafe. She is glad Deirdre isn't there. Mike takes Mark and his new friend Jeremy out. Nicky feels put out when they go to a laser show. Sally is caught in the middle when Hazel calls for Jonathan after Joe has said he's pick him up. She tells Hazel Jonathan needs stability, causing Hazel to tell her to mind her own business. Hazel tells her it's obvious what's going on. Derek makes a crop circle in Des' garden. Des guesses that Derek did it but plays along with the idea it was aliens. Derek admits he did it when Des says he'll report it to the police. Sally tells Joe to sort himself out with Hazel as it's not fair on Jonathan. Des gets Derek to make another circle to prove it was him and takes a photo of him doing it. Hazel tells Kevin that Joe and Sally are having an affair.moreless
  • Wed 20 Oct, 1993
    Wed 20 Oct, 1993
    Episode 126
    Derek finds bits cut off the conifer and upsets Sarah by accusing her. He finds it's three inches shorter than the day before. Tanya spreads it around that Jim is divorcing Liz. Andy helps the Nelsons pack for their trip to Trinidad. He gives Mrs Nelson a ring to give to Amy when they're there. Denise apologises to Jim for over reacting. She explains she doesn't like talking about divorce. Bet suggests to Liz that she fights Jim at his own game. Mark is upset that he and Nicky have nothing to talk about any more. Derek keeps watch on his conifer to see what happens to it. Jim tells Denise he isn't sure if he wants a divorce or not. He admits he still wants her back and only wants to shake her up. Derek is furious to see Des replacing the conifer with a smaller one at night. Returning home from a fare, Don sees Denise letting Jim out of her flat.moreless
  • Mon 18 Oct, 1993
    Mon 18 Oct, 1993
    Episode 125
    Liz is horrified to receive Jim's divorce petition. Derek is puzzled to find his conifer has shrunk. Liz rows with Jim for accusing her of unreasonable behaviour. He is angry with himself for going so far. Sally worries for Jonathan as he's disturbed by Hazel's return. Don is jealous to see Denise and Jim talking together. Andy asks Liz to meet the Nelsons with Jim but she tells him it won't be easy as they're divorcing. He is stunned. Denise is worried when Jim thanks her for her advice, telling her that if it wasn't for her he'd never have started the divorce. She asks him to leave her out of it.moreless
  • Fri 15 Oct, 1993
    Fri 15 Oct, 1993
    Episode 124
    Ken and Deirdre talk into the night. He is certain that Craig will get bored of Tracy and then she'll come home. He insists they must trust Tracy but Deirdre wants to drag her home. She admits to him that she feels a failure; nothing has worked out for her and she feels bereaved. He tells her how he attempted suicide. She is shocked but grateful when he tells her he's always there for her. Derek has fun with Sarah Louise letting her find treasure under the tree. Mavis is moved by the magic he brings Sarah. Bernard shares with Emily that he is doubting his faith. She comforts him by talking about his humanity. Ken gets Tracy to agree to have a meal with him with one night in a week. Ivy remembers Brian's 35th birthday. Don refuses to talk about it to her. She breaks down in the Rovers. Emily and Bernard comfort her. Bernard gets her to talk about Brian. Des finds Tanya attractive and flirts with her. Deirdre is upset to hear Tracy is willing to meet Ken but not her. Ken makes her see it is progress. Sally rows with Joe for telling Hazel he's in love with someone he took to the Lakes. He tells her he only said that to save face. Joe tells her he thinks Hazel wants Jonathan back and is letting her see Jonathan so she doesn't have a case.moreless
  • Wed 13 Oct, 1993
    Wed 13 Oct, 1993
    Episode 123
    Alf is hungover. He apologises to Rita for embarrassing her. She asks him to forget all about it. Hazel tells Sally how hard she finds it to love Jonathan. She thanks her for looking after him. Hazel says she'd never return to Joe and tells Sally he's got a girlfriend. Sally is delighted until she realises that the girlfriend is her. Derek plants a dwarf conifer in the front garden. He tells Sarah Louise it's a magic tree and produces treasure. Des thinks it's funny seeing Derek chatting to her. Deirdre is sick of running around after Tracy. Bernard gets to know Emily better. She tells him all about Ernie. Alf tells Rita he's sober and he still means what he said. Deirdre loses control and breaks down. She is glad when Ken comforts her.moreless
  • Mon 11 Oct, 1993
    Mon 11 Oct, 1993
    Episode 122
    Alf proudly opens the mini market again. Joe introduces Sally to his wife Hazel, explaining she'll be collecting Jonathan for a while as he's going away. Sally hopes they are back together. Rita is saddened in the change in Jenny and glad that she's gone. Ken calls on Maggie and questions her about Tracy and Craig. Maggie refuses to get involved, saying she doesn't want to upset Tracy as she's a good worker. Emily is offended when Bet asks if she's defrocked Bernard yet. Audrey is disgusted with Alf as he gets drunk on his free wine. Rita shops at the shop and is alarmed when Alf tells her he wishes he'd married her and not Audrey. He tells her he'll leave Audrey for her.moreless
  • Fri 8 Oct, 1993
    Fri 8 Oct, 1993
    Episode 121
    Alf and Deirdre set the shop up but Deirdre's heart isn't in it. Jim talks to solicitor Peter Lloyd about getting a divorce. He is advised to cite unreasonable behaviour. Deirdre doesn't understand why Tracy doesn't want to see her. Ivy babysits so Kevin can take Sally out for an anniversary meal at a customer's Greek restaurant. Tracy is furious when Deirdre calls on her. Deirdre asks Craig why he can't find someone his own age to sleep with. Tracy tells Deirdre she has no right checking up on her. Deirdre threatens to drag her home but Tracy pushes her away, telling her she doesn't want to see her again. Kevin is horrified to find the restaurant is really a kebab house. The Websters feel out of place as they're dressed up. Jenny cooks Rita a special meal. Rita is stunned when Jenny asks her to lend her £30,000 so she can open her own beauty salon. Denise gets fed up as Jim questions her about divorces. Jenny is miffed when Rita refuses to lend her the money. She tells Rita it's not fair as she always seems to profit from her tragedies but Jenny doesn't. Rita is furious and tells her she'll never see a penny of her money when she dies. She writes Jenny a cheque for a thousand pounds and tells her to be gone by morning.moreless
  • Wed 6 Oct, 1993
    Wed 6 Oct, 1993
    Episode 120
    Alf is pleased he kept his shop sign but horrified when Audrey drives over it, smashing it. Emily helps Bernard organise a car boot sale. Jenny doesn't understand why Rita lives in the Street when she's got a house in Oakhill. Mavis tries to explain how the house is tainted because of the court case but Jenny doesn't understand. Jim tells Denise he doesn't know where he stands with Liz. She tells him that if he slept with Liz he wouldn't be able to cite adultery in a divorce against her. He realises Liz must have slept with him on purpose. Mark plays for the under 13s rugby team at school. Ken calls at Tracy's flat and meets Craig. He urges Tracy not to cut herself off from Deirdre. She tells him that if he cares he'll leave her alone. Jenny suggests to Rita that she sells the flat and they live together at Highbank. Rita sees through her, telling her it's obvious she's counting on the house as inheritance.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 1993
    Mon 4 Oct, 1993
    Episode 119
    Jenny knows Robert took Mitzi. Ken is angry that Tracy is making Deirdre suffer, she feels at her lowest ebb. Percy feels put out by Emily's friendship with Bernard and is nice to Phyllis as he wants company. Rita gets the truth of out Jenny - that Mitzi was Robert's dog and she took it from it as it was worth £1,000. Rita is ashamed of her for stealing from him. Ken urges Tracy not to hurt Deirdre and gets her to give him her address. She makes him promise he won't give it to Deirdre. Jenny stirs things by telling Bet that Rita wants rid of her. Bet tells Rita to give her another chance; she'll be company for her. Bernard tells Emily it's obvious that Percy regards her as his own property. Rita asks Jenny to cut out the lies. Phyllis takes advantage of Percy's jealousy to lure him back to her bungalow to show Emily he can't be taken for granted. Ken tells Deirdre he's got Tracy's address but it's only for emergencies. Deirdre breaks down, asking him how they ever came to get to this.moreless
  • Fri 1 Oct, 1993
    Fri 1 Oct, 1993
    Episode 118
    Deirdre is stunned to find Tracy has gone. Maggie tells Deirdre that Tracy has been going out with van driver Craig Lee. Deirdre is stunned to see Tracy kissing Craig and to find she has moved in with him. Tracy accuses Deirdre of treating her like a child. Deirdre tells her she doesn't want to run her life but she wants to make sure she's alright. Tracy refuses to come home and tells her she's sleeping with Craig. Amy asks Liz to give Andy her blessing, warning her that if she doesn't Andy will cut her out of his life. Percy is annoyed when Emily spends time with Bernard, helping him at the church. Ken is horrified at the thought of Tracy living with a twenty-two year old. He wants to contact a solicitor but Deirdre doesn't want to drive another wedge between them. Derek takes Mitzi out and is followed. He returns home to tell Jenny that Mitzi's been snatched.moreless
  • Wed 29 Sep, 1993
    Wed 29 Sep, 1993
    Episode 117
    Jim is thrilled after his night with Liz however she tells him they must take one step at a time. Mavis enjoys looking after Mitzi when Jenny works but Derek is furious when his slipper is chewed. Colin suspects Liz spent the night with Jim and is annoyed that he was left running the pub. Jim smugly returns Liz's scarf to her at the Queens, telling Colin she left it there in the morning. Colin is annoyed and resigns from the pub, telling Liz he's not a mug and telling Jim he's welcome to Liz. She is not amused. Percy and Emily go to church to see Olive married to Edwin Turner. Percy is horrified to learn Edwin was a conschy. Liz asks Colin to stay but he tells her he'll be catching a bus to Hartlepool and if she wants him she'll have to stop him. Percy walks out of the service but Emily stays and meets Bernard Morton, vicar of St Saviours, Oakhill. Colin leaves as Liz does not make any attempt to stop him. Mavis is followed home whilst walking Mitzi. Liz tells Jim she needs time to sort out what she wants. Emily has a wonderful time with Bernard and comes home tipsy. Tracy packs and leaves home.moreless
  • Mon 27 Sep, 1993
    Mon 27 Sep, 1993
    Episode 116
    Audrey believes Alf can't live without the shop. Liz and Jim call a family conference and are annoyed when Andy refuses to bring Amy along, as he doesn't want her upset. They urge Andy to return to Uni but he is adamant he wants a home with Andy. They are stunned when Andy tells them Amy has a five-year old child. He accuses them of finding excuses just because Amy is black. Liz and Jim refuse that, saying they don't deserve that. He walks out, saying he'll never return. Audrey asks Deirdre to return to the shop, Deirdre is relieved. Jim and Liz spend the evening together and he is delighted when she agrees to stay the night.moreless
  • Fri 24 Sep, 1993
    Fri 24 Sep, 1993
    Episode 115
    Ken offers Deirdre financial help but she refuses it. She admits she's in a mess but doesn't want his help. Maureen has an upsetting day as it should have been her wedding day. Curly tries to console her. Jack treats Vera to a day in Blackpool whilst the Hortens mind Tom. Jim is annoyed that Liz is pressing him to stop Andy leaving Uni. He asks Steve for help but Steve feels it's nothing to do with him. The Duckworths have a raucous time although Vera worries about the amount of money they're spending. Rita is annoyed by the way Jenny takes advantage of Mavis. Bet takes Jenny on at the Rovers. The Hortens are sad to see Tommy go as the Duckworths return home. Vera promises Doreen they'll see them soon. Back home she is furious to discover Jeff gave Jack £200. She accuses Jack of accepting a bribe. Alf goes to the auction to watch Grasmere being sold. He ends up bidding for the Corner Shop, buying it for £55,000. Audrey can't believe it when he tells her.moreless
  • Wed 22 Sep, 1993
    Wed 22 Sep, 1993
    Episode 114
    Colin feels out of things as Liz is so preoccupied with her family. Tracy thinks Jenny's wonderful. Gail isn't so pleased to see her back. Tanya is confident that Bet will keep her on as Jack's on holiday and she's needed. Vera finds it hard sharing Tom with Doreen. Liz accuses Curly of pushing Andy into ruining his life. She tells him he and Reg aren't the role models she wants for her son. He walks out of the Queens. BET (about Tanya): "She plays that bar like a finely tuned instrument." Rita is annoyed when Alf warns her that Jenny might be taking advantage of her. Jenny breaks down when she finds Robert has cleared out their joint bank account. Rita feels sorry for her and offers her a loan. Colin has enough of Liz going on about Andy and Amy. He asks her to decide if she's really interested in him.moreless
  • Mon 20 Sep, 1993
    Mon 20 Sep, 1993
    Episode 113
    Vera is thrilled to hear Terry will be released on December 20th. Jenny fusses over pregnant Mitzi. She tells Rita she wishes she'd listened to her before going off with Robert. Amy tells Andy she's not telling Dominic until he breaks the news to Jim as he might change his mind. She points out he's not ready for marriage if he can't face his parents. Tracy does Deirdre up and sends her to the Rovers to ask for a bar job. Andy tells Liz he's marrying Amy and is staying at Bettabuys. She is appalled that he's throwing his career away. Mavis looks after Mitzi and is startled when the dog seems vicious. She feeds her chocolates. Liz accuses Andy of trying to punish her and refuses to let him ruin his life. She feels Amy has trapped him. The Duckworths go to Blackpool and stay with Doreen's sister Shirley. Jeff gives Jack a wad of money for spending money. Vera fears Tommy will be snatched by the Hortens. Jim is horrified when Liz tells him about Andy. She wants them to stop him together but Jim points out they are no longer together and they're no longer a family. Jenny goes for Mavis when she discovers she's fed Mitzi lemon bon bons. Rita accuses her of giving herself too many airs but assures her she cares for her. Deirdre is gutted when Bet tells her she's too old to be a barmaid and is more interested in Tracy. Jim rows with Andy for not having to guts to tell him he's getting married. He urges him not to end up like him and advises him to get as far away from women as possible.moreless
  • Fri 17 Sep, 1993
    Fri 17 Sep, 1993
    Episode 112
    Maureen spends the night with Curly. Next day they both have hangovers and regret the night. Alf decides the only way to get a quick sale is to auction the house. He is thrilled when Audrey agrees to move and tells him she'll resign from the dress shop. Jack wears a show business shirt to work to impress Tanya. Andy worries about telling his parents about his plans. Amy fears they will blame her for leading him astray. Curly and Maureen agree that Reg must never know about their night together. They agree they were ships in the night. Reg begs Maureen to give him chance to explain but she tells him she now knows he's not the only man who can make her happy. Reg tells Rita he won't be buying the house anymore. Deirdre is upset when Debi pays her off. Debi sells the stock off to Mr Patel. Jenny Bradley returns to the Street with a Japanese Akita. Rita is pleased to see her and agrees to let her stay. Andy backs out of breaking the news to Jim when he hears Jim telling Mike he's proud of him. Reg asks Curly to keep an eye on Maureen for him as he suspects there's another man in the picture. Curly feels wretched.moreless
  • Wed 15 Sep, 1993
    Wed 15 Sep, 1993
    Episode 111
    Andy tells Curly he wants a permanent job at Bettabuys. Alma is annoyed by the way Mike is spending a fortune on Mark. Deirdre is upset that after all she's done she has no security. Tanya starts at the Rovers and hints to Bet that Liz used to bitch about her. Maureen resigns from Bettabuys sick of Reg and Curly. Jack tries to chat Tanya up, telling her he's in show business. Audrey spends her day hiding from Alf. She admits to Gail that she's been fired for bad time keeping. Maureen apologises to Curly for her behaviour. He talks the situation through with her, them both drinking red wine. Alma discovers that Oakhill costs £1,800 a term so hits back at Mike by going on a spending spree. Maureen tells Curly he reminds her of a young Reg, she kisses him. He is amazed as she lunges for him passionately, telling him she's his.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 1993
    Mon 13 Sep, 1993
    Episode 110
    Deirdre is frustrated by Tracy's lack of consideration and tells her she needs her to help more financially. Mark starts at Oakhill Grammar School, nervous of all the posh pupils. Mike is proud of him. Maureen stays away from work. Reg phones her but Maud refuses to let him speak to her, she calls him a rat. Maureen is upset as she thinks Reg hasn't rung and hopes she didn't jump to the wrong conclusion. Maud assures her she's done the right thing. Reg is aghast when Debi decides to put the shop up for auction. He offers her £50,000 but she ignores him. Amy tells Andy her life is too complicated for her to rush into marriage. Bet is taken aback when Tania tells her she's the best barmaid in the area and she wants to work at the Rovers. Alf is annoyed when the buyer pulls out of Grasmere Drive. Maud is shocked when Maureen rips her wedding dress up. Bet puts Tania on a week's trial. Liz is relieved to see the back of her. Deirdre seeks help for income support and unemployment benefits. She is surprised when Tracy offers financial help. Reg is stunned when Maureen calls off the wedding, saying she can't marry a man she doesn't trust. She gives him his ring back.moreless
  • Fri 10 Sep, 1993
    Fri 10 Sep, 1993
    Episode 109
    Alf is upset that Audrey shows no concern in what he thinks important. Ken is stunned to hear Mark has left school. Vera is thrilled when Terry remembers Tom's birthday. Emily feels Percy is jealous of Olive's fiancée but he remains adamant that he did not propose to her. Andy assures Amy he doesn't have a brilliant career in front of him and wouldn't be throwing it away. Vera throws a party for Tommy. She is thrown when the Hortens turn up but makes an effort to be nice to them. Jeff suggests the Duckworths have a holiday in Blackpool with them. Jack and Vera are keen as it's free. Reg puts Maureen off coming round to the flat. Percy admits to Emily that Olive did turn him down. He says he's glad she did as he now sees that he only proposed out of loyalty. He agrees to go to the wedding although he's still against it. Audrey is exhausted after working all day causing Alf to grumble about his lack of social life. Amy is stunned when Andy suggests they get married. Maureen cooks a special meal for Reg, planning to leave it at his flat for when he returns from work. Reg tells Debi he'd like to buy the shop. He offers her £48,000 but she says it's not enough. Maureen is horrified to find him pleading with Debi. She flees.moreless
  • Wed 8 Sep, 1993
    Wed 8 Sep, 1993
    Episode 108
    Vera plans a party for Tommy's first birthday. Percy is amazed to receive an invite to Olive Clark and Edwin Turner's wedding. He thinks it's an insult to Nobby. Amy is flattered that Andy wants to be with her but fears Andy will regret the decision later in life. She tells him she's not worth the sacrifice. Steve tells Vicky he's sick of never seeing her; he doesn't want a holiday romance. He demands something more permanent. Reg advises Debi not to put the shop up for auction but hold out for a good sale. She worries that she'll never sell it. Andy tells Amy that if she can't respect his judgement they should stop seeing each other. Reg arranges to entertain Debi in his flat to give her more advice. Mike and Mark look round Oakhill. Mark worries that he wouldn't fit in but Mike tells him he needs contacts to succeed. Mark agrees to go. Nicky is upset that they'll no longer be friends. Alf is furious when Audrey is late home from work on the evening he official retires from the Council. Vicky is hurt when Steve drinks with Fiona in the Rovers. Alf throws a party at The Queens to celebrate his retirement after 26 years of being a Councillor. Jim dresses up and sneaks into the Queens, mingling with Alf's guests. Audrey falls asleep after work and misses Alf's party. Jim tells Liz he can't cope and needs her. He promises he'll change if she'll give him another chance but she tells him she's happy with Colin. He is devastated.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 1993
    Mon 6 Sep, 1993
    Episode 107
    Curly is depressed and upset that Angie didn't tell him she was leaving. The Baldwins return from holidaying in Florida. Jack and Betty complain to Bet that they're overworked. Deirdre finds it hard working at the shop as she can't reorder. Mike takes Maggie to Oakhill School in Oakhill. She agrees it's a good school but tells him it will have to be Mark's decision. Steve is fed up as Vicky goes on and on about Hong Kong. He is annoyed that she's returning to school to take A Levels. Reg confides to Curly that he intends to buy the shop at a bargain price. Andy tells Amy he's not going back to University, he intends to get a job and be with her.moreless
  • Fri 3 Sep, 1993
    Fri 3 Sep, 1993
    Episode 106
    Sally is desperate not to be alone with Joe. The Whittakers have a survey done on Grasmere Drive. Raquel doesn't want to face Bet and tell her she's leaving. Bet returns from London, collecting Vicky from Hong Kong. Raquel breaks the news to Bet, she is annoyed but wishes her well. Vicky is pleased to see Steve. Debi feels trapped by the shop and can't see she'll be able to sell it whilst Ken is in the flat. Bet throws a farewell party for Raquel before she leaves for Croydon. Des drives Angie to the station, she refuses to say goodbye to anyone else. Curly is stunned when Sally breaks the news to him that Angie has gone to Mexico.moreless
  • Wed 1 Sep, 1993
    Wed 1 Sep, 1993
    Episode 105
    Sally tries to have Kevin around when Joe calls as she doesn't want to be alone with him. Joe is surprised that Sally hasn't told Kevin what happened. Steve flirts with Fiona but she annoys him be reminding him Vicky is returning. Reg, Curly, Deirdre, Alf and Emily attend Brendan's funeral. Reg wastes no time in offering Debi help in selling the shop. Angie clears out her stuff, giving some tapes to Des. He is pleased for her when she tells him she's going to Mexico. She is fascinated by the Aztec Indians. Gail tells Sally she should have dropped Jonathan but Sally doesn't want to take it out on him. She is certain she can handle Joe. Raquel is accepted onto the modelling course.moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 1993
    Mon 30 Aug, 1993
    Episode 104
    Andy takes Amy and Dominic to Knowsley Safari Park. Dominic loves the animals. Angie finishes Maureen's dress. She realises she is envious of Maureen having set herself against the odds to win Reg. She is touched when Maureen gives her a charm bracelet. Curly agrees to be best man in the hope Angie will get romantic at the wedding. Des and Colin bait Derek by letting him think they're throwing an all night party. Amy is thrilled that Andy likes Dominic so much. The Websters spend the day picnicking. When Joe phones Sally is forced to agree to have Jonathan again. Des talks to Angie about what she wants in life. He encourages her to travel, making her see there's nothing to stop her.moreless
  • Fri 27 Aug, 1993
    Fri 27 Aug, 1993
    Episode 103
    Angie is interested to get a letter from friend Alice Heward who has taken a design job in Mexico. Raquel applies for a place at The Mayfair Academy of Modelling in Croyden, calling herself Nadia. She wants formal training to give her more confidence but is put off by the £500 fee. Tracy gets four GCSE's. Ken is disappointed but Deirdre is surprised she did so well. She is more bothered about her own uncertain future at the shop. The Websters return home. Kevin is worried about the trial. Debi Scott offers to sell the shop to Deirdre for £60,000 but Deirdre can't afford it. Debi tells her to run the shop down gradually until she can sell it. She offers to flat to Ken but he refuses to buy it. Alf is confused by Audrey always changing her mind about what she wants. He refuses to sit at home being a house husband. Sally tells Gail about Joe's declaration. Gail advises her to stop looking after Jonathan. Angie tells Curly she's trapped and wants out. She is upset when he points out she won't do anything about it.moreless
  • Wed 25 Aug, 1993
    Wed 25 Aug, 1993
    Episode 102
    Colin is prepared to give Liz time to sort herself out. He thinks she's worth waiting for. Alf feels Audrey is only making a gesture as she goes round agencies. He tells her she's too old to find employment. Raquel is thrilled when Mavis suggests Ken takes her to a French restaurant. Ken isn't happy with the idea and gets embarrassed when Raquel announces to the bar he's taking her out. Sally still wants a baby, even if Kevin does go to prison. He refuses to think about it until the trial is behind him. Alf is forced to accept Audrey is serious when she tells him she's taken a job in a dress shop. Sally is startled when Joe arrives to collect Jonathan. He begs her to keep minding Jonathan. Angie gets depressed making Maureen's gown for little profit. She feels she wants to do more with her life. Raquel has a great time with Ken. She thanks him for not treating her like an idiot. He urges her to do something with her life. Sally is relieved when Joe takes Jonathan home. She doesn't know if she wants to see him again. Kevin tells her Joe will find a new mum for Jonathan soon.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 1993
    Mon 23 Aug, 1993
    Episode 101
    Deirdre feels sorry for Emily having had the shock of Brendan's death. Colin moves out of No. 6. Audrey decides she belongs in Weatherfield and there's no way she's moving to Lytham. Alf accuses her of being hysterical. She doesn't know how to convince him. Deirdre and Emily plan to close the shop in respect but Alf points out they'd do better to stay open so Mrs Scott can make more money. Jack is pleased Brendan is dead as he can now forget about paying his debt. Colin wants to move into the Queens but Liz refuses to let him, saying she's not ready for that. Mark enjoys making money cleaning the cars. Nicky is grateful when Jim gives him money for running odd jobs. To prove she's serious about staying, Audrey tells Alf she'll get a job. Emily goes on her pottery and painting holiday. Colin returns to No. 6. Sally asks Kevin if they can try for another baby. He tells her he does want another baby but is worried it would be born when he's in prison.moreless
  • Fri 20 Aug, 1993
    Fri 20 Aug, 1993
    Episode 100
    Brendan is forced to make the deliveries himself. BRENDAN: "This place is like the village of the damned. No-one seems remotely normal." Kevin feels rough and hungover. He is puzzled by Sally's coolness. Audrey tells Gail she's frightened by the thought of spending every day with Alf. She doesn't want to feel old. Joe tells Sally he's certain he loves her. She gets angry when he refers to Kevin as a crook. Emily is concerned for Brendan as he spends the day rushing about on the bike. He tells her he's desperate to make the shop a success. Gordon is jealous when Reg tells him how she cooked Ken a meal. She is annoyed when he admits he doesn't want her learning French for the holiday as he likes her being decorative. She tells him he can go to France without her. Sally tells Kevin she's not enjoying herself and wants to go home. Colin gets fed up of Des lecturing him and reminds him about how he stole Lisa from Terry. Des tells him it's time he moved on. Brendan collapses in the Street in front of Emily, Gail and Ken. Emily realises it's a heart attack and thumps his chest. Sally tells Joe to find someone else to look after Jonathan. He begs her not to take it out on Jonathan and says he'll return home and leave them at the cottage. Emily and Martin try to get Brendan breathing but the ambulance crew announces that he is dead.moreless
  • Wed 18 Aug, 1993
    Wed 18 Aug, 1993
    Episode 99
    Des asks Colin not to make his relationship with Liz so obvious. Jim can't see a future without Liz. The Roberts go to Lytham to play golf with Les and Norma Bradbury. Audrey is thrilled to be socialising. Kevin is subdued, annoyed that he can't have time alone with Sally. Raquel prepares a French meal to say thank you to Ken for all his help. Audrey is put out to find she's classed as a senior with all the OAP's. Alf is thrilled to find the golf club is full of retired grocers. Liz is content with having Colin around. Alf is pleased that he and Audrey will be able to spend all their time together but Audrey is alarmed by the prospect. Nicky is upset when Brendan accuses him of being lax and pays him for four hours rather than the six he has worked. Nicky complains so Brendan sacks him. Alf celebrates when the house is sold to the Cresswells. Ken congratulates Raquel on how quick she's picked up French conversation. They only speak in French throughout the meal. Kevin tells Joe that his court case is going to be in November. He is depressed and gets drunk, not knowing how he's going to tell Sally. Sally is annoyed when Joe brings Kevin home drunk. Joe takes Kevin to bed. Ken worries that Raquel is getting too involved with him. Audrey tells Alf she's not ready to retire and doesn't want to spend all her time with him or go to Lytham. He refuses to listen. Joe tells Sally Kevin is a loser and she deserves better. She grows angry when he puts Kevin down and tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.moreless
  • Mon 16 Aug, 1993
    Mon 16 Aug, 1993
    Episode 98
    Des is annoyed to find Colin's bed hasn't been slept in. Steve is furious to find Colin has spent the night with Liz. Nicky finds the deliveries hard work as the bike is so heavy. The Websters enjoy the country life. Steve moves back into No. 11. He tells Jim Colin's got his feet under the table. Jim calls at The Queens and meets Colin. He accuses him of wanting to take advantage of Liz. He warns Colin that Liz is still his wife and he won't see her getting hurt. Jim manages to keep his temper and just tells Colin to treat Liz well. Liz is amazed when Colin tells her Jim has accepted their situation. Kevin and Sally enjoy being cosy together in the cottage. They are put out when Joe arrives, saying he's taken holiday from work. Liz calls on Jim and tells him Colin has nothing to do with their problems. He tells her he'll always wait for her but she says there's no point.moreless
  • Fri 13 Aug, 1993
    Fri 13 Aug, 1993
    Episode 97
    Nicky is disgusted when Brendan gives him his old cast-iron bike. Andy tells Jim there's nothing going on between Liz and Colin. Emily admits to Ken she's only working for Brendan to stop him replacing Deirdre in her absence. Andy is forced to admit to Jim that he saw Colin kissing Liz. Kevin borrows Curly's car to take the family to the Lakes. Mike suggests to Maggie that he pays for Mark to attend a local private day school. Liz tells Colin she feels she never wants to return to Jim. Audrey begins to despair as Alf talking longly about a peaceful retirement. The Websters settle into the cottage. Joe leaves Jonathan with them. Jim refuses to tackle Liz and annoy hers - he plans to learn from his mistakes. Liz allows Colin to stay the night with her.moreless
  • Wed 11 Aug, 1993
    Wed 11 Aug, 1993
    Episode 96
    Jim starts at the garage, determined to make it work. Liz is embarrassed as Steve is openly rude to Colin. Colin assures her Steve will come round. Maggie is annoyed when Mark tells her Mike wants him to go to boarding school. Liz is annoyed when Colin admits to telling Steve to back off. Maggie tells Mike she is not going to let her son be sent away from her. She tells him to back off, reminding him he only sees Mark because she allows him to. Steve tells Andy he saw Colin and Liz snogging. Audrey is frustrated because they can't move until Grasmere Drive is sold and Alf refuses to lower the asking price. Brendan takes Nicky on as his delivery boy. Nicky is pleased as the job comes with a bike which he'll be able to use in his spare time. Bet tackles Liz over the rumours about her and Colin. Liz tells her Colin is fun and there's nothing wrong with flirtation. Andy enjoys spending time with Amy's family. Steve tells Jim he's wasting his time trying to impress Liz; she's picked up with Colin Barnes. Jim thanks him for telling him.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 1993
    Mon 9 Aug, 1993
    Episode 95
    Sally wants to go on holiday but Kevin knows he won't be able to get time off work. With Deirdre visiting Blanche, Emily works at the shop. Janice tries to track Colin down but Des tells her he hasn't seen him. Des warns him he's walking into trouble if he dates Liz. Mark and Nicky spend their time hanging round the cafe, completely bored. Mike takes them on to clean cars at MVB. Kevin tells Mike he's not his slave and he's going to go on holiday, telling him he'll have to get someone in to cover for him. Sally is proud of him for being forceful. Kevin tells Jim that Mike might employ him. Steve tells Colin he doesn't want his mother taken advantage of. Brendan starts providing free deliveries for regulars. Emily suggests he employs a delivery boy on a bicycle. Mike gets angry when he finds Mark and Nicky larking about. He tells Mark that boarding school would be good for him. Ken starts giving Raquel French lessons. Mike tells Jim he can start at MVB.moreless
  • Fri 6 Aug, 1993
    Fri 6 Aug, 1993
    Episode 94
    Derek feels better after using some of Percy's home made liniment. Colin wants to be part of Liz's life but she doesn't want to rush things or upset the boys. Raquel doesn't want to show herself up in front of Gordon's friends so persuades Ken to give her some French lessons. Reg warms to the idea of buying Ted's house when Rita points out he could convert the garage for Maud to live in. Liz and Jim fill out the insurance claim form together. She is amazed when he admits he did not tell his mother they have split. Joe offers to rent a cottage in the Lakes for the Websters if they'll take Jonathan with them. Curly is grilled by Betabuys boss Mrs Rogers. His defence is he did not want to upset staff by dealing hardly with an ex-employee. He is thrilled when they discover Maud has recorded over the security tape. Curly is reprimanded whilst Reg's dealing in the case is criticised and he too is warned.moreless
  • Wed 4 Aug, 1993
    Wed 4 Aug, 1993
    Episode 93
    Jim returns from Belfast. He is put out as Steve isn't pleased to see him back. Curly begs Reg to help him out but Elaine's complaint has already reached Head Office. Jim realises that it's up to him to sort all his problems out. Rita shows Maud, Maureen and Reg round Ted's house. Maureen is cold towards her as she knows Reg fancied her. Reg is eager to find fault in the house as he doesn't want to live with Maud. After he tells Maureen Rita doesn't compare to her Maureen mellows and finds the house charming. Reg tells Rita he's only interested if she drops £10,000 off the asking price. Raquel wants to learn French for when she goes on holiday with Gordon and his friends. Maureen is disappointed when Reg tells her Rita won't accept their offer on the house. He is amazed when Rita tells them she will accept £65,000. Maureen is delighted but Reg realises he's going to be stuck with Maud. Liz finds she can't resist Colin and they kiss passionately. Steve is embarrassed to see them as he moves back into The Queens.moreless
  • Mon 2 Aug, 1993
    Mon 2 Aug, 1993
    Episode 92
    Alma is aghast when Mike considers sending Mark to Eton. He phones the school up, putting Mark on the waiting list and offering to make 'a little donation'. Liz enjoys flirting with Colin. Angie and Denise feel guilty about winning the £50 when they discover Vera has so little money she is shoplifting. Elaine takes the monitor tape from Curly's desk and sends it to Reg. Curly is furious. Maureen shows an interest in Ted's old house. Rita wants rid of it quickly. Denise gives Vera the £50. Vera gets upset when Denise admits she knows about her trouble at Bettabuys. Vera refuses to touch the money. Andy cooks Amy a meal. Curly tries to win Reg round by saying he only did what Reg would have done. Reg takes this as a threat and warns Curly that he intends to have him reprimanded.moreless
  • Fri 30 Jul, 1993
    Fri 30 Jul, 1993
    Episode 91
    Derek is in agony with his back. Andy convinces Amy that they do have a lot to talk about. Curly is stunned when Elaine catches Vera shoplifting on the security monitor. Mavis is put out when Raquel massages Derek's back. Derek thinks she's got a wonderful touch. Rather than have security pick Vera up outside the shop, Curly confronts her at the checkout and finds tins hidden in the pushchair. Vera is furious at being called a thief and swears she only put the tins in with Tommy because her basket was full. Elaine discovers Curly used to lodge with Vera and realises he stopped her from getting into heavy trouble. Mavis gets rid of Raquel as she can't take anymore of watching Derek is ectasy. Curly lets Vera off with a caution. Elaine accuses him of letting her off and threatens to tell Head Office. Vera tells Jack about the incident and admits she was confused and didn't know what she was doing. She breaks down and he comforts her. Alma, Denise and Angie go along to The Queens. They agree to cheer Jack on. Colin comperes the evening. Jack enjoys himself, calling himself Jackie Duckworth Jnr. He doesn't go down very well. He is amazed when Angie and Denise take the stage and prove a hit. Curly tries to explain to Vera he was acting in her interest. He offers her a loan to help but she refuses his charity.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jul, 1993
    Wed 28 Jul, 1993
    Episode 90
    Alf puts an offer in on the bungalow and tells Audrey he can't wait for them to start afresh in Lytham. She is thrilled. Jack wants to enter the talent contest at the Queens but doesn't have any money. He tries to win Vera round by washing up but she refuses to give him any money. Derek's back goes whilst he's on the rowing machine. Jack decides to take some support from The Rovers to help him win the £50 contest money. No one is interested. He manages to convince Vera that he will win so she subs him. At Bettabuys Andy tries to talk to Amy but she avoids him. Derek is told to rest for a week. He knows his sudden interest in exercise is to blame. Alf's offer is accepted. Audrey is thrilled, especially when they discover someone is interested in their house.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jul, 1993
    Mon 26 Jul, 1993
    Episode 89
    Audrey gets details of a house in Lytham St Annes and insists to Alf that they go and view it. He refuses. Derek goes jogging in a bright yellow suit, to the resident's amusement and Mavis' embarrasment. Gail asks Audrey to look after the kids as Rosie Webster is sick and Sally can't. Curly takes Andy on as a temp at Bettabuys. Brendan badgers Jack for the debt in the Rovers. Colin goes in the Rovers where Andy tells Steve that he was the man kissing Liz. Steve tells him that he's Des' brother. Andy confronts him when Colin makes a remark to Jack and Don about Liz. They are seperated but the incident is witnessed by Mavis who later tells Des. He also finds out that Colin is working at The Queen's. Jack decides to enter The Queen's Friday talent contest. Alf and Audrey get to Lytham and view a bungalow. Derek buys a rowing machine. Alf likes the bungalow and decides to buy it. Audrey is delighted.moreless
  • Fri 23 Jul, 1993
    Fri 23 Jul, 1993
    Episode 88
    Alma is annoyed that Mike didn't tell her he was going to the school to talk about Mark. Des refuses to accept regular money from Colin so he can throw him out if needed. Mike tells Maggie it's clear the Comp is not right for Mark. She becomes confused when he offers to pay for Mark to go to a Public school. She tells Mike she doesn't want Mark to leave her and throws Mike out. Alma finds it impossible to concentrate at the cafe and cuts her hand with a knife. Liz takes Colin on at The Queens full time. Tania fancies him and is put out to see he's friendly with Liz. Mike apologises to Alma about keeping her in the dark. He tells her that he's offered to send Mark away to school. She is aghast when he says they can pay for it with her earnings. She refuses and walks out of the cafe, saying she quits. Raquel feels Gordon doesn't compare with Colin and begins to go off him. Alma accuses Mike of playing with people until he gets bored with them - he's bored with her and he'll soon be bored with Mark. He assures her he loves her but Mark needs his help. Liz finds Colin exciting and enjoys having him around. Maureen tells Reg she'll be happy if they can find a way for Maud to live with them but yet live separate lives. Tracy goes into the Rovers for the first time, eating with Deirdre. They tell Ken that Mike wants to send Mark away to school. Liz tells Colin all about her separation. He makes it clear he likes her and kisses her on the cheek. She is stunned to see Andy has arrived back and seen the kiss.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jul, 1993
    Wed 21 Jul, 1993
    Episode 87
    Angie hears that Hanif has dumped Denise and offers her an ear to talk to. Denise is grateful. Maureen wants Maud to be part of the wedding and tries to include her in the preparations but Maud feels in the way. Martin tells Maud that Reg was asking about Pasturegate Home. He assures her it's a great place, explaining he's working there at the moment. Maud accuses Maureen of wanting her put away. Maureen is furious and assures her she won't let her be put in a home. Liz copes single-handed at The Queens but has a rush order. Colin helps her out, saying he's used to bar work. Joe tells Sally he's finalising his divorce. He tells her he hopes she'll never have to go through a separation. Maureen tells Reg she'll never put her mother in a home. He tells her Maud broke them up once but he's not going to let her do so again. Ken meets parents at the school. He assures the Platts Nicky is settling in well. Maggie is alarmed when Mike arrives at the school to hear about Mark's progress. Angie tells Denise she's better off without Hanif. Ken tells Maggie and Mike that he's disappointed in Mark's progress and puts it down to too many distractions. He says Mark spends too much time with Mike but Mike says it's probably because he's worried about Ken chasing after Maggie. Maggie walks out refusing to listen to anymore.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jul, 1993
    Mon 19 Jul, 1993
    Episode 86
    Denise turns to Don for comfort, telling him Hanif has dumped her. Phyllis asks Colin not to cause any trouble in the Street for Des' sake. No. 11 is burgled whilst it stands empty. Reg finds a buyer for Maureen's house but Maud refuses to leave. He assures Maureen she can stay with him and he'll find accommodation for Maud. Steve and Liz are alerted to the break-in and go through the wrecked house checking what has been taken. Liz is horrified to discover Katie's picture has been taken for its silver frame. Steve agrees to move back into the house until Jim returns. Angie agrees to make Maureen's wedding dress. She delights in telling Reg it will cost him a fortune. Deirdre finds Katie's photo discarded in the back alley. Liz is overcome that it's safe. Brendan invites Deirdre for a drink after work. She is horrified and says she has to meet with Ken. Joe invites Sally to a day out with the children, she agrees to a weekend as Kevin will be free. Raquel fancies Colin and looks forward to seeing him again. Colin stays away from the Rovers and drinks at The Queens. He is startled when Liz breaks down in tears whilst he chats to her. Maureen tells Maud she intends to accept the offer on her house. Maud accuses her of wanting to push her into a home. Maureen assures her Reg is looking for a house for all of them. Reg questions Martin about residential homes for the elderly.moreless
  • Fri 16 Jul, 1993
    Fri 16 Jul, 1993
    Episode 85
    Brendan erects a new shop sign which reads "Mr Scott's Provisions". DENISE: "I am such a wimp. I said I'd never let my defences down again and bingo. One whiff of the Barbara Cartlands and I'm anybody's." Denise is upset that to Hanif she's nothing but a bit of fun. Alma advises her to tell him her feelings for him. Alf saves the old 'Mini Mart' sign from the bin men to keep. He enjoys spending all his days following Audrey around. Don is jealous of Denise's relationship with Hanif. Curly is annoyed when Reg alters the lunch rota so he can be with Maureen. He tells Reg he will not let him take over the store and won't be manipulated by him anymore. Reg begs forgiveness. Deirdre accuses Ken of only being disappointed about Tracy because he can't brag about her. She gets upset when he comments that Tracy will probably end up working in a mop cap like her. Curly finds out Tommy is well and that Jack doesn't want to return home. He tells Jack he's outstayed his welcome and throws him out. Denise admits to Hanif that her feelings towards him have changed and she now loves him. Gordon gets annoyed when Colin makes a play for Raquel. He is offended when Raquel tells him he's not her boyfriend, just someone she goes out with. Des tries to defuse the situation. Hanif tells Denise he doesn't feel the same way towards her as she does towards him. She is upset and annoyed when he asks her not to get hysterical. She throws her wine in his face causing him to walk out of the restaurant and throw a wad of money at her. She is left feeling humiliated.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jul, 1993
    Wed 14 Jul, 1993
    Episode 84
    Brendan transforms the shop into an old fashioned grocery and decks himself out in boater and overall. He starts a mature customers' voucher scheme, worth 50p given every time an OAP spends £10. Deirdre isn't happy with her mop cap and frilly apron. Colin charms Raquel and she agrees to see him on her evening off. Reg finds a buyer for Maureen's house. Curly is annoyed when Reg takes Maureen out of work to show the man around. Mrs Ruparell quizzes Denise about her attitude to men and learns she's going out with Hanif for a laugh. Denise is stunned when Mrs Ruparell tells her who she is and that Hanif talks as if he wants to marry her. Mrs Ruparell asks her not to hurt Hanif. Joe takes Sally and the children to the park whilst Kevin works late. Deirdre has enough of customers laughing at her. When Ken finds it humourous she takes the cap off and refuses to wear it. Maud doesn't want to leave the house. Reg keeps her out of the way whilst Maureen shows Mr Stevens round. Maud sees him and tells him the house has mice and rising damp. Mr Stevens is put off and leaves. Denise is flattered that Hanif loves her and doesn't want to lose him. Raquel is put out to find Colin chatting Fiona up. Colin takes Fiona dancing. Hanif explains to Denise that he told his mother he loved her to get out of an arranged marriage. Denise is hurt when he goes on about how funny it is and promises he has no strong feelings for her.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jul, 1993
    Mon 12 Jul, 1993
    Episode 83
    Colin fancies Raquel but Des warns him off. Curly enjoys being in charge and gives his troops an inspection. Brendan tells Deirdre to be more welcoming to the customers and refer to them all by their surnames. Denise has a wonderful weekend with Hanif. Audrey gets fed up of Alf following her around all day. Colin has finished stewarding and considers hanging around Des'. Denise feels Hanif is more interested in work than her. She is thrilled when he turns up at her flat, saying she's more important than a business meeting.moreless
  • Fri 9 Jul, 1993
    Fri 9 Jul, 1993
    Episode 82
    Curly is certain Elaine has the job and worries about his future. Audrey panics when she can't find her credit cards. She is horrified when Alf admits he's cut them so she wouldn't be tempted to use them. Reg tells Curly that, thanks to his recommendation, he has got the job. Curly celebrates. Elaine forces herself to congratulate him but tells him Reg obviously wants him in his pocket. Jim hears that his mother has had a heart attack and he makes plans to visit her. Steve agrees to keep an eye on the house. Elaine delights in telling Curly she's staying at Weatherfield as his full time assistant. Colin enjoys himself on leave and tries to impress the local ladies. He tells Des he needs time to think. Liz tells Jim she's sorry about his mother and asks him to send her love. She feels uncomfortable being with him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jul, 1993
    Wed 7 Jul, 1993
    Episode 81
    Jack worries about his debt. Curly tells him Brendan would probably have bought it off Alf at half the amount. Brendan puts all his prices up and Ken's rent. Carol Copeland starts under Derek, telling him she's not happy about moving from cleaning. Mavis doesn't like the idea of Derek working with a woman, certain that she will find him attractive. Jack tricks Alf into telling him he sold the debt to Brendan for £75. Jack tells Brendan he'll pay him £2 a week for thirty-seven weeks to pay the debt off. Brendan refuses to accept it, demanding the full £220 so Jack tells him there's nothing a court will do to help; he's offered to pay and his money has been refused. Brendan is furious. Curly worries when he discovers Elaine knows all the board members personally. Des kids Jack that Brendan will set the heavies on him but Jack believes him. The board fire difficult questions at Curly. He is amazed when Reg demands the answer to a complicated question about seeing off rivals. Audrey tries to get Alf to spend £800 on a Spanish holiday but he keeps an eye on his money now. Reg tells Maureen he couldn't live in her house and they should sell both properties and buy something new. Curly accuses Reg of putting the boot in but Reg explains the other board members had decided the job was Elaine's. He says he had to ask the question to prove to the others he was right for the job. Vera is horrified when a stranger appears in the Rovers after talking to Brendan. Thinking he's after Jack she threatens him with a bottle but Des stops her; the stranger is his brother Colin.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jul, 1993
    Mon 5 Jul, 1993
    Episode 80
    Brendan Scott starts at the corner shop and changes the sign to "Best buys". He insists on formality between himself and Deirdre and plans on changing the shop's stock. Jim insists on going to court. Brendan refuses Phyllis credit and tells her he's stopping all such schemes. Reg tells Curely that he will be on the interview board for the manager's job. The court hearing os transferred for a hearing at the Crown Court but this might take a year to be heard. Jack invites Don to a game of cards at Curly's. Derek is not given the position or title or 'Head' Caretaker due to cuts but he will get an 'auxilliary'. Vera pops into the corner shop where Brendan tells her that he bought their debt to Alf. She owes him £220 and he wants it by the end of the week.moreless
  • Fri 2 Jul, 1993
    Fri 2 Jul, 1993
    Episode 79
    Steve refuses to have Jim in court with him in case he mouths off. Alf is emotional on his last day. He takes the bacon slicer home as a momento. Curly is sick of Elaine's incompetence. Don explains to Jack that he only shares the house with Ivy. Jim is upset that Steve doesn't want him at the court case. Alf throws a farewell party at the Rovers. Audrey is aghast when Vivian tells him he's been made an honorary life member of WARTS. Jack and Vera are relieved when Alf leaves without mentioning their slate. Rita gives a speech and Betty makes a cake in the shape of the shop. Alf takes his overall home from the shop, overcome.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jun, 1993
    Wed 30 Jun, 1993
    Episode 78
    Audrey can't wait to see the back of the shop, she upsets Jim by saying she can't wait to get away from yobs like Steve. Tommy goes down with mumps. Vera fears Jack will catch it and become impotent so she bans him from the house. Angie advises Curly to befriend Elaine. He tries but she refuses to warm to him and insinuates he's after her body. Ivy takes Jack in, saying he can sleep in the spare room. Mike gets his car back but is told he'll have to pay back the insurance he claimed for Steve's accident. Don tells Jack he can't stay as he sleeps in the spare room. Curly takes him in. Steve apologises to Kevin for getting him into trouble.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 1993
    Mon 28 Jun, 1993
    Episode 77
    Tracy starts full time work. Kevin is stunned when he is taken in for questioning by the police along with Steve. Sally blames herself as she persuaded Kevin to pose as Steve. Joe offers her help and tells her to call anytime. Jim calls Liz and they both go to the police station to await information. He is amazed when she admits she knew all about Steve's fraud and hurt that he wasn't told. Curly lords it over Elaine and is stung when she informs him she is in line for the manager's job as well as him. Kevin admits to the police that he posed for Steve and Mike had nothing to do with it or the theft of his Jag. The police give him the impression Mike has implicated him. Steve is charged with taking and driving away, no L plates, driving unaccompanied and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. He is told to attend court for remand. Deirdre demands more money from Brendan when she hears he plans to open longer hours. She is forced to back down when he threatens to make her part time. Kevin is charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Emily apologises for shouting at Percy but makes it clear she won't tolerate him interferring in her life. She celebrates when she sees the clamping company replacing their signs with bigger ones. Mike makes Kevin see he did not put the police onto him.moreless
  • Fri 25 Jun, 1993
    Fri 25 Jun, 1993
    Episode 76
    Emily's story appears in the Gazette. She is delighted. Mike is furious to receive a cheeky postcard from Doug in Germany. Curly panics at the thought of contending with a bright ambitious woman. The Duckworths worry that Alf will ask them to repay all they owe. The clamping director calls Emily and accuses her of lying as he never gave her any money. Sgt Bannen calls at MVB to ask Kevin if he knew anything of Doug's plans. He is surprised when Kevin talks to him as he witnessed 'Kevin Webster's crash. Kevin bluffs his way through the interview but is terrified incase Bannen suspects something. Maureen is thrilled when Reg sets the date as 24th September. Percy is forced to admit the £60 came from him. Emily accuses him of making her look a fool. She is furious, throws the money back at him and tells him to move out. Elaine Fenwick starts at Bettabuy, she makes it obvious she wants to get on. Brendan assures Deirdre he'll be keeping her on at the shop. Bannen calls in CID, suspicious of 'Kevin Webster'. They identify 'Kevin' as Steve through the stolen radios. Tracy delights in telling Ken she's been taken on full time by Maggie. CID warns Mike that they suspect him of fraud.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jun, 1993
    Wed 23 Jun, 1993
    Episode 75
    Percy tries to dissuade Emily from talking to the Gazette but she wants to expose the hush money. Reg faces his meeting like a man, convinced he is to be fired. He is touched when Curly gives him a testimonial. Mike is frustrated as he can't collect his car as the police want to hold onto it for a few days. Emily is puzzled by Percy's attitude and tries to cancel the interview. The reporter threatens to write the story anyway so she is forced to give him the facts. Jim helps Kevin out at the garage but when Mike makes it obvious he's not welcome he walks out. Deirdre is annoyed as she doesn't know if Brendan will keep her on. Reg is elated when he is promoted to Area Manager. Ken is horrified when Deirdre tells him Tracy isn't returning to school. Curly is miffed when Reg admits he didn't recommend him to take over as manager. He learns he'll have control with a Miss Fenwick.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 1993
    Mon 21 Jun, 1993
    Episode 74
    Mike realises Doug must have stolen the Jag. He is horrified at the thought of Doug driving his car. Tracy celebrates sitting her last exam. Emily writes to the Gazette about the wheel clampers. Liz admits to Andy that she's tempted to leave Jim alone as he's brought everything on himself. Alma finds it amusing that Mike has lost his toy. He feels lost without the car and mobile phone. Percy feels Emily is getting too obsessed about clamping and fears she'll have another breakdown. He decides to let Emily think she has won. The salesman from the Merc garage phones Mike having found some gloves in the Jag. Mike is stunned when he's reminded he part exchanged it for a Merc. Percy puts £60 in an envelope for Emily, telling her the clamping firm called with it. He congratulates her, saying she's won. Reg is summoned to Head Office to see Lord Morgan. He fears he's going to be sacked. Mike goes to the garage and convinces the salesman he is Mike Baldwin and the Jag is his. Sgt Bannen is called, who recognises the Jag as he witnessed Steve's crash. Andy returns to Sheffield. Tracy tells Deirdre she's decided not to return to school for 'A' Levels. Deirdre agrees with her and says she'll explain to Ken. Emily tells the Gazette she's had her money back. She agrees to be interviewed by the paper who want to run a feature on her victory.moreless
  • Fri 18 Jun, 1993
    Fri 18 Jun, 1993
    Episode 73
    Liz is pleased to have the twins buts doesn't want them to take sides. Andy feels that he should return to Jim and offer support. Mike is forced to leave the Jag behind and go to London on the train. Jim is puzzled when Andy returns home. Andy tells him he doesn't want to hear him bad mouthing Liz anymore. Percy suggests Emily drops her protest. She refuses to give up. Denise decides to phone Hanif and give him another chance. DENISE: "You've got to remember that men have been put on this earth for our pleasure and entertainment." Reg is stunned when Alf tells him that someone else has offered him £68,000 and he's accepted the offer. Reg is horrified when he realises he's been gazzumped - by Brendan. Brendan tells him he's taking the redundancy and buying the shop. Reg and Curly are dismayed to find Brendan took the only redundancy offer and they are stuck at the store. Denise is pleased when Hanif agrees to take her out. Doug finishes the work on the Jag and takes it for a test drive. He takes it to the garage and trades it in for his new Merc. Brendan and Alf contact their solicitors wanting a quick sale. Mike returns to Weatherfield to collect his car. Kevin is stunned as Doug told him he was collecting Mike from the station. Doug drives off into the sunset in a new Merc.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jun, 1993
    Wed 16 Jun, 1993
    Episode 72
    Jim feels betrayed and expects sympathy from the boys. He is annoyed when Steve ignores him. Liz is stunned when Andy tells her what Jim has said. She puts him right. She tells him it wasn't Willmore that Jim was lashing out at but her. She feels she has a right to do something for herself. Emily is determined to keep stopping motorists from parking on the land until the clamping company put up larger notices. Reg tells Alf he feels the shop is over priced and reduces his offer by £5,000. Alf is enraged. Liz tells Bet what has happened, Bet warns her that she may end up with nothing. Mike leaves the Jag at the garage for a service before he does business. Emily gets satisfaction from stopping cars from parking. The clamping boss Mr Dixon threatens her with the police. Percy tries to get Emily to move but she refuses to back down. Jim tells Andy that he's been blinded by his mother - she is to blame and there's no way he's going to make the first move. Reg is confident that Alf will have no option but accept his new offer. Doug tampers with the Jag so Mike can't use it to go to London. Steve and Andy pack their bags and tell Jim they're going to stay with Liz. He feels alone.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jun, 1993
    Mon 14 Jun, 1993
    Episode 71
    Sally talks to Joe about her tax. He advises her to keep her money to herself. Liz tells Willmore she wants to carry on at The Queens. She agrees with Willmore's condition that Jim must never return. Andy comes home to the news of the bust up. Steve urges him to try to help, realising it's important. Jim apologises to Liz for thumping Willmore. He urges her to return home. She's annoyed that he thinks saying sorry will make everything better. She wants her independence. When she tells him Willmore is letting her stay on he tells her he must be her fancy man. Denise refuses to talk to Hanif when he calls. Doug arranges to pick his Merc up. Reg tells Brendan that he intends to buy a small business. Liz tells Andy she's not going to chuck her big chance just to please Jim. Hanif apologises to Denise for thinking she was just after his money. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Emily spends the day warning people not to park and be clamped. She is annoyed when she's told she's causing an obstruction. Brendan finds out that Reg is buying Alf's shop. He tells Reg he must be mad. Jim has enough of Steve siding with Liz. He tells the twins Liz has been sleeping with Willmore and she's a whore. The boys refuse to believe him and walk out.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jun, 1993
    Fri 11 Jun, 1993
    Episode 70
    Jim moves back into No. 11. He waits for Liz to come round when she's sacked. Emily has the wheel unclamped by the firm. She sees a young mother caught out by the clampers as well and sympathises with her, annoyed that the warning sign is so small. Angie asks Steve to model a jacket she's made around the clubs. Willmore tells Liz the problem is Jim not her. Steve gets fed up having Jim around the house. Jim tells him he's fallen out with Liz and it's down to her to make the first move. Sally feels sorry for Joe, struggling to bring Jonathan up alone. She agrees to keep him on full time. She is horrified to discover Joe is a tax inspector, just after she's asked him for cash when he pays. Liz can't forgive Jim because he hit Willmore for selfish reasons. The Websters worry as Sally doesn't declare her earnings. Alma tries to cheer Angie up with a take away. Angie feels she's a failure. Alma urges her to admit she's upset and that she's allowed to make mistakes. Jim calls on Liz telling her she must see that Willmore only gave her the pub because he wants her. She tells him he's really insulting. He tells her he can't cope with her being the boss. He is amazed when she tells him Willmore has told her to choose her future and she's choosing the pub.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jun, 1993
    Wed 9 Jun, 1993
    Episode 69
    Jim refuses to let the Willmore business rest; he is certain he's after Liz. He tells her he wants them to leave the pub, she tells him he's talking stupid. Don assures Denise he wasn't trying to buy her favours. He tells her she can still have the money, no strings. Phyllis helps out at the cafe as Gail has flu. Mike leaves all his documents with Kevin, asking him to get the Jag taxed whilst he's in London on business. Kevin gives it to Doug to do. Doug takes the Jag to a Merc dealer, saying he'd like a trade in and posing as Mike. Don explains his relationship with Ivy to Denise. He tells her he isn't looking for a relationship with anyone else either. She accepts the cheque back. Jim talks to Kevin about bosses fancying wives. Kevin says he'd thump Mike if he made a play for Sally. Sally is pleased when Jonathan begins to settle down. Emily goes to the CAB but they tell her the only way she can get her car back is to pay the fine. Jim returns home early from his course and finds Willmore with Liz in the bedroom looking at a sticking window. Jim tells him he doesn't own Liz and thumps him. Jim tells Liz they'll have to leave the pub now.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 1993
    Mon 7 Jun, 1993
    Episode 68
    The brewery want Liz to go on a personnel management course. Jim tells her she can't go because Willmore is bound to be there. She reminds him it's her pub and she'll go if she wants to. Sally isn't sure if she can handle Jonathan; he keeps kicking the others. She feels the £40 a week isn't worth the hassle. Denise is stunned when Don gives her a cheque for £3,000. She isn't happy about borrowing money from a neighbour. Jim refuses to help Liz at the pub and threatens to warn Willmore off. Liz suggests he does so, and make an idiot of himself. Emily has a stressful time with Percy's driving. They go shopping, parking the car on open ground. Denise agrees to accept the money if she can repay it in weekly installments of £30. Don agrees. She is puzzled when he obviously doesn't want Ivy knowing about the deal. Emily is horrified to find the car wheel-clamped. Liz is taken aback when Willmore tells Jim he wants him to go on the course, not Liz. Jim thinks he just wants him out of the way. Joe admits to Sally that Jonathan has been blacklisted by another minder because he's so hard to control. He tells her she's obviously good with him and he enjoys being with her. Sally agrees to keep him for another week. Emily is furious that she has to pay £40 to get her car back and is annoyed that the warning notice was very small. Liz tells Jim he's not jealous of Willmore but of her; he can't take the fact that it's her name over the door. She tells him she's run around after him for too long - this is her chance and he's not going to spoil it for her. She tells him she's good at her job but he's never been good at anything. Jim apologises to her. Denise returns Don's cheque, telling him she doesn't want to be caught up in any deceit against his wife.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jun, 1993
    Fri 4 Jun, 1993
    Episode 67
    Sally is amused by Joe's concern over leaving Jonathan. Angie visits Afflecks Palace and meets an old friend there. She is impressed that she makes a 100% profit on all she sells. Sally finds Joe a handful as he's so unsettled. Denise asks the bank for a loan and is turned down. Joe explains to Sally that his wife has left him and Jonathan misses her. Hanif takes Denise out. She is sarcastic about his father letting him out. Tania talks to Jim about how women find men attractive. She tells him it's obvious Liz plays the game well; she got the pub. Denise doesn't want Neil's cheque to bounce so scrathes around for the money to cover it. Hanif tells her it's obvious she wants him to lend her the mother. She is indignant and says she isn't hinting. She calls him a condescending pig and walks out on him in a restaurant. Don picks her up in his cab and takes her home. Gordon gives Raquel lessons in cricket theory. She finds it much simpler than football. Jim accuses Liz of flirting with Willmore to get the pub and asks her how far she had to go. She tells him he's a fool to listen to gossip and Willmore has never touched her. He tells her to tell Willmore to keep away, or he will.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jun, 1993
    Wed 2 Jun, 1993
    Episode 66
    Denise puts Fiona off when she asks for a rise. Angie is depressed about her future. Mike tells her the best revenge is success. Sally encourages her to start doing her own designs from the flat. Angie collects her contact diary from Onyx and bumps into Hanif's mother who goes on about how irresponsible Hanif is. Joe Broughton contacts Sally and asks her to take on his son Jonathan. Angie plans to store some of the flat furniture at Mike's Unit. Denise smarts after Raquel tells her, in front of the whole pub, that Hanif has called and can't make a date. Don takes Martin to The Queens to celebrate his birthday. Sally doesn't want to take on another child but takes a liking to Jonathan. She agrees to take him on. Jack calls at The Queens and gets Jim to give him free drinks. Curly delivers Angie's sewing machine with a bottle of wine. His plans fall flat when he finds Steve at the flat helping her to move furniture. Alma tells Mike they are going to help Angie by storing the furniture at the unit and he has no say in the matter. Denise discovers that Hanif broke their date to visit his parents.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 1993
    Mon 31 May, 1993
    Episode 65
    Jim and Liz move out of No. 11 and into The Queens. Liz is a bag of nerves. Raquel drops football and starts reading up on cricket as that's Gordon's game. Liz is proud to have her name above her own pub. She gets to know her staff - cellarman Bob Cairns and barmaid Tania Pooley. Bob warns Jim that Willmore sacked the last manager for not dancing to his tune. Ivy looks after the Platts and Rosie to give their parents the afternoon to themselves. Angie is depressed that she's jobless and man-less. She helps Alma tidy the cafe as it's Bank Holiday. They eat chips together as comfort. Neil tells Denise he's given his flat up and is leaving the area. She tells him she's sorry it's all ended like this. He tells her he will only go out of her life if she gives him back the £3,000 he gave her to start up business. Gordon doesn't want to rush Raquel but she encourages him to kiss her. Desperate to get rid of Neil, Denise writes him a cheque. Ivy tells Don she'd like them to spend more time with the children and thinks about future excursions. He tells her he won't let her use the children to make them see a couple. Alma comforts Angie as she breaks down when Neil leaves, pushing a goodbye note through the cafe door.moreless
  • Fri 28 May, 1993
    Fri 28 May, 1993
    Episode 64
    Curly worries about Angie. When she refuses to open her door to him he gets the spare key from Gail. Angie is furious and throws him out before breaking down. Mrs Barford hears that Alf is selling up and calls round. He is delighted to see her and realises he'll be able to spend more time with his friends when he retires. Bet's jealousy shows on Liz's last day at the Rovers. Liz is upset over her attitude. Bet is ashamed of herself. Hanif has a bruised face. He rows with Angie for taking the morning off, telling her she's nothing but a second rate designer. He sacks her. She calls him a spoilt little boy. Bet tells Rita she feels bitter and angry that she was never offered The Queens. Rita makes her see that she's jealous, mainly of Liz's age and attractiveness. Gordon buys Raquel roses to cheer her up. She is touched when he takes her out to a musical. Bet apologises to Liz about her behaviour. Denise tries to comfort Angie but Angie doesn't want to talk to her, telling her that her men have caused her grief. Bet and the regulars give Liz a send off with a £50 gift voucher and a shillelagh. Raquel thanks Gordon for treating her like a lady. She tells him he's a loving friend and kisses him passionately. He is triumphant.moreless
  • Wed 26 May, 1993
    Wed 26 May, 1993
    Episode 63
    Doug is back living with his sister. Raquel celebrates her birthday. Bet tells her she can have the backroom all evening to entertain Wayne. Reg phones in the weekly accounts, telling Head Office profits are down £2,000. Bet tells Willmore it's not fair that Liz has got the Queens. She is insulted when he tells her he tries to match the personality of the pub to that of the manager. Jim notices the way Willmore is so charming towards Liz. Hanif invites Denise to a dinner dance to help him impress business colleagues. Bet tells Betty that Liz has only got The Queens because Willmore is a lech. Jim overhears her. Reg tells Brendan's secretary he has high blood pressure and is having trouble coping. Jim tells Liz he feels their getting a pub has been too easy. Liz worries that he's getting cold feet. Raquel is grateful when Gordon calls with a present. She becomes distraught when Wayne doesn't turn up for the meal she and Betty have prepared. Gordon drives her round to Wayne's flat. She is stunned to find Wayne entertaining Serena in dressing gowns. Wayne tells her he never made her any promises. Gordon is pleased she's found Wayne and Serena but doesn't show it. Raquel begins to seethe. Neil gets annoyed as Hanif and Denise go out. He tries to delay their deaparture from the pub and has a go at Hanif, accusing him of dragging Denise off. He starts to push him, wanting to start a fight. He pushes Hanif into a table, causing his face to bleed. Hanif dodges Neil's fist and he hits the wall. Denise leaves with Hanif and humiliated Angie walks out. Raquel thumps Wayne in the mouth, telling him he was always rotten in bed. Angie throws Neil's things out of the flat.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 1993
    Mon 24 May, 1993
    Episode 62
    Raquel prepares a special meal for Wayne, hoping he will propose marriage. Curly breaks the news to Deirdre that Reg has bought the shop. Stella's cellarman is ill so Jim agrees to work for her for the week. Curly asks Reg to recommend him for the manager's job. Reg tells him he isn't going to give notice or ask for retirement as it might be refused; he's going to let his high standards slip so Brendan thinks he's not doing a good job. Bet and Stella are stunned when Liz hears she's been given The Queens, the brewery's top pub. The McDonalds celebrate. Alf doesn't really want to leave the shop. Stella warns Jim that Willmore is a ladies' man and may have taken a liking to Liz.moreless
  • Fri 21 May, 1993
    Fri 21 May, 1993
    Episode 61
    Curly realises he'll run Bettabuys when Reg tells him he's put in for redundancy. Maureen is upset that Maud is refusing to come to the engagement party. She asks Reg to crawl to her to change her mind. Liz is ecstatic when Willmore tells her she'll be getting her pub in days rather then weeks. Mavis pays to have the dormobile removed as she can't take anymore. Reg gives Maud her invitation in verse. Despite herself she is impressed and agrees to attend. Doug leaves No. 6. Derek and Des are glad to see the van gone, both think the other removed it. Ivy tells Don her plans for the shop. He tells her she's barmy; their lives are no longer together. Bet invites Harry to Reg's party. He is stunned when Stella also arrives. Maureen and Reg are amazed when Maud is all sweetness at the party. Derek is stunned when Des thanks him for moving the van and offers to pay half. Mavis admits she moved the van. Derek is furious. Audrey tells Alf they should accept Reg's offer. Bet and Stella tell Harry they've uncovered his little game. They force him to buy drinks all round at the engagement party. Alf tells Reg he can have the shop for £68,000. Reg cracks open the champagne whilst Audrey is ecstatic over being free at last.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 1993
    Wed 19 May, 1993
    Episode 60
    Bet tells Alf about the road widening. He worries as it may affect the shop sale. Des phones Wilkie and is depressed when he refuses to buy a house next to a mad man. Alf tells Bet there are no plans to widen Rosamund Street. Brendan delights in telling Reg one of the managers must go. Reg begs him not to choose him, knowing the more he crawls the more likely he is to be sacked. Alf is stunned when Reg and Maureen look over the shop. Raquel attends a club social with Wayne and Gordon. Her plans for a romantic afternoon are spoilt when Serena takes Wayne off for an interview. Alf is certain Reg is only prying and refuses to let him see the accounts. Audrey overrides him and hands them over. Derek is annoyed he put the buyer off No. 6 as he wants Des to move. He tries to retrieve the van pieces he threw over the fence. Doug tries to stop him and Des has to separate them. He then realises Wilkie has called round and witnessed the spectacle. Wilkie tells Des there's no way he'd buy the house now. Bet discovers Harry's pulled the same trick with loads of landladies. Reg returns the accounts and offers £65,000. Alf tells him to get lost. Des accuses Doug of messing up his life and gives him twenty-four hours to leave.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 1993
    Mon 17 May, 1993
    Episode 59
    Derek refuses to play into Des' hands by doing anything rash. Alf is asking £73,000 for the shop and flat. Bet warns Liz that she'll probably be given a rough pub to run. Liz is surprised to see Bet so jealous of the way she's got on. Bet is cold towards her and makes her work in the cellar. Betty asks Bet not to spoil things for Liz. The CAB tells Derek it'll cost £1,000 to take Des to court and make him move the van. Reg and Curly hear from Head Office that the company are asking for redundancies at all levels. Maureen alerts Reg to the idea that he could buy a small business if he took redundancy. Mr Wilkie measures up No. 6 and is stunned when Derek starts cutting the van up with a disc cutter. Bet gets Liz to slap her hand for being so horrid. Ivy considers getting Don to buy the shop with his compensation so they could run it together. Angie is fed up that all she and Neil have in common is sex. Bet tells Stella about the road widening. Stella tells her Harry has been telling her the same. Derek throws pieces of the van into Des' garden. Des is horrified as Wilkie is there.moreless
  • Fri 14 May, 1993
    Fri 14 May, 1993
    Episode 58
    Derek is furious when Des helps Doug, cooking for him and letting him use his facilities. Neil is fed up of Angie going on about his obsession with Denise. He tells her he's had enough of her nagging. Derek annoys Des by going on about Doug's dormobile. Des promises him he'll get Doug to move it. Maureen returns to Bettabuys. Des takes Doug on as a lodger, taking the dormobile for the first two weeks rent. Reg tells Maud he is marrying Maureen. He assures her that they will look after her after the wedding. He threatens to take Maureen away for good if she continues to try to split them up. Emily gives Percy his first lesson. Gordon takes Raquel to the Comp to see Wayne coach pupils. She is stunned to see Wayne with his 'minder' Serena Black. Des hires a crane to move the dormobile. Reg announces his engagement in the Rovers. Rita can't believe anyone would take him on. Derek is thrilled to see the dormobile has been moved until he discovers it dumped in his back garden. Mavis becomes hysterical.moreless
  • Wed 12 May, 1993
    Wed 12 May, 1993
    Episode 57
    Doug can't believe he's ended up sleeping in a leaky van. Deirdre worries that she'll lose her job when the shop is sold. Reg rushes after Maureen with flowers, he trips and falls at her feet, twisting his ankle. She feels sorry for him and takes him home. She nurses him but walks out when she overhears Curly congratulating Reg in getting her back in the flat. A couple looks over Des' house. Hanif lays into Angie, accusing her of mouthing off about him having his own harem at work. He threatens to sack her if she spreads anymore rumours. She is annoyed as she doesn't know what he's talking about. Derek gets onto the Council about moving the dormobile but learns it will take six weeks to move. Maureen tells Reg she believes he didn't fall on purpose and wants them to part as friends. He refuses to part and proposes to her. Raquel admits to Gordon Blinkhorn that she doesn't know where she stands with Wayne. He tells her that Wayne is going to give a lesson at the Comp and suggests he takes her along. Des accepts the Wilkies' offer on No. 6. He can't wait to get away from the house. Angie accuses Neil of telling Denise that Hanif's a womaniser. She tells him it's obvious he still wants Denise. Maureen agrees to marry Reg but worries about telling Maud.moreless
  • Mon 10 May, 1993
    Mon 10 May, 1993
    Episode 56
    Doug removes the wheels from the dormobile, telling Derek kids must have taken them in the night. Without wheels he can't move the van. Ken is amazed when a "For Sale" sign goes up outside the shop. Emily celebrates when the tax people decide not to prosecute her, believing her explanation. Maureen goes to Bettabuys for her P45, asking Curly for it. Reg is delighted to see her but she runs off rather than speak to him. Alf assures Ken he'll be alright as he's a sitting tenant and offers to sell the flat furniture to him. Neil tells Denise he's heard from Angie that Hanif sleeps around and she's not the only one in his life. Hanif assures Denise he doesn't mix with his workers. Reg decides to take Maureen's P45 to her.moreless
  • Fri 7 May, 1993
    Fri 7 May, 1993
    Episode 55
    Percy tells Emily he decided not to propose to Olive. When he tells her he won't be seeing Olive again she realises he must have been turned down. Alf urges Audrey not to tell anyone about selling up but she lets it slip to Deirdre and Gail. They are shocked. Doug gets fed up when the residents keep moving the dormobile on. He ends up parking it outside the Wiltons', to Mavis' horror. Emily offers to give Percy a few refresher lessons so he can drive the car. Alf is amazed to discover Audrey has spread the word about retiring. He tells Bet, realising he can't keep it a secret. Jim and Liz start their training at The White Swan under Stella. Derek allows Doug to park the dormobile overnight but threatens him with the police if it isn't moved in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 5 May, 1993
    Wed 5 May, 1993
    Episode 54
    Doug spends the night in the dormobile. Emily is stunned when Percy tells her he's going to propose to Olive. She's delighted for him. Jack refuses to give Doug any of his clothes until he pays the rent arrears. Emily looks forward to a life free of Percy. Harry tells Bet about the Council's plans to widen Rosamund Street - demolishing the Rovers. He promises her he's fighting for her so she gives him free ale. Phyllis finally acknowledges the fact that Percy has no interest in her. Alf is shocked when Les dies in hospital. He decides that Audrey is right and tells her they will sell up. Doug goes into the Rovers in his underwear, telling everyone Jack is keeping his clothes. Bet orders Jack to dress him. Neil is cool towards Hanif. Angie gets fed up when it's obvious he's still jealous of Denise. Percy tells Olive how hard it is living with someone who doesn't want to be with him. She is astonished when he proposes on one knee. He is amazed when she turns him down, saying she likes him as a friend but that's all. To save face Percy admits he was joking and blinks back the tears.moreless
  • Mon 3 May, 1993
    Mon 3 May, 1993
    Episode 53
    Bet and Rita return from holiday. Reg intends to sue Rita for the damages to his waterbed. Hanif takes Denise out for the day. Rita is horrified to find the stock all water damaged. She wants to go for Reg but Derek admits it was his fault. Mr Truscott's dormobile breaks down in the Street. Doug looks it over and tells him it'll never go again so Truscott dumps it. Doug discovers the van has all its documents in it. Bet is stunned when Liz tells her she's going to be trained as a manager. Rita feels the whole matter is hysterical when she discovers Reg was in bed with a woman at the time. Alf and Audrey go to the seaside for the afternoon. He feels able to relax for the first time in ages. Doug offers the dormobile to the Duckworths instead of rent. Jack knows it's no good and throws Doug out.moreless
  • Fri 30 Apr, 1993
    Fri 30 Apr, 1993
    Episode 52
    Alf refuses to sell up, feeling Audrey only wants to spend his money. Reg feels that Maud will always stop him and Maureen from consummating their love. He tells Maureen they'll take the afternoon off and spend it in his flat. Percy spruces himself up to be with Olive. He tells her she's a handsome woman. Phyllis accuses Olive of chasing Percy because his picture was in the magazine. The McDonalds celebrate when Willmore accepts them as trainee managers. Jack is sickened. Derek sets about refitting the stockroom light. Mavis feels he'll electrocute himself. Derek is puzzled when water drips through his drill hole. Hanif is pleased when Denise lets him kiss her. The Wiltons realise the water is coming from Reg's flat and fears he might be ill and have left the bath running. They rush to the flat and bang on the door. Reg and Maureen are stopped from making love and Maureen is caught up in the bed as the water gushes out of it. Reg is furious to discover Derek has drilled into the water bed. Doug has no rent for the Duckworths, telling them he's got a car deal on and they'll have the rent soon. Maureen feels humiliated and refuses to have anything to do with Reg anymore.moreless
  • Wed 28 Apr, 1993
    Wed 28 Apr, 1993
    Episode 51
    Neil doesn't like the way Angie is always working on designs. Audrey misses her exciting past and feels the shop is controlling her life. She is stunned when Les Curry, one of Alf's WART mates, suffers a heart attack in the shop. Willmore interviews the Duckworths. He feels they're too old and Tom would be a problem. They are forced to tell him about Terry being in prison for GBH. Jack is upset when Willmore turns him down. Emily signs up for a creative crafts holiday. The strip light fitting in the Kabin stockroom falls off the ceiling, narrowly missing Mavis. Angie is annoyed that Neil is jealous of Hanif and Denise. Reg swears Maureen is his destiny before luring her into the bedroom. Their passion is cooled when Maud rings again and Maureen is summoned home. Audrey uses Les' heart attack to show Alf he works too hard. She tells him she wants him to sell the shop. Vera and Jack are upset that they're stuck with their lot.moreless
  • Mon 26 Apr, 1993
    Mon 26 Apr, 1993
    Episode 50
    Jack is annoyed that Liz and Jim are up for a pub. He feels he's been overlooked. He feels that he could run a pub and tells Vera they should have the chance. He is confident that he could run a pub but Vera doesn't agree. He wins her round by pointing out there'd be a job for Terry. Doug enjoys being pampered by Vera and encourages her by flirting with her. Jack fumes when Jim lords it at the Rovers. He phones Willmore and applies to be a pub manager. He arranges an appointment. Don enjoys Denise cutting his hair. She tells him about her deformed hand and they talk about their disabilities. Reg entertains Maureen at his flat. Vera dreams of running a pub with her family round her. Maureen is thrilled when Reg kisses her passionately. He is furious when Maud rings and tells her she's fallen out of her wheelchair. Maureen dashes off home leaving Reg dejected.moreless
  • Fri 23 Apr, 1993
    Fri 23 Apr, 1993
    Episode 49
    Derek is furious that Harry has been promoted and not sacked. Jack is annoyed as Doug is given five star treatment by Vera. Amy is sad that Andy is returning to Sheffield. He finds her with a little girl, Holly, and is stunned to discover it's her daughter. He is annoyed that she didn't tell him sooner as he wouldn't have got so involved. He gives her the brush off so she calls him immature. Willmore tells Jim he's interested in him but needs to see employer's references before giving him a formal interview. Derek is annoyed when Mrs Jeffers tells him to be grateful that Harry's gone and not to create a fuss. Mavis accuses him of just being after revenge for all Harry's bullying. Vera is flattered Doug notices she's had her hair done. He goes over board, telling her she's a queen. Don gives Denise a lift in his taxi. Instead of payment he suggests she cuts his hair. Jim fears he'll get a bad reference because of him thumping the lad. Angie and Neil see Hanif and Denise drinking together. Angie is pleased for Hanif but Neil is stricken.moreless
  • Wed 21 Apr, 1993
    Wed 21 Apr, 1993
    Episode 48
    With Rita away, Emily helps out at the Kabin. Liz is shocked when Jim resigns from his job. He urges her to tackle Willmore about them taking a pub on. Emily is affronted when Vera asks her to tell the police she suffered another mental breakdown over the car. Derek fears he went too far in his dossier. Liz contacts Willmore and is amazed when he agrees to chat to her and Jim about the possibility of their own pub. Angie is furious to discover Hanif has checked Mike out. She accuses him of snooping. Vera realises they need the money Doug brings in. He flatters her and buys her chocolates. Jim and Liz tell the boys about their plans. Liz is upset when they feel it's got nothing to do with them as they're old enough to look after themselves. Denise is surprised when Hanif chats her up. Derek is stunned when Harry tells him he's leaving to be caretaker at the Tech and Mrs Jeffers has written him a glowing reference.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 1993
    Mon 19 Apr, 1993
    Episode 47
    Mike is furious to discover Doug has spent the night at the garage. He explains his brother-in-law has thrown him out. Mike takes his garage key from him. Jim is depressed when he realises he can't afford to give the job up. Derek gives the dossier to Mrs Jeffers. Jack loses all his wages in a card school and everyone refuses to lend him more money. Hanif looks through Angie's desk and finds some designs for Mike. Vera is summoned for driving a vehicle without insurance. Angie apologises to Hanif for working on Mike's designs on his time. He belittles her for working on tat. Jack agrees to take Doug in for £50 a week. Hanif susses out Mike's design premises. Mike assures him he's not after poaching Angie. Hanif takes a fancy to Denise. Liz puts the idea into Jim's head that they can run a pub together. He likes the idea. Vera is put out when Doug moves into No. 9.moreless
  • Fri 16 Apr, 1993
    Fri 16 Apr, 1993
    Episode 46
    Mark enjoys being with Mike and Alma. Maggie has a heart-to-heart to Alma, telling her she worries that Mike wants Mark all of the time. Alma assures her that she'd never let Mike take Mark from her. Derek lets Mavis read his dossier on Harry. Liz is horrified that Jim has laid into a fifteen-year old. Maud turns up at Bettabuys and makes Reg show her round the store. Mavis accuses Derek of being vindictive in the dossier. Mark is annoyed to hear Ken telling Maggie she must be firmer with Mike. Ken is shocked when Maggie tells him she's had enough of his snipping over Mike. She can't take much more and feels they should finish. Raquel gets fed up with Liz ordering her around. She tells Liz that the authority has gone to her head. Willmore arrives in time to hear Liz refuse to serve Vicky with alcohol as she's underage. He congratulates her. Jim tells Liz he feels awful hitting a lad and all because he wanted to. He decides to drop the job as he's too crazy to keep control anymore.moreless
  • Wed 14 Apr, 1993
    Wed 14 Apr, 1993
    Episode 45
    Raquel resents the way the McDonalds have taken over the pub. Andy returns to work a hero. Liz enjoys running the Rovers and considers applying for her own licence. Andy is annoyed to hear Reg blaming Jim for letting the money go. He smashes a box of vinegar on purpose. Jim grows sick of spending his time squashed at the Rovers and ignoring comments about his cowardness. He frightens Steve by going to hit him. Andy is touched when the girls have a whipround and give him £40 as he's not entitled to loss of earnings. Reg apologises to him and offers him money out of petty cash but Andy refuses it. Ken buys Mark a computer game to help his maths. Mark is mortified. Emily has enough of Percy criticising her driving. She drives off on her own instead of taking him to a bowling match. Neil gets Des to join him playing cards. Mark calls at Mike's and asks if he can stay the night as he doesn't want to be near Ken. Mike calls Maggie and she calls round, livid. Mark tells her he's sick of Ken and wants to stay with Mike. Maggie has not option but leave them together. Neil gets annoyed when, instead of sitting in on her all evening, Angie gets drunk at the Rovers. Angie tells him he has to trust her. Looking after a building site, Jim catches a youth, Danny Wheeler, trying to break into a tool shed. Danny drops his gemmy and puts his hands up but Jim violently lays into him with his fists.moreless
  • Mon 12 Apr, 1993
    Mon 12 Apr, 1993
    Episode 44
    Mike is delighted to discover Ken and the Redmans have returned from their holiday early. Mark is thrilled when Mike gives him a portable game boy. He tells Mike he had a boring time with Ken. Emily is nervous of driving but Deirdre takes her in hand and gets her to drive them to the country for lunch. Steve is amazed when Vicky returns alone. She explains Alec is working and she didn't want to go back to school yet. Liz is put out when Vicky moves into the Rovers. Maggie is frustrated that she's caught up in the battle between Ken, Mike and Mark. Jim wins the Easter egg Liz raffles at the Rovers. He gets annoyed when some drinkers jokingly call the raffle a fix. He blows up and refuses to accept the egg. Raquel stops Vicky and Steve from sleeping together in the Rovers. She tells Steve he should have more respect for Vicky and threatens to tell Bet. Vicky is resentful when Steve goes home. Reg asks Maureen to view his flat but she refuses, saying there'll be another time. Neil is annoyed as Angie works all Bank Holiday. Mike delights in annoying Ken, telling him Mark has said what a boring time he had.moreless
  • Fri 9 Apr, 1993
    Fri 9 Apr, 1993
    Episode 43
    Reg feels Jim should have fought for the money. Emily tells him money can be replaced, people can't. Percy cooks an Easter meal for Emily and Olive. Percy persuades Emily to take them for a drive in the country. Vera misses the bus to Strangeways so borrows the Nova, using an old set of keys. Emily reports the Nova as stolen. Reg presents Maud with an expensive Easter egg but she refuses it, saying she's not a child. The police stop Vera in the Nova. Emily feels obliged to let the matter drop and is told she's wasted police time. The PC tells Emily the car isn't taxed and furthermore Vera isn't insured. Jim worries that people think he's a coward. He works an extra shift to get away from the street. Des makes an effort to win Vera over, telling her he may be stupid but he loved Lisa. She is touched by his sincerity. They make the peace, admitting it's stupid to keep warring. Vera tells Jack Terry is refusing the £5,000 compensation that he's been offered as he wants more.moreless
  • Wed 7 Apr, 1993
    Wed 7 Apr, 1993
    Episode 42
    Steve is annoyed as Andy didn't take Gabby off anywhere. Sally feels used as Vera keeps dumping Tom on her for nothing. Steve is frustrated as Vicky goes to Southampton without having spent any time alone with him. Vicky is tired of Gabby but feels obliged to look after her. Emily enjoys driving again. Bet and Rita leave for Tenerife. Masked gunmen burst into Bettabuys whilst Reg is at lunch with Maureen. They demand the till money from Jim who is collecting it. He gives them the money and they leave. One catches his foot and stumbles so Andy jumps on him. The gunman clubs Andy on the head with his gun. Liz takes over the Rovers but has to leave to rush to Andy. Jim goes with badly cut Andy to hospital in an ambulance. Jim is furious with himself for not defending his son. Curly is furious that Reg has been wining and dining Maureen whilst he's coped with armed robbers. Reg asks him not to tell Head Office he wasn't there. Vera is stunned when Sally tells her she'll only mind Tommy again if she's paid the going rate. Andy's lip is stitched and he has mild concussion. He realises why Jim is often jumpy as every day he could be killed. Derek takes Mavis for a birthday meal and is annoyed when Harry delays them by buying Mavis drinks. Jim tells Andy he was an idiot for jumping the gunman but he's proud of him.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 1993
    Mon 5 Apr, 1993
    Episode 41
    Vicky gets Steve to persuade Andy to join them on a foursome to get Gabby out of their hair. Emily finds her old walking boots and decides to join a rambling club. She notices Vera's car is up for sale and considers buying it for excursions. Reg is depressed as Maureen is adamant they should finish as she can't bear to see him got at by Maud. Curly advises him to sweep Maureen off her feet and fight for her. Emily buys the Nova from Vera and books refresher lessons. She looks forward to her new freedom. Vera and Jack go to court. Vera is furious when John Hargreaves is cleared of dangerous driving. She blames Des for not changing his statement. Steve blackmails Andy into taking Gabby out. Reg tells Maureen he intends to fight for her. She is thrilled. Bet makes Des see that Tommy will be well looked after even if he gets no compensation. Des is cheered up by his friends but Vera goes for him when she finds him laughing in the Rovers.moreless
  • Fri 2 Apr, 1993
    Fri 2 Apr, 1993
    Episode 40
    Reg meets Maud Grimes again but tries to disarm her by getting Maureen to introduce him as 'Norman Watts'. Phyllis is jealous of Percy's involvement with Olive. Maud recognises Reg and is furious that he's in her house. She refuses to believe he's any different to how he used to be. Ken takes the Redmans to Brittany. Vicky returns for Easter with her friend Gabriella. Vera advertises the Nova for sale in the local paper but no one shows any interest. Steve is put out that Vicky has brought a friend for the holidays but Vicky assures him she'll get rid of her. Derek completes his dossier on Harry. Maud feels Maureen is a fool to take up with Reg again. She wheels over him in her wheelchair. Maureen feels it might be for the best if she gets out of Reg's life again. Des tells Vera he's going to have to tell the truth in court. Vera tells him the truth is he killed Lisa.moreless
  • Wed 31 Mar, 1993
    Wed 31 Mar, 1993
    Episode 39
    Vera decides to sell her car as they need money. Raquel offers to run the Rovers in Bet's absence. She is disappointed when Bet diplomatically tells her she's too young. Maureen asks Reg not to ignore her but he doesn't know where he stands with her. He tells her he needs time to adjust but is hopelessly in love with her. Maureen is touched and tells Reg she wants to continue seeing him. Raquel is miffed that Bet has asked Liz to run the pub and is cool towards her. Bet arranges with Willmore for Liz to take over on the condition she sleeps in. Des realises the Duckworths must be in dire straits if they're having to sell the car. He tells Doug that they could help out if they agreed to change their statements. Doug tells him he's talking stupid. Reg decides to face Maureen's mother. Percy goes to Prestwich to call on Olive. They reminisce about Nobby and the old days. Kevin values Vera's car at £1,100. She is disappointed it isn't more. Rita is pleased when Bet invites her to Tenerife. John Hargreaves, the driver who killed Lisa, calls on Des to tell him how awful he feels. He feels awful about Tom as he has a child the same age. Des realises he is genuine.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 1993
    Mon 29 Mar, 1993
    Episode 38
    Vera blames Des for his statement, feeling he's done Tommy out of his compensation. Percy receives a letter from Olive Clarke who saw the magazine article. She tells him his old pal Nobby Clarke has died. He is sad as Nobby was his best pal in the Army. Maureen is puzzled as Reg is cool towards her. Stella goes off to the Caribbean, offering Bet use of her villa in Tenerife. Percy contacts Olive and is invited round. The brewery tells Bet they have no relief managers spare to cover her holiday. Mark is upset that he can't go away with Mike. Bet asks Liz to run the Rovers in her absence as relief manageress. Reg pretends he doesn't mind Maureen having a man. Liz isn't sure she could run a pub but Bet is certain she can. Vera and Jack worry about money as the bills pile up. She tells Jack they'll have to get Des to change his statement and blame the driver. Reg accuses Maureen of taking him for a mug and tells her he knows she has a man. She breaks the news that she in fact lives with her mother, Maud – Reg's old nemesis who he thought would have died long before. He is stunned. Liz is thrilled when Jim encourages her to run the Rovers. Jack asks Des to change his statement for Tommy's sake. Des refuses to commit perjury. Jack tells him he owes it to Lisa to help Tom out.moreless
  • Fri 26 Mar, 1993
    Fri 26 Mar, 1993
    Episode 37
    Andy enjoys a night out with Amy and tells her he wants to see more of her. Reg becomes suspicious that Maureen has a secret as she refuses to let him near her house. Maggie tells Mike she's furious that he's told Mark he's going to Euro Disney without asking her. She knows she can't stop it now as Mark will be disappointed. The Duckworths go to see a solicitor, Anne Ratcliffe, over compensation. He is pleased they're entitled to Legal Aid. They learn they may not get compensation as the witnesses say the driver was not at fault. The Platts celebrate when Martin is accepted back at the hospital. Alma is thrilled when Mike tells her he'll take her away for Easter. Reg spys on Maureen and discovers she lives with someone.moreless
  • Wed 24 Mar, 1993
    Wed 24 Mar, 1993
    Episode 36
    Vera and Jack are exhausted and fall into bickering all the time. Martin feels miserable and upset that no one believed him. Gail feels guilty that she doubted him. Andy is pleased when Amy agrees to have lunch with him. He is annoyed when Reg tells him to work his lunch as Maureen has to have her hair done. Mike doesn't like the way Angie lets Neil stay the nights at the flat. He fears Neil will steal from the cafe. Martin gets drunk and disappears. Reg takes Maureen to the theatre. Harry gets free drinks at The White Swan by telling Stella he's attempting to stop a road widening scheme. Maggie and Ken plan an Easter holiday in Brittany but Mark tells Maggie he wants to go to Euro Disney with Mike. Vera enjoys herself at Bingo with Ivy. She wins £20. Reg tells Maureen she's a queen amongst women. He is disappointed when she refuses a night cap. Martin apologises to Gail, saying he stayed out as he wanted to hurt her. He explains he was scared he was going to lose her. He breaks down and is reconciled with Gail.moreless
  • Mon 22 Mar, 1993
    Mon 22 Mar, 1993
    Episode 35
    Gail is horrified when the police interview her over Carmel's accident. Martin gets protective and tries to get them to leave but Gail feels she has nothing to hide. Andy starts back at Bettabuys and is impressed by check out girl Amy Nelson. He is amused to see Jim calling at the store in his uniform. Gail gives the police a statement. Carmel is pleased when her grandfather John arrives. She tells him about Gail pushing her down stairs. Bet is relieved when Willmore tells her that as she's made profits her contract will be renewed for another year. John Finnan talks to the Platts to find out what has been going on. When Martin tells him about Carmel's fake pregnancy, John tells them that this has all happened before. He explains how Carmel has had hospital treatment for her obsession and says he'll take her back to Ireland for more help. The Platts are relieved the nightmare is over. Martin tells Gail that he's upset that she didn't really trust him over Carmel.moreless
  • Fri 19 Mar, 1993
    Fri 19 Mar, 1993
    Episode 34
    Carmel has a broken leg but Gail fears she might have damaged the baby. Angie tells Neil she doesn't want him as she'll always be second best for him. Reg is disappointed when Maureen seems evasive about going out with him. Andy returns for Easter. Gail and Martin are shocked when the doctor tells them Carmel isn't pregnant. Gail grows hysterical. Martin has to stop her from laying into Carmel. Martin cracks and tells Carmel she's got to stop her lies. She tells him one day they will have a baby. Martin is asked to leave the ward when he starts shouting that Carmel is evil. Angie is impressed when Neil makes a big effort, cooking her a meal. He tells her that from now on she's the only woman in his life. Martin tells Gail they can't let Carmel ruin their lives. They reaffirm their love for each other. Neil is delighted when Angie asks him to move in with her. Carmel tells the police that Gail pushed her down stairs in a jealous fit.moreless
  • Wed 17 Mar, 1993
    Wed 17 Mar, 1993
    Episode 33
    Carmel tells Sally that Gail wants her to take David to a party. Sally is uneasy about letting him go and says she'll have to phone Gail first. Carmel accuses her of thinking she's a liar but leaves when Sally threatens to call the police. Gail is shaken when Sally summons her. Sally feels they should bring the police in so Gail tells her the Carmel is obsessed with Martin and that she's saying her baby is his. Gail is determined that Carmel isn't going to wreck her marriage. Reg tells Maureen he wants to take her out again. Denise is surprised when Neil says he can't wait to divorce her. Gail calls on Carmel at her bedsit. Carmel denies trying to take David. Carmel tells her she started everything by inviting her into her house; she willed Carmel to take Martin off her. Carmel suggests Gail sees a psychiatrist. Neil tells Angie he's finished with Denise and wants to make a fresh start with her as mates. She refuses as she knows she couldn't trust herself. Carmel pleads with Gail to let Martin leave. Gail shoves her off her, Carmel falls down a flight of stairs and lays motionless on the floor.moreless
  • Mon 15 Mar, 1993
    Mon 15 Mar, 1993
    Episode 32
    Reg has a busted lip and wants to have Neil arrested but no one is willing to be his witness. Angie wants to blame Denise for leading Neil on. Curly comforts her as she feels so foolish. Nicky worries that Martin and Gail might be divorcing. Maureen starts at Bettabuys. Phyllis feels closer to Percy. Denise swears to Angie that she's not been leading Neil on. Denise tells Angie about Neil wanting to stop the divorce. Denise makes her see she still wants to be her friend. Reg is stunned to find Maureen, nee Grimes – an old love - is working for him. Angie confronts Neil where he's working. She throws his stuff from her flat into his cement mixer. Reg is annoyed to discover Maureen is now married. Ivy tells him she's divorced. Neil apologises to Denise. Martin arranges with Don to start taxiing when he's not using his cab. Don gets him insurance as a named driver. Audrey reminds Gail that Brian left her because she thought Ian was Sarah's father. Carmel accuses Gail of stopping Martin from going to college. She tells Gail that she intends to take Martin from her.moreless
  • Fri 12 Mar, 1993
    Fri 12 Mar, 1993
    Episode 31
    Curly takes Maureen Naylor on at Bettabuys. Percy performs his heroic duty, accompanying Phyllis on her date. A photographer covers them all the time. Phyllis has a wonderful time with 'her man'. Gail talks to the nursing principle, telling her about Martin wanting to leave over Carmel's pestering. Gail is amazed when Mrs Williams tells her Carmel has told her everything and stunned to hear Mrs Williams has seen Martin. Percy isn't happy when he's photographed having a manicure. Gail breaks down and demands to know why Martin didn't tell her he'd been called to see Mrs Williams. He swears he didn't want to upset her. Percy is insulted when the reporter tells him he's raunchy. Angie throws a flat warming. Curly warns her that Neil is besotted with Denise but she accuses him of just being jealous. Reg gatecrashes Angie's party. Denise tries to avoid Neil at the party. He has too much to drink. She dances with Jim upsetting him. Neil tries to get Denise off Jim and lashes out. Reg is hit in the face. Angie realises Neil is obsessed with Denise.moreless
  • Wed 10 Mar, 1993
    Wed 10 Mar, 1993
    Episode 30
    Gail is cold towards Martin who realises he should have told Gail straight away. Don feels he's let Martin down by telling Ivy. Audrey tells Alf that Reg has offered her a job in the hope of seeing him explode. He disappoints her by playing it cool, telling her it would be a good idea. Jim starts collecting money from Bettabuys in his security van. Neil tells Denise that Angie doesn't mean anything to him. Denise feels sorry for her. She asks Neil to leave her alone. Emily tells Percy he should be a gentleman and help Phyllis out as she needs the £100. Martin tells Carmel she's wrecking his marriage. He tells her he knows he can't be her child's father. He pleads with her to stop fooling around and to stay out of his life. Ivy tells Audrey about Martin and Carmel. Gail is annoyed that Audrey knows. She tells Ivy to keep her mouth shut in future. Percy agrees to have the meal with Phyllis when she promises to act like a lady. Carmel is confident that Martin will leave Gail. Audrey calls Alf's bluff and decides to take Reg's job. Alf is forced to warn Reg off. Martin tells Gail he's giving up his course as he can't stand seeing Carmel again.moreless
  • Mon 8 Mar, 1993
    Mon 8 Mar, 1993
    Episode 29
    Gail knows Carmel is a liar and takes no notice of her. Ivy wonders what has gone on between Martin and Carmel. Don tells her to forget about it. He tells her about Carmel getting into Martin's bed. Phyllis wins a 'Man in your Life' competition in a woman's magazine. The prize is £100, an interview in the magazine plus a romantic dinner for too. She is in a dilemma as she said Percy was her man. Neil is certain he can make Denise love him but she tells him he'll never change. Audrey is flattered when Reg chats her up and offers her a job at Bettabuys. Reg considers filling the vacancy left by Vera with Audrey. Percy refuses to pose as Phyllis' man. Gail is horrified when Ivy breaks the news to her that Martin spent the night with Carmel. She calls Martin a liar and is upset that she trusted him. Martin swears he never touched Carmel but Gail doesn't believe him.moreless
  • Fri 5 Mar, 1993
    Fri 5 Mar, 1993
    Episode 28
    Gail is impressed when Martin gets a £400 tax rebate. Jack is exhausted, working all day and awake with Tommy all night. Bet is concerned as Jack's too tired to work properly. She warns Vera that she's pushing him too much. Curly advertises for a male lodger. Denise tells Angie that Neil is serious about her. Angie is pleased. Carmel calls looking for Martin. Alf promises to support Harry. Harry takes a fancy to Bet. Denise is shocked when Neil tells her he wants to stop the divorce and give their marriage another go. He tells her he still loves her. Denise tells him he can't hurt Angie. Gail and Martin are horrified to find Carmel at No. 8. Carmel tells Martin he's hurt her by avoiding her at college. She tells Martin, in front of Gail and Ivy that she's carrying his baby.moreless
  • Wed 3 Mar, 1993
    Wed 3 Mar, 1993
    Episode 27
    Vicky and Steve are pleased they spent the night together. She has no regrets. Curly is bitter as Neil helps Angie move out of No. 7 and into the flat. Dr Carr rings Bet, asking how sick Alec is. Liz explains to her that Vicky has gone out with Steve and has been out all night. Bet is furious. Vicky returns to school and is shocked to find Bet there. Bet returns her 'toilet bag' to her. Bet tells her she's playing with fire. Vicky apologises but says she loves Steve and they took precautions. Harry is eager to serve on the Social Services Committee and hounds Alf for his backing. Bet warns Steve that if he ruins Vicky's life he'll live to regret it. Angie tells Neil he's free to come and go as he pleases. Ivy warns Vera that she's too old to look after a baby without help but Vera refuses help or charity, saying Tommy's her responsibility until Terry comes home.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 1993
    Mon 1 Mar, 1993
    Episode 26
    Steve phones Vicky and invites her to help him sell T-shirts at a gig in Birmingham. She doesn't think she can leave school. She tells Dr Carr that Alec isn't well and she wants to visit him in Weatherfield. Dr Carr believes her. Neil looks over the flat for Angie, telling her it's a bargain. Nicky thinks Mike's wonderful, the way he spends money on Mark. He is annoyed when Gail tells him she doesn't want him going out with Mark and Mike as they can't afford it. Vera is annoyed when Social Services check up on Tom. Vera is tired as Tom is teething. The social worker tells Vera she's entitled to help about the house. Vera feels that if she claims for money the Social will take Tom to live in Blackpool as the Hortens have more money. Gail is annoyed when Audrey feels she's neglecting the children by not giving them treats. Audrey offers to give her money but Gail refuses, saying she doesn't want the children being brought up spoilt. Vicky and Steve have a laugh selling the T-shirts. He gives her £50 for helping him. He gets rid of the illegal T-shirts he hasn't sold so Mike doesn't see them. Angie hopes that Neil will move in with her. The battery in Steve's car goes dead so he calls Dr Carr to say Alec has taken a turn for the worse. He gets a hotel room for the night, admitting to Vicky that he left the car lights on on purpose. Vicky is pleased.moreless
  • Fri 26 Feb, 1993
    Fri 26 Feb, 1993
    Episode 25
    The local papers report on the overturning of Ted's will. Alf is annoyed when the gossips talk about Rita being a gold digger. Ken tells Doug to stay away from Tracy, if he doesn't he threatens to report him for concealing assets. Doug agrees, realising he means it. Roger calls on Rita, telling her he's sorry for what's happened. She throws him out. Ken tells Deirdre she's brought on all her troubles by choosing unsuitable bed partners. Curly feels that Angie may have changed her feelings towards him as she hasn't mentioned moving out recently. Jack has enough of Vera spending money on Tom, he points out that they're now living on his wage and they can't cope. She tells him they'll get money from the driver's insurance. Deirdre has a new hair style. Rita refuses to regret meeting Ted. She knows she made him happy. Derek is relieved when Rita tells him she doesn't blame him for what he said in court. Curly prepares a romantic meal for Angie and is shattered when she tells him she's moving into Alma's old flat.moreless
  • Wed 24 Feb, 1993
    Wed 24 Feb, 1993
    Episode 24
    After his night with Raquel, Des feels that people will think she's a slag. She has no regrets. Vera tells Jack they're giving up smoking to economise. Derek feels wretched as he's cross-examined in court over Ted's state of mind when he made his will. He is forced to admit to telling to a customer that Ted wasn't 'all there'. Rita has to admit that Ted sometimes confused her with his first wife. Mike agrees to cash Doug's cheque, for a price, Doug is forced to agree. Judge Lancaster decides that the will must be laid aside, the estate must entirely go to Rita, wiping out the bequests to the Brookes but Rita must pay costs. Philip feels justified but annoyed that he's lost money. Ken tells Tracy she's been childish over Doug and his money. Rita is upset that Ted's character has been slurred. Bet makes her celebrate getting the Brookes out of her hair. Ken is annoyed that Doug has been trying to get his family to break the law. Mike enjoys ice-skating with Mark and Nicky. He gives Doug his money but keeps £500 for his accounts. Doug is depressed. Raquel wants to be more comfort to Des but he tells her he doesn't think it would be a good idea for her to stay again. He feels guilty about using her.moreless
  • Mon 22 Feb, 1993
    Mon 22 Feb, 1993
    Episode 23
    Doug demands his money from Tracy. Deirdre is puzzled to see them talking together. Alf takes Rita to court. Deirdre asks Doug what is going on between him and Tracy. He swears he hasn't touched Tracy and is forced to tell her about Tracy cashing his cheque. Rita is amazed when the Brookes' solicitor gets Ted's witness to say Derek told her that Ted was often 'out of his mind'. Deirdre makes Tracy withdraw the £2,000 and lectures her on helping Doug break the law. Des offers Vera Tommy's old clothes but Vera refuses to touch them. Raquel buys Des a drink and offers him her shoulder to cry on. Doug is disappointed when Deirdre gets Tracy to withdraw the money in a cheque. Deirdre tells him to stay away from her and her daughter from now on. Raquel gives herself to Des for the night to break his loneliness.moreless
  • Fri 19 Feb, 1993
    Fri 19 Feb, 1993
    Episode 22
    The Council drops the one way system. Sally is congratulated for her campaign but she feels it's not much consolation for Lisa. Des is adamant he's going to attend Lisa's funeral so Curly goes with him. Terry attends the funeral with warders. He tells Vera he feels nothing for Lisa anymore. Des watches the burial from a distance, when he goes to the graveside the Duckworths and Hortens turn on him, all blaming him for Lisa's death. Des declares his love to Lisa's coffin. Knowing Doug is meant to be taking Deirdre out, Tracy tells him she'll give him the money at a wine bar that night. Jack is certain he can't afford to bring Tom up but Vera is adamant they'll cope. Tracy tells Debbie Doug is breaking a date with her mum for her. The Hortens try to take Tom to Blackpool but Terry wants Vera to keep him. Tracy dresses up and tries to seduce Doug at the wine bar. She is upset when he only seems to be interested in his money. When she confesses she hasn't got it he is furious, telling her she's a stupid child playing a dangerous game.moreless
  • Wed 17 Feb, 1993
    Wed 17 Feb, 1993
    Episode 21
    Jack is exasperated as Vera determines to pay for Lisa's funeral. She doesn't care if it takes place in Blackpool but feels she cared more for Lisa than her parents did. Vera is certain Terry longs to have Tom himself, Jack isn't so sure. Raquel offers Des comfort, saying she really liked Lisa. BET: "You've got to give Vera credit - speaks her mind whatever. That's the clue to her miserable life. Being no respecter of persons, she can put everyone's back up." Vera is stunned when Terry tells her he doesn't want Tommy and advises her to give him to the Hortens. Vera makes him change his mind by pointing out he may be released early if he has a dependant. Tracy arranges to meet Doug at the Building Society but doesn't turn up. He is furious as he's taken time off work. When he finds her at home he warns her to stop playing games. Des is uncomfortable when Ivy tries to counsel him and pray with him, he doesn't think it's for him.moreless
  • Mon 15 Feb, 1993
    Mon 15 Feb, 1993
    Episode 20
    Vera takes charge of Tommy before Des can get him. Des stays over at Curly's. Curly and Angie try to comfort him. Des refuses to go anywhere near No. 6 and feels he should have left Lisa in Blackpool. He blames himself for everything. He feels he destroys everything he touches. Vera is determined to keep Tommy with her until Terry leaves prison. Jack thinks she's mad as they'll never be able to cope. Des is upset to see Tommy with the Duckworths and tries to take him but Jack stops him. Vera accuses Des of killing Lisa and warns him to stay away from Tommy. Angie and Curly worry when Des disappears with his car. Angie fears he'll drive into the canal so they drive to Anderton Lock where he burnt the boat. Des turns up at Phyllis' house. She tells him she knows how he feels and explains how she felt guilty over Margaret's death. She makes him see Lisa's death was nothing to do with him and assures him that people care for him. Vera decides to give up Bettabuys to bring Tommy up. Jeff arrives and tells Vera he's come for Tommy. Vera refuses to let Tommy go, saying that Terry is still his father. Jack throws Jeff out but Jeff warns them he'll fight them and win.moreless
  • Fri 12 Feb, 1993
    Fri 12 Feb, 1993
    Episode 19
    Deirdre is stunned to discover Tracy has been in the house all night. She is embarrassed to be caught out with Doug. Vera hopes Lisa will come round whilst Terry's with her. Doug waits for Tracy at the building society but she doesn't turn up. Des is upset when Terry arrives at the hospital to see Lisa. He tells the nurses Lisa wouldn't want that but he has the right as her husband. The Duckworths and Hortens nearly come to blows in the waiting room as the Hortens feel Terry has no right to see Lisa. Terry goes for Des, accusing him of not looking after Lisa. He is dragged off him by the prison officers. Vera is distraught by all that's happening. Mark is shy as he has a meal with Mike and Alma. She makes a special effort to be nice to him. Deirdre gets ready for her expensive meal out and is disappointed when Doug tells her they'll have to postpone the meal as he hasn't got his money yet. Alma genuinely enjoys Mark's company. Tracy tells Doug the cheque hasn't gone through yet and arranges to meet him again. Des is with Lisa when she dies.moreless
  • Wed 10 Feb, 1993
    Wed 10 Feb, 1993
    Episode 18
    Lisa is still unconscious after an emergency operation on her head. Des sits by her bedside, begging her to wake up. Vera is distraught by the accident but hopes that when she recovers Lisa will see sense and stick with Terry. Alma realises that if Mark were her son Mike would refuse to talk to him but, for Mike's sake, she wants to get to know Mark. The Hortens visit Lisa and blame the Duckworths for ruining her life. Their row upsets Des. Alf feels guilty about Lisa's accident as he realises he could have done something to move the traffic. Vera is upset when Terry decides not to visit Lisa; she's nothing to him anymore. Alma takes notes on teenage language from Tracy and footballers from Nicky. As Tracy is spending the night at Debbie's, Deirdre entertains Doug at No. 1. Angie lets Curly know she's spending the night in Neil's bed. Deirdre lets Doug stay the night, thrilled to feel like a woman again. Terry changes his mind and decides to visit Lisa, Vera is delighted. Tracy returns home late and realises Doug is upstairs.moreless
  • Mon 8 Feb, 1993
    Mon 8 Feb, 1993
    Episode 17
    Angie tries her best to be cheerful and normal around Curly but he is full of resentment that he can't have her. She tries to make their living together bearable but he makes it as hard as possible. He tells her he can't cope without having a physical relationship with her and he's being torn apart watching Neil and her. She has no option but to move out. Derek is called as witness for the Brookes against Rita as he witnessed Ted's will. He is distraught that he's being involved. Lisa and Des find a terrace in Withington with a large garden and decide to put an offer in on it. Some first time buyers are interested in No. 6. Doug arranges to meet Tracy to get his money back. Tracy lets Debbie believe she's seeing Doug as his girlfriend. Derek worries that he'll have to tell the court about Ted's slurred speech. Curly tells Angie he doesn't want her to leave and he'll try harder. She is relieved and agrees to stay, saying she'll keep her personal life away from the house. Tracy apologises to Maggie and is forgiven. Tracy is thrilled when Maggie gives her her job back. Ken is pleased everything's been sorted out. Alma tells Mike that Mark is always welcome at the flat. Doug invites Deirdre out for a posh meal. Angie is annoyed when Curly buys her red wine as she knows he knows the effect it has on her. She realises she doesn't trust him and is going to have to move out. Lisa buys a bottle of wine at the Rovers to celebrate getting a buyer for the house. Vera is in the pub but refuses to talk to her. She steps out of the Rovers and drops her purse in the Street. As she bends to pick it up she is hit by a car. Doug and Des witness the accident. Des cradles Lisa as she lies unconcious in the Street. Vera and Jack are stunned to see Lisa.moreless
  • Fri 5 Feb, 1993
    Fri 5 Feb, 1993
    Episode 16
    Curly asks Angie to forget anything he said. Tracy is annoyed when Ken stops her wearing lipstick at school. Sally is annoyed that Percy has rejected Lisa's offer of help. She apologises to her. Emily writes to Harry Potts demanding action. Lisa tells Sally she loves Des and will put up with anything so long as she can be with him. Mark enjoys being met from school by Mike in his Jag. They go bowling. Tracy makes Doug uncomfortable by flirting heavily with him. Alma decides to make the effort to get to know Mark. Doug and Deirdre have a passionate session on the sofa. He is frustrated by the way Tracy is always interrupting him. Angie gets cross when Neil laughs at Curly's star gazing. She tells him not to knock him. Mike encourages Mark to study. Ken tells Maggie he feels their life together has been scarred.moreless
  • Wed 3 Feb, 1993
    Wed 3 Feb, 1993
    Episode 15
    Sally is upset that she broke the law. Alf is annoyed when everyone has a go at him about being arrested. Angie finds it impossible to work on her designs as all her time is taken up by Neil. Curly feels sorry for her and phones Hanif to say she's ill and needs a day off. She is grateful. Curly is quick to point out Neil is no good for her. Alf tells Harry that he must do something about the traffic, telling him the residents are ganging up on him. Sally shows Alf and Harry the letter she's received from the MP, she tells them the fight is only just starting. Lisa decides to join the traffic fight and offers her services but Percy tells her her help isn't wanted. She's stunned. Mike is furious when Angie hasn't finished a design. He calls her an amateur. Angie breaks down over the strain of overwork. Curly tries to comfort her and tells her he loves her. She pulls away from him, telling him she doesn't see him like that. He is adamant he wants her.moreless
  • Mon 1 Feb, 1993
    Mon 1 Feb, 1993
    Episode 14
    Sally feels she's fighting a losing battle, she wants to give up but Percy and Emily encourage her to fight on. They confront Alf and demand he does something to stop the traffic. Alf advises Sally to stick to what she knows - child rearing. She is incensed and gets into his car, driving and parking it right across the street so it blocks all the traffic. To Alf's horror she then posts the keys into the post box. Alf asks Steve to break into the car for him but Steve refuses, saying that would be against the law. The traffic builds up both sides of the car and the drivers blame Alf. Mike is furious as he needs some spares which are stuck in the traffic jam. He orders Kevin to break into Alf's car and move it but Kevin refuses, backing Sally. The police arrive and tell Alf they'll have to use force to move the car. When Percy refuses to stand back he is escorted off the street by the police with Emily heckling them. Alf is horrified as the police attempt to smash his window with a hammer, he grapples with them but the window is smashed. The police arrest Alf. Curly tries to stop Neil taking Angie out, saying she's got work to do. Angie takes no notice of Curly. Alf is released with a warning, Audrey finds the incident amusing. Maggie tells Mike he can see Mark once a week, Mike tries to take control of the situation but she refuses to let him. Mark appears and tells Maggie she can't decide when he sees his Dad; it's up to him.moreless
  • Fri 29 Jan, 1993
    Fri 29 Jan, 1993
    Episode 13
    Mike is determined to tell Alma everything about his dealings with Mark so she doesn't feel left out. She is upset to discover everyone is gossiping about Mike having a son. Despite having misgivings, Doug goes with Tracy to her building society and pays in his cheque. Mike tries to show Maggie that he means her no harm, he just wants to know his son. Alf avoids Sally, not wanting to get involved with her traffic fight. She tracks him down and tells him she's sick of being ignored by the Council. Maggie understands that Mark needs a father but asks him not to forget Harry. Curly cooks Angie a meal and hopes to spend the evening with her but Neil arrives with wine. Curly calls on Des and ends up babysitting. Audrey is fascinated to hear Mike has a son, she is disappointed to discover Alma already knows. Maggie decides she must talk to Mike and arrange for him to see Mark on a regular basis. Ken tells her she'll live to regret it if she does as Mike will take over.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jan, 1993
    Wed 27 Jan, 1993
    Episode 12
    Doug asks Denise to process his cheque but she refuses. He is angry that no one wants to help him. Des has the house valued. Lisa can't wait to move away. Mike calls at the garage to see Mike. They both feel nervous. Mark asks Mike why he didn't want him. Mike explains that it would have been bad for Mark growing up with parents who disliked each other. Mark is pleased when Mike admits to being jealous of Harry. A for sale sign goes up outside No. 6. Phyllis is upset at the thought of Des moving. Curly hopes to wine and dine Angie but Neil calls round. Doug realises the only way he's going to get his money is take Tracy up on her offer. She promises Deirdre will never know. Vera is distraught to discover Des and Lisa are moving. She doesn't want to lose another grandson. Mike takes Mark home, promising Maggie he told Mark the truth - she's not the only one who cares for him.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jan, 1993
    Mon 25 Jan, 1993
    Episode 11
    Deirdre asks Tracy if she takes drugs. Tracy is indignant and says she doesn't. Tracy tells Deirdre that she's sure Doug fancies her but she's not interested. Doug receives a cheque for £2,000 but he can't cash it because he's bankrupt. Kevin refuses to cash it incase the tax man finds out. Percy and Sally work out the traffic flow has increased 500% since the one-way system. Emily joins the campaign and suggests they write to their MP. Doug asks Deirdre to put the cheque through her account. She refuses as it's illegal. He is annoyed as he thought she was a mate. Tracy tells Doug he can put his cheque through her building society account. He thanks her but refuses. She feels patronised. Sally is furious when the Gazette runs her story with a picture of Harry. Maggie tells Mark all about her relationship with Mike, she admits he charmed her but she didn't love him. She tells him she won't stand in his way if he wants to get to know Mike but urges him to be careful. Alma tells Mike she's sick of the way he takes her for granted; they only ever seem to talk about his son. He accuses her of being hysterical and then asks if she's going through the change of life and is bitter that she can't have kids. She is stunned by his insensitivity.moreless
  • Fri 22 Jan, 1993
    Fri 22 Jan, 1993
    Episode 10
    Sally is pleased when Percy offers to count all the vehicles using the Street. Alma feels that she'll be excluded if Mike and Mark start a relationship. Deirdre takes the morning off to find out what happened to Tracy. Tracy tells her Doug bought her drinks and they had a good time. Deirdre accuses Doug of pouring drink down Tracy's throat. He explains that all he did was bring Tracy home. He swears he would not seduce a teenage girl and she believes him. Percy camps outside No. 3, conducting his traffic survey. He is annoyed when Phyllis joins him to keep him company. Derek introduces Mavis to Harry and is disgruntled when she finds him charming. The press turn up to interview Sally and take pictures of her and Percy. Harry tries to take over the interview but Percy shouts him down. Deirdre tries a new tactic with Tracy - indifference. It unnerves Tracy. When Doug arrives to take her out, Tracy realises Deirdre knows the truth. Deirdre makes her apologise to Doug. Mike tells Maggie that Mark needs him. Maggie refuses to do any deals with him, saying she wants nothing to do with him. Mark finds Maggie crying and tells Mike to leave them alone; he wants nothing to do with him.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jan, 1993
    Wed 20 Jan, 1993
    Episode 9
    Tracy angers Deirdre by announcing her plans to visit a new pub with Debbie. Deirdre realises she can't stop her but warns her she'll get hurt. Harry agrees to meet Sally when Derek tells him the press will be there. Alma is stricken when Mark introduces himself to her, as Mike's son. Doug takes Denise to The Sportsman but she isn't impressed as it's full of kids. Tracy and Debbie are there, drinking lager and covered in makeup. Denise refuses to stay, telling Doug it's obvious they've got different tastes. She walks out. Before he can follow drunken Tracy dumps herself on him, telling him she feels sick. Alma tells Ken she doesn't want Mark to meet Mike. She begs him to help her stop it from happening; Mike hasn't got enough love to share. Ken assures her that Mike won't be able to take Maggie off him. Deirdre tells Emily all about Tracy knowing and the way she's treating her. Doug brings Tracy home. Deirdre is furious to see her drunk and shocked when Tracy, declaring love for Doug, kisses him on the mouth. Emily finds the scene too much to bear. Deirdre slaps Tracy's face to sober her up. Alma tells Mike that Mark knows who he is. Mike is thrilled and toasts to fatherhood.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jan, 1993
    Mon 18 Jan, 1993
    Episode 8
    Mark is interested to discover Nicky's mum works with Mrs Baldwin. He quizzes Nicky about what Mike is like. Mike is puzzled when Tracy ignores him. Ted's solicitor, John Halpern, tells Rita that the court hearing will be on the 22nd Feb. Rita is adamant that the Brookes aren't going to win but isn't sure if she can stand up to being cross examined. Doug persists in asking Denise out, she gives in to get some peace. Deirdre is furious to find Tracy drinking lager in the house. Tracy defiantly drinks it in front of her. Sally asks Derek to tell Harry that she wants to meet him about the traffic problem. Mark asks Maggie why she didn't marry Mike. She tells him to forget about Mike; Harry was everything a father should be.moreless
  • Fri 15 Jan, 1993
    Fri 15 Jan, 1993
    Episode 7
    Vera decides to visit Terry to tell him about Lisa and Des. She refuses to forward a letter for Lisa from Blackpool. Steve drives Vicky back to school whilst he's on a job for Mike. Bet says goodbye to Vicky after getting her to confirm her suspicions that Alec has a girlfriend. Deirdre tells Tracy she's sick of her cheek and sarcasm. Tracy takes no notice. Bet doesn't feel jealous, just annoyed that Alec hasn't told her. Rita tells her she's well rid of him. Deirdre sees Maggie in the street and goes for her, accusing her of turning Tracy against her. Maggie tells her she's brought it all on herself. Des tells Lisa he's taking her to meet his parents. Vera opens Lisa's letter and finds it's from Terry, begging for another chance. Alf refuses to have anything to do with Sally's petition and tells her to send it to Harry Potts. Vera confronts Lisa with the letter. She is surprised when Lisa calmly tells her it's not her concern. She tells Vera she can keep Terry; she doesn't want him. Alone with Des Lisa breaks down, he promises her they'll have a fresh start.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jan, 1993
    Wed 13 Jan, 1993
    Episode 6
    Deirdre apologises to Tracy and is infuriated when Tracy insists she must be a tart because she's had an affair. Alf gets satisfaction in buying grapes for Audrey. Lisa discovers Vera rowed with Des in the Rovers. She decides to face her. Doug asks Denise out again but she refuses to go out with a bankrupt. Sally starts up a petition to get the traffic stopped. Ken tells Tracy that Mike seduced Deirdre and she wasn't really to blame. Tracy is adamant that they'd still be a family if Deirdre hadn't cheapened her marriage. Ken decides to let Tracy see him in a good light and put all the blame on Deirdre. Steve is interested in buying a Ford Escort but he realises he'll never afford the insurance on it. He is stunned when Vicky insures the car for him, spending £800 of her Saracen money. He feels it's too much but she tells him he can drive her around during her holidays. He is thrilled. Audrey feels battered and bruised. Steve is proud of his car. Jack tells Vera that she'll lose Tommy unless she accepts Lisa back into the Street. Lisa tries to explain things to Vera. Vera accuses her of seeing Des before she left for Blackpool and calls her a slag. Lisa tells Vera she can see Tom whenever she wants to but Vera tells her she's ruined Terry's life and he'll kill Des when he's released.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jan, 1993
    Mon 11 Jan, 1993
    Episode 5
    Vera thinks Lisa is a terrible mother. Jack is upset at the thought of Tom being brought up with Des. Des loves having Lisa and Tom around the house. Phyllis is shocked to find them installed. She fears Des is going to get hurt again. Alf gets Audrey to move his no parking sign whilst he's in his car. He manoeuvres too quickly, making her jump into the street where she is hit by a van. Audrey is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Alf feels awful. Deirdre doesn't know how to cope with Tracy not talking to her. Audrey has a fractured wrist and bruises. Sally demands that the Council does something to stop all the traffic travelling down the Street. Lisa is too scared to leave the house in case she bumps into Vera. She knows she thinks she's a hussy. Jack makes Des promise he'll look after Tommy. Vera accuses Des of humiliating her. She blames Lisa for Terry ending up in prison and makes a scene in the Rovers. She calls Des scum. Deirdre worries when Tracy is late returning home from school. She comes home at 10pm, refusing to tell Deirdre where she's been. When Tracy calls her a rotten cowing tart, Deirdre slaps her around the face.moreless
  • Fri 8 Jan, 1993
    Fri 8 Jan, 1993
    Episode 4
    Mark refuses to speak to Maggie or Ken. Maggie is furious with Tracy. Vicky celebrates her 16th birthday. Tracy avoids Ken. Steve takes Vicky with him when he does a job for Mike in the Jag. DES (about Phyllis): "She doesn't care what you say about her, she just likes to be talked about." Vicky tells Steve that Alec has got a girlfriend and doesn't know if she should keep the news from Bet. Maggie accuses Tracy of hurting Mark. Tracy maintains he had a right to know the truth. In her anger, Maggie tells Tracy that Deirdre once had an affair with Mike and that is why Ken hates him. Tracy is shattered. The Hortons are upset when Lisa and Tom leave. Des drives them to Weatherfield. Deirdre is devastated when Tracy tackles her about her affair with Mike. Tracy accuses her of hypocrisy over Ken's affair with Wendy. Tracy tells her she hates her and now knows her for what she is. Bet tells Vicky how she was pregnant at sixteen and warns her not to park her brains under the bed. Deirdre tells Ken his girlfriend has ruined her life and she wishes she'd never heard of Mike Baldwin. Vera is thrilled to see Lisa in the Street but horrified when Lisa tells her she loves Des and is moving in with him.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jan, 1993
    Wed 6 Jan, 1993
    Episode 3
    The new one way system in Oakhill causes traffic congestion in the Street as people use it as a short cut. Martin starts back at college and is worried about meeting Carmel again. Lisa is embarrassed when her parents plan to turn a bedroom into a nursery. She tells them she's leaving to live with Des. Jeff is furious and accuses her of wanting to hurt the Duckworths. Jeff refuses to let her go. Alf is annoyed that delivery man can't park outside the shop as everyone ignores his sign. Mark tells Tracy he's sure Ken and Maggie will get married. She is uncomfortable when he tells her she's lucky to have a dad. She tells him that he has got a dad and his name is Mike Baldwin. Mark is stunned. Lisa swears to her parents that Des loves her and will look after her. They tell her she's probably got post natal depression and try to get her to see a doctor. Jeff calls her a slut, accusing her of sleeping with Des whilst she was living with the Duckworths. Lisa refuses to listen anymore. Steve passes his second driving test and shows everyone his certificate. He apologises to Vicky about seeing Susie, telling her he did it out of spite. She is pleased and agrees to go out with him. Martin is glad when Carmel ignores him all day. Maggie calls the police sick with worry when Mark stays away after school. He returns at 7pm and stuns her by asking her if Mike is his real father. He begs Maggie to tell him Tracy was lying but she can't. Mark is devastated. Maggie tells Ken she blames him and his family.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jan, 1993
    Mon 4 Jan, 1993
    Episode 2
    Gail feels Martin must have given Carmel some sort of encouragement. He is just glad Carmel has gone. Mike wants to leave everything to Mark in his will. Alma tells him that for all she cares he can leave it all to Ken. Jeff warns Lisa against getting involved with another man. Alf grows tired of never being able to park outside the shop and puts up a 'no parking' sign. Raquel is furious to read an interview when Wayne says his favourite girl's name is Samantha. Gail tells Sally about Carmel's departure. Sally tells her how she was always on about the Platts' marriage problems. Lisa tells Des she wants to be with him but doesn't want to move into his house as it's directly opposite No. 9. Des promises her he'll sell the house and they'll move together. Gail asks Martin if he had any idea Carmel was going to jump on him at the bedsit. He says he didn't. Vicky arrives from Southampton to stay with Bet. Jeff accuses Des of taking Lisa for granted. Lisa tells Des she can't stand Jeff's attitude and will move in with him.moreless
  • Fri 1 Jan, 1993
    Fri 1 Jan, 1993
    Episode 1
    Reg looks forward to a lustful afternoon with Denise. Liz breaks down as she remembers Katie's birth and death. Des vists Lisa to her delight. Denise arranges to see Reg, Doug and Jack at her flat. Martin tells Gail he wants Carmel to move out. Liz lays flowers on Katie's grave. Martin takes Carmel round a bedsitter. She tells him they can share it together and refuses to believe he doesn't love her. She tries to get him into bed but he fights her off. Denise lures Reg into her flat. He is horrified to find Doug there with Bet, Raquel and Vera. Jack is stunned to find everyone there when he arrives. Mike tells Alma he wants Mark in his life. Gail is stunned when Martin packs Carmel's bags for her. He tells her that he can't cope anymore and he's sick of fending Carmel off. Carmel asks Martin if he's coming with her. Gail doesn't believe it as Carmel tells her she loves Martin and he loves her. Carmel tells Gail she's too old for Martin. Gail throws her out of the house and breaks down. Martin tries to comfort her. Nicky is shocked at all the rowing. Des and Lisa find themselves drawn to each other, he tells her he doesn't want to leave her and is going to get divorced as soon as he can. He tells her he loves her and wants her to be with him all the time.moreless