Coronation Street - Season 35

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  • Fri 30 Dec, 1994
    Fri 30 Dec, 1994
    Episode 158
    Deirdre is preparing to leave Weatherfield behind and start a new life in Morocco, but she nows she has a few loose ends to tie up first. She explains to Samir she cannot leave without making things up with Emily. Bet throws a leaving party for Deirdre and Samir at the Rovers. With Don working all hours God sends, Nick is getting fed up with having to make his own tea and spend evening after evening alone. After a heart to heart with Gail, Nick decides that moving back into number eight is not such a bad idea after all. Raquel wants the world to know that she and Curly are in love and getting married. With Cliff's will safely written and signed, Jack has agreed to let him take charge of the house repairs. But he had not expected Clifford to go quite so far. How will Vera react when she sees what Clifford has done to her precious stone cladding?moreless
  • Wed 28 Dec, 1994
    Wed 28 Dec, 1994
    Episode 157
    Jack worries that Cliff will die before he's made his will. Ken is stunned to hear Deirdre is emigrating. Cliff has a narrow escape when a lump of stone cladding falls on him. Jack uses the incident to point out Cliff could die at any minute. Cliff agrees to sign a new will. Martin apologises to Cathy for their one night stand. She tells him to forget it. Curly buys Raquel an Edwardian engagement ring. Deirdre tells Blanche about the move. She fears she'll never see her again. Jack is thankful when Cliff signs his will. He gets Kevin and Raquel to witness it. Ken breaks the news to Tracy who gets upset and accuses Deirdre of not caring about her. Ken is amazed when Deirdre tells him Mike is taking over the house. Tracy attacks Samir, accusing him of ruining her life. Deirdre is amazed when Tracy breaks down and begs her to stay; she needs her. Martin takes Gail out to a restaurant where he tells her he didn't need to work Christmas but did so to get away from her. She is understanding. Deirdre tells Tracy she will always love her but she's changed since she's met Samir. Tracy wishes her well and they are reconciled.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 1994
    Mon 26 Dec, 1994
    Episode 156
    Martin feels guilty over his infidelity. Samir tries to make Deirdre see she's be welcome in Morocco but she is fearful of the change. Whilst Jack works Cliff takes Vera out for a slap up meal. Tracy spends the day with Ken, she feels sorry for him now Denise has cut him out of her life. Liz tells Deirdre she's a fool if she goes to Morocco and suggests she lets Samir go by himself. Deirdre is stunned when Samir gets flights straight away, she feels she can't move until the house is sold. Vicky is shocked to hear Fiona and Steve are living together. Deirdre asks Mike to handle the sale of No. 1 for her, he tells her he'll go one better and buys it from her from £15,000 up front and the difference when he sells it on. Deirdre can't believe it and tells him he's wonderful. He tells her he wouldn't do it for anyone else.moreless
  • Sun 25 Dec, 1994
    Sun 25 Dec, 1994
    Episode 155
    Jack is put out when Vera gives him cigarettes for Christmas whilst Cliff gets a jumper. Gail gives Martin a rough time as he goes to work for the day. She entertains Don, the children and Audrey whilst Alf goes round the hospital with Betty. Percy is horrified when Phyllis tracks him down with some mistletoe. He is forced to kiss her. Martin comforts student nurse Cathy Power when she has to deal with her first death. Samir tells Deirdre he's not going to wait to be deported; he's going back to Morocco and expects her to go with him. After working Martin can't face going home so opens some wine with Cathy. When Deirdre refuses to live in Morocco, Samir tells her the officials are right; their marriage is a sham. Alf is disturbed when during the hospital visiting he spies Martin kissing Cathy. Jack writes out a will for Cliff to sign. Cliff insists everything is left jointly to Jack and Vera before signing it. Gail feels guilty about her behaviour when exhausted Martin comes home. Jack finds the wills invalid as the two witnesses used comic names rather than their own. Curly has a star named Mrs Raquel Watts for Raquel's Christmas present. She is thrilled. Deirdre tells Samir that he's right; they must stay together and she will go to Morocco.moreless
  • Fri 23 Dec, 1994
    Fri 23 Dec, 1994
    Episode 154
    Jack has enough of Vera treating Cliff whilst neglecting him. He feels Cliff should pay his way. Raquel bores the staff as she goes on and on about her wedding. Bet asks her to drop the subject occasionally. To get out of spending Christmas Day at home, Steve tells his parents he's eating with the Middletons. Fiona is annoyed as her parents have never met him. Mike urges Alf to put his weight behind Samir. Deirdre and Samir see her solicitor Gaskell but Samir refuses to cooperate. He feels it's only a matter of time before he's deported. Vicky returns for Christmas. Deirdre rows with Samir about his negative attitude. Liz tackles Fiona about Christmas Dinner and is surprised when she tells her it's all fixed up and Steve has been invited. Alf tells Deirdre he'll help Samir officially if, and when, he's told to leave the country. Jack is stunned when Cliff asks to discuss the will as he wants Jack to have the lot.moreless
  • Wed 21 Dec, 1994
    Wed 21 Dec, 1994
    Episode 153
    Maud accuses Reg of selling the shop to force her into decay. Maureen refuses to let her make her feel guilty and swears she'll work the shop alone. Mike tells Deirdre to fight for Samir and offers her money if she needs it. She collects Samir from the airport when he is released. Maud feels guilty about letting Maureen cope alone. Raquel is touched when Sarah Louise asks to be a bridesmaid. Samir feels it's only a matter of time before he's deported but Deirdre urges him to be positive - they'll fight this together and win. Maureen is pleased when Maud apologises and takes over at lunchtime. Maureen has a break and is amazed on her return to find Maud has employed Sally to help out 5.30-8.30 every evening to give them all a break. Emily feels Deirdre's going to end up getting hurt but realises that, like a mother, she's got to let her make her own mistakes. Samir tells Deirdre he's fed up of being treated as a criminal, it would never happen in Morocco.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 1994
    Mon 19 Dec, 1994
    Episode 152
    Deirdre refuses to believe Samir was violent at the airport and worries about him. Raquel feels positive about marrying Curly but is upset that her father doesn't seem interested. Maud boycotts the shop, fed up with no appreciation. Emily hears from the gossips that Samir has deserted Deirdre. Alma urges Ken to get on with his life without Denise but he hurts too much. Deirdre asks Alf to help Samir but he doesn't want to get involved. She misses having Emily to turn to. She is furious when Liz advises her not to fight for Samir anymore; he's brought her nothing but trouble. Deirdre asks Ken for advice but he tells her it's not his problem. Cliff hints to Jack that he's got a stash of money. Deirdre is delighted when Emily calls round to comfort her. When she hears Samir has not deserted her Emily says it would be best if Samir did go back to Morocco. Deirdre begs her to help and give her money to fight for Samir but Emily refuses. Deirdre accuses her of being jealous because she's got someone to love.moreless
  • Fri 16 Dec, 1994
    Fri 16 Dec, 1994
    Episode 151
    Maud is hurt to discover Maureen deceived her when she finds out about her illicit afternoon. Ken invites Gillian James to a staff party as they're both partner-less. Maud threatens to resign from the shop but is stunned when Reg tells her they're putting it on the market anyway. Maureen is upset by the way he breaks the news. Curly can't believe his luck when Raquel tells him she will marry him. Curly tells Des the news, knowing that Raquel will never love him as much as she loved Des. Des is pained by the news. Deirdre and Samir are interviewed separately at the Airport. The officials try to get Samir to admit he entered the country by deception. He becomes aggressive and is taken away by the airport police. Ken takes Gillian to the Rovers where Denise sees them. Gillian gets annoyed and accuses Ken of using her to get at Denise. Deirdre returns home without Samir.moreless
  • Wed 14 Dec, 1994
    Wed 14 Dec, 1994
    Episode 150
    Jack wants rid of Cliff, who tells him he's come to make up for all the harm he did him in the past. Cliff explains he's got a bad heart and hasn't long to live. Emily is upset when Samir accuses her of setting the Immigration men onto him because he owes her money. Maureen leaves Maud at the shop all afternoon whilst she and Reg make love in a hotel. She lets Mark think she's been at the cash and carry. Vera enjoys the way Cliff flirts with her. She spoils him and upsets Jack by inviting him to stay for Christmas. She is flattered when he tells her he married a woman called Vera. Gail looks forward to a family Christmas and is stunned when Martin admits he's going to be working on Christmas Day.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 1994
    Mon 12 Dec, 1994
    Episode 149
    Curly starts work at Soopascoopa and is forced to wear an American style uniform, with baseball cap. Jon tells Denise he can't buy the Salon - it's too much of a financial committment. Bet takes Liz on at the Rovers to help out when Betty is carrying out Mayoral duties. Raquel tells Bet about the proposal. She likes Curly and is proud of him but doesn't love him. Maureen breaks down and tells Reg she can't cope with the shop anymore and wants rid of it. She is upset that he's always getting at her and she's still spending all day with Maud. She wanted to make a success of the shop but feels she's failed. Reg comforts her. Steve is pleased when Sean lets him open an account so he can ring bets in. Jon tells Fiona he doesn't want to make more money as his ex-wife will be after it. Vera is thrilled when Jack's brother Clifford turns up. Jack isn't so impressed. Immigration Officers turn up at No. 1 to interview Samir about working illegally. He and Deirdre are shocked when they're told to attend an interview at the Airport.moreless
  • Fri 9 Dec, 1994
    Fri 9 Dec, 1994
    Episode 148
    Betty is thrilled and proud to wear the Mayoral chain. Samir gets another job, at a Spanish restaurant, with more money than before. Alf is proud of Betty as she is charming and dignified. Denise asks Jon to buy the Salon and offers him a good price. Curly and 'fiancée' Raquel go to the Soopascoopa Christmas party. She wears Bet's engagement ring and enjoys the make-believe. Mavis is miffed when Rita takes Roger to the newsagent's ball. She thinks Rita is trying to buy his friendship. Jon acknowledges it seems a good idea to buy the Salon but is reluctant. He tells Denise he'll think about it. Ken is disturbed to hear Denise is moving away. Raquel is touched by the way Curly cares for her and starts to believe they are engaged as it seems so natural. Audrey demands that Alf gets rid of Betty but he refuses to hurt her feelings. Raquel is stunned when Curly asks her to marry her.moreless
  • Wed 7 Dec, 1994
    Wed 7 Dec, 1994
    Episode 147
    Audrey is confident Alf will beg her to reconsider but he stuns her by telling the Council she's resigned. Audrey warns Rita that she'll be next in line and is pleased when Rita says she wouldn't do it. Gail is happy when Nick says he'll spend Christmas at home. Fiona worries about losing her job and puts it to Jon that he should buy his own Salon. Rita turns Alf down but he grows alarmed when Bet tells him she knows just the woman. He fears she means herself. He asks Gail but she refuses. Reg tells Maureen he wants them to have a life away from the shop. Samir is sacked from the Casablanca. Bet introduces Alf to his new Mayoress - Betty. He is forced to accept her.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 1994
    Mon 5 Dec, 1994
    Episode 146
    Denise refuses to speak to Ken. Brian complains to Audrey that he's reduced to driving community buses now. He is stunned when she lets it slip that Alf got rid of the Limo as he thought they were carrying on. He threatens to tell the papers so Audrey says she'll persaude Alf to use the limo again. Fiona is astonished when Steve invites her to move into his flat. Denise contemplates moving away to escape Ken. Steve tries to give Liz £300 which he won on the horses, to make up for her losing her job. She refuses it. Deirdre calls at the DSS as she wants Samir to pay tax and be up front now they're married. Audrey threatens to resign if Alf doesn't get the limo back. He calls her bluff.moreless
  • Fri 2 Dec, 1994
    Fri 2 Dec, 1994
    Episode 145
    Mavis is horrified to learn Roger wants to paint Rita's portrait. Raquel is upset when Andy puts the brewery calendar up, she takes it down. She hates looking at it as it reminds her of Des and that turns her into a wreck. She refuses to let Des continue to ruin her life so hangs the calendar back up and tells Curly she will go to the party with him. Maureen is sick of being stuck in the shop and starts to snap at the customers. Steve is mortified when Fiona finds out from Andy what his music tastes were as a teenager. Fiona thinks he was cute. Steve wins the jackpot on the Legion fruit machine when committee member Mrs Stanhope runs out of cash. Ken wants to talk about the baby but Denise is too fearful of giving birth. She blames him for the pregnancy and refuses to consider having him at the birth. Mrs Stanhope is furious that Steve has won the jackpot. She accuses Liz of being a cheat - first Jim won the raffle now Steve wins the money. Liz feels insulted and resigns. Raquel is touched when Curly buys her an expensive dress for the party. Denise doesn't want Ken present at the birth and tells him she no longer wants him as part of her life. He begs her not to cut him out of the baby's life but she throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 30 Nov, 1994
    Wed 30 Nov, 1994
    Episode 144
    Maureen is pleased to celebrate her six-month anniversary running the shop. Audrey misses being attended to by Brian. Christine is satisfied with Steve's accounts and tells him they'll put him in the clear. Maureen is put out when Maud celebrates in the Rovers with money from the till whilst she is stuck in the shop. Mavis is put out when Roger keeps talking about Rita all the time. She tells him Rita can't cope with platonic relationships with men. Reg congratulates Maureen for running the shop when he felt she wasn't capable. They agree they've been too busy to think about each other. Steve is pleased when Fiona admits she likes him. Maureen falls asleep in the store room and is shouted at by Maud who tells her thieves could have emptied the shop. Overwrought Maureen accuses her of being no help so Maud tells her she will only work if she's paid from now on.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 1994
    Mon 28 Nov, 1994
    Episode 143
    Steve is annoyed to hear Liz has asked Mike to help him get out of trouble with Christine. He tells her to mind her own business. Bet enjoys joking at Curly's expense by planning what to wear as his fiancée. Ken tells Rita he feels guilty - watching Deirdre make a fool of herself and not being able to stop her. Rita points out that Deirdre is no longer his business. Fiona advises Steve to swallow his pride and ask Mike for help. He asks Mike to rework the accounts and give him a copy so he can show Christine he made a vast profit on the deal. Mavis is shocked to discover Roger has befriended Rita and they are seeing each other platonically. She feels Rita isn't sensitive enough to be a true friend to Roger. Ken tells Denise he's feeling more and more excluded from her life. She accuses him of wanting her now Deirdre's off the scene. Curly is relieved when Bet tells him she's only joking. Mike gives Steve false accounts on the condition that Steve is on hand to work for him, whenever needed. Steve is forced to agree.moreless
  • Fri 25 Nov, 1994
    Fri 25 Nov, 1994
    Episode 142
    Gail is annoyed when Martin arrives home and Nick quickly returns to Don's. Deirdre remembers her past marriages and wonders if she is doing the right thing. Mike lays on the Merc to drive Deirdre to the registry office, wanting it to be a special day for her and a terrible one for Ken. Fiona is shaken when Steve tells her that unless he gets sorted with Christine he could go to prison. She urges him to stop playing at life and face up to his responsibilities. Ken apologises to Deirdre and wishes her well, saying she deserves some happiness. Gail accuses Martin of frightening Nick off. He feels like an intruder in his own home. Ken urges Tracy to attend the wedding, saying she'll regret it all her life if she doesn't. Alf and Liz witness the wedding as Deirdre marries Samir. Audrey, Jim, Mike, Alma and Bet attend. Half way through Tracy turns up to see the vows but runs off immediately afterwards. Fiona is pleased when Steve does some Community Service. Curly gets the job at Soopascoopa and tells Raquel his bosses want to meet his fiancée. When he refuses Bet tells him she'll do it. Ken goes to the Rovers and walks straight into the reception.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 1994
    Wed 23 Nov, 1994
    Episode 141
    Samir gives Deirdre a silver dollar - his lucky coin. Christine calls on Steve at the flat and tells him she doesn't believe he is gainfully employed and gives him a week to prove to her that he has come to his wealth legally. At a cut back meeting, Alf is popular when he suggests doing away with the Mayoral Limo. Gail is thrilled when Nick turns up for the evening, knowing Martin is working. Curly's management interview goes well. When asked about his marital status he tells them he is engaged to a girl called Raquel. He is put out when Raquel finds this hilarious. Bet lays on a hen night for Deirdre which she doesn't want as she knows everyone thinks she is making a fool of herself. Liz makes her question her motives and she decides everyone should be jealous of her landing Samir. Gail and Nick have a wonderful evening playing cards. When he falls asleep on the sofa she leaves him there. Audrey is horrified when Alf tells her they won't be using the Limo anymore - they'll go everywhere on the bus.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 1994
    Mon 21 Nov, 1994
    Episode 140
    Steve returns from holidaying in Florida and takes it in his stride that Christine Bullock is after him. When Percy criticises Deirdre's behaviour Alf lays into him, letting off pent-up anger. Steve collects Fiona from the airport. They are pleased to see each other. Jim urges Steve to sort out his Community Service problems but Steve refuses to worry. Ken asks Samir not to push Deirdre into marriage, saying the whole idea is a terrible mistake. Samir tells him to mind his own business. Alf agrees to be a witness at Deirdre's wedding. He orders Audrey to stop flirting with Brian but she feigns innocence. Ken tells Emily that Samir is only marrying Deirdre to get a meal ticket. He begs her to talk some sense into Deirdre. Emily tells Deirdre she can't witness the wedding as it's a sham and a lie and she can't be party to it.moreless
  • Fri 18 Nov, 1994
    Fri 18 Nov, 1994
    Episode 139
    Samir asks Deirdre to give Tracy time to come round. Curly hears of interviews for food store chain Soopascoopa. Emily is shocked when Deirdre tells her she's marrying Samir. Roger is stunned to be given a lift to the art show by the Mayor and Mayoress. Rita enjoys seeing his reaction but is nervous of the exhibition as she feels out of place. Alf is warned that there are going to be big cuts made at the Town Hall. Audrey is bored by the show and drinks in the Limo with Brian. Soopascoopa are impressed by Curly's CV and offer him an interview for a manager's job. Ken forces himself to congratulate Deirdre before warning her against marrying Samir, saying it's obvious they're only marrying to keep him in the country. He suggests it's all a reaction from what's happened between him and Denise. Deirdre is furious and throws him out. Alf sees Audrey laughing and flirting with Brian.moreless
  • Wed 16 Nov, 1994
    Wed 16 Nov, 1994
    Episode 138
    Curly tries to stop the customers smoking. Sean tells Des he thinks Curly doesn't fit in. Denise enjoys being pampered by Jon and Fiona. Rita is flattered when Roger asks her along to an art exhibition at the library. Steve's Community Service Officer, Christine Bullock, searches for him as he hasn't been doing his community service. Jim gives her his new address. Sean tells Des to get rid of Curly when his slowness loses them custom. Tracy is horrified when Deirdre tells her she's marrying Samir. Samir gets upset when Tracy tells Deirdre she's ridiculous and calls him a beach bum. Before he can sack Curly, Des is pleased when Curly resigns, saying he can't cope with rude customers and smoke. Tracy asks Denise to tell Ken that Deirdre is marrying Samir. Deirdre is upset that Tracy isn't happy for her and begins to believe that everyone is right; it is a silly idea. Ken is shocked when Denise breaks the news.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 1994
    Mon 14 Nov, 1994
    Episode 137
    Audrey enjoys taxing her grandchildren around in the Mayoral limo. Percy thinks it's disgusting and a waste of taxpayer's money. Samir promises Deirdre he will make her a happy woman. Curly starts work at the Betting Shop. Jack tries to get tips out of him but he refuses to cooperate. Samir's friend Omar is delighted for him but stunned when he sees how old Deirdre is. Curly struggles with the punters as he is slow to take the bets. Percy complains to Alf about Audrey abusing public facilities. Jack takes advantage of Curly's slowness to push through a bet at 10-1 which should be 5-4. Deirdre is embarrassed when Omar shows his dislike of her. The Platts go to new childminder, Glenys Phelps, who teaches them manners. Alf warns Audrey to be careful how she uses the limo. Jack is put out when Curly pays out on 5-4, with Des warning him not to attempt fraud again. The residents shun Jack for trying to cheat Curly. Samir is forced to tell Deirdre that Omar thought she was too old to have children but assures her this doesn't matter to him.moreless
  • Fri 11 Nov, 1994
    Fri 11 Nov, 1994
    Episode 136
    Samir is promised a better paid job at the Casablanca. To please Raquel, Des offers Curly a job at the Betting Shop. The Wiltons prepare for their dinner party but he falters when Mavis tells him that she told Angela all he things he told her about Angela resembling Hitler. None of the guests like the food - polenta fritters and guinea fowl and find themselves united in their embarrassment of the devoted Wiltons. Deirdre tells Liz about her proposal and is hurt when Liz tells her she'd be stupid to marry Samir. Angela tells the Wiltons that Mervyn is off her back now and she wants to thank them. She gives them the use of her holiday cottage in Scotland. Curly takes Des' job. Des makes him feel he's doing him a big favour. The Wiltons are deflated when their guests leave early. Roger takes Rita for a drink in the Rovers only to find Norris and Angela already there. They are all embarrassed when the Wiltons pop in. Deirdre is stunned when Samir proposes to her, saying that he loves her and doesn't want to dodge the law. She agrees to marry him.moreless
  • Wed 9 Nov, 1994
    Wed 9 Nov, 1994
    Episode 135
    The Wiltons celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary and buy each other the same card. Deirdre is frightened of losing Samir. As Angela can't attend the dinner party, Derek decides to postpone it and spend the evening with his wife. Sally is disturbed when Rosie keeps calling Lauren 'Sophie'. Rita is thrilled when she is invited to see the baby. She goes to her building society and opens an account for Lauren, putting £1000 into it. Raquel talks Reg into writing Curly a glowing character reference. The Websters decide to change Lauren's name to Sophie. They are amazed when Rita gives them the account. Seeing baby Sophie makes Jim think of Katherine. Mavis is thrilled when Derek gives her a new budgie, called Beauty.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 1994
    Mon 7 Nov, 1994
    Episode 134
    Samir is shocked by the proposal, embarrassing Deirdre. He feels he's had the idea so he can work, not because she loves him. He refuses to use her that way. She withdraws the proposal. Rita is angry that she hasn't been invited to see the baby yet. The Wiltons bury Harry. He tells her he does like her portrait. Raquel tries to interest Curly in helping out at the Rovers but he is aghast at the idea. Bet takes Andy on at the Rovers for part time barwork. Sally thinks it odd that Rita hasn't called to see the baby. Samir is given the all clear at the restaurant so he can return to work. Derek suggests to Mavis that they throw an anniversary party and invite Rita, Norris, Roger and Angela.moreless
  • Fri 4 Nov, 1994
    Fri 4 Nov, 1994
    Episode 133
    The Websters are delighted with their baby daughter. Rita looks after Rosie and loves being involved with the family. Alma throws Steve out of the cafe when he starts talking about Mike conning him. Derek calls at No. 4 to collect some belongings for his new bedsit and finds Harry dead in his cage. He is horrified thinking about Mavis' reaction and sets about burying him. Norris pops into the Kabin to tell Mavis her budgie is dead. The Websters bring baby Lauren home. The Wiltons are united in their grief over Harry, Mavis tells Derek they killed him with their bickering and hatred of each other. They embrace each other and accept their relationships with Angela and Roger. Des tries to bring Curly out of himself. Mike threatens to take Steve to court for slander if he continues to mouth off about him. In order to keep Samir in the country but to stop him working Deirdre proposes marriage.moreless
  • Wed 2 Nov, 1994
    Wed 2 Nov, 1994
    Episode 132
    Bored Sally minds David for something to do. Vera skives off work to clean for Curly. Boisterous David brings on Sally's contractions. Gail looks after the children whilst Kevin takes her into hospital. Sally is calm whilst Kevin panics. Steve is stunned when Mike gives him his cut - £493 as he was counting on £5,000. Mike shows him the accounts, including hire of his car, invoices for all his meals and his £20,000 back. Steve realises he's been used. Rita feels left out of things when she hears Gail is looking after Rosie. Norris tries to persuade Derek to move into a salesman's guest house. Deirdre and Samir have a romantic day together, walking in the park. She enjoys being in love. To get rid of Vera, Curly offers her money for working so hard. He is stunned when she insists on the going rate. Mike tells Steve that he's set up another order with Marcus which doesn't include him. Steve accuses him of cheating him out of £5,000.moreless
  • Mon 31 Oct, 1994
    Mon 31 Oct, 1994
    Episode 131
    Sarah misses Nick, especially as she can't go trick or treating without him. Mike finalises the deal with Marcus and is stunned when Steve turns up as he thought he was in Tenerife. He talks Steve into finishing the last of the packing whilst he collects the money from Marcus. Vera is horrified to find Curly is neglecting himself and the house. , He tries to stop her but she announces she is going to clean it up for him. Mike tells Marcus Steve was disappeared to Tenerife and closes the deal himself, taking the cheque and telling Marcus he can be relied on for future orders. Curly feels he's a complete reject but puts on a brave face when Vera suggests he moves into No. 9 for some company. Samir stays away from work as Immigration Officers have been checking up on the local restaurants. Don is surprised when Sarah packs a bag and asks if she can live with him. He takes her home to aghast Gail who realises just how much all the upheaval is affecting Sarah. Mavis admits to Derek that after having met Angela she now believes he hasn't been unfaithful. She tells him that if he wants her back he'll have to resign. Steve is delighted when Mike shows him the cheque for £30,000.moreless
  • Fri 28 Oct, 1994
    Fri 28 Oct, 1994
    Episode 130
    Mavis is furious when Angela's secretary summons her. She refuses to comply. Sally is fed up with being pregnant and feels she'll never go into labour. Fiona is furious when Steve tells her he's booked into her hotel. She tells him to get lost and pours a pint down him. Mavis is stunned when Angela walks into the Kabin, insisting they talk. Mavis agrees, but only at her convenience. Rita is impressed by the way she handles her. Sally refuses to have the baby induced. Forceful Derek tells Mavis he's returning home but is shocked to hear she is to meet Angela. Angela tells Mavis she's playing into Mervyn's hands by throwing Derek out. She urges Mavis to believe she does not want Derek; he was never a good lover. Incensed, Mavis throws her out, telling her Derek was right when he said she resembled Hitler.moreless
  • Wed 26 Oct, 1994
    Wed 26 Oct, 1994
    Episode 129
    Derek feels he's been pushed out by Roger. Norris becomes alarmed at the prospect of being stuck with Derek and suggests he moves away to escape Mavis' infidelity. Ken asks Don to keep an eye on Nick's homework and invites him along to Open Day. Mike urges Steve not to give up on Fiona and suggests he buys a ticket for Tenerife himself. Gail is furious to hear Ken has talked about Nick's schooling with Don. Don tells her he would appreciate a bit of support from her rather than her nagging and accusing him of being a bad influence on Nick all the time. She apologises to Don and assures him she does appreciate him. Derek catches Roger gazing into Mavis' eyes when he calls home. He accuses them of being lovers. Mavis has to stop Derek from hitting Roger when Roger accuses Derek of behaving like a swine. Mavis tells Derek the only way forward is for him to resign and never see Angela again but he refuses.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 1994
    Mon 24 Oct, 1994
    Episode 128
    Derek stays at Norris' flat but Mavis convinces herself he's with Angela. Curly accuses Raquel of being a tease and leading him on. Rita convinces Mavis that Derek can't have been unfaithful. It looks as if they will be reconciled until he discovers she has been entertaining Roger. Curly and Des make the peace. Curly tells him about the sexual harassment and is sick of the way he's such a failure with women. Derek admits to Norris that he knows Mavis hasn't been unfaithful but his pride gets in the way of accepting her friendship with Roger. Norris tells Mavis Derek is staying with him but she refuses to believe him. Steve offers Fiona an alternative holiday in Acapulco. She is outraged and tells him to back off - they don't have anything strong going, just the occasional night together. Roger brings the portrait back to Mavis and hangs it on the wall. Deirdre surprises Samir by calling at the Casablanca. He is delighted but she is jealous of the young Moroccan girls he works with. Derek sees Roger taking Mavis to the Rovers when he calls round for more clothes. He is horrified to see the portrait in position.moreless
  • Fri 21 Oct, 1994
    Fri 21 Oct, 1994
    Episode 127
    Raquel knows she's given Curly the wrong idea and doesn't know what to do. Bet urges her to put him straight. Steve is upset that Fiona prefers her mates company to his. Don tels Gail she's going to have to trust him in the way he deals with Nick. Emily is embarrassed when Samir gives her money to pay back Deirdre's loan. Mike advises Steve to take Fiona away somewhere exotic, telling him to leave the business in his hands. Reg hears through the Bettabuy's grapevine about Curly's sexual harassment. He tells Maureen who feels sorry for Curly. Mavis invites Roger to Rita's flat to apologise for the way Derek treated him. He advises her to stay clear of Derek. Reg assures Curly his secret is safe with him. Raquel tells Curly she only said he was lovely to clear him up; she's not the right girl for him. He feels even more depressed. Rita gets rid of Mavis by advising her to stick to her house and get Derek to leave. Derek is aghast when she throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 19 Oct, 1994
    Wed 19 Oct, 1994
    Episode 126
    Depressed Derek finds some consolation in listening to Wuthering Heights, he knows how Heathcliffe feels. Mavis reads Wuthering Heights, feeling Derek is Cathy and she is Linton. Steve is upset to hear Fiona is going to Tenerife with a load of mates. Rita tries to persuade Mavis to return home as she thinks she's being stupid but Mavis sees herself as desolate. Derek finds out from Angela that her husband Mervyn is trying to get a lot of money from the divorce and that is why he's been cited. The Platts try to entice Nick on a night out in Blackpool but he refuses to go. Gail is furious to see Don is letting him drink alcohol-free beer. Don thinks she's interfering so he gives Nick another can. Martin is annoyed by Gail's tone and the way she refuses to take Sarah to Blackpool without Nick, Martin storms off to the Rovers. Steve makes the peace with Fiona by giving her his expensive sunglasses. Derek tries to take Mavis out to Howarth but she is furious when he tells her how much Angela has suffered. He tells her she wants to believe he's having an affair with Angela because she wants a relationship with Roger. Curly tells Raquel he was sacked for sexual harassment. He feels a bad person. She feels nervous in his company but sees he's really upset. She tells him he's a wonderful person and kisses his cheek before realising she's walked into a trap, telling him no girl could ask for more. He makes it clear he wants a relationship with her.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 1994
    Mon 17 Oct, 1994
    Episode 125
    Mavis shows Derek the solicitor's letter citing him as co-respondent in the divorce between Angela and her husband. Gail spots Nicky doing his paper round - he was too poorly for school the previous day so what's going on? Raquel attempts to cheer Curly up. Maureen offers Nick some work for extra money. Raquel gives Bet a chocolate to cheer her up. Mavis is droning on to Rita about Derek - Bet drags Rita off for lunch. Mike invites Alma out for dinner - her choice of restaurant. Derek is arranging flowers in a vase for Mavis - she comes in and accuses him of giving her second-hand flowers - flowers that were meant for Angela. Gail confronts Don about Nick - she is finding the situation difficult. Mike and Alma go to the restaurant and find Samir working there. Derek and Mavis continue their argument. Mavis storms out and goes to Rita's for sanctuary.moreless
  • Fri 14 Oct, 1994
    Fri 14 Oct, 1994
    Episode 124
    Nicky is off school sick but manages to sort out Don's new video but Gail is suspicious. Fiona is still avoiding Steve but Denise tells him to forget her. Curly is despondent and his sofa goes back. Raquel reassures him of their friendship. Charlie returns to the Rovers to hear Bet's decision about their future. Roger gives Mavis the portrait he did of her but Derek is very rude to him and throws him out with the painting. Derek receives a letter from Angela's husband citing him as co-respondent in his divorce.moreless
  • Wed 12 Oct, 1994
    Wed 12 Oct, 1994
    Episode 123
    Raquel tries to comfort desolate Curly and sends him off to the Job Centre. Charlie turns up and begs Raquel to help him talk to Bet and tell her how much he loves her and regrets being used by Tanya. Raquel urges Bet to talk to Charlie, telling her not to let Tanya ruin her life. The Job Centre has nothing to offer Curly. He gets depressed and sends the sofa back. Andy celebrates when he gets a place on a Combined Studies course. Bet gives Charlie five minutes, during which time he begs forgiveness and swears he loves her. She wants time to think things over.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 1994
    Mon 10 Oct, 1994
    Episode 122
    Derek feels his living room has been soiled by use as Roger's studio. He refuses to believe Mavis only sat the once. Raquel enjoys removing all Curly's old wallpaper as it takes her mind off Des. Alf enjoys himself looking after the shop to give Maureen and Maud a morning off. He soon starts to feel trapped though as residents complain to him about the council. Mavis tells Derek they're not selling Norris' old car - she wants it. She gives him £500 for it. Steve misses Fiona and sends her flowers but she refuses to be bought. Curly has a new sofa delivered. Raquel sells the old suite to the delivery man for £10. Curly is horrified when Mrs Rogers confronts him with a file on him, saying Kimberley and Elaine have lodged sexual harassment complaints against him. She fires him on the spot.moreless
  • Fri 7 Oct, 1994
    Fri 7 Oct, 1994
    Episode 121
    Mavis enters her picture 'Still Life with Biscuit Barrel' in the art class exhibition. She insists on driving Norris' old car to get some independence. Emily resents the way Mavis has taken over at the art class and doesn't find it enjoyable anymore. Mike and Steve settle the deal with the band manager. Mike refuses to let him waste money on machinery, instead telling Steve they'll sub contract and use out-workers. Steve is forced to agree. Andy fears he's left it too late to get on a course. Mavis is flattered by Roger's portrait of her. He feels it brings out hidden passion and is thrilled to receive second prize. Derek views the exhibition and is furious to see the portrait.moreless
  • Wed 5 Oct, 1994
    Wed 5 Oct, 1994
    Episode 120
    Ken is horrified when Tracy tells him she's going to London to doss down. She refuses his help, saying she hopes he lives in torment about her well being. He is furious to hear Denise saw Tracy and blames her for Tracy leaving town. Derek can't understand how Norris is the North West's highest achiever. Bet receives a postcard from Hamburg and puts it up behind the bar. Raquel tests beds with Curly, he buys one just because she laughs in it. He is pleased when the assistant thinks they're newlyweds. Vicky returns to school when Bet assures her she's fine. Mike decides he could make a good deal by doing business with novice Steve. Steve tells him it would have to be 50-50. Curly and Raquel start to strip wallpaper, Raquel persuading him to go for crushed strawberry. When Andy points out it's not very Curlyish, Raquel feels she's pushed her views on him. Bet is upset as the postcard is really from Tanya - reading 'Wish You Were Here'. Ken apologises to Denise and is delighted when Tracy turns up, telling him she's only going to holiday in London. He puts her up for the night.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 1994
    Mon 3 Oct, 1994
    Episode 119
    Vicky and Raquel do their best to cheer Bet up but they only make her feel old. Jim and Liz return from Ireland to find Steve in his new flat and Andy unemployed. Mike is intrigued by Steve's merchandise deal and gets him to tell him all about it. He is impressed by his business plan but refuses to give him any capital. Denise tells tracy that Ken did not tell her about the baby because she wanted it kept quiet. She asks her to forgive him. Derek escorts Angela to the North West High Achiever Awards which Reg and Maureen also attend. Roger persuades Mavis to let him sketch her in her house. He thanks her for opening doors for him and she glows when he tells her it's wonderful to have meaningful conversations with her. Raquel gives Curly ideas on decorating No. 7. Derek has to comfort Angela when she doesn't win the award and is amazed when the winner turns out to be Norris.moreless
  • Fri 30 Sep, 1994
    Fri 30 Sep, 1994
    Episode 118
    Steve tells Fiona the point of the party is to get Mike in the right mood for a financial proposition. He calls the party off as Mike refuses to attend. Raquel begins to think Des didn't stand a chance when Tanya got her claws into him. Alma is furious when Mike spends £9,500 on a second hand Merc for the business. She tells him she hates the way he never consults her. When Alma asks about Tanya's whereabouts Bet tells her she's run off with Charlie. Denise advises Ken to ignore Tracy, feeling she's just being immature. He tells Denise about Susan marrying Mike, explaining he is paranoid about daughters. To please Alma Mike tells Steve they'll come to the party. He has little time to organise it so gives Fiona money to get food in. Raquel summons Vicky to the Rovers to look after Bet. Fiona gets annoyed when Steve orders her about and makes her wait on the other guests. Martin tells Gail they should let Nick live at No. 5 until he gets bored. They agree to not let Nick get to them. Steve tells Mike about the deal, asking for his advice. Fiona is furious when she's cut out of the conversation, she tells Steve she's sick of being treated like a skivvy and tells Mike the whole party is for his benefit so Steve can fleece money off him.moreless
  • Wed 28 Sep, 1994
    Wed 28 Sep, 1994
    Episode 117
    Raquel and Bet are hung over. The Platts celebrate their third anniversary. Nick is suspicious about Don working nights and feels it's a ploy to get him back home. Raquel tells Betty that Charlie has left for good and Bet needs their support. Ken feels he's let Tracy down and tries to talk to her but she isn't interested. She accuses him of breaking her life up when he had his affair with Wendy. She tells him she'll never forgive him for being a lousy father. He is devastated by her attack. Alma is furious to discover Tanya has left, owing two weeks rent. The bank refuses Steve a loan because of his criminal record. Kevin refuses to chauffeur as the baby is due any day. Steve plans a flat-warming party. He invites the Baldwins but Mike declines, annoying Alma. She tells him she's sick of him treating her like a doormat. Gail is upset when, instead of coming home, Nick goes to stay with Gary for the night.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 1994
    Mon 26 Sep, 1994
    Episode 116
    Bet tells the staff that Charlie is working away in Hamburg. She can't face the public, fearing they'll all have guessed. She tells Raquel how Tanya got back at her by stealing her man. She feels humiliated and Raquel tries to comfort her. Mike offers Kevin work chauffeuring. Band manager Marcus Saville gives Steve a huge order to make merchandise for a UK tour. Steve bluffs his way through the deal, saying he can handle it. Don tells Gail he'll tell Nicky he's working nights and then he'll have to return home. To bring Bet out of herself, Raquel suggests a tip contest. Jack joins them. Steve works out he needs £20,000 to clinch the deal. Don tells Nick he'll have to go home as he's working nights. The barstaff rush around trying to please the customers for tips. Roger has tea with the Wiltons and feels for Mavis, married to insensitive Derek. Raquel and bet draw equal in the tips contest. After hours they spend the winnings on cocktails. Raquel smokes to practice for modeling and gives Bet tips on walking gracefully. She shows Bet her way of keeping hated people's names in the knife drawer, Bet writes out a whole list to put in the drawer.moreless
  • Fri 23 Sep, 1994
    Fri 23 Sep, 1994
    Episode 115
    Bet is thrilled when Charlie makes final arrangements to sell his rig. He stuggles with being unfaithful. Tracy meets Ken and tells him what she thinks of the Deirdre/Samir situation. He agrees with her that Samir is much too young for Deirdre. Charlie tells Tanya he can't cope with all the lies so he's leaving with his truck and taking a job in Hamburg. When asks if she can tag along he agrees. Don talks Nick into having a family tea at No. 8. Deirdre is furious when Tracy tells her Ken agrees with her - she's making a fool of herself. Deirdre tells Tracy about Denise being pregnant. Andy leaves Bettabuys. Tracy tells Ken and Denise they're disgusting and as bad as Deirdre. Charlie picks Tanya up and is all for stealing off into the night but she persuades him to face Bet. The Platts try to get Nick to stay but he refuses. To stop a row, Gail tells Nick he doesn't have to stay. Martin is annoyed by her weakness. Bet is horrified when Tanya tells her she's Charlie's lover and they're going to Hamburg together. Charlie feels awful as Bet throws them out. In the Rovers, Alf pushes over the pile of 2ps for charity and Bet is forced to put a brave face on things.moreless
  • Wed 21 Sep, 1994
    Wed 21 Sep, 1994
    Episode 114
    Bet apologises to Charlie for being such a bitch, she tries to explain how difficult it is looking after all the staff. He feels guilty about his feelings towards Tanya. Andy and Curly agree to be friends again, Curly envies him his freedom. Emily returns and is intrigued to hear Deirdre has a young lover. Bet is pleased when Raquel returns to work behind the bar. Tracy returns to No. 1 with her washing and is startled to find Samir there. She assumes he is a lodger until he explains the situation. He is glad to meet her but she is disgusted. Tanya assumes Charlie views her as a one night stand but he assures her he cares about her. Emily guesses her £600 was spent on Samir but doesn't mind. She is pleased for Deirdre. Mavis is amused when Derek finally realises that her painting is of a man. Tracy tells Deirdre she's disgusted with her and her toy boy. Deirdre refuses to let her spoil things this time, telling Tracy she's sick of her coming round just when she needs something.moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 1994
    Mon 19 Sep, 1994
    Episode 113
    Samir starts work at the Casablanca, Deirdre fears they'll never see each other. She admits she borrowed the money for his fare and he swears to pay it all back. Bet is furious with Charlie for telling Tanya about Raquel's misfortune. He tells her she shouldn't have sacked Tanya. Mavis keeps her nude picture at the Kabin as she doesn't want Derek to see it. Alma tells Tanya she saw her upset Raquel and if she misses one rent payment she'll be evicted. Derek sees the picture when Rita views it, he tells Mavis it isn't very good as it looks more like a man than a woman. Tanya tries to put her side to Bet but Bet refuses to listen, upsetting Charlie who is convinced Tanya did not mean any malice. Bet throws her out. Charlie tells Bet he hates the way she treats people, him included. Don refuses to let Gary smoke in his house. Don tells Nick he's welcome to stay as long as he obeys the house rules. He tells Nick that Brian hated smoking as it wrecks health. Curly cooks Raquel a meal and tries to buck her up, telling her she's due some good luck. She thanks him for being a good friend. Charlie calls on Tanya, telling her she feels bad about her sacking. Tanya tells him how Bet uses people until she's tired of them. She encourages him to kiss her so he does. Raquel falls asleep after her meal. Curly tucks her up on the sofa. Charlie carries Tanya into the bedroom.moreless
  • Fri 16 Sep, 1994
    Fri 16 Sep, 1994
    Episode 112
    Tanya thinks Raquel's returned after an abortion so Charlie tells her about Raquel being thrown off the modeling course. Andy is put out when Curly coldly accepts his resignation. Mike is horrified when Steve rents the flat next to him. Des tells Raquel he's gone through agony since they split. He admits he was obsessed with Tanya. He offers her the £1,500 he got from Alex. She tells him to keep it for the next girl whose heart is broken. Raquel is sent a copy of the brewery calendar. She is pleased when everyone says she looks wonderful in it. Jack hangs it in the bar. Rita is impressed that Mavis drew a naked man. Gail misses Nick and is upset to see how well he gets on with Don. Tanya tells Charlie she's fed up of being treated as the villain in the pub. Samir gets a job, waiting on at a Moroccan restaurant. Derek is surprised to learn Mavis has painted a nude but assumes it was a woman. Tanya is upset when all the men say how beautiful Raquel looks and tells the customers that Raquel's been told she's useless. Raquel runs sobbing from the bar and Des leads the customers in telling Tanya she's a bitch. Bet sacks her on the spot, telling her she's poison.moreless
  • Wed 14 Sep, 1994
    Wed 14 Sep, 1994
    Episode 111
    BET (about Raquel): "She's just the sort men walk all over. Time and again she'll team up with rats and time and again they'll treat her like dirt. Ask her what she thinks of 'em' 'Oo, aren't they lovely!'" Bet wants Raquel to do well in London but wishes she'd return home. Des is annoyed when Jack implies he gives Steve racing tips. Curly tries his best to break Paula and Andy up at work. Andy can't stand the thought of being under Curly's thumb all winter. He writes his resignation, deciding to return to University. Raquel turns up, asking to stay for a while. She tells Bet how a photographer told her and the agency she was useless and she was thrown off the course. She begs her not to tell Tanya. Bet agrees but puts Charlie in the picture. Andy moves out of No. 7 and back to No. 11. Mavis doesn't tell Derek when she draws a naked man at the art class. Samir tells Deirdre he is unhappy living off her and wants to find work. Deirdre begs him not to as it's against the law. He tells her he'll only stay if he can work. Mavis is astonished when instead of sketching the nude Roger draws her. Tanya is stunned to see Raquel back. Curly is delighted.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 1994
    Mon 12 Sep, 1994
    Episode 110
    Samir tells Deirdre he doesn't want her supporting him. When Kevin has to work, Rita goes along to antenatal classes with Sally. Bet goes to Croydon to find Raquel leaving Charlie and Tanya running the pub. Don suggests to Gail that Nick stays with him for a while as he thinks he's feeling neglected. Steve wins £300 on one race and puts it all on another. Des has to lay the bet off as the shop's limit is £1,000. Raquel is run ragged by pub manager Mike Murphy and is thrilled when Bet turns up. She tells Bet she's saving up to have her nose shortened and plans to stay in London for work. Steve is delighted with his £3,700 win but Sean is furious. Bet isn't taken in by Raquel's talk of the good life. Tanya tells Charlie he's becoming very domesticated and it doesn't suit him. TANYA: "I'm the bitchy type, the manipulating type, the homebreaking type. I'm surprised you haven't heard about me." Tanya tells Charlie he's her type and it's a shame he's spoken for. Nick finds some of Brian's weights and tries to use them so he can have muscles like his Dad. He confesses to Don that he wishes Brian was still alive. Deirdre is overwhelmed as Samir cleans the house and cooks her a meal. He tells her he can not live off her. Bet urges Raquel not to forget where her home is. Martin tells Gail he's sick of Nick and doesn't care where he sleeps. Curly tells Andy he wants him out of No. 7. Gail tries to drag Nick home but he tells her he's never returning. Gail is upset and tells him to stop with Don as she's had enough.moreless
  • Fri 9 Sep, 1994
    Fri 9 Sep, 1994
    Episode 109
    Curly is horrified to see Paula and Andy leaving No. 11 together in the morning. Ken tells Gail he'll find out for her if Gary is a bad influence. Deirdre and Samir spend his last day at home together. Andy tells Curly he didn't plan to take Paula away from him. Curly accuses him of setting him up. Fred gives Alf best steak before asking for the tender for school meals. Alf gets angry and tells him he'll get no more Council tenders. Charlie tires of his rig and decides to sell it. Ken gives Samir a farewell present - a book on Lancashire. He tells Deirdre he likes Samir. Alf asks the Chief Executive not to untwin. He is congratulated on being magnanimous. Gail is stunned to learn that Nick is deemed a bad influence on Gary. Don sees that Nick is fed up at home and lets him eat at No. 5 to get some space. Charlie tries to buck Tanya up when Bet continues to put her down. At the Airport Deirdre breaks down, telling Samir it's obvious that once he gets on the plane they'll never see each other again as they have no money. Don convinces the Platts to let Nicky spend the night with him to give them all a break. Deirdre is delighted when Samir lets his plane leave without him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Sep, 1994
    Wed 7 Sep, 1994
    Episode 108
    Maud puts a bet on one of Steve's dead certs. Curly asks Paula round for a meal and she accepts, assuming Andy will be present. Bet tracks Raquel down to a pub where she's working. She phones up and is put out when the manager refuses to let her speak to Raquel. Liz and Jim leave to holiday in Ireland. Alf speaks to the Councillors, convincing them that Weatherfield has been insulted and they should un-twin. Andy is upset when Curly tells him he's entertaining Paula. He takes an overnight bag to No. 11 meeting Paula on the way. She is alarmed to discover the meal is going to be just her and Curly. Andy persuades her not to waste the night and entertains her at No. 11. Gail urges Nick to try and accept Martin, telling him they're tearing her apart. Andy is happy when Paula tells him she's cancelled Goa. She spends the night with him. Alf is stunned when Audrey tells him that Brian has found out Fred Elliot is more than capable of bribing officials and has a reputation for backhanders.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 1994
    Mon 5 Sep, 1994
    Episode 107
    Bet dreams that Raquel is in trouble and begins to worry about her. Jack dreams he was banged on the head, he takes it as an omen to back 'Blunt Instrument'. Curly is fed up when Andy gets a glowing management assessment. Andy isn't impressed by it as he doesn't want to be stuck at Bettabuys. Martin suspects Nick is being awkward as he's having problems at school. He gets a copy of his maths book to see it he can help. Jack puts the electricity money on Blunt Instrument and loses it all. He tries to cancel the bet with Des but is too late. Curly asks Paula not to unsettle Andy with talk of Indian holidays. He tells her how important he feels it is to provide good food for people. Martin tries to help Nick with his maths homework but Nick resents his interference, saying he's not thick. Gail orders Martin out of the house when he calls Nick a spoilt brat. Andy buys a second hand car. He gets annoyed when Curly tells his parents about his good standing at Head Office. Vera goes for Jack when she realises he's gambled the electric money away. Martin and Curly get drunk together. Curly gives him a boring lecture about bar codes. Bet rings the modeling school and discovers Raquel's course finished two weeks ago. Charlie feels uncomfortable by the way Bet cares nothing for Tanya. Drunken Martin tells Gail he'll try harder with Nick as he loves her.moreless
  • Fri 2 Sep, 1994
    Fri 2 Sep, 1994
    Episode 106
    Tanya is stunned when Des tells her Alex has settled out of court. He points out Alex must have feared the court would have seen through her lies. Fred brings steak round to Audrey when he thinks Alf is out. He is thrown when Alf appears and backs off. Martin doesn't know how far he can go with disciplining Nick as he's not his own. Tanya is upset when Bet reminds her she's only staying on under sufferance. Charlie sympathises with her, saying they're both on probation. Mark tells Mike to stop seeing things in black and white; he'll visit in the holidays and still be part of his life. Mike is moved when Mark tells him he means a lot to him. Des warns Bet that Tanya is nothing but trouble. Martin is stunned when Nick tells him Gail gave him money to upgrade his computer. Paula considers going touring in Gao with some friends rather than returning to Uni. Andy tries to talk her out of it, saying it's a mistake to leave Uni. He is scared at the thought of being stuck at Bettabuys. The McDonalds entertain Deirdre and Samir. Jim is embarrassed by his youth but warms to him when he shares an interest in beer. When Martin tells Gail that she's made matters worse she tells him to grow up; she won't let him tear her family apart.moreless
  • Wed 31 Aug, 1994
    Wed 31 Aug, 1994
    Episode 105
    Des worries that Tanya will lie in court and she'll be believed. Gail wants to give her money to Nick for a computer but Martin refuses to let her. Mike pressurises Alma into agreeing to let Mark live with them if he wants to. Des celebrates when Alex offers £1,500 settlement, out of court. Des accepts. Audrey is flattered when Fred gives her money to buy some French lingerie but she refuses to accept it. Mike is stunned when Mark tells him he wants to live in Felixstowe and can't wait to leave Oakhill as he's never had any friends there. Nick considers changing his name to Tilsley but Don makes him change his mind, pointing out how hurt Gail would be. Gail gives Nick the money to up date his computer. Alf gets on well with the French Mayor until Fred attempts to bribe a judge to ensure his pudding wins. A row erupts with Alf standing up for Fred and England, he untwins Weatherfield and Charleville.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 1994
    Mon 29 Aug, 1994
    Episode 104
    The Roberts go to France with the Weatherfield butchers. Gail is upset when Sarah wets the bed. She fears she's becoming anxious over all the rows. The Baldwins return. Mike ignores the fact he's lost half of his money and celebrates the £70,000 he's managed to retrieve. Nick tells Martin he's never going to do anything he says. Gail is touched when Alma gives her a wad of money - her profits for the two weeks she's been away. Mike calls on Maggie and is stunned to discover she's getting married and moving to Felixstowe. She introduces him to her fiancée, Gerry Woodward. Butcher Fred Elliott tries to get on the best side of Alf as he wants his puddings to win. He bribes Alf with food to get himself a place in the Limo. Audrey is sickened as he and Alf discuss offal. Maggie tells Mike that Mark is happy with the move and likes Gerry's yacht. Deirdre faces the neighbours, taking Samir into the Rovers. She introduces him to Ken who wishes her well. Samir assumes Ken is Deirdre's father. Martin and Gail explain to Sarah about her fathers. Tanya tells Des she will attend the tribunal but might give evidence against him.moreless
  • Fri 26 Aug, 1994
    Fri 26 Aug, 1994
    Episode 103
    Deirdre fears Samir won't like her anymore but he is thrilled to see her again. Martin makes an attempt to befriend Nick but all he wants to do is have a new computer system. Curly lusts after Paula and is pleased when Andy assures him he's no longer interested in her. Curly tells Paula he'll help her up the Bettabuy career ladder if she'll have a drink with him. She isn't interested in either him or Bettabuy. Vera tells her Curly is obviously sexually harassing her. Alf and Audrey attend a black pudding tasting contest to choose a pudding to represent Weatherfield in France. Martin catches Nick packing his computer games up to sell. He tries to stop him but Nick tells him he has no right. Martin gets drunk to shut out his problems. Don tells Martin Nick has obviously found his weak spot - Brian. Vera tells Curly she's disgusted with him leering after Paula and abusing his position. Gail is upset when Martin confiscates Nick's computer games. Sarah Louise is disturbed to hear Nick say Martin is not his dad.moreless
  • Wed 24 Aug, 1994
    Wed 24 Aug, 1994
    Episode 102
    Deirdre takes two weeks off work and cleans the house ready for Samir. Tanya gets the order from the tribunal. She is upset as she doesn't want everyone knowing her business and fears the papers will pick the story up. Percy encourages Curly to court Paula as he obviously finds her attractive. Alf makes Gail see Nick has been affected by Ivy's stories of how wonderful Brian was. Tanya begs Alex to help get her out of the tribunal. He suggests she lies to the court and refuses to do anything to help her. Insolent Nick plays loud pop music to annoy the Platts. Sarah gets upset by all the rowing. Martin feels Nick will eventually come round but Gail shouts at Nick for his rudeness. She is upset that he's turning into a boy she doesn't know. Deirdre grows alarmed when Samir is held by Immigration at the Airport. Tanya asks Des to drop her from the case but he tells her he'll enjoy seeing her in court. Deirdre is quizzed about her relationship with Samir and is forced to explain he is her lover. Tanya gets Charlie to walk her home, telling him she fears Alex or Des might try to harm her. Samir is allowed into the country and Deirdre takes him home.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 1994
    Mon 22 Aug, 1994
    Episode 101
    Gail is upset by the way Nick has hurt Martin. With Emily away Percy cleans the house. Gail tries to make Nick see Martin is a wonderful father but Nick feels Brian would have been better. She orders him to apologise to Martin. Steve is miffed when Andy passes his driving test first time. Deirdre is delighted when Samir rings to say he's on his way. Nick accuses Martin of bossing him about and making him work too hard in his holidays. Paula fears that Curly fancies her when he follows her around all day. Tanya is horrified when Des tells her he's calling her as a witness at the tribunal.moreless
  • Fri 19 Aug, 1994
    Fri 19 Aug, 1994
    Episode 100
    Nicky feels he's got away with smoking as the Platts haven't mentioned it. He refuses to steal fags from the Kabin when Gary becomes desperate. When Gary meets Martin Nick explains he's not his real dad. Audrey gets excited over an official visit to France to take part in a black pudding contest. She is disappointed when after translating the itinerary Ken tells her she won't see Paris. When Gary asks questions about Brian Nick paints a romantic picture of him as a tough, smoking biker. Gary thinks it's awesome that Brian was murdered. Derek is horrified when Mavis shows off her new sable paint brushes. Martin borrows literature and photographs from the hospital to show Nicky the side affects of smoking. Paula flirts with Andy but he tells her he isn't ready for any emotional entanglements. She is hurt that he's not interested. Nick resents Martin's interference and tells him he's no right - he's not his dad.moreless
  • Wed 17 Aug, 1994
    Wed 17 Aug, 1994
    Episode 99
    Mavis is cross when Derek puts down her artistic friends, saying they all must be odd balls. He is amused to think Mavis might be trying to make him jealous by having a male friend. Nick plans to sell his old computer gear for a CD ROM but Martin refuses to let him as the system is too expensive. . Paula is impressed by the way Andy handles the workforce. Nick is horrified when Betty catches him smoking with Gary. Emily decides to spend a few weeks in Bridlington with her sister. Deirdre asks her for another £300 and Emily willingly gives it to her. Audrey tries to brighten up working at the cafe by serving cappuccinos but the customers aren't keen. Betty tells Gail about Nick smoking. Gail is furious and wants to lay into him but Martin stops her, saying he'll give Nicky an illustrated talk on the dangers of smoking. Deirdre phones Samir to say she's sending the money as she wants to see him as soon as possible.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 1994
    Mon 15 Aug, 1994
    Episode 98
    Mavis compiles a still life to take to the art class to please tutor Edwin. Paula starts work, under Vera's care. Emily stops going to the art class as she's so busy. Mavis feels the real reason is she has no talent. Nicky is embarrassed when Ken catches him leering at Fiona. Samir phones Deirdre to say he can't come as he needs more money. Andy is furious to discover Vera has been smoking instead of teaching Paula and ticks her off. She resents his tone and accuses Paula of being a sneak. Audrey warns Gail not to cook meals for Don as he might take advantage. Des tells Sean about his affair with Tanya. Roger gives Mavis a lift to the art class where she is put out to find someone else's still-life has been accepted. Later on she wants to introduce Roger to Derek but he is out drinking. Des decides to call Tanya as witness in the tribunal.moreless
  • Fri 12 Aug, 1994
    Fri 12 Aug, 1994
    Episode 97
    Vera is stunned to learn Ivy is not planning to return home. Charlie tells Bet he wants to live with her, work at the Rovers and get to know her but she must trust him. He feels it has to be all or nothing. Rita stops Mavis selling cigarettes to Nick's pal Gary Ryan. He and Nick go elsewhere as they are desperate for fags. Vicky apologises to Charlie for causing problems but he thanks her for bringing it all out into the open. Bettabuys store detective Mrs Quinn is alarmed to see Reg spying on the frozen food. She alerts Curly who throws him out of the store. Bet wants a solid relationship with Charlie but is held back by the fear of losing her independence. Rita advises her to hang on to Charlie whilst she's got him. Bet tells Charlie she wants him to stay.moreless
  • Wed 10 Aug, 1994
    Wed 10 Aug, 1994
    Episode 96
    Vicky fears Bet will finish with Charlie. Andy sulks over the Paula situation, refusing to help Curly out over staffing problems. Mark searches for Mike and is disappointed to discover he's in Spain. Curly demands respect and help from Andy before telling him they will employ Paula. Vicky is upset to see how cosy Steve ands Fiona have become. Mavis attempts to paint in the garden but is disturbed by noisy neighbours and Derek who eats part of her still life. Sean finds Tanya attractive but Des warns him she's trouble. Gail visits Ivy and realises she never wants to return. She breaks the news to Don who tells her that he's not going to change Ivy's mind; he's glad she's found some happiness. Paula is delighted when Andy tells her the job is hers. She tells him she admires what he's made of his life. After Charlie's court appearance Bet lays into him, accusing him of seeing her as insurance only. She refuses to let him use her but is stunned when he reveals that despite keeping his licence he plans to give up driving and stay at the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 1994
    Mon 8 Aug, 1994
    Episode 95
    Vicky tries to figure out Charlie's feelings for Bet but he isn't forthcoming. Andy is surprised when Paula turns up at Bettabuys looking for holiday work. Curly tells Andy he won't employ her as she has no experience. Andy begs him to, as a favour. Gail decides to visit Ivy to find out when she's returning. Curly refuses to employ Paula when Andy reminds him of all the assistants he's had relationships with. Alf and Audrey visit Mrs Jobson on her 100th birthday. Alf tucks into her cake and is horrified when she turns out to be an ex-neighbour who remembers him as a greedy little boy, Fat Alfalfa. Tanya is horrified when Bet lifts the ban on Des, recognising it makes sense to have him as a customer as he'll be running a local business. Bet tells Tanya she isn't bothered about her feelings, just Raquel's. Vicky confesses to Bet about the rave before telling her about Charlie's court case. Vicky is upset that he hasn't told Bet himself and fears he's after a cosy set up.moreless
  • Fri 5 Aug, 1994
    Fri 5 Aug, 1994
    Episode 94
    Derek belittles Mavis' art by saying it's a pathetic attempt to express herself. Des agrees to manage Sean's new shop on Rosamund Street. Charlie tells Vicky he'll keep quiet about her rave if she doesn't tell Bet about his court case. Mavis and Emily enjoy painting on the outing and befriend librarian Roger Crompton. Mavis finds Roger attentive and gives him tips on his work. Derek cuts the lawn at No. 4 by hand to prove to Mavis he cares for her. Deirdre is thrilled when Emily writes her a cheque for £300, assuming she wants money to pay bills. Deirdre accepts the money guiltily. Mavis is touched by the lawn and the salmon dinner Derek has prepared for her. He tells her she is the light of his life.moreless
  • Wed 3 Aug, 1994
    Wed 3 Aug, 1994
    Episode 93
    Steve's car is broken into and his £200 radio is stolen. Des fears one of Christie's mob thought it was his. Deirdre wants to see Samir but hasn't any money to send him for a ticket. Des tells Alex there's no need for heavies but Alex doesn't know what he's talking about. Deirdre asks Mike for a £300 loan but he tells her he has no spare cash until he's completed the Spanish deal. Des is amazed when Sean offers him a job as he admires the way he thumped Alex, his rival. Audrey helps at the cafe as Alma and Mike fly out to Spain. Charlie drives Vicky to her friend's in Warwickshire. Deirdre asks Liz for the money but she refuses to help her make a fool of herself. Vicky admits to Charlie she's going to an all night rave in Worcester; she said a friend's in Warwickshire as an excuse. Maureen and Maud clear out unused stock and Alf gives them tips on what sells. Charlie is upset that Vicky lied to him but agrees to take her to Worcester. He is horrified when another driver mentions his forthcoming court case to Vicky. Mavis asks Derek to accompany her on the art class outing to Rivington Pike. He says he's busy so Mavis accuses him of putting Angela before her always. Charlie tells Vicky he's up on a speeding charge and could lose his licence. She accuses him of feathering his nest with Bet in case he is banned from driving.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 1994
    Mon 1 Aug, 1994
    Episode 92
    Mavis is furious when Derek cancels a picnic to have a meeting with Angela. Deirdre is thrilled to receive a passionate letter from Samir. Alf shows Maureen the ropes at the Cash and Carry. Bet tells Charlie about her baby and Martin's death to explain why she watches over Vicky. Mike gets Charlie's translation verified and buys two tickets for Spain. Alma is delighted but Gail is fed up at the prospect of running the cafe alone. Sean Skinner hunts for Des, Steve stalls him fearing he's one of Alex's heavies. Liz advises Deirdre not to let a holiday romance run her life but Deirdre refuses to listen, asserting that she and Samir had something special. To prove to herself that Samir isn't just after her money she phones him but is told he isn't available. Gail and Alma rope Audrey into helping at the cafe. Derek is bitter when Angela makes him mow her three-and-a-half acre lawn. Mavis is furious and accuses him of being in slavery. She storms off and joins Emily at her art class. Vicky flirts with John to upset Steve. Deirdre is thrilled when Samir phones back, telling her how much he's missing her.moreless
  • Fri 29 Jul, 1994
    Fri 29 Jul, 1994
    Episode 91
    Maureen takes the shop off the market. Stylist John Welch starts at the Salon, Fiona is attracted to him. Des contacts a solicitor so he can sue Alex for unfair dismissal. Bet is pleased when Charlie tells her he enjoys working at the pub and doesn't want to drive anymore. Mike refuses to open the letters from Spain. Vicky tells Bet about her plans to visit a friend and is trapped into agreeing to let Charlie drop her off as he'll be going that way. Mike tells the Alma the bank have threatened him with a bankruptcy order if he doesn't repay all his loans. They start to bounce his cheques. Steve is jealous of Fiona being around John. Alex tells Des he'll tell the tribunal that Des stole from him and was a lousy manager. Des tells him he'll drop the case if he receives compensation but Alex tells him there will be consequences. Charlie helps the Baldwins translate the letter, telling them a road is to be built on his land and are offering him £70,000 compensation.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jul, 1994
    Wed 27 Jul, 1994
    Episode 90
    Fiona and Denise agree to rent out a chair to another stylist. Des asks Tanya why she's spreading lies about him but she tells him it's his fault everything's gone wrong. Maureen is fed up when a 'For sale' sign is erected on the shop and she is questioned by customers. Jack finds the photo of Vera and Lester in her handbag and is devastated. Vera tells him she met Lester by chance and only had a drink with him. Jack accuses her of planning the whole holiday so she could see him and is furious that she stayed on extra days to be with Lester. She is forced into telling him that Lester wanted her to leave Jack. He tells her it's obvious that she wishes she'd gone off with Lester. Don is fed up with Ivy away on retreat and showing no signs of returning. Denise returns from hospital and refuses to stay at Ken's flat. Vera begs Jack to believe nothing happened and forgive her as she's forgiven him his women. He makes her tear up the photograph. Reg laughs at the thought of Maureen and Maud running the shop between them and plants in Maureen's mind the thought that they could do just that. He agrees to let her try feeling she'll soon realise it's beyond her.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 1994
    Mon 25 Jul, 1994
    Episode 89
    Reg starts work at Firman's Freezers. He leaves Maureen running the shop down until it can be sold. Vera tries to secure Rita and Sally's silence over what they saw in Blackpool. Audrey has a great time at the Salon trying all the beauty treatments as Fiona has cancelled all the appointments. Denise realises Audrey is not the right person to help out and tells Ken to get rid of her. Alf is annoyed that Audrey is working as she can't help him open a precinct. He drags her off when Ken tells them Denise has decided to close the Salon for a few days. Fiona is fed up that there's no work to do. Maureen refuses to close the shop until 8pm, telling Reg they have an obligation to their customers. Maud pledges her support.moreless
  • Fri 22 Jul, 1994
    Fri 22 Jul, 1994
    Episode 88
    Curly is fed up that Raquel has gone to Croydon. Maureen refuses to give the shop up; she enjoys working it. Denise lets Ken preen about having twins before telling him she has twins in her family too. They suffer mixed emotions of grief and delight. Vera hides a photo of her with Lester. Denise worries about the salon losing trade. Des is shocked to her Raquel has left. He tells Vera that he feels like poison. Maud likes the idea of Maureen retiring as they'll spend all day together. Fiona is fed up when Ken suggests the Salon is closed. She feels they should get a stylist in so Ken persuades Audrey to help to help out. Denise is horrified at the thought. Liz visits Denise and comforts her when she breaks down over her dead baby. Liz admits she feels jealous that she's still got another. Denise is jealous that Liz held her baby in her arms. They console each other.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jul, 1994
    Wed 20 Jul, 1994
    Episode 87
    Maureen refuses to let Reg step foot out of the shop. Des puts his for sale sign back up. Lester tries to lure Vera away from Jack, offering her a bungalow in Filey. Vera fights the temptation. Denise is distraught over the baby. Mike is bothered by letters from the Spanish Government. He ignores them thinking they're after him for tax on his land. Vera is stunned when Geoff sacks Lester. He packs and tells Vera he's going to Filey and begs her to come with him. She refuses and waves him off, promising him she'll never forget him. Raquel signs up for another modeling course in Croydon to get away from Des. Maureen is furious when Reg escapes whilst she's in the stock room. Des asks Raquel to accept his apology but she refuses to forgive him. She tells him that she'll get over her pain but he'll always have to live with who he really is. Curly sees him off. Reg reveals his plan to Maureen - sell the shop and flat as Eric Firman has offered him a job running his freezer business. She is furious that he hasn't consulted her. Vera returns home. Denise tells Ken she's had a scan and there's another baby.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 1994
    Mon 18 Jul, 1994
    Episode 86
    Ken is horrified to discover Denise has spent the night in hospital after losing blood. Andy asks Curly to let him sit in on the job interviews for experience. Denise rests in hospital, relieved that the baby is alright. Ken thinks their row brought on the pains. She is grateful for his support. Deirdre is embarrassed by Curly's patronising interview technique, implying she's thick and past it. She walks out, saying she'll see him later. Des returns home to find Steve in the middle of entertaining Fiona. He tells Steve to pack his bags but Steve wins him round by pointing out he needs the rent. Curly tells Deirdre she doesn't have to interview - the job's hers. She's grateful. Lester tells Vera he doesn't want their dream to ever end. Raquel is upset to see Des back in town. Maureen struggles alone at the shop all day, telling Reg she's had enough of the place. He is pleased by her reaction. Denise breaks down as she tells Ken she's lost the baby.moreless
  • Fri 15 Jul, 1994
    Fri 15 Jul, 1994
    Episode 85
    Vera tries to sneak off home but Lester stops her and tells her she should continue the holiday and not care about what the neighbours think. Ken spends the day moving his stuff into No. 12 but is angry that he's spent his entire life in the Street. Maureen fears Reg intends to move his fancy piece into the shop flat. Vera is intrigued when Lester tells her about his daughter he hasn't seen for 25 years. Ken feels trapped in the Street by Denise as he wants to see his child grow up. She tells him he's still emotionally chained to Deirdre. Maureen gets drunk at lunchtime. Vera is flustered when Fester tells her he's thinking of settling down. Deirdre tells Emily about her holiday romance and is grateful when she accepts him. When Reg returns after a day absent Maureen accuses him of being with a woman. He swears there's no one else. Deirdre is grateful when Curly agrees to interview her for a job. Denise gets Fiona to call for an ambulance as she doubles over in pain.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jul, 1994
    Wed 13 Jul, 1994
    Episode 84
    Vera is sad that she's having to go home but feels she won't be opening herself to temptations. Lester tells her it's made his summer having her around for the week. She is alarmed by his sincerity. Don lives a bachelor's life as Ivy goes to a religious retreat. Mike gives Steve a water rates bill. Denise collapses in the Salon, Fiona rushes for Ken but Denise shrugs the faint off. She tells them she doesn't want any fuss. Maureen is fed up when Reg keeps going to the cash and carry. Lester talks Vera into staying on in Blackpool for a few more days. Ken tells Denise he's willing to rent No. 12 but wants her opinion, assuring her that he's not expecting her to join him. Mike is jealous of Steve's flash car and ready money. Reg is thrilled when Ken agrees to rent No. 12. Vera is put out when Jack doesn't seem to mind if she's away for another week. Maud suggests to Maureen that Reg might be seeing another woman. Maureen quickly convinces herself this is true. Deirdre writes a love letter to Samir. Vera is horrified when Rita and the Websters see her kissing Lester.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 1994
    Mon 11 Jul, 1994
    Episode 83
    Reg is jealous to learn Bettabuy are introducing a share option scheme for management. He tells Ken that he should buy his flat at No. 12, saying he'll reduce the price for him as he wants the flat at No. 15 as a store room. Deirdre helps Mavis out at the Kabin. Steve spends £2,000 on a second hand XR2i Fiesta. He uses it to impress Fiona who agrees to go for a ride with him. Rita loses Rosie in the pleasure beach. Rosie tells a policeman and is reconciled with the Websters. Sally tells her off for running away. Steve plans to take someone on, cash in hand, at the unit. Ken is impressed with No. 12 when Reg shows him around but tells him he has no intention of buying it. Reg suggests he rents it. Deirdre shows her holiday photos of Samir to Liz. Vera agrees to go dancing with Lester.moreless
  • Fri 8 Jul, 1994
    Fri 8 Jul, 1994
    Episode 82
    Deirdre returns from Morocco. Vera is amazed to see how much Tommy has grown. She stays at Shirley's and Doreen lets her take Tommy out. Denise feels out of control of her body and is annoyed when everyone says how wonderful Deirdre looks with her tan. Vera tells Doreen she's doing a great job, bringing Tommy up. Ken is thrown by Deirdre's good humour. Liz guesses correctly that she had a holiday romance. Vera panics when she discovers Lester Fontayne is also staying at Shirley's. Reg feels fed up trapped in the shop, having to serve boring customers. Ken feels Denise is feeling jealous and insecure of Deirdre so he tells her they should live together. She is too tired to talk. Vera visits the bingo hall where Lester is caller. She is thrilled when Lester remembers her. He is keen to note she's alone in Blackpool and tells her fate has brought them together.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jul, 1994
    Wed 6 Jul, 1994
    Episode 81
    The Websters and Rita settle into another guest house but Sally fears Rita thinks they're taking advantage of her as she keeps doshing out money. Alma tells Tanya she wants her out in two weeks but Tanya makes her change her mind when she begs for a chance to make a go of her life. Rita assures Sally she's having the time of her life but agrees to stop spending so much. Sally goes to see a fortune teller who warns her to keep an eye on Rosie. Raquel feels there must be something wrong with her as she can't keep a man. Vera misses Tommy and fears she'll be a stranger to him. Des goes to Hartlepool to get away from everything. Steve persuades him to part with a key so he can keep an eye on the house for him. Curly lets Vera take time off so she can go to Blackpool to see Tommy. Steve moves into No. 6.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul, 1994
    Mon 4 Jul, 1994
    Episode 80
    Kevin is amazed when Sally falls for the Murdoch's tale of woe and ends up giving them a hand in the kitchen. Curly warns Des to keep away from Raquel and makes it clear he despises men who hit women. Des thinks Tanya is the one who should be despised. Rita bravely rides a tram, taking Rosie along with her. Raquel is grateful when Charlie gets the rest of her stuff, including her portfolio, from No. 6. She is touched that people are being so supportive. When Alex calls to collect his gear, Tanya tells him how Des hit her and is stunned when he tells her she deserved it. She begs him to believe Des was blackmailing her but he tells her he's not interested in her anymore; she's soiled goods. When Rosie's tea is inedible, Kevin rows at the Murdochs, telling them what he thinks of them. The other guests cheer him on. Raquel agrees to talk to Des. He tells her he never hit Tanya and didn't force her into anything. Des breaks down when he sees the pain he's caused her and begs her to give him a fresh start but she refuses.moreless
  • Fri 1 Jul, 1994
    Fri 1 Jul, 1994
    Episode 79
    Jim tells Steve he doesn't want them to be enemies. Rita leaves for Blackpool with the Websters, telling Mavis to ask Alf for help if she needs it. Bet tells Tanya she should start looking for another job. Alex is furious to find Des at work. He sacks him so Des threatens him with a Tribunal. Bet is delighted when Charlie calls, she puts him to work behind the bar. Rita enjoys herself in Blackpool, playing with Rosie. Des apologises to Tanya and is horrified to see her bruised face. She tells him he did it in the fight. He tells her he's crazy about her but she isn't interested. The Websters and Rita are put out when their landlords, the Murdochs, row all the time. Curly is disgusted with the way Des has treated Raquel and offers her his support. Steve accepts a drink from Jim. Mavis struggles alone at the Kabin but refuses to ask Alf for help as he will take over. Kevin is furious when the Murdochs hoover at midnight. He tells Sally they'll find somewhere else to stay.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jun, 1994
    Wed 29 Jun, 1994
    Episode 78
    Des is still ranting to Alex, telling him to leave - Alex doesn't realise what is going on. Unseen by Des, Raquel arrives and hears everything. The poker game at Curly's is still going on. Raquel runs to the Rovers, gets Bet out of bed and tells her everything. Meanwhile Alex is getting ready to leave and is calling Tanya names he and Des start fighting, it continues in Jim's Cafe. When Alex leaves Des thinks that it's all ok but Tanya tells him its all over and that he has ruined everything. Des leaves. Bet lets Raquel stay the night, the next day she tells her Tanya is sacked and Des is barred. Alma and Gail arrive at the cafe - Alma goes to see Tanya and tells her she has to leave even though she and Alex have split up. Bet and Raquel go to collect her clothes - Des isn't there. Charlie arrives at the Rovers before Bet can talk to him properly. Tanya arrives - she insists that Bet talk to her. She tells her that she and Alex have finished, that its Des' fault, that he blackmailed her and hit her. Raquel believes it all - Bet still has her doubts.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 1994
    Mon 27 Jun, 1994
    Episode 77
    Jim tells Liz about his nights chauffeuring. Alex tells Tanya about his conversation with his wife - she is nervous about the future. Curly goes to see Steve at work and asks him to leave the house. Alex tells Tanya she can leave her job and he hands in her notice to Alma for the flat. Alma gives Charlie Bet's message - Charlie sells some lager to Steve. Jim tells Mike and Kevin about Steve - Mike actually agrees that he did the right thing. Tanya tells Bet about Alex - she gives her the night off. Liz goes to see Steve - he tells his side of the story. Tanya tells Betty, Bet and Raquel all about Alex - Betty doesn't approve. Raquel tells Des all about Tanya - he is distraught. Charlie delivers the lager to Curlys house for Steve, Don buys some too - they end up playing poker and when Curly and Andy arrive home they end up joining in. Liz tells Jim about Steve but he doesn't believe his story. Raquel is worried about Des, in the middle of the night he creeps downstairs and out - she follows him. Des goes to Tanya's flat - Alex is there and demands that she tell Alex what has been going on.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jun, 1994
    Fri 24 Jun, 1994
    Episode 76
    Tanya tells Alex she's had enough of him creeping out in the early hours, making her feel cheap. She tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. The twins celebrate their 20th birthday. Jim refuses to sign Steve's card, telling Liz they must make a stand or Steve will end up a criminal. Denise apologises to Ken for hurting his feelings. Raquel advises Tanya to give Alex up, saying she'll never find happiness with a married man. Tanya gets fed up with her complacency and is tempted to tell her the truth. Steve offers Jim a drink and is ignored. Andy urges him to try harder, for Liz's sake. Tanya tells Des she's finished with Alex so it's now up to him to finish with Raquel. Denise tells Ken she wants him to be part of her life but won't marry him as they don't love each other. Bet is furious to discover Charlie is in town but hasn't called on her. Steve uses another name and books Jim for the evening to take him and Andy out, thinking all three could have a wild night. Jim is furious that he's been set off and speeds off before Steve can explain his plans. Tanya is stunned when Alex moves his stuff into the flat, explaining he's left Val.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jun, 1994
    Wed 22 Jun, 1994
    Episode 75
    Curly begs Liz to take Steve back - he's fed up with having only pink shirts to wear. Maureen tells Maud she had no right seeing Reg off all those years ago as she did much worse with Danny. She accuses Maud of never letting her be young and is angry that Maud obviously enjoyed her youth. Maud refuses to regret her love for Danny or their child. Liz is fed up with Jim and Steve ignoring each other and her acting as a go-between. Ken is put out when Denise goes to an NCT meeting without him. He tells her he wants to be completely involved and tells her he'd like to marry her. Percy and Maud agree to remain friends. Maureen rows with Percy for passing judgement on Maud - if Wilfred could forgive why can't he'? Curly is amazed as all the women at work treat him better because of his pink shirt. Rita decides she must lay Alan's ghost to rest and agrees to go to Blackpool with the Websters. Denise tells Ken she can't marry him. He accepts that but maintains he wants to make some commitment to her. He accuses her of making him a laughing stock and ruining his reputation. She tells him it's obvious he doesn't care about her and walks out. He races after her and shouts at her in the Street, to Don's delight.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jun, 1994
    Mon 20 Jun, 1994
    Episode 74
    Andy and Curly grow tired of Steve dossing down on their sofa. Vera feels shamed that everyone knows about Jack's fling with Dulcie. Rita is pleased to be asked to go on holiday with the Websters but doesn't like the idea of returning to Blackpool. Mrs Jeffers tells Ken she's received a complaint from a parent about him fathering an illegitimate child. Steve tries to get round Liz with flowers and put the blame on his departure on Jim. He is surprised when Liz stands by Jim, saying that at least he is decent. Reg tries to talk Percy round but Percy refuses to forgive Maud. Jim is astonished when Liz tells him she took his side against Steve. Vera announces she intends to sue the papers - there's no way Jack's ever been up to five times a night. Jack tries to win her over with free drinks. Sally realises that Rita has bad memories of Blackpool and regrets asking her. Jack advises Vera to remember her Royal connections and not dirty herself by rowing with the press; she must rise above it. Steve takes Curly and Andy to a casino, giving them both £50 to play with. They both lose but Steve wins money and a girlfriend. Vera forgives Jack but he has to make love to her as compensation.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jun, 1994
    Fri 17 Jun, 1994
    Episode 73
    Vera sends Prince William a birthday card. Andy is furious when Steve's red T-shirt dyes all his shirts pink. Emily supports Percy over finishing with Maud. The Websters decide to have a holiday in Blackpool. Sally feels they should invite Rita. Maud hopes Percy will change his mind and carry on with the engagement. Betty gives Jack her receipe for hotpot so he can cook Vera a nice meal. Ken sends Nick out of a lesson for commenting on Denise's pregnancy. Ken tells him that they have to respect each other as they live so close together. Percy tells Maud that he can't forget or forgive but promises he won't tell anyone her secret. Jack makes hotpot but turns the grill on instead of the oven so it doesn't cook. Vera is sympathetic and gets fish and chips instead. She reads about Jack and Dulcie in the newspaper wrapping. Maud thanks Reg for being so understanding.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jun, 1994
    Wed 15 Jun, 1994
    Episode 72
    The residents think it's hysterical to read all about Dulcie and Jack's affair in the Nationals. Jack sees it and hides the paper from Vera. He spends the day making such she doesn't see a copy. Nick is amazed to hear Denise is having Ken's baby. Ken guesses Fiona is looking for another job and points out that Denise will be needing her more than ever now. Raquel is disappointed in Jack now she knows he had an affair. Percy tells Maureen he wants them to be a close family and asks if he has to tread carefully over Americans. Maureen is touched by his sincerity and breaks down, telling him she can't explain. Liz is furious to discover Steve has been living at No. 7 and hasn't told her. Maud tells Percy about Maureen's real father. Percy is shocked. Deirdre leaves for Morocco. Percy rows with Maud for betraying Wilfred and tells her he can't marry her.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jun, 1994
    Mon 13 Jun, 1994
    Episode 71
    Des leaves Raquel early in the morning to make love to Tanya before work. Reg urges Maureen to come to terms with her parentage and be grateful she was brought up by such a fine man as Wilfred. He is glad Maud has a dark secret as it makes her more human. Deirdre realises she's got nothing going for herself. Jack is horrified when a reporter interviews him, saying Dulcie Froggatt is telling all about her affair with birdman. Des urges Tanya to finish with Alex and promises to tell Raquel about them. Steve returns from staying in London and asks Andy to put him up at No. 7. Percy tries to find out from Maud why she visited the American cemetery but she avoids the subject. Curly is forced into letting Steve stay at No. 7, on the sofa. Fiona looks for another job, feeling Denise will soon close the Salon. Raquel thinks Des has executive stress and tries to sooth him with a relaxation tape. She tells Des she's upset by the distance between them and fears he's getting bored of her. He promises he isn't. Mike delights in congratulating Ken on getting Denise pregnant and gives him a cigar. Deirdre books a holiday in Agadir, Morocco, to get away from the Street. Des can't bring himself to tell Raquel about Tanya.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jun, 1994
    Fri 10 Jun, 1994
    Episode 70
    Nick starts his paper round, with trainers brought by Don, Nick to pay back in installments. Vera is proud when Jack's story appears in a National paper. Deirdre is amazed at Ken's arrogance when he tells her he'll always be around for her. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again and throws him out. Liz worries about Steve's whereabouts. Jack wears sun glasses in case his fans recognise him. Deirdre apologises to Denise for spilling the beans in the Rovers. Bet tries to forget Charlie by going on a shopping spree. Deirdre wishes she hadn't blown up as people might think she's jealous of Denise. Maureen assures Maud she doesn't think she's a loose woman. Maud is proud she gave Danny some love before he died and shows Maureen his photograph. Don is shocked to discover Denise is having Ken's baby, he feels he's had a lucky escape. Maureen tells Reg about her real father and is grateful when he is understanding.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jun, 1994
    Wed 8 Jun, 1994
    Episode 69
    Liz blames Jim for Steve leaving home. Charlie wants to take Bet to Spain on holiday but she fears the police will think he's trying to escape. He goes to Stoke to collect his cab when the police find it but the trailer is missing. Deirdre is upset to see Ken and Denise drinking in the Rovers. She tells them she's not keeping quiet and tells the pub Denise is pregnant. Fiona is stunned, Denise is dismayed. Liz comforts Deirdre. She explains that whilst away she had convinced herself that she and Ken would get back together and wishes she was pregnant. Des agrees to see Tanya again as he can't stop thinking about her. Raquel thinks Des is drinking too much as he spends so much time in the Rovers. Charlie returns with the news the police have had a tip off about the hijack and might be able to get the whisky back. Bet is stunned when he leaves again, saying he knows she thought he was involved and he doesn't know if he'll see her again.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jun, 1994
    Mon 6 Jun, 1994
    Episode 68
    Denise is shocked when Ken admits he told Deirdre about the baby. Jim wins £100 on the Premium Bonds. Percy, Maud and Maureen visit the cemeteries on D-Day. Percy weeps at the graves of old comrades. Ronnie warns Steve that he could lose all his money. He tells Steve he's teaching him everything out of vanity. Maud takes Maureen to a grave in the American cemetery and points out Danny Kennedy's, saying he was her real father. Maureen is stunned. Jim finds out that Liz has given Steve £500 out of her compensation money. Maud tells Maureen she wants her to know the truth about her father before she dies. Maureen is amazed she's kept it to herself for nearly 50 years. Charlie is insulted when Bet asks him if he had anything to do with the hijack. Jiim realises Steve has been betting with the £500 and accuses him of conning it out of Liz. When Steve cheeks him Jim hits him. Ken is annoyed when Deirdre refers to Denise as a slut. He asks her to keep quiet about the baby. Liz is horrified to find Jim and Steve have been fighting. Steve returns the £500, saying he won thousands and he's moving out.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jun, 1994
    Fri 3 Jun, 1994
    Episode 67
    Derek looks forward to receiving his new company car. Raquel urges Des to talk to her and tell him what is bothering him but he tells her to leave him alone and not nag. Rita takes Nick on as a paper boy. Percy, Maud and Maureen settle into their Normandy hotel. Percy doesn't trust the French. Charlie reveals to Bet he was hijacked a couple of years ago and the insurance company now feels it's a set up job. Bet worries he might be right. The Wiltons are dismayed when Derek takes possession of his new car - with a giant paper clip on the roof. Steve is impressed to discover Ronnie has won a smart car in a card game. Charlie turns to drink as he's stuck in the Rovers all day. Deirdre returns home, having settled Blanche into a nursing home. Ronnie invites Steve to the races, telling him to get some proper betting money. Percy thinks about his pals who died in the War and admits he is bitter towards the Germans. Maud comforts him. Liz agrees to lend Steve £500 when he tells her he needs it for a business deal. Deirdre is stunned when Ken tells her he's been seeing Denise and she's pregnant. Deirdre throws him out, upset that she always wanted his child but he always refused to consider it.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jun, 1994
    Wed 1 Jun, 1994
    Episode 66
    Raquel thinks Des is working too hard. The police hunt for Charlie's rig and question him about the hijacking. Bet is upset to hear him lying to the police, not telling them about a detour he made. He explains to her he doesn't want the police knowing he made an unofficial trip for extra money. Des struggles to hide his hatred of Alex at work. Mavis doesn't trust Angela and fears she's using Derek for her own devices. Martin warns Gail that if Nick doesn't earn money he may try and get it dishonestly. She tells Nick he can have a paper round. He is delighted. Des tells Tanya he's tortured thinking of her with Alex and he can't go on - they have to finish. He promises to stay out of her life from now on.moreless
  • Mon 30 May, 1994
    Mon 30 May, 1994
    Episode 65
    Charlie is in hospital after his lorry is hijacked. Derek is annoyed when Kevin refuses to sell the car for him. Kevin points out that it's a heap of junk. Bet worries about Charlie, especially when he discharges himself. Ronnie takes Steve to Redcar and teaches him how to bet and not waste money. Derek pays Nick £5 to clean the car and is impressed by the good job he does. Percy is full of D-Day and looks forward to visiting France. Bet is relieved when Charlie turns up in one piece. He fears his reputation will be ruined. Bet forces him to sleep as he's dizzy. Steve is thrilled to win £200 on one race. Denise is relieved when Ken tells her he's not looking for a wife. He is pleased when she says she doesn't want to throw what they've got away. Jim warns Steve that he's bound to lose sometimes. Ken agrees not to tell anyone about the baby for the first three months.moreless
  • Fri 27 May, 1994
    Fri 27 May, 1994
    Episode 64
    Nick is annoyed when he has to spend the day babysitting. Denise stops smoking. Des can't bear the thought of Alex leaving his wife for Tanya. Denise swears to Ken she's not trying to tie him down, she admits this could be her last chance to have a child. Ken is frustrated by the way she wants nothing from him. Ronnie Williams looks Jim up and is amused to discover he is a mechanic and doesn't own the garage or Jag. Steve shows him the bookies' and is intrigued to see him put £100 on a horse. Nick takes the children to the Kabin and is furious when David gets oil down his top at the garage. Ronnie shows no emotion as he collects his £800 winnings. Steve is impressed. Gail is furious that Nicky took the children out of the house. He is fed up at being treated like a child. Jim is surprised when Steve arranges to go to the races with Ronnie. Ken tells Denise he's determined to play a part in his child's future.moreless
  • Wed 25 May, 1994
    Wed 25 May, 1994
    Episode 63
    Mavis makes Derek think he's got Stilton sandwiches before swapping them for anchovy paste. She feels if he doesn't mention anything he won't have eaten them but gone out with Angela. Rita agrees to take Nick on as a paper boy so long as his parents agree. Jack enjoys being recognised in the streets. Deirdre is surprised to find Denise stand-offish. Martin thinks Nick should take a paper round but Gail refuses to let him. Mavis is pleased when Derek complains about the anchovy sandwiches. He tells her he knows she's jealous of Angela and finds it erotic. Ken drives Deirdre to the bus station but doesn't tell her about him and Denise. She kisses him, telling him she's glad she's got him. Raquel suggests to Des that they entertain Tanya and Alex. Des puts her off the idea. Ken is stunned when Denise tells him she's having a baby. She tells him she's keeping it.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 1994
    Mon 23 May, 1994
    Episode 62
    Derek starts at Hawthorne's. Deirdre returns for a break. Ken is delighted to see her but Denise fears he'll drop her. Raquel tackles Des' garden. Nick picks holes in his old trainers and plays on Audrey's sympathy, telling her Gail has no money for new clothes. The Gazette runs a story on Jack. He is dubbed the 'Bird Man of Weatherfield'. Audrey offers to buy Nick's trainers but Gail tells her he's just playing for sympathy. Deirdre is pleased to see Ken again, telling him she's lived for his phone calls. Mavis is upset when Derek leaves his sandwiches as Angela takes him out for a business lunch. He refuses to be interrogated by her. Gail forces Nick to do all the housework. Deirdre is eager to catch up with all the gossip but Ken holds back.moreless
  • Fri 20 May, 1994
    Fri 20 May, 1994
    Episode 61
    Jack refuses to come off the roof until he's freed Fergie. Curly and Andy try to ignore him. Derek tells Mavis he hasn't accepted Angela's job, or turned it down. Vera tells Jack she's proud of his stand. She leaves him on the roof to go to bingo. Nicky announces he wants to be called Nick from now on. He tries to get Gail to buy him new trainers but she refuses. Jack ties himself to Curly's chimney stack. Curly opens the observatory window but Fergie still refuses to budge. After Jack's spent a night on the roof, Andy replaces the ladder. Vera celebrates when Fergie flies home but Jack can't move from the roof - his limbs have gone dead. Mavis is horrified to hear Derek begging Don for a job, cleaning taxis. She's upset by Derek's decline. Vera calls the fire brigade and they get Jack down. The Gazette arrive and interview Vera who blames Curly for everything. Mavis is forced to suggest Derek takes Angela's job to stop him wasting away. He phones Angela and is taken on as one of her sales team. Mavis is stunned when he reveals Angela's husband has now left her.moreless
  • Wed 18 May, 1994
    Wed 18 May, 1994
    Episode 60
    Derek explains Angela is taking some EnviroSphere products but Mavis insists he has nothing more to do with her. Tanya enjoys ringing Des from the Rovers, under Raquel's nose. Jack lets rip in the bar when customers side with Andy and Curly. Jim has to pull him off Reg when Reg complains about pigeons damaging his stock. Jack is upset at the thought of Fergie being held hostage by Curly. Raquel breaks down when she burns a meal she was preparing for Des. Derek asks Mavis to trust him, he must deal with Angela. Des takes Raquel for a take-away and is annoyed to see Tanya dining with Alex. Tanya invites them to join them but Des refuses. Alex asks Des not to mention anything to Val. Derek tells Mavis he's decided not to sell EnviroSphere anymore and Angela has offered him a job at Hawthorne's. Curly agrees to let Jack get Fergie when Vera agrees to wash Andy's shirt. Vera is horrified to find Jack on the roof, trying to get into the observatory. Vera turns on Curly so he shuts the observatory window. Andy removes the ladder so Jack is stuck on the roof.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 1994
    Mon 16 May, 1994
    Episode 59
    Andy is furious to find Jack's pigeons have dirtied his shirt, left out to dry. The Duckworths refuse to compensate him. Mavis convinces herself Derek has got another woman. She shares her fears with Rita. Des asks Tanya to finish with Alex but she demands he finishes with Raquel first. Rita drives Mavis, following Derek when he goes out for the evening to keep his cancelled appointment. Tanya is disgusted with Alex when he can't bring himself to tell Val he's leaving. Mavis is horrified to see Derek call at a large house with a bouquet of flowers. Rita comforts her. Raquel feels sorry for Tanya having to share her man. Curly is outraged to find a pigeon has got into his observatory. He can't catch it so he calls in Jack who identifies it as Fergie. Mavis cracks when Derek gives her the flowers. She tells him she knows he's been to see another woman as she followed him. Curly and Andy refuse to let Jack get to Fergie when he refuses to clean up after the bird. Derek confesses he went to see Angela.moreless
  • Fri 13 May, 1994
    Fri 13 May, 1994
    Episode 58
    Tanya enjoyed Amsterdam but resents being back to normal. Mavis is puzzled to take phone message for Derek, cancelling an appointment, from an arrogant woman. Jim drives some yuppies around all day, putting up with their jokes about the Irish. Raquel enjoyed the Cotswolds whilst Des makes sure Tanya knows he had a great time. Mike is furious when he discovers the yuppies' cheque is dated 1993. Alex tells Tanya he realises she deserves more than an occasional evening. She is stunned when he decides to tell Val he's leaving her. Mavis is suspicious when Derek works every evening. Jim is amused to hear about the dud cheque and delights in showing Mike the £50 tip he was given. Tanya tells Des she had a lousy weekend and couldn't stop thinking about him. He agrees he felt the same.moreless
  • Wed 11 May, 1994
    Wed 11 May, 1994
    Episode 57
    Maud is pleased when Maureen agrees to go with her to France to look after her. Denise feels she'll never finish the book. Fiona suggests she gets the video out. Reg refuses to allow Maureen to go to France as he needs her at the shop. Raquel is thrilled when Des tells her he's not going to Newcastle - he's taking her to the Cotswolds, having arranged with Bet for her to have the weekend off. Maud gets Reg to change his mind by telling him of all her munitions pals who died in the War. Ken is amused when Denise confesses to watching Tess. Bet is livid to catch regulars drinking Charlie's lager in the Rovers. Tanya and Alex go to Amsterdam, Raquel sees them leave and is thrilled to know the identity of the mystery man. Bet rows with Charlie for selling the lager to Reg, explaining she hates dishonesty. He walks out, accusing her of being a hypocrite; she's just the same as the rest of them.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 1994
    Mon 9 May, 1994
    Episode 56
    Charlie is annoyed when Steve approaches him about getting lager, saying Reg spilt the beans. Charlie denies all knowledge of the lager. Charlie warns Reg to keep his mouth shut. Derek talks to Lawrence Cooper, wanting to leave EnviroSphere. Ken lends Denise 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' to read. She feels it's way above her and fears Ken will want to test her on it. Cooper tells Derek he can't have his money back on the goods as he's worked with them for over two months. Steve tells Mike he can't manage all the bills and asks if they can renegotiate terms. Mike refuses. Percy is stunned when Maud tells him she's coming with him to Normandy. Alex tells Tanya he's taking her to Amsterdam for the weekend. She phones Des and cancels their weekend away. Raquel has a wonderful day modelling wedding dresses and shows Des Polaroids of herself. Rita offers Sally financial help if she wants to stop minding David. Raquel hopes the pictures will inspire Des to propose.moreless
  • Fri 6 May, 1994
    Fri 6 May, 1994
    Episode 55
    Denise is shocked when Ken admits he told Deirdre about the baby. Jim wins £100 on the Premium Bonds. Percy, Maud and Maureen visit the cemeteries on D-Day. Percy weeps at the graves of old comrades. Ronnie warns Steve that he could lose all his money. He tells Steve he's teaching him everything out of vanity. Maud takes Maureen to a grave in the American cemetery and points out Leonard Kennedy's, saying he was her real father. Maureen is stunned. Jim finds out that Liz has given Steve £500 out of her compensation money. Maud tells Maureen she wants her to know the truth about her father before she dies. Maureen is amazed she's kept it to herself for nearly fifty years. Charlie is insulted when Bet asks him if he had anything to do with the hijack. Jiim realises Steve has been betting with the £500 and accuses him of conning it out of Liz. When Steve cheeks him, Jim hits him. Ken is annoyed when Deirdre refers to Denise as a slut. He asks her to keep quiet about the baby. Liz is horrified to find Jim and Steve have been fighting. Steve returns the £500, saying he won thousands and he's moving out.moreless
  • Wed 4 May, 1994
    Wed 4 May, 1994
    Episode 54
    Mavis feels neglected when Rita spends time with Sally. Des skives off work to spend time with Tanya. He has to run off quickly when Alex turns up. Kevin is embarrassed when Rita catches him stripping off at No. 13. He feels she spends too much time there. Mrs Baker calls on Gail, upset when she feels she's been given the brush off by the hospital. She wants to go further but Gail refuses to get involved. Mrs Baker accuses Gail of siding with Martin - they don't care. Gail is impressed when Martin calmly consoles Mrs Baker, making her see no one can be blamed for Mandy's death. Mavis feels her home is a warehouse and is sick of people avoiding her. She demands Derek gets rid of all the boxes. Des and Tanya plan to go away together. When Tanya tells Raquel that Des is going away he back tracks.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 1994
    Mon 2 May, 1994
    Episode 53
    Gail goes to the hospital enquiry. Bet celebrates her birthday but is upset to receive a card from Alec. Audrey spends a fortune getting prepared for the ceremony. Kevin has to work so can't attend Sally's scan so Rita takes her. The Platts watch as Alf is made Mayor. Audrey soon befriends her new chauffeur, Brian Bowes. Kevin feels envious of Rita's closeness to Sally. Sally's blood pressure is high and she's told to rest so Rita looks after her. Audrey gets Brian to take a detour down Coronation Street so she can impress the natives. They get stuck behind a delivery lorry. Charlie brings Bet expensive perfume back from France and two hundred packs of lager which he wants her to sell. She refuses as it would be illegal. Percy leads a crowd in opposition to Alf, accusing him of driving around in a limo on taxpayer's money whilst people are starving. Bet is upset that Charlie thought she would consider selling the beer illegally.moreless
  • Fri 29 Apr, 1994
    Fri 29 Apr, 1994
    Episode 52
    Martin accuses Gail of betraying him. Des doesn't want Raquel to learn about Tanya by catching them together. Tanya gets annoyed when he talks about how wonderful Raquel is. Des asks Alma not to tell anyone what she saw. Tanya feels Des is just like Alex; she'll always be a bit on the side. Derek drives Emily out into the country where they talk about their failed lives. She feels she'll always be let down whilst he feels he'll always be just an ordinary little man. He wishes he could be a hero for Mavis. Nicky decides he wants to be called Nick from now on. Derek is moved when Mavis calls him her hero for taking Emily out. Maud is astonished when Percy announces his plan to visit France for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. Martin asks Gail to remember if she says anything at the enquiry which has come from him he'll lose his job. She feels it's more important to find out why Mandy died.moreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 1994
    Wed 27 Apr, 1994
    Episode 51
    Mike explains to Kevin and Jim that he wants Jim to drive executives around in the Jag as well as working at the garage. Elaine is stunned to see Vera out and about wearing a Bettabuys uniform. She confronts Curly, furious that he's reemployed Vera but is disarmed when all he can do is declare his love for her. Emily entertains the Wiltons to dinner but serves up frozen vegetables. They try to ignore them but she breaks down, annoyed that Bernard strung her along and allowed her to be emotionally attached. She feels foolish for thinking anyone could ever love her. Denise makes Ken see he's being stupid sulking. He agrees to take her out, upsetting Don who accuses Denise of being poison. Raquel throws a party for Des. Martin is worried when Gail is called as a witness in the Baker enquiry. He fears she might talk about what he tells her in confidence. Raquel gets drunk at the party whilst Des and Tanya stay sober. Alma takes Raquel out into the garden for some air but turns her round when she sees Des and Tanya kissing outside.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 1994
    Mon 25 Apr, 1994
    Episode 50
    Jim wonders what the catch is when Mike hands over the Jag to him. Charlie and Liz join the McDonalds as they go to the races. Percy tells Maud he wants to wait until Emily has got over Bernard before they fix a date. Mrs Baker tells Gail she blames the hospital for Mandy's death and wants an official enquiry. Gail agrees to be a witness for her, backing up her claim that the ward was understaffed. At the races Jim meets Major Williams from his Army days. He allows Williams to believe the Jag is his. Martin admits to Gail Mandy didn't receive the best treatment as the ward was so busy. Jim is stunned when Mike tells him that he's going to use him as the first driver for Baldwin's Executive Taxi Service.moreless
  • Fri 22 Apr, 1994
    Fri 22 Apr, 1994
    Episode 49
    Raquel spoils Des on his birthday, buying him a leather jacket. He feels too guilty to enjoy himself. The Bettabuys staffs are given new uniforms. Audrey threatens to spread rumours of an affair if Alf doesn't tell Rita he's changed his mind. Denise tries to make up to Ken but he is noncommittal about seeing her again. Alf tells Rita Audrey's creating a fuss and she can't be Mayoress anymore. Rita is annoyed she's been mucked around. Kevin tells Derek that his car is on its last legs. Jim is amazed when Mike tells him he can borrow the Jag to take Liz to the races. Percy is amazed that he never spotted Randy was an imposter. Curly tries to jolly Des along and is stunned when Des tells him why he's depressed - he slept with Tanya. Curly urges him to forget it.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 1994
    Wed 20 Apr, 1994
    Episode 48
    Denise accuses Don of starting the phone calls again and swears she'll go to the police this time. Percy sets about writing to the Gazette about Randy. Ken asks Denise what he did wrong but she tells him it's nothing to do with him. She is embarrassed when he tells her he phoned her. He backs off when she tells him it concerns someone else. Alf asks Rita to be his Mayoress. She is flattered when he tells her she's gracious, diplomatic and elegant. Sally encourages her, telling her she'd be perfect. Emily snaps at Percy, telling him Randy isn't eighteen; he died in 1988 and she replaced him with another bird. Percy is aghast and accuses her of ruining his emotional stability. Emily is upset that she just blurted out the news so unkindly. She tells Rita she hates being old and alone, it's so unfair. Rita tells Alf she'll be his Mayoress if Audrey doesn't mind. Ken confides in Alma, telling her he thought Denise was the woman for him but there's someone else involved. Percy is shocked when Emily tells him her wedding is off. Raquel plans a birthday party for Des. Audrey is outraged that Rita is to be Mayoress. Alf enjoys telling her he can't go back on his word.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 1994 [Episode 2]
    Depressed Emily snaps at Percy but doesn't tell him about Bernard. Kevin buys a new car. Percy reads in the Gazette that a good age for budgies is twelve years. He feels this is wrong as Randy is eighteen. The Chief Executive runs through the Mayor ceremonial with the Roberts. Audrey upsets Alf by being bored by the whole thing. Ken takes Denise to a barn dance at the school. She is flattered when he tells her she makes him feel young. Denise is startled when Don arrives to taxi them. Emily tells Rita about Bernard's desertion and is comforted by her. Emily tells Rita that she loved Bernard. Denise is upset when Don turned up again to taxi them home. Back in the Street she marches off to her flat, puzzling Ken. Alf tells Audrey he's sick of her showing him up. She suggests he finds someone else to be his Mayoress as she thinks it's all a game. Ken tries to phone Denise but she refuses to answer.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 1994 [Episode 1]
    Mike is annoyed when Mark tells him he doesn't want him at his school open day. Kevin is fed up as his old car breaks down. Raquel returns from spending the weekend in Newcastle, having met Des' parents. Maud suggests Percy and Emily plan a double wedding to save money. Reg considers employing Maud and Percy in the shop as cheap labour. The Legion holds a raffle for the hospital and Alf pulls the winning ticket which is Jim's. He wins a day at the races for two. Bernard tells Emily that his mother was mentally ill for years. He tells her he can't cope with living with that again. Rita gives the Websters her blessing to spend some of the money on a new car. Emily is heartbroken when Bernard tells her he can't marry her. She refuses to scream and shout so he just leaves.moreless
  • Fri 15 Apr, 1994
    Fri 15 Apr, 1994
    Episode 45
    Denise can't understand why she's been invited to the Roberts. Maureen gets fed up with Reg going on about wills. Bernard quizzes people about Emily's breakdown. He tells Rita he finds it alarming that she's never mentioned it to him. Maureen begs Maud to tell her who gets the house, she doesn't care who does, just needs to know. Maud assures her she won't forget her. Ken invites Denise out but she tells him how she has to go to the Roberts. Audrey is stunned when Denise turns up alone as she meant the invite to include Ken. When the misunderstanding is talked over Denise phones Ken and he rushes over for the meal. Rita realises Sally is worried about the money. She tells her she gave it to them for them to spend however they want to. She encourages them to enjoy the money. After the meal Ken takes Denise back to his flat.moreless
  • Wed 13 Apr, 1994
    Wed 13 Apr, 1994
    Episode 44
    The Websters plan a night out but Sally refuses to ask Rita to babysit in case she thinks they're wasting her money. Audrey tries to find out all the gossip about Ken and Denise. She invites Denise to dinner. Maggie is astounded when Mike asks her to pay the fees until he's back on his feet. She is furious that she's being emotionally blackmailed and Mark will continue to think Mike is great. She makes him feel bad by pointing out he's using Mark to get what he wants in life. Don worries that Denise will tell Ken about the phone calls. Sally gets Vera to babysit and hopes Rita doesn't find out about their night out. Reg discovers that when Maud marries Percy any wills will be void. Percy chats to Bernard and lets it slip about Emily's breakdown. Mike throws his money around at the pub so no one will suspect he's going under.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 1994
    Mon 11 Apr, 1994
    Episode 43
    Mike gets an unexpected tax demand. Derek pays out for a new carburettor but then his distributor goes. He feels humiliated. Sally gets cross with Rosie for kicking her tummy so people guess she's pregnant. She's upset as she waited to keep it secret until after twelve weeks. Alma urges Mike to ask Maggie to help with the school fees. Percy and Maud go on an OAP outing to Morecombe and fault everything. Reg roots through Maud's belongings in search of a will. He is furious to discover the radio she said had been stolen. Percy comforts Maud when she breaks down as she can't paddle in the sea. Alma refuses to let Mike touch her money. She makes him see he has no choice but involve Maggie.moreless
  • Fri 8 Apr, 1994
    Fri 8 Apr, 1994
    Episode 42
    Ken and Denise have a wonderful night together. Reg accuses Percy of persuading Maud not to sell her house so he can get his hands on it. He calls him a gold digger. Percy assures Maureen he is not after Maud's money. Reg is horrified to learn Percy is related to Kevin, he fears Maud will leave the house to Percy who'll leave it to Kevin. Fiona seeks a 2,000 loan so she can buy into EnviroSphere. Denise talks her out of it. Raquel misses Des and feels sorry for him stuck in Newcastle. Derek realises he's been a mug buying Norris' car. Denise tells him to stay away from Fiona. Mavis gets upset when the residents gossip about Derek taking money from kids. Derek's car needs a new carburettor. Mavis feels like an outcast in the Street, she rows with Derek for taking advantage of their friends. He admits he feels a failure. Ken tells Denise he wants to see more of her but she asks him not to take her for granted.moreless
  • Wed 6 Apr, 1994
    Wed 6 Apr, 1994
    Episode 41
    Reg celebrates when someone looks over his flat. Maureen refuses to look for another house until Maud and Percy set the date. Maud tells Percy that she'll never let him boss her around. Ken takes Denise walking in the country. Bernard is pleased when at last Percy wishes him well with Emily. Ken assures Denise that Deirdre is just a friend now. She enjoys relaxing with him. Reg is thrilled to accept an offer on his flat. Fiona shows an interest in Derek's products, saying it's important to be environmentally friendly. He offers her a job as part of his sales team. Ken and Denise realise they have nothing to rush back for so book a hotel room for the night. The Holdsworths are stunned when Maud reveals the house is hers; she changed her mind about selling to the finance company. Reg fears Percy is after her because of the house.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 1994
    Mon 4 Apr, 1994
    Episode 40
    Ken tells Reg he would move if given a financial incentive. Bernard grows concerned as to how Percy feels about him marrying Emily. The little chat is not a success. Derek throws a party for Mavis. She is amazed when loads of people turn up. Vicky is pleased when Leo spends time with her, staying at the Rovers. Percy worries about how he ever got himself into an engaged position. He chats to Alma who tells him he must come clean with Maud. Mavis is horrified when Derek uses her party as an excuse to sell EnviroSphere products. She rows with him whilst the guests escape. Percy tells Maud she mistook him - he never proposed. However he does feel it might work and proposes to her. She accepts.moreless
  • Fri 1 Apr, 1994
    Fri 1 Apr, 1994
    Episode 39
    Mrs Baker calls on Gail and breaks down. Reg is furious when Ken tells him he's not interested in buying the flat. Emily is astonished when Reg tells her Percy is marrying Maud. Mrs Baker tells Gail about her heart break and gives her a load of Mandy's toys for Sarah to have. Gail accepts them but puts them in a cupboard out of the way. Mavis tells Norris she's had enough of him being around and asks him to leave. Percy is astounded when Emily congratulates him on his engagement. Derek organises a birthday party for Mavis to sweeten her. Percy tells Maud she misunderstood him but she thanks him for freeing her from Reg and accepts the proposal. Norris leaves but not before selling Derek his car. Mavis is annoyed as it will always remind her of Norris. Derek thinks it's a bargain, even when the exhaust falls off. Gail feels Martin has changed as he isn't affected by Mandy's death.moreless
  • Wed 30 Mar, 1994
    Wed 30 Mar, 1994
    Episode 38
    Percy is stunned when Emily announces she is going to marry Bernard. He assures her he'll make no fuss about moving out. Mavis tells Derek she doesn't want him to blow their savings on a new car. He sulks. Des is annoyed when Alex tells him he's sending him to Newcastle for three weeks, he worries he's found out about him and Tanya. She tells him it was her idea - so they see less of each other. Curly panics when Carl turns up at Bettabuys wanting to thump the manager. Andy says he's in London. Derek has a weary day trudging around town whilst Norris has a wonderful day. Norris insists Derek buys his car. When Maud runs herself down Percy tells her she's a fine woman and says she'd make a man a wonderful wife. Maud mistakenly thinks he's proposed. Derek is put out when he learns Norris is going to buy a new car. Mavis points out that Norris is doing so well whilst Derek isn't. She's sick of sharing her house. Tricia is furious when Curly stands her up, saying he doesn't want to see her again. Reg is thrilled with the prospect of marrying Maud off and urges her to accept.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 1994
    Mon 28 Mar, 1994
    Episode 37
    Gail realises Sarah could have died instead of Mandy. Derek is put out as Norris can cover more ground in his car. Reg cracks up without Maureen and smashes up Percy's biscuits when he talks about buying them loose. The Platts send a wreath to Mrs Baker. Derek tells Mavis he is going to have to get a car. Emily is upset to receive a letter from depressed Bernard. She visits him in his hostel much to his delight. Tricia assures Curly that her husband is no longer around. Bernard tells Emily that he's fallen in love with her. He feels he hasn't much to offer but she tells him she feels the same for him. Reg tells Maureen he loves her and will live with her at Maud's. Tanya suggests to Alex that he sends Des to Newcastle for a while instead of going himself.moreless
  • Fri 25 Mar, 1994
    Fri 25 Mar, 1994
    Episode 36
    Guilt-ridden Des creeps out of Tanya's flat in the morning. Reg accuses Maureen of being obsessed with Maud. She refuses to choose between them. Derek tries to sell to Emily only to find Norris has beaten him to it and tried everyone on the Street. They agree to be more selective in future. Ivy and Audrey compete to see who can spoil Sarah the most. Martin is upset when Mandy dies in hospital of an asthma attack. Mavis lets Norris and Derek flick through the newspaper book to find the wealthier residents. She is horrified when Rita catches them and throws them out. Des tells Tanya he can't get her out of his mind but he can't destroy Raquel. He tells Tanya they can't do it again. Tanya tells him that she's Alex's lover and if he found out he'd lose his job. Raquel returns and is pleased to see Des. Maureen packs and returns to Maud's, telling Reg she can't bear to think of her alone.moreless
  • Wed 23 Mar, 1994
    Wed 23 Mar, 1994
    Episode 35
    Derek and Norris' sales talk gets on Mavis' nerves. Sarah Louise comes home, much to the Platts' delight. Ken threatens to withhold his rent if Reg doesn't repair his leaking tap. Maureen worries when Maud doesn't answer her phone. She calls round to find Maud has had a break-in and her radio's been stolen. Raquel goes to Birmingham. Des plans a night in but Tanya urges him to get out and enjoy himself. She tells him she's around if he's interested. Maureen wants to return to vulnerable Maud but Reg refuses. Emily is dismayed when Bernard tells her his feelings for her have become too strong and they must stop seeing each other. Tanya is annoyed when Alex refuses to spend the night with her; he can't manage two nights a week. Reg fixes the wrong tap. Des flirts with Tanya at the Rovers but she urges him to fly nearer the flame and invites him back to her flat. He brings her a takeaway and keeps planning to leave but they end up in bed together.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 1994
    Mon 21 Mar, 1994
    Episode 34
    Reg is fed up with having Ken as a tenant as he has to look after the repairs of the flat. Derek gives Norris lessons in salesmanship. Gail befriends Mrs Baker whose daughter Mandy is admitted to the ward. Reg offers to sell the shop flat to Ken. Radford tells Martin she needs respect from him - they both agree they're stressed because of overwork. Liz is depressed as she starts back at the Legion. Mavis is aghast when Derek sells his wares to Rita. Raquel gets an overnight modeling assignment in Birmingham, wearing gloves in a catalogue. Derek is put out when Norris has a better day's selling than him. Alex apologises to Tanya about Amsterdam and assures her she is more than a kept woman.moreless
  • Fri 18 Mar, 1994
    Fri 18 Mar, 1994
    Episode 33
    Sarah comes out of intensive care. Curly is stunned when Vera stands in for Ivy at Bettabuys. Ivy annoys Martin by hanging around the hospital all the time. Gail is concerned as the ward is short staffed. Martin argues with Sister Radford about the lack of doctors visiting the ward. She warns Martin not to forget his place. He accuses her of having her priorities wrong, spending too much time on paper work. Sarah wakes up to the Platts' delight. Percy advises Maud to stop fighting Maureen as she needs her. Audrey is furious as she isn't allowed to see Sarah as Ivy refuses to budge from her bedside. Martin apologises to Radford but she refuses to forget his outburst as his remarks were personal. Bernard and Emily return from the Dales. Mavis is stunned when Derek tacks possession of a load of Envirosphere products, and tells her he's invested £2,000.moreless
  • Wed 16 Mar, 1994
    Wed 16 Mar, 1994
    Episode 32
    Derek and Norris go to a recruitment drive for EnviroSphere. Derek falls for all the sales patter and wants to be rich. Jack tells Curly that Vera is falling into a depression and asks him to employ her at Bettabuys. He calls him a hypocrite; dating a woman whose son stole and refusing to employ Vera because she stole. The Websters accept Rita's money. Sarah Louise collapses in agony whilst at No. 13. Kevin calls for an ambulance. Gail goes with her to hospital. Derek and Norris join EnviroSphere, Derek paying out £2,000 to buy products. Curly decides to employ Vera when he sees how upset she is, missing Tommy. Martin looks after Sarah who undergoes emergency operation as her appendix has ruptured. Gail panics that she won't recover.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 1994
    Mon 14 Mar, 1994
    Episode 31
    Sally starts work at the Kabin. Mavis is cool towards her and points out she is manager. Vera feels Jack was hit as he was going out with someone's wife so Jack gets Curly to verify the facts. Reg tells Maureen to try to win Maud round with kindness. Sarah Louise has a stomach ache but the doctor says it's just a bug. Gail is concerned as she's in pain. Des gives Jack flowers for Vera from the Hortens for Mother's Day. Jack sells them to Kevin for £10. Norris tells Derek about EnviroSphere and Pyramid selling. Derek is interested in the products. Rita celebrates when a couple makes an offer on Ted's house. Maureen asks Maud to accept Reg as she's sick of all the fighting. The Websters are stunned when Rita tells them she admires the way they've struggled and wants to give them £5,000 in friendship.moreless
  • Fri 11 Mar, 1994
    Fri 11 Mar, 1994
    Episode 30
    Mavis accuses Derek of wallowing in self pity. Emily and Bernard go on their walking holiday. He assures her he has no intention of taking advantage of her. Percy cooks Maud dinner at No. 3. Derek is surprised when Norris Cole turns up; the man who gave him a lift home from the motorway. He explains he's taken Derek's advice, left his wife and has come to stay. Mavis is put out as he keeps calling Derek 'Dirk'. Denise cools towards Ken. Curly pays Jack £10 to babysit Jamie so he can take Tricia out. Mavis doesn't want to throw Norris out as he might do Derek's morale some good. Tanya packs for Amsterdam and is stunned when Alex cancels the trip as his wife needs him. Rita takes Sally on to work Sunday mornings at the Kabin for £20. Rita is touched when the Websters invite her for Sunday dinner. Derek tells Mavis he's sure Norris will help him in his career. Ken invites Denise out but she turns him down. Carl Armstrong mistakes Jack for Tricia's new fella and thumps him.moreless
  • Wed 9 Mar, 1994
    Wed 9 Mar, 1994
    Episode 29
    Sally is upset as Kevin refuses to talk about the baby. Tricia makes a play for Curly. He panics when she comes on strong. He asks her out, expecting rejection but she jumps at the chance. He is amazed. Maureen is upset when Percy accuses her of abandoning Maud. Derek faces the governors. They have decided to reinstate him but he over-reacts when they are amused to receive a letter from Mavis explaining about him missing the coach. He is furious when they laugh at him and resigns. Rita comforts Sally who feels Kevin hates her and blames her for being pregnant. Kevin is moved when Martin tells him how fortunate they are compared to those in hospital. He apologises to Sally and tells her he's glad she's pregnant. Denise is put out to find people are talking about Ken and her. She is upset as she knows they can't just be friends. Derek tells Mavis the worse thing he ever did was to marry her.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 1994
    Mon 7 Mar, 1994
    Episode 28
    Derek starts to redecorate but soon loses all motivation. Tanya looks forward to a weekend in Amsterdam with Alex. Rita is embarrassed to chase Sally for an unpaid paper bill. Sally gets upset and breaks down, explaining she's pregnant and Kevin will kill her. Curly interrogates ten-year old Jamie Armstrong after Ivy catches him shoplifting. His mother Tricia begs Curly to be lenient. She makes it clear to Curly that she's separated from her husband. Derek becomes crazed, ripping all the wall paper off the walls. He tells Mavis the room matches him - an empty shell devoid of all warmth and security. Ken prepares a mini Thai banquet for Denise. She is nervous when he encourages her to talk about herself. Sally tells Kevin about the baby and is stunned when he walks out on her.moreless
  • Fri 4 Mar, 1994
    Fri 4 Mar, 1994
    Episode 27
    Steve is horrified when Mike gives him a £1,200 rates bill. Tanya tells Alex their relationship is no longer special and he's beginning to treat her like he does his wife. Emily and Bernard book their holiday with adjoining rooms. Liz tells Mike he's pathetic for trying to ruin Steve. Maureen can't find Maud anywhere and reports her as missing to the police. Des and Raquel agree to wipe the slate clean and forget the past. Maureen is furious to find Maud drinking in the Rovers, having spent the day with Martin and Percy in Blackpool. Des and Raquel throw a party to cement their relationship. Jim warns Mike that he won't stand by and see Steve being pushed around. Tanya is pleased when Alex cancels an overnight meeting to be with her.moreless
  • Wed 2 Mar, 1994
    Wed 2 Mar, 1994
    Episode 26
    Vera catches Curly training a newly employed starter at Bettabuys and verbally lays into him. Des tells Raquel that she can move in with him but he seems unenthusiastic about this. Raquel doesn't notice but Tanya is furious. Ken goes for a meal at Denise's but arrives early and catches her bringing in a takeaway and about to pretend that she cooked it. He finds the situation funny and any embarrassment is avoided. Emily persuades Bernard to start his new life with a holiday. He agrees and asks her to go with him. Maureen feels guilty about moving away from Maud. Percy visits Maud who breaks down and complains that she has lost her daughter to Reg.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 1994
    Mon 28 Feb, 1994
    Episode 25
    Maureen and Reg are devastated by Maud's move, Maureen threatens to fight her in court. Tanya is upset that she can only see Alex when he escapes from his wife. He promises her a foreign holiday. Reg is horrified to find Maud sold the house for £10,000 less than the Magills had offered. He tries to stall Rita on buying her house but she refuses, telling him she's going to put it back on the market. Reg discovers a section in the contract saying Maud can change her mind before 28 days. He determines to get Maud to change her mind. When Maud refuses to tear the contract up Maureen threatens to leave home. Maureen accuses her of ruining her happiness. Reg encourages Maureen to stand against Maud and helps her pack. They move into his flat at No. 12. Raquel feels she might be moving in with Des soon. Denise is aghast when Ken takes her to the Over 60's club for a joke. He then takes her to a pub where she tells him her life story. Ivy asks Curly to take Vera back on at Bettabuys but he refuses. Raquel mentions to Des that she'd like to move in and is upset when he cools.moreless
  • Fri 25 Feb, 1994
    Fri 25 Feb, 1994
    Episode 24
    Maud feels she really does not want to leave her house to live in a garage. When the buyers, Mr and Mrs Magill turn up to take measurements she tells them the house has been sold. They complain to the Holdsworths who promise to sort Maud out. Ken tells Fiona it's none of her business how old he is. Business is bad for Steve so he has to borrow money in order to give Mike the rent. Tanya is furious when her lover, Alex, drinks in the Rovers. She tells him that one of his workers - Des - is often in the pub. Des persists in asking Raquel out, asking her to break her date with Erik. He promises her he'll never use her again. She realises he is serious about her and agrees to dump Erik. Denise apologises to Ken for Fiona's behaviour. He is flattered that she thinks he looks good for his age. She is amazed when he asks her out for a meal. Reg rows with Maud but she begs him to see she wants to stay in her house. She tells him she's sold the house to Weatherfield Finance on the understanding that she can live in it, with an income, until she dies. Maureen is horrified as she's been paying the mortgage for years.moreless
  • Wed 23 Feb, 1994
    Wed 23 Feb, 1994
    Episode 23
    Mavis is upset by Derek's coldness towards her. She feels guilty that he was left behind on the motorway. Oakhill's Head, Mr Sammells refuses to accept Mark for a scholarship but agrees to give Mike another term to pay the fees. Tanya is upset when her father dumps her stuff at the Rovers, calls her a slut and disowns her. She tells Bet how he caught her with her boyfriend who's married with two children. Fiona tackles all the customers about Ken's age. Tanya moves her stuff into the cafe flat. Des asks Raquel out but she has a date with Erik. Derek decides to fight for his job. Mike is adamant Mark must stay at Oakhill.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 1994
    Mon 21 Feb, 1994
    Episode 22
    Liz has a job interview as Assistant Manager at a winebar but is turned down because she's a woman. Bernard is adamant he's giving up the Church because of his loss of faith. Emily supports him. Derek feels humiliated over the robbery. Mrs Jeffers is furious as £3,000 worth of equipment was taken. She suspends Derek pending a governor's hearing. He is aghast. Alma is annoyed to discover Mike hasn't paid Mark's school fees. When Ken has his hair cut Denise and Fiona wager a bet on how old he is. The Bishop accepts Bernard's resignation and doesn't try to stop him. Mike feels Mark is so gifted he could get a scholarship. Des gets jealous as Raquel goes on and on about wonderful Erik. Derek blames Mavis for turning him into a washed up old has-been.moreless
  • Fri 18 Feb, 1994
    Fri 18 Feb, 1994
    Episode 21
    Derek returns home at 5am after being left at a service station. He is furious that Mavis let the coach go without him. Maud goes to see a finance company. Charlie calls but Bet can't bring herself to forgive him, although she realises she over reacted. Vicky accuses her of being immature. Des offers to take Raquel to her shoot but she puts him off. She is thrilled to meet racer Erik Mikaelson who she is to pose with. She is unnerved to find Wayne posing for Ben. He tries to belittle her but Erik puts him down. During the shoot Raquel enjoys the chemistry between Erik and her. Bet and Charlie make up. Derek falls asleep at school and is woken by Carol who tells him he's forgotten to lock up and the school has been broken into.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 1994
    Wed 16 Feb, 1994
    Episode 20
    Emily, Ken and the Roberts join the Wiltons' trip to London. Derek enjoys bossing everyone around. Bet is pleased when Vicky tells her about her new boyfriend, Leo. Derek sulks in London when Mavis keeps putting him down. Everyone else enjoys themselves. Bet sees the funny side of the Dolly Parton contest. She puts Leo up at the Rovers after he's taken Vicky out as it's late. Mavis is aghast when they arrive home without Derek.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 1994
    Mon 14 Feb, 1994
    Episode 19
    Charlie buys Bet a Buckskin Bolero jacket to wear for him. Mavis is furious when Derek receives an anonymous Valentine. Bernard comes back from retreat and tells Emily he's going to resign from the Church as his faith is going. Vicky stays with Bet. She snubs Steve when she sees him in the Street. Charlie takes Bet to a Country and Western club. Bet feels awkward when he gives her a white cowboy's hat to wear. Rita remembers that Des bought a Valentine card and guesses it was Derek's. Bet is stunned when Charlie enters her in the Dolly Parton look- a-like contest. She is forced to go along with it so as not to embarrass him. Des confesses to the Wiltons. Derek is furious as Mavis has been at him all day about his admirer. Ben asks Raquel to pose for the brewery's 1995 calender. Maud doesn't like Reg's designs for her flat as it's pokey. Percy warns Emily that Bernard might be planning to move into No. 3. Bet rows with Charlie for setting her up and finishes with him.moreless
  • Fri 11 Feb, 1994
    Fri 11 Feb, 1994
    Episode 18
    Reg puts his patio set up as first prize in the raffle. Mike is annoyed when Steve offers to buy the unit from him. Mike refuses to sell to him out of principle. Maud gets a ramp installed in the shop so she can serve. Reg is annoyed as now he'll have her all day. Rita wins the patio furniture in Reg's raffle. Rita refuses to accept it as she's had enough of his raffles. Mike decides that he might as well listen to Steve's offer. Steve tells him he'd like to rent it for £100 a week. Mike agrees, saying Steve will also need to take on the overheads.moreless
  • Wed 9 Feb, 1994
    Wed 9 Feb, 1994
    Episode 17
    Mavis feels life holds no surprises so Derek arranges a day trip to London. Percy feels sorry for Maud, stuck at home, so he visits her. Liz tells Ken she wishes he'd never put the compensation idea into her head; it's racked up the past. He goes to the brewery himself. Tanya tells Alma to keep her nose out of her private life. Liz is amazed when the brewery offers her £2,000 compensation and explains that Willmore has resigned. Maud is upset when an offer is made on her house; she doesn't want to be stuck in a garage. Ken is pleased for Liz and doesn't let on he went to the brewery. Mavis is aghast when Derek tells her the trip is for six as that way they got a free seat on the coach. Mike feels he's turned into a failure. He decides to sell the lease on the unit.moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 1994
    Mon 7 Feb, 1994
    Episode 16
    Reg and Maureen set up shop. He becomes restless, not used to the smallness of his Empire. Mike takes on a job seeker at £10 a week but he doesn't turn up for work at the unit. Mike is furious as he has a big order. A Solicitor tells the McDonalds that they do have a case for constructive dismissal. Vera agrees to print Mike's Tee Shirts but walks out when he only offers her £10. She does the work when Mike agrees on £30. Reg starts a prize draw to drum up custom. Alma is shaken when Tanya asks her not to let herself into the flat anymore. Jim is annoyed when Liz decides she doesn't want to claim against the brewery. She doesn't want the past dredging up.moreless
  • Fri 4 Feb, 1994
    Fri 4 Feb, 1994
    Episode 15
    Alf is depressed on his last day at the shop. Jack thinks he has a winning certainty but no money to bet with. Whilst she lets the Lecky man into Tanya's flat, Alma noses around the place. Reg puts his flat on the market. He gets Kevin to trade his mini in for a van. Alma is puzzled as Tanya's flat doesn't look lived in and realises she must be using it as a love nest. She worries she's on the game. Raquel is thrilled with Ben's photographs. Jack sells the pot dog for £25. Vera passes the antique shop and sees it. Thinking it'll make a pair she buys it for £48. Jack is horrified when his horse falls. Vera is furious when she realises she's bought her own dog back. He tries to run away but she hurls the dog at him, it smashes against a wall. Ivy is thrilled when Don moves back into her bed.moreless
  • Wed 2 Feb, 1994
    Wed 2 Feb, 1994
    Episode 14
    Liz feels it's a waste of time trying to get money out of the brewery. Jim accuses her of having something to hide. The honeymooners return, Maud is disappointed that Reg hasn't got a hernia. Martin comforts Maud when she breaks down, upset at the thought of having to live with Reg. She fears he'll put her in a home if she doesn't tow the line. Raquel is grateful when Des offers to accompany her to Ben's studio but Tanya gets her to go on her own, saying it'll look like she's a little girl. Tanya then tells Des Raquel didn't want him around. Audrey lets Alf spend the day at the Cash and Carry thinking he's really getting her a surprise. Ben takes loads of pictures of Raquel then asks her to take off all her make up so he can photograph her bone structure. She is annoyed when Des turns up, as she's no make-up on. Liz is depressed when the Job Centre have nothing to offer her. She decides she will make Willmore pay, claiming constructive dismissal. Audrey is stunned when Alf shows her the surprise - loads of cheap groceries for their retirement. She is so annoyed he agrees to buy her a conservatory. Des tries to apologise to Raquel but she feels he ruined a professional experience for her. She and Tanya are stunned when Des shouts at Raquel in the bar, telling her he cares about her.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 1994
    Mon 31 Jan, 1994
    Episode 13
    Reg and Maureen go off on honeymoon. Audrey is annoyed when Alf refuses to spend money now they're retired. She accuses him of being stingey. Denise has the picture valued and finds it's worth £120. Vera decides it'll be worth having the pot dog valued. Kevin offers to buy the painting back from Denise for £5, explaining about the mistake. She agrees to let him have it back. Sally is horrified when she learns it's worth £120. Vera has the dog valued at £45, a pair would be worth £185. Reg and Maureen relax in the Lakes. She is moved when he makes her phone Maud to check on her. Sally offers Denise the picture back but she refuses it. They agree to sell it and split the profits. Ken tells Liz that the brewery had no right to make her choose between the pub and Jim. He encourages her to seek compensation.moreless
  • Fri 28 Jan, 1994
    Fri 28 Jan, 1994
    Episode 12
    Maud is upset she's spoilt the honeymoon and feels too much in the way. Reg and Maureen assure each other of their love. Desperate to have a honeymoon, Reg persuades Martin to keep an eye on Maud. Ben offers to do Raquel a portfolio but Tanya tells her it'll probably be porn. Maud takes a liking to Martin and agrees to let him look after her. Alma fumes when Mike plans to take Mark away on a fishing trip. She tells him she's sick of him going out of his way to make Mark happy. She is horrified when he accuses her of being jealous because she's no children of her own. Bet glows after a night in a hotel with Charlie. Reg books a honeymoon in the Lakes. The Phillips apologise to Maud but she swears never to visit them again. Alma refuses to speak to Mike when he tries to apologise. Denise buys the picture at the auction and shows it off at the Rovers. Percy recognises it and is hurt. Alma packs and threatens to leave. She tells Mike she feels he's dumping her for Mark. He pleads with her to stay, saying he'll not see so much of Mark but she relents, telling him all she wants is for him to include her. Curly checks Ben out for Raquel and tells her he's legit. The Websters try to apologise to Percy but he doesn't want to know. Mike is devastated when Mark tells him he feels suffocated by him and all the things he keeps buying him.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jan, 1994
    Wed 26 Jan, 1994
    Episode 11
    Reg panics as his best man Eric Firman is too laid back about the wedding. Maud tells Maureen that she'll be civil to Reg now he's going to be part of the family. Maureen is overcome when Maud gives her an antique cameo brooch to wear. Des takes Raquel to the wedding. Reg fears Maureen will jilt him but she arrives, being given away by brother-in-law Clive. Charlie and Bet are late for the wedding and arrive in his lorry. Reg and Maureen are married at St Christopher's. The reception is at the Belstaff Hotel and Reg's speech is full of his love for Maureen. He tells everyone the shop will be opening Sundays. Sally asks Emily for the picture back, explaining it was a gift from Percy. Mike is amazed when Steve offers him a 50-50 partnership at the print shop, offering to put in the capital. Mike refuses so Steve tells him he'll just set himself up in competition. He goes for Steve but Steve threatens him with the police if he touches him. Raquel chats up the photographer, Ben Cunningham. Reg tells Clive that it should be his turn to look after Maud as Maureen's had her for years. Maud overhears them rowing, saying neither of them wants her. She wheels herself away from the hotel. Maureen refuses to leave for Paris until Maud is found. She's rescued but the flight has gone. Maureen is furious to learn Reg has been calling Maud a burden.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jan, 1994
    Mon 24 Jan, 1994
    Episode 10
    Emily collects for an auction at St Saviour's. Kevin gives her an old watercolour. Steve finishes Monty's Tee shirts. In order to get cash for them Steve goes to Monty's flat with him. Sally is furious that Kevin gave away the picture as it was a wedding present. Steve is horrified when Monty's flat turns out to really be Mike's. Mike sacks him, telling him he's disappointed in him. He tells him he's not heard the last of the matter. Reg has a lonely stag night as all his pals cry off. Curly joins him, eager to make amends. Maureen's friends try to put her off the wedding as they party at the Rovers.moreless
  • Fri 21 Jan, 1994
    Fri 21 Jan, 1994
    Episode 9
    Alma offers to re-mortgage the cafe for Mike but he refuses. Mark tells Mike he doesn't want to go on the ski-ing trip anymore. Reg is upset to find no one has prepared a farewell party for him on his last day. Kevin feels there must have been something between Sally and Joe. He tells her it's obvious she cares more about Joe's feelings than his and is upset she never told him about Joe's declaration until six months afterwards. Curly and the staff give Maureen a send off. Mrs Rogers presents Reg with a £200 Bettabuys voucher and announces the new Area Manager is Elaine. Curly is stunned. Mark is relieved when Maggie tells him she'll pay for his trip. Sally swears to Kevin that she's told Joe she'll never see him again.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jan, 1994
    Wed 19 Jan, 1994
    Episode 8
    Alma is annoyed when Mike refuses to talk about his cash flow problem. Kevin arranges to pay Mike back £100 a month. Sally wants Kevin to apologise to Joe but he refuses. She decides to visit Joe herself to explain about the fine. Maureen is upset when Reg doesn't invite Curly to the wedding. She makes him see Curly must be there or everyone will gossip as to why he isn't. Alma wants Mike to tell Mark he can't afford all the extras for him at school but Mike refuses. Mark overhears their row. Kevin is furious when Sally goes to visit Joe. Sally is unnerved when Joe takes it for granted that she's called because she wants him. She is furious when he tries emotional blackmail, using Jonathan missing her. He assures her that he'll always wait for her.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 1994
    Mon 17 Jan, 1994
    Episode 7
    Charlie spends the night at the Rovers. Bet makes sure Raquel realises he stayed in Vicky's room. Sally is upset that she won't see Jonathan again. Kevin is adamant he's going to return Joe's £800. Alma is horrified when Sally tells her how Kevin thumped Joe for paying the fine. Alma confesses to paying the fine and then is forced to tell Mike. He thinks she's barmy. Kevin is amazed that Alma paid the money but tells Sally he's glad she thought it was Joe otherwise he wouldn't have found out what was going on. Reg and Maureen tell Maud about their plans. She tells them they'll soon be sick of the sight of each other but wishes them well. Alma refuses to let Kevin pay her the money back but Mike tells him they'll come to an arrangement. Alma is amazed when Mike tells her he'd like to pay Kevin's fine but they have no money.moreless
  • Fri 14 Jan, 1994
    Fri 14 Jan, 1994
    Episode 6
    Alf and Audrey agree that they should sell to Reg and gain their freedom. Charlie is stuck in France and is unable to take Bet to the Licensed Vics ball. Alma asks Mike to remember that he's spending her money on Mark as well as his. She is furious when he points out Kevin is working so hard it's really him who's making the money to buy Mark's holiday. Kevin plans to pay his fine £100 a month. Liz and Steve move out of the Queens and back to No. 11. Alma refuses to be ignored by Mike. Kevin is stunned to discover his fine has been paid. He challenges Steve but he says he hasn't paid it. Bet is touched when Charlie drives like a maniac to get to her. Maureen is thrilled when Reg and Alf agree on the deal. Alma confesses to Gail that she paid Kevin's fine. Sally fears Joe paid the fine. She tells Kevin how Joe loves her and swears she's done nothing to encourage him. He is furious and when Joe calls he punches him in the face. Sally gets Joe to go, telling him never to return. Deirdre goes to look after Blanche when she has a stroke. Charlie arrives in his overalls but strips off to reveal a dinner suit and escorts delighted Bet to the ball.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jan, 1994
    Wed 12 Jan, 1994
    Episode 5
    Audrey wants Alf to agree to be Mayor as she likes the idea of being Mayoress. She asks him to take on another assistant but he refuses to pay someone else just so he can be Mayor. When Monty Harris asks Steve to do a printing job Steve gives him the official and the unofficial prices. Reg asks Mrs Rogers to withdraw his resignation and is hurt when she refuses, saying his redundancy is already being processed. Monty agrees to let Steve print five hundred properly and the other five hundred for cash, 15% less which Steve will keep. The twins are delighted when Liz and Jim tell them they're back together but are concerned Liz is giving up the pub. Audrey hears about Reg's redundancy and suggests he buys the shop. Curly hates making his workers redundant. Andy is thrilled to learn that he isn't leaving but has been accepted on the management training course. Liz hopes she's making the right decision giving up her independence. Alma is annoyed when Mike agrees to pay for Mark's skiing trip. Kevin demands a rise from Mike; he needs the money and he's sick of working hard for no profit. Alma is furious when Mike refuses, saying times are hard. Audrey gets Alf to go on about his bad day at the shop before telling him she's found a cash buyer for the shop.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jan, 1994
    Mon 10 Jan, 1994
    Episode 4
    Jim apologises to Liz for putting her in an awkward position. Mike is suspicious about Steve liking his job so much - even though he's cut his wages and puts up with being pushed around. Reg warns Curly he intends to go over his head to secure Maureen's job. Tanya asks Alma if she can rent the flat. Alma shows her round and agrees to take her on at £50 a week. Mark is keen to go on the school skiing trip. Liz tries to make Willmore see Jim is a changed man but he refuses to believe her. She resents the fact that he's dictating to her and refusing to let her make her own decisions. Joe tries to tell Sally how much he's missed her over Christmas but she refuses to listen. She tells him she'll never leave Kevin and if she's to continue minding Jonathan he must accept that. Alf is proud to be asked to be the new Mayor when the office is reinstated but he declines as he's too busy with the shop. Reg tells Mrs Rogers that he will resign if Maureen is forced to leave. Jim is overcome when Liz tells him she's giving the pub up. He promises he'll make things up to her. She's upset as she loved being in charge. Tanya moves into the flat. Reg is devastated when Mrs Rogers accepts his resignation.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jan, 1994
    Fri 7 Jan, 1994
    Episode 3
    Don makes an effort to be nice to Ivy, grateful for her loyalty. Curly receives the redundancy list from Head Office, it includes Maureen's name. Reg accuses Curly of adding her to the list himself out of spite. Des drives the Duckworths to Blackpool. He urges Vera not to lose her temper - they are in the right. Des is impressed as Vera tells Doreen how wretched she feels and agrees with her that Blackpool is a better place to bring up a child. Willmore tells Liz Jim must stay away from the Queens. Bet is pleased when Charlie asks her out for dinner. The Duckworths and Des celebrate when the Hortens agree to let them have access to Tommy at holidays. Vera thanks Des for all his help. Bet enjoys her night out with Charlie afterwards he takes her back to his truck cab. She tells him about Alec and they discover they're both lonely people. Liz realises she's going to have to chose between the Queens and Jim. Jim is certain she'll stay at the pub.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 1994
    Wed 5 Jan, 1994
    Episode 2
    Don writes Denise a letter. She rips it up. Alf struggles with the shop and gout. Des offers Jack his help in demanding access to Tommy. Bet is sad when Vicky goes to Southampton to get away from Steve. Don ventures out of the house when Ivy convinces him no one knows he was the caller. Curly fends off rumours of redundancy and is stunned when Reg tells him the rumours are true. Don tries to apologise to Denise but she warns him with the police if he ever comes near her again. She breaks down, fearing he was going to harm her. Willmore discovers Jim at the Queens, changing a barrel. He tells Liz they need to talk.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 1994
    Mon 3 Jan, 1994
    Episode 1
    Ivy is happy when Don goes to confession. Vera phones Doreen and is affronted when she puts the phone down on her. Jim and Liz agree that they enjoyed their night together but need to take things one step at a time. Jack fears that Vera will upset the Hortens and they'll never see Tommy again so Bet lets him take the day off and see them. Ivy is thrilled to entertain the Platts with a genuine family atmosphere. Jack feels defeated when the Hortens refuse to let him see Tommy again. They suggest he asks Terry. Don assures Ivy he wants to make her happy but avoids physical contact. Jack tells Vera they're going to have to fight for Tommy.moreless