Coronation Street - Season 36

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  • Fri 29 Dec, 1995
    Fri 29 Dec, 1995
    Episode 156
    Mavis urges Derek not to upset Norris as he's his boss. She makes him see that he stands little chance of getting another job. Liz is upset that her son has turned out to be a liar and a thief. Steve tells Vicky he takes risks because she makes him feel like a parasite. He wants to make money that's his money. He tells her it'll be her fault if he ends up in prison. Derek wakes Norris up and dresses him in his suit. He tells Norris they are no longer friends. Alf lends Betty a video of their time at the Palace. Derek takes Norris to the wrong church on purpose and only takes him to right when after he begs him. Rita apologises to Bill for causing trouble over the tax money. They agree to forget about the whole mess and start afresh. Derek gets Norris to the church just in time to marry furious Angela who has been driving round and round the church. Fred sits in judgement as Chief Square Dealer as Eric and Alf bring forth apprentice Curly to be sworn in as a Square Dealer. Audrey is annoyed when Billy gives her the Palace video. She had no idea it existed. Des tells Raquel she was stupid to marry Curly. She tells him Curly is a better man than he'll ever be.moreless
  • Wed 27 Dec, 1995
    Wed 27 Dec, 1995
    Episode 155
    Steve spends another night in the cells after another case of whisky is found in the flat. Jim and Liz stay and comfort distraught Vicky, although Liz is convinced Steve is guilty. Mavis refuses to go to Angela and Norris' wedding. Maxine is annoyed that Andy stood her up. Mike is delighted with the news that Steve has been arrested, Fiona feels sorry for Vicky. Vicky calls in Uncle Nick to help Steve, assuring him that Steve is innocent. Steve is charged with receiving stolen goods. Curly is bemused when Eric invites him to join the Square Dealers. Norris gets drunk on his Stag Night and returns Arthur to Derek, explaining how he stole him. Derek calls him a swine for putting him through months of hell. The Malletts think the Watts are snobs when they pull out of a dinner engagement with them. Andy explains to Maxine that he forgot about their date as Steve was arrested. She forgives him. Derek leaves Norris in a drunken stupor, taking Arthur and Norris' wedding suit home with him.moreless
  • Mon 25 Dec, 1995
    Mon 25 Dec, 1995
    Episode 154
    Vera has an exhausting Christmas coping with the bar as Jack is sick in bed. Steve tells the police he bought the whisky cheap from a stranger. The police warn him not to waste their time, as he did over his statement about Sean. He is kept in the cells all night but is able to phone Vicky. She pretends to Jim and Liz that everything is okay. Steve returns at 5am to find his car has been broken into and his stereo stolen. Vicky despairs of Steve and his attitude. She is amazed when he asks her to buy presents for the family and for herself, from him. Alf goes out collecting with fellow Square Dealers for charity, dressed as Father Christmas. Audrey refuses to buy Alf a Christmas present. Andy chats up Maxine and is surprised when she agrees to go out with him. Curly and Raquel promise each other never to bring up her indiscretion with Des again. Josie is thrilled with her Christmas bike. The Watts and Wolstenhulmes descend on No.7, both sets of parents annoyed that the wedding was such a secret and both assuming Raquel is pregnant. They are relieved when Curly assures them she isn’t. The Duckworths’ Christmas dinner consists of soup and sandwiches and Vera falls asleep in the middle of the Queen’s speech. Curly tries to explain to the parents why the wedding was so quick, saying they just wanted to be together. Larry apologises to Raquel for throwing her out as he senses it was because of that that the wedding was a secret. Raquel is emotional about the reconciliation. Vicky buys herself expensive jewellery from Steve. The family meal is ruined when the police arrive with a warrant to search the flat. Vicky becomes hysterical and is comforted by Liz, who turns on Steve.moreless
  • Fri 22 Dec, 1995
    Fri 22 Dec, 1995
    Episode 153
    Raquel is upset that she let Curly down. He tells her he doesn't mind and he'll never feel embarrassed by her. Steve enjoys giving out bottles of whisky as Christmas presents. Andy feels he can't live with Des any longer. Liz asks him to stay where he is or Jim will realise something huge is going on. Gail decides that as Don has bought presents for the children then she'll have to give him some from them. Jim can't understand why Liz won't let him anywhere near Des. Andy tells him that Des is upset by it and was forced to do it by Sean. The police search the print shop, telling Steve they think he's holding stolen goods. They find three cases of whisky that they identify as stolen. Steve is cautioned and arrested. Curly is relieved when Eric tells him Raquel is charming and Edith took against her because she used to be a barmaid. Eric announces to the staff that Curly will be the new store manager. Raquel is thrilled for him. Vicky searches for Steve and is puzzled why his car is outside the print shop. At the police station he refuses the chance to make a call as he doesn't want anyone to know he's there. Judy feels bad about going to Blackpool for Christmas without her mother. Steve waits in a cell to be interviewed.moreless
  • Wed 20 Dec, 1995
    Wed 20 Dec, 1995
    Episode 152
    Raquel receives a letter from Bet in the Canaries wishing her well in her new life. She sorts through all Bet's old clothes to send them to a charity shop. Raquel keeps her cigarette holder and a pair of earrings as a memento of her. Raquel worries about showing Curly up in front of his boss so she borrows Audrey's etiquette book. Vicky buys Steve a personalised number plate for Christmas. Jim is amazed when Liz tells him she has been laid off by Des. He accuses Sean of sacking Liz as he has a vendetta against Steve. Sean tells him the decision was Des'. The Firmans entertain Curly and Raquel, with Raquel getting too Edith over what is and what isn't correct form. Curly is horrified when Raquel spills her drink over Edith's dress just when Eric has more or less promised him the job of Manager. Liz tells Andy she stopped working for Des as she can't stand being near him all the time. Jim demands to know why Des has sacked Liz. Des sticks to his story of being overstaffed and Liz has to stop Jim from hitting him.moreless
  • Mon 18 Dec, 1995
    Mon 18 Dec, 1995
    Episode 151
    Denise tells Ken about Alison's suspicions to see his reaction. She is disappointed when he tells her he hasn't noticed anything. Rita and Mavis return from their cruise to find Derek cool and off hand. Derek accuses Rita of writing an Arthur postcard. She is upset over him not trusting her. Mr and Mrs Watts return from their honeymoon. Vera is put out that she wasn't told about the wedding and that Raquel is moving into No. 7. Liz tells Des she knows Sean wants rid of her. She tells him to come up with grounds and she'll go along with it. He sacks her and tells her he'll pay her redundancy as they're overstaffed. Curly goes into work and breaks the news of his marriage. Anne is upset but Eric is delighted. Raquel is disturbed to see Des in the street. Mavis is horrified when Derek tells her he's going to be Norris' best man. Raquel is delighted to see her star still in the sky, and pleased to have Curly as a husband. Des is shattered by the news of the marriage.moreless
  • Fri 15 Dec, 1995
    Fri 15 Dec, 1995
    Episode 150
    Liz pretends to be sick to stay off work. She is confused by her feelings for Des and Jim. Des asks her not to hide from him. She tells him she can't live a lie. Bill and Jim buy a battered van. Steve tells Vicky he feels she's acting like his probation officer, checking up on him all the time. Vicky is hurt as she just wants to be with him. Denise is alarmed when Alison tells her she thinks Brian is having an affair. Alison is suspicious of his movements but has no proof. Derek is shocked when Norris asks him to be his bestman when he marries Angela. Denise tries to persuade Alison that Brian isn't being unfaithful but can't help asking what their sex life is like. Jim explains away Liz's moods by thinking she's having a hard time at work with Des. Derek is uncomfortable about being Norris' bestman when he marries his ex wife but is talked into it. Denise warns Brian that Alison suspects him of being unfaithful. Judy pleases Gary by putting a neon sign in the house window saying 'Santa's Nookie Nest'. Des tells Sean he's having trouble with Liz and wants a transfer. Sean refuses and tells him they'll sack Liz.moreless
  • Wed 13 Dec, 1995
    Wed 13 Dec, 1995
    Episode 149
    Andy accuses Des of betraying him and refuses to believe there's nothing between him and Liz. Tony swaps over to the Rovers' team. Liz tells Andy that Jim has been hell to live with for months and that she's been attracted to Des. Andy is sickened by the idea that she wanted to have an affair with Des. She tells him she went to see Des to tell him they can never be lovers and begs him not to tell Jim. Derek is furious to receive two postcards from Southampton - one from Mavis and one from Arthur. He assumes Rita has sent the Arthur one. Jim sells his motor bike to Gary in order to raise cash to buy a van for the partnership. Alma and Maureen take Audrey out to a Greek restaurant to take her mind off the Palace incident. She gets tipsy and dances with the waiters. Derek apologises to Des for accusing him of stealing Arthur. Des tells him to grow up.moreless
  • Mon 11 Dec, 1995
    Mon 11 Dec, 1995
    Episode 148
    Bill apologises to Sally for causing problems between Rita and her. Liz isn't pleased when Des assures her he's taken her advice and has got a girlfriend. Vicky tackles Steve about the amount of money he has been withdrawing from their joint account. He refuses to tell her what he's been spending the money on. Josie and Don go Christmas shopping. She admits she's always wanted a bike. Gary has a satellite dish erected outside the house and plans boozy open houses to watch sport. Judy is annoyed as she wants to watch films on it. Liz is shocked when Des tells her he slept with Raquel. He admits he doesn't feel good about it as he used her. Liz is angry, feeling that she is the one who has been used. She accuses Des of using her to fill in between Raquel. He assures her Raquel was the diversion for her. Bill and Jim get a big job but need transport. They try to borrow Kevin's work van but he refuses as he doesn't want trouble from Mike. Liz calls round to see Des late at night. She tells him they can never be more than friends. He promises her he won't push her any more. He tells her he'll see Sean again about another transfer. Josie advises Don to make a gesture and buy the children presents. Andy is startled to walk in on Des and Liz drinking together. He misreads the situation and slams out of the house.moreless
  • Fri 8 Dec, 1995
    Fri 8 Dec, 1995
    Episode 147
    Liz tells Des that he'd be best off finding a girlfriend. He feels sorry for himself and tells Raquel he'd like them to be friends again. Audrey refuses to speak to Alf and is furious over not seeing the Queen. Rita is furious to discover Sally and Kevin have lent Bill money. Raquel is encouraged when Phyllis tells her Des regrets hurting her and that he is lonely. Rita rows with Sally for giving her money to Bill. Sally accuses her of meddling in their lives and trying to use the money to buy grandchildren. Rita is upset when Sally tells her she wants nothing to do with her anymore. Raquel agrees to be Des' friend again so he invites her round for a meal. She responds when he kisses her and they end up in bed together. In the morning she realises she's been used when he makes it clear he is only interested in casual sex. Derek is hurt as Mavis makes plans to enjoy her holiday without him. Jack is put out when Harvey Nuttall invites Vera, as licencee, out to a brewery function. . Bill tells Rita she had no right to row with Sally. He assures her he is not a sponger and will be repaying the money. Raquel breaks down and is comforted by Betty. She tells him what a fool she's been over Des. Betty assures her there are people around her who she can trust. Curly is stunned when, completely out of the blue, Raquel asks him to marry her, as soon as possible. He agrees but wonders over the rush. He confides in Maureen who advises him to go along with Raquel's plans if he wants her. He books a quick wedding and rings Alec to arrange a honeymoon on a cruise. Rita and Mavis leave on their cruise, leaving Derek running the Kabin. Vera is wined and dined at the brewery and returns feeling amorous. Raquel has last minute nerves and cries in the toilet at the registry office. She pulls herself together in time to marry Curly.moreless
  • Wed 6 Dec, 1995
    Wed 6 Dec, 1995
    Episode 146
    The Roberts leave at 4.30am, driven by Don. Don gets increasingly annoyed as Audrey gets at him over his treatment of Gail and Nick. Mavis tells Derek to allow her a little pleasure and let her go on the cruise. She also tells him that whilst she's away he could run the Kabin. Don accuses Audrey of hypocrisy when she starts on about honouring Ivy's wishes. Alf is alarmed as they start rowing in a service station. Audrey accuses Don of leading Ivy a dog's life with his affairs. Don refuses to drive her anymore and Audrey is left stranded as Alf decides he must go on with Don. Kevin and Sally give Bill the back tax money, telling him he can pay them back in instalments. He accepts the money and is very touched by their generosity. Derek accepts the challenge of running the Kabin when Rita suggests he couldn't cope. Audrey gets to the Palace in time but isn't allowed in as she hasn't got a pass. She is furious to see Alf emerge from the Palace accompanied by Betty who he dragged in from the crowds outside. Vicky is annoyed to discover Fiona has cut Steve's hair. Audrey swears she'll never forgive Alf for humiliating her. Alf accuses Don of ruining Audrey's day and refuses to pay his fare. Don drives off, leaving the Roberts stuck in London.moreless
  • Mon 4 Dec, 1995
    Mon 4 Dec, 1995
    Episode 145
    Vera is furious to find Jack behind the bar with buxom Lorraine. She demands that Jack sacks her even though he feels she'll be a hit with the customers. Audrey has a complete beauty make over to prepare for her visit to the Palace. Derek sulks as Mavis plans her cruise with Rita. She feels obliged to drop the cruise and spend her holiday with Derek. Lorraine takes her sacking badly, accusing Jack of leading her on. Steve goes to the Salon for a haircut. Denise tells Fiona she doesn't have to deal with him but Fiona cuts his hair, trying to prove he doesn't bother her anymore. He tells her that she threw him into Vicky's arms when she threw him out of the flat. Vera apologises to Betty and pleads with her to return to the Rovers. Betty agrees to lunch times only, no weekend work and complete control over the food. Mavis gets caught up in the romance and glamour of a cruise and decides she will go with Rita. Denise entertains Brian in the flat for another session 'going through the books'. Ken feels sorry for her having to work with boring Brian. As he prepares to go to the Palace, Alf feels he is unworthy to receive the OBE. Bill is astounded to receive a tax demand for £1,400 for tax from 1984 plus interest. He doesn't know where he's going to find the money. Audrey spends so long looking for her diamond earrings that the Roberts miss the last train to London.moreless
  • Fri 1 Dec, 1995
    Fri 1 Dec, 1995
    Episode 144
    Denise celebrates her 40th birthday. Jim and Bill enjoy working together as they do a plastering job at Mike's flats. Maud takes Deirdre on part time at the shop. Deirdre is glad of the break but Alf is disappointed as he wanted to spend more time at the shop. Derek has two weeks holiday he has to take and plans to take Mavis to the Lakes. She isn't keen, preferring somewhere hot. Mike is annoyed to find one of his tenants has run away owing back rent. He agrees to rent the flat to Bill. Jack is delighted to employ busty Lorraine Ramsden. She is useless behind the bar but Jack makes excuses for her. The Mallets throw a rowdy house warming. Kevin lends Bill the deposit for the flat. Gail is upset by the way the children have been affected by the split with Don. She offers to pay Don £5,000 for the house but only let him stay there until Nick is 18. Don refuses. Rita's life insurance policy matures. She stuns Mavis by telling her she's taking her on a cruise. Fiona tells Tony she doesn't care which team he plays on. She makes it clear she likes him and lets him kiss her. Jim and Bill agree to go into partnership together.moreless
  • Wed 29 Nov, 1995
    Wed 29 Nov, 1995
    Episode 143
    Raquel is impressed to see the way Jack negotiates with the breweries, getting them to cut their prices for him. Kevin tries to get Tony to leave his football team and play for the Rovers. Denise is pleased to resume her affair with Brian in her flat. She tells him it's not the same with Ken - he's too considerate. Sarah plays The White Rabbit in the school production of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Carol Starkey is sent from the agency to help out at the Rovers. She can not stick the full shift as the customers are so miserable. Kevin gets Fiona and Maxine to go bowling with Tony and asks Fiona to use her charms to persuade Tony to join the Rovers team. Tony chats Fiona up and asks her out. She decides he is nice after all but he backs off when he hears she's meant to lure him onto the Rovers team. Denise tells Bill she doesn't want to let the flat; she likes using it occasionally.moreless
  • Mon 27 Nov, 1995
    Mon 27 Nov, 1995
    Episode 142
    Alf is happy to help Maud out at the shop as Maureen settles Reg in Lowestoft. Tony starts work at MVB. Vera is sad to hear Tommy has gone down with measles. She feels the Rovers is a mill stone as she can't leave it. Fiona knows Tony is interested in her but doesn't want a relationship as she doesn't trust men. Jack persuades Vera he can cope at the pub and sends her off to Blackpool. Bill goes after a flat in Hope Street. When it falls through he asks Ken about renting Denise's flat. Sean questions Des and Liz over their relationship, wondering why Des wants a transfer. He refuses to move Des and asks them to try to get along better. The Platts are alarmed to see Sarah scribbling out Don's face in their photo album. She explains she's heard them say he's not part of the family anymore. Jack phones an agency to try out new barmaids.moreless
  • Fri 24 Nov, 1995
    Fri 24 Nov, 1995
    Episode 141
    Gary pretends to be ill to stay off work so that he can move his drum kit in. Mike orders Kevin to find a mechanic soon or take Barry back. Reg discovers that Eric is going to offer the job to the manager of his Halifax branch. He races to Halifax to head him off. Kevin asks Tony to leave his job at Walsh's to work for him at MVB. Reg sees Eric with the manager and assumes the job has been accepted. He feels sorry for himself and on the way home has a flat tyre. Bill fixes Deirdre up with a new washer. Deirdre hires him to do a few jobs in the flats. Phyllis has fun being interviewed by the Gazette over catching the Flasher. Curly phones Maureen to tell her that Eric still wants to offer Reg the job but Reg can't be found and he's only got until 4pm to get back. Reg is stuck on the motorway and phones Maud to say he has to wait an hour for a break down truck. She doesn't tell him that Eric needs him before 4pm as she doesn't want them moving away. Judy is furious to find the drums installed as she had told Gary to sell them. Their rowing astounds the neighbours. Tony agrees to work for Kevin even though the money isn't so good; he knows he'll have a laugh. Reg arrives back just in time to be given the job. He is jubilant but Maud is downcast. He promises Maureen they won't be apart for long - their love will last forever.moreless
  • Wed 22 Nov, 1995
    Wed 22 Nov, 1995
    Episode 140
    Des is disturbed by his feelings for Liz whilst she feels guilty over her feelings. He tells her he isn't going to forget the kiss as it was wonderful. Kevin is infuriated by Barry and his passion for punctuality. Des feels he should keep out of Liz's way and contemplates asking Sean for a transfer. He kisses Liz, telling her he couldn't keep their relationship business only. Kevin gets angry when Barry refuses to be flexible and goes home rather than finish a job. He sacks Barry. Liz tells Des they must remain platonic friends but he tries to break down her defences. The Rovers play 5-a-side with Nick standing in on the team. Fiona is attracted to Tony Horrocks who plays against them. Jim cooks Liz a special meal to show her he loves her but she feels too guilty to enjoy it. Watching the football, Phyllis is accosted by the Flasher. She screams and beats him into submission with her handbag until he is caught. Fiona is pleased when Tony buys her a drink. Reg is delighted to hear the Flasher has been caught. He tells Maureen they can now go to Lowestoft.moreless
  • Mon 20 Nov, 1995
    Mon 20 Nov, 1995
    Episode 139
    Liz gets sick of Jim slobbing around and tells him he's a mess. Reg is put out when Anne tells him she admires him for looking after Maud for Maureen's sake. He tells Eric that for personal reasons he won't be taking the job. Des is aware of the chemistry between Liz and him but Liz refuses to talk about it. Barry Halstead starts as Kevin's new assistant. Kevin is surprised as he's middle aged and set in his ways. Reg tells Maureen he's given up the job as he doesn't want her name to be soiled like his and for people to think they ran away. Maud is thrilled when he burns his wig in an act of frustration. Liz is upset by the way she and Jim keep annoying each other. He begs her to talk things through but she refuses. Bill asks Jim to help him with some building work he's been given. Liz is upset as the news doesn't make her feel any different towards him. She breaks down and is comforted by Des. She tells him she'd rather be with him than Jim and they kiss.moreless
  • Fri 17 Nov, 1995
    Fri 17 Nov, 1995
    Episode 138
    Liz tells Jim she's sick of his aggressiveness and fed up with him being sorry for himself. Vera feels she is only just coping as she never felt it would be so much hard work. She feels too old to run the pub but Jack makes her see they're not past it; they are now due some respect. Don feels excluded when the Platts and Roberts go to watch Martin's graduation. Eric offers Reg promotion - Chief Executive for Distribution in Lowestoft. Reg is thrilled as it means leaving the area. Billy tells Jack that Betty is willing to return to the Rovers. Reg tells startled Maureen that he wants to move away, from all the whispering and to start afresh. She worries about leaving Maud on her own. Vicky is amused when Steve is jealous of her doing business with old friend Jordan from Cheshire. Maud points out to the Holdsworths that if Reg moves away everyone will think he definitely was the flasher and was running away. Liz admits to Des that she's lonely.moreless
  • Wed 15 Nov, 1995
    Wed 15 Nov, 1995
    Episode 137
    Reg doesn't want anyone to know about the police investigation but people are already starting to gossip and he's becoming paranoid. Eric Firman's concerned about Reg too - he's had the police round. Jack and Don move Jack's pigeon coop to the Rovers - Jack wants to make a feature of them in the pub. Gary and Judy move into their new home - Judy's feeling bad about leaving her Mum. And Vera introduces them to some of her regulars in the pub. Kevin tells Mike he's having trouble managing without Jim. Bill tells Kevin Elaine wants a divorce. Mike's keeping a caring eye on Deirdre which doesn't go unnoticed by Alma. And Deirdre's thinking about getting a job. Liz tells Des about her problems with Jim. It's Jim's 40th birthday today and the family celebrate at Steve and Vicky's - then Jim starts to embarrass himself and everyone else, turning especially nasty towards Liz.moreless
  • Mon 13 Nov, 1995
    Mon 13 Nov, 1995
    Episode 136
    Kevin returns to work from holidays to find the garage shut and Jim sacked. Reg is upset that anyone could identity him as a criminal. He is asked to take part in another parade. He takes his wig off to make himself look different. Liz feels depressed and no use to anyone. Des tries to cheer her up but she takes no notice. The police drive Reg home to collect his wig and are suspicious about why he wanted to change his appearance. Roy alerts Mike to the fact that Deirdre is shutting herself away. Mike urges her to pull herself together; Samir is dead and she must get on with her life. Reg is not identified on the parade but the police question him as to his whereabouts on certain dates. He is horrified and tells Maureen the police think he is the flasher.moreless
  • Fri 10 Nov, 1995
    Fri 10 Nov, 1995
    Episode 135
    Roy worries that Deirdre is brooding too much and fears she may have a breakdown. Harvey Nuttall shows Jack around his brewery and pampers him. Jack relishes every moment. Steve works all weekend, telling Vicky he's trying to earn money so he's not dependant on her. Vicky suggests a dinner party for Jim's 40th but Steve doesn't like the sound of it. Deirdre gets annoyed when Roy pesters her over how she's feeling. She shuts herself away in her flat. Vera lays on a buffet for Daniel's Christening tea. Daniel Albert is christened in a Victorian gown with Brian and Alison as Godparents. Jack starts serving Nuttall's ales and is pleased by the success of The Pledgebuster. Ken is annoyed by Brian's attitude in belittling the Street and the residents. Reg and Curly are asked to take part in an identity parade to help catch the Red Rec Flasher. The suspect objects to Curly as he doesn't look much like him and Curly leaves. Reg is horrified when the witness picks him out of the parade.moreless
  • Wed 8 Nov, 1995
    Wed 8 Nov, 1995
    Episode 134
    Fred supplies his home-made pies to the Duckworths whilst Jack plays the breweries off each other to lower beer prices. Alf is pleased when Harry Potts gets nine months for embezzlement. Vicky is annoyed when Steve arranges to go to a casino with a client. The Duckworths worry when customers, led by Percy, complain about the pies giving them stomach ache. Steve asks Fiona if they can be friends but she advises him to concentrate on his marriage. Raquel feels down after a modelling assignment handing out leaflets. She breaks down and tells Curly she thinks she'll never be a good model. He tells her that that doesn't matter so long as people care for her. Vicky goes to the casino with Steve and puts a £150 limit on him. He is furious when she refuses to give him more money when he loses the £150. Jack falls for the stomach bug and can't serve. He accuses Fred of poisoning them all but Fred accuses him of serving bad beer. Martin stops them by saying there's a stomach bug going around. Steve sleeps on the sofa, accusing Vicky of wanting to control him. He tells her he doesn't want to be married to her if she won't trust him. Vicky is distraught.moreless
  • Mon 6 Nov, 1995
    Mon 6 Nov, 1995
    Episode 133
    Vera cooks hot pot, adamant that hers will be as good as Betty's. Vicky asks Steve to be more domesticated around the flat. Raquel is pleased when Curly tells her Leo has been sacked. Everyone is surprised when Vera's hotpot is a success. Liz tells Jim she's sick of the way he makes her lose things, like the Queens. She feels he's always dragging her down. Raquel is horrified when Leo turns up and accuses her of getting him the sack. He tells her he'll take her to court and everyone will see she's really just a walking wonder bra. She snaps and tells him she's worth ten of him. She throws things at him, venting her anger and he runs off. Ken is bored when entertaining Denise's sister Alison and her accountant husband Brian. Fred offers Jack a good deal on his pies. Vicky is amazed to find the flat clean and that Steve has hired a cleaner. Vera is exhausted after serving all day and horrified when Jack discovers they only made £4.50 profit on the food. Jack encourages her and assures her everything will be okay in the end.moreless
  • Fri 3 Nov, 1995
    Fri 3 Nov, 1995
    Episode 132
    Rodney leaves the Rovers and the Duckworths vacate No. 9 as they officially take over the Rovers and sign for all the stock. Betty is sad to see Bet's name being painted out over the door. Vera and Jack are thrilled with their pub until the brewery removes their till. Vera sends Jack out to buy one whilst she opens up with a handbag serving as a till. Betty feels cut off as Vera keeps her in the kitchen. She is insulted when Vera asks her to clean the pub as well as cook. Vera is shocked when Betty resigns. Jim finds he isn't entitled to claim the dole as he was sacked. Billy is surprised when Betty tells him they're going on holiday as she doesn't want to be around when Vera begs her to return. Andy is pleased when the Duckworths want him to carry on working at the Rovers. Fiona decides she'll have a go at modelling. Vera can't believe she is really landlady of the Rovers whilst Jack is too worn out to even think about it.moreless
  • Wed 1 Nov, 1995
    Wed 1 Nov, 1995
    Episode 131
    Liz urges Jim to apologise to Mike and build something up rather than smashing down. Vera tells Jack to lay Bill off as he'll be doing the cellar work. The Malletts measure No. 9 for their furniture and are annoyed when Jack says the bar is not staying. Vera refuses to take the bar with them and orders Jack to leave it behind. Model Agency boss John Fisher calls on Raquel but his attention is caught by Fiona. He tells her she could have a future in modelling but she thinks it's just a line. Vera is daunted by the prospect of being a boss. Bill is annoyed to lose his job but Jack assures him his room at the pub is safe. Jim apologises to Rodney and is allowed back into the Rovers. Fiona realises Fisher is legitimate when she discovers he is Raquel's agent. He tells her to ring him if she's interested in the odd modelling session. Maxine is annoyed he's not interested in her. Raquel is put out as Fiona has no training. Mike lets Jim apologise to him in public before telling him he still doesn't want to employ him. Jim blames Liz for making him crawl.moreless
  • Mon 30 Oct, 1995
    Mon 30 Oct, 1995
    Episode 130
    The McDonalds are sickened to have been beaten by the Duckworths. Liz asks Jim to ask Mike for his job back but Jim refuses to beg. Jack is disappointed and Vera elated when the solicitor advises them to put her name over the door because of his past run-ins with the police. Billy and Betty return from honeymoon. Mike closes the garage whilst Kevin is on holiday rather than reemploy Jim. Raquel is relieved when Vera tells her her job is safe. Betty is stunned to find Vera is her new boss. Don is pleased when Sarah Louise invites him over for bonfire night. He lies and tells her he's working. Jim gets drunk in the Rovers and mouths off about the Duckworths. Rodney throws him out and bars him. Liz is upset and begs him to talk to Mike. When she says she'll talk to Mike Jim tells her she'll regret it if she does.moreless
  • Fri 27 Oct, 1995
    Fri 27 Oct, 1995
    Episode 129
    Curly refuses to mention Raquel by name to Eric. He feels she shouldn't have to go through it all. Reg is furious as she's his only way of getting to Leo. The brewery phone Vera and Liz and tell them the race is on for the pub. Reg calls Eric in to lodge a complaint against Leo but backs out when none of the girls are willing to make statements. Curly tells Eric that Leo has been sexually harrassing the staff. Reg tries to back out of the situation but Eric hears Curly outJim is out chauffering Mike when Liz phones to say they are needed at the brewery immediately if they want the pub but the bank needs his signature for the loan. When Eric hears that Curly thumped Leo he knows that Leo was guilty as he never reported the fight. Reg is amazed when Eric explains that Leo has a history of sexual harrassment. He praises Curly for not revealing the ladies names. Mike is furious to find Jim has disappeared with his car. Jim rushes back in the car to go to the bank with Liz but they discover they are too late - the Duckworths have beaten to it. Mike tells Jim he's fired. Raquel is thrilled that Curly kept her name out of the report and that action will be taken. Jack and Vera are shell-shocked when the brewery tells them that the Rovers is theirs.moreless
  • Wed 25 Oct, 1995
    Wed 25 Oct, 1995
    Episode 128
    Reg decides he must get back at Leo over the report so makes a case out of Leo sexually harrassing the staff. He asks Curly to persuade Raquel to repeat what happened to her. Reg tries to get Anne to tell Eric what happened but she refuses, fearing the sack. Deirdre is annoyed that the police have stopped looking for the thugs. Jim and Liz arrange a bank loan to buy the Rovers but also need to sell their house. Raquel tells Curly she can not face telling Eric what Leo did to her. She doesn't want anyone else to know. Curly is angry as he feels Leo will get away with it. The Mallets agree to buy No. 9 from the Duckworths before they discover No. 11 is on the market. Vera is horrified when Jim shows them round the house. Don is stunned to see Nick reversing Steve's car in the forecourt. Don accuses Vicky of breaking the law; getting 14-year olds to drive. She rows at Nick and he resigns from the print shop. Deirdre walks the canal ands finds Mr Bycroft. She apologises for shouting at him and he assures her he's told the police everything he saw. She feels she'll never know exactly what happened to Samir. Gail accuses Don of losing Nick his holiday job. Raquel changes her mind and tells Curly she will stand against Leo.moreless
  • Mon 23 Oct, 1995
    Mon 23 Oct, 1995
    Episode 127
    Maxine is pleased to have spent the night with Des. Fiona rows with her for throwing herself at him and being too obvious. Nick spends half term serving at the cafe in order to earn money for computer games. Rodney tells the staff he's only around for a couple of weeks until a buyer can be found. Vera and Jack are interviewed by the brewery. They are told that Jack's service counts for nothing; the pub will be sold to whoever comes up with the money. They phone the Mallets and offer them the house for £1,000 less. The Mallets agree to buy the house. Leo tells Reg and Curly he's writing reports on them both for Eric. Nick is pleased to give up the cafe when Steve offers him work at the print shop. Don feels uncomfortable when Sarah and David ask him why they don't see him so much. Leo catches Reg searching for the report. He puts it on his desk and invites Reg to read it. Deirdre attends Samir's inquest hoping to discover how he died. She is distraught when the verdict is open. She harangues the man who found Samir, Mr Bycroft, as he gives evidence saying he saw a gang of youths on the tow path but did not see them with Samir. She feels she can't get on with her life as she doesn't know what happened. The McDonalds put No. 11 on the market at £29,950. They tell Raquel and Rodney they're after the Rovers. Reg is horrified at Leo's character assasignation of him in the report. He fears Eric will sack him. Rodney tells the Duckworths and McDonalds they are both after the Rovers.moreless
  • Fri 20 Oct, 1995
    Fri 20 Oct, 1995
    Episode 126
    Jim talks Liz into going for the Rovers; this time there'll be no-one telling them what to do; it'll be their pub. Billy gives Betty his mother's brooch for her to wear for the wedding. Anne is upset when Reg tells her he's not done anything with her complaint as he's not interested. Curly is disgusted with his attitude. Gordon gives Betty away as she marries Billy. She is upset when Bet doesn't arrive and gets Raquel to sign the register for her. Curly gets Anne's story and believes her. He tells Reg they must stop Leo but Reg thinks the girl is just being hysterical. Gordon is fed up with the way Caroline wants to escape from Weatherfield as soon as possible. Percy is pleased when Betty leads the clapping for his wedding cake. Rodney is installed as temporary manager at the Rovers. Raquel feels she couldn't take on the Rovers as she's not hard enough to succeed. The Williams set off for their honeymoon in Torquay. Jim and Liz view the Rovers and tell the manager they definitely want it.moreless
  • Wed 18 Oct, 1995
    Wed 18 Oct, 1995
    Episode 125
    Raquel and Bill continue as usual without Bet, feeling she'll return when she's ready. Vicky thinks Bet's departure is an attempt at emotional blackmail to get at her. Jack and Vera realise that with Bet gone the Rovers is up for grabs. Rita blames herself for Bet's disappearance but Raquel tells her it was all Vicky's fault. The brewery close the Rovers telling Raquel, Betty and Bill that Bet has resigned and is not returning. Betty is distraught as her wedding reception will be cancelled. Billy takes control and books the Legion. The Cleggs arrive for the wedding. Jim tries to interest Liz in buying the Rovers, feeling they should go for it and have something to show for their lives. Liz isn't sure as the last pub they had nearly wrecked their marriage. Betty has a nice time on her own on her wedding eve, thinking about the past. The Duckworths decide to try for the Rovers. Curly suggests to Raquel that she takes over the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 16 Oct, 1995
    Mon 16 Oct, 1995
    Episode 124
    Bet has a sleepless night and confides in Raquel that no one will lend her the money she needs. She feels she's had her day. Denise is annoyed that Ken has asked Rita to be Godmother without consulting her. Bet gives Betty a garter to wear for her wedding and she surprises everyone by trying it on behind the bar. Bet is pleased when Vicky turns up and apologises, telling her she's the clost to a mother she has. Bet feels patronised as Vicky explains her plan to buy her a small house for which Bet would pay a nominal rent and be around when she's needed. Bet rounds on her, pointing out she housed her rent free for four years as she loved her. Vicky is bewildered by her reaction and calls her ungrateful. Bet publicly throws Vicky out of the Rovers before turning on all the customers and throwing them out. She closes the pub, stunning Betty and Raquel. Anne Malone complains to Reg that Leo has been sexually harrassing her and has made advances towards her. Reg doesn't know how to deal with the complaint but makes a note of it. Don grows concerned about Bet and calls on her. He finds her with her bags packed. She tells him she's finished with Weatherfield and the Rovers so she's leaving. A taxi arrives but she has no idea where she's going.moreless
  • Fri 13 Oct, 1995
    Fri 13 Oct, 1995
    Episode 123
    Rita feels bad about letting Bet down. Denise decides she wants Daniel christened. Martin is keen for everyone to talk about the house and makes Gail see the sense in not going to court. Bet swallows her pride and asks Vicky for a loan of £66,000. She is alarmed when Vicky tells her she'll have to discuss it with Steve. Ken agrees to the christening when Denise shows him how important it is for her. She wants everyone to know Daniel is someone special. Gail suggests to Don that he signs an affidavit recognising No. 5 as Nick's house but with Nick agreeing to let him live there for his lifetime. Josie thinks it's a good idea but Don refuses, saying he wants a home he can leave to his widow. Rita tells Ken about Bet wanting money and their row. Ken tells her not to worry about Bet; they'll make sure she doesn't do anything silly. Ken asks Rita to be Daniel's Godmother. Vicky doesn't want to lend the money as she knows Bet will never be able to pay it back. She asks for security but Bet has nothing. Vicky refuses to lend the money.moreless
  • Wed 11 Oct, 1995
    Wed 11 Oct, 1995
    Episode 122
    Rita isn't sure if she should invest in the Rovers or not. Although Des keeps standing her up Maxine is still keen on him. Vera tries to find a job for Jack, fearing they'll soon be through the £30,000. Des decides to stop seeing Maxine as she's too much of a clinger. Vicky tells Steve she's renting a Quay flat, but not his old one. He is annoyed that she has done it without telling him when he wanted to buy rather than rent. Sarah Louise gets bored at home when Martin falls asleep, so she goes to have dinner with Don. Maxine doesn't like the way everyone accuses her of chasing Des. Mavis offers to take the Kabin off Rita's hands. The McDonalds apologise to each other, he accepts the flat and she agrees to open a joint bank account so he doesn't have to keep asking her for money. Rita asks Alf advice. He poses the question that if the Rovers is such a success then why hasn't Bet any savings? Rita realises Bet is a bad risk to back. Des apologises to Vera over the house. She feels that it's a good job it fell through as the mortgage would have been huge. Des is surprised when Maxine tells him she knows he doesn't want a steady relationship and that's fine by her - she just wants to have fun. Bet gets the brewery to drop the price by £2,000 but Rita tells her she's not going through with it. Mavis is embarrassed when they start rowing together in the Kabin. Bet accuses Rita of only having money because she married into it and Rita tells her she's jealous as she couldn't marry Len. They shout at each other, bringing up past hurts and knowing their friendship is over.moreless
  • Mon 9 Oct, 1995
    Mon 9 Oct, 1995
    Episode 121
    Raquel is thrilled to be asked to be Betty's bridesmaid and Bet agrees to be Matron of Honour. Bet tells the staff she and Rita are going into partnership. Rita is relieved when Bet agrees to a legal agreement. Vicky is stunned when Steve suggests they buy his own Quayside flat. Rita doesn't like the idea of buying the pub on her own for £68,000. She feels Bet is pushing her too hard and tells her she won't commit herself until she's certain she's doing the right thing. Fiona is pleased to see Steve and Vicky looking miserable. Vicky tells Steve she can't afford to buy a posh flat but he knows it's because he used to live there with Fiona. Des is upset when Vera tells him he'll never see Tommy again. The Wiltons celebrate the news that Des isn't moving. Rita's accountant tells her she can comfortably afford to buy the Rovers. Bet is pleased when Mavis tells her the accountant thinks it's a good idea. Bet tells the customers about the partnership. Betty is pleased when Bet tells her she'll look after the reception for her. Rita doesn't like it when she hears Bet is already talking about their partnership.moreless
  • Fri 6 Oct, 1995
    Fri 6 Oct, 1995
    Episode 120
    Bill and Raquel look for new jobs as Bet feels the ship is sinking. Vicky and Steve return to work. He suggests they close down and start something more fun but she refuses, saying the idea is to expand, not finish. She plans to invest her inheritance and live off the interest, their profits at work will be a bonus. The Mallets tell the Duckworth they've put an offer in on No. 9 for £24,000. The Duckworths are stunned. Des feels he's grown up and is pleased with the way he handled Steph. He tells the Duckworths he's decided not to sell his house. Vera is furious and throws him out. Jack comforts Vera. Des gets drunk in the Rovers and takes Maxine back to No. 6 for the night. Ken calls in at the Rovers to complain about the noise and ends up getting drunk and maudling. Rita considers helping Bet buy the Rovers. Eager Bet suggests a partnership and Rita gets excited by the idea.moreless
  • Wed 4 Oct, 1995
    Wed 4 Oct, 1995
    Episode 119
    Derek receives a letter from Arthur in Tintagel, the ancient Camelot, saying he wants Guinevere. Derek swears to protect her. Mavis wonders where it will all end. The brewery writes to Bet confirming the sell off and giving her first option to buy. She tells the staff they'll soon be jobless but Betty is confident Bet will think of something. Des and Andy move Steph into her new flat. She makes it clear to Des that she'd like to start again with him. Sally tells Vera that the Mallets have a reputation for viewing houses but never buying them. Rita tries to support Bet emotionally, urging her not to give up. Raquel fears for her job and turns to Curly for a shoulder to cry on. She is upset to see Leo again as well as Des with Steph and breaks down. She tells Curly she's sick of being betrayed by people and he reminds her that he never betrayed her. Steph tells Des she has told Chris he's the past and asks Des if they could start afresh. She tells him that she needs him but he uses the baby as an excuse not to get involved. He explains that he loved Lisa and Tommy and they're part of his past but he doesn't love Steph and a child should having loving parents. He leaves her in her new flat. Bet has a bad meeting with her bank manager but paints on a false smile for the customers.moreless
  • Mon 2 Oct, 1995
    Mon 2 Oct, 1995
    Episode 118
    Raquel and Bet are thrilled for Betty when she breaks the news of her engagement. Bet cracks open the champagne. Stella Rigby alerts Bet to the news that the brewery are selling six pubs, including theirs. Vera tries to act cultured when Gary and Judy Mallet view No. 9. Bet is furious that the brewery haven't contacted her and thinks they've done a deal behind her back. The Mallets are very interested in No. 9 and Vera feels they're certain to buy it. Steph is annoyed when Chris Fox tracks her down and tells her that he's got a new job in Germany and he wants her to start again with him. He offers her support for their child but she tells him their relationship will never work. Steve and Vicky return from honeymoon and Bet is put out when they book into a hotel rather than stay at the Rovers.moreless
  • Fri 29 Sep, 1995
    Fri 29 Sep, 1995
    Episode 117
    Norris accompanies Derek on his Sales round, telling him they need to re-bond. Alma advises Gail to remain calm whilst Don and Nick bicker. Bill gets angry when the police question him about the car park incident. Rita stands by Bill and the police believe him, explaining they had to follow it through. Betty is thrilled when Gordon turns up to meet Billy. Gordon admits to be taken by surprise over the news. Gordon is satisfied Billy is a good man but wonders if he is his father. Leo tells Curly he'll fire him if he doesn't resign. Curly tells him he'll have to fire him and then he'll tell everyone about the attempted rape. Reg is puzzled when Leo backs off. Betty tells Gordon that Billy is not his father but Gordon doesn't pursue the subject on who was. Jack makes plans to buy a new pigeon loft. Norris buys a replacement gnome for the Wiltons. Raquel hears about Curly hitting Leo and tells him she wishes he hadn't as she doesn't want everyone knowing what happened. Des pays out a £500 deposit on a flat for Steph. Don tells the Platts he's seen a solicitor and they will fight it out in court.moreless
  • Wed 27 Sep, 1995
    Wed 27 Sep, 1995
    Episode 116
    Raquel feels she gives men the wrong signals and reacts violently when Bill gives her a hug. Vera fills the house with the smell of coffee to attract buyers. Betty braces herself and rings Gordon with the news that she's getting married. Curly stops himself from laying into Leo. The Baxters come to view No. 9 but are put off by the smell of coffee. Reg advises Curly not to cross Leo and tells him he doesn't want to know what Leo did to Raquel. Bill and Rita go to buy her a microwave. In the carpark Bill tries to comfort a distressed child. He takes her hand and looks for her mother. The mother sees him and tells him to leave her alone, accusing him of luring her away. Don has the locks changed at No. 5. Reg is horrified when Curly thumps Leo to the ground, telling him it's for Raquel.moreless
  • Mon 25 Sep, 1995
    Mon 25 Sep, 1995
    Episode 115
    Don intervenes when Nick rows with Rita, saying his wage packet was short. Nick turns on Don and accuses him of robbing him as well. Raquel is subdued. Vera realises that it's only when they've moved that they'll get the full benefit of the stone cladding. Billy apologises to Betty for embarrassing her but swears he meant what he said. He is thrilled when Betty agrees to marry him. Curly is uncomfortable when Leo explains his thoughts on how all women are begging for sex. He is relieved when Leo tells him he didn't get anywhere with Raquel. Nick lets himself into No. 5 with his ghetto blaster. He locks himself in and plays music as loud as possible. Rita accuses Mavis of being stuck up in not wanting Vera living next door. Emily tells Percy she was wounded to hear he has been saying she evicted him. He feels awful and apologises. The neighbours summon Gail to stop Nick's music but he refuses to open the door to her. Don arrives and is furious to find Nick has dropped the latch. He feels he's gone too far and smashes a window. He opens the door and throws Nick out. A policeman arrives and warns Don about making too much noise. Percy tells Curly he'll have to return to No. 3 as Emily needs him. Curly realises something is wrong with Raquel. She tells him she's cheap and that Leo tried to rape her in the store room. Curly is furious and swears he'll kill Leo so Raquel back tracks as she doesn't want him to be sacked. He promises her that he won't mention it as she doesn't want it talked about. She feels better for having told someone.moreless
  • Fri 22 Sep, 1995
    Fri 22 Sep, 1995
    Episode 114
    The Wiltons are horrified when a 'For sale' sign goes up outside No. 9. When his bowls trip is cancelled Billy spends the afternoon drinking in the Rovers. Steph tries to find out about Des' set up, asking about Maxine and learning that the Duckworths are buying the house. She is relieved when Des tells her he doesn't think the Duckworths will ever be in a position to buy. Betty is embarrassed when drunken Billy swears his love for her in the pub and pleads with her to marry him. Maxine sulks all day until Denise sorts her out, saying she was going to be sacked until Fiona pleaded her case. Raquel is pleased when Leo arrives for their date. He takes her out for an exclusive restaurant. Afterwards she is puzzled when he takes her to deserted Firmans. Maxine is thrilled when Des apologises to her, explaining she caught him at an awkward time. Leo takes Raquel into the storeroom where he tries to rape her. She manages to escape and runs away.moreless
  • Wed 20 Sep, 1995
    Wed 20 Sep, 1995
    Episode 113
    Mavis hopes the Duckworths will pull out and is dismayed to hear they're having their house valued. Andy warns Des against getting hurt by Steph again but Des feels sorry for her. Maxine wears a skimpy top in the hope of attracting Des' attention. Don is taken aback when Martin tells him he's on his side and thinks he should hang onto No. 5. Phyllis enjoys seeing a widower called Lewis. She tries to make Percy jealous but he isn't bothered. He feels Emily has used the roof as an excuse to get rid of him. Gail is Nick's witness as he changes his name to Tilsley. The solicitor tells them that Don does have a claim on the house but Gail is prepared to fight in court. Maxine is upset to see Des with a pregnant woman. Andy tells her it's his wife. The estate agent values No. 9 at £25,000. Vera is disappointed that it isn't worth more. Percy is pleased when Curly tells him he's welcome to stay for as long as he likes. Emily is puzzled hen Percy says he won't be returning. Maxine rows with Des and tells Steph she's his girlfriend. She feels foolish when Steph explains they're divorced. Des tells Maxine he doesn't want to see her again - all they had was a one night stand.moreless
  • Mon 18 Sep, 1995
    Mon 18 Sep, 1995
    Episode 112
    The Platts try to explain to Sarah that Nick changing his name won't stop him being her brother. The builders finish work on No. 3 but Percy worries when Emily doesn't invite him back. She is having a room redecorated as a surprise for him. Billy moves out of Betty's, with her telling him their relationship would sour if they lived with each other permanently. Don suggest to Martin that they remain honest with each other. Leo puts his date with Raquel back a few days. She fears he's messing her around. Des is alarmed when he finds Steph living in a grotty bedsit. She admits she's dreading bring up the baby with no support and no money. He offers her money and tells her he'll drive her around looking for a flat. Des tells the Duckworths, in front of the Wiltons, that he accepts their offer. Don is bewildered when Gail tells him Nick is to change his name. Don tells Nick there's no way he's getting his house.moreless
  • Fri 15 Sep, 1995
    Fri 15 Sep, 1995
    Episode 111
    Nick tells Gail he doesn't want to fight Don and thinks Josie is making trouble. Josie feels Don needs time and space to sort himself out but he wants her around. She warns him that his obsession in fighting Ivy will leave him friendless. The football team wins their first game, with Martin man of the match. They decide they want to drop Curly as they do better without him. Derek finally snaps and tells Norris he's had enough of him making his life a misery. He can't stand the way Norris is bossing him around and changing his work pattern. Norris swears Derek is his inspiration but Derek throws him out, telling him he knows he stole Arthur. Josie is pleased when Don tells her he doesn't like what he's turning into and so will talk to Gail and get something sorted out. Nick tells Martin he still wants him to be his Dad but he wants to change his name so he can get his house. Martin is touched when Nick says he'll let Don have everything if it's going to cause trouble between them. Gail supports him and Martin agrees to the name change.moreless
  • Wed 13 Sep, 1995
    Wed 13 Sep, 1995
    Episode 110
    Maxine spends the night at Des' and in the morning he gets rid of her as soon as possible. He is aversive over when he will next see her. DES: "The worst thing about my life is waking up and seeing what's on the pillow next to me." Betty is angry that her peace has been taken. Don goes to see his solicitor and discovers he has got rights. He tells Martin he intends to fight Gail to keep his home. Billy fits locks on all Betty's windows. He brings up the question of marriage but Betty feels she's not stable enough to think straight. Gail thinks its Josie who is making Don unreasonable. The football team decides to drop Curly for a match to see how they fare. Raquel is thrilled when Leo asks her out again. This time she accepts and is pleased when he assures her he is a nice person. Gail asks Don not to fight her but he refuses to let her take away the house. She is adamant it's not his house. Both refuse to budge, adamant that they're being reasonable. Josie thinks it's tragic that they're fighting and tells Don he could still back down and move into her house. He tells her to mind her own business. Steph turns up to see Des. He tells her that he's still mourning a dead lover. She tells him she's split from Chris, the father of her baby. Des is disturbed by her presence.moreless
  • Mon 11 Sep, 1995
    Mon 11 Sep, 1995
    Episode 109
    Phyllis warns Des against getting involved with Steph again. Maxine tries to keep her cool around Des but ends up throwing herself at him. Betty finds her house ransacked by burglars. She breaks down and calls Billy for help. Leo calls at the Rovers and identifies Raquel as Miss February. She is flattered by his interest. Betty can't understand why anyone would want her bits and pieces. Billy takes charge of the situation. Leo asks Raquel out for dinner but she refuses although she really wants to go. Des prepares for Steph's visit but she never arrives. Instead he takes Maxine for a drink to the Rovers. Betty is relieved when Billy stays the night to calm her nerves. Andy stays out of Des' way by spending the night with girlfriend Sandra. Raquel tells Rita she can't go out with Leo as she doesn't want to upset Curly. Rita urges her to put her future first. Maxine is unnerved when Des decides she's better than nothing and comes on strong to her. He takes her up to his bedroom.moreless
  • Fri 8 Sep, 1995
    Fri 8 Sep, 1995
    Episode 108
    Percy encourages Curly to bring his girlfriend home and is surprised to hear he hasn't got one. The Duckworths throw a party for Tommy in Des' garden. Vera enjoys having money to spoil him. Don offers the olive branch by taking Nick to watch football. Nick agrees. Percy shops at Firmans and tries to find out if assistant Anne Malone is available as a suitable girl friend for Curly. She runs off when he questions her about her free time and tells Curly that there's a pervert in the store. Leo sees Raquel's picture on Curly's calendar and is amazed that she was Curly's fiancée. Curly is pleased when Anne Malone calls on him at home. He finds her attractive and takes her for a drink in the Rovers. The Wiltons try to ignore the noise from Tommy's party but are distressed at the idea of having the Duckworths and their pigeons as neighbours. Don gets angry when Nick is rude to Josie and sings Ivy's praises. He tells Nicky that Ivy was a malicious, interfering mad woman. Josie warns Don that she's leave if he puts her through anything like that again. Curly is amazed that Anne is interested in the stars. She is keen to see his observatory but he feels he can't take her back as she'll meet Percy. She feels she's been too forward when Curl rushes off to stop Percy from entering the pub. Des phones Steph up and invites her round. Derek accuses Norris of trying to ruin him and tells him exactly what he thinks of him before Norris breaks the news that he's been made chairman and director of Hawthornes.moreless
  • Wed 6 Sep, 1995
    Wed 6 Sep, 1995
    Episode 107
    Jim has his vasectomy. When Emily fears her builder is too slow she asks Percy to ask him to speed up. However Percy tells him to take his time; he's enjoying himself at Curly's. The Duckworths collect Tommy for a few days over his birthday. Jack tells Rita about his plans to buy No. 6. She tries to tell Mavis but she's too busy to listen. Derek goes for his review only to find that instead of Angela it is Norris who will be reviewing him. Betty is delighted when Billy calls on her after holidaying in Cleethorpes. Derek feels his review is a charade whilst Norris enjoys making him feel uncomfortable. When Norris quizzes him about small problems at home Derek realises he must be the gnome-napper. Josie packs her bags and tells Don she's moving her stuff back home. Se tells Don he's changing and if he's not careful Ivy will destroy him. She warns him that she'll leave if he's just fighting in order to get one over on Ivy. Mavis is horrified when the Duckworths tell her they're buying No. 6. Des takes Tommy out and bumps into pregnant Steph. He is disturbed to see her again whilst she tells him she's pleased they've met.moreless
  • Mon 4 Sep, 1995
    Mon 4 Sep, 1995
    Episode 106
    Derek worries about his performance review at work. Percy and Randy move into Curly's as the builders start work on No. 3. Gail apologises to Don for shouting at him. He tells her he doesn't want them to fall out over Ivy's will. Nick tells Melanie he doesn't want the house if it's going to cause problems between him and Don. Curly gets annoyed when Reg pokes fun at him for his good deed in taking an OAP in. Mavis is thrilled when Des tells her he's found a nice couple to buy his house. Jack and Vera view No. 6 with a view to buying it. Mike is astonished when Jim tells him he's having a vasectomy. Jim is embarrassed when Mike spreads the word, thinking Jim's an idiot. Curly is touched when Percy cooks for him. Emily is put out to see them both getting on so well. Maxine sends Des a card making it clear she fancies him. Don is upset when Josie refuses to move in with him as planned and suggests he moves into her house instead so Nick can have the house. Don refuses as it would mean Ivy has won. Josie feels excluded as Don grows determined to break Ivy's will.moreless
  • Fri 1 Sep, 1995
    Fri 1 Sep, 1995
    Episode 105
    Vera is annoyed when Jack tells her she's not insured to drive the Sierra. He is put out when she points out that he can chauffeur her around and he won't be able to drink so much. Josie suggests to Don that he gives Sarah Ivy's jewellery. Emily tells Percy that he's going to have to move out whilst she has the builders in. Martin takes Nick to the solicitor and they're told that Ivy made a will leaving £200 and a necklace to Vera and everything else to Nick. Nick is thrilled. Martin is put out to find there's a condition involved - that Nick changes his name back to Tilsley. Maud invites Percy to move in with her, sending the Holdsworths into panic attacks. The Platts give Don a copy of Ivy's will. Don tells them he has rights and he's not giving up his house. When Josie offers Gail the jewellery Gail turns on her, telling her she has no right to decide what to do with Ivy's belongings. Vera is stunned when Gail gives her the gold necklace and tells her there's £200 to come. She is taken with the idea of buying Des' house and garden. Emily asks Curly if he would take Percy in, but make it sound like his idea. Curly agrees and makes the offer. Maud refuses to let Reg stop her putting Percy up but Percy tells her there's no way he could live in the same house as Reg so he's moving in with Curly.moreless
  • Wed 30 Aug, 1995
    Wed 30 Aug, 1995
    Episode 104
    Bill tells Emily her roof's in a bad way and it's a big job. Jack is horrified to learn that having money will stop him claiming social and free nursing care when he's older. The Platts try to make Nick see Ivy only sent him a letter, not a will, and it might not be valid. Jack buys an ex-Mayoral Sierra from Fred Elliott. Vera loves it as it's silver. Maxine and Fiona agree to cheer lead the 5 a-side but think they're pathetic as they're no good. Don packs up all Ivy's belongings to give to a charity shop. He feels she's still getting at him by stirring up trouble between Nick and him. He refuses to put up with any nonsense.moreless
  • Mon 28 Aug, 1995
    Mon 28 Aug, 1995
    Episode 103
    Josie lays on food for the funeral, hoping to keep in the background but Don refuses to be ashamed of her. Emily is annoyed to find a huge damp patch in Percy's room. She thinks he should have alerted her to it sooner. Ida Clough arrives for the funeral and reminisces about Ivy with Vera. They think it terrible that Don has taken up with Josie. Nick agrees with Gail and Martin not to mention anything about Ivy's letter. Don, the Duckworths, Ken, Rita, Curly, Maureen, Alf, Ida, Emily, Percy and the Platts attend Ivy's burial. Jim decides he's too old to play football but Des agrees to stay with the team in the hope he'll get fitter by training. At the funeral tea Vera snaps and tells Josie she shouldn't be in Ivy's house. Josie is shocked by the outburst. Martin agrees to replace Jim on the 5-a-side team. When Don stops Nick from drinking alcohol in No. 5 Nick tells him he can't stop him - it's his house.moreless
  • Fri 25 Aug, 1995
    Fri 25 Aug, 1995
    Episode 102
    Vera is stunned by Ivy's death. Bill finishes Sally's kitchen. Don is saddened when he remembers how much he cared for Ivy in the early years. When Josie offers to move out until after the funeral he refuses to let her. He is uncomfortable when he visits the retreat only to be told that everyone loved Ivy and the whole place is grieving. Don refuses to pay his last respects to Ivy, knowing it would only be an act. Curly amazes his friends by announcing he's signed them up for a 5-a-side league. He's called them The Rovers and they'll be playing a match a week. Percy receives a letter from Elaine explaining how Bill neglected her and did nothing but drink in his spare time. Bill is furious when Percy challenges him. Reg throws a barbecue party to impress Leo but Leo feels Reg and Curly are useless and should be replaced. Ivy leaves a letter for Nick to have after her death, in it she tells him she wants him to have her house.moreless
  • Wed 23 Aug, 1995
    Wed 23 Aug, 1995
    Episode 101
    Leo agrees to attend a barbecue at the Holdsworths. Jack has fun looking over expensive cars. When the salesman gets snotty Don pretends to be Jack's chauffeur and hints that Jack is a millionaire. They take a Mercedes for a test drive, with Don at the wheel. Don leaves the car when a priest turns up looking for him so Jack has to drive the car back and has a terrible time with it as it's an automatic. Father Donnelly breaks the news to Don that Ivy has died of a stroke. Reg is annoyed when Maureen insists that Maud attends the barbecue. She invites Curly, just to annoy Reg. Curly gets Kevin, Jim, Andy and Des to play 5-a-side with him. They are beaten hollow and all feel out of shape. Gail is shocked by Ivy's death and upset when Nicky accuses Don of killing her. Don is devastated whilst Josie is stunned. .moreless
  • Mon 21 Aug, 1995
    Mon 21 Aug, 1995
    Episode 100
    Alf rows with Reg for not wiping off the £26 worth of stock he took for a children's charity and later paid back. Jack decides to show the neighbours that he's a generous man by throwing a party. Curly thinks Leo will be a good boss but Reg hopes he won't be around much. Reg fumes when Leo asks him to personally pack Vera and Jack's purchases away. Percy buys drinks for the regulars in order to toast the memory of VJ Day. Jack installs an old set of optics behind the Spanish bar to show off at the party. Reg attends the party hoping to get the Duckworths to think again about the shop. Vera is thrilled when Jack toasts her and gives her an engagement ring as she's never had one. He announces he bought it with £460 he won on the horses. Vera has never been so happy.moreless
  • Fri 18 Aug, 1995
    Fri 18 Aug, 1995
    Episode 99
    Jack has second thoughts about buying the shop but Vera decides to put in an offer. Sally's new kitchen is delivered flat pack. Liz is delighted when Steve phones to say he and Vicky are married. Raquel plans a big send off for Jack but Bet stops her feeling Jack will soon be back at the Rovers once he's blown the inheritance. When Alf warns Vera that it's hard work running the shop she takes offence and tells him she knows all about the money he owes Reg. Reg waits for Eric to announce his new job title but instead Eric introduces him and Curly to his nephew, Leo, the new boss. Reg is stunned. Jack clears the cellar of his nick-nacks - a darts board, radio and inflatable bed. Reg is horrified to hear the Duckworths' offer is £15,000 below the asking price. He tells them he's sick of their joke and dealing with them. Vera feels the shop would have been too much of a risk anyway. Jim tells Liz he's seen a doctor about having a vasectomy. Don apologises to Gail for not telling her about the divorce but tells her Ivy would have been unhappy whatever he'd done. Jack tries to withdraw his notice and is stunned to be confronted with his leaving party and his replacement - Bill.moreless
  • Wed 16 Aug, 1995
    Wed 16 Aug, 1995
    Episode 98
    The McDonalds are confused over their feelings about Liz being pregnant. They feel the sensible thing would be to have an abortion. The Websters agree that Sally should tell Bill he has to move out. The Duckworths enjoy the idea of being shop keepers but Reg thinks they're just being nosy and acting out revenge for him not allowing them credit. Sally is relieved when Bill tells her that he's moving out to lodge at the Rovers as he knows he's in the way. Liz and Jim are relieved when the pregnancy turns out to be a false alarm although they can't help wondering what life would be like with a baby. Vera enjoys queening it in the shop, having Reg rushing around for her. She tells him she's got big plans for the shop. Jack has the £30,000 cheque framed, much to Vera's delight. He tells her that he's given his notice in at the Rovers and thinks they should push ahead with buying the shop. Des and Curly bump into each other at the gym after taking to heart Raquel's comments about their unfit bodies. They both have a terrible time. Gail is annoyed when she takes Nick to visit Ivy only to find her a complete wreck due to Don's divorce claim. Reg shows the Duckworths the books. Vera swoops on the news that Alf owes £26. Jim tells Liz they should consider options to ensure she never is pregnant.moreless
  • Mon 14 Aug, 1995
    Mon 14 Aug, 1995
    Episode 97
    Kevin doesn't know how to tell Bill there's no room for him at No. 13. The Duckworths plan how to spend their money. Jack feels they need a car and Vera considers buying a business like the Corner Shop. Eric confides in Reg that he is going to retire and let a younger man run Firmans. Liz thinks she's pregnant. Don and Josie take the kids to Heaton Park. Don tells Josie that she has really brightened up his life. Curly worries about why Reg and Eric have had exclusive meetings without him. He fears its redundancy whilst Reg thinks Eric is going to make him boss. Vera gets the particulars of some businesses, including the Corner Shop. Jack warms to the idea of owning his own off-licence. Jim is stunned by Liz's news and reminds her that the doctor warned her against having more children. The Holdsworths celebrate the news that a couple are interested in buying the shop but are horrified when the Duckworths arrive to view the shop.moreless
  • Fri 11 Aug, 1995
    Fri 11 Aug, 1995
    Episode 96
    Deirdre puts Jamie up for the night when Tricia shows no sign of returning. The Duckworths can't sleep over worrying about money. Des cleans the house before Phyllis turns up as he feels she can no longer cope with the work and wants to make it easier for her. Tricia is thrilled with her Spanish boyfriend Salvador. She is furious to discover Jamie ran away from Jason's and angry when Deirdre lays into her for neglect. She points out she was hardly a good parent; her daughter became a drug addict. The Duckworths despair turns to joy as their cheque arrives. Phyllis is hurt to see Des has been cleaning. She feels she's no longer needed and feels rejected. Jack and Vera swank around, telling everyone about their money but people are so wrapped up with their own concerns the congratulations are muted. Bill tells Rita her generosity to the Websters makes him feel ashamed. She points out to him that the house is small and he might be in the way. Mavis is horrified when Derek tells her he thinks someone is waging a campaign against them to turn them insane. Des apologises to Phyllis but she acknowledges she can't cope anymore. He agrees to pay her for doing his ironing in future.moreless
  • Wed 9 Aug, 1995
    Wed 9 Aug, 1995
    Episode 95
    Vera is indignant to discover the solicitor will be getting interest on her £30,000. Maureen agrees to give Vera tick but Reg refuses to let her. She gets annoyed when he laughs at the idea of her coming into money. Vera rings the solicitor only to discover he's on holiday. Des and Curly are put out when Raquel tells them both they're fat and out of shape. Derek tells Mavis that he wants to catch whoever is harassing them and goes against her wishes to wait for his tormentor. Kevin is uncomfortable with Bill spending money on the family but Bill tells him he's not skint. Deirdre calls the police out when she hears a prowler. It turns out to be Jamie trying to get into his flat as Tricia is out with a bloke and he doesn't want to stay with a friend. Derek hangs the chocolate money in the Red Rec play ground and lays in wait to see who collects it. Police arrive on a tip off thinking he's the Weatherfield flasher. He is taken to the police car and questioned. The police are bemused by his story and amused when Mavis turns up to plead his case. The police take the Wiltons home to see the ransom note for themselves. Derek snaps when the residents watch them arrive and after the police have gone he shouts at the Street, saying he knows his tormentor is out there.moreless
  • Mon 7 Aug, 1995
    Mon 7 Aug, 1995
    Episode 94
    Kevin isn't all that happy about having Bill sleeping on the sofa. Bill fakes a couple of repair estimates to make his the lowest for the insurance. The Duckworths return from Spain to find the inheritance money hasn't arrived yet. Phyllis worries about Des as he's still not married and she feels he can't look after himself. Mike tells Alma he's not going to rise to the gossip's bait by rowing over his 'affair'. The Duckworths have no money and Vera gets angry when Betty refuses to let Jack give her tick at the pub. Tricia is annoyed to discover Mike has entered her flat to enter the meter. In her anger she turns on Deirdre and accuses her of being Mike's lover. Deirdre tells her she's pathetic and leads an empty life. Bill makes a start clearing out the kitchen. The Websters tell him how wonderful Rita has been in giving them financial help. A parcel is delivered to the Wiltons with a severed gnomes' ear inside and a ransom note for 50 chocolate doubloons. Derek feels the prankster is playing into their hands and decides to attend the rendezvous at the Red Rec to catch him. Mavis pleads with him to forget all about it.moreless
  • Fri 4 Aug, 1995
    Fri 4 Aug, 1995
    Episode 93
    Bill feels terrible about the gutted kitchen. Bet tries to make things as nice as possible for Vicky, giving her a champagne breakfast. Vicky is pleased when Bet gives her her blessing. Audrey makes Alma feel uncomfortable by going on about the improbability of Mike's affair. She then tells Deirdre what the gossips are saying. She is flummoxed when Emily points that Mike has always been kind to her as well so is she too his mistress. Alec refuses to say goodbye as Vicky and Steve leave for St Lucia. Sally returns to find her home in turmoil and a strange man in residence. Fiona tries hard not to be affected by the news that Steve and Vicky have eloped. Sally feels sorry for Bill who tells her he'll make the kitchen better than before. Kevin is pleased by the way Sally takes to Bill. Deirdre assures Alma the rumours are unfounded but Alma is still miffed that they were once lovers. Alec tells Bet he's willing to stay at the Rovers if she'll have him. She tells him that she's thought of it herself but it wouldn't be a good idea. She is sad as he leaves for Southampton.moreless
  • Wed 2 Aug, 1995
    Wed 2 Aug, 1995
    Episode 92
    Bill is nervous about meeting Sally and in an attempt to make a good impression decides to cook dinner for her. Just as she's going to a meeting with Jeff Alma is told by Audrey that there's talk about Deirdre and Mike having an affair. Alec thinks he's finally won Steve over but Steve tells him he loves Vicky and he can stick his money. Vicky tells him he's a nasty old man and she never wants to see him again. Alma can't concentrate on her meeting and is upset when Jeff suggests they postpone until her mind is on the job. Bet tells Alec he should have known bribing Steve would never work. Alma goes for Mike, accusing him of being unfaithful. He drags her to see Deirdre but Alma backs down from a confrontation, believing all he is trying to do is help her. Bill sets fire to the kitchen whilst cooking and the fire brigade are called out. Kevin is horrified. Alec apologises to Vicky and begs her not to cut him off. She stuns him and Bet by saying she and Steve are flying out to marry in St Lucia.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jul, 1995
    Mon 31 Jul, 1995
    Episode 91
    Nick helps out at the cafe and takes an interest in Fiona and Maxine upstairs. Alma is amused and gets him to take some milk up to the girls. Nick tells the girls he's sixteen but backtracks when they invite him to move in with them. Roy asks Tricia if she's the same as Deirdre; one of Mike's women. She tells him to get lost. Denise experiments with colours in the house, wanting to brighten it up. Alec offers Steve £5,000 to leave Vicky alone. Percy is saddened when Bill tells him Elaine left him for a German. Tricia gossips with Audrey that Mike and Deirdre are very close. Derek feels sure that everyone is laughing at him behind his back. Denise tells Ken about the gossip over Mike and Deirdre. Ken isn't surprised by the gossip but knows Deirdre too well to believe there's any truth in it.moreless
  • Fri 28 Jul, 1995
    Fri 28 Jul, 1995
    Episode 90
    Vicky asks Alec to stop being so nasty; Steve is not after her money, he really loves her. Bill enjoys being around Kevin again and decides to stay on as he's never met Sally. Steve tells Vicky Alec has told her if they money her money is stopped. She tells him he's lying. Percy volunteers himself to stand guard over the Wiltons' gnome. Derek tells him that won't be necessary. Deirdre tells Mike that she finds Cropper too over friendly. Mike tells her to tell him if she has any problems with the tenants. Vicky tells Alec he's pathetic and she's seen through his nasty little trick. Alec is adamant he got Steve worried but Bet tells him all he's done is prove himself to be untrustworthy. Maxine moves into the cafe flat with Fiona to share it 50-50. Bill has nothing to do all day but drink. Kevin gets tired when Bill makes him go out in the evening after his working day. Derek constructs a man-trap in the garden made up of pots and pans. He decides to lay in wait and find out who comes for Guinevere. Cropper pesters Deirdre late at night, inviting her for a drink. She refuses to put up with it and phones Mike. Derek sees someone in the garden at midnight but it turns out to be Percy on home watch. Mike tells Cropper to leave Deirdre alone and make plans to move out. Tricia overhears Cropper apologising to Mike for stepping in on his lady-friend. The Wiltons find a dwarf azalea by the side of Guinevere with a note from Arthur. Mavis is amused but Derek thinks it's pathetic and in his anger walks straight into his man trapmoreless
  • Wed 26 Jul, 1995
    Wed 26 Jul, 1995
    Episode 89
    Derek receives a postcard from Arthur in Holland saying he's going to rescue Guinevere. Mavis tells him to throw it away but he sees it as evidence of harassment. He vows to find out who's sending the cards. Kevin is stunned to get a message from his father saying he's coming to see him. He is stunned as he hasn't seen him for ten years. The tank bursts in Crimea Street causing the Armstrongs and Cropper to panic. Deirdre doesn't know what to do but Jamie takes control. Bill Webster arrives and has an emotional reunion with Kevin. Deirdre becomes unnerved by the way Cropper takes advantage of the leak to try to get close to her. She is stunned when he tells her he's sorry about her bereavement. Bill tells Kevin Elaine has left him for his foreman and taken Carl with her. He lost his job after he thumped the foreman. Denise gets Ken to the Register Office to have his name put on the birth certificate only to find it's not as simple as that and forms have to be sent off. Alec tells Steve there's a clause in the Ardens' will withdrawing the heritance if Vicky marries against the wishes of her trustees. He tells Steve that there's no way he's marrying her for her money now.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jul, 1995
    Mon 24 Jul, 1995
    Episode 88
    Jamie catches Roy Cropper reading a postcard from Tracy to Deirdre. He tells him he's pathetic. Steve asks Alec to drop the hostilities as its upsetting Vicky. Alec refuses. Deirdre takes Jamie into her room when she finds him locked out. Alec goes to see Mottram and asks him to lean heavily on Steve and hurt him. Mottram acts indignant and refuses once he learns Steve is about to marry into money. Curly and Jim descend on Kevin to make use of the Sally free house. He enjoys the peace but misses his family. Alec tells Nick all about Steve and asks him to help put her off. Bet is horrified when Alec asks Nick to lie to Vicky and tell her the will says she can't have any money if she marries before she's twenty five. Nick refuses.moreless
  • Fri 21 Jul, 1995
    Fri 21 Jul, 1995
    Episode 87
    Vicky is upset when Alec tells her Steve is not the sort of husband her parents would have wanted for her. Bet tells him he's despicable for saying it. Vicky books the wedding for 19th August. Denise and Ken move into No. 1. Ken is happy to be part of a family again. When Alec tells Vicky 19th August is a bad date for him she tells him he'll just have to miss the wedding. Rita takes Sally and the children on holiday. Don contacts a solicitor who says he'll write to Ivy saying he wants a divorce. Josie is pleased the process has started. Jack and Vera go on holiday to Spain with Jack remembering he's afraid of flying. Alec overhears Fiona telling Des about Steve's debt to moneylender Frank Mottram.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jul, 1995
    Wed 19 Jul, 1995
    Episode 86
    Jack and Vera try to sell Cliff's belongings on the market. Rita can't find a replacement holiday for the Websters which is cheap. Deirdre meets tenant Roy Cropper who seems over helpful. Alec and Vicky return from Southampton. A dealer rejects the Duckworth's gear as junk but identifies an ashtray as a storage tin lid. It is worthless but the tin is worth £350. Jack and Vera are horrified as they recall the tin as Cliff's poker bucket. Alec feels he's successfully weaned Vicky off Steve but she tells Steve that the marriage is still on. He comforts her as it's the anniversary of her parents' deaths. Jack rushes to the junk shop in search of the bucket. He appears too keen to get it back so the junk man tells him it's been sold. Jack leaves, telling him it was worth £350. The junk man doesn't tell Jack the tin is really under his counter. Alec explodes when Steve asks for his blessing to marry Vicky. Sally tells Rita about a cottage in Anglesey which she feels the children would enjoy more. Rita is delighted to book the holiday. The Duckworths only make £27 at the market but are delighted when Curly and Des both say they'll lend them £200 each for their holiday. Alma doesn't like the idea of Deirdre being Mike's caretaker. Mike assures her he's only doing an old friend a favour. Don tells Josie that his marriage is definitely over as far as he's concerned and he's going to ask her for a divorce.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jul, 1995
    Mon 17 Jul, 1995
    Episode 85
    When Steve returns from business in Ireland Derek thinks he must be the postcard writer. Jack is saddened by the idea of selling Cliff's personal belongings to pay for a holiday. To help out, Josie looks after Sarah Louise for the day. Fiona decides to put Steve behind her and show the world a defiant face. Steve is worried as he can't contact Vicky as Alec won't pass on his messages. Sarah Louise talks to Josie about all the residents, telling her their life stories. Ken gives Tricia a lift with moving her belongings into Crimea Street so he can move into No. 1. Alma contacts Jeff, saying she'll be happy to work with him. Jack changes his mind about Cliff's belongings when he discovers a toy he thought was lost but Cliff must have stolen. He and Vera collect all they think is valuable before selling the rest for £120 to a junk dealer. To give Sally a break, Rita offers to take her and the children to Rhos on Sea for a couple of weeks as someone is advertising a cheap cottage in the Kabin window. Deirdre moves into her flat on Crimea Street. She is shocked when Ken belittles her for working for her old flame Mike in front of Tricia. Rita finds the cottage is already taken so looks for another one. Josie is pleased when Gail tells her she's the best thing that's happened to Don for years. Fiona is bucked up when Des buys her drinks. When Derek tackles her about Steve and gnomes she shoves him over a Rovers' table. She is distraught and shakes off Des' support.moreless
  • Fri 14 Jul, 1995
    Fri 14 Jul, 1995
    Episode 84
    Josie can't take her mind off her ordeal. Tricia barricades herself inside No. 1. Jack is full of big plans on how to spend his money but Vera feels they should spend it sensibly starting with a foreign holiday. Derek becomes excited when he receives a postcard from Arthur in Ireland. Josie is grateful for the way Don takes control and looks after her. Mike offers Tricia, via Vera, one of his flats in Crimea Street. Josie tells Don that if she stays at No. 5 she might not want to ever go home. Don tells her he wants her to stay with him permanently but doesn't know where he stands with Ivy. Tricia is pleased with the new flat and agrees to move in straight away. Alma is stunned when Deirdre tells her about her new job as caretaker of Mike's flats. Vera and Jack plan to clear Cliff's house and use the money to buy a holiday in Spain. Alma confronts Mike at the flats and is amazed when he tells her this is just one of many business deals she doesn't know about. She tells him that in that case she'll carry on her constancy.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jul, 1995
    Wed 12 Jul, 1995
    Episode 83
    Although she likes Deirdre, Denise wishes she'd move away so she and Ken can get on with their life. Deirdre decides she owes it to Samir to make the most of her life. Alma decides to give up being a consultant as Mike isn't keen. She feels her marriage is more important than her work. Whilst locking up the surgery, Josie is threatened by a youth who refuses to let her leave. He slaps her about as he searches the surgery for drugs. Mike is pleased when Deirdre accepts the role of caretaker of his flats. Don turns up at the surgery looking for Josie and the youth escapes, leaving a badly shaken Josie. Jack and Vera go to the solicitor insisting they have no money and can't take on Cliff's debts. Jamie fears he'll end up in care if they're made homeless. Josie allows Don to take control of her and willingly stops at No. 5 with him. The Duckworths are stunned to learn they've inherited Cliff and Elsie's holiday insurance - £30,000.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jul, 1995
    Mon 10 Jul, 1995
    Episode 82
    Tricia keeps Jamie off school to guard the house as she doesn't want it unoccupied. Deirdre returns from visiting Blanche and stays at No. 11. Tricia gets Percy to make No. 1 burglar proof. He screws down the windows. Mike tries to let himself into No. 1 to show Ken and Denise around but Tricia has put a chain on and refuses to let him in. Ken enjoys watching the residents side with Tricia, accusing Mike of evicting a one-parent family. Jamie stops him from smashing a window by throwing a chamber pot full of water over him. Cliff's solicitor asks Jack for a meeting. He fears Cliff left debts that he's inherited. Tracy dines with Ken and is furious when Deirdre turns up to see her. She rows with Deirdre for cutting her off and Deirdre apologises. Deirdre offers her her love but Tracy is too confused to accept it.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jul, 1995
    Fri 7 Jul, 1995
    Episode 81
    Alma is excited as the Wheatsheaf starts her new menu but she realises she's needed at the cafe so can't go and check up on it. Audrey goes instead, with Alf. Steve doesn't trust Alec but Vicky tells him she can handle Alec and make him pay for a big do. Andy finishes his first year at Uni and is annoyed when all his parents want to talk about is Steve. Ken tells Denise he'd like to buy No. 1 but she isn't keen as he's already lived with another women there. He gets angry and tells her all he's doing is offering her a home. Audrey passes Alf off as a client come to sample the food. Gareth is impressed with everything and recommends Alma to Jeff. Vicky and Steve set the date - August 18th. Alec is delighted when she agrees to go to Southampton with him to 'talk weddings'. Tricia refuses to let Denise look round No. 1. Alec offers Steve a job as entertainment's officer on a cruise, promising him he'd soon catch a millionairess. Steve tells him he doesn't trust him and would never work for him. Denise tells Ken she is interested in living at No. 1 but has to see inside it first. Vicky goes to Southampton after making sure that whatever happens Bet will remain her friend. Fiona publicly gives Steve's unpaid bills to Vicky, telling her they're her responsibility now.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jul, 1995
    Wed 5 Jul, 1995
    Episode 80
    Vicky tells Steve that they can't honeymoon until the Dublin order is finished. Fiona is stunned when she hears that it is Steve and Vicky's wedding day. Audrey drags Brian to see Alf and tell him about Potts and Howcroft. Alf is amazed to hear about their affair and Potts new mobile home but he does recognise Harry's nom de plume - Arnold Hall - as he's signed cheques to him. The McDonalds gather for the wedding with Liz agreeing to be Vicky's witness. Alec turns up with Bet intent on stopping the wedding. He convinces Vicky that she should wait and marry in style in a church. Jim and Liz join him in saying how much their relatives would like to see the wedding. Steve wants to ignore them but Vicky is won over. Alf takes Brian to see Pilkington and tells him about Harry Potts/Arnold Hall. Howcroft and Potts are called for and blame each other. Pilkington calls in the police. Bet congratulates Alec in postponing the wedding. Steve sulks over the cancelled wedding. Alec tells Bet that as far as he's concerned there will be no wedding. He just lied to Vicky to stop her. Bet doesn't like the idea of her being lied to. Alec swears to stop the wedding.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jul, 1995
    Mon 3 Jul, 1995
    Episode 79
    Liz doesn't think Vicky and Steve will be happy together but Jim is impressed by his catch. Fiona tries to convince herself there's no point in being upset over Steve and Vicky as she did not want him. She feels that Vicky doesn't know what she's letting herself in for. Bet is full of reasons why Vicky should not marry Steve and summons Alec. Vicky is upset by her lack of support and considers moving out of the pub. Steve suggests that instead of running away they could get married quickly. She wants a white church wedding but sees the sense on a quick one. Audrey is delighted when Brian Bowes meets her and takes her out for lunch. He tells her he knows Harry Potts and his girlfriend Connie Howcroft are responsible for the missing Mayoral fund. Alec arrives at the Rovers to sort Vicky out. He is uneasy being back and Bet is equally uneasy having him back. He blames Bet for not alerting him to what was going on sooner. Bet tells him she is certain Steve is after Vicky's money. Vicky and Steve arrange to get married in a couple of days. Andy agrees to be their best man. Rather than face Alec they book into a hotel until they're married. Mike delights in telling Ken that he's talked to Deirdre and that if he's still interested in No. 1 he can have it. Ken is surprised. Alec and Bet are shocked when Jim and Liz tell them the wedding is in a couple of days.moreless
  • Fri 30 Jun, 1995
    Fri 30 Jun, 1995
    Episode 78
    Josie keeps Don company as he drives the Duckworths to the funeral. Steve gives Vicky an engagement ring but makes her keep it in the box so no one can see it. Mike tells Deirdre he wants her help her and takes her to a large Victorian house in Crimea Street which he has bought. He explains it's full of flats and she can have one for a pepper corn rent if she'll keep an eye on the other tenants for him. She tells him she doesn't know what she's going to do with her life yet. Fiona is talked into going to the twins' party when Raquel assures her Vicky isn't interested in Steve. She is cornered into giving Steve a birthday kiss, much to Vicky's fury. Vera is horrified when Jack brings the camel coat back with him. She accuses him of robbing a dead man. Josie has a go at Vera for the way she's moaned all day and never thanked Don. Don thanks her for standing up to Vera. Deirdre leaves the Street to spend some time with her mother. Vicky stuns the guests when she toasts the twins and tells everyone she and Steve are engaged. Fiona storms out of the pub.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jun, 1995
    Wed 28 Jun, 1995
    Episode 77
    Jack tries to forget about Cliff's will as he doesn't want to be stuck with the funeral expenses. Vicky and Steve decide to keep their engagement quiet for a while. Raquel organises a party for Andy at the Rovers before realising Steve will have to be there. Phyllis catches Steve and Vicky having a shower together at No. 6. Deirdre returns from Morocco after mourning with the Rachids. She explains to Emily how dignified it all was and how much she was loved and cared for. Emily breaks down upset that she never really welcomed Samir. Jack goes to Cliff's house and finds Elsie's brother Harold there. He is pleased to learn Harold is paying for the funeral but doesn't like the idea of Cliff's camel coat being buried with him. Vicky buys Phyllis drinks to secure her silence. Ken tells Deirdre that Tracy is now in Blackpool but she's not interested.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jun, 1995
    Mon 26 Jun, 1995
    Episode 76
    Vicky leaves Steve in the early hours of the morning of his birthday. Des takes Andy on a drinking binge to celebrate his 21st. Fiona sadly wishes Steve a happy birthday. She is thrilled when he invites her for a drink. Bet is wary that Steve is foot loose as she fears he'll be after Vicky again. Jack tries to make Vera see she did not kill Cliff. Alf refuses to hide away and makes an appearance at Nick's sports day. Steve and Vicky make a great show of rowing and belittling each other in public so no one will suspect their affair. Jamie is suspended from school. Fiona tells Steve that she'll only take him back if he makes real promises and is horrified when he says he's not coming back just wants to sort out who owns the stereo. The Duckworths question an insurance man on death cover. The man thinks they're planning a suicide pact and refuses to help. Andy realises he's only getting the £500 because Steve needs it. He taunts Steve over being bailed out by Liz. Steve gets Rita to lend him £100 in cash on the strength of the £500 cheque. The McDonalds have dinner together with Liz getting emotional over her boys. Steve proposes to Vicky.moreless
  • Fri 23 Jun, 1995
    Fri 23 Jun, 1995
    Episode 75
    The Roberts are horrified as the Gazette headline calls Alf a thief. The gossips get to work, believing every word. Steve removes the rest of his belongings from the flat. Fiona hopes he'll apologise but he doesn't. Liz is upset to hear Steve is sleeping at the print shop rather than at No. 11. Nick is embarrassed as he introduces Melanie to Gail and Martin. Ken is stunned to find Tracy discharging herself from hospital as she can't face seeing Deirdre again. She tells him she's going to stay with Lorraine's brother Mark in Blackpool. Rita enjoys herself looking after Daniel for a while, thinking about what she's missed out. Vicky is shocked to discover Fiona has thrown Fiona out and he's dosing down at the print shop. Steve and Andy are surprised when Jim and Liz say they'll give them £500 each for their 21sts. Andy is worried they can't afford it but Steve is delighted. Vera comforts Jack when he reads in the paper that Cliff and Elsie have died whilst abroad on holiday. Vera is horrified at the thought that they died because she prayed for money. Vicky calls on Steve at the print shop and takes her clothes off, telling him to stop her if it's not what he wants.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jun, 1995
    Wed 21 Jun, 1995
    Episode 74
    Steve spends the night sleeping on the print room floor. Vera breaks down as the Duckworths receive a summons over non payment of council tax. Betty hears from Raquel that Billy is ill so she calls on him. He apologises to her for upsetting her and they agree to be friends again. She is miffed to find his injury is just a bunion. The local press takes an interest in the missing money and try to interview Alf. Audrey makes plans to buy a conservatory but Alf tells her they can't have one as people will say it's bought with stolen money. Jack discovers Vera hasn't paid the mortgage for two months. Percy visits Tracy and amuses her with his funny stories. Vera goes to church and prays for money.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jun, 1995
    Mon 19 Jun, 1995
    Episode 73
    Alma is stunned when Mike gives her flowers for their anniversary; she forgot all about it herself. Vicky gives Steve £1,000. Jeremy Pilkington tells Alf that £7,000 is missing from the Mayor's charity fund and he wants to know where it is. Alf is insulted to think he's being suspected of taking the money just because he signed all the cheques. Vera tells Bet she'd consider working as cleaner at the Rovers but Bet doesn't want her. Martin celebrates when he's taken on at the hospital on a six month contract. Audrey doesn't think the missing money is a big deal until Alf tells her he could lose his O.B.E. over the scandal. She urges him to sort the mess out. Alma takes Mike out for an anniversary meal to cover up for the fact she forgot it. Steve takes Fiona out for an expensive meal. She is furious to discover he intends to pay with money from Vicky. She tells him she can't stand the way he's dodging people when he could be paying them off and has let Vicky buy him. She walks out on him. Harry Potts offers Alf condolences over the missing money. Fiona throws Steve's belongings out of the flat and onto the pavement, telling him she's had enough of him and can't take anymore. She tells him Vicky is welcome to him.moreless
  • Fri 16 Jun, 1995
    Fri 16 Jun, 1995
    Episode 72
    The Gazette runs a piece on Alf's O.B.E. with a photograph of him and Betty. Audrey is furious. Alf becomes pompous about his gong. Josie gives Raquel darts lessons at the Rovers. Mike wants to show buyers round No. 1 and is embarrassed when dressing gowned Tricia makes a fuss over letting him in. She keeps the house untidy to put the buyers off. Mike backs off when she starts to flirt with him. He is disturbed to realise he's too old to take Tricia up. Derek cements the gnomes down. Vera is furious to discover Jack hasn't paid the council tax for three months. He explains he spent the money on their caravanning holiday. Vicky agrees to give Steve £500 to pay off some of his debts on the understanding that he will make sure the Dublin job is completed on time. She also gets him to write down all his debtors. She tells him she'll lend him £1,000 if he sells his car to raise the other money. Arthur disappears leaving a note saying he refuses to be cemented in. Derek is fascinated to see little gnome footprints in the cement. He thinks they might have been made by a doll's shoes and accuses the Platts of making them. Fiona is impressed when Steve puts his car up for sale, feeling he's doing it to please her.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jun, 1995
    Wed 14 Jun, 1995
    Episode 71
    To please Steve Jim tells worried Liz that Steve wasn't badly hurt and was jumped by a burglar. Steve returns to the flat in the early hours but Fiona isn't there. Fiona returns in the morning after partying all night with Maxine. Jack tries to convince Vera she must continue to work, saying her brain will vegetate if she retires. Fiona is horrified to see Steve's bruises and stitched face. He tells her he doesn't know who did it as he owes money to so many people. When Liz calls Fiona forces him to tell her all about his debts. Alma is thrilled when her £500 constancy fee comes through. Liz rows with Jim for keeping her in the dark about Steve. When Fiona breaks down in tears over her feelings for Steve Denise advises her to leave him before he drags her down with him. Fiona refuses to leave him as she loves him. Steve is forced to tell Vicky about all his debts. She doesn't like the idea of thugs hanging around the print shop. Mike is shocked to discover Alma was paid £500. He insists the client must have fancied Alma. Tracy breaks down, telling Ken she knows Deirdre's going to hate her for the rest of her life.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jun, 1995
    Mon 12 Jun, 1995
    Episode 70
    Steve returns from London. He apologises to Fiona for running away from trouble and he went to London to find some work to pay off the money lenders. He promises her that things are going to be different. Vera decides she doesn't want to work anymore and feels noone would want her anyway. Jack is horrified at the thought of having her around the house all day. Audrey prepares herself for a photographic 'at home' piece the press are doing on Alf. Ken is upset when Tracy blames him for the mess they're all in. Steve is bashed around the head by a heavy with a baseball bat. Curly tries to chat Maxine up but she doesn't look upon him as a sexual object. Fiona waits in vain at the Rovers for Steve but he doesn't turn up. Alf refuses to do the 'at home' which Audrey has organised as Downing Street have asked him not to say anything to the press. When the reporter promises not to report anything until it's official Alf gives an impromptu interview in the Rovers. Audrey is annoyed when he starts organising the regulars around Alf for the photograph. Bloodied Steve turns to Jim for help. Jim rushes him to hospital. Fiona gives up on Steve and goes clubbing with Maxine. Jim comforts Steve as he is pain and needs help.moreless
  • Fri 9 Jun, 1995
    Fri 9 Jun, 1995
    Episode 69
    As Deirdre prepares to fly Samir's body back to Morocco she can't face seeing his family, feeling they'll blame her for his death. Maxine stays with Fiona whilst Steve is away as she's frightened of being alone. Tricia asks Maureen if she can rent the flat above the shop but Maureen tells her Reg wants it to stay a stockroom. Vera is sacked from Bettabuy for damaging goods in order to buy them cheap. Liz sees Deirdre off at the airport. Deirdre is angry that Samir is leaving England much easier than entering the country. Betty is stunned when Billy asks her to marry him. She refuses, saying she married Cyril for life and still considers herself married to him. She is insulted when Billy points out that Cyril isn't any use to her anymore. Jack is all for suing Bettabuy for wrongful dismissal until he learns how Vera has been denting tins on purpose. She feels victimised. Tracy is horrified when Ken finally tells her that Samir is dead and Deirdre is burying him in Morocco.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jun, 1995
    Wed 7 Jun, 1995
    Episode 68
    Reg is all for replacing Maud with Tricia at the shop but Maureen refuses although she can't bring herself to sack Tricia. Distressed Emily feels she put a jinx on Deirdre by prophesying her marriage would never last. Tricia busies herself cleaning the shop and stockroom to prove her worth to Maureen. Deirdre goes to the canal bank to see where Samir had his accident. She has no confidence in the police finding out what happened. She blames Tracy for his death and wishes she'd have died instead. Ken tries to get her to see Tracy but she refuses. Fiona tells Andy she feels she can't respect Steve as she doesn't trust him. She still loves him though. She gets some satisfaction out of knowing Vicky doesn't know where he is either. Tracy is hurt when Deirdre doesn't visit her, Ken avoids the issue of Samir. Rita consoles Deirdre over Samir and urges her to grieve. She makes her see Samir would have wanted her to continue with her life. Vicky helps Alma to prepare her catering contract professionally. Tricia is interested to note there's a flat above the shop. She is annoyed when Maureen builds up courage to tell her she's no longer needed at the shop. Vicky tells Fiona she can't have a good relationship with Steve as it's obvious she doesn't know where he is. Deirdre goes to visit Tracy but walks out of the ward as she can't bring herself to talk to her.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jun, 1995
    Mon 5 Jun, 1995
    Episode 67
    Tracy's operation is a success and she starts to come round. Deirdre doesn't understand how Samir died. She is comforted by Liz. Ken avoids Tracy's questions about how Samir is. Vicky agrees to give Alma some help on laying out her catering contract. Steve goes to London, telling Fiona he needs to find some money. Vicky is annoyed to find he has disappeared. Deirdre doesn't know how she's going to tell Samir's mother he is dead. She feels that she killed him by dragging him to England.moreless
  • Fri 2 Jun, 1995
    Fri 2 Jun, 1995
    Episode 66
    The police call on Deirdre and take her to the hospital, Samir having been found with a bad head injury on the canal bank. He is in intensive care, unconscious. Fiona is hurt that Steve doesn't seem to care about her safety. Vicky apologises to Andy for anything she said as she was drunk. Mike tells Alma that Gareth must be after her body as he wouldn't ask her for catering advice. Derek buys cement to make sure Arthur can't go missing again. Steve is scared when the heavy returns to say he's from a debt collector who wants paying. Denise tells Fiona she'd like her to manage the Salon for her as she wants to stop work and spend time with Daniel. Fiona is thrilled. Billy takes Betty to the Ritz ballroom for a tea dance. She is uncomfortable when he suggests they have a foreign weekend away together. He urges her to be impulsive. Fiona is upset when Steve doesn't share her joy over her promotion. She slams out of the flat to spend the night at her parents'. Steve asks Vicky for £5,000 but she refuses. Deirdre is stunned when the doctors tell her Samir isn't going to recover. She gives her consent for his kidney to be taken for the operation. Ken comforts her.moreless
  • Wed 31 May, 1995
    Wed 31 May, 1995
    Episode 65
    Alf and Audrey are stunned when the Prime Minister writes to him offering him an OBE. Jamie is thrilled when Jim takes him with him when he does a chauffeuring job. Jim enjoys being with the lad. Tracy meets Daniel for the first time and pleases Ken by holding him. Maud gives Tricia the run a round at the shop, disapproving of her. Mavis refuses Derek's request to have Arthur on their bed at night. Whilst everyone wishes him well Samir spends a terrified day waiting to go into hospital. Maud warms to Tricia when she calls her a miserable old hag and stands up to her. Maud accuses her of fancying Reg and is pleased when Tricia tells her she'd never be that desperate. Mike is amused when Alma tells him she's being employed as a catering consultant. Tracy goes into hospital whilst Samir walks there on his own; wanting to be up and about as much as possible. Deirdre waits for him to call her. Audrey goes against Alf's wishes and tells all the regulars about him being honoured. Bet pops open the champagne. Vicky gets annoyed when Andy tells her it's obvious Steve has her jumping through hoops. He tells her he likes her and doesn't want to see her get hurt. She tells him Steve doesn't have her but she intends to have him. Denise comforts Ken as he worries about Tracy. He is grateful when she suggests she stays the night. By a canal bank Samir bumps into a gang of youths.moreless
  • Mon 29 May, 1995
    Mon 29 May, 1995
    Episode 64
    Jim feels unable to relax with the Rachids sharing his home. Betty gives Raquel dancing lessons. Derek is thrilled when Arthur comes home. Tricia has Jamie helping her in the shop for the day. Together they dent afew tins so they can have them cheap. Liz assures Bet that Steve is still romantically involved with Fiona and that his only interest in Vicky is professional. Andy is furious to learn Fiona has been frightened by a heavy. She thanks him for showing concern - more than Steve has done. They both acknowledge that they'll always stick by Steve as they love him. Jim spends time fixing up his old motorbike in the yard. He is amused by Jamie's enthusiasm for bikes and agrees to take him on it when it's fixed up. Steve is furious to find Fiona and Andy together he warns Fiona never to tell his family any of his business again. Panicky Tracy suggests to Samir that they cancel the operation and wait for a dead donor. He tells her his mind is made up and they must go ahead.moreless
  • Fri 26 May, 1995
    Fri 26 May, 1995
    Episode 63
    As Steve and Vicky set off for Dublin Bet warns Steve not to involve Vicky in any dodgy deals. Alma and Audrey go to Gareth's hotel in Ramsden. Audrey is disappointed that Jeff isn't there. Deirdre relaxes into the idea of staying in Weatherfield. She's thrilled that everything is coming right for her family. Tricia is furious when Bet takes money from her wage packet as she's always late. Bet tells her she's sick of her taking advantage and Tricia resigns. Bet tells Raquel that in future she'll have to do the cleaning. Alma enjoys herself talking to Gareth about catering. He asks her to make up a sample menu. Reg takes Tricia on at the shop when she tells him she'll leave the Rovers to help him out. She thanks Bet for doing her the favour. Fiona is horrified when a heavy calls and smashes furniture as a warning for Steve to pay his debts. Vicky and Steve land the Red Ferret contract and celebrate their advance. He doesn't seem bothered when Fiona tells her about the thug and how scared she was. She begs him to pay his debts off as she's frightened. Ken tells Denise he needs to be certain she really does want him. She can't make any guarantees but asks him to give them a go. He agrees. Maureen and Maud aren't keen on the idea of employing Tricia.moreless
  • Wed 24 May, 1995
    Wed 24 May, 1995
    Episode 62
    Steve convinces Fiona that he has to go to Dublin with Vicky even though he'd rather not. Raquel picks on the way Tricia is always late for work. Bet tells her it's none of her business. Reg forces Maureen into work even though she feels no better. Audrey pushes Alma to see Gareth to prove to Mike she is a good business woman. Maureen is sick in the shop so Deirdre summons Reg and forces him to take her home. Deirdre looks after the shop and enjoys herself. Samir realises she needs to be back where she belongs. When Denise collapses in tears Bet takes her under her wing. Denise explains that she feels bereft know Ken doesn't want to know. She's frightened of facing the future alone. Bet advises her to sort out her priorities. Andy tells Liz he's worried about Steve being involved with Vicky. Liz assures him Steve will be all right but he isn't interested in him; he cares about Vicky and Fiona and doesn't want to see them get hurt. KEN (About Denise): You read about these people with multiple personalities. Just my lousy luck to get mixed up with one. Ken is sick of Denise's mood swings. Deirdre advises him not to reject his decisions. Samir tells Deirdre that they should stay in Weatherfield after the operation and open a little cafe somewhere. Vicky tells Bet that she is working with Steve and assures her it's strictly business. Bet doesn't believe her.moreless
  • Mon 22 May, 1995
    Mon 22 May, 1995
    Episode 61
    Maureen and Maud go down with gastro-enteritis. Vicky checks out Red Ferret Records and finds it's a good company to do business with. Emily thanks Samir for being selfless in giving Tracy his kidney. Reg has no sympathy with the invalids and worries as he has to close the shop. Vicky books flights for her and Steve to go to Dublin. She congratulates him on getting involved with Red Ferret. Denise returns to find Fiona has kept the Salon going. Denise tells her she's grateful. Audrey presses Alma to contact Gareth as she'd like to see his friend Jeff again. She rings him on Alma's behalf, forcing her to speak to him. Alma makes an appointment to see his pub although she has no intention of going. Ken is stunned when Denise tells him she wants the three of them to start afresh. She admits she's been a bitch but has now realised Daniel needs stability. Denise is surprised when Ken tells her he doesn't want her. Fiona tells Steve that she's now free to go to Ireland but he explains she can't as he's going with Vicky. Ken tells Denise he doesn't trust her; she could change her mind again and he knows it would never work. He is upset as he knows by turning her away he's also turning Daniel away.moreless
  • Fri 19 May, 1995
    Fri 19 May, 1995
    Episode 60
    Steve goes after a contract with a band in Ireland and invites Fiona along for the trip but she is too busy with the salon. Alma and Audrey spend a day shopping in Southport. Betty receives a bouquet. Raquel thinks it's from Billy but they're from Alf to thank her for being a gracious escort. The consultant has a counselling session with Samir and Tracy. Tracy resents Samir's gesture, feeling he's doing it for Deirdre. She is touched when Samir says he is doing it out of love for Deirdre and it's a small price to pay for her happiness. They come out of the room united for the first time. Audrey flirts with a couple of men, saying she's a fashion buyer and Alma is a catering consultant. Alma is stumped when Gareth Jenkins invites her to look over his pub and give him advice on catering. Audrey tells him Alma is the best person to help him.moreless
  • Wed 17 May, 1995
    Wed 17 May, 1995
    Episode 59
    Tracy fears no boy will look at her now she's disabled. She'd rather be dead than stuck on a machine for the rest of her life. Alf and Betty hand over their chains as their term of office ends. Ken goes to Macclesfield and finds Denise. She is surprised when he puts no pressure on her, just wants to make sure she and Daniel are all right. Deirdre is relieved when Samir's final test is positive and he tells the consultant he is happy to go ahead with the operation. Mike is upset that Tricia is telling everyone how heartless he is; throwing her into the street. Tracy is struggled when Samir tells her he will be her donor.moreless
  • Mon 15 May, 1995
    Mon 15 May, 1995
    Episode 58
    Ken worries about Denise and Dan's welfare. He gets annoyed by the way Tracy skulks around the flat feeling depressed. She admits she's scared as she has no control over anything. Denise phones the Salon to check all is well but shows no signs of returning. Tracy rows with Samir when he shows concern that she's having a drink. She tells him to mind his own business; he doesn't have the right to run her life. Deirdre begs him not to think ill of Tracy, fearing he'll withdraw from the operation. Betty gets annoyed when Raquel keeps pushing her for details of her romance with Billy. Tricia is upset when she's served with an official notice to quit No. 1. Fiona gives Ken Denise's address in Macclesfield. Deirdre urges him to contact her otherwise he might never see Daniel again.moreless
  • Fri 12 May, 1995
    Fri 12 May, 1995
    Episode 57
    The Wiltons receive a postcard from Arthur in Eastbourne. The Platts enjoy being close together. Nick and Melanie skive off school for a snogging session at No. 5. They are interrupted by Josie. Derek treats the card as a joke but Mavis thinks it's malicious and is certain Des sent it. Don has a chat to Nick about Melanie and warns him not to skip school. Billy takes Betty dancing at the Ritz. She can't believe she's turned into an old woman and remembers their past together. The Platts return home, their marriage patched up. Betty is stunned when Billy tells her he wrote to her in 1945 proposing marriage.moreless
  • Wed 10 May, 1995
    Wed 10 May, 1995
    Episode 56
    Jack spends a cold night under the Platts caravan. Derek searches the Kabin stockroom thinking Mavis has hidden Arthur. When she catches him he is remorseful. Jim doesn't like having polite Samir in his house as he feels uncomfortable with him. Vera fears Jack's been involved in an accident but Sarah Louise finds him under the caravan. Vera's relief takes the form of anger and she goes for him. Fiona is amazed when Maxine suggests they pocket money rather than putting it through the till. Fiona refuses to let her, wanting to run everything properly. Nicky entertains his girlfriend Melanie Hesketh at No. 5. Billy calls on Betty. They are both disturbed that they've found each other again. Betty feels Billy ignored her letters as he thought ill of her for sleeping with him. He tells her he never received the letters and in fact wrote some to her but they must have been censored during the War. Seeing the Duckworths bickering makes Gail realise how much she's got with Martin. When Jack minds the children she makes love to Martin. Jim is horrified when Samir tells him the reason he is nervous is because he is frightened about giving his kidney to Tracy. He explains he never thought he'd be compatible and now feels obliged to carry on with the operation as he doesn't want Deirdre to think ill of him.moreless
  • Mon 8 May, 1995
    Mon 8 May, 1995
    Episode 55
    Martin and Gail are horrified to discover they're in the caravan next to the Duckworths. Percy erects the Union Jack outside No. 3 to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day. Tracy grows despondent at the thought of life on dialysis and hates being dependant on Ken. Tricia is grateful when she's given bar work at the Rovers. Fiona worries about Denise's whereabouts. Jack doesn't enjoy being stuck in a field surrounded by children. Vera makes matters worse by volunteering him to babysit the Platt children. He gets them to play hide and seek with himself 'hiding' miles away. The Wiltons are horrified to find Arthur the gnome missing. Derek assumes he's been stolen by Des or Steve. Gail begins to relax in the countryside. She tells Martin that she doesn't hate him just needs to be able to trust him. Phyllis, Percy and Betty reminisce about VE Day as a party breaks out in the Rovers. Pensioner Billy Williams calls, recreating a pub crawl fifty years ago. Alf lights a bonfire on the Red Rec. Vera worries when Jack stays out all afternoon and evening. He gets involved in a singsong at the local pub. Betty is startled to recognise Billy with whom she partied on VE night. Jack returns to the caravan site at midnight but can't locate his caravan.moreless
  • Fri 5 May, 1995
    Fri 5 May, 1995
    Episode 54
    Martin secretly prepares for a family caravanning holiday. Nick isn't keen but agrees when Sarah wants him to go. Percy plans his route to Hyde Park to see the VE Day concert. Don and Josie plan an intimate weekend as the Platts won't be around to make them feel uncomfortable. Andy moves in with Des as Samir and Deirdre move into No. 11. Samir is angry when Deirdre turns to Ken for comfort when she's upset. Steve allows Vicky to take him over and they plan to buy a paper company Dalmatian Consolidated Holdings and enter into a partnership. Fiona is amazed to see their notepaper with Vicky and Steve down as company directors. She warns Steve that Vicky is after him and wonders where it will all end. Tracy shows her dislike of Samir and tells Ken she wishes Deirdre had never married him. Gail refuses to be bullied into taking a holiday so angry Martin tells her they'll go without her. Samir tells Deirdre he wishes he'd never come; he's sick of moody Tracy and Deirdre's intimate relationship with Ken. Deirdre tells him he's being selfish and slaps his face when he calls Tracy selfish for taking drugs. Nick tries to win Gail round but she accuses him of only wanting them out of the house. She is horrified when he says he was planning on going with them. He tells her there's no way he's going now and storms off to No. 5 where he catches Josie in a face pack. She is uncomfortable as he settles himself down. Gail agrees to go on the holiday and Don reluctantly agrees to take Nick in. Deirdre and Samir make up, with her grateful for his sacrifice.moreless
  • Wed 3 May, 1995
    Wed 3 May, 1995
    Episode 53
    Deirdre, Samir and Tracy struggle for space in Ken's flat. Tracy is fed up that she has no option but rely on their charity. Fiona calls in her friend Maxine to help out at the Salon, determined not to shut it up. Martin passes his nursing exams and is sad when Gail's congratulations are muted. Deirdre asks Liz if she and Samir can move into No. 11. Des takes Tommy out for the day and enjoys it when Tommy is mistaken for his son. Vicky decides that Steve has so much confidence and charm that it might be worthwhile investing in him as he is certain to make a success of his life. Ken agrees to move back into No. 12 to look after Tracy. Martin agrees to consider a family holiday when the children get at him. Vera confides in Des that she often feels lonely and misses having a family around her. Andy doesn't mind moving out in favour of the Rachids but Jim is against the idea. Maxine makes a play for Des finding him attractive. Samir is annoyed that Deirdre has arranged the move to No. 11 without consulting him. Vicky tells Steve and Fiona she's prepared to invest on the condition she has total responsibility over all the finances. Fiona is furious when Steve agrees.moreless
  • Mon 1 May, 1995
    Mon 1 May, 1995
    Episode 52
    Fiona panics over keeping the Salon going single handed. Vera throws a party for Tommy with Sarah Louise helping her. Samir tells Deirdre he feels Ken offered to be a donor knowing he wouldn't be accepted whereas the tests show there's a good chance he will be a good match. Jon helps Fiona out for the morning but refuses to do more than that. Vicky registers for a book keeping and small business course. Jon breaks the news to Ken that Denise has left and taken Daniel with her. Derek unknowingly talks to Arthur his gnome. Tracy is discharged from hospital and moves into No. 12 to be looked after by Deirdre and Samir. Deirdre wants to tell her about Samir's plans but he refuses to let her until they know for certain he is compatible. Vera is harassed by the children and falls asleep. Sarah Louise draws a moustache on her. Samir's tests prove positive and he begins to realise he could end up being Tracy's donor.moreless
  • Fri 28 Apr, 1995
    Fri 28 Apr, 1995
    Episode 51
    Ken gives Denise a letter laying down his access requests. Samir feels out of things as Deirdre promises Tracy she won't leave the country until a donor has been found and makes plans to move Tracy into Ken's flat. Denise is annoyed when one of her customers asks for Fiona to do her hair. Fiona is embarrassed. Jack looks for someone to mind his pigeons whilst he's away. Samir doesn't know how they'll all cope squashed into Ken's flat. Deirdre asks him to be a bit more understanding. Andy asks Steve not to hurt Fiona or Vicky as he knows he's mucking them around. Steve accuses him of being jealous and being after one of them. Vera is thrilled when Tommy arrives to stay. She lets Des play with him, realising how much he misses him. Jack agrees to let Jamie look after his pigeons. Fiona is amazed when Denise leaves the Street with Daniel, telling her she can't cope anymore. Samir tells Deirdre and Ken he's going to see a consultant to see if he is a suitable donor for Tracy.moreless
  • Wed 26 Apr, 1995
    Wed 26 Apr, 1995
    Episode 50
    Vicky tells Steve they must try to get some of their money back. Fiona is annoyed to hear Steve was chatting with Vicky in the Rovers. Ken grows frustrated and determined that he's going to see at least one of his children grow up. Steve tracks Gerrity down to his luxury house. He is frustrated when Gerrity explains everything is in his wife's name and can't be touched. Fiona is upset to see Steve and Vicky talking business. Jack buys a baby pigeon to give to Tommy but Vera refuses to let him give him vermin. Deirdre is thrilled when Ken decides to have tests to see if he can be a donor for Tracy. Vicky tells Steve she's not going to invest anymore in him; she doesn't want to lose again. Samir feels Ken is trying to do too much to please Deirdre. Deirdre tells him she can't deal with his jealousy. Fiona packs her bags but Steve stops her by saying how Vicky keeps hassling him over her lost money. Vicky signs up for a twelve week business administration course at the Tech. Steve tells Fiona Vicky looks upon him as a bad loss and he thinks she's right. Fiona builds up his ego telling him he's going to be a great business man. Deirdre tells Samir to keep his opinions to himself, Ken's a brave man who wants to help his child. She is disappointed when Ken is rejected as he's the wrong blood group.moreless
  • Mon 24 Apr, 1995
    Mon 24 Apr, 1995
    Episode 49
    Fiona feels Vicky is lending Steve money because she still fancies him and worries that he fancies her. He swears it's just a financial arrangement. Vera considers taking Tommy on holiday. Deirdre hopes that Ray will be tracked down but Samir points out that Tracy is nothing to him now. Des is down on his 30th birthday. Jack persuades Vera to let him book a caravan holiday in Mold, where he was evacuated during the war. Denise tries to avoid Ken but he tracks her down. She agrees to talk to him about access to Dan. Fiona tells Steve she believes he isn't interested in Vicky and asks him to stay away from her in future. He agrees not to borrow money from her. Denise tells Ken she won't let him give her money for Dan and she doesn't want him involved. He is surprised when she asks how many hours he wants access to Dan for and what sort of say he wants in his future. Ken is taken aback and has no ready answers. She accuses him of only wanting them to be all close again but warns him that will never happen; he doesn't want access, he wants possession. Steve asks Vicky to invest more money with him so he can clinch a deal.moreless
  • Fri 21 Apr, 1995
    Fri 21 Apr, 1995
    Episode 48
    Audrey tries to get Valery to take her to the Town Hall dinner as his escort. He is amazed when Audrey offers her services to him. She is thwarted as he only wants Raquel. Steve panics when the Costellos cheque bounces. To get back at Alf and Valery, Audrey invites Brian Bowes for a drink. Deirdre breaks down when tests show she wouldn't be a suitable donor for Tracy. She admits to Samir that deep down she feels relieved that she doesn't have to have an operation. Samir assures her a donor will be found for Tracy. Valery is astounded by the English approach to sex, thinking Audrey is happy with Alf seeing Betty whilst Raquel tells him she's a model known for her hand jobs. Samir is upset when Ken presses Deirdre over the results. He accuses Ken of making her feel bad and feels that Ken has to blame Deirdre for everything that goes wrong in his life. Alf is furious as Audrey drinks with Brian whilst he has to attend the dinner. Vicky refuses to sit back and see her money disappear. She and Steve go to Costellos and meet the receiver who tells them Gerrity has gone bust and owes a lot of people. Alf drags his party back to the Rovers as soon as possible and catches Audrey flirting with Brian. Raquel is amazed when Valery tells her Betty is Alf's mistress and then horrified when Valery tries to get into her bedroom, telling her he will be generous. She storms off leaving a baffled Valery. Fiona is stunned when Vicky tells her that she lent Steve the money for the Costellos deal.moreless
  • Wed 19 Apr, 1995
    Wed 19 Apr, 1995
    Episode 47
    Steve renames the print shop 'Dun 2 A T'. Samir feels Deirdre should tell the doctors they plan to have children. He knows that she won't be able to with just one kidney. Valery is intrigued to discover Audrey is no longer Mayoress. When Alf introduces him to Betty he gets the idea that she is a madam and the Rovers is a brothel with Tricia, Vicky and Raquel as the girls. Fiona walks out of the Salon following a row with Denise over the way Jon disappeared. Mike offers Tricia £200 to move out of No. 1 but she refuses to be bought. Steve asks Vicky for £1,500 which he needs for a deal whilst the Costello cheque is being processed. Denise apologises to Fiona and asks her to come back. Deirdre admits to Samir that if she has the operation she couldn't have children. Vicky agrees to give Steve the money on condition he enters into a business partnership with her. He is forced to agree. Denise tells Fiona about Jon's pass. Fiona doesn't think it's a big deal just a normal reaction. Denise feels she's got a problem. Valery is interested to hear Raquel lives over the Rovers. She agrees to accompany him to a Town Hall dinner.moreless
  • Mon 17 Apr, 1995
    Mon 17 Apr, 1995
    Episode 46
    Mike blames Alma for the fact he's lost £9,000 worth of car. Valery Picot arrives to stay with the Roberts. Audrey is charmed by him and is relieved his wife was too sick to travel. Valery and Alf make up their differences and agree to be friends. Steve finishes the Costello Tee shirts. Vicky tries to stop him handing them over before they're paid but he gives them to Costellos. Samir is alarmed when Deirdre makes plans about finding a home for them and Tracy. He tells her he wants her to involve him more as he loves her and her problems are his problems. Jon takes Denise and Dan for a picnic in the country. They have a good time refusing to talk about their ex partners. Norris calls on the Wiltons and shows off his new watch from Angela, telling them what a hectic social life he and Angela have. He tells them he's sorting his divorce out. When Norris laughs at the gnomes Mavis defends them but Derek agrees that they're naff. Sean sorts out a lease for a new shop in Fallowfield. Vicky takes Andy along to Costellos to make sure Steve collects the money. He is with Fiona and isn't pleased to see them. Gerrity gives Steve a cheque. Jon tries to draw Denise out of herself, telling her she shouldn't hide behind barricades. She opens up and tells him about her relationship with Ken, and how she tried to fit him into her fantasy of the ideal relationship. Jon kisses her but she tells him to stop. He gets angry and tells her she's sick; she leads men on and then backs off.moreless
  • Fri 14 Apr, 1995
    Fri 14 Apr, 1995
    Episode 45
    Samir feels Deirdre is acting from hysteria and tells her she cannot see clearly. She is adamant Tracy needs her. Vera is amazed to find Josie and Don have spent the night together. Ken admires Deirdre for her sacrifice. She is grateful for his support. Gail feels frustrated at life and smashes a plate at the cafe. Mike offers Rodney the Merc for half price if he doesn't go to the police but the police arrive. Kevin and Jim are amused to see the Merc being taken away by the police and Mike taken in for questioning. Deirdre sees the consultant but angers Samir by not asking all the questions he wants answered. He accuses her of putting her life on the line out of a blown up sense of duty. Deirdre feels she doesn't have a choice - it's something she must do. Mavis is amazed when Derek buys a couple of gnomes for their garden. She feels they're tacky and vulgar before he explains they reminded him of them. Audrey is furious when Alf tells her the French Mayor will be staying with them. The police believe Mike bought the Merc in good faith but keep the car. Samir asks Ken to put Deirdre off but Ken says he's going to support her. Samir accuses him of being smug.moreless
  • Wed 12 Apr, 1995
    Wed 12 Apr, 1995
    Episode 44
    Deirdre stays by Tracy's bed all night after she cries herself to sleep. Rodney takes the Merc for a test drive, taking Tricia along for her opinion. She gets him to take her to the CAB for advice on dealing with Mike. Josie has free tickets for the Wizard of Oz. She and Don are cornered into agreeing to let the Duckworths join them. Deirdre keeps breaking down as Tracy feels she wants to die. Samir tries hard to help but the Barlows close ranks. Alma worries that Mike will come unstuck by selling the Merc. When Audrey takes her to the Rovers, Gail drinks heavily but storms out when Martin arrives. Martin warns Ken and Deirdre that Tracy's depression could make her condition worse. The Duckworths have a great time with Don and Josie. Afterwards Don invites Josie to spend the night and she agrees. Rodney and Tricia have a great day driving in the country. Rodney tells Mike he's done a check on the Merc and discovered it's stolen so he's reported it to the police. Mike is horrified. Samir is stunned when Deirdre tells him she's going to give Tracy one of her kidneys.moreless
  • Mon 10 Apr, 1995
    Mon 10 Apr, 1995
    Episode 43
    Fiona celebrates when she qualifies as a stylist. Jon and Denise present her with her own trolley and scissors. Gail arranges to spend some time with the Websters but doesn't want Martin to join in. She decides not to take the pills. Mike tells Rodney he's selling the Merc as Alma is jealous of the attractive he receives when he's driving it. Dr Jaiswal talks to Ken and Deirdre about dialysis and transplants and warns them that Tracy will need a great deal of emotional and practical help. When Cathy gets upset over Tracy's illness Martin tells her to pull herself together rather than comforting her. Ken doesn't know what he's got to offer Tracy and how he can help her. Gail decides to have her hair cut short but changes her mind when Fiona suggests she asks Martin's opinion first. Tracy becomes hysterical when she's told about her kidneys. Deirdre comforts her as she breaks down and feels she'd rather die.moreless
  • Fri 7 Apr, 1995
    Fri 7 Apr, 1995
    Episode 42
    Tricia and Jamie rip the 'for sale' sign down from outside No. 1. Vicky considers doing a Business Studies course at the Tech. Samir feels in the way and Tracy won't want to see him. Alf doesn't know where the French Mayor is to stay. Vicky tries to get Steve to change the name of the business as his advertising is terrible. He is annoyed by her interference. Alma urges Gail to see a counsellor who might help her to cope with everything. She tells her everything makes sense when people talk to her but when she's alone she becomes obsessed. She collects her pills as she fears she'll go mad if she doesn't take them. Denise apologises to Ken for making things harder for him but tells him that doesn't mean she's going to back down and let him see Daniel. Tricia tells Mike and Deirdre she's a sitting tenant and she's not moving out of No. 1. Mike assures Deirdre he'll get her out. When Andy sees her with Steve, Vicky is forced to tell him about the money she's invested in Steve's business. Andy feels she's going to get ripped off. Denise explains to Jon that she can't bear seeing Ken touch Daniel as it makes her feel sick. Rodney considers buying Mike's Merc in the hope it will impress Bet. Andy asks Steve not to rip Vicky off and warns him he's playing with fire. Deirdre and Ken are horrified when the consultant tells them that Tracy's kidneys are damaged and she needs dialysis.moreless
  • Wed 5 Apr, 1995
    Wed 5 Apr, 1995
    Episode 41
    Mike has a 'for sale' sign erected outside No. 1. Gail is sick of everyone thinking she's a crazy mixed up woman. Alf is wary when he learns the Mayor of Charleville is coming on a visit. Tricia is furious to see the sign up outside her house. She tells Mike he can't just throw her out into the Street but he is adamant she must go when the house is sold. Alma tells Gail that if she has lost her trust in Martin then there's no point in staying with him. Deirdre is relieved Tracy is getting better as she can start thinking about her future in Morocco. Martin tells Audrey he's had enough of Gail and her attitude, he feels there's nothing more he can do and he intends to think about his own life. Audrey warns Gail that Martin will leave her if she doesn't get a grip on herself. Gail is shocked. Emily gives Deirdre a lift to the airport to collect Samir. He is thrilled to be with her again but doesn't like the way Ken is letting them stay in his flatmoreless
  • Mon 3 Apr, 1995
    Mon 3 Apr, 1995
    Episode 40
    Deirdre can't understand why Mike is renting No. 1 out and not selling it. Gail returns to work to take her mind off the situation. She is startled when Martin suggests she sees a psychiatrist. She refuses to accept she needs medical help just because he's had an affair. She is amazed when Alma agrees that she should see a doctor as she's obviously not well. Tracy assures Deirdre she is not a drug addict but indulges every now and again. Cathy tells Martin she feels sorry for him being married to possessive Gail. She tells him it's obvious Gail regards him as her property. Ken goes to see a solicitor and explains he can't accept the fact that he can't see his child. He is dismayed to learn he has no rights as Dan's father. The solicitor advises him to sort things out with Denise to avoid a court case. Gail sees her doctor and is given a prescription for anti-depressants. Reg is relieved to hear the Americans pulled out as Firmans was always only their second choice. Rodney probes Raquel to find out Bet's relationships with men. Bet asks Raquel not to discourage him as she might need a man someday. Mike assures Deirdre that Tricia is only staying at No. 1 until he can find a buyer. Bet tells Ken she knows he's got nowhere to live so she'll put him up at the Rovers and won't take no for an answer. He is grateful. Raquel asks Rodney not to make a move on Bet but wait for her to seek him out. Deirdre is upset to hear Denise won't let Ken see Daniel. She tells him she's concerned as she wants him to be happy. He tells her to stay out of his business.moreless
  • Fri 31 Mar, 1995
    Fri 31 Mar, 1995
    Episode 39
    Reg is convinced he will lose his job when the Americans take over. Tracy comes out of the coma and is very confused. Gail calls at the hospital and tracks Cathy Power down. She is surprised when Cathy shows no remorse. Cathy explains it was just one of those things and she doesn't want her boyfriend to find out. Gail is amazed by her lack of feelings of the subject. Ken lets Deirdre stay at No. 12, planning to move in with Denise for a while. Vicky gives Steve a cheque for £2,000, saying she wants weekly figures and a chance to do some PR work. Denise refuses to let Ken move in with her. Gail tells Martin she finds it shocking that the woman who's wrecked their marriage could barely remember it happened. She tells Martin that it still matters and she's still going through pain over it. Emily and Deirdre are reconciled and admit they've missed each other. Reg celebrates when the Americans pull out of the deal. Ken discovers that Denise went out with Jon when he baby-sat for her. He accuses her of being selfish and bloody-minded. He feels he was stupid to get involved with her and tells her he intends to see a solicitor about getting full rights to see his son.moreless
  • Wed 29 Mar, 1995
    Wed 29 Mar, 1995
    Episode 38
    Reg feels certain either he or Curly will lose their jobs and determined that it won't be him talks Curly into meeting the Americans without his glasses. Curly believes he looks more dynamic without them but he can't see anything. Gail decides she wants the children back as it doesn't feel right without them. Eric introduces Reg and Curly to Brad Martin. Reg is delighted to spot that he wears a wig. Curly is blind to everything. Brad checks through the company accounts. Nick tells Gail she should get rid of Martin as he's no good and they don't need him. Deirdre wears herself out talking to comatose Tracy. Eric warns Curly not to mention Brad's wig as he's touchy about it. Curly doesn't pass this on to Reg. Reg tells Brad that his wig is very flattering but Brad says he isn't wearing one. Brad decides Curly is too vain to wear glasses and Reg is a buffoon. Steve tells Vicky about his contact with Costellos and suggests she invests some money in the deal. Don is surprised that Josie wants anything to do with him after his confession but she tells him she feels comfortable with him. Ken and Deirdre are united over their concern for Tracy. Vicky considers investing in Steve's deal, liking the idea that he would have to involve her without telling Fiona.moreless
  • Mon 27 Mar, 1995
    Mon 27 Mar, 1995
    Episode 37
    Steve buys Mothers Day flowers for Liz but they're stolen by Jamie. Curly is alarmed when Jamie tells him he receives pocket money from Tricia's boyfriends. Alf and Audrey feel crowded with having all the children at their house. Ken spends hours waiting by Tracy's bedside in Intensive Care. She is comatised. He grabs hold of Tracy's flatmate Lorraine when she visits. Lorraine tells him that Tracy collapsed on the dance floor of a night club. Deirdre turns up fearing Tracy is dead. She is horrified to see her on a life support machine and breaks down. She blames herself for Tracy taking drugs. Gail is happy when the children visit and make a fuss of her. Nick resents Martin's presence and looks after the others. Raquel breaks it to Curly that Tricia has been seeing Sean. Curly puts on a brave face and tells Tricia he isn't prepared to be one of her boyfriends. They finish. Bet neither encourages or discourages Rodney's advances. Denise wants to help Ken over Tracy but doesn't see what she can do.moreless
  • Fri 24 Mar, 1995
    Fri 24 Mar, 1995
    Episode 36
    Ken tells Denise that occasionally he'd like to take her out. She refuses to award him for babysitting his son. Nick spends the night at the Roberts' and avoids Martin, telling Audrey he hates him. Gail is furious that Martin blamed Nick for everything. Martin tells Don about his fling. Don is disappointed in him. Reg is horrified to hear the Americans are coming to look over Firmans. Martin asks Audrey to help him stop a divorce by having the children so he and Gail can spend time together. When Audrey suggests the idea to Gail she refuses to let her have them; they're the only thing that's keeping her sanity. Ken apologises to Denise and agrees to babysit again. She makes plans to go to the pictures with Jon. Gail accuses Martin of thinking she's not fit enough to look after her children. She slams out of the house. Martin has to work so Audrey takes the children in. Tracy is rushed into hospital having taken bad Ecstasy. Ken is contacted and has to rush to the hospital with Daniel.moreless
  • Wed 22 Mar, 1995
    Wed 22 Mar, 1995
    Episode 35
    Bet is flattered when Rodney calls on her with flowers. Vicky and Raquel are amused as he's obviously smitten. Gail spends two days and nights crying. Martin realises she's heading for a nervous breakdown. Mike puts the Merc up for sale. Denise arranges Ken to baby sit Dan so she can go to a night club with Jon. Vicky decides to give up the idea of running a stables and contemplates giving her money away. Nick tells Martin he knows what is going on and goes for him for being unfaithful. Martin forces him down and tells him he started the whole thing by hating him. Nick runs out of the house and goes to Don but Don refuses to take him in. To prove to Josie that he's got faults, Don tells her about his phone calls to Denise. She is stunned by his confession.moreless
  • Mon 20 Mar, 1995
    Mon 20 Mar, 1995
    Episode 34
    Martin doesn't know where he stands with Gail. She stays off work and is completely depressed. He swears that he's sorry but she keeps crying. Rodney enjoys playing with karaoke. Betty fears the noise will drive customers away but he hopes it will impress Bet when she returns. Mike clears Alma's car with an agency and tells her it's kosher. She is furious that he's done it behind her back and gets the agency's number from Jim. She has Mike's Merc checked out. Alma tells Gail she knows about what has happened. Gail admits she's jealous of Cathy and can't stop thinking about her. She feels she'll never be able to forgive Martin. Liz is surprised and pleased to hear that Steve is paying back his gambling debts. Denise gets Ken to babysit whilst she, Fiona and Jon sing together on the karaoke. Martin worries when Gail disappears. She returns after just walking about. Reg belts out 'Rawhide' at the Rovers. Bet is horrified to return to the noise but mellows when Rodney tells her he's doing it for her, not the brewery. Alma tells Mike she's checked on his car and it is a stolen car. He is stunned. Don is alarmed to hear Josie has been chatting to Denise. Rodney is smitten when Bet joins in the fun to sing 'Dancing in the Street'. Gail tells Martin that she's decided that their marriage is over.moreless
  • Fri 17 Mar, 1995
    Fri 17 Mar, 1995
    Episode 33
    Steve counts on Des to be his witness against Sean but Des refuses. He is interviewed by the police but tells them he did not see anything. DC Cartwright tells Steve that he needs a witness or he can't progress. Audrey tells Alma about Martin's fling. When Alma calls Audrey a hypocrite for her moral judgment of Martin Audrey walks out of the cafe. Sean is annoyed that Des hasn't backed up his story. Steve tells him he'll find someone who Sean has crossed to collaborate his story. Sean worries and is forced to accept Steve's deal of paying off the debt at £20 a week. Cartwright is annoyed when Steve drops his charges against Sean. Cartwright warns Steve about wasting police time.moreless
  • Wed 15 Mar, 1995
    Wed 15 Mar, 1995
    Episode 32
    Gail cries through the night. Martin tells her she's getting everything out of proportion. She accuses him of only confessing as he thought Alf and Audrey would tell her. Reg is disappointed when Maureen takes him at his word and doesn't buy him a birthday present. Audrey tells Martin he should have told her to mind her own business and never confessed to Gail. Sean is shaken when he is arrested on suspicion of robbery. Don calls on Josie and tells her he still wants them to be friends. Sean gives a statement saying he only took Steve's money as he owed it. He gives Des' name as a witness. Jack tries to get Rodney to employ him as singer in the bar and is stunned to hear Rodney is planning a karaoke evening. Reg treats himself to a wig with slightly longer hair to make it seem his hair is growing. Josie and Don decide to give their friendship another go. Gail suspects Martin might well have had an affair with Carmel. She tells him she always knew he'd go off with a young nurse.moreless
  • Mon 13 Mar, 1995
    Mon 13 Mar, 1995
    Episode 31
    Gail ignores Martin and is a foul mood at the cafe. Billy Featherstone demands that Steve pays his gambling debt. Steve says he was mugged of the money so Featherstone suggests he contacts the police. Rodney feels the Rovers needs livening up a bit. Steve asks Sean to return his money so he can get a contract and make up the money he owes him but Sean refuses. Alma sends Gail home, thinking she's ill. Reg tells Maureen he doesn't want anyone to remember his birthday as he doesn't want to celebrate getting older. Gail is stunned when Audrey tells her she and Alf know all about Martin's affair. Gail throws her out, furious that she never told her. Martin tries to comfort her but she refuses to let him touch her.moreless
  • Fri 10 Mar, 1995
    Fri 10 Mar, 1995
    Episode 30
    Reg still doesn't want the neighbours to see the wig so wears a hat. Derek doesn't like the way Norris is always calling on Angela at work. Steve asks Mike to invest in the Costellos deal but Mike refuses. Alf apologises to Martin for telling Audrey and warns him nothing can be kept secret as someone is always going to find out. Mike is disgruntled when Jim gives Alma's car a clean bill of health. Derek accuses Norris of courting Angela and is stung to hear Angela says she divorced him because he was too frightened of her. When Maud accuses Reg of being frightened of being laughed at, he agrees to wear his toupee in the Rovers. Don is dismayed when Josie returns his door key, feeling he doesn't want to see her again. He tells her he enjoys her company but doesn't feel man enough to contemplate a sexual relationship. Reg stands up for his wig when Mike cracks jokes about it. After taking Gail out for a meal, Martin confesses to her that he was unfaithful on Christmas Day. It meant nothing only sex and he's sorry. She refuses to talk about it.moreless
  • Wed 8 Mar, 1995
    Wed 8 Mar, 1995
    Episode 29
    Fiona is furious when Sean tells her how he took Steve's money off him at the dogs. She tells Steve she can't trust him so she's moving out but he stops her by saying he had a meeting at the dogs with Nick Geritty, manager of Costellos Club and he won money to give back to Sean. Mike backs him up in front of Fiona and then demands 100 free Tee shirts in return. Alma delights in shocking Mike when she turns up in her new sports car. He is furious that she's bought a car without consulting him. Audrey warns Martin not to mess Gail about. Maureen's van breaks down coming back from the cash and Carry. Reg and Curly see her and stop to help. Maureen drives back with Curly and the stock whilst Reg stays with the van. She pulls down the sun visor and the wig falls onto her lap. She thinks it's a spider and screams, crashing the car into bushes. Mike accuses Jon of ripping Alma off. Maureen confronts Reg with the wig, delighting Maud who thinks he looks stupid in it. Maureen embraces him when he explains how he's fearful of losing his youth. Steve and Fiona are embarrassed when his credit card is cut up at an expensive restaurant.moreless
  • Mon 6 Mar, 1995
    Mon 6 Mar, 1995
    Episode 28
    Depressed Steve moves out of his flat and into the cafe flat with Fiona. Mike enjoys his discomfort. Alma is stunned to receive a letter telling her Jim Sedgewick has died and left her £2,000. Reg keeps his wig in the car so Maureen won't find it. He fears she will think him less a man if she finds it. Steve is angry that people will be crowing at his downfall. Alma is amazed when Mike doesn't give her advice on how to invest her windfall. Josie enjoys cooking a meal for Don. He is pleased of the attention. Alma decides she wants to buy a car. Jon knows of one being sold so she views it. Audrey tries to get Gail to keep an eye on Martin but backs out of telling her why. Fiona is glad she's moved somewhere with Steve as she always felt like a lodger at his flat. Steve collects the £500 deposit money from the Quay flat. Norris shows off his gold cufflinks, a gift from Angela. Derek is staggered when Norris thanks him for his good advice on Angela liking forceful men. Reg tries to suss out Maureen's opinion of wigs but she thinks he's hinting she needs cosmetic surgery and is affronted. After their meal Josie suggests she stays the night and is hurt when Don refuses to let her. At the dogs, Sean sees Steve win. He takes his money - £800 off him, watched by Des.moreless
  • Fri 3 Mar, 1995
    Fri 3 Mar, 1995
    Episode 27
    Reg is self conscious about wearing the wig to work. Curly tries to boost his confidence. Percy enjoys himself looking after Rosie to help Sally out. Jack takes umbrage when Rodney offers to help him with cellar work. Reg is pleased when none of the staff mention his hair, unaware that Curly has pre-warned them all. Martin tells Alf he did nothing more than kiss Cathy. Alf accepts this until Martin begs him not to tell anyone else. Jamie looks after the pigeons, feeding them after school. Jack promises him a new born when the next one hatches. Jack fears Rodney is carrying out a time and motion study when he cleans the pipes in the cellar. He throws beer away, telling Rodney customers are complaining of the taste. Gail types Martin's thesis for him. Audrey is alarmed to hear Martin has asked Alf to keep quiet about what he saw. She feels Gail should know.moreless
  • Wed 1 Mar, 1995
    Wed 1 Mar, 1995
    Episode 26
    Reg realises he needs a more youthful appearance. He takes Curly with him as he goes to a hairdressers and has a £300 hair piece fitted. Alf tells Audrey he saw Martin kissing a nurse but she thinks nothing of it. Reg is proud of his wig but only wears it at work. Jack is forced to babysit with Jamie whilst Tricia goes out with Curly. Jamie doesn't want to be with him either. Don takes Josie to the dogs. Jack is uneasy when Jamie tells him he's told his Dad where he is. Jamie wins all his money off him at cards and then pretends to be his Dad knocking at the door, scaring Jack. Andy learns the Uni bar staff get paid more than the Rovers' staff. He challenges Rodney but is told to wait for Bet's return.moreless
  • Mon 27 Feb, 1995
    Mon 27 Feb, 1995
    Episode 25
    Rodney Bostock, relief manager, settles into the Rovers and is very easy going. Maureen wonders what Reg is up to when a mystery man keeps phoning and doesn't leave a message. When Rita feels down about her birthday, Alf builds her up, telling her important to the community she is. Martin sees her giving him a kiss and makes a jokey comment. Alf is furious and shouts at him. Betty starts to cry when Rodney tells her he's a retired policeman and was helped years ago by Cyril. Jack plans a late night drinking session at the pub but changes his mind when he hears Rodney was a copper. Curly is stunned when Jamie warns him to take precautions when seeing his mother. Jack is thrilled when Rodney agrees to a lock in after hours but all his mates are too busy. Martin is shaken when Alf tells him he saw him with the nurse on Christmas Day. Rodney admits to Jack he'd like a pub like the Rovers. Jack has a miserable after-hours session as Rodney plays his trombone to him.moreless
  • Fri 24 Feb, 1995
    Fri 24 Feb, 1995
    Episode 24
    Alma shows Fiona around the cafe flat. Fiona agrees to take it on at £50 a week. Bet and Vicky go off on the cruise. Don is alarmed to find Josie in his house cleaning up. He repays her with a take away. Jamie takes an interest in Jack's pigeon. Angela entertains the Wiltons and Norris. Mavis has a hateful evening and is embarrassed as Angela makes sexual overtures to Norris. Curly feels trapped when he arrives for tea at No. 9 only to find Tricia has also been invited. Vera sings his praises to Tricia, desperate to unite two lonely souls. Norris seeks Derek's advice as Angela makes a play for him. Derek advises him to be masterful as she likes it. Curly and Tricia enjoy talking to each other. Fiona tells Steve it's obvious they can't afford the Quays flat so she has arranged for them to move in above the cafe. He isn't impressed but agrees to give it a go. Mavis and Derek delight in the thought that Angela will eat Norris alive.moreless
  • Wed 22 Feb, 1995
    Wed 22 Feb, 1995
    Episode 23
    Don is thrilled with his laundered and ironed shirts. Maureen gets fed up when the van keeps breaking down. Raquel is stunned when Bet asks her to manage the pub whilst she's on holiday. Vicky is upset to see Steve in the Street. She congratulates him on his engagement, which startles him. Bet gets irritated when Raquel tells her she doesn't think she's up to bossing people around. Liz is horrified when Sean tells her Steve owes him £2,000 and he's going to have to take action. She then learns from Alma that he's proposed to Fiona. Mavis panics when Angela invites the Wiltons to dinner. Curly talks Raquel into feeling she should grab the challenge and take the pub on. Reg feels under siege by the under 40's and is aware of the fact he's getting balder. Matchmaker Vera invites Tricia and Curly for tea. Raquel puts on a brave face when Bet tells her she's arranged for a relief from the brewery.moreless
  • Mon 20 Feb, 1995
    Mon 20 Feb, 1995
    Episode 22
    Reg fears he'll be thrown out in the takeover and feels he should take the shop off the market. Fiona assures Steve she loves him but asks for time to think about their future. Derek fears Norris has been getting at Angela and that she may need protecting. Alec invites Vicky on a three week North Africa for two. Reg cheers up when he discovers it's a traditional American firm who want to buy Firmans. He feels safer with an established company as they'll value experience. Vicky asks Bet on the cruise when she finds out Alec won't be on it. Bet likes the idea of a holiday at Alec's expense. Fiona talks to Alma about her feelings for Steve. Alma warns her that she won't change Steve by marrying him. Vera is disgusted to see Don entertaining Josie. Norris is glad Derek is dropping the claim and pretends to know nothing of Angela's interference. Don cooks roast lamb for Josie. He tells her how odd he feels not knowing if Ivy will ever return. She helps him out by doing his laundry. Reg is aghast when Norris tells him American Edibles has a reputation for sacking everyone over forty. Bet tells Vicky she will go on the cruise and warns her she's overheard that Steve has proposed to Fiona. Vicky is stunned. Fiona tells Steve she won't consider marrying him until he's out of financial difficulties.moreless
  • Fri 17 Feb, 1995
    Fri 17 Feb, 1995
    Episode 21
    Steve tells Fiona all about his £6,000 debts. She tries to get him to look on the bright side but he can't see one. Mike is angry when an order is cancelled as Steve didn't complete it on time. Steve can't believe his bad luck. Jon prepares Raquel's hair for the competition and persuades Fiona to enter, with Steve as her model. Liz is amazed when Sean apologises to her and asks her to forget what happened between them. She agrees. Steve can't get over the fact that Fiona cares for him and hasn't given him up. Alf is interested to hear that Martin has been spending time alone with Tricia. In Reg's absence Curly takes a message and delights in telling Reg - they're being taken over. Fiona is nervous as she styles Steve's hair on the contest. Martin is puzzled when Alf questions him about how he's getting on with Gail. Mavis is thrilled when Derek tells her he's decided to drop the compensation claim until she discovers Angela has ordered him to drop it. Jon wins 2nd prize at the contest, Raquel is delighted. Fiona isn't placed but gets a special commendation. She is stunned when Steve asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Wed 15 Feb, 1995
    Wed 15 Feb, 1995
    Episode 20
    Steve is aghast when his credit card is cut off for going over his credit limit. For peace and quiet, Martin writes his thesis at Curly's. Curly hates being back at work under Reg. Reg orders him about and takes extended lunches. Fiona and Liz fear that Steve may be gambling again. Reg plans to take Maureen off for the day with Curly covering for him. Martin's work is disturbed by Tricia borrowing tea. She is intrigued to hear he's a nurse and tells him all her problems. Gail is startled to find them together. Andy drives Vicky to Cheshire, looking for stables to buy. Des tells Sean he won't sack Liz as she's a good worker and warns him it would be unfair dismissal as she's done nothing wrong. Gail is embarrassed when Josie buys the children some toys after Don takes her shopping. Fiona finds out about Steve's credit cut off and rows with him, saying she's sick of him hiding things from her and refuses to live with a man who is lying to her. He confesses that he fears she'll go now he's broke. She is disgusted and tells him she is not after his money. He is amazed when she doesn't walk out.moreless
  • Mon 13 Feb, 1995
    Mon 13 Feb, 1995
    Episode 19
    Derek feels trapped into fighting Norris as the claim is being processed. Audrey tells everyone she had a wonderful evening and got on very well with the Princess whilst Betty admits they hardly got near her. Liz ignores Sean and begins to worry that she dresses too tartily. Vicky returns after having talked Alec round. Raquel agrees to model for Jon when he offers her 6 months free hair cuts. Curly is horrified to learn Reg has told the girls at work that he is gay so he won't be bothered by them. Mavis crumples when Norris turns up and asks to see her footwear. Derek is defiant and says they are prepared to go to court so Norris backs down and says he'll advise Mile Muncher to pay up. Derek celebrates but Mavis feels like a criminal. Curly gets his own back on Reg by telling the staff he's his boyfriend. Sean tells Des Liz isn't working out and he wants her sacked.moreless
  • Fri 10 Feb, 1995
    Fri 10 Feb, 1995
    Episode 18
    Mavis accuses Derek of only being after revenge on Norris. He is staggered when she admits she was wearing court shoes when she had the accident. Raquel is amazed to here Tricia's tales of how Carl used to beat her up. Mavis returns to work as she's sick of pretending she's injured. Alf tells Audrey and Betty he's sick of the mess - he's staying at home and they can go together as Mayoress and friend. Vera befriends Tricia when she hears her husband used to knock her about. Alec rings up when he hears Vicky's news and blames Bet. Vicky goes to Southampton to put him straight. RAQUEL: "I'm forever saying sorry. If you tread on my foot I'll say I'm sorry. Like I've no right to be there at all really." Don introduces Josie to Gail and Audrey who are intrigued to see him with a woman. Sean calls on Liz at the shop whilst she's sorting out late at night. She is alarmed when he tells her he fancies her and makes a pass at her. He kisses her but she pulls away and tells him she gets paid to work for him, not sleep with him.moreless
  • Wed 8 Feb, 1995
    Wed 8 Feb, 1995
    Episode 17
    Norris gives Derek a claims form but warns him there will be a thorough investigation and it might end in court. Sean presses Steve to settle the £2,000 owing on his account but Steve has no money. Steve pretends he's not worried, telling Sean there is no legal obligation for him to pay back. Bored Vicky tries to help out behind the bar but Bet refuses to let her. Alf decides to ask Betty to step down out of fear of what Audrey will do next. Rita warns Mavis that a court will soon find her at fault for wearing court shoes on the Mile Muncher. Vicky gets sick of Bet's bitchiness and considers leaving town. Raquel finds out and warns Bet she could lose her for good. Bet promises Vicky she'll stop being nasty. Jon pushes Fiona to enter a hairdressing competition and decides to ask Raquel to model for him. Steve tries to put a bet on at Featherstones only to find Sean has had him blacklisted. Betty reminds Alf that she is his official Mayoress and as such she will be meeting the Princess, not Audrey.moreless
  • Mon 6 Feb, 1995
    Mon 6 Feb, 1995
    Episode 16
    Jack is stunned and horrified when Tricia starts work at the Rovers. Audrey steals Alf's speech for a leisure centre opening and rings the organiser to say Alf can't attend so the Mayoress will, slightly earlier than arranged. Norris calls on Mavis when she's alone to try to get her side of the story but Derek arrives and throws him out, accusing him of intimidating Mavis. Vicky and Bet meet with D Carr who admits Vicky will probably fail some exams. Bet is stunned to learn Vicky isn't very academic and would probably not get into University. Vicky refuses to sit her exams. Raquel is uncomfortable when Tricia tells her about her past relationship with Curly. Fred escorts Audrey to the leisure centre which she officially opens, using Alf's speech which is full of inappropriate remarks personal to Alf. Bet is amazed that Vicky isn't as bright as she always assumed she was just because of her accent and education. Alf and Betty are horrified to find Audrey opening the centre. Audrey and Fred make a dash for it, leaving everyone else to sort the mess out. Sean takes Liz for a drink and enjoys being close to her. Audrey tells Alf she'll embarrass him further if he doesn't let her meet the Princess.moreless
  • Fri 3 Feb, 1995
    Fri 3 Feb, 1995
    Episode 15
    Bet gives Vicky a hard time, insisting she returns to school. Mavis blames herself for the accident but Derek insists it was the machine's fault. Tricia applies for jobs. Audrey struggles to keep Fred at arm's length as he's keep for them to grow closer. Bet asks Vicky to take her exams but Vicky feels there's no point; she's got so much money she doesn't need a job. Liz is pleased when Sean drops the three months trial and tells her the job is hers permanently. Steve lets Liz believe he's no longer betting whilst doing his gambling in other betting shops. Vicky threatens to leave the Rovers if Bet won't accept her decision. Liz tells Bet now her job's safe at Skinners she won't be working at the Rovers anymore. Bet offers Tricia the job of cleaning the pub but Tricia feels it's beneath her. Derek brings Norris home to see injured Mavis. He tries to get Mavis admit she was at fault but Derek protects her. Curly bumps into Tricia but avoids taking her for a drink. Norris tries out the Wilton's Mile Muncher and finds it isn't faulty. He insists Mavis can't have used it correctly but Derek tells him he wants compensation. Vicky apologises to Bet for threatening to leave and invites her to meet with Dr Carr to talk about her future. She feels certain she can count on Carr's support. Tricia changes her mind and takes the cleaning job.moreless
  • Wed 1 Feb, 1995
    Wed 1 Feb, 1995
    Episode 14
    Derek forces Mavis to stay indoors resting whilst he tells everyone she's an invalid. Curly hides from Tricia as she tries to track him down. Betty is furious when Jack accuses her of sponging off the poor. She tells him there's no glory in being Mayoress. Bet forces Jack to apologise. Jim doesn't believe Steve has given up gambling. Audrey talks herself into believing she was a popular Mayoress and her public deserve to see her again. She declares war on Alf and goes to see Fred Elliott. He agrees to escort her as she's branching out on her own as Mayoress. He gives her the chain off his pot pig. Mavis gets bored at home and goes into work. Jim erects flat pack chairs and tables for Tricia who finds him attractive. She frightens him. Mike graciously tells Ken he's decided not to prosecute him. Derek is furious to find Mavis up and about and orders her home. She is stunned when he tells her they are suing Mile Muncher. Bet is horrified when Vicky arrives after dropping out of school.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jan, 1995
    Mon 30 Jan, 1995
    Episode 13
    Mavis returns from hospital after being concussed from being thrown off the Mile Muncher. Knowing that Bet works at the Rovers, Tricia asks her to put in a good word with slab faced landlady as she wants a job. Audrey feels she should go to the function for the sake of Weatherfield as Betty will be an embarrassment. Mavis tells Rita how she tried out the Mile Muncher in her court shoes and was flung off. Steve tells Liz to keep out of his affairs and lays into her for having a go at Fiona. He accuses her of living in a slum and being jealous of all his money. Liz is upset and resigns from the bookies. Audrey changes tactics and starts being nice to Alf. Derek has no sympathy for Mavis and thinks she's play acting. Des admits to Liz he never wanted her employed but now sees she's good at her job. He asks her to come back and promises he'll keep Steve away from her. Vera accuses Tricia of being a tart and leading Jack on, thinking he was thumped for going out with her. Audrey turns on all her charms for Alf but he is adamant Betty will meet the Princess. Martin puts it in Derek's mind that he could sue Mile Muncher for damages over Mavis' injuries. Tricia is horrified to discover Bet is the landlady. Steve apologises to Liz and tells her he's given up gambling. Curly is stunned to discover Tricia has moved into No. 1.moreless
  • Fri 27 Jan, 1995
    Fri 27 Jan, 1995
    Episode 12
    Audrey withdraws all privileges until Alf agrees to give her precedence over Betty and let her meet the Royals. Rita wonders why Roger has been avoiding her. Alf decides to let Audrey attend the function as he can't face her nagging. Vera takes a shine to Tricia, seeing her as a soul mate. MAVIS: (about Tricia) "The woman's a younger version of Vera Duckworth. Only not as classy." Rita invites Roger to lunch. He tells her that after all she's been through subconsciously she keeps men at a distance. He agrees that all they want is companionship. Alf backs out of dropping Betty when she buys a new hat and is excited about the visit. Derek has an exhausting day exercising. Betty is furious when Audrey tells her she's going to the function. Liz worries that Steve is spending too much money and asks Fiona to keep an eye on him. Fiona gets annoyed when she thinks Liz is accusing her of encouraging him. When Tricia locks herself out, Jack smashes the door window to let her in. Vera is stunned when Jamie identifies him as the man his Dad thumped. Derek returns from a jog to find an ambulance outside his house. Rita tells him Mavis has collapsed.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jan, 1995
    Wed 25 Jan, 1995
    Episode 11
    Andy puts his car up for sale as he can't afford to run it. Tricia and Jamie move into No. 1. Josie is thrilled when Don invites her out to dinner. Liz refuses to accept a £300 bet from Steve, saying it's too much money. She fumes when Des takes the bet. Des tells Sean they should sack her as she'll lose them custom. Sean asks Liz to treat Steve as a customer at the bookies and a son elsewhere. Don introduces Josie to the regulars. She puts her foot in it when she tells Vera that Jack's had a win on the horses. Steve's bet comes up 5 to 1. Liz refuses to be impressed. Ken is full of self pity over how bad a father he is. Emily guesses correctly that he's missing Deirdre. Andy is stunned when Steve gives him a wad of money and tells him to hang onto his car. Audrey discovers there'll be a Royal at Alf's County Hall bash. She decides she should attend instead of Betty.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jan, 1995
    Mon 23 Jan, 1995
    Episode 10
    Alma accuses Mike of petty mindedness over the furniture. Liz starts work at Skinners', keeping her job at the Rovers on for evening work. Mike tells the police all about Ken wanting his furniture. The policeman, PC Bathurst turns out to be an ex pupil of Ken's and is sympathetic to his cause. Betty is furious when Audrey makes catty remarks about her weight. Bet is annoyed to hear Sean has employed Liz. Liz assures Bet she'll still work evenings but Bet is disappointed as she wanted someone on call whilst Betty was Mayoressing. PC Bathurst suggests to Mike that he and Ken sort it out themselves but Mike insists that Ken is charged. Ken is taken in to make a statement. Steve is alarmed when he phones up with a bet and Liz takes it. Roger and Mavis enroll for more art classes. Roger is keen to know how Rita feels for him, telling Mavis he's very fond of Rita and wants to tell her so. Jealous Mavis tells him that Rita can not have a platonic relationship with a man. The police tell Ken they have no intention of pressing any charges. Andy's car needs work doing on it before it will pass its MOT. Mike tells the pub full of customers how Ken broke into No. 1 and stole his furniture. Ken nearly thumps him when Mike challenges him about his two week old bastard. Bet intervenes. Ken is pleased to see Tracy who reminds him it's her 18th birthday. She asks for a financial present and is horrified when he offers her £50. She demands £100 which annoys him. He is upset that she only came for money, not to see him or Daniel. She slams out, telling him he can keep his money for his illegitimate son.moreless
  • Fri 20 Jan, 1995
    Fri 20 Jan, 1995
    Episode 9
    Emily feels depressed and frustrated by life. She is bitter that people only talk to her when they want something and then abuse her trust, like Deirdre. Tricia brings a reference for Alma but Alma isn't keen when she discovers Tricia has a son. Ken asks Emily for a loan of the key. She tells him how upset and angry she is over the way Mike pushes her aside after all she and Ernie did for him. She gives him the key as she doesn't want it anymore. Jon feels the crying baby is keeping people out of the Salon. Ken gets Martin to help him move the table and chairs from No. 1 to his flat. Alma tells Mike she doesn't want the Armstrongs and suggests he takes them on at No. 1. Don is pleased when Josie tracks him down to repay him. He buys her a drink. Tricia takes No. 1 on a short term tenancy. Mike shows her around and is furious to find the furniture missing. Alma begs him to forget it but he reports the matter to the police.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jan, 1995
    Wed 18 Jan, 1995
    Episode 8
    Liz knows that Sean was drunk when he offered a job but she feels she should chase it up as she's only filling in at the Rovers. Jim encourages her to go for it. Denise has a go at Mavis when Mavis assumes Daniel will be called Barlow. Sean can't remember offering Liz a job but after interviewing her takes her on. Denise registers Daniel's birth. She can't put Ken on the certificate as he isn't present so she leaves him off and calls him Daniel Osbourne. Emily plans to give Mike her key to No. 1 but when she asks about the house he accuses her of interfering so she doesn't mention the key. Tricia Armstrong views the cafe flat and tells Alma she'll take it. Alma agrees even though she's on housing benefit. Derek sprains his shoulder putting the Mile Muncher together. Des is furious that Sean has employed Liz; he's against her as she's a neighbour. Ken doesn't mind Daniel being called Osbourne but is upset to see he's not on the certificate. She is sorry but he feels it shows what she thinks of him. Ken learns that Emily has a key to No. 1.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jan, 1995
    Mon 16 Jan, 1995
    Episode 7
    Ken feels a bit old for all his fatherly duties. Don sees no point in visiting Ivy as he doesn't want her to come home. Mike thinks Ken's letter is a try-on and refuses to give him access to the house. Jon struggles on at the Salon whilst Daniel cries and distracts everyone. Sean celebrates his divorce being final. Derek tries to sell Norris some stationery but Norris picks up on his interest in exercise and tells him about the wonderful Mile Muncher. He condemns Derek for jogging in unhealthy car fumes when he could use the Mile Muncher at home. Don drives fare Josie Clarke around Manchester, looking for her daughter. The Wiltons dine with Norris. Derek falls in love with the Mile Muncher. Des and Sean get drunk together and dissect Sean's marriage. Sean chats up Liz and offers her a job at the bookies. Don is resigned when Josie is £2. 50 short for her fare. She apologises and he lets her off. Mavis dismisses the Mile Muncher as a toy and is horrified when Derek buys one for £700. Mike tells Ken he doesn't believe any of the furniture is his.moreless
  • Fri 13 Jan, 1995
    Fri 13 Jan, 1995
    Episode 6
    Vicky returns after celebrating her 18th birthday. Des is dismayed to hear Curly has lost his job. Reg is astonished that Curly's resigned as well as having lost Raquel. He takes him in hand and tells him he'll talk to Firman about taking him on. Nick Wilding hands over to Vicky all her investment certificates and her trust fund of £240,000. Ken writes Mike a letter asking for his furniture. Denise can't understand all the fuss over a load of old worn out furniture. Reg rushes Curly off to meet Eric and has him taken on as his right hand man. Vicky is surprised when Steve wishes her a happy birthday. Bet is impressed when Vicky takes her out for a meal to say thank you for all she's done. Bet warns Vicky that men might be attracted to her because of the money.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jan, 1995
    Wed 11 Jan, 1995
    Episode 5
    Raquel is distressed to hear Des and Curly have been fighting. She tells Des to leave Curly alone; he's suffered enough. Denise appreciates the help Ken gives her but is irritated by the way he never leaves her alone. When Raquel calls at Soopascoopa Curly hopes she's changed her mind but she only wants them to remain friends. He accuses her of using him to make Des jealous. She breaks down swearing it's not true. He snaps and starts shovelling kidney beans into Percy and Emily's trolley. When he's reprimanded he resigns. Ken feels he'd like of Albert's old furniture which is technically his. Bet calls on Curly when Raquel fears he might be suicidal. She assures him Raquel has not been using him. He swears he'll never trust again.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jan, 1995
    Mon 9 Jan, 1995
    Episode 4
    Curly clings to the hope that Raquel's got last minute nerves. Ken brings Denise and Daniel home. Denise shuts herself and Daniel away from visitors. Derek spends £85 on a second-hand mountain bike to help exercise on. Mavis feels it's a waste of money they can't afford. Curly tells Raquel he loves her but she is adamant their marriage wouldn't work out. He is stunned to realise that Des proposed to her. She tells him it's nothing to do with Des - she just can't marry him. Curly removes his glasses and calls Des out of the Betting Shop for a fight. He tells Des he's twisted; he ruins every woman he comes into contact with. Des goes for him and they have to be separated by Don. Sean witnesses the fight. Denise wants rid of Ken but he makes a bed up on her sofa for himself. Des says he'll resign when Sean questions him about the fight but Sean refuses to let him leave. Curly begs Raquel to reconsider but she returns the ring, saying she doesn't love him.moreless
  • Fri 6 Jan, 1995
    Fri 6 Jan, 1995
    Episode 3
    Derek changes his diet to cleanse his body. Denise is exhausted and uncomfortable with stitches. She and Ken decide to call the baby Daniel. Ken asks Mike if he can buy No. 1 for his new family but Mike is jealous of his son and tells him he intends to rent the house out. The Duckworths are stunned when Cliff's wife Elsie turns up to collect him. Vera is hurt that he led her on, telling her he'd married a Vera whilst Jack worries Elsie will get all his money. Vera feels her Duckworth is better than Elsie's. Raquel and Curly throw an engagement party. Des decides at the last minute to attend. Derek stuffs himself with food behind Mavis' back. Raquel is astonished when Des tells her she mustn't marry Curly as it would be a mistake. She tries to ignore him but he keeps at her, telling her she doesn't love Curly. He asks her to marry him instead. She explodes and tells Curly to throw him out but realises he's right; she doesn't love Curly. She tells Curly he's the nicest man in the world but she can't marry him.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jan, 1995
    Wed 4 Jan, 1995
    Episode 2
    Denise is relieved when Ken arrives at the hospital to help. Vera is suspicious when Jack keeps fielding phone calls for Cliff. She suspects the caller of being Jack's fancy woman. Mavis fears for Derek's health when he takes up jogging. Nick is impressed when Martin gives him a United team shirt. Gail is thrilled by the way he's making an effort. Bet is upset when Vicky turns down her offer of an 18th birthday party at the Rovers. Derek falls for a salesman's patter and buys an electronic blood pressure monitor. Jack is thumped by a man who mistakes him for Cliff. Denise feels she can't continue. She and Ken forgive each other for the things they've said. Vera lays into Jack over his black eye, certain it's from a vengeful husband. Andy gives Vicky a driving lesson in his car. Derek's blood pressure goes up every time he uses the monitor. The McDonalds celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary with a trip to see 'Phantom of the Opera'. Jack refuses to take the rap for Cliff but Cliff swears he doesn't know who the man was. Ken and Denise celebrate the birth of their son.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jan, 1995
    Mon 2 Jan, 1995
    Episode 1
    Raquel gives out invitations to her engagement party. She gives Des one but he tells Curly he can’t make it. Bet puts Liz down when she makes suggestions on having a better stocked bar like the Queens. Denise goes into labour at Jim’s Cafe. Alma gets her to hospital. Cliff asks Jack to cover for him if anyone phones for him; he doesn’t want his wife’s family to know where he is. Derek has a medical at work and is disgusted when it’s a cheap basic one. He decides to get as fit as possible and look after his own health. Mavis isn't impressed. Alma tells Ken that Denise is in labour but didn’t want him to know. When she can’t cope with the pain Denise rings Ken and begs him to help her.moreless