Coronation Street - Season 37

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 1996
    Mon 30 Dec, 1996
    Episode 163
    Maxine is disgusted with herself for sleeping with Curly but he's feeling wonderful. He is put out when she creeps out of the back door. Ashley brings Don out of himself by talking to him about gambling. Tricia calls at the DSS and is told she's entitled to £87 a week, housing benefit and maternity. The Duckworths hope the DSS will want Terry to pay towards the baby's upkeep but also feel they don't want him knowing about the baby. Samantha moves into No. 7. Curly is amazed by his magnetism and the way women keep falling at his feet. Alma is upset to hear Don tried to kill herself in the garage as she realises he must hate Mike. Curly bids the Street farewell as he leaves for Paris, via Folkestone. Fiona guesses Maxine spent the night with a man but Maxine refuses to tell her who it was. When Bill wants to see Carl for New Year Maureen encourages him to go. Liz visits Fraser demanding to know what trouble Steve is in. Fraser assures her it's not that urgent and explains Steve is mixing a lot with Malcolm Fox and he felt she ought to be warned as Steve could be starting on a vicious circle. He tells her she only has to give the word and he'll have Fox seen to. Maureen tells Bill she has to confess and tells him she slept with Curly on Christmas Day. He is horrified but she begs him to realise it was nothing and that as Curly has gone it doesn't matter. She is horrified when Curly returns saying he's changed his mind about leaving.moreless
  • Sun 29 Dec, 1996
    Sun 29 Dec, 1996
    Episode 162
    Anne diverts Curly whilst preparations for his party at the Rovers are complete. Drunk, she reveals her true feelings for him in his tent. Curly is overwhelmed by the surprise party. Tricia broaches the subject of maternity benefit to Mike Baldwin. Ashley keeps Don company. Curly takes Maxine home with him.moreless
  • Fri 27 Dec, 1996
    Fri 27 Dec, 1996
    Episode 161
    Maureen regrets her night of passion with Curly. When Bill returns she is angry with him, feeling that if he hadn't let her down she wouldn't have called on Curly. Bill is disheartened. Don refuses to be pampered by the Platts and returns home. Jack hates having the Armstrongs around, feeling they take over too much. He is shocked when Martin tells him about Don's suicide attempt and agrees to keep an eye on him. Gerry tells Liz she has to visit Fraser as Steve is in trouble. Curly feels bad that he took advantage of Maureen. He tells her their night together was special but they haven't a future together whilst she has one with Bill. Jack visits Don, trying to cheer him up, but Don tells him he's not got a future. Curly has his last day at Firmans and tells delighted Anne that she is the new temporary manager. She tells him she's always looked up to him as he oozes wisdom and self knowledge. Liz worries over Steve and fears Fraser might be using him to get to her. Bill is relieved when Maureen makes up with him. He feared she'd thought he and Elaine had spent the night together.moreless
  • Wed 25 Dec, 1996
    Wed 25 Dec, 1996
    Episode 160
    Don is overcome with smoke in the garage, his head falls against the horn and the noise wakes the street up. Martin and Kevin investigate and find Don. They take him into the Platts and resuscitate him. Jack lays into Vera for allowing Alec behind his bar and fears he wants his empire back. He accuses Vera of encouraging Alec and demands to know what they got up to. Vera is thrilled by his jealousy. Don comes round and refuses to let Martin take him to hospital. He rows with Martin for stopping him from killing himself. Gail can't understand why Don would want to kill himself but he tells her he's lost everything and there's no point in him living anymore. She tells him to pull himself together; she always thought he had guts. Percy entertains Maud and Maureen on Christmas Day. Maureen is bored rigid. Don stays at the Platts for Christmas dinner, much to Audrey's annoyance. Jack refuses to talk to Vera. When Alec comes in for a drink Jack accuses him of being after the pub and Vera. Vera enjoys flirting with Alec to wind Jack up. Martin refuses to let Don out of his sight. Audrey tells Gail she thinks Don stage-managed his suicide attempt so he'd be found and everyone would make a fuss of him. Maureen calls on Curly and they open a bottle of wine together, comforting each other over Reg and Raquel. Vera tells Jack it's obvious he's grumpy because he's frustrated. She traps him in the living room and tells him he's the only man who turns her on. He pleads with her to leave him alone as he's an invalid but she promises to be gentle with him. Curly and Maureen tell each other how much they like each other and start kissing.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 1996
    Mon 23 Dec, 1996
    Episode 159
    Judy tells Gary she's worried about Joyce stealing and feels they should help her by paying her £450 back rent. Gary agrees even though he was saving the money to buy another motorbike. Don is depressed over being breathalysed as he knows he'll lose his licence and his job. Vera asks the staff not to tell Jack that Alec helped out in his absence. Joyce is thrilled with the £450 loan from the Malletts and promises to find somewhere else to live whilst they are in Spain. Judy and Gary fly to Marbella for Christmas. Vera apologises to Alec and asks him not to tell Jack about helping her out. Bill goes to Bristol to see Carl, promising Maureen he'll be back Christmas night. Jack returns home on crutches and is stunned to find the Armstrongs in residence. He tells Vera she's soft as they can't afford charity cases. He is annoyed to find Vera has coped well without him and the beer quality hasn't gone off. Sean tells Andy he knows Fraser was behind his mugging as he had £2,000 in cash on him and it wasn't taken. Gail and Martin feel sorry for Don and invite him for Christmas dinner but he tells them he'd rather starve and accuses them of provoking him in front of the children. Andy tells Liz about Sean's money but Liz refuses to believe Fraser was involved. Gerry tells Liz that Fraser wants him to take her shopping for a Christmas present. She tells him she's flattered but she doesn't want to get involved. Samantha signs a tenancy agreement on No. 7 for Curly. Jack is horrified when a customer asks to speak to the landlord Alec Gilroy. He confronts Vera who admits Alec helped out. Drunk Don breaks into MVB Motors, gets into Martin's car and turns on the exhaust.moreless
  • Sun 22 Dec, 1996
    Sun 22 Dec, 1996
    Episode 158
    Joyce threatens to tell Sunliners about Alec paying her with their money to clean his flat. He tells her she's a blackmailer as well as a thief and sacks her. Martin wants to buy Curly's car for Gail to learn to drive in. Anne and Vera organise a farewell party for Curly. Vera invites the Armstrongs to spend Christmas with her at the Rovers. Bill sells the Spanish holiday to Gary. Don is hurt when Sarah Louise tells him he's not invited for Christmas as Audrey doesn't like him but Roy is coming round instead. Don is angry that he's left out whilst a stranger is invited. He breaks open Ashley's present to him - a bottle of whisky. Judy is upset for Joyce when she breaks down and tells her Alec framed her and accuses her of stealing from him. Don accuses Gail of shutting him out in the cold. BETTY (about the Rovers): "The secrets I've had to keep working here. I tell yer, I could get in MI5 with my qualifications." Martin buys Curly's car for £1,200. Gerry tells Liz that Fraser is angry at him for breaking into her flat and apologises to her. Mike gets drunk at the Hourglass and hires Don to drive him home. Don refuses to drive him and gets abusive, witnessed by the police. The PC realises Don is drunk and breathalyses him.moreless
  • Fri 20 Dec, 1996
    Fri 20 Dec, 1996
    Episode 157
    Alec plants marked £5 notes in his coat pocket at work. Maureen is dejected when Bill decides to see Carl and not go to Spain. He feels bad for letting her down. Liz borrows Deirdre's clothes as she doesn't want to wear her normal short skirts when she visits Fraser. Samantha is interested to hear Sean has dumped Liz. Claire goes to the RAF and is told she'll have to return the balance of the pension. She is relieved it's all over and also that if she finishes with Des the money starts again. Liz visits Fraser and tells him he must stop hounding her. She is amazed when his disarms her and starts to charm her. He tells her he never meant to frighten her but finds her irresistible. Ashley and Kelly have a tearful farewell when she leaves for Scotland. He gives her a charm bracelet to remember him by. Maureen takes Claire on at the shop. Becky is alarmed as she thinks it's not a good enough job for an officer's widow. Alec watches Joyce steal his money and then confronts her. She starts to cry, saying she's had trouble. He tells her he's disappointed in her and he'll have to let people know.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 1996
    Wed 18 Dec, 1996
    Episode 156
    Joyce apologises to the Malletts for misleading them and admits she's hopeless with money. Liz tells Andy he had no right to tell Jim about Fraser. Ken goes to the County Court with his solicitor to meet with Denise and the Court Welfare Officer to see if they can arrange custody without going to court. Ken says that he feels Daniel should live with him as Denise abandoned him. Deirdre tells Alec there's £35 missing from the petty cash. Denise tells the Officer that everything she's done has been for Daniel's benefit. Ken is outraged when she says that it was always agreed that she would claim Daniel back once she'd got herself sorted. The meeting ends in a row between Ken and Denise so the Officer tells them there'll have to be a full court hearing. Liz visits Steve and asks him to help put Fraser off. Steve stops her by saying that Fraser has made his life easier for him in prison. He urges her to meet with Fraser so she can see he's really a nice guy. Liz is stunned to discover Fraser has already put her name on his visiting order. Andy gets upset when Anne tells him Liz attracts trouble by the way she dresses. Deirdre is stunned when Ken tells her he told the court about their relationship to show he can provide Daniel with a stable home life. Bill tells Maureen that Elaine is bringing Carl over to England for Christmas and wants to see him. Maureen tells him he must see Carl but he tells her he can't as they'll be in Spain. Vera tells Alec she doesn't want him behind the bar anymore, saying there's money missing from the till. He is affronted and tells her he'll never set foot in the Rovers again.moreless
  • Mon 16 Dec, 1996
    Mon 16 Dec, 1996
    Episode 155
    Des tries to apologise to Derek over accusing him of shopping them but Derek doesn't let him. Liz tells Andy about Fraser's obsession with her. She tells hi she's frightened. Deirdre tells Alec he's upsetting Roy but Alec feels Roy is his passport out of back street travel agents. Roy asks Alec to visit him at home. Vera worries when she finds money missing from the till. Charlie begs Des to forgive him as he fears Claire will stop him seeing Becky. Des agrees but Claire is hostile towards Charlie when she sees him. Joyce is embarrassed when Gary calls on Bernard her landlord to check out the harassment story. He tells Gary that Joyce left as she owes him back rent. Judy feels they're stuck with Joyce now. Samantha views No. 7 and Curly agrees to rent her the house, promising he'll be moved out soon. Alec visits Roy in his flat and is startled when Roy tells him he is in contact with the spirit world and talks to his dead Auntie. Roy is pleased when he frightens Alec off. Andy tells Jim about Fraser. Jim accuses Liz of telling Andy as she knew he'd tell him and tells her he won't be springing to her aid. Ken is horrified when Kelly tells him she's agreed to work for Denise in Scotland so Daniel gets care continuity. He accuses Kelly of stabbing him in the back.moreless
  • Sun 15 Dec, 1996
    Sun 15 Dec, 1996
    Episode 154
    Gary hates having Joyce living at No. 9. Judy demands to know why Joyce has had to leave her house. Joyce tells her that her landlord was sexually harassing her. Fiona is annoyed when Tony tells her he wants to finish with Maxine but she won't take the hint. Charlie calls at No. 6 and is shocked to find bloodied Sean there. He thinks Claire's mixing in bad circles. Roy turns to Deirdre for help, explaining that Alec is after him and won't leave him alone. He doesn't want to be treated as a freak. Vera worries that she'll never be able to get rid of Alec as he settles in behind the bar. Maxine looks forward to her Christmas with TonyClaire is furious when Charlie implies Des used the RAF pension to buy his boat. He calls Des a chancer, upsetting Becky. Claire guesses he shopped her to the RAF and throws him out. Samantha views the flat over the betting room and decides to take it before Anne tells her that Curly is leaving and may want to rent his house out. Liz is shaken when she hears Sean has been beaten up. Maxine is shocked when Tony tells her he's been seeing other girls. She forgives him but he tells her he doesn't want her forgiveness; he wants her out of his life. Becky is disappointed in Charlie. Claire is disgusted with him.moreless
  • Fri 13 Dec, 1996
    Fri 13 Dec, 1996
    Episode 153
    Claire gets a letter from the RAF saying they want to discuss her pension. She fears they are going to prosecute her and guesses that someone has shopped her. Des is certain Derek is to blame and tells him he's gone too far. Derek is alarmed by the ferocity of his anger. Gary acts as peace maker between Joyce and Judy, reconciling them. Mike has to call on Sally when he can't find a file. He tells her he won't give her a reference and doubts if she'll find another job. Alec is interested in Roy's memory. Roy is wary of him and tells him he doesn't perform to order. Emily decides to spend Christmas with her sister so Percy asks Maud to spend the day with him. Maureen is thrilled as she can go on holiday with a clear conscience. Alec wants to exploit Roy but Roy doesn't want to be exploited. Maud is thrilled that Maureen and Bill are going away over Christmas. Claire hands the flat keys back to Sean, deciding she's had enough of lying. Joyce tells the Malletts she's had to leave her house and descends on them with her bags and Scamper. Sean is set upon outside the bookies by two thugs who beat him up. Sally tells Mike she'd like her job back. He agrees to take her back and promises to be more understanding about women with children.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 1996
    Wed 11 Dec, 1996
    Episode 152
    Tricia helps out behind the Rovers bar and is stunned to discover Sally resigned over her sacking. Ida tells Mike the girls need a supervisor and puts herself forward for the job. Des is furious with Derek for spoiling Becky's party and showing him up in front of the Palmers. Emily is glad to discover Deirdre spent the night with Ken. Curly breaks the news to Maureen that Reg's daughter has been born. Bill tells Maureen he'd like to take her to Gran Canaria for Christmas. She wants to go but feels she can't leave Maud. Joyce gets a £10 sub on her wages from Vera and buys scratch cards but doesn't win anything. Rita feels uncomfortable selling scratch card to Joyce as she keeps losing. Deirdre is pleased that her relationship with Ken is getting better but wants to play it one day at a time. Liz cancels visiting Steve as she doesn't want to be in the same room as Fraser. Tricia feels bad about Sally losing her job but Sally assures her she wasn't the only issue. Ken asks Kelly to write a statement about their relationship with Daniel for him to give to the courts. Mike knows he'll have to make Ida supervisor in order to get an order out but feels confident Sally will come crawling back soon. The customers are amazed by Roy's photographic memory when he reels off an advertisement in the Gazette word perfect. Ken is amazed when Mike wishes him well is his fight to get Daniel back. Sean tries to explain his actions to Liz but she refuses to listen. Gerry sees Sean pursuing Liz.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 1996
    Mon 9 Dec, 1996
    Episode 151
    Liz feels isolated and thinks she's being controlled by a maniac she's never met. Claire feels Des should apologise to the Wiltons. Becky teases them about not setting a good example to her. She celebrates her 14th birthday. Rita thinks it's wonderful that Mavis was caught with cannabis. Joyce cuts Judy dead in the street. Tricia hopes to discuss her rights over maternity leave with Mike and is stunned when he tells her she hasn't any rights; she's a bad time keeper and she's sacked. Tricia accuses him of making excuses to get out of paying maternity but he insists she's a bad worker. Curly plans to tell Eric he's leaving but stops when Eric tells him he's heard Reg's baby has been born and he's unemployed. Sally is horrified that Mike has sacked Tricia. Tricia is bitter because she doesn't want to scrounge off the social as she enjoyed having a job. Mike tells Sally he sacked Tricia because she was a bad worker and points out she'll be better off on the social. Sally remains angry and threatens to resign if he doesn't take Tricia back. He refuses so she walks out. Vera comforts Tricia over her losing her job. Kevin is amazed that Sally has resigned out of principle. She tells him she won't be staying at home but will find another job. Anne tells Eric that Curly is planning to leave and asks if she can replace him. Joyce throws £45 at Judy. Judy still worries about her money problems. Curly is disappointed when Eric tells him he won't stop him leaving but asks him to work over Christmas before going. The Palmers join in Becky's birthday party but the celebrations are spoilt when Derek and Mavis burst in. Derek delights in telling the Palmers about Des keeping drugs but realises he's gone too far when he sees he's spoilt Becky's party.moreless
  • Sun 8 Dec, 1996
    Sun 8 Dec, 1996
    Episode 150
    Judy is upset that Joyce has gone back to her thieving ways. Gary tries to keep the peace as Judy tackles Joyce about her winnings and asks for her £45 back. Joyce stalls her so Judy accuses her of not having any money left. Judy pleads with Joyce to admit she's got money problems so they can help her but Joyce swears she hasn't. Judy is upset when Joyce walks out on her, saying she'll never return. Liz puts new locks on her flat and is horrified when Sean tells her he's been warned off her by a thug. Claire is annoyed when Becky lets it slip about them trying to deceive the RAF by keeping an empty flat. Becky points out she's upset because she's not being devious enough. Ken is glad when Deirdre agrees to stay the night with him. She works hard listening sympathetically to him talking about leaving Daniel in Brian's company. Curly makes dreams about where he'd like to visit when he leaves Weatherfield. Mavis shows the allotment holders the plant Des gave her in the hop they'll identify it. Wilf Gaskell identifies it as cannabis. The Wiltons are horrified, especially when Alan sees the plant and tells them to destroy it. Derek tells him they were given it by Des. Sean tells Liz that Fraser used to run the drugs and protection ring in South Manchester. He frightens her by telling her the flat is probably being watched and says they should stop seeing each other. Alan questions Des about the cannabis and tells him he was stupid to play a joke on Mavis. Liz accuses Sean of chickening out because he's frightened of Fraser. Sean admits he is frightened of him and offers to help Liz move out of the area. She's appalled and throws him out.moreless
  • Fri 6 Dec, 1996
    Fri 6 Dec, 1996
    Episode 149
    Don's car breaks down but he refuses to let Kevin or Tony look at it. Deirdre urges Liz to tell the police about the jewellery being left in her flat but she knows there was no sign of a break-in. Rita tells Mavis she is furious with Derek for spoiling her relationship with Fred. Sally asks Mike to consider having a crèche at the factory but he refuses. He guesses that Tricia is pregnant and upsets her by suggesting she doesn't know who the father is. Curly finds work too tedious and finds himself in nowhere land. Anne fears he's having a breakdown and is alarmed when he tells her he's resigning. Judy is furious to discover Joyce won her money on scratchcards. She admits to Gary that she repaid Betty's catalogue money as she feared Joyce was dipping into her payments. Sue feels for Ken when he tells her about Denise taking Daniel. She tells him he's obviously going to be distracted and invites him to take early retirement, admitting she has to find someone to leave. She assures him the request is not personal but he doesn't believe her. Alec hosts an Irish night at the Rovers. Curly decides to sell up and leave Weatherfield. Sean is stunned when Gerry tells him to stay away from Liz.moreless
  • Wed 4 Dec, 1996
    Wed 4 Dec, 1996
    Episode 148
    Sally is annoyed when Kevin refuses to help look after the children. She takes Sophie into work, infuriating Mike who thinks she's in the way. Tony is tired of Maxine and hopes to take up with Gill. Joyce wins £100 on a scratch card bought at the Kabin. She is thrilled but Tricia is annoyed that she didn't buy the card. Alec tries to get Vera to agree to hosting an Irish Night with his acts. Gerry tries to present Liz with a gift but she refuses it. Fred realises Rita isn't going to accept him so lets her out of it by saying he's a womaniser and that he's proposed to two other women at the same time. She has mixed feelings as she doesn't know what her answer would have eventually been. Judy apologises to Joyce when Joyce shows off her new jacket. Liz is terrified when she returns home to find Gerry has been and left the gift on her table. Curly accuses Angie of looking down on him and the street residents. She is sad that he is dismissive and leaves to return to Canada.moreless
  • Mon 2 Dec, 1996
    Mon 2 Dec, 1996
    Episode 147
    Ken enjoys a weekend with Daniel but hates seeing him with Denise. Fiona celebrates her 21st fearing Alec will sue her. Mike is put out to discover Angie is working for Kbec and has authority over him. She gives him the summer designs and is stunned when he tells her about Curly marrying Raquel and their marriage break up. Alec agrees to help Vera out in the evenings but warns her Jack won't approve. Ken gives Kelly a progress report on Daniel but she gets upset at the thought of him with other people and breaks down. She refuses to get close to another child and leaves the Webster's. Kevin assumes Sally will look after Sophie but she feels her work must come first and they row. Judy accuses Joyce of dipping into other people's catalogue money when Vera and Betty complain about letters chasing up money they've given to Joyce. Judy challenges Joyce to produce the jacket she borrowed £45 off her to buy. Steve tells Liz that the money came from Fraser Henderson, the prison Mr Big, who has seen her and fancies her. Steve pleads with her to accept the gifts as he fears he'll be beaten up if she doesn't. Angie apologises to Curly for mouthing off about Raquel but he refuses to talk about it. Fiona has a 21st party at the Hourglass. At the party Tony makes a play for Fiona's friend Gill. Alan puts Alec off suing Fiona by letting him know he's a detective in CID. Fiona is thrilled when Lee writes from America telling her he's letting her off her loan.moreless
  • Sun 1 Dec, 1996
    Sun 1 Dec, 1996
    Episode 146
    Alec is furious that Fiona let him down and washes his hands of her. Alan feels bad when he discovers Fiona let her agent down to be with him. He tells her off for letting people down. Des takes Claire and Becky to view a canal cruiser, planning to buy it. Curly is stunned when Angie Freeman looks him up. The Wiltons entertain Rita and Fred. Derek butters Fred up hoping to be invited to join the Dealers. Angie tells Curly she's been sent by Kbec as one of their designers to sort Mike's work out. She isn't surprised to find him still o the street, still alone, and makes jokes about his friendship with Raquel. Derek is horrified when Fred tells him Tommy Mook's place has been given to his son Timmy. He accuses Fred of leading him on and using him in order to get closer to Rita. Rita is upset by the row and walks out, with Fred running after her. Vera feels she can't cope anymore in the pub and is grateful when Alec steps in to help her out. Fiona tries to apologise to Alec but he tells her she's in breech of contract. Liz receives a call from frightened Steve who asks her to visit as he knows who sent the money.moreless
  • Fri 29 Nov, 1996
    Fri 29 Nov, 1996
    Episode 145
    Alf celebrates getting his licence renewed. Rita is horrified when Jamie reveals, in front of Audrey, that Fred told Jack he'd proposed to her. Fred apologises to her for letting it slip. Audrey delights in telling Alf that Fred has proposed to Rita. He is so shocked he drives the wrong way into a one way street and smashes into a police car. Fred fears he's ruined his chances with Rita and hopes to make amends. Vera struggles with the Rovers as half the staff are ill. Gary wires the outside of the house with Christmas lights as a surprise for Judy. She is annoyed as they're meant to be saving. When Alan offers a free night in a posh hotel Fiona dumps her gig to be with him. Liz hopes that Sean left the money but he tells her he didn't. Alec is furious when Maxine tells him Fiona can't do the gig as she has flu. Betty advises Rita to follow her instincts over Fred. Rita is sad as she knows she'll turn him down. Gerry turns up at the Hourglass and gives Liz flowers from her admirer. He refuses to tell her who he is.moreless
  • Wed 27 Nov, 1996
    Wed 27 Nov, 1996
    Episode 144
    Jamie looks after the pigeons whilst Jack is in hospital. Emily offers Ken support in his fight to get Daniel back. The Wiltons invite Rita and Fred to Sunday lunch so Derek can butter him up for the Dealers. Joyce is desperate for money but Vera refuses to give her a sub. Alec tells Fiona he doesn't want anything to do with her until she apologises for breaking their contract. He tells her to decide if she's serious about singing as he has a big gig in Wolverhampton lined up for her. Rita refuses to have lunch with Fred at the Wiltons as she knows they are matchmaking. Liz visits Steve and tells him about the £1,000. He thinks it's from an admirer. Vera discovers Jack was planning to have a photo taken for a Christmas card when he was on the horse. She gets the truth out of Joyce that the card was going to be from 'Jack and the old nag'. Emily advises Rita not to dismiss Fred's proposal as life is very lonely and she should have fun in her life. Joyce asks Judy to lend her £45 so she can buy a new jacket. Rita tells Mavis she will have lunch after all. Fred visits Jack and lets it slip that he has proposed to Rita. Jamie brings one of Jack's pigeon's in to visit him in hospital. Vera has a photograph taken of Jack and herself in hospital, with his leg in plaster. Kelly moves back home with Ashley's help. Deirdre tells Ken they need to talk but he tells her he can't think of anything but getting Daniel back. Fiona apologises to Alec and he gives her the Wolverhampton booking.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 1996
    Mon 25 Nov, 1996
    Episode 143
    Rita tells Mavis about Fred's proposal, she doesn't like Mavis' disgusted reaction and has fun with her saying she intends to accept. Kelly tells Ashley she fears she'll have to go home to her parents and hints about them getting a flat together but he doesn't pick up on the hint as he likes his independence at No. 5. Derek feels Mavis should support Rita if she wants to marry Fred as Fred is Master Dealer. Liz tries to work out who left her the money. She thinks it's creepy. Ken visits his solicitor Margaret Dunbar to sort out his rights. She tells him to visit Daniel regularly and find people who will testify against Denise but warns him that Denise will probably be granted custody. She advises him to get rid of Kelly as her presence might look bad. Jack is embarrassed in hospital when Martin gives him a bed bath. Fred is thrilled when Derek advises him to take things slowly with Rita as she's still thinking about the proposal. He tells Rita that he wants her to take her time in answering. Fiona is certain Alec is up to something as he seems to be avoiding her. Ken tells Kelly she'll have to move out. Kelly takes the news badly. Deirdre calls on Ken hoping to comfort him but he asks her not to stay.moreless
  • Sun 24 Nov, 1996
    Sun 24 Nov, 1996
    Episode 142
    When Kelly finally gets through, Ken and Deirdre rush to No. 1 to confront Denise. Denise calmly tells Ken she's taking Daniel and he can't stop her. He struggles to contain his anger and Deirdre tries to soothe hysterical Kelly. Denise says she's sorted herself out now and wants to start a new life in Scotland with Brian and Daniel. Ken locks them in the house but is forced to unlock the door with Denise gives him a solicitor's letter saying she has absolute rights to Daniel. Jamie blames himself for Jack's accident and fears he will die. Vera rushes to Jack's bedside and fears she's going to lose him. Kelly is horrified when Ken agrees to Denise taking Daniel. Denise gives Ken her address and tells him he is welcome anytime. Deirdre tries to comfort Ken whilst Kelly shouts at him for not stopping Denise. Jack has a broken arm and a fractured femur along with a slipped disc causing numbness below his knee. The doctor tells Vera he'll have to stay in bed for weeks. Deirdre can't help feeling guilty over making love to Ken whilst Denise was taking Daniel. She is upset that he doesn't seem to want her to comfort him. Fiona is annoyed when the London agent doesn't turn up at Victoria's. She thinks Alec lied to her so walks out to keep her booking at the Hourglass. Jack regains consciousness, to Vera's delight. Alec lays into Fiona for breaking her contract, saying the agent was at Victoria's. She doesn't believe him. He tells her he's had enough of her temperament. She is flattered when Alan watches her performance and buys her a drink. Liz is surprised to find a packages containing £1,000 addressed to her at work, from a friend of her sons. Fred tells Rita that he realises life is for the living and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Fri 22 Nov, 1996
    Fri 22 Nov, 1996
    Episode 141
    Maureen is upset to hear Raquel has left Curly. Fred takes Rita to the stables to see Betty's Hot Shot. He is horrified when Jack turns up with Jamie, Gary and Don in tow. Fred tries to see them off, embarrassing Rita. Jack is taken with the idea of having his photograph taken on the horse for a Christmas card picture. Jamie makes a noise, startling the horse who bolts with Jack on top. The horse jumps a gate and pulls up, causing Jack to fall off. He is knocked unconscious. Maureen offers comfort to Curly. He tells her he couldn't live with knowing Raquel didn't love him anymore. He hopes that Raquel can find someone to love one day. Fred and Rita go to hospital with Jack. Deirdre cooks Ken a meal. He tells her that his biggest mistake was losing her. They are drawn to each other and kiss passionately before she leads him into her bedroom. Kelly is horrified when Denise and Brian turn up saying they're taking Daniel away. She phones Ken at Deirdre's but gets no answer. Brian wants Denise just to snatch Daniel but she is adamant she must see Ken and make him see Daniel is legally hers. Maureen assures Curly that he will, eventually, get over Raquel. Vera is horrified to learn Jack is in hospital. Kelly pleads with Denise not to take Daniel and keeps phoning Deirdre's but no one answers.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 1996
    Wed 20 Nov, 1996
    Episode 140
    Curly slips out of Anne's house in the early hours. He struggles to stop himself looking back all the time. He asks Judy to tell all the neighbours so he doesn't have to. Fiona arranges to sing with a band out the Hourglass but Alec tells her he's already booked her into Victoria's and arranged for a London agent to see her. Liz visits Steve and tells him she's scrapped for cash. He walks out of the visit when she breaks the news that she's going out with Sean. Fiona decides to play Victorias and then go on to the Hourglass. She agrees to putting her relationship with Alec on a legal footing. In prison Steve is impressed when Mr Big, Fraser Henderson tells him Liz is gorgeous. He tells Fraser about Liz needing £1,000. Deirdre and Ken enjoy an evening together looking at the wedding photographs. Judy tells the regulars in the pub about Curly and Raquel splitting up. Ken tells Deirdre he was a fool to throw their marriage away. She feels uncomfortable with the conversation. Jack is upset that Raquel is gone and he might never see her again. Curly phones his mother to tell her about Raquel leaving. He goes to bed and cries his eyes out.moreless
  • Mon 18 Nov, 1996
    Mon 18 Nov, 1996
    Episode 139
    Jack refuses to talk to Alec, thinking he played dirty with Harvey. Curly returns home to find all trace of Raquel gone. Judy pushes Gary to befriend him to make sure he's all right as she promised Raquel to keep an eye on him. Gary is out of his depth talking emotions with Curly and is relieved to find he's coping okay. Fred asks Rita to visit the stables with him for an owner's open day. She agrees, thinking it might be fun. Jack finds out about open day at the stables and is annoyed as he hasn't received an invite. He confronts Fred who points out all invites go to him as major share holder. Alan calls at the Salon looking for Fiona, telling Maxine he's her biggest fan. Fiona is thrilled to discover she's got an admirer. Curly gets drunk and spends the evening with Andy and Anne, wallowing in self pity. Anne is furious that Raquel has left him and thinks she's a cow. Samantha is amazed to hear Sean and Liz are an item. Anne finds it embarrassing having her boss drunk in her house. She is mortified when he falls asleep and Andy tells her he'll have to stay the night.moreless
  • Fri 15 Nov, 1996
    Fri 15 Nov, 1996
    Episode 138
    Jack tells Alec that Harvey Nuttall is interested in booking some acts on a regular basis. Jack tells Alec he'll introduce him and give him 10% commission. Alec says he'll not to it for less than 50%. Judy fears that she might be barren and never conceive. She is amazed when Raquel tells her she's leaving for Kuala Lumpur. Sean accuses Liz of spreading malicious rumours about him sexually harassing her. He tells her she's very sick. Jack tries in vain to get hold of a list of Alec's artistes. Blanche hopes Tracy's marriage will bring Ken and Deirdre closer together. Raquel phones Curly at his conference but puts the phone down before he answers. He tells shocked Eric that Raquel is leaving him. Judy tries to get Raquel to make up with Curly but Raquel tells her their marriage is over; she doesn't love him and she's mucked his life up. She feels she should never have married him in the first place. Liz apologises to Sean for putting Samantha off him. They end up having a drink together. Curly tells Eric he always hoped Raquel would love him but knew she never would. Jack agrees to giving Alec 50% commission but Alec tells him he's too late; he's gone direct to Harvey and set up the acts himself. Sean admits to Liz that he finds himself drawn to her. She is flattered and they end up in each other's arms. Raquel irons all Curly's clothes and clears all her belongings out of No. 7 before driving off in a taxi, close to tears.moreless
  • Wed 13 Nov, 1996
    Wed 13 Nov, 1996
    Episode 137
    Gary can't understand why Judy isn't pregnant yet and fears he's sterile. He confesses to Judy that Samantha's been teasing him about it. Blanche arrives for Tracy's wedding and is amazed by the changes in the Street. Curly wonders how Raquel was offered a job abroad and asks her if the interviewers knew she was married. She confesses she took her ring off. He is stunned and can't bring himself to go into work. Deirdre is amazed that Tracy isn't excited about her wedding. Curly forces Raquel to admit she wants to take the job. He tells her he knows she wants him to talk her into taking it but refuses to. Maurice tells the Barlows Robert and his Best Man have disappeared and never returned from the Stag Night. He thinks Robert has changed his mind about marrying Tracy but she is adamant he'll turn up. Deirdre is distraught when Maurice tells her he's against Tracy because she took drugs. Judy tells Samantha she's not to talk to Gary about anything, especially sex. Ken and Deirdre drive around trying to find Robert. One of his friends, Greg, remembers locking him in a container in a freight yard. They go to look for him but all the containers are empty apart from two sealed ones which are on their way to Saudi Arabia. Deirdre has to stop herself from going for Greg. The police are called in to stop the shipment, fearing Robert could have suffocated. Vera lays on Tracy's wedding reception at the Rovers. Ken and Deirdre return home to find Robert there, being shouted at by Tracy for seeing her before the service. He explains he let himself out of the container. Deirdre and Ken feel they can't take anymore. Curly tells Raquel he knows she has never loved him. Emily and Betty join Blanche, Ken and Deirdre at the Register office. The best man doesn't arrive so Deirdre gives Tracy Samir's wedding ring to wear. Curly tells Raquel that every time he sees her he wants her, but knows the only feelings she ever feels for him are guilt and pity. He tells her he's going on a sales conference and wants her gone by the time he returns. She tries to explain why she wants the job so much; that or the first time in her life she was picked for something. Tracy and Robert are married, afterwards Ken makes a speech and Percy produces the wedding cake. Ken tells Deirdre that for the first time ever he really feels like Tracy's father. He and Deirdre have a quiet moment together. Curly leaves for the conference without saying goodbye to Raquel.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 1996
    Mon 11 Nov, 1996
    Episode 136
    Curly encourages Raquel to do well in her interviews and tells her he would consider moving if she took a job out of the area. She goes to the second stage and removes her wedding ring, fearing it might cost her the job. Samantha enjoys leading Sean on when he flirts with her. She feels she's not his type but he persists so she agrees to go dog racing with him. The interviewers are impressed by Raquel's personality and her modelling history. She tells them she doesn't have any commitments. Deirdre and Ken meet Robert, their future son-in-law, and take to him. Raquel is stunned when she is offered a job in Kuala Lumpur. Shirley and Maurice Preston have tea with the Barlows and Robert. Tracy is nervous to meet her new in-laws and Ken is put out when working class Maurice takes against him for being a teacher. Liz warns Samantha to watch herself with Sean, explaining how he sexually harassed her. Deirdre is upset when the Prestons tell her they don't want Robert to marry Tracy as he's on the rebound. Sean is furious when Samantha tells him she's not going out with him because someone has told her he sexually harassed them. He instinctly knows it's Liz. Ken is aghast when Tracy buys her wedding dress for £14 from a charity shop and a pair of DM boots. Raquel tells Curly she's been offered a job in Malaysia and it's not fair. He assures her there'll be other jobs.moreless
  • Fri 8 Nov, 1996
    Fri 8 Nov, 1996
    Episode 135
    Jim buys a new van. Betty and Emily are thrilled with the news of Tracy's wedding. Tracy is angry when Mike gloats about her marrying in London and not letting Ken walk her down the aisle. Lorraine doesn't get the job but Raquel gets through to the second interview. Lorraine tells her it's not friend and accuses her of taking her job from her. Ken and Deirdre are delighted when Tracy tells them she's decided to get married to Weatherfield. Jim doesn't want to tell Liz about stopping the cheque but Bill forces him to. Liz is horrified and shouts at him. He is angered by her reaction and tells her she's not going to get a penny out of him. He calms down and tells her he needed the money to buy a van and thought he could pay her in instalments. She accepts this. Weatherfield Register office has a cancellation for next week so Tracy takes it. Ken and Deirdre start to plan the wedding. Fiona takes Rita's advice when singing and sings to one member of the audience. She enjoys her performance but is embarrassed when her eye contact, Alan McKenna, offers to buy her a drink, telling her he thinks she's a great performer.moreless
  • Wed 6 Nov, 1996
    Wed 6 Nov, 1996
    Episode 134
    Bill and Jim are depressed when their van breaks down. Maud is pleased that Maureen spent the night with Bill. Deirdre is thrilled when Tracy visits but stunned when she tells her she's getting married. Alec tells Fiona she obviously cares about singing or she wouldn't have walked off the stage. He tells her she must stick at the singing to make it work for her. Jim is annoyed to see Liz drinking and chatting with Sean. Tracy assures Deirdre she's not pregnant and assures her Robert has a good job. He's 25 and comes from Withington. Deirdre is alarmed that they've only known each other for six months but Tracy tells her he's the man she loves. Deirdre gives her her blessing. Claire tells Carol she was right about the flat being a charade so she's moved back to No. 6. Carol accuses her of cheating the authorities but Claire tells her it's nothing to do with her. Ken is thrilled that Tracy is getting married. Raquel and Lorraine have interviews at Berkeley International. Bill stops the cheque he gave Liz, telling Bill they need the money and if Liz is with Sean she won't go short of cash.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 1996
    Mon 4 Nov, 1996
    Episode 133
    Ken accuses Derek of spreading rumours about him and Sue. Derek denies doing so. Audrey and Alma return from the health farm. Audrey tells Alf she intends to go once a year. Alf worries about Sterling's report and fears he'll lose his licence. Audrey tells him he's being stupid and gets him to send his renewal form in. Raquel's friend from Maidenhead, Lorraine, comes to stay with her whilst she's up for an interview. Raquel is stunned when she's told she'll have to leave the Imperial as there's not enough work. Lorraine tries to cheer her up and suggests she joins her at her interview. Derek tells Mavis off for gossiping about Ken and Sue. She tells Becky off. Des is upset when Claire calls him a conman for the pretence of the flat. He tells her he's had enough of her moaning and suggests she leaves him, reminding her that she's a free agent. He is surprised and pleased when she tells him and Becky that she's decided to move back to No. 6 permanently. Fiona sings at Shirelle's and gets angry when the audience talks over her song. She stops half way through and walks off stage. Bill takes Maureen for a meal and then back to his flat.moreless
  • Fri 1 Nov, 1996
    Fri 1 Nov, 1996
    Episode 132
    Claire is bemused about sleeping in a grotty flat and living at No. 6. She shows Carol around her new home, suffering her opinions of how low she's sunk. Percy decides to take part in the school sponsored walk. Alf is determined to out walk him. Jim gives Liz £1,000. She thanks him. Carol tells Claire it's obvious the flat is a charade and that she's still living with Des. Ken acts as master of ceremonies at the school fete. In his rush to out walk Percy Alf falls and sprains his ankle. He is attended by Dr Stirling who tells him he's written to the DVLA saying that he feels he isn't fit to drive a car. Fred attends the fete and meets Sue, reminding her of their childhood when they were next door neighbours. She is horrified when he tells her he's heard about her being carried out of Ken's room. Bill's plans to celebrate his birthday are spoilt when Maureen has to look after sick Maud. Maud is upset as she wants Maureen to go out with Bill. Sue accuses Ken of telling people about her accident.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 1996
    Wed 30 Oct, 1996
    Episode 131
    Maud reads Raquel's palm and tells her she's going to be travelling soon. Alf goes to see Dr Stirling to prove he's fit. When he tells the doctor about his worry over his past heart attack he is told that wouldn't affect his licence and advised to send his renewal form back. In the car park he tries to manoeuvre and backs into Dr Stirling's car. Eric and Edith Firman entertain the Watts, Anne and Andy to dinner. Anne feels awkward and Curly fears Raquel will make a fool of herself again. Maud urges Maureen to get passionate with Bill, disappointed that nothing happened after she left them alone in the house. Raquel proves to be a great hit with Edith as she is self assured and confident. Curly is impressed. Audrey and Alma go to a health farm. Kelly and Ashley make up and she admits she does enjoy it when he's forceful. Edith warns Raquel that Curly will grow into Eric and all he'll think about is frozen food.moreless
  • Mon 28 Oct, 1996
    Mon 28 Oct, 1996
    Episode 130
    Kelly is upset that Ashley is trying to act macho. Claire and Becky agree to move into the bookie's flat for a month to see how they like the situation. Curly tells Raquel that the Mallett's show of affection made him feel jealous. Liz thinks Jim' £500 was insulting. She wants to settle up but also wants a fair deal. She asks Andy to act as go between but he refuses. Fred is annoyed by the new masterful Ashley and blames Kelly for changing him but she tells him it's Don's fault. Sue apologises to Ken for all that happened in Southport and thanks him for being understanding. Fred advises Ashley to show Kelly he's the boss by grabbing her for a kiss. Claire and Becky move into the bookie's flat. Kelly is pleased when Ashley kisses her passionately and apologises but he oversteps the mark when he tells her to shut up so she slams the door on him again. Liz agrees to accept £1,000 from Jim.moreless
  • Fri 25 Oct, 1996
    Fri 25 Oct, 1996
    Episode 129
    Des accuses Claire of only looking for a reason to finish with him. Ken is horrified to find Sue unconscious in his hotel room, after slipping and banging her head in the bathroom. As she is taken to hospital he finds it hard to explain to the hotel management why she was in his room. Norris sees Sue being carried out on a stretcher and tells Derek. Bill tells Jim he's sick of hearing about his divorce and accuses him of being thick and playing games just so that he can hang onto Liz. Derek phones Mavis with the news of Sue being carried out of Ken's room on a stretcher. She tells Rita unaware that Becky is listening. Sean tries to chat Samantha up but she isn't interested. Jim tells Bill he's right and decides to offer Liz money. Becky gossips to her friends about Ken and Sue sharing a hotel room. Alf decides to prove his fitness by taking part in the school's sponsored walk. Don advises Ashley to be masterful with Kelly. Ashley tells Kelly he's not weak and is stunned when she slams the door in his face. Des shows Claire the empty flat over the bookie's shop, telling her that she could pretend to move into it in case anyone spied on them for the RAF. She doesn't like the deception. Ken returns and tells Deirdre about his awful experience. Sue had to have stitches in hospital but is all right now. Deirdre finds the scenario amusing. Emily refuses to listen to Mavis' gossip about Ken. Jim gives Liz a cheque for £500 but she tells him it's not enough and throws it back at him.moreless
  • Wed 23 Oct, 1996
    Wed 23 Oct, 1996
    Episode 128
    Des and Claire assure Becky that they are not spilling up because of her but because of Jeff's pension. Raquel overhears that Claire is looking for a flat and asks if she and Des are moving. She is embarrassed when Claire tells her all about their relationship. Liz and Jim meet with a professional mediator in the hope of sorting out their differences. Derek and Norris check into their hotel in Southport only to discover that there is only one room available. The mediator is caught in the middle when Liz and Jim row about his mother's money. Liz gets worked up and storms out. Derek and Norris are forced to share a double room. Norris makes sure that his bed faces North using a compass. The Malletts entertain the Watts with the conversation being centred around children. When Judy's alarm buzzer goes off they go upstairs for sex as it's their optimum time for conceiving. Curly and Raquel don't know how to react. Norris is upset when Derek discovers that his compass is wrong and that he has been sleeping the wrong way for years. Sue opens her heart to Ken and brings wine to his room. When she falls asleep he leaves her and goes to sleep in her room.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 1996
    Mon 21 Oct, 1996
    Episode 127
    Claire is upset that Des won't commit himself to her. Ken organises the Autumn fair at school. Becky is upset when Claire tells her that she is splitting from Des. She thinks that it's because of her. Alf is forced to walk as his driving licence has expired on his 70th birthday and he refuses to apply for an extension as he may be refused on health grounds. Ken goes to Southport with Sue and Deirdre warns him to be on his guard. Derek's plans to decorate the spare room are shelved when Norris tells him he's to accompany him to a trade fair. Curly tells Raquel that he feels out of things now that she has got a job and new friends. She tells him that he must accept that things are now part of her life. Ashley's plans to go out with Kelly are spoilt when Don drags him onto a poker game. Kelly is furious when he stands her up as he enjoys the game and wins the others money. Becky accuse Des and Claire of not being honest with her and telling her that she was the cause of their split.moreless
  • Fri 18 Oct, 1996
    Fri 18 Oct, 1996
    Episode 126
    Having established that Maud is going to bingo, Maureen invites Bill round for the evening. Raquel starts work at the Imperial and starts to socialise with the other beauticians. Jack gets Jamie to agree to stop skiving school by threatening to withdraw the promise of his own pigeon. Ashley moves into No. 5. Don tells him that now he has his rent money he doesn't need to work so many night shifts. Ashley is disappointed as he was hoping to entertain Kelly. Bill tells Maureen that she means a lot to him and she leads him upstairs. She is horrified when she sees Maud arrive home. Maud sees Bills van and decides to leave them alone. Maureen is confused and feels that she can't go to bed with Bill. She assures him that there will be another time. Claire is pleased when Becky tells her that she likes Des. Des tells Claire that he can't let her turn her back on the money and suggests that she moves out but continues to be his girlfriend. She warns him that if she moves out then they are finished.moreless
  • Wed 16 Oct, 1996
    Wed 16 Oct, 1996
    Episode 125
    Kelly thinks that No. 5 isn't the right house for Ashley as she doesn't like Don. Raquel tells Curly that if he wants children she must see that he is more committed to the idea. Jim fumes when Liz's solicitor asks him to value the furniture he bought with the house. Ken tries to get out of going to the conference with Sue and so she accuses him of thinking that she is interested in him. Although that is what he is thinking he assures her that he can't. She admits that she might be a bit interested in him but she says that she wouldn't make a pass so he agrees to go to the conference after all. Roy lectures Jamie when he catches him skiving from school. He gets to the root of the problem when he asks after Carl. Gail tries to talk to Jamie about how much he misses his dad but he doesn't want to talk about it. Des doesn't know how to treat Claire now that she is willing to give up £16,000 for him. He isn't sure that he is happy with that amount of commitment. Deirdre tells Ken that Sue is obviously letting him know that she is available if he is interested. Claire assures Des that she is not interested in marrying him. She is hurt when he tells her that he is going off women when they are available to him. He tells her to pack her bags but she knows that he doesn't want her to leave.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 1996
    Mon 14 Oct, 1996
    Episode 124
    Becky stands up for Jamie when Lauren teases him about his Dad being in prison. Curly is stunned when Raquel dresses sophisticated for an interview at a Manchester hotel. Billy questions Des about Claire losing her widow's pension from the RAF. Des doesn't know what he's talking about. Becky tells Jamie how much she misses her Dad. He tells her he's upset as Tricia is seeking a divorce from Carl. Tricia is annoyed that she can't divorce Carl quickly without his agreement. Vera assures her she'll pay the solicitor's bills. Curly reminds Raquel that they want to have children but she now wants to concentrate on her career first of all. Don shows Ashley around No. 5. Ashley likes it but Kelly is wary of Don. When Des asks Claire about her pension she automatically thinks Carol has told him. She calms down when he says it was Billy who told him. Raquel is taken on at the Imperial Hotel on a trail basis. Ken tells Deirdre he fears Sue is attracted to him and will make a move at the conference. Deirdre advises him to clear the air before they go away. Bill tells Maureen he likes her and would like a relationship with her. She is flattered but tells him she feels committed to her mother and the shop and that she feels she's not completely over Reg yet. When Bill kisses her she responds. Des is stunned when Claire tells him her pension is £16,000 and she doesn't mind giving it up to live with him.moreless
  • Fri 11 Oct, 1996
    Fri 11 Oct, 1996
    Episode 123
    Curly agrees to see Alf and to resign from the Dealers. Tricia gets a letter from Carl blaming her for losing him his parole and telling her he always knew Jamie wasn't his son. She is upset that he is denying his own son. Alf is sad to hear from Curly that he's resigning from the Rectangle. Ashley doesn't like his mother's boyfriend Trevor and feels they want him to leave home. Jamie finds Carl's letter and is upset that he's saying he's not his father. He turns to Jack and the pigeons for support. Jack doesn't know what to say. Audrey tells Alf she's taking Alma to the health farm instead of him. He is furious that it's his present and he still has to pay for it, even though he's not going. Sue calls on Ken and tells him she can't stop thinking about her husband leaving her. He tells her he's glad to listen to her woes and cooks her dinner. Kelly tells Ashley Don needs a lodger and it would be handy as it's only two doors from her. Fred and Norris are stunned when Alf tells them Curly has resigned. They tell him about Curly telling Jack the sacred oath but are interrupted by Alec who delights in telling them that it was he who told Jack. Tricia burns Carl's letter in front of Jamie telling him its contents are a pack of lies. Maureen is pleased when Bill buys her a drink. Norris and Fred apologise to Curly, telling him he doesn't have to do any more tasks and promising elevation to the Inner Rectangle. Curly is pleased to withdraw his resignation but Raquel feels he's put the Dealers before her. Ken assures Sue that her life isn't over; she'll meet another man.moreless
  • Wed 9 Oct, 1996
    Wed 9 Oct, 1996
    Episode 122
    Raquel tells Jack the Dealers are giving Curly the run around because they think he told him secrets. He tells her Alec told them to him. Maud urges Maureen to make her peace with Bill or they'll never have a good relationship. Raquel tells Des she hopes things work out well with Claire. He tells her he's glad she's turned out a winner. Sue gives Ken a bottle of wine for his birthday. He is puzzled by the gesture. Alf demands Audrey cancels the health farm but she is desperate to go herself and keeps stalling him. Carol accuses Claire of not being honest with Des as she hasn't told him about her pension. Raquel tells Alec that Curly is being blamed for what he said to Jack about the Dealers. She is relieved when Alec tells her he'll take care of everything. Anne and Andy entertain the Malones and Jim. Andy is relieved when Jim is on his best behaviour. Curly is angry to discover Raquel has been trying to sort out his Dealers problems. He accuses her of having changed as she's confident and grown up. She orders Curly to tell the Dealers to leave him alone or resign.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 1996
    Mon 7 Oct, 1996
    Episode 121
    Alf celebrates his 70th birthday, thinking he's guessed Audrey's surprise - tickets to see "Grease". Tricia tries to make Jamie see they're better off without Carl but he doesn't believe her. When Jamie runs out of school in the middle of the day Sue sends Ken after him to see what's going on. Jamie tells Ken he was hoping to get to Strangeways to see his Dad. He gets Jamie to return to school by promising he'll talk to Tricia about his feelings. Alf looks forward to going to theatre but Audrey only organises a gathering at the Rovers as he has told her he doesn't want a big fuss. Ken advises Tricia to spend more time talking to Jamie and listening to what he has to say. Alf turns up for his party dressed in his old suit from his Teddy Boy days to get into the spirit of watching "Grease". He is touched by the party the regulars lay on. Tricia agrees to arrange for Jamie to visit Carl. Raquel is furious when Curly lets her down over an evening out as he's doing one of his 49 tasks. Ken makes a speech at Alf's party and Audrey gives him his present - a three day stay at a health farm for two. Alf is horrified by the cost, £800.moreless
  • Fri 4 Oct, 1996
    Fri 4 Oct, 1996
    Episode 120
    Jim apologises to Bill for upsetting Maureen. Fred tells Norris that the Book containing the details of the 49 tasks has gone missing. Raquel has an interview in Manchester. Anne gives Andy a rent book, telling him he can now claim housing benefit. Norris and Fred try to remember what the 49 tasks stood for. Norris comes up with a plan set around the mystical seven, 49 being seven times seven. Norris tells Curly that one of the tasks will take seven years to complete. Fred thinks he's going too far. Raquel is offered a job but isn't sure if she wants it, thinking that if they would employ her then a better firm might as well. Curly is amazed by her new confidence. Tricia tells Jamie the truth about his dad hitting her at the prison, he calls her a liar and runs off from her.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 1996
    Wed 2 Oct, 1996
    Episode 119
    Curly is surprised by Raquel's new positive attitude to herself and work. She sends out job applications. Jim enjoys teasing Bill about his relationship with Maureen. Alf worries that Audrey is going to make a fuss over his 70th birthday. Vera discovers that Jack has written a cheque for the horse's upkeep which includes Don's share. She tells him that subbing Don won't help him. Raquel is amazed that Curly is stressed over being reprimanded by the Dealers. She urges him to see them and sort it out. Maureen is upset when Jim tells her Bill has been telling him about their relationship and that Jim knows all about Simon standing her up. Mavis books a holiday in Estoril, Portugal. When Alec complains that she didn't buy it through him she reminds him of the last time he sold her a holiday and she never got beyond the airport. Maxine tries to get Fiona to spend some money on refurbishments in the Salon. Fred and Norris are startled when Curly tells them he won't be doing the tasks. He is forced to back down when they tell him Eric is going to hand out the tasks. Vera suggests to Don that if he needs money he should take in a lodger. The police ask Tricia to press charges against Carl but she refuses, saying she just wants him out of her life as she's frightened of him. Maureen tells Jim she can't forgive him for telling Bill about her lonely hearts and feels a fool to have ever trusted him.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 1996
    Mon 30 Sep, 1996
    Episode 118
    Andy moves out of No. 11 and in with Anne at 16 Orchard Close. Jamie is horrified to see Tricia has a black eye. She tells him she tripped over at a night club. Audrey convinces herself Nick is better off with Stephen than Gail. Anne organises her things as she moves into the new house. Curly fetches Raquel home from Maidenhead. The Duckworths comfort Tricia as she breaks down in tears over her black eye. They are angry that Carl hit her and agree with her that they've got to get him out of her life. Vera tells Raquel she should never have sacked her but Raquel tells her she did her a favour. Don tells Jack he can't afford to pay his share towards the horse and asks him for a sub. Jamie believes Tricia goes to discos to pick up men and that one of them thumped her. He longs for his dad to come home and protect them.moreless
  • Fri 27 Sep, 1996
    Fri 27 Sep, 1996
    Episode 117
    Bill apologises to Maureen, thinking he's embarrassed her. Curly assumes Fred and Norris are going to ask him to join the Inner Rectangle. Fiona spends £120 of Alec's money on a dress for her act. Don is furious when he hears Nick is living in Canada. He accuses Martin of conveniently getting shut of him and is annoyed that the school fees are coming out of his money. Gail breaks down as he accuses her of marring Nick for life. Fred and Norris accuse Curly of revealing the sacred oath to a non Dealer. Curly swears he didn't tell Jack anything but they find him guilty and tell him he'll have to perform the 49 tasks. Maureen tells Bill she liked it when he kissed her but she's scared of getting involved. Sue asks Ken to join her for a conference in Southport. Fiona does another gig and is unimpressed by the tattiness of the club. Tricia visits Carl in prison, telling him she's finished with him but will let him see Jamie. When she tells him she's pregnant he calls her a slut and thumps her. The wardens jump on him.moreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 1996
    Wed 25 Sep, 1996
    Episode 116
    Jim suffers from the Detox, sweating and shaking. Andy doesn't understand why he puts himself through it. Maureen avoids Bill. Des gives Mavis chocolates in the hope she'll babysit with Becky but Mavis has an engagement. The Platts return from Canada and tell shocked Audrey that Nick is staying. They explain he's enrolled in a private school for a couple of years, using his inheritance. Audrey accuses Gail of shoving Nick away because he's a problem. Jim stops drinking. He tells Bill he wants to return to the firm but Bill tells him he's unreliable and he's taken on another worker. Jim tells him he can no longer use his van. Des is horrified when Mavis gives Becky a budgie of her own. Fiona tells Alec that if she's going to continue she wants a contract drawn up. When he agrees she feels that she's played into his hands but still says she wants a contract. He tells Rita that he's backing Fiona because he wants to push one of his discoveries all the way to the top. Bill tells Jim he'll take him back on if he stays sober. Jim agrees to let him use the van again.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 1996
    Mon 23 Sep, 1996
    Episode 115
    Jim spends the weekend on a drinking binge. He is relieved when Andy tells him he wasn't violent towards anybody. Andy begs him to stop drinking but Jim feels he needs to live his life blurred. Tricia is annoyed that Jamie gave Carl their number and address. Fiona tells Alec she only wants to be a hairdresser. He tells her she must carry on singing as she is gifted. Derek tells the society to leave No. 4 off the tour. He tells Emily Mavis values their friendship and is sad she's upset her. Emily feels it's going to take her a while to forgive the Wiltons. Norris and Fred spy Curly talking in secret with Jack and ask him to a special Dealers meeting. Tricia asks the Duckworths if she can move into the Rovers. They tell her running away from Carl won't help and suggest she visits him to keep one step ahead of him. Fiona is flattered when Rita tells her she's got a great talent. Emily is annoyed when Mavis offers her chocolates as a peace offering. She refuses them, telling Mavis she always does the easiest thing and never thinks of other people. Maureen breaks down and tells Bill that Simon stood her up. Bill comforts her with a kiss and tells her he likes her, but she draws back. Jim gets drunk and shouts in the Street at Sally when she complains about the noise he's making.moreless
  • Fri 20 Sep, 1996
    Fri 20 Sep, 1996
    Episode 114
    Becky buys a bell for Beauty, pleasing Mavis. Jim enjoys an idle day. He is annoyed when Jack accuses him of living the Life of Riley and starts drinking again. When Maud questions him about work he turns on her, frightening her. Rita takes charge of Fiona, sorting out her dresses and taking her to a pianist who produces a backing tape for her. Maud goes to Llandudno for the weekend with an OAP group. Mavis watches in interest as the historical society visit the Street. She is horrified when the guide talks about Ernie Bishop's murder at the factory on the site of their house. Emily overhears the talk and is mortified, especially when she learns Mavis and Dave gave their permission. Mavis apologises but Emily is furious she didn't ask the society why they wanted permission. She accuses Mavis of helping to cheapen Ernie's death. Alec and Rita support Fiona as she does her act at Shirelle's. She goes down well but hasn't got a song for an encore. Tricia is horrified when Carl phones for her. Norris is stunned when Jack quotes some Square Dealer talk to him. Fiona isn't sure if she wants to be a singer in back street clubs.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 1996
    Wed 18 Sep, 1996
    Episode 113
    Maureen is thrilled with Nigel the dentist and thinks he's perfect. Maud is happy as she thinks Maureen is having a relationship with Bill. Fred offers Alec the chance to join the Square Dealers but Alec refuses, saying he's not the type. Derek and Jack are horrified to learn Alec has been asked to replace Tommy Mook at the Dealers and can't understand why he turned the honour down. Jamie writes to Carl in prison. Maud is stunned when Maureen tells her about joining the lonely hearts and her blind date. Fiona is impressed when Alec promises her training and support and says he'll book Rita as her coach. Ken struggles directing Midsummer's Night Dream. Rita doesn't want to coach Fiona in singing for Alec until Fiona tells her she genuinely wants to be trained. Sue Jeffers opens her heart to Ken and tells him that her husband has left her for another woman. He tries to comfort her. Jim gets Bill and Liz together in the Rovers, telling them that as Liz wants half of all he earns he is no longer going to work and his partnership with Bill is over.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 1996
    Mon 16 Sep, 1996
    Episode 112
    Alec thinks Fiona has a great future ahead of her. Ken is put upon to direct the school play when the drama teacher falls ill. Fiona is amazed when Alec tells her he wants to book her to play at Shirelle's. She thinks Alec is barmy and tells him she's not interested. Liz is embarrassed when Jim heckles her in the Street accusing her of bleeding him of money. She is put out when Deirdre and Andy don't want to listen to her moans. Tricia tells the Duckworths that Carl is out on parole soon and she's dreading seeing him. Maxine is annoyed that Alec thinks Fiona is good and she isn't. Bill follows Maureen as, calling herself Sylvia, she meets Simon (real name Nigel) in a wine bar. Bill is upset to see them getting on well together. Tricia assures the Duckworths she's finished with Carl. Jamie overhears her telling them she's lied to him saying Carl was in a prison miles away when he's really in Strangeways. She promises him she's never visited Carl.moreless
  • Fri 13 Sep, 1996
    Fri 13 Sep, 1996
    Episode 111
    Jack is intrigued to discover Alec knows about secret Square Dealer pledges. Alec tells him a few. Tricia goes for her Triple Test at hospital and is nervous. Vera turns up to give her support and they are thrilled with the scan print out. Maxine dreams of hitting the big time. She gets her friends to cheer her on at Shirelle's. Fiona turns up after having had a meal with Lee and is quite drunk. Maxine enjoys herself at Shirelle's, cheered on by Tony. Afterwards Shirelle walks around with a mike getting the audience to sing. Shirelle is impressed by Fiona's singing and drags her on stage. Maud gets Bill to go to the pictures with her and Maureen. Maureen tells him about the lonely hearts and her disastrous blind date. He tells her that he'll follow her at the next meeting and interrupt if the date goes wrong. Alec is impressed by Fiona's singing and tells Shirelle she is one of his acts.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 1996
    Wed 11 Sep, 1996
    Episode 110
    Tricia apologises to Sally for slagging her off. Maureen replies to a lonely hearts advert as she misses male company. Joyce is thrilled to hear Judy's trying for a baby. Maud gets a new folding wheelchair and has Bill build a ramp up to her front door. She likes Bill and thinks Maureen should take an interest in him. Stephen is embarrassed when Alma questions him over his relationship with Deirdre. He tells her there isn't anything in it and if there was it wouldn't be her business. He returns to Canada. Joyce hopes to stir Alec up by telling him she's interested in a cheap holiday. He refuses to offer to take her away and instead offers her a cheap package deal. Maxine looks forward to her act and believes it will lead to greater things. Fiona thinks she's kidding herself. Mavis fills the conservatory with furniture annoying Derek who plans to grow crysanths. Des gets Becky to trick the Wiltons into letting her spend time with Beauty, hoping she'll annoy them. However she gets on well with Beauty. Maureen goes on a blind date.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 1996
    Mon 9 Sep, 1996
    Episode 109
    Drag queen Shirelle, owner of the old Gatsby Club, contacts Alec for some acts. Maxine asks if she can be one as he promised her some work after the talent show. He tells her she's not good enough. Sally likes to be friends with everyone and finds it hard to adjust to being a boss. The Wiltons are thrilled when the Weatherfield Historical Society selects their house to be part of a guided tour. They are intrigued to find out why their house is so famous. Deirdre is fed up when she struggles to cope at work whilst Alec interviews acts in the back room. Alec struggles to come up with five good acts and worries when Shirelle tells him he wants top acts. Kevin tells Tricia that Sally stood up for her and stopped Mike sacking her. Judy tells Gary she needs the house decorated so she can start nest building. The Wiltons do research and discover a highway man was hung on the site of the Street. They believe this must be why they've been chosen. Deirdre feels Stephen only took her out out of pity and that she's too old for him. Alec tells Maxine he's changed his mind and she can perform at Shirelle's. She agrees on the condition he pays her £25.moreless
  • Fri 6 Sep, 1996
    Fri 6 Sep, 1996
    Episode 108
    Jim is furious to receive a letter from Liz's solicitor demanding a share of his mother's legacy. Joyce finds it a bit insulting that Alec hasn't tried to take advantage of her as she keeps offering herself to him. Judy tells her she's scared that if she doesn't have a child Gary will leave her for someone who will. Jim searches for Liz, letting Bill down on a job. Bill tells him that he's not interested in his problems anymore, he just wants him to pull his weight. Jim is stunned when Bill turns on his pipe dream of employing Steve and tells him there's no way he's taking Steve on board and tells him to decide who he wants to work with - Him or Steve. Gary looks over another bike, upsetting Judy who wonders why he sold his old bike if they're not really having a dish washer. He is thrilled when she tells him to save the money as they'll need it; she agrees to have a baby. Deirdre is thrilled when Stephen asks her out for dinner. Mike guesses there's been trouble about Tricia turning in late and decides to sack her. Sally stops him by saying she'll take on the responsibility of making sure Tricia works hard. Stephen sees the Platts off as they fly to Canada. Sally is upset when Tricia accuses her of telling tales to Mike about her. Joyce asks Alec why he doesn't make a pass at her. He tells her that since Bet he's only had female companions as he doesn't want to get hurt again. She agrees to be a platonic friend. Deirdre feels awkward with Stephen as it's her first date since Samir died. Alma sees them together and is jealous.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 1996
    Wed 4 Sep, 1996
    Episode 107
    Martin points out to Nick that he thinks everything around him is boring. Martin suggests to Gail that they think again about Canada as it might give Nick the excitement he needs. Sally looks after the factory all day and lays into Tricia when she turns up late, accusing her of trying it on whilst Mike's away. Norris tells Alf that the Council and Square Dealers have decided he is the man to head Weatherfield's Millennium. Alf is stunned and thrilled. Tricia is furious when Sally refuses to let her do over time at time and a half as she was late in. Sally is pleased to see the girls starting to treat her like the boss. Martin tells Stephen they'd like to go to Canada as they want to interest Nick and stop him running away again. Carol brings a framed photograph of Jeff for Becky. Rather than keeping it by her bed Becky puts it on the TV in the lounge. Claire tells Des that Jeff wouldn't have wanted to be on top of the TV as he always told her that if he died she should enjoy her life. Stephen arranges for the Platts to go to Canada but tells them they'll have to leave within the week.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 1996
    Mon 2 Sep, 1996
    Episode 106
    Des feels awkward when he stops Becky from borrowing one of his X-rated videos. Jamie is impressed by Nick's talk about what his life was like in London. Tricia is livid when Jamie thinks running away to London is cool. Claire tells Des he's going to have to get rid of his dope plant. He gives it to Mavis, telling her it's a rare pot plant. Gail is upset by the way Nick refuses to talk about his life in London. She fears something nasty happened to him. Alma is annoyed that Gail hasn't told her that Stephen is back. Tricia goes for Nick when she sees him in the Street, accusing him of filling Jamie's head with nonsense. Gail sees her and rows with her. Martin has to grab hold of Martin to stop her attacking Tricia, she tells them she's had enough of them all - especially Nick. Martin gets them all into the house and tells Jamie that Nick has not told them anything about London. Nick is embarrassed when Jamie starts to retell all his adventures and says he'll tell the Platts what happened. Nick admits he went to London but only stayed for two hours as he found it boring and spent the rest of the time in Torquay. Gail and Martin can't stop laughing at the tame time he had.moreless
  • Fri 30 Aug, 1996
    Fri 30 Aug, 1996
    Episode 105
    Joyce tells Vera that Alec didn't try anything on but she wishes he had. Tricia feels she's got nothing to look forward to in life. She wants to get word to Terry. Stephen arrives unannounced at the factory, and is pleased to find the quality of the work has improved. He tells Mike he's been let down by a supplier, Mike delights in saying he'll take the order on. Norris tries to ignore Derek when he goes on about joining the Dealers. Stephen tells the Platts he'd like to take them to Canada. Nick is thrilled but Gail tells Stephen they can't go. Stephen is puzzled by the reaction. Becky is upset when she hears Liz is Des' old flame. Martin tells Stephen about Nick running away and how they don't want Nick to get what he wants all the time. Stephen tells him they need a break. Joyce cooks Alec a meal as a thank you. Becky tells Claire that Des broke the McDonalds up. Des tells Becky that he has had lots of women but they are all in the past. Nick tells Gail she's weird for stopping them going to Canada just to get at him.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 1996
    Wed 28 Aug, 1996
    Episode 104
    Des struggles to get used to having a full house. Claire is frightened to find him cool. Alec is horrified to find the bill Joyce has run up. His pride stops him from telling her Sunliners are not paying for the trip. Sally is annoyed when Ida admits to clocking Tricia in. Sally agrees not to tell Mike as she knows he'd dock Tricia's wages. Joyce is alarmed when Alec admits the trip wasn't a freebie. She feels awful and offers to help pay but he refuses to let her, just glad she's had a good time. Andy is annoyed when Fiona makes a remark about the on-off relationship he and Anne seem to have. He tells her he's sick of playing second fiddle to Steve and now wants a life of his own. Alec is annoyed when Vera sees him returning with Joyce. Vera assumes they're lovers. Des assures Claire he wants to live with her and doesn't want to wreck their relationship. Sally is pleased when Mike tells her he wants her to be his second in command and give her responsibility. She demands more money. Fiona is amazed to hear Tony has bought the garage. Des tells Becky and Claire they must take things one step at a time. Becky is fascinated when he asks her to help him spy on and annoy the Wiltons. Liz is horrified to find out her divorce bill is already £500. She decides she was wrong to not want anything from Jim and now wants to go for costs. Claire apologises to Carol for storming out but tells her she's not returning. Carol offers to look after Becky but Becky says she's staying with Claire.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 1996
    Mon 26 Aug, 1996
    Episode 103
    Joyce leaves Scamper with the Malletts as she goes off with Alec. Alec is anxious as he doesn't want anyone to know they're going away together. Don tells everyone that Kevin and Tony are devious. He calls Percy an old fool when he stands up for Kevin. Des calls on the Palmers, Charlie tells him how Jeff's death affected the family. Charlie and Carol are upset to discover Claire hasn't told Des the details of Jeff's death. Claire is awkward to find Des with her in-laws, she is annoyed that Charlie is upset and tells them she hasn't told Des much about Jeff because he wouldn't be interested. Des leaves as Claire starts rowing with Carol. Derek is dismayed when one of his wellies is stolen from the Rovers. He is stunned to find it standing outside his front door. Joyce takes all her dresses to the hotel to have them cleaned and mended on Alec's account as well as phoning her sister in Australia. She enjoys herself as Alec tries to make sure she has a good time. She is disappointed when he assures her he isn't after her body, only her company. Judy pampers Scamper. Gary thinks it's because she's becoming maternal. Norris enjoys his little joke on Derek, stealing his wellie. Des is thrilled when Claire and Becky arrive with cases, saying they've come to move in.moreless
  • Fri 23 Aug, 1996
    Fri 23 Aug, 1996
    Episode 102
    The Platts and Roberts have an emotional reunion with Nick. Gail can't cope and rushes to be sick. Nick can't understand what all the fuss is about as Martin lays into him for putting Gail through hell. Alf acts as peace maker between them. Judy tells Joyce she fears something went on between Gary and Samantha. Gail pleads with Martin not to get sat Nick, although she knows he deserves it. She fears he'll go again. Andy tells Jim he'll be staying with him after all. Don is delighted to hear Nick is back. Martin and Gail tell Nick they need to understand why he left. He says he was fed up being alone and fancied a holiday. They are alarmed when he tells them he went to London and slept rough. He assures them he didn't take drugs and no one interfered with him. Gail is pleased when he says he took a job in a cafe. Andy tells Curly he can't cope with the way Anne organises him. Vera has to step in to stop Samantha and Judy coming to blows behind the bar. Judy thinks she's a tart but Samantha swears she hasn't laid a finger on Gary. Vera makes Judy see that Samantha is telling the truth when she says she's not been near Gary. Don is annoyed to hear from the bank that the garage has been sold for £25,000. Judy confides in Vera, telling her she's jealous because she knows Gary wants children and she doesn't so she fears he'll roam. Anne apologises to Andy and talks him into moving in with her. Jim wishes him well. Judy apologises to Samantha. Sean buys Liz a drink and chats to her about divorces. Don interrupts Maxine, Tony and the Websters celebrating the garage. He accuses them of thieving the garage off him after forcing him to close down He tells them he hopes they lose everything as he has.moreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 1996
    Wed 21 Aug, 1996
    Episode 101
    Sean urges Des to cut from Claire before he gets too involved. Tony and Kevin celebrate when the bank accept their offer on the garage. They resign from Fastfitters. Audrey is horrified when Alf says Docker's Wynd is be renamed after him. She feels everyone will think it's Wind. Gail is horrified when the police tell her a boy has died in Stoke and they need Nick's dental records for identification. Claire tells devastated Des that she needs time to think and doesn't want to see him for a while. Alf takes Gail to Stoke as she demands to see the body. Ken catches Emily as she nearly falls in the Street as Samantha nearly knocks her down on the motorbike. Gail is not allowed to see the body without the police present. Alf supports her as she collapses. Andy accuses Anne of being dictatorial when she sacks a lazy assistant. She tells him she's put an offer in on a new house and it will be their new home. He is annoyed that he hasn't been consulted and tells her he's not moving in and doesn't want to work with her anymore. Martin arrives in Stoke to fetch Gail home, telling her the boy might not be Nick. She tells him she can't go on living like this. When they get home she tries to act normal for the children and is completely stunned when Nick walks in.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 1996
    Mon 19 Aug, 1996
    Episode 100
    Judy looks forward to getting a dishwasher but can't understand why Gary thought of it. Mike returns from holiday. Des tells Sean he feels Claire is worth a lot more than his normal women. Sean warns him she probably just wants a father for Becky. Des is adamant he doesn't intend to take Claire from Becky. Andy is put out when Anne insists on him calling her Ms Malone at work. Kevin tells Tony he wants to buy the garage but still worries about a £25,000 commitment. Tony pushes him to buy it as it's a bargain. Joyce is shocked when Alec asks her to go away to the Lakes with him. He assures her it would be separate rooms and she tells him she'd be honoured but it might put their relationship in jeopardy. When he agrees she changes her mind and tells him she'd love to go. Jim tells Steve that he's going to build up a business for Steve to join when he is released. So as not to let him down Steve tells Jim it sounds wonderful. Andy accuses Anne of being vicious when she tears a strip off an assistant. With Becky away Des expects Claire to stay the night. He gets upset when she refuses to, saying she has to protect Jeff's parents. She tells him she has to be sure of him before she tells them. Sally is surprised when Kevin announces he and Tony are buying the garage together. Kevin says he's not a wimp, he'd just prefer to be in it with Tony. She accepts that he's being true to himself. Joyce is convinced the trip is a freebie and intends to enjoy herself. In prison Steve tells Malcolm Fox that he does not intend to go into business with Jim, Fox says they could work together.moreless
  • Fri 16 Aug, 1996
    Fri 16 Aug, 1996
    Episode 99
    Judy is upset because she's jealous. Ida tries to cause trouble for Sally but Sally manipulates her by telling her she's the top machinist. Gary asks Samantha to tell Judy she's thinking of buying the bike. She is amused and accuses him of being under the thumb. He is puzzled when she tells him she'd want it for £700. Liz moves out of No. 11, she wishes Andy luck with Jim. Becky relaxes and starts to enjoy being with Des and Claire. Gail is disappointed when the boy on the video isn't Nick. She and Martin fear for Nick as the boy was definitely using his cash card. Jim moves back into No. 11 not sure if it was worth the fight. Audrey tries to look on the bright side of Nick's disappearance but Gail spells out her fears. Becky is upset to find Claire and Des kissing. She accuses them of not wanting her around and kicks Claire. Gary is confused when, in front of Judy, Samantha gives him £680 for the bike. Judy is thrilled when Samantha tells her Gary's buying her a dishwasher. Gary realises he's lost his bike but doesn't know what to do. Jim is upset to discover Andy is planning to move out so he can live with Anne. Claire assures Becky she often thinks of Jeff but she's not a nun and her to carry on. She accuses Becky of only talking about Jeff when she wants to get at her. Des assures her he's not trying to take Jeff's place. Josie tells the Websters she's been to the bank and they'd accept £25,000 for the garage. She urges them to buy it as she wants to salvage something. The Websters are excited at the thought.moreless
  • Wed 14 Aug, 1996
    Wed 14 Aug, 1996
    Episode 98
    Don cleans the house in the hope he can persuade Josie to stay. Judy celebrates her birthday and is stunned when Joyce tells her off for riding the motorbike without passing her test. Gail finds it hard to concentrate at work and is surprised to discover Roy knows how she feels as he explains how his father disappeared one day. He urges her to think positively. Anne celebrates deciding to buy her own place and tells Andy he can move in with her, as her lodger. Andy agrees but is worried how Jim will take the news. Josie is appalled when Don tells her they might lose all their money over the garage. Judy gets it out of Gary that he let Samantha ride the bike. She is upset that he didn't tell her and thinks he must have something to hide. Becky is upset by the way Des and Claire are all over each other. She accuses Claire of forgetting her father and throws Des' camera into the water. Josie is furious that Don didn't inform her about the garage. He suggests they try again and pick the garage up but she refuses. Des tries to get through to Becky by telling her about Lisa's death. He tells her that when someone dies you must never forget them but must move on. Liz rents a furnished flat in Chepstow Road and tries to be cheerful about leaving No. 11. To get out of a hole, Gary tells Judy that Samantha wants to buy the bike. Judy doesn't believe him and refuses to go out to celebrate her birthday. Judy warns Samantha to keep her hands off Gary. Gail is thrilled when the police ring to say they've got a video tape of someone withdrawing money from Nick's account.moreless
  • Mon 12 Aug, 1996
    Mon 12 Aug, 1996
    Episode 97
    Gail can't cope with working and with Alma away she gets Audrey and Roy to run the cafe. Roy considers starting a syndicate for the lottery which doesn't involve buying tickets as he feels the odds are against winning. He feels there's too much gambling in the world. Andy starts work shelf stacking at Firmans. He asks Anne to look for a flat with him but she says that living together would spoil their relationship. Des and Claire start their boating holiday but Becky comes too after refusing to stay with her grandparents. Des and Claire have to quickly change their sleeping arrangements. Josie discovers Nick has disappears and calls on Gail to offer support. Des tries to win Becky round by letting her steer the boat. Gary lets Samantha have a ride on his bike, with him on pillion. Joyce sees them and assumes Judy is riding. She worries as she knows Judy can't ride. Sally enjoys running the factory but annoys Kevin by being too tired to go out in the evening. Audrey is touched when Alf worries about her rushing around all the time after Gail. She tells him she loves him. Kevin finds his new job boring and misses the responsibility he had at MVB. Josie is stunned to find Don drunk. She tells him she's got a job in telephone sales, he delights in telling her the garage has closed and is in the hands of the receiver. Des feels left out as Claire and Becky share a bed.moreless
  • Fri 9 Aug, 1996
    Fri 9 Aug, 1996
    Episode 96
    Mavis tries to make amends to Derek but he feels he has nothing in life to look forward to. The Platts discover Nick has used his cash card in Leeds. Martin goes with Ken to Leeds to search for him. Tricia thinks Terry only got rid of Tommy as he thought it was the best thing for Tommy. Liz tells Andy he's right; she's behaving stupidly over the house and Jim can have it. Derek is frightened when Norris tells him he has to stand up for him against Angela who thinks he should retire. Jack and Derek are interested to hear Square Dealer Tommy Mook has died. Derek asks Norris to get him into the Square Dealers as it would give his life some meaning. Ida complains to Mike about him promoting Sally as she feels she should have the job. Mike tells her, in front of Sally, that she won't skive and dodge like an old timer. Ida is affronted. Jack gives Fred free drinks in the hope of being made a Square Dealer. Fred hints that he might have to buy a second share of the horse. Jim thanks Liz when she tells him he can buy her half of the house. Martin searches for hours in Leeds but doesn't find Nick.moreless
  • Wed 7 Aug, 1996
    Wed 7 Aug, 1996
    Episode 95
    Derek celebrates his 60th birthday. When Mavis doesn't make a big fuss he assumes she's organised a surprise party for him. Rita puts up a missing poster with Nick's picture on it. Gail wants to keep topping Nick's account up so he doesn't run out of money but Martin isn't keen. She is grateful when Don offers to distribute some of the missing posters and goes along with him. Jack presses Vera to make Tricia see what Terry is really like. Judy talks to Gail about Nick's disappearance, telling her about all the teenagers who hang around the amusement arcade. Derek gets Norris to quiz Mavis about his party. When Norris reports back that there isn't one planned Derek assumes he's in on the secret. When Tricia asks the Duckworths for Terry's address they tell him how Terry sold Tommy to the Hortens. They urge her to forget all about him. She is stunned. The Council warns Alf to choose another Street as the new link road is due to pass through Coronation Street and it may have to be demolished. Andy advises Liz to sell the house to Jim, pointing out that anyone who knows them will know he hasn't come out on top. Derek is disappointed to discover Mavis hasn't organised a party and that his present is only blinds for the conservatory. He is furious when she thinks it's his 59th, she is horrified when he points out it's his 60th. Gail is grateful when Martin puts £50 in Nick's account. Ken and Rita are pleased when Alf tells them he isn't changing the Street's name.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 1996
    Mon 5 Aug, 1996
    Episode 94
    Alf fetches Gail and the children home. Gail is furious with Audrey for waiting four days until she contacted her. She phones the police. Samantha is impressed that Gary has a 1969 Yamaha and asks him to give her a ride. He backs off as he fears what Judy will say. Mavis' neck goes stiff from delivering papers. Derek complains to Rita and somehow ends up being talked into delivering them himself. Vera tells Jack she feels they should support Tricia. He tells her to wait and see what Tricia decides to do with the baby. The police question the Platts about Nick. They discover he's taken his passport with him. Don talks to the police and rows with the family when they try to shut him out. He makes sure the police know Martin isn't Nick's real father and that Nick always had trouble at home. Tricia is distraught when Jack tells her he'll pay for her to have a private abortion. Whilst Gail stays awake all night by the phone Martin searches the doorways of Manchester in vain. Gail isn't sure if Nick wants to be found. Alma feels sorry for Gail over Nicky's disappearance and supports her, telling her she's a good mother and it isn't her fault. Don thinks the Platts have driven Nick away. Derek's back goes from delivering the papers. He and Mavis argue over who is in the most pain. The police warn the Platts that it might be hard to find Nick. Gail breaks down, accusing the police of thinking they've harmed Nick. Vera calls on Tricia and is stunned to hear Jack has offered her money for an abortion. Tricia lays into her, telling her she's having the baby. Tricia is upset when she realises Jamie has heard her.moreless
  • Fri 2 Aug, 1996
    Fri 2 Aug, 1996
    Episode 93
    Nick's still missing as Gail and the kids arrive home. Gail phones the police. Jack is alarmed that Vera wants them to support Tricia so that she'll not get rid of the baby. Don causes more upset in the Platt household as the police carry out their enquires. Jack pays Tricia a visit, offering her financial assistance if she decides not to have the child. Mavis has given up delivering papers so Derek is persuaded to take over. And Jamie overhears his mum shouting at Vera about the baby she intends to have.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jul, 1996
    Wed 31 Jul, 1996
    Episode 92
    Mavis struggles to do Nick's paper round and moans about being treated as a packhorse. Audrey can't sleep from worrying about Nick. Alf tells her they should contact the Platts as he's been missing for four days. Liz refuses to accept Jim's offer on the house. He threatens to withdraw the offer and stop paying the mortgage on the house. Vera tries to find out if Terry spent time at Tricia's flat. She tries to work out if she wants the baby to be Terry's so he can fill her life like Tommy did. Alf phones Martin and suggests he returns. Kevin is taken on at Fastfitters. Anne agrees to take Andy on shelf stacking for the holidays. Tricia tells Sally she doesn't know what to do about the baby and longs for Terry to be told as she feels certain he'd stand by her. Martin returns and is horrified to learn Nick has been missing for four days. Jamie knows something is wrong with Tricia but she refuses to tell him what. Jack refuses to believe Tricia will abort a child and warns Vera against getting involved as he knows they'll end up supporting the baby. Martin is furious to find Nick posted his keys through the letterbox, a fact which Alf and Audrey overlooked. He phones Gail and tells her to come home.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jul, 1996
    Mon 29 Jul, 1996
    Episode 91
    Alec is miffed when Jack refuses to hold any more talent nights at the Rovers. Audrey and Alf are surprised to find Nick missing from No. 8. Audrey resents having to look after him and is annoyed when Rita tells her he hasn't done his papers all weekend. Vera worries about what Tricia has told her and doesn't want Jack to know. Kevin gets an interview at Fastfitters where Tony works. Alf worries over Nick, feeling he wouldn't let Rita down willingly. His concern makes Audrey realise something could have happened to him. Andy needs money for the summer but feels uncomfortable asking Anne for a job. Audrey forces herself to think Nick is staying away to get at her but Alf fears he could be dead. Jack is stunned when Tricia tells him she's pregnant with Terry's child. He rounds on Vera for not telling him so she tells him Tricia must be lying. Jack is furious that Terry has left them to sort out his mess again. Becky suggests to Des that he takes them to Florida instead of a barge. Claire warns her to stop being stupid. Becky feels everyone hates her. Audrey stays the night at No. 8, waiting for Nick's return.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jul, 1996
    Fri 26 Jul, 1996
    Episode 90
    Liz asks Fiona to visit Steve and let him know she cares but Fiona refuses, saying she's not going to pretend there's a future for them. Tricia tells Sally she's pregnant with Terry's child and is desperate to find him as she feels sure he'll support her. When the conservatory is finished the Wiltons throw a little party to toast it in champagne. Nick accuses Audrey of spying on him. She tells him he's rude and she's had enough of him. Alec holds a talent night at the Rovers. Jack is aghast when all the contestants sing his Frank Sinatra numbers. Becky tells Des and Claire that if they're going on holiday she'd like to go with them. Des and Claire aren't' keen. Nick leaves No. 8, posting his keys through the letterbox. Percy brings his ukulele to the talent show, whilst Maxine goes down well dancing. Jack starts singing but someone pulls the plug from the PA system. Tricia asks Vera for Terry's address as she's pregnant but Vera refuses to believe her and calls her a slag. Tricia is upset and tells Vera she'll have an abortion.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jul, 1996
    Wed 24 Jul, 1996
    Episode 89
    Tony asks Fiona not to sack Maxine or make her life a misery. Judy helps Gary erect the conservatory in the Wiltons' back garden. Mavis is horrified when Gary slices through Derek's prize turnip but Derek forces himself to shrug it off. Liz tells Jim she'd rather they sold the house to a stranger as if he buys it will look as if he's come out on top. He tells her she's pathetic and refuses to drop the idea. Tricia asks Des to help her track down Terry, explaining she's pregnant with his baby. Des phones the Hortons and gets his address in Sheffield. Liz panics when she hears Steve has been injured in a prison fight. Joyce cooks a meal for Alec so he insists she shares it with him. He tells her he would get divorced if the right woman came along. Steve tells Liz that he picked a fight with a thug and has no regrets, despite having broken ribs. . Liz feels it's a protest because Fiona won't speak to him. Des drives Tricia to a tower block in Sheffield. She meets Terry's girlfriend Nicola who tells her she hasn't seen Terry for months when he ran off with her £1,800.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 1996
    Mon 22 Jul, 1996
    Episode 88
    Jim gets his £4250 inheritance from his mother's estate. Fiona accuses Maxine of picking up her cast offs. Don wallows in self pity, feeling he's lost everything. Vera returns from Blackpool to find Samantha behind the bar. Samantha wins her approval by referring to her as the boss and cutting Jack dead. Nick copes fine on his own and is fed up with Audrey fussing around him. Bill tries to get Jim to invest his inheritance in the business but Jim doesn't want to blow it. Des asks Claire to come away with him on holiday but she worries about leaving Becky with her in-laws. Joyce is interested in Alec and compliments him on his figure. Derek and Mavis try to convince Des not to buy the conservatory as they want it. Bill pays back the last of Kevin's loan. Gary is thrilled when Des tells him the Wiltons took the bait and want to buy the conservatory. Liz is furious when Jim tells her he wants to buy the house.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jul, 1996
    Fri 19 Jul, 1996
    Episode 87
    The receivers take over the garage and go through the books with Don. Nick tells Gail he doesn't want to go with the family on holiday to Prestatyn. Emily has enough of Audrey moaning about the residents' ingratitude to Alf and tells her to shut up. The Wiltons are horrified when Des tells them he's thinking of buying Gary's conservatory. They fear it will block out their sun. Gail agrees to let Nick stay behind at No. 8 when Audrey says she'll keep an eye on him. The garage is closed and Kevin is made redundant with two weeks pay. Don feels awful and gets drunk when the receiver tells him Mike got out at the right time. Maxine confesses to Fiona that she's going out with Tony. Don accuses Mike of cheating him but Mike tells him the business collapsed because he is a wally. Don goes for him so Mike thumps him to the floor. Jack steps in and ejects Don from the pub.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 1996
    Wed 17 Jul, 1996
    Episode 86
    Alec considers putting on a talent night and looks for local talent. Gary starts to dig the foundations for the conservatory, scaling it all down so it will fit in the yard. He worries when Roy asks him about his anti damp preparations and tells him he won't get any sun as the yard is North facing. Don employs Nick for the holidays as mechanic. Nick is pleased to follow in Brian's footsteps but Kevin demands a more experienced worker. Samantha Failsworth asks Jack for a barmaiding job. He thinks she's sexy and takes her on. Don suggests to Nick that he invests £10,000 in the garage as his partner. Gary gives up on the conservatory when Emily tells him how Albert found an unexploded bomb in his back yard. Martin and Gail are stunned when Nick tells them Don has asked him to be a business partner. They refuse to let him, causing him to tell them he's no longer a child. Jack agrees to have Alec's talent night at the pub when Alec suggests Vince St Claire could make a come back. Kevin talks to Nick about the garage, making him see Don is clutching at straws, the business is going under and no one else wants to be his partner. The residents gather at the Roberts'. Martin tells Don he's despicable trying to get Nick's money. He tells him Nick can't touch the money until he's 18 and washes his hands of him. Alf announces to the residents that the Street is going to be renamed. He is embarrassed to discover they all know because Audrey has been gossiping. Ken and Emily speak for everyone in saying he's got a cheek and that they don't want the name changed. Audrey tells them they'll have to lump it.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jul, 1996
    Mon 15 Jul, 1996
    Episode 85
    Tony and Maxine spend the night together but Maxine worries in case Fiona finds out. Kelly starts looking after Sophie as Sally starts at Baldwins. Tricia takes against her as she thinks she's spying for Mike. Sally missing the children and spends most of the day talking about them. Kevin gets sick of struggling on his own and pays Nick to help him around the place. Maxine accuses Tony of only going out with her to get Fiona jealous. Tony gets a job at Fastfitters Exhaust Centre. Gary is horrified when the catalogue people deliver a conservatory. Judy swears she hasn't ordered it but he doesn't believe her until Joyce explains its a prize in a competition. Kevin is annoyed when he has to stop in the middle of a job to look after Sophie when Kelly finishes her hours and Sally isn't home. When Don tells him he can't raise the £10,000 Kevin tells him the business is a joke and he's not buying into it. Tony assures Maxine that she is the only woman for him. Kevin tells Sally he's scared as the garage is going under and his job will be soon gone.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jul, 1996
    Fri 12 Jul, 1996
    Episode 84
    In an attempt to stop Sally working Kevin tells her he'll buy into the garage. Rumours spread about the changing of the Street's name. Rita thinks Alf deserves the honour but the rest of the residents aren't keen. Kevin tells Don that the garage needs investment and he'll go into partnership with him if he will put another £10,000 into the business. Don agrees to find the money. Don goes to the bank but they point out his business is bad; he's a mechanic down and his partner has walked out. He is horrified when the bank refuses to lend him £10,000 and give him seven days to repay his outstanding loan of £6,000 or the receivers will be called in. Ken agrees to let Kelly mind Sophie as well as Daniel in return for Sally paying half her wages. Alf plans a party for the residents to announce the renaming. Liz tells Jim the house has too many bad memories for her and she doesn't want to buy it. Audrey comes round to the Coronation Street idea when Alf says the new name will be Alfred Roberts Place. Tony is surprised when Maxine tells him she's always fancied him. They kiss.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jul, 1996
    Wed 10 Jul, 1996
    Episode 83
    Sally's frustration at her lifestyle continues to eat away at her. Tony tells Don that his father will not finance the business as a partner. Don's furious reaction upsets Tony even more and he storms out of the garage. Kevin tries to get Don to re-employ Tony stating his case that he couldn't run the garage single handed, and things were going to get worse if he tried. Don realises his mistake but Tony is resolute about the situation, saying he won't going back. Sally gets a job with Mike and arranges for Kelly to look after the girls but Kevin isn't pleased. Fiona goes with the McDonalds to see Steve. He winds her up, thinking that he's in with all the running now that she and Tony have split up but Fiona tells him that this is her last visit. Audrey lets slip to Rita and Emily about the Street name being changed. Liz fails to get a mortgage.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 1996
    Mon 8 Jul, 1996
    Episode 82
    Don decides to channel his drive into the garage to make it a success. Percy doesn't like the way the protest has become violent but Lily has no regrets about throwing the egg and suggests putting a brick through Alf's window. Don asks Kevin to buy Josie's share of the garage and enter a partnership with him. Audrey is furious over her ruined frock and wants to take action against the OAP's, Alf tries his best to calm her. Don gets aggressive when Kevin admits he doesn't want to go into partnership with him. Alec employs Joyce to clean at Sunliners and his flat, asking her to invoice Sunliners for both. Don is amazed when Tony tells him he might be interested in going into partnership with him, with backing from his father. Lily and Percy are militant when interviewed for the local TV station on their protest. Liz asks Fiona to keep visiting Steve but Fiona hates lying to Tony and doesn't want to give Steve the idea that she still wants him. Curly tells Raquel he can't go on holiday as he has to work so that she is free to spend the money on her course. She is thrilled. Sally is furious that Kevin turned down a partnership with Don without consulting her. The Chair of the Planning Committee offers Alf somewhere else of his choice to be named after him - he chooses Coronation Street. Fiona tells Tony she's visited Steve in prison. He accuses her of not caring about his feelings and says he can't forgive her for lying to him. He finishes with her.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jul, 1996
    Fri 5 Jul, 1996
    Episode 81
    The Town Hall fracas in the papers. Percy apologises to the Roberts but Audrey won't accept it. Fiona tells Liz she can't visit Steve again. Don asks Kevin if he wants to buy Josie's share of the garage; Kevin says no but tells Tony. Don is surprised when Tony says he's interested. Lily is interviewed for TV about Mayfield Court but rambles on. Curly says he's too busy for a holiday and that Raquel can go on the course. Joyce agrees to clean for Alec. Kevin is amazed when Tony says he might be his new boss. Alf and Audrey watch Lily on TV. Fiona tells Tony she's visited Steve - Tony walks out furious.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jul, 1996
    Wed 3 Jul, 1996
    Episode 80
    Don manages to pay Kevin and Tony their wages two weeks late. Alf feels he'd back down over the name change if the protest wasn't against him personally. Mavis is pleased when Derek finds an old carpet for the allotment. She gets at Rita over the predictable way she makes a joke about Wilton carpets. Percy and Lily make placards and plan to hot up their protest against Alf. Alf is pressed into meeting a German delegation. Audrey refuses to take part until Alma makes her realise Alf is the borough's leading citizen and it's an honour to know him. Fiona goes to visit Steve, feeling sorry for him over his dead grandmother. When she refuses to tell Tony where she's going he is suspicious. Maureen has a new sign put up over the shop - Maureen's Mini Market. Steve tells Fiona he's been served with divorce papers and can't wait to get Vicky out of his life. Don confides in Kevin that he and Josie have split. Curly realises that Raquel would rather go on an aromatherapy course than holiday in Bali. Alf and Audrey's meeting with the Germans is spoilt when the OAP's protest at the Town Hall. Audrey starts rowing with Lily and Percy and is horrified when an egg is thrown at her.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 1996
    Mon 1 Jul, 1996
    Episode 79
    Mike gets Tricia to sell the reject sweatshirts on the market. Alec moves into No. 12. Lily pushes herself on Alma when Alma cleans the cafe. Alma feels obliged to let her help out. Lily is annoyed that Mayfield Court is being renamed Audrey feels that Alf deserves a better building than Mayfield Court. She changes her mind when he drives her to view it. She tells him she's proud of him. Mike enjoys himself on the market, reliving his barrow boy roots. Martin invites the local children round for a barbecue. Raquel is interested in enrolling on a ten week aromatherapy course in Maidenhead but feels it would cost too much. Curly encourages her to invest in her future. Liz breaks the news to Jim that his mother has died. He is devastated by the news and stunned when Liz says she won't attend the funeral. Alf is stunned when the OAP's tell him they won't let Mayfield Court be changed.moreless
  • Fri 28 Jun, 1996
    Fri 28 Jun, 1996
    Episode 78
    Don feels he's better off without miserable Josie but also realises she could be his last woman. Doreen calls on Vera to tell her she can see Tommy whenever she wants. Vera is stunned when Doreen explains they've paid Terry off and now it's all legal. She is sickened and gets Betty to throw Terry's picture away. She phones her solicitor to make a new will as she wants Terry cut out. Jack guesses what's happened immediately and comforts Vera. Vera can't understand where they went wrong with Terry. They decide to make the Rovers work well for Tommy. Raquel gives Judy a massage at home, annoying Curly as he can't get into the living room. Mike and Alma celebrate when Stephen passes the order. Don tells Kevin he can't pay him as he needs Josie's signature on the cheque and she's away for a couple of days. Raquel tells Curly she's entitled to her own work; she is not just his fantasy. Tricia looks for Terry and is puzzled when Jack says he doesn't know him.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 1996
    Wed 26 Jun, 1996
    Episode 77
    Curly tries to boost Raquel's confidence but is amazed that she lost two jobs in one day. Terry contacts the Hortons and tells them he's bringing Tommy back. Josie is upset that she and Don are splitting up. She collects her things with Don telling her he wants to forget she ever lived in the house. Raquel decides to set up on her own at No. 7 and places advertisements in the paper. Don accuses Josie of keeping her house on as she knew she'd always return to it. She tells him she wants her money out of the garage and he promises she'll get her £20,000 back. Betty is upset that Vera has sacked Raquel. Terry packs, telling Vera he's off to Sheffield for a couple of days. Jack can't help doubting if he'll return. Andy visits Steve on their birthday and feels sorry for him in prison. He is thrilled with a watch from Anne which cost £120. Curly doesn't like the idea of Raquel massaging people in their home. Liz tells Jim she wants them to sort out how they split the furniture. He can't be bothered and tells her she can have everything. She is dismayed as he makes her feel in the wrong. When Terry arrives with Tommy, Geoff presents him with a Residency Order to sign, telling him it's binding in law and he'll never be able to take Tommy from them again. Terry signs and Geoff gives him a cheque for £10,000.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jun, 1996
    Mon 24 Jun, 1996
    Episode 76
    Mike worries that if Stephen doesn't pass the order the business will fold. Terry doesn't like the way Vera quizzes him about his private life. He makes a play for Raquel, inviting her out for the night but she tells him to get back into the gutter. Terry makes a big thing out of the fact Raquel won't work evenings. Audrey isn't impressed when Alf reveals his building will be the old folk's home, Mayfield Court. Don lays into Mike, accusing him of setting him up with a duff business. Stephen assures Alma that he only got at Mike because of the quality of the work, not because of her pass. She admits she told Mike what happened and Stephen begins to get a bit sick of the whole business. Liz is disappointed when Fiona refuses to visit Steve on his birthday as she doesn't want to give him the wrong impression. Raquel makes a poster to advertise her aromatherapy at the Salon but Fiona thinks it's tacky. They fall out and Fiona breaks their agreement. Raquel tells her she can always work from home. Jack is horrified when Vera rows with Raquel for not working evenings. Raquel points out Terry wants rid of her so he can take her job and Vera thinks it's a good idea. Vera sacks her and she leaves the pub. Jack is appalled. Tricia dresses up for a night out with Terry but he turns up with a bottle and orders a take away after they make love. Audrey announces to the OAPs that Mayfield Court is to named after Alf. Lily is furious. Josie prepares a meal for Don but he can only think of Mike swindling him and tells Josie he blames her for the mess he's in. Terry tells Tricia he's been through the books at the Rovers and it's not the gold mine he thought it was. She enjoys his attention. Josie tells Don it's typical of him to blame someone else - Ivy, Julie, Denise, Nick and now it's her turn. She tells him she's getting out whilst she still can and leaves him.moreless
  • Fri 21 Jun, 1996
    Fri 21 Jun, 1996
    Episode 75
    Josie confesses to Don that Mike set them up and they thought the garage was worth more than it really is. Terry is annoyed to discover that all the £30,000 inheritance went into the pub. Stephen looks around Mike's factory and meets the work force. Gary is alarmed to find he possesses two deep fat fryers. Judy tells him one is for his parent's wedding anniversary. Stephen is annoyed to learn Josie has left and tells Mike he can't pass the order as the work is shoddy. He gives him a few more days to sort the order out. Alf is honoured by the borough when they tell him a building will be named after him. Jamie worries about how he should behave with girls and seeks Deirdre's advice. She tells him to respect girls. Gary realises that his parent's anniversary isn't for ages and demands Judy sends the fryer back to the catalogue. Tricia gets drunk in the Rovers and lays into Stephen for upsetting Mike as he's given them all a bad time. Terry escorts her out of the pub. Don is annoyed that Josie has told Kevin to order the welder. Terry takes Tricia home and she tells him they're two of a kind, explaining her time in prison. With Jamie staying the night with Deirdre, Terry takes advantage and stays the night.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jun, 1996
    Wed 19 Jun, 1996
    Episode 74
    Gary is amazed to find Judy has bought a load of kitchen gadgets. Vera wants to invite Terry to stay permanently but Jack feels he's only after their money. Vera pleads with him to accept Terry as it'll mean having Tommy living with them. Kevin and Tony are frustrated when Don refuses to buy a new welder for £800. Vera is upset when Terry tells her he knows Jack doesn't want him around so he's returning to Sheffield. Mike lays into Ida about her shoddy work. Josie feels he's out of line and tries to calm him down, telling him it's his own fault for making more sweatshirts than he's meant to per hour to sell behind Kbec's back. They row over his business practices and the way he humiliates his staff. He tells her he knows she read his valuation of the garage and it was false - the garage was worth £40,000 not £50,000. She is horrified and resigns. Terry is interested to learn Jack has shares in a race horse. Don is furious to hear Josie has resigned, he tells her they need all the money they can find to keep the garage going. Gary discovers Joyce has sold Judy all the goods from her catalogue and gets 10% commission on all sales. Mike and Alma make up their differences when he gives her jewellery for their anniversary. To please Vera, Jack asks Terry to stay with them. Terry agrees.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 1996
    Mon 17 Jun, 1996
    Episode 73
    Alma feels Mike cares more for the business than her, he doesn't know how to react thinking she only wants to row. Vera is upset that Jack won't accept Terry has changed. Jack feels Terry is only visiting because of their inheritance money. Phyllis is ill so her neighbour Lily Dempsey shops for her. Percy is caught in the middle when Lily rows with Audrey when she pushes in front of them at the shop. Norris is reconciled with Angela. Mike has flowers sent to Alma but she gives them to Martin to take to the hospital. Don is amazed when Kevin tells him they need new equipment. He asks Kevin to buy second hand as he's spending too much money and hates the way Mike sold him duff equipment. Don gets annoyed when Mike calls on Josie after work to discuss business. Josie is furious when he throws Mike out. Jack has trouble in the pub when a thug goes to hit him over the state of the beer. Terry grabs him and throws him out of the pub, causing Jack to be grateful. Alma tells Mike she's sick of coming way down on the list of his priorities. He tells her he'd sell the business and take retirement if its what she really wants. Outside the Rovers, Terry pays the thug £20 for his performance.moreless
  • Fri 14 Jun, 1996
    Fri 14 Jun, 1996
    Episode 72
    Norris tells the Wiltons he buried the golf clubs as he wished he was burying Angela. Stephen tells Alma he doesn't what her to keep avoiding him. He wants them to be friends. She agrees to be his friend. Mavis feels awful for having thought Norris a murderer. When Audrey warns Alma to keep her hands off Stephen Alma decides she'll have to come clean to Mike, fearing Audrey will get to him first. Mike talks to Josie about how to deal with women who have crushes on other men. She advises him to play it cool. Raquel makes her dislike of Terry obvious when he chats her up. Jack congratulates her on seeing through him. Terry makes a big show of shaking Des' hand and telling him there's no hard feelings. Alma tells Mike she kissed Stephen and is furious when he shrugs it off, putting it down to a middle aged crush. Derek is relieved when Angela phones to speak to Norris. Stephen and Deirdre get on well when Mike and Alma take them out. Alma is upset when Stephen flirts with Deirdre. Andy borrows the keys to the cafe flat to show Anne round. He tells her he'd like for them to live together but she accuses him of making too many assumptions. Tricia flirts heavily with Terry and is annoyed when Vera warns her off. Mike tells Alma he guessed she had feelings for Stephen. She accuses him of humouring her and says she'd have gone to bed with Stephen if he'd have asked. She accuses him of not caring about her.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 1996
    Wed 12 Jun, 1996
    Episode 71
    Jack is certain Terry is up to no good. Alma tries to keep out of Stephen's way. The Hortons arrive looking for Tommy. They tell Jack and Vera that Terry took Tommy from them as they tried to get out of paying the annual £2,000. Vera tells them they're disgusting for buying a child but Jack points out they only bought because Terry was selling. Terry arrives and Jeff tells him to name his price. Jack takes Tommy out of the room so he doesn't witness all the rowing. Vera is thrilled when Terry tells the Hortons it's not a question of money; Tommy is no longer for sale. Rita and Mavis are unnerved as they realise that Norris could possibly be a murderer. Derek tells them that Angela is capable of making her husbands want to kill her. Mike arranges a dinner foursome with Alma, Stephen and Deirdre. Deirdre is keen as she thinks Stephen is attractive. The Wiltons are horrified to learn Norris has been digging on the allotment and fear he's buried Angela's body. Tricia meets Terry and thinks he's gorgeous. Derek digs where Norris has dug and finds something buried. Norris arrives in time to explain and uncover Angela's golf bag and clubs.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 1996
    Mon 10 Jun, 1996
    Episode 70
    With Stephen in the country Mike panics about the state of his work force. To get out of meeting Stephen, Alma pretends that a filling has come out and says she's going to the dentist. The Malletts are alarmed when their front door opens and Terry Duckworth walks in with Tommy. They tell him that the house is theirs and the Duckworths now run the Rovers. Stephen looks round the factory. Vera is thrilled to see Tommy but apprehensive about Terry's return. Alec buys No. 12 for £29,500. Rita is pleased to have him as a neighbour. Terry tells Vera he's settled in a good job and wants to make amends. He explains Tommy is going to live with him from now on in Sheffield. Alma and Stephen meet. She's aware that her feelings haven't changed. Mavis wants rid of Norris but he tells Derek he's decided he's never returning to Angela. Jack is pleased to have Tommy staying but doesn't believe Vera when she says Terry has changed. Terry assures him he has sorted himself out.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jun, 1996
    Fri 7 Jun, 1996
    Episode 69
    Derek convinces himself that Norris has murdered Angela. Mavis tells him that he should inform the police if he's so convinced. Gail tells Audrey to stop getting at Alma; Stephen doesn't need protecting. Vicky packs for Lausanne and surprises Alec by saying she wants to say farewell to her old friends at the Rovers. Norris digs on the allotment. Betty gives Vicky the recipe for her hot pot as a leaving present, Raquel gives her a massage. Fiona is uncomfortable when she sees Vicky. Vicky tells her she knows she's paid the price for loving Steve and wonders if Fiona has too. Liz and Jim walk in on Vicky's farewell party, she invites them to join in and drink with her. They wish her well. Alec is sad as Vicky leaves the Street. Anne apologises to Andy and they make up. Joyce is disappointed when Percy tells her the Legion has a new barmaid. He is hurt when she reveals that she only befriended him to get the job. Curly is annoyed when the men talk about Raquel's massaging skills. Joyce is sorry that she led Percy on and hurt him. Norris enjoys himself at the allotment.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 1996
    Wed 5 Jun, 1996
    Episode 68
    Andy refuses to make the first move towards Anne feeling she should be pleased he won her parents round. Mavis hates having Norris to stay but Derek hopes he'll benefit at work from Norris' argument with Angela. Fiona decides to see Steve, keeping it a secret from Tony. Maxine thinks she's stupid. Derek is puzzled by Angela's absence at work. Raquel tries to drum up trade but no one wants a massage. Steve is thrilled when Fiona visits him and tells her he's sorry for everything. He asks her to visit him regularly as it matters to him. He feels he doesn't belong in prison and tells her he can't stop thinking about her. She agrees to visit again. Raquel gives Tony a free body massage. Derek looks round Angela's house and feels something peculiar has gone on. Mavis thinks she's probably gone away for a few days but Derek tells her the atmosphere at the house frightened him. Audrey warns Alma off Stephen. Alma admits to Gail that Audrey is right; she has been dreaming about seeing Stephen again. Fiona lies to Maxine, telling her that she went to see her parents.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 1996
    Mon 3 Jun, 1996
    Episode 67
    Tony is glad Steve is in prison as he was always bothering Fiona. Norris sleeps in his car outside the Wiltons' after a row with Angela over her not letting him share her bed. He doesn't know why he married her. Maxine thinks Steve must still fancy Fiona as he wants to visit her. Raquel arranges to hire out Fiona's back room for aromatherapy consultations, splitting takings 50-50. Mavis is put on the spot when Norris asks if he can stay at No. 4. She is forced to agree. Andy decides to see Anne's parents but she tells him not to. Alma is shocked when Mike receives a fax saying Stephen is coming over. Audrey is annoyed that she wasn't the first to know. Norris tells Derek that Angela hates them both and suggested to him that they shared Mavis. Andy calls on the Malones and tells them they've no right to make judgements about him based on what they've heard about his family. Anne finds them together and is furious Andy ignored her wishes. She tells him they're finished. Audrey thinks Alma wants to get her claws into Stephen.moreless
  • Fri 31 May, 1996
    Fri 31 May, 1996
    Episode 66
    Percy admires Joyce's dog and offers to show her photos of the War. She forces herself to be interested. Norris is horrified when Angela takes a big customer from him for Derek to deal with. He swears revenge. Betty tells Alec that it's stupid trying to keep Vicky in Weatherfield; she needs a fresh start. Fiona is stunned when Liz asks her to visit Steve in prison. She agrees to think about it as she doesn't want to give Steve the wrong impression. Vera and Jack spy on each other to catch the other dipping into the till. Derek is shocked when Norris tells him he wants to kill Angela. Anne tells Andy they'll have to cancel him having tea with her parents. Vicky is interested when Alec tells her he knows of a good course in hotel management in Switzerland. He tells her there's a new course starting in a couple of weeks. Becky calls on Des and Claire on an excuse to interrupt their evening together. Jim tells Bill he's going on the wagon and wants to save up so when Steve is released he'll have a job for him. Anne admits to Andy that her parents don't want to meet him as they think he's from a rough family as his father and brother have been in prison. She feels ashamed of their attitude and tells Andy she doesn't care about his family, only him.moreless
  • Wed 29 May, 1996
    Wed 29 May, 1996
    Episode 65
    Vicky is sickened to find she and Steve are on the front page of the Gazette. Tricia starts work at Baldwin's Sportswear, being trained by Ida. The Duckworths are puzzled over the difference in takings and agree to keep it to themselves. When Claire has a spare 20 minutes in the afternoon she rushes to make love with Des. Betty realises the Duckworths have found something wrong with the books and is furious. She walks out of the pub. Jamie has no money for lunch so offers postage stamps instead at the cafe. Roy realises he is hungry and plays along, hiring his baseball cap for four hours at £1 an hour in exchange for food. Jamie thinks he's mad. Ida is annoyed as training Tricia has slowed her down. When Tricia gives her a sob story about fearing for her job Ida tells Mike she's doing well. The McDonalds visit Steve in prison. He is full of self pity. Norris turns up at the Wiltons telling them he can't take anymore and wants to get drunk to forget all about Angela. Derek feels obliged to help him. Steve accuses Jim of not caring about him. Jim admits he's let him down in the past and swears he'll make it up to him because he loves him. The Duckworths admit to Betty that the takings were up when she was in charge. She points out that is because when they are around they both keep dipping into the till. Steve tells Liz he'd like Fiona to visit him.moreless
  • Mon 27 May, 1996
    Mon 27 May, 1996
    Episode 64
    Liz is distraught over Steve's sentence and the fact Vicky walked free. She and Andy both feel that Vicky could have helped to get Steve off. The matter brings Liz and Jim closer together. Vicky can't believe how Steve could tell the court a load of lies about her. She realises she's been a big fool. The Duckworths return from Spain, Betty is relieved to hand the pub over. Joyce lets it slip that Billy got a bit merry when drunk. Judy is interested in a full time barmaid's job at the Legion, Gary advises her to talk to Percy as he's on the committee. Derek and Norris have a disastrous game of golf when Angela loses due to a mistake by Norris. He is hurt that she has bent his clubs. Percy is flattered when Joyce chats to him about the war, telling him he reminds her of her father. He buys her a drink. Betty is insulted when Vera gets Andy to go through the books. She accuses Vera of not trusting her. Vera thinks she's got something to hide. Roy volunteers to help out at the cafe so Gail can have a week off with her family. Norris is desperate not to return to Angela and hangs around the Wiltons. Alma is impressed by Roy's ideas on catering and his no smoking policy at the cafe. The Duckworths are stunned when Andy tells them the pub's takings were up £200 whilst they were away. Kelly is thrilled when Ken finally cracks and agrees to give her driving lessons. Andy is pleased when Anne invites him to meet her parents. Norris is sick of being humiliated by Angela but the Wiltons get rid of him as soon as they can. Alec is upset when Vicky decides to leave Weatherfield.moreless
  • Fri 24 May, 1996
    Fri 24 May, 1996
    Episode 63
    The McDonalds prepare to go to court. Jamie is sceptical when Tricia explains she may have a job by the time he returns from school. Rita explains to Kelly that she had no luck with Fred in getting Ashley's job back. Malcolm Fox gives evidence against Steve and Vicky admits it was Steve's idea to give Malcolm Fox the money. Mike interviews Tricia in the Cafe and finally offers her a job so she can pay him his rent. Steve gives evidence declaring he had no knowledge of Vicky living with Malcolm Fox. Claire turns up unexpectedly to see Des and Fred reinstates Ashley. The judge passes sentence on Malcolm Fox, Steve and Vicky.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 1996
    Wed 22 May, 1996
    Episode 62
    Ken is alarmed when Kelly asks him to teach her to drive. Vicky knows she seduced Steve and if she'd left him alone he would have got back with Fiona. She feels she's responsible for what happened and so can't testify. Tricia is furious when the Post Office refuses to hand over her benefit. Steve tells Liz he blames Vicky for everything. Tricia discovers all her benefits have been stopped because of the work she did cleaning out the print shop. She is angry and bitter as she has no money and her rent won't be paid. Kelly asks Rita to persuade Fred to take Ashley back as Ashley's scared to approach Fred. Alec calls Nick Wilding in, telling him he's worried as Vicky seems to want to martyr herself for Steve. Nick tells her that if she withdraws her testimony she could be held in contempt of court but she doesn't care. Tricia tells Mike it's his fault her benefits have been stopped and she needs help. He worries about his rent and tells her to sort something out fast. Josie tells him he should try to help Tricia and not push her further into the gutter. Des feels as if he's having an illicit affair as he can only see Claire every now and then. Claire asks him to be patient and wait for Becky to come round. Rita asks Fred to give Ashley a second chance but he tells her to let him run his business his way. She is put out. Mike tells Tricia he'll give her an interview at the factory. Steve is convinced Vicky will back out of giving evidence against him and he will get off.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 1996
    Mon 20 May, 1996
    Episode 61
    Tricia upset at not having received her dole cheque. Steve visits his barrister and Alec tells Rita and Mavis he can't get Vicky into the street. Ashley asks for time off as he has enteritis. However, Fred discovers he's helping Kelly to move into Ken's house. A row ensues and Ashley gets fired. Vicky gets upset after overhearing a conversation between Jim and Kevin about the unsuitability of her marriage. Des tries to impress his girlfriend's daughter but all he gets are monosyllabic replies. Ashley refuses to make amends with Fred. Vicky desperately tries to talk to Raquel and Deirdre and finally Alec finds her distraught.moreless
  • Fri 17 May, 1996
    Fri 17 May, 1996
    Episode 60
    Billy is hungover and Betty tries to make as much noise as possible to upset him. Tricia wishes she could give Jamie more treats so that he can remember his childhood fondly. She makes the cleaning job last longer so she can get more pay. Derek plants his turnips, talking to the seeds as he works. He is annoyed when Des tells him he's growing prize turnips in competition. Des enjoys upsetting Derek. Billy tries to please Betty but she ignores him. Mavis tells Derek it's obvious Des is winding him up and it's very easy to do so. DSS men spy on Tricia behind her back. Raquel persuades Betty to let Billy look after the bar whilst she gives her an aromatherapy massage. Betty returns to the bar a refreshed woman and stuns Billy by kissing him in public. Kelly is nerves as her mother calls to inspect Ken. She tells Kelly that she doesn't like the look of the area or the size of the house. Fred apologises to Rita for his behaviour. She tells him she'd be delighted to go to York with him. Ken tells Mrs Thomson she should be proud of Kelly for putting aside grand positions for the chance to work with traumatised Daniel. Kelly is pleased when her mother admits she is proud of her. The DSS take photographs of Mike paying Tricia for her work.moreless
  • Wed 15 May, 1996
    Wed 15 May, 1996
    Episode 59
    Maureen is amazed that she kept in control of the situation with Yvonne. Fred is put out to see Rita laughing and chatting to Alec. Des admits to Phyllis that he likes Claire but is taking things slowly as he doesn't want to get hurt again. Maureen thanks Maud for being supportive. Maud tells her she knows what gave her the strength to deal with Yvonne; she's always wanted a child of her own but was too old to have Reg's. Fred is delighted when Rita agrees to go to York with him. Mike has the print shop stripped and Tricia starts to clean it up. Ken tells Kelly he worries about her parents' reaction to her living at No. 1. Maureen hears from her solicitor that Reg has accepted her divorce terms. Tricia makes the cleaning job last as long as possible. Mavis is bored of Derek going on and on about growing turnips. Des tells Claire he'd like to meet her daughter Becky but Claire wants to wait for the right moment. Fred questions Alec over his feelings for Rita. Alec tells him about being her agent. Claire admits to Des that she has to consider her dead husband's parents' feelings as well as Becky's as he is her first boyfriend since Jeff died. He shares with her about Lisa's death. Fred is relieved when Rita tells him there's nothing between Alec and her. She warns him that she chooses her own friends and he has no rights over her. Billy gets slowly drunk as he keeps accepting pints from the customers. He attempts to play the pub piano until furious Betty stops him. Kelly surprises Ken by phoning her parents and inviting them to meet with Ken.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 1996
    Mon 13 May, 1996
    Episode 58
    Billy and Betty look after the Rovers whilst the Duckworths holiday. Betty tells him she wants him to stay away from the beer pumps. Rita agrees to watch an act Alec is interested in to give him her opinion. Mike chases Vicky for back rent on the print shop but she tells him she doesn't care; the business is finished and they don't want the lease anymore. Derek chats to Billy at the allotment and discovers he wins prizes at horticultural shows. Derek decides he'll enter some himself. Maureen is stunned when Reg's girlfriend Yvonne Bannister confronts her and tells her to stop being obstructive and to give Reg a divorce. Maud calls her a trollop and expects Maureen to throw her out but Maureen agrees to talk to her. Fred books for an outing to York. Yvonne accuses Maureen of wanting to steal Reg's shop and flat. She pleads with Maureen to give Reg a divorce, saying he was never happy with her. Maureen shocks her by saying they were only married for two years and guessing that Yvonne is so desperate because she is pregnant. Mike gives Tricia the job of cleaning out the print shop, cash in hand. Derek decides to grow prize turnips in the back garden so he can nurture them. Billy helps out behind the bar and accepts drinks from the customers instead of tips. Maureen feels sorry for Yvonne and tells her she'll give Reg a quick divorce, he can have the flat but she's keeping the shop.moreless
  • Fri 10 May, 1996
    Fri 10 May, 1996
    Episode 57
    Steve feels confident that Alec can't call in the police unless Vicky wants him to and is certain that she won't. Alec urges Vicky to report Steve to the police for harassment. She says she will if he calls round again. Kelly is tired of living with her parents and envies a friend who is a live-in nanny. Liz asks Jim to talk to Steve about prison to stop him pestering Vicky. Vicky doesn't know what to do when she sees Steve watching Sunliners. Billy accuses Betty of not wanting them to look after the Rovers in case he gets drunk. To prove him wrong Betty tells the delighted Duckworths that they will stay at the pub. Ashley apologises to Kelly and tells her he's fed up as they never get any privacy. Jamie agrees to look after Jack's pigeons for £10 whilst he's away. Ken is stunned when Kelly pushes him into a corner, suggesting she moves into No. 1. He promises to think about it. Jim warns Steve that he's on the road to being a loser, like father like son. Steve is confident that Vicky will come round and that she is weakening as she loves him and will never send him down. Alf warns Rita that Fred has a reputation for being a pest but she ignores him. Tricia is touched when Jamie spends his £10 wages on groceries for them. Rita agrees to go to York with Fred but insists it's a day trip only and not an overnight. Steve corners Vicky and plays to her emotions, telling her he took her love for granted and he knows he's lost her but he still loves her and he promises he won't bother her again.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 1996
    Wed 8 May, 1996
    Episode 56
    The Duckworths book a holiday in Loret del Mar but struggle to find someone to look after the pub. Vera is annoyed when Bill turns her down, telling her he's got his own business to run. Steve tries to talk to Vicky at Sunliners but she refuses to speak to him and gets Deirdre to throw him out. Fred, Rita and Alf attend Charlie's funeral. Alf is put out to see Rita with Fred. Fred takes Rita to a tea room afterwards and tells her about his marriage. Deirdre agrees to be trained as a travel agent. Des introduces Phyllis to his girlfriend Claire Palmer. Kelly and Ashley have to cancel an evening out in Blackpool as Ken has an emergency meeting. Ashley tells Kelly Ken puts on her but she accuses him of being selfish. Alec threatens Steve with the police for breaking the conditions of the court and trying to talk to Vicky.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 1996
    Mon 6 May, 1996
    Episode 55
    Jack worries about the horse's cholic as he's off his food. Vicky feels Steve is too clever for her and fears he'll blame her for everything and walk free. Rita is sad to hear from Fred that a fellow shopkeeper has died. Jack discovers the vet's bills are £200 and the horse won't be able to race again this season. Bill feels sorry for Jamie so takes him with Kevin to watch Weatherfield County. Jamie is put out as he thought they'd see United. Jack and Fred try to work out how they can offset their outgoings whilst the horse is ill. Jack puts a collection box on the Rovers' bar to raise funds. Fred arranges to take Rita to Charlie Hunter's funeral. Steve tells Liz he didn't know Vicky was going to give Fox money and she must have done it out of love. She tells him she's ashamed of him and doesn't believe a word he says but does agree to let him stay at the house. Bill likes spending time with Jamie as he misses Carl. Jack has to remove his collection box when people refuse to give money as it's not a charity. Nick warns Vicky to be on her guard as he fears Steve will try to manipulate her over changing her evidence.moreless
  • Fri 3 May, 1996
    Fri 3 May, 1996
    Episode 54
    Ken tells Kelly he understands she needs to entertain boyfriends but asks her to respect his privacy. Emily decides not to tell Ken what Kelly has been up to as she doesn't want to get involved. Alec is under pressure from his boss, Geoffrey Gregan, to make the shop work. Deirdre starts with him, ensure how a travel agents works. Steve and Vicky go before the Magistrates charged with perverting the course of justice. Vicky pleads guilty, Steve not guilty. They are bailed until the Crown Court case. Betty's Hot Shot is ill so Jack and Fred worry about vet's bills. Hilary withdraws the horse from a race. Emily is annoyed when Ashley accuses her of telling Ken about him staying the night with Kelly. Emily tells Ken she's not going to tell tales on Kelly but admits Ashley stayed the night. Andy moves in with Liz at No. 11. Vicky is upset that Steve has pleaded not guilty and fears she'll go to prison for admitting the offence. Ken tells Kelly she must be careful about what goes on in his house as he is a teacher and she was once his pupil. She agrees to be more discreet in future. Liz feels vicious towards Steve for throwing away all his chances and badly treating Vicky.moreless
  • Wed 1 May, 1996
    Wed 1 May, 1996
    Episode 53
    Emily sees Ashley leaving No. 1 in the morning and realises he spent the night with Kelly. Vicky occupies her mind by working for Alec at the travel agents. Deirdre discovers Alec is short staffed and offers her services. He takes her on at Sunliners full time. Kevin refuses to work with Don watching him and tells him he can stick his job. Don is furious and tells him he can do what he likes with his own garage. He orders him back to work, reminding him that he pays the wages. Kevin does as he's told. Andy admits to Anne that he's secretly pleased Steve's world is collapsing around him. Ken returns from the course to find Ashley wearing his dressing gown. Kelly assures Ken that she has not been neglecting Daniel. Des gets tired of having McDonalds hanging around his house and insults Jim and Steve in front of Andy. When Andy takes offence Des asks him to move out. Steve tells Fiona he realises he did wrong going off with Vicky. He breaks down and tells her he's made a mess of everything. She doesn't comfort him.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 1996
    Mon 29 Apr, 1996
    Episode 52
    Ken goes to Keele leaving Kelly looking after Daniel. Don spends the day at the garage, observing how it works. Kevin and Tony feel as if they're being spied on. Nick and Alec go through Vicky's finances with her. Vicky is embarrassed to see that Steve has eaten a big hole in her inheritance. Nick tells Alec they'll need Vicky's co-operation to cut Steve off from her for good. Steve tells Liz how Vicky went behind his back and bribed Malcolm to change his statement without his knowledge. He gets angry when Liz isn't sympathetic and tells her he'll do better out of his marriage than his father has done with her. Vera tries to sell the horse to Nuttalls as a dray puller but they're not interested. Don can't understand why, when Kevin and Tony are working flat out, the profits are low. Ashley spends the night with Kelly at No. 1. Steve is furious to discover Vicky has cleared out their joint account. He accuses Vicky of buying him and never loving him. She tells him she's cancelled the lease on their flat and is hurt when he tells her he doesn't need her.moreless
  • Fri 26 Apr, 1996
    Fri 26 Apr, 1996
    Episode 51
    Steve tells Vicky he needs her and doesn't want her family turning her against him. He feels that if she acts all innocent she'll be let off. When Kevin complains about all the taxi services he's doing Don reminds him that he is the boss. Vicky tells Nick she's decided to take the blame as she doesn't want to send Steve to prison. Alec confides in Rita that he had to give up the cruises as a younger man was promoted over his head and they disagreed on policy. Nick makes Vicky see that if Steve is prepared to lie now he'll lie in court and she'll end up in prison. He takes her to the police station where she makes a statement. Alec wants to view No. 12 but the estate agent's keys don't fit the lock. Maureen tells him it's her marital home and is no longer for sale. Steve is arrested. The men, backed by their wives, tell Fred that they don't want the horse sold for meat. He gives Vera all the feeding bills and tells her to sort out the mess. Steve returns home to find Vicky packing with Alec. She tells him she's told enough lies and she can't live with him anymore. She moves in with Alec.moreless
  • Wed 24 Apr, 1996
    Wed 24 Apr, 1996
    Episode 50
    Steve gets a visiting order to visit Malcolm Fox and find out what is going on. Judy jays into Gary over selling the horse for meat and makes sure all the other women know about it. Maureen has the locks changed on Reg's flat and gets Bill to knock the 'for sale' sign down. Betty finds out about Jack's plan to sell the horse for meat and tells him he's heartless. Fox tells Steve that his wife went to the police and told them everything in revenge after finding out he had a girlfriend. There's nothing he can do; the police have all the evidence they need. Ken tells Kelly he has to go on a course and asks her to move in for a couple of nights to look after Daniel. She is pleased. Jim tells Liz he intends to be civil to her if they bump into each other. She is wary of him. Steve tells Vicky and Alec that the police know everything. Alec demands that he tells the police the truth but Steve tells Vicky the police are only interested in her; it was she who paid the money and it came from her account. She can't believe his attitude. Ashley and Kelly plan to spend the night together in Ken's absence. Betty tells Vera about the horse's fate and how Jack has signed its death warrant. Vera is furious.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 1996
    Mon 22 Apr, 1996
    Episode 49
    Steve tells Vicky the police obviously see her as the way to get to him and they want her to crack. He doesn't care about her feelings, he just wants her to keep quiet. Maureen doesn't want to wrangle over money with Reg but Bill advises her to fight for all she can or she'll end up with nothing. Maud urges Maureen to fight for her rights. Nick Wilding gets angry with Vicky and tells her to stop thinking of what Steve tells her to do and urges her to use her head. He makes her see that if the police have evidence it will all point at her. Betty feels she and Billy can't afford to pay £20 a week towards the upkeep of the horse. Vera agrees with her and tells Jack the animal is useless. Jack and Fred call a shareholders meeting. Jim goes before the courts and is released, being told he has to pay Liz £140 compensation. He feels he's sunk as low as he can go. Bill takes him in at his flat. Steve tells Vicky that all Nick wants to do is split them up and he'll achieve that by persuading her to tell the police the truth; he'd go to prison. Liz fears for her safety now Jim is out of prison. Betty, Judy and Vera demand that their husbands get rid of the horse. Fred suggests that they sell it to Belgium for horse meat and the others agree. Vicky turns to Alec for help, telling him everything. He advises her to do everything Nick says. After seeing her solicitor Maureen moves into Reg's flat, claiming it as her marital home. Ashley tells Judy that Fred intends to sell the horse for horse meat.moreless
  • Fri 19 Apr, 1996
    Fri 19 Apr, 1996
    Episode 48
    Vicky is furious as Steve patronises her, feeling sure they're in the clear. Don offers taxi drivers cut prices for pre test services, annoying Kevin as he knows it will slow down the rest of the work. Deirdre stops working at the shop, planning to get full time temping work. Maureen is stunned to see a new estate agent's board up on Reg's flat. Maud urges her to stop the sale and claim it as her marital home. The men go to see Betty's hot shot race at Thirsk. DC Cannon arrests Vicky and takes her to the police station. Nick Wilding rushes to her aid and warns her that Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice often carries a jail sentence. He coaches her through the police interview. The men enjoy being owners of a racehorse even though it was pulled up in the race and did not finish. Vera takes Judy on to help out in the evenings behind the bar. Steve is furious when Vicky tells him she's told Nick everything. She feels they should admit their guilt but he tells her to keep her mouth shut and has to stop himself from hitting her.moreless
  • Wed 17 Apr, 1996
    Wed 17 Apr, 1996
    Episode 47
    Jack, Fred and Gary have a blissful morning watching Betty's Hot Shot training. Joyce tries to persuade Vera to take Judy on as barmaid but Vera isn't keen. Vicky and Steve plan a second honeymoon and consider going on a cruise. Maud worries about Maureen suffering a breakdown as she keeps crying over Reg. Ashley feels bold enough to kiss Kelly but runs off incase Fred catches him. Maud asks some of the women to draw Maureen out of herself. Vicky is horrified when DS Cannon questions her about Malcolm Fox's statement. She tells him she doesn't know anything. When Kevin questions his authority, Don reminds him that he owns the garage and is boss. Deirdre tries to launch herself onto the job market but finds she knows nothing of word processors and graphic packages. Liz entertains Deirdre, Audrey, Alma and Maureen to a girl's night in. They drink and chat and realise that out of them all Audrey is the only one who hasn't strayed from her husband. Vera gives Joyce extra hours helping out behind the bar. Vicky is upset when Steve doesn't seem bothered by the police calling. He tells her there's nothing to worry about.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 1996
    Mon 15 Apr, 1996
    Episode 46
    Alec tells Vicky he'll move out to a 5 star hotel. Judy is furious when Gary pays the horse's feeding bill with their holiday money. Ashley and Kelly arrange to have a date in the Rovers, both terribly shy of actually asking the other out. Don tells Kevin he intends to be a good boss and pump the profits back into the business. Percy catches Jamie hanging around the back alley, skiving off school. Jamie sees a girl steal Josie's bike from the back yard and chases after her. When Percy hears about the missing bike he tells Don that Jamie must have stolen it. Jamie follows the thief and grapples with her for the bike. When he calls for help she runs off. Maureen is sick of Maud getting at her, encouraging her to get out and forget Reg. Jamie returns Josie's bike. She offers him a reward but Don stops her, telling her Jamie stole it in the first place. He swears he didn't. Tricia goes for Josie when she calls Jamie a thief and tells her about his puncture tricks. Tricia throws Josie out before turning on Jamie, demanding the truth. Alec tells Vicky he's decided to move into a B&B run by ex chorus girl Jessie Wilcox. He explains he'd feel more at home there than at a big hotel. Jamie tells Tricia all about his puncture scam but swears he did not steal the bike. Tricia warns him that if he's not careful he'll be taken into care. Don and Josie are alarmed when Kevin tells them the garage compressor has broken and it'll cost £5,000 for a new one.moreless
  • Fri 12 Apr, 1996
    Fri 12 Apr, 1996
    Episode 45
    Vicky is pleased to see Alec but Steve wants rid of him. Alec explains to Vicky that Sunliners have promoted him and he'll be running the north-west side of the business. Sarah Louise is upset to hear Martin has sold the horse to Fred as she thinks he'll kill it for horse meat. Martin wishes he'd never gone to the races. Bill gives Kevin the £250 and says he'll pay the rest back soon. Hilary arrives in the Rovers and demands her £600. She parks the horse in the street and threatens to leave him unless she's paid. Bill and Martin enjoy watching the spectacle. Martin fetches Sarah Louise to see to reassure her that the horse is alive and well. Fred and Alf are forced to write cheques to cover the costs. Alec settles into running Sunliners Travel Agency on Rosamund Street. He is embarrassed when Vicky sees the shop and realises it's a dump. Mike signs the garage over to Don. Don can't believe he's spent £43,000 on a garage and is now a boss. Jack is horrified when Alec walks into the Rovers. Alec toasts Jack and wishes him success. Don assures Kevin his job is safe and he doesn't plan to make any changes at the garage. Don is dismayed to hear Mike offered it to Kevin for £40,000. Mike tells Alma how he wrote a bogus letter saying the garage was worth £50,000 and left it around so Josie would see it. Alec tries to befriend Steve to please Vicky but Steve is cool towards him. Steve tells him he can't stay at their flat.moreless
  • Wed 10 Apr, 1996
    Wed 10 Apr, 1996
    Episode 44
    Gail is furious that Martin spent over £300 on a racehorse. Kevin is amazed to hear Don and Josie have bought the garage. Sally is annoyed as they've got ambition where Kevin hasn't. Kevin is annoyed to discover Bill has bought a share of a racehorse. Kevin reminds him that it was his family's money he spent. Bill feels terrible and sells his share of the horse to Fred for £250. Andy and Anne make up with her suggesting she cooks a meal for him at No. 6. Maureen is sick of everyone being supportive of her. Bill assures her that she must carry on. Martin sells his share of the horse to Fred for £200, hoping to please Gail. Hilary phones Jack to demand £600 on account. He calculates it to £75 a share. Fred is alarmed as he now has three shares. Vicky and Steve are stunned when Alec arrives to stay.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 1996
    Mon 8 Apr, 1996
    Episode 43
    Derek uses a camcorder to record the transformation of the allotment. Roy takes charge as the menfolk - Jack, Bill, Fred, Martin, Alf, Gary and Billy set off to the races. With Des away for a few days Andy hopes to persuade Anne to stay the night at No. 6. Roy refuses to drink with the others and spends his time working out a formula to win on the horses. He fancies betting on Betty's Hot Shot. The others join him as they like the name. Maureen keeps breaking down at the shop. Liz gets recalled by the Hourglass as the manager is no good. She is given the job. Betty's Hot Shot wins at 50-1, giving the men £250 each. Jack suggests they invest their winnings by buying the horse as it's a selling handicap. The trainer, Hilary Forest tells them the horse has tons of potential. Roy pulls out of buying the horse but the others go for it. Jack bids on their behalf, unsure about what he's doing. Egged on by Maud, Maureen tells the customers about Reg leaving her. The men buy the horse for £2,600 guineas, costing their winnings plus £90 each. Hilary agrees to keep training him. Anne and Andy fall out when she takes Liz's side against violent Jim. She refuses to have dinner with him and goes home. The men are horrified when Roy tells them it costs £10,000 a year to keep a racehorse.moreless
  • Fri 5 Apr, 1996
    Fri 5 Apr, 1996
    Episode 42
    Maureen stays with the Watts, unable to face Maud. Raquel tries to make her see she's better off without Reg. Derek and Mavis check the soil quality at the allotment. Maureen returns home to sympathetic Maud. Maud assures her she is her friend and tells her she must face the world and open the shop. The Wiltons meet the allotment secretary Wilf Gaskell. They promise to look after their allotment. Rita is invited to tea with the Websters and tells them she knows about the garage and will lend them the money. Kevin tells her he doesn't want it; he's decided he doesn't want the garage as it will need a lot of money spending on it. Rita is pleased she's been invited round out of friendship. When Kevin tells him he doesn't want the garage, Mike tells Don he can have it. Don and Josie are delighted.moreless
  • Wed 3 Apr, 1996
    Wed 3 Apr, 1996
    Episode 41
    Sally tells Kevin they should ask Rita for a £4,000 loan. Mavis is annoyed by the way Rita always mocks her misfortunes. Rita struggles to keep a straight face as the Wiltons tell her about their run in with Tim Hedges. Maureen is desperate to find Reg, telling Curly she loves him so much. He doesn't know how to break the news that Reg has run off with another woman. Des is amused to think of the Wiltons believing he'd set them up with Tim. He offers to explain the situation to Tim. Don decides to offer Mike £38,000 with £45,000 as a top limit. Mike rejects the £38,000 outright. Derek humbles himself and apologises to Hedges. Hedges agrees to another meeting and tells the Wiltons they can have an allotment after all, before showing them the local bylaws about keeping gnomes who send postcards. Derek forces himself to be amused. Mike knows Josie saw his valuation and knows he can push Don on the price. He warns Kevin that he's had a serious offer but tells him it's still his for £40,000. Sally is annoyed by Kevin's lack of drive. Curly can't bring himself to tell Maureen and brings her home. Raquel assumes she knows and sympathises with her over unfaithful men. Maureen is horrified when Raquel spells it out to her that Reg has run off with a woman.moreless
  • Mon 1 Apr, 1996
    Mon 1 Apr, 1996
    Episode 40
    Josie suggests to Don that they remortgage their houses to buy the garage and doesn't care what her daughter thinks of the idea. She feels she's investing in their relationship. Eric tells Curly that Reg has faxed him resigning his job. Maud worries about Maureen's state of mind and decides to go to Lowestoft to find her. Curly stops her and says he'll go instead. The Wiltons are told to meet Tim Hedges at the allotments. Derek realises it can't be for real because of his name and thinks Des is playing an April fool on them. Bill replaces slates on the Kabin roof. Mike urges Sally to push Kevin harder as the garage is a bargain. Maureen is relieved to see Curly, she is distraught as all she knows is Reg has resigned from work and disappeared. Josie reads a letter from Mike to his solicitor over how much the garage is worth. Derek and Mavis enjoy themselves poking fun at Tim Hedges' name when they meet him. He is stunned when they tell him they've seen through his and Des' trick. Eric tells Curly that he's discovered Reg has run off with the wages clerk, Yvonne after she inherited a large sum of money. Curly doesn't know how he's going to tell Maureen. Josie tells Don the garage is worth £50,000. Don decides to make Mike an offer. The Wiltons are stunned when Billy tells them Tim Hedges is really in charge of allotment allocation. Des is amused by their horrified reaction. Maureen fears for Reg's safety and blames herself for not moving south with him. She feels she must find him.moreless
  • Fri 29 Mar, 1996
    Fri 29 Mar, 1996
    Episode 39
    Maxine vacates the cafe flat and moves back with her parents. Mike is interested to hear Rita has lent the Websters money in the past. He tries to get Alma to drop heavy hints to her about Kevin's opportunity to buy the garage. Maureen can't cope with not hearing from Reg so decides to visit him in Lowestoft. When he hears the Wiltons are after an allotment, Des offers to put in a word for them as he knows the man who allocates them. Bill feels bad that he allowed Kevin to lend him money seeing as he now needs it. Vicky and Steve visit Jim in prison. He tells them how ashamed he feels. Mike interviews for machinists, letting Ida Clough wait until last. Josie tells Mike that she and Don might be interested in buying MVB, he invites them to make an offer. Ida is annoyed at having to wait an hour and a half. Mike tells her he'll employ her on the condition she is not militant and doesn't cause any trouble. She agrees. Maureen is upset to receive a letter from Reg. She refuses to tell Maud its contents and rushes to Lowestoft. Liz rests easy knowing that Jim is in prison and can't hurt her.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 1996
    Wed 27 Mar, 1996
    Episode 38
    Sally is excited at the prospect of Kevin owning the garage and dreams of all they could do with the profits. Jim realises that Liz must really hate him. His solicitor, Peter Lloyd, claims that all he wanted to do was talk to Liz and he would never have hit her. Tony is relieved when Kevin tells him he's got first refusal on the garage. Josie starts organising Baldwin's Sportswear. She is interested to learn Mike is selling MVB. Maureen hasn't heard from Reg and thinks he's annoyed with her for not seeing him at the weekend. Steve and Andy ask Liz to retract her complaint against Jim as she's ruining his life. She gets angry and tells them Jim is the villain, not her. They refuse to drive her to the court so she makes her own way and sits apart from them. Josie is surprised to discover the garage can make over £500 a day. She encourages Don to consider buying it as an investment by taking out a loan on her house. He feels it would be too much of a burden. The bank manager agrees to lend Kevin the money he needs to buy the garage for £40,000 but he will have to find 10% himself. He doesn't think he can find £4,000 but Sally thinks it'll be no problem. The magistrates tell Jim it's obvious he can't stand by the conditions of his bail and send him to Strangeways for three weeks until his case comes before them. Andy and Steve are furious with Liz.moreless
  • Mon 25 Mar, 1996
    Mon 25 Mar, 1996
    Episode 37
    Maxine gives notice on the flat as she can't afford to keep it on. Jim takes the day off work as he can't stop thinking about Liz and their wasted marriage. He tells Steve he doesn't understand how they've got into this state. Jack decides to arrange a pub outing to a race course. When Jim phones Liz she tells him she won't speak to him and he's not allowed to speak to her. Mike tells Kevin he is selling the garage and gives him first refusal at a bargain price. Vera is annoyed when Jack refuses to let women go on the pub outing. Sally feels Kevin should do buy the garage as it's a great opportunity. He isn't sure if he wants to have the responsibility. Jim tries to talk to Liz but she runs into the Rovers. When he follows she phones the police. Andy and Steve try to get Liz to talk to Jim but she is scared of him. When the police arrive Liz tells them Jim has broken his bail conditions and is hounding her. The police arrest Jim and take him away.moreless
  • Fri 22 Mar, 1996
    Fri 22 Mar, 1996
    Episode 36
    Jamie works his puncture trick on Derek. Liz tells Andy that he must understand she will never have Jim back. Kelly is pleased to see Ashley, her old school friend. She gives him a cup of tea and is pleased to discover he's not going out with anyone. She tells him his old girlfriend Margaret was two timing him all the time. She is embarrassed when Sally match makes between them. Josie is interested to learn that Jamie was on hand to mend Derek's puncture. Jim feels sorry for himself and feels that he'll be bad news for Bill if he carries on working with him. Rita asks Fred to stop sending her meat but tells him she will drink with him. She feels that he is actually a nice man and she likes him. Maureen sets off to see Reg but runs out of petrol. She calls Curly who comes to her aid. Rita agrees to go out with Fred occasionally so long as there are no strings attached. Maureen decides that she's had enough and she's never going to Lowestoft again.moreless
  • Wed 20 Mar, 1996
    Wed 20 Mar, 1996
    Episode 35
    Jim appears before the Magistrates charged with assaulting Liz. He pleads guilty. Liz tells the family she thought Jim was going to kill her. Steve thinks he's crazy. Liz has made a statement telling the police about him beating her and hopes he'll learn his lesson. Jim's case is adjourned but as a condition of bail he is told to stay away from Liz. Vicky and Deirdre support Liz and try to assure her that Jim won't dare go near her again. When a shelf collapses in the shop Maureen calls Bill in. Afterwards they have fish and chips. Jim moves in with Bill as a condition of bail. Curly nervously performs his duties as Master Cube and the Ladies Night. Raquel is proud of him. Derek spends his time trying to find someone who will nominate him to join the Square Dealers and is intrigued when Norris arrives late and alone after a row with Angela. Audrey and Mavis make bitchy remarks about Rita, jealous that she's with the Master Dealer. Jim watches No. 11 at night. Maureen tells Bill that she can't cope with the stress of balancing Reg and home anymore. Liz is frightened to be alone in the house knowing Jim is on the loose.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 1996
    Mon 18 Mar, 1996
    Episode 34
    Maureen is annoyed when Reg calls off from visiting her at the weekend. Rita has enough of Mavis going on and on about the Square Dealer's Ladies Night. She tells Fred that she's changed her mind and will go as his escort. Derek is eager to join the Square Dealers and is annoyed when Norris and his pals shut him out of their secret talks. Jim returns from Ireland determined to put things right with Liz. Liz talks to her solicitor Richard Addlestone and tells him that this time she definitely wants to divorce Jim, the sooner the better. She then has the locks changed on the house. Raquel tells Curly she'd like children, a boy called Blake and a girl called Tiffany. He is pleased to hear she has stopped taking precautions. They leave it all up to Mother Nature. Jim is furious to find Liz has changed the locks. She refuses to talk to him and tells him they haven't got a future. He warns her he's not going quietly. Mavis is stunned to learn that Rita is going to the dance with Fred and as such she will be the Master's Lady. Liz becomes scared of Jim and locks herself inside No. 11. He thumps on the door. Kevin and Curly try to drag him away but he is determined to see Liz. Liz calls the police as Jim moves round to the back yard and smashes in the back window. Sally calls for the police as Gary tries to grapple with Jim. Jim jumps through the window and chases terrified Liz out into the Street just as the police arrive. They handcuff Jim and throw him into the van. Sally tries to comfort Liz as Jim is driven away.moreless
  • Fri 15 Mar, 1996
    Fri 15 Mar, 1996
    Episode 33
    Fiona has a new sign erected - 'Hair by Fiona Middleton'. She organises Lee, Maxine and Tony to help with her grand opening. Josie hears that Mike needs an office manager so goes after the job. Andy tries to get Steve to see that Liz is as much to blame as Jim but Steve isn't interested. Deirdre is pleased when Mike makes it clear that if she applies for the post of office manager he will give it to her. Jamie punctures Josie's bike tyre and then repairs it for £2. Bill is employed by Mike to repair his new factory. Mike isn't interested in the applicants for the manager's job as he wants to give it to Deirdre. He changes his mind when he sees on Josie's CV that she used to work for Marshalls. He gives her the job. Fred sends Ashley to Rita with a parcel of rump steak. Rita doesn't want it as she doesn't want to be obligated to Fred. Fiona throws an opening party and is pleased when her parents approve of the Salon. Jamie does his puncture trick on Ashley's bike and is paid again. Mike has to explain to Deirdre that she isn't right for the job and he has found someone else for it. She is annoyed as she needs the work. Liz advises Des on who is married at Fiona's party, telling him it's obvious he doesn't like women who are available. Maxine throws herself at Lee and is pleased when he shows an interest in her. Don is pleased to hear Josie has got a new job but annoyed that it's working for Mike. He warns her that Mike is a tyrant to work for. Clive Middleton rows with Lee for lending Fiona money when he had refused to lend him £2,000 to buy a new car. Lee admits he felt Clive would not have paid him back. Sean tells Liz he does care for her and wants to help. She tells him she's not interested and gets upset when Andy tells her it's obvious she can't help herself; she's flirting with anything in trousers. He tells her she should take a good look at herself.moreless
  • Wed 13 Mar, 1996
    Wed 13 Mar, 1996
    Episode 32
    Deirdre hopes Mike will give her a full time job in his new factory. Sean grows interested in Liz when he hears she's separated and Jim is in Ireland. He offers to take her on at his betting shop in Fallowfield. She refuses, telling him she's not a push over. Derek is furious when he negotiates a stationery deal with Mike only to have Mike back out after a row with Norris. Fred feels lonely without a partner to take to the Square Dealers and asks Rita to accompany him. She declines. Derek forces Norris to apologise to Mike and the deal is re-established but Norris cuts the price meaning Derek will not receive any commission. Emily ponders the idea of working for Mike in his new factory. She is put out when he tells her that if she were younger he'd give her a job. Liz slaps Andy round the face when he challenges her over her feelings for Des.moreless
  • Mon 11 Mar, 1996
    Mon 11 Mar, 1996
    Episode 31
    Andy and Steve urge Liz to change her mind and not divorce Jim. They are stunned when she dumps all Jim's clothes on Bill. Tony helps Fiona move into No. 2. He is despondent when she tells him she wants to spend her first night in the flat on her own. Joyce is intrigued to discover Vera's son is a jail bird. She tells her Judy can be a pain at times. Derek and Mavis are thrilled when Norris invites them to the Square Dealer's Ladies Night. Liz asks Des if he's got a job for her. She is upset when he makes it obvious he's not interested. Deirdre baby-sits with Daniel so Ken can socialise. Emily is hurt as Ken had spurned her offer. Maxine feels Fiona's become stuck up since buying the Salon. Ken returns home early as he feels lonely without a partner. Deirdre warns him that she can't afford to be interested in his problems as she's got plenty of her own. They find it ironic that after all that's happened they are still friends. Fiona gets lonely on her first night and is invited round to Liz's. Liz admits that she'd rather have had her for a daughter-in-law. They toast each other.moreless
  • Fri 8 Mar, 1996
    Fri 8 Mar, 1996
    Episode 30
    Curly's mind works overtime when Raquel becomes secretive and shows an interest in babies. Steve and Andy are saddened by the news of Liz divorcing Jim. Maxine doesn't know how she's going to cope alone at the flat, financially. Vera gives Joyce an old radio she finds in a cupboard. When Jack accuses her of stealing it Judy stands up for Joyce and lets it slip she is her mother. Vera is not amused. Tony pushes Fiona to let him move in with her in her new flat but she wants to be alone. Vicky pleads with Liz not to throw her family away and tries to get her to talk to Jim. Liz is adamant her marriage is over. Joyce is relieved when Vera refuses to sack her. They chat about their children and grow friendlier. Curly convinces himself that Raquel is pregnant. Jack is caught in the middle when Jim and Liz have a slanging match over the bar. He tells Liz he's had enough and sacks her. Jim leaves to visit his mother in Belfast so Liz moves into No. 11. Raquel is thrilled to tell Curly that she's joined an aromatherapy course. He is disappointed she isn't pregnant. Mike talks Alma into signing over her share of the flat to him so he can mortgage it.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 1996
    Wed 6 Mar, 1996
    Episode 29
    Raquel is horrified to learn Des and Liz have had a relationship around the last time she slept with him. Percy searches for his favourite cap. Roy gives Liz flowers and advises her to report Jim to the police for assault. Phyllis advises Des to look further afield for his women as he's had nearly all the local ones. Andy is tormented by what Jim did to Liz. He goes for him but can't bring himself to hit him. Jim tells him about Liz's affair with Johnny. Liz talks to the domestic violence officer who tells her she has every right to make a formal complaint against Jim. Raquel has a clear out of some clothes, giving a dress to Judy. She finds Percy's cap, which he'd given to Curly and gives it to Emily as she hates it. Vera gives Joyce extra work cleaning the upstairs. Jack is horrified to find her in his bedroom. Mike needs more collateral to furbish his factory so decides to take a mortgage out on the flat. Alma refuses to let him. Raquel is put out when Judy wears the dress in the Rovers. Liz tells Jim their marriage is over and she's going to divorce him.moreless
  • Mon 4 Mar, 1996
    Mon 4 Mar, 1996
    Episode 28
    Andy and Steve are ashamed of Jim and don't want anyone knowing he hit Liz. Lee feels Fiona could get £70 a week for the Salon flat but she doesn't want to rent it out. He wants to see his money used properly and threatens to find her a tenant. Liz stuns the Duckworths by arriving for work with a black eye, telling everyone Jim's hit her. Jim is upset when his sons ignore him. . He persuades Vicky to talk to him and apologises to her for being nasty when drunk. He is adamant that Liz dresses like a whore and wants to attract men. Des is relieved when Liz assures him her black eye is nothing to do with him. Vera wants Jim barred from the pub but Jack persuades her that he is their best customer and Liz should go as her eye is unsightly. Fiona gives Alma a week's notice; she's moving into the Salon flat. Maxine is upset as she doesn't want to live alone. Liz takes photographs of her bruises. Mike looks round an empty factory unit, telling Alma about his dreams of starting again in the rag trade. Jim tells Liz that he's sorry he hit her and she doesn't have to hide from him.moreless
  • Fri 1 Mar, 1996
    Fri 1 Mar, 1996
    Episode 27
    Jim returns home angry and drunk. He tells horrified Andy and Anne that he dumped Liz on a road side. They drive off looking for her. Jack and Vera are alarmed to find Roy camping in their cellar at night searching for any signs of a ghost. He hasn't found anything. Andy calls in Steve and Vicky and the four of them search for Liz in vain. They turn on Jim who tells them with relish that he hit Liz and she's probably been picked up by a man. Andy tells Jim to keep away from all of them. Bruised Liz turns to Deirdre for help, with Roy paying her taxi fare for her. She breaks down in Deirdre's arms. In the morning she uses make up to make the bruises seem worse then they are; she wants everyone to know what Jim did to her. RAQUEL: "Says a lot in silence does Curly. When he speaks he doesn't say so much." Steve and Andy are relieved to find Liz alive. Andy and Deirdre raid No. 11 to collect her clothes. Bill advises Jim to clear Liz out of his head or she'll kill him. He tells him where Liz is but Jim isn't up to seeing her.moreless
  • Wed 28 Feb, 1996
    Wed 28 Feb, 1996
    Episode 26
    Alma is stunned when Gail confides to her about her affair with Ian Latimer in 1986. Vera dons her airs and graces as Joyce starts work. Kelly is uncomfortable when a couple of friends drop by and think it's weird her working for Ken. Ken walks in on them all and isn't pleased. Josie asks for Vera's forgiveness but she accuses her of making a mockery out of religion. Kelly fears Ken will sack her but he just asks her to be more discrete in future. Anne tells Raquel she fears Andy will go off her just because she won't sleep with him. Raquel points out that if that's the case he's not worth having. Jim and Liz go to an Army reunion and are stunned to find Johnny Johnson has a wife, Lucy. Alma cooks Mike a romantic meal and asks him if he loves her but he would rather talk about business. Jim overhears Johnny telling Liz he married Lucy as she looked like her. Johnny tells Jim that all the blokes fancied Liz. On the way Liz has enough of Jim's questions and admits she had a brief fling with Johnny. He accuses her of being a whore and sleeping with everyone. He thumps her and leaves her lying in a road.moreless
  • Mon 26 Feb, 1996
    Mon 26 Feb, 1996
    Episode 25
    Mike looks up some of his old machinists to see if they want to work for him again. Jack is alarmed when Tricia asks him if she can be the Rovers cleaner. To get rid of her he tells her he'll ask Vera but doesn't as he fears her Carl will be around. Vera interviews Joyce for the cleaning job. Joyce promises to be confidential and a good cleaner and is taken on, to Jack's relief. Don tells Jack that the exorcism was fake. Jack doesn't mind as it's bringing trade in. Tricia is furious to discover Jack never told Vera that she wanted the job and that it's now gone. She tells him she's going to tell Carl he's been pestering her. Jack has Tee Shirts made saying 'Sample Our Spirits'. He gets the staff to wear them. Alma considers telling Mike all about her feelings for Stephen but Gail advises her not to. Jack is alarmed when Josie puts Vera straight about the fake exorcism. She accuses Jack of exploiting Ivy to bring in the customers and throws a pint at him. Anne refuses to spend the night with Andy after an evening with his parents. She tells him she will one day, when she's ready.moreless
  • Fri 23 Feb, 1996
    Fri 23 Feb, 1996
    Episode 24
    Jim doesn't believe Liz when she says she'll be at home all day waiting for the electricity man. Fiona takes over the Salon, getting Tony to paint out Denise's name. Denise calls on her to check she is happy with everything before she moves south. Audrey tells Alma how sorry Stephen feels for making a pass at her. Alma tells Audrey that Stephen is saving her honour; she made the pass at him. Audrey is stunned. The Gazette sends a reporter round to interview the Duckworths. To make sure the story appears Jack tells them that he's definitely seen Ivy in the cellar. Vera is moved by his sensitivity. Denise follows Kelly and Daniel to the Red Rec, telling Kelly she only wants to hold him. Kelly struggles to keep calm as Denise kisses Daniel and says goodbye to him. Liz feels that she and Jim need a break so books for them to visit his mother. Jim calls home unexpectedly to see if Liz is there and finds Deirdre waiting for the electricity man. Judy gets tired of subbing her mother Joyce all the time. She puts her onto the Duckworths needing a cleaner but advises her not to say she's her mother. Audrey and Gail go to the airport to see Stephen off. Josie is amazed that Vera really thinks Ivy's spirit has moved into the Rovers. She tells Don they must do something or Ivy is never going to go away. Jim accuses Liz of using Deirdre as a cover for secret meetings with men. She throws the ferry tickets at him and breaks down, telling him all she wanted was for them to have a little holiday. He is ashamed and begs her forgiveness.moreless
  • Wed 21 Feb, 1996
    Wed 21 Feb, 1996
    Episode 23
    Vera is certain that Ivy has settled into the Rovers. Jack thinks she's barmy. Vera decides that one advice Ivy would give her would be for her to take on a cleaner. Jack becomes interested in the ghost idea when he hears that ghosts pull customers in. Vera advertises in the Kabin for a cleaner. Andy takes out a student loan to pay Liz back the £50. Alma apologises to Stephen but makes it clear she meant the pass. He promises her he won't tell Audrey what happened and as far as their friendship is concerned it never did happen. Roy lends Vera books on ghosts and haunted houses. Alma tells Gail about making a pass at Stephen and how he rejected her. Gail sympathises. Jack persuades Vera to talk to the papers about Ivy's ghost. Audrey confronts Stephen over what she witnessed. To protect Alma he tells Audrey that he made a pass at her and it upset her.moreless
  • Mon 19 Feb, 1996
    Mon 19 Feb, 1996
    Episode 22
    Steve is annoyed to discover Mike has won the contract. Don gets a friend, Eddie Baines, to pose as a Catholic Priest and perform an exorcism at No. 5 to put Vera's mind at rest. She falls for the charade. Liz lends Andy £50 to pay his rent to Des. Liz tells Deirdre about her relationship with Des. Vera is thrilled that Ivy's soul has finally been laid to rest and treats Baines to a free hotpot. He leaves his bag in the pub by mistake. Jim is furious to find his £50 savings gone and accuses Liz of lining her fancy man Des' pocket. Liz tells him she gave the money as she doesn't want Andy owing Des anything. Vera is horrified when Jack opens Baines' bag and snaps a rosary. When she turns icy cold Vera feels Ivy's soul has settled in the pub. Stephen is taken aback when Alma makes a pass at him in his hotel room. He is very nice about it but Alma feels awful when he doesn't respond. She runs off, observed by Audrey.moreless
  • Fri 16 Feb, 1996
    Fri 16 Feb, 1996
    Episode 21
    Rita encourages Fiona to try and raise the money to buy the Salon. Her bank manager refuses to lend her the money. Martin looks after the cafe whilst Gail helps Alma with her Kbec function. Martin takes Roy on to help out in the cafe. Stephen is embarrassed when Audrey insists on being present at his North West presentation. Alma helps him out by asking her to help her. Roy is interested to hear that Don has a ghost. He offers the benefit of his experience. Rita is outraged when Fiona asks her to help her financially in buying the Salon lease. She is annoyed that she can't give any encouragement without people asking her for money. Steve and Vicky do their best to show Stephen that they know the youth market he is after. Carrie tells Stephen that Steve only got his biggest order by asking Mike for help. She thinks they wouldn't be able to handle the contract. Fiona shows her brother Lee around the Salon and asks him to lend her the £4,500. He isn't impressed by the smallness of the operation. She makes him see that she's got regular clients who are also friends and that the business is consistent. He agrees to lend her the money for a year. Ken is pleased to hear from Fiona that Denise is moving out of the area. Stephen tells delighted Mike that the contract to manufacture Kbec sportswear in the North West is his. Alma is overwhelmed when he toasts her and thanks her for her support.moreless
  • Wed 14 Feb, 1996
    Wed 14 Feb, 1996
    Episode 20
    Maxine is certain she'll be sacked when Jon takes over the Salon. Vera feels Ivy needs to contact her but doesn't know how to go about it. Stephen advises Alma to stop putting herself down and to go for what she wants. Mike tells Steve Kbec is too big for him and advises him to pull out but Steve sees through him. Maud feels that Vera's in torment and agrees to help her. Emily is embarrassed when Kelly catches her peeping through Ken's window, spying on her. Josie turns a blind eye as Vera and Maud try to contact Ivy's spirit in No. 5. Don is furious when he finds them and throws them out. Josie tells him it's cruel not to help Vera as she's in such a state. Tony drives Fiona to see Denise. She is just moving house with Brian. Fiona tells her she's a cow for selling the Salon over her head. Denise tells her that if she can raise £4,500 the lease is hers.moreless
  • Mon 12 Feb, 1996
    Mon 12 Feb, 1996
    Episode 19
    Kelly has her first day minding Daniel. Mike is keen to build on Alma's relationship with Stephen as he wants to do business with him. Maxine goes out of her way to be efficient at the Salon. Emily doesn't think Kelly's old enough to be looking after Daniel. She is left feeling foolish when Kelly asks her how many children she has actually had. Steve feels they should go after a contract with Stephen's firm. He makes Vicky see they have to take big chances if they're ever to grow as a company. Vera summons Ida and tells her about Ivy's ghost. She advises Vera to stop worrying about Ivy's soul as she'll wear herself out. Steve chats up Carrie about producing sportswear for Kbec. She is impressed by his performance but thinks he's too small. Gail asks Vera to stop putting ideas into Sarah's head about ghosts. Mike finds himself out of his depth talking business with Stephen. Stephen invites him to put a projected plan down on paper. Mike is annoyed to hear Steve is also after the contract. Fiona is horrified when Jon turns up to tell her he's back with his wife and has agreed to buy the Salon lease from Denise and he won't need her services anymore.moreless
  • Fri 9 Feb, 1996
    Fri 9 Feb, 1996
    Episode 18
    Liz dresses up, telling Jim she's got an interview at The Hour Glass but he doesn't believe her and thinks she's tarting herself up for a man. Don asks Vera to stop telling people about Ivy's ghost as Sarah now thinks she can see her. Ken employs Kelly Thomson as child minder. She is anxious to please and feels sorry for Ken with Denise having left. Denise returns, thinking Ken is at work, she ascertains that Fiona is happy running the Salon before calling at No. 1 for some stuff. She is horrified to find Ken and Daniel there. She holds Daniel and breaks down, begging Ken to take him from her. Jim goes to the Hour Glass and finds they are not holding interviews. Denise throws her house keys at Ken and tells him she won't be back. He's glad it's all over. Vera asks Sarah to tell her and no one else if she sees Ivy again. Tony keeps trying to talk to Fiona but she is always busy at the Salon. Audrey organises all her family into a group setting for a photographer to take an official photograph of them all. She is put out when Stephen makes Alf take the best place. Jim prepares to confront Liz before she tells him the interviews were held in a hotel. Tony apologises to Fiona and they make up. Jim isn't sure if Liz is innocent or cleverer than he thinks. Audrey is annoyed when Alma breaks up the family gathering to take Stephen out for a meal. He is relieved and flirts with Alma, to her delight.moreless
  • Wed 7 Feb, 1996
    Wed 7 Feb, 1996
    Episode 17
    Maxine tries emotional blackmail to get her job back but Fiona takes no notice. Maud reads her palm, advising her to consider her actions more carefully. Liz applies for a job at The Hour Glass wine bar. She plans a night out there with Deirdre. Tricia offers her services to Ken to mind Daniel but he refuses as he wants a registered minder. She rows with him for not giving her a break. Alma is disappointed when she has a meeting with Carrie and not Stephen. Fiona is stressed at the Salon. She is annoyed that Maxine has not apologised. Tony tries to solve her domestic problems by asking her to move into a flat with him. She isn't keen so he accuses her of always comparing him to Steve. He tells her he's enough and they should finish. Ken contacts an ex pupil who has trained in nursery nursing. Alma is pleased when Stephen takes her drinking after her meeting with Carrie. At the Hour Glass, Tricia is picked up by Mal Price and encourages Liz and Deirdre to mix with his pals. Maxine confronts Fiona over her break up with Tony. She apologises for being hard work and Fiona gives her her job back. Gail and Martin are uneasy when Sarah tells them she's seen Ivy at the bedroom window. Jim spies at Liz dancing with men at The Hour Glass.moreless
  • Mon 5 Feb, 1996
    Mon 5 Feb, 1996
    Episode 16
    Maxine has a wild night, with only twenty minutes sleep. She stays off work to sleep. Alma doesn't feel she's up to catering for Stephen but Mike presses her to do it. Maureen is tired of driving to and from Lowestoft and the grief Maud gives her for leaving her alone. Maxine arrives for work at 11am and is warned by Fiona that if it happens again she'll be fired. Liz returns from Southport. Jim is angry when she shows no sign of being pleased to be back. Maxine closes the Salon at lunchtime to go back to sleep so Fiona sacks her. Kevin is annoyed when he has to look after Daniel as Ken has a parent's meeting. He tells Ken he's taking advantage of Sally and she can't take anymore. Ken agrees to sort something out. Alma takes Stephen to the Wheatsheaf so he can sample her menus. She tells him she's not a very big caterer but she is up for the job. Des is surprised when Liz asks him to drink in a different pub so as to avoid Jim. Sally is furious with Kevin for telling Ken she won't mind Daniel anymore. Alma enjoys being in Stephen's company and is pleased when he likes her menus. Maxine tells Fiona that their lives are going to be unbearable if she remains sacked.moreless
  • Fri 2 Feb, 1996
    Fri 2 Feb, 1996
    Episode 15
    Josie is bemused when Vera tells her about seeing Ivy's ghost, annoying Don. When he hears Des is on business in Wigan, Jim phones up to check up on him, relieved that it is true. Vera worries about Ivy's soul being in torment. Stephen arranges a small presentation for local businesses and asks Alma to take care of the catering. Josie and Don lay on a spread for the family as they celebrate Sarah Louise's 9th birthday. Maureen is shocked to discover Maud had proposed to Percy. She feels left out of everything. Josie and Don are disturbed when the lights on Sarah's cake blow out by themselves. Mike urges Alma to cater for Stephen, telling her it's an opportunity she can't miss.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 1996
    Mon 31 Jan, 1996
    Episode 14
    Maureen decides not to tell Reg about the burglary and is frustrated that she has to cope with everything on her own. Jim is relieved to discover Liz really is with her mother. Alma is charmed by Stephen and thinks he's gorgeous. Kevin urges Ken to find someone to look after Daniel long term as he doesn't want Sally worn out. Kevin feels bad when he suggests Ken should have got married. Gail tells Alma how hard it was for her growing up knowing she was illegitimate and that she finds it hard explaining her relationship with Stephen to the children. Audrey is upset to discover Stephen has been to England before and not contacted her. He explains he didn't know if she wanted to see him again; she'd done her bit going to Canada but did she want everyone at home to know about him. They are glad they do have a future together. He is thrilled to meet Gail's children. Don, Deirdre and Vera meet at No. 5 to discuss starting up a Rovers' outing. Vera is horrified to see Ivy's ghost on the landing. She rushes home to Jack, chilled to the bone. Don refuses to believe her but she is adamant she saw Ivy.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jan, 1996
    Mon 29 Jan, 1996
    Episode 13
    The Corner Shop is ransacked, with all the alcohol and cigarettes stolen. Maud blames Maureen for not being around; she can't reach to turn on the burglar alarm. In the middle of their rowing a potential buyer arrives to view the shop. He is put off by the mess. Kevin doesn't like the idea of Sally looking after Daniel, especially when Ken asks her to keep him from Denise if she turns up. Audrey goes to the airport to meet Stephen. He is embarrassed as he wasn't expecting her and is with his colleague Carrie Meyer. Carrie defuses the situation by suggesting Stephen spends time with Audrey whilst she settles into the hotel. Jim tells Bill he fears Liz is being unfaithful. He is suspicious of her whereabouts when she goes off to Southport for a few days to settle her mother into her new flat. Don and Josie return from the Canaries. Deirdre is stunned when Mike tells her that Denise has left Ken. Alf takes to Stephen when he realises he is down to earth. Both Stephen and Gail find it difficult meeting each other for the first time. They begin to relax when they discover neither of them have inherited any of Audrey's characteristics. Deirdre calls on Ken and offers to help in any way she can. He is determined to bring Daniel up alone and show the world he is a caring and loving father who can look after his son better than a mother like Denise.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jan, 1996
    Fri 26 Jan, 1996
    Episode 12
    Alma is frustrated as she can't discuss her feelings with Mike. She is upset about Ken and Denise but knows she can't tell Mike. Bill gives Jamie a lift to Styal Prison as Tricia is released. They have an emotional reunion. When Jim tackles her with the knowledge that Des has employed another assistant, Liz tells him why she really left Skinners, about the attraction she felt towards Des and how she can't cope with his temper swings and that Des was a comfort. Jim believes Liz when she swears she is not in love with Des and didn't sleep with him. Tricia tells Deirdre how hard prison was and how bad she felt for getting that low. Liz warns Andy that she's confessed all to Jim and now feels everything will be all right. When questioned about Stephen's father, Audrey and Alf invent a past life for her, including husbands who died young. Curly and Raquel try to matchmake between Anne and Andy, having them both for a meal. At first they dislike each other but then begin to thaw. Sally agrees to look after Daniel until Ken can find someone permanently. Mike is delighted to hear Denise has left Ken, until Alma points out that Ken still has his son, unlike Mike.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jan, 1996
    Wed 24 Jan, 1996
    Episode 11
    Maxine fears for her job with Denise gone but Fiona feels they should just keep on with their jobs and wait for Denise to return. Anne is flattered when Curly invites her to dinner. Alma hears about Denise leaving and calls on Ken, offering him support. Percy is stunned when Maud asks him to marry her. He tells her he needs to think about it but then becomes angry when Phyllis proposes. He accuses them of having a joke at his expense. Audrey tells Alf she's never recovered from having to give Stephen away. Alf apologises to her and tells her he is very welcome in their home. Alison calls on Ken and pleads with him to take Denise back as she wants Brian back. He refuses so she tells him she's as selfish as Denise. Jim discovers Des has taken on a new assistant at Skinners. He confronts Sean over the new girl and is told Des had personal reasons for getting rid of Liz.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan, 1996
    Mon 22 Jan, 1996
    Episode 10
    Audrey is thrilled to discover Stephen is coming over on business. Gail and Alf are disturbed at the prospect of meeting him. Deirdre calls in the Social Services to talk to Jamie. He says he'll run away again if he's put in care so they allow him to stay with Deirdre. Audrey is upset when Alf tells her he doesn't really want to meet her son as it's a reminder of her relationship with Malcolm Reid. Maud reads Phyllis' tea leaves and tells her the man of her dreams is hers for the taking. Ken tells Mrs Jeffers about Denise leaving. She warns him that he's going to find it hard having a baby and a full time job. Maud is stunned to find she read her cup by mistake, not Phyllis'. Fiona is shocked when Ken tells her Denise has gone off with Brian and he's going to fight her for Daniel.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jan, 1996
    Fri 19 Jan, 1996
    Episode 9
    Denise spends the night in her old flat. She begs Ken to forgive her and tells him she doesn't want to leave him. He tells her she was sick to betray her sister as she did. She tells him she wants to marry him and is sorry for hurting him but he tells her he doesn't want her as a wife. She is an unfit mother and he'll fight her for Daniel. The Platts receive a solicitor's bill for £1,200. Martin is adamant it's paid out of Nick's money. Alison calls on Ken as she doesn't know where Brian is. He delights in telling her about the affair. She confronts Denise and lays into her for ruining her life. She tells her she never wants to see her again. Don is shocked when Josie tells him they need to get away so they're going abroad next week. Brian tells Denise he's left Alison and they shouldn't waste what has happened; he loves her and wants to be with her. Deirdre feels sorry for Tricia in prison. Jamie runs away from the foster home and asks Deirdre to put him up. She agrees when he threatens to run away to London. Ken is stunned when Denise tells him he's right; she an unfit mother and can't give Daniel security. She leaves Daniel with Ken and goes off with Brian.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jan, 1996
    Wed 17 Jan, 1996
    Episode 8
    Steve promises Vicky he'll stay on the straight and narrow. Ken finds the police looking for Tricia. They explain she's been sent to prison for a week by the Magistrates and if she isn't found it could be longer. Ken fetches her from the Rovers. When she sees the police she tells Ken he's a scum-bag of a snitch. She is taken to prison for non payment of her TV licence fine and not attending court. Jamie is taken into care. ANDY: "Steve wasn't even innocent in the womb." Brian tells Denise he loves her and can't bear the thought of her marrying Ken. He asks her to come away with him and live with him. Ken walks in on Brian telling Denise that he and Alison are finished. Ken asks Brian to stop upsetting Denise and to keep her out of his marriage problems. Denise is stunned when Brian explains he can't as she is his lover. Ken hits Brian and throws him out. Denise swears the affair is over but Ken throws her out, telling her if she doesn't go he'll kill her. He refuses to let her take Daniel.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan, 1996
    Mon 15 Jan, 1996
    Episode 7
    Tricia worries about how she's going to cope with no money. Maud takes pity on Jamie and gives him a chocolate bar. Tricia accuses him of stealing it and hits him. Uncle Nick tells the McDonalds that the evidence against Steve is very damning and he may end up in prison. Steve and Vicky are relieved when Fox tells the Magistrates he mentioned Steve in his statement as a vendetta and that really Steve thought the scotch was clean. Alison tells Denise she's been checking up on Brian and she's now certain he's been having an affair. Denise advises her to fight to keep her marriage going. The McDonalds celebrate when the police drop the charges against Steve. DC Cannon warns Steve that he'll get him next time. Vicky hands over the last £3,000 to Brenda Fox. Liz apologises to Steve for doubting his innocence. Uncle Nick tells Vicky he fears Steve has paid Fox off and that if the police find out it's a very serious offence. He tells her he's worried about the world she's living in. Tricia asks Mike for money in return for sex. He tells her he's not interested and warns her against using his flat for immoral purposes.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jan, 1996
    Fri 12 Jan, 1996
    Episode 6
    The Duckworths are annoyed to receive the Mallett's rewiring bill. They refuse to pay it. Brian calls on Denise demanding to know why she's ended their affair. She explains she is disgusted with herself. He tells her she's disturbed and she'll never remain faithful to Ken. He is stunned when she tells him she's marrying Ken. Vicky withdraws £3,000 for Steve to give to Fox. She is horrified when Steve tells her she must be the one to talk to Fox and ask him to change his statement. Nick signs over No. 5 to Don and is given £12,000, to be put in trust until he is 18. Nick thanks Don and Don wishes him well with the money. Josie is relieved when Don feels that Ivy is now dead. Vicky goes to see Fox, unable to believe Steve is putting her through it all. She asks Fox to perjure himself in order to keep Steve out of prison. Fox takes the £3,000 and tells her he'll want another £3,000 after the trial.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jan, 1996
    Wed 10 Jan, 1996
    Episode 5
    Jack goes against Vera's wishes and lifts the ban on the Malletts. Tricia gets a letter from the courts but ignores it. Vicky has a sad birthday, coming to terms with the knowledge that Steve lied to her. Roy gets a new job washing up in a big hotel. To help Tricia out he buys her TV for £30. Jack takes Liz on to help out behind the bar. Gail is amazed when Don tells her he's withdrawing his claim to the house. She is furious that he would think her capable of blackmail and assures him she hasn't told a soul - not even Martin - about the calls. They agree to compromise and after a lot of debate decide that Don will buy the house from Nick for £12,000. Nick is thrilled. Deirdre wishes Ken luck when she hears he's marrying Denise. Steve suggests to Vicky that they could bribe Fox to keep him out of the court case. He asks Vicky how much she thinks he is worth.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jan, 1996
    Mon 8 Jan, 1996
    Episode 4
    Raquel tells Vera she is only going to work dinners so she can spend time with Curly. An electrician tells Judy it'll cost £685 to rewire No. 9. MAVIS: (about Judy) "She's got a lovely face. It's a shame about what comes out of her mouth." Denise tells Brian it's obvious he can't cope with their affair so she wants to end it. She has decided she wants Ken more and she doesn't want Brian calling round again. When Vera refuses to pay for the Mallett's rewiring, Judy calls her an old bag and is thrown out of the pub. Brian turns nasty and warns Denise he might not be able to stop himself from telling Alison about them. Gary apologises to Jack for Judy's behaviour and invites him round to watch satellite TV. Sally is uncomfortable when Mavis tells her Rita is very upset over their split. Curly is delighted when Anne applies to be assistant manager. He is embarrassed when he has to tell Liz she didn't get the job. He and Raquel congratulate Anne on her success. Vicky is upset when Steve makes it plain to her that he knew the whisky was stolen. Gary laces Jack's beer with vodka when he calls round. Ken is overwhelmed when Denise proposes marriage. He accepts. Rita is touched when Sally offers an olive leaf. Vera catches the Malletts trying to get drunken Jack to pay for the rewiring. She bars them from the Rovers forever.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jan, 1996
    Fri 5 Jan, 1996
    Episode 3
    Bill looks over No. 9 and tells the Malletts it needs re-wiring. Judy is adamant the Duckworths will have to pay any bills as they should have warned them. Curly interviews for an assistant manager. He is embarrassed to receive an application from Liz. He feels Anne is the ideal choice and asks her to apply. Steve goes to see Malcolm Fox. Malcolm tells him he had to name him as the police knew all about the operation. Anne doesn't want to be a boss but Curly begs her to apply. Denise throws a party for Daniel's birthday and is put out when the Dunkleys arrive. Brian corners her to tell her he loves her and feels her enthusiasm is waning. Don has too much to drink and accuses Gail of scaring him off by thinking of telling the court about his phone calls. He tells her to do her worst. She is baffled by the outburst.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jan, 1996
    Wed 3 Jan, 1996
    Episode 2
    Judy insists that Gary rests after his electric shock. Don off to see his Barrister. Judy has to go into Curly's to dry her hair. Bill and Jim uncover a cast iron fireplace whilst renovating Mike's flats. They decide to sell it but Jamie tells Roy they are nicking it and tries to blackmail them for a fiver. Curly tries to persuade Ann Malone to stay on after she informs him she is planning to leave. Steve learns from Wilding that it was Malcolm Fox who informed the police about him. Rita is invited to Daniel's birthday party but declines. Jack admits to doing the wiring at the Malletts and Vera gets steamed up about it. Don returns from seeing the Barrister in jubilant mood but it doesn't last as he slumps back into depression.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jan, 1996
    Mon 1 Jan, 1996
    Episode 1
    As Curly leaves for work there is a lot of banging from next door as Gary tries DIY on the radiator to plug the leak so they can have heating. Audrey is distraught to learn Alf has a video of him and Betty at the Palace. Alison and Denise depart for the sales. Mike asks Bill to convert a large into two flats. Percy complains to Gary about the banging and offers to lend them an electric fire. Denise decides against buying a black dress on learning from Alison that Brian has a thing about black. Mike can't resist having a dig at Steve about his predicament. Audrey tells Alf all is forgiven if he destroys the video. Percy and Alf investigate the noise from the Malletts; there is a scream from inside. Gary has electricuted himself on Percy's fire.moreless