Coronation Street - Season 38

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  • Wed 31 Dec, 1997
    Wed 31 Dec, 1997
    Episode 209
    Sally suggests to Kevin that he fiddles the books so that there's no profits for Natalie. Fred thinks Ashley is a fool for letting Zoe stay but Ashley refuses to put her on the streets. Spider discovers that an endangered plant, the hairy groundwort, is growing on the Red Rec. Nick baby-sits so he can entertain Leanne in private. He plans to visit friends in Scotland and invites Leanne to join him. Deirdre decides to surprise Jon at work with some champagne. She goes to the tie shop and is stunned to be told he's at home with his wife and children. She gets the address from the shop assistant. Zoe kisses Ashley, telling him she is attracted to him. He allows her to lead him upstairs. Chris is pleased when Kevin offers him his job back. He accepts. Deirdre calls at Jon's house and confronts him and Linda, telling her that she's the woman who doesn't exist. Jon tells Linda he doesn't know who Deirdre is.moreless
  • Mon 29 Dec, 1997
    Mon 29 Dec, 1997
    Episode 208
    Kevin doesn't want to sell the garage and asks Sally to trust him by continuing to work with Natalie until she gets bored of the situation. She agrees, although she's not pleased. Ashley feels guilty when Zoe packs to move to the hostel. Alf is furious when he discovers Audrey's been telling people about the bowl. Deirdre is furious when Jon tells her he has to work New Years Eve. Spider accuses Alf of destroying beauty and nature with his plans. Alf is adamant that the bowl will be a huge boost for Weatherfield. Zoe cooks a thank you meal for Ashley. Liz suggests to Deirdre that Jon has another woman but Deirdre tells her he's too honest for that. Jon tells her that he works so hard because he wants to prove himself to her. Liz is thrilled when Mike offers her a job as machinist at Underworld, even though she hasn't any experience. Sally admits to Kevin that she doesn't trust Natalie and begs him to sell the garage, saying she can't cope with the strain. Ashley tells Zoe she doesn't have to leave. She is pleased but doesn't know where she stands with him; is he attracted to her or does he just feel sorry for her.moreless
  • Sun 28 Dec, 1997
    Sun 28 Dec, 1997
    Episode 207
    Sally doesn't like the idea of Kevin working with Natalie and asks him to get rid of her. Emily gives Ashley the number of a Catholic hostel for single mothers. Leanne rows with Gail for not apologising to her now she knows the Malletts did buy Katie. Gail maintains that she's still at fault for spreading gossip. Alf confides in Audrey that his committee are planning to build a millennium concert bowl on the woods on the Red Rec. Judy is horrified when Leanne calls her a liar in the Rovers, telling the customers that she bought Zoe's baby. Vera comforts her, telling her she's done nothing to be ashamed of. Kevin accuses Natalie of being awkward when she refuses to sell her half of the garage. She tells him she won't be got rid off easily and she intends to reemploy Chris. Ashley takes Zoe to view the hostel. Toyah overhears Audrey telling Gail about building the bowl on the woods. She gives the information to Spider. He thinks its a stitch up between councillors and builders. Judy tells Gary she wants to move now everyone knows they bought a baby. Sally tells Kevin he'll have to sell his share of the garage.moreless
  • Fri 26 Dec, 1997
    Fri 26 Dec, 1997
    Episode 206
    Kevin and Sally enjoy being back together but Kevin feels he should tell Natalie rather than letting her hear second hand. Sally doesn't think they owe Natalie anything. Judy is upset when Zoe refuses to even let her visit Katie. Gary admits to Martin that they bought Katie off Zoe. Kevin tells Natalie he's back with Sally, causing Natalie to break down. Gail is stunned when Martin tells her that the Malletts did buy Katie. Nick is annoyed that she never believed Leanne when she told her. Toyah is upset when Spider makes it clear he doesn't want her hanging around him. She rushes home and eats a turkey sandwich. Emily allows Spider to smoke cannabis in the house, enjoying the fact he thinks she doesn't know what he's smoking. Ashley is horrified when Zoe offers him her body as reward for taking her in. He refuses. Judy gives Fisher the £2,000 back and tells him she won't be working at the arcade. He tells her she can't just wipe out what happened between them.moreless
  • Thu 25 Dec, 1997
    Thu 25 Dec, 1997
    Episode 205
    Kevin spends Christmas Day at No.13 with Sally and the girls. Betty cooks Christmas dinner for all the Rovers staff. The Battersby's eat the turkey but Toyah refuses to, saying she's a vegetarian. Leanne and Janice feel they can't eat any of the bird as it's all squashed from the car hitting it. Jon splits his time between Linda and Deirdre, telling them both he has to work. Rita has dinner with the Websters and the normal family atmosphere makes Sally realise she wants Kevin back. Natalie feels sorry that she cut all ties with her family as they disapproved of her living with Kevin. Deirdre is furious when Jon has to return to work after only being with her for an hour. She tells him she's sick of his job. Sally tells Kevin she realises why he was upset about her and Chris and apologises to him. Alec feels sorry for Natalie and assures her she will get over Kevin. Sally asks Kevin to come back and he agrees, saying it's what he wants more than anything.moreless
  • Mon 22 Dec, 1997
    Mon 22 Dec, 1997
    Episode 204
    Gary tells Judy he's thinking of leaving her; they don't communicate and she's obsessed with Katie to the point there's no room for him in her life anymore. He's sick of supporting her as it makes him feel worthless. She realises he's speaking the truth and apologises, begging him to stay as she loves him. He gets her to admit that Katie isn't theirs anymore. Toyah and Spider kidnap the turkey and take it to the park's pet corner. Gary packs all of Katie's things up, telling Judy they have to break with the past. He bumps into Liam in the Street and frightens him off by threatening him with violence. He gives Zoe the baby clothes and apologises to her for trying to take her baby. She thanks him for being such a help at the birth. Les is furious to find Toyah has freed the turkey. Liam tracks Zoe down and tells her they should sell the baby, take the money and then disappear without handing Shannon over. When she isn't keen he threatens to hit her but Ashley throws him out. Kevin tells Chris he had no choice but to sack him. He feels that he's ruined everything and wishes the last year had never happened. Chris tells Sally that Kevin still loves her. The turkey escapes and wanders back to the Street. Les tries to find it and drives off with Toyah but they run over the bird, killing it.moreless
  • Sun 21 Dec, 1997
    Sun 21 Dec, 1997
    Episode 203
    Gary refuses to buy Katie again and begs Judy to let her go but she can't accept she's not Katie's mother. Maxine refuses to move back in with Ashley when she sees Zoe is back. She accuses him of fancying Zoe but being too thick to realise that. Ashley is confused as to what is going on. Janice tells Les horror stories about killing turkeys knowing he hasn't got the guts to kill it. ASHLEY: "I always get caught up in the middle, me. I try to please everybody and I end up pleasing nobody." Deirdre is amazed when Jon tells her he won't be able to spend all of Christmas Day with her as he has to work. Les gets drunk before trying to kill the turkey but Toyah alerts Spider who puts Les off the killing by talking about the turkey's feelings. Les feels defeated and promises Toyah they'll keep the turkey as a pet. Judy is stunned when Gary returns Fisher's £2,000, saying they don't need it anymore but she grabs it, saying they do. Sally is surprised to discover Kevin has moved into a B&B and isn't back with Natalie. Judy discovers Zoe is at No. 4 and demands Katie, showing her the £2,000. She is shattered when Zoe tells her she doesn't want the money.moreless
  • Fri 19 Dec, 1997
    Fri 19 Dec, 1997
    Episode 202
    With Zoe gone, Ashley asks Maxine to move back. Judy tells Gary she doesn't want to get on with her life and just wants Katie back. Sally breaks down and tells Rita about Kevin rowing with her over Chris. Rita thinks Kevin is a hypocrite but Sally is distraught as she wants him back. Judy tells her old boss Paul Fisher that she'd like to return to the arcade and asks for a £2,000 advance on her wages. He gives her the money after she has sex with him. Natalie flirts with men in the Rovers to make Kevin jealous. She begs him to return to her but he tells her he was never worthy of her. Zoe doesn't trust Liam and runs away from the squat, taking Shannon with her. Spider is horrified to discover Les has a live turkey in the yard and tells Toyah they should help free it. Toyah is sickened when Spider explains how turkeys are slaughtered. She tells Les she won't let him kill it. Angie tries to cheer Chris up over his broken romance with Sally. He is grateful for her support. Vera feels sorry for Natalie when she discovers Kevin has left her. Judy is sickened with herself for having prostituted herself but is relieved to have the money. Zoe returns to Ashley with Shannon, telling him she can't go along with Liam's plan to sell her. Gary is stunned when Judy tells him she's got the £2,000.moreless
  • Wed 17 Dec, 1997
    Wed 17 Dec, 1997
    Episode 201
    Shannon's cries annoy Liam but Zoe is happy that they're a family at last. Liam tells her to face reality - they've got nothing to offer the baby. Liz turns to Jim for help, telling him everything's falling apart for her and she feels lonely, useless and old. Liam thinks they should sell Shannon back to the Malletts so she can grow up having nice things. Jim gently points out to Liz that she can't run to him every time she has a set back. Les takes possession of a live turkey, telling horrified Janice it's their Christmas dinner. Kevin demands to know how much time Chris spent with his daughters and accuses Sally of sneaking her toy boy in and out of the house. She tells him he has no right to accuse her of anything. Liam tells the Malletts they can have Katie back for £2,000. Gary throws him out, telling Judy they'll always be paying. Judy is upset that he won't consider the idea. Sally tells Kevin he's played right into Natalie's hands; she knows he thinks more about his injured pride than her or the girls. She tells him he makes her sick. Judy tells Liam she'll get the money for him.moreless
  • Mon 15 Dec, 1997
    Mon 15 Dec, 1997
    Episode 200
    Natalie is better enough to return to work and is annoyed when people think she was feigning illness to stop Kevin seeing Rosie's nativity play. Kevin gets Rosie to perform her part to him to show her he really cares. Sally is still furious that he missed the proper performance. Zoe becomes hysterical at the thought of the Malletts taking Katie away and is comforted by Ashley. He promises to help her. Whilst Gary is loading more things into the van she darts into the house, grabs Katie and takes her back to No. 4, dismaying Ashley who she forces to lock the door behind her. Gary follows her, hammering on the door until Ashley lets him in. Gary pushes Ashley aside and tries to grab Katie but Ashley threatens to phone the police. Zoe refuses to hand Katie over and Gary is forced to back off. Kevin is touched by Rosie's performance and stays to bath them, annoying Sally who hates the way he's never in the wrong. He loses control, telling Sally he misses the girls so much and wants to be with them. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself and to get back to Natalie. He admits he fears she'll meet someone else and he'll lose the girls for good. Judy is horrified to discover Zoe has taken Katie. She tries to smash into No. 4 and take Katie but Zoe begs Ashley not to let her in. Ashley feels caught in the middle and doesn't know what to do for the best. He lets the Malletts in but Zoe refuses to hand Katie over and the Malletts are forced to leave when Ashley threatens them with the police. Sally is annoyed by the way Kevin only thinks of himself all the time. He begs her to let him prove himself by moving back in. He swears he still loves her and is sorry for everything. The Underworld women move on to the Warwick. The Malletts plan to grab Katie and drive off to Newcastle but before they get chance Zoe gets Ashley to drive her and Katie away from the Street. Kevin tells Sally he'll leave Natalie to prove to her that he wants to get back with her. Judy feels shell never see Katie again and blames Gary for letting Zoe steal her. She slaps him again and again until she breaks down. Natalie is stunned when Kevin tells her he's returning to Sally. She begs him to change his mind, making him feel guilty but he is adamant. Emily is amazed when her nephew Geoffrey turns up on her doorstep, telling her he's now called Spider and is a vegan eco warrior and wants to stay for a while. Ida discovers Jump Jackson playing at the Warwick and reminds him that they were childhood sweethearts. He tells her she's mistaken as she's obviously far older than him. She is furious at the snub but Janice thinks Jump is sexy. Natalie is upset when Kevin admits he wants Sally again and that he should never have left her. She slaps his face when he tells her he never really loved her and warns him that Sally isn't the same; she's been sleeping with Chris. He tells her she's a bitch. Toyah is intrigued by Spider's appearance and spies on him. Zoe takes baby Shannon to meet Liam at his squat. Les is furious when he catches Janice kissing Jump. He goes for him, delighting Ida by pulling off his wig, and thumping the manager Jameson who tries to break them up. Jameson is furious and vents his anger on Liz as she knows Janice. He sacks her. Kevin demands to know from Chris if he's slept with Sally. When Chris admits he has Kevin goes for him and keeps thumping him. Chris doesn't try to hit back. Kevin sacks him. Kevin tells Sally he's left Natalie but there's no way he's moving in with her now he knows she's been sleeping with Chris. He calls her a bitch. Gary tells Judy she has to realise that Katie is gone and will never be back. Katie is left to cry alone in the squat whilst Zoe and Liam go to the pub.moreless
  • Sun 14 Dec, 1997
    Sun 14 Dec, 1997
    Episode 199
    Gary hires a van and loads all he can from the house. Ashley pleads with Maxine to return home but she feels there's something going on between him and Zoe and tells him it's a straight forward choice. She is furious when he refuses to make Zoe homeless and tells him they're finished. Fiona returns to the Street five months pregnant and wastes no time telling Audrey her business is not for sale. Gary is keen to get off to Newcastle but Judy keeps thinking of things that delay them. The Underworld girls have their Christmas party in the Rovers. Ida and Janice lead the raucous drinking. Natalie goes down with postural hypotension and is taken home from the Rovers by Kevin, feeling sick. He is concerned for her. Samantha gets sick of Les when he continues to letch at her and makes suggestive remarks. She refuses to serve him and Des tells him to keep away from her. Les is furious that Des is still against him even though he saved his life. Maxine is stunned when Ashley asks for her front door key back. Zoe sees Gary loading Katie's things in the van and calls on him demanding to see her baby. He lets her in, in Judy's absence and allows her to hold Katie. Sally is annoyed when Kevin misses seeing Rosie's nativity play. He arrives afterwards to explain he had to look after ill Natalie. Zoe demands to know where Gary is taking Katie but he refuses to tell her. Kevin is dismayed when Rosie refuses to forgive him for missing her play.moreless
  • Fri 12 Dec, 1997
    Fri 12 Dec, 1997
    Episode 198
    Ashley is stuck in the middle between pleasing Maxine and feeling sorry for Zoe. Zoe tells him she'll leave but wants to say good-bye to Katie first. Vera tries to make the peace with Jack, saying she was only getting back at him. Judy is upset when Ashley tells her Zoe has the right to see her baby. When she sees that Zoe is still in residence, Maxine packs her bags and storms out. Les scrounges pints off Des and keeps reminding him of how he saved him from Ritchie. Des just wants to get the gratitude over with. Ashley refuses to let Zoe sleep rough and tells her to stay at No. 4 with him. Chris shops for Christmas presents for the girls, causing concern for Sally that he's getting too close. Des can't shake Les off and ends up having to take him back home to share a take-away with Samantha. Les is disappointed when Samantha insists Janice joins them. Gary finishes his contract with the cable company and celebrates being out of work. Des is stunned when Les assumes he wants some wife swapping, assuring him that Janice will be game. Janice shoves Les home when he brings up his curry. Sally tells Chris she feels there's nothing long term for them and she doesn't want him becoming part of her family as she fears the girls will get hurt. She is relieved when he accepts the brush off without a fuss. He is hurt and tells her he'll give the presents to someone else.moreless
  • Thu 11 Dec, 1997
    Thu 11 Dec, 1997
    Episode 197
    Zoe is forced to leave the Battersby's sofa as she's in the way. Ashley is concerned for her when he hears of her plight and feeds her at No. 4. She tells him about the Malletts buying Katie off her and how she doesn't have anyone to care for her. Natalie wants Kevin to know about Sally and Chris but knows he'll be angry and fears he'll take it out on her. Alf tells Audrey he'll buy the Salon for her when he realises that if she's working she won't be out shopping all day. Alec asks Jack to escort for him with a new client, Roxy Lamour. Maxine is stunned when Audrey tells her she intends to buy the Salon. She is annoyed to discover Ashley has told Zoe she can stay a couple of nights. Kevin is sorry that he's going to miss out on seeing the girls first thing on Christmas morning. Vera dresses up for her date and is furious when Jack turns up to meet Roxy. He calls her a trollop for paying for an escort whilst she pours ice down his trousers. She storms back to the Rovers and accuses Alec of setting her up. He finds the whole thing amusing. Maxine doesn't like having Zoe around the house and tells Ashley to get rid of her.moreless
  • Mon 8 Dec, 1997
    Mon 8 Dec, 1997
    Episode 196
    The Malletts look forward to their new life in Newcastle. Chris tells Sally he'd like to move in with her. She doesn't like the way he's trying to become part of her family. Vera tells Jack and Alec that she's leaving the kitchen to Betty from now on so she can keep an eye on them. Audrey enjoys working at the Salon and plans to ask Fiona to sell the business to her. Samantha tells Des she loves him, using the expression for the first time ever. Audrey is furious when Alf refuses to let her buy the Salon, saying she has no business sense. Liz flirts with a couple of young businessmen at the Warwick. She is humiliated when she overhears Fred shouting at them for calling her a tart behind her back. Vera flicks through Alec's agency book and is interested in one of his escorts, Marco. She puts on a posh voice, calls herself Roxy Lamour, and phones Alec asking for a date with Marco. Alec realises straight away that Vera is the caller. Gary feels awful having to tell Jim he won't be able to go into business with him. Des forces himself to thank Les for coming to his rescue. Natalie is pleased to see Chris pulling Sally's bedroom curtains at night.moreless
  • Sun 7 Dec, 1997
    Sun 7 Dec, 1997
    Episode 195
    Zoe assures the Malletts she hasn't come to cause trouble, just to see Katie. The party guests leave as it's obvious Judy is preoccupied. Des is taken by surprise when Ritchie jumps him and smashes him into the pavement. Les sees the assault and fights Ritchie off Des. Jack is horrified when Renee tracks him down to return his shoe, still thinking he's called Ken. Zoe is horrified when Judy tells her she can't see Katie again as she doesn't want her growing up confused. Zoe feels that the money makes no difference; Katie is hers. Gary throws her out. Vera is alarmed when she sees Renee all over Jack in the pub. She tells her to keep her hands off her husband. Samantha is surprised when Ritchie calls on her. He accuses her of leading all the men she meets on. She feels threatened by his presence when he tells her he's shown Des who's boss. He begs her to give him a chance to prove he's better for her than Des. Sally tells Rita that she's been seeing Chris but assures her the girls are her first priority. Rita tells her she's got nothing to be ashamed of. Samantha makes Ritchie see that she'll never love him and there's no future for them. Bloodied Des comforts her. When Judy tells Gary she wants to run away he suggests they go to live with his brother Shaun in Newcastle.moreless
  • Fri 5 Dec, 1997
    Fri 5 Dec, 1997
    Episode 194
    Des is furious to find someone has spray painted over his kitchen window and tells Les to stay away from his property in future. Les tells him she's sick of being blamed for things he hasn't done. Janice and Curly have to stop them fighting. Deirdre feels sorry for Liz and feels that she should advise her to dress her age as she's giving off the wrong impression to men. Samantha is frightened by the thought someone is attacking the house and she doesn't know what they're going to do next. Natalie is intrigued to hear Chris telling Sally he loves her and kissing her. Curly and Samantha are Katie's Godparents when she is christened in church. Judy and Gary are thrilled by the whole experience. Afterwards they throw a party at No. 9 for the neighbours. Judy is touched when Rita gives her £50 to start a savings account for Katie. Knowing he's going to be laid off soon, Gary suggests that he joins Jim in the building firm. Liz is pleased when Deirdre asks her to be her bridesmaid. When Liz goes on about her life being a waste Deirdre chickens out of suggesting she changes her image. Natalie pumps Sophie and Rosie for information on the amount of time Chris spends at No. 13. Judy is horrified when Zoe walks into the middle of Katie's party.moreless
  • Wed 3 Dec, 1997
    Wed 3 Dec, 1997
    Episode 193
    Deirdre is thrilled when Blanche and Tracy arrive for her engagement party. Blanche is amazed by the luxury house. Alec discovers that Jack posed as Ken to meet Renee and is furious. Jack maintains he did Ken a favour as Renee would have eaten him alive. Steve clears all his things out of No. 11 and accuses Jim of smashing their whole family apart. He then moves into his new flat. Ken refuses to attend Deirdre and Jon's engagement party but changes his mind for Tracy's sake. Deirdre has all her friends round to the new house for a housewarming and engagement party and loves showing off her new home. She is glad when Blanche and Tracy approve of Jon. Liz is jealous of everything Deirdre has whilst she has nothing. Deirdre is stunned when Jon announces to everyone that they're marrying on January 29th. Sally tells Chris he's pushing their relationship too fast. Chris gets angry when she doesn't want anyone to see them together. She is worried that the children will get hurt if she splits with Chris after letting him into their lives. Deirdre tells Jon that being with him is like being on a roller coaster and she never knows what's coming next.moreless
  • Mon 1 Dec, 1997
    Mon 1 Dec, 1997
    Episode 192
    Des calls in the police and tells them Les smashed his window. The police question Les who denies all knowledge and is indignant when Janice assumes he is guilty. Chris is frustrated by the way he can only see Sally in secret, behind Kevin's back. As he has to go to a funeral, Alec leaves details of Ken's escort at the Rovers where Jack pockets them. Janice is furious when Des tells her how Les has been pestering Samantha. She goes for Les but he tells her that it's Samantha who is after him all the time. Calling himself Ken Barlow Jack goes to a posh hotel to meet Renee Turnbull and is horrified to find she's not the young beauty he was hoping for. She thinks he's wonderful and makes a play for him, much to his horror. She drags him up to her suite, demanding extra for her money. Samantha is amazed when Janice tells her to keep her hands off Les. When she starts belittling barmaids, Betty rows with her, telling her that she's a decent woman. Renee tries to lure Jack into the Jacuzzi with her but he runs off.moreless
  • Sun 30 Nov, 1997
    Sun 30 Nov, 1997
    Episode 191
    Des' car windows are smashed in. He believes Les smashed them. Fred is horrified to learn Ashley has employed Maud. Gary isn't keen on a christening as he hates public shows but agrees to please Judy. Deirdre packs up her flat and moves into her new house. Rita supports Sally by buying a drink from Natalie in the Rovers with her. Les is bemused when Des accuses him of smashing up his car. Judy asks Des and Samantha to be Katie's God parents. Des refuses on the grounds that he isn't a Christian but Samantha agrees. Curly agrees to be Godfather. Des' front window is smashed in.moreless
  • Fri 28 Nov, 1997
    Fri 28 Nov, 1997
    Episode 190
    Ashley opens the shop and is told by Fred to start making executive decisions. Judy is horrified when she sees Zoe in the street. Zoe is amazed to see how Katie has grown and assures Judy she's not after more money. Judy is alarmed about what her motives are for returning. Gary warns Zoe to stay away from them. Des doesn't like Les harrassing Samantha but she assures him she can handle it. Deirdre and Jon take possession of their new home, 9 Oak Grove, Didsbury. Deirdre can't believe she actually lives in a large four-bedroomed detached house. Les enjoys himself at the shop opening, drinking the free wine. Jon takes Deirdre to choose a new bed and has a narrow escape when he bumps into Linda. Judy decides to have Katie christened, feeling that it would cement her to the Malletts. Ashley makes an executive decision and takes on Maud as his assistant. Leanne is furious when Nick snubs her in the street but when he tells her he's missed her she mellows and they make up. Des goes for Les, warning him to stay away from Samantha.moreless
  • Wed 26 Nov, 1997
    Wed 26 Nov, 1997
    Episode 189
    Judy refuses to talk to Zoe and panics, calling Gary back from work. She fears that Zoe wants Katie back and tells Gary she'll never let that happen. Leanne encourages Zoe to fight for her rights and demand more money from the Malletts. Samantha is disturbed by the way Les leers at her and worries that her body language is leading him on. Fred tells Ashley he wants him to manage the Coronation Street shop. Ashley is pleased and assures him he can be mean and hungry in business. Judy wants to move away but Gary makes her see they can't run away all their lives. When Gary invites Zoe in for talks Judy disappears with Katie. Gary is amazed when Zoe tells him she's spent all the money and fears she's after more. Zoe tells him she doesn't want Katie for herself but isn't sure what she wants either. She gets annoyed when he offers her money and tells him to stuff it. When Natalie tells Les his remarks are upsetting Samantha he apologises to her but gets annoyed when Des, misreading the situation, warns him off. Gary finds Judy and Katie in the precinct and assures her that it's safe to come home as Zoe just wanted more money.moreless
  • Mon 24 Nov, 1997
    Mon 24 Nov, 1997
    Episode 188
    Jack presses Alec for information about his dating agency. He thinks Alec is setting women up with studs and begs him to take on an assignment. Maud admits to Ashley that she planted the fish in the shop in revenge for Fred cheating Maureen over the shop. Leanne tracks Zoe down to a hostel where she's living after spending the £2,000. Leanne urges her to put the record straight as Judy is saying she stole the money. Alec talks Vera into taking Natalie on after she acknowledges she'd be good for custom. Ken feels that he's providing a service escorting mature lonely ladies. Natalie starts working at the Rovers again. Judy is horrified when Zoe visits her.moreless
  • Sun 23 Nov, 1997
    Sun 23 Nov, 1997
    Episode 187
    Deirdre is amazed when Jon gives her a gold credit card for use in their account. He tells her to buy furniture for their house. Les is furious to see Leanne has a bruised face. He accuses Judy of assault but backs off when she starts to cry. Fred clears the shop of all stock, making the public think he's throwing it all but really stores it elsewhere. Leanne is upset when Les lays into her for spreading malicious gossip about Judy. Fred is amazed when the cleansing firm finds a package of fish behind some shelving. He is glad the source of the smell has been located but fears industrial sabotage. Alec feels the Rovers needs Natalie and asks her to return without consulting Vera. Jack is amazed to overhear Alec and Ken talking about his female 'client'. Jon tells Linda he has to cancel the holiday as he has to work. Steve isn't sure if Rachel is happy with his staying with her long term. Nick has enough of Leanne going on about Zoe. She finishes with him when they keep arguing about it, telling him that she'll prove Zoe sold her baby.moreless
  • Fri 21 Nov, 1997
    Fri 21 Nov, 1997
    Episode 186
    The smell makes Ashley feel sick all the time. Fred panics as no one will enter the shop. Nick tells Audrey about the Malletts buying Katie and she spreads the rumour. Deirdre shows off her ring and tells everyone she's marrying Jon. Gary gets uncomfortable when Audrey starts to question him about Zoe and Katie. Ashley begins to worry that the smell might be Maureen's rotting corpse under the floor boards. Linda goes to Sunliners and books a family holiday. Deirdre thinks it's a coincidence that she's married to a Jon Lindsay. Martin warns Judy that Leanne is telling people that Zoe sold her her baby. Judy assures him that it's a lie and that Zoe stole the £2,000 from them before she left. Steve gives Jim £300 as his share of the business before packing and moving out of No. 11. Jim accuses Steve of ripping him off but Steve doesn't care. Leanne is angered by the news that Judy is saying Zoe stole the money. She rows with her in the Street, telling her she knows she bought Katie. Judy loses control and slaps her across the face. Gary slams the door in Leanne's face whilst Judy breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 19 Nov, 1997
    Wed 19 Nov, 1997
    Episode 185
    Gail tackles Leanne and accuses her of spreading lies about the Malletts. Leanne is adamant that they did buy Zoe's baby. Ashley and Fred are bemused by a foul smell in the shop which drives customers away. Emily and Ken have their lofts bricked off. Ken tells Alec he'll join his escort agency as he needs the money. Alec assures him sex is not expected of him, just companionship. Jon agrees to house sit for Ian Jenkins when he goes away for 6 months. He phones up a building society, calling himself Ian Jenkins, and saying he wants to take out a mortgage. Jim and Steve finish the Shaw Street job. Jim tries to make Steve see they're a good team but Steve is insistent on finishing the partnership. Fred and Ashley search for the source of the smell but don't find anything. Rachel clears Steve's work and pays him for the job. He invites her out, saying Fiona's in the past. The building society rep visits Jon at Ian's huge house and agrees to give him a mortgage after looking through Ian's bank statements. Ashley and Maxine move into No. 4 and catch Leanne and Nick in bed together. They throw them out after forcing them to tidy the house up. Jon surprises Deirdre by asking her to marry him and giving her an engagement ring.moreless
  • Mon 17 Nov, 1997
    Mon 17 Nov, 1997
    Episode 184
    Deirdre is aghast when Jon tells her the car has been stolen. She wants to call in the police but he tells her his firm will sort it all out. Alec is horrified when Ken rips Geraldine's cheque up, telling him that he is not a prostitute. When Gail tell Nick Leanne's a slut he hits back saying that at least she doesn't buy babies like their friends the Mallett's. He tells them that Leanne saw Zoe with the £2,000 but Gail refuses to believe him. Fred has the shop freshly fitted out with shelving units. Maud is furious when they knock her package of fish behind one of the units but then decides not to tell Fred. Vera is thrilled when her American friend Maxwell sends her a bra he has named after her. Fred wins Ashley over by telling him he and Maxine can rent No. 4. Maxine is thrilled. Jon has to cut a photograph of him and Deirdre out of the paper before Linda sees it. She tells him they should use his bonus to go on holiday. Ken is amazed when Alec gives him a £50 fee for spending the evening with Geraldine.moreless
  • Sun 16 Nov, 1997
    Sun 16 Nov, 1997
    Episode 183
    Maud discovers that Dillon is a friend of Fred's and realises she's been conned into selling to Fred at a low price. Ashley is furious when she explains it to him. Audrey enjoys being at the salon but doesn't like the way no one will trust her with their hair. Jon test drives a £26,000 Saab, impressing the salesman with his talk of being a pilot. Maxine feels out of her depth when Toyah refuses to pay for her hair cut, saying it's a state. Audrey takes charge and threatens to hit her if Toyah doesn't pay up. Toyah throws the money at her and Maxine is forced to thank Audrey for her help. Maud accuses Fred of conning Maureen out of £15,000, backed up by Ashley who tells him to stick his inheritance, washing his hands of him. Jon tells Deirdre the Saab is his. She is amazed. Fred tells Ashley he's not ashamed of cheating Maureen as she's made him a laughing stock. He feels the shop is his compensation. Ken spends the evening with Geraldine Milne and enjoys her company. They go to the opera and then have a meal together. Jon joins Deirdre at a Sunliners function but panics when they are photographed together by the local press. Gail gets annoyed when Nick stays out late with Leanne. She calls at the Battersby's but discovers he's not there. She's amazed that Janice doesn't seem bothered by the fact that they're out late. Leanne confides in Nick about Zoe selling her baby to the Mallett's. Ken is flabbergasted when Geraldine gives him his fee to give to Alec.moreless
  • Fri 14 Nov, 1997
    Fri 14 Nov, 1997
    Episode 182
    Fiona feels she'd like to get away but worries about the Salon. Audrey offers to look after it but Fiona fears she's ruin it. Liz is upset to discover Andy has left and blames Jim. He reminds her that it was her friend who nearly killed him and that he was sick of the whole family, not just him. Alec is annoyed when one of his escorts at the Golden Years Agency goes down with a cold. He asks Ken if he could spend the evening at the opera entertaining an old friend. Fred pushes Maud to complete the shop sale as soon as possible. She is reluctant to, fearing that she'll have nothing to do once it's sold. Fiona decides to let Maxine run the salon with Audrey helping her out. Audrey gives Nick £30 to buy college books that he needs. Fiona is amazed when Jim apologises to her for the mess but tells her he knows it was for the best. She tells him he's ruined her entire life. Ken doesn't want to meet Alec's friend as he's sure there must be a catch. As Fiona goes on holiday Maxine takes over the salon and starts to boss Audrey around. Fred takes Maud to the solicitors to complete and then takes over the shop. Maud is sad to leave it. Ashley is surprised when Fred installs him as manager at the shop to gain experience. Nick and Leanne get drunk in No. 4. They fool around and tug a radiator off the wall, causing a leak. They call in a plumber and Nick is forced to give him all his £30 in payment. Deirdre fears she went too far in proposing to Jon. He assures her she didn't but says he doesn't feel ready for marriage as it's too soon after his divorce. Ken agrees to meet Alec's friend so Alec phones Geraldine, one of his clients, and tells her about her dashing new escort.moreless
  • Wed 12 Nov, 1997
    Wed 12 Nov, 1997
    Episode 181
    Steve and Andy are furious that Jim didn't have the guts to tell Liz about him and Fiona and that she had to hear it from Alan. Andy tells Jim that he disgusts him for kicking Liz when she's down. Liz calls Fiona a slut for leading on both Jim and Steve. When the estate agent send a buyer round to view the shop Fred introduces himself as the owner's husband and shows him around in Maud's absence, pointing out all it's short comings and scaring the buyer off. Steve tells Jim that he is going to disolve the partnership as he doesn't want to work with him any more. Liz breaks down in the Rovers and tells everyone that Jim slept with Fiona and then used her. She tells Jim she hopes he rots in hell. Andy tells Fiona he's ashamed of his family and apologises to her for them. He tells her she's a great girl and deserves some happiness. Leanne and Nick discover Fred has forgotten to lock the door at No. 4. They go in and realise they could use the empty house as a love nest. Andy packs his bags and leaves the Street and Weatherfield, determined to forget all about his family. Jon is surprised when Deirdre asks him to marry her.moreless
  • Mon 10 Nov, 1997
    Mon 10 Nov, 1997
    Episode 180
    Deirdre gets upset about not being able to have the house she wants because the vendors are stuck in a collapsing chain. Jon promises her he'll make sure they get the house. Maud doesn't want to sell to Fred but feels she doesn't have much choice. Fiona tells her family about how she slept with Jim. They can't understand why she won't get back together with Alan if he's told her she's forgiven. Alan collects his things from Fiona's flat, saying he'll never understand how she slept with a sad old drunk like Jim. Natalie tells Kevin she'd like them to move away from Weatherfield as she's sick of being seen as a home wrecker. Jon tells Deirdre the house sale is on again. She is thrilled. Liz is distraught by the way no one will tell her why Jim stopped the wedding. She is stunned when Alan maliciously tells her that Fiona slept with Jim and he's the father of her baby. Maud is forced to accept Fred's offer of £62,200 for the shop, flat and stock. Fred celebrates the start of his chain of shops. Liz rows with Jim for sleeping with Fiona and is shocked when he tells her he loves Fiona. She accuses him of leading her on and letting her believe they had a future. She runs off in tears when he tells that they don't have any future.moreless
  • Sun 9 Nov, 1997
    Sun 9 Nov, 1997
    Episode 179
    Alan storms out of the church and goes for Jim, having to be pulled off him by Dave. Liz is confused when Andy and Steve refuse to help Jim or go anywhere near him. . The Middletons and Maxine try to comfort Fiona. She begs Maxine not to leave her and tells her how she slept with Jim. Maxine is disgusted at the thought. Andy turns on Steve, saying he's as much to blame as Jim for ruining Fiona's wedding. Alan is furious when his father tells him he's better off without Fiona as she was never right for him. Dave makes Alan see that Fiona must have been in a mess to sleep with Jim and urges him to make sure he really doesn't want her or the baby before he throws everything away. Liz doesn't understand what's going on and is annoyed by the way the boys keep telling her that only Jim can explain. Alan turns on his father when he starts belittling Fiona's family because of their colour. He reminds him how civilised he's always been; thrashing him as a child and locking him up in sheds. He tells his mother that he never wants to see his father again. Alan calls on Fiona and tells her he doesn't want to lose her. He says that they can find out who the baby's father really is and that if it's Jim's she can have an abortion. She is amazed by his attitude and the way he tells her he forgives her. She tells him she doesn't need his forgiveness and realises that she's scared of him, telling him he's a bully. He is furious when she tells him the baby is hers, not his or Jim's and goes to hit her, confirming her fears about him. He storms out.moreless
  • Fri 7 Nov, 1997
    Fri 7 Nov, 1997
    Episode 178
    Steve stays out all night, struggling to come to terms with Jim's news. He tells Andy about Jim sleeping with Fiona but Andy refuses to believe him. Steve confronts Fiona and demands to know if she has had sex with Jim. She breaks down as he throws her wedding dress at her and tells her it's the end of everything as far as he's concerned. Alan has a huge hangover after his stag party and goes to the church with his parents. Vera, Jack, Audrey, Alf, Alec, Deirdre, Jon, Liz, Andy, Chris, Angie and Rita attend the wedding. As Fiona arrives with her father she is sickened to see Steve enter the church and fears he'll make a scene. Maud shows Mr Dillon around the shop and is affronted when he offers £55,000 for it and not the asking price of £70,000. Afterwards he tells Fred he offered what he told him to. As Fiona and Alan are exchanging their vows drunken Jim stops the ceremony and pleads with her not to marry Alan as she doesn't love him. Dave and Lee throw him out of the church and the priest takes shaken Fiona and Alan into the vestry. Fred sympathises with Maud over Dillon's low offer and tells her he'd buy it himself for £60,000. Maud isn't sure what to do. Liz tries to find out why Jim's wrecked Fiona's wedding but all he'll say is that Fiona needs saving from the bully. Fiona admits to Alan that she had sex with Jim but assures him the baby is his. Alan is horrified and refuses to marry her, telling her she's the McDonald family whore. Alan talks to the congregation, telling them the wedding is off. Alone in the vestry Fiona breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 5 Nov, 1997
    Wed 5 Nov, 1997
    Episode 177
    Steve realises he's run out of ideas to stop Fiona marrying Alan. Alf is pleased to have lost some weight. Sally is jealous when she sees Chris with Lorraine but pleased when he assures her she's the only woman he fancies. He is disappointed when she tells him she's not ready to be tied down again. Alf, Audrey, Deirdre, Emily, Jack and Vera attend Billy's funeral. Betty feels lost and alone without Billy and returns to work straight away to keep busy. Alec is horrified when Vera assures her she has a job for life. Steve tells Fiona that although he still loves her he wants her to be happy and wishes her and Alan happiness together. She thanks him. Dave O'Grady organises Alan's stag party and is surprised when Alan invites Lee along. Alan's friends get drunk and start picking on Lee because he's black, embarrassing Alan. Maxine throws a surprise hen party for Fiona at the Rovers. Jim lays into Steve over his love for Fiona, reminding him that he threw her aside for Vicky. He tells Steve that he really does love Fiona and that they've spent a night together. Steve is sickened.moreless
  • Mon 3 Nov, 1997
    Mon 3 Nov, 1997
    Episode 176
    Liz celebrates her 40th birthday with the rest of the family. Jim buys her a silver pendant, the boys a £100 gift voucher. Maxine is put out when Fiona refuses to let her do her hair on her wedding day and books into an expensive salon. When Betty fails to turn in for work Alec writes her a short note telling her she's sacked and forces Jack and Vera to sign it before putting it through her letterbox. Natalie gets her niece Lorraine to look over the computer spreadsheets for her. She finds Chris attractive. Deirdre gives Jon a £5,000 cheque for the deposit on the house. Alec and the Duckworths are horrified when distraught Betty arrives to say Billy's died of a heart attack. Vera comforts her whilst Alec retrieves the letter from her house. Natalie invites Chris for dinner and tries to match make between him and Lorraine. Chris is embarrassed as Lorraine throws herself at him. Jim feels uncomfortable as Liz throws herself into their relationship. Jon tells Deirdre they've lost the house and tells her he'll keep the money in his bank account until they find another house. When Linda finds the money in their account he tells her it's his bonus and it's for them both to spend.moreless
  • Sun 2 Nov, 1997
    Sun 2 Nov, 1997
    Episode 175
    Alec tells the Duckworths the time has come to get rid of Betty. Vera is horrified when Alec asks her to break the news to Betty. Chris feels he should tell Kevin about seeing Sally and resign from the garage but Sally wants to keep it all a secret. Fiona is pleased when she hears Jim and Liz are back together. Angie helps Fiona alter her wedding dress to give her more room. Alan returns unexpectedly and Maxine tries to stop him entering the flat so he doesn't see the dress. Fiona is horrified when he jumps to the conclusion that she's with a man. Vera can't bring herself to sack Betty. Alec demands that she's told the next day.moreless
  • Fri 31 Oct, 1997
    Fri 31 Oct, 1997
    Episode 174
    Andy and Steve are stunned to discover Liz has spent the night with Jim. She is enthusiastic about being back with him but he isn't that sure. Gail demands that Nick leaves Leanne alone before she gets pregnant. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon tells her he'd want to take on the mortgage himself so she can have all her money for herself. She is impressed by his generosity and agrees to pay the deposit out of Samir's insurance money. Gail tells Janice she doesn't want Nick seeing Leanne as she doesn't think she's good enough. Janice is furious and rows back at her. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon's offer on the house is accepted. Gail tells Martin she'd rather have Nick back in Canada than seeing Leanne. She pleads with Martin to talk some sense into him. Chris takes Sally out to a restaurant, assuring her that he finds her attractive and enjoys her company. Martin advises Nick to play the field as Leanne is a no-hoper. Nick isn't impressed. Natalie is furious when Kevin stands her and her friends up to attend a break down. Jim admits to Liz that he too would like them to be back together. She spends another night with him.moreless
  • Wed 29 Oct, 1997
    Wed 29 Oct, 1997
    Episode 173
    Les spreads the news that Ken is a pervert. Janice realises that Ken must have caught Les and that Les has been responsible for all the odd things, using the loft to get into the other houses. She is furious that he allowed her to think they had a ghost and tells him they'll use the £800 to mend the ceiling. Ken thinks he ought to call in the police over Les but Emily talks him out of it, worried that he'll be nasty towards her afterwards. They confront Les but he refuses to admit he was the intruder. Sally is pleased when Chris explains he was helping Angie look for her own flat. He assures her he's finished with Angie and can't stop thinking about her. Sally is thrilled. Liz is upset as her 40th birthday approaches. She agrees to have a meal with Jim and the boys on the day. She tells him she's scared of spending the rest of her life on her own. Kevin isn't keen when Natalie tells him they're going to a dinner party with some of her friends. Deirdre and Jon view a large house. Gail is horrified when she learns Nick and Leanne were alone in her bedroom whilst Les was in the house. Liz feels vulnerable and tells Jim she doesn't understand what happened to them. He is uncomfortable when she tells him how much she misses being with him. When she kisses him he responds.moreless
  • Mon 27 Oct, 1997
    Mon 27 Oct, 1997
    Episode 172
    Les panics when he wins £800 on the races but can't find the ticket. Janice joins him in the frantic search. Deirdre and Jon look for a house to buy. She is surprised when he tells her they can afford a detached house over £100,000. Les realises he left his ticket at Emily's and is annoyed when he sees she's thrown it away. Mike celebrates when he gets the contract from George but Angie feels it makes no difference; she is still leaving. He urges her not to throw everything away. She is pleased as he doesn't want to lose her. Nick and Leanne meet in secret. She tells him she wants to go further with him. He is thrilled but nervous as he's a virgin. Sally tells Gail about her night with Chris and admits she really likes him but feels she's making a fool of herself. Gail advises her to talk to him about her feelings. Jon has a happy time with his children. Sally is put out when she discovers Chris and Angie have gone flat hunting together. Leanne takes Nick to bed but before they can get started Les disturbs them. He climbs into the roof and gets his ticket from No. 3. He's disturbed by Emily and Ken and makes his escape but Ken pursues him into the loft. Ken stumbles and falls through the ceiling, landing on the bed with Nick and Leanne. Les finds him and accuses him of spying on young lovers.moreless
  • Sun 26 Oct, 1997
    Sun 26 Oct, 1997
    Episode 171
    Sally and Chris spend the night together. Afterwards she fears he'll view her as a one night stand. Angie is upset by Mike's attitude and wonders how they can be partners when he'd be happy with her sleeping with buyers to get contracts. Emily asks Curly if he's been letting himself into No. 3 and feels awful when he's upset that she suspects him. Mike sets up a meeting between Angie and George and demands that she apologises and does whatever she needs to do to get the contract. She refuses to go so Mike sees George and tells him that Angie is a game girl. Jon tells Deirdre he's been made sales director so he'll be doing more travelling. Les has a lucky escape when Emily returns home whilst he's watching her TV. To get Gail off his back Nick tells her that he's finished with Leanne. Angie tells Mike she wants to finish their partnership as she doesn't trust him. He asks her not to do anything in haste. Chris tells Sally he doesn't know what to say to her so she tells him to forget it ever happened. He is hurt when she says it didn't mean anything.moreless
  • Fri 24 Oct, 1997
    Fri 24 Oct, 1997
    Episode 170
    Martin tells Nick he's worried about him getting involved with Leanne as she seems more experienced than him and might be leading him on. Rita feels in the way as Judy and the customers fuss over Katie. Rita is surprised when Gary tells her Judy would like to work with her full time. Rita tells him that's impossible and furthermore she doesn't want her working at the Kabin anymore as it's not working. George makes a pass at Angie but she stays in control, telling him she's not interested. When Jon tells her he's being promoted at work she struggles to believe him. George invites Angie to spend time with him abroad on a regular basis, hinting that the contract depends on it. She tells him he's sad and walks out on the contract. Judy is furious when Gary tells her she's been sacked. She blames him for interferring. Sally slips out of the house telling Rosie not to open the door to anyone. When she returns Rosie refuses to let her in so Chris breaks in for her. Emily returns home to discover someone has been in watching her TV and smoking. Les escapes without her seeing him. Mike is furious to discover Angie has blown the contract. Sally breaks down and is comforted by Chris. He kisses her and she asks him to stay with her.moreless
  • Wed 22 Oct, 1997
    Wed 22 Oct, 1997
    Episode 169
    Gail hopes that if Nick's at college he'll stop going out with Leanne. When she sobers up Angie is horrified that she's moved back in with Curly. Rita dislikes having Katie around the shop, especially when Judy changes her on the counter. Linda tells Jon she wishes he wasn't away so much as she and the children miss him. Angie tells Des she wants to move back but he refuses to have her as he wants to be on his own with Samantha. She starts looking for flats to buy. Leanne introduces Nick to her family. Janice hopes he'll be a good influence on her. Sally dresses up hoping to spend the evening with Chris but he has a prior engagement. She is disappointed and is furious with herself for thinking he liked her. Gail gets annoyed when Nick doesn't come home for tea. She sends Martin over to No. 5 where he is told Nick is up in Leanne's bedroom. He orders Nick back home but Nick refuses, saying he's not a kid and he's not going to stop seeing Leanne.moreless
  • Mon 20 Oct, 1997
    Mon 20 Oct, 1997
    Episode 168
    Nick signs up at the Tech to study PE so Leanne decides to join him and signs up got hairdressing. Her attitude amazes Nick as she wants to do as little work as possible. Angie gets sick of having Samantha and Des spooning around the house all the time. Emily is surprised to discover how upset she is at Percy's departure when he finally leaves the Street. Mike tells Angie she should use George's weaknesses to trap him into giving an order. She is furious that she's surrounded by sexist pigs. Chris keeps Sally company with a bottle of wine. Angie gets drunk and suggests she and Samantha swap homes as she's fed up with seeing her and Des all over each other. She refuses to let her think about it and forces her to pack. Curly is bemused when Samantha moves in with Des and she's left with Angie. Des is happy with the situation although he feels rushed into it. Jon tells Deirdre he's on business in Birmingham but really goes back home to his wife Linda for the night.moreless
  • Sun 19 Oct, 1997
    Sun 19 Oct, 1997
    Episode 167
    Ken is bemused by the patterns in the sand trays. Roy is excited by them, believing them to have been made by spirits. Percy talks to Maud about Mayfield Court having heard there's a vacant flat. He tells her he feels the time has come to leave No. 3. Nick introduces himself to Leanne and they are attracted to each other. Rita struggles alone at work as Judy nurses sick Katie. She wonders what she's let herself in for taking her on. Jon and Deirdre act up for the residents, telling them that he can no longer fly. Emily celebrates her birthday with a party. She is startled when Percy tells her he's moving out and it's all because he can't live with her any more; she's become too fond of the drink and playing games on him. She tells him it's a good job he's leaving. Gail is horrified when Nick takes Leanne out.moreless
  • Fri 17 Oct, 1997
    Fri 17 Oct, 1997
    Episode 166
    Toyah teases Leanne about Chris not meeting her at the club. Leanne is upset that he never arrived. Gail is impressed when Nick tells her he plans to study PE at the Tech as he wants to be a PE teacher. Roy lays trays of sand in No's 1 and 3, explaining that if the intruder is human they'll leave a foot print but if it's a ghost there'll be air patterns. Les listens carefully. Leanne and Nick are attracted to each other. Ken tells Jon he thinks he's despicable but in order to help Deirdre agrees to go along with the story that he's been stopped flying through illness and has just been given the retail job. Les breaks into Emily's and turns the water cock off. Chris is surprised when Angie tells him she feels they've got nothing in common and wants to finish. She makes him see that they're not going anywhere. Ken tells Emily he got Jon all wrong and that he really is a pilot. Les blows circles in the sand tray.moreless
  • Wed 15 Oct, 1997
    Wed 15 Oct, 1997
    Episode 165
    Judy starts work at the Kabin, with Katie in the back room. Deirdre gets Jon to tell everyone that he's just failed a medical and can no longer fly. Jon promises her he won't blow his second chance with her. Angie is impressed when Mike asks her to deal with a buyer, George Dixon. Ken is astonished to learn Deirdre has taken Jon back. He tells her she must be mad building a life with a fake. She is annoyed to hear he has already told Emily about Jon. Ashley, Gail and Martin attend Don's funeral. Gail is thrilled when Nick arrives at the graveyard, saying he's back for good. Angie is shocked when George comes on strong to her and asks her to pose in some of her underwear for him to see.moreless
  • Mon 13 Oct, 1997
    Mon 13 Oct, 1997
    Episode 164
    Fred moves out of No. 4 and back into his old house. Deirdre apologises to Ken for doubting him and says she's finished with Jon. Leanne and Toyah are amused to hear the house may be haunted. Ken promises he won't tell anyone about Jon's real job as Deirdre doesn't want to be a laughing stock. Rita struggles to cope on her own at the Kabin. Maud struggles on at the shop with hardly any stock but hopes to sell it as a going concern. Ashley feels sorry for her but Fred refuses to let him help her. Rita offers Judy a job at the Kabin, saying she could keep Katie in the backroom. Les smashes a mirror in his house and lets Janice think the ghost did it. Martin tells Gary he's lucky having an understanding wife to look after his baby. Gary is upset that people think him capable of something he'd never do. Leanne and Toyah mess around with an Ouija board, upsetting Janice. She finds the whole thing terrifying. Deirdre tells Jon she can't give up on him; he's still the man she loves.moreless
  • Sun 12 Oct, 1997
    Sun 12 Oct, 1997
    Episode 163
    Janice worries when Les tells her he's noticed strange occurrences in the house. Jon pleads with Deirdre to let him explain but she is furious with him for lying to her. He tells her he is a qualified pilot but failed his medical and he has not lied when he said he loved her. He says he found it impossible to tell the truth as she was so proud of him being a pilot. When he breaks down she feels compassionate. Percy is certain an intruder is moving things around in the house. Maureen contacts Maud instructing her to sell the shop. She offers Fred first option but he refuses to buy it and give her money. He decides to move out of No. 4 and forget all about Maureen. Emily is stunned to find a porn magazine in Ken's house. Rita is amazed when Leanne applies for a job at the Kabin. She tells her there's no way she'd employ her. Ken finds the magazine and assures Emily it's not his; someone has planted it in his house. Janice is startled when she hears about Ivy's ghost and fears the house may be haunted. Les uses the connecting lofts to enter Emily and Ken's houses and move things around. Jon says goodbye to Deirdre and urges her to forget all about him.moreless
  • Fri 10 Oct, 1997
    Fri 10 Oct, 1997
    Episode 162
    Mike is glad Don is dead. Fred decides to get on with his life and forget Maureen. He tells everyone they dissolved the marriage by mutual consent. Mavis bids an emotional farewell to Rita and the Kabin as she and Beauty leave for Cartmel. Ken tells Deirdre he saw Jon serving at the tie shop. She feels he must of made a mistake and accuses him of trying to cause trouble. Rita doesn't know how she going to replace Mavis. Percy is puzzled when someone pins his medals onto his pyjamas. Deirdre goes to the airport and confronts Jon in the tie shop. She tells him she never wants to see him again.moreless
  • Wed 8 Oct, 1997
    Wed 8 Oct, 1997
    Episode 161
    Fred locks himself away from the neighbours. Mavis and Rita fall out over Mavis' leaving party, with Rita annoyed by the way she worries about the arrangements. Ashley and Maud worry about Fred, shut away and drinking. Maud tells him it's as bad for her as it is for him. Mike waits after work for a delivery and is taken by surprise by Don who bashes him over the head. He ties Mike up so he only has the use of one leg and tells him there's no delivery; it was he who set it up. Mavis' friends gather for her farewell party and feel uncomfortable as she and Rita bicker at each other all evening. Percy tells Ken he's worried about Emily being a secret drinker as he keeps finding empty bottles in the house. Don tells Mike he intends to kill him but wants to hear him beg first. Mike refuses to give him the satisfaction. When she's presented with a photograph of herself with Rita from the '70s, Mavis remembers all the happy times they've shared. They apologise to each other and are reconciled. Don goes to club Mike to death but Angie sees him and throws her bag at him. Don escapes and Mike hobbles after him in time to see him drive the Jag into the viaduct wall. It explodes in flames.moreless
  • Mon 6 Oct, 1997
    Mon 6 Oct, 1997
    Episode 160
    AUDREY: "When women leave this street they don't do it by halves." Emily sees Don at the cemetery, visiting Ivy's grave. He feels alone and vulnerable and she is upset that she can't help him. Ken asks at the tie shop and discovers Jon is the shop manager. Alma worries when she sees Don watching the flat. She calls the police in and Mike gets annoyed when they refuse to offer her any protection. Ken tells Emily about Jon being a shop manager and tells her he doesn't know if he should tell Deirdre or not. Emily tells him he must. Martin gets angry when Mike accuses him of helping Don escape from custody. Don phones Underworld and disguising his voice arranges for Mike to take delivery of some goods.moreless
  • Sun 5 Oct, 1997
    Sun 5 Oct, 1997
    Episode 159
    Don has a shock when he tries to get into No. 5 but is seen off by Les. Maud breaks the news to Fred that Maureen has run off with Bill. He is horrified and doesn't understand why she'd leave him. Maud feels bad as she watches him break down. Ashley is stunned when Don visits him in the shop and handles one of the knives. He tells Ashley that he'd rather kill himself than go back into custody. Mavis is annoyed by the way Rita seems to think she'll be unable to cope alone in the big bad world. Ken is surprised to see Jon serving at the tie shop in the airport.moreless
  • Fri 3 Oct, 1997
    Fri 3 Oct, 1997
    Episode 158
    Maureen moves Maud into Mayfield Court. She tells Maud she can't stand Fred. Mike is furious when Alma tells him she visited Don in hospital. She feels he can do her no more harm. He fears that Don will try to kill her again. Mavis is annoyed by the way Rita patronises her over her business plans and belittles her ideas. Maud urges Maureen to do something to help herself. Bill invites Maureen to come with him to Germany. Don picks Sarah up from school and buys her sweets, telling her not to tell anyone. Bill tells Kevin he'll never accept Natalie but will continue to worry about him as he's his son. Maud encourages Maureen to take a chance and go with Bill. Jim is sad to see Bill go. Bill drives off and is pleased when Maureen stops the taxi and joins him. They drive off together.moreless
  • Wed 1 Oct, 1997
    Wed 1 Oct, 1997
    Episode 157
    Alma feels positive about the future having seen Don. Sally is sad to hear Bill is leaving the country. He is emotional about leaving her and the girls but feels the Street has nothing to offer him anymore. Fred is saddened when Maureen tells him her expectations were too high when she married him. He surprises her by suggesting they have a holiday together. Don escapes from hospital when his guard has a secret smoke. Natalie tells Sally she overreacted and isn't going to take her to court. Martin and Gail are alarmed to hear Don is on the loose. Rita lets her customers know she isn't leaving anymore. Chris views the shop flat and agrees to rent it. Mavis tells Rita that she's going to buy the cottage on her own and run the B&B herself. Don hangs around Firmans, watching Alma at work.moreless
  • Mon 29 Sep, 1997
    Mon 29 Sep, 1997
    Episode 156
    Mavis is thrilled with 'Bide a Wee' but Rita feels uncomfortable in the country. The final straw is when someone thinks she and Mavis are lesbians. Ashley is shocked to hear Don is dying. Kevin tells Sally that Natalie will drop charges if she apologises but Sally refuses. Alma is stunned when Gail and Martin tell her that Don is dying and asking to see her. Fred thinks it's a good idea for Maud to move into a home and encourages Maureen not to worry about her. Rita tells Mavis she can't go ahead with buying the guest house as she misses the city too much. Mavis is stunned. Bill tells Jim he's decided to give everything up and return to Germany; he's had enough of Maureen and Kevin and feels there's nothing to keep in the country any more. Natalie struggles to stop crying when Bill lays into her, calling her a scheming cow for ruining Sally's life. Percy wonders if Emily is having a relapse and that her breakdown is returning. Maureen is shocked when Bill tells her he's going to Germany. Alma builds up her courage and faces Don with Gail. He breaks down, grateful to her for visiting and begs her to forgive him. She does and afterwards feels better. Maureen turns on Fred, telling him he's got disgusting eating habits. She tells him she should never have married him. She tells Bill that marrying Fred was a big mistake.moreless
  • Sun 28 Sep, 1997
    Sun 28 Sep, 1997
    Episode 155
    Natalie gives Sally seven days to pay damages before she takes her to court. Emily and Ken run the Kabin whilst Rita and Mavis spend time in Cartmel in the cottage they hope to buy. Emily feels that Percy is acting strangely and fears he has Alzheimers. Kevin begs Natalie not to take Sally to court, saying the girls will suffer. Bill is disgusted with Kevin for letting Natalie sue Sally. He rows with her in the Rovers and tells Kevin he's a disappointment. Mavis and Rita stay at 'Bide a Wee', sharing a room at the busy guest house. Rita finds much to fault whilst Mavis soaks up the scenery. Maureen is amazed when Maud tells her she's moving into Mayfield Court. She is outraged when Maud implies she doesn't want her anymore and refuses to feel guilty over having married. Percy is puzzled when some of his fairy cakes go missing. Martin persuades Gail to visit Don in hospital. Maud convinces Maureen that she's looking forward to moving into the home and is shocked when Maureen asks why she couldn't have done so years ago and given her her freedom. Don thanks Gail for visiting him and makes his peace with her, saying he's always been fond of her. He begs her to bring Alma to him so he can ask her forgiveness.moreless
  • Fri 26 Sep, 1997
    Fri 26 Sep, 1997
    Episode 154
    Kevin is furious to hear Natalie reported Sally to the police. Chris is furious that Natalie is victimising Sally. Fiona feels trapped in a hopeless situation. Fred tells Bill he doesn't want him living over Maureen's shop anymore and tells him he'll have to move out. Bill tells Maureen he'll move out straight away, upsetting her as she had no idea Fred had seen him off. Fiona is relieved when Jim gives her a letter from his doctor confirming he can't have children. Leanne flirts with Chris and then tells Toyah he asked her out. Alan and Fiona go off on their honeymoon. Maureen tells Fred she doesn't like him making all the decisions without consulting her. Martin is surprised to find Don in hospital under guard. Don tells him he's dying.moreless
  • Wed 24 Sep, 1997
    Wed 24 Sep, 1997
    Episode 153
    Natalie refuses to claim on her insurance and thinks Sally should pay for the damage. Kevin points out she has no money. Fiona is sickened at the thought of carrying Jim's baby and tells Alan she wants to move away from the Street as soon as possible. Kevin talks Natalie out of reporting Sally to the police by agreeing to talk to her about paying for the damages. Maureen is annoyed by the way Fred assumes Maud can cope without her and the news that he wants Bill out of the flat. Jim admits to Fiona that he lied - the vasectomy worked and the baby can't be his; he just wanted to frighten her and mess things up between her and Alan. She tells him she's leaving to get away from him and his family. Sally tells Kevin she'd rather die than give Natalie money. Percy is puzzled to find things missing in the house. Kevin is annoyed to see Chris has been sleeping at No. 13. Chris assures him nothing's going on between him and Sally. The police call on Sally to arrest her. She tells them that Natalie thumped her and she has witnesses so she'd like her arrested as well and points out that they'll have to find somewhere for the children to go if they take her to the station. The police back off, realising they're in the middle of a domestic row. Maureen asks Fred not to interfere with her arrangements with Bill. The police warn Sally that even if they drop charges Natalie could take her through the courtsmoreless
  • Mon 22 Sep, 1997
    Mon 22 Sep, 1997
    Episode 152
    Maud wishes Maureen wasn't marrying Fred and admits she fears she's going to lose her. Maureen assures her she won't. Fred is nervous before the wedding. Deirdre and Ashley are witnesses and Maxine, Maud and Liz attend the register office. Sally is annoyed when Kevin assumes she couldn't have started the flood as it's not in her character. She delights in telling him she did it. Fred and Maureen are married. Steve decides to move away from Weatherfield and keep out of Alan's way. Maureen is thrilled when Fred hires a barbershop quartet to sing to her after the ceremony. Jim is annoyed when Steve accuses him of not caring about his welfare. Fred and Maureen lead a conga down the Street. Natalie lays into Sally for flooding her house, accusing her of being sour and dried up. Sally fights back, accusing her of treating Kevin like a lap dog. They row in the Street, cheered on by the factory girls. When Natalie grabs hold of Sally they start to fight, with Sally thumping Natalie to the ground. Fred takes Maureen to their reception at No. 4, telling her it's their new home. She is pleased until he tells her there's no room for Maud. Jim tells Fiona that his operation wasn't a success and he could have fathered her baby. She is horrified.moreless
  • Sun 21 Sep, 1997
    Sun 21 Sep, 1997
    Episode 151
    Steve is released from custody and is annoyed when Jim believes he must have been handling drugs. He swears Alan is trying to scare him off. Mavis moves out of No. 4 and stays with Rita. Steve thinks that Alan isn't certain Fiona's baby is his and worries that she really has slept with someone else. Sally goes with Chris to feed Natalie's cat. She gets curious and wanders around the house. In the bathroom she writes 'whore' on the mirror and pours her expensive bubble bath away, leaving the taps running. Later Sally feels guilty and confesses to him. When Steve jokes about Alan not being the baby's father Alan thumps him, horrifying Fiona. She tells Alan she's sick of him being paranoid and swears the baby is not Steve's. He begs forgiveness. Chris and Sally discover Natalie's house has flooded. Chris tells Sally he'll take the blame but she feels terrible. Jim is furious to see Alan has beaten Steve to a pulp. He wants to fight him but Steve begs him not to; Alan might have him sent to prison. Kevin and Natalie return home to find the hallway flooded. Chris tells them a pipe burst. They believe him until Natalie sees 'whore' written on the mirror.moreless
  • Fri 19 Sep, 1997
    Fri 19 Sep, 1997
    Episode 150
    Des tells Mavis he'll miss her when she leaves. She is touched by his sentiments. Mavis agrees to sell the house to Fred. Fiona begs Jim to have a test to make sure he's still sterile. He is sickened when he realises she'd abort the baby if she thought he was the father. Sally is annoyed when Kevin sends the girls a postcard. Steve is taken in for questioning on a drugs charge. Des and Samantha go off on holiday. Sally is disappointed when Chris moves back in with Angie for the duration of Des' holiday. Jim tells Fiona that Steve has been arrested and it's obvious Alan is behind it. Alan taunts Steve in his cell. Steve doesn't understand why Alan has had him locked up; he's no threat to Fiona now as she's having his baby.moreless
  • Wed 17 Sep, 1997
    Wed 17 Sep, 1997
    Episode 149
    Samantha and Des spend the night together. Alan tells Fiona he's amazed she's pregnant as she's on the pill and assumes the baby must have conceived the night they got back together. Samantha tells Ritchie there's nothing between them and she doesn't want him back. He is bitter that she's slept with Des and still says he loves her. He accuses Des of destroying his marriage and tries to hit him. Samantha wants a divorce but Ritchie refuses to give her one. Fiona isn't happy to discover everyone knows she's pregnant. Alan is annoyed to hear Rachel telling Steve she's sick of him always thinking about Fiona. Steve isn't bothered when she tells him they're finished. Fred views No. 4 and offers Mavis the asking price of £47,000. Fiona is upset when Alan asks her if she slept with Steve during their split. She tells him Steve hasn't been anywhere near her. Samantha and Des plan a holiday on his boat. Fiona tells Jim she doesn't think Alan is the father of her baby and asks if his vasectomy could have failed. Alan asks his best friend DS O'Grady to bring Steve in again.moreless
  • Mon 15 Sep, 1997
    Mon 15 Sep, 1997
    Episode 148
    Ritchie tells Samantha that they'd have worked things out if he'd known about the rape. He is jealous of her relationship with Des and tells him that they're getting back together. Mavis is put out when the Battersbys look round her home. She is upset that they're not interested in buying it, just in her furniture and ornaments. Jon tells Deirdre that Linda wants to sell the house and split the proceeds. Steve is horrified to hear the gossips saying Fiona is pregnant. Rachel accuses him of still being obsessed with Fiona and tells him to choose between them. Samantha can't think of her future as she's only just dealt with the past. Jim is stunned to hear Fiona is pregnant. Ritchie tells Samantha that he's seen Des off and wants her to give their marriage another chance. When he falls into a drunken sleep she goes to Des and tells him her marriage is definitely over. He is delighted when she tells him it's time they went to bed together.moreless
  • Sun 14 Sep, 1997
    Sun 14 Sep, 1997
    Episode 147
    Des is upset that Ritchie is back in Samantha's life. Curly is stunned to discover she is married. Samantha is ashamed of having left Ritchie and apologises for leaving him. He tells her her mother has told him all about the rape and he understands why she left him. As Alan can't get time off after the wedding he and Fiona book a three week honeymoon in Mauritius before the wedding. Andy returns from Spain after working in a beach bar. Mavis loves the Cartmel house and gets Rita to put an offer in. Des can't believe his bad luck in getting pushed out of Samantha's life by her husband. Samantha tells Ritchie she should never have married him but he tells her he loves her. Fiona tells Maxine that she thinks she's pregnant. Maxine gets her to do a test which is positive. She breaks the news to Alan and is relieved when he is delighted. Rita and Mavis celebrate when their offer is accepted. Curly sleeps on Des' sofa to give Samantha time with Ritchie. Samantha feels better knowing Ritchie knows about the rape and allows him to stay the night at No. 7, on the sofa. He urges her not to be scared of him.moreless
  • Fri 12 Sep, 1997
    Fri 12 Sep, 1997
    Episode 146
    Vera tells Judy she's a good woman taking on Zoe's baby just because Gary got her pregnant. Judy tells her she's forgiven him. She hands in her notice at the Rovers. Mavis and Rita have a disappointing time house-hunting in Lytham. When the Cartmel vendor has an offer they shut up shop so Mavis can view it. Jim gets drunk and angry at the thought of Fiona marrying Alan. Chris tells Sally that Kevin was a fool to lose her. Samantha thanks Des for being patient with her. She tells him she'd like to try and take their relationship further. He promises to be gentle with her. Jim begs Fiona not to marry Alan, saying she's too good for him. She tells him to stay away from her as he repulses her. Samantha is shocked when her husband Ritchie tracks her down. She introduces him to Des and Curly.moreless
  • Wed 10 Sep, 1997
    Wed 10 Sep, 1997
    Episode 145
    Rita goes to view a house in Cartmel, taking Alec along for company. The Malletts tell the midwife that Zoe has disappeared and they don't know where she is. Deirdre gives Ken a one-off job, collecting a customer from the airport. The midwife assures Judy Katie can stay with them as Gary is her father. At the airport Ken is surprised to see Jon in a shop when he should be flying. Jon tells him he's filling time as his plane is delayed and is annoyed at being caught out. Mrs Middleton quizzes Fiona as to why she doesn't seem very happy at the thought of marrying Alan. She advises Fiona to be cautious but Fiona assures her they do love each other. Rita is taken with the house, despite Alec's attempts to put her off the idea. He tries to build up his courage to propose marriage but backs off. Sally is shocked to hear Rita is selling up and moving away. She breaks down, feeling she's losing everyone. Vera and Mavis attend mass-catering evening classes. Vera is annoyed when Mavis takes notes. Mavis is uncomfortable when Vera tells her she's planning to sack Betty. Chris comforts Sally when she breaks down feeling she's become boring. He assures her she's still attractive. Deirdre feels guilty as she feels happier with Jon than she did with Samir.moreless
  • Mon 8 Sep, 1997
    Mon 8 Sep, 1997
    Episode 144
    Judy plans to give up working to look after Katie but Gary worries about how they'll cope. Sally tells Chris he shouldn't be sleeping rough in the garage and offers her sofa. Mavis and Rita make plans for their B&B and tell the regulars they're selling up. Zoe's feelings towards Katie are confused; now that she's leaving she wants to take her with her. Leanne advises her to take the money and Katie and run away. She realises she couldn't do that to the Malletts and has a tearful goodbye with Katie before leaving. Chris moves into No. 13. Alan and Fiona go out for a meal with her parents. They ask to pay for the wedding and annoy Fiona by changing the plans - making it a big affair. Alan thanks them for their generosity. Alec tells Rita she's insane to think of spending the future with Mavis. She is amazed to see he cares so much. Judy and Gary are happy having Katie to themselves at last.moreless
  • Sun 7 Sep, 1997
    Sun 7 Sep, 1997
    Episode 143
    Chris is surprised when Angie tells him she will move in with him, otherwise she'll never know if it would work. Deirdre tries to calm Jon down about Linda taking the house. Gary and Judy give Zoe the £2,000. Zoe doesn't know what's going to become of her. Chris and Angie move out of Des' but find they can't have the bookie's flat as Deirdre is no longer moving. Angie moves back in with Des but Chris refuses to. Mavis tells Rita she's decided to leave the street and open a B&B in the Lakes. Rita is sorry that she's leaving after twenty-five years together. Audrey is thrilled when Judy tells her Gary is Katie's father. Gary is nervous of the news spreading as he fears being lynched for getting an underage girl pregnant. Chris camps out at the garage. Zoe decides to leave as she doesn't want to keep seeing Katie as it hurts too much. Rita tells Mavis that her idea is good and that she'd like to do the same. She asks Mavis if she'd mind sharing the future with her.moreless
  • Fri 5 Sep, 1997
    Fri 5 Sep, 1997
    Episode 142
    Zoe comes home drunk after a night out with Leanne. Natalie celebrates when Nick agrees to pay her a one-off lump sum. She tells Kevin she's going to take him on holiday. Des accuses Angie of getting at Samantha. Chris is angry when he insults Angie but she refuses to use it as an excuse to move out. Jon agrees to house sit for Capt Vikram Singh again as he and his family go away. Rita celebrates when she hears Natalie isn't at the Rovers anymore. Chris decides to move into the flat on his own. Judy panics when the midwife walks in on her rowing with Zoe. Samantha admits to Des she over reacted and they are reconciled. Natalie books two weeks in Gran Canaria but Kevin isn't happy about leaving the children for so long. Judy can't stand having Zoe around as she fears she'll change her mind and want Katie back. She tells Gary she wants them to pay her off as soon as they can. When she hears about Kevin's holiday with Natalie Sally tells him he's pathetic for being kept by her. Angie doesn't want to finish with Chris but also believes it's not right for them to live alone together. Deirdre packs her things and is taken by Jon to his house. Once there he discovers the locks have been changed and shows her a note from Linda saying she's taken possession of the house. Deirdre is upset for him as he is so upset that everything isn't right for her. She tells him it's not his fault and everything will be alright.moreless
  • Wed 3 Sep, 1997
    Wed 3 Sep, 1997
    Episode 141
    Kevin promises Natalie he never asked Sally to have him back; she's just stirring up trouble. Chris accuses Angie of not wanting to live with him because she doesn't really care for him. She tells him she thinks they're rushing things and suggests he moves out to test their relationship. Natalie asks Betty to be civil to her; she's not the dragon everyone thinks. Ida gets bored of boycotting the Rovers and leads the other factory girls back. Vera tells Jack that she won't be doing any cooking or washing for him until he gets rid of Natalie. Samantha is upset when she thinks Des has told Angie all about her. She finishes with him when he says he hasn't told her anything but thinks she should tell another woman for her view. At the registrar's office Gary gets cold feet over saying he's Katie's father and rushes out. Judy tells him he must say he's the father or they'll have no hold over her. He signs the certificate. Vera squirts tomato ketchup over Jack so he has no clean shirts as she's hidden them all. Zoe demands cash from the Malletts so she can go out and enjoy herself. Judy is just pleased that she has a proper family at last. Gary tells her she'll make a great mother. Natalie resigns from the Rovers when Jack attempts to sack her; she finds the whole place pathetic. Vera is pleased to see the back of her.moreless
  • Mon 1 Sep, 1997
    Mon 1 Sep, 1997
    Episode 140
    Rita throws Natalie out of the Kabin, furious with her for taking a job at the Rovers. Natalie is ignored by Vera and Betty and is amused when Vera warns her to keep away from Jack. When Chris continues to be jealous of Des, Angie assures him there are no sexual feelings between them. ANGIE: (about Des) "As a boyfriend he's not a very nice person. He's shift. He lies. He's unfaithful. He's a dirt-bag. There's nothing worse a girl can do than make herself available to him." Jon tells Deirdre he's going to see his ex-wife Linda to tell her about them. Judy and Gary are nervous when the midwife calls to check on Zoe and the baby. Sally is horrified to see Natalie working at the Rovers and storms out of the pub. Janice sides with her and gets all the factory girls to walk out. Judy tells the midwife that Gary is Katie's father and is praised for her understanding nature. Zoe resents the way she has to put on a show in front of officials and then is shoved in the back ground once they've gone. Audrey is convinced Gary is Katie's father and spreads rumours to the affect; why else would Judy be so keen to take her in. Zoe tells Katie she would have liked to have called her Shannon. Chris gets Angie to view the flat above the bookies. Angie dislikes it and is rude about it in front of Deirdre. Chris gets frustrated by her lack of enthusiasm. Sally enjoys telling Natalie that Kevin wanted to return to her but she wouldn't have him.moreless
  • Sun 31 Aug, 1997
    Sun 31 Aug, 1997
    Episode 139
    Jon is startled to hear Deirdre has given notice on her flat, planning to move into him house. Vera is horrified to discover Alec has taken Natalie on, fearing she'll be after all the men. Chris has a day planned with Angie - lunch and a seaside walk. He is annoyed when she invites Des to join them for lunch. Natalie enjoys herself behind the Rovers' bar, despite getting the cold shoulder from Betty. The Malletts collect Zoe and Katie from hospital. Zoe isn't happy with the way Judy takes over Katie now she's been born. She resents the way she's not welcome anymore. Chris is annoyed when Angie wastes the afternoon chatting with Des and they have no time left to go to the sea side. Angie quizzes Des as to why he hasn't managed to sleep with Samantha yet. He says she isn't ready but he's prepared to wait. Rita refuses to drink in the Rovers when she sees Natalie working there. Deirdre worries that Jon is having second thoughts about her moving in with him. He tells her he wants her to move in by the end of the week.moreless
  • Fri 29 Aug, 1997
    Fri 29 Aug, 1997
    Episode 138
    Judy wants Gary to say he's the baby's father as then she can legally live with them. He is wary as the authorities might find out the truth and send him to prison. Natalie and Kevin are pleased to have made up. He assures her he'll stick with her for good. Vera signs up for an evening course in Commercial Catering. Zoe agrees to say Gary is the baby's father and to Judy's idea to name the baby Katy Joyce. She's too tired to be bothered what happens. Sally tells Kevin she wants him back. He is amazed and tells her it's no good; they'll never be able to go back to normal, it will always be between them. She is stunned when he says he loves Natalie and their marriage is over. Natalie asks Alec for a job at the Rovers and is taken on straight away, on trial. Sally breaks down over Kevin not wanting her anymore. Gail comforts her and refuses to let her blame herself for everything that's happened. Fred announces to the Rovers customers that Maureen is marrying him and buys drinks all round. Natalie is thrilled when Kevin tells her he's refused to go back to Sally. Gary gets emotional at the thought of Katy ending up in care if her future isn't secure. He tells Judy he's willing to say he's her father to make her officially theirs.moreless
  • Wed 27 Aug, 1997
    Wed 27 Aug, 1997
    Episode 137
    Kevin stays with Bill and sets about showing Sally he's never returning to Natalie. Zoe's contractions slow down and she's monitored in hospital. She worries that something will go wrong and is comforted by Judy. Gary feels awkward. Des is thrilled when Samantha tells him she's staying as she doesn't want to leave him. She warns him that he'll have to be patient for sex; she can only cope with kissing. Alec investigates rival pubs' menus and tells Vera they'll have to provide more exotic fare. When there's signs of foetal distress, Zoe is rushed to theatre for a caesarean section. Zoe panics about being cut open. Gary goes with her to comfort her whilst Judy fears the baby will die. Gail advises Sally to forgive Kevin and take him back as it'll be hard work as a single mother. Vera attempts to cook chilli but makes it too hot. Gary is tearful when Zoe gives birth to a little girl and passes out. Judy is thrilled that she's alright. Fred tells Maud he worships Maureen and tells her it's obvious her only interest is in not losing Maureen as a nurse. He assures her she won't be put in a home. Natalie is upset when Kevin refuses to talk to her and hates the way he's punishing her. She begs him to come round so they can talk. Judy fusses over the baby and is annoyed that she and Zoe can't go home immediately. Kevin is surprised when Sally invites him to stay for tea. Sally enjoys having the family together and is disappointed when Kevin leaves when the children go to bed. She decides she's made Kevin suffer enough and now wants him back.moreless
  • Mon 25 Aug, 1997
    Mon 25 Aug, 1997
    Episode 136
    Kevin spends the night in the garage. He tells Chris he's left Natalie and can't believe he's been so stupid as to give everything up for her. Judy is amazed when Gary has second thoughts about taking the baby as he feels he won't like it. Alec tells Vera they have to make more profit and points out their biggest expense is Betty's wages. He suggests Vera takes over the food. She likes the idea if she can take catering courses. Ashley is shocked and amused when Fred tells him Maureen is going to marry him. He tells Maud the news, horrifying her. Natalie apologises to Kevin and begs him to return but he accuses her of ruining his life and refuses to be kept by her. Maud douses Fred in foam from a fire extinguisher and accuses Maureen of turning herself into a laughing stock first with Reg then Fred. Zoe gets drunk with Leanne and tells her how she's selling the baby to the Malletts. Samantha tells Des he'd be disappointed in her if she stayed as she's hopeless. He begs her to give them a chance. When Alec offers her an extra £1.50 an hour to stay she agrees to stay, deciding to give Des a go. Zoe goes into violent premature labour. Kevin tells Sally he's left Natalie and asks if she'll take him back. She refuses. Alec is forced to pay Judy £1.50 an hour extra as well when she threatens to walk out if Samantha is on more than her. Judy panics over Zoe's labour and is furious to find she's been drinking.moreless
  • Sun 24 Aug, 1997
    Sun 24 Aug, 1997
    Episode 135
    Natalie gets a letter from Nick's solicitor citing Kevin as co-respondent in their divorce. She spells it out to him that Nick's entitled to half the house in the divorce and they'll have nothing to live on. Vera calls a shareholders meeting and they agree to get a juke box. Alec tells her they need a younger clientele and says that they'll have to replace older faces behind the bar. Vera doesn't get the hint and assumes he means Betty. Kevin asks Sally to accept less money but she refuses. Maud accuses Maureen of attention seeking when she announces she intends to sell the shop. Maureen is adamant she's had enough of running it without support and she's fed up with life being so hard. Betty is furious when Vera tells her she's got to go as Alec feels she's too old. She goes for Betty but he disarms her, saying they still need her culinary talents and want her to oversee all the catering. Gary worries that the baby might be a villain like Liam. Vera realises Alec wants rid of her from the bar and tells him she'll never leave. Des, Angie and Curly have a farewell meal for Samantha. Des is upset as every woman he loves runs away. Fred tells Maureen it's a good idea for her to sell up but urges her to go a step further and marry him and combine their businesses. She agrees, although she warns him that she'll never love him completely. Des begs Samantha to stay in Weatherfield. When Natalie tells him they've turned into a pathetic rowing couple Kevin walks out on her saying he should never have left Sally.moreless
  • Fri 22 Aug, 1997
    Fri 22 Aug, 1997
    Episode 134
    Vera is happy after her night of passion. Alec gives Jack a £170 bill for the free drinks. Jack refuses to pay so much and knocks him down to £90. Natalie tells Sally that as her maintenance has been cut off she can't support Kevin any more so he can't support her. She tells Sally that unless she takes less money Kevin will have to sell up and then he won't be able to give her any money. Sally accuses her of emotional blackmail and throws her out. During their row Rosie gets upset and leaves the house. She goes to the garages and is taken care of by Chris. Alec suggests installing a juke box in the pub to attract younger people. Chris returns Rosie to Sally and comforts Sally when she breaks down, realising her rowing with Natalie caused her to run away. Chris tells her that Kevin really did try to resist Natalie but was weak as she was in Scarborough. Samantha hands in her notice to Alec. Kevin is amazed when Sally tells her Natalie came round and tells him to do his own dirty work in the future. Ashley has to return to Fred's shop and isn't pleased as he liked the atmosphere in the corner shop. Alec tells Jack they need attractive barmaids and could get Vera out of the way, helping with the cooking. Jack likes the idea of sharing the bar with young girls. Kevin rows with Natalie for seeing Sally. She tells him she didn't have any choice - they need money.moreless
  • Wed 20 Aug, 1997
    Wed 20 Aug, 1997
    Episode 133
    Jack and Vera celebrate their 40th Wedding anniversary. Vera wears her underwear all day whilst Jack desperately tries to get out of going to bed with her. Sally forgives Gail. Alec keeps a tab on the free drinks offered by the Duckworths and encourages the guests to splash out. Sally joins the Platts at the Duckworths party and sets about enjoying herself, even though Kevin is there with Natalie. Natalie is annoyed when Nick refuses to back down over money. Alec encourages the guests to have a collection to pay for sparkling wine. Vera forces herself to remember all the bad times during her marriage to make her see how much she now has to celebrate. Ken is forced to make a speech and toast the Duckworths on behalf of the residents. Sally rows with Natalie in front of everyone, saying she's a hypocrite to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Natalie fights back, saying she rescued Kevin from a dull marriage. Kevin is embarrassed. Natalie tells Kevin he'll have to cut Sally's money. Samantha assures Des she isn't going to London to get rid of him, just from everyone else. Jack resigns himself to the fact that he's got to have sex with Vera.moreless
  • Mon 18 Aug, 1997
    Mon 18 Aug, 1997
    Episode 132
    Maud likes having Ashley around as she's fond of him. The police find the Lada but it's completely wrecked after hitting a wall. Les is alarmed when the police question him over where he bought it as it's been reported stolen. Angie makes a set of sexy underwear for Vera as an anniversary present. Les gets irate when the police suspect him of stealing the car in the first place. He is forced to give them the name of the friend he bought it from and gets them off his back by saying Mickey and Peter were the lads who robbed the shop. Kevin is shocked when Natalie's husband Nick turns up. He wishes them both well but tells Natalie that as she's now living with another man he won't pay her monthly allowance anymore. The police arrest Mickey and Pete and get Maud to identify them. Martin tells Sally that he forced Gail to go to Natalie's and that she rowed with Natalie all night as she's really her friend. Les is annoyed as he bought the car for £150 and has to pay to get it scrapped. Jack is horrified when Vera shows him her new underwear, saying she'll be wearing them for their anniversary night. Des is dismayed when Samantha tells him she's going to leave Weatherfield and start afresh in London.moreless
  • Sun 17 Aug, 1997
    Sun 17 Aug, 1997
    Episode 131
    As they're having to pay to hire the Rovers, the Duckworths feel they can't afford to buy each other anniversary presents. Vera is disappointed but Jack is delighted. Gail is upset when Sally is cool towards her. Ashley starts work at the Corner Shop, delighting in his role as defender of the women. Vera determines to get her money's worth at the party and tells Alec he won't be an invited guest as he'll have to stay sober behind the bar. Toyah suspects Mickey and Pete of being the thugs who robbed the shop. She thinks of shopping them when she discovers Maud is offering a reward. Leanne warns her that if she does, the lads will beat her up. Alec tells everyone about the party in the hope the takings will go up. Percy offers Sally support and feels uncomfortable when she breaks down, feeling friendless. He tells her Kevin is a fool. Les is furious when his Lada is stolen. Toyah identifies the thieves as Mickey and Pete and he insists she tells the police. Gail apologizes to Sally for going to Natalie's house but Sally refuses to forgive her and tells her she doesn't need friends like her.moreless
  • Fri 15 Aug, 1997
    Fri 15 Aug, 1997
    Episode 130
    Maureen finds Maud helpless on the floor, humiliated but unhurt. Martin takes charge of her and nurses her. Maureen is furious over the way Maud was manhandled. When Fiona sends a wedding invite to Andy Jim is hurt that he hasn't got one. Maud refuses to stay alone at home as she's frightened and insists on being wherever Maureen is. Martin refuses to let Kevin down but Gail refuses to eat with the woman who wrecked Sally's marriage. Les turns nasty on Angie for sacking Leanne. She is frightened when he tells her he's capable of making her cry. She tells Janice to sort Les out before she loses her job as well. Vera wants a party at a posh hotel but Jack tells her they should celebrate in the Rovers as they can't afford anywhere else. Fred agrees to lend Maureen Ashley to run the shop so she can look after Maud for a while. Steve accuses Fiona of being petty not inviting Jim to her wedding. Jack is amazed when Alec tells him he'll be charged for the use of the pub for the party. Des is surprised when Samantha turns up. She tells him how her parents tried to ignore what she said about Ian. She feels strange now that people know her big secret. Gail is forced into going along with Martin to Natalie's. She makes it clear she doesn't want to be there and spends the evening bickering with Martin. Fiona tells Jim she didn't invite him to the wedding as she didn't think he'd want to attend. She tells him she will send him an invite on the understanding that he makes an excuse and doesn't attend. Gail tells Natalie he hates her for ruining Sally's life. Sally calls on Gail and is horrified to hear from Audrey that the Platts are having a meal with Kevin and Natalie.moreless
  • Wed 13 Aug, 1997
    Wed 13 Aug, 1997
    Episode 129
    Vera looks forward to her 40th wedding anniversary. Jack is horrified they've been married so long. Gary refuses to give Zoe the money up front, telling Judy that if they did they'd have no hold over her or the baby. He tells Zoe that instead of the money they'll treat her to new clothes and luxuries that will make her feel better. Judy is relieved when she agrees. Pete and Mickey buy lager at the Corner Shop and take note of Maud being wheelchair bound. Mike is horrified when the fire alarm goes off at the factory. Angie evacuates the building and he fears another business will go up in smoke. When they discover Leanne has been smoking in the toilets and set the alarm off they sack her on the spot. Vera tells Jack she wants a big party for their anniversary. Martin agrees to going out with Kevin before realising Natalie will be cooking a meal. Janice is furious when Leanne loses her job and turns on Angie. Steve is annoyed that Fiona doesn't appear jealous of Rachel. Mickey and Pete frighten Maud when they lock the shop and start raiding the alcohol shelves. When she tries to get help they tip her out of her wheelchair. Gail refuses to dine with Kevin and Natalie, telling Martin to get them out of it. Maureen is horrified to see Pete and Mickey speeding off after robbing the shop.moreless
  • Mon 11 Aug, 1997
    Mon 11 Aug, 1997
    Episode 128
    Natalie is upset when Kevin won't let her spend time with the children. Kevin is annoyed when Bill ignores Natalie in the Street. Fiona is curious to see Steve kissing Rachel. Gary thinks Zoe might report them to the police after she's taken the money. Zoe overhears him and is upset. She packs and says she's leaving as she's sick of the way they're only interested in the baby and not her. Judy is distraught and pleads with her to stay but Gary tells her it's best if she goes. He tells Judy that they'll adopt a baby above board, no matter how long it takes. Leanne larks around at the factory, putting underwear on over her clothes during the lunch break. Mike isn't impressed. Kevin takes the girls swimming, enjoying their company. Afterwards he stays for tea with them and Sally. Rachel meets Fiona and guesses she used to be Steve's girlfriend. She warns Steve that he'd better not be using her as a decoy. He assures her she means nothing to him and goes on to tell her about her prison sentence. She's glad he's told her. Kevin questions what went wrong with his marriage after spending a great evening at No. 13. Sally reminds him that it he him who turned his back. Zoe returns to the Malletts saying she's decided to go through with the plan on the condition she gets her money up front.moreless
  • Sun 10 Aug, 1997
    Sun 10 Aug, 1997
    Episode 127
    Les finds the Lada needs more work than he thought. Samantha stalls on seeing her parents. Des urges her to face the past. Jim is delighted when Steve takes Rachel out but Steve isn't that keen on her as he still loves Fiona. Samantha is touched that Des cares so much and agrees to let him take her home. Gary tells Judy that Zoe should stay around for a while after the birth or the authorities will be on to them. Des drives Samantha to Hale. She becomes courageous and decides to call on Ian Phillips and confront him over what he did to her. She calls and is upset to discover he died a year ago. Maxine goes with Fiona to choose a wedding dress. Fiona gets excited trying them on. Steve tells Rachel that he was married but his wife spent beyond their means and he was left to start again. She feels sorry for him. Samantha faces her parents and tells Des she doesn't know when she'll return to Weatherfield. She thanks him for helping her face the past.moreless
  • Fri 8 Aug, 1997
    Fri 8 Aug, 1997
    Episode 126
    Les acquires an old Lada which he intends to do up and sell on. He tells the neighbours to get lost when they complain about the eyesore. Leanne starts work at the factory, cleaning the floors. Des tries to be sympathetic with Samantha but she tells him she hates talking about the past and just wants to forget it. Leanne is a hopeless worker as she only does what she's told to and nothing else. Alec refuses to serve Les when he comes to the Rovers topless. Mavis gets upset as she remembers Derek's birthday. Des comforts her, telling how what a great man he was. Jim confides in Bill that he had a brief fling with someone he really cared for but now she's not interested. Judy worries when the midwife advises Zoe to spend months bonding with her baby. Zoe assures her she won't bond with it as it won't be hers. Des is amazed when Samantha tells him about her marriage and how she was scared her husband would find her secret out. Judy tells Zoe that she wants her to leave as soon as possible after the birth so the baby isn't confused. Zoe agrees so long as she has the money. Des makes Samantha see the time has come for her to face her parents and tell them what happened. She is upset, feeling they don't want her as they've not tried to find her. She agrees to go home if Des comes with her.moreless
  • Wed 6 Aug, 1997
    Wed 6 Aug, 1997
    Episode 125
    Sally dumps the kids on Kevin for the day but is furious because Natalie takes them out. Angie takes Leanne on as a cleaner. Toyah gets drunk with two kids in No. 5: Janice kicks them out. They return later and attack Leanne but Samantha rescues her. Samantha then fails to keep her date with Des and explains to him how she was raped by a family friend and how it has ruined her life. Des insists he'll take her to visit the parents she lost touch with. Les has brought an old banger he's going to restore. Alec kicks him out of the rovers for being barechested. Zoe says Judy can have the baby but Judy's worried she'll renege.moreless
  • Mon 4 Aug, 1997
    Mon 4 Aug, 1997
    Episode 124
    Jim takes the day off work, feeling depressed. Sally is upset to bump into Natalie. In her panic to get away she's nearly knocked down. Ashley fears Maxine thinks he's a joke. Maxine is thrilled to have received her first proposal and boasts about it to Fiona. Fiona and Alan set the date for November 7th at St Luke's RC Church. Rachel Forbes contacts Steve over the flats renovation job for Mr Slater. She works for Marshall Loveday, the management agency on the job, and is impressed to discover Steve is in charge of the building job. Sally gives Kevin a list of expenses but he tells her it's too much. He refuses to pay all she needs so she tells him they'll have to involve the courts. Maud is stricken when Fred tells her he proposed to Maureen. He assures Maureen he won't give up on her. Kevin realises Sally really does need the money. He tells her he'll find it somehow for her. He is pleased when she assures him he can see the girls whenever he wants to. Ashley admits to Maxine that marriage scares him and agrees with her that they should concentrate on just having fun together. Steve tries to use Rachel's presence to make Fiona embarrassed. Fiona is upset when Jim refuses a drink from Alan and walks out on their setting-the-date celebration. When Maud discovers Fred's proposed to Maureen she's convinced she'll end up in a home. Judy tells Zoe about her abortion.moreless
  • Sun 3 Aug, 1997
    Sun 3 Aug, 1997
    Episode 123
    Fred and Ashley cook Sunday roast for Maureen and Maxine. Chris decides to visit his mother on holiday, annoying Angie by not consulting her about it. Curly tells Samantha she'll regret going out with Des. She is annoyed by his petty attitude. Fred impresses upon Ashley man's need to have a wife. Ashley is surprised to learn Fred was married at his age. Martin and Gail return from Paris. Kevin tries to talk calmly to Sally about money. She tells him she's finding it hard to make ends meet and has spent all their savings. He tells her to make a list of how much she needs. Maureen enjoys her lunch with Fred and is disarmed when he asks her to marry him. She tells him she's still not ready to marry anyone yet. Ashley goes down on one knee to propose to Maxine. She is embarrassed and tells him she has no intention of marrying anyone yet as she wants to have a good time. Sally struggles to work out what went wrong with her life as she doesn't understand what she did to deserve everything that's happened. Ashley tells Fred about proposing to Maxine and her turning him down. Fred tells him he's a fool for rushing into it and should learn to control his feelings. Fiona tells Jim she'd never marry him and he's wrong to think she's marrying Alan because of their night together. He is adamant she's marrying the wrong man because she can't trust herself around him.moreless
  • Fri 1 Aug, 1997
    Fri 1 Aug, 1997
    Episode 122
    Jim warns Alan to stay away from Steve; he's going straight now. Kevin is furious to receive a letter from Sally's solicitor saying if they can't decide on maintenance she'll apply to the courts. Ken is upset that Daniel doesn't want to be with him and that he thinks Brian is his real father. He feels like a stranger and knows he's lost him. He breaks down as he feels he needs Daniel now that he has nothing else to live for. He takes him back to Scotland. Mike stops the workers bringing bags onto the floor as he knows they're stealing the goods. Fiona asks Jim not to cause trouble for her and Alan. He tells her he doesn't believe she wants to leave Weatherfield because of Steve, but because of him. She tells him she just wants an easy life. Fred is outraged when Maureen tells him Maud thinks he's after her shop. Kevin promises Sally a fight if she insists on hiring solicitors. Des takes Samantha out to the pictures and is embarrassed afterwards when he takes her back to No. 6 thinking Angie will be there, only to find she isn't. Samantha doesn't mind as she enjoys his company. Kevin asks Natalie to help him cook the books so it looks as if they're earning less than they are so Sally can't have so much. Natalie refuses to help and advises Kevin to treat Sally fairly. Chris tells Angie he hates the way Des is always leering at her. Angie tells him to grow up. Samantha kisses Des and is surprised when he pulls away, saying he knows it's not what she really wants. She acknowledges she has a problem. Jim tells Fiona he thinks she's only clinging to Alan because she's scared of the truth. She is stunned when he asks her to marry him instead.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jul, 1997
    Wed 30 Jul, 1997
    Episode 121
    Sally needs money so begs Mike for a job on the machines. She is grateful when he employs her and gives up her job at the shop. Maud is furious that she's left them in the lurch. Jon takes Deirdre to his house. She is impressed but he struggles to locate things in the house. Fred helps Maureen out in the shop, enjoying himself behind the counter. Alan tells Steve to stay away from Fiona and hits him. Steve fights back until Jim stops them. Steve is bewildered by the attack. Both he and Jim are surprised to learn Fiona wants to leave Weatherfield. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon asks her to move into his house when they return from holiday. Rita advises Sally to hire a solicitor to sort out her finances from Kevin. Des is amazed when Samantha agrees to go out with him. Ken snaps at Daniel, totally unable to cope with him. Fiona is furious when she discovers Alan has hit Steve. Chris tells Angie he thinks they need more privacy and complains that she's only interested in him for sex. Ken phones Denise and asks her to collect Daniel early.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jul, 1997
    Mon 28 Jul, 1997
    Episode 120
    Maxine looks forward to being Fiona's bridesmaid and is annoyed to discover the wedding has been put off six months. Ken has a disturbed night as Daniel cries all the time. Jim, Bill and Steve get confirmation of the flats conversion job. Steve gets the owner to agree to them using the flats as a show case of their work. Deirdre is pleased when Jon invites her to his house in Didsbury. Toyah is rude to the customers at the cafe. Kevin is furious to discover Sally has withdrawn £400 from their joint account. Natalie tries to make him see that she must need the money for the girls but she thinks she's done it out of spite. Jim tells Fiona how devastated Steve is over her marrying Alan. She tells him she knows he's talking about himself as well and assures him she's marrying Alan as she loves him. She tells him she only slept with him because she was upset and he means nothing to her. She tells him to stay away from her in future. Jim gets upset and begs her not to marry Alan but she's defiant. Fiona tells Alan she wants them to move away from Weatherfield. She tells him that Steve has told her he loves her and she hates living on the same street as any McDonald. Ken struggles to cope with Daniel as he throws tantrums everywhere. Kevin rows with Sally over her spending too much money. She tells him the girls needed clothes. He tells her he's going to close the account and she'll have to ask him for money in the future.moreless
  • Sun 27 Jul, 1997
    Sun 27 Jul, 1997
    Episode 119
    Les holds a table-top sale outside the garage. Toyah is furious when she discovers he's selling some of her old toys. Fiona is uncomfortable when the McKennas have lunch in her flat. Chris feels excluded from things as Des and Angie get on so well. The McKennas are stunned when Alan tells them he's getting married in three weeks. They are amazed by the quick date, especially as they'll be on holiday at the time. Fiona sticks to her guns, saying they are getting married as they want to and that's that. Steve fits a new gas fire at Rita's and is fed up with petty jobs. Alec lays on free snacks in the pub but is caught out putting salt in them. Alan feels bad about upsetting his parents, especially when his mother starts to cry, saying Fiona should consider other people's feelings. Ken brings Daniel home for a holiday after a nightmare journey, during which the car broke down. Daniel cries and refuses to eat anything. Percy buys a record of steam trains for Emily, to remind her of her youth. Steve wishes he'd never met Vicky as then he would have married Fiona. Alan talks Fiona into postponing the wedding for a few months. She knows she's inviting disastrous consequences.moreless
  • Fri 25 Jul, 1997
    Fri 25 Jul, 1997
    Episode 118
    Gail and Martin go to Paris. Andy flies out to Spain. At the airport Jon works as normal at the Sox Shop, having told Deirdre he's flying to Nairobi. Steve offers to invest in the business on the condition he is made a partner and they take on bigger jobs. Bill thinks there must be a catch as he doesn't trust him. Steve tells Fiona that Alan isn't good enough for her and declares his own love for her. She tells him she's not interested in him and is annoyed when he tells her he won't give up on her. He proposes to her but she turns him down flat. Judy takes Zoe to see a doctor to have her checked over. She has high blood pressure and is alarmed when the doctor tells her she should attend anti-natal clinic. Judy and Zoe refuse to attend classes as they don't want anyone to know about the baby. Gary tells them they can't just hide away; they'll need a midwife and the authorities. Bill agrees to Steve's conditions so long as the partnership is equal. Jim is pleased. Jim urges Fiona not to rush into marriage; guessing that she doesn't trust herself after they slept together. Judy is furious to hear the gossip about Gary being the father of Zoe's baby. She announces to the whole pub that this is not the case. Gary tells her it's obvious that people will talk about them. Jon rings Deirdre from work, pretending to be in Africa. Deirdre is thrilled and confesses to Liz that she's in love.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jul, 1997
    Wed 23 Jul, 1997
    Episode 117
    Alan is surprised to find Fiona has become insecure. They are both happy to have made up. She decides she wants to marry as soon as possible, puzzling Maxine who doesn't understand the rush. Deirdre hopes Jon will take her away abroad, telling him they could do with a break together. Alan is stunned when Fiona tells him they could get married at a register office in three weeks. He is happy with the idea but worries that their mothers will be disappointed in a low key affair. Angie celebrates when a buyer is interested in her own label. Steve goes behind Bill and Jim's back to talk to the property owner. He comes back with the news that if their quote is right they'll get the job. Jim is annoyed as they don't have the resources and is stunned when Steve tells him he's prepared to invest his £15,000 in the business. Audrey feels sorry for pregnant Zoe and assures her everything will work out for her. Zoe lets Audrey jump to the conclusion that Gary is the father. Steve feels that Fiona will be more interested in him when he's got a future to offer her. The bank manager agrees to lend Gary £2,000. Judy is thrilled. Audrey spreads gossip that Gary is the father of Zoe's baby. Deirdre is disappointed when Jon tells her he doesn't want to fly on holiday and suggests they go to Scotland. She is forced to agree. Steve is upset to discover Fiona and Alan have been reconciled. Alan delights in telling him that Fiona is marrying him in three weeks.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jul, 1997
    Mon 21 Jul, 1997
    Episode 116
    Gary tells Judy they can't buy Zoe's baby as it's illegal. She thinks no one would find out if they moved away and started afresh. Andy looks forward to a holiday back packing in Spain. Jim gives him £50, Steve £250 and Liz buys his ticket. Zoe assures Judy she does not want the baby and if she doesn't want it she'll find another way of getting rid of it. Steve is frustrated when Bill and Jim turn down a good contract because the job is too big. He feels they should be looking for bigger jobs but they're not interested. Gary questions Zoe about the deal and she assures him the money would only be payable if the baby was healthy. He realises he can't let Judy down. Les plans to make a pass at Samantha and tries to get the girls out of the house. Toyah agrees to get lost on the condition he gives her £40. She gives the money to Roy and he is forced to agree to give her a job in return. Judy and Zoe celebrate when Gary agrees to buy the baby. Les lures Samantha to No. 5 by playing loud music. She is horrified when he makes it clear he wants her and is relieved when Janice returns home unexpectedly. Janice is suspicious of Les' motives in talking to Samantha. Jim tells Fiona he felt wonderful being with her and can't get her out of his mind. She feels uncomfortable but is saved from hurting his feelings by the arrival of Alan. Alan tells her he's back for good, delighting her. Jim feels rejected.moreless
  • Sun 20 Jul, 1997
    Sun 20 Jul, 1997
    Episode 115
    Fiona is disgusted with herself for taking Jim to bed and gets rid of him as soon as she can. He's confused over what's happened. Janice is fed up with handing out money to the rest of the family. Maxine can't believe she's in a long term relationship as they normally don't last. Steve is amazed when Vicky's solicitor offers him £15,000 divorce settlement. He quickly signs the consent form. Judy is desperate to keep Zoe's baby but Gary thinks she's stupid to think they'd get away with it. Toyah tells Roy she needs a job to pay him back the £40 she owes him. Roy agrees to take her on the cafe during her school holiday but insists he's paid the £40 up front. Jim wants to talk to Fiona and is annoyed when he avoids her. Fiona tracks Alan down to his mate's flat and tells him she hates not seeing him. She wants them to be back together and needs him. He tells her he'll think about what she's said. Zoe tells Judy and Gary they can have her baby but it will cost them £2,000.moreless
  • Fri 18 Jul, 1997
    Fri 18 Jul, 1997
    Episode 114
    Fiona puts her ring back on and tries to contact Alan. She feels he must want to punish her. Ken has his last day at the Comp. Kevin tells Natalie he now sees there's no hope in saving his marriage and feels she's the best thing to happen to him. Sally confesses to Gail that she doesn't know how she's going to cope without Kevin and is torn over her feelings towards him. Gail advises her to take him back. Samantha is driven to distraction by the Battersby's music. Audrey complains to Alma about her recommending scampi dippers after they give her food poisoning. She is furious when Curly refuses her a refund and causes a commotion at the till. Curly pays her to shut her up and embarrassed Alms rips the posters down. Roy wonders who to take to Paris. Sally drops her hopes for a reconciliation when she sees Kevin kissing Natalie in the Street. Zoe turns up, telling Judy she's left the home she was sent to. She asks her to help her out. Gail is amazed when Roy gives her the tickets to take Martin to Paris. Judy takes Zoe in at No. 9, telling Gary she's not seeing her on the streets. Samantha dresses in her most revealing clothes before calling on Les, flirting with him and asking him to keep the music down. He is taken with her and promises to stop the racket. Fiona is touched by Jim's kindness when he tells her she's a wonderful girl and he hates to see her sad. She asks him to hold her and before they know where they are they are kissing passionately.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jul, 1997
    Wed 16 Jul, 1997
    Episode 113
    Curly has a black eye and has to buy new glasses. Fiona puts a brave face on her bust up with Alan and says she never wants to see him again. She feels she couldn't trust him over setting Steve up. She takes her engagement ring off. Kevin can't cope with seeing his family every day but not being able to hug them. He calls on Sally whilst she's working at the shop and begs her to talk to him. Maud gets annoyed when the Websters start arguing in front of customers. Kevin is stunned when Sally accuses him of turning her into a boring housewife. Fiona turns to Jim when she needs someone to talk to, telling him all about her split with Alan. He comforts her when she breaks down. Curly has to pay £80 for new glasses. Les brings home an old generator which he picked up in auction. He invoices Curly £200 for the CD player so Curly threatens to have him sued for assault. Gary gets them both to call it quits as they're both out of pocket. Natalie is thrilled when Kevin tells her he's decided he wants to be with her.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jul, 1997
    Mon 14 Jul, 1997
    Episode 112
    Janice orders Leanne to find a job, threatening to throw her out if she doesn't. She asks Roy for work at the cafe and when he turns her down she accuses him of letching after her. Curly has sleepless nights thanks to the Battersbys' music and can't think properly at work. Eric plans to use Alma's recommendations to move all his duff stock. Ashley hears about Maxine being Steve's alibi and is upset to discover they were together. Alma worries that she's being seen to recommend products she's never tasted. Percy holds a council of war with Emily, Mavis, Ken and Curly, to discuss how they should deal with the Battersbys. Percy is all for driving them out but the others advise caution. Curly complains to Janice about the noise and she agrees to make the girls turn off their music at 9pm. Maxine tells Ashley that Steve tried it on and she slapped him down and she just wants to forget all about it. She assures Ashley he's the best thing that ever happened to her. Gary is angry when Judy tells him she doesn't want to have the operation to unblock her tubes and tells him to accept the fact she can not have his children. Curly is furious when the Battersbys only turn the music off for an hour. He forces his way into their house and smashes their CD player out onto the Street. Janice is furious, Leanne and Toyah are heartbroken and go for him. Les thumps him to the ground and breaks his glasses. Emily and Mavis are appalled and take care of bloody Curly. Alan swears to Fiona that he had nothing to do with Steve being pulled in over the stolen whisky. He accuses her of still being in love with Steve and tells her he's had enough. He breaks their engagement.moreless
  • Sun 13 Jul, 1997
    Sun 13 Jul, 1997
    Episode 111
    Percy starts to keep a record of the Batterbys' unsocial behaviour. Roy collects coupons for a free weekend in Paris. Gail worries that he'll invite her to go with him. Les gives Roy £10 back and tells him he'll force Toyah to pay the rest back. Maxine tells Fiona and Alan that Steve was with her the night the whisky was stolen. Alan takes her into the police station to make a statement. Kevin is stunned when Natalie tells him Sally slapped her face. She is upset when he admits he'd rather she'd just leave him alone. The police release Steve. He feels there was never a case against him; Alan was just trying to frighten him. He tells his parents he's sure it will keep on happening until he moves away. Natalie pours out her heart to Audrey and feels she can't compete with Sally. Kevin enjoys taking the girls swimming. He tells Sally he's finished with Natalie and wants to go back to how things were but Sally tells him she'll never forgive him and never wants him back.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jul, 1997
    Fri 11 Jul, 1997
    Episode 110
    Kevin wants to see Sally but Bill advises against it. Bill spots Roy using his drill - Les Battersby has some explaining to do. Sally gets her job back at the Corner shop. Alma's not happy with her posters being used to recommend something she's never tried. Steve McDonald needs an alibi for Monday night but Maxine denies being with him. Sally's ill at ease with Rita. Roy wants his money back of Les but there's no way. It turns out Toyah's the thief and the family need to keep it quiet. Natalie calls to see Kevin but gets Sally instead and is in for a nasty shock.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jul, 1997
    Wed 9 Jul, 1997
    Episode 109
    Maxine feels guilty over kissing Steve. Chris feels sorry for Natalie when he finds her crying in the garage. Leanne goes after a job at the Salon and is seen off. Ken complains to Les about the noise coming from the Battersby household. Alma is pleased with the professional photographs taken of her for the Firmans' campaign. Natalie tells Chris that she thought an affair with Kevin would be fun but then she fell in love with him and he's all that matters to her. Andy celebrates getting a 2:2 in Combined Studies. Liz and Jim are proud of him. Kevin is thrilled when Sally phones to say she's coming home. Alma is embarrassed to see her photographs all over the store, promoting lines. DS O'Grady calls at No. 11 and takes Steve in for questioning over some stolen whisky. Sally brings the girls home and tells Kevin he's mistaken if he thinks she's changed her mind; she's just decided that they need the house. She gives him five minutes to pack before throwing him out.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jul, 1997
    Mon 7 Jul, 1997
    Episode 108
    Maxine is impressed when Ashley tells her Fred is leaving him the business. Natalie tells Kevin she wants to share his problems but he shuts her off. He tells her he can't see her anymore and needs Sally back. Natalie is distraught and gets upset when Rita refuses to serve her in the Kabin. Les sells the drill to Roy for £50. Bill tells Sally that Kevin regrets the affair and is desperate to have her back but she says she's never returning to him. He is upset that Kevin has ruined everything. With Fiona away Steve calls on Maxine with wine. They chat about Fiona and he quizzes Maxine about Alan. She is pleased when he kisses her but then breaks free when he tries to go further. He calls her a tease and threatens to tell Ashley. Kevin is devastated when Bill tells him Sally won't have him back.moreless
  • Sun 6 Jul, 1997
    Sun 6 Jul, 1997
    Episode 107
    The Battersbys settle down in their new home and annoy the neighbours with their loud music. Toyah and Leanne are annoyed when Rita refuses to serve them cigarettes. Bill is upset to learn Sally has left Kevin and tells him he's a fool. He breaks the news to Rita who is sickened as well. She lays into Kevin for throwing everything away. He throws her out. Ashley reminds Fred that he always said he would inherit the shop. Fred admits he got emotionally carried away when he spoke to Maureen and assures Ashley the shop will be his. Mavis is touched when Des tells her how sorry he is over Derek's death. Emily tries to complain to the Battersbys about the noise but is seen off by Janice. When Percy tries to complain to Toyah about the volume of her music she shoves him into the street, frightening him. Kevin asks Bill to visit Sally and tell her how much he wants her back. Bill refuses as he feels Kevin should get himself out of the mess but then changes his mind and agrees to see her.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jul, 1997
    Fri 4 Jul, 1997
    Episode 106
    Kevin and Sally call in the police over Rosie's disappearance. They blame each other and Sally fears she's been abducted. Maxine fears Fred will tell everyone about seeing her in her underwear. Fred assures Ashley he won't tell anyone what he saw. Sally insists on searching for Rosie and Kevin joins her. Eric tells Curly he wants to use Alma's face to promote Firmans' across the North West. Maureen is full of remorse when she discovers Fred has broken his leg. She is stunned when he tells her the fall made him think of his death and tells her he intends to leave her everything in his will. Ashley overhears and is furious. Sally believes Rosie is dead and refuses to be comforted by Kevin. She tells him he's wrecked everything good they had. Toyah and Leanne Battersby shop lift at Firmans before making their way to their new Council house, No. 5. Rosie is found by a life guard on a beach and reunited with Kevin and Sally. Kevin promises Rosie everything will be alright and will go back to normal. Janice and Les Battersby move into No. 5 with the girls. Toyah steals Bill's drill to give to Les. Bill asks Les if he saw anyone steal the drill but Les denies knowledge. Sally tells Kevin he has no right promising Rosie anything; nothing's changed. She refuses to pretend she could ever love him again. He returns to Weatherfield.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jul, 1997
    Wed 2 Jul, 1997
    Episode 105
    Fred spends the night on the golf course before being rescued by a passer by. Sally tries to keep the break up from the children. Alma is stunned to find her photograph blown up at work under the banner 'employee of the month'. She begs Curly to take it down but he refuses. Maureen is furious when Ashley tells her Fred has been out all night and often does stop out all night when he's been drinking. She begins to think Maud is right about him. Kevin arrives in Scarborough. Sally doesn't want to see him but is forced to let him in when the children get excited about seeing him. When she hears Fred is away, Maxine suggests to Ashley that they spend time at his house. When Alma complains about her picture Eric tells her they'll have a proper photographic session to get a better picture of her. Kevin apologises to Sally for hurting her but she tells him he's ruined everything they've had. He begs her to take him back for the sake of the children but she throws him out. Rosie follows to say goodbye but he doesn't see her and drives off. Fred returns home, his broken leg in plaster, to find Maxine dancing around the house in her underwear. She is horrified, Ashley embarrassed and Fred delighted. Sally is horrified when she realises Rosie is missing. She assumes Kevin has her and phones him but he assures her he hasn't.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jun, 1997
    Mon 30 Jun, 1997
    Episode 104
    Bill urges Kevin to do anything to get Sally to take him back. He is amazed that Kevin thinks Sally is to blame for their break up. He tells Kevin he's a fool. Kevin stays at Natalie's house. Mike tries to teach Curly how to play golf and bumps into Fred giving Ashley lessons. Fred and Mike bet £50 on the outcome of a game with their pupils. Sally takes the girls to Scarborough after driving to Natalie's to let Kevin to say goodbye to them. He is shattered and hates the way she's making all the decisions. Natalie assures him it will all be sorted out in the divorce. Alma is flattered when Eric tells her he's impressed by her work and will give her a pay rise. Ashley is shocked when Fred cheats, swapping balls in the rough. Sally arrives at Elsie's and tells her she's left Kevin and never returning. Curly is jubilant when his finishing shot wins the game and beats Fred and Ashley. Fred is furious and throws his club into the thicket. When he tries to find it he falls and injures his leg. Natalie is upset when Kevin drives to Scarborough. Maureen is furious when Fred stands her up at a restaurant. As night falls he is left stranded, in pain, on the golf course.moreless
  • Sun 29 Jun, 1997
    Sun 29 Jun, 1997
    Episode 103
    Sally realises Kevin is having an affair and rows with Bill for keeping the truth from her. Kevin asks Natalie to go away with him for a weekend. He tells her he wants to spoil her. Sally leaves the girls with Deirdre and drives to Natalie's, interrupting Kevin and Natalie's love making. Kevin is horrified when Sally bursts into the house and slaps his face. Sally refuses to listen to Kevin's excuses and Natalie urges him to leave her alone. She is upset when Kevin rushes after Sally. Kevin tries to explain to Sally, saying he was lonely. She tells him he's pathetic. He fights back, accusing her of ignoring him and getting bogged down with the children and housework. She is disgusted when he tells her he took Natalie into their bed. He assures her he loves her and begs forgiveness but she tells him she can't bear to see him and wants him to leave. She is dismayed to learn Rita knew about the affair and didn't tell her. She throws him out and breaks down.moreless
  • Fri 27 Jun, 1997
    Fri 27 Jun, 1997
    Episode 102
    Zoe spends the night at No. 9. Judy is upset when Gary refuses to take on her baby. Judy breaks down, telling him she wants a baby more than anything. Jack is alarmed to discover Alec has bought a header shelf for the pub without consulting them. He demands a meeting of the shareholders and tries to do things properly but Alec and Vera can't be bothered and vote the shelf in. Natalie invites Kevin round to her house, seeking a reward to staying clear of him for a while. Des is annoyed when Angie tells him she'll leave with Chris. He backs down, saying they can both stay. Gary tells Zoe she can't stay at No. 9 and suggests she enters a Social Sevices home. He gives her £30 and gets her to write Judy a note saying she's moving on. Jim tells Steve that he knows Fiona is fed up with him hanging around her. He suggests Steve looks for another girlfriend. Sally tells Bill she's worried about Kevin working late and fears he might be having a relationship with Natalie. Bill doesn't know what to say and is relieved when Sally talks herself out of the idea. Judy is sad that Zoe has left. Sally discovers from Chris that Kevin is not on a break down in Oldham but locally and the job should have finished.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jun, 1997
    Wed 25 Jun, 1997
    Episode 101
    Des tells Samantha he'd like them to be friends but she ignores him. Jack is annoyed when Alec starts to boss him around. Steve realises that if Alan is threatening him he can't be very secure in his relationship. Zoe calls on Judy, telling her she's the only person who's treated her well. Judy feels for the baby as Zoe is getting no anti-natal care. She lets Zoe have a bath and feeds her, annoying Gary. He tells Judy that Zoe is scum and they can't help her. Alan is interested when Alec tells him about Steve's marriage to Vicky. Judy tells Gary she can't help thinking that they could take on Zoe's baby as their own. He thinks she's barmy. Des tells Samantha that he respects her and would like to know her better. He is annoyed when she shuns him and takes him anger out on Chris, telling Angie and him he has to go.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jun, 1997
    Mon 23 Jun, 1997
    Episode 100
    Jack spends the night sleeping in the Rovers' yard. Steve tells Fiona that Alan threatened him to stay away from her. Vera has the locks changed on the pub. Alec is furious when she refuses to let him in and urges Jack to fight back. Emily enjoys herself, giving Des the sex book back, but not before she looks through it in front of him. She enjoys shocking him. Alec and Jack trick their way into the Rovers by posing as dray men. Des organises a trip to Laser Crusader and gets at Chris over his moral objection to war games. Chris agrees to play when Angie asks him to. Jack assures Vera that he won't let Alec take over and that the Rovers will always be their pub. Vera bounces back to fight Alec and show him she's still the licensee. Chris beats all the others in the war zone, annoying Des. Fiona assures Alan that Steve is not a threat to him. Judy is disturbed to see Zoe begging in the streets. She gives her £10.moreless
  • Sun 22 Jun, 1997
    Sun 22 Jun, 1997
    Episode 99
    Des settles down back at No. 6 and makes it clear he doesn't like having Chris in the house. He posts a sex book through the Wiltons' door before discovering Derek has died. He is stunned by the news and horrified that Mavis will get the book. He discovers she is on holiday and Emily has a key. Vera returns from Morecombe to discover Alec has bought into the pub. She hits Jack, accusing him of selling their dreams. He tries to explain he had no option but she fears Alec will take over. Angie is pleased when Chris invites her to move into his bedroom with him. Emily finds out about Des posting the sex book to Mavis and lets him sweat, refusing to open the house so he can retrieve it. Steve shows Fiona a house which he is doing up before it goes on the market. Fiona thinks it's great but Alan is annoyed that she's been on her own with Steve. Des is annoyed when Angie moves into the back room with Chris. She is thrilled as it feels they're having a proper relationship. Alan tells Steve to stay away from Fiona, implying that he'll have him locked up if he doesn't. Jack is stunned when Vera locks him out of the pub.moreless
  • Fri 20 Jun, 1997
    Fri 20 Jun, 1997
    Episode 98
    Angie celebrates her 30th birthday. Alec enjoys being back behind the Rovers bar and takes over the cellar, annoying Jack. Maud tells Maureen she's making a fool of herself going out with Fred. Natalie hears Angie is having a party. Discovering Kevin will be there she decides she'll attend as well. Kevin pleads with her to stay away but she thinks it'll be exciting. Chris hires a DJ for Angie's party and finds it hard not to touch Angie as she looks sexy. Bill is upset to discover Maureen is seeing Fred. Rita is furious to discover Alec has bought a partnership with Jack. She tells him he's a liar and no longer her friend. Fred cooks a meal for Maureen at his home. She finds his attention exciting. Steve smokes a joint at Angie's party, in front of Alan. Maxine makes a play for Chris but he isn't interested in her. Maureen tells Fred she likes him because he interests her and makes her laugh. She agrees to go to a retailers' convention with him. Kevin is embarrassed when Natalie dances with him in front of Sally. Mike is pleased when Angie accepts the Dutch Army order. Angie tells Chris he's the only man she wants and they end up kissing again. Des returns to No. 6 to find the house full of party goers.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jun, 1997
    Wed 18 Jun, 1997
    Episode 97
    Angie is surprised when Chris offers to move out as they don't seem to be getting on. She tells him she just wants them to be friends again, without the complications. Steve starts work with Jim and Bill. Alec offers Jack £17,000 for a 50-50 partnership in the pub. Jack tells him he'd agree for £25,000. Alan tells Fiona about Liz stirring things and is annoyed to realise she has entertained Steve. Sally tells Kevin she knows he's keeping something from her and she's sure it's about Natalie. He fears she's knows about the affair and is relieved when she tells him she thinks Natalie fancies him. He admits she's been after him and swears he'd never do anything to wreck their marriage. He assures Sally he's told Natalie he doesn't fancy her. Fiona swears to Alan that Steve is just a friend. Alan tells her he's jealous and sick of the way Steve is hanging around. She is flattered and assures him it's him who she loves. Deirdre finds it hard to believe a handsome pilot would fancy her. Fiona tells Steve he's wasting his time; she is going to marry Alan no matter how hard he tries to undermine their love. Alec gives Jack a cheque for £25,000 and they toast their new partnership.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jun, 1997
    Mon 16 Jun, 1997
    Episode 96
    Judy is touched when Gary tells her how upset he is thinking of her having to cope with the abortion all by herself. Mike gets an order for 25,000 knickers for the Dutch Army. Angie isn't keen on the order as it isn't glamorous. Judy breaks down when she receives the news that she'll never be able to have children. Gary is disappointed but tries to comfort her. She is devastated that Gary could have children by someone else and tells him she'd understand if he wanted a divorce. He is adamant they'll have children of their own. Steve is relieved when Bill agrees to him working for the firm. Angie feels Mike doesn't take her seriously as a partner. She tries to forget him by getting physical with Chris but Chris accuses her of selling out to capitalism. Liz enjoys telling Alan that Fiona has entertained Steve in her flat behind his back. Jack gets annoyed when Alec offers to buy the pub off him for £34,000. He accuses Alec of waiting to pounce on the pub for ages and throws him out. Kevin spends his evening with Natalie, after telling Sally he's seeing Tony. He tells Natalie he's not going to leave Sally and she agrees to be his mistress. Sally is concerned when Rosie tells her Natalie was often at No. 13, eating with them when Sally was away.moreless
  • Sun 15 Jun, 1997
    Sun 15 Jun, 1997
    Episode 95
    Gary is angry that Judy kept her abortion a secret. Jack attempts some relaxation excercises Tricia left behind on a pregnancy leaflet. Steve is convinced Alan will end up handing him Fiona on a plate. Rita feels bad when she tells Jack she doesn't want a partnership. He feels wretched. Chris celebrates winning £50 on the fruit machine in the Rovers. Kevin calls on Natalie and breaks down, telling her he can't cope and hates himself. She tells him the time has come for them to stop seeing each other. He tells her he loves her and will stay with her, no matter what the cost. Jim is amazed when Steve asks if he can work for Bill and him. Jack feels he might as well sell up.moreless
  • Fri 13 Jun, 1997
    Fri 13 Jun, 1997
    Episode 94
    Sally wonders why Kevin is so moody all the time. He asks her to leave him alone. Angie overhears Janice telling Ida about stealing underwear. Janice tells her she only takes rejects so Angie lets her off with a warning. Sally accuses Kevin of pushing her away but he refuses to talk to her about his feelings. Steve doesn't go to Birmingham, telling Liz he doesn't want to leave Weatherfield until he's certain Fiona doesn't want him. Mavis takes a coach holiday, visiting famous homes and gardens in the West Country. Rita tells Alec that she's considering going into partnership with Jack but he warns her against the venture; Jack's in debt and the bank refused him a loan. Judy tells Gary about the laparoscopy, her blockage and her abortion. He is stunned and struggles to come to terms with it all. Steve tells Fiona he didn't get the job. Rita realises Alec is right; the Duckworths are a bad bet. Bill tells Kevin to put some effort into his marriage and to remember his vows. Kevin tells him it's nothing to do with him. Kevin tells Sally it's her fault he's distant; leaving him alone with Rosie for weeks on end and cracking up their marriage.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jun, 1997
    Wed 11 Jun, 1997
    Episode 93
    Judy has a laparoscopy and tries to keep the details from Gary. As he has trouble finding orders, Mike suggests Angie designs some cheap underwear which they can sell on the markets. She refuses. Rita refuses to lend Jack the money, saying a debt would ruin their friendship. Jack feels he has no option left but to sell the pub. The doctor tells Judy she does have a blockage in her tubes. She is upset, fearing that if she can't have children Gary will leave her. Janice steals underwear from the factory. Kevin is shocked when Sally invites Natalie to tea. Natalie enjoys the danger of the situation. Maureen tells Fred that Maud thinks he's after the shop. Fred is affronted and swears his only interest is that he wants to marry her. She laughs it off, telling him marriage is out of the question. Steve tells Fiona he's got the chance of a job in Birmingham but can't afford the fare. She agrees to lend him £30. Jack suggests that Rita buys a 50% partnership in the pub and is thrilled when she tells him she's interested.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jun, 1997
    Mon 9 Jun, 1997
    Episode 92
    Angie is bothered by the way she and Chris keep drifting into bed together just because they share a house. She feels it's too convenient. Kevin is uncomfortable with Natalie kissing him in the garage when Sally is across the street. She is pleased when he assures her he still thinks of her all the time. Maud suspects that Maureen has a new boyfriend and is horrified to discover she went to the ballet with Fred. Deirdre is pleased when Jon tells her he's glad he's found out about Ken and her past. Judy tells her doctor that when she was sixteen she had an abortion and fears that is why she can't conceive as she had an infection afterwards. Rita is pleased to see Sally back. Maud warns Maureen that Fred must be after the shop. Natalie is tormented by the thought of Kevin having sex with Sally. Kevin promises that they'll have a day together at the weekend. Deirdre tells Jon that the only feeling she has for Ken is pity as his life is so bad. Bill offers to babysit so Sally and Kevin can go away for the weekend together. Sally is surprised when Kevin isn't keen on the idea. Jon spends the night with Deirdre. Jack tells Rita about his money problems and asks her to lend him £17,000. She is stunned.moreless
  • Sun 8 Jun, 1997
    Sun 8 Jun, 1997
    Episode 91
    Deirdre moves into the flat above the Bookies. Natalie worries that when Sally returns Kevin will drop her. He assures her they'll carry on but will have to be careful. Ken discovers that his redundancy payment will only be £1,500 and fears he won't be able to get a new job. Betty is upset for Jack when he explains he needs to find £17,000. Kevin takes Natalie to bed at No. 13 whilst Chris discovers Sally is on her way home from the station. He manages to warn Kevin in time for Natalie to slip out the back door as Sally and Sophie return at the front door. Deirdre shows Jon her flat and is embarrassed when Ken calls. She introduces him to Jon and Ken makes a point of saying he's Deirdre's ex husband. Jack phones a loan company but is again told he's too old. Jon questions Deirdre about her three husbands. He wonders how close she still is to Ken and disappoints her by not staying the night. Sally is pleased to be back but Kevin is jumpy after his narrow escape. Bill is pleased she's home. Sally feels guilty for having left Kevin on his own for so long. He feels guilty as she tells him how wonderful he is.moreless
  • Fri 6 Jun, 1997
    Fri 6 Jun, 1997
    Episode 90
    The Duckworths fear they'll be made bankrupt. Kevin is annoyed when Bill asks him if he's having an affair with Natalie. He denies it and is stunned when Bill tells him he knows he told Rita he had had a fling with her. Bill isn't satisfied when Kevin swears there's nothing going on. Roy is bothered by the fact the cooker has a knob missing. He tries out replacements from the junk shop. When he starts pulling the cooker out Gail gets fed up with his obsession. To make a point to Bill, Kevin and Natalie drink at the Rovers having a 'business' lunch. Roy's fiddling with the cooker blows all the fuses in the cafe. Steve tries to find work with his old contacts but doesn't succeed. Jack goes to the bank for a loan. The bank manager tells him he still owes £26,000 from his original loan to buy the pub and points out that Jack is not getting any younger. He's refused the loan. Gail is furious as the power cut keeps the customers away. Jim mends the system and Roy finds the missing knob under the freezer, but when he turns it on he discovers the ring doesn't work. Bill tells Rita he knows Kevin is hiding something. He phones Sally and tells her to come home. Jack tells Vera he's sorted out the money problems and encourages her to go on holiday with Tricia and the children.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jun, 1997
    Wed 4 Jun, 1997
    Episode 89
    Jack and Vera worry about their first visit from the VAT man. Mike advises Angie to treat the workers in an off hand way to gain their respect. She insists on treating them like human beings. The Duckworths try to get pally with Mr Brown the VAT man, telling him about Brad when they hear he's just become a grandfather. Steve offers his services to Mike but Mike isn't interested. Judy and Gary have fertility tests and await the results. When he discovers Alan is away on a course Steve calls on Fiona with a bottle of wine to talk about the old days. Against her better judgment she invites him in. Bill is unsettled when he walks in on Kevin and Natalie holding hands. Steve tells Fiona everything went wrong for him when she finished with him. He tells her that he isn't convinced she'll marry Alan. She swears she will. Deirdre tells Ken she's going out with an airline pilot. When Alan returns from his course Fiona doesn't tell him about Steve's visit. Fred invites Maureen to the ballet. Rita tells Bill she's worried about Kevin's relationship with Natalie and tells him that Kevin told her they had had a fling. He can't bear to think of the consequences. Mr Brown tells the Duckworths that although they've paid interim VAT payments every quarter they should have increased the payments, as they now owe £17,650 back-VAT.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jun, 1997
    Mon 2 Jun, 1997
    Episode 88
    Mike is annoyed to find out Angie has employed Ida and Janice. Kevin spends the night in his car. The Duckworths return from America having had a great time and Jack having won £400. Samantha is relieved to hand the pub back over. Alec tells Jack how he had to give all the raffle money to Emily and is out of pocket. He warns Jack that he owes him. Jim is sad that Steve doesn't want to work with him but Bill is relieved. Steve finds it hard to adjust to life outside prison regime. Deirdre views the flat over Skinner's Bookies. Natalie tells Kevin she loves him feeling jealous. They are reconciled. Jon tells Deirdre that since his divorce he finds it hard to talk to women. She is happy in his company. Steve tells Andy that he intends to win Fiona back.moreless
  • Sun 1 Jun, 1997
    Sun 1 Jun, 1997
    Episode 87
    Natalie and Kevin enjoy spending the night together and she suggests they go away to a hotel together. The Baldwins return from holiday and Mike breaks the news that he told Curly not to employ Alma. She is furious that he felt she needed protecting. She tells him she needs something to occupy her mind. Liz assures Andy that she does love him but he isn't willing to forgive and forget. They go with Jim to pick Steve up as he leaves prison. Kevin tells Bill he's worried about Sally and wants to see her. Bill agrees to look after Rosie for the night so he can go to Scarborough. Alma tells Curly she still wants to work at Firmans and is furious to learn Mike told him she was mentally unstable. She gets Curly to give her a job stacking shelves. Steve comes home to No. 11 and thanks his family for standing by him. He is horrified when Jim tells him he's got him a job as his apprentice and tells him he doesn't want it. Kevin pulls out the telephone wires at home so Sally won't phone in his absence. Gary worries that children will come between him and Judy. When she assures him they won't he agrees to have fertility tests. Kevin and Natalie book into a hotel but Kevin is stunned when she admits to having brought her previous boyfriend there. He is amazed that she had a lover for twelve years and feels that he's just another conquest. He walks out on her at the hotel.moreless
  • Fri 30 May, 1997
    Fri 30 May, 1997
    Episode 86
    Angie and Chris are pleased to have spent the night together but are awkward about their living arrangements. Maureen is alarmed when Fred keeps calling on her. Gary and Judy pull together, comforting each other over being caught up in Zoe's plan. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon looks her up at work and asks her out. She is wary about getting involved with someone again. Natalie is upset that Kevin has cast her aside as she has become emotionally involved. He is stunned when she tells him she loves him. Kevin is confused. Judy tells Gary she thinks they should have tests to sort out their infertility problems. Kevin is annoyed when Sally phones to say she can't return home yet as her mother needs to get used to the home help. Fred asks Maureen out for a meal. She realises she likes the way he makes her laugh and agrees on the condition he's discreet. Angie and Chris both chicken out of making the next move. Natalie is thrilled when Kevin calls her at night.moreless
  • Wed 28 May, 1997
    Wed 28 May, 1997
    Episode 85
    Chris worries about modelling and is embarrassed by showing himself off. Kevin doesn't like the way Natalie hangs around the garage. When Zoe hangs around the arcade Judy accuses her of wanting her money for drugs. She is surprised when Zoe reacts violently against the idea. Angie supervises the photo shoot as Chris and Samantha pose in her underwear. The photographer snaps away as Chris gets angry at Samantha's jibes over his shyness. Samantha isn't shy about posing in the underwear and Chris admires her body. Angie gets jealous as Chris and Samantha pose together and seem to get on well together. In her anger Judy goes for Zoe and slaps her. She's shocked when Zoe tells her she's pregnant and wants the money for an abortion. Judy is horrified that her money is to be used to kill a baby and breaks down. Liz entertains Maureen and Deirdre at Singles' night at the Warwick. They are amused to find Fred is a customer. When Chris asks Samantha out for a drink she tells him she can't and points out it's obvious from Angie's reaction that he's spoken for. Deirdre meets an airline pilot, Jon Lindsay, at the Warwick whilst Maureen finds Fred entertaining. Jim is pleased when Bill agrees to give Steve a chance in the business when he comes out of prison. Gary rows with Judy for giving Zoe their money to kill her baby just because she didn't believe in him. Angie finds she can't hold back from Chris any longer and launches herself on him, telling him she has to have him.moreless
  • Mon 26 May, 1997
    Mon 26 May, 1997
    Episode 84
    Emily is embarrassed as she needs Alec to give in the ticket stubs to prove the raffle was legal. Judy worries about Liam but doesn't feel she can tell anyone about his threats. Alec is furious when Emily asks him for the ticket stubs, accusing her of doubting his honesty. Rita is surprised that the cheque he gave Emily was only for £250. Judy is tempted to steal from the Rovers till but Samantha stops her and forces her to tell her what the problem is. When Judy tells her about Liam blackmailing her Samantha advises her to go to the police. Rita tells Alec she knows he must have collected more than £250 and tells him to sort things out with Emily for everyone's sake. Judy begs Liam to leave her alone. Zoe feels sorry for her but Liam demands payment. Gary is amazed when Judy confesses to giving Liam £150. She tells him she did it for him and breaks down. Alec makes a great show out of searching the Duckworths' living room with Samantha, planting a packet and then finding it. He gives the packet to Emily, telling her it contains the stubs and the balance of the money - £500. Emily is delighted, Rita victorious and Alec sickened. Natalie tells Kevin she can't cope without him but he tells her Sally is returning and he feels she is enough for him. He tells her they've finished and asks her to leave him alone. Gary promises Judy he'll take care of Liam.moreless
  • Sun 25 May, 1997
    Sun 25 May, 1997
    Episode 83
    Angie needs models to show off her underwear but Chris refuses to help out. Gary tells Judy it's obvious Liam is just trying to blackmail them and is angry that she thinks he did hit him. Maureen tells Rita she had to finish with Bill as he never excited her. Natalie installs a computer at the garage. Emily chases Alec for the raffle money to give to the hospital. Curly is embarrassed when, in front of all the regulars, Maud accuses him of seducing innocent women. Judy gives Liam £150, all the money she has. He tells her it's not enough. Natalie is surprised when Chris tells her he knows what's going on between Kevin and her and worries that Sally is going to get hurt. Samantha tells Jim that all she wants from him is to be his friend. He agrees to be her pal. Curly shouts at Maureen for telling Maud about them. Alec hands the raffle money over to Emily. Liz gets a job in the Warwick Hotel on Chepstow Road. Samantha agrees to model for Angie if Chris does as well. Chris is forced to agree. Judy tells Liam she can't give him any more money. He tells her he'll go to the police unless she gives him another £100.moreless
  • Fri 23 May, 1997
    Fri 23 May, 1997
    Episode 82
    Rita tells Kevin she won't tell Sally about him and Natalie as she believes it's all over. He tells Chris that he's still seeing Natalie and warns him not to say anything to Rita. Gary is annoyed when Liam cheeks him. Natalie asks Kevin to stay in Weatherfield for the weekend and not go to see Sally, encouraging him to make the most of the situation before Sally's return. Samantha tells Maureen how Bill thumped Curly and left him with a black eye. She is furious and tells Bill they're finished. Judy is alarmed to see Liam bruised and bandaged. He tells her that Gary went for him. Zoe swears she's a witness and they tell Judy they won't tell the police if she pays them to keep quiet. Kevin decides to stay in Weatherfield but when Rosie tells him she's missing Sally he changes his mind. Natalie is angry and tells him if he goes to Scarborough then they are finished. She is annoyed when he still heads off. Judy tells Gary that he could have killed Liam. She refuses to believe him when he tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about and is furious that Liam is asking £200 to keep quiet.moreless
  • Wed 21 May, 1997
    Wed 21 May, 1997
    Episode 81
    Kevin tells Natalie he needs time to think. She accuses him of running scared. Maureen tells Maud about her one night stand with Curly and how Bill has finished with her. Kevin decides to carry on seeing Natalie but tells her they'll have to be careful to ensure Sally doesn't find out. Judy has a rough time at the arcade from yob Liam and his girlfriend Zoe. She is frightened when he grabs her money but is stopped by Gary. Gary forces Liam to give the money back before throwing him out. Gary demands that Judy gives up the arcade but she refuses. Maureen tells Bill there's nothing between her and Curly and they are reconciled. Jim cooks a meal for Samantha. He tells her how much he loved being married to Liz. She tells him she's not interested in any relationships. Maud tells Bill that she doesn't trust Curly and thinks he should sort him out. Fiona is annoyed when Alan tells her he has to go to London for a couple of weeks on a training course. Kevin passionately tells Natalie he doesn't care about Sally anymore; he wants her instead. Bill tells Curly that he and Maureen are back together and warns him off her. He is furious when Curly tells him Maureen moved him into bed at Christmas; it was not his idea. Bill thumps Curly in the face.moreless
  • Mon 19 May, 1997
    Mon 19 May, 1997
    Episode 80
    Curly spends an uncomfortable night in the shop back room. Samantha worries that she gives the wrong impression to men. Bill and Maureen return from Blackpool. Her mind is on Curly and she's relieved to find he's alright. She tells him she's grateful for not trying to break out and setting the alarm off. They are both alarmed when Bill sees them emerging from the backroom together. Bill throws Curly out of the shop before turning on Maureen, accusing her of using the back room as her love nest. He tells her they're finished. Alan moves in with Fiona. Deirdre takes over Sunliners. Kevin tells Rita he was tempted by Natalie but isn't having an affair and asks her to forget all about it. Rita lets him sweat.moreless
  • Sun 18 May, 1997
    Sun 18 May, 1997
    Episode 79
    Curly is concerned to find Maureen crying in the shop. He takes her into the back room to comfort her. Samantha enjoys staying at the Rovers and running things. Judy gets annoyed by the way she bosses her around. Ida and Janice apply for jobs at Mike's new factory. Angie employs them, telling them she's no pushover. Maureen panics when Bill calls at the shop as she fears he'll see Curly. She is forced to shut the shop up and put the alarm on as he takes her to Blackpool for the day. Curly is horrified as he's locked in. Judy threatens to walk out if Samantha doesn't start treating her with respect. Samantha is hurt when Judy accuses her of spending all her time chatting the male customers up. Rita calls on Natalie and warns her off Kevin. Natalie sees her off, saying it's nothing to do with her if she is sleeping with Kevin. Curly passes the time by playing chess and bottles of alcohol. Kevin is startled when Natalie tells him Rita has warned her off. He is pleased she denied their affair.moreless
  • Fri 16 May, 1997
    Fri 16 May, 1997
    Episode 78
    Jack is uncomfortable when everyone calls him a miracle worker. Natalie tells Kevin she wants him to spend the night with him and challenges him to find a babysitter. Conway explains to Jack how he developed the art of stopping breathing and was one of Alec's acts - Lazarus the Living Corpse. He tells Jack that Alec has often ripped him off and he's having his revenge by hanging onto the tickets. Jack threatens to tell the police about the raffle unless Alec pays Conway his fee. Alec is forced to pay him £120. The Baldwins fly off to Cyprus. Conway calls at the Rovers and tells the regulars that his doctor has advised him against flying so he gives the tickets to Jack as a thank you. Vera is thrilled and arranges with Samantha to look after the pub. Kevin tells Bill he's going to an all night Stag party. Bill babysits with Maureen but she gets fed up when their romantic meal is spoiled as Rosie is sick. She tells him she's fed up with the way their relationship always comes second. Kevin feels uncomfortable in Natalie's house. She assures him she has no intention of becoming involved with him. Maureen storms out of the Websters and tells Rita about Bill babysitting whilst Kevin's away for the night.moreless
  • Wed 14 May, 1997
    Wed 14 May, 1997
    Episode 77
    Maureen is disappointed with her night out with Bill. Jack feels guilty selling the raffle tickets as he knows he's going to win. Natalie cools towards Kevin and tells him they can't remain friends as he wants to. She tells him she knows he's not being honest with himself and kisses him. Maud advises Bill to make a fuss of Maureen before she goes off him. Fiona is pleased that Alan is going to move in with her. Jack holds the raffle at the Rovers, getting Alec to pull the winning ticket. An old man, Mr Conway wins but in the excitement drops to the floor with a fatal heart attack. Mike tells Alma he'll get Curly to give her holiday before she starts but instead he tells Curly that Alma is mentally unstable and wouldn't be suited t the job. Curly agrees not to employ her. Jack gives Conway mouth to mouth and to the amazement of the customers brings him back to life. Vera proclaims him a hero.moreless
  • Mon 12 May, 1997
    Mon 12 May, 1997
    Episode 76
    Alma goes for a job as assistant manager in a dress shop but doesn't get it. Maureen looks forward to a 60s night with Bill but he isn't keen. Kevin tells Natalie that if they carry on seeing each other it's bound to end in divorce and he doesn't want that. They agree to stop seeing each other. Bill sends Jim up for chasing after Samantha, half his age. Jim feels Samantha might fancy him as she seems to enjoy being with him. Mike is frustrated that Don will not stand trial. Alma tells him it's not justice he's after but revenge. She tells him she's had enough of him concentrating on his feelings and ignoring hers. Curly is surprised when Alma applies for a job on the tills at Firmans. He worries that it's beneath her but she is adamant she wants the job so he hires her. Alan suggests to Fiona that she'd see more of him if he moved in with her. Mike surprises Alma with a fortnight's holiday in Cyprus and is stunned when she says she can't go as she has to start work at Firmans. Natalie seeks assurance from Kevin that he does enjoy her company and he realises they can't finish as he can't keep his hands off her. Maureen dresses up in 60s clothes and is disappointed when Bill makes no effort. Kevin interrupts a passionate evening with Natalie to tell her he can't go on.moreless
  • Sun 11 May, 1997
    Sun 11 May, 1997
    Episode 75
    Alec advertises the raffle, saying the proceeds will go to the Hospital. He explains to Jack that he intends to take £500 and give the rest away. Alma feels worthless. Deirdre hears about the raffle and is furious with Alec. She warns him that if anything goes wrong she won't bale him out. Maureen feels that life with Bill is boring as he's too homely. Martin hears that Don has been transferred to a mental hospital. Mike is angry as it means he won't face trial. Alma is relieved as she won't have to give evidence. Samantha and Jim enjoy themselves bowling but he still doesn't know what she wants from him. Emily is surprised to hear the Hospital are having a raffle as they normally go through her for them. She is suspicious when she discovers Alec is behind the raffle.moreless
  • Fri 9 May, 1997
    Fri 9 May, 1997
    Episode 74
    Ashley is released by the police and rushes to see Maxine for a hug. Gail is annoyed when Roy tells her he doesn't want Alma working at the cafe as he'd feel the outsider. She is furious that she's going to have to let Alma down. Deirdre is concerned to discover the books contain a Las Vegas Special. She questions Alec about it and realises that he used all the available discount to get the holiday free in his name. She asks him to sort it out before he goes. Chris guesses that something is going on between Kevin and Natalie. Fred is grateful to Mike for getting Ashley out of prison. Alec admits to Deirdre that he was planning on selling the holiday and keeping the money himself. Ashley visits Don and rows with him for having him arrested and charged with arson. Don maintains he has no recollection of telling the police he started the fire. He breaks down and then asks if Ivy is going to visit him. Ashley grows alarmed, realising Don is mentally unstable. Gail tells Alma that Roy doesn't want her at the cafe. Gail is furious when Roy tries to blame her and tells him he's childish. Alec suggests to Jack that they raffle the Las Vegas holiday but fix it so that the Duckworths win. Kevin is confused, telling Natalie he's happily married but still wants her. She tells him she doesn't want to bust up his marriage and warns him that his guilt will be dangerous. She forces him to make a decision and he chooses to carry on with their affair.moreless
  • Wed 7 May, 1997
    Wed 7 May, 1997
    Episode 73
    Kevin buys flowers for Rita but she is still furious with him. Gail suggests to Roy that they employ Alma part time. Roy has doubts but Gail is enthusiastic about the idea. Mike discovers that the club's security tape from the night of the fire is with the police already as they were investigating a fight. Deirdre is stunned to be asked to become manager of Sunliners and feels awkward when Alec doesn't let on he's been made redundant. She has to break the news that she knows. He assures her he'll survive and tells her she'll make a great manager. Ashley appears before the Magistrates and is remanded in custody. Fred is furious at the way he's being treated. Maxine feels sorry for him. Jim is surprised when Samantha invites him for a meal. Kevin phones Sally to tell her he misses her and wishes she was home. He is embarrassed when Natalie calls and tells her that he wishes they hadn't gone to bed together. She is annoyed when he makes out she seduced him. She is hurt and tells him she'll stay away from him in future. Alma is pleased with the idea of working at the cafe and tells Gail she'll take the job. Mike and Frances watch the security video at the police station and see Ashley on it. Jim is confused by Samantha as he doesn't understand why she's interested in him. She tells him that most of the time she prefers her own company. Kevin phones Natalie to apologise and to tell her their night together was great and he would like to see her again.moreless
  • Mon 5 May, 1997
    Mon 5 May, 1997
    Episode 72
    Mike admits to Alma that he was humouring her as he thought it would do her good to occupy her mind with something. Fiona is proud of Alan's promotion. Sean tries to apologise to Samantha but she refuses to discuss the matter and ignores him. Jim sees him pestering her and tries to warn him off. Sean is furious and embarrassed whilst Samantha tells Jim to keep out of her business in future. Later she apologises to Jim and tells him she's grateful. Alec goes to Southampton to meet Sam and is stunned to be told he's being made redundant and being replaced by Deirdre. Rita babysits so Chris and Kevin can celebrate a win at the races by going to a club. Chris tells Natalie and she turns up at the club. Maxine helps Ashley pack his belongs from No. 5 to move into Fred's. They are interrupted by the police who arrest him on suspicion of arson. She is distraught and alerts Mike. Mike is upset at Ashley's arrest and goes to the night club to see if the manager remembers Ashley. He doesn't but Mike discovers he has a security camera. Natalie invites Kevin back to her place where he tells her he's certain he does want to have sex. Sean is upset when Samantha tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Rita is furious when Kevin returns home at 3am. He is guilty when he wakes Rosie up.moreless
  • Sun 4 May, 1997
    Sun 4 May, 1997
    Episode 71
    Alec is thrilled to be asked to see Sunliners chairman Sam Briscoe. Mike pays Frances to clear Ashley's name. He is grateful. Roy decides to change the name of the cafe. Mike and Angie employ Jim and Bill to refurbish the print shop. Audrey hears about Mike's venture from them and tells Alma. Frankie interviews Ashley. He tries to explain why he lied to the police and said he'd gone clubbing with friends, admitting he felt they'd think he was strange to be on his own. He knows he's made of mess of things. Roy settles on Roy's Rolls for a name. Gail isn't keen. Alan celebrates being promoted to Detective Sergeant, the youngest ever in his Division. Samantha grows tired of having Sean around all the time. When he makes a pass at her she struggles to enjoy it but can not and screams for him to leave her alone. He is stunned when she shouts at him and cowers from him. Alma goes for Mike over keeping his new business with Angie a secret from her and allowing her to think they were really emigrating to the States.moreless
  • Fri 2 May, 1997
    Fri 2 May, 1997
    Episode 70
    Ashley fears he'll be sent to prison. Alma is pleased when Mike encourages her to investigate emigrating to America. Fred tells Mike about Don implicating Ashley. Mike knows Ashley is innocent and refuses to let the police suspect him. They visit the police and insist that the charges are dropped but are told Ashley needs an alibi. Mike calls Frances in to help. Ray tells Tricia how he left his wife and children, to prove he's not a saint. He tells her he still wants her to move in with him and give them a chance. Kevin is annoyed when Natalie doesn't answer his phone calls. Maxine think it's fascinating that the police suspect Ashley of arson. Angie and Mike agree on their partnership. Tricia decides to give Ray a chance and packs her bags. Jamie is won over by promises of football matches. The Duckworths are happy to Tricia but sad to see another grandson go. Rita forces Alec to give Judy £300. He explains it away as back tax. Tricia thanks the Duckworths for all their help before leaving with Jamie and Brad.moreless
  • Wed 30 Apr, 1997
    Wed 30 Apr, 1997
    Episode 69
    Troubled Ashley leaves the keys hidden. Alec is desperate for a stand in for Joyce. Fred now thinks Ashley should hand in the keys. DS Neil discovers Ashley with the keys and invites him for questioning. He is led away. He has no alibi. Mike and Angie play games over the business. Rita confronts Alec with his deceit but assumes Joyce's identity when Newbould turns up and mistakes her for the cleaner. Ashley flounders under questioning. Rita gets Alec to cough up for a memorial for Joyce to make up for desecrating her memory. Ashley is held by the police.moreless
  • Mon 28 Apr, 1997
    Mon 28 Apr, 1997
    Episode 68
    Vera breaks down remembering how much she loved Terry as a baby. She and Jack reminisce about Terry growing up. Jack feels that he doesn't want Terry's name mentioned again in the house. Jack tells Alec he wants to book a band, cheap and in return he won't tell Sunliner's bosses about his theatrical side lines. Adam Newbould inspects Sunliners and finds everything in order, apart from meeting Joyce the cleaner who Alec says is still employed. Alec is alarmed when Adam says he wants to meet all the staff, including Joyce. Deirdre is disgusted with Alec for still claiming Joyce's salary. Angie propositions Mike, telling him a major manufacturer is interested in her lingerie designs but she'd rather have a job where she kept control. He is impressed by her manner and interested when she suggests they go into partnership. Alma tries getting into a taxi but discovers she has an emotional block and can't. Alec tells Jack he'll set him up with a group, with no commission, if Vera will pose as Joyce. Alma breaks down, tormented by the memory of her ordeal with Don. She doesn't want counselling just to forget. Audrey tries to comfort her. Alma tells her she's hanging on by her finger tips, waiting to fall. Angie tells Mike she needs him to start up the business but is prepared to invest all her savings. Ashley visits Don in prison. Don thanks him for standing by him and asks him to get rid of the factory keys which are still in the house. Ashley worries as he knows it will make him a an accessory. Vera refuses to pose as Joyce as she thinks it's sick to impersonate a dead person. Kevin doesn't like it when Natalie cools towards him. He tells her he enjoyed having a drink with her. Tricia admits to Judy that she feels bad now she's let Ray go out of her life. Judy tells her to swallow her pride and get him back. Alma tells Mike she wants them to make a fresh start abroad. Don tells the police that it was Ashley who started the fire at the factory and that he still has the keys.moreless
  • Sun 27 Apr, 1997
    Sun 27 Apr, 1997
    Episode 67
    Vera pleads with Jack not to let anyone know that Terry tried to steal the takings. Jack agrees to say Terry left after a row with him. Tricia apologises to Jack over the way she spoke to him over Terry and now believes all he said about him. Alec worries when he learns the new Sunliner hotshot Adam Newbould is going to visit. Tricia feels she made a fool of herself over Terry. Jamie tells her to forget all about other men as he can look after her. Betty is indignant when Fred complains about the chewy meat in her hotpot. She knows he just wants her meat order but Vera tells her to improve the food. Martin hears that Don isn't going to be sectioned and has now been put in prison, charged with attempted murder. Martin doesn't think it's right because Don is mentally ill. Jack tells Ray he doesn't blame him for thumping Terry and suggests he calls at the Rovers. Kevin assures Rita that Natalie is just his business partner. Alma worries that she'll have to give evidence against Don now that he's been charged. When Tricia assures him she's never going to want Terry again, Ray tells her he still wants her and asks her to move in with him. Tricia feels that they can't have any future as she dropped him so quickly for Terry.moreless
  • Fri 25 Apr, 1997
    Fri 25 Apr, 1997
    Episode 66
    Terry finds Tricia's affection suffocating. When Ray comes looking for Tricia Jack regretfully tells him he fears he's wasting his time and is probably best out of it. Kevin confides in Chris that Natalie keeps making a play for him. Chris advises him to forget Sally and enjoy himself. Mavis worries that Wilf wants a relationship with her. When he invites her for a drink she accuses him of chasing widows. He backs off. Vera is thrilled when Terry tells her he's thinking about settling down in Manchester with his new found family. Tricia is pleased when he tells her to stay looking for somewhere for them to live. Terry offers to take the pub takings to the bank and Vera insists that Jack lets him, to prove he wouldn't run off with the money but really has changed his ways. Jack agrees to keep the peace and gives Terry the money bag. Kevin introduces Natalie to Rosie. Natalie tells Kevin that all she wants to do is be with him as she enjoys his company. Jack feels vindicated when Terry takes hours to return from the bank. Terry returns, furious with Jack and shows Vera how the money bag contained newspaper and not notes. Vera realises that Terry must have looked in the bag to see it wasn't notes and Jack makes her see Terry must have been planning to run off with the money. Angie and Chris admit that they fancy each other. She is stunned when he then asks her to go to bed with him. Tricia has a go at Jack for setting Terry up with a trap. She tells Terry that they don't need his parents and will be fine without them. She is horrified when Terry turns on her, saying he doesn't want her or her kids. Ray arrives in time to see Terry shoving Tricia away and goes for him, thumping him in the face. Tricia tells Ray to stay away from her and tries to comfort Terry. Natalie tells Kevin that if he wants her he can have her. He tells her he's happy with Sally and doesn't want anyone else. Terry leaves the Street. Rita sees Natalie fondling Kevin's face.moreless
  • Wed 23 Apr, 1997
    Wed 23 Apr, 1997
    Episode 65
    Jamie is disgusted but Tricia is thrilled when Terry spends the night with her. Vera hopes Terry will settle down now he has a family. Ashley is alarmed to hear Don is going to be treated mentally. He worries about all the household bills. ANGIE (about Natalie): "She looks to me the sort of woman that goes round with no knickers on, just for the secret thrill." Terry assures Tricia he's going to take his responsibilities seriously but she assures him she's not after a big commitment unless he's really certain he wants one. Ashley worries that if he doesn't pay the bills he'll be homeless. He tells Fred about Don confessing to him he burnt the factory down and wonders if he should go to the police. Fred advises him to forget all about it. Tricia introduces Ray to Terry. She tells Ray that now Terry is back she needs time to think. Ray tells her she's making a mistake if she stays with Terry. Kevin finds Natalie's attention embarrassing. Mavis tells Wilf she wants to give the allotment up. Wilf tells her about his wife Joan dying and how much the allotment helped him get over her. Angie is uncomfortable when Chris brings a girl, Mandy, home for sex. Alma braves the Rovers, refusing to hide away at home. Tricia breaks down and admits to Ray that she doesn't know what she's doing. Chris is pleased when Angie calls him inconsiderate over Mandy as he realises she's jealous. Jack is upset to hear that Don is in a mental hospital. Natalie tells Kevin all about her husband and how he mistreated her. Kevin feels uncomfortable when she tells him she knows they're going to be friends. When Tricia tells Ray she loves Terry he begs her to forget him and move out of the Rovers. He tells her it's obvious she wants Terry more than him and feels sorry for the children. Terry hunts for the Rovers' cash box.moreless
  • Mon 21 Apr, 1997
    Mon 21 Apr, 1997
    Episode 64
    Terry struggles to remember who Tricia is. She is thrilled to see him and proudly shows him his son Brad. Mike brings Alma home from hospital. Vera is torn when she sees Terry. She tells him that Tricia has adored his memory and that Brad is definitely his son. Alma is amazed that after all Don did to her she still saved him by dragging him out of the water. She hits out at Mike, telling him Don put her through hell because of him. Jack is disgusted to see Terry back. He nearly goes for him when Terry thanks him for looking after Tricia for him. Jack tells Vera he can't believe she's forgotten how much she despised Terry last time he went. Don is sectioned for medical examination. Gail is sickened by him and tells the hospital she'll tell the police all his past record of instability. She tells Martin she never wants to see Don again. Martin feels they can't turn their back on him. Jamie isn't impressed by Terry's arrival. Tricia dresses up for Terry and warns Jamie not to talk about Ray. Mavis gets upset when Wilf Gaskell questions her on what Derek's plans are for the allotment. He feels awful when she tells him Derek is dead. Gail tries to console Alma and tells Martin and the Baldwins how Don tormented Denise with abusive phone calls. Martin is amazed she kept the knowledge to herself and Alma tells her she should have spoken out years ago as Don might have been locked up then. Tricia is confused when Terry tells her he knew all about her and the baby from his old girlfriend Nicola but feared she wouldn't want him as he'd given Tommy away. She is thrilled when he feeds Brad and kisses her.moreless
  • Sun 20 Apr, 1997
    Sun 20 Apr, 1997
    Episode 63
    Alma struggles to free herself in the water and drags Don out of the car. People help free them and the police arrive on the scene. Alma becomes hysterical and refuses to travel to hospital in the same ambulance as Don. Tricia assures Vera that she'll still be able to see Brad and she'll always think of her and Jack as her family. Alma tells the police she wants Don charged with attempted murder. The Platts and Mike are summonds to the hospital. Mike is horrified to hear that Don tried to kill Alma. When she hears what has happened, Gail refuses to visit Don or ask after him, her only concern is for Alma. Chris apologises for making a pass at Angie but tells her she had no right to make him feel small. He is indignant when she tells him he's sweet. Mike goes for Don in the hospital and has to restrained by the nurses. Tricia is amazed to find Terry in the Rovers living room in the early hours of the morning.moreless
  • Fri 18 Apr, 1997
    Fri 18 Apr, 1997
    Episode 62
    Alma is alarmed to find Don is driving the taxi as she knows he hasn't got a licence. Vera gives Tricia a hard time about moving out. Tricia tells her she'd be a fool to let Ray go as he's the only chance she's got of having a family life. Jim tries to help Andy off drink by inviting him to join him in a drinking session, saying he'll match him drink for drink. Alma gets frightened when Don drives past the Quays and refuses to let her out of the car. He likes being in control. He tells her that he wants her to feel useless as he does, as Mike has caused him to feel. He tells her he laughed when he set fire to the factory, unnerving her, telling her he wished Mike had burnt in the fire. Chris hopes that Angie will sleep with him as he's given her a great evening but she refuses, making him angry. Alma tries to raise help on the taxi radio but Don rips it out of the car and orders her out of the car onto wasteland. He drags her out, kicking and screaming. She fears he's going to rape her, disgusting him so he hits her. Andy isn't impressed by Jim getting drunk and trying to make him see sense. Jim tells him he used to be proud of him but isn't anymore. Alma wrenches herself free of Don and runs away from him. He chases her in the taxi, cornering her in a back street and forcing her back into the car. Mike enjoys his evening out with Frances and is in no hurry to get home. Chris is confused when Angie refuses to go to bed with him. She is angry that he thought he could win her over by cooking her a meal. Tricia tells Vera she views her like a mother but refuses to stay just so she can have Brad at home. Vera realises she can't stop her leaving. Don tells Alma he's driving her home but says Mike won't want her anymore as she's dirty and rubbish. She tries to get control of the situation by telling him she now understands how much Mike hurt him. She tells him he's right; Mike cheated him out of the garage. Andy lays into Jim for pretending to be drunk whilst throwing most of the drink down the sink. Jim hits back by saying he's got nothing to live for and starts to drink for real. Andy gets upset and tells him he can't bear it when Jim drinks as he loves him. Jim tells him he's getting his own back; he watched whilst Andy threw his career away now Andy can watch him throw everything away. Don fears that he'll get locked away because he kidnapped Alma. She swears she won't tell anyone but he doesn't believe her. Andy apologises to Jim for hurting him so much and tells him he won't give up his studies. Don tells Alma she's as bad as Mike and deserves to die. He drives the taxi straight into the River Irwell at the Quays, with them both inside it.moreless
  • Wed 16 Apr, 1997
    Wed 16 Apr, 1997
    Episode 61
    Mavis clears out Derek's things and bins the gnomes. Tricia tells Jamie she loves Ray and wants them to move in with him but Jamie doesn't want to leave the Rovers. Mike considers starting up again in the old print shop. He is annoyed that Don has frightened Alma and warns him to stay away from her. Don is furious to hear Mike is going to be opening up again. Kevin is uncomfortable when Natalie tells him she wants to go through the books and presses him to spend time with her whilst Sally's away. Don gets drunk in the Rovers and is furious when Jack refuses to serve him. Tricia tells Jack she intends to move in with Ray. He urges her to tell Vera quickly. Jamie is fed up that he always has to go along with Tricia's plans. Jack tells him he'll miss him but is sure Ray will look after him. Alma plans a night out with Gail but Gail cries off sick. Chris cooks a meal for Angie and tries to get her drunk. Vera is devastated to learn Tricia is leaving. Mike takes Frances out to celebrate their success. Don overhears Alma ordering a cab and takes the job for himself, picking her up in a borrowed taxi.moreless
  • Mon 14 Apr, 1997
    Mon 14 Apr, 1997
    Episode 60
    Ken struggles to compose a fitting tribute to Derek when Mavis asks him to speak at the funeral. Derek's sister Edith arrives and makes it clear she always disliked Mavis, preferring Angela. The residents turn out for Derek's funeral at St Peter and Paul C of E with Mavis and the others - Alf, Audrey, Ken, Jim, Alec, Kevin, Angie, Emily, Percy, Betty, Alma, Mike, Gail, Martin, Don, Jack, Vera and Claire attending. Norris is late to the service and has to barge past the coffin as it's carried in. Tricia considers moving in with Ray. When the vicar asks for Derek's friend to say a tribute, Mavis is horrified when Norris beats Ken to the pulpit. Insensitive to Mavis' feelings, Norris refers to Derek as Dirk and explains how Mavis left him on the motorway and forgot his birthday. Andy visits Steve in prison and apologises to him for increasing his sentence. When Andy tells him he's leaving University because of the shock of having a gun pointed at him, Steve accuses him of feeling too sorry for himself and points out how bad his life is in prison. Mavis gets upset by the way the residents always viewed Derek as a joke and tells them all she doesn't care because she loved him and he was a wonderful man. Alma is alarmed when Don suggests they join forces to find Mike's weak point. She feels threatened by him.moreless
  • Sun 13 Apr, 1997
    Sun 13 Apr, 1997
    Episode 59
    Don feels that Mike has turned him into a figure of fun and pity. He alarms Ashley by smashing up the house in his anger. Ray invites Tricia to have tea at his house. She is thrilled but is put out when Vera insists she takes Jamie with her. Ashley tells Jack that Don is cracking up and he fears he's going to kill himself. Mavis is upset at the thought of Angela attending the funeral but Norris assures her only he will be present from Hawthornes. Tricia is impressed by Ray's smart house. Don is amused when Jack tells him he's worried he's going to hurt himself. Jack is concerned when Don maintains he's dead already. Tricia takes Brad with her to spend the night at Ray's. Jack assures Vera it will be a good test for Ray to have a baby with them all night. Alec pays out for groceries for Derek's funeral tea and then tries to get the money back from the collection from the Rovers regulars. Mavis doesn't know how she's going to cope alone.moreless
  • Fri 11 Apr, 1997
    Fri 11 Apr, 1997
    Episode 58
    Judy calls on Mavis to offer condolences and ends up weeping over Joyce's death. Mavis comforts her and is touched by her love. Maxine asks Ashley if he wants to start afresh with her. Fred thinks Ashley stupid for not jumping at Maxine again. Norris returns Derek's belongings from Hawthornes and Mavis snaps at him when he goes on about how well liked Derek was. She tells him Derek knew he was trying to force him out. Mike takes his solicitor, Frances Stillman with him when the police ask to see him. She gets the police to admit they don't intend to charge Mike. He is jubilant and takes her to lunch in the Rovers so everyone can hear he's in the clear. Jim asks Liz to talk Andy out of leaving University but Andy refuses to listen to anything she says, telling her he's the way he is because of her. She tells him and Jim that she is sick of them both blaming her for their mixed up lives. Vera tells Ray not to get too close to Tricia as Terry will be back for her soon. When the cafe is shut Ron makes a play for Audrey, trapping her against the counter and telling her he knows she fancies him. She gets scared and is grateful when Roy arrives. He tells Ron that Audrey's his mother and demands he leaves. Ron backs off. Maxine is pleased when Ashley agrees to take her out. Mike is thrilled when Frances gets the insurance company to pay out in full. He thanks Don, in the pub, for burning the factory as he burnt all the evidence against him and now he can start up all over again. Don is sickened.moreless
  • Wed 9 Apr, 1997
    Wed 9 Apr, 1997
    Episode 57
    Norris arrives at Mavis' party with the police to break the news that Derek is dead. Rita goes with Mavis to identify the body. Jim struggles to keep calm when he confronts Andy about leaving University. Andy is drunk and explains he intends to be a drop out. Rita tries to comfort Mavis but she is numb with shock. She feels her life will be meaningless without Derek and is upset that her last words to him were not ones of love. Tricia warns Vera that she won't remain a prisoner at the Rovers and, if she wants to find a man to be Brad's new father, she will. Judy has a relapse over Derek's death as it reminds her of Joyce. Emily is stunned by Derek's death and offers Mavis support but Mavis throws it back in her face as she make excuses not to attend her party. Rita worries that Mavis is too calm and hasn't cried. Alma worries for Mike when he grows certain that he'll go to prison for arson. Norris gives Mavis her birthday present from Derek's car. Alone she opens it and finds a silver locket engraved with love to her. She weeps over it.moreless
  • Mon 7 Apr, 1997
    Mon 7 Apr, 1997
    Episode 56
    Don tells Ashley he was joking about setting fire to the factory. Ashley isn't sure what to make of him. Mavis celebrates her birthday and Derek tells her she'll have to wait for her present as he has to collect it. Andy is ashamed of himself when he learns Steve has had another fourteen days added to his sentence. Jim tells Andy he must stop feeling sorry for himself and get on with his life, feeling he went through a lot worse when he was Andy's age as he was in the Army. Vera worries that Tricia and Ray are getting serious. Mike seethes over the way Don thinks he's got away with arson. He swears to Alma that he'll make Don pay one way or the other. Tricia's delighted by the way Ray hits it off with Jamie. Jim is amazed to hear in the pub that Andy is giving up University. The neighbours gather for Mavis' party but she is worried when Derek fails to turn up. He phones to say he's stuck in traffic. When he says he'll be an hour late she accuses him of ruining her birthday. Derek annoys a motorist by cutting him up. The motorist argues with him and when Derek rows back the motorist bends the paper clip sign until it snaps off. After the motorist has driven off Derek suffers a massive heart attack and collapses in the car.moreless
  • Sun 6 Apr, 1997
    Sun 6 Apr, 1997
    Episode 55
    Chris spends the night on Angie's sofa. She takes to him and invites him to move in as her lodger. Steve is convinced Fiona will marry him and not Alan. Jack encourages Tricia to go out with Ray, offering to mind Brad. Mike hides a microphone in his lapel in the hope that he can get Don to admit to starting the fire and then have the proof on tape. Don is amused when Mike calls and is nice to him, he sees the microphone and tells Mike he's pathetic. Liz joins the rest of the family for Sunday lunch. She is thrilled to see Steve out of prison but Andy continues to ignore her. Mike tells Ashley that Don burnt down his factory. Ashley refuses to believe him and accuses Mike of trying to get him to land Don in it. Andy refuses to take part in the 'happy families' meal with Liz. He storms out to get drunk so Steve goes with him to keep an eye on him. They go to a pub where Andy upsets a man by chatting up his girlfriend. Andy tries to punch the man but misses. The man hits back but Andy dodges and Steve is hit in the face. Andy is horrified by the blood all over Steve and takes him to Casualty, full of remorse. In hospital Steve collapses and drunk Andy gets in the way. Ashley is amazed when Don tells him he did set fire to Mike's factory. Steve has a fractured cheek bone but is most annoyed at the fact that he's late in returning to prison, knowing he'll be on report.moreless
  • Fri 4 Apr, 1997
    Fri 4 Apr, 1997
    Episode 54
    Mike tells the police about Don's confession but they need concrete proof. Mike is angry to discover the answer-phone tape and letter Don sent Alma were both destroyed in the fire. Mavis plans a party for her birthday and is put out when Emily makes excuses not to attend. The police question Don about the fire. He tells them he has no alibi and admits to writing to Alma and hating Mike. He tells the police that Mike has a grudge against him because it was through him that he lost his Kbec contract and suggests Mike started the fire himself for the insurance. Steve arrives on home visit much to Jim's delight. He plans to spoil him with his favourite things but Steve just wants to have fun whilst he's out of prison. Fiona is annoyed that Lee refuses to attend her engagement party because she's marrying a white policeman. Jim and Andy try to keep the news of Fiona's engagement from Steve but the Mallets tell him about the engagement party. He insists on going to the party with Andy. Mike is furious that Don hasn't been arrested and struggles to control his anger. Fiona is surprised, but not annoyed, to see Steve. She alerts Steve to the fact that Andy has been drinking a lot recently. Steve finds it unbearable to watch Fiona with Alan. Angie meets Chris and takes an instant fancy to him. The police tell Mike they have no proof that Don was involved in the fire. Mike accuses the police of wanting to believe in Don's innocence. Andy has too much to drink and tells Alan it's his fault that he had a gun pointed at him and that because of that he's going to fail his exams. Alan physically tries to throw Andy out, causing Fiona to try and stop him. Steve steps in to take Andy home. Alan is amazed to discover who Steve is. Steve is angered by Alan's bullying actions and tells Fiona he wishes her luck with him as she'll need it.moreless
  • Wed 2 Apr, 1997
    Wed 2 Apr, 1997
    Episode 53
    Roy has a cold so Gail sends him to bed and gets Audrey to help out at the cafe. Chris is startled when Natalie calls at the garage and sees his sleeping bag there. He says he's returning it to Kevin. Jim prepares for Steve's home visit. Sally stays in Scarborough to look after Elsie after her stroke so Kevin returns home alone. Andy decides to give up University even though he's only got a few months to go. Natalie tells Kevin she's leaving her husband because of his infidelities and wants to be more involved in the garage. He is wary of her. Audrey enjoys herself at the cafe, flirting with lorry driver Ron Harris. Judy tells Gary she thinks they may need help in conceiving a baby. He agrees that they should see a doctor. Derek is concerned when Norris employs a new young salesman at Hawthornes. He decides to rise to the challenge and prove he is the best salesman. Mike goes for Don and is surprised when he admits he did start the fire, pointing out that he'll enjoy seeing Mike know he started it but never being able to prove it to the police.moreless
  • Mon 31 Mar, 1997
    Mon 31 Mar, 1997
    Episode 52
    Alma apologises to Mike for thinking him capable of arson. Mike makes a list of everyone who had a key, starting with Sally. Maxine asks Ashley to forget about their misunderstanding and is put out when he tells her he doesn't want to see her again. Gary upsets Judy when he mentions anything to do with mothers. He feels he can't say anything to her anymore. Maxine tells Ashley he's right and she did behave badly but he still doesn't want her. Tricia is indignant when Mike questions her about the fire. Alan takes Fiona to meet his parents, Mary and Bernard. Fiona and Mary hit it off when they both moan about how Alan puts his career before everything else. Alma is stunned when Mike tells her he's wondered if she started the fire. Gary makes Judy see that they can't avoid talking about Joyce and that they have to remember her as they live their lives. Mike realises that Josie had a key and Don must have had access to it. He is convinced Don started the fire.moreless
  • Sun 30 Mar, 1997
    Sun 30 Mar, 1997
    Episode 51
    Mike tries not to worry about the police suspecting him as he knows he's innocent. Gary is annoyed when Judy prefers to spend Easter Day chatting to Joyce at the crematorium than with him. Audrey calls on Alma to offer support over the fire and is thrilled to see the police take Mike in for more questioning. Jim gets fed up with Andy drinking and his aggressive manner. The police keep Mike sweating in the interview room all day before admitting they have no news. Audrey spreads rumours about Mike burning his factory down, upsetting Alma. Maxine gets Ashley to take her to a night club where she orders expensive drinks. She is embarrassed to be seen with him by her friends and passes him off as her cousin. Ashley is furious and walks out on her. Alma tells Mike she thinks he did set fire to the factory but isn't telling her as he thinks she needs protection. He assures her he didn't start the fire and is angry when she doesn't believe him.moreless
  • Fri 28 Mar, 1997
    Fri 28 Mar, 1997
    Episode 50
    Mike and Alma are stunned to find the factory burnt to the ground. He feels that he's lost everything. The Fire Investigation Officer tells him nothing can be salvaged. Don spreads the news about Baldwin's fire and goes to the scene to gloat. Andy's tutor Mr Baistow tries to find out why he's stopped working and warns him he's heading for a bad degree. Alan gives Fiona a solitaire engagement ring. The Trading Standards Office sends an investigator to question Mike about manufacturing counterfeit goods. When he asks to investigate the factory Mike gleefully shows him the burnt out remains. Mike begins to see the fire as a blessing and is glad he had the factory fully insured. Natalie tells Kevin she's found a new mechanic for him and is put out when he tells her he has already employed Chris. She tells him that from now on she'll keep in closer touch with him. Don phones the police and tells them Mike started the fire himself. The police question Mike, asking him for his whereabouts, explaining the fire was started deliberately by someone with a key. They take Mike to the police station.moreless
  • Wed 26 Mar, 1997
    Wed 26 Mar, 1997
    Episode 49
    Fiona tells Alan she needs to be sure before she agrees to marry him. When he assures her he'll love her forever she accepts. Des tells Angie she can look after his car as well as the house. He packs all he can together for his boat trip, not knowing how long he'll be away. Ashley can't understand why Maxine blows hot and cold with him. Don overhears factory girls saying Mike has sacked them. He is disgusted with the way Mike mucks people around. Derek drives Des to his boat and sees him off on the canal, telling him he admires him for his free spirit. Mike makes arrangements to store his stock in a lock up in Trafford Park. Don lets himself into Mike's factory at night, with a can of petrol. He has trouble when the burglar alarm goes off but carries on, pouring petrol over the floor and setting it alight before running away.moreless
  • Mon 24 Mar, 1997
    Mon 24 Mar, 1997
    Episode 48
    Jim is disgusted by the way Andy appears to be hungover all the time. He tries to straighten him out but Andy isn't interested. Ashley is thrilled with having Maxine as a girlfriend. Maureen is left alone in the shop when Sally goes down with flu. Chris tries to show Kevin how grateful he is for the use of the sofa but Kevin wants rid of him. Maxine is embarrassed by Ashley in his butcher's apron so is short with him, refusing to make a date with him. Maureen asks Maud to help her in the shop and Maud enjoys letting her sweat before helping out. Mike is surprised when Angie tells him Kbec know he's manufacturing counterfeit goods and warns him to get rid of the stock before the Inland Revenue and Trading Standards get on to him. Des agrees to rent Angie No. 6 but tells her he isn't interested in payment. She hopes to set up her own business. Mike sacks his workforce, saying he has to close down for a few weeks. Don clears out Josie's stuff and finds her keys to Mike's factory. DES: "The women in this Street are capable of anything." Mike tells Alma that Kbec are onto him. She panics and fears they'll go to prison. He assures her he'll store the stock elsewhere as soon as he can. She tells him she'll do all she can to help. Alan tells Fiona he'll do his best to change. She is stunned when he asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Sun 23 Mar, 1997
    Sun 23 Mar, 1997
    Episode 47
    Kevin finds Chris sleeping rough in the garage and is annoyed to discover he's been doing so for a week. Alan insists he's not ashamed of Fiona but she refuses to believe him. When he admits he tries to shield her from racist comments she is furious. Kevin orders Chris to find somewhere to live but Sally feels sorry for him and insists he uses their bathroom and eats with them. Alan is angered by Fiona saying he's racist. She tells him their relationship has changed now because they've become a white policeman and his black girlfriend. He doesn't understand what he's done wrong. Don blames Mike for Josie leaving him and marrying someone else. Angie is annoyed that Kbec have dropped her as a designer as she was hoping to work full time with them. Kevin is annoyed when Sally invites Chris to sleep on their sofa until he can find a flat. Angie encourages Des to sell up and go off on his boat. Jim upset ho hear Andy telling a friend that Liz is a slag who hangs round gangsters. Maxine surprises herself by flirting with Ashley and letting him kiss her. They end up having sex in the beauty room, Maxine amazed by Ashley's virility. When Derek tells Des that he is like him; stable and reliable, Des decides to pack up and leave Weatherfield.moreless
  • Fri 21 Mar, 1997
    Fri 21 Mar, 1997
    Episode 46
    Angie turns up to visit Curly and catch up with all the gossip. Liz is upset when after telling Andy she isn't going to Spain he tells her he couldn't care less. She turns to Fiona for a sympathetic ear, saying she can't cope with Andy hating her. She gets angry when Fiona points out that she did fancy Fraser and was blinded to his faults. Tricia swears to Vera that Brad is Terry's son. When she learns that his girlfriend has left him Angie tries to cheer Des up. Andy snaps when Liz pesters him, trying to make him accept her. He tells her she's turned into a sleazy tart and he wishes she had gone to Spain. She is devastated. Jim tries to calm Andy down, upset by the way he's been since the siege. He comforts him when Andy breaks down. Tricia tells Jack she's not going to argue with him - she knows Brad is Terry's son and she'll move out as soon as she can. Jamie is saddened by the upset and tells Jack that Terry is definitely the father. Alan takes Fiona out for a drink and is embarrassed when they bump into his colleague Dawn. Don is stunned to hear Josie has got married to a doctor. Tricia is pleased when Jack tells her he doesn't want her to move out. Fiona is upset to hear Alan has kept her away from work parties and accuses him of being ashamed of her because she's black.moreless
  • Wed 19 Mar, 1997
    Wed 19 Mar, 1997
    Episode 45
    Fraser tells Liz he's sold the Hourglass as the police intend to shut him down. He tells her his villa in the Costa del Sol is wonderful and she'll have a great life. She is attracted to the idea when he tells her he'll be able to find Steven work in Spain. Vera is adamant Brad is their grandson when Jack insists he isn't. Liz agrees to go to Spain when Fraser promises her he had nothing to do with the warehouse raid. Ashley is wary when Maxine asks him to do more modelling for her. Liz tells Andy she's moving to Spain and is upset when he tells her he doesn't care what she does or where she goes. Don is annoyed to hear Mike's business is picking up again and feels someone should teach him a lesson. Jim wishes Liz well in Spain but warns her that next time it might be Fraser who tries to kill her. She visits Steve who is thrilled with the idea of her living in Spain with Fraser. She is sickened when he tells her how much he respects him for getting away with the warehouse raid. He looks forward to working with Fraser in Spain. Tricia is surprised when Ray visits the Rovers. Jack pushes him to see Brad hoping to see a resemblance. Liz accuses Fraser of lying to her and tells him she doesn't want him anywhere near Steve. Jack is intrigued when Jaime says Ray used to live near their old flat. Tricia is shocked when Jack asks if Ray is Brad's father, telling her that he won't be taken for a mug. Fraser gets annoyed by the way Liz gets at him and tells her she's a slag and nothing special. He flings money at her, saying it's for her time. He stops her from throwing a vase at him by threatening to break her teeth. She is distraught when he takes his bag and walks out.moreless
  • Mon 17 Mar, 1997
    Mon 17 Mar, 1997
    Episode 44
  • Sun 16 Mar, 1997
    Sun 16 Mar, 1997
    Episode 43
    Vera fears that Tricia has run away with Brad when she disappears but Jack thinks she's just trying to scare them. Becky hangs round the Street, confused over Claire and Des' split. She finds out Samantha was involved and shouts at her in the Street, waking her up. Samantha feels bad for the way she's suffered and Mavis tries to comfort distraught Becky. Des is upset by the scene and blames Samantha for causing the upset. Tricia goes to Blackpool to see the Hortens. They are wary of her when she tells them Brad is Tommy's brother. Doreen feels sorry for her but Geoff tells her she's better off without Terry. Tricia gives Doreen a letter and asks her to give it to Terry if he turns up. Des is sad when Derek returns his walkman from Becky. Andy is amazed to find Liz maintains the siege was nothing to do with Fraser. He is angry when he realises she is still with Fraser and tells her he doesn't want to see her again. Maureen offer Sally Claire's job at the shop and is pleased when she takes it. ALF (about Ken): "He's supposed to be a bright man but as long as I've known him he's blundered from one mess to the next". Andy drops a glass behind the bar and cuts him hand. Jim takes him home, worried about him as he's not sleeping. Jack is amazed to find that on Brad's birth certificate Tricia has left the father's name blank. When Tricia returns to the pub Vera tells her she wants her to stay with them for good.moreless
  • Fri 14 Mar, 1997
    Fri 14 Mar, 1997
    Episode 42
    Claire packs her bags. Des swears nothing happened between him and Samantha but she is upset that she trusted him. She tells him suddenly he's not worth her RAF pension. Ken faces the Governors and is astounded to be told Sue has admitted she was in the wrong and has resigned and left the school. Des tells Claire Samantha set him up and he got carried away but she tells him she's not taking any more risks on him. Becky is disappointed when she hears Des was involved with someone else. She breaks down when Claire says they're leaving as she thought of No. 6 as her home. Ken feels glad Sue has taken all the blame and tells the Governors it's obvious he is absolved. He is pleased when they say the matter is closed but stunned when they announce they have to make more cut backs and he's going to be made redundant. Liz meets with Fraser and agrees to give him an alibi for the night of the warehouse raid. He warns her they'll have to be more careful in the future. Claire refuses to live with the fear Des will go off with another woman. She and Becky leave with Jarvis the budgie. Des is shattered. Sean sees Claire going and offers Des support. The Duckworths tell Tricia they can't babysit Brad when she goes out with Ray as they find they're too tired to run the pub. Tricia threatens to move out and is amazed when they agree. Andy suffers delayed shock, tormented by the memory of the gun. Sean is amazed to hear how Des made a play for Samantha and how she saw him off. Sue tells Ken she's sorry her resignation didn't help him. He tells her he's going to fight the decision. Angry Sean sacks Des from the bookies.moreless
  • Wed 12 Mar, 1997
    Wed 12 Mar, 1997
    Episode 41
    Liz tries to make Andy see Gerry was wrong; she's not a tart. Jack enjoys looking after Brad but Vera feels Tricia takes advantage of him too much. Vera questions her about how well she knows Ray and Tricia say's she only just met him. Alf passes his driving test. Fiona rows with Alan for putting Liz in danger. She accuses him of using both her and Liz. Alan gets annoyed and tells her his conscience is clear and that Fraser is now out of police custody. Jim refuses to talk to the Press about the siege so Percy does. Tricia is upset when Jaime says he wants Brad to grow up hearing nice things not the shouting that he grew up with. Des believes Samantha thinks a lot of him since the jump. He calls on her and tells her they make a good pair. Deirdre is sad to hear Ken is up in front of the Governors over his affair with Sue. He accuses her of betraying him when she admits to telling Audrey about him and Sue in the first place. Des makes a play for Samantha, telling her he knows he turns her on. She begs him to leave but when he doesn't she takes him upstairs, gets his trousers off him and throws them out of the window. Des goes to retrieve his trousers and is horrified when Claire sees him.moreless
  • Mon 10 Mar, 1997
    Mon 10 Mar, 1997
    Episode 40
    Gerry keeps Liz, Jim and Andy at gun point, furious that there's a houseful as he wanted Liz on her own so he could just kill her. Jim tries to persuade him to let Andy go but Gerry refuses and makes all three crouch on the floor. Des and Samantha go to the airfield to do their parachute jump. They are both nervous. Gerry tells his hostages that he wants to kill Liz because she told the police about Fraser's big job. She swears she didn't but he doesn't believe her, saying she's ruined his plans to retire to Cyprus. He grows angry when he has trouble getting through to his friend's mobile, trying to arrange a getaway car. Jim begs him to let Andy go, saying he'll stay as his hostage and has to stop Liz from shouting at Gerry hysterically as she realises he's going to shoot them all. Andy is sickened as Gerry lays into Liz over dressing like a whore, telling her Fraser likes his women straight off the streets. Gerry finally arranges a car, with the hoot of a horn as the signal. Des and Samantha jump and are relieved to land safely. Gerry is distracted by his phone ringing so Jim jumps him, screaming at Andy to run. The neighbours are stunned when a gunshot comes from No. 11. Andy refuses to leave his parents and helps set about Gerry. Liz springs to life and, taking off her shoe, hits Gerry about the head with her heel. Des and Samantha are exhilarated from the jump. The police arrest Gerry and question the McDonalds. Liz thanks Jim for saving her life but he tells her he was only thinking of Andy. Emily is shaken by the siege as it reminds her of Ernest's death. The neighbours rally round and help clear up No. 11 as the shot brought down a lot of the ceiling. Jim is touched by their concern whilst Fiona worries about Liz and the fact that she nearly died because of Alan.moreless
  • Sun 9 Mar, 1997
    Sun 9 Mar, 1997
    Episode 39
    Liz gives Gerry the slip and runs out of the Hourglass. He follows her through back streets but she has nowhere to go as he has her keys. Ken tells Sue he needs his teaching salary to keep up his trips to see Daniel. He intends to hang on to his job for as long as he can. Terrified Liz hides in a builder's skip as Gerry searches for her. He gets into her car and tries to run her over when she emerges but she dodges the car. Tricia brings Ray Thorpe home after meeting him at a club. Their arrival wakes Jack who sees Ray off. Becky starts work as a paper girl at the Kabin. Jack tells Vera that maybe Tricia's friend Ray is Brad's real father. Liz spends the night on a bus going to and from Derby. She begs Deirdre to let her stay at her flat but Deirdre refuses to help as criminals are involved and advises her to go to the police. Liz turns to Jim for help. When he sees she is frightened he brings her into the house. They are startled when Gerry comes through the back door with a sawn-off shotgun.moreless
  • Fri 7 Mar, 1997
    Fri 7 Mar, 1997
    Episode 38
    Gary doesn't know how to cope with grieving Judy. He offers to take her away for a few days but she prefers to stay at home. Liz is shocked when Jacqui turns up at Fraser's flat. Jacqui tells her she's welcome to Fraser, she just wants her things, explaining Fraser's been arrested. Jacqui tells Liz that she's doing well by Fraser but she hated the way he used to hit her. Liz refuses to believe he's violent. Alan is pleased to have Fraser locked up but Fiona fears Steve will get a beating because of it. Samantha, Sean and Des have a practice fall for their parachute jump. Sean lands badly and sprains his ankle. Deirdre tells Liz she's a fool for still wanting to be with Fraser. Sue worries when she is summonsed to a Governor's Meeting, called by Alf. Ken panics when she tells him he's being called as well. Ken is amazed when Sue tells him he isn't as good a teacher as he thinks he is and admits she saved him from redundancy purely because she fancies him. Ken is angry and tells her he wishes he'd never slept with her. Gerry tells Liz Fraser is worried about her as he fears people will try to get at her. He promises he'll look after her and she gives him her keys so he can collect her car from a dark alley. Tricia goes out for the first time since the birth, leaving Brad with the Duckworths. Jack thinks she's a bad mother. Sean is pleased his ankle prevents him from doing the jump. Fraser phones Liz and warns her to get away from Gerry.moreless
  • Wed 5 Mar, 1997
    Wed 5 Mar, 1997
    Episode 37
    Fraser demands to know who told the police about the job, refusing to believe Liz would have as she knew nothing about it. Gerry says he'll do some digging. Gary feels pushed out by Judy and tells her he's sick of being the whipping boy. Deirdre moves into a flat on Chepstow Road until she can find something better. Gerry rings the number on Alan's card and discovers his identity. He tells Fraser that Alan is a detective and his girlfriend is Liz's mate Fiona. Sean tells Des that he likes Samantha because she's straight and honest with him. Liz is terrified when Fraser lays into her, demanding to know about her relationship with Alan. He pushes her around the room, telling her he trusted her and she's paid him back by becoming a nark. She breaks down and tells him that Alan asked her to spy on him, saying that Steve would be hurt if she didn't. She swears she refused as she realised she couldn't trust him. She swears she hasn't told Alan anything; he's so secretive she doesn't know anything about him. Judy realises she's wrong to take things out on Gary and apologises. Samantha dresses up to go to a bookie's function with Sean. Ken entertains Sue and warns her that people are gossiping about them and saying she didn't make him redundant because they were lovers. She points out that wasn't the case. Audrey tells Alf she's been told by Deirdre that Ken is seeing Sue Jeffers. Angry Alf storms round to Ken's and finds him with Sue. They tell him they aren't afraid of their friendship. Alf tells Ken he's made him look a fool and is upset that he's let him down. Fraser tells Gerry he's satisfied Liz didn't talk to the police. Gerry flares up but is stopped when Alan arrives to arrest Fraser.moreless
  • Mon 3 Mar, 1997
    Mon 3 Mar, 1997
    Episode 36
    Alf and Audrey return from holiday in Portugal and are visited by Jean Crabtree whose husband has been made redundant from the Comp. She tells Alf that she wants the Governors to investigate as she's discovered Sue's having an affair with Ken. Chris Collins asks Kevin for work at the garage but Kevin is put off by his scruffy appearance. Chris talks Kevin into letting him work on a car for free to show how skilled he is. Alf assures Jean that Ken is having a relationship with Deirdre, not Sue but she is adamant that Ken was overlooked for redundancy because he was sleeping with Sue. Audrey tells Gail that Roy will ruin the cafe and is amazed to learn he is the major share holder in the business. Kevin is impressed by Chris' work and takes him on. He is doubly impressed when he hears about his overseas work. Gary and Judy clear out Joyce's house and try to get rid of her worldly goods. Roy gets tired of Audrey hanging around gossiping with Gail and tells her that they won't need her popping in and helping out any more as he wants the cafe to be a success. Audrey is horrified to be spoken to in such a way but Gail is amused. Gary gets frustrated by the way everything he says reminds Judy of Joyce and upsets her. Alf warns Ken that he's had a complaint over his affair with Sue. Ken assures Alf that he has no relationship with Sue. Fraser and Gerry watch from a safe distance as their men hold up an airport warehouse. Fraser looks forward to all the money involved and plans to leave the country but the plans are ruined when the police arrive. Gerry accuses Fraser of telling Liz about the job.moreless
  • Sun 2 Mar, 1997
    Sun 2 Mar, 1997
    Episode 35
    Fraser is angry with Liz for going through his belongings and his rage frightens her. Alan calls on Fraser's wife and tells her about Liz. Fraser questions Liz about Alan. Jack and Don get drunk. Don sees Mike's Jag outside the Rovers and has an idea. Judy goes back to look at where she was brought up. Mike and Alma didn't drive to the Rovers. The Jaguar's owners ring the police as it has been vandalised. Des gives in and signs up for the parachute jump. Fraser retrives Alan's 'phone number from the bin.moreless
  • Fri 28 Feb, 1997
    Fri 28 Feb, 1997
    Episode 34
    Alan admits to Fiona that he is jealous of her and Steve and promises to cool towards Liz if that's what it takes for her not to finish with him. He admits he can't transfer Steve to another prison and refuses to tell his boss about the whole story. She tells him he's nasty. Vera, Betty, Percy and Alec join the Malletts at Joyce's funeral. Tony arrives at the last moment to attend. Judy is upset by the poor turn out. Tony tells Kevin he's on pills to calm him down and really can't carry on at the garage as he never wants to see Coronation Street again. Tony is upset that he feels so wretched. Liz tells Deirdre that she fears the police will lean on Steve in prison if she doesn't spy on Fraser for Alan. Deirdre tries not to get involved. She decides to spy and when she can't find anything tell Alan she's tried. She's pleased that Fraser has asked her to move in with him. Judy feels awful for having made Gary put Scamper down, feeling that she's murdered him. Tricia brings Brad home, to Vera and Jack's delight. Gerry and Fraser are suspicious when a card with Alan's phone number falls out of her coat. Judy is pleased when Gary tells her he didn't take Scamper to the vets. She cuddles the dog and agrees to keep him. Alan tries to sort things out by asking for Steve to be moved and is amazed to hear Liz has moved in with Fraser. He can't understand why she's digging herself in deeper. Fiona is pleased he's doing what he can. Fraser catches Liz searching through his belongings. She is terrified when he confronts her.moreless
  • Wed 26 Feb, 1997
    Wed 26 Feb, 1997
    Episode 33
    Gail is surprised when Roy informs her that he's getting rid of the fruit machines as children spend too much on them. Alec offers Judy condolences over Joyce's death. She shouts at him for sacking Joyce and turning her down when she asked for her job back. Tony's mother, Natalie, calls on Kevin to say Tony has locked himself away, blaming himself for Joyce's death and has decided to give the garage up. Andy tells Liz he saw her kissing Fraser. She asks him to trust her as she's trying to stop someone from getting hurt. He takes that to be a threat against him and tells her Jim was right to call her a whore. She slaps his face. Natalie tells Kevin that it was her money that bought Tony's half of the garage and she'll carry on being his partner. She promises not to interfere and to leave the running of the garage up to him. Judy blames Scamper for Joyce's death and tells Gary to have him put down. Steve is thrilled when Fiona visits him. She tells him that Liz is doing a deal to get him out of prison by grassing on Fraser. Steve tells Fiona it's obvious Alan is using Liz to further himself and he's put them all in danger. Steve worries that he'll get beaten up if Fraser catches Liz spying on him. Gary feels sorry for Scamper and gets the Duckworths to look after him for the night, hoping Judy will change her mind. Steve phones Liz and urges her not to cross Fraser. Fiona is amazed when Alan admits he hasn't told anyone on the force about Liz and therefore he can't offer her any protection. He wants to get all the glory for himself so he'll be promoted. He is furious when Fiona tells him she's visited Steve and told him what's going on as she doesn't want him hurt. He is amazed when she explains she once lived with Steve.moreless
  • Mon 24 Feb, 1997
    Mon 24 Feb, 1997
    Episode 32
    Judy wants to apologise to Joyce for rowing with her and is dejected because she can't. Liz makes herself at home in Fraser's flat. Gary registers Joyce's death and organises the funeral. Ashley is sad when Maxine tells him she's got a boyfriend and she'd better not do his hair any more. Vera tries to comfort Judy over Joyce's death. Judy tells her Joyce was a cow and a pain and was never a comfort to her. She breaks down, saying she misses her. Liz rows with Alan for not telling her Fraser is married. Alan is surprised to discover she's sleeping with Fraser. Fiona overhears and is shocked, amazed that Liz is having sex with a criminal. Liz tells Alan neither she or Steve need his help, she enjoys being with Fraser and is not going to spy on him. Fiona accuses Alan of trying to force Liz to spy on Fraser, knowing he can't really help Steve. She is upset that he's using Liz. Tony calls on Judy to tell her how sorry he is. Judy is stunned to discover he was driving the car that killed Joyce. She accuses him of driving too fast as Joyce's neck was broken after she was thrown into the air. Tony breaks down, saying he never saw her until it was too late. Judy gets Gary to throw him out before breaking down. Andy makes it clear to Liz he is annoyed to see her working for Fraser. She doesn't tell him he's her lover and gets annoyed when he criticises her for being at Fraser's beck and call. Andy is horrified later to see Liz kissing Fraser.moreless
  • Sun 23 Feb, 1997
    Sun 23 Feb, 1997
    Episode 31
    Liz wakes up in Fraser's bed. Vera moans about Joyce not turning into work and Kevin moans about Tony not turning in to work. Sam goes to Firman's to do the Rover's shopping, unaware that she is being watched by Anne. Liz visits Steve and tells him about Fraser buying the Hourglass. He tells her that Fraser is married. Anne plants a package in Sam's bag and tells Eric she saw her stealing it. Sheila defends Sam and Eric dismisses Anne instantly. Tony explains to Sally and Kevin - he killed Joyce. Gary and Judy arrive back with Joyce's personal belongings. Judy blames herself. Anne threatens Sam and Curly in the Rovers. Fraser reassures Liz about his wife.moreless
  • Fri 21 Feb, 1997
    Fri 21 Feb, 1997
    Episode 30
    Alan is annoyed to hear Fiona has been at the Hourglass to spy on Fraser. He tells her to stay away in future, out of harm's way. She is thrilled when he tells her her loves her and wants her kept safe. Liz tells Fraser she has no regrets after spending the night with him. She is flattered by the way he gives her money to spend, saying she deserves the best as she's a lady. Joyce is annoyed that she has to clean up the pub for the baby's home coming and asks Judy to walk Scamper. Liz tells Alan she doesn't want to spy on Fraser as she's certain Steve is safe. Alan tells her that if she doesn't cooperate Steve's parole might be cancelled. She accuses him of blackmailing her but he makes her she he's serious. Liz is upset when Deirdre refuses a lift in her car because it's been bought by a criminal. Becky is upset when she leaves dye on Claire's hair too long and bleaches it too much. Claire rushes to the Salon for help. Judy forgets to walk Scamper when Gary chases her into bed, turned on by her sexy new dress. Kevin is annoyed when Tony playing around with his new car and neglecting the garage. Joyce rows with Judy for not walking Scamper. Fraser tells Liz not to buy modest outfits as he likes her in mini-skirts. Joyce walks Scamper at night and crosses the road only to be hit by Tony in her car. He tries to break but fails and Joyce bounces over the car.moreless
  • Wed 19 Feb, 1997
    Wed 19 Feb, 1997
    Episode 29
    Don gets annoyed by the off hand way Maxine treats Ashley. He tells her all hairdressers are the same and she's as bad as Denise for leading men on. She is stunned by the outburst. Samantha confides in Curly that although she fancies Sean she hates sex. He is stunned when she tells him she was once married. Gail tells Roy she wants to sort out a loan to buy his 20% and is amazed when he tells her he doesn't want to sell 20%; he agreed the person with the most experience should have the majority share and thinks that is him as he worked so long in a four star hotel. Gail is dismayed. Liz tells Fraser she'd like to give him the £1,000 back. He accepts this on the condition she accepts something else from him. She introduces him to Deirdre, who is horrified to see him out of prison and working with Liz. Tony buys a new sports car. Ashley is concerned when Maxine lays into him over Don criticising her over her treatment of him. Ashley tells Don to keep out of his love life. Deirdre can't understand why Liz is still with Fraser until she realises that she fancies him. Liz is embarrassed by Deirdre's concern. Jack tries to steer Tricia away from naming the baby Terry, saying Terry is lowlife and she's better off without him. Fiona calls at the Hourglass, curious to see Fraser. He is charming towards her, recognising her as Steve's old flame. Tricia decides to call the baby Brad and tells Vera he'll be bottle fed. Sean tells Samantha that sex isn't everything. She tells him she does want a normal relationship and feels she might need counselling. He tells her he's prepared to wait for her, until she's ready. Liz is stunned when Fraser buys her a car. She tells him he confuses her but when he tells her how attracted he is to her she kisses him passionately.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 1997
    Mon 17 Feb, 1997
    Episode 28
    Fiona worries that Steve could get hurt by Fraser's friends if Liz speaks against him. Jacks suggests to Vera that the baby came on time and wasn't Terry's but she refuses to believe him. Gail tells Roy she'd be happy if the more experienced partner had the majority share and is surprised when he agrees. Liz is grateful when Fraser gives her a pay rise. Joyce asks Alec to take her back as cleaner but he refuses, annoying her. Jack visits Tricia in hospital and feels uncomfortable when she says she feels she's not a good mother. He asks Martin's advice on the baby and is told it is definitely premature. Tricia is thrilled when she's allowed to hold her baby for the first time. Joyce is annoyed when Judy takes Alec's side, pointing out that she did steal from him. Jamie is thrilled when Tricia returns from hospital for a break. Ashley gives Maxine a chicken and is despondent when she doesn't invite him for a meal. Samantha forces herself to get drunk when entertaining Sean. She lets him kiss her and surprises him by inviting him up to her bedroom. When she tells him she can't avoid sex with him forever he realises she has got drunk to give her the courage to bed him. He tells her it's insulting as he wants her to enjoy sex, not to see it as a one way thing. She gets upset when he storms out. Alan tells Liz that he'd try to move Steve to another prison, out of Fraser's reach, but in return he wants information about Fraser's movements as he knows he's planning a big job. She feels she has to go along with Alan, for Steve's sake.moreless
  • Sun 16 Feb, 1997
    Sun 16 Feb, 1997
    Episode 27
    Tricia isn't allowed to hold her baby as he's so small at five weeks premature. Jamie overhears Vera worrying that the baby might not live. He convinces himself that his brother is going to die but Tricia assures him he'll fight back and get stronger. Curly is amazed when Anne seeks him out, saying she wants to remain friends. He tells her he wants nothing more to do with her. She turns on Samantha, accusing her of seducing him into living at No. 7. Alan is intrigued to discover Fraser has bought the Hourglass. Fraser spends the day behind the bar with Liz. He tells her he's bought it as a business proposition and assures her he won't interfere with the way she runs it. Maureen and Bill decorate his new flat at No. 15. Sue tells Ken how she wishes she could tell the school how much she loves him but they agree they should keep their relationship a secret. Des is horrified when he discovers Sean has got sponsors for a jump in his name. He refuses to do the jump and doesn't care what the sponsors think of him. Don suggests to Jack that Tricia's baby might not be premature at all as it might not be Terry's baby. Tricia breaks down, fearing the baby won't pull through. Vera tries to comfort her. Liz meets with Alan at Fiona's flat, scared because Fraser gives her a lift there. Alan tells her that Fraser is a dangerous man and Steve is vulnerable in prison. He advises her not to antagonise Fraser and to keep him informed of what's going on. He gives her his card.moreless
  • Fri 14 Feb, 1997
    Fri 14 Feb, 1997
    Episode 26
    Ashley is amused that Becky has sent him a Valentine and disappointed that Maxine hasn't sent him one as he's posted one to her. Anne doesn't pick Curly up so he's late for work and misses a meeting with Eric. She tells him the car broke down but he refuses to listen to her. She pleads with him to like her, saying she'd do anything for him. He snaps and starts to shake her, telling her he won't play her games. Eric sees them and is horrified. He sacks Curly on the spot. Jack is thrilled when Betty arrives to look after the pub so he can go to the Dance with Vera. Maxine admits to Fiona she likes having Ashley panting after her as he's like a puppy she can train. Samantha is furious to hear Curly has been sacked because of Anne's manipulations. Tricia helps out behind the bar but has to stop when she goes into labour. Betty is forced to look after her, with Jamie's help. Liz is stunned to discover Fraser is buying the Hourglass. The Duckworths return home to discover Betty and Jamie have delivered Tricia's son but as he's so premature he's in an incubator.moreless
  • Wed 12 Feb, 1997
    Wed 12 Feb, 1997
    Episode 25
    Tricia encourages the Duckworths to leave her in charge of the pub so they can go to the Dance but Vera doesn't think she's up to it. Sally worries that Ashley will spread the word that Mike is selling dodgy goods and that the factory will have to close down. She feels she hasn't repaid Mike for his trust in her. Becky buys Ashley a Valentine card. Vera gets Billy to push Betty into returning to the Rovers by pointing out if she's at home she'll be under his feet. Curly gets angry with the way Anne hates him and rows with her, telling her things have got to change. She suddenly gets tearful and rushes out, watched by Eric. Deirdre returns from London and tells Ken they should put the past behind them and remain friends. He is disappointed and asks her to give him another chance but she refuses. Eric demands to know why Curly is making Anne cry. Curly tells him she's mad. JACK: "Once Betty Turpin's took a stand, King Dick himself couldn't budge her." Curly is bemused when Anne makes him a cup of tea and apologises. She tells him she cares for him and is upset that he hurt her. She tells him that to make amends she'll give him a lift into work. Billy talks Betty into returning. Fiona is angry when Alan refuses to let her tell Liz that Fraser is a dangerous married man. He explains he wants to get to Fraser so he'll be promoted. Sean takes Samantha to the dogs. Afterwards he is frustrated when she refuses to invite him home. Sally is pleased when Mike buys her a drink to show there's no hard feelings. Deirdre tells Ken she's not going back to how things were; they both need to move on. She explains she doesn't want a safe harbour. He begs her to reconsider, telling her he'd do anything for her but she remains firm.moreless
  • Mon 10 Feb, 1997
    Mon 10 Feb, 1997
    Episode 24
    Andy is alarmed when Liz tells him Fraser is out. He wants to cancel his trip to Ireland but Liz refuses to let him. Curly is embarrassed to find Anne talking to the female staff about sexual harassment. He tells Eric that Anne is trying to make him out as a pervert and talks to him about leaving the keys with an assistant before discovering Anne hasn't told him about the incident. Ken tells Emily that he'd like to give his relationship with Deirdre one last try. Betty agrees to look after the bar when Vera tells her she really does want Jack to be her guest. Sally warns Ashley that Mike is selling dodgy goods and advises him to stay clear of it. Roy's solicitor sorts out the contracts on the cafe. He assures the customers he won't be making any changes. Mike is annoyed when Ashley tells him he can't work for him anymore. He guesses Sally has put him off and rows with her, saying that if he always played honest he'd have lost everything. Liz asks Alan for his advice on how to deal with Fraser. Alan tells her that Fraser served 18 months for fraud and that he's known to be a gent. Liz is relieved. Thinking it's the only way to get through to Betty, Jack starts insulting her behind the bar before discovering she's agreed to look after the pub so he can go to the Dance. She tells him she's changed her mind and won't man the pub. Fiona is pleased for Liz that Fraser isn't violent and is alarmed when Alan tells her he's married and he's glad Liz is with him as the police will be able to keep an eye on his movements.moreless
  • Sun 9 Feb, 1997
    Sun 9 Feb, 1997
    Episode 23
    Don is surprised when Ashley goes off with Mike to sell his Kbec stock on the Sunday markets. Vera is invited to a Licensed Vic's function and teases Jack by saying she's not taking him. Jack is furious that she'd go without him, especially as it's a Valentines Dance and the gossips would think they've split up. Alec looks forward to taking Rita for lunch in the country but his relaxing time is spoilt when she insists on bringing Rosie and Sophie so the Websters can have a break. Sean tells Samantha that no one will sponsor him and is horrified when Des presents him with a full sponsor form and says he's backing him £20. Gerry meets Fraser as he leaves prison. His first thought is to see Liz. Sean is furious with Des for double crossing him and is scared that he'll injure himself on the jump. He is relieved to discover he'll need a doctor's note saying he's fit for the jump. He is certain he can get the doctor to say he's unfit but Des points out that Samantha might go off him if he's not fit. Anne is annoyed to discover Curly has allowed an assistant to lock up the store. Mike pays Ashley £25 for the day and promises to educate him in the way of the world. Jack searches for someone to look after the bar so he can go to the Dance. Ken has an awful weekend and calls on Sue afterwards, explaining how he took Daniel out but there was nowhere to go and Daniel cried and wanted to go home. He's fed up with all the expense and hardly seeing his son. She tells him to stay the night. Liz is stunned when Fraser turns up at the Hourglass. He buys champagne and tells her that there's nothing to stop them seeing each other anymore.moreless
  • Fri 7 Feb, 1997
    Fri 7 Feb, 1997
    Episode 22
    Sally tells Mike she's not working anymore Sundays and doesn't want to do anything else illegal. He is annoyed that she's told Kevin about the markets and tells her she's obviously against him. She is upset when he tells her she'll have to resign. She refuses to resign and tells him he'll have to sack her. Mike tells Kevin that the illegal trading was the only thing keeping him afloat and without Sally all the other workers will be put on the dole. Curly accuses Samantha of testing Sean's passion by getting him to join her on physical ventures. He tells her Sean is bound to give up on her soon if she keeps him at arm's length. Sally fears the girls will lose their jobs if she doesn't help Mike out but Kevin suggests she calls his bluff. Samantha takes Sean to her self defence class. She is impressed to discover he knows a bit of Judo and suggests they both take part on a sponsored parachute jump for charity. Mike is annoyed when Sally resigns from the factory, assuring him she won't tell anyone about the trading. Mike bounces back by asking Ashley to help him out. Sean begs Des to help him out of doing the jump.moreless
  • Wed 5 Feb, 1997
    Wed 5 Feb, 1997
    Episode 21
    Mike can't believe Alma has turned Roy's offer down. Derek is dismayed to hear his allotment shed has been broken into. MAVIS: (about Gary) "He could make a bus timetable sound like filth." Roy is puzzled over why Alma thinks he and his money need protecting. He is sad as he wants the cafe. Sally finds it hard working with counterfeit goods behind the backs of Kevin and the workers. Gail accuses Alma of not selling to Roy because she knows it would help her out. Alma realises that Gail really isn't exploiting Roy and apologises for saying she was. Alma tells Gail that she's worried that if Roy makes a mess of the business Gail will get burnt. Gail tells her she is being arrogant and patronising and says she must sell to Roy. Sue tells Ken she doesn't want to see him until he's decided if he wants a relationship with her or Deirdre. Derek is annoyed that his tools have been stolen. Roy is pleased when Alma agrees to sell him the cafe for £35,000. Mike is relieved it's all over. Sally breaks down and tells Kevin about her selling counterfeit stock, saying she can't stand it anymore. She feels she's a criminal and is grateful when Kevin tells her they'll sort it out together.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 1997
    Mon 3 Feb, 1997
    Episode 20
    After Deirdre's arrival, Ken and Sue are embarrassed by what has happened. Sue is upset that Deirdre had a key to the house and is angry when Ken thanks her. Gail is annoyed that the Baldwins haven't taken Roy's offer seriously. Maureen is fed up that Bill is more interested in the new flat than making love to her. Mike is amazed when Martin tells him Roy really has got £30,000 from an inheritance. Ken begs Deirdre to forgive him, saying he made a mistake sleeping with Sue. She tells him he used Sue and it's disgusting. Mike tells Alma she must sell to Roy as he has the cash but Alma feels that would be taking advantage of him. Deirdre takes time off from work and goes to see Tracy in London. Sue tells Ken she's annoyed because he hasn't been honest with her over Deirdre. She asks him to make his mind up between them. Alma tells Roy she won't sell the cafe to him and accuses Gail of taking advantage of Roy to hang onto her own job. Gail is furious when Alma tells her she won't let her exploit Roy.moreless
  • Sun 2 Feb, 1997
    Sun 2 Feb, 1997
    Episode 19
    Kevin is annoyed when Sally spends Sunday working with Mike. Judy tells Gary she isn't pregnant and he wonders if he's sterile. Deirdre feels Ken is taking it for granted that she'll move into No. 1 with him. He thinks it's because the house has bad memories for her and suggests he sells up and they buy somewhere together. She tells him it isn't just the house; she doesn't want to live with him. She is dismayed when he is upset that she won't take the risk. Sean is pleased when Samantha invites him round to No. 7 for a meal, until he realises Curly will also be there. Ken tells Deirdre he's furious with her and accuses her of using him as therapy to get over Samir. She tells him that's the worst thing he's ever said to her and storms out. Alma is embarrassed when Roy tells her he wants to buy the cafe. Gary suggests to Judy that they have fertility tests. She thinks it's just down to luck. Sally admires the way Mike manages to sell all his goods. Roy tells Mike and Alma he's got £30,000 to buy the cafe but they don't believe him and humour him. Mike thinks he's crazy. Ken gets drunk and tells Sue that he and Deirdre don't have a future. She is pleased to hear he's a free man again and joins him in a drink, agreeing with him that she wishes something had happened between them in Southport. Samantha tells Sean that she doesn't enjoy sex and that is why she left her husband. She tells him she'd understand if he wanted to give up on her. Deirdre feels bad about rowing with Ken and wants to clear it up as he's her best friend. She calls at No. 1 only to find Ken in bed with Sue. Ken is dismayed.moreless
  • Fri 31 Jan , 1997
    Fri 31 Jan , 1997
    Episode 18
    Maud suggests Bill moves in with them to Maureen. Roy is depressed about losing his home and his job. The only answer is to buy the cafe himself. He goes off to the bank. Deirdre is not sure about moving back in with Ken. Sue Jeffers wants to know why Deirdre still has a key. Judy has no news for Gary. Bill decides to move into the flat over the shop. Sally works late to help pack up ready for the markets. Roy tells Gail and Martin he's raised the money to buy the cafe.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jan, 1997
    Wed 29 Jan, 1997
    Episode 17
    Deidre doesn't want to rush things with Ken. Joyce tells Judy to try a home pregnancy testing kit. Alma brings a prospective buyer into the cafe. Mike wants Sally to help him sell gear on the markets at the weekends. Sean agrees to go with Samantha to her self defence class. Sue Jeffers lets Ken know his job is safe for the time being.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jan, 1997
    Mon 27 Jan, 1997
    Episode 16
    Mike warns Deirdre that she's going to lose her flat when he sells the building. Ken suggests she moves in with him at No. 1 but she feels she doesn't just want to drift back into his life. Tony has a bad back which stops him being much help at the garage. Mike talks to the workforce, telling them he's only got the one order for sportswear and will have to lay half of them off. Ida is convinced she'll be first to go. Curly is annoyed to find Anne ha changed all the rotas in his absence. He is also upset by the way she refuses to be alone with him and always keeps the door open. Sally realises that Mike's new designs are the same as Kbec's and tells him he can't copy them as it's illegal. He points out Kbec has left him with no option and she has to go along with him or he'll have to sack all 60 workers instead of 30. Gail assures Stephen she understands his position and he leaves for Canada pleased they are still friends. He tells her he hopes she sorts something out. Ida is stunned when Mike tells her he's keeping her on because of her experience but that she may have to take a pay cut. Ashley has his hair dyed blonde so he can spend hours with Maxine. Becky thinks he looks wonderful. Sue assures Ken she'll do her best to convince the Governors not to make him redundant. He tells her he's grateful. When Sean sends Samantha flowers she assures him she does want to see more of him. Sally realises she has to support Mike in his illegal trading or she'll lose her job. He tells her not to tell Kevin. Ken tells Deirdre he loves her and wants her to live with him.moreless
  • Sun 26 Jan, 1997
    Sun 26 Jan, 1997
    Episode 15
    Samantha and Sean set out for Buxton on her bike. Kevin is annoyed when Tony says he's only working Sunday morning as he wants to take his girlfriend out. Des sees that Ashley has his walkman and fears Becky has given it to him. Sean is exhausted walking but Samantha keeps pushing him, saying they'll have a pub lunch. Mike finds a buyer for Crimea flats but the man needs them vacant. Martin rows with Alma for putting the cafe on the market. Mike suggests he talks to Stephen about buying into the business. Sean is furious when after walking for hours the pub is closed. Samantha feels sorry for him and when he questions her she gives him her life story, including details of her marriage. She explains she's running away from her past and no one knows where she is. He is staggered by her story. Gail is taken with the idea of asking Stephen for a loan, even though she knows it's cheeky. Tony refuses to drive himself into the ground at the garage and walks out to go bowling. Kevin is furious. When Des tells Becky he's seen Ashley with the walkman she gets it back from him and is saddened by the way he's not bothered by handing it back. She returns it to Des, telling him she lied and did give it to Ashley. Sean and Samantha genuinely enjoy each other's company and he is disappointed when she cries off spending the evening with him. Andy is amazed when Anne offers him her spare room, saying she needs the rent. She is annoyed when he refuses. Judy skips a period and tells Joyce she thinks she's pregnant. Gail asks Stephen to buy Alma's share of the cafe but he refuses, saying he doesn't know how secure his own job is.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jan, 1997
    Fri 24 Jan, 1997
    Episode 14
    Deirdre tells Ken it's obvious Sue fancies him and she is jealous. She tells him to think about the signals he gives Sue. Becky spies on Ashley and discovers it's his birthday. Des teases her about her obsession. Mike assures Sally he needs her but will have to lay off half the workforce. Des lends Becky a walkman that Lisa once gave him. Ken pleads with Sue not to make him redundant. She tells him she's sympathetic but she has to lose some of her experienced staff. She questions him about Deirdre, annoyed that they are so friendly. Gail tries to make up with Alma and is shocked when Alma tells her she's dissolving their partnership and selling the cafe. Alma offers to sell her share to Gail but Gail gets angry, pointing out she can't afford it. Alma assures her it's nothing personal, she's doing it to help Mike. Ashley wonders if Maxine is using modelling as an excuse to get to know him better. Fiona winds him up by telling him Maxine has to practice body massage. Becky gives surprised Ashley the walkman as a birthday present. The Roberts go on holiday to Portugal. Stephen tells Alma it's sad that she has to sell the cafe as it will affect Gail's life. He tries to charm her into changing her mind, pointing out she needs the cafe as an escape. She slaps his face when he calls her a hypocrite over her feelings for him. She breaks down when he leaves. Des buys Becky a new walkman, explaining the other one has sentimental value. Becky is horrified and tells him she's left the other one at school. Alma tells Mike to play as dirty as he has to survive.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jan, 1997
    Wed 22 Jan, 1997
    Episode 13
    Mike decides to cut his losses by selling counterfeit Kbec wear. Alma is alarmed at the thought of him trading illegally. She is angry to hear Audrey bad-mouthing Mike to Gail and tells her Mike is worried sick because of Stephen's actions. Audrey hits back by reminding Alma of her infatuation with Stephen. Curly assures Eric that Anne didn't throw him out over his advances; he left because of hers. He swears he never laid a finger on her. Gail tries to sort out the aggro between herself and Alma but Alma sees her as the enemy as she's related to Stephen and Audrey. When Gail blames Mike for Don's suicide attempt, Alma reminds her of all the upset she caused Don over the house. Gail tells Alma that she didn't find Stephen so vile when she tried to bed him and Alma hits back by saying it's no wonder Nick left home. Gail slaps Alma, who walks out of the cafe. Gail tells Roy she wants to make up with Alma as she looks upon her as a big sister. Eric worries about Curly's character when he discovers there were charges of sexual harassment against him at Bettabuy. Curly assures him he is not a letch and reminds him that he stood against Leo. Eric warns Curly that if there are any more sexual complaints he'll have to sack him. Sean is certain he'll walk as far as Samantha as he's eager to impress her. Maxine enjoys being adored by Ashley. Ken has a terrible day signing Daniel over to Denise. Sue tries to cheer him up but makes matters worse by telling him she needs to look for redundancies at the school. She is put out to find Deirdre has a key to Ken's house. Mike tells Alma he's going to have to sell the flats to keep the business going until more orders come in. He is taken aback when she tells him that she'll sell the cafe as well.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 1997
    Mon 20 Jan, 1997
    Episode 12
    Samantha forces Curly to sleep on the sofa and then tells him he must leave. He tells her that he had to escape from Anne but Samantha refuses to be moved. He offers to reduce her rent and she finally agrees when he knocks £40 a week off. She tells him she must have the best bedroom and a bolt fitted on the bathroom door. Sally thinks it's wicked that Stephen used Don as an excuse to drop them. Anne pleads with Curly to come home with her and turns on him when he refuses. She accuses him of lusting after Samantha and tells him he'll regret spurning her. Ashley falls for Maxine and is thrilled when she asks him to model for her. Gail and Alma fall out over the Mike/Stephen business and the atmosphere in the cafe upsets Roy. Gail tells Alma she doesn't want to fall out with her but Alma tells her she is involved; if Stephen ruins Mike she is ruined too. Anne tells Eric that Curly is sexually harassing her. Eric suggests to Curly that he takes a little break as he's obviously stressed. Curly is bemused. Sean chats Samantha up and invites her out. She tells him she's going walking in Buxton and invites him to join her. Sean lies and says he loves walking. Anne is victorious when Eric tells her he's suspended Curly so he can sort himself out. Don gets a job operating the taxi firm radio, four nights a week. Mike interrupts Stephen dining with the Platts to tell him he knows he used Don as an excuse to dump him. Gail is shocked to see a callous side to Stephen. Stephen tells Mike he's small fry and can easily be swatted.moreless
  • Sun 19 Jan, 1997
    Sun 19 Jan, 1997
    Episode 11
    Becky is obsessed with Ashley and hangs round the Street hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Anne has her parents to Sunday lunch as she wants them to meet Curly. Curly feels awkward as Anne lets them believe they are living together. He is shocked when she tells them he is getting divorced. Fred is interrogated by Jack, Gary, Billy and Alf over why he didn't tell them Hilary told him the horse would do well in the race. He maintains they would have complained if the horse hadn't won but lets it slip that he took Hilary out for lunch. Mike rings round a few mates and discovers Kbec have pulled out of all their contracts, using lame excuses. Fred is forced to agree with the others in the syndicate that no one is to meet with Hilary unless another group member is present. Don sells his car. Sally asks Gail if she knows what's going on with Stephen and Kbec and gets into a row with Audrey who feels Mike has let Stephen down. Sally gets annoyed when Audrey patronises her and tells her that she's worried about people's jobs. Curly tells Anne she must understand he isn't living with her, merely renting a room in her house. She tells him she knows they will soon have a sexual relationship, panicking him. He packs, saying if he stays it'll get worse. She tries frantically to keep him but he flees. Mike tells Alma it's obvious Stephen was lying to them and just used Don as an excuse to break with them. Alma is furious on Mike's behalf. Samantha is startled to find Curly in No. 7. He tells her he's moving back and she can't stop him.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jan, 1997
    Fri 17 Jan, 1997
    Episode 10
    Becky plans to convert Ashley to vegetarianism. Claire is amused that she has a crush. Tony is annoyed when Kevin refuses to let him take a holiday, saying they have to build up the business first. Jack and Don watch Betty's Hot Shot racing on the TV. Don is furious when, against all the odds, it wins. Mike tells Sally and the workers that he's lost the Kbec contract. He tells them he'll fight to ensure they don't go under and assures them there'll be no redundancies. Vera is thrilled that the horse has won and plans to spend Jack's owner's winnings on a new coat and a buggy for the baby. Don is bitter that he hasn't got any winnings to look forward to. Ken tells Denise he agrees to settle out of court but wants to pay maintenance for Daniel. Denise refuses his money so he says he'll invest it for him for when he's older. Don is furious to discover Jack had a bet on the horse and had won £250. Jack swears he always has a bet when the horse races. Mike is stunned to find his old contacts are not trading anymore and tells Alma he'll have to lay the staff off. She tells him they'll go down fighting. Don cheers up when he hears Stephen has cancelled his contract with Mike. Jack is alarmed to discover Fred had a tip off from Hilary and has won £1,000. He calls a meeting of the syndicate.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jan, 1997
    Wed 15 Jan, 1997
    Episode 9
    Alma tells Mike Stephen humiliated her and she hates him. Maud wonders why Maureen has cooled towards Bill and tries to find out if he's got another woman. Maureen tells her to shut up. Alma is touched when Mike tells her he's glad she hates Stephen as he could never have coped with losing her. She assures him they'll survive. Jim tells Bill he'll never be able to forget Maureen sleeping with Curly and advises him to finish with her. Stephen tells Audrey that he's dropping Mike and Alma is upset. Fiona is fed up with feeling that there's a side to Alan she's never allowed to see. Audrey lays into Alma for begging Stephen not to pull out on Mike. Gail is stunned to hear Stephen has cut Mike's contract. When Audrey tells her she can't have any self respect, chasing Stephen, Alma turns on her saying Stephen is a scheming coward. Bill tells Maureen he never wants them to mention Curly again and start again. She agrees. Alan takes Fiona to an Italian restaurant but she is aware his mind isn't on her. When she confronts him he swears he isn't married. Anne tells Curly she's glad Andy is gone as he was too young for her. Fiona is bewildered when Alan interrupts their meal to arrest a diner. He explains the man is an armed robber and she is impressed. He admits he is married - to his job but she tells him she can live with that.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 1997
    Mon 13 Jan, 1997
    Episode 8
    Andy moves back in at No. 11. Anne tells Curly she's glad Andy has gone and insists he stays, saying she can't manage the mortgage without his help. Samantha is furious when Tricia lords it over her at the Rovers. She tells Jack she'll leave if she doesn't get an apology. Alma is upset to see Mike so low and is short with Gail as she's Stephen's sister. Bill is stunned to discover Andy has left Anne with Curly living in the house. He advises him to separate them and thump Curly. Jim pushes Bill to make things up with Maureen, using her birthday as an excuse. He gives her a plant as a present, pleasing her but she is annoyed by the way Maud tries to push them together. Becky asks Ashley to sign her autograph book. Maureen tells Bill she can't help feeling guilty over her fling with Curly. He tells her he's a proud man and it would help him if he believed Curly took advantage of her. She is upset when he tells her Curly's broken up Andy and Anne's relationship. He feels awful when he suggests Curly preferred Anne as she is younger than her. Maureen is hurt by the suggestion. Ken talks to his solicitor about Denise's offer and is advised to agree. Deirdre urges him to grab the settlement and get access in writing. When Alan lets Fiona down over a date Maxine suggests to her that he might be married. Tricia apologises to Samantha. Curly is horrified when Anne gives him a rent book. Alma urges Stephen not to withdraw the contract, for her sake. She is stunned when he tells her she'll never hate him as she's attracted to ruthless men. She runs off when he tells her he knows she'd still love to go to bed with him.moreless
  • Sun 12 Jan, 1997
    Sun 12 Jan, 1997
    Episode 7
    Mike can't believe Stephen would cancel the contract over Don. Jack tries to prepare Vera for the day Tricia finds herself another man, accusing her of getting too attached. Audrey feels Alf has got into bad habits with his driving and gives him a lesson. He refuses to have anymore with her as she nags him too much. Andy realises he doesn't care if Anne fancies Curly or not as he's had enough of living with her. Mike begs Stephen to reconsider as he'll be putting people on the dole. Stephen refuses so Mike accuses him of pulling out because of Alma embarrassing him. Andy is embarrassed when Anne is rude to Curly, demanding to know when he's going to leave. Curly is appalled when Anne tells him she's told Andy about her declaration of love. When Becky is locked out Ashley takes her in for the afternoon. Curly swears to Andy that nothing happened between him and Anne but Andy tells him he doesn't care. Andy tells him how Anne's obsessive behaviour is killing him. Curly is appalled as Andy lists his grievances about rota-crazy, cleanliness-obsessed Anne. Becky happily gets drunk on Ashley's lager and thinks he's wonderful. Denise collects Daniel from Ken and tells him he could have regular access if he dropped the case against her as they both know she'll win. She offers him an out-of-court settlement, giving him more access than if they went through the courts. She threatens to make life hard for him if he goes to court but he refuses to be budged. Andy packs and tells Anne and Curly he's moving out and it's nothing to do with Curly; he just feels they've reached the end of the road. Anne is upset and Curly feels trapped.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jan, 1997
    Fri 10 Jan, 1997
    Episode 6
    Ken is surprised when Denise turns up with Daniel. She asks Ken to look after him overnight as she and Brian have business, trying to make him see she is not the enemy and she does want him to be part of Daniel's life. Ken happily takes care of Daniel. Knowing Vera is going to visit, Tricia turns the heating off so the flat is cold. Vera is appalled by the cold and insists the Armstrongs move back to the Rovers, permanently. Tricia agrees, but only if Jack says they're welcome. Vera assures her Jack won't complain and works on him until he agrees. He tells Tricia she's welcome as she and Jamie move back in. Stephen tells Mike that he feels his involvement with Don will tar Kbec's image so he's cancelling the contract between them. Mike and Alma are stunned.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jan, 1997
    Wed 8 Jan, 1997
    Episode 5
    Vera misses having the Armstrongs to stay as they felt like family. When Samantha's bike gives her trouble Gary offers to look over it for her but Judy stops him. Audrey presses Alf to use his Square Dealership to help him in court as he appears on a charge of dangerous driving. To help Don out Jack buys his share of the horse for £150. Vera tells him it's good to help a friend in need and suggests they help Tricia, as well as Don. Deirdre admits to Emily that she feels Daniel would be better off with Denise so she and Ken can have an uncomplicated start to their relationship. Jack has new spectacles fitted. Alf is fined £200 and told he'll have to take his driving test again. Audrey feels that Weatherfield is the only town that has incorruptible officials. Samantha is grateful when Jim mends the bike for her. Stephen feels awkward when Alma phones him to ask to see him whilst he's in a meeting with Mike. Anne tells Andy about confessing her love for Curly. She is stunned when he doesn't think it's a big deal and accuses her of wanting rid of Curly just because she made a fool of herself. Alma tells Stephen she wanted to see him because she wants him to know they can just be friends. They are interrupted by Don who apologises to Alma for writing the letter. Alma is stunned when Stephen reveals he knows about Don's suicide attempt.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 1997
    Mon 6 Jan, 1997
    Episode 4
    Ken panics when he gets a date for Daniel's hearing and finds it's sooner than he expected. He goes to see Alison to ask her to testify against Denise. He tells Deirdre he needs her to support him through it all. Stephen calls at the factory and is disturbed to hear a message from Don on Mike's answerphone, calling him a thieving swine. Mike is shaken by the message and is annoyed when Stephen recognises Don's voice. Mike tries to explain what Don has against him but Stephen doesn't like the idea of people having grudges against Mike. Eric tells Curly that if he hadn't returned he was going to get Reg to look after the store with Anne as his assistant. Liz and Jim visit Steve and tell him they're concerned about his involvement with Fox. He guesses Fraser has been talking to Liz and tells her it's obvious Fraser is getting her concerned so she'll continue to visit him. Don is banned from driving for 18 months and fined £400. He feels he's finished. Ken is disappointed when Alison refuses to go near Denise as the whole story has left her a nervous wreck. Fiona then tells him that she can't testify either as she feels she owes a lot to Denise. Tricia overhears Jack telling Vera he wants rid of the Armstrongs. She packs and leaves with Jamie. Anne is horrified when Curly tells her she nearly came to be working under Reg. She tells him she's grateful to him for returning. Gail tells Stephen about Don's suicide attempt. Emily is shocked to discover Jack has helped himself to new glasses from her collection box. She creates a fuss, alerting Vera who makes him swap them back and stamps on the old pair so he has no glasses at all. Mike warns Don that he's keeping the letter and tape as evidence and will sue him for slander if there's any more. Don tells him he doesn't care; he's got nothing to lose. Stephen watches from a distance as Don tells Mike he's a conman.moreless
  • Sun 5 Jan, 1997
    Sun 5 Jan, 1997
    Episode 3
    Jack wants rid of the Armstrongs but Vera enjoys having them around. Anne is hostile toward Curly, telling him she wants him to leave as soon as possible. Tricia realises Jack wants her out of the Rovers and tries to win him round, saying how good he is for Jamie. Alma confronts Don over his letter and asks him why he wrote it to her when she's never hurt him. She tells him noone's to blame but himself for the mess he's in. He tells her that she destroyed him as Mike did as she married him. She is shaken by his aggression. Joyce returns to Gable Street. Fiona plans to revamp the Salon and hires Bill and Jim to carry out the work. Jim is shocked when Bill tells him Maureen slept with Curly. Jim tells him it's a good thing he's seen Maureen for what she is before it was too late. Curly feels he should never have returned. Emily puts a collection box on the Rovers' bar for used spectacles to send to third world countries. Judy isn't happy having Samantha living next door as she thinks she's after Gary. Alma tells Mike she knows he enjoyed destroying Don and tells him to face up to the fact that it isn't Don or Stephen who's come between them; it's him. Mike is angry with her and tells her to watch herself as Stephen is coming over.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jan, 1997
    Fri 3 Jan, 1997
    Episode 2
    Alma is sickened to receive a letter from Don, posted on the day of his suicide attempt, telling her it's Mike's fault he's lost everything. Anne is excited about her first day as acting manager. The Malletts return from Spain to find Samantha is their next door neighbour. Anne is horrified to find Curly at work. She is angry that he's back because she wanted his job and feels that she's betrayed Andy by kissing him. She tells him she hates him and is upset when he tells her he's forgotten all about her declaration. Samantha tells Curly he can't stay at No. 7 anymore and suggests he goes to stay with a friend. Tricia gives the DSS Terry's name but is told he won't be traced until the baby is born. Jack is pleased as he wants Terry to pay up. Alma shows Mike the letter and is hurt when he finds it amusing. Maxine is embarrassed when Curly tells her their night together was special. He is hurt when she tells him she would never have looked at him if she'd been sober. Alma tells Mike she can't stand the way she has to mix with people who he has crossed and think he's a swine. Mike tells her he's had enough of her pointing out his lack of sensitivity and tells her it's obvious she's still thinking of Stephen. Bill tells Maureen he can't stop hurting over her throwing herself at Curly when it took them so long to get together. She tells him it wasn't a one-off as it had happened before. Bill tells her he can't forget it happened but will try and forgive her. Anne is stunned when Andy invites Curly to stay until he can find somewhere to rent. She tells Curly she hates him.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jan, 1997
    Wed 1 Jan, 1997
    Episode 1
    Curly got as far as Stockport before realising he was chasing a mirage. He feels he has everything to live for in Weatherfield. He tells Samantha she can stay at No. 7 as his lodger and is stunned when she tells him it's her house now and he'll have to move out. Maureen tells Curly that Bill knows about their night of passion and tells him he should never have come back. The Platts have dinner at the Baldwins'. They toast for a prosperous New Year. Maxine is horrified to see Curly back in Weatherfield and confesses to Fiona that Curly was the man she slept with. Fiona thinks it's hysterical. Liz tells Andy and Jim that Frazer has warned her about Steve and Fox. They are amazed she's getting involved with a criminal. When Mike mouths off about Don being stupid and greedy Martin breaks the news about him trying to kill himself. Mike is taken aback but still thinks he's a loser and only has himself to blame. Gail is disgusted with him and the Platts leave. Curly is relieved when Eric gives him his job back. Alma tells Mike she hates his views.moreless