Coronation Street - Season 39

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  • Wed 30 Dec, 1998
    Wed 30 Dec, 1998
    Episode 208
    Rita urges Sally to tell the police about Greg's threats but she feels she can't prove anything. Alec can't wait to leave Weatherfield. Rita is stunned when he tells her he's going to live in Brighton. Gail prepares a party for Nick's 18th but he doesn't want to celebrate it without Leanne. Alec hands the keys to the Rovers over to Natalie. He tells the Duckworths they've won; he's given up. Alec and Vicky leave for Brighton and the Duckworths discover Natalie is their new boss. Rita feels that she never meant anything to Alec as he left town so easily without her. The Duckworths venture out of their bedroom and are delighted when Natalie tells them they can have their jobs back. They celebrate beating Alec. Gary and Judy bring the twins home. Greg is intreged to hear about the door between Alec and Rita's flats. Nick's party starts, with his friends and family. Alf feels old and out of place but Audrey intends to have a good time. Greg breaks into Alec's flat and then, via the door, into Rita's. Sally tries to escape but he catches her.moreless
  • Mon 28 Dec, 1998
    Mon 28 Dec, 1998
    Episode 207
    Natalie tells Alec that if the Duckworths remain sitting tenants she'll want money knocked off the value of the pub. Nick mopes around without Leanne. Fred demands Greg's rent arrears but Greg tells him he's not going to pay up. Kevin tells him to disappear and find another woman to fleece. Alec offers the Duckworths £1,000 to leave the pub but Natalie urges them to hang on as Alec must be weakening. Mike catches Jackie stealing knickers and tells her he's calling the police. Deirdre gets him to change his mind about the police but he insists Jackie is fired. Jackie leaves, grateful to Deirdre. Deirdre is quick to tell her they're even now; neither of them owes the other any more favours. Nick tries to talk to Leanne but Les throws him out. Hayley solves Roy's staffing problem by getting Gail to agree to keep working at the cafe after she's sold her interest in it. She then tells delighted Roy that she'll buy Gail's share of the cafe and be his sleeping partner. Greg feels useless and gets drunk. He phones Sally and warns her he's going to get her. Alec asks Vicky if she'd let him go into partnership with her, running her restaurant. She is thrilled at the idea.moreless
  • Sun 27 Dec, 1998
    Sun 27 Dec, 1998
    Episode 206
    Alec turns the heating off so the Duckworths freeze. Rita feels that if Alec could turn on the Duckworths he could very well turn on her. Fred demands his rent from Greg but Greg tells him he can't pay it. Tyrone finds bin bags full of clothes in the Rovers' back yard. One of them has Jack's camel coat in it. He takes it and sells it to Les for £5. Fred tells Greg to vacate the flat immediately and threatens him with a heavy from the abattoir. The Battersbys think the idea of Nick modelling is disgusting. Les thinks it's like being a flasher. Greg leaves his flat and dumps himself upon the Battersbys. Gail tells Roy she wants to sell her share of the cafe. The Malletts win a load of baby equipment in a local competition for having the first baby born on Christmas Day. They feel they're the happiest people alive. Roy is pleased when Hayley tells him she'll help him with the cafe venture. He thinks she means to work with him and feels let down when she explains she means give him moral support. Jack is horrified to see Les wearing his coat and assumes Alec has given it to him. Rita is upset when Alec has their connecting door boarded up. Steve tries to be friendly with Vicky but she remains hostile. Alec tells Natalie he's had enough of the Rovers and would love to sell up. She tells him she'd be interested in buying it.moreless
  • Fri 25 Dec, 1998
    Fri 25 Dec, 1998
    Episode 205
    Alec sleeps in the Rovers' sitting room waiting for the Duckworths to emerge. He accuses them of trespassing and orders them out of the pub but they refuse to leave. In hospital, Judy has an epidural and is helped along by Gary. The Duckworths discover Alec has removed all their clothing. They're cold and hungry. Jack is touched when Vera tells him that despite his faults she still loves him. Judy gives birth to a boy at 6.40am and a daughter an hour later. She is exhausted and Gary becomes very emotional. Sally is upset when the girls open their presents before she's arrived at the house. Les splashes out on buying presents relying on his compensation covering the cost. He buys Toyah a new laptop and Janice a designer jacket. Betty is uncomfortable when Alec tells her she's not to help the Duckworths. He tries to upset them by cooking a dinner of tempting smells. The Duckworths open their bedroom window and appeal to the neighbours for help. The residents provide food and drink, delivering it by climbing a ladder. Greg turns on the charm to woo Maxine. She is pleased by his attention. Deirdre gets annoyed as Blanche criticises her choice of men. Blanche wishes she had a daughter to be proud of. Alec is furious when Rita tells him she told the Duckworths he was throwing them out. He tells her she had no right and accuses her of betraying him. He tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore and she tells him she's pleased. Sally advises Maxine to have nothing to do with Greg, saying how he hit her and that he's soon going to be evicted from his flat. Leanne gets upset when she discovers Miranda has given Nick a sweater for Christmas. She thinks it's proof that they're sleeping together and tells him he can go to her as far as she's concerned; they're finished. When Maxine tells him to stay away from her, Greg realises Sally has warned her off him. Vera tries to make the most of her imprisonment to seduce to Jack, to his horror. Sally panics when Greg trails her home and tells her they have unfinished business.moreless
  • Wed 23 Dec, 1998
    Wed 23 Dec, 1998
    Episode 204
    Leanne tries to get out of having dinner with the Battersbys but they refuse to change their plans to suit the Platts. Alec has the locks changed at the Rovers and puts all the Duckworths' belongings in bin bags. Rita is suspicious of his actions and makes him admit to throwing the Duckworths out. She thinks he's being nasty and phones the Duckworths in Blackpool to warn them. Greg is furious when his car is repossessed. Nick and Leanne decide not to go to anyone's house for Christmas. They invite Ashley to join them and he invites Maud. Fred does the draw for the raffle whilst no one is looking. Kevin and Sally have a strained time trying to make Rosie's birthday a happy one. Kevin insists on her having minimal contact with the girls and accuses her of ruining their lives. Alf and Audrey celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. Blanche arrives to spend Christmas with Deirdre and immediately starts criticising her lifestyle. Fred announces the winning raffle ticket number in the Rovers and feigns surprise when Audrey has the winning ticket. Everyone knows it's a set up job. Alf is annoyed but donates the hamper to the Platts, saying they'll join them for Christmas Dinner. Fred is stunned when Audrey tells him he won't be eating with them as they'll be at the Platts. Judy's contractions start so Gary rushes her to hospital. The Duckworths rush back to the Rovers, rush up to their bedroom and barricade themselves in before Alec can stop them.moreless
  • Mon 21 Dec, 1998
    Mon 21 Dec, 1998
    Episode 203
    Gail invites Nick for Christmas dinner but Janice invites Leanne. Leanne tells Nick there's no way she's going to Gail's and says he'll have to tell her they're going to Janice's. Gail refuses to change her plans and orders Nick to stand the Battersbys up. Alec is impressed by Vicky's plans for her new business. Fearing squatters, Audrey asks Maxine to move into the Salon flat over Christmas. Maxine holds out until Audrey agrees to her moving into it permanently. Maxine is thrilled to finally have a place of her own. Greg is interested to hear Maxine has her own flat. Alec suddenly has a change of heart and tells the Duckworths they're welcome to spend Christmas in Blackpool.moreless
  • Sun 20 Dec, 1998
    Sun 20 Dec, 1998
    Episode 202
    The Hortens invite the Duckworths to spend Christmas in Blackpool with them. Jack warns Vera that Alec won't let them have the time off. Deirdre sees Jackie stealing knickers from the factory. With her house sale having gone through Natalie is depressed that she and Des won't be able to spend all her money together. Sally tells Kevin she wants to be involved in the girls' Christmas but he tells her she can only see them at set times. Steve is stunned but Alec delighted when Vicky arrives on a visit. She tells Alec she's going into a partnership to open a restaurant and wants him to look over the figures for her. Hayley confides to Gail that she's bought Roy a load of presents but feels none of them suit so she's returned them all. Gail advises her to buy him something warm. Roy is puzzled by an ever increasing number of Santa Claus who sit about in the cafe. Charlie West is one of them and explains they're all rent-a-Santa to deliver presents. Nick and Leanne agree not to take sides in their families dispute and to spend Christmas together. Martin suggests to Gail that she gets Roy to buy her out of the cafe as they may end up needing all the money they can find to live on. Roy cooks Hayley an early Christmas dinner and rents a Santa (who turns out to be Les) to give her her present. They discover they've both bought each other the same scarf. Alec is flabbergasted when Vera announces she and Jack won't be available behind the bar over the Christmas period. He forbids them to go.moreless
  • Fri 18 Dec, 1998
    Fri 18 Dec, 1998
    Episode 201
    Ashley decides to be harder. Maud advises him to set boundaries and not be pushed around by people. Deirdre is amazed to discover Jackie is squatting at No. 7. Nick and Leanne argue over Martin and Les falling out. Sally is thrilled when Kevin suggests they make arrangements for Christmas Day. Mike tells Greg he's sorted out the contract but has no intention of giving him any money for setting it up. Greg is furious. Spider struggles with the idea of squatters at Curly's as he doesn't know whose side he should take. A compensation doctor interviews Les and encourages him to act more affected by his experience. Alma asks Mike to sack Jackie so she has no ties to the Street. Jackie is furious to hear Deirdre plotting to have her evicted. She warns her that she'll make her life hell if she crosses her. Roy looks forward to Christmas with Hayley but she tells him she's got to spend it with her Aunt Monica. Sally is shocked when Kevin tells her he wants a divorce.moreless
  • Wed 16 Dec, 1998
    Wed 16 Dec, 1998
    Episode 200
    Zoe tells Ashley he's warped for kidnapping her and keeping her locked up in her room. She accuses him of treating her like a child. She tells him he can't keep her prisoner forever and she intends to leave with Ben. Martin feels useless and can't understand why he didn't lock the trolley. Gail worries about him. Ashley is stunned when Zoe tells him she and Ben are going to live in America. Jackie and Tyrone leave Deirdre's, much to her relief. Ashley begs Zoe not to go and is hurt when she tells him she can't stay with him because he's boring and behaves like an old woman. She urges him to get stronger or he'll go through life having his heart broken. ZOE: (to Ashley) "I've got devils inside me. I want to do things, exciting things, mad things, dangerous things. Inside you there's this little old woman saying 'Can you shut the door please." Alec asks Audrey to stop Roy from getting a drinks licence but she refuses. Jackie and Tyrone move into No. 7. Hayley and Roy sing carols for charity but Roy is out of tune with everyone else. Alma is horrified to find Jackie squatting in Curly's. When she threatens to call the police Jackie goes for her and throws her out. Martin lunges at Les in the Rovers when Les says he deserves to lose his job. Judy and Leanne try to comfort Ashley as Zoe leaves but he is distraught.moreless
  • Mon 14 Dec, 1998
    Mon 14 Dec, 1998
    Episode 199
    Gary and Nick tell Ashley they'll help him snatch Zoe. Ruth and Ben prepare Zoe to have sex with him. Tyrone tries to chat Toyah up but she's not interested. Roy takes an interest in shop premises being converted in Victoria Street. He contemplates opening a bistro selling peasant food. He alarms Alec by asking questions about getting a licence to sell alcohol. Deirdre is amazed when Jackie tells her she's moving out as she's found somewhere less cramped. Mike is amused when Greg tells him he's landed a contract but needs money upfront. He suggests he passes the job onto him and they split the deal. Ashley, Gary and Nick watch the Foundation people at their food wagon. When Zoe appears they bundle her into a van. Gary goes for Ben who begs him not to hit him before they drive off with Zoe.moreless
  • Sun 13 Dec, 1998
    Sun 13 Dec, 1998
    Episode 198
    Gary and Judy urge Ashley to tell the police about Zoe being lured away by the Foundation. Martin asks Janice to get Les to admit he's lying before he loses his job. She tells him it's time he admitted he made a mistake and nearly killed Les. Sally offers Mike her stock at a good price. She asks for £2,500 but he only offers £500 so she decides to rent a market stall to sell them. Greg arranges a meeting between Les and solicitor Neville Green. Ashley and Gary go to the police who know all about Nirab. The police know it's all a con to lure young people away but admit they can't do anything about it. Jackie follows Tyrone into No. 7 and takes the keys from him. Neville takes Les' case on the understanding he plays up for the courts and they get a bundle of compensation. Ashley decides to snatch Zoe back.moreless
  • Fri 11 Dec, 1998
    Fri 11 Dec, 1998
    Episode 197
    Natalie comes to terms with shopping her son to the police. Kevin tells her she's got nothing to blame herself for. Tony returns after a night at the police station to tell Natalie he despises her for having him arrested. Fred chases Greg for the two months rent he owes. Les returns from hospital to a welcome from his family. Gail is furious to see the party and rips down his welcome home banner, telling him he doesn't deserve a welcome for spreading evil lies against Martin. Ashley is pleased when Zoe returns from her retreat but is stunned when she reveals she's been chosen by Nirb to have a baby. Tyrone finds the front and back door keys to No. 7 and plans to use the house as his den. Tony is furious when Natalie tells him she flushed his drugs down the toilet. When he calls her a cow she slaps his face and tells him she makes him sick. She writes him a cheque to pay off his debts and tells him it's all he's ever going to get off her; he's dead as far as she's concerned. Ashley tells Zoe it's obvious Ben just wants her for sex. She tells him he'll never understand and packs, saying they're finished. Natalie returns to work at the Rovers. Maxine tells Sally she's glad Greg's finished with her as it'll show her she can't go stealing other women's men. Ashley is distraught as Zoe leaves with Ben to live at the Foundation.moreless
  • Wed 9 Dec, 1998
    Wed 9 Dec, 1998
    Episode 196
    Sally tells Rita she's lost £40,000 of her mum's money. Tyrone earns money by helping Kevin out at the garage. He shows an interest in Toyah and discovers No. 7 is empty. Les counts on getting a load of compensation from the hospital. Natalie is surprised when Tony turns up. He begs her to forgive him and swears he loves her and wants to look after her. He swears he's not selling drugs anymore. Tyrone and his mate Marcus break into No. 7. Natalie goes through Tony's jacket pockets and finds packets of cocaine. Deirdre has enough of Jackie and Tyrone taking over her flat and tells them they need to move on. Ashley discovers a book of letters Zoe has written to Shannon. Natalie rows with Tony for lying to her and tells him she's disgusted with him. She calls the police and forces Tony to talk to them. When he refuses to she tells the police that Tony's friends killed Des. Tony is taken in for questioning.moreless
  • Mon 7 Dec, 1998
    Mon 7 Dec, 1998
    Episode 195
    Rita and Sally ask Alec's advice on how to end her partnership with Greg. Alec tells her to move faster than Greg to grab what she can. Les tells the hospital manager that he only took the drugs Martin gave him and reveals that they don't get on. He swears he didn't touch the drugs trolley and insists Martin tried to kill him. Colin Barnes calls on Natalie and appeals to her, for Des' sake, to tell the police the truth. He demands justice for Des and accuses her of protecting the thugs that murdered him. When she says she can't do anything he accuses her of never loving Des. Greg is furious when he discovers Sally has closed the bank account. Sally and Rita snatch all the boxes of underwear they can find. Sally then tells the leasing companies to take the computer equipment and car back. The police call on Natalie after Colin talks to them. She says there's no truth is what he's told them. Greg catches up with Sally and threatens her for stealing his stock. He goes to hit her but Rita arrives and throws him out. He promises Sally he'll get even with her.moreless
  • Sun 6 Dec, 1998
    Sun 6 Dec, 1998
    Episode 194
    Janice, Leanne and Toyah worry about Les as he is put on a drip after having his stomach pumped. Sally takes the girls and sneaks away from Greg, her face cut and swollen. Rita, appalled by her injuries, takes them in. Zoe is angry with Ashley and tells him she's going on a retreat with the others. He worries that she'll never be allowed to leave. Sally tells Rita she knows she's been a fool. Rita advises her to stay with her and let Kevin have the girls. Kevin is happy to take the girls in but is horrified to see Sally's cut face. She says Greg didn't hit her. Martin is troubled to hear Les had an overdose and is questioned by the hospital manager. Leanne agrees to let Nick carry on modelling as she realises they need the money. She goes along to the art class to watch and shocks him by volunteering her services as a nude model. He refuses to let her be a model but she says all she wants to do is feel comfortable about what he's doing. Miranda wins her round by giving her a painting of Nick. Sally tells Rita how she's lost most of her inheritance money through Greg. Martin admits to leaving the drugs trolley unlocked and is immediately suspended.moreless
  • Fri 4 Dec, 1998
    Fri 4 Dec, 1998
    Episode 193
    Leanne is annoyed that Nick lied to her over his job and is upset when he tells her Roy and Hayley sketched him. Jackie starts work at Underworld. Sally tells Greg he's got a drink problem but he doesn't agree. To please her he promises to cut down. She is annoyed that he keeps all the business details in his head and doesn't treat her like a partner. Whilst giving out medication, Martin rushes to help a patient who's suffered a heart attack. He leaves the drugs trolley unattended and unlocked so Les swallows some tablets to ease the pain in his leg. Sally is furious to discover Greg has spent the day drinking. He tells her to stop nagging him and accuses her of being more interested in her spoilt girls than him. She is furious and tells him the business is no good because he's an amateur. He is furious and hits her. Zoe is purified to become a daughter of Nirab. Ashley tries to stop the ceremony, upset to see Ben kissing her. He urges her to leave with him but she chooses to stay with Ben. Ashley is distraught. Martin finds Les' lifeless body.moreless
  • Wed 2 Dec, 1998
    Wed 2 Dec, 1998
    Episode 192
    Leanne convinces herself that Nick is being unfaithful. She finds Miranda's phone number and address in the phone book. Fred tells Ashley he can't run Zoe's life and if she's happy with her new friends he shouldn't interfere. Jackie badgers Mike until he agrees to give her a machinist's job. Zoe tells Ashley she's going to be purified to become one of Nirab's followers. Greg spends Sally's money entertaining clients for expensive meals whilst she and the girls can only afford to eat beans on toast. Deirdre is stunned to hear Jackie's going to be working at Underworld. Leanne spies on Nick and Miranda at her house. When she sees Nick taking his clothes off she bursts into the house. Miranda and Nick explain how he's modelling for her and show her Miranda's sketches but Leanne calls her a pervert. Ben accuses Ashley of being small-minded and viewing Zoe as a possession. He tells Ashley that Zoe is better off without him. Greg gets drunk when he fails to clinch a deal. When Sally gets upset over her money being spent he throws her across the room.moreless
  • Mon 30 Nov, 1998
    Mon 30 Nov, 1998
    Episode 191
    Greg tells Sally she can't take the girls out as they need to save money. Leanne is fed up that she never sees Nick as he's always working. Ashley worries that Zoe is being brainwashed. Maud advises him to find out more about the Foundation. Les gives Martin the runaround in hospital. Zoe is pleased when Ashley asks to attend a meeting at the Foundation. Deirdre is horrified when Jackie moves her fifteen-year old son, Tyrone, in after his father throws him out. Alec sends Natalie home as her depression affects the customers. Greg suggests to Sally that she puts her money in a joint account so they can both have access. She is uneasy but goes along with the idea when he accuses her of not trusting him. Leanne waits outside the college to surprise Nick and is devastated to see him driving off in Miranda's car. Jackie warns Tyrone not to steal off Deirdre. Ashley finds the meeting terrifying as everyone moans and sways. He walks out but Zoe refuses to leave. Nick explains to Leanne that Miranda is his boss in the lab and they went for a drink with a load of others as it was her birthday. Ashley tells Zoe he won't have her mixing with nutters. She warns him not to force her to choose between him and the Foundation.moreless
  • Sun 29 Nov, 1998
    Sun 29 Nov, 1998
    Episode 190
    Les feels there must be something wrong with his foot as it hurts more than ever. Natalie confesses to Judy that Des was killed by Tony's drug dealing associates. She feels no one else must know as Tony needs to be protected. Judy is staggered when Ruth tells her her babies would be better off dead. Les is admitted to hospital with osteomyelitis. Janice is remorseful as she didn't believe he was in pain. Martin is annoyed that he has to look after him on the ward. Roy and Hayley audition for the Operatics Society. Roy is petrified but Hayley encourages him and they're both accepted to take part in "The Sound of Music". Natalie worries about Kevin's motives in comforting her and spells it out to him that they're never getting back together. Sally gives Greg her cash card when he needs money.moreless
  • Fri 27 Nov, 1998
    Fri 27 Nov, 1998
    Episode 189
    Colin Barnes arrives for Des' funeral with his wife Kath and parents. He is amazed that everyone believes Des was killed by burglars and not drug dealers. Lorraine and Kevin support Natalie at the funeral. Gary, Judy, Martin, Gail, Janice, Les, Alma, Mike, Ken, Emily, Alec and Deirdre attend the cremation. The mourners are stunned when Colin interrupts the funeral, telling everyone that Natalie knows the truth about Des' death but she's protecting Tony. Later, Colin tells Natalie that Des phoned him and told him all about Tony's drug dealing. She denies it all. He tells her she can rot in hell. Les arranges to entertain Jackie in his house but Janice returns from work unexpectedly and finds them together. Janice accuses him of infidelity but he swears Jackie is mad and just let herself in. The regulars throw Colin out of the Rovers when he shouts at Natalie and tells them Tony's drug dealing killed Des.moreless
  • Wed 25 Nov, 1998
    Wed 25 Nov, 1998
    Episode 188
    Deirdre feels depressed on her wedding anniversary. Fred decides to raffle a luxury hamper in the shop, telling Audrey that if she invites him for Christmas dinner he'll make certain she wins it. Zoe upsets Natalie by saying Des died because she is a sinner. Outraged Lorraine throws her out. Ashley feels Zoe has no time for him anymore and that the Foundation is taking over her life. Natalie returns to work as she can't face being alone. ALEC: "Les Battersby's a beast in human form. Well, almost human form." Jackie entertains Les in Deirdre's flat. He gets her drunk but just as they get physical Deirdre returns and throws him out. Ashley is furious when Zoe tells him she's not going to have sex with him anymore. He begs her not to shut him out.moreless
  • Mon 23 Nov, 1998
    Mon 23 Nov, 1998
    Episode 187
    Deirdre makes it clear to Jackie that she wants her to go but Jackie keeps thanking her for being a mate. Gail refuses to talk about moving the cafe, annoying Roy. Ashley donates old stock to the Foundation for the homeless although he's angered to discover they've told Zoe she can talk to Shannon. Nick feels uncomfortable when Miranda tries to befriend him. Jackie gets Deirdre to introduce her to the residents and cadges drinks off them all. She makes a big play for Les who can't believe his luck. Miranda takes Nick back to her house and shows him her sculptures. She asks him to pose for her as a private commission for £300. He agrees. Ashley accuses Ben of filling Zoe's head with rubbish. Zoe tells Ashley he doesn't understand; she will talk to Shannon.moreless
  • Sun 22 Nov, 1998
    Sun 22 Nov, 1998
    Episode 186
    Zoe starts to practice harmonic convergence in the hope it'll help her learn to speak to Shannon. Natalie is allowed back into the house and is upset to find the police move moved things. Lorraine takes charge of her. Kevin comes to Natalie's aid when a reporter upsets her by questioning her about Des' death. Deirdre is amazed when Jackie Dobbs turns up at her flat having come out of prison. She tells her her fella's got a new girlfriend and she's homeless. Deirdre is forced into letting her stay until she can find somewhere else. Roy and Gail are offered £65,000 to sell the cafe so the next door shop can expand. Gail doesn't want to accept but Roy likes the idea of starting again somewhere else. Emily encourages Roy and Hayley to join the Amateur Operatics. Leanne tries to be supportive of Zoe but thinks she's gone too far when she tries to summon up Shannon's spirit.moreless
  • Fri 20 Nov, 1998
    Fri 20 Nov, 1998
    Episode 185
    Natalie and co. return from the hospital. Natalie stays with Kevin, as she's not allowed into her and Des' house. She's in a state of shock at Des' death. Tony wants Natalie to back up the untrue statement he gave to the police which she does. Ruth and Ben ask Zoe to attend their team meeting - they think she's ready for more responsibility. Roy and Hayley give Spanish a miss in favour of Emily's opera. Des' death has made Judy feel very worried about the two babies she'll be bringing into the world. Miranda invites Nick out for a drink and this time he accepts.moreless
  • Wed 18 Nov, 1998
    Wed 18 Nov, 1998
    Episode 184
    Tony and Des are taken to hospital - Natalie will never forgive Tony for all the trouble he's caused. Alec and Rita spend a pleasant evening together and Judy recounts the events of the evening to all those gathered in the Rovers. Next day Martin tells Natalie that Des is over the worst and the police want statements from her and Tony. Roy and Hayley practice their Spanish. Judy meets Ruth for the first time and tells Ashley her reservations about the woman. Des suffers a severe setback. He has a massive heart attack and dies with Natalie at his side.moreless
  • Mon 16 Nov, 1998
    Mon 16 Nov, 1998
    Episode 183
    Tony tells Des and Natalie he's leaving tonight. Zoe tries to get rid of the booze in the Peacock household but is stopped by Leanne. Alec doesn't know how to face Betty after last night's embarrassing incident. Roy & Hayley have decided to take up Spanish. Zoe and Ashley are invited for dinner at the Foundation. Miranda wants Nick to have a drink with her and the other students but he declines. Tony gets beaten up by some thugs. Des joins in and Natalie arrives to pick up the pieces.moreless
  • Sun 15 Nov, 1998
    Sun 15 Nov, 1998
    Episode 182
    Zoe discovers that the Foundation disagrees with the consumption of alcohol. Natalie gets hold of more cash for Tony, who uses it to buy more drugs. Betty stays at Rita's for the night and gets a nasty shock off Alec. Gail threatens to join Hayley and Roy's art class but they persuade her otherwise.moreless
  • Fri 13 Nov, 1998
    Fri 13 Nov, 1998
    Episode 181
    Rita isn't pleased to find Alec making breakfast. Tony despairs when Natalie tells him it will be at least a week before she can get any money from the house but will try to borrow it from the bank. Nick asks Leanne to lay off Zoe as her job is helping her to come to terms with the loss of Shannon. Tony becomes abusive when he learns that Natalie can't raise the money from the bank and Natalie threatens to leave if Des calls in the police. Liz and Michael are astounded to see Jim standing in the doorway unaided. Liz knows if she stops she may never leave.moreless
  • Wed 11 Nov, 1998
    Wed 11 Nov, 1998
    Episode 180
    Natalie is horrified to learn how much money Tony owes and gives him all she has which he hands over to Carl Foster. Hayley and Roy end up going to a 'life' class only to find a nude Nick as the model. Natalie learns that Tony is a drug dealer. Rita's not pleased to find Alec making her breakfast. Natalie threatens to leave if Des calls the police when Tony becomes abusive on learning that Natalie can't raise the remainder of the money for him. Liz and Michael depart and are astounded to see Jim standing unaided. Liz knows if she stops - she may never leave.moreless
  • Mon 9 Nov, 1998
    Mon 9 Nov, 1998
    Episode 179
    Zoe arrives at her new job at the Etheric Foundation. Ben gives Zoe the crystal of Nirab. Liz finally decides to go away with Michael. Hayley & Roy decide to take evening classes in Spanish. Des finds Tony burying drugs in the back garden. Tony tries to retrieve it when Des flushes the powder down the sink telling Des it was his only chance to find the money he owes. Ruth shows Zoe how to do the sales patter when selling crystals of Nirab to housewives. Des promises not to call the police if Tony clears off and starts again.moreless
  • Sun 8 Nov, 1998
    Sun 8 Nov, 1998
    Episode 178
    A beaten-up Tony is carried out to the ambulance. Natalie accompanies him to the hospital leaving a fed up Des who is sceptical that it could have been burglars. Nick is secretive about his new part time job. Jim threatens to report Michael to the health authorities if Liz goes off with him but Michael refuses to change his mind. Alec and Rita have an official opening of the door. Rita invites Alec for dinner so they can celebrate. Tony gives a useless description of the burglars to the police and Des is determined to find out what he's up to.moreless
  • Fri 6 Nov, 1998
    Fri 6 Nov, 1998
    Episode 177
    Sally won't forgive Greg for hitting her he sees his solicitor who warns him that the business will fold without Sally. Greg manages to lie his way back into her affections. Michael wants Liz to change her mind and go with him, he tries to make peace with Jim and fails. Steve calls Liz a hypocrite but Deirdre says she should get away from the McDonalds. Nick asks Lorraine not to tell anyone about his modelling. Zoe announces her office job with Ben & Ruth. Tony has visitors when Des and Natalie are in the pub they return to find him injured on the floor and the house in a mess.moreless
  • Wed 4 Nov, 1998
    Wed 4 Nov, 1998
    Episode 176
    Jim has found Liz and Michael in his bed and orders them out. Liz tries to explain her feelings for Jim but fails. Jim tells her she's too old for Michael. She stays overnight with Deirdre, Michael asks her to go to Milton Keynes with him but she said no. Nick applies for the modelling job & Miranda tells him what's expected. Next day she has a job for him. Tony tries unsuccessfully to borrow money from Des. Greg is depressed about losing the contract then it turns to fury when he finds Sally has told Gail who must have told Alma, surrounded by unsold stock he hits out at Sally.moreless
  • Mon 2 Nov, 1998
    Mon 2 Nov, 1998
    Episode 175
    Zoe has invited Ruth and Ben to supper but isn't pleased when Ashley invites Nick & Leanne. Zoe unhappily finds out during the meal that they're vegetarian. Tony tries to make contact with the drug dealer but Viv tells him that Lenny has been arrested & can't buy his drugs, Greg is furious that he's lost a big contract & is sure that Mike Baldwin is involved. Nick sees an ad at college for modelling work. Jim buys Liz flowers and an engagement ring but when he gets home he finds Liz & Michael in his bed together.moreless
  • Sun 1 Nov, 1998
    Sun 1 Nov, 1998
    Episode 174
    Janice takes Les to casualty with his damaged foot but he gets no sympathy. Toyah tells Dobber it's over; he buys her a present but she's adamant. Ruth and cousin Naomi visit Zoe; they tell her she has a special gift. Tony has a visit from Jason who's brought him drugs but Jason gets angry when Tony hasn't the cash to pay for them. Honeymooners Des & Natalie return & Des isn't pleased when Tony asks to stay a while. Liz is upset to learn that Michael is moving away. An unseen Steve witnesses an emotional moment between them. Jim shows Maud that he can stand on his crutches.moreless
  • Fri 30 Oct, 1998
    Fri 30 Oct, 1998
    Episode 173
    Maxine is feeling very tired after her night out and Tony suggests she goes home and has an early night as he has some business to see to. Zoe has lost her purse at the club, but Ruth returns it to her and they have a friendly chat. Whilst Sally and Greg celebrate the Reubens contract, Mike wins it back. Liz decides to concentrate on her relationship with Jim. Les and Dobber start to dig up the cobbles but are interrupted by car lights and Dobber and Charlie run off leaving Les to hobble home.moreless
  • Wed 28 Oct, 1998
    Wed 28 Oct, 1998
    Episode 172
    Greg has won the Reubens contract off Mike, but as he and Sally begin to celebrate Mike is winning the contract back. Mike also offers a job to Deirdre which she is happy to accept. Liz confronts Michael about applying for a job in Milton Keynes, but he cannot hang around waiting and hoping that she will leave Jim who, unknown to Liz, is beginning to use his legs again. Zoe joins Tony, Maxine, Leanne, Nick and Ashley at a club where she loses her purse and the next day her new friend Ruth returns it to her. Tony is carrying on his business from Manchester.moreless
  • Mon 26 Oct, 1998
    Mon 26 Oct, 1998
    Episode 171
    Maxine is getting on very well with Tony who learns from a friend who drops off some of his belongings that his flat has been set on fire. Greg wants to celebrate getting the contract with Reubens by taking Sally out for a meal, but Sally assumes this includes the girls. Michael has applied for a job in Milton Keynes and Liz who has just confided in Deirdre about their relationship learns this from Jim. Nick tries to ask Kevin for a job but is snapped at when Kevin sees Greg and Sally going out with the girls. Zoe applies for a job but is not successful.moreless
  • Sun 25 Oct, 1998
    Sun 25 Oct, 1998
    Episode 170
    Liz is annoyed that Jim embarrassed her at the Barnes' wedding reception. Greg did not return home the previous night and a frantic Sally phones around the hospitals, he finally turns up and tells Sally that he has won a contract with Reubens, one of Mike's clients. Toyah is finding out that the romance is rapidly going out of her relationship with Dobber. Tony invites Maxine out on a date. Leanne is fed up with the no money situation. Michael tells Liz that she must tell Jim why she cannot marry him, but she finds it impossible when she arrives home.moreless
  • Fri 23 Oct, 1998
    Fri 23 Oct, 1998
    Episode 169
    Alec is startled to find Des and Les coming round on the floor of the Rovers as he tidies up in the morning. Natalie, unaware of a tear in her wedding dress (mended by Hayley) or the marquee collapsing on Martin's fence (later decorated by Hayley) gets married to Des at Weatherfield Registry Office. The married couple return to a reception where Dobber tries to steal a present and Les reminds everyone that they never knew which door either Des or Natalie would walk out of in the morning. Liz goes home to change and ends up letting Michael in - the inevitable happens. She returns to Jim who announces to all that he'd be the happiest man alive if Liz would marry him again.moreless
  • Wed 21 Oct, 1998
    Wed 21 Oct, 1998
    Episode 168
    Jim's so upset about Michael stopping visiting that Liz goes to his clinic. He says he can only handle not seeing Liz by staying away. Sally resents Greg going for lunch with a businesswoman which she's indirectly paying for. Greg angry when he brings the buyer back to the office to find Sally has the girls with her. Les taunts Hayley and she's had enough. Tells Roy she's leaving. Roy begs her to stay and they brave the Rovers together. Judy upset at Natalie's hen night answers the door to Tony. Les and Des are incapable of leaving the Rovers and have to stay overnight.moreless
  • Mon 19 Oct, 1998
    Mon 19 Oct, 1998
    Episode 167
    Roy's questioning his relationship with Hayley now everybody knows about her. He says he couldn't live without her, but after Les' insults in the cafe he's very low. Hayley also faces insults from Les and from Linda, and feels guilty about Roy. Des won't tell Les he's not best man, so Natalie does. When anger turns to tears, Natalie gives in, saying they do want him after all. Jim's disappointed that Michael's going to call less often. Greg calls Sally his secretary to a customer, and he's loathe to give her an income from the business.moreless
  • Sun 18 Oct, 1998
    Sun 18 Oct, 1998
    Episode 166
    Roy advises against it but Hayley tells everyone at work that she's a transsexual. News spreads and Roy's biggest concern seems to be how it's going to affect him. Greg pushes Sally for money. She gets a cheque for him and he's off like a shot, saying she can give the office a good clean. Sally resents and rejects Rita saying Greg's conning her. Natalie pushes Des to choose his best man, only to find that he's agreed to Les - a week ago. Natalie tells Des he has to say no to Les - or she will. Liz sees Jim with Michael - says he'll be seeing less of Jim - Liz said they should too, they made a mistake.moreless
  • Fri 16 Oct, 1998
    Fri 16 Oct, 1998
    Episode 165
    Mike tells the girls that as Greg is undercutting him and buyers are cancelling orders he may have to sack some of them. Sally is appalled when she hears the girls are threatened with redundancies. Rita offers no sympathy, telling her it's all her fault. Des is appalled to discover Les thinks he's going to be his Best Man. Les is excited as he's never been a Best Man before. Greg is furious when Sally fails to pick up a cheque from the Building Society. He refuses to feel guilty if Mike makes anyone redundant. She is upset that she's already spent £30,000 of her inheritance. Greg urges her to get the cheque before they lose out on a deal. Liz is annoyed when Jim tries to match-make between Deirdre and Michael. Hayley is upset that Mike is continuously nasty to her. Roy begs her to resign and is horrified when she decides to face the girls and tell them the truth.moreless
  • Wed 14 Oct, 1998
    Wed 14 Oct, 1998
    Episode 164
    Alma decides to take the job of manager until Curly returns. Lorraine asks Natalie if she can be her bridesmaid. Natalie agrees and tells Des to get a decent Best Man. Des asks Martin who refuses as he doesn't want to upset Kevin. Des advises Kevin to leave Natalie alone and move on in his life. Mike throws Greg and Sally out of the factory in front of the girls, telling them how they've set up against him and are planning to undercut them all. Greg is furious when he discovers Kevin told Mike about their plans and rows with him, threatening him with a glass bottle. Martin has to separate them. Sally is upset that all her friends hate her but Greg tells her to grow up. He tells her they can't afford to buy a new house now that they are going to have to concentrate on the business. For a joke Des invites Les to be his Best Man but Les takes the offer seriously. Sally turns to Gail for sympathy but doesn't get any. Michael tells Liz he's going to stop working with Jim as he's too involved with them both. She kisses him and tells him she doesn't want to stop seeing him.moreless
  • Mon 12 Oct, 1998
    Mon 12 Oct, 1998
    Episode 163
    Natalie celebrates her birthday and engagement. Kevin is stung when he hears Natalie is marrying Des. Sally is shocked when Greg copies Mike's database so he can steal his customers. Liz is torn as she is attracted to Michael but feels she mustn't cheat on Jim. Alma is amazed when she's promoted to temporary manager at Freschos. She turns it down when she realises it's to stop her telling anybody else about what has happened. Kevin rows with Sally when he finds her drinking with Greg in the Rovers, having left the girls with a childminder. He tells Natalie she's making a mistake marrying Des. He gets drunk and proposes to her himself. Jim thinks he'd never have made such progress without Michael's help. Alma is annoyed when Mike tells her she wouldn't be any good managing a supermarket. Alec throws Kevin out of the pub. He tells Mike that Sally and Greg have set up in business together and are stealing his orders.moreless
  • Sun 11 Oct, 1998
    Sun 11 Oct, 1998
    Episode 162
    Spider and the security guard find Anne's frozen body. Fox tells Spider that he's the prime suspect and takes him in for questioning, thinking he killed her as an environmental protest. Jim signs up for wheelchair basketball. Natalie moves in with Des and decides to rent her house out. He is upset that she's hanging on to it for security. Michael apologises to Liz for taking advantage of her. Fox lets Spider go after Alma backs up his story and the video tape is found. Greg returns home from a business trip to find Sally has moved the children in. He isn't happy but hides his feelings. Sally is nervous about his reaction to them. Alma doesn't feel sorry for Anne, realising that she isn't sacked as no one knew but Anne. Greg is put out that he and Sally have to sleep on the sofa bed. Des presents Natalie with a For Sale sign, urging her to take it, sell her house and marry him. She accepts.moreless
  • Fri 9 Oct, 1998
    Fri 9 Oct, 1998
    Episode 161
    Alma tries to retrieve the security tape before it's wiped. Anne catches her and realises what's been going on. Maxine works hard to prove her worth to Audrey. Fred admires Audrey's business practices as she makes Maxine feel uneasy about her job prospects. Gary decorates the house as a surprise for Judy and buys a couple of identical cots with his drum money. Anne sacks Alma, infuriating Spider who decides to have it out with her. Michael tells Liz she should admit her feelings to Jim so he's under no pretence. He tells her how his wife left him and took his children to live with another man; he wishes someone would have helped him. She tells him that she needs to feel desired and held, and Jim can't do that. Toyah dreams about settling down with Dobber but he's just interested in sex and cash. Spider tries to see Anne but the security guard refuses to let him into the store. Anne sprays antifreeze in the lock-up freezer, planning to get Spider arrested for criminal damage. She is horrified when the security guard closes the freezer door, unaware that she's inside. Liz is surprised when Michael kisses her and tells her he desires her. She responds by kissing him back. Anne calls for help but no one hears her.moreless
  • Wed 7 Oct, 1998
    Wed 7 Oct, 1998
    Episode 160
    Toyah threatens to run away again if her parents stop her seeing Dobber. Liz is upset that Jim is still his old aggressive self. She tells Michael that she's been kidding herself; Jim isn't the man she wants, mobile or paralysed. Maxine worries when Audrey advertises for a trainee at the salon. Toyah plays truant to be with Dobber. Spider tells horrified Alma about Anne's plan to set her up. Alma suggests he gets Anne to show him the letter whilst under the surveillance camera. Dobber demands Toyah steals £40 from the cafe so they can have a night out. She doesn't want to but is eager to please him. Anne shows Spider the letter and is picked up by the security camera. Alma tries to take the tape but is interrupted by the security guard. Toyah takes money from Janice to pay for a lesson with Ken but instead goes out with Dobber. He's disgusted at so little money so she promises more when she gets paid. Spider is disappointed that Alma couldn't get the tape. Maxine fears Audrey intends to sack her.moreless
  • Mon 5 Oct, 1998
    Mon 5 Oct, 1998
    Episode 159
    Janice worries about Toyah going out with yobbish Dobber. Leanne is annoyed when Toyah admits she had sex without precautions. Michael suggests to Jim that he should venture into the unknown and go out for a meal with Liz. Gail is alarmed when Roy suggests they arrange weekly dinners. She backs out of it. Dobber gets annoyed when Toyah suggests taking precautions and she gives up as she doesn't want to loose him. He then gets her to steal £10 out of the cafe till. Natalie moves in with Des. Janice makes it clear she doesn't like Dobber and Les throws him out of the house when he says Janice looks like a horse. Anne admits to Spider that she set Curly up. She tells him she has a plan - she'll set Alma up by writing a letter which has Alma's fingerprints on it. Leanne forces Toyah to take morning-after pills. Jim takes Liz out to a restaurant and is furious when she is chatted up by a businessman who feels sorry for her stuck with a man in wheelchair. Liz is embarrassed when Jim makes a scene.moreless
  • Sun 4 Oct, 1998
    Sun 4 Oct, 1998
    Episode 158
    Roy realises he's ruined everything for Hayley but she refuses to hide away and faces the music at work. She tells Mike she'll pay for his suit to be cleaned and begs him not to tell anyone about her; for Roy's sake. Toyah returns from holiday with a boyfriend, Philip Dobson, alias Dobber, in tow. Natalie and Des enjoy Colin's wedding, although she's still uncertain about living with him. Alma goes through the personnel files to find Sheila's address. Anne gets her to handle some blank sheets of paper. Gary has an audition for a band but is completely out of his depth and ends up selling them his drum kit and giving up all ambitions of fame. Alma gives Spider Sheila's address. Dobber puts pressure on Toyah to have sex with him. Natalie agrees to move in with Des but worries that it means more to her than him. She tells him she needs some commitment from him. Spider fails to find Sheila but is pleased when Anne calls asking to see him. Dobber takes Toyah out in his brother's car and pushes her onto the back seat. She is nervous but goes along with it.moreless
  • Fri 2 Oct, 1998
    Fri 2 Oct, 1998
    Episode 157
    Spider asks Anne to help him find Curly. She is intrigued when he tells her Curly was fond of her. He tells her that if Curly goes to prison then their love will never come to anything. Vera tells Jack he's going to Tenerife whether he likes it or not, and bundles him off to the airport. Sally isn't sure how Greg will react to the news the girls are living with them. She tells Gail about their business venture. Anne gets drunk and vows to free Curly from prison. Gail worries about Sally investing all her money in Greg and tells Rita about her concerns. Alma decides to try to track down Sheila, the shelf-stacker who say Anne set Samantha up on the shop lifting charge. Natalie is surprised when Des asks her to live with him. Roy is furious when Mike calls Hayley a freak. Mike is amazed when Roy asks him to step outside and throws a pint of beer over him. Mike tells him it wasn't a clever move.moreless
  • Wed 30 Sep, 1998
    Wed 30 Sep, 1998
    Episode 156
    Hayley and Roy are bashful after their first night together. KEVIN: "Women. Dun't matter what they do, they all support one another. All on the same side!" When Jack begs Alec to refuse their holiday, Alec delights in giving them time off. Steve demands £1,000 from Audrey for work he carried out at the Salon for Fiona. Des and Natalie get ready for Colin's wedding, although she worries about what his family will make of her. Kevin snaps under the pressure of seeing Sally with Greg and not having his children. He pours out his heart to sympathetic Rita. Judy feels guilty when she thinks Gary plans to get rid of his drums. Jack is horrified at the thought of going abroad with Vera as he knows she'll be feeling randy. Audrey is frightened of Steve and asks Fred to help her deal with him. Fred points out to Steve that Audrey as a Councillor could make life difficult for his building projects. Steve tells Audrey to forget about his £1,000. She tells Fred he's her hero. Spider decides to introduce himself to Anne as Curly's cousin and try to win her confidence. Gary tells Judy he's not selling the drums - he's got an audition in a band. When Sally calls for some clothes Kevin goes for her, accusing her of ruining his life. Kevin throws her out, saying he never wants her to return. Rita rushes over and is relieved to find Sally safe but when Sally seeks sympathy Rita accuses her of bringing everything on herself, she's become nasty and selfish and refuses to help her anymore.moreless
  • Mon 28 Sep, 1998
    Mon 28 Sep, 1998
    Episode 155
    Hayley wonders if she'll ever be able to make Roy happy. She assures him she'd marry him if she could. He is angry that she's discriminated against. Sally asks the girl's headmistress not to let them go anywhere with Kevin but the headmistress refuses to get involved unless Sally has a court order. She takes the girls to work with her but Mike isn't happy and gives her holiday until she can get sorted. When Kevin threatens to snatch the girls back, Sally points out she can afford to move away from him at any time if he becomes unreasonable. Audrey plays with Alf, infuriating him by telling him Fred is buying the Salon for her. He is startled into agreeing to buy the Salon himself. Vera is horrified when she discovers Jack has withdrawn £1,000 from their account. Fred realises Audrey has used him to make Alf jealous and is affronted. Jack wins the money back plus £800 profit but Vera is still annoyed with him and tells him she's transferred all the money to a new account and it's in her name only. Roy decides to sleep with Hayley but admits he's petrified as he's a virgin. Kevin agrees to let Sally have the girls if he can see them. She agrees. Hayley tells Roy she's a virgin as well and they'll both be learning as they go along.moreless
  • Sun 27 Sep, 1998
    Sun 27 Sep, 1998
    Episode 154
    Alf refuses to buy the Salon so Audrey alarms him by saying she'll get backing elsewhere. Jack panics when Vera talks about withdrawing some money for a foreign holiday. Maxine starts work under Audrey's management. Fred tells Audrey he'll be happy to back her in the business. Hayley moves into the cafe flat, with Roy nervous at the thought of co-habitation. Jack urges Alec to refuse to let him and Vera have time off for a holiday. Sally takes matters into her own hands. She collects the children and moves them into the flat, telling them they're living with her for good. Kevin is furious when he finds out. Jack resorts to betting in a desperate attempt to win back the £1,000. Roy and Hayley are nervous about spending their first night together. He tells her he's sleeping on the sofa until they're married. He tells her he wants to marry her and proposes. She is moved but tells him they can never marry because she's legally a man. When Kevin demands his children back, Sally threatens him with the police.moreless
  • Fri 25 Sep, 1998
    Fri 25 Sep, 1998
    Episode 153
    Jack withdraws £1,000 from the building society. Michael urges Jim not to look on the dark side; he's still got Liz. Audrey shows Fred around the Salon. He is keen to invest if it means seeing more of Audrey. Maxine offers Fiona a leaving present but she refuses it. Maxine is upset as Fiona refuses to forgive her. Jack works on a system, betting on greyhounds, on lanes 1 and 6, doubling his money with each race. It goes wrong and he loses £1,200. Rita is concerned over the affect Kevin and Sally's fighting is having on the children. She warns Sally that Greg is just out for what he can get. Sally tells her to mind her own business. Hayley is thrilled when Roy invites her to move in with him. Fiona leaves the Street to live with her parents. Steve watches her go but doesn't say goodbye.moreless
  • Wed 23 Sep, 1998
    Wed 23 Sep, 1998
    Episode 152
    Fiona asks Audrey if she wants to buy the Salon. Maxine asks Fiona for a reference but isn't given one. Greg hopes Sally won't bring the girls round anymore but she thinks they need to see more of him. Vera points out to Jack that they both need to sign their passbook to get money out of the building society. Kevin confides in Martin that he loves and hates Sally and he's frightened to be alone with her in case of what he might do. Gail suggests to Roy that Hayley might not want to live on her own. Jack gets Vera to sign a building society form saying only his signature is needed to take money out. Audrey tries to raise the money to buy the Salon and asks Maxine to work for her. When Alf isn't keen to invest she asks Fred for financial help. To spoil Sally's night out with Greg, Kevin tells her she'll have to look after the girls as he's going out. When Greg accuses Kevin of just making Sally feel guilty, Kevin hits him.moreless
  • Mon 21 Sep, 1998
    Mon 21 Sep, 1998
    Episode 151
    Sally looks forward to having the children but Rosie is sick so she only has Sophie. Steve returns from London and is petrified when Jim tells him he knows how he fell off the scaffolding. Jim rages at Steve, accusing him of trying to kill him. Steve tells him his memory is playing tricks but Jim says Fiona's told him the truth. Steve is stunned when Liz refuses to believe him. Jim tells Steve he's going to get the police on to him for attempted murder. Steve tells him that if he'd wanted to kill him he'd have done the job properly. Pam advises Fiona to move away from the McDonalds and sell the Salon. Greg finds it hard having Sophie in the flat and is furious when she spills lager over his lap top. He upsets Sophie, shouting at her. Sally tries to soothe him. Jim assures Liz he isn't going to the police. Sad Sally takes Sophie back to Kevin as she's upset. Steve accuses Fiona of being vindictive in telling Jim and calls her a bitch. Fiona is shaken by his anger. She tells her mother she wants to leave the Street.moreless
  • Sun 20 Sep, 1998
    Sun 20 Sep, 1998
    Episode 150
    Natalie helps Kevin out by looking after Sophie. Greg tells Sally there's no point in looking for a house as they have to concentrate on the business. Vera and Jack have all their money in a joint account. Jack tries to get his hands on some of it but Vera refuses to let him. Jim accuses Fiona of lying to him to get back at her for wrecking her wedding. She tells him Steve really did try to kill him. Hayley views a flat and wants it but allows Roy to talk her out of it. Sally is furious to see Natalie looking after Sophie. She tries to take her but Kevin steps in a refuses to let her have her. Liz is stunned when Jim tells her about Steve pushing him off the scaffolding. Natalie advises Kevin to let Sally see the children. Liz accuses Fiona of telling Jim about Steve as she wants to destroy both of them. Fiona throws her out of the Salon. Sally is surprised when Kevin tells her she can have the children for tea.moreless
  • Fri 18 Sep, 1998
    Fri 18 Sep, 1998
    Episode 149
    Pam comforts Fiona whilst telling her Steve would never be faithful for long. Steve goes to stay with friends in London. Sally feels she can't cope without the girls. She doesn't want to confuse them by making a fuss but misses them so much. She rows with Martin when he feels Kevin did right to hang onto his daughters. Vera and Jack are furious when Alec docks their rent from their wages. When they complain he tells them they can move out if they're not happy. Martin suggests to Kevin that he lets Sally see the girls, for their sakes. Kevin knows Martin is right when he says they need a mother but doesn't want them to see her. Sally urges Greg to hurry his solicitor along. He tells her not to press him and walks out when she nags him. Later he apologises and assures her he loves her. She tells him he must realise she comes as a package with her daughters. Jim urges Fiona not to cast Steve away over just one mistake. She tells him Steve is a bad person and lets it slip that Steve pushed him off the scaffolding.moreless
  • Wed 16 Sep, 1998
    Wed 16 Sep, 1998
    Episode 148
    Steve tries to cover up but Maxine insists that Fiona is told the truth. Fiona throws Maxine out and then tells Steve they're finished; she's had enough of his lies and explanations. Rita arranges for a builder to sort out the door. When the police search for Curly, Emily Spider and Alma cover for him. Liz and Jim are amazed that Steve has blown his chances with Fiona by sleeping with Maxine. Jim warns him that he'll soon feel disgusted with himself. Rita is annoyed when the neighbours gossip about her and Alec. Alec hopes Audrey will sort things out at the Council so he can get a late opening licence but she tells him she's not mixing business with pleasure. Fiona refuses to listen to Steve. He clears his stuff out of the flat. Sally tells Kevin she's missing the girls and begs him to let her see them. She is stunned when he tells her he doesn't want her anywhere near them. Alma breaks down under police questioning and admits Curly has run away. Jim agrees to let Steve stay at No. 11.moreless
  • Mon 14 Sep, 1998
    Mon 14 Sep, 1998
    Episode 147
    Steve tells Fiona she was right to sack Maxine and they should never forgive her. Audrey is amazed to hear Fiona has sacked Maxine. Kevin struggles when the child minder falls ill. He tries to find someone to pick the girls up from school and ends up closing the garage as he doesn't want to ask Sally for help. Steve tells Maxine to stay away from Fiona and promises her he's sorting everything out. Alec decides to finish the door off himself. Emily, Spider and Alma want to help Curly but don't know what to do. Rita is horrified when Alec's leg is trapped under rubble. She rushes for help from the neighbours and is embarrassed when they see the door. Maxine can't cope with Fiona hating her and tells Steve she's going to tell the truth. Steve rows with her, telling her to keep her mouth shut. Fiona overhears them rowing about their night together.moreless
  • Sun 13 Sep, 1998
    Sun 13 Sep, 1998
    Episode 146
    Steve sleeps on the sofa but insists that Maxine is just jealous of Fiona. Curly has been charged with trying to extort money from Freschos and bailed. Inspector Fox tells Anne that Curly thinks she planted the book. She tells him that Curly was in love with her and obviously the extortion is his revenge. Alma overhears and realises that Anne has set Curly up. Steve accuses Maxine of wrecking Fiona's life and tells her only she can make things right. He points out that unless she tells Fiona she lied she'll lose her job. Emily and Spider worry about Curly when he disappears. Fiona accuses Steve of betraying her and tells him he makes her feel worthless. He is adamant Maxine is lying. Rita gets frustrated as the builder fails to turn up and she's left with a huge hole in her wall. Alma receives a note from Curly telling her he's going on the run as he doesn't want to go to jail. Emily and Spider worry over the implications with her. Maxine tells Fiona she lied about Steve because she was jealous. She is horrified when Fiona ends their friendship and sacks her.moreless
  • Fri 11 Sep, 1998
    Fri 11 Sep, 1998
    Episode 145
    Steve asks Maxine not to make Fiona suffer by telling her about them. Anne places the beetroot amongst the others in Freschos. Curly receives a letter, warning that beetroot has been tampered with. He has all the jars checked and finds glass in one. Steve tells Jim he's marrying Fiona and is pleased when he offers congratulations. Sally is frustrated by the time it's taking for her to get the girls back. When Curly has his afternoon off, Anne calls in the police and voices her suspicions that Curly is the blackmailer. Later she calls on Curly at home and replaces his book. Alec is frustrated by the Duckworths' attitude as they only do what he asks them to do and nothing else. Vera suggests he calms down before he has a heart attack. Maxine gets annoyed when Fiona goes on about how trustworthy Steve is compared to Greg. She hits back by telling Fiona about her night with Steve. Sally is upset when Kevin refuses to let her see or talk to the girls. Curly is stunned when the police search his house and find the book with words cut out. He is arrested. Fiona tells Steve about Maxine's revelation and is confused when he is outraged, assuring her Maxine's made it all up.moreless
  • Wed 9 Sep, 1998
    Wed 9 Sep, 1998
    Episode 144
    Fiona apologises to Steve for being so selfish. She surprises him by suggesting he adopts Morgan. Steve is delighted. Jim has pains in his leg and hopes that means it's healing. The police plan to catch the supermarket blackmailer by having Curly making a money drop whilst under police surveillance. Curly is alarmed when he has to wear a bullet proof vest. Steve wants to forget all about his night with Maxine but she feels awful for having cheated on Fiona. She tells him she's fed up with being used by men. He is alarmed when she tells him she's going to tell Fiona what happened. Curly is a wreck after making the drop and is disappointed when the police don't catch the blackmailer. Anne makes a great show of thanking him before making certain the police know he felt bitter about Frescho taking over. Sally signs the partnership contract without reading it. The consultant and Michael both warn Jim not to build his hopes up about his legs. Jim tells Michael he regards him as a mate and hopes they can continue their friendship. Vera and Jack enjoy annoying Alec by working to rule. Anne creates another letter and places glass into a bottle of beetroot. Fiona discovers Steve needs to be married to her in order to adopt Morgan so she proposes. He accepts.moreless
  • Mon 7 Sep, 1998
    Mon 7 Sep, 1998
    Episode 143
    Toyah's cousin Kirsty invites her to go on holiday to San Antonio. Rita is amazed to hear Sally has moved in with Greg. She is stunned when Sally tells her she's left the children. Sally assures her she loves Greg. Steve takes Fiona out for the afternoon in order to spoil her. Janice raises funds for Toyah's holiday as she fears she'll run away again if she doesn't get what she wants. Greg's solicitor friend Richard draws up partnership papers, with Greg assuring Sally it must be noted that she paid for the initial start up costs. Fiona tells Steve she feels that at some point Alan will turn up, wanting to see Morgan. He gets annoyed when she admits she'd let him have a part in Morgan's life. He is angry that she doesn't see him as Morgan's father. She accuses him of looking upon Morgan as an accessory so he hits back, telling her she always needs to be the centre of attention. She walks out to spend the night at her parents'. Richard tells Sally they can apply for a court order granting her access to the children but that will take months. Janice pawns her jewellery, including Les' present for her 21st, to raise the money for Toyah's holiday. Steve spends the afternoon buying drinks for Maxine. She commends him for taking Morgan on. Alec gets a builder in to start work on the door between his flat and Rita's. When Steve kisses her, Maxine responds and allows him to take her to Fiona's flat.moreless
  • Sun 6 Sep, 1998
    Sun 6 Sep, 1998
    Episode 142
    Sally feels sorry for Maxine and asks Greg to tell her about them. The Battersbys return home. Sally warns Kevin she's seeing a solicitor to sort out custody. Maxine is devastated when Greg tells her they're finished. She realises he must have someone else and forces him to tell her about Sally. Fiona comforts distraught Maxine. Toyah is subdued and feels foolish for having walked into Neil's trap. When Curly receives another letter Anne insists he calls in the police. Leanne makes Toyah see that Les really cared about what had happened to her; he's more of a father than Ronnie will ever be. Sally is embarrassed when Maxine makes a scene at the factory over her stealing Greg. Janice is stunned to hear about Greg moving Sally in with him. Greg physically throws Maxine out of the factory. Janice warns Sally that Greg won't want her children. Les is surprised when Toyah hugs him and thanks him for his support. Kevin throws a pint over Greg, telling him he knows he's just after Sally's money. Insp Fox reprimands Curly for not contacting the police earlier. Ken is surprised when Les apologises to him for hitting him. Ken agrees to start teaching Toyah again. Jim is thrilled when he feels a twinge in his leg. Michael warns him it could be nothing. Martin tells Kevin that he can't keep the girls from Sally; they need her. Rita is amazed when Alec suggests having a door put between their flats so they can come and go as they please. Sally writes Greg a cheque for £12,500 to help start up the business.moreless
  • Fri 4 Sep, 1998
    Fri 4 Sep, 1998
    Episode 141
    Les and Janice grow frustrated as the police hunt for Neil and Toyah. Sally worries about what Kevin has found out. Kevin tells the girls Sally has moved out. The police bring Neil in. He has to be protected as Janice goes for him. Greg enjoys having Sally to himself but isn't keen when she talks about bringing the girls to live in his flat. He advises her to wait a while. Curly is horrified to receive an extortion letter at Freshcos, demanding £100,000. He tells Anne they shouldn't called in the police as it could be from Spider and Toyah. Impatient Les threatens to thump Neil and has to be restrained by the police. Sally is distraught as she watches Kevin looking after the girls. Neil admits to taking Toyah to Epping Forest but says she ran away from him. The police search the Forest with Janice and Les. Curly confronts Spider with the letter but he swears he never wrote it. Alec and Rita decide that they're too old to marry and that they may as well live together. The Rovers is valued at £60,000. Alec gives the Duckworths a cheque for £30,000. Kevin changes the locks and tells Sally she can only see the children when he says so. Alec plans to run the Rovers with Rita but she refuses, telling him he has to stand by his agreement and not throw the Duckworths into the street. Janice and Les are relieved when badly-shaken Toyah is found.moreless
  • Wed 2 Sep, 1998
    Wed 2 Sep, 1998
    Episode 140
    Janice and Les arrive in London and call on Ronnie. He tries to get rid of them but is forced to explain to his wife Paula who they are. Paula is stunned to discover Ronnie has a daughter. Janice breaks down when she finds Toyah isn't with Ronnie. Toyah is pleased to be with her Dad and glad that he accepts her and gives her a bed. Kevin is surprised when Sally splashes out on his birthday. Anne creates a letter out of words cut from Curly's book. Janice rows with Ronnie for never caring about Toyah. Rita arranges with Mavis to be her Matron of Honour. Janice and Les call at Ronnie's old address and talk to Neil. Toyah hides from them but is puzzled when she hears Janice introducing herself to Neil. She realises Neil isn't her father and begins to feel frightened. Jack and Vera agree to Alec buying them out so long as solicitors are involved. He talks them out of involving solicitors as they're so expensive. He agrees to pay them 50% of the pub's value. Toyah is terrified when Neil locks her in the house and admits he's not her father. He explains he shared a cell with Ronnie in prison. When she tries to call for help he binds and gags her. Janice is alarmed to hear Neil was in prison for GBH. She fears Toyah might be with him after all and she and Les rush back to his flat but he's disappeared. Janice calls in the police. Neil unties Toyah to get her into his van. Suspicious Kevin spies on Sally as she and Greg kiss in the factory. Neil takes Toyah to Epping Forest. Kevin locks Sally out of the house and throws her bags into the street. She is distraught but he refuses to talk to her. Greg takes her in. Toyah breaks free and is chased through the forest by Neil.moreless
  • Mon 31 Aug, 1998
    Mon 31 Aug, 1998
    Episode 139
    Janice is upset that Toyah has gone looking for Ronnie. Kevin tells Sally that Greg is just after her money but she accuses him of resenting the fact that she's going to be more than a housewife. Alec tells the Duckworths that if they can't agree on a price they'll have to put the business up for sale. Janice decides to go to London, revealing to Les that Ronnie has kept in touch and she knows his address. Les decides to go with her after Leanne points out he's more a father to Toyah than Ronnie ever was. Toyah arrives in London. Vera fears she'll end up homeless and jobless. Alec takes Rita to look at wedding rings but decides they're too expensive at retail. Anne cuts out words from Curly's book. Alec suggests to the Duckworths that if they sell their share at a fair price he'll continue to employ them and let them live in the pub. Toyah calls at a house and introduces herself to a man, Neil Flynn, saying she's his daughter. He takes her in.moreless
  • Sun 30 Aug, 1998
    Sun 30 Aug, 1998
    Episode 138
    Janice has a sleepless night worrying about Toyah's whereabouts. She blames Les for making her run away. Sally asks Kevin to move back in. He accuses her of only wanting him back so the girls don't feel so upset. She promises to try and make their marriage work. Les starts hiding his belongings when Janice calls the police in over Toyah's disappearance. She gives the police a photo of Toyah and is amazed when they say that as Toyah is 16 she can't be forced to come home. Alec and Rita agree to marry as soon as possible. Greg takes Sally to an empty office and tells her about his dream, chasing orders for people like Mike. She doesn't like the idea of working behind Mike's back until they're established. He tells her he needs £800 for rent in advance and they'll need funds for furniture and equipment. Alec tells the Duckworths he's marrying Rita and suggests they buy him out of the pub, saying £100,000 is a good price. Kevin moves back into No. 13. He tells Sally he still loves her but she can't bear having him near. Anne tells Curly she knows he's right to feel uncomfortable with her but swears she's changed. She confides in him that she's going to be promoted and is planning to suggest he is made area manager. Behind his back she steals a book from his bookshelf. Kevin is stunned when Sally tells him she's going into business with Greg. Toyah phones Leanne to tell her she's going to London to find her father.moreless
  • Fri 28 Aug, 1998
    Fri 28 Aug, 1998
    Episode 137
    Kevin accuses Sally of pushing him out of the house and tells her he'd happily return but he knows she doesn't want him. He suggests she realises she's got responsibilities to her family. Janice is weary of all the rows and accuses Les of just living for the chance to hit people. Ken realises he was naive not to tell the Battersbys about the lessons and tells Toyah there won't be any more. She is devastated. Vera is upset at the thought of being working class again if they lose the Rovers. Alec is adamant that they're splitting and tells the Duckworths they have to agree on a price. Toyah runs away from home. Jack and Vera tell Alec they'll only sell for £100,000. He tells them they're mad. Greg suggests to Sally that if Kevin moved back in she would have a babysitter and they could go out together more freely. She feels that she wants to spend more time with him, not less but he thinks she needs to drive Kevin off into the arms of another woman so she isn't the guilty party. She finds his logic confusing. He suggests that they go into partnership together, rivalling Mike. Then they'd see each other all the time. Alec is amazed when Rita tells him she does want to marry him.moreless
  • Wed 26 Aug, 1998
    Wed 26 Aug, 1998
    Episode 136
    Sally is pleased to have spent the night with Greg but he is uncomfortable with the girls. She becomes irritable when Rosie keeps asking for Kevin. Ken tries to cheer Toyah up, telling her that she has to accept rejection if she's going to be a writer. She tells him she's been rejected all her life and thinks it started with her real father. Les sees Toyah coming out of Ken's house and overhears them talking about lessons. He accuses Ken of being a pervert and headbutts him. Toyah is horrified and explains about the lessons but Les still thinks it's disgusting Ken taking money off her. When he goes to hit Ken again Toyah kicks him to the ground. Curly tells Anne they shouldn't sack Alma as she's their best worker. Rita is stunned when Alec tells her he's going back to Southampton. She thinks it's because she refused to marry him. Ken retires with his bleeding nose and shrugs off concerned Toyah. Anne tells Alma she's not going to be made redundant as Curly thinks so highly of her. Sally is annoyed when her childminder says Rosie is clearly disturbed by something. Janice slaps Toyah's face when she says Les isn't her father and belongs in the sewer. Natalie tells Kevin she needs her money out of the garage. Sally tries to explain to Rosie that Kevin is gone and she'll be getting a new Daddy. Rosie is upset and hits her in the face.moreless
  • Mon 24 Aug, 1998
    Mon 24 Aug, 1998
    Episode 135
    Kevin is furious when Sally refuses to sign the bank documents to mortgage the house. He tells her he's sick of her mucking him around but she accuses him of just being interested in her money. When Les rows at Toyah over the bomb call she tells him to stop bossing her; he's not her real father. Greg urges Sally to stand firm and not sign the mortgage papers. Alec is furious when Vera docks his pay for spending so much time with Rita. The Duckworths are stunned when he tells them they're petty and he wants out of the partnership. Sally is relieved when Kevin tells her it's obvious she doesn't want him so he's packing his bags. Anne is unnerved when Curly tells her he'd like to meet her boyfriend. She tells him that there has to be cut backs and tells him to sack part of his workforce, including Alma. Kevin packs and leaves Sally. Curly can't bring himself to sack Alma as he knows she needs her independence from Mike. Jack orders Vera to apologise to Alec as they can't afford him to dissolve the partnership. She tries but he's adamant things have got to change. Sally tells Greg she wants them to run away with the girls as soon as possible.moreless
  • Sun 23 Aug, 1998
    Sun 23 Aug, 1998
    Episode 134
    Toyah is upset when the magazine refuses to print her article. Curly stays away from work, seeing no point in working under Anne. He tells Alma that Anne is completely mad and he's going to resign before she goes for him again. Janice pushes Les to show Toyah some encouragement and get her a computer. Anne visits Curly at home and apologises to him for the way she treated him. She tells him she's changed and wants them to work together. He doesn't believe her. Kevin tells Natalie how awful his life with Sally is. She suggests he calls her bluff by offering to move out. Anne urges Curly to give her a chance and not walk out of a promising career. He is interested to discover she's living with a man called Simon. Les gives Toyah a new laptop but she isn't grateful. She phones the police to say she belongs to an organisation and has planted a bomb in the magazine's head office. Les and Janice are horrified when the police turn up, having traced the hoax bomb threat to their phone.moreless
  • Fri 21 Aug, 1998
    Fri 21 Aug, 1998
    Episode 133
    Curly orders his staff to be more effective now they're working for Frescho. He's worried about senior management turning up disguised as customers. When an American shops in the store Curly is all over him. Sally throws a knicker party in the Rovers' backroom, laying on free wine and her whole range of lingerie. Rita tells Alec she was touched by his offer, she just feels too old to get married again. He suggests she stops coming into the Rovers. Curly is horrified when Anne Malone arrives and tells him she's his new area manager. Sally is uncomfortable when Maxine starts telling the girls at the party about her sex life with Greg. She accuses him of loving having two women on the go at the same time. Vera hears about Rita turning Alec down and tells him his plan has backfired and he's stuck with them at the Rovers. He is upset that anyone would think he'd marry for anything less than love. Curly is certain Anne is out for revenge.moreless
  • Wed 19 Aug, 1998
    Wed 19 Aug, 1998
    Episode 132
    Greg suggests to Sally that she leaves Kevin but that they don't go public for a while as it might hamper her divorce settlement. He thinks it would be perfect if Kevin started seeing Natalie again then he could be the guilty party. Ida and the girls celebrate when Hayley returns to work. Mike tells Hayley he just wants to forget about the whole incident. Hayley is pleased to be back but doesn't like lying to the girls. Kevin is amazed when Sally suggests their problems may stem from the fact that he still loves Natalie. Mike warns Hayley not to tell the girls the truth as they'll think she's a weirdo and refuse to work with her. Rita cooks Alec a meal to clear the air but is annoyed when he asks her to marry him again. Kevin struggles to understand when Sally says she'd understand if he resumed his affair with Natalie. Rita tells Alec she can't marry him, she only wants him as a friend.moreless
  • Mon 17 Aug, 1998
    Mon 17 Aug, 1998
    Episode 131
    Kevin is troubled when Maxine tells him she saw Sally in Greg's flat with a bottle of wine. Hearing that Rita's memory is going Les accuses her of short changing him by £10. She is certain she hasn't but Alec gives Les £10 of his own money. Ida pushes the girls to demand Hayley's reinstatement but Mike warns them that Ida is a troublemaker and he's not putting up with being bullied. Kevin tackles Sally about her drinking with Greg but she makes him feel wrong footed by accusing him of suspecting her of being unfaithful. She points out that Greg is going out with Maxine who is younger and sexier than she is. He feels foolish and ends up apologising for not trusting her. Hayley tells the workers that Mike sacked her because he'd taken on too many staff. Alma tells Mike she'll never forgive him for sacking Hayley. Eric tells Curly he's retiring and has sold Firmans to Freschos, a big American firm. Curly is depressed, thinking he'll be sacked. Mike tells Alma and Hayley he can't stand Alma nagging him so she can have her job back. Hayley tells him she's not sure if she wants to work for him again. Rita hears that Alec gave Les £10 and accuses him of patronising her, thinking she's going senile. Sally presses Greg to say he's prepared to take on Sophie and Rosie as well as her.moreless
  • Sun 16 Aug, 1998
    Sun 16 Aug, 1998
    Episode 130
    Maxine tells Sally she's finished with Greg; he's a two-faced pig. Curly tells Toyah he's hurt by her article. Rita returns and starts to write everything down in a notebook in case she forgets things. Kevin is annoyed when Sally stays out till midnight and tells her to choose between her work and her family. Ken agrees to stay on at the Kabin so long as Rita insists Alec stops running things. Kevin tells Sally he can't cope anymore as he feels in her eyes he can't do anything right. He says all he tries to do is make her happy and is sick of her hostility. She is touched and admits she's not been thinking straight. Sally tells Greg they should stop seeing each other as too many innocent people are getting hurt. He tells her she's kidding herself. Greg apologises to Maxine and assures her he does care about her. He tells Sally that whilst Kevin wants the security she brings he wants her. She tells him she wants him as well.moreless
  • Fri 14 Aug, 1998
    Fri 14 Aug, 1998
    Episode 129
    Ida threatens Mike with industrial action if he doesn't reinstate Hayley. He warns her that Hayley isn't worth fighting for. Toyah returns Curly's laptop. He is appalled to read her article on sad men who dress younger. Roy asks Mike to reinstate Hayley but instead Mike threatens to tell everyone her secret unless she talks the girls out of striking. Ken tells Alec that unless he stops bossing everyone around at the Kabin he'll ring Rita. Hayley is amazed that people are prepared to strike over her. She considers telling the girls the truth although Roy admits he doesn't want her to because he's scared of people knowing. Maxine gets drunk and calls on Greg, demanding to know why he keeps avoiding her. He points out that she means nothing to him; she's just the girl he sleeps with occasionally.moreless
  • Wed 12 Aug, 1998
    Wed 12 Aug, 1998
    Episode 128
    Sally is annoyed when Kevin goes for a bank loan with the house as security. Alec throws his weight around and sacks a paper boy after slapping him. Ken warns him that Rita won't appreciate him running her business into the ground. Mike tells distraught Hayley that she has to leave but promises her secret is safe with him. The girls wonder why she's been sacked whilst Roy grows angry about the discrimination. Kevin has one last try to get Sally to give him her money but she refuses. Ida is disgusted by the way Hayley has been unfairly dismissed and promises her the girls are behind her. Curly is crushed when Natalie tells him his youthful clothes make him into a laughing stock. The bank manager approves Kevin's loan. Alma is stunned when Roy accuses her of ruining Hayley's new life. She lays into Mike for sacking her, saying he's an ignorant, insensitive pig. Kevin is furious when Sally tells him she's taken an evening job demonstrating knickers. He accuses her of hording money so she can run away from him.moreless
  • Mon 10 Aug, 1998
    Mon 10 Aug, 1998
    Episode 127
    Mike thinks Hayley is an embarrassment and feels the girls should be warned but Alma begs him not to tell anyone. Hayley is upset when Alma tells her she was forced to tell Mike about her past. Hayley fears everyone else will find out. Toyah writes an article for "Just 16" on how sad older people are for trying to dress younger. Kevin objects to Sally going out every night, telling her they don't need the money. She tells him it isn't about money. Toyah borrows Curly's laptop to type her letter up. Natalie gives Sally her solicitor's bill and accuses her of hating Kevin. Sally tells Greg that her £50,000 is staying in a building society, in her name only. Roy is stunned when Hayley tells him about Mike finding out her secret. She hopes Alma will make sure he keeps quiet about it. Mike tells Alma he's going to have to sack Hayley; if the others find out it will disrupt production.moreless
  • Sun 9 Aug, 1998
    Sun 9 Aug, 1998
    Episode 126
    Kevin doesn't understand why Sally has changed her mind. She tells him she feels the money should be put away somewhere safe for the girls. He accuses her of having no faith in him. Toyah is thrilled when her letter is printed in "Just 16", winning her £10. She is asked to submit an article on the subject of her choice for £50. Sally tells Mike she'll do the parties. Natalie is furious to hear Sally has changed her mind over the money. She warns Kevin that he'll have to sort out her solicitor's bills. Hayley is dismayed that she's still on emergency tax. Mike tells her the tax people are insisting she's called Harold. Mike is horrified when, after telling Alma about the mix up with Hayley's tax, she tells him that she used to be Harold.moreless
  • Fri 7 Aug, 1998
    Fri 7 Aug, 1998
    Episode 125
    The Kabin is ransacked. Rita feels stupid for forgetting the key. Alf warns Fred off spending so much time with Audrey. Fred assures him his interest in her is strictly political. Curly decides to change his image, buying new clothes, glasses, getting two earrings and having his hair cut dramatically. Vera demands to know if Alec is planning to marry Rita. He tells her it's nothing to do with her. Mike suggests to Greg that they get Liz to host knicker parties in customers' homes. Greg says Liz is too tarty and suggests Sally instead. Rita is upset when Alec discovers she's behind in paying her bills. She doesn't know what's happening to her. Alec takes control and arranges for her to stay with Mavis for a few days. She is grateful and leaves the Kabin in his hands. Curly is an instant hit at the party as everyone is impressed by his new image. He chats up Spider's friend Lucy but is embarrassed when he learns she's only interested in him because she feels sorry for him being alone. Greg encourages sally to take the knicker parties job as it'll give them an excuse to meet in the evenings. Les gatecrashes Spider's party and is stunned when drunk Toyah vomits over him. Kevin is gutted when Sally tells him he can't have any of her money.moreless
  • Wed 5 Aug, 1998
    Wed 5 Aug, 1998
    Episode 124
    Alec insists on Rita seeing a doctor as she keeps forgetting how ill she is. The doctor says it's the after affects of the poisoning and says she's stuck with it until it slowly clears. Alec assures the doctor he'll look after her. She refuses to give up the Kabin. Spider and Lorraine decide to throw a party whilst Emily's away. He is stung when Toyah ignores him. Spider tells Toyah he values her friendship but she feels she's been side-lined. Fred encourages Audrey to get the Council to make the world's longest sausage for the Millennium. He is staggered to discover the record is already twenty-eight miles. Vera fears Alec is hatching a plot with Rita to oust the Duckworths from the Rovers. Audrey enjoys Fred's attention and goes to dinner with him. Alf is furious when he hears about it. Rita absentmindedly leaves the Kabin keys in the lock.moreless
  • Mon 3 Aug, 1998
    Mon 3 Aug, 1998
    Episode 123
    Toyah buys a teen magazine to read all about 'entrapping your man'. Lorraine and Spider enjoy their night together. Kevin celebrates when the solicitors draw up details to end his and Natalie's partnership. Sally doesn't know how to tell him she's changed her mind. Ken encourages Toyah to write to the editor of "Just 16" as she feels the magazine is rubbish. He gets her to post the letter before she can change her mind. Toyah is sickened to discover Lorraine spent the night with Spider and feels as if he's cheated her. Greg presses Sally to tell Kevin he can't have the money. Taking advice from the magazine, Toyah dresses up and tries to seduce Spider but is thwarted by the ever-present Lorraine. Curly feels he lives in a vortex of nothing happening. He receives a letter from Raquel saying she wants a divorce to marry her boyfriend, Justin. Rita panics when she can't catch her breath. She tells Alec she's afraid she's losing her mind.moreless
  • Sun 2 Aug, 1998
    Sun 2 Aug, 1998
    Episode 122
    Rita is annoyed when Alec tells Ken that they are an 'item'. Curly feels insecure about his image and is horrified when Alma assumes he's in his early 40's as he's only 35. Alec is dismayed when Rita remembers nothing of their talk of sharing the future together. She accuses him of making it up and is hostile towards him. Lorraine arranges to go dancing with Spider and puts Toyah off when she invites herself along. Toyah feels Spider has taken advantage of her feelings for him. Maxine tackles Greg as to why he keeps making excuses not to see her but he talks her round. Sally is embarrassed when Kevin joins Greg for a chat, telling him about his plans for the future. Lorraine and Spider go to 80s night at a nightclub. Lorraine doesn't know how to cope with his bizarre dancing and is furious when Toyah turns up and dances with him. Rita realises Alec is sincere when he tells her how wearing her behaviour is being. She is upset to realise she's forgotten all about saying they could move to being more than friends. Lorraine is fed up when Spider feels responsible for Toyah and insists on taking her home. She accuses him of being more interested in Toyah than her but he swears he isn't and invites her to stay the night as Emily is away. She agrees. Greg lets Sally believe he's spending the night alone when really Maxine is in his bed.moreless
  • Fri 31 Jul, 1998
    Fri 31 Jul, 1998
    Episode 121
    Curly tells Spider he saw the kiss and accuses him of laughing at him behind his back. Sally is jealous of the thought of Greg spending nights with Maxine. He reminds her that she's the one who's married. He assures her that when he's with Maxine he's thinking of her. Rita apologises to Alec for being so harsh and says she was touched by the sentiment. She suggests they carry on as they are and see how things develop. He's happy to settle for that. Maxine thinks Greg is seeing someone else as he's always making excuses why he can't see her. Toyah is disgusted when she hears Spider kissed Lorraine. Sally feels sorry for Kevin as he thinks everything is well in their marriage. She realises she's fallen out of love. Vera tells Jack that she thinks Rita is interested in Alec as she wants to get her hands on the pub. Greg tells Sally she should think twice about putting all her money in the garage as one day she'll need it to help her get away from Kevin.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jul, 1998
    Wed 29 Jul, 1998
    Episode 120
    Hayley is nervous when she starts work at Underworld. The girls are hostile towards her when they see how quick she is. She wins them over by doing some of their work as well. Nick starts work at the garage and proves a hit with the factory girls in his overalls. When Lorraine snubs him, Spider assures her that he is interested in her. She tells him to put Curly straight. Alec is upset that Rita won't even talk to him. Hayley feels as if her dream has come true as she felt like one of the girls at Underworld. Roy upsets her by warning her to be cautious of what she says to people. When Sally can't free herself to see him Greg falls back on Maxine. Alec apologises to Rita but she accuses him of using her to get back at Steve. Lorraine snogs Spider to show him what he's missing. Curly walks in and sees the kiss. Rita is stunned when Alec tells her he loves her and wants to marry her. She tells him she could never marry him as she doesn't trust him.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jul, 1998
    Mon 27 Jul, 1998
    Episode 119
    Kevin doesn't understand why Sally doesn't want to work in the garage with him. Leanne is horrified when Ken starts work at the Kabin to give Rita a rest. Maxine and Greg return from their romantic weekend away. Kevin takes Nick on to work at the garage all summer. Mike is amazed when Hayley proves to be an incredibly fast machinist. He gives her a job on the spot. Betty visits Rita and tells her Alec is upset that she's annoyed with him. Toyah surprises everyone by reading Of Mice and Men. Sally tells Kevin she's visiting Rita and instead goes to a hotel with Greg. Spider tells Lorraine they can't be an item because he doesn't want to hurt Curly's feelings. Sally has to cut short her love making so as not to arouse Kevin's suspicions.moreless
  • Sun 26 Jul, 1998
    Sun 26 Jul, 1998
    Episode 118
    Spider is depressed over the lost election. Rita is upset to discover she's forgetting events and conversations. Audrey loves all the attention she's getting as a Councillor. Fred celebrates her victory and plans to get closer to her. He is shocked when Alf reveals he didn't vote for her. Rita assures Jim she doesn't blame him for the accident and has no intention of prosecuting. He is relieved. A Health and Safety official calls on her, telling her about the tip off. She refuses to press charges and turns on Alec for making the call, accusing him of going against her wishes. Curly feels he's blown his chances with Lorraine as she clearly isn't interested in him. Ken starts giving Toyah lessons at £5 an hour. Kevin has plans to enlarge the garage and tells Sally there'll be a role for her as book keeper. She tells him to forget it; she likes it too much at Underworld. Hayley asks Mike for a job but he refuses to employ her. Spider is stunned when Lorraine tells him she doesn't fancy Curly; she fancies him. Roy bets Mike that Hayley can out-machine any of his girls, saying if she can't he'll give him £100.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jul, 1998
    Fri 24 Jul, 1998
    Episode 117
    Kevin feels Sally is doing too much overtime. Spider and Audrey do battle on voting day. Fred is intrigued when Spider lets it slip he's been in prison. He alerts the Returning Officer and is told there's no way an ex con can stand. Rita is uneasy when Alec tells her the upset of seeing her so ill has made him see he wants her to be more than just a friend. Ken is touched when he sees Toyah is genuinely upset about not knowing anything. She explains she can't work at school as her friends will think she's soft. He agrees to give her secret lessons. Audrey gives up bothering to canvass when Fred assures her Spider will be disqualified. Sally tells Greg she couldn't leave Kevin because of the children. She is jealous when he goes away for the weekend with Maxine. Fred and Audrey are horrified when they learn Spider was only in prison for 14 days so isn't disqualified. Alf thinks she's stupid for not making an effort. Alec rows with Steve in public over Rita and Vicky. Steve accuses him of wanting to get his hands on Vicky's money himself. After a recount, Audrey wins the election by seven votes. Spider feels victorious of taking 40% of the vote. Alec makes an anonymous call to the Health and Safety people telling them McDonald fitted Rita's fire.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jul, 1998
    Wed 22 Jul, 1998
    Episode 116
    Curly invites Lorraine for a curry and she agrees, assuming Spider will be there. Maxine can't afford the weekend away and badgers Fiona for an advance on her wages. Sally is stung to discover Greg is going away with Maxine. He tells her he hasn't had chance to finish with Maxine yet. Rita returns home and is frightened of being alone. Spider asks Lorraine to be nice to Curly, for his sake. Maxine wears Fiona out all day so she finally agrees to give her an advance, but warns her Greg isn't worth it. Toyah asks Ken to give her private lessons but he refuses. Curly enjoys spending the evening with Lorraine but she can't wait to get rid of him. She lets him kiss her as she doesn't want to hurt his feelings.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jul, 1998
    Mon 20 Jul, 1998
    Episode 115
    Sally takes on overtime as an excuse to be available for Greg. Alec offers to look after Rita so she can be discharged. Audrey goes for a hard line - naming and shaming community charge dodgers and roping the unemployed into litter gangs. Spider thinks her campaign leaflets are so funny he hands them out himself. Toyah gets fed up with everyone thinking she's thick as her mind is full of ideas. Jim is amazed when Alec tells him his shoddy work nearly killed Rita and warns him he's getting the authorities onto him. Maxine hopes Greg will open up more during a romantic weekend. Roy encourages Toyah to learn how to express her ideas and concerns. She wants to learn but feels she's left it too late. Greg and Sally meet for more sex at work.moreless
  • Sun 19 Jul, 1998
    Sun 19 Jul, 1998
    Episode 114
    Spider encourages Curly to ask Lorraine out but he doesn't feel confident enough. Greg and Sally have a narrow escape when Maxine catches them together. Alec wants Steve prosecuted but Rita isn't keen. He furiously tells Steve that his cowboy antics nearly killed Rita and he's going to make sure he goes to court. Fiona tells Steve it's not his fault about the fire; Jim and Bill should have supervised him better. Steve doesn't want Jim bothered about the news as it could set him back. Maxine suggests to Greg they go away for an expensive weekend, with her paying for herself. Sally fears she might have been used by Greg. Audrey canvases for votes but has no interest in the public. Steve visits Rita in hospital and asks her not to prosecute as it will be Jim who takes the blames as it was his firm. He feels the case might keep Jim in his wheelchair for ever. Rita tells frustrated Alec that she sees no point in punishing Jim. Mike implies to Greg that he might be interested in him taking over Underworld for him. Sally is flustered when Kevin has papers drawn up putting the garage in both their names.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jul, 1998
    Fri 17 Jul, 1998
    Episode 113
    Jim is delighted that Liz has stayed the night but feels sexually inadequate. She is adamant it's not important and tells him she'll move in with him permanently. Alec struggles to run the Kabin and work at the Rovers. A gas inspector tells Alec that Rita's gas fire has been wrongly installed and is a death trap. Sally tells Rita that Alec saved her life and is now looking after the Kabin. She is deeply moved. Steve is thrilled to hear Jim and Liz are back together. Rita thanks Alec for saving her life. Sally is bothered to see Maxine kissing Greg. Deirdre is disturbed to think of Liz moving in with Jim. Alec is so tired after sorting the papers that he falls asleep whilst visiting Rita. She tells him that Steve installed her fire. Greg tempts Sally to an after hours glass of wine at Underworld. She tells him about Kevin's affair and how her eyes have now been opened. She responds passionately when he kisses her. Curly is desperate to spend time with Lorraine but she's more interested in Spider. Sally and Greg have sex in Mike's office.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jul, 1998
    Wed 15 Jul, 1998
    Episode 112
    Kevin is relieved when Sally tells him to proceed with buying Natalie out of the garage. Alec assumes control of the Kabin and annoys Leanne by interfering. Greg moves into the shop flat. Liz tells Jim she's proud of the way he's coped with his disability. Greg is amazed when Maxine tells him Sally once had an affair. In order to get closer to Lorraine, Curly ropes her into helping in Spider's campaign. Alec gets emotional when he visits Rita in hospital. Liz and Jim agree to take their relationship one day at a time. He agrees to let her stay the night with him. He says he'd love to be a proper husband for her.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jul, 1998
    Mon 13 Jul, 1998
    Episode 111
    Rita is diagnosed with having been gassed by carbon monoxide. Alec and Sally grow upset at the hospital, wanting to be with her. Alec is in tears when the doctor asks for her next of kin. Fred panics when Spider threatens to tell the Gazette about the bribe. Greg comforts Sally as she fears Rita will die. Maxine fears she's put Greg off by declaring her love for him. Liz is confused when Jim tells her he can't do anything without her and needs her with him. Sally and Alec are relieved when Rita is out of danger but could have easily died. Audrey is furious when Spider tells her Alec and Fred tried to bribe him to get him to merge with her. Alec and Sally are distraught at the sight of Rita in an oxygen tent. Jim tells Liz he can't bear for her to be near him as he wants her so much. She encourages him to tell her he still loves her. She tells him she loves him and doesn't care if he never comes out of the wheelchair, he's all she wants.moreless
  • Sun 12 Jul, 1998
    Sun 12 Jul, 1998
    Episode 110
    Rita worries about what's happening to her, realising she's got more than flu. The Websters return from America. The Rovers staff anticipates a huge crowd for the World Cup final and decorate the pub. Kevin has a dilemma as he wants to watch the football but Sally expects to go out as it's her birthday. Jack plans to watch the football rather than serve behind the bar and is furious when Vera says if he does so will she. Sally is concerned over Rita's illness and looks after her. Rita is terrified that she's got a brain tumour like Ted. Alec thinks Audrey is a liability and feels he's wasting his money backing her. Audrey decides to pull out of the election but changes her mind when Alf tells her she's right; she'd make a terrible Councillor. Michael tells Jim not to shut Liz out completely as it's obvious he's in love with her. Kevin is relieved when Sally cancels their evening out. Secretly she's has enough of his company. Rita falls unconscious in her flat. Fred and Alec warn Spider that by standing against Audrey he's allowing Labour to storm ahead. He refuses to stand down in favour of Audrey and is furious when they offer him £150 as a bribe. Greg tells Sally he's glad she's back. Michael advises Liz to make herself available to Jim, even if it means forcing her company upon him. She accuses Jim of shutting her out because he's fighting his feelings for her. He tells her he has no feelings for her. Sally has a boring birthday as Kevin ignores her in favour of the football. Vera enjoys watching the football and leaves Jack to man the bar. Alec and Sally worry when they can't raise Rita. Greg helps them kick her door in and they find Rita unconscious and freezing on the floor. Sally calls for an ambulance whilst Greg gives the kiss of life. Alec goes to the hospital with Rita as she is rushed off in an ambulance.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jul, 1998
    Fri 10 Jul, 1998
    Episode 109
    Alec has a widescreen television delivered. Roy takes up jogging as he wants to live as long as he can for Hayley's sake. Fred and Alec push their own policies through Audrey. She finds the speeches they write boring and decides to create her own policies. Liz is shocked when Jim asks her not to call on him so often; he needs to fend for himself and she shouldn't be held back from getting on with her life. She is upset when he tells her she's stopping him from getting ahead with his own life. Audrey forces embarrassed Nick to hand out her leaflets at the college. Rita suffers pains in her head. Spider goes down a storm with the students as they identify with him and his policies. Standing for the Independent Business Alliance, Audrey proves a hit by appealing to the female students and telling the audience she represents people who want a good time. She hits the wrong note though when she announces the return of the Miss Weatherfield Contest. Michael suggests to Jim that he doesn't want Liz around as he no longer has any control over her. Rita struggles to keep on her feet in her flat.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jul, 1998
    Wed 8 Jul, 1998
    Episode 108
    Curly agrees to be Spider's campaign manager. Fiona is troubled when Maxine tells her she loves Greg. Audrey orders Nick to rally his friends to attend the meeting she has to give at the college. Roy helps Hayley clear out her father's house and is upset to find an old photograph of her as a boy. She tells him about her unhappy childhood. Michael encourages Jim to lift weights to build up his shoulder muscles and encourages him to claim Disability Living Allowance. Maxine is upset when Fiona says Greg isn't the settling down type. Hayley is touched when Roy frames the picture of her as a boy, telling her one day she might be proud of who she was, for it made her the woman she now is. Liz is upset when Jim offers her his allowance. She points out she's looking after him because she cares for him, not for a job. Alec seethes as the pub empties when the customers go to the Legion to watch the football on wide screen TV. Vera and the women sit in the empty bar watching an old film.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jul, 1998
    Mon 6 Jul, 1998
    Episode 107
    Spider realises he's offended Emily and apologises. He is upset when she tells him her views are obviously out of date so he should find a new campaign manager. Leanne agrees to take on the early shift every day when Rita offers her more money. Leanne is touched when she gives her her own set of keys to the Kabin. Alec is horrified when Audrey tells him she burnt the new photographs that he paid £190 for. Emily brings Spider and Curly together, telling them they have a lot in common. Natalie's niece Lorraine starts work at the Rovers. Fiona is stunned when Greg comes on to her. She suggests to Maxine that Greg might just be using her but Maxine accuses her of being jealous. Jim invites Liz and Steve to dinner and thanks them for all their help. Curly is smitten by Lorraine but she is more interested in Spider. Maxine tells Greg she's in love with him but he tells her not to rush him. Roy takes Hayley boating and suggests they start an affair. She agrees and he kisses her.moreless
  • Sun 5 Jul, 1998
    Sun 5 Jul, 1998
    Episode 106
    Roy wants to complain to the authorities but Hayley tells him she wants to forget about it. Maxine is upset when Greg tells her he doesn't want her to move into the flat with him, saying he needs his own space and needs time to make commitments. She feels sorry for him coming from a broken home. Rita complains of feeling ill. Vera tells Jack she's found a barmaid when Natalie volunteers the services of her niece. Hayley is thrilled when Roy invites her to stay the night in his flat, even if she has to sleep on the sofa. Audrey replaces her campaign photograph with one of her taken in the 60s. She has posters made and plastered everywhere. Rita is furious to discover Audrey forced her paper boys to deliver her campaign leaflets. Michael teaches Jim how to dress himself and shows an interest in his relationship with Liz. Alec buys a second hand portable television to put on the bar so customers can watch the world cup. Spider hates his neat image on his posters. He rips them down, telling Emily from now on he's going to run his campaign his way and isn't going to be a sell-out.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jul, 1998
    Fri 3 Jul, 1998
    Episode 105
    Hayley is sad that Roy has to return to England. She questions him over his thoughts about her but he can't express himself. Spider is uncomfortable in his parted hair, suit, collar and tie. Emily organises for him to have his campaign photographs taken on the Street. After Roy has gone Hayley finds he's left her a gold watch. Greg tells Fred Maxine can't afford the flat but he can. Hayley quickily packs and rushes to the airport, telling Roy she's coming back with him. She tells him she knows his feelings and she's happy to go along with him, in his own time. Audrey collects her professional campaign photographs and is upset as she appears so old in them. To boost her moral Fiona and Maxine give her a beauty treatment. Sandy takes time off work to escort for Alec. Vera is annoyed when he's spotted in town when he's meant to be ill. Hayley and Roy return to England but she is stopped by an Immigration Official as her passport says she's a man. Vera realises Sandy is acting as an escort for Alec and sacks him. She tells Jack she's had enough hiring bar staff - he can take over. After a humiliating time at the airport Hayley is allowed to leave.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jul, 1998
    Wed 1 Jul, 1998
    Episode 104
    Maud annoys Jim by confronting him and accusing him of wanting people to pity him. She tells him it takes more bravery to live in a wheelchair than to be a soldier and that he should be grateful for still being alive. Alec tries to sign Sandy up for Golden Years. Roy and Hayley enjoy themselves sight seeing in Amsterdam. Emily and Ken try to convince Spider he'd be a good Councillor, shaking people up. They warn him that if he doesn't take his seat they will tell everyone he's a fraud. Maxine doesn't have any luck raising the deposit for the flat. Hayley is relieved that she's now a real woman and looks foward to living a normal life. Spider tells Emily and Ken he will take his seat if elected. They tell him he's going to have to change his appearance and take him for a hair cut. Jim thanks Maud for her pep-talk. Greg advises Maxine to tell Fred she can't afford the flat, saying he'll then talk to him and get it cheaper. Alec gives Sandy his first escort assignment. Hayley is frustrated when Roy can't bring himself to declare his feelings for her.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jun, 1998
    Mon 29 Jun, 1998
    Episode 103
    Steve finds Jim on the floor having spent all night like it. Sandy shows off his skills with the cocktail shaker and creates a 'Bloody Vera'. Jim decides to give up alcohol. Roy hangs around outside Hayley's home until she arrives back. She is delighted to see him but neither of them knows where they stand. Jack is humiliated when his back goes and Sandy takes on the cellar work. Fred tells Maxine he needs a deposit and the first month's rent before she can move in. She wonders where she's going to get £510 from. Steve tells Jim's therapist, Michael, that he's refusing all help. Roy is relieved to discover Hayley just rents a room in Johan's house. Michael tells Jim he has to have the will to want to work again and must come to terms with what's happened to him. Emily buys Spider a second hand suit to help in his campaign. She is shocked when he admits that he will refuse his Council seat if he is elected as he doesn't want his values to be corrupted. Fred and Alec force Audrey to write to the Gazette demanding a retraction on her article. Maud is concerned when she sees Jim push his chair out into the path of Mike's car. He is angry when Mike manages to avoid hitting him.moreless
  • Sun 28 Jun, 1998
    Sun 28 Jun, 1998
    Episode 102
    Alec and Jack want rid of Sandy but Vera is adamant he stays. Roy gets his passport and sets off to Amsterdam, excited at the prospect of going abroad for the first time. The Gazette prints an interview with Audrey saying Spider spent nights on the Red Rec with a teenage girl. Alec fears Spider will sue her for slander. Sandy proves to be a hit with the factory girls. Greg is alarmed when Maxine suggests he moves in with her. He gets out of it by saying he wouldn't be able to concentrate on his work if he lived with her. She is disappointed but flattered. Roy arrives in Amsterdam and starts hunting for Hayley. Jim is furious when he's refused beer at the Rovers because everyone knows he's on medication. When he calls Vera a cow Sandy pushes him out of the pub. Roy discovers Hayley is out of town and is told she likes with a man called Johan. Jim gets drunk on whisky and ends up sobbing, having fallen out of his wheelchair. Janice and Spider are furious when they read Audrey's article. He warns Audrey that he's going to sue her.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jun, 1998
    Fri 26 Jun, 1998
    Episode 101
    Alec ropes in an old actress friend, Barbara Day, to help show Vera her employment methods are wrong. When she arrives Alec and Jack pretend to take against her whilst Vera thinks she's perfect. Barbara pretends to be attracted to Jack, to Vera's annoyance. Alec tells Vera that he's noticed the more mature woman finds Jack attractive, unlike young girls. Gary starts to make alterations to No. 11 but Jim fights to keep everything the way it is, not wanting to think of his state as long term. When Vera announces she wants a young barmaid Alec pays Barbara her fee. Maxine agrees to rent the shop flat for £65 a week. Spider tries to raise election funds but hardly makes any money. Emily offers him her savings but he refuses. Alec and Fred hope that by backing Audrey they can do their businesses some good. They try to get her to think of policies but she can't be bothered. Steve urges Jim to accept his help and accuses him of driving people away. Jack and Alec are aghast when Vera employs a young blonde hunk called Sandy as barman.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jun, 1998
    Wed 24 Jun, 1998
    Episode 100
    Leanne tells Nick she won't go to the police but is worried that Darren is plotting revenge on them. Gail tells him he has to go to the police, otherwise he's sunk to Darren's level in lying. She fears it could break him and Leanne up, admitting that she doesn't want that to happen. Steve asks Gary to work on No. 11 to make it wheelchair friendly. Vera interviews sour Edna Miller for the barmaid's job, to Jack's horror. Audrey takes her nomination form to the Council to be told it's invalid as Gail has already signed Spider's form. She has to ask a stranger to sign the form. Gail and the Tilsleys go to the police and explain about the letters they wrote to Darren. They are grateful when the Inspector sees their view and says he'll recommend the matter doesn't go to court. He assures them he'll make sure Darren doesn't come anywhere near any of them again. Busty Chantal Clarke is interviewed by Vera. Jack votes for her but Vera realises she's useless. Roy books his flight to Amsterdam and has to rush about organising a passport. Audrey warns Spider that she can fight a dirty election as well as him.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jun, 1998
    Mon 22 Jun, 1998
    Episode 99
    Gary tells Judy that if she really loves him she'll have to help him as he's scared by his emotions. Roy receives a letter from Hayley saying she's living in Amsterdam. Gary is upset when Judy tells him that she felt having Katie was more important than her body. He tells her that he thinks his feelings for her are dead. He tells her she has to convince him she'd never do anything like it again. Leanne tells Nick that if he doesn't tell the police about the letters she will. He can't believe she'd shop him to the police but she is determined. He tells her that he's not helping Darren get out of prison and warns her that if she does he'll finish with her. Spider is horrified when he realises he's not on the electoral register so he can't stand in the election. Roy feels he's blown him chances with Hayley and regrets being bigoted. Gail urges him to go to Amsterdam and tell her he loves her. Gary is stunned when Judy tells him she's carrying twins and moved when she shows him the scan. She assures him they are his children and not Fisher's. Spider is delighted when Emily reveals she had him put on the electoral register. Gary tells Judy he wants to put the past behind them. They agree to try to carry on. Gail tells Nick she knows what's been going on and she wishes Darren was dead or locked up for the rest of his life but she knows that isn't going to happen. She urges him not to waste any more energy in hating him.moreless
  • Sun 21 Jun, 1998
    Sun 21 Jun, 1998
    Episode 98
    Nick is furious when Leanne tells him she's visited Darren in prison. He tells her it's obvious that coming from her family she has no idea of right and wrong. Emily signs up to be Spider's campaign manager. Toyah is pleased when he tells her he'll need her help in the election. Fred contacts a scrap metal dealer and has the camper van removed. He tells the residents that Audrey is a woman of action. Les is furious. Toyah tricks Gail into signing Spider's nomination form. Gail also sign's Audrey's form. Leanne feels her marriage is being ruined and tells Gail what's been going on. Gail is horrified when she learns how Nick set Darren up. She is sickened that he had any contact with a murderer and is stunned to realise she served Darren in the cafe. She tells Leanne that although Nick's been foolish she agrees with him that Darren should rot in prison. Vera advertises for a barmaid, warning Alec and Jack that she's not employing a bimbo. Leanne shouts at Gail, telling her she's wrong to want Darren locked up. Judy is thrilled when Gary turns up.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jun, 1998
    Fri 19 Jun, 1998
    Episode 97
    Sally is put out when Kevin gets the girls excited about going to America before she's agreed the idea. Des tells Natalie that now they are lovers he still wants them to be friends. Natalie accuses Zoe of wrecking the Malletts' marriage, telling her that Gary has left Judy. Sally is annoyed when she discovers Kevin has asked Mike to give her time off for the holiday. She is taken aback when he says he's booked the holiday for next week. Maxine asks Fred to rent her the flat over the Corner Shop. He tells her he'll think about it. Leanne visits Darren in prison and is upset when he tells her she and Nick are evil. She makes him believe she never wanted to send him back to prison. He tells her she can get him out by telling the police about the letters they wrote him. Zoe is upset that Gary has left Judy. Judy tells her that she's discovered she's having twins and Gary doesn't know. Maxine tells Greg about the flat and how ideal it would be for them. Nick tells Leanne they're not telling the police about the letters; Darren is behind bars where he belongs.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jun, 1998
    Wed 17 Jun, 1998
    Episode 96
    Leanne feels guilty about Darren but Nick hopes he'll rot in prison. Kevin tries to tell Sally about Samantha's lies but she refuses to listen to him. Curly persuades her he's telling the truth but she finds the idea that he isn't running away with Natalie disappointing. She apologises to Kevin but he's upset that he didn't know she was so miserable. Judy tells Natalie about having sex with Fisher. Natalie urges her not to blame herself. Greg invites Sally out for a drink but she tells him she couldn't. Zoe goes to the Job Centre but she's not qualified for anything. Betty pushes Des not to waste any more time and tell Natalie about his feelings for her. Sally and the girls move back into No. 13. She suggests to Kevin that they go on holiday to have more time for each other. She is taken back when he suggests they go to Florida. Des tells Natalie he wants to share his life with her. She is taken with the idea.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jun, 1998
    Mon 15 Jun, 1998
    Episode 95
    Samantha tells Curly the cat is a stray. He demands she gets rid of it as he's allergic to cats. Kevin refuses to leave No. 13, maintaining his innocence. Natalie calls on Curly to apologise and discovers Tiger there. Janice misses Les but is fed up with the way he always takes her for granted. Leanne advises Les to make a fuss of her, certain that she'd have him back. Natalie, Des, Curly and Kevin confront Samantha in the Rovers with Tiger. She becomes defiant, admitting to stealing the cat, making the phone call and lying to Sally. Natalie stops Des from hitting Samantha, saying she's not worth it. Curly orders her out of his house and she resigns from the Rovers. Audrey is flattered by Fred's attention. Les gives Janice flowers and serenades her in the Street, to her delight. She kisses him and drags him into the house and up to bed. Greg offers Sally an ear if she wants to talk about her marriage problems. Before she rides out of Coronation Street Samantha tells Des she really is pregnant, with his baby. Natalie tells him she must be lying but Des feels that he'll never know for sure.moreless
  • Sun 14 Jun, 1998
    Sun 14 Jun, 1998
    Episode 94
    Steve and Fiona return from holidaying in Tenerife. Judy tries to locate Gary but no one knows where he is. Sally tells Kevin that if he won't leave the house she'll contact her solicitor. He demands to know what he's done wrong so she tells him she knows he's planning to run away with Natalie and her money. He swears there's no plot but she tells him Samantha overheard their scheme. Sally tells him she doesn't care about him anymore; Natalie's welcome to him. He is upset when she says she's not been happy since they got back together. Wanting to get closer to Audrey, Fred volunteers to help her campaign. Des and Natalie are appalled to hear Sally has left Kevin. They try to make her see Samantha is just causing trouble but she refuses to listen. Zoe tries to talk to Fiona and is upset when Fiona tells her to stay away from her and Morgan. Toyah warns Les when Janice goes to the police about getting his van moved. Janice's plan backfires when the police realise he's got a van when he's banned from driving. She fears they'll lock him up and tries to withdraw her complaint but the police insist on checking up. Des and Kevin tackle Samantha but she says she didn't say anything to Sally. When Curly turns up she starts to cry and tells him Des has been pestering her, like he used to pester Raquel. Les removes the wheels from the van to stop the police nabbing him. He rounds on Janice for sending the police after him, saying it's the worse thing she's ever done to him. Curly accuses Des of abusing Samantha and swings for him. Des ducks and ends up hitting Curly in the face. Judy breaks down and tells Liz Gary has left her. Curly is amazed to find a cat in the loft.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jun, 1998
    Fri 12 Jun, 1998
    Episode 93
    Sally questions Samantha about the hoax call but Samantha assures her she never told Natalie it was her voice. Les talks Toyah into letting him into No. 5 and feeding him. Audrey reveals Alf has resigned from the Council and that his seat is available. Natalie worries about the whereabouts of her cat, Tiger. She apologises to Samantha for thinking she made the hoax call and returns to work at the Rovers. Audrey is affronted when Spider says Alf was a crap Councillor. Judy worries that Zoe will tell Gary about her and Fisher even though she promises she won't. Judy feels that she can't take the risk and will have to tell Gary herself. Samantha tells Sally to be on her guard as she thinks Natalie and Kevin are planning to run away together with her inheritance money. Sally is shocked. Janice is furious to discover Les has been in the house. Toyah says she let him in as she felt sorry for him. Spider announces he intends to stand for the Council as an independent Green candidate. Judy tells Gary that she had sex with Fisher in return for the £2,000. She tells him she hated every second and regrets it but he refuses to go easy on her, telling her they're finished and moving out. Audrey refuses to sit back and let Spider take Alf's place on the Council. She decides to stand against him. Sally packs and tells Kevin she's taking the girls to stay at Rita's. He is bewildered.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jun, 1998
    Wed 10 Jun, 1998
    Episode 92
    Sally tells Kevin to go ahead and buy the garage, assuring him that she won't change her mind again. She feels she just wants Natalie out of their lives for good. Ashley brings Zoe home. Sally is outraged when Natalie tackles her about making the hoax phone call about Tony being in hospital. She swears she wouldn't do anything so sick and accuses Natalie of saying she did it to make people think she's twisted. Natalie insists Samantha recognised her voice. Sally throws her out. Zoe apologises to Judy for all the hurt she caused her and tells her about seeing Fisher in hospital. She promises her she won't tell anyone about her having sex with him. Judy is horrified. Les pretends he's enjoying life in the van for Janice's sake but she's not fooled. Zoe is upset when Judy accuses her of wanting to blackmail her over Fisher. Zoe swears she just wants Judy to know she isn't going to tell anyone. Sally is furious when Natalie tells her Kevin says she's unstable. Natalie tells her she's contacting her solicitor. Leanne receives a phone call from Darren telling her he's back in Strangeways and he could serve another five years because of her trick. She feels very guilty.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jun, 1998
    Mon 8 Jun, 1998
    Episode 91
    Kevin pushes Sally to sell her mother's house but she tells him she's still grieving. Betty forces Samantha to tell Natalie she thinks Sally made the phone call. Les tries to wash his clothes in the Rovers' toilet but Betty throws him out. Ashley prepares for Zoe's return home but worries about Fiona's reaction to seeing her. Natalie suspects that Sally could have made the call as she still hates her. Janice is upset at the realisation that she's a single parent. Kevin snaps at Sally telling her she's going mad as she keeps changing her mind about the garage.moreless
  • Sun 7 Jun, 1998
    Sun 7 Jun, 1998
    Episode 90
    Distraught Natalie reaches Leeds hospital only to discover Tony isn't there. She phones him up and finds he's perfectly well. Sally is flustered when Greg makes it clear to her he's interested in her. Leanne has hysterics when someone calls at the house fearing it's Darren. She tells Nick they'll have to go to the police as she needs to know Darren is going to be locked up. When Kevin suggests taking out a loan to buy Natalie out Sally tells him it's a stupid idea and says he should use her inheritance. Natalie accuses Samantha of sending her off to Leeds out of spite, telling her she's sick. Samantha breaks down as Natalie goes for her. Nick and Leanne tell the police that Darren broke into their house and threatened her. They are promised Darren will go back to prison. Greg suggests to Maxine that if she had a place of her own he'd see more of her. Natalie tells the Rovers staff that Samantha made the phone call up and resigns. Samantha tells Betty that she thinks it was Sally who phoned up.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jun, 1998
    Fri 5 Jun, 1998
    Episode 89
    Liz urges Jim not to give up to hopelessness. He is too disgusted with himself to think of anything but misery. Des tells Natalie about Samantha not being pregnant and is shocked when she tells him she doesn't care; he had his chance and he chose Samantha over her. Les uses the cafe toilet as a bathroom and then refuses to buy anything. When Natalie tells Samantha she's sick for lying to Des Samantha tells her that she was pregnant and did have an abortion; she lied to Des as he frightens her. Natalie doesn't want to believe her but sees that Des did only want the baby, not Samantha. Samantha asks her to tell people she had a miscarriage. Des is amazed to see Natalie supporting Samantha and feels she's fallen for her lies. Natalie feels compromised as she can't tell him about the abortion. Samantha tells Natalie Leeds hospital has phoned to say Tony's been involved in a car crash. Alec drives her to Leeds straight away. Zoe unburdens herself at group therapy. Also at the group is Fisher who talks about how he blames himself for having sex with an employee who needed money. Zoe realises he's talking about Judy. Samantha calls at Natalie's house and snatches her cat.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jun, 1998
    Wed 3 Jun, 1998
    Episode 88
    Les spends the night in the outside toilet and begs Janice to take him back but she refuses. Sally is furious that Kevin has offered Natalie £3,000 extra for the garage and accuses him of throwing her money at his girlfriend. Des begs Samantha not to kill his baby. She refuses to listen and goes off to the clinic, leaving him crying in the Street. He searches the local clinics and is thrown out of one for creating a scene. When he tells Judy want Samantha is doing she tells him he must be wrong as she's seen her shopping in town. Jim has fun drinking in the Rovers until Maud asks him about his wheelchair. He snaps at her, humiliated that they're in the same position. Sally tells Kevin she's not giving Natalie any of her mother's money. Charlie West gives Les an old camper van to stay in. Les is delighted and parks it outside No. 5. When Des tackles Samantha about her being seen in town when she said she was at the clinic she tells him she lied; she was never pregnant and only said so to get at him and Natalie. He tells her she's mad.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jun, 1998
    Mon 1 Jun, 1998
    Episode 87
    Sally feels Natalie is no longer a threat and isn't bothered if she owns half the garage. Natalie is upset when Des tells her he can't see so much of her now he's back with Samantha. Jim is aghast when Emily gives him a second hand jigsaw to help pass his time. Greg realises Sally is attracted to him and is charming towards her. Natalie tells Kevin she'd sell her share of the garage for 50% of its value plus £5,000. Kevin knocks her down to £3,000 extra. Leanne melts when Nick gives her flowers and tells her he adores her. She agrees to return home. Samantha agrees to move in with Des. Nick tells Leanne they should report Darren to the police for breaking in as he's only out on parole. Jim gets frustrated as he can't reach the phone when it rings. He falls out of the wheelchair trying to reach it. When Les tells Maxine Greg could do better than her she tells Janice all about him losing his licence for drinking and driving after visiting Greg's mother. Janice is furious and throws Les out of the house. Des is stunned when Samantha tells him she's changed her mind; she doesn't want to start again with him as it would be a mistake, instead she's having an abortion.moreless
  • Sun 31 May, 1998
    Sun 31 May, 1998
    Episode 86
    Jim is trapped in the living room as his wheelchair is too big to go through the door. He feels bitter that he's dependant on Liz for everything. Samantha feels victorious when Des tells her he'd like to get back together with her. Sally is attracted to Greg when she meets him. Les tells Janice the doctor has told him he can't drive for at least a year. When Jim makes her life difficult Liz warns him that she's not going to let him drive her away. Kevin tells Sally they should use her mum's money to buy Natalie out of the garage. She tells him she doesn't want to think about it; she's still in mourning. Darren traps Leanne inside No. 5 and accuses her of leading him on. She breaks down, fearing he's going to hurt her. Natalie is upset when Des tells her he's getting back together with Samantha. Samantha tells Des that if they were to start again she'd need to be certain he wasn't still seeing Natalie. Nick hears Darren shouting at Leanne and kicks the door down. He lunges at Darren but is over powered. Nick makes a grab for the bread knife but Darren makes him see he's after revenge but he can't have it - he has no idea what game he's playing. Leanne is furious that Nick tried to grab the knife.moreless
  • Fri 29 May, 1998
    Fri 29 May, 1998
    Episode 85
    Gail is compromised when Nick tells her Leanne wants a divorce as she feels sorry for him but is thrilled. Les pretends to twist his back to give himself a reason for not driving. Des tells Samantha he doesn't intend to run away from his responsibilities but she tells him to forget it; she's not interested in a part time father. He is upset that he doesn't have any say. Steve buys a surgical sofa bed for Jim and sets about making No. 11 inhabitable for a wheelchair. Sally and Kevin return home after burying Elsie. Sally is devastated by her death but Kevin is more interested in selling off her house. Jim returns home but feels embarrassed to be viewed by the residents as a cripple. Natalie is surprised when Samantha accuses her of being in love with Des. Judy doesn't know how to cope when Fisher starts drinking and talking about their sex session. Des tells Natalie he thinks he should set up home with Samantha. He's shocked when she tells him she can't advise him; she's in love with him herself. Jim cries himself to sleep, not knowing what's going to become of him.moreless
  • Wed 27 May, 1998
    Wed 27 May, 1998
    Episode 84
    Janice tries to get Leanne to return to Nick, urging her to fight for her marriage. She asks Les to talk to Nick. Jim is told he can go home soon but worries that he'll be a burden on Liz who is determined to look after him. Les' court appearance is reported in the local paper. To prevent Janice seeing it, he buys up all the copies he can find and sets fire to them. Darren visits the cafe and overhears Gail and Toyah talking about Leanne. He realises he's been set up when he discovers her surname is Tilsley. Samantha tells Vera she's pregnant with Des' baby and he wants her to have an abortion. Vera tells him he should be ashamed for not standing by her. Les hits Nick and accuses him of being unfaithful to Leanne. Des decides that he wants Samantha to have his baby.moreless
  • Mon 25 May, 1998
    Mon 25 May, 1998
    Episode 83
    Steve urges Jim to think about the future they're all going to share together. Jim admits to Liz he's frightened he'll never walk again. Les goes to court wearing a dog collar in the hope the Magistrate will go easy on him. Des is confused when Samantha tells him she doesn't care what he thinks and she's not interested in his money; she's having an abortion as she doesn't want to be a single mother. She is pleased when the news stirs him into action, asking her if she's made the right decision. Greg talks Mike into employing him as a sales consultant. Nick apologises to Leanne but she tells him he has no idea what it means to be married; he never puts her first. Les gets an eighteen month ban and is fined £200 he rallies against the injustice of the legal system. He worries about Janice reading about it in the local paper. Sally is stunned when she receives a call saying her mother has died. She pushes Kevin away when he offers support. Natalie is convinced that Samantha is using her pregnancy to get at Des but he doesn't know how he feels about the situation. Nick is stunned when Leanne tells him she wants a divorce.moreless
  • Sun 24 May, 1998
    Sun 24 May, 1998
    Episode 82
    Leanne is petrified as Darren explains he's just been released and couldn't wait to see her. Nick questions Alison about Brian's death and she tells him all she can - they'd never met before that night and Brian picked her up and then went looking for a fight. Nick is disappointed that it's so sordid. Des wants children but feels getting back with Samantha would be a mistake. She tells him only he can decide what to do. Leanne tries to get rid of Darren but he lets himself in through the conservatory. He is surprised by her reaction as her letters were full of promise. When he accuses her of teasing him she tries to calm him down. Ashley confesses to Zoe that he's considered finishing with her but now wants them to make a go of things. She agrees to give them another chance. Leanne tries to keep Darren occupied and stalls when he tries to get her upstairs. Jim is put on a drip to stop his blood clotting. Natalie is stunned when Des tells her about Samantha's pregnancy and suggests she might be making it all up to get back at him. Greg introduces himself to Mike, who used to know his step father. Leanne tells Darren she needs to get to know him slowly but he's desperate to get her into bed. When he starts to grab her she fears for her safety and is relieved when Ashley interrupts them. Darren goes, saying he'll return soon. Samantha swears on a Bible to prove to Des she's pregnant. She is amazed when he tells her he still doesn't believe her. Nick is stunned when Leanne tells him Darren visited her and tried to bed her. She accuses him of seeing her as nothing but bait and tells him she's moving out.moreless
  • Fri 22 May, 1998
    Fri 22 May, 1998
    Episode 81
    Nick looks through cuttings about Brian's death and finds the name of the woman he was with. Samantha tells Des she's pregnant with his baby. He refuses to believe the child is his. Jim forces Liz to tell him it's his own fault he fell; he'd been drinking and picked a fight with Steve, bragging about his new job. Jim is disgusted with himself. Maxine blackmails Les into buying her drinks, threatening to tell Janice about being arrested. Fiona is delighted when Steve books them a two week holiday in Teneriffe. Nick contacts Alison Oakley and arranges to meet her. Samantha tells Des she'd like to move back in with him as a family. Jim panics when he suffers chest pains and can't breathe. Nick meets Alison at a bar. Leanne is alone at No. 4 when Darren calls.moreless
  • Wed 20 May, 1998
    Wed 20 May, 1998
    Episode 80
    Les is breathalysed and taken to the police station where the police discover the car isn't his. Les phones Greg for help and he leaves Maxine in his room to go to the police station. When Liz offers to look after Jim Steve accuses her of trying to use Jim's accident to get back together with him. Les tries to get Greg to offer the police money for his release but Greg refuses. Greg is horrified that Les saw Moira. When Charlie admits to lending the car the police let Les go. Greg takes him home and tells Janice he went to hospital after saving Charlie from a blazing car. Maxine drinks all the champagne in Greg's mini-bar before going home at midnight. Nick tries to visit Darren but isn't allowed in as the visiting order has Leanne's name on. Janice thinks Les is a hero. Greg apologises to Maxine and makes her feel awful by saying her drinks cost him £67. Jim asks Steve to tell him what they were rowing about before the accident but refuses.moreless
  • Mon 18 May, 1998
    Mon 18 May, 1998
    Episode 79
    Liz tells Jim he must fight for life, saying that if he wants her he's got her. Nick explains to Ashley about Darren when he catches him stealing Leanne's mail. He intends to get to Darren before he can make contact with her. Darren sends Leanne a visiting order. Steve wants to pay for a full time nurse for Jim but Fiona tells him he's fooling himself; they can't afford it. Natalie is annoyed when Vera takes her petty cash box key from her. Les borrows Charlie West's car to drive to Moira's in Warrington. He is impressed by her wealth and how attractive she looks. He tells her she's always had a special place in his heart. Maxine eats at Greg's restaurant and afterwards goes to his room. Moira is furious when Les gives her flowers stolen from the cemetery and tries to get her into bed. She calls him a loser and assures him she made no attempt to find him when she discovered she was pregnant. She throws him out. Driving home Les smashes into the back of a police car.moreless
  • Sun 17 May, 1998
    Sun 17 May, 1998
    Episode 78
    Nick hides a letter from Darren, as he doesn't want to upset Leanne. Maxine feels she's blown her chances with Greg. Fred urges Ashley to finish with Zoe whilst she's in hospital as she's a waste of space. Ashley tells him he's sick of him treating him as a child. When Martin tries to talk to Nick about Brian Nick accuses him of being glad Brian died so he could move in with Gail. Martin tells him he's not a substitute for Brian. When Vera finds £25 missing from the petty cash she questions the staff. Samantha acts indignant and feigns knowledge of Natalie having a key to the cash box. Zoe is helped by group therapy and tells Ashley she feels much better. He can't bring himself to finish with her. Nick phones Darren but can't bring himself to talk to him. Samantha makes a big play of telling Vera she's sure Natalie didn't steal the money so Vera begins to think she did. The doctor breaks the news to Jim that he could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Maxine is thrilled when Greg invites her to dinner at his hotel. Leanne celebrates when Rita gives her a pay rise. Liz and Steve promise Jim they'll look after him but he is full of self pity and explodes, telling them he's not living to be a cripple, he'd rather kill himself.moreless
  • Fri 15 May, 1998
    Fri 15 May, 1998
    Episode 77
    When Greg invites Maxine out to 'Viaggiatore' she panics as she has nothing posh to wear. Samantha 'finds' Natalie's ring on the floor and wins her thanks. Gary visits Jim and tells him about his fall. Les phones Moira and is pleased when she invites him to her house. He thinks she's desperate for his body. Ashley feels uncomfortable when Zoe promises to make amends over her behaviour, saying she owes him a lot. Maxine buys a glamorous dress, planning to return it for a refund in the morning. She meets Greg and is appalled when he tells her 'Viaggiatore' is Italian for 'Rovers' and has no intention of taking her for a meal. To make matters worse Les spills a pint over the dress. Des is suspicious of helpful Samantha and disagrees with Natalie over her motives I finding the ring. Maxine gets Greg to drive her home and is upset when he refuses to come in when he learns it's her parents' house. Steve tells Jim that he fell because he was drunk and slipped after trying to hit him. Jim is angry that he can't remember anything of the accident. Steve and Liz assure him that they are both supporting him.moreless
  • Wed 13 May, 1998
    Wed 13 May, 1998
    Episode 76
    Janice is upset by the way Les takes her for granted and jokes about her needing a facelift. Fiona apologises to Maxine for blaming her over Morgan's disappearance. Jim starts to talk and eat solids again. Steve is relieved he doesn't remember anything of the accident. Maxine tries to play things cool with Greg but isn't any good at it and agrees to whatever he says. Samantha steals Natalie' gold ring and watches as she hunts for it. Vera gets Jack to look for it in the sink U bend and drenches him with water from the tap. Jim asks Liz and Steve to start talking to him as they always have and not as an invalid. Samantha sympathises with Natalie over the ring and suggests it may have been stolen by a customer. Natalie is upset as it's all she has left of her mother. Ashley intends to finish with Zoe but feels guilty at the thought of leaving her alone in the world. Les looks through Greg's organiser to get Moira's address and number. The doctor tells Liz and Steve that Jim has a fractured lumbar spine and may never walk again.moreless
  • Mon 11 May, 1998
    Mon 11 May, 1998
    Episode 75
    Liz keeps by Jim's bedside all the time as he slowly starts to communicate and focus. Steve gets emotional when he realises Jim is going to be all right. Maxine fears that Fiona will sack her. Ashley visits Zoe and assures her he still loves her but she doesn't respond, telling him she wishes they'd left her in the canal. He is upset that the fact he loves her means nothing to her. Les is keen to make contact with Moira but Greg doesn't think she'd be interested. He insults Rita by asking her how soon after being widowed a woman needs a new man. Ashley feels Zoe would be better off without him. Steve knows Jim is going to remember how he fell off the scaffolding. He fears Jim will sue him and get back at him.moreless
  • Sun 10 May, 1998
    Sun 10 May, 1998
    Episode 74
    Zoe is frightened of the police and edges nearer the canal to get away. Ashley persaudes her to put Morgan down but when the police try to touch her she climbs a bridge. She jumps into the canal and goes under. Gary and Nick dive in after her as she can't swim and drag her to safety. Ashley is unable to move. Zoe and Morgan are taken to hospital. Fiona rushes to be with her baby, shrugging off Maxine's plea to go with her. Ashley shouts at Zoe, trying to understand why she stole Morgan but she refuses to talk to him. Morgan is cleared by the doctors and reunited with Fiona. The doctors section Zoe, believing her to be a menace to society. Ashley begs them not to but they insist she must be locked up. He pleads with Fiona not to press charges but she tells him no baby is safe around Zoe. He discovers Zoe's going to appear in court and be remanded into psychiatric care for reports. Liz is delighted when Jim comes round from the coma.moreless
  • Fri 8 May, 1998
    Fri 8 May, 1998
    Episode 73
    Leanne makes Nick sleep on the sofa. Vera admits to Jack the pigeons are safe with Jamie. He is thrilled when they make their way home. Zoe returns home and is treated with kid gloves by Ashley. She has her hair done at the Salon and whilst Maxine's chatting to Greg on the phone she wanders off with Morgan. Fiona is horrified to discover he's gone and phones the police. Fiona becomes hysterical and blames Maxine whilst Ashley, Fred, Gary and Nick start to look for Zoe. Judy tries to comfort Fiona. Zoe takes Morgan to the canal. Ashley refuses to believe Zoe will hurt Morgan but Gary tells him he's a fool; Zoe is a liability. Steve tells Liz that Jim fell after trying to hit him and that either one of them could have fallen. Leanne, Ashley, Nick, Gary and Fred find Zoe on the canal bank.moreless
  • Wed 6 May, 1998
    Wed 6 May, 1998
    Episode 72
    Nick tries to retrieve his letter from the post box but the postman refuses to let him. Liz spends the night talking to Jim and is upset when he shows no signs of coming out of the coma. In her frustration she slaps him hoping to stimulate him. Jack runs Vera into the ground as she's so anxious not to upset him whilst he's regressed that he gets away with murder. Zoe is pleased when Ashley visits her. She tells him she's sorry for blurting out Judy's secret. He is pleased to see her so positive. Liz gets the surgeon to assure her they won't turn off Jim's life support machine. She isn't happy when she's told only the next of kin can make that decision and that's Steve. Vera is furious when Roy tells her he thinks Jack is having her on as he thought Bonnie Prince Charlie fought the Scots. Alone with Jim, Steve lays into him out of guilt, accusing him of being irresponsable in climbing scaffolding whilst drunk. Natalie gets tired of Samantha giving her the cold shoulder. She insists she and Des are just friends but Samantha refuses to believe her. Leanne is petrified of a killer having her photograph. Vera gets her revenge on Jack by serving him up pigeon pie. Samantha surprises Des and Natalie by toasting their future happiness. Jack is horrified to discover all his pigeons missing and accuses Vera of murder. He drops his trance act in anger. Liz reminds Steve that Jim's life could be in his hands and warns him that she doesn't trust him.moreless
  • Mon 4 May, 1998
    Mon 4 May, 1998
    Episode 71
    Steve swears to Fiona he didn't push Jim deliberately and refuses to tell Liz as he doesn't want anyone else to know. Fiona points out that when Jim comes round he'll tell everyone. Vera is worn out as she lets 'Lusty Jack' off work as she doesn't want to upset him. Samantha tells Natalie she's moving into Curly's but tells everyone else that Natalie is throwing her out. Nick forges Leanne's signature on a letter to Darren and sends him a photo of her. Liz is thrilled when Jim moves his head but the nurse warns her it could mean nothing. Roy talks to 'Lusty Jack' in the hope of learning about 18th Century Weatherfield. He is puzzled when Jack thinks Bonnie Prince Charlie fought the Scots. Samantha accuses Natalie of stealing Des from her. Leanne tells Rita about Nick using her as bait to trap Brian's murderer. Rita tells Nick he's been stupid and is amazed when he admits to sending another letter in Leanne's name. Leanne is petrified.moreless
  • Sun 3 May, 1998
    Sun 3 May, 1998
    Episode 70
    Zoe hates the Malletts for being a happy couple. She becomes hysterical when Ashley tries to get her to see a doctor. The barmaids tell Vera they object to being mauled by 'Lusty Jack'. Vera tries to explain that Jack isn't responsible for his actions but they don't care. Steve gets upset when Fiona suggests he's hiding something about Jim's accident. Vera struggles to cope when 'Lusty Jack' thinks his horses have been stolen from the stables at the back of the Rovers. Jack enjoys himself groping the staff and spending the afternoon at the bookies. Natalie accuses Des of using her to make Samantha jealous but he assures her he's only with her because he likes her. When Zoe cuts her hair off, Ashley calls in a doctor who sections her and takes her to hospital. Zoe tells Ashley she never wants to see him again. Ashley feels he's let her down. Leanne is appalled when Nick asks her to send Darren a photo of herself to lead him on. Steve tells Fiona he had a fight with Jim and pushed him off the scaffolding. He breaks down in tears.moreless
  • Fri 1 May, 1998
    Fri 1 May, 1998
    Episode 69
    Jack's all out to prove the hypnotherapy's worked by smelling fresh air, but Vera becomes convinced he's regressed when 'Lusty Jack' talks of wenching. He gets his comeuppance when he pinches Betty's bottom and is walloped for it. Sam is annoyed that she didn't know Des was taking Natalie to a football match. Leanne gets a letter from Whateley in prison. His parole board meets soon. Ashley suggests Zoe gives Shannon's things to Gary and Judy. She does, but by pushing a burning pram load at them.moreless
  • Wed 29 Apr, 1998
    Wed 29 Apr, 1998
    Episode 68
    Emily wonders if something else has upset Zoe on top of Shannon's death - Judy keeps quiet about being pregnant. Gary tells Ashley about Zoe hitting Emily - says he's got to do something about her behaviour - Martin suggests counselling. Jack visits Magenta the hypno-therapist, but instead of going into a trance, he leads her a merry dance, pretending to regress into a past life as "Lusty Jack". Liz and Steve find Jim's house a mess. Liz is puzzled - Gary doesn't know how the accident happened, Steve is certain Jim fell but didn't see anything - seems the only person who knows is Jim.moreless
  • Mon 27 Apr, 1998
    Mon 27 Apr, 1998
    Episode 67
    Liz tries to be optimistic about Jim's chances of recovery but Steve fears he'll never recover. Steve admits to Liz that Jim was drunk when he fell. Fred sees Zoe pocketing money rather than putting it in the till. Vera makes an appointment for Jack to be hypnotised by Magenta Savannah. Fred advises Ashley to keep Zoe aware from the till incase she makes any mistakes with money. Vera is annoyed to see Jack smoking his pipe and breaks it in two. Des and Natalie go to the pictures together but try not to let Samantha know. Zoe rows at Judy for being pregnant and accuses her of thinking she was a terrible mother. When she catches Jack buying cigarettes in the Kabin, Vera pleads with him to stop before he dies and he agrees not to buy any. Natalie lets Des know she's interested in him but he tells her he doesn't want anything heavy. She doesn't understand why he wants to be around her if he doesn't want sex. When Emily tells Zoe she's praying for her Zoe flies at her, accusing her of being a hypocrite and not caring for Shannon. Emily breaks down when Zoe hits her.moreless
  • Sun 26 Apr, 1998
    Sun 26 Apr, 1998
    Episode 66
    Unconscious Jim is rushed to hospital. Steve worries that he's killed him. Ashley tries to keep Zoe occupied by getting her to help out at the shop. When no one's looking she steals money from the till. When Ashley finds they're down £40 she suggests Maud is getting confused and has the grace to feel guilty when he gives her £10 wages. The police investigate Jim's accident. Steve tells them Jim fell off the scaffolding whilst drunk. Liz breaks down when she hears Jim's unconscious. Jack buys a pipe to smoke but Vera refuses to let him use it. Martin suggests he tries hypnotherapy. Des tells Natalie he's had enough with relationships. She tells him it's obvious to her that he is a very lonely person and she'd like to be his friend. Zoe and Leanne have a great time out clubbing. The doctor warns Steve and Liz that Jim may never regain consciousness.moreless
  • Fri 24 Apr, 1998
    Fri 24 Apr, 1998
    Episode 65
    Nick asks Leanne to help him find out when Darren is going to be released by writing to him. Alma tells Mike that if he wants to employ Deirdre she won't stop him. In order to help Jack, Vera considers stopping selling cigarettes and turning the Rovers into a 'no smoking' pub. Liz wears Steve down to the point he agrees to employ Jim if Jim asks for a job. Mike offers Deirdre the job of running the office at his factory but she is wary of getting involved with him and refuses. Alec is alarmed at the thought of the Rovers being non smoking, fearing it will drive the serious drinkers away. Judy tells Zoe about being pregnant as she thinks it will help her get over Shannon. Zoe thinks she's told her to rub her nose in it. Jim asks Kevin for a job at the garage and is grateful when he agrees to take him on. Alec and Jack vote against Vera, telling her they'd lose half their trade if they banned smoking. Against her better judgment, Leanne agrees to write to Darren. Vera tells Jack she wants him to give up smoking as she's frightened he'll die. He is moved by her concern and swears he will give up, for her. Jim gets drunk and visits Steve on his building site, telling him he won't need his charity as he's got a job. Jim goes to hit Steve but Steve hits back and pushes Jim off the scaffolding to the ground below.moreless
  • Wed 22 Apr, 1998
    Wed 22 Apr, 1998
    Episode 64
    Nick decides he wants to face Darren when he comes out of prison. Zoe realises Judy felt the same for Shannon as she did and tries to mourn with her. She breaks down in relief when Judy tells her they don't blame her for Shannon's death. Deirdre is stunned when Alma accuses her of having an affair with Mike. She protests her innocence but Alma tells her Mike is obsessed with her. Jim's phone is cut off when he doesn't pay the bill. Deirdre apologises to Alma for monopolising Mike's time but feels she was hanging on to any help she could. She swears she's not sleeping with Mike and would never deceive Alma. Alma is forced to believe her when she swears her innocence on Samir's memory. Vera is furious when she finds Jack smoking in the back yard. Janice returns from nursing her sick mother to discover Les has a long lost son. She struggles to understand what Greg means to him. Liz asks Steve to employ Jim as he's turning into a useless drunk but Steve refuses to help.moreless
  • Mon 20 Apr, 1998
    Mon 20 Apr, 1998
    Episode 63
    Ken's convinced Deirdre must be in love with someone and, exasperated by his attitude she packs and leaves to live with Liz. Alec catches Jack smoking. Liam fails to turn up for Shannon's funeral. Zoe's shocked afterwards to find a house full of people apparently enjoying themselves. She accuses everyone of prying but later realises they meant well and when Ashley comforts her she breaks down and cries for the first time.moreless
  • Sun 19 Apr, 1998
    Sun 19 Apr, 1998
    Episode 62
    Ashley and Judy comfort Zoe after Shannon dies of meningitis. Zoe struggles to cope with how it happened whilst Judy is utterly distraught. Alma accuses Mike of humiliating her by kissing Deirdre in front of everyone. Leanne feels that Zoe blames her for Shannon's death. When Fred offers to pay for Shannon's funeral Ashley accuses him of trying to buy his way out of guilt, accusing him of never liking Zoe or Shannon. Ashley feels he can't handle the situation and breaks down, comforted by Gary. Shannon's death causes Gail to comfort Leanne. Ashley apologises to Fred for shouting at him and accepts his help. Ken enjoys having Deirdre living at No. 1 and tries to kiss her. She stops him and tells him she's not in love with him. Mike assures Alma that Deirdre is just a friend and nothing else. Alec lays a trap for Jack, leaving a cigarette burning in his reach. Jack can't resist having a drag. Zoe breaks down, upset that everyone wants to help her now but when Shannon was alive they didn't want to know.moreless
  • Fri 17 Apr, 1998
    Fri 17 Apr, 1998
    Episode 61
    Judy and Gary celebrate when she discovers she's pregnant. People avoid Jim as he stinks of booze and seems to be constantly drunk. Alec tries to tempt Jack into smoking and he nearly weakens but Vera refuses to let him and sticks a nicotine patch on his back where he can't rip it off. The court of appeal agrees to let Deirdre out on bail. When Veitch tells her to colect her things Deirdre thinks she's tricking her again but when she sees Frankie she realises she is really going home. Jackie cheers her on. Zoe can't stop Shannon crying. Deirdre leaves prison and runs into Jon as he's led in. She jeers at him and is comforted by Mike and Ken. Judy warns Gary that pregnant women often demand more sex. Ken takes Deirdre in at No. 1 where she struggles to feel normal again. Nick and Leanne babysit Shannon to give him a chance to tell her about seeing Brian's killer. He doesn't know how he feels about it. They panic when Shannon makes strange noises. Emily and Liz are thrilled to have Deirdre free. The residents throw her a party at the Rovers where Mike gets carried away and kisses her, to Alma's fury. Nick fetches the Malletts whilst Leanne rings for an ambulance. Judy discovers Shannon has stopped breathing and rushes to hospital with her as Ashley and Zoe return home.moreless
  • Wed 15 Apr, 1998
    Wed 15 Apr, 1998
    Episode 60
    Zoe lets Judy mind Shannon whilst she lounges about. Jack goes to the doctors, a new young woman, and has a complete check up. Fiona asks Steve to make things up with Jim as their battling gets her down. Alma realises that she would rather Deirdre stayed in jail so Mike is kept away from her. NATALIE: "I'm not pulled as easy as a pint of Newton and Ridley's." Dr Jones tells Jack that his arteries are hardening, his lungs are in a terrible state and he is overweight. She warns him that unless he changes his lifestyle and stops smoking he could lose his legs. Leanne is fed up when Nick is troubled but won't tell her why. Greg tries to spend time with Maxine but Les keeps interrupting them. Vera is upset to hear Jack is seriously ill and vows to make him change his lifestyle. Mike is shaken when Alma warns him that when she's released Deirdre will not be living with them as it will kill what's left of their marriage. Veitch gets at Deirdre, hating her for thinking she's someone special. When she starts insulting Samir's memory, Deirdre goes for her and has to be pulled off by Jackie, who warns her that she'll get another six months for attacking a warder. For a favour Jackie hits Veitch on Deirdre's behalf. Jack agrees to give up smoking when Alec bets him £50 he can't do it.moreless
  • Mon 13 Apr, 1998
    Mon 13 Apr, 1998
    Episode 59
    Maxine stays out all night clubbing with Greg. Steve moves into Fiona's flat. Nick's class receives a visit from Darren Whately, a convicted murderer, who talks to them about how awful prison is. Nick is horrified to discover he's the man who killed Brian. Mike tells Deirdre about Jon's bigamous marriage and how everyone is working to get her out on bail but she tells him she doesn't want to know as she can't build her hopes up anymore. When she hears of the pains in Jack's legs Maud warns him and Vera to take them seriously as she suffered pains before being crippled by arthritis. Vera insists Jack sees a doctor. Natalie is annoyed when Des makes it clear he's interested in her. She tells him she's not that cheap. Nick questions Gail about Brian's death so she shows him the press cuttings she's kept of the trial. Shannon's crying annoys Nick and Leanne but Zoe doesn't think there's anything wrong with her. Deirdre rows with Veitch for not passing on Mike's good news and instead injecting her with sedatives. Gail tells Nick that she'd like to kill Brian's killer for all he put them through.moreless
  • Sun 12 Apr, 1998
    Sun 12 Apr, 1998
    Episode 58
    Mary tells Ken that she married Jon when he was calling himself James Anderson and left her with £17,000 of debts. She tells him she wants to help put Jon behind bars. Deirdre can't cope with being put in the prison hospital and is sedated when she becomes hysterical. Ken introduces Mary to Mike and he brings in Frankie, eager to get Deirdre released. Jack complains of pains in his leg but Vera thinks he's acting up. Greg shows Les a photograph of his mother at her villa in Majorca. Les is taken with the rich beautiful Moira and can't help comparing her with dowdy Janice. Leanne is pleased she's got a good looking half-brother. Greg is attracted to Maxine and introduces himself to her. She is charmed and agrees to go to a nightclub with him. Mike tries to ring Deirdre with the good news and leaves a message with Warden Veitch. Steve is thrilled when Fiona tells him she wants him to live with her. Alma accuses Mike of wanting to be Deirdre's knight in shining armour and moves into the spare room.moreless
  • Fri 10 Apr, 1998
    Fri 10 Apr, 1998
    Episode 57
    Judy enjoys looking after Shannon and tries to convince Gary she feels no emotional ties towards her. LES: "I'm a married man. Married men do not have to pay to have their tea put in front of 'em." Ken suggests to Emily that she's only protesting for Deirdre's freedom to make herself feel better. Angie leaves Underworld. Zoe likes the idea of Judy looking after Shannon as it gives her time for herself. Gary tells Zoe that Judy found it really hard work and suggests she finds someone else in future. Alma tells Mike she'll return to him on the condition he doesn't pay for anything else to do with Deirdre, even if it means her staying in jail. Judy is furious to learn Gary has tried to stop her looking after Shannon and tells Zoe she wants to continue seeing her as much as possible. Deirdre is sent to see the prison psychiatrist as she continues to 'refuse to accept reality'. Mike agrees to stop funding Deirdre's appeal but warns Alma she's the one keeping Deirdre locked up. Ken is approached by Mary Docherty who tells him she has knowledge of Jon.moreless
  • Wed 8 Apr, 1998
    Wed 8 Apr, 1998
    Episode 56
    Spider and Emily organise a demonstration outside the law courts. Ken warns Emily that she could get into trouble for producing leaflets damning Jon but she refuses to give up on Deirdre. Angie rows with Mike, telling him he doesn't own her. He apologises and admits he was wrong. Les enjoys having his son around and presses him to spend more time with him. Zoe is fed up of having Shannon around her all the time. She feels she wants her life back. Greg is embarrassed when Les keeps borrowing money from him. Judy tells Zoe she wants to help her look after Shannon, promising that she's not trying to take control again. Gary can't believe she wants to get involved again and is appalled when Judy agrees to baby sit Shannon for the night. Alma makes Mike see that he always believed Deirdre would be proved innocent and would make a great show of being grateful for his support. He can't deny it and she tells them they're finished.moreless
  • Mon 6 Apr, 1998
    Mon 6 Apr, 1998
    Episode 55
    Mike reminds Alma about her passion for Stephen Reid, warning her not to lecture him on the sanctity of marriage. Leanne is amazed to hear she's got a half-brother. Ashley worries about Shannon coughing and wheezing but Zoe tells him it's none of his business and insists there's nothing wrong with her. Angie is furious when she hears Mike has tried to get JRA to pay him £10,000 to release her. Mike visits Deirdre and is concerned by her subdued manner. She is taken to the hospital wing. Judy is concerned that Shannon has a cough that Zoe isn't taking seriously. Leanne and Nick meet Greg when Les calls a family gathering. Alma is upset when Mike visits Deirdre and stays with Gail for the night. Mike is furious to discover she's left him.moreless
  • Sun 5 Apr, 1998
    Sun 5 Apr, 1998
    Episode 54
    Mike tells Alma she's being ridiculous if she seriously thinks he's having an affair with Deirdre; he just feels sorry for her. Ken is amazed to discover Mike paid £10,000 for Deirdre's defence. Angie tells Mike that a London firm, Jarvis Rousseau Associates, want her to work with them and she wants to dissolve their partnership. Warder Veitch lets Deirdre believe her appeal is going to be heard and takes her off to the outside door before telling her to realise she is guilty and isn't going to be released; she's a criminal like the rest of the girls and must stop saying she's innocent. When Greg shows him an old photograph of his mother Les realises he really is his son. Greg explains he just wants to get to know him. Les likes the idea of having a son, especially a wealthy one. Alma demands that Mike chooses between helping Deirdre and their marriage. She is furious when he feels he can't decide between them.moreless
  • Fri 3 Apr, 1998
    Fri 3 Apr, 1998
    Episode 53
    Deirdre is officially sacked from Sunliners. Roy is depressed now Hayley has gone and ponders the meaning of love. Alma is stunned to hear through the grapevine that Mike paid £10,000 for Deirdre's defence. Les goes for Greg when he tries to talk to Toyah, thinking he's after her body. Greg stops him by telling him he's his son. Les denies all knowledge of him and chucks him out. Alma tells Mike their marriage is a sham and slaps his face. She creates a scene at the factory, accusing him of doing anything for Deirdre but nothing for her. She accuses him of carrying on an affair with Deirdre for years, stunning Liz by suggesting she's another of his women. Zoe is annoyed when she hears Judy has been asking questions about Shannon's health and warns her off. Gary tells Judy that Zoe is right; Shannon is nothing to do with them anymore. The gossips get to work on the news of Mike and Deirdre's affair. Alma swears she'll never forgive Mike for betraying her.moreless
  • Wed 1 Apr, 1998
    Wed 1 Apr, 1998
    Episode 52
    Shannon's crying all night keeps Leanne up and she is late to work. She has no time to mark up the papers and gets all the deliveries wrong. Angie is stunned to discover Mike paid Deirdre's £10,000 defence bill out of the company account. When she tackles him he promises to repay the money. Deirdre feels out of place in prison and annoys the inmates with her superiority. Rita is annoyed by Leanne's mix up with the papers and gives her a verbal warning. Greg Wood turns up looking for Les, who avoids him, unsure of what he wants. Judy worries when she overhears Leanne saying Shannon isn't sleeping well. Hayley comes into her inheritance from her father and tells Roy she's going abroad to have her final operations. She thanks Roy for his support and pleases him by saying she finds him attractive. When Kevin tells Sally he'd like a son she tells him she's not ready to have another child. Deirdre starts tailoring classes. Jackie slaps her face and forces her to see she has to stop saying she's not like the rest of them.moreless
  • Mon 30 Mar, 1998
    Mon 30 Mar, 1998
    Episode 51
    Deirdre spends her first night in prison and is shown the ropes by Jackie. The wardens warn her that her attitude won't help her and she should just accept that she's in prison. Mike is amazed by the £10,000 bill he receives from Frankie. He pays her out of Underworld's account. Emily produces posters alerting people to Deirdre's plight. Ken visits Deirdre and tells her they're fighting for an appeal. Kevin fears he's losing Sally but she tells him they can make their marriage work so long as they trust each other. He agrees. Deirdre is horrified when Ken warns her that the appeal will take months to come to court.moreless
  • Sun 29 Mar, 1998
    Sun 29 Mar, 1998
    Episode 50
    Deirdre is horrified when Jon is let off with a suspended sentence but she is found guilty of all counts and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. Chris tells Kevin he wants Sally run away with him but Sally tells them both that she can't leave. Mike is furious with the verdict whilst Emily, Ken and Liz are shocked. Ken shouts abuse at Jon as he walks free. Sally tells Kevin she's never encouraged Chris and needs him to trust her that nothing happened. Maxine returns from holidaying with James. Deirdre is taken to prison where all her belongings are taken from her and she is searched. Alma doesn't understand why Mike is so worked up about Deirdre being found guilty. Samantha waits with her bag for Chris but he decides he can't be bothered with her and leaves the Street without calling for her. Deirdre is put in a cell with Jackie Dobbs, a re-offender. Deirdre can't take in what is happening to her and breaks down. Kevin is annoyed when Sally can't bring herself to tell him she loves him. Samantha is distraught when she realises Chris has left without her.moreless
  • Fri 27 Mar, 1998
    Fri 27 Mar, 1998
    Episode 49
    Deirdre takes the witness box, telling the court how she was blinded by love and had no idea Jon was a fraudster. She gets annoyed when Jon laughs at her testimony and shouts at him in court. Samantha tells Chris that she wants to leave Weatherfield with him so he arranges to meet her before he goes to Coventry. Jon's barrister makes Deirdre out to be guilty of all the deceptions, casting her as a grasping man eater with three husbands. Emily gives Deirdre a character reference in court and stands up for her principles when Jon's barrister brings up the fact she is an eco warrior. She tells the court that if Deirdre is guilty then she is a banana. Sally rages at Kevin for telling Des about Chris and Samantha, knowing he only did it out of spite. Chris tells Sally he's leaving and begs her to come with him. She is torn as she agrees with him that she doesn't love Kevin. Deirdre and Jon wait for the jury to reach a verdict.moreless
  • Wed 25 Mar, 1998
    Wed 25 Mar, 1998
    Episode 48
    Natalie warns Samantha that's she's playing with fire by seeing Chris behind Des' back. Jon tells the court that Deirdre asked him to dress as a pilot to impress her friends and got him to forge Jenkins' signature so they could get a mortgage. Kevin sees Samantha going into Chris' flat and tells Des. Des smashes down the door and confronts them in bed together. Hamilton tries to break Jon down he he maintains that Deirdre manipulated him. Des throws Samatha's things out. She admits she's made a mess of things but begs him to believe she's grateful for all he's done for her. He tells her she's a freak. Chris resigns from the garage, telling Kevin he's pathetic for getting Des onto him. Deirdre is startled when the police advise her to change her plea to guilty. Des can't understand why Samantha cheated on him. Frankie tells Deirdre it's up to her to convince the jury now; no one else can help her.moreless
  • Mon 23 Mar, 1998
    Mon 23 Mar, 1998
    Episode 47
    The Gazette runs a feature on Golden Years, implicating the agency and Ken in Babs' death and describing Alec as running a sleazy operation from the Rovers. Deirdre and her friends go to court. Ken is stunned to discover the paper has named him as a gigolo. Liz and Mike support Deirdre whilst Les and Audrey go along to be nosey. Jon pleads guilty to the charge of conspiracy to obtain money by deception. Deirdre pleads not guilty to counts of obtaining money by deception, obtaining property by deception and theft. Vera is furious that the Rovers has been named as the front for an escort agency. Alec realises he has to close down now the operation is no longer confidential. In court Hamilton upsets Deirdre by painting a picture of her as a harmless, gullible creature. Kevin accuses Chris of bothering Sally. Linda tells the court how Deirdre turned up at the house and frightened her. Hamilton makes her admit Deirdre never actually threatened her. Ken is forced, on oath, to admit Deirdre asked him to lie over Jon being a pilot.moreless
  • Sun 22 Mar, 1998
    Sun 22 Mar, 1998
    Episode 46
    Toyah is upset as Spider packs to leave. He walks in on Log eating Emily's cooked breakfast and rows with her for eating flesh, telling her he can't trust her and isn't leaving with her. She accuses him of getting too cosy with his Auntie. Chris tells Sally he's finished with Samantha and she's the only woman he wants. She tells him she's not throwing her marriage away for anyone. Emily and Toyah are pleased to have Spider staying without Log. Bitter Chris tells Samantha he will continue to see her after all. Alec contacts Tim Bradford to give an interview about Golden Years, setting the record straight and saying it's a wonderful service. Des admits to Samantha that he has suspected she's been seeing Chris and asks her forgiveness. Deirdre is touched when the residents give her a good luck card but fears she's going to end up in prison. Hayley tells Roy she hopes that after the operation they can get closer.moreless
  • Fri 20 Mar, 1998
    Fri 20 Mar, 1998
    Episode 45
    Ken has an awful night, having gone to the hospital with Babs' body and meeting her brother. Alec is concerned to keep Golden Years out of the publicity. Des tells Kevin to keep his suspicions to himself and accuses him of just wanting to make trouble for Chris. Babs' brother Colin calls on Ken to talk about the funeral and ask if there's anything of Babs he'd like as a momento. Ken is forced to tell him that he wasn't her boyfriend, just a paid escort. Colin accuses him of preying on old, vulnerable women. Ken tells Alec he will never escort for him again. Deirdre is forced to drop Liz as a character witness when Mike tells her she's unsuitable because of her gangster connections. Toyah is delighted to catch vegan Log out when she eats a bacon sandwich. Chris tells Samantha he wants to stop seeing her as it's getting too dangerous. She is furious that he's finishing it and calls him a bastard. Ken is horrified when a reporter, Tim Bradford, tries to interview him over Babs' death. He refuses to comment. Spider upsets Emily by deciding to leave with Log. Liz feels worthless that she isn't considered suitable to be a character witness. Des books a weekend away but Samantha accuses him of running her life for her. She tells him it's obvious he doesn't trust her and suspects her of being unfaithful. She tells him to get rid of his paranoia before he ruins their relationship.moreless
  • Wed 18 Mar, 1998
    Wed 18 Mar, 1998
    Episode 44
    Des tells Samantha he has to go away overnight to a race meeting. Ken agrees to another escort for Alec. Deirdre meets her new barrister, Stuart Hamilton who makes her see she has to hate Jon enough to make sure he goes to prison and not her. Chris tells Sally he can't stop thinking about her and will drop Samantha for her if she asks him to. She admits she was fond of him but she now wants her marriage to work. She is annoyed by his pestering as it makes her realise she isn't happy with Kevin and is only staying with him because of the girls. Liz and Alec agree to be Deirdre's character witnesses in court. Samantha entertains Chris at No. 6. Ken dines out with Babs Fanshawe but half way through the meal she collapses in the toilet. Des watches his house, hoping to catch Samantha and Chris out. He lets himself in just when Samantha has taken Chris to bed. She manages to keep Des occupied whilst Chris sneaks out of the house. Samantha is so convincing that Des feels she must be innocent. Babs dies and Ken is forced to talk to the police as everyone assumes they are a couple.moreless
  • Mon 16 Mar, 1998
    Mon 16 Mar, 1998
    Episode 43
    Hayley accuses Roy of being ashamed of her. Des is cold towards Samantha, unsure if she's being unfaithful or not. She worries that he's found out but refuses to admit to any guilt. Deirdre tells Mike she realised running away wasn't the answer. Gail is bemused when Roy accepts her invitation to tea but insists they eat in the cafe. Mike pays for a better barrister for Deirdre as he feels she deserves better than a legal aid one. Curly receives an anonymous letter saying Log poured on the antifreeze. He realises Toyah wrote it in the hope of having Log arrested and tells her that unless she can prove it she should keep her thought to herself, otherwise he'll get the police involved. Ken agrees to do one last escorting job for Alec. Samantha tells Chris they should stop seeing each other for a bit as Des is too suspicious. Spider is shocked wnen Emily tells him she knows he smokes pot and demands he and Log hand their supply over, in case the police call over the antifreeze. She flushes it all away. Deirdre is amused when Ken tells her he's a male escort. Spider tells Toyah they can only ever be friends; she's too young for him. Roy entertains the Platts and Hayley to a meal at the cafe. He worries that Hayley will let slip about her sex and is relieved when it goes well. Samantha accuses Des of checking up on her.moreless
  • Sun 15 Mar, 1998
    Sun 15 Mar, 1998
    Episode 42
    Alma is jealous that Mike fought Ken over Deirdre. She accuses him of being obsessed with her. Deirdre packs and leaves for the airport but Ken sees her go and follows. Roy turns down the offer of tea at the Platts, telling Gail Hayley is shy. Ken refuses to let Deirdre leave the country, telling her she'll ruin her life. She tells him she has no option now he's testifying against her and she has no life left anymore. Ken stops her by telling her he believes in her and will say so in court. Emily dislikes Log and hates the way she takes over the house. Ken takes Deirdre back to No. 1 before phoning Alma and telling her how Mike tried to get her out of the country. Alma is horrified that Mike tried to use her passport to help Deirdre. Roy is put out when Hayley tells Gail she'd love to come to tea. Ken refuses to let Mike see Deirdre when he calls.moreless
  • Fri 13 Mar, 1998
    Fri 13 Mar, 1998
    Episode 41
    Emily is put out when Spider invites Log to stay at No. 3. Toyah is distraught that Spider has a girlfriend. Kevin tells Des that Samantha is having an affair with Chris but Des refuses to believe him, accusing him of just wanting to cause trouble for Chris. Janice accuses Spider of exploiting Toyah's feelings and hurting her. Deirdre is upset to hear Ken will be testifying against her, knowing that no one will believe she's innocent when he tells the court how she asked him to lie for Jon. Mike is worried to see her so distraught and gives her Alma's passport and a load of money, urging her to take her chance and flee the country. Mike rows with Ken in the Rovers, accusing him of nailing Deirdre's coffin. Alma is horrified when they start to fight and drags a bloody Mike away.moreless
  • Wed 11 Mar, 1998
    Wed 11 Mar, 1998
    Episode 40
    Sally accuses Chris of looking upon her as just another conquest like Samantha. He assures her that their relationship was much more than just sex. He is pleased that she still cares about what he does. Alma tells Roy she knows the truth about Hayley and asks him to see her still as a person who needs friends. He feels she's right but doesn't know how to express himself. Fiona tells Steve she likes his new man image but wants to be certain she loves him because of him and not because of circumstances. Deirdre is horrified when Frankie tells her Jon is blaming her for everything and only went along to stop her harming his wife and children. Ken gives the police a statement about finding out Jon wasn't a pilot and is forced to admit Deirdre asked him to lie over it. Kevin is furious when Chris tells him Sally told him she's disappointed in him. Roy writes down his feelings for Hayley and reads them to her, saying he wants them to be friends again. She is thrilled. Sally tells Kevin he has to understand that Chris meant something to her but she's not going to jump into bed with him again. Toyah plans a romantic evening in with Spider and is horrified when eco warrior Log turns up and starts kissing him. Jim tries to tell Steve he's happy for him and Fiona but Steve snubs him. The police tell Ken he'll have to give evidence against Deirdre in court.moreless
  • Mon 9 Mar, 1998
    Mon 9 Mar, 1998
    Episode 39
    Curly is furious to find the prawns ruined by antifreeze. Deirdre is furious that she still has to go to court even though the police have Jon. Pam decides to put Fiona's feelings first and tells Steve that she loves him and is breaking her heart as she fears she's lost him for good. Eric is furious about the damage because it's not covered on the insurance. He accuses Curly of being to blame because of a personal vendetta with Spider. Hayley misses Roy's company and decides to tell him she just wants to be his friend. Kevin sees Chris and Samantha close in the garage and asks him not to entertain women on the premises. Chris says it's nothing to do with him. Interviewed by the police, Jon tells them that Deirdre made him pretend to be a pilot and used him to secure the mortgage and steal money. He says he went along with her because he loved her. Steve tells Fiona that he still loves her and wants her. Curly accuses Spider of being a mindless thug but he denies ruining the prawns. Emily provides Toyah with an alibi before discovering that she did ruin the prawns. She is furious that she's been implicated in a criminal offence. Sally is shocked when Kevin tells her Chris is definitely having an affair with Samantha. Kevin wants Des to know but Sally tells him it's obvious his only motive is to get back at Chris. Fiona thanks Pam for bringing her and Steve back together. Spider apologises to Curly, telling him the protest has gone too far but Curly refuses to listen. Jon tells the police that Ken will tell them how Deirdre pleaded with him to pretend to people that Jon was a pilot.moreless
  • Sun 8 Mar, 1998
    Sun 8 Mar, 1998
    Episode 38
    Deirdre is frightened of Jon but he tells her he had no idea she'd be arrested. He tells her he had to lie to her just in order to have a decent life and begs her to leave the country with him. Fiona feels she's blown her chances with Steve. Chris babysits so the Websters can go out with Des and Samantha. Kevin hates having him in the house as he thinks Sally still loves him. Deirdre agrees to go to Venezuela with Jon as she wants to keep him busy until help arrives. She manages to phone the police whilst he fetches her case. Steve is upset that even with Alan off the scene, Fiona isn't interested in him. Roy is annoyed as Gail continues to try and find out why he has finished with Hayley. Jon tells Deirdre he knows she's stalling him until the police arrive. When they finally turn up Jon agrees to go with them, telling them that Deirdre is hysterical. Sally is irritated by Kevin refusing to leave her alone with Chris. He annoys her by saying he thinks Chris fancies Samantha. Toyah tells Spider about the antifreeze, telling him she'd gladly die for him. Fiona is upset that her life is a mess and she's seen off the only man who loves her. She knows she never loved Alan as much as Steve.moreless
  • Fri 6 Mar, 1998
    Fri 6 Mar, 1998
    Episode 37
    Fiona tells Steve she doesn't want to see so much of him as she doesn't want trouble from Rachel. Alma urges Deirdre not to feel sorry for herself as then Jon has won, instead she must fight. Emily enjoys protesting for the environment as it makes her feel young. Steve lets Rachel down, saying he has to babysit just to get her to finish with him, accusing him of spending too much time with Fiona. Sally gets annoyed when Kevin objects to Chris babysitting so they can go out. Steve tells Fiona he's finished with Rachel because he can't stop thinking about her. He swears he loves her but she tells him she's sick of him ruining her life and can't go through it all again. Toyah sees prawns still on sale at Firmans and tells Spider and Emily they've been double crossed. They resume their protest outside the store but Curly calls the police to get them removed. Toyah sprays anti-freeze over the prawns in the freezer. Fiona tells Pam about Steve's declaration and explains that despite everything she longs to have Steve back. Chris worries that Samantha is getting too involved with him and reminds her that it's just a bit of fun. Deirdre is stunned when Jon tracks her down.moreless
  • Wed 4 Mar, 1998
    Wed 4 Mar, 1998
    Episode 36
    Curly grows weary of Spider's protest and tries to make him see he is not his enemy. He knows that Spider has a point so clears the prawns out of the freezer. Deirdre goes to see her barrister who doesn't fill her with any confidence. Spider is victorious when Curly removes the prawns and promises him he won't stock any more. Eric insists that Curly puts the prawns back in the freezer. Deirdre hates herself for being fool enough to trust Jon. She toys with the idea of suicide but Mike removes her tablets. Des has the lads round to watch football so Samantha goes to Chris' flat. Hayley tells Alma that's she used to be a man and is grateful when she isn't horrified.moreless
  • Mon 2 Mar, 1998
    Mon 2 Mar, 1998
    Episode 35
    Steve encourages Fiona to plan a night out, saying he'll fix her up with a babysitter. Deirdre moves in with the Baldwins, grateful for their support. Spider plays whale music outside Firmans, flooding the store with noise. Toyah and Emily join is protest, carrying banners. Toyah gets upset when Spider refuses to let her take direct action at the store, saying she's a useless liability. Alma feels uncomfortable sharing her home with Mike's ex-girlfriend. Judy urges Gary to end his partnership with Jim and get work from Steve as he's not got any work and they need the money. Jim is disappointed but understands. Rachel and Steve look after Morgan so Fiona can go out. When Hayley calls on Roy asking for his friendship he asks her to leave him alone. Samantha calls on Chris and is frustrated when he chooses an evening in on his own rather than inviting her to join him.moreless
  • Sun 1 Mar, 1998
    Sun 1 Mar, 1998
    Episode 34
    Roy is horrified when Hayley explains she is really a man called Harold but is having treatment to turn into a complete woman. He is sickened and doesn't know how to react. After having sex with Samantha, Chris leaves her, agreeing that neither want commitment. Alma is put out when Mike tells Deirdre she can stay with them. Curly defies Spider by ordering more prawns and putting them on special offer. Spider hits back by protesting outside the store with Toyah. Rachel doesn't like Steve hanging around Fiona but he assures her she's just a friend. Jim advises her to dump Steve before he ruins her life. Chris and Samantha make plans to see each other again.moreless
  • Fri 27 Feb, 1998
    Fri 27 Feb, 1998
    Episode 33
    Fiona is annoyed by the way Pam doesn't blame Alan for not wanting anything to do with her. She tells Pam to stay out of her life in future. Eric tells Curly that he should be marketed as the voice of Firmans, as Alma is the face. Spider makes a row at Firmans by accusing Curly of supporting whale-hunting by selling Norwegian prawns. He threatens action unless Curly stops selling them. Roy invites Hayley for a meal but decides to entertain her in the cafe rather than his flat, for fear she'll think he's rushing her. Samantha is relieved when Des goes away on business as she feels she needs some space. When Chris calls round to pick up some books he'd left behind, she invites him to stay for a drink. Steve encourages Fiona, telling her she's got a brilliant future and is better off without Alan. Samantha admits to Chris that she doesn't think she and Des have a long future together. She opens up her heart to him over a bottle of wine and they kiss. Roy is shocked when Hayley tells him that much as she likes him they can't have a physical relationship as she's a transsexual.moreless
  • Wed 25 Feb, 1998
    Wed 25 Feb, 1998
    Episode 32
    Curly panics about his speech, fearing that Spider will take the opportunity to say things that may damage his career. Leanne is jealous of the fact Nick has got a mum who cares for him whilst she hasn't seen hers for fifteen years. Fiona is annoyed when Pam tells her she's told Steve to stay away. Fiona tells her it's her life and she'll be friends with whoever she wants. Spider gives Curly his speech at the last moment. Curly is horrified to discover it's an attack on all shopkeepers, accusing them of helping to ruin the planet. As he gives the speech to WARTS he outrages Fred who interrupts to complain. Curly thanks him for stopping the speech, pointing out that was his intention in delivering propaganda delivered by the fanatics who are against them. He is applauded but Spider accuses him of raping the planet. Fiona tells Steve she does want him around but has too much to cope with to think about any future they might have. Pam tells shocked Fiona she's visited Alan and he doesn't want anything to do with Fiona or the baby. Spider warns Curly that he will have his revenge.moreless
  • Mon 23 Feb, 1998
    Mon 23 Feb, 1998
    Episode 31
    Curly asks Spider to help him write his speech, telling him he can use it to preach to the unconverted. Fiona brings Morgan home to the flat, fussed over by Steve and Maxine. Gail is furious when Leanne gatecrashes her family meal but tries to make her welcome. Pam tells Steve to stay away from Fiona, accusing him of getting to her whilst she's vulnerable. Nick is pleased that Gail and Leanne seem to get on during the meal but Gail struggles to be nice to Leanne. Steve realises that Fiona would be better off with another man as he feels he's too selfish to ever be a good father.moreless
  • Sun 22 Feb, 1998
    Sun 22 Feb, 1998
    Episode 30
    Samantha decides to leave Weatherfield and move to London. Curly is shocked when Eric tells him that he has to deliver a fifteen minute speech on the relationship between business and the environment. Gail tells Nick she misses him and wants them to be friends again. He agrees to have tea with the family but is annoyed when Gail doesn't extend the invitation to include Leanne. Fiona struggles to keep control of her emotions and confesses to Steve that the future frightens her. He assures he he'll be around for her but she tells him he must understand there's nothing between them but friendship. Roy tries to build up the courage to declare his love for Hayley but is lost for the right words to use. Natalie warns Des that Samantha is going to London and urges him to stop her. Leanne is furious that Nick is planning to have tea with the Platts when she's not invited. Des races to the station but misses Samantha. When he returns home he finds she hasn't left yet. He asks her to stay with him and she is thrilled to agree.moreless
  • Fri 20 Feb, 1998
    Fri 20 Feb, 1998
    Episode 29
    Fred is horrified to discover Leanne and Nick are living at No. 4. Toyah and Emily are stunned when Spider tells them he's moving on to a protest in Kent. Fiona decides to call her son Morgan. Gail doesn't like the idea of Nick sharing a house with Zoe as she fears he'll turn into a druggie. Richie arrives at the Rovers and asks Samantha to live with him now Des has finished with her. Steve enjoys visiting Fiona, telling her he's glad he could help her. Des sees Richie with Samantha and confronts them, accusing Samantha of encouraging Richie. Richie tells them he's got the message that Samantha doesn't love him and tells Des he's welcome to her. Richie warns Samantha that it's obvious she doesn't love Des but is just dependant on him. Pam warns Fiona to be on her guard against Steve, certain that he'll take advantage of her. Emily feels she'll miss Spider and is thrilled when he tells her he's staying on to help with the dig. Samantha tells Des she's finished with Richie and loves him but he refuses to take her back.moreless
  • Wed 18 Feb, 1998
    Wed 18 Feb, 1998
    Episode 28
    Fiona celebrates the birth of her son with her mother. Pam isn't happy to see Steve at the hospital. Ashley doesn't like the idea of Zoe living off the State but she is adamant she's only claiming what she'd be entitled to if she lived alone. Les buys a second hand metal detector to help him look for the brooch but can't get near the site because of the Council security men. Fiona is grateful for Steve's support and dreads bringing the baby up without a father. Zoe and Leanne work on Ashley until he agrees to having Nick and Leanne as paying lodgers. They move in, thrilling Zoe who hopes they'll liven things up. Natalie tells Des that Samantha really loves him. There's a moment when he mistakes her sympathy for affection but she tells him that it would be no solution if they got together.moreless
  • Mon 16 Feb, 1998
    Mon 16 Feb, 1998
    Episode 27
    Les refuses to believe the protestors have found a Roman site and tosses away an old brooch as rubbish. Alf sorts out an eviction notice for the protestors and plans to start clearing the Rec. Ashley is amazed when Zoe has an interview with the Social Security, applying for Income Support and Housing Benefit as she's told them she pays Ashley £100 a month rent. Ashley panics that he'll go to prison for fraud if it's discovered he and Zoe share a bed. Fiona goes into premature labour whilst working in the Salon. Steve is on hand and rushes her to hospital in his car. When bulldozers move onto the Rec, Emily leads the protesters in organising a sit down protest in front of the machines. Roy gets Professor Barker to look at the relics and declare them to be genuine. Alf is sent for and after talking to the Professor agrees to call off the bulldozers, saying that the relics are an exciting find. Spider, Toyah, Roy and Emily celebrate saving the Rec. Realising the brooch to be genuine, Les gropes around in the mud trying to find it. Samantha tells Des she needs him and pleads with him to take her back but he refuses. Fiona is scared of the birth and pleads with Steve to stay with her. He agrees.moreless
  • Sun 15 Feb, 1998
    Sun 15 Feb, 1998
    Episode 26
    Samantha apologises to Des for lying to him but assures him she only slept on Richie's sofa. She tries to explain why she doesn't want to get married but he accuses her of making a fool of him and ruining everything they had. Roy and Hayley decide to become more involved in the Red Rec protest. Samantha accuses Des of getting everything out of proportion and is stunned when he tells her they haven't got a future anymore as he can't trust her. Ashley criticises Zoe for neglecting Shannon due to a hangover. He tells her that her problem is nothing means anything to her and she takes nothing seriously. She accuses him of taking life too serious. Samantha sadly packs her stuff and moves in with Natalie. Des is glad to see her go. Roy helps Spider dig a new tunnel but they keep hitting stone. When Roy finds a piece of pottery he impresses Hayley with his knowledge of Roman Weatherfield and realises that the stone they're struck is a Roman site. Samantha feels she's blown everything with Des. Natalie tells her she's had a lucky escape. Roy uncovers a mosaic floor and realises he's found the Roman bath house. Spider is jubilant as it means the site is of historical interest and can't be built on.moreless
  • Fri 13 Feb, 1998
    Fri 13 Feb, 1998
    Episode 25
    Gail breaks down, telling Roy she shouldn't have said what she said to him and is sorry. He tells her to forget all about it. When Des goes to London Samantha rings Richie up and leaves a message on his answer phone, urging him not to let Des know she was with him. Roy and Hayley take provisions to the protestors on the Red Rec but fall through the ground into a tunnel. Spider lays into them for ruining their best tunnel. Leanne and Nick enjoy the party that Les and Janice throw for them. Des refuses to leave Richie's flat until he agrees to sign the divorce papers. Richie tells him he's taking too much for granted and that Samantha doesn't want a divorce. Des accuses him of lying until Richie plays him Samantha's answer phone message. Drunken Les makes a speech at the party, embarrassing Leanne by urging her not to get pregnant. Ashley is upset to see Zoe all over a youth at the party. He takes Shannon home, leaving Zoe behind. Des returns to Weatherfield and calls Samantha a slut, saying he knows she spent the night with Richie.moreless
  • Wed 11 Feb, 1998
    Wed 11 Feb, 1998
    Episode 24
    Nick and Leanne cannot get any privacy at No. 5. Steve confronts a puzzled Jim about the radio message. After Steve storms off, Gary fills Jim in on the dedication, leaving him more mystified than ever. Nick informs a furious Gail where he is living when he collects his belongings. Fiona makes Maxine promise to tell James the truth but Audrey points out that the damage has possibly been done by the misinterpreted radio message. Jim calls at the salon to protest his innocence but Steve is hot on his heels and a fight starts. At the café, Roy reveals to Gail that he knew of the wedding. She angrily tells him that she thinks he's mentally retarded. Hayley calls in on a stunned and hurt Roy. Fiona explains the truth behind the radio message to Steve. Roy demands an apology from Gail. She refuses and he weakly threatens her with legal action. Les starts to organise a celebration party for Nick and Leanne. Gail confronts him over this but he slams the door of No. 5 in her face. Roy and Hayley go out for a meal and enjoy each other's company, finding companionship in their awkwardness. Des tells Samantha that he's going to confront Richie.moreless
  • Mon 9 Feb, 1998
    Mon 9 Feb, 1998
    Episode 23
    Richie tells Samantha he's not going to promise her anything as he wants her to sweat. Maxine has a good night clubbing and falls for James Worth. She confesses to Fiona that she wanted to impress him so told him her name was Fiona and her Salon is hers. Fiona is amused and goes along with the charade when James calls. Nick is frustrated when he can't find anywhere to live and he has to move into the Battersbys, sleeping on the sofa with Leanne. Alma's dinner party is a disaster; Mike refuses to stay and Audrey tells Curly and Hayley it was set up so they could get off with each other. Des is upset when Richie phones to say he won't divorce Samantha. She is relieved. After the dinner party, Roy takes Hayley for a drink. Gary accepts Steve's job offer. Jim assures Steve that he'd do anything to help Fiona forget how awful he's been to her. Fiona is horrified when Maxine's James sends a message out on the local radio, telling Fiona that Jim loves her and is passionate about her. Steve hears the message and is furious.moreless
  • Sun 8 Feb, 1998
    Sun 8 Feb, 1998
    Episode 22
    Gail is shocked and horrified by the news that Nick has married Leanne. She accuses Nick of doing it out of spite and Martin agrees with her. Nick is adamant he loves Leanne. Martin accuses him of throwing away his entire life. Fiona tells Steve that she's stopped hating Jim for ruining her life. Leanne and Nick break the news to the Battersbys. Janice is upset that she didn't know but Les is pleased as it will have annoyed the Platts. Samantha tells Des she's having a girls' night out with Natalie. Ashley is forced into agreeing to put Nick and Leanne up for the night as they have nowhere else to go. Gail vows never to welcome Leanne into her house. Nick feels uncomfortable about the way Leanne goes on about how awful Gail is. When Mike threatens not to attend Alma's dinner party she invites Roy to make the numbers up. Samantha goes to London to see Richie and asks him not to give her a divorce. He is amused by her tactics and tells her she's devious. Jim gets Steve to talk to him and agree to giving Gary a labouring job. Nick is upset when Gail refuses to accept he's married. Leanne tells him to forget about Gail; she's the one who loves him now and will do forever.moreless
  • Fri 6 Feb, 1998
    Fri 6 Feb, 1998
    Episode 21
    Alma is amazed and embarrassed when Hayley buys her an expensive sweater as a thank you for her support. Audrey enjoys having fun by kidding Maxine that she'll go clubbing with her. Alma feels Hayley needs a man in her life so Audrey suggests they matchmake between her and Curly. Steve is pleased when Fiona agrees to them being friends. Samantha decides to visit Richie and ask him not to divorce her. Natalie agrees to cover for her. Les walks round with a stick which he uses to attack Martin in the Rovers when Martin accuses him of scrounging off the State. Gail is furious to find Leanne at her house, dressed in her dressing gown. When she starts shouting at Leanne Nick tells her they're doing nothing wrong as they're married.moreless
  • Wed 4 Feb, 1998
    Wed 4 Feb, 1998
    Episode 20
    Leanne starts work at the Kabin, eager to please Rita who lays down strict rules. Samantha is sick of Des hanging around her, saying she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. Les trips at the Red Rec and insists on being taken to hospital. Worried Janice rushes to his side and is relieved to discover it's nothing serious. Les refuses to accept there's nothing wrong with his leg and back, telling Janice that he's hoping for compensation. Judy urges Gary to accept work from Steve but he refuses to do the dirty on Jim. Martin is furious to see Les in hospital and overhearing him saying there's nothing wrong with him. Martin accuses Les of conning the system at the expense of the tax payers. Hayley thanks Alma for her support, telling her she's the only friend she's got. Les tells Leanne he hates the Platts and doesn't want her going out with Nick anymore.moreless
  • Mon 2 Feb, 1998
    Mon 2 Feb, 1998
    Episode 19
    Leanne assures Nick she doesn't regret marrying him but is frustrated that nothing has changed. Samantha tells Natalie that she fears marriage will trap her and she'll be forced to run again. She realises that she's only staying with Des until something better comes along. Leanne asks Rita for a job at the Kabin but Rita refuses to employ her. In desperation Leanne explains that she needs a job as she's married Nick. Rita refuses to believe her. Curly asks Alma to help him break the news to Hayley that her father has died. Although she knew he was ill, Hayley is still distraught over her father's death. Alma comforts her. Nick tells Rita that Leanne wasn't lying; they are married and need money. She agrees to employ Leanne, warning her that she's on trial and she'll watch her like a hawk. Nick is grateful. Gary urges Jim to try and make peace with Steve. Jim acknowledges that he is full of remorse but knows Steve will never speak to him again. Jim has too much to drink and begs Steve not to hate him but Steve shrugs him off. Des is startled when Samantha packs her bags, telling him she knows he doesn't really want to marry her and that she'll make his life a misery. He is devastated and begs her to see that she is all he wants. She is frustrated when he talks her out of leaving.moreless
  • Sun 1 Feb, 1998
    Sun 1 Feb, 1998
    Episode 18
    Nicky is annoyed by the way Gail is so anti-Leanne. He and Leanne are frustrated as they can't spend time together. Hayley is thrilled when Alma invites her to her home and introduces her to Mike. Jim is humiliated when he and Gary seek work at a site only to find Steve is the boss. Steve tells them he'll employ Gary but not him. Gary tells Steve to stick the job. Hayley gives Alma a sketch she'd done of her. Leanne urges Nick to tell Gail they're married. He tries but Gail refuses to listen or talk about Leanne. Leanne accuses him of being a wimp, saying she doesn't know why she married him. Natalie offers Samantha the chance to tell her she doesn't want to marry Des but Samantha tells her she's wrong.moreless
  • Fri 30 Jan, 1998
    Fri 30 Jan, 1998
    Episode 17
    Nick and Leanne feel guilty as they leave for Scotland, telling their families they're going to Leeds for the day. Vera decides to wear Alec down by singing from the landing but all he does is turn the juke box up to drown her voice. Nick and Leanne have to drag strangers off the street to be their witnesses. Alma grows tired of Hayley following her around everywhere but feels guilty as Hayley has no other friends. Fed up with being stuck on the landing, Vera phones the fire brigade and is lifted from the bedroom window in a ladder. Nick and Leanne exchange vows and are married in Gretna Green. Vera gives Jim and Gary their cheque and they replace the staircase. Nick and Leanne agree to keep their marriage a secret until Gail gets to like Leanne. They return to Weatherfield and go to their separate houses.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jan, 1998
    Wed 28 Jan, 1998
    Episode 16
    Jim and Gary remove the Duckworths' new staircase, saying they'll put it back when they're paid. Jack manages to climb down on a ladder but Vera refuses to leave the landing as she's scared of heights. Hayley buys Alma a present as a thank you for standing up to her. Alma worries that Hayley is getting too friendly. Vera is indignant when Jack gets her to make sandwiches whilst she's stuck upstairs. Des pushes Samantha to make contact with her solicitor to help speed up the divorce. Ken tells Deirdre he can't believe she was so stupid to believe Jon after discovering he'd lied about being a pilot. He feels he can't swear in court that he believes she never knew anything of Jon's fraud. She feels that if he doesn't believe her then no one will. Jack enjoys having Vera stuck upstairs as he can chat up the customers and have free drinks. Roy is in a dilemma as he doesn't know if he should tell Gail about Nick's elopement plans. Judy returns to working at the arcade and tries not to be alone with Fisher. Samantha is angry when Des gets his solicitor to make up divorce papers for her. Vera is alarmed when Jack and some of the customers try to get her to jump into a tarpaulin. Instead she pulls the ladder up so Jack can't come to bed. Deirdre goes to stay at Blanche's, feeling she can't with Ken anymore.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jan, 1998
    Mon 26 Jan, 1998
    Episode 15
    Gary pushes Judy to ask Fisher for her job back. Alec is adamant that he's not paying anything towards the Duckworths' staircase. Alma feels sorry for Curly's secretary, Hayley, who is picked on by everyone at Firmans. Hayley is thrilled when Alma talks to her and tells her she wishes she was more like her. When Fisher agrees to view their session as a one off Judy decides to return to work. Roy overhears Nick and Leanne planning their elopement. Deirdre braves the Rovers but storms out when Audrey tries to find out all about her problems. Jack tries to fob Jim and Gary off by offering to pay the £1,400 bill in installments. Ken confesses to Alma that he has trouble to believe Deirdre is completely innocent.moreless
  • Sun 25 Jan, 1998
    Sun 25 Jan, 1998
    Episode 14
    Gary encourages Judy to return to work at the arcade but she isn't interested. Alec returns from Switzerland to find Jim has rebuilt the hall staircase. Nick and Leanne are delighted when their wedding confirmation comes through. Deirdre goes through the story of her life with Jon for Frankie, realising as she retells it that she must have been very gullible and stupid. Gary goes to see Fisher about Judy working at the arcade and is pleased when agrees to take her back on. Samantha is embarrassed when Des gives her an engagement ring in front of all the Rovers' customers. Judy is furious when Gary tells her there's a job at the arcade for her. Frankie makes Deirdre see that the court is bound to think she must have known what Jon was up to as she had so many clues. Ken is astonished when Frankie tells him he was part of the deception as he agreed to keep quite over the pilot lie. Leanne is sad that she's missing out on a big wedding. Ken turns on Deirdre accusing her of ruining his good name by incriminating him in Jon's fraud. She is upset and admits she was stupid for not seeing through Jon's lies sooner. Alec refuses to let the Duckworths pay for the stairs out of the pub account, pointing out the stairs belong to their house. Samantha feels that Des is going too fast for her.moreless
  • Fri 23 Jan, 1998
    Fri 23 Jan, 1998
    Episode 13
    Les is annoyed when he has to stay on the Rec all night guarding the trees. He tries to make the protesters see he was only joking with the chain saw but they don't trust him. Emily is frozen after a night up a tree but refuses to give in and is interviewed by the local TV news. Deirdre is surprised when her boss turns up and asks her to take some time off with pay until her court case is over. She is furious when she realises she's seen as an embarrassment and Sunliners want rid of her. Zoe reminds Fred that she and Ashley have a rent book and have rights as sitting tenants. He is furious when she threatens to give him a fight. Des goes to London to visit Ritchie and asks him to divorce Samantha. Ritchie advises Des to get away from Samantha whilst he can. Spider and the protesters urge Emily to leave the tree, worried for her health. Fred tells Ashley and Zoe they can stay at No. 4 in return for £60 a week rent. Emily is pleased when her protest makes the front page of the Gazette. Rita makes her see that having achieved the publicity she can leave the tree. The protestors applaud Emily as she leaves the site. Ritchie tells Des that Samantha conned him and used him. He warns him that Samantha never lets the mask slip and he's welcome to her, agreeing to divorce her.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jan, 1998
    Wed 21 Jan, 1998
    Episode 12
    Des pushes Samantha to speak to Ritchie about a divorce but she hates the way she's having to beg him, giving him power over her. Des goes behind her back, looking through her filofax to find Ritchie's phone number. Deirdre goes to the Magistrates court and is remanded on bail, with Mike putting up surety. She feels like a criminal when she is left in a cell whilst the surety and her passport are given to the court. Jim and Gary work on replacing the Rovers' stair case. Zoe tells Fred he's not being fair on Ashley by selling the house. Fred tells her he'd rather lose Ashley as a nephew than gain her as a niece. Les gets tired of waiting around and attacks the protesters with a chain saw, planning to cut a tree down. The protestors run to climb the trees to save them. There's a tree vacant so Emily climbs it, foiling Les' sawing, telling him she won't be climbing down again.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jan, 1998
    Mon 19 Jan, 1998
    Episode 11
    The Malletts return from holidaying in Newcastle. Gary is pleased when Jim agrees to take him on as a partner. Judy is upset to discover Zoe and the baby are still living at No. 4. Ashley rows with Fred when he tells him Zoe is worthless. Fred refuses to have her staying in his house and tells Ashley they'll all have to clear out as he's selling No. 4. Des is thrilled when Samantha agrees to marry him. She then worries when he says he wants to marry her as soon as possible. She reminds him that she's still married to Ritchie. Toyah is furious when Janice drags her away from the Rec to go to school. Samantha thinks that Ritchie will drag out the divorce but Des is confident he can persuade him to speed it up. Ashley accuses Fred of forcing Zoe out on to the Street but Fred is adamant that she's taking Ashley for a ride. Ashley hits back by saying he loves Zoe. Vera hires Jim and Gary to replace the stair case. Judy feels she'll go mad knowing Katie is just across the street and never being able to see her. Deirdre is formally charged with obtaining a credit card by deception, procuring a mortgage by fraud and eight counts of illicitly withdrawing £500.moreless
  • Sun 18 Jan, 1998
    Sun 18 Jan, 1998
    Episode 10
    Spider organises the protesters on the Red Rec and starts to tunnel under the trees to stop the builders bringing in earth movers. Les starts as security guard on the site and is furious to see Toyah is one of the protesters. Ashley misses Zoe and Shannon and gets annoyed by the way everyone says he's better off without them. Ken tries hard to make Deirdre cheer up and thinks it ironic that he and Mike are fighting for the same cause. Ashley visits Zoe at the hostel and asks her to return with him. She agrees when he tells her how much he's missing her. Alec goes to Switzerland to visit Vicky. Vera traps her foot when she puts it through a rotten step on the hall stair case. Jack frees her but fears the whole stair case may be rotten. Roy enjoys protesting on the Rec. Toyah tries to stay on the site but Janice drags her off home. Emily borrows Samantha's walking clothes to join the protest. Eager to make a commitment to Samantha, Des proposes marriage.moreless
  • Fri 16 Jan, 1998
    Fri 16 Jan, 1998
    Episode 9
    The police search Deirdre's house looking for clues. She fears they think she was working the fraud with Jon. Maud assures Ashley Zoe will be fine in the hostel but he wants her back. Deirdre phones Mike and asks for legal help. He gets hold of Frankie and urges her to get Deirdre released. The police tell Deirdre that her mortgage has been paid by Capt Jenkins' account and as the house is in her name she is in a lot of trouble. Deirdre is relieved when Frankie arrives to help her and gets the police to admit they won't charge her yet. Mike, Alma, Ken and Liz wait for Deirdre at the police station and support her. Mike puts up bail for her and Ken takes her in at No. 1 as she isn't allowed to stay at her house. In order to prolong the security job for Les, Janice tells Toyah that the Red Rec will start to be demolished next week, earlier than planned. Toyah rushes to Spider with the news. Deirdre is grateful for Ken taking her in and thanks him for being a true friend. Frankie warns Mike that Deirdre could go to prison for seven years.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jan, 1998
    Wed 14 Jan, 1998
    Episode 8
    Zoe is annoyed when Ashley gets at her about abandoning Shannon. She doesn't understand the fuss as she knew he'd look after her. Deirdre goes to see the bank manager and is stunned to discover she's been a joint account holder with Capt Jenkins. Deirdre offers to give back the £4,000 she's drawn out but the manager calls in the police when it's obvious they're dealing with a fraud. Zoe packs and leaves with Shannon, going to the hostel. DS Wyatt takes Deirdre in for questioning. At the police station she tries to explain about Jon but the police don't believe she could be so gullible. She swears she was only going to withdraw the £5,000. Ken tells Alec he's going to retire from escorting as he was nearly assaulted at the book launch and doesn't think it's worth it. Les gets a job as security man on the Red Rec, guarding the woods against protesters. Fred is delighted to hear Zoe has left but Ashley misses her. Deirdre urges the police to find Jon but he's disappeared. The police tell her it looks as if she's been left to carry the can.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jan, 1998
    Mon 12 Jan, 1998
    Episode 7
    Deirdre considers moving to London to be nearer Tracy. Ashley worries when Zoe stays out all night. He is forced to take Shannon into work with him. Emily tells Audrey she's not ashamed or afraid to stand up for her principles, taking Jesus' example. Fred thinks Zoe isn't fit to look after a baby and urges Ashley to inform Social Services about her. Ken begs Deirdre to trust him as he fears Jon is threatening her. She tells him she's alright. Capt Jenkins visits his bank to complain about someone withdrawing money from his account. Janice refuses to give Les any more money and tells him to get a job. Ashley contacts the hospitals, worried about Zoe's safety. Ken escorts Viv Fay to a book launch, unaware that the author is her husband Bob. Fred is shocked when Ashley tells him he's worried about Zoe as he has feelings for her. Fred tells him he's a fool to get involved with Zoe as she's a bad sort. Ken is embarrassed when Viv tries to make her husband jealous by kissing and pawing him. Zoe returns in the evening after crashing out at a friend's squat. Deirdre is puzzled when her credit card is swallowed by a bank machine.moreless
  • Sun 11 Jan, 1998
    Sun 11 Jan, 1998
    Episode 6
    Alf is disgusted to see a picture in the paper of Audrey battling with Spider. She is furious to discover he's not pressing charges as he wants the issue to die down. Roy enjoys being at the centre of a controversy. Zoe pays Toyah to babysit so she can go clubbing with Ashley. He isn't happy with the idea of a child looking after Shannon but is forced to go along with the plan. When Ken presses Deirdre for details over her split with Jon she tells him it's none of his business. Fred tells Ashley to put his foot down with Zoe as she's taking him for a ride. Ashley tells him that he likes her and doesn't care if she does nothing about the house. Fred asks Maud's advice on how they can free Ashley. She tells him the only thing he can do is evict them all. Spider plans to move the campaign to the Red Rec and to start tunnelling. Ashley can't enjoy himself at the club as he worries about Shannon. Toyah panics when she can't stop Shannon crying and runs to Janice for help. Ashley decides to return home but Zoe refuses to stop clubbing as she's having a great time. Deirdre decides that she won't be able to cope with the gossip about her so she'll have to leave Weatherfield.moreless
  • Fri 9 Jan, 1998
    Fri 9 Jan, 1998
    Episode 5
    Spider and Roy spend the night in the tent. Alf ignores them, feeling they'll get tired of the cold but Audrey is mortified by their presence. Zoe tells Ashley she's desperate for a night out and asks him to babysit. Emily supports Spider and Roy by feeding them. Audrey rows with her for supporting thugs but she phones the Gazette to alert them about the protest. Ken is shocked when Deirdre tells him the wedding is off but refuses to go into details. Leanne and Nick return to the Street sad that they can't spend any more nights together. Gail accuses Nick of being sly, running off with Leanne. He assures her he wasn't stupid and she isn't pregnant. Janice is annoyed as Les doesn't seem to care what happens to Leanne. Leanne tells her she can look after herself. The Gazette reporter isn't interested in the protest until Audrey phones for the police and starts manhandling the protesters.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jan, 1998
    Wed 7 Jan, 1998
    Episode 4
    Spider receives a didgeridoo through the post from his friend Mole. He tries to play it but can't raise a note, unlike Emily who manages to make a lot of noise on it and finds it very satisfying. Nick and Leanne are disappointed to discover they have to give a fortnight's notice to marry but refuse to be put off. Spider leads the activities in taking their protest to Alf's house. Roy, Emily and Toyah join him in camping out on the Roberts' lawn. Zoe gets bored stuck at No. 4 with Shannon. She's fed up with having no fun. Alf and Audrey are horrified to find the protestors on their lawn. Emily plays the didgeridoo in protest against Alf.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jan, 1998
    Mon 5 Jan, 1998
    Episode 3
    Deirdre decides to withdraw money from Jon's account using her credit card until she has her £5,000 back and look for a flat to rent. Chris returns to work at the garage with Kevin warning him he might not be civil to him. Liz starts work as a trainee machinist at Underworld. Gail tries to hunt down Nick in vain. In Scotland, Nick and Leanne stay in cheap B&Bs, pretending to be married. Jon apologises to Deirdre for what Linda said to her, explaining that she is mentally ill and wants to wreck his happiness. Deirdre tells him she hates him and is horrified by him, wishing she'd never met him. Spider and Toyah rehearse how they plan to chain themselves to the Town Hall railings by having a practice in Emily's hall. Unfortunately they can't reach the key to undo the padlock. Sally shouts at Kevin when she finds Natalie in the garage going over the accounts with him. When Chris stands up for her, Kevin rows with him. Kevin tells Sally he can't stop Natalie coming to the garage. Mike assures Alma he doesn't fancy Liz and has taken her on as she has the right sort of tarty image for something he's planning in the future. Emily returns home and releases Toyah and Spider after they've been chained up all afternoon. Spider is furious as he missed the Town Hall meeting about the dome. Nick and Leanne decide to get married whilst they're in Scotland so they can always be together.moreless
  • Sun 4 Jan, 1998
    Sun 4 Jan, 1998
    Episode 2
    Deirdre remembers Linda booking a holiday at Sunliners and is annoyed at her stupidity for not realising Jon was married. She's upset that she's lost her £5,000. Janice is alarmed to discover Leanne has gone to Scotland with Nick. Deirdre goes to Jon's house and warns Linda about Jon and how he's being lying to her. She is stunned when Linda threatens her with the police, saying she knows she's been stalking Jon for months. Linda tells her she's sick and mad and needs treatment. Gail is horrified when she learns Leanne is with Nick in Scotland. Janice tells Gail they've obviously had to sneak away because they knew Gail would try to stop them and tells her she's to blame if anything happens to them. Linda sympathises with Jon for having crazy Deirdre following him around. He suggests she goes away for a while with the children in case Deirdre turns violent. Toyah makes a banner in protest against the bowl and is upset when Spider laughs at her spelling mistakes. She tells him she hates him and he is forced to tell her he likes her. Deirdre wonders if she really is going mad. Gail is appalled by the thought that couples run away to Scotland to get married.moreless
  • Fri 2 Jan, 1998
    Fri 2 Jan, 1998
    Episode 1
    Liz is amazed when Deirdre tells her about Jon's wife and children. Emily feels Spider is a breath of fresh air and is glad he's living with her. Deirdre feels a fool for being so lonely she was taken in by Jon. She is stunned when Jon turns up, telling her he loves her. He tells her Linda is no longer his wife but he has to spend time with her as she keeps threatening to kill the children. Toyah is upset when Les warns her against spending time with Spider as he's probably got fleas. Roy and Spider hold a protest meeting against the concert bowl. Alf tells the meeting that the project will create jobs and doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Spider warns the meeting that the Council won't rest until all the trees in Weatherfield are cut down. Jon promises Deirdre he is going to leave Linda but she doesn't believe him, telling him she's sick of his lies and throws him out. Nick and Leanne leave for Scotland together. Deirdre realises Jon was prepared to bigamously marry her and is frightened as she fears there's more revelations to come.moreless