Coronation Street - Season 4

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 1963
    Mon 30 Dec, 1963
    Episode 104
    Joan seems irritable and tells Jack she's tired of the Davies. Dennis finds Lenny's nephew Norman Phillips running the office. Laurie tells him that he is sacked and Norman is his replacement. Joan tells Annie that she's in no hurry to go home. Elsie is amazed at Laurie's cheek.
  • Wed 25 Dec, 1963
    Wed 25 Dec, 1963
    Episode 103
    Christmas Day: News spreads around the Street that the surprise is a "This Is Your Life" but no one knows whose life it is. Elsie warns Dennis that it had better not be hers. As the residents gather in the Mission, Dennis announces it is Annie's life. Annie is surprised when the show includes a recorded message from Arthur and visits from Joan, Billy, Ena, Minnie, Martha, Esther, opera producer Edgar Nuttall and George Stubbins, the man who led the horse on which she portrayed Lady Godiva. Esther announces that she's moving to Glasgow.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 1963
    Mon 23 Dec, 1963
    Episode 102
    Ena agrees to having Walter's party at the Mission. The Walkers are denied a holiday as the Brewery can only provide a relief on Christmas Day. Esther Hayes arrives to tell everyone she's been promoted to Glasgow. Val realises she'll be stuck with Dave over Christmas. Myra makes a suggestion to liven up the party and Dennis, Len and Albert start making secret plans. They have a lucky dip to decide who on the Street will be their 'victim'.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 1963
    Wed 18 Dec, 1963
    Episode 101
    Lucille is told that she can not go to the school party. Ken tells Dave he can stay for as long as he likes. The Walkers plan to spend Christmas in Torquay with a relief in the pub. Walter wants to throw a thank you party for the Street. Val discovers that Ken has used her Christmas money as cash on the play. The residents are amazed that Walter earned £50 for one day.moreless
  • Mon 16 Dec, 1963
    Mon 16 Dec, 1963
    Episode 100
    Val is sick of Ken's obsession with the play. Harry writes Lucille a note, telling the school that she went to London without his consent. Emily finds it hard running Gamma without Doreen. Myra lends her a hand. Val is furious when Ken and Dave take all her furniture to be in the play. Ena catches Lucille skiving. She makes her see that Harry is making her shoulder her responsibilities and sends her off to school. Walter's Personal Appearance in London was a huge success. Val is annoyed when Dave turns up with his suitcase after his landlady has to go into hospital.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 1963
    Wed 11 Dec, 1963
    Episode 99
    The man snatches Florrie's handbag in the Street but Jerry manages to get it back. Lucille returns at 5am. Harry tells her he's going to write to her school to tell them where she's been.
  • Mon 9 Dec, 1963
    Mon 9 Dec, 1963
    Episode 98
    Harry wants to call in the police when he discovers that Marjorie Thornley is missing as well. Ken realises they've gone to London. Mr Thornley accuses Harry of not being firm enough with Lucille. Walter is contacted and Lucille is ordered back home. Emily goes to bingo with Florrie. Florrie wins £40 but they are followed by a man.moreless
  • Wed 4 Dec, 1963
    Wed 4 Dec, 1963
    Episode 97
    Jack hires a suit for the ball. Ken and colleague Dave Robbins take over No.9 for their rehearsals. Lucille sneaks out of No. 7 in the middle of the night to go to London on a lorry.
  • Mon 2 Dec, 1963
    Mon 2 Dec, 1963
    Episode 96
    Walter asks Lucille if she'll do a Personal Appearance with him in London but she has exams. Annie plans a big night out at the Victualers Ball but discovers Jack's dinner suit is moth-eaten. He tells her they're going, he'll get a new suit.
  • Wed 27 Nov, 1963
    Wed 27 Nov, 1963
    Episode 95
    Dennis plans to leave the area rather than be sacked but Elsie tells him she'll sort Laurie out. Ken takes over the school production of 'Julius Ceasar'. Laurie tells Elsie he's not sacking Dennis, just scaring him. Val realises what Ken has to put up with when he brings the cast back for costume fittings.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 1963
    Mon 25 Nov, 1963
    Episode 94
    The Booths move into No.13. Dennis gets excited as Laurie promotes Walter. The Booth's new furniture arrives - all on Hire Purchase. Jerry carried Myra over the threshold. Laurie discovers Walter has signed a three year contract with London manager Billy Reno. He is horrified that Dennis did not get him signed up, only on a gentleman's agreement.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 1963
    Wed 20 Nov, 1963
    Episode 93
    Laurie is interested in Walter's exploits in London and his record "Not Too Little, Not Too Much". Laurie investigates his talent.
  • Mon 18 Nov, 1963
    Mon 18 Nov, 1963
    Episode 92
    Laurie gets Dennis to chase up unpaid commissions. Dennis is forced to put Walter on the firm's books. Albert tells Alf that Frank was only boasting about another shop. Laurie turns up at No.11 with his car and Elsie agrees to go out with him.
  • Wed 13 Nov, 1963
    Wed 13 Nov, 1963
    Episode 91
    Dennis worries about Laurie. Walter goes to London to make a record with his friends' group, the Brainwashers. Ena returns to the Mission. Myra finds it hard to handle the housekeeping. Elsie falls for Laurie. Alf plans to pack his job in to become Frank's manager.
  • Mon 11 Nov, 1963
    Mon 11 Nov, 1963
    Episode 90
    The Booths return from honeymoon and lodge with his parents. Len gets annoyed when the Mission contract goes to Roscoe & Pitts. Jerry remembers a boy looking round the Yard and identifies Michael Butterworth. The key is found on him. Frank considers opening another shop and installing Alf as manager. Lenny tells Dennis he's sending his partner Laurie Frazer to sort things out in the Northern Office. Walter gets photographs printed for Lucille's fan club.moreless
  • Wed 6 Nov, 1963
    Wed 6 Nov, 1963
    Episode 89
    Elsie tells the police that Len spent the night with her. Len is shocked and realises Elsie has made it up to clear him. He makes her go to the police and they tear up her statement. Ken and Ena realise they both know who wrecked the Vestry. Walter gets depressed that no one wants to employ him.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 1963
    Mon 4 Nov, 1963
    Episode 88
    Len's key to the Mission is missing and he doesn't know where it is. Swindley finds a new harmonium for Ena. He tells her she can have all the new furniture she wants. Ena can't be bothered with the Mission. Ken and Elsie do their best to try and clear Len. Elsie admits she knows where Len was after the reception.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 1963
    Wed 30 Oct, 1963
    Episode 87
    Len was too drunk to remember what happened after the wedding reception. The police refuse to believe he is innocent and bring up the fact that he was bound over. They find a hammer belonging to Jerry was used to smash the Vestry up and take Len to the station to take his finger prints.moreless
  • Mon 28 Oct, 1963
    Mon 28 Oct, 1963
    Episode 86
    The police interview Ena. The neighbours feel guilty when they hear Ena has lost everything. They are shocked when she breaks down. The doctor diagnosis arteriosclerosis. He tells her she must rest. The police discover that Len had a key to the Vestry for repair work. Ena agrees to move in with Minnie. The police want to interview Len.moreless
  • Wed 23 Oct, 1963
    Wed 23 Oct, 1963
    Episode 85
    Jerry and Myra's wedding. None of the wedding guests want to share a car with Ena so she arrives at the Church on her own. Myra arrives before Jerry who is taken to a pub by Dennis and Walter. After the wedding, Dennis reads telegrams from Doreen, the Walkers and Sheila. The Booths go off on honeymoon in Torquay. Ena returns to the Vestry to find it wrecked, the harmonium shattered and the furniture slashed.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 1963
    Mon 21 Oct, 1963
    Episode 84
    Jerry gets harassed with the wedding arrangements. The number of children invited to the party is cut as the Friday Street Mission is smaller. Ena lays into Minnie for interfering with Vera. She tells her to keep away causing Minnie to break down. Jerry's stag night becomes very rowdy. Lucille hates her wedding hat and refuses to wear it. Jerry falls into a drunken stupper in the Select.moreless
  • Wed 16 Oct, 1963
    Wed 16 Oct, 1963
    Episode 83
    Minnie hates not talking to Ena. Elsie discovers Dennis has got a suit on Hire Purchase on her instalments. He tells her it's so that he wouldn't show her up. Martha snubs Ena in the Rovers. Minnie grows concerned about Ena's health. She tells her daughter Vera that she thinks Ena's going senile.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 1963
    Mon 14 Oct, 1963
    Episode 82
    Myra asks Dennis to be best man. He is delighted. The committee blame Swindley for Ena's stand and the party is moved to the Friday Street Mission. Jerry tells Myra that he has asked a friend, Vincent to be his best man but she meets Vincent and talks him out of it. Vera worries for Ena's health but she refuses to see a doctor. As the news spreads that the party is off because of Ena, the residents give her the cold shoulder.moreless
  • Wed 9 Oct, 1963
    Wed 9 Oct, 1963
    Episode 81
    Ethel realises that she could have died in the fire. She accuses Frank of starting the fire himself for the insurance. Lucille tells Ken that she saw Jim going into the shop. Frank threatens to call in the police unless Ethel vacates the flat in a week. They all agree. Ena refuses to have the children's party in the Mission.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 1963
    Mon 7 Oct, 1963
    Episode 80
    Ethel pushes George to put pressure on Frank. Wormold accepts Jerry's offer of £525 for No.13. Lucille sneaks off to the Luxy with Jim after he starts a fire in Franks' shop. Frank and Ken extinguish the fire. Frank accuses George of starting the fire but he has an alibi in the Rovers. Jim tells him he's been with Lucille all evening.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 1963
    Wed 2 Oct, 1963
    Episode 79
    Florrie refuses to let Walter take the shop on. Swindley organises a children's party at the Mission. Lucille gets Frank to babysit so that she can go to Doreen's party. The residents get tired of Jim hanging around the street. Walter entertains the guests at the party and Doreen says goodbye to the Street.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 1963
    Mon 30 Sep, 1963
    Episode 78
    Concepta is annoyed when Harry has to be away for their wedding anniversary. Doreen plans a farewell party. Minnie is overcome when she receives a birthday present from Jed. Jerry is amazed at the speed in which Myra plans their lives. Ethel pays her rent so as not to give Frank an excuse to throw her out. Minnie lets Jerry and Myra court in her house. They lay on a surprise birthday tea for her, and fix the date - 19th October.moreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 1963
    Wed 25 Sep, 1963
    Episode 77
    Frank gives Ethel a month's notice. She tears it up. When she starts slandering him outside the shop Martha rows with her. George offers to pay the arrears and the increase and threatens Frank with violence. Len and Jerry do up No.13 for Wormold who wants to sell it. Doreen thinks of emigrating or joining the army. Len's amused by the way Myra dominates Jerry. Doreen tells Emily she's leaving to join the Women's Royal Army Corps, transport section. Myra tells Jerry they could live in No.13 when they are married. He is shocked to discover she considers them engaged.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 1963
    Mon 23 Sep, 1963
    Episode 76
    Doreen wants to do more with her life, she starts looking for a new flat mate. Ethel starts putting customers off Frank's shop. He decides to serve her a notice to quit. Len realise's he's going to have to pay Jerry more as his apprenticeship ends. Doreen asks Myra if she'd like to share the flat but she's happy at home. Ethel's brother George Pickup and his son Jim arrive to sort Frank out.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 1963
    Wed 18 Sep, 1963
    Episode 75
    Ken thinks Frank is being too heavy handed with Ethel. Sheila packs. Jerry tries to win her over but she rejects him. he refuses to take the £5 back. She thanks Dennis for saving her. Ethel refuses to pay the increase or the arrears. Sheila leaves for Rawtenstall and Jerry goes out with Myra.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 1963
    Mon 16 Sep, 1963
    Episode 74
    Dennis realises something is wrong when he finds the flat door locked. The street is aroused and Dennis smashes a window to get in as Len and Harry try to break the door down. The doctor arrives and Sheila is rescued. Dennis cuts his arm and is covered in blood. Len offers Elsie a no strings relationship but she refuses. Sheila is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Frank puts shop flat tenant Ethel Tyson's rent up - she refuses to pay it.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 1963
    Wed 11 Sep, 1963
    Episode 73
    Emily puts in her resignation. Doreen can't understand why as the shop is doing much better under her. Sheila gets dressed up and goes to see Neil. She hopes he'll ask her to live with him. Swindley returns to the shop as manager and gets rid of all Emily's displays. Concepta stops working at the Rovers as Harry is established. Neil tells Sheila he doesn't want her anymore. After Doreen tells her she's had enough as well, Sheila swallows a bottle full of pills. After being sick she gasses herself.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 1963
    Mon 9 Sep, 1963
    Episode 72
    Sheila is not bothered about Neil's whereabouts. Len finds dry rot in the Mission. Swindley tells him he's finding the work hard at Head Office. Sheila refuses to return to work but when Doreen threatens to write to her mother she goes in. Swindley misses the shop. Sheila is sacked for taking too much time off. Emily feels guilty running the shop when Swindley is so unhappy.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 1963
    Wed 4 Sep, 1963
    Episode 71
    Jerry, Doreen and Lucille go to see Walter's debut. The concert secretary's daughter, Myra Dickenson, falls for Jerry. When the top billers don't turn up Walter is given four more spots. The regulars have a kitty to raise Albert's £5 fine. The concerters miss their bus and have to walk home. Ena lashes out at Emily when she criticises the state of the Mission. She later has a dizzy spell in the Rovers. Frank and Ken track Neil down to Walkden and get some money out of him. Lucille gets the address off Ken and rushes to tell Sheila.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 1963
    Mon 2 Sep, 1963
    Episode 70
    Doreen tries to bring Sheila out of herself. In court, Alf is fined £10, Albert £5 and Walter £2. Sheila refuses to go to see Walter perform. Doreen feels that she'll never get her and Jerry back together again. Neil's cheque bounces and Ken decides to track him down to get Frank's money back.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 1963
    Wed 28 Aug, 1963
    Episode 69
    Harry fears the incident with the police will damage his reference for the new job. Elsie tells Len she can't marry him - she gets on too well with him. Dennis gets Walter his first gig at Weatherfield Trades and Labour Club. When Walter sings in the Rovers, a PC calls following a complaint.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 1963
    Mon 26 Aug, 1963
    Episode 68
    Harry drives the darts picnic - Dennis, Walter, Frank, Jack, Alf, Jerry, Ken, Albert and Len to New Brighton. Concepta is not happy when she learns that Harry will have to work some nights. The coach keeps breaking down and the men get drunk. When a policeman tries to get the men to quiten down at 2am, Albert knocks his helmet off and Alf tries to hit him. The policeman calls for a prison van.moreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 1963
    Wed 21 Aug, 1963
    Episode 67
    Elsie continues to stall Len. Frank cashes Neil a cheque for £25. Papagopolous makes Emily manageress and tells her to fire Neil. Harry gets the job at Amalgamated Steel. Neil refuses to believe he's been sacked until Head Office tells him. He leaves, still owing the petty cash. Ena tells Elsie how lonely it can be, being old and manless. Dennis advises Elsie to marry Len.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 1963
    Mon 19 Aug, 1963
    Episode 66
    Neil promises Sheila another night out. Emily refuses to be loyal to Neil when bookie Jud Bates keeps ringing up for him. Elsie doesn't know what to do about Len. She worries that Dennis won't survive on his own. Sheila catches Neil trying to sneak off to avoid taking her out. When she tells him he's not man enough to finish with her he slaps her. Emily phones Papagopolous demanding Neil's removal.moreless
  • Wed 14 Aug, 1963
    Wed 14 Aug, 1963
    Episode 65
    Len tells Elsie he's serious about marrying her. She feels that they're both failures at marriage and asks for time to think it over. Frank sides with Neil against the residents and cashes cheques for him. Elsie persuades Florrie to tear up a letter she has written to Mrs Birtles; she feels the affair will soon end. Harry discovers he'll be driving the darts team outing to New Brighton. Sheila breaks down when Neil stands her up and she waits for him for three hours.moreless
  • Mon 12 Aug, 1963
    Mon 12 Aug, 1963
    Episode 64
    Neil tells Jerry that Sheila's for sharing and they start fighting. The residents try to stop them but when Neil insults Sheila, Jerry knocks him unconscious. Neil comes to in fifteen minutes and swears vengeance. Sheila rejects Jerry. Len tells Elsie he is divorced from Nellie and it will be absolute in three months. He asks her to marry him on November 5th.moreless
  • Wed 7 Aug, 1963
    Wed 7 Aug, 1963
    Episode 63
    The dog is claimed. Ena bets Dennis that Elsie will soon find out about Walter. Sheila tells Jerry that she was talking to Neil about getting the dress wholesale. Elsie catches Walter sneaking about in his pyjamas. She tells him he can stay for 30 shillings a week. Jerry hears that Harry saw Sheila with Neil three weeks ago. Harry gets an interview as chauffeur at Amalgamated Steel. Jerry catches Sheila and Neil together in the Street.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 1963
    Mon 5 Aug, 1963
    Episode 62
    Christopher Hewitt's first birthday. A stray dog roams the Street. Jerry breaks his arm in a road accident, his bike is written off. Ena takes the dog in and Walter tells her he is staying at No.11.
  • Wed 31 Jul, 1963
    Wed 31 Jul, 1963
    Episode 61
    Doreen is annoyed that Sheila will not tell her what is going on. Harry takes up driving for Marshalls. Sheila borrows £5 off Jerry, telling him she needs a new dress for a dance. She pays Florrie the rent. Jerry sees Sheila and Neil together.
  • Mon 29 Jul, 1963
    Mon 29 Jul, 1963
    Episode 60
    Dennis hides Walter at No.11 behind Elsie's back. Sheila tells Florrie she's lent her rent money to Neil. Elsie warns Neil off Sheila. With Ken at work, Neil tries to seduce Val but Concepta saves her. Elsie tells Sheila to drop Neil for Jerry's sake. Sheila accuses her of being jealous, old and past it.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jul, 1963
    Wed 24 Jul, 1963
    Episode 59
    Pat demands £15 that Neil owes her. She refuses to go out with him again. Sheila falls behind with the rent. Walter is thrown out of his lodgings because of his rehearsing, he dumps himself on Dennis. Neil explains to Emily that he borrowed the petty cash. Jerry tells Len he's thinking of marrying Sheila. Neil borrows money off Sheila as they continue to meet in secret.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 1963
    Mon 22 Jul, 1963
    Episode 58
    Harry can't bring himself to tell Lucille she can't go to Belgium. Neil and Sheila date in secret. Martha tells Doreen she often sees Neil in the betting shop. Dennis spends his time rehearsing Walter. Emily finds the petty cash is down. Lucille surprises the Hewitts by not minding about not going to Belgium. Neil is tracked down by Pat Lynch who refuses to leave Gamma until she's seen him.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 1963
    Wed 17 Jul, 1963
    Episode 57
    Neil doesn't seem to care about the shop. Dennis signs Walter up, taking 40% of his earnings. He gives him a new name - Brett Falcon. Neil takes a fancy to Doreen, Val and Sheila. He shows his true nature when he gets into trouble with Papagopolous and blames Emily.
  • Mon 15 Jul, 1963
    Mon 15 Jul, 1963
    Episode 56
    Doreen and Emily are nervous of Crossley's arrival. Dennis Tanner Enterprises holds its auditions. Neil Crossley turns out to be a real charmer. Dennis becomes ecstatic over the discovery of singing window cleaner, Walter Potts.
  • Wed 10 Jul, 1963
    Wed 10 Jul, 1963
    Episode 55
    Gamma's takings have gone up 17% since Swindley left. Doreen thinks Emily should be made manageress. Val is reconciled to Ken when he tells her he loves her. Dennis receives three bundles of letters in the post. Emily is summoned to Gamma House. Dave Smith offers Harry a job as a bookie's clerk, Harry refuses it. Emily is upset when she discovers that Mr Crossley from the Gaunt Street branch is to be the new manager.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 1963
    Mon 8 Jul, 1963
    Episode 54
    Emily enjoys being in charge at Gamma. Dennis advertises for new acts to contact him. Val thinks that Ken wants to get together with Marion again. Elsie is horrified as lots of would-be performers turn up at No.11.
  • Wed 3 Jul, 1963
    Wed 3 Jul, 1963
    Episode 53
    Elsie thinks she's going to be sacked. Harry grows depressed on the dole. Val has to back out of seeing Marion as she has an appointment. Miss Read tells Elsie she can stay in the department. Ellistons has to close for two weeks as they have no orders. Christine is transferred and put in charge of children's wear, she makes up with Elsie before she leaves. Marion's husband is ill and to Val's horror, Ken decides to see Marion on his own. Harry refuses to let Concepta go back to work at the Rovers. She tells him she has saved £46 in her post office book. Ken goes out with Marion.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 1963
    Mon 1 Jul, 1963
    Episode 52
    Florrie offers the Hewitts credit if they're finding it hard. Harry thinks of going back to driving buses but Concepta refuses to let him. Christine is summoned to personnel where Miss Read tells her she has received other complaints about Elsie. Marion Lund, now married, arranges a foursome with the Barlows. Elsie tells Miss Read that she can no longer work with Christine. Miss Read promises changes.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 1963
    Wed 26 Jun, 1963
    Episode 51
    David can't understand why Ken is still staying in the Street. Christine discovers Elsie took the day off and decides to report her. David realises the residents resent his affluence. Minnie feels that she can't be trusted with the drill and returns it. Christine gives Elise a ticking off in front of a customer. As David returns to London, Frank realises he's outgrown the Street. Elsie is annoyed when Christine continues to rule over her in front of customers and goes to personnel.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jun, 1963
    Mon 24 Jun, 1963
    Episode 50
    Frank worries that no one will come to his grand opening. Florrie sorts out the refreshments for him and Len is his first customer. Elsie takes time off work to go to the opening, leaving Christine on her own at work. There's a raffle at the opening and Minnie wins an electric drill. Harry goes for a job as a salesman but doesn't get it. David turns up at Frank's shop.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jun, 1963
    Wed 19 Jun, 1963
    Episode 49
    Frank advertises his grand opening. Concepta blames Lucille for Harry's change of mind. Elsie tries to make up with Dennis but he refuses to listen to her. Concepta tells Harry he's selfish and always has been. He accuses her of being after her father's money. She tells him to go and live with Len and to take Lucille with him. Lucille hears and starts to pack, begging Concepta to let her leave. Concepta stops rowing and tries to comfort her. She brings the two of them together and Concepta resigns herself to her fate at No.7.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 1963
    Mon 17 Jun, 1963
    Episode 48
    Elsie and Len return from holiday. Elsie is hurt by Dennis' coolness. Harry finds Concepta in a playground and tells her that he can't leave Weatherfield as it's his home. Frank has hassle with his tenant, Ethel Tyson, who is two months in arrears. Concepta threatens to go to Ireland on her own. Elsie tells Len to tread easy with Dennis, they were only together for one afternoon.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 1963
    Wed 12 Jun, 1963
    Episode 47
    Annie tells Jack she only went out with Arthur to make him jealous. Val finds it hard to look after Ken whilst working and he takes suffrage. Harry decides that they're staying in Coronation Street. Lucille's worry about her schooling tips the scales. Arthur gives Annie a plant and leaves. When Concepta throws out Lucille's toys, Lucille tells her that they're not going to Ireland. Concepta walks out.moreless
  • Mon 10 June, 1963
    Mon 10 June, 1963
    Episode 46
    Jack returns to sort out Annie and Arthur. She tells him there is nothing in their relationship but Arthur knows his way around the pub. Dennis discovers that both Elsie and Len are holidaying in Blackpool. Arthur takes Annie to the theatre. Harry tries to stall Concepta over Ireland but she is impatient to leave. Annie returns at 1am.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 1963
    Wed 5 Jun, 1963
    Episode 45
    Swindley spends his last day at the shop. Emily and Doreen buy him a pen as a farewell present. Jack wants to return when he discovers Arthur is around but Annie puts him off. Lucille doesn't want to go to Ireland. Annie can't find anyone to look after the bar for the evening and has to cancel her date with Arthur. He begs her to let him work behind the bar instead. Emily, Doreen and Ena toast Swindley and his future. Arthur impresses the customers and answers the phone when Jack telephones. Ken warns Concepta that Lucille could cause trouble. Lucille begs Harry to let her stay, saying she wants her mum.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 1963
    Mon 3 Jun, 1963
    Episode 44
    Concepta returns unexpectedly. She tells Harry she wants to buy the garage-cum grocers in instalments. Arthur arrives at the Rovers, he enjoys the atmosphere of the pub. Annie agrees to go to a show with him. Harry resigns from the buses, planning a future in Ireland.
  • Wed 29 May, 1963
    Wed 29 May, 1963
    Episode 43
    Frank's premises has a reputation of being a bad omen for businesses. Concepta goes to Ireland. Dennis finds it hard to get people interested in his shows. Concepta sends Harry a telegram telling him to hand in his notice.
  • Mon 27 May, 1963
    Mon 27 May, 1963
    Episode 42
    Annie packs Jack off to Scotland. Frank starts to clean out the shop. Concepta's father is taken ill and is forced to retire. She feels that Harry could run the garage for him. Annie cleans the Rovers in the hope that Arthur will arrive. Dennis enjoys running Lenny's agency, auditioning strippers and chorus girls.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 1963
    Wed 22 May, 1963
    Episode 41
    Annie makes enquiries and tells Concepta that Harry earns £14.17/6 a week. Christine reprimands Elsie for getting a dress on discount for Sheila. Emily and Doreen fall for the new manager, Mr Cresswell. Harry tells Concepta he earns £13 a week. Elsie tries to give Christine some advice but she tells Elsie that their friendship stops outside the shop. Swindley tells the girls Cresswell is only a buyer. Annie gets a letter from Arthur Forsythe-Jones saying he'll be coming up whilst Jack is away fishing.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 1963
    Mon 20 May, 1963
    Episode 40
    Christine starts as trainee supervisor and tries to cut down on Dot and Elsie's chatter. Concepta tells Annie that she doesn't know how much Harry earns. Annie tells her she's too docile. Swindley is shocked when Emily takes the news of his departure lightly. Dennis discovers Elsie went out with Len and feels unwanted. Elsie refuses to go out with Len again because he is still legally married. Concepta tackles Harry about his earnings. Elsie begins to think that the power has gone to Christine's head.moreless
  • Wed 15 May, 1963
    Wed 15 May, 1963
    Episode 39
    Michael appears at the juvenile court and is put on probation. Elsie is torn between letting Dennis and Len down. In the end she drops Dennis. At the dance she sees Florrie with a handsome man who turns out to be her cousin. Doreen takes Elsie's place as Dennis' dinner partner but is annoyed when he doesn't try anything on. Elsie and Len grow very intimate at the dance.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 1963
    Mon 13 May, 1963
    Episode 38
    Swindley reveals he has been promoted to Administration. Jerry tries to get Len to invite Elsie to the Federation Dance. Ken ignores Ena because of Michael. Elsie agrees to go to the Dance on Wednesday. Ena worries what will happen to Michael as the residents turn against her. Dennis books a table at a posh restaurant to treat Elsie on Wednesday.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 1963
    Wed 8 May, 1963
    Episode 37
    Ken stands by pupil Michael Butterworth, believing he didn't cash the pension. Dot starts to boss Elsie and Christine. Ena gets the truth out of Michael, that he cashed the pension and spent the money. Christine is offered the supervisor's job. Sheila agrees to go steady with Jerry. Swindley hears that he may be promoted to Gamma House. Ena reports Michael to the police.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 1963
    Mon 6 May, 1963
    Episode 36
    The assistants celebrate at Miami when they discover Mrs Dumbarton is leaving. They are told one of them will be promoted. Frank cashes in his policies and signs the shop's lease. Martha reports the missing book and tells Ena it's gone. Christine and Elsie think Dot will get the supervisor's job. Jerry asks Sheila to go steady with him. Ken returns Ena's pension book after a school boy finds it. She discovers that this week's one has been drawn.moreless
  • Wed 1 May, 1963
    Wed 1 May, 1963
    Episode 35
    Dennis tells Elsie that Mavis chucked him when he told her about his humble life. She feels sorry for him before discovering he is lying. She threatens to tell Mavis. The police recover all the stolen stock to the girls' dismay. Dennis tells Mavis the truth. She tells him she'll have to return to London to think about their relationship. Martha loses Ena's pension book. Frank refuses to listen to Ken's opposition to the shop. Ken thinks he shouldn't give up the security of the GPO. Mavis returns to London. Elsie is horrified to learn Dennis let Mavis go when she discovers her mother owns a few hotels.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 1963
    Mon 29 Apr, 1963
    Episode 34
    Det. Sgt. Shorrocks of the CID interviews Emily and Doreen. They are reluctant to give a description of the good looking robber. Ken suspects Frank of being up to something. Mavis calls at No.11 to visit Dennis' grandmother. Elsie plays along as the cleaner. Papagopolous is pleased that the stock was stolen as it was old stock that couldn't sell and was insured. Elsie demands that Dennis tells Mavis the truth. Frank tells Ken he plans to leave the GPO and buy a DIY shop. Dennis can't bring himself to tell Mavis.moreless
  • Wed 24 Apr, 1963
    Wed 24 Apr, 1963
    Episode 33
    Dennis stops using the Rovers phone when he discovers the Barlows have one. The residents think Frank must have something else on his mind to recover from Christine so easily. In Swindley's absence, Emily and Doreen run Gamma very smoothly. Mavis Fox arrives from London looking for a Coronation Street with detached houses in. Dennis catches up with her and explains that his Grannie lives in the Street whilst he's looking after his father's mill. She is thrilled and he installs her in a hotel. Emily and Doreen fall for the van drivers who transfer some of their stock to another branch. They then discover there was no transfer and the stock has been stolen.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 1963
    Mon 22 Apr, 1963
    Episode 32
    Frank returns from Scarborough and appears chirpy. Dennis asks Len what his intentions are towards Elsie. Frank and Christine run into each other and are friendly. Dennis keeps his exploits in London very quiet. He then receives a mysterious telegram.
  • Wed 17 Apr, 1963
    Wed 17 Apr, 1963
    Episode 31
    The residents are embarrassed for Elsie as her furniture is put out onto the Street. She blames them for not standing against the increase. When she hears the press are coming she feels that she's made her point and gives them the money. The furniture is replaced and she is forced to pay the bailiffs charges. Dennis tells Elsie he is back to stay. Rita feels put out when Ken avoids her. Dennis advises Jerry to go out with another girl to get Sheila jealous. Dennis reveals Lenny wants to open a club in part of the factory. Sheila gets upset when Jerry goes off with Rita. He shows her off in the Rovers. When Ken identifies her, Jerry marches her outside and lectures her.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 1963
    Mon 15 Apr, 1963
    Episode 30
    Elsie informs the papers of her stand. Ena tells her she's losing her battle. Dennis arrives from London to find Elsie ready for battle. Sheila teases Jerry, telling him she's got another man to make him jealous. He thinks it's Dennis. Dennis innocently lets the bailiffs in.
  • Wed 10 Apr, 1963
    Wed 10 Apr, 1963
    Episode 29
    Elsie barricades herself in No.11 and has the lock changed. Minnie feels the pinch with Jed gone and the increase. Concepta discovers the photo of Ken was for Rita. Minnie offers Elsie bits of furniture if hers is taken away. Ken hopes that Rita's passion will die during the Easter holidays. Jed sends Harry the £22. Rita Spears turns up at No.9 dressed to kill.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 1963
    Mon 8 Apr, 1963
    Episode 28
    Frank goes to Scarborough to recuperate. School girl Rita Spears tells Lucille she fancies Ken. Lucille promises to get her a photo of him. Val gives her one, thinking she admires Ken herself. Bailiff Riding arrives to sort Elsie out. He tries to break into No.11 but the residents see him off. Swindley discovers that Elsie is covered by the 1957 Rent Act and the bailiffs need a court order before entering the house. In glee, Elsie signs all the bailiffs' forms before discovering that because she went away for a few weeks in 1960 she is not covered by the Act.moreless
  • Wed 3 Apr, 1963
    Wed 3 Apr, 1963
    Episode 27
    Frank gets his outfit ready but Christine tells him that she can't marry him because she doesn't love him. Frank can't believe she's left it so late before telling him. Wormold threatens to bring in the bailiffs if Elsie doesn't pay the rent.
  • Mon 1 Apr, 1963
    Mon 1 Apr, 1963
    Episode 26
    Ena tells Frank and Albert she is ashamed of them paying the rent increase. Gamma starts a credit service. Elsie refuses to pay her arrears of six weeks until Wormold has dropped the extra. She slams the door in the rent man's face. Edwin Mason turns up looking for Christine. When he gets fresh, Elsie refuses to let him wait for her at No.11. Harry agrees to Lucille's trip. Edwin vets Frank to see what his intentions are towards Christine. Christine feels pressurised by everything.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 1963
    Wed 27 Mar, 1963
    Episode 25
    Christine tells Concepta she wrote the letter because she couldn't stay in the Street being talked about any longer and couldn't bring herself to tell Elsie and Frank. Swindley gives Jed a warning about misusing the Mission. Jed can't bring himself to tell Minnie he's moving on. He tells Sheila he's going to do a midnight flit. Ken tells Concepta it would be good for Lucille to go abroad but she tells him it would mean the rest of the family would not get a holiday. Jed drives off to Liverpool with a drunken Len in the back of the car.moreless
  • Episode 7329
    Episode 24
    Tina regains consciousness and insists she's fine. Graeme fusses round her but while his and Ashley's backs are turned she does a runner.Mary sabotages the camper van so the engine won't start. She gleefully tells Norris they'll have to return to the cottage and snuggle up in front of the fire.Anna and Eddie quiz Gary wanting to know why he's absconded from the army but Gary remains evasive. Graeme calls to check on Tina but there's no reply. Using his ladders he peers through her living room window. He's shocked to see her unconscious on the floor. Gary's Warrant Officer calls at No.6. Eddie and Ann lie saying they've no idea where Gary is. The Officer tells them Gary's a bright boy and he's throwing away a good career. Audrey's surprised when Lewis calls round saying his client cancelled. Lewis tells Audrey he's thinking of quitting his job and Audrey's secretly pleased. Graeme breaks Tina's door down. He's about to call an ambulance but Tina regains consciousness. Realising she hasn't eaten properly for weeks, Graeme forces her to have some soup. Carla's annoyed when Nick takes Natasha out putting his love-life before the business. Eddie phones Gary's Warrant Officer. Mary tells Norris she'd feel safer if she slept with him. Norris is horrified at the thought and barricades himself into his bedroom. Tina breaks down and tells Graeme how much she misses her dad.moreless
  • Mon 25 Mar, 1963
    Mon 25 Mar, 1963
    Episode 24
    Ena returns and is questioned by the police about the excessive noise reported. She puts the PC onto Swindley. Lucille wants £30 to go to Belgium with the school. Harry demands the £22 Jed owes him for the car. Concepta finds Wormold's address written on the back of a piece of paper from Christine. The police drop their enquiries so long as there are no more complaints. Alice dies and leaves everything to Ena. Jed decides to leave the Street to live with some friends on Brownlow Road in Liverpool but doesn't know how to tell Minnie. Christine admits to Concepta that she wrote the letter to Wormold herself.moreless
  • Episode 7328
    Episode 23
    Norris plans to go for a walk, however his plan is thwarted when he discovers the laces missing from his boots. Mary acts surprised. Lewis calls in the Salon with flowers for Audrey. She's thrilled until he cancels their date that evening explaining he's got a new client.Rita's concerned about Tina. Graeme tells her that when he's been cleaning Tina's windows he's noticed the flat doesn't look lived in.Carla insists Nick spends the evening at a business meeting. Nick realises that'll mean cancelling Natasha for the third evening on the trot. David can't bear to see Anna suffer any longer and tells her Gary's alive and well and been camping out at Len's house.Norris tells Mary he's had enough of her obsession with competitions and he's going to phone Rita and ask her to come and collect him. Mary's put out.Anna and Eddie spot Gary in an alleyway. They give chase and eventually catch up with him. Anna cries tears of relief.Norris discovers the phone is out of order. Mary happily points out he'll have to stay another night. Tina emerges from the flat. She follows Graeme into the butchers and tells him he's sacked from cleaning her windows because she knows he gossips about her. Graeme and Ashley are shocked as Tina collapses on the floor of the shop.moreless
  • Wed 20 Mar, 1963
    Wed 20 Mar, 1963
    Episode 23
    Jed agrees to be caller at the bingo session. Jerry tries to match make between Len and Elsie. Christine tells Frank she doesn't want to live in the Street when they are married. Elsie gets it out of Doreen that Len was after the landlord's address. Christine leaves and moves in with Esther. Minnie wins a tray made by Len at bingo. Len explains he wrote to Wormold about repairs. He is hurt that Elsie suspected him and she is angry with herself. The Over 60's social goes very well with the bingo and dancing. After they have left the Mission, Jed, Jerry, Sheila and Doreen move in and twist into the night. The music disturbs Fred at the chip shop and, thinking it's the Over 60's, he says he's going to complain to the police tomorrow.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 1963
    Mon 18 Mar, 1963
    Episode 22
    Esther agrees to Christine moving in with her. Swindley can't find anyone to look after the Mission in Ena's absence. Elsie calls Christine malicious over moving in with Esther. She blames Christine for bringing bother onto herself and rows with Esther. Esther has to stop herself from hitting Elsie. Swindley agrees to let Jed look after the Mission for £4 a week. Frank accuses Christine of running away. Frank Jackson tells Doreen that Len was after the landlord's address.moreless
  • Episode 7326
    Episode 21
    Lewis tells Audrey she may have started as a client but now she means a lot more to him. Audrey's walking on air. David spies Gary sneaking through the garden at No.6. David pokes fun at Gary for going AWOL from the army but promises to keep schtum. After dinner Mary wheels in a trolley laden with magazines. She makes Norris spend the evening entering competitions until he's fit to drop. Sophie starts work at the cornershop. Sunita quizzes her about her boyfriend trouble. But all Sophie wants to talk about is Sian. Sunita's amused. Nick takes a business call and cancels his date with Natasha. She's very disappointed. Lewis goes on a date with a dreadful client. He can't wait to get back to Audrey's. Tyrone and Molly fantasise about their new house and new life. Lewis arrives at Audrey's and makes himself very much at home. He throws off his tie and goes to make tea. Audrey's like a love-struck school girl.moreless
  • Episode 6807
    Episode 21
    Maria still can't bring herself to tell Liam that they've lost the baby. Liam assumes she's still in a bad mood with him and tells her to get over it. Janice is worried that Leanne might end up in prison for her involvement in the fire. Rita notices Audrey and Rita in cahoots discussing Ted. He wonders what they're talking about but Audrey fobs him off. Leanne moves into the flat about the bookies but Harry insists she can only stay one night. Marcus bumps into Liam and realises that Liam knows nothing about Maria losing the baby.moreless
  • Episode 7065
    Episode 21
    Eileen thinks Paula's lying but when Colin doesn't contradict her, Rita realises Paula's telling the truth.
  • Wed 13 Mar, 1963
    Wed 13 Mar, 1963
    Episode 21
    Elsie thinks Val reported her to the landlord. She flies at her although Val swears innocence. Ken threatens to take Elsie to court if she slanders Val. Jed agrees to buy Harry's car for £35. Elsie tells Wormold she has no intention of paying the rent increase, or losing Christine. Ena goes off to Sheffield to be with Alice. Jed offers the car to Swindley for £80. Swindley refuses it.moreless
  • Episode 7325
    Episode 20
    Tyrone collects Molly from hospital. She tells Tyrone they should move away and start afresh but Tyrone's not keen. Whilst Audrey does Rita's hair, Rita warns her off Lewis pointing out she's only a client in his eyes. Sunita agrees to give Sophie a job stacking shelves in the cornershop.Mary and a nervous Norris set off for Yorkshire in the camper van. To Tyrone's disappointment Kevin reckons Molly's idea of a fresh start is a good idea and offers to buy out his share of the business. Nick calls in the salon and Natasha suggests they meet later for a drink. Nick agrees and Natasha's thrilled. Norris and Mary arrive at the cottage in Yorkshire. Mary prepares a candle-lit dinner and Norris's anxiety is evident. Audrey flips through Lewis's little black book. She's hurt when she reads her own entry. Tyrone tells Molly that having spoken to Kevin he realises he's not the mate he thought he was and a fresh start is a good idea. Molly's delighted. Audrey tells Lewis she realises she's been a fool. She realises she's nothing more than a client to him. Lewis silences her with a kiss. Audrey's stunned.moreless
  • Episode 6806
    Episode 20
    Maria is sent home from the hospital knowing that she's carrying her dead baby. Marcus is supportive but Maria's numb with misery and shock. Liam's furious with Carla for sending his cab away and making him stay the night at her flat. Jason tries to order a sandwich from Becky in the caf?? but Roy points out he's barred and tells Becky she mustn't serve him. Audrey meets up with Ted Page.moreless
  • Episode 7064
    Episode 20
    Rita accepts Colin's marriage proposal. Deidre's impressed by Peter's refurbished flat.
  • Mon 11 Mar, 1963
    Mon 11 Mar, 1963
    Episode 20
    Harry thinks of selling the car. Albert wants to set bingo for the Over 60s social. Ena gets a letter from her sister Alice's neighbour, telling her that Alice is on the danger list. Swindley and Emily are summoned to Gamma House. Annie watches over Martha at the Rovers. Emily is allowed to stay at Gamma and Swindley is given a car allowance, but he hasn't a car. The landlord writes to Elsie telling her it is illegal to rent a room to Christine and gives her to the end of the month to get her out. Elsie swears vengeance on whoever informed the landlord.moreless
  • Episode 7324
    Episode 19
    Kevin vehemently assures Molly that he would never try to harm her or the baby. Tyrone returns and Kevin leaves, unsure of what action Molly will take. Sophie and Lee's awkward date continues. Sophie finds Bill's keys lying in the street. Tyrone's shocked when Molly suggests reporting Kevin's negligence to the police. An officer arrives to take their statements. Rita's pensive when Emily points out how Audrey needs her friends at the moment. Eddie's puzzled when some cheese goes missing from the fridge. Sophie abandons her date with Lee when Rosie informs her that Sian called round. Sophie heads out to find her. Ken suggests to Deirdre that they should invest in a loft conversion. Deirdre dismisses the idea. Tyrone calls on Kevin and says he told the police that he took the car before it was ready. Kevin's relieved. Sophie finds Sian in the street and takes her to the builders' yard to talk. Sian's confused about her feelings. Rita calls in at the salon and arranges an appointment with Audrey.Sophie tells Sian she thinks about her all the time. They kiss. Sian wonders if they are now 'going out'. They laugh and admit they feel weird. Sophie's overjoyed. Kevin returns to the hospital and thanks Molly for not reporting him. Molly coldly replies that she and Tyrone are going to move away and he will never see his child.moreless
  • Episode 7063
    Episode 19
    Eileen gives Colin his birthday present. When Jason appears bleary eyed and shame faced, Julie trailing behind, Eileen and Sean enjoy his embarrassment.
  • Episode 6805
    Episode 19
    Liam arrives home with a hangover having spent the night at Carla's. Maria's furious. Becky's loved up after spending the night with Jason. She urges Roy to let Jason back in the caf?? but he refuses. Audrey leaves Maria in charge of the salon while she goes to meet Ted for lunch. Dan and Leanne are taken in for questioning by the police. Harry asks Dan if he torched the restaurant. Dan assures him he didn't although he knows who did. Maria unburdens herself to Marcus about Liam and Carla.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 1963
    Wed 6 Mar, 1963
    Episode 19
    Annie assures Jack that she did wear a body stocking and wig. She thinks Ena kept the paper in order to blackmail her. Swindley starts a petition against the rent increase. Martha is taken on at the Rovers as cleaner. Elsie discovers that the watch is from Dennis and she has to pay for it. When Annie accuses Ena of blackmail, Ena tells the whole pub that Annie was Lady Godiva.moreless
  • Episode 7323
    Episode 18
    Tyrone's relieved when Molly comes round in hospital. Anna's beside herself having still not heard from Gary. Eddie goes to question Gary's mates in the hope of finding out where he is. Guilty Kevin asks Pam for news of Molly and the baby. Pam's contemptuous as she informs him that they are fine, no thanks to him. Ken's peace at home is disturbed when Deirdre discovers a mouse. Sophie gets dressed up for a date with Lee. Rosie approves of her glam new look but it's clear Sophie's heart is not in it. Pam visits Molly in hospital and explains how Kevin was to blame for the crash. Molly's astounded, wondering if he was trying to kill her and the baby. Sian calls at No.4 and is disappointed when Rosie tells her that Sophie's on a date. Sian's upset to spot Sophie and Lee together in the street. Eddie's search proves fruitless. Anna gets a call from the warrant officer stating that Gary faces a court martial when he is found. Anna's sick with worry. Kevin arrives to see Molly. He's horrified when she accuses him of sabotaging the car deliberately and tells him she's reporting the matter to the police.moreless
  • Episode 6804
    Episode 18
    Paul goes through with his confession, despite Dan highlighting the risks. Maria and Rita coax Audrey into calling Ted. She leaves an awkward message. Vernon is offered a job on a cruise and wants Liz to go too. She tries to find excuses. Ted phones Audrey back and they arrange to meet at 8 the following evening. Julie meets Kirk's friends - she still thinks he is hilarious. Paul confesses. Jack is glad Vera's not here to see that he is his father's son.moreless
  • Mon 4 Mar, 1963
    Mon 4 Mar, 1963
    Episode 18
    Elsie gets depressed on her birthday. She gets cards from Linda, Dennis, Ena and Bill and a letter from the landlord putting the rent up 10 shillings a week. Frank and Christine set the date for 4th May. Elsie receives an anonymous present through the post - a marquasite watch. Ken tells Christine she's making the biggest mistake of her life. Lucille reads an old paper of Ena's about a local girl portraying Lady Godiva. Sheila does a dance on one of the Rovers tables when dared by Jed. Annie threatens to throw her out. Annie is horrified to discover Ena has kept the paper of her exploits as Lady Godiva.moreless
  • Episode 7061
    Episode 17
    Becky's stung when Liz criticises how she is with Amy. Norris waits for a late Chesney to deliver his paper.
  • Episode 6803
    Episode 17
    Leanne frets over Paul's threats to go to the police. Paul tells Jack he's getting more from the insurance payout than he thought. Dan is now worried too. Vernon wins on the horses again and keeps ploughing his winnings into further bets. Audrey is overcome at David's meagre cell. Gail tells her to steel herself. Kirk's holiday romance is visiting and he prepares with a hair cut and a manicure.moreless
  • Wed 27 Feb, 1963
    Wed 27 Feb, 1963
    Episode 17
    Elsie warns Joe to do right by Christine. Jerry tells Len that he's been offered another job. Christine tells Elsie she's going to finish with Joe. Len advises Jerry to take the offer if he doesn't want a partnership in a few years. Jerry decides to stay with Len. Christine is relieved when Joe finishes with her. She tells Frank she will marry him.moreless
  • Episode 7321
    Episode 16
    As Tyrone and Molly bat along country lanes in their car, Kevin frantically tries to call them but to no avail. Anna tries desperately to get hold of Gary but his phone is switched off. She starts to panic wondering what's happened to him. Eddie does his best to calm her down. China's embarrassed that Lloyd's seen where she works. Lloyd tries to give her his phone number but China feigns disinterest and Lloyd leaves disappointed. Kevin sets off for Diggory's house hoping to reach Tyrone and Molly before they have an accident. Rosie lends Sophie one of her show-stopping dresses to cheer her up. Julie spends the evening at No.5. Fiz and John keep up the pretence that John's working in a furniture factory. Sophie's gutted when Ryan tells her that he and Sian might be getting back together. Kevin arrives at Diggory's house but there's nobody there. Suddenly the brakes fail on the car and Tyrone and Molly veer off the road, crash through a hedge, the car ending up on its roof.moreless
  • Episode 7060
    Episode 16
    Tony collects Maria to take her for her scan. Luke apologises to Maria for startling her and she tells him it's fine.
  • Episode 6802
    Episode 16
    Kirk arrives back on the Street. Fiz fusses over Chesney and tries to hide her dismay at his 'meaningful' glances. Chesney is elated to see Kirk back. Leanne's insurance pay out comes through - she has been granted nearly everything she has claimed for. Dan warns her to pay Paul speedily. Bill and Gail notice Audrey is distracted. Harry discusses his divorce over the phone as Dan and Leanne decide to move in together. Harry is pleased Dan will be moving out of the flat. Paul is unenthused about his new job. Jack offers money to buy a new restaurant. Molly realises that Paul has feelings for Leanne.moreless
  • Mon 25 Feb, 1963
    Mon 25 Feb, 1963
    Episode 16
    Swindley gives the water job to Joe. Len calls him in the shop and Emily stands up for Swindley and lectures Len. The rents go up on Coronation and Mawdsley Streets. Sheila agrees to a date with Jerry if he'll supply a man for Doreen. Lucille does a study on the Street in the 1930s and looks through Harry's old photos. Concepta finds a recent one with Harry and another woman. Minnie's TV breaks down. Doreen donnes a blonde wig and is horrified to find Jed is her date. He and Jerry take them to the Orinocco to see strippers. Harry tells Concepta the woman is a clippie at a party. Joe tells Jerry he could get him a job at Roscoe and Pitts on 15 shillings a week more.moreless
  • Episode 7320
    Episode 15
    Sophie's upset over Sian. She feigns illness and refuses to go to school. Anna and Eddie tell Gary they're thinking of adopting a child. Gary's supportive telling them they're brilliant parents. Anna looks at Gary with pride. Kevin apologises to Tyrone and offers to service his car for him. Tyrone accepts and they agree to be mates again. Fiz invites Julie round for her tea to say sorry for giving her the cold shoulder the previous evening. Julie wonders if John's got any single colleagues at the furniture factory who she could meet. Fiz is quietly worried. Kevin continues to put pressure on Molly to have an abortion but Molly goes ballistic and screams at him to get out of the shop. Pam tells Kevin what she thinks of him. A sixth-former called Lucie offers to show John round the school. Lloyd finds China's mobile in his cab. He goes to return it and sees China heading into a strip club. Tearful Anna sees Gary off as he returns to the army. But she's shocked when she gets a call from Gary's warrant officer to say that Gary's gone AWOL. Molly and Tyrone set off in the car to visit Diggory, unaware that Kevin hasn't finished servicing it and some of the parts are lying on the garage forecourt. Kevin's horrified to see Tyrone and Molly driving off, realising the danger they're in.moreless
  • Episode 7059
    Episode 15
    Tony tells Luke that the mask will remind Maria of Liam's death.
  • Episode 6801
    Episode 15
    Gail grills David about the treatment he is receiving. She shares her disappointment that he didn't call on her birthday. Roger tells Leanne the Italian will need to be gutted to even become a bar. Jerry locks himself out of his car outside the offender's centre. Mel has to bring him the spare keys, in her police car. She is not amused. Gail tells David she thinks a lot of him for facing up to his punishment. Paul gets a new job but it's not as good a position as he was hoping for. Fiz has her hair done and everyone thinks it is because Kirk is back tomorrow.moreless
  • Wed 20 Feb, 1963
    Wed 20 Feb, 1963
    Episode 15
    Len and Jerry stop Alf from hitting Joe. Jed installs a TV at Minnie's. Christine thinks Frank set Alf onto Joe. Jack goes to see the area manager Fred Hamilton who pretends to be going to sack him before telling him it's a joke. Jack is shocked to discover the residents had written supporting the Walkers. Annie thinks Fred has sacked Jack and arrives to sort Fred out. Len and Joe clash when they each arrive at Gamma to alter a water heater.moreless
  • Episode 7319
    Episode 14
    Kevin retracts his threat to dissolve the partnership but Tyrone remains hurt and angry. Fiz and John bribe Chesney with £20 to go out for the evening. Chesney's bemused but complies thinking they've had another row. Natasha cuts Nick's hair and suggests they go for a drink sometime. Brian, John's teaching colleague, calls round. He stays all evening and Fiz and John are on pins trying to keep up the Colin Fishwick pretence. Tyrone proudly tells his mates he's going to be a dad. Natasha and Rosie trick Graeme into meeting them in the Rovers. They accuse him of trying to two-time them and Rosie pours a pint over Graeme's head. Kevin begs Molly to have an abortion but she refuses point blank.Julie calls to see Fiz but Fiz refuses to let her in. Julie's wonders what's going on. Eddie tries to sell some cheap fags which Len has supplied from Spain. Izzy turns up for her date with Kirk. She's unimpressed to find Kirk used Jason's photo to lure her over. She leaves in a strop and runs Gary over with her wheelchair. Izzy apologises, Gary accepts and there's an instant spark between them.Tyrone tells Kevin he'll never trust him again.moreless
  • Episode 7058
    Episode 14
    Luke tries on the Tony mask he's found. Maria cancels her hospital appointment, scared of finding something wrong with baby.
  • Episode 6800
    Episode 14
    David's cell mate, Graeme introduces himself. David still finds him creepy. Maria stresses over Liam's choice of colours for the nursery. Roy misses Hayley. Leanne tells Dan she is worried she has been nasty to Paul. He says he'll get over it. Blanche and Norris get their hair done whilst giving Audrey a grilling about David. Becky gives Jason a bacon butty to thank him for warning her about Rick. Liz is stressing over the lack of staff at the Rover's.moreless
  • Mon 18 Feb, 1963
    Mon 18 Feb, 1963
    Episode 14
    Annie feels that Jack will blame her if she tells him about the sherry so she doesn't. The customers flock to Gamma for Emily's sake. Jack is summoned to the Brewery and Annie has to tell him about the sherry. Frank is shocked when Joe turns up to do some plumbing at No.3. Alf corners Joe under the viaduct to beat him up.moreless
  • Episode 7318
    Episode 13
    Tyrone proudly tells Molly how he's downloaded the DVD of their baby scan onto Youtube. Molly's horrified and makes him promise to remove it. John lies to Chesney telling him he's got a new job at a furniture factory in Rochdale. Anna's delighted when Gary arrives home from the army unexpectedly. John hands in his notice at the café. Roy wishes him well in the new job. Tyrone shows Kevin the video of the baby on Youtube. Kevin's cut to the core. Tyrone tells Molly about Kevin's strange reaction to the video and reckons he's jealous because he hasn't got a son. Tyrone suggests they make Kevin the baby's Godfather. Molly tries to talk him out of it. John starts his new teaching job posing as Colin Fishwick. Lewis calls in the Salon for a cut and manicure. Natasha reckons he fancies Audrey and Audrey's secretly thrilled. Tyrone asks Kevin to be the baby's Godfather. Kevin's horrified and refuses pointing out he's not religious. John arrives home buoyed up after a great day at school. But Brian, a colleague, phones and tells him he left his mobile phone at school and he's bringing it round. Chesney arrives home and John and Fiz quietly panic. Tyrone's hurt by Kevin's refusal. In desperation Kevin blurts out that they're not mates and he wants to dissolve the partnership. Tyrone's gobsmacked.moreless
  • Episode 6799
    Episode 13
    Bill and Jason discover that Rick has a serious girlfriend and a daughter. Gail is lost without David and doesn't see the point in celebrating her 50th. Tony lets on to Carla that Roy is getting to him. David settles into the Young Offenders institution. Ryan refuses to go to Ireland with Michelle and Alex. Steve will look after him. Jason tells Becky about Rick, she's hurt and upset but won't let on. Deirdre and Sally head round to Gail's to celebrate but she tells them David has been given 4 months.moreless
  • Wed 13 Feb, 1963
    Wed 13 Feb, 1963
    Episode 13
    Christine refuses to listen to Esther's apology and threatens Val, when Val tells her to leave Frank alone. Jack and Albert go to their reunion. The Brewery rep Mr Henshaw finds Annie selling the Cyprus sherry over the counter. He tells her he'll have to report her for selling non-brewery goodsmoreless
  • Episode 7056
    Episode 12
    Peter regards Ken cynically as Ken prepares breakfast for Deidre. Amber's unhappy that Darryl's moving out.
  • Episode 6798
    Episode 12
    Dev and Janice give David stick about going to prison. Darryl tells David he's a braver man than he is and starts leafing through the paper for a new job. David gives Gail flowers for her birthday. Michelle and Ryan chat to Helen on the phone about Alex. She wants Michelle to go to Ireland with the boys to discuss it all. Liz fumes but Steve is sympathetic. Bill reassures Audrey that prison might be just what David needs.moreless
  • Mon 11 Feb, 1963
    Mon 11 Feb, 1963
    Episode 12
    Val discovers Frank is still seeing Christine. She feels that she regrets staying in the street now. Elsie lets it slip to Ken about Christine and Joe. Annie leads a campaign to drill up more trade for Gamma. Frank disowns Ken for interfering too much in his life. Esther tells Frank about Joe.moreless
  • Episode 7055
    Episode 11
    Tensions are rife between Ken and Deidre, despite it being Peter's birthday.
  • Episode 6797
    Episode 11
    David leaves a message on Tina's phone, put out that she hasn't been in touch. Sean says he'll put the holiday on his credit card. Marcus is increasingly annoyed. Michelle panics over how she looks before meeting Alex. Steve tries to calm her. A driver comes to the caf?? to ask if the car blocking the building site can be moved. Becky tells him the owner (Hayley) is in Africa. Roy says he isn't insured to move it. Gail plays down her upcoming 50th birthday.moreless
  • Wed 6 Feb, 1963
    Wed 6 Feb, 1963
    Episode 11
    Esther tells Emily she could get her a job at her firm. Swindley threatens to resign unless Emily is reinstated. The Hewitts visit Lucille's school. Her teacher says she is satisfied with her work and accuses the Hewitts of pushing Lucille too much. Frank gets impatient for an answer. Papagopolous agrees to let Emily return for six weeks. If trade has not picked up by then she'll have to go. Esther tells Elsie she saw Christine at the pictures with Joe.moreless
  • Episode 7315
    Episode 10
    John tells Fiz how he plans to apply for a teaching job in Colin's name using the stolen driving licence and some fake references which a mate can supply. Fiz is horrified pointing out he could end up back in prison if he's caught. Sophie finally gets hold of Sian and arranges to call round after school. She's devastated when Ryan tells her Sian has gone to her mum's in Southport. Graeme tries but fails to chat up first Natasha and then Rosie. John replies to a teaching advert in the paper calling himself Colin Fishwick. Kevin tells Molly that he doesn't mind Tyrone going on about the baby and that he's glad something good has come out of the whole mess. Steve warns Lloyd that China might not be all that she seems bearing in mind she's a friend of Leanne's and Leanne used to be a prostitute. Desperate to see Sian, Sophie sneaks out of the house and sets off for Southport. Steve and Becky turn up for their first adoption meeting. They're surprised to find Eddie and Anna there too. John admits to Fiz that he's applied for a teaching post in Colin's name.moreless
  • Mon 4 Feb, 1963
    Mon 4 Feb, 1963
    Episode 10
    Mr. Papagopolous is adamant that Emily is too expensive to keep. The Hewitts worry when Lucille does not appear to be doing very well at school. Frank proposes to Christine. She tells him she'll think it over.
  • Episode 7314
    Episode 9
    Sian's incredulous that Sophie would try and steal Ryan from her. She ignores Sophie's messages. Ryan guiltily comforts her. Peter and Leanne continue to celebrate their engagement. Lloyd takes a shine to China and agrees to drive her to work. Fiz feels excluded as John and friends reminisce. Sophie arrives home and tearfully retires to her room. Kevin recognises Kyle as a burger-seller from the football ground. Rosie furiously chucks him out. Ryan admits to Michelle how he lied to Sian about Sophie. Michelle advises him to tell Sian the truth. John noses around Colin's study. He's aggrieved when Colin tactlessly rejoices about escaping the teaching profession. Sian intercepts a text for Ryan from Tamsin. She's horrified to find that he lied to her and tells him she never wants to see him again. Ryan's gutted. Fiz is suspicious when John insists they make a hasty exit from the party. Back home, she tackles him and he admits to stealing some of Colin's papers. Fiz is gobsmacked when he suggests posing as Colin in order to secure a teaching job. Sian calls on Sophie. She informs her she's finished with Ryan and apologises for doubting her. Sophie's relieved and instinctively leans in for a kiss. Sian responds before losing her nerve and setting off home. Sophie's confused and excited.moreless
  • Episode 6795
    Episode 9
    Becky is infuriated with Roy but agrees that Rick won't come around any more. Bill worries about the bats. Jason worries that Roy saw him last night. Lauren is still trying to persuade Sean to go on holiday with her. Carla suspects Tony has seen the bats off somehow. Jerry reckons Darryl handing his notice in was just the beer talking. Liz christens the smoking shelter. Vernon isn't impressed and Liz tells Vernon not to say that in front of Harry. Darryl and David discuss prison and Mel reminds Darryl he handed his notice in.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jan, 1963
    Wed 30 Jan, 1963
    Episode 9
    Sheila is pleased when Jed is scared of her. The Brewery plan to send a rep round on the night of his reunion dinner but Jack refuses to miss it. Doreen hands in her notice so that Emily can stay, but Swindley explains that Emily has to go because she earns the most. Frank tells Ken that he's not going to be on his own for the rest of his life. Albert agrees to go to the reunion with Jack. Frank tells Elsie he wants to ask Christine to marry him. Emily leaves Gamma Garments.moreless
  • Episode 7313
    Episode 8
    Leanne informs Peter she won't be at work today. Peter fears their relationship is finished. Janice is put out to see that Trevor's bed has not been slept in. John's former teacher colleague Colin turns up in the café with the news that he's emigrating. He invites John to his leaving party tonight. John's not keen. Leanne calls into the Rovers and apologises to Michelle. She asks Ciaran for his help with a surprise for Peter. Fiz talks John into attending Colin's leaving do. Janice calls Trevor's phone. She's shocked when it rings in Carla's office. Carla gives it to Janice to return and instructs her to respect her privacy. Janice is gutted. Rosie brings her boyfriend Kyle round for tea and introduces him to Kevin. Leanne bumps into her former colleague China and invites her to the Rovers. Sophie meets up with Sian and informs her of Ryan's kiss with Tamsin. Sian's incensed and drags Sophie along to confront him. Ciaran lures Peter to the Rovers where he's shocked to find Ken, Deirdre, Simon and Leanne waiting. Leanne kisses him before dropping down on one knee and producing an engagement ring. Peter's stunned and accepts her proposal. John and Fiz arrive at Colin's house for the party. Ryan and Sian argue. Ryan denies kissing Tamsin and accuses Sophie of fancying him and trying to split them up. Sian wonders if this could be true. Sophie leaves, devastated.moreless
  • Episode 6794
    Episode 8
    Gail makes excuses for David, ignoring everyone trying to calm her down in court. Becky and Rick are flirting in the caf??. Roy is unimpressed. Tony pressurises Jason about smoking the bats out of the building site. The Platt's arrive back and Janice verbally attacks David. Jerry feels sorry for Gail. Darryl and David have a catch up and sort things out. Gail can't believe how calm David is. He admits to Darryl that he's not calm at all but is hiding it. Roy lays down more rules for Becky before Rick arrives.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jan, 1963
    Mon 28 Jan, 1963
    Episode 8
    Emily feels very bitter about losing her job and goes through four hankies. She and Doreen ignore Swindley. Ken finds out how Stanley is doing at his new school for Len. The Birtles arrive to sort out Sheila and Jed. Emily thinks Swindley has sacked her in vengeance over Edwin. Christine has enough of people asking her about her new boyfriend. The Birtles approach Jed as their future son-in-law.moreless
  • Episode 7051
    Episode 7
    Len explains to David that Gary's going to be working for Joe. David remains uncannily calm.
  • Episode 6793
    Episode 7
    David is getting ready for his court appearance not holding out much hope. Roy is still upset about the bats and the building work that is still going on. He is still upset with Becky too, over last night's incident. Ken tries to mediate but fails. Chesney turns up at the factory - Fiz has forgotten to give him enough money for dinner and the bus. Darryl is refusing to celebrate his birthday, upset that Lauren dumped him. Roy goes looking for Tony at the factory.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 1963
    Wed 23 Jan, 1963
    Episode 7
    Harry tires of the buses and looks around for another job. Concepta thinks it's stupid as all the local mills are closing. Emily thinks that Swindley will have to make Doreen redundant because of the lack of profits. Concepta accuses Len of disrupting Harry's life. Sheila refuses to give up the markets. Ena and Martha are amazed when Minnie becomes Jed's plant at the market in order to sell his sweaters. It doesn't work and he doesn't sell a single one. Swindley tells Emily that it is she who will have to go.moreless
  • Episode 7311
    Episode 6
    Ryan and Sian's reconciliation is short-lived when Sian accuses him of being interested in Tamsin. The parents gather in the Peacocks' yard during Joshua's birthday party. The dads move on to the pub and Becky tells Sunita, Claire and Leanne about wanting to adopt and Steve's qualms. They fail to spot Asha eavesdropping. Steve chats about parenting with the other dads. Tyrone wants lots of kids. Ashley reports that he was happy as an adopted child. Steve's thoughtful. Rita and Emily bump into Audrey in the Rovers and the insults continue to fly. The row continues outside where Norris overhears Rita describe Lewis as a gigolo. Leanne startles Peter by expressing a wish to be regarded as Simon's mum. Peter goes for a night out with friends and Leanne's left wondering if she's scared him off. Rita confides to Norris that she gets lonely and enjoys Lewis's company platonically. Norris sympathises and suggests she could return to work at The Kabin once he returns from his jaunt with Mary. Rita agrees to consider it. Trevor tells the men in the Rovers about his trip to South Africa for the World Cup. Sophie tries to cheer Ryan up after his split with Sian. Ryan misreads her hug and tries to kiss her. Sophie's furious and pushes him away. Audrey tells Nick about Lewis without mentioning he's an escort. Nick assures her that whatever happens, she will always have her family. Becky and Steve are taken aback when Amy asks when she is getting an older sister. Steve tells her they are thinking about it. Becky's pleased. Leanne's concerned when Janice reveals that Ciaran's in the pub and there was no sign of Peter. Leanne wonders if Peter is seeing another woman.moreless
  • Episode 7050
    Episode 6
    Joe's laid up on the sofa and Gail enjoys fussing round him. Len tells Gary he wants him to fit some kitchens whilst Joe's incapacitated.
  • Mon 21 Jan, 1963
    Mon 21 Jan, 1963
    Episode 6
    Johnny blames Harry for his lost job. Concepta calls on the Alexanders and discovers Johnny is very bitter. The residents felt that Sheila is doing the wrong thing getting mixed up with Jed. Harry tells his bosses that Len lied and they offer Johnny his job back. Johnny refuses to go back to where he was not trusted and gets another job. Swindley is summoned to HG with the stock sheets. Jed kids Florrie that he's dating Sheila. Harry rows with Concepta for interfering with Johnny.moreless
  • Episode 7310
    Episode 5
    Audrey sets off to visit Rita but is thwarted when Sophie bumps into her and spills coffee all over her. Audrey goes home to change. Becky and Steve inform Liz and Claire that they have decided to adopt. Liz fears it's too soon after the miscarriage. Claire explains that they will probably have to adopt an older child rather than a baby. Mary's excited about the trip to Bronte country. Norris has reservations. Simon gets ready for Josh's birthday party. Peter and Leanne persuade Ken to celebrate his wedding anniversary on Thursday. As an incentive, Trevor and Janice decide they will reward their dieting efforts with a chip supper later in the week. Sophie contrives a meeting between Ryan and Sian and leaves them to make up. Audrey arrives at Rita's flat and chastises her for booking Lewis behind her back. Rita's indignant and reminds Audrey they are both just clients to Lewis. Steve researches adoption online. He tells Becky he's concerned what effect the decision might have on Amy. Becky's disappointed when he tells her he would like to wait until the time is right to adopt. Deirdre's delighted when Ken announces he's arranged a party in the Rovers to mark their anniversary. Carla invites Trevor on another date. He accepts but is unable to avoid a clash with his chippy night with Janice. Things get heated between Audrey and Rita and old resentments resurface. When Rita accuses her of marrying Alf for money, Audrey slaps Rita and flounces out. Rita's stunned.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jan, 1963
    Wed 16 Jan, 1963
    Episode 5
    Johnny's case is heard and Harry feels that he shouldn't have reported him. Swindley worries about the fall in sales at Gamma. Sheila agrees to work the market with Jed on Saturdays for £5. Elsie advises Florrie to inform the Birtles. The Mission players decide that the profits should go go towards a summer outing for the over 60's. Len admits that he didn't pay his fare and then discovers that Johnny has been sacked.moreless
  • Episode 7309
    Episode 4
    Audrey tells Rita that she is not going to the Chamber of Commerce dance as Lewis was not free. Guilty Rita is about to come clean but has second thoughts when Audrey patronisingly commends her for attending alone. Rosie bids in an online auction for a present for her footballer boyfriend. Claudia pays Audrey a visit and admits that she tried to book Lewis for the dance too. She persuades a reluctant Audrey that they should go together. Steve tries to raise Becky's spirits by suggesting that they have other parenting options, including adoption. Becky berates him for his lack of sensitivity. At the town hall, Rita soon relaxes in Lewis' company. Becky tells her troubles to Hayley, who makes her see that adoption might be a viable solution in the future. Becky's grateful for Hayley's advice. Claudia and Audrey bump into Lewis at the dance but Audrey fails to spot Rita. Rosie wins the auction but Kevin returns from the match and tells her that nobody's heard of her boyfriend. Rosie's unconcerned. As Lewis and Rita leave the dance, Audrey spots them together. Audrey's jealous, and she and Rita trade insults until Lewis steps in and they depart. Claudia reminds Audrey that Lewis is paid to say nice things to her and he doesn't mean them. Audrey shrugs it off but it's obvious she's falling for a gigolo.moreless
  • Episode 7048
    Episode 4
    John's thrilled to see Fiz. Fiz asks him if he'll give her some guidance over home-tutoring Chesney. John's only too happy to help.
  • Episode 6790
    Episode 4
    Gail tells Audrey she will get the truth eventually without having to involve the police. Eileen is exasperated when Lauren complains about the hot water. Leanne is defensive with Janice, finding the constant lying a strain. Alex comes to see Michelle again. They talk, enjoying moving their relationship on. Lauren tells Sean about the rent she owes. He says he'll talk to Eileen about it. David and Gail have a heart to heart about the accident but David still won't admit he pushed her and left her for dead.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jan, 1963
    Mon 14 Jan, 1963
    Episode 4
    Frank doesn't believe Christine when she tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend. Ena and Elsie tell Christine the story and she rows with them. To deceive the residents further, Elsie and Frank parade around together.
  • Episode 7308
    Episode 3
    Becky's furious to be told that she can never be a mother. Steve tries to reassure her that it's not the end of the world but it's clear Becky has taken the news hard. Bill summons Roy to administer first aid to Jason as he regains consciousness. They are shocked to realise that he has lost his memory and can't recall splitting with Tina! Rita has a grand time at the theatre with Lewis. She invites him to an Easter function and Lewis happily accepts the booking. Steve tells Liz about Becky's miscarriage and her inability to have children. Eileen tries to remind Jason about his row with Tina but he doesn't believe her. Becky reckons she's being punished for her former wild lifestyle. She thinks Steve will dump her like he did Karen when she miscarried. Steve dismisses her fears but Becky's still inconsolable. Sunita's keen to make an offer for No.7 but Dev refuses to live in a poky terrace. Sunita recruits the Peacocks to help with her argument and helpless Dev finds himself outnumbered. He agrees to ring Maria with an offer. Audrey phones Lewis and asks if he's free tonight. Still at the theatre, Lewis invites her to see the evening show. He asks the usher for two more complimentary tickets. Eileen tells Tina about Jason's memory loss. Tina marches over to see him. Eileen's astounded when Jason remembers breaking up with Tina, his memory restored. Tina's unimpressed, thinking Eileen's trying to play cupid. Steve assures Becky she will always have him but confides in Liz that he's secretly gutted he will have no more children.moreless
  • Episode 7047
    Episode 3
    Michelle helps Peter clean the smoke damaged bookies shop. He tells her how selfish he's been and how he wants to make it up to Simon.
  • Wed 9 Jan, 1963
    Wed 9 Jan, 1963
    Episode 3

    Ena and Elsie spread their rumour. Jed can't get rid of his stock of Cyprus sherry. When black conductor Johnny Alexander accuses Len of not paying his fare, Harry sides with Len and reports Johnny. Jack buys the sherry so that Jed can pay his rent. Elsie and Ena are amazed at the vulnerability of the residents. Frank hears the news and is upset. Elsie and Ena realise they should have told him about the joke.

  • Episode 7307
    Episode 2
    Steve takes Becky to hospital. Liz is alarmed. Gail's cross with David for going to the Lakes. He apologises but explains he was trying to help. Gail tells him she's accepted they will just have to wait for the justice system to vindicate her. Mother and son bid one another an emotional farewell. Depressed Jason gets steadily drunker in the Rovers. Janice bleakly regards her salad as she lunches with Trevor. Trevor's tickled to spot her pinching his chips, thinking he's not looking. Tina fails to respond to the door or the phone and sits surrounded by old photos. At the hospital, the consultant performs some tests on Becky. He hints that there's a chance she could be pregnant. Becky and Steve are startled. Trevor catches Janice eating a biscuit. She's embarrassed but happy when he offers to follow her diet with her. Dev's mortified when Sunita informs them that she's arranged to view No.7 as Maria has decided to sell up. Kirk shows them round but Dev's disdainful. Rita meets Lewis at the theatre and is soon put at her ease by his effortless charm. Tina finally answers Norris' calls and tells him to stick his job. Drunken Jason goes to the yard to make up with Bill, who sends him home to sober up. As he leaves, Jason slips and falls down the stairs. Bill's aghast to see he's unconscious.Steve and Becky are devastated when the consultant informs them that Becky has suffered another miscarriage and might be unable to carry a pregnancy to full term due to an abnormality in her womb.moreless
  • Episode 7046
    Episode 2
    Ken goes back to the barge to try and speak to Martha but gets no answer. Reluctantly, he leaves feeling down-hearted.
  • Episode 6788
    Episode 2
    Tina's signed off from work with stress. David's worried she's going to crack under the pressure. Nick collects Ryan from the pub. Michelle puts on a brave face for Ryan's sake. Leanne takes Paul to the caf?? to go through their insurance claim for the fire. Paul admits he's totally in love with her. Leanne's gobsmacked. Norris and Rita ask Tina how Gail's getting on. Tina can't handle the pressure and flees from the shop. Lauren sponges another ??50 from Darryl to pay her rent. Gail tells Tina how her memory is slowly returning. She remembers rowing with David after Jason had left.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jan, 1963
    Mon 7 Jan, 1963
    Episode 2
    Florrie and Val give Christine the cold shoulder. Jed gets behind with the rent because he can't sell stock. Ken refuses to talk to Frank until he finishes with Christine. Minnie can't afford to drink in the Rovers. The profit on the play comes to £17, 15 shillings. Ena and Elsie hatch a plot - spreading it around that Christine has got another boyfriend, thus giving Frank and her a bit of breathing space.moreless
  • Episode 7045
    Episode 1
    Ken berates himself for not listening to Deirdre and tackling Peter's drink problem and therefore preventing the fire.
  • Wed 2 Jan, 1963
    Wed 2 Jan, 1963
    Episode 1
    Elsie and Harry decide not to tell anyone about Nellie leaving Len but Len himself spreads the word. Ena is annoyed that she didn't know about Len sooner. Harry lays into Len over the way he treated Nellie when Len asks for pity. Linda thinks Nellie has left because Len was having an affair with Elsie and threatens not to return to Canada but Ivan drags her off to the docks. Frank tells Ken he's going to marry Christine causing Ken to explode at the age difference - he was at school with Christine. The residents wave the Cheveskis off.moreless