Coronation Street - Season 42

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  • Mon 31 Dec, 2001
    Mon 31 Dec, 2001
    Episode 225
    New Year's Eve. Eve takes over the Rovers from Duggie (although not officially as they have to change the licence over). Geena and Shelley are both upset that they didn't get the Rovers and are also worried about their jobs. Duggie offers Shelley an extra £50 per week to come and work for him at the Rugby Club, she accepts. Peter isn't happy about it. Les is really excited about Leanne coming to stay. Bobbi feels that Vik is starting to take her for granted. Matt tells Maxine that he doesn't think he can keep up this act that everything is okay. Leanne phones and says that won't be coming after all. Les is distraught. Janice pops in to see Leanne and finds Les very upset. Les tells her again that he wants her back. She explains to him that she and Dennis are moving to Sheffield and tells him she wants a divorce.moreless
  • Sun 30 Dec, 2001
    Sun 30 Dec, 2001
    Episode 224
    Toyah has another go at Les about his drinking. He promises to stop but later she finds him in the Rovers. Fred and Eve go house hunting again but still can't find anything they like. Bobbi starts moving some of her stuff into Vik's flat which worries him. Vik corners Sam and asks him if he'd like to lodge with him. Sam accepts. Les bumps into Dennis and Dennis tells him to stay away from Janice. Norris goes round to Curly and Emma's to see the new baby. He feels that he has a special bond with baby Ben as he helped deliver him. Matt suggests to Maxine that may be they should set up home together with their baby. The Rovers' Auction takes place. Dev and Peter try to out bid each other but at the last minute Fred steps in and buys the pub for £76,000. Eve is delighted.moreless
  • Fri 28 Dec, 2001
    Fri 28 Dec, 2001
    Episode 223
    Curly and Emma's baby boy weighs 6lb 2oz and they name him after Norris's middle name - Benjamin, they call him Ben. Both Curly and Norris tell everybody they meet how they delivered the baby. Curly is the proudest dad in the world. Geena and Shelley are getting about the Rovers' auction the following day. Vik tells Les to take a couple of days off work and sober up. Steve and Vik buy a couple of cars of Karl Harper. Tyrone sees this and realises they're cars which he's clocked for Karl. Bobbi is getting too possessive for Vik's liking, she's angling to move in with him. Todd and Jason are upset when they see a "for sale" board go up on their house. Matt follows Maxine home, he wants to talk to her about the baby. Maxine tells him to keep away. Matt apologises and kisses her briefly as he leaves.moreless
  • Wed 26 Dec, 2001
    Wed 26 Dec, 2001
    Episode 222
    Terry is back in Brentworth Prison. Jack's "heart attack" was a false alarm - it was indigestion. Vera is proud of Terry putting his dad's health before his own freedom. Dev is highly embarrassed in Deirdre's presence. Deirdre is like a giggly school girl. Toyah is really worried about Les as nobody's seen him all day. She and Sam go round to the house and find him in a drunken stupor. Toyah is upset. Janice spots a lovely handbag in the cupboard and assumes it's a present for her. Dennis has to pretend that it is but feels guilty as he actually bought it for Eileen when they were in Paris. Maxine suddenly finds that she's no longer a vegetarian. She has huge cravings for meat. Fred has a surprise present for Maxine and Ashley, it's a framed family tree of the Elliotts. Geena apologises to Dev and they make up although Dev is wracked with guilt. Luke finishes with Sarah. Todd apologises. Curly runs Vera to the Prison to visit Terry. Whilst he's out Emma's contractions start, three weeks early. Norris comes to Emma's rescue and Curly arrives back just in time. Curly and Norris deliver the baby, it's a little boy.moreless
  • Tue 25 Dec, 2001
    Tue 25 Dec, 2001
    Episode 221
    Les eventually lets Janice go and drives her home. Les is very depressed, he was hoping they could get back together but Janice makes it clear she's not interested. Audrey, Sally, Martin and the kids are supposed to be having Christmas dinner together but the gas goes off. Todd turns up and tries to kiss Sarah. Luke sees this and thinks that Sarah is two-timing him. Roy, Hayley, Norris, Matt and Charlie get the food ready at the cafe to feed the homeless, unfortunately only one man turns up. Peter gets drunk and tells Deirdre exactly what he thinks of her. Deirdre storms off and leaves them to sort their own dinner out. Karen apologises for being rude to Eileen and she and Steve make up. The Police turn up looking for Terry in the middle of the Duckworths' Christmas dinner. Geena's mother calls to see Geena. She makes a couple of racist remarks to Dev and he tells her exactly what he thinks of her. Geena is upset with Dev for talking to her mother like that and storms out. Ashley, Maxine, Sally, Martin, Audrey, Fred and Eve all end up eating at Roy's Rolls as there is no gas at home and plenty of spare food at the Cafe. Jack goes to give Terry £4,400 (having paid Tyrone back his £600) but whilst on the allotment he has heart pains. Terry hot wires a car and drives Jack to the hospital where Terry is spotted and arrested. Deirdre turns up at Dev's. They tell each other all about their respective days and then end up in bed together.moreless
  • Mon 24 Dec, 2001
    Mon 24 Dec, 2001
    Episode 220
    Tony approaches Richard again. He accuses Richard of acting illegally regarding his mother's house. Richard explains that he Equity Release Scheme which Tony's mother signed was perfectly legal. However Richard is clearly rattled. Sheila and Wayne drop in to see Roy and Hayley who are delighted. Gill Gregory pops into the corner shop to drop off Geena's Christmas presents as she thinks Dev and Geena are in Spain. Sunita unintentionally lets it slip that they haven't gone anywhere and Gill realises that she's been lied to. Gail and Richard leave for Canada. Karen and Eileen have a row in which Karen tell's Eileen that the lease is almost up on no. 11 and Steve's mother wants to sell the house. Eileen is devastated. Jack and Vera return from Blackpool. Terry phones and asks for more money. Jack arranges to meet him tomorrow with £5k. Steve is furious with Karen, storms out and goes to spend the night at Vik and Bobbi's. Janice orders a taxi and Les picks her up. He drives round to Sam's bedsit and steers Janice inside. There's no-one there. Les tells Janice that he can't do without her and locks the door. Janice is petrified.moreless
  • Sun 23 Dec, 2001
    Sun 23 Dec, 2001
    Episode 219
    Tyrone clocks some more cars for Karl. Curly and Emma decide to have a party to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Toyah is annoyed with Les feeling sorry for himself. Shelley and Geena are at loggerheads about who will get the Rovers. Terry is hiding in the attic and Fiz is terrified when Terry creeps up on her and grabs her round the throat. Toyah is down about Christmas and Janice clearly feels guilty. Fred and Eve are still having problems house hunting. Terry wins Fiz over, but Tyrone vows to get rid of him. Terry tells Tyrone that he will wait until Jack and Vera get back because he needs cash. Tyrone gives Terry £600 to leave. Les drowns his sorrows at the Rovers with Sam and Toyah is not impressed and goes to Curly and Emma's party on her own. When Sam arrives she asks him to move out. Maxine warns Matt that she doesn't want anything to spoil how happy Ashley is about the baby.moreless
  • Fri 21 Dec, 2001
    Fri 21 Dec, 2001
    Episode 218
    Fred is exhausted as he is getting no sleep because of Eve's snoring. Eileen is thrilled with her Christmas bonus from Steve. Tyrone is unsure whether to continue 'clocking' cars, but is persuaded by Karl offering him an extra twenty quid a car. Maxine has a scan and Ashley gets really excited thinking he can see limbs already. Fred lies to Eve that she has stopped snoring. Janice tells Les that she and Dennis are moving to Sheffield at New Year and Les is very down about it. Sam strips at the Underworld Christmas party much to Toyah's disapproval. Roy and Hayley decide to do Christmas dinners at the café. Vik agrees to do business with Karl Harper without discussing it with Steve. Charlie and Matt decide only to spend a fiver on each other's presents and donate the rest to Roy and Hayley's Christmas dinners at the café. They also agree to help out. The factory girls start arguing about the prowess of their men and drag them all out of the pub to compare muscles. Steve doesn't seem to mind, but Vik refuses and is mobbed. Terry returns to the street and into the Duckworth's through the backdoor while Fiz and Tyrone are upstairs.moreless
  • Wed 19 Dec, 2001
    Wed 19 Dec, 2001
    Episode 217
    Maxine and Ashley realise that it's not Fred's snoring that is keeping them awake - it's Eve's. Dennis pushes Janice about when they are going to move. Janice stalls him. Vik invites Bobbi to his place for Christmas. Sam moves into Les's house-the electricity goes. Tony Lawson threatens Richard that he wants his money back by Monday. Steve is still not talking to Karen. Roy and Hayley are worried about the soup kitchen project. Geena has to lie to Urmilla on the phone, pretending that her and Dev are going to Madrid for Christmas. Geena is not happy about it but Dev finds it amusing. Richard tells Gail that he had provisionally booked two flights to Canada on Christmas Eve. Gail is unsure whether she could leave David and Sarah. Eve is upset that Ashley and Maxine found out about her snoring. Roy tells Curly that he must do something about the soup kitchen being cancelled for Christmas Day. Liz phones Steve and tells him she wants to sell No. 11. Sarah and David are disappointed that they aren't invited to Canada but agree that Gail should go. Martin and Sally agree to have the kids. Steve and Karen make up. Roy is dismayed that Curly can't help with the soup kitchen. Sam sets up tree and Christmas lights for Les and Toyah. Les feels lonely when Sam and Toyah go out. Richard tells Gail that he is taking her to Canada to bring them closer together.moreless
  • Mon 17 Dec, 2001
    Mon 17 Dec, 2001
    Episode 216
    Les receives a letter saying that Leanne will be back for Christmas. He is brighter and Toyah is relieved. Gail is down as she receives a postcard from Nicky saying that he is not coming home for Christmas or his 21st at new year.Karen and Steve return from Leicester. Karen and Liz clearly didn't get on and Karen makes snide remarks. Sam complains to Toyah that he has to find somewhere to stay as the pipes have burst at his flat.Fiz organises a surprise for Tyrone as its his birthday. Tyrone is miffed as thinks she hasn't arranged anything.Karen is angry when she overhears Steve talking about her to Vik. She and Steve have a row.Emily thanks Richard for his help.Tony Lawson accuses Richard of exploiting Tony's mother. Gill invites Geena for Christmas-its clear Dev is not welcome. Dev tells them he has booked a holiday in Madrid to prevent arguments.Les invites Sam to stay. At first Toyah is angry, but she gets used to the idea.Tyrone is amazed with the surprise that Fiz has organised. She is giving him a sensual massage when the police arrive to search the house. Fiz is angry and the moment is spoilt.Karen is upset that Steve is not giving in to her as usual and he sleeps on the couch.Tony Lawson is angry about Richard's dealings wih his mother's house and threatens Richard that he will get to the bottom of his business.moreless
  • Sun 16 Dec, 2001
    Sun 16 Dec, 2001
    Episode 215
    Fiz is fed up because Tyrone says he has to have Christmas Dinner with Jack and Vera. Ken tells Roy there's a meeting of the Weatherfield Historical Society and offers to give him a lift to it. Roy is surprised as he didn't know anything about it but agrees to go. Fiz plans a surprise for Tyrone's birthday. She orders a takeaway dinner from Roy which she intends to pass off as her own cooking. Janice apologises to Dennis for flying off the handle. Ashley and Maxine tell Fred about his snoring keeping them awake. Fred looks uncomfortable. Fred later tells Eve that it is she who snores and not him, he admits that he's been wearing earplugs for weeks. Eileen tells Les that Dennis and Janice are moving to Sheffield. Les is furious as he thinks he's the last to know. Ken and Roy turn up at Anita's for the meeting to find they are the only ones there. Anita looks put out at Roy's presence; she was obviously hoping to get Ken on his own. Duggie decides that he's going to auction the Rovers off to the highest bidder.moreless
  • Fri 14 Dec, 2001
    Fri 14 Dec, 2001
    Episode 214
    Dennis spots Fiz coming out of Jack and Vera's house but promises Tyrone not to say anything. Dev and Geena tell Duggie they're interested in buying the pub. Shelley and Eve are not happy about it. Dennis tells Eileen that he and Janice are moving to Sheffield. Sam overhears the row and tells Toyah. Toyah tells Janice that she doesn't mind if she moves. Janice asks Toyah how she found out and she tells Janice about Dennis's row with Eileen. Janice realises that Dennis only wants to move because Eileen has told him to get out of Weatherfield. Janice is furious. Ken attends the Weatherfield Magazine Christmas do and is treated as a minor celebrity. Peter and Shelley also decide to put in for the Rovers, Peter would put up the money if he can get a bank loan and Shelley would run it. Maxine passes her driving test. Dennis accuses Janice of being the one who doesn't really want to move because she can't bear to be away from Les.moreless
  • Thu 13 Dec, 2001
    Thu 13 Dec, 2001
    Episode 213
    Dennis suggests to Janice that they should move to Sheffield and make a new start. After some persuasion Janice agrees so long as Toyah doesn't object. Geena goes to see the Bank Manager but finds out she's out of her depth. Dev offers to go into partnership with her, he will put up the collateral but she can run the business. Geena agrees. Sally and Eileen go for a night on the town. Les runs them home in his cab and Eileen invites him in for a nightcap. Eileen kisses Les on the cheek in a friendly way but he reads too much into it and leaves her house in a hurry. Luke continues to avoid Charlie to her annoyance. Fiz moves into Jack and Vera's while they're away. Tyrone is worried they'll find out. Having Fred and Eve living with them is starting to drive Maxine mad, especially when they announce they're staying an extra week because the decorators have discovered some rising damp.moreless
  • Wed 12 Dec, 2001
    Wed 12 Dec, 2001
    Episode 212
    Luke finds out that it was Charlie who set him up with Sarah. He has a go at Charlie and tells her to leave him alone. Sarah tries to calm him down. Fred and Eve move into Ashley and Maxine's. Maxine is suffering from morning sickness. Tyrone gets a telling off for being late for work after a night out with Fiz. Geena tells Dev she's serious about buying the Rovers and she's got an appointment with her bank manager. Richard takes David to choose a Christmas tree. Janice has a go at Les and tells him to leave both she and Dennis alone. Fiz has a go at Maria. Maria asks Tyrone where he got the money to pay for leather jackets. Ken has a meeting with Anita Scott to talk about possible articles for "What's on in Weatherfield". Vik and Janice are worried when Les just disappears with one of the cabs. Les eventually turns up; he's had the whole cab decked out with Christmas decorations.moreless
  • Mon 10 Dec, 2001
    Mon 10 Dec, 2001
    Episode 211
    Richard and Gail make up and Richard stays the night. David is upset about this. David talks to Matt about the situation and feels a bit better. David decides he likes Matt. Todd tells Candice he can't go out with her that evening as he's promised Eileen that he'll stay in and have a take-away with she and Jason. Candice is angry and insists that he cancels his evening with him mum. Duggie explains to the staff that he's selling the Rovers so that he can buy the lease on the Rugby Club bar. They are worried about the future of their jobs. Anita tracks down Ken and flatters him by telling him she would like to do an article about him for "What's on in Weatherfield". Ashley asks Fred and Eve if they would like to move in with he and Maxine while they are having the decorating done. They agree to the idea. Janice feels sorry for Les and helps him with his shopping. Dennis is annoyed and tells Les to leave Janice alone. Sarah and Candice make up. Todd and Jason both let Eileen down at the last minute leaving her to eat alone. She is very fed up. Tyrone buys a mobile phone for himself and leather jackets for both he and Fiz from the illegal money which he's earned. Geena tells Dev that she's going to try and buy the Rovers.moreless
  • Sun 9 Dec, 2001
    Sun 9 Dec, 2001
    Episode 210
    Fred tells Eve that she is right and that he will move to a smaller house. Toyah tells les that she and Sam are going to Janice and Dennis's flat for Lunch. Les takes it well. Then Les turns up all tearful at the house with a Christmas card from Leanne saying she may come home for Christmas. The bar staff are wondering what Duggie is up to particularly Shelley, then Geena over hears him talking to his accountant on the telephone. Richard turns up at Gail's. He tells her that he didn't get her messages because his mobile didn't pick up a signal in the Lakes. Ken's talk at the café goes down really well and Anita tells Ken she is a fan. Blanche warns Deirdre to keep her eye on Anita. Betty, Shelley and Geena finally have it out with Duggie, and he tells them that he is selling the pub.moreless
  • Fri 7 Dec, 2001
    Fri 7 Dec, 2001
    Episode 209
    Tyrone is rough after his night out with Fiz. Eileen sees Vik in the café and pesters him to give Les his job back. Vik says he will think about it. Vik sees Les later that day and tell him to start work straight away. Geena is full of Christmas spirit. Eve tells Shelley she has reservations about living in Fred's house, because it is where he lived with his first wife. Duggie overhears this and tells Fred. Janice and Dennis go to Rovers at lunch-time. Eileen and Les are also there and they all argue. Eileen throws Les's pint in Janice's face before marching out. Peter invites Shelley to Ken and Deirdre's for Christmas. She's not thrilled, but accepts. Fred tells Eve she can decorate the entire house to suit her taste. Eve is pleased but suggests it would be better if they moved to a smaller house. This idea stuns Fred. Gail has a heart to heart with Eileen and gets upset because she's sure she's lost Richard for good.moreless
  • Thu 6 Dec, 2001
    Thu 6 Dec, 2001
    Episode 208
    Curly tries hard to talk Emma out of reporting Jack and Vera to the police for hiding Terry, but Emma is unwavering. Molly tries to encourage Gail to call Richard and give him a second chance. Les tells Toyah and Sam that he is determined to make a fresh start. Roy asks Ken if he will do a talk for the members of the Weatherfield Historical Society, and tells Ken that the new chairwoman requested him as she is a fan of Ken's work. Emma eventually backs down and tells a worried Vera she will turn a blind eye for once. Les finds out the Council have to let him go and this sends him back into a depression. Geena and Shelley are at loggerheads over the Christmas decorations for the pub. Eileen is putting on a brave face, but she is angry when she finds out Dennis is fixing Jason's bike. Jason was unaware that Dennis was mending his bike and confronts him at the garage. Jason tells Dennis what he thinks of him and tries to punch him. Karl offers Tyrone money up front to clock three cars. Eileen goes to Dennis's house and tells him to keep away from Jason and Todd.moreless
  • Mon 3 Dec, 2001
    Mon 3 Dec, 2001
    Episode 207
    Dennis and Janice talk about the state Les was in the night before. Les skives off work. Toyah tells Les he has to get on with life without Janice. He scrounges a free breakfast out of Toyah at the café. Geena is disappointed when Dev refuses to spend Christmas with their families. Vera has a go at Curly in the pub. Emma is stunned and angry when Curly tells her that he knew Jack and Vera were hiding Terry. Dev tries to talk to Curly about planning permission and upsets him by saying he will make it worth his while. Dennis buys Janice chocolates and they are very happy together. Terry phones Vera as Emma calls round to see her. Emma is suspicious and tells Vera and Tyrone that they could all go to prison for harboring a criminal. Emma then tells them they have no choice but to go to the police. Gail tells Molly about Richard keeping his second marriage secret. Molly tries to reassure Gail.moreless
  • Sun 2 Dec, 2001
    Sun 2 Dec, 2001
    Episode 206
    Les tells Vik that he's ready to go back to work but when Vik realises that he's drunk he tells him to go home. Les tries to argue and Vik ends up sacking him. Toyah and Sam are supposed to be having lunch at Janice and Dennis's. However they can't go as Les is so drunk that Toyah is seriously worried about him. In desperation she goes to fetch Janice. Vera tells Terry that Curly is going to tell Emma about him so Terry does a runner leaving a note saying that he's gone to stay with a mate. Norris tells Richard that he knows Richard has a co-director called Patricia. Richard is clearly rattled by this. Richard tells Gail that after his first wife Marion died he then had a two year marriage to Patricia. He apologises for not telling her before. Gail feels that she's been misled. Jack is feeling really stressed out over Terry so they agree that he should go and Stay with the Horton's in Blackpool for a while.moreless
  • Fri 30 Nov, 2001
    Fri 30 Nov, 2001
    Episode 205
    In the morning Tyrone takes Terry back to the allotment but on the way Curly sees Terry. Toyah is concerned about Les who is drinking heavily and very depressed. Norris finds out that Richard's dead wife was called Marion and not Patricia. Tyrone meets Karl Harper and clocks a car for him. He receives £200 for his work. Karl tells him that if he continues to clock cars for him he can get Tyrone on to the guest lists of various clubs in town. Fiz is impressed. Eileen goes to see Janice in the factory. She tells Janice a few home truths and then punches Janice on the nose, knocking her over. Curly tells Jack and Vera that he's seen Terry. He explains to them that they have got twenty-four hours for Terry to hand himself in or he's going to tell Emma everything.moreless
  • Thu 29 Nov, 2001
    Thu 29 Nov, 2001
    Episode 204
    Les is sinking into depression. Toyah tries to jolly him out of it. Karl confirms the car clocking arrangement with Tyrone - £200 per car. Tyrone tells Vera that he'll move out by the end of the week. Vera tells him that they don't want him to move out and she then has to tell him about Terry hiding in the shed. Norris discovers that the company Emily dealt with has Richard Hillman listed as one of the directors and Pat Hillman as the other. He raises his suspicions with Emily. Dennis calls to see Eileen. He offers her money but she throws it back in his face. Les calls to Eileen hoping for mutual sympathy but he's shocked when Eileen tells him that had he been a better husband then Janice would never have left him for Dennis. She blames him for the whole situation. Vera and Tyrone smuggle Terry out of the shed and back to no. 9 so that he can have a bath and a decent meal. Vera manages to persuade Jack to let Terry stay for one night. Les calls to see Janice. He wants them to try again, he tells Janice that everything is his fault and he breaks down and leaves. Janice is left feeling terrible.moreless
  • Wed 28 Nov, 2001
    Wed 28 Nov, 2001
    Episode 203
    Jack and Vera are discussing Terry and the fact that he can't stay in the shed forever. Tyrone overhears them and thinks they're talking about him and that they want him to move out. Dennis and Janice return to the Street to let Street Cars and Underworld know that they will be back at work the following day. Les sees them together and goes berserk. He throws all Janice's belongings out of the window. Norris decides to do some homework regarding the company which has bought Emily's house. Ken tells him he can obtain information from Companies House in Manchester. Fiz persuades Tyrone to take up Karl Harper's offer of making some illegal money clocking cars. Sally calls round to see Eileen and they have a heart to heart about men. Toyah calls round to see Janice. She tells both Janice and Dennis what she thinks of them but she then admits that she feels that Janice has left her too. Janice assures Toyah she hasn't left her and they hug.moreless
  • Mon 26 Nov, 2001
    Mon 26 Nov, 2001
    Episode 202
    Toyah is trying to help Les now Janice has left him. Janice and Dennis have the spent the night in a B&B but are now looking for a flat. They find one to rent on Chapman Street. Eileen is terribly upset about Dennis. Todd tries to be supportive. Jason feels very hurt. Jack nips off to his allotment again. Vera is sure that he's seeing Brenda and thinks he must be meeting her in his shed. Vera follows Jack to the shed where she finds Terry. She is amazed to find that Jack has been helping his son. Karl Harper calls on Kevin again to see if he's interested in illegally clocking cars. Kevin tells him to leave. Karl then approaches Tyrone to see if he's interested. Les is in a bad way. He's drinking too much. He puts 10cc's "I'm not in Love" on the record player and sobs uncontrollably.moreless
  • Sun 25 Nov, 2001
    Sun 25 Nov, 2001
    Episode 201
    Les tries to talk Janice out of leaving but she's adamant she's going. Les finds out that Toyah knew about the affair before he did and says that Toyah will have to leave too. Eileen gets Todd and Jason to go through the house with a couple of bin liners and get rid of all Dennis's belongings. Eventually Janice and Dennis leave together. They are glad to be together at last but tearful about how it turned out and the people they've hurt.moreless
  • Fri 23 Nov, 2001
    Fri 23 Nov, 2001
    Episode 200
    Dennis and Eileen, Les and Janice are preparing for their holiday. Dennis and Janice are dreading it. Emily is getting fed up with Norris going on about the deal she's done on the house. She tells him that if he doesn't like it he can move out. Mr Rush from Weatherfield Windows turns up at the garage. He tells Kevin that he wants his monthly cut increasing by another £100 to £600. He brings along a friend called Karl Harper who apparently buys the cars from Weatherfield Windows and sells them on. He asks Kevin to start putting the clocks back on the cars in exchange for a cut of the profits. Kevin refuses but he's really worried that he's already involved to an extent. Vera is still suspicious of Jack who keeps sloping off. Tyrone and Fiz decide to make Jack's shed their love nest. They let themselves in at lunchtime and Terry has to hide while they have sex on the floor. Dennis, Eileen and Les are waiting in a taxi to leave for the holiday. They are waiting for Janice. At the last minute Janice decides she can't go and tells Les she's leaving him.moreless
  • Thu 22 Nov, 2001
    Thu 22 Nov, 2001
    Episode 199
    Toyah is still angry with Janice and Dennis but when she finds Janice crying at home she softens and hugs her. Jack makes excuses to Vera so that he can nip off and see Terry at the allotment. Vera is suspicious and thinks he's seeing another woman. Fiz and Tyrone go back to the Duckworth's house at lunchtime for sex on the sofa. Vera walks in and catches them. She bars Fiz from the house. Janice and Dennis trying to find the right moment to tell Eileen and Les what's going on. Norris is still going on to Emily about her signing the house over to raise capital. Jack goes to see Terry. Terry is distraught and tells Jack that although he knows he's done some very bad things in his life, on this occasion he's innocent. Eventually Jack believes him and they reach an understanding.moreless
  • Wed 21 Nov, 2001
    Wed 21 Nov, 2001
    Episode 198
    Jack offers Terry £5,000 to leave but Terry refuses saying that he isn't going to run away because he's innocent. Jack doesn't know what to believe. Norris is really irritating Emily by harping on about the financial deal she has just made. He wants to know if she read all the small print etc. Molly lets slip in the pub that she and Kevin are now an item. Everyone is really pleased for them including Sally and Martin. Dennis slips round to Janice's to discuss flats they could rent. Unbeknown to them Toyah is in the kitchen and overhears their conversation and then sees them in a clinch. Charlie attends the ante-natal class with Emma. They giggle like a pair of school girls and pretend to be a couple. Norris is busy questioning Emily's sanity to Geena when Emily approaches and overhears him. Toyah has it out first with Janice and later with Dennis. She is appalled by their behaviour. She warns them that they are going to wreck lives and to pack it in.moreless
  • Mon 19 Nov, 2001
    Mon 19 Nov, 2001
    Episode 197
    Terry has got Jack over a barrel. Jack can't call the Police because then Vera will find out that he's turned his own son over to the cops and would never forgive him. He strikes a bargain with Terry and tells him that he will sort out somewhere for him to hide for a couple of nights if he leaves before Vera gets home. He puts Terry up in the shed on the allotment. Vera knows nothing about Terry's visit. Emma persuades Charlie to attend an ante-natal class with her. Charlie agrees under sufferance so long as Matt doesn't find out. Vera overhears Brenda the lollypop lady who's taken over Jack's job singing Jack's praises and tells her to keep her hands of her husband. Dennis and Janice discuss how they are going to break the news to Eileen and Les. Sam is all over Toyah now she's decided to stay. Toyah is still unsure about Sam.moreless
  • Sun 18 Nov, 2001
    Sun 18 Nov, 2001
    Episode 196
    Emily signs the papers for the home reversion plan. She gives Spider a cheque for £15k. Toyah decides that she doesn't want to go to London with Spider. Spider is upset but they part friends. Sam is delighted that she's staying with him. Janice decides that she can't go on pretending to Les that everything is okay. She talks to Dennis and they decide that after the holiday they will leave Les and Eileen and go off together. Kevin and Molly are enjoying their new relationship, nobody knows they're an item yet. Norris is suspicious of Richard and the deal that Emily has done. He tells Rita that he's going to do ferreting about to see if Richard is all that he claims to be. Vera is distraught wondering where Terry is. The Police call at the Duckworths again and search the house. Soon after the Police leave Vera goes out and Terry turns up. Jack threatens to call the Police and turn him in.moreless
  • Fri 16 Nov, 2001
    Fri 16 Nov, 2001
    Episode 195
    Janice is determined to make a go of it with Les and suggests they have a night out. Sam is worried that Toyah still has feelings for Spider. Molly gives Kevin his keys back in the Rovers. Everyone is watching. Kevin is annoyed and he announces to the pub that he and Molly are just friends. She agrees to give it another try and they go home together. The Police turn up at the Duckworths looking for Terry. Terry's solicitor then turns up and Jack finds out that Vera has spent £3k of their money on legal fees. Jack is angry and Vera is upset. Vik gets his car back and finds Fiz's knickers under the back seat only he doesn't know that they're hers. Emily consults Richard about her finances. She agrees to his suggestion of a home reversion plan. Where she sells the house to a company who pay her a lump sum up front and the rest in monthly instalments guaranteed for life. Emily tells Spider of her plan and persuades him to accept the lump sum as his inheritance only she will still be alive to watch him enjoy it. He eventually agrees. Spider tries to persuade Toyah to come to London with him. Toyah refuses but she is very confused and they hug. Back in Kevin's flat Molly and Kevin start kissing.moreless
  • Thu 15 Nov, 2001
    Thu 15 Nov, 2001
    Episode 194
    Emily tells Norris and Rita that she's thinking of investing her money in Spider's Juice Bar which he wants to open in London. Molly tells Kevin that he's a control freak, he obviously can't cope with her having a life of her own and she's moving out to her sister's. Egged on by Fiz, Tyrone breaks into Vik's new sports car although he doesn't really want to. Fiz then takes them joyriding. Tyrone is worried. Spider is upset that Toyah is going out with Sam. He kisses Toyah and she momentarily responds but then pulls away. Vera attends Terry's hearing. Jack refuses to go. At the end of the hearing Terry pretends to have stomach cramps. The guards let him go the toilet alone from where he escapes. He runs across the court room with the guards after him, out on to the street and then disappears. Vera is distraught.moreless
  • Wed 14 Nov, 2001
    Wed 14 Nov, 2001
    Episode 193
    Janice is uneasy about the night before. Sam call for Toyah but she has spent the night with Spider so Janice and Les tell him she has already left for college. Kevin apologises to Molly, but later he is caught sneaking out of the bathroom when Molly returns with her date. Molly accuses him of spying. Emily arrives home early and catches Norris sneaking around the house. Emily is more than pleased when she discovers Spider and Toyah curled up on her sofa. Sam sees Toyah with Spider together and fumes, Kevin calms him down. Dennis tells Sam to have it out with Spider, so he goes to Emily's to see Spider where Sam is put straight about Spider and Toyah's friendship. Spider confronts Emily about his business plan. Emily says she will try to help. Janice doesn't want to hurt Les and ends it with Dennis. Vera is worried about Terry but Curly offers her and Jack his support. Fiz gets dressed up for her posh date with Tyrone in a French restaurant. Fiz insights Tyrone to do a runner, but he pays the bill letting Fiz think he hasn't. Molly tells Kevin she will move out when she finds digs of her own.moreless
  • Mon 12 Nov, 2001
    Mon 12 Nov, 2001
    Episode 192
    Janice recoils from the advances Les is making towards her, she feels guilty about Dennis but agrees to a cosy night in with Les. Todd tries to persuade Candice to make the first move with Sarah, but to no avail. Todd tells Sarah he will sort it with Candice, but Sarah tells him not to bother. Molly tells Dennis and Kevin she has a date. Kevin reacts jealously and Dennis teases Kevin about his relationship with Molly. Curly tells Spider about Emma and the baby and almost spills the beans about Toyah. Spider asks Toyah to dinner telling her to bring Sam, Spider is pleased when she says she will go alone. Norris is not pleased that he has to go out while Spider entertains Toyah. Rita puts him in his place. Toyah reckons it may be better if she didn't tell Spider about the rape, but does so after their night together. Spider is gutted that he was not there for her. Tyrone closes his and Maria's wedding account and tells Maria that he will give his share back to Jack and Vera as well. Todd's efforts to make Candice see sense pay off and she offers to talk to Sarah, but Sarah doesn't accept what Candice has to say. Fred bumps into Jimmy heading towards Underworld. He is alarmed when he sees Jimmy's friend is carrying a baseball bat. He rushes to Eve and begs her to prevent Jimmy from hurting Mike. Jimmy slaps Mike in the face and Mike is clearly scared. Fred and Eve turn up in time before Jimmy is able to do any serious damage. She tells her son she will not stand by what he is doing and makes it clear she is loyal only to Fred. Mike is grateful for Eve's intervention. Janice has her cosy meal with Les, but is suspicious of his motives but is feeling guilty about what she has done with Dennis. Les tells her what she means to him and it all gets too much for Janice and she cries.moreless
  • Sun 11 Nov, 2001
    Sun 11 Nov, 2001
    Episode 191
    Duggie is embarrassed about the night before and upset that Sunita has dumped him. Sunita apologises to him but explains that she isn't ready for a serious relationship. Gail finds all the new clothes which Candice has been hiding in Sarah's bedroom. She confronts Sarah thinking that Sarah has stolen them. Sarah tells Gail they belong to Candice. There is a showdown with Candice and Candice's mum. Candice tries to make Sarah look like the guilty party but eventually the truth comes out about Candice's evening job. Norris sees someone going into Emily's house. He thinks it's a burglar and accosts them. It's Spider who has returned from his travels. Norris is worried that Spider will want his old room back. Dennis and Janice make love on the sofa at no. 5 and are nearly caught by first Toyah and Sam and later Les. Toyah is shocked to bump into Spider. She feels very uncomfortable telling him about Sam. She says the relationship isn't serious.moreless
  • Fri 9 Nov, 2001
    Fri 9 Nov, 2001
    Episode 190
    Sarah says she will take the blame for the homework copying and do the detention for Candice. Sunita tries to pluck up the courage to finish with Duggie. Meanwhile Duggie tells Shelley that he wants to ask Sunita a special question. Les pulls a sickie and goes into town giving Janice and Dennis the opportunity to be together in the house. Jimmy tells Mike that he better not be backing out of the deal. Luke tells Charlie that Sarah is covering up for Candice. It's a quiz night in the Rovers. Norris is determined to win, as is Les. Norris and Rita win. Sunita goes into the Rovers living room with Duggie as she wants to have a serious word with him. Meanwhile Les hears something coming through the PA used in the quiz and turns it up. It is Sunita finishing with Duggie for the whole pub to hear. Shelley runs in to tell them. When they come out Les shout over that everyone heard.moreless
  • Thu 8 Nov, 2001
    Thu 8 Nov, 2001
    Episode 189
    Eve receives a bouquet of flowers with a card which suggests they might be from Linda. She knows they are not as Linda would have come in person. She thinks Mike sent them and goes to the factory to tell him she's taking them to the police. Duggie thinks Sunita enjoyed the rugby night but she tells Deirdre that it was awful. Vik flashes his new sports car and takes Karen for a ride making Steve jealous. Jack is depressed about not having a job and being a pensioner. Later Shelley persuades Peter to take Jack on at the bookies and he's thrilled. Duggie then offers him the job of pot man and he doesn't know what to do. Eventually he takes the Rovers job. Maria tells Tyrone they should give Jack and Vera the £1000 back that they gave them to go towards their wedding. Fiz tells Tyrone to keep his half. Janice tells Dennis she is feeling guilty about going to Tenerife. They meet briefly at Janice's and she feels bad but Dennis says he loves her. Norris and Rita gossip about weather Molly and Kevin are an item. Sunita wants to tell Duggie it's over but it isn't the right time in the Rovers. Jimmy threatens Fred saying he doesn't like him hanging around with Mike. Janice watches Dennis and Eileen arm in arm going to the chip shop.moreless
  • Wed 7 Nov, 2001
    Wed 7 Nov, 2001
    Episode 188
    It's Jack's 65th birthday. Everyone is too busy wondering who's got it in for Mike to wonder why Dennis and Janice were in the factory together. Jack goes to work on the school crossing and Brenda Kelly is already there in uniform. She says she'd heard that he was retiring. Jack goes to see Curly as his local councillor to try and sort it out. Later Curly tells Jack that he is indeed finished as when the Council came to review his position he was in the bookies. Vik and Steve buy champagne to celebrate Streetcars being a success. Jimmy tells Mike that the firework was just a warning. Les has noticed that Janice has been quiet with him. He suggests going to a friend's timeshare in Tenerife. It sleeps four; he invites Eileen and Dennis to join them. Dennis tries to put him off but Eileen says she's got the money so they can go. At the party Stan sees Betty for the first time in ages but she doesn't remember him. Andrea and Paul turn up and Jack is pleased to see them. Maria tells Jack she's named a greyhound after him, Jack's Bullet. Fiz turns up just as Maria is helping Tyrone wrap Jack's present. She isn't impressed. Fiz gives Jack a hand held television much to Tyrone's surprise. At the Rovers Janice says she wants an early night when Dennis offers to buy everyone another drink. Dennis is angry when Les says she must have seen him looking at Sunita and there's nothing like jealousy to turn her on. A firework drops through Mike's letterbox unlit. He opens the door and Jimmy is standing there. Jimmy offers to tell people that Linda has been in touch to put Mike in the clear for £1000.moreless
  • Mon 5 Nov, 2001
    Mon 5 Nov, 2001
    Episode 187
    Richard persuades Gail to have a bonfire party. Candice copies Sarah's homework, as she was busy working in the factory last night. Helen Cooper pulls up outside Underworld, Mike is pleased to she her. Eve sees them and is not amused. As Gail invites people in the Rovers to the party, Les tells Richard he knows a mate who has some cheap fireworks. Vera goes to see Jo Doyle who says he will take on Terry's case. Vera says money is not a problem. Mike and Helen walk into the Rovers laughing just as Jimmy and Eve are discussing the fact that Mike was not picked out on the identity parade. Eve shouts at Mike saying he won't get way with it. Helen is not impressed and gets up and leaves. The party is a washout as the fireworks Les bought are damp. Matt and Charlie save the day by offering to share theirs and have a joint party. Later at the party Ashley comments that he loves watching kid's faces and by this time they have their own to take to bonfire parties. Matt and Maxine's eyes meet. David and Simon take the last firework and Simon suggests putting it through someone's letterbox. Dennis offers to get Eileen a coat but ends up going to see Janice in the factory. They end up on in a passionate clinch on the floor. As Janice and Dennis are semi-clothed a lit firework comes through the letterbox. With the factory alight, a crowd gathers outside. Dennis and Janice emerge covered in smoke stains after Dennis manages to put the fire out. Gail asks David if he did it and he produces the firework unused. Mike glances up and spots Jimmy who winks at him.moreless
  • Sun 4 Nov, 2001
    Sun 4 Nov, 2001
    Episode 186
    Les can't work out why Janice seems so down and voices his concerns to Eileen. Dennis feels really guilty. He confesses to Janice that he loves both she and Eileen and is torn between them. Janice tells Dennis that she love him too. Molly has spent her first night in Kevin's flat. She gets on really well with the girls. Sally finds out that she's moved in and is happy for them when she realises the girls like Molly so much. Sarah and Luke go on their first date. Luke takes an interest in Bethany which impresses both Gail and Sarah. Audrey accompanies Mike to the Police Station for his identity parade. He is very relieved that he not picked out. Sunita is becoming more and more aware of the age difference between her and Duggie. Dennis suggests to Janice that they should end their relationship as he doesn't want to hurt Eileen. However he then realises that he just can't let go of Janice as he loves her too much.moreless
  • Fri 2 Nov, 2001
    Fri 2 Nov, 2001
    Episode 185
    Mike is convinced the writing on the mirror was done by Jimmy. Sarah admits to Candice that she's really keen on Luke. Janice has thrown Les out and he asks Dennis to have a word with her. Sunita arranges to go clubbing with Vik and Bobbi. Duggie invites himself along. He turns up wearing a rugby shirt and sports jacket much to Sunita's embarrassment. Fred tells Eve that Mike has hired a detective to find Linda. Eve reckons he's just trying to cover his tracks. The Police tell Mike that he's wanted in an identity parade. Mike is worried. Vera is still hell bent on getting Terry a decent lawyer. Dennis goes to see Janice. They are in the middle of holding each other when Les arrives at the door. Janice lets him in and for a moment she is tempted to tell him about her and Dennis but she doesn't and resigns herself to having him back. Les is delighted. Kevin goes round to Molly's flat. She is there alone and petrified. He asks her to move in with him purely as a flatmate and she agrees.moreless
  • Wed 31 Oct, 2001
    Wed 31 Oct, 2001
    Episode 184
    Kevin helps Molly tidy the flat as best they can but it's still a mess. Molly confesses to Kevin that she hasn't any house insurance. Kevin takes her back to his flat again. Sarah and Luke do detention together. They get on well and Luke asks Sarah out and she accepts. It's Halloween and everyone turns up at the Rovers to see The Great Orlando. He hypnotises Blanche, Curly and Les. He gets Curly to eat and onion thinking it's an apple. Blanche is all over Norris thinking he's Yul Brynner. Mike finds that someone has written "You won't get away with it" across his mirror in lipstick. He's scared, he doesn't know if that person is still in his flat. Les is hypnotised and tells a packed Rovers that on his wedding night he snogged Janice's sister Janet in the Ladies loos. Janice is furious and storms out of the pub.moreless
  • Mon 29 Oct, 2001
    Mon 29 Oct, 2001
    Episode 183
    Sarah is given detention for wearing the wrong shirt to school. Someone sends a wreath to Mike with "Mike Baldwin RIP" written on a card. Mike is very shaken. He thinks Jimmy is behind it and has a go at Eve over the Rovers bar. Janice and Dennis don't want to go on holiday as it will be so awkward but they are being bulldozed into it by Les and Eileen. Jack bans Vera from drawing out their savings to help Terry. Charlie decides she's going to try and get Luke together with Sarah. Gail and Richard arrive back from their holiday. Audrey is dreading going home to her empty house as she's enjoyed looking after the kids. Mike hires a private detective to try and track down Linda and so to prove his innocence. Kevin takes Molly to the cinema. Afterwards he drops her off at her flat only to find that she's been burgled. He takes her back home with him.moreless
  • Sun 28 Oct, 2001
    Sun 28 Oct, 2001
    Episode 182
    Vera wants to withdraw all their savings to pay for a good defence lawyer for Terry. Jack refuses. Rita tells Audrey that she's posted a letter to Anthony telling him that it's over. Urmila takes Geena out for lunch as she says she wants to get to know her better. She asks Geena not to tell Dev. Jimmy forces his way into Mike's flat and threatens him. Mike tells Fred what happened with Jimmy. Eve sees him talking to Mike and is furious. Fred gets Eve in the car and against her will drives her round to Mike's flat. He wants Eve to hear Mike's side of the story. Mike tries to explain to Eve why he lied about the passport but she is still convinced that he murdered Linda. Janice and Dennis are snogging in the garage and are almost caught by Tyrone. Les surprises Janice by suggesting they go on holiday as a late anniversary present. He suggests that Eileen and Dennis join them. Janice and Dennis have to conceal their horror at the thought of this. Eileen is very keen.moreless
  • Fri 26 Oct, 2001
    Fri 26 Oct, 2001
    Episode 181
    Jack turns up at the Bed and Breakfast to tell Vera he is taking her home, he still refuses to see Terry but waits for Vera outside. Rita receives a letter from Anthony asking her to join him in New Zealand but she decides against it. Mike keeps on getting hang-ups on his mobile and after Janice tells him about events at the factory the night before he realises it must be Jimmy. Vera begs Jack not to give up on Terry. Terry apologises for letting Vera go through with the operation. Charlie expresses her concern to Matt that Luke is hanging around. Later she finds him outside the house again and invites him in for a drink and a chat. Terry explains to Vera that he was fitted up by the policeman in charge of the case because he had been sleeping with his wife. Shelley books a hypnotist, The Great Orlando, for Halloween. Mike buys Dennis a drink as a thank you for the night before, Janice asks Mike to keep it quiet. Dennis tells Janice that he doesn't want to hurt Eileen or Les but he can't stop thinking about her and they end up kissing again.moreless
  • Thu 25 Oct, 2001
    Thu 25 Oct, 2001
    Episode 180
    Vera is in upset that Terry is in Prison for attempted murder. Jack however still blames Terry for the death of Judy and is angry that Terry is causing Vera so much hurt. Janice is upset that Les is working when he is supposed to be taking her out for a meal, she decides to do some overtime at the factory instead. Ken tells Rita about Terry being in prison. Jack and Vera row about Terry and issues in the past including the letter that Vera wrote before she went in hospital. Tyrone walks in on Jack and Vera in the middle of a row. Tyrone is very upset as it reminds him of his own parents who were always rowing. Jack apologises to Vera and tells her that Terry did come to see her when she was in hospital, she gets angry that Jack never mentioned it and realises that he read the letter she wrote before she went into hospital, they row again. Rita assures Tyrone that Jack and Vera really do care about him. Vera decides to visit Terry in prison but is told visiting isn't until 10am the next day. Rita goes to see Jack about Terry being in prison. Jack decides to follow Vera and persuades Les to drive him. Jimmy enters Underworld via a window and trashes the office, vowing to make Baldwin pay. Janice walks in and Jimmy pounces on her from behind. Janice tries to calm Jimmy down. Jimmy tries to set the office on fire and Janice makes a run for it. Dennis hears Janice's screams, rushes into the office to save her and hits Jimmy. Janice pleads with Dennis to let Jimmy go, he reluctantly does. Janice is very shaken up after the attack and Dennis comforts her. She confesses her feelings for him and the two kiss. As Les is working Janice and Dennis end up in bed together but have a scare when Les nearly catches them.moreless
  • Wed 24 Oct, 2001
    Wed 24 Oct, 2001
    Episode 179
    Candice goes on a shopping spree with the cash she's earned from her secret job. She hides the stuff at Sarah's so that her mum doesn't suspect. Maxine and Ashley throw a party to celebrate the baby. Maxine and Matt manage to put on a brave face in front of everyone. Matt suggests to Charlie that may be they should move but Charlie doesn't want to. Fizz persuades Bobbi to let her share her flat. Fizz shows off to Maria by telling her that she's got her own flat. Maria has a word with Bobbi and to Fizz's annoyance Bobbi agrees to let Maria move in instead of Fizz. Vera is busy planning Jack's 65th birthday party. She persuades Maria to agree to come. Eve finds out that Mike lied about Linda's passport and is even more convinced that he's murdered her. Eve tells Jimmy what's happened. Jimmy goes to the factory and threatens Mike. Eve and Fred fall out over Mike. Fred still doesn't believe that Mike killed Linda. Geena suggests to Dev that they have a Hindu wedding to please his parents. Ken calls on Jack and Vera to show them a story in the newspaper. It says that Terry is being held on remand at Brentworth Prison for attempted murder.moreless
  • Mon 22 Oct, 2001 [Episode 2]
    Matt threatens to tell Charlie about the baby. Maxine is worried sick. It's the evening, Ashley is watching a film. Matt tells Maxine to meet him in the Medical Centre for five minutes as they need to talk. Matt confesses to Maxine that Charlie doesn't want children and that this will make it even harder for him to live nextdoor to a child that he knows is his own. He tries to persuade Maxine that maybe they should leave Charlie and Ashley and try to bring the child up together. Maxine tells him that she loves Ashley and that she wants to bring the baby up as Ashley's. Eventually Matt has to agree.moreless
  • Mon 22 Oct, 2001 [Episode 1]
    The police continue interviewing Mike but eventually have to release him. Ashley insists that he and Maxine go to see Matt at the surgery just to confirm the pregnancy. Matt takes a urine sample and confirms that Maxine is pregnant. Ashley is delighted and wants to throw a party. Maxine and Matt are very uncomfortable and later Matt tells Maxine that he's not sure how long he can go on pretending that the baby isn't his. Adam overhears somebody talking about Mike as if he's a murderer and he behaves coolly towards Mike when he says goodbye. Ken drives him back to school. The pressure is getting to Mike as he's convinced that the Police think he did it. Dennis has a row with Eileen and threatens to leave but they make up later. Jason asks Maria out on a date.moreless
  • Sun 21 Oct, 2001
    Sun 21 Oct, 2001
    Episode 176
    Rosie and Jason are okay after the crash but Martin has broken his arm. Eileen blames Dennis for giving Jason a bike in the first place. Dennis storms out. Mike is questioned very closely by the Police who are making him squirm. The police search Mike's flat and find Linda's passport. Ken and Adam arrive in the middle of the search and Adam is upset. Mike has to admit that he lied about Linda coming to the flat to collect her passport. It is not going Mike's way at all and he's starting to look guilty. The police arrest him on suspicion of murder and lock him up. Molly makes Kevin admit that the only reason he was looking after the children was because he didn't want Martin to have them. He realises that it was because of his jealousy that Rosie nearly got run over. Kevin goes to see Martin and apologises. Maxine tells Ashley that she's pregnant. Ashley is so happy he tells Fred and the whole pub celebrates apart from Maxine and Matt who just stare at each other. Janice tells Dennis to stay away as she wants more than just friendship.moreless
  • Fri 19 Oct, 2001
    Fri 19 Oct, 2001
    Episode 175
    Rosie and Sophie apologise to Kevin who promises to be less grumpy in future. Deirdre and Ken assure Mike that they don't believe for one second that he murdered Linda. Tyrone decides that it's time to forget Maria and go out with Fiz properly. Fiz is delighted. Jason admits to Dennis that he fancies Maria and wants to ask her out. Maxine tells Matt that she's pregnant and that she thinks the baby is his. Matt is stunned and then furious when he finds out that she's told Audrey. The Police take Mike in for questioning again. He realises they know all about Linda's affairs. Eileen invites Janice bowling with her and Dennis, Janice looks uncomfortable. Kevin is looking after the girls at the garage when Rosie tries to cross the road and is nearly run over by Jason on his motorbike, but Martin saves her. Jason swerves into Martin and they both go flying.moreless
  • Thu 18 Oct, 2001
    Thu 18 Oct, 2001
    Episode 174
    Jason passes his motorbike test and goes with Maria for a drink to celebrate. Audrey is just about reaching breaking point trying to look after the kids. She is very glad to let Martin take over. Maxine knows she's pregnant but can't tell Ashley as she thinks it's probably Matt's baby. She is distraught and confides in Audrey. Tyrone tries to patch things up with Maria as really he still wants to be with her but she tells him where to go. He agrees to go out with Fiz again. Ryan reports Mike to the Police for suspected murder telling them about Linda's affair with Harvey Reuben. Rosie and Sophie tell Kevin they don't want to be with him as he's always in a bad mood. He returns them to Sally feeling very hurt. Janice is very unhappy in her marriage and she confesses to Dennis that she wishes they had got together before he met Eileen.moreless
  • Wed 17 Oct, 2001
    Wed 17 Oct, 2001
    Episode 173
    Looking after David, Sarah and Bethany is starting to take its toll on Audrey, she is worn out. Maria starts in the salon. Fiz is one of her first clients and Maria uses freezing water in which to wash her hair. Maxine offers to give Maria a makeover and some of her old clothes. Maria accepts. Kevin sees Martin kiss Sally. Kevin and Martin start arguing and then Kevin grabs Martin's collar. Rosie and Sophie see this and Kevin is ashamed. Mike accuses Ryan of fiddling £200 on expenses. Ryan denies it so Mike sacks him. Adam is upset when David tells him that everyone thinks Mike has murdered Linda. Mike compliments Janice on how quickly she's picked up the supervisor's job and tells her she will get a pay rise. Maria sees Tyrone and Fizz in Rovers together. Tyrone tries to talk to her but she blanks him. Fizz grabs Tyrone and snogs him. Maria leaves. Maxine does a pregnancy test. She gets the result and looks fraught. Janice is still upset about her anniversary and feels it was a mistake to marry Les. She pours her heart out to Dennis and then kisses him. She then apologises and runs off whereupon she breaks down in uncontrollable tears.moreless
  • Mon 15 Oct, 2001
    Mon 15 Oct, 2001
    Episode 172
    Eileen and Dennis arrive back from Paris where they had a great time. Kevin sees Martin going into Sally's house and is jealous. Eve is beside herself with worry about Linda and convinced that Mike is to blame. Mike arrives back with Adam. The Police call on him and question him about Linda's disappearance. Mike is adamant that he doesn't know where she is. Geena has no idea that her mum has been trying to warn Dev off and is under the misapprehension that her mum now accepts Dev. Maria arrives back from Spain she is very down as she is missing Tyrone and her dog Brodie died while she was away. Jason comforts her and Tyrone sees this and gets the wrong end of the stick. Tyrone agrees to go out with Fiz to get back at Maria. Maria asks Audrey for a job in the salon. Audrey agrees to take her on a trial basis. Les, Janice, Dennis, Eileen and Toyah meet for a drink to celebrate Les and Janice's 7th wedding anniversary. Janice buys Les a pair of "Guns 'n' Roses" tickets. Les buys her a deep fat fryer. Janice is really upset and Dennis comforts her.moreless
  • Sun 14 Oct, 2001
    Sun 14 Oct, 2001
    Episode 171
    Fred and Eve go to watch the raising of the car from the river. The Police say that it looks as though the car was rolled into the river deliberately. They get the car out and find one of Linda's shoes in the car. Eve is distraught. Gail and Richard set off on their holiday. Todd asks Candice if she would like to sleep with him in his mum's bed while she's away in Paris. They are both virgins. Candice says yes but is very worried about it. Dev and Geena throw an engagement party. Geena's mum Gill turns up in the middle as do Dev's parents. Todd and Candice discover they are both worried and decide they are going to wait and not rush into having sex just because Eileen is away. Eve is convinced that Mike is behind Linda's disappearance. Fred tries to convince her that Mike isn't usually a violent man. Gill takes Dev to one side and tells him that she'll do anything she can to stop him marrying her Geena. Dev tries to reason with her but she won't listen.moreless
  • Fri 12 Oct, 2001
    Fri 12 Oct, 2001
    Episode 170
    Dennis and Eileen set off for Paris. Gail is concerned about Audrey, she looks tired but she insists she's okay to look after the children. Eve is cross with Fred she feels he's being unsupportive over Linda. Gail and Richard look at holiday brochures and pick somewhere. Toyah tells Janice she's proud of the way she's stepped in and is running the factory. Geena confides in Toyah that her mother is racist and then wishes she hadn't, she knows that it's only because her mum cares about her. Janice sees Les taking delivery of something and assumes it's an anniversary present for her. Fred apologises to Eve and tells her he'll help her in any way he can. The Police turn up and tell Eve that Mike's car has been found in the River Naven near Marsham.moreless
  • Wed 10 Oct, 2001
    Wed 10 Oct, 2001
    Episode 169
    Ryan forges his expenses for £200. Janice unwittingly signs them. Ryan pays Dennis back the money he owes him. Sarah gets Audrey to agree to come and look after them so that Gail can have a holiday with Richard. Gail is touched. Peter has a meeting with his accountant. It goes well. Eve is really worried about Linda. She is convinced that Mike has done something terrible to her. She reports Linda missing to the Police. Eileen orders a crash helmet for Dennis as a surprise present for taking her to Paris. She arranges to have it delivered to the Battersby's. Geena and Dev have both set of parent round for dinner together to tell them of their engagement. Neither mother is pleased and the evening ends in a dreadful slanging match.moreless
  • Mon 8 Oct, 2001
    Mon 8 Oct, 2001
    Episode 168
    Dev and Geena announce their engagement and invite everyone to an engagement party at the weekend. They decide to invite their parents round together on Wednesday to tell them. Dev suggests they marry on Geena's birthday in July. Dennis is worried about how much Paris is going to cost him. Peter confides in Ken that he's worried he might have bitten off more than he can chew with the Bookies as he's never run a business before. Richard asks Gail to come away with him but she says she can't leave the kids. Dennis reminds Ryan that he still owes him £200 and he wants it by the end of the week. Eve finds out, and she's the last to know, that Mike is divorcing Linda. She demands that Fred tells her the whole story. Fred tells her about Mark, Harvey and finally the row at the wedding. Eve is now really worried about Linda.moreless
  • Sun 7 Oct, 2001
    Sun 7 Oct, 2001
    Episode 167
    Eileen has a lovely surprise birthday, Champagne in the Café, a brass band and tickets to Paris. She thanks Dennis and kisses him but he looks wistfully at Janice. Dev disappears off for the day leaving Geena very upset about the whole parents issue. Sunita has dinner with Duggie in the Rovers and kisses him. Eve is still worrying about Linda she's sure there's something wrong. Duggie tells her that Mike doesn't seem at all worried, in fact quite the opposite. Ken helps Peter out in the Bookies as he's short staffed. Roy places a bet on a horse called "Hayley's Hero" at 33-1 and it wins. When Dev returns Geena tells him she's leaving. Although she loves him she doesn't want to come between him and his family. Dev stops her and produces a ring from his pocket. He asks her to marry him and they get engaged.moreless
  • Fri 5 Oct, 2001
    Fri 5 Oct, 2001
    Episode 166
    Dennis is busy planning a birthday surprise for Eileen. Eileen thinks he's forgotten. Peter takes over the bookies and calls it Barlow's Bookies. He gives Rob his £5000 back pretending that it's one-off "signing-on fee". Rob realises that it was Peter who nicked the money but can't do anything about it. Fred and Eve return from their honeymoon. Eve finds out from Geena that nobody has heard anything of Linda since the wedding. Eve is very concerned. Charlie's mother Pam calls round to see her. She tells Charlie she doesn't want her to have anything to do with Luke and that it would be best if she resigned. Charlie is very upset. Peter holds an opening ceremony for the Bookies. Shelley cuts the ribbon and she and Peter are an item again. Duggie wonders where Peter can have got the money from. Geena's mum Jill calls to see Dev. She makes some bigoted remarks and asks him to stay away from Geena. Later he pours his heart out to Vik. Sarah covers for Candice who's going out on the town with her work mates.moreless
  • Wed 3 Oct, 2001
    Wed 3 Oct, 2001
    Episode 165
    Duggie and Sunita arrange to go out on another date. Candice has arranged to go out with the girls from the factory where she works and asks Sarah to cover for her. Shelley says that she will return the £5000 to Rob. Peter has to distract him while Shelley pushes the envelope into his jacket pocket. Shelley gets the wrong jacket. She puts the money in Ken's jacket instead. Peter has to explain himself to Ken. Ken is appalled with Peter and threatens to go to the Police unless Peter returns the money immediately. Charlie has a meeting with the Headmistress, Luke who has owned up to the graffiti and Luke's mum, Pam. Charlie's is shocked to find that Pam is also her own mother and therefore Luke is her half brother. Geena meets Dev's parents. She gets on well with his father but Dev's mother obviously doesn't think Geena is good enough for Dev. She wishes he'd settle down with someone professional.moreless
  • Mon 1 Oct, 2001
    Mon 1 Oct, 2001
    Episode 164
    Geena decides to have it out with her mother. Her mother admits that she is against the relationship as Dev is too old and a Hindu. Geena is shocked. Dennis wants to organise something for Eileen's 40th birthday but Eileen just wants to forget about it. Rob hears that someone has put in a higher offer for the bookies. He fires Peter. Peter leaves without a fuss knowing that soon the bookies will be his. Sarah and Candice tell Luke to own up as it's not fair Todd baring the brunt of Luke's actions. Candice wags off school again to go and work in the factory. Peter decides that he's got to pay Rob back the £5000 so that Shelley will go out with him again. He waits until Rob is working late and then tries to break into his car with the intention of leaving the money on the seat. Unfortunately the car alarm goes off and Peter has to make a run for it, still with the money. Charlie gets a call to say someone has owned up to the graffiti. She apologises to Todd. Sunita goes out for dinner with Duggie. Dev suggests that Geena should meet his parents. Geena agrees.moreless
  • Sun 30 Sep, 2001
    Sun 30 Sep, 2001
    Episode 163
    Maxine feels so guilty about Matt that she's tempted to tell Ashley but Audrey stops her. Maxine and Ashley go to bed and Maxine feels a whole lot better. Charlie discovers there's graffiti across her front door "Rammy's a Drunk". She immediately blames Todd again who denies it. Todd tells Candice that he knows that it's Luke who's doing it but he doesn't want to grass him up. Peter collects his winnings and gives Steve and Karen a £2,000 cut to keep them quiet. He buys Shelley a bracelet hoping to win back her affections but she tells him she's not accepting stolen property. Duggie asks Sunita out and she accepts. Geena's parents come for lunch. Maurice and Dev get on really well but her mother, Jill can't conceal her shock at the fact that Dev's Asian. Geena is embarrassed.moreless
  • Fri 28 Sep, 2001
    Fri 28 Sep, 2001
    Episode 162
    Eileen, Todd and Charlie have a meeting with the Headmistress about the graffiti. Todd is still being blamed and both he and Eileen lose their tempers and both end up being excluded from the school, in Todd's case for five days. The Headmistress then tells Charlie off and suggests she might have a drink problem. Duggie sends Sunita a big bunch of flowers and they make up. After a very tense day of betting Peter manages to turn his £5,000 into £50,000 - enough to buy the bookies. Steve placed the £5,000 on a horse at 10-1 which won. Peter then placed £25,000 on County to win a football match and turned it into £50,000. Steve lost the other £25,000. Ashley has his stitches out but is still a bit sore. Maxine is relieved as she feels so guilty. Geena invites her parents round to Dev's flat for Sunday lunch.moreless
  • Thu 27 Sep, 2001
    Thu 27 Sep, 2001
    Episode 161
    Rob tells Peter he's managed to get the money together again to buy the bookies. Peter is gutted. Steve tells Peter that he and Karen will help him place the money he nicked backing horses in order to win enough to buy the bookies himself instead of Rob. Duggie asks Sunita out and tells her that he's dumped Shelley. Sunita tells him where to go as she already knows that it was Shelley who dumped him, not the other way round. The lad in Todd's class daubs "Ms Ramsden is a wino" on the wall at school. Charlie blames Todd again and he has to go and see the Head. Matt has a go at Todd in the Street. Ashley confides in Audrey that Maxine has been a bit distant recently and he's worried. Audrey manages to cover up for Maxine and says she's fine. Peter Hartnell visits Roy and Hayley and tells them that once the dust has settled he would be happy for them to foster again when their suspension has been lifted. Fiz tells Tyrone that Maria will have found someone else by now and he should forget about her. Tyrone is heartbroken and annoyed with Fiz. Peter decides that he's going to go through with Steve's idea.moreless
  • Wed 26 Sep, 2001
    Wed 26 Sep, 2001
    Episode 160
    Someone in Todd's class writes "Mrs Ramsden's an alcy" across the blackboard in class. Charlie is embarrassed and tries to blame Todd. Maxine confesses to Audrey about sleeping with Matt. Audrey tells her to keep it to herself and not to tell Ashley. Sunita asks Duggie out for a drink but he tells her he's seeing someone else, Shelley. Dev takes Deirdre to the optician and buys her a pair of designer framed specs to replace the ones he broke. Peter tells Steve about the money but Steve is blasé about the whole thing. Sam asks Ken which film he should take Toyah to see and Ken recommends "Being John Malkovitch". Dev surprises Geena by moving all her stuff into his flat. Geena is delighted. Duggie cooks Shelley a meal and then tries to kiss her. She is shocked and pushes him away telling him that as far as she is concerned they're just mates.moreless
  • Mon 24 Sep, 2001
    Mon 24 Sep, 2001
    Episode 159
    Todd thinks Candice is seeing someone else as she's always too busy to see him. He confronts Candice and she explains that she is working illegally in a factory. Tyrone calls to see Maria to try and patch things up to find that she gone on holiday to Spain. Charlie pretends that she's not bothered about her real mother's rejection. Charlie is bothered really and gets very drunk. She is seen falling over in the Street by Candice and Todd. Dev breaks Deirdre's specs and she has to wear her old pair from the 70's. Rob tells Peter that he's going to find out who burgled the Bookies. He tells Peter that he wrote down all of the serial numbers of the notes which were stolen and has given them to the Police. Peter is seriously worried. Duggie asks Shelly out for a drink on Wednesday and she agrees. Sunita tells Geena that she fancies Duggie. Geena promises to do a bit of fishing.moreless
  • Sun 23 Sep, 2001
    Sun 23 Sep, 2001
    Episode 158
    Charlie goes to visit her real mother for the first time. Her mother doesn't seem at all pleased to see her and says she has her own family now. Karen and Steve make up. Steve comes to an arrangement with Peter, he won't go to the Police but instead Peter has to agree to let Steve punch him in the Rovers in front of lots of people. Peter then explains to Shelley that the punch was all for show and that Karen agreed to provide him with an alibi for cash. Shelley then realises that it was Peter who stole the money from the Bookies and tells him she doesn't want to go out with a thief. Toyah decides to finish with Sam but Sam persuades her to give him one more week. Matt and Maxine make an effort to start behaving normally towards each other to allay suspicion. Edna's funeral takes place and the funeral party goes back to the Rovers afterwards. Edna's equally miserable sister Iris turns up.moreless
  • Fri 21 Sep, 2001
    Fri 21 Sep, 2001
    Episode 157
    Ashley invites Emma and Curly and Matt and Charlie round for a drink. Maxine and Matt feel very uncomfortable in each other's company. Richard calls to see Gail but she is busy doing family things. Richard feels very left out and says so then leaves. Later he calls round and apologises. Tyrone feels very down and angry towards Fiz who did all the chasing. Rob tells Vik and Bobbi about Karen sleeping with Peter. Soon everybody knows. Steve tells Vik the truth but asks him to keep it to himself. Vik works out that it must have been Peter who broke into the bookies. The girls start to question Karen about sleeping with Peter, she can't answer them. Rob tells Shelley that Peter has slept with Karen. Shelley is very angry. Maria comes looking for Tyrone hoping for an apology but Tyrone is drunk. Maria gives him her ring back and leaves upset. Shelley has a go at Peter in the Rovers accusing him of sleeping with Karen. Steve drags Karen out and is furious with her. He feels everyone is laughing at him. Karen storms off. Steve goes back to the Rovers and tells Peter he's going to the Police to tell them everything.moreless
  • Thu 20 Sep, 2001
    Thu 20 Sep, 2001
    Episode 156
    Everyone is shocked at Edna's death. The Bookies has been burgled during the night and Rob's £5000 deposit has gone from the safe. Peter pretends to look shocked. Martin is upset that Sally wants to cool their relationship. Peter needs and alibi and asks Shelley if she will cover for him. Shelley refuses. Karen offers to cover for him instead. She tells the Police that Peter spent the night with her in return Peter gives her £700. She tells Steve about the deal but he is unhappy. Karen tells Peter she's worried about Steve and they need to think of a different story. Kirk tells Maria about Tyrone snogging Fiz. Maria packs her things and leaves in tears. Tyrone is devastated. Richard is peeved as whenever he wants to spend time alone with Gail her family seems to get in the way. Sam has booked a surprise holiday in Ibiza for him and Toyah. Toyah is unhappy. Janice is promoted to Supervisor at the factory.moreless
  • Wed 19 Sep, 2001
    Wed 19 Sep, 2001
    Episode 155
    Matt and Maxine are consumed with guilt after their night together. Ashley arrives back from hospital and Charlie arrives back from her mothers. Both are unaware of what has gone on. Charlie has decided to search for her real mother. Rita gets her own back on Karen by playing the radio very loudly at 5am. After another slanging match they decide to call a truce. All the girls are feeling hung-over and Edna is nowhere to be seen. Peter only has twenty four hours to raise the money to buy the Bookies but he has an idea. Sally is worried that people think she has one man after another and tells Martin she would like to cool things just for a while. Tyrone sees Fiz all over Kirk and is jealous. He tries to talk to Fiz and she grabs him and snogs him just as Kirk walks round the corner. Duggie goes to bed for an afternoon rest and finds Edna in his bed. She is dead.moreless
  • Mon 17 Sep, 2001
    Mon 17 Sep, 2001
    Episode 154
    Ashley goes into hospital for his operation which is a complete success. He and Maxine are delighted. Sally calls into the hospital to see Martin and they snog in his office while he's on duty. Peter is desperately trying to work out ways of raising the money to buy the Bookies. Sam is so attentive that he's making Toyah feel suffocated. Sally and Gail agree that their friendship is too important and that they mustn't fall out. Duggie leaves Shelley in charge of the pub while he attends a Rugby Club Dinner. Maxine who is in a celebratory mood, Janice, Edna and Sunita all get drunk in the Rovers. Shelley leaves them to it asking Edna to lock up when they've finished. Edna isn't feeling very well. David is feeling vulnerable and can't sleep. He tells Gail he loves her. Maxine goes home and meets Matt who is also drunk. She invites him in and they end up having sex and he stays the night. Karen has another slanging match with Rita. Rita tells Steve she's going to phone Alec and get the pair of them slung out of the flat.moreless
  • Sun 16 Sep, 2001
    Sun 16 Sep, 2001
    Episode 153
    Ashley goes into hospital for a scan and discovers that he's got Varicocele and is booked in for an operation the following day. Edna phones in sick but Duggie sees her up and about later in the day. Peter is angry with Ken and Deirdre when they tell they can't lend him the money as they would have to remortgage the house and they don't want to take the risk. Karen and Steve have a flat-warming party. Fiz turns up at the party with Kirk which makes Tyrone jealous. Rita asks them to turn the music down and Karen is rude to her. Emma asks Charlie about her parents. Charlie tells Emma that she's adopted and never knew them. Emma realises that she's hit a raw nerve. Candice tells Sarah she's got a job in a factory working evenings and weekends. Sally tells Kevin to keep away from Martin or she will have his access rights to the kids terminated on the grounds of his violence. Gail swallows her pride and tells Martin that she wishes him luck with Sally. Toyah decides that she's ready to have sex with Sam. She enjoys it but is a bit worried afterwards when Sam declares his undying love for her.moreless
  • Fri 14 Sep, 2001
    Fri 14 Sep, 2001
    Episode 152
    Shelley had a lovely time with Peter and they are now an item. Peter asks Ken if he will lend him the money to buy the Bookies - £43000. Ken says he'll think about it. Edna says she can sense death and she think it will be Duggie who dies. Steve and Karen move into the flat. Karen is still not satisfied as she wants a swanky flat in town. Karen invites Norris and Rita for drinks and tells Steve that she's going to keep inviting them until he buys her the flat she wants. Duggie tries to warn Shelley off Peter but she tells him he's just jealous. Mike speaks to his solicitor who tells him he could be divorced in 6 months if they can prove that they have tried had to find Linda and failed. Kevin apologises to Molly for his behaviour the previous night. Kevin then apologises to Sally but ends up having a fight with Martin. He leaves in a rage. Candice tells Sarah she's going to get a night job in a factory. Curly is promoted to Area Manager of Freshcos. Emma is concerned that he will not longer want to become a house husband.moreless
  • Wed 12 Sep, 2001
    Wed 12 Sep, 2001
    Episode 151
    Martin discovers his smashed car window and realises that it must be Kevin. Kevin admits it and although he's still angry with Martin he agrees to fix it. Rosie tells David that Martin and Sally are now going out with each other. David pretends that he already knew. Steve and Karen start renting the flat above the Kabin now that Anthony has moved out. The Bookies is looking for a new manager, Shelley tells Peter that he should apply. Karen gets some money off Steve on the pretext of it being the deposit for the flat but then blows it on clothes. Martin tries to tell David about him and Sally but finds that David already knows about it. Martin apologises, and David is okay about it. Tyrone admits to Jack that he quite fancies Fiz. Jack tells him to go for it. Peter asks Shelley out on a date and she accepts. Later Duggie asks her out the same evening and she has to turn him down. Kevin goes on a drinking binge and turns up at Molly's flat. He's drunk and keeps kissing and groping her, she pushes him off and in the end has to throw him out. Mike tells Audrey that Linda must have been round to the flat today as her passport, savings book and jewellery have all gone.moreless
  • Mon 10 Sep, 2001
    Mon 10 Sep, 2001
    Episode 150
    Fiz still making a play for Tyrone goes to the doctors and gets herself put on the Pill. Maria decides she's going to try and fix Fiz up with someone to get her away from Tyrone. Emma redecorates the bedroom with the help of Kirk and Jason. Edna reckons she can smell death and as all the four landlords she's worked for have died she wonder whether it's now Duggie's turn. Martin and Sally tell Kevin about their relationship. Kevin is very upset and angry, particularly as he was about to suggest that he and Sally give it another go. Kevin goes round to Martin's flat, hammers on the door with a spanner and smashes Martin's car window in a fit of jealousy. Karen wants she and Steve to get their own place to live. Steve keeps ignoring her so in the end she walks out.moreless
  • Sun 9 Sep, 2001
    Sun 9 Sep, 2001
    Episode 149
    Gail and Sarah are furious with Martin over his relationship with Sally. Gail feels very let down by her best friend. Emily has a word with Geena about the bags of clothes belonging to Linda. Geena says she'll look after them until Linda returns. Sarah tells Martin exactly what she thinks of him, she feels very protective towards Gail. Maria warns Fiz to stay away from Tyrone but Fiz ignores her. Fiz corners Tyrone in the garage and snogs him. Ashley suggests to Maxine that she gets a sperm donor rather than going through all the IVF treatment but Maxine won't hear of it. Peter mentions to Ken that he's hoping to be made manager of the Bookies. Sarah tells Sally what she thinks of her and Rita has to calm her down. Geena tells Dev that she's really worried about Linda as she is convinced something has happened to her; she has no money and no clothes with her.moreless
  • Fri 7 Sep, 2001
    Fri 7 Sep, 2001
    Episode 148
    Fiz is making a play for Tyrone. Vera warns Maria to mark out her territory. Phil Simmonds' trial takes place and he gets ten years for rape. Toyah is relieved. Matt advises Ashley that the next stage of his fertility tests is an ultra sound scan. Rita compliments Gail on her relaxed attitude towards Martin and Sally's relationship. Gail is shocked and deeply hurt as she realises that they've been having an affair for a couple of weeks behind her back. Mike clears out all Linda's clothes and gives them to Emily for her charity shop. Martin and Sally go round to Gail's to try and explain but Gail is in no mood for listening. Gail tells Martin that she knows he's a liar but she is mortified by Sally's behaviour. Toyah announces that she has enrolled back at College on her journalism course.moreless
  • Thu 6 Sep, 2001
    Thu 6 Sep, 2001
    Episode 147
    Toyah decides that she's wasted enough of her life thinking about Phil Simmonds and so she is not going attend the trial. Janice and Les are shocked. Sally and Martin are finding it hard to keep up the pretence that they are just good friends for Gail's sake. Maria goes running with Jason again and they flirt with each other. Meanwhile Fiz makes another play for Tyrone and keeps buying him fattening food. Ashley gets the results from another lot of tests and finds that they are no further forward to finding out why he has a low sperm count. Ashley is depressed. Everybody is gossiping about the wedding and the Mike, Linda situation. To stop everybody talking Mike announces to the pub that he is divorcing Linda and he doesn't know where she is and doesn't care.moreless
  • Wed 5 Sep, 2001
    Wed 5 Sep, 2001
    Episode 146
    Linda is moving in on Mark but Mark is adamant he doesn't fancy her any more. Mike has been watching and listening to the whole conversation, he sees Linda for what she really is. Fred explains to Eve that he was simply comforting Audrey and that there's nothing between them anymore. Fred and Eve make up and the wedding is back on. Mike and Linda have a huge fight. He slaps her and gets her up against a car by the neck. The wedding takes place, Maxine is Eve's witness as nobody can find Linda. After their row Linda makes off in Mike's car. Mike tells Mark that he's divorcing her as soon as possible. Fred and Eve leave for their honeymoon, Venice followed by a Mediterranean cruise. Jimmy and Ryan steal a car and drive off in it. Maxine and Ashley discover that Linda has gone leaving all her possessions still in the bedroom.moreless
  • Mon 3 Sep, 2001 [Episode 2]
    Fred and Eve arrive at the country house hotel where they are to be married. Everything is perfect. Linda and Mike in the hotel are getting on a bit better. Linda is trying very hard and Mike is starting to weaken. They sleep together. Audrey arrives at the hotel with the intention of trying to stop the wedding but then regrets that she ever came and tries to slope off without being seen but Fred spots her. Maxine accidentally lets slip to Eve that Fred proposed to Audrey last October. Eve looks out of the window and sees Fred with his arm round Audrey and suspects the worst, that Fred still loves Audrey. A huge row ensues between Eve, Audrey and Ryan and Jimmy who have now turned up. Mark and Mike make up. Mike tells Linda he wants a divorce. Linda tries to worm her way back in with Mark.moreless
  • Mon 3 Sep, 2001 [Episode 1]
    Martin tells Gail that he's invited Sally to the cinema but pretends that it's purely platonic. Rita misunderstands something that Sally says and is now under the impression that Gail knows all about their relationship and has given them her blessing. Emma arrives back from hospital, Maxine and Ashley pop round to see her. Tyrone is getting fed up with the health kick especially when Maria insists he has a salad for lunch. When Maria is out of the way he shares Fiz's chips with her. Mike and Linda set off for Fred and Eve's wedding in Yorkshire. Mark turns up looking for Mike as he's received a letter from him telling him about Alma. Fred tries to persuade Audrey to give him her blessing but she refuses. Audrey is still convinced that Eve is just after Fred's money. Eve invites Ryan to the wedding. Ryan accepts the invitation. Mark decides to drive up to the wedding to find Mike. Audrey asks for a lift as she's decided to go after all to try and stop Fred marrying Eve.moreless
  • Sun 2 Sep, 2001
    Sun 2 Sep, 2001
    Episode 143
    Emma and Curly are worried sick about the baby but eventually the contractions stop and the doctor tells her that everything is fine. Eve accepts Fred's marriage proposal. Fred books the wedding ceremony for the following Tuesday in the Dales. Duggie offers Eve a proper job at the Rovers, where he will be paying the wages. Eve accepts. Sheila and Wayne visit Roy and Hayley. Hayley cheers up temporarily but she's can't stop thinking about the prison and feeling very depressed. Maxine finds out that Emma might lose the baby and blames herself. Maria puts Tyrone on a diet and an exercise regime. Audrey tells Fred that if he marries Eve then their friendship is over.moreless
  • Fri 31 Aug, 2001
    Fri 31 Aug, 2001
    Episode 142
    Fiz makes a play for Tyrone, Maria tells her where to go. Mike's solicitor tells him to carry on living with Linda while he moves his money into things she can't get her hands on. Mike suggests to Linda they go out for dinner together. Linda is delighted, thinking things are back to normal. Audrey tells Fred that Eve is only interested in his money. Fred ignores her. Fiz calls on Hayley and drags her out for a drink. Hayley is touched by everyone's kind words. Gail invites Richard to stay the night. Gail checks with Sarah that she doesn't mind. Sarah is embarrassed. Linda overhears Fred and Duggie talking and tells Eve that it's really Fred who's paying her wages. Eve is very hurt and storms out of the pub. Fred chases after her as do several other people. In front of everyone Fred proposes marriage to Eve. Emma suffers some pain and is taken to hospital. She finds out that she's having early contractions and that if they don't stop she could lose the baby.moreless
  • Wed 29 Aug, 2001
    Wed 29 Aug, 2001
    Episode 141
    Sally calls at Gail's with the intention of telling her about her and Martin. To Sally's surprise, before she can say anything Gail tells Sally that she thinks Martin fancies her. Sally panics and tells Gail that she doesn't fancy Martin. Later Sally discusses the situation with Martin and he suggests that they keep quiet for a bit and let Gail act as Cupid between them. Maxine, out practising her driving, very nearly kills Blanche. Emma saves Blanche by diving in and pushing her out of the way. Maxine feels so guilty she daren't face anyone. Richard buys Sarah and David a new TV. Fred accuses Duggie of milking the situation over Eve's wages. Mike is barely speaking to Linda. Linda is very upset. Mike phones his solicitor to set the divorce wheels in motion. Toyah is delighted to hear that Phil Simmonds has changed his plea again to "guilty" which means there won't be a trial. Eve tells Linda that Mike's wallet is in the right place. Unfortunately Audrey overhears her and thinks she's talking about Fred.moreless
  • Mon 27 Aug, 2001
    Mon 27 Aug, 2001
    Episode 140
    Hayley is relieved to be home but she and Roy are missing Wayne. Steve takes Eileen back on at Street Cars and insists that Karen tells Mike that she does want her old job back. Vera goes to see Jack on his allotment. Just as she arrives Jack's potting shed explodes. Jack explains that he's been brewing Poteen and that the bottles have exploded. Vera is furious and insists Jack takes her out for a meal. Martin and Sally kiss which is seen by Todd. Todd tells Martin he won't tell anyone but Martin and Sally agree they must tell Gail before word gets out. Mike still insists Linda sleeps in the spare room but she is determined that she is going to try and get back into his good books. Mike offers Janice her old job back at the factory. She accepts and is delighted. Fred realises that Duggie is pulling a fast one by getting Eve to do more and more hours in the pub knowing that Fred has to pay her wages. Gail sees Martin give Sally a longing look and wonders if Martin fancies Sally.moreless
  • Sun 26 Aug, 2001
    Sun 26 Aug, 2001
    Episode 139
    Jack has a hangover having spent the night drunk in his potting shed. Fred gets Duggie to offer Eve a job behind the Rovers bar but Fred will pay her wages. Duggie agrees. Eileen is furious as Duggie had promised the job to her. Duggie can't tell Eileen that Eve isn't actually costing him anything. Hayley is being bullied more and more and asks for a transfer. Sally tells Rita about her relationship with Martin. Rita advises her to tell Gail but Sally doesn't feel that she can. Sally and Martin tell each other that they are in love. Sheila and Wayne arrive at the Cafe looking for Roy. Sheila is cut and bruised having been beaten by Alex again. She says she wants to go to the Police and asks Roy to go with her. As soon as they leave Alex arrives demanding to know where they are and Vera tells him. Sheila makes a statement, Alex is arrested and as a result Hayley is released from prison. Karen makes even more of a pig's ear of her job at Street Cars and storms out saying she resigns.moreless
  • Fri 24 Aug, 2001
    Fri 24 Aug, 2001
    Episode 138
    Sally wakes up in Martin's flat having spent the night. Gail receives a call to say that the Police are not going to prosecute Gary Adams. Gail calls on Martin to tell him the bad news, Sally has to hide in the bedroom. Karen makes a botch of her first day at Street Cars. Vik tells Steve if she doesn't improve then she's out. Eve is feeling down. She went for a job at the Nag's Head but didn't get it. Eileen finds out that Todd has passed 9 GCSEs including 2 A's and 2 A*'s. Roy tells Hayley that he has told Wayne that she is in prison and explained that they are not allowed to have any contact with him. Roy tries to persuade Hayley that she may as well comply with the bail conditions now Wayne will understand but she refuses. Vera asks Tyrone to check on Jack at the allotment. Tyrone finds Jack and his mates getting drunk on Pocheen, he leaves them to it. Sarah refuses to go out now that she knows Gary is on the loose again. Hayley is having a really hard time in prison being bullied by one of the other inmates.moreless
  • Wed 22 Aug, 2001
    Wed 22 Aug, 2001
    Episode 137
    Fiz calls to see Roy. Roy is feeling very down and seems to be neglecting himself and the flat. Fiz tells him he needs to be strong for Hayley's sake. Eileen refuses to go back to work until she gets an apology from Karen. She doesn't get one and is shocked to learn that Karen has now got her old job. Sally asks Martin to keep away as it's unfair on Gail. Martin agrees. However Sally realises she can't live without him and calls round to his flat. They kiss passionately. Roy visits Hayley and tells her about visiting Sheila Hayes. Richard sorts out Audrey's inherited money for her. Eve admits to Fred that she's lost her job. She didn't tell him before because she knew that he would insist on paying for things and she didn't want to appear a gold digger. Stan Wagstaff who has the allotment next to Jack says he'll work Jack's allotment for him and from the potatoes he grows he'll make Irish Moonshine Whisky. Jack agrees. Wayne calls to see Roy. Roy explains that they aren't allowed to see each other and that Hayley is in prison. Wayne leaves feeling very troubled.moreless
  • Mon 20 Aug, 2001
    Mon 20 Aug, 2001
    Episode 136
    It is Jack and Vera's 44th wedding anniversary. They have a fish and chip supper in Jack's potting shed on the allotment, reminiscent of being in Vera's father's potting shed. Curly discovers that he's suffering from Couvade Syndrome – a sympathetic pregnancy. Karen invites herself along on the Street Cars outing to a casino. Karen loses £100 of Steve's money whilst Eileen wins nearly £200. Karen is furious and she and Eileen have a huge slanging match. Karen says some really bitchy things and as Steve fails to stick up for Eileen she quits her job and walks out of the casino. Roy visits Hayley again in prison. Rita asks him if he told Hayley about visiting Sheila Hayes. Roy avoids the question and acts rather strangely. Fred gives Eve a lift to the Turks Head as she says she's working there. He waits in the car and sees her leave the pub after a few minutes and head for the bus stop. Fred tells Rita of his suspicions. Martin suggests to Sally they go out for a meal but she thinks it's too risky.moreless
  • Sun 19 Aug, 2001
    Sun 19 Aug, 2001
    Episode 135
    Les is unimpressed when Eileen and Vik tell him that the Street Cars party is just for people who've been there twelve months or more. Eileen decides they should go to a casino for the evening, she, Steve and Vik. Geena tells Dev about Sunita's plan to make him jealous. Dev calls Sunita's bluff and thanks her for telling him about all the blokes that fawn over Geena. Dev tells Sunita that as a result he's finished with Geena. Sunita is mortified. Gail has Richard, Martin, Sally, Sarah and David for Sunday lunch. It goes well except Sally feels awkward with Martin in front of Gail. Roy visits Sheila Hayes to try and persuade her to tell the Police the truth about Alex's treatment of Wayne. Sheila refuses. Fred is peeved that Eve has to work lunchtime at the Turks Head. He calls into the pub to see her and is told that she hasn't worked there for about three weeks.moreless
  • Fri 17 Aug, 2001
    Fri 17 Aug, 2001
    Episode 134
    Dev cancels his date with Geena because he has to work. Sunita decides to make Dev jealous to keep him on his toes. She tells Dev how gorgeous Geena is and how many men fancy her. Dev is put out, Sunita's plan is working. Roy goes to visit Hayley in prison. He tries to persuade Hayley to agree to the terms of bail conditions but she refuses. Soon he realises that all the girls inside know about Hayley's past. Roy is appalled and very distressed when he leaves. Sarah is busy collecting signatures for her petition in support of Roy and Hayley. Richard agrees to give Audrey some financial advice for her future. Sally says goodbye to Rosie and Sophie who leave for Florida with Kevin. Hayley has her radio stolen in prison and is about to report the matter but is warned that she'll regret it if she does. David is being sulky and difficult over Richard coming for dinner the following day. Audrey tells Eve she thinks she's a gold digger. Eve tells Audrey to back off. Fiz tells Roy that she thinks both he and Hayley are very kind and that she knows they would have had Wayne's best interests at heart.moreless
  • Wed 15 Aug, 2001
    Wed 15 Aug, 2001
    Episode 133
    Roy is very worried about Hayley. Mr Hartnell calls round and tries to placate Roy but Roy tells Peter what he thinks of him and social services and throws Peter out. Later Roy breaks down on Rita. He feels cowardly for not speaking out in Court like Hayley did. Hayley is having a horrible time in prison. The girls have recognised her as the transexual in the papers. Audrey inherits £40,000 from Alma, Gail a small amount and Roy and Hayley also a small amount. Steve and Karen arrive back from their honeymoon. Mike offers Karen her old job back but she turns it down, but doesn't tell Steve. Eileen suggests they have an anniversary party for Street Cars - even though it's been going fifteen months. Evelyn arranges to meet Fred at Ashley and Maxine's house. When she gets there she finds Maxine in tears. Maxine tells her that yet again she's found she is not pregnant. Eve consoles her and Maxine and Eve start to thaw towards one another.moreless
  • Mon 13 Aug, 2001
    Mon 13 Aug, 2001
    Episode 132
    Wayne tells his mum and Alex that he's going to tell the Police everything; that Roy and Hayley didn't kidnap him as he was living with them with his parent's permission. Alex says that if he does that he will make his mum look like a liar and then she will be locked up instead. Wayne feels his plan has been foiled. Roy is interviewed by the Police. He tells them that it's all his fault and that Hayley never wanted to go along with it. Roy tells the Police that they had no choice but to take Wayne away as he was being beaten by Alex. He explains how Alex demanded money in exchange for Wayne. Hayley is interviewed by the Police and insists that she is equally responsible for what happened. A social worker calls at Wayne's house to check everything is okay. Wayne daren't tell them the truth. Kevin explains to the lads that he had to pay Weatherfield Windows a kick-back in exchange for the work and that's why they didn't get their bonuses. The lads agree to go back to work. Roy and Hayley appear before the Magistrate. They are both given bail on condition they don't have any contact with Wayne. Hayley refuses to agree and is remanded in custody.moreless
  • Sun 12 Aug, 2001
    Sun 12 Aug, 2001
    Episode 131
    Hayley refuses to go to Ireland so she and Roy come to a decision to hand themselves in to the Police. However before they can hand themselves in Ruth shops them and turns up at the house with a couple of policemen and a social worker. Hayley is appalled with Ruth. Roy and Hayley are arrested and as the police cars drive away Roy can see Alex Swinton standing with his arm around Wayne. Roy is incensed. Dennis, Sam and Tyrone decide to confront Kevin about the money as they are sure they deserve a bonus. Kevin explains to them that he has had to give Weatherfield Windows a discounted rate in return for all the work. They don't believe him so Dennis tells him that they all quit their jobs. Gail introduces Richard to Martin and it seems to go well. Toyah reconciles herself to Phil pleading not guilty as she thinks that with the DNA evidence he won't have a leg to stand on anyway.moreless
  • Fri 10 Aug, 2001
    Fri 10 Aug, 2001
    Episode 130
    Initially Hayley says she won't go to Ireland with Roy and Wayne but after some persuasion she agrees that they must remain a family and stick together. Dennis asks Kevin if they've achieved their monthly target of £1500 and therefore can they have their bonuses. Kevin says they fell short. Dennis is disbelieving especially when he hears that Kevin has booked a holiday in Florid. Betty receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from Newton & Ridley whereas Duggie isn't even shortlisted for the Landlord of the Year. Fiz spots Tyrone working at the garage and takes an instant shine to him. Martin takes David and the girls swimming. Sally is really grateful and they exchange intimate looks. Roy and Hayley see Alex Swinton on the TV saying how much he misses Wayne. Roy is appalled and disgusted. Gail entertains Richard for dinner. He is disappointed when they are just getting intimate on the sofa and Bethany starts crying upstairs. Gail goes to see to her. The Police Liaison Officer tells Toyah that she doesn't think Phil Simmonds is going to change his plea to not guilty. Toyah is gutted.moreless
  • Wed 8 Aug, 2001
    Wed 8 Aug, 2001
    Episode 129
    The Gazette prints a horrible article about Roy and Hayley completely twisting what Emily said to the reporter who interviewed her. Emily is mortified. Vera is started to find Roy sneaking round the café. He explains that he's come to collect a few belongings and makes her promise to keep quiet that she's seen him. Gail tells Martin she's happy for David to move in with him for a while. Mike and Linda are interviewing for machinists. They give Edna and Fiz jobs in the factory. Duggie thinks he's spotted the judge for the Landlord of the Year competition in the Rovers. It turns out he's got the wrong person and is inadvertently rude to the real judge. Gail has a fantastic new hair cut. Sally agrees for Kevin to take the girls away to Disneyworld in Florida. Roy arrives back at Ruth's. Ruth tells him that he's mad to try and leave the country as they will almost certainly be caught. Roy says that their only option is to catch a ferry to Ireland.moreless
  • Mon 6 Aug, 2001
    Mon 6 Aug, 2001
    Episode 128
    David is upset now he realises Gail has a boyfriend. Sarah manages to calm him down much to Gail and Martin's relief. David asks if he can spend the rest of the holidays at Martin's flat and they agree to let him. Matt and Charlie are reconciled. Matt decides that he doesn't want to lose Charlie. Ruth asks Hayley if she can talk to her alone. It becomes clear that Ruth was a friend of Hayley's before her operation when she was Harold. Ruth tells Hayley that she is very uncomfortable with the situation as she cannot possibly condone the abduction of a child and also she admits that she used to have very strong feelings for Hayley when she was a man. Ruth had always hoped they would become boyfriend and girlfriend. Hayley is upset, she never realised. Ruth agrees to let them hide with her for a couple of days but insists they leave soon. Roy tells Hayley he is going to go back to Weatherfield to get their passports as to leave the country is now their only option. Toyah visits Phil Simmonds in prison. She is shocked to see that he has attempted suicide. She gets Phil to agree to plead guilty to the rape charges.moreless
  • Sun 5 Aug, 2001
    Sun 5 Aug, 2001
    Episode 127
    The Croppers are still hiding out at Ruths. Ruth is suspicious as to why they are there. They confess to Ruth and she needs to sleep on it. Matt and Charlie are trying to get on but he is having doubts about their future. They have a row. Matt decides to make a sacrifice by staying with her even though she doesn't want children. Toyah pretends to Janice that she has no intentions of going to see Phil so Janice will go on holiday. She sets of for Tenerife. Toyah confides in Sam. Mike strikes up a deal with Harvey Reuben to save the factory and Linda is not happy. Jack pretends he is growing vegetables from his new allotment to keep Vera happy but he is buying it from the shop. David catches Gail and Richard kissing and storms out.moreless
  • Fri 3 Aug, 2001
    Fri 3 Aug, 2001
    Episode 126
    The residents are all talking about Roy and Hayley and the police are still sniffing round. Roy buys a paper and he and Hayley are in it saying they have kidnapped a boy. The situation is getting worse so they go and stay with Hayley's friend Ruth on a farm in Warwickshire. Janice has been invited on holiday and wants Toyah to go but she says she can't leave Vera in the lurch. Gail tells Martin about Richard and he says that he is pleased for her. Sally still rejects Martin as it is too complicated. Sarah meets Richard and is pleased for Gail. Matt goes to see Charlie. Toyah decides that she will go and see Phil Simmonds.moreless
  • Wed 1 Aug, 2001
    Wed 1 Aug, 2001
    Episode 125
    The Croppers are still on the run and they find a hotel to stop in overnight. Roy begins to panic and he rings Vera who tells him that the police are there. They realise the seriousness of what they have done. The police come and Vera has to give them the keys to Roy's flat. The residents are all in shock about Roy and Hayley, especially when they find out that Wayne is not their foster child. Matt's still having problems with Charlie and he asks Ashley for advice. Todd and Sarah decide to say no more about what happened on holiday. Gail tells sally about her relationship with Richard.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jul, 2001
    Mon 30 Jul, 2001
    Episode 124
    Martin and Sally are enjoying they're new found intimacy but Sally decides that nothing can happen because of Kevin and Gail. Martin feels rejected. They share another kiss. Hayley tells Wayne that she is a transsexual and he takes it well. Alex Swinton shows up at the campsite and corners Wayne. Wayne screams for help and Roy and Hayley come to the rescue. Roy won't let Alex take Wayne so he threatens to ring the police and social services. Roy decides they should run away and Hayley reluctantly agrees. They steal Martins car.moreless
  • Sun 29 Jul, 2001
    Sun 29 Jul, 2001
    Episode 123
    Toyah has received a letter from Phil Simmonds asking her to go and visit him in prison, as he wants to apologise to her. Les and Janice are appalled by the idea and they desperately try to get Toyah to see sense. Toyah wants some unbiased advice and goes round to see Charlie. Charlie has got problems of her own because Matt has moved out. She breaks down in front of Toyah and she doesn't know where he is staying. Maxine accidentally spills the beans that he is staying with them. The girls have a row. Maxine offers to babysit Bethany as Richard is going to Gail's for dinner. After dinner they kiss and she leads him upstairs. Kevin explains the situation with Mr. Rush to Molly but he still agrees to do business with him. Vera doesn't want Jack to keep the allotment he inherited but he is adamant. He explains to Tyrone why every man needs an allotment; to get peace from their wives!moreless
  • Fri 27 Jul, 2001
    Fri 27 Jul, 2001
    Episode 122
    Todd tries to kiss Sarah but she stops him because of Candice. Roy organises a treasure hunt but Sarah doesn't want to go so Todd stays with her. David knows that Wayne wets the bed as he caught him washing out his sleeping bag. He decides not to tease him and they become friends. They are on the same team for the treasure hunt and when David falls in the water Wayne and Roy jump in to save him. Martin has a chat to Sarah and makes her feel better about her life. Sally and Martin go for a walk and they talk about relationships. They kiss. Roy tells Hayley that Alex knows about her being a transsexual. They decided to tell Wayne when the time is right. Hayley wants to ring Wayne's mum. Roy doesn't think they should.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jul, 2001
    Wed 25 Jul, 2001
    Episode 121
    Jack and Vera are excited about going to see the house that Jack inherited. Tyrone is worried about where he is going to live but they are all surprised when they realise it is a shed not a house!Molly tells Gail that Matt has fallen out with Charlie. Matt confides in Molly. Kevin buys Molly a TV as a thank you for putting Mr. Rush's business his way. Molly insists that they are just friends. Mr. Rush asks Kevin for a cut in the profits. Alex tricks Vera into telling him where Roy and Hayley are, saying he was from social services. Jim Simmonds arrives to give Toyah a letter from Phil. Toyah is frightened as she is alone, but he doesn't harm her. Maxine and Ashley get back from holiday and Matt confides in Ashley who offers him a place at his house. Gail invites Richard to dinner the following evening.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jul, 2001
    Mon 23 Jul, 2001
    Episode 120
    Martin, Sally, Roy and Hayley are at the campsite for a short holiday with Sarah, Todd, David, Sophie, Rosie and Wayne. David is growing bored and scares Sarah when they go for a walk, saying that he has seen a man lurking in the woods. Martin and Sarah are both concerned it is Gary. Wayne, David and Rosie go for a walk and break into an old hut. David larks around and locks Wayne in. They see a man and run off leaving Wayne. When they go back, Wayne is gone so they alert the adults. They are about to go and look for him when he is returned by the man. He is only the campsite warden and everybody is relieved but the children get told off. Hayley is very nervous about the situation with Wayne and all the lying but Roy reassures her, even though he is worried too. Todd and Sarah are getting closer and he invites her to a disco but she says no. There is some subtle chemistry between Martin and Sally.moreless
  • Sun 22 Jul, 2001
    Sun 22 Jul, 2001
    Episode 119
    It's Audrey's birthday but it seems everyone has forgotten. Jack goes to the solicitors to find out exactly what he's inherited from Jimmy and is given a key. He and Vera are excited thinking it might be a house. Toyah has Sam round for a meal. She tries to kiss him but finds she can't, she's too scared. Sam tells her that he will wait for her and she mustn't rush things. Richard takes Gail out for lunch, she has a lovely time and it isn't until the evening she remembers Audrey's birthday. Kevin offers to help Molly with her gas bill but she refuses. Charlie and Matt continue to row. Matt says he's moving into a hotel. Charlie tells him if does that then to never bother coming back, to which Matt replies "fine" and leaves.moreless
  • Fri 20 Jul, 2001
    Fri 20 Jul, 2001
    Episode 118
    Toyah goes for her HIV test. To her relief she is given the all clear. Sarah, Todd and Candice are all ready to join the others on their camping trip. They are busy putting their stuff in Martin's car when Mrs Stowe arrives and forbids Candice from going. She says she doesn't want her Candice turning out like Sarah. Candice is dragged off in tears and Todd decides that he may as well still go. Jack receives a letter telling him that his old pigeon racing mate Jimmy Kelly has left him something in his will. Jack thinks it should be quite a bit of money. Charlie admits to Matt that she doesn't want a family. Matt is devastated. He packs his things and leaves saying he will call her tomorrow. Charlie breaks down. Gail and Sarah patch things up. Gail apologises for going through her personal things. Toyah hears that they have now set a date for the trial of Phil Simmonds. Gail agrees to see Richard again.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jul, 2001
    Wed 18 Jul, 2001
    Episode 117
    Martin suggests that Sarah should come camping with him and David. Sarah agrees and she invites Candice and Todd. Charlie tells Matt that she loves him but doesn't want children. Ken's article about teenagers, their computers and the dangers is printed in the Gazette. Audrey reads it and is furious thinking that Ken is getting at Gail. Martin and Sarah go to fetch a takeaway. Gail stops at home to boil some rice to go with it. When Martin and Sarah get back they can smell burning rice. They can't find Gail. They go upstairs to find Gail sitting in front of Sarah's computer in floods of tears. She's been reading Sarah's email and realises that her daughter is a complete stranger to her. Sarah emails people all over the world but can't talk to her own mother. Gail breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jul, 2001
    Mon 16 Jul, 2001
    Episode 116
    Sarah is interviewed at the Police Station. Dennis and Eileen tell everyone in the Rovers what's happened. The customers hail Dennis as a hero for thumping Gary. Candice tells Todd she's really proud of him and apologises for messing him about. Everyone is shocked when Dennis is arrested and taken to the Police Station as Gary is pressing charges against him for assault. Martin drives back from the camping trip to see Sarah and check she's alright. She tells him and Gail that nothing happened and she feels really stupid and embarrassed. The locals decide that they are going to form a blockade outside the Police Station to show their anger at Dennis's arrest but just as they are leaving Dennis turns up. The Police have cautioned him but let him go. The Police call at the Platts and tell them that they are charging Gary with false imprisonment but that they have had to release him on bail.moreless
  • Sun 15 Jul, 2001 [Episode 2]
    Martin, Sally, Roy and Hayley and all the children go on their camping holiday. Sarah starts to feel worried realising that Gary is rather creepy. She rings Candice to come and get her. Meanwhile Gary carries her upstairs and locks her in his bedroom. Sarah is really frightened. Candice and Todd go round to Gary's house. Candice spots Sarah in an upstairs window but Gary tells her that Sarah has gone home. Candice is really worried and phones Gail. Dennis gives Gail a lift to the house. Todd breaks into the house but trips and hits his head on the fire place. There is a scuffle, Dennis hits Gary and the Police arrive.moreless
  • Sun 15 Jul, 2001 [Episode 1]
    There is still tension between Charlie and Matt. He slept on the sofa. Toyah worries she has upset Sam. Sally puts Janice in charge of the shop while she's away, Jason is fed up. Roy and Hayley are concerned that Wayne wants to go on the camping trip. Sarah goes to Gary's house. A man in his early thirties opens the door and says that he is Gary's dad. He invites Sarah in and tells her she can wait for Gary. Toyah tells Sam that she does fancy him but he's not sure if he can handle her emotional problems. We discover that Matt had an affair with Charlie's best mate years ago. Gail corners Todd and asks him where Sarah is. Gail finds out that Sarah has gone to meet her internet boyfriend and tells Martin. Gary's Dad admits that he is actually Gary, Sarah is shocked. Roy goes to see Alex. Alex wants more money. He threatens Roy about telling Wayne that Hayley is a transsexual but Jason intervenes and frightens Alex off. Martin asks Candice for Gary's address. Matt and Charlie have another row about Matt's affair. Martin and Gail go to find Sarah. Sam tells Toyah that he's fallen for her and that she is best of with someone else. Sarah is chatting to Gary when the doorbell rings. It's Gail and Martin at the door so Sarah hides in a cupboard. Gary lies to Martin and Gail and manages to get rid of them. Charlie apologises to Matt. Toyah admits to Sam that the reason she didn't want to sleep with Sam was because she has to be tested for aids. Roy and Hayley decide to take Wayne on the camping trip. Gary and Sarah carry on talking and having a good time. She closes her eyes and listens to the music. He looks at her longingly.moreless
  • Fri 13 Jul, 2001
    Fri 13 Jul, 2001
    Episode 113
    Peter offers to take Adam into town and Linda reluctantly agrees. Candice continues to tease Sarah about her 'internet boyfriend', Gary. Sarah thinks she is just jealous. Adam confides in Peter that he is sick of Mike and Linda always arguing he is upset because he likes Linda. Gail tells Sally that she should go on the camping trip seeing as Kevin can't make it. She agrees. There is tension between Matt and Charlie aren't speaking due to the conversation they had the night before about children. Toyah asks Sam if he wants to get a video with her that evening, he says yes. Geena makes up with Dev and accepts the key to his flat so she can come and go as she pleases. Richard Hillman asks Gail out for a drink which she accepts. At the open evening Roy is impressed with Wayne's work but uncomfortable that Gail, Martin and Charlie are talking about them. Gail receives news that Sarah never does her homework. Mike is cross with Linda for leaving Adam with Peter, this upsets Adam. Toyah and Sam have a nice evening until they kiss, this frightens Toyah and she leaves. Les spills the beans to Alex that Hayley used to be a man. Charlie and Matt have another row about children, she's not sure if she can trust him yet. Sarah arranges to meet Gary.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jul, 2001
    Wed 11 Jul, 2001
    Episode 112
    Vera overhears Jack telling David and Wayne that there's nothing wrong with his hearing. She realises that he's been lying to her. Kevin tells the girls that he won't be able to take them camping, they are very disappointed. Sally is furious. Gail finds out that Sarah is getting behind with her school work. Gail tells Sarah that she is spending too much time in chatrooms on the computer. It becomes apparent that Richard fancies Gail. Gail welcomes the attention. Roy and Hayley decide to ignore Alex's demands for more money. Matt suggests to Charlie it would be nice to start a family. Charlie doesn't want to. Sunita tells Geena that Dev has bought her a ring and is obviously going to propose to her. Geena is very excited. Sarah shows Candice a photo of Gary which he has sent her. Geena is mortified when Dev produces a jewellery box and in it is a key to his flat so that she can come and go as she pleases. There is no ring at all.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jul, 2001
    Mon 9 Jul, 2001
    Episode 111
    Unbeknown to Karen, her passport has turned up and Steve is hiding it as a joke. Steve lets Eileen in on the joke who in turn tells Karen the truth. Karen calls Steve's bluff and pretends to cancel the holiday. Eventually they both come clean and leave for America. Kevin lands a big job at the garage through a recommendation of Molly's. However if he takes the job on he will have to move the holiday and disappoint the girls. Toyah is still keeping Sam at arm's length. Charlie tells her that Sam won't wait forever and that she needs to start leading a normal life again. Audrey thinks Richard has a crush on her and is hurt and embarrassed when she finds out he hasn't. Jack goes to the doctor and has his ears waxed. He can now hear perfectly well but pretends to Vera that he's profoundly deaf. She thinks he's ill and pampers him. Sarah tells Candice about her new chatroom boyfriend, Gary. Alex turns up at Roy's Rolls and demands more money for Wayne. He tells Roy and Hayley that if they want to keep Wayne it will cost them a further £100 per week.moreless
  • Sun 8 Jul, 2001
    Sun 8 Jul, 2001
    Episode 110
    Sarah and Candice make friends again. Sam tells Dennis he's worried he came on too strong with Toyah. Dennis tells him to send her flowers. Steve intercepts Karen's passport in the post and tells her it hasn't arrived. Geena drops hints to Dev about moving in but Dev isn't keen. Roy and Hayley take Wayne to the Swintons' for the meeting with the Social Services. Roy and Hayley are nervous but Wayne reassures them that he wants to do it so they can be a family. Matt reassures Emma that all is well with her pregnancy. Gail tells Matt people have been suspended over the smear test scandal. Audrey tells Gail that she had a lovely dinner with Richard. Gail warns Audrey to be cautious. Roy and Hayley get no answer when they phone Alex and Roy decides to go round there. At the Swintons' house a neighbour tells Roy and Hayley that the family rushed off earlier. Sarah continues to talk to her internet friend, Gary. Dev tells Geena about Linda's affair with Harvey Reuben, after hearing about it from a depressed Mike. Toyah thanks Sam for the flowers and reassures him he didn't come on too strong. Mike implies to Dev that he still loves Linda. Geena angrily confronts Linda about her affair and Linda breaks down. Gail interrupts Richard and Audrey having dinner. Richard later agrees to look into some investment options for Audrey. Dev brings a drunk Mike back home to Linda and Geena. Dev tells her Mike still loves her. Wayne returns to Roy and Hayley. Wayne explains that his granny was rushed into hospital and they had to go to see her. Wayne tells them there were no social workers.moreless
  • Fri 6 Jul, 2001
    Fri 6 Jul, 2001
    Episode 109
    Candice isn't speaking to either Todd or Sarah. Todd tells her that he only fancies her and not Sarah. Candice forgives him. Dev and Geena arrive back from Barbados where they've had a great time. Audrey goes to a public meeting at the hospital about the smear fiasco with Richard, Alma's cousin. Afterwards they go to Le Cassoulet for a meal. Alex Swinton calls to see Roy and tells him that Social Service are going to call at the Swintons' tomorrow and want to see Wayne. Roy is worried about all the lying. Vera insists that Jack make an appointment with the doctor about his hearing. Sam goes to see Toyah who's working in the Rovers. She has a break and takes him through to the back room for a chat. Sam tries to kiss her but Toyah doesn't feel ready. Sarah meets another boy on the internet, this time called Gary. Geena suggests to Dev that she moves in with him. He avoids the question.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jul, 2001
    Wed 4 Jul, 2001
    Episode 108
    Sarah says she doesn't want to go camping as she has too much course work to do. Sarah has arranged to meet TJ at 4pm in the precinct. David invites Wayne on the camping trip. Roy and Hayley decide to let him go even though they are worried in case Social Services want to see him while he's away. Wayne says he doesn't want to go because he's worried about his bed wetting. Jack is nearly knocked down on the zebra crossing as he didn't hear the car coming. Janice gets a job at Roy's Rolls. Sarah and Candice go to meet TJ at 4pm and Candice is furious when it turns out to be Todd James Grimshaw, Candice's boyfriend. Rita is considering going to New Zealand to find Anthony. Mike keeps blanking Linda. He won't speak to her or even be alone with her.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jul, 2001
    Mon 2 Jul, 2001
    Episode 107
    Sarah arranges to meet up with her internet boyfriend TJ. He tells her he can't supply her with a photo as he's camera shy. Candice is sceptical. Adam arrives back from Glasgow. He doesn't seem very happy to be back, he wanted to spend some time at his friend Duncan's house. Mike and Linda are still at loggerheads but putting on an act in front of Adam. Karen is panicking because her passport hasn't turned up. Toyah invites Sam round for supper. Les warns Sam to treat her properly. Vera thinks that Jack is ignoring her but Maria suggests that he might be deaf. Kevin and Martin decide to take the kids on a camping trip, David, Sarah, Rosie and Sophie. Rita is upset, Anthony has gone to New Zealand and Rita is wondering whether she should have accepted his proposal. She tells Emily that she doesn't want to be on her own for the rest of her life. Janice asks Toyah if she can work in Roy's Rolls for her because she needs the money and Toyah has been offered more shifts at the Rovers.moreless
  • Sun 1 Jul, 2001
    Sun 1 Jul, 2001
    Episode 106
    Karen is still annoyed with Janice for not sharing her winnings, making her feel guilty. Vera tells Jack and Tyrone they have to start pulling their weight regarding housework. Sarah is back in the Internet chatroom talking to TJ, she really likes him. Sheila Hayes visits Wayne. She has a cut on her lip. Wayne says Alex must have hit her. Sheila tries to deny it. Wayne asks Roy and Hayley if his mum can come and live with them. They explain that there isn't room. Wayne makes his mum promise to phone if she has any more problems with Alex. Sarah emails TJ asking if they could meet up. She is frustrated when he doesn't reply. Alma's cousin Richard calls round to see Audrey. Rita tells Anthony that she won't be coming to New Zealand with him as she thinks it's too soon after Isobel's death and he needs time on his own. Anthony disagrees and shocks Rita by proposing to her. Rita says she can't just rush into marriage and needs time to think. Anthony leaves upset and saying he may never come back. Rita is devastated. Janice decides that she doesn't want to lose Karen as a friend so gives her half of the winnings. Karen gives it her back - they're good friends again.moreless
  • Fri 29 Jun, 2001
    Fri 29 Jun, 2001
    Episode 105
    Les apologises to Mike and Linda, in an attempt to get Janice her job back, but Mike is not interested. Sarah and Todd are recovering after the party the night before. Anthony is getting ready for his trip to New Zealand. Peter Hartnell unexpectedly visits the café, and is ushered upstairs by Roy to avoid him seeing Wayne. He tells Peter that he and Hayley have decided not to participate further in the fostering programme. Peter is puzzled and disappointed, and narrowly misses seeing Wayne a second time when leaving the café. Anthony tries to convince Rita to come to New Zealand with him. He suggests she follow him out after she has put her affairs in order. Les hosts the bingo 'Bonanza' at the Rovers. Steve buys Janice a ticket and she wins, but Karen is annoyed that she will not share the winnings with her. Roy tells Hayley about his conversation with Mr Hartnell. They are worried about the growing level of deceit, but feel there is no going back.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jun, 2001
    Wed 27 Jun, 2001
    Episode 104
    Jason is upset as his dad has forgotten his 18th birthday. Anthony attends Isobel's funeral. He feels terrible, only his sister Joan speaks to him. Jason is ecstatic when he gets a call from the Athletics Federation saying they still want him to go to Budapest and that it's all paid for. Mike makes three redundancies; Jean, Bobbi and Karen as they were the last to join. Karen is furious that Linda didn't make sure her job was safe. She threatens to tell everyone what Linda has been up to if she doesn't get her job back. Dennis gives Jason a motorbike for his birthday. Jason is delighted but Eileen isn't. Karen tells Bobbi about Linda's sleeping with Harvey Reuben. Jason has a birthday party at home. He rides his new motorbike in the house and Sarah is sick on the carpet because she's drunk. Eileen arrives home and is furious. Toyah takes Sam along to Jason's party. Sam is really chuffed. Anthony tells Rita that he's going to his niece's wedding in New Zealand and thinking of spending three months out there with his sister Joan. He asks Rita to come too. Les has a go at Mike and Linda in the pub. As a result Mike gives Bobbi her job back and makes Janice redundant instead.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jun, 2001
    Mon 25 Jun, 2001
    Episode 103
    Anthony feels guilty he was not with Isobel when she died. Rita consoles him. Wayne is still upset that his mother leaving him. Roy and Hayley are concerned he might regret coming to live wit them. They discover he has wet the bed and has been afraid to tell them, in case they were angry. Todd invites Candice and Sarah to his brother's 18th birthday party. Mike celebrates finishing the Reuben order, but is angry when Harvey Reuben cancels their contract. He blames Linda, explaining that without the contact the business is ruined. He tells the women there will be some redundancies. Duggie agrees to let Les be the compere on the Rovers bingo night. Anthony returns from Amanda's. He tells Rita that she virtually accused him of Isobel's death and didn't want him to be involved in the funeral arrangements. Sarah tells Candice that she has met someone on the chatrooms. His name is TJ and they share the same tastes. Mike looks at his books and tells Linda they may have to sack some members of staff. He gives her the job of breaking the news to them.moreless
  • Sun 24 Jun, 2001
    Sun 24 Jun, 2001
    Episode 102
    Hayley is still annoyed with Roy. She knows what it is like to live a lie and is not prepared to go through all that again. Mike and Linda have called everyone into work on the weekend, to finish a very urgent order for Reubens. Despite being at loggerheads they work together. Jason returns home. Despite an argument with Dennis, he decides to stay for good. Eileen allows him to have a party for his 18th birthday. Curly tells Emma he is willing to give up work to looks after their baby, if she wants to return to work. It will give him more time to concentrate on council work. Sheila Hayes visits Roy and Hayley, to return their money and take back Wayne. She is angry and upset. Hayley suggests she take both her son and the money, so that they can make a fresh start away from Alex, but she refuses. Wayne is worried about his mother and wants to return home, but she decides he should stay with Roy and Hayley, realising they can offer him a stable home. Hayley makes amends with Roy. Although she does not agree with his actions, she realises he did it for the right reasons. Toyah returns to work behind the bar at the Rovers. Rita is worried about Anthony. He is late returning from a book fair. When he arrives, he explains he had an important phone call from Amanda. Isobel has died.moreless
  • Fri 22 Jun, 2001
    Fri 22 Jun, 2001
    Episode 101
    Todd gives Jason a letter, inviting him to train in Budapest with UK Athletics, but the offer has expired. Todd tries to persuade his brother to come home, but Jason blames his mother for blowing his chance to train abroad. Roy catches Hayley in the process of phoning Mr Hartnell about Wayne. He confesses to paying Alex Swinton £5000. Hayley accuses him of ruining their chances of fostering. Mike and Audrey visit the Lakes to scatter Alma's ashes and say their final goodbyes. Mike confesses that he regrets marrying Linda. Candice and Todd introduce Sarah to chatrooms on the internet. Sarah receives a message from 'Weazle', who wants to have a private chat. He tells her he is seventeen and from South Africa. Curly and Emma consider Maxine and Ashley as godparents. Linda threatens to move out, but Mike is not bothered in the slightest, even when she offers to beg for his forgiveness. Hayley confronts Roy about his deceit, calling him a liar. Wayne overhears the argument, and as he runs into his room. Hayley tells Roy she will never forgive him.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jun, 2001
    Wed 20 Jun, 2001
    Episode 100
    It is the day of Alma's funeral. Roy is battling with his own conscience over Wayne, but withdraws the money from his account and meets Alex during Alma's funeral. Mike is none too happy that Linda is accompanying him to the funeral. He cannot bear to be in the same room as her. At the crematorium, Alma's friends pay their last respects. They are introduced to Alma's cousin, Richard Hillman. Ken pays tribute to Alma, but is appalled when Curly explains that her cancer was the result of a wrong smear test. Hayley returns to find out why Roy did not attend the funeral. She is surprised to find Wayne has come to live with them. Despite Roy's insistence that no money was paid to, Hayley is a little suspicious. At the wake, Audrey plays the video of Alma, who wishes to say a proper goodbye to her friends. She asks that they remember her.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jun, 2001
    Mon 18 Jun, 2001
    Episode 99
    Alma's friends are grieving over her death. Audrey seems to be taking the loss particularly badly. She feels guilty for not being there for Alma at the end. Mike is also mourning his ex-wife. He has resorted to sleeping in the spare room, due to Linda's infidelity. She tries in vain to console him. Maxine continues to pester Ashley about a holiday abroad. She suggests Ireland, as they can take a ferry and avoid his fear of flying. Curly confronts Emma about a story in the papers concerning an incident with the armed police. Emma denies being involved. She has put off telling her colleagues about her pregnancy, as she doesn't want to be stuck behind a desk. She agrees to tell them. Roy is still worried about Wayne, and Hayley is shocked when he suggests they give in to Alex Swinton's demands and pay him the money. He believes Social Services have failed Wayne; he could not live with himself if Swinton did something to the boy. Mike pays Audrey a visit to help with the arrangements for Alma's funeral. Audrey finds a video, to be played after the funeral, at Alma's request. Roy secretly meets Alex Swinton in the Rovers. He arranges to pay him on the condition that no one finds out.moreless
  • Sun 17 Jun, 2001
    Sun 17 Jun, 2001
    Episode 98
    Alma is back home in bed. Mike and Molly are nursing her round the clock. Linda calls in at Audrey's and pleads with Mike to let her help as he looks so tired. Mike tells her he doesn't want her there but she ignores him. Ken calls to see Alma and both he and Mike hold Alma's hands while she drifts in and out of consciousness. Alex Swinton calls on Roy and Hayley to see if they've made a decision about Wayne. He lowers his price to £5000. Roy tells him that they accept the offer. Alma is asking for Audrey but Audrey isn't back from London yet. Audrey arrives back to be told that Alma hasn't got long to live and to see her as soon as possible. Audrey arrives in Alma's bedroom and talks to Alma but as she does Matt takes Alma's pulse and tells the company around the bed that she has died.moreless
  • Fri 15 Jun, 2001
    Fri 15 Jun, 2001
    Episode 97
    Rita arrives back from her break to find Norris and Anthony getting on like old friends. Betty tells Hayley that Alma has cancer. Linda calls round to Audrey's to see if Mike is there. Alma lets her in and they exchange some harsh words. Alma tells Linda how stupid she is for cheating on Mike a second time. During the row Alma collapses and Linda calls an ambulance. Mike, Ken and Curly go the hospital. Alma's kidney's have failed and she is dying. She tells Mike that she wants to die at home. Mike tells the doctor that he's taking her home. Roy and Hayley lure Alex Swinton round to the flat by promising him some money. They get him to confess that he hits Wayne and they try to record the conversation but Alex spots the tape recorder and smashes it. Alex then shocks them both by telling them that they can buy Wayne for £10,000.moreless
  • Thu 14 Jun, 2001
    Thu 14 Jun, 2001
    Episode 96
    Audrey, Gail, Sarah and Bethany set off for London. Duggie receives his application form for Landlord of the Year. Molly and Kevin are getting on well having been to the cinema the night before. Karen lets slip to Janice that Mike has been away with Alma and that Linda is furious. Mike and Alma arrive back from the Lakes. He drops Alma off at Audrey's and goes to the factory to find it shut. He goes to the flat and catches Linda with Harvey coming out of the bathroom. Mike and Linda have a blazing row. Linda says she's divorcing him. Mike tells her that Alma is worth a hundred of her. Roy and Hayley pay a visit to Sheila Hayes to try and persuade her to tell the truth about Wayne and the abuse he suffers at the hands of Alex. She closes the door on them. Mike tells Ken and one or two others in the Rovers about Alma's cancer. Peter Hartnell calls on Roy and Hayley. He tells them they've become too emotionally involved and they are being suspended from the fostering list. They are gutted. Linda breaks down and cries on Karen. She knows she's blown it with Mike. Mike tells Alma he's changed his mind and that he wants to spend what little time she has left with her.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jun, 2001
    Wed 13 Jun, 2001
    Episode 95
    As Mike still isn't home Linda decides to close the factory for a couple of days and gives all the staff two days' paid leave to get back at Mike. Alma and Mike have a really nice time together. Alma makes Mike promise that he won't end his marriage with Linda. Mike agrees. Mike phones Audrey and tells her that he will look after Alma. Audrey decides that she will go to London with Gail, Sarah and Bethany as she needs a break. Two social workers pay Roy and Hayley a visit. They have interviewed Alex Swinton. Mrs Hayes and Wayne and all three are denying that there has been any physical abuse. The social workers infer that Roy and Hayley have made it all up just to try and get Wayne for themselves. Roy and Hayley are cross and upset. Mike phones Linda and tells her that he will be coming home tomorrow. Linda has Harvey Reuben round for the night again. Linda tells Harvey that both she and the factory will soon be on the market.moreless
  • Tue 12 Jun, 2001
    Tue 12 Jun, 2001
    Episode 94
    Mike arrives at the hotel and finds Alma. At first she isn't pleased to see him. Soon it becomes apparent to Mike just how ill she is and he phones Linda and tells her he won't be home that night as promised because Alma is very ill and needs him. Linda is furious and behind Mike's back invites Harvey Reuben round to the flat and seduces him. Alma starts to thaw towards Mike and is glad that he's there. Mike tells her that they should never have split up and she agrees. He tells Alma that he's not going back to Linda and that they are going to spend what little time Alma has left together.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jun, 2001
    Mon 11 Jun, 2001
    Episode 93
    Sarah is really looking forward to going to London. Candice is jealous. Alex, Wayne's stepdad collects Wayne from Roy and Hayley. They tell Peter Hartnell what Wayne told them about Alex beating him. Peter promises to look into it. Roy and Hayley are very worried about Wayne and wish he could live with them. Anthony is fed up with working with Norris and tells him that unless he changes his attitude he will have to find a temporary replacement until Rita is back. Linda pulls off a major deal with Harvey Reuben and they flirt with each other. Mike decides that he's going to go and see Alma in the Lake District. She is staying at the Imperial Hotel where they had their honeymoon. Linda is furious and threatens to divorce him if he goes. Mike refuses to be blackmailed and leaves for the Lakes. Gail notices that Kevin and Molly seem to be getting close and tells Sally.moreless
  • Sun 10 Jun, 2001
    Sun 10 Jun, 2001
    Episode 92
    Ashley is dismissive of Maxine in the morning, she suggests a holiday he storms out. Vik is obviously growing tired of Karen and tells Steve. Karen nags Steve for money for the dinner party and takes more than she needs. Ashley talks to Curly about his fertility problems, Curly tells him talk to Maxine. Hayley bumps into Shelia and Wayne Hayes, she takes them to Roy's rolls for some lunch. Molly buys Kevin a present to thank him for his help and tells him she is going to citizen advice. Rita wants to go and see Mavis, Anthony tells her he will cover for her in the shop. Norris gives Anthony training as Rita leaves, by the end of the day it is clear Anthony is tiring of Norris already. Mike shows his concern to Audrey about Alma's health. As Wayne leaves Roy's rolls Hayley and Roy are concerned about him. Ashley goes home with some holiday brochures and him and Maxine kiss and make up. Alma tells Molly she wants to go away for a few days. Karen tells Steve and the dinner party guests she has got the Caterers in, what she really means is she's ordered Pizza. Steve, Karen, Vik and Bobbi have fun at the dinner party. Bobbi teases Karen that she hasn't had a honeymoon and Steve gives Karen tickets to Miami Beach. Alma and Audrey row, Audrey suspects that Alma has feeling for Mike still. Audrey doesn't want her to go away on her own. When Alma goes to leave they have a bigger row that ends with Alma saying they should sort out different living arrangements when she gets back. Wayne turns up at Roy's rolls and ends up staying the night. It turns out his stepfather is hitting him. It is too much for Roy who's stepfather hit him and both he and hayley decide something has to be done to stop it happening to Wayne. Audrey breaks down in front of Molly, she is devestated by what's happening to Alma. She is also upset about their row and decides she has to find Alma in case the worst happens while she is away. Alma leads the porter to believe she is still Mrs Baldwin. Gail tells Audrey to ask Mike the whereabouts of the hotel. Audrey goes to Mike who goes on about how rough Alma looks and how she's stopped making an effort. Audrey accidentally tells Mike of Alma's illness.moreless
  • Fri 8 Jun, 2001
    Fri 8 Jun, 2001
    Episode 91
    Ken is suspicious there is something wrong with Alma. He asks Audrey who dismisses him. Kevin wakes up at Molly's house he obviously stopped her from killing herself. Karen hassles Steve about their Honeymoon. Molly is embarrassed about what happened and insists she's oak. Kevin agrees not to tell anyone. Sally gives Jason his job back. Harvey Reuben turns up at the factory and tells Mike he is now running the family business. Gail tells Kevin Molly wasn't in work. He is worried and rushes round. Maxine decides to cook a romantic meal for the two of them as a surprise for Ashley. Curly teaches Alma how to use his video recorder. Eileen goes to see Jason at work thinking he will come back home. He tells her he won't until Dennis has gone. Gail tells Sarah that Audrey is treating her, Sarah and Bethany to a weekend in London. At Molly's house there is no answer, Kevin assumes the worst and breaks the door down. He finds Molly behind him after just been shopping. Maxine tells Emma about Ashley's fertility problem. Alma is sick of Audrey's constant pestering. Kevin and Molly get drunk and talk to each other about their problems. Karen tells Steve she wants a joint bank account. Ashley goes drinking with Boris while Maxine sits at home having made an effort with the dinner. When he comes back he finds out Maxine's been talking to Emma. Ashley and Maxine argue. Kevin tells Molly to forget about the money she owes him. He ends up falling asleep at her house.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jun, 2001
    Wed 6 Jun, 2001
    Episode 90
    Kevin is obviously devastated at the anniversary of Alison and Jake's death. Jason hasn't been home for two days. Eileen is worried and Todd blames Dennis. Todd tells Kirk he thinks it's all their fault that Jason lost his job and left home. Jason is staying at Kirk's and wants Todd to pick up some clothes. Kevin is still after the money from Molly. After finding out he's got bills to pay he decides to pay a visit to Molly at her house. Maxine tells Emma her upset about not having a baby. It makes Emma realise how lucky and happy she is. Eileen turns up at the café with all Jason's clothes. She tries to talk to Jason but he won't listen. Sally talks to Kevin and he tells her how unhappy he is. Alma asks Audrey not to be at her dinner party as she wants to feel normal. Sarah tells Gail about the card and money from Neil Fearn's family. Todd tells Sally that Jason making a pass at her was his fault. She says see will think about giving his job back. Kevin turns up on Molly doorstep. She is drunk and just about to kill herself, she owes thousands of pounds. Alma's dinner party goes well but Ken suspects there is something wrong with Alma.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jun, 2001
    Mon 4 Jun, 2001
    Episode 89
    Jason is broke and tells Eileen that it was Sally that tried it on with him. Molly still hasn't paid Kevin for the repairs to her car and Maxine is getting annoyed because Audrey has not been in the salon for weeks. It is Bethany's birthday and the Platts are having a party for her. Sarah gets a cheque from the babies father's family. Jason is broke. Audrey is concerned about the pain Alma is in. Eileen goes to confront Sally. Sally explains exactly what happened. Eileen is embarrassed but Sally tells her Jason can have his job back. Audrey feels she needs a break from Alma and then agrees to give Maxine a pay rise. Eileen tells Jason to apologise to Sally and get his job back. She won't lend him money. Jason takes £20 out of her purse. Dennis catches him there is a struggle when Dennis tries to get the money back and he ends up catching Jason on the nose. Alma is worried there are things she needs to say to people she loves before she dies. Jason decides to say that Dennis hit him on purpose. Kevin comes in and is upset, tomorrow will be the anniversary of his baby Jake's death. Sally is concerned about him. Jason tells Eileen what happened to his nose, she begins to doubt Dennis. Alma plans a dinner party. Sarah is upset about her life and how she can't do things. She tells Hayley about the cheque from Neil Fearn's family. Dennis tells Eileen the truth and she believes him. Jason is upset and storms out.moreless
  • Sun 3 Jun, 2001
    Sun 3 Jun, 2001
    Episode 88
    Curly and Emma go to see Matt who confirms she is pregnant, Emma wants to keep it quiet and Curly reluctantly agrees. Karen persuades Steve to take her on a honeymoon to Miami. Ashley is certain Maxine will leave him if they can't have children. Jason keeps trying to tell Sally how he feels. Sally tells him she likes him, he reads it wrong and tries to kiss her. She rejects him and laughs which upsets him. Jason quits his job. Peter and Charlie talk about teaching, Ken gets the wrong idea and thinks Peter is interested. Ken is disappointed when Peter says he has a job at the bookies. Curly tells everyone in the Rovers that Emma is pregnant, this upsets Maxine who rushes out. Bobbi agrees to let Vik stay at her house while Geena is away. Geena and Dev go on Holiday. Maxine and Ashley row about having a baby, Fred tells Ashley he's stupid to throw everything away with Maxine and sometimes married couples have to make sacrifices. Ashley agrees to have the tests for Maxine who is thrilled. Emma tells Charlie that she doesn't think she's ready for a baby but doesn't know how to tell Curly. Emma tries to tell Curly how she feels but he is so happy she can't face it.moreless
  • Fri 1 Jun, 2001
    Fri 1 Jun, 2001
    Episode 87
    Steve tells Karen he will sort something out about them living togther. Maxine books another appointment with Matt, Ashley is worried he is abnormal. Curly gets a picture of Alice from France and tells Emma he wished he could have known her as a baby. Kirk tells Jason to make a move on Sally. Matt tells Maxine and Ashley that she could get pregnant anyway but a worst case-scenario would be Ashley having an operation. Ken tells Peter to think about becoming a teacher, Peter doesn't seem impressed. Ashley tells Maxine that he doesn't want a baby enough to have an operation. Curly tells Matt he's made a start on the smear test campaign. Karen tells Eileen that her and Steve will be moving into no 11. Emma tells Maxine that she's always wanted kids but just not yet but if the other person wants it you should go with it because you love them. Eileen confronts Steve about moving out of no 11, he tells her Karen got it wrong he doesn't want to live there. Steve tells Karen that Vik will move out. Ashley admits to Maxine that he's scared Maxine won't want him if he can't get her pregnant. She tells him she married him because she loved him. He asks if she would stay with him if the worst came to the worst. She doesn't reply. Shelly tells Peter it was her that told Duggie he was taking the whiskey. Vik tells Steve he's not moving out. Emma tells Curly she's pregnant, he is over the moon.moreless
  • Wed 30 May, 2001
    Wed 30 May, 2001
    Episode 86
    Both Steve and Karen think the other one will not turn up to the registry office, both though secretly want the other to turn up. Curly doesn't realise there is something wrong with Emma as he is too busy. Kirk, Todd and Candice tease Jason about Sally, Jason gets embarrassed and Candice is upset. Linda tells Steve that Karen will be upset if he doesn't turn up to the wedding. Matt tells Ashley the test results have arrived. The factory girls think they've won the bet when no-one turns up but Steve appears. He then thinks that it was all a joke to make him look stupid but Karen then turns up. They decide to get married. Vera senses that Emma is unwell and tells Curly to look after her. Emma brushes off his concern saying that there is nothing wrong with her. Ashley tells Maxine that the test results are in and she rushes off to make an appointment. Dev is annoyed that Steve and Karen have got married as he was planning something romantic for Geena and thinks he has been upstaged. It is three weeks in Barbados, he surprises Geena with the tickets and she is thrilled. Matt tells Maxine and Ashley that Ashley's sperm count is low but they can't do anything for three months. Maxine and Ashley are upset by this. Karen and Steve both say they love each other but were too scared to say it.moreless
  • Mon 28 May, 2001
    Mon 28 May, 2001
    Episode 85
    Curly decides that as his new role as councillor he should invite people to a "mini-surgery" where people can tell him what they expect and want from him. Karen demands money from Steve for a wedding dress. Sunita realises Dev is missing Geena and is obviously irritable without her and tells him to sort it out. Jason's friend Kirk teases him that there is something going on with Jason and Sally. Sunita tells Geena Dev is miserable she decides to go and see him. She finds Dev making a date with another girl and storms off. The "mini-surgery" is full of pensioners and Emma is distracted so takes a walk. Dev and Sunita argue, Dev got the wrong idea about Sunitas comment. Everyone is at the Rovers for the Stag and Hen nights. Geena is getting drunk. Hayley disapproves of the wedding. The women go to a Salsa bar. Dev goes to the Rovers and finds out where the girls are. He goes to the Salsa bar and sees a drunk Geena with another man, he butts in and they go off to talk. Emma is on her own in the house and pulls out a pregnancy test from her handbag, she takes the test and is pregnant. Neither Steve nor Karen think the other will turn up to the wedding. Dev tells Geena he can never say how he feels, he is obviously confused because he feels strongly for her. They get back together.moreless
  • Sun 27 May, 2001
    Sun 27 May, 2001
    Episode 84
    Everyone is preparing for the Rovers drag night which has a Pop Stars theme. Toyah's birthday, she gets a watch from Les and Janice. Kevin, Sam, Tyrone and Dennis are all practising the routine for the drag night - they're doing Lead of the Pack. Martin collects David and takes him off on holiday for a week. Dev and Geena decide to try and sort things out but to no avail. The Rovers Drag Night goes ahead and is a roaring success. Duggie is Dolly Parton, Vik and Steve are Agnetha and Freda from Abba, and Norris wins as Eartha Kitt. Steve shocks Karen by showing her the marriage licence which he's bought and tells her that he's booked their wedding for next Wednesday at 12.00 noon. Curly is coming to terms with the fact that he is now a Councillor. He decides his first job is to make sure there is a full public enquiry into the smear test blunder. He does a radio interview with Penny Clements. Janice and Bobbi can't believe that Karen is getting married just for a bet.moreless
  • Fri 25 May, 2001
    Fri 25 May, 2001
    Episode 83
    Audrey finds out that it is too late to pull out of the election. She decides to back Curly's campaign to try and ensure that she doesn't win herself. Desmond Worthing, the other candidate is furious. She hands out Curly's leaflets telling everyone to vote for him. Steve turns up in the pub, goes down on one knee and proposes to Karen in front of the factory girls. Gail and Martin are worried about David. They decide that Martin will take David away for the half-term holiday. Ashley produces a sperm sample at home and he and Maxine rush it to the hospital. Karen and the girls decide to double or quits - two days' pay, if she can get Steve to actually marry her within a week. The election takes place and Curly wins. The Returning Officer reads out "Watts, Norman Arthur, Independent – 1815". Karen tells Steve about the new bet. Steve agrees that they will get married.moreless
  • Wed 23 May, 2001
    Wed 23 May, 2001
    Episode 82
    Karen tells Janice and Bobbi they owe her £20 as Steve has agreed to go on holiday. Janice and Bobbi decide to up the stakes again and offer her a day's wages from each of them if she can get Steve to marry her and make the holiday her honeymoon. Geena goes to collect her things from Dev's flat. He tries to talk to her but she won't listen. Karen tells Steve about the marriage bet. He agrees to go along with it and split the money 50/50. Frank tells Curly about Alma's cancer and gives him a letter to deliver to her. Curly drops the letter round and talks to Alma and Audrey. Audrey explains that Alma is the reason why she's given up her election campaign. She says she will back Curly instead. Ashley fails to produce a sperm sample at the hospital as he's too nervous. David and Simon set light to some rubbish in the back garden. The fire gets out of hand. Sam and Matt put it out. Gail is furious with David. David is upset, he wants his Dad. Molly agrees to pay Kevin in instalments to get her car back.moreless
  • Mon 21 May, 2001
    Mon 21 May, 2001
    Episode 81
    Vik and Bobbi are getting on really well having now slept together. Ashley is still refusing to provide a sperm sample until Matt has a chat with him and tells him that he's being stupid. Ashley tells Maxine he will go ahead with it. Curly and Emily are preparing for a Council Election Public Debate which will take place in the evening. Alma says she will be there too to support Audrey. Geena is feeling very down about Dev. Dev tries to talk to her but she cuts him dead. Shelley manages to persuade Les to put his name down for the drag night as it's in aid of charity, the Women's Centre which Toyah is attending after her ordeal. Janice bets Karen £10 she can't get Steve to take her to dinner that night. Peter tells Ken he's thinking of leaving Weatherfield. Ken is worried. When Karen successfully wins her bet with Janice they decide to double or quits if Karen can persuade Steve to take her on holiday. At the election debate Audrey feels the strain when she is asked how she would tackle the smear test blunder if she remained on the Council. At the end of the evening she tells Curly that her heart isn't in it and she is standing down and withdrawing from the Campaign.moreless
  • Sun 20 May, 2001
    Sun 20 May, 2001
    Episode 80
    Duggie fires Peter for stealing whisky and watering it down. Karen tells Vik about Bobbi's book "The Venus Mantrap" and that's why Bobbi has been playing hard to get. Vik is furious that she's been playing games with him. Jack thinks that the house is too small and that Tryone and Maria should move out but Vera disagrees. Ashley takes Maxine for her first driving lesson. Vik finishes with Bobbi. Bobbi pleads with him to have her back saying that she agrees the book is stupid and they end up in bed. Geena asks Dev how serious he is about her. Dev is non-committal. Geena says that the relationship isn't going anywhere, she wants commitment but he's not prepared to give it so she finishes with him. Ashley says that he is not going to the clinic to provide a sperm sample.moreless
  • Fri 18 May, 2001
    Fri 18 May, 2001
    Episode 79
    Molly is still avoiding paying Kevin for the work on the car. Maxine and Ashley decide to go for fertility tests. Shelley tells Duggie about Peter stealing the whisky. Duggie decides to catch him out. Geena tells Dev she would like to meet his mother. Dev says he feels she is backing him into a corner. Geena is upset and storms out. Vik takes Bobbi out for another slap up meal but he has to borrow the money from Dev. Afterwards Bobbi still refuses to sleep with him so Vik sleeps in the car. There's a very good article about Curly in the Gazette much to Audrey's chagrin. Shelley decides to try and organise a drag night in the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 16 May, 2001
    Wed 16 May, 2001
    Episode 78
    Kevin fixes Molly's car. Molly says she will drop a cheque in later. Maxine makes Ashley return the sports car and get a space cruiser instead. Geena takes a call from Dev's mother and is concerned when she finds that Dev's mum doesn't even know who she is. She wonders how important she is to Dev. Karen borrows Bobbi's book about how to control men. Shelley puts Duggie forward for the Northwest Pub Landlord of the Year. Alma sees her solicitor, Lisa Sugden and alters her will leaving a bit of money to Gail and the family, a bit to Roy and Hayley, and the bulk of everything to Audrey. Alma starts to get bouts of pain.moreless
  • Mon 14 May, 2001
    Mon 14 May, 2001
    Episode 77
    Curly is interviewed by a journalist about his election policies. Vik takes Bobbi to La Capricosa, a very up market restaurant. Karen is jealous Steve doesn't treat her like that. Bobbi tells her it's because she's too easy. Gail panics when Audrey goes to see Matt in the Surgery and he picks up a leaflet on dealing with cancer. Gail is convinced that Audrey has cancer. Gail goes to see Alma thinking that Alma will know if Audrey is ill. Gail is shocked when Alma tells her that it is she who has cancer and not Audrey. Jason tells Sally that he saw Danny at the football on Saturday and that he's moving away to Nottingham. Sally is disappointed. Ashley brings home the new car. Maxine is furious and tells him to take it back as it's a two-seater sports car and no use for when they have children.moreless
  • Sun 13 May, 2001
    Sun 13 May, 2001
    Episode 76
    Maxine hates Eve. She thinks she's only after Fred for his money. Maria moves into the Duckworths. Jack and Vera are bewildered by it as they didn't invite her but are too polite to say anything. Jason re-paints the sign at the Hardware Shop. He paints over Danny's name. Sally is upset when she sees it and cries. Jason comforts her and hugs her. Kirk sees them. Shelley gets Geena to do all the work while she chats to customers. Geena is fuming. Alma goes to the Rovers for a drink to find that there is a surprise party for her. She announces to everyone that she isn't moving in with Frank any more but doesn't tell them that she's ill. Curly offers David and Simon £10 each to deliver some campaign leaflets. Audrey leaves the Rovers early as she finds it too upsetting.moreless
  • Fri 11 May, 2001
    Fri 11 May, 2001
    Episode 75
    Alma tells Audrey that she's not having any more radiotherapy. Audrey tries to talk her round but Alma is adamant. Audrey tells her that she will support her whatever. Jason is enjoying working in the hardware shop. He does some overtime for free. Emily devises some excellent leaflets for Curly's campaign. They decide to call it the "Clean up Weatherfield" campaign, as Curly used to be a bin man. Shelley manages to rub both Edna and Betty up the wrong way. Toyah goes for a drink with Charlie, she invites Sam as well. Sam is pleased as he thought Toyah didn't want to have anything to do with him. Audrey goes to see Matt about Alma. She breaks down in the surgery. Matt tells her that this is the hospital's fault and that he will help her as much as he can. Vera says she likes having Maria to stay. Tyrone reads this as an invite for Maria to come and live with the Duckworths. Fred and Evelyn have dinner at Ashley and Maxine's. Maxine and Evelyn end up having a huge row. Maxine accuses Eve of abandoning her kids. Eve says she hopes Maxine never has any. Maxine is very upset.moreless
  • Wed 9 May, 2001
    Wed 9 May, 2001
    Episode 74
    Maxine tells Ashley that they have to buy a car as she is sick of travelling in his meat van, especially when she sits on a pork pie on the front seat. Toyah phones her college and arranges to take a year out as she doesn't feel ready to take her exams. Janice blames Phil and the rape for setting Toyah back. Audrey takes Alma for her first lot of radiotherapy. Alma feels sick afterwards. Duggie hires Shelly, a barmaid he knows from the rugby club as a temporary replacement for Toyah. Peter fancies her. Curly and Emily start canvassing but it proves much harder work than expected. Toyah starts her job back at Roy's Rolls. Curly books the Rovers for a send-off party for Alma on Friday. He doesn't know that she's ill and won't be moving to Shropshire.moreless
  • Mon 7 May, 2001
    Mon 7 May, 2001
    Episode 73
    Alma is trying to come to terms with her illness - she knows she's going to die soon. Alma tells Frank that she has incurable cancer. Frank is distraught. Emily agrees to help Curly with his election campaign. Duggie agrees to let Edna have a trial period behind the bar because they are short-staffed. Tyrone and Maria are enjoying sharing a room at Jack and Vera's. They can't get enough sex and only appear briefly at mealtimes. Frank tells Alma that he doesn't want her to move to Much Wenlock with him as he can't bear to watch her die. Alma admits that she doesn't really want to go as she would rather be near her friends and her doctor. They hug each other and say goodbye. Maxine tells Evelyn that she doesn't like her as she thinks she's a gold-digger. Much to Maxine's annoyance Ashley goes and invites Fred and Evelyn for dinner at their house. Matt tells Alma that if it hadn't been for the mistakes made at the hospital with the smear tests then she wouldn't be in this mess and he will make sure that it isn't swept under the carpet. Jason proves himself to be really useful at the hardware shop - he mends Karen's hairdryer for her. Sally is pleased. Matt tells Charlie about the smear test blunder and tells her about Alma's cancer.moreless
  • Sun 6 May, 2001
    Sun 6 May, 2001
    Episode 72
    Jack and Vera tell Tyrone that he can have Maria over to stay in his bedroom as they're engaged. Tyrone is embarrassed but Maria is delighted. The hospital tells Alma that she has got cancer and it is incurable as it has spread so far. Les and Janice persuade Toyah to go out for a drink. She agrees but gets upset when she realises that everyone is looking at her. Curly starts putting his manifesto together and canvassing in the pub. Rosie and David play a computer game and talk about their parents and divorce. Norris is upset when David and Simon hide his trolley full of Census forms. Audrey points out to the Consultant that Alma could have been treated a lot sooner if there hadn't been the cock-up with the smear tests.moreless
  • Fri 4 May, 2001
    Fri 4 May, 2001
    Episode 71
    Curly tells Audrey he'll be standing against her in the elections. She doesn't seem bothered. David is still very upset about his parent's divorce. He talks to Rosie Webster about it. Audrey goes with Alma to the hospital. They confirm that Alma has a tumor and they give her a body scan to see if there are any other tumors. Alma is frightened and upset. The Police call at the Battersbys and give Toyah the good news that Phil Simmonds DNA test has come back and is a perfect match. Toyah is now scared that Phil will say she consented to sex with him simply because it's his only line of defence.moreless
  • Wed 2 May, 2001
    Wed 2 May, 2001
    Episode 70
    Peter is being treated as a hero for catching Phil Simmonds. The Police tell Toyah that Phil has denied the rape charge. Toyah can't believe it, he admitted it to her. They now have to wait for the results of a DNA test. Alma tells Audrey about her visit to the doctors. She admits to Audrey that she's scared and she thinks she's got cancer. Audrey turns up at an election campaign meeting with the opposition Desmond Worthing and members of the public. She is hopeless, she can't concentrate for thinking about Alma and the opposition makes mince meat out of her. Audrey leaves saying she's not well and Curly takes the stand instead. Curly is brilliant and the audience love him. Emma suggests that Curly should stand for Council on his own. Curly agrees. Gail and Martin tells the kids that they are now divorced. David is very upset. Duggie calls round and offers Toyah her job back at the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 30 Apr, 2001
    Mon 30 Apr, 2001
    Episode 69
    Both Gail and Martin receive their Decree Absolute, they are now divorced. They decide they will tell Sarah and David together. Audrey arrives back from Spain. Alma tells her that she's moving out to live in Shropshire with Frank. Curly is getting fed up with Audrey's lack of interest in canvassing for the election. She appears to expect Curly to do all the work. Duggie gets his DNA test back, it's negative. Duggie offers Peter his job back. Alma has an appointment at he doctors. Matt tells her that she has a growth at the neck of her womb. He tells her that he's referring her to a specialist. Phil Simmonds calls round to see Toyah. While Toyah is in the kitchen making tea, Phil calls her name. Toyah is petrified - she recognises his voice as that of the rapist. She tries to escape but Phil grabs hold of her. Peter Barlow hears the screams, breaks in, rescues Toyah and catches Phil.moreless
  • Sun 29 Apr, 2001
    Sun 29 Apr, 2001
    Episode 68
    Mike and Ken take Adam back to his school in Glasgow. Ken realises that Mike does have Adam's best interests at heart and tells him he won't be challenging the custody order. Emma suggests to Curly that he would make a better Councillor than Audrey. Dennis has a word with Sally about Jason and Sally changes her mind and offers him the job, Jason accepts. Norris reminds everyone that the Census forms have to be completed today. Charlie calls to see Toyah and together they go down the ginnel at the back of the house to try and jog Toyah's memory. She remembers that someone called her name just before the attack, she recognised the voice but can't place it. Toyah is on her own at home, the phone rings, she answers it, but the person on the other end doesn't say anything. Toyah is scared stiff.moreless
  • Fri 27 Apr, 2001
    Fri 27 Apr, 2001
    Episode 67
    Mr Hartnell calls on Roy and Hayley. He now knows Fiz was lying and apparently she's done it before. Roy is relieved. All the women turn up at the medical centre for their smear tests. The Gazette has run a story entitled "Weatherfield Women in Cancer Scare". Jason asks Sally for a job in her shop but she turns him down. Peter gets the results of his DNA test and he's in the clear. He bangs on Toyah's door wanting to show her the letter. Toyah is scared and runs out of the back and bumps into Phil Simmonds. Phil calms her down and delivers her to Janice at the factory. David lends Rosie his computer game and she's chuffed to bits. Curly is furious when he finds out that Audrey has now finished her Council business in Spain but has decided to stay on for a few days holiday.moreless
  • Wed 25 Apr, 2001
    Wed 25 Apr, 2001
    Episode 66
    Roy feels guilty for shouting at Fiz. Hayley comforts him and tells Fiz that Roy is sorry. Alma receives a letter from the doctors telling her she needs to go for another smear as there has been some "cock-up" with the results of a whole batch of screenings. Charlie confides in Toyah that she was raped too when she was a student. Mr Hartnell calls at the Café to collect Fiz. Fiz has made an allegation against Roy saying that he hit her. Roy is devastated as he knows it's not true. Phil Simmonds calls in the Rovers and tells Duggie that he'll settle for a grand out of Court. Duggie tells him where to go. Phil asks where Toyah is, Duggie tells him that she's been raped. Audrey is still in Spain, phones to say she's delayed so Curly has to start her election campaign without her. Matt is approached by the Gazette wanting to run a story on the "smear scare scandal". Matt gets rid of them.moreless
  • Mon 23 Apr, 2001
    Mon 23 Apr, 2001
    Episode 65
    Rosie and Sophie are upset as they're missing Danny. David Platt is horrible to Sophie, calls her a cry baby and pushes her over. Sally shouts at David. Fiz pretends to be ill so that she can skive off school. Roy doesn't believe her but Hayley does. Later Hayley finds Fiona in the corner shop and accuses her of lying to her and Roy. Fiz apologises and offers to cook tea for all of them. Roy and Hayley go to the Rovers. Meanwhile Fiz leaves a pie in the oven and sets the cooker on fire. Roy is furious with Fiz. Adam is excited about going back to Glasgow. He asks Ken to travel up with him, Mike and Linda. Ken agrees to go. Peter is fed up of all the accusing looks in the Rovers and tells Duggie to stick his job. Janice calls at Ken's and tells him to keep Peter away from Toyah. Matt, Gail and Molly have to organise a re-screening of smear tests in the area as there have been two mis-diagnosed cases. Alma and Frank have a drink with everyone in the Rovers to say goodbye.moreless
  • Sun 22 Apr, 2001
    Sun 22 Apr, 2001
    Episode 64
    Mike concedes and tells Adam that he can go back to his old school in Glasgow. Everyone suspects Peter and there is an immediate hush when he turns up for work in the Rovers. Les sees him and goes demented. Pushes Peter up against a wall and threatens him. Duggie has to split them up. Sally gives Danny his cheque for £12000. She can't persuade him to stay. Peter realises that even Ken has doubts over his innocence. Fiz and Hayley go shopping. Fiz makes Hayley buy some trendy clothes as it's her wedding anniversary. Hayley puts them on for Roy but he laughs at her. Edna tells Toyah that everyone suspects Peter Barlow. Toyah bumps into Peter. Peter tells her he's innocent and that his life has been turned upside down and it's her fault. Toyah is badly shaken. Fiz cooks an anniversary tea for Roy and Hayley.moreless
  • Fri 20 Apr, 2001 [Episode 2]
    Adam ties again to persuade Mike to let him go back to his old school in Glasgow. Mike won't hear of it. Sam is interviewed by the Police. Charlie tries to talk to Toyah, she wants to help. Toyah tells her to leave her alone. Fred decides not to punish Evelyn for what her son did. They decide to try again. Peter is hauled into the Police Station for a second round of questioning. Peter refuses to give a DNA sample so they arrest him on suspicion of rape. Norris witnesses this and tells everyone in the Rovers. Sally is still hoping that Danny will forgive her. Rita is sceptical and offers Sally a cheque for £12000 to buy Danny's half of the shop. Sally reluctantly accepts. Alma decides that she will move to Shropshire and live with Frank. Ken goes to the Police Station. They have taken samples of Peter's hair etc for DNA testing and he's now free to go until the results come through. Ken and Peter go to the Rovers but everyone is very hostile as they all now suspect Peter of the rape. Adam runs away to Ken & Deirdre's. He tells Deirdre that he can't bear to leave all his mates in Scotland behind.moreless
  • Fri 20 Apr, 2001 [Episode 1]
    Geena call round to see Toyah. Toyah tells her that she keeps going over the rape in her head. Duggie calls round to see Toyah and tells her that she can have a her job back. Toyah is frightened of him, she thinks that perhaps it was he who raped her. Roy and Hayley start to foster a girl called Fiona. She prefers to be called Fiz. Fiz turns out to be quite awkward. Roy and Hayley feel a little out of their depth. Danny turns up at Sally's. Sally begs him to give their relationship another chance but he refuses. Sally breaks down. Danny tells her that he's phoned the estate agent and cancelled the new house. He tells Sally that he wants £12000 for his share of the shop. Fred and Evelyn go for dinner at Mike and Linda's. To everyone's shock it turns out that Evelyn is Linda's mother. Fred leaves. He is unhappy when he realises that he's going out with the woman whose son held him at gunpoint in the siege. Frank asks Alma to live with him in Shropshire. Alma says she'll think about it. Fiz makes Roy and Hayley sit and watch a Glastonbury video. Ashley says the Police are asking for everyone on the Street to be DNA tested.moreless
  • Mon 16 Apr, 2001
    Mon 16 Apr, 2001
    Episode 61
    Toyah is traumatised after her rape ordeal. She is interviewed by the Police again. She is headline news in the local paper and Toyah realises that she's never going to be allowed to forget what happened. Danny's brother Kieran calls at Sally's house to collect the rest of Danny's stuff. Sally was hoping to persuade Danny to come home but it starts to dawn on her that this isn't going to happen. The Police start conducting door to door interviews. They start with Duggie at the pub and Jason because he found Toyah. Les feels useless - he really wants to help Toyah but doesn't know what to do. Adam asks Mike if he can go back to his school in Scotland as a boarder. Alma has a wonderful time staying with Frank in Shropshire. They kiss passionately. Sunita's father visits her to check she's okay. Her mum still hasn't forgiven her. Kevin tries to talk to Sally but she won't have anything to do with him. The deadline for Jason putting his name down for Lanzarote has arrived - he still hasn't got the money. He's not going. Roy and Hayley are told that they have another foster girl coming, Fiona.moreless
  • Sun 15 Apr, 2001
    Sun 15 Apr, 2001
    Episode 60
    Jason discovers Toyah lying in the ginnel. He takes her to Janice and Les. They call the doctor and the Police. Toyah has been raped. Ken, Peter and Adam go to put flowers on Susan's grave. It would have been her birthday. Sally tells Danny that she had sex with Kevin the night before his wedding with Alison. Danny is very hurt but decides he still wants to marry her to Sally's relief. Mike tells Duggie that it was he that phoned the Weights and Measures people to get his own back for Duggie conning them out of the pub. Kevin goes to see Danny to tell him about the night he had with Sally and is shocked to find that she's already told him. Danny punches Kevin. Danny decides that he can't go through with the wedding. Gail phones Martin and Martin has to tell all the guests at the Registry Office that the wedding is off. Sally is distraught. Toyah is examined and interviewed but she can't remember much. Her clothes are put into sealed bags as evidence. Eileen is concerned that people will think that it was Jason who raped Toyah.moreless
  • Fri 13 Apr, 2001
    Fri 13 Apr, 2001
    Episode 59
    Kevin turns up. He's been to his sister Debbie's trying to get his head round Sally's wedding. He walks into the Rovers where Sally is having her hen night and says he still wants her. Kevin tries to tell Sally she still wants him but won't admit it. He starts to shout about the sex they had before his wedding to Alison but Sally hits him across the face. Sally is worried that he'll tell Danny about the sex. Audrey finds out that Fred has a girlfriend, Evelyn. She feels put out. Miss Harper and a colleague from Weights and Measures, at Weatherfield Council Trading Standards Dept carry out some tests on the whisky in the Rovers. It's been watered down. Duggie suspects Toyah, Peter backs up his suspicions. Toyah is sacked. She is furious. Peter organises a card school in the back of the pub. Peter and Duggie lose a lot of money. Sam takes Toyah out for the evening. When they get back they see Kevin on the Street, drunk. He says he's waiting for Danny to get back from his stag night. Toyah tells him to go home but he ignores her. Sam says good night to Toyah at the end of the ginnel. Toyah walks up the ginnel alone. Someone calls her name quietly then there's a scuffle and a muffled scream from Toyah. She's been attacked.moreless
  • Wed 11 Apr, 2001
    Wed 11 Apr, 2001
    Episode 58
    Adam spends the day at Ken's. Ken thanks Mike for giving Adam such a good holiday. Audrey tells Eileen that the Council are willing to give Jason a cheque for his training camp. She arranges to hand over the cheque at lunchtime with a photographer present. Danny is convinced that Kevin has disappeared on purpose just to worry Sally and so ruin their wedding. Alma arranges to go and stay with Frank. Sam and Toyah arrange to go to a gig together. Audrey hands over the cheque to Jason. It's only for £35. Jason goes berserk and the photographer captures the moment. Fred takes Evelyn out for the evening and introduces her to Mike, Ashley and Maxine. Peter offer to work Toyah's shift for her. She feels uneasy because he's being nice. A policeman calls at the Websters and says that they have found Kevin's pick-up truck abandoned.moreless
  • Mon 9 Apr, 2001
    Mon 9 Apr, 2001
    Episode 57
    Duggie suspects that the draymen are helping themselves to the spirits in the cellar. Alma goes for lunch with Frank who is moving to Ludlow, Shropshire. Norris starts to take his census forms round the Street. Toyah sees Phil Simmonds in the Street. She tries to be friendly but Phil is still upset with her for "siding" with Duggie. Sally is very worried about Kevin who is still missing. Gail tells her that she shouldn't be so hung up about her ex-husband. Sally tells Gail about Kevin making a pass at her, her rejecting him and then his disappearance. Sunita starts work in the corner shop. Deirdre is a bit peeved until Dev tells her that now Sunita is behind the counter he and Deirdre can swan about managing the other shops. Toyah catches Peter in the back of the pub diluting the scotch whisky with water. Peter tells Toyah to keep her mouth shut. Mike and Adam arrive back from Florida. They've had a great time. Adam has started to call Mike "Dad" to Mike's delight. Audrey starts canvassing for the election. She is the Independent Business Alliance candidate. Eileen asks her if the Council have cash schemes for promising youngsters. She explains to Audrey about Jason wanting to go to Lanzarote. Audrey promises to look into it.moreless
  • Sun 8 Apr, 2001
    Sun 8 Apr, 2001
    Episode 56
    Eileen is still annoyed with Dennis for giving Jason £300. Norris is worried about pains in his legs. Edna tells him it's probably Restless Legs - the onset of arthritis. Linda gets Ryan to clean the factory on Saturday morning - five hours at £4 per hour. Ryan is keen as he needs the extra money. When he's finished Linda says he only needs to do another nine Saturdays and he will have paid back the money he nicked from Underworld. Linda tells him if he rips her off again he's out on his ear. Kevin has disappeared and Sally is worried. Duggie, Steve and Peter arrange to have a game of poker in the Rovers. Steve brings Vernon, the taxi driver along too. Matt joins in later. Bobbi and Vik arrange to go clubbing. Bobbi invites Sunita along and Vik is fed up. Fred apologises to Ashley and Ashley eventually accepts his apology. Rosie tells Sally that Kevin was drunk at work the other day. Sally is even more worried. Tyrone comes clean and tells Maria what he's done with their savings. Norris visits the doctor and finds out he's got varicose veins. Peter and Steve goad each other which results in the fight. Duggie throws them out. Toyah is fed up, it's like living in a mad house.moreless
  • Fri 6 Apr, 2001
    Fri 6 Apr, 2001
    Episode 55
    David confesses to Martin that he's scratched Sam's car. Martin tells him to say nothing but not to do it again. Ryan nicks some cash from the factory to pay Dennis. Linda knows it was him. Dennis gets £200 off Ryan and gives £100 to Tyrone who is therefore still owed more. Maria sees Tyrone counting his money and he has to lie and say it's his wages. Eileen finds some empty CD boxes under the stairs. Dennis and Jason have to tell Eileen the truth. Eileen is angry with Dennis for giving Jason money behind her back. Dennis tries to give the other £100 he collected from Ryan back to Jason but Eileen swipes it. Curly wants to discuss Audrey's manifesto with her but she is pre-occupied with her forthcoming business trip to Spain regarding possible twinning with Weatherfield. Sunita's parents turn up to hear her final decision. Sunita tells them she will not marry Deepak and they tell her she is no longer a member of the family. Dev offers her a job in the Coronation Street shop and the flat above. Sunita accepts. Fred chats up a barmaid called Evelyn in another pub and she agrees to meet for dinner. Kevin confesses to Sally that he still wants her and that he reckons she wants him too. Sally is horrified. Kevin starts trying to kiss her and she has to push him away.moreless
  • Wed 4 Apr, 2001
    Wed 4 Apr, 2001
    Episode 54
    Ashley's sausage has been analysed and is pure meat and not vegetarian as Fred said. Tyrone and Jason try to demand their money back from Ryan for the dud CD players. Ryan just laughs at them and says "sold as seen". Audrey asks Curly to be her Campaign Manager for the forthcoming local election. Curly agrees. Sally tries to talk to Kevin about her wedding with Danny she asks Kevin for his blessing but he walks off. Dev realises that by siding with Sunita against her family he has probably made an enemy of the Parekh family who are wealthy and well connected. Kevin is depressed about his children being brought up by another man, Danny. He gets very drunk and is rude to Rita. Rita tells Sally and Sally tells Kevin that they must talk. David is still pestering Sam. Sam gives him the brush off. David is so upset he gets his keys our and scratches Sam's car with them. David tells Sophie that her Dad is drunk. Danny and Sally receive a call to tell them that they can part ex their old house for the new house so it's all going ahead. Tyrone and Jason tell Dennis about Ryan and the CD's. Dennis gets Ryan up against a wall and threatens him. Dennis tells Ryan to pay back the money or else.moreless
  • Mon 2 Apr, 2001
    Mon 2 Apr, 2001
    Episode 53
    Sally and Danny go and view a new house on The Willows development just off Park Rd and decide to put their name down for one of the plots. Ryan delivers the dodgy CD players to Tyrone. Tyrone discovers that they are all just clip-on fronts with no mechanism. He's been had. Ashley isn't speaking to Fred. Fred tries to make the peace but Ashley won't listen. Toyah sees Peter helping himself to whisky behind the bar. Duggie offers Peter a full-time job behind the bar. Peter accepts. Audrey tells Peter she's going to represent Weatherfield on a town twinning visit on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Sunita's parents try to persuade her back home. They tell her that Deepak, her arranged husband is prepared to wait and that she can still go to India and marry him. She refuses. Mrs Parekh tells Sunita that she has until Friday to make up her mind but that if she turns her back on her religion then she will cease to be a part of the family. Martin tells Gail that the reason he didn't go with Rebecca to Dubai is that he couldn't bear to turn his back on the family.moreless
  • Sun 1 Apr, 2001
    Sun 1 Apr, 2001
    Episode 52
    Maxine has been studying the internet and she's found a website that tells you when you're most fertile. It's today so she books the afternoon off work and tells Ashley she'll see him at home. Ashley hasn't got time because it's the day of the Weatherfield Sausage Trail. Roy sees Fred trying to push fake voting slips in his favour into the ballot box at the Sausage Trail competition. Roy stops him. Jayesh turns up at the flat and forces his way in past Dev and Geena. He finds Sunita. Jayesh tries to force her to come home but she refuses. He tries emotional blackmail and tells her that if she turns her back on her parent's beliefs then they may well turn their backs on her. Dev tells Sunita to come and live in his flat for a while. Ashley wins the Sausage Competition both the People's Choice and the Judges' Choice. Fred accuses him of entering a vegetarian sausage and therefore cheating. Ashley tries to assure everyone that his sausages all contained meat but Fred demands a re-judge. Ashley is disgusted and tells them they can stick their sausage trail. Sarah is still fed up with Martin and she tells Gail in front of Martin that he was still seeing Rebecca at Christmas. Gail is furious particularly the way Martin has obviously involved Sarah in his sordid affair by asking her to keep it quiet.moreless
  • Fri 30 Mar, 2001
    Fri 30 Mar, 2001
    Episode 51
    David is upset because Sam moves his car from the Platt's garage. Ryan offers Tyrone some stolen CD players to sell through the garage. Ryan tells Tyrone that they're legitimate and Tyrone believes him and agrees to try selling them thinking of the money he can make for the wedding. Jayesh Parekh, Sunita's brother comes into the shop looking for Sunita. Although Dev gets rid of him Jayesh has smells a rat. Jayesh passes a photo of her round the Rovers. Peter Barlow asks Duggie for job as a barman in the Rovers. Duggie agrees. Peter's first night behind the bar, he helps himself to the Scotch, unnoticed and then persuades Duggie, Matt and Vik to have a game of poker in the back. Vik wins. Martin and Gail have another row and David threatens to leave home. Martin and Gail decide that they will have a night in together and talk to the kids to try and smooth things over. Geena warns Dev and Sunita that Jayesh is looking for her. Sunita is beside herself and clings on to Dev. Geena feels sorry for her but feels uncomfortable about the physical contact with Dev.moreless
  • Wed 28 Mar, 2001
    Wed 28 Mar, 2001
    Episode 50
    Gail tells Sarah she believes her and they make up. Martin is still sceptical about Sam. Sarah is angry with Martin. Gail apologises to Sam. Jason only manages to raise £16 by washing cars and tells Dennis he's going to give up. Dennis tells him he'll give him £300 towards Lanzarote so long as he doesn't mention it to Eileen. Jason is chuffed. Norris is excited about being the newly appointed enumerator for the National Census. Fred decides to hold the Sausage Trail final at Roy's Rolls instead of the Rovers so as to take the business away from Duggie. Roy agrees but Fred has to donate a month's supply of sausages to the local Soup Run. Dev tells Deirdre about Sunita. Tyrone and Maria try to work out ways of saving money for their wedding. Sunita's parents Suresh Parekh and Mrs Parekh turn up at the shop looking for Dev in the hope that he might know where their daughter is. He lies to them and says that he's no idea. Deirdre feels really guilty as Mrs Parekh seems very worried. Phil Simmonds visits Toyah in the Rovers. Phil is intending to sue Duggie for libel and wants Toyah to be the main witness. She refuses. Phil is furious especially when he realises that Toyah now works for Duggie. Geena, Bobbi and Linda take Sunita round to Dev's flat for a girlie night in. Sunita tells them all about her arranged marriage and how she is in hiding.moreless
  • Mon 26 Mar, 2001
    Mon 26 Mar, 2001
    Episode 49
    Duggie explains to the staff that he is now the landlord of the Rovers. Neither Sarah nor David are speaking to Martin after the way he treated Sam. Gail chats to Sally about the Sarah/Sam situation and Sally makes her realise that it's just a schoolgirl crush on Sarah's part. Gail feels guilty for ever doubting her and very angry towards Martin. Jason decides to start a car cleaning service in his spare time to raise money for his trip to Lanzarote. Duggie tells Geena that she's in charge of the Rovers when he's not there. Fred tells Duggie that he is boycotting the Rovers after the way Duggie treated he and Mike. Alma tells Audrey what went on between her and Ken and that they nearly got back together. Martin makes some snide comments to Sam and then tries to punch him. Sam grabs him and gets his in an armlock. Geena visits Sunita and tells her that she's planning a girls night in for Sunita as she must be going mad locked up. Sunita tells Geena a bit more about herself and Geena begins to warm to her.moreless
  • Sun 25 Mar, 2001
    Sun 25 Mar, 2001
    Episode 48
    Fred, Mike and Duggie have a meeting to sew up the sale of the pub with Colin Fielding, representative of the purchaser Hamilton Griffiths Holdings, Brian Hudson, solicitor and Phil Everett, brief. Mike manages to push the price up to £18,000 for each of them. Just as they are about to sign, Mike smells a rat. It turns out that Duggie is the main investor of Hamilton Griffiths Holdings and therefore the new owner of the Rovers. Fred and Mike are furious. Jason is still upset that he can't go to Lanzarote. Dennis offers to lend him the money but Eileen won't hear of it. Ashley tries out his various sausage recipes on Matt, Charlie, Emma and Curly. To Ashley's disgust the one they pick as the best is the vegetarian one. Dev tries to explain to Geena that he hasn't got another woman. In desperation he drags Geena and Vik round to the flat to meet Sunita and explains that she is one of his employees whose family are putting her on a plane to India at the weekend for an arranged marriage against her will. She is in hiding from the family. Geena finally believes Dev but is worried that he is such a good liar. David tells Martin about Sarah having a relationship with Sam as he read it in her diary. Martin is appalled and confronts Sam in front of Gail, Sarah and Audrey. Sam tells them that nothing has gone on. Sarah cries uncontrollably. Gail and Martin don't know what to think. Mike and Adam leave for Florida.moreless
  • Fri 23 Mar, 2001
    Fri 23 Mar, 2001
    Episode 47
    Jason receives a letter from the UK Athletics Federation inviting him to join their youth squad at their training camp in Lanzarote because of his success in the National Under Twenties Championship. He is delighted until he realises it costs £500 to go. Bobbi tells Geena that Dev is seeing someone else. Geena is gutted. Maxine is annoyed that Ashley is spending all his time perfecting his sausage recipe instead of trying to get her pregnant. Emma and Curly invite Matt and Charlie for Sunday lunch to say sorry for involving them in the Ryan business. They also invite Maxine and Ashley. Fred, Mike and Duggie have a meeting with Colin Fielding who says he's interested in buying the Rovers. It's obvious Duggie is up to something. Adam is excited about his trip to Florida. Jason is upset that he can't afford to go to Lanzarote. Geena goes round to the flat above the shop and finds Dev there with another woman. Dev tries to explain but Geena storms off.moreless
  • Wed 21 Mar, 2001
    Wed 21 Mar, 2001
    Episode 46
    Geena is fed up that Deirdre is back at Dev's flat. Mike books a holiday in Florida for he and Adam, Linda says she'll stay at home. Adam starts his new school and says it's better than Weatherfield Comp. Fred tries to find out the secret sausage recipe from Boris but fails. David steals Sarah's diary. In the diary she fantasises about Sam. David confronts Sam, Sam says that Sarah has made it up and tells David to put the diary back and not to mention it. David does as he's told. Duggie tells Fred and Mike that he thinks he's found a buyer for the pub, an old rugby playing friend of his. Dev blows Geena out for the second night on the trot saying he has to go to a family do. Curly finds out the truth about Ryan holding Emma hostage. He goes mad and punches Ryan. Emma helps pull him off. After a row they make up. Emma apologises for not telling him and Curly agrees to leave Ryan alone for now. Alma persuades Ken that he really does love Deirdre. Ken and Deirdre have an emotional reconciliation. Vik and Bobbi want to be on their own to they go to the flat above the shop as Vik still has some keys and he knows that Dev has thrown Peter Barlow out. They are shocked when they here a woman's voice call out "Is that you Dev? You were amazing last night!"moreless
  • Mon 19 Mar, 2001
    Mon 19 Mar, 2001
    Episode 45
    Vik is in a good mood after his night out with Bobbi. Peter assures Ken he won't mention that he saw him and Alma kissing. Sarah is walking on air because Sam gives her a lift to school in his car. Candice is jealous. Fred and Mike decide to turn up at the pub and meet Duggie's valuer. When they get there Duggie says the Valuer has already been and gone. He tells Mike and Fred that their offer of £14000 wasn't far out as the bottom has fallen out of the market. Mike and Fred are worried. Curly arrives back. Curly finds out from Blanche that Charlie stayed with Emma while he was away, and wants to know why. He finds out from Danny that a window was broken which Danny mended. He confronts Emma who tells him that the window was broken by Ryan. Curly is furious but Emma tells him to leave it. She doesn't tell him about being held hostage. Ken suggests to Alma that they could have a future together. Alma isn't sure. Fred wants to try some of Ashley's secret recipe sausages. Ashley eventually agrees on the grounds that Fred won't be able to tell what's in them. Alma persuades Deirdre to go and talk to Ken. Deirdre goes to see Ken. She is shocked when Ken says he doesn't want her back. Mike and Fred talk to Duggie and agree that they all want to sell the pub. Vik asks Bobbi out again but she plays it cool. Vik feels put out.moreless
  • Sun 18 Mar, 2001
    Sun 18 Mar, 2001
    Episode 44
    Deirdre feels very silly and awkward in front of Dev. She apologises to him for her behaviour and says that she will find somewhere else to live. Jason goes to Durham to run in a Northwest Regional Competition, he wins it. Adam is going to spend the day with Ken. Mike tells him not to mention anything about the school problem. Deirdre and Dev agree to be friends. Blanche tries to dissuade Deirdre from looking for a flat. Fred and Mike offer Duggie £12,000 for his share of the pub. Duggie tells them what they can do with their offer. All three originally paid £20,000 each. Sam's car passes its MOT. He takes David, Sarah and Candice for a spin in it. It irks Martin that David seems to have more time for Sam than for him. Geena and Eileen set Vik up with Bobbi. They both seem really keen. Duggie decides to get a professional valuation done of the pub. Fred is worried. Ken invites Alma to dinner. Peter walks in and finds them kissing.moreless
  • Fri 16 Mar, 2001
    Fri 16 Mar, 2001
    Episode 43
    Adam complains that he doesn't like his school. Mike decides to do something about it and makes arrangements for him to attend Oak Hill School which is a local private school. Mike is put out when Adam shows little enthusiasm, he was hoping to be sent back to the private school he went to in Glasgow but as a boarder. The cleaner at the Medical Centre doesn't show up for work. Matt has to do the cleaning himself as Molly refuses. They offer the job to Edna. Dev tells Deirdre that he will be late home as there is a crisis at one of his shops. David helps Sam clean his car ready for its MOT. Duggie tells Fred and Mike that he's serious about getting out of the pub. He says he wants to sell his share of the business. Blanche tries to persuade Deirdre to come home to Ken. She refuses. Tom Bowden the social worker calls to see Ken. The Interim Order regarding Adam was only temporary and Tom has to file a report about Adam's long-term arrangements. Ken can hardly be bothered to talk to Tom, he's hit rock bottom having lost his daughter, grandson and now Deirdre. Alma calls round and insists on taking Ken out. They talk for hours and Ken feels a little better. Deirdre has a meal ready for Dev when he gets home. They spend the evening chatting and drinking. Deirdre leans forward and tries to kiss Dev. Dev is horrified. Deirdre feels terribly humiliated.moreless
  • Wed 14 Mar, 2001
    Wed 14 Mar, 2001
    Episode 42
    Ken is depressed. Peter tells him that he's noticed Deirdre eyeing up Dev. Ken doesn't believe him. He knows that Deirdre has left because of him and not for another man. Linda tells Ryan that she's spoken to Emma and that Emma is not going to press charges but that Ryan has to stay away from her. Ryan is relieved. Duggie is annoyed because yet again Mike and Fred fail to turn up to a business meeting regarding the Rovers. Mike and Fred both make it clear to Duggie that the Rovers is low on their list of priorities. Duggie tells Fred he wants to dissolve the partnership. Adam tells Matt that he's concerned that he's let Ken down by saying he wants to live with Mike. Matt tells him that he has nothing to blame himself for. Audrey agrees to be one of the judges for the sausage competition. Blanche tries to persuade Deirdre to go back to Ken. Deirdre tells her that it's over for good. Dev is all dressed up to take Geena out when she phones and says that she's not well. Deirdre is delighted and tells Dev that she will cook him his favourite meal instead. Dev is a little disconcerted.moreless
  • Mon 12 Mar, 2001
    Mon 12 Mar, 2001
    Episode 41
    Deirdre stays the night on the settee at Ken's as she feels he needs her support. Dev tells Deirdre she's welcome back to his flat for as long as she likes. Gina is furious with Dev and tells him that Deirdre has to go. Dev changes his tune and tells Deirdre that he really thinks it would be a shame if she and Ken split up. Dev encourages Deirdre to talk to Ken and try and sort things out. Mike and Adam start getting to know one another. Adam tells Mike that he would like to go to a different school. Emma tells Charlie that she is not even going to tell Curly about Ryan holding her hostage as it would only worry him. Charlie tells Matt about the incident. Linda realises that there is something up with Ryan and manages to get the whole story out of him. Linda goes to see Emma and Emma assures her that she is not going to report Ryan as long as he stays away from her and the house. Ken cooks Deirdre a meal as they need to talk. She agrees to move back in but then Ken ruins everything by saying that it will be better when she moves back in as they will have a better chance of appealing against the Judge's decision over Adam. She accuses Ken of being obsessed with Adam and storms out.moreless
  • Sun 11 Mar, 2001
    Sun 11 Mar, 2001
    Episode 40
    Dev persuades Deirdre that she should go to the custody hearing and support Ken. Martin tells David that he wants him to go shopping with him after school. David is disappointed as he wanted to help Sam at the garage. Maxine is upset to find that she's still not pregnant. At the custody hearing Mike and Ken are at loggerheads both making snide comments across the court room. To everyone's surprise, Adam turns up at the Court. He isn't allowed into the hearing but the Social Worker has a chat with him and tells him that his preference as to who he wants to live with will be taken into consideration. Maxine is hurt when she finds out that Emma and Charlie had a girly night in the night before and she wasn't invited. Ryan breaks into no 7 and starts helping himself to booze. Emma arrives home and is shocked to find Ryan there. He has a chisel on him and threatens Emma with it. Emma tries to get the chisel off him but he is too quick for her. He pins her to the floor holding the chisel to her throat. The Judge grants an interim residence order to Mike Baldwin. Adam is going to live with Mike. Ken is devastated. Emma eventually manages to talk Ryan round. He ends up sobbing, drops the chisel and runs out of the back door just as Charlie is letting herself in. Emma is in shock. She tells Charlie that she's not going to report Ryan as she feels that she owed him one, and his family. Charlie thinks she's mad. Ken says a painful goodbye to Adam when Mike comes to collect him.moreless
  • Fri 9 Mar, 2001
    Fri 9 Mar, 2001
    Episode 39
    Emma and Charlie have a night in at Emma's and Curly's house, Curly is still away. Deirdre goes round to Ken's to pick up some clothes. She bumps into Ken and they talk. He apologises for his behaviour and they hug and make up. However Ken then admits that he's glad she's back as it's the hearing in a couple of days and he needs her there. Deirdre is furious as she thinks this is the only reason he wants her back. She storms out and goes back to Dev's. Geena is getting fed up of having Deirdre living in Dev's house. Geena feels that they have no privacy. Emma accuses Linda of having put the brick through her window. Linda denies it and in turn accuses Ryan of having done it. Ryan denies it but Linda doesn't believe him. Duggie is annoyed as neither Fred nor Mike seem to be interested in running the pub. Mike calls round at Ken's to see Adam. Ken won't let him. They start to argue about the custody hearing. Both Mike and Ken each think they're going to win. Ryan is stalking Emma again. He's waiting outside her back gate and is about to pounce when she's opens the back door to put out some empty bottles but then he sees Charlie and runs. Emma senses that there was someone there.moreless
  • Wed 7 Mar, 2001
    Wed 7 Mar, 2001
    Episode 38
    Dev gives Deirdre the day off because she's so upset. He tells her to stay in his flat for the day. Mike calls round looking for Dev, Deirdre invites him in. She lets slip to Mike that Ken is thinking of taking Adam to Scotland. Meanwhile Ken calls round to try and patch things up with Deirdre. He is furious to find Mike there and even more annoyed that she's told him his Scotland plans. He storms off leaving Deirdre very shaken. Anthony and Norris apologise to Rita for getting so drunk and missing the party. Rita forgives them. Fred decides that as a marketing ploy he's going to arrange a "Sausage Trail". He canvasses the idea with other nearby butchers and they are all keen. Ashley insists that as he now has his own shop that he should be allowed to enter separately from Fred. Steve plans a night out with Karen much to Vik's annoyance. Charlie and Emma go out for a drink together, Curly's away and Matt's at the football. Charlie and Emma say goodnight to each other, Ryan is watching from a distance. Just as Emma goes into the house Ryan throws a brick through the front room window. Emma is terrified, she sees the brick but doesn't know who's thrown it.moreless
  • Mon 5 Mar, 2001
    Mon 5 Mar, 2001
    Episode 37
    Emma finds that someone has ripped open a load of bin bags and thrown rubbish all over the back yard. Ken is planning to move to Scotland with Adam. Peter says he will go too. Ken then broaches the subject with Deirdre. She is very upset that he discussed it with everyone else first. Ken tells her that he's going to move with or without her. She packs her bags and leaves. Whilst standing at the bus stop in tears Dev sees her and takes her back to his house. Candice tells Todd that she was about to dump Darren anyway. Todd accepts this and they are back together. Emily plans a surprise party for Norris's 60th birthday. They use Emma and Curly's house. They set up a buffet and all his friends turn up and wait to surprise him. It's Anthony's job to get Norris there. It all goes wrong and Norris and Anthony end up getting drunk together and missing the party. Linda is about to tell Ryan that Emma, the girl who shot his brother, lives on the same street. He already knows. After Deirdre has left, Ken changes his mind about going to Scotland.moreless
  • Sun 4 Mar, 2001
    Sun 4 Mar, 2001
    Episode 36
    Candice tells Sarah she's her alibi that night for Darren when she's at Todd's. Sarah doesn't agree with Candice having two boyfriends. Ken offers to take Adam to a local football match but Mike turns up with tickets to Man Utd v Leeds. Adam is confused but Ken tells him he can go with Mike. Curly is reluctant to leave Emma so soon after the inquest and has asked Alma to keep an eye on her. Vikram tells Geena about Karen and Steve, and tells her he isn't bothered about it. Emma agrees to have Norris's birthday party at her house. Deirdre has taped the football match for Ken to watch with Adam later but she still argues with Ken when Ken accuses her of running to Mike whenever he clicks his fingers. Sarah almost tells Todd about Darren, but can't actually bring herself to. Later Darren turns up looking for Candice and David tells Darren she is with Todd. Vikram tells Steve he is welcome to Karen. Peter tells Ken he should do something about Mike so Ken decides he will move to Scotland. Todd and Candice's date is ruined when Darren turns up and tells Todd that Candice is a two-timer. Todd dumps Candice and throws her out.moreless
  • Fri 2 Mar, 2001
    Fri 2 Mar, 2001
    Episode 35
    Eileen reminds Todd, Jason and Dennis about Candice coming to tea. The day of the inquest - Emma gets flowers of support from her work colleagues and Ken and Alma wish her luck. Peter gives Ken a photo of Susan and Adam and Ken determines to do as Susan wanted and not let Mike see Adam. Steve and Karen spent the night together and nearly get caught out by Vikram. It is nearly Norris's 60th birthday and he drops constant hints about it. Ken has a heart-to-heart with Peter, admitting he's worried about losing Adam to wealthy Mike. Peter tells Ken that Adam is well-off as Susan left all her money to Adam. The verdict is lawful killing, but Emma still feels bad towards Linda's family and doesn't feel like celebrating. Adam wants to know why Ken and Mike hate each other and Ken tries to be diplomatic. Ryan learns it was a woman who killed Dean and is stunned. When Ryan sees Emma outside the Rovers Linda has to restrain him as he is angry and upset. Candice's dinner goes well and she gets on well with Eileen. Todd invites her round the following night but Candice isn't sure about it. Vikram catches Steve and Karen in a passionate clinch at the flatmoreless
  • Wed 28 Feb, 2001
    Wed 28 Feb, 2001
    Episode 34
    Candice tells Sarah she gave Todd a love bite. Sarah is disapproving. Eileen teases Todd about his love bite which Todd desperately tries to hide. Eileen worries about Todd fearing Candice is too mature for him and asks Dennis to have a manly chat with Todd. Todd won't listen to Dennis as he's not his father and Dennis feels a failure. Deirdre takes Adam to work with her. Adam is tearful about Susan, and Mike witnesses the scene and decides to take him out for the day. Mike and Adam and Linda go for pizza and Adam has a great time. Ryan works hard at the factory not even taking a tea break. Karen sticks up for him when the girls hassle him. Ryan tells Linda how much he misses Dean and they decide to go to the inquest together. Steve apologises to Karen but she sends him on his way. Later she goes to his flat to apologise and they have a passionate kissmoreless
  • Mon 26 Feb, 2001
    Mon 26 Feb, 2001
    Episode 33
    Ken and Deirdre are still at odds over Adam staying with them. Ken takes Adam to his new school. Later Mike tells Ken about the interim custody hearing and Ken is adamant he will keep Adam. Adam overhears their row and is very upset. Emma is worried about the inquest so Curly takes a day off work to be able to go and support her on the day. Sam tells Audrey about Gail's cooking, so Audrey turns up at Gail's at tea time to see what is going on with Gail and Sam. Ryan and Jimmy ask their sister Linda for £300 so Ryan can look for work in London. Linda refuses, but offers Ryan a job at the factory. Linda has a hard time persuading Mike that Ryan can have the job but Mike eventually relents. Kevin shows pictures of Natalie's baby, Laura, and tells everyone he is her godfather. Sally is concerned Kevin will get hurt by Natalie again and that Natalie is using Kevin. Todd asks Candice to be his girlfriend and later gets teased by Eileen and Jason who have seen them together.moreless
  • Sun 25 Feb, 2001
    Sun 25 Feb, 2001
    Episode 32
    Vikram finds out the truth about Karen coming on to Steve. He apologises to Steve. Deirdre tells Ken she won't marry him just to improve Ken's chances of custody of Adam. Ken is gutted. She further upsets Ken by saying she thinks perhaps Mike should get custody of Adam. Mike shows Adam round the factory and then takes him into the back of the pub for a meal. Adam is uneasy at first but they get on okay. Martin comments to Gail that he can't understand why Sam is always hanging around the house and why he lets David help him at the garage. Sally is concerned that Kevin is thinking of visiting Natalie again. Ashley, Matt, Charlie, Curly and Emma go to a football match together, Stockport County, Maxine refuses to go. Later Maxine wishes she had gone as she feels very left out.moreless
  • Fri 23 Feb, 2001
    Fri 23 Feb, 2001
    Episode 31
    Ashley and Maxine invite Emma and Curly, Charlie and Matt round for supper. Charlie and Emma get on really well and Maxine ends up feeling left out. She's been reading up on fertility and makes Ashley stand in the garden to "cool down". Vikram still doesn't believe Steve and is still hell bent on breaking up their partnership. Dev offers Steve £12,000 to sell him his half of the cab business. Deirdre tells Ken that she's told Adam the truth about Mike. Ken is furious and is more determined than ever to move up to Glasgow. He goes to see a solicitor who says he has a good chance of getting custody but implies that it might be better if he and Deirdre were married. Ken shocks Deirdre by asking her to marry him. Gail invites Sam in for tea, the kids are delighted. Sarah fancies him and David wants to be a mechanic just like Sam.moreless
  • Wed 21 Feb, 2001
    Wed 21 Feb, 2001
    Episode 30
    Vikram suspects that something has gone on between Karen and Steve. Karen tells him that Steve tried it on and she turned him down. Steve tries to tell him the truth but he believes Karen. Vikram tells Steve that it's the end of their friendship and the business. Sally is still concerned that Kevin is staying with Natalie. Ken and Adam are back from Glasgow. Ken suggests to Deirdre that they should all move to Glasgow and live in Susan's flat as it would be easier for Adam. Deirdre is not keen on the idea at all. Jason tells Candice that Todd really fancies her. Candice asks him out and he agrees. Sarah is most put out as it was she who fancied Todd originally. Adam bumps into Mike in the Street. They chat for a few seconds but then Ken comes and pulls Adam away. Ken tells him that it would be best to stay away from Mike. Adam tells Deirdre that he thinks Mike is a creep because he has ignored him all his life and then thinks he can just walk back in when he feels like it. Deirdre tells him that he's wrong, that Mike didn't even know of his existence until a few weeks ago. Adam is gobsmacked.moreless
  • Mon 19 Feb, 2001
    Mon 19 Feb, 2001
    Episode 29
    Ken and Adam set off for Glasgow to collect Adam's belongings. Deirdre is concerned as it becomes clear that Ken wants Adam to move in with them rather than Peter. Sarah decides that she fancies Todd Grimshaw and Candice fancies his older brother Jason. They are both upset when they find out that Jason thinks Candice is too young and Todd admits to Sarah that he fancies Candice. Anthony and Rita have a reconciliation. Rita still doesn't approve of his divorcing Isobel but she realises that she can't go on without Anthony, he means too much to her. Natalie phones Geena and tells her that she had a baby girl called Laura, 8lb 3oz. Much to Sally's annoyance Kevin goes to visit Natalie and the baby. Karen cooks Vikram a birthday meal but his car breaks down so he can't make it. Steve ends up eating Vik's share and he and Karen become quite intimate. When Karen kisses Steve he pulls away saying he can't cheat on his best mate. Karen is angry and tells him he just hasn't got the guts but she knows he really wants her.moreless
  • Sun 18 Feb, 2001
    Sun 18 Feb, 2001
    Episode 28
    Ken prepares to take Adam up to Scotland to get his belongings. Peter gets drunk again so it's decided that it would be better for Adam to stay with Ken and Deirdre rather than at Peter's flat. Sam still hasn't anywhere to stay. Gail invites him in for lunch and they get on really well. Vikram and Karen set up Bobbi and Steve on a date. They get on really well until Steve blows it at the end of the evening by suggesting they go back to Bobbi's flat. She storms out of the restaurant. Anthony invites Rita for dinner. They have a row before they've eaten and Rita leaves. Mike takes legal advice about getting custody of Adam. His solicitor tells him it's possible but it will take time. Peter breaks down. He blames himself for Susan's death.moreless
  • Fri 16 Feb, 2001
    Fri 16 Feb, 2001
    Episode 27
    Susan Barlow's funeral takes place. She is buried next to her mother Val. Mike turns up uninvited to the funeral. Adam finds it all too much and runs crying from the grave side. Mike stops him and tells him that he is his father. Adam punches him. Peter Hartnell comes to collect Jackie to take her back to her real mum. Roy and Hayley are very sad to see her go. Jackie buys them some chocs as a 'thank you'. Rita is still very upset with Anthony and tells Sally that she fees like the "scarlet woman". Sam has been chucked out by his mum so Kevin tells him he can stay with him. Mike, Linda and Dev discuss the fact that if Mike wants to see his son he would be best to get himself a really good lawyer. Vikram is worried that Karen and Steve are becoming too friendly so he decides to set Steve up with Bobbi thinking that it will solve his problem. Rita and Sally discuss the Adam/Susan/Mike/Ken situation. Ken explains to Adam who Mike is, that he was once married to Adam's mother. He tells Adam that Mike is a nasty piece of work and that he should keep away from him.moreless
  • Wed 14 Feb, 2001
    Wed 14 Feb, 2001
    Episode 26
    Ken is trying to come to terms with Susan's death and deciding Adam's future. David sends both Martin and Gail valentine cards each one purporting to be from the other person. They are not taken in and Martin has a word with David about it. Hayley and Roy realise that parenting isn't as easy as it looks. Dev gets jelous when Geena goes ahead with her "pound a kiss" chartity night at the Rovers. He hates watching her being kissed by all the regulars. Ken finds out from Adam that when Susan crashed the car they were actually leaving Scotland for London and not driving to Weatherfield as he'd thought. He realises that Susan was running away with Adam and proceeds to blame Mike for the whole thing. He thinks that if Mike hadn't started hounding Susan to let him see Adam she would never have left and so never have died. Mike turns up at Ken's demanding to see Adam. Ken is furious and tells Mike that in his view, it's his fault that Susan died. Mike is equally furious and tells Ken that he can't stop him from seeing his own son.moreless
  • Mon 12 Feb, 2001
    Mon 12 Feb, 2001
    Episode 25
    Everyone is stunned at Susan's death. Rita tells Anthony that she doesn't approve of his divorcing Isobel. Ken, Mike and Peter rush to the hospital where they discover that Adam has survived the crash with only minor cuts and bruises. Ken identifies Susan's body. Geena decides that to raise some money for Emily's charity, The Friends of Weatherfield Hospital they should have a "kiss for a pound" evening in the Rovers. Ken breaks the news to Adam about his mother's death. Adam is distraught. Sarah and Candice chat up Todd and Jason Grimshaw. Ken hates himself for not having been a better father to Susan, and now it's too late. Roy and Hayley are concerned about Jackie as they have seen her with Jason.moreless
  • Sun 11 Feb, 2001
    Sun 11 Feb, 2001
    Episode 24
    Mike phones Susan and gives her one last chance to let him see Adam, before threatening to take legal advice. Norris goes to see Matt, complaining about sore knees, but Matt has a hangover from the night before. Roy and Hayley discuss whether to tell Jackie about Hayley's sexuality. Peter and Ken worry about Susan after finding out about Mike's threat. Ken calls Susan but she ignores the phone as she is busy packing suitcases for her and Adam. She tells her baffled son that they are running away to start a new life. Amanda visits Rita again, and find they have some common ground on the subject of Anthony's divorce, but Amanda accuses Rita of having a master plan to destroy their family. Dev is appalled to discover that the cancelled council contract means that he and Duggie have lost £10,000 each. Dev bars Steve from the shop in disgust. Roy, Hayley and Jackie go ten pin bowling. Roy takes a book of rules which Jackie finds hilarious, and they all get to know each other better. Anthony breaks down and confesses to Rita that sometimes he wishes that Isobel would die, leaving him to get on with his life. Mike and Ken are rowing about Susan and Adam when Peter arrives and announces that Susan has died in a car crash.moreless
  • Fri 9 Feb, 2001
    Fri 9 Feb, 2001
    Episode 23
    Hayley and Roy are over-enthusiastic in their treatment of Jackie and are disappointed when she wants to go about her normal business. Charlie is unhappy at having to go to the Peacock's for dinner, but Matt is eager to get to know the neighbours. Rita is uneasy with Anthony's decision to divorce Isobel, and refuses to talk about it. Matt has a visit from Liz Morrisey, the buildings control manager who promises to sort out the smell in the medical centre. She confronts Duggie over his shoddy work, and informs his that he'll never get another council contract. Rita confides in Emily about Anthony's divorce. Emily is disgusted at Anthony's actions, and suggests that Anthony may only be seeking a divorce in order to marry Rita. Sally is uncomfortable when she has to tell Kevin not to come to the house any more. Emily is cold and abrupt to Anthony in the street. Fred advises Mike to seek legal advice about access to Adam Barlow. Matt and Charlie spend the evening with Ashley and Maxine. The boys end up watching the football while Maxine and Charlie struggle to maintain conversation. Charlie ends up faking a headache in order to leave early. Anthony defends himself to Rita, maintaining that his actions are honourable and based on years of loneliness. Peter Barlow tells Mike that he'll have no chance of gaining access to Adam. A furious Mike tells Linda that he's determined to gain access to his son, whatever the legal costs.moreless
  • Wed 7 Feb, 2001
    Wed 7 Feb, 2001
    Episode 22
    Sally returns from visiting her sick sister and is angry to hear that Danny and Kevin have been fighting in her absence. She reminds Danny of Kevin's right to see his own children, but anqrily confronts Kevin about punching Danny. Roy and Hayley anxiously await the arrival of Jackie, their first foster child. Duggie accuses Steve of being a cowboy, regarding the shoddy building work in the medical centre. Steve reminds Duggie that he paid cowboy wages and shouldn't have expected anything better. When challenged by Matt, Steve passes the buck, forcing Matt to report Duggie to the council. Anthony tells Rita that he feels that he separated from Isobel years ago and that his divorce will mean a new start for the two of them. Rita isn't entirely convinced. Roy and Hayley are delighted when Jackie arrives and slowly get to grips with fostering a teenage girl. Mike continues to ponder over how to gain access to Adam without alienating Susan. Anthony has an emotional meeting with a bewildered Isobel, where he tells her that he won't be visiting again and is seeking a divorce. Danny and Kevin have another angry encounter, forcing Danny to announce to Sally that Kevin is banned from setting foot inside their house ever again.moreless
  • Mon 5 Feb, 2001
    Mon 5 Feb, 2001
    Episode 21
    Danny and Kevin continue their feud in Sally's absence, with Kevin looking after the girls and goading Danny as unfit to look after children. There's a leak in the cellar at the medical centre, with Gail, Molly and Matt all unable to work because of the terrible smell. Matt threatens to report Duggie to the council for shoddy building work, so Duggie promises to sort it out. Hayley buys teenage magazines in preparation for the arrival of her foster daughter. An ill-tempered Kevin stops Sam from using the garage to fix up his car, so David asks Gail if Sam can use the Platt's garage. Gail agrees, and is bemused by Sam and David's friendship. As she feels guilty about her relationship with Mark, Linda confides to Geena that she will support Mike in his fight for access to Adam. Anthony arranges a reconciliation dinner with Amanda, but is shocked to find that she's invited George and Gregory as well. They all attack Anthony and accuse him of deserting Isabel for Rita, but he defends himself on the grounds of loneliness. Mike is frustrated that he can't have access to Adam. He resolves to demand access from Susan, and pledges to Linda that this time round he'll be a good dad. Anthony is rowing with Amanda in the street when Anthony announces to Rita that to stop accusations of cheating on Isabel, he's going to file for divorce.moreless
  • Sun 4 Feb, 2001
    Sun 4 Feb, 2001
    Episode 20
    Rita helps Anthony to move into Alec's old flat, hindered slightly by nosy Norris interfering. Tyrone accompanies Sam at the car auctions when Sam wants to buy an old banger. Mike continues to lie to a suspicious Linda, and sends her shopping to get her off his case when he goes to have a meeting with Susan. . Despite initial misgivings, they tentatively agree to get along for Adam's sake. Susan hints that she might let Mike have access to Adam. Peter Hartnell visits Roy and Hayley and asks them if they are ready to foster a teenage girl called Jackie. Hayley overrides Roy's reluctance and enthusiastically agrees. Geena convinces Dev to apologise to Deirdre for letting her walk out. Danny is putting up shelves when he answers the door to Gail and the shelves collapse on Sophie. Although not seriously hurt, Dr Matt Ramsden advises Danny to take her to the hospital for a check up. Linda walks in on Mike and Susan, forcing Mike to admit everything. She is angry that he kept things from her, but Mike makes a jibe about not letting Linda ruin his relationship with another son. Dev apologises to Deirdre, and makes it clear to her how much she means to him as a friend and a colleague. She agrees to go back to work for him. Matt accidentally lets slip to Kevin about Sophie's accident. A furious Kevin confronts Danny, accusing him of being unfit to look after his children. They fight, and Kevin punches Danny in the face.moreless
  • Fri 2 Feb, 2001
    Fri 2 Feb, 2001
    Episode 19
    Rita suggests to Anthony that he moves in next door in Alec's old flat. While Sally's away visiting her sister, Danny and Kevin use Rosie and Sophie to score points off each other. Sam distributes flyers advertising his return to stripping as the 'Python'. Todd and Jason try and take the mickey out of Dennis but he and Eileen turn the tables. Linda confides to Geena about her worries about Mike but Geena reveals all about Mike and Susan's child. Linda is dismayed to find that she's the last to know. Susan Barlow arrives and summons Mike and Ken to a meeting. Mike pledges to follow Susan's wishes, but Ken accuses him of trying to disrupt Adam's life for the sake of it. Mike teases Ken about his strained relationship with his own daughter. The conversation ends in a bitter row. Mike forces Deirdre to admit that she thinks Ken is in the wrong.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jan, 2001
    Wed 31 Jan, 2001
    Episode 18
    Linda is suspicious about Mike's trip to the trade fair, but he assures her she has nothing to worry about. Todd and Jason get to grips with Dennis being around, but he offers to make a curry to make them feel more comfortable around him. Eileen appreciates his efforts. Ken and Deirdre row about Dev telling Mike about Susan and Adam. Ken suggests that Deirdre intended for Mike to find out, leaving Deirdre feeling bitter. She says that Susan is hardly blameless, and is partly responsible for not telling Mike in the first place. Mike, Duggie and Linda agree to ban children from the Rovers after an unsuccessful trial to turn it into a family pub. Sam confides to Dennis that he's thinking of going back to stripping to make some more money to buy a car, but is worried what his mum will think. Ken confronts Dev about interfering, but Dev stands his ground and retaliates by accusing Ken's family of being morally corrupt by keeping Adam's existence a secret from Mike. Amanda send Anthony on a wild goose chase by pretending that Isobel has had a bad night. A devastated Amanda defends herself by accusing Anthony of betraying the family. Dev is cool towards Deirdre about his row with Ken, which upsets Deirdre so much she ends up resigning. Ken pleads with Mike to leave Susan and Adam alone, but Mike pledges to fight for his rights as Adam's father.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jan, 2001
    Mon 29 Jan, 2001
    Episode 17
    Mike is desperate to talk to Susan. She says he can have five minutes. Sally finally agrees with Danny that they will move house. Jack & Vera return from their cruise. Steve lets Vikram know that he fancies Karen. Mike is angry with Susan for keeping Adam from him for twelve years. As children are now allowed into the Rovers this is winding Betty up, especially when David Platt goes up to the bar and says "Two cokes when you're ready, Betty love". Hayley warns Linda that she will need some time off work when they start fostering. Linda asks Geena if she fancies a night out as she thinks Mike is still up in Scotland on business. Geena feels guilty as she knows the truth. Susan accuses Peter of having told Mike that he has a son. Peter denies it as he knows that he hasn't told anyone. Deirdre confesses that she told Dev about Adam. Ken is furious. Deirdre confronts Dev and he admits that he told Mike that he has a son. Susan gives in and agrees to call Mike and arrange a time for him to meet Adam properly.moreless
  • Sun 28 Jan, 2001
    Sun 28 Jan, 2001
    Episode 16
    Mike leaves for Glasgow where he spends the day sitting in his car outside Susan's house. He lied to Linda, telling her he was going on business. Kevin is still unhappy that Danny was left in charge of the children. Hayley is over-the-moon at their acceptance but Roy seems more subdued. Danny goes to repair the Duckworth's kitchen, but Tyrone seems to have done it more harm than good. Danny tells him there is no way it will be repaired before Jack and Vera get back. Anthony suggests that he and Rita should go on holiday, but Rita is not so keen, she doesn't want to make matters worse with his family. Kevin finds it hard to cope when Sophie and Rosie talk about Danny as their other dad. Karen and Steve flirt and are obviously attracted to one another, despite the fact that Karen is seeing Vikram. Sally returns and Kevin confronts her, he warns her that he won't be pushed out of the girls' lives. Jack and Vera return just as Danny finishes the kitchen. Sally then confronts Danny, she thinks he is using the girls to get at Kevin, this upsets him. Both Sally and Kevin are upset at the way things are turning out. Susan returns home with Adam to find Mike waiting for her.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jan, 2001
    Fri 26 Jan, 2001
    Episode 15
    Rita lets slip to Kevin that Danny has been looking after the children while Sally has been away, he is annoyed that he was not informed. Roy and Hayley have their interview with Social Services, it seems to go well but they have to wait longer for a decision to be reached because one of the panel members fell ill and had to be rushed to hospital. Mike desperately tries to track down someone to help him find out about his son. He finds Blanche in the Rovers, who tells him that Susan lives in Glasgow. Kevin confronts Danny, he doesn't really want to fight but he doesn't want to back down either. Tyrone has to apologise to Danny so as he can ask him to fix the Duckworth's kitchen. Peter Hartnell goes to visit Roy and Hayley to tell them their application has been successful.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jan, 2001
    Wed 24 Jan, 2001
    Episode 14
    Eileen shouts at Todd and Jason for not making Dennis welcome. They are happy that he is not moving in. Roy and Hayley receive a copy of Mr Hartnell's report, which is very encouraging, but Roy finds it hard to be happy, he thinks that the worst is yet to come. Les threatens Jason regarding Dennis, Jason doesn't seem to pay much attention. Tyrone shouts at Danny for selling the dodgy tin of Greaso. Dev and Geena go to Mike and Linda's for dinner, mostly Dev and Mike talk about business, but later in the evening Dev feels sorry for Mike and tells him about his son Adam. Roy and Hayley find out that instead of having months to prepare for their panel interview, they have until the end of the week. Dennis goes to see Eileen, apologises and says he is prepared to move in if she will have him. Sam owns up about the Greaso, Tyrone is furious. In the midst of their argument Tyrone ruins Jack and Vera's new kitchen by putting a hot bowl on the work surface.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan, 2001
    Mon 22 Jan, 2001
    Episode 13
    Dennis does not seem as keen as Eileen to move in with each other. Sally goes to Newcastle to help her sister and family while she is in hospital, but she is uneasy at the thought of leaving Danny alone with the girls. Geena and Linda discuss ways of making Geena and Dev's relationship more 'official', as a result Linda invites them to dinner with her and Mike. Tyrone actually admits that he thinks Sam and Maria have slept together. Tyrone and Maria have a row about this but when he sees how upset she is he believes her and they make up. Sam realises the rash he and Maria have has been caused by his tin of Greaso. Anthony and Rita go out when they return Amanda is waiting outside claiming to have lost her keys. Amanda expects Anthony to go home with her but he is firm and says no. This annoys Amanda and when Anthony is out of earshot she threatens Rita by implying that she will never let Anthony go. Dennis tells Eileen that he is not ready to move in with her.moreless
  • Sun 21 Jan, 2001
    Sun 21 Jan, 2001
    Episode 12
    Janice firmly believes Les spent the night with his female customer. Dennis convinces Eileen to make peace with Charlie and invite her to the party. Les returns. It transpires that his customer wanted to go to Prestwick not Prestwich but Janice storms out on him before he can explain. Sam has developed a rash also. Tyrone thinks Sam and Maria must have slept together and that is where the rash has come from. Kevin confronts Sally, he feels he is being pushed out of Rosie and Sophie's lives. Sally seems torn between Danny and Kevin. Steve and Karen flirt before Vikram appears at Eileen's party. Janice and Les make up. Eileen, drunk, asks Dennis to move in. Charlie gets very drunk and Matt has to drag her home.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jan, 2001
    Fri 19 Jan, 2001
    Episode 11
    Maria tells Tyrone she has a rash. Danny volunteer's to do more decorating but Sally is not keen; the sooner the house is finished, the sooner Danny will expect them to move. Maxine and Ashley take more time off work to sleep with each other. Mike and Duggie plan to encourage families into the Rovers to increase profits. Les starts work with Streetcars but disappears for hours after picking up an attractive woman passenger. Todd has difficulty with his homework, Eileen tells him to go and see Charlie but she slams the door in his face. Eileen then confronts Charlie and calls her a drunk and stuck-up. Charlie retaliates but Dennis manages to drag Eileen away before any serious damage is done. Danny has an estate agent round to look at Sally's house, he is keen to sell quickly but Sally is less than sure.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jan, 2001
    Wed 17 Jan, 2001
    Episode 10
    Sam buys a cheap tin of Greaso from his Uncle Pat and keeps the rest of Kevin's money for himself. Les passes his driving test, much to the annoyance of Vikram. Vikram and Steve lie and tell Les they can't afford to employ him. Maxine demands that Ashley takes time off work to come home and have sex when she demands it in the hope of conceiving. Ken asks Dev if Deirdre can have some time off work so they can both go and visit Tracy in London. Deirdre is annoyed with him for this because it makes her look bad in front of Dev. Gail and Martin go together to the school for parents evening. Charlie warns them that Sarah's work is slipping and she will have to work very hard to pull her marks back. Both Gail and Martin are concerned by this. Eileen mentions to Janice that Streetcars are desperate for drivers. This infuriates Janice because Les was turned down. At the school Charlie and Eileen have a short row. Les and Steve row in the Rovers, keen to avoid a scene, Steve agrees to give Les a week's trial.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan, 2001
    Mon 15 Jan, 2001
    Episode 9
    Breakfast at the Grimshaws is awkward. Dennis is embarrassed in front of Todd and Jason. Eileen announces she is having a housewarming party. Maxine seems obsessed about becoming pregnant, she wants to have tests done on Ashley's hair to make sure he isn't deficient in anything. Deirdre is concerned that Mike should have a right to know about Adam. Curly and Emma return from New York. Dennis talks to Jason about his staying over, Jason is not very welcoming and implies that there have been many more before him, Dennis feels uncomfortable. Les wanders around trying to learn the 'knowledge' and tells Vikram he'll be able to drive for them when he passes much to Vik's shock and horror. Ken and Deirdre discuss and then row about the situation with Susan and Mike. Ken basically tells her she has to chose who she is more loyal to, him or Mike.moreless
  • Sun 14 Jan, 2001
    Sun 14 Jan, 2001
    Episode 8
    Eileen moves into Steve's house. Toyah cuts her hand and Duggie insists on taking her to the medical centre. He tries to convince her that he is not a villain, she seems to soften toward him. Deirdre tells Dev that Ken's grandson is Mike's son. Tyrone boasts to Dennis and Kevin of his night of passion. Ken meets his grandson; although it is initially awkward and emotional they soon begin to get along. It is Deirdre who is the most uncomfortable. Alex stirs up trouble with Roy but Roy loses his patience and throws him out. Eileen's younger son Todd says he doesn't want to live at No. 11 because there is a bad vibe. Dennis is uneasy because he thinks Todd doesn't want him around. Danny tells Kevin that they are planning to move away. Karen and Vikram go out on another date. Susan warns Deirdre that if she tells Mike about Adam, she and Ken will never see either of them again.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jan, 2001
    Fri 12 Jan, 2001
    Episode 7
    Susan visits Ken again and explains why she kept her pregnancy a secret; she wanted to make absolutely sure that Mike would never find out. Ken feels upset that he has been left out for so long he pleads with Susan to be able to see Adam, she eventually agrees. Sally agrees to move away, but only if they can make some home improvements first, Danny is skeptical about her motives. Liz leaves. Norris thinks he has a hookworm infestation but it is just Athlete's Foot. Linda arranges for Duggie to move in with Toyah, much to Toyah's annoyance. Peter tries to talk to Karen but she is still annoyed with him for ignoring her so she sits with Vik instead. Steve agrees to let Eileen move in. Maria and Tyrone have a romantic dinner and sleep with each other for the first time.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jan, 2001
    Wed 10 Jan, 2001
    Episode 6
    Danny produces estate agent details and he seems very keen to get the ball rolling. Sally still seems hesitant; she later expresses her concerns about moving to Gail. Linda volunteers to run the Rovers. Rita is annoyed at the way Anthony panders to Amanda. Peter Hartnell tells Roy and Hayley that he has found a foster home for Wayne. They are upset because they had hoped to foster him. Sally and Danny argue about moving away, Danny wants to get away from Kevin and have Sally to himself, but Sally is too attached to Weatherfield. Susan tells Ken she did not have an abortion when she left and now has a twelve year old son - Adam.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jan, 2001
    Mon 8 Jan, 2001
    Episode 5
    Toyah, Geena and Betty go on strike outside the Rovers. Ken threatens to go to Scotland to see Susan. Tyrone and Maria apologize and make up. Liz finds out that Jim is being moved to Leicester. She quits her job and decides to move to Leicester too. Sarah comes home from school early, she is upset because other pupils have been teasing her. Peter informs Ken that he told Susan about his plans, as a result Susan is planning to come down.moreless
  • Sun 7 Jan, 2001
    Sun 7 Jan, 2001
    Episode 4
    Ken broods about Peter and Susan. Candice tells Sarah that Glen has been spreading rumours that he and Sarah slept together, Sarah is horrified, she confronts Glen and tells him to get lost. Roy and Hayley are determined to find Wayne, they do find him and manage to convince him to go back to the Home. Ken demands to know what is wrong with Susan, but Peter will not say. Rosie tries to speak to David about Harry Potter books and their parents but he is not at all interested. Ken phones Susan, although says nothing is wrong he is not convinced. Duggie proposes staff uniforms, they are tight and low-cut. The girls are not happy and Toyah announces that they are on strike. Danny suggests moving house, much to Sally's shock.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jan, 2001
    Fri 5 Jan, 2001
    Episode 3
    Danny tells Sally he is not prepared to wait forever, this makes her think. Deirdre can't believe that Ken has agreed to lie for Paul, especially since he is applying for a magistrate's position. Tyrone gets upset with Kevin and Dennis for laughing at problem page letters in a newspaper, one in particular which he thinks was written by Maria. Wayne finds Roy and tells him he has run away. When Roy and Hayley tell Wayne he must go back to the Home, he runs away again, Roy is annoyed because he thinks he has betrayed Wayne. Sally tells Danny to propose again, this time her answer is yes. Maria is upset because Tyrone thinks she wrote the letter and Tyrone is upset because he thinks all she wants is sex, as a result they call off their engagement. After visiting the police station, Ken finds it hard to live with what he has done so revokes his magistrate application. Danny tells Kevin about his and Sally's engagement but is not pleased to find out Sally discussed it with Kevin first. Sally and Danny then row about this. Peter and Ken argue about Ken's decision, in the heat of the moment Peter lets it slip that Susan has been keeping a huge secret from him for years.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jan, 2001
    Wed 3 Jan, 2001
    Episode 2
    Ken receives a letter telling him he is through to the next stage of his magistrate's application. He is pleased but still downhearted about Peter. Rita helps Anthony pack, Anthony is sad to be leaving behind so many memories. Sarah seems reluctant to see Glen again. Alex visits Roy and Hayley, he apologises for his previous actions and hints that Wayne wanted a pair of £60 trainers but they couldn't afford them. Roy gives him the money although he and Hayley both know that Wayne will never get anything. Sally tells Kevin about Danny's proposal, Kevin is stunned and tries to hide his regret. Sally admits that she is scared, she doesn't want things to go wrong again. Peter returns and apologises for his behaviour but still hints that he wants Ken's help. Liz is somewhat subdued. She tells Deirdre that the 27th would be her and Jim's anniversary. Kevin does his best to admit that a lot of what went wrong with them was his fault. He is disappointed when Sally admits that she does love Danny. Sarah tells Candice she is worried that Glen is only gong out with her because he thinks she is 'easy'. Sally is furious when Danny comes home drunk and slams the door in his face. Ken tells Peter he will lie to the police for him.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jan, 2001
    Mon 1 Jan, 2001
    Episode 1
    It is still New Year's Eve. Sally doesn't give Danny an immediate answer to his proposal, she wants to talk about it at home, this thought troubles him. Ken is depressed, he is determined to make a fresh start. The atmosphere is still tense at Anthony's. Isabel is confused and uncomfortable but Amanda forces her to stay. Rita tries to confront Amanda but is interrupted by Norris. New Year's Day Danny is hurt at Sally's lack of response. Rita tells Anthony that she is determined not to let Amanda scare her off. Maria wants to spend the night with Tyrone, but he keeps changing the subject, she is not happy about this. Toyah, Geena and Liz are fed up with Fred, Mike and Duggie interfering. Danny tells Sally that if she doesn't want to marry him then they should split up so he can find someone who does.moreless