Coronation Street - Season 43

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 2002
    Mon 30 Dec, 2002
    Episode 223
    Deirdre is mortified that Tracy is going out with Dev whom she's already slept with herself. She tries to persuade them to stop seeing each other but they refuse. Tracy accuses her of fancying Dev herself. Steve tries to borrow some money from the bank to save the business but is refused. Karen offers to work at Street Cars at night in order to help. Audrey and Gail aren't speaking to each other. Audrey is still very upset worrying about her daughter living with a murderer. Toyah and John arrive back from Bordeaux. They had a wonderful time and Toyah is more in love than ever before. Roy finally arrives back from Paxos. Hayley is delighted. Roy is rather bemused to find that Hayley has employed Ciaran whilst he's been away and furthermore, that Ciaran is living with them. Candice finds out that Sarah is giving food to Aidan. Sarah explains that she feels guilty because Ade said that accident was as much her fault as his. Candice can't believe she's hearing this. Ken can't understand why Deirdre is so vehement in her disapproval of Tracy seeing Dev.moreless
  • Sun 29 Dec, 2002
    Sun 29 Dec, 2002
    Episode 222
    Tracy arrives back home having spent the night with Dev. Ken tells her how worried Deirdre has been but Tracy doesn't care. Audrey tells Archie, Norris and Rita that Richard practically admitted trying to kill her. Rita doesn't believe a word. Norris points out that Richard is trying to make Audrey look more mad than ever - how many murderers admit to be being a murderer? Sarah calls round to Sally's old shop and finds Ade there living rough. She shouts at him for leaving her for dead. He tries to tell her that she's as much to blame for the joy riding. Sarah storms out. Ciaran tries to arrange another date with Tracy but she plays hard to get. Shelley tries to persuade Hayley not to employ Ciaran. Hayley confronts Ciaran and Ciaran confesses to Hayley that he tries to make a pass at Shelley but that he's sorry and now wants to make amends. Hayley tells him he can keep his job and that he can have the spare room in the flat. Ciaran is delighted. Deirdre is shocked when Tracy tells her that she didn't go out with Ciaran in the end but picked up another man in the pub. Audrey, Archie and Norris try to convince Emily that her life is in danger from Richard but Emily thinks they are deluded. She later tells Richard that he's welcome to come round any time he likes. Tracy calls round to the corner shop to see Dev. They lock the door and have sex in the shop. Deirdre calls at the shop and lets herself in. Deirdre is horrified when she sees Tracy with Dev.moreless
  • Fri 27 Dec, 2002
    Fri 27 Dec, 2002
    Episode 221
    Tracy loafs around the house all day and despite Deirdre's best efforts refuses to even phone Robert. Norris is back from hospital and wearing a neck brace. He tells Audrey that he has never trusted Richard and he believes all she says about him. Vera takes Ciaran on in the cafe as Roy is away. Ciaran was a chef in the Navy. Norris tells Audrey that now she's changed her will he fears that Richard will be out to try and kill Emily. Peter and Shelley are upset that Ciaran is still around and working in Roy's Rolls. Tracy takes her wedding ring off and throws it into the fire. Deirdre is upset. Todd thinks he spots someone with a torch in Sally's old hardware shop which is now empty but Sarah thinks he's imagining it. Richard tells Audrey that she'll never get Gail or the children to believe her story. Tracy gets all dolled up for a date with Ciaran but bumps into Dev instead. She ends up back at Dev's flat and they have sex.moreless
  • Wed 25 Dec, 2002
    Wed 25 Dec, 2002
    Episode 220
    Emily has terrible flu but insists that she's still cooking Christmas Dinner. Blanche hands out £10 notes as Christmas presents and leave to go to Emily's for dinner. Tommy buys Angela a mobile phone for Christmas so that she can speak to her family who she hasn't been in contact with since they moved. This way they won't know where she's calling from. Audrey insists on calling at Gail's to give the children their presents. Gail refuses to let her in and she has to hand out the presents on the doorstep. Les finds out that Toyah's boyfriend is her lecturer from college. Les is disgusted. John asks Toyah to come to Bordeaux with him for a week's holiday. She accepts. Emily bumps into Audrey and Archie who have nowhere to go for dinner and kindly invites them to her house. Blanche takes offence and goes back to the Barlows. Hayley calls on the Nelsons and tells them how upset and worried she is about Roy being stuck in Greece. Angela comforts her. Vera is upset when Terry doesn't show up for Christmas as he promised. Emily, Norris, Rita, Audrey and Archie have Christmas dinner together. Audrey tells them of her suspicions regarding Richard and how he tried to kill her. Emily tells her she shouldn't make wild accusations. The Barlows are in the middle of dinner when Tracy arrives out of the blue. She says she's left Robert for good as she found him in bed with her best mate and that she's moving back home. Norris tries to set light to the Christmas Pudding in the dark. He slips, falls and bangs his head and has to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. Richard on finding out that Emily is currently on her own calls round feigning concern as she has flu. He sits with her until she falls asleep and is about to smother her with a cushion when Rita calls round. Richard decides that Emily is the key to sorting out his financial worries and starts planning how to kill her.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 2002
    Mon 23 Dec, 2002
    Episode 219
    Emily is looking really ill, Richard is quietly pleased. Sunita tells Peter and Shelley that she would like to join them for Christmas Dinner at the Barlows. Tyrone and Kirk follow Jason to work and to their delight find out he's one of Santa's elves in a department store grotto. They go and get Eileen and Todd so they can see Jason in his elf costume too. Toyah persuades Hayley she should join them for Christmas lunch. Richard has a meeting with the bank manager who tells him that he will allow Richard another month and then he will start bankruptcy proceedings. Peter and Shelley's engagement party takes place in the Rovers. Peter gives Shelley a ring, she's delighted. Peter's old Navy friends turn up and so does Ciaran. Ciaran says he wants to be friends again but Peter throws him out. The Hillmans leave for the pantomime. Audrey and Archie let themselves into the Hillmans' house and start going through Richard's papers and computer. Audrey discovers that he has got Gail to re-mortgage the house and that he has a lot of money tied up in Emily's house. Bethany spills a drink in the car and the Hillmans return home so that Sarah and Gail can change their clothes. They catch Audrey and Archie red-handed. Audrey pleads with Gail to see Richard for what he is, a murderer and a crook but Gail throws her mother out saying she's mad.moreless
  • Sun 22 Dec, 2002
    Sun 22 Dec, 2002
    Episode 218
    Karen tells Steve that they've no option but to sell Eileen's house to raise some capital to save Street Cars. Katy starts work at Roy's Rolls. Hayley is upset as Roy can't get a flight back from Greece until after Boxing Day. Tyrone and Kirk are suspicious of Jason's job and are desperately trying to find out what he's really up to. Emily has a touch of flu and Richard looks hopeful! Blanche invites herself to Christmas Dinner at Emily's. Patrick is kept on at Street Cars as they're a driver down now Vik has gone. The Hillmans go Christmas shopping. Audrey formulates a plan to let herself into their house while they're at a pantomime and look for clues in Richard's briefcase. She tells Archie her plan but he's unhappy about it. Shelley tells Sunita that it's time she was more assertive and went out an found a man. Sunita takes this on board and admits to Dev that she's in love with him. He tells her he already knew but he doesn't feel the same way. Steve tells Eileen that he's got to sell No. 11. Eileen is gutted.moreless
  • Fri 20 Dec, 2002
    Fri 20 Dec, 2002
    Episode 217
    Karen has the idea that they could sell Vik's car and pay off the tax bill. It is Richard's birthday, David buys him a remote controlled rat. Karen and Maria commiserate with each other about Vik and the fact that they both unwittingly carried drugs for him. Richard's bank manager demands another meeting with him. Damian the debt collector calls at the cab office looking for Vik. He threatens to beat up Steve if he doesn't hand over Vik's car keys. Steve has no choice but to do as he asks. Damian drives off in Vik's BMW. Steve waves goodbye to his tax money. Angela fixes Katy up with a Saturday job at Roy's Rolls. Audrey calls round to give Richard a birthday card and see the kids. Maria asks Jason some awkward questions about his new job at the River Bar. He has to lie his way out of it. Audrey overhears Richard talking to Gail about the bank manager panicking and their cashflow glitch. Richard offers to drive her home and she has to accept. Hayley is expecting Roy home but she finds out his flight has been cancelled. Steve is gutted when he realises that not only have they lost Vik's car but they are still paying £400 per month for it on direct debit. Richard quizzes Audrey closely about her appointment with the psychiatrist as he knows quite well that she's perfectly sane.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 2002
    Wed 18 Dec, 2002
    Episode 216
    Jason tells everyone he's got a new job working at the River Bar. Kirk and Tyrone call in to see him to be told they've never heard of Jason. Dev finds out from Steve about Vik's drug running. Dev bails Vik out for the last time and buys him a one way ticket to Mumbai. Vik leaves the street. Mike arrives back from doing some property business in Spain. Joe is in the middle of clinching a big order with Fletchers. Mike wades in and takes over which really annoys Joe. Peter and Shelley start planning their engagement party. Audrey calls on Gail. Gail is very wary but Audrey apologises telling Gail that she's not been herself. She tells both Gail and Richard that she's been to see a doctor and that they think she has a form of Alzheimer's. Gail is immediately sympathetic. Richard is confused as he knows there's nothing wrong with Audrey but can't say anything. The factory girls are horrible to Angela. Hayley sticks up for her but the other girls can't understand why. Dev tells Steve that the £3,000 that Vik paid him back was actually his money and therefore he considers that he has a financial interest in the firm. Steve and Dev look over the company accounts to find that Vik has cleared out the tax account to the tune of £10,000. Steve is devastated.moreless
  • Mon 16 Dec, 2002
    Mon 16 Dec, 2002
    Episode 215
    Tommy asks Kevin for his job back and again says that the wallet is his. Kevin doesn't believe him. Tommy is forced to confess to Angela that he's lost his job. Angela in turn confesses to Tommy that she's told Hayley their secret. Tommy & Angela end up rowing each blaming the other for the mess they're in. Audrey arrives back and attends an appointment with a psychiatrist who give her a clean bill of health. Vik, Steve and Karen arrive back from Tenerife. At the airport they collect their luggage and Karen sees that hers is damaged. She is about to complain when Vik tells her she mustn't, he explains that he's planted £100k's worth of cocaine in Karen's suitcase. Steve and Karen are very angry. Vik, Steve and Karen are driving home from the airport. Vik is relieved that they got through customs okay. Steve stops the car by the canal. He goes to the boot and slashes open the lining of Karen's case, pulling out the packets of drugs. Vik pleads with Steve saying that he needs the money but Steve empties the drugs into the canal. He and Karen drive off leaving Vik crying by the road. Audrey tells Archie that she's going to play Richard at his own game in order to win back her family.moreless
  • Sun 15 Dec, 2002
    Sun 15 Dec, 2002
    Episode 214
    Angela feels guilty at having let their secret slip to Hayley. She can't bring herself to tell Tommy. She makes Hayley promise to keep it to herself. Dev finds out that Vik has taken Karen and Steve to Tenerife and assumes that he's used the money he gave Vik to pay off his debt. He's very angry. Sarah makes an effort to be friendly to Katy but Candice upsets her by saying that her dad must be a criminal on the run from the police. Kevin finds a wallet on the floor of the garage which contains a union card with the name Harris on it. He assumes it was dropped by a customer. Patrick, an old taxi driver friend of Eileen's starts work at Street Cars, helping out while Steve and Vik are away. Roy leaves for his week in Paxos. Fiz and Maria meet John, Toyah's new boyfriend. They are shocked to find that he's 41 and is Toyah's lecturer at college. Tommy offers to buy a drink for Kevin and Tyrone. Tommy pulls out the wallet which Kevin found earlier. Kevin accuses Tommy of having stolen it. Tommy is adamant that it's his wallet but can't explain to Kevin why it has the name Harris in it. Kevin sacks him calling him a thief.moreless
  • Fri 13 Dec, 2002
    Fri 13 Dec, 2002
    Episode 213
    Tommy decides to help the police over Blanche's mugging but when he's asked to watch an identity parade he refuses. The locals are disgusted with him and shun the Nelson family all the more. Toyah arrives home really happy having spent the night with John. The factory girls give Angela a really hard time. Hayley sticks up for her. The factory Christmas party takes place. Les gatecrashes the party but wishes he hadn't when the girls dress him up in knickers and bra and tie him up. Someone drops out of the Historical Society trip to Paxos and Hayley insists that Roy should take their place. Angela and Tommy are subjected to the wrath of all the locals in the Rovers for not helping the Police to catch Blanche's attacker. Karen gives Joe a Christmas kiss which is seen by Steve. Steve is furious but Karen manages to persuade him that it meant nothing. Karen, Steve and Vik leave for Tenerife. Angela finally cracks and tells Hayley how scared she and her family are, she explains to Hayley that they are under the witness protection scheme as there are people who want to kill her and her family.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 2002
    Wed 11 Dec, 2002
    Episode 212
    Vik borrows £2,000 from Dev and pays back the money he stole from Street Cars' account. Vik then tells Steve that he wants to take him and Karen for a long weekend in Tenerife to make it up to them. After some persuasion Steve agrees. Kevin and Sally both have the day off work as their "honeymoon". They have a lovely day and Sally realises that she feels contented and secure. Roy mentions to Hayley that the Historical Society is organising a trip to Paxos. It is becoming more and more apparent that the locals neither like nor trust Tommy and Angela. Shelley decides to give Maria a second chance behind the bar. Maria is delighted. Kirk and Fiz have a row. Les explains to Kirk that it'll be Fiz's hormones playing up. Tommy tells Angela that their trying to go unnoticed isn't working and in fact is having the opposite effect. Tommy says he's going to go to the Police and change his statement. Damian collars Vik and asks him if he's managed to find a couple of drugs couriers to go to Tenerife with him. Vik says yes - Steve and Karen McDonald.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Vik tells Steve that he's only borrowed the £2,000 from Street Cars and he'll pay it back soon. Sally finally decides to choose Kevin over Alex but only for the sakes of the girls. Sally and Kevin are married again. Joe agrees to let the factory girls have a Christmas Party on Friday. Vik assures Steve that he's given up gambling. Katy and Craig overhear Doreen slagging off the Nelson family. They tell Tommy and Angela about it who admit that they also got a frosty reception from people at Sally and Kevin's wedding do. Emma asks Sally for the name of her decorator but Sally quickly tells her that he's left the area. Kevin overhears this. Maria asks Shelley for her job back but Shelley tells her that she's given it to someone else. Jason is fed up with having no money. Even his mates are on at him to get a job. Vik delivers the package to Damian the debt collector thug thinking that his debt is now cleared. Damian tells him that he's only half way there and will have to do another drugs run to Tenerife.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 2002 [Episode 1]
    It is the day of Kevin and Sally's wedding. Sally is in torment not knowing whether to stay with Kevin for the sake of the girls or follow her heart with Alex. Doreen and Norris discuss their suspicions regarding the Nelson family. They are both adamant Tommy must have seen Blanche's attacker. Vik and Maria arrive back from their holiday bickering. Maria accuses Vik of having ignored her all holiday and finishes with him. Vik insists on taking both the suitcases back to his flat despite Maria's protests. Blanche tries to buy Tommy a drink to say thank you but Tommy makes his excuses and leaves the pub. Everyone agrees that they're a strange family. Kevin and Sally are in the car outside the Registry Office when Sally tells him that she's in love with Alex. Kevin is initially angry but then decides he still wants to get married and make a go of it. Sally doesn't know what to do. Back in his flat Vik takes a package out of his suitcase. Steve arrives wanting to talk to Vik about the missing money and Vik's disappearance. Vik seems very edgy and tells Steve that he can't discuss things now as he's got to meet somebody. Just as Kevin and Sally enter the Registry Office Alex appears and begs Sally to come with him. Sally has to make a decision.moreless
  • Sun 8 Dec, 2002
    Sun 8 Dec, 2002
    Episode 209
    Toyah tells Fiz that she's got a new boyfriend, someone she's known for a while from college. Curly is preparing the curry for Sunday dinner, things are going wrong and Sunita comes to the rescue. Mick asks Janice to come with him for lunch at Curly and Emma's house. Janice accepts. Rita tells Sally how pleased she is for her that she's marrying Kevin again and how much better the girls seem as a result. A young lad assaults Blanche in the street and steals her handbag. Tommy rushes over and helps her up. The police ask Tommy for a description of the thief but he says he can't help. Rita and Norris are suspicious of Tommy as they know he must have seen the lad. Les is horrified when he finds out that Janice is out with another man. He is even more upset when he finds out that Mick is a policeman. Angela and Katy spot the police car and are immediately worried that they will have to move again. Tommy calms them down. Sally is shocked when there's a knock on the door and it's Alex. Alex tells her that he's split up from Gaynor as he realises that it's Sally that he wants. He tells Sally that she's only got a few hours until the wedding and that she must decide who she wants, Kevin who she isn't in love with or Alex who she does love.moreless
  • Fri 6 Dec, 2002
    Fri 6 Dec, 2002
    Episode 208
    Alex and Sally meet in the café at lunchtime. He tries to persuade Sally to go to Grimsby with him and leave Kevin but she says she can't. Alex drives off and Sally is distraught knowing that she'll never see him again. Richard has another meeting with his bank manager who tells him that he's got until the middle of January then the bank will start bankruptcy proceedings. Kevin persuades Tommy to come to his stag night. Tommy eventually agrees and is surprised when he actually enjoys himself. Sally's hen night takes place. She finds it a terrible strain pretending to everyone that she's happy to be marrying Kevin again. She is tempted to tell Rita the truth but stops herself at the last minute. Kevin's stag night goes well, they all get very drunk and Kevin is really happy. Vera does the twist and gets stuck and has to be helped up. Kevin arrives home and tells Sally how much he loves her and how happy he's going to make her. Sally feels torn apart inside.moreless
  • Wed 4 Dec, 2002
    Wed 4 Dec, 2002
    Episode 207
    Alex has just about finished decorating no. 13 and Sally is dreading his going and never seeing him again. Steve's worst fears are true, Vik's been helping himself to the firm's money. He is furious when he finds out from Fiz that Vik has taken Maria to the Caribbean having taken £2000 from the company account. Richard panics when he receives another threatening letter from the bank. Sally asks Rita to be her witness at the wedding. Rita accepts. Kevin asks Curly who is delighted. Angela is finding the job difficult. Hayley offers to stay behind and help her. Angela hurts her finger on the sewing machine. Hayley takes her to casualty. Emma and Curly decide to invite Mick for dinner on Sunday. Mick bumps into Janice again, there is instant attraction and he asks Janice for her phone number. Sally and Alex go out for the afternoon. They declare their love for each other. Tommy panics when Angela arrives home late. Angela apologises but says that she's fed up of being scared all the time and that it's time for them to start living again. Sally is in torment knowing in her heart that she can never be with Alex and that she must go ahead and marry Kevin for the sake of the girls.moreless
  • Mon 2 Dec, 2002
    Mon 2 Dec, 2002
    Episode 206
    Angela starts at Underworld. She appears unfriendly to the others as she doesn't want to talk about herself. Tommy tells Katy off for being rude to Tyrone. Later she asks Tyrone out on a date but he refuses, he can't make her out. Emma has to work overtime much to Curly's annoyance. Later she arrives back with Mick, a police colleague. Mick and Curly get on well. Sally and Alex are very much in love but they know they can't do anything about it. Maria lies to Shelley saying that she needs a week off to look after her gran. In fact she gets back together with Vik and they go away for a few days to the Caribbean. Vik pays for it by stealing £2000 from Street Cars' account. Alex paints a picture of him and Sally standing on a bridge on the mural. Later he papers over it before Kevin gets home. Dev is looking for Vik as he is really worried about Vik's gambling habit. Shelley asks Sunita to be a bridesmaid at her and Peter's wedding. Sally snaps at Kevin, she apologises and puts it down to to pre-wedding nerves. As Mick drives away from Curly and Emma's he accidentally knocks over Janice who is drunk. There's no harm done. Steve becomes suspicious about Vik and he and Karen search Vik's flat and find the accounts books for Street Cars. It's apparent that Vik has done a runner.moreless
  • Sun 1 Dec, 2002
    Sun 1 Dec, 2002
    Episode 205
    Shelley accepts Peter's proposal of marriage. Everyone is delighted for them. David moves back in with Gail and Richard now Audrey's gone away. Todd lends Ken a law book on assault in the work place to help him prepare for the court case. Vik again tries to tell Shelley that Peter has got someone else but Shelley shoots him down in flames. David arrives home and asks where Audrey is. Gail and Richard pretend that everything is okay - they don't tell him about the accusations Audrey has been making regarding Richard. Vik asks Dev to lend him £1500 to pay off his debts but Dev refuses. Peter calls round to see Lucy to finish with her and is surprised when Lucy pre-empts the situation as she's already guessed the score. They share a glass of Champagne and she tells him she has no regrets. Shelley phones her mum to tell her about the engagement. Sally is jealous of Peter and Shelley's happiness. She wishes she felt like that towards Kevin. Maria finishes with Vik. Damian Rodd, a debt collector turns up at Street Cars. He grabs Vik by the throat telling him that he owes £8000. He demands £300 a week. Vik is terrified and has to agree.moreless
  • Fri 29 Nov, 2002
    Fri 29 Nov, 2002
    Episode 204
    Shelley is feeling unnerved by what Vik said and she starts to query why Peter is out so much of the time. She tells him she feels that they're drifting apart. Kevin asks Sally to go with him to choose a suit for the wedding. She makes an excuse as she wants to see Alex at lunchtime. Tyrone tries to chat up Katy Nelson but without much luck. Richard suggests to Gail that they should talk to Audrey and try and sort out their differences. Gail tells Richard what a generous hearted man he is after all the awful things Audrey has said. Richard defends Audrey saying that it's all due to her mental illness. Richard gets very angry when Archie refuses to tell him where Audrey is staying. Angela gets a job at Underworld. Everybody seems to be on Vik's case, Steve is suspicious that Vik's been taking money from the firm, Maria is fed up that he's never at his flat, Dev tries to find out what's going on with Peter Barlow but Vik won't tell him. Peter tells Lucy that Shelley is suspicious. Lucy explains to him why Shelley feels like that. Angela worries when Katy says she's going to get a Saturday job. Peter wants to prove his commitment to Shelley. He asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Wed 27 Nov, 2002
    Wed 27 Nov, 2002
    Episode 203
    Vik goes to see Peter and demands that Peter wipe out his gambling debt and allows him £1k credit. Peter feels he has no choice but to agree. Sally takes a day off sick from work to be with Alex. They go to buy paint together and then go for lunch in the park. Sally tells Alex all about her relationship with Kevin, and confesses to Alex that she fancies him. Tommy starts putting the pressure on Angela to get a job as he is convinced that she needs to get out of the house. He tells her there's a job going at the factory. Peter talks to Lucy about Vik's blackmailing him. Lucy says she should call his bluff and if he does tell Shelley just deny everything. Peter takes Lucy's advice. Vik is angry when Peter tells him there's no deal. Vik tells Shelley that Peter's got another woman. Peter tells Shelley that Vik is a desperate gambling addict. Shelley believes Peter. Sally and Alex admit that they are infatuated with each other but realise they can't do anything about it as they both have other people. Joe tells Mike about a huge deal that he's in the process of clinching with Una's Undies aka Fletchers. Peter tells Vik that he's sold his debts on to somebody else and that the new creditors won't be quite so patient. Vik is seriously worried.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 2002
    Mon 25 Nov, 2002
    Episode 202
    Tommy tries to persuade Angela that it would do her good to get out of the house but she's too scared. Later Maxine and Doreen bang on the door but Angela hides until they've gone away. Sally tells Kevin that she's convinced Peter is having an affair. Alex turns up to start work redecorating at No 13. He and Sally flirt with each other. Vik's losing streak is going from bad to worse. Peter gives him a hard time. Audrey calls at Gail's wanting to see Sarah and David. Gail makes it clear that she's not to see them. Audrey is distraught and starts ranting on about Richard again. Peter takes the afternoon off and takes Lucy to a casino. She surprises him when she admits that she used to be a croupier on a cruise ship. Audrey tries to persuade Martin that his children are in danger living with Richard but she can sense that Martin thinks she's made like everyone else. Emily offers Toyah her front room to study in. Toyah is very grateful. Ken says that Todd's essays are exceptionally good. Archie persuades Audrey that she needs a break. He tells her that his sister Stella has a guest house in the Lakes. Audrey agrees. Vik goes to the casino where he sees Peter with Lucy. He makes it clear to Peter that he's going to blackmail him.moreless
  • Sun 24 Nov, 2002
    Sun 24 Nov, 2002
    Episode 201
    The Hillman's worry about Sarah going out alone after Audrey's attempted kidnap. Kevin surprises Sally by wearing his old wedding suit and having Rosie draw a fake moustache on his face. Archie is angry with Audrey for trying to take the kids. He thinks she has made things worse for herself. Sally overhears Peter talking to Lucy. She knows he is up to no good. The Nelson's are finding it hard to get used to their new life. Katy blames Angela. David is upset that he was not told earlier about Audrey's condition. Peter tells Vik he has cancelled his slate after running up a £1000 debt in one week. Roy refuses to shut the café early, despite pleas from Jack and Vera and even though there are no customers. Sally and Alex have a drink together and discuss what colours to paint her house. Martin tells Gail and Richard that they could get Audrey sectioned. When he mentions that there will be doctor assessments Richard makes excuses not to. Emma meets Mick in the Rovers for a drink. Curly is not happy about it. Peter goes to see Lucy. He feels bad that all they do is go to bed together. He decides to take her out on a proper date. Rosie gossips about Craig to David. She obviously has a crush on Craig. Audrey goes to the Hillman's and tells them that she has changed her will so that Gail gets nothing. Richard realises that his plan is ruined.moreless
  • Fri 22 Nov, 2002
    Fri 22 Nov, 2002
    Episode 200
    Audrey regrets what she said to Gail the night before. Gail fills Sarah in on what Audrey said to her. Sarah thinks she really is mad. Audrey phones Gail to apologise but Gail will not accept it until she takes back everything that she said about Richard too. It is Tommy's first day at work and he proves to be a good mechanic. Rita asks Sarah how Audrey is. She becomes suspicious, as the Hillman's all seem unwilling to reveal too much to her. Vik convinces Maria to go out with him again. The police tell Audrey and Archie that they won't be taking matters any further. Kevin and Tyrone invite Tommy to the Rovers. He is unnerved and soon makes his excuses and leaves. Ken gives Todd some tuition on Blake and love. Todd thinks Ken should be an agony aunt. Audrey goes round to the Hillman's and gets the kids ready to go out for pizza with her. Sarah is suspicious about Audrey's hurry. Vik cancels his date with Maria after losing another bet. Richard and Gail come home to find Audrey trying to take the kids. She tells Gail that she is protecting them but Gail loses her temper and tells Audrey to leave her family alone.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 2002
    Wed 20 Nov, 2002
    Episode 199
    Audrey and Archie go to the police to report Richard. Kevin interviews Tommy at the garage. Tommy looks uneasy when Kevin tries to check out his references. However, when he cannot get a reference straight away he tells Tommy he has got the job if he can fix a van in the garage. Roy and Ken discuss Todd's William Blake book in the café. Todd is not impressed. The police arrive at the Hillman's and take Richard in for questioning. Katy goes to find her dad at the garage. Tyrone is instantly attracted to her. Richard tells the police that Audrey has dementia and has made everything up. Gail goes to the police station, backs up Richard's story and he is sent home. Ken offers to help Todd with his work. He accepts and Deirdre is pleased for Ken. Sally and Kevin decide to redecorate. Kevin introduces her to a decorator. She is happy to see that it is Alex. Gail and Richard go to Archie's house to confront Archie and Audrey about the allegations. In a heated argument, Audrey accuses Gail of plotting to kill her too.moreless
  • Mon 18 Nov, 2002
    Mon 18 Nov, 2002
    Episode 198
    Audrey wants to go to the police. Archie tells her to go and see Gail before contacting the police. Ken and Deirdre come back from their holiday to find that they are locked out. Tommy applies for a job at Kevin's garage. Alex helps Sally get some grit out of her eye. There is an instant attraction. Gail and Richard go to collect Audrey. Audrey becomes hysterical again when she sees Richard and Archie tells them to leave. Vikram pays his debt off at the bookies. Audrey goes to see Gail. They have a row over Richard and as Audrey leaves they are both in tears. Blanche finally arrives home and lets Ken and Deirdre in. Ken checks his post and finds that his court date is set for the end of January. Sarah finally bumps into Ken. They both feel awkward. Sarah apologises about the accident, but he is just hopes that she is recovering well. Archie tells Audrey that first thing the next morning they should go to the police and tell them all about Richard.moreless
  • Sun 17 Nov, 2002
    Sun 17 Nov, 2002
    Episode 197
    Audrey tells Archie that Richard has been trying to kill her all along. Richard is panicking, knocking at Archie's door, asking him to let him in. Archie lets Richard in, Audrey starts screaming so he makes Richard go home. Audrey wants to call the police but Archie makes her calm down first. Audrey realises that Archie does not believe her. Richard goes home and tells Gail what has happened. Gail is distraught. Audrey tries to prove that she is sane by showing Archie how she passed the doctor's memory tests. However, this makes her appear even more insane. Gail phones Archie. She wants to go round but Archie assures her that it would be best if she stays away for now. Richard tells Gail about his experiences with his mother's Alzheimer's. Audrey realises that she was working when her dress was taken to the cleaners. Richard tells Gail that his marriage failed because of his mother's condition. They are both visibly upset and try to console each other. Audrey lists to Archie all the things which make her suspicious of Richard. Archie also finds that he has reasons to suspect Richard too. Gail and Richard become even closer and pledge their devotion to each other. Audrey and Archie think that Richard may have killed his ex-wife. Audrey thinks that Gail is in danger.moreless
  • Fri 15 Nov, 2002
    Fri 15 Nov, 2002
    Episode 196
    Gail and Richard tell Sarah that Audrey has dementia and from now on needs constant looking after. Katy and Craig get ready for their first day at school. Katy is missing her friends. Richard tells Rita and Archie that Audrey is not well mentally and cannot have visitors, so is not happy when he finds Fred at their house talking to Audrey. Mike tells Doreen that they should just stick to chats in the Rovers she's divorced. Richard won't let Audrey go out alone. Audrey breaks down to Gail. Vik puts another bet on. Sally tells him that her dad was a compulsive gambler and she knows the signs. Vik's horse loses again. Audrey hears Richard telling Gail that they should get power of attorney on Audrey's estate. Vik transfers £2000 of Streetcars money to his personal account. David and Craig make friends and walk home from school together. Audrey sneaks out of the house. David sees her and tells Gail and Richard. Richard follows her along the canal to Archie's house. Peter tells Lucy that he doesn't want to lose her and they make up. Peter later goes home and tells Shelley how much he loves her. Audrey realises that Richard is after her money and has been trying to kill her.moreless
  • Wed 13 Nov, 2002
    Wed 13 Nov, 2002
    Episode 195
    Steve is congratulated about his heroism in saving Audrey. Richard tells Archie that he is not celebrating because the fire has proved that Audrey is becoming a danger to herself. The Nelson's move into the street. Blanche immediately starts gossiping about them when Angela does not stop to say hello to Blanche and Vera. Audrey breaks down to Gail, as she is scared about what is happening to her. Richard shows the fire investigator round the house and is relieved to hear that there is no suspicion and the fire will be reported as an accident. Lucy brings flowers to Coronation Street for Audrey. Archie sees her and invites her for a drink in the Rovers. She meets Shelley. When Peter sees Shelley and Lucy together he panics. When Lucy leaves he follows her. He is furious and tells Lucy not to go near Shelley again. Audrey moves into the Hillman's and David moves in with Martin. Maxine and Doreen pop round to meet the Nelson's, bringing them a cup of sugar. Doreen gets a letter from the solicitors saying that Derek has made Mike a co-respondent in the divorce. She tells Mike but he wants nothing to do with it. Audrey asks Gail to re-book her an appointment with the specialist. Richard checks Audrey's pills with Martin. He decides to look after them in case she overdoses.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Audrey's house is in flames as Richard arrives home. Steve brings Audrey's glasses into the Rovers and gives them to Archie. Archie tries to call Audrey but the call is unable to connect. Archie is worried so persuades Steve to drive him round to Audrey's house. Peter is jealous about Lucy's friend Dan. Lucy tells him that nothing is going on but if he has got Shelley she can see other people too. Emma and Curly talk. She wants another baby but he doesn't want to stay at home and bring up another child. Audrey wakes up to find her house on fire. She runs downstairs but trips, falls down the stairs and ends up face down and unconscious. Steve and Archie arrive at Audrey's and see the fire. Archie calls for an ambulance and Steve smashes the window, goes into the house and drags Audrey out. The paramedics arrive and take Audrey and Steve to hospital in an ambulance. Archie goes to the Hillman's to tell them the news. Gail panics and she and Richard go to the hospital. Richard looks satisfied that Audrey is in intensive care. Sarah is worried about Audrey and breaks down to Archie and David. Gail and Richard are told that Audrey is going to be okay. Richard can't believe it.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Shelley is on cloud nine after her wonderful weekend away with Peter. Curly arranges for Sunita to babysit so that he and Emma can go out. She tells him that she can't go out with him as she is going out with her work colleagues. When Sunita arrives he goes to the Rovers. Doreen tells Mike that she told her husband about them going out for a meal before her neighbours could. Mike is worried about people getting the wrong idea. Richard tries to get Audrey drunk by spiking her drink with extra gin. Peter tells Curly and Martin that women are just as bad as men. The key is to not feel guilty, whatever you do. Richard appears exasperated when Gail tells him that Audrey is going home in a taxi and that there is no need for him to take her home. Audrey is surprised that she feels drunk when she gets home. She goes to make herself some hot milk but is too tired so turns everything off and goes to bed. Peter is not happy when he arrives at Lucy's to find her friend Dan Kelly there. Curly tells Martin that he and Emma are having relationship problems. Emma comes home and is confronted by Curly telling her they need to talk. Richard lets himself into Audrey's house, takes the batteries out of the smoke alarm and turns the hob on under the pan of milk, placing tea towels with in reach of the gas ring to start a fire. As the tea towel begins to smoulder, he leaves the house.moreless
  • Sun 10 Nov, 2002
    Sun 10 Nov, 2002
    Episode 192
    Archie persuades Audrey to see a doctor straightaway. Maxine is not pleased to receive pans for her birthday present from Ashley and makes him take them back. Audrey and Archie go to the dry cleaners and pick up the dress. She asks the assistant if she recognises her but the assistant thinks she is mad. A removal van arrives outside No. 6 and a curious Maxine goes to investigate. The doctor finds no problems with Audrey's memory but as a precaution, arranges for her to see a specialist. Vik guesses that Dev has spoken to Steve about his money problems and so warns Dev to keep out of his business. Audrey breaks down to Gail as she is so worried that she is losing her mind. Mike takes Doreen out to dinner to talk about her divorce. An old neighbour of Doreen's sees them in the restaurant. Doreen is worried it will affect the divorce. Gail tells Richard that she has arranged for Audrey to see a private specialist next Tuesday.moreless
  • Fri 8 Nov, 2002
    Fri 8 Nov, 2002
    Episode 191
    Gail and Richard discuss how worried they are that Audrey is going senile. Martin fusses over Sarah as she settles back in at home. Steve notices that there is obviously something worrying Vik as he spends the morning rubbing people up the wrong way. Audrey tells Rita and Archie that she has booked a doctor's appointment. Dev warns Steve about Vik's betting problem and tells him to keep an eye on Vik. Kevin and Sally book their wedding for 9th December. Sally asks Peter if Shelley passed the message on. Peter panics and tells Shelley he had arranged with Fred for her to have the weekend off so that she could come with him as a surprise. He later begs Fred to let Shelley have the days off. Harry volunteers to do her shifts. Gail and Richard tell David and Sarah that Audrey is going senile. Richard secretly puts the dry cleaning receipt in Audrey's purse. Rita gives Sally and Kevin her blessing for the wedding. Peter goes to Lucy's. She is disappointed when he cancels their weekend away. Audrey is distressed to find the dry cleaning receipt in her purse.moreless
  • Wed 6 Nov, 2002
    Wed 6 Nov, 2002
    Episode 190
    Rosie and Sophie are thrilled that Sally and Kevin are getting married again. Maria tells Vik that she is willing to give him another chance, but he's not interested. Richard and Gail pick Sarah up from hospital. Peter tells a shocked Vik that he is £2000 in debt to the bookies. Audrey arranges a roast dinner for the family. When she leaves for work, Richard lets himself into her house and turns the timer off the oven so that lunch is ruined. Vik pleads with Dev for a loan. Dev refuses. Sally takes a message from the hotel in Chepstow about Peter's booking. Sally passes the message on to Shelley who is suspicious that the hotel is booked for two. Sarah is now home and is worried about bumping into Ken Barlow. Rita and Eileen are shocked to hear about Sally and Kevin's engagement. Audrey is very upset and confused to find that the dinner has not cooked. She begins to think that she really is losing her mind. Rita questions Sally about whether she has made the right decision. Vik offers to go to the bank for Steve to pay some money into the Street Cars account. However, he takes the money into the bookies.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Sally and Kevin talk about his proposal but are interrupted when Maxine and Ashley arrive for Sophie's party. Sally tells Eileen about Kevin's proposal, while Kevin tells Curly. Maria is cheesed off when Vik stands her up. Emily is shocked when Rita tells her that she has decided to sell Mr Woo. Peter suggests to Lucy that they go away for the weekend to Chepstow. Jason persuades Todd to take Eileen with him to look around Oxford University. Vik asks Dev for a loan but when Dev asks if it is to pay off his gambling debts he tells him to forget that he asked. Norris is annoyed to find out that the dog Kirk sold him for £450 was only worth £300. Peter tells Shelley about the meeting at Chepstow next weekend. She says that she can't go but that he should go to make lots of money to pay for her Christmas present. Sally agrees to marry Kevin.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 2002 [Episode 1]
    It is Sophie's birthday and Kevin and Sally give her a bike. Kevin and Sally feel awkward about spending the night together. Richard assures Audrey that her spare key is in good hands. Norris begins to think that his deception to Rita over Mr Woo is a mistake. Emily tells him that it is too late to confess now that he has bought Mr Woo Two. Vik has another loss at the bookies. Sally points out to Peter that Vik is well over his account limit. Peter calls in the debt. Later, Vik tries to place another bet but Peter tells him no more bets until the debt is cleared. Vik storms out. Peter tells Shelley that he is working at the dog races that night. He is really going to see Lucy so panics when Shelley says that she wants to come with him. He is later relieved when Shelley says she has to work that night after all. Kevin tells Curly that he is regretting moving back in. Curly tells him to take the rough with the smooth and just get on with it. Norris sprays Mr Woo with Rita's hairspray to familiarise him with her scent. Eileen and Sally prepare Sophie's party. Sally tells Eileen that she slept with Kevin again. Sally is still confused about her feelings for Kevin. Rita notices something different about Mr Woo. Norris tells her that Mr Woo is punishing her for leaving him to go on holiday. Peter spends another evening with Lucy. Before Sophie's party starts, Kevin proposes to Sally.moreless
  • Sun 3 Nov, 2002
    Sun 3 Nov, 2002
    Episode 187
    Todd is very upset that Sarah doesn't want him. Eileen is quietly relieved and is delighted when Todd says he's going to concentrate on his studies again. Hayley rows with Roy over the café expansion idea. Roy eventually realises that it's a mad idea and he and Hayley make up. Candice and Sarah are again firm friends. They vow that they've had enough of boys for the time being. Vikram continues his gambling and arranges to take Maria out again. Richard calls to see Audrey and is horrified when Audrey says that she's getting the locks changed as she feels that someone else must be going into her house. He tries to dissuade her she goes ahead. Eileen babysits for Sally and Kevin who go out for a curry. Kevin later explains to Curly that he and Sally don't have sex they just live together. Curly is shocked. Richard can't believe his luck when Audrey calls round and gives Gail a spare set of the new keys to her house. Sally tells Kevin that she now feels ready to have a proper sexual relationship with him. She and Kevin go to bed together.moreless
  • Fri 1 Nov, 2002
    Fri 1 Nov, 2002
    Episode 186
    Ken explains to Deirdre that he's resigned on principle. Deirdre shouts at him, telling him that he's a good teacher, and that they can't manage on her wage alone. Blanche tells Betty and Emily that she's always been a fan of the 3 B's - belt, birch and borstal. Roy tells Hayley that they can afford to buy next door if they get rid of Vera and Toyah and Hayley gives up her job in the factory and works at the café instead. Norris and Kirk take a trip to Skipton where they buy a new Shitzuh as a replacement for Mr Woo. Todd admits to Eileen that he's having second thoughts about university. Richard tells Gail that he'll take her out for dinner and ask Audrey to babysit. He purposely doesn't ask Audrey and later pretends that he did making Audrey look unreliable and forgetful. Ken changes his mind and tells Deirdre that he will retract his resignation, accept suspension on full pay and fight his corner. He and Deirdre decide to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. Todd tells Sarah he loves her. He says he would rather get a job and stay with her than go to university. Sarah says she's very fond of him but doesn't want a boyfriend at the moment as she needs to concentrate on Bethany. Todd is gutted. Kevin buys Sophie a bike for her birthday. He hides it at the garage until the day.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 2002
    Wed 30 Oct, 2002
    Episode 185
    Ken has his Initial Hearing at which he pleads guilty. Richard swears to Gail that he will never lie to her again and that they will discuss everything. Sally and Kevin are getting on really well. Eileen is getting increasingly concerned about the amount of time Todd is spending with Sarah rather than concentrating on going to university. Ken feels even more guilty when he finds out that he actually broke Ade's nose. Richard lets himself into Audrey's house and removes a dress she's left out for cleaning. Roy stops protesting outside Dev's shop as he realises that without support he's fighting a losing battle. Ken is given a trial date in the New Year. Everyone wants to buy Ken a drink but he can't cope with the attention and leaves. Audrey discovers her dress is missing. She panics that she's going mad again and confides in Archie. Roy suggests that they could stop the arcade going ahead if they were to expand the café sideways. Gail suggests they could turn the garage into another bedroom but Richard has to admit that they can't afford to. Ken tells Deirdre that he's handed in his resignation as a teacher. Deirdre feels upset for him.moreless
  • Mon 28 Oct, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Ken is guilt ridden and offers his resignation to Miss Johnson. Gail takes Bethany in to the hospital to see Sarah. Sarah cries as she realises how much Bethany means to her. Richard has another meeting with his bank manager who demands that Richard starts paying off his debts even sooner. Richard is feeling the pressure. Ken tells Deirdre what he's done. She tells him that hitting Aidan was understandable but Ken can't forgive himself. Peter tells Ken how he hit his ex-wife Jessica once and that you have to learn from your mistakes. Ken becomes a local hero as everyone agrees that Ade deserved a good thump. Roy is still camping outside Dev's shop. Candice visits Sarah and they make up. Gail finds out that Richard has had another meeting with Chris Melton. She goes berserk with Richard. Richard breaks down and apologises for being a useless husband and father. Gail comforts him and assures him she loves him. The police turn up and arrest Ken. Aidan has made a complaint against him for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.moreless
  • Mon 28 Oct, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Todd bunks off school to visit Sarah in hospital. She's pleased. Ken is appalled to find Aidan back in school on the first day of term. Roy continues to protest outside Dev's shop by himself but not to much avail. Sarah makes a statement to the Police that Aidan was driving the car when it crashed. Norris starts looking for a replacement dog for Mr Woo. Emily isn't happy about the plan but goes along with it. Kirk offer to help by speaking to his dad at the kennels. The police haul Aidan out of class much to Ken's delight and take him down to the station to interview him. Aidan is worried. Later that day Aidan is released and turns up back in school. Ken is gutted particularly when Aidan starts winding him up and giving him back-chat. Audrey tell Richard that she hasn't had any more funny turns recently and that she's taken Archie's advice and been eating a lot of broccoli. Richard meets up with Chris Melton who tells him that the bail hostel is probably still going ahead. Richard is worried what he's going to tell the bank manager. Aidan continues to goad Ken saying that there's no proof that he was driving the car. Ken finally snaps and in front of the class punches Ade, sending him reeling across the room. Ken is appalled at what he's done.moreless
  • Sun 27 Oct, 2002
    Sun 27 Oct, 2002
    Episode 182
    Sarah is starting on the road to recovery. Norris discovers that Mr Woo the dog is dead. To his horror he finds out that chocolate is bad for dogs. He is guilt-ridden and persuades Emily that they should get another dog the same so that Rita will never know. Roy and Hayley stage a very successful protest outside Dev's shop. Dev is livid. Candice discovers from Audrey that Ade never bothered to call an ambulance - it was done by a stranger. Candice is disgusted with Ade. She tells Ade to hand himself over to the police or she'll do it for him. Emma questions Sarah over the crash but she can only remember bits of what happened. She recalls having a row with Candice. Eileen is worried that Todd seems to think more of Sarah than his career. Maria has a great night out with Vik and agrees to go out with him again. Todd visits Sarah again. Sarah realises that Todd missed his Oxford open day to stay at her bedside. Aidan confesses to his father that he was driving the car when it crashed. Sarah's starts to remember the crash. She tells Todd that it was Aidan driving the car. Todd urges her to tell the Police but Sarah is reluctant.moreless
  • Fri 25 Oct, 2002
    Fri 25 Oct, 2002
    Episode 181
    Audrey is blaming herself for Sarah's accident. Had she not let Sarah go out none of this would have happened. Richard comforts her. Hayley tries to talk to Dev about the amusement arcade proposal but he refuses to listen. Hayley is disgusted with him. Todd goes to the hospital and just sits hoping to be allowed to see Sarah. Curly confides in Sunita that Emma wants another baby. He tells Sunita that he doesn't feel ready yet. A girl walks into the Rovers and hits Maria, calling her a slag. Maria is stunned until she finds out that the lad she got off with the previous night is engaged to the girl shouting at her. Candice tells Aidan that if Sarah dies she will go straight to the Police and report him. Aidan is scared. Vik asks Maria out on a date. She accepts. Todd is allowed into the intensive care unit to see Sarah. She is still in a coma. Todd chats away to her and as he does her eyes flick open. Richard spots Aidan in the Street and chases him. He's just about to hit him when Gail runs up and stops him. Gail then lashes out at Ade instead. Todd notices Sarah's eyes flickering and calls the nurse. Gail rushes to her bedside.moreless
  • Wed 23 Oct, 2002
    Wed 23 Oct, 2002
    Episode 180
    Martin rushes to see Sarah and is upset that Gail didn't let him know. Ken feels so guilty for not reporting Aidan's joyriding before. He goes to visit Sarah but Gail loses control and shouts at him telling him it's his fault. Sarah's operation went well but she's still touch and go and on a ventilator. Aidan tries to persuade Candice to be his alibi but she refuses. Aidan lies to the Police and says that he was home watching TV when the crash happened. His father knows he's lying. Todd rushes to the hospital, worried sick about Sarah and all thoughts of university temporarily forgotten. Candice is terribly upset about Sarah. Everyone is putting pressure on her as they're sure she's covering up for Aidan. Vik hands out another racing tip and the horse wins. However later he gives another tip and this time the horse loses. Steve and Eileen aren't so pleased this time. Curly delivers the news to Roy and Hayley that planning permission has been approved for the amusement arcade. They are shocked when Curly also tells them that Dev is the applicant. David sits by Sarah's bed and tells her he loves her and wants her to get better.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Sarah is trapped in the car and seriously injured. Aidan can't tell if she's dead or alive but he climbs out of the crashed car and runs away. Gail is furious with Richard, she starts dragging up all the lies he's told her, the ex-wife, the bracelet. He tries to explain that the money will be well spent when Chris Melton stops the bail hostel application from going through. The fire brigade have to cut Sarah from the car where she then ambulanced to Intensive Care. Emma is at the scene. Emma breaks the news to the Hillmans that Sarah is critically ill in hospital. A police officer calls at Ken's and tells him that they've found his car, crashed with Sarah Platt trapped in the passenger seat. Ken is shocked and blames himself for not reporting the car earlier. Peter arrives back from Lucy's late but Shelley is just relieved to see him as she was worried that he might have been in Ken's car. Gail, Richard and Audrey go to the hospital. Gail can't believe that Sarah might die, or be brain damaged. Aidan calls round to Candice's and tells her about the crash. He tries to convince her that she's involved as well but she throws him out, disgusted with him.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Sarah is upset when she sees Candice and Aid snogging. Later she has it out with Aid. He blames Candice and tells Sarah he only wants her. Emma says she would like another baby but Curly isn't so sure. Vik arrives back from his holiday. He chats up Maria over the Rovers' bar. Peter lies to Shelley and says that he has a race meeting that evening. He spends the evening with Lucy. Ken again finds that his car is missing. Deirdre in convinced that it's Aid behind all this and insists that Ken calls the Police which he does. Aid takes Sarah out for spin in Ken's car. Shelley arranges to meet Peter at home but he doesn't turn up and his phone is switched off. Peter has fallen asleep at Lucy's. Richard, Gail and the Meltons arrive from their holiday. Gail finds out that Richard has paid for the whole holiday using the money from her re-mortgaging the house and is furious. Jason takes the mickey out of Todd for wanting to go to Oxford University. Aidan is driving far too fast. Sarah asks him to slow down but he clips the kerb and the car flips over on to its roof.moreless
  • Sun 20 Oct, 2002
    Sun 20 Oct, 2002
    Episode 177
    Audrey moves back in to the Hillmans to look after the kids for the last day before Gail and Richard are due back. Sarah is upset to find out that Aid has told Candice about nicking Ken's car. Deirdre deduces that the only person who could have had easy access to Ken's car keys was Aidan when he was working at the garage. Ken thinks she might be right. Norris is having a hard time looking after Mr Woo until he realises that the dog loves chocolate. He keeps feeding Mr Woo chocolates and Mr Woo becomes friendly towards him. Maria explains to Norris that he suffers from cynophobia, fear of dogs. Sarah and Candice have a fight over Aid as they both want to be his girlfriend. Aid loves the attention and tell them both to meet him at 11pm. Norris tells Emma that Ben said that word "dog" the other day. Emma realises that she's missing out on Ben's childhood. She and Curly apologise to each other and Curly is shocked when she suggests that they should try for another baby. Maria is upsetting some of the customers as she always serves the good looking men before the women. Janice and Les call a truce and decide to be friends. Candice and Sarah turn up to wait for Aid. He arrives driving Ken's car. Sarah is shocked. Aid dares them to get in. Sarah refuses but Candice climbs in and they drive off together. Sarah is very upset.moreless
  • Fri 18 Oct, 2002
    Fri 18 Oct, 2002
    Episode 176
    Ken is angry when he receives another speeding fine. He realises that someone else must have been driving his car. David asks Martin for some money for his school trip. He later asks Audrey for the same thing. Martin finds out and David is in trouble. Emma has an interview to become an Inspector and is upset when she doesn't get the job. She tries to talk to Curly about it but he is more concerned about Ben's teething. They have a huge row about careers. Roy is concerned that the amusement arcade might be going ahead when he sees a man re-glazing the shop. Curly reassures him that nothing has been decided. Emily leaves Norris to look after Mr Woo in the Kabin while she goes shopping. Harry changes a barrel of beer for Shelley. She's impressed and it's agreed that Harry will become cellarman as well as cleaner. Aidan tells Sarah about the speeding ticket stunt that he's pulling on Ken. Sarah tells him to pack it in but he ignores her. Candice flirts with Aid and kisses him behind Sarah's back. Aid loves the attention. Janice turns up at Les's to wait for the Housing Officer. Les tries to rekindle their old passion and tells Janice he still loves her. She realises that the Housing Officer isn't coming and that Les was just trying it on. She tells Les there's nothing between them anymore and leaves.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Mr Woo traps Norris at the top of the stairs until Emily removes him. Ken receives a speeding ticket but he's adamant that he never speeds. Karen starts back at the factory. Audrey decides she doesn't want to see a doctor as she's frightened of what she might be told. The lady who was mugged calls on Peter to give him the £20 back which he leant her. She tells Shelley that Peter was with another woman at the time. Peter tells Shelley that the other woman was just a stranger who stopped to help. Shelley believes him. Aidan shows Sarah the copy key he's had made to Ken Barlow's car. Aid takes the car for a spin and Sarah is shocked. Les receives a letter from the Housing Dept telling him that he and Janice can stay in the house. Les tells Janice they haven't made a decision yet and that they will be calling again on Friday which is also their wedding anniversary. Janice agrees to come round again and pretend to be back with Les. Maria gets a job as a barmaid in the Rovers. Martin moves into the Hillmans house to look after the kids and alleviate Audrey. Peter tells Lucy that despite nearly being found out he's enjoying both their relationship and the danger that goes with it.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Audrey is becoming increasingly concerned about her sanity, she can't find her checklist and her appointments book doesn't make sense. Mr Woo, the dog moves in with Emily and Norris. Norris can't stand Mr Woo who continually growls at him and bears his teeth. Mr Woo bars Norris from the stairs so that he can't get to bed. Emily has to remove him. Peter is being hailed a hero for rescuing a lady from muggers. He feels very uncomfortable about it as he was with Lucy at the time. Maria goes for a job at the factory but admits she has no experience. Karen begs Joe to give her her old job back at the factory and he begrudgingly agrees to put her on a trial basis. The Housing Officers visits Les again. Janice save the day by turning up and telling her that she's moved back in with Les. The Housing Officer says that as they are now a couple again they can remain in the house. Curly apologises to Roy that he didn't get a chance to raise the objection to the amusement arcade at the planning meeting and that he'll raise it at the next one instead. Archie is concerned about Audrey and makes her promise to see a doctor.moreless
  • Sun 13 Oct, 2002
    Sun 13 Oct, 2002
    Episode 173
    Gail and Richard get ready for their holiday. Emily is filling in for Rita in the Kabin while Rita goes on a cruise with Mavis. Despite working there before, Norris takes it upon himself to train Emily in the running of the Kabin, much to Emily's frustration. Diana calls Rita to say she is going to Florida so Rita has to take the dog now. Les brings Mr Woo round to Rita's in the taxi. However, the dog leaves Les an unpleasant deposit on the back seat. Audrey writes a checklist for while Gail is away as she is worried about her memory. To Norris' disgust, Emily agrees to look after Mr Woo while Rita is away. Richard nearly gets caught by Audrey when he goes into the salon, turns the tap on and rubs out appointments in the appointment book. Nobody told Martin that Gail was going away so when Audrey asks for his help with the kids he refuses. Lucy and Peter help a woman, Annie Woodford, who is mugged. Les tells Kirk he might have to find somewhere else to live as Janice will not help him fool the council into thinking she is still living with him. Sunita feels a fool when Dev says he should not have told her about his problems as she only works in his shop. Richard steals Audrey's checklist before leaving for Spain.moreless
  • Fri 11 Oct, 2002
    Fri 11 Oct, 2002
    Episode 172
    Rita tells Norris she is definitely going to have Mr Woo, the dog. Eileen decides to set up a savings account to fund Todd's university placement and Jason is jealous. Richard persuades Gail to go to Spain with his friends, the Meltons, who have invited them to their villa. However, when they meet in the Rovers it becomes clear to all but Gail that it is Richard who has hired the villa. Sunita promises Deirdre that she will not tell Ken about her night with Dev. Geena puts on a brave face behind the bar but runs off in tears when Dev and Joe come in and argue. Maria teases Fiz, who takes offence. While Maria is out on her date, Toyah tells Fiz that she likes living with her and not to worry about Maria. Audrey spots Richard's friend, Chris Melton, whom she knows from the Council. He appears nervous as Audrey speaks to him. Maria tells Geena that women should take control of their own lives. Geena gets upset again and goes to Shelley's flat. On the way, Dev tries to apologise to her but she is not interested. Ken arrives home and sees his car is parked in a different place to where he left it. Geena tells Shelley she has decided to make a new start away from Weatherfield. She passes Joe on the way and head held high, she walks away from him and away from Coronation Street.moreless
  • Wed 9 Oct, 2002
    Wed 9 Oct, 2002
    Episode 171
    Gail is cold towards Richard as he tries to make it up to her. Sunita has a go at Dev over the way he treats women. He thanks her for the advice. Norris reads the stars and notes that it is a day for romance for both him and Tyrone. Things are awkward between Sunita and Deirdre. They later talk and clear the air. Norris is transfixed when Diana Black enters the Kabin to pay off her mother's magazines. Rita watches amused as he flaunts himself before Diana. At work Geena is concerned about the gossips. Shelley tries to reassure her. Charlotte turns up at the Hillman's. She apologises, then leaves for Australia. Gail finds Maria at the Rovers and confronts her about leaving Nick without telling him. Audrey is also shocked and refuses to give Maria her job back. Diana comes back and asks Norris to find a home for her mother's dog. Rita tells Norris that she wants him. Norris gets ready to see Diana. He is disappointed when Rita tells him she has a husband. After his date with Sarah, Ade lets himself into Ken's car and drives off. Meanwhile, Ken tells Kevin that he is delighted with the progress Ade has made at the garage. Tyrone approaches Maria but she walks away telling him that she did not come back for him. Tyrone is gutted. After work, Sunita confides in Deirdre, telling Deirdre that she is in love with Dev.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Richard talks his way out of why Gail is wearing Patricia's bracelet. He tells Charlotte that Patricia gave the bracelet back to him while having a row over discovering Charlotte's obsession with Richard, giving an excuse as to why Patricia never went to Australia to live with her. Geena is working behind the bar waiting anxiously. Joe arrives and discovers that Dev is not there yet. When Dev arrives, Geena takes a break in the back room. Richard agrees to take Charlotte to her hotel. On the way, he stops the car in a deserted place. They row and he tells her menacingly that it would be a good idea if she would disappear too. Peter and Lucy discuss their relationship in her flat. Meanwhile, at Peter and Shelley's flat, Sunita gets drunk and tells Shelley about both her and Geena's problems. Sunita jokingly asks if she can have Peter but Shelley is quite happy with what she has got. Geena comes back to the bar. Joe goes over to talk to her. She tells him to trust her and go and sit back down but he ignores the warning and dumps her. Geena tells Joe everything and then leaves, out the back door. Joe confronts Dev then chases after Geena, but she tells him it is over. Peter arrives back at the flat and escorts and drunken Sunita home. Maria and Toyah come home to find Fiz and Kirk cuddling on the sofa. Maria makes it clear that she has moved back in and does not want Kirk hanging around. Richard finally arrives home. He tells Gail that they won't be seeing Charlotte again.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Gail begins arranging for the kids to be out when Charlotte comes for dinner. Richard tries to persuade Gail to cancel the dinner arrangement but to no avail. Archie tries to reassure Audrey that she is not losing her marbles. However, later she refuses to look after the kids for Gail as she feels that she cannot trust herself. Richard thinks Audrey has done him a favour and the dinner will be cancelled but Gail tells him that Martin is looking after the kids. Dev tells Sunita about Joe's proposal. Sunita is shocked that Dev did not tell Joe that he had already dropped the charges. Maria tells Toyah why she left Nick. They have a giggle leaving Fiz feeling left out. That night it is Toyah who feels left out when Maria goes on a date. Tyrone tells Aidan about his joy-riding days, giving Aidan ideas. Todd tells Eileen, in confidence, that his teacher thinks that he is Oxbridge material. Eileen is so proud she spends the rest of the day telling everyone all about it. Joe speaks to Dev and agrees to publicly dump Geena in the Rovers that night. Later on, Dev tells Geena about his deal with Joe and how he has already dropped the charges. It is up to her what she decides to do. Sunita agrees to have dinner with Shelley. She clearly has things on her mind so Peter says he will cook for them and then go out. He goes to see Lucy. Aidan arranges for a taxi to take himself, Candice and Sarah to a bar. Gail is ready for dinner. Richard spots that she is wearing the bracelet he gave her. During dinner Charlotte sees the bracelet and confronts Richard.moreless
  • Sun 6 Oct, 2002
    Sun 6 Oct, 2002
    Episode 168
    Its Kirk and Maria's mum's anniversary. Kirk stays at Fiz's and they keep Toyah awake. Charlotte insists on going to the morgue. Archie thinks Charlotte should view body. Richard seems to contemplate another murder. He puts a knife up is jacket sleeve. Just before they leave, the Police turn up saying it was not Patricia's body he identified. Gail invites Charlotte round for dinner the next night. Richard is angry. Maria returns from Canada. Back at the Salon flat she is alone and turns the radio up loud whilst having a shower. Audrey hears it, knocks on the door to no answer. Audrey asks Toyah and Fiz about it and takes them to the flat. The music has stopped and no-one is at the flat as Maria has gone out. Audrey thinks she is going mad and is badly shaken. She confides in Archie and Richard. Meanwhile, Toyah and Fiz bump into Maria and piece it together. Kirk cannot afford flowers for his mum, so Shelley tells Peter to pay on his card from the flower shop, i.e. Lucy's, he goes to. When booking on the phone, he arranges to go out for a drink with Lucy secretly. Les asks Janice to pretend to move back in, in order to keep his house. She agrees as long as she has nothing to do with it. Roy is concerned about his petition against the Amusement Arcade. He goes to Curly for advice. Joe is getting increasingly worried about the police arresting him and puts it to Dev that if he drops the charges he'll dump Geena.moreless
  • Fri 4 Oct, 2002
    Fri 4 Oct, 2002
    Episode 167
    Geena tells Joe that Dev threw her out when he clicked she was setting him up. Les receives a letter from the housing dept saying they are looking at moving him to a one bedroom flat at Weatherfield Estate. He is distraught. Fiz says Kirk can squeeze in with her. Meanwhile, Vik will not give out anymore horse racing tips after everyone doubting him before. Ade starts his work experience at the garage and immediately rubs Tyrone up the wrong way. Dev does not turn into work the next day so Sunita visits him at home. Deirdre is annoyed at not understanding what is going on. Patricia's sister, Charlotte Morris, turns up on Richard's door step from Australia saying she is back for the funeral. She does not ask many questions and goes to her hotel for some sleep. Gail questions why they do not react to each other well, Richard puts her at ease. Vik places another bet at the bookies to win. He wants short notice holiday leave to go to visit Sam in Ibiza using his winnings. Janice tries to apologise to Les for ruining his cover with the housing department. Geena is fed up after Dev caught her out and Joe takes her out for a drink in town. Dev see's them together and tells Sunita he will withdraw his statement with the police. Richard and Gail settle down for a quite bottle of wine when Charlotte turns up. Much to Richards's dismay she says she wants to make arrangements to see Patricia's body.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 2002
    Wed 2 Oct, 2002
    Episode 166
    Shelley is pleased Peter came home rather than continuing from bowling to the casino. Geena apologises to Dev for leaving last night saying she felt weird - a lot has happened. He agrees to take it slowly and they arrange to meet later for a drink. She asks Dev to drop the charges but he wants to concentrate on their relationship first. Les and Kirk have a dress rehearsal for the Housing Officers visit. Les tells Kirk to take it seriously. Vik insists the last win was his 'tip' and picks another 'winner,' "Tricksy Trixie." No-one believes Vik's tip so he places a bet himself to prove people wrong. Sunita is distressed and Dev thinks she is jealous. She tells him Geena is only doing this to make him drop the charges. Dev asks Geena for her true feelings. She tells him she loves him. Barry Sawyer from the Housing Department turns up at Les's asking questions about infringements of the tenancy agreement. Les tells him they are a gay couple. Janice visits Les and blows his cover in front of Barry by having hysterics. Gail is concerned after Emma tells her there were routine investigations when they found Patricia's body. Meanwhile, Vik's tip won at the races and Peter tells Shelley is going to take her on a winter holiday to Mexico. Just before ending up in bed, Dev clicks that Geena is lying and tells her he never wants to see her again.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Back at Lucy's flat, they chat about her travels. Peter is intrigued by her lifestyle. They kiss and go to the bedroom. "Bertie's Dream" wins the race, and Shelly calls Peter to tell him who says he is in the bowling alley. The Rovers is packed. Joe happily watches Dev and Geena leave Rovers and go back to his flat. Dev opens champagne and reminisces. Sarah asks Audrey if she can replace Candice's work experience at the Salon. She goes and tells Candice that she cannot work in the salon. Candice is furious saying she did that so she could be closer to Ade. Les and Kirk remove all clues indicating they are heterosexual. Toyah helps and tells them they should have a story to convince the council they are gay. Peter tells Lucy she is special and different but he feels guilty and doesn't want to hurt Shelley. They decide to see each other again, no strings attached. Dev gets drunk and Geena leaves saying she wants to take things slowly. Joe meets her outside. Geena is not happy about lying and says it will take time to get Dev to drop the charges against Joe. She is concerned how far Joe wants her to go and he tells her to go back to the flat. Peter goes home to Shelley who is already in bed.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Peter tells Shelly is going bowling and to the casino with the lads. He's wearing his new shirt and secretly meets Lucy in a bar in town. Eileen tells Jason she got a good tip on the horse, "Berties Dream" from Vik. The postman overhears their conversation and news on "Berties Dream" travels fast. Les receive a letter from the council. They will send a Housing Officer round to discuss his relationship with Kirk. Kirk is horrified about possibly being evicted as he has no-where else to go and Les is behind with the rent. Richard expresses his upset about the finding of Patricia's body to Gail. The Police say the death wasn't suspicious. He feels responsible and asks Archie to hurry through a cremation. Geena tells Sunita that she will get back with Dev to keep Joe out of prison and agrees to meet him for a drink. Sunita is concerned about Geena's plans to hurt Dev. Ken asks Kevin if Ade can do work experience at the garage for a week. Candice will be at the hairdressers and Sarah at the crèche. Rita asks Audrey if there was any news on the mystery washing. She plays it down saying it must be old age. They discuss Richards's ex-wife and Norris says he will keep his opinion on Richard to himself. Kevin places a bet. Sally tells Peter how many bets have been placed on it. They could lose out if it wins. The Rovers is packed as everyone waits for the race to start. Lucy invites Peter back to hers for a 'coffee,' he obliges.moreless
  • Sun 29 Sep, 2002
    Sun 29 Sep, 2002
    Episode 163
    The Police explain to Richard that they've found a body in a canal matching Patricia's description. They ask him to identify the body. Audrey really thinks she's going made when she gets home and finds all her washing hung up to dry. She knows she left it in the machine. Audrey tells Archie and Rita about the laundry in the kitchen. They tell her it's just absent mindedness. Richard identifies the body and says that it's Patricia. He feels triumphant now no-one will look for the real body. Vik pretends to get a tip on a horse, Bertie's Dream knowing that Les and Vernon are eavesdropping. Geena is distraught over the Dev and Joe situation she feels pulled in every direction. Shelley comforts her. Shelley phones Peter and tells him she's got work a double shift as Geena has gone home. Peter is fed up and decides to pay Lucy at the flower shop a visit. They flirt with each other and arrange to meet for a drink. Joe asks Geena to pretend to Dev that she wants him back so that Dev will really believe it's over between her and Joe.moreless
  • Fri 27 Sep, 2002
    Fri 27 Sep, 2002
    Episode 162
    Toyah bumps into Kirk trying to creep out of Fiz's bedroom unseen. Sunita is very prickly towards both Deirdre and Dev but doesn't say anything. Todd tells Sarah that he's looking at universities away from Weatherfield. Eileen makes a bitchy remark that he'll be best off away from Sarah too. Richard lets himself into Audrey's and takes the washing out of the machine. Gail and Audrey look through the wedding photos. Meanwhile Richard gets a shock when a meter reader turns up at Audrey's house and he has to hide. The meter reader doesn't suspect anything and leaves. Fiz and Kirk tell everyone they're an item. Geena goes to see Dev and tells him that she's finished with Joe. Dev doesn't know whether to believe her or not and says he will need to judge for himself over the next couple of weeks. PC Daullah calls at the Platts wanting to see Richard. Richard is shocked when the officer says that they've found a body and they think it's his ex-wife, Patricia's.moreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 2002
    Wed 25 Sep, 2002
    Episode 161
    Fiz is delighted when Toyah and the factory girls make a fuss of her for her 18th birthday. Fiz confides in Toyah that Kirk is her boyfriend. Toyah has a word with Kirk and he buys her a surprise present. Fiz is ecstatic. Geena agrees to Joe's plan. She later tells Sunita about their plan to deceive Dev. Roy makes Fiz a birthday cake. Fiz's mother doesn't even send a card. Richard, Audrey and Gail go to the garage where Audrey has seen Richard's car. Richard is hugely relieved to find out they sold it that morning. He pretends to Audrey that it was a different car. Audrey again thinks she's going mad. Mike does his talk at the school about running a business. Aidan tries to heckle him but Mike isn't put off. Vik picks up Mickey again. He tells the other drivers that there were no tips this time. Sunita is angry to think that Geena and Joe are being dishonest with Dev and lying to him. Geena tells her that Dev is no angel and that he had a brief affair with Deirdre. Sunita is aghast.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Richard manages to reach out and grab his phone and switch it off before it rings. Later when Audrey is in the bath and Gail has gone he lets himself out of the house. Jason accuses Todd of still being hung up on Sarah. Mickey gives Vik another racing tip & he wins £200. Gail thanks Aidan for sorting out David's bully although she's dubious about his tactics. Fiz tells Toyah she won't be celebrating her 18th birthday as her family don't do birthdays. Her mum used to pretend to be a Jehovah's Witness to avoid buying birthday and Christmas presents! Fiz and Kirk as secret lovers decide to use a secret code to communicate. Kirk gets confused and throws a pint of beer over Fiz. Audrey sees Richard's "stolen" car for sale at a garage. She tells Gail and Richard. Richard pretends to be pleased. Mike agrees to give a talk to Ken's pupils about the work place. Joe tells Geena that they should pretend they've finished with each other so that Dev will drop the charges.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Aidan tells Sarah that he will sort out Michael White, the boy who's bullying David. The Police ask Vera some routine questions about Dev and Joe's fight. Vera tells them that Dev is a violent man. Sunita is about to confess her feelings for Dev but realises that Dev still loves Geena underneath. Aidan threatens to hospitalise Michael White if he touches David Platt again, impressing Sarah. Todd sees Aidan threatening Michael and asks Michael if he's okay. Vik picks up Mickey the jockey again. He offers him another tip instead of the fare but Vik refuses and then regrets it. Richard tells Martin about David's black eye. Martin says he might start teaching David a bit of boxing. Geena again tries to persuade Dev to drop the charges. Richard lets himself into Audrey's house again. He puts his mobile down in the kitchen. To his horror Audrey and Gail arrive unexpectedly. Richard hides in the larder. He panics when he hears Gail say that she's going to call him on his mobile.moreless
  • Sun 22 Sep, 2002
    Sun 22 Sep, 2002
    Episode 158
    Geena tells Sunita that she's made up with Joe again. She is pleased as it keeps Geena away from Dev. Sarah tells Gail that David is being bullied at school. Gail threatens to speak to Ken Barlow his form teacher. David is distraught as he knows this would make things even worse. Roy and Emily collect signatures for the petition against the arcade. Geena tells Joe she loves him he says the same to her but he's just using her. He asks her to talk to Dev to get him to drop the charges. Curly explains to Les that Kirk isn't on the rent book and the only way he could be put on would be if they were a gay couple. Les and Kirk decide to write a letter to the council explaining that they're a "loving couple" to try and avoid eviction. Peter calls in to a flower shop on route back from London. He flirts with Lucy who sells him some lillies. Geena goes to see Dev. Dev agrees to drop the charges against Joe on condition that Geena finishes with Joe. Geena is in turmoil.moreless
  • Fri 20 Sep, 2002
    Fri 20 Sep, 2002
    Episode 157
    Peter leaves for his reunion. Gail is worried when David comes home from school with a black eye. He admits to Sarah that one of the older boys hit him. Richard asks Curly for any news on the bail hostel but there's nothing yet. Roy tells Curly that he wants to object to the building of an amusement arcade. Curly tells him to get a petition together. Mike tries to get Dev to drop the charges against Joe - he refuses. The Police interview Geena and ask her who threw the first punch. Geena tells them it was Joe. Joe tells guilt ridden Geena that she has just provided them with the evidence they need and that now he will be sent back to prison. Les regrets not accepting Toyah's offer of £250. He gets Kirk to tell Toyah that he needs the money for medical reasons. Despite not believing him, she gives Les the money anyway. Kirk thinks Fiz is really brainy, Fiz loves the attention. Les receives a letter from the Council - they've found out that he's sub-letting and they're going to evict him.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 2002
    Wed 18 Sep, 2002
    Episode 156
    Dev has spent the night in casualty as a result of his fight with Joe. Sunita fusses round him making sure he's okay. Roy and Hayley are appalled to read that there has been a planning application to turn Sally's old shop into an amusement archade. Sarah invites Aidan round to watch some videos. To Sarah's annoyance Candice invites herself along too. Joe tries to apologise to Geena but she doesn't want to talk to him. The local are up in arms about the Council wasting £500 on Toyah's art exhibit "Les's Chair". Les is still very offended especially when he reads an article in the Gazette calling it a "Layabout's Chair". Toyah offers him half of her prize money £250 to try and win him round but he tells her to shove it. Mike returns from Scotland to be told by Joe that he's had a fight with Dev. Vik picks up a jockey who gives him a tip. The horse comes in first but unfortunately Vik didn't place a bet. The Police turn up looking for Joe. Dev is trying to bring an assault charge.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Joe is looking for Dev, he's very angry. Peter tells Shelley he's been invited to a reunion with his old mates from the Navy. Audrey is amazed to find she's left the radio on at home & tells Gail and Richard that she's worried about her memory. He is quietly pleased that his plan is working. Maxine tells Ashley that Doreen is filing for divorce from Derek. Ashley is secretly pleased as he hopes this will mean she'll get her own place to live. Geena has it out with Joe and he promises there'll be no more lies in future. Toyah's Chair wins first prize and Toyah gets £500. Les turns up at the exhibition and at first is proud that Toyah has used his chair, until someone points out that it stands for the yob culture of today. Les is very upset and hurt by Toyah. Audrey tells Gail that she's concerned about David who seems very quiet. Joe bumps into Dev in the Rovers and throws a punch at him. A fight ensues. Geena tells Joe she can't trust him anymore and finishes with him. Joe's gutted.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Richard buys a car so the Platts have wheels again. It's Maxine's first day back at work since having the baby. She feels guilty at leaving him. Peter tells a delighted Shelley he's booking them a holiday in Mexico. Toyah's Chair is going to be exhibited in the College Art Exhibition & Fiz, Kirk and Les find out. Joe cons Naveen into buying the knicker order originally meant for him & makes him pay cash. Naveen is furious when he realises what's happened. Sarah is angry when she finds out that Candice has invited Aidan to the cinema. Naveen tells Dev to stay out of his business in future. Audrey takes David tenpin bowling. While she's out Richard uses the copy keys to let himself into Audrey's house. He turns one of her ornaments round slightly. Dev tells Geena that last Monday when Joe said he had a bad stomach he was actually breaking into a warehouse stealing underwear. Geena confronts Joe and is shocked when he is angry with Dev for telling her.moreless
  • Sun 15 Sep, 2002
    Sun 15 Sep, 2002
    Episode 153
    Mike points out to Joe that if the Police do catch up with him, he, Mike will also be in trouble as an accessory having lied to them. Joe promises never to do anything like this again. Joshua's christening takes place. Maxine and Ashley hope that it will bring Maxine's parents back together but instead they have an almighty row at the party afterwards. Maxine's mother says she's going to start divorce proceedings. The photographer turns up at the Platts' house to take the family portrait. Richard steals Audrey's keys from her handbag, nips out, gets some copies made and then replaces the keys without anyone knowing. Dev tells Mike that he didn't go to the Police. Mike believes him. Mike points out to Joe that he may have got their stock back from Naveen but now they have no buyer for it, so they're no better off. Dev tells Sunita that despite all his girlfriends he's lonely. Sunita admits that she is too. She tells him that she has no-one to take to her friend's wedding and Dev offer to go with her. Sunita is thrilled.moreless
  • Fri 13 Sep, 2002
    Fri 13 Sep, 2002
    Episode 152
    Emma is furious with Kirk when she realises that he's borrowed one of the sheets off her washing line to cover the sofa in Les's back yard for he and Fiz to have sex on. Maxine finds out that Derek's girlfriend Donna has left him. She is pleased as this means both Doreen and Derek will attend the christening and could possibly get back together. Dev is angry with Mike for not sacking Joe. He again threatens to go to the Police. Richard continues his campaign to convince Audrey she's going mad. He takes her keys and leaves them in the Salon door. Steve is still worried that he'll be found out. Joe tries to placate him and pays him the £500 he promised. Karen demands the money off him. Two police officers turn up at the factory doing a routine enquiry. Mike manages to flannel them by suggesting that Naveen was trying to pull an insurance scam. Mike produces a fake docket proving the order isn't due to be delivered until Monday. Audrey is seriously worried that she's losing her marbles. Gail asks Richard if he's come up with a new idea to make money yet. He assures her he has. Gail is unaware that Richard's plan involves Audrey's will. Mike points out to Joe that he's not out of the woods yet - the police enquiry was just routine. Dev could still go the Police and spill the beans.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 2002
    Wed 11 Sep, 2002
    Episode 151
    The morning after the decorating party and the flat looks a mess. Fiz and Kirk had a great night together but agree not to tell anyone. They each pretend they were with someone else. Richard finds out from Curly that a few people have complained about the bail hostel so there is to be a review which will take six months. Gail asks Richard what he will do if the bail hostel goes ahead in six months. Richard tells her that winter is always the best time for Kellett Holdings as more equity release schemes mature then. Doreen apologises to Vera for wrongly accusing her over the house sign. Kirk and Fiz meet up for more passion in Les's back yard. Mike finds all the boxes of underwear and is furious with Joe. Joe remains adamant that Mike would never have got paid for them. Steve confesses to Karen that he helped Joe break into a warehouse and that if the Police find out he'll be sent to prison. Richard has a very tough meeting with the bank manager who tells him he could be bankrupt by the end of the year if things don't change. Richard pretends to Gail that everything's fine. Richard asks Emily if she's well and is disappointed when she confirms that she is. He starts to hatch a plan regarding Audrey. Dev tells Mike to sack Joe or he's reporting Joe to the Police.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 2002 [Episode 2]
    The security guards leave unsuspecting. Joe and Steve break into the warehouse and retrieve the twenty-odd boxes of knickers supplied by Underworld. Joe goes back in to find the delivery note. He triggers the alarm and trips on the stairs. The Police turn up but Steve manages to help Joe out of a back door just in time. They make their getaway in the van. Toyah and Fiz's decorating party goes ahead. Toyah's art tutor turns up and Toyah shows him Les's Chair, her proposed art project. He's impressed. Doreen is still adamant that she won't attend the Christening if Derek is there. Ashley admits that it was he who defaced the house name plate. Everyone at the party is now drunk and Audrey's flat is being painted some hideous colours. Kirk snogs Fiz and they go back to Les's house together. Joe lies to Geena telling her that he's got an upset stomach and has therefore gone home to bed. Joe and Steve are panicking in case the Police got the registration number of their van.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Gail receives the cheque from the remortgage for £17,500. Dev tells Mike that Naveen needs another forty-eight hours to pay and that he will pay Mike out of his own money if Naveen lets him down. Dev and Mike shake hands. Joe tells Steve that he needs some help shifting some stock. He asks Steve to meet him that evening with a van. He offers Steve £200. Steve agrees. Audrey tells Gail and Richard that she wants to get a new family photograph taken of them. She insists she will pay for it. David arrives back from school and seems very down-beat. Ashley takes the house name plate down. Vera calls round and tells Doreen she wants an apology. Doreen tells her she's not getting one. Sunita babysits for Ben. She chats to him as though he can understand and pours out her heart. Doreen finds out that Derek is intending to go to Joshua's christening. She is furious and says that if he's there she won't be. Joe and Steve turn up with the van at Naveen's warehouse. Joe explains to Steve that they're going to break in and get Mike's unpaid for stock back. Steve isn't happy at all. Suddenly a security van pulls up and Steve and Joe have to hide under their van. The security guards have got dogs.moreless
  • Sun 8 Sep, 2002
    Sun 8 Sep, 2002
    Episode 148
    Mike is seriously worried about Alahan International. Without their cheque Underworld will go belly up. Karen isn't in any rush to find a job. Steve tells her that until she gets one she's on £20 per week pocket money. Sunita wishes she had a boyfriend and a social life. Dev gives Mike his word that he will have the money by the end of the week, he's spoken to Naveen. Harry Flagg turns up in the Rovers to clean the toilets. He does a fantastic job and Fred gives him the permanent job of cleaner at the Rovers. Sunita tells Dev she's sick of lying to his girlfriends on his behalf. They fall out and Sunita threatens to leave but Dev apologises. Toyah decides to use Les's chair as the basis of her Visual Art project. The chair shows that your world-class skiver spends his life boozing, smoking and snoring in one square metre. Sunita decides to go to bingo with Janice and Karen. Mike tells Dev that unless he gets his money the business is finished.moreless
  • Fri 6 Sep, 2002
    Fri 6 Sep, 2002
    Episode 147
    Toyah is panicking about the Visual Arts Project she's got hand in at college. She doesn't know where to start. Dev arrives in the shop looking dishevelled, he's been with another girl all night. Mike has a business meeting with a Spanish property and law man who is going to look after the apartment deal in Spain. Sunita is invited to her friend Rita's wedding on September 18th but she hasn't anyone to take. Joe discovers that Naveen's cheque has bounced again. Fiz invites Jason and Kirk to the decorating party in the flat. Joe tells Steve about Dev's dodgy cousin and the bounced cheque. Harry Flagg arrives in the pub. He's a cleaner by trade and tells Fred the state of the Rovers is disgusting. Fred offers him £10 plus all the beer he wants to clean it. Les gives Toyah his tatty old chair for the flat. She hasn't the heart to refuse. Joe enjoys telling Dev that Naveen's cheque has bounced again. Mike is shocked when Joe tells him he's made a couple of calls and found out that Naveen's business is about to go into receivership.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 2002
    Wed 4 Sep, 2002
    Episode 146
    Karen tells Steve that she's jacked her job in. She explains that she was standing up for her mates. Steve doesn't believe her and is furious. Rosie is enjoying school with her new mate Lauren. David on the other hand is feeling left out and lonely. Another of Dev's girl friends comes into the shop looking for him. He makes excuses and gets rid of her. Sunita is appalled by the number of women he's seeing and the way he treats them. The girls don't get their bonus from the Alahan job as Naveen's cheque has bounced. Joe is furious but Mike says it's probably just a cash flow hitch. Steve has to eat humble pie when he finds out Karen was telling the truth. Toyah and Fiz get Audrey's permission to decorate the flat. Tyrone gets Kirk to have some address cards made for Vera with "The Old Rectory" on them. Unfortunately he misspells their name and puts "Jock & Vera Duckwort". Geena is fed up as thinks Joe is neglecting her. He explains that he's busy getting one over on Dev. Mike overhears and tells Joe that if he lets personal grudges stand in the way of business he's fired.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 2002
    Mon 2 Sep, 2002
    Episode 145
    Karen tells Steve that she's going to an exclusive club with her colleagues from Elevation that evening. Rosie and David have their first day at Weatherfield Comp. They both enjoy it. Rosie makes a new friend called Lauren. Joe tells the factory girls that they can have the afternoon off if they get Naveen's order finished. Tyrone gives Vera her birthday present. It's from he and Jack. Vera is unwraps it and discovers that it's the same radio back again - the one that doesn't work. Karen is offended when she Jay tells her that she's not invited out with them that evening. Naveen collects his underwear order at lunchtime. He presents Mike with a cheque. They go to the pub to celebrate their first deal. Janice and Fiz decide to go and have a look round Elevation and wind Karen up in the process. Karen's boss Jay is unimpressed with Karen's friends. Audrey offers to lend Richard some money to help his cash flow problem but Richard refuses. Sally and Kevin reach an understanding. They decide they're not going to complicate their relationship with sex. Karen has a row with her boss and tells him to shove his job. She walks out.moreless
  • Sun 1 Sep, 2002
    Sun 1 Sep, 2002
    Episode 144
    It's Sally's first day working at the Bookies. Peter tells her she's got the job permanently. She is ecstatic and she and Kevin decide to go out for dinner that night. Richard is finding it tricky to lie about the car. Rosie is apprehensive about starting at Weatherfield Comp. David winds her up even more with a couple of horror stories. Kevin manages to calm her down. Karen's job isn't going well at all. She falls out with the other shop assistant, Chloe, and gets a telling off from her boss, Jay, for using her mobile during shop hours. Karen continues to pretend to Janice and Fiz that the job is great and that she meets loads of celebrities. Dev gets Sunita to lie to one of his girlfriends. Sunita suddenly becomes aware that she fancies Dev herself. Kevin gives Tyrone the radio back as he thinks it's far too generous a present for Tyrone to afford. Richard manages to sell one of the flats but only for £60,000. Kevin and Sally have a lovely evening and really enjoy each other's company. They kiss but then the moment is spoilt by Sally who says she will sleep with him so long as there are no strings attached. Kevin is hurt and storms off to his bed in the front room.moreless
  • Fri 30 Aug, 2002
    Fri 30 Aug, 2002
    Episode 143
    Karen upsets a very important customer at Elevation and nearly loses her job. However she continues to show off and lies to Steve and her mates about how well she's doing. Richard receives a final reminder for the wedding invoice. He panics, secretly sells the car for £12,000 and pretends to Gail that it's been stolen. Tyrone fixes Les's indicator for free. Les gives Tyrone the radio as a thank you. Peter offers Sally a part-time job in the bookies. Sally is delighted. Ashley admits to Maxine that it was he who defaced the Balmoral sign. Maxine thinks it's funny. They don't let on to Doreen who still thinks Vera is behind it. Kevin is cross with Tyrone when he finds out he's done some work for Les for free. Tyrone placates him by giving him the radio as an early birthday present. Richard feels that he's messed everything up - the flats, the bail hostel and the car. He's very close to confessing everything to Gail but then changes his mind. Gail tells Richard how much she loves him and how he's made it feel like a proper family.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 2002
    Wed 28 Aug, 2002
    Episode 142
    Shelley and Peter are back to being the happy couple again. Doreen gets the house name re-painted by a professional. Dev, Mike, Joe and Naveen have a meeting. Naveen gives Mike a huge order and the deal is struck. Joe points out they will have to put other orders on hold but Mike isn't bothered. Both Naveen and Dev are patronising towards Joe. Gail goes to see her mortgage advisor. She tells them she wants to re-mortgage to make some home improvements. She is told that her house is worth about £50k and that subject to the valuation survey she will get a cheque for about £17,500 in a week or so's time. Gail is relieved. Richard is called to see his bank manager, Keith Greenacre. Keith wants to know when he's going to clear his overdraft. Richard has to tell him about the bail hostel and the flat sales falling through. Keith tells him he's got two weeks to start clearing his debt. Sally says she's going to apply for a job as a dinner lady at Weatherfield Comp. Rosie is furious as she will be embarrassed. Kirk gives Les the faulty radio for his birthday. Les can't get it to work either. Vera discovers her house sign has been defiled and changed to "The Old Wreck". She blames Doreen and they have a slanging match in the street. Richard is terribly worried about their financial situation but decides not to tell Gail.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 2002
    Mon 26 Aug, 2002
    Episode 141
    Richard tells Gail that when she goes to see the bank manager about re-mortgaging the house she should pretend the money is for home improvements and not to bail them out of a financial crisis. Gail is unhappy about lying but agrees to do it. Vera looks into registering her house name officially with the Post Office but it costs £100 so she decides against it. The Peacocks discover that someone has defiled their house name and changed it from Balmoral to Immoral. Doreen is furious and blames Vera who denies all knowledge. Dev sets up a meeting with Mike and his cousin Naveen who wants to do some business with Mike. Mike asks Joe to attend the meeting too. Richard tells Gail that because of the re-mortgaging they won't be able to move house as they'd intended. Kirk finds an old radio in a skip and gives it to Vera in return for free food in the cafe. It doesn't work so she gives it him back. Doreen tries to amend the house sign back to Balmoral with the aid of a paint brush but it looks even worse than when she started. Sunita tells Shelley that she should give Peter another chance as he really loves her. Shelley calls to see Peter and she agrees to move back in. They kiss and make up.moreless
  • Sun 25 Aug, 2002
    Sun 25 Aug, 2002
    Episode 140
    Richard is seriously worried about the financial mess they're in. Fiz suggests to Toyah they re-decorate the flat. Toyah comes up with the idea of throwing a decorating party. Sally confides in Eileen that she spent the night with Kevin. She is worried that Kevin will now think they're back together in every sense, but he surprises her by agreeing to sleep downstairs again and take things one day at a time. Ken tries to talk to Shelley into giving Peter another chance. Vera is so impressed with the Peacocks' house name she gets Kirk to put up a name plate on their house, it's now called "The Old Rectory". Sandy, the Gazette Editor persuades Ken to take over Hermione's column and problem page full time as Doris Slack (aka Hermione) is very ill. He agrees to drop Ken's Corner. Shelley calls to see Peter and promises that she will consider moving back in. Vera and Doreen have a slanging match over their respective house names. Gail suggests to Richard they borrow some money from Audrey but he points out that most of her money is tied up in property, namely the house and the salon. Gail persuades him that they should re-mortgage No. 8. He eventually agrees.moreless
  • Fri 23 Aug, 2002
    Fri 23 Aug, 2002
    Episode 139
    Tyrone is depressed. He tells Kevin how he tried to win Maria back at the airport but she left with Nick. Toyah has a whinge about Fiz to Roy and Vera, saying that she's pushy and tries to invite herself along all the time. Roy sticks up for Fiz. Dev puts a business proposition to Mike; he tells him that his cousin who's a textile wholesaler wants a huge order of women's underwear. Richard explains to Gail that converting the flats cost him about £300,000, that he was intending to sell them for £120,000 each so netting £480,000 in total. He put up some of the £300,000 himself but most of it was a bank loan. He can't afford to take a huge drop in price. Doreen buys Ashley and Maxine a house name sign which she gets Ashley to put up. It says "Balmoral" on it. Maxine loves it, Ashley doesn't. Peter again tries to talk to Shelley but she tells him it's definitely over. Ken tells him not to give up. Sally cooks a special meal for her, Kevin and Rosie. Rosie loves having Kevin around and asks him questions about how he met Sally. Vera thinks the Peacocks' new house name is wonderful. Gail offers to re-mortgage the house to raise some money. Richard won't hear of it. Fiz feels hurt that Toyah continually tries to ignore her. After dinner Kevin puts his arms round Sally and they end up kissing passionately.moreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 2002
    Wed 21 Aug, 2002
    Episode 138
    Richard talks to Curly as his local Councillor to see if anything can be done to stop the bail hostel going ahead. Curly tells him that the plans have already been passed. He tries to bribe Curly which doesn't do him any favours. Peter tells Shelley that he's kicked Ciaran out. Shelley tells him that it's still over between them as the trust has gone. Peter is devastated. Candice tells Sarah that she's been knocking around with Aidan while Sarah's been in Florida. Sarah isn't happy. Rosie has a tummy upset. Sally had forgotten how good Kevin is with the kids. Maria says her goodbyes. Tyrone is very upset as he can't bear to see her go. Nick makes up with Gail and hugs her goodbye. Blanche sees her letter printed in the problem page of the Gazette. She doesn't realise that Ken has written the reply telling her to move on and forget Archie. Richard is now desperate to get rid of the flats he offers to reduce the price even further to Steve but Steve isn't interested. His day goes from bad to worse when Archie gives him the bill for the wedding cars. Tyrone turns up at the airport to try and persuade Maria to stay. He tells her he wants to marry her. Maria hugs him but says goodbye she knows it's time to move on. Richard tells Gail that he's in huge financial trouble if he doesn't get a reasonable price for the flats which now seem totally worthless. Nick and Maria leave for Canada.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 2002
    Mon 19 Aug, 2002
    Episode 137
    Shelley is staying with Sunita. She can't bring herself to speak to Peter and Ciaran. Ciaran continues to make Peter think that it was Shelley who made a pass at him. Gail, Richard, Sarah and David arrive back from Florida. Gail is surprised to find Nick at home as she thought he was back in Canada. Gail is shocked and angry when Nick tells her that Maria is going to Canada with him and that they are very much in love. Blanche asks Archie to accompany her to a whist drive on Friday. Archie agrees. Steve tells Richard that he's pulled out of buying the flat as they are building a bail hostel next to the Ridings. Peter and Ciaran go for a drink in the Rovers. Shelley tells Ciaran exactly what she thinks of him. Steve tells Peter that he thinks he should believe Shelley and not Ciaran as Ciaran tries it on with any woman who crosses his path. Peter realises Steve is right. Peter accuses Ciaran of being jealous and trying to split he and Shelley up. He tells Ciaran to get his things and get out. Nick and Maria book two air tickets for Canada on Wednesday. Richard speaks to his solicitor and finds out that all four flat sales have fallen through. He tells Gail that without the money from the flats he's financially ruined.moreless
  • Sun 18 Aug, 2002
    Sun 18 Aug, 2002
    Episode 136
    Nick takes up a vigil outside Maria's flat. She's refusing to talk to him. Shelley tells Peter that Ciaran made a pass at her. Peter is furious. Ken as Agony Aunt is reading through the problem letters sent in. Deirdre recognises the handwriting on one of them as Blanche's. Emily's piano is carried across the road to the pub ready for the Centenary Party. Sunita agrees to baby sit for Emma and Curly so they can go to the party. Peter accuses Ciaran of trying it on with Shelley. Ciaran denies it and says that Shelley made a pass at him. Peter doesn't know what to believe. The Rovers Centenary Party takes place. Norris plays the piano whilst the regulars have a sing song. Fred is aggrieved at the amount of old pennies which have appeared until Roy tells him that as they are all from 1950 (Emily got them for her 21st birthday) they are now worth £10 each. The regulars force Fred to give the proceeds to charity. Peter and Shelley have it out. Shelley is upset that Peter could even question her fidelity. She realises that he doesn't trust her. Maria finally agrees to talk to Nick. They declare their undying love for each other and she says she still wants to come to Canada.moreless
  • Fri 16 Aug, 2002
    Fri 16 Aug, 2002
    Episode 135
    Toyah, Maria and Fiz plan a night out on the town. Fiz tells Maria she can have her room back and she will move into the store room. Kirk and Les are still flogging the old pennies for 50p each. Audrey bumps into Doreen and accuses her of muscling in on the dinner with Mike. Doreen tells Mike what she thinks of him for lying to Audrey. She insists that he tells Audrey it was all his doing and that she knew nothing about it. Shelley confides in Sunita about Ciaran making passes at her. Sunita thinks she ought to tell Peter but Shelley doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Mike explains to Audrey that he felt sorry for Doreen after the breakdown of her marriage. Audrey forgives him. Later Mike buys Audrey and Doreen a drink in the Rovers. Fred is busy making plans for the Rovers Centenary party. Nick turns up in the Rovers. He's flown back from Canada to try and patch things up with Maria. Ciaran again makes a pass at Shelley only this time she gets angry and threatens to tell Peter. Ciaran says that if she utters a word to Peter he will tell Peter that it was she making a pass at him. Shelley is worried.moreless
  • Wed 14 Aug, 2002
    Wed 14 Aug, 2002
    Episode 134
    Sally and Kevin discuss their situation. Kevin admits that he's been trying to move things on a stage and apologises. Shelley tries to avoid Ciaran as she feels uncomfortable with him. Mike tells Audrey that the dinner has been cancelled. He then invites Doreen instead. Ken's first body ripper article is published. Blanche reads it and says it's very good. They don't tell Blanche that Ken has written it. Sandy George, the Editor asks Ken if he would also take over Hermione's problem page as the "Agony Aunt". Ken agrees. Geena starts back at the Rovers. She and Shelley tiptoe round each other. Emily sees the poster advertising beer for an old penny a pint. She realises why Kirk wanted her coins. She tries to warn Fred but he doesn't listen. Nick tries to call Maria again. Fiz takes the call and tells him he's a two-faced lying rat. Geena tells Audrey that Mike is taking Doreen to the dinner in her place. Doreen gets drunk over dinner and embarrasses Mike in front of his clients by going on about her failed marriage. Ciaran comes on to Shelley again suggesting they could have sex while Peter is out at work tomorrow.moreless
  • Mon 12 Aug, 2002
    Mon 12 Aug, 2002
    Episode 133
    Rosie and Sophie are worried that Kevin and Sally have had a row. Sally assures them they haven't. Maria is still very upset about Nick as he has admitted that he has a live-in girlfriend. Audrey persuades her to take her job back in the Salon. They clear out a store cupboard in the flat so that Maria can stay there with Toyah and Fiz. Kirk cons Emily into giving him her collection of old pennies. Kirk gives Les some, keeps some for himself and plans to sell the rest for 50p each. Joe persuades Geena to ask Fred for her job back. Fred agrees but when Shelley finds out she threatens to walk out. They have a meeting and it is agreed that Shelley will remain manager. Geena begrudgingly agrees to come back. Mike has a dinner date the next day with Ron Rafferty a wholesaler in Macclesfield. He needs to take a partner so he asks Audrey. She agrees. Sally apologises to Kevin for the awkward situation and they make up. Rosie and Sophie creep downstairs and check that Kevin is staying the night. They query why he is sleeping in the lounge. Ciaran tries to get Shelley into bed whilst Peter is asleep. Shelley refuses and pulls away.moreless
  • Sun 11 Aug, 2002
    Sun 11 Aug, 2002
    Episode 132
    Fiz and Toyah try and cheer Maria up. After watching Sally, Kevin and the children, Doreen reflects on her own broken marriage. Eileen refuses to take her sofa back when the store try and return it to her. Les decides he may as well have it. Shelley is annoyed about the mess Peter and Ciaran have made, but quickly succumbs to Ciaran's charms. Kevin gets the girls to hide in the woods with no intention of going to find them. Sally thinks he's trying to get her on her own. Maria can't get in touch with Nick to find out whether he does have another girlfriend and becomes upset. Les and Kirk have a picnic outside on the sofa. Norris lets slip that Emily has plenty of old pennies. Maria loses her temper and throws her suitcase at the phone when Nick refuses to give her a straight answer. Shelley gets the impression that Ciaran is cracking on to her. Deirdre reads Ken's Hermione story and is turned on. Kevin goes to kiss Sally but she pulls away, angry that he has ruined the day.moreless
  • Fri 9 Aug, 2002
    Fri 9 Aug, 2002
    Episode 131
    Tyrone mopes around the garage as Kevin tries to cheer him up. Toyah is fuming when Audrey brings Fiz to look around the flat. Ken reconsiders taking the Hermione column. Maria's overcome when Audrey offers her advice as a friend. Kevin is glad to be providing for his family again. Ciaran charms Eileen and Audrey. Audrey is shocked to have been sent a letter from her son with a photo of Nick and another girl. She suspects the worse and worries whether or not she should tell Maria. Fiz grates on Toyah as she begins moving all her stuff in before Maria has even left. Karen is furious when Eileen tells her that the shop won't take the sofa back. She pleads with Steve to back her up on this one. Shelley is fed up that Peter would obviously rather spend time with Ciaran than her. Audrey breaks the news to a disbelieving and heartbroken Maria.moreless
  • Wed 7 Aug, 2002
    Wed 7 Aug, 2002
    Episode 130
    Peter reassures Shelley that she is better off without Geena. Maria justifies to Toyah her reasons for moving quickly. Martin apologises to Kevin and Sally and wishes them luck. Fred makes Shelley find Geena and get her back behind the bar but Geena's not interested. Steve and Eileen work out how her sofa managed to get taken away. Audrey gives Maria her wages and encourages her to go home and pack for Canada. Ken is annoyed that his insurance premiums have gone up, so Deirdre suggests again that he take the Hermione columnist job. Karen is furious that Steve sent the wrong sofa back and embarrassed her at work. She is fuming to see her sofa in Eileen's lounge. Eileen refuses to give it back until she has her old sofa back herself. Betty returns behind the bar to help out Shelley. Toyah surprises Maria with a special dinner to say sorry. Fred is surprised but pleased to see Betty back working. Peter introduces his friend Ciaran to Shelley, he seems genuine. Shelley gets to the end of her tether when Geena comes in for a drink and Peter and Ciaran leave to go to a lap-dancing club. She snaps at Fred.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 2002
    Mon 5 Aug, 2002
    Episode 129
    Maria shocks Toyah in telling her that she's agreed to move and live in Canada with Nick. Todd is angry to see Jason back at home and questions him. He becomes relieved to have him home though. Eileen responds similarly, especially as Jason gives her some money back. Toyah cannot understand Maria's reasons in moving away to Nick. Maria is disappointed with her friend. Shelley is determined not to let Geena get to her. Rita shames Martin into realising that Kevin and Sally are only doing best for their children and it is no-one's business whether they sleep together. Todd and Jason have put Karen's sofa out of the yard and into their lounge. Audrey tries to make Maria see that Canada is a long way to come home from if everything goes wrong, but Maria is determined. She and Nick are in love. Geena elaborates upon Shelley's ideas to promote the Rover's centenary anniversary by selling pints for a penny. Fred calls Geena a genius and Shelley is furious. Certain that everyone is talking about her and Kevin, Sally confronts Blanche as she is gossiping and gives her a mouth-full. Removal men take Eileen's sofa out of her yard. Tyrone is upset to hear of Maria's plans. After a final showdown with Shelley, Geena quits the pub.moreless
  • Sun 4 Aug, 2002
    Sun 4 Aug, 2002
    Episode 128
    Blanche tells Martin that Kevin has moved back in with Sally. Norris decides to write to the TV company who recorded the Games to get a copy as nobody believes him when he says he was in the medal ceremony. Geena purposely doesn't tell Shelley that they're out of tonic water. Shelley goes to the wholesalers and gets into trouble with Fred who questions her ability as a manageress. Steve gets the lads to help him shift Karen's new sofa. They move it into Eileen's back yard. Nick and Maria tell everyone they're in love. Rita questions Sally over moving Kevin back in. Sally tells her that there's more to life than love. Martin calls on Sally and Kevin. He is angry with them as he still has feelings for Sally. He tells her he doesn't believe she loves Kevin. He sees the sofa bed in the front room and realises that Kevin sleeps there. Audrey and Maria say goodbye to Nick who is off back to Canada. Maria is very upset. At the last minute Nick asks her to follow him out to Canada to live with him and she accepts.moreless
  • Fri 2 Aug, 2002
    Fri 2 Aug, 2002
    Episode 127
    Tyrone is upset when he sees Maria with Nick. Roy hears about the Sydney Sandwich and decides to try making them to sell in the shop. Blanche at her most nosy quizzes Sophie and finds out that Kevin has moved back in, she proceeds to tell everyone. Geena is fed up with Shelley bossing her around so decides to work to rule. Kirk lets the cat out of the bag about the Sydney Sandwich, Les is a laughing stock. Kevin moves his stuff into No. 13. He and Sally explain to the girls that he will be sleeping in the front room. One of the medal bearers at the games is taken ill and Norris steps into the breach. Norris frantically tries to get hold of Emily to make sure she's recording the medal ceremony. The Gazette dditor asks Ken if he would stand in for Doris Slack (aka Hermione Fairfax) and write Bodice Rippers for the paper. He refuses. Maria and Nick declare their love for each other. Les takes a bite from Roy's prototype Sydney Sandwich and is nearly sick when he finds out it contains wood grubs and larvae. The TV is on in the pub for the Commonwealth Games medal ceremony, Norris is on camera but nobody is watching.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jul, 2002
    Wed 31 Jul, 2002
    Episode 126
    Karen's new sofa is still wedged in the hall way. Vik and Steve try to shift it but can't. Jules and Kerry confess to Les that they haven't any money and can't pay him any rent but they promise him a "Sydney sandwich" by way of a thank you. Les is very excited. Emily and Rita take the mickey out of Norris saying they've not seen him on the TV yet. Maria is still bonking away with Nick when Audrey calls round unexpectedly. She is furious with both of them. Toyah again tries to warn Maria away from Nick. Deirdre arrives home and feels guilty that she wasn't here for Blanche when she had her accident. Blanche is disappointed when she gets her copy of the Gazette to find that Hermione Fairfax, the romance and passion writer is off ill and therefore the latest instalment of "Slaves to their Passion" isn't included. Les gets all dressed up for his "Sydney Sandwich". He is hugely disappointed when he finds out that the Sydney Sandwich is baguette containing kangaroo meat. Kevin and Sally have a long chat and they agree that Kevin will move in after all but will sleep on a sofa bed in the front room. Rosie and Sophie are delighted.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jul, 2002
    Mon 29 Jul, 2002
    Episode 125
    Rosie and Sophie tell Sally that they really enjoyed the wedding because Kevin was there as well and they felt like a family again. Maria phones in sick to the Salon and spends the day in bed with Nick. Fred is pleased with the way Shelley has coped running the Rovers. He tells her he's thinking of keeping her on full-time as manageress. Les and Kirk try to impress Kerry and Jules, the Australian girls. They don't realise that the girls are taking them for a ride. Shelley tells Fred she'll have a think about how best they can mark the Rovers' Centenary. Kerry and Jules spot Norris at the Commonwealth Games punching tickets. Toyah tries to warn Maria away from Nick. Nick tells Maria about Leanne and the abortion and Maria is understanding. Karen's new sofa arrives but it won't fit up the stairs to the flat. Karen tells the men to leave it in the hallway while she thinks of way to fit it in. Audrey calls to see Nick. Maria hides upstairs. She hears Audrey telling Nick that she thinks Maria is skiving and calls her "flighty". Kevin tells the girls that he's moving back in without consulting Sally. Sally has second thoughts about the whole thing; she's worried that Kevin will want a full blown relationship. She tells him that perhaps it's not such a good idea after all.moreless
  • Sun 28 Jul, 2002
    Sun 28 Jul, 2002
    Episode 124
    The police question Richard. They let him go but they call him back. Richard panics until he finds out that it is just Emma on the police radio wishing him luck. Maria gives David a new hairstyle. Shelley changes the staff rota so that Geena can have Saturday off. Martin gets drunk in the pub while the rest of the street attends the wedding. Roger questions Gail about the bracelet that Richard gave her. The Rovers empties as everyone watches Gail getting into the wedding car. After talking to Emily, Betty decides to stay in Weatherfield. Les meets two Australians who are looking for a place to stay and invites them to stay at his house. Kirk is pleased to find the girls in the backyard. Candice and Aidan drink some wine before handing it out to the wedding guests. Richard goes to see Gail before the wedding to check that she trusts him before they say their vows. Maria and Candice compete for Nick's attention. Gail and Richard say their vows and are married. Sarah tells Candice and Aidan that girls mugged Nick. Roger gives his best man's speech, followed by a speech from Richard who quotes from Sydney Smith. Aidan winds Nick up about the mugging. Emma and Candice watch Nick and Maria sneak into a hotel room. Gail, Richard and the kids leave to go to Florida. Nick thumps Adian when they leave. Sally tells Kevin that he can move in with her and the girls.moreless
  • Fri 26 Jul, 2002
    Fri 26 Jul, 2002
    Episode 123
    It's the day of the wedding and Gail and Richard start getting ready. Rosie tells Sally to get a proper job after Sally tells the girls that she has to work that morning. Karen wants to buy a designer bookshelf. Steve jokes that she needs some books to put on it first. Sally and Kevin decide to go to the wedding together. Richard tells Nick to report the mugging so he can make a claim on his insurance. Nick tells Sarah that it was girls who mugged him. Geena puts down Shelly's management of the pub. Maria arrives at the Platt's to help with the hair for the wedding. After Roger makes a comment about David's attitude, David pays him back by stealing Gail's wedding ring from Roger's pocket. Richard is told that the wedding cars are not coming because his cheque bounced. However, Archie saves the day when he organises four limos for them. Karen finds out that a bail hostel is being built next to her new flat block. Les takes Norris to the Games but they break down en route. Norris gets his tracksuit covered in oil but has had a spare made for such an occasion. As everybody waits for the wedding cars, the police arrive to speak to Richard about the disappearance of his ex-wife.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 2002
    Mon 22 Jul, 2002
    Episode 122
    Nick is happy to be home. Gail is pleased. He says he's staying for two weeks. Norris practises his Commonwealth Games smile on Emily. Maria spots Nick and is instantly attracted to him but is later warned away by Toyah. Rita tests Norris on the flags of the Commonwealth. Kevin checks with Sally that he can go to the wedding with Sally and the girls after Rosie asks him. Rita comments to Sally on how well she and Kevin are getting on. Martin has a pint with Nick, who appears distant with him. Later Martin tells Kevin that he feels like a stranger to his family. Richard introduces his best man, Roger, to Gail and the family. Roger puts his foot in it by mentioning Richard's past marriages. Richard, Roger, Steve and Nick go to a bar for the stag night. Steve and Nick are bored as the others talk business. Gail tells Audrey that she is scared that the marriage won't last. Nick goes to get some fresh air and has his mobile phone stolen. He doesn't tell the others that it was two girls who mugged him. He goes back to Audrey's. Norris books a regular taxi to take him to the Commonwealth Games. Richard arrives home to find Gail having doubts. He assures her that he's there for good.moreless
  • Sun 21 Jul, 2002
    Sun 21 Jul, 2002
    Episode 121
    Richard tells Gail about his falling out with Martin. Sally starts working in the Kabin, much to Rosie's displeasure, while Karen starts work in the furniture shop. All dressed up for work she shows off to the factory girls. Richard tries to apologise to Martin but Martin walks off. Bet gives Geena time off to go out with Joe. Shelley is upset as she'll be run off her feet all night. Doreen tells Maxine that Derek will never want her back. Maxine tells her that the best place for her is with her, Ashley and the baby. Sally tells Eileen that Kevin wants to move back in and be a family again. Eileen thinks it's a good idea. She persuades Sally to go to Gail's hen night and get Kevin to look after Rosie. Martin tells Kevin that Richard is trying to replace him as the children's father. Kevin tells him not to fall out with Richard as it will put pressure on the kids. Audrey invites Doreen to the hen night. Richard tells Steve that all the flats have been sold. He is interrupted by a call from Nick. He's stuck in Frankfurt and might miss the wedding. Martin goes to see Gail. She assures him that Richard won't come between him and the kids. In the Rovers, Karen boasts about her new job to Fiz, Janice and Joe. Joe persuades Geena to work. Gail is having a boring time at her hen night until she gets a surprise - Nick arrives.moreless
  • Fri 19 Jul, 2002
    Fri 19 Jul, 2002
    Episode 120
    Karen gets a job working at the trendy furniture shop Elevation. She buys a sofa for £1800 instead of £2000 using her 10% staff discount but Steve is furious. Richard tells Martin that they no longer need his maintenance for the kids. Martin is offended and says that he insists on paying his dues. Richard is looking at moving house to something bigger. David tells Martin, Martin rows with Richard as he thinks he's trying to come between him and the kids. Maxine tries to talk Derek into having Doreen back. Derek refuses and gives Doreen his wedding ring saying he won't be needing it. Rosie goes on at Sally again about not being able to go to Spain. Sally feels so guilty that she tells Gail she's almost tempted to accepts Kevin's offer and have him back. Gail tells her it would be wrong as it would be a loveless relationship. Betty visits again. She admits to Emily that she doesn't like it in Wimbledon. It's obvious Caroline doesn't want her and she misses her friends. Doreen has nowhere to live. Maxine and Ashley are forced to tell her that she's welcome to stay as long as she likes. Ashley is distraught at the idea.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 2002
    Wed 17 Jul, 2002
    Episode 119
    Maxine persuades Doreen to go round and talk to Derek. Doreen agrees so long as Maxine and Ashley go with her. Richard is pleased to hear that a second flat has now been spoken for. Blanche pours her heart out to Shelley about Archie and how she misses him. Shelley convinces her that she can win him back. Blanche cheers up. Richard talks to Audrey about her will. Les lays the turf in the Peacocks garden. Ashley realises that he's nicked the turf from the local football pitch as it's got white lines all over it. He makes Les take it up again. Les re-lays it in his own back yard. Aidan accepts his invitation to the wedding. Candice is put out that she's not going. To Maxine, Ashley and Doreen's horror they arrive at Derek's house to find that he's moved his new girlfriend, Donna in. Doreen is distraught and admits that the reason she left was Derek's affair with Donna. Audrey tells Gail that she's invited Archie to the wedding as her guest. Rosie tells Sally that she's sick of being poor. David spots the stolen turf in Les's back yard, he's so fed up about the football pitch being vandalised that he kicks his football through Les's window. Maxine and Ashley tells Doreen she can stay with them. Maxine decides she's going to have it out with her dad, Derek.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jul, 2002
    Mon 15 Jul, 2002
    Episode 118
    Richard forces Norris to look round the show flat. He explains to Norris that the flats are worth £120,000 each and that Emily's £20,000 is small in comparison. He persuades Norris that he's not after Emily's or Rita's money. Norris feels he has no option but to agree with him. Richard offers Norris his mobile phone and dares him to call the police but Norris daren't for fear of Richard killing him. Doreen makes Ashley pay Les for turf for the back lawn. Ashley is getting really fed up with Doreen living with them. Audrey tells Gail that she's drawn up a will leaving everything to Gail. She is worth about £250,000 made up of the house at £130,000, Alma's money £40,000 plus the Salon. Sally tells Rita about Rosie's holiday and Kevin wanting to move back in. Richard persuades Gail to let Aidan come to the wedding to avoid Sarah sulking on the day. Doreen tries to interfere with the Christening plans which winds Ashley up even more. Richard apologises to Norris for forcing him to look round the flats against his will. Norris apologises to Richard for misjudging him. They reach an understanding. Blanche returns home from hospital. Archie calls round and explains to Blanche that her accident hasn't changed anything and that still doesn't want to go out with her anymore. Blanche is very upset and cries after he's gone. Gail tells Richard about the £250,000 which she will inherit from Audrey one day. Ashley reaches the end of his tether with Doreen and tells Maxine that she's got to go.moreless
  • Sun 14 Jul, 2002
    Sun 14 Jul, 2002
    Episode 117
    Doreen is unimpressed with Ashley's attempts at gardening so she hires Les to Maxine and Ashley's horror. Archie visits Blanche in hospital. Blanche takes this to mean that their relationship is back to normal but Archie looks worried. Kevin again suggests to Sally that they should live together and share the bills just as friends but Sally refuses. Rosie is upset when Sally says she can't go to Spain with her friend Lisa as she can't afford it. Gail tells Sarah she can invite a friend to the wedding. To her horror she invites Aidan. Richard calls on Rita to sell her an investment plan but Rita tells him she's changed her mind. Richard thinks that Norris is behind this and is furious. Karen is putting pressure on Steve to buy some very expensive trendy furniture. Steve says they can't afford it. Karen sulks. Norris goes for a walk in his new Commonwealth Games outfit, shell suit and trainers. Ashley and Maxine decide to start organising Joshua's Christening. Richard follows Norris. On a quiet street Richard forces Norris into his car and drives him to The Ridings. He forces Norris out of the car and into the house. Norris is petrified.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jul, 2002
    Fri 12 Jul, 2002
    Episode 116
    Fred tells Rita and Norris that Lillian has left and that the drinks are on him. Doreen is driving Ashley mad, she criticises his diet and the state of the garden. Audrey smugly tells Rita that Archie finished with Blanche as a result of her blabbing Audrey's hairdressing secret all over the Rovers. Richard hands Rita some investment leaflets to look through. Norris tries to warn her away from Richard but Rita refuses to listen. Archie calls round on Blanche to get his dance records back. He sees her lifeless body through the letterbox and shoulder charges the door down. Norris calls an ambulance. She's still alive but barely conscious. Eileen drags Sally to the pub for a belated birthday drink. Karen forces Steve to look round some trendy furniture shops in town. She is particularly taken with a really expensive shop called Bellissima. Sally gets home to find that Kevin and the girls have planned a surprise birthday tea for her. She is very touched. Blanche is in hospital as she's grazed her head, sprained her ankle and got a bit of concussion. Kevin suggests to Sally that they should get back together. Sally is furious thinking that the cake and balloons were just an excuse to wheedle his way back in. Fred gives Shelley the job of Manageress while he goes away, Geena is furious.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jul, 2002
    Wed 10 Jul, 2002
    Episode 115
    Blanche tells Deirdre that Archie has finished with her. She sobs her heart out. Rita offers Sally 2 weeks work at the Kabin filling in for Norris while he's at the Commonwealth Games. Sally says it's the best birthday present possible. Audrey realises that her working for Archie hasn't affected her business. Richard tells Rita and Audrey that he's helping Nick out with his air fare. Deirdre tells Archie how upset Blanche is at their splitting up but he won't change his mind. Deirdre and Ken leave for London to see Tracy. Betty visits again. She says she's sold her house. Kevin plans a birthday surprise for the following day for Sally. Rita tells Richard she'd like some financial advice regarding her savings. Doreen finally admits to Maxine and Ashley that she's left Derek and doesn't want to go back. Blanche talks to Betty about feeling old. Betty admits to Blanche that she hasn't any friends in Wimbledon and spends her time doing Caroline's cleaning. Todd is depressed. He misses Sarah and doesn't know what he wants from life any more. Peter and Shelley call on Blanche. As Blanche goes to open the door she trips, falls down the stairs and bangs her head. Fred feels that Lillian and her family are taking over, however he needn't worry as Lillian gets a phone call offering her a better job in Marple. Lillian and her children pack up and leave.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 2002
    Mon 8 Jul, 2002
    Episode 114
    Richard concocts a fake statement for Jack and Vera. He calms them down and persuades them to leave their money where it is. Steve tells Karen they can move into their new flat in a few weeks, but she has to get a job first. Martin moves back into his flat. Vera tells Norris that he's misjudged Richard who's a very decent honest bloke in her opinion. Blanche overhears Maxine and Maria in the Rovers gossiping about Audrey and Archie disappearing together. She explains that Audrey works for Archie and asks them not to say anything as it's a secret. Norris overhears. Audrey is furious when she realises everybody knows about her working for Archie. She tells Archie she thought she could trust him. Richard phones Nicky and tells him he will pay for his flight to make sure he's at the wedding. Sally asks Kevin if he'll have the girls to stay during the Commonwealth Games so she can rent their room out. He agrees. Archie is very upset with Blanche and tells her their relationship is over. Blanche is devastated. Norris tells Lillian she's barred from the Kabin. They call a truce and she tells him he's welcome back in the Rovers. Lillian's daughter Danielle arrives at the Rovers, she's an aromatherapist. Shelley and Geena tell Fred that if Lillian and family stay they're leaving.moreless
  • Sun 7 Jul, 2002
    Sun 7 Jul, 2002
    Episode 113
    Norris tells Emily that Richard threatened him. Emily doesn't take it seriously. Doreen tells Maxine and Ashley she wants to stay for a bit longer. Deirdre's birthday, she receives some plane tickets for Spain from Tracy. Tracy is having marriage problems with Robert again and wants a week away with her mum. Deirdre isn't too keen as she would rather have gone away with Ken. Blanche again sees Audrey and Archie driving off together. She accuses Archie of being dishonest and throws a glass of water over him. He realises he has to tell her the truth and explains that Audrey is working for him. He asks Blanche not to tell anyone as Audrey is worried that it would be bad for business. Blanche forgives him. Richard is concerned that the flats are taking too long to sell. Jason phones Eileen and tells her he's staying with a mate. Emily apologises to Richard for Norris' outburst. Richard explains to Gail that Norris thought he was trying to murder Emily with painkillers. Vera tells Norris that they've invested all their money with Richard. Norris tells Vera of all his suspicions about Richard. Martin tells Kevin that he'll be moving back into his flat which has been repaired after the fire. Jack and Vera call on Richard. Vera tells Richard that she's been talking to Norris and that she wants her £20,000 back as she doesn't trust him.moreless
  • Fri 5 Jul, 2002
    Fri 5 Jul, 2002
    Episode 112
    Ashley and Maxine are getting more concerned about Doreen and how long she's planning to stay. When asked about Derek she's evasive. Richard calls on Emily saying he wants to discuss future investments which she might be interested in. He checks Norris is out first. While he there Emily has another migraine attack. He offers Emily some of her migraine tablets. Blanche sees Audrey getting into Archie's car. Later she accuses Archie of two-timing her. Archie says he was just giving Audrey a lift. Archie tells Audrey he doesn't like lying to Blanche but Audrey is still adamant she doesn't want her customers to know that she's now "beautician to the dead". Norris goes home and finds Richard administering pills to Emily. He goes berserk and throws Richard out of the house. Betty calls in the Rovers saying that she's putting her house on the market. Lillian makes Jack redundant on the grounds of old age and ill health. Vera storms into the pub and has a slanging match with Lillian. Ashley tries to warn Fred off Lillian and points out that she's barring all his best customers. Lillian gives the cellar man job to her son Tim. Richard calls on Norris. Norris accuses him of trying to kill Emily for her money. Richard tells Norris that if he doesn't leave him alone he'll shut him up once and for all.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jul, 2002
    Wed 3 Jul, 2002
    Episode 111
    Les gets Kirk to clear up the mess left from the party. Ashley and Maxine are surprised when Doreen, Maxine's mum arrives on the doorstep saying she's come to stay for the weekend. Emily is again suffering from a migraine. Norris is suspicious when he sees Richard talking to Emily and asking after her health. Ashley is concerned when he sees the extent of Doreen's luggage; he wonders how long she's intending to stay. Richard calls on Emily to ask her to baby sit. Norris thinks Richard is up to no good and won't let him in. Fred is concerned about Lillian's barring Rita but Lillian manages to placate him. Eileen is on at Jason to get a job. Later she finds a note on the table from Jason saying that he's left and he'll send her a postcard. He's taken Eileen's phone money. Todd tells Eileen about Jason being fired from his job for having his hand in the till. Lillian's son Tim turns up at the Rovers. Audrey tries to warn Fred that Lillian is just another gold digger like Eve, but he won't listen. She storms out watched by a smirking Lillian.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Emily is still suffering from migraines and Norris is making it worse by going on about Lillian barring him from the Rovers. Geena and Shelly are annoyed to find that neither of them has got the manager's job. Richard pricks his ears up when he hears that Emily isn't well. Jason has his belated birthday party at Les's house. Very few people turn up. Norris complains about the noise of the party. A couple of girls turn up at Emily's house looking for the party. Norris gives them a duff address and sends them in the wrong direction. Todd pours his heart out to Toyah saying he can't wait to go away to university and be himself. Blanche tells Rita that Norris has been barred from the Rovers by Lillian the new Relief Manager. Shelley and Geena are peeved at having to work for Lillian. They think she's after Fred's money and he's enjoying her attention. Emma is late home again causing Curly to miss his council meeting. Curly is getting very fed up. Jason admits to Todd that he came back from Blackpool because he was sacked from his job for having his hand in the till. Rita tells Lillian what she thinks of her for barring Norris and being rude to Shelley. Lillian bars Rita from the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Eileen tells Jason to go and find a job so he can pay some board. Norris is giving Emily a migraine going on about the Commonwealth Games. Kirk, Jason and Tyrone persuade Les to let them hold Jason's belated birthday party in his house in exchange for £10. Norris arrives in the Kabin wearing his new Commonwealth Games Volunteer uniform. He's very proud. Richard is not pleased with Steve and Karen but that soon changes when Steve agrees to buy the show flat at the discounted price. Karen is ecstatic. Lillian Spencer, an old friend of Fred's, arrives at the Rovers as the Relief Manager. Geena and Shelley are put out as they knew nothing about it. She brings her Mynah bird with her - Dinah the Mynah. Lillian thinks the Rovers is a come-down after having worked in the Xanadu Cocktail Bar of the Majestic in Cleethorpes and then the Golf Club (where Mike plays). Curly is fed up with Emma who's late for supper having been drinking with her mates. Lillian bars Norris for being rude about the state of the bar top in the Rovers.moreless
  • Sun 30 Jun, 2002
    Sun 30 Jun, 2002
    Episode 108
    Aidan calls round to see Sarah and gives Gail a box of chocolates which he stole from the Kabin. Gail is delighted and wonders if she misjudged him. Archie is complimenting Audrey on her hairdressing skills in the Rovers. Peter is watching. Peter winds Blanche up about Archie's "other woman". Jason arrives back from Blackpool. He, Kirk and Tyrone plan a birthday party but Eileen puts the kybosh on it. Steve is mystified when he gets called to The Ridings, Crimea St for a booking as he knows the flats are still empty. He arrives to find Karen there wearing very little. She drags him in and seduces him. Eileen tells Jason how selfish he's been not getting in touch. He apologises. Les tries to talk to Janice but she tells him she doesn't want to talk. She regrets what happened between them the other night. Rita is sorry to learn that Bet lost her court case even though they didn't see eye to eye. Richard takes a couple round the show flat at the Ridings. He is shocked when he opens the bedroom door to find Steve and Karen in bed.moreless
  • Fri 28 Jun, 2002
    Fri 28 Jun, 2002
    Episode 107
    Janice hates herself for having slept with Les, she wishes it hadn't happened. Les is over the moon thinking they're getting back together. Janice has to tell him that she regrets it and it doesn't change anything. Les is devastated. Gail tells Sarah that she can see Aidan but that she is not to do whatever he tells her. Eileen is missing Jason who is still in Blackpool. Todd tries to talk to Sarah but gets the cold shoulder. Karen threatens to walk down the street half naked until Steve agrees to go and look at the show flat with her. Steve gives in. Joe asks Geena if she would mind him seeing other women. He's only joking but Geena's face is a picture. Karen loves the show flat. She makes Steve promise that they can have one if she gets a job. Richard takes Aidan to one side and threatens to hospitalise him if he mistreats Sarah. Sarah tells Gail that she does want to come to the wedding really. Audrey tells everyone that Bet has lost her court case and she's left Weatherfield.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 2002
    Wed 26 Jun, 2002
    Episode 106
    Karen is still nagging Steve to put a deposit down on one of the flats. Steve suggests again to Karen that they move into no. 11 when Eileen's lease expires. Karen says it's not good enough. Geena tells Joe that she doesn't want a serious relationship. Joe is relieved and they arrange to go out for dinner. Karen takes a cab to Chester and starts spending Steve's £10k on designer clothes. Richard has a chat with Sarah. She apologises to him and says she doesn't hate him at all. He agrees to talk to Gail about Aidan. Steve realises that Karen's plan is to carry on spending until he agrees to buy the flat. Richard persuades Gail to try and compromise with Sarah over Aidan. Mike and Audrey attend Bet's court case to lend her some moral support. They see Phil Bennett, Bet's ex-boyfriend who is accused of stealing her money. Les and Janice have a drink together in the Rovers. They discuss what went wrong with their marriage. They go back to Les' and carry on drinking. They kiss passionately and end up in bed together.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jun, 2002
    Mon 24 Jun, 2002
    Episode 105
    Gail is still angry with Sarah for having Aidan in the house. Steve tells Karen to start looking for a job. Richard gives Steve a cheque for £10,000 for his work overseeing the house renovation. Audrey reveals to Mike that Bet's told her that she's worried about the court case. Geena asks Joe out again but he says he's too tired. Geena is upset. Joe tells Peter he's worried that Geena wants more than he's prepared to give. Mike tells Joe that Sally once tried to steal his client database. Joe cancels Sally's interview. Sally is upset. Karen finds out about Steve's cheque for £10,000 and demands they get on with buying one of the flats. Sarah takes Aidan back to her house again. Hayley turns up wanting to discuss bridesmaids' dresses, shortly followed by Gail. Gail is furious when she sees Aidan and Hayley is caught in the middle of the ensuing row. Audrey does her first dead person's hair on Edwina Levy, Archie's previous hairdresser from Balaclava Terrace. Audrey finds it very rewarding. Sarah and Gail have an almighty row. Sarah tells Gail that she doesn't like Richard and refuses to be a bridesmaid.moreless
  • Sun 23 Jun, 2002
    Sun 23 Jun, 2002
    Episode 104
    Steve asks Joe if he'll give Karen her job back. Joe refuses. Karen is furious with Steve when she finds out, she feels humiliated. Geena makes a date with Joe and is upset when he later cancels it. While Audrey is out, Bet has her solicitor round to the house. Audrey arrives back and suspects that he's a boyfriend of Bet's. She is cross with Bet for abusing her hospitality. Bet explains that Edward is her solicitor. Bet comes clean and tells Audrey all about the court case on Wednesday. Audrey softens. Sarah and Aidan kiss again and declare that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Ken sees them kissing and warns Gail about Aidan. Dev tells Mike he doesn't want to invest abroad with a bunch of people he doesn't know. Mike tells him he's missing a great opportunity. Todd sees Sarah and Aidan kissing and is hurt and jealous. Steve threatens to cancel the new flat which Richard is holding for them. Karen promises to look for another job. Curly and Emma go to Maxine and Ashley's for drinks and nibbles. Maxine has made cocktails, she's got the recipe wrong and they're lethal. Sally asks Joe about the machinist's job at the factory. He tells her to come and see him tomorrow for a chat. Sarah and Aidan are at home kissing on the settee when Gail arrives home. Gail is furious, throws Aidan out and tells them they aren't to see each other any more.moreless
  • Fri 21 Jun, 2002
    Fri 21 Jun, 2002
    Episode 103
    Karen lies to Steve and tells him she's resigned from the factory. Later Steve finds out from Joe that she's been sacked. Todd tells Sarah that he'd like to be mates again. She half-heartedly agrees. Curly has broken his glasses. He tells Emma that he will drop Ben with her while he goes to collect his new pair. Mike is impressed that the factory is running like clockwork now that Karen has gone. Mike puts a business proposition to Dev - he asks him if he would like to invest in some luxury apartments in Spain. Steve winds Karen up to see how long she carries on lying about being sacked. He pretends that he's going to punch Joe for what he's done. Karen comes clean. Curly, who can't see without his specs, inadvertently collects the wrong baby from the soft play session and takes it home. Peter tells Joe that Geena really fancies him. Aidan calls to see Sarah. He kisses her and then leaves. Sarah really fancies him but is confused. Emma is shocked to find a little girl at home instead of Ben. They find the right mother and swap babies, Curly is terribly embarrassed. To Steve's amazement Karen has cooked a meal for them. They end up rowing and Karen storms out after throwing a plate of food at the wall.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jun, 2002
    Wed 19 Jun, 2002
    Episode 102
    Aidan asks Sarah to bunk off school with him, she's about to say yes when Gail walks in. She has no option but to go to school. Geena is livid with the way Mike has treated Joe. Karen is delighted that Joe's gone and enjoys rubbing Geena's nose in it. Archie flatters Audrey about her hairdressing skills and she caves in and agrees to see to Archie's clients' hair - the corpses. Hayley tells Mike just how hard Joe worked to try and get the order out. Mike decides he's been a bit hasty and offers Joe his job back. Joe accepts on condition he can fire Karen. Curly throws a mother and baby party. Maxine attends and puts her foot in it by assuming that everyone is part of a couple. Bet sits in Audrey's front garden wearing her pyjamas smoking a cigarette. Audrey is so embarrassed she tells Bet it's okay to smoke in the house again. Fred asks Bet if she'd like to come back as Manager of the Rover and run the pub for him, but she declines. The factory girls are amazed when Mike arrives with Joe who is obviously back working for Underworld. Karen is furious and especially when Joe sacks her. She leaves the factory in tears.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 2002
    Mon 17 Jun, 2002
    Episode 101
    Joe works through the night to try and get the order finished. He is furious to find out that Mike has put the deadline back to Wednesday without telling him. Gail is delighted when Nick phones and says he will be at the wedding. Sarah agrees to be a bridesmaid and Bethany a flower girl. Audrey is upset as it's a year since Alma's death. She arranges with Mike to go and visit the grave. Curly is busy getting ready for the mother and baby group meeting, he invites Maxine and Joshua along. Roy asks Bet is she would give a talk to the Historical Society about the Rovers as the pub is 100 years old this August. Bet says she won't be around by then. Archie chats up Audrey and asks her if she would like to be hairdresser to dead people. Audrey refuses. Bet bumps into Mike they are both really pleased to see each other. Mike, having returned from his holiday, walks into the factory. He tells Joe that he was just testing him under pressure with the Draper order. Joe is furious and walks out telling Mike to stick his job.moreless
  • Sun 16 Jun, 2002
    Sun 16 Jun, 2002
    Episode 100
    The girls turn up on Sunday to work overtime. Karen tries to push Joe into paying triple time but he refuses. Kirk, Tyrone and Les have breakfast in Les's house with rock music blaring. Emma is at the end of her tether, first the rats now the music. Joe pops into the Rovers to tell Geena that they will have to postpone lunch as he has to work. He stays for a drink. Janice spots him and tells the girls. They all walk out except Hayley - why should they work Sunday if he can't be bothered? The rat catcher has declared that all the rats are dead so Les can now clean up his yard. He gets Kirk to do it. Kirk is worried he might find a rat so Les stands by with Kirk's air gun. Bet is shocked when she meets Bethany and finds out that she's Sarah's baby. Bet confides in Ken that she's very nervous about the court case. Martin and Gail give Sarah a pep talk about being a mother. Sarah admits that she loves Bethany. She cries and gives Bethany a hug. Joe arrives back at the factory to find Hayley the only person there. He sends her home and wonders how he's going to explain to Mike that he's failed to get out the biggest order they've had in six months.moreless
  • Fri 14 Jun, 2002
    Fri 14 Jun, 2002
    Episode 99
    Bet tells Audrey that there's no love lost between her and Rita. Bet calls in the factory to see Mike but finds Joe Carter there instead. She tells the girls that she's an old friend of Mike's, the girls are interested. Shelley and Geena are really fed up of trying to do the catering and the cellar work as well as their own jobs. Bet reminisces with Sunita about how she used to live in the flat above the shop. Karen gets the factory girls to slow their work down so that Joe has to give them double time on a Sunday in order to try and get the order out in time. Les agrees to let Kirk lodge with him for £40 per week plus bills. Emma tells Les that the rat problem still isn't sorted, that the rat catcher is coming back again. Kirk gets excited and tells Les that he enjoys shooting rats. Toyah moves into the flat over the hairdressers with Maria. Gail leaves Sarah baby sitting Bethany. When she gets home she finds Emily there instead, Sarah has gone out with Aidan. Gail is furious with Sarah. Sarah says she's sick of being different and shocks Gail by saying she's going to give Bethany away. Bet tells Ken and Deirdre why she's in Manchester; she's had a two year relationship with a bloke called Phil Bennett. Phil borrowed £100,000 off all his friends including Bet to open a night club. The club was open a week. She and his friends are suing him for their money and the case is in Manchester. Bet tells Ken that if she loses the case she'll be debt up to her neck with all the legal fees.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 2002
    Wed 12 Jun, 2002
    Episode 98
    Audrey finds Bet asleep on the sofa. Bet says she will be staying about two weeks. Audrey is already regretting her hospitality. Kath the rat catcher from the Environmental Health Dept turns up at Les's. Les tries to deny that there's a problem but Emma overhears and puts her straight. Joe panics when one of their buyers, Ian Richardson doubles his order, but wants everything done by Monday, the day Mike is due back. Norris hears that there are rats about and wears bicycle clips as a precaution. Sarah invites Aidan round as Gail is out for the evening. Aidan brings a bottle of vodka and they both get drunk. Gail arrives back just as Aidan is about to pierce Sarah's eyebrow. Gail throws him out and is furious. Rita calls to see Bet to try and iron out their differences, but to no avail. They end up rowing again. Shelley and Geena complain to Fred that they're over worked and under staffed. Les tells Curly the rats have all gone. Janice suggests to Kirk he could move in with Les.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Bet arrives at the Rovers for Betty's leaving do, surprising her old pals. She says she's been living in Brighton and she's friends again with Vicky who is now happily married. She's divorced from Alec and has changed her name back to Lynch. She inherited a bit of money and a yacht - which she sold - from Bruce in Spain. Emma takes Ben to stay at her friend Maggie's because she won't let her baby stay in a rat infested house. Everyone is saying hello to Bet. After prompting from Betty, Rita decides that she will break the ice with Bet. She and Bet exchange forced pleasantries. Ken does a speech about Betty. Betty tells them that she's moving to Wimbledon with Gordon and Caroline. She pulls her last pint to cheers from the regulars. Bet says she's staying for a few days. Audrey offers her a bedroom and Bet accepts. Joe apologises to Geena for failing to tell her he'd been in prison. He asks her out for dinner and she agrees to give him a second chance. Dev is really annoyed. Toyah mentions moving in with Maria to Janice. Janice is fine about it.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Les calls round and tells Emma and Curly that he's going to sort the rat problem out today. Karen tries to give Joe a hard time again and asks him what he was inside for. Joe is angry that the girls know he's been in prison. He confronts Dev about how they got the information. Geena tells Shelley she doesn't want to see Joe again, not because he's been inside but because he's been dishonest with her by not telling her. Aidan bunks off school to go into town. Sarah wants to go too but Aidan won't let her bring Bethany. She tells him she's finished with Todd but he doesn't seem interested. Sarah is depressed. Norris is excited to learn that he's been accepted as a Commonwealth Games Volunteer. He thinks he's going to be rubbing shoulders with royalty. Betty's surprise retirement party takes place in the Rovers. To Betty's delight Gordon and his wife Caroline turn up. To Caroline's annoyance Gordon asks Betty if she would like to come and live with them in Wimbledon. She says yes. Emma asks Les what he's done about the rats. He shows her a scruffy cat called Rossi who he's borrowed from a friend, saying he's a fantastic rat catcher. Emma tells Curly to phone the Council and get the proper rat catchers in. Outside the railway station, Bet Lynch climbs into a taxi and asks for Coronation Street.moreless
  • Sun 9 Jun, 2002
    Sun 9 Jun, 2002
    Episode 95
    Ken and Rita discuss Betty's surprise party and decide they're going to try and get hold of Bet Gilroy, Billy Walker and Gordon. Karen finds out from Vik and Steve that Joe Carter has been in prison. She tells Fiz and Hayley Curly and Emma have a barbeque. Les invites himself round. Maxine screams when she spots a rat in Curly and Emma's house. Emma realises that there are several rats and they're coming in from Les's filthy back yard. Les denies the rats are his. Emma is really angry and threatens him if he doesn't clean up his mess. Shelley and Geena are both hoping they will become manager of the Rovers when Betty goes, as Fred is spending less and less time behind the bar. Toyah can't pluck up the courage to tell Janice she wants to move in with Maria. Dev finds out that Geena now knows that Joe has been in prison. He is delighted. Aidan and Candice go bowling. Sarah is desperate to go with them and manages to catch them up. Fred thanks Betty for her thirty-three years service as a barmaid and she leaves, unaware that there is a party planned for the next day.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jun, 2002
    Fri 7 Jun, 2002
    Episode 94
    Gail is still really cross with Sarah over Bethany's party. Kirk shows Tyrone his new tattoo of a horny red devil. Curly and Emma call on Les to ask him to clear up his back yard. They are appalled by the level of squalor in his house. Fred finally realises that Betty really is retiring. He's upset but wishes her well and plans a surprise farewell party for her. Maria tries to persuade Toyah into moving in with her and sharing the flat above the hairdressers. Toyah says she'll think about it. Sam tells Toyah that he's going to Ibiza and may not come back. They say a fond goodbye to each other. Roy tries to tell Hayley that he's suffering from post traumatic Stress Disorder from the re-enactment. She tells him that he was only pretending to be a soldier. Sarah is distraught when Todd finishes with her. He accuses her of two-timing him with Aidan and simply using him.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 2002
    Wed 5 Jun, 2002
    Episode 93
    Gail is cross with Sarah when she finds out that she's been playing truant from school. Sarah is fed up, as all her mates are going out enjoying themselves and she's stuck at home preparing for Bethany's birthday party. Emma suggests to Curly they have a barbeque at the weekend. She notices that Les's back yard is full of over-flowing dustbins and rubbish. She mentions the mess to Les but he ignores her. Sam can't work at the garage because of his broken arm. He and Kevin have a row and Sam quits his job. Karen tries to give Joe Carter a hard time but he stands up to her and threatens to sack her. Betty tells Fred she wants to retire but he isn't listening. Roy apologises to Fred and they patch up their differences. Everyone is at the Platts' house attending Bethany's birthday party. Sarah disappears. Later, when everyone has left, she turns up saying that she bumped into some mates. Gail is furious. Sarah bursts into tears and says that compared to her mates she feels her life is over already.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 2002
    Mon 3 Jun, 2002
    Episode 92
    Roy is eventually released from the police cells and is just in time for the re-enactment although he's cutting it fine. The re-enactment takes place, Fiz is spy but decides she won't double-cross Roy to Fred's annoyance, Karen is a witch, Maxine is a princess on a pantomime horse, Sam is hit by a flying pie and breaks his arm. The whole thing disintegrates into farce, Roy is furious with Fred for ruining his day and eventually they have to be led away by security to make way for the Bessie Street Twirling Kazoo Band. Back at the Rovers and Roy's Rolls the Roundheads and Cavaliers rally their respective leaders and convince them that the fight is not over. Roy and Fred go head to head in the Street, Fred ends up on the ground while furious Roy holds his pike to Fred's throat. Hayley drags Roy off before any damage is done.moreless
  • Sun 2 Jun, 2002
    Sun 2 Jun, 2002
    Episode 91
    Fred has had the sign over the Rovers front door changed to Fred Elliott, Licencee. Kevin asks Sam if he can do some overtime on Bank Holiday. Despite Kevin's offer of triple pay Sam refuses as he's taking part in the re-enactment of the Civil War battle. Mike is going on holiday to La Manga. He is leaving Joe Carter in charge of Underworld whilst he is away. Geena tells Shelly she had a great night with Joe. Dev asks Vikram to have a word with Geena and tell her that Joe is a crook. Vik refuses and warns Dev not to get involved. Roy goes out to Bolton. Hayley is worried that he is going to do something stupid in an attempt to get back at Fred. Gail suggests to Todd and Sarah that they plan Bethany's birthday party. Todd and Sarah are not impressed with the idea of a party with their neighbours. Candice comes round and she and Todd have a laugh at the idea of Bethany's party. Sarah gets upset and announces that she is inviting another boy. Todd is not pleased. Roy visits Laurence Burford, a civil war fanatic who hires out replica guns. He hires a replica musket. Laurence gives him a few tips on how to handle the gun. On his way home Roy pops into a mini-mart. He is practicing with his musket in the shop and is arrested for attempted armed robbery. He tries to explain but is taken to the police station and locked up for the night. Sally tells Sophie and Rosie that she cannot afford to take them on holiday. They are disappointed and she tells Kevin that she thinks she is a bad mother.moreless
  • Fri 31 May, 2002
    Fri 31 May, 2002
    Episode 90
    Sarah and Aidan bunk off school again. Dev tries to warn Geena off Joe but she tells him to leave her alone. Dev tells Vik about Joe's prison history and says he wishes he could tell Geena. Vik advises him to keep quiet. Todd accuses Sarah of two-timing him with Aidan. She denies it. Ken asks Sarah where she's been all day and she pretends that Bethany hasn't been well. It's obvious Ken doesn't believe her. Sally is shocked when she receives a letter from the insurance telling her that the amount she's due is a lot less than she was expecting. She discovers that she was under insured. Joe takes Geena out for dinner and she looks fantastic. Dev is green with envy. Sally gives Rita a post dated cheque for the amount she owes her. Later she pours her heart out to Kevin saying that she can't afford to take the girls on holiday. Kevin comforts her. Roy, Fred and everyone involved have a meeting about the re-enactment. They have a vote and it's decided to alter history in honour of the Queen's Jubilee so that Royalists win the battle. Roy is livid.moreless
  • Wed 29 May, 2002
    Wed 29 May, 2002
    Episode 89
    Gail signs the papers and becomes Richard's new business partner. Fred shows David his re-enactment sword. David is impressed and lends his support to Fred and the Royalists. Sam asks Kevin for a couple of weeks' holiday and is annoyed when he's refused. The factory girls are warming to Joe except for Karen who is determined to give him a hard time. Sarah and Aidan bunk off school. Aidan shop lifts some chocolate from the Kabin and they take it back to Sarah's house to eat. They are almost caught by Gail and Richard but manage to slip out of the back door just in time. Sarah agrees to play truant again with Aidan. Betty finds Fred trying on his re-enactment costume. Roy gets to hear about Fred's red tights and floppy hat and marches round to see Fred. He demands that they have a meeting to ensure that the re-enactment is taken seriously and is historically accurate. Sally tells Rita that as soon as her insurance cheque arrives she will pay her back. She also promises to take the girls on holiday. Joe asks Geena out in front of Dev. Geena agrees. Dev later tries to warn Joe off accusing him of being a crook just out of jail. Joe is angry and threatens Dev.moreless
  • Mon 27 May, 2002
    Mon 27 May, 2002
    Episode 88
    Mike drives Joe Carter to Roy's Rolls where they have breakfast. Mike has given Joe the job of Factory Manager at Underworld. Mike is pleased that he's got Joe cheaply as nobody else will employ him having just come out of prison. Joe is worried that Mike has hired him to perform dodgy deals for him and tells Mike he's not interested. Mike assures him that's not the case. Roy is furious with Norris who has said he's no longer going to fight for the Parliamentarians as he feels it would be a conflict of interest as he's employed by Her Majesty as a Post Office worker. The girls in the factory are intrigued by their new boss, Joe. Karen is furious as she hoped the job would be hers. She decides to try and make his life hell but Joe remains one step ahead. Joe chats up Geena over the bar. Dev sees this. Dev asks Mike where he's come from and Mike tells him in confidence that he's just come out of prison. Fred is jealous when he sees the pike that Roy has acquired for the re-enactment. Eileen finds out that Jason has stayed in Blackpool as he's got a job. Sally phones the insurance company and is relieved to hear that the official notification is in the post - all she has to do is sign, return and she should then receive her cheque.moreless
  • Sun 26 May, 2002
    Sun 26 May, 2002
    Episode 87
    Maria tries to convince Toyah that marriage is not the right option for her and Goran. Jason and Kirk spend the night in Carol and Stephanie's caravan. In the morning as they are leaving Steph calls Carol 'mum'. Kirk thinks he is in love, and Jason is amused that Carol is Steph's mum. At the caravan, Tyrone and Maria give Kirk grief about renting out someone else's caravan and getting Fiz into trouble over it. Karen is convinced Baldwin will ask her to be manager when he goes on holiday. Kirk boasts about his conquest with Carol, much to the distaste of Maria and Jason. Tyrone goes to meet Fiz as she is released from the police station. Fiz winds Kirk up about Carol having a vicious husband who is out to get him. She does this as revenge for her having spent the night in a police cell on account of it not being their caravan. Toyah tells Goran that she will marry him. Richard surprises Gail by asking her to become his business partner. Fred has turned the re-enactment into an entertainment show and Roy is disturbed by Fred's lack of regard for authenticity and historical facts. Toyah realises she has gone too far and takes back her acceptance of marriage. Goran is very understanding. Joe Carter is released from prison and Mike Baldwin is waiting outside. Joe gets into Mike's car and they drive off.moreless
  • Fri 24 May, 2002
    Fri 24 May, 2002
    Episode 86
    Fiz offers to take the boys for a pint as she has earned some cash telling fortunes. Richard tells Gail not to worry about about Patricia ever again. Toyah tells Maria about Goran's proposal. Maria warns her that he could be asking her to marry him just so that he can stay in England. Steph and Carol Mills spot Kirk and Jason in the pub and ask them to join them in a celebration drink as they have won £200 at the bingo, the boys accept. Mike tells the factory girls he is looking for a new manager. Toyah confronts Goran about his reasons for wanting to marry her. She is shocked when he admits he wants to stay in Britain, but claims to genuinely love her. She is clearly distressed by his predicament. Fred starts to do his own research into the civil war, hoping to liven it up a little. Fiz overhears Toyah and Maria discussing Goran needing a passport. Fiz later teases him by saying she will marry him for a price. Gail finds the bracelet that was Patricia's in Richard's coat pocket. Karen sucks up to Baldwin thinking he may offer her the job of manager, but her efforts go over Mike's head. Roy is frustrated by Fred's proposal to alter the re-enactment details beyond recognition. Richard acts suspiciously when Gail mentions finding the bracelet, but covers his tracks by lying and saying it was his grandmother's bracelet and he wants her to have it as a wedding gift. Simon and Trish Farrar find Fiz in their caravan. Fiz thinks it is they who are mistaken and refuses to leave. She is later taken away by a police officer. Toyah tells Maria that she is determined to help Goran by marrying him.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 2002
    Wed 22 May, 2002
    Episode 85
    Toyah wakes up in Goran's caravan. They decide to spend another day together. Richard makes an early start at the conversion, where he hears a noise, and is given a nasty shock when a dog leaps out of the trench. Roy is irritated over the way Fred wants to change aspects of the re-enactment. The building inspector arrives and a tense Richard is relieved that he doesn't delve too deep into the trench where Patricia's dead body lies. Tyrone and Maria plan a day together leaving Fiz to tag along with Jason and Kirk. Steve spots a woman's bracelet in the trench, and stops the concrete being poured. Richard tells him it belongs to a potential buyer and takes it from him. Richard is shaking with relief as the concrete is finally poured in. Steve asks him why he is happy, Richard says it's because he can now start making money. Jason and Kirk go off with Carol and Steph, leaving Fiz on her own. She feels even more alone when she spots Toyah and Goran looking happy together. Fiz tries to buy a candy floss with a Scottish note but is refused. She insults the candy floss man, who chases after her. Fiz hides in a fortune teller's booth. Fiz takes money from an old woman, and pretends to be the fortune teller. The woman then gets her friend to also have a reading from Fiz. Jason and Kirk spend a fortune on Steph and Carol, who then dump them. A pleased Fiz is rumbled by the real fortune teller and chased out on to the street. As Toyah and Goran watch the sunset, he tells Toyah that he wants to marry her.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 2002
    Mon 20 May, 2002
    Episode 84
    Richard receives a phone call from Patricia, but refuses to talk to her about money. Jason and Kirk fail to pull when they go in search of girls in the posh hotel bars on the North Prom. Meanwhile Toyah is on her second date with Goran. Maria and Tyrone are alone on the sea front, both are reminiscing about when the got engaged at the top of the tower, when they bump into each other. Patricia turns up at the Platt's house when Richard refuses to acknowledge her calls. Her remarks unnerve him and he takes her outside to talk, away from Gail and the kids. At the top of the tower Tyrone and Maria have an intimate moment where they declare their feelings. But when they get back on to the street Maria tells Tyrone that they can never go back to the way they were. Fred offers to sponsor Roy's re-enactment, but as a way of making himself money. Roy is worried that by allowing Fred to be sponsor he will hi-jack the whole event. Richard takes Patricia to the conversion and tries to explain why he cannot pay her. They argue and she threatens to expose him as a cheat and a liar. Richard loses his temper and picks up a spade and wacks Patricia over the head with it killing her.moreless
  • Sun 19 May, 2002
    Sun 19 May, 2002
    Episode 83
    Maria is at the end of her tether and lets it slip to Jason and Tyrone that the caravan was given to them for free by their uncle. Richard reassures Gail that everything is under control. Kevin tells Sally that Molly has moved out. Sally arrives at Kevin's flat just as Molly is packing her last bags. Molly accuses Sally of standing in the way of her and Kevin. Kirk breaks into another caravan and Tyrone, Fiz and Jason move in, unaware that it is not all above board. Toyah is clearly attracted to Goran and he is paying her a lot of attention. Maria chats to Goran and Toyah gets jealous, although they are in actual fact talking about Toyah. Richard is getting anxious about the underpinning, but Steve reassures him that he is going to make a killing on the flats and not to worry. Toyah meets Goran and they sit eating chips, watching the sea and talking. Goran is late for work and is fired by his boss. Roy holds a meeting about the re-enactment and it is clear that he and Fred will not be seeing eye-to-eye about many aspects of the event. Richard tries to stall Patricia who is demanding her money by the following day. Toyah tells Maria that Goran is the most incredible man she has ever met.moreless
  • Fri 17 May, 2002
    Fri 17 May, 2002
    Episode 82
    Fiz persuades Kirk to let her come to Blackpool and Tyrone is furious. Richard is despairing about where to find the £45,000 he needs to underpin the house. Molly confides in Gail that there is no passionate spark in her relationship with Kevin. Kirk, Tyrone, Jason and Fiz turn up at the caravan in Blackpool only to find that Maria and Toyah have also just arrived. Aidan pays Ken a visit and tells him that he is too old to be a teacher. Richard is very interested to know that Vera and Jack have money to invest. Blanche tries to tout for coffin business for Archie, but has little success with Betty. Ken tells Peter to keep out of his business in future. Molly moves out of Kevin's flat, but on good terms. Vera and Jack discuss investment opportunities over chardonnay and dry roasted at Richard and Gail's house. Things get heated in Blackpool and Maria tells the Kirk, Tyrone, Jason and Fiz to leave. Vera writes Richard a cheque for £20,000. Richard tells Steve to go ahead with the underpinning.moreless
  • Tue 14 May, 2002
    Tue 14 May, 2002
    Episode 81
    Richard suggests to Gail that they all go to Florida for their honeymoon. Gail is over the moon. Maria and Toyah plan to go to Blackpool, but Audrey refuses to let Maria have the week off. Sally tells Molly that it was her that Kevin was in the Rovers with, not Sam. Molly is hurt that they are still so close. Steve tells Richard that there are serious cracks in the walls at the house. Steve is annoyed that Richard does not take the problem seriously. Despite his denial, Molly feels that Kevin is prioritising her last after Sally and even after Martin. Fred pokes fun at Roy about his Re-enactment plans and tells Roy that he will be catering for the upper end of the market. Emily agrees to help Roy and Hayley make the costumes for the re-enactment. David and Sarah are thrilled that Richard is taking them to Florida. Ken finds out that Peter went to see Aidan's father and tells Peter that he has made things much worse. Kirk cons Jason and Tyrone into paying £50 each to stay in the caravan that he is getting for free. Audrey changes her mind about Maria going away and tells her that she will get a temp to cover. Steve breaks the bad news to Richard that the house needs underpinning.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 2002
    Mon 13 May, 2002
    Episode 80
    Ken is concerned about the situation with Aidan and Deirdre suggests speaking to Miss Johnson about it. Ken tells Deirdre that he needs to fight his own battles. Richard tells Gail that Patricia has been to see him and wants to be bought out of the company. Roy and Norris put up posters to advertise the skirmish. Martin is still staying with Kevin and Molly and tells a fuming Molly that he has no idea when his own flat will be ready. Miss Johnson asks Ken to introduce the policeman that is visiting the school that afternoon. Patricia agrees to sell her share of Kellet Holdings for £25,000. Kirk suggests to Maria that they go to their Uncle Bob's caravan in Blackpool, although Maria would have to lend him the money. Maria refuses, but tells a disappointed Kirk that she may go to Blackpool anyway. Molly prepares for a romantic evening in with Kevin, but Kevin has already arranged to go for a drink with Sally. The food is ruined and Molly is disappointed. Kevin lies to her that he has been at the Rovers with Sam. Aidan leaves a shopping trolley from the canal on Ken's doorstep. Peter and Deirdre despair that Ken still refuses to involve the Head or the Police. Candice tells Peter where Aidan lives and Peter goes round and threatens Aidan's Dad to keep his son under control.moreless
  • Sun 12 May, 2002
    Sun 12 May, 2002
    Episode 79
    Ken tells Deirdre about his problems at school with Aidan and the vandalism to the car. Deirdre is shocked. Fred is very depressed as he feels that Eve was his last chance of love. Jack approaches Richard for some financial advice. Richard thinks he's interested in the equity release scheme and tells him it's not suitable for couples. Vera thinks it's because their money isn't good enough. Karen shows Peter the betting slip and advises him to pay Steve the £500 to sort the matter out. Peter takes her advice and pays Steve in front of everyone in the Rovers. Steve suspects that Karen had something to do with it. Patricia, Richard's ex-wife unexpectedly turns up saying she wants Richard to buy out her 20% share of the business. Richard is unnerved. Geena's father Maurice visits her. She tells him that she and Dev have split up. Later she and her mother are reconciled on the phone. Ken visits Aidan's parents. He talks to Aidan's father about the problems his son is causing and mentions the vandalism to the car. Bob Critchley is hostile and throws Ken out of the house.moreless
  • Fri 10 May, 2002
    Fri 10 May, 2002
    Episode 78
    Peter's business is really starting to suffer. Steve enjoys watching him sweat. Deirdre starts back at the corner shop. She and Dev call a truce. Ken is having more and more problems with Aidan. Aidan has decided to make it his mission to get Ken to leave. He tells Ken this. Aidan wreaks havoc in class. Miss Johnson enters the room and shouts at everyone not realising that Ken is there and meant to be in charge. Gail starts looking for wedding venues. Audrey admits that she's warming to Richard as her investments have now started to do very well. Fred has a meeting with Eve, Mike is present. He tells her that he will make sure she doesn't leave the marriage empty handed but she's not having the Rovers. He threatens to have her charged with bigamy if she doesn't agree to his terms. Eve realises she's beaten and is very upset. Vera decides that she's going to get Richard's advice regarding their savings. Karen finds Steve's betting slip and gives it to him. Steve says he's not going to cash it in just yet as he wants to make Peter suffer a bit more. Ken discovers that the tyres on his car have been slashed. He sees Aidan watching and smiling in the distance.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 2002
    Wed 8 May, 2002
    Episode 77
    Deirdre tells Ken and Blanche she's been sacked but doesn't tell them why. Steve continues to make sure everyone boycotts Peter's bookies and Peter still refuses to pay Steve his winnings. Karen and Shelley agree that they are both being incredibly childish. Ashley and Maxine persuade Fred that he must talk to Eve. He agrees to see her. Jack sneaks into the Bookies to put a bet on hoping Steve won't see him. Dev has been for a night out with Vik and apparently pulled the best looking woman in the room. Dev tells Sunita that he sacked Deirdre for lying to Geena about him. Sunita tells Deirdre who is furious. Deirdre calls to see Dev and implies that unless he gives her her job back she will tell everyone the truth. She gets her job back. Ken tells Sarah and Candice that he is now their mentor and they can come to him with their problems. He finds out that he's also looking after Aidan who again gives him a hard time and has had his eyebrow pierced. Fred and Eve meet. Fred tells her that their relationship is over as they were never married. She tells him that the pub is still legally hers and she wants it.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 2002
    Mon 6 May, 2002
    Episode 76
    Steve goes to collect his winnings from the Bookies and to his horror finds he's lost his betting slip. Peter is delighted and denies all knowledge of Steve ever having made a bet so as to avoid paying. Steve is furious. Deirdre still can't bring herself to tell Ken that she's lost her job so she goes and sits in Roy's Rolls all day. Vera is suspicious. Fred seems to be in a better mood but he still refuses to talk to Eve when she phones. Audrey tells him that he needs to talk to her to sort everything out but he's not interested. Blanche backs Peter up saying that Steve never made a bet and she was in the shop. Richard tells Gail that the new flats will soon be sold and they will have plenty of money for the wedding. Deirdre asks Sunita to cover for in the shop in case Ken asks any awkward questions. Steve tells all Peter's other punters that Peter has refused to pay up. They all stage a walk out from the Bookies leaving Peter on his own and worried.moreless
  • Sun 5 May, 2002
    Sun 5 May, 2002
    Episode 75
    Deirdre tells Ken that she's got the day off so that he won't know she's lost her job. Ashley is now behaving as a proud father. Maxine finally starts to feel that their problems are behind them. Steve goes to place a bet at the Bookies. Peter goads him into upping his bet. Steve places £100 on Laughing Boy to win. Blanche places 50p on Chunky Monkey. Roy starts practicing 17th century recipes which he can use for the re-enactment. He makes a stew out of cow's cartilage. Audrey tries to talk to Fred about Eve but he just clams up. Laughing Boy wins the race. Steve has won £500. He tells Peter he'll collect the money on Monday. Archie chats up Audrey at the bar. Blanche is jealous. Deirdre tries to talk Geena into taking Dev back but Geena refuses. Peter tells Steve he won't get a penny of his winnings until he pays the dry cleaning bill for Shelley's coat.moreless
  • Fri 3 May, 2002
    Fri 3 May, 2002
    Episode 74
    Molly sees Kevin talking to Sally and realises that there's still a closeness there, she feels slightly jealous. Dev is furious with Deirdre accusing her of spilling the beans to Geena. Peter takes Shelly shopping for a new coat on his credit card as the business is doing so well. Geena tells Shelley and later Betty that she's finished with Dev because he slept with another woman. Ken tells Miss Johnson that he would like to accept the role of Senior Pupil Mentor. He also tells Miss Johnson about his problems with Aidan Critchley. Vik tells Steve about a tip he's got on a horse, Laughing Boy. Dev tries to talk Geena round but she is adamant she wants nothing more to do with him. He realises it's over. Councillor Naysmith tells Roy that thanks to Hayley he's changed his mind and the re-enactment can now go ahead. Roy is ecstatic. Steve picks Shelley and Peter up from the shops in his cab. Shelley gets a piece of chewing gum from the car seat stuck on her new coat. Steve refuses to pay for it to be dry cleaned. Dev is drunk. He shouts at Deirdre and sacks her from the shop. She leaves in tears, worried sick that he might tell Ken what went on.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Ashley forgives Maxine and tells her he loves both she and Joshua. He moves back in to the marital bed. Maxine is delighted. Roy is so depressed at being told that the re-enactment can't go ahead that Hayley goes to see Councillor Naysmith and pleads with him to bend the rules. Molly finds out from Gail about Kevin lending Sally the holiday money. She is hurt that he couldn't tell her in the first place. Audrey and Fred call round to see Joshua. Fred is a very proud grandfather. Fred gets a temporary licence for the pub in his name so that he can remain open. He doesn't know if Eve will be back or not. Geena starts making bitchy comments to Deirdre and eventually she flips and tells Geena that she's only got Dev's version of events. Geena confronts Dev who admits he slept with Deirdre. She throws her engagement ring at him.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Kevin tells Martin about how he's give the holiday money to Sally. The Police decide to drop the investigation into Sally's fire. She is very relieved. Sally tells Gail how uncomfortable she feels borrowing money from Kevin. Ashley and Maxine set off for the hospital to collect baby Joshua. They then go to the surgery for the DNA test. Ashley suddenly decides that he can't go through with it as it would be unfair on Joshua. Maxine begins to feel that may be there is some hope for their relationship. Dev is trying to placate Deirdre who is still upset that he won't let her go on a business trip with him. Deirdre blames what happened between them at Christmas. Geena enters the shop and overhears the conversation. Geena asks Dev what's been going on. He tells her that Deirdre tried to kiss him at Christmas. Geena says he must sack her. Miss Johnson asks Ken if he would like to become a Senior Pupil Mentor. Sarah arrives home really late with Bethany; she's had a terrible journey home from the crèche. Molly is upset when Kevin tells her he's taking her for dinner on her birthday as she thought he'd booked a holiday. Eve turns up for her belongings. Fred can't bear to be near her. Ashley finally decides to accept baby Joshua as his own, although he'll never be 100% sure.moreless
  • Sun 28 Apr, 2002
    Sun 28 Apr, 2002
    Episode 71
    Archie arrives early at the Barlow's making Deirdre think that Archie has stayed the night. Shelley tells Betty that she thinks Fred could have murdered Eve. Kevin tells Molly he feels guilty about Sally's money problems. Molly tells him he is not to blame. Kevin teases Molly about his surprise birthday gift to her. Deirdre, Shelley and Gail discuss how murder could run in Fred's family. Dev won't take Geena on a business trip, so she storms out. Deirdre tells Dev that she will go on the trip with him, but Dev is against this also, because of what happened at Christmas. Mike insists that Eve tells the police that Linda is alive. Dev refuses Sally credit, Kevin sees this and follows her out, she is clearly embarrassed. Audrey advises Maxine on how to behave in future towards Ashley. Blanche is pleased when she hears from Deirdre how she thinks Archie stayed the night. Sally tells Kevin she doesn't need pity, then she accepts a loan of £400. Kevin hugs her but Sally looks uncomfortable. Ashley falters when Maxine says she loves him whatever the outcome. Mike tells Fred he has seen Eve and knows about Linda wanting a divorce. Molly tells Gail she thinks Kevin has booked a City break for her birthday. Gail says that means he must think a lot about her.moreless
  • Fri 26 Apr, 2002
    Fri 26 Apr, 2002
    Episode 70
    Sally tells Rita that the police think she burned down the shop. Fred is upset that Eve has gone. Norris is spreading Sally's bad news about the police wanting her for questioning. Rita is angry with him. Kirk warns Jason to keep quiet or he may get blamed. Archie tries to apologise for standing Blanche up, but she is having non of it. Fred tells Betty, Geena and Shelley that Eve has gone for good. The three barmaids bicker over who will act as Landlady. Sally tells the police that Jason fitted the wrong fuse, making the fire a genuine accident. When questioned Jason admits to trying to fix the radio putting Sally in the clear, but Blanche and Norris act as if they still think she did it. Curly tells Roy the bad news about the re-enactment needing permission. The midwife hands Ashley the baby and he is clearly moved, this pleases Maxine, but later Ashley tells her that having feelings for the baby makes it harder for him if he isn't his. Fred confides in Mike about the marriage being a sham and that Linda is alive. Ken talks about how is age will go against him for the teaching post, Peter tells him not to give up. Archie turns up at the Barlow's to serenade Blanche into forgiving him. This attracts many of the Rovers customers who are touched by his gesture, except Fred who looks sad. Blanche forgives Archie.moreless
  • Tue 23 Apr, 2002
    Tue 23 Apr, 2002
    Episode 69
    Sally is embarrassed when she doesn't have enough money to pay for her groceries. Deirdre tells Sally to stop being so hard on herself over the business. Curly has a day off from looking after Ben and uses the time to go to see the council about funding. Blanche cadges money from Deirdre for a new outfit and hairdo. Fred admits to Mike to having domestic problems. Ken has to endure Aiden's rendition of a poem written with the intention of humiliating him. Curly goes to see Councillor Naysmith about funding, but is told the event will not even take place. Naysmith explains that they needed to apply for all sorts of permits weeks ago. Sally is visited by the police in connection with the fire. They say the insurance company are not happy with how and when the fire happened. Egged on by Mike, Fred drags Eve into the backroom for a serious talk. Eve comes clean about Linda and Fred believes her, but then he tells her how Ray told him that he and Eve had never been divorced. It looks as if Blanche has been stood up by Archie. Eve admits to still being married and this makes Fred angry. They have a terrible fight and Eve walks out on Fred.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 2002
    Mon 22 Apr, 2002
    Episode 68
    Fred is in a mood with Eve and refuses to eat the breakfast she has made him. Kevin tells Martin that he is thinking of taking Molly to Mallorca as a birthday surprise. Ken is visibly shaken when Aiden antagonises him during one of his classes. Curly tells Roy that he would be happy to chase up possible funding for the re-enactment on the Red Rec. At work Fred is troubled over thoughts of Eve. He goes to Rover's and asks Mike if a craggy looking man as been in. Eve and Betty are getting suspicious of his behaviour. Archie tries to flatter Rita into also becoming a professional mourner, but she refuses. Fred goes to Ray's house and asks him what is going on. Ray refuses to tell Fred why he saw Eve the previous day, but leaves Fred gobsmacked when he tells him that him and Eve never divorced. After letting Blanche down by cancelling their plans for a day out, Archie promises to take her out for a slap-up meal the following evening.moreless
  • Sun 21 Apr, 2002
    Sun 21 Apr, 2002
    Episode 67
    Fred questions Eve further, but she continues to lie. Martin is feeling more and more awkward at Gail's house. Ashley agrees to pretend all is well until he gets the test results. Roy and Hayley unwrap each other's anniversary presents. Fred is behaving sarcastically towards Eve during the meal at Ashley's. Martin moans to Kevin about being at Gail's, Kevin repeats his offer for him to stay at his flat. Molly says nothing but is secretly put out. Fred follows Eve. Eve is told by Ray that Linda is still alive and living in Dublin, but no one else has to know. Molly is jealous of Kevin's concern over Sally. Roy recreates an authentic meal from the Civil War period as a surprise for Hayley. Hayley is disappointed. Richard is relieved when Martin tells them he is going to Kevins. Ashley continues to protest that he will not be a father to the baby until he knows for sure. Fred watches Eve and Ray exchange farewells on the doorstep and jumps to the wrong conclusion.moreless
  • Fri 19 Apr, 2002
    Fri 19 Apr, 2002
    Episode 66
    Maxine pleads with Ashley not to go ahead with the paternity test. Deirdre is worried that Ken might be taking on too much by teaching full time. Sally tells Kevin that the fire started with an electrical fault Hayley is pre-occupied with thinking about their third wedding anniversary. Audrey tells Maxine to refuse a DNA sample. Eve tells Fred she can't go to see the baby. Blanche tells Norris and Betty that she is going to one of Archie's funerals, and manages to talk Betty into joining them. Audrey also tries to convince Ashley not to have a paternity test, again he is adamant. Fred goes to visit the baby. Sally accuses Jason of causing the fire. Fred returns to the pub to find out that Eve has been out. Eve tells him she went to Freshco. Eileen gives Jason grief about finding another job. Fred eavesdrops on Eve's telephone conversation. Fred asks Eve if she is worried about something, she tells him she has to go somewhere on Sunday, so can't make it to Ashley's. Blanche feeds Ken and Deirdre the sandwiches left over from the funeral. Fred checks up on Eve's story about why she cannot go to Ashley's on Sunday and finds she is lying. Ashley tells Maxine he has already made an appointment for DNA testing.moreless
  • Wed 17 Apr, 2002
    Wed 17 Apr, 2002
    Episode 65
    Ashley agrees to go with Maxine to collect the baby. Gail receives an early phone call telling her Matt has left for good. Sally is sulking about how everything always goes wrong for her. Rita tells her to use this as a chance to make a fresh start. Eve receives a mystery phone call, when Fred questions her she says it was the brewery. Richard is regretting the offer of letting Martin stay. Peter asks Sally if the fire was an insurance scam, this angers both Sally and Kevin. Ken is told that Charlie has resigned and beams when he is asked if he would like to stay. Ashley wont hold the baby when the go to collect him. The insurance assessor talks to Sally about the stock. Tensions mount at the Platt's house, so Kevin invites Martin to stay at his flat. Maxine decides to choose the babies name from Fred's family tree. Ashley storms out angry with Maxine saying the name doesn't make the baby his. Sally tells Rita she was right and it is time to make a new start. Ashley tells Maxine that he wants a paternity test.moreless
  • Tue 16 Apr, 2002
    Tue 16 Apr, 2002
    Episode 64
    The Ramsdens talk about making a fresh start away from the street. Richard and Gail spot the fire as they return after their romantic night out. As Gail hammers on the door there is an explosion from inside the shop. David wakes up. Terrified and choking on smoke fumes he tries to wake Martin. Richard tries to calm Gail who is hysterical with fear. David unable to rouse Martin, tries to drag him out, when Richard comes to the rescue, but David insists on still helping lift his dad to safety. The fire brigade arrive, then Richard and David emerge with Martin. Sally arrives with Kevin and is distraught to see all the damage. Les gives Janice a smoke alarm. Martin agrees to stay at Gail's while they clean up his flat. Matt decides he will leave with Charlie and they drive off together. Audrey pokes fun at Roy's efforts over the historical re-enactment, but Norris offers to help. Ken is covering for Charlie's classes. Maxine informs Ashley that the Ramsdens have gone and they can now get on with their lives, but Ashley is adamant. Eileen takes Sally a bottle of wine to cheer her up.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 2002
    Mon 15 Apr, 2002
    Episode 63
    Maxine is still trying hard to be cheerful with Ashley. She asks him if he'd like to come with her to see the baby but he refuses. He tells her he needs time to think. Maxine finds that he's been look at photos of the baby. Weatherfield Hardware Supplies make Sally an offer of £17000 for all her stock. She accepts it. Charlie is asked to resign from her teaching post. She accepts and leaves. Miss Johnson tells Ken that he will have to cover half of Charlie's hours. The pupils think that he got Charlie sacked on purpose because he wanted the work. A boy called Aidan Critchley gives him a hard time. Fred has another go at Ashley; he can't understand why he's taking so little interest in his wife and child. Roy gets the go ahead to stage a re-enactment of a Civil War skirmish by the Historical Society. He decides on the Queen's Jubilee weekend and the Red Rec which he suggests to Hayley might have been called so because of the amount of blood shed there in 1642. Matt calls to see Charlie. She tells him that she's moving away to London. The radio in the hardware shop is still switched on with the volume down. The plug starts to smoulder, catches light. The hardware shop is on fire. Martin and David are asleep in the flat above.moreless
  • Sun 14 Apr, 2002
    Sun 14 Apr, 2002
    Episode 62
    Ashley collects Maxine from the hospital. The baby has to stay in for three weeks. Ashley is still very cold towards Maxine. Ken tells Matt that Charlie has been suspended from school. Sally asks Rita for a further £2500 loan on top of the £12000 she's already borrowed. Rita refuses. Deirdre can't stop fretting about Blanche and hopes she's okay. Blanche and Archie arrive back from Blackpool where they've had a fantastic time ballroom dancing. Deirdre is shocked to find out that they stayed in Archie's caravan which is open plan! Roy decides on the part of the Civil War which the Historical Society will re-enact. Audrey tries to persuade Ashley to talk to Maxine but he's too hurt. Ashley sleeps in the spare room. Matt calls to see Charlie, they agree that they've both made a complete mess or their relationship. Sally realises she has no option but to close the shop. She puts a sign in the window saying "Final Closing Down Sale".moreless
  • Fri 12 Apr, 2002
    Fri 12 Apr, 2002
    Episode 61
    Sally is increasingly worried about her financial problems. Kevin offers to lend her some money but she refuses, pretending everything is okay. Charlie is back in teaching in school but is drunk, the pupils can tell. Roy decides he wants to stage a Historical Society event in the summer. He settles on a Civil War re-enactment as it's relevant to Manchester. Sally tells Gail that the new owners of the shop have doubled the rent. Fred is getting more and more worried about Ashley's apparent disinterest in the baby. Archie and Blanche leave for Blackpool in Archie's hearse. Ken catches Charlie swigging from a Vodka bottle in the Staff Room, he tries to talk to her but she won't listen. In desperation Ken reports Charlie Miss Johnson. Charlie is suspended. Ken feels guilty. Ashley visits the baby. He tells Maxine that he just feels numb. He feels like both she and the baby are strangers. Maxine is very upset.moreless
  • Tue 9 Apr, 2002
    Tue 9 Apr, 2002
    Episode 60
    Archie invites Blanche to go to Blackpool for the weekend with him. Blanche says she'll think about it. Deirdre is horrified. Charlie is hitting the bottle again. She staggers into the Medical Centre looking for Matt but he isn't there. Sarah sees her and later when she's telling Candice about it, Miss Johnson the Headmistress overhears. Fred visits his new grandson in hospital and is surprised to find that Ashley isn't there. Maxine is upset that Ashley hasn't been to visit and tells Audrey that she's worried that she's lost Ashley forever. Jack offers his services to Archie as a pall-bearer Archie says he'll bear it in mind if they're ever desperate. Fred buys drinks for everyone in the Rovers and they wet the baby's head. Matt calls to see Maxine to try and win her round. Maxine tells him that if he doesn't leave her alone she'll get him struck off. Audrey calls to see Ashley and tells him how sorry Maxine is and that he should be at his wife's and son's side. Ashley cries.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 2002
    Mon 8 Apr, 2002
    Episode 59
    Maxine's baby is born prematurely. It's a little boy. Deirdre has a go at Blanche for staying out all hours with Archie. Ken sees Charlie at school with a terrible hangover. He tells her to go home. Later he is surprise and concerned to see her drinking again in the pub. Maria introduces her new boyfriend Dan who works in the car trade to Tyrone. Tyrone is jealous. Hayley persuades Mike to give Fiz her job back at the factory. Sally tells Gail that she won't be taking Richard's financial advice. Matt arrives at the hospital to see Maxine but Ashley tells him to get out. Sally tells Jason she can't afford to keep his job on and gives him two weeks' wages redundancy. Ashley realises that Maxine intended to keep the whole question over the baby's father quiet. He tells her he can never believe another word she says and breaks down.moreless
  • Sun 7 Apr, 2002
    Sun 7 Apr, 2002
    Episode 58
    Sally is worried that the business is doing so badly she might have to let Jason go. Jason manages to sell a whole lot of home safety products to Emma, Sally is pleased but she knows it's not enough. Mike suggests to Sol Pepper that Underworld could make the bustiers for Sol's company more cheaply than he makes them himself. Sol realises this is a good proposition and says he'll consider it. Charlie arrives back and sees Matt going into the Peacocks house. She confronts him and soon realises that Ashley is still ignorant of the situation. Ashley realises that there's something going on and questions Matt and Maxine. Matt forces Maxine to tell Ashley about their one night stand. Ashley is devastated and realises that the baby could be Matt's. Maxine is so distraught that she goes into labour six weeks early. Ashley calls an ambulance and goes with Maxine to the hospital after telling Matt to get out of the house and leave them alone.moreless
  • Fri 5 Apr, 2002
    Fri 5 Apr, 2002
    Episode 57
    Jason buys the Easter Eggs off Kirk for £25 to give away as part of a promotion at the Hardware Shop. Sally is cross as he didn't consult her. Ashley invites Matt to leave the B&B and stay with them. Maxine tries to talk Matt out of it but Matt says that he wants to stay with her and the baby. Maxine is distraught. Mike tells the factory girls that Sol Pepper is taking him to Court and he could end up closing down the factory. Martin has a look at the remortgage papers which Richard gave to Sally and tells her that it's a terrible deal. Sally is concerned. Bobbi returns the flat keys to Audrey and leaves the Street. Roy becomes the new Chairperson of the Weatherfield Historical Society. Blanche has a date with Archie, Ken and Deirdre arrive home to find them dancing in the front room. Jason sells the Easter Eggs to Vik for £60 to give away free with taxi rides to help bolster business. Fred tells Eve that for tax relief reasons he's going to sign the Rovers over to her.moreless
  • Tue 2 Apr, 2002
    Tue 2 Apr, 2002
    Episode 56
    Richard tells Gail he would like a big Church wedding in July, Gail agrees. Bobbi arrives for work and Karen starts shouting at her for trying to destroy Street Cars. Karen and Bobbi start fighting. Mike has to split them up. Matt tries to talk to Maxine again, saying that the baby is all he's got left. Maxine tells him to go away. Sol Pepper, a competitor of Mike's arrives at the factory. He accuses Mike of copying his designs and says he'll sue him. The designs are Fiz's designs. Fiz swears they were her own work but Mike sacks her anyway. Vik and Bobbi row over the letters of complaint which she wrote. Bobbi promises to try and put things right. Richard has a look at Sally's finances for her and suggests she remortgages. Sarah gets a letter telling her that Bethany has a place in a crèche over the other side of town. Richard promises to give her a lift each day. Matt gets very drunk, Ashley takes him home and tells Maxine that Matt will be staying with them for a few days. Mike receives a letter from Sol Pepper's solicitor threatening proceedings.moreless
  • Mon 1 Apr, 2002
    Mon 1 Apr, 2002
    Episode 55
    Kirk and Tyrone melt down the Easter Eggs to make chocolate apples which they hope to sell to the corner shop. Monica upsets them all over the floor. Martin is worried about David's relationship with Richard but Kevin advises him to give Richard a chance. Sally is really worried about the business as a new DIY store has opened in town. Roy tells Ken that Anita has left the area and the Historical Society need a new Chairperson. Ashley asks Matt about the affair which he had. Matt tells him that it was about 10 years ago with Charlie's best friend. David arrives back at home. Richard apologises to him for getting cross and David says he's sorry for using Richard's computer. Richard tells Gail they should set a date for the wedding. Maria tells Karen that it was Bobbi who shopped Street Cars to the Licensing Authority. Karen tells Vik and Steve.moreless
  • Sun 31 Mar, 2002
    Sun 31 Mar, 2002
    Episode 54
    Curly apologises to Emma and says that he will give up fighting over the crèche. Tyrone and Kirk are desperately trying to sell the Easter Eggs but not having much luck. Matt calls in to collect his things from Charlie. He tries to talk to her but she doesn't want to know. Matt tells Ashley about Charlie's abortion. Charlie tells Ashley about Matt's affair but doesn't mention Maxine's name. Richard discovers that David has been using his computer and in the process has lost a whole lot of work which Richard was in the middle of. Richard is very angry and threatens to give David a good hiding. Vik calls to see John Wilding. John tells him he had nothing to do with the complaints about Street Cars. David tells Martin that Richard threatened him. Martin rows with Gail and Richard. David goes to stay with Martin for the night. Richard tells Gail that she should have stood by him over the David situation and threatens to leave if she doesn't.moreless
  • Fri 29 Mar, 2002
    Fri 29 Mar, 2002
    Episode 53
    Charlie tells Matt she never wants to see him again and he leaves. Steve and Vik are getting very concerned about the business. Steve tells Vik that he has no option but to go and talk to John Wilding. Maria tries to talk Bobbi into admitting to Vik that she is behind the complaints but Bobbi refuses. Sally tells Gail that she's really short of money and that the business isn't doing very well. Kirk persuades Tyrone to come in with him on the Easter egg scam but they find it difficult to flog them. Emma asks Curly to give up his crèche campaign as it's causing her embarrassment at work but he refuses. Charlie tells Maxine that she now knows the truth about the baby. Maxine is worried sick that Charlie will tell Ashley. She pleads with Charlie to keep quiet but Charlie makes no promises.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 2002
    Wed 27 Mar, 2002
    Episode 52
    It's the day of Charlie's abortion. Maxine decides to tell Matt about Charlie's pregnancy so that he can try and stop her from terminating it. Matt tries to talk Charlie out of it but to no avail. Tyrone sees Maria with a new bloke and realises that she's not interested in him any more. Steve and Vik are very worried about the state of the business and wish they could find out who reported them to the Licensing authority. Curly tries to persuade his fellow Councillors to keep the crèche open but they won't listen. In desperation Sarah and the other young mothers stage a protest outside the Town Hall. Curly is arrested by Emma. Kirk delivers a job lot of Easter Eggs to Bobbi and Maria's flat, he's intending to sell them. Bobbi confides in Maria that she was the one who reported Street Cars to get back at Vik for dumping her. Charlie arrives back from her abortion; she tells Matt that she can understand that he will probably never forgive her. He says that he has done something far worse; he tells Charlie about Maxine's baby probably being his own. He suggests to Charlie that they forgive each other.moreless
  • Mon 25 Mar, 2002
    Mon 25 Mar, 2002
    Episode 51
    Tyrone feels depressed now that he's split up from Fiz. Sarah organises a sit-in in protest of the crèche being closed down. The Gazette turns up and interview her. They take pictures of her and Bethany and ask her how old she is. Curly also supports the sit-in. Steve and Vik go to see the Licensing people to find out why Street Cars is under investigation. They are told that they have received some sexual harassment complaints. Steve assumes they must be from John Wilding. Jason borrows a tenner off Eileen and has a win on the horses. He gives Todd some of his winnings to give to Eileen. Mike tells Fiz that her design is good and with some practice she could be excellent. Fiz tells Tyrone that it's for the best that they've split up as she is ambitious and he's not. Maxine realises that Charlie is avoiding her and decides to have it out with her. Charlie tells her that she's pregnant and going to have an abortion and that Matt must never know.moreless
  • Sun 24 Mar, 2002
    Sun 24 Mar, 2002
    Episode 50
    Vik and Steve call a meeting at Street Cars. Vik tries to blame one of the drivers. Steve gets angry and tells them that Vik has been seeing a married woman and that her husband is probably behind the investigation. Emily suggests to Fiz that she should protest in some way about the way in which Mike has treated her. Fiz stages a protest on the garage roof. Everyone including Mike comes out to watch. The Gazette turns up. Fiz takes off her top to show everyone the bustier which she designed. Emma and Charlie are discussing the abortion when Maxine arrives. They both fall silent and Maxine is miffed at being excluded. Fiz finally takes her bustier off and goes topless. Mike tells her that she can have her job back and that they'll discuss money on Monday. Fiz is delighted but Tyrone finishes with her for humiliating him in public.moreless
  • Fri 22 Mar, 2002
    Fri 22 Mar, 2002
    Episode 49
    Curly misses his appointment at the Council to discuss the crèche because he has to look after Ben. Sarah is furious with him. The girls point out to Fiz that Mike has ripped her off, that £500 as a one-off payment with no percentage deal is terrible. Trevor Stamp from the Taxi Licensing Enforcement Team turns up at Street Cars saying that they are under investigation. Charlie tells Emma that she's made an appointment for an abortion and asks Emma to go with her. Emma tries to talk her out of it and encourages her to tell Matt. Charlie refuses. Vik and Steve are worried about their taxi business. Steve suggests that Hazel's husband might be behind it. Fiz tells Mike she's not happy with the deal. He tells her it's too late as she's signed a contract. Fiz throws his drink in his face and tells him to stick his job. She then regrets it.moreless
  • Tue 19 Mar, 2002
    Tue 19 Mar, 2002
    Episode 48
    Harry Hollands, a buyer visits Mike at the factory. He's unimpressed with Mike's designs but then he spots Fiz's designs and tells Mike he's interested in them. Ken's article about the creche appears in the Gazette. Audrey tells Curly that in order to get people to listen to him on the Council you sometimes have to pull strings. She recommends that he speaks to Clive Howell and mentions her name, as he still owes her a favour. Vik is still very down about Hazel. He tells Dev that he still loves her. Dev tells him to pull himself together. Rosie tells David that Sally and Martin have been rowing. Martin regrets finishing with Sally and tells her that he'd like to try again. Martin is upset when Sally says that she now thinks it's for the best if they finish. Charlie confides in Emma about her pregnancy. She makes Emma promise not tell anyone, especially Matt. Fiz is chuffed when Mike pays her £500 for her underwear designs. She tells the girls that she is the next Vivienne Westwood.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 2002
    Mon 18 Mar, 2002
    Episode 47
    Charlie is annoyed that Matt has promised on her behalf that she will go to the council meeting, but clearly there is more to her mood than just this. Martin tells Sally that they are really over and that he doesn't love her any more. Sally is upset. Mike holds an Open Day at the factory and some buyers visit. At the last minute Mike stops Fiz from unveiling her sexy designs to the prospective clients and Fiz is disappointed. Mike gives Fiz a final warning, telling her she could have cost them a contract. Sally accuses Gail of being a "smug do-gooder" when she tries to offer Gail advice about Martin. Later Sally apologises to Gail and they agree to forget it. The council meeting is not a success and the issue of the crèche is not even on the agenda. Vik goes round to see Hazel and she tells him to leave, admitting that she knew all about John threatening Vik and that he was doing her dirty work. Vik is devastated that Hazel was in on the plan. Charlie finds out that she is pregnant.moreless
  • Sun 17 Mar, 2002
    Sun 17 Mar, 2002
    Episode 46
    Sarah decides to organise the petition herself with Todd's help. Janice is impressed at Les's show of consideration concerning Sandra's marriage. Janice lets Fiz into the factory with her spare key. Dev, Steve and Eileen are frustrated that Vik won't swear not to see Hazel again. Eileen tries to warn Todd what people will say if he goes collecting signatures with Sarah, but Todd calls her a hypocrite. Sally cooks for Martin, but the atmosphere is tense because Martin mentions that he wishes he'd gone to see David play football. Janice bumps into Sandra and finds out that she finished with Les not vice versa. To Todd's surprise Eileen admits that she is proud of Todd for supporting Sarah. Les persists in his lies about Sandra even though Toyah questions him. Martin finishes with Sally telling her that they have no future together.moreless
  • Fri 15 Mar, 2002
    Fri 15 Mar, 2002
    Episode 45
    Vik tells Steve that he doesn't believe that things are really over between him and Hazel. Ken agrees to help Blanche sort out her new bus pass. Curly organises a meeting to discuss ideas as to what can be done about the plans to close down the crèche. Everyone is supportive except Blanche, who later has to eat humble pie because she needs Curly to vouch for her at the council to get a new bus pass. Hazel phones and orders a taxi with Streetcars. Maria and Maxine plan a night out, but Ashley tells her that she can't go in her state. Blanche is not finding it very easy coping with Ben. Vik is disappointed that when he goes to collect Hazel, John is with her. Martin is not happy that Sally seems to be calling all the shots about when they can see each other. John Wilding and Hazel's brother make a terrified Vik drive to John's plant hire yard and threaten him never to contact Hazel ever again.moreless
  • Tue 12 Mar, 2002
    Tue 12 Mar, 2002
    Episode 44
    Martin is distant with Sally telling her that there is nothing left to say. Les is still pretending that he is still seeing Sandra. Sarah and Gail are distraught that the council is planning to shut down the crèche. Mike plans an open day at the factory. Curly promises to look into the crèche situation for Sarah, but when he simply reiterates council policy, Gail and Sarah are unimpressed. Curly is upset that he couldn't help. Sally is fed up of Martin acting like a spoilt child. Vik is still convinced that something bad has happened to Hazel. Despite Steve's advice Vik goes round to Hazel's house looking for her. Fiz makes a her own design of bustier in the factory and when Mike catches her he tells her it would only sell in a joke shop and that this is her final warning. Martin and Sally call a truce, but it is clear that things are far from settled between them. Les pretends to Toyah that he has stepped aside to let Sandra give her marriage another go. Toyah is impressed by this noble gesture. Hazel tells Vik that she has no intention of leaving John and that things are definitely over between them. As Vik leaves John Wilding is standing on the other side of the street watching everything.moreless
  • Mon 11 Mar, 2002
    Mon 11 Mar, 2002
    Episode 43
    Sally is taken aback by Martin's suggestion of moving in. Martin returns to work and is disappointed that he has to return to his flat. Les is pretending to Janice and Toyah that everything is fine with Sandra. Vik is still worried about John Wilding. Matt and Charlie return from their skiing trip and Charlie is clearly distracted. Sally asks Rita's advice about whether she thinks Martin should move in. Vik tells Dev and Steve that he is determined to keep on seeing Hazel. Gail and Richard are planning an expensive summer holiday. Bethany spoils Sarah's evening in with Todd by spilling a drink over him. Martin and Sally have an argument about whether to move in together and Martin ends up telling Sally that her hang-ups with him are because of her own messes in the past.moreless
  • Sun 10 Mar, 2002
    Sun 10 Mar, 2002
    Episode 42
    It's the day of Ben's christening and Curly and Emma are getting ready. Sunita is upset that her mum hasn't phoned to thank her for the Mother's Day card. Dev persuades Vik not to go to Hazel's house looking for her. Deidre forgets to send Blanche a Mother's Day card and Blanche is displeased. Jason tells Todd that he should be grateful that he got off with Candice because now Todd can go out with Sarah. Les has a go at Janice and she storms out the café. Candice storms off when she sees Todd and Sarah kissing. Ken and Deirdre go to lunch without Blanche who is still sulking. Les is still bragging about his relationship with Sandra. Blanche is cheered up by Archie's visit. Everyone returns to the street talking about the Christening and Norris correcting the vicar on his wording. Norris talks at length to Curly's parents about his involvement with Ben. Norris declares to Vera and Kevin that he is the chief godparent. John Wilding pays Vik a visit at the cab office-he doesn't touch him physically, but the threat is there. Sandra confesses to a distraught Les that she is giving it another go with her ex.moreless
  • Fri 8 Mar, 2002
    Fri 8 Mar, 2002
    Episode 41
    Candice is smug that things didn't go well for Todd and Sarah. Sally is concerned that Martin is returning to work in the casualty department. Norris tells Emma and Curly that he will be taking his duties as godparent very seriously. Toyah is concerned about Les as Janice tells her about seeing Sandra with another man. Norris, the first to taste Fred's hot-pot, coughs and splutters at the amount of pepper in it. Fred is furious that Betty has set him up. Todd is rude to Sarah when she tries to apologize to him. Eve has no sympathy for Fred and warns him off interfering in the Rovers again. Jason convinces Todd that Sarah does really fancy him. Vernon and Les phone Vik and pretend to be John Wilding. Vik doesn't see the funny side and sacks them both. Toyah tells Les that he thinks Sandra is seeing someone else. Sarah and Todd admit they fancy each other and end up kissing. Toyah is exasperated as Les doesn't believe that Sandra has another man and thinks that Janice is jealous and trying to split them up.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 2002
    Wed 6 Mar, 2002
    Episode 40
    Audrey agrees to baby-sit for Sarah while she goes out with Todd, but to Sarah's embarrassment broadcasts it in front of Todd, Candice and Eileen. Emma goes back to work, but finds it really difficult to leave Ben. Fred upsets Betty by trying to persuade her to reveal her hot-pot recipe again. Les is in high spirits after his night with Sandra. Eve tells Betty that Fred wants to mass produce her hot-pot to sell in the shops. Betty gives Fred what he thinks is the recipe for her hot-pot. Sandra cancels her date with Les. Vik picks up John Wilding and Les puts his foot in it by teasing Vik over the radio about how lucky he is to be with Hazel. Emma teases Curly that she will put her name down for a week-long training course as he coped so well with Ben. John Wilding makes it subtly clear that he has marked Vik's card with regard to his wife. Sarah and Todd go for a pizza but in ends in an argument and Todd leaves. Janice sees Sandra with another man.moreless
  • Tue 5 Mar, 2002
    Tue 5 Mar, 2002
    Episode 39
    Martin returns from hospital. Emma goes out shopping, but constantly worries about Ben. She gets Kevin to go and check up on Curly. Fred plans to steal Betty's hot pot recipe, but Betty is soon wise to his idea. Sally is resentful that it was Gail that went to the hospital first, but Martin is reassuring- it is her that he loves. Sarah and Todd arrange to go for a pizza to get back at Candice. Les takes Sandra to the café. Jason is blown out by Maria and Candice. Everything goes wrong for Curly at the final moment just as Emma returns. Jason brings a girl to the Rovers and Maria is scathing. Sandra spends the night with Les.moreless
  • Mon 4 Mar, 2002
    Mon 4 Mar, 2002
    Episode 38
    Curly is apprehensive about leaving his job and worried about Emma returning to work, but she is adamant. Sally and Martin arrange a romantic night in together. Vik warns Les to stay wasy from Hazel. Geena's posh nosh does not go down well with the Rover's regulars. Vik admits to Dev that he has fallen in love with Hazel. Sarah breaks up with Luke. Gail receives a phone call from the hospital to say that Martin has been attacked. She rushes off to the hospital, sending Sarah to tell Sally.moreless
  • Sun 3 Mar, 2002
    Sun 3 Mar, 2002
    Episode 37
    Emma and Curly decide Ben's Godparents should be Vera, Jack and Kevin. Martin and Sally struggle to arrange a date and decide on a dinner date, but the plan is scuppered when Sally sends Jason home in agony after a root filling. Shelley makes a panacklety dish in her bid to win the bet with Geena. Curly asks Kevin if he'd like to be Ben's Godfather. Kevin is chuffed. Les and Vernon toss a coin to decide who should pick up Hazel Wilding after she calls for a cab. Kevin tells Norris that he, Jack and Vera are Ben's Godparents. Martin complains to Sally that they never get to spend any time together. Curly is still worried about Emma's job being too dangerous, and begins to change his mind over being a househusband. He doesn't know what's best. Les turns up at Hazel's with the wrong intentions. She gives him a slap and he tells her that he had heard at the cab office that she was gagging for it. Norris is upset over the Godparent mix up. Candice tells Sarah she knows something is going to happen between her and Todd and that she should dump Luke. Geena teases Shelley after the lack of success with her panacklety dish. Curly and Emma ask Norris to be the third Godparent. Hazel confronts Vik about what he's been talking about at the cab office. As she goes to leave Vik tells her that he loves her.moreless
  • Fri 1 Mar, 2002
    Fri 1 Mar, 2002
    Episode 36
    Norris talks to Curly and Emma and is delighted as he thinks he is going to be asked to be godfather to baby Ben. In Betty's absence Eve makes the hotpot and it goes down badly. Les and Eileen click on that Vik has been having secret liaisons with Hazel Wilding. Sarah and Todd are getting closer. Rita receives a summons from the police. Her driving licence expired on her birthday and she's liable for a £250 fine. Emma and Curly ask Vera whether they'd like to become Ben's Godparents. Les and Eileen confront Vik about Hazel. Curly and Emma lose their nerve while trying to tell Norris he is not a Godparent. They ask him if he'll do a reading at the christening. Les's date is cancelled when Sandra has to work late. He and Eileen arrange to go for a curry instead. Rita sorts out the licence renewal problem at the police station. Candice discovers that Sarah fancies Todd, Candice storms off. Vik is adamant to Dev that nothing is going to get in the way of him and Hazel. Geena and Shelley have a £20 bet on whose food will be the most popular. Sandra surprises Les by turning up at the Rovers. Eileen ponders how sad her life has become after she is blown out twice by Les in the same night. Emma chastises Curly after he suggests that Emma should give up her job now that she is a mother.moreless
  • Tue 26 Feb, 2002
    Tue 26 Feb, 2002
    Episode 35
    Norris feels that Emily and Rita are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and need to talk about their experience. Blanche reconstructs the incident for Deirdre and Ken and then fakes weakness to win sympathy from Archie. Emily relates her ordeal back to losing Earnest. Mike tells her he wished he could have done something different, and if there's anything she ever needs he'll be there. Emily tells him not to blame himself. Maria tells Vik that Bobbi's gone to Tenerife with her sister. Rita, Blanche, Betty and Emily make front page news in the gazette. Les cleans house to the sound of Tom Jones. Audrey tells Maria she can do far better than Tyrone and Jason. Les gets Toyah to come round and collect her mail while Sandra is there. They both meet, although the atmosphere is rather awkward. Vik gets annoyed with Eileen and Vernon poking their noses into his business, saying he wants to keep his private life private. Betty becomes upset, Fred arranges a few days away with Gordon. Craig Rowe, the reporter from the gazette turns up at the Rovers wanting to write a follow up story on Weatherfield's battling grannies. Blanche and co. force him out of the pub. Archie sees Blanche's true colours, announcing to Deirdre that he likes them feisty. Sandra tells Les she wants to take things slowly, as she too has been hurt. Les feels as though the relationship may be going somewhere.moreless
  • Mon 25 Feb, 2002
    Mon 25 Feb, 2002
    Episode 34
    Blanche and Deirdre fret over Ken's first day at school. Vera has a go at Eileen regarding Jason's behaviour towards Maria. Blanche, Rita, Betty and Emily set off for their quiet day in the country. They get lost and encounter Johnny James who is on the run from the police. Sally is angry with Jason after her and Shelley find him sleeping rough in the Hardware shop. Vik tells Hazel that he's dumped Bobbi and that she makes him happy. Eileen threatens Jason with drastic action if he doesn't return home. Johnny reveals a gun and when the car stops with the police in pursuit Rita attacks him and Blanche pours her hot flask of tea on his groin. He is arrested and the ladies go to the police station to give statements. Todd is still angry at Jason but Eileen helps ease the pain. Ken is exhausted after the day's teaching. After hearing all about the heroine's day out, Norris toasts Rita on her 70th birthday.moreless
  • Sun 24 Feb, 2002
    Sun 24 Feb, 2002
    Episode 33
    Bobbi thinks it is over with Vik. Karen tells her to make him sweat. Sarah and Candice discuss Todd and Jason. Candice goes round to the Grimshaws to apologise to Todd. Todd plays it cool and Candice ends up storming out. Eileen tells Todd he's better off without her. Janice catches Les buying cleaning materials for the house. He lets her know he's got a lady coming round. Dev uncovers the truth about Vik's other woman. He gives Vik advice about going out with married women. Fiz tells Tyrone that he's not to speak to Maria but then finds out it was Tyrone who hit Jason. Les and Sandra have a drink at the Rovers. She meets Janice. Rita lets it be known that she is 70 years old tomorrow much to Norris' excitement. Emily suggests a birthday lunch with her and Betty. Blanche invites herself. Karen and Maria promise Bobbi that she'll get Vik back if she does it their way. Karen tells Vik that Bobbi is at her flat. Vik calls round and tells her he's met someone else. Dev thinks Vik is mad to finish with Bobbi but offers his support. Sarah checks to see if Todd is all right. Archie thinks Blanche is a right laugh. Janice sees Les take Sandra into his house.moreless
  • Fri 22 Feb, 2002
    Fri 22 Feb, 2002
    Episode 32
    It is Vik's birthday and Toyah and Bobbi hide the secret party from him. Eileen catches Todd and Jason fighting and Todd tells her about Jason sleeping with Candice. Candice tells Sarah about sleeping with Jason. Gail is furious with her but Candice turns on the tears and Gail falls for her story that nothing happened. Eileen calls round to Gail's and realises that she has fallen for Candice's story. Eileen tells her that she has no chance with Jason. Vik has a special birthday meeting with Hazel and she gives him a gold bracelet. Les tries to make Janice jealous by shouting about his date at the Rovers. Steve learns about Bobbi's intentions to move into Vik's flat. Todd tells Maria about Jason and Candice. She tells him to get lost. Tyrone sees her crying and tries to comfort her. He then sees Jason and thumps him leading to Kirk finding out. Jason walks out of home feeling that he's not wanted anywhere. Candice waits for him and Jason tells her that it was a mistake. Vik arrives home to the party later than expected. He and Bobbi argue and she cries.moreless
  • Tue 19 Feb, 2002
    Tue 19 Feb, 2002
    Episode 31
    Downhearted Les says goodbye to Toyah as she leaves. Maria upsets Jason by saying that she's got no time for him. He gets even more upset when he finds her talking to Sam. Gail admonishes Sarah over the Ramsden incident. Richard's lenient approach leads to Gail letting her and Candice off. Candice still has the keys to the house and invites Todd round. They argue and Todd leaves. Candice then entices Jason in and they get drunk. Dev congratulates Ken on his new job, Deirdre is unconvinced. Karen asks Bobbi about Vik's birthday arrangements. Bobbi feels as though he's not showing any interest. Karen consoles her. Vik cleans his flat as he's expecting Hazel round. She stays for an hour and then leaves saying that she wants to take things slowly. Les gets dressed up in his fake snakeskin jacket in preparation for a night on the town. He is going to enjoy his bachelor lifestyle. Jason initiates sleeping with Candice. As they dress, Todd calls round to see Candice. He catches Jason and realises what's gone on. Gail, Richard and Sarah hear shouting and go out to investigate. They find Todd, Jason and Candice arguing. Todd hits Jason and says he doesn't want to speak to either of them ever again.moreless
  • Mon 18 Feb, 2002
    Mon 18 Feb, 2002
    Episode 30
    Janice and Toyah decide to rent Duggie's flat. Toyah breaks the news to Les who hides his grief and says he's pleased for her. Bobbi starts planning a surprise birthday party for Vik. Jason is fed up as Maria spends all her time swotting for her hairdressing exams. Candice again forces Sarah to use the keys to the Ramsdens on the pretence of feeding the fish. While they are there Todd and Jason turn up. Candice starts helping herself to the drinks cabinet. Sarah is really worried; the place soon looks like a bomb site. Ken goes for his interview for the supply teaching job. He is successful and they tell him he can start next week. Deirdre feels both pleased and jealous at the same time. Unbeknown to Sarah, Candice gets a copy of the Ramsdens' keys made. Vik receives a call from Hazel and they arrange to meet again. Gail realises something is going on when she can't find the keys. She and Richard go round to the Ramsdens and see the mess. Gail is furious with Sarah.moreless
  • Sun 17 Feb, 2002
    Sun 17 Feb, 2002
    Episode 29
    Shelley lightheartedly accuses Peter of being a neatness freak. Peter blames the Navy. They share a laugh. Gail is having a sort out making room for Richard moving in. She accuses David of throwing away her Blue Peter Annual signed by Valerie Singleton. Candice persuades Sarah to borrow the keys and let them use the Ramsdens' house. Sarah feels guilty. Richard turns up with a new people carrier car and says that Gail can have his old car and some driving lessons. Ken and Deirdre throw a surprise party for Mike's 60th birthday in their house. Mike is pleased and flattered. Blanche introduces her boyfriend Archie who's an undertaker to everyone. Adam confides in Emily that he misses his mum. Emily sings to him a song that her mother used to sing to her.moreless
  • Fri 15 Feb, 2002
    Fri 15 Feb, 2002
    Episode 28
    Matt and Charlie leave for their skiing holiday. They leave their house keys with Gail. Peter buys Shelley a Valentine's card and is disappointed when he doesn't get one from her. Ken and Deirdre exchange Valentine's cards. To their amazement Blanche also receives one which she later tells them is from Archie who she meets at the cemetery. Vik decides that he's going to go on seeing Hazel Wilding come hell or high water, he tells Steve. Vik goes to see Hazel. They talk and agree that they both want an affair. Duggie's funeral takes place. None of his family are present. Fred makes a speech. Mike announces that it's his 60th birthday. Deirdre decides to organise a surprise belated party for him. Ken says that he will fetch Adam from Scotland.moreless
  • Wed 13 Feb, 2002
    Wed 13 Feb, 2002
    Episode 27
    Richard manages to persuade Steve to agree to take on the job of consultant overseeing the refurbishment of the flats at The Ridings. Steve agrees in return for a one-off fee plus first option on one of the flats at 5% less than valuation. Richard and Gail attend Duggie's inquest. The result is accidental death. Ken tells Deirdre that he's thinking of going back to teaching. Vik goes to see Hazel Wilding. They talk at length, no sex, but when Vik leaves it's obvious they both still want each other. Deirdre buys a Valentine's card for Ken at Blanche's insistence. Kevin relents under pressure from Molly and gives Tyrone his job back. Janice and Toyah are considering renting Duggie's old flat on Victoria Street. Gail asks David and Sarah if they mind if Richard moves in with them. They are fairly indifferent and say they don't mind.moreless
  • Mon 11 Feb, 2002
    Mon 11 Feb, 2002
    Episode 26
    Richard is guilt-ridden over Duggie's death. He can't sleep and he's not eating. Gail is worried. Janice is staying with Karen and Steve temporarily. She and Toyah are looking for a flat together. They are dreading telling Les that Toyah will be moving out. Peter is grief stricken as today is the anniversary of Susan's death. Shelley helps him through it. Tyrone has no luck finding a job. Kevin agrees to give him a reference at Molly's suggestion but only because Tyrone knows about his scam with Mr Rush. Janice gets her job back at the factory. Mrs Wilding asks for Vik to pick her up at 4pm but he sends Vernon instead. Richard asks Steve if he would take over from Duggie and look after the building of the flats but Steve refuses. The Police request that Richard and Gail attend the inquest into Duggie's death. Richard is scared.moreless
  • Sun 10 Feb, 2002
    Sun 10 Feb, 2002
    Episode 25
    Fiz is upset the factory girls aren't speaking to her, they're convinced she's stolen their winnings. Molly tells Kevin that he wants to be careful getting rid of Tyrone as Tyrone knows all about the kick-back payments with Mr Rush. Peter and Shelley have Ken and Deirdre round for lunch. Shelley is still very upset over Duggie. Peter accuses her of being too upset and asks if they were lovers. Shelley is very offended and threatens to leave. Peter apologises. Tyrone tries to talk Kevin into giving him his job back but with no luck. Fiz finds the lottery ticket and the factory girls have to apologise to her. Janice moves back to the Street. Vera goes to see Kevin about Tyrone. Karl Harper turns up and Kevin and Vera tell him what they think of him. Karl threatens to get set his heavies on them.moreless
  • Fri 8 Feb, 2002
    Fri 8 Feb, 2002
    Episode 24
    Fiz has bought herself a gold necklace with Tyrone's money. Karen is convinced she's bought it out of the lottery winnings. The Police question Richard and Gail about Duggie. They're pretty certain that his death was an accident. Richard is relieved. Sam has a go at Toyah and then regrets it. He and Toyah apologise to each other but Sam realises that it's over. Sunita and Shelley contact Duggie's son Tom via email. Tom asks them to sort out Duggie's belongings which they do. Sunita tells Richard that Duggie has some money stashed in the flat and asks him what she should do with it when she finds it. Richard advises her to hand it over to Duggie's solicitor. Janice tells Toyah that she's thinking of moving back to Weatherfield to be near her. Hazel requests Vik's taxi again but Vik refuses to go. Steve goes instead. Tyrone can't live with the guilt anymore and confesses to Kevin about the MOT Certificates. Kevin is furious and sacks him.moreless
  • Wed 6 Feb, 2002
    Wed 6 Feb, 2002
    Episode 23
    Gail insists that Richard takes her to the house conversion to show her round. They discover Duggie's lifeless body. Richard pretends to be as shocked as Gail. They call the Police. Fiz tells the factory girls they failed to win on the hospital lottery. Karen is suspicious when Fiz says she's thrown the ticket away. Toyah goes to visit Janice in Sheffield and pours her heart out about Sam and how guilty she's feeling. Janice comforts her. Karl Harper threatens Tyrone again and gets another five MOT Certificates out of him. Tyrone is worried sick that Kevin will find out. He gives the £500 which Karl pays him to Fiz as he wants nothing to do with the "dirty" money. Richard breaks the news about Duggie's death to Sunita who is distraught. Shelley is inconsolable when she hears about Duggie. Peter tries to comfort her but feels jealous of her feelings for Duggie. Richard disposes of Duggie's sports bag which contained the stolen money and transfers it to another bag. Richard feels relieved as he seems to have got away with it.moreless
  • Mon 4 Feb, 2002
    Mon 4 Feb, 2002
    Episode 22
    Les tells Sam that he shouldn't just accept that that Toyah has dumped him. Richard wants to go and look at the house again. Duggie is not happy that he is continually watching the men at work. When Richard leaves, Duggie rings through the foreman to tell him to get the men looking busy. Shelley invites Toyah and Sam, Roy and Hayley to her housewarming party. Toyah says she has split from Sam but would come. Roy declines for himself and Hayley explaining that parties aren't "their thing". Richard arrives at the house and is suspicious as a lot of the fittings have been taken apart. Peter invites Sam to the party by mistake. Toyah and Sam are given advice by many different people to get them back together. Hayley is annoyed that Roy has turned down the invitation to the party. She wants to go. Richard tells Gail that he thinks they are gutting the house unnecessarily. However he is not sure if he is right. He says he will go tonight when nobody is around to have a good look around. Les tells Sam to do something spectacular and spontaneous to get Toyah back. That night in the Rovers, Duggie overhears Gail telling Audrey that Richard is out tonight doing other things. Richard goes round to the house and is followed by Duggie. They row about the work. Sam proposes to Toyah at the party but makes a mess of it. Toyah says no. Richard and Duggie's argument gets violent and Duggie falls down the stairs. He is dead. Richard takes his keys and leaves him. He goes to Duggie's flat where Sunita almost catches him when she sees a light on. When she has gone, Richard leaves with some stolen money. Vik tells Steve he is staying clear of Hazel since he met her husband. Richard goes back to the house and puts Duggie's keys back in his pocket. Richard meets a depressed Sam in the street and takes him for a drink as an alibi. He makes a pretence of phoning Duggie. At the party, Sunita does the same but gets no reply.moreless
  • Sun 3 Feb, 2002
    Sun 3 Feb, 2002
    Episode 21
    Karen and Steve have a major row. Karen refuses to move to no. 11 and Steve storms off. Rita is fed up with the noise from Steve and Karen's flat and goes to see what's going on. She finds Karen in tears. Rita calms Karen down and the two of them start to bond. Rita gets her to change her mind about no. 11. Karl pays Tyrone £100 for a blank MOT Certificate. Tyrone is worried as the Certificate has the garage address on it. Vik picks up a fare from Bagley Drive it turns out to be Hazel Wilding and her husband John. He drops them off at their Solicitors where he sees John talking to Karl Harper. Hazel tells Vik she'll call him but he tells her not to as he feels the situation is getting too complicated. Karen shows off to the girls that Steve has bought her no. 11, a house rather than a flat. Later she apologises to Steve but Steve tells her that in the meantime he's let the house to Eileen for a further six months. Karen lies to the girls and says that they've decided not to move after all because Rita is old and infirm and needs them as neighbours. Norris overhears this and reports back to Rita. Rita confronts Karen. Richard is increasingly concerned that Duggie is ripping him off. Toyah finishes with Sam. Sam walks home crying.moreless
  • Fri 1 Feb, 2002
    Fri 1 Feb, 2002
    Episode 20
    Sam is getting more and more depressed as Toyah seems to be ignoring him. Toyah tells him that she's sick of him following her about. Sam's gutted. Karl tells Tyrone that he wants him steal an MOT certificate from the garage for one of his cars. Tyrone tries to refuse but Karl threatens him. Duggie tells Sunita that he's taking her away for Valentine's Day to Blackpool. Sunita is delighted. Shelley moves into Peter's flat. They are both really happy. Karen sees Steve talking to Duggie and thinks that he's doing as she asked and putting their names down for one of the new flats. She shows off to everyone saying that she's moving up in the world. Steve realises that Karen has got the wrong end of the stick. He daren't tell her so instead phones his mum and arranges to buy no. 11 Coronation Street from her and surprise Karen. Steve tells Karen of his plans. Karen is furious and says she'd rather sleep on the streets than in no. 11.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jan, 2002
    Wed 30 Jan, 2002
    Episode 19
    Shelley wants to move in with Peter and after telling this to Betty and Eve, Eve has a word in Peter's ear. Shelley gets upset with Eve but Peter reveals that he wanted to ask Shelley to move in anyway. Karen tells Steve that she wants to leave the street. Toyah is worried about telling Les that Janice's intends to stay in Sheffield. Sam feels put out when his offer of support is rejected. Mike admits to Dev that he's worried about Linda. They arrange a drink. Dev tells Richard that Duggie is not as sharp as he thinks he is. Richard checks on the conversion site and they later discuss marketing drives for the four luxury apartments. Jason is fuming with Steve regarding the sale of what he considers his house. Vik tells Steve all about Mrs. Wilding and that she was the reason he got clamped. Toyah tells Les and he is deeply hurt but hides his pain. Later Les tells Rita that he fears he may never see Janice again. Mike and Dev join Duggie and Richard at the Rovers. Duggie suggests a card school round at his place and they are all hooked. Richard catches Duggie with a secret stash of cash. He is in disbelief when Duggie admits the taxman doesn't know! Sam is worried about his relationship with Toyah and Vik tells him to dump her first.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jan, 2002
    Mon 28 Jan, 2002
    Episode 18
    Duggie and his builders start work on Richard's house. Richard pops in to meet the men and see how it's going. Duggie instructs Dave Turner who's in charge to put all the whistles and bells into the flats so they look great but to skimp on anything the client can't see. Toyah finds out from her Aunty Janet that Janice has moved to Sheffield. Toyah goes to find her and tries to persuade her to come home but Janice is adamant she needs to start afresh. Peter cooks a meal for Shelley and she discovers he's a fantastic cook, he learnt in the Navy. Karen feels uncomfortable in the pub. She feels sure that everybody is talking about her and laughing at her. Later she tells Steve she wants to move away from the Street. Steve is stunned. Vikram goes to collect Hazel Wilding from the Plaza Hotel. She is waiting for him in some sexy lingerie and with a bottle of Champagne. They have sex. Vikram can't believe his luck.moreless
  • Sun 27 Jan, 2002
    Sun 27 Jan, 2002
    Episode 17
    Gail and Richard decide to cook for their guests Duggie and Sunita rather than go out. Gail feels uncomfortable about the lunch date. Ken struggles to arrange quality time with Deirdre who doesn't want to be pinned down. Hazel calls on Vikram's services once more. After a busy afternoon shopping she enquires about his life and they arrange to do it again. Anita has a private word with Deirdre about her problems with Ken who inadvertently interrupts them. Deirdre becomes annoyed and Ken tells Anita to leave while ending their working relationship. The meal at Gail's house goes well, even with Gail questioning Duggie about his work on the Medical Centre. Ken tells Deirdre that he doesn't want Anita and feels his future is with her. They embrace. While making a private call on his mobile Duggie reveals that he thinks Richard is out of his depth and that he's set to make a killing.moreless
  • Fri 25 Jan, 2002
    Fri 25 Jan, 2002
    Episode 16
    Frustrated with life, Deirdre gets annoyed with Ken who is feeling the strain of their relationship. She confides in Sunita. Roy discloses that he suffers from SAD and has a light box in the cafe. Duggie hands Richard the figures on the property development. Gail warns Richard about Duggie. After being told everything by Geena, Eve warns Karen and Steve that if they step out of line one more time they are barred from the Rovers. With Richard feeling that costs are too high Duggie proposes a deal and they become business partners. They arrange a foursome lunch date with Sunita and Gail to celebrate. Ken pours his feelings out to Anita who sympathises with him. Steve takes the weekend off work and arranges to go with Karen to Leeds. Blanche suggests to Deirdre that Ken may be having an affair with Anita. After a few drinks Anita makes a pass at Ken who pulls away and leaves.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 2002
    Wed 23 Jan, 2002
    Episode 15
    Blanche suggests to Deirdre that she should have a romantic evening in with Ken. Deirdre is uncomfortable with the idea. Dev confronts Karen as to why she would try and split him and Geena up. Dev accuses Steve of being in on the plot, but Steve lies to cover Karen's back. Duggie and Richard visit a property inherited by Richard from a client. Richard already has plans, and he shows them to Duggie. They talk about converting the property into three luxury flats, and continue to bond. Gill enjoys playing her role as the caring mother. Vik picks up Hazel Wilding from a posh suburb. Attractive and clad in designer gear she is the very picture of sophistication. Steve feels that Karen is out of control and tells her that he wants her to move out of the flat. Prompted by this Karen comes clean to Geena and Dev telling them it was all Gill's plan. Hazel Wilding asks especially for Vik on her return ride and flirts heavily with him. Deirdre lays on a wine, candles and chicken chausseur surprise for Ken, who spoils it by admitting that he'd already had a bite to eat at Anita's. She feels her life is going nowhere. Ken asks if she's sick of him and Deirdre's silence speaks volumes. Geena and Dev confront Gill. Geena tells her she never wants to see her again.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jan, 2002
    Mon 21 Jan, 2002
    Episode 14
    A mobile blood bank arrives on the street and Eve's offer of a free pint generates interest. Matt faints at the sight of his own blood. Karen and Gill's plan to set up Dev is on for that evening. Ken arrives home after spending the night at Anita's and the atmosphere is awkward. Duggie arranges another date with Sunita while bonding with Richard after they give blood together. As they share a pint Richard highlights a business opportunity that interests Duggie. David tells Martin that he's fine over Gail's decision to marry Richard. Karen's plan to seduce Dev is not going to plan and with Gill and Geena arriving back at the flat she takes the last resort by taking off her top and throwing a glass of wine over Dev's clothes. On cue Geena and Gill walk through the door. Geena is gobsmacked to see Karen in her bra and Dev with disheveled clothes. She ignores Dev's pleas as Gill comforts her.moreless
  • Sun 20 Jan, 2002
    Sun 20 Jan, 2002
    Episode 13
    Audrey shows her investment statement to Ken who tells her that Richard's advice looks to be all above board. Audrey apologises to both Richard and Gail but later tells Gail that she still doesn't trust him. Karen tells Steve that she's going to go ahead with Gill's plan and try to seduce Dev. Steve tells her not to but she ignores him. Sunita tells the girls what a great night of sex she had with Duggie. Karen starts making moves on Dev but he just looks confused. Ken goes to Anita's house to work on the next chapter of her book with her. They drink several bottles of wine and he confides in her that his relationship with Deirdre has become stale. Ken decides to stay the night at Anita's. He phones Deirdre to tell her but she's not bothered. Sunita arranges to go out with Duggie again. Duggie is delighted.moreless
  • Fri 18 Jan, 2002
    Fri 18 Jan, 2002
    Episode 12
    Gail and Richard tell Sarah, David and Audrey that they're engaged. Sarah and David are fine about it but Audrey isn't happy. Karen tells Steve what Geena's mother asked her to do. Steve is amazed. Gill approaches Karen again and this time offers her money to seduce Dev. Sunita invites Duggie round for dinner and they end up in bed. Audrey is furious that Richard still seems to be avoiding discussing the money she's lost. Audrey goes to see Gail and airs her doubts about Richard and tells her not to rush into marriage. She and Gail have a row. Karen and Geena have a huge row about Dev. Later Karen sees Geena's mum and tells her that she will seduce Dev and that the wedding will definitely be off by the time she's finished.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jan, 2002
    Wed 16 Jan, 2002
    Episode 11
    Deirdre suggests to Ken they go and see a film. He says he can't as Anita is coming round. Deirdre feels very put out. Audrey tries to tackle Richard about her financial statement which says she's £6000 down. Richard becomes evasive and says he's too busy to talk. Matt is trying to drum up some interest for the blood donor unit which is visiting the street in a few days time. Emma is finding being stuck on her own all day with a baby a bit frustrating. She and Curly decide to go out for a drink and leaving Maxine baby-sitting. They're only gone five minutes when they realise they're missing Ben so they go home again. Ken and Anita work on her book. Ken finds Anita's life fascinating. Karen tells Gill that she needs to catch Dev with another woman in order to put Geena off him. Gill tells Karen she wants to set Dev up and asks Karen if she would be prepared to seduce him. Gail asks Richard to move in with her. Richard says he won't move in until they're married and proposes to Gail. Gail accepts.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jan, 2002
    Mon 14 Jan, 2002
    Episode 10
    Audrey is worried when she finds out that the investments she made through Richard have dropped £6000. She tells Rita about it and Norris overhears. It's Curly's first day back at work after his paternity leave. He can't stop phoning Emma every ten minutes to check on Ben. Gail and Richard arrive back from visiting Nick in Canada. Tony Lawson turns up and has another go at Richard about the money from his mother's estate. Richard threatens him, telling him to stay away. Audrey sees all this from across the road. Karen tells Gill that Dev is a womaniser. Gill again tells Dev that she's only playing along with this wedding as she knows Geena will wise up soon. There's an article written by Anita in "What's on in Weatherfield" all about Ken and very complimentary. Norris tells Audrey about Emily's dealings with Richard. Audrey gets increasingly concerned. Deirdre is feeling very neglected as all Ken is interested in is helping Anita with her memoirs.moreless
  • Sun 13 Jan, 2002
    Sun 13 Jan, 2002
    Episode 9
    Terry says an emotional goodbye to Jack and Vera; he's heading back to Huddersfield where he lives now. Geena makes up with Dev and explains to everyone why they haven't gone to Tobago. They start planning a big Easter wedding. Ken apologises to Anita and she accepts. They agree that they will work on her book on her life history together. Fred annoys Eve by giving away free Elliott pies in the Rovers. She bans him from doing it again. Terry calls in to see Curly, Emma and the baby. He tells Curly that he feels quite jealous of him. Sam moves in with Vik. He walks into the bathroom when Bobbi is using the shower. Bobbi is embarrassed, Vik is quietly pleased. Gill calls round to see Geena and Dev. She tells them that she is pleased they changed their minds and pretends that she has changed her opinion of Dev. When Geena is out of the way she again tells Dev that she will do everything she can to stop him marrying Geena.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jan, 2002
    Fri 11 Jan, 2002
    Episode 8
    Fred arranges for a sign painter to put Eve's name up over the Rovers door now the temporary licence has arrived. Unfortunately he puts Betty's name up instead of Eve's by mistake. Eve is furious. Later he changes it to Eve. Dev and Geena set off for the airport on their way to Tobago. Geena's mum turns up to see them off and gives Geena an antique ring to wear. Vera is delighted when there is a knock at the door and it's Terry. He's been released, Julie went to the Police and Terry is in the clear. Anita calls round at Ken's to work on her memoirs. She is wearing a low cut dress and is very touchy feely. Ken decides to put her straight and tells her he's happy with Deirdre. Anita takes offence and strops off telling him he got the wrong end of the stick. Geena changes her mind and tells Dev that she doesn't want to get married in Tobago. She wants a big wedding with all her friends and family. Dev is devastated.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jan, 2002
    Wed 9 Jan, 2002
    Episode 7
    Vera thanks Fiz for her newspaper article without which Julie Reardon would never have come forward and offered to help. Anita calls round to see Ken and ask him to help her write her memoirs. Ken feels uneasy as she is a bit too familiar. Sunita and Vik organise a surprise hen/stag party for Dev and Geena in the Rovers. They deck the pub out with palm trees and tropical flowers to give a Caribbean theme. Toyah is worried about Janice who is very depressed sorting out Dennis's belongings. Les calls round and offers her a divorce. Vera is on pins wondering if Julie has been to the Police yet. Norris tells Curly he would have liked a family of his own but at least now he has Ben. Deirdre is depressed she feels that her relationship with Ken is empty and she feels lonely.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jan, 2002
    Mon 7 Jan, 2002
    Episode 6
    Dev and Geena decide to tell everyone that they're getting married in Tobago very soon. Les is threatening to go to Dennis's funeral. Toyah makes him promise to stay away. Janice is in a daze but Rita has organised the food for the funeral and helped with all the arrangements. Eileen decides to attend the funeral and Jason and Todd go with her. Tyrone persuades Fiz to give Vera the money she made from selling Terry's story to help with the legal fees. Curly and Emma realise that it's Norris's singing that soothes Ben and they get him to record some songs onto cassette. Fred persuades Betty to take her job back at the Rovers. Les decides that he's going to turn up at Dennis's funeral after all. Julie Reardon turns up on Vera's doorstep. She is now willing to talk. Dennis's funeral takes place. A couple of his biker friends turn up. Les attends the funeral uninvited. Janice says a few words about Dennis and then Les stands up and says that he wants to speak too. Everyone expects the worse but Les says what a great friend Dennis was and how he saved his life. Julie Reardon admits to Vera that she was with Terry the night of the attempted murder. She is undecided whether or not she'll admit this to the Police. Sunita is busy trying to organise a hen night for Geena. Deirdre asks Dev if he's rushing the wedding because of their one night stand. Dev tells her that she's the only one who thinks that it was of any importance.moreless
  • Sun 6 Jan, 2002
    Sun 6 Jan, 2002
    Episode 5
    Toyah is worried that Les might attempt suicide again. Sam has a word with him and Les apologises for Toyah for being so selfish. Dev and Geena invite Geena's mother over to try and iron out their differences. Geena tells her that they are getting married in Tobago and her mother is angry and upset. Fiz has spoken to the reporter from the paper about Terry behind everyone's backs. Vera and Tyrone are furious. Fiz was paid £1000 for her story. Curly and Emma borrow Norris's cardigan from him thinking that maybe it's Norris's scent that baby Ben likes. Betty complains to Eve about the amount of hours she's working. Eve tells her to put up with it and Betty walks out saying she resigns. Janice goes to see Eileen to discuss funeral arrangements for Dennis. At first the atmosphere is very frosty but eventually they make up as they realise that they both loved Dennis very much.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jan, 2002
    Fri 4 Jan, 2002
    Episode 4
    Janice can't stop crying. Toyah stays with her comforting her. Rita calls to see Janice and tells her about Len's death and offer to help with the funeral arrangements. Janice is grateful. Tyrone is upset about Dennis and tells Fiz he doesn't want to clock any more cars as Dennis wouldn't have approved. Tyrone is approached by a reporter wanting to talk about Terry and offering cash in return but Tyrone refuses. Fiz is annoyed. Todd and Jason are being supportive to Eileen who is very upset. Les is blaming himself for Dennis's death. Sam tries to tell him that it was the drunk driver's fault but Les won't listen. Norris again manages to get baby Ben off to sleep by singing to him much to Curly and Emma's relief. Kevin calls to see baby Ben and tells Curly and Emma that he always wanted a son. He talks about Jake. Duggie finds out that he's been gazzumped on the Rugby Club. Shelley asks Eve for her job back. Peter is delighted. Janice calls to see Les. She is very angry with him and tells him that she wishes he were dead and not Dennis.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jan, 2002
    Wed 2 Jan, 2002
    Episode 3
    Dennis is in intensive care, Janice at his bedside. Toyah tells Janice about Les's attempted suicide. Janice is furious with Les and shouts at him. She blames him for Dennis's condition. Les is beside himself with guilt and shame. Fred and Eve move their belongings into the Rovers. Shelley tells Eve she's taking a job at the Rugby Club. Emma and Curly are hardly getting any sleep as Ben keeps crying. To their amazement Norris manages to get Ben off to sleep by singing to him. Dev shows Geena the tickets he's booked for their Tobago wedding. Vera goes to visit Julie Reardon, the policeman's wife who Terry had the affair with to try and get her to tell truth but she pretends she's never heard of Terry. Matt and Maxine call a truce. Eileen goes to the hospital to see Dennis. She watches as the crash team try to revive him with Janice crying by his bedside. Dennis dies and both Janice and Eileen are distraught.moreless
  • Tue 1 Jan, 2002 [Episode 2]
    Anita is making a play for Ken. Ken loves the attention and Deirdre isn't really bothered. Matt tells Maxine he can't keep up the pretence to Ashley. Maxine is really worried that Matt is going to spill the beans, especially as he is very drunk. Steve sees that one of his cabs has been in an accident and that the driver looks as though he's dead. He radios the news to Eileen. Eileen breaks the news to Janice who completely guilt ridden rushes to the hospital thinking that Les is dead. She finds out that Les has a broken arm and is being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning but that the driver, Dennis is critical. She breaks down. Dev suggests to Geena that they marry in the Caribbean without their parents present. Geena suggests Tobago. Audrey threatens Matt that she will report him to the Medical Council for getting one of his patients pregnant if he doesn't stop worrying Maxine.moreless
  • Tue 1 Jan, 2002 [Episode 1]
    Les tries one last time to talk Janice into giving it another go but she is adamant she wants a divorce. Anita turns up in the Rovers and lavishes compliments on Ken about his writing skills. Peter is cynical. Les asks Vik if he can do a shift on the taxis as he's nothing else to do this New Year's Eve. Vik agrees. Dev tells Geena he doesn't want to wait until July to get married & he wants to do it in the next month. Geena is very happy. Charlie and Ashley are talking about things they've regretted doing when they've been drunk. Maxine and Matt just stare at each other. Eileen sees Janice's new bag and tells Janice that Dennis originally bought it for her. Janice is gutted. Janice goes for a curry with Toyah and Sam. Les drives his taxi to a piece of waste ground, finds a hosepipe and tries to top himself. Dennis sets off on his bike, finds Les unconscious, puts him in the passenger seat and sets off driving the taxi to hospital. On the way they have a head on collision with another car.moreless