Coronation Street - Season 44

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  • Wed 31 Dec, 2003
    Wed 31 Dec, 2003
    Episode 248
    New Year's Eve. Maya suspects that Sunita jilted Ciaran because she's still in love with Dev. Dev denies this. Sunita forces Ciaran to admit that he didn't really want to get married. Sunita is now sure that she did the right thing. She tells Ciaran that this is the end of their relationship. Dev is delighted when Maya finally agrees to move in with him. Blanche and Deirdre continue to bicker about Tracy moving into No. 7. Ken tries to keep the peace. Claire is distraught when she realises that she's recorded over the film of Maxine at Christmas on the digital camera. Ashley forgives her. Sunita calls to see Dev hoping that he will still want her but is disappointed to learn that Maya is moving in and that Dev sees her as his future and not Sunita. Maya asks if Sunita has been round. Dev lies and says not. Betty is upset when she receives a letter from Caroline accusing her of setting fire to her own house as a means to move in with them. Tracy announces that she's moving into No. 7 tomorrow as she's sick of all the bickering.moreless
  • Mon 29 Dec, 2003
    Mon 29 Dec, 2003
    Episode 247
    Sunita prepares for her wedding with the help of Shelley and Bev. Ciaran has spent the night in a police cell. He secretly hopes that he won't be released in time for the wedding. Maya is suspicious of Ciaran's motive for hitting Dev. She wonders if Dev still fancies Sunita. Cilla is secretly pleased that she's lost her job. She has no intention of finding another too quickly. Fiz can see straight through her. Ciaran is miffed when the Police release him. Dev accuses Ciaran of not wanting to marry Sunita. Ciaran can't deny it but insists that he mustn't let her down. Tracy tells Sunita that Ciaran doesn't really want to marry her. Sunita confronts Ciaran with Tracy's revelation but Ciaran insists that Tracy is lying. Roy and Hayley find out that Blanche has bought the house for Tracy. They feel re-newed hope that Tracy may still be intending to hand over the baby to them. Emily is disappointed to find that the Weatherfield Friends charity box has so little in it. Harry suggests they hold a "Promise Auction". Sunita and Ciaran's wedding ceremony is about to take place when Sunita gets cold feet and decides she can't go through with it. She explains to Ciaran that she knows in her heart that he doesn't really want to marry her.moreless
  • Sun 28 Dec, 2003
    Sun 28 Dec, 2003
    Episode 246
    Ciaran asks Sunita if she's having second thoughts about the wedding. Sunita replies that she's really looking forward to it. Ciaran feels trapped. Tyrone tells Jack that nothing happened between him and Fiz other than a kiss. Jack is unconvinced. Betty is sure that Gordon is going to ask her to move in with him and Caroline. She wonders if it might be the best thing to do. Roy and Hayley are shocked to find out that Tracy is moving into No. 7. They worry that she might be intending to keep the baby. Angela and Tommy are reunited. Tommy moves back into No. 6. Ciaran's stag night takes place. Les insists they go to the Weatherfield Arms as Cilla is working there and has promised them free drinks. There is an awkward moment in the pub with Tommy and Martin but Martin defuses the situation by announcing that Tommy was not responsible for the accident. Colin the Landlord sacks Cilla for giving away free drinks. Les, Ciaran and the lads stick up for her. The police are called. Ciaran sees an opportunity to get out of marrying Sunita. He punches Dev. The police arrest Ciaran and he's driven away.moreless
  • Fri 26 Dec, 2003
    Fri 26 Dec, 2003
    Episode 245
    Betty is made at home in the Rovers where Shelley, Bev and Harry fuss around her. Betty says she's had a call from Gordon who's worried about the fire. Martin tells Craig he wants to forget about what happened. Craig is relieved. Jack arrives home from the Hortons unexpectedly. He finds Fiz asleep on the sofa. Tyrone is embarrassed. Fiz sneaks out of the house but is spotted by Cilla. Fred and Ashley push Joshua in his toy car. Claire records it on the digital camera. Tracy has a meeting with Steve at No. 7. Steve tells her that he wants nothing to do with the baby. Tracy is upset. Sunita's hen night takes place. The girls enjoy some Bollywood dancing and the henna artist paints Hindu tatoos on them. Fiz and Kirk make up but Fiz fails to admit that she spent the night with Tyrone, albeit on the sofa. Ciaran admits to Tracy that although he loves Sunita he doesn't want to get married. Sunita nips over to the shop to get Maya some headache tablets. She bumps into Dev. Dev implores her to think again before marrying Ciaran but Sunita declares she loves Ciaran and the wedding will go ahead. Dev gives her his blessing.moreless
  • Thu 25 Dec, 2003
    Thu 25 Dec, 2003
    Episode 244
    Roy reveals that he's bought a virtual baby off the internet. He and Hayley spend the day looking after it. Although it's not easy they both enjoy it. Norris is cooking Christmas Dinner for Emily and Rita. He times the turkey with his new gizmo but fails to switch the oven on. Betty arrives at the pub in tears. When she arrived at Gordon's she found that they'd gone away and left her a message. She returned home and then had a fire in the house. Shelley insists that she should stay at the Rovers. Craig is distraught having told Martin the truth. He barricades himself into his bedroom. Angela has to persuade him to come down to dinner. Brenda calls in to see Sarah, Todd and Bethany having bought them lavish presents. Sunita and Ciaran are relieved when they can't get a taxi and therefore can't get to Dev's for Christmas Dinner! Steve finds out that Liz called hoping to see them at Christmas but that Karen lied to her saying they were away. He rows with Karen over his mum and storms out. Blanche reveals that she's bought a house, No. 7 for Tracy for Christmas. She hopes this will encourage Tracy to keep the baby. Deirdre is absolutely furious with her for not even discussing the idea with her. Blanche and Deirdre row. Martin insists that he and Katy go round to the Harris's. Martin announces to Tommy, Angela, Craig and Katy that he's been to the police and has lied, saying that he was aware that he had dodgy brakes but hadn't had time to get them fixed. Tracy tells Steve that he's the father of her baby and that she never slept with Roy. Fiz rows with Cilla and then with Kirk for taking her mum's side. She ends up staying with Tyrone and they have a drunken kiss. Gail's Christmas Dinner is a disaster when she unintentionally upsets Sarah regarding her pregnancy and Sarah storms out. Steve threatens to kill Tracy if she ever tells Karen the truth about the baby.moreless
  • Wed 24 Dec, 2003
    Wed 24 Dec, 2003
    Episode 243
    Tommy tells Craig that he's lied to Martin, telling him that he was responsible for the car crash. Tommy is prepared to go to prison in order to protect his son. Martin tells Katy about Tommy's confession. Katy insists that Martin phones the police. Tommy explains to Angela that it was Craig who tampered with Martin's brakes. Betty leaves to go and spend Christmas with Gordon and Caroline. Roy and Hayley are disappointed to learn that No. 7 has already been sold. Angela and Tommy blame themselves for Craig's actions. They realise that all the rowing and their splitting up led to Craig's desperate measures. Brenda takes Bethany to nativity play dressed as an angel. She talks to Bethany about how one day she will meet her daddy in heaven. Deirdre realises that she hasn't enough food in for Christmas and has to borrow £50 off Tracy to get some more. Craig can't handle the guilt any more. He calls into see Martin and confesses everything explaining that Tommy was lying to cover for him.moreless
  • Mon 22 Dec, 2003
    Mon 22 Dec, 2003
    Episode 242
    The pressure of keeping his guilty secret is really getting to Craig. Mike tries to stop Nick from taking half a day's holiday but Nick stands up to him and accuses Mike of treating him as a lackey and errand boy. Angela is worried about Craig but doesn't know what's wrong with him. Tommy tries to play it down. David calls Tommy a murderer and he and Craig have a fight in the street. Roy and Hayley realise that they will need more space when the baby arrives. They decide to put an offer in for No. 7. Brenda tells Sarah that she and Todd ought to get married. Sarah tells her it has nothing to do with her. Brenda backs down realising she's overstepped the mark. The police question Kevin and Tyrone about Tommy and his relationship with Martin. Martin suddenly remembers that his brakes failed just before the crash. Katy tells him how she suspects Tommy of trying to kill him. Martin demands to see Tommy. Audrey calls on Sarah and tries to persuade her to spend Christmas with Gail as she wants the family to be reunited. Sarah says she'll think about it. Martin questions Tommy about his part in the crash. In order to cover up for Craig, Tommy lies and says that he tampered with Martin's brakes.moreless
  • Sun 21 Dec, 2003
    Sun 21 Dec, 2003
    Episode 241
    Brenda calls round and offers to look after Bethany later while Sarah visits Martin. Sarah agrees. The police call round and take Tommy down to the station for questioning. Craig is beside himself with guilt and worry. Blanche continues to give Tracy money to buy "bits and bobs" for the baby. Tommy repeats his story to the Police. They let him go for the time being. Tracy picks up a passenger in her taxi who then threatens her and makes off with all the money. Tracy is very shaken up. Karen books Doveridge Hall for £11000. Nick takes Maria to a swanky hotel for the night. Unfortunately they bump into Mike who's taken Penny there for dinner. Steve comforts and upset Tracy. Tracy enjoys the attention, particularly as she fancies Steve. In the middle of dinner Mike receives a call. He tells Nick that he must leave his dinner and go into the factory. Nick refuses and stands up to Mike. Brenda finds out that Sarah is pregnant. She tells Bethany not to worry and that she will look after her. Craig again tells Tommy that he wants to confess about Martin's car. Tommy manages to calm him down.moreless
  • Fri 19 Dec, 2003
    Fri 19 Dec, 2003
    Episode 240
    Angela is adamant that Tommy couldn't possibly have tried to kill Martin. Katy disagrees. Eileen confronts Todd and asks him if he's gay. Todd denies it and tells her that Sarah is pregnant and expecting his baby. Eileen is furious that he's throwing his life away. Deirdre is delighted when she finds out that she's got a job at the Council as PA to the Head of the Planning Department. Mike looks over some paper work for Penny and arranges to take her out for dinner that evening. Nick is furious to find out that Mike is leaving him out of the Christmas bonus scheme as he hasn't been there long enough. Maya invites Sunita and Ciaran for Christmas dinner at Dev's flat. They feel obliged to accept. Jason threatens to beat up Nick if he spreads any more scurrilous rumours about Todd being gay. Katy accuses Tommy of trying to kill Martin. Tommy denies it. Katy can tell that Craig is holding something back. Katy goes to the Police Station and reports Tommy for the attempted murder of Martin.moreless
  • Wed 17 Dec, 2003
    Wed 17 Dec, 2003
    Episode 239
    It's Tyrone's 21st birthday. Jason has to take Jack and Vera's door frame out in order to release the fridge. A huge crack appears up the kitchen wall. Charlie tells them the whole kitchen extension is unsafe. Charlie promises to start in a couple of days. In the meantime he puts a tarpaulin over the hole. Jack and Vera decide to spend Christmas at the Hortons as the house is so cold. Tyrone is left alone with Monica. Sarah allows Brenda to drop Bethany off at nursery. Brenda is grateful. Martin regains consciousness. Eileen overhears Nick having a go at Todd and accusing him of being in denial. Dev grovels to Maya and she decides to give him another chance. Angela is impressed to learn that Tommy rescued Martin from the burning car. Katy however is immediately suspicious and wonders if Tommy didn't tamper with the brakes himself intent on killing Martin.moreless
  • Mon 15 Dec, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Craig is panic stricken that he's killed Martin. Tommy manages to drag Martin's body from the car just before the whole thing explodes. Craig dials 999. Dev again puts the pressure on Maya to move in with him. She explains that it's too soon. Dev takes offence. At the hospital Audrey, Gail, David, Nick, Sarah, Todd, Angela and Katy all sit in shocked silence waiting for news of Martin. They're told he's critical but stable and that they can visit him two at a time. Sarah is livid when Gail allows David and Katy to go first. Terry sends Jack and Vera a surprise Christmas present, it's a huge fridge. Jack is suspicious whereas Vera is delighted. Kirk and Tyrone try to manoeuvre the fridge into the house but get it stuck in the doorway. Tommy and Craig are interviewed by the Police. They stick to the same story that Tommy noticed there was brake fluid dripping from Martin's car and tried to stop him to tell him. Maya tells Dev his arrogance is over-whelming. They have a row and Maya storms out. David has a go at Katy at Martin's bedside for ruining Martin's life. Katy sits by Martin's bed heart-broken and is comforted by Gail. Craig wants to confess everything but Tommy convinces him that they must stick to their story or they'll both be going to prison.moreless
  • Mon 15 Dec, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Mike gets Nick to deliver the bricks back to Charlie and dump them across his doorway. Craig is worried about Martin's brakes. When he sees Martin and Katy getting in the car he can't stand the guilt and tells Tommy what he's done. Tommy and Craig climb in a car and give chase. Tommy is relieved when he sees Martin drop Katy off, knowing that she's safe. Brenda tries to wheedle her way back in with Sarah. She cries at the thought of her first Christmas without Neil. Sarah feels guilty and starts to thaw towards her. Sunita feels slightly jealous when she hears Dev ordering red roses for Maya. Tommy and Craig continue to follow Martin. They drive along side him shouting for him to pull over, trying to warn him about his brakes but Martin thinks Tommy has lost the plot and drives faster to get away from him. Dev has Maya round for dinner. He is pleased when she says she likes his flat - he's still hoping she'll move in. Martin and Tommy are approaching a junction. Tommy screeches to a halt but Martin's brakes fail and he spins round crashing into a wall. Martin is either unconscious or dead.moreless
  • Sun 14 Dec, 2003
    Sun 14 Dec, 2003
    Episode 236
    Nick and the factory girls arrive at Underworld to find that during the night Charlie has bricked the door up just to wind Mike up. Bev persuades Sunita into having a Hindu hen do. Angela orders Craig to come home but he refuses. Tommy is pleased. Mike is furious with Charlie and tells Nick that he will have to get a sledge hammer and knock the wall down. Nick is less than pleased. Tommy and Craig have a lad's day out together watching the football in the Weatherfield Arms. Tommy proceeds to get very drunk. Tommy bumps into Martin and Katy in the Rovers. He calls Martin a nonce. Ciaran has to separate them. Craig is embarrassed at his dad's behaviour. Penny King calls in the factory and asks Mike to look over some figures for her. Maya and Dev get invited to Sunita's and Ciaran's hen and stag parties though neither wants to be there. In a desperate bid to split Martin and Katy up and get his family back together Craig gets a tool out of Tommy's tool bag and tampers with the brakes on Martin's car.moreless
  • Fri 12 Dec, 2003
    Fri 12 Dec, 2003
    Episode 235
    Angela finds out from Craig that Tommy has lost his job. She isn't surprised. Sarah finds a doll which doesn't belong to Bethany. She thinks Bethany has taken it from nursery and returns it to the teacher. Tommy is now drinking round the clock and in a terrible state. Craig is worried about him. Jason realises that Mike only offered him a job to make Charlie's life difficult. Brenda turns up at nursery, she keeps giving Bethany presents and saying that they're from her daddy. She talks to her about when she will join her daddy in heaven and leave the house of sin in which she lives. Les arrives home with all sorts of loud tacky Christmas decorations for the house including a huge Santa for the roof. He gets Kirk to put it up. Todd and Sarah discover Bethany has brought home another toy. Again they think she's "stolen" it, unaware that Brenda gave it to her. Norris and Emily watch in horror as Kirk erects a huge Santa on Les's roof. Music blares out from speakers. Cilla and Les watch with excitement as Chesney switches on the lights, then the whole street is plunged into darkness. Charlie is secretly planning some illicit building work. Angela is shocked when Craig gets his things and says he's leaving home.moreless
  • Wed 10 Dec, 2003
    Wed 10 Dec, 2003
    Episode 234
    Sarah is considering having an abortion. Todd is beside himself. Tommy arrives at work reeking of alcohol. Kevin gives him a verbal warning. Katy apologises to Martin for walking out. They make up with each other. It's Wednesday, Les's last day of being tagged. Cilla gets everyone to wind him up and pretend that it's only Tuesday. Eventually Les finds out the truth. Angela sees Tommy, he looks terrible. She tries to persuade him to come home but he refuses so long as Angela continues to see Katy. Maria and Candice continue to snipe at each other in the Salon. Audrey tells them off. Mike offers Jason a job as van driver's mate. Jason tells Charlie who immediately pays Jason the money he owes him. Jason decides to stay working for Charlie. Sarah and Todd talk things through and Sarah decides that she wants to keep the baby. Todd is relieved. David and Craig are disappointed to learn that Katy and Martin are back together. A customer complains to Kevin that Tommy's shoddy workmanship has nearly killed him. Kevin has had enough and sacks Tommy.moreless
  • Mon 8 Dec, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Katy tells Angela that she's finished with Martin. Craig is delighted. Sarah is still angry with Todd for telling Nick about her pregnancy. Nick calls round and tries to talk Sarah out of having the baby and tries to persuade her that Todd is gay. Sarah is furious and throws him out. Nick and Maria go out on their first date since getting back together. Martin takes Katy back to the flat to try iron things out between them. Katy is furious that Martin comes running every time Gail clicks her fingers. Gail calls to see Sarah and tells her that she wants her to have an abortion. Eileen has a go at Charlie for not paying Jason the wages which are owing to him. Katy accuses Martin of keeping something from her. Martin confides in her that Sarah is pregnant. Candice sees Maria and Nick together in the Rovers and goes mad. She slaps Maria and storms out in tears. Katy thinks that Martin sees her as a kid who can't be trusted with a secret. She packs her things and to Martin's horror tells him she's moving out.moreless
  • Mon 8 Dec, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Gail is delighted that Nick has decided to stay. Nick manages to retrieve his letter of resignation from the factory before Mike sees it. Katy is upset with Martin as she feels jealous of his relationship with Gail and David. Martin placates her and promises to take Katy out for dinner that evening. Cilla accuses Norris of eyeing up her underwear on the washing line. Kevin is cross with Tommy when he finds him drinking in the Rovers during working hours. Nick has a go at Todd again. He accuses him of being gay and messing Sarah around. Todd tries to defend himself and tells Nick that Sarah is pregnant. Nick is shocked & in turn tells Gail. Gail is horrified and upset. She thinks Sarah is ruining her life all over again. David uses the situation to go and get Martin telling him that it's an emergency and that Gail needs him. Katy is furious. Candice suspects that Maria may have got back together with Todd. Emily has a run-in with Cilla over Chesney's water pistol. Martin is trying to calm Gail down over Sarah's pregnancy when Katy suddenly arrives. Katy tells him that she's sick of playing second fiddle to his family and finishes with him. Martin is gutted. David feels guilty.moreless
  • Sun 7 Dec, 2003
    Sun 7 Dec, 2003
    Episode 231
    Todd is delighted that he's going to be a dad. Sarah is still apprehensive. David and Craig continue with their plan to drive a wedge between Martin and Katy. Candice is so upset over Nick that she has the day off from work. David engineers it so that Martin and Gail watch him play football together. Katy again feels left out. Craig finds Tommy hung over, surrounded by empty beer cans and bottles and living in squalor. Craig is worried that Tommy and Angela may never get back together. Shelley puts Kirk on door duty of the Rovers unisex toilet. Nick decides that he's moving to London and packs his belongings. Charlie and Jason finish work on the Rovers Gents. Candice continues to pour her heart out to Maria about how much she loves Nick. Maria can't stand it any longer. She decides she must stop him from moving to London. Nick says a tearful goodbye to Gail, Martin and David. Maria runs down the street after the taxi and gets it to stop. She tells Nick that she is still in love with him and begs him not to leave. Nick and Maria have an emotional kiss. Nick stays.moreless
  • Fri 5 Dec, 2003
    Fri 5 Dec, 2003
    Episode 230
    David and Craig commiserate with each other over their families. They agree to work out a way of splitting Martin and Katy up. Todd is shocked when Sarah suggests that she might get rid of the baby. Later they talk it through, Todd promises to stand by her and she agrees to keep the baby. Nick wants to finish with Candice but finds it difficult as Candice presents him with a ring engraved with "C&N". Ciaran suggests to Sunita that she might want to postpone the wedding. Sunita says she doesn't. Ciaran is disappointed. David causes a flood in the kitchen just so that he can get Martin round to fix it. Martin feels guilty when he realises that David is feeling neglected. Katy finds out that her dad has left her mum and feels depressed. She is further upset when she realises that she has to play second fiddle to Martin's family. Eileen persuades Charlie to give Jason a job as his builder's mate. Candice thinks Nick is going to propose to her. She's gutted when he finishes with her instead! Maria tries to console Candice. Nick tells Maria that he's still in love with her. Maria tells Nick she wouldn't go out with him again if he were the last man on earth!moreless
  • Wed 3 Dec, 2003
    Wed 3 Dec, 2003
    Episode 229
    Sarah isn't feeling very well. She blames Brenda for all the panic she caused. Dev continues to press Maya to move in with him but as yet she hasn't made a decision. Tommy calls in at home. Angela and Craig are hopeful that he's moving back in but are disappointed to find that he's just come to collect his stuff. Craig is upset. Mike, Fred and Harry attend Preston King's funeral. Mike asks Penny King to sign her husband's cheque. Brenda is rude to Gail in the cafe. She tells Gail how she can give Bethany a far better home and more love than she ever did. Gail is furious. Sunita starts to regret the fact that she will be having a small wedding without her family present. Ciaran secretly tries to contact her family but Dev stops him and tells Sunita. Candice feels foolish when she finds out that Nick took his mother out for dinner and not Maria as she suspected. Nick is angry with her for bothering him at work. Penny calls in the factory to see Mike and sign the cheque. They reminisce about what might have been when they almost had an affair. Sarah tells Todd that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Mon 1 Dec, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Sarah is beside herself, Eileen tries to comfort her. Maya admits to Dev that she's been in trouble at work before, isn't really cut out to be a solicitor and she has huge debts. Dev shocks her by asking her to move in with him. Charlie starts work on the Gents' loos. In the meantime the Ladies loos become unisex much to Vera's disgust. Candice suspects that Nick is taking Maria out behind her back. In fact Nick takes Gail out for dinner and tells her that he's in love with Maria. Brenda turns up with Bethany. Sarah is hysterical with relief and anger. Todd pushes Brenda out of the flat. Tommy moves into the flat above Street Cars. Brenda calls on Todd and Sarah. Brenda starts ranting at Todd that he's not Bethany's real dad and that Neil is looking down from heaven and disapproves! Sarah is furious with her and Todd throws her out. Nick tries to talk to Maria but she gives him short shrift. Brenda stands in the dark looking up at the Bookies flat with a mad expression on her face.moreless
  • Mon 1 Dec, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Karen and Steve continue to row over whether or not Liz should be invited to the wedding.. Sarah and Todd become concerned when Brenda doesn't bring Bethany back as planned. Ashley thinks he's convinced Fred that nothing went on between him & Claire at Blackpool. Sunita takes the afternoon off to go shopping for a wedding sari with Shelley. There's a leak in the Rovers Gents toilets. Harry tries to fix it but fails. Shelley gives the job to Charlie. Dev has lunch at Maya's flat when Heather Parks turns up on the doorstep. Dev is shocked to learn that Maya is Heather's divorce solicitor but that she also had an affair with Heather's husband Gavin. Kevin tells Tommy that he needs to think about moving back home. Janice leads Candice to believe that Nick has got something special planned for her. Maya is sacked from her job for misconduct - having slept with a client's husband. Sarah and Todd phone 999 and report Bethany missing to the police. Sarah is distraught.moreless
  • Sun 30 Nov, 2003
    Sun 30 Nov, 2003
    Episode 226
    Liz is released on unconditional bail. Brenda asks Sarah and Todd if Bethany can stay with her that evening. Steve invites Liz to live with him and Karen Bev blames Deirdre for losing her man yesterday in the wine bar. Sarah decides to take Bethany to see Santa, and an unhappy Vera is informed of the shift swap Shelly and Sunita plan to go out and get a Sari for Sunita's wedding in the Rovers as Dev tells Sunita that he doesn't think Ciaran will go through with it. Liz argues with Karen over whether Liz is moving back to Weatherfield with them. Bet comes in with Steve later and tells Liz that Cecil died. Dev tricks Ciaran into mocking Hindu wedding traditions in front of Sunita. Ashley and Claire are worried what Fred might say about their trip and also what peple might think. Liz decides to go and live with Bet in Brighton. Brenda takes a picture of Bethany and puts it with many she has of Neil. Karen offers Steve an ultimatum, either Liz doesn't come to their wedding or the wedding is off.moreless
  • Fri 28 Nov, 2003
    Fri 28 Nov, 2003
    Episode 225
    Philip finds out about Cecil and Bet's postponed marriage. Ashley and Claire go out in the motorboat but the engine breaks down. Liz tells Laurie she is leaving and asks for her wages, and Laurie tells her it will end badly and admits to being the one who tipped off the police about Jim's whereabouts. Karen is upset that Steve is risking everything to take Jim to Ireland, but Liz tells them both Steve isn't going to take Jim across, she is. Bev asks Deirdre to come along on her date to confirm that she's not meeting Jon Lindsay. By the time Deirdre arrives, Bev's date gets fed up with her strange behaviour and leaves. Philip turns up at the church to try and stop the wedding, the commotion causes Cecil to have a heart attack and he later dies in hospital. Jim and Liz say a fond farewell to Steve and set off for Ireland. As they drive off they come across Ashley's boat stranded and filling with water. They save them and take them back to the Marina. As Jim and Liz arrive at the marina they are arrested.moreless
  • Wed 26 Nov, 2003
    Wed 26 Nov, 2003
    Episode 224
    Liz tells Steve that Jim is safe, but blames Karen for telling the police where Jim is. Sally tells Kevin to tell Tommy to sort things out with Angela. Steve accuses Laurie of shopping Jim into the police. Liz tells Steve that Jim is hiding at the marina so he can take him some food. Philip gives Cecil the pictures taken by the private detective of Jim and Bet kissing. Fred has arranged a day out in Eric Roscoe's motor boat for Ashley and Claire. Bev tells Deirdre she picked up a man called Jon last night. His description is the same as Jon Lindsay and he also claims to be a pilot. Fred persuades Cecil to go and ask Bet about the photos. Sunita admits to Ciaran that she does want the big wedding but the problem isn't money it's her family. Cecil finds out the man is Jim when Liz comes clean about everything. Bet and Cecil miss their time for their wedding and have to reschedule for tomorrow. Steve tells Karen that Jim is planning to escape to Ireland.moreless
  • Mon 24 Nov, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Bet tells Jim that Fred is coming back to the caravan, and she takes him to Cecil's boat whilst avoiding police on the way. The private detective takes pictures of them kissing while they try to avoid the police. Fred arrives at his caravan to find out an escaped criminal has been staying in his caravan. Karen persuades Steve to take her out on the town as a treat since both his parents are busy. Sunita tell Shelly that she wants a big wedding, and not the small affair she and Ciaran are planning. Philip tells Cecil he will get evidence to stop Cecil wanting to marry Bet. Bev and Deirdre go out for a drink and meet Cilla, and Ciaran admits to Tracy again that he doesn't want to get married. Bet agrees to marry Cecil, and Philip receives some photos of Bet and Jim together.moreless
  • Mon 24 Nov, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Steve and Karen take Jim to Blackpool to see Liz. Bet gives Steve the keys to Fred's caravan so Jim and Liz can talk. Liz goes to see Jim, but Laurie follows secretly. Liz tells Jim the truth about Laurie. Meanwhile Laurie has phoned the police to tell them about Jim. Cecil tells Philip that he plans to marry Bet and give her everything he has. Philip tells Cecil he will show him the real Bet. Philip hires a local detective to follow Bet and take pictures. Cecil proposes again and tells Bet there are plans that they should marry tomorrow. Bet demurs. Brenda and Gail argue about looking after Bethany in the Street. Fred persuades Ashley and Claire into staying with him for the week in Blackpool. Shelley comes back to the Rovers. Deirdre gets an interview for a job on the council. David has a go at Sarah for giving Bethany to Brenda and not Gail, Todd agrees with him but smoothes it over with Sarah.moreless
  • Sun 23 Nov, 2003
    Sun 23 Nov, 2003
    Episode 221
    Karen is angry at Steve for letting Jim stay the night, but Jim persuades Steve to take him to Blackpool at night. Police come round to question Steve about Jim, and he manages to get rid of them, Cecil Invites Bet to come and see his boat. Philip tries to persuade Bet that his dad Cecil is going senile. Cecil later asks Bet to marry him, but Bet says no. Ashley decides to take Joshua to Blackpool. Claire agrees to go with him. Their car breaks down and they are forced to spend the night together in a local B&B Todd and Sarah discuss Sarah moving in with Brenda, they agree that she shouldn't. They tell Brenda, she understands and gives them £300 towards their rent. Tommy thanks Kevin for letting him stay. Blanche says she will help Tracy with the baby. Tracy accepts the help.moreless
  • Fri 21 Nov, 2003
    Fri 21 Nov, 2003
    Episode 220
    Liz meets Bet Lynch at the Newton and Ridley Function. They meet up with Fred and catch up. They meet Cecil Newton and he takes them out for a drink. He invites Bet back to his, but she claims she is staying with Liz at the Dog. Fred hands his caravan keys over to Bet. Tommy tells a devastated Craig he isn't coming home, and Angela is furious. Kevin offers him a sofa for a few nights. Hayley and Roy go to see Mr. Pomfrey was right about Maya's advice about the marriage. He tells them that Roy didn't have to marry Tracy, but if he got an annulment now he would lose all his rights to the child. Blanche comes home and is told about Tracy's baby and that Roy is the father. Blanche tells the Croppers that she intends to do everything to keep Tracy's baby from them. Steve gets a call from Jim, he has escaped from prison and Steve has brought him to the flat.moreless
  • Wed 19 Nov, 2003
    Wed 19 Nov, 2003
    Episode 219
    Steve goes to see Liz in Blackpool, and finds out something is going on with her and Laurie, owner of the Black Dog. Liz asks him not to tell Jim. Brenda offers Sarah and Todd the chance to move in with her when she sees funds are tight in the flat. They're tempted, until they hear they wouldn't be able to share a room. Ciaran tries to console Tracy after the wedding Roy is upset after the wedding. Roy and Hayley become more upset when Ciaran starts joking with them loudly in the Rovers later. They and Tracy make Ciaran promise that he won't tell anyone. Later Maya tells Roy and Hayley that Roy needn't marry Tracy to get rights over the baby, unaware he already has. Craig is still upset that Tommy hasn't come home. Katy comes to see Angela and although Katy is wary Angela tells her that her marriage is stronger than these problems. Tommy is seen sleeping in the garage on the back seat of a car.moreless
  • Mon 17 Nov, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Craig goes to see Katy, to ask if Angela is there. They argue over their parents and Craig has a go at Martin. Hayley persuades a jittery Roy to get married to Tracy, telling him it is for the baby. Tracy meets Ciaran outside the register's office and gets him to be her witness. Angela tells Janice in the Rovers that she is going to try and make up with Tommy. Things seem to go well until the subject of Martin and Katy comes up. They argue and Angela tells Tommy he has to go. Craig is gutted Steve visits Jim in prison. Jim asks him to check on Liz as he thinks she is having an affair with the Landlord of the pub in Blackpool. Roy and Tracy get married though Roy breaks down in the middle, and Hayley also finds it difficult. Todd manages to get a few extra hours at the shop, but he and Sarah are still worried about the rent increase.moreless
  • Mon 17 Nov, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Angela, Katy and Martin spend an uncomfortable morning at the flat. Katy tells Angela that she shouldn't go back to Tommy, Angela thinks he may have learnt his lesson. Sarah And Todd receive a letter telling them their rent is going up. Roy tells Hayley that he might lose half of all his assets if he divorces Tracy. They agree to sign over everything to Hayley to prevent this and make an appointment with Maya later. Kevin comes to get Tommy when he's late for work because he got drunk last night Steve persuades Tracy to do some taxi work despite her wedding plans which she does not tell him about. Roy and Hayley remind Tracy about the time and she says she won't be late. Dev tells Sunita she might be happier working at another shop. Janice asks Angela if she wants to come out for a drink that evening, Angela says no at first, but when Tommy is difficult she accepts. Craig is upset when Angela doesn't come home. Tommy is quiet with him and gives him money to go and get chips. Karen refuses to go with Steve to see his dad in prison. Mr Pomfrey signs all of Roy's assets over to Hayley. Tracy makes it just in time for the wedding. As they are about to go in, Roy goes to throw up in the bathroom. When he comes out he says he can't go through with it and the wedding is off.moreless
  • Sun 16 Nov, 2003
    Sun 16 Nov, 2003
    Episode 216
    Chesney is proving to be more than a handful. Roy is starting to get cold feet about marrying Tracy. Hayley persuades him that it's for the best so that they can secure the baby's future. Sarah lets Brenda take Bethany out for the day. Brenda takes Bethany to visit Neil's grave. Bev receives an invite to Cecil Newton's birthday party in Blackpool. Dev suggests to Sunita that she should look for another job as the atmosphere between them is unbearable. Angela tries to reason with Tommy but he still refuses to have anything to do with Katy while she's with Martin. The row escalates and Angela walks out. Steve tells Tracy that he's going to visit Jim in prison. Craig arrives home and is upset to find that his mum has walked out. He tells Tommy that he's sick of all the arguing. Sarah is shocked when Todd suggests they should try for a baby of their own. Katy and Martin find Angela outside the cafe looking upset. They persuade her to come back to their flat. At that moment Tommy arrives and demands that she should come home with him. Angela refuses and stays with Martin and Katy.moreless
  • Fri 14 Nov, 2003
    Fri 14 Nov, 2003
    Episode 215
    Martin and Katy make up. Katy is pleased when Martin asks if he can come with her to her careers' evening. Chesney is driving the girls mad. Fiz takes him round to Les's and tells Cilla that she'll have to look after him. Angela decides to attend Katy's careers' evening. She lies to Tommy and says she's going Christmas shopping. Sunita finds out that she was sacked at Maya's request. She furious with Dev and gets her own back by calling on Maya for some legal advice. Maya has no choice but to admit that Sunita does have a claim for unfair dismissal. Kirk is appalled when Les arrives home with flat-pack bunk beds explaining that Chesney can now share Kirk's bedroom. Martin and Angela both attend Katy's careers' evening with her. Initially they're uncomfortable with the situation but Angela is pleasantly surprised to learn that Martin is encouraging Katy to go to university and read Medicine. Sunita enjoys telling Dev about the advice she received from Maya and suggests that it would be best if she simply came back to work in the morning. Tommy finds out where Martin has gone and is furious. Tommy storms into the careers' evening, threatens Martin, embarrasses Katy and drags Angela home.moreless
  • Wed 12 Nov, 2003
    Wed 12 Nov, 2003
    Episode 214
    Maria and Candice are not best pleased to find that Fiz's tear-away brother Chesney is staying in the flat. Sunita and Ciaran book their wedding for 29th December. Mike is annoyed to find that Charlie Stubbs has taken over the builder's yard and is obviously here to stay. Fiz calls round to Les's and tells Cilla what she thinks of her for leaving Chesney on his own. Cilla manages to win her round and gets Fiz to agree to look after him for a further few days. Jason asks Charlie for work at the builder's yard but Charlie says he's already got a builder's mate, Paul Atkinson. Katy has a few friends round to the flat while Martin is out. Initially she enjoys showing off to her mates but things soon get out of hand. Mike finds out that Mrs King has taken over Preston's business interests and now a signatory on the cheques. Dev does as Maya asked and sacks Sunita. Sunita is shocked. Martin arrives home and is furious to find a bunch of drunken teenagers, particularly the ones in his bed! Much to Katy's embarrassment he throws everyone out. Martin tells Katy that he's not convinced that their relationship can work given the age gap.moreless
  • Mon 10 Nov, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Bev tells Betty that Ciaran was simply comforting her. Betty isn't sure what to think. Charlie and Mike continue to spar with each other. Fred gives Ciaran a warning for serving sub-standard beer to Les and Kirk. Sunita is still fed up with Ciaran as he never takes her out and is always working. Fiz arrives at her mum's house to find that Cilla has gone out and that it was simply a ruse to get Fiz to look after her little brother Chesney. Cilla turns up in the Rovers. Les is delighted to see her and takes her home knowing his luck is in. Ciaran tells Maya how Dev proposed to Sunita and still loves her. Maya gives Dev an ultimatum, if he wants a relationship with her then he has to sack Sunita. Fiz decides to take Chesney home with her. Katy is furious with Martin when he turns up late having been in the pub. She'd cooked a special meal for him. Sunita goes out early with the girls but comes home early as she's missing Ciaran. She's hurt when she finds that he had the night off after all. Ciaran calms her down and suggests they set their wedding date for very soon.moreless
  • Mon 10 Nov, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Builder Charlie Stubbs's lorry breaks down on the street in front of the factory. Mike blocks the lorry in. Charlie threatens to move the car with a JCB. Ciaran asks Bev for some nights off so that he can see Sunita. Bev refuses as Shelley is away. Sunita arranges to go out with Fiz and her mates as Ciaran is never available. Todd and Sarah are worried about their future in Peter's flat now that Peter has left. Deirdre tells them that the bookies and the flat are in the hands of the solicitors. Dev confronts Maya about her other man and she admits that she's been seeing Gavin who is married with two children. Dev tells her that she will have to choose between them. Tommy bans the mention of Katy's name in the house. Katy is enjoying playing "the housewife". Martin is impressed when she irons his uniform for him. Fred finds out that the reason Kirk and Les were ill was because they'd been drinking the dregs of beer from the bottom of the barrel and not his pies! Kirk tells Fiz that her mother rang and that she's not well. Bev comes on to Ciaran and they end up kissing. Betty walks in on them!moreless
  • Sun 9 Nov, 2003
    Sun 9 Nov, 2003
    Episode 211
    Dev calls Maya to try and arrange another date but she says she's busy. Fred launches his new meat pies at the butchers with the Weatherfield Gazette covering the story. It all turns sour when Les and Kirk turn up and tell the Gazette how Fred's pies gave them food poisoning. Ciaran explains to Peter that he can't be seen to be friendly towards him as he values his job at the Rovers. Peter realises that he has no friends left. Steve sends Dev out in a taxi with Sat Nav and Les out with a road atlas. Les arrives back first. Dev realises that he's been set up & agrees to drop the Sat Nav idea for now. Fred tries to use Joshua as a guinea pig on his pies & is shocked when Claire refuses to let him. Ashley backs Claire up. Peter tells Ken that he's moving back to Portsmouth as he's nothing to keep in Weatherfield. Shelley decides to go and stay with a friend in Anglesey to try and get over the whole Peter affair. Peter again leans on Tracy to tell Steve about his baby but Tracy refuses. Dev sees Maya with another man. Sally is upset to find out that Peter is going and that she no longer has a job. Peter leaves the Street.moreless
  • Fri 7 Nov, 2003
    Fri 7 Nov, 2003
    Episode 210
    Peter feels angry and humiliated. Shelley is devastated and inconsolable. Kirk and Les are planning to report Fred to the Environmental Health Dept as a result of their food poisoning. Fred tries to bribe them with cans of beer. Dev goes for dinner at Maya's flat. He is completely smitten with her but just as he's hoping to lure her into bed Maya says she's too drunk and asks him to leave. Sunita consoles Shelley who hates herself for being taken in twice by Peter. Peter and Ken set off for the airport hoping to stop Lucy from leaving with Simon. They find Lucy and Peter is shocked when he notices that her baggage labels are for Sydney, Australia and not for Spain at all. Lucy admits that she and Simon are leaving for Australia where she has family and that there's nothing either Peter or Ken can do to stop her. Peter watches them disappear through passport control and realises that he'll probably never see his son again. He's heartbroken.moreless
  • Wed 5 Nov, 2003
    Wed 5 Nov, 2003
    Episode 209
    Peter tells Ken that he's going to live in Spain. Ken is sad but approves. Les and Kirk are suffering from food poisoning and blame Fred's pies. Mike receives a large cheque from Preston King for his order but it is unsigned. He sends Nick to go and get the signature. Tracy thanks Steve for being so kind to her and kisses him on the cheek. Nick tells a shocked Mike that Preston has died of another heart attack. Mike vows to get Preston's wife to sign the cheque instead. Lucy insists that before she and Peter depart he must tell Shelley what he's decided to do. Peter is filled with dread but realises he has no choice. Maya continues to mess Dev around; she cancels lunch but then invites him for dinner instead. Shelley phones Peter and asks if they can meet up. She intends to ask him to move back into the Rovers so they can try again. Peter, Lucy and Simon arrive there. Witnessed by Ken, Deirdre, Ciaran and Bev, Peter tells Shelley that he's moving to Spain. Shelley hits him. Lucy then reveals that this was simply her revenge; she and Simon are going to Spain alone, she hasn't bought him a ticket and he can remain behind!moreless
  • Mon 3 Nov, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Peter is torn; he wants to be with Shelley but he also wants to be a part of his son's life. Dev gives a delighted Norris and Emily his opera tickets by way of an apology for being rude to Norris. Norris arranges to borrow Rita's car but have a flat on the way there. Tracy embarks on her first night of taxi driving. Eileen and Patrick are put out by the preferential treatment which Steve is giving her. Maya tells Dev she wants to treat him to lunch tomorrow. Dev is delighted. A jealous Sunita feels increasingly annoyed at her relationship with Ciaran as they spend so little time together. Shelley confides in Sunita that she wants to give her relationship with Peter another go. Bev is appalled when Shelley tells her the same thing. Shelley explains that despite everything she still loves him and can't bear life without him. Tracy arrives back at Street Cars having been cheated out of her fare by a plastic dummy! Eileen thinks it's hilarious. Steve takes her for a drink to cheer her up. Peter makes a decision - he doesn't want to become a stranger to Simon. He goes to Lucy and tells her that he's coming with them to Spain.moreless
  • Mon 3 Nov, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Sally is concerned about her job if Peter sells the bookies. Jack is worried that there won't be a bookies! Karen and Steve make up and she says she's willing to scale down her wedding plans. Steve is relieved. Norris is appalled by the Dracula pie promotion at Elliotts' Butchers, accusing Fred of encouraging cannibalism. Later waxing lyrical in the corner shop about "jobsworths" but gets short shrift from Dev. Norris: "I've never been so insulted. Outside my marriage that is…" Peter begs Shelley to consider taking him back and she later considers the proposition. Dev is put out when Maya cancels their date at the opera. Peter again leans on Tracy to tell Steve the truth about the baby. Tracy turns up for her first day as a cab driver at Street Cars and is upset when they tell her she's on the night shift. Tracy cries to Deirdre about the way she's being treated. Peter calls to see Lucy with the intention of formally sorting out his access to Simon. He is shocked when she tells him that she and Simon are moving to Spain to set up her own business there. Lucy tells Peter that he can say goodbye to Simon forever or he can come with them.moreless
  • Sun 2 Nov, 2003
    Sun 2 Nov, 2003
    Episode 206
    Shelley is quietly convinced that Terri's tarot reading may be true. Ashley is dismissive of Maxine's "message" and tells Fred not to mention it again. Fiz plans to move into Les's house in an attempt to drive out Cilla but Les chooses Cilla over Fiz. Lucy allows Peter to look after Simon for a few hours. He bumps into Shelley on the way to the park with Simon. He tells Shelley he still loves her, but after all his lies, she wants to take things slowly. Lucy watches from her car. She's livid with Peter, but hides her feelings later. Peter reiterates his warning that he'll tell Steve about the baby if Tracy doesn't. Steve is annoyed at how much the wedding will cost him and informs Karen that they can't have a big wedding. They row. Steve calls the wedding off entirely. Fiz accuses Cilla of trying to fleece Les. He is left bereft when Cilla walks out. Tracy saw Steve's argument with Karen, and presumes that Peter has told Steve about the baby. She goes to see Steve to apologise but it's obvious he doesn't know anything. Instead, he gives her the good news that she's passed her knowledge test. Lucy is determined that she's going to get Peter back.moreless
  • Fri 31 Oct, 2003
    Fri 31 Oct, 2003
    Episode 205
    Tracy and the Croppers go to the Registrar's office to arrange their marriage. Roy is wretched when he has to declare himself single. It's Halloween at the Rovers and the regulars are in fancy dress. Steve finds out that his werewolf facial hair is cuttings from the Salon floor. Fred asks Terri, the tarot card reader, if she'll pass Ashley a message from Maxine to start living his life again. Roy and Tracy's wedding date is set for 3 weeks time. Fred asks Ciaran to remove the axe from his head, as it's disturbing Ashley. Terri tells Karen that she'll be married for a long time, but her husband will spend time in prison. Shelley is told she will only have one true love, just as Peter walks in. Les asks Cilla to move in with him. Terri tells Bev she'll marry a man connected with the Rovers. Bev stares at Ciaran. Ashley is an emotional mess when Terri tells him that a young woman, name beginning with M, is telling him that she still loves him, but it's time to let go and move on with his life. Fred is pleased and offers Terri £50, but she refuses, as the message was genuine. Tracy asks Peter to be a witness at the wedding. He fails to persuade her to tell Steve the truth, so warns her that if she won't tell him, then he will.moreless
  • Wed 29 Oct, 2003
    Wed 29 Oct, 2003
    Episode 204
    Hayley confides in Roy that she feels left out of things with Roy and Tracy. Ashley warns Fred not to interfere between him and Claire. Sally is telling anyone who'll listen to tell them about Rosie's starring role. Lucy accepts that Peter has been a good dad so far, and agrees that he can see Simon for two afternoons a week. Hayley is thrilled when Fiz tells her that she would make a good mum, and can't resist telling the gobsmacked factory girls about the deal with Tracy. Kirk's love life is suffering since Cilla and Les got together. Fiz agrees to a night of passion, but she storms out of Les's house when she sees Cilla there again. Roy is aghast to hear that Hayley has told the girls everything. She argues that Tracy will now find it more difficult to back out of the deal. The whole pub hears the news about Tracy giving her baby to the Croppers. Tracy receives some praise for finally doing the right thing. Deirdre is upset as she and Ken had been making plans to care for the new baby. Peter argues with Tracy that Steve and the Croppers have the right to know the truth and she's conning everybody. Tracy counters that the Croppers gave her good reason to change her mind - £5000, plus she's making their lives happier.moreless
  • Mon 27 Oct, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Tracy stuns Peter that Steve is the father of her baby. Ken asks Lucy to consider letting Peter see Simon. Tracy confides in Peter how much she has always liked Steve. Peter is appalled when Tracy relates the story of drugging Roy. Also, she and Roy didn't have sex, but that she had slept with Wally Bannister. When Roy and Hayley attacked her, she lost her temper and told them that Roy was the father. Things got out of hand and there was no going back. Shelley has a word with Cilla and Les for getting over amorous in the bar. Peter tries to persuade Tracy to keep the baby, until she is forced to admit that she is selling it to the Croppers. He's asks her what sort of woman she's become. She breaks down, overcome by shame and guilt. Roy and Hayley's bank manager agrees to loan them £5,000. Peter tells Tracy to go and tell Steve the truth. Sally is thrilled when Rosie lands a large role in her school's production of Grease. Tracy is just about to tell Steve about the baby when Roy amd Hayley walk in and beg Tracy to agree to their offer. Peter is furious with Ken for interfering, when Ken tells him that Lucy doesn't want him to see Simon. Tracy has accepted the cheque from Roy and Hayley - the deal is back on.moreless
  • Mon 27 Oct, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Lucy begins to write a poison pen letter to Peter. Tracy receives a bill for over £400 from her divorce solicitor. Claire arrives for work dressed entirely in black. The atmosphere is awkward. Fiz tells Les that Cilla is only using him and tries to persuade him to finish with her. Steve and Karen have both found wedding venues - Karen at Walcot Manor, Higher Wincham and Steve at Mawdsley's Guest House, Whalley Range. Shelley serves Peter at the Rovers, despite Bev's misgivings. She hopes that Lucy is now out of their lives for good. Roy offers Tracy an extra £5,000 to marry him. She wants an extra £10,000 and gives them until that evening to give her their answer. Les takes Cilla to the Rovers, where he makes a great play of being the most popular man in there. Fiz insults her mother and storms out. Peter and Tracy have a vicious argument, each accusing the other of committing terrible acts. Peter gives Tracy a few home truths, and tells her she'll ultimately be left alone. Lucy throws away her letter to Peter, just as Ken knocks at her door. Roy and Hayley make an appointment to see their bank manager, Mathew Dowley, to arrange a loan to pay off Tracy. Peter apologises to Tracy, but his words have hit home. She confides in Peter that Roy is not the father of her baby.moreless
  • Sun 26 Oct, 2003
    Sun 26 Oct, 2003
    Episode 201
    Lucy accuses Shelley of trying to get back with Peter behind her back. Les is ecstatic to receive a phone call from Lulu, who tells him that she understands why he hadn't told her about prison, and can they try again. Lucy invites Peter to come round to the flat to talk about Simon. Roy and Hayley ponder that they can't trust Tracy, but they can rely on her desire for money. They plan to ask her to go back to the original agreement. On Peter's arrival at Lucy's flat, Lucy accuses him of getting back with Shelley. She calls Shelley on her mobile to tell her that Peter is there pleading to give their marriage another try. Ashley and Claire have a confused debate about what to do next after their kiss, until they finally decide that Claire should stay as nanny. Kirk, Tyrone and Fiz decide to go to the Weatherfield Arms to check out Lulu. Jaws drop all round as Lulu is revealed to be Fiz's mum. Peter, and then Lucy, go to see Shelley to give their sides of the story. Lucy asks Shelley to go to the police again, now that she can see what sort of man Peter is. Peter begs Shelley to believe that he was set up. Lucy accuses Shelley of being as stupid as she'd always thought when Shelley says she believes Peter. A furious, bitter Lucy storms out of the Rovers, and drives off.moreless
  • Fri 24 Oct, 2003
    Fri 24 Oct, 2003
    Episode 200
    Peter tells his family that he plans to move away. Shelley looks after Simon whilst Lucy visits her solicitor. Martin breaks the ice with Kevin when he asks him to repair his car. Tracy flirts with Steve, but he refuses to drive round with her to brush up on her Knowledge. Peter shows up at the Rovers, and finds Simon there. In the face of Peter's obvious devotion, Shelley can't refuse his request to be allowed to feed Simon. Lucy flips when she returns to find a scene of apparent domestic bliss. Lulu is desperate to track "Clint" down. A pub regular informs her that her Clint is actually a "Les" and tells her where to find him. In the face of Lucy's fury, Peter is determined to stay in Weatherfield to fight to play a part in Simon's life. Lulu stuns Les by turning up at Streetcars. She calls him a fake and storms out. Sally persuades Kevin to join Martin and Katy for a drink. Martin is pleased that Sally seems to accept his new relationship. Katy is uneasy to hear that Sally and Martin had once been an item. Ashley and Claire are amused by Fred's and the Street's assumptions about their relationship. Claire tells Ashley that she feels part of the family. They hug and fall into a kiss. Both are mortified. Claire thinks it best if she leaves. Shelley admits to Lucy that she didn't make an extra statement and feels pressurised by her. A furious Lucy tells Shelley that she's weak, and has betrayed her as badly as Peter.moreless
  • Wed 22 Oct, 2003
    Wed 22 Oct, 2003
    Episode 199
    After spotting Claire in a dressing gown, Norris excitedly tells Rita that Claire has obviously spent the night at Ashley's. Peter has spent a restless night and a supportive Ken agrees to accompany him to the police station to hear the CPS's verdict. Shelley agrees with Sunita and Bev that she wants Peter punished, but says she doesn't feel as strongly as Lucy does. Ciaran notes her discomfort. Tracy comes onto a disinterested Steve. Fred returns from Scotland and is quickly filled in on the gossip by Norris. He's pleased at the thought of Ashley and Claire together, but later realises that nothing has gone on. Maya is proving elusive and is giving Dev the runaround. Les and Lulu arrange another early evening rendezvous. In a panic to get back before his 7.00pm curfew, and unable to explain his hurry to Lulu, he leaves a trainer behind. His feet are ruined after walking home in his socks, but he's officially in love. Katy and Angela eat at the pizzeria, where they enjoy each other's company. Lucy comes to the Rovers, excited at the prospect of hearing the CPS's verdict. Peter comes in to tell Shelley that the CPS is not going to prosecute because the offence was short-lived. Lucy is aghast to hear that he's going to get away with a caution. She can't believe that they let him off, especially after Shelley's statement.moreless
  • Mon 20 Oct, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Les cajoles Tyrone into coming on his date, as Lulu is bringing a friend, Gaynor Slack. Norris wonders what's going on with Ashley and Claire. The police tell Shelley she's wasting their time, as she offers no new evidence. Shelley is reluctant to embellish the facts, or to portray Peter as a monster, and tells the police that she's changed her mind and has nothing further to add. Katy and Angela reconcile, but behind Tommy's back for the time being. Roy tells Tracy off for drinking, she retorts that he shouldn't care anymore. Tyrone realises that "Lulu" is actually Cilla Brown, Fiz's mother, and legs it from the pub before she can see him. Les impresses Lulu with more name dropping and they end up leaving together for a "private audition". Shelley keeps the truth about her change of heart from Bev and Lucy. Peter realises that it's Lucy who is really behind Shelley going to see the police. Dev treats Maya to a night at the Rovers - not the sort of place she's used to. Karen continues to harass Steve with elaborate wedding plans. Tracy jealously looks on as they banter playfully. Claire has stayed late at Ashley's, so she stays overnight in Fred's bed. Peter tells Shelley that the CPS verdict is due tomorrow. She's torn when he tells her that he'll move away when he gets out of prison. He declares that he's always loved her, and despite her cold mask, it's obvious that she still loves him.moreless
  • Mon 20 Oct, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Angela has slept in the spare room, and is still seething over Tommy's behaviour. Katy resolves to have nothing more to do with him. Peter is incredulous to learn about Tracy's pregnancy, although he thinks she's made the right decision to bring up the baby together with Ken and Deirdre Hayley and Roy are upset to hear that the Barlows are going to bring up the baby, they plan a holiday to take their minds off things. Les visits the Weatherfield Arms, where he meets Lulu, a barmaid with ambitions of becoming a singer. He tells a very impressed Lulu that his name is Clint and that he's a talent scout for a record company. They arrange a date for early that evening however Les has to be home before his curfew, although he obviously doesn't mention this. Peter tells Lucy that she doesn't hold the licence for the bookies, and could be shut down. She retorts that he'll be behind bars soon anyway. Before Shelley goes to make another statement to the police, Peter calls round to tell her that he meant his marriage vows to her when he made them. She's angered that he has the cheek to talk to her, but it's obvious that she still has feelings for him. Angela goes to see Katy behind Tommy's back, as she misses her daughter. Lucy pressures Shelley by telling her to lay things on thick in her statement to give the CPS the ammunition to send Peter to prison.moreless
  • Sun 19 Oct, 2003
    Sun 19 Oct, 2003
    Episode 196
    Roy and Hayley resolve to stand firm. Deirdre offers to help bring up the baby when Tracy tells her and Ken that the Croppers have changed their mind. Angela persuades Tommy to be civil to Katy and later asks Katy to meet her and Tommy at the Rovers. Ken argues with Deirdre that he's too old to look after a baby. She counters that he's never been hot on parenthood and only cares about his children at a distance. Sarah admits that she's jealous of the attention that Gail is showing Candice. Ken and Deirdre apologise to each other and agree to give Tracy all their help. Lucy takes down the 'For Sale' sign outside the bookies, watched by Peter. Peter tells Ciaran that he's back to sort things out. Lucy gives Peter a hostile reception but Shelley thinks he's being fair by offering to split the proceeds of the bookies three ways when he sells it. Ken is relieved to see Peter and apologises for kicking him out. Tommy realises he's been set up when he sees Martin and Katy in the Rovers. Against every instinct, he restrains himself and begins to speak to Katy. Les watches and berates him for not punching Martin. Tommy pushes Les against the bar, until Martin pulls him away. He pushes Martin into a table full of drinks and storms out. Tracy gives in and goes to Roy's Rolls. Roy and Hayley insist on a marriage taking place and she storms out again. Lucy talks Shelley into making another statement to the police, emphasising the mental and emotional stress she's suffered. She wants Peter to go to prison.moreless
  • Fri 17 Oct, 2003
    Fri 17 Oct, 2003
    Episode 195
    Hayley explains to Roy that he is free to marry Tracy, as their own marriage isn't recognised. He would divorce Tracy immediately, but his rights over the baby would be guaranteed with a marriage licence, and his name on the baby's birth certificate. Martin gets Angela thinking when he tells her that Katy would love to talk to her. Jack tells Les that Barlow's Bookies have given odds of eleven to one on a dead-cert horse instead of eleven to ten. Les rushes off to place his bet, with an extra £50 that Ciaran has liberated from the till. Angela begins to talk to Katy, and is furious when Tommy shouts at her across the street to stop. She thinks it's time he thought of her feelings that she's missing Katy. Roy explains his position to Tracy and proposes, with Hayley at his side. Tracy is incredulous and rejects the offer, slamming the door behind her. The dead-cert horse doesn't win - Shelley and Lucy had had inside information, which was why the odds were so good. Ciaran frets about the £50. Gail surprises Nick with her positive attitude, and later invites Candice for tea. Dev and Maya go for lunch at the Rovers. Maya takes a call from her married boyfriend, and cuts the date short. Sunita lends Ciaran the £50 to pay back Shelley's till. Roy and Hayley confront Tracy. If she won't consent to a five minute marriage and a quickie divorce, how can they believe she'll hand over her baby for £20,000. Either she marries Roy, or the deals off. A stand-off ensues, as Tracy tells them that the deal's off then.moreless
  • Wed 15 Oct, 2003
    Wed 15 Oct, 2003
    Episode 194
    Deirdre tries to persuade Tracy into keeping the baby herself. Ken meanwhile wonders if the baby is really Roy's, as they only have Tracy's word that it is. Tracy tells Roy and Hayley that the deal is still on, as all she wants is the money. Maria is disappointed when Audrey approves of Nick and Candice's relationship. Tracy furiously denies Ken's accusation that Wally Bannister fathered her baby. Maya comes to the shop and Dev is delighted to finally set up a date with her. Deirdre is initially cold with Emily for not telling her about Tracy. Mike is impressed when Nick stands up to the factory girls and gets them working. Roy and Hayley are devastated when Ken voices his suspicions about Wally. Roy goes to see Wally to hear the truth. He is relieved to hear that mumps as a fifteen-year old had rendered Wally sterile, so Wally couldn't possibly be the father. Rosie, Craig and Bradley wage a war against Norris and Rita, by constantly kicking their football against a nearby wall. Norris feels powerless to do anything, as Tommy is obviously supporting them. Todd and Sarah are uncomfortable listening to Candice's sexual boasts about Nick. Gail resolves to leave well clear of Nick's relationship, having learnt her lesson with Sarah. Roy and Hayley have had a taste of what it would be like to lose the baby. Hayley points out that they can't trust Tracy, and declares that the only way to guarantee Roy's rights as a father would be for Roy to marry Tracy.moreless
  • Mon 13 Oct, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Ken and Deirdre are left reeling at the news of Tracy's pregnancy. The Norris/Gang war continues. Norris is driven to puncturing Craig's football with a pair of scissors. Dev asks Maya out on a date. She heightens his interest by playing hard to get. Maria is extremely put out at Candice seeing Nick. Deirdre is choked at the misery Tracy has brought them - after Tracy's transplant, a baby should have been such happy news. She accuses Tracy of not being deserving of the kidney that Samir had donated. Tracy finally breaks down when Deirdre tells her how hard it is to love her, and be proud of her. Deirdre's mothering instinct prevails and she comforts Tracy. Roy and Hayley feel guilty at the misery they've brought on Ken and Deirdre. Roy confirms to Ken that his suicide attempt had been as a result of Tracy threatening abortion. Ken tells Roy and Hayley that they are a remarkable and selfless couple - unaware of Roy and Hayley's arrangement with Tracy. Tommy confronts Norris, Emily and Rita in the Rovers. He demands £40 from Norris to pay for the two footballs he will have to replace. Ken savages Tracy for ruining Roy's life, and tells her about Roy's suicide attempt. Deirdre attempts to salvage something from the wreckage by suggesting that they can all look after the baby together. Tracy drops another bombshell and tells them that she's decided to make it up to the Croppers by giving them the baby.moreless
  • Mon 13 Oct, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Bev is curious as Shelley nervously surveys the wad of cash from the bookies. Tracy receives news that her divorce is final. Ken worries that it will affect her more than she's willing to admit. Craig and his friend Bradley Diggins annoy Norris and Rita by kicking a ball against their door. Norris eventually keeps the ball, and Bradley declares war. Roy and Hayley deliver an ultimatum to Tracy to tell Ken and Deirdre about the baby that afternoon, or she'll be sorry. Lucy persuades Shelley that they've done the right thing in keeping the money, and they make plans to go shopping to spend it. Brenda asks to take Bethany out. Sarah agrees, but insists on accompanying them. Bev suspects Ciaran knows something about Peter's plans. Fiz and Maria unsuccessfully probe Candice about her date that evening. Fiz is convinced she's meeting Kirk. She and Maria storm the flat to find a very obviously ruffled Candice with a shirtless Nick. Ken and Bev console each other over the pain their children bring to them. A spruced up Dev visits the solicitors and is frustrated when Maya refuses to deal with him and refers his tenancy query to a colleague. Roy and Hayley take matters into their own hands and go to see Ken and Deirdre. A very uncomfortable silence ensues until Tracy comes home, and Roy tells them that "'Tracy is expecting a baby and that I have the privilege of being its father".moreless
  • Sun 12 Oct, 2003
    Sun 12 Oct, 2003
    Episode 191
    Bev is dubious about Shelley's part in running the bookies and points out that Shelley has no legal claim over Peter's property. Hayley thinks that if Deirdre knew that Tracy were pregnant, she'd be able to stop her driving the mini-cab. Lucy and Shelley find a For Sale sign outside the bookies. They're convinced that Peter is trying to sell his assets before they can make a claim against him. Maria offends Nick by teasing him about his close friendship with Todd. Candice takes advantage and asks Nick out on a date. Roy and Hayley find Tracy drinking lager in the Rovers. Tracy insults them when they tell her that they think it's time she told Ken and Deirdre about the baby. Emily warns Tracy that she won't be able to keep her secret for much longer, as her bump will start to show. Sunita is intrigued when Dev mentions he's seeing a woman solicitor about his flat. Karen has been looking at wedding venues. Ken worries that Peter should know what Shelley and Lucy are up to - Ciaran tells him that it's in hand. Lucy gives a hesitant Shelley her share of a large wad of cash. It's the first step in their revenge against Peter. Roy and Hayley decide to take a new approach with Tracy - instead of a campaign of appeasement, they're going to "fight her on the beaches".moreless
  • Fri 10 Oct, 2003
    Fri 10 Oct, 2003
    Episode 190
    Sarah is uncomfortable with Todd's physical advances towards her. She wants reassurance that he still fancies her. Emily presses Tracy to tell Ken and Deirdre about the baby. Todd assures Gail that all is fine between he and Sarah. Dev is scornful when Steve sends Tracy out on a trial run in one of the cabs. Roy and Hayley ponder Ken's future relationship with Tracy's baby when Ken expresses sadness about his lack of contact with Peter's son, Simon. Lucy argues that Peter owes her and Shelley for all the suffering he's put them through. She persuades Shelley to reopen Peter's bookies with her and to pocket the profits between them. They'll pay Sally to run the place for them. Karen is furious with Steve for hiring Tracy, but later revels in the fact that an extremely flustered Tracy makes a complete hash of her trial run. Ciaran takes an hour off from the Rovers, and later surreptitiously presents Ken with a birthday card from Peter. Lucy, Shelley and Sally celebrate a successful first day of running the bookies. Hayley and Roy are troubled to learn that Tracy is driving a mini-cab. Tracy refuses to stop unless they pay her the equivalent of her wages. Sarah refuses to listen when Nick tells her to finish with Todd. Nick warns Todd that he knows the truth about him, and he'll be watching his every move from now on.moreless
  • Wed 8 Oct, 2003
    Wed 8 Oct, 2003
    Episode 189
    Sarah has spent the night at Brenda Fearns' house, where Brenda takes care of her. Todd accuses Nick of trying to ruin his and Sarah's lives. Nick asserts that his sister was entitled to know the truth. Kevin gives Sally a hard time about how much time she's spending at work. Ken and Deirdre think Tracy is suffering with a hangover when she's nauseous in the morning. Dev is less than pleased to see Les at the cab office and fires him immediately. Bev and Ciaran warn Shelley against getting pally with Lucy. Eileen is delighted when Jason returns from Slough, flush with cash. Steve gives Les his job back, and to prove even more of a point to Dev, offers Tracy a job too. Sally hands over the keys to the bookies to Shelley, fed up with being taken for a mug. Brenda talks to Sarah about forgiveness and convinces her to talk to Todd. Roy and Hayley feel increasingly awkward around Ken and Deirdre. Todd tells Sarah that the kiss had been a moment of madness and that if she'll forgive him, nothing will come between them again. He's relieved when she finally agrees to move back in.moreless
  • Mon 6 Oct, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Bev is suspicious of Lucy's motives as Lucy arrives at the Rovers to ask Shelley to join her for a drink. After Nick's angry assertions that Todd is gay, Sarah asks for time alone with Todd for his version of events. A confused Todd questions his sexuality as he tells Sarah that although he loves her, kissing Nick felt right at the time. Nick asks Ashley if he ever gave him the impression that he was gay. Karen orders Steve to stand up to Dev over his plans for the cab firm, so Steve gives Les his job back to show Dev who's boss. Sarah is devastated at what she sees as Todd's betrayal of their relationship. Angela is furious with Tommy for allowing Craig to move into Katy's room - she accuses him of trying to erase Katy from their lives. Ashley and Claire share a bowl of popcorn and watch a video together. Lucy and Shelley bond as Lucy explains that she and Shelley are sharing the same emotions. Todd pleads with Sarah not to leave him. He's unsure of his feelings but he knows he loves her. She doubts his word and leaves the Street with Bethany.moreless
  • Mon 6 Oct, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Todd worries about the previous night's events. He tries to talk to Nick, but Nick angrily accuses him of being gay and warns him to stay away from him. Angela is unhappy when Craig asks if he can move into Katy's bedroom. Tommy ignores Katy in the street, and she receives an equally frosty reception from Sarah at the cafe. Todd attempts to explain to Nick his mixed emotions about the kiss. Nick thinks Sarah has the right to know that her boyfriend is gay or at the least, bisexual, and orders Todd to tell her everything. Katy refuses when Angela asks her to come home. Angela tells her that she's on Tommy's side on this issue and hopes Katy comes to her senses. Dev has been researching other cab firms and informs Steve that the way forward is satellite navigation and women drivers. Steve is unhappy to hear that they'll have to plough back the firm's profits to fund this, thinking of the expensive wedding he's expected to pay for. Nick asks Ashley to join him for a drink, keen to have a "normal" friendship after what happened with Todd. Nick accepts Sarah's invitation to join she and Todd for their tea. Despite Todd's pleas to keep quiet, he tells a stunned Sarah that Todd is gay.moreless
  • Sun 5 Oct, 2003
    Sun 5 Oct, 2003
    Episode 186
    Karen is still very upset about their engagement party. Nick has spent the night at Todd and Sarah's. Sarah is delighted that her brother and boyfriend get on so well. Bev feels embarrassed and Ciaran feels guilty about their night of passion. Sunita, oblivious to what's gone on, apologises to Ciaran for rowing with him. Todd starts to question whether or not he really loves Sarah. Sarah can sense there's something wrong but he pretends it's just work related. Ashley and Claire see Fred off on his coach trip round Scotland. Shelley gives Steve his bill for the engagement party. Steve is horrified. Karen tells Steve that she wants the biggest most impressive wedding ever. Gail invites Angela round for a drink. They find they have a lot in common - both feel that their daughter has abandoned them, and both are very upset. Todd and Nick go for a drink and then back to Todd's for a Chinese. They talk at length and each feels very comfortable with the other. Instinctively Todd leans over and kisses Nick on the lips. Nick is shocked and angry and storms out of the flat. Todd is devastated that he misread the situation.moreless
  • Fri 3 Oct, 2003
    Fri 3 Oct, 2003
    Episode 185
    The next morning, a blissful Karen plans an engagement party for that night. Dev tries to contact Maya, his solicitor, as he fancies her. Ciaran arranges a night out with Sunita. Steve and Karen book the Rovers for their party but Janice lets slip that their divorce was a scam. Fred receives a visit from Petunia, a local abattoir owner and Fred-admirer, who is organizing the trip to Scotland. Scared of her, he decides he'll have to cancel his trip. Karen invites the Underworld girls to her party but they are not pleased at the trick played on them. Bev persuades Ciaran to forego his night out with Sunita as they'll be busy tonight with the party. When Sunita finds out they row and Ciaran tells her to go back to Dev. Only Norris and Kirk turn up for the party as everyone else is annoyed at Steve and Karens' actions. Bev persuades Fred to go to Scotland. Norris tells Karen why no one has turned up. She throws him and Kirk out. The DJ plays only rap music and Karen throws him out too! Nick calls on Sarah and Todd to try to heal the breach with Gail. Sarah storms out and Nick and Todd have a heart to heart. Karen and Steve wend their way home, laden with bags of extra food from the abandoned party, only to meet the girls on their way back from bingo. They make fun of Karen who is in tears. Ciaran accepts a nightcap from Bev after having cleared up. He tells Bev that she's a very attractive woman. They embrace.moreless
  • Wed 1 Oct, 2003
    Wed 1 Oct, 2003
    Episode 184
    Karen and Steve make-up and apologise to each other. Tommy, against Angela's wishes, tells Craig that Katy is no longer a part of their family and that he's to snub her. Karen admits that all she wants is to be married to Steve but it's too late to go back on the divorce proceedings. Later, Karen rushes to the court in an effort to stop the divorce proceedings. Norris finds out that Katy is living with Martin. "That's the world told", says Martin. Fred tells Bev about a trip to Scotland with fellow butchers, but he can't go and leave Shelley in charge as it wouldn't be fair. Bev agrees to help out so that Fred can go. Sarah tells Gail that Brenda baby-say for her as Gail is no support. At the court Karen learns that the papers have been stamped and she's now no longer married. Karen goes home and blames Steve. David snubs Martin when he tries to talk to him. In Streetcars, Karen overhears Steve talking on the phone to someone, arranging to meet them in some new bar down by the canal, tonight. Janice persuades Karen to follow him and see what is happening. She does so, only to find that Steve has laid on a candle-lit dinner for the two of them. He proposes to her and she tearfully accepts.moreless
  • Mon 29 Sep, 2003
    Mon 29 Sep, 2003
    Episode 183
    Karen doesn't want Steve eyeing up other girls, even if it is just for show. He tells her he only has eyes for her. David and Sarah are off-hand with Martin over his relationship with Katy and Ashley tells Martin that he thinks he should finish with Katy. Mike introduces Nick to the factory girls as the trainee assistant manager. Todd asks Eileen if she'll babysit for Bethany that evening so that he and Sarah can go to the pictures unaware that Sarah has asked Brenda. Katy is let out of hospital and tries to get in the flat, bussing on the intercom. Katy, out of hospital, is outside Martin's flat talking through the intercom, asking him to let her in. Although he's up there and listening, Martin doesn't answer. Sally tried to find out from Ken and Deirdre where Peter is. Angela appeals to Martin to finish his relationship with Katy. Deirdre tells Shelley and Lucy that Peter has left the area to go and stay with a friend from the navy. Lucy is worried about how they'll get their revenge now. Karen agrees to Steve going on a date with Sonia as a cover-up but warns him that there's to be no funny business. Martin meets Katy from school, takes her for a coffee and tries to finish with her but she refuses at first. Martin tells her he was never in love with her and Katy retorts that her mum and dad were right all along, and that he's just a dirty old man. Todd breaks the news to Eileen that she's not babysitting, she's a little disappointed. Katy pleads with Martin to think again. She convinces him so much that he askes her to move in with him. Delighted, she agrees. Nick and Maria chat each other up in the Rovers. Steve buys Sonia a drink in the pub to wind Karen up so Karen chats up Les! While Tommy and Angela are at the Rovers, Katy collects her things from home. Later. Tommy and Angela arrive home, find out what's happening and start arguing. Karen is jealous of Steve and Sonia and he tells her that he's glad that they're getting divorced. Tommy and Angela rush round to Martin's flat Tommy loses his temper and Katy refuses to talk to him. Martin shuts the door on them. Tommy is stunned that he's lost his daughter.moreless
  • Sun 28 Sep, 2003
    Sun 28 Sep, 2003
    Episode 182
    Tommy, Angela and Craig are relieved when the doctor tells them that Katy will make a full recovery. The doctor questions them as she's suspicious that this was a cry for help. Tommy and Angela refuse to discuss it. Peter turns up at Lucy's flower shop drunk. He demands to see Simon but Lucy refuses him access and throws him out. Katy comes round from her coma to find Martin at her bedside. They declare their love for each other. Deirdre is disappointed to find out from Mike that she didn't get the job. Nick on the other hand is delighted to hear that he's been successful. Eileen sets up Karen and Steve on a "blind date" in the pub hoping to bring them back together. They continue with their "pretend falling out" and Karen throws a drink all over Steve. Peter is traumatised. He tells Tracy he's going to stay with an old Navy mate to try and clear his head. He gives Tracy the phone number. Angela calls round to talk to Martin. She tries to persuade him that for Katy's sake he must put an end to their relationship.moreless
  • Fri 26 Sep, 2003
    Fri 26 Sep, 2003
    Episode 181
    Audrey is appalled to hear that Martin is seeing Katy Harris. It's Katy's 17th birthday but she refuses to accept a present from Tommy and Angela. Secretly Katy starts eating sugar, biscuits and cake knowing that if she slips into a diabetic coma they will have to let her out to go to hospital. Steve is sick of all the flak he's getting from people who think he's done the dirty on Karen. Lucy is still hell bent on revenge. Shelley isn't so keen. Between them they plaster the Bookies in posters saying Peter is a fraud and can't be trusted. Peter turns up and has to close the shop. He is distraught. Shelley feels guilty. Mike interviews both Nick and Deirdre for the trainee manager position at the factory. Martin tells Sarah about his relationship with Katy. Sarah is disgusted with him. Steve and Karen kiss passionately on the street before disappearing into the flat. Eileen sees them and wonders what on earth is going on. Katy collapses and starts to slip into a diabetic coma. Les and Jack are beside themselves when they find the bookies closed and they can't place a bet as Les has been given a hot tip. Katy is taken away in an ambulance. Martin tries to see her but Tommy pushes him away telling him that all this is his fault.moreless
  • Wed 24 Sep, 2003
    Wed 24 Sep, 2003
    Episode 180
    Katy is beside herself when Tommy and Angela ban her from going to school and keep her locked up at home with Tommy "baby-sitting". Jack appears in court over the drugs offence - growing cannabis. He gets off with a £200 fine which Tyrone says he'll pay, and a slap on the wrist. Both Deirdre and Nick independently decide to apply for the Trainee Manager's job at the factory. Harry tells Mike he wants to remain a cleaner. Mike is relieved. Bev is slightly concerned with Lucy and Shelley's thirst for revenge which is becoming unhealthy. Eileen and Dev are appalled with Steve, thinking that he's cheated on Karen again. Karen tells Steve that they only have to keep up the charade for another week when the divorce comes through. Katy receives a text from Martin telling her how much he loves her. Tommy stamps on her phone breaking it. Lucy delivers a wreath spelling the word "bigamist" to the front door of the bookies. Tommy is gutted when he finds out that Kevin already knew about Katy and Martin and that Tyrone was never Katy's boyfriend but just a cover-up. Deirdre goes to see how Shelley is. Deirdre is hurt when Shelley tells her that all the Barlow children are home-wreckers. While Angela's back is turned Katy nicks her keys and lets herself out of the house. She finds Martin and to the amazement of everyone around they embrace. Tommy comes storming over and forcibly drags the pair apart and then carries Katy back into the house. He announces to the watching crowd that Martin is a "kiddie-fiddler"moreless
  • Mon 22 Sep, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Martin does his best to explain to Tommy and Angela that he loves Katy and that he's not a pervert as Tommy keeps suggesting. Ken and Deirdre are embarrassed and ashamed of Peter. They whole pub is shocked at Shelley and Lucy's revelations. Back at the Barlows' Peter tries to explain to Ken, Deirdre and Tracy how he got himself into this mess. Ken tells him to pack his bags and go. Karen slaps Steve across the face and tells him he'll have to live somewhere else. She does all this just for show to make their impending divorce look more authentic. Eileen assumes that Steve has been unfaithful again and she slaps him too! Martin admits to Tommy that he's slept with Katy. Tommy drags Martin to the floor. Katy and Angela pull Tommy off before he throttles Martin. Shelley starts to regret the spectacle in the pub. She realises that she's humiliated Ken and Deirdre. Lucy convinces her they did the right thing. Tommy tells Katy that not only is she grounded, she's now a prisoner in her own home. He's taken her keys and locked all the windows.moreless
  • Mon 22 Sep, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Martin and Katy start preparing to break their news to Tommy and Angela. Janice winds Karen up, telling her that by divorcing Steve just to remarry they are committing perjury and could go to prison. Karen tells Steve that they will have to pretend their divorce is for real. Brenda calls again to see Bethany. She brings Sarah and Todd a toaster. Sarah is grateful. Todd feels uncomfortable. Preston King insists that he does business with Harry who saved his life, and not Mike. Mike has to agree. Harry meets up with Preston. Preston gets Harry drunk but Harry pulls a blinder and gets a huge order at a great price. Mike is so impressed he suggests to Harry that he should become deputy manager at Underworld. Todd meets Nick for a drink. Todd admits that sometimes the lack of money and the amount of baby-sitting get him down. Ken and Deirdre arrive back from Morecambe and head for the Rovers. Peter follows them to the pub but before he can tell them what's happened Shelley calls for everyone's attention; to Peter's horror she announces to the whole pub that he's a bigamist and then introduces his real wife Lucy and their baby Simon! Martin and Katy announce to a shocked Tommy and Angela that they've fallen in love.moreless
  • Sun 21 Sep, 2003
    Sun 21 Sep, 2003
    Episode 177
    Norris is first in the pub hoping to get all the latest Peter/Shelley gossip. Martin and Katy start to panic about telling Tommy their secret. Martin is worried about telling Sarah and David. Tyrone calls round to Maz's house. He is upset when he realises that he's been taken for a mug and that Maz is leaving Weatherfield. Brenda Fearns calls round to see Bethany. Sarah lets her in. Todd is suspicious of her. Eileen takes out a loan to consolidate all her debts. Jason tells her that he's leaving tomorrow as he has got a two week job in "Sluff" (Slough)! Kirk tells Fiz all about the voices in his head. Fiz is concerned until she realises that he means thoughts! Peter calls to see Shelley. She is forced to take him through to the back as all the punters are gawping at them. Shelley screams at him and throws him out. Shelley is distraught. She asks all the customers to leave and closes the pub. Maya, Roy's solicitor calls on him and suggests that it would be easier if he were to marry Tracy. Roy explains that that is not possible. Dev bumps into Maya and there is an instant attraction. He tells her he needs some legal advice. Roy and Hayley promise each other that one day when the law allows they will marry properly. Shelley tells Lucy that she wants revenge on Peter. Lucy agrees.moreless
  • Fri 19 Sep, 2003
    Fri 19 Sep, 2003
    Episode 176
    Jack is worried when the police inform him that they can't track down Maz and they will be taking him to court over the cannabis in his greenhouse. Sarah and Bethany attend Neil Fearns' funeral. Todd feels slightly jealous. Shelley and Lucy report Peter to the police for bigamy. Roy and Hayley consult a solicitor regarding the baby. He finds that he really has no legal standing and will have to rely on Tracy's goodwill. At the funeral Sarah meets Brenda Fearns, Neil's mother. Brenda explains that her husband has left her and Bethany, her grandchild, is now all she has left. She asks Sarah if she can visit her sometimes. Sarah agrees. Tyrone tells Maz that Jack has been arrested. He asks her to go to the police and explains that the cannabis plants were hers. Maz refuses. Maz kisses Tyrone and pretends that she doesn't want to be locked up as she wants to start a relationship with him. Tyrone is taken in. Peter is taken to the police station for questioning. He admits to the bigamy and explains that he was just trying to keep everyone happy. He is shocked to learn that bigamy can carry a maximum 7 year prison sentence.moreless
  • Wed 17 Sep, 2003
    Wed 17 Sep, 2003
    Episode 175
    Bev is shocked to hear about Peter's bigamy and tries to comfort Shelley. Nick has spent the night at Todd and Sarah's flat. Peter persuades Tracy to let him stay at No. 1 while Ken and Deirdre are away. Roy accompanies Tracy to the hospital for her first scan. Roy is overcome with emotion when he sees the baby. Peter is very depressed. He tries to talk to Shelley but she tells him that he's barred from the pub and from her life. The Police turn up at the allotments. They discover the cannabis growing in Jack's greenhouse and arrest him. Jack tries to explain that he knows nothing about it. Sarah decides that she and Bethany will attend Neil Fearns' funeral. Jack is released on bail. He is furious when he finds out that it was Vera who phoned the police. Roy and Hayley decide they should consult a solicitor to see where they stand legally with regard to Tracy's baby. Shelley calls to see Lucy. Initially she is angry with Lucy and smashes a glass on the floor but then she calms down and Shelley and Lucy agree that together they are going to make Peter suffer.moreless
  • Mon 15 Sep, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Lucy tells Shelley everything about her relationship with Peter and their baby Simon. Norris and Emily work out that Vera's brownie cakes must have been the cause of their strange behaviour at the Church fund-raising meeting. Vera shows them the herb she used. Ciaran identifies it as cannabis. Vera phones the police. Shelley and Lucy discuss Peter's double life and Shelley realises to her horror that Lucy is telling the truth and that her own wedding to Peter was just a sham as he is already married. Tracy tells Roy that she's going for a scan tomorrow. Roy says he will go with her as he wants to be sure that she really is pregnant. Peter arrives back at the Rovers and is shocked to find both his "wives" in the back room discussing him. Lucy tells Peter that she never wants to see him again and that from now on he can pay for everything for Simon but he will never be allowed to see him. Shelley throws Peter out. Shelley feels completely devastated.moreless
  • Mon 15 Sep, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Lucy suggests to Peter that they should give their marriage another go. Peter panics and tells Lucy that he isn't good enough for her. Hayley and Roy call in on Tracy who tells them she's still pregnant. Lucy goes to look for Peter and bumps into Jack. She asks Jack where she can find Peter. Jack suggests she should go and ask his wife Shelley! Lucy is gob-smacked. Lucy calls in the Rovers and realises that Shelley is none the wiser. Shelley shows Lucy her wedding album. Lucy is angry and upset but doesn't show it. Katy tells Angela that she's finished with Tyrone. The allotment inspector tells Tyrone that Jack could get into trouble for sub-letting his greenhouse. Lucy calls back in the Rovers. She asks Shelley to show her the wedding album again. This time Lucy pulls her own wedding album from her pocket and shows Shelley. It's Shelley's turn to be gobsmacked when she realises that they are both married to the same man.moreless
  • Sun 14 Sep, 2003
    Sun 14 Sep, 2003
    Episode 172
    Peter visits Lucy and apologises for his behaviour. Lucy agrees that he can still see Simon. Martin delivers some bad news, Neil Fearns, Bethany's father, has been killed in a car accident. Sarah is shocked. Hayley tells Roy that Tracy is due back from the Caribbean tomorrow. Steve calls to see Eileen and again tries to persuade her to take her job back. To Steve's and Jason's amazement, Eileen agrees. The church fund-raising meeting takes place. Vera unwittingly serves up hash cakes. Emily, Roy, Norris and Rita are spaced out on cannabis. In desperation Katy tells Tyrone that her boyfriend is Martin, hoping that Tyrone will realise the importance of the cover-up and agree to continue to pretend to be her boyfriend. Mandy suggests that Lucy and Peter should get back together and try again. Lucy agrees and says she will call round to see Peter tomorrow.moreless
  • Fri 12 Sep, 2003
    Fri 12 Sep, 2003
    Episode 171
    Shelley tells Peter that she wants to start trying for children. Dev and Steve plead with Eileen to take her old job back at Street Cars. Eileen is too proud and refuses even though she's desperate for the money. Emily tries to drum up support for the Church fund-raising meeting to be held in the cafe on Sunday. Jason tries to persuade Eileen to go back to work but to no avail. Peter calls to see Lucy. He is upset when he finds Dan there. He tells Lucy that he's sick of her cancelling his visits to Simon and demands better access. Maz gives Vera the recipe for chocolate brownies together with some cannabis which she passes off as "a herb". Tyrone tells Katy that he's no longer willing to carry on the charade of pretending to be her boyfriend. Katy is worried. Norris decides that he wants visiting rights to see Monty the cat. Lucy threatens to stop Peter from seeing Simon at all. Later Peter tells Ciaran that no one will stop him from seeing his son and that he'll go to court if necessary.moreless
  • Wed 10 Sep, 2003
    Wed 10 Sep, 2003
    Episode 170
    Dev is cross with Sunita when he finds the empty wine bottle and discovers she closed the shop early. Jack and Vera are suffering from hangovers but can't understand it as they hardly had anything to drink! Jason finally admits to Dev and Steve that it was Tony who stole the money, so they agree to drop the charges against Eileen. Nick and Todd try to persuade Sarah to let Gail look after Bethany occasionally but Sarah refuses point blank. Eileen is released from the police station. Steve apologises to her. Katy and Martin worry about Tommy's reaction when he finds out about their relationship. Roy gets some baby books from the library and compares parenting to dog training. Katy persuades Tyrone to continue pretending to be her boyfriend for another couple of weeks. Tyrone is unhappy about it. Things get even worse for Eileen when the bailiffs turn up from the car loan company and take Karen's sofa, the TV and hi-fi. Peter is distraught when he sees Lucy with her ex-boyfriend Dan and the baby.moreless
  • Mon 8 Sep, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Jason realises that Tony must have stolen the £700. Steve is cross with Dev for having Eileen arrested. He tells Dev that Eileen is a good friend. Eileen is locked in a police cell waiting for the duty solicitor to turn up. She is distraught and keeps proclaiming her innocence. The hash cake is taking effect and Jack and Vera are completely spaced out and giggling uncontrollably. Nick takes Bethany round to see Gail for an hour. Gail is delighted. Sarah is cross when she finds out. Jason and Todd pay Tony a visit. He admits that he stole the money and gives it to Jason. Jason is upset that his dad is a loser and a thief. He tells him he doesn't want to see him anymore. Ciaran gets Sunita to close the shop so they can share a bottle of wine. Nick leaves for London. Gail is very tearful. He later changes his mind and to Gail's delight says he's going to stay and get a job in Manchester instead. Jason returns the money to Dev and Steve. Dev still refuses to drop the charges. Jason tells the police that he's returned the money expecting Eileen to be released straight away. He is shocked to be told she's being held overnight.moreless
  • Mon 8 Sep, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Eileen tells Tony to clear out. Jason tries to change her mind but she's adamant. Nick manages to rearrange his interview for the job in London. Gail is disappointed. Dev gives Eileen the takings for banking - £700. She puts the money in a drawer. Tony gives a tearful Jason his forwarding address and leaves. Peter is angry and upset because Lucy has cancelled his visit to see Simon. Ciaran advises him not to take it out on Shelley. Tony calls into see Eileen before he leaves and whilst Eileen's back is turned he steals the £700 takings from Street Cars. Kevin refuses a drink from Martin and tells him to finish with Katy or come clean to Tommy. Sarah and Todd are delighted when Peter says they can stay in the flat and he'll give them another chance. Eileen is horrified to find the money has been stolen. She realises that Tony must have taken it. Dev doesn't believe her and calls the Police. Jack and Vera pay Maz a visit on the allotment. She pretends that the cannabis plants in the greenhouse are tomato plants. Maz gives them each a chocolate brownie cake containing cannabis. Gail tries to put on a brave face and wishes Nick well with his interview. Jason is shocked to his mum being arrested. Eileen explains how Tony has stolen £700. She asks Jason to find him. Jason is confused and upset.moreless
  • Sun 7 Sep, 2003
    Sun 7 Sep, 2003
    Episode 167
    Nick explains to Gail that he's no longer a child and she can't rule his life. Gail apologises. To Eileen's embarrassment the debt collector turns up at Street Cars demanding money. Dev is forced to give her a sub on her wages to get rid of him. Candice's mother Marion turns up at the Salon demanding that Candice comes home. Candice refuses and tells her mum about Gerry. Marion doesn't believe her. Audrey sends her away with a flee in her ear. Nick finds out about Maria's abortion and is relieved when she tells him the baby wasn't his. Tony gets £50 off Peter for fixing the faulty wiring in the flat. Peter then finds out that it was Tony's dodgy wiring in the first place and that Tony wired the flat so that the electricity ran off the bookies' supply. Peter is furious and demands his money back from Tony and Jason. Eileen is at her wits end. She's no money and she's sick of supporting Tony. Todd and Sarah are shocked when Peter pays them a visit. He tells them he knows about the electricity scam and wants them out of the flat by tomorrow and demands the rent money that's owing to him.moreless
  • Fri 5 Sep, 2003
    Fri 5 Sep, 2003
    Episode 166
    Nick tells Gail that he's only staying a few days as he has a job interview in London. Sarah is furious with Gail. She makes Todd promise that he won't let her anywhere near Bethany. Eileen is seriously worried about their lack of money. She asks Dev for a sub but he refuses her. Audrey and Maria leave Candice on her own in the Salon over lunchtime. Gerry, her mum's boyfriend lets himself into the salon and terrorises Candice. Luckily Audrey pops back for her purse and rescues Candice. She realises that Candice wasn't lying and that Gerry is a pervert. She lets Candice move into the flat with Fiz and Maria. Claire is disappointed. Maria bumps into Nick. He tells her they need to talk. Sarah tells Nick how Gail reported her to Social Services. Nick meets Todd and they agree to try and get Sarah to patch things up with Gail. Later Nick finds out from David that Gail has cancelled his interview in London as she doesn't want him to go. He accuses Gail of being a control freak and agrees with Sarah.moreless
  • Wed 3 Sep, 2003
    Wed 3 Sep, 2003
    Episode 165
    Sarah is surprised and pleased when Audrey is supportive of her decision to get a job. Candice is getting more and more upset about the situation at home with her mum's boyfriend. Les gets his hopes up when he hears that Janice has slung Mick out. Norris is confiding in Harry that he fears that Monty may have died when suddenly the cat turns up. Monty is wearing a different collar with Phoebe engraved on it. Viv from Social Services visits Sarah and Todd again and quizzes them about Bethany's care arrangements. Mrs Parry turns up at No. 3 saying that Monty is called Pheobe and is her cat. Audrey lends Candice the Salon keys to get her mobile. Candice can't bear to go home and spends the night in the Salon. A loan shark is chasing Eileen for her payments. She asks Dev for extra shifts at Street Cars but he refuses. Sarah realises that Gail must have reported them to Social Services. She is furious and storms round to see her. Claire tells Maria that she would like the spare room in the Salon flat. Sarah and Gail have a huge row. Sarah tells Gail that David doesn't like living with her either. She tells Gail that she's lost a grand daughter and a daugher and leaves. Gail is upset with David and accuses him of undermining her. Nick arrives home in the middle of it.moreless
  • Mon 1 Sep, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Curly is determined that he's not going to Newcastle. He and Emma have a huge row. She tells him she doesn't care if she comes with him or not. Mick keeps asking Janice if she'll marry him. Janice becomes more and more irritated. Maria asks Claire if she wants to share the flat over the salon. Claire says she'll think about it. Sarah tells Gail that she's left school and is now working at Roy's Rolls full-time. Gail tells her how one day she'll regret it and Todd will blame her for his lack of career. Candice calls in to see Sarah and Todd. Candice is very depressed about her mum's new boyfriend who she thinks is a pervert. Gail phones Viv at Social Services and leaves a message saying how Bethany is neglected. She lies and says that Sarah and Todd leave her on her own in the flat. Janice tells Mick that she doesn't want to marry him. She tells Mick it's over and asks him to leave. Hayley tells Roy that she can forgive him and that she hopes they can be happy again. Roy feels slightly comforted. Curly changes his mind again. At the last minute he climbs in the car with Emma telling her that he loves both she and Ben and can't live without them. Curly and Emma leave the street.moreless
  • Mon 1 Sep, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Roy and Hayley continue to worry about Tracy, the baby and their money. Vera is slightly put out when she finds that Sarah is working in the cafe full-time. Audrey chases Fiz and Maria for the rent on the flat. Fiz and Maria realise they need another lodger and decide to ask Claire, Ashley's nanny. Curly and Emma pack up No. 7. Emma is relieved to be moving where as Curly is heart broken. Martin finds out that Sarah has left school and is now working full-time for Roy. He is unimpressed and insists that she must tell Gail. Curly tries to make the peace with Les before they leave but Les isn't interested. Les says that shaking hands will never make up for the three months spent in prison. The locals throw a surprise leaving party for Curly and Emma who manage to act surprised, even though Les had already given the game away. Roy and Ken have a heart to heart on Maxine's bench. Roy tells Ken how he recently tried to commit suicide. Ken in turn talks about his own suicide attempt. Curly slips away from the party and goes back to an empty house. Jack follows him. Janice is shocked when Mick asks her to marry him. Curly tells Jack that he's changed his mind. He's not moving to Newcastle with Emma.moreless
  • Sun 31 Aug, 2003
    Sun 31 Aug, 2003
    Episode 162
    Peter is put out when Lucy cancels his coming round to look after Simon. Tyrone buys a bottle of wine to take to the allotment to share with Maz. He's disappointed when there's no one there. Katy forces Tyrone to kiss her so that Tommy will think they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Tyrone is unimpressed. Emily is pleased when Tracy tells her she didn't have the abortion. Mick continues to pressurise Janice over her divorce. She and Mick row. Tracy announces she's booked a fortnight's holiday in the Caribbean. Ken and Deirdre wonder where she's got the money from. Sarah asks Roy if she can work full-time in the cafe, she lies and says that Gail is happy about it. Roy is distracted and agrees to it. Roy and Hayley call to see Tracy. They're shocked when Deirdre tells them she's gone to the Caribbean. Curly and Emma pack up the house. Curly gets very emotional. Roy and Hayley realise they've been fleeced. They start to wonder if Tracy really is in the Caribbean or if she's checked into a private abortion clinic. They now feel they've lost the baby and their money.moreless
  • Fri 29 Aug, 2003
    Fri 29 Aug, 2003
    Episode 161
    Roy and Haley discuss Tracy's proposition. Hayley tells Roy that if he wants to "buy" the baby she will stay with him and help bring it up. They decide that although they're worried that buying a baby is illegal, and they despise Tracy for her callous and selfish attitude, they will go ahead and raise the money. Tracy tells them she wants £5k by 3pm and then the rest in instalments. Curly decides they can't wait until they've sold the house to move. Emma makes arrangements for them to rent a friend's flat. Kirk and Tyrone arrive back from Blackpool. Les is enjoying a birthday drink in the Rovers. Mick instructs Ciaran not to serve Les any more. Janice is annoyed with Mick. Sarah decides she's not going back to school she's going to get a job instead. Roy and Hayley arrive at the abortion clinic just in time. They give Tracy £4,873. 50 as it's all they could raise in the time. Tracy agrees to keep the baby and hand it over to Roy and Hayley in exchange for the £15,000 balance when it's born.moreless
  • Wed 27 Aug, 2003
    Wed 27 Aug, 2003
    Episode 160
    Janice bumps into Les. Les apologises for his behaviour. They agree to be friends again. Mick witnesses this and is jealous. He nags Janice about speeding up her divorce. Norris is becoming increasingly worried about Monty the cat. He makes some leaflets intending to slip them into the Gazette but Rita won't let him. Against Sarah's better judgement Tony and Jason turn up at the flat to fix the wiring. Roy and Hayley visit Tracy and try and talk her out of the abortion. Roy tells her it's his only chance of children. Tracy refuses to listen. Viv the Social Worker visits Sarah, Todd and Bethany. She is satisfied that Sarah is a good mother. She tells Sarah she will be visiting Gail. Peter looks after Simon again and introduces him to his first horse race on the TV. Lucy isn't impressed! Gail is annoyed when Viv tells her that Sarah is a perfectly fit mother and that the flat is adequate. Gail admits to Audrey that she contacted Social Services herself. Audrey is appalled that Gail shopped her own daughter. Tracy calls round to see Roy and Hayley. She tells them that in return for £20k she will have the baby and that they can then bring it up. They have until Friday to decide.moreless
  • Mon 25 Aug, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Roy finishes taking all his pills. Hayley leaves to catch a bus to the airport. She tries to phone Roy to give him her forwarding address but he refuses to pick up the phone. Emily calls to see Tracy. Tracy tells her she's made an appointment for her abortion on Friday. Emily and Tracy have a heart to heart. Tracy tells Emily how ashamed of her Ken and Deirdre are and what a lousy mother she would make. Roy sees Hayley through the window. He phones her on the pay phone near the bus stop. Hayley detects that there's something really wrong with him. Roy puts himself to bed and waits to die. Hayley breaks into the cafe and finds Roy still alive. She forces him to drink salt water and make himself sick. He tells her about Tracy's forthcoming abortion. Hayley agrees to stay until Friday and help him to stop Tracy from killing his baby.moreless
  • Mon 25 Aug, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Hayley has spent the night at Angela's. She's very depressed. She tells Angela about Tracy's pregnancy. Angela is shocked. Roy tells Tracy that he will share responsibility emotionally and financially for the baby. He is gutted when Tracy says she's going to have an abortion. Bethany is discharged from hospital. Sarah and Todd are worried when the nurse tells them they will be getting a visit from Social Services. Peter enjoys spending the morning looking after baby Simon. Gail tells Peter about the dodgy wiring in the flat. Peter arranges for Tony to sort it out. Tony pretends that he's never been to the flat before. Roy visits the estate agents and then the bank where he transfers some money. Roy closes the cafe and gives Vera some extra money. He then calls round to see Sarah and gives her some money too. Hayley thanks Angela for letting her stay but explains that she has to leave Weatherfield and intends to live in Amsterdam. Roy can't take any more, he lines up some pills and starts taking an overdose in an attempt at suicide.moreless
  • Sun 24 Aug, 2003
    Sun 24 Aug, 2003
    Episode 157
    Todd calls an ambulance but in the meantime Roy uses his first aid experience and manages to revive Bethany. Sarah rushes to Bethany's side. Todd tells Sarah not to mention the dodgy wiring to the hospital. Katy phones Martin on her new mobile and is put out when he cuts her off. Roy and Hayley discuss Tracy's pregnancy. Roy admits that he could be the father but he has no recollection of what happened. Hayley is beside herself and accuses Roy of fancying Tracy and wanting the child which she can't give him. He tells her she's wrong. Hayley feels a failure as a woman and tells Roy that she must leave. Kevin tries to persuade Katy to stop seeing Martin. Gail arrives at the hospital and is furious with Sarah for making Bethany live in a death trap of a flat. She and Sarah have a huge row. Hayley leaves in tears thinking that she can never make Roy truly happy. Roy is also in tears knowing that Hayley is the love of his life. Gail phones Social Services and reports Bethany Platt as a neglected child.moreless
  • Fri 22 Aug, 2003
    Fri 22 Aug, 2003
    Episode 156
    Katy gets her GCSE results: 7 A's and 2 B's. She's delighted. Janice is furious with Mick for lying to her. She makes him promise to be Les's alibi for breaking his curfew. Gail drops round Sarah's GCSE results. Sarah is disappointed to find that she only got 3 B's and 2 C's. Emily talks at length to Tracy and tries to make her see the error of her ways and dissuade her from having an abortion. Tracy won't listen. Curly confides in Emily about the whole police brutality incident. Emily tells him that he's a good and honest man. Martin and Katy try to persuade Kevin to keep their relationship a secret. Kevin refuses to make any promises. Kevin laughs when Martin and Katy tell him they're in love. Janice calls round and tells Emma exactly what she thinks of her for lying and colluding with Mick. Hayley drags Roy round to see Tracy. Hayley tells Tracy that she's evil. Smoke is coming from the skirting board and whilst Todd is cooking dinner, Bethany electrocutes herself. Tracy shocks Roy and Hayley when she tells them she's pregnant and that Roy is the father.moreless
  • Wed 20 Aug, 2003
    Wed 20 Aug, 2003
    Episode 155
    Curly and Janice arrive at the flat where they find Les threatening Mick with the crow bar. Mick tells Les he'll call the police and have him thrown back in jail. Les doesn't care he just wants revenge. Martin calls round to Kevin and Sally's. They show him the video of Rosie performing in the Stage School show. Kevin suddenly feels uneasy and switches the video off. He sees Martin out and then follows him. Kevin asks Martin if he's seeing Katy Harris. Martin admits that he is. Kevin is disgusted. Janice finds out that Mick was lying all along and that Les served three months for something he didn't do. Mick starts to beat Les up again and Curly drags him off. Les smashes Curly's glasses. Curly gets both Mick and Les to call a truce, Mick agrees not to report Les and to act as Les's alibi for him breaking his curfew. Kevin insinuates that Martin is a pervert. Martin is incensed and leaves in a rage. Ken and Deirdre have no choice but to let Tracy stay with them. Tracy gives them a half apology for her actions with Roy. Curly and Les leave. Mick panics that Janice will finish with him now she knows the truth. Tracy tells Emily that she hasn't yet had an abortion but is still considering it. Roy is upset when Ken tells him that Tracy is back in Weatherfield.moreless
  • Mon 18 Aug, 2003
    Mon 18 Aug, 2003
    Episode 154
    Norris is concerned when Monty the cat goes missing. Sophie lets slip that Katy dropped her at Sarah and Todd's when she was supposed to be babysitting her. Kevin is furious. Tracy phones Deirdre to ask if she can move back home. Both Deirdre and Ken feel that she should stay in London until she shows some remorse and shame. Kevin tells Martin about Katy's baby-sitting scam expecting Martin to be as appalled as he is. Kevin is surprised when Martin sticks up for Katy. Martin and Katy meet on the street. Martin tells Katy off for lying about the baby-sitting. Kevin sees them deep in conversation and thinks it's rather odd. Todd asks Eileen to lend him some money but she explains that she can't. Eileen feels terrible and wishes she could help him. Kevin and Sally discuss Martin and Katy and wonder if there's something going on. Les is drunk and tells Curly that he's going to have his revenge on Mick. Les steals a crow bar from the boot of Patrick's taxi and goes round to Mick and Janice's flat. Ken and Deirdre are shocked when there's a knock at the door and it's Tracy, obviously not in London after all! Tracy insists on staying the night. Curly is frantically looking for Les, he tries the Rovers. Meanwhile Les has broken the door down. Mick hears him and gets out of bed. Les tells Mick that he wants his revenge for the three months he spent in prison.moreless
  • Sun 17 Aug, 2003
    Sun 17 Aug, 2003
    Episode 153
    David's not talking to Gail, and is upset that Martin won't let him stay. Audrey points out to Gail that although Sarah is making a mistake, Gail should be there offering support. Mick tries to persuade Janice to help evict Les, but she's uneasy about getting involved. Eileen is mortified to hear that the debt-collectors have contacted Steve, as he was referee for her loan. Steve is concerned that she's in over her head. Emma isn't pleased to hear about Curly being in league with Cllr Naysmith. Sophie refuses to go to Rosie's open evening. Tommy volunteers Katy as a babysitter for the evening. Les makes a fire, sending the smoke over into the Watt's yard. He's taken aback when Curly threatens him with eviction. David tells Gail how miserable she's making everyone. She goes to see Sarah and makes peace. Katy is horrified to have Sophie landed on her. She begs Sarah and Todd to look after Sophie and goes off to spend the evening with Martin. Eileen breaks down about her money worries to Tony. She's torn, but has no choice but to accept the £50 he offers her. Mick approaches Les in the Rovers. He's all smiles to others' eyes, but he's really winding Les up, hoping to provoke him. Les knows his game, but can't help himself and is only stopped from punching him when Ciaran intervenes. Janice is horrified that Les tried to attack Mick again and resolves to help in Les' eviction.moreless
  • Fri 15 Aug, 2003
    Fri 15 Aug, 2003
    Episode 152
    Les aggravates Curly by continuing to play the Neighbour from Hell. Les wangles his way out of paying Fiz back her £100. Audrey asks Fiz for her rent money. David pleads with Sarah not to move out. She takes a load of stuff and leaves David to break the news to Gail. Kevin is annoyed when he arrives home to find Fred, Rita and Nicole Farnsworth practising dance moves with Rosie in his front room, egged on by Sally. Curly comprises his principles and asks Councillor Naysmith to help him evict Les by any means possible. Eileen is upset when the debt collectors ring her at work. Gail is stunned to hear about Sarah. She takes it out on David, and he storms out. Martin is uneasy when Tommy points out that teenagers may act like they know everything, but they're not adults. Gail asks Mick to intervene as Sarah is breaking the law by moving out without permission. He doesn't want to get involved. Curly asks Janice to make a written statement that she doesn't live with Les. She hesitates at the idea of evicting Les. Gail goes in with all guns blazing at Todd and Sarah. They have a terrible row, and Sarah pushes Gail out of the flat. David blames Gail for making things worse, and threatens to leave home too.moreless
  • Wed 13 Aug, 2003
    Wed 13 Aug, 2003
    Episode 151
    Curly is furious when a stray cat scavenges his bin. Norris admits to feeding it, and reveals that he has named it Monty. Gail notices the bump on Bethany's head. She accuses Sarah of not looking after her properly. Roy notices that Hayley is wearing lipstick. She tells him that she's going shopping. Les admits to Fiz that he has lain awake worrying about Mick's threat to get him back inside. She warns him to leave well alone. Emily is infuriated that Norris has fed Monty with the fish she'd bought for tea. Gail is adamant that Sarah can't take Bethany to live with her and Todd. Gail asks Martin to look at Bethany, concerned that she may have had concussion. She asks him to talk to SarahLes does his best to put off Curly's prospective house buyers. Katy points out to Martin that Sarah is the same age as she is, and should know her own mind. Kevin is bemused to hear that Rosie has changed her name to Rozi. He takes Sophie to the shops to buy a new dress in the face of Sally's indifference. Hayley is upset that Roy doesn't like her new, more feminine image. She feels horribly insecure that he slept with Tracy, whilst she will never be a real woman. Gail is furious with Martin for sticking up for Sarah. She reluctantly agrees that Sarah can have a night's trial at Todd's flat. Sarah tells Todd that she won't be returning home again.moreless
  • Mon 11 Aug, 2003
    Mon 11 Aug, 2003
    Episode 150
    Les is disappointed with his home-coming - or lack of it - as no one knew he was being released. Emma and Curly start packing up their house. Hayley surprises Roy with the news that she'll be joining her workmates for a drink at lunchtime. She amazes the factory girls by drinking lager. Karen and Steve fail to change their divorce plea to mutual unreasonable behaviour. Steve isn't happy that they'll have to carry on under the grounds of his adultery. Martin and Katy make plans to spend the day together at the weekend. Despite Todd's misgivings, Sarah pays his rent with money from her savers' account. Les is upset when Steve tells him he won't be getting his job back. Todd's reactions impress Sarah when Bethany bumps her head. Sarah plans to tell her mother that she and Bethany are moving in with Todd. Janice gives a muted response to the news that Les is out, concerned he'll cause trouble to Mick. Emma and Curly get a nasty surprise to see Les. Les's misery is compounded when he's electronically tagged and will be under curfew from 7.00pm til 7.00am. Kevin is peeved that Sally is neglecting he and Sophie to obsess over Rosie's dancing. Les is thrown out of the Rovers after insulting Emma and Mick. He's more bitter than ever, and swears his revenge on them. Mick follows Les outside and warns him that he has the power to send him back inside for a much longer sentence next time.moreless
  • Sun 10 Aug, 2003
    Sun 10 Aug, 2003
    Episode 149
    Hayley's sorry she doubted Roy and persuades him to stay and fight for their marriage. Karen continues to hassle Steve to go along with the divorce idea. Katy is livid with Martin and searches his flat for evidence that Sonia spent the night there. Curly and Emma have found the perfect house in Newcastle, and drop the asking price on their house by £5000 for a quick sale. Arnie returns and offers them a £5000 over their original asking price. They don't believe he's serious and throw him out. They wonder if they've done the right thing. Tommy quizzes Martin about Sonia, but Sonia thinks Martin's not interested because she got so drunk at the barbecue. Martin persuades Katy that although their relationship may be difficult, he's not about to leave her. Hayley takes Roy to the Rovers, showing a united and defiant front. Bev gives them a warm welcome and apologises for the part she's played in their troubles. Eileen's worried about paying her debts, and asks Steve for an advance on her wages. When Steve again refuses Karen's divorce plans, she pours a pint over his head. He chases her to their doorstep where they playfully wrestle, then passionately kiss. She's delighted when he finally agrees to give her what she wants. Curly and Emma are relieved when they hear that there have been four enquiries for the house at the new asking price. Les is to be released from prison the next day. He swears to make Emma and Mick pay for what they've done to him.moreless
  • Fri 8 Aug, 2003
    Fri 8 Aug, 2003
    Episode 148
    Hayley is frustrated that she didn't get the chance to confront Tracy. She can't accept Roy's story that he can't remember a thing and thinks he's holding something back from her. Steve receives a letter notifying him that their decree nisi will be granted soon - he asks Karen to get onto her solicitor to sort it. Hayley returns to work and makes it clear that she won't accept any snidey comments from the girls. She's touched with Fiz and Angela give her support. Peter looks after Simon for a few hours whilst Lucy goes out. Harry visits Preston King in hospital, and returns his wallet. Karen tells an incredulous Steve that she wants the divorce to go ahead, so that they can remarry. She wants the wedding she missed out on the first time round - they'd be marrying for love instead of for a bet. Steve thinks she's mad, and refuses. Katy and Martin enjoy the thrill of their secret at the barbecue until Tommy sets him up with Sonia. Katy's consumed with jealousy and after an argument with Martin, slopes off to bed. Peter and Shelley look around the Watts' house, but Peter's not keen at the thought of Les as a neighbour. Martin agrees to walk Sonia home, as she's had too much to drink. Katy looks on jealously, her worst fears confirmed. Hayley is feeling better after her positive day, but Roy is in despair. Hayley had trusted him completely and now the trust has gone from their relationship. He stuns Hayley when he tells her that it's for the best if he moves out.moreless
  • Wed 6 Aug, 2003
    Wed 6 Aug, 2003
    Episode 147
    Hayley desperately tries to explain away what could have happened, but Roy gives her the irrefutable evidence that he woke up in bed with Tracy. Thinking of Tommy's reaction, Katy's not so certain about going public with Martin. Hayley accuses Roy of being attracted to Tracy all along. She's mortified when it sinks in that the whole Street knows what went on. Mike gets fed up of waiting for Preston King, leaving Harry alone in Underworld. When the extremely obnoxious Preston turns up, he suffers a heart attack. Harry gives him mouth-to-mouth and saves his life. Peter and Shelley return from honeymoon. Tracy begs Peter to let her stay at the Rovers, but a disgusted Shelley insists that she leaves. Shelley's stunned to see Ciaran behind the bar, but agrees that he can keep his job. Katy persuades her parents to have a barbecue. Angela sees it as a chance to match-make Martin and Sonia. Martin arrives at the Harris' determined to spill the beans. He's put off his stride when he thinks that Katy has been seeing Tyrone and leaves. Karen reminds the girls that she turned herself in to Mike for their sakes. They realise she has a point and invite her to join them. Emily asks Ken and Deirdre to reconsider taking Tracy back - they refuse. Roy touches Hayley with his declarations of love. She grabs onto the idea that maybe Roy can't remember anything about the night with Tracy because Tracy has made the whole thing up. Hayley is determined to confront Tracy to get to the truth, only to see Tracy head off in a taxi back to London.moreless
  • Mon 4 Aug, 2003
    Mon 4 Aug, 2003
    Episode 146
    Emily assumes that Roy is the father of Tracy's baby. Tracy is adamant that she wants an abortion. The factory girls send Karen to Coventry when she arrives back at work. Emma allows Arnie to view the house again. She fools him with a scam of her own, accusing him of being part of a criminal syndicate of house-buyer impersonators. He leaves with a flea in his ear, and a warning to stay away from Les. An excited Hayley arrives at the cafe. Roy asks her to wait upstairs away from the watchful eyes of the customers. Ciaran is doing a great job at the Rovers. Bev agrees to put a word in for him with Shelley. Mike is dreading a meeting with a difficult customer, Preston King. Martin and the kids return from their camping trip. Angela introduces him to Sonia. Todd and Sarah make plans to start living together. Tracy has arranged a termination but Emily reminds her that after her kidney transplant, this may be her only chance to have a baby. Martin and Katy have a passionate reunion. Martin has had a chance to think whilst he's been away, and wants their relationship to come out into the open. Hayley is stunned when Roy tells her that he had sex with Tracy.moreless
  • Sun 3 Aug, 2003
    Sun 3 Aug, 2003
    Episode 145
    Tommy decides to make an effort with Tyrone as he thinks Tyrone is Katy's boyfriend. He insists that Tyrone should come round for afternoon tea. Sally invites Rita to come with them to Rosie's open evening at the dance school. Emily finds Tracy sitting crying on the street. She takes her home. Mick sees Arnie visiting the Watts. He recognises him and tells Curly and Emma that he's a burglar who was in prison with Les. Curly and Emma realise they've been conned and that Les will be out before they can sell the house. Emily talks to Tracy about the way she's behaved. Tracy is very depressed. Tyrone has afternoon tea at the Harris'. Tommy makes a point of embarrassing both Katy and Tyrone who just can't wait for it to be over. Bev apologises to Roy for her part in the bet with Tracy. Roy insists that the blame is all his. Roy is worried sick about what he's going to say to Hayley who arrives home tomorrow. Tommy tells Tyrone that if he catches him with another girl he'll break his legs. Tracy finds out that she's pregnant. She tells Emily that she's having a baby.moreless
  • Fri 1 Aug, 2003
    Fri 1 Aug, 2003
    Episode 144
    Katy apologises to Tyrone for Tommy's behaviour. Eileen is fed up with looking after Tony and Jason and worried about how she's going to pay the car loan now Jason isn't earning. Angela is cross with Tommy for using his fists and setting a bad example to Craig. Tracy is stunned when Bev tells her a few home truths and explains why nobody likes her. Sally is sick of covering for Tracy at the bookies as she's always skiving. Sally sacks Tracy in Peter's absence. A friend of Les's called Stuart pretends to be a surveyor and looks round Curly's house. Kevin tries to smooth things out between Tyrone and Tommy but to no avail. Fiz lends Kirk £100 to pay Les's friend who's organising the scam on Curly's house. Steve pleads with Mike to give Karen her old job back. To Steve's amazement Mike agrees. Steve tells Karen who doesn't seem particularly pleased. Rosie has her first singing and dancing lesson which she says was excellent. Bev tells Tracy that she can't stay at the Rovers anymore. Tracy arrives back at the Barlows but is shocked when Deirdre throws her out too. Deirdre is upset. Emily consoles her. Tommy tries to apologise to Katy but Katy doesn't want to know. Tracy cries realising that she hasn't a friend in the world.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jul, 2003
    Wed 30 Jul, 2003
    Episode 143
    Eileen is fed up with Tony living under the same roof. The atmosphere between Katy and Tommy worsens. Angela tries to calm Tommy down but he's hell bent on finding out who Katy's boyfriend is. Fiz is annoyed with Kirk when he says he's planning to take the lads for a week at his uncle's caravan in Blackpool and not her. Jason explains to Tony how he lied to the insurance company and told them he was 27 to get cheaper car insurance. Fiz persuades Roy to phone Hayley, but he still can't bring himself to tell her that he slept with Tracy. Roy is wracked with guilt. Rita gives Sally the name of a friend of hers who runs a dance and drama school. Sally intends to book Rosie some lessons. Karen goes to the Job Centre. The only job suitable job on their books is her old job at Underworld. Karen is depressed. Curly is pleased when a man calling himself Mr Poole confirms that he will be buying No. 7. Mr Pool is really a friend of Les's called Arnie. Jason finds out that his car is a write-off. He confesses to Eileen that he wasn't insured. Tommy mistakenly thinks that Tyrone is Katy's boyfriend. He punches Tyrone. Tyrone tells Katy that she must come clean. Katy insists that she can't.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jul, 2003
    Mon 28 Jul, 2003
    Episode 142
    Katy sneaks out of Martin's flat unseen. Tommy demands to know where Katy's been. She pretends she was at an all night party with her hospital friends. Eileen tells Jason he needs to contact his car insurance company. Jason looks guilty. Audrey is worried about Archie. He's left her a note saying that he's gone away. Tommy questions Tyrone about Katy's mystery boyfriend. Tyrone feels uncomfortable. Katy confides in Angela that she's sleeping with her new boyfriend. Angela tells Tommy. Karen asks Dev for a job at the corner shop. Dev manages to avoid the question. He later tells Steve he doesn't want Karen working or him. Sunita moves out of the flat above the shop and in with Ciaran next to the bookies. Merle throws Tony out. She drops him and his belongings off at Eileen's. Eileen is not best pleased! Tommy is upset to learn that Katy isn't a virgin. He threatens to go down to the hospital and thump Jimmy the porter. Katy finds herself completely caught up in her own web of lies. Tommy promises to find out who she's seeing and break his neck.moreless
  • Sun 27 Jul, 2003
    Sun 27 Jul, 2003
    Episode 141
    Fred is shocked and jealous when Archie tells him that he's proposed to Audrey. Audrey seeks Gail's advice about Archie. Gail admits that life is always easier with a good man beside you. Katy tells Angela that she's seeing Jimmy Mullins and is forced to give Angela a mobile number in case of emergency. It's Tyrone's number and she warns him not to answer if he sees it's her parents on the line. Martin forgets that David is coming round. He gives him money to go bowling instead. Sunita takes Ciaran by surprise and informs him that she's moving in with him. Dev tells her that he'll leave the flat empty so she'll have somewhere to live when it all goes wrong. Roy has a disastrous driving lesson and as he opens the car door to make his escape, he walks into the path of Jason's car. Jason is forced to swerve and crashes, leaving him with a broken arm and Tony with a broken leg. Jason will be off work for six weeks, leaving Eileen to pay the car loan. Archie is left distraught when Audrey tells him that she can't marry him. He confides in Deirdre that he doesn't think he'll ever get over it. Tommy is furious with Angela for allowing Katy to stay out all night. When the mobile number rings unanswered he storms off to the Rovers. Martin and Katy listen as Tommy leaves a message on Martin's answerphone to join him for a pint. Audrey is upset at the thought of hurting Archie and is horrified when Deirdre tells her that she thinks Archie has gone for good.moreless
  • Fri 25 Jul, 2003
    Fri 25 Jul, 2003
    Episode 140
    Roy has spent all night at the dining room table, head in hands. Mike invites Audrey to Delphines for her birthday. Archie persuades Mike to cancel as he's already secretly booked a table. Deirdre defends Tracy, upset at all the attacks on her daughter. Ciaran presents Sunita with his "grandmother's" ring, but says they can't marry until next year, as he'll need to save up. Sarah persuades Todd to come on the camping trip. Eileen makes peace with Todd, and looks around his flat. Fiz is worried about Roy. She looks after him and arranges for Vera to open the cafe. Katy lies to Angela about an all-night party at the weekend, so she can spend the night with Martin. Angela suspects her real motives and asks Gail for advice. Fiz asks Rita to talk to Roy. Rita tells him that she knows that he's a decent man who was was taken advantage of, and she's sure that Hayley will feel the same way. Dev annoys Sunita by questioning the origins of the ring. She tells him that she's moving out of the flat and will find another job as soon as possible. Fiz confronts a defiant Tracy in the Rovers. Fiz punches her and pours a pint over her prostrate form. She issues a warning not to mess with Roy again. Mike tells Audrey that Archie is waiting for her at Delphines. Audrey arrives late, but Archie is delighted to see her. After supper, he amazes her by proposing. Audrey gives him a definite maybe.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jul, 2003
    Wed 23 Jul, 2003
    Episode 139
    Ciaran tells Sunita that his mother will post his grandmother's engagement ring for her to wear. Meanwhile, he looks at adverts for bargain jewellery. Ken talks Roy into questioning Tracy's version of events. Bev reluctantly agrees to Tracy staying at the Rovers until Shelley's return. Les's cellmate, Arnie Scanlan is released from prison. He poses as a potential house-buyer, Mr. Poole, and puts in an offer for Curly's house on the condition that Curly takes the house off the market. Deirdre confronts Bev in the Kabin for her part in Tracy's bet. Norris, Angela and Fiz are intrigued to hear the gossip, and take delight in later teasing Roy. Fred persuades Bev to take Ciaran on as a pot-man at the Rovers. Dev tries to talk sense into Sunita about her engagement. She retorts that Ciaran makes her happier than any other man she's known. Maria schemes to steal Liam away from Candice and goes on a date with him. Candice finds out and shoves pizza in Maria's face. Martin wants to take David and Sarah on a camping trip. Tracy confirms Roy's worst fears by telling him that they did sleep together. She did it to prove that, like all men, he wouldn't be able to resist sex if it was handed to him on a plate. Roy can't forgive himself for being unfaithful to Hayley.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jul, 2003
    Mon 21 Jul, 2003
    Episode 138
    The morning after the wedding and Roy is terrified to wake up in Tracy's bed, with the Barlows downstairs eating breakfast. He's mortified when Ken, Deirdre and Adam spot him trying to leave. Curly and Ben wave Emma off as she leaves for Newcastle. Kirk comments that Les will be waiting for her when she gets back. Roy is in shock, the night before a complete blank, and closes the cafe for the day. Mike takes Adam back to Scotland. Deirdre and Ken confront Tracy and are disgusted that she messed with an innocent man's life. Tracy protests that Roy hadn't been forced at gunpoint. Tommy suspects Katy is seeing a boy, and asks an uncomfortable Martin to keep an eye on her. Archie hatches a plan to surprise Audrey on her birthday. Tracy claims her penny winnings from Bev, who expresses disappointment in Roy. Ciaran announces his engagement to Sunita, on Dev's entrance into the Rovers. Ken visits a distraught Roy and apologises for Tracy's behaviour. Roy is adamant that he should take responsibility for his actions, but is even more humiliated to learn about Tracy's bet. Ken insists that Tracy apologises to Roy. When she refuses, Ken throws her out.moreless
  • Sun 20 Jul, 2003
    Sun 20 Jul, 2003
    Episode 137
    Shelley is dazed as Bev busies herself with cancelling the wedding. Peter hammers on the back door of the Rovers until Bev lets him in - he's determined to talk to Shelley. Peter begs for another chance, and Shelley finally relents and agrees to marry him, believing him when he tells her that he loves her and will make her happy. Dev tells Sunita that he'll be thinking of she and him when he listens to the marriage vows later that day. Bev asks Shelley to postpone the wedding to give Peter the chance to prove himself trustworthy. Adam tells Peter and Ciaran that Tracy has been making odd comments about the wedding, so Peter asks Ciaran to keep an eye on her throughout the service. Peter frets when Shelley is late, but the wedding goes ahead without incident. Lucy registers the birth of Simon Michael Barlow. On the way home, she and Simon stop to watch a wedding and narrowly miss seeing Peter and Shelley emerge from the church. Harry is overcome with emotion outside the church. He later explains to Rita that he had married at that church 20 years previously, before his wife left him. Bev makes up with Peter, determined not to lose Shelley by being against her marriage. Sunita is annoyed at the wedding dinner when an inebriated Ciaran tries to provoke Dev. She later angrily ends the relationship, when Ciaran surprises her (and himself) by proposing. She accepts but Ciaran asks her not to tell anyone yet. Tracy tries to seduce Andy Jennings, but gets rejected. Bev reminds Tracy of their bet, before Tracy drops two of the knock-out pills from the hen night into Roy's champagne. She calls a taxi and takes a drugged Roy back to her house. Shelley conveys to Peter her feeling that she's taken a gamble on him - he assures her that he's a dead cert. Tracy takes Roy up to her bedroom and begins to undress him.moreless
  • Fri 18 Jul, 2003
    Fri 18 Jul, 2003
    Episode 136
    Shelley again refuses to admit that Peter is having an affair, and accuses her mother of trying to spoil her big day. Deirdre is distraught when Adam accidentally smears shoe polish on her new wedding outfit. Ken touches her by surprising her with a new dress he's bought with money put aside for a new printer. Peter feigns nonchalance when Lucy tells him that she can't talk to her solicitor about a divorce for a few weeks. Sunita and Betty persuade Roy that he should attend the wedding without Hayley. Bev denies that she has always been jealous of Shelley and assures her that she's just trying to protect her. She hopes that Peter loves Shelley as much as she does. Shelley resolves to ask Peter outright about an affair to prove her mother wrong. Dev warns Ciaran not to hurt Sunita. He later tells Steve that he plans to propose to Sunita at the wedding. Tracey and Ciaran work out that Peter plans to marry Shelley bigamously. Shelley confronts Peter, and to her horror, he admits to an affair. He tells her that he ended the affair when he realised how much he loved Shelley and she's the one he's going to marry the next day. Shelley is distraught at his betrayal and throws him out - the wedding is off.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jul, 2003
    Wed 16 Jul, 2003
    Episode 135
    Tommy confronts Katy for coming in late last night. She tells him she'll be working overtime tonight and will be late again. Kevin and Tommy press Martin for more info on his young nurse. Ciaran tries to convince Bev not to tell Shelley about Peter. Peter is pleased when Lucy accepts a building society book with £300 in it for Simon. Martin apologises to Jimmy Mullins. Katy and Martin kiss in a quiet corner of the hospital and arrange to meet that night at Martin's flat. Tracy flirts with Roy in the Rovers and insults Hayley by questioning her "natural" state as a woman. Ciaran is delighted to receive his wedding invitation. Dev is forced to admit to Steve that Sunita and Ciaran really do seem happy together. Peter is shocked when Ciaran tells him that Bev is onto him. He tries to force Bev's hand at Shelley's wedding shower by encouraging her to make a toast to the happy couple, but she keeps quiet for Shelley's sake. Martin is panicked when David calls round unexpectedly. He manages to get rid of him before Katy arrives, but feels guilty for being a bad father. Hayley has to leave the next morning to help care for her sick Auntie Marj. As the wedding shower becomes more raucous, Shelley catches Bev looking through Peter's wallet for evidence of another woman. Shelley believes her mum is lying because she wants to split her and Peter up.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jul, 2003
    Mon 14 Jul, 2003
    Episode 134
    Bev's suspicions about Peter grow further when he lies to cover up making out a shopping list for Lucy. Dev is preoccupied, mulling over the strength of his feelings for Sunita. Curly tells Tommy and Kevin about Martin's young nurse girlfriend - they tease Martin for sloping off the night before to meet her at the hospital disco. Peter looks after Simon whilst an exhausted Lucy has a sleep, but he's late for his wedding rehearsal. Karen is rattled by last night's hostile reception in the Rovers. Steve tells her that the old feisty Karen would face everyone and persuades her not to run away. Harry tells Karen that Underworld are desperate for a machinist. Todd relates the story of Martin threatening Jimmy Mullins to a disbelieving Candice and Sarah. Katy later plays down the incident to the girls. Emma has to move to Newcastle in a week's time to start her promotion. She reassures Curly that she can house-hunt and will be home as often as possible. Martin invites Katy to his flat to talk, but they kiss and go to the bedroom together. Dev and Ciaran both wonder who will sit next to Sunita at the wedding. Ciaran tries to wangle an invite from Shelley. Bev tricks Ciaran into admitting that Peter has been having an affair. Ciaran insists that it's all over, and the news would break Shelley's heart, but Bev is undecided whether or not to tell all.moreless
  • Sun 13 Jul, 2003
    Sun 13 Jul, 2003
    Episode 133
    Curly touches up the paint work on his house, preparing it for sale. Peter tells Ciaran that he's going to visit Lucy again. He's determined to see his son He asks Ciaran to lie for him if anyone asks. Bev is starting to have her suspicions about Peter. Curly, Tommy, Kevin and Martin meet up for a lad's night out. Martin suddenly cries off with a headache. He goes to the hospital disco instead. Tracy comes on to Roy again. Hayley flips and tips the ice bucket all over Tracy. Tracy makes some really bitchy comments to Hayley. Steve insists on taking Karen to the Rovers although she'd rather stay in the flat and hide. Mike spots her and tells her to stay away from the factory. Peter calls round to Lucy's. Despite the fact she wants to tell him to go away, she's so tired that she's glad of the help. Peter looks after the baby while Lucy has a bath. Martin sees Jimmy kissing Katy. He flips and pushes Jimmy off. Later he admits to Katy that he was just jealous and couldn't bear to see her with someone else. Martin and Katy kiss passionately.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jul, 2003
    Fri 11 Jul, 2003
    Episode 132
    Bev talks to Peter about marriage. He convinces her that marrying Shelley is what he really wants. Jimmy Mullins asks Katy if she will partner him to the hospital disco on Sunday. Katy agrees. Martin is jealous. Steve persuades Karen to give Weatherfield another go. She agrees to give it a three week trial. She's worried that she will be public enemy no. 1. Tracy pretends to lose an earring, Roy finds it. Tracy kisses Roy and drags him into the Rovers. Roy is most uncomfortable. Hayley starts to worry that Roy will find Tracy more attractive than her. The vicar calls to see Shelley and Peter and talks to them about the wedding and the serious commitment they're about make. Peter feels very uncomfortable. Sunita has a lovely dinner with Ciaran. She is tempted to let him stay the night but decides to make him wait a bit longer. Dev is jealous. Janice and Hayley spot Karen across the street. Janice is vile to her but Hayley is pleasant and understanding. Karen is very upset and wishes they'd never come back to Weatherfield.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jul, 2003
    Wed 9 Jul, 2003
    Episode 131
    Shelley reminds Peter that they've got an appointment with the vicar. Sarah is working in the cafe. Todd has just finished his shift at the corner shop. Martin pops in to see Katy working in the hospital canteen. Peter tells Ciaran that he refuses to give up his son that easily. He visits Lucy again but she tells him again that she doesn't want to see him. Tony and Jason re-wire Todd's flat so that Todd's electricity now runs off the Bookies' supply downstairs. Todd is a little bit worried. Much to Rosie's embarrassment Sally goes to see Miss Crocker, her drama teacher. She tells her that Rosie will be famous in ten years time with or without her help. Todd is cleaning at the hospital. He introduces Katy to Jimmy Mullins the hospital porter. Katy quite fancies him. Tracy tries to come on to Roy in the pub. Roy feels very uncomfortable. Peter completely forgets about the appointment with the vicar. Shelley is angry and upset. Peter pretends that he's just nervous about the wedding. Steve goes to see Karen again. She admits that she hates herself and that she still loves Steve and always has. They agree to give their marriage another go.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jul, 2003
    Mon 7 Jul, 2003
    Episode 130
    Rosie is excited. She's got an audition for the school production of 'My Fair Lady'. Archie still doesn't look well. Audrey arranges to go round and cook him a meal. Sunita feels a bit guilty about stringing both Dev and Ciaran along while she decides who she wants, but Bev tells her she's doing the right thing. Steve tracks Karen down to her Aunty Eva's house. It's obvious that Karen hasn't told Eva the whole truth. Rosie arrives home very upset. She failed to get any part in the production other than one back stage! Sally is cross with the school and promises to sort it out. Bev tells Tracy that she believes her about Shelley's drink being spiked even if no one else does. Maria chats up Candice's boyfriend Liam. Candice is furious. Steve tells Karen that he still loves her and wants her back but she becomes hysterical and tells him to leave. Peter visits Lucy again. She tells him that she never wants to see him again and that the baby is hers and not theirs. Peter tries to talk her round and lies, saying that he left Shelley months ago but Lucy doesn't want to know. Peter is devastated.moreless
  • Sun 6 Jul, 2003
    Sun 6 Jul, 2003
    Episode 129
    Peter goes to the hospital to see Lucy. At first she refuses to see him but as the baby starts to arrive she realises she's glad of the support. Ciaran borrows the window cleaner's ladder and enters Sunita's bedroom via the window. Sunita thinks it's funny. Dev is not impressed. Curly visits Les in prison. Curly explains to Les that he and Emma are moving away because Emma has been promoted. Les tells Curly that wherever they go he will find them and get his revenge on Emma and Mick. Peter helps to deliver the baby. Lucy has a baby boy. Both Peter and Lucy are very proud. Steve is trying to track down Karen but still to no avail. Eileen feels sorry for him. Curly arrives home and tells Emma about Les's ranting and raving. Emma wants to know if Les issued any threats. Curly lies and says not. Peter arrives back from the hospital. Ciaran quietly congratulates him on becoming a father. Peter feels really confused about his feelings towards Lucy, the baby and Shelley.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jul, 2003
    Fri 4 Jul, 2003
    Episode 128
    Curly and Emma finally make up. They agree that Emma will start her new job in Newcastle while Curly sells the house, then he'll follow her. Everyone's having a good time at Shelley's hen night except for Tracy. Bob and his mate Phil fancy Shelley and Maria. Tracy is jealous. Roy arrives at the Weatherfield Arms and explains to Hayley that he was worried about her. He tries to persuade her to go and visit her Aunty Monica. Candice has a date with Liam, the pizza delivery boy. Bob spikes Shelley's drink but Tracy sees him do it. Tracy picks up the drink and throws it in his face. The girls think she's lost the plot. Tracy rows with Bob and snatches the bag of pills from him. Ciaran arrives and sees Tracy struggling with Bob. He wades in to protect Tracy but Bob punches him. Shelley and girls return to the Rovers to carry on partying there. Sunita takes Ciaran to casualty to have his face checked over. While in the hospital Ciaran sees Lucy arrive having gone into labour. Tracy makes a couple of vile comments about Hayley's sexuality. Hayley ends up in tears. Tracy tries to force Roy to do a strip but Bob throws her out. Audrey worries about Archie's health and suggests he's working too hard. Ciaran phones Peter to tell him that Lucy has just gone into labour.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jul, 2003
    Wed 2 Jul, 2003
    Episode 127
    Sarah enquires about the part-time job at Roy's Rolls. Tracy tells Bev that she can pull any man she wants. She bets Bev that she can get Roy into bed. Hayley is upset to hear that her Aunty Monica has had a stroke. Audrey is concerned to find Archie sitting on the bench outside the salon looking unwell. The girls set off on Shelley's hen night. Bev is annoyed when Maria turns up but Tracy invited her. Curly calls to see Emma. He tells her that he loves her and reiterates that he's willing to move to Newcastle. Emma is worried that he's just lonely. Tracy is jealous when a lad called Bob chats up Shelley and dances with her. Roy is concerned when Sally tells him that Hayley was crying about her aunt when she left to go on the hen night. Roy decides he must follow her and bring her home. Bob starts getting too friendly with Shelley and she tells him where to go. Bob tells his mate Phil that he's going to get Shelley into bed. He explains to Phil how he's going to slip a couple of rohipnol tablets into her drink.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jun, 2003
    Mon 30 Jun, 2003
    Episode 126
    Sunita goes back to work at the corner shop. Todd worries that they will be over-staffed and he might lose his job. Ciaran plays a trick on Dev and gets him out of the way for a few hours so that he can take Sunita out for a long boozy lunch. Katy tells Roy that she's leaving the cafe as she's starting a job at the hospital. Emma and Curly row in the street. Curly is worried that he will rarely see Ben. Curly is shocked when Emma says she wants a divorce. Shelley is cross with Peter when she finds out that he's letting Ciaran live in their old flat. Angela arrives back from visiting her mother. She is delighted to hear that they've been able to help Martin out as he's been so good with Katy!Bev persuades Tracy to help her organise Shelley's hen night. Steve takes out a bank loan for £8k and pays Mike the money that Karen owes him. Steve tells Dev that he's going to have some time off work while he looks for Karen and that he will have to run Street Cars. Curly tells Emma that he wants them to try again and that he's willing to move to Newcastle if necessary.moreless
  • Sun 29 Jun, 2003
    Sun 29 Jun, 2003
    Episode 125
    Steve and Tracy have spent the night together. Tracy is pleased as punch. Dev asks Sunita to come back to work at the shop. Sunita says she'll think about it. Tommy asks Martin to get Katy a summer job at the hospital. Martin tells Katy there's a job going in the hospital canteen. Tyrone chats to Maz about vegetables. He doesn't realise that the greenhouse is full of cannabis plants. Jason agrees to help Todd paint his flat so that Sarah might move in with Bethany. Hayley finds out from Mike that Karen split on Joe, told Mike all about the scam to try and save her mates' jobs and left without him. Hayley then tells Steve. Curly is delighted to find that Emma has arranged a surprise party for him in the Rovers. He suggests to Emma that they should put all their rows behind them and try again. Steve tells Mike that he wants Karen back and he will pay off her £8k debt to Mike. Tracy comes on to Steve again but Steve tells her it was just a one-off as he's a married man. Tracy is furious. The regulars sing happy birthday, Curly feels happier that he's been in weeks and then Emma tells him that she's accepted a job in Newcastle. Curly is devastated.moreless
  • Fri 27 Jun, 2003
    Fri 27 Jun, 2003
    Episode 124
    Todd is doing his best to make the flat more homely but it's still a hovel. Jason's birthday, Eileen gives him a CD, Todd gives him the same CD and Tony gives him a sovereign ring. Tyrone worries what to wear for his date with Maz. Fiz dresses him up as a new-age traveller but Tyrone gets cold feet at the last minute. Martin meets Katy for a coffee. They agree to just remain friends. Jason and Tony agree to help Todd do the flat up. Sarah tells Todd that she really loves him but doesn't think the flat is suitable for Bethany. She promises to move in when he's done the flat up. Todd is disappointed. Gail is relieved. Tommy senses that Katy is having boyfriend trouble and asks Martin to have a chat with her. Martin feels very uncomfortable. Emma tells Mick and Janice that she's got the job in Newcastle. Tyrone meets Maz for a drink but can't think of anything to say to her. Tracy comes on to Steve in the pub and insists on going home with him for a take-away. Steve doesn't resist.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jun, 2003
    Wed 25 Jun, 2003
    Episode 123
    Mike offers Harry his job back as cleaner at Underworld. After some persuasion Harry accepts. Eileen is shocked to hear from Shelley that Todd and Sarah are moving into Peter's flat above the bookies. She is even more upset when she finds out from Todd that he's sold his laptop computer to pay the rent. Tyrone goes to visit Maz on the allotments. She's busily planting seeds which she says are tomatoes. She agrees to meet Tyrone for a drink just to get rid of him. Steve clears all Karen's belongings out of their flat. He gets upset when he finds some of their wedding photos. Emma confides in Mick that she's got an interview for an inspector's job in Newcastle and that she's not told Curly yet. Tracy chats up Steve and gives him an early birthday card. Eileen calls to see Gail and tells her that Todd and Sarah are moving in together. Gail is shocked and upset. Martin tells Katy that they've got to end their relationship before it starts as it would upset too many people. Katy is gutted. Gail tells Sarah that no way is Bethany going to live in their hovel of a flat with them. She tells Sarah that Bethany is staying with her and she'll fight her all the way.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jun, 2003
    Mon 23 Jun, 2003
    Episode 122
    Steve finds out that Karen and Joe have left after trying to rob Mike. He thinks they've gone together. Martin has not choice but to accept Tommy's offer of the sofa for a couple of nights. Roy continues to worry about cockroaches and he and Hayley code name them "Dave" so they can discuss them freely in the cafe. Todd agrees to rent the flat over the bookies from Peter. Peter waives the deposit if in return Todd cleans the flat up. They agree on £65 per week. Todd gets a second job working for Dev at the corner shop. Eileen is appalled. Kirk and Fiz visit Les who is more depressed than ever. They try to persuade Curly to visit him but Curly refuses. Sarah is delighted when Todd shows her the flat but is dreading telling Gail that she's moving in with Todd. Fiz asks Mike for her old job back and is amazed when he agrees to it. Martin moves into the Harris's. During the night Katy creeps downstairs for a glass of water. Martin hears her. Martin admits to Katy that he fancies her. They kiss but quickly pull apart when they hear Tommy.moreless
  • Sun 22 Jun, 2003
    Sun 22 Jun, 2003
    Episode 121
    Sunita finds out that the flowers were really from Dev. She's amused at Ciaran's cheek. Roy arranges his first driving lesson but later cancels it when Martin tells him he's got to vacate his flat because of cockroaches and that they will probably want to check out Roy's flat too. Mike tells the girls that Joe has left and that they no longer have a supervisor as Karen is now sacked. Mike tells Hayley that she's is now unofficially the supervisor again. Peter tells Ciaran he can stay in his old flat above the bookies. Candice fancies Liam, a pizza delivery guy. She climbs on the back of his scooter wearing a very short skirt. Mike tells Karen that either she pays him £8,000 for lost business, or he calls the police or she leaves Weatherfield. Karen confesses to Janice, Fiz and Hayley what she and Joe did. Janice and Fiz are disgusted with her. Fiz realises that she's out of work because of Karen. Curly arranges to stay at Kevin's while the infestation people sort out Martin's flat. Tommy tells Martin he can stay at their house. Martin is unsure. Todd gets the job as a cleaner at the hospital. Karen packs her things and leaves the street very upset. Rita tries to persuade her to stay but Karen leaves in a taxi.moreless
  • Fri 20 Jun, 2003
    Fri 20 Jun, 2003
    Episode 120
    Karen confesses everything to Mike. Mike agrees not to press charges against her if she produces a list for him of every deal with Artrec, every cheque she forged etc. Sarah asks Katy how her relationship with the older lad she fancies is going. Katy says it isn't and tells Sarah that he's called Mark. Mike drags Joe into the office and lets him know that he's uncovered the whole scam. He tells Joe that he's calling the police and that he can look forward to going back to prison. Karen overhears Joe telling Mike that the only reason he started a relationship with Karen was so that he could use her for forging cheques etc. Karen is hurt and angry. To Joe's horror Karen gives Mike the list of information he requested and tells him that she's transferred all the money they stole from him back into his account. To avoid being a laughing stock in the rag trade Mike agrees not to call the police but tells Joe he never wants to set eyes on him again. Some flowers are delivered for Sunita. Ciaran pretends they're from him. Sunita is delighted with them. Sunita is starting to enjoy having two men fighting over her. Todd gets an interview for a cleaning job at the hospital. Joe and Karen row as Joe packs his things to leave. Karen wants to know if he ever loved her at all. Joe says she had her uses. Mike gets an order from a client. The business is going to be okay. He tells the factory girls that it's work as normal tomorrow. Karen is devastated. She's lost her husband and Joe just used her.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jun, 2003
    Wed 18 Jun, 2003
    Episode 119
    Mike pays the girls half their wages as it's all the business can afford. He instructs Joe to make four of the girls redundant and demote Karen to machinist. One of the redundancies is Fiz. Sunita pours her heart out to Bev and explains how she's torn between Dev and Ciaran. The police drop a bag containing a few of Maxine's belongings off to Ashley now the case is closed. In the bag is the digital camera containing footage of he and Maxine at Christmas. Ashley watches the film and is absolutely devastated, he misses Maxine so much. Claire is shocked to see him in such a state. Peter asks Ken to be his best man at the wedding and not Ciaran, so as to please Shelley. Karen feels terrible about the way Fiz has been treated. Both Janice and Fiz make a point of blanking her in the Rovers. She overhears Steve sticking up for her and saying that she always stands by her mates. Karen is distraught. Dev is gutted when Sunita hands in her notice saying she can no longer work for him. Karen goes to see Mike to confess Joe's plan of ruining him only to find out that Mike has already worked it out.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jun, 2003
    Mon 16 Jun, 2003
    Episode 118
    Ciaran makes it clear that he still fancies Sunita. He tells Sunita that he sent her a letter apologising and explaining everything. Sunita doesn't believe him as she never received it. Sunita asks both Dev and Ciaran to leave as she feels confused. Later Ciaran lets himself back in saying he's nowhere to stay. Sunita lets him have the sofa. Ashley is ashamed that he beat up Gary as he realises that Gary was simply jealous. Ashley apologises to Claire for thinking that she was in on his games. Dev is shocked to see Ciaran coming out of Sunita's flat in the morning. He thinks that Sunita must have slept with him. Sunita is furious that Dev should make such an assumption. Dev apologises. Mike bluffs and tells the factory girls that they will be paid by Wednesday. They believe him and agree to work. Peter is slightly unnerved by Ciaran's return and asks Ciaran not to complicate his wedding arrangements with Shelley. Joe is delighted that Underworld is going under rapidly and soon Mike will be history. Dev admits to Sunita that Ciaran did send her a letter and he hid it from her. Dev gives her the letter. Sunita is furious with Dev and tells him there's no way she would marry him and storms out.moreless
  • Sun 15 Jun, 2003
    Sun 15 Jun, 2003
    Episode 117
    Sunita is the happiest person alive. Dev is coming round for dinner tonight and she knows he's going to propose. Curly is surprised to receive a visiting order from Les. Sunita and Dev have a mock fight with their pricing guns. Todd calls back home to collect his stuff. Eileen tries to talk him out of leaving but they have another row and Todd goes. Claire is very upset when Ashley tells her Gary's latest game. Ashley sets off for Gary's house intent on killing him. Fred follows him with Jason, Tyrone and Kirk. Between them they manage to pull Ashley off Gary. Ashley is upset and shaking. It's brought back all his memories of Maxine's murder. Maz meets Tyrone, Kirk and Fiz for a drink in the Rovers. She admits to Fiz that it's Tyrone she's interested in and not Kirk. Karen asks Joe if they're ready to take over the factory yet. Joe says not. Karen realises that Joe doesn't care about the future of the factory girls and the fact that in the meantime they're not being paid. Dev goes round to Sunita's for dinner. They have a fantastic evening. Dev gets down on one knee and is about to propose to Sunita when they hear a key in the lock and Ciaran lets himself into the flat.moreless
  • Fri 13 Jun, 2003
    Fri 13 Jun, 2003
    Episode 116
    Claire assures Ashley that she's had a word with Gary and that there won't be any more problems. Eileen thinks that Todd has spent the night at the Platts and lays into Sarah again. Gail assures her they haven't seen Todd. Audrey and Fred are horrified to see posters littering every wall, phone box etc. with the message "Congratulations to Ashley and Claire on your Engagement. Love and kisses Maxine". Dev insists on closing the shop and taking Sunita to lunch. She has a lovely time and confides in Shelley that if he proposes again she will accept. Mike realises that he's not going to be able to pay the women. He explains to them there's a cash flow problem. The girls are seriously worried. Fred gets Harry to go round pulling down all the posters before Ashley sees them. Emma gets Norris to baby sit for Ben. Curly is furious that she didn't ask him. Todd and Sarah look in the paper for a bedsit for Todd but they are all too expensive. Ashley takes Joshua out for a walk and spots one of the posters which Harry missed. Ashley is furious and threatens to kill Gary when he finds him.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jun, 2003
    Wed 11 Jun, 2003
    Episode 115
    Gail is shocked to find out that Sarah was thinking of moving to Oxford with Todd. Rosie tells Sally and Kevin that she wants to go on a fat free diet like Kylie Minogue. Sally takes her at her word and serves up brown rice and steamed fish. Rosie isn't impressed! Mike phones the bank and finds out that Underworld is £50k overdrawn. He can't understand it and insists that Joe gets copies of all the bank statements. Joe and Karen start to panic. Sunita is starting to warm to the idea of marrying Dev. She tells Shelley that he's a changed man. Sarah and Todd get back together to both Eileen's and Gail's disappointment. Norris continues to gossip about Ashley and Claire when he sees an article in the Gazette announcing their engagement. Emma lets Curly have an hour with Ben but they end up arguing again. Ken tries to talk Todd into sitting the rest of his exams but Todd refuses. Ashley confronts Claire with the Gazette engagement announcement. Claire denies all knowledge and suspects that Gary might be behind it. Todd is shocked when Eileen tells him that he can find somewhere else to live.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jun, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Sunita admits to Deirdre that she does still love Dev but she wants to be sure that he really loves her as she doesn't want to get hurt. Ashley is shocked when he hears a dedication on the radio from Claire to Ashley. Norris hears it too and immediately starts spreading the gossip. Janice, Angela and Fiz are worried that they're going to have to look for new jobs as there's still no work at the factory. Todd tells Eileen that he didn't sit his exam and that he's decided he's not going to Oxford after all. Eileen is devastated. Todd and Eileen have a huge row. Todd tells Eileen that he never wanted to be a lawyer and was only going down that road to keep her happy. Mike thanks Joe and Karen for being so supportive while things are so difficult at Underworld. Karen feels really guilty. Ashley tells Claire about the radio dedication. Claire denies all knowledge. Ashley isn't sure what to think. Sarah calls on Todd to see how he is. Eileen starts shouting at Sarah and blaming her for Todd's change of plans. Eileen calls Sarah an evil bitch. Gail tries to protect her daughter. Sarah is very upset.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jun, 2003 [Episode 1]
    It's the first day of exams for Todd and Sarah. Todd feels very depressed and blames Eileen for Sarah finishing with him. Tyrone spends another day at the allotment chatting to Maz. He introduces Maz to Jack. Jack agrees to let Maz use his greenhouse. Claire turns up at Ashley's in tears, she's finished with Gary. She tells Ashley how she told Gary that Ashley said she could do better. Ashley wishes he'd never said anything. Norris sees Ashley comforting Claire and misreads the situation. Audrey and Fred worry that Claire has got a crush on Ashley. Ashley dismisses their theory. Dev tells Sunita that he's booked them a surprise weekend in Barcelona. Sunita turns it down saying that she can't be bought. Todd and Sarah start their first exam. Half way through Todd walks out. Sarah follows him. Todd explains that he's made a decision - he's not going to Oxford he's going to stay here to be with Sarah. Sarah tells him that she would never forgive herself if he throws away such an opportunity.moreless
  • Sun 8 Jun, 2003
    Sun 8 Jun, 2003
    Episode 112
    Gail is worried about David as she can tell he's upset about something. Sarah feels guilty. Dev stands by his cousin Naveen and tells Mike that Naveen had nothing to do with the robbery. Mike doesn't believe him. Harry is positive that he did re-set the burglar alarm in the factory. He tells Mike but Mike doesn't believe him. Ashley bumps into Claire on her day off. Claire admits that she's killing time as she's trying to avoid Gary. Ashley invites her for a coffee and pours his heart out to her. Blanche and Tracy are shocked to find out from Archie that Wally was just the gardener at Sutton Grange and that his "widow" Joan is still alive. Kirk and Tyrone visit the allotment again just to oggle at Maz. Hayley borrows Kevin's car to take Roy for his first lot of driving practice. Roy switches the engine on and off again declaring it enough for his first day! The factory girls are still off work as there's no material. Karen feels guilty. Eileen overhears Todd and Sarah discussing their plans for Oxford. Eileen is furious that Todd is planning to saddle himself with Sarah and Bethany. Sarah gets upset. Sarah finishes with Todd telling him that Gail and David need her here. Todd is heartbroken.moreless
  • Fri 6 Jun, 2003
    Fri 6 Jun, 2003
    Episode 111
    Blanche and Tracy row over Wally. Blanche accuses Tracy of luring him away by flaunting herself. Tracy argues that it was Wally who chased her. Kirk, Tyrone and Fiz start work on Jack's allotment. The woman on the next allotment, Maz introduces herself and takes a shine to Kirk. Mike and Joe pay Naveen a visit. Mike accuses Naveen of fronting a false company, ripping him off and stealing all his stock. Naveen denies everything. Blanche tells Archie that she feels sure that Wally was going to propose to her. Archie agrees with her to keep her happy. Roy gets Steve to take him out in his taxi so that he can study a professional driver at work. Roy is appalled with the standard of driving on the streets. Claire's boyfriend Gary calls round to the Peacocks' and is annoyed that she isn't ready. He feels that Claire is being exploited. Mike reports the robbery to the police and tells them he suspects Naveen. David gets upset when he hears that Sarah is intending to move to Oxford. He accuses her of leaving him like Martin did. Mike is worried that the insurance company won't pay out as the burglar alarm wasn't set.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jun, 2003
    Wed 4 Jun, 2003
    Episode 110
    Mike discovers the factory has been broken into. Wally persuades Tracy to spend the day with him. She agrees. Emma dumps Ben on Claire as she has an urgent meeting. The police question Mike, Joe, Karen and Harry. Harry explains how he came back to the factory to get his wallet. Mike accuses him of not re-setting the alarm and sacks him. Harry is very upset. Blanche tells Archie how Wally is still grieving for his wife and doesn't want a serious relationship so they've agreed to be just friends. She persuades Archie that they should call in on Wally for a cup of tea so that Archie can see the house. Blanche and Archie arrive at Wally's. They are shocked to find Wally and Tracy cavorting by the pool. Tracy and Blanche have a cat fight and fall in the pool. Archie is disgusted with Wally who just sits in his sun lounger and doesn't help. They are all shocked to discover that Wally is dead! Joe takes Mike to a deserted warehouse pretending that this is Artrec's address. They speak to a bogus security guard, Joe's friend, who tells them that Artrec disappeared a few days ago. He describes the owner as an Asian lad with goatee beard. Mike immediately suspects that Naveen is behind the whole scam.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jun, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Wally takes Tracy to his mansion. Tracy is dumb-struck. She didn't realise how rich Wally is. Joe and Karen convince everyone they're going to have a cosy night in. Wally spoils Tracy with champagne and caviar. Tracy takes a swim in Wally's pool. Tracy thinks she's hit gold. Wally enjoys letching at her in her swimsuit. Curly moves in with Martin. Martin confides in Curly that he fancies someone half his age and doesn't know what to do. Claire is annoyed when her boyfriend Gary calls for her at Ashley's. Gary's annoyed because of all the overtime she's working. Claire admits to Ashley that Gary is her boyfriend. Joe and Frank burgle the Underworld factory. They are nearly discovered by Harry but manage to get away with it. Wally asks Tracy to spend the night with him. Tracy pretends to be affronted and flounces out. Wally pretends to be sorry and Tracy pretends to forgive him! Tracy agrees to stay the night. Joe arrives home saying that the burglary was a success. Karen worries that they won't get away with it.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jun, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Sunita tells Dev that the answer to his proposal is "no". She feels that Dev doesn't really want to marry her and that it's just a passing phase. Katy gives Martin a sports watch for his birthday. Martin feels uncomfortable and embarrassed. Joe and Karen manage to stall Mike from doing the full stock take. Joe gets an ex-con of his to drive an empty van round and pretend to deliver the Artrec order. Claire's boyfriend calls to see her. Claire pretends to Ashley that he's just a friend. Curly accepts Martin's offer to come and stay with him rather than the Duckworths. Wally takes Blanche out for the day. He drops Blanche back home, waits round the corner for Tracy and then takes Tracy out for the evening. Katy tries to talk to Martin - she tells him she considers him a mate. Martin explains to her that Tommy is his mate and that she's just a kid. Katy is gutted. Karen is panicking that they may have managed to put Mike off the scent for the day but he's soon going to realise that no material was actually delivered. She is shocked when Joe explains that he's planning to burgle the factory and clear the stock room out so that Mike will never know.moreless
  • Sun 1 Jun, 2003
    Sun 1 Jun, 2003
    Episode 107
    Dev confides in Mike that he proposed to Sunita and she turned him down. Joe and Karen are nervous as they get Mike to sign the last cheque to Artrec. The plan is that the cheque will clear while Mike is on holiday in Ireland. Mike decides to ring round a few other suppliers to see if he can get a cheaper deal. Karen is a bag of nerves but eventually Mike signs the cheque and leaves. Martin and Katy complete the Fun Run. Katy helps Martin over the finish line and Martin hugs her. Katy is ecstatic. Fiz and Kirk visit Les in prison and tell him that Curly and Emma have split up. They realise that Curly must know the truth and wonder how they can persuade Curly to come clean and help Les walk free. Dev tells Sunita that he loves her and really wants to marry her. Tracy has dinner with Wally. He gives her a necklace. Blanche phones Wally and apologises for being so forward. They arrange to meet. Tracy is annoyed but can't say anything. Karen and Joe are in celebratory mood thinking they are about to bankrupt Mike when to their horror Mike appears. Mike's holiday has been cancelled and he tells them that instead he's going to conduct a full stock take of the factory.moreless
  • Fri 30 May, 2003
    Fri 30 May, 2003
    Episode 106
    Steve is feeling really depressed at it's his second wedding anniversary. He wonders if Karen has remembered. Karen is thinking the same thing. Dev confides in Mike that he's a changed man and wants to settle down and get married. He tells Mike that he's planning to propose to someone that evening. Curly tries to get back into his house while Emma is out but finds, to his dismay, that she's changed the locks. He and Emma have another slanging match and agree that it's better they live apart for the time being for Ben's sake. Katy and Sarah revise together. Candice turns up. Katy is interested to hear that it's Martin's birthday on Monday. She steers the conversation round to age and admits that she fancies an older man. Sarah and Candice are intrigued. Wally and Tracy go out on a date. Wally flashes his cash around and Tracy is impressed. She asks Wally to keep their friendship a secret. Steve tells Karen he's signed the divorce papers. Karen pretends to be pleased. She tries to give Steve her wedding ring back but he won't accept it. Dev takes Sunita out for dinner and proposes to her. Sunita is furious as Dev has never once said he loves her. She tells Dev that she can't be bought and storms out of the restaurant. Dev is embarrassed.moreless
  • Wed 28 May, 2003
    Wed 28 May, 2003
    Episode 105
    Emma hammers on her front door demanding to see Ben. Curly refuses to let her in. Norris calms Emma down and promises to speak to Curly for her. Wally tells Tracy that he's going to dump Blanche and take her out instead. Tracy is delighted - he's a millionaire and should be dead soon! Norris persuades Curly to talk to Emma. They row over custody of Ben. Emma asks Curly to let her have a couple of hours on her own with Ben. Curly agrees. Dev gets Steve to explain to Sunita why Dev failed to make their date together. Sunita forgives Dev and agrees to go out with him on Friday instead. Sarah cheers up when Todd explains his plan to her. He's worked out how they could afford a flat in Oxford together if she gets a job. Katy is disappointed when she goes for a run with Martin and he brings David along too. Blanche is gutted when Wally finishes with her saying that he's missing his dead wife. Tracy feels slightly guilty. Curly returns home and is distraught to find that Emma has locked him out of the house and refuses to let him in. He goes to stay with Jack and Vera.moreless
  • Mon 26 May, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Curly refuses to let Emma in the house. Mick and Janice offer to put her up. Katy is sulking because Martin cancelled their run. Karen and Steve meet for a drink and discuss the divorce. Both of them are secretly regretting that they split up in the first place. Karen tells Joe that her divorce is going ahead. Joe is delighted. He tells her that they only need one more cheque signed by Mike and they can buy their dream apartment. Dev finds Steve looking very depressed in Street Cars. He insists that Steve has a couple of hours off but stresses that he must be back for 7.30pm when he has a date with Sunita. Steve is grateful. Sarah and Todd go the Weatherfield Arms to meet Stuart, a friend of Todd's. Stuart and Todd talk about university and Sarah feels really left out. She starts to realise that moving to Oxford with Bethany is just a pipedream. Blanche arrives back from Blackpool having had a fantastic time with Wally. She tells Tracy how rich Wally is. Tracy takes an interest. Martin arranges to go for a run with Katy. Katy immediately perks up. Jack calls round to Curly's and tries to talk him into making the first move with Emma. Steve gets drunk and Dev is left stuck in the taxi office. Sunita thinks she's been stood up. Dev tries to explain to her but Sunita doesn't believe him.moreless
  • Mon 26 May, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Katy tarts herself up in the hope that she's going for a run with Martin. She's disappointed to learn that he's taking David and Craig fishing instead. Blanche shows off to Deirdre and Tracy that her boyfriend Wally is going to take her to the coast for the day. Curly confides in Emily that his marriage is on the rocks because Emma thinks more of her job than she does of him and Ben. Steve accuses Karen of only wanting a divorce because it's what Joe wants. Karen denies this but Steve can see she that he's hit a nerve. He agrees to be cited for adultery in the divorce. Fiz and Kirk wind Curly up by having a barbeque and playing Les's Satus Quo cd's very loudly. Dev invites Sunita out for dinner in front of Tracy. Tracy is jealous. Sunita accepts. Emma and Curly continue to row. She suggests they move away and start again. Curly refuses to be driven from his own house. Steve asks Karen for her wedding ring back but she refuses to hand it over. Emma arrives home and is shocked to find that Curly has locked her out. He drops a bin bag full of her clothes out of the window. Emma is horrified.moreless
  • Sun 25 May, 2003
    Sun 25 May, 2003
    Episode 102
    Katy is embarrassed when she sees Martin. Martin tells her just to forget about it. Katy is disappointed. Emma gets called in to see her superior - Superintendent Greenbank. Fiz and Kirk visit Les in prison. Les is very down. NORRIS: "Up here, I'm little different from the young buck who used to be mistaken for one of the Tremeloes" Steve hears that Karen has given notice on flat above the Kabin. He calls round and again tries to patch things up with her but to no avail. Superintendent Greenbank tells Emma that she's to be promoted to Inspector but in a different area so that she will no longer be Les's neighbour. Rosie practices her pop idol routine in her bedroom. Wally calls to see Blanche but she's out. Instead he chats up Tracy while he's waiting. Tracy is amused. Steve is shocked when Karen tells him she wants a divorce. Emma tells Curly about her promotion. Curly tells her she will have to choose between her job and her marriage.moreless
  • Fri 23 May, 2003
    Fri 23 May, 2003
    Episode 101
    Roy quotes from the Highway Code to people in the cafe. Kirk receives a letter and Visitor's Order from Les in prison. Curly and Emma are hardly speaking. They continue to row over Les's wrongful imprisonment. Joe and Karen forge a delivery note for £10k. Norris is fed up - five days of jury service and he still hasn't been picked. Angela, Tommy, Katy and Craig throw their house-warming party. The factory girls give them a joke name plaque for the house - "Dunhidin". Curly confides in Kevin that his marriage is on the rocks. Ashley takes Claire to the party. Ashley misses Maxine but Claire enjoys herself. Roy tells Hayley they need to buy a spade in case they break down when they get a car! Emma follows Curly to the party and tries to talk to him. Curly refuses, Kirk has a go at her over Les and Emma feels thoroughly humiliated. Steve and Patrick go the party. Steve flirts with Maria. Karen feels jealous but covers up and tells Joe that she is going to get a divorce. While the party is in full swing Martin and Katy chat together in the back garden. Katy kisses Martin. Martin is stunned.moreless
  • Wed 21 May, 2003
    Wed 21 May, 2003
    Episode 100
    Mick and Janice go for a celebratory drink and insist that Emma comes with them. Curly refuses and goes home in disgust. Kirk is distraught that Les has been wrongly imprisoned. Fiz tries to cheer him up. Claire confides in Maria that she has a rather possessive boyfriend who is unhappy about the amount of hours she's working for Ashley. Dev calls to see Sunita. He gives her a beautiful sari and tells her how his holiday in India has changed him and he feels spiritually awakened. Blanche gets her hair done as Wally is coming to tea. She warns Audrey that she won't be pinching Wally from her as she did with Archie. Claire takes Joshua to see Ashley in the butchers. Ashley thanks her for working so hard and asks her if she's got a boyfriend. Claire lies and says not. Martin and Katy arrive back from their run. They call in the cafe and chat about the Fun Run. Ashley and Fred are delighted when they get home and find Claire has cooked a stew for them. They insist that she stays and eats with them. Wally has tea at No. 1 with Blanche, Ken, Deirdre and Tracy. Les arrives in prison. He's furious at the injustice of his situation.moreless
  • Mon 19 May, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Les's court case goes ahead. At the last minute Emma changes her mind again and lies to the court saying that it was Les who attacked Mick and not the other way round. Mick is very grateful to her. Emma hates herself for being a coward. Curly is appalled by what she's done. Les's witness Dave backs up Les's story but admits to having had run-ins with the police himself. The jury returns a verdict of guilty and Les is sentenced to six months. Les is devastated.moreless
  • Mon 19 May, 2003 [Episode 1]
    The day of the court case: Les is confident he's going to get off. Emma is nervous about telling the truth and Curly is being very supportive. Tommy and Angela plan to throw a house-warming and name-changing party for the neighbours. Blanche goes to watch the court case from the public gallery. Mike starts to go through the company accounts. Joe keeps fairly cool but Karen is panicking. Just as Mike starts to query the Artrec invoices his phone rings, it's Adam. Karen and Joe are literally saved by the bell! Dev arrives back from his holiday to find Deirdre standing in for Sunita in the shop. Fiz and Kirk wear "Les is innocent" t-shirts in support of Les. Norris is picked for jury service only to find that it's Les's case so he has to step down. Norris is very disappointed. Martin and Katy arrange to go for a run together. Mick tries to persuade Emma to lie for him but so far she refuses. Mick goes to give his evidence then Emma is called to give hers.moreless
  • Sun 18 May, 2003
    Sun 18 May, 2003
    Episode 97
    Norris is trying out different outfits for his jury service. Jason lends Todd a very skimpy pair of running shorts. Jason, Katy and Martin go for a run. Todd and Sarah dip out and go to the cafe. Adam asks Peter if they can spend a couple of days in Plymouth as he knows Susan took him there to see Peter when he was a baby. Peter agrees. Les delights in telling Emma and Curly that he now has a witness. Mike is hurt to find out that Adam is going away with Peter and Shelley having turned down his offer of a holiday in Spain. Joe starts putting pressure on Karen to get a divorce. Karen feels unnerved by this. Curly tries to persuade Emma that she has to come clean and that she can't risk lying in court. Emma tries to stand up for Mick saying he's a good policeman. Joe and Karen are shocked when Mike says that not only has he cancelled his holiday but he's decided to use the time to go through all the company books. Blanche arrives back from Wally's house. She's so impressed with his bar, his swimming pool and his rolling acres! Emma meets up with Mick and tells him she's changed her mind can no longer testify for him. Mick is devastated.moreless
  • Fri 16 May, 2003
    Fri 16 May, 2003
    Episode 96
    Shelley tells Peter that he's got to spend more time with Adam to show him that he cares. Tracy and Deirdre gently tease Blanche about her new fancy man Wally. Tracy suggests to Candice she should go out with Adam but Candice dismisses him as a child. Martin tries to interest Katy in doing the hospital fun run. Katy, Todd and Sarah agree to do it. Candice thinks it's childish. Adam wishes he could join in but realises he'll be back in Scotland. Mike has a heart to heart with Adam and tells him how much he means to him. He asks Adam to come away to Spain with him but is disappointed when he refuses. Joe gets Karen to forge Mike's signature on the first cheque to Artrec. Kirk gives Les some really good news; he introduces him to Dave Arden a tramp who witnessed Mick beating up Les. Tommy and Angela decide it's time to change their name back to Harris. Blanche is delighted when Wally phones and invites her to his birthday party. Having consulted his solicitor, Les now feels confident that with Dave as witness the jury will find him not guilty.moreless
  • Wed 14 May, 2003
    Wed 14 May, 2003
    Episode 95
    Joe tells Karen that as partner in crime she will have to get Mike to sign cheques to Artrec too. Tommy and Martin go fishing together. Janice asks Mick why Curly looked so miserable all evening. Mick doesn't answer. Adam continues to give Peter and Mike a hard time for being too busy to bother with him. He eventually agrees to go shopping with Mike but on condition Peter goes too. Peter asks Bev is she could stay around for a bit longer as they might need someone to look after Adam. Mick plans to take Janice away for a long weekend. Janice is delighted. Karen suggests to Joe that they should start forging Mike's signature rather than getting him to sign all the cheques. Joe likes the idea. Blanche introduces Wally to Deirdre and Ken. He invites them all to come and use his swimming pool. Les asks Ken to be a character witness for him. Ken refuses. In desperation Les asks Shelley and Archie both of whom refuse. Emma and Curly witness Les's desperation. They both feel terrible about it. Joe gets Karen to sign some bank papers making her a co-signatory on the Artrec account. She is now officially his partner in crime. Les breaks down in front of Kirk at the injustice of his situation.moreless
  • Mon 12 May, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Mike receives a call from the school, Adam has absconded because he was caught drinking. Adam tells Mike and Peter how none of them really cares about him. Karen is furious with Joe and points out that they could both end up in prison. Shelley tells her mum how much she enjoys having her around. Bev admits that she's enjoyed it too. Emma, Curly, Mick and Janice meet in the Rovers on their way to the party. Mick thanks Curly for lying on his behalf. Curly tells him he is disgusted by the whole thing and is only lying because he feels he has no choice. Adam spends the night at the Rovers with Peter, Shelley and Bev. Joe takes Karen to see a loft-style apartment. He tells her that if she comes in on the scam with him they will have the money to buy one of these. Karen starts to crack. Tommy and Martin arrange to go fishing together. Joe explains his plan to Karen; how he is going to slowly take all Mike's money off him and then buy the factory with it. Blanche arrives back from her tea dance full of the joys. She's met a new boyfriend, Wally Bannister and she's very smitten. Karen finally caves in and agrees to Joe's plan.moreless
  • Mon 12 May, 2003 [Episode 1]
    The factory girls are impressed with Harry's standard of cleaning. Bev tells Shelley that it's time she moved on. She goes to have a look at a pub in Dyserth Falls, North Wales. Bev doesn't really want to go but feels she should for Shelley's sake. Shelley doesn't want her to go but keeps quiet for Bev's sake! Archie persuades Blanche to attend a tea dance with him. Blanche plays hard to get but is delighted on the quiet. Les goes to see his barrister who tells him that he must only answer yes and no to the questions thrown at him as he stands no chance if it gets personal. Curly admits to Emma that he's dreading going to her colleague's leaving do as he doesn't want to see Mick. Gail apologises to Eileen and tells her that Sarah is talking about moving to Oxford. Eileen advises Gail to ignore it as it probably won't happen anyway. Eileen is delighted when Jason turns down the offer of a drink with Tony in favour of going out in his new car. Gail makes up with Sarah and apologises for treating her like a child. Adam turns up at Ken and Deirdre's unexpectedly. Joe explains to Karen that he intends to ruin Mike Baldwin and take over the factory. He asks her to help him to do it.moreless
  • Sun 11 May, 2003
    Sun 11 May, 2003
    Episode 92
    Jason asks Eileen to take out a loan so that he can buy a car. He promises to pay her back but she refuses. Jason is depressed. Claire the nanny calls round to Ashley's wanting a reference. Ashley realises that he made a mistake sacking her and offers her the job back. Claire is delighted. Eileen overhears Sarah saying how Todd gets a much better deal than Jason and that Eileen doesn't seem to give a toss about Jason. Eileen is shocked. Karen hires Harry to do 15 hours cleaning a week at Underworld. Joe is unnerved when Karen says that she's been looking at the Underworld accounts. Vera catches Jack skiving in his new green house at the allotment. He's supposed to be planting vegetables that they can sell and not drinking lager! Eileen surprises Jason when she takes out a loan for £1800 and buys him a car. He has to pay her back £62 per month. Jason is over the moon. Sarah arrives home with Bethany. Gail is delighted thinking she's come to her senses. Fred finishes with Petula as she had so many irritating habits! Norris is upset when the bank refuse his mortgage application. Emily puts him out of his misery and tells him that she's not selling the house anyway. Karen asks Joe to explain the Underworld accounts to her. Gail is shocked when Sarah says that she and Bethany are going to move to Oxford with Todd when he goes to university.moreless
  • Fri 9 May, 2003
    Fri 9 May, 2003
    Episode 91
    Eileen has a go at Jason for waking her up at 5.30am on his way to work. Jason feels just as picked on as when he was on the dole. Todd asks Eileen if Sarah can stay over occasionally. Eileen says yes so long as Gail is happy with the arrangement. Emily is delighted when Gail tells her that her house is safe and will not be sold. Emily and Rita keep quiet from Norris and continue to let him think he's going to be Emily's landlord. Joe gives Karen a gold necklace. He's put out when she threads her wedding ring onto it. Roy practises his driving skills with a dinner plate in the cafe. Jack decides to keep the green house and move it to the allotment. Audrey can't bring herself to tell Gail that she's unable to bail her out so instead she confides in Archie that she's going to take out a loan against her own house. Sarah asks Gail if she can stay at Todd's. Gail says no. Sarah slips out anyway and leaves Bethany with David. Les asks Norris if he can swing the jury in his favour when he's doing jury service. Norris refuses. Sarah lies to Eileen and tells her that Gail is happy for her to stay over. Gail finds that Sarah is missing. She goes straight round to Eileen's and before Eileen can explain she dumps Bethany in Eileen's arms and tells her she can have the granddaughter as well as the daughter.moreless
  • Wed 7 May, 2003
    Wed 7 May, 2003
    Episode 90
    Vera gets a phone call to say she's won a dream house. She's ecstatic. Norris goes to the bank and gets all the mortgage forms to buy Emily's house. Emily is seriously worried, especially when Norris tells her of the alterations he's going to make. Audrey admits to Gail that she's had second thoughts about her and the kids moving in but that instead she will pay off Gail's debts for her so they don't have to move. Kevin makes up with Rosie. He tells her she can have her mates round so they can practise their singing and dancing. Jason arrives home worn out after his first day at the new job in Warrington. Jason moans to Tony about the fact that Eileen has bought Todd a laptop and Todd is her favourite. Fred takes Petula Peach out on a date. Petula mistakes Ashley and Curly for a gay couple. Audrey is panicking. She confides in Archie that she's checked her investments to find that they've plummeted and she's not sure that she can afford to bail Gail out as promised. Vera is showing off to everyone in the pub that she's moving to a dream house when to her horror she goes outside to see a green house being delivered to No. 9. She misheard the man on the phone.moreless
  • Mon 5 May, 2003 [Episode 2]
    David admits that he put the brick through the window. Initially Vera is furious but she calms down when David tells her how he can hear Gail crying at night. David starts to cry. Vera feels guilty and later she apologises to Gail. Sally suggests to Kevin that they compromise with Rosie and offer to pay for singing lessons and dancing lessons if in return she starts to behave herself. Tony tells Jason that he's found him some more work but it's in Warrington. Fred plans a night out with Petula Peach, the widow of the abattoir owner. He's hoping to win some business from her. Fred: If all goes well, in future she'll be taking a lot of my sausage. Vera finally accepts that their savings are gone and that she and Jack have to make the best of it. Les, Kirk and Swanny, an ex-wrestler, carry out Kirk's plan in the pub. It goes wrong when Les fails to duck at the right time and gets a black eye. Todd is delighted to find that Eileen has bought him a laptop computer on the drip. Jason feels left out and jealous. Gail tells Sarah and David that they'll be moving in with Audrey. Sarah suggests that she could get a place with Todd but Gail won't hear of it.moreless
  • Mon 5 May, 2003 [Episode 1]
    David can't believe Gail's reaction. He thinks she should call the police but she refuses. Kevin interrogates Rosie about what she was doing in Birmingham. She tells them that she went to audition for a girl band but she wasn't picked. Kirk likens Les to Nelson Mandela and suggests they drum up some support for him. They call on different neighbours asking them to be character witnesses for Les but they all refuse. Audrey is appalled to hear about Vera throwing a brick through Gail's window and insists that Gail and the kids should come and live with her while they sell the house. Gail agrees to ask them. Kevin tells Rosie she's not allowed out. Sally thinks he's being too strict. Mike finds Joe working on a Bank Holiday. Joe explains that he's just writing to a new supplier. Kirk comes up with an idea; to get a stranger to push Les about in the pub and for Les to simply turn the other cheek, so proving that Les is not a violent man. Sarah and Todd discuss getting a place of their own. Vera phones and gives Gail a hard time again. David has had enough. He goes round to Vera's and chucks a rock through her window. Audrey sees him do it. Vera comes out and thinks that Audrey threw the rock.moreless
  • Sun 4 May, 2003
    Sun 4 May, 2003
    Episode 87
    Kevin goes berserk with Rosie when he sees that she's had her belly button pierced. He tells her she's grounded. Vera is delighted when Jack tells her he's won £500, but then she finds out that he's run up nearly £600 on the phone bill. She bans him from doing any more competitions. Steve decides it's time to move into the flat about the taxi office. Eileen helps him move. Steve breaks down and Eileen comforts him. Gail explains to Emily that the creditors may have a claim on her house too. Rosie sneaks out of the house while nobody's looking. Sally and Kevin are angry at first but then they start to worry. Sally phones the police. Todd suggests to Sarah that they get a place and start living together. Gail calls on Jack and Vera. She apologises to them and explains that they won't be getting their £20k back as there's simply no money to pay it. Vera later goes round to Gail's. She shouts through the letterbox demanding her money and then she throws a stone through the window. Norris suggests to Emily that he could buy her house. They could continue just as they are except he would be her landlord. Steve suggests to Joe and Karen that they should all start being civil to each other. Karen is unnerved by this and wonders what his agenda is. The Police find Rosie and bring her home. It transpires she's been to Birmingham on the train.moreless
  • Fri 2 May, 2003
    Fri 2 May, 2003
    Episode 86
    Eileen suggests to Steve that he could move into the flat above the taxi office now Joe's gone. Steve says he'd rather continue to live with she and the boys. Rosie continues to be a teenage nightmare. She brings up the subject of Kevin's and Sally's affairs much to their embarrassment. Jack wins six boxes of toilet cleaner. Vera tells him to get rid of it as it matches her purple hair. Gail tells Vera that she's seeing her solicitor about Richard's affairs and that she hopes there will be enough money to pay she and Jack back their £20,000. Les tells Curly that Kirk is going to stand as a witness against Mick and Emma. Curly realises that Kirk is lying explains to Les that Kirk could go to prison for perjury. Gail sees her solicitor and is shocked to learn that Richard's fraudulent dealings have left behind enormous debts. There will be no legal charges against Gail but she finds out that their joint account is in debt to the tune of £40,000. Rosie has another tantrum when Sally and Kevin refuse to let her have her ears pierced. Les tells Kirk that he mustn't lie in court as it will only make matters worse. Gail tells David and Sarah that she's going to have to sell the house to pay off their debts.moreless
  • Wed 30 Apr, 2003
    Wed 30 Apr, 2003
    Episode 85
    Steve sits in the taxi office listening to Karen and Joe making love in the flat above. Tracy has to borrow £150 from Deirdre to pay her hotel bill as Dev has stopped her credit card, but not before she managed to run up £1000 on it. Kevin gives in and buys Rosie a mobile. Rosie is unhappy because it's an old one and therefore uncool. Steve accosts Joe and Karen on the street and tells Joe that he's got until 12 noon to shift his stuff from the flat. Karen points out that legally he can't do that. Vera goes for a colour and perm at the Salon. She is horrified when Maria turns her hair purple by accident. Candice finds it funny. Maria is mortified. Jason agrees to help Steve clear all Joe's stuff out of the flat. They pack everything into boxes and binliners and dump it outside the factory. Rosie has two friends round. They go up to Rosie's bedroom and play loud music. Kevin gets fed up and throws them out. Rosie is thoroughly embarrassed and accuses Kevin of being ancient just like her mobile! Joe discovers all his belongings outside the factory. To Steve's horror his plan backfires on him when Karen tells Joe not to worry as he can move in with her above the Kabin.moreless
  • Mon 28 Apr, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Steve is starting to win Karen round. She asks Steve to go and wait in the flat for her as she just wants two minutes with Joe. Reluctantly he goes. Kirk continues to look for the dog. He fails to notice a beggar with a dog which fits the photo-fit. Kirk doesn't realise he's in a red light area and is arrested on suspicion of kerb-crawling. The policeman lets him go when he finds that Kirk only has 70p on him. Deirdre apologises to Tracy for gloating and asks her to come home. Tracy says she will eventually but not yet. Jason is gutted when Tony, under pressure from Merle, tells him he'll have to move back home to Eileen's. Eileen can see that Jason is upset. She asks him if he wants his old bed back and he admits that he does. Kirk offers to perjure himself for Les and pretend that he witnessed Les's thumping. Joe tries really hard to persuade Karen to forget about Steve and go out with him but Karen says she wants to make a go of her marriage. However Steve phones and demands to know why she's been so long. She realises that he still doesn't trust her. She turns her back on Steve and she and Joe have sex in the factory. Steve hammers on the door.moreless
  • Mon 28 Apr, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Tracy tells Deirdre that she's dumped Dev and is now enjoying herself with his credit card. She's booked into a swanky hotel. Rosie has a tantrum because Kevin won't let her have a mobile phone. Audrey re-opens the Salon. They are packed out and she and Maria can barely cope. Kirk asks Les to think hard if there were any witnesses when he got thumped by Mick. Les remembers there was a dog. Kirk makes a canine photo-fit kit and between them they make up a picture of the dog. Deidre goes to give Dev a piece of her mind for the way he's treated Tracy. She can't help herself and slaps him across the face. She later tells Tracy who is unimpressed and accuses Deirdre of gloating. Dev is annoyed with Peter for having passed on his comments about Tracy. He blames Peter for their break-up. Les and Kirk go looking for the dog who fits Les' description. Tony takes Jason to the Rovers where they bump into Eileen. Candice again asks Audrey for a job at the Salon. This time Audrey agrees as she's been so run off her feet. Dev lets slip to Steve that he slept with Deirdre. Steve is gob-smacked. Steve goes to find Karen just as she's leaving the factory. In front of Joe and all the factory girls he declares his undying love for Karen and begs her to give him another chance.moreless
  • Sun 27 Apr, 2003
    Sun 27 Apr, 2003
    Episode 82
    Tracy gets Peter to tell her exactly what Dev said about her. Tracy is furious. Mike overhears Joe trying to chat up Karen again. Mike tells Steve that if he wants Karen back he'd better get in there quick before Joe takes over. While Dev is out Tracy takes the scissors to all Dev's designer clothes. Les goes to see his solicitor. It's not good news. The solicitor tells him that without a witness the jury are likely to believe Mick and Emma and that with his record he'll get a prison sentence. Les bumps into Peter who has an appointment at the same solicitors. Peter wants to find out how quickly he can get divorced and is shocked to find out that it's 18 months minimum. Maria persuades Audrey to give her another chance working at the Salon. Shelley wants to know what Peter was doing at the solicitors. He lies and says he was sorting out some bad debtors at the bookies. Joe asks Karen out for dinner and eventually she agrees to go. Tracy orders herself some expensive clothes on Dev's credit card. Bev insists on discussing wedding arrangements with Peter. Peter feels very uncomfortable. Dev arrives home and is shocked to find what Tracy's done to his clothes. She explains that she thought they had a future but she's found out from Peter that's not the case. Tracy storms out.moreless
  • Fri 25 Apr, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Merle encourages Jason to go and make up with Eileen as she wants rid of him but Jason doesn't take the hint and refuses. Audrey starts getting the salon ready for re-opening. Maria and Candice both ask her for a job, they end up rowing with each other and Audrey refuses to take either of them on. Tracy goes shopping with Shelley for her bridesmaid dress. She natters on to Shelley about what sort of wedding she and Dev will have. Shelley keeps quiet. Tony calls to see Eileen and asks her to try and persuade Jason to come home. Eileen agrees although she realises that she will be doing Tony's dirty work for him. Vera has another go at Gail over her lost savings. She tells Gail that as Richard spent the money on her and her family, she ought to pay Vera back. Tracy tells Shelley that she's getting divorced from Robert and that she's letting him have everything as she'll have plenty of money when she marries Dev. Bev apologises to Roy for playing a joke on him. Steve tells Dev that he wants Karen back. Dev suggests he should tell Karen rather than him. Shelley can no longer keep it a secret and tells Tracy that Dev has no intention of marrying her. Tracy is upset and then furious. She plans to get even.moreless
  • Fri 25 Apr, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Roy is worried that Bev fancies him and he doesn't want to hurt her. He asks Fred and Harry for some advice on handling women. They offer to lend him a copy of "Women are Venus and Men are from Mars". Merle demands that Tony must get rid of Jason as it's her house and she doesn't want him. Tony can't bring himself to tell him. Shelley persuades Maria to take her job back at the Rovers. Eileen confides in Patrick how upset she is about Jason living with Tony. Hayley finds out that Bev tried to seduce Roy for a joke. She tells Bev exactly what she thinks of her and storms out of the pub. Jason starts his new job on the building site with his dad. Tony chats to him about his family. Jason is intrigued and wants to know more. Roy tells Hayley that Bev fancies him and he's worried that she will get hurt. Hayley gently explains to Roy that Bev was playing a joke on him. Roy suggests they buy Scrabble in a foreign language. Hayley realises just how much she loves Roy. Janice and Fiz deliver the £52 they've collected from their whip round to Angela. Angela is moved to tears. Tracy chats to Dev about weddings. Shelley worries that Tracy will get hurt and wants to warn her off Dev but Peter won't let her. Maria short changes a customer. Bev and Maria have a huge row. Maria tries to chuck a drink over Bev but misses and gets Fred. Shelley sacks her.moreless
  • Mon 21 Apr, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Bev tries to chat up Roy but to no avail. She tells Roy she's lonely - he suggests she gets a dog! To Tony and Merle's horror Jason turns up saying that he's left his mum and has come to live with them. Les is delighted when Steve gives him his job back at Street Cars. Eileen tracks Jason down to Merle's house. She and Tony have a huge row. Jason is disgusted with them and storms out. Bev holds a lock-in at the Rovers but it's girls only. Shelley warns Deirdre that she thinks Tracy is going to end up getting hurt by Dev. She explains that Tracy thinks he's going to propose to her and that Dev has told Peter that it's just a casual relationship. Karen and Janice get drunk at the pub lock-in. Karen admits to Janice that she still loves Steve and starts to cry. Jason arrives back at Tony's only to find that he and Eileen are still rowing. Tony changes his mind and tells Jason he's very welcome to stay. Eileen pleads with him to come home but he chooses to stay with his dad. Bev tells Maria what she thinks of her, she tells her she's lazy, useless and looks like a constipated spaniel. Maria calls Bev a slut and quits her job. Shelley tries to get her to change her mind but Maria is adamant.moreless
  • Mon 21 Apr, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Steve and Karen bump into each other, neither knows what to say. Independently they admit to their friends they still love each other. It is Roy and Hayley's 4th wedding anniversary. He buys her a bracelet with tulips on it and she buys him driving lessons, which Roy secretly dreads. Bev thinks Fred fancies her and is worried he might propose. Peter tells Shelley that Dev thinks Tracy is good in bed but not marriage material. Shelley is worried as she knows Tracy is expecting Dev to propose. Todd insists on talking to Gail. At first Gail refuses to listen but gradually Todd wins her round. Gail invites him for tea. Sarah is delighted when Gail apologises for flying off the handle. She says they can still see each other but must do plenty of revision. Tony and Jason chat in the pub about Jason's new job. Bev holds forth at the bar about the different types of men and how you can categorise them by their drinks. Maria scowls at her in the background. Bev bets she can get the next man to walk into the pub to kiss her. It's Roy! Jason has a huge row with Eileen, he calls her a whore and she slaps him. He accuses Eileen of never giving Tony a chance. He makes her admit that Tony did once propose to her. Eileen tries to make Jason see what a lousy father Tony would have been. Jason gets his things and storms out. Eileen breaks down - she's worried that she's lost her son to Tony.moreless
  • Sun 20 Apr, 2003
    Sun 20 Apr, 2003
    Episode 77
    Tommy feels better and discharges himself from hospital against Martin's advice. Sally is still cross with Kevin for keeping the Nelsons' secret from her and not trusting her. Tommy arrives home and makes it clear to Kevin and Sally that he's not impressed with Sally for having a go at Angela. Fiz lets slip to Roy that Hayley knew the Nelsons' secret. Roy is disappointed that Hayley didn't confide in him but admires Hayley for her loyalty to Angela. Audrey talks to Archie about re-opening the hairdressers and finding a replacement for Maxine. Shelley and Peter go for lunch at Dev and Tracy's. Nobody really wants to be there and Peter worries that Tracy might spill the beans about Lucy. Gail is furious when she finds out from Eileen that Todd has been living with Sarah the whole time she's been away. She shouts at Martin for not keeping an eye on them. Eileen is shocked and hurt when Tony bangs on the door and tells her that he's got Jason a job. Eileen realises that Jason has been meeting his dad behind her back. Tracy tells Shelley that she reckons Dev will propose to her within a month. Shelley is shocked that Tracy just sees it as a game. Gail lambastes Sarah and Todd for lying to her. It reminds her of all the lies Richard fed her and she's very upset. She bans Sarah from seeing Todd again until after her exams in June. Sarah and Todd are gutted.moreless
  • Fri 18 Apr, 2003
    Fri 18 Apr, 2003
    Episode 76
    Tommy's operation is successful and Katy is now allowed home. Angela is relieved. She hugs Craig and tells him she couldn't have got through it without him. Maria complains to Fred about Bev. Fred has a word with Shelley. Shelley and Bev fall out but soon make up and Shelley realises that Bev is right about Maria, she's bone idle. Eileen goes on at Jason to get a job. Todd moves back home from Sarah's. Katy confesses that it's her fault the Morgan brothers found them. She admits to meeting up with her old Sheffield friends at the pop concert. Angela goes berserk but soon calms down and forgives Katy. To Dev's horror Tracy invites Shelley and Peter round for Sunday lunch. Gail, Audrey and David arrive back from Canada. Gail comments on how clean and tidy the house is. Sarah lies and says she's hardly seen Todd at all. Angela, Katy and Craig arrive back home and are delighted to be told by a police officer that Nick Morgan has now been caught and both brothers have been charged with attempted murder. They can now be taken off the witness protection scheme and revert back to their proper name Harris. Sally has a go at Angela accusing her of putting everyone's lives at risk. Angela explains that the Morgan brothers were after her and no one else but Sally refuses to listen.moreless
  • Wed 16 Apr, 2003
    Wed 16 Apr, 2003
    Episode 75
    Tommy has been shot in the top of the arm. Katy is okay but suffering from lack of insulin. They are taken to hospital by ambulance. The police catch Andy Morgan but Nick escapes. Ashley, having seen what's going on next door panics that Joshua might have been hurt. Claire returns with Joshua who is fine but Ashley sacks her saying that he needs to be with his son. Claire feels terrible. Sally is furious with Kevin for keeping the Nelsons' secret from her. She now worries that the Morgan family will be after them too for calling the police. Martin tells Sarah that she should tell Gail that Todd has been living in the house before she hears it from someone else. Sarah and Todd discuss how much they've enjoyed living on their own with Bethany. Rita and Norris feel guilty for having thought the worst of the Nelsons now they know the truth. Angela visits Tommy and is told that they're not sure that they can save his arm. Bev clears glasses and changes a barrel in the pub, both things Maria should have done. Maria thinks Bev is stirring things on purpose. Norris gets called to do Jury Service. Jason goes to Tony and Merle's house for dinner. Tony promises to try and get Jason a job on the building site where he works. Katy is on the mend. Angela breaks down at Katy's bedside. She's worried about Tommy and the fact they may have to move again.moreless
  • Mon 14 Apr, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Andy and Nick Morgan hold Katy hostage and lie in wait for Angela. Katy is becoming really ill as they won't let her have her insulin injection. Karen and Steve fight over their belongings. Steve walks out with the TV, Karen hides the remote control. Angela and Tommy find Craig in the cafe. Craig explains that he made up the story about being in the school play for a bit of fun. Angela and Craig forgive him. Ashley and Fred return home to find that Claire and Joshua are getting on really well. Claire takes Joshua out for a walk. Sally tells Kevin about the two men who called looking for the Nelsons. Kevin is worried and goes to check on their house. He can't get any reply and asks Sally to call the police. Sally is bemused but does as she's told. Dev gives Tracy a credit card on his own account. Tracy is delighted. The Morgan brothers threaten to kill Katy. Katy is petrified. Jason is delighted with Steve's TV until he realises he has to walk over to it to change channels. Kevin sees Angela, Tommy and Craig coming out of the cafe. He tells them about the two lads. Angela and Tommy immediately panic about Katy's safety. The police arrive and surround the house. Katy screams and Tommy forces his way in through the front door. Two gun shots can be heard.moreless
  • Mon 14 Apr, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Craig pretends to have lost his voice. Angela is suspicious. Sarah gets Emily to look after Bethany so that she and Todd can enjoy their last day of freedom in the house together. Ashley leaves Joshua with Claire the nanny for the first time. He worries about him. Jack thinks he's won £100 in a competition. Later he finds out that he hasn't. Vera is furious and belts him in the Rovers. Angela overhears Katy and Craig rowing. She accuses Craig of lying about his voice. Craig comes clean and admits that the school play was last Saturday and that he never had a part in it. He then runs away. Angela and Tommy want to know where Katy and Craig were on Saturday night but Katy doesn't tell them. Bev watches Maria working in the Rovers and realises she's lazy. Nick and Andy Morgan turn up looking for the Nelsons. They see Katy come out of No. 13 and mistakenly bang on the door only to find Rosie and Sally. Sally points out the Nelsons' house to them. Hayley sees Craig wandering the streets and takes him to the cafe for chips, meanwhile Angela is out looking for him. Katy is home alone. Steve calls round to the flat and demands half of everything. Karen is shocked. Katy answers the doorbell and is terrified to find that it's the Morgan brothers.moreless
  • Sun 13 Apr, 2003
    Sun 13 Apr, 2003
    Episode 72
    Steve has spent the night camping on Eileen's sofa. Emily is uneasy at the attention Norris draws to her in Roys Rolls - he's concerned that she's withdrawn into herself. Katy is able to go to the concert under the ruse that she is accompanying Craig to a dress rehearsal for his play. She meets her friends and is watched with interest by a strange man (Andy Morgan). Jack & Tyrone win the £50 prize for a crossword competition. Maria shows interest when she thinks they've won the Lottery. Karen tells Janice that she still loves Steve. Blanche has tricked the whole family into another meal. The atmosphere is uncomfortable and Dev makes to leave early. Blanche berates them for making no effort, apart from Ken, when he should have the biggest grievance. Tommy & Angela are pleased to see Tyrone in the Rovers, as they think it proves that Katy really is at the play rehearsal. Emily is concerned that she is going to lose her house because she'd sold it to Richard. Karen tells a devastated Steve that she can't trust him, so she's getting out while she still can. Andy Morgan follows Katy home to Coronation Street - he makes a phone call to say he's found the whereabouts of the family.moreless
  • Fri 11 Apr, 2003
    Fri 11 Apr, 2003
    Episode 71
    Janice advises Karen that it should be Steve that has to leave the flat, not her. The Nelsons are becoming aware of Katy's new dietary regime to ward off her diabetes. Joe is pleased to hear that Karen has left Steve. Karen rebuffs him when he instantly makes a move on her. Claire Casey calls round to collect some references she'd forgotten from the previous day's nanny interview. She proves an instant hit with Joshua, and Ashley offers her the job, despite having misgivings the previous day over her lack of experience. Fred is disappointed in Ashley's choice, preferring a stricter, more experienced candidate. Steve restrains himself from hitting Joe, when he gloats over the fact that Karen won't talk to him. Karen tells the factory girls that she's left Steve. She apologises to Joe and they make friends. Katy hatches a plan with Craig to allow her to go to the concert. Blanche invites Tracy to tea on Saturday - just the two of them. Steve goes to the flat to find Karen is there and has changed the locks. She's put his belongings in a bin bag, and throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 9 Apr, 2003
    Wed 9 Apr, 2003
    Episode 70
    Steve is hungover in the flat whilst Karen has spent the night at Janice's. Janice is providing a sympathetic ear and tells her she can stay as long as she likes. It's Joshua's first birthday and Fred and Ashley interview three candidates for the nanny position. Tyrone provides an alibi for Katy's absence the previous night, and Tommy again warns him to keep away from her. Joe returns to Underworld from Wolverhampton - Janice tells him that Karen's not well and won't be in, but he's suspicious that there's more to the situation. Roy helps Jack and Kirk with a crossword. Steve confides in Eileen, as Janice gives him a hard time for what he's done to Karen. Tommy tells Katy that she's grounded and can't go to the concert. Steve confronts Joe in the Rovers for taking his wife off him. Joe convinces him that nothing has happened between he and Karen, and Steve realises how big a mistake he's made.moreless
  • Mon 7 Apr, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Karen leaves a message on the answerphone, saying she'll be home within half an hour. Terrified, Steve throws Julie out and tries to hide the evidence of their liaison. Mick and Janice unpack Mick's belongings in the flat. Steve goes on the offensive with Karen and questions why she has come home early. She is annoyed that has to explain herself, when he should be pleased that she's back. Katy meets Louise and is persuaded to join her at a concert in Manchester on Saturday night. Karen insists to Steve that without trust, their marriage is worthless. Craig gives a lackluster performance of Bugsy to his parents. Les confronts Janice, Mick, Curly and Emma in the pub. Curly surprises Emma by leaping strongly to her defence. Karen finds a blonde hair in their bed - unable to find an excuse, Steve admits to a meaningless one-night stand and tries to blame Karen for going to Wolverhampton in the first place. She is incensed, and distraught at his breach of trust, leaves. Katy explains her absence that night by saying she was with Tyrone. Jack is disappointed as the closing date for the dream house competition proves to be from the previous year. Curly feels implicated in the frame-up because he'd defended Emma to Les. Janice and Mick happen upon a sobbing Karen who tells them she's left Steve for good.moreless
  • Mon 7 Apr, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Karen leaves for the business trip, despite Steve's entreaties to reconsider for the sake of their marriage. Janice gives Mick a set of keys to her flat. Steve watches Karen and Joe leave the Street in a flash hire car. Jack, Kirk and Tyrone ponder a competition to describe a dream house in twenty words or less. Peter suggests to a disbelieving Shelley that they try for a baby straight away. Emma tells Curly that Les' allegations have been officially logged but that she's not going to change her story. With Karen's mobile switched off, Steve phones the hotel in Wolverhampton to discover that there is only one room booked, in the name of Joe Carter. Les' feelings of persecution grow, when he receives a new set of divorce papers from Janice. Concerned at his parents increasing interest, Craig enlists Rosie's help to swot up on the play. Katy manages to get out of the house to meet her friend Louise, from Sheffield. Steve goes to a bar to get drunk where a girl called Julie chats him up. After their dinner with clients, Joe comes on strong to Karen and, with thoughts of her argument with Steve on her mind, she takes a taxi home to Weatherfield. Steve takes Julie to his flat, and sleeps with her, thinking that Karen is doing the same with Joe in Wolverhampton.moreless
  • Sun 6 Apr, 2003
    Sun 6 Apr, 2003
    Episode 67
    Karen pretends to be a dutiful housewife then makes her feelings clear to Steve that she is entitled to an opinion and storms out. Mike plays the heavy with Tyrone and orders him to be in the Rovers at 6.00 o'clock with his money. Sally tells Kevin how useless Tracy is in the betting shop. Katy tries and fails to talk Tyrone out of stealing a car to pay Mike's money back. Steve brushes off Les, telling him he'll deal with his sacking when he's less busy. Karen is touched when Steve gives her his support in her efforts at a career. Emma is defensive with Curly and says that Les brought on his troubles himself. Craig is awkward when Tommy and Angela confirm they'll be coming to see his play. Tyrone is bracing himself to steal a car, when Vera gives him praise for putting all his past behaviour behind him. Steve and Karen are affectionate, but Steve is finding it difficult to curb his jealousy. Joe casually mentions to Karen that the trip to Wolverhampton involves an overnight stay. Karen is unhappy, but wanting to prove she is her own boss, agrees to come. Les offers Janice a divorce if Mick drops the case against him - she angrily refuses. Katy overhears Mike admitting that he's winding Tyrone up and no money is missing. She tries to warn Tyrone by phoning him, but he's already breaking into a car. The owner of the car gives chase to Tyrone, but Tyrone manages to outrun him. Steve doesn't believe that Karen was unaware of the overnight stay. Karen is frustrated and annoyed that he doesn't trust her and is determined to go on the trip. Mick agrees to move in with Janice the next day. Mike admits his joke. Tyrone is annoyed at first, but admits that he has got off lightly. Wracked with jealousy over Joe, Steve tells Karen to choose between her career and their marriage. If she goes to Wolverhampton, then she shouldn't bother coming back.moreless
  • Fri 4 Apr, 2003
    Fri 4 Apr, 2003
    Episode 66
    Les is dressed up for a court appearance. Curly tackles Emma to tell the truth. He's horrified that she's taking the side of someone who's framing an innocent man to save himself. Tyrone confesses to Vera that he's been accused of stealing the money but Vera is quick to blame Katy. Mick pleads with Emma to stand by him when she tells him that she's considering changing her statement. Mike delights in covertly confirming the rumour to the factory girls that £1000 of his has been stolen. Dev sacks Les for bringing the cab firm into disrepute. Peter takes Tracy on at the bookies, even though Sally says she's no longer short-handed. Joe winds Karen up for refusing to come to the trade fair with him. He tells her that she has to choose between being a housewife, or a success in business. Kevin refuses to give Tyrone a loan to pay back Mike's money. Karen informs Steve that she wants a career so she's going to the conference, whether he likes it or not. A drunken Les confronts Mick and Emma. He threatens Emma and any doubts she has in framing Les are dispelled. Bev warns Peter to treat Shelley properly - he promises to make her happy. Emma tells Curly that she won't be changing her statement - she informs a disbelieving Curly that she's choosing to stay loyal to a friend and he has to accept her decision. Tyrone decides that the only way to pay Mike back is to steal a car and sell it on.moreless
  • Wed 2 Apr, 2003
    Wed 2 Apr, 2003
    Episode 65
    Janice is outraged to see Mick's injuries and believes Mick's story that Les had acted out of jealousy. Les meets with his solicitor. He's advised that backed by the two statements from Mick and Emma, he'll be charged with assault. Mike tells Tommy and Kevin about Katy and Tyrone's exploits and warns them that he may go to the police. Kevin warns Tyrone that he could lose his job if Mike prosecutes. Les returns home on bail. Mick warns Emma that they need to stick together in the face of Les's accusations, or they themselves could face prison. Joe is thinking of taking Karen with him to a trade fair in Wolverhampton - Mike warns him that he's playing with fire. Karen is suspicious of Joe's motives for taking her. Shelley warns Blanche to keep out of the wedding arrangements. Blanche runs to Peter, saying that she's seen a new shrewish side to Shelley. Katy is forced by her parents to apologise to Mike. Tracy watches Peter squirm as she tells Shelley about the cheating husband who did the dirty on her pregnant boss. Tracy insinuates to Peter that she'll spill the beans unless he helps her out financially. Les goes to see Emma, but she's not in and instead demands that Curly help him as his councillor. Curly gives him short shrift and throws him out. Mike teaches Tyrone a lesson by asking him to return a non-existent wad of £10 notes that are supposedly missing from his flat. Emma confides in Curly - he's horrified to hear of her part in Les's frame-up.moreless
  • Mon 31 Mar, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Emma is furious with Mick, as Les lies injured on the floor. Faced with being in deep trouble himself, Mick has no choice but to arrest Les for assaulting a police officer. Emma is frustrated and angry, but calls for back up for the arrest. Peter is remorseful as it dawns on him how badly he's treated Shelley - he assures her that he wants to go ahead with the wedding. Tony tells Jason that there may be a job for him at his building site. As Les is taken away in a police van, Emma keeps quiet despite Les's pleas for her to tell the truth. Mick is scared of the consequences of his lack of control. Steve has to collect Les's abandoned car. Mick is advised to get his injuries photographed as he discloses the personal relationship between he, Emma and Les. Emma doesn't contradict Mick's story, but is obviously uncomfortable. Angela admits to Tommy that she knew that Katy was seeing Tyrone. Peter gives Shelley his word that he'll never go missing again, and that he's not having cold feet about the wedding. Emma accuses Mick of being a disgrace to the uniform, but agrees to match their statements. Tracy is disgusted with Peter for taking the easy option and living a lie with Shelley. Mike catches Katy and Tyrone in his flat and realises that they had taken his car too - he threatens to call the police and throws them out. Emma doesn't give Curly the full story. She feels guilty when Curly gives her his unquestioning support. A devastated Les is locked up in a cell.moreless
  • Mon 31 Mar, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Peter has spent the night on the sofa at the Rovers, but tells Shelley and Bev that he met up with his accountant and ended up drinking all night with him. Todd & Sarah settle into domestic bliss whilst Gail is away on holiday. Katy is concerned that Tyrone will tell her parents that she phoned her friends from Mike's flat. Les goads Janice and Mick - Janice has to be restrained, but Mick stays calm in the face of Les's insults. Jason confides in Todd that he's seeing his dad behind Eileen's back. Peter goes to the florist to find that Lucy has gone, leaving no forwarding address. Emma casually mentions that she's on the shortlist for promotion. Curly is annoyed that she had neglected to inform him about such an important event. Bev is hurt to discover that Shelley has chosen a wedding dress without her. Steve sends Les to pick up the new Street car. Tyrone persuades Katy to come with him in Mike's car to visit her friends in Sheffield. Bev tells Shelley that she thinks that Peter's lack of enthusiasm for the wedding is due to money troubles. Shelley confronts Peter and asks him if he wants to call off the wedding. Mike returns from holiday and quizzes Kevin about his missing car - Kevin knows nothing about it, and Mike makes to call the police. Mick and Emma stop Les who has run a red light. Les accuses Mick of harassment and again taunts Mick about Janice's promiscuity. Mick cracks, and knees Les in the groin. Les punches him in the face, but Mick pummels him to the floor, kicking him several times in the ribs. Mick is aghast that he's lost control and Emma looks on, stunned.moreless
  • Sun 30 Mar, 2003
    Sun 30 Mar, 2003
    Episode 62
    Peter is hung over and distraught. He's been up all night fretting. Sarah asks Martin if it's okay for Todd to stay the odd night while Gail is away. Martin reluctantly agrees. Eileen is delighted when Todd remembers it's Mothers' Day and gives her a card. Janice is more determined than ever that she's going to get a divorce from Les. Katy phones Louise, an old friend from Sheffield whilst in Mike's flat. Lucy is furious with Tracy for witnessing her wedding whilst knowing what Peter was up to. She fires Tracy from the florists. Tracy is furious with Peter and blames him for losing her her job. Tyrone tries to kiss Katy but she pushes him away explaining that she doesn't fancy him. Tyrone is disappointed. Todd stays over at Sarah's house and they have a mock-fight with a chocolate cake. Les has another go at Mick and Janice across the bar. Janice is upset. Peter forces his way into Lucy's flat and pleads with her to take him back. Lucy refuses. She says she's leaving her flat and shop. Janice asks Mick to move in with her. He agrees. Shelley arrives back at the Rovers. She's brought her mum Bev with her to stay. Lucy gets in her van and drives off. Peter is heartbroken.moreless
  • Fri 28 Mar, 2003
    Fri 28 Mar, 2003
    Episode 61
    Gail goes to see her solicitor who tells her that the police are investigating Richard's finances and that their accounts will be frozen for months. Audrey tells Gail that she will help her out with money in the meantime. Steven phones and asks Audrey, Gail and the kids to go to Canada the following day for a break. Audrey, Gail and David decide to go. Sarah stays behind with Bethany. Lucy looks at Peter's mobile and sees all the calls from Shelley. She later talks to Tracy. Tracy is forced to admit that Peter is still seeing Shelley. Lucy is disgusted. Joe tells Karen that Lisa is just filling a gap and that really it's Karen he wants. Karen pretends she's not interested but is quietly pleased. Les has a go at Mick in the pub. Janice is fed up with Les and she has a go at him for stalling over the divorce. Katy plays truant from school and spends some more time with Tyrone at Mike's flat. She accidentally breaks an ornament. Katy lets Craig know that she knows he's lying about the school play, Bugsy Malone, and that he's not in it at all. She confides in Craig that she and Tyrone have been illegally entering Mike's flat. Lucy confronts Peter. He promises to finish with Shelley straight away but Lucy throws him out. Peter is gutted.moreless
  • Wed 26 Mar, 2003
    Wed 26 Mar, 2003
    Episode 60
    It's day one of married life for Peter and Lucy and Peter pretends that he's got to go to a meeting in Bradford. To Peter's horror Lucy says she'll got with him. Peter phones Shelley. Shelley tells him that she's going to stay in Bradford for the week to look after her mum and doesn't want picking up today. To Peter's relief he tells Lucy the meeting has been cancelled and that he's free all week. Tyrone asks Katy if she wants to come with him when he delivers Mike's car back to his flat. She agrees. Joe brings Lisa into the Rovers. Karen is consumed with jealousy. Gail changes her mind and attends Richard's funeral. She feels bitter and empty. Archie conducts the service - they are the only two people present. Tyrone and Katy drop Mike's car off at the flat and Katy insists on having a look round. Katy persuades Tyrone they should use Mike's flat while he's away. Lucy overhears Peter on the phone to Shelley. She accuses him of still seeing Shelley. Peter manages to wriggle out of it saying that she rang because it's the day of the funeral and she was upset. The unveiling of Maxine's memorial bench takes place outside the salon. Ashley makes a speech. Gail bumps into the crowd round the bench on her way back from the funeral. Ashley makes it clear that he doesn't hold her responsible at all. Gail is grateful. Audrey and Emily are shocked to hear that she's just been to Richard's funeral.moreless
  • Mon 24 Mar, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Lucy, Tracy and Mandy prepare for the wedding. In desperation Peter tells Shelley that he can't stay for the wake and has to leave immediately for an important meeting. Shelley is furious with him. Lucy tells Tracy that she's booked a surprise honeymoon for them in a couple of weeks time. Joe goes out for lunch with a girl called Lisa just to make Karen jealous. Ashley phones Harry and asks him to come over and see where they're going to put Maxine's memorial bench which was paid for with the raffle money. Peter is late for his wedding. Lucy is distraught and thinks he's changed his mind. She accuses Tracy of hiding something. Tracy is about to spill the beans about Shelley when Peter turns up. Lucy and Peter are married. Fred asks Harry to reconsider taking his job back at the pub. Harry agrees. Shelley phones Peter and apologises for shouting at him. She suggests she comes home straight away but Peter manages to put her off saying that her mother needs her. Shelley agrees.moreless
  • Mon 24 Mar, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Tracy asks Peter which he's going to attend, his wedding or Sharon's funeral. Peter attends Sharon's funeral with Shelley. Shelley's mum Bev is very upset. Karen and Steve are getting on really well. Joe persuades Mike that Underworld should branch into men's underwear. Gail asks Archie to sort out Richard's funeral. She wants the least fuss with no guests and no service. Joe comes on to Karen again in the factory. She tries to ignore him. Later Joe pretends to chat up a girl on the phone. Karen is immediately jealous. Lucy is excited to be getting married in 3 hours time. Tracy feels guilty for not putting her straight about Peter. Sarah and David tell Martin they feel guilty for ever liking Richard. Audrey tells Gail that Stephen wants to treat them all to a holiday in Canada. Mike asks Kevin if he'll service his car for him while he's away playing golf. After the funeral Peter tries to leave telling Shelley that he's got a meeting but Shelley demands that he stays to support her. Peter realises that he's going to miss his wedding with Lucy.moreless
  • Sun 23 Mar, 2003
    Sun 23 Mar, 2003
    Episode 57
    Peter confides in Tracy about the funeral and the wedding. Tracy is unsympathetic. Karen and Steve have spent the night making up. Karen forces Steve to throw a sickie so they can spend the day together. Peter panics when his mobile rings in front of Shelley and Lucy has obviously changed the ring tone to "Here Comes the Bride". In desperation Peter suggests to Lucy they could postpone the wedding. Lucy refuses. Martin calls round to the Nelsons again and teaches Katy how to inject. Fred apologises to Harry and asks him to come back to work. Harry considers it. Steve apologises to Joe for thumping him. Joe reiterates that there was nothing going on and looks regretfully at Karen. Shelley calls into the florists. Shelley sees that Lucy is pregnant and congratulates her. Tracy manages to stop Shelley from talking about her wedding in July. Lucy feels terrible when Shelley explains that her sister has died. Later Tracy is furious with Peter for the untenable position he's put her in. Jack and Kirk decide to "go into business" together doing competitions. They agree to split any winnings 50/50. The Police call on Gail and tell her that they have now released Richard's body. Peter tries to back out of going to the funeral with Shelley but Shelley gets upset and insists that he escorts her. Peter is really panicking.moreless
  • Fri 21 Mar, 2003
    Fri 21 Mar, 2003
    Episode 56
    Joe turns up at the factory sporting a black eye. Mike sends him home. Karen is furious to find that Steve has changed the locks on the flat. She tries to talk to Steve but he is still adamant that their relationship is over. Karen bursts into tears in the corner shop and tells Dev how she's been wrongly accused of sleeping with Joe. Dev believes her. Peter tells Fred that he put the raffle money in the till. Fred realises that he's going to have to apologise to Harry. Katy arrives home from hospital. She can't bring herself to inject so Martin comes round and does it for her. Katy is very grateful. Dev talks to Steve about Karen and says that he's sure she's telling the truth. Lucy asks Peter to move in with her. He wriggles out of it saying he'd rather wait until they're married. Karen calls round to see Joe. Joe begs her to give up on Steve and stay the night with him. She refuses saying she loves Steve. Steve phones her and asks her to come round to the flat. She goes and Steve apologises to her for being jealous and stupid. They kiss and make up. Shelley phones Peter and says that Sharon's funeral will be on Monday. Peter realises that he's supposed to be marrying Lucy at the same time as attending the funeral with Shelley.moreless
  • Wed 19 Mar, 2003
    Wed 19 Mar, 2003
    Episode 55
    Steve is still convinced that Karen has been sleeping with Joe. Karen has spent the night at Fiz's and is expecting Steve to realise he's made a mistake and come crawling back. Steve confides in Dev that he thinks Karen and Joe are having an affair. The raffle money which Harry raised has disappeared. Fred asks Harry where it's gone. Harry thinks Fred is accusing him of stealing and resigns. Kirk manages to sell the last of his free loo rolls to Kevin. Tommy apologises to Tyrone and Jason for accusing them of getting Katy drunk and thanks them for carrying her home. Katy is upset to learn that she's a diabetic. Martin visits her in hospital. Ashley asks Fred to speak to and agency and sort out a nanny for Joshua. Dev winds Steve up about Joe hoping that Steve will give Joe a thumping. Steve walks into the factory, thumps Joe and in front of Karen tells Joe that he can have Karen because their marriage is over.moreless
  • Mon 17 Mar, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Tommy is furious with Tyrone, Jason and Kirk thinking they got Katy drunk. They explain that she didn't have any alcohol but Tommy doesn't believe them. Steve is frantically looking for Karen. He knows she's out with Joe and is in torment. Tracy and Lucy go out for a drink. Tracy stops herself from telling Lucy about Shelley but she is disgusted with Peter for lying. Martin hears about Katy and goes round to see her. He calls an ambulance and she's rushed to hospital in a coma. Tommy and Angela are distraught. Joe comes on to Karen in the pub. He confesses that he fancies her. She admits that she fancies him but tells him that she loves Steve and is faithful to him. Much to Joe's disappointment she leaves the pub without him and goes home. Martin tells Angela and Tommy that Katy isn't drunk, she's a diabetic. Steve accuses Karen of having an affair with Joe. She tells him that he's wrong and that she's remained faithful to him. Steve doesn't believe her and is so wracked with jealousy that he tells Karen she'll have to resign from her job. Karen refuses thinking Steve is being ridiculous but he then gives her an ultimatum, leave her job or he's throwing her out.moreless
  • Mon 17 Mar, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Peter continues to lie. He tells Sally that he may need some time off from the bookies because of Shelley's sister dying. Sally is sympathetic. Steve finds out from Eileen that Joe is taking the factory girls for a night out. Kirk wins a year's supply of toilet paper in a competition. Tyrone can't believe his luck when Katy asks him to take her for a drink in the Rovers. Katy just wants to get out of having to cook Tommy and Craig's tea. Kirk tells Jason and Tyrone how he's got the edge with women. Audrey suggests to Gail that she and the kids should have a holiday but Sarah and David say they'd rather stay at home and get back to a normal life. Joe takes the factory girls to an Irish pub for St Patrick's night. Janice isn't impressed. Tracy realises that Peter still hasn't told Shelley he's leaving her and has lied to Lucy. Fred persuades Ashley that it would be a good idea to hire a nanny for Joshua. Joe offers to take the factory girls on to a club but Janice rows with Karen and the girls leave. Joe and Karen go to a club by themselves. Katy, who hasn't had any alcohol, sways and falls over unconscious in the Rovers. Janice tells Steve that Karen is a slapper and has gone clubbing with Joe. Steve is furious.moreless
  • Sun 16 Mar, 2003
    Sun 16 Mar, 2003
    Episode 52
    Gail, Sarah and David are trying to get their lives back on track. David insists on throwing out all Richard's belongings. Martin points out that the police might need them for forensic evidence. Peter tries to tell Shelley that he's leaving but before he can the phone rings. It's Shelley's mother to say that Sharon, Shelley's sister has died. Shelley is distraught. Peter drives her to Bradford to be with her mum. He can't break the news. Vera realises that now Richard is dead she has even less chance of ever getting her savings back. Steve is still feeling possessive and jealous. He talks to Joe and realises that it really was a business dinner although he's still suspicious of Joe's intentions. Mike is pleased with the new contract from Radcliffes. Joe gives Karen the glory. Aidan calls to see Ken. He gives Ken a copy of Crime and Punishment as a present. Ken is pleased to see that Aidan has changed and is less cocky. Gail has found Richard's confession which spells out that Gail was unaware of all his fraudulent dealings. Ade bumps into Sarah but she makes it clear that she's not interested any more. Ade is disappointed. Todd is pleased. Peter arrives at Lucy's. He lies to her saying that he's told Shelley that he's leaving her but didn't tell her that he has another woman. Lucy is a bit disappointed that she remains a secret but pleased that he's broken up with Shelley. Peter feels guilty.moreless
  • Fri 14 Mar, 2003
    Fri 14 Mar, 2003
    Episode 51
    David manages to get out of the car and swim to safety. Sarah struggles to get Bethany out but Tommy dives down and helps her. Sarah and Bethany are safe. Gail is having real problems as Richard is trying to stop her getting out of the car. Tommy comes to her rescue and eventually Richard lets go. Gail is safe. Tommy dives in again to look for Richard but finds the car empty. He has to give up. Audrey, Archie, Norris and Rita amongst others are in the pub awaiting news. Karen goes out for a business dinner with Joe and a client. The client is thoroughly rude to Karen. Steve is worried that there's something going on between Karen and Joe and later turns up at the restaurant. Karen is furious and sends him home. Martin thanks Tommy for saving his family's life. Angela thinks Tommy is a hero. Peter spends the night with Lucy while Shelley is away. Harry looks after the pub for him. Peter feels the baby kick for the first time. He's delighted. The police haul a body out of the canal. Gail goes to identify the body. Audrey goes with her. She confirms that the dead body is that of Richard Hillman. Gail throws her wedding ring into the canal.moreless
  • Wed 12 Mar, 2003
    Wed 12 Mar, 2003
    Episode 50
    Richard ties up Gail, Sarah, David and Bethany with Gaffa tape and puts them in the car in the garage. He leaves a written confession in an envelope on the side in the living room. He explains to Gail that he always wants to be by her side and that he loves her and the kids. Gail realises that Richard is intent on a suicide pact and struggles but in vain. They are all in the car in the garage and Richard switches on the engine. Audrey calls round to see Gail, there's no reply. Audrey is concerned. Martin comes over and they hear the running engine in the garage and realise that Richard is trying to kill the whole family. Tommy and Kevin force the garage door open. Richard in desperation drives at them. Tommy, Kevin and Martin give chase in another car. Katy phones the police. Norris who's seen the whole thing tells everyone in the pub what's going on. Boris threatens to leave the shop if he doesn't get some help. Fred gives him some time off and promises to sort things out. Sarah and David manage to cut themselves free with some nail scissors but it's too late; Richard drives to Weatherfield Quay and straight off the end. The car plunges into the canal.moreless
  • Mon 10 Mar, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Katy doesn't feel well again but Angela insists she goes to school. Tommy and Angela plan to take the kids bowling. As Katy isn't well Angela says they'll take David Platt instead. Gail calls in to the Health Centre to tell them she'll be starting back at work tomorrow. Sarah and David start back at school. Shelley gets a call to say that her sister Sharon has got to have an endoscopy. Shelley goes to visit her. Peter calls Lucy. Karen asks Mike to let her have a chance at dealing with the clients but Mike refuses. Joe however disagrees with Mike and decides to give Karen a break. He invites Karen out to dinner with himself and a client. Karen is delighted. Craig calls round to collect David to go bowling and is puzzled when there's no reply. A terrified David is in the house being held by Richard. He can hear Craig calling but he can't do anything. Jason meets his dad Tony for a drink. They get on really well. Sarah arrives back home with Bethany. She too is terrified to find Richard there. Gail sees a solicitor to find out where she stands with regard to hers and Richard's finances. Gail is horrified to find Richard in the house. There's no sign of Sarah, David or Bethany and she goes frantic demanding to know what he's done to them.moreless
  • Mon 10 Mar, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Craig is still sulking with Tommy for having a go at him over the photograph. Sarah and David see the newspaper article accusing Gail of being in cahoots with Richard. They're cross that she hid it from them. Karen hands out her new business cards which she got done herself from a machine. Jason asks Katy out. She turns him down. Karen tries to entertain a client in Mike's office. Mike takes over making Karen look small much to Janice and Fiz's delight. The client later hands Karen her business card back pointing out that she's misspelled "Superviser". Mike is furious when Karen and Janice have a cat fight in the factory in front of Karl Timms, Mike's new client. Gail apologises to David and Sarah for hiding the article from them. She thanks Sarah for being so supportive. Gail decides it's time to face the street and explain that she had nothing to do with Richard's dealings. Emily is sympathetic and understanding. However Vera rows with Gail still believing that she was involved in stealing their savings. Tony Stewart bumps into Jason in the cafe. Jason is off-hand but Tony persuades him to sit down and talk to him. Jason agrees to meet him for a drink one evening. Martin decides that Gail can cope now so he moves back to his flat. Unbeknown to Gail and the kids, Richard is watching the house.moreless
  • Sun 9 Mar, 2003
    Sun 9 Mar, 2003
    Episode 47
    Sunita offers to go into town with Ashley to buy some new clothes for Joshua. Ashley is grateful. Sarah and David worry that they should be trying to earn some money to help Gail with the bills. Martin tells them it isn't necessary. Peter again tries to find the right moment to tell Shelley that the wedding is off but again fails. Katy feels dizzy and faint and has to be taken home from the cafe. Tracy tells Peter that she won't spill the beans to Shelley but that he must do it himself. Shelley asks Tracy to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Tracy agrees to it. Craig says he wants to stay in to learn his lines for Bugsy Malone. Vera is delighted to see that their article is headline news "Killer Suspect Robbed us Blind". Everyone else is disgusted. Jack feels guilty. Boris is fed up of being on his own in the shop. He closes up and gives the key to Fred. Ashley arrives back and feels guilty. Sally is appalled at Rosie's new hair cut and to find that she's been using all Sally's make up and has ruined it. Tommy is furious to see Craig's picture in the paper. He's worried that everyone will now know where they're living. Vera insists on pushing a copy of the paper through Gail's letterbox. Gail is distraught when she reads it.moreless
  • Fri 7 Mar, 2003
    Fri 7 Mar, 2003
    Episode 46
    Gail is concerned that everyone thinks she was in cahoots with Richard. Audrey suggests she make an appointment with a solicitor. Katy doesn't feel well, she tired and listless and incredibly thirsty. Tommy lets her stay off school although Angela thinks she's putting it on. Craig tells the family that he's got the lead role in the school production of Bugsy Malone. Shelley arrives back from visiting her sister who is getting much better. The newspaper reporters are again sniffing round but not having much luck as the locals refuse to give anything away. Sally comforts Gail and tries to convince her that none of it is her fault. Gail is drinking again. Harry winds up the reporters by pretending to be a member of the SAS. Shelley asks Peter where he was when she tried to phone. He lies and says he was in the bath. Shelley believes him. Ken tells Sarah, Todd and Candice that Ade is now out of the remand centre and back home with his dad. Kevin comments on the change in Rosie from sweet little girl to bad tempered teenager. Jack and Vera sell their story about Richard Hillman stealing their savings to the newspaper reporter for £500. He takes their picture. Craig Nelson waves to the camera from the background.moreless
  • Wed 5 Mar, 2003
    Wed 5 Mar, 2003
    Episode 45
    Vera is fretting about the £20k they've lost through Richard and is convinced that Gail must have known what was going on. She starts smoking again (only a couple). Ashley goes back to work and Fred looks after Joshua. Shelley's sister has taken a turn for the worse. Peter persuades Shelley to go and visit her saying that he will look after the pub. Jack and Vera report their lost investments to the police. They explain that Richard insisted that they had to write the cheque out to Richard Hillman rather than a company. They realise how naive they've been. Gail receives a letter from the bank telling her that her accounts and all her assets have been frozen. Ken phones Bob Critchley and finds out that Ade was released on Saturday. Ken is disappointed that Ade never bothered to let him know. The police interview Gail over her finances. She is shocked to find that as Richard's business partner she now has to prove that she knew nothing of his malpractice. Peter tells Lucy that Shelley has gone away for the night so he can stay the night with her. Vera bangs on the Hillmans' door and accuses Gail of stealing their £20k. Sarah tries to protect her mother explaining that she knew nothing about it. Gail breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 3 Mar, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Tracy is about to tell Shelley the truth about Peter when she gets a phone call from her mum saying that her sister has been rushed into hospital with an ulcer. Tommy catches the man in the back garden. He's a journalist spying on the Hillmans. Tommy sends him packing. Boris calls in on Ashley and Fred saying he needs some help in the shop. Fred goes with him before Ashley has a chance to object. Rosie puts some old clothes on over the top of her party gear and leaves the house with Stacy. She bribes Sophie not to say anything. Ken has checked with Companies House and confirms Jack and Vera's worst suspicions that Richard has conned them out of their savings. The company doesn't exist. Jack and Vera are distraught. A worried Peter arrives at the pub thinking that Tracy will have spilt the beans to Shelley by now. He's relieved to find she hasn't as Shelley is too upset over her sister. The police call and tell Gail that there have been sightings of Richard in Liverpool and Newport, Shropshire. Gail agrees to let Martin move in and sleep on the sofa. Katy feels tired and thirsty but thinks nothing more of it. Gail is drinking heavily trying to forget all her recent horrors. Tracy again threatens Peter that she will tell Shelley everything if he doesn't.moreless
  • Mon 3 Mar, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Gail, Sarah and David are horrified to find a whole crowd of journalists at their front door wanting to get the Richard story. Shelley and Peter move into the Rovers. Gail makes Sarah and David go to school despite the press pack at the door. Martin collects them and bundles them into the car. David is really upset. Jack and Vera start to worry about the money they invested with Richard. Jack tries to call the phone no. on the statement Richard gave them but there's no such number. Peter calls to see Lucy. Lucy insists that he goes with her to the Registry Office to make their wedding arrangements. Tracy turns up and tells Peter that unless he tells Shelley what he's up to she will do it for him. A journalist bangs on Ashley's door wanting his story on Richard. Fred sends them packing. Rosie and her new friend Stacy get ready for a party. Kevin is furious when he sees Rosie in a mini skirt plastered with make-up. He insists she changes. David is bullied by a lad. The lad calls David's dad a murderer. Craig tells Angela that he's just seen a man in the back garden heading for the Hillmans' house. Angela doesn't believe him. Tracy calls at the pub to see Shelley. She tells Shelley that there's some things about Peter that she really ought to know.moreless
  • Sun 2 Mar, 2003
    Sun 2 Mar, 2003
    Episode 42
    Fred asks Shelley and Peter to move into the Rovers rent free while he goes to live with Ashley. Peter wants to tell Shelley that it's over between them and that he's marrying someone else but can't bring himself to. He agrees to move into the Rovers. Shelley is delighted. Gail decides that she and the family are going to move back home. Audrey doesn't feel happy about it but Gail insists. Lucy tells Tracy that she's agreed to marry the baby's father. Emma leaves to go on a two week course hoping for promotion. Gail feels slightly unnerved to find her house now has an alarm and panic buttons but she assures Audrey that Richard would never harm her or the kids. She is upset when she looks at the family portrait with Richard. Peter calls to see Lucy, they have sex and he admits that he still hasn't told Shelley. Eileen and Jason are shocked when they bump into Jason's dad Tony and his girlfriend Merle in the Rovers. Ashley and Joshua move back into No. 4. Fred moves in with them. Tracy realises she's left something at work. She goes round to Lucy's flat to get the key and is shocked when she finds Peter there. She threatens to tell Shelley.moreless
  • Fri 28 Feb, 2003
    Fri 28 Feb, 2003
    Episode 41
    The residents have all heard that Richard has confessed to Maxine's murder. Emily is upset when she realises that he was intending to kill her but Maxine interrupted him. Norris comforts her. The police call on Ashley and Fred and tell them that it looks as though Richard is the murderer and not Ade. Ashley is furious when he thinks about Richard's speech at Maxine's funeral. Shelley shops for a wedding dress with Deirdre and Sunita. Deirdre apologises to Ken for doubting his judgment of Aidan Critchley. Ashley rushes round to see Gail at Audrey's. He screams abuse at her and refuses to accept that she knew nothing of Richard's activities. Gail breaks down saying she wishes Richard had killed her too. David tries to protect her from Ashley. Emily is guilt-ridden. She apologises to Ashley saying she wishes Richard had killed her and not Maxine. Ashley hugs her. Audrey and Gail apologise for all the terrible things they've said to each other. Norris loves the fact that his suspicions of Richard from the beginning have all come true. Rita apologises for doubting him. Peter calls to see Lucy again. He gets down on one knee and proposes for the second time. This time Lucy accepts.moreless
  • Wed 26 Feb, 2003
    Wed 26 Feb, 2003
    Episode 40
    Audrey rushes round to Gail's. She gets Martin to baby sit while she takes Gail to the police station. Gail tells the police all that Richard has confessed to. The police get Steve and Karen out of bed and get Steve to show them the spot where he found the bracelet at the Ridings. The police start excavating the Ridings site. Ken tells Peter that he and Deirdre would like to pay for the flowers at the wedding. Peter tries to call Lucy to get an answer to his proposal of marriage but she puts the phone down on him. Peter psyches himself up to tell Shelley that their engagement is off but is frustrated when they're interrupted. Shelley is none the wiser. Fred is lovingly looking after Joshua and Ashley is pleased and relieved. Karen enjoys passing on the gossip to Norris and telling him of the suspected body buried at the Ridings. Audrey, Archie, Martin, Gail, Sarah and David are all at Audrey's house when the police call and tell them that they've found a body at the Ridings which they believe to be that of Patricia Hillman. Gail is devastated. The kids are shocked.moreless
  • Mon 24 Feb, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Richard confesses everything to Gail. He admits to leaving Duggie for dead, killing Patricia, attempting to kill Audrey and convincing her that she was going mad, attempting to kill Emily for her money, killing Maxine and framing Ade. He explains that he loves her and the kids and only wanted to protect them and give them the best of everything. He admits that he can't have children himself and that that is why Marion left him. Gail is horrified and phones Audrey. While Gail is on the phone, Richard runs from the house.moreless
  • Mon 24 Feb, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Fred and Ashley have a heart to heart. Fred explains how he was disappointed to learn that Joshua isn't a blood relation but he also knows that he can still love Joshua. Ashley forgives him and they make up. Richard is delighted to find that he's sold another flat at the full asking price. He tells Gail that he wishes the bail hostel had been scrapped weeks ago but doesn't explain why. Tracy and Lucy are chatting in the shop. Peter comes in and Tracy introduces him to Lucy not realising that they already know each other! Tracy assumes he's come to buy flowers for Shelley. Audrey tries to tell Gail about the Diazepam found in Ade's blood stream proving that he's innocent of Maxine's murder and Emily's attempted murder. Gail refuses to believe it. Ashley tells Fred that he's going to move back into no. 4 with Joshua. Fred asks if he can move in with them and help. Ashley agrees. Richard and Gail celebrate in the Rovers the fact that they're moving to a new house. Gail overhears Steve telling Karen that the bracelet Gail is wearing was found on the Ridings building site. Gail starts to question Richard's innocence. Gail leaves the party and goes home where she looks through the medicine cupboard for the Diazepam tablets. Richard walks in on her. She asks Richard outright if he murdered Maxine and he confesses that he did.moreless
  • Sun 23 Feb, 2003
    Sun 23 Feb, 2003
    Episode 37
    David goes to visit Audrey and tells her that they are moving to the other side of Manchester. Todd is cross with Sarah who insists that she must go and see Aidan. Richard and Gail tells Martin that they will be moving half an hour away but that he can visit David any time he likes. Betty is puzzled when Fred takes little interest in Joshua and she has to see to him. Sarah visits Aidan in the Remand Centre. Aidan tells her that the police have found that the vodka he drank the night of the murder was spiked with Diazepam which knocked him out for the night meaning he couldn't have committed the murder. Peter and Shelley have Deirdre, Ken, Blanche and Tracy round for Sunday lunch. Tracy upsets everyone by bringing Dev with her. Dev leaves but the party is ruined. Richard gives Gail an eternity ring. Gail is ecstatic. Emma tells Curly that she's hoping to be promoted to Inspector which will mean attending a two week residential course. Later Deirdre and Tracy have a blazing row over her bringing Dev. Ashley finds Fred looking at the family tree. He tells Fred that he intends to bring up Joshua as his own and that unless Fred can do the same as his grand-dad then their relationship is over. Sarah bumps into Audrey and tells her that Aidan is innocent of the murder. Audrey and Archie put two and two together and think that it must be Richard.moreless
  • Fri 21 Feb, 2003
    Fri 21 Feb, 2003
    Episode 36
    Sarah receives a letter from Ade telling her that he's got fresh evidence proving his innocence. He later phones Sarah and asks her to visit him on Sunday. Richard buys the family a new people carrier. He takes them out in it and drives them to a new five bedroomed house on which he's put a deposit. Lucy shows Tracy the picture from her first scan. She tells Tracy that the baby's father proposed to her last night. Shelley looks after Joshua while Fred and Ashley go to the solicitors to get the results of the paternity test. The test proves that Ashley is not the father of Joshua. Ashley is gutted. Karen has another set to with Janice and Fiz. She manages to exert her authority successfully. She is annoyed with Joe when he steps in and lends his support without being asked. Steve is delighted that she's angry with Joe. Ashley takes Joshua for a walk. He takes him to No. 4 where he talks out loud asking God what he's done to deserve so much misery. Martin calls round and he tells Martin that he's not the baby's father. However he tells Martin that he still loves Joshua and intends to be the best father he can to him. Ashley is shocked when Fred says that now that he knows Joshua isn't really his grandson he's not sure if he can support him.moreless
  • Wed 19 Feb, 2003
    Wed 19 Feb, 2003
    Episode 35
    Steve is still unhappy about Karen and Joe's relationship. He tells Karen to keep it to strictly work. The factory girls continue to goad both Steve and Karen. Gail and Richard tell David and Sarah that they're going to buy a bigger house. David is pleased. Sarah doesn't want to move away from Todd. Peter talks to Ken about having children. Ken thinks he means with Shelley and tells Shelley that Peter wants a family. Shelley is pleased. Tracy starts work for Lucy. Lucy talks to her about to her about the father of her baby but doesn't mention that it's Peter. Ashley goes over to No. 4 to get some toys for Joshua. He can't bring himself to go in alone and grabs Richard who's passing and insists that he come in with him. In the Peacocks' house Richard goes into a cold sweat. Emma and Mick who are passing notice that Richard seems visibly shaken. Candice wants to know if Sarah is going to visit Ade or not but Sarah won't say. Richard is delighted that when he's offered the full asking price on one of the flats. Peter tries to talk to Lucy about the baby but she insists that she wants to bring it up alone. Peter shocks Lucy by asking her to marry him and saying that he wants them to be a family.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Steve admits to Karen that he's jealous and worried that there's something going on between she and Joe. Karen assures him that they are just work colleagues. Peter calls on Lucy and forces her to admit that she's pregnant with his child. Aidan phones Sarah again and asks her to come and visit him. Richard tells Gail that he would like them to move away from the street as he's fed up with all the gossip and accusations. Gail agrees. Kirk advises Les to be pleasant to Mick so that Janice will still talk to him. Les takes this on board. Lucy explains to Peter that she's going to bring the baby up on her own and that she doesn't want anything from him. Shelley tries to talk to Peter about wedding arrangements. Peter snaps at her and Shelley wonders what's wrong.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Fiz overhears Joe thanking Karen for dinner. She discusses with Janice and they wonder if Karen and Joe are having an affair. Sunita is very upset that Ciaran didn't tell her he was absent without leave from the Navy. She feels used. Ade phones Sarah from the remand centre but she refuses to talk to him. Richard is incensed when he reads an article in the Gazette about Chris Melton and the bribery and corruption he's involved in. Gail points out that Richard tried to bribe him too over the bail hostel. Tracy gets a job working for Lucy at Lucy's Florists shop. The factory girls refuse to work overtime and Karen has to stay late and finish the order herself. Now that Ciaran has gone Roy and Hayley decide not to expand the cafe. Roy tells the landlord, it costs him a month's rent to back out of the lease. Harry cleans No. 4 so that Ashley can move back in. Ashley only stays a minute and has to leave overcome with emotion. Richard is delighted when Curly tells him that because of the corruption that has gone on the bail hostel idea has now been thrown out. He can now sell his flats for the full value. Steve isn't impressed when he hears that Karen is working late with Joe. Peter is unnerved when he finds out that Tracy is working for Lucy and completely shocked when Tracy says she's going to be covering for Lucy's maternity leave as Lucy is pregnant.moreless
  • Sun 16 Feb, 2003
    Sun 16 Feb, 2003
    Episode 32
    Shelley is furious at Ciaran's cheek wanting to be best man at the wedding and annoyed with Peter for even discussing it with him. Les is depressed that Janice wants a divorce. He asks Fiz to try and persuade her otherwise. Steve plans a romantic day with Karen, he nips out for a bottle of wine and when he returns is annoyed to find Joe in the flat. Karen and Joe are flirting with each other. Joe's cooker has broken down and Karen insists that Joe stays for dinner. Sunita is delighted when Ciaran give her a bracelet and asks her out for dinner. Roy has a meeting with the Landlord of the Victoria Street shop units who agrees to let him rent the old hardware shop and extend the cafe. Roy is pleased that he's scuppered Ciaran's plans. Harry offers to go and clean No. 4 so that Ashley can move back in. Ashley agrees but insists that he wants to go with Harry. The Police turn up in the Rovers looking for Ciaran. Shelley points him out. The Police arrest Ciaran for being AWOL from the Navy. Shelley is furious with Peter when she realises that he knew what Ciaran was up to. As Ciaran is dragged away he shouts at Shelley and intimates that he knows some dark secret of Peter's. Shelley is worried.moreless
  • Fri 14 Feb, 2003
    Fri 14 Feb, 2003
    Episode 31
    Steve buys Karen a necklace for Valentine's Day and a heart shaped helium balloon. He tries to persuade her to take the morning off but she refuses saying that she has to set an example in her new job. Karen promises to be home on time. Dev sends Tracy a £100 bouquet from Lucy's Florists. Tracy is impressed. Janice tries to warn Les that he'll be receiving something life-changing through the post. Les gets the wrong end of the stick. He thinks it's a Valentine's card and that Janice wants to get back together. Janice receives a dozen red roses, she thinks they're from Mick but later finds out they're from Les. She dumps them in the bin. Peter spots Lucy delivering flowers. He goes to talk to her but she ignores him and drives off. Peter is hurt. Karen has to give Fiz a ticking off for the standard of her work. She manages to curb her temper and handles the situation well. Joe is pleased. Todd and Sarah end up eating chips on the bench when they find their restaurant has double-booked them. Candice enjoys taking the mickey. Roy tells Hayley that he's decided that he's going to try and buy next door and double the size of the cafe rather than let Ciaran get his hands on it. Mick takes Janice to a posh restaurant and asks her to move in with him. Ciaran tells Shelley that Peter wants him to be his best man at the wedding. Karen is late home. Steve steals in to the factory expecting to find her at it with Joe but is surprised to find her doing some paperwork. Janice tells Les that she's started divorce proceedings. Les is devastated.moreless
  • Wed 12 Feb, 2003
    Wed 12 Feb, 2003
    Episode 30
    Karen's new job as factory supervisor is getting her down. She feels an outcast from her mates. Janice continues to give her stick. Karen threatens to sack Janice but they both know she hasn't the authority. Angela suggests to Janice that she should report Karen to Mike Baldwin. Angela and Janice start to warm to each other. Deirdre decides that she doesn't want her job back at the corner shop. She tells Dev. Ken is relieved. Tracy teases Dev, playing hard to get. Dev is frustrated. Les has a go at Maria for her affair with Toyah's boyfriend. Shelley sticks up for Maria. Les makes a point of letting Mick know that Janice got drunk and threw a pint of bitter all over Karen. Mick is unimpressed and tells Janice that as a copper he can't be seen to be mixing with violent drunken people. Janice takes this on board and apologises. Richard slips Todd £20 to take Sarah out on Valentine's Day so that he can have a romantic night in with Gail. Candice is upset that she's going to be left on her own on Valentine's Day and will have to go to Duane Lowther's party by herself. Ciaran tells Peter that he would like to be his best man at the wedding. Karen tells Joe that she wants to step down as supervisor. Joe persuades her to give it another go, he says she's got what it takes and could be dynamite. Karen is flattered.moreless
  • Mon 10 Feb, 2003
    Mon 10 Feb, 2003
    Episode 29
    Karen starts her new job as supervisor at the factory. Janice makes her life hell. Hayley is quietly pleased that Karen is having such a tough time. Peter and Shelley arrive back from Mexico. Shelley is put out to hear that Ciaran has moved in with Sunita and is thinking of opening his own cafe. Against Fred's advice Ashley goes to the clinic with Joshua to have the paternity test. Angela is feeling happier and more accepted by the factory girls. Janice and Fiz bitch about Karen their ex-friend who's crossed the management line. Shelley becomes suspicious about the amount of leave Ciaran seems to have from the Navy. Janice announces to the whole pub that Maria got herself pregnant by Toyah's boyfriend. Maria runs out in floods of tears. Karen and Joe are having a laugh together in the Rovers. Steve is jealous. Peter advises Ciaran to give himself up to the Navy but Ciaran ignores him. Karen approaches Janice hoping to make up with her but Janice makes it clear that Karen is no longer a mate and throws her beer all over her. Karen is livid.moreless
  • Sun 9 Feb, 2003
    Sun 9 Feb, 2003
    Episode 28
    Joe tells the girls that he is staying. Karen is more than a little pleased. Joe sacks Hayley from her position as supervisor. Sarah sees Audrey and tells her that one of Richard's home schemes paid out. The Underworld girls are shocked at Hayley's dismissal. Angela is elected to confront Joe. Dev hints to Steve that Joe and Karen have a "close" relationship. Infuriated that Angela will not talk to Joe, Karen confronts him herself. He gives her Hayley's old job. Todd and Sarah tell Gail that they are sleeping together. She is offended that they didn't tell her before it happened. Roy sacks Ciaran from the cafe believing him to be trying to woo his future clientele. He also tells Ciaran that he wants him to move out of his home. Hayley is upset. Audrey discovers that Ken has stopped going to see Critchley. Martin thanks Tommy for the ball having realised that he was behind the whole scheme. Emily asks Norris to move back in if he promises not to make allegations against Richard. Steve waits for Karen in the bar, getting more suspicious when Janice and Fiz tell him she has stayed behind to talk to Joe. Sunita asks Ciaran to move in with her. Gail apologises to Sarah for reacting badly. Karen talks to Joe about her new responsibilities, and Steve bursts in to the Underworld office to find out what is going on between them. Steve accuses Karen of sleeping with Joe.moreless
  • Fri 7 Feb, 2003
    Fri 7 Feb, 2003
    Episode 27
    Norris tells Emily that he is still miserable about having to live with Les Battersby. David admires Tommy's signed ball. Richard asks Martin to keep an eye on Sarah's party. Tyrone tells Kevin that he is keeping close watch of Tommy after the disappearance of the wallet. Hayley tells Joe that Mike is not coming into Underworld that day. Emily confides in Rita that she misses having Norris around the house. Candice tells Sarah about her plans to ensure that she gets Todd that night. Joe takes the Underworld girls out for a drink to celebrate the end of his time with Baldwin. Joe tries to buy Mike a drink, but he refuses. He tells Joe that he has been spending the day sorting out his replacement. Dev is pleased to see Joe seething. Tommy gives the ball to Harry, saying that he has no use for it and that David would appreciate it a lot more. At the party, Sarah and Todd sneak upstairs. Joe confronts Mike and they end up reconciling and having a drink together in Underworld's office. Martin is given the ball by Harry having been told there was a mix-up with the tickets. Candice warns Katy off Jason, and this ends up in a fight. Martin enters and breaks it up, only to see Sarah and Todd emerge from upstairs to find out what has been going on. Martin discerns from their guilty faces that they have been up to no good and asks a mortified Sarah if she is having a sexual relationship with Todd. He tells her that she either tells her mum, or he will. A drunk Mike offers Joe a share in the profits if he will agree to become his partner. After more negotiating, Mike gives control of the factory over to Joe.moreless
  • Wed 5 Feb, 2003
    Wed 5 Feb, 2003
    Episode 26
    Janice tells Toyah that she can move in for a while so as to avoid having to see Maria. Roy is still upset about Ciaran's betrayal, and Hayley decides to have a word with Ciaran. Fiz and Maria see Toyah on her return to the flat and refuses to accept Maria's apology. Candice discusses party outfits and tactics of getting Jason off Katy to Sarah. Spider sees Toyah and asks her what is wrong. Toyah decides to go with Spider to London. Toyah tells Janice that she is leaving. Though Janice puts on a brave face, she is upset. Eileen reveals to Todd that, following a hint from Jason, she has worked out that he and Sarah are having sex. She gives him her blessing. Toyah tries to tell Les that she is leaving, but he convinces her to think about it for a week. Hayley does indeed talk to Ciaran who confirms that he is setting up a rival cafe. Janice tells Les the truth of Toyah's situation. Roy tells a dejected Toyah to be true to herself, and consequently she tells Les that she has decided to go to London. Les surprises her by giving her his blessing. Joe celebrates his new job, and Mike tells him to be out of his office that Friday. Fiz informs Maria that Toyah is leaving. Both Roy and Hayley go to see Toyah off. Fiz arrives, very upset, to say goodbye to Toyah and they reconcile. Maria arrives but is ignored by Toyah. After tearful goodbyes to Les and Janice, Toyah and Spider leave. Fiz tells Maria to keep her distance, just before Janice makes an attack on Maria.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Toyah confronts Maria about John. She admits that it is true, and manages to unknowingly imply to Toyah that he forced himself on her. Maria confronts Fiz about the fact that she told Toyah everything. It dawns on Maria that she has led Toyah to believe that John raped her. Toyah enters John's class and reveals she has found out about his antics with Maria. Sarah and Todd coyly decide to have sex and retire upstairs. Toyah tells John that she thinks he raped Maria, and, when he denies it, she savagely attacks him whilst spilling the details of her own rape. Toyah eventually calms and John forces her to see that Maria never actually said that he had raped her. Joe catches Karen in the shop, bunking off work, but goes on to tell her in his anger about his trouble with Mike and the offer form Stuart. John coldly tells Toyah that she has problems and that he wants nothing more to do with her now that she has accused him of rape. Toyah evidently is distressed as he is showing no remorse. Ashley tells Curly that it is nice how many people at the play centre have been nice about Maxine. Ciaran reveals to Roy that he is going to set up a rival cafe on Coronation Street. Roy tells Hayley that her friend Ciaran is setting up a cafe in opposition. Joe tells Mike that he is leaving to work for Stuart Fletcher. Toyah tells Janice about what has happened with John, and reveals that her real upset has come from her realisation that her rape will affect her forever.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Hayley tries to persuade Roy to take up the offer of a partnership with Ciaran. Fiz reveals to Toyah that she thinks it is too soon for her to be moving in with John. Fred confides in Betty that he is worried about Ashley. John, getting nervous, asks Toyah to move in straight away, and she accepts. Ciaran offends Roy and his pride in the cafe whilst talking about ideas for improvements, which leads Roy to finally make up his mind and reject Ciaran's offer. Ashley tells Fred that he has booked the paternity test for Monday. Joe tells Mike that the Fletcher order was finished two days early, and is annoyed at Mike's indifferent response. Sarah suggestively reveals her plans to get some time alone with Todd that night. Candice asks Jason if he is still going to Sarah's party. Toyah tells Fiz that she is moving out today, and Fiz is taken aback. Fred tells Ashley that he is proud of him. Stuart tells Joe he has a proposition for him. Fiz tells Maria that Toyah has decided to move out that day. Todd buys condoms from Dev. Sunita comforts Ciaran after learning about his rejected offer. Martin tells Ashley that he needs to think carefully about the test. Joe tells Mike about Stuart's offer of running a new factory. Fiz snaps and reveals to Toyah that it was John who got Maria pregnant.moreless
  • Sun 2 Feb, 2003
    Sun 2 Feb, 2003
    Episode 23
    Maria has another one night stand. Fiz is disgusted with her. Toyah is still oblivious as to what's going on. Norris has discovered the Shopping Channel on Les's TV. Norris finds himself doing all the house work and the cooking. Les keeps calling him Doris which annoys him. Tommy comes clean with Kevin and explains why he had to change his name. Kevin promises to keep it to himself and gives Tommy his job back at the garage. Les is appalled when Fiz tells him that Toyah is moving in with John. Ashley tells Martin about the question over Joshua's parentage. Jason chats up Katy Nelson and invites her to Sarah's birthday party. Emily ventures back into the pub for the first time since being in hospital. Angela is delighted that Tommy has got his job back even if it did mean telling Kevin the truth. Sarah and Todd discuss having sex. Todd is worried because she's done it before and he's still a virgin. Ashley tells Fred that he's decided he going to have the paternity test to find out once and for all if he's Joshua's father.moreless
  • Fri 31 Jan, 2003
    Fri 31 Jan, 2003
    Episode 22
    Doreen and Derek leave to go back home. They suggest that Joshua should come with them to give Ashley a break but Ashley refuses. Sarah decides she's going to have two birthday parties, one for family and one for her mates. Ken goes to see Miss Johnson and hands in his resignation. He doesn't even turn up at the Hearing as he thinks it's a foregone conclusion. Toyah tells Maria and Fiz that she's decided to move in with John. They are gutted but daren't say anything. Harry draws the raffle for the football. Tommy Nelson wins it. Ashley pours his heart out to Fred and tells him of Maxine's one night stand with Matt Ramsden and how Joshua could be Matt's son. Fred is shocked. Ashley goes on to tell Fred that his biggest fear is that now Maxine has died Matt might insist on a paternity test. Should the test prove that Joshua is Matt's and not Ashley's he could take Joshua away from Ashley.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jan, 2003
    Wed 29 Jan, 2003
    Episode 21
    Everyone is shocked by Audrey's outburst at the funeral. Doreen tells Audrey that she spoiled the funeral. Ken feels very low and decides he's going to resign from teaching before they sack him, his hearing is on Friday. Kevin is suspicious when he hears how Craig Nelson wrote his name as Craig Harris on his school book. He remembers the wallet incident with the name Tommy Harris. Ashley and Doreen go to Ashley's house to clear out Maxine's clothes but Ashley can't face it. He can't even bring himself to go inside. Harry is auctioning off a signed Manchester United football to raise funds to by something in commemoration of Maxine. Doreen decides that she will move back in with Derek and give their relationship another try. Gail accuses Audrey of trying to wreck her marriage. Audrey is in tears. Despite Roy's reluctance to expand the business Ciaran gives him a written business proposal. Ashley says that he will go back to work part-time. Fred agrees to help out in the butchers and with baby-sitting. Spider gives Norris a dressing down for the stress he's caused Emily by spreading vile rumours about Richard. Matt Ramsden phones to speak to Ashley. Ashley refuses to talk to him and Fred wants to know why.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Richard manages to re-gain his self-control and simply makes a nice speech about supporting Ashley in his time of need. Audrey is frustrated - she was convinced that he was about to confess to Maxine's murder. Ade is frustrated that his own father doesn't believe him. He takes his frustration out on Ken and tells him he doesn't want to see him again. Maxine's burial takes place at the cemetery. Whilst the vicar is committing Maxine's body to the ground Audrey suddenly flips and shouts across the grave calling Richard a murderer and saying that he killed Maxine. Archie calms her down. The funeral tea takes place in the Rovers. Ashley insists that Richard and Gail attend. He assures Richard that noone believes Audrey and her extraordinary accusations. Norris has to grovel to Les to let him move back in and share with Kirk again. Les is easily persuaded when Norris offer a full week's rent up front. Everyone congratulates Richard for his wonderful speech about Maxine. Audrey can't bear to watch Maxine's killer being hailed the hero of the hour.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Richard is dreading the funeral. He keeps trying to make excuses to get out of going but Gail insists he attends. Kirk gets the wrong end of the stick and tells Norris that Emily wants him to move back in. Norris is delighted and tells Les what he thinks of his house. Norris is appalled when he sees Spider arriving at Emily's and realises the mistake. Ken doesn't attend Maxine's funeral but places some flowers on the doorstep of No. 4 instead. Spider escorts Emily to the funeral. They get a lift with Gail and Richard. Martin, Kevin, Curly and Derek are the pall-bearers at the funeral. Maxine's funeral takes place. Richard finds himself sitting just behind Ashley, Fred, Beryl and Doreen. He's sweating profusely and is on the point of cracking up. Audrey suddenly makes sense of everything. She takes Norris into her confidence and suggests that Richard might have been trying to kill Emily and that it went wrong. Norris says it's not possible as Richard was in the pub with him that evening. Derek tries to read a bible passage but if too overcome with grief. Gail insists that Richard takes over the reading. Richard has no option. Aidan is surprised when his father, Bob Critchley, visits him. Richard finishes the bible passage. He's in a state of emotional turmoil and tells the congregation that he's got a confession to make.moreless
  • Sun 26 Jan, 2003
    Sun 26 Jan, 2003
    Episode 18
    Ken tells Deirdre that Ashley has asked him to stay away from the funeral. Toyah continues to look after Maria, Fiz hates Maria for the way she's treated her mate and Maria wallows in self-loathing. Gail tells Emily that she and Richard will give her a lift to the funeral. Ciaran tells how he once put a worm in Peter's drink when they were in Mexico for the day on leave from their ship. Ken goes to see Bob Critchley to try and persuade him to visit Aidan and listen to his side of the story. Ashley takes Joshua with him to visit Maxine in the Chapel of Rest. She looks beautiful. Ashley talks to her and breaks down sobbing. John is worried that Fiz is going to tell Toyah what's been going on. He suggests to Toyah that she should move in with him. Shelley and Sunita make up and they agree to disagree over Ciaran. Shelley and Peter leave for their holiday in Mexico. Just before they go Shelley slips a worm into Ciaran's drink. Peter's impressed. David starts talking about the big dent that Maxine must have in her head. It's all too much for Richard who shouts at David and then storms out.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jan, 2003
    Fri 24 Jan, 2003
    Episode 17
    Shelley refuses to speak to Sunita. Sunita thinks she's being childish. Ashley receives a sympathy card from Matt and Charlie. He rips it up. Toyah goes with Maria to the clinic where she has an abortion. Maria tells Kirk what's happened and he's both kind and supportive. Peter tries to talk Shelley into making up with Sunita but Shelley is adamant that Sunita is in the wrong and convinced that Ciaran will hurt her in the end. Norris asks round for lodgings. He is appalled when Les says he can share Kirk's room for £50 per week. He has to accept. Audrey agrees to do Maxine's hair for the funeral. Archie is grateful. Emma tells Ashley that the Police have finished at No. 4. She returns his house keys. Ken and Deirdre call to see Emily. Emily tells Ken what she thinks of him for standing by Aidan. She is very angry and questions Ken's morals. Ashley leaves Fred looking after Joshua and goes over to No. 4. He can't bring himself to open the door. He sees Ken and tells him how disgusted he is with him for standing up for Aidan. Ashley sits on the doorstep of No. 4 and sobs.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jan, 2003
    Wed 22 Jan, 2003
    Episode 16
    Ciaran has spent the night with Sunita. He arranges to see her again and she's delighted. Toyah tries to talk to Maria about the baby's father but Maria refuses to discuss it. Richard receives the cheque for £23k from an Equity Release Scheme - he knows that this money could have saved Maxine's life. He pays it into the bank. Ken continues to protest Aidan's innocence. Gail is appalled Roy tells Ciaran that he's got cold feet about expanding the cafe and going into partnership. Ashley asks Martin, Kevin and Curly to be pall-bearers at Maxine's funeral. Norris overhears Ken talking about Aidan and how he reckons that Aidan has been set up and is actually innocent. Norris thinks Ken might be right. Ashey visits Emily. Emily tells him how she wishes that she had died rather than Maxine. Ashley tells her she mustn't think like that. Sarah tells Ken that she also thinks Ade is innocent and that he was far too drunk that night to have killed someone. Norris tells Emily that he thinks Ade is innocent and that he thinks Richard had something to do with the murder. Emily is disgusted with Norris and orders him to move out. Norris is gutted. Toyah buys Maria a present to cheer her up. Maria is wracked with guilt. Shelley finds out that Sunita is seeing Ciaran. Shelley feels betrayed. Richard is alarmed to hear Ken's theory of Aidan's innocence. Ashley is outraged to hear Ken's theory regarding Aidan.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Maria tells Toyah she's pregnant. Toyah has no idea that the baby is John's. Peter calls to see Lucy. She tells him leave as she can't bear to be hurt again. Norris fusses round Emily. He tries to fit a safety chain to the door. Sunita gives Ciaran a piece of her mind regarding Shelley but later she apologises and invites Ciaran to her flat for supper. They get on really well, Sunita asks him to stay and they kiss. Betty is shocked when Maria says she's going to have a termination. Sunita persuades Shelley that she's been a bit hard on Peter over his friendship with Ciaran. Shelley agrees and tells Peter that although she doesn't approve he can still be friends with Ciaran. Gail and Richard call to see Emily. Richard is relieved when Emily says she can't remember a thing about her attacker. Toyah tells John that Maria is pregnant. Archie manages to get Ashley to talk about Maxine's funeral arrangements. John calls round to see Maria. She tells him the baby is his. He accuses Maria of sleeping around and she hits him across the face. Toyah arrives home but doesn't suspect anything.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Maxine's dad Derek turns up at the Rovers. He's in a state of shock having just learned about Maxine's death. Ashley is completely distraught and finding it hard to cope. He worries that Joshua will be affected by all that's gone on. Emily comes out of hospital. Norris fusses round her. Peter tries to talk to Shelley about the holiday in Mexico but she's still very frosty with him. Maria confides in Betty that she's pregnant. Ken visits Ade. Ade tells him that he's being moved to a Young Offender's Unit and he's scared. Richard sees Emily arrive home and feels sick. He's wracked with guilt. Emma tells Fred and Ashley that the pathologist has finished with Maxine's body so they can now arrange the funeral. Ashley can't face it. Ken calls to see Emily. Emily talks about Aidan saying how evil he is for what he's done. Ken feels guilty as he's representing Aidan. Gail insists that she and Richard should call to see Emily. Richard is absolutely dreading it but can't say anything. Toyah confronts Maria and Fiz as she can tell something is going on.moreless
  • Sun 19 Jan, 2003
    Sun 19 Jan, 2003
    Episode 13
    Candice tells Sarah she should sell her Ade story to the press. Gail forbids it. The police let Ashley know that they've charged Ade with Maxine's murder. Blanche points out to Ken that if he represents Ade the locals won't like it. Ken says that he has to as something is telling him that Ade is innocent. Doreen and Audrey reminisce about what a lovely girl Maxine was. Emma calls round to the pub and gives Ashley Maxine's wedding ring back. Ashley breaks down. Richard gets a call to tell him that one of his clients has died. He will get £23k from the equity release scheme. He realises that he need never have tried to murder Emily. The guilt is really getting to Richard. Maria is using a pregnancy testing kit, Fiz finds out. Ciaran confesses to Peter that he's done a runner from the Navy as he was caught in bed with the skipper's wife and he in turn gave the skipper a kicking. Peter confesses to Ciaran that he had an affair with Lucy and that he's in love with both Shelley and Lucy. Maria's pregnancy test is positive. She confesses to Fiz that the baby is John's.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jan, 2003
    Fri 17 Jan, 2003
    Episode 12
    Ashley is keeping himself busy looking after Joshua. Ade is in custody. He keeps protesting his innocence. Emma tells him that because he's only 16 he needs an adult representative. He asks for Ken Barlow. Norris is delighted when Emily regains consciousness. She can't remember anything about what happened. The police question Sarah as she is a friend of Ade's. She tells them that she doesn't believe he's a murderer. Richard enjoys telling the police that he witnessed Ade having a row with Ashley in the pub earlier in the evening of the murder. Ken agrees to be Ade's representative despite all that's happened as he feels that Ade is telling the truth for once. Ciaran suggests to Roy that he should expand the cafe into next door. He offers to put some money in himself. Hayley thinks it's a good idea. Roy isn't sure. Emily is shocked to learn of Maxine's death. Doreen, Fred and Ashley are all horrified to learn that Ade has been arrested for the murder. They remember the row they had with him earlier in the evening. Shelley is cross with Peter when she's sees him laughing and joking with Ciaran. Ashley baths Joshua and talks to him through his tears about Maxine.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jan, 2003
    Wed 15 Jan, 2003
    Episode 11
    The police interrogate Ashley over Maxine's death. Rita and Norris keep a vigil by Emily's bed. She's critical. Police and reporters swarm all over the street, questioning everybody. A distraught Fred and Doreen look after baby Joshua. Angela and Tommy worry that the attack at the Peacocks was meant for them and that the thugs just got the wrong house. Richard does his best to behave as normally as possible. Dev tells Roy that he's not going ahead with the amusement arcade. Steve tells Peter that he's taken the house off the market. Gail is puzzled that Richard seems to be taking Maxine's death so badly. Fred closes the Rovers for the day as mark of respect. Audrey is devastated to hear of Maxine's death. The police raid the hardware shop squat and arrest Aidan. They find the bag of stolen items from the Peacocks which Richard planted. Aidan protests his innocence but is led away. Ashley is released on bail. Richard sees Ade being frogmarched from the squat. His plan seems to be working.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Richard realises that he has no option but to kill Maxine too. He bludgeons her to death with the crow bar. He then makes a mess of the room to look like a burglary that's gone wrong. He steals a few items which he then plants on Ade back in the squat. He returns Ade's clothes and disposes of the empty vodka bottle in a bin at the back of the Rovers. Richard arrives back at the pub. Nobody has noticed his absence. Steve and Dev leave the party to have a chat about the business. Tracy and Karen interrupt them and start bitching at each other. Todd and Sarah start going out with each other again. Todd is delighted. Ashley leaves the party to go and join Maxine at home. Norris goes with him. Ashley goes home and discovers the carnage. He is devastated and cradles Maxine to him. Norris comes round wondering where Emily has got to. He takes in the horror and phones the police. Norris goes to get Fred and Doreen from the pub. They are both horrified when they see the bodies of Maxine and Emily. The ambulance turns up and takes Emily and Maxine away. Emily is still alive. Maxine is dead. The police arrest Ashley and take him to the station for questioning as he's covered in blood from Maxine and he was first at the scene. Shelley sacks Tracy for being lazy and helping herself to drinks. Richard's world starts to crumble when he hears that Emily is still alive.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
    Richard mixes some of Audrey's sleeping pills into a bottle of vodka. He puts the bottle into a carrier bag with some other goodies and then drops it round to the Hardware Shop while Ade is out. Eileen is delighted when Steve tells her that he's no longer selling No. 11 now that Dev has bought half the business. Dev starts throwing his weight about and calling himself the boss. Tracy starts work in the Rovers. She's lazy but thinks she can get a way with it as Shelley is soon to be family. Aidan finds the bag of goodies and thinks that Sarah has left them for him. He drinks the drugged Vodka. Maxine, Ashley and Doreen leave for the pub for Doreen's 50th birthday party. They leave Emily in charge of Joshua. Richard, Gail, Sarah and Todd go the Rovers for Todd's 18th birthday and Doreen's 50th. Aidan staggers into the pub drunk looking for Sarah. Gail is furious. Harry and Ashley throw him out. He goes back to the squat and falls unconscious. Richard slips out of the pub whilst no-one is looking, goes to the squat, checks that Ade is unconscious. He puts on Ade's trainers, hat and jacket and takes the crow bar. He goes round to the Peacocks, breaks in through the backdoor. He bludgeons Emily over the head with the crow bar but as he's doing so the door opens and Maxine walks in. She's come to check on Joshua. Maxine sees Richard standing over Emily's body holding a crow bar.moreless
  • Sun 12 Jan, 2003
    Sun 12 Jan, 2003
    Episode 8
    Richard catches Sarah making sandwiches for Ade. He's suspicious. Steve is working too hard to keep the business afloat. Karen again tries to persuade him to accept Dev as a partner but Steve refuses. Steve finds out from Eileen that it's Peter who's trying to buy No.11 from him. Doreen and Fred finally agree that neither of them want to marry the other. They are both relieved. Fred pretends Doreen dumped him to preserve Doreen's dignity. Doreen starts planning her 50th birthday party in the Rovers. Norris finds out that Richard called round to see Emily - he's relieved that Toyah was there instead. Steve tells Peter that his offer on the house is a joke. Peter thinks he's got Steve over a barrel as he's desperate for money. Emily agrees to babysit for Ashley and Maxine while they go to Doreen's 50th. Richard overhears and starts to formulate a plan. Richard advises Steve to take Dev up on his offer of a 50/50 partnership. Richard spots Sarah giving food to Ade in the hardware shop squat. He keeps it to himself. Steve takes Richard's advice. He talks to Dev and finally agrees to go into business with him. Dev takes over Vik's old half of Street Cars. Steve admits to Dev that he helped Joe break into his cousin's factory. Both Dev and Steve are wary of each other but the partnership is in place. Richard slips into the Hardware Shop squat unseen. He picks up a crow bar, his plan is coming together.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jan, 2003
    Fri 10 Jan, 2003
    Episode 7
    Ken and Deirdre are doing their best to re-build their relationship. Sarah agrees to help Todd plan something for his 18th birthday. Norris leaves for his course in Liverpool. Sarah visits Aidan in his squat again and tells him the outcome of Ken's court case. Peter offers £20k for No. 11 but Steve turns it down. Steve doesn't know that it's Peter who's made the offer. Ashley and Maxine desperately want Fred and Doreen to call off their engagement but Fred and Doreen each think the other will be upset. Deirdre calls to see Dev, saying that she needs some time off. Dev is angry with her thinking that she confessed to Ken about their affair. Sunita overhears them and has to confess that she was the one who told Tracy. Peter ups his offer on No. 11 to £20,500. Richard thinks Emily is on her own at home. He approaches via the back yard intent on murdering her but is shocked when Toyah opens the door. He makes his excuses and leaves. Dev is furious with Sunita and blames her for being jealous. Sunita is very upset. Tracy tries to move back in to No. 1 but Deirdre throws her out again for ruining her own marriage and then trying to wreck her relationship with Ken. Karen tells Dev that she and Steve do want him to take over half the business. She assures Dev that she will get Steve to agree to it.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jan, 2003
    Wed 8 Jan, 2003
    Episode 6
    Ken has spent the night on Peter's sofa. Deirdre has spent all night crying. Blanche gives her a stiff talking to. To Maxine and Ashley's horror they find out that whilst drunk Doreen and Fred got engaged to each other. Now sober neither wants to marry the other but neither dare admit it. Blanche tries to talk to Ken for Deirdre's sake but he won't listen. Norris finds out that Toyah will be spending the day at Emily's studying on Friday so thinking that Emily will be safe in her company he accepts a place on a Passport Course in Liverpool for that day. Karen and Steve argue. She thinks he should consider Dev's offer but he refuses. Ken goes to see Dev and tell him that he had better treat Tracy well or else. Peter and Shelley view No. 11 and to Jason and Todd's disappointment they really like the house. Ken calls to see Deirdre to talk things through. Peter and Ciaran agree that they will start being friends again, for old time's sake, but behind Shelley's back as she wouldn't approve. Ken decides that he wants to try and make another go of his relationship with Deirdre. Deirdre cries with relief.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
    Tracy tells Blanche that Deirdre slept with Dev and that she told Ken just before he went into court. Blanche slaps Tracy across the face. Tracy says she's disgusted that her boyfriend Dev has slept with her mother. Dev tells Karen that he's offered to buy out Vik's half of the business. Karen can't believe that Steve hasn't mentioned this. Joe looks round Vik's old flat above the taxi office and tells Karen that he wants to rent it. Deirdre and Ken arrive back home. Ken is devastated at Deirdre's revelation. Deirdre and Tracy have a blazing row. Deirdre throws Tracy out of the house. Blanche goes to the Rovers and leaves Ken and Deirdre to talk. Blanche is worried and upset. Deirdre explains to Ken that she just had a stupid crush on Dev but that it meant nothing. Ken can't accept it and tells her that she's never loved him as much as he loves her. Tracy confronts Dev. Dev says that it was a one-off mistake sleeping with Deirdre and persuades Tracy to come and stay with him. Doreen is feeling depressed. Fred comforts her. Ken tells Deirdre that he can't live with her anymore and walks out. Deirdre is inconsolable.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
    It's the day of Ken's court case. Deirdre and Tracy are going to support him. Tracy tells a horrfied Deirdre she knows about her affair with Dev. Maria is relieved when Fiz says that for Toyah's sake she's decided not to tell her about Maria and John having sex. Sarah's first day back at school since the accident. Peter tells Ciaran that he's wasting his time trying to rebuild their friendship. He tells Ciaran it would be best if he just left the area. Jason manages to put off another buyer for the house. Eileen finds out what he's doing and tells him to keep up the good work! Doreen is upset when she overhears Ashley gleefully telling Maxine that now Derek has signed the financial statement in the divorce she will soon have some money and be able to move out. John starts coming on to Maria again but she tells him to go away. Tracy and Deirdre are rowing over Dev in the Court waiting room. Ken wants to know what they're arguing about. Tracy forces Deirdre to tell Ken that she slept with Dev. Ken is shocked. His hearing goes ahead. He pleads guilty and receives a conditional discharge for a period of twelve months.moreless
  • Sun 5 Jan, 2003
    Sun 5 Jan, 2003
    Episode 3
    Fiz tells Maria that if she doesn't tell Toyah what's been going on then she will tell Toyah herself. Maria is very worried. Sunita admits to Deirdre that she's still hung up on Dev. A prospective buyer views No. 11. Todd and Jason turn their music up to wind Vera up. Vera turns her TV up and bangs on the wall. The prospective buyer is put off the house. Todd and Jason are delighted. Shelley is upset to find that Ciaran is still working in the cafe. Peter suggests that they should have a look at buying No. 11. Shelley likes the idea. Dev put a proposal to Steve: that he will buy out Vik's half of the business to help Steve out of the financial mess created by Vik. Steve refuses. Audrey moves back home. Dev and Tracy get back together which infuriates Deirdre and upsets Sunita. Sarah takes more food to Ade and again suggests that he goes home and sorts things out with his dad. Ade refuses. Tracy is all ready for her date with Dev when he stands her up. Sunita tells her that Dev treats all his women like that. Tracy accuses Sunita of being jealous. Sunita is hurt and upset and before she can stop herself she tells Tracy that Dev once slept with Deirdre. Tracy is shocked and disgusted.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jan, 2003
    Fri 3 Jan, 2003
    Episode 2
    Dev arranges to take Tracy out. Tracy agrees but later stands him up. Dev is very angry. Deirdre is delighted as she thinks Tracy has dumped him. Eileen tells Todd and Jason that the house is being sold. Roy tells Ciaran that they no longer need him in the cafe. However Aidan comes into the cafe and tries to steal some food. Roy tries to stop him, there's a scuffle and Ciaran comes to Roy's rescue. Later Toyah asks if she can cut her hours at the cafe down and so Hayley insists that they keep Ciaran on. Ciaran is delighted. John calls round to see Maria, he knows that Toyah is out. Sarah visits Ade again. She feels sorry for him when he explains how his mum left and he had a fight with his dad. She promises to bring him food and money. John and Maria end up in bed and have passionate sex. As soon as it's over Maria is guilt ridden realising how she's betrayed her friend. She chucks John out. Deirdre is so thrilled that Tracy has stood Dev up that she takes Ken out for dinner. John is just leaving the flat when Fiz arrives back. Fiz can see what's been going on and is disgusted, especially with Maria.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jan, 2003
    Wed 1 Jan, 2003
    Episode 1
    Deirdre phones Robert, Tracy's husband and asks him to come and talk to her. Ciaran is proving an excellent chef in the cafe but Roy feels uncomfortable with him around. Robert arrives and it soon becomes clear that Tracy was lying, it was she who was caught in bed with Robert's best mate not the other way round. Karen tells Eileen that she will be taking over most of her shifts to save money for the firm, starting with New Year's Eve. Eileen is upset. Robert says their marriage is over and leaves. Tracy doesn't care. John gives Maria a New Year's kiss, immediately there is some sexual chemistry between them. Ciaran worms his way round Fred and is allowed back into the Rovers. Aidan turns up at the Hillmans' house. Sarah gives him some food but refuses to let him in. Partrick complains that Street Cars is complete bedlam because Karen's so useless at operating the switch. Steve warns Eileen that her house will be going on the market on Friday. Audrey tells Archie that her house is nearly ready to move back in to. Archie is disappointed as he's enjoyed Audrey's company. John calls round and finds Maria in on her own. They almost kiss but then are disturbed by Fiz. Maria is relieved. Tracy decides to play hard to get with Dev and gives him the brush off. Dev thinks that this is Deirdre's doing and he and Deirdre have a row. Deirdre tells him she's worried that Tracy will find out that they slept together. Dev says he doesn't care.moreless