Coronation Street - Season 45

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  • Fri 31 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Sally bores Eileen about her management skills. Norris upsets Audrey by listing all the people who've died that year. Charlie comforts Shelley and tells her he loves her. Chesney and Sophie hide under the buffet table. Sophie offers to snog him but Chesney's appalled. Steve tells Liz he's only come out because he doesn't want to be at home if Karen phones. Audrey and Blanche cry together over their dead husbands. Ken arrives back from Scotland with Adam. Sophie's annoyed when Blanche muses that because she lives in Rosie's shadow she'll probably end up going on a killing spree. Shelley tells Deirdre how much she loves Charlie. Deirdre likens Charlie to Ray. Chesney winds up Vera, Blanche, Rita, Betty and Emily telling them what a terrible Christmas he's had. They each give him some money. Chesney's delighted his scam worked. Gail and Eileen calls a truce deciding to put 2004 behind them. Les starts dancing to Status Quo. Cilla's furious realising there's nothing wrong with his ankle. Big Ben strikes 12. The residents conga up the street and Chesney gives Schmeichel a big New Year's hug.moreless
  • Fri 31 Dec, 2004 [Episode 1]
    It's New Year's Eve. Shelley, Vera, Blanche and Betty set up the buffet for the party in the Rovers. Sally arrives home in a posh car which Ian has leant her for the weekend as a thank you for all her hard work. Kevin's impressed. Shelley's delighted when Charlie gives her a new dress to wear to the party. She's put out when she realises it's too small and asks Charlie to take it back. Charlie suggests she should go on a diet and the dress could be an incentive. Charlie gives the dress to Jason so Violet can try it instead. Chesney's very excited when Cilla and Les take him to the Rovers with them. The Baldwins celebrate Warren's 18th birthday. For his present Candice gives him a ring explaining it only symbolises commitment if he wants it to. Danny leads Frankie up to the factory roof where he romantically proposes to her even thought they're already married. Frankie's touched. Against his will, Steve allows Tracy to drag him to the Rovers with her. Violet turns up for work wearing Shelley's dress. Shelley's furious until Charlie explains he gave it to Jason rather than throw it away. Violet apologises an offers to change. Shelley feeling completely humiliated, but blaming herself, runs through to the back and cries her eyes out.moreless
  • Wed 29 Dec, 2004
    Wed 29 Dec, 2004
    Episode 267
    Katy finds Martin tidying the flat. Worried he might find her pill packet in the bin she steers him into bed. Martin's none the wiser. Janice, Hayley and Sean are missing Karen in the factory. Kelly decides to move to Karen's machine as it's better than hers. Steve's unnerved when Tracy arrives with some food shopping for him. He later tells Deirdre to speak to Tracy and make sure she stays away from him. Roy's annoyed when Vince, enters the café and uses the gents without buying anything. Norris is convinced Steve has murdered Karen as no-one saw her leave. Violet, Jason and Sean arrange to go clubbing together. Everyone's in hysterics when Les tells them how Patrick has run over himself in his taxi. Later Les sprains his ankle when he re-enacts what happened to Patrick. Jack and Vera tells Tyrone he's welcome to move Maria into No. 9 again if he wants. Charlie notices Deirdre watching him and wonders what's going on. Katy tells Violet she's secretly thrown her pills away and is hoping to get pregnant. Steve's drunk and emotional in the pub. Tracy insists on helping him back to his flat despite his protests. She settles him in a chair and kisses him on the forehead. Steve's too drunk to notice.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Janice and Kelly discuss the fight between Karen and Tracy. Hayley remains tight-lipped. However Tracy informs them that Karen has left. Deirdre tells Shelley that Bev is hiding in her house and hoping to see her. Shelley sneaks out of the pub round to Deirdre's. Roy's annoyed when Vince brings his own sandwiches into the café. Martin apologises again to Warren for injuring him. They make up. Maria invites Tyrone back to her flat for the evening. Tracy offers Steve her sympathy saying she'll do anything to help. Steve throws it back in her face. Bev tries her best to get Shelley to see that Charlie is a cheat, a liar and a womaniser. Shelley refuses to listen and tells Bev it's best if they don't see each other again. Upset Bev makes Deirdre promise to keep an eye on Shelley for her. Steve's still in turmoil wondering if he should give Karen another chance. Sarah's appalled to watch Martin and Katy kissing in the pub. Charlie quizzes Shelley as to where she's been but she keeps quiet. Katy throws her contraceptive pills away and goes to bed with Martin. Steve throws out all Karen's belongings including his own wedding ring.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Liz tries to comfort Steve who's distraught. Ashley and Claire (and Joshua) get ready to leave for their honeymoon in Paris. Claire admits she's scared of tunnels, Ashley admits he's scared of flying so at the last minute they have to alter the arrangements and buy ferry tickets. Deirdre tells Tracy that Steve's thrown Karen out. Tracy's surprised. Bev calls Deirdre and asks to meet her in secret. Charlie mentions that another pub is having a private party for its regulars on New Year's Eve. Angela tells Katy how her grandma got herself pregnant so granddad had to marry her. This sows a seed in Katy's head. She and Martin make up. Jim calls from prison. Liz and Steve keep quiet about Karen's departure. Bev tells Deirdre how Shelley phoned saying she didn't want to see her again and how she's sure Charlie's behind it. Hayley calls at Steve's to see how Karen is. Steve tells her he's kicked Karen out. Shelley gets Fred's permission for a private party on New Year's Eve. She tells Charlie and is dismayed when he says he won't be there. Deirdre agrees to let Bev use her house for a secret meeting with Shelley.moreless
  • Sun 26 Dec, 2004
    Sun 26 Dec, 2004
    Episode 264
    Karen pleads with Steve to change his mind but he's unyielding. Chesney's downhearted, the Scalextric's Cilla bought him is second-hand and doesn't work properly and there's only a scrawny chicken for Christmas dinner. Ashley and Claire's wedding reception's in full swing in the Rovers. Norris plays the piano. Cilla manages to nick a load of food and champagne from the reception. Steve's distraught as he explains to Liz it's over with Karen. Katy confides in Violet that she proposed to Martin. Shelley's gobsmacked when Charlie gives her diamond earrings for Christmas. Tyrone gets stage fright and insists Fred does the best man's speech. Fred reads out Tyrone's speech as Tyrone cringes but to his relief everyone thinks it's great. Ken, Deirdre, Blanche, Tracy and Amy have Christmas dinner together. Tracy raises a toast to her family and it's a warm moment. Yvonne makes a speech and gives Ashley and Claire her blessing. Katy's upset when Martin says he doesn't want to marry her yet but promises one day he'll propose to her on bended knee. Chesney cheers up when he sees all the food Cilla's nicked from the Rovers. Steve's gutted but insists Karen goes. Distraught Karen climbs into a taxi and leaves the street.moreless
  • Sat 25 Dec, 2004
    Sat 25 Dec, 2004
    Episode 263
    Steve tries to get near the burning car to rescue Amy but the flames are too fierce. Tracy, convinced that Karen's killed Amy, jumps in Steve's car and drives off, a woman possessed. Tracy runs Karen over in Steve's car. Karen manages to scramble up the factory steps and bangs on the door. Hayley, who's mending Claire's dress lets her in. Tracy, wielding a crook-lock forces her way in after Karen threatening to kill her. Steve's relieved to find that Amy's safe and sound with Roy. Steve arrives at the factory and tells Tracy that Amy's safe. But Tracy doesn't believe him, thinking he's just trying to save Karen from her fate. Tracy and Karen continue to fight on the factory roof. Steve arrives just in time and forces Tracy to look down where she sees Amy in Roy's arms. Tracy, cradling Amy, goes home with Ken and Deirdre. Steve angrily tells Karen he doesn't want to see her again tonight. Kirk mixes his presents up and gives Cilla a bone and Schmeichel a pair of tights. Vera throws Jack out for giving her last year's Christmas card again. Eileen, Jason, Sean and Violet have Christmas dinner together. Steve gets Tracy to agree that they won't involve the police. It's Ashley and Claire's wedding day. Joshua refuses to wear his page boy outfit and goes to the wedding dressed as spiderman. Claire's car breaks down and she and the bridesmaids - Candice, Maria and Fiz - have to run to the church. The organist is paralysed down his left side so Norris steps in, but despite everything the day's a success and Ashley and Claire are married. They say ‘I do’ and leave the Church under an arch of meat cleavers – just as snow begins to fall. Frankie takes Jack in and gives him Christmas dinner. Steve tells Karen that although he still loves her he can't live with her; that by pretending to have killed Amy it wasn't just Tracy who suffered but him too. Katy proposes to Martin. Steve insists Karen leaves. Karen's heartbroken.moreless
  • Fri 24 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Tracy's in severe shock thinking Karen's kidnapped Amy. Steve phones Karen and asks her to bring Amy back. Karen hadn't realised Amy was in the car. Tracy grabs the phone and screams at Karen making matters far worse. Ken and Deirdre try to placate hysterical Tracy. Jason asks Violet to stay with him over Christmas. She says she'll think about it. Cilla wangles herself a job helping out with the wedding buffet so she and Les can have a free Christmas lunch. Steve and Tracy go off in the car and frantically search for Karen and Amy. Steve speaks to Karen again. Karen tells Steve what an ugly baby Amy is compared to how their baby would have been. Steve's now seriously worried. Eileen tells Violet how much Jason thinks of her. Violet decides she will stay for Christmas. Jason's delighted and they kiss passionately. Steve speaks to Karen again and she tells him she's on the Red Rec. The stags go back to Ashley's house for a night cap. Yvonne tells Claire she's resigned from her job as a tax inspector before she gets the push. She admits the investigation of Fred and Ashley was illegal and stupid. She admits she still isn't in favour of Claire marrying Ashley but will stand by her daughter. Tracy and Steve are shocked to find the people carrier on fire and no signs of life.moreless
  • Fri 24 Dec, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tyrone books a stripping butcher for Ashley's stag do. Steve's worried about Karen who's distraught about the baby. Cilla and Les trick Kirk and Fiz into baby-sitting Chesney on Christmas Eve. Ashley, Ciaran, Charlie, Mike, Martin, Boris and Tyrone go on Ashley's stag do. Liz tells Deirdre about Karen's miscarriage. The Stripper arrives at the stag do dressed as a baker. Tyrone's embarrassed and Ashley's furious. Tracy is genuinely sorry for Karen, but Karen finds her sympathy unbearable. The stag do is thrown out of the restaurant, then refused entry into a nightclub. They resort to the Rovers. Claire rips her wedding dress. Emily suggests they send for Hayley. Sophie finally forgives Sally for murdering Ebony Rae. Karen tells Steve the baby was their last chance to make their relationship work and it's gone. Steve's at breaking point. The Barlows are seeing Tracy off as she leaves for Peter's. Tracy realises she's left her bag in the house. While Tracy's gone, Karen jumps in the car and speeds off taking Amy with her. Tracy's beside herself and Steve realises Karen must have taken Amy.moreless
  • Wed 22 Dec, 2004
    Wed 22 Dec, 2004
    Episode 260
    Karen and Steve are in a state of shock after the miscarriage. Karen tries to put a brave face on things and goes to work as normal. Steve however finds it hard. Sally's getting het up about being in charge of the mince pies at the school fayre. Tracy's still getting annoyed about Christmas as the rest of the Barlows discuss the Christmas shopping. Candice is playing it cool to Audrey and Maria in the Salon about the Christmas do. The truth is she and Warren got too drunk to remember anything. Leanne reveals to them both that they were pictured embarrassingly in the Weatherfield Gazette. Frankie consoles an upset Candice in the Rovers. Sally is beaming with pride at the school's evening fayre and she is very pleased when the headmaster tells her and Kevin, Rosie is settling in well. She is less pleased when Les, Cilla and Chesney turn up at the hall. Les, Cilla and Chesney are greeted at Oakhill by Mr Austin the headmaster. They are however surprised at the cost of the fees and leave after an argument with Sally. Janice tells the factory girls in the Rovers that Mike goes on a sun-bed twice a week. Tracy decides to go and spend Christmas with Peter. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche are shocked. Steve finds Karen drinking and smoking in the flat. She's very upset and blames herself for losing the baby.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Steve tells Liz he's going to be a good father to his baby with Karen. Leanne has spiked Candice's drink in the Rovers, and Warren hasn't yet told Candice that Leanne and Jamie are going to County's Christmas doKaren is becoming increasingly worried about the baby. Steve won't answer his phone, and Karen hangs up in fear when she phones the hospital. Sally is worried Sophie's invisible friend will embarrass she and Kevin at Oakhill open day. Kevin in despair goes to the Rovers with his invisible friend Eric. Later Sally hoovers up Ebony Rae. Chesney has taken one of the Websters mince pies from the window, and tries to teach Schmeichel some new tricks. Cilla forces Les and Chesney to take baths for the school evening. Fred loses the competition and it's decided Tyrone will give the speech at the wedding reception. At the hospital, Steve and Karen discover she's had a miscarriage. Tyrone asks Jack for help with the speech, and worries he isn't witty enough to wow the crowd.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sally riles Les when she tells him that Oakhill is too good for Chesney. The factory party doesn't start well when Angela leaves upset at being called a thief previously. Sean, Fiz, Hayley and Janice are upset, Karen and Sonia party on. Danny is upset that the girls aren't enjoying themselves and sends Jamie off to get her back. Fred is putting down Martin and Tyrone to Ashley. Ashley and Claire decide that they will have three best men, one for the stag do, one for the wedding and one for the reception. Cilla rings Oakhill and arranges, in her 'phone voice', to take Chesney for an open day. She tells Les that they'll be able to afford it by getting grants. On Gail's insistence, Martin goes to see Sarah and they make up again. Jamie manages to get Angela back to the party and everyone starts to enjoy themselves. Mike starts to loosen up and he and Janice have a lingering kiss under the mistletoe. Candice is getting ready to be taken to the Weatherfield County Christmas party by Warren and has been practising getting out of cars for the paparazzi. Leanne is however planning something. Kevin and Sally humour Rosie about her invisible friend Ebony Rae, who wears braces. Karen suddenly feels very ill and goes to the toilet. She fears she has lost the babymoreless
  • Sun 19 Dec, 2004
    Sun 19 Dec, 2004
    Episode 257
    Martin tells Katy he was simply tackling Warren and didn't mean to hurt him. Katy's unconvinced. Martin admits to Katy he doesn't know what she sees in him as she's young and gorgeous whilst he's a sad old git. Sally's delighted when Justine asks her if she'll help out on the cake stall at the Oakhill Christmas Fayre. Cilla insists Les explain the facts of life to Chesney. Les is amazed when Chesney explains to him how the cells divide and likens him to Einstein. Candice picks another fight with Katy. Sarah pulls Candice back while Martin controls Katy. Sarah's embarrassed her dad's teenage girlfriend is scrapping in the street. Fred gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Ashley wants him to be his best man. Fred, Martin and Tyrone discover that they all think they're Ashley's best man. Warren can't play football for a week because of his injury. Candice is disappointed they'll miss the Christmas party. Martin tries to apologise to Warren but Danny's furious pointing out how he could have finished Warren's career. A slanging match ensues and embarrassed Katy walks out. Appalled by her dad's behaviour, Sarah tells Martin some home truths, that when it comes to Katy, it's just lust and infatuation and that he's become a mean and jealous person.moreless
  • Fri 17 Dec, 2004
    Fri 17 Dec, 2004
    Episode 256
    Tyrone's worried he's not good enough for Maria, Fiz and Claire assure him he is. Charlie takes the mickey out of Jason because he hasn't managed to get Violet into bed yet. Claire suggests to Ashley he should ask Tyrone to be best man as it would help Tyrone improve his self-esteem. Ashley agrees to think about it. Jason tells Violet it's time they had sex. Violet takes offence. Jason admits he's in love with her but is hurt when Violet just throws it back in his face. Frankie hears about the missing £200 and tells Danny she borrowed it to go Christmas shopping. Danny lies to the girls and says it was stuck down the back of the drawer. The girls apologise to Angela but she's still hurt. Jealous Candice gives Katy a hard time for kissing Warren. Fiz tells Tyrone that Ashley's going to ask him to be his best man. Tyrone's chuffed to death. When Claire finds out Ashley's asked Martin instead, she panics. Violet finally cracks and admits to Jason she feels the same but is just worried about getting hurt like she was by her last boyfriend. Martin, David and Craig are kicking a ball around. Warren joins in. It turns into a grudge match between Martin and Warren. Finally Martin lunges at Warren telling him to stay away from Katy.moreless
  • Wed 15 Dec, 2004
    Wed 15 Dec, 2004
    Episode 255
    Ashley needs to find a new best man now Nick's pulled out. Katy suggests to Martin they should get married but he reckons they should wait until she's finished university. Yvonne calls round and gives Claire some mementoes of her father and asks if can give Claire away at the wedding. Claire agrees. Charlie gets the building contract from Dev to re-build the corner shop and possibly one of his other shops too. Furious Angela tells the girls that she's not the thief. Kelly's still disbelieving. Danny suggests to Hayley they search the factory from top to bottom. Charlie continues to undermine Shelley's confidence suggesting she often upsets customers without realising it. Violet makes up with Jason. Jason lies to Charlie pretending he and Violet are sleeping together but Charlie susses out the truth. Jamie, Warren, Candice, Leanne and Katy mess around kissing each other under the mistletoe. Martin walks in and sees Warren kissing Katy on the lips. Claire tells Fred that Yvonne will now be giving her away. Fred tries to hide his disappointment and hopes Ashley will ask him to be best man instead. Martin's furious with Katy, accusing her of behaving like a kid. Katy storms off upset.moreless
  • Mon 13 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Charlie continues to interrogate Shelley but she lies insisting it was Sunita on the phone. Charlie makes a mental note to punish her later. Charlie and Shelley get ready to go to Dev and Sunita's for dinner. Charlie tells Shelley she looks a bit tarty. Feeling hurt, Shelley goes to change. Sally sings the praises of Ian Davenport's garage saying it's much posher than theirs. Angela and Tommy buy Craig a computer for Christmas. Shelley changes into lots of different outfits, Charlie finds fault with all of them. Shelley becomes upset and flustered. When Dev lights some candles for the dinner party Sunita has a panic attack as they remind her of Maya and the burning shops. Hayley's shocked to find the Christmas money has been stolen. The factory girls blame Angela. Offended, Angela storms off home. Martin tells Katy he's taken out life insurance and she's the main beneficiary. Over dinner, Shelley suggests to Dev he should employ Charlie to re-build the corner shop, saying he isn't too busy and would do him a good deal. Gail's upset when Nick phones saying he won't be coming home for Christmas as he's still in love with Maria and can't bear to see her with Tyrone. Gail lies to Maria saying Nick has got a new girlfriend. Maria's hurt but Tyrone's relieved. After a night out in town Jason suggests to Violet they go to bed. Violet's offended and leaves telling Jason he's ruined the evening. Back at the Rovers, Shelley thinks they've had a lovely evening but Charlie turns nasty, accusing her of belittling him in front of Dev. Shelley's distraught.moreless
  • Mon 13 Dec, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Charlie behaves as if nothing's happened, Shelley's perturbed. Chirpy Tyrone tells Kevin and Tommy he's back with Maria. Audrey's pleased Maria chose Tyrone. Candice makes snide comments about him. Danny strikes a deal with the factory girls. If they can get £100 together towards a Christmas party and finish the latest order today, he'll double the money. Dev and Sunita arrive back from Sunita's mother's. Dev invites Shelley and Charlie round for dinner. Shelley's relieved when Charlie agrees. Les and Cilla come up with a plan to win the £25 Christmas Pudding money from Roy. Roy sees through their scam and makes Les eat all the puddings to get the money. Maria's put out when Gail announces that Nick's going to be Ashley's best man at the wedding. Betty calls in to the café explaining that she asked Hayley to save her a portion of Christmas Pudding. Betty's portion turns out to contain the winning £2 coin. A fight ensues over the pudding and Cilla ends up with it down her dress. Shelley waits until she's alone and phones Bev. She tells Bev that she's glad they're speaking again but it's best they don't see each other. Bev suspects Charlie's behind this but Shelley refuses to say. Charlie arrives back and guilty Shelley quickly slams down the phone. The factory girls complete their order. They've raised £95 and Mike gives them the other fiver. Danny keeps his word and doubles their money to £200. Charlie realises Shelley's been speaking to Bev. He advances towards her menacingly and Shelley's terrified.moreless
  • Sun 12 Dec, 2004
    Sun 12 Dec, 2004
    Episode 252
    Liz catches a slightly embarrassed Maria and Tyrone in the morning. Shelly's secret meeting is with Bev, her mum. Things go well, and they even discuss Charlie cordially. Charlie doesn't believe Shelley's been to see her mum and she has to prove it by phoning Bev. While on the phone Charlie makes Shelly choose between them, and tell her that she can't see her again. At breakfast Fred, Claire and Ashley muse over what Yvonne is going to tell them regarding the tax returns. When Yvonne tells them the final amount it is only £24. 09 Fred is very relieved. Ciaran is worried about the hen night, that the girls will get too raucous and get him to do something. Norris has won two pounds in Roy's Xmas pudding lottery, which Les overhears. Les and Kirk try to con Roy by putting a coin in their pudding, but are foiled as Roy has marked all the coins. Tyrone and Maria have an awkward moment before she goes out. Maria, Katy and Candice turn up for Claire's hen night. Maria tells them all about last night with Tyrone. Yvonne turns up to speak to Claire. They have an emotional conversation and make-up, and Claire invites her to the wedding.moreless
  • Fri 10 Dec, 2004
    Fri 10 Dec, 2004
    Episode 251
    Karen plans to get the car, and Tracy offers a swap, the car for Steve. Tommy and Kevin rumble Tyrone when he tells them he is going round to Maria's for dinner. They see his new shirt, and tease him. Maria sees and realises things may be getting out of hand. Fred goes to the pub to meet Yvonne for her inspection of the pub's finances, as Claire tells Ashley that Maria and Candice are planning her a hen night in the Rovers. Shelly is making secret plans to meet up with someone. She tells Charlie that it is a Brewery lunch, but upon ringing the Brewery he discovers there is no function. He makes her squirm before agreeing that she can go. Ken decides to give Karen the spare key to the car, Karen responds by getting a "Karen and Steve" sticker on the windscreen. Tracy threatens to smash it. Claire's worried that her mum is trying to stop the wedding by taxing Fred so much he can't afford it. Sally tells Kevin after her first day that the other garage needs some sorting out. Before Tyrone goes round to Maria's Vera tells him to be careful. The dinner goes badly as Tyrone thinks Maria is trying to get rid of him. He's about to leave when Dave turns up to give Maria the money back. To Tyrone's surprise and delight, Maria suddenly blurts out that she loves Tyrone.moreless
  • Wed 8 Dec, 2004
    Wed 8 Dec, 2004
    Episode 250
    Karen is suffering from morning sickness. Yvonne angers Ashley and Claire. She tells Ashley that he is simply trying to replace his dead wife. Candice, Rita, Audrey, and Blanche all offer Maria advice on Tyrone. Janice and Angela fail to win at Roy's Xmas Pudding Prize, but Janice pockets Karen's winnings when she goes to throw up again. Rita nearly lands Fred in it when she suggests in front of Yvonne that she knocks the price of her steak of his paper bill. Claire suggests to Maria in the Rovers that she borrow the money from Audrey to pay back Tyrone to avoid feeling guilty. Later Claire asks Fred to give her away at the wedding, and he agrees. Karen overhears Liz and Steve talking about the present Steve has bought for Amy. Frankie starts laying on the compliments in the café, while Maria asks Audrey for the money, who reluctantly agrees. Maria gives Tyrone the money back, and invites him round for dinner. Karen suggests to Deirdre and Ken that they sell the car. Blanche warns Tracy who won't go along with the plan. Yvonne finishes the butchers and tells Fred she'll be back for the pub the next daymoreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Maria goes to thank Tyrone. Audrey notices the drawer money is different and as she goes to blame Candice, Maria owns up. She tells Audrey that Tyrone gave her the money. Audrey tells her that love is sometimes more than skin deep. The factory girls plan to get their own back on Danny and his giant neon girl. Roy admits that his Gran developed a drinking problem when she started making her Christmas puddings. The puddings are going down well in Roy's Rolls. Claire is getting worried that the wedding won't be ready in time and that her mum is interfering trying to ruin it. Steve has bought Amy a keyboard, but asks that Tracy keep it a secret from Karen. Fred admits to Ashley that his accountant Bernie, wrote off the Orchid losses as business losses in his books. Ashley and Yvonne get into an argument. Deirdre and Liz discover the present from Steve under the Barlow tree. Deirdre confronts Tracy about it and tells her to forget Steve. Tyrone feels conflicted when Maria turns up to buy him a pint in the Rovers. Tyrone winds up to ask her out but bottles it. The factory girls have stapled a photocopy of Danny's face to the giant neon girl in underwear on a sled. Everyone sees at the grand unveiling including the Weatherfield Gazette. Claire and Ashley have an emotional argument with Yvonne. Claire says that part of her mum has died inside. Yvonne's upset but still on course says that she'll be back again tomorrow morning.moreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Roy decides to make Christmas pudding mix for the café. He decides to put money in the mix, but he wakes Hayley. Later Janice and Angela sign up for a piece of the cake. There is arguing as the Barlows put up their decorations. Tracy complains that Christmas will be miserable anyway. Steve and Karen discuss baby names. Karen wants to name the baby Leo because of his starsign Danny has decided to put decorations up in the factory and gives the girls the morning off to help. Maria tells Liz that she got the money from a friend. At work Maria and Candice are discussing Claire's hair for her wedding. Maria tries unsuccessfully to replace Audrey's money. Claire suggests to Fred that the butchers could do with some lights. Later Candice distracts Audrey while Maria later replaces the money. Fred puts up the Gobbling Gordon Neon sign but decides against the get stuffed catchphrase. Ashley claims it makes the butchers look like a fast food shop. They later change the sign buts it then looks like Santa is chopping Gordon's head off. As Boris goes up the ladder to change it again he falls off the ladder. Tyrone tells Kevin and Tommy that he gave the money to Maria while discussing Christmas bonuses and lights. Tracy asks Steve to buy Amy an expensive present for Christmas. Yvonne, Claire's mum, calls round to check out the butcher's tax books.moreless
  • Sun 5 Dec, 2004
    Sun 5 Dec, 2004
    Episode 247
    Maria panics about how she's going to replace the £200 without Audrey finding out. Sophie tries on her Christmas cracker costume for the school fancy dress. Frankie insists Danny erects a pigeon loft in the yard for Jack's pigeons. Ian calls round and offers Sally the job of office manager at his garage. Deirdre finds out from a colleague on the council that Wanda's been pulling a fast one and her house has never had termites. In desperation Maria asks Kirk if he can give her any money and explains about the £200. Leanne overhears and threatens to tell Audrey. Blanche and Wanda slow dance to some Glen Miller. Wanda complains that Deirdre's sherry is off but Ken points out she's been drinking balsamic vinegar. Wanda admits she hasn't got termites and was just lonely. Sally, Kevin, Ian, Justine, Tommy and Angela go out for a pizza. Sally agrees to work part-time for Ian as his office manager. Leanne enjoys telling Tyrone about Maria's £200 predicament. As Wanda leaves the Barlows, she tells Ken she's bought him his own cemetery plot. Danny names all the pigeons after the factory girls. Tyrone pushes an envelope through Maria's door containing £200. She cries her eyes out, overcome by his kindness which she doesn't deserve.moreless
  • Fri 3 Dec, 2004
    Fri 3 Dec, 2004
    Episode 246
    Guilt-ridden Fred begs Ashley to forgive him, which he eventually does although he still can't believe Fred's gambled away the family business. Ken goes to get his hair cut just to avoid Wanda but she follows him to the Salon. Maria tells Tyrone she can't go to the sportsman's dinner. She's surprised when Tyrone admits he knew about her fling with Dave in Majorca but hoped it would blow over. Hurt and upset he tells her they're finished and gives the tickets to Jamie. Dave turns up from Cornwall. He's lost his wallet so Maria borrows £200 from the Salon till saying they must replace it in the morning so Audrey won't know. Ron turns up at No. 9 pretending to be from the Conservation Society. Vera exposes their scam and pretends to serve up pigeon pie. Frankie offers to have the pigeons in their back yard so long as Jack looks after them. Warren, Candice, Jamie and Leanne leave for the sportsman's dinner at Weatherfield County FC. Fred signs the contract to hand the butchers over to Mike but to his amazement Mike sets light to the contract explaining he never wanted the business but just wants he and Fred to be friends again. Fred's delighted. Maria arrives home in tears. She and Dave have fallen out and to her horror she realises he never gave her the £200.moreless
  • Wed 1 Dec, 2004
    Wed 1 Dec, 2004
    Episode 245
    Claire and Ashley discuss their wedding. Fred can't bring himself to tell them he's gambled away the butchers' shop. Wanda's getting on Ken and Deirdre's nerves but shows no sign of moving out. They're amazed when she has a large gin for breakfast. Vera returns to work at the café. Frankie's delighted when Roy offers her a part-time job on a permanent basis. Liz lets slip to Vera that Henry Broxbourne is really Ron Hepplewhite from the Pigeon Fanciers' Society. Vera resolves to set both Ron and Jack up. Tommy admits to Angela he gambled away some of their Christmas money but has managed to win most of it back. Wanda takes a shine to Ken and offers him a go with her walking frame. Katy tells Claire how she and Martin are hoping to start a family. Martin tells Ashley how Katy mentioned having a baby but that he's managed to quash that idea. Fred confesses to Ashley how he's gambled away the butchers' shop. Ashley is devastated, admonishing that he'll never forgive Fred.moreless
  • Mon 29 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Tommy knows he's got to buy Craig a computer so demands another poker game to give him a chance to win some of his money back. Katy explains to Martin how she still wants to go to college but wants a baby too. Martin isn't so keen but promises to think about it. Ken's bemused when Wanda asks him to hold an urn containing her late husband Dick. Blanche proceeds to ply her with gin. Ken and Deirdre escape to the pub. Fred, Mike, Tommy and Danny play poker. Warren's selling tickets for The Sportsmen's dinner at Weatherfield County. Tyrone buys two and invites Maria. She accepts and Tyrone's delighted. Tommy manages to win some money and bails out while's the going is good. Frankie lets on to Jack she knows about his scam with the pigeons. Jack's mortified and makes her promise not to tell Vera. The poker has turned into a grudge match for Fred. He and Mike continue to play continually upping the stakes, first betting their cars and then their businesses. Maria's delighted when Dave, the lad she met on holiday, phones and arranges to meet up with her. Ken and Deirdre arrive home to find Wanda paralytic. She lurches at Ken mistaking him for her Dicky. Mike wins at poker. Fred's devastated having lost his money, car and business.moreless
  • Mon 29 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    The over-crowding at No. 1 is starting to take its toll on Ken. He begs Steve to help him out and find somewhere else for Liz to live. Katy feels the pressure from Angela and Martin to do well in her mock exams. Vera's feeling better and insists they don't need Frankie's help any more. Maria and Tyrone return from Majorca. Tyrone's all loved up but Maria's guilt-ridden and confesses to Audrey and Candice how she got off with another lad behind Tyrone's back. The new pigeon loft is installed at the Duckworths. Vera tells Jack to get on to the Conservation Society so they can register the house. Craig wants a computer at home. Tommy feels guilty knowing he's blown a chunk of the money playing poker. Liz gets a job at the Weatherfield Arms and at Steve's insistence moves into the flat above Street Cars. Ken's delighted she's gone but Maria's not impressed to find she's got a new flat mate. Frankie's uncovers Jack's scam when Liz recognises Henry Broxbourne from the Conservation Society saying he's an old mate of Jack's called Ron Hepplewhite from the Weatherfield Pigeon Fanciers Association. Ken and Deirdre are enjoying a bit of peace when to their horror Blanche brings Wanda home explaining she's come to say as she's got termites in her house. Martin's stunned when Katy announces she wants a baby.moreless
  • Sun 28 Nov, 2004
    Sun 28 Nov, 2004
    Episode 242
    Tracy's still upset thinking once Karen's baby arrives Amy will be swept aside and Steve won't want to know. Sunita insists Dev goes to work saying she'll be alright in the flat on her own. Karen's excited when she gets a due date of 8th August from the doctor. Charlie's hungover. Shelley tries to find out what he got up to last night but Charlie changes the subject. Danny hauls Kelly into his office and insists she finds Sean, apologises to him and gets him to accept his job back. Ken drops hints to Liz she needs to find somewhere else to live but she's unreceptive. Karen continues to twist the knife and wind Tracy up. Hayley calls to see Sunita. Sunita's so nervy and wound up she hurls an ornament at the door. When she sees it's only Hayley she breaks down and cries. Kelly apologises to Sean and eventually he agrees to be friends again and and is pleased to get his job back. When Dev sees what state Sunita's in he insists she goes to stay with her family until she feels better. Sunita gratefully agrees. Karen and Steve discuss possible names for the baby. Deirdre has a heart to heart with Tracy. She tells Tracy to forget about Karen and move on but Tracy admits she can't move on as she's still in love with Steve.moreless
  • Fri 26 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Steve and Karen celebrate their baby news and buy drinks all round. Tracy's gutted. Sean pours his heart out to Eileen and tells her how Kelly had a bet with the factory girls that she could pull him. Eileen's furious. Karen enjoys rubbing Tracy's nose in her news. Tracy leaves in tears. As sobbing Tracy cuddles Amy, Blanche points out it's time she stopped carrying a torch for Steve. Dev and Sunita arrive at the Rovers and are overwhelmed at everyone's good wishes. Dev thanks Charlie for saving their lives. Charlie tells Shelley he's going to the Weatherfield Arms. Shelley's put out. Irate Eileen tells the factory girls that their bet with Kelly has got Sean the sack. The girls are really sorry and Hayley begs Danny to reconsider explaining he's misjudged Sean and that Kelly's the one at fault. As Liz chats to Deirdre about becoming a grandmother again, Tracy's upset and thinks Amy will be forgotten about, certainly by Steve. Charlie pulls a girl in the Weatherfield Arms. He leads her up a passage way where they snog and have sex. Dev and Sunita nervously go back to their flat. Once in bed, Sunita can't stop crying and Dev comforts her. Charlie returns to the Rovers where Shelley's waited up. She leads him up to bed, Charlie's totally unphased.moreless
  • Fri 26 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Dev and Sunita are in hospital, traumatised after their ordeal. When Sally tells Sophie just how frightened she was when she couldn't find her, Sophie's delighted to be the centre of attention. Sunita finds out Maya's in the same hospital and insists she and Dev leave immediately. Tracy takes Amy for her jabs. She's pleased when Steve takes an interest. Charlie and Ciaran enjoy being treated as local heroes. Karen gob-smacked to find out she's pregnant. Patrick's mortified to find Eileen's told Frankie about his nickname Hat-trick. Dev thanks Ciaran for saving his and Sunita's life. Sean and Kelly argue in the factory. Danny demands to know what's going on. Kelly lies, saying Sean came on to her and she tried to push him off. She shows Danny her bruises. Danny sacks Sean who's devastated. Norris clocks Les and Cilla looting the corner shop while the policeman on watch has nipped to the loo. He later accosts the pair but Cilla assures him they didn't get anything as it was all burnt to a cinder. Norris is disgusted with them. Sean burst into tears and tells Eileen how he's been sacked. Charlie offers to take Shelley shopping and for a bite to eat. He's annoyed when she turns him down saying she has to work. Steve's delighted when Karen tells him she's pregnant. Tracy's furious.moreless
  • Wed 24 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Dev regains consciousness. Sunita is still chained to the cooker. Dev tries to placate Maya telling her that she needs help but Maya continues with her mad rant. Tommy quits the poker game owing Mike £78 and is gutted to find out afterwards he had the better hand. The police call at the shop and Maya talks to them pretending to be Sunita, having stolen Sunita's wedding ring she's now wearing it herself. Mike wins game after game of poker. Fred's quietly seething. Sophie can't sleep, she hears screams from the flat next door but thinks she's been dreaming. Kevin takes her with him on a breakdown call out. Maya switches on the gas rings without lighting them and leaves Dev and Sunita bound and gagged in the flat. She goes downstairs and sets light to the shop. Ken's fed up with Tracy childishly taking the wheels off the car when it's Karen's turn to use it. He vows to return them. Jamie and Leanne, returning from a night's clubbing spot the corner shop on fire. Rita phones the fire brigade. The Websters' house starts to fill with smoke. Sally drags Rosie out but is distraught she can't find Sophie. Charlie and Ciaran rescue Dev and Sunita. The shop explodes. Sally's hugs Sophie hugely relieved to see she's safe and well. Maya, watching from a distance, realises her plan has failed. She drives her car straight at Dev and Sunita in an attempt to run them over but misses and crashes into the viaduct. She's about to have a second go when a lorry ploughs into her car as the residents of the Street look on in horror.moreless
  • Wed 24 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Dev's worst fears are confirmed when Maya picks up the phone. Whilst pinning Sunita down Maya demands he comes to the flat and doesn't involve the police. Mike, Fred, Charlie, Tommy and Danny begin their game of poker. Tommy's worried he hasn't much money and the stakes are too high. Maya continues to torment Sunita, telling her how much she enjoyed ruining her wedding and accusing her of being a dim-witted drudge. Eileen, Deirdre and Liz go back to Frankie's for a drink. Eileen tells them how she used to be in a band with Patrick and once had a fling with him. Shelley feels very left out listening to the men playing poker in the back. Dev arrives at his flat and is frustrated to find it empty. He's horrified when he realises Maya's taken Sunita to the shop and obviously plans to burn that down too. Mike's on a winning streak and Fred's getting agitated. Tommy's only got £4 left when he's dealt a good hand. He starts running up a debt to stay in the game. The pressure's on Tommy as continues to increase his debt. Dev lets himself into the shop flat. He appalled to find Sunita bound and gagged in the kitchen. She tries to warn him that Maya's behind him but it's too late. Maya bashes Dev over the head with an ornament.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 2004 [Episode 3]
    Dev staggers to his feet and watches in horror as his shop burns down. Sean is hurt and angry and tells Kelly to leave. Kelly thinks he's overreacting but she goes. Frankie, Liz, Eileen and Deirdre go out for dinner. They decide to have a girls' pact and after a few glasses of wine they start swapping stories about the men in their lives. Deirdre admits to sleeping with Dev. Shelley's hoping for a quiet night with Charlie watching a video but he's not keen. As Dev talks to the police and the fire brigade his mobile rings, it's Verinder from the Swinton shop to say the alarm's going off. Dev panics and shouts at her to get out quickly and take the kids with her. Jason arrives home and finds Sean upset. Sean tells him how Kelly tried it on. Jason finds it funny but Sean points out he wouldn't want a man coming on to him. Dev's horrified as he receives more calls to say his other shops are exploding one by one. Fred suggests a game of poker in the back after hours. Charlie's all for it. Shelley's disappointed and agrees to have an early night. Dev phones Sunita to make sure she's okay. As she answers the phone Maya appears and knocks the phone out of her hand. Dev hears Sunita's screams.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Frankie cooks for Jack and Vera. Jack thinks Frankie's posh but Frankie explains she's no posher than they are and was brought up on a council estate in North London. Sunita and Mena continue to mend bridges and Dev and Suresh are delighted to see them so happy. They vow to have more evenings like this. Frankie pretends to come on to Jack. Jack thinks she's serious and Frankie enjoys winding him up. Sean takes Kelly back to No. 11 for a night cap. Kelly really fancies him and proceeds to tell him all about her childhood, the foster parents and her absent mum. Frankie's appalled to arrive home after a day slogging in the café and looking after Vera to find the house a tip. She demands Danny takes her out. Liz and Deirdre invite Eileen to join them for a pizza. Frankie, fed up at being in the Rovers again, invites herself along and abandons Danny. Jamie and Leanne head into town for a night out. Dev leaves the dinner party to sort out the alarm at his Eccles shop which is going off. Kelly leans in and tries to kiss Sean. He pushes her away but she's persistent. As Dev goes to unlock the Eccles shop, there's a flash and a massive explosion from inside the shop. Dev is thrown across the street where he lies motionless.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sunita nervously invites her mum and dad for dinner. Frankie draws up a rota and explains to Danny, Jamie and Warren they're all going to muck in while she's helping out at Vera's. Danny's proud of her. Frankie and Sunita thaw towards each other and Sunita thanks Frankie for her help in securing her release from prison. Danny offers the girls some extra cash if they'll do his laundry. Frankie does Vera's ironing. Jack's rude about the standard of Vera's ironing. To Vera's delight, Frankie forces Jack to apologise. Vera's worried Roy will replace her at the café. Frankie makes sure he doesn't by offering to do Vera's shifts until she's back on her feet. Leanne's furious. Kevin refuses to sell the garage to Ian. Ian offers him some fleet work instead. Kevin's pleased. Suresh and Mena arrive for dinner. Initially the atmosphere is awkward but when Mena admits she had a stroke three years ago. She and Sunita realise how stupid they've been and how much time they've wasted. Mother and daughter are reunited. Kelly chats up Sean, telling him he's the best looking man in Manchester. Janice tells her she's mad if she thinks she can change him from gay to straight. Dev, Sunita, Suresh and Mena drink a toast. Meanwhile Maya lurks outside.moreless
  • Sun 21 Nov, 2004
    Sun 21 Nov, 2004
    Episode 234
    Jack fusses around Vera, she's back home, feeling vulnerable. Eileen and Jason are baffled to find Kelly stayed the night with Sean. When Angela nips over to borrow a casserole dish, the gossip starts among the factory girls. Charlie starts work on the Battersby's house, Cilla wants Les to get rid of the bath but everyone he asks to take it away wants paying. Sally sets the whole family to work cleaning the house ready for the Davenports' visit. Frankie's sympathetic towards Vera and helps out around the Duckworth's house. Jack's feeling so guilty he calls the deal off with Ron, but Ron insists the deposit is non-refundable and visits Vera to make sure Jack has to go through with it. Chesney's feeling lonely but is delighted when Sean and Kelly come to play in his new den - the bath. Les begrudgingly pays Kevin to take away the bath. Chesney's nowhere to be found. Sally's flustered when the Davenport's turn up early, but the evening goes well. Kevin shows Ian the garage and Ian offers him a job in charge of a new unit in Eccles. Kevin prefers to work for himself but Ian tells him to sleep on the idea. Sean finds Chesney hiding in the bathtub. He cheers him up and convinces him to go home. Chesney feels important with his new grown up friend. Vera's upset that Frankie thinks she can't cope, but Frankie's helping because she wants to and tells Vera to have a go at having a Mrs Mop for a change.moreless
  • Fri 19 Nov, 2004
    Fri 19 Nov, 2004
    Episode 233
    Charlie tells Les the council will charge him for the repairs as the bath was too big, so he helps make it look like the original bath fell through due to rot-infested joists. Frankie watches Jamie's practise match where he plays well. Karen lets the tyres down on the Barlows' car, Tracy takes her the bill. Ron Henry declares the Duckworth's house the nomination for Working Class Monument of Greater Manchester. Vera's ecstatic, but disappointed Frankie can't go shopping. She borrows Frankie's expensive bag. The Barlows find the wheels gone off the car. Steve's dismayed to find Karen in the lounge with the wheels. After a close call, council surveyor Eddie Thorburn falls for the trick and asks Charlie to send him an estimate for the bill. Tracy uses Liz's spare key to get back the wheels from the McDonald's flat, infuriating Karen when she returns to find them gone. Steve and the Barlows wonder where their childish behaviour will end. Sean and Kelly end their evening snuggled up in bed together. Although this is all platonic, Kelly's pleased with her progress. Ron and Jack are celebrating their successful scam when Jack receives a phone call, Vera's been mugged. Arriving at the hospital, Vera's distraught as Frankie's handbag has been stolen and she blames her vanity for the whole thing. Jack feels guilty as it's all his fault.moreless
  • Wed 17 Nov, 2004
    Wed 17 Nov, 2004
    Episode 232
    Cilla demands everyone stay out this evening for she and Les to be alone. Karen demands their share of the car. Ken suggests they have it one day a week, starting today. He hands over the keys, to Tracy and Blanche's disgust. Deirdre tells Norris the only response from the council will be if the bath's dangerous. Frankie's bored with life and asks Danny for a job. He's not keen and talks her out of it, but it doesn't stop her feeling down. Dev cheers up Sunita taking her for a tour of his shops and to lunch. She says she wouldn't change a thing if everything she's been through means she can be with him. Karen's intent on making a baby in the car, but is furious when some of Amy's belongings dampen the mood. Steve's disappointed, then embarrassed when Karen refuses to take the car back with more petrol than they received in it, and drives round the block until they've used up what they put in. Frankie promises to take Vera shopping for a dress for the big opening. Norris thinks the bath's dangerous, regarding the weight of it and the people in it. Sunita's thrilled when Dev surprises her with a new shop sign reading "D&S Alahan". Cilla and Les are enjoying their night in the tub when Fiz, Kirk, Chesney and Schmeichel sneak home for some food. Schmeichel runs up the stairs smelling pizza and jumps in the bath. The bath, Schmeichel and a dazed Les and Cilla fall through the floor into the living room, as Fiz, Kirk and Chesney look on, amazed.moreless
  • Mon 15 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Steve's glad to be home. Karen's still furious despite her 'public show of unity'. Despite her anger, she's feeling fertile and drags Steve into the bedroom. Ken's still not happy with having no space at home with Liz around. Kirk and Fiz are disappointed when they find there's no water to the house. Danny convinces them half the Street's out of water and pretends to call the water board. Karen suggests her and Steve move away, but he convinces her to stay for now. Charlie realises Shelley's not enjoying herself and suggests she goes home. Shelley leaves feeling deeply unwanted. Liz and Tracy spend time together and become close. Norris is nervous the Battersby's will discover their plan, Frankie reckons it was a stupid idea. Just as Shelley's cancelled the table Charlie comes rushing in and apologises. She melts. Les phones the water board and they realise what's happened. He pays a visit to Danny and tells him to stay away from their house. Kelly spends time with Sean and is pleased when they seem to become close. Steve and Karen are happy again. Karen insists they watch an episode of Top of the Tree and believes they have rights to the car. Steve wants to put it all behind them but Karen insists the car is theirs.moreless
  • Mon 15 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Karen faces the day after a sleepless night. Steve's slept in the mini-cab office. Tracy tries to persuade him they should be together but he tells her to sling her hook. Liz's making her presence felt at the Barlows'. Deirdre & Tracy insist she's no trouble. Danny persuades Emily and Norris they need to take direct action against the Battersby's. He comes up with a plan after Cilla informs them Kirk and Fiz will be using the bath tonight. Charlie's happy with his gift off Shelley but not sure about the surprise she's planned. Sean talks back to Danny and gets an official warning. Blanche and Ken complain about Liz. Tracy pleads with Karen to let Steve go, he'll be happier with her and Amy. Karen vows she'll never let Tracy have him. They fight in the Street. Steve denies he loves Tracy, Karen tells him to get out of her life. Shelley's not impressed when they end up down the Weatherfield Arms with Charlie's mates. She refuses to cancel the table she's booked, though Charlie's enjoying it. Fiz and Kirk look forward to their evening. Norris keeps Les talking while Danny tries to turn off the Battersby's stopcock. The Underworld girls suspect Kelly fancies Sean. She denies it looking embarrassed. In the Rovers Liz thanks Karen for leaving the way clear for Steve and Tracy. Karen reveals to an amazed Steve that they're back together and takes him home.moreless
  • Sun 14 Nov, 2004
    Sun 14 Nov, 2004
    Episode 229
    Karen's not forgiven Steve after he's spent the night on the settee. Charlie says he hates birthdays and doesn't want to do anything for his, Shelley's not so sure. Les's happy in his relationship with Cilla and suggests Kirk and Fiz try out their bath. After a suggestion from Ron (Henry) Vera insists they get a pigeon loft. Ron also hints Prince Charles may be coming to the opening but this should be kept secret. Blanche's acting like a celebrity and Tracy's smug about Karen's suffering. Emily and Norris threaten to go to the council about the noise from the Battersby's bath but Cilla threatens a counter-attack on Norris' reputation. Steve blames Liz for his problems as she lied to him, but Karen blames Steve and Tracy. She attacks Tracy in the Street. Tracy lets on about the time Steve spent in her hotel room. Karen accuses Steve of constantly lying and betraying her. Deirdre realises how things are upsetting Tracy. Violet and Jason plan a night out clubbing. Kirk promises Fiz a surprise. Vera lets on to half of Weatherfield about Prince Charles. Jason plans a surprise for Charlie's birthday; a few mates down the Weathie Arms. Norris and Emily tell Janice about their plans, she tries to talk sense into Les as she's still on the rent book there. Cilla says she'll dob Janice in if they get any trouble. Karen throws Liz's and Steve's things at them out of a window and tells them they're out. She starts to cry alone in their flat.moreless
  • Fri 12 Nov, 2004
    Fri 12 Nov, 2004
    Episode 228
    Steve's worried that Karen will see the quiz and has narrow escapes all day from people dropping him in it. Candice tries to persuade Maria that she should take her on holiday with her instead of Tyrone. Tyrone is upset as he senses Maria doesn't want to go away with him. Charlie's annoyed that Shelley wants to go out and see Sunita. Ron looks around the Duckworth's house and tells Vera that they are on the shortlist. Candice tells Tyrone Maria doesn't want him to go on holiday and she is going instead. Maria feels cruel and tells him that he can go, but later wonders what she's done. Candice is sulky. The Barlows and numerous others gather in the Rovers to watch the quiz. Karen wonders why Steve is acting so strangely as he tries everything to keep her away from a television set. Charlie thinks Shelley's going out to punish him for going out the night before. She says otherwise but he tells her he doesn't like playing games. He persuades her to stay in, although she's not happy about it. After Steve's dragged Karen all around the Street in panic, they enter the pub at the point in the quiz where Steve is on the phone to Karen. She watches her winning answer and the McDonald-Barlows' delight. Tracy gloats. Karen rushes from the pub in tears calling Steve a liar. Steve is left desperate and alone in the busy pub.moreless
  • Wed 10 Nov, 2004
    Wed 10 Nov, 2004
    Episode 227
    Steve tries to convince Karen that nothing went on between him and Tracy. Karen's heartbroken and doesn't trust him. Claire is delighted when Ashley suggests they bring the wedding forward. Tyrone's upset that Maria's invited Kirk and Fiz along on their date. Kirk and Maria argue over which of them will get to go on their parents unwanted holiday. Eileen tells Steve he should tell Karen everything as she will no doubt find out in the end. Jason's disappointed when he realises his date with Violet will also be part of the group with Maria, Tyrone, Fiz and Kirk. Tracy sees Karen in the Street and apologises insincerely. She does more to imply that Steve isn't being completely truthful. Maria, Tyrone, Fiz, Kirk, Violet and Jason play bar games to determine who will go on the holiday to Majorca. Maria wins in the end, thanks to Tyrone's efforts, but wonders what she's got herself into when she realises Tyrone is expecting to go on holiday with her. Violet decides she really likes Jason after their date. Shelley is disappointed when Charlie goes out in the evening. When he returns she is upset that he doesn't offer to help her clean the pub. The church only has Christmas Day free for weddings. Ashley apologises to Claire for raising her hopes but she would love to get married on Christmas Day. They decided to book it. Steve manages to placate Karen, explaining that Tracy can't touch them. Later he is sick with fear when Tracy happily informs him that the Quiz Show will be broadcast tomorrow evening.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    At breakfast the 'McDonald-Barlows' can't believe their luck. Blanche and Liz try to get Steve, Tracy and Amy to go home in the same car but Steve's having none of it. Ashley suggests Claire moves in but she tells him he's still feeling guilty about loving her. Jack and Vera receive a letter from the National Conservation Society saying their house could be made into a museum. Jack tries to put Vera off but she thinks it's a great idea. Audrey thinks Ashley is miserable because it's Maxine's birthday, he's horrified when he realises he'd forgotten the date. Audrey tells him he needs to put Claire, Joshua and himself first now. Ian turns up at Kevin's garage in a flash car. They go the pub for a pint and Sally is horrified when Kevin suggests they go the chippy and eat at theirs. When Kevin later invites Ian and Justine for dinner Sally's furious that he could embarrass them like that. Steve's surprised to find Karen home early. She drags him into the bedroom for her welcome home. Doreen tells Ashley to be ready as she'll pick him and Joshua up to visit Maxine's grave. Ashley tells Claire he's not going and he's putting her first from now on. She later insists that he goes, while Doreen realises that Claire is actually a nice girl. Karen is bragging about her and Steve's sex life in the Rovers when Blanche tells her about Steve's trip to London with Tracy and the family. Karen is furious and drags Steve home. Jack and Ron celebrate the success so far of their scheme to get Vera to allow Jack to have pigeons again. Steve tries to placate Karen and explain but she shouts she's sick of him and his excuses. She slams the door and leaves.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Steve tells Karen he needs the answer for a bet in the pub, she answers correctly. The 'McDonald-Barlows' are ecstatic. Jack's avoiding Vera in the Weatherfield Arms. He bumps into Ron Hepplewhite who suggests there's a way Jack can get back into the Pigeon Fanciers Association without Vera knowing. Jack's intrigued. Sally's uncomfortable at the Davenport's when everyone is dressed casually, she finds it difficult to join in conversation with the other ladies. Kevin gets on well with the men and is soon enjoying himself. Blanche, Deirdre, Ken, Liz and Tracy discuss how to split the winnings. Steve says they can have his share as long as Karen doesn't find out. Steve makes Tracy promise on Amy's life she won't tell Karen. Steve can't open his bedroom door and is persuaded by Tracy to call reception from her room. Steve's uncomfortable but agrees and they sit down to chat in Tracy's room. Janice and Patrick's date is a disaster and Janice goes home disgusted with being messed around all night. She tells Patrick to forget it. Sally relaxed later in the party and when her and Kevin arrive home they are in a good mood. She suggests that they could be the Davenport's one day, but Kevin says he is happy as the Websters. Sally is disappointed and storms to bed. Kevin wonders what he did wrong. Steve's tempted when Tracy suggests spending the night together but he leaves. He double checks that Tracy won't tell Karen about the quiz.moreless
  • Sun 7 Nov, 2004
    Sun 7 Nov, 2004
    Episode 224
    Karen leaves for Dublin. While she's away, Steve drives Liz to London to take part in a game show Top of the Tree, with the Barlows. Patrick nervously asks Janice out on a date, she agrees. Patrick is happy. Blanche, Dierdre, Ken, Tracy and Amy prepare to leave for London. Liz assures them Steve will take part. Tracy realises Steve is unaware of this and looks forward to the trip even more when she finds out Karen will be away. Sally and Kevin look for Sophie's guinea pig, Sally accuses her of letting it out on purpose. They argue and Sophie points out Rosie is receiving all the attention and money. Sally tries to get out of drinks with Gemma's parents, Kevin tells her they have to go as it's arranged. Steve's unhappy when he realises Tracy's joining them in London. Jamie sulks as Warren takes Candice out on a date. Danny submits and gives Jamie some money to take Leanne out. Steve's angry to realise he's been duped into taking part in the game show, and hopes Karen won't find out. Steve's uncomfortable with his 'Dad' name-tag, especially with Tracy's 'Mum' badge and questions from the presenter about how they met. Jamie brags to Leanne that Danny has to stay in his good books now but won't say any more. Leanne's intrigued. Patrick and Janice finally catch up with each other and go out. Sally drags Kevin back from the Davenport's so she can change and get expensive wine to take, having seen the size of their house. Steve has to answer the big question about shoes, he decides to phone Karen for the answer.moreless
  • Fri 5 Nov, 2004
    Fri 5 Nov, 2004
    Episode 223
    Danny feels guilty about yesterday. Frankie is suspicious. Sophie seems unimpressed with her birthday present a guinea pig. Blanche announces to Tracy, Deirdre and Ken that they are going on a game show Top of the Tree. Ken appears unenthusiastic. A hopeless Dev and alarmed Mena are shocked to hear from Frankie that Maya is leaving the country. Norris and Emily complain about the disturbance the bath caused last night. Dev tries to persuade the Detective to arrest Maya. He tells them that Maya plans to leave the country. Policemen take Walid Asiz, one of the men Maya married, to the desk. Dev does not notice Walid. Jamie admits to his dad that it was him that took the petty cash. Danny knew he had taken it in order to take Leanne Battersby out to dinner. Sally grills Rosie's friend Gemma about her family. Sally seems unimpressed. Maya is arrested. Dev is utterly gobsmacked. He starts to sob as the relief washes over him. Karen receives a letter from Linda inviting her and Steve to Dublin. Steve insists that she goes on her own. Sophie auctions off her guinea pig. Sally comes round to the idea of drinks tomorrow night with Gemma's parents. Jamie questions his dad about what happened with Kelly last night in the factory. Sunita is released from prison. Dev is there to meet her. They fall into each other's arms.moreless
  • Wed 3 Nov, 2004
    Wed 3 Nov, 2004
    Episode 222
    Cilla promises to make it up to Les for not christening the whirlpool the previous night. Mena arrives at Dev's. She urges a helpless Dev not to give up hope. Mena meets with Tom Duggan. The factory girls go for a drink in the Rovers during their lunch. Janice announces that Kelly has the hots for the boss man. She betrays Hayley by making this announcement. Kelly slams her pint down and leaves the Rovers. Kelly heads back to the factory. She disturbs Jamie lifting money from the petty cash box. She is disappointed that Danny is not there and returns to her machine. Dev meets Mena in the Rovers. Shelley joins them to discuss Mena's idea about how to free Sunita. Mena believes having another lawyer would help. She makes a phone call. Mena has phoned for Maya. Dev and Shelley do nothing other than listen totally baffled. Les comes home early to find Cilla still in her dressing gown. Les is taken aback to see Barry Arrowsmith. Les settles the money for the work on the bath. Emily and Norris go round to the Battersby's concerned about the noise and vibrations coming from their house. Danny returns and he invites Kelly to share a sausage roll with him. He kisses her. The factory girls walk in on them still in an embrace. Tom Duggan identifies Maya as the woman he drove in his taxi. Maya worries Dev about the consequences of a prime witness making an identification out of court.moreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Charlie tells Shelley how it makes him feel to be bad mouthed by those on the street. He feels they are playing on Shelley's weaknesses. Shelley reassures him that she trusts him. Steve is placed in the middle of a feud between Karen and Liz. Karen is annoyed with Liz for hogging the bathroom. Barry Arrowsmith arrives at the Battersby's to fix the bath. Les escapes leaving Kirk and Barry to attend to the bath. Dev tells Shelley about the look of fear in Sunita's eyes. Shelley reminds him that they must continue to fight and search for whatever it takes to set her free. Danny overhears the factory girls talking about Kelly. He will not abide bullying in his factory. He is most surprised by Hayley. Cilla asks Kirk to take Les for a few pints until the work on the bath is done. The other factory girls are disgusted with Hayley for giving in and talking to Kelly. Kelly tells Hayley how she wants to get a piece of Danny. Hayley is stunned. Danny tells the girls that Kenny Dolman wants to take delivery tomorrow night. However, he has arranged for the Silver Stitcher to go back. The factory girls think Danny has given them another false deadline. Cilla reminds Barry of the work he has to get through. She aims to christen the bath with Les that night. Dev approaches Leanne for help to prove Maya's guilt. With Jamie's influence she refuses. Danny gestures to Kelly that they go for another drink sometime. Cilla and Barry stand by the foaming bath as it fills with water. It makes a deafening clanking sound.moreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Charlie makes a pass at Liz. The factory girls make Kelly feel uncomfortable. Sonia makes a point of making her feel unwelcome. Angela warns her to keep out of the Rovers. In a crisis meeting Frankie remembers the cab driver's son had joined the army. Eileen thinks they will be able to find him from that. Eileen, Fiz, Kirk and Patrick joke about the bath 'love tub' Les has bought for Cilla. At the bar Betty, Liz and Deirdre are deep in conversation. Liz is not happy about Charlie. Betty discusses with Shelley whether Charlie is really the right man for her. Danny finds Kelly by herself at her machine. The other factory girls are in the Rovers. Danny asks Kelly out for a drink after work to cheer her up. Les and Kirk try to get the bath upstairs. Les drops the bath and hurts his back. Suresh, Sunita's father, questions Dev as to why she is in prison. Danny and Kelly meet for a drink in the Weatherfield Arms. They talk suggestively. Dev and Suresh urge Tom Duggan as their only witness to tell the police about dropping a woman off outside the Register Office. Unwilling to get involved with the police, Tom Duggan says he'll deny everything and drives off. Liz and Shelley come to a head about Charlie. Liz tells her to stick her back room and her job.moreless
  • Sun 31 Oct, 2004
    Sun 31 Oct, 2004
    Episode 219
    Dev visits Sunita in prison. Depressed Sunita explains how Maya's visit was to gloat. Dev is furious. Kelly continues to flirt with Danny and is spotted by Janice. The race starts, although as soon as Danny leaves, everyone stops. Frankie surprises Danny, they have a romantic rendezvous. Sunita suggests Dev doesn't visit again, Dev is distraught. Shelley tells Liz that she and Charlie are back together, Liz is shocked. Maya lies to Frankie about feeling sorry for Dev and Sunita, Frankie feels uneasy about the conversation. Hayley walks in on Kelly breaking her promise with everyone by sewing overtime, and tells the girls. Dev thinks he has found a link to Maya being guilty.moreless
  • Fri 29 Oct, 2004
    Fri 29 Oct, 2004
    Episode 218
    Mike gives Dev a talking to and makes him realise he's got to stay calm and help the police for Sunita's sake. Maya turns up at the corner shop. She goads Dev until he snaps. He tells Maya he'd like to kill her. Maya makes sure Sonia is in earshot and therefore a witness. Candice continues to shows off about Warren her footballer boyfriend. Maria's sick of hearing it and accuses her of thinking she's Victoria Beckham. Maya tells the police how Dev's behind the whole bigamy/immigration case and only went out with her to obtain the legal knowledge he needed to set up the scam. She goes on to tell them how he's threatened her life and she has a witness. Claire tells Ashley she knows he's not emotionally ready to get married again yet and that's why he set a date so far off. Ashley breaks down and Claire holds him. Fiz, Sonia and Janice decide to play Danny at his own game and rather than having a sewing race opt for a go-slow instead. Hayley and Kelly aren't keen. The police interview Dev and suggest that he's behind the whole scam. Maya visits Sunita in prison and cruelly tells her how Dev must have sold her birth certificate and how he's used her. Sunita refuses to believe her but is clearly upset nonetheless.moreless
  • Wed 27 Oct, 2004
    Wed 27 Oct, 2004
    Episode 217
    Sunita's up in court on charges of assisting unlawful immigration and bigamy. She pleads not guilty and a date is set for the trial. When they refuse her bail, Sunita's devastated, as is Dev and all her friends. Danny buys the factory girls a top of the range sewing machine, a Silver Stitcher. They decide to have sewing races to decide who gets to use it. Canny Danny's pleased his plan to increase output has worked. Kelly clocks his smug expression. Dev visits Sunita in prison. She's inconsolable, blaming him for her predicament. Dev's very upset. Audrey has a go at Maria for leading Tyrone up the garden path. Maria defends herself saying how much she likes him. Kelly flirts unashamedly with Danny who returns the favour. Jamie clocks what's going on and tells his dad to leave well alone. Tyrone has Maria in stitches and she remembers why she likes his company so much. She asks him out on a date next week. Tyrone accepts. Jayesh and Mena visit Sunita. It's clear they think Dev is at fault and not Maya. Claire's unhappy when the girls suggest Ashley doesn't really want to marry her if he's prepared to wait until 2007. Dev grabs Maya in the hallway outside her flat. Although caught off her guard, Maya soon has the upper hand. She goads Dev saying how the police will never be able to pin anything on her and Sunita will remain in prison for a very long time.moreless
  • Mon 25 Oct, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Dev and Sunita are independently questioned by the police. All the wedding guests are in a state of shock. The police accuse Sunita of marrying 3 illegal immigrants, saying that her marriage to Dev is bigamous. She's shocked when shown marriage certificates all containing her signature. Both Dev and Sunita realise Maya must be behind the whole travesty but neither can prove it. Sunita's shown a bank account containing £6,000. They accuse her of taking £1,000 for each illegal marriage. Violet messes Jason about and cancels their date. Jason's very down-hearted. Maya tells Mena how Sunita was engaged to Ciaran but called the wedding off and then thought she was pregnant by a married man. Mena's distraught to think her daughter could behave in such a way. Dev's released without charge when the police realise he is who he says he is where as Sunita is charged and held. Shelley bite the bullet and apologises to Gail In desperation Dev tries to call Maya but to no avail. His concern for Sunita finally gets the better of him and he breaks down in tears.moreless
  • Mon 25 Oct, 2004 [Episode 1]
    The Hindu wedding goes ahead. Mena finally forgives Sunita and accepts Dev into the family. Gail's still annoyed with Shelley for her unfounded accusation and hopes to get an apology. Shelley apologises to Charlie promising she'll never mistrust him again. Charlie's unforgiving. Jamie invites Leanne to stay for the night and gets Warren to invite Candice but Danny puts the kibosh on it. Shelley spots Maya in the congregation and sets off to throw her out. Mike, who's Dev's best man, and Penny decide to put their differences behind them and make up. Dev's unnerved to find Maya at the wedding. He orders her to leave. Karen's upset when she discovers that she still isn't pregnant. Dev and Sunita are married. As the happy couple have their photograph taken the Police arrive. Sunita is arrested on suspicion of assisting the unlawful immigration of persons contrary to Section 25 of the Immigration Act 1971 (also bigamy). Dev is arrested on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant.moreless
  • Sun 24 Oct, 2004
    Sun 24 Oct, 2004
    Episode 214
    Dev and Sunita's civil wedding ceremony takes place at the Registry Office with Roy and Hayley as witnesses. Ranjiv and Urmila proudly take pictures of their son as he prepares for his Hindu wedding ceremony. Les supplies Dev with a white horse called Jumbo for the wedding. Candice goes to watch Warren in his Weatherfield County trials. Warren's delighted when they offer him a place. Shelley puts a brave face on for Sunita's sake and keeps quiet about her foolish behaviour the night before. Jason and Violet agree to go out together. Ciaran escorts Sunita to her wedding. Sunita's absolutely amazed and delighted to find that her parents Mena and Suresh have turned up after all. Although her mother is initially frosty she eventually thaws and washes Dev's feet as is the tradition. Sunita's overcome with emotion. Shelley's relieved when Charlie shows up at the wedding. Unbeknown to Dev and Sunita they have an unwelcome wedding guest in the form of Maya.moreless
  • Fri 22 Oct, 2004
    Fri 22 Oct, 2004
    Episode 213
    Shelley's even more convinced Charlie's having an affair with Gail when she finds Gail's mobile number in Charlie's pocket and a Romantic Breaks brochure with a note on it from Gail to Charlie. As Shelley has her final bridesmaid's sari fitting she confides in Sunita her suspicions about Charlie and Gail. Sunita refuses to believe it's true but Shelley's convinced. Jason got some free tickets to Prefects, a new club in town. He's put out when Violet turns him down so invites Maria, Fiz, Tyrone and Kirk instead. Ciaran finds Violet looking glum. When he questions her she gets upset saying how she's always unlucky in love and has been hurt in the past. Jamie's fed up when Danny refuses to lend him some money to take Leanne out but happily gives Warren money for new football boots. Claire and Ashley discuss wedding dates. Claire's put out when Ashley works out that August 2007 is the first convenient time. Violet changes her mind, puts on a school uniform and joins the rest of them going to Prefects. Shelley gets drunk and accuses Charlie of having an affair with Gail. Charlie denies it but Shelley isn't listening and storms round to Gail's house. In front of Charlie, Cilla, Leanne, Ashley and David, Shelley completely humiliates herself.moreless
  • Wed 20 Oct, 2004
    Wed 20 Oct, 2004
    Episode 212
    Sean and Violet get the pub ready for Dev and Sunita's sangeet party. Shelley apologises to Charlie for being too needy and blames it on Peter for making her mistrustful of men. Charlie is understanding. Doreen, Ashley and Claire talk over their feelings for Maxine. Doreen's still upset saying she can't replace her daughter like Ashley can his wife. Dev and Sunita's sangeet party takes place. Sunita looks stunning in a white suit. Janice and Patrick start kissing much to Roy and Hayley's embarrassment. Dev's in the process of introducing Sunita to his parents, Urmila and Ranjiv, when to his horror he sees Maya standing by the buffet. Maya enjoys wreaking havoc and purposely spills her red wine down Sunita's white suit. Shelley has to frog march her off the premises. Gail's delighted when Charlie calls round and builds Bethany's cabin bed in the evening. She gives him a romantic breaks brochure for him and Shelley. Roy and Hayley entertain themselves playing "who would you invite to an imaginary dinner party". Shelley's shocked to see Charlie leaving Gail's house and Gail wearing only a dressing gown.moreless
  • Mon 18 Oct, 2004 [Episode 2]
    After a night in the cells Tracy's upset and scared at the thought of prison. Although Ken's angry he comforts her. Charlie has a job on at Gail's building a cabin bed for Bethany. Deirdre pleads with Mike to get Penny to drop the charges for the sake of the love they once felt for each other. Mike softens and agrees to talk to her. Sean overhears and is amazed to learn they were once an item. Fred gives Ciaran his job in the Rovers back just to annoy Mike and Penny. Jayesh turns down the offer of being Dev's best man, so Dev asks Mike instead. Shelley finds out Charlie was only in the Weatherfield Arms briefly and wonders where he was the rest of the night. When Charlie says he's off out with a mate Shelley becomes even more suspicious. Ashley breaks the news to Doreen that he's marrying Claire. Doreen's upset saying it's too soon to replace Maxine. Mike persuades Penny to drop the charges against Tracy. Penny decides to drop all the charges. Later she finds out that Mike and Deirdre used to be an item. Pointing out how he's lied to her again, Penny dumps Mike. Fred's delighted. When Shelley tries to phone Charlie and he cuts her off she's convinced he must be having an affair.moreless
  • Mon 18 Oct, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tracy tries to wriggle out of the whole sorry mess by telling Ken, Deirdre and Blanche that she had no idea what Ciaran was up to and as the innocent party she just got dragged in. Jason and Violet arrange to go clubbing. She invites her mates and he invites his. When Maria explains to Tyrone he's just a mate and nothing more, he's crestfallen and decides not to go. Ken and Deirdre are appalled at Tracy's behaviour and the idea of her being sent to prison. Blanche puts in her twopennethworth and is shocked when Ken tells her to keep her nasty little mouth shut. Les overhears Dev talking about his wedding and suggests to Kirk if they can organise an elephant for the big day Dev will reward them handsomely. Tracy tries to win Ken round, but it doesn't wash with him. Tracy's shocked when Ken tells her to go to hell. Tracy again proclaims her innocence this time to Penny who refuses to listen. Shelley's disappointed when she was hoping for a quiet night in with Charlie but she finds out he's in the Weatherfield Arms. Dev's speechless when Les and Kirk tell him they failed to find an elephant for his wedding but have got him a horse instead. Ciaran and Tracy are horrified when they're both arrested on suspicion of deception and are taken away by the police.moreless
  • Sun 17 Oct, 2004
    Sun 17 Oct, 2004
    Episode 209
    Claire calls her mum in an attempt to iron out their differences but to no avail. Claire's upset. Tracy collects her things from Ciaran's and returns his key. She's worried to learn Penny is threatening to go to the police about their scam. Tracy goes round to the Barlows and after a lot of persuasion and using Amy as a bargaining tool, they let her move back in. Maria buys Tyrone a doughnut as a thank you for the previous night. He's made up. Ciaran begs Penny not to go to the police. When she ignores his pleas Ciaran points out he'll deny everything anyway. Ashley asks Claire to move in. Claire agrees. Upset Penny pours her heart out to Mike about Ciaran's scam. Claire tells Candice, Maria and Fiz she'll be moving out of the flat. Mike meets up with Mr Walker and discovers how Tracy pretended to be Penny and signed the sale contract in an act of fraud. Ashley's apprehensive of telling Maxine's mum that he's met someone else. Tracy's busy trying to mend bridges with Ken and Deirdre when, to her horror, Mike storms over and in front of everyone accuses her of fraud.moreless
  • Fri 15 Oct, 2004
    Fri 15 Oct, 2004
    Episode 208
    Fred gives Ashley and Claire tickets to Paris (not Bridlington) as an engagement present. Fiz sets Maria and Tyrone up on a blind date to try to get them back together. Roy's worried when Charlie tells him the café needs rewiring. As excitable Tracy prepares for their holiday, she tells Ciaran that they'll need a bigger place when she and Amy move in. Ciaran's flattered by her commitment and thinks she really must love him. Sunita asks Frankie to tell Maya to stay away from them but she refuses. When Claire finally tells her mum that she and Ashley are engaged, Yvonne leaves accusing Claire of throwing her life away. Claire's very upset, saying if she's forced to choose she'll choose Ashley and not her mum. Tyrone and Maria meet for lunch and have a lovely time. Later they stand on the balcony of the builder's yard and pretend they're back up Blackpool Tower. Penny apologises to Ciaran for being angry with him and hugs him saying she knows he did his best. Ciaran's guilt-ridden and suddenly blurts out the truth. He explains how he got £60k for McCarthy's and not £30k. Furious Penny takes the money and leaves. Tracy tells Ken, Deirdre and Blanche what she thinks of them and explains she's moving in with Ciaran. Ciaran tells Tracy that he came clean with Penny and has returned all her money but he's glad they've still got each other. He's shocked to the core when Tracy tells him that without the money he's nothing and she's never loved him. Ciaran's gutted.moreless
  • Wed 13 Oct, 2004
    Wed 13 Oct, 2004
    Episode 207
    Ken and Deirdre arrive back from Dublin. Charlie wonders if Les wants to buy a whirlpool bath off him. Sunita forgives Dev but wishes he'd consulted her first. Tracy tells Ciaran she's booked them two weeks in Portugal and she's off into town to do some holiday shopping. Ciaran wonders if she'll still like him when the money's gone. Still decorating, loved up Claire and Ashley dip their hands in the paint and print them on the wall. Ciaran tells Penny he sold the restaurant for £30,000 and that he's keeping £10,000 for his hard work and expenses and she can have £20,000. Penny's shocked and furious that she's £50,000 down on her investment. Jason finds out Violet and Sean are old friends. Jason immediately changes his tune about Sean and tells Eileen he can move back in whenever he wants. Janice gets drunk and snogs Patrick. Ken reads out a poem he's written about Deirdre. Deirdre's embarrassed. Dev and Sunita are shocked when Maya suddenly arrives in the pub and venomously suggests that they should be the clear winners of the romantic competition. The winners of Fred's romantic competition are Ashley and Claire. Ashley proposes to Claire in front of everyone. She accepts to huge cheers from the assembled crowd.moreless
  • Mon 11 Oct, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Ashley decides it's time to redecorate the lounge. He and Claire start stripping the old wallpaper. Jason tells Charlie he's in love with Violet. Tracy assures Ciaran she'll sign the contract as Penny King. Ciaran worries about the fraud they're about commit. Ciaran nervously waits for Mr Walker to arrive so they can sign the deal and he can get his cheque for £60,000. He's shocked when Mike and Penny unexpectedly arrive wanting a meal. Dev visits Sunita's parents to try and persuade them to change their minds about coming to the wedding but to no avail. Mr Walker arrives and with Penny sitting just across the room, Tracy does the deal signing herself "Penny King". Mike recognises Mr Walker from the Golf Club and wonders what he and Tracy are up to. Ashley uncovers the word "Maxine" under the wallpaper and gets upset. Jason invites Violet for tea at No. 11. She and Eileen get on well. Sunita's furious with Dev for visiting her parents behind her back. Kirk's attempt at a romantic tattoo goes wrong when the tattooist puts "I love Fez" rather than "I love Fiz". Fred retracts his offer of a weekend in Paris and changes it to a weekend at the Paris Hotel in Bridlington. Worried Ciaran's got his cheque. Tracy's delighted.moreless
  • Mon 11 Oct, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sunita's upset when Jayesh admits he won't be attending her wedding either as he doesn't want to upset their parents. When Candice hears that Warren's been accepted by Weatherfield County FC she decides she fancies him again. Jason's about to dump Candice but is shocked when she dumps him first. Dev takes Jayesh for a drink and accuses him of being coward for not standing up to his parents. Ciaran's humiliated when Penny berates him for having a night off from the restaurant and calls him a waster. Sunita's delighted when Jayesh changes his mind and promises that he will come to the wedding after all. Jason chats up Violet and she agrees to go for a drink with him. Karen tells Tracy that she and Steve are going for custody of Amy. Tracy believes her and snatches Amy back. Karen's delighted her plan worked. Fred's drunk and announces to the pub he'll offer a weekend in Paris to any couple who can prove romance still exists. Ciaran agrees to do a runner with Tracy and steal Penny's money.moreless
  • Sun 10 Oct, 2004
    Sun 10 Oct, 2004
    Episode 204
    Fred's unhappy to see Shelley back with Charlie. He tries to warn her that he's bad news but Shelley refuses to listen. Steve's enjoying looking after Amy. Karen insists Steve gives her back to Tracy as soon as possible. Ciaran gears himself up to break the news to Penny that he's had to sell the business for £60,000 and therefore she's £10,000 down on her investment of £70,000. Sunita's delighted when Jayesh visits her bringing with him his daughter Jaya. When Penny turns up Tracy steps in and prevents Ciaran from telling her the truth. Ciaran's amazed when Tracy tells Penny she loves him. Steve takes Amy on the swings and sings to her. Sunita's upset when Jayesh makes it clear that Dev isn't welcome into the family and that her mother is still refusing to come to their wedding. Danny fixes Warren up with a trial at Weatherfield County. Jason continues to flirt with Violet. Charlie advises him to get stuck in and bin Candice. Shelley overhears and isn't impressed. Karen's furious to find Steve still hasn't returned Amy and resolves to find Tracy herself. Worried Steve goes after her. Tracy persuades Ciaran he should keep the £60,000 for himself and they should do a runner with it.moreless
  • Fri 8 Oct, 2004
    Fri 8 Oct, 2004
    Episode 203
    Karen's furious as Steve fusses over Amy. She threatens to phone social services but Steve stops her pointing out they wouldn't be interested as Amy's with her father. Tracy's spent the night with Ciaran. Ciaran's gutted when he finally admits he's going to have to sell the restaurant. Shelley's put out when Fred introduces a new barmaid to the Rovers, Violet Wilson. Les is still in the doghouse with Cilla. He buys her a fake gold necklace to try and appease her but it gives her a rash. When Tracy refuses to collect Amy saying she's going into town, Karen throws Amy's dirty nappy after her. Charlie's annoyed that Shelley wouldn't take him back and tells Jason he may pack up the business and leave. Jason's worried about his job. Karen's pleased despite herself, when Sarah compliments her on how good with Amy she is. Steve tries to return Amy to Tracy but Tracy wriggles out of it and Steve's left with Amy for another night. He lies to Karen saying he couldn't find Tracy. Jason and Violet spot each other in the Rovers. It's love - or lust - at first sight. Despondent Ciaran tells Tracy he's sold the restaurant for £60k. Charlie continues to blame Shelley's mistrust for the failure of their relationship. Shelley crumbles and agrees they should give it another go.moreless
  • Wed 6 Oct, 2004
    Wed 6 Oct, 2004
    Episode 202
    Les tells Cilla they're meeting Patrick for a drink later. To try and entice her he tells her Patrick's loaded from his time working on the oil rigs. Ken's very touched when Deirdre surprises him with a weekend in Dublin for his birthday. He hugs her saying he loves her. Shelley offers Liz her job and home back explaining that Charlie's gone. Liz accepts but says she's going to Brighton for a couple of weeks first. Charlie pleads with Shelley to give him another chance saying how nobody's ever meant this much to him before, but she doesn't trust him. Kirk explains to Fiz, Warren and Sean how Les and Patrick have set Cilla a honey trap to see if she's faithful. Patrick buys Cilla champagne cocktails. Les leaves them on their own while he takes Ken and Deirdre to the airport. Tracy abandons Amy on Steve's doorstep, rings the bell and leaves knowing Steve will have to take her in. Patrick's scared when Cilla drags him back to No. 5. But she's seen through their scam and is furious with Les when he gets home. Ciaran's worried about the restaurant. Tracy gives him a comforting hug. Karen is livid to find Steve at home with baby Amy. She cries with frustration realising that the baby is always going to come between them.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Steve's stunned when Liz explains how Charlie tried it on with her. It's Eileen's birthday. She gets a card from Todd but Jason's forgotten. Les apologises to Cilla for disbelieving her but Cilla's enjoying having the moral high ground for once and continues to act hurt. Liz asks Charlie to tell Shelley the truth but he refuses. Deirdre tells Liz how Charlie did the same kind of thing to Bev who had to leave. Sean gives Eileen a silk scarf for her birthday. Jason tries to pass it off as a present from him. Patrick offers to chat up Cilla as a test to see if she really would consider an affair. Les thinks it's a good idea. Steve has a go at Charlie for lying about Liz but Charlie sticks to his story. Shelley admits to Sunita that she's starting to doubt Charlie's version of events. She raises her doubts to Charlie who quickly turns the tables saying that if she doesn't trust him he may as well leave. Pretending to be deeply offended, Charlie storms out and Shelley feels terrible.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Shelley throws Liz out of the Rovers. Charlie continues to lie to Shelley proclaiming himself the innocent party. Against Kevin's wishes, Sally tells Sophie she can't have a dog. Sophie throws a tantrum saying how Rosie gets everything she wants whereas they barely notice her at all. Les is fretting that Cilla may be seeing Uncle Ronnie again. Fiz suggests they wait outside the bingo hall and then they'll know if she's lying. Liz descends on Karen and Steve saying she's got nowhere else to stay. Maya and Frankie go for a pizza. Maya's pleased to hear how unnerved Dev and Sunita were to hear that she's been around. When Frankie lets slip that their wedding is set for 25th October, Maya makes a mental note. Sophie's unimpressed when Kevin and Sally tell her she can have a hamster instead of a dog. Chesney tries to hide his amusement. Fiz and Les's plan backfires when he unwittingly chats up Cilla's friend Yana and discovers Cilla really has gone to bingo. Dev persuades Sunita to invite her family to the wedding. Maya panics when a taxi driver who dropped her at one of her weddings recognises her and starts asking how the wedding went in front of Frankie. She quickly regains her composure and manages to cover leaving Frankie none the wiser. Fred quizzes Charlie and Shelley about Liz's allegations. Charlie assures him the whole business was Liz's doing.moreless
  • Sun 3 Oct, 2004
    Sun 3 Oct, 2004
    Episode 199
    Liz threatens Charlie she's going to tell Shelley the whole sordid story. Sophie wants a dog for her birthday. Sally's adamant she's not having one. Frankie meets Maya in the Rovers for a lunch. Neither of them is pleased to see Leanne in there. Shelley arrives back from her hen night. She's eaten up with guilt and explains to Charlie how after a few drinks she kissed a man but that's all that happened. Charlie forgives her immediately explaining the same thing happened to him. Shelley's shocked as Charlie, lying through his teeth, tells her how Liz came on to him and he knocked her back. Shelley says she'll "kill the bitch!". Maya tells Frankie she's got to show her face at her friend's wedding and leaves. Dev and Sunita arrive back from their holiday very much in love. They're unnerved when Frankie tells them Maya's still around. Kevin watches Sophie playing with Chesney and Schmeichel and realises how much she obviously loves dogs. Cilla who's all dolled up says she's going to bingo with a girlfriend. Chesney tells Les that she's wearing Uncle Ronnie's favourite dress. Les is worried. Shelley calls Liz an old trollop and accuses her of trying it on with Charlie. Liz denies it saying it was Charlie who came on to her. Shelley doesn't believe her, sacks her and tells her to find somewhere else to live.moreless
  • Fri 1 Oct, 2004
    Fri 1 Oct, 2004
    Episode 198
    Loved up Charlie and Shelley discuss how he's going to manage without her while she attends a hen night in Bradford. Liz is annoyed when Shelley tells Charlie he's in charge while she's away. When Shelley leaves Charlie tells Liz that she's in charge as far as he's concerned. Sally's disappointed to find that Rosie's new friend Pippa from Oakhill isn't at all posh. Martin's annoyed when he discovers the squirrels originally came from Fred's house. He makes Fred stomp up the £165 it cost to get rid of them. Jason and Warren pull a couple of girls in the Weatherfield Arms, Shania and Helen. Tyrone takes Maria for a drink to cheer her up. Maria admits that Tyrone will always be a special friend. Kevin admits he enjoyed their anniversary dinner with the kids. Sally's concerned Rosie will become more like Pippa and start seeing her family as an embarrassment. With Shelley away Charlie tries it on with Liz. Liz is furious and pushes him away. Charlie realises he's landed himself in big trouble.moreless
  • Wed 29 Sep, 2004
    Wed 29 Sep, 2004
    Episode 197
    Shelley, Charlie and Liz are finding that three's a crowd. Liz tells Charlie all about Jim. How he's in prison and he's the jealous type. Sarah and Martin discover they've got squirrels in the loft at No. 8. Fred offers to lend them the rattle but Martin says he's already been on to Pest Control which will cost £165. Ashley feels guilty but Fred insists they keep quiet. Kevin's pleased when Sally changes her mind and agrees they should celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. Fred's rattled when Tommy lets him know that he's aware the squirrels came from No. 4 originally. They agree not to tell Martin. Charlie hints to Fred that Jim might think there's something going on between him and Liz as he's given her a job and a home. Fred's worried. Jason apologises to Candice for getting off with Sarah and wonders if they can try again. Candice agrees to go for a drink. Kevin's disappointed when Sally says they'll go out as a family for their anniversary and that the girls can bring two friends. Jamie grovels to Leanne and she agrees to go out with him again. Leanne makes a point of rubbing Maria's nose in it and says some really spiteful things. Tyrone comforts Maria and she gives him a peck on the cheek. Charlie tells Jason how he quite fancies Liz.moreless
  • Mon 27 Sep, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Tyrone's depressed about Maria. Jack tries to cheer him up. Kevin suggests to Sally they should celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary with a posh meal. Sally thinks they'd be best to celebrate the anniversary of their second wedding rather than their first. Kevin's hurt. Frankie enjoys telling Leanne that Jamie's replaced her with Maria. Liz complains to Fred about Charlie moving into the Rovers. Fred tries to have a word with Shelley but she's quick to slap him down pointing out she's the manager. Karen decides she's going to go shopping for designer maternity wear even though she's not pregnant yet. Liz's photo as Glamorous Granny appears in the Gazette. The article says she's 41 and refers to her as "landlady". Shelley's incensed. Sally admits to Rita that Kevin's romantic anniversary plans are getting on her nerves. Leanne picks a fight with Maria over Jamie. Jamie's loving it, he still finds feisty Leanne attractive. Maria's put out when Jamie says he doesn't want a proper relationship but just wants to keep things casual. Tyrone wonders if his luck's changed when he wins £50 on the horses.moreless
  • Mon 27 Sep, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tracy shows a reporter from the Gazette into the Rovers. The reporter tells Liz she's won the glamorous granny competition which Tracy entered her for. Vera quizzes Tyrone over his date but Tyrone's embarrassed and plays it down. Karen takes a pregnancy test and is upset when it's negative. Shelley goes to find Charlie at the builders' yard. Charlie was expecting her and has lit some candles and has a bottle of wine waiting for her. She tells him she wants him to move in. Charlie's pleased. Leanne regrets telling Jamie where to go and tries to win him round. She's furious when he tells her it's too late. Tommy discovers he's got squirrels in the loft. Fred pretends to be surprised and offers to lend him the football rattle. Liz is annoyed when Shelley gets Jason to move all her stuff from the front bedroom to the poky back bedroom at the Rovers now that Charlie's moving in. Tracy winds Karen up by offering her some of Amy's old baby things. Karen admits she isn't pregnant and Tracy calls her "barren Karen". Tyrone's upset when he finds out Maria's going out with Jamie.moreless
  • Sun 26 Sep, 2004
    Sun 26 Sep, 2004
    Episode 194
    In her mission to get pregnant, Karen imposes all sorts of rules on Steve, including standing in front of an open fridge. Tyrone's delighted when Maria agrees to go to the cinema with him. Shelley tells Betty and Liz that Charlie will be moving in. They're disapproving. Jamie worries what lies Leanne might make up about him so he dumps her. Frankie tells Maya she's got to stop thinking about Dev and Sunita and move on with her life. Maya tells Frankie she's got a wedding to go to. Jamie regrets dumping Leanne and tries to make it up with her but Leanne's not having it and slams the door in his face. Vera reckons Tyrone's got a new girlfriend when she catches him ironing a new shirt. Jamie persuades Maria to cut his hair 10 minutes before closing. Afterwards they end up kissing and she agrees to go for a drink with him. Shelley keeps Charlie guessing and says she needs more time to think about his moving in to the Rovers. Tyrone waits alone for Maria at the cinema. She doesn't show up.moreless
  • Fri 24 Sep, 2004
    Fri 24 Sep, 2004
    Episode 193
    Eileen speaks to Todd on the phone. He assure her he's fine and living with an old school friend in London. Candice calls Sarah a two-faced nasty cow for sleeping with Jason. Upset Sarah explains to Sunita how she ended up with Jason after the party. Fred frightens off the squirrels using Roy's football rattle. Dev visits Maya and warns her to leave both he and Sunita alone. He threatens to take legal action if she tries any more stunts. Eileen realises she has to put Jason's feelings first if she wants him to stay so begrudgingly she asks Sean to find somewhere else to live. Jason apologises to Sarah for thinking she set Todd up on purpose. Leanne admits to Jamie she lied about Dev sexually harassing her. Shelley's disappointed when Charlie says he's sold his house. She admits she hoped he was going to ask her to move in. Charlie suggests he moves into the Rovers instead. Sean moves out of Eileen's. Eileen's upset and Jason's delighted. Maya marries Walid Asiz but in Sunita Parekh's name.moreless
  • Wed 22 Sep, 2004
    Wed 22 Sep, 2004
    Episode 192
    It’s the morning after the party and as Sarah and Jason continue to sleep, Todd can’t believe his eyes when he walks into his brother’s room and finds them in bed together. Devastated Todd throws Sarah onto the street and a fight quickly breaks out between the brothers. Eileen tries to break them up but as the fight escalates Todd explodes, saying he can no longer face life on the street. Eileen begs her son to reconsider but his mind is made up. Todd leaves No. 11 and sees Sarah on the other side of the street. He tells her that he's going saying that he hopes she finds someone who'll love her as much as he did. He then jumps on a bus, leaving a distraught Eileen being comforted by Sean. It’s the day of the tribunal and Dev is looking forward to rubbishing Leanne’s sexual harassment claims. Leanne tells Maya she wants to back out of the proceedings but Maya’s not about to lose her chance of revenge and pushes Leanne into going ahead with the tribunal. Dev is stunned to discover that it’s Maya who is representing Leanne and although the chairman suggests they proceed with the case, concentrating on the matter in hand, it’s not long before the proceedings get personal. Sally’s determined that Rosie will return to Oakhill despite her bullying claims but Kevin puts his foot down and tells Rosie that she can go back to Weatherfield High tomorrow but she says that she's made friends at Oakhill now and has changed her mind. The chairman of the hearing finds that Leanne is "almost as unreliable as her counsel," and rejects her accusations, and says Dev can claim costs against her. Fred and Ashley investigate the loft and find that it's infested with Squirrels. Norris and Rita remain tight-lipped about their early return from Rula’s. Eileen and Sean meet Sarah, Gail and Candice coming out of the Rovers. Eileen tells a disappointed Gail what happened but it is Candice who is most horrified. She calls Sarah a trollop. Sunita worries what Maya's next move will be.moreless
  • Mon 20 Sep, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Rosie hates Oakhill School. David suggests she lies saying she's being bullied. Jason takes Sarah back to No. 11. They end up in bed where, after sex, they fall asleep. Eileen's delighted when Todd says his tutors have recommended he re-apply for Oxford University. Eileen, Todd and Sean go for a celebratory drink. Rosie lies to Kevin saying how she's being bullied at school because she's poor. Kevin's shocked when she says her nickname is "Rosie the Refugee". At Rula's house Bernie lets himself into Rita's room and climbs into her bed. Rita's horrified, realising they're at a swingers' party. Tyrone suggests to Maria they get back together. Maria pecks him on the cheek and leaves. Rita finds Norris pinned to the bed by Rula. She drags him out and they leave. Both agree not to mention their embarrassing evening to anyone. Fred, Ashley and Claire are worried when they hear a scurrying noise in the loft. They think it must be rats. Eileen, Todd and Sean arrive home unaware that Jason and Sarah are asleep upstairs.moreless
  • Mon 20 Sep, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sally insists on taking photos of Rosie in her new school uniform. Rosie's embarrassed. Candice is delighted when Audrey gives her some proper hairdressing scissors for her birthday, but upset that her mum's forgotten. Dev offers to try and talk to Sunita's parents and smooth things over but Sunita thinks it's pointless. As Jason gets ready for Candice's, Katy's and Fiz's birthday party Sean eyes him up. Jason feels uncomfortable. Sarah and Katy decide to be friends again; as Sarah points out, Katy could be her step-mum one day. Rita and Norris go for dinner at Rula and Bernie's big country house. At the party Candice fancies Jason, Tyrone and Maria get on well and Warren tries to chat up Sarah. Fiz is delighted when Kirk gives her a sapphire ring for her birthday. Tyrone lets slip that it was Maria's idea but Fiz is still pleased. Todd and Sean go for a drink. Todd admits he feels happier now than he's ever felt. Sarah and Jason leave the party together and end up kissing.moreless
  • Sun 19 Sep, 2004
    Sun 19 Sep, 2004
    Episode 189
    Sarah promises to try and be civil to Todd and not to row in the shop. Dev agrees she can keep her job. Dev's relieved when Sunita decides she believes him and not Leanne. Todd persuades Jason to try and talk Sarah round so that he can still see Bethany. Jason tries but to no avail. Todd's depressed. Les hears that Dev has been sexually harassing Leanne and threatens to beat him up. Leanne manages to stop him in time. Hayley accuses Karen of only wanting a baby out of jealousy for Tracy and Amy. Sunita's taken aback when her father calls round. He apologises for letting her down the other day. They sit and talk but the atmosphere is awkward. Suresh is shocked to hear about Sunita's illness and chides her for not phoning. Sunita breaks down in tears and Suresh hugs her close. Dev arrives with some Hindu wedding brochures. He's surprised to find Suresh there and asks him for his permission to marry his daughter. Leanne admits to Janice she lied about Dev sexually harassing her. Janice says she wants nothing more to do with the whole affair. Suresh tells Sunita how disappointed he is in her that she's got engaged behind their back. He accuses her of letting her mother down again. Sunita's very upset and Dev tries to comfort her.moreless
  • Fri 17 Sep, 2004
    Fri 17 Sep, 2004
    Episode 188
    Steve's relieved when Karen admits she isn't really pregnant but wants to start trying for a baby as soon as possible. Steve thinks it's too soon. Dev's shocked when he receives a solicitor's letter accusing him of discrimination against Leanne contrary to the Sex Discrimination Act. Ciaran's new restaurant is really struggling and Tracy's quick to point out that he'd be better to sell it and salvage something from the mess. Ciaran lies to Penny saying they've had a really busy lunchtime. When Sunita hears Leanne's story of how Dev sexually harassed her she doesn't know what to believe although Dev denies it vehemently. Katy, Candice and Fiz decide to have a joint birthday party in Martin's flat. Karen is becoming obsessed with wanting a baby. Steve's worried it's borne out of jealousy for baby Amy. She assures him it isn't. Sarah gets a shop assistant's job in the corner shop. She gets upset when Todd arrives to take over the evening shift. Tracy's angry when Ciaran suggests she should stop wasting her time pining over Steve and start focusing on him. She tells him where to go and storms out. Dev's deeply worried when he realises that Sunita is starting to believe Leanne's pack of lies.moreless
  • Wed 15 Sep, 2004
    Wed 15 Sep, 2004
    Episode 187
    Steve's glad that Karen seems to be back to her normal self. She throws a sickie and starts smoking again. Steve suggests she goes shopping but Karen insists she visit her mother's grave instead to say goodbye. Ciaran's hurt that Tracy let him down on his opening night. Tracy promises to turn up this evening instead. Karen talks to her mother's grave and tells her she intends to be the best possible wife to Steve. Steve's touched. Ciaran is offended by an article in the Gazette criticising his restaurant. Tracy turns up at McCarthy's and is rude to the customers. Ciaran tells her off so she leaves in a strop. Only the Platts and the Croppers are booked in for dinner. When Sarah drops two trays of glasses Ciaran fires her. Norris and Rita meet up with Rula for dinner. Norris is put out when Rula introduces her husband Bernie. However he perks up when Rula suggests they meet up again. Leanne resolves to take Dev to court for unfair dismissal. She phones Maya. Tracy needles away at Karen accusing her of being jealous because they've got Amy, their own flesh and blood. Furious Karen blurts out that she's expecting a baby too. Steve's shocked.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Karen flips and screams at Tracy to get away from Steve. Steve's delighted thinking Karen has come to her senses. He leaves Tracy and Amy and follows Karen home. Sarah starts as a waitress at McCarthy's. The opening night goes well although Ciaran's worried when Tracy doesn't show up and unimpressed when Jack, Vera, Tyrone and Kirk eat as much as they can because it's free. Rula thinks Rita and Norris are an item and invites them to dinner. Norris is completely smitten with Rula and thinks she fancies him. Karen explains to Steve how she let her parents down and how she sees herself as a bad person. She tells Steve she's too selfish to accept Amy into her life. Frankie tells Maya how Dev came on to Leanne in the shop then sacked her. Leanne spends the evening at No. 7 while Danny and Frankie are at Ciaran's opening night. Maya calls round and tells Leanne she's heard about Dev sacking her and offers her services to help her sue him for unfair dismissal. Tracy's undaunted by the day's events and promises Amy that Steve will come home to them soon. Karen continues to berate herself. Steve tells her how much she means to him and holds her close.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Steve's unnerved by Karen's reaction. He wishes she'd shout and scream at him for going behind her back but Karen insists he's doing the right thing. Liz is concerned Karen's on the edge of a breakdown and tells Tracy she's gone too far. Tracy's unrepentant. Ciaran's gutted when the environmental health inspector points out there's no hot water and his restaurant opening night might not go ahead. Charlie works flat out. The health inspector finally gives Ciaran the okay and the restaurant opens. Penny's very impressed. Leanne lies to Janice and Jamie telling them how Dev came on to her. Jamie threatens to beat up Dev but Frankie stops him. Norris is very taken by Rula, an old friend of Rita's from her days in the clubs. She likens Norris to Robert de Niro. Janice tries to make Karen see that Tracy is worming her way round Steve but Karen insists he's just doing the right thing by his daughter. Janice is frustrated. Sunita breaks down telling Shelley how her dad didn't turn up and how much she misses her mum. Karen pushes Steve into admitting he'd like a father/daughter relationship with Amy. Karen watches Steve cross the street to Tracy and Amy. Tracy's delighted. Emotional Karen lets out a gut-wrenching scream.moreless
  • Sun 12 Sep, 2004
    Sun 12 Sep, 2004
    Episode 184
    Karen is up early on a Sunday collecting for charity - Weatherfield Children's Hospital. Todd and Danny put in a tenner each. Sarah asks Ciaran for a job, he says yes. Todd brings some sandwiches to Jason. Jason tells Sarah it's nice to see her smiling. Kelly is back after not getting married. Her husband-to-be slept with her chief bridesmaid after catching her with a cocktail waiter. Kelly asks Danny for her job back but is told she has been replaced by Sean. Leanne is still flirting with Dev, she tries to kiss him again, and he sacks her. Dev then explains to Sunita what had happened and she believes him. Karen is counting the money she has collected and Steve tells her he wants the old Karen back. She says there is no old Karen only this one. Danny winds Kelly and Sean up about who can have the job then tells them they can both work at Underworld. Tracy goes to the cab office to speak to Steve and tells him she has never stopped loving him. He tells her he doesn't want her, not now, not ever. Karen gives Emily the money she has collected - £82.27. Ciaran asks Tracy to come and see the restaurant but she tells him no. Karen and Steve are having their dinner when the bell goes, it's Tracy. She gives Karen £50 for the charity telling her it's the money Steve gives her every week as paternity guilt money. Karen keeps calm and tells Steve he is a lousy father and should accept his responsibilities and play a proper role in his daughter's life.moreless
  • Fri 10 Sep, 2004
    Fri 10 Sep, 2004
    Episode 183
    Karen goes for a walk to clear her head without her make up on. Tracy bumps into Liz who asks her about leaving Amy with the croppers again last night. Tracy gets Liz to look after Amy so she can go to the library to get information on inoculations. Jayesh phones Sunita telling her, her dad wants to meet up. She is nervous about going to meet her father and is devastated when he doesn't turn up and she comes home crying. Leanne starts flirting with Dev in the shop, turning the sign to closed and going to kiss him when Sunita comes back really upset thinking her family don't love her. Dev sends Leanne home. Mike thinks who ever has given £20,000 to Ciaran is off their head, unbeknown to him it is Penny. Liz turns up at Steve's flat and gives him Amy to look after because Tracy is still not back. In the Rovers it is discovered that Tracy gets Emily, Blanche, Deirdre, Ken, Liz, Roy and Hayley all to baby sit Amy throughout the day. Tracy comes out of the pub and sees Steve with Amy. He has a go at her for not being around sooner she gets upset and they go to the cab office to have chat. Mike tells Danny to sack Sean but Danny tells him no. Ciaran finishes his last shift in the Rovers. Steve and Tracy - who is now having stronger feelings for Steve - discuss Amy and she is trying to get him to say he loves his daughter.moreless
  • Wed 8 Sep, 2004
    Wed 8 Sep, 2004
    Episode 182
    Karen and Steve are discussing the scrabble game. Karen came 2nd because she cheated and took an A from the bag when Roy and Hayley weren't looking. Karen apologises to Hayley saying she should have come third and Hayley second. Sunita and Shelley return from shopping to find Jayesh, Sunita's brother, there. Jayesh says he's now married with a one-year old daughter. Tracy bumps into Ciaran and apologises for interfering. They agree to meet up later. Sean arrives at Underworld and Danny tells him to make 210 pairs of knickers by the end of the day to get the job. Karen, Hayley, Sonia, Janice all give Sean a bundle of their knickers so that he reached his target of 210. Danny puts him on a month's trial. Leanne is now working at the corner shop when Jamie comes in and asks her out again but she turns him down. Penny tells Ciaran she will give him another £20,000 for the restaurant. He's delighted. Seeing Sonia wearing Karen's £200 boots and Karen suggesting raffling his new telly, Steve drags Karen to the shopping centre telling her he has a new credit card with £3,000 to spend. She chucks the card away and gets upset saying how bad she is. Ciaran tells Tracy that Penny has agreed to give him the money. They get carried away and Ciaran tells her he loves her. They're both shocked. Sunita misses her family and suggests she visits her parents. Jayesh warns her there's no going back.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Karen is packing her designer things in to black bags telling Steve it's not what you have it's the people in your life that matter. She goes to work and lets Sonia, Janice, Kelly Crabshaw and Hayley have a look through her stuff and pick what they want. Karen admits to Danny that she and the other girls have stolen knickers from the factory. Danny tells them he is going to dock their wages and Janice warns Karen never to do something like that again. After work Karen invites Hayley and Roy round to her house and they play scrabble. When Steve comes home, he can't believe what he is seeing and goes to the pub. Penny eventually catches up with Ciaran. He tells her he needs another £20,000 and can't get it anywhere else and if she can't help, they will both lose out. Leanne gets offered the job with Dev. Jamie's annoyed because Leanne has stood him up and goes to the corner shop where they both dump each other. Sunita is hurt and angry that her mother hung up on her. Dev tries to comfort her. Tracy asks Liz to look after Amy saying it's an emergency. Todd comes home from a fantastic first day at college. He told people he was gay and they were fine with him. Eileen, Sean and Todd go to the pub. Sean mentions he was sacked and Danny offers him a job at Underworld. Steve goes to the pub and his mum tells him to go through the back. He does and sees Amy. Tracy arrives back from her emergency, which was getting her nails done she is shocked to see Amy sleeping on Steve's chest. They start talking about Karen and when he gets up to leave he goes towards Tracy as though he's was going to kiss her but then pulls away.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Penny is trying to get hold of Ciaran with no luck. Tracy stayed at Ciaran's and is running late, she was meant to pick Amy up from Roy and Hayley's. Karen gets up early and has made Steve some lunch and doing some ironing. She heads to work and is waiting outside the factory and starts talking to Kelly Crabshaw, a machinist at Underworld who is leaving today as she is getting married. Hayley and Janice arrive and offer Karen a fag but she says no. Karen tells Kelly she will buy her a drink at lunchtime at the Rovers. Kelly comments about their being a clique and Karen says that Underworld is too small for that. Tracy asks Blanche to look after Amy because she has kept her up all night. Sunita has got a copy of her birth certificate and is thinking about contacting her parents. When she does her mum hangs up on her. Todd tells Dev he is starting college and can only work evening shifts. Leanne overhears and offers to work in the shop. Karen makes the girls in the factory tea while Janice is still trying to tempt her to into having a fag. Sean orders a taxi – it's an emergency. He has been sacked from his cosmetics job, but having stolen a tube of firming cream for Eileen she lets him stay another week. Karen orders drinks for the girls and water for herself. Karen tells Hayley that she has been trying to pray to help her become a better person. Tracy suggests to Ciaran that he sells the restaurant, does a runner and does not pay Penny back.moreless
  • Sun 5 Sep, 2004
    Sun 5 Sep, 2004
    Episode 179
    Karen tells Steve she has decided to go and visit her mother's grave. They go and she is upset because all her mother wanted was for her to be a good person. Ciaran invites Mike, Penny, Frankie, Danny, Sunita, Dev, Fred and Liz to a meal at the restaurant. Ciaran and Tracy arrive at the restaurant and it is really dusty and untidy. He persuades Tracy to tidy it up for the meal at night. Karen and Steve come in to the Rovers, Karen apologises to Liz for being insensitive towards Steve when she went missing for the day. Karen and Steve leave the pub and bump into Eileen. Karen apologies to Eileen for the things she has done and gives her a hug. A shocked Eileen goes into the pub and tells Liz what just happened. Back at the restaurant Mike, Penny, Fred, Liz, Sunita, Dev, Frankie and Danny are being given drinks by Tracy. Ciaran thanks everyone for coming, Danny proposes a toast. Karen asks Steve to get her the vodka and her fags. He brings them to her and she takes the vodka and pours it down the sink and puts the fags in the bin. She says she is going to change and be like how her mum wanted her to be. Penny, Mike, Fred, Liz, Danny, Frankie, Sunita and Dev are getting ready to leave when Tracy asks if anyone would put in some money to the restaurant. Everyone declines and an angry Penny tells him she will speak to him in the morning. Ciaran realises that this is the end of his dream.moreless
  • Fri 3 Sep, 2004
    Fri 3 Sep, 2004
    Episode 178
    Steve is asleep on the chair, his mum comes and he thinks it's Karen, but there is still no word from her. Cilla and Les get Chesney up out his bed and drag him down stairs for a surprise. Tommy and Craig are outside with his quad bike and Tommy tells him he can help with the service. Steve is till worried about Karen and asks Janice and Hayley if they have heard from her. They haven't so he phones her Aunty Eva to ask if she has heard anything. Ciaran has tried everyone he can think of for a loan for his restaurant with no luck. Fred asks Ciaran to do the lunches as Betty has phoned in sick. Ciaran makes his specialty Irish hamburgers and they are very popular. Sunita suggests Steve looks in the cemetery for Karen. He does, and mistakes someone else for her. Chesney helps Tommy with his quad bike and arrives home covered in oil. Tracy tells Ciaran that she will provide people to eat a meal tomorrow night if he provides the food and they will all want to invest in his restaurant. Steve goes back to the Rovers looking for Karen. Tracy is being bitchy about Karen. Dev and Sunita take Steve home when they bump into Eva. Steve and Eva are starting to imagine the worst. Steve and Eva go into the flat where they find Karen. Eva leaves them to it. Karen explains to Steve that she went to the beach at Rhyl. It was the last place she remembers being happy as a child. Karen tells him she is going to change and put everyone else before herself.moreless
  • Wed 1 Sep, 2004
    Wed 1 Sep, 2004
    Episode 177
    Katy and Martin bump into Tommy. Katy can't get away quick enough and she convinces Martin to get off her case about telling Tommy she didn't pass her exams. Maya is practising Sunita's signature from the documents she stole. Sean pretends to read Eileen's palm but when Jason comes in his attention turns onto Jason. Fiz, Janice and Karen are having a fag outside work when Danny comes out and threatens to dock their wages for not being in work. Karen gets emotional saying that her mum's funeral was yesterday. Danny offers her the day off but she tells him she will be in in two minutes. She then tells him she will work through her lunch. Sonia comes back and talks to Karen about when her mum died. Karen has all of her possessions about the flat. She looks at them then picks up a small bag she has packed and throws her mobile onto the sofa and leaves. Steve is talking to Eileen about Karen in the cab office when Janice comes in looking for Karen. Steve leaves to look for her. Sean gives Eileen a miniature crystal ball for letting him stay. Eileen's touched and tells him he can stay longer. Dev and Sunita come back to her flat and they can't find her birth certificate. Tommy offers Les and Cilla a quad bike for £20 for Chesney. Cilla says no but later on Les asks Tommy to get it. Ciaran shows Mike and Penny the menu. His bank calls and tells him he can't get a loan from them. Steve and Janice go back to the flat and are confused by the state of the flat. Steve is really worried about Karen and Liz tries to comfort him.moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Sunita is showing off her ring to everyone in the pub. Maya enters without anyone seeing her and leaves just as quick heading to Sunita's flat and lets herself in. Sean is thrown out of the bookie's after enquiring about the flat and bumps into Todd and Eileen. Sean quizzes Eileen about her skin care routine. Maya steals a gas bill after checking it has Sunita's details on it. She is still rummaging around the flat and finds Sunita's birth certificate, then makes a call saying she has found what she is looking for. Tommy goes to the Battersby's to check on Chesney. Les and Cilla arrive back from their hols and head to the pub. Tommy comes into the pub, has a go at Cilla for leaving Chesney on his own. Betty and Liz have been bitching about Sunita and she overhears them. Sunita leaves telling Dev she has to go home and take her pill. Maya is snooping around the flat and picks up Sunita's pills. When she hears noise from downstairs she puts the pills on the table. Maya watches as Sunita takes her pill and leaves. Sean is talking to Eileen, Blanche and Deirdre telling them about skin care products when he finds a harmonica in his pocket and gives it to Deirdre, she plays a tune. Cilla and Fiz argue about what happened with Chesney. Mike and Deirdre are talking and he tells her he should never let her go but Deirdre tells him that she chose the better man. Eileen invites Sean to sleep on her sofa for a couple of nights. Jason comes into the pub and Sean is immediately interested. To Jason's horror he is told that Sean will be staying for a few nights. Maya steals Sunita's birth certificate then leaves and gets into a waiting car and is asked by Walid if she got what she wanted, "yes I did".moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sunita tells Dev she will wear the ring after they get married but not as an engagement ring. Dev and Sunita leave the shop to go and buy a diamond engagement ring. Tommy gets the electric meter back on, asking Chesney if his mum leaves him on his own often. Tommy lets him to keep a book he was reading about Freaks of Nature. Tommy bumps into Fiz and has a go for at her for leaving Chesney on his own. Fiz is furious with her mother. Fiz goes and sees Chesney. Karen asks Steve's opinion on whether to wear the red or the black dress to Sunita and Dev's engagement party. Her mum's funeral is also today, she insists she is not going to the funeral and wears the red dress. Eva turns up at Karen's flat and tries to convince her to go to the funeral. She is adamant that she is not going. Betty, Shelley, Ciaran and Liz are discussing the engagement party while Steve and Liz talk about Karen not going to the funeral. Todd tells his mum he is going back to college to do his A levels. She is delighted. Sean, an old friend of Karl's bumps into Todd in the Kabin and he is talking about needing new accommodation. Todd tells him to try the flat above the bookies. Fiz gives Tommy £10 for the electric and for any food he gave Chesney and asks him not to call the Social Services or RSPCA. Dev and Sunita are heading towards the pub when Maya appears in the background. They go into the pub and are congratulated by everyone. Maya herself walks towards the pub.moreless
  • Sun 29 Aug, 2004
    Sun 29 Aug, 2004
    Episode 174
    Chesney has no food and is starving. Tommy invites Chesney to join them at their barbeque. Chesney is ravenous and is ramming food into his mouth. Dev leaves to go to Maya's to get his grandmothers ring back. Maya tells him he can get it back if he sleeps with her, if not he will need to pay £2000. Dev arrives back to Sunita's flat and gets down on one knee and gives her the ring. Sunita pulls back asking him how and when he got the ring saying she wont wear the ring that he had given to another woman. Vera arrives looking for Jack. Jack and Edie Bagshawe are playing against each other and when they go to get their woods they recognise each other. Edie Bagshawe used to be Eddie Bagshawe. Jack and Eddie did their National Service together. They both agree to say nothing and let the best woman win. Jack bowls his final bowl and makes the Rover Ravers the winners. They are celebrating when Vera comes looking for Jack as he disappears. Vera is sure that Jack is seeing Ida so she follows Ida and watch's her go into the shed. Chesney and Schmichael are watching TV and the electric runs out so they go to Tommy and Angela's and ask for £5 for the meter. Chesney says that his mum and Les have gone away and he cant find Fiz. Tommy takes Chesney and Schmeichal in for the night. Vera is still watching the shed and sees Jack coming out, dressed as Jack. Vera accuses him of being in there with Ida. Jack opens the door and shows her that no-one else was in there with him but assures Vera she will never see Ida ever again.moreless
  • Fri 27 Aug, 2004
    Fri 27 Aug, 2004
    Episode 173
    The Ravers are trying to think how to get the dress back from Frankie without Vera finding out. Vera is talking to Jack when Frankie enters with the dress telling Vera to get rid of it. Vera decides to cut up the dress and use it as dishcloths as a dismayed Jack watches on. Karen is back at work and the girls are concerned for her. They ask how her mother is, she tells them she is dead. They are all shocked. Les and Cilla are packing their bags when Cilla send Les upstairs, gives Chesney £10 and a note for Fiz and tells him that he is to go to Fiz's after work instead of her picking him up. They leave to go on their holiday. Chesney goes to get Fiz from work but told she went bowling and then to a club so wont be back until 4.00 in the morning. Chesney bumps into Sophie and they decide to go and get some food and go back to the Battersby's. Sophie then goes home. Malcolm comes round to see Karen but she is not in so Steve takes the envelope from him. Steve tries to give Karen the envelope from Malcolm but she's not interested. Steve opens it and inside are the funeral arrangements and a drawing that Karen had done years ago, she bins it. Dev goes to Frankie's to ask for details of where he can get Maya. Frankie hesitates but gives Dev her details. After Dev leaves Frankie calls Maya to warn her. Dev is at Maya's flat asking her for the engagement ring back. Maya isn't happy. Maya chucks Dev out of her flat and she smiles as an evil plan of revenge starts to form.moreless
  • Wed 25 Aug, 2004
    Wed 25 Aug, 2004
    Episode 172
    Steve tries to support Karen but she keeps pushing him away, insisting she is fine. Jack is nervous about agreeing to dress up as a woman for the bowls competition and worried that Vera will find out. Frankie is talking to Sunita and Dev about their engagement. Steve tries to convince Karen that she should go and see her Mum, but she is having none of it. Dev talks to Steve about getting back the engagement ring he gave to Maya. Ciaran is shocked when Charlie gives him the new quote for work on the restaurant - it's another £20,000. Steve tells Liz about Karen's past. Liz tries to talk to Karen, but she tells her to keep out of her life and marriage. Danny overhears Karen and asks her why she was off work sick and was now in the pub. He doesn't know what to say when Liz tells him that Karen's mum is dying. Fiz puts the finishing touches to Jack's make up. Hayley, Sonia and Fiz are trying to teach Jack to walk like a woman. They decide his name should be Ida Fagg. When Jack goes back home his dress gets mixed in with Frankie's clothes and Vera takes them all back to her. Dev asks Sunita about an engagement ring and whether history and tradition are important to her. Dev then leaves a message on Maya's answerphone asking her to call him. Ciaran asks his Bank Manager for an extra £20,000, but is told he is a financial risk. Steve arrives back at their flat with Karen's Auntie Eva. They tell her that her mum has died.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 2004 [Episode 2]
    In Karen and Steve's flat, Karen tells her father she is not interested in what he has to say. He tells her that her mother is dying but she wants her father to leave. Charlie shows Ciaran the work that has been done in the restaurant. Ciaran decides he wants halogen lighting and wooden flooring, which Charlie says, will be very expensive. Mike goes to the restaurant to check what's going on because he is suspicious that Ciaran is going to rip Penny off but Ciaran offers to show Mike his business plan. Mike's pleased that he has found out that Ciaran isn't planning to scam Penny. Karl and Todd leave the Rovers and it's awkward between them. Eventually they manage to say goodbye. Karl and Martin meet up and Martin warns Karl away from the street. Karl fights back and Martin is stunned at his accusations. Martin apologises to Todd and explains that he is not anti-gay. He was just angry that Todd and Karl hurt Sarah and Todd accepts his apology. Jack, Eileen, Sonia, Fiz and Deirdre are discussing what they will do now Hayley is off the team. Hayley comes in and apologises for letting the rest of her team down but admits to being registered with the North West Region Bowling Association under the name of Harold Patterson. Les is giving Cilla a massage. Cilla convinces Les to go away on a romantic holiday without Chesney. Cilla asks Fiz to look after Chesney while she's away but Fiz refuses. Cilla tells Les that Fiz has agreed to look after Chesney. The Ravers are thinking of ideas to allow them to continue in the competition. Eileen suggests Jack dresses up as a woman. He starts to feel a little nervous but agrees to dress up as a woman. Eventually Karen tells Steve about her unhappy childhood, that she only had second hand clothes bought from jumble sales. Linda Sykes had helped her when she was being bullied at school. Her dad was sometimes violent towards while her mum was there.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Danny, Frankie, Jamie and Warren are having breakfast. Jamie is angry at Frankie for interfering in his love life with Leanne. Karen and Steve set off to go shopping and he sets them a shopping challenge of each having to buy each other one big present as a surprise. Karen got Steve the biggest telly in the world and she got gorgeous lingerie and jewellery. Todd comes out of the corner shop and he is being watched by Karl. Karl calls round to see how Todd is and is given a frosty reception from Eileen. He apologises to Todd and tells him how proud he is of Todd for coming out. They go for a drink in the Rovers where Les has a go at Todd stands up for himself. Penny and Mike return from their holidays in Palma and walk into Underworld when Danny and Jamie discussing Frankie's interfering in the office. Vera tells Roy how she is proud of Jack for getting through to the finals in the bowling competition. Roy tells Vera about Jack's £200 bet with Ciaran. Frankie and Danny are in the Rovers and see Leanne and Jamie back together again. Roy goes over to Mike and Penny who are having a drink and warns her of Ciaran's past record of being dishonest in his business dealings. Mike is fuming with Penny. Vera is talking to Frankie about the bowling team and tells her that Hayley used to be a man. She is overheard by Edie Bagshawe, a player manager for a competing team who has her disqualified because she played as Harold Patterson in the South Yorkshire Semi-Pro Guild. Hayley leaves very upset, Roy goes after her. At Karen and Steve's flat, there is a knock at the door, it's her dad, Malcolm. She is shocked to see him.moreless
  • Sun 22 Aug, 2004
    Sun 22 Aug, 2004
    Episode 169
    Frankie's furious to discover Leanne's stayed the night in Jamie's bed. She chucks her out the house. Martin's disapproving when Katy admits she's lied to her dad about her exam results. Karen's delighted when Steve tells her he's going to give her a "day of pleasure". Danny tells Frankie she's been too harsh with Leanne. Frankie apologises to her and they agree to start again. Maria gives Frankie all the dirt on Leanne saying she's a slut and a drug addict. Norris, Emily, Blanche and Audrey play poker. Blanche wins. Roy apologises to Ciaran for his misplaced suspicions about the money. Jack wins his bet with Ciaran when the Rovers Ravers win the semi finals in the bowls competition. They agree to double or quits on the final. Leanne's offended when Jamie reports back what Frankie's told him about her. Karen's not impressed when Steve having promised to cook her a meal, serves up frozen prawns. Steve thinks she's spoilt. Leanne decides to have it out with Frankie. She dumps Jamie for being a mummy's boy and promises Frankie that she'll get her own back. LEANNE: "Watch your back, Essex girl!"moreless
  • Fri 20 Aug, 2004
    Fri 20 Aug, 2004
    Episode 168
    Sunita and Dev are all loved up with their engagement. Leanne continues to goad Frankie telling her that she's got a job working with Jamie. Katy worried how to tell Tommy she only got two C's and two D's in her AS exams. She knows he'll blame Martin for distracting her. Bobby Ockton comes on to Leanne while he talks her through her new job. Leanne's shocked when Jamie launches himself at Bobby and gets him up against a wall. Bobby fires them both. Leanne's annoyed with Jamie while Jamie thinks she's ungrateful as he was trying to protect her. Misery guts Blanche warns Dev and Sunita that most marriages end in divorce but nothing can dampen the loved up couple's spirits. Against Katy's better judgement, Angela insists she lies to Tommy and tells him she got straight A's in her exams. When Tommy gives her £200 Katy's guilt-ridden. Roy demands to know where Ciaran got the bag of money from. Ciaran explains it's Penny's share of their new business. Leanne apologises to Jamie for biting him and they end up snogging. Frankie's not impressed with her son's choice of girlfriend.moreless
  • Wed 18 Aug, 2004
    Wed 18 Aug, 2004
    Episode 167
    Dev takes Sunita home from hospital. Tracy calls round to Ciaran's and dumps Amy on him. Before she leaves she hides the bag of money containing his £50,000 in Amy's pram as a joke. Frankie shouts at Leanne for telling Candice the truth about Warren's footballing career. Charlie persuades Deirdre and Liz to join the bowling team. They prove to be useless. Ciaran hands Amy over to Deirdre to look after who in turn hands her over to Roy. Ciaran and Tracy arrive in a panic and grab Amy and the pram from Roy. Ciaran gives Charlie £5,000 to start work on the restaurant. Leanne gets a job in the night club where Jamie works. She's taken on by lecherous Bobby Ockton. Roy tells Hayley about the money he saw in Amy's pram. He's suspicious as to how Tracy's got hold of thousands of pounds. Ciaran bets Jack £50 that they won't win the next bowls match. Sunita's done her flat out like a Bollywood film set. Dev apologises to her for mentioning marriage and rushing her. Sunita amazes him by proposing to him. They kiss.moreless
  • Mon 16 Aug, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Emily finds out that her council tax has been paid. She blames Audrey. Jamie spills the bean about Warren to Leanne. Leanne enjoys telling Candice that her boyfriend is really out of work. Blanche finds out that Alf's memorial fountain has been dropped in favour of some public conveniences in memory of Alice Strudwick. Norris tells Emily it was he who paid her council tax. Emily's furious. Ciaran draws out the £50,000 in cash. He makes Tracy close her eyes then covers her in the money. They make love rolling about on the cash. Steve comforts Dev at the hospital while he waits for news of Sunita. Jamie lets slip Ken that Tyrone and Kirk have got a video of Tracy. Ken's horrified and demands they give him the tape. Ken and Deirdre confront Tracy about the tape. She says nothing but gives the tape back to Tyrone and Kirk as a "treat". Candice dumps Warren for lying to her. Dev's delighted when Sunita's operation is a complete success. Emily apologises to Audrey. Audrey accepts but is upset to hear about the fountain. Gail and Audrey call a truce and mother and daughter are reunited. Tyrone and Kirk are disappointed to find the video is a cricket video. As Sunita regains consciousness, Dev's by her side telling her she's okay.moreless
  • Mon 16 Aug, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sunita's nervous as she packs her things and gets ready to leave for hospital. Tyrone and Kirk arrange to watch the video of Tracy at lunch time but they're thwarted when Fiz catches them. Emily receives a summons for her unpaid council tax. Gail's still furious with Audrey for sacking Sarah. Martin tries to calm her down. Blanche insists on going to the council offices with Deirdre saying she wants to find out what's going on with Alf's fountain. Sunita writes letters to Dev, Shelley and her mother and asks Dev to deliver them should she die during the operation. Warren impresses Candice telling her how rich he is being a footballer. Tyrone, Kirk and Jamie arrange to watch the Tracy video at Vera's when she's gone to bingo. Frankie's furious when Danny tells her Warren's been sacked from Brentford FC. Audrey offers to pay Emily's council tax for her if she'll put an end to her protest. Emily's incensed, telling Audrey that her principles are not for sale. As Sunita's goes in for her operation, Dev proposes to her. Sunita's upset and scared pointing out this isn't the right time.moreless
  • Sun 15 Aug, 2004
    Sun 15 Aug, 2004
    Episode 164
    Sunita's shocked when Dev shows her his trashed flat. Dev pays Tyrone and Kirk to clear everything out into a skip. Warren asks Candice out. She turns him down but later, having found out he's a professional footballer, agrees to a date. Warren admits to Jamie he's been sacked by Brentford FC. Jamie tells Danny who wonders how he's going to break the news to Frankie. Audrey finally plucks up the courage and sacks Sarah from the Salon. Sarah's devastated and Audrey feels terrible. Kirk and Tyrone are excited when they find a video in Dev's flat labelled "Tracy". Gail's furious with Audrey for sacking Sarah and putting her business before family. She tells upset Audrey she's now sacked as a mother and grandmother. Sunita's nervous about her operation tomorrow. Dev tells her again and again how much he loves her. Martin tries to patch things up with Sarah. Initially Sarah's hostile but eventually she breaks down in his arms saying how she's lost everything. Jack's worried when both Shelley and Janice declare they're injured and can't bowl in the next match. Dev and Sunita, both very much in love, kiss passionately before she leads him to the bedroom.moreless
  • Fri 13 Aug, 2004
    Fri 13 Aug, 2004
    Episode 163
    Sunita's in turmoil. She still loves Dev but she's worried she can't trust him and that he might change his mind again. She also hates the way he's treated Maya. Jack insists the girls wear proper gear for the bowls match. They run up some outfits in the factory. Audrey steals herself to tell Sarah she's not cut out for hairdressing but is thwarted when Sarah gets upset about the baby. Danny's younger son, Warren, turns up at the Baldwins saying he's got a couple of weeks off from Brentford FC as he's got a leg injury. Danny's suspicious. Frankie's delighted to see him. Maya collects her stuff from Dev's flat. Dev apologises for the way he's treated her. Maya begs him to take her back but he refuses. Maya's beside herself. The women's win their first bowls match with Hayley's final bowl, although Shelley puts her back out. Katy passes her driving test. Dev finally manages to convince Sunita that it's her he wants and not Maya. Sunita admits she's still in love with him and they embrace passionately. In a fit of pique, Maya trashes Dev's flat and leaves.moreless
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2004
    Wed 11 Aug, 2004
    Episode 162
    Maya can sense that Dev's unhappy but he insists he's fine. Ashley and Claire are happy to be back together. Rita's pleased for them. After a night of passion with Joe, Eileen's embarrassed when Jason & Todd appear for breakfast. Jason's appalled at his mum's one night stand. Shelley tells Sunita how much Dev loves her. She's surprised when Sunita doesn't appear interested as she's convinced she's not got long to live. Candice is back from her hairdressing course and Audrey lets her do Rita's hair. She's delighted with it. Sarah's jealous & fed up of being the salon skivvy. Ciaran shows Charlie round his new restaurant and asks him to quote for the refurbishment. Shelley realises there's something going between Tracy & Ciaran. Sunita can't take any more emotional stress & tells Maya she's leaving for good. Maya's secretly delighted. Dev's shocked when Maya tells him Sunita's gone. He rushes round to her flat where he finds her packing. Maya follows. In a desperate bid to stop her leaving Dev declares his undying love for her in front of Maya. Maya's horrified and leaves in tears. Dev's stunned when Sunita tells him to get out.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Sunita's shocked at Dev's revelation. She asks him if he still loves Maya and he admits he does. Sunita's head's hurting and the added pressure of Dev's confession just makes her feel worse. She tells him to leave. Ashley pours out all his worries to Claire, that he's worried one day Joshua will want to find his real dad. Claire comforts him and they are reunited. Jack suggests that before the big match the bowling team should eat plenty of carbs and abstain from sex. Eileen pulls Joe the boiler man. They go back to Eileen's together. Having just enjoyed great sex, Ciaran and Tracy enjoy sparring. Ciaran pretends to carve a notch on his bedpost. When Tracy arrives home with tousled hair, Blanche quickly points out she's got a "whore's thatch" and wonders who she's been with. Maya raises the subject of the wedding again. Dev snaps at her wondering if they could talk about something else. Maya's chastened. Shelley finds Sunita in bits. Sunita explains to Shelley how Dev says he loves her but he also loves Maya. Furious Shelley tells Dev he'd better make up his mind between Maya and Sunita. Dev admits he can't live without Sunita.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Ashley tells Rita how he proposed to Claire but she's decided to leave him. Rita's perplexed. Depressed Claire tells Rita how Ashley doesn't want her to interfere in Joshua's upbringing so she's left him. Jack gives the bowling team a pep talk but realises it's an uphill task. Rita urges Ashley to try and build bridges with Claire and not to throw away a chance of happiness. Ciaran's delighted when Penny turns up and tells him the deal's on and gives him a cheque for £20,000. Tracy flirts with Ciaran and they end up kissing passionately. Roy buys Hayley a bowling ball. She's delighted. In the Rovers Eileen flirts with a guy called Joe who says he's a boiler man. Maya suggests to Dev they should set a wedding date. Dev fobs her off. Claire goes to collect the last of her things from No. 4 but Ashley stops her. Ashley explains that telling Joshua his mother is dead is made even harder by the fact that he isn't his real father. Claire's stunned. Dev can no longer contain his feelings and confesses to Sunita that he still loves her.moreless
  • Sun 8 Aug, 2004
    Sun 8 Aug, 2004
    Episode 159
    Jamie drives Les, Cilla and Kirk to the tip to try and get back his old furniture. It's a Sunday, and the tip is locked up, but Les breaks in. When the police arrive Jamie drives off and Les, Cilla and Kirk have to walk home with a few sticks of old furniture they'd take from the skips. They couldn't find any of Les's stuff. Mike and Dev complain to Kevin about the Oakhill bus parked on the street. Kevin feels the school is taking liberties. Fred urges Ashley to talk to Claire and sort things out. Maria chats to Claire about her reasons for turning Ashley down. Fred tries to persuade Claire to talk to Ashley. Penny is not happy when Tracy asks her why she has got cold feet about her business venture with Ciaran. Tracy asks if Mike has tried to talk her out of it. Mike suggests to Penny she would be better going into business with him. Sunita feels unwell while working in the shop. Dev takes her upstairs to the flat for a rest and Sunita tells him her health worries. Dev assures Sunita he will always be there for her. Maya is jealous. When Dev returns, she tells him to close the shop early so they can spend some time together. Les asks Steve for his old job back. Steve agrees as long as Les does all the night shifts. Ashley goes to talk to Claire. She still is suspicious of his reasons for asking her to marry him and feels he's only doing it for Joshua's sake. Claire turns Ashley down again and tells him he should start looking for a new nanny.moreless
  • Fri 6 Aug, 2004
    Fri 6 Aug, 2004
    Episode 158
    Fred urges Ashley to tell Joshua all about Maxine. Ashley refuses. Harry calls on Eileen to see if she will be joining him on his trip. Harry is upset when Eileen declines his invitation. As Les has given up his job, he tells Cilla to do the same. Cilla refuses. Claire accepts that it's difficult for Ashley to tell Joshua about Maxine but talks to Ashely again. Ashley asks Claire to marry him. Sunita's exhausted after running the shop while Dev's been away on holiday but is really excited at the thought of seeing him again. Les tells Kirk to get Jamie to take all his old furniture to the tip as he's going to replace it all now Cilla's come into money. Harry hands his notice in at The Rovers telling Fred he's off to see the world. Dev & Maya arrive back at the Corner Shop. Sunita is thrilled to see Dev again. Claire tells Maria that Ashley has asked her to marry him. Maria says she should. Cilla is horrified that Les has cleared the house and tells him there's no money as her "aunt" had decided to leave all her money to her cats. Les is very upset. Eileen tells Harry there's a leaving "do" for him in The Rovers, but he doesn't want to go in and quietly slips away. Ashley again asks Claire to marry him. Again she declines thinking he is asking her for all the wrong reasons.moreless
  • Wed 4 Aug, 2004
    Wed 4 Aug, 2004
    Episode 157
    Cilla and Chesney move back with Les. Cilla tells Chesney to keep quiet about there being no money. Janice tells Leanne she has left Les for good this time. Harry wakes up in Eileen's nursing his hangover. Les tells Kirk about the money that Cilla has been left. Roy recommends that Harry takes a holiday. Mike again tells Penny not to go ahead with her business partnership with Ciaran. Jack gives a pep talk to the new "Rovers Ravers" bowls team. Hayley is the best bowler in the team and beats Sonia in an arm wrestling competition in The Rovers. Claire is uncomfortable when Joshua calls her Mummy. Ashley doesn't understand why. Claire feels Ashley should tell Joshua about his real Mum and goes home upset. Penny tells Ciaran she needs more time to think about their business partnership. Ciaran feels Mike has been interfering. Harry apologies to Fred and Shelley for his behaviour the night before in The Rovers. Les packs in his job at Street Cars. Cilla is not happy. Ciaran tells Fred there's nothing definite about his new business venture and that he still needs his job at The Rovers. Harry tells Eileen that he's going to pack his job in at The Rovers as he's bought the Croppers' camper van to travel around Europe. Harry invites Eileen to go with him.moreless
  • Mon 2 Aug, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fiz asks Hayley when she & Roy's are off on their travels again. Hayley doesn't sound too keen on their camper van. Ciaran tells Tracy of his plans to go into the restaurant business with Penny and assures her it's strictly business. Jamie tells Danny of his frustration at not having a proper job at Underworld. Harry goes to Underworld to collect his last pay packet. Fred asks Mike if he's tackled Penny about her relationship with Ciaran. Mike assures Fred it's purely business and tells him about the restaurant. Kevin is angry when he discovers that Sally has told Oakhill school that he will service their bus for free, as they had offered a place to Rosie. Cilla & Les are enjoying their drive in Cilla's open topped sports car when she pulls over into a lay-by and gets Les in a passionate clinch just as Janice arrives. Janice is furious and screams at Les that they are definitely finished this time and runs back to Patrick's taxi ordering him to take her home. Les runs after Janice pleading for another chance. Mike asks Penny to forget about her business venture with Ciaran. Hayley and Roy decide to sell their camper van. Janice packs her bags and leaves Les's house. Harry is in the Rovers having more to drink than he should and Eileen takes him home with her to sober him up. Cilla persuades Les to give their relationship another try.moreless
  • Mon 2 Aug, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tracy lets herself into Ciaran's flat, he's wearing a suit and she suggests he's seeing a woman. Ciaran says he has a business meeting. Mike asks Penny if she's having an affair with Ciaran - Penny denies it. Harry is not happy when he finds Jamie doing his job of cleaning at Underworld. Jamie tells his Danny he needs a proper job. Roy & Hayley return from their camper van holiday, stressed by the long journey home. Hayley is mystified as to why Roy bought a railway signal while on holiday. Mike reads a text on Penny's mobile confirming a lunch date and suspects that Penny is having an affair with Ciaran. Mike turns up at the restaurant to be told by Penny & Ciaran that they are going into business together to buy the restaurant . Cilla arrives at Les's house in a flashy sports car saying she was coming into money as an old "aunt" had died. Cilla had come to collect her things. Les says they gave all her stuff away to charity. Outside, Les is admiring Cilla's new car. She asks if he would like to go for a spin in it. Les jumps in. Harry voices his frustrations to Roy about the new regime at Underworld saying he needed a new challenge and was going to hand in his notice but before he could, Danny sacks him. Sally is not happy when Rosie says she doesn't want to take up her place at Oakhill. Fiz tells Janice that Les was just about to go for a spin in Cilla's new car. Janice is not happy when she sees them roar off together and jumps into Patrick's taxi and orders him to "follow that car"!moreless
  • Sun 1 Aug, 2004
    Sun 1 Aug, 2004
    Episode 154
    Janice is having a clear-out of Cilla's things to give to Emily for the jumble sale. She finds Monopoly at the back of a cupboard. Les insists they all have a game. Tracy calls round to Ciaran's for some peace and quiet. Ciaran gives her the spare key so she can let herself in whenever she wants. Jason's jealous of all the attention Eileen's lavishing on Todd. Eileen surprises him when she produces a box of mementoes of his birth. Gail tries to comfort Sarah who's hurt and upset at Martin's betrayal. Martin books a week in Majorca for he and Katy. Ciaran and Penny discuss their new business venture. Fred spots Ciaran and Penny in cahoots again and suspects they're having an affair. When Harry gives Emily a few of his late daughter's belongings for the jumble sale he feels belittled by Frankie who hands over a pile of designer clothes. Angry Sarah tells Martin she hates Katy for keeping quiet about Todd's affair and his sexuality and she hates Martin for siding with her. Martin's stunned when Sarah says she never wants to see him again. Fred tells Mike that Penny's having an affair with Ciaran.moreless
  • Fri 30 July, 2004
    Fri 30 July, 2004
    Episode 153
    Harry's nose is put out of joint when he finds that Jamie's been taken on as an errand boy at the factory. Mike assures him his job's safe. Tracy invites herself and Amy into Ciaran's flat. She can't believe how tidy he is. He can't believe what a slattern she is. Maya tells Sunita how tired Dev is. Sunita insists he must take a holiday. Under pressure Dev agrees although he suspects Maya's behind the idea somehow. Emily's collecting jumble. Danny lets her have some seconds from the factory and Dev lets her put up a poster in the shop. Katy and Martin are unnerved when Tommy offers to help Katy move her stuff back into his flat. Tommy admits to Angela how much he's hurting inside. Ciaran meets Penny for their lunch date. Fred's intrigued when he spots them getting cosy. Tracy suspects Ciaran's seeing Penny but he refuses to confirm or deny. Fred spots Tracy leaving Ciaran's flat and can't believe his eyes, thinking Ciaran must have two women on the go. Katy moves back into Martin's flat. Unsuspecting Sarah calls in and her shock turns to fury when she realises Martin and Katy are back together. As Martin tries to explain, Sarah declares not only has she lost her fiance and her baby but she's lost her dad too. Martin tries to follow her into No. 8 but David closes the door in his face.moreless
  • Wed 28 July, 2004
    Wed 28 July, 2004
    Episode 152
    Les, Kirk and Fiz are worried about Chesney. Janice feels guilty. Jamie arrives home with a black eye having been up all night. He tells Danny he's got himself a job as a bouncer. Danny points out he starts work at the factory in 10 minutes. Mike asks Jamie to make a delivery in Leeds. Leanne asks if she can have a lift to collect some things from a mates flat. They enjoy spending the afternoon together and Jamie fails to make the delivery. Ciaran asks Penny out on a lunch date. Penny agrees but makes him promise not to tell Mike. Martin admits he still loves Katy and despite the upset it'll cause his family agrees she should move back in. They spend the afternoon in bed. Katy's on cloud nine. Janice realises that by getting rid of Chesney she's made everyone miserable including herself. She decides to move back to her flat but Les stops her, declaring she means more to him than Chesney. Tommy's furious when Sally lets slip Martin was round at their house with Katy when she was baby-sitting. He storms round to Martin's flat and finds Katy there. Tommy angrily declares all out war on Martin.moreless
  • Mon 26 July, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Les, Cilla and Janice have a huge row. Cilla tries to convince Janice that she and Les were about to go to bed but Les explains what really happened. Danny manages to get a loan to pay for his 50% of Underworld. He and Mike shake on the deal. Katy baby sits for Rosie and Sophie while Sally drags Kevin along to a small traders do to drum up more business for the garage. Janice tells Les that Chesney will have to go and live with Cilla otherwise she'll continue using him to worm her way back in. Les is upset, admitting he loves Chesney and this is the only proper home he's ever had. Frankie, Danny and Jamie have Mike and Penny round for dinner. Vera cooks them a steak and kidney pie but manages to set off the smoke alarm. Martin calls to see Kevin but finds Katy there baby sitting. They end up kissing but then Martin controls himself saying he must put his family first. Mike offers Jamie a job in the factory doing some driving and odd jobs. Jamie's delighted. Cilla arrives to collect Chesney. Chesney's distraught at being woken up and told he's got to leave and go with him mum. As Cilla pulls the crying Chesney out of the door he pleads with Les to let him stay. Janice, Fiz and Kirk are upset and Les can't bear to watch.moreless
  • Mon 26 July, 2004 [Episode 1]
    It's Chesney's birthday. Les and Janice give him a magic set. As Sally gets ready for the Oakhill Open Day, Rosie and Sophie bicker. Kevin's relieved when he gets called out on a breakdown so he can't go with her. Mike tells Danny his cheque bounced and he's got until the end of the week to come up with money if he still wants half the Underworld busniness. Cilla calls round and gives Chesney a water pistol for his birthday. Chesney's delighted she's remembered. Cilla tries it on with Les but although tempted, he throws her out telling her the deal's off and she's not welcome at No. 5 whether Janice is there or not. Danny explains to Mike why the cheque bounced and how he had to give the money to Vinny to bail Jamie out. Mike's unsympathetic. Emily receives a reminder that she hasn't paid her council tax. Danny tells Jamie he expects him to pay him back for the money he paid Vinny. Sally waxes lyrically about Oakhill School to Emily, Vera and Norris. Cilla has a barbeque in the back yard of No. 5 for Chesney's birthday. Les gets himself stuck in the handcuffs from the magic set. Norris complains about the smell and the noise and soaks them all with his hose. Cilla peels off her wet blouse, Les is still handcuffed when Janice arrives home and sees the pair of them together in that state.moreless
  • Sun 25 July, 2004
    Sun 25 July, 2004
    Episode 149
    Vinny drops the charges against Jamie and Jamie's released from the police cells. Cilla turns up at No. 5. Chesney naively thinks she's remembered his birthday which is tomorrow. Cilla covers and pretends he's right. Fiz can see she's lying. Danny's furious with Jamie for beating up Vinny. Jamie tries to explain why he did it. Frankie feels sorry for him. Sally tells Rosie that her friends are common and she'll have far better friends at Oakhill. Upset Rosie slams out of the house. Cilla finds Les in the pub and turns on the charm. She tells him she'll pop round tomorrow for Chesney's birthday. Janice promises Chesney they'll take him out for a birthday tea. Under pressure from Frankie and Jamie, Danny explains how to get Vinny to drop the charges he had to give him all the money from their house sale, all bar the mortgage. Frankie's shell-shocked as she realises they're skint and will have to stay in Coronation Street.moreless
  • Fri 23 July, 2004
    Fri 23 July, 2004
    Episode 148
    Frankie's worried about Jamie. Danny agrees to try and talk to Vinny and persuade him to drop the charges. Rosie brags about her new friend Keesha-Camille's house. Sally says she's common. Sally has to grovel to Dev to win back the Street Cars business. She promises Kevin she'll consult him first in the future. Blanche pegs out Amy's washing and has a go at Tracy who's sun bathing in the back yard, accusing her of tampering with her jigsaw. Frankie visits Jamie in the police station. Jamie's distraught explaining he wanted to kill Vinny to stop him taking Frankie away from his dad. Danny meets up with Vinny. The hatred between them is apparent. Vinny says he'll drop the charges against Jamie if he gets to sleep with Frankie one more time. Vinny refuses the offer. Maya lets slip to Ciaran about Sunita's illness. Ciaran offers to cook for Sunita rendering Dev surplus to requirements. Maya's plan to come between them seems to be working. Vera tries to console Frankie, comparing Jamie to her Terry. Danny offers what's left of the money from the house sale to Vinny if he'll drop the charges against Jamie.moreless
  • Wed 21 July, 2004
    Wed 21 July, 2004
    Episode 147
    Dev tells Maya that together they must look after Sunita. Maya agrees through gritted teeth. Sarah and Candice continue to bicker in the Salon. Sarah's hurt when Audrey says she's sending Candice on a hairdressing course, as she expected Audrey to choose her. Sally suggests they all go to a museum for the day. Rosie says she'd rather stick pins in her eyes. The factory girls are impressed when they meet Jamie and enjoy flirting with him. Kevin's furious with Sally when she ruins the deal he's got with Street Cars and Dev cancels their account. Maya feigns concern for Sunita, insisting she rests, drinks green tea and listens to whale music. With Dev out of the way she suggests that being Sunita's sole carer is too much of a burden for Dev. Sunita takes this on board and later tells Shelley about her brain tumour. Shelley's devastated for her friend. As Danny, Frankie and Jamie approach No. 7 the police are waiting for them. Jamie's arrested. Danny and Frankie are shocked to learn that it was Jamie who assaulted Vinny Evans.moreless
  • Mon 19 July, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Furious Maya accuses Dev and Sunita of conducting an affair behind her back. Dev and Sunita try to explain the truth to her but she refuses to listen, accusing Sunita of being pregnant with Dev's child and having an abortion. Eventually Sunita tells her that she's got a brain tumour. Maya's astounded and as the news sinks in she's mortified, wishing the ground would swallow her up. Frankie insists on viewing expensive houses with Danny. Danny's uncomfortable knowing he's used the money from the house sale to buy into Underworld. Shelley cons Liz and Ciaran into wearing stepometers pretending they've been issued by the brewery. Sally tells Kevin that Rosie is definitely going to Oakhill as she fell out with the headmaster at Weatherfield High. She exaggerates their argument saying she ended up slapping him! Jamie Baldwin arrives at No. 7 telling Danny and Frankie he's moving in. Rosie says she's not going to Oakhill and storms up to her room. Maya apologises to Dev explaining she was just jealous. When Dev tells her Sunita could die, Maya's quietly hopeful.moreless
  • Mon 19 July, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Rosie pleads with Sally to let her stay at Weatherfield High School. As Danny and Frankie argue over Vinny and who was responsible for his beating, Vera's intrigued. Sarah starts her work experience at the Salon. She arrives late and leaves early. Audrey's not impressed. Sarah explains to Candice that one day the business will be hers. Dev persuades Todd to work in the shop to give Sunita the afternoon off as she isn't well. Vera starts being abusive to Todd over the counter but Dev threatens to bar her. Vera shuts up and Todd's grateful to Dev. Sally visits Mr Lewis, Rosie's teacher, to find out exactly what Weatherfield High can offer. Sally's very disappointed there are no special classes for particularly gifted children and tells Mr Lewis that Rosie's leaving and going to Oakhill. Danny still denies any responsibility for Vinny's injuries and Frankie has to agree to give him the benefit of the doubt. Dev pops up to Sunita's flat to check she's okay. Sunita confesses she's lonely and worried she might die. As Dev hugs her and comforts her Maya lets herself into the flat and thinks she's caught them red-handed.moreless
  • Sun 18 July, 2004
    Sun 18 July, 2004
    Episode 144
    Maya's incensed when Dev says he's taking Sunita to the hospital again. Frankie's still convinced it was Danny who beat up Vinny. Danny denies it. Roy and Hayley prepare to go on holiday in their camper van. Roy gives Leanne a job in the cafe. Maya thinks Sunita must be pregnant and that Dev's taking her to hospital for an abortion. Sunita's shocked when she finds out that she has a brain tumour (prolactinoma) which is treatable but could render her infertile or in the worst case she could die. Danny admits to Mike that he was in Essex on Wednesday but only to sell the house. He give's Mike a cheque for his half of Underworld and makes Mike promise to keep schtum as Frankie thinks they're going to buy a big house in Cheshire. Roy and Hayley set off for Suffolk in their camper van. Emily arrives back from visiting Mavis and is shocked to hear about the protest and Betty's funny turn. She apologises to Audrey for all the ill-feeling but vows that the fight with the Council isn't over yet. As Maya sees Sunita arrive back from hospital looking upset and shaken she's more convinced than ever Sunita's had an abortion. Maya vows to get her revenge.moreless
  • Fri 16 July, 2004
    Fri 16 July, 2004
    Episode 143
    Sarah hands her notice in at the cafe. Audrey voices her concerns to Gail. But Gail insists she must put Sarah before Candice. Under pressure Audrey agrees to let Sarah do a month's work experience. Sarah's delighted. Dev admits to Maya he's paying for Sunita's private medical care. Maya hits the roof and proceeds to throw tins at Dev. She cites Sunita as the reason Dev wants to cancel their wedding. Danny gets Hayley to go out and buy a dress for Frankie as an anniversary present. Hayley buys a gorgeous dress. Frankie can tell Danny didn't choose it. When Maya moans to Frankie about all Sunita's doctors' appointments, Frankie tells Maya about Sunita's suspected pregnancy. Maya's horrified. The police turn up at No. 7. Vinny Evans has been assaulted and they want to question Danny. Danny's adamant he knows nothing about it but Frankie's suspicious as he disappeared on Wednesday. Roy buys a camper van at the auctions as a surprise for Hayley. He wants them to travel the world, starting off in Kent! Maya lets herself into Sunita's flat to look for evidence. She finds Sunita's diary and then to her horror the packaging from a pregnancy tester kit.moreless
  • Wed 14 July, 2004
    Wed 14 July, 2004
    Episode 142
    The estate agent calls to tell Danny there's an offer on his house of £3k under the asking price. Danny says it isn't good enough. Frankie tells Vera that they're going house-hunting together. Danny tells Mike he needs the day off as he has some unfinished business and that if Frankie calls, to say he's out with clients. When Sarah's insistent she wants to work in the Salon, Audrey points out there isn't a vacancy but Sarah reckons Candice wants to leave. Cilla goes round to No. 5 and turns on the charm again with Les. Les starts to weaken but Cilla's thwarted when Kirk turns up. Candice tells Audrey how grateful she is to her for job, the flat and all her support. Frankie makes Vera drive them home in Frankie's car. Vera's nerves are in shreds. Janice arrives home unaware that Cilla has been round. Sunita sees the consultant who says she needs a brain scan. Dev's very worried about her. When Frankie quizzes Danny about his day he pretends he's been out buying her a surprise anniversary present for Friday. Dev tells Maya he doesn't want to get married in two weeks and needs more time. Maya's livid suspecting Sunita to be the cause of his change of heart.moreless
  • Mon 12 July, 2004 [Episode 2]
    As Cilla moves in to kiss him, Les suddenly realises what's going on. He tells her to behave herself and drives her back to Coronation Street. Sunita and Maya arrive back from their shopping trip. Maya's on cloud nine but Sunita's depressed. Dev whisper to Sunita he's made her a private appointment with the consultant. Maya wonders what they're whispering about. Les allows Cilla into No. 5 to look after Chesney who's supposedly poorly. Janice is furious to find her there and throws her out. Roy buys Hayley a old globe and suggests they should travel the world. Maya shocks Dev when she tells him she's booked their wedding and honeymoon for two weeks time on a Caribbean island. Sarah tells Audrey she'd like to leave the cafe and wants a job in the Salon. Cilla tells Les how much she's missing Chesney. Les is taken in and agrees to let Cilla see Chesney in the house so long as Janice doesn't find out. Cilla's delighted her plan is working.moreless
  • Mon 12 July, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Les and Janice explain to Chesney that their home is his home too but Cilla isn't welcome. Sarah decides it's time she got on with her life and goes back to work at the cafe. To Dev's surprise, Maya insists he accompany Sunita to the doctors. While they're gone she gets a copy of Sunita's flat key made. Les is fed up to find his next fare is Cilla who wants running to Chorlton. Cilla pretends she's got an interview. The doctor tells Sunita she needs to see a consultant endocrinologist for further tests. When Dev insists he'll pay for her to go privately Sunita tries to argue. Roy tells Hayley he's seen something he wants to buy in an auction. Hayley's intrigued. Cilla turns on the tears telling Les how much she still loves him and misses him. Sunita's bemused when Maya suggests they go shopping together. Gail and Maria bury the hatchet, agreeing that they both lost out on Nick. When then school phone to say Chesney's poorly and needs picking up, Janice tries to get hold of Les. Cilla suggests to Les that she doesn't mind being his bit on the side so he can still have Janice. Les is sorely tempted.moreless
  • Sun 11 July, 2004
    Sun 11 July, 2004
    Episode 139
    Maya changes tactics and apologises to Dev for disbelieving Sunita. Janice moves her things into No. 5. Chesney's pleased when she tells him it's still okay for him to see his mum. Jack rallies the ladies bowling team together and gives Kirk a job as his assistant. Cilla calls round to No. 5 and brings Schmeichel with her as part of her plan to win Chesney round and keep him on side. The bowls team practise on the red rec bowling green. Hayley proves to be very good but the rest are terrible. Jack realises he's got his work cut out. Maya's annoyed to find Dev and Sunita in the Rovers together having closed the shop for an hour. Putting on a smile, Maya offers to cover for Sunita if she's not feeling well. Dev's suspicious. Whilst nobody's looking, Maya rummages in Sunita's handbag. Chesney, under instructions from Cilla, has another go at persuading Les to take Cilla back. Janice overhears and vows to have it out with Cilla. Blanche and Norris are fed up to see in the Gazette that the fountain is still going ahead. Audrey's delighted. Janice tells Cilla what she thinks of her for using Chesney to do her dirty work. Nick leaves the street, watched by tearful Maria and Gail. Cilla promises Chesney the fight's not over and promises to win Les back.moreless
  • Fri 9 July, 2004
    Fri 9 July, 2004
    Episode 138
    Nick tries to persuade Maria to give them another chance but she's adamant it's over. Cilla poisons Chesney against Janice in order to worm her way back in with Les. Vera's mortified when she burns a hole with the iron in one of Frankie's designer blouses. She insists Tyrone take her into Manchester to get another one. Candice tries to comfort Maria, telling her she's better off without Nick. Dev takes Sunita to the doctors. The doctor confirms that Sunita is not pregnant but can't explain the fainting and blurred vision. They run some tests. Maya complains to Frankie how she's been left to run the shop while Dev panders to Sunita. Frankie suggests Sunita's putting it on. Chesney tries to put Janice off by telling her Les doesn't love her. Janice realises that Cilla has been coaching Chesney in her mission to win Les back. Vera's in shock at the cost of replacing Frankie's blouse. When Frankie collects her ironing she gives Vera the blouse saying she never liked it. Vera's speechless. Gail's upset when Nick blames her for coming between him and Maria and announces that he's still moving to Nottingham. Les is delighted when Janice arrives at No. 5 saying she's moving back in. Dev is appalled by Maya when she suggests Sunita's illness is imaginary and she just fancies him. Dev's worried that Sunita's seriously ill.moreless
  • Wed 7 July, 2004
    Wed 7 July, 2004
    Episode 137
    Frankie pours her heart out to Eileen about her life with Danny and her affair with Vinny. When Frankie starts to cry, Eileen's bemused but sympathetic. Desperate to win Maria back, Nick suggests they bring the wedding forward and marry as soon as possible. Maria's tempted. Betty's given the all clear and is sent home from hospital. Blanche is frustrated when Betty says she's not doing any more campaigning. Dev's relieved when he gets the results of his colonoscopy tests and it's all clear. Deirdre's smarting after a telling off from her manager for her involvement with the protestors. Blanche is unsympathetic. Dev tells Sunita his good news. As Sunita goes to hug him she stumbles and collapses. Sunita admits that despite having done a negative test, she's still convinced she's pregnant with Danny's baby. Dev insists he takes her to the doctors. Maria tells Nick she can't marry him as she could never trust him and he's too selfish. She gives him her engagement ring back. Nick's devastated.moreless
  • Mon 5 July, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Danny's furious to find Vinny in his house. He threatens to kill him but Frankie implores him to leave him alone. Announcing he's going to the Rovers, Danny tells Frankie to decide who she wants, him or Vinny. Leanne's delighted to see Phil again and explains to Janice that he's been in prison for three months for smuggling booze and cigarettes, but she really likes him. Sunita's upset, explaining to Shelley she still doesn't feel well. Shelley thinks she should go to the doctors. Deirdre sneaks Rita, Blanche, Norris and Betty into the Town Hall garden. Audrey's upset when the protestors arrive and ruin the unveiling of fountain plans ceremony. Betty has a funny turn and is taken to hospital by ambulance. Vinny tries desperately to persuade Frankie to leave Danny and go with him. When Gail finds out about Leanne's evil plan to split up Nick and Maria a row ensues in the Rovers. Phil's shocked to hear what Leanne's been up to and tells her it's over between them. Phil leaves and Leanne's very upset. Nick begs for Maria's forgiveness, explaining how Leanne lured him into a trap but Maria's convinced he still fancies Leanne and tells him he can move to Nottingham alone. Danny arrives home and is delighted to find Frankie still there and Vinny gone. Frankie asserts she wants them to make a proper go of their marriage.moreless
  • Mon 5 July, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Leanne persuades Nick she needs an urgent word in private. She asks him to call round to the flat later. Blanche, Norris, Rita and Betty prepare for their protest. Deirdre's worried about putting her job on the line. Danny relents and tells the girls that the hair nets are no longer compulsory. Maria makes Nick promise to have nothing more to do with Leanne. Jack gets a women's bowling team together, calling them the Rovers Ravers. Hayley, Eileen, Janice, Fiz, Sonia and Shelley make up the team. Frankie's worried when her old flame Vinny turns up. Vinny tries to talk her into leaving Danny again and going back with him. Nick turns up at Leanne's flat, she takes a picture of him and texts it to Maria. Maria's furious and storms round to the flat. Nick and Maria row whilst Leanne's delighted that her plan went so well. Leanne's shocked when her old boyfriend Phil Mason turns up out of the blue. Frankie explains to Vinny that it's over between them but Vinny's persistent. Meanwhile Danny arrives home and puts his key in the door.moreless
  • Sun 4 July, 2004
    Sun 4 July, 2004
    Episode 134
    Leanne puts on an act and apologises to Maria and invites her and Nick to her birthday do. Maria's taken in and agrees to go. Gail's upset at the thought of Nick moving to Nottingham. Candice is excited when Audrey suggests when Maria's gone Candice might be promoted. Dev arrives back from his hospital tests. Sunita's sympathetic wanting to know how it's gone but Maya makes it clear that she's just the shop girl and should keep her nose out. Frankie shows Danny the details of some big houses in Cheshire she wants to look at. Danny pretends to be keen to keep her quiet. Shelley and Sunita realise that Liz must have been the gossip regarding Sunita's suspected pregnancy. Sunita makes dig at Liz, who's suitably embarrassed. Nick, Maria, Candice, Jason and Tyrone attend Leanne's birthday meal. Leanne spends all evening winding Maria up and driving a wedge between her and Nick. Audrey's excited about the unveiling of Alf's memorial fountain due to take place tomorrow evening at the The Town Hall. Deirdre tips off Emily, Blanche, Rita and Norris about the ceremony. Leanne's delighted when her plan works and Maria finally flips and storms out.moreless
  • Fri 2 July, 2004
    Fri 2 July, 2004
    Episode 133
    Danny gets a shock when Vera lets herself into No. 7 to start her cleaning job. Hayley's flattered when Leanne asks her to join them for a birthday drink. Leanne shows Candice a mucky birthday card she's received. She lies saying it's from Nick. Candice tells Maria who's furious. Nick denies he sent it. Audrey's incandescent when she sees a full page spread of Emily in the Gazette going on about her anti-memorial fountain campaign. Frankie fishes for information from Sunita and finds out she's not pregnant. Frankie's pleased. Later she tells Danny who's hugely relieved. Jack sells his exercise bike to Ernie Crabbe. Ernie tells him about the forthcoming inter-pub bowls competition. Leanne's delighted with the new mobile Janice has bought her. Hayley joins Leanne for birthday drinks and gets quite drunk. Nick finds out he's got the job in Nottingham. Gail's upset that he'll be moving away. Jack tries to get a bowls team together but none of the lads are interested. Hayley tells him of her bowling prowess during the eighties. Danny invites Vera to join them for a glass of wine at home. Vera's delighted. Emily suggests they have a sit-in at the council offices. Deirdre's worried she'll get into trouble for helping them. Danny tells Sunita he's pleased she's not pregnant. Sunita realises his information could only have come from Shelley and tells her she's a crap friend. Leanne vows to split up Nick and Maria for good.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jun, 2004
    Wed 30 Jun, 2004
    Episode 132
    Nick tells Maria he's up for promotion and might be offered the job of running the new Nottingham branch. Maria's not very keen. Danny confesses to Mike that he might have got Sunita pregnant. Sarah's hurt to discover Gail knew about Katy's secret too and didn't bother to tell her. Gail explains they just wanted to protect her. Katy's upset that Martin's chosen his family over her. Angela tries to comfort her. Frankie invites Vera round for a coffee realising she's a good source of gossip. Sunita does her pregnancy test which proves negative. Although she knows it's for the best she's quite upset as she would have liked a baby in some ways. Vera's impressed with Frankie's espresso maker and tells her she can borrow their exercise bike but Frankie's dismissive, saying exercise bikes are passe. Leanne slyly asks Nick about his new job. As Nick chats to her Maria enters and is furious to see them looking so cosy. Nick tries to placate her and Leanne's smug. Jack's astonished when Vera says she's getting rid of the exercise bike as they're passe. Vera proudly explains that she's got a new job as Frankie's housekeeper - £10 for a load of ironing and £5 per hour for cleaning. Jack's impressed. Danny goes to see Sunita. Mike covers for him telling Frankie he's gone to look at houses. Frankie's suspicious. Danny asks Sunita if she's pregnant with his baby and offers to pay for an abortion. Sunita's furious at his selfishness and decides to make him sweat by refusing to answer the question.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 2004 [Episode 3]
    Shelley comforts Sunita and offers to buy her a pregnancy tester. Martin and David return from Wales. Martin's pleased to have got his job back at he hospital. Chesney, in tears, tells Les how much he misses Cilla. The factory girls are fed up that they've got to wear hair nets. They blame Karen for it as she was lippy with Frankie. Emily, Rita, Norris, Blanche and Betty agree to hold a demonstration to make the council sit up and listen. Martin intends to patch things up with Katy. He comes clean with Sarah telling her how Katy knew long ago about Todd and Karl. Sarah's very angry. Martin tells disappointed Katy that there's no future for them. Shelley's telling Charlie about Sunita's suspected pregnancy when Liz overhears. Liz reports back to Frankie. Janice relents and agrees to move back in with Les and allow Chesney to see Cilla sometimes. Sunita admits to Shelley that she's always wanted children but not like this. Furious Frankie tells Danny that Sunita's pregnant. Danny feigns indifference, insisting he never had sex with her, but quietly he's in turmoil.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Dev notices that Sunita seems worried and preoccupied but when he questions her she refuses to be drawn. Les desperately wants Janice back but she refuses to continue their relationship until he's properly got shut of Cilla. Frankie clocks how good-looking Karen is and mentions to Danny that the girls should wear hair nets for health and safety reasons. Danny takes Frankie to Roy's Rolls for lunch. When Frankie leaves a £5 tip, Vera can't believe her luck and her opinion of Frankie soars. Cilla and Janice have a slanging match in the street. Fiz acts as referee. Frankie notices Danny chatting to Sunita and suspects Sunita was his conquest before she arrived in Weatherfield. Dev sees the consultant who tells he needs to have a colonoscopy. Blanche, Norris, Rita, Betty and Emily are appalled at the council tax rises and waste of public money and decide on a plan of campaign. Sunita confides in Shelley that she thinks she's pregnant with Danny's baby.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sally furious to find the garage flyers blowing all over the street. Rita apologises but points out she should have paid for a proper advert in the paper. Les brings Schmeichel the dog round to cheer Chesney up. Les explains to Chesney that Cilla's gone now and he's living with Janice instead. Chesney's disappointed. Karen's still furious with Steve and to get her own back goes on a shopping spree. She accuses Liz of purposely scuppering her birthday plans for Steve. Liz denies it. Kirk talks to Chesney, explaining that he's best off with Les who cares about him than his mum who's unreliable. Cilla reports Janice and Leanne for shoplifting. After a tussle with security and the police they are found innocent and allowed to go. Audrey's upset to learn that Emily, Rita and Blanche are campaigning against Alf's memorial fountain. Deirdre's worried when Emily asks her to be their inside mole on the Council. Cilla muscles her way into No. 5 on the pretext of wanting to see Chesney. As she leaves she makes a comment to Janice about Freshco's who realises the shop-lifting set-up was down to Cilla. Janice vows to pay her back.moreless
  • Sun 27 Jun, 2004
    Sun 27 Jun, 2004
    Episode 128
    It's Steve's 30th birthday and he insists he doesn't want to celebrate it. Karen's unimpressed when he opens a card which reads "To Daddy from Amy". Steve's amused when he sees the posters of himself as a baby dotted all over the street. Sally apologises for over-stepping the mark at the garage and suggests to Kevin they go out for a meal. Kevin's pleased. Rita realises she's forgotten to enclose Sally's garage flyers in with the papers so pays David £10 to deliver them by hand. David shoves them in a bin. Audrey's delighted to see her picture in the Gazette. Betty, Blanche and Emily are appalled the Council is spending £45k on fountain and vow to do something about it. Les tells Cilla in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want her any more, she must get out of the house and that he's back with Janice. Cilla turns on the charm but Les isn't taken in. Karen prepares Steve's birthday surprise, oysters and champagne. When he doesn't show up she storms round to the pub and is incensed to find him drinking with Liz. Kevin's hoping for a romantic evening and is furious when he gets called out on a breakdown and Sally insists the business must come first. Les, Kirk, Janice and Leanne let themselves into No. 7 and carry an unsuspecting Cilla in her chair, out on to the street and dump her there. Cilla's fuming, especially when a smiling Rita walks past and says "Goodnight, Cilla".moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Although pleased that Cilla's back, Chesney's angry that Cilla didn't bother to tell him where she was going. Cilla admits she's been at Uncle Ronnie's again. Proud Les tells everyone that he and Janice are back together. Liz calls to see Tracy and enjoys cooing over her granddaughter Amy. Sally pulls the pornographic calendar off the garage wall and replaces it with "motto of the day". Tommy and Tyrone are sick of her interference. Audrey proudly tells Betty she's been for a photo-shoot at the Town Hall as they're doing an article on Alf's fountain. Betty thinks it's a waste of public money. Les, Fiz and Janice are shocked to find Cilla in No. 5. Cilla makes it clear she wants to move back in but Les tells her to get lost, explaining he's back with Janice. Cilla's put out but refuses to leave. Karen asks Dev to put up some posters advertising the fact it's Steve's 30th birthday tomorrow. Maya sarcastically thanks Sunita for being such a good friend to Dev and tells her to keep her nose out in future. Cilla and Janice continue to insult each other. Cilla still refuses to leave so Janice and Les are forced to go back to Janice's flat. Cilla thinks she's won the first round.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Janice asks Leanne to nick some fags for her from the Kabin. Leanne refuses so she asks Les to get her some instead. Sally hands out name badges at the garage plus £50 to Tyrone and a baseball cap with a gold star on it signifying he's "Employee of the Month". Tyrone's delighted. Karen's fuming about Liz's return, convinced she's trying to get closer to Amy. Audrey's delighted when she receives a letter from the Council saying they're going to be erecting the "Alf Roberts Memorial Fountain". As Sunita continues to nurse Dev, she confesses to Shelley that she still loves him. Dev's over the moon when Maya returns. She apologises for disappearing, explaining she was shocked at his news but promising to stand by him from now on. Tyrone's busy spending his £50 in the pub when Sally storms in, rips the cap off his head and demands he gets back to work. Tyrone's dejected. Sunita's devastated to find Dev and Maya are back together. Frankie and Danny are bemused when Les turns up at Underworld dressed in Leanne's waitress outfit bearing fags for Janice. She tells him where to go. Les is blaming Leanne for her stupid idea when Janice changes her mind and to his delight, announces they're back together. Chesney's surprised to find Cilla waiting at the school gates for him.moreless
  • Sun 20 Jun, 2004
    Sun 20 Jun, 2004
    Episode 125
    Sunita pours her heart out to Shelley about Dev's possible cancer. With Fred away in Brighton, Shelley's short-staffed. In desperation she agrees to take Leanne on behind the bar. Leanne's delighted. Dev finally tells Maya about his test results. He's relieved when Maya asserts she still wants to marry him and will stick by him whatever the outcome. Fred returns from Brighton bringing Liz with him. He's promised her a bar job and a room in the Rovers. He sacks Leanne. Shelley's livid. Rita offers Leanne a job in the Kabin covering for Norris's holiday. Leanne accepts. Sunita admits to Maya she already knew about Dev's illness. Rita gets Charlie to take a look at the stockroom. She's relieved to discover that the "ghost" is nothing more than damp causing the shelves to bulge. Jack's fed up with the exercise bike and persuades Tyrone to some pedalling for him in exchange for payment. Karen's furious to find Liz behind the Rovers' bar. Liz enjoys telling her that she's back for good. Dev's shocked to find a note from Maya saying she can't hack it after all. Upset Dev confides in Sunita that Maya's gone. Sunita comforts him, promising she'll always be there for him.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jun, 2004
    Wed 16 Jun, 2004
    Episode 124
    Shelley and Charlie are in a good mood after a night of passion. Dev finds out that not all his medical results had come through. He's devastated to learn he has suspected bowel cancer. He can't bring himself to tell Maya. Vera explains her exercise bike plan to Jack. She wants him to pretend to ride to Cleethorpes and back. Under pressure Jack agrees to try. Both Tracy and Roy receive their Decree Absolute, they're now divorced. Norris arranges a séance in the Kabin to exorcise the ghost of Vera Lomax. He enlists the help of Rita, Betty and Blanche. Dev confides in Sunita about his possible cancer. Sunita comforts him. Hayley's delighted when Roy surprises her with a candlelit dinner to celebrate his divorce from Tracy. The seance takes place, the candles flicker and a box leaps off the top shelf. Norris runs from the room and even sceptical Rita is unnerved. Dev tries to find the right moment to tell Maya about his possible illness, but is thwarted by her happy news that she's got a new job. The true gravity of Dev's news sinks in and Sunita collapses in floods of tears.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jun, 2004
    Mon 14 Jun, 2004
    Episode 123
    Bev again tries to persuade Shelley that she's telling the truth about Charlie but to no avail. Maria tells Nick that he must stay away from Leanne. Nick assures her he will. Shelley apologises to Charlie for ever doubting him and explains that she's throwing Bev out. Charlie's relieved although quietly guilty. Norris is totally convinced that the ghost of Vera Lomax is lurking in the stockroom when a box falls on his head and the kettle fuses. He tells Rita that they need to call in an exorcist. Bev pleads with Charlie to tell Shelley the truth but he refuses. Scheming Leanne apologises to Nick for her behaviour in the pub, saying she'd like them to be friends. Nick reluctantly agrees. Sunita's shocked and hurt when Shelley tells her how Bev slept with Ciaran whilst they were engaged. Upset Bev confides in Deirdre explaining how she's ruined everything with Shelley. Ciaran tries to apologise to Sunita for sleeping with Bev but Sunita gives him short shrift. Jack's unimpressed when Vera buys him a second-hand exercise bike. Dev gets the results of his medical which give him a clean bill of health. Tearful Bev gets her cases and leaves in a taxi as Shelley and Charlie watch her go. Shelley's upset whilst Charlie's smug.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jun, 2004 [Episode 2]
    As Bev explains to Shelley that she slept with Charlie, Shelley is disbelieving. Shelley asks Charlie for his version of events and he categorically denies it. Leanne calls in the Salon and gets her hair done by Maria. Maria unwittingly tells Leanne all about Nick's ex-wife, calling her a common tart. Steve apologises to Eileen for not telling her about the house sale. Eileen's dejected but forgives him. Norris, Blanche, Emily and Rita play dominoes. Norris is intrigued to hear that Vera Lomax died in the Mission Hall on the site of the Kabin stockroom. He's convinced it's Vera Lomax's ghost that's trying to contact him. Rita despairs. Maria buys Leanne a drink, unaware she's Nick's ex. When Nick turns up he's horrified to find Leanne there. A fight breaks out between Leanne and Maria. Vitriolic Leanne accuses Nick of forcing her to have an abortion and throws her drink all over him. Having had time to consider, Shelley tells Bev she doesn't believe a word she says, that she believes Charlie. Shelley throws Bev out telling her to pack her bags. Bev's devastated.moreless
  • Fri 11 Jun, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Bev's hungover and hating herself for sleeping with Charlie. Charlie phones and they agree to keep it quiet from Shelley. Upbeat Shelley announces that she's going to take Charlie out for dinner by way of an apology for cancelling him last night. Bev's guilt-ridden. Vera tells Dev that she won't be using his shop any more if he continues to employ gay people - i.e. Todd. Norris drives Rita mad as he's convinced that there's a ghost in the stockroom of the Kabin. Todd goes back to work at the shop but Dev insists he must have a couple of weeks off compassionate leave. Eileen's shocked when a surveyor calls at the house and she finds out that Steve has sold No.11 to Beaumont Estates without even telling her. She tells Steve what she thinks of him and he guiltily assures her that she won't have to move as she's a sitting tenant. Leanne's intrigued when she spots her ex-husband, Nick with Maria, the girl who did the dirty on Toyah. Leanne decides to stick around. Bev can no longer contain her guilt and confesses to Shelley that last night she slept with Charlie.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jun, 2004
    Wed 9 Jun, 2004
    Episode 120
    Leanne's spent the night on Les's sofa and is bemused to find Kirk and Chesney in the house watching her when she wakes up on the sofa. Les explains that they live there too. Sunita invites Shelley to the opening night of a new restaurant. Shelley agrees to go and promises to cancel her date with Charlie. Martin arranges to take David on a fishing trip to Wales. Janice is delighted to see Leanne back in Weatherfield and offers her a bed in her flat rather than at Les's. Leanne gratefully accepts. Shelley tells Charlie that she's going out with Sunita tonight instead of him. Charlie's fed-up insisting that she goes out with him or their finished. Todd calls at the Platts to deliver a birthday present to Bethany but Sarah tells him to keep it, asserting that he's never to come near her nor Bethany ever again. Charlie's gutted to find that Shelley's stuck to her word and gone out with Sunita. He and Bev proceed to get drunk together and Bev asks him to stay behind. The factory girls are intrigued to find out that Frankie is Danny's wife. Shelley goes back to Sunita's for a coffee meanwhile Bev leads Charlie upstairs at the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Baby Bill's funeral takes place. Todd's at home going demented at not being able to say a proper goodbye to his son. Les pulls a fast one on Kirk and leaves him baby-sitting Chesney while he goes to Patrick's birthday do. Shelley tells Charlie that the date Bev keeps going on about is imaginary. Danny uses his persuasive charm on Frankie to get her to move up North. Eileen's horrified to find Todd's gone to the funeral while her back was turned. She and Jason quickly follow him. Patrick and Les are in their element, getting drunk in a lap-dancing club. But Les is horrified when he later discovers one of the dancers is Leanne. When Leanne gets the sack she blames Patrick. Sarah, Gail and the rest of the mourners say their goodbyes to Billy. Todd arrives at the graveside. David's furious and accuses him of being the cause of the baby's death. Martin hauls David away. Todd, Eileen and Jason are left on their own to say a private goodbye to Todd's son.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Gail's worried when Sarah refuses to attend baby Billy's funeral. Frankie's still suspicious about Sunita but aware that she's just had an affair with Danny's best friend and business partner, decides to let it go. Eileen suggests that Todd should visit the grave later when the Platts have gone, to avoid a scene. Janice and Les take Chesney out for the day but he's travel sick so they return home. Les tries it on with Janice and asks her to move in. Janice chokes on a chip. Sunita and Bev are shocked to find out that Danny has a wife. Deirdre and Ken are less than pleased to find out Tracy's back and is moving back in with them because Blanche has rented No. 7 out. Hayley talks to Sarah and compares Billy's death to Princess Diana's. Sarah feels comforted and to Gail's relief agrees to attend the funeral. Frankie calls to see Danny in the factory, the girls wonder who she is. Danny says if she wants to make another go of it then she and the kids have to move up to Weatherfield. Everyone watches in silence as the funeral cortege leaves the Platts.moreless
  • Sun 6 Jun, 2004
    Sun 6 Jun, 2004
    Episode 117
    Sally gives Rita the leaflets advertising the garage and asks her to enclose one with each newspaper. She then asks Audrey to find out at the funeral where Archie gets his hearses serviced. Neither women can believe Sally's insensitivity. Katy finds out from Martin that he beat up Karl. She offers to try and persuade Karl not to press charges but Martin tells her to keep out of it. Tommy's fed up with Sally's interference and mocks the name "Webster's Auto Centre". Shelley's shocked when gleeful Sunita confesses to having slept with Danny on the first date. Tommy and Tyrone refuse to do a 24-hour call out unless they're paid extra. Sally tells Kevin he'll have to do it to save them paying out wages. Sunita's delighted when Danny invites her out again. She suggests they have a night in and promises to bring a pizza. Maria feels sorry for Todd and tells Eileen when the baby's funeral is. Katy, desperate to make amends, tells Martin she's had a word with Karl who's promised to forget what happened. Martin tells her it's too late as he's been suspended from his job. Tracy arrives back and is put out to find Danny in her house. As he tries to explain that he's renting it from Blanche, Danny's shocked when his wife Frankie arrives. Frankie assumes Tracy's his bit on the side. When Sunita arrives with a pizza Danny thrusts £20 at her and pretends she's the pizza delivery girl. Sunita's furious whilst Tracy finds the whole thing very funny.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jun, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Kevin, Tommy and Tyrone are fed up with Sally for taking on so much work at the garage, they all have to work late. Sarah refuses to think about the baby's funeral and instead focuses on Bethany's forthcoming birthday. Todd continues to blame himself for the baby's death. Dev's annoyed when a clown called Boffo continually calls him Dave. Maya tells Dev she's naked under her coat. Dev can barely control himself. Bev and Sonia are jealous when Danny takes Sunita out for dinner. Danny regales her with amusing stories about his family. Patrick spills a drink down Maya's coat. He tries to remove her coat but Maya slaps him and he realises she's naked underneath. Sally shows Kevin the flyers she's had made for the garage and points out that the apostrophe is in the wrong place. Sunita invites Danny back for coffee. Martin's incensed when Karl visits Sarah. He blames Karl for ruining Sarah's life and killing the baby. Martin loses control and beats up Karl, leaving him bleeding in the hospital corridor.moreless
  • Fri 4 Jun, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sarah's distraught at losing the baby. Gail and Audrey try to comfort her. Eileen and Jason try to support Todd who's grief-stricken as he never even saw his own son alive. The factory girls give Danny some lip but Karen takes it too far and gets a rollicking. Sarah registers the baby's birth as Platt but insists Todd registers the death. She refuses to give the baby a first name. Fred suggests Ashley should buy something gold to go on Claire's finger. Ashley buys her a canary! Danny agrees to rent No. 7 from Blanche for six months. Maya discover that Dev's forty and not thirty-nine as he led her to believe. She insists they both go for a health check. Dev's not happy. Sunita agrees to a date with Danny. Gail calls to see Todd and to appease her own guilt gives him a photo of his baby. Desperate to make-up with Martin, Katy gives him a joke birthday card which says "Happy Birthday Grandad". She's mortified when furious Martin tells her the baby died and says he never wants to see her again.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jun, 2004
    Wed 2 Jun, 2004
    Episode 114
    Todd's delighted at the birth of his baby but upset that they won't let him see him without Sarah's permission. Sally's determined to turn the garage into a gold mine and suggests various improvements they could make. Kevin's fed up with her interfering. Mike's impressed that Danny's got the girls eating out of his hand. Blanche is convinced that Tracy's going to stay in Portsmouth and as she doesn't want to live alone she moves back into No. 1 with Ken and Deirdre. Todd visits Sarah in hospital but she screams at him to go away and security hustle him out. Todd's broken hearted and desperate to see baby Billy. Sonia and Bev try to chat up Danny but he's only interested in Sunita. The baby's condition worsens. Audrey phones Todd and tells him to come immediately. Todd arrives at the hospital excited at the prospect of seeing his baby. He's shocked when he sees Sarah crying over the incubator. Audrey explains that the baby has died. Todd's devastated.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 2004 [Episode 3]
    Gail flies at Todd blaming him for Sarah's condition. Audrey pulls her off and calms her down. Martin answers the door to Nick who tells him what's happened to Sarah. Martin's furious to find that Katy switched his mobile off and orders her to get out. Katy's devastated. Steve's sold No. 11. Karen's delighted but Steve's worried about telling Eileen. Danny offers to buy the girls drinks in the Rovers to thank them for all their hard work. Tommy's furious when Katy arrives back home in tears saying Martin's thrown her out again. Martin rushes to the hospital where he tries to comfort Gail. Audrey vents her spleen on Todd when she finds him being comforted by Karl. Shelley tells Charlie she wants them to try again. Charlie's pleased. The factory alarm goes off and Tommy grabs the intruder only to find out that it's Danny, Angela's new boss. Danny's amused. Gail and Martin are told that Sarah's stable after her operation but the baby's moving to intensive care.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Sarah is taken to hospital in a taxi with Eileen. Todd pours his heart out to Sunita and is grateful that she's still his friend. Danny chats up Sunita. Sunita finds him attractive. Viv the social worker calls to see Fiz, Les and Chesney. They're delighted when she says that Chesney can continue to live with them for the time being. Gail arrives at the hospital and is told that Sarah's suffering from internal bleeding. A repo man from Danny's last company turns up to take his car away. Danny has to hand over the keys as the factory girls watch on. Eileen blames Karl for causing Todd so much heartache. Karl's surprised to learn that Todd's come out but denies that it's his fault. Katy pleads with Martin to give her another chance. He relents and as they kiss Katy switches off his mobile so they won't be interrupted. Danny thanks the girls for working so hard and making the deadline but points out that he was just testing them and now expects this level of hard work all the time. Gail's furious when Todd arrives at the hospital wanting to know how Sarah is. The obstetrician tells Gail, Eileen and Todd that Sarah and the baby's life are at risk and she needs an emergency caesarean.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tommy's delighted to have Katy back home and fusses round her. Deirdre and Blanche see Tracy off to Portsmouth. Mike's nephew, Danny arrives on the street. Mike signs over half of Underworld to Danny and introduces him to the girls as their new boss. Sarah goes back to work at the cafe. Todd orders a breakfast but is embarrassed when Vera refuses to serve him. The factory girls fancy Danny and they instantly warm to him. He nicknames Janice "Lippy" and Karen "Bolshie". Danny gets the girls to work at double speed as he's promised a client they would finish his order that afternoon. Fiz gets a visit from Viv the social worker. Fiz impresses her with the rotas she's drawn up for collecting Chesney from school etc. However it all goes wrong when Chesney arrives back from school saying it's half-term and school is shut. Danny reverses his car into Les's taxi. Les threatens him and Danny punches Les. Feeling guilty, Danny then takes him for a drink. Katy pleads with Martin to take her back but Martin's won't be swayed. Sarah doubles over in pain in the café. Roy declares they must get her to hospital.moreless
  • Sun 30 May, 2004
    Sun 30 May, 2004
    Episode 110
    Todd's fretting about never seeing his baby or Bethany. Fiz finds out about the visit from the social worker and blames herself for not being there and taking better care of Chesney. Steve tells Karen that he's got someone interested in buying Eileen's house. Karen's delighted but Steve feels guilty and doesn't know how he's going to tell Eileen. Fiz gets a call from Viv the social worker. She's terrified they're going to try and take Chesney away. Les blames Norris for shopping them to Social Services. Norris denies it but Les refuses to listen. Tracy announces that she and Amy are going to stay with Peter in Portsmouth for a few weeks. Katy confesses to Martin that she knew that Todd was gay and was having a relationship with Karl long ago. Martin's furious and a row ensues. Childish Katy can't understand why he's so angry and storms out. Martin realises this is the end of their relationship.moreless
  • Fri 28 May, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fiz and Janice explain to Chesney that if he doesn't go to school the Social Worker will put him back in care. Sarah goes to see the Vicar to cancel her wedding. She pours her heart out to him, but when he suggests she should try and forgive Todd she becomes angry. Les and Chesney, who's playing truant again are watching TV when Viv Wright the social worker calls round. She's concerned that Cilla has gone and says she'll have to look into Chesney's case. Jason turns up to collect his stuff. Todd pleads with him to hear his side of the story. Eventually Jason relents. Chesney pleads with Les not to let Social Services take him away. Les promises to protect him. Sarah calls round to Todd's with Bethany. She vitriolic and shouts at Todd for all the hurt he's caused her. She tells Todd that she will never let him see either Bethany or his baby. Todd's gutted. Todd cries his eyes out and Jason gradually softens and holds his brother close.moreless
  • Fri 28 May, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Eileen tells Jason that they should support Todd but he refuses to listen. At the cab office, Eileen unburdens herself to Steve. Audrey tries to re-assure Sarah that she will love the baby when it is born, even if the relationship was a sick joke. Later Martin and Gail help Sarah clear the flat as she is moving home. Todd appears but Martin throws him out. Fred admits that he was wrong to Claire and Ashley. Later in the Rovers Fred apologises and thanks Harry for his help as Inspector Flagg. Fred asks for it to be kept secret. Fred then upbraids Mike for introducing Dennis and Stacy to him. Mike admits that he helped him get into the golf club. Les is trying to ensure that Chesney goes to school. Schmeichel is off to the kennels to live. Fiz and Kirk take him there and Chesney is told that it is for his own good. At the market Fred and "Inspector Flagg, with friends in CID" meet Dennis - they are all looking for Stacy. Fred is out of pocket for several thousand pounds and it appears that Stacy has fled the country. Fred is tempted to go to the police but they get a few hundred pounds compensation from Dennis. Fred will be telling the golf club chairman - either he hands in his resignation or Fred will go to the police. Eileen and Todd clear the flat out. When they wander up the Street with several boxes they meet Jason who says that Todd always gets what he wants and if Todd is moving back then he is moving out.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 2004 [Episode 3]
    Gail's furious with Nick for not telling her his suspicions about Todd. Eileen overhears Les and Patrick slagging off Todd, calling him a pansy. Todd's upset that Jason's avoiding him. Ashley and Claire set Fred up and take him to the market where Orchid works. Fred's devastated when he realises that she and Dennis were ripping him off, that her real name is Stacy and she's never even been to Thailand. Sarah's grateful when Katy calls Katy's guilty as she knew about Todd and Karl long before Sarah but keeps schtum. Norris and Emily tell Les that Chesney's been playing truant. Chesney explains that he didn't want Schmeichel to be lonely. Les says the dog will have to go. Chesney's heartbroken. Sally declares that the garage is over-staffed and under-performing and changes will have to be made. Sarah's shocked when Gail suggests she should have an HIV test. Todd tries to talk to Sarah but she pushes him away. Nick, protective of Sarah, punches Todd who punches him back. Jason wades in and punches Nick but then calls Todd a queer saying he wants nothing more to do with him. Todd's humiliated.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fred's delighted when Orchid turns up. Ashley apologises to her and Fred's pleased. Sarah returns home to Gail and sobbing, tells Gail what's happened. Gail tries to comfort her but is horrified to learn that Eileen already knew. Sarah's inconsolable and tries to stop Gail from storming round to see Eileen but she's determined. Todd turns up at Eileen's and pours his heart out. Harry tells Ashley and Claire that Orchid is really a market seller from Levenshulme. Fred proposes to Orchid who accepts. Fred's delighted. Gail marches round to Eileen's and bangs on the door. Todd's distraught. Sally's determined that Rosie's going to Oakhill and knowing it'll be expensive declares she's going to take a look at the garage books. Gail and Eileen have a slanging match on the street which results in a fight. Todd has to pull them apart. Jason's shocked to find out that Todd is gay.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 2004 [Episode 1]
    As Todd's news that he's gay sinks in, Sarah's in a state of shock. Todd confesses to his affair with Karl and Sarah becomes angry. Fred's worried that Ashley has upset Orchid. Emily's impressed when Norris talks to Chesney's dog over the wall and manages to quieten him down. Sally tells Rita how she dreamt that Rosie was the youngest person from Weatherfield to attend Oxford University. Sally decides that Rosie is going to private school to fulfil her potential. She gets the literature on Oakhill School. Kevin's opposed to the idea. Dennis persuades Fred that he should buy Orchid some expensive jewellery. Harry becomes suspicious. Dennis and Orchid gloat over how they're taking Fred for a ride. Harry overhears. Sarah packs her things and leaves with Bethany. Todd breaks down and sobs his heart out.moreless
  • Sun 23 May, 2004
    Sun 23 May, 2004
    Episode 104
    Sarah is surprised when Todd has to leave the house. Claire suggests that Ashley lay off Fred for a while. Ashley tells Fred the problem is because they don't know Orchid. Todd goes to see Karl and says that he has been thinking about him. Shelley tries to find out who Bev has been out with. Bev won't say, she doesn't need Shelley's approval. Todd is confused about Karl and Sarah. Karl tells him it is down to him but suggests that he think that he marries Sarah but continues to see Karl. Hayley and Roy take Amy out for the day. Blanche is not happy with Tracy for this. Ashley and Claire cook for Fred and Orchid. Gail and Audrey ponder Sarah's wedding. Sarah tells them that Todd will be back for dinner. Karl won't be shared with Sarah, he won't be second prize. He tells Todd to leave. Audrey announces with Gail that they will pay for a nice wedding. They decide to look at a church. Ken and Deirdre think that they spotted Bev at the cinema last night - Bev says they were mistaken. Charlie arrives and asks Shelley out. Ciaran will cover for her. Deirdre confirms to Shelley the sighting of Bev. Ashley asks Orchid what she is doing here. Fred is annoyed with him. Todd is not enthusiastic about the church. Gail and Audrey chat to the vicar. Fred and Ashley exchange angry words over Orchid who is now upset. Shelley and Betty know that Bev didn't meet anybody. Shelley wants to chat with Bev and tells Charlie this. Just as Blanche starts to get worried over Hayley, Roy and Amy, they arrive safe and sound. Todd, in desperation, tells Sarah that he does not want to marry her because he is gay.moreless
  • Fri 21 May, 2004
    Fri 21 May, 2004
    Episode 103
    Ashley tells Fred that Orchid was after his money. Fred is off his food and Claire thinks he may be in love. Betty and Harry think that Shelley has stayed the night with Charlie. They try to cover up for her but Ciaran tells Bev who says she couldn't care less. Charlie offers to make toast for Shelley. They decide to spend the day together. Martin wants a private word with Todd. Gail and Sarah leave them to chat. Ashley is worried that Fred may propose to Orchid as he has done it many times before. Martin tells Todd that he is willing to help with the baby financially. Todd is relieved. Fred meets Dennis and is distraught about Orchid. Fred suggests sending money over to her in Thailand. A fee of £5000 is agreed. Sarah scolds Todd for not taking Martin's money but then understands why. Fred goes to Elliots's Butchers to pick up his cheque book. This duly worries Ashley. Fred says it has nothing to do with him. In the salon, Tim arrives with his Tropical Sunrise that he had agreed to sell. He tells Candice that he is sorry and that his marriage is over. He says that the hardest part is losing Candice. Claire tells Fred that she is worried about him too. Todd tells Jason that he has been to antenatal class with Sarah. Jason says that Todd's life is now over. Todd says this is what he wants. Candice pours a bottle of Tim's shampoo over him. Ciaran and Harry question Fred about Orchid. Ciaran suggests that Fred may have bought her off the internet. Fred is not happy about this. Shelley tries to talk to Bev but she is not really interested. Audrey tells Candice that she was proud of her. Candice announces that she is only going to go for decent blokes from now on. Fred gives Orchid a cheque for £5000 but she gives it him back. Karl wants to go for a drink with Todd after work, Todd refuses. Charlie and Shelley go for a drink and talk about Bev and her date. Orchid now accepts the money from Fred.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 2004
    Wed 19 May, 2004
    Episode 102
    Ashley questions Fred about Orchid and how much it is costing him. He says Fred will get hurt and asks him to be careful. Orchid is working on a market stall, seemingly her normal job, and Dennis suggests they get what they can off Fred. Sunita says that what Bev did to Shelley was awful and that she needs to speak to Charlie. Shelley is not going to chase after him though. Deirdre tips Charlie off about giving Shelley flowers as an apology. Bev says to Shelley that she won't let Charlie mess her about but Shelley thinks it's because he dumped her. Fred is courting Orchid. He gives her a diamond brooch as a gift. Tim arrives at the salon for Candice only to find that Emma Marsden, his wife, has followed him. She demands to know who is seducing her husband. Charlie asks Shelley to join him for a meal for two that night. Shelley isn't sure. Emma Marsden causes a scene and thinks that somebody is taking advantage of Tim. Candice comes clean. Tim is not wearing his ring and it all becomes clear. Ashley questions Mike about Fred and Orchid. Fred tells Orchid that Ashley has been asking questions. Bev tells Shelley that she is making a big mistake with Charlie. Fred admits that he is lonely and that Orchid is filling a big hole for him. Shelley meets up with Charlie but is still a little unsure about him. Candice tells Audrey that she thought her and Tim had a future together. Audrey says that she should shop around a little before settling with one man. Shelley is glad that she and Charlie have got things sorted out. Fred and Orchid go back to The Rovers. Fred's phone goes and it is for Orchid. It's Dennis Stokes pretending to be from Thailand. Orchid explains that her father is ill and she needs to go back to Thailand. Fred is distraught.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fred and Orchid take a taxi back to Coronation Street. Shelley is in the Rovers having been stood up by Charlie. Jason tells her that he is working late. Patrick announces in the Rovers that Fred has got a new girlfriend. Fred takes Orchid to meet Ashley, Claire and Joshua. Ashley is taken aback and fears the worst. Maria and Fiz arrive home to find Candice and Tim upstairs. Maria finds a wedding ring in his jacket pocket. Fred introduces Orchid to The Rovers and a hush descends. Harry asks whether he can cope or not. Kirk begins to pick up on her Lancashire accent. At parents evening, most teachers say that Rosie could do better but Mr Cotton says she is the best in class at maths. Sally thinks that this could be a career for her. Audrey and Mike both warn Fred about his impulses. Charlie turns up at The Rovers two and a half hours late. He tries to explain to Shelley that he worked late but left messages. Shelley asks him to leave the pub and he is barred. Ashley is convinced that Orchid is only after Fred's money. Fred and Orchid enjoy hotpot together. She asks about his business interests. Fred explains that he likes sharing things. Tim is in The Rovers with Candice and offers to buy Audrey, Fiz and Maria a drink. It becomes frosty so Maria tells Candice that he is married. Tim explains why he has the ring - it's his brothers. Candice and Tim leave, feeling angry. Sally and Kevin are pleased about Rosie but Sally suggests that the school is not good enough for her. Orchid explains to Fred that she is going to stay at a friends house in East Didsbury. Candice asks for an apology from Maria and Fiz and says they are both jealous. Audrey predicts rows in the salon the next day. Betty tells Shelley that Charlie did phone but that Bev didn't pass the messages on. Shelley wants to confront Bev on this but is advised to speak to Charlie first. Fred takes Orchid to where she is staying by taxi and they agree to meet up at 6pm the following day. Orchid meets up with Dennis and says that the plan is going well. Fred goes home to dream about Orchid.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Shelley reminds Bev that she is going out on a date with Charlie that night. Bev becomes slightly cautious but Shelley thinks that she is just being over-protective. Ashley catches Fred eating a full English breakfast and asks whether his fitness drive is over or not. Ashley is worried but Fred explains that you can't change who you are. Sophie is plotting with Rosie to stop Sally going swimming her and Rosie doesn't want her to go to parents evening either. They ask Kevin to help but he says that she is only doing it because she cares. Claire, Fiz and Candice are getting ready to go out but Claire is more concerned with sorting out domestic tasks and decides that there should be a draw to see who does what. Candice draws washing up and tries to get out of it but can't. Shelly explains to Sunita that she is in two minds about Charlie. Sunita reassures her and Shelley is pleased by this and decides that she should go to the salon. Ashley tells Claire that he suspects that something is seriously wrong with Fred and this upsets Claire. Shelley books an appointment at the salon. Audrey is happy that love is in the air and then asks Candice about Tim. Maria wishes she could make her see sense about him. Betty questions Fred over his fitness and asks if he has given up looking for a young lady. Fred storms out of the pub. Rosie buys Kevin a bacon barm but Kevin realises that she is trying to bribe him into not going to parents evening. Harry catches up with Fred and Fred pulls out a photo of Orchid. He says he is meeting her tonight this is why he has been trying to keep fit. Harry says that Fred is a good man and that everything will be fine. Candice, Audrey and Maria question Shelley about her date and Blanche loses patience with them all at the salon. Audrey then has an idea about Tim. Ashley is still worried about Fred, who is now showered and wearing his suit, and thinks that he is ill. Fred says not to worry. Charlie tries to get Jason to tell Shelley why he can't make the date. Audrey has info on Tim and Blanche claims that Charlie is only after one thing with Shelley. Tim arrives at Candices'. He says that he is not seeing anybody else but is instead working hard for their future. Shelley is beginning to feel stood up by Charlie. Dennis and Orchid at the airport discuss their plan for Fred. Fred meets Orchid for the first time.moreless
  • Sun 16 May, 2004
    Sun 16 May, 2004
    Episode 99
    A furious Claire returns from Ashley's to find Fiz and Kirk emerging from her bedroom and the flat in a complete tip. Todd guiltily breaks down in tears as Sarah asks if she has upset him. He assures her he is just overwhelmed with the baby, wedding etc, Sarah comforts him. Dennis and Orchid plan her first meeting with Fred. Candice and Fiz are delighted to come home to a clean flat but that soon changes to fury as they realise that Claire has dumped all the dirty dishes and rubbish in their beds. A row blazes erupts between them resulting in Claire threatening to leave if they don't change their ways. Karl sadly tells Katy that it is all over between him and Todd as he chooses Sarah over him. Dennis shows Fred photos of the woman that have replied to his advertisement on the Internet. He is delighted and instantly falls for Orchid. Dennis wangles a cheque from Fred for a thousand pounds to arrange travel for Orchid. Shelley and Charlie flirt in the Rovers much to the interest of other punters. They plan to go for a meal that night. A desperate Todd avoids Sarah and hides out at Eileen's. He wants her to decide what he should do but she knows he needs to make that decision himself. Betty overhears a telephone conversation between Charlie and Bev. Charlie asks Bev to pass on a message to Shelley cancelling their date and his apologies. Janice assures Fiz that her night with Les was a one off. Shelley excitedly tells Sunita about her date with Charlie. Bev guiltily looks on but does not pass on the message. Claire attempts to reassure Ashley that Fred is just trying to get fit and is not ill, he is still not convinced. Dennis tells Fred at the Rovers that it is all arranged and Orchid will be travelling over from Thailand in a few days. Betty thinks it is ridiculous but Fred is too excited to care.moreless
  • Fri 14 May, 2004
    Fri 14 May, 2004
    Episode 98
    Audrey goes round to see Sarah and Todd and offers them a hand with paying for the wedding as she wants them to have a special day. Sarah is delighted. Janice sneaks out of Les' after their night of passion, much to Kirk's surprise. Claire is planning a fancy meal for Ashley but Fiz believes it is for her. Claire is getting increasing fed up of living in the flat and being the only one to clear up. Kevin has a go at Sally for neglecting Sophie as she complains that Sophie went to Tyrone for help with her spelling instead of her own mother. Ashley continues to worry about Fred's health as he goes out jogging. Rita gives Chesney some crisps in the Cabin, when he drops then Norris accuses him of stealing them, but Rita jumps to his defence. Sally apologises to Kevin for her recent behaviour. Desperate to be a good mother he offers to help at Sophies school with swimming lessons, Sophie is horrified. Les boats to Ciaran about his way with the ladies. Kirk and Fiz tease him and Janice about the night before much to their dismay. Sarah asks Candice and Katy to be bridesmaids and encourages Todd to ask Karl to be his best man. Fiz, Kirk and Chesney are disappointed when they realise that Claire has no intention cooking for them and she is going to stay at Ashleys for the night. After a take away, Chesney goes to sleep in Fiz's bed so Kirk and Fiz head to Claire's room. Karl tells Todd that he is sick of coming in second to Sarah, he wants Todd all to himself. This prompts him to give Todd an ultimatum, Sarah or him. Todd unhappily chooses Sarah when he runs out of the flat.moreless
  • Wed 12 May, 2004
    Wed 12 May, 2004
    Episode 97
    Sarah feels that something is not quite right between her and Todd. Les excitedly tells Kirk about his kiss the night before and asks Kirk to go out tonight so he has the place to himself. Karen and Fiz quiz Janice over what happened the night before. Todd is walking on eggshells at work petrified that Katy may have told Martin. Janice confesses to Karen about her kiss and Les, she thinks it was a mistake. So she makes arrangements with Les to go round that evening to tell him so. Les thinks he is on a promise and looks forward to the night ahead. Katy is still playing games and goes round to visit Sarah. She suggests that maybe instead of getting married Sarah and Todd should just continue living together as they are so young, but Sarah insists it's what Todd wants and they are the perfect family. Todd rushes home in the middle of this panicking that Katy may be telling all to Sarah. Les is dressed up and has cleaned the house for Janice, he gets rid of Chesney as Janice arrives. Sophie turns up at the garage asking for Kevin's help with a spelling test, he is too busy so Tyrone offers to help. Claire, Fiz and Candice plan a girl's night in but Kirk and Chesney turn up just in time to join them for some tea. Claire is annoyed when once again she has done all the cooking and is left with all the washing up. Todd convinces Katy to go for a drink so he can ensure she will keep her mouth shut. She is not giving him an easy time and claims she wouldn't treat a dog the way that he is treating Sarah. Katy gives him an ultimatum, tell Sarah or she will. Janice lets Les down gently and agrees to a drink as friends. After much vodka they end up kissing again.moreless
  • Mon 10 May, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Todd bundles Karl and his clothes into Bethany's room just as Sarah walks in. She is not feeling well and doesn't suspect a thing. As Todd attempts to hide their wine glasses Sarah heads for Bethany's room to get her a clean top. Todd panics and smashes a wine glass cutting his finger and drawing her away from Bethany's room. Fiz collects Chesney from Les's, he's staying with her for the night to enable Les to go out with Janice. Kirk is disappointed as hoped to get her all to himself. As Sarah eventually goes into her bedroom for a lie down, Karl makes a run for it, he only just makes it out the door without being caught. In the Rovers Les joins Janice for a drink. Karen and Angela bet over whether or not Les will manage to pull Janice. Katy pops round to Todd's to try and dig for information about Karl, and find out if he really did finish it. Todd gives nothing away but grows increasingly suspicious about Katy's behaviour. Steve gives Karen some good news about their financial situation, he isn't going to chuck Eileen out but he is selling her house as a business proposition. Fred goes jogging and arrived home hot and breathless, this broadening Ashley's fears. Claire, Kirk, Fiz and Chesney enjoy the evening at Fiz's watching a video and making pancakes. Candice is not amused. Todd asks Karl at work if Katy knows anything, Karl dismisses his worries and reassures him that she doesn't have a clue. Les buys Janice fish and chips, they share a brief kiss then Janice leaves an elated Les and heads for home. Mike is pleased to have the factory up and running again and celebrates in the rovers with Penny. She wants to continue drinking elsewhere and is disappointed when Mike refuses and leaves. Karl admits to Todd that Katy does know about them, Todd collapses in tears as he sees his life beginning to explode in front of him.moreless
  • Mon 10 May, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Karl phones Todd and is flustered when Sarah answers. Martin feels insecure with Katy and asks if she is annoyed with him leaving the party early, she assures him that everything is great between them, she's just worried about exams. Fred reminisces about being young with Claire and Ashley. Katy tries to find out if Sarah suspects anything, Sarah gushes about the wedding and plans that evening with her mum to shop for Bethany's dress. This answers Katy's question. The factory girls tease Janice about Les when he asks her for a drink in the rovers. Chesney truants from school and spends the day at Les' watching the TV with Schmeichel. Les comes home from work, thinking that Chesney has been to school he rewards him with some sweets. He puts Janice's photo back on the mantelpiece and excitedly gets ready for his date. Dennis goes to see Fred and collect a photo to post on the Internet. Fred is apprehensive about handing over the photo. Dennis suggests he starts exercising to lose weight. Karl is furious with Katy as suspects her of stirring things and hinting to Martin what's going on. She assures him that they are friends and she won't say a word. Karl decides that he can't take it anymore so finishes with Todd. Todd is devastated and demands and explanation as to his sudden change of feelings. Todd blurts out that he loves Karl and can't carry on without him, this helping change Karl's mind and decide to carry on with the affair. Ashley worries about Fred and his health, his fears grow when Betty and Shelley start acting suspiciously and Fred drinks water instead of beer. Dennis is revealed at a market speaking to a Manchester girl called Stacey, he asks if she is interested in taking another man for his money and hands her a photo of Fred. Emerging from bed, Karl has a shower and Todd gets out some wine. Sarah suddenly arrives home early. As they hear her walking up the stairs they look to each other in panic, Todd is terrified.moreless
  • Sun 9 May, 2004
    Sun 9 May, 2004
    Episode 94
    Katy has been worrying about what Karl implied the night before so arranges to meet him in the cafe to talk about it. Karl laughs it off insisting it was a joke and nothing is going on. Katy is still suspicious. Mike thanks the factory girls for their hard work and sticking with him. Girls are pleased to be back. Jack and Vera bicker in Roy's rolls about not appreciating each other. Maria announces her engagement to a shocked Claire and Candice. Todd and Sarah join Karl and Katy in the cafe, Katy looks for any signs of an affair between the boys but they seem innocent. Ashley goes to see Claire and apologise again for the night before. She forgives him as he admits he loves her more than he ever loved Maxine. Dennis Strokes helps Fred with an application for internet dating much to Shelly and Betty's amusement. Candice and Maria argue at the salon about Tim, Candice storms out. Mike gives Penny the brush off as he is too busy at work to se her, she is not impressed. Katy, Sarah, Todd and Karl are altogether at the Rovers having a drink. Katy is still feeling suspicious and cannot believe her eyes when Karl sneakily touches Todd as he brushes past to leave. Karl admits the affair but pleads with Katy not to tell anyone, especially Martin.moreless
  • Fri 7 May, 2004
    Fri 7 May, 2004
    Episode 93
    Chesney settles in at Les'. Nick delivers alcohol to the salon flat in preparation of the party. He gives Maria a cheap necklace as a present, she attempts to hide her disappointment. They begin to worry that not enough invites to the party have gone out. Vera and Jack argue about having cauliflower cheese for dinner and Jack makes a quick get away to the rovers for a hotpot. Fiz visits Chesney and is annoyed to find him cooking and cleaning for Les while he watches the TV. She worries about Les taking proper care of her brother. Mike gives the factory girls their jobs back and asks them to come in and quickly finish off an order for time and a half. He brings forward the ready date for the factory yet again for Charlie, who promises it will be complete. Maria is not impressed with her party as not many people turn up and those that do include Jack, Audrey and Martin. Karl gets drunk and spends the evening teasing Todd, as Todd ignores him and concentrates his attention on Sarah Karl gets increasingly jealous. Candice sleeps with Tim who then abruptly leaves. Jack is happy on the karaoke until Vera turns up shouting about his dinner but she ends up joining in the singing. Ashley calls Claire Max by mistake resulting in an argument. After shedding some tears she forgives him but doesn't want him to stay the night. Janice and Les celebrate their divorce being final. Janice is proud of him for taking care of Chesney. Steve decides to sell Eileen's house to pay off their debts. As the guests leave the party Karl lets it slip to Katy that Todd is the man in question. Nick proposes to Maria, she is delighted and says yes.moreless
  • Wed 5 May, 2004
    Wed 5 May, 2004
    Episode 92
    After spending the night at Rita's, she treats Chesney to a full english at the cafe. Fiz desperately tries to get in touch with Cilla but her mobile is switched off, she has no idea what to do with Chesney. Fred begins toying with the idea of getting a computer claiming it is for Joshua's benefit. Mike is desperate to get the factory finished a soon as possible to offers Charlie a large amount of cash to get extra help and finish it a week early. Rita goes round to Les' to try and convince him to take Chesney in. He is not keen on the idea and claims that Chesney is not his responsibility anymore. Todd breaks off arrangements with Karl and is upset when Karl announces he shall go out anyway and hopefully find himself somebody who is available. Ashley helps Claire move into her new flat and begins to worry when Candice arrives and brags about their party. Nick and Maria discuss the party in the rovers until Fred interrupts asking Nick for advice in buying computers. Les overhears Chesney telling Schmeichel that nobody wants them and they shall run away to London together, he is deeply moved and begins to consider their options. Dennis Strokes pays Fred another visit in the rovers and hints that he could help find Fred find a wife on the internet. Fred is seriously considering the idea. Katy invites Karl to Maria's party, he confesses that he is having an affair with a soon to be married man but refuses to divulge the man's identity. As the girls prepare for the party in the flat, Yvonne arrives wanting to talk to Claire. Claire dismisses her mum and orders to leave the flat. Les, Fiz and Kirk discuss Chesney in the Rovers when Les gets a call from Steve with a request to drive a taxi to London. Waiting for Les at the mini-cab office is a distraught Chesney. Les drives him round to number 5 and declares that this is his home from now on. A delighted Chesney runs off to the chippy to get them some tea leaving Les wondering if he has made the right decision.moreless
  • Mon 3 May, 2004
    Mon 3 May, 2004
    Episode 91
    Cilla keeps calm and states that Chesney is just making it up because she threatened his dog. She nevertheless manages to make it clear to Chesney that he'd better alter his story. Les asks the others to leave him and Cilla alone while they discuss the situation. Cilla smiles, thinking she's over the worst. Fred tells Dennis that he's a lucky man but he's still sharp with Mike. Tim phones Candice and says his plane has landed and he'll be round to see her tonight. Cilla tells Les that Ronnie is just a friend but he's not fooled and tells Cilla to pack her bags. Yvonne calls round on Ashley, saying that she's heard that Claire is moving in and she wants to "inspect the premises". She makes it clear that her attitude to Ashley hasn't changed. Fred learns out from Dennis how to find an Asian bride on the internet. Maria tells Audrey that she's hinted to Nick that she wants him to arrange something for her 21st birthday. Tim returns but he Candice quickly row when she won't sleep with him so he leaves again. Claire finds her mother still at Ashley's house. Yvonne tells them that their relationship will never work. Cilla leaves No. 5, blaming Chesney for what happened. The lad is distraught as she drives off in a taxi. The next day Chesney is blaming Fiz for what's happened. Fred gives Ashley the day off to sort himself and Claire out. Karen has bought an expensive pair of red boots, despite Steve's refusal. Candice persuades Nick to throw a party at their flat for Maria's 21st. Claire meets Yvonne for lunch and tells her that she's moving out of her mother's house. She walks out of the restaurant, meets Ashley and tells him that she is moving out of Yvonne's but she's not living with Ashley as she's not ready for that. Candice agrees that Claire can move in with them but Fiz is angry at not being consulted. Chesney overhears them rowing and sneaks out with Schmeichel. Rita meets Chesney in the street who tells her that they're running off to London. Rita takes the boy and his dog back to the shop, ostensibly for food for the journey but once there she rings up Fiz and says she will look after him and Schmeichel for the night.moreless
  • Sun 2 May, 2004
    Sun 2 May, 2004
    Episode 90
    Cilla's back from her "friend's" and Les is delighted. Fiz calls round with Chesney's washing but keeps quiet for his sake. Claire calls on Ashley and apologises for her mother's behaviour. Ashley's totally understanding, insisting that it's not her fault. Mike persuades Fred to have a round of golf with him. Fred agrees despite his misgivings. Kirk decides to tell Les the truth about Cilla. Fiz backs up the story. Chesney's frightened. But Les doesn't believe a word and thinks Fiz is simply jealous of their relationship. Fred and Mike bump into Dennis and his Thai wife Lily at the Golf Club. Dennis explains how he met Lily on the Internet. Fred is given food for thought. Candice is depressed when Tim postpones their date saying he's stuck at Gatwick. Maria tells her she's being led up the garden path but Candice leaps to Tim's defence. Les tells Cilla about Fiz's accusations concerning Ronnie. Cilla assures him it's just jealousy on Fiz's part. Ashley suggests to Claire that she should move in with him. Cilla and Fiz are rowing when Chesney steps in and confirms to Les that Cilla is playing away with Ronnie. Les is devastated.moreless
  • Fri 30 Apr, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Sally's mortified at what she's done. She tries to apologise but Rosie slams out of the house. Pouring her heart out to Craig, Rosie's devastated when he finishes with her saying that he snogged Lisa. To cheer Chesney up Les arranges with Jack for Schmeichel the puppy to come and live with them. Kevin makes Sally see how selfish she's been. Sally insists that she only wanted the best for Rosie as she doesn't want her to end up stuck in a back-street terrace. Chesney's delighted to see Schmeichel again. Fiz worries about what Tyrone will say. Nervous Ashley goes for dinner at Claire's mum's. Yvonne gets him drunk on purpose and then quizzes him closely about Maxine and his feelings towards Claire. Ashley leaves upset. Claire's mortified. Sally and Rosie have a heart to heart and iron out their differences. Todd, Sarah, Nick, Candice and Maria go for a pizza. Todd's shocked but excited when Karl unexpectedly turns up. Fiz goes round to Uncle Ronnie's house and catches Cilla with Ronnie. She threatens to tell Les but Cilla points out that if she does that, Chesney will end up back in care.moreless
  • Fri 30 Apr, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Chesney overhears Cilla making a date with Uncle Ronnie. Cilla threatens him that if he blabs to Les he'll end up back in a children's home. Cilla lies to Les saying that she's going to spend a few days with a girlfriend. Claire tells Ashley they're having dinner with her mother. Ashley's nervous. Sally gets Rosie, dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz to perform "Somewhere over the Rainbow" for she, Kevin, and Sophie. Kevin is surprised at how good she is. Fiz spots Chesney on the street looking upset when he should be at school. Todd calls round to see Karl at the Nurses' Home. He admits that he can't face coming clean with Sarah although it's Karl he really wants. Todd's ashamed on realising that he's prepared to lead a double life. Fiz discovers Chesney in her flat. He explains that Cilla had a copy of Kirk's key made "for emergencies". Fiz is suspicious. Chesney pours his heart out to Fiz. He thinks nobody wants him, especially Cilla and explains how she's seeing Uncle Ronnie again and has threatened to put him back in a home. Fiz hugs her inconsolable brother and promises him that she won't let that happen. Sally and Kevin take Rosie to her Stage School audition. To Sally's fury, Rosie refuses to go through with it, accusing her mum of trying to live her life through her. Incensed, Sally slaps Rosie hard, calling her a bitch.moreless
  • Wed 28 Apr, 2004
    Wed 28 Apr, 2004
    Episode 87
    Todd's mortified at what he's done. Karl tries to reassure him but Todd's totally confused. Sally bans Rosie from seeing Craig, insisting that she concentrates on her forthcoming audition. Les receives a letter from his solicitor saying that his Decree Absolute will come through on 9th May. Todd collects Sarah from the hospital to take her home. Sarah's feeling optimistic about the baby and their future. Todd's feels the pressure and can't bring himself to tell her the truth, that he's gay. Sally starts trying to drum up sponsors for Rosie's drama school fees. Ken's gobsmacked when Sally insists he writes an article in the Gazette to help raise the funds. Craig's relieved to find out that Rosie didn't stand him up. He takes her back to his house as he knows his parents are out. Jack gives Chesney £2 to walk Schmeichel. Cilla's furious and takes the dog straight back. She demands the £2 off Chesney but he threatens to tell Les about Uncle Ronnie. Cilla's thwarted. Eileen's gutted when Todd asserts that he's staying with Sarah and the baby. She knows her son is living a lie but has to accept it. Audrey gives Mike a piece of her mind over the way he's treated Fred. Mike tries again to apologise to Fred but Fred isn't having any of it. Sally is furious when she sees Rosie and Craig sneaking out of the Harris's. She has a blazing row with Angela, asserting that Craig isn't good enough for Rosie. Kevin is appalled and drags her home.moreless
  • Mon 26 Apr, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Eileen wants to know from Karl what's going on and whether Todd is really gay or not. Karl won't be drawn but is delighted when Eileen lets slip that Todd is in love with him. Ashley comes clean with Fred and admits that he knew about Mike and Penny and that it's been going on for ages. Fred is hurt and upset. Vera tells Tyrone that Schmeichel has eaten one of her stockings and that one of the dogs has got to go or Tyrone will have to leave. Sally is horrified to discover Rosie's love bite and annoyed to hear that she's still going out with Craig. Angry Fred pays Mike and Penny a visit. He tells Mike that he valued him as a friend and feels betrayed. Mike is guilt-ridden. Sally grounds Rosie and sends her up to her room. Craig thinks Rosie has stood him up. Todd calls round to Karl's flat and apologises for being off with him. He insists that it's Sarah that he wants but Karl tells him he's just fooling himself. Todd's shocked to learn of Eileen's visit and tries to deny that he told her he's in love with Karl. Realising that he can no longer fight his feelings, Todd kisses Karl passionately and leads him to the bedroom.moreless
  • Mon 26 Apr, 2004 [Episode 1]
    In hospital Sarah's beside herself with worry. Gail, Audrey and Todd try to calm her down. Todd's guilty thinking that all the grief he's given Sarah recently may be the cause. Sarah's bleeding has stopped and when the doctor manages to locate the baby's heartbeat Sarah is overcome with relief. Todd hates himself when he admits to Eileen that for just a split second he thought it would be better if the baby had died as it would have sorted out all his problems. Rosie hides her love bite under a scarf and pretends to Sally that she's got a sore throat. Rosie likens the scarf to the one worn by Isadora Duncan. Jack and Tyrone name the puppy Schmeichel. Tyrone is delighted when a bedraggled Monica turns up at the backdoor. Vera is horrified at the thought of two dogs in the house. Eileen insists that Todd must stop living a lie, but Todd is adamant that he must do what's right and stand by Sarah and the baby. Maya lets slip to Audrey that Penny and Mike are an item. Audrey's shocked and decides to tell Fred as she doesn't like to see him being made a fool of. Fred is gutted at the news. Mike is horrified to find out that Heaton's have given the Underworld job to Charlie. Eileen's determined to sort out Todd's mess and pays Karl a visit at the hospital.moreless
  • Sun 25 Apr, 2004
    Sun 25 Apr, 2004
    Episode 84
    Todd brings Sarah breakfast in bed and suggests setting a wedding date of 3rd July. Tyrone's puzzled when Jack and Vera deny giving him the puppy. Sally doesn't think that Marje Simpson is a suitable audition piece for Rosie - she has to give two diverse pieces. Craig tells Tommy and Angela that he dumped Rosie for being too possessive. Mike forsakes a day in bed with Penny for a round of golf with Fred. Rita and Ken admire Sally's dedication when she shows them a letter she intends sending out to local businessmen asking for help with Rosie's school fees. Sally takes Ken up on his offer to help Rosie with her audition. Ken suggests a speech from Romeo & Juliet. To his surprise, Rosie is actually quite good. Dev thinks Maya is a star for buying the puppy for Tyrone. Eileen is completely thrown to hear that Todd has set a date. She warns him that she won't let him live a lie. Karen puts pressure on Steve to sell Eileen's house. Mike tells Charlie that Heatons have the contract to repair Underworld. Todd's frantic when Gail invites Eileen for a family meal to help plan the wedding. Eileen is about to give her true opinion when Sarah clutches her stomach in agony. Sarah's distraught to discover she's bleeding and she remembers that she hasn't felt the baby kick since Thursday. She's certain the baby's dead.moreless
  • Fri 23 Apr, 2004
    Fri 23 Apr, 2004
    Episode 83
    Eileen sheds a tear as an emotional Todd finally tells the truth. He can't keep away from Karl, but he loves Sarah too and doesn't want to hurt her. Rosie's excited to hear that she has an audition for the Drama Academy next Friday. Tyrone's disheartened as it's now nearly two weeks since Monica went missing. Todd talks round in circles and decides the best thing to do is to marry Sarah and look after his family. He's shocked when Eileen disagrees. Craig tells Rosie how brilliant she was in Grease. She tells him that if she's as good as he says she is, then she has no choice but to dump him, to follow her career. Eileen feels guilty for trying to turn Todd into the perfect man - unlike all those men she's known - and thinks he's not being true to himself. She screams that she hates Sarah for trapping him into marriage when he could have achieved so much. Eileen begs Todd to tell Sarah the truth - that he's gay and he can't marry her. Tyrone discovers a Great Dane puppy in a basket on his front step. As Maya looks on, she's obviously the benefactor. Todd breaks down when Sarah confronts him about what's wrong. He promises that he does want to marry her and things will go back to normal. Sarah warns him that she won't put up with any more of his moods.moreless
  • Wed 21 Apr, 2004
    Wed 21 Apr, 2004
    Episode 82
    Todd won't talk to Sarah about what's wrong with him. Sophie spills the beans about Rosie. Rosie says she was with David but Sally sniffs out the truth and Craig has to admit everything. Sally tells Craig that she has no intention of letting him drag her daughter down. Mike puts Penny off when she suggests a party introducing him to family and friends. Karl shows off about his night with a rugby player. Todd can't hide his distress. Sally has a go at Tommy for letting Craig run wild, insulting the Harris family in general. Todd can't bring himself to go home and lets himself into Eileen's. Sensing that Todd needs to talk, Eileen gets rid of Jason. Mike's insurance company finally pays up. He tells Fiz he'll be opening up the factory. Candice is disappointed to hear that Tim will be going skiiing for ten days. Audrey is convinced that he must be married. Maya has hired a larger car for the evening, for another game of "hunt the doggie"! Sally tells Rosie that she has to dump Craig if she wants to be a star. Audrey thinks that Todd is probably nervous of his forthcoming responsibilities, but Sarah should find out for definite. Todd is distraught and admits to Eileen that he's unhappy trying to please everyone but himself. She's stunned when Todd admits that he's in love with a "he" - Karl.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Todd messes Karl around when he tells him he'll spend the afternoon with him, but then can't bring himself to lie to Sarah. Todd runs back to the Rovers to try to placate Karl, but is dismayed to find that Karl has already left. Maya admits to Dev that she kidnapped Monica and dumped her miles away. Sally conducts Rosie's photo session but is frustrated by Kevin's negative attitude. Rosie skips her dance class to go to Craig's house to do their homework. Angela orders a reluctant Tommy to have a word with Craig about being careful now he has a girlfriend. Candice gets rid of Fiz and Chesney when Tim wants to stay in and have a drink. Fiz tells Candice off for not valuing herself when Candice goes to bed with Tim. Dev persuades Maya that they have to try and find Monica. They have a fruitless search and Maya takes the opportunity to seduce Dev in the car. Todd finally gets hold of Karl, but is horrified at Karl's comment that he plans to go out on the town to find someone else. Sophie spots Rosie kissing Craig but keeps the news to herself for the time being. Sarah confronts Todd about his odd behaviour all day. Sarah's frightened when he warns her not to keep questioning him, as she may not like the answer she'll get.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sarah's worried when Todd has spent a sleepless night. Audrey advises her to forget her responsibilities for a while and to have fun with Todd. Sally decides that Rosie needs some promotional photographs. Sally will take them before Rosie's dance class that evening - leaving Rosie no time to do her homework. A smitten Candice falls for Tim's lame excuse and agrees to meet him for a drink. Kevin takes a hard line with Sally, insisting that they decide Rosie's future together. Karl calls round to the flat to get Todd to face up to his feelings. Todd is about to be seduced by Karl's words when Sarah interrupts them. She's pulled a sickie from work and insists that a reluctant Todd do the same. Todd is torn when Karl makes it clear that he'll be waiting for him in the Rovers. Dev suspicions are raised again when Maya gives him grief for putting up a Monica poster in the shop. Maya is lost for words when he confronts her with Monica's dog tag, which he uncovered in Maya's car. Sarah tries to get romantic with Todd, but he's preoccupied and makes an excuse so he can go and see Karl. He tries to tell Karl that it's over between them, but Karl puts his hand over Todd's and invites him back to his place.moreless
  • Sun 18 Apr, 2004
    Sun 18 Apr, 2004
    Episode 79
    Vera's after Jack for a little Sunday love-in. He spends the day avoiding her, but when she threatens to get the doctors to look at his "pipes", he has to surrender. David has spent the night at Katy and Martin's. Gail comes round to apologise, but he gives her short shrift. Kevin gets the cold shoulder from Sally and Rosie, but he's adamant he can't afford the school, and he doesn't want Rosie to go there anyway. Mike tells Penny that he's not sure he'll go back to work once the insurance money comes through. David is in no hurry to leave Martin's. Katy and Martin leave him alone in the flat for the afternoon, in the hope he'll get bored and go home. Sally raves about the Drama Academy to Rita. Rita tells Norris that she's on Kevin's side on this one. Dev and Maya spot Mike outside his flat with Penny. They're intrigued to know the identity of his mystery woman, but he later tells them she was his insurance assessor. Sunita advises Todd to take stock of his life and not to rush into marriage if he's having doubts. Rita's horrified when Sally informs her that she's willing to accept a loan from Rita to pay Rosie's school fees. Rita tells Sally she's turning into the worst kind of pushy showbiz mother. Kevin is mortified when Rita fills him in later, but Sally is unrepentant and makes it clear that Kevin's feelings don't count. Tim gives Candice a feeble excuse and backs out of their date. Martin's plan works and David returns home, although he's still very cold with Gail. Karl tells a shocked Todd not to fight the fact that he's gay - he's got to face facts.moreless
  • Fri 16 Apr, 2004
    Fri 16 Apr, 2004
    Episode 78
    Sarah's giddy with excitement at her new engagement ring. Sally practices the Drama Academy interview with Rosie. Dev's uneasy as Maya continues with the story that she killed Monica. Candice looks forward to her date with Tim. Gail is thrilled to find her family gathered for the surprise family portrait. A man from Levenshulme responds to Tyrone's fly poster for Monica. Tyrone has to apologise to Maya, but it emerges that the dog isn't Monica after all. Gail cries as she remembers the last family photo had Richard in it. Sarah assures her that no-one present will ever let her down. Todd is trapped with the happy family. Karl steals a kiss from Todd and Todd is once again thrown into confusion. Kevin hated the Drama Academy, finding everyone affected. Rosie cries when he tells her she can go to Weatherfield Comp and have drama and dance classes after school. Sally is determined to get her own way. David beams as he hands Gail a silver pendant. She can't hide her unease at the extravagance of the gift and questions where David got it. He's incensed and storms out - another family get together in ruins. Dev confides in Mike that he's not sure what Maya is capable of. Todd is kind to an upset Gail. He's in deeper than ever when she tells him that the whole family are lucky to have him.moreless
  • Wed 14 Apr, 2004
    Wed 14 Apr, 2004
    Episode 77
    Todd's still in turmoil but is fussing over Sarah to assuage his guilt. Tyrone's determined to prove that Maya had something to do with Monica's disappearance. Jack advises him to proceed with caution. Sally rapsodises about the Drama Academy's fabulous facilities. Kevin tells her to forget it, once he sees that the fees are £1500 a term. Martin lends David £30 to buy Gail a special birthday present. Vera lets slip to Maya that Chesney was Tyrone's only witness to her supposed crime. Sally fires Rosie up about the Drama Academy and enlists her help to talk Kevin round. Kevin immediately sees through their plan, and stands firm. Todd assures Karl that he doesn't regret their kiss. Candice is love-struck when she meets the new Shampoo Rep from Brothertons, Tim Marsden. Maya shouts Tyrone's case against her down, quoting Chesney as a wholly unreliable witness. A doubt forms in Dev's mind about Maya's part in Monica's disappearance. When he questions her, she leaves him confused when she admits that she drowned Monica in the canal. Sally talks Kevin into attending the Drama Academy's Open Day. Gail offers to loan Sarah the money for an engagement ring. Todd gets cold feet when Karl invites him to his place for a drink. Karl's frustrated at Todd's agonising and tells him that the sooner he accepts things, the better.moreless
  • Mon 12 Apr, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Todd sees Sarah and Katy approaching as he's snogging Karl. He pushes Karl away, and the girls are none the wiser. Sally produces a brochure for the Northern Academy of Drama - she's determined to fulfill all of Rosie's potential, although Kevin rejects the idea outright. Chesney tells a worried Tyrone that he saw Maya kicking Monica, then Monica followed Maya into the shop. As Sarah dances happily, Karl confronts Todd about the kiss. Todd is scared and confused, but admits that it meant something to him. Todd fixes his gaze on Karl as Karl is the centre of attention. Unable to take any more, Todd leaves, dragging a disgruntled Sarah with him. Todd tells Sarah that he was uncomfortable in the gay bar, given his past history with Nick. She ends up apologising to him for forcing him to go, which only adds to his guilt and he breaks down in tears. Kevin is perturbed when Tommy asks him if he's had a word with Rosie about the birds and the bees, given her relationship with Craig. Sally's delighted when Kevin says he will have a look at the Drama Academy brochure after all. Karen is taken with Dev's suggestion that they sell Eileen's house to solve their money troubles. Tyrone crashes Dev and Maya's party and accuses Maya of killing Monica. Maya doesn't help matters when she makes a joke about dog meat in the party kebabs. Chesney can't sleep. Les comforts him that he sees him as the son he never had, and he won't be going into care. Todd calls Karl to apologise for leaving so abruptly when Sarah catches him on the phone. He hangs up immediately and claims he was talking to Jason.moreless
  • Mon 12 Apr, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Cilla again threatens Chesney with being put into care if he tells Les about Ronnie. Todd is embarrassed when it's clear to Karl how much he's spent on his birthday present (£60 on a shirt). Maya leaves work early to get ready for that night's engagement party. Chesney sees her angrily shooing Monica away from her car. Cilla softens when it's clear that Chesney is terrified of Ronnie and assures him they're staying put for now. Tyrone has lost Monica - she was last seen chasing a squirrel on the Red Rec. Candice has found out from Audrey about Jason's pass at Gail and clouts him with a tea tray. When Jason admits having sex with a customer, she furiously dumps him. Dev is puzzled to find Maya vacuuming her car. She explains that some of the party food spilt. Todd thinks he's out for the evening alone when Sarah is let down by Candice, who's too upset over Jason to babysit. As Martin is pleading illness to get out of going out to the Gay Village, Katy arranges for him to look after Bethany and she and Sarah catch a cab. Todd is beginning to enjoy himself in the gay club, although he's deeply uneasy at the stares he's attracting from the other clubbers. When Robbie turns up looking for Karl, Todd can't contain his jealousy and leaves. Karl catches up with Todd outside. Todd's pent up feelings break out and he grabs Karl for a passionate kiss - unknowing that Sarah and Katy are only yards away.moreless
  • Sun 11 Apr, 2004
    Sun 11 Apr, 2004
    Episode 74
    Easter Sunday. Les is still hostile towards Cilla. She realises he won't be a pushover to win round. Nick suggests a family portrait for Gail's birthday next week. When Sarah insists that Todd be in the photo, Nick argues that Maria should be there too. Ciaran's full of ideas to bring punters into the Rovers. Bev and Shelley aren't impressed, particularly as he's neglecting his work to muse over his ideas. Fiz says she won't go to the police, provided Cilla pays back the £237 bill straight away. As Fiz is prepared to forgive Cilla, Les relents and takes Cilla back. Jason frets when Gail threatens to go to the papers, and Charlie sacks him, but they're just teaching him a lesson. Jason worries that Gail will tell Candice about him. Chesney's horrified to overhear Cilla arranging to meet an old boyfriend, Ronnie. Chesney realises that Cilla has been seeing Ronnie behind Les's back and feels bad for Les. Shelley's offended when Ciaran suggests she dress more provocatively to pull in the punters. Before Fred has the chance to sack him, Ciaran resigns as manager, claiming that he's fed up of the others carping on at him all day. Fred tosses a coin to decide the new manager. The toss goes Bev's way, but she hands over the win to Shelley, who's reinstated as manager. Shelley's disappointed when she asks Charlie out, but he claims that he's busy. Chesney threatens to tell Les if Cilla sees Ronnie again. He's terrified when she threatens him with going into care if he utters a word.moreless
  • Fri 9 Apr, 2004
    Fri 9 Apr, 2004
    Episode 73
    Maria shows Fiz the receipt for the wine glasses, proving she used her own credit card. Fiz has no choice but to grovel. Bev and Shelley both now think the other should run the bar. Fred impulsively offers the manager's job to Ciaran, who immediately accepts. Kirk suspicions are raised when sees Cilla with a carrier bag from "Razzle Dazzle". Fiz instinctively knows her mother is the culprit, but realises she needs to get proof. Ciaran winds Bev and Shelley up as the power goes to his head. Charlie is amazed when Ciaran asks him to leave the bar for wearing dirty work gear. Charlie returns later in a dinner suit, complete with bow tie. Charlie sends Jason on a job to fix Gail's leaky radiator. When Gail answers the door in a towel and makes comments about how handsome he is, Jason thinks his luck's in and makes a pass at a horrified Gail. Cilla's caught red-handed when Kirk finds Fiz's credit card in her handbag. Cilla tries to play down the whole thing, but Fiz threatens to go to the police. Les is disgusted at Cilla for stealing from her own daughter. She tries to plead her case, saying it was a moment of weakness, but Les finishes with her.moreless
  • Wed 7 Apr, 2004
    Wed 7 Apr, 2004
    Episode 72
    Fiz's suspicions about Maria build when Candice tells her that she overheard Maria discussing plans to buy things for the flat, as money wasn't a problem. Bev refuses Fred's peace offering of a bunch of flowers and is determined to quit. Blanche thinks it's Wednesday half-day opening at the florists, but Tracy says she has to work all day. Todd's accepts Karl's invitation to his birthday do in Manchester's gay village, but is thrown when Karl asks if Sarah wants to come along too. Hayley bumps into Ken with Amy. She longingly offers to help out any time. Fred holds a summit meeting at the pub. Bev and Shelley immediately start bickering and Fred tells them to sort out their problems, or he's selling up. Maria parades the new wine glasses she's bought when Fiz accuses her of using her credit card to buy them. A scuffle breaks out, until Audrey intervenes. Tracy brings Matthew home. Tracy tries to pass Blanche off as her cleaner, until the arrival of Ken and Amy sends Matthew packing. Tracy apologises to Ken for conning him about the babysitting but explains that she needs some independence. He assures her that he understands and will help out. Unknown to each other, Bev and Shelley both order cabs for four o'clock, determined to leave for good. When Les arrives, they both get into the back seat and fight over whose cab it is. Uncertain where to go, Les goes round the block as it emerges that Bev and Shelley were both planning to stay with Uncle Ted. They realise the absurdity of the situation, and laughingly make up.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fred is horrified to hear from Ciaran that he's been sacked for not sleeping with Bev. When Ciaran threatens a tribunal, Fred resolves to get him his job back. Maya tells DI Densem that Dev was with her the previous night. A policeman searches the holdall and finds Maya's gym kit inside - she's hidden the watches in cornflake packets. Bev tells Fred that sacking Ciaran was a joke that backfired. On Fred's insistence, she grudgingly apologises to Ciaran and he's reinstated. Ciaran refuses to start work straight away, so Bev is left struggling on her own in the busy bar. Maya threatens to finish with Dev unless he hands the watches over to the police. He refuses, as it involves his whole family, and he can't betray them. He asks her to trust him, and promises to get rid of the watches. Fiz is convinced that Candice stole her credit card. Candice finds Fiz searching her room for evidence and demands to know what's going on. Fiz uncovers a carrier bag from "Razzle Dazzle", a shop where the credit card was used, but Candice informs her that Maria left the bag there - the suspicion shifts to Maria. Deirdre smells alcohol on Tracy and is furious that Tracy's lied about working late. When Bev spots Shelley leaving for the Weatherfield Arms with Charlie and Ciaran, she reaches breaking point. Exhausted, and convinced that everyone's laughing at her, she tells Fred that she's had enough and she's finished at the pub.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Ken arrives to babysit Amy. Blanche is put out that Tracy didn't ask her to do it. Maya is worried to hear that Naveen has disappeared leaving them with the watches. Things start to get on top of Bev at the pub, as she's snappy with Betty and Ciaran. Two policemen come to the shop in search of Dev. They question him about Naveen and he agrees to go with them to the police station. Fiz is puzzled to receive a credit card statement for £237. She sent off for a card, but it never arrived. Betty asks Fred to have a word with Bev and Shelley as she's worried about the state of the pub. DI Densem returns to the shop, wanting a word with Maya. She quickly hides then watches in the back room. Betty and Bev exchange words - Betty resigns and storms out, leaving Bev more short-handed than ever. Bev is grateful when Ciaran offers her his support. Tracy phones Ken to tell him she's delayed by a rush funeral job, but she's really in a wine bar with Matthew, a handsome driver from work. She neglects to mention Amy. Ciaran is clearly not interested when Bev makes a pass at him. Bev won't let it drop, and he admits that he finds it awkward working with her after the last time. Humiliated, she sacks him.moreless
  • Sun 4 Apr, 2004
    Sun 4 Apr, 2004
    Episode 69
    Maya's worried when Dev goes out on business at 6.00 am on a Sunday morning. Ashley and Claire have spent their first night together at the house. Fred puts a brave face on things for their benefit. The atmosphere gets even frostier between Bev and Shelley. Bev tells Ciaran she has a plan to put things right. Dev asks Maya to look after the shop for the day. Sunita is delighted to get the day off. Penny feels awful about Fred and thinks that she and Mike acted shabbily. She's disappointed that Mike doesn't share her guilt and tells him it's over between them. Bev tries to resign, but Fred persuades her to stick things out. Todd's increasingly uneasy that Karl is mixing with his friends - Nick in particular. He warns Karl off and storms out of the pub. A harassed Dev asks Maya to look after a large hold-all and then dashes out again. Mike gets cornered into eating Sunday lunch with Fred and the family. He squirms as Fred makes a toast to "Family and Friends". Todd's relieved when Karl suddenly gets a room in the nurses' home and moves out. Penny and Mike make up when she goes to see him. Maya discovers that Dev's mystery bag contains £20,000's worth of fake Rolex watches. He asks her to trust him, but he needs to look after them for Naveen for a few days.moreless
  • Fri 2 Apr, 2004
    Fri 2 Apr, 2004
    Episode 68
    Maya is curious about a phone-call Dev has received. He tells her it was his cousin, Naveen, but she's still suspicious and quizzes Sunita about Naveen later. Penny calls in to see Claire and Ashley and admits the truth about Mike. She promises to tell Fred everything that night at dinner. Deirdre agrees to babysit Amy for a couple of hours. Ken's not pleased to get roped in too. Mike tries to persuade Penny that it's not a good idea to hurt Fred even more by telling him about their relationship. Robbie turns up on the Street and jumps to the conclusion that Martin is Karl's new boyfriend. Things turn nasty, until Sarah threatens to call the police. Todd feels uncomfortable about the whole encounter, knowing he's really Karl's other man. Tracy's got a temporary job providing relief cover at the florists on the precinct. She's glad that Ken and Deirdre enjoyed babysitting, as there'll be plenty of opportunities in the next few weeks! Todd asks Karl not to talk to Martin about the mystery man he fancies at work. Penny tells Fred she can't marry him. When he asks why, she says it's too soon after Preston, and denies there's anyone else involved. Fred is devastated when Penny tells him they can't be friends, as she needs some space. He leaves the restaurant immediately, the rejection complete.moreless
  • Wed 31 Mar, 2004
    Wed 31 Mar, 2004
    Episode 67
    Claire doesn't turn up for work the next day. Todd's uneasy with Karl's close proximity in the flat. Claire's spent the night at Fiz's flat - she resolves that she won't be walked over any more. Cilla is taken on by landlord Ted Armley as senior part-time barmaid at the Turk's Head. She buys a load of new clothes to celebrate. Ashley goes to see Claire at Fiz's flat. She accuses him of being scared of his feelings. He strongly denies it and they kiss - they finally go to bed. Katy goes with Karl to get his stuff from Robbie's flat - she's ready for confrontation, but Robbie wasn't in. Bev and Charlie snipe at each other in the bar - despite herself, Bev is rattled. Fred goes off to an offal-traders dinner dance, insisting that an embarrassed Penny keeps Mike company in the Rovers. Todd's horrified to hear that Sarah has been having a long chat with Karl. His heart's in his mouth, but she ask if he minds if Karl stays a bit longer. He can't refuse. After overhearing Mike and Penny outside the Rovers making arrangements to meet later, Claire accuses Penny of laughing at Fred behind his back. Penny threatens Claire with losing her job if she continues to make accusations. Claire is coldly furious as she assures Penny that it won't be her that tells Fred the truth, it'll be Penny.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Mike persuades Fred that he'd been at Penny's house dropping off tax records. Mike rings Penny to get their stories straight. When Fred starts to breach the subject of marriage, she claims another migraine and cuts their evening short. Karl confesses that he fancies Todd. Sarah's horrified to see Karl's injuries and invites him to stay for a few days. Katy's miffed when he turns down her invitation. Nick and Gail make up. Ciaran's relieved to see that Shelley hasn't let on to Sunita about he and Bev. Charlie braves the Rovers - as expected Bev and Ciaran give him a hard time for blabbing about them. Bev turns Cilla down when she asks if she has any vacancies for bar staff. Charlie wants to know where he stands with Shelley. She asks him to be patient as things are difficult at the moment, but promises it won't be forever. Karl promises to behave himself with Todd whilst he's staying at the flat. Penny calls in to see Mike. She tells him she's going to tell Fred the truth. Ashley is annoyed with Claire for talking to Fred, despite them earlier agreeing to keep quiet. They have a huge argument about Claire's position in the family. She's convinced she'll always be an outsider and storms out. Ashley's distraught.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Ashley decides to keep quiet about Penny and Mike until he's sure something's going on. Bev tries to make peace with Shelley, but she's left frustrated. Katy nags Martin for a night out. Penny invites Fred for a meal, with the intention of telling him she can't marry him. Maya tries to make her mark at the shop, much to Dev's disgruntlement. Ashley quizzes Mike about Penny, but Mike gives nothing away. Sarah moans to Gail about the amount of time she's spending on her own. Gail offers to babysit Bethany so that Sarah can do something for herself. David and Martin both try to persuade Nick to make up with Gail. Karl's been beaten up by his boyfriend Robbie. He arranges to meet up with Todd in the Rovers later, as he needs to talk. Fred is buoyed up for his date with Penny. Claire can't restrain herself and tells him that Ashley saw Penny kissing Mike. Bev struggles with the bar when Betty goes home sick. Shelley refuses to help out. Fred finds Mike in the Rovers. He asks him outright if he and Penny are having an affair.moreless
  • Sun 28 Mar, 2004
    Sun 28 Mar, 2004
    Episode 64
    Shelley accuses Bev of dishonesty and grubby behaviour over her liaison with Ciaran, whilst Bev is livid with Ciaran for blabbing to Charlie. Fred calls Penny to tell her he'll be late for dinner as he has a Square Dealers meeting. She asks Mike to come round for a drink before Fred gets there. Ashley explains to Claire that he prefers her as she is, without the vamp act. Maya objects to Tyrone bringing Monica into the shop. She makes a sign "No Dogs Allowed". Dev is reluctant to put it up, but agrees under pressure. Todd and Karl have a drink and discuss their possessive partners. He lies to Sarah about where he's been and tells her he met up with Jason. Charlie phones Shelley to ask her to join him for a drink, but Bev answers and gives him a mouthful. Penny puts Fred off saying she has a migraine. She and Mike go to bed. Mike tells her that he's very fond of her, but can't commit to anything further at the moment. Charlie and Shelley have an awkward date - she insists that she's only there to get out of the Rovers. She accuses Charlie of telling her about Bev and Ciaran so that Shelley wouldn't see her mother as an obstacle to going to bed with Charlie. Ashley goes to collect Fred from Penny's unaware that he's not there. He's shocked to see Penny and Mike embrace on her doorstep before Mike drives off.moreless
  • Fri 26 Mar, 2004
    Fri 26 Mar, 2004
    Episode 63
    Bev defends her decision to take the Manager's job to Shelley. Shelley isn't buying it and accuses Bev of stitching her up. Shelley goes on strike. Maya turns up for her first day of work at the shop. She wonders how Sunita copes with the boredom, and they crack open champagne and chocolates to make the day go quicker. Charlie invites Shelley out for a drink as she's not working. With a look to her mother, she accepts. Bev convinces Fred to give Shelley another chance. Before he has an opportunity to tell her, Shelley launches an attack on him and resigns. Maria has a plan to make sure Ashley can't resist Claire and gives Claire a make-over. Ashley isn't impressed with Claire the Temptress and tells her it doesn't suit her. She's humiliated and leaves in tears. Todd is out for a drink with Karl, when Karl's boyfriend, Robbie turns up. There's competition in the air until Karl gets rid of Robbie. A tipsy Todd says goodnight to Karl and it looks as if they'll kiss, until Todd backs off at the last moment. Shelley turns down Charlie's advances, as she doesn't want to do the dirty on Bev Pointing out that Bev is far from vulnerable, Charlie tells her about Bev's night with Ciaran. Shelley is furious - both with her mother, but also with Charlie for trying to manipulate her.moreless
  • Wed 24 Mar, 2004
    Wed 24 Mar, 2004
    Episode 62
    Shelley takes the day off in protest - determined to show Fred who's really in charge. Claire is hung-over and contrite at spoiling the passionate night with Ashley. Ashley assures her that their time will come, although he's shocked at the mini-bar bill. Fred rants at Bev that he feels let down and betrayed by Mike and Penny. Les is thrilled that Cilla is back home, although she's evasive about her time away. Mike assures Fred that Penny is strictly a friend, and there's nothing going on. Cilla goes on the war-path when Fiz tells her that Les is back with Janice. She warns Janice off her man and they have a hair-pulling catfight, until Cilla is finally convinced that Janice doesn't want him. Todd shows Eileen the scan photo. She comments that although it's great to see her future grandchild, she still can't help thinking that Todd isn't fulfilling his potential. For once, he doesn't contradict her. Penny apologises to Fred for missing him and invites him to dinner later in the week. Todd turns down Sarah's plans for a night in tomorrow, and tells her he's going out for a drink instead. Betty is miffed that she had to come in to work to cover for Shelley. She tells Fred that Shelley hasn't been sick, she took the day off to teach him a lesson. Fred asks Bev to take over as Manager. If she agrees, then Shelley can carry on living and working at the Rovers. Shelley is gobsmacked to hear she's been sacked and the job offered to her mother.moreless
  • Mon 22 Mar, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Shelley shoves Charlie out of the back door, just as Bev comes downstairs. Claire and Ashley are getting passionate in Chester when a phone call from Fred interrupts them. Fred frets that he's left six messages for Penny, but heard nothing. Charlie, Ciaran and Jack give Jason a ribbing about his afternoon delight. Candice worries that Charlie is working Jason too hard as he seems tired. Todd gets the hospital porters job. He makes it clear to Karl that this isn't the limit of his ambitions. Shelley tells Sunita that she kissed Charlie but is going to give him a wide berth out of loyalty to Bev. Charlie asks Ciaran what his chances are with Shelley - Ciaran points out that Bev is the problem. Charlie is stunned to hear about Ciaran's liaison with Bev, but is sworn to secrecy. Steve makes his first payment to Tracy. He reiterates that Karen must never know. Claire and Ashley hit the mini-bar. Claire drinks too much and falls asleep. Shelley deflects Charlie's invitation for a private drink by organising a lock-in. Fred returns to the pub to see Mike leaving with Penny, but also a panda car outside the Rovers. The police miss the illegal goings-on, but Fred is seething with Shelley for risking his licence and he throws everyone out. Shelley is equally furious and tells Fred to find someone else to do the job if he thinks they can do better.moreless
  • Mon 22 Mar, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Liz has spent the night at the B&B. Deirdre offers her a hot shower and breakfast. Fred challenges Mike about accepting Penny's help, but not his. Mike assures him that the arrangement with the factory girls is purely business. Charlie and Jason install a radiator for Mrs Fanshaw, who takes a shine to Jason. Charlie leaves Jason to finish the job on his own, and Mrs Fanshaw takes Jason to bed. Liz leaves for Brighton. She makes it clear to Karen that she'll be back to see Steve and her granddaughter and has no intention of losing touch with either of them. Tracy asks Roy and Hayley to babysit Amy. It goes very well, and they arrange to do it again next week. Charlie flirts outrageously with Shelley, watched jealously by Bev. Fred again gives Shelley a talking to about neglecting other customers. Doreen looks after Joshua so that Ashley and Claire can spend some time on their own. They nervously book into a posh hotel in Chester. Les calls in on Janice and offers to take her for a pint, although just as mates. Mike questions Penny about her intentions towards Fred, claiming that he's interested only in his position as Fred's friend. Shelley goes to the back room to get a cigar for Mike. Charlie follows her there and claims a kiss. She's tentative at first, but soon passionately responds.moreless
  • Sun 21 Mar, 2004
    Sun 21 Mar, 2004
    Episode 59
    Blanche bumps into Steve and warns him that Tracy may report Karen to the police. Sally corners Rosie, trying to talk to her about the next production - Annie. Rosie scoots off, less than interested. Karen orders Steve to get rid of Liz despite the fact that it's Mothers' Day. Karen is livid to hear that Liz apologised to Tracy on her behalf. To make matters worse, Karen immediately spots Liz taking Amy for a walk. They trade insults and nearly brawl until Steve drags Karen off. Shelley tries to boost trade by offering two drinks for the price of one to all mothers. Everyone takes advantage and Fred gives Shelley another telling off. Tommy and Angela fill Sally in on Rosie and Craig's burgeoning relationship. Sally isn't impressed as she doesn't want Rosie distracted from her quest for stardom. Maya offers to take on Todd's shifts at the shop if he gets the porters job. Sunita dreads the idea. Tracy listens to Ken's advice and decides not to report Karen to the police, but she swears she'll get her own back when the time's right. Liz tells Karen about her dead daughter, Katy, hoping Karen will understand why she thinks so much of Amy. Karen accuses Liz of dragging up Katy's memory to make Steve feel guilty about the part he played in Katy's death and calls her sick. With pure hatred in her eyes, Liz spits in Karen's face and leaves.moreless
  • Fri 19 Mar, 2004
    Fri 19 Mar, 2004
    Episode 58
    Steve admits to lying to Karen, but only because he didn't want anything to stop their wedding. She's distraught that she can't trust him again. Ken coldly informs Sally that a correction of the misprint will be in tonight's paper. Steve gives Liz a lift to the christening. She begs him to come in with her but he refuses and drives off. Hayley has made a beautiful christening gown for Amy, whilst Roy reads a poem by Philip Larkin - "Born Yesterday". Eileen tells Karen that Steve gave Liz a lift. Convinced Steve has gone to the christening, Karen sets off for St Christopher's. Charlie and Shelly flirt. Fred warns Shelley to pull her socks up, as takings are down and her book-keeping sloppy. Todd's interview for the hospital porters job goes well. He celebrates with Karl. Sally is crestfallen when Rosie decides to take Craig to the last night party instead of her. The correction appears in the paper as 'Rozi Wobster', setting Sally off again. Karen interrupts the christening, looking for Steve. Realising he's not there, but still murderous, Karen grabs Tracy by the hair. Tracy punches Karen in the stomach, as Karen tells everyone about Tracy cancelling her wedding. Mayhem ensues, until Steve arrives to take Karen home. Delivering a last warning to leave she and Steve alone, Karen lands Tracy a right hook and knocks her to the ground.moreless
  • Wed 17 Mar, 2004
    Wed 17 Mar, 2004
    Episode 57
    Liz thinks Steve is asking for trouble by not telling Karen that he's paying maintenance for Amy. Sally enthusiastically praises Rosie's performance last night, although Rosie thinks the show was rubbish. Todd objects to Gail coming with them to the scan. Gail is hurt to be uninvited, but is delighted when she's given a scan photo of the baby boy as a peace offering. Ken asks Tracy to consider Roy and Hayley as Godparents to Amy to make amends for the way she's treated them. She thinks it a terrible idea and refuses. Sally is extremely unhappy with Ken's review of Grease in the Gazette. Rosie is barely mentioned and her name is mis-spelt as "Dozi Webster". Tracy tells the Croppers that she accepts Roy's proposition. When Hayley gives her short shrift, Tracy apologises for her past behaviour and asks them to be godparents. The Croppers delightedly accept. Tracy asks Liz to be the other godparent. Karen becomes paranoid that Steve and Liz are hiding something from her - she worries that Steve plans to attend Amy's christening, although Steve denies it. Ken defends his review to Sally, but she's furious and throws personal insults at him. Nick gets a new job at Fletchers, with one of Mike's rivals, Keith Robinson. Ciaran lets slip that Tracy cancelled Karen's wedding. Karen is furious and sets off to kill Steve for lying to her, and vows to teach Tracy a lesson she'll never forget.moreless
  • Mon 15 Mar, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Karen is adamant that Tracy won't get a penny out of them, unlike the Croppers. She warns Steve that she'll kill him if he has anything more to do with Tracy. Rosie is suffering from first night nerves. Sally tries to gee her up and puts her through her paces in some vocal exercises. Taking the heat off David, Sarah asks Gail to come to her 20 week scan. Fred tells Shelley off for antagonising customers when she warns Nick and Maria not to steal glasses for their new flat. Kevin argues that Rosie isn't well enough to go to the opening night. Sally is determined that she'll be there but Rosie runs off, upset. Karen confides in Janice that she's worried that Amy will drive a wedge between she and Steve as she grows up. Liz tells Steve to do the right thing by Amy and sort things out with Tracy. Kevin has a heart to heart with Rosie. He tells her not to be frightened of failing, and she agrees to do the show and overcome her nerves. Steve agrees to give Tracy £50 a week on condition that she never tells Karen.moreless
  • Mon 15 Mar, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Karen bars Liz from the flat that evening, as she wants a night alone with Steve. David is unhappy as Gail lavishes attention on him. He asks Sarah to have a word with Nick to make things up with their mother, but Nick turns Sarah down flat. Tracy has bought herself a new outfit for the christening but nothing for Amy. She tells Blanche she has a plan to get some money. Roy proposes to drop some, or possibly all of Tracy's monthly debt in exchange for occasional access to Amy. Tracy is preoccupied, but promises to think about it. The factory girls are disappointed to be given only half a day's work at Kings Robes. Tracy insists on talking to Steve in his flat. She demands £50 a week in maintenance for Amy, or she'll go through the courts to get it. Rosie is sick in school and is sent home. Sally panics about that evening's performance of Grease. Blanche has a go at Karen about responsibilities. Karen tells her that Steve isn't interested in Tracy or the baby. Tracy tells Steve she needs an immediate decision on the payments or the deal's off. Tracy goes to the kitchen to wash her shirt when Amy is sick. Karen arrives back at the flat in time to see Steve holding the baby, as Tracy walks in from the kitchen with no top on. Karen demands to know what's going on.moreless
  • Sun 14 Mar, 2004
    Sun 14 Mar, 2004
    Episode 54
    The Croppers resolve to live with Mr Pomfrey's advice on dropping their claim on Amy. Mike takes Penny up on her offer to temporarily employ his workforce to complete his Henderson order. Nick sells his car to pay off the deposit on the cab flat. Tracy agrees to Roy's request to annul their marriage. She has to confirm the relationship never became physical i.e. Wilful Refusal to Consummate. Fiz does a shop for Janice and dumps it on Les, leaving him no choice but to deliver it to a still laid-up Janice. She appreciates his visit. Blanche thinks Tracy should approach Steve for maintenance for Amy. Liz clears the air with Deirdre. Roy and Hayley are overjoyed when Tracy asks them to babysit Amy for a few hours. They yearningly offer to babysit whenever Tracy wants, but she's non-committal. Penny asks Fred for more time to consider his proposal. Karen is fed up of feeling left out and demands that Steve get rid of Liz. Nick and Gail clash when she catches him moving his stuff out of the house. Tracy arranges to meet Steve the next day as she has a proposal for him. Karen catches them talking and warns Steve that if she sees he and Tracy together again, she'll walk out for good.moreless
  • Fri 12 Mar, 2004
    Fri 12 Mar, 2004
    Episode 53
    Gail blames Maria for losing Nick his job and tells him to stay away from her. Fiz tells Les that she saw his feelings for Janice when she was pulled from the fire. Mike refuses to give Nick his job back. Roy and Hayley are concerned to hear that Tracy is getting Amy christened. Although Steve admits he wants nothing to do with the baby, he tells the Croppers that he thinks Tracy should be left alone to bring the baby up herself. Liz gets upset thinking of her baby, Katherine, who died. She's touched when Tracy offers to give Amy another name, Katherine. Mike informs the girls he's in the same boat as they are - broke. Claire and Ashley try to consummate their relationship but get interrupted by Joshua. Mr Pomfrey tells the distraught Croppers to drop their case as they have no claim on Amy whatsoever. She's no more than their neighbour's offspring. A nurse books Janice a taxi to take her home - the driver turns out to be Les. Nick and Maria rent out the cab office flat for £400 a month plus £400 deposit. Steve refuses Liz's request to go to Amy's christening. Karen is suspicious at their whispered conversation. Penny makes Mike an offer to take the factory girls on temporarily until he's back in business. He's had enough of the factory and isn't interested. Gail is furious at the news that Nick is moving out. She accuses him of being selfish and ungrateful and throws him out onto the street.moreless
  • Wed 10 Mar, 2004
    Wed 10 Mar, 2004
    Episode 52
    Mike refuses Fred's offer of a loan to bridge the gap until the insurance money arrives. Karen is horrified as the wedding bills arrive, particularly now she's out of a job. Mike visits Nick in hospital. Nick denies knowing what started the fire. Sonia tells the girls that the football kits all went up in smoke. Nick promises Maria that they'll look for somewhere to live immediately. Mike tells the anxious factory girls that until the insurance company pays him, he can't pay them, or start to re-build the factory. Janice thanks Nick for saving her life. She admits that her cigarette started the fire. Harry relates the story of the fire, assuming that Mike knew that Nick wasn't there. Mike orders Janice to keep quiet about her part in the fire, as his insurance would be void if it emerged that the fire was caused by somebody smoking. Liz makes her peace with Tracy for the sake of seeing her granddaughter. Gail isn't pleased to hear that Nick is back with Maria. Nick receives a hero's welcome when he goes to the Rovers for a drink with Maria. Charlie gets short shrift from Fred when he asks if Mike had anyone in mind for rebuilding the factory. Shelley and Blanche persuade Tracy to christen Amy. Mike is furious with Nick for leaving the factory unattended and blames him for the fire. He sacks Nick.moreless
  • Mon 8 Mar, 2004 [Episode 2]
    The girls turn up the radio, effectively drowning out Janice's cries for help. Janice tries to reach an open window by climbing up a shelving unit. The unit tips from the wall and crashes down on top of her, leaving her unconscious. Roy overhears Steve telling Tracy that he wants nothing to do with the baby. Nick returns to the factory as the fire alarm goes off. He retrieves the petty cash, computer disks and ledgers as Hayley dials 999. A headcount reveals that Janice is missing and Karen remembers where she went. Nick rushes to the factory to get her out. Gail and Maria wait anxiously outside the factory for Nick, when he appears carrying an unconscious Janice in his arms. Nick immediately collapses. Les worriedly calls out for Janice, automatically calling her his wife. Hayley gives Janice mouth to mouth, whilst Harry applies pressure to her chest. Janice starts to breathe and she and Nick are taken away in an ambulance. Audrey tries to calm Maria as she's frantic with worry over Nick. Janice has a broken ankle, but was lucky to survive. If she hadn't have been knocked unconscious the smoke inhalation would have killed her. Nick has a burned shoulder and has to stay in overnight for observation. Karl reassures Todd that Nick is okay, aware of Todd's past feelings for Nick. Mike is horrified to see the ruins of his factory. The Fire Station Officer tells him that there'll be in an enquiry into the cause of the fire. Karen and Fiz tell Janice that her rescuer was Nick. Maria sees Nick alone. She tells him she loves him and they are reconciled. Mike is troubled and tells Rita that maybe it's a sign for him to give up the business.moreless
  • Mon 8 Mar, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Mike takes the day off to play golf. He calls Nick to tell him to clear out the old storeroom to make room for the Marshalls' delivery. Despite spending the night together, Mike tells Penny that he's not looking for commitment. She says she may now reconsider Fred's offer. Chesney suggests that Cilla is playing away when she calls to say she'll be away for a few more days. Les is totally confident she's faithful, but Fiz is suspicious. Roy and Hayley decide to go back to work and face people. Janice winds Nick up all day. In retaliation he bans all smoking during working hours. Sonia gets a delivery of football kits for the five a side team. Fred and Penny agree to meet later in the week, both relieved that no decision on his proposal has been reached. Hayley has to restrain Karen after Tracy goads her in the street. Liz relates the story to Steve, but he's determined to bury his head in the sand to keep Karen. Nick leaves Hayley in charge of the factory, as he goes off in search of Maria. As Harry leaves the tidied storeroom unlocked to help Hayley with a delivery, Janice takes her chance to sneak in there for a cigarette. Maria tells Nick they're finished as long as he's tied to his mother's apron strings. Harry locks the old storeroom, unaware that Janice is still inside. Janice has failed to stub out her cigarette properly. The tab ignites some white spirits and the flammable negligees inside the storeroom quickly turn into an uncontrollable fire. Terrified Janice is trapped inside and bangs on the door for help.moreless
  • Sun 7 Mar, 2004
    Sun 7 Mar, 2004
    Episode 49
    Fred waits nervously for Penny's answer all day. Ashley expects it all to end in tears, as usual. Karen and Steve return from honeymoon. Penny confides in Mike that she can't marry Fred, but she hasn't the heart to tell him. Steve admits to Liz that despite his determination that nothing will come between he and Karen, he's scared of what the future holds. Nick and Maria make up and Nick takes her out for a drive in the new car. Gail admits to Audrey that she thinks that Maria isn't good enough for Nick. Audrey warns her that she'll lose her son if she continues to come between he and Maria. Fred cracks and calls Penny for her answer. She's with Mike, and puts Fred off. Maria is furious to hear that the car was Gail's idea. She accuses Gail of interfering and packs her bags. Nick refuses to leave with her, and Gail delights in comforting him. Karen and Janice have a heart to heart. Karen worries that Tracy will always be there, manipulating Steve with their baby. Penny talks to Mike about their past liaison. She invites Mike home, and they kiss.moreless
  • Fri 5 Mar, 2004
    Fri 5 Mar, 2004
    Episode 48
    Ashley is concerned that Fred is falling too fast for Penny. Maria tells Nick to take a hard line with Mike, but Gail thinks that he should apologise instead. Ashley leaves a love note for Claire in magnetic fridge letters - she's delighted. Gail has a quiet word with Mike about Nick, hoping he won't hold things against him. Nick is delighted when Mike offers him a pay rise, and more responsibility. Kevin is furious with Sally for putting pressure on Ken to give Rosie a good review. Fred excitedly tells Audrey how much he likes Penny. She gives him her blessing. Gail tempts Nick into buying the sports car, aware that he won't be able to afford a deposit on a flat if he goes ahead. Kevin tells Sally that he thinks she's living her dreams through Rosie because she's unhappy with how her life turned out. He takes refuge in the Rovers, but he gets more grief from Norris about how Sally has been harassing everyone. Maria is furious when Nick surprises her with the sports car. It dawns on her that Nick is more than happy to stay at his mother's for the foreseeable future. Penny is stunned when Fred proposes. Not wanting to hurt him, she tells him she'll think about it.moreless
  • Wed 3 Mar, 2004
    Wed 3 Mar, 2004
    Episode 47
    Claire turns up for work and is awkward with Ashley, unsure how to behave. Gail tries to persuade Nick to buy Dr Mallory's sports car if he gets the King job. Sonia lays down the law to the girls about the five a side training schedule. Aware that Claire is unhappy about mixing work with their relationship, Ashley asks her out for dinner that evening. Norris offers his congratulations to Claire on her new relationship. Helping Penny with her interviews for a new manager, Mike is furious to see Nick turn up as the next candidate. Mike gives Nick a hard time, leaving Nick belittled. Gail pretends to Audrey that she's welcomed Maria to the family, but she's unable to hide her true feelings that she thinks Nick would be better off without her. Nick tells Maria and Gail how badly the interview went. Gail is disappointed to hear that he won't be buying the car now. Penny accepts Mike's advice not to employ Nick, as he needs more experience. Sally presumes that Ken will be writing a glowing review of Rosie for the Gazette. Claire and Ashley's date is perfect, until Claire mentions Maxine and keeping her memory alive. Ashley needs time to think and sends Claire home in a taxi, alone.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fred is gobsmacked to learn that Claire is about to leave for Florida. Todd gets on brilliantly with Karl during a night out with workmates. Maria's special meal goes well until she learns that Nick had bribed David £5 to tell her it was delicious. Gail smugly steps in when Maria forgets to provide pudding. Ashley runs off to the shop, unable to be in the house with the seconds ticking by before Claire's departure. Bev apologises profusely to Charlie. He agrees to forget the whole thing. Penny is furious when Mike warns her off Fred, as he's vulnerable in relationships. Claire admits to Fred that she has feelings for Ashley and she would stay if Ashley asked her to. Ashley won't consider asking Claire to stay. He says he can't love her, as he still loves his wife. Fred begs him not to lose Claire forever. Shelley apologises to Charlie on her mother's behalf. With Ashley still at the shop, Claire has no choice but to go with Imogen Stamford. In the nick of time, Ashley realises what he's about to lose. He chases after Imogen's car but he loses sight of it. Ashley is amazed to see Claire in the butchers - she couldn't leave without saying goodbye. He asks her to stay for him, as he loves her. She tells him she loves him too and they kiss, watched by a delighted Fred.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Fred is incredulous that Ashley is allowing Claire to leave. Claire protests that she'll work out her month's notice, but Ashley interviews another nanny, Wendy Rolands and offers her the job, starting tomorrow. Deirdre is furious with Bev and tells Charlie exactly what she's been saying. He feels he's had a lucky escape. Todd has an interview for the porter's job. Mike agrees to help Penny interview for a new Manager for her place. Fred confides in Audrey that he's fallen for Penny. She warns him to move slowly. Maria plans to cook supper for everyone. After a tense stand-off with Gail, Maria wins out, but now has to make an extra-special meal. Ashley denies to Audrey that he has any feelings for Claire. Audrey advises him that, although he'll never forget Maxine, he has to move on with his life. Mike is taken aback to hear that Penny and Fred went to Yorkshire together. Deirdre confronts Bev and angrily tells her that they can never be friends again. Claire is about to leave to finish her packing at her mother's. She tearfully hugs Joshua for the last time, when Ashley asks her to come back to say goodbye to Fred. She agrees, relieved to put the moment of parting off for a while longer.moreless
  • Sun 29 Feb, 2004
    Sun 29 Feb, 2004
    Episode 44
    Bev wakes up with a hangover and a guilty conscience for what she'd said to Ken. Ken is frosty with Deirdre. Bev apologises to Ken, but he's still furious with her. She warns him that Charlie could seduce any woman, and Deirdre's not exactly the faithful sort. Imogen Stamford asks Ashley to persuade Claire to work for her. He's amazed at the package Claire has turned down and decides not to stand in her way. Todd and Karl get stuck in a lift together. Todd confides in Karl about kissing Nick. Karl reassures him that kissing a man doesn't make him gay. They become friends. Shelley comforts Sunita over Dev's engagement. Ken asks Deirdre if she's having an affair with Charlie. She protests that she's just helped with a contract and wonders why he doesn't trust her. He apologises. Ashley tells Claire that she should take the job of a lifetime. She reluctantly agrees. Jason tells Bev that Charlie has a date. Bev quizzes Charlie and he hurtfully accuses her of being like his mother. Bev takes solace in a large vodka and determines to fight for her man. Bev staggers to the Barlow's. She begins to tell Ken that Deirdre is probably with Charlie, but is mortified to see Deirdre standing beside him. A disgusted Deirdre slams the door in Bev's face.moreless
  • Fri 27 Feb, 2004
    Fri 27 Feb, 2004
    Episode 43
    Charlie is delighted to land the council contract. He takes Deirdre a huge bouquet of flowers as a thank you and gives her a lift to work. Bev watches them leave together. Todd looks into adopting Bethany, but he's told he has to be twenty-one to adopt. Bev starts to obsess about Deirdre and Charlie sneaking around behind her back. Sunita is devastated when Maya comes to the shop flashing her engagement ring (Dev's grandmother's ring which he was going to give to Sunita). Imogen Stamford offers Claire a dream job starting on Monday in Florida. She won't take no for an answer and tells Claire to call her. Claire tells Ashley that she's turned Mrs Stamford down. Todd is very cold towards Karl. Sunita brings herself to congratulate Dev on his engagement. Maya's parents, Dinesh and Ann Marie come to Dev's flat to meet him. Ann Marie gives him a grilling and Dinesh warns him about the wild women in the family. Tommy is pleased to see Katy with Karl, until she tells him that Karl is gay. Bev has too much to drink. She goes to see Ken and tells him that Deirdre is having an affair with Charlie. Ken throws her out.moreless
  • Wed 25 Feb, 2004
    Wed 25 Feb, 2004
    Episode 42
    The next morning, Maya tries to apologise to Dev but he's adamant that it's over. Jason takes the mickey out of Bev's age, unaware that she's listening. Trying to be kind, Charlie tells her that her age wasn't the problem, but he's seeing someone else. Sally asks an unenthusiastic Kevin to sell Rosie's Grease tickets to his customers. Maria and Gail battle over ironing Nick's shirts. Todd tells Sarah that he's going for a permanent porter's job at the hospital. Jason is horrified when Harry and Eileen pretend to be in the throes of a passionate affair. Vera puts the thought in Bev's mind that Deirdre is a man-eater. Bev jumps to the conclusion that Deirdre is the woman that Charlie is after. Dev and Mike discuss Maya - Mike advises Dev that any woman worth having has to have a bit of danger about her. Nick tells Maria that he's applying for a better paid job. Gail tries to dissuade him. Deirdre takes offence when Bev insinuates she's up to no good with Charlie. Dev is about to finish with Maya for good. She talks him round and he admits that he loves her and needs adventure in his life. She tearfully accepts his marriage proposal.moreless
  • Mon 23 Feb, 2004 [Episode 2]
    As Maya drives at top speed, Dev is in fear of his life and agrees to marry her. Dev is livid with Maya but she protests that she was just focusing his mind and speeding up his inevitable proposal. Dev tells her their relationship is over. Tracy gives the Croppers back their £17,000 and promises the rest in instalments. She refuses outright Roy's request for access and spitefully tells them that she's changed the baby's name to Amy. Bev looks on jealously as Charlie turns his charm onto Deirdre as he's asking her to put word in for him to get a council contract for the Bessie Street Primary windows. Roy and Hayley need a break and decide to go to a B&B in Sheringham. Eileen and Harry have a great date and become good friends. They decide to play a trick on Jason and Candice, pretending to become red hot lovers. Bev is gutted as Charlie gives her the brush-off, saying he's not looking for a relationship. Dev and Maya make up and go to bed, after she apologises for her outlandish behaviour. She assumes that they're still engaged and is furious when Dev contradicts her. She packs a bag and leaves a shell-shocked Dev.moreless
  • Mon 23 Feb, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Roy and Hayley must wait two weeks before seeing their solicitor, as he's on holiday. Maya is still furious with Dev about Geena. He tells her everything (except for his fling with Deirdre) and she forgives him. Gail continues to spoil Nick and to make negative remarks about mortgages. Tracy goes to the bank to withdraw the remaining £17,000 of the Croppers money. Liz warns Tracy that she'll be watching her every move from now on. Bev corners Charlie into agreeing to a date that evening. Candice and Jason pair off Harry and Eileen for another date. Dev takes Maya to a posh country hotel for lunch, but he's not forthcoming with a proposal. She lures him outside to the car and insists they run off without paying. Tracy is disheartened to learn that to get a new birth certificate for the baby, she'll have to write to the Registrar General and get Steve to agree to a DNA test. She'll also have to change Patience's name to Amy by deed poll. Deirdre tries to make amends with Liz, but Liz insists they keep their distance. Maya drives the car off at high speed. She accelerates faster and proposes to Dev. He's terrified when she tells him she'll keep putting her foot down until he accepts.moreless
  • Sun 22 Feb, 2004
    Sun 22 Feb, 2004
    Episode 39
    Maya unsuccessfully drops hints to Dev that his father thought her marriage material. Dev later tells Eileen that he is not the marrying kind. Meanwhile Maya finds out from Ciaran that Dev has been engaged at least twice before to Sunita and Geena. Dev comes back from work in Eccles to find Maya flirting with Ciaran in the Rovers. She is clearly very upset and gives him the cold shoulder back in the flat. Tracy tells Ciaran that she wants to make a go of it with her baby, even without Steve, and then announces to the whole street that they are all hypocrites for criticising her. Fred tells Ashley to go out for the afternoon, and Claire turns up to make up the hours from Sunday. Fred thinks Imogen is trying to poach Claire. Ashley and Claire go out to buy shoes for Joshua while Fred serves up a meal for Penny. Fred invites Penny away for a week to a cottage in Yorkshire and she accepts. Ashley warns Fred to be careful, and tells him that he won't start a relationship with Claire, which Claire overhears. Roy and Hayley are clearly upset over losing Patience. Ken comes round to apologise and tell them he will get all their money back, but Patience belongs with her mother. Roy becomes angry and manhandles Ken out of the cafe telling him this is about more than just money. Roy and Hayley decide to fight for Patience. The Barlows all seem content with Patience being with Tracy.moreless
  • Fri 20 Feb, 2004
    Fri 20 Feb, 2004
    Episode 38
    Imogen Stamford whisks Claire away to look after her daughter for a few hours. Tracy storms to the Croppers, followed by Blanche, Deirdre and a reluctant Ken. Andy leaves for Spain, but Liz decides to stay on to support Steve and Karen. Maya is mysterious about a lunch date. Dev accompanies her and is shocked to find his father Ranjiv, at the restaurant. Maya is a big hit and completely charms Ranjiv. Tracy is like a wildcat and attacks Roy in her attempt to get Patience. Hayley stuns the Barlows when she reveals that Tracy isn't a fit mother as she sold the baby for £25,000. Hayley screams at them to get out. Deirdre is disgusted with Tracy, but Blanche sticks up for her pointing out that whatever Tracy did in the past, she's now just wants to be a proper mother. Penny accepts Fred's invitation to Sunday lunch. Ken gently points out to Roy that the only relevant issue is that Tracy, the rightful mother, wants her baby back. Roy goes alone to give Patience to Tracy. As Tracy weeps with joy, Roy returns to Hayley and they cling to each other, grief-stricken.moreless
  • Wed 18 Feb, 2004
    Wed 18 Feb, 2004
    Episode 37
    Steve begs Karen to marry him, telling her that he hadn't told her about Tracy because he didn't want to hurt her. Liz asks Ken to leave, taking the rest of his family with him. Deirdre agrees to help Tracy get her baby back. Ken is sceptical of Tracy's motives, but she convinces him that she genuinely wants her baby and he agrees to back her. Roy and Hayley determine to fight to keep Patience. Steve and Karen marry with Liz, Eva and Andy as the only witnesses. Janice turns down Arthur, the wedding photographer's, offer to turn her into a glamour model. Maya takes Dev's comment that she's the sort of girl one marries, very seriously. Karen and Steve make their entrance as a married couple. Steve makes a heartfelt speech declaring how much he loves Karen. Karen makes a speech of her own. All the posh trappings she'd wanted mean nothing and all that matters is she and Steve making their vows to each other. Ken asks Tracy to give Roy and Hayley time to sleep on things. She can't contain herself and bangs on the Croppers' door, demanding her baby back. Roy and Hayley cower in their flat, clutching Patience to them.moreless
  • Mon 16 Feb, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Chaos breaks out as Tracy angrily asserts to Roy and Hayley that she would never have slept with Roy. Steve can't deny to Karen that everything's true, and she locks herself into the vestry. The factory girls prevent Tracy from following Roy and Hayley as they make their escape with the baby in Patrick's taxi. Karen smacks Steve in the face with her bouquet, devastated that her dream wedding has turned into a nightmare. Liz and Deirdre have a bust up over Tracy's behaviour. Steve tries to explain to Karen that he'd only slept with Tracy thinking that he'd lost Karen and that it was a one-off. Tracy apologises to Karen for spoiling her day, but she came to get her baby. As Karen demands the truth, Tracy spins a story that Steve tried to make her have an abortion, made her pretend the baby was Roy's and made her take the money from Roy to give her baby away. Karen realises that nothing adds up. The Croppers are heartbroken as they realise that Tracy must have been telling the truth. Steve tells Karen how much he truly loves her, and asks her to marry him again.moreless
  • Mon 16 Feb, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tracy gets Patrick to drive her to Walcot Manor. Mike explains to Penny that he lied to her about going on holiday because he's not sure that he's ready to commit to anyone. To get her own back, she invites Fred out for a drink. Steve spots Tracy at the wedding. She's escorted from the premises by Steve, Dev and Andy. Tracy hides herself away in the wedding chapel, just as the bridal party arrive. Karen's looking beautiful, as her perfect wedding is about to take place. Tracy asks Kirk to tell Roy that she needs a word with him, but Roy ignores Kirk completely. The wedding vows begin, as Tracy calls for Roy to come outside for a word. Unable to ignore Tracy, Steve asks the vicar to stop and goes to get rid of Tracy. Steve tries to manhandle Tracy out of the chapel, as she shouts to Roy that she wants her baby. When Hayley tells Tracy that the baby is staying with her father, Tracy cracks and shouts out that the real father is Steve. As Karen looks to Steve in horror, he's unable to speak.moreless
  • Sun 15 Feb, 2004
    Sun 15 Feb, 2004
    Episode 34
    It's the morning of the wedding, and Steve is suffering from last minute nerves. Blanche confirms that she wants Tracy out of the house by dinnertime. Liz calls round to see how Karen is. Karen is livid to hear that Liz has invited Ken and Deirdre. Auntie Eva has to intervene to ensure a fragile peace. Hayley couldn't get out of being Karen's bridesmaid, so all three Croppers are going to the wedding. Dev is touched when Maya gives him a scrapbook filled with mementoes of their holiday. He's more smitten than ever and tells Steve that he thinks she's The One. Karen is upset - nervous that her dream wedding will go wrong. Blanche gets Tracy to admit that she's desperately missing her baby and wants her back. Nick tells Maria that he'll spend the morning looking for mortgage deals. Maria is furious when instead, Gail takes him shopping and they go out for lunch. The bridal party leaves the Street for Walcot Manor. Blanche encourages Tracy to fight for her baby, or she'll regret it forever. Blanche is thrilled when Tracy tells her that she's going to the wedding to get her baby back.moreless
  • Fri 13 Feb, 2004
    Fri 13 Feb, 2004
    Episode 33
    In contrast to Roy and Hayley's bliss with the new baby, Tracy gets a hard time from Blanche. The Croppers decide to name the baby, Patience. Roy registers the birth. Nick persuades Maria to move into Gail's. Tracy redirects the visiting midwife to the Croppers. Dev and Maya return from holiday. Dev invites Steve to his place for his stag do. Liz and Andy McDonald arrive for next day's wedding. Karen and Liz agree an uneasy truce. Ken and Deirdre visit the Croppers. Hayley assures them that they'll always have a big part to play in the baby's life. Karen is determined to have a tame and sober hen night. Janice has other plans, and spikes Karen's drinks. Liz asks Steve if Ken and Deirdre can come to the wedding. Steve tells her he'll square it with Karen. Steve goes to see Tracy, happy that as far as he's concerned, everything's worked out. He gives her a maternity bonus of £50 and offers her job back at Streetcars. Andy is gobsmacked when Steve tells him everything about Tracy and the baby. Blanche informs Tracy that she can't accept what she's done with her baby, and tells her to pack her bags.moreless
  • Wed 11 Feb, 2004
    Wed 11 Feb, 2004
    Episode 32
    Roy and Hayley make preparations for the baby to come home that day. Roy gets a banker's draft for Tracy's outstanding payment of £15,000. Steve tells Karen that all he's interested in is being Mr and Mrs McDonald again. Blanche and Deirdre go to see Tracy at the hospital. Tracy has distanced herself from the baby, and Blanche leaves in disgust. Deirdre pleads with Tracy, as one mother to another, to give her baby a chance. Tracy and Deirdre arrive home with the baby. Tracy asks for some time alone to think things through. Nick and Maria decide to buy a place instead of rent. Gail offers to let Maria move in, so that they can save for a deposit. Todd is stunned to hear that Karl is gay. Roy and Hayley go to see Tracy to collect the baby, armed with the final payment. Tracy asks for more time, which they reluctantly allow her after the ensuing argument wakes the baby up. The Croppers are on Tracy's doorstep, grief-stricken and certain that Tracy has backed out of the deal. Tracy opens the door, takes the money and steeling herself, hands over the baby. The Croppers are full of joy, whilst Tracy, unseen by them, breaks down and sobs.moreless
  • Mon 9 Feb, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Steve goes to the hospital, but loses his nerve when he sees Deirdre outside. Tracy agrees to see her family for five minutes. Deirdre is put out that Roy gets to hold the baby first. Tracy gets upset when she takes a picture of the Croppers with the baby. Deirdre is upset at Tracy turning her back on her child, but Blanche reassures her that this fight isn't over. Roy and Hayley spot Steve in his taxi outside the hospital. They are elated and tell him how amazing the experience has been. Ciaran tells Martin that Tommy was pleased to see Katy with Karl earlier. Rita decides not to sell the Kabin now that her bad patch is over. Katy is furious when Martin calls her after the concert, wondering where she is. She tells him that Karl is gay. Tracy insists that Steve holds the baby. She wants to know how he really feels before she makes any decision on the baby's future. Tracy tells Steve that she's sold her baby to the Croppers for £25,000 and has married Roy, so unless he wants to be part of the baby's life, she'll keep quiet. Tracy asks Steve to choose between Karen and she and the baby. Eventually, Steve tells her to give the baby to the Croppers, leaving Tracy bereft.moreless
  • Mon 9 Feb, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Steve drives Tracy to the hospital. Roy insists on accompanying her, much to her irritation. Cilla confirms to Fiz that she's going to give Rita back all her money, including costs. Blanche tries to dissuade Hayley from coming to the hospital with the Barlows, but Hayley is determined to be a part of the event. Rita considers selling the Kabin to Foxes, a chain of newsagents. Tracy pleads with Steve to tell Roy the truth and to be with her at their child's birth. Steve stands by as Roy pushes Tracy into the hospital. He comes to a decision and drives off. Gail invites Maria to stay at the house with Nick, as she'll be away for the night. Deirdre and Blanche are resentful that Roy is with Tracy for the birth. Hayley blurts out that as Tracy's husband he has every right to be there. Tommy's delighted when he sees Katy with Karl, thinking Martin has a rival. Sarah has food poisoning so Todd goes to the gig with Katy and Karl. Tracy gives birth to a girl, weighing 6 pounds 4 oz. An overwhelmed Roy cuts the cord. Immediately after giving birth, Tracy calls Steve to tell him he has a daughter and asks him to just come and see them for five minutes.moreless
  • Sun 8 Feb, 2004
    Sun 8 Feb, 2004
    Episode 29
    Sarah's intrigued to hear that Karl is going to the concert in place of Martin. Gail is delighted to be asked to babysit Bethany. Steve desperately tries to find another wedding venue at such sort notice. Fiz tricks Les into admitting that there's nothing wrong with Chesney. Fiz threatens to tell everyone how Cilla tried the same trick to get money out of a shopkeeper when Fiz was nine. Steve manages to book Walcot Manor, Karen's original choice of venue. He'd refused as it was too expensive, but now tells a delighted Karen that he's changed their plans as she deserves nothing but the best. Todd is reluctant to discuss Karl when Sarah quizzes him. Maria hijacks Claire for a drink and tells her that Ashley's been missing her. Norris is frustrated when Rita refuses to change her mind about selling the Kabin via the Estate Agents. Rita is amazed when Cilla tells her she's dropping the compensation claim. Tracy admits to Steve that she was the one who'd cancelled the wedding. He warns her to stay out of his life when she suddenly starts having intense labour pains.moreless
  • Fri 6 Feb, 2004
    Fri 6 Feb, 2004
    Episode 28
    Karen asks Steve to drop the wedding seating plan off at Doveridge Hall. Janice tells the factory girls about Harry's dead daughter. Norris makes Rita an offer for the Kabin. He's gutted when she tells him it's in the hands of the estate agents, and she can't give him first refusal. Fred returns from Umbria and is disappointed to hear that Claire is temporarily working for someone else. Harry berates Janice for blabbing his personal business. He's genuinely hurt, and she's left shame-faced. Chesney reveals Cilla's real game to Fiz. The girls put on a fashion show with their bridesmaids' dresses for Karen. She's moved to tears at having such a great bunch of mates. Steve is incredulous when the Functions Manager at Doveridge Hall tells him that she received a phone call from his wife-to-be cancelling the wedding, followed by a letter of confirmation. They've already got another booking for that day, so the wedding is definitely cancelled.moreless
  • Wed 4 Feb, 2004
    Wed 4 Feb, 2004
    Episode 27
    Norris puts up a sign "Closed due to Miscarriage of Justice" on the Kabin door. Janice distances herself from Les and offers her support to Rita. Fiz is frustrated at getting tarred with the same brush as her mother. Ashley admits to Nick that he misses Claire. Jason is horrified when Eileen pretends that she stayed out all night with Harry. Rita is released after apologising to the magistrates. Harry hasn't turned up for work, so a concerned Janice goes to his house to see him. Harry confides in her that today would have been the 21st birthday of his daughter Catherine, but she died from leukemia when she was eighteen. They bond as Janice tells him about losing Dennis. Gordon turns up with a bunch of flowers for Betty's birthday. She moves back home. Cilla announces to the pub that she's going to sue Rita in the Civil courts. Janice tells Eileen about Harry's daughter. Steve makes plans all day and surprises Karen with her three new bridesmaids - Janice, Hayley and Fiz. Rita shocks Norris and Emily with the news that she's selling the Kabin.moreless
  • Mon 2 Feb, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Harry admits to Eileen that Candice roped him into their date. They enjoy each other's company, although Harry is reluctant to talk about himself. Sunita is peeved when Ciaran takes seeing her again in his stride. Rita is found guilty and is ordered to pay a fine of £500, plus £500 compensation to Chesney. Rita gives the magistrates a piece of her mind. Norris backs her up, and they're both held in contempt of court and ordered to be taken down. Maya is thrilled to hear that Dev is taking her to Morocco on holiday. Rita and Norris agree to apologise to the magistrates to avoid being locked up. Norris duly apologises, however Rita cracks and tells the magistrates that they're a bunch of numbskulls for believing an obvious put-up job. She's remanded in custody until the next day. Karen's Auntie Eva calls her with the bad news that her bridesmaids are quarantined with chickenpox and won't make the wedding.moreless
  • Mon 2 Feb, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Rita refuses to let Norris come to court with her, asking him to run the shop instead. Emily, Audrey and Blanche go with Rita to offer their support. Candice tells Jason that nobody replied to the lonely hearts ad. Jason pretends to Eileen that he's vetting the replies before showing them to her. Sunita returns from Scotland, ready to get on with her life. Rita is grateful when Norris turns up at the court. Chesney gives his evidence via video link and tells the court that Rita hit him and slammed him against the shelves. Cilla gives evidence that Chesney has wet the bed since his ordeal. She does such a good job that Rita's defence lawyer doesn't cross examine her. Candice goes to the factory to ask Janice's advice on middle aged men. Harry leads her off the premises at Nick's insistence. Harry agrees to ask Eileen out on a date. Rita is questioned by the prosecution. Rita suggests that the charges are complete fabrication, but on her lawyer's advice, she just manages to keep her cool. Eileen is stunned to see that her blind date is Harry. The magistrates retire to make their decision, the verdict uncertain.moreless
  • Sun 1 Feb, 2004
    Sun 1 Feb, 2004
    Episode 24
    Kirk hides from Fiz at the Battersby's, afraid to admit he's not on the run any more because he was homesick. Norris tells Rita that the Gazette delivery hasn't arrived so that she doesn't see the article about her. Rita's solicitor warns her that, without witnesses, the case will come down to whom the magistrates believe - an injured child, or her. Fiz and Tyrone find Kirk and are horrified to hear that he turned himself in, as they've now become accessories to the crime. They go with Kirk to the police station to retract his statement. The police advise him to accept a caution instead. Rita overhears herself being discussed in the Rovers. Cilla delights in showing her the article and she's humiliated that she knew nothing about it. She's angry with Norris for leaving her unprepared to face everybody by hiding the papers from her. Eileen's horrified at the wording of the lonely hearts ad, until it's pointed out to her that there's an attractive quality of honesty and directness about it. Cilla revises her offer to £3000 to drop the charges against Rita. Rita tells her she'll see her in court.moreless
  • Fri 30 Jan, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fiz learns that Tyrone didn't grass Kirk up, so he's on the run for nothing. Eric takes Shelley to a posh restaurant. Eric is obviously devoted to her and she has a nice time. Tyrone agrees to help Fiz get Kirk off the hook. They go to the jewellers in disguise and slip the ring back into its display case whilst the shop assistant isn't looking. Shelley agrees to go back to Eric's house for a cup of tea. His mother, Dolly lives there and greets them in her dressing gown. Eric and his mother are inseparable. Shelley beats a hasty retreat, refusing Eric's offer of another date. She advises him to cut the apron strings before he asks another girl out. Cilla turns the heat up on Rita and phones up the Gazette with her story. Candice has put a lonely hearts ad in the Gazette on Eileen's behalf. Eileen is livid. Fiz fails to get hold of Kirk to tell him the police aren't after him. Kirk goes to the police station and hands himself in as the mastermind behind the heist on the jewellers. He gets arrested on suspicion of theft.moreless
  • Fri 30 Jan, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Cilla accuses Norris of ogling her when he tries to collect a £25 outstanding paper bill from Les. Mike is going on a fortnight's holiday to Spain, leaving Nick in charge. Nick warns Janice that he'll fire her as soon as he gets the chance. Fiz's ring is incredibly tight. She tells Kirk that they can take it to the jewellers later. Tyrone tells Kirk that he saw him on TV, and that he's considering grassing him up. Nick plants an almost empty half-bottle of vodka in Janice's bag and sacks her for gross misconduct (for being drunk at work). Candice is pleased that Eileen is so enthusiastic about she and Jason being back together. Tyrone tells a horrified Fiz about Kirk stealing the ring. Jack persuades him not to go to the police to turn Kirk in. Kirk sees a policeman and jumps to the conclusion that Tyrone has turned him in. He goes on the run, leaving a distraught Fiz. Harry warns Nick that the girls will walk out if he sacks Janice and quietly suggests that Nick may have planted the bottle himself. Nick reinstates Janice. Eric Gartside arrives for his date with Shelley. He immediately reclaims £10 that Jack borrowed four years ago.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jan, 2004
    Wed 28 Jan, 2004
    Episode 21
    Kirk can't afford to buy a ring. In desperation, he steals one from a jewellers on Victoria Parade. Tracy and Steve are reconciled as she tells him she's sorry for all the trouble she's caused. Nick marks Janice's card as she winds him up at work. Eileen tells Jason that he'll have to apologise to Candice if he wants her back. Jason gives Charlie stick over his date with Bev. After the meal, Charlie makes his excuses and sends Bev home in a taxi. Tracy pumps Karen for information about her florists. She later calls and cancels the flowers, again pretending to be Karen. Fiz nearly chokes, as Kirk puts the engagement ring into her drink. Harry performs the Heimlich manoeuvre on her and she excitedly accepts. Martin can't make the concert. He's concerned when Katy invites Karl in his place. Janice proposes a toast to the happy couple just as Tyrone walks into the Rovers. He thinks he's been made a fool of and leaves immediately. Steve tells Karen that his mother wants to come and stay for a few days before the wedding. Karen is surprisingly calm, determined that nothing will spoil her big day. Tyrone sees footage of Kirk stealing the ring on a TV crime show. Tyrone resolves to tell the police first, and then Fiz.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jan, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Steve veers from threats to pleas as he tries to get Tracy not to tell Karen about the baby. Nick and Maria are disheartened at the high price of renting flats. Bev invites Charlie out for a meal. Karen gets agitated as she wonders where Steve has got to. Pushed by Todd, Sarah asks Martin and Katy to come to the Badly Drawn Boy concert. Steve tells Tracy that if she breaks he and Karen up, he'll hold it against her for the rest of his life. Steve's convinced Tracy is about to blab, but she confides in Ciaran that she's got too much to lose and is planning something much more subtle. Bert the Drayman tells Shelley that his workmate, Eric, fancies her. Bev pushes her to go on a date with him. Tyrone presents Fiz with a "diamonade" engagement ring. She tells him that she can't marry him. Tracy finds out that the wedding is at Doveridge Hall. Pretending to be Karen, she calls up and tells the Functions Manager that they've had to call the wedding off.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jan, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Tracy stuns Ciaran by telling him that Steve is the father of her baby. Ciaran advises her to keep quiet about it. Karen's delighted when Steve is very loving towards her.Dev wants to take Maya to Morocco but she's irritated that they can't go until Sunita gets back.Fiz is still in a dilemma. Karen tells her to choose the one who spends the most money on her. Karl calls round and stays to help Katy with her essay. Alarm bells start to ring for Martin when he hears that Karl has been with Katy for hours. Jack wants Tyrone to make amends with Kirk. They make friends, until Fiz announces that she'd say yes to whoever got her an engagement ring. Dev has four freebie Badly Drawn Boy tickets. Maya gives them to Todd. Ciaran gives Steve a warning to watch out for Tracy. Steve has had enough of Tracy's asides. He drags her out of the Rovers with the excuse that she has to sign some maternity forms. He tells her again that he's not interested and a stung Tracy tells him that she's going to tell everyone who the baby's father is, starting with Karen.moreless
  • Sun 25 Jan, 2004
    Sun 25 Jan, 2004
    Episode 18
    The next morning, Steve makes it clear to Tracy that he doesn't love her and is marrying Karen. Hayley quizzes Ciaran about Tracy's furniture buying, trying to work out if Tracy is nest-building. Karen suggests to Steve that they stay celibate until their wedding night. Martin tells Ciaran that he doesn't see Karl as a threat regarding Katy. Maria and Nick decide to get a place of their own together. Blanche is determined that Tracy has a birthday party. She invites several people, including Karen and Steve, but the general response is less than enthusiastic. Sonia suggests entering a charity five-a-side football competition. Steve persuades Karen to break their celibacy vow to get out of going to the party. He goes to see Tracy to tell her again to leave things alone, and gives her her notice from Streetcars. Les and Kirk tag along with Ciaran, hoping to join Tracy's party. She lets Ciaran in, but sends the other two packing. Karen goes to see Tracy to apologise for not making the party. She explains that Steve has a romantic evening planned, and declares that she's lucky to be marrying him. Tracy is livid at what she thinks is Karen's patronising manner. She vows to Ciaran that she's going to make sure that there's not going to be any wedding.moreless
  • Fri 23 Jan, 2004
    Fri 23 Jan, 2004
    Episode 17
    Fiz asks Tyrone and Kirk to think of the three things they like best about her. The one with the best answer will help her decide whom to choose. Tracy is disinterested when Hayley and Roy show her the yellow wallpaper they plan to decorate the nursery with. Steve drives Tracy to buy a dining table and chairs. Steve gets out of going to a bridal fair with Karen by telling her that he'd already offered to assemble the furniture. Ashley is missing Claire whilst she's in Altrincham. Tyrone gives his answer to Fiz on her best three attributes. He does well, but Kirk's answer leaves her overcome with emotion. She needs time to think. Tracy is pleased to have Steve alone in her house. She talks to him about how weird it will be to watch their baby being brought up by the Croppers. He's increasingly uneasy. Steve forcibly ejects a persistent Roy when he comes round to insist that Tracy attends ante-natal classes. Gail tells Maria and Nick that they can use her house to meet up, but Maria is uncomfortable and goes home. Tracy tells Steve that marrying Karen would be a mistake and that she loves him.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jan, 2004
    Wed 21 Jan, 2004
    Episode 16
    Maria is furious with Fiz for the way she's treated Kirk. Les advises Kirk to move on. Kirk agrees, but he's going to kill Tyrone first. He finds Tyrone at the garage, where they have a fracas over Fiz. Rita is back behind the counter at the shop, despite Norris's reservations. Tyrone proposes to Fiz in an attempt to win her, but she's not impressed and tells him that Kirk's proposal was much better. Fiz tries to explain herself to Kirk, pointing out that if he'd trusted her in the first place, she wouldn't have slept with Tyrone. She assures him that she's not seeing Tyrone. Tyrone hires Mr Newhouse's horse, with the idea of proposing to Fiz on horseback. Instead, the horse carries on past the factory, gathering speed, with Tyrone unable to control it. He ends up with his arm in a sling after falling off in Tile Street. Martin lends his medical books to Karl Foster, who's studying for his exams. Claire is bored without Joshua and arranges to nanny for a family in Altrincham for the week he's away. Tyrone proposes again to Fiz in the Rovers, when Kirk comes in and tells her that he's forgiven her and wants to marry her too. War is declared between the two boys.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jan, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Fiz promises to be gentle with Tyrone as she hurls him into the bedroom. Penny asks Mike to join her on a fortnight's holiday. He's not keen, and puts her off. Fred asks Maxine's parents to look after Joshua for a week and arranges a trip to Umbria for himself at the same time, leaving Ashley alone in the house with Claire. Audrey goes to see Rita to talk some sense into her. She insists that Rita snaps out of it and to join her at the Rovers to show the world what she's made of. Tommy reluctantly thanks Martin when Martin and Katy tell Craig that he's off the hook, as the police couldn't find any evidence of brake tampering. Armed with an armful of Dev's left-over flowers, Kirk proposes to Fiz outside her window, whilst singing "their" song "Slim Shady". Tyrone and Fiz listen in her bedroom until a jealous Tryone shows himself and tells Kirk that Fiz belongs to him now. Fiz is furious with him, whilst Kirk is left bereft. Steve agrees to a harp at the wedding on the condition that it's the very last thing on Karen's list. Cilla confronts Rita and asks her about the out-of-court settlement. A furious Rita turns on her, letting out all the pent-up anger. Cilla swings for Rita and is hauled out of the pub by Les, leaving Rita to think that she's made things much worse.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jan, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Norris opens up the shop, as Rita hasn't been seen for two days. A worried Emily tries to trace her. Kevin gives Tommy his job back on the condition he stays sober and keeps his temper in check. Rita arrives at the shop in a complete state, woozy from taking a sleeping tablet. Norris locks the shop and stalls Emily when she comes in search of Rita. Rita has spent all weekend hiding from the world. A worried Norris listens as she tells him that she has no fight left, and never wants to work in the shop again. Tyrone goes to see Fiz and seduces her with a take-away. He tells her that he loves her and they have a passionate clinch. Katy gets a phone call to go to the police station to discuss the investigation. Maria has worked out that Claire fancies Ashley. She and Fred decide that between them they may have a chance to get the couple together. Penny King comes to the Rovers as she's meeting Mike. Mike is late, so Fred seizes his chance and asks Penny out on a date.moreless
  • Sun 18 Jan, 2004
    Sun 18 Jan, 2004
    Episode 13
    Rita tells Norris that she'd rather go to jail than pay a penny to Cilla. Kevin thinks about taking Tommy back on at the garage. Rita warns Chesney that when the truth comes out, it won't be Florida that he's going to. Cilla interprets this as intimidation and is pleased to see her case building. Fiz admits that she fancies both Kirk and Tyrone and can't choose between them. Rita overhears Kevin gossiping that she was out of control, shouting at the kids on the street, and furiously storms out of the Rovers. Bev persuades Charlie that she's just after a bit of discreet fun, and things are seemingly back on between them. The strain tells on Rita as she rails against the injustice of everything. Ken worries that her anger and her admittance of hitting Chesney will stand against her. Tyrone feels guilty when he sees what a state Kirk is in. He tells Kirk that he might have misread the signals, and that he should talk to Fiz himself. Rita and Norris share a tender moment, as Norris pledges his undying support. Charlie playfully asks Deirdre if she can use her sway at the council to get him a lucrative council contract. Bev looks on jealously. Tyrone confesses to Fiz how much he likes her, and admits that he lied to Kirk to scupper their relationship. She's angry, but also secretly pleased at all the attention. Cilla corners Rita in a darkened Kabin. She's there to intimidate, and warns a shaken Rita that she's going to lose everything.moreless
  • Fri 16 Jan, 2004
    Fri 16 Jan, 2004
    Episode 12
    Rita plans to enlighten the magistrates that Cilla's real aim is to extort money. Chesney confirms her suspicions when she overhears him telling his mates that he's off to Florida. Shelley receives a letter officially annulling her marriage to Peter. Fiz is still ignoring Kirk. He asks Tyrone to talk to her on his behalf. Cilla is gutted when her solicitor tells her that she'll probably only get £500 - £1000. Rita returns from the magistrates court. She's frustrated that she could only give her name and address and enter her plea. Tyrone and Fiz bond over stories of their bad mothers. Tyrone realises how much he likes Fiz and lies to Kirk by telling him that Fiz won't forgive him and to give up. Tyrone gives Vera back her ring from the pawnbrokers and reveals that he's paying the builders. Jason revels in the gossip about Charlie and Bev. Charlie is very uncomfortable being the talk of the town and dumps Bev. Fiz confronts Chesney about the accusations against Rita. He denies he's lying. Rita is left shaken and deflated when Cilla confronts her in the Rovers and points out that she hasn't got a leg to stand on. Cilla follows Rita home and says she'll drop the charges for £5000.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jan, 2004
    Wed 14 Jan, 2004
    Episode 11
    Shelley teases Bev, asking if she's sure Charlie's not going to cancel again. Chesney pretends to come over all faint at the police station as Cilla lodges her complaint. Dev and Maya make up and Maya gives Todd the stolen vase as a wedding present. Rita is taken from the Kabin by the police. She is driven away to the police station, watched by a jubilant Cilla and an unconvinced Les. Bev and Charlie go back to Charlie's place and sleep together after a successful date. Dev realises that Maya's unpredictability makes her even more attractive to him. Les is worried about going to court if their case against Rita goes ahead, but Cilla assures him that Rita will definitely settle out of court. Rita is formally interviewed. She admits hitting Chesney, but only because he was robbing her. The police point out that there were no witnesses, and the only evidence available is that he did attend hospital and they have a doctor's report. Bev is floating on air after her date with Charlie. Rita is arrested on suspicion of causing ABH against Chesney. She's released on police bail and has to appear in magistrates' court in two days time.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jan, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Cilla and Les take Chesney to Weatherfield General to get his "injuries" checked out. Todd won't listen when Eileen tells him that he'll live to regret getting married. Dev persuades Maya that she can't afford to buy an expensive vase in Elevation. He's stunned when she later produces it, and says she stole it from the shop. Rita decides to take Chesney some sweets and comics to smooth the waters. Directed by Cilla, Chesney gives an award winning performance in A&E. Gail tells Eileen that she's not happy about the wedding either, but she doesn't want to risk her relationship with Sarah by saying anything. Maya is initially blasé about stealing the vase, but flips out completely when Dev refuses to let the matter go. Dev wonders what sort of woman she really is. Chesney's x-ray results show that he's fine, apart from superficial cuts and bruises but the doctor warns Cilla that head injuries are unpredictable. Cilla checks that everything is on the record now, and is delighted that her plan is panning out. Charlie postpones his date with Bev when an emergency job comes up. Eileen and Nick realise that they can't fight the wedding and give their blessings. Cilla uses Rita's peace offerings as evidence that Rita is feeling guilty about Chesney. She tells Rita that she's reporting her for serious assault on a child.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jan, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Cilla comes into the Kabin looking for a fight but her attitude changes when Rita tells her that she does not need to pay for the broken window. Norris implements his 'only two children in the Kabin at once' policy. However, it does not stop Bradley and Chesney coming in to give him cheek. Eileen is in a bad mood at work as she is still recovering from Todd's wedding bombshell. Chesney gets caught nicking sweets from the Kabin by Rita. She clips his ear and he drops the sweets. On his way out the door he trips and bangs his head. Jason gets dumped by Candice after Charlie's advice about women backfires on him. Nick goes round to talk Sarah out of marrying Todd but he realises he can't do anything to change her mind. Rita is feeling guilty about Chesney so goes round to check he's ok. Les tells her not to worry and she goes home feeling relieved. Ken apologises to Charlie for going to the council about the asbestos, not realising that Deirdre had had a word with Charlie rather than reporting it. Cilla comes home and finds out that Rita hit Chesney. She sees it as good way to scam some compensation and plans to get Rita arrested for GBH.moreless
  • Sun 11 Jan, 2004
    Sun 11 Jan, 2004
    Episode 8
    Norris tries to solve the problem with the boys by making an 'only two children allowed in at once' sign for the Kabin. Rita reminds him that it's a sweet shop! Sarah gets Todd to propose again on one knee and she accepts. Sarah tells Martin about the engagement. She is relieved that he is happy for her. Rita catches Chesney stealing sweets from the Kabin and throws him out. Bev drools over Charlie in the Rovers. Charlie plays up to her. Sarah and Todd invite their mothers round to tell them about the engagement. Gail is pleased for Sarah. She warns her that it will be difficult but promises to be there for her. Eileen, however, storms off and refuses to give her blessing. Chesney smashes the Kabin window playing football. Rita follows him to No.5 but Cilla threatens Rita with her fists and refuses to pay for the window. Claire tells Maria that she fancies someone who does not feel the same. She refuses to tell Maria the name of the person.moreless
  • Fri 9 Jan, 2004
    Fri 9 Jan, 2004
    Episode 7
    Sarah has had a restless night worrying about Bethany. She plans to quit her job and spend more time with Bethany. Deirdre cooks Ken breakfast to make up for the night before. She agrees to speak to someone about the asbestos roof in Charlie's yard. Blanche thinks that Deirdre is neglecting Ken by going out to work so she takes it upon herself to keep him company, much to the displeasure of Ken himself. Chesney and Bradley steal pens from the Kabin. Deirdre finds Charlie in the Rovers to have a quiet word about his asbestos problem. She warns him to not get on the wrong side of Ken. Gail overhears Norris talking about Bethany. She demands to know what happened and goes straight round to see Sarah. While there, Sarah admits that she is a hopeless mother and breaks down. Gail comforts her and they make up. Chesney and Bradley return to the Kabin. Norris threatens to call the police. He and Rita realise that they have a real problem on their hands. Harry suggests to Emily that they set up a charity shop on Victoria St. She agrees. Bev and Charlie chat. They agree to go on a date. Todd tells Sarah how much he realised that he loved Bethany when Brenda took her. He wants to be a proper family. He asks Sarah to marry him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jan, 2004
    Wed 7 Jan, 2004
    Episode 6
    Norris meets Sarah and Todd at the cemetery and tells them that Emily thinks Brenda has gone to St. Saviours. They ring the police and set off. Meanwhile, Emily joins Brenda and Bethany in the Church Tower and tries to persuade Brenda to come down. Chesney and his mates cause trouble for Rita in the Kabin. While Les still goads Kirk about beating up Tyrone, Cilla has a change of heart and tells Kirk that she may have got what she saw wrong and to speak to Fiz. In the church tower, Brenda panics when she sees the police and gets ready to jump.Ken finds Deirdre in the Rovers and marches her home for an overcooked dinner. Sarah, Todd and Norris arrive at the church. Sarah sees Bethany in the Tower and is distraught. Brenda tries to find justification of her actions in the scriptures. Emily, however, points out the indisputable commandment 'Thou shalt not kill'. Kirk goes round to see Fiz to give her another chance, but she is offended that he still doesn't believe her and that he demands an apology first, so she tells him that she would not go out with him again if hewere the last man on earth! Back in the Church, Emily makes Brenda realise the hurt that she would be inflicting on Sarah if she killed Bethany after they hear Sarah screaming in anguish. Emily manages to bring Brenda down from the Tower and Bethany is reunited with Sarah.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jan, 2004 [Episode 2]
    Brenda takes Bethany to Neil's grave, telling her they are going to see her daddy. Cilla and Les encourage Kirk to beat up Tyrone. Later, in the Rovers, Les and Cilla argue with Jack and Vera over Kirk and Tyrone. Jack drags Vera and Tyrone out of the pub before someone gets hurt. Vera returns from Blackpool and discovers that Charlie has stitched them up. Todd and Sarah go to Brenda's house to find Bethany. They break in and are disturbed when they find photos of Bethany in Neil's room. Brenda leads Bethany to the church tower of St Saviours. She tells Bethany that Sarah will no longer want her when the new baby arrives. Sarah and Todd borrow money from Norris for the bus and head to the cemetery. Norris tells Emily what has happened and they too go to look for Brenda. Steve and Karen discuss the wedding plans. Karen's cousins will be bridesmaids and Steve's brother is coming over from Spain to be best man. Deirdre stays in the Rovers for a drink with her new workmate, Andrea. Meanwhile, Ken is at home, dinner ready, wondering where Deirdre is. Vera tells Tyrone that she has pawned her engagement ring to pay for the building work. Emily searches the church for Brenda and Bethany and finds them on the Church Tower. It is clear Brenda intends to jump.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jan, 2004 [Episode 1]
    Sarah is still feeling unnerved after the confrontation with Brenda. Then Brenda turns up at Sarah's flat hoping to see Bethany. Sarah is outraged and vows never let Brenda see Bethany again. Emily sees an upset Brenda and comforts her. Deirdre is jittery as she gets ready for her first day at her new job. Ken is pleased when he manages to calm her down. Roy later suggests to Ken that he should also cook her a meal to welcome her home from work. Maria finds Fiz crying and Fiz tells her that Kirk has dumped her. Maria says that she will sort Kirk out but finds out that Fiz spent the night at Tyrone's and is angry at Fiz.In the cafe, Brenda tells Emily that Sarah is leading Bethany into 'a life of sin and shame'. Emily tries to talk to Sarah but Sarah tells Emily that Brenda is mad. Charlie quotes Jack £2000 for the extension work. Jack can't afford it so tries to sell the fridge to Roy and Ken but is ridiculed instead. Jack is not amused. However, Charlie agrees to take the fridge and knock off £500 for the work he is doing. Rita is fed up of Norris sending inappropriate birthday cards to her friends and demands that he hands over her diaries. Janice presents Les with divorce papers again and is surprised when he happily signs them. Fiz is heartbroken about Kirk. She asks her mam why she is trying to ruin her life. Cilla does not respond and Fiz leaves in tears. Sarah and Todd turn up at Bethany's nursery to find that Brenda has taken her.moreless
  • Sun 4 Jan, 2004
    Sun 4 Jan, 2004
    Episode 3
    Tracy is miffed that she now has Blanche living with her and especially as they had to share a bed! Janice claims her prize of Les being her slave for the day. She sub-contracts him out to the factory girls. Tracy wants rid of Blanche and so tries to act as peace-maker between Blanche and Deirdre but to no avail. Cilla tells Kirk that Fiz is having an affair with Tyrone. Kirk is gutted. Sarah and Todd tell Brenda that she is barred from seeing Bethany. Brenda tells them they'll regret it and leaves. Sarah and Todd feel unnerved. Tracy tries to persuade Blanche to move back to Ken and Deirdre's. Tracy explains that she might want to sell the house. Blanche shocks Tracy when she tells her that she owns the house and that she is leaving it to Tracy and the baby in her will. Fiz tries to convince Kirk that although she spent the night with Tyrone nothing happened between them. Cilla puts in her two- penneth saying that she saw them kiss on the doorstep. Fiz tries to explain that it was friendly kiss and nothing more but Kirk is devastated knowing that he's been lied to. Fiz sobs her heart out.moreless
  • Fri 2 Jan, 2004
    Fri 2 Jan, 2004
    Episode 2
    Roy panics when he discovers that virtual baby has stopped breathing until Hayley points out that it was only programmed for a week and it's switched itself off. Norris flips through Rita's address book and comments that it's full of men and few women. Janice and Cilla have a cat fight over Les. Cilla thinks Janice still fancies Les. Janice enjoys winding her up. Deirdre feels guilty when she finds Blanche's suitcases in the hall until she discovers they're empty and Blanche was trying to make her feel guilty. They have a huge row. Deirdre insists she moves out immediately. Ashley visits Maxine's grave and meets Bethany in the cemetery. He talks to her and is shocked when Brenda screams at him to leave Bethany alone. Later he tells Sarah and Todd about the incident. Sarah is perturbed to discover that Brenda has been taking Bethany to Neil's grave and refers to Bethany as her own daughter. Surprisingly Jason enjoys his date with Candice and they agree to go out again. Blanche moves into No.7 with Tracy. Fiz tells Shelley that her mother is a thief and not to employ her. Fiz admits all to Cilla and Cilla tells Fiz that she knows she spent the night with Tyrone on Christmas Day and intends to repay her by letting Kirk know.moreless
  • Thu 1 Jan, 2004
    Thu 1 Jan, 2004
    Episode 1
    Deirdre and Blanche continue to row. Blanche accuses Deirdre of not doing enough to encourage Tracy to keep the baby. Deirdre shouts at Blanche for blowing all her money on a house for Tracy - the money Deirdre would have inherited! Sunita decides to get away for a few weeks as she feels her life is a mess. Tracy moves into No.7. Emily is her first visitor. Betty feels very down. Her son doesn't want her and she feels in the way at the Rovers. The Promise Auction takes place in the Rovers:- Janice bids for Les to be her slave for the day. Candice bids for a night out with Jason. Rita bids for Norris's address book/card system - out of pity! Karen bids for Steve's taxi services for an evening. Blanche bids for Harry's cleaning services. Tracy finds Betty sitting all alone on the bench. Betty tells Tracy that one of her biggest regrets is the fact that she gave her baby away to her sister. This gives Tracy food for thought. Cilla asks Shelley for a job at the Rovers. Shelley tells her to speak to her tomorrow. Tracy admits to Ciaran that she's in love with Steve. Blanche tells Deirdre that she's bought No.7 in her own name but that upon her death her will stipulates that it will pass to Tracy. Deirdre is furious and tells Blanche to pack her bags and move out. Blanche is shocked.moreless