Coronation Street - Season 46

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  • Fri 30 Dec, 2005
    Fri 30 Dec, 2005
    Episode 263
    It's New Year's Eve. Sophie not happy at being parked with Rita for the evening while Kevin and Sally go to the Rovers. Rosie goes round to Craig's. Carol announces she's giving up booze in the New Year but intends to drink tonight. Tracy's furious that noone will baby-sit for Amy and she's got to stay in. Keith goes round to Audrey's leaving Craig and Rosie alone. Les and Cilla invite Danny and Leanne for dinner because Cilla's got designs on the Baldwin millions. When Charlie calls for Tracy she goes out with him leaving Amy home alone. Jamie promises Mike he'll make sure he gets home okay. Mike's grateful. Carol continues to make poisonous comments about Frankie and Jamie's relationship. Jamie tells her she's got it wrong and it's all in her head. As Big Ben chimes midnight everyone kisses. Frankie kisses Nathan and then Jamie. Carol tells Nathan that Frankie fancies Jamie. Nathan tells her she's drunk. Tracy slips back into the house before Amy wakes up. Ken and Deirdre think she's been the perfect mother for the evening. Sally calls round for Rosie and is shocked find her in bed with Craig. She drags Rosie home. Kevin's furious and wants to thump Craig. Sally stops him.moreless
  • Wed 28 Dec, 2005
    Wed 28 Dec, 2005
    Episode 262
    Ronnie books a holiday in the Caribbean for her and Steve. When Tracy finds out she asks Charlie to book them a holiday at the same time. With Carol's nasty thoughts ringing in his ears Jamie starts to look at Frankie in a new light and realises how attractive she is. Frankie's oblivious. Carol goes to work hung-over and gets the sack. Penny goes to visit her sick mother leaving Adam to look after Mike. Sally, Kelly, Fiz and Janice talk about Sophie wanting a booster bra and when they first got a bra. Hayley feels left out. Conniving Tracy get Steve to agree to have Amy and cancel his holiday so she can go away with Charlie. Frankie tells Jamie she couldn't manage without him. Jamie reads more into this than was intended. Danny finds an engagement ring in Mike's office drawer. Ronnie makes Steve realise Tracy booked the same holiday week on purpose. Steve storms round to the Barlows and tells Tracy he's not cancelling his holiday. Jack arranges to do some nude modelling work for Hilary as he needs the money. He makes her promise not to tell Vera. Tracy's fed up when Charlie admits he never actually booked the holiday anyway as he knew it would never happen. Danny worries that once Mike's married he'll leave everything to Penny and Adam. Mike shows Jamie the second engagement ring he's bought Penny. He tells Jamie that one day he'll meet the right girl. Jamie's completely confused by his feelings towards Frankie.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Penny's worried about Mike and thinks he might have Alzheimers. Mike buys another engagement ring and sneaks it into the flat. Carol disappears and Jamie's worried sick about her. Vera phones Hilary, the artist who gave Jack £200. She rants and raves down the phone telling her to keep her hands off Jack. Keith and Audrey are in the kitchen while Craig and Rosie listen to music upstairs. Sophie's still in a sulk over not being allowed a booster bra. Vernon's got a gig at the Weatherfield Palace. Liz ends up lugging all the kit again. Hilary pays Jack and Vera a visit. She manages to win Vera round by suggesting she does a painting of both of them. Ronnie visits Jimmy in prison. She tells him she's keeping his £5k as severance pay and that she'll spill the beans on all his dodgy deals if he tries anything. Carol turns up drunk. Jamie's relieved but upset when Carol again suggests there's something going on between him and Frankie. Danny talks to Mike about the factory and his will. He's furious when Mike says of his 51% of Underworld he's going to leave 50% to Adam and 1% to Danny so that Danny has overall control. Danny points out that he's already bought and paid for his 49% so it's only fair that Mike should split his 51% between him and Adam. Mike disagrees. Mike asks Danny if he thinks he's losing his marbles. Danny assures him he's fit as a fiddle.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Adam thinks Mike will be fine, Penny tells him she can't go on pretending that's true. Steve won't drop the subject of the money - Ronnie tells him it won't be a problem. Mike and Viv brush off yesterday's events when Penny brings it up. Danny and Leanne discuss Mike and Alzheimer's. Danny worries about the factory. Steve's thinking about Karen and last year's events. Liz worries about him. Sophie's still after a booster bra but Sally's adamant she's too young. Jamie tells Frankie Mike freaked him out yesterday. He then finds Carol's not in her room. he says she's probably out drunk. Frankie comforts him but he's uncomfortable with the intimacy between them. Janice is touched when Leanne buys her a posh (for her!) figurine. Cilla reminisces to Les about how her Mum used to treat her. She threatens Mr Wong with tribunals if she's out of a job. Jimmy sends Ronnie an amethyst bracelet. Steve worries how it got into Liz's flat, where he found it. Not happy, he accuses Ronnie of getting off on the situation. Craig takes Rosie upstairs to 'listen to music'. Keith's uncomfortable. Claire and Ashley are mortified that Fred's told half the street their news. Penny makes Adam see how serious things are. They try to persuade Mike to get help but he refuses. Viv says it's no wonder he's cracking up with Penny around. Ronnie thinks Jimmy knows about the money as he's asked to see her. Steve's sickened. He blurts out a hurtful remark about Jimmy knocking Ronnie around. Ronnie storms off.moreless
  • Sun 25 Dec, 2005
    Sun 25 Dec, 2005
    Episode 259
    Penny's disappointed with her present from Mike, a Road Atlas, but relieved it's something he's remembered she needs. Maybe she's been wrong to worry. Carol tells Frankie she and Jamie might move out. Frankie's hurt but cheers up when Warren phones. Danny's depressed about the state of his family, Leanne tells him not to mope. The Battersbys' oven breaks and they have nowhere to cook the turkey. Steve's angry when Ronnie gives him £5000 of Jimmy's money as a present. He throws it back at her. Ronnie's seething and can't see the problem. Deirdre's pleased when Tracy comes round, they try to call a truce about Charlie. Mike, Penny, Danny, Leanne and Adam arrive at the restaurant and wait for Viv. Mike's frustrated he can't remember how many people he booked the table for. Danny's irritated to see Carol and Eric there and tells Eric he's being used. After Kirk, Fiz and Chesney try to cook the turkey on the sunbed, Cilla and Yana put it in the deep fat fryer at the chippy and they all go to the pub. Keith and Audrey leave so Craig texts Rosie to come over, but Sally won't let her go. Ronnie's bored spending time at the Barlow's but Steve wants to spend time with Amy. Tracy's intrigued when she notices them arguing. Adam's had too much wine and mocks Leanne for sleeping with three Baldwins. Claire's frustrated she can't get Ashley alone for long enough to give him his present. Frankie says she'll miss Jamie, he assures her he doesn't want to live with Carol. Carol tells Eric how Danny made her life a misery and makes a drunken scene at the Baldwin table. Eric leaves in disgust. When Viv arrives Mike asks where Harry is. He's shocked and bemused when Penny reminds him that Harry died six months ago. Vera loves her present from Jack. She's bought him the deeds to a burial plot so they can rest in peace together. Jack admits he sold his body to an artist to buy her present, she's distraught and vows to buy his body back. Charlie calls at the Barlow's. Deirdre's seething but Tracy wins over and he stays. Penny tells Mike he needs help from a doctor, he says he's fine and goes for a walk. Craig joins the Webster's, Sally later allows him and Rosie to go out for a while. Claire tells Ashley and Fred she's pregnant. Ashley's ecstatic and Fred's stunned. They decide to keep it quiet until after twelve weeks but Fred's already blurted the news to a delighted Bev. The Battersby clan see the chippy is on fire and scamper away into the house. Craig and Rosie find Mike sobbing on the steps to Underworld. When Jamie comes over they disappear into Craig's house for a Christmas quickie. Mike couldn't find his way back to the restaurant or home and tells Jamie he forgot his own brother was dead. Scared he's losing his mind he sobs in Jamie's arms.moreless
  • Fri 23 Dec, 2005
    Fri 23 Dec, 2005
    Episode 258
    The factory workers try to convince Danny and Mike to let them off early so they can go for Christmas drinks. Mike's bought a Diamond engagement ring. Street Cars is hectic. Ronnie complains to Steve they're 'ships that pass in the night'. Carol's upset that Jamie sees his present early, a ring engraved 'love from mum'. He says he likes it, but his face falls when she suggests they move in together. Frankie's fuming as Danny winds her up. He tells her he'll miss her over Christmas. Rita and Emily go to Rev Ashbourne's final service, Emily says farewell to the reverend. Mike struggles to add up the workers' bonuses, Penny helps but is upset that Mike is being forgetful again. Mike wonders what's upsetting her. When Steve asks Tracy if he can see Amy on Christmas day, Tracy winds him up and tells him Amy is with Deirdre. When Ken and Steve confront Tracy she admits Amy is at nursery and she doesn't think Steve, Ken or Deirdre should see her on Christmas day. Charlie says she should let them. Tracy gives in as long as they promise to back off about her and Charlie. Ken thanks Charlie. Ed drives Emily and Rita home from church. Emily tells Rita Ed is only nice to her because he sees her as a good cause, a lonely old widow. Steve leaves Ronnie with the impression he's got serious money worries. Mike realises he's left the engagement ring at Underworld. When he gets to the office he forgets why he's there. He goes home with Penny, but without the ring.moreless
  • Wed 21 Dec, 2005
    Wed 21 Dec, 2005
    Episode 257
    Jack wants to buy Vera a decent Christmas present after last year's fiasco. He sees an advert for artists' models and decides to apply. Gail gives Phil a set of keys to No. 8. Audrey insists Keith and Craig must have Christmas dinner at Gail's with her. Craig's crying on Rosie's shoulder having visited his mum in prison. Phil has a cup of tea at Eileen's. They chat and he realises how much he enjoys her company. Hilary interviews Jack for the artists' model job. She likes the fact he looks "lived in" and pays him £200 up front. Jamie's put out when Frankie announces she's got a date with Nathan. Carol clocks this and thinks he's jealous. Vera continues to work extra shifts as she needs the money to buy Jack the Christmas present she has in mind. Rosie tells Kevin how sorry she feels for Craig with his mum in prison and how lucky she feels to have her mum and dad at home. Kevin's touched. Jamie worries about Frankie while she's out with Nathan which annoys Carol. Jack shows Tyrone the Edward VII figurine he's bought for Vera. Frankie arrives home after a lovely evening with Nathan. To Jamie's disgust Carol accuses him of being jealous of Nathan and insinuates he fancies Frankie.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Audrey spells out to Rosie that she's underage and what she's doing with Craig is illegal. David's furious to find Phil moving in. He doesn't believe his flat is flooded and resolves to go and check it out. Sophie wants a Blossom booster bra for Christmas. Rosie takes the mickey. Eric tries to persuade Carol to have Christmas dinner with him in a posh hotel but she insists she wants to spend Christmas with Jamie. Dev's annoyed that Amber's been telling everyone he's her dad. Whilst getting her hair done Sally tells Audrey what a great relationship she has with Rosie and Sophie and how they tell her everything. Audrey keeps her counsel. Gail's shocked when the police bring David home having caught him trying to get into Phil's flat. Gail forgives him but Phil thinks she's too soft with David. Carol arrives home to find Frankie and Jamie sharing a joke on the sofa. She feels left out and jealous. Amber can't understand Sunita's animosity towards her until he explains that Sunita thought their babies were his only children. Eileen's upset Todd's not coming for Christmas. She blames Jason and Sarah. When Carol sees Frankie and Jamie in the pub, her twisted mind starts to read too much into their relationship. She tells Eric she will spend Christmas with him after all.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Keith and Audrey catch Craig trying to sneak Rosie out of the back door. Both Rosie and Audrey make a sharp exit while Keith demands an explanation from Craig. Craig admits to Keith he's sleeping with Rosie but defends their actions saying they're in love and have been going out for eighteen months. Charlie suggests he and Tracy should spend Christmas together. When Keith suggests he might turn a blind eye to Craig and Rosie's having sex, Audrey's appalled, citing Sarah's teenage pregnancy as the reason they must put a stop to it. Rosie scared stiff when Imogen phones and Sally answers. Rosie grabs the phone and in hushed tones explains to Imogen how she said she was staying with her. Blanche proceeds to show everyone their Christmas present in advance to ensure they like it. Tracy and Steve argue over who's having Amy at Christmas. Tracy insists she's having her but only to wind Steve up. Gail has little choice but to let Phil move in when his flat is flooded. Emily invites Rita to attend Reverend Ashbourne's last service with her. Rosie and her friends go carol singing. Audrey takes Rosie to one side and puts the fear of God up her saying she's going to tell Sally and Kevin what she's been up to.moreless
  • Sun 18 Dec, 2005
    Sun 18 Dec, 2005
    Episode 254
    Sally is writing Christmas cards. Rosie tells her that most families at Oakhill have pre-printed ones. Keith and Audrey agree to visit the Christmas market in Salford. Keith suggests they walk there to save money but Audrey insists they take a taxi. It's Tyrone's birthday. Tyrone, Jason and Maria arrange to go into town. Sarah's annoyed she can't go as she has to collect Bethany. Sarah likens she and Jason to Romeo and Juliet. Violet enjoys taking the piss. Carol makes bitchy comments to Frankie about the way she's decorated the Christmas tree. When Jamie admires it, Carol passes it off as her own handiwork. David shows Gail no respect which annoys Phil. Phil asks him how he'd feel if they had Christmas dinner together. David's just dismissive. Kelly takes Lloyd to the Clock and proceeds to flash her winnings about. Lloyd's cross with her and leaves her to it. Rosie lies to Sally saying she's staying at Imogen's in Alderley Edge when really she going to Craig's. Kelly's mugged by a guy saying he's got a knife. She loses her new bag, her phone and all her money. Mike has a couple of memory lapses which he quickly covers up. Lloyd collects Kelly from the police station and comforts her. Rosie and Craig have sex for the first time. Rosie stays the night. Keith and Audrey are oblivious in the next room.moreless
  • Fri 16 Dec, 2005
    Fri 16 Dec, 2005
    Episode 253
    Steve's annoyed to find Vernon's stayed in his flat with Liz. He falls over Vernon's drum kit in the kitchen. Rosie's in floods of tears because she caught Craig eating sausage rolls at the party when he's supposed to be vegetarian. Eric apologises to Carol and she agrees to carry on working at the bookies. Lloyd enjoys needling Steve over the fact Ronnie now has her own flat. Kelly tells Lloyd she expects something expensive for Christmas. Lloyd explains he's broke but it falls on deaf ears. Gail gets a call to say David's playing truant from school and not for the first time. Dev and Sunita are arguing in the shop when Amber suddenly arrives. Sunita leaves feeling uncomfortable. Amber tells Dev she hates him. Kelly wins £2500 on a lottery scratch card. She buys all the girls a drink and promises to take them all into town. Amber quizzes Dev as to why he didn't marry her mother. Gail tries to tackle David over his truancy but he just walks off leaving Gail frustrated. Craig apologises to Rosie and they make up. Adam continues to needle Danny behind Mike's back. Danny's determined to catch him out. Amber tells Dev that whether he likes it or not, he's her dad and she's staying around.moreless
  • Wed 14 Dec, 2005
    Wed 14 Dec, 2005
    Episode 252
    Fred stays the night at the Rovers. Shelley jumps to the wrong conclusion and is embarrassed when Bev explains he stayed on the sofa as he'd forgotten his key. Adam tells Penny about Mike sacking Hayley and the missing cheques. Carol can't face going back to work at the bookies after her humiliating evening. Mike asks Hayley why she's not at work. Bemused, she tells him he sacked her. Mike's no recollection of the conversation but covers up saying it was a misunderstanding and to get back to work as soon as possible. Penny's seriously worried that he's losing his marbles. Hayley's frosty towards the factory girls for not standing by her and refusing to strike. Adam continues to wind Danny up and suck up to Mike. Mike's delighted when the accountant phones saying he's located the missing cheques. Danny's still annoyed at Mike for accusing him of stealing. Rosie and Craig leave for the Oakhill Christmas Ball. Sally's furious when she finds Rosie's taken the scissors to her new ball gown to give it a goth look. But her opinion changes when Rosie's friend Imogen says how impressed the art master will be. Lloyd borrows £10k from the bank to pay off Tina. Kelly's pleased and agrees to go out with him again. Danny tells Leanne how Adam's trying to undermine him. Danny resolves to get the better of both Mike and Adam before they destroy the business.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Hayley walks out of the factory. She's disappointed when the girls refuse to strike in support. Lloyd's fed up when he loses on the horses. He tries to think of other ways to raise £10k to pay Tina back. Steve's unimpressed. Carol tells Jamie the roll of ten pound notes is a sub on her wages so she can go Christmas shopping. Jason's perturbed when he gets phone calls from gay men wanting massages. Sunita tells Dev she wants to move back into the shop flat. Dev tries to persuade her into moving into their new house with him but she refuses. Carol's upset when she discovers Eric is using her to make his soon to be ex-wife jealous. She storms out of the restaurant. Bev and Fred leave for their dinner dance. Penny's searching for Mike, worried that he should have been home hours ago. Rosie gossips with Craig in the shop while he's working which annoys Deirdre. Violet admits to Jason she's behind the gay massage calls. Penny's relieved when Mike arrives home but worried about where he's been.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Audrey and Keith are loved up over breakfast. They're shocked when Craig appears. Carol excitedly tells Jamie she's meeting Eric again. Jamie's proud of his new sober happy mum. As Carol leaves a roll of ten pound notes falls out of her handbag. Blanche sees Audrey leaving Keith's and clocks she's still in the same clothes she had on the night before. Gail and Eileen row again. Gail blames Eileen for letting Jason and Sarah use her house. They proceed to slag off each other's children. Still worried about the missing cheques, Mike decides to step up security and insists everyone has their bags and pockets searched before they leave the factory. Jason assures Eileen he doesn't love Sarah, it's just sex. Blanche enjoys spreading the gossip about Audrey and Keith. Norris is agog. Dev offers Craig a job in the corner shop. He starts that evening after school. Lloyd's impressed to hear how Jack once won £60k on the dogs and the horses. He asks him for some tips. Audrey and Keith go public with their relationship. Gail's delighted for them. Hayley's offended and furious that Mike could possibly think she's a thief. She refuses to have her bag searched so Mike sacks her.moreless
  • Sun 11 Dec, 2005
    Sun 11 Dec, 2005
    Episode 249
    Danny's shocked to receive a letter from Frankie's solicitor starting divorce proceedings. Leanne tries to convince him that she's his future but Danny's unconvinced. Shelley, Sunita and Violet have a girls' night in. They play tricks on their ex-boyfriends. Dev receives a pizza order he didn't want, Charlie a taxi and Violet puts a notice up in the phone box advertising Jason as a gay masseur. Craig leaves for a field trip in the Peak District. Rosie tells him how much she's going to miss him. Shelley invites Liz to the girls' night in but she turns her down in favour of Vernon. Mike spots a problem with the accounts saying some cheques have gone missing. Adam insinuates to Mike that Danny's the thief. Keith cooks dinner for Audrey and they awkwardly admit that they have feelings for one another. Danny finds himself continually comparing Leanne to Frankie which annoys Leanne. Jason's delighted when Sean has to work at the last minute meaning the house is empty. He phones Sarah who's round like a shot. Steve's upset when Ronnie insists on going home to her flat. He's even more put out when tipsy Liz brings Vernon home and they head for the bedroom. Keith tentatively suggests Audrey could stay the night. Admitting she finds him attractive she agrees and they kiss.moreless
  • Fri 9 Dec, 2005
    Fri 9 Dec, 2005
    Episode 248
    Tracy's spent the night with Charlie. She enjoys rubbing Nathan's nose in it. Ken and Deirdre are appalled at Tracy's behaviour. Fred receives an invite to the annual brewery dinner dance. Shelley and Bev have a wager on who he'll invite. Bev fixes it so he ends up inviting both of them. Both Gail and Eileen independently refuse to let Jason and Sarah use their houses as neither approves of the relationship. Steve still feeling hurt over Ronnie wanting to move out but she assures him she doesn't want them to finish. Frankie's skint and at Eileen's suggestion asks Jamie and Carol to start paying some rent. Carol gets ready for her date with her boss. Kevin, Sally and Sophie pay Nicolette and her parents a visit. Sally's miffed to see her cousin Paul has obviously gone up in the world. When Nicolette's parents tell Sally they're worried about the influence Sophie is having on their daughter Sally's incensed. Nicolette and Sophie are banned from seeing each other. Deirdre admits to Ken that although she loves Tracy she finds her horrible. Jason and Sarah are delighted when Charlie lets them use his flat for sex. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she pours a drink over him. Sally arrives home feeling humiliated by her relations.moreless
  • Wed 7 Dec, 2005
    Wed 7 Dec, 2005
    Episode 247
    Sophie brings Nicolette home for lunch. Nicolette's rude to Sally about the food she serves up. After an eye examination Ashley's delighted to find his sight is starting to return. Steve's annoyed to get a letter from Karen's solicitor demanding half of all his possessions as part of her divorce settlement. Carol enjoys showing off to Frankie that she's got a date with her boss. Frankie's feeling low having been to see a solicitor about her divorce. Leanne swans into the factory loaded down with shopping bags. Sally and Kelly tell her what they think of her. Janice tries to defend her and a fight breaks out. Mike stops the fight and throws Leanne out of Underworld. Tracy flirts with Charlie hoping to make Nathan, Shelley and Steve jealous. Kevin and Sally go out for a pizza leaving Rosie and Craig to baby-sit Sophie. Steve's put out when Ronnie says she wants a flat of her own as a base. Ashley, Claire and Nathan celebrate Ashley's news with a bottle of champagne. Jason's unimpressed when he goes to collect Sarah for a night out to find Bethany's coming with them. Sally and Kevin are furious to hear Sophie disobeyed Rosie and has been out smoking with Nicolette. Sally vows to go and have it out with Nicolette's parents.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Keith starts his paper round. Audrey persuades him to meet her for a drink later. Danny and Leanne arrive in the pub to find Frankie and Jamie already there. Frankie finds out that Jamie had Leanne round to the house. She feels betrayed by him and leaves the pub upset. Diggory sacks Liz for letting her love life get in the way of her job. Frankie's inconsolable. Jamie apologises saying he was only warning Leanne away from Danny. Frankie and Jamie cry on each other's shoulders. Carol eavesdrops from the stairs. Liz confides in Deirdre how much she likes Vernon and hopes he's "the one". Liz introduces Steve and Ronnie to Vernon. Ashley and Claire have a drink with Nathan and Tracy. Ashley's makes it clear he doesn't blame Nathan for his eye problem. Tracy however enjoys goading Claire at every opportunity. Claire eventually snaps and tells Tracy she's spiteful and twisted. Steve overhears and vows to buy Claire a drink! Danny and Leanne return home feeling like social outcasts. Frankie vows to divorce Danny. Nathan finishes with Tracy, saying he agrees with Claire, that she might be a pretty face but she's an ugly person. Tracy's furious while Charlie's amused.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Keith tells Craig and Rosie that self-respect if the most important thing in life. Danny calls round to see if Frankie's okay. Carol's vitriolic and enjoys pointing out how he's dumped Frankie for a younger model just like he did with her. Leanne's hopeful when Jamie phones her saying they need to talk. Frankie calls Danny a lying cheat and slams the door in his face. Diggory's getting fed up with Liz who turns up for work late having been out all night with Vernon and then spends the day gossiping on her mobile. Tracy accuses Nathan of spending the night with Frankie. He assures her he didn't but is unimpressed when Tracy doesn't believe him. Audrey's embarrassed when Keith returns the suit to her. Sally resolves to stop Sophie from seeing Nicolette who's a bad influence. Leanne's disappointed when Jamie makes it clear he never wants her back. Keith gets a job at the Kabin as a paper boy on a week's trial. Danny and Leanne agree to settle for each other and try and make it work as neither Frankie nor Jamie wants them.moreless
  • Sun 4 Dec, 2005
    Sun 4 Dec, 2005
    Episode 244
    Frankie's about to tell Jamie about Danny and Leanne but stops herself. Sally's doing her best to stop Sophie from seeing Nicolette and insists they go on a family picnic. But when they return Nicolette turns up anyway. Claire tries to look after Ashley but her fussing annoys him and they end up rowing. Bev and Fred are coy with each other but both secretly fancy each other. Mike's embarrassed when Danny has it out with him over the lost cheque. Nathan feels uncomfortable going in the Rovers but brazen Tracy enjoys winding everyone up. Penny's upset when she catches Mike trying to set the table again after they've eaten. Mike puts it down to pressure of work. Upset Frankie gets drunk in the Rovers. Tracy tries to pair her off with Charlie but Nathan stops her and helps Frankie home leaving Tracy and Charlie together. Nicolette and Sophie sit on the Platts' wall and eye up the local talent. Sally's mortified when Nicolette calls her Aunty Sal in front of Gail. Both Bev and Fred are disappointed when Shelley unwittingly makes them think that neither is interested in the other. Leanne goes to stay at Danny's again, both resigned to the fact no-one else wants them. Jamie and Carol help Frankie onto the sofa. Frankie's comatosed and Carol enjoys seeing her at her lowest ebb. Out of Jamie's earshot she calls her a teenage slut.moreless
  • Fri 2 Dec, 2005
    Fri 2 Dec, 2005
    Episode 243
    Rita and Norris, Fred and Bev, Diggory and Liz leave for the WTA dinner dance. Emily feels sorry for herself at being left behind. Keith discovers Audrey lied about the suit and it's a new one. Telling her he's not a charity case he storms off refusing to go to the dance. Carol's trying to poison Frankie against Danny but it's not working. Frankie admits to Eileen and Deirdre she still loves Danny and although she can't forgive him she wants to give him one more chance. At the dance Norris refers to Rita as his partner to her embarrassment. Audrey's lonely, especially as Fred only has eyes for Bev. Diggory's upset when Liz flirts with Vernon, the drummer. He proceeds to get drunk. Fred and Bev kiss. Leanne pleads with Jamie to give her one more chance but he refuses. Leanne sobs her heart out. Danny finds her upset and takes her back to his flat. Danny and Leanne row, both blaming each other for ruining their relationships. Their anger turns to passion. They kiss and Danny carries Leanne to the bedroom. Frankie calls round to Danny's flat. She tells him she still loves him and will give him another chance but is horrified to then discover Leanne in the bedroom. Keith turns up at the dance and apologises to Audrey. Audrey's upset and tells him it's too late they're finished. Drunken Diggory gives a speech to the WTA. He makes a fool of himself and resigns as President. Frankie's distraught at finding Danny and Leanne together. Leanne stays the night with Danny both realising they've lost everything and have no-one else to turn to.moreless
  • Wed 30 Nov, 2005
    Wed 30 Nov, 2005
    Episode 242
    Penny finds the missing cheque in Mike's pocket. He has no recollection of putting it there. Penny's concerned. Bev tells Emily she's going to the WTA dinner dance with Fred and suggests Emily should go with Norris. Emily likes the idea. Ashley's eye dressing is removed. Ashley's distraught to find he's blind in that eye. The doctor placates him saying there's an 80% chance he'll regain his vision. Audrey gives Keith a new suit but pretends she bought it in a charity shop to save his pride. Penny tries to talk to Danny about Mike's memory lapses but Danny's preoccupied with his own problems with Frankie. Sophie brings her new friend Nicolette home. Sally's unimpressed with Sophie's rough and common friend and horrified to discover she's Sophie second cousin - she's related to the Seddons. Emily drops hints to Norris she'd like to go to the dinner dance but Norris is oblivious and suggests he might ask Rita to accompany him. Fred's furious with Nathan, blaming him for Ashley losing the sight in an eye. Frankie tells Danny she wants a divorce. Danny's gutted. Ashley arrives home a broken man. He blames himself for goading Nathan resulting in his going blind in one eye.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Frankie's not impressed with Danny's balloon and insists he take it down. Claire has a go at Nathan for punching Ashley. Nathan's guilt-ridden. Feeling humiliated Danny gets the balloon down from the factory roof. On Fiz's instructions Kirk goes to sack Molly. But Molly not only manages to talk him out of it but gets a pay rise into the bargain. Fiz is not happy. Danny's furious with Mike when he finds out Mike's forgotten to bank an important cheque. Mike denies all knowledge of it. Violet continues to blank Sean. Nathan visits Ashley and apologises to him. Ashley's understanding telling him it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. When Claire turns up she's furious to find Nathan there. Diggory persuades Liz to attend the dinner dance with him when he offers to pay her time and half to do so. Jamie and Frankie insist Carol attends her alcoholics' meeting. Claire lets slip to Ashley he might lose the sight in his left eye. Ashley's terrified. Bev agrees to accompany Fred to the WTA dinner dance. Nathan explains to Kevin how he was a fighter as a kid and worries he's returning to his old ways. Danny calls round to see Frankie. He apologises about the balloon but explains he'll do anything to win her back. Frankie starts to soften towards him when Jamie and Carol arrive home. The moment is lost and Jamie punches Danny and throws him out on the street.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Ashley's in hospital. He doesn't know yet if he's still got his sight. Diggory asks Liz to accompany him to the Weatherfield Traders' annual dinner dance but she refuses. Diggory tells Molly she'll have to accompany him instead. Danny buys Frankie a huge bouquet of flowers for the anniversary of when they first kissed. She's unimpressed. Tracy, unaware Ashley's in hospital, jokingly suggests she and Claire should have a boxing match. Claire dislikes Tracy even more. Carol's completed her first shift at the bookies and managed to go without a drink. Kirk overhears Fiz apologising to Molly and realises she's genuinely sorry. Kirk and Fiz declare their love for each other and make up. Nathan admits to Fred he wasn't wearing gloves, and they weren't in the ring when he punched Ashley. They were arguing and Ashley riled him. Ashley insists he's as much to blame as Nathan. Fred vows to report Nathan for assault if Ashley doesn't make a full recovery. Danny surprises Frankie by hiring a balloon to fly over the factory. On it says "Frankie I love you, Happy Anniversary. Danny".moreless
  • Sun 27 Nov, 2005
    Sun 27 Nov, 2005
    Episode 239
    Claire persuades Ashley to keep his training date with Nathan, and to vent his anger with Tracy out on a punch bag. Tracy insists on going with Nathan to training. At Ashley's insistence, she leaves, but not before throwing a few more insults on her way out. There's been a last-minute cancellation at the register office. Les drags Cilla away from her work at the chippy - they've got an hour to get there! Ashley gets even more worked up when Nathan tries to defend Tracy's behaviour. Molly is about to kiss Kirk, when Les interrupts to drag his best man to the wedding. Ashley continues a barrage of abuse about Tracy. Nathan tries to leave the boxing ring, but Ashley grabs him and spins him round. Nathan delivers a clean punch and Ashley is out for the count. Sarah visits Jason at the yard and tells him she wants a proper date. Ashley is in a mess. Realising it's serious, Nathan calls for an ambulance. Cilla is now Mrs Battersby-Brown and goes back to the chippy to continue her shift. Fiz can't control her jealousy when she sees Kirk and Molly together and punches Molly. She realises that she's played into Molly's hands. Nathan tells Claire and Fred that it was all an accident. They hear that Ashley needs surgery after a scan revealed his retina may have detached and hemorrhaged. He may only regain partial vision, or worst case, lose the sight in one eye.moreless
  • Fri 25 Nov, 2005
    Fri 25 Nov, 2005
    Episode 238
    Violet stays at the Rovers, where she receives tea and sympathy from Shelley and Sunita. Fred scuttles away from the anti-men environment of the back room. Kirk asks Molly if it's okay to see Fiz again now. Molly's horrified and tells him that the only way to break Fiz's cycle of abuse is to dump her. Sarah snogs Jason and points out that she's there for him, and Violet's not. Fiz tells Cilla that now that she's lost her wiles with men, she'd better grab hold of Les, as she's not likely to get anyone else. Audrey's disappointed in Sarah when Betty tells her how upset Violet is, and why. Fiz tries to make up with Kirk but she gets frustrated when he constantly refers to Molly. She punches him in the face, and he dumps her for being a bully. Gail hits home when she points out to Eileen that she's now lost both her sons. Violet overhears Sarah telling Molly that she was kissing Jason that morning. Violet forgives Eileen when she admits she knew about Jason and Sarah, but she won't forgive Sean when he admits the same. Cilla cooks a meal for once and announces that she's ready to marry Les. Jason begs Violet to take him back, but she refuses. Tracy is particularly nasty to Claire in the Rovers. Claire throws her drink over Tracy. Eileen tells Jason that she loves him and he's not moving out. They tearfully embrace.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Gail's fraught - she can't believe that Sarah is getting mixed up with the Grimshaws again. Violet can't work out why David attacked Jason. Jason points out that David has been through a lot lately, which may explain things. The midwife tells Sunita that she's fine, but she has to take things easier. Sarah pesters Jason to finish with Violet. Claire hears Amy still coughing and tells Deirdre that she thinks she may have whooping cough. Deirdre immediately rushes Amy off to A and E. Cilla insists to Fiz that she was faithful on holiday. Yana later confides that Cilla was faithful, but not for the want of trying - Cilla thinks she's got the scent of a married woman on her and men can smell it. Amy's fine, but Tracy's fuming that Claire poked her nose into her business and has a go at her in the Rovers. Gail winds up Sarah. She calls her a mug for thinking that Jason will finish with Violet. Sarah races to the Grimshaws, determined to prove Gail wrong. She screams at Jason to tell Violet what's going on. Violet works out everything and a seething Jason slams the door in Sarah's face. Jason's recent odd behaviour is suddenly explained for Violet, and it's obvious that Sarah has been no one-night stand. Jason pleads for forgiveness, but Violet is adamant, it's over. Violet leaves. Eileen is furious and slaps Jason across the face, then throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Gail is annoyed with Phil for telling the policewoman the truth about David picking the fight with Jason. Phil tells her that David needs to take responsibility for his own actions. They row while a pleased David sits at the top of the stairs listening. Violet is sure that there's something Jason isn't telling her and confides in Eileen who warns her son to stay away from the Platts. Deirdre tries to convince Sunita not to give up on Dev but she throws her out. David tells Gail and Phil that the reason he was fighting with Jason is that Jason said he was glad that Billy died, because he was better off in a grave than living with the Platts. Gail is shocked. Sunita tells Bev and Shelley that she doesn't feel well – she feels sick and faint and hasn't been able to eat all day. Shelley and Bev take her to the hospital. David tells Bethany that Jason is going to be her new daddy. Sunita's brother, Jayesh, comes into the shop, looking for her. He tells Dev that he's ruined her life. They row and Jayesh punches Dev. Sunita is pronounced okay. Amy has a bad cough and Claire warns Tracy about it but she refuses to listen. Cilla returns from her 'holiday' with presents for everyone. David continues to wind Bethany up and she tells Gail that she doesn't want Jason as her new daddy. Gail asks Sarah what's going on and Sarah happily confesses to her fling with Jason.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 2005 [Episode 3]
    Fiz tries to please Kirk by bringing him a shirt she's washed and ironed. Her plan backfires when Kirk erupts, saying she's even trying to tell him what to wear now. Norris insists on giving Dev marital advice. Dev is left feeling worse than ever. Keith is livid to hear that every one of the Christmas pork orders has been cancelled. Emily was one of Keith's customers. She tells Sally that she admires Rosie for the courage of her convictions and she'll go far in life. Dev is choked up as Tracy enjoys goading him about his failed marriage. Tyrone tells Fiz that nothing's going on with Kirk and Molly, and advises her to go easy on Kirk. She tells Kirk that she'll do things his way from now on. Jason is dismissive when David tries to blackmail him again. David loses his temper and lunges at Jason, but as Jason tries to hold him off, David falls to the ground. Gail's furious when David says that Jason attacked him. She calls the police. Charlie questions Jason about the fight, but Jason plays dumb. Eileen drags him out of the Rovers to explain his actions at home, with a curious Violet following. The police arrive to question Jason. Gail is hot on their tail and a slanging match with Eileen breaks out. Phil arrives and confirms Jason's story, much to Gail's embarrassment. Rosie and Craig are horrified to hear that Keith has sold the pigs to Fred Elliott. Molly persuades Kirk that Fiz is manipulating him. He tells Fiz that he needs some space. A visibly upset Fiz agrees to give it to him.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Jason tries to make out to David that he's there to inspect some shelves. David's not fooled and tries to blackmail Jason. Jason back-peddles over finishing with Violet but Sarah leans heavily on him. Bev gently suggests that Sunita may need Dev around once the babies are born, but Sunita is adamant that she can't trust him anymore. Sarah lures Jason into the ginnel and seduces him - he can't keep his hands off her. David succeeds in blackmailing a guilty Jason out of £20 to keep quiet. Fiz tries to make Kirk see that Molly is coming between them. But Kirk is insistent that Fiz is a bully and that he has to stand up to her. Craig and Rosie visit Tyrone with cutesy Porkie the pig on a lead. Tyrone's horrified when they show him exactly where Vera's Christmas belly of pork will come from. David tries to buy lager from the corner shop. He throws insults at Dev when he gets turned down. Things are going well for Roy and Hayley. She's thrilled with his success but Roy is determined to keep his feet on the ground. Jack's outraged to hear that Vera's cancelled her pork order with Keith after Porkie's visit. Jason's feeling guilty and gives Violet a passionate snog in the Rovers. Sarah doesn't see it and feels smug in the knowledge that she's going to get her man.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Fred is furious when Rosie and Craig chain themselves to his butcher's shop door to protest against cruelty to animals. Rosie hides the padlock key down her cleavage. Carol's having a miserable time withdrawing from alcohol, and vents her anger on Frankie and Jamie. Frankie doesn't know how much more abuse she can take. Sally arrives like a gunslinger, armed with bolt-cutters to sort out Rosie and Craig's protest. She cuts through the protesters' chain, narrowly missing Rosie's fingers and promises to think hard about Rosie's punishment. Fiz cooks Kirk his favourite dinner but Molly encourages Kirk to stay in the pub instead and to stand up to Fiz. He finally arrives home drunk and very assertive. Dev receives divorce papers. He pleads with Sunita not to go through with it. Sarah gets a text from Jason, and faking a migraine, she rushes out of the salon. Danny tells Frankie that he'll do anything for her to win her back. She counters that if he means that, then he should get his hands dirty and help look after Carol. Jason and Sarah end up at the Platts. Sarah won't have sex with Jason until she gets his assurance that they're now going out together and he'll finish with Violet. Jamie is thrilled to see his mother resist the huge temptation to go into the Rovers. Dev is crushed when Sunita tells him that he is incapable of honesty and it's all over between them. Super-smug David catches Sarah and Jason in the act.moreless
  • Sun 20 Nov, 2005
    Sun 20 Nov, 2005
    Episode 232
    Sally makes Kevin give the girls a list of chores to do round the house. Roy's not happy to find his café full of pretentious foodies who read the article. Danny tells Frankie they've been invited to a do at Warren's football club in Spain. He suggests they should go for Warren's sake. Frankie's tempted. Carol does her best to poison Frankie against Danny, telling her she must never forgive him for what he's done to her. Claire's annoyed with Ashley for continuing with his boxing training with Nathan. She's dead against boxing as a sport. Frankie tells Danny she's not going to Spain with him. Danny can tell Carol's been stirring it and vows to get rid of her. Sunita visits Dev at their new house. He tries to explain why he kept his children a secret but Sunita's adamant he's not the man she thought she'd married. Sophie sees the list of chores is in Sally's handwriting, not Kevin's. Realising their mum's still the "bad cop" really, they trash the living room to wind her up. Carol's going cold turkey and dying for a drink. Jamie tells her he's booked her into a meeting for alcoholics. Sally explodes when she sees the mess at home and becomes her old "bad cop" self. Tracy goads Claire about her sex life. She suggests they should meet for a drink. Realising it's a challenge Claire agrees. Jamie tries to drag his mum to the alcoholics meeting but she throws a glass of water in his face. Sunita realises there's no future for her and Dev. She tells him she wants a divorce.moreless
  • Fri 18 Nov, 2005
    Fri 18 Nov, 2005
    Episode 231
    Carol moves into No. 7 with Frankie and Jamie. Danny warns them it'll be a disaster. Sunita's upset realising she should have been moving into their new house today. Tracy enjoys embarrassing Claire by talking about her love life. Roy's pleased when Ken shows him Paul Riley's article in a national newspaper in which he's very complimentary about Roy's full English breakfast. Dev's distraught thinking Sunita's going to abort their babies. Kevin's annoyed with Sally when she buys Sophie a pair of expensive trendy trainers. Sally's enjoying her new role of "nice cop". While nobody's around Carol helps herself to some wine from the fridge. Dev's in utter despair as he sits in his new house surrounded by the all the new baby furniture. Carol disappears to the loo in the Rovers. When she emerges she's completely drunk. Frankie and Jamie carry her home. Jamie tells her she'll have to leave as he can't cope with her. Carol admits she's an alcoholic. Sunita arrives back from town upset. Dev's put a stop on all her bank cards. She opens a letter to find it's an injunction from Dev trying to stop her aborting the babies. Sunita cries, she'd no intention of going ahead with an abortion and can't believe that their relationship has sunk so low.moreless
  • Wed 16 Nov, 2005
    Wed 16 Nov, 2005
    Episode 230
    Dev's alone in his flat. Sunita's spent the night at the Rovers. Carol's embarrassed when Frankie and Jamie discover she's wet the bed. Proud Sophie sets off for school in her new trendy trainers. Jason's working at the Platts when he smacks his thumb with a hammer. Sarah puts a plaster on it. The temptation is too great but as they lean in for a kiss Gail arrives home and they're thwarted. The estate agent gives Dev the keys to his new house. Jason apologises profusely to Violet for his mood swings. She forgives him. Sally's furious when she gets a call to say Sophie's trainers have fallen apart and as a result she's been fighting at school. Carol suggests she and Jamie should get a flat together. Frankie tells Carol if she gives up the booze she can move into No. 7 with them. Carol agrees. Kevin gets masterful with the twins and demands the money back for the trainers. Sally tells him she's sick of playing "bad cop" with the girls and in future he can lay down the law as he's good at it. Kevin's not happy with his new role. Sarah calls in the yard with Jason's money. She lures him up to the office where they kiss passionately and end up on the sofa. Dev pushes Shelley out of the way insisting he sees Sunita. He tells Sunita that Shareen's baby is nothing to do with him but Shareen is his daughter. Shocked Sunita says she wants an abortion.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Sunita's in shock as Ravinder lets slip there are more kids and suggests she talks to Sandra at the Gorton shop. Violet goes home to change for her night out with Jason. Jason pops back to the yard to tidy up on his way home. Sarah finds him there. Jamie finds Carol drunk in the Rovers and blames Joanne for buying her a drink. Jamie finds out Carol lied about the break-in at her flat and feels hugely let down by her. He carries her to the taxi office and orders her a cab for Birmingham. Sarah flirts with Jason. He resists temptation but the sexual chemistry is evident. Sunita has it out with Sandra who admits both her children's are Dev's. Sandra tells her to talk to Shareen another shop girl. Sunita's devastated. When Jason catches up with Violet he's snappy with her, desperately trying to fight his feelings for Sarah. Violet's upset wondering what she's done wrong. Sunita confronts Dev about his secret children. Dev tries to convince her that it's all in the past and he was going to tell her. He promises there are no more surprises. Sunita's upset knowing he's still lying to her. Sally buys Sophie some cheap trainers off Jessie. Jamie apologises to Joanne and thanks her for being so understanding where he knows Leanne would have been just the opposite. Shareen arrives carrying a baby. Sunita breaks down thinking the baby must be Dev's and therefore he's cheated on her.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sunita quizzes Dev about the photo but he's evasive. Sunita's worried. Violet's upset when Jason ignores her. It's obvious his mind's elsewhere. Sophie's tells Kevin how a girl at school keeps taking the mickey out of her trainers. Kevin buys her some new ones. Sally's cross as there's nothing wrong with her old ones. Jamie arranges another date with Joanne promising it'll be better than the last one. Sunita pours her heart out to Shelley telling her about the photo. She shows her one of Dev's files which proves Ravinder is living in the flat rent-free. Paul Riley calls in the café again. He tells Roy he wants to do an article about him but Roy's reluctant. Hayley however thinks he should go ahead. Charlie tells Jason it's obvious Sarah fancies him. Jason is embarrassed. Sunita discovers Dev's been lying to her. He secretly visited Ravinder that morning. Carol phones Jamie saying her house in Birmingham's been broken into. She arranges to meet him in the Rovers. Janice buys Carol a vodka. Carol can't resist and starts drinking again. Jason apologises to Violet for ignoring her and they arrange a night out. Sunita pays Ravinder a visit. She's shocked to discover Dev and Ravinder had a relationship years ago and Amber is Dev's daughter.moreless
  • Sun 13 Nov, 2005
    Sun 13 Nov, 2005
    Episode 227
    David's upset when Martin says he can't come and stay as he's still got jobs to do around the flat. Sarah lures Jason round to the house on the pretext of measuring up for some shelves under the stairs. Ambers's getting on Dev's nerves. Sunita tells him he better get used to it as they've got twins on the way. Violet can sense Jason's distant with her but can't put her finger on it. Paul Riley, a chef from a posh restaurant in Wilmslow calls in Roy's Rolls and compliments Roy on the standard of his English breakfast. Jamie meets Carol in the Rovers. He's gobsmacked to see her looking a million dollars. She tells him she's given up alcohol. Jamie's delighted. Jamie takes Carol back to No. 7 where Frankie's having a glass of wine. Carol starts lecturing Frankie about the evils of drink. Frankie listens in disbelief. Sunita takes Amber back to her flat. While she's there she spots a photo of Ravinder with Dev which seems a bit odd. Jason calls round to Sarah's. They start snogging but then Jason feels guilty and leaves. Sarah's disappointed.moreless
  • Fri 11 Nov, 2005
    Fri 11 Nov, 2005
    Episode 226
    Gail's walking on air having spent the night with Phil. Danny's annoyed with Adam and later takes the credit for getting a new order with Sangria Holidays which really should have been Adam's. David's got stomach cramps but Gail doesn't believe him and sends him to school. Adam gets his own back on Danny by telling Janice that Mike is really Danny's dad. Amber winds Dev up to distraction with her incessant wittering about celebrity gossip. When Lloyd's bit on side Tina turns up saying she wants to move in with him Lloyd finishes with her, telling her she can whistle for the money he owes her. Janice soon makes it known about Mike being Danny's dad. Danny's furious with Adam and they starting fighting. Mike and the factory girls have to break them up. Joanne and Jamie's date isn't a success although they enjoy a snog at the end. Leanne sees this and can't help feeling jealous. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she tells him where to go. Sean teaches Eileen, Violet and Jason to play the Film Game. Jason can't concentrate - he keeps thinking about Sarah. Jamie breaks down realising what a mess his life is. Frankie comforts him.moreless
  • Wed 9 Nov, 2005
    Wed 9 Nov, 2005
    Episode 225
    David apologises to Gail for getting drunk. Sarah enjoys taking the mickey. Ronnie's snappy with Steve. She admits how scared she is of Jimmy. Lloyd wishes he hadn't blown it with Kelly. Sarah starts work at the Salon. Audrey's pleased with her. Maria's unimpressed. Martin takes David to the Red Rec to try and talk him round but David continues to sulk accusing him of loving Robyn more than him. Martin leaves the street with Robyn. Gail and Sarah say fond farewells and at the last minute to Martin's relief, David hugs him goodbye. Dev's put out to find Sunita's taken Amber back to the flat. Sunita explains Amber's mother Ravinder who runs one of Dev's shops has been taken ill so she's agreed they'll look after Amber. Jason pops in the salon for a hair cut. He's unnerved when Sarah washes his hair and sexily massages his scalp. Jamie asks Joanne out on a date. Leanne's jealous. Gail takes Phil out for dinner. They get on well and spend the night together.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Jimmy continues to threaten Steve and Ronnie with his gun. He tells Ronnie he wants her back. Gail's shocked when Mr Lewis, headmaster of Weatherfield High calls to say David's been found drunk on the playing fields. Lloyd arrives at the farm and manages to push Jimmy out of the way with his car. Steve and Ronnie escape in Lloyd's car, but Jimmy soon gives chase. Jimmy tries to force Lloyd off the road but he loses control and ends up in a ditch. Candice receives a fax from Status Quo's roadie Barney saying they'll pick her up at 3 to take her on tour. Candice excitedly packs her things. Mr Lewis suspends David from school until Friday. Fiz tells Kirk to sack Molly as it's obvious she fancies him. Kirk refuses saying she's good at her job. At 3.15pm Candice realises the fax was a hoax and her job with the Quo was a fantasy. She wonder how she'll be able to face her friends. Barney finally shows up explaining how the band's limo broke down. Candice is delighted. She says goodbye to Audrey, Sarah and Maria and leaves. Sarah delightedly tells Audrey that she can have Candice's job at the Salon now.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Steve's worried about Ronnie and Claire's safety and bans them from driving. Fiz tells Kirk she's sick of Molly chasing him. Kirk's offended Fiz doesn't trust him. Martin tells David how much he loves him and he can come and stay at the weekends. Begrudgingly David agrees. When Charlie Hallows calls, and old client of Ronnie's from when she worked for Jimmy at City Cars, she insists she must go and get him. Sarah tells Jason she's finished with Scooter. Jason's uncomfortable. Nick Clayton's girlfriend Julie calls in the cab office and warns Eileen that Jimmy is out to hurt Ronnie - he plans to lure her to an isolated farm. Eileen desperately tries to stop Ronnie from going to Charlie Hallows' farm but it's too late. Leanne again tries to talk to Jamie but he ignores her and walks out. When Kirk tells Molly how Fiz doesn't trust him and thinks there's something going on between them, Molly feigns innocence, pretending to sympathise with Kirk. Ronnie finds Jimmy and Nick at the farm. She's scared to death. Jimmy uses his shot gun to shoot the tyres on her cab. Steve arrives at the farm, having been sent by Eileen. Jimmy shoots his tyres too. Steve looks up to find Jimmy pointing the shot gun at him.moreless
  • Sun 6 Nov, 2005
    Sun 6 Nov, 2005
    Episode 222
    Kelly guiltily gives Lloyd some chocolates as a peace offering but he's unforgiving. Scooter gives Sarah a stuffed halibut as she's seemed a bit down recently. Sarah guiltily dumps Scooter. Feeling sad, Scooter agrees he should leave. As Martin and David build a bonfire for the party David guesses Martin's moving in with Robyn. Martin admits he's right. David asks if he can go with him and feeling cornered Martin agrees to discuss it. Fiz is annoyed when Molly gets Kirk to try different-flavoured dog biscuits. Robyn turns up to the bonfire party at No. 8 feeling slightly nervous. Rosie's concerned about Keith's pigs being frightened by the noise of the fireworks. To Sally's embarrassment Rosie has a go at everyone for eating meat. Kelly accuses Lloyd of having an affair when he's supposed to be playing darts. Lloyd explains how he borrowed the money to buy into Street Cars from a married woman he was having an affair with and now she's blackmailing him. He has to have sex with her as a form of repayment. Kelly's furious and dumps him. Rosie gets Bethany to ask Audrey for her fur hat. Rosie then throws it on the fire to show her disapproval of real fur clothes. Sally's mortified. David tells Gail he's moving to Liverpool with Martin. Martin tries to back track and David realises Martin doesn't want him. Gail and Robyn are furious with Martin. Somebody throws a brick through Lloyd's windscreen. Steve and Ronnie suspect it's Jimmy.moreless
  • Fri 4 Nov, 2005
    Fri 4 Nov, 2005
    Episode 221
    Martin and Robyn are excited at the thought of moving in together. Sarah bumps into loved up Violet and Jason. Jason can't look her in the eye. Phil spots Gail in the café. They're awkward with each other but it's obvious they still fancy one another. Dev boasts to everyone about his and Sunita's new house. Kelly's furious when Lloyd cancels their date again. She decides to seek revenge. Ronnie's pleased when she lands the Harlow's Restaurant contract for Street Cars. Lloyd meets Kelly for a quick drink before his supposed darts match. While his back's turned, Kelly slips half a bottle of laxative into his beer. Martin calls round to tell Gail, Sarah and David he's moving to Liverpool. David's out but Sarah's pleased for him. Gail's sad knowing she'll miss him. Sarah's texted Jason but had no reply. Scooter wonders why she keeps checking her phone. Lloyd suddenly doubles over in pain. Kelly's really worried. Violet moves back into No. 11. Jason's delighted but feels uncomfortable when he sees the text messages from Sarah. Lloyd's taken to hospital. Kelly's beside herself and admits to the doctor she laced his beer with laxative. The doctor says she might have caused him serious harm.moreless
  • Wed 2 Nov, 2005
    Wed 2 Nov, 2005
    Episode 220
    Eileen and Sean are convinced Jason's upstairs with Violet until there's a knock at the door and it's Violet. Eileen covers for Jason saying he's gone to work. Tracy drops her florist bill round to Cilla. When they say they can't pay Tracy threatens legal action. Eileen's appalled to discover Jason spent the night with Sarah. She tells Jason how Violet was looking for him hoping they could start again. Jason's gutted. Martin helps Robyn move all her belongings to Liverpool. David's upset when Martin forget he promised to help him with his homework. Sarah lies to Gail and Scooter pretending she stayed the night at Candice's. Kelly tries to persuade Lloyd to give up his darts match for her but he refuses. Candice is fed up when Status Quo fail to phone her. She asks Audrey for her old job back. Audrey begrudgingly agrees. Candice lies to Adam saying she turned the job down with the Quo as she didn't want to leave him. Adam's flattered. Cilla's unimpressed with the knackered hi-fi system Les has bought. She gives Yana Les's honeymoon ticket to Magaluf. Cilla and Yana leave for their "honeymoon". Robyn asks Martin to move to Liverpool with him. Martin agrees. Jason tells Violet he still loves her and they agree to try again. He desperately wants to confess to his night with Sarah and explain it was a mistake, but he bottles out. Violet leads him upstairs.moreless
  • Mon 31 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
    The guests arrive at Les and Cilla's wedding reception to find that Status Quo have already eaten the buffet thinking it was for them. The Quo's hairdresser lets them down so Candice steps into the breach. Violet sets off for the wedding reception intent on getting back together with Jason. The DJ turns up thinking he's playing a Halloween party. Sarah has a moan to Jason about Scooter. Jason tells her he's always fancied her. They go outside and start snogging. Best Man Billy hands over to Kirk to make the speech. Cilla's delighted with the wedding presents - toaster, kettle, flat screen TV etc. The Quo offer Candice the job of being their full-time hairdresser and travelling the world with them. She accepts. Violet looks for Jason but he's left the reception. She leaves and tries his house but there's no reply. Jason and Sarah are upstairs in bed together. Les and Cilla cut the cake only to find they stole a cardboard display model and not a real cake. Les finds the Quo in the present room. He thinks it's their dressing room. Les starts smashing up all the presents not realising they're his. Cilla goes ballistic. The Quo feel sorry for Les and pull him up on stage insisting he perform with them. Les is in heaven.moreless
  • Mon 31 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Yana helps Cilla prepare for her wedding. She gives her three kiss curls in the shape of "666" on her forehead. Les instructs Kirk to lie to the vicar of St Jude's to get him out of the way. Billy turns up back from the army to be Les's best man. She convinces Les that he's already met Billy the night before. Billy plays along and Les is taken in. Sarah's put out when Scooter refuses to accompany her to the wedding. Les crashes the car into Status Quo's van. Les suffers whiplash and has to wear a neck brace to his wedding. Tracy insists Cilla must pay for her wedding flowers. Cilla smashes the Barlows window intent on stealing them but fails and steals flowers from Dev's shop instead. Leanne arrives back for her dad's wedding. She tells Jamie she still loves him and still wants to marry him but he walks away. The church is locked. Billy forces a window and Chesney breaks in and lets Les, Father Abraham and Kirk in through the vestry door. The wedding takes place and Les and Cilla are married (but not legally). The real vicar arrives back. Kirk signals to Father Abraham to hurry up. He finishes the service at break neck speed and then he, Les and Cilla leg it from the church. The proper vicar is astonished to see a wedding congregation leaving his church.moreless
  • Sun 30 Oct, 2005
    Sun 30 Oct, 2005
    Episode 217
    Yana's disappointed when the stripper for Cilla's hen night cancels. Frankie's upset when Cilla and Yana take the mickey out her over the Danny, Jamie, Leanne situation. Penny comforts Mike over his family mess and offers to give Jamie a job at King's Robes as Transport Manager. Mike's grateful. David's fed-up when Martin hasn't got time for a game of football as he's seeing Robyn. Mike offers Jamie the job at King's Robes. He begrudgingly takes it. Jason and Violet continue to pine for each other but fail to build any bridges. Lloyd's worried when the limo he's booked for Les's wedding is cancelled. Fiz is amazed to discover that Cilla's using a fake vicar in a borrowed church for her wedding. Cilla's stag night takes place. She starts a fight with Janice but Fiz puts a stop to it. Les's stag night takes place. Claire gets Les drunk and he tries it on with Janice who pours a drink down the front of his trousers. Danny's angry with Mike for "buying" Jamie and "cosying up" to Frankie. He tells him what he thinks of him and storms out of the Rovers. Cilla and Yana go on the pull. Cilla drags a young bloke home but Les arrives back. Luckily Les is drunk and Cilla convinces him the bloke is Billy her son back from the army but off on another assignment. The bloke leaves in a hurry.moreless
  • Fri 28 Oct, 2005
    Fri 28 Oct, 2005
    Episode 216
    Cilla sets Kirk his next Herculean task, to capture the Eurymanthian Boar. In this case one of Keith's pigs. Norris is annoyed when Rita gets the sign-writer back again to alter the Kabin sign so it reads 'R Sullivan and N Cole' as opposed to the other way round. Lloyd arranges to take Kelly out but then cancels saying he's got a darts match. Kelly's upset suspecting he's seeing his other woman again. Danny lets himself into No. 7. Frankie's annoyed to see him but he tells her about Mike being his real father and not Harry. Despite everything Danny's done Frankie can't help feeling sorry for him. When Keith finds Kirk in his garden trying to catch a pig, he sends him on his way. Danny asks Frankie to forgive him but she refuses. Cilla asks Tracy to do the wedding flowers as a freebie but she tells Cilla it's £100 deposit and the rest of the cash within seven days. Mike tells Adam that Danny's his half-brother. Adam finds it funny. Kirk drags Roy home wondering if he'll do as a boar (bore) substitute. Cilla's unimpressed. Frankie tells Jamie that Great Uncle Mike is actually his Granddad. She admits to Jamie that despite everything he's done she still loves Danny.moreless
  • Wed 26 Oct, 2005
    Wed 26 Oct, 2005
    Episode 215
    Sally receives some hate mail calling her a scab and quoting Jack London. Sophie lets slip that Rosie printed it off from the internet. Lloyd rallies the troops telling them they will not be beaten by Jimmy Clayton and they must all stick together. Mike points out to the factory girls their strike is illegal and he's considering sacking the lot of them. Hayley's concerned. Tracy dumps Amy on Steve unannounced. Eileen gets a threatening phone call from Jimmy. Danny pays his mum Viv a visit. Danny's angry that she kept his true parentage a secret from him. Viv explains she just wanted to protect Harry. Mike tells Janice she can have her job back and stop the strike or he's sacking all of them. Janice agrees and the girls go back to work thinking Janice is a hero. Kirk gets Blanche's girdle off her washing line. Cilla accepts he's passed the task. Blanche catches him putting it back and calls him a pervert. Janice dupes Sally into picketing by herself unaware the girls have gone back to work. Tracy accuses Steve of putting Amy's life in danger because of the Jimmy situation. Danny's distraught realising Harry must have known all along he wasn't his son. Danny breaks down and sobs uncontrollably.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Danny's reeling at the news that Mike's his father. His confusion turns to anger when he realises it's true. He feels betrayed. Danny thinks Harry must have known he wasn't Danny's father but Mike insists Viv was the only one to know. Ashley's angry at Claire for going back to work but Claire insists she'll be extra vigilant. Ashley and Claire make up. Scooter gets Das Boot out on DVD. Sarah's unimpressed. Norris gets a new sign made for the Kabin which reads "Cole and Sullivan". Rita's furious at Norris putting his name first. Yana distracts Diggory while Les steals a wedding cake from the bakers. Kirk asks Blanche what size girdle she wears. Blanche hits him round the head with her walking stick. Les and Cilla hide their stolen cake under a towel. They tell Kirk it's a budgie in a cage. Jimmy threatens Lloyd again and makes racist comments. Lloyd's angry and decides he's on Steve's side when it comes to Jimmy Clayton. Danny sits in the factory alone feeling emotionally drained.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Danny, Mike and Adam bicker about the factory strike and how to handle it. Ashley bans Claire from going into work and tells her she's not to let Joshua out of her sight all day. Hayley, Janice and Kelly continue to strike. They hound Sally as she arrives for work calling her a scab. Mike advises Danny to give Janice her job back but he refuses. Cilla insists she wants a proper wedding cake. Les promises he'll steal one for her. Claire's incensed when Ronnie tells her that Ashley has resigned on her behalf from Street Cars. She insists she wants to continue with her job. Ashley and Claire are at loggerheads over her job. Ashley wants her to stay at home and look after Joshua. Cilla sets Kirk his next task which is to capture the girdle of the Queen of the Amazons - get one of Blanche's corsets off her. Gail apologises to Phil and explains that because of Richard Hillman she hasn't the confidence to start another relationship. Robyn celebrates buying a house in Liverpool. Martin's pleased for her. Rita talks about the forthcoming cruise she's booked. Norris thinks the Kabin needs a make-over to bring it up to date. Mike can no longer keep it a secret and tells Danny that he is actually his son and not his nephew.moreless
  • Sun 23 Oct, 2005
    Sun 23 Oct, 2005
    Episode 212
    Janice, Hayley, Sean and the girls continue to strike. They're incensed when Danny brings in temporary workers to replace them. Sally again crosses the picket line. Kirk's first task is to get Schmeichel's toy off him. Gail admits to Audrey she really likes Phil and she's worried she's frightened him off. Deirdre persuades Ken to start drinking coffee again as she can no longer stand his bad moods. Ken gives in. Ronnie and Steve are loved up. Ronnie tells him she's worried there'll be more trouble from her husband Jimmy. Nick Clayton, Jimmy's son gets into Claire's taxi where Joshua is in the back and threatens her and the child. He insists she leave Street Cars or he'll hurt them both. Mike arrives back from his holiday to find the girls on strike. Hayley tells him about Danny's affair with Leanne and Janice getting the sack. Mike's furious with Danny but mellows when he sees how cut up Danny is about losing his son Jamie. Nick follows Claire home and again threatens her. Ashley punches him and sends him on his way. With Molly's help Kirk manages to get Schmeichel's toy off him. Ashley storms into the Rovers and tells Steve and Ronnie about the threats from Nick Clayton. Lloyd tells Ronnie he knew she was trouble.moreless
  • Fri 21 Oct, 2005
    Fri 21 Oct, 2005
    Episode 211
    Hayley leads the factory girls in their picket outside Underworld. Sally crosses the picket line to go to work. The girls call her "scab" and push her around. Martin and Robyn are loved up after a night together. Hayley's unimpressed when hungover Janice is late for the picket. Danny and Adam cross the picket line. Danny pretends he hasn't a care in the world. Ken's caffeine withdrawal is taking its toll. Deirdre tells him he's become a grumpy old man. Gail tries to talk to David about Phil's mobile messages but is unsuccessful. Deirdre suggests she could have the odd fag and Ken the odd coffee but this only hardens Ken's resolve not to be beaten. Les asks Kirk to be his best man but Cilla's already asked her son Billy. At Sophie and Chesney's suggestion Cilla insists Kirk must perform twelve tasks to prove himself (like Hercules) then she'll let him be best man. Kirk's delighted. Sarah tries to persuade David that Gail needs a life too and to stop having such a downer on Phil. David's unconvinced. Yana waxes lyrical about the various men in uniform that she's had over the years. Lloyd tells Steve he's got a mate who sells second hand stretch limos but Steve's not interested. Les however is interested - thinking about his wedding. Phil has dinner at Gail's. They kiss and Phil leads her to the stairs but Gail pulls back. Gail's in emotional turmoil. She breaks down crying and asks Phil to leave.moreless
  • Wed 19 Oct, 2005
    Wed 19 Oct, 2005
    Episode 210
    Ken is crabby as he's suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of coffee. Janice, Jessie, Joanne, Sean and Fiz wind Adam up by playing around with radio instead of getting on with their work. Gail gets a text message from Phil asking why she ignored his previous messages. Gail realises David's been deleting them. Danny's depressed. He tries to talk to Jamie but Jamie blanks him. Dev and Sunita go for her second scan. Dev's dying to ask the sex of the twins but Sunita tells the nurse they don't want to know. Dev's thwarted. Les persuades Cilla that they'll borrow the church while the vicar is out and get Father Abraham to marry them. Cilla argues that Father Abraham has been de-frocked but Les suggests they have a civil ceremony first. Janice continues to wind Adam up. Adam asks Danny to sort it out. Gail leaves a message on Phil's phone telling him she's missed him and asking him to get in touch. Danny smashes the factory girls' radio. Furious Janice goads Danny until he sacks her. Hayley tells him it's unfair dismissal but Danny ignores her. All the factory girls go out on strike in support of Janice apart from Sally. Robyn turns up telling Martin she loves him. Martin's delighted. Adam's furious with Danny's handling of the situation and threatens to phone Mike.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Janice blames Danny for Leanne's departure and makes a point of taking extra fag breaks and working at a snail's pace. Jimmy threatens Ronnie in the Rovers insisting she return home to him. But Ronnie refuses to be bullied telling him it's over between them. Janice tells Jamie that Leanne's gone away. He says he doesn't care. Liz tells Steve that Jimmy's in the Rovers threatening Ronnie. Steve rushes over but he's gone. He tells Ronnie he's going to find Jimmy and have it out with him. Les asks the vicar about church weddings. He gets depressed when the vicar explains the rules of the Church realising he and Cilla have no chance. When Les discovers the church is left unlocked all day he starts to form a plan. Deirdre's incensed when Norris tells her Ken's banned him from selling her fags. Janice is on a go-slow at work. Danny gives her a dressing down but Janice stands her ground explaining he's lost all his authority now. Robyn explains to Martin how her policeman brother ran a check on him and she knows he's been charged with assault and suspected of murder. At Blanche's insistence, Ken agrees to give up coffee if Deirdre will give up fags. Martin explains to Robyn what happened. She leaves not sure what to think. Steve tries to reason with Jimmy telling him that Ronnie won't be coming back to him. Steve thinks the meeting went well but meanwhile Jimmy wants revenge and resolves to make Steve pay.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Lloyd calls a meeting of all Street Cars' employees. He's worried about the hoax calls and thinks Ronnie should leave before there's more trouble. Leanne and Frankie are at each other's throats in the café. Leanne's empties a salt cellar over Frankie and storms out saying she's leaving. Gail complains to Keith about the noise his two pigs make. Ronnie says she's leaving and tells Steve it's best if they finish. Steve begs her not to go and Ronnie gives in. They spend the afternoon in bed. Ken's furious to discover Deirdre's started smoking again. Martin's depressed that Robyn's been ignoring his calls. He tracks her down to the school where she teaches but she tells him they're finished. Martin's gutted. Les gives a vicar a lift to his church in Cheshire. Les wonders if he and Cilla could get married in his church. Leanne leaves Weatherfield to stay with a friend in Leeds. Janice is worried she won't come back. Jimmy Clayton sees Steve and Ronnie kissing.moreless
  • Sun 16 Oct, 2005
    Sun 16 Oct, 2005
    Episode 207
    Carol's desperate for Jamie's love and consumed with jealousy towards Frankie. Danny admits to Adam he's behaved like a complete idiot. Lloyd's fed up as Jimmy Clayton continues to sabotage Street Cars with hoax calls and olive oil on the car seats. Gail's disappointed thinking Phil hasn't phoned her. Martin's disappointed Robyn hasn't phoned him. However David's been deleting Phil's messages. Keith tells Fred he's pre-sold three of Porky the pig's legs for Christmas. Fred points out the pig only has two legs and two hands. Keith gets another pig and with Audrey's help puts in the garden with Porky. Carol calls round to see Danny. She gets drunk and admits she still loves him and wants them to get back together. Danny's appalled and throws her out. Deirdre calls for Liz and is embarrassed when Andy the toy boy is there in his boxers. Liz gets a shock when Andy introduces her to his mother Sheila and Sheila suggests they could have a foursome with Liz's son Steve. Liz dumps Andy. Bitter Carol suggests Jamie should come and live with her. When Jamie refuses saying Frankie needs him Carol's fury is evident.moreless
  • Fri 14 Oct, 2005
    Fri 14 Oct, 2005
    Episode 206
    Jamie's furious with Frankie when he discovers she already knew about Danny and Leanne's affair but kept it a secret from him. Frankie's gutted, as she only wanted to protect him. Steve's annoyed to find Andy still in the flat and wearing his dressing gown. Gradually news spreads that Danny was sleeping with Leanne. Frankie rows with Carol, blaming her for hurting Jamie with the truth. Steve tells Lloyd that Ronnie's keeping her job at Street Cars. Lloyd's not happy. Gail and Phil go for dinner. Phil opens up to Gail telling her about his younger brother who drowned. Leanne finds Jamie on the factory roof. She tells him how much she loves him and regrets the affair with Danny. Jamie tells her to get out of his life. It becomes apparent Jimmy Clayton is making hoax calls to Street Cars - sending drivers on false call-outs. Steve takes Ronnie back to his flat but is appalled to find Andy and Liz about to take a shower together. Ronnie's amused. Gail takes Phil home but David's rude to him and Phil leaves feeling awkward. Danny tries to talk Jamie round but Jamie tells him that as far as he's concerned Danny's dead. He feels he no longer has a father. Danny's gutted.moreless
  • Wed 12 Oct, 2005
    Wed 12 Oct, 2005
    Episode 205
    Liz spends the night at Steve's flat with Andy, her toy boy. Steve's unimpressed. Gail and Phil spend a pleasant day together. Leanne's worried when Carol turns up unexpectedly. Carol wants to know why they're postponing their wedding and accuses Leanne of messing Jamie around. Liz tells envious Eileen and Bev about her night of passion with Andy her toy boy. Ronnie's husband Jimmy calls in the cab office. He tells Lloyd he knows Ronnie's working for him and threatens have him beaten up if he doesn't sack her. Lloyd tells Steve he's got to get rid of Ronnie to avoid any trouble. Leanne tries to convince Carol how much she loves Jamie but Carol senses something's wrong. Carol forces the truth out of Frankie. She's disgusted to learn that Danny's been having an affair with his son's girlfriend. Frankie pleads with her not to tell Jamie. Ronnie tells Steve it's best if she leaves but Steve's smitten and begs her not to go but to stay with him. Ronnie gives in and they hold each other. In front of Danny, Frankie and Leanne, drunken Carol tells Jamie that his dad's been having an affair with his girlfriend. Devastated Jamie drives off in the company van.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Frankie's on the brink of telling Jamie about Danny and Leanne's affair but Leanne manages to stall her by telling Frankie the wedding's off. Gail cancels her evening with Phil telling him she needs to spend the evening with Sarah. He's disappointed. Leanne gets Frankie on her own and begs her not to tell Jamie. Frankie's vitriolic saying she'd like to nail Leanne's tongue to the door. Liz, Eileen and Deirdre call round to Frankie's armed with bottles of wine to cheer her up. Liz leaves early for her date with the toy boy. Jamie tells Danny he's all mouth and trousers. Danny tells Jamie he loves him. Nathan fixes Charlie's van for him for free. Steve admits to Lloyd he didn't sack Ronnie and is in fact now seeing her. Lloyd thinks he's mad messing around with Jimmy Clayton's wife. Gail persuades Sarah to give Phil a chance. Martin takes Robyn back to his flat. They kiss passionately. Jamie tells Leanne he's told Carol about their engagement. Danny desperately tries to persuade Frankie to take him back promising it'll never happen again. But Frankie's adamant he's blown it and throws him out.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Gail's smug as she thanks Eileen for bringing her and Phil closer together as a result of the foot spa incident. Robyn apologises to Martin and asks him to give her another chance. Jamie tries to comfort Frankie as she likens her life to the lyrics from Abba songs. Phil asks Gail round for a meal and she accepts. Molly gets called out to a disturbed miniature Schnauzer in Prestwich. Liz gets chatted up by Andy, a sexy twenty-one year old. He asks her out. David's put out when Martin cancels their weekend together in favour of Robyn. Gail and Sally tentatively make up, not having spoken since the Ian Davenport affair. Claire walks into the taxi office to find Steve and Ronnie snogging. Gail cancels her date with Phil when she hears how worried about it Sarah is. Frankie asks Sunita if she ever slept with Danny. She admits she did but explains she thought he was single. Frankie's upset but grateful for her honesty. Frankie discovers Jamie and Leanne are still together. She's furious and in front of a pub full of people, challenges Leanne to tell Jamie the truth.moreless
  • Sun 9 Oct, 2005
    Sun 9 Oct, 2005
    Episode 202
    Ronnie stays the night with Steve and is embarrassed when she bumps into Liz at breakfast. However they hit it off immediately. Leanne's distraught at the mess she's landed herself in. Janice is unsympathetic. Jamie comforts Frankie. Frankie's grateful realising just what a lovely lad Jamie is. Cilla tries on Shelley's wedding dress. It's too tight and there's a tearing noise. Violet's upset to see that Charlie has wormed his way round Jason again. To Leanne's horror, Jamie insists on taking round to Frankie's to cheer her up. Les can't find a church or vicar to marry him and Cilla. Bev suggests Les tries Father Abraham who drinks in the Weatherfield Arms. Leanne suggests to Jamie they should postpone the wedding whilst Danny and Frankie sort their problems out. Jamie agrees. Les meets Father Abraham, a drunken, unorthodox, failed minister. He agrees to marry Les and Cilla. Martin admits to Robyn he's falling for her. She gently pokes fun at him and places two pints on the backs of his hands so he can't move. Leanne tells Frankie she's called off the wedding but Frankie insists she finishes with Jamie altogether. Les takes Cilla to meet Father Abraham in his nissen hut. Cilla's furious with Les for thinking she'd get married in a squalid hut. She punches Les in the face.moreless
  • Fri 7 Oct, 2005
    Fri 7 Oct, 2005
    Episode 201
    Danny explains he's got domestic problems and has moved in. Jason fixes Gail's fence while she relaxes in a deck chair with her feet in the foot spa. Danny again begs Frankie not to tell Jamie about his affair with Leanne. It's Ronnie's first day working for Street Cars. While she's out her husband calls in. He's Jimmy Clayton owner of City Cabs. He tells Lloyd they mustn't employ Ronnie if she comes looking for a job. Lloyd and Eileen keep quiet. Janice tells Danny how Jamie and Leanne have just got engaged. Jamie and Leanne arrive back from Holland. Danny tells them he's been having an affair and Frankie's found out. Jamie's furious with him. Leanne's stunned. Gail's asleep with her feet in the foot spa. Eileen pours some of Jason's quick dry cement into the foot spa. Jamie gives Frankie a comforting hug. Frankie hasn't the heart to tell him that the other woman is Leanne. Steve knows they should sack Ronnie to avoid trouble with her husband but he can't bring himself to and instead takes her home and kisses her passionately. Gail wakes up and finds her feet set sold in cement. Eileen enjoys taking the mickey. Frankie gives Leanne an ultimatum, she has to tell Jamie she no longer wants to marry him or Frankie will tell him the truth.moreless
  • Wed 5 Oct, 2005
    Wed 5 Oct, 2005
    Episode 200
    Danny pretends he was joking but Frankie doesn't believe a word. Steve takes Ronnie for a drink in the Rovers. He's completely smitten. Thinking she's doing Tyrone and Maria a favour, Liz asks Steve if she can move into his flat over the Kabin with him. She's pleased when he agrees. Eileen's jealous when she sees Phil collect Gail for their dinner date. Sarah's not happy either thinking Gail's making a mistake. Danny knows the game's up and admits to Frankie he's had an affair with Leanne. Frankie's disgusted that he'd sleep with his own son's girlfriend. When Lloyd hears Liz is moving out of the cab office flat he says he'd be interested in moving in. Maria's appalled and makes arrangements to move into the Salon flat with Fiz and Candice. Tyrone's fed up as he'd hoped they would have the cab office flat to themselves. Lloyd's delighted, suddenly finding he's got his own flat. Cilla cheekily asks Shelley if she can have her wedding dress. Shelley hands it over saying she's glad to be rid of it. Furious Frankie calls round at Janice's looking for Leanne. Janice feigns ignorance and explains Leanne's in Holland with Jamie. Charlie persuades Jason to take his old job back at the builders' yard. Jason arranges to meet up with Violet for a chat. Danny begs Frankie not to tell Jamie as he'd lose a son. Frankie throws Danny out.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Leanne and Jamie are totally loved up at the thought of being engaged. Jamie persuades Leanne to accompany him to Holland. Leanne leaves a message on Danny's mobile cancelling their illicit night together. Sean tries again to explain to Jason how hurt Violet is and how much she regrets what she did. Shelley also gives him a talking to. Steve interviews a female driver called Ronnie (Veronica). He's totally smitten and offers her a job despite the fact there's another guy waiting for an interview. Phil apologises to Gail for any misunderstanding. He destroys the tapes he made of their interview and suggests they start afresh. He offers to take her out for dinner and Gail is won over and accepts. Roy finds a mobile phone in the café. Vera thinks it's Frankie's and drops it round. Frankie says it's Leanne's phone but she'll look after it. Martin tracks Robyn down to a Scarsdale FC charity do. He tells her he thinks they've got something special going. With Danny away, Frankie and Vera sit and watch a DVD and have a glass of wine. Danny's furious when he gets Leanne's message. He phones her mobile and tells her he's booked their special room. Distraught Frankie tells him he's talking to his wife and not Leanne.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Leanne hugs Jamie as he leaves to make a knicker delivery to Holland. Danny pretends he's going on a business trip to Glasgow when actually he's arranged to meet Leanne later in a Manchester hotel. Sarah and David tell Gail that Phil's a creep and she's better off without him. Sean tries to get Violet and Jason to talk through their problems but Jason refuses as he's still hurt and angry. Lloyd's landlord tells him he's increasing his rent. Lloyd tells him to shove his poxy flat. Martin's concerned as Robyn isn't returning his calls. Jamie's van catches fire and he has to delay his trip while Tyrone and Nathan fix the van. Phil knocks at Gail's house and shouts through the letter box saying he just wants to explain but Sarah refuses to let Gail answer the door. Cilla tells Yana she plans to steal a wedding dress as she can't afford one. Leanne spends the afternoon in bed with Jamie while he waits for his van to be fixed. Jamie tells her how much he loves her and then shocks Leanne by proposing to her. Leanne accepts his proposal and agrees to marry him.moreless
  • Sun 2 Oct, 2005
    Sun 2 Oct, 2005
    Episode 197
    Violet pleads with Jason to forgive her but he can't. Leanne's cross with Janice, blaming her for the fact that Danny's put an end to their affair. A bloke tries to pull a fast one on Kevin but luckily Nathan recognises him from a previous garage job. He gets the guy up against the wall and punches him. Kevin and Tyrone are impressed. Jason lashes out at Charlie for kissing Violet and tells him to stick his job. Shelley tells Violet she can move into the Rovers. Lloyd cancels his date with Kelly. She's disappointed but delighted when he later sends her a bouquet of flowers. Martin and Robyn's relationship blossoms. Ashley and Claire can tell that love is in the air. Danny gets his own back on Janice and docks her wages. She's furious. Although Eileen's not impressed when Violet says she kissed Charlie, she can see how much Violet's hurting and how much she loves Jason. Danny and Leanne just can't give each other up and arrange another date. Eileen tells Jason he must try and forgive Violet as it's obvious they love each other.moreless
  • Fri 30 Sep, 2005
    Fri 30 Sep, 2005
    Episode 196
    Janice lights up a fag in the factory. Danny's losing patience with her. Charlie leers at Violet and reminds her about the kiss they shared. Violet's guilt-ridden and revolted by Charlie. Roy's worried about Diggory's impact on his lunchtime sandwich trade. Janice arrives back at work drunk. She threatens to tell Frankie about Danny's affair. Instead she tells Frankie how Carol stayed in her house while she was away. Frankie's furious with Danny and Jamie. Diggory wants Liz to deliver sandwiches on a bike. He puts up a sign saying "Liz's hot box". Liz tells him to take it down. Robyn tells Martin how she used to be obese long before she became a PE teacher. Kelly has a great time with Lloyd at the Clock restaurant. She worries that she's too common to be in such a posh place but Lloyd assures her she looks fantastic. Danny tells Leanne their affair is over as he's worried Janice will spill the beans to Frankie. Leanne's fuming thinking him a coward. Jason and Violet arrive back from a great night clubbing. Violet can no longer live with the guilt and tells Jason how she snogged Charlie. Jason's heart broken.moreless
  • Wed 28 Sep, 2005
    Wed 28 Sep, 2005
    Episode 195
    Diggory continues to leer at Liz in the bakers. Janice enjoys winding Danny up. She takes extra fag breaks and calls him Baldy. Danny's fuming. Jamie arrives back from Holland and hugs Leanne, delighted to see her again. Tracy enjoys playing happy families with Nathan and Amy just to wind Steve up. Phil interviews Sarah for his thesis on serial killers. Gail leaves them to it and goes for a drink. She's upset to find Eileen in the pub all dolled up and apparently waiting for Phil. Gail goes home and throws Phil out accusing him of using her and Sarah. Phil's bemused and wonders if Eileen's been stirring things. Gail admits to Sarah she really fancied Phil. Kelly, Joanne, Jessie and Janice decide to follow Lloyd to find out what he's up to. Nathan and Ashley go running together. Claire finds herself having to spend the evening with Tracy whom she disapproves of. Sarah tells Eileen what she thinks of her for upsetting Gail. Diggory suggests to Liz she does sandwich deliveries to the cab office. Danny tells Leanne he can't take much more lip from Janice and insists she have a word with her. Leanne doesn't take him seriously. Kelly's gutted to see Lloyd kissing a leggy blonde and realises she's being two-timed.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Leanne and Danny are forced to admit to Janice they're having an affair. Janice tells Leanne she's playing with fire and it's unfair on Jamie. Leanne tells her to mind her own business. Lloyd takes Kelly out for a curry. He treats her like a lady and Kelly decides not to quiz him about the imaginary darts match. Feeling guilty about his affair, Danny tells Frankie how much she means to him. Les has a meeting with Status Quo's lawyers. He turns down the offer of money in favour of Status Quo's offer to play at his and Cilla's wedding. Cilla's furious. Phil gives Sean a foot massage but Sean's too ticklish and tells him to do Eileen instead. Phil and Eileen are about to kiss when Jason arrives home and the moment is lost. Janice enjoys using her knowledge to get free drinks out of Danny. Danny tells Janice if she tells anyone about his and Leanne's affair he'll make sure she loses her job.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Les is guilt-ridden in the knowledge he injured Francis Rossi twenty years ago. Cilla's fed up and determined they're going to sue Status Quo. Janice is like a dog with a bone wanting to know who Leanne is having an affair with. Liz starts work at the bakers. Diggory is all over her and even pats her bottom. Gail's feeling great after her session with Phil. She tells him Sarah's willing to talk to him about Richard too. She's disappointed when Phil says he can't stay to supper. Les is upset when Schmeichel swallows his "lucky putty". Kelly's bought two tickets for Lloyd's favourite jazz group. She's put out when he says he can't make it as he's got a darts match. Leanne cheekily arranges to meet Danny at the flat by writing him a note and passing it to him in the café. Kelly's upset to discover Lloyd is lying about the darts match as 'The Junction' don't even have a darts team. Liz lays down some rules to Diggory and tells him to keep his hands to himself. Sean tells Eileen that Phil's bought her a foot spa. Eileen's unimpressed. Leanne and Danny are getting passionate on the sofa when Janice arrives home and catches them red-handed.moreless
  • Sun 25 Sep, 2005
    Sun 25 Sep, 2005
    Episode 192
    Danny helps Jamie load the van for Holland, arranging to meet Leanne later. However Frankie has arranged a dinner at the Clock between them in memory of his father. Danny gives Leanne some money so she can treat herself. Les returns with a needless neck brace playing for sympathy. Cilla and Les are frustrated as they try to pursue compensation from Status Quo believing it will be their words against Quo's. Sarah teases Gail over her night with Phil. Charlie returns and persuades Emily to let him complete the job on her guttering. Fred puts his back out helping carry the sofa downstairs. Betty and Bev enjoy having Shelley back working in the bar. As Shelley goes to see Zack she sees Charlie but manages to leave. Charlie comes into the bar, but Shelley is civil and offers to serve him, but he leaves. Leanne decides to take Janice to the clock with Danny's money, making Danny annoyed. She drunkenly reveals to Janice she's having an affair but not with whom. Although Phil is sat with Gail, Sean persuades him to call on Eileen and ask her out. He explains that his relationship with Gail is based on his dissertation. Cilla and Les are overjoyed when they realise the scam is back on when Kirk reveals he has pictures on his mobile phone of Status Quo beating up Les.moreless
  • Fri 23 Sep, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Sarah is sceptical about Phil's motive but leaves Phil and Gail to talk. Gail opens up to Phil about Richard, but after an emotional session Phil gets Gail to sleep with a foot massage. Sunita visits Shelly and they make up. Jack finds out from Status Quo's roadie that Francis Rossi has had neck problems since he was attacked at a gig in the eighties. Kirk is taking pictures of Chesney by Status Quo's car. Jason tells Shelly and Violet that he hasn't seen Charlie for ages. Chesney does his best to persuade Les that Status Quo are in the Rovers, even calling him over the cab radio and getting Status Quo to sign his jacket. Les doesn't believe Chesney. Sean tries to cheer Eileen up at work with a bottle of wine. He tells her that he thinks Phil actually fancies her. Sarah returns to find Gail asleep and Phil still there. She ushers him out. Les discovers the truth but too late as Status Quo's car drives off. However Francis Rossi recognises Les and they return to exact revenge and beat Les up in the Streetmoreless
  • Fri 23 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
    With Charlie gone Bev agrees to move back in to the Rovers and her old job. Eileen and Jason let Charlie shower and change at no. 11 they're relieved when he says he's going to carry on with his business. Violet's worried Shelley might want her to leave after admitting to kissing Charlie but Shelley blames Charlie for it and assures her she still has a job. Bev leaves her job at the Weatherfield Arms. Liz is understanding but Lawrence the owner isn't and takes it out on Liz. Phil goes round to Gail's to question her over her relationship with Richard Hillman for research purposes. Eileen sees him go in and is jealous. The Scarsdale Fox and Weatherfield Cockerel meet, in costume, on the street. Martin's amazed to discover the Fox is an attractive girl called Robyn. They hit it off and Martin asks her out on a date. Liz tells Lawrence to stick his job and walks out. Diggory offers her a job in his bakers. Status Quo arrives in the Rovers. Charlie calls to see Shelley determined to win her back. However Shelley sticks to her guns citing him as the cause of all her problems. Furious Charlie storms out.moreless
  • Wed 21 Sep, 2005
    Wed 21 Sep, 2005
    Episode 189
    Charlie's furious at being publicly humilated. Shelley hurries back down the aisle while the congregation claps her support of her. Shelley climbs in the wedding car but Charlie throws the drivers out of the way and jumps in the front seat. Charlie drives at speed with terrified Shelley in the back. Norris tells Rita he's thought of new ways to maximise their margins at the shop. The race between the Cockerel and the Fox takes place. The Fox wins by cheating. Martin challenges the Fox to a return match. Shelley finally sees Charlie for what he is. She accuses him of trying to control her and getting rid of all her friends. She gets out of the car and leaves him. Shelley phones Zack and tells him what she's done. He's very proud of her. Charlie pours his heart out to Jason telling him what an ungrateful bitch Shelley is. To get his own back on Les, Chesney alters the time on Les and Cilla's wedding invitation. They find themselves sat in an empty church and hurry along to the Rovers afterwards. Charlie bumps into the woman he spent the night with and calls her a slut. She tells him his bride had a lucky escape. Outside the pub, Shelley and Bev are reunited in the mother of all hugs. Shelley enters the Rovers, tucks into her wedding cake and her friends cheer.moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Charlie wakes up next to the woman he pulled in the pub last night. Jason tells Violet he left Charlie copping off in the Weatherfield Arms. Gail's cross when Keith's pig escapes into her garden again. Martin manages to catch it. Hurt and wrongly accused Rita studies Audrey's photo more closely and realises it's a double exposure - Alf on a beach and Rita at home in her lounge. Zack calls to see Shelley. He suspects Charlie insisted she cancel her sessions with him. Shelley denies this and ushers him out. Kirk's takes some photos of a jogger in the park convinced it's Jimmy Saville. Feeling nervous and panicky Shelley leaves for the Church. Jason as best man is worried when Charlie's so late for his own wedding. Rita angrily points out to Audrey her mistake over the photograph. Audrey feels terribly guilty. The Scarsdale Fox challenges the Weatherfield Cock to a race before the match. Ashley and Nathan go along to laugh at Martin in Cockerel costume. The wedding ceremony takes place but when Shelley's asked if she will take Charlie as her husband, she replies "no I won't".moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Mike, Danny, Adam and Jamie discuss the business. Jamie's annoyed at Danny for treating him like a kid. Bev tries and fails to persuade Deirdre and Liz to talk Shelley out of the wedding. Audrey accuses Rita of having an affair with Alf and angrily tells her she is no longer a friend. Sophie tells Chesney she's not speaking to him after he went round telling everyone he'd seen Sally naked. Cilla's annoyed with Les for fantasising about naked Sally Webster. Chesney realises it's Les whose been telling everyone. Charlie gets off with a woman in the Weatherfield Arms on his stag night. Mike's cross with himself when he forgets a really simple word. Violet tells Bev how Charlie played away and was punched by the woman's husband. Les receives another practical joke from Chesney with a note saying, "This is war". Rita tries to speak to Audrey and assure her that nothing ever happened between her and Alf but Audrey doesn't believe her. Shelley gives a speech to thank everyone for coming, Bev tells her not to go through with the wedding and Violet tells her she kissed Charlie. Shelley thinks her friends are lying to her and resolves to marry Charlie as soon as possible.moreless
  • Sun 18 Sep, 2005
    Sun 18 Sep, 2005
    Episode 186
    Mike's taking Adam to a trade fair. Jamie's envious wishing Danny would take as much interest in him. Rita finds out about Norris' job offer when Angela visits them both in the Kabin. Norris turns the job down and Angela accuses him of being in love with Rita. Audrey offers Keith Alf's old clothes. Whilst sorting through them she discovers Alf's old camera complete with undeveloped film. Chesney tries to play a trick on Sophie, with blackened binoculars but it backfires on him. He goes into the bathroom and walks in on Sally having a shower. Charlie forces Shelley to tell Zack she doesn't want to see him any more. Zack leaves telling her she only has to phone him if she changes her mind. Mike, seeing Jamie unhappy with his chores, offers to take him to a trade fair. While Jason is preparing for the stag night he lets slip to Violet that Charlie has been unfaithful to Shelley. Violet's appalled. Charlie tells Shelley he's going to enjoy his last night of freedom and leaves. Shelley's frightened at the prospect of a night on her own. Chesney confides in Les about seeing Sally naked. Les twists it and tells everyone how Sally's been flaunting herself in front of Chesney. Rita admits she's pleased Norris won't be leaving and offers him a junior partnership in the Kabin. Norris is delighted. Sally's mortified to discover everyone knows Chesney saw her naked. Audrey, Keith and Gail look through the developed photos and Audrey is stunned to see a picture of Rita sitting on a bench in Blackpool with Alf. Bev and Sunita throw a surprise hen night for Shelley but she wishes they hadn't.moreless
  • Fri 16 Sep, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Chesney and Sophie plant a plastic dog poo on Les's chair. Les falls for it. Bev offers to go shopping for a wedding dress with Shelley. Shelley declines as Zack is going to come with her. Charlie looks on, irritated by Bev's presence. Charlie takes his bad mood out on Jason, who retaliates by claiming that he's seen Shelley cosying up to Zack at the bus-stop. Charlie watches as Zack gives Shelley a reassuring hug. Norris meets with Angela. She's soon ordering him around and tells him that she wants a man who'll live his life her way, and he's it. Fiz gives Kirk a hard time when she discovers some girlie mags in his room. Norris quakes, as Angela declares she wants to marry him, but he summons all his strength and turns her down. Shelley's happy to accept Fred's invitation to give her away at her wedding. Chesney seeks Les's advice as he's developed a crush on Sophie. Bev drowns her sorrows in the Rovers. She's touched by Fred's kindness. Charlie tells Shelley that he won't pay for Zack any more. She begs him, but Charlie adds that Zack has a reputation for sleeping with his female clients. He gives her an ultimatum - either Zack goes, or he does.moreless
  • Fri 16 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Jason's having trouble finding inspiration for his best man's speech. Bev gives him a few choice phrases. Norris is depressed when another rejection letter arrives. The call sign system breaks into chaos as Les keeps offending Eileen. Prompted by Steve, she pretends to quit, until Lloyd begs her on bended knee to return. Norris and Rita are stunned when Angela Hawthorne calls into the Kabin. Someone has sprayed "Slag" on Bev's door and dumped three bin bags full of clothes on her doorstep. She's convinced it's Charlie. Fred offers to paint the door. Angela's sixth husband has just died and she thinks it's kismet that Norris came for an interview. She offers Norris a job and invites him out for dinner. Yvonne, Barry's wife, turns up at Bev's door and accuses her of sleeping with Barry. Bev works out that Yvonne is her mysterious stalker and is to blame for the door. When Barry and Liz arrive, a huge slanging match breaks out. Yvonne drags Barry away, with his tail between his legs. Bev and Liz laugh together as Liz promises to steer clear of married men.moreless
  • Wed 14 Sep, 2005
    Wed 14 Sep, 2005
    Episode 183
    Fiz begs Molly to leave Kirk alone, but she's exposed her greatest weakness and Molly intends to take full advantage. Bev thinks that it was Charlie following her last night, but Liz thinks she's paranoid. Liz takes no notice when Bev warns her that Barry is obviously married. Rosie helps look after the pig and puts sun cream on it to protect it from the sun. She's horrified when Keith teases her that the cream will make the crackling crispier. Norris has a job interview with a dynamic new company. He's thrown into a panic when the interviewer is Neville Hawthorne, his ex-stepson. The drivers have fun with their call signs, until Les offends Eileen by calling her the Fat Controller. Lloyd suggests a works night out to vote on the call signs. Neville enjoys tormenting Norris and offers him a job as Tea Boy. Tracy overhears that Steve's planning a night out and asks him to babysit Amy. Steve can't refuse and is left with a sleeping baby, whilst the drivers have a wild time. Bev is shaken when Charlie warns her not to do anything to mess up the wedding. Bev spots a mystery car outside her flat. The driver ducks out of sight, and then speeds off when Bev goes outside to investigate.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Fiz storms the kennels to find Molly and Kirk innocently bathing a dog. Liz and Barry get to know each other better, despite Bev's constant interruptions. Gail and Audrey protest when Keith acquires a newly-weaned boar, which he intends to keep in his garden. He's going to sell off the pig's meat and make a big profit. Molly gives Kirk an elaborate sob story about how evil Fiz has scarred her for life. Molly's words sink in, and Kirk cowers in terror when Fiz tries to get amorous. Kirk tells Fiz to prove she's a good person by apologising to Molly again. Keith tells Audrey how hard he struggles to bring Craig up on a pension. Kirk offers Molly the kennel job on a permanent basis. Danny's back from holiday. He and Leanne decide not to see each other any more, but it's obvious the chemistry is still there and in reality, nothing's finished. Gail gets David and Sarah to open up about their feelings regarding Richard Hillman. She's shocked to hear that David blames her for bringing Hillman into their lives. Liz is about to invite Barry up to her flat, when a terrified Bev interrupts them. She's sure someone has followed her home from the pub, so Barry goes off to investigate. Fiz grits her teeth and apologises to Molly. They put on a show of unity for Kirk. Fiz gets Molly on her own and warns her to keep away from her man. Molly's not phased and tells Fiz to watch out because the worm has very definitely turned.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Shelley thinks about asking Bev to give her away. She's shocked when Charlie tells her that Bev has offered him money to leave Shelley alone. Keith invites Audrey to come shopping for a suit, to prove he's not a miser. Audrey's exasperated when he buys one for £10 in a charity shop. Tracy hides in the café whilst Steve bangs on the Barlows' door, looking for Amy. Fiz is sick with worry that Molly will try to take Kirk off her. Lloyd decides to boost staff morale by giving everyone call signs. Lloyd is Lone Wolf, Les is Alpha Male and Claire, Pink Lady. Steve won't join in. Charlie threatens to postpone the wedding when Shelley tries to defend Bev. He decides that he'd rather see Bev's face in church when he's marrying her daughter. Martin is pounced on by two small boys at the Fun Day, where he's guesting as the Weatherfield Cockerel. They wrench off his head and run off, revealing a red faced Martin. Nathan gives chase. Kirk is very impressed with Molly. He's riveted when Molly takes off her top, claiming that a flea has jumped down there. Martin goes to the Rovers in costume and fends off various chicken jibes. Liz flirts with Barry the plumber. Bev warns her that he looks like trouble. Fiz gets in a state when Kirk is late. She heads off to the kennels to sort him out.moreless
  • Sun 11 Sep, 2005
    Sun 11 Sep, 2005
    Episode 180
    Steve plans to take Amy out, thinking that Tracy has no choice but to let him. Deirdre hopes that the dust can now settle, but Tracy's determined not to let Steve walk all over her. Bev visits Shelley when she knows she's on her own. She gingerly questions whether the timing is right for the wedding. Cilla is fuming when Norris mentions that Shelley's wedding will upstage hers. Hearing how difficult life has been for Gail since Hillman, Phil tells her that although he does want to interview her, he'd be happy to see her on whatever basis. Nathan makes up with Rosie, flattering her with the news that Craig fancies her. Molly doesn't know who Kirk is and runs him out of the kennels, locking the door. Tracy makes an excuse and refuses to let Steve take Amy. Blanche adjusts a corset for Violet whilst Nathan admires Violet's trim figure. Audrey seethes as Keith treats her to supper, OAP style (ie on the cheap). To Fiz's disbelief, Kirk tells Maria that he's convinced their parents to give her back her half share of the kennels. Molly gets to stay on a trial basis. Bev makes Charlie an offer of £100K to leave Shelley alone. He retorts that if he left Shelley she may try to kill herself, so does Bev want to gamble her daughter's life? She slaps his face hard, and flees in tears. Steve is furious to find Tracy in the Rovers with Nathan. He lectures her on her shaky morals and orders her to have Amy ready for him first thing in the morning.moreless
  • Fri 9 Sep, 2005
    Fri 9 Sep, 2005
    Episode 179
    Blanche warns Deirdre not to jeopardise Tracy's chances at the hearing. Les upsets Steve by advising him to play dirty in court. Molly refuses to accept Fiz's apology. Charlie tries to unsettle Shelley by suggesting a celebratory drink in the Rovers at lunchtime. Shelley wants to invite Bev, and with Zack there, Charlie can't refuse. Molly is running the kennels like clockwork, amazing Tyrone with her dog whisperer abilities. He refuses to listen when Fiz tries to cast doubt on Molly. Charlie more or less orders Jason to be his best man. Bev interprets Shelley's invitation as a sign she's finally rid of Charlie, and rushes to the Rovers. She's devastated to find Charlie at the heart of the celebration, smugly asking her to toast the happy couple. Steve and Tracy get a grilling at the hearing, with both sides airing all their past wrong doings. It turns into a slanging match until the judge takes control and retires to deliberate. Shelley pleads with Bev to bury the hatchet and forgive her. The judge reaches his verdict. Whilst Steve's behaviour has been less than exemplary, he's satisfied that he's been provoked by Tracy's deceitful behaviour. Steve is jubilant when he's granted parental responsibility and defined contact (its specific details to be decided shortly), whilst Tracy is left devastated.moreless
  • Wed 7 Sep, 2005
    Wed 7 Sep, 2005
    Episode 178
    Steve worries that he's blown his chances by getting Tracy's back up. He's nervous about the hearing and what she's going to say. Norris waves his new contract under Rita's nose, hoping she'll cave in and make him an offer. She fails to take the bait. Charlie's irritated when Sunita comes to visit Shelley to cement their friendship. Molly gets revenge on Fiz for bullying her at school, by manoeuvring her into a pen with Slaver the Alsation. Fiz is terrified until Slaver turns out to be a big softy. Sally spots Mr Lewis dropping his daughter off at the gates of Oakhill. He agrees to admit Sophie to Weatherfield High when Sally threatens to go to the Gazette. Shelley goes out on her own in Lloyd's taxi. Charlie's stunned when she announces she's been to see the vicar and the wedding's arranged for three weeks time. Rosie's heartbroken when she sees Nathan kiss Tracy. Roy advises Fiz to apologise to Molly for bullying her in the past. Rita tells Norris she's read his contract and thinks the franchise concept is a con. He agrees, but when she still refuses to give him a partnership, he tells her that he's got another interview next week. Charlie tries to break Shelley's fragile confidence, but she's determined to go ahead with the wedding. Tracy tearfully confesses to Deirdre that she's afraid she's going to lose Amy.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 2005 [Episode 2]
    An incandescent Tracy throws Steve out and furiously berates Deirdre. Sally is horrified when Sophie receives a schooling of an unusual kind by listening to the factory girls' banter. Claire tries to keep Mr Quillan occupied for over forty minutes in Steve's absence. Lloyd rescues the contract by offering ã5 back for every ten minutes that one of their cabs is late. Steve begrudgingly acknowledges Lloyd's quick thinking. Charlie argues with Zack that Shelley must go to the shop if she feels ready to do so. Norris has an interview with Vanessa and JT at Ream Team Stationery. There's no job - instead he's offered the chance to buy a franchise and stock for £15,000. Sunita is surprised to find Shelley in the shop. Things are awkward until Shelley discovers that Sunita is pregnant and they begin to rekindle their friendship. Mr Lewis again refuses to admit Sophie. He reminds Sally that Weatherfield High wasn't good enough for Rosie, even though he sends his own daughter there. Maria makes Molly the new Kennel Supervisor. Molly immediately lays down the law to a horrified Fiz - it's obvious that these two have a history. Rita seems to regret Norris's departure when he says he's been offered the job. Sally is forced to admit that she's bitten off more than she can chew with the home tutoring.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sally embarks on home tutoring Sophie and sets her a spelling lesson. Sophie slacks all day, so Sally drags her to the factory to keep an eye on her. Rosie continues to moon over Nathan. Gail tells Audrey that she'll be strictly colleagues with Phil from now on. Norris sets off for his interview, repeating a mantra of positivity. Shelley's task for the day is to take Charlie his sandwiches. With Zack's help, she overcomes her worst fear, as she bumps into Bev on the way to the yard. Claire has impressed a punter, Mal Quillan, with her promptitude and he wants to set up a contract with Streetcars for his chain of pubs. Steve insists on meeting Mr Quillan himself and sends Lloyd off on a job. Fiz and Maria squabble over the chores for the dog kennels. Maria is amazed when a couple of unruly dogs immediately obey Molly's command. Tracy arranges lunch with Deirdre but she goes to the Rovers with Nathan instead. Charlie undermines Shelley's achievement with a snide comment about the type of bread she's bought. She tearfully curses her stupidity. Tracy's missing and Deirdre can't be late back to work. Desperate, she asks Steve to come and look after Amy. Steve tells Claire to stall Mal Quillan until he gets back. Zack tells her not to rush things, but Shelley's determined to buy Charlie the right type of bread. She plans to go to Sunita's shop today. Tracy returns and is furious to find Steve in her house with Amy and Deirdre.moreless
  • Sun 4 Sep, 2005
    Sun 4 Sep, 2005
    Episode 175
    Nathan sets Rosie's hormones racing, when she finds him hungover on the couch. Claire is left to dig alone when the turnout for the park clearance is disappointing. Janice, Jessie and Joanne turn up at the park in their glad rags, but are gutted to find Andrew isn't there. Claire sees red when Janice throws litter on the floor and throws a mud pie in Janice's face. Chesney and Sophie join in and it's mud war! Sally is incensed to read Mr Lewis' derogatory comments about her in the Gazette. Kevin blames her for making the situation worse. Nathan's girlfriend, Farrah, turns up with his bags and dumps him for being with Tracy all night. Tracy promptly dumps him too. Nathan asks if he can stay another night on the Webster's sofa, to Rosie's delight. Emily calls a truce on the mud fight and everyone sets to work on the park. Gail smugly books a taxi for her date with Phil from the taxi office. Eileen is sheepish when Phil confronts her about lying to Gail about their "sessions". The girls are outraged when Sean arrives with Andrew, obviously a couple, and pelt them with mud. Leanne tells Jamie that by helping Carol out of her mess, he's making things worse. Carol agrees, and admits that she hasn't been evicted and will return to Birmingham. Phil asks Gail if he can use her life with Richard Hillman as a subject for his degree dissertation on victims of crime. She's horrified and leaves the restaurant in a daze.moreless
  • Fri 2 Sep, 2005
    Fri 2 Sep, 2005
    Episode 174
    Leanne thinks that Carol's off drinking somewhere, as she hasn't seen her all day. Sophie has a place at Paddington Comp, a rough school near the Briesley Estate. Norris tells Emily and Rita that he has three job interviews lined up. A tipsy Carol turns up at the factory, looking for Jamie. She insists on having a go on the sewing machine, when Mike walks in. He doesn't recognise her at first, but they're soon catching up on old times. Sarah and David are horrified when Martin's reveals his big secret, turning up in a chicken costume. He's the Weatherfield County mascot - the Weatherfield Cock! Tyrone hasn't got round to organising anything for Kevin's birthday, so it's a night in the Rovers. Nathan can't believe it! Andrew causes a stir when he comes to the Rovers to meet Claire. The factory girls clamber to volunteer for the park clearance. Mike appears forgetful in his reminisces with Carol, asking the same question twice. Sally tells Rita she's thinking of home tutoring Sophie, as teaching can't be that difficult. Emily lets slip to Rita that Norris has given his age as forty-six on his CV. Kevin is under whelmed with Sally's present - cufflinks, like the Oakhill fathers wear. Nathan laughingly agrees to a drunk Carol's request for a birthday kiss. Leanne and a mortified Jamie walk in, just as Nathan is trying to wrench suction-lipped Carol off.moreless
  • Wed 31 Aug, 2005
    Wed 31 Aug, 2005
    Episode 173
    It's Sophie and Chesney's first day at Weatherfield High. Sally gives Chesney an old grey jumper of Rosie's when he turns up with the wrong colour jumper and no blazer. Carol fusses around Jamie, lavishing huge meals on him and doing his ironing. Leanne makes digs about Carol's drinking. Claire receives a less than enthusiastic response to her park's volunteer campaign. Tyrone secretly tries to organise a big fortieth bash for Kevin, complete with limos and stripper-grams. Kevin knows exactly what he's up to. Sophie is home early, and is upset. She's been told that the school hasn't received her application and there isn't a place for her. Emily agrees to help Claire with the park project. Carol storms out when Leanne accuses her of driving Jamie away by smothering him, just like she did with Danny. Jamie gently offers to drive Carol home, but she declares that she's been evicted, so he's stuck with her. Sally goes to see the Head of Weatherfield High - it's Mr Lewis, Rosie's old Year Nine Head, who Sally has already sparred with. He's facing Round two in a stronger position, and confirms that there is no room for Sophie at the school. Sally all but begs, but Sophie will have to go to the bottom of the waiting list.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Les is amused to discover that Chesney caught nits from one of the posh Websters. Claire meets hunky gardener, Andrew, at the park. She's appalled at the state of the place. She decides to embark on a campaign to enlist volunteers to do the place up. Martin has bumped into an old school friend, Clive Nullingham, who now has a secret double life. Martin is considering taking over this mysterious role whilst Clive is laid up with a shoulder injury, much to Gail's curiosity. Leanne takes Jamie's mind off watching the football by hoovering in her underwear. Janice is not a pretty sight - she's had her head totally shaved by Sean, and it's still itching. Ashley coaches Claire in being more assertive when trying to enlist volunteers. Steve is piqued that Lloyd is proving popular with everyone, including his workforce. Jamie and Leanne's day of passion is interrupted when Carol turns up at the door. Tracy is pleased to hear that Steve has had a go at Nathan, warning him off Amy. Janice confronts Sally about the Websters giving her nits. Janice is humiliated when Sally produces a bottle of shampoo for delousing dogs - the same one Fiz used on Janice earlier. The pub erupts into laughter and barks! Jamie admits that he'd told Carol that Danny and Frankie were away. Leanne demands he gets rid of her, whilst Carol makes herself at home, breaking open a bottle of Danny's whisky.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sally treats Sophie's hair for a case of nits. Steve is back from Spain. He has a date for the hearing in two weeks. Danny and Frankie have gone to Seville, so Jamie has the house to himself. He convinces Leanne to pull a sicky for the day. Deirdre and Bev take Amy to Knowsley Safari park. A monkey steals Deirdre's glasses and she's forced to revert to an old 80s pair. Mike hasn't turned up for work and the factory girls are locked out. Hayley calls on Jamie to see if he has a spare key. Leanne's in her dressing gown, but claims a twenty-four hour flu. Sophie and Chesney are having a kick-about when a ball hits Janice. Janice grabs Sophie and goes head to head with her, whilst Chesney jumps on her back. Steve is aghast to find he has a new partner. Dev assures him that Lloyd is kosher. Claire is moved to tears as one of her punters tells her about his attempts to give a communal garden a make-over. Janice is sent home with nits. Sally feigns horror. Penny gives Mike a hard time for playing golf instead of opening up the factory. He claims it's Danny's fault for not making arrangements to open up the factory. Steve tells Eileen about his worries for Amy's future. He wants to be a part of her life. Janice is drunk, with a nit comb stuck in her hair. Sean volunteers to shave her head, whilst Joanne and Jesse look on, agog.moreless
  • Sun 28 Aug, 2005
    Sun 28 Aug, 2005
    Episode 170
    Cilla wants Les to prove his love by spending at least a month's wages on an engagement ring. Adam buys a new car at the auction and takes Candice out for a pub lunch. Kelly is offended when she overhears Lloyd moan that he spent £100 on their date without even getting a snog. Norris waxes lyrical about returning to the cut and thrust of big business. Rita tells him that he's too old and would need to invest in a wig to get a job. Gail is incredulous when Les offers her £10 for any of her old engagement rings, as she's obviously got loads going spare. Adam's car breaks down (he's put petrol into the diesel engine) and he's caught by the police for having no tax, mot or insurance. Candice dumps him and stalks off. Violet and Betty have reservations about Shelley's impending wedding. Charlie takes great delight in telling Bev the happy news. Les goes to the police station to try to claim an engagement ring in lost property as his own. Instead, he's questioned for stealing the ring, until Cilla backs up his alibi that he was in Spain at the time of the robbery. Kelly confides in Lloyd that when she was a kid she was sent away for shoplifting. The beggar girl, from the night before, had been inside with her. Cilla bans Les from the pub, ordering him to start saving for a ring instead. It's Les's fiftieth birthday. Cilla won't give him a card or present because he hasn't got her an engagement ring. Zack has suggested that Shelley makes things up with Bev. Charlie rejects the idea. Ken is appalled that Mike is going to buy Adam a company car. Violet and Betty are pleasantly surprised when Shelley opens up the pub. Buoyed by this small step, Shelley decides to do the afternoon shift in the bar. Les tries and fails to beg money from both Mike and Rita for a ring. Candice is impressed with Adam's sporty new car. She drags Sarah with her to the pub to makes a play for him again. Craig manoeuvres Audrey into going fishing with Keith. Although Audrey is far from a natural, they have a lovely time and make another date for dinner (Audrey's treat). A fragile Shelley makes a nervous start at the bar. Everyone welcomes her back. Yana threatens Les with impending violence if Cilla doesn't get her ring. Phil accepts Gail's apology and agrees to go out with her for a meal. Yana, Cilla and Les arrive in the Rovers. They put on a great show as Les goes on bended knee to propose to Cilla, complete with £1000 ring. Shelley is thrilled with how her day went - she was in charge and composed. Charlie cuts her down and points out that she's still got a long way to go before she'll be able to handle the wedding.moreless
  • Wed 24 Aug, 2005
    Wed 24 Aug, 2005
    Episode 169
    Eileen tries to wind Gail up by suggesting that she and Phil had a "session". Gail is quietly smug, and it's obvious she's been up to something. Candice gives Adam a good luck teddy for his driving test later. Audrey is intrigued to know why Keith had booked their table so early - 5. 45pm. Phil furiously berates Gail after his hauling in from Donald. She's mortified when it becomes obvious that he's innocent, but now wants nothing more to do with her. Ken gives Adam £500 to buy a new car when he passes his driving test first time. Candice volunteers to go with him to the motor auctions. Cilla and Yana get emotional trying on wedding outfits. Cilla's a meringue vision. Keith tries to hurry Audrey along to the pizzeria. He's distraught to miss the Early Bird special by four minutes. Audrey is oblivious and orders king prawns. Eileen gives Gail short shrift when Gail accuses her of lying about Phil. Kelly and Lloyd have a great date at the Clock. Walking home, a beggar girl recognises Kelly and calls out to her. Kelly rushes home, badly shaken. Zack tries to determine Shelley's goals. She admits that, after her experience with Peter, the thing that frightens her most is another wedding ceremony. Moved by her distress, Charlie assures her that they will marry and proposes.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Deflecting Charlie's aggression, Zack gives his opinion that Shelley would benefit from counselling and plans the first session for that week. Charlie can only agree. When Les confirms that Lloyd does indeed own half of the cab firm, Kelly agrees to meet him in the Rovers. Charlie interrogates Shelley about her therapy. He doesn't believe her protestations that she didn't talk about him. Norris opens his sealed reference from Rita. Unhappy with its contents, he re-writes his own glowing report. She signs it, confident that no one will ever read it anyway. After Audrey points out that Adam will one day inherit the factory, Candice makes a bee line for him. Gail is furious when she sees Phil going into Eileen's house. She's insistent that Donald talks to him about his unethical behaviour. Eileen kicks herself for telling Phil about Gail's past sagas - she's made Gail sound like the most interesting woman in the world. Charlie's incensed to hear that Zack will be dropping off a relaxation tape for Shelley later. He resolves to sack him that evening. With Zack's encouragement, Shelley completes her first task and takes down the waste-bins. Faced with her delight at this small step, Charlie has to keep quiet.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Shelley is shocked to hear that Charlie has arranged for a therapist to visit her today. After a dismal effort by Eileen, Sean chats up Phil on her behalf. Gail watches the proceedings from her window. Norris pretends to be looking for another job. Rita's not fooled. Mike unnerves Jamie by lecturing him on the importance of families (aware that Jamie is now his grandson). Shelley overhears Charlie warn Zack, the therapist, that he's dealing with a seriously disturbed person. Charlie is reluctant to leave Shelley alone with Zack, and worries that she will be talking about him. Shelley admits to Zack that she's frightened of people and has completely lost all confidence. Sean has booked Phil to do his feet tomorrow, but plans to make himself scarce, leaving Phil alone with Eileen. Eileen agrees to go along with it. Claiming that Phil's "affair" with Eileen is unethical (she's his patient), Gail makes a complaint to Donald, the Practice Manager. He says there's no case to answer. Candice gives Adam a hard time whilst she's giving him a pre-driving test haircut. Shelley is hopeful that Zack's treatment will work. He's going to set her simple tasks and use relaxation techniques. Rita calls Norris's bluff and mentions advertising for his successor. Charlie corners Zack, demanding to know what Shelley has been saying about him.moreless
  • Sun 21 Aug, 2005
    Sun 21 Aug, 2005
    Episode 166
    Phil's car is still parked outside Eileen's in the morning. Gail's livid thinking he's stayed the night with her. Jason thinks Phil's stayed the night and is disgusted with Eileen. Eileen's amused and doesn't tell him the truth - the car's just waiting for an MOT at the garage. Gail rows with Jason in the Kabin, likening his behaviour to his mother's and citing the time when Jason tried it on with her. Norris is agog. Norris goes to fetch Rita who's gone for a lie down. He finds her asleep but is convinced she's dead. Norris, Blanche, Sally and Jack all gaze at Rita thinking she's dead. They're shocked when she wakes up. Audrey's put out when her date with Keith turns out to be lunch at the Rovers. However he showers her with compliments and they get on well. Norris worries about his future without Rita. He asks her if he can buy a share of the shop but she refuses. Phil's bemused when Gail's cold towards him. Gail and Eileen finish up rowing over Phil. Gail tells Sarah if Eileen wants Phil for herself she's going to have a fight on her hands.moreless
  • Fri 19 Aug, 2005
    Fri 19 Aug, 2005
    Episode 165
    Jack finally admits he's missing Vera and today is their forty-eighth wedding anniversary. Sophie tells Chesney she's going to wangle some new trainers out of her parents. Both Gail and Eileen book home appointments with Phil. Sophie makes Sally and Kevin feel guilty over the money they spend on Rosie, so they buy her the trainers she wants. It's soon clear this was part of Sophie's plan. Charlie forces Shelley to see the doctor who puts her on anti-depressants and recommends a therapist but there's a waiting list. Jack tracks down Vera in Southport. Initially they bicker but soon their reminiscing about the dirty weekend they had in Southport forty-nine years ago. Phil massages Gail's feet but she's disappointed when he can't stay to dinner and furious to discover it's because he's due at Eileen's to do her feet. Charlie's fed up with Shelley hiding away and decides he's going to hire a therapist for her himself no matter what the cost. Phil compliments Eileen on her feet. Eileen's in seventh heaven. Audrey asks Keith out for a date as she's fed up with waiting for him to make the first move. Keith's pleased. Jack and Vera patch up their marriage and agree they can't live without each other.moreless
  • Wed 17 Aug, 2005
    Wed 17 Aug, 2005
    Episode 164
    Charlie walks out leaving Shelley sobbing helplessly. Danny does his best to get Jack and Vera back together but to no avail. Charlie phones the girl he copped off with and apologises for what happened and suggests they meet up again. Kelly's put out when Lloyd postpones their date in favour of a darts match. Buoyed up by Sean and Violet, Eileen tries to get an appointment with Phil the reflexologist but Gail tells her he's booked up. Shelley writes Charlie a letter but can't muster up the confidence to deliver it herself. She gets Violet to deliver it. Freda leaves, telling Emily that Norris made it clear she wasn't welcome. Emily apologises and thanks Freda for visiting. Sally tries to convince Sophie she'll be more suited to Weatherfield Comp than Oakhill. Sophie agrees but says she wants the money it would have cost instead. Emily tells Norris what she thinks of him for the way he treated Freda. Vera leaves for Southport upset, saying her marriage is over. Stubborn Jack lets her go but it's obvious he's starting to regret his actions. Lloyd promises to take Kelly to the Clock Restaurant on Friday. She's delighted. Shelley apologises to Charlie for making him want to sleep with other women. She begs him to give her another chance and he agrees on condition she gets psychiatric help.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Charlie takes the girl into the back room of the Rovers where they have sex. Furious Liz tells pervy Bob it's over and leaves in a cab. Emily and Freda reminisce over some old photos. Emily gets upset talking about Ernest. Norris tells Freda off for upsetting her. Kelly makes a play for Lloyd. She's delighted when he asks her out. Liz recounts her evening with Bob to Bev. Bev finds it funny and insists they get Bob round so she can put him in his place. Liz reluctantly agrees. Shelley comes down stairs and catches Charlie with the other woman. Tim texts Sean wanting to explain things. Eileen and Violet insist he tells Tim where to go. Bev and Liz wind Bob up by pretending they've reported him to the police as a pornographer. Eventually they come clean and Bob's relief is evident. Sean and Tim have a meal out together. As they're waiting for the bill, Tim's boyfriend Lee turns up. Sean's devastated to find he's been two-timed. Shelley confronts Charlie. He tells her it's her fault as she's driven him to this. When he says he'll leave in the morning hysterical Shelley begs him to stay and says they should get married, but Charlie's adamant he's going.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Frankie tells Vera she can stay as long as she likes. Danny's not happy. Shelley wonders if she should have some more plastic surgery to boost her confidence. Charlie's scathing, still smarting after she refused sex with him. Bob tells Liz he's a keen photographer and wants to take some photos of her. Liz is flattered and reads up on Cecil Beaton in preparation. Gail introduces Audrey to Phil the new reflexologist at the Medical Centre. It's obvious Gail fancies him. He offers Gail a free foot session. Eileen tells Sean she's in love and has just met the man of her dreams outside the chippy. Later, in the Rovers, she discovers it's Phil the reflexologist. Jack, instead of apologising to Vera, winds her up even further by arranging a lads' night out pub crawl. Norris is jealous of Freda's ability to lip read and therefore be privy to everyone else's private conversations. Freda intimates that someone's going to be unfaithful to their partner tonight but refuses to say who. Charlie tells Shelley he's having a lock-in downstairs. Shelley's annoyed. Liz is flabbergasted when Bob asks her to pose nude wearing a saddle. Charlie chats up a girl in the Rovers. She stays behind and he locks the doors.moreless
  • Sun 14 Aug, 2005
    Sun 14 Aug, 2005
    Episode 161
    Sunita's scared at the thought of twins. She tries to talk to Dev about it but nothing can dampen his euphoria and he doesn't listen. Sunita's frustrated. Vera tells Frankie how Jack's continually winding her up on purpose. Sunita phones the estate agents and up their offer on the house. Dev's furious and insists she retract it. Mike, Penny and Adam go for Sunday lunch at the Baldwins. The atmosphere is strained. Mike's nervous around Danny and when Frankie asks Leanne if she'd like to move in to No. 7 Leanne and Danny nearly choke on their wine. Kelly's rude to Lloyd until she discovers he's about to become a half owner of Street Cars. But it's too late and Lloyd tells her he's lost interest. Shelley spends ages on her make-up and looks a million dollars, but she still can't sum up the confidence to go downstairs. Charlie tries to seduce her but she refuses to have sex saying how much she loathes herself. Charlie's patience is running out. Dev buys Sunita a ring containing two garnet birthstones to signify the twins' birth. Sunita despairs at his lack of understanding of how she feels. Vera's distraught to find Jack's got his pigeons in the house. Upset Vera tells Frankie Jack's gone too far and she's leaving him after forty-seven years.moreless
  • Fri 12 Aug, 2005
    Fri 12 Aug, 2005
    Episode 160
    Tyrone flirts with Fiz, spraying her with water as they clean out the kennels. Maria's jealous. Jack complains to Vera about his dinner. Furious Vera throws the plate at the wall. Norris continues to be suspicious of Freda. Emily falls down the stairs and sprains her ankle. Liz bumps into Bob and his mother in the park. His mother is thoroughly rude to Liz calling her a tart. Bob explains his mum doesn't know what she's saying. Danny invites Mike and Penny for Sunday lunch. Dev and Sunita are setting off to hospital for their first scan. They end up giving Emily, Norris and Freda a lift to A and E. The estate agent calls and tells Sunita they've been gazzumped on the house. Nathan and Maria flirt in the garage. Tyrone's jealous. Maria and Tyrone call a truce and agree to stop flirting as they only have eyes for each other. Emily leaves hospital with her foot strapped up. Freda offers to stay and look after her. Emily's grateful whereas Norris is put out. Leanne's overcome when Jamie arranges a candlelit meal in Roy's Rolls to celebrate the anniversary of when they first met. Sunita's shocked to discover she's expecting twins. Dev's over the moon.moreless
  • Wed 10 Aug, 2005
    Wed 10 Aug, 2005
    Episode 159
    Jack continues to wind Vera up. She's upset he's not planning anything for their 48th wedding anniversary. Kelly continues to walk all over Adam. She skives off to the hairdressers then refuses to do any work. Gail and Sarah enjoy teasing Audrey over Keith fancying her. Janice suspects Leanne's spent the night with another man. Leanne lies saying she went out with Charlotte an old school friend. Maria's fed up with Tyrone for helping Fiz out at the kennels. Dev and Sunita look round a lovely house in Meadow Croft. Frankie tells Danny how stupid she feels for following Leanne and how much she missed him while he was in Glasgow. Adam overhears Kelly likening him to an irritating puppy. He slaps her down and docks her pay for skiving. Kelly's chastened. Nathan chats up Maria and buys her a drink. Dev offers full asking price for the house and it's accepted. Sunita's delighted. Fred tells Dev he's not interested in buying his half of Street Cars. Dev begrudgingly agrees to sell to Lloyd instead at a knock-down price. Lloyd's delighted. Leanne's moved when Jamie tells her how much he loves and trusts her.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Danny hides in the hotel bedroom and sends Leanne out by herself. Emily's niece Freda arrives. Norris is rude but Freda's oblivious. She explains to Emily's she's deaf and has to lip-read. Frankie's disappointed when Leanne comes out of the hotel by herself. Leanne lies brilliantly and turns the tables so that Frankie ends up feeling guilty. Emily and Freda enjoy reminiscing about Ernest and his photography. In the Rovers Kelly takes the mickey out of Adam in front of the girls. Adam's smitten but Mike's unimpressed to see his son fraternising with the workforce. Leanne heads back to Danny in the hotel and they kiss passionately. Over dinner Gail explains to Keith how she's not looking for a relationship. Keith's bemused and tells Gail it's Audrey he fancies not her. Maria's appalled at the state of the kennels. She points out to Fiz that one of the dogs has eaten the appointments diary. Penny's worried at he way the factory girls are treating Adam but Mike doesn't appear bothered. Penny's frustrated. When Norris learns that Freda's deaf he immediately backtracks saying what a kind person she is. Emily invites Freda to stay the night. Jack plays Vera at her own game. He goes out of his way to annoy her so she'll shout at him - therefore increasing her life span.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Danny sends Jamie off to Holland on an over-night job. He lies to Frankie saying he's going to Glasgow and arranges a night in a hotel with Leanne. Maria turns up at the kennels but refuses to muck in as she's due at the Salon. Kelly tells the factory girls she copped off with Adam. Adam's embarrassed. Keith sorts out Gail's garden for her. She invites him to come for dinner. Sarah and Audrey reckon Keith fancies her. Adam offers Danny his resignation saying the girls no longer respect him as he slept with Kelly. Danny tells him forget it and get on with his job. Emily invites her niece Freda to stay. Norris suspects she's after Emily's money. Frankie gives Vera a magazine article saying women should speak their minds as it's good for them. Vera warns Jack she's going to tell him what she thinks. Adam arranges to meet Kelly for a drink. She insists they meet in the Rovers. Knowing Jamie's away, suspicious Frankie follows Leanne to the hotel. Leanne arrives in Danny's hotel room. Frankie phones Danny and tells him she suspects Leanne's playing away. Before Danny can stop her Frankie sets off the fire alarm in the hotel, hoping to find out who Leanne's with.moreless
  • Sun 7 Aug, 2005
    Sun 7 Aug, 2005
    Episode 156
    Fiz wakes up and is shocked to find a dog in the bed. Kirk tries to placate her telling her she's got a real bond with the dogs and is in fact a dog whisperer. Keith offers to sort out Gail's garden for her. David reckons Keith fancies Gail. Tracy's received a police caution. Ken thinks she's brought it all on herself. Deirdre's more sympathetic worried Tracy might leave home. Kirk gets a call from his parents. His dad's slipped a disc and his mum wants Kirk to go out to Cyprus and help with the donkey sanctuary. Fiz is furious at the thought of being left to run the kennels alone. Maria's secretly pleased. Bob takes Liz to the Clock Restaurant to meet some of his friends. Initially Liz feels out of her depth. She drinks too much, makes crass comments and tells loud jokes. Bev meets Fred for dinner at the Clock. Fred pleads with her to come and run the Rovers for him but Bev's determined it's Shelley's job. Liz admits to Bob and his friends how nervous she was of meeting them and apologises for her behaviour. In turn they tell her how warm and funny she is. Kirk leaves for Cyprus. Tyrone and Maria offer to help run the kennels whilst he's away. Liz arrives home to find Steve leaving in a taxi. He explains he's going to stay with Andy in Spain for a while as he's emotionally drained. Bev starts crying at the table and pleads with Fred not to sack Shelley.moreless
  • Fri 5 Aug, 2005
    Fri 5 Aug, 2005
    Episode 155
    Kirk asks Fiz to take the smallest puppy with her to work in her bra to keep it warm. Fiz refuses. She's fed up with the dogs and the kennels. Sean can't stop going on about Tim. He drives the factory girls and Danny mad. Bev pleads with Fred not to throw Shelley out of the Rovers. Fred suggests instead Bev runs the pub then she can keep an eye on Shelley and act as manager for him. Danny breaks down when he opens a letter from Viv containing photos of Harry. Liz is upset at the thought of not seeing Amy again. She likens it to losing her own baby Katherine. Steve tries to comfort her. As Tracy arrives in the pub Steve makes to leave but changes his mind. He tells Tracy how everything's his fault and he's sorry. Gradually she thaws towards him. Fiz arrives home to find Kirk in the bath with Mitzi, an Irish wolfhound. Penny worries Mike when she says she'd still like to have children. Lloyd tries to chat up Kelly but she tells him she's out of his league. As Tracy lowers her defences Steve sticks the boot in and tells her how he only slept with her after Ray's funeral out of pity. His plan works. Tracy loses all control and lashes out giving Steve a split lip. Ken, Deirdre and Liz witness the scene. Steve calls the police and reports Tracy for assault.moreless
  • Wed 3 Aug, 2005
    Wed 3 Aug, 2005
    Episode 154
    Everyone's sporting black eyes from the fight the night before. A court official serves an Emergency Prohibited Steps Order on Steve. He's flabbergasted. Eileen and Liz are disgusted at Tracy. Liz calls round to give Tracy a piece of her mind but Tracy's unmoved. Both Fred and Claire have black eyes. Ashley's amused, having seen another side to Claire. Both Kelly and Sean ask Fred for a job in the Rovers. Fred takes Sean on. Kelly's peeved. Viv leaves to go home. Mike explains to Penny how his brief fling with Viv was really just his way of getting one over on his brother Harry. Emotional Danny sits and cries in the factory over Harry's death. Mike finds him there and to Danny's surprise gives him a supportive hug. Claire wonders if she should go on an anger management course, citing the time she waved a tin of tuna at a "save the dolphin" rally. Ashley reassures her. Tim calls in the Rovers. He assures Sean the guy in the car was just a friend. They arrange to go for a coffee at Sean's when he finishes his shift. Tracy arrives in the pub. The locals are hostile towards her for the way she's treating Steve. Tracy raises her glass to the British Justice System.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Ashley's bricking it before the fight. Nathan tries to gee him up. Steve tries to talk reasonable with Tracy but she starts screaming pretending he's threatened to snatch Amy. Deirdre comes rushing out. Sean sets off bearing flowers to see Tim. He's upset when he sees Tim getting into another bloke's car and kissing him. Mike tells Penny how he regrets not being involved in the bringing up of any of his three sons. Danny suggests they should move back south to look after Viv but Frankie talks him out of it. Ashley and Marvin start boxing. Claire arrives and tries to stop the fight but she soon changes her mind and shouts encouragement to Ashley. Worn out Fiz ends up sharing her bed with a litter of puppies whose mother's abandoned them. Deirdre accompanies Tracy with her solicitor to see the Judge in Chambers. Tracy lies saying Steve's a threat to her and Amy. The Judge grants a Prohibited Steps order for fourteen days preventing Steve from having any contact with either of them. Ashley and Marvin agree to call a draw. Meanwhile fights have broken out all round the hall, even Claire's fighting and ends up having her glasses stamped on. The police arrive to break it up.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Eddie Maddocks is drumming up interest for the evening's fight. He hands out free pies to the factory girls. Penny's shocked when Mike tells him he's Danny's father. Ashley psyches himself up for the fight. Claire forbids him from going through with it but Ashley ignores her. Mike's bitter with Viv for keeping Danny's parentage a secret for so long. Tracy and Steve go to court. The Judge gives them a hearing date of 9th September but recommends they sort out their differences for Amy's sake. Fiz is knackered from working at the kennels as well as the factory but she refuses to give in as she knows it would please Maria. Fred tells Bev he's had enough of work-shy Shelley and he's going to throw her out. Mike is about to tell Danny the truth when Penny stops him. It's fight night and Mad Dog Maddocks and Ashley prepare for their boxing match. When Claire finds out the fight's still going ahead she's furious and insists Les drives her there so she can stop the fight.moreless
  • Sun 31 Jul, 2005
    Sun 31 Jul, 2005
    Episode 151
    Viv's in tears over Harry's death. Danny and Frankie try to comfort her. Jessie reminds Nathan he agreed to take Joanne out for a pizza. Nathan covers up the fact he'd forgotten and agrees to meet her at lunchtime. Mike gets on Danny's nerves when he starts to lecture him on how to run the factory. Penny and Adam agree that Mike doesn't seem his usual self. Claire's furious when she finds out from Lloyd that Fred's thinking of buying Street Cars. She tells Fred to stop interfering with her job. Fred's hurt. Liz is cool towards Bob. Bob senses there's something wrong. Nathan and Joanne have lunch together. They've nothing in common, Nathan's plainly not interested in her and Joanne's embarrassed. Bev flirts with Bob. Liz gets jealous. Bev tells her she needs to decide if she wants Bob or not. Inconsolable Joanne tells the girls how Nathan is out of her league. Claire sees a poster advertising Ashley's fight with Mad Dog Maddocks. She's incensed and tells Ashley either he calls off the fight or she's leaving. Viv drops a bombshell on Mike telling him that Harry wasn't Danny's father but that he is.moreless
  • Fri 29 Jul, 2005
    Fri 29 Jul, 2005
    Episode 150
    Fred considers buying Dev's share in Street Cars. He borrows the accounts. Tracy tries to convince Roy and Hayley that Steve abducted Amy. Scooter appears in court. Gail is a character witness. The magistrate finds him guilty, fines him £100 and gives him community service. Deirdre's amazed when Blanche says she's been out at a whist drive. Danny's mum Viv arrives. She's very friendly towards Mike. Frankie tells Penny that Viv needs watching when it comes to men. Scooter tells Sarah how he enjoyed being in court and speaking his mind. He tries "speaking his mind" to Gail telling her to lighten up. Eileen lectures Steve on how to deal with Tracy insisting he mustn't let her wind him up. The police call on Steve and tell him they're dropping the charges against him. Danny, Viv and Frankie reminisce about Danny's dad Harry. Delighted Steve tells Tracy the police have dropped the charges and she should worry that they might prosecute her for wasting police time. Steve promises Tracy he's going to fight dirtier than she could ever imagine. Tracy's seriously worried.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jul, 2005
    Wed 27 Jul, 2005
    Episode 149
    Steve's furious with Tracy and resolves to get his access rights to Amy through the courts. Tracy enjoys goading him. Scooter practises his speech ready for his court appearance. Deirdre and Liz amicably agree to differ over their views of Tracy and Steve. Maria watches Fiz feed the dogs at the kennels. Fiz slips on some dog muck, spills the food and ends up with all the dogs on top of her. Keith helps David rebuild the garden fence which Scooter smashed. Lloyd tells Eileen how he intends to buy half of Street Cars. Eileen's sceptical. Steve's solicitor advises him not to have any contact with either Tracy or Amy while they press ahead with the case. Blanche talks to Deirdre about dying and thanks Deirdre for being such a good daughter. The factory girls give Joanne a makeover to help her snare Nathan. Jessie admits she's envious of her looks. Maria and Fiz end up scrapping and Fiz gives Maria a soaking when she tells the girls what happened at the kennels. A drunk causes a nuisance in the Weatherfield Arms. Bob tries to sort it out but fails. Steve has to wade in. Liz is disappointed with Bob. Joanne arrives in the Rovers looking gorgeous. She buys Nathan a drink. Tracy and Steve independently feel regretful at the way things have turned out.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Tracy continues to feign panic pretending Amy's been kidnapped. Danny's in emotional turmoil. He pours his heart out to Frankie about how he and his dad were never close as they were such different people. Claire's becoming suspicious of Ashley and Fred thinking they're hiding something from her. Tracy tells the police she suspects Steve has taken Amy. She makes out he's not Amy's father but has been stalking them for weeks. Fiz and Maria are daggers drawn over the kennels. Fiz is getting tired of the long hours and hard graft already. Steve's arrested at the airport. He's furious when he realises Tracy set him up and even put Amy's passport in her changing bag to make it more convincing. Nathan continues to train Ashley in the garage. He provokes Ashley into punching him in an attempt to convince Ashley he's in with a chance of winning. Sean spots Tim in the pub. Sean babbles nervously telling Tim more lies about his imaginary dog. Tim's disappointed Sean couldn't just be honest with him. Liz is furious with Tracy when she hears how she set Steve up. Deirdre doesn't know what to believe. Steve's released pending further enquiries.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sean's beside himself thinking he'll never see Tim again after the dog fiasco. Fiz complains the dogs at the kennels kept her awake all night. The factory girls wonder where the farmyard smell is coming from. Fred and Nathan take Ashley for boxing training on the red rec. Steve collects Amy from Tracy. Tracy pretends Amy's interested in planes and insists Steve take her to the airport to watch them take-off. Nathan makes Ashley run round the Red Rec wearing a car tyre. Ashley's getting seriously nervous about the fight with Mad Dog Maddocks. Bob admires Bev behind the bar. Liz has a twinge of jealousy. Danny and Adam are at loggerheads in the factory. Mike has to intervene. Tracy spends the day looking after Blanche. She pretends that Amy is playing in the back yard. Blanche is none the wiser. Mike's gets a call from Danny's Uncle Cliff to say that Danny's father has died. Danny's shocked. Tracy pretends to look for Amy in the back yard. She then feigns shock when she's not there and starts screaming hysterically.moreless
  • Sun 24 Jul, 2005
    Sun 24 Jul, 2005
    Episode 146
    Dev moans to Steve he's going to have to drop his price to £20 for his half of Steet Cars as he's had no interest. Roy and Hayley discuss the Amy situation over a pizza. Roy's adamant they should help Steve all they can. Hayley's not so sure. Sean has a spray tan before he and Tim go dog walking. They take Bella-Sinead on the Red Rec. Tim persuades Sean to let him off the lead. The dog runs away. Adam queries Danny's Manchester hotel bill. Danny lies his way out of it. Mike and Penny arrive back from their holiday. Mike continues to be forgetful. Tracy's solicitor advises her to let Steve have access to Amy. Tracy's annoyed. Deirdre makes Tracy see that by stopping Amy seeing her dad she will cause her the same heartache Ray caused her. Sean leaves a perplexed Tim and rushes back to the kennels where he confesses to Fiz he let the dog off the lead. Kirk tells him Butch ran home and his owners are now refusing to pay the kennel fees and have booked him in to see Tim the vet. Sean's beside himself knowing he's about to be exposed and Tim will know the dog isn't his. Lloyd offers Dev £15,000 for his half of Street Cars. Dev says he'll think about it. Tracy tells Steve she's prepared to let him have limited access to Amy. Steve's relief is palpable.moreless
  • Fri 22 Jul, 2005
    Fri 22 Jul, 2005
    Episode 145
    Joanne, Jessie and Kelly oggle at Nathan with his top off. Maria's still angry at her parents for giving Kirk the kennels and refuses to go and see them off to Cyprus. Shelley regrets falling out with Ciaran. Charlie's angry with her. Hearing that Kirk's inherited his parents' business Cilla tries to double his rent. Fiz is having none of it and suggests she and Kirk move into his parents' house. Cilla steals Blanche's electric buggy and she and Yana go shoplifting. They're spotted by security. Yana does a runner, Cilla makes a getaway in the buggy but ends up steering into the canal. Ciaran says goodbye to Sunita. She's sorry to see him go. Deirdre thinks Chesney's nicked the buggy but Les assures him he hasn't. Sean takes the kitten back from Betty. He decides to keep it and calls it Millie. Ciaran calls to say goodbye to Bev. Bev gets drunk and tries it on with him again. Ciaran tells her she's a disgrace and extricates himself. Violet and Jason have a night in. Violet's amused when Jason puts on goggles because he's allergic to the kitten. Shelley watches from her bedroom as Ciaran leaves the street. Ciaran wishes he could help her but realises he can't.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jul, 2005
    Wed 20 Jul, 2005
    Episode 144
    Bev reports Charlie to the police for forcing his way into her flat and threatening behaviour. Chesney gets Nathan to fix Blanche's electric buggy and then he and Sophie ride on it up and down the ginnel. Ken tells them off. A policeman turns up in the Rovers to question Charlie. Charlie tells him how Bev broke into his yard and stole invoices and letters. The policeman gives Bev a ticking off telling her she's lucky Charlie doesn't want to press charges for theft. Bev's beside herself knowing Charlie's won again. Maria and Kirk visit their parents at the kennels. Maria says she wants to sell the business and use the money to buy a hair salon but Kirk doesn't want to sell. Ken and Bob engineer a meal together with Deirdre and Liz at the pizzeria. Deirdre and Liz agree to put their differences aside and they all have a great evening. Sean offers to find another home for Betty's kitten as it's tiring her out. Maria's shocked when Eric and Dot announce they want the kennels to stay in the family so they're handing the whole business over to Kirk. She gets nothing. Ciaran tells Charlie what he thinks of him for the way he treats Shelley. They end up fighting. Shelley arrives, threatens to call the police and throws Ciaran out.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Bev's disbelieving about Shelley's plastic surgery until Shelley thrusts the receipt from the hospital in front of her. Shelley throws Bev out in front of everyone. Deirdre tries to console a distraught Bev. Charlie insists they should leave for Scotland but Shelley refuses. Charlie's furious calling her a miserable cow. He storms out saying he's leaving. Sean pretends he's got a dog called Bella-Sinead and arranges to meet Tim on Sunday to go for a walk with the dog. The locals in the bar can hear Shelley sobbing on the stairs. Violet goes to see if she's okay but Shelley screams at her to leave her alone. Charlie changes his mind realising how pleased Bev will be if he leaves. He returns and Shelley's pitifully grateful. Sean gives Betty a new kitten to replace Marmaduke. Sean arranges to borrow a dog, Butch, from Kirk so he can pretend it's his. Kirk tells Maria there's no way they're selling the kennels. Charlie goes to see Bev. Menacingly he tells her how he knows she's been phoning his clients. Bev goads him hoping he'll hit her but Charlie's too clever to fall for it and enjoys telling her how he keeps Shelley like a caged bird who's grateful for everything he does. Bev's terrified of him.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Violet confides in Sean about kissing Charlie and how she regrets it. Sean phones Tim to try and find a replacement cat for Betty. Danny and Leanne enjoy breakfast in bed in their hotel room. Charlie announces he's taking Shelley to Scotland for a couple of week's recuperation after her hospital visit. Violet's relieved. Gail's unimpressed that Sarah's been cautioned by the police while Scooter's up on a charge of theft. Charlie finds out that Bev's been phoning his clients trying to blacken his name. Deirdre gets Blanche to try out an electric buggy to give her some mobility. Cilla's excited when she hears Kirk's going to inherit his parents' kennels. However Maria changes her mind, saying she wants to sell the business and split it 50/50. Shelley arrives home in dark glasses, she tells Charlie she doesn't want to go away. Charlie's furious and insists she start packing for Scotland. Scooter's suspended from his job for using one of their skips. Charlie forces Shelley out of the door. She's frightened and refuses to go. Bev arrives and seeing Shelley's bruised eyes, again thinks Charlie's been beating her up. Shelley tells her she's had plastic surgery.moreless
  • Sun 17 Jul, 2005
    Sun 17 Jul, 2005
    Episode 141
    Charlie's annoyed when a client queries his estimate. Frankie's upset at the prospect of Warren moving to Spain. Liz tells Bev her date with Bob wasn't a success as Bob was sea-sick. Charlie takes Shelley to the cosmetic surgery clinic for her operation. Leanne's fed up when Jamie insists they visit Carol. Carol's supposed to be starting at Alcoholics Anonymous but when they arrive she's already drunk. Candice desperately wants to get back with Warren. He tells her he forgives her but makes it plain she's not going to Spain with him. Violet goes back to work but feels awkward around Charlie. Kirk, Maria, Fiz and Tyrone go for dinner at the Sutherlands. They're shocked when Eric and Dot tell them they're retiring to Cyprus and are handing the kennels over to them. Kirk's pleased but Maria's furious. The Baldwins say goodbye to Warren as he leaves for Spain. Sarah and Scooter release the fish into a pond in the botanical gardens. A warden thinks they're stealing fish and calls the police. Scooter and Sarah are arrested. Danny persuades Leanne to spend the night with him in a Manchester hotel. Charlie insists Violet stays behind for a drink. He suggests they could continue where they left off. Violet's frightened of him and runs from the pub.moreless
  • Fri 15 Jul, 2005
    Fri 15 Jul, 2005
    Episode 140
    Violet says she still feels ill. Jason wonders if she's pregnant. Candice tells Audrey and Maria how Warren was just a nobody and she's going to get herself a proper celebrity boyfriend. Sean takes Betty's cat Marmaduke to the vets for her. Marmaduke's very old and ill and Tim has to put him down. Sean dreads telling Betty. Liz plans a surprise for Bob. She's booked them into a dinner dance on a boat. Roy sells his granddad's patent to Green Door Hotels, an eco-friendly hotel chain, so they can conserve energy. He sells it for very little money. Jason asks Violet if she's pregnant. She assures him she's not but Jason's disappointed. Violet hugs him and tells him she loves him. Frankie's furious with Candice for dumping Warren. She calls her a back street tart with no talent. Warren's ecstatic when he hears he's being transferred to Real Aguila, a first division Spanish football club. Candice is absolutely gutted. Bev goes through Charlie's invoices and phones each company telling them Charlie's a cowboy builder, a rip-off merchant and a womaniser. Ciaran tells Shelley he's fed-up with trying to run the Rovers bar by himself. Betty's distraught to learn of Marmaduke's death. She goes to visit him at the vets and in tears, says goodbye to him.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jul, 2005
    Wed 13 Jul, 2005
    Episode 139
    Violet's consumed with guilt. Jason wonders what's wrong. Violet feigns a headache. Gail's furious to find Scooter has deposited a skip full of fish on her back lawn demolishing half the fence. Candice is gutted to receive a letter of rejection from the modelling agency. Blanche tells Ken and Deirdre she's thinking of moving into a home as she doesn't want to be a burden to them. They assure her she isn't. Sean borrows a friend's rabbit as an excuse to visit Tim the vet. He's put out to find it's Tim's day off. Shelley goes for her appointment at the cosmetic surgery clinic. Bev tries to talk to her but Charlie drives the van straight at her and Bev has to leap out of the way. Warren's gutted when he's told Weatherfield County won't be renewing his contract. Andrew Audenshaw of Green Door Hotels asks Roy if he would be prepared to sell his grandfather's patent to him. Bev lets herself into the builders yard and takes a handful of Charlie's invoices. When Candice finds out Warren's been dropped by the team she finishes with him.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Deirdre tries to talk Tracy out of lying in court and points out that it's not fair on Amy who deserves to know her real father. Tracy refuses to listen. Candice auditions as a model. Julie continues to eye up Warren. Jessie's offended when she's told they're not auditioning natural models. Joanne's audition's a success but she turns it down for Jessie's sake. Roy's delighted when a reporter from the Gazette interviews him about his granddad's invention. However Hayley's suspicious of the reporter. Blanche's hip is causing her pain and making her feel old. Deirdre's upset and Ken tries to comfort her. Charlie again tries to persuade Shelley into sex but she says she's not ready. When Charlie storms out Shelley begs him to stay but he ignores her. Julie interviews Candice and tells her she's shallow and thick and needs to take a long hard look at herself. Candice is speechless. Sarah and Scooter break into Mrs Maloney's garden and rescue the fish. Sarah falls into the pond and they are almost caught by a neighbour. Tracy tells Roy and Hayley if they help Steve with his court case they won't see Amy again. Charlie and Violet get drunk together. They start kissing but Violet changes her mind. Charlie tells her she's "like that stupid bitch upstairs". Violet recoils.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Scooter demonstrates how he's going to rescue Mrs Maloney's fish using some of David's toys. Candice is all dolled up for her modelling audition. She has a go at Warren for being stuck at Weatherfield County. Warren starts to see Candice for what she really is. Steve tells Roy he's going to take Tracy to court to obtain parental responsibility and therefore access to Amy. Roy agrees to help him. Shelley makes an appointment at the cosmetic surgery clinic. Charlie's disapproving. Roy shows an unimpressed Leanne, Frankie and Hayley his granddad's invention which is now up and running. Joanne and Jessie tell an incredulous Ciaran and Jason how they're going to the modelling auditions. Jessie shows them her passport photo. Lloyd drives Candice and Warren to the auditions. Candice is wearing very little. Scooter cleans out a skip ready to put the rescued fish in it. At the modelling auditions Warren gets talking to the agency owner, Julie Sanchez. Julie fancies Warren and tells him her husband owns a Spanish football club called Real Aguila who are looking for new talent. Violet's pleased when Charlie notices she's had her hair done. Steve tells Tracy he's taking her to court and Roy's agreed to help him. Tracy says she'll deny Steve is Amy's father.moreless
  • Sun 10 Jul, 2005
    Sun 10 Jul, 2005
    Episode 136
    Charlie again tries to take Shelley to bed but she can't bring herself to. Ashley's determined the fight with Marvin is back on but Claire mustn't find out. Fred puts Ashley through a work out in the butchers, using legs of lamb for weights and sides of beef as a punch bag. Bob takes Liz out for the day. She's shocked to find he's hired mountain bikes. Tracy tells Steve he can see Amy for 10 minutes in return for £50. Steve pays her but is furious when Tracy doesn't keep her side of the bargain. Shelley tries to summon up the courage to go outside but breaks down at the last minute. Violet tries to comfort her as she sobs in her arms. Nathan agrees to become Ashley's boxing trainer, with Fred as his manager. Scooter and Sarah scale the wall into Mrs Maloney's garden to check up on the sick fish. Scooter resolves to go back and rescue them. Bob and Liz arrive back from there cycling trip. To Liz's surprised she really enjoyed herself and feels totally relaxed in Bob's company. Shelley admits she needs some help. Charlie's shocked when she announces she wants plastic surgery.moreless
  • Fri 8 Jul, 2005
    Fri 8 Jul, 2005
    Episode 135
    Ken serves Deirdre a champagne breakfast for her 50th birthday. Jason thanks Charlie for sticking up for Violet when Shelley had a go at her. Scooter calls on Mrs Maloney explaining he's concerned about her koi carp which are dying, but she tells him to mind his own business. Marvin calls in the butchers and winds Ashley up by calling Claire ugly. Ashley takes the bait and the boxing match is reinstated. Lloyd tells Claire she can pick up Dean and Robbie in future as they're nothing but trouble. Claire enjoys pointing out they're well behaved for her. Tracy arrives home with Amy. She lures Steve into thinking he can see Amy whenever he wants then tells him she's lying and slams the door in his face. Liz gives Deirdre a birthday card as a peace offering but they soon start arguing about Tracy and Steve and they part company no further forward. Deirdre's hoping Ken's planned a birthday surprise even though she said she didn't want any fuss but he took her at her word. They have a good laugh about it. Charlie's hoping for sex with Shelley but she refuses as she's too fragile. He leaves saying he doesn't know when he'll be back. Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre she's only come back to wreak revenge on Steve.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jul, 2005
    Wed 6 Jul, 2005
    Episode 134
    Lloyd has to collect the two mischievous boys, Robbie and Mark, from school. They proceed to give Lloyd a hard time messing about in the car. Lloyd's embarrassed when Claire gives them a stiff talking to and immediately they're good as gold. Sunita tells Bev how Charlie tried to rip she and Dev off over the shop re-fit. Scooter's still worried about the koi carp having looked up possible fish diseases on the internet. Ashley and Claire tell Fred they've called off the fight with Marvin Maddocks. Shelley spies on Violet and accuses her of giving away free drinks. She tries to sack Violet but Charlie explains the money was already in the till. Humiliated Shelley runs back to her bedroom. Violet's embarrassed. Blanche and Deirdre arrive back from Poland. Ken's delighted and he and Deirdre head upstairs. Fred's annoyed Ashley's let himself be talked out of the boxing match by Claire. Charlie calls to check Violet's okay. He confides in Violet about Shelley's mood swings and paranoia. Violet feels sorry for him and thanks him for his concern.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Fred tells Shelley he's running out of patience and wants her to see a doctor. Martin has tea with Gail and kids. Scooter tells them he's worried about Mrs Maloney's fish. Martin gets upset realising he misses family life. Jamie goes back to No. 7 and pours his heart out to Frankie. Frankie's annoyed when Jamie decides to carry on seeing Leanne. Fred and Ashley tell Claire about the proposed boxing fight. Claire's appalled and bans Ashley from taking part. Charlie tells Shelley if she can't make the effort and come downstairs he's having a night out on the town. She remains in her bedroom miserable and forlorn. Steve manages to glean from Ken that Tracy is staying with Peter in Portsmouth. Joanne and Jessie continue to bicker over Dwayne driving Sean up the wall. Jamie and Leanne agree to carry on as before with Jamie living at No. 7. Leanne guiltily tells him he'd be better off without her. Charlie lets Ciaran go early and helps Violet to clear up. He tells her he's thinking of leaving Shelley and suggests she should come with him. Violet thinks he's joking. Unbeknown to both of them Shelley is listening from the stairs.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul 2005 [Episode 1]
    Claire's taxi licence arrives and she starts work at Street Cars. She has to give a lift to two young boys, Robbie and Mark, who try but fail to con some chocolate out of her. Charlie's losing patience with Shelley and tells her to get back to work. Jamie starts looking for flats in the paper for him and Leanne. Joanne and Jessie continue to argue over a lad called Dwayne. Joanne fancied him but Jessie copped off with him. Roy continues to work on his experiment which means it's hard for people to go in and out of the café. Leanne's tempted to tell Janice about her affair with Danny but stops herself. Scooter delivers a skip to a Mrs Maloney who lives in a posh house. He points out the Koi carp in her pond are sick but she ushers him off the premises. Leanne tells Jamie she's not ready to move in with him. Jamie's disappointed. Ciaran's unhappy when in Shelley's absence, Fred puts Violet in charge of the roster. Fred tells Charlie the situation with Shelley can't continue. Ashley's worried when Marvin Maddocks turns up in the shop. He finds himself agreeing to the boxing match. Charlie tells Shelley she either gets back to work or she will lose her job, somewhere to live and her boyfriend.moreless
  • Sun 3 Jul, 2005
    Sun 3 Jul, 2005
    Episode 131
    Emily and Rita are seriously worried when they read in Norris's novel that Naurice proposes to Emilia or Riba and that if they reject him he plans to kill himself. Jamie's staying with Leanne in Janice's flat. Janice moans the flat's too crowded. Ashley fixes up a practise boxing match for Fred with Diggory Compton. Norris tells Rita he can hide his feelings no longer and proposes to her. Rita declines. Disappointed, Norris asks Emily instead. Emily accepts concerned he might otherwise try and kill himself. Norris is horrified. Sean and Fiz take Schmeichel to see Tim the vet. Sean becomes completely tongue tied and fails to find out whether Tim is gay or straight. Rita and Emily continue to read Norris's novel on the sly only to find he's tricked them and it was a wind-up on his behalf. Jessie and Joanne have fallen out but refuse to discuss it. Fred and Diggory's boxing match takes place. Diggory knocks Fred out in round one. Danny apologises to Jamie and asks him to move back home. Jamie's unimpressed. Jamie suggests he and Leanne should get a place together. Fred tells Ashley he's pulled out of the boxing match with Eddie and instead arranged for Ashley to fight Eddie's son, Marvin instead. Ashley's horrified pointing out Marvin is the East Lancs featherweight amateur boxing champion.moreless
  • Fri 1 Jul, 2005
    Fri 1 Jul, 2005
    Episode 130
    Frankie's hurt and upset at Danny for visiting Carol behind her back. Fred's incensed to discover Eddie Maddocks has been bribing Farmer Fletcher in order to get his best meat. Fred's been getting the leftovers. Sean's got a crush on Tim the vet and looks for an excuse to go and see him. Frankie pours her heart out to Eileen. Rita and Emily continue to read Norris's novel when he's not looking. They're perturbed to read about a threesome between Naurice, Emilia and Riba. Jason turns up to mend Ken's guttering. He accidentally breaks a window and Ken's peaceful morning is ruined. He loses his rag and shouts at Jason. Fred suggests to Eddie Maddocks they sort out their petty argument in a gentlemanly way. Eddie suggests they have a boxing match. Norris talks passionately about his novel saying a lot of it's based on his own wish fulfillment. Rita and Emily feel uncomfortable. Cilla tells Sean he can take Schmeichel to see Tim the vet if agrees to pay his outstanding bill of £68.90. Jamie's drunk. He tells Danny he's sick of being a constant disappointment to him and storms out saying he's leaving for good.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jun, 2005
    Wed 29 Jun, 2005
    Episode 129
    Frankie's furious with Danny for visiting Carol behind her back. Sean takes the stuffed cat to work in a box and fools the girls into thinking it's real. Fred's solicitor's advised him he could sue Eddie Maddocks for Malicious Falsehood but wouldn't necessarily win. Ashley goes out looking for any offending posters. Jamie's feeling guilty about Carol blaming himself for ever getting in contact with her. Adam calls to see Ken. When Lena knocks at the door Ken gets Adam to say he's gone out but his plan backfires. Fiz is convinced there's something wrong with Sean's cat and gets Tim the vet to take a look at it. Rita and Emily are secretly reading Norris's novel when he catches them at it. Rita pretends she picked it up by accident but Norris can tell she's lying. Tim isn't pleased to have been called out to a stuffed cat. Sean's apologetic and Tim soon sees the funny side. Danny calls round to see Leanne. Jamie's on the phone moaning about Carol. Leanne tells Danny she's sick of leading a double life and worried about Frankie finding out. Danny assures her nothing will go wrong.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 2005 [Episode 2]
    The Baldwins are shocked by Carol's arrival. Danny tells her to get out. Frankie feels sorry for her an invites her to join them for dinner. Fred's angry when he discovers one of Eddie Maddocks' defamatory posters stuck to his window and resolves to consult his solicitor. Sean, Eileen and Violet play a trick on Jason with Elsa the stuffed cat. Tensions are running high at the Baldwins. Carol becomes emotional realising she doesn't belong, they're not her family. Danny accuses her of making trouble. Carol gets drunk and starts shouting at Frankie for pinching Danny from her. Jamie gets upset and offers to drive her home. Frankie discovers Danny has secretly visited Carol in Birmingham warning her to stay away from his family. Danny throws Carol out of the house. Frankie and Jamie drive Carol home. Carol's vitriolic accusing Frankie of ruining her life and Jamie of choosing his dad over her. Jason tells Violet he loves her and suggests they get married but Violet says it's too soon although she does love him. Leanne stays with Danny. They have sex in Danny and Frankie's bed. Warren and Candice arrive home but Leanne and Danny manage to cover their tracks.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 2005 [Episode 1]
    It's Jamie's birthday. Joanne gives him a present and it's obvious she fancies him. Norris asks Ken if he'll cast a professional eye over the novel he's writing but Ken refuses saying he doesn't want to risk their friendship. Fred is furious to see Eddie Maddocks, a rival butcher has put a poster of Fred up in his shop denigrating Fred's meat. Leanne arrives in the factory with a birthday cake for Jamie. Danny's both annoyed and jealous to see Jamie and Leanne kissing and sends Jamie out on a delivery to Warrington then one in Hull. Jamie's fed up. Rita sneaks a look at Norris's novel. She tells Emily she feels sorry for him as he obviously had a very hard life as a child with a tyrant of a mother. Sean's returning £30 he borrowed from Angela. Keith's suspicious thinking it's a charity hand-out. Sean offers to take a dead cat which Keith has just stuffed in return for the money. Frankie, Danny, Warren and Leanne are preparing Jamie's birthday meal. Sean frightens Eileen and Violet when he leaves the stuffed cat on a chair. Jamie arrives home for his birthday meal. There's a knock at the door which they assume is Candice followed by a stunned silence when Carol walks in.moreless
  • Sun 26 Jun, 2005
    Sun 26 Jun, 2005
    Episode 126
    Gail agrees Scooter can move in on a trial basis. Sarah's delighted. Steve persuades Liz to try and find out from Deirdre where Tracy's gone with Amy. Gail's furious to find the lounge looking like a bomb's hit it with all Scooter's stuff. Liz tries to find out from Deirdre where Tracy's gone but they end up having a huge row and Deirdre refuses to tell her. Audrey whips Sarah and Scooter into shape, explaining Gail will chuck Scooter out again if they don't clear up the mess. Gail's pleased to see them making an effort. Roy embarks on building his grandfather's invention. He makes Vera wear a hard hat and help him with his experiment Hayley's unimpressed. Dev and Sunita continue to house hunt. Dev decides he's going to sell his half of Street Cars. He gives Steve first refusal but Steve can't afford it. After some last minute nerves Blanche and Deirdre leave for Gdansk, Poland where Blanche is getting her hip replacement. Liz tells Steve about her row with Deirdre. Steve's upset as he's lost his marriage and now his child.moreless
  • Fri 24 Jun, 2005
    Fri 24 Jun, 2005
    Episode 125
    Today's the big day when Tracy and Steve go to court and sign the papers giving Steve parental rights over Amy. Tracy likens it to a wedding day as she feels it's a sign of their commitment to each other. Steve continues to string her along. Bev makes Ciaran promise to keep an eye on Shelley for her. Charlie watches them from a distance. Sarah promises Gail they'll be more considerate in the future. She suggests they start paying rent and Scooter moves in officially. Gail's unsure. Tracy overhears Blanche telling Danny that she's sold No. 7 to a landlord Steve recommended. Tracy's furious. Roy plans to build his grandfather's invention. Hayley tries to dissuade him. Tracy confronts Steve over the house sale. He lies saying he couldn't afford it but didn't want to let her down. Charlie gets Ciaran to help him shift some timber. He tells Ciaran how much he loves Shelley and wants her get well again. Steve and Tracy are at court about to sign the papers when suddenly Tracy realises what's going on. She accuses Steve of leading her up the garden path just to secure his legal rights over Amy. Tracy refuses to sign the papers. Distraught Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre how Steve doesn't love her at all, only Amy. Tracy and Amy leave for Malaga. Tracy tells Steve he'll never see Amy again.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jun, 2005
    Wed 22 Jun, 2005
    Episode 124
    Deirdre decides she'll accompany Blanche to Poland for her operation. Roy admits to Hayley that Amy was the closest he ever got to being a father and he's loathe to give it up. Sunita continues to sulk with Dev over his sexist attitudes. He makes a sexist remark to Violet and Ken who are quick to point it out, much to Sunita's amusement. Gail's annoyed to find the house a tip. She gives Sarah and Scooter a telling off. Scooter packs his things and leaves. Sarah's furious with Gail. Steve's delighted when Roy changes his mind and gives him a letter requesting his name be taken off Amy's birth certificate. Roy shows Chesney a meccano model of his grandfather's patent which he's built. Charlie tries to kiss Shelley passionately intent on getting his leg over but she pushes him away saying she still feels drained. Charlie's furious and accuses her of being a control freak. Shelley's upset. Ciaran clocks Charlie ogling at sexy Violet behind the bar. Steve tells Blanche he and Tracy won't be buying her house as he hasn't got the money. He asks her not to tell Tracy as he wants to tell her himself. Steve explains to Liz that if he strings Tracy along until Friday, by then he will have full parental rights over Amy.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jun, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Roy continues to experiment in the café, this time with the door, which gets on Hayley's nerves. Tracy and Steve ask Roy to write a letter requesting that his name be removed from Amy's birth certificate but Roy refuses which baffles Hayley. Sarah takes Scooter to casualty when he cuts himself on a rusty nail. Gail's cross that Sarah used one of her best napkins as a bandage. Blanche and Lena surf the internet for hip replacements. Blanche decides she'll get it done in Poland and fund it with a loan from Dev tells Lloyd he's hoping for a boy. Lloyd enjoys passing this information on to Sunita. Sunita's furious with Dev and storms out of the shop in tears. Bev and Liz are still winding Charlie up by refusing to leave the pub when Shelley enters. To Bev's dismay Shelley tells her to get out as she's barred. Charlie's proud of Shelley for throwing Bev out. But Shelley's near breaking point. At Deirdre's insistence, Ken agrees to help Blanche book her hip replacement and flights on the internet. Charlie takes Shelley out for dinner but it's too much for Shelley who suffers a major panic attack and runs from the restaurant. Bev sees Shelley running towards the pub looking scared, she assumes Charlie's been threatening her whereas in truth she's having a panic attack.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jun, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Roy insists Vera conducts a survey of the café - noting people as they come and go. Tracy wants to get married straight away. Steve fobs her off saying he needs a year to get financially straight. Tracy assumes they're now engaged. Charlie tells Shelley he wants to see her behind the bar at lunchtime. Diggory chats up Sunita comparing her pregnancy to when his own mother was pregnant with him. Sunita's in stitches but Dev's not amused. Steve and Tracy get their solicitor to draw up documentation for Steve's parental rights over Amy and altering the birth certificate to include his name. Shelley tries but fails to leave the bedroom, her self-confidence in tatters. Audrey suggests Blanche gets her hip replaced abroad as it's cheaper but Blanche won't hear of it. Roy's conducting an experiment in the café, Vera holds the tape measure. Claire and Lloyd get a month's trial as taxi drivers at Street Cars. Tracy's upset when she's refused a mortgage as she needs six months wage slips. Blanche offers to sell her No. 7 at a family discounted price. Charlie tries to bar Bev and Liz from the Rovers but stand up to him pointing out it isn't his name over the door. Charlie's humiliated. Charlie tells Shelley either she goes down to the bar and throws Bev out or they're finished.moreless
  • Sun 19 Jun, 2005
    Sun 19 Jun, 2005
    Episode 121
    Tracy's furious at Blanche for selling the house she promised to leave to her. But Blanche is adamant she's not going to be left to rot on an NHS waiting list. Blanche offers the Baldwins first refusal on the house. Danny thinks they should buy it but Frankie won't even entertain the idea. Roy puts his granddad's invention design on the wall and discusses it with Chesney. To Leanne's horror she realises she's left one of her earrings in Mike's flat. Steve feigns disappointment when Tracy tells him about the house and pretends they'll buy another one instead. Tracy's delighted. Adam turns up at work with a hangover and Haggis written on his forehead in lipstick. Steve explains to Liz he's going to continue to let Tracy think they've got a future together until he's got his name put on Amy's birth certificate and therefore has parental rights. Liz is disapproving. Danny's in Mike's flat searching for Leanne's earring. He finds it but Adam turns up. Danny lies saying Mike told him he'd left a file in the flat. Frankie and Chesney are bemused as Roy repeatedly opens and shuts the café doorBev pushes her way into Shelley's bedroom. Shelley's furious. Insisting Charlie's the only person who loves and understands her, she throws Bev out. Turning on Ciaran Shelley blames him for letting Bev upstairs in the first place. Steve tells Tracy he'd like his name on Amy's birth certificate to prove his commitment. However this backfires on him when Tracy suggests they get married instead.moreless
  • Fri 17 Jun, 2005
    Fri 17 Jun, 2005
    Episode 120
    Sally decides to give her job at the factory another go. Janice gives her a hard time but Sally stands her ground. When Shelley receives a leaflet about the Women's Refuge from Bev, she's furious. Ciaran tries to explain how Bev's only trying to help but Shelley insists she's trying to poison her against Charlie. Roy's upset he and Hayley were the only people at his granddad's funeral. Roy's granddad bequeaths him the blue print and patent for an invention of his. Danny and Leanne have sex in Mike's flat while Adam and Jamie are out on the town. Jamie phones Leanne and she lies saying she's at Janice's. Blanche shocks Tracy when she says she's going to sell No. 7 to raise £10,000 to pay for a hip replacement. Sally cooks a vegetarian meal. Sophie and Kevin complain bitterly. Charlie's angry with Shelley when she says she's still not ready to go out. He storms off to the yard. Ciaran witnesses the exchange. Charlie threatens Bev telling her to stay away. She slaps him and runs off crying. Ciaran watches from the chippy.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jun, 2005
    Wed 15 Jun, 2005
    Episode 119
    Janice sets Sally up. She tells her that Danny wants her to run the factory for him while he's out. Sally believes her and parks herself in Danny's office. Shelley gets herself all dolled up to go shopping with Violet. Charlie doesn't want to burst her bubble so keeps quiet about Bev. Roy admits to Hayley he's dreading the funeral in case his father's there. He explains how his father never took any interest in him as a child. Adam's put out when Sally tells him Danny's left her in charge of Underworld. Charlie rows with Bev telling her to clear off back to Bradford for Shelley's sake but Bev's adamant she's staying to protect her daughter. Shelley's shocked when she spots Bev and immediately her paranoia returns. Danny engineers an evening with Leanne on Friday by paying Jamie to take Adam out for the night. Deirdre and Ken are shocked to find Blanche in hospital. She's slipped and fallen during line-dancing with Lena. Blanche admits she's had osteoarthritis for some time but was too vain to use a walking stick. When Danny returns he wants to know what Sally's doing at his desk. Thoroughly humiliated Sally rushes past the factory girls who laugh raucously at her. Shelley's furious at Charlie for keeping quiet about Bev. Sally tells Kevin she's walked out of her job at Underworld. Bev tries to phone Shelley but Shelley cracks and throws the phone against the wall.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jun, 2005
    Mon 13 Jun, 2005
    Episode 118
    Tracy's in a good mood having stayed the night with Steve again. However Steve's regretting it. Rosie lectures Kevin and Sally on the benefits of being a vegetarian. Sally starts her job at Underworld. The girls take the mickey out of her and trick her into drinking tea with perfume in it. Roy gets a call to say his grandfather's died. Violet, Fred and Betty continue to worry about Shelley. Charlie asks Betty to have a chat with her. Charlie confides in Jason that he thinks Shelley's going a bit weird. Bev leaves in a taxi. Charlie's delighted thinking she's going home. Shelley pours her heart out to Betty telling her how much she loves Charlie. Betty suggests she should come back to work. Delighted Charlie tells Shelley that Bev's gone back to Bradford. Steve confides in Liz that he wants to finish with Tracy but needs to be careful as he still wants to have access to Amy. Sally tries to force Rosie to eat a pork chop but she refuses. Upbeat Tracy persuades Blanche to kick the Baldwins out of No. 7 and rent the house out to her, Steve and Amy. Liz tells Steve he's got to be honest with Tracy and finish with her. Dev tells Steve to take on 3 more drivers quickly or Street Cars will be in trouble. Violet invites Shelley on a shopping trip. Shelley says she'll think about it. Roy tells Hayley his granddad has died and that although he hardly knew him he's going to the funeral. Delighted Tracy tells Steve how they can all move into No. 7 together. Steve's so frightened of upsetting Tracy and thereby losing Amy he finds himself agreeing to it. Frankie's furious when Blanche tells them they've got until the end of the week before she's evicting them from No. 7. Charlie's livid to discover Bev only went home to fetch the rest of her things. Bev enjoys telling him she's got herself a job at the Weatherfield Arms. Claire tells Ashley she's going to become a taxi driver. Frankie pulls out the contract on No. 7 determined they're staying put. However she starts to think it might be nice to get somewhere bigger. Stubborn Rosie refuses to eat her pork chop and goes to bed starving. Sally tell her she can have it for breakfast instead. Shelley says she's feeling better. Charlie can't bring himself to tell her Bev's back. Liz is furious with Steve for leading Tracy up the garden path and threatens to tell her the truth but Steve tells her if she jeopardises his relationship with Amy she'll lose a son.moreless
  • Sun 12 Jun, 2005
    Sun 12 Jun, 2005
    Episode 117
    Rosie wants some money to buy a leather corset. Sally's appalled. Louise is over visiting her family and drops in on Steve. He's delighted. Candice demonstrates her modelling pose for an unimpressed Maria. Maria gets Tyrone to call the Salon pretending to be another hairdresser head-hunting her but it backfires and Audrey's furious. Shelley sums up all her courage and leaves the bedroom. She has a panic attack on the stairs and tries to phone Charlie. He ignores her call. Tracy threatens Louise telling her to leave Steve alone. Steve's furious. Snobby Sally is dreading starting work at the factory but convinced she won't be a machinist for long and will soon be running the office. Shelley steps out onto the street but panics and runs back into the pub. Violet's really worried about her. Sally's furious with Rosie when she announces she's now a vegetarian. Tyrone's delighted Kevin's made him Night Service Manager at the garage. Maria points out he'll be on call all night for no extra money. Steve admits to Liz he doesn't want to be with Tracy and only puts up with her for Amy's sake.moreless
  • Fri 10 Jun, 2005
    Fri 10 Jun, 2005
    Episode 116
    Charlie insists Shelley gets back behind the bar. Shelley's scared at the prospect. Maria and Tyrone fake a job offer at another garage in an attempt to get Kevin to appreciate him more but it backfires when Kevin finds out. Sunita's reading a pregnancy magazine. When Hayley asks what it is Sunita covers pretending it's a magazine about sharks. Kevin agrees to do Danny's car at a bargain rate if he'll persuade Sally to take the job of machinist at Underworld. When Liz tells Bev how Charlie tried it on with her Bev's hatred of him's exacerbated. Liz offers her Maria's room in the flat while Maria's away. Bev's grateful. Dev shows Sunita round a big family house but she's unimpressed, particularly as he didn't consult her first. Shelley tries to go back to work but can't handle it. She runs frightened back to the sanctuary of the bedroom, a paranoid self-imposed prisoner. Danny sweet-talks Sally into accepting the machinist's job at the factory. Tracy suggests to Steve it's time she and Amy moved in with him. Sunita and Dev announce her pregnancy in the pub. Charlie keeps the news from Shelley but tells her if she walks to the corner shop, Sunita's got some news. Shelley's terrified at the prospect of going outside.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jun, 2005
    Wed 8 Jun, 2005
    Episode 115
    Bev reports Charlie to the police for hitting Shelley but she's frustrated when they say they can do nothing unless Shelley reports the crime herself. Cilla and Yana take in turns on the sun bed. Cilla asks Yana to be her matron of honour at the wedding. Yana's delighted. Tyrone pops round to Maria's in his tea-break and ends up staying for sex. Sally starts work in the corner shop. Les enjoys taking the mickey. Shelley sobs in her bedroom and refuses to come out. Fred and Violet are very worried about her, thinking she's losing her sanity. In front of Deirdre, furious Bev tells Charlie she's been to the police. Charlie let's slip that he did sleep with Bev but quickly covers up. Dev tells Sunita he wants her to take things easy now she's pregnant. But she's insistent she still wants to work and tells Sally she's no longer required. Cilla insists she, Les and Yana go to the Clock Restaurant. They upset the other diners and run up a huge bill. Yana's boyfriend doesn't turn up so she ends up drunk and upset. Charlie calls to see Shelley and blames her for everything. Shelley cries, her self-confidence in tatters. Charlie says he'll give her one more chance. He pushes her back on the bed and orders her to show him how grateful she is.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jun, 2005
    Mon 6 Jun, 2005
    Episode 114
    Sally's depressed as she keeps getting job rejections. She suspects Ian's been blackening her name with all the local garages. Fred, Betty and Ciaran become increasingly suspicious about Shelley's chickenpox. Bob's stayed the night with Liz. They bump into Steve who's disapproving. Diggory chats up Sunita and offers her a job just to wind Dev up. Shelley panics when Fred tries to get into her room and Jason's fixing the guttering outside her window. Charlie sends Fred away with a flee in his ear. Deirdre's worried about Shelley and decides to tell Bev what's going on. Sally asks Diggory for a job but changes his mind when he suggests she'd be expected to work late - it reminds her of Ian. Liz is delighted to receive a bouquet of flowers from Bob. Kevin tells Sally the factory are looking for machinists. Sally's upset pointing out she used to be Supervisor at Underworld. A delighted Sunita tells Dev she's pregnant. Dev's overcome with emotion. Bev storms into the pub, slaps Charlie and forces her way into Shelley's bedroom. On seeing Shelley's black eye, Bev's furious with Charlie thinking he's been beating up Shelley. Shelley tries to explain how she walked into a door but no-one believes her. Bev pleads with Shelley to get rid of Charlie but Shelley refuses and instead forcibly throws Bev out of the pub in front of all the locals. Bev's very upset. Deirdre calms her down with a brandy and tells her she's welcome to stay on their sofa. Dev offers Sally a part-time job in the corner shop. Sally accepts. Dev and Sunita agree to keep her pregnancy a secret until she reaches 3 months. Leanne and Danny kiss passionately and are about to rip each other's clothes off when Janice arrives back. They manage to cover up their antics. Norris enthusiastically tells Ken about the book he's writing. Shelley's very upset after the row with Bev but when Charlie then accuses her of phoning Bev on the quiet and dramatising the whole situation in front of everyone she's astounded. As Shelley protests her innocence it falls on deaf ears and Charlie packs his bags. Emotionally distraught Shelley pleads with him not to go but Charlie insists he must blaming her for everything and calling her a pathetic mess.moreless
  • Sun 5 Jun, 2005
    Sun 5 Jun, 2005
    Episode 113
    Ciaran and Violet wonder whether Shelley's really got chickenpox. Ashley forgives Claire for giving the Battersby's the money. Cilla lies to Fiz and Chesney pretending Claire only paid a small part of the vet's bill and she paid the rest. Chesney thinks she's a great mum. Les feels guilty. Tyrone begs Jack to take Vera back to Formby so he and Maria can have the house to themselves. Under sufferance Jack agrees. An old colleague of Ken's called Bob takes a shine to Liz. Liz arranges a date with him. Keith holds the ladder while Craig tries to fix Emily's guttering. The ladder slips and Craig pulls the guttering down on No. 1, No. 3 and the Rovers. Keith offers to pay for the damage out of Tommy's life insurance but Fred, Ken and Emily won't hear of it. Fred goes up to Shelley's bedroom but she panics and refuses to let him in. Ciaran and Violet think Charlie might be holding Shelley prisoner. Shelley's paranoia increases, she worries no-one will believe she has chicken pox. Liz and Bob enjoy a first date. Steve sees Liz inviting Bob into her flat.moreless
  • Fri 3 Jun, 2005
    Fri 3 Jun, 2005
    Episode 112
    Jamie's delighted when Danny leaves him in charge of the factory for the day. Schmeichel arrives home from the vets. Chesney's delighted. Maria and Tyrone try to persuade Jack to return to Vera in the caravan but he's adamant he'd rather be with his pigeons. Claire packs in her job as a bus driver as she's too upset to drive after the accident. Carol's shocked to find Danny at the door. He tells her to leave Jamie alone and stop messing with his head. He blames her for making Jamie choose between them. Claire feels guilty about Schmeichel and gives Cilla a cheque for the vet's bill. Cilla lies saying it was £943 (instead of £750). She tells Les the extra money is for their wedding fund. Keith suggests Craig should sort out Emily's guttering as a thank you for all the free meals she's cooked. Craig agrees. Jamie wonders why Danny's being so kind at the moment. Leanne feels guilty. Ciaran takes a delivery note up to Shelley wanting a signature. Shelley refuses to open the bedroom door. Charlie arrives and goes ballistic with Ciaran. Vera arrives back from Formby and is furious with Jack for abandoning her. Claire admits to Ashley she's paid Schmeichel's vet's bill. Ashley's furious.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jun, 2005
    Wed 1 Jun, 2005
    Episode 111
    Chesney's on pins waiting for news of Schmeichel. Shelley's too nervous to answer the phone. Charlie unplugs it and she's relieved. Jamie's unnerved when he receives a letter from Carol containing pictures of him when he was a baby. He shows it to Frankie. Fred's worried about Shelley but Charlie placates him saying it's just chicken pox and she'll be back to work soon. Vera makes Jack choose between her and his pigeons. She's shocked when he starts packing and leaves. Chesney, Les, Kirk, Fiz and Cilla rejoice when the vet says Schmeichel will live. Craig tells Keith how he visits Tommy's grave to talk to him. Keith's worried. Les is shocked when he opens the vet's bill and sees it's for £750. Danny tells Jamie he's going to write-off the money Jamie owes him over the Vinnie business. Jamie and Danny hug. Charlie gives Shelley a mobile phone. She thanks him for being so thoughtful. Danny calls round to Leanne's and they end up in bed together again. Cilla, Les, Fiz and Kirk go round to Claire's demanding money for Schmeichel's vet's bill. Claire's upset and Ashley throws them out.moreless
  • Mon 30 May, 2005
    Mon 30 May, 2005
    Episode 110
    Claire's nervous as she leaves for her first day driving a bus. Leanne and Jamie are all loved up. Frankie covers for Leanne at the café so she can spend the morning in bed with Jamie. Fred and Ciaran are bemused to discover Charlie's taken the sofa from downstairs up to the bedroom for Shelley. Jack and Vera arrive in Formby. Vera comes on to Jack suggesting the caravan is their love nest. Jack's less enthusiastic. Sarah asks Dev for her job back at the shop as she can't stand Diggory. Cilla ties Schmeichel up outside the chipshop so that passers by will feed him and she won't have to pay for dog food. Tyrone and Maria enjoy having No. 9 to themselves. They spend the morning in bed. Deirdre and Rita think it's odd that Shelley doesn't want any visitors. Keith cons Emily into cooking for him by pretending Craig's off his food. Rita, Blanche and Lena agree to go speed dating at the Weathy Arms. Jack releases his pigeons in Formby so they can fly home. Charlie increases his control over Shelley who sees him as her "world". Claire drives her bus down Rosamund Street, she just misses Joshua but runs over Schmeichel. Distraught Chesney cradles Schmeichel. Schmeichel is taken to the vet's. It's touch and go and Chesney's distraught. Les, Cilla, Kirk and Fiz all wait for news. Claire's very shaken, glad Joshua's okay but worried about Schmeichel. Vera's all loved up having had her wicked way with Jack. Jack can't wait to escape. Betty, Emily and Blanche all turn up at Keith's bearing food. They realise they've been had for mugs. Jack lets himself back into No. 9 giving Tyrone and Maria a shock - so much so Maria drops the towel she's wearing. They persuade Jack to go back to Formby. Craig and Rosie tentatively make friends again. Keith apologises to Betty, Blanche and Emily and offers to do odd jobs in their houses in return for food. Charlie steals a bottle of champagne from the bar and takes it up to Shelley. Worried Claire goes to the vets wanting to know how Schmeichel is. Norris, Blanche, Lena and Rita go speed dating. Norris passes himself off as a novelist but Blanche blows his cover. Rita finds herself being likened to Rita Hayworth. When Ciaran knocks on the bedroom door, nervous Shelley asks Charlie to tell him to go away. Schmeichel's unconscious after his operation. A tearful Chesney keeps a vigil at his bedside.moreless
  • Sun 29 May, 2005
    Sun 29 May, 2005
    Episode 109
    Diggory and Keith set mouse traps in the bakers shop. Penny and Mike pack in preparation for their holiday in Spain. Charlie lies to Rita and Deirdre saying Shelley's got chicken pox and doesn't want any visitors. Danny smarms his way back into Frankie's good books. Leanne's jealous. Diggory apologises to Sarah and offers her her job back. Sarah accepts. Charlie takes magazines, chocolates and a DVD player up to the bedroom for Shelley. He tells her how he's had to lie on her behalf saying she's got chicken pox. Shelley apologises for all the trouble she's causing him. Danny and Leanne continue to flirt. Frankie persuades Jamie to give Leanne a second chance. Leanne's delighted when Jamie says he loves her and they make up. Claire arrives in her new bus driver's uniform which Ashley finds a turn-on. Keith lets slip to Dev about the mice in the bakers much to Diggory's annoyance. Penny's annoyed when Mike's late for their holiday in Spain. Mike covers, pretending he's been busy when actually he'd completely forgotten. With Shelley out of the way, Charlie enjoys eyeing up Violet.moreless
  • Fri 27 May, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Shelley's got a black eye. She's worried people will think Charlie's beaten her up so on Charlie's advice agrees to stay upstairs in the bedroom. Sarah starts her new job at Diggory's baker's shop. Diggory: "a hair in your pasty, things get nasty". Eileen and Liz go speed dating. Diggory sacks Sarah accusing her of stealing from the till. Sarah's very upset. After inspecting the till, Keith tells Diggory he's got rats in the shop and they're responsible for the missing money, not Sarah. Leanne apologises to Jamie hoping they can try again but he's still upset and angry. Jamie tells Frankie he's been seeing his mother and how she's an alcoholic and he blames himself for her mess. Frankie tries to comfort him. Leanne gives Danny a key to her flat to give to Jamie. Danny agrees to try and persuade him to give Leanne another chance. Shelley goes downstairs to get a drink. Charlie tells her off and ushers her back to bed before anyone sees her. Shelley apologises. Danny lets himself into Leanne's flat to drop off some wine but he finds Leanne getting dressed. The sexual tension is too great to resist, they kiss passionately and head for the bedroom.moreless
  • Fri 27 May, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Diggory offers Sarah a job at his bakers shop on 50p an hour more than Dev pays her. Sarah accepts. Danny leaves Adam in charge of the factory. The girls fool around thinking he's a soft touch and are shocked when he shouts at them to get back to work. Danny tells Jamie he knows he's been visiting his mother. Charlie accidentally opens the door straight into Shelley. It whacks her in the face. Charlie insists she takes the day off and puts her to bed. Jamie tells Danny that Carol's an alcoholic and blames him for leaving her and the mess she's now in. Danny's unsympathetic. Liz goes to visit Jim in prison. She tells him their marriage is over and blames him for not controlling his temper and getting his sentence extended. Jim's a broken man. Dev's furious when he hears Diggory's been poaching his staff. He tells Diggory what he thinks of him. Danny bans Jamie from using the company van to visit Carol. Leanne tries to explain to Jamie why she broke his trust and told Danny about Carol but Jamie's furious with her saying he can't go out with someone he can't trust.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Danny's furious Jamie's seeing his mum, citing Carol as a nutter. As Jamie tries to leave Carol's she becomes frantic, screaming at him to stay. Steve begs Liz to talk to Jim and try and work things out before she agrees to go speed dating. Violet arrives back from Ibiza. Jason's put out that she's got to work. Mike's impressed with Adam's work at the factory and compares him to skiving Jamie much to Danny's embarrassment. When Mike raises a toast to Adam saying one day he'll be running Underworld and King's Robes, Danny's annoyed. The locals continue to gossip about Charlie's "gun" incident. Fred's worried about Shelley who seems on edge. Despite Jack's protestations, Vera books a holiday for them in Formby. Jamie's upset as he tells Leanne how unnerved he was by Carol's behaviour and that she's definitely an alcoholic. Leanne's guilty knowing she shouldn't have told Danny where Jamie's been. Steve calls Jim and warns him he needs to apologise to Liz or he's going to lose her. Leanne bribes Danny, intimating that if he doesn't let on to Jamie that he knows he's been seeing Carol, she'll have sex with him.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Mike calls Penny "Alma" by accident but doesn't realise what he's done. Worried about his mum's drinking, Jamie goes to visit Carol again. Shelley overhears Fred and Ciaran talking about Charlie. She becomes more paranoid thinking everyone's talking about them. Danny's annoyed when Adam talks down to him in the factory. Charlie suggests Shelley should get rid of Betty. Shelley agrees and insists Betty should take a "break" from the pub. Vera reminisces about Judith Chalmers and wishes she could have a holiday. Jamie gets upset when Carol talks about his childhood and reminds him he chose to live with Danny over her. Frankie, Liz and Eileen agree to go speed dating at the Weatherfield Arms for a laugh. Danny calls in Roy's Rolls just as Leanne's closing up. The sexual chemistry is obvious until Leanne tells Danny about Jamie visiting Carol in Birmingham. Danny's shocked.moreless
  • Sun 22 May, 2005
    Sun 22 May, 2005
    Episode 104
    Mel tells Norris to get the Book Club members to make their cheques out to Lionel Hipkiss, Mel's publisher. Jamie and Leanne go for lunch at Carol's house in Birmingham. Carol burns the lunch and drinks too much. Leanne's shocked at the squalor of the house. Betty again apologises to Shelley but Shelley remains frosty towards her. Upset Liz tells Deirdre that Jim's attacked his cell mate and had his sentence extended by two years. She decides their relationship is over. Liz tells Steve she's going to divorce Jim. Steve's upset. The Book Club meet and hand over their money to Mel. Mel reads a passage from his book. Jamie thinks the lunch with Carol went well but Leanne points out she's got a drink problem and needs help. Ken arrives at the Book Club and exposes Mel for the fraud that he is. Mel's real name is Lionel Hipkiss. Emily, Blanche, Roy, Rita, Audrey and Norris are shocked and demand their money back. Norris manhandles Mel out of the door. Jamie blames himself for his mother's mental state as he chose to live with Danny and Frankie over her. Leanne tries to console him.moreless
  • Fri 20 May, 2005
    Fri 20 May, 2005
    Episode 103
    Angry Charlie's back at the Rovers having explained to the police he was referring to a sealant gun. Betty's very apologetic. Mike and Penny agree to go to Spain. Adam refuses to go as he wants to get stuck into his new jobs at Underworld and Penny King's factory. Dev and Charlie icily agree to stay out of each other's way in future. Norris tells Mel that he's started writing his own novel - it's a thriller set in the world of stationery. Leanne agrees to go with Jamie on his next trip to Birmingham to see his mother. Everywhere Shelley looks she can see people gossiping about her and Charlie and the incident with the "gun". Charlie makes light of it and presents Shelley with the sealant gun mounted on a plinth to put behind the bar. Mike shows the first signs of becoming forgetful. Neither he nor Penny notice. Norris gets everyone at the Book Club except Ken to agree to put in £200 to pay for the publishing of Mel's book "The Canary's Last Song". Liz suggests it's time Maria and Tyrone moved in together. To Tyrone's delight Maria thinks it's a good idea. Hayley's disappointed to learn Roy's taking her to Burnham Thorpe for the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and not to Naples as she'd hoped. Ken doesn't trust Mel and resolves to expose him for what he is.moreless
  • Wed 18 May, 2005
    Wed 18 May, 2005
    Episode 102
    Sunita's upset that she and Shelley are no longer friends. Fred's furious with Charlie and Shelley's behaviour and threatens to fire Shelley. Danny's put out when Adam starts work in the factory. He takes it out on the girls. Hayley's worried that Roy's behaving furtively but Frankie tells her he's booking a surprise break for them in Naples. Hayley's delighted. Diggory bulldozes Roy into agreeing to buy his bread from him. Norris intends to persuade the Book Club to raise the money to fund the publishing of Mel's next book. Betty overhears Charlie on the phone asking for a sealant gun. She misunderstands the type of gun and thinks he intends to kill Dev. Norris warns Dev his life's in danger but Dev's disbelieving. Danny's relieved when Penny offers Adam three days a week work at her factory. Norris phones the police and reports Charlie for intending to shoot Dev. Mel's about to leave, having stolen some of Emily's ornaments, when Norris tells him his idea of raising money for his book. Mel secretly replaces the ornaments, and agrees to stay. The police arrest Charlie. Charlie's furious denying all knowledge of a gun. Shelley's distraught as he's driven off in a police car.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Shelley wants to report Dev to the police but Charlie dissuades her. Diggory continues to steer trade away from Dev's shop and into his own. Furious Dev bars him from the shop. Ken's unimpressed that Adam's left school but realises he's fighting a losing battle. Danny's shocked when Mike tells him to train Adam up as one day he'll be taking over Mike's half of Underworld. Sally apologises to Rita and they become friends again. Mel reads a chapter of Hard Grinding to the Book Club. Ken reckons it's complete drivel. Blanche is jealous of the attention Mel's pays Audrey. Leanne sticks up for Jamie, pointing out Adam's going to get half the business whereas all Jamie gets is a boring job driving a van. Danny's taken aback. Mike and Penny are finding it hard to get used to living with Adam. Norris discovers Mel isn't typing in the front room at all, but it's a tape recording of someone typing. Rosie tells Sally and Kevin that the Davenports are getting divorced. Norris is hurt realising Mel lied to him but Mel manages to flannel his way out of it. Dev and Sunita arrive in the Rovers to be met by hostile Shelley who accuses Dev of hiring a heavy to beat up Charlie. Dev refutes this. Kevin resolves to forget about Ian and stand by his wife and family. Sunita tells Shelley that Charlie's turned her into a spineless, pathetic fool only she can't see it.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Danny convinces Leanne Jamie's got another girlfriend in Birmingham. Leanne's furious and when Danny suggests he calls round to her flat she agrees. The baker's shop opens and Diggory upsets Dev by handing out free cakes. Kevin and Sally call a truce. Kevin agrees not to mention Ian's name again. Justine calls round and accuses Sally of having an affair with Ian. Kevin sticks up for Sally and tells Justine she's got it wrong. Sally's very grateful to Kevin. Mike's helping Penny move in to his flat. They're taken aback to find Adam there who announces he's left school and wants a job at the factory. Mel takes Audrey for lunch at the Clock Restaurant. He gets drunk and manages to dupe Audrey in to paying the bill by promising to base the hero of his book on Alf. Jamie explains to Leanne he went to meet his mother in Birmingham. Leanne tells Danny their rendezvous is off but refuses to tell him why. Mike's delighted when Penny says she still wants to move in and that Adam's welcome to live with them. Charlie's shocked and Jason's amused when the husband of the woman he's been seeing arrives at the yard and punches him in the face. Drunken Mel suggests to Audrey they should go for a lie down. She refuses. Charlie lies to Shelley saying that Dev got his own back by hiring a heavy to punch him.moreless
  • Sun 15 May, 2005
    Sun 15 May, 2005
    Episode 99
    Kevin's slept on the sofa and gone out early. Sally doesn't know where he is. Jamie says he's got a delivery in Birmingham. Both Danny and Leanne are suspicious as it's Sunday. Craig dumps Rosie much to Sophie's delight. Charlie pretends to Shelley he's got a job on. He lets slip to Jason he's seeing a married woman behind Shelley's back. Keith goes for lunch at the Platts. Audrey complains that Barney's eyes seem to follow her round the room. Scooter moves the stuffed rabbit. Jamie tracks down his mum Carol in Birmingham. They have an awkward reunion. Tyrone and Maria spot Candice in a shop window dressed as a weathergirl modelling wellies. Candice is mortified. Maria enjoys poking fun at Candice who leaves the Rovers in tears. Audrey calms her down and offers her her old job back at the salon. Candice gratefully accepts. Rosie tries to convince Kevin that Sally never had an affair with Ian. Leanne finds Danny in the garage alone. Danny kisses her but Leanne sashays out saying she doesn't want to disturb him from his work. Rita can see Sally's distressed but Sally throws her sympathy back in her face. Rita's concerned. Kevin sees tearful Sally cross the street towards the house.moreless
  • Fri 13 May, 2005
    Fri 13 May, 2005
    Episode 98
    David discovers Barney the rabbit dead in his hutch. He's very upset. Candice prepares for her weathergirl interview. She thinks she might use the stage name Candice Snowe as it's more appropriate. Danny takes the mickey. Mel, Ken and Norris all go for haircuts in the salon at the same time. Mel continues to goad Ken, this time about his column in the Weatherfield Gazette. Kevin tells Sally how Ian said they were having an affair. Sally denies it but Kevin's disbelieving. Candice's delighted when she gets the weathergirl job. Shelley asks Dev not to involve the police over the punch-up. Charlie overhears her and is furious. He storms upstairs leaving Shelley feeling sick with worry. David wants to bury Barney but is upset to find he's missing. Angry Kevin's sure Sally's been having an affair. As Sally continues to deny it, Rosie backs her up lying on Sally's behalf. Mel admits to Emily he's broken one of her ornaments. Emily tells him it was worth £200. Mel promises to reimburse her. David's shocked when Keith calls round with Barney the rabbit stuffed and mounted on a plinth. Audrey, Gail and Sarah find it hilarious. Kevin tells Sally if she continues to lie then it might be the end of their relationship.moreless
  • Wed 11 May, 2005
    Wed 11 May, 2005
    Episode 97
    Betty's appalled with Charlie for hitting Dev but Shelley sticks up for her man. Sally starts work for Arthur Brooks but is appalled when he makes it clear he expects sex to be part of the deal. She storms out feeling humiliated. Gail chats to Keith in the garden while David plays football with Barney the rabbit! Cilla and Rocky have a ketchup fight in the chippy and Rocky chases her down street waving a meat cleaver. Norris compliments Sunita on the position of her apostrophe on the Alahans' sign. Sally braces herself and tells Kevin there was no job going at Brooks Autosales. She lies saying Ian wanted rid of her because she refused to sleep with him. In the Rovers Norris does a series of impersonations (Tommy Cooper, James Cagney etc) for an unimpressed Emily and Rita. Dev suggests he reports Charlie to the police for assault but Sunita dissuades him. Rosie's disgusted with Sally and tells her she'll have to lie to Kevin and deny the affair if she wants Kevin to stay. Diggory calls in the chippy and meets Yana. He's immediately smitten. Kevin punches Ian in the mouth for coming on to Sally. Ian tells Kevin they've been having an affair for ages. Betty tells Charlie and Shelley that Dev plans to report Charlie to the police. Sally's preparing her defence when Kevin returns. To her surprise and relief he doesn't mention the affair and they hug each other though we can see the doubt on Kevin's face.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Fred and Roy discover that Diggory Compton is opening a bakers in the old hardware shop. They're worried about the competition. Les and Cilla put their charm offensive into operation. They start by carrying Betty's bags for her. They don't realise everyone can see through their plan. Ian pulls another stunt on Sally, making her look stupid in front of Mr Austin the headmaster of Oakhill, when his car isn't ready on time. There's a leak in the shop coming from the flat above. Sunita discovers it's down to Charlie's shoddy workmanship. She asks him to fix it but he ignores her. Audrey, Hayley, Emily and Betty continue to fuss round Keith, cooking his meals and doing his laundry. Cilla has a row with Rocky in the chip shop. She throws the salt cellar at him. Candice is disappointed when she finds out she didn't get the eye-in-the-sky job but soon cheers up when she sees an advert for a weathergirl in the Gazette. Dev demands Charlie fixes the leak but Charlie refuses. Dev threatens to report him and has a go at Shelley for allowing Charlie to walk all over her. Charlie punches him. Suggesting a truce, Ian tells her he'll phone his mate Arthur Brooks of Brooks Autosales and sort her out with a PA job there. Sally's relieved but it's obvious Ian's got something more sinister up his sleeve.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Chesney's delighted that Les and Cilla are getting married. He's looking forward to Les being his "real dad". Fiz is much more cynical especially when they start going through their wedding list. An attractive girl called Cheryl calls in the garage looking for Ian. He takes her into his office and closes the blinds. Sally's incensed and phones Justine. To Sally's embarrassment Cheryl turns out to be Ian's accountant. Chesney lets slip to Rita and Norris about Les and Cilla's wedding present list. Candice makes her debut as the eye-in-the-sky for local radio. She's hopeless and the trip is terminated when Candice is sick over the pilot. Mike surprises Penny by asking her to move in with him. Penny's delighted and accepts. Frankie's pleased for her. Les and Cilla are shocked when the residents make it clear they don't want to attend their wedding. They decide to go on a charm offensive. Ian threatens to tell Kevin about his affair with Sally. He calls round, which has Sally worried but at the last minute he tells Kevin he'll no longer be putting his servicing Websters' way and leaves. Kevin's disappointed but Sally's relieved.moreless
  • Sun 8 May, 2005
    Sun 8 May, 2005
    Episode 94
    Cilla's fed up, everything in the Battersby household is falling apart. Kirk gets an electric shock off the toaster and the fridge door comes off its hinges. Sally, Kevin and the girls have a day out to Blackpool. Cilla doesn't want to go to work. Les has to force her out of the door. Danny and Frankie have lunch at Mike's. Penny joins them and is upset explaining her house has been burgled. Mel continues to scrounge drinks. He sucks up to Fred and Norris saying he's named two of the heroes in his novel after them. Cilla finds working in the chippy stressful as Eileen and Janice continue to poke fun. Les buys Cilla a second-hand sunbed to cheer her up. Cilla's delighted. Mel dupes Roy into giving him a free lunch in the café. Candice prepares for an interview for an eye-in-the-sky traffic reporter's job. She stands on a step-ladder with a map spread out on the carpet. Cilla has a brain wave. She tells Les to propose to her so they can replace all their knackered household appliances with new ones as wedding presents. Les and Cilla get engaged.moreless
  • Fri 6 May, 2005
    Fri 6 May, 2005
    Episode 93
    Violet's delighted when a friend invites her on a last minute holiday to Ibiza. Ciaran fixes Cilla up with a job interview with a business mate in the restaurant trade. Ian continues to treat Sally like dirt, making her do the office sandwich run. Cilla is interviewed by Mr Wong, she gets the job but is fed up when she realises she'll be working in the chip shop. Insensitive Norris gets Keith to pay Angela's outstanding paper bill. Jason's upset and jealous when Violet tells him she's going to Ibiza. Violet's furious when he tries to stop her but they kiss and make up and Violet leaves. Martin calls to see Keith. The conversation is awkward but Martin's relieved to find Keith is understanding. Cilla starts work in the chippy. Janice and Fiz enjoy taking the mickey. Ian tells Sally to get his suit dry-cleaned. She purposely puts it through a washing machine and then tumble dries. Ian's furious. Norris likens himself to his mother and her meticulous ways. He recalls chopping the pointy ends of Angela's golf tees just before they divorced. Cilla's finished work and having a drink. Eileen and Janice continue to goad her about her new job. Cilla's furious.moreless
  • Wed 4 May, 2005
    Wed 4 May, 2005
    Episode 92
    Candice is overjoyed when she gets a letter saying she's been accepted on to the TV presenters' course. Craig starts back at school. Keith's worried he's not ready for it. Ian tells Sally he wants her to leave. Sally threatens to phone Justine if he tries to sack her for refusing to sleep with him. Cilla hopes to get her job back at the Weatherfield Arms but she's put out to find Liz has been promoted to manageress in her absence. Ian decides to make Sally's life a misery. He's spends the day picking on her and enjoys making her wash his car. Les talks Steve into letting him have his job at Street Cars back. Candice tries to borrow the course fees of £300 from Audrey but gets a flee in her ear. Keith and Craig are cooking sausages over a fire in the back garden when Emily kindly calls round with a home-made pie for them. Keith's touched. Frankie offers to lend Candice the £300. Candice is delighted. Ian tells Sally that if she continues to work for him he'll continue to make sure she has a horrible time.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Ian continues to put pressure on Sally to continue their affair. Keith tries to do his best for Craig but Craig refuses to talk. Awestruck Norris gives Mel some expensive paper to help with his writing. Chesney's puzzled to see Cilla with fake tan on her face. He misses Roy and Hayley declaring life with them far better than at home. Emily's annoyed to find Mel smoking in her house. Norris explains he's a method writer and is obviously writing in character. Keith finds a sympathetic ear in Audrey, who assures him Craig just needs time. In the Rovers Mel continues to sponge off Emily and Norris. Sally's not home and Rosie's upset suspecting her of sleeping with Ian. Ian tells Sally he loves her and suggests they leave their families and spend the rest of their lives together. Sally's shocked. Roy and Hayley are delighted when Tracy and Steve let them look after Amy. Spanish night at Les and Cilla's - Les serves up some cheap nasty sangria and Cilla fails to deliver any food. Chesney's fed up. Mel's delighted to hear Ken's written a book and enjoys poking fun at him. Keith relieved when Craig softens towards him. Furious Sally tells Ian their relationship is definitely over.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Fiz gives Cilla a hard time for abandoning Chesney. Cilla pretends her intentions were always to send for Chesney. Fiz is disbelieving. Mel enthuses about the humble north, the cobbles, the litter and the pigeons. Norris asks him to cast his professional eye over a book which he's writing about his life as a salesman. Ian winds Sally up telling her he's decided to give his marriage another go. She pretends not to care but Ian's pleased to see she's jealous. Craig visits Angela in prison. He's devastated when she tells him she can still expect to serve a minimum of four years. Mel tells the book club how he's been suffering from writer's block. Roy and Hayley are delighted when Chesney calls in the café and asks them if it's okay if he still visits them sometimes. Keith tries to support inconsolable Craig. He promises Angela he'll look after him. Janice has a go at Cilla for the way she treated Roy and Hayley not to mention Chesney. Janice and Cilla end up fighting the Rovers. Mel's enthralled to see the women fighting and declaring it's cured his writer's block decides he'll stay in Weatherfield to complete his book. Emotional Craig leaves his mum in prison and tells Keith he just wants his family back.moreless
  • Sun 1 May, 2005
    Sun 1 May, 2005
    Episode 89
    Danny and Norris hatch a plan to get rid of Jack's pigeons. Danny pays Jamie to drive them down to Birmingham. Chesney says his goodbyes to Sophie and Schmeichel before he leaves for Spain. Jack's shocked to find his pigeons and pigeon coop have been stolen. Hayley and Fiz say an emotional goodbye to Chesney as he leaves with Roy. Mel Hutchwright, the author of Hard Grinding, turns up at the Book Club meeting having been invited by Blanche. Norris, Rita and Emily are in awe. Ken's unimpressed. Les and Cilla arrive back on the street to find Roy has left for Spain with Chesney. Norris offers Mel a bed for the night at Emily's. Blanche buys his drinks. Jack's homing pigeons return and Danny and Norris's scam is exposed. As Roy and Chesney prepare to board their flight, Les and Cilla arrive with the police. Roy's arrested for trying to abduct Chesney. Angela's beside herself when she's told that although the police will be dropping the murder charge she can still expect eight years for perverting the course of justice and assisting an offender.moreless
  • Fri 29 Apr, 2005
    Fri 29 Apr, 2005
    Episode 88
    Danny complains to Jack about his pigeons and the muck they cause. Kevin's pleased with Nathan when he spots some second hand wheel bearings on one of Ian's cars which another garage has tried to pass off as new. Jamie tells Danny and Frankie how serious he is about Leanne. Danny feels guilty. Chesney takes Schmeichel for a last walk before he leaves for Spain. Emily's bemused when Norris admits he's frightened of pigeons. Vera's delighted to hear she's been reinstated at the Alhambra Bingo Hall. Sean's delighted he's got his job back as bingo caller and will be working tonight. Ian, Kevin, Sally and Justine go for a drink. The atmosphere's awkward. Ian tells Kevin he's had lots of affairs and Justine will get over it. Vera goes to bingo and is annoyed to see Sean's the caller again. Justine asks Sally if Ian's ever tried it on with her. Sally says not. She asks Sally to spy on Ian for her and Sally feels trapped. Danny tells Leanne that nothing's going to happen between them. Vera gets annoyed with Sean's bingo calling and calls him a poofter. Sean refuses to carry on with the game until she apologises. Vera's furious when she doesn't win. Sean resigns as bingo caller. Roy and Hayley are upset to be losing Chesney.moreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Sally's in the middle of telling Ian their relationship's over when Justine arrives very upset. She insists she needs to talk to Sally in private. Justine pours her heart out to Sally about her sham of a marriage. She tells Sally how she suspects Lisa wasn't Ian's first affair. Sally's guilt-ridden. Liz babysits Amy. She's delighted that Steve and Tracy are getting on so well. Danny pops round to Janice's flat to drop off some over-time money. He finds Leanne there on her own. Leanne invites him in and they flirt outrageously. The sexual chemistry is evident. Norris complains about Jack's pigeons to Emily. Steve and Tracy go for a drink in the Rovers as a "couple". Frankie's pleased for them but Janice gives Steve some stick over Karen. Chesney's delighted when Roy says they're going to Spain to find his mum. Danny and Leanne are about to kiss when Janice arrives home. Sally tells Ian how distraught Justine is and that it's over between them. Danny and Leanne continue to flirt in front of Frankie and Jamie who are oblivious.moreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sally tells Kevin about Ian's affair with Lisa. Kevin can't understand why she's getting so worked up. Candice fills in her application form for the TV Presenters' Course. Danny takes the mickey. Violet insists on giving Eileen half her winnings towards the rent. Kelly and Janice eye up Nathan who enjoys the attention. Claire complains to Craig about the volume of his Goth music and gives him a pair of headphones. She talks to him about the death of her own father. Jamie tells Leanne he's booked them a table at the Clock restaurant. Leanne almost lets slip she went there with Danny. Sean's upset when he's suspended from his job at the Alhambra Bingo Hall because Vera's complained about him. Craig breaks down wishing Tommy and Katy were still alive. Keith comforts him. Roy decides he's going to Spain to find Cilla and Les. Eileen tells Vera what she thinks of her for losing Sean his job. Ian tries to convince Sally he still loves her and that they should carry on where they left off.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Standing by Katy's grave, Angela says how she too wishes she were dead. Craig's distraught as his mum's led away by the prison officer. Tracy excitedly tries on a dress for her date with Steve that evening. Kevin admits Tyrone and Nathan have done a good job while he was away and agrees to keep Nathan on. Chesney's very upset he's still heard nothing from Cilla. Roy tries to help him with his homework - venn diagrams. Tracy calls round to Steve's. He leaves her there changing Amy's nappy and accidentally deadlocks the front door on his way out. Justine marches Ian into the garage. She makes him admit he's been having an affair with Lisa and then sack her in front of Sally. Justine makes Sally promise to keep an eye on him in future. Sally's guilt-ridden and furious with Ian. Steve's at the Clock restaurant thinking Tracy's stood him up. Tracy's trapped on the flat staircase with Amy unable to get out and unable to phone. Violet wins the £500 prize at bingo. Vera's furious accusing of Sean of fixing the game. She's man-handled from the bingo hall and has her "Golden Balls" brooch withdrawn. Steve discovers Tracy on the stairwell. They both see the funny side and kiss. Roy and Hayley find Chesney trying to book a flight to Spain on the Internet with Roy's credit card. Angela sobs uncontrollably in her prison cell.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Angela's alone in her cell, she cries realising the full horror of her situation. Tracy and Steve have enjoyed their night together. Steve fusses over Amy. Candice shows the Baldwins her picture in the Gazette. She is wearing very little. Craig's upset it's Katy's funeral today. Keith tries but fails to comfort him. Sally tells Kevin she is worried about losing her job. Kevin's bemused. Rosie wants to go to Katy's funeral to support Craig but is not allowed. Tracy and Steve surprise Liz and the Barlows when they arrive together in the morning looking happy. Tracy thinks it is for real with Steve this time. Ken is worried. Kevin is angry that Tyrone took Nathan on in the garage but agrees to give him a chance. Audrey is furious with Candice about the second article and tells her so. Sally's upset when Lisa insinuates she's started an affair with Ian. Leanne goads Candice over her article in the Gazette. Candice chucks her drink over Leanne. Frankie tells Candice she'll have to find somewhere else to live. Candice decides to apply for a TV presenters' course advertised in the paper. Katy's funeral takes place. Angela accuses Martin of being responsible for both Tommy's and Katy's deaths. Martin's a broken man.moreless
  • Sun 24 Apr, 2005
    Sun 24 Apr, 2005
    Episode 83
    Sean slept with Larry, the bingo security guard. Eileen sees Larry and teases Sean. Sean is upset about Vera calling him a cheat. Vera sees Larry in the Kabin and continues accusing Sean of cheating and Larry of assaulting her. Steve goes round to No. 1 he says to see Amy. Tracy knows he's checking up on her. Keith doesn't know what to do about Craig. Craig won't come out of his room. Candice thinks that her name will stop her from becoming a weather girl. The Baldwins take great delight in coming up with alternative names. Tracy goes to ask Steve if there is any chance of a relationship. The phone rings and Tracy thinks it is a girl. Tracy feels humiliated again and leaves. The Websters return from holiday. Sally says she might not have a job to go back to. Craig informs the Websters that Katy is dead. Tracy decides to go and live with Peter in Portsmouth because she can't be near Steve. The Barlows and Liz are upset. Sophie finds out that Chesney is moving to Spain. Chesney is desperate for Cilla to contact him. He thinks they have forgotten him. Candice phones the Weatherfield Gazette with another story. Steve is terribly upset when he hears Tracy's plans. He chases Tracy and asks her out. At first she doesn't believe him but he talks her round and they end up kissing. Gail tells Sally that her affair sparked off the Harris mess. Sally blames Martin.moreless
  • Fri 22 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Craig and Keith think Angela will be let out of prison soon. Martin knows it will not be that easy and tells Keith not to get Craig's hopes up. Hayley is worried about Angela and telling everyone the truth. Candice gets fan mail and decides to cut her fans hair in the flat until her big break. Deirdre and Liz discuss Steve and Tracy's relationship. Deirdre is angry with Steve. Sean is nervous at the bingo but Eileen, Violet and the factory girls cheer him on. Maria's unhappy about spending her Friday night at the bingo with Vera. Hayley hears the factory girls being nasty about Angela and tells them all the truth. Craig's anguish is evident. He feels as though he now has nothing. Violet is angry when she overhears Jessie speculating on Katy and Tommy's relationship. Violet wants Janice to stop being so hard on Katy. Tracy makes a fool of herself in the pub. She is very drunk and keeps kissing Nathan. Steve tells her to stop drinking but she won't listen. Deirdre blames Steve. Audrey discovers Candice is cutting hair in the flat. Audrey confronts her about it and Candice is so rude that Audrey ends up evicting her. Vera is unhappy that the factory girls are at the bingo. They mock her lucky mascot. Sean is good at bingo calling but Vera accuses him of cheating when Fiz and Eileen win. Vera gets thrown out and barred. Frankie persuades Danny to let Candice live at theirs until she finds somewhere else. Hayley feels selfish because of the relief she felt when she found out that posting the letter was Angela's way of trying to protect Katy.moreless
  • Fri 22 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sean is nervous about his first night at the bingo. Janice doesn't think anyone should visit or talk to Angela. Keith talks to Emily, it helps him to talk about things. Emily offers to cook for him. Fred has withdrawn the sale of the pub. Charlie makes Shelley feel guilty about getting the survey done. He says it wasted time and gave Fred time to pull out. Leanne is ill. Jamie discusses their future but Leanne is vague and non commital. Deirdre and Ken come home from their honeymoon. Deirdre feels guilty about missing Ray's funeral. Deirdre is trying to quit smoking. Deirdre is upset about the way Steve treated Tracy. Tracy thinks she may have to move to get over Steve. Craig wants to talk to Martin about Tommy and Katy. Martin doesn't want to. Craig gets angry and upset. Martin hugs Craig. Angela has to take pills to calm her down. Angela is frustrated that she is not being told Katy's funeral details. Angela apologises to Hayley for lying. Angela wants Hayley to tell everyone the truth. Fred is convinced his friendship is over with Audrey but she tells him not to be silly. Audrey reads the article about Candice and is furious. Charlie and Shelley decide to look for other pubs to buy. Martin, Keith and Craig go to the cemetery. Keith won't go to the grave. Craig lashes out at both of them for not liking Tommy. Craig runs off to Tommy's grave. Martin chases him. The police have cordoned off the grave. The body is being exhumed.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Martin tells Gail, Sarah and David that Katy is dead. They try and comfort him. Angela is told about Katy's death and collapses with grief. Fred is constantly going to the toilet. Tracy asks Steve to baby-sit so she can go out with Nathan. Sean looks for a part-time job. He starts acting secretively. Violet gets a text telling her that Katy is dead. Sarah and Violet are sad in the pub talking about Katy. Everyone is upset. Katy's friends gather at the Harrises' house. Hayley covers Angela's machine as a mark of respect. Janice doesn't think that Angela deserves sympathy. Danny suggests a moment of silence for Katy. Ashley goes to see Martin. Martin blames himself. Keith is in the Rovers, Audrey asks if he wants company but he wants to be alone. Candice goes to get her wages she tries to say thanks for everything but ends up making matters worse. Audrey pushes her out of the salon. Sean shows Jason, Violet and Eileen his costume for his bingo calling job. Fred and Audrey get the results of the water test and are told it is sewage water. Claire tells Fred he has to go to the hospital to get checked over. Keith tries to comfort Angela. Keith and Angela both think she will be out shortly. There is tension between Steve and Tracy when she drops Amy off. Martin breaks down when he sees the flowers and card Katy's friends have left at her house.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Shelley reads the survey of the Rovers, it confirms that it is worth the asking price. Nathan has stayed the night with Tracy but leaves in a hurry in the morning. Candice fails to open the shop on time, scalds Betty, is late from lunch and then insults the salon. Audrey sacks her. Jason tells Sean that he should pay the extra rent and has a go at him for sponging off Eileen. Eileen tells Sean to take no notice. Craig visits Angela, he is angry and tells her she should have told him the truth. Angela tries to explain why she lied. Angela begs Craig to go and see Katy. Fred tries to talk Audrey into going into partnership with him. Kelly wants to get Steve's attention. Janice and Fiz trick her and tell her the way to get him is to be full on. Kelly believes them and is all over him in the pub. Tracy and Liz see and are annoyed. Joanne and Jessie like Nathan. Angela wants Father Thomas to talk to the police and tell them the truth, as she can't face it but he tells her only a statement from her will count. Betty is angry when she realises she is the last to hear about the sale of the pub. Eileen lends Sean money. Jason wasn't supposed to know but he works it out. Craig goes to see Katy, while he is there Katy dies. Audrey tells Fred the deal is a 70/30 split and he accepts. Fred keeps nipping to the loo.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Ashley gets water from the hole for testing. Fred drinks it before it's been tested. Once they own the pub Charlie wants to expand and Shelley wants to redecorate. Charlie nastily declines Ciaran's offer of help with interior design. Ciaran and Violet agree that Charlie will be the boss not Shelley. Ciaran also notes that Charlie can turn nasty quite quickly. Gail is trying to get Martin to stay positive but it is proving difficult. Angela wants to see Katy and can't understand the delay. Angela's Solicitor tells her the police will have to examine fresh evidence. Tracy has a go at Steve for not having time for either her or Amy. The factory workers decide to arrange a night out at the bingo. Sean and Janice offer to do overtime as neither of them have any money. Mike advises Audrey not to give Fred fifty percent of the profits from the well. Craig asks Keith if everything is his fault. Keith tries to comfort Craig. Martin tells Katy that he forgives her, loves her and he wants her to live. Chesney wonders what Cilla is doing and why she has not sent for him. Roy tells Fred that the hole in Audrey's garden is not the St Weatha' s Well at all. Fred accuses Roy of being hostile to progress and enterprise. Tracy knows Steve is listening in on her conversation with Nathan and makes him jealous. Steve leaves and Tracy knows she has got to him. Eileen tells Sean that the landlord has put up the rent. Angela sees Katy and is distraught, she begs Martin to stay with Katy. Fred feels betrayed when Audrey tells him she is not bringing him in on the deal.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Tracy is relieved when Steve is pleased to see her in the morning. Eileen spots Tracy leaving Steve's flat and interrogates him with Liz. Liz is happy but Eileen warns Steve off Tracy. Craig goes to the Platt's while Keith goes to Sheffield. Craig and Keith's relationship is strained. Maria gives Craig some flowers for Katy. Gail shocks Audrey and Maria by saying Katy was selfish and does not deserve any sympathy. Blanche expresses her disapproval about Tracy and Steve. Angela is desperate see Katy but the Police tell her while Katy is unconscious the truth cannot be verified. Angela is devastated and tells the Police that the wrench is in the coffin. Tracy is confused when Steve tells her he has to work and can't go for a drink. Candice practises her weather girl routine and tries to decide what to wear for her performance to the Baldwins. Roy talks to Candice about the weather but she doesn't understand. Candice's routine is terrible. Leanne mocks her. Chesney is reading about Spain, he wants to contact Cilla to see where they will live. Martin tells Craig the truth but he can't believe it at first. Craig turns his anger on Martin and blames him for everything. Gail steps in and hugs Craig. Shelley excitedly explains her plans for the pub. Steve goes to the pub but is disappointed when Tracy is not there. Steve tells Liz he is worried about his feelings for Tracy and hers for him. He questions how well they know each other.moreless
  • Sun 17, 2005
    Sun 17, 2005
    Episode 76
    Steve offers to baby-sit Amy while the funeral is on but Tracy declines. Liz asks Steve about Louise and he seems confused about what he wants. Craig's Grandad is coming but he tells Gail he does not really know him. Craig's isolation and despair is evident. Craig overhears Martin saying that Katy is getting worse. Shelley is excited at the prospect of owning the Rovers and wants to arrange a survey but Charlie is not convinced it is needed. Sean comes to the Salon to prepare for a date and Candice offends him. Candice tries to decide how she will become famous. Fred goes to see his financial advisor. Shelley and Fred shake hands over the pub. Martin shows the letter to the Police but is unhappy by the lack of action and interest. Tracy is upset at the graveside. Steve arrives to comfort her. Martin ends up telling Gail the truth. Martin tells Gail he understands Katy's actions but Gail is unsympathetic and says she never liked Katy. Steve's support surprises Tracy and they end up spending the night together. Sean's date cancels on him. Candice decides that she will become a weather girl. Keith arrives and brings Craig the chain back. Craig is distraught he saw the chain as a symbol of Tommy watching over Katy.moreless
  • Fri 15 Apr, 2005
    Fri 15 Apr, 2005
    Episode 75
    Martin sits in the hospital holding Katy's letter it has obviously been read repeatedly. Shelley worries about losing her job and home when Fred sells the pub. Liz and Eileen quiz Steve about Louise, both are pleased he is happy. Candice instead of working spends the day worrying about Warren dumping her when he is famous. So decides to become famous herself. Fred is excited about the well and rebuffs Claire and Ashley's fears. Without knowing the test results Fred drinks the water. Tracy struggles to assemble Ray's flat pack coffin. The book group discuss which book should be next, Roy proposes Oliver by Dickens. Craig is banging on No. 6's door shouting for Katy. Sarah, Gail and Audrey have to explain the situation to Craig. Blanche and Norris disagree over the sex of the writer Mel Hutchwritght. Steve is shocked when he bumps into Tracy and she doesn't have a hidden agenda. He suggests she sees Charlie about Ray's coffin. Craig visits Katy and puts Tommy's chain on her bed. Craig says it should be his Mum in hospital instead of Katy. Martin reads Angela the letter. Angela pretends it is untrue but Martin knows that Angela is lying to protect Katy. Angela tells Martin to burn the letter and it is partly his fault this has happened. Martin tells her to come clean, Shelley asks Charlie what he thinks about them buying the pub and is thrilled when he agrees.moreless
  • Wed 13 Apr, 2005
    Wed 13 Apr, 2005
    Episode 74
    Scooter spots Katy's letter. The paramedics take Katy out. Martin tells Sarah and Scooter not to mention the letter. Violet suspects Katy tried to commit suicide. Tracy tells Liz she is upset about Steve and Louise and asks Liz's advice. Steve and Louise say goodbye. Both are sad to be parting. Norris signs for Ray's flat pack coffin. Emily, Tracy and Norris discuss the coffin and Ray's wishes. Martin is in hospital with Katy and discovers she may have a cerebral oedema. Martin tells an unconscious Katy that no one will open the letter. Fred wines and dines Audrey to gets her to agree to getting the water from the well tested. Mike ridicules Fred's well idea in front of Audrey. Shelley overhears that Fred is selling the pub. Leanne taunts Candice telling her that Warren will dump her if he makes the Premiership. Leanne notices Danny at the bar. They agree to keep their dinner together a secret, there is a flirty atmosphere between them. Martin confronts Violet about ringing the hospital to check on Katy. He tells her it was an accident and that she shouldn't jump to conclusions. The Governor tells Angela that Katy is in hospital. Angela demands to go and see her but is not allowed. Angela prays for Katy. Charlie is being really nice to Shelley. Martin is told Katy's condition has not changed. He opens the letter and is stunned.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Tracy is really upset about Ray. Steve keeps Louise waiting in the pub while he comforts Tracy. Katy deliberately smashes her insulin and washes it down the sink. She writes a letter, marks it 'the truth', then sits and spoons sugar into her mouth. Katy falls into a diabetic coma. Danny lies to Frankie about working late when really he was dining with Leanne. Steve finally arrives at the Rovers and convinces Louise to go home with him. Martin confesses to Gail that he also feels out of touch with her and the kids. He opens up about Katy and tells Gail he blames himself. Gail worried about Martin tells him to sleep on the sofa for the night. Sarah, David and Scooter are all suspicious when Martin is still there in the morning. Steve and Louise wake up happy together. They play fight over a bacon sandwich and then disappear back under the covers. Shelley, Charlie and Violet are in the Rovers living room. Charlie and Shelley muck about pretending Charlie is a ventriloquist and Shelley his dummy. Tracy and Blanche sort through Ray's things and find a letter addressed to Deirdre. It contains is a list of songs he wants played at his funeral. Fred invites Audrey to lunch to discuss the well. Katy is unconscious on the sofa and a home video is playing. Martin, Scooter and Sarah are in the Platt's house when they realise there is music coming from No. 6. They break down the door and dash inside. Martin rushes to Katy and checks her vital signs. Scooter phones an ambulance.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Tracy persuades Ken and Deirdre to go on their honeymoon leaving her to organise Ray's funeral. Jamie sets off in the Underworld van for Carlisle. He tells Leanne he'll be back by 6pm and will take to the Clock restaurant for a slap-up meal. Fred has ideas about bottling the water from Audrey's well and becoming a mineral water billionaire. Jamie picks up Diane, a hitchhiker. When he stops at a services she nicks the van. Ken and Deirdre leave for their honeymoon in Corfu. Steve and Louise plan to spend the day together before Louise goes back to Ireland. Their plans are scuppered when Tracy asks Steve to look after Amy. Danny's cross with Jamie for having the van stolen, Leanne's cross with him for standing her up. Danny and Leanne decide to go out for a meal together. Shelley and Sunita chat over a drink. It's obvious Sunita's not very keen on Charlie. Shelley's offended and they fall out again. She tells Sunita to get out. Danny and Leanne flirt over their meal. Tracy bursts into tears over the death of Ray. Steve gives her a comforting hug. Jamie arrives back from Carlisle with the van which has been found. Katy arrives back from Sheffield in a taxi and secretly lets herself into No. 6.moreless
  • Sun 10 Apr, 2005
    Sun 10 Apr, 2005
    Episode 71
    Note: There are two episodes numbered 5999. Granada made a mistake in assigning episode numbers to writers and since Episode 6000 had already been assigned but an episode was needed before that, they had to create an extra episode number before 6000. The episode for Friday 8 April was left as 5999, Sun 10 April was given the number 5999a, with the first episode for Mon 11 April remaining 6000.

    The people at the wedding leave the Registry Office for photographs. Ray offers his congratulations and a kiss for Deirdre. Fred makes them all line up for a picture. Lena returns to the garage and sees what Maria and Tyrone are up to in the office. They see her and bluster excuses. Lena pretends to be overcome with shock and demands a brandy. Charlie manipulates Shelley into suggesting that she makes the first move in making it up with Sunita. Steve is nervous of Tracy arriving in the Rovers for the wedding party. Louise however is unfazed. The wedding party arrives and Ray buys the first round. Chesney is downcast about the passport photographs. Not knowing what they are intended for, Roy offers to take better ones himself. Lena blackmails Tyrone and Maria into a free MOT and haircut. During the party, Ray tells Rita of his regrets over leaving his family. Rita points out though that he's been given a chance to make it up. Louise tells Tracy to move on and leave her and Steve alone. The party at the Rovers gets into a swing. Ray and Mike make cuttings remarks to each other about Ken while Shelley proposes to Sunita that they have a talk and arrange to meet for a drink the next day. Tracy apologises to Ray about being a bitch earlier. Ray asks his daughter for a dance. She soon agrees but he quickly tires and she goes to fetch him a drink. Deirdre sits down with Ray and comments it was weird him being there, but she's still glad her came. Ray smiles warmly at her and tells her that so is he. As Deirdre leaps up to join the hokey kokey Ray, unseen, clutches his chest in pain and groans. Blanche sits down and talks to him, not noticing his condition. She finally realises that something is amiss as the life passes out of Ray and his hand flops down to his side. The party are alerted to it and gather around in a deadly hush as a tearful Tracy embraces her dead father, weeping "not yet...Dad'".moreless

  • Fri 8 Apr, 2005
    Fri 8 Apr, 2005
    Episode 70
    There are two episodes numbered 5999. Granada made a mistake in assigning episode numbers to writers and since Episode 6000 had already been assigned but an episode was needed before that, they had to create an extra episode number before 6000. The episode for Friday 8 April was left as 5999, Sun 10 April was given the number 5999a, with the first episode for Mon 11 April remaining 6000.

    Nathan leaves No. 1, having spent the night with Tracy who flaunts kissing him goodbye in front of a watching Ray. Deirdre has a hangover after her hen night as the women rush round getting ready for the wedding. BLANCHE: (about Liz): " Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner and roots as dark as her soul." Chesney roots down the back of Roy and Hayley's sofa for spare cash. He asks Roy if he can change his copper coins into pound coins as he needs them for something. Audrey arrives at No. 1 to do Deirdre's make-up. Emily has had a sherry and loudly reminisces about Ken and Deirdre's first wedding. Blanche makes cutting remarks about Liz – who's on her second gin – as Tracy worries where Steve is with Amy. Liz taunts her with comments about Louise. Ken turns up, saying he couldn't stand being at Mike's any longer and the women shove him into the front room before he sees Deirdre and brings bad luck. Ray is there, struggling to get dressed and puzzled as to why Tracy still won't talk to him. He tells ken that he's arranged to go into a hospice tomorrow. Steve returns Amy to Tracy. Lena tries to get Tyrone to give her an MOT certificate on her ancient car without actually carrying out the check. He refuses so she has no option but to make him carry out the check. Blanche has a heart-to-heart with Deirdre, telling her to make it work this time and how proud of her she is. Mike and Penny meet Vera and a reluctant Jack at the Registry Office. Rita and Ray turn up. He hasn't been there since 1975 for his wedding to Deirdre. As no one is at the garage, Maria takes Tyrone into the office and they start to make love there. The others arrive at the Registry Office. Tracy refuses to sit next to Ray. Chesney takes pictures of himself and Schmeichel in a photo booth together for passport pictures for Spain. Ken and Deirdre say their own heartfelt vows and are pronounced man and wife. All are pleased, except for Ray.moreless

  • Wed 6 Apr, 2005
    Wed 6 Apr, 2005
    Episode 69
    Danny's annoyed he's got pigeon dirt on his suit. He tells Jack he owes him a tenner for dry-cleaning. Liz, Tracy, Emily, Eileen, Sunita, Frankie and Rita all go out on Deirdre's hen night wearing specially printed t-shirts with pictures of Deirdre on them. Chesney dresses as a matador and practises his bull-fighting on Hayley in preparation for his move to Spain. Adam and Danny drag Ken out for a stag night drink. Ken's unhappy when Ray insists on joining them followed by Dev and Mike. Roy and Hayley try to convince Chesney he'll have a great time in Spain but Chesney's unhappy at the thought of leaving his mates. Ken agrees to stay at Mike's just to prove he no longer bears a grudge. Martin pours his heart out to Janice. He cries blaming himself for the murder as it would never have happened if he hadn't gone out with Katy. Ken and Roy discuss the possibility that Fred inadvertently fell into St Weatha's well from which the waters are said to have natural healing powers. Deirdre tells the girls how lucky she is to be marrying Ken. Ken meanwhile says the same thing to the boys.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Katy and Craig are stunned when they're told Angela has made a full confession. Fred decides to give the statue to Audrey as a present. Adam arrives at the Barlows to find them all bickering about the wedding. Fred's looking for an appropriate spot in Audrey's garden for the statue when suddenly the ground opens up and Fred falls down a big hole. The court hearing takes place, Angela is charged with Tommy's murder. Katy, knowing it's what Angela wants her to do, shouts across the courtroom "She killed my dad". Katy visits Angela in prison and wants to tell the truth but Angela insists she must look after Craig. Tyrone's sinking under the workload and finally agrees to take Nathan on temporarily until Kevin's back. Katy announces in the Rovers that Angela's admitted to murdering Tommy and that she and Craig are going to live in Sheffield with Keith. Martin tries to talk Katy out of leaving, telling her how he still wants her but Katy's adamant. Fred is winched out of the hole by the fire brigade. Katy and Craig leave with Keith for Sheffield.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Jack and Vera proudly watch Tyrone open up the garage by himself. The factory girls discuss Angela's arrest. Fiz is the only one who still believes Angela's innocent. The police search the Harrises looking for the murder weapon. Hayley confesses to Katy her involvement in posting the fake letter and how she had to tell the police. Katy's furious while Craig's shocked to learn the letter was a fake. Shelley shows off her holiday photos. Violet admires Charlie in his trunks. The police continue to question Angela telling her that they're fully aware of Hayley's involvement and know that the letter was a fake. Fred orders a statue for the garden but agrees to send it back when Ashley and Claire tell him it's ugly. Tyrone's finding it hard coping with all the garage work by himself. Nathan again asks if there's a job going but Tyrone refuses. Charlie tell Shelley he's taking her out for a lovely evening to cheer her up and help her forget about Sunita. Shelley's delighted. Grandad Keith turns up to look after Katy and Craig. Angela feels she has no alternative and admits to Tommy's murder so as to protect Katy.moreless
  • Sun 3 Apr, 2005
    Sun 3 Apr, 2005
    Episode 66
    Angry at his mum's arrest, Craig tries to drive after the police car in Martin's car. Kevin leaves Tyrone in charge of the garage while he's on holiday. Hayley confides in Roy that the letter was fake and she posted it. Consumed with grief, Craig smashes up the barbeque in the garden. Tracy takes Nathan back to No. 1 for the night. Tracy introduces Nathan to her family. He's amused at the "two dads" and granny who "looks like Gollum in a nightie". Tracy's offended. Angela's interviewed by the police in the presence of her solicitor. Steve and Louise enjoy a drink together. Tracy's jealous. Nathan tells Tracy he's a mechanic and needs a job. She suggests he asks Kevin for a job but dupes him into making crass jokes about Tommy. Kevin tells him where to go. The Websters leave for their holiday although Sally's reluctant, worried about her job. Hayley gives a statement to the police telling them about the fake letter. Ray's surprised when Ken invites him to the wedding. Angela's shocked when the police tell her they found one of her hairs in Tommy's blood and know she's lying.moreless
  • Fri 1 Apr, 2005
    Fri 1 Apr, 2005
    Episode 65
    Angela's delighted the police seem to have taken the letter seriously. Steve meets Louise on the Red Rec again. He fancies her and when she says she's going into town he sorts her out with a free taxi. Angela's convinced they'll soon be on witness protection and moving to a new address. She agrees to go for a farewell drink with the girls. Tracy's furious to see Steve with another woman. Ray tells Deirdre she should hurry up and marry Ken and mustn't hold back on his account. Tracy decides she's going to pull Nathan in the Weatherfield Arms in an attempt to make Steve jealous. Sally is shocked to meet Lisa, a gorgeous model who will be covering her job while she's on holiday. Deirdre agrees to go ahead and marry Ken. He tells her he's booked the registry office for next Friday. Steve's delighted when Big Alice the taxi driver gives him a note from Louise with her phone number on it. Everyone's shocked when the police turn up at the Rovers and arrest Angela on suspicion of the murder of Tommy.moreless
  • Wed 30 Mar, 2005
    Wed 30 Mar, 2005
    Episode 64
    The letter from Sheffield arrives. Angela opens it in front of Fiz and Janice. She uses all her acting skills and pretends to be terrified. Gail looks after Angela and tries to calm her down. Katy realises her mum's behind the letter but manages to play along. The factory girls are worried in case the Sheffield mob turns up at Underworld. Hayley's worried about what she's got herself involved in. Ken feels guilty for neglecting Daniel all these years. Tracy's devastated when Ray says he's returning to Holland tomorrow as he'd rather die at home. Steve looks after Amy for the day. He meets a young mother called Louise at the Red Rec. He chats to her while Amy plays with her son Ben. Ray's upset when the doctor tells him he's too ill to fly and will have to stay put. Instead he says he'll find a bed in a hospice. Tracy's relieved when Ray tells her he's staying in Weatherfield after all. Angela shows the letter to the police and demands protection for her family. Cilla phones and says that she and Les are starting a new life in Spain. Roy and Fiz are disgusted that she never even mentioned Chesney.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Angela tells Hayley that the police don't believe the Sheffield gang were behind Tommy's murder so she's typing a fake letter to try and convince them otherwise. Hayley's shocked but Angela explains it's the only way to get witness protection and she and Katy are scared for their lives. Ken's very annoyed that Ray has moved in. Steve says Amy can stay with him as the Barlows' house is so full. Katy starts wittering to Rita and Norris to try and hide her nerves. They feel sorry for her and think she's in denial over her father's death. Angela tells Hayley she's going to Sheffield after work to post the letter so that it has the right postmark. Sunita's hurt and upset when Shelley tells her the postcard didn't mean anything and suggests she leave the pub. Fiz is cross with Cilla for going AWOL and deserting Chesney. Roy agrees to take Chesney to the cinema to see a martial arts film. Hayley feels sorry for Angela and offers to go to Sheffield for her and post the letter. After a pep talk from Rita, Ken does the noble thing and tells Ray he's welcome to stay as long as he likes. Tracy has a dig at him comparing him to Ray in the way he's neglected his son Daniel. Hayley sets off for Sheffield with the letter.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Angela returns to work at the factory, determined to get her life back to normal. Emily's exhausted with looking after Ray. Rita gives Chesney another Easter egg to give to Cilla and Les who are due back from their holiday today. Ray collapses in pain. Emily hasn't the strength to pick him up. Deirdre and Tracy are upset to see him so frail and insist an ambulance is called. Chesney practises his ju-jitsu moves on Roy. Shelley and Charlie arrive back from a great holiday. Sunita thanks Shelley for the postcard. Charlie's furious with her for sending a card to Sunita behind his back. Gail tries to make conversation with Scooter while he waits for Sarah, but it's an uphill struggle. Tracy and Ray share a tender moment in the hospital. Chesney's disappointed when Les and Cilla don't arrive back from Spain as planned. Ray is sent home and Deirdre lets him stay at No. 1 as Emily's too old to look after him. Ken's not impressed. Hayley finds Angela in the factory office using the computer and is suspicious when she sees that Angela has typed the words "You're next".moreless
  • Sun 27 Mar, 2005
    Sun 27 Mar, 2005
    Episode 61
    Chesney manages to con Easter eggs out of Sally, Rita and Fred. Scooter's put some water and couple of goldfish in the Platts' fish tank. David drops some chocolate into the tank as a joke. Gail's cross with him. Deirdre, Tracy, Blanche, Amy and Ray set off for Southport in one car and Rita, Emily and Norris in another. Ken's still sulking and refuses to go. David frightens Sarah by pretending that Bethany has eaten the goldfish. Gail tells him off when they discover it was just a childish prank. Tracy gets Norris to take a "family" photo of her, Ray and Deirdre. Norris, Rita, Emily and Deirdre have a round of crazy golf. Norris takes it very seriously and disqualifies the others for cheating, declaring himself the winner. Sally and Kevin have Angela, Katy and Craig round for Sunday lunch. Angela becomes upset about Tommy and they have to leave. Angela tells Katy she's got some evidence which will convince the police that the Sheffield mob were responsible for Tommy's death. Tracy manages to get Ray on his own. She's embarrassed when he reads her mind saying she's only interested to know what she'll inherit when he dies. He tells her everything will go to her although there isn't much. Tracy's disappointed but admits she's glad she's met her real dad.moreless
  • Fri 25 Mar, 2005
    Fri 25 Mar, 2005
    Episode 60
    As Katy's about to launch into a full confession, Angela grabs her and takes over the speech herself, saying how much they all loved Tommy. Ken dislikes himself for being so jealous of Ray, a dying man. He and Deirdre arrange to have a day out together on Sunday. Tommy's burial takes place. Craig's grief-stricken but Katy's just numb. Ray persuades Deirdre to take him to Southport on Sunday. Deirdre invites Emily and Tracy too so as to appease Ken. Sally tells Ian their affair is over as Rosie's found out. Sally wants a guarantee that her job will be safe but Ian's non-committal. Katy worries that she won't be able to live a lie for the rest of her life. Ken's put out when Deirdre cancels their Sunday trip out as she's promised to take Ray to Southport. Roy and Chesney attend their first self-defence ju-jitsu class. Ray's in considerable pain. Tracy's genuinely distressed. Sally convinces Rosie she's finished the affair with Ian. Roy realises ju-jitsu isn't his forte but Chesney proves to be excellent and lays out the instructor flat on the floor. The police call round to the Harrises and tell worried Angela that they've ruled out the Sheffield mob and are looking for other leads.moreless
  • Wed 23 Mar, 2005
    Wed 23 Mar, 2005
    Episode 59
    It's the day of Tommy's funeral. Katy's jittery saying she can't go through with it but Angela insists she must or she'll arouse suspicion. The atmosphere between Sally and Rosie is strained. Kevin's oblivious. Chesney gives Hayley a bunch of flowers to take to the funeral. Hayley's touched. Chesney suggests he and Roy could watch the DVD of "Kill Bill" but Roy says they're going to have a trip to the library instead. Angela breaks down in the middle of the street. Eileen comes to her rescue and comforts her telling her she's been a tower of strength to Katy and Craig. Scooter delivers a fish tank to the Platts. David takes the mickey but Sarah's delighted. Angela's dad Keith arrives and the funeral cortege leaves for the church. Angela panics when she sees the police talking to Father Thomas. Chesney chooses a book on Ju-jitsu and insists Roy practises with him using a cucumber instead of a knife. Roy discovers Cilla and Les are living it up in Spain and that he and Hayley have been had for mugs. The funeral takes place. Craig reads out a few words about his dad but cracks up in the middle. Katy takes over and tells the congregation it's all her fault.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Sally panics when she's told Rosie is at the Davenports. Kevin has to take the guinea pig to the vets. Katy's worried her Grandmother Jean will be able to see the truth. Jean and Craig are angry to discover Tommy's not being cremated which is what he wanted. Angela tells Katy the reason he has to be buried is that the wrench is in the coffin. Angela goes to see Father Thomas and confesses the truth. She tells him she's not after God's forgiveness, just Tommy's. Ken apologises and Deirdre tells Tracy that Ken was telling the truth about Ray. Rosie offers to go to the funeral with Craig. Rosie tells Kevin she loves him and that she doesn't want to lose him. Sally tells Ian of Rosie's suspicions but he tells her not to worry and kisses her. Rosie pays Sally a visit at Davenport's garage and accuses her of having an affair. Sally admits it's true and begs Rosie's forgiveness telling her it is complicated. Tracy confronts Ray about his other baby but finds out the baby was born dead and she is his only child after all. The first neighbourhood watch meeting isn't very successful much to Norris's dismay. Craig writes a eulogy. Angela tells them the reason she's not cremating Tommy is because she wants a grave to visit and to be buried with him.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Kevin reopens the garage. Katy's finding it hard to conceal her guilt. Angela insists she mustn't panic. Kevin and Sally argue in front of the kids, causing Rosie to overreact. Emily's shocked at Ken's sarcasm and obvious jealousy of Ray. The factory girls agree to provide the food for Tommy's wake. Janice shouts at Joanne and Jessie for not showing respect. Norris wants to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme and Roy agrees. Sally tries to convince Rosie that she's not having an affair with Ian. Angela breaks down calling Katy a stupid bitch and saying Tommy was the love of her life. Angela and Katy ask Kevin and Tyrone to be the coffin bearers. Katy sees Martin and goes after him but he tells her to go home as he can't help her. Tracy goes to look after Ray and is told she has no other siblings. Ken gets drunk in the pub. Mike realises it is because of Ray and goads him. The book club meets and bickers. Drunken Ken returns to No 1 from the Rovers and starts a row with Deirdre causing the book club to reconvene. Ken insults Blanche and Deirdre then tells Tracy she won't get anything from Ray's as he does have another child. The Davenports turn up at the Websters. Ian flirts with Sally and Rosie clocks it.moreless
  • Sun 20 Mar, 2005
    Sun 20 Mar, 2005
    Episode 56
    Katy has a nightmare about the police finding bits of Tommy all over the house. Tracy says she didn't stop Ray leaving for his money when Blanche teases her. Sonia states that she's leaving to be a Redcoat at Bognor Regis. Roy admits Schmeichel's growing on him and helps Chesney make him a birthday cake. Ken feels second best and taken for granted. Deirdre reassures him that getting to know Ray is just something Tracy has to do. Roy and Hayley lament over their status as 'stop-gap' parents. Ray and Tracy talk, she discovers she has no siblings. Ray apologises for not being there for her. They hug. Angela, Craig and Katy say goodbye to Tommy at the Funeral Directors. Craig places a Sheffield Wed. scarf in the coffin and Katy leaves a gonk that Tommy gave her. The factory workers drunkenly discuss their showbiz aspirations. Sonia sings for them, badly. Before she leaves, Sonia snogs Danny to his surprise. Chesney tells Roy and Hayley he wishes he didn't have to go home. Angela says her goodbyes alone and hides the wrench under the football scarf. She hugs the kids as the coffin lid is nailed shut.moreless
  • Fri 18 Mar, 2005
    Fri 18 Mar, 2005
    Episode 55
    Angela replaces the wrench down the back of the couch. Craig wants Tommy's body brought home now it's ready to be released. Angela says no. Craig still believes Martin's guilty. Angela's taken up smoking. Chesney teaches Roy how to get Schmeichel to obey him. Emily tells Tracy Ray's leaving but Tracy acts as if she doesn't care. Jamie plans a delivery job in Carlisle without Danny knowing. His plans are scuppered when Danny gives him a job on the same day. Deirdre gives Ray a lock of Tracy's baby hair and apologises that she couldn't get her to forgive him. Craig looks through old photo albums. Angela says Tommy will live on in their house. Craig asks to speak at the funeral service. Leanne persuades Danny to make Jamie's job another day so he can go to Carlisle. Katy asks Angela if she still loves her, she says she always will. They're both nervous that someone will find the wrench. Ray gets in Steve's cab to leave with Rita saying a tearful goodbye. The cab stops when they see Tracy. At first she acts indifferently but eventually asks him to stay. They walk back together.moreless
  • Wed 16 Mar, 2005
    Wed 16 Mar, 2005
    Episode 54
    DS Smith informs the Harrises their house may be searched and they are keeping a close eye on them for their safety. Chesney tells the Croppers he doesn't get fed properly. Martin's worried about people's reactions. Gail reassures him it will be okay. Ken, Deirdre and Tracy row. Deirdre thinks Ray's sincere. Tracy says she hates him. Angela sends Craig shopping with WPC Stonall, although he doesn't want to go out. Norris tells Ray he's a burden to Emily. Ken tells him to leave before he causes Tracy more pain. He decides to leave despite Emily trying to persuade him to stay. Claire and Ashley are happy when she gets onto the Bus Driver training scheme. Tracy's interested when Deirdre mentions Ray's making a will. Angela's about to take the wrench out of her handbag and throw it in the canal when DS Smith turns up. Angela refuses to make a TV appeal. She says Tommy would still be alive if she'd kept quiet about the murder in Sheffield. Tyrone and Kevin wonder when they can go back to work. Martin's upset when everyone's off with him, even Kevin. Craig attacks Martin in the Street. Katy says she hates him for ruining her life. Roy and Hayley make Chesney promise not to tell them any more stories. Angela's hysterical, believing the police think she killed Tommy.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Martin breaks down and sobs. David's frightened but hugs him. Ray ruins his chat with Tracy by putting down Ken, she slaps him hard. Deirdre remembers how good she and Ray were together, wondering what if? Roy's scared when Schmeichel arrives. Chesney tells him to face his fears. Tracy tells Ray he's too late he's already dead to her. She leaves as Deirdre arrives. Martin's upset Gail thinks he might be guilty. He swears on David's life. Gail hugs him and says she believes him. Ray and Deirdre discuss old times. She breaks down telling him he broke her heart. Ken's worried when Tracy returns without Deirdre. Katy's panicking about going to prison. Angela says they'll blame the murder on the Morgans from Sheffield, telling Katy to be strong. Roy introduces Chesney to encyclopedias. Chesney asks if Schmeichel can stay. Ken explains to Blanche how much it hurts that he and Deirdre aren't yet married. Martin tells Katy he's innocent. She says she misses him. Angela drags Katy away telling Martin to stay away from her family. Deirdre forgives Ray. Ken overhears them reminiscing and states he won't let Ray cause his family any more pain.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Chesney tells Roy and Hayley how bad life is at home. They decide to spoil him. Katy's wavering about Martin taking the blame, Angela insists they stick together. Tracy's mad Ray's affecting her parents and tells him to go and die somewhere else. Tommy's Mum Jean arrives, devastated. Craig sobs in her arms. Katy blurts out that it's all her fault. Angela has to explain to Jean about Martin being in the frame. Candice worries Warren's gone off her, until Frankie tells her about the bet. Ray persuades Tracy to listen to him. He apologises for everything. Chesney enjoys staying at the Croppers. He cries to get them to let Schmeichel stay. Hayley and Roy are sobered knowing they'll never have their own child. Tracy begins to talk to Ray but feels more vulnerable than ever. Ray's besotted when he holds Amy for the first time. Candice tricks Warren, then dumps him over the bet. Danny, Frankie, Jamie and Leanne come in and believe Warren's lost the bet. Jamie has to explain to Leanne. Angela and Katie are relieved when Jean leaves, but stunned when they see Martin arriving home.moreless
  • Sun 13 Mar, 2005
    Sun 13 Mar, 2005
    Episode 51
    Martin is exhausted after his night in the cells and struggles to deal with his situation. The police are guarded towards him and as they continue their questioning he knows they are convinced that he is guilty. Feeling that he has no way out he is in defeatist mood and tells Audrey and David that his future looks bleak. David is furious at his downbeat attitude and does his best to convince him that his fate is not yet sealed. But how will Martin react to police questioning about Katy and why she isn’t standing by him? Katy and Angela continue to lead a double life as they try to hide their murderous secret. Angela persists in trying to poison Katy against Martin, insisting that he was the reason behind what she did. Katy appears to have taken in what her mum has said and when Gail calls round to defend Martin she claims to be convinced of his guilt, much to Angela’s relief. Katy continues to keep up the pretence when questioned by the police about Martin’s behaviour, but will she be able to make a scapegoat out of the man she once loved? Following Ray’s arrival in Weatherfield, things remain difficult between Ken and Deirdre. Tracy agrees with her dad that Ray is unwelcome but she is surprised at how strongly he feels. Showing a softer side, Tracy thanks Ken for being a proper dad to her and tries to reassure him that Ray being around won’t affect their relationship. Ken is touched but remains fearful that Deirdre won’t be able to demonstrate the same commitment. After receiving a postcard from Yana, Cilla decides that she and Les need a holiday – minus Chesney! Unable to palm him off with Fiz she turns on the waterworks for Roy who inadvertently agrees to baby-sit while Cilla goes off to de-stress! Les is delighted at the prospect of a week in the sun and when a distracted Steve agrees to give him time off work he’s all set to go. But will a week away be enough for Cilla or will it only whet her appetite for more? Elsewhere, Fred is disappointed at how little people have contributed to Tommy’s collection.moreless
  • Fri 11 Mar, 2005
    Fri 11 Mar, 2005
    Episode 50
    The police throw some difficult questions at Martin who insists he's innocent. Craig thinks Martin murdered his dad. Katy's at breaking point. Sean continues to mourn the death of Shandy. Jason takes the mickey. Eileen suggests Jason should get Louis to hypnotise him to help him with his fear of heights. Jason agrees. Gail's distraught over Martin's arrest. It brings back memories of Richard Hillman. Blanche calls to see Ray and demands he leaves the street and leaves her family alone. Ray refuses but he's hurt when Tracy tells him to go and die elsewhere. The police to continue to grill Martin convinced he had a motive to kill Tommy. Hayley calls round to offer her support to Angela. Violet, Louis and Jason play a trick on Sean. Jason pretends to fancy Sean as a result of the hypnosis. Ken asks Deirdre which means more to her, Ray's death or their future together. Sean's embarrassed when Violet unveils a poster of him when he had a poodle perm. The police return a bag containing Tommy's personal belongings. Katy and Craig are distraught.moreless
  • Wed 9 Mar, 2005
    Wed 9 Mar, 2005
    Episode 49
    Angela goes to formally identify Tommy's body. Sean's distraught to discover Shandy, the dog he and his ex-boyfriend, Louis, had is dead. The police question the residents over Tommy's murder. Martin's name is mentioned time and time again. Danny calls round with some flowers and tells Angela he'll do anything to help. Angela's touched by his kindness but guilt-ridden. Martin's questioned by the police. He's dumfounded to learn that Tommy's dead. Ken wants to re-set their wedding date but Deirdre feels the timing is wrong and they should wait a while. Violet, Eileen, Sean and Louis attend Shandy's funeral. Sean sings "Mandy" but changes the Mandies to Shandies. Angela and Katy are questioned by the police. Angela says they were at home all the time. Louis, who's a scaffolder and hypnotist, cures Eileen of her crisp addiction. Ray has a trip down memory lane with Rita, Betty and Mike. Martin is arrested on suspicion of Tommy's murder. David is distraught. Katy sees Martin being taken away and is consumed with guilt.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Angela sends Craig off to school and she goes to work pretending nothing's happened. Rosie's interested to hear Kevin's sacked Tommy for saying things about Sally and Martin. Sally tries to change the subject. Kevin and Tyrone open up the garage and are horrified to discover Tommy's dead body and blood everywhere. Kevin goes to the factory and tells Danny what's happened. Together they break the news to Angela. Angela insists on going to see the body. She cradles Tommy and lets out all the pent-up grief of the last twenty-four hours. Angela pretends to break the terrible news to Katy. Craig is collected from school by the police. Angela tells Craig his dad is dead. Craig's shocked and blames Martin. Tracy's put out when Emily arrives back from the hospital with Ray saying that Ray's going to stay with her. Angela, Katy and Craig watch as Tommy's body is removed from the garage. Katy cracks and is about to confess to everything but Angela manages to stop her.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Arriving back at No. 6 Angela does her utmost to be strong and tells Katy how they must both stick to the same story. Angela's startled when there's a knock at the door. It's Kevin telling her Tommy's sacked for making up lies about Sally and Martin. Angela washes their clothes and hides the wrench down the back of the sofa. Deirdre reassures Ken she still wants to marry him and explains to Blanche, Tracy and Emily how Ray is dying of cancer, only has 6 months to live and wants to get to know Tracy before he goes. Tracy and Blanche are disbelieving. Katy can't handle all the lies and wants to confess to the murder. Angela persuades her to keep quiet as she needs Katy and Craig more than ever now Tommy's dead. Tyrone finds the garage door unlocked. He's about to go in when he sees Maria. He locks it and leaves. Sean, Jason and Eileen go to the Rovers and swap "most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you" stories. Sean tells them about the time his trousers caught fire. Craig arrives home from scout camp. He's tired and fed up as Tommy was meant to pick him up. Angela says Tommy forgot as they were having a row and cites Katy's abortion as the reason. Tommy remains undiscovered in the garage.moreless
  • Sun 6 Mar, 2005
    Sun 6 Mar, 2005
    Episode 46
    Tommy lies dead on the garage floor. Katy's in shock at what she's done and cries stricken by guilt and grief. Deirdre stays at the hospital to find out how Ray is. Ken, unhappy at Deirdre's interest in her ex-husband, leaves with Tracy and Amy. Danny sets Warren and Jamie a challenge. They both have to abstain from sex - to increase Warren's goal scoring record and to see who misses the sex most, Candice or Leanne. Angela decides not to ring the police and tries to remove any evidence which might incriminate Katy. She knows Tommy wouldn't want his little girl to go to prison. Angela blames herself in part for what's happened as it's her fault the family had to leave Sheffield and move to Weatherfield in the first place. Deirdre goes to see Ray in his hospital bed. She demands to know what he's doing back in Weatherfied. He explains how he's hoping to get to know Tracy before he dies as he hasn't got long to live. Angela and Katy make a run for it back to the house leaving Tommy dead on the floor of the garage.moreless
  • Fri 4 Mar, 2005
    Fri 4 Mar, 2005
    Episode 45
    Tracy's incredulity turns to anger that Ray should just turn up after twenty-six years of next to no contact. Gail tells Angela and Tommy that Sally's affair isn't with Martin. Angela's horrified but Tommy's not bothered saying it was the right result in the end. Angela explains to Katy that Martin never cheated on her. Katy's devastated. Katy pleads with Martin to give her another chance but Martin's unyielding, reminding her she's killed their baby. Katy is grief stricken. Joanne and Jessie continue to talk in unison which amuses the factory girls. Ian's worried when Sally tells him Rosie suspects they're having an affair. He suggests Sally finds another job but Sally's adamant Rosie won't say anything. At the garage, a furious Katy vents her grief on Tommy. She's horrified to realise he's pleased she had an abortion and that Martin doesn't want her back. Ken thinks Ray turning up on their proposed wedding day is a bad omen. Deirdre assures him nothing's changed. Danny secures a couple of big orders for the factory. The girls are relieved. As the Barlows leave the hospital, Ray collapses in pain on the pavement. Incandescent with rage, Katy picks up a wrench and delivers a mighty blow to Tommy's head. Angela arrives and cradles her dying husband.moreless
  • Wed 2 Mar, 2005
    Wed 2 Mar, 2005
    Episode 44
    Katy tells Martin she's aborted their baby. Martin's devastated. Ken and Deirdre set off for the Registry Office. Tracy's furious when a man drives down the street and almost knocks she and Amy over. Tracy unnecessarily insists on taking Amy to hospital to make sure she's okay. She doesn't realize that the man is her long-missing father – Ray Langton. Sally's shocked when Rosie says she knows Sally isn't having an affair with Martin because she and Gemma reckon she's having an affair with Ian instead. Martin and Gail finally manage to convince Kevin that Sally is not having an affair with Martin. Sally tells Rosie she and Gemma have got the wrong end of the stick and mustn't repeat these stories to Kevin. Rosie's unconvinced. Tracy and Ray continue to argue at the hospital. Tracy completely unaware she's arguing with her dad. Kevin apologises to Sally for disbelieving her over the Martin affair. Deirdre gets a call to say Tracy and Amy have been in an accident. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche abandon the wedding and rush to the hospital. Gail rows with Sally for all the trouble she's caused for Martin. Deirdre, Ken and Blanche are astounded to see Ray at the hospital. Deirdre introduces Tracy to her dad.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Sally denies she's having an affair with Martin but Kevin's suspicious. Sophie overhears them rowing. Ken, Deirdre, Emily, Tracy and Lena enjoy a few drinks at home for their hen/stag night. Blanche is determined she'll be at the wedding despite her flu. Joanne and Jessie the twins start at Underworld. Danny and girls are bemused when they explain how they're often mistaken for each other. (The twins couldn't look less like each other). Kevin grabs Martin by the throat in the Rovers and accuses him of having an affair with Sally. Kevin's thrown out. Martin proceeds to get drunk. Katy has an abortion. She's emotionally distraught. Claire tells Ashley she got the job as a tram driver and starts tomorrow. Vera forces Maria to go to bingo with her and Tyrone. Despite herself, Maria enjoys it and wins £50. Ken gives Deirdre a locket containing a picture of Tracy and Amy. Deirdre's touched. Ken asks Deirdre if she'll try and quit smoking as a present to him. Sally pours her heart out to Ian. Kevin arrives. Sally swears she's not having an affair with Martin but Kevin doesn't believe her.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Tommy's pleased that Katy wants an abortion. Sally tries to tell Kevin about Tommy's ridiculous theory that she and Martin are having an affair but she's thwarted by Sophie and Rosie bickering. Blanche has got flu but she's still determined to attend Ken and Deirdre's wedding. Tommy drops Craig off at scout camp. Craig wants to know why Katy's upset but Tommy refuses to tell him. Claire insists she, Fred, Ashley and Joshua spend the morning riding the trams and testing her knowledge of the routes. Sarah's worried she'll never see Scooter again. Gail tries to placate her. Danny warns the girls they haven't much work and he might have to make redundancies if things don't pick up. Joanne asks Danny for a job explaining she spoke to Mike and he said there were jobs for both she and her twin sister Jessie. Katy starts to change her mind and thinks she might keep the baby. Lena compliments Ken on his physique and wishes she were marrying him instead of Deirdre. Martin and Tommy fight in the street. Kevin pulls Martin off. Tommy tells Kevin that Martin and Sally are having an affair behind his back. Kevin's astounded.moreless
  • Sun 27 Feb, 2005
    Sun 27 Feb, 2005
    Episode 41
    Angela and Tommy try to comfort distraught Katy. Scooter gives Sarah some perfume as a present. Sarah thinks he found it at the tip. Scooter's very offended and although Sarah apologises he leaves feeling hurt. Norris shows Claire his boyhood train set and they agree they both share a love of public transport. Roy tries to chair a meeting of the book club. Everyone sings happy birthday to Rita. Blanche discovers she's been reading a different book to everyone else. Claire's been for an eye test and shows off her new specs to Ashley and Fred. Scooter calls round and shows Sarah the receipt for the perfume proving he bought it. Sarah pleads forgiveness but Scooter storms off. Martin warns Sally that Tommy and Angela think they're having an affair. Sally's worried wondering what's made them think that. Feeling depressed and wrongly accused, Martin chucks the engagement ring he'd bought for Katy in the bin. Katy tells Angela and Tommy she wants an abortion.moreless
  • Fri 25 Feb, 2005
    Fri 25 Feb, 2005
    Episode 40
    Martin sets off into town to buy Katy an engagement ring but on the way Tommy who can no longer control his anger, jumps on him. He thumps Martin accusing him of having an affair. Tyrone has to haul him off. Shelley declares her friendship with Sunita over. Charlie's pleased. When Sunita arrives in the pub with Frankie, Shelley gives her the cold shoulder. Sunita's bemused wondering what she's done. Katy storms round to Tommy and Angela's demanding to know why Tommy thumped Martin. They gently explain to her that Martin's having an affair with Sally. Although disbelieving at first, when Angela recounts the conversation between Gail and Sally, Katy mistakenly thinks they must be right. Claire goes for her tram drivers' interview but fails the eye test beforehand. Leanne flirts with Danny and persuades him to give Jamie his job back. Furious Katy confronts Martin, accusing him of having an affair with Sally. Martin denies it and shows her the engagement ring he'd bought for her. Katy refuses to listen and packs her things and leaves. Martin's hurt and bewildered. Scooter, who's a County fan, is impressed that Sarah's friends with Warren, as he considers him to be a celebrity. Charlie suggests he and Shelley should have a week in the Caribbean. Katy arrives home at Tommy and Angela's in floods of tears.moreless
  • Wed 23 Feb, 2005
    Wed 23 Feb, 2005
    Episode 39
    Danny finds out about the van and sacks Jamie. Jamie's gutted. Claire's got an interview tomorrow with North West Trams. Ashley's worried about her safety as a tram driver. Martin gets Claire to surreptitiously find out what sort of engagement ring Katy would like. Shelley and Charlie are due to go for dinner at Dev and Sunita's. Charlie wants to pull out and is annoyed when Shelley insists they go. Claire and Ashley are amused to learn that Dev's a closet tram enthusiast. He lends Claire some of his tram books. Gail tells Sally she disapproves of her affair. Angela overhears and is horrified. The dinner party's a disaster. Charlie picks a fight with Dev and embarrasses everyone. Sunita and Shelley make up which further annoys Charlie. Martin finds Sally upset and invites her back to the flat. Katie arrives home early and is slightly bemused to find Sally there. Shelley's cross with Charlie for ruining everyone's evening. Charlie lies and uses the opportunity to drive a wedge between her and Sunita saying he overheard Sunita and Frankie bitching about Shelley in the kitchen. Shelley's gutted. Angela tells Tommy he's right, Sally and Martin are definitely having an affair.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Jamie enlists the help of Tyrone and Kirk to help him shift some furniture for a Mrs Greenway. Sally accuses Ian of being a serial adulterer and explains how Della paid her a visit. Ian assures her that he loves her and that they can continue their affair without their families ever finding out. They have sex in the office. Tommy's obsessed with Martin and Sally's supposed affair. Angela tries to calm him down suggesting it's probably all in his imagination. Tommy calls to see Martin with the intention of thumping him but Katy's there alone. Katy's oblivious and is touched that her dad's called to see her. While Tyrone and Kirk are shifting her furniture, Mrs Greenway's husband turns up. There's a row and he kicks in the lights on the front of the van. Jamie panics at the thought of what Danny's going to say. Sunita tries to pay Charlie back the £200 for the spa weekend but he refuses to take it accusing her of trying to buy his forgiveness. Ashley tells Claire he'll support her in her mission to become a tram driver. Sophie's unwell and accuses Sally of putting her job before her. Sally's pleased to think that her job, her family and her affair are all safely back on track.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Ian's back from his holiday. Sally's nervous. Katy's delighted when Martin says he's booked them a weekend in the Lakes. Sunita's shocked when Shelley calls in the shop and accuses her of fixing the scales. Sunita tries to explain how she thought she was doing Shelley a favour. Furious Shelley tells Sunita she'll never be able to trust her again and accuses her of trying to break her and Charlie up. Sunita's dumfounded. As Claire prepares for an interview Ashley tells her he's not happy about her going to work for another family. Claire ignores him. Kelly asks Sean to go camping with her. He refuses. Roy shows Kelly, Sean and Angela a photo of his tent when he leant it to Martin and Sally. Angela is worried to learn that they used to be a couple and wonders if Tommy is right. Sunita tries to apologise to Charlie but he's unforgiving. Sunita feels wretched. Sophie's sick. Sally has to collect her from school. Fred and Ashley are shocked when Claire says she's changed her mind about being a nanny as she wants to be a tram driver. Tommy gets Martin up against a wall and threatens him, telling him he knows all about his affair. Martin thinks Tommy's mad. Martin tells Sally about Tommy. Sally gives him a supportive hug. Unbeknown to them, Tommy's watching.moreless
  • Sun 20 Feb, 2005
    Sun 20 Feb, 2005
    Episode 36
    Violet and Jason make up. They're grateful to Charlie for making them see sense. Gail and David have a private laugh at all the junk Scooter keeps giving them. When he gives them a toaster from a house clearance Gail secretly bins it and buys one that looks the same so as not to offend him. Sally asks Martin to come and have a look at Sophie who's not well. Katy complains about the amount of overtime Martin's doing. Tommy jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks Sally must be having an affair with Martin. Tommy's furious. Danny's interested in buying out Dev's half of Street Cars. Shelley's envious when Violet tells her how she poured her heart out to Charlie over Jason and compliments him on being such a good listener. Martin tells Sally in confidence how he's planning to propose to Katy. Vengeful Tommy tells Angela how he's discovered Martin's having an affair with Sally behind Katy's back. Shelley arrives back from the health spa. Charlie cooks her a lovely meal. He gets out the scales and insists she's weighs herself. She's upset to find she's gained 5lbs. Charlie then tells her he adjusted the scales just like she did. Shelley's shocked and insists she's innocent but Charlie's unrelenting in calling her a liar.moreless
  • Fri 18 Feb, 2005
    Fri 18 Feb, 2005
    Episode 35
    Sunita and Shelley leave for their spa weekend. Sunita feels guilty knowing she rigged the scales but Dev assures her she did it for the right reasons. Claire helps out in the butchers. She doesn't like being surrounded by all that raw meat and wonders if she should become a vegetarian. Ken and Deirdre book their wedding at the registry office for March. Steve realises that because of his pending divorce he won't be able to buy out Dev's half of Street Cars. Scooter stays at the Platts. He gives Bethany an old dolls' house he found at the tip. Jason returns home to find Violet, Eileen and Sean holding a "spa evening" at home. Sean offers to wax Jason's chest. Jason leaves in a huff. Claire tells Ashley she's got an interview for a nannying job. Ashley admits he's worried she'll fall in love with the new family. Claire assures him that she will only ever love him. Violet accuses Jason of being a jealous homophobe and then storms out. Sarah and Scooter kiss at the Platts and then go upstairs. Gail arrives home and is embarrassed to hear them in the bedroom. Charlie walks Violet home and insinuates he doesn't think Sunita is as good a friend to Shelley as she pretends to be.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 2005
    Wed 16 Feb, 2005
    Episode 34
    Ken and Deirdre are planning to get married in Majorca until they their pensions aren't doing nearly as well as they'd thought. Tracy's upset they've changed their minds as she was looking forward to a free holiday. Sean amuses Eileen and Violet as he tells them about the "bit of rough" he pulled the other night. Jason says he's putting him off his breakfast. Claire's dropped off Joshua for his first day at nursery school, and announces she's going to the agency to see if they've any more nannying jobs for her. Fred and Ashley are unhappy at the idea of her working for another family. Shelley's on cloud nine thinking she's reached her target weight. Charlie takes her to the Clock Restaurant to celebrate. When Shelley briefly mentions Charlie's brother, he's quick to say he doesn't want to discuss him. Shelley's bemused. Fred suggests to Claire he give her a job in the family butchers. Dev tells Steve he's selling his share of Street Cars as he needs the cash while he re-builds his shops. Fred joins Norris's card school but is soon exposed as a cheat. Gail tells Sarah that Scooter is welcome to stay over in Sarah's room. Steve's gutted when he receives a letter from Karen's solicitor stating she's started divorce proceedings. Tracy's delighted.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Kevin's getting ready to take Sally out for a Valentine's meal when she announces she doesn't want to go anymore. Kevin's perplexed. Shelley's depressed as she's still 2lbs away from her target. She decides to starve herself all day in the hope she'll lose it before the weigh-in. Chesney explains to Les how Cilla gave him £5 to pretend the card was from him, but what Cilla doesn't realise is that it really was from him and he's telling the truth. Sally calls to see Gail and tells her she's changed her mind. She's not going to tell Kevin as it would destroy her family. She's going to keep her affair a secret. Shelley's nervous of being weighed in front of all the customers but Charlie forces her. Sunita feels sorry for her and secretly adjusts the scales. Kevin's bemused when Sally changes her mind saying she would like to go for a Valentine's meal after all. Shelley's ecstatic when the scales say she's reached her target weight. Charlie's delighted and gives £100 to Emily for her hospital charity and gives Shelley and Sunita a night at a health spa. Violet unwittingly tells Charlie that Sunita adjusted the scales. Charlie's furious. Ken goes down on one knee and proposes to Deirdre again. She accepts.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Shelley's dreading her weigh-in as she's still a couple of pounds away from target. Sally corners Gail on her way to work saying she needs to talk. Tommy's suspicious. Steve receives two valentine cards; one from Tracy and the other he thinks and hopes is from Karen. Sally tells Gail how Ian had an affair with his previous PA, Della. Gail advises her to stop seeing him and leave her job. Ken's still hurt at Deirdre turning down his proposal. Cilla pays Chesney to lie for her. Chesney tells Les that the card Cilla received was from him. Les believes him. Sally finds a card from Ian. She shreds it just as Justine arrives at the garage. Justine visibly tenses when she sees a note saying Della has called in. Sally's paranoid and thinks Justine suspects her of having an affair with Ian. Sean hands out Valentine's chocolates in exchange for kisses. Blanche's friend Lena is pleased Deirdre turned Ken down as she fancies Ken herself. Charlie lights some Valentine's fireworks at the yard for Shelley. Les finds Chesney using Cilla's toothbrush to brush Schmeichel's teeth. Steve's furious when Kelly admits it was she who sent him the card. Sally tells Gail that the only way out of her predicament is to confess everything to Kevin and she goes in search of him.moreless
  • Sun 13 Feb, 2005
    Sun 13 Feb, 2005
    Episode 31
    Sally goes into work on Sunday, but Della, Ian's ex-PA turns up and says he paid her to leave rather than being fired. He had had an affair with Dawn as well and she tries to warn Sally away. Charlie takes Shelley out for a big lunch before Valentine's Day, but Shelley feels guilty and doesn't eat much. Cilla's counting the money she made on buying Schmeichal back. . She gets angry and tells Chesney that Schmeichal must go and live in the Kennels permanently during term. However Fiz uncovers her scam and makes her tell Chesney the dog can stay and pay the money back. Scooter finishes the sandpit. Sophie has taken to speaking like a character from a Jane Austen novel. Ken, Norris, Emily, Rita and Blanche meet for the book group. Ken thinks the book is terrible. They discuss the sex of the lead, who reminds Blanche of Ken. Charlie tells Violet and Ciaran to support Shelley even if she doesn't make her target weight, which he doesn't think she will. Tommy tells Angela he thinks Sally's having an affair. Kevin turns up at the Davenport's garage, just as Della is leaving. Sally is clearly shaken up and turns on Kevin when they get home.moreless
  • Fri 11 Feb, 2005
    Fri 11 Feb, 2005
    Episode 30
    David tries to tease Sarah about her and Scooter. Gail tells David she is happy if Sarah is happier, but she secretly wishes she would spend more time at home. Les persuades Chesney to go to school, saying he'll ring him as soon as the dognappers call. Both Katy and Martin are worried how Tommy is going to react after being put in his place in the Rovers. Craig is upset when Tommy is fuming about what he is going to do to Martin at the Harris'. Cilla tricks Les and tells him that the dognappers phoned her mobile and she must go alone to drop off the ransom money collected together from Fiz, Kirk and Les. Ken explains to Blanche the financial benefits of marriage, re his will to Blanche. Deirdre overhears and says she doesn't want to get married for financial reasons and say no to Ken. Tommy tells Craig about his own relationship with his father and how he doesn't want him and Craig to not speak or understand each other for so many years. Cilla returns with Schmeichel much to Chesney's delight.moreless
  • Wed 9 Feb, 2005
    Wed 9 Feb, 2005
    Episode 29
    Fiz begins to suspect that Cilla has made the ransom note. Tracy is holding a birthday party for Amy, and has invited all the under-fives on the street. Blanche also invites Wanda, Norris, Rita and Emily. Ashley, Claire, Joshua, Katy, Martin, Sarah, Bethany all turn up. Scooter continues to work on the pond, but also watches a lot of television. Gail comes home and they agree to turn it into a sand pit to allay drowning fears. Kevin is prepared to have a go at Tommy in the garage, but Tommy is self-pitying so Kevin decides to lay-off. David and Craig joke about their dads, as Katy tells Craig he can stay with her if he wants. Tracy is annoyed at all her Gran's guests but brightens when Steve turns up at the party. Wanda tries to make Ken jealous by cosying up to Norris. Sally tries to play things down when Tommy confronts her about lying to Kevin. Blanche makes a show of Deirdre at the party, and Wanda spills her snowball on Ken's laptop. Everyone decides to leave the party as the argument rises. Left alone Deirdre tells Ken about Blanche when she was young and her own solo performance as a shepherd playing the harmonica. Ken asks her to marry him again and this time she says yes. Tommy and Martin have another slanging match in the Rovers. Martin tells Tommy if he wants to find a child-abuser then he should look at Craig and then in the mirror.moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Sally is still in turmoil after finding out that Rosie found the condom in her bag and tries to conceal it from both Tommy and later Kevin. Sally manages to persuade Kevin that she has disciplined Rosie enough for now and just to leave it alone. While Les, Kirk and Fiz go looking for Chesney, Cilla goes to try and get Schmeichel back from Yana for free. Les nearly catches her. Tommy blames himself for all the family problems. Angela tries to calm him down. The glued pages are about a robbery of a wages clerk, which Norris was trying to hide from Emily in case it reminded her of Ernest. Violet is concerned that Shelly is taking her diet too far. Charlie catches Shelly trying on her Valentine's dress, but it still doesn't' fit. Charlie says not to worry as he'll love her whatever her size. Tommy tries to apologise to Craig, but Craig is unforgiving. Cilla makes a fake ransom note for £200 for Schmeichel. Sally goes round to persuade Tommy not to mention where Rosie got the condom from to Kevin. It makes Tommy suspicious and he tells Angela that something is up.moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Martin tries to look after Craig on the street but Craig is resistant blaming him and Katy, but inside he won't forgive his dad. Katy tries to explain to Angela that at least they were being safe, but Angela shuts the door on her and Martin. Scooter has bought a pond for Bethany, Gail is worried that Bethany will fall in. Sarah decides to stay with Scooter, and asks Gail to look after Bethany. Chesney, Les and Kirk are still down about Schmeichel's disappearance. Kirk persuades Tyrone to let Chesney borrow Monica for an evening, but Chesney uses Monica to try to track down Schmeichal and runs off. Tempers are frayed at the Harris' as Craig tries to explain he hasn't had sex. Sally finds out about Tommy and Craig, and asks Rosie about it all. She says she'll not tell Kevin everything. Sally is mortified to find out, in front of Tommy, that Rosie found the condom in Sally's bag. Norris has glued together two pages of Hard Grinding for Emily' benefit.moreless
  • Sun 6 Feb, 2005
    Sun 6 Feb, 2005
    Episode 26
    Chesney has placed posters up looking for Schmeichel. He and Kirk are distraught, but Cilla is more interested when she learns she could get a grand for Schmeichal. She tries to buy him back, but the price is now £200. Martin drops round to see Sarah and David, but David is still icy. Sarah brings David round to Martin's to talk, and after some time Martin convinces David the new baby won't push him out, and they agree to go fishing next weekend. Tommy has bought two tickets to the ice hockey, but Craig seems disinterested. Sean makes matters worse as he has popped round to watch "Legally Blonde 2" with Angela. Angela lets slip that Katy failed her exams, and that Martin knew, incensing Tommy. Rosie and Craig can't have sex at the graveyard because of a funeral, and eventually Craig persuades Rosie not to do it. Sally finds out from Gemma that the Davenports are still going away on holiday. She has mixed emotions but still won't end the affair. When Craig goes home Tommy is furious about missing the ice hockey, and ruffs up Craig. When the condom Rosie gave Craig falls out of Craig's pocket, Tommy hits him and knocks him out.moreless
  • Fri 4 Feb, 2005
    Fri 4 Feb, 2005
    Episode 25
    Cilla is livid as she finds Schmeichel has chewed her favourite boots and in revenge sells the dog to her friend Yana Lumb for £100. It is Sarah's birthday, and David is hostile when Martin pops round with a card and cheque. Sarah asks Martin to take her to Billy's grave at lunch. Sally is still on edge as Justine comes into the Garage. Sally decides to let things cool with Ian for the time being. Ciaran borrows Charlie's gym card and goes with Shelley as her gym buddy. But when Charlie finds out he manages to persuade Shelly that it's a bad idea. At Billy's grave an emotional Sarah says she is pleased for Martin, but is sad because it reminds her of Billy. Martin says he will get Billy a proper gravestone for Sarah's birthday as well. David won't listen as Martin tries to tell him that he is still important in his life. Rosie and Craig accidentally agree to have sex before the world ends. Chesney is very worried when Schmeichel appears to have gone missing; he goes to look for him with Kirk. Scooter comes to the Rovers, when Audrey and Gail take Sarah for her first legal drink. Tommy and Martin have a very heated argument in the street over the baby, and Martin threatens to make Katy cut her family off.moreless
  • Wed 2 Feb, 2005
    Wed 2 Feb, 2005
    Episode 24
    Tommy and Angela are still very upset at Katy's situation. Martin is getting annoyed at Katy's blasé approach to the pregnancy and her parent's feelings. Dev is trying to drum up votes for the WTA, by offering Norris his milk for free. He has also pre-empted Sunita by telling all the shop girls to vote for him. Charlie appears lighter as he presents Shelly with a fried breakfast. Angela and Tommy tell Craig about Katy's baby. Justine appears at the Davenports' garage, putting Sally on edge. Craig lets slip to David about the pregnancy, clearly shocking him. Fred tells Dev that his slimy image is damaging his chances of presidency. The Platts are all shocked when Martin confirms the rumour, and David accuses Martin of abandoning his old family for his new one. Rosie and Craig start to sell items on the Internet to raise money for more tickets for "Stench of Death". Sunita is worried at the WTA voting meeting in the evening, and when Sunita delivers her honest speech, Dev stands up and withdraws from the competition and urges his voters to vote for her. Sunita loses to Diggory Compton, but the Alahans are happy at the result anyway. Gemma rings Rosie to say that her mum thinks her Dad is having an affair, and Sally hears this and is left in a quandary.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 2005 [Episode 2]
    An angry Tommy and Angela try to deal with Katy's news. Angela persuades them all to sit and discuss it. Shelley, shocked by how Charlie has spoken to Sunita plucks up enough courage to lambast him in the Rovers bar. Charlie leaves, very angry. Joshua has emptied all the perfumes into the Peacocks shoes whilst Fred was looking after him. Audrey comes over and tries to help Fred get rid of the evidence. Ashley and Claire return home and discover the shoe debacle. Katy tries to persuade her parents that the baby was planned, but Martin explains that he'll be with her and it'll all work out and she can still attend university. Katy storms off when Angela slaps her, and Tommy follows to try and talk her out of it. Charlie takes a shoplifter outside the Weatherfield arms, but tells her to get lost and sort herself out. Sunita, Dev, Fred, Ashley, Claire and Audrey go to the Weatherfield Trade Association meeting, where Dev and Sunita are vying for Presidency. When alone Martin tries to put Angela's mind at rest, unsuccessfully. Shelley goes to the Weatherfield Arms to get Charlie, but he tells her a story of his brother getting messed up in drugs for the reason why he is acting oddly.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Tommy and Angela enjoy exchanging anniversary presents. Sally asks Tommy to open the garage as Kevin is driving a car to Oxford for Ian. Tommy and Katy get into a fight as Katy is being evasive about going to see Cardiff University (since Tommy has been given the opportunity to drive for Ian). Sally and Gail have a long discussion about Sally's affair. Sally starts to defend it as good for her marriage, Gail says she is trying to make sure Sally isn't hurt, and nothing is resolved. Sally finds out via Gemma that Justine has been crying at home a lot recently, but Ian manages to persuade her that it'll still be okay. Katy tells Martin she is going to come clean about her exams to Tommy, this way she won't even have to go to university and can look after the baby. An unquorate meeting of Roy, Blanche, Norris, Rita and Ken meet to discuss Roy's "rebellious" suggestion that they have a second non-fiction book each week. Sunita is worried about her first meeting with the rep for the shop, so Shelley helps her out. Charlie returns to the Rovers but gets mad when he sees Sunita feeding Shelly food. Tommy gets into a heated argument with Katy, and then Martin about Katy's future. Angela tries to intervene to calm things down but her and Martin's efforts fall flat. Katy announces that she is pregnant stunning her parents.moreless
  • Sun 30 Jan, 2005
    Sun 30 Jan, 2005
    Episode 21
    Kirk and Jamie come up with a plan. Kirk's got a load of timber which they decide they'll saw up into logs and flog door to door using the company van. Delighted Tyrone and Maria announce their engagement. Vera wants Jack to talk him out of it. Candice and Leanne are amazed Maria's accepted. Rosie and Craig are head-banging to some Goth music. Kevin joins in. Norris sets up a reading club. Rita, Emily, Blanche, Ken, Roy and Liz join the newly formed Book Circle. Sally and Kevin discuss the fact they're happier now than they've ever been. The Book Circle has it's first meeting. Norris suggests they all read "Hard Grinding". Danny tells Jamie he's can't use the van for moonlighting. Jamie's fed up that every time he uses his business initiative, Danny slaps him down. Sally confides in Gail about her affair with Ian. Gail's disapproving saying it's unfair on Kevin. Sally's adamant no-one will get hurt and that because of money she's bringing in, she and Kevin are happier than they've ever been.moreless
  • Fri 28 Jan, 2005
    Fri 28 Jan, 2005
    Episode 20
    Maria's spent the night with Stuart and feels guilty about Tyrone. Gail calls in the garage to see Sally. Sally and Ian flirt with each other and Gail becomes suspicious that they're having an affair. Dev and Sunita both put in the their nominations for President of the Traders Association. Maria's trying to get hold of Stuart but he's not answering his mobile. Sunita hopes Dev wins the election. Dev pretends that he wants Sunita to win but Sunita can see he's bluffing. Maria goes round to Stuart's flat and is shocked to find he has a girlfriend Cindy. Stuart cruelly tells her she was just a one night stand. Maria's gutted. Tommy and Angela wind Craig and Rosie up by pretending that they're going to go with them to their Goths concert. Maria arrives back upset. Tyrone calls round and Maria tells him the truth, that she's been two-timing him with Stuart and that he was just using her. Tyrone forgives her and proposes to her. Maria finds herself agreeing to marry him.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jan, 2005
    Wed 26 Jan, 2005
    Episode 19
    Danny insists they invite Leanne and Candice round and all have dinner together. Gail gets Sarah to invite Scooter round for tea so she and Audrey can meet him. Fred suggests to Dev he should put himself forward as President of the Traders' Association. Dev agrees thinking Sunita will be relieved. Tyrone tries to pluck up the courage to ask Maria the truth about where she was last night but bottles out at the last minute. Scooter arrives at the Platts. David enjoys watching him snog Sarah on the doorstep. Leanne and Frankie start arguing over dinner. They end up having a pizza fight. Danny makes them apologise and shake hands with each other. When Dev tells her he's standing as President so she can withdraw her nomination, Sunita's cross and tells him she'll be standing too as his rival. Gail and Audrey quiz Scooter about his job on the skips. They both decide they like him. Maria goes round to Stuart's flat again. He tells Maria how special she is and she basks in the flattery. He asks her to stay the night.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jan, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Jamie's dented the works van and is dreading telling Danny. Warren lets slip to Leanne that Stuart's taken Maria out. Sunita attends the Weatherfield Traders' Association meeting instead of Dev. When the President resigns, Sunita's shocked to find herself nominated. Leanne tells Jack and Vera that Maria's two-timing Tyrone. Charlie and Shelley make up again. Charlie assures her he's not the sort of man who would hurt a woman. Jack calls to see Warren to ask him if it's true about Maria. Fred, Audrey and Rita discuss the President's resignation and Fred shows them the presidential medal which he's looking after. Danny blames Jamie for crashing the van and makes him pay for the damage. Stuart takes Maria back to his flat. He wants to take her to bed. Although tempted, Maria refuses as she doesn't want to hurt Tyrone. Shelley's mortified when Charlie says he'll give £5 to charity for every pound she loses on her diet and puts a poster up behind the bar. Tyrone tells Jack how he wants to have kids with Maria. Jack gently breaks the news to him that Maria's seeing someone else behind his back. Tyrone's devastated.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jan, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Charlie lies to Shelley saying he slept at the yard last night. Charlie apologises to Dev for the insurance scam hoping to get back the Swinton and Ashton jobs. He's gutted when Dev says he's sorted another builder out. When Violet notices Shelley's ears, Shelley covers saying she's allergic to the earrings Charlie bought her. Katy tells Martin she's no intention of going to university as she's going to be a mum instead. Martin's worried. Tyrone tells Vera that he and Maria won't be coming to Blackpool. Stuart calls in the Salon. Maria's flattered when he asks her out for a drink and leaves his phone number. Jamie gets Danny to agree to the factory girls having a suggestion box. Vera has a go at Maria and calls her a trollop. Vera suspects Maria's leading Tyrone up the garden path. Jack tells her to keep out of it. Maria lies to Tyrone and arranges to meet Stuart behind his back. Jamie suggests Danny should make him assistant manager at Underworld. He's upset when Danny refuses, telling him he's useless. Again Charlie manages to turn the tables, blaming Shelley for their row the night before. Shelley's very unhappy. Sunita and Dev re-open the corner shop. Maria meets Stuart for a drink. He kisses her passionately.moreless
  • Sun 23 Jan, 2005
    Sun 23 Jan, 2005
    Episode 16
    Les opens the door and is stunned when Grant Peters, a stranger, tells him to stay away from his girlfriend and punches him. Charlie tells Shelley he's taking her for a night out at a posh restaurant. Kirk asks Les if he'll walk Lou Lou for him as he doesn't want to upset Fiz. Dev confronts Charlie about the insurance scam and tells him he's off the job from now on. Charlie gutted. Eileen enjoys winding Cilla up saying how Les has always been a bit of ladies' man. Maria meets Tyrone and Vera for lunch. When Candice and Warren arrive with Stuart, it's obvious Maria fancies him. Les lets himself into Thelma's house. Lou Lou takes a dislike to him and Les ends up cowering in a bedroom with the dog growling at him. Vera asks Maria if she'll join her, Jack and Tyrone on holiday in Blackpool. Maria agrees under sufferance. Les is shocked when Thelma's boyfriend turns out to be Grant. Grant punches him again. Les explains it's a case of mistaken identity but to no avail. Maria tells Tyrone she's changed her mind about the holiday. Tyrone's gutted. Katy breaks down and pleads with Martin to give her and the baby a chance. Martin forgives her and agrees to support her. Menacing Charlie accuses Shelley of blabbing to Sunita about the invoices. She assures him she didn't. Furious he rips her earrings out of her ears making them bleed and storms out.moreless
  • Fri 21 Jan, 2005
    Fri 21 Jan, 2005
    Episode 15
    Katy desperately wants to make up with Martin but he's still seething. Kirk professes his innocence to Fiz. He's embarrassed when Sean and the factory girls start belly dancing in front of him. Ian gives Sally a big bonus cheque for helping to sell a couple of cars. Dev finds one of Charlie's invoices and is puzzled at the amount. Candice is going out with Warren and his footballer mates. Trying to appear laid back Tyrone suggests Maria should go too. Dev hands Charlie his invoice back. Shelley looks uncomfortable and Dev clocks her reaction. Charlie tries to cover up. Ian and Sally are kissing in the office when they hear Kevin calling them. They jump apart. Kevin's none the wiser and is just returning a customer's car. Ian lends them a sports car for the weekend. Sally shows Kevin the bonus cheque. They drive away very happy together. Violet sees Martin looking unhappy and tries to talk to him about the baby. Maria's very taken with a footballer friend of Warren's called Stuart. Kirk gives Fiz a watch to say sorry. Fiz is delighted but then Kirk ruins everything by saying house wives are bound to fancy him sometimes. Fiz storms off. Dev tells Sunita he's sure Charlie's ripping off the insurance company and he's not going to use him to on the other shops. Sunita's concerned. Martin has a go at Katy for talking to Violet. Katy snaps and asserts she's having the baby whether Martin likes it or not.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jan, 2005
    Wed 19 Jan, 2005
    Episode 14
    Kevin tells Sally how grateful he feels towards Ian, for all the work he's given them and how it's changed their lives. Sally feels guilty. Fiz is suspicious of Kirk's relationship with Thelma. Sean and Fiz decide to find out where Thelma lives and spy on Kirk. Katy's relieved when Martin finally accepts they're going to have a baby. Fiz and Sean spy on Kirk. Fiz is furious to see Kirk's got a key to Thelma's house. Ian and Sally lock themselves in the office. Whilst they're kissing, Sally's mobile rings and it's Kevin. Sarah admits to Gail and Audrey she's got a date with a lad called Scooter she met on a bus. Gail's pleased for her. Sean peers through Thelma's window and is shocked to see Thelma belly-dancing for Kirk wearing a Moroccan Bedlah. Sally asks Kevin not to phone her again at work unless it's urgent. Fiz smacks Kirk across the face. Kirk's bemused explaining he only went in to return the dog after its walk. Katy lets slip that she stopped taking the pill and got pregnant on purpose. Martin's furious and suggests they should end their relationship.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Martin's shocked, saying he needs time to think he leaves Katy by herself upset. Sally, Kevin and Sophie excitedly choose a holiday in Crete. Rosie pretends she's not interested. Kirk tells Les and Cilla about the £20 he got from Thelma and how she's asked him if he'll call at her house in future. Fiz isn't impressed. Eileen and Lloyd enjoy a drink together, they chat about their favourite music. Shelley quizzes Charlie about ripping off the insurance company. Charlie's furious, telling her she's paranoid he storms out. Again Shelley blames herself. Katy finds Martin in the pub. Tommy and Angela can see she's upset but don't know why. Martin apologises for storming out and takes her home. Charlie returns home in a good mood. Shelley's nervous and apologises for earlier. Charlie accepts her apology and Shelley forces a smile. Martin points out to Katy how having a baby will ruin her career, they only have one income and his job isn't secure at the moment. To Katy's horror Martin suggests she should have an abortion. Katy walks out very upset.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Sally's in turmoil. As she listens to Sophie testing Rosie on her maths and Kevin joking with them, Sally's guilt-ridden. Cilla's furious when Schmeichel eats her make-up bag. Sally suggests they book a family holiday after work. Kevin's pleased. Katy whinges to Angela about how Martin treats her like a child. She's about to tell Angela she's pregnant but stops as Tommy arrives. Shelley's concerned when she realises Charlie's ripping off the insurance company over the work he's doing for Dev. Chesney's very upset when at Cilla's insistence, he's forced to take Schmeichel back to the kennels. Kirk promises to look after him. Justine calls in the garage upset because Gemma's been caught smoking at school. Thelma Clegg gets Kirk to shampoo her poodle. She's so impressed she gives him £20 and asks him to call round the house regularly. Dev's pleased when Charlie assures him the corner shop will be finished on time. Ian makes Sally promise to stay late the following evening. Martin's worried about his job. He's been given a warning for late reports. Katy tells him there's more to life than work and blurts out that she's pregnant. Martin's stunned.moreless
  • Sun 16 Jan, 2005
    Sun 16 Jan, 2005
    Episode 11
    Katy's over the moon when she discovers she's pregnant. Kevin can see Sally's stressed over something but she covers saying she's fine. Katy tells Violet she's pregnant. Sally arrives for work intending collect her P45 and leave but Ian persuades her to stay one more day. Martin, David, Katy and Craig go bowling. Martin feels very old in their company. Steve takes Amy to the park and quite enjoys playing dad. Roy's back in the café. Cilla and Les take the mickey but to Hayley and Fiz's delight, Roy stands his ground and throws them out. Katy's frustrated, she wants to tell Martin her news but can't get him on his own. Sunita tempts Shelley with some chips. Charlie catches her eating them. He pretends not to care but Shelley's embarrassed by her lack of self-control. Sally admits to Ian that she doesn't love Kevin and only married him again for the sake of the kids. Sally's about to leave but changes her mind. She closes the office door and taking Ian's face in her hands kisses him passionately.moreless
  • Fri 14 Jan, 2005
    Fri 14 Jan, 2005
    Episode 10
    Roy refuses to open the café, he feels embarrassed and humiliated. Tracy suggests to Steve they should go out for the evening. Tired of repeating himself, Steve tells her he's not interested. Hayley confides in Fiz how worried she is about Roy. Steve forms a plan and to Tracy's delight changes his mind and promises they will go out for the evening. Tracy's walking on air. Ian insists Sally stay late at work so they can discuss their relationship. Steve takes Tracy to the Clock Restaurant. Tracy's in heaven thinking she's finally captured the love of her life and the father of her child. Ian tries to persuade Sally to leave Kevin for him. Sally refuses. Tracy's gutted when Steve spells out to her that he feels nothing for her and never will. He gives her a red rose as token of his indifference. Fiz tells Roy what a strong person he is and that he mustn't let a bully like Vince win. Roy takes this on board and promises to reopen the café. Hayley's grateful. Mike and Ken row over Adam's future. Adam declares he's going back to school to get away from them as they're all bonkers. Ian suggests to Sally they could have an affair, their families needn't know and that way Sally could keep her job.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jan, 2005
    Wed 12 Jan, 2005
    Episode 9
    Sally and Kevin decide they're going to book a holiday abroad. Sophie's excited Rosie, in Goth mode, thinks there's no point as the world's going to end on 17th March. Hayley gives Roy a stiff talking to and insists he must work in the café as usual. Justine admits to Sally that her marriage isn't what it was. Sally feels uncomfortable. Charlie's surprised when Shelley says she's going to the gym by herself. Adam returns from Scotland saying he wants to leave school. Mike and Ken are furious. Blanche feels sorry for him. Ashley tells Fred about the earring. Fred explains it's Audrey's and assures Ashley he hasn't got a girlfriend. Ashley's relieved. Sarah checks with Adam that he hasn't come back because of her. Adam assures her he just sees her as a mate. Roy flips and throws everyone out of the café, convinced they're all laughing at him behind his back for being bullied. Fred overhears Ashley and Claire discussing all his failed relationships. Fred feels very lonely. Ian tells Sally he's in love with her. Sally insists there can never be anything between them. She's shocked when Ian says she must give up her job as he can no longer work with her.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jan, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Ashley and Claire arrive back from their honeymoon. The police have a word with Vince and make him apologise to Roy. It's obvious they find it funny and Roy feels humiliated. Ashley tells Fred he's welcome to carry on living with them but Fred's uncomfortable. Charlie wants to take Shelley to bed but she's too tired from the gym. Charlie sulks and makes Shelley feel guilty. Danny and Mike buy Adam a pair of football boots to take back to school. Ken buys him a dictionary and thesaurus. Chesney sees the police car outside the café and thinks Roy must have been serving up rat sandwiches. Claire finds an earring on the sofa. She and Ashley worry Fred's got involved with another woman. Vince intimidates Roy and forces him to cook him a fry up even though the café is closed. Deirdre clocks Charlie saying something to Shelley and Shelley looking upset. Adam leaves to go back to school. Vince gets Roy up against a wall then pushes him over. Roy's in tears. Charlie arrives and rescues Roy. He fires Vince. Hayley arrives to find Roy distraught and tearful.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jan, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Tommy confiscates Craig and Rosie's tickets for a "Stench of Death" concert. Kevin thinks Tommy's being too hard and they should let them go to the concert. Hayley finds Roy hiding in the flat. She tells him he's got to stand up to Vince and show him who's boss. Ken, Deirdre, Tracy, Blanche, Wanda and Adam go for a pizza. Adam thinks Wanda is hysterical. Hayley accuses Vince of being a bully and makes things worse by mentioning how Roy wanted to be a librarian. Wanda asks if she can move back into the Barlows. Ken and Deirdre refuse her. Shelley's finding the dieting a struggle. Charlie buys them both membership for a local gym. Katy sits her exam but worries that she's failed it. Roy apologises to Kevin for the way he treated Rosie and promises her some free food in the café to say sorry. Angela reminds Tommy he was a punk when she met him. Tommy relents and gives Craig and Rosie their tickets back. Vince takes the mickey out of Roy for wanting to be a librarian and insists on eating his own sandwiches again. Roy can't cope, he has a panic attack and phones the police to report him.moreless
  • Sun 9 Jan, 2005
    Sun 9 Jan, 2005
    Episode 6
    Roy is in a buoyant mood to start the day, but is upset when Vince extorts 47p from him saying it was missing from his phone's credit when Roy brought it back to him. Frankie has a go at Vince when he starts eating his own sandwiches in the café. Roy later has a go at Rosie when she eats her own chocolate bar, scaring her and her sister. Tommy drives Craig to the piercing parlour but Craig agrees to take his stud out to stop a fight. Jamie is surprised to find out Adam has being watching Warren practise. Candice and all the Baldwins go to see Warren play for County driven in Underworld's van. He wins man of the match award and scores in a 2-0 win. Fred and Audrey again feel old age is coming on them. They agree to spend more time together even when Ashley comes back. Roy breaks down to Hayley saying that Vince reminds him a being bullied at school.moreless
  • Fri 7 Jan, 2005
    Fri 7 Jan, 2005
    Episode 5
    Rosie tries to go to school wearing a temporary tattoo, angering Kevin, but not Sally, as she is distracted. Craig is sporting black nail varnish which sets Tommy off. Tommy tries to talk to Sally about it in the street but Sally brushes it off. Ken asks Mike to talk to Adam about university. Craig and Rosie meet up after school to get their tongues pierced. Rosie can't go through with it as she faints so Craig is left to face his family alone. Roy apologises to Hayley, but is shaken when he has to tell Vince not to smoke in the café. Roy finds Vince's phone in the café but doesn't return it straight away. Hayley insists he returns it and Roy's surprised when Vince is pleasant to him. Things are still awkward between Ian and Sally at the Garage. He asks her to stay behind and help with the books. He lets things settle between them and lets her go home early though. Mike, Danny and Adam have a long chat in Underworld about university, jobs and benefits (i. e. women). Candice, Warren, Adam and Sarah all go out for the evening. Tommy and Angela discover Craig's tongue piercing. Sally lets on to Gail about another man fancying her.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 2005
    Wed 5 Jan, 2005
    Episode 4
    Ken wants to talk to Adam about university but Sarah interrupts in Roy's Rolls. Adam still tells Ken that he doesn't want to go to university. Audrey and Fred continue to get comments and looks at the Salon, from Candice and Maria and at the Rovers from Ciaran and Betty. They agree that any rumours shouldn't be fuelled. Violet turns up at number 11 to move in, but Eileen says no since Jason didn't ask her. Violet later forgives Jason for going about things the wrong way. Things are awkward at work for Sally, but she agrees to still go out with Kevin and the Davenports that evening. Roy starts acting increasingly strangely because of Vince. He even hides all the condiments, annoying Hayley. In the Rovers Fred and Audrey decide to ignore the gossip and Audrey decides to stay the rest of the week. Ian keeps laying on the compliments that evening with the Websters. He once again tells Sally how he feels only making things worse. Jason finds out it was Sean who persuaded Violet to move in, and Eileen tells them that Violet can indeed move in.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 2005 [Episode 2]
    Ian continues to tell Sally how he doesn't love Justine and is in love with Sally. Sally leaves, but doesn't manage to tell Kevin. When she gets home and sees Rosie in full Goth get-up she freaks out and runs off sobbing. She can't now bring herself to talk to Kevin about Ian and Rosie won't forgive her. Jason waiting for a response from Violet tells her he loves her. However she reacts badly to a comment about Todd and slaps him and walks off. Candice and Maria continue to rib Audrey about staying with Fred. Sarah and Adam go on their skating date. Audrey sets things straight with Fred before they sit down for dinner. Vince winds Roy up when he drops off some sandwiches at the yard, and dupes Roy out of a pound by standing on it when Roy drops the change. Sean persuades Violet to take Jason up on his offer. Vince comes to the café for the pound and worries Roy. Kevin and Sally go out for dinner on Ian, but Sally is becoming increasingly upset. Fred seems lonely. Audrey is getting worried and agrees to sleep in Ashley's bed so she can stay with him for the evening. Violet agrees to move in with Jason as he brings her a key stuck on a violet cream sweetmoreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 2005 [Episode 1]
    Tracy comes and asks a tried and depressed Steve for a job. He claims they already have somebody. Mike brings his son Adam to the factory and asks Danny to find a bit of work for him. Danny puts him in charge of getting the girls cakes and tea. While in Roy's Rolls Adam chats with Sarah, Candice and Warren. He invites Sarah to go skating with him that evening. She accepts. Lloyd, Patrick's brother turns up asking for Patrick's job, and Eileen gives him the job. Vince annoys Roy by ripping a voucher out of one of the café newspapers. Audrey is tired since her neighbour working on the house during the night. She accepts Fred's offer to stay with him for a few days while Ashley and Claire are away. Rosie and Craig have died their hair jet black in the Websters bathroom. Rosie claims they won't be able to wait for it to wash out as the world is ending on March 17th. Ian opens a bottle of wine and invites Sally to stay for a drink. She agrees but delays her dinner with Kevin as a result. As Jason walks Violet to the bus stop, he asks her to move in with him. She is gobsmacked. During their drink Ian comes on pretty strong with Sally and he tells her he is falling in love with her.moreless
  • Sun 2 Jan, 2005
    Sun 2 Jan, 2005
    Episode 1
    Danny and Frankie are excited when Warren's picked for the Weatherfield County first team. Warren's hungover but Jamie manages to cure him. Violet brings the offending dress back but Shelley insists she keeps it. Tracy pops into the taxi office and insists on giving Steve a packed lunch which she's made. Steve tells her to leave him alone and gives the lunch to Eileen. Craig and Rosie listen to hardcore goth-rock music in Craig's bedroom then they go shopping to a clothes shop called "The Abyss". Tommy and Angela take the mickey. The Baldwin family (including Mike and Adam) plus Candice get ready to go to the football match to support Warren. Charlie gives Shelley another dress but this time it's the right size. Warren's disappointed to find himself on the subs bench. Craig and Rosie arrive back in matching long black coats. Warren gets called on at the very last minute. The whistle blows and Warren kicks the ball in frustration. The referee books him with a yellow card. Shelley tells Charlie she's changed the dress for a smaller one, she's now on a diet and intends to wear it for Valentine's Day. Charlie's secretly pleased as this is what he intended to happen.moreless