Coronation Street - Season 48

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  • Episode 6719
    Episode 6719
    David continues to wind Sarah up, claiming he's put drugs in her suitcase. Angry Sarah frantically searches her case. Jerry insists on a delayed Christmas dinner now his family are all back home. Vernon is nervous of Jim as Jim wishes him luck for the wedding. Rosie is concerned that Kevin and Sally don't want to talk to her. Eileen, Gail, Audrey and Bill say an emotional goodbye to Sarah, Jason and Bethany as they leave in a taxi for their new life in Italy. As the taxi passes David, Sarah blows him a triumphant kiss.moreless
  • Episode 6718
    Episode 6718
    Sarah continues to wind David up. David promises her the war isn't over. Sally and Kevin leave for the hearing, Kevin is nervous. He calls Rosie a lying scrubber. Rosie's livid. Steve takes Michelle out for an Italian to try to cheer her up. Bill and Becky try to cheer a rather deflated, Jason up. Kirk feels weak-kneed when he talks to Becky Roy's rolls he thanks her for saving his life. Maria helps Fiz clear any traces of John from the flat. Vernon feels pressured by Jim's presence in the Rovers, he tells Jim to back down. Sarah and Jason's leaving party takes place. Sarah's in her element but Jason's apprehensive about moving abroad.moreless
  • Episode 6713
    Episode 6713
    John's wrapping Rosie's Christmas present - some sexy underwear when Fiz arrives home. He quickly hides it. Gail's worried about leaving David on his own in case he attempts suicide again. David assures her he doesn't need a childminder. Liz's hen night takes place in the Rovers. Commando Sam the stripper performs for her and Eileen enjoys covering him in baby oil. Rosie and John arrive at their hotel in the Peak District. Rosie feels guilty about the lies they've told Kevin, Sally and Fiz.moreless
  • Episode 6712
    Episode 6712
    Janice, Kelly, Fiz and Vikki survey the paltry array of drink and food that Carla's provided for their Christmas party. They're not impressed.Sarah plants the ecstasy pills in David's drawer in the salon.Michelle's worried Nick will tell Ryan that she's not his mother. Tony turns up for the Underworld party and surprises the girls with a fabulous Christmas spread. Carla is forced to go along with it.Audrey finds the drugs in David's drawer. She and Sarah confront David but he denies all knowledge of them. Audrey's disbelieving.moreless
  • Episode 6710
    Episode 6710
    Michelle's upset and confused but determined to find out what's going on. She sees Nick's wife and son leave the house and knocks again. Nick invites she and Liam in.Darryl calls in the Salon saying David owes him ??20. Audrey pays off David's debt for him whilst Sarah gets an idea.Sarah pretends to be nice to David suggesting she buys cakes for everyone. Gail's pleased thinking Sarah's making an effort for once.Mel and Abi go on a pub crawl to celebrate Mel's good news.moreless
  • Episode 6708
    Episode 6708
    Jamie and Violet move into the flat above the Kabin. Sarah's still bitter about David's new job in Milan. Audrey tries to placate her telling her at least he'll be out of her hair but Sarah continues to seethe. Gail confides in Audrey she feels Stephen has succeeded with David where she's failed. She wonders if letting him go to Milan is the right thing to do. Ryan's due at a gaming tournament but Michelle's not happy about letting him go.moreless
  • Episode 6707
    Episode 6707
    Kelly, Janice and Fiz want to have a works Christmas party but Carla puts the kibosh on that idea. Carla tells Liam to spend the day with Ryan as it's obvious he's worried about him.Ryan's going stir crazy in the Rovers.
  • Episode 6703
    Episode 6703
    Sarah's desperate to make up with Jason but he continues to be cold towards her. Jim calls in the cab office to see Steve. Steve's appalled when Jim admits he's had his shoes and clothes stolen at the bail hostel.
  • Episode 6702
    Episode 6702
    Ryan clocks his 'stalker' in the same car again. He's scared and decides to skive off school to avoid being followed. Michelle's worried when she gets a call from school to say Ryan's been bunking off.
  • Episode 6701
    Episode 6701
    David nicks Jason's phone and sends some flirtatious text to Becky from it. Carla's hungover after a night out with Tony. It's obvious she was secretly drowning her sorrows at hearing about Liam's and Maria's engagement.
  • New Year's Eve 2007 (Episode 2)
    In the last Episode for 2007, Steve manages to stop Deirdre from sending the guest and tells them the wedding is on but the guests are shocked when a bloody and battered Vernon hobbles his way down the aisle supported by Liz who's still in shock from his fight with Jim eariler and they end becoming man and wife but how will Vernon feel if he finds out Liz was about to call the ceremony off? Carla returns from Paris and annoys the living daylights out of Liam and Maria who end going to the back of The Rovers to see the new year fireworks and as the clock strikes midnight and 2008 arrives, Liam and Maria decide to take a holiday of their own but will 2008 carry on in the same form as the outgoing year. Fiz gets totally drunk and ends up snogging the face off Dev!moreless
  • New Year's Eve 2007 (Episode 1)
    It's the day of Liz's wedding to Vernon and also New Year's eve. Liz finally breaks down and confides in Deirdre that she's beginning to have doubts but when Vernon overhears Jim telling Liz that he doesn't derserve her, Vernon lunges himshelf at Jim who proves he hasn't changed one bit by punching Vernon and when Liz decides she does want to marry Vernon, Will Deirdre have already told the guests the wedding's off and will Liz really go through with it? Kevin discovers his sentecing hearing is next week and he and Sally tell Rosie not to come to the wedding as Fiz will be there.Is Rosie beginning to realize the concequences of her actions? Sarah's betryal still weighing on both David and Gail's minds will David forgive her for not believeing him over the drugs or will he finsh 2007 as he started it by going back to his devious ways?moreless
  • Sun 30 Dec, 2007
    Episode 259
    Sarah,Jason and Bethany head off to the train station to get the plane to Milian after saying goddbye to their famlies with the exception of David, At the station however Sarah confesses to Jason that she did plant the drugs at the salon, framed David and that she's proud of it, Jason is horrfied to realize that Sarah's as devious as they come and leaves her to go to Milian alone and head back to Weatherfield to tell Gail and David about her confession but how will Gail react to her daughter's betryal and how David feel now that he's gained ultimate victory in his war with Sarah? Rosie's family continue to refuse to talk to her and when she tries to apologise to Fiz she tears into her for runing her life.but will Rosie family ever forgive Rosie for her affair with John? Meanwhile on the day before her wedding to Vernon Liz is thrown into emtional turmoil by Jim but will put a stop to the wedding?moreless
  • Fri 28 Dec 2007
    Episode 258
    David continues to get increasingly annoyed by Sarah's move to Milian (That she hijacked) and warns her he hasn't finshed with her yet and later at her and Jason's leaving party in the rovers he tells Jason that he feels sorry for him if he can't see Sarah for who she really is-Is Jason about to discover the turth about what Sarah did to David over the drugs? As Kevin gets ready for Court he makes his feelings cleat to Rosie what he thinks of her affair with John and after pleading guilty in court he confides in Bill and Tyrone that he's worried about going to jail.Will's Rosie's affair result in Kevin doing time in Jail.Michelle's resolve over the DNA tests finally cracks and she breaks down whlist at the Itlaian with Steve but will she tell Ryan turth about his father?moreless
  • 12/26/07
    Following the aftermath of yesterday's events Rosie is unremoseful for her actions and Sally's attempts to give Rosie a piece of her mind backfires when Rosie reveals she's known for ages that she made a pass at John on Bonfire night and threatens to tell Kevin, who is released on bail and furious to catch Rosie talking to John who's moving his stuff out Fiz and Maria's flat and The websters and Fiz wtach as John drives out of the street.Sarah picks exactly the right to tell the family she and Jason are moving to Milian and David is furious to realize that Sarah did plant the drugs on him so that she could get revenge on him and tears into her but Sarah tells that as far as she's concerned she's won-But has and will David come up with one last devious trick to get back at his sister? As Vernon gets at the amount of time Jim is spending with Liz, Steve lets it slip to his that Liz had an affair behind Vernon's back.Will Jim take this as the green light to win back Liz?moreless
  • 12/25/07
    As Christmas Day dawns, John lies to Fiz he has to go and buy some nutmeg but he meets with Rosie instead but he's horrified when he gives Rosie a present meant for Fiz (Some rather large pajamas) as Fiz unwraps some sexy lingerie and jumps to the wrong conclusion that Sally is the person John is having an affair with and confronts her at The Webster's but when Rosie walks in with the Pajamas it soon dawns on everyone who the Lingerie was meant for and who John has been having the affair with, Leading Kevin to punch John to the ground and get arrested by the police, Fiz to seek comfort with Chesney and Kirk and Rosie to cop a slap round the face from Sally as Christmas lies in ruins.Jason finally agrees to go to Italy with Sarah and take Stephen job in Milan but how will David react when he realizes Sarah's hijacked his ticket out of weatherfield? Roy spends Christmas day with Becky, Chesney and Kirk and even through they make a bad job of cooking christmas dinner, they turn the cafe into a winter wonderland and later, Roy receives a phone call from Hayley and the episode ends to tune of have yourshelf a merry little christmas.moreless
  • Christmas 2007 (Episode 2)
    As she stuggles with Nerves Michelle tells Nick she won't do the DNA tests prove that Ryan isn't her son but when he purserdaes her that she wouldn't be betraying Ryan she changes her mind but later tells Steve she still has reverations Will Mchelle go through with the DNA tests? Following Rosie's ultimatum and revelation that she refuses to be treated like a secret any longer John starts to tell Fiz their relationship is over but it doesn't wuite go according to plan when Rosie catches them coming out of the Rovers she's fuming-Will she spill the beans on the biggest family event of the year? As David refuses to attend the Family christmas party following the drugs scandal, Sarah manipulates Stephen into offering her and Jason the new life in Millan which she readily accepts but will how Jason react when he finds they are moving away from the street?moreless
  • Christmas 2007 (Episode 1)
    Michelle and Steve try to get into the christmas sprit for Ryan's but with the question over Ryan parentage hanging over them Michelle finally admits that Nick could be right over the DNA tests and goes to see him but what will he have to say? Rosie dreams of romance with John are brought to an sudden halt as he continues to feel gulity about spending the night with Rosie but as Fiz prepares for excitiedly prepares for her first christmas with John, Rosie becomes fed up with him having things both ways and gives him an ultimatum-he either finshes things with Fiz and starts a proper relationship with her or she tells Fiz about the affair. Liam confronts Carla over why she Maria and the rest of the pub about their kiss the previous night but is Liam jealous becuase he's still got feelings for her?moreless
  • Sun 23 Dec, 2007
    Episode 253
    Liz holds her hen night in the rovers and most of the women attend and as they dicuss who is the best kisser out of their men, Carla drops the bombshell on Maria that she and Liam have kissed. Shocked Maria confronts Liam who defends himshelf by lying to her that it was Carla who made the first move and that he was mortified but when will she find out that it was the other way round? David continues to furiously deny that he involved with drugs to no avil.Meanwhile Sarah pretends to be gutted that she and Jason have to move out becuase of David.Will she manipulate Stephen into offering her the trip to Milian instead? Michelle finally breaks down over the situation with Ryan's dad and realizes she needs put an end to the sorry tale once and for all.moreless
  • Wed 19th Dec 2007
    Episode 251
    When Sarah a man with Esctasy at the resturant she decide to turn this to her advantage and decides to put a revenge/ Sabotage plan into action and when she arrives back home and David returns from the Mortons she plants the seed of doubts in Gail's mind that he's using drugs but she refuses to believe her.What will happen next with Sarah's revenge plan and will it work? Michelle's fuming when Nick arrives at The Rovers.She thinks the story about Ryan and Alex being swapped at birth is crazy until he tells that the only way to know for sure is to take a DNA test but she's adament she's won't be taking it but will change her mind? When Jim arrives to babysit Amy, he ends up reading Vernon's wedding vows to Liz and when Vernon finds out his mind starts to wonder- Do Jim and Liz have a history and if they do will it stay in the past?moreless
  • Monday 17th Dec 2007 (Episode 2)
    Michelle is shocked when sees Alex and head home to get her head together before returning to the house with Liam to confront Nick but when he drops the bombshell to Michelle that Ryan may not be her's and that Ryan and Alex were swapped at birth, Michelle's devastated and heads home to be comforted by Steve but how long will it be before she tells Ryan the turth about his father. Sarah's plot to get back at David begins when she decides to act more pleasently around the rest of the family and Stephen but as she continues to make more digs and threats at David she regnits Gail's suspicions that David is up to something but will Sarah's plot succed in stopping David from going to Milian? Liam is fuming when he finds out that Tony sent his staff home early just so that he could have lunch with Carla but is he worried about the business or is he more worried about Carla?moreless
  • Monday 17th Dec (Episode 1)
    Michelle decides to let Ryan return to school providing there somebody with him at all times after he has dropped Ryan off at the gates, Lloyd spots Nick's car and follows it back to his house before alerting Michelle as to what has happended who decides to go and confront Nick who's been stalking Ryan but when she arrvies, she is confronted by a 15-year old boy named Alex who happens to be the spitting image of her late boyfriend Dean! but why does Alex look like Ryan father? Sarah continues to get increasingly furious that David is getting praise from everyone including Stephen on how he's managed to turn his life around and as he mocks the threat she made the previous night, she becomes more determined he won't be going to Millan but what does she have up her sleeve this time? Carla is surprised when Tony sends all of the Underworld staff christmas shopping so he can have lunch with Carla but how will Liam react when he finds outmoreless
  • Sun 16 Dec 2007
    Episode 248
    Sarah is still furious that David has accepted Stephen offer of a job in Italy and dispite Audrey's best attempts to convince her otherwise, she continues to feel like she's been upstaged yet again by her brother and warns him not brother packing as he won't be going anywhere as long as she's around but what revenge plan does she have in mind? Michelle continues to feel on edge about Ryan's safety and as Steve convinces her to try to have a good a christmas as they can, will that be possible with the stalker still looming over them?moreless
  • Fri 14th Dec 2007
    Episode 247
    David's transformation since Stephen's arrival stuns everyone including Sarah who's not convinced by his act but when Stephen offers David a job in his office in Milian, Italy, David is stunned but doesn't need to think about the answer but although internally not sure that David would up to such a move, Gail agress for the move to go ahead and invites the family round for dinner to break the news.Sarah is fuming when she finds out but as the family raises their galsses, David's smile is like the cheshire cat but will Sarah let him get away with getting what he wants after what he has put the family through? Rosie discovers that John is coming for a lesson with Sally and decides to cancel her plans and stay in.When he arrvies Rosie appears in a dressing gown he arranges to see her the next day but how long will it be before Rosie tkes serious action to get John for hershelf? Following the previous night's events Liz appears more confident about the new Jim but is Vernon paranoid that Jim will make a move on his fiancee or are his suspicous correct?moreless
  • Wed 12 Dec 2007
    Episode 246
    When Jim is asked to go for a drink in the rovers with Bill, Liz is sure things are going to kick off when some rowdy lads arrive at the pub to cuase trouble and when one of them spills their drink all over Jim, Liz is surprised by his clam reaction and end up throwing the lads out together and later when they are alone in the bar they decide to clear for both Steve and Amy's sake and he tells her and Vernon that he doesn't want to cuase trouble but is he just saying that becuase he still has his sights on Liz? Steve confronts Michelle over whether she had a fling behind Steve's back or not and when she denies this, he tells her to tell Ryan what's going on but will he find out from someone else? Sarah begins to tire of David's latest scheme of winning Stephen over but he and Gail seem determined to prove that he's not a bad las really-Will their plan work?moreless
  • Fri 7th Dec 2007
    Episode 242
    David is pleased that his plan to spilt Jason and Sarah is working and his schemeing comes to furitsion When a catfight breaks out between Sarah and Becky but as Becky swears on her life that her phone disappeared days ago, Jason quickly realizes what's going on and storms over to the salon and Sarah's furious when Becky's phone rings and she reazlies that David's behind the trouble- He's been well and truly rumbled this time but is this the end of the matter? Michelle is furious when she disdcovers that Ryan has been playing truant from school but is shocked when he tells her he is being stalked and followed but does Michelle believe him? Lloyd's attempts to avoid paying his debt to Harry and Dan backfires when they clamp his cab but will he be forced to pay up before they take more serious action?moreless
  • Wed 5 Dec 2007
    Wed 5 Dec 2007
    Episode 241
    The second phase David's scheme continues when he steals Jason's mobile phone and hands it to Sarah knowing full well he will stir up trouble and when Sarah sees the texts from Becky to Jason she's shocked and confronts and he's shocked when he sees the text and protests that he's innocent but will Sarah believe him and has David put one more nail in the coffin of their marriage? Carla is stunned when Maria tells her she's pregnant with Liam's baby as everyone congratulates the happy couple but with Carla and Liam appearing to be happy in their relationships how long will it be before one or both of them cracks and they end up admitting their feelings for each other? Vera and Jack announce that they are moving much to Tyrone and Molly's shock and the announcement leaves Paul in a panic when he realizes his scheme could be rumbled?moreless
  • Monday 3rd Dec 2007 (Episode 2)
    Maria is in shock following Liam's marriage proposal and his decsion to keep the baby but when he allays her worries about his change of heart, she accepts his marriage proposal but when Liam tells Carla he's marrying Maria she's shocked and decides to go out with Tony but whow long will Liam and Carla continue to deny their feelings for each other and who will they hurt along the way? David begins the next phase of his plan to split Jason and Sarah up by stealing Becky's mobile phone and sending outragous texts to Jason but how long will it be before he's rumbled? Eileen breaks it off with Jerry when his idea of having a night in doesn't match up with her's and calls their relationship off.moreless
  • Monday 3rd Dec 2007 (Episode 1)
    Liam continues his invastigation into Tony but when Lindsey catches and demands to know what he's playing, Liam explains he's checking up on Tony and when Lindsey rants about his obsessive and controlling behaviour, Liam he has evidence to go to Carla with but when he confronts her and she refuses to believe him, a massive showdown ensures which ends with Liam storming out of the factory and walking into the Salon and telling Maria he wants to keep the baby before asking her to marry him.Will she she yes? New bookie Dan and Harry and when Dan goes chasing for debts from Lloyd he tells him he hasn't heard of him but Dan isn't easily fooled.Has Lloyd got himshelf in deep with the newcomers to the street? Liz and Vernon worry that Jim will make an attmept to ruin their forthcoming wedding but are they right and if they are just what does he have planned for the happy couple?moreless
  • Fri 30 Nov 2007
    Fri 30 Nov 2007
    Episode 237
    Steve Collects Jim as he is released from Prison and is surprised by his calm reaction when he tells him about Liz and Vernon's wedding plans and Jim tells him that as far as he's conercerned his days of causing trouble are over but does he really mean and will Steve tell his mother that her ex has been released from prison? Liam continues to be suspicous of Tony's motvies towards Carla and during a business meeting with them he spots Tony's home address and taps it into the PDA.Meanwhile he and Maria agree that no matter what they do about the baby they don't want to split up but will Liam really commit to Maria whilst he has feelings for Carla? Rosie is fuming when she recieves a C for her Essay and orders John to change her mark but Sally is shocked when she discovers that he has given Rosie a higher mark than her! Who is stalking Ryan?moreless
  • Wed 28th Nov 2007
    Wed 28th Nov 2007
    Episode 236
    Liam is shocked when he spots that Carla and Tony have not broken up and when he asks Carla why she tells him to mind his own business but he ends up with more pressing matters to adress when Maria finally gets him alone to tell him that she's pregnant with his baby-Liam's gobsmacked at the news but will they raise the child together or will Maria abort the baby? Steve is shocked to recieve a telephone call from the prison saying his dad is being released the following day and agrees to pick Jim up but keeps the news secret from Liz but how will Jim react when finds out Liz has moved on and is now with Vernon? Lauren finds out about her sister's secret loan with Sean but promises to keep quiet but how will Jamie react when he finds out Violet has lied to him?moreless
  • Monday 26th Nov 2007 (Episode 2)
    Carla reels from being attacked by Tony's ex wife and confronts him over allgations that he's a womaniser and a confrol freak but he just urges her to ignore his ex-wife as he thinks she's crazy.Menawhile Maria stuggles to tell Liam she's pregnant but will Liam's concerns about Carla and Tony prove correct? Violet takes Sean's offer to pay the deposit for the flat behind Jamie's back but that's not the only troble she has to contend with when her sister Lauren arrvies on the street. Rosie blackmails John into giving her a higher mark for her unfinshed eassy but how long John let her continue to blackmail over their affair?moreless
  • Wed 21 Nov 2007
    Wed 21 Nov 2007
    Episode 231
    David's plan to cuase tension in Sarah and Jason's marriage works a treat when he casually drops a hint to Sarah that Jason could be cheating on her with Becky and Sarah's suspicons rise further to the surface when she Catches Jason and Becky coming out of The Rovers.But would Jason really do the dirty on Sarah three weeks into their marriage? John is upset by Fiz lack of turst in him following the previous day's events and when he and Sally say they are going to be late, Fiz and Kevin but when Sally Returns with Freshco shopping bags their fears are clamed-until Fiz sees John with Freshco bags! Jerry is shocked to discover that Kayleigh has been going nightclubbing for months but she tells some home turths about his parenting skills he finally decides to change his ways but will it mean the end of his relationship with Eileen?moreless
  • Sun 18 Nov 2007
    Sun 18 Nov 2007
    Episode 228
    Sean continues to reel from Violet and Jamie's rekindled relationship and has decided that Jamie has no rights to being the baby's father and when Violet later confronts him about his mood Sean gives her an ultimatum- Give him access to the baby or he'll take her to court.Following her shock kiss with Kevin the previous night, Claire finally realizes that she can't live without Ashley and tells him to move his stuff back into Peacock house before confessing what happened to Sally. Rosie continues to enjoy Blackmailing John as she continues her teenage behaviour with Lee but the temptation to resit Rosie porves too much for John.moreless
  • Fri 16 Nov 2007
    Fri 16 Nov 2007
    Episode 227
    Jamie and Violet prepare to tell Sean about their new relationship while Sean prepares to tell Violet about wanting to be the baby's father. That evening Jamie and Violet get there first with their announcement and tell Sean that Jamie's going to raise the baby as his own. Sean is gutted about the annocment and storms off into the night. Claire is full of nerves as she heads on the singles night with Lloyd but things go wrong when she gets very drunk and Lloyd leaves with a girl. Kevin then arrives to pick her up and Claire ends up kissing him! When she arrives back in the street she's sobered up enough to be mortified and ends up breaking down in Ashley's arms. Will she finally give her marriage another chance? Carla's delighted when Liam returns to the street but is jealous when he showers Maria with gifts. Does he still have feelings for him following their kiss?moreless
  • Wed 14 Nov 2007
    Wed 14 Nov 2007
    Episode 226
    Following their kiss the previous night Jamie and Violet admit that they have never stopped loving since their break-up last year and decides to give things another go.Sean Meanwhile admits to Charlie that being a donor to Violet's baby isn't enough and wants to be a father to the child but how will he feel when finds out he's being psuhed to the sidelines by Jamie and Violet's reconiliation.Following her row with John the previous evening Fiz continues to brim with jealously when she sees him with Sally, But with Rosie wanting to continue the affair Sally hoping there's still a chance and Fiz's suspicions growing,Has John got himshelf into a mess he can't get out of. Lloyd encourages Claire to join him on a singles night the following evening but is she really ready to move on from Ashley or is she just trying to prove a point?moreless
  • Monday 12 Nov 2007 (Episode 2)
    Sally enters the classroom completely oblivious to the fact that she nearly caught John and Rosie in clinch and John feels uncomftable and feels abgliged to resume his lessons with Sally However when Fiz sees John with the Websters having gave them a lift home she's fuming and during dinner that night a row breaks between her and John.Is their relationship back on the rocks? Violet is pleased when Jamie rejects a night out with Lloyd for a night in the Rovers and at closing time they end up sharing a kiss.Are they about to give their former relationship another chance? Sarah and Jason go to dinner at Leanne's resturant and they arrive back at The Platts all loved up but David's furious as he realises he still has a lot of work to do if he's to spilt the couple up for good.moreless
  • Monday 12 Nov 2007 (Episode 1)
    Rosie returns to Weatherfield High and already she's causing waves with the boys much to the fury of Tina who's brimming with fury and slaps Rosie across the face which leads to a catfight breaking out. Meanwhile After John splits the brawl Rosie later goes to see him and again they give into passion but is Sally about to catch them in the act? Noticing that Sarah's struggling to hold down two jobs at once, Audrey intervenes and tells Jason he needs to give his wife both TLC and moral support but will Audrey's words help Sarah and Jason's disintegrating marriage? Violet forgives Sean for his betryal but he begins to feel increasingly unhappy about the arrangements for the baby.moreless
  • Sun 11 Nov 2007
    Sun 11 Nov 2007
    Episode 223
    John moves his things into Fiz and Maria's flat he gets a text from Rosie asking him to meet her in the ginnell but with Rosie due back at school the following day, John decides that Fiz is the one for him and decides to end his affair with Rosie.She's gutted but she's not prepared to take the split lying down.What will she do next? Having been dumped by Lloyd the previous day and fed up with how she's being treated by Jerry she finally decides enough is enough and decides to move to London that afternoon.How will Jerry cope with four children plus a business to run? Liz and Vernon return from Paris to find chaos and that Michelle and Ryan have moved into the Rovers.moreless
  • Fri 9 Nov 2007
    Fri 9 Nov 2007
    Episode 222
    Violet realizes that Jamie found out accidentally about the sex of her baby and decides to forgive Sean but also decides to report Marcus to the hopsital and when Sean tries to get her not to, she retaliaes with some home turths about the baby leaving Sean feeling gutted but will get the message and leave Violet and the baby alone.Desparate to get her married life to Jason off the ground, Sarah decides to get hershelf a night job at Leanne's resturant and when Leanne takes her on part time Sarah's delighted but she's furious when she catches Jason spending the money she will be earning! Fiz asks John to move in with her and Maria to help pay the bills and is delighted when he accepts but how will he feel when he realizes he'll be living across the road from Rosie?moreless
  • Wed 7 Nov 2007
    Wed 7 Nov 2007
    Episode 221
    Sean is shocked when Violet tells him off for feeling her bump without her permission, but when she finds out about Sean's betrayal and that everyone knows the sex of her baby, She furious and tells him to stop interfering with the baby. Is their relationship about to take a nose dive? Sarah is still heartbroken and in a rage following the bonfire wedding dress disaster the previous night and her week goes from bad to worse when Audrey annouces that David's coming back to work at the salon and Sarah resigns on the spot but with both Her and Jason not working and having brickered constantly since the wedding, is their Marriage heading for the divorce courts already? Jodie is fuming that her dad still blames her for Finlay's accident and her day goes from bad to worse when Lloyd dumps her.moreless
  • Monday 5 Nov 2007 (Episode 2)
    John is stunned by Sally's declaration of love and is forced to spell out that he doesn't have feelings for her and can no longer teach as a result of the confession but when arrives at Weatherfield High to find Rosie waiting for him she has no trouble in seducing him and is amused when she hears about her mum's confession but how will Sally when she finds out her daughter's been having an affair with her best friend's boyfriend behind her back? Jason is forced to lie to Sarah that her wedding dress is safely at the dry cleaners but when they arrive at The Morton's bonfire party to find that their Guy Fawkes is dressed in her wedding dress and going up in flames, she turns on him for lying to her only a week into their marriage. Will she ever forgive him and will David be allowed to get away with yet another scheme? The bonfire party ends in disaster when Finlay is rushed to casualty by Jodie and Lloyd which leads to a row between them and Jerry.moreless
  • Monday 5 Nov 2007 (Episode 1)
    Sarah tells Jason they are going to have the wedding photos taken outside the church as they missed out becuase of David's disaster and tells him to take her wedding dress to the dry cleaners but when he leaves it in the cafe, David sees yet another oppotunity to make trouble by dragging through muddy puddles before dumping it on The Morton's bonfire! How will Sarah react when discovers what's been going on and will Gail ever see her son for who he really is? Kevin starts to become annoyed about John's influenece over Sally as Fiz starts to get suspicous about how much time he's spending with the Websters but when Sally then confesses her true feelings to John and that she's in love with Him, will John do the double and have an affair with both mother and daughter behind Fiz's back. Are Jerry 's attempts to play happy familys and perform his child care dutys be enough get him back in Jodie's good books?moreless
  • Sun 4 Nov 2007
    Sun 4 Nov 2007
    Episode 218
    Sarah is absoultely furious at the amount of attention the rest of the family is giving to David and when he apolgises for ruining both the wedding and her honeymoon, Sarah knows he's being a hypocrite and also knows she has to get Jason, Bethany and hershelf out of the Platt household whlist she still can but with her and Jason having done nothing but argue since the wedding is their new marriage heading for disaster after only several days of marriage? It's Sophie's birthday but when The Webster's plan to go bowling with her,Rosie lies saying she's unwell and says behind but when John comes round and they continue their affair will they get caught out when Sally and Kevin arrive home unexpectedly? Jerry finally reuturns home following his distraurous trip to Millan which resulted in his arrest but when he tries to win the Kids round by organizing a bonfire party for the following night, Will Jodie be won round?moreless
  • Revelation of the Platt's (Episode 6)
    David has survived his suicide attempt and with Jason and the rest of the family at loggerheads with Sarah over how to treat David, The Platts try to come to terms with the previous day's dramatic events as the rest of the resident's gossiping goes into overdrive speculating on what could have happened. Liz's 50th Birthday party turns into damp squit when she finds out that Steve organized it and not Vernon- that's before Vernon surpirses her with a trip to Paris and Steve and Michelle are delighted when they realise they will finally have the house to themshelves! Kevin is annoyed by Sally's fascination with John but how will he feel when he finds out that Rosie's having an affair with John behind Fiz's back?moreless
  • Revelation of the Platt's (Double episode- parts 4 & 5)
    The day of Sarah and Jason's wedding finally arrives and with David still missing a worried Gail calls the police who begin a search for David but as The Platt's and The Grimshaw's and the rest of the street head off for the church unconerned about David's disapperance, He leaves a final ranting message on Gail's answer phone before driving to a canal and attempting to recreate the night Richard Hillman died- By driving his car into the Canal! Meanwhile at the church just as Jason and Sarah are about to take their vows, The police arrive to tell Gail about the accident and as the famly head off to see what's happened Sarah turns slefish and gives Jason an ultimatum- Marry her now or never! Will Jason leave Sarah at the altar for the second time and has David's desire for revenge cost him his own life? Meanwhile Leanne and Paul's working relationship turns to passion when Paul kisses her.moreless
  • Revelation of the Platts (Episode 3)
    Maria and Sarah are shocked as they read David "Suicide" note and whilst Sarah thinks is convinced that it's another one of David's games, Maria is worried and tries to get her to tell someone. Later when they Gail and Audrey come back from the Rovers and find David's car "Missing" they feel uneasy but agree to wait til morning before they do anything but Sarah is determined that David will not ruin her big day and tears up the note! Will she live to regret her actions and has she just condemed her brother to his "grave"? Liam begins to warm to Ozzy and Tells Maria he wants to keep the cute puppy. Liz thinks that Vernon is planning a party for her 50th birthday? Is she heading for a fall?moreless
  • Revelation of the Platts (Episode 2)
    As the final rehersal and preperations for the wedding take place, David begins to feel more and isolated and hopes that Martin attending will mean the end to all his problems, But when Gail tells him that his father won't be attending the wedding and that he's still not invited, David continues to feel deeply by his exclusion from the wedding and what he does next later leads to a shock discovery for Maria and Sarah. What has David done now and how will Sarah react when she finds out? As the gossips discuss the sex of Violet's baby in the Rovers, Jamie is furious with Sean that he's forcing him to keep the fact that he knows what sex the baby is a secret for six months! Liam stuggles to look after Ozzy and things go from bad to worse when they are not allowed in both the Kerab shop and the Cafe and then Molly arrives at underworld to complain about the dog's howling.moreless
  • Revelation of the Platts (Episode 1)
    The Platts and the Grimshaws hold a pre-wedding meal without David and when he sees what's going on he's furious and sits brooding in his car and when Darryl later joins him he tells him about Gail trying to abort him and that he she won't happy until he's dead but will he take what he's saying seriously and attempt to take his own life? Unaware of what 's going on between Rosie and John, Fiz is annoyed because she and John havn't spent anytime together recently so when he leaves The Rovers because of Rosie's flirting to spend time with her she's delighted but will John end his relationship with Rosie before Fiz finds out about his affair? Touched about the gift that Liam gave her, Maria decides to return the favour-With a puppy named Ozzy! Liam is bemused but will he keep the cute puppy?moreless
  • Fri 26 Oct 2007
    Fri 26 Oct 2007
    Episode 212
    Gail and Sarah confront David in the salon about his murderous streak which leads Audrey to finally terminate his job- David sits in his car furious at being sacked when Gail invites him into the house for another showdown.He genuinely pleads with his mother to help him and take him back into the fold but when Gail refuses to listen and again warns him to stay from her family and the wedding, He vows that soon the family will never have to worry about him ever again! Just what is he planning next? Sean tries unsuccessfully to get Violet to change her mind and find the sex of the baby so he forces Marcus to reveal to him what the sex of the baby is? Marcus is fuming and storms out leaving Violet worried about what's gone on. Liam continues to miss Carla like mad but continues to try to take his mind off her by buying Maria a piece of jewelery.But how much longer can he ignore the attraction between him and his former sister in-law.moreless
  • Wed,24 Oct 2007
    Wed,24 Oct 2007
    Episode 211
    As Jason is released from hospital, Bill makes the shocking discovery that the builder's yard was sabotaged-When they then realise that David is to blame, Jason tells Gail and Sarah what he knows he also tells them that a while ago David wanted his whole family dead! Sarah and Gail are horrified and with David's darkest secret now out in the open, Gail vows to put an end to his reign of terror to her family. Will she succed in finally pulling her tearaway son into line? Rosie hands in her notice at Underworld and tells Liam she's going back to school but she is doing to just to flirt with John. Sean and Violet go to the hopsital for the 22 week scan and end up clashing over whether to find out what the baby's sex is but with Jamie's earlier warning that Sean wants to be more than a donor to the baby ringing in her ears should Violet be worried?moreless
  • Monday 22 Oct 2007 (Episode 2)
    David begins to have second thoughts about his sabotage. Jason brags to Todd and Becky that he's the real boss of the builder's yard but when Bill goes to confront him Jason falls over the unstable balcony and crashes to the ground- As Todd Maria, Bill, Hayley, Sarah and a horrified David look on Jason is rushed to hospital where the doctor tells Sarah not to make any plans for the next few weeks! Is this the final nail in the coffin for Jason and Sarah's cursed wedding? Roy tires to persuade Hayley to go on the volunteer project in Africa without him but she's reluctant but after she helps save Jason's life she decides to Africa alone and bids Roy and Becky an tearful farewell to embark on a journey but how will Roy cope without his wife around? Kirk and Chesney clean the rubbish out of the house and dump it in the back so the dustmen can collect all of it. Rosie tells John that she's returning to Weatherfield High so that she can see him everyday! but will he risk both his career and his relationship with Fiz for an affair with a teenager?moreless
  • Monday 22 Oct 2007 (Episode 1)
    David is in a fury following his failure to put a stop to the wedding and when Gail reveals that Sarah won't change her mind about him being invited to the wedding and then Jason and Bill drive past and tuant him about being a loner he launches his next scheme by sabotaging the builders before finding a spanner and loosening the bolts on the balcony. Is David about to be the cause of yet another accident? Hayley and Roy are shocked when they are that (a) they have to leave Afirca for the volunteer project that night and (b) that there's only one place and Hayley's stunned when Roy tells her to go and follow her dream.Is Hayley and Roy's marriage about to come to an end? Chesney and Kirk become worried when they realise that if Social services see the state of the house, Chesney will be taken into care.moreless
  • Sun 21 Oct 2007
    Sun 21 Oct 2007
    Episode 208
    Hayley is gutted to discover from Roy that Christian has disappeared after a young woman (Becky) beat him up but it only serves to make Hayley more determined to go Africa for the volunteer project.Will Roy go with her? John feels guilty about kissing Rosie the previous day and cheating on Fiz but when tells she has the keys to Carla's flat in and invites him there he allows himshelf to give into passion when she suduces him. David continues to spend more and more time in his car planning his next scheme as his state of mind deteriorates as he becomes more and more unstable.moreless
  • Fri 19 Oct 2007
    Fri 19 Oct 2007
    Episode 207
    Gail delighted that Sarah and Todd have finally called a truce and decides to call an end to the Grimsaw/Platt feud by inviting Eileen Todd and Jason to dinner at the Resturant- Without David who is seething after his scheme failed badly. Will he finally back off and let Jason and Sarah have a happy wedding day or will he come up with yet another way to get back his family? When John comes round for his lesson with Sally and finds Rosie in tears, she confides in him that she wants to be treated like an adult rather than a child and ends kissing him. is John about to cheat on Fiz with Rosie? Roy and Hayley return from their holiday back on track following the Christian saga but Hayley then reveals to Becky that she been in contact with a Volunteer group in Africa! Is Hayley about to leave the street.moreless
  • Wed,17 Oct 2007
    Wed,17 Oct 2007
    Episode 206
    Sarah attempts to put on a brave face following the previous night's wedding dress disaster by lying to David that everyone is fine about Todd's return just he prepares to go home- However when he later confronts her in the salon a massive showdown between Todd and Sarah ensures as they end airing their views about the past and decide to finally call a truce and tell Jason that Todd has agreed to be best man at the wedding but when David catches them all heading for the pub he realises his whole plot has backfired! Liam discovers from Maria that she left a message with Rosie and realises that she been meddling in his affairs and tells in no uncertain terms she just a kid and doesn't stand chance with him causing her to resign and decide to go back to school.Jodie is furious when Kevin returns from his and Jerry's weekend away in Milian to tell her that Jerry has been arrested!moreless
  • Monday 15 October 2007 (Episode 2)
    Sarah's day continues to go from bad to worse following Todd's return as the lads head off for their stag do and Sarah has a night in with girls-As she heads outside to confront David about his loud music she rips the wedding dress and as Sally tries comfort her she spills red wine all over the dress and when Jason and Todd arrive back from Jason's stag do they Sarah in the wedding dress before the big day! Has David finally succeeded in putting a curse on the wedding day and is the wedding itshelf doomed? Liam stands up a gutted Maria unaware that Rosie forgot to pass on a message from Maria and hid his phone becuase she has a crush on him? Fiz is shocked when Chesney refueses to move in with her and decides to stay with Kirk but can Kirk prove himshelf?moreless
  • Monday 15 Oct 2007 (Episode 1)
    Todd makes a dramatic return to the street and when Eileen tells Jason he's stunned but bottles out of telling Sarah when he sees her crying about Candice not returning her calls but when she then finds out the reception place has been double booked and then on top of that finds out about her ex's reuturn she goes into bridezilla mode by lunging at Todd and then running out of the house screaming.Has David's scheme payed off? Paul arrives at the resturant with both a black eye and Leanne furious with him following the heavies visit the previous day but will this be an end to the matter?. Despite Chesney and Kirk appearing to be managing following Cilla's depature Fiz takes matters into her own hands by insiting that Chesney move in with her but how will he react?moreless
  • Fri 12 Oct 2007 (Episode 2)

    Paul's shady past is finally exposed when two heavies come looking for him at the Duckworths and reveal that Paul stole £500 when he worked for them and when Molly realises exactly what's going on and what he putting Jack and Vera through, she slaps him hard across the face- Will Tyrone and Molly to Jack and Vera when they get back from Blackpool and expose Paul for who he really is? Fiz worries about Kirk Capeability to look after Chesney but is about to bite more than she can chew? As Jason and Sarah make preparations for the wedding Eileen is shocked to receive a phone call from Todd (Having recieved the invite that David sent him) saying he coming to both the stag do and the wedding.How will Jason and Sarah react?

  • Fri 12 Oct 2007 (Episode 1)
    As Cilla begins to pack for Las Vasgas she Gives Kirk £1000 to both Fiz and Chesney but when Fiz realises what she's planning to do she storms over to the Rovers to confront her mother which leads to a massive showdown with the rest of the street as Cilla leaves her family and Weatherfield for the last time. Molly and Tyrone go to look for a flat but warn Paul they will be sticking around for Jack and Vera's sake- Should Paul be worried? Kevin and Jerry look forward to their weekend in Millan as Jodie finally reaches breaking point with her dad.moreless
  • Wed,10 Oct 2007
    Wed,10 Oct 2007
    Episode 201

    Cilla decides to spend her unexpected windfall and decides to back and live in Las Vasgas indefinitely but has the difficult task of telling Chesney the news but is delighted when he gives her his blessing to go and live in Las Vagas but how will Fiz react when she finds out what her mother's about to do? Vera and Jack go on holiday to Blackpool leading Molly and Tyrone to realise that they are stuck with the real Paul until they get back. Jodie is very angry when she finds out about Jerry's trip away to Milian but will she put her foot down over the kids this time?

  • Monday 8 Oct 2007 (Episode 2)
    Cilla is gutted when she finds out that she will only be getting £500 from Frank's will she decides to sell the necklace Frank gave and is both gobsmacked and over the moon when she finds out the necklace is actually worth £45,000! Jerry's promise about giving Jodie the weekend off soon goes out the window when a mate invites to a weekend away in Millan but how will Jodie feel when she finds out she been lumbered with the kids yet again? Sarah begins to feel uneasy about the wedding as David posts the wedding invite to Todd- Will his scheming have the desired effect?moreless
  • Monday 8 Oct 2007 (Episode 1)
    Jerry returns from his date with Eileen to find the Kerab shop closed as Jodie goes on strike for making her miss her date with Lloyd but when Lloyd visits Jerry he tries to bribe Lloyd by offering him money to take Jodie out but when she finds out she is furious. Cilla is all but convinced she's to bag a fortune from Frank's will and wastes no time in bragging about it to the rest of the residents but she counted her chickens before they have hatched? Sarah decides to start writing the invitations but when David spots one half written he decides to begin his revenge scheme against his family for not being invited to the wedding- By writing an invitation to Jason's brother Todd!moreless
  • Fri 5 Oct 2007 (Episode 2)

    Upset after his attempt to get back into The Platt House failed, David catches his family into into the house for a meeting about the wedding but when a Furious Jason and Sarah tell him that he's not invited to the stage night or the Wedding David's mood darkens and he vows vengeance by declaring that as fat as he's concerned there will be no wedding!- Is he Planning to destroy his own sister's happiness in revenge for being disowned by his family? Violet and Sean's decision to swap shifts at the Rovers proves to be a mistake when Violet is rushed to hospital with complications with the baby. When Claire offers Ashley the opportunity to Sleep on The Peacock house sofa again is she about to give him another chance?

  • Fri 5 Oct 2007 (Episode 1)

    Gail is starting to feel some sympathy for David and invites him for dinner at the The Restaurant but when David asks whether he can move back into The Platt house, Gail tells him that she been too soft on him once too often and that his promises are not enough.Is David about pushed out into the cold yet again? Cilla is shocked by Frank's sudden death but pipes up when she gets call from his solicitor inviting her to the will reading.Has she come into some money? Lloyd asks Jodie out for a drink after he comes into the kebab shop for the umpteenth time and Jerry then asks Jodie whether she fancies Lloyd.

  • Wed,3 Oct 2007
    Wed,3 Oct 2007
    Episode 196
    The tension between Liam and Carla reaches fever pitch as they both set up dates with Maria and Tony resectively but how long will it be before Liam and Carla are forced to face up to their feelings for each other? Sarah is horrfied when Audrey lets David come back to work at the Salon and is furious.Meanwhile Jason refueses to accept David's apologies over Bethany and ends up lashing out at him which leads to a fight breaking out between them.Cilla's plans for the future come crashing down around her when she discovers Frank not moving and calls for an ambulance-Is Frank Dead?moreless
  • Monday 1 Oct 2007 (Episode 2)
    As soon As Carla disengages from Liam's kiss she makes it perfectly clear that he's not to try it on with her again but when he asks whether she intends on continuing to see Tony it's clear to see it's not going to be easy to move on from the kiss. Sarah finds it diffcult to work with David in the salon after what he did to Bethany and storms out giving Audrey an ultimatum as she does so-She gives David the sack or she resigns. Molly tries to defuse the tension between Tyrone and Paul by confronting Paul and when she realises that her boyfriend is telling the turth will she help him expose Paul to Jack and Vera?moreless
  • Monday 1 Oct 2007 (Episode 1)
    Liam starts to become annoyed about how much time Carla is spending with Tony but their arguemnt soon turns to passion when Liam ends up kissing Carla but how will she react? Tyrone continues to be frustarated that Jack and Vera don't believe him over Paul's deception but when Paul then confesses to Tyrone that he did take the missing £200 Tyrone is furious to realise that he has Vera and Jack wrapped round his finger and that there's nothing he can do about it. Sarah's continued refusal to forgive David over what happened to Bethany begins to cause tension at the salonmoreless
  • Sun 30 Sep 2007 (Double Episode)
    After his separation from Hayley who has spent the night at Becky's house Roy continues to stuggle with the cafe and when supplies run out he's forced to go to Freshco's to go and get some more stock when he ends up taking his anger out on some eggs-Is Roy on the verge of a nervous breakdown? £200 goes missing from the Duckworths biscuit tin And Tyrone's new attempt to expose Paul backfires badly when Jack ends up thinking that Tyrone is the culprit! Gail is pleased to hear that David seems to behaving again But Sarah determined not to forgive David cuts the conversation short by turning to talk about the wedding.moreless
  • Wed,26 Sep 2007
    Wed,26 Sep 2007
    Episode 192
    Roy and Hayley's marriage continues to steer towards breaking point As Becky tries to help Roy save his marriage but when Hayley snaps at Roy that she won't be taking advice from ever again before storming out, Roy is left to cope with a rebellion with customers at the cafe over his new portion sizes. Cilla arrives back from Las Vagas with presents and news that she plans to open a British themed diner in Las Vegas! Is Cilla leaving for pastures new? Tyrone is humillated as Paul puts his latest plot into first gear.moreless
  • Monday 24 Sep 2007 (Episode 2)
    Hayley finally tells Christian the truth – frustrated and angry, Christian lashes out and hits Hayley in the face as he runs away. When Gail tries to explain to Sarah how sorry David is, Sarah make it clear that she does not care. Fizz’s birthday night out goes well.
  • Monday 24 Sep 2007 (Episode 1)
    Hayley tells Christian that his dad is still alive. Gail tells David that sorry is not enough and Liz and Vernon tell Steve about their marriage plans.
  • Sun 23 Sep 2007
    Sun 23 Sep 2007
    Episode 189
    Hayley tries to tell Christian the truth, but can’t. David collects the rest of his belongings. Bethany comes home. Audrey invites Ashley to stay with her.
  • Fri 21 Sep 2007
    Fri 21 Sep 2007
    Episode 188
    Audrey is shocked when David tells her that Gail asked him to leave so she decides to take matters into her own Audrey and Gail fall out, as Audrey lets David move in with her. Liam returns to the factory. Roy gives Hayley an ultimatum.
  • Wed,19 Sep 2007
    Wed,19 Sep 2007
    Episode 187
    Gail catches David and Darryl discussing the previous day, she lunges at Darryl before laying into David over Bethany's condidtion Just as the police arrive to arrest David.Meanwhile as Bethany finally regains consciousness and Sarah refuses to forgive her brother for what he has done, Gail finally decides enough is enough and gives him his well deserved marching orders.Liz is shocked to discover that Vernon has booked their wedding for New Year's Eve-The busiest night of the year! The tension between Hayley and Roy over both their marriage and her son continues to be at a sky high level.moreless
  • Monday 17 Sep 2007 (Episode 2)
    As Bethany is rushed into hopsital with her life on the line and the doctors trying to figure out what's going on, David is finally forced to confess all about what the ectasy tablets leaving his entire family absolutely furious with him and Sarah breaks down when she annouces Bethany is being moved into intesive care. Roy decides to take the day off on Friday in order spend time with Hayley but will time together really save their marriage? Jamie gets a call from his mother revealing that she seems to be off the booze and getting married the following week.moreless
  • Monday 17 Sep 2007 (Episode 1)
    Whilst David is babysitting Bethany she finds one of the ectasy tablets and shawllows one of them and when Sarah arrvies home from visiting the wedding photographer, she and David are not worried-Until Bethany starts convulsing and Sarah screams at David to call an ambulance.Are his actions about to leave Bethany's life on the line? Tyrone is forced to apologise to Paul and fustrated that Paul continues to outsmart him at every turn.Roy and Hayley's marriage continues to fall into decline over her son which leads to Hayley having a go at the factory girls at Underworld.moreless
  • Sun 16 Sep 2007 (Double Episode)
    Christian comes to visit Hayley at the cafe but the visit does not go entirely according to plan when Roy makes him feel unwlecome but when he begins to sense that something is wrong will the turth come out and will Hayley heed Roy and Becky's advice and move on.Tyrone finds possible prove That Paul has been deciving Jack and Vera and vows to expose him but the plot backfires when Paul explains that the note that Tyrone was using to expose him was a delivery note for a surprise present for his grandparents.David agrees to hide some ectasy tablets for Darryl's mate but could where he hides them have dire concequences?moreless
  • Wed,12 Sep 2007
    Wed,12 Sep 2007
    Episode 183
    Roy feels betrayed by Hayley's lies and lashes out at both Becky and the customers at the cafe But when he finally forgives Hayley for what has happened she decides to go back to the record shop to talk to Christian-Can she go through with it? Claire finally forgives Audrey but it's clear that being separated from Ashley may take some getting used to. Unaware of what Paul has done to Jack and Vera, Molly begins to tire of Tyrone's crusade against Paulmoreless
  • Monday 10 Sep 2007 (Episode 2)
    Hayley goes to the record but can't bring himshelf to tell him who she is and having finally had enough of the deception she finally decides to tell Roy the turth who storms out of the cafe.David continues to act remorseless for his actions and even refuses to be in the same room as Gail just to spite her.Ashley break down as he moves out of the Peacock house following the end of his marriage to Claire.moreless
  • Monday 10 Sep 2007 (Episode 1)
    Bethany is devastated when she finds that David has shaved off the hair of one of her dolls and when Gail and Sarah are furious when they find out what has happened.The private invastagator that Hayley hired to find her son tells her that his name is Christian and he works in a Record shop.Liz becomes concerned About Violet Sean's unusual way of having their baby.moreless
  • Sun 9 Sep 2007
    Sun 9 Sep 2007
    Episode 180
    Gail is worried about David follwoing their row the previous night and is horrfied to find he's accusing her of beating him up-How will Gail explain this and can David sink any lower? Sean gathers the Factory girls in the Rovers and they are shocked when he tells them that Violet is having his baby.Claire continues her stance that as far as she's concerned her marriage to Ashley is over following his affair with Casey.moreless
  • Fri, 7 Sep 2007
    Fri, 7 Sep 2007
    Episode 179
    Gail asks David to pay rent. When he refuses, she asks Audrey to take the money out of his wages. In protest, David decides to move out.
    Violet and Sean go to the hospital for their twelve week scan.
  • Wed,5 Sep 2007
    Wed,5 Sep 2007
    Episode 178
    The Peacocks are told that Casey has confessed. Claire realises that Audrey knew about the affair and is angry. She later tells Ashley to leave. Gail catches David breaking her garden ornaments, by shooting at them with Daryl’s air rifle. She later tells him that she knows it him who threw her parcel away and that he had something to do with the strange freezer fault.moreless
  • Monday 3 Sep 2007 (Episode 2)
    As Claire and Audrey arrive at Casey's flat Ashley tells Audrey to call the police and Claire what Casey told him about the fire but when Claire tells to do anything Casey asks she forces him to confess to Claire the turth about his affair As the love triangle finally reaches it's dramatic climax when the police arrive and take Casey into custody but what are the concequences for Claire and Ashley's marriage following his affair? Lloyd comes to Jodie's rescue when picks up a drunk Kayleigh but is not impressed when she's sick all over his cab.Tyrone returns from Spain and is shocked to discover that Paul wants him and Molly to move out.moreless
  • Monday 3 Sep 2007 (Episode 1)
    Casey finally flips and kidnaps Freddie and when Ashley realises what's happened he hurries to her falt where he finds photos of him her and Freddie, but when she then confesses to starting the fire all those months ago and then (with Freddie in her arms) threatens to jump off the balacony,Can Ashley stop her from jumping? Gail is furious when discovers the unplugged freezer but David refuses to show any remorse and ups the ate by dumping some of Gail's mail into Rita's bin! Jodie is left minding Kayleigh and Finlay yet again when Jerry and Eileen go to the cneima for the afternoon.moreless
  • Sun 2 Sep 2007
    Sun 2 Sep 2007
    Episode 175
    Casey continues to stalk Ashley with phone calls and visits to the house. When he tries to tell her to leave him and Claire, alone she refuses. What does Casey have planned? David is furious when Gail scolds him for harassing Mel. In revenge, he plays with the freezer, turning it off and on, in an apparent attempt to blow the fuse. Norris takes Rita out for lunch at Leanne's restaurant. He asks for a quiet table and, after taking some time, asks her to marry to him. Rita says she is not surprised, as she feels as though he has been leading up to this moment for a while. Norris is disappointed when Rita answers with a very firm “No”.moreless
  • Fri, 31 Aug 2007
    Fri, 31 Aug 2007
    Episode 174
    Becky is stunned when Hayley breaks down confides in her that she's a father to a son that was concvied before her sex change but will she tell Roy what she discovered? Ashley spends the day with Claire as they continue to try and get their marriage back on track but when Casey has Lunch at the Peacock house and Ashley drives her home how will he react when she tries to kiss him? Emily is worried that Norris is about to propose that they get married!moreless
  • Wed,29 Aug 2007
    Wed,29 Aug 2007
    Episode 173
    Hayley and Roy attend her Aunt Monica's funeral where but when her brother in-law tells the mourners about her past Roy lays Hayley's relatives.Meanwhile Hayley's Uncle Bert hands her Monica Jewelrey box which leads to a shocking discovery.Ashley and Claire to go pick up the rest of Claire's belongings as Casey begs Ashley to take her back.Doreen continues to be puzzled when Norris tells her he's not in a relationship with Emily.moreless
  • Monday 27 Aug 2007 (Episode 2)
    Ashley lies to Claire and tells her nothing happened between him and Casey but Audrey starts to worry that Ashley hasn't told the whole turth.Meanwhile Casey declared her love for Ashley but he tells her that he's back with Claire and that their affair is over.Hayley is distruaght by her aunt Monica's death and decides to go to the funeral to face her relatives.Rita Doreen and Emily try to work out Norris's stange behaviour.moreless
  • Monday 27 Aug 2007 (Episode 1)
    When Claire returns to the street she asks a gutted Casey to leave who then lets slip about her staying at the Peacock house.Claire is shocked and confronts Ashley-Will he tell her about the affair? Roy recieves the earth shattering news that Hayley's aunt Monica has died but how will Hayley react when she finds out? Cilla begins work at Frank's house as his full time carer.moreless
  • Sun 26 Aug 2007
    Sun 26 Aug 2007
    Episode 170
    When Gail catches Jerry and Eileen playing loud music in Darryl's shed they decide to have some fun at Gail's exspence.Audrey pleads with Claire to go back home and save her marriage and tries to tell Claire about what's going on between Ashley and Casey who laughs in her face but is it enough for Claire to want to save her marriage? Cilla brings Frank to The Rovers and also agrees to become Frank's full time carer.moreless
  • Fri, 24 Aug 2007
    Fri, 24 Aug 2007
    Episode 169
    Paul pockets the deeds to Jack and Vera's house but when Leanne Finds out he's using Jack's identity in order to buy a share of the resturant she's shocked but she's left with little choice but to trust him and declare him a partner-How will Jack and Vera feel when they find out what Paul has done? As Casey tells Ashley about her plans to leave town it's clear Ashley still has feelings for her but is he about to do something he'll regret? Steve Michelle, Ryan and Amy head off on the family holiday to Ireland.moreless
  • Wed,22 Aug 2007
    Wed,22 Aug 2007
    Episode 168
    Vera and Jack's family and friends gather in The Rovers to celebrate their 50th Wedding annivsary unaware that Paul plans to steal their house deeds in order to buy a share of Leanne's resturant. David gets his one GCSE result and lies by saying he got an A*! He Also Stops adressing Gail as Mum-Is Jason right to be worryed about David's sick fantersy? Jerry and Eileen have a successful first dinner date.moreless
  • Monday 20 Aug 2007 (Episode 2)
    After being forced to apologise to Mel in Jerry's karab shop in front of half the street,David is finally pushed over the edge when he overhears Gail, Audrey and Sarah mocking him about his crush on Mel and takes the roof of Underworld where he tells Jason that as far as he's concerned he's like to see his whole family dead and that it's not hard to get a gun! When Liam's cilent fails to show the resturant the chemsity between him and Leanne is still evident.Does he still have feelings for Leanne? Eileen accepts a date with Jerry.moreless
  • Monday 20 Aug 2007 (Episode 1)
    David tries to save face after his humiliasion by lying that he slept with Mel but when the lies get back to Jerry and Gail,she drags him across the street to apologise to Mel,As Kelly Audrey and Sarah look on.Leanne tells Paul that she desparately needs some cash soon which gives Paul an idea. Michelle suggests to Steve that they take Ryan and Amy on a family holiday to Ireland.moreless
  • Sun 19 Aug 2007
    Sun 19 Aug 2007
    Episode 165
    David is stunned when Mel fails to show up at the cinema for their date and then shocked to discover that Sarah has given him a taste of his medicine because she told Mel a few home turths about his past relaionships.Cilla starts work at the care home and discovers that Frank the oap she looking after, and his family are both well known and rich and starts to flirt with him.The Websters head off on holiday but not before Kevin tries again to get through to Ashley about Casey.moreless
  • Fri, 17 Aug 2007
    Fri, 17 Aug 2007
    Episode 164
    When Audrey finds out from Kevin that Ashley and Casey have slept together she confronts Ashley but when Casey finds out she tells her that she and Ashley were going to be a family whether she and Claire liked it or not.Sarah and David go to war when he puts spanner in her and Jason's plans to bulid an extensanion ans she realises he did it just to spite her.Paul is shocked when Leanne tells him about her money problems.moreless
  • Wed,15 Aug 2007
    Wed,15 Aug 2007
    Episode 163
    Norris Becky and Steve start to gossip when they catch Casey at Claire and Ashley's house and when Kevin discovers that Ashley has been sleeping with Casey he tells him to mind his own business. Michelle finally to see the funny side of what with Steve and Shania in Malta and forgvies him. Rosie decides to leave school and take on part time work at Underworld but how will Sally react when Carla tells her the "Good News"?moreless
  • Monday 13 Aug 2007 (Episode 2)
    Steve tells Michelle he never slept with Shania but when Lloyd drops him in it with her yet again will he be forced to reveal the entire truth about what happened in Malta? Sarah is surprised when David goes for a drink with Mel and teases him about what he's wearing but he fights back by asking whether Jason is committed to the wedding. Sally begins to worry that Rosie is taking Carla's side over hers at Underworld.moreless
  • Monday 13 Aug 2007 (Episode 1)
    Michelle discovers the turth about Steve's time in Malta and Shania and is furious with him for not being honest. Casey appears in Claire's dressing gown after having slept with Ashley but after introdcing hershelf to Audrey, her suspicions about Casey start to rise to the surface.When Mel comes into the salon for a hair cut David's crush comes to the surface.moreless
  • Sun 12 Aug 2007
    Sun 12 Aug 2007
    Episode 160
    Casey's manpulatsion of Claire finally pays off when Claire goes back to her mother's taking Freddie with her which leaves her to make a move on Ashley. Tyrone takes off for Spain when he finds out his mother has been arrested leaving Jack and Vera and Paul's care.Steve is furious when he finds out it was Eileen who told Jamie and Lloyd about Shania. But how will she react when she realises Lloyd took the photo without her permission.moreless
  • Fri, 10 Aug 2007
    Fri, 10 Aug 2007
    Episode 159
    Claire starts to become paranoid that the whole street is laughing at her and thinking she's metally ill again which forces her to take on some drastic advice that Casey gives her.Carla decides to move out of Michelle's flat and returns to Underworld to work.Jamie and Lloyd pester Steve about what happened with Shania as Michelle starts to become curious about his time in Malta.moreless
  • Wed, 8 Aug 2007
    Wed, 8 Aug 2007
    Episode 158
    Claire argues with Jamie over what the police questioned about the fire unaware that she and Ashley are under surveilance from Casey and she is later pleased when Claire tells her that Ashley thinks she started the fire-Will she drive them apart again? Michelle doesn't get the reaction she was hoping when she tells Ryab about her relationship with Steve whilst Jamie and Lloyd find out from Eileen that Steve nearly slept with a man.Norris meets Angela's ex husbands at her funeral and is shocked by their behaviour.moreless
  • Monday 6 Aug 2007 (Episode 2)
    Steve is delighted by Michelle's return and they finally decide to resume their relationship after she tells him that Paul's death had left her devastated.Liz stuggles to kick the habit as her mood swings continue.Doreen and Emily are puzzled by Norris's stange behaviour as he deicdes to go to Angela's funeral.moreless
  • Monday 6 Aug 2007 (Episode 1)
    Just as Steve and Eileen return from Malta and Steve considers his relationship with Michelle over, Eileen spots Michelle and Ryan getting out of a cab in the street but how will Steve react to their return.The police return to the street to requestion the residents about the fire.As Roger moves in with Janice, Leanne continues to try find ways of repaying his investment in the restuarant.moreless
  • Sun 5 Aug 2007
    Sun 5 Aug 2007
    Episode 155
    When Eileen's peaceful time in Malta is interupted when Jason calls fuming that she's going a meeting with the vicar and in a fit of annoyence she throws her moblei phone into the sea! Meanwhile as Their time Malta comes to close Steve and Eileen reflect on their the state of their lives.The Vicar's visit to see Jason and Sarah is ruined when David causes yet more trouble but when Jason tells Sarah that David has a crush on Mel Morton she realises she can use this new information to her advantage.Norris discovers that his ex-wife Angela has passed away.moreless
  • Fri, 3 Aug 2007
    Fri, 3 Aug 2007
    Episode 154
    Eileen plays trick on Steve as he has a humliating experience when he tries to bed a person named Shania-Little realising that she is actually a he! Ashley and Claire overhear the local gossips talking and realise that they still think that Claire is responsible for the fire and for Baby Freddie going missing.Sarah decides to book the church of her choice after speaking to both Maria and Audrey giving Jason no choice in the matter.moreless
  • Wed, 1 Aug 2007
    Wed, 1 Aug 2007
    Episode 153
    Eileen and Steve arrive in Malta and Eileen is furious to discover that Steve not only forgot to book the hotel before they left but not only that they have to share a bed! Jason is annoyed with Eileen for disappearing off to Malta Just as He and Sarah to make the arrangement's for their second attempt at getting married.Casey shares an awkward dinner with Claire and Ashley.moreless
  • Monday 30 July 2007 (Episode 2)
    Claire suspects nothing about what's been going on between Ashley and Casey as Casey continues her mind games but can Ashley keep what happended a secret? Steve decides to book a last minuite cheap flight to Malta and Eileen decides to go with him and in Thelma and Louise style they leave for the airport.Jamie apologies to Violet for his comments over her and Sean's baby plansmoreless
  • Monday 30 July 2007 (Episode 1)
    Steve and Eileen make a shocking discovery about Pat when leaves his mobile at streetcars.Eileen then Summons him for a showdown which ends with him admitting he lied about being married.Eileen then punches him on the nose and gives him his marching orders. Casey manages to get Claire to go to a support group while she suduces Ashley at his house-Just as Claire returns... Kayleigh reveals that the dog Jodie kidnapped is Chesney's not Cilla's.moreless
  • Sun 29 July 2007
    Sun 29 July 2007
    Episode 150
    Jamie is shocked when Sean blurts out that Violet is pregnant with his baby.Pat and Elieen return from Scarborough as Steve's suspicions about Pat continue to rise.Cilla is furious when she's sacked from the chippy and blames Jodie, Just as Chesney's dog Schmeichael goes missing.
  • Fri, 27 July 2007
    Fri, 27 July 2007
    Episode 149
    Sean is delighted when Violet finally finds out she's pergnant but she tells him to keep it a secret until the 12 week scan.Paul begins work at the resturant as Leanne works to keep Roger happy.Claire moves back in with Ashley but how long will it last with Casey hanging around.moreless
  • Wed, 25 July 2007
    Wed, 25 July 2007
    Episode 148
    Following his kiss with Casey, Ashley begs Claire to give their marriage another go but will she agree? Leanne is angry at the quality she is recieveing from her chefs so when Paul enquires about the postion she decides to offer him the job on the spot.Violet finally takes a pergnancy test-Is she finally pergnant with Sean's child?moreless
  • Mon 23 July 2007 (Episode 2)
    Ashley invites Casey to stay for dinner where one thing leads to another and they end up kissing.Leanne is shocked when Paul lays into her over the resturant food before revealing he's a chef himshelf. Sean annoys Violet with his new found health conciousness.
  • Fri, 20 July 2007
    Fri, 20 July 2007
    Episode 144
    Leanne has a stressful day at the diner and feels guilty when Janice reveals that Roger has invested all his savings in the venture. Elsewhere, Ashley invites Casey for a drink in the Rovers, while Joanne threatens Liam and Carla with a tribunal.
  • Wed, 18 July 2007
    Wed, 18 July 2007
    Episode 143
    Tyrone shares his suspicions about Paul with Molly and is upset when Jack chooses to play cards with his grandson instead of him. Meanwhile, Carla sacks Joanne again and reminds Liam that, as the major shareholder in the factory, her decision is final, and Eileen introduces Pat to Jason and Sarah.moreless
  • Monday 16 July, 2007 (Episode 2)
    As the missing Cliare finally reappears for Freddie's first birthday party, she and Ashley get a massive shock when Casey turns up wanting to speak to Claire alone.What does she want and where will it leave Ashley and Claire's marriage? Liz's attmepts at getting Vernon to frogive her for her affair with Derek backfire when he snubs her in the cafe.Leanne laughs off Cilla's attempts at getting a job at the Restrauntmoreless
  • Monday 16 July 2007 (Episode 1)
    As Ashley prepares for Freddie's first birthday party, Claire goes missing leaving him frantic with worry because she forgot pick up Josh up from school. Liam is furious when the factory girls tell him about Joanne's sacking.Yana and Cilla resort to comic ways to gain new customers at the chippy.
  • Sun, 15 July 2007
    Sun, 15 July 2007
    Episode 140
    Derek threatens to tell Vernon about his and Liz's affair if she doesn't carry on the affair with him. Claire and Ashley return to the street, while Tyrone remains uneasy about Paul's presence.
  • Fri 13 July, 2007
    Fri 13 July, 2007
    Episode 139
    Vera and Jack's grandson Paul arrives to looks after Jack and Vera but is soon causing trouble when pockets some of Jack's money but will Tyrone find out? Liz starts to regret telling Linda about her affair with Derek but when Vernon gets a call on his mobile will it mean game over for Liz and Derek.Carla gives Joanne her marching orders from the factory.moreless
  • Wed,11 July 2007
    Wed,11 July 2007
    Episode 138
    Vernon's Suspicons about Liz continue to rise and guilt finally gets to Liz and she ends confessing all to Linda but how will she react? The Webster girls are embarrsed when Sally lets her hair down at her birthday party in the rovers but collection made by Hayley nearly ends with Carla and Joanne nearly coming to blows.Molly and Tyrone pick up an address book and start ringing Jack and Vera's family for help.moreless
  • Monday 9 July 2007 [Episode 2]
    Liz returns to Vernon at the Rovers but realises she's left one of her suitcases at Derek's house but how will she react when Derek asks her for five minutes of her time? Sally is shocked and furious to discovers Rosie's summer job actually is-As Carla's PA! Vernon starts to get suspiucous about Liz.The resturant opening does not go to plan when the booze runs and the heating problems strike again.moreless
  • Monday 9 July 2007 [Episode 1]
    Liz returns to the street and has another passionite encounter with Derek but will they get caught out by Linda? It's the day of the grand opening of the restraunt And Leanne invites the whole street including Liam and Carla! Sally is delighted when Rosie tells she plans to get a summer job as she starts to look forward to her birthday.moreless
  • Sun 8 July, 2007
    Sun 8 July, 2007
    Episode 135
    Liam arrvies back on the street to find the Factory is dissaray, The factory girls working on a Sunday and Carla in charge but how will she react when he tells her he wants to buy her out? The preparations for the restruant opening hit a snag when the heating breaks down causing Leanne to panic.Is Eileen starting to feel she's second best to his wife?moreless
  • Fri 6 July, 2007
    Fri 6 July, 2007
    Episode 134
    When Steve tries to tell Eileen about Pat he is shocked when she tells he already knows about decides to end the affair anyway but will she change her mind when Pat comes for another visit? Cilla declares war on Jerry's kerab shop when she sets pest control on them but meets her match in Jodie.Carla gives Hayley a promotion but there's a catch-The factory girls have to work on Sunday!moreless
  • Wed, 4 July 2007
    Wed, 4 July 2007
    Episode 133
    Steve and Lloyd stake out Pat's house and catch him arriving there with a woman who's clearly his partner and end tossing coin-Who's got the task of telling Eileen about Pat-Steve or Lloyd? Carla tells the Factory girls in no uncertain terms that she's not going anywhere for the time being? As Molly and Tyrone plan to move out of the Duckworth house Jack's back gives way forcing them to put their plans on hold.moreless
  • Monday 2 July 2007(Episode 2)
    Carla takes great pleasure in making her presense known by banning mobile phones in the factory,Giving Janice an ultimatum about her job and Telling Sally that her Pa Job does not stand.Steve and Lloyd's suspicions about Pat rise further to the surface when Jamie reveals that Pat is married.Sean and Violet baby making idea's do not go according to plan.moreless
  • Monday 2 July 2007 [Episode 1]
    Hayley finally reaches breaking point with the facotry girls and after some advice from Becky she turns to Carla for help but how will the rest of the factory girls react as Carla makes her mark on the factory? Sean and Violet prepare to do the deed but can Sean deliver the goods? Lloyd sees Pat leaving Eileen's house and he and Steve question Eileen suspicous of his motivesmoreless
  • Monday 2 July 2007 [Episode 1]
    Hayley finally reaches breaking point with the facotry girls and after some advice from Becky she turns to Carla for help but how will the rest of the factory girls react as Carla makes her mark on the factory? Sean and Violet prepare to do the deed but can Sean deliver the goods? Lloyd sees Pat leaving Eileen's house and he and Steve question Eileen suspicous of his motivesmoreless
  • Sun 1 July, 2007
    Sun 1 July, 2007
    Episode 130
    The smoking ban comes into effect in the Rovers leaving Steve wanting to get to Spain so he can just smoke.Is Violet keen on Sean being the father of her child? Eileen prepares for her meal with Pat but makes a mess of the meal she cooked so they end going to Jerry's kearb shop for a takeaway after which Pat suggests he stay the night.moreless
  • Fri 29 Jun, 2007
    Fri 29 Jun, 2007
    Episode 129
    Sean takes Violet out for the day and reminds her of the promise of having a baby together if they were still single at 30 and she is shocked when he suggests he could be the father of her child.As Hayley continues to to come under pressure from the rest of the factory girls she discovers there's just another for them to get payed for the week but will she turn to Carla for help?.Pat and Eileen arrange to have dinner together.moreless
  • Wed, 27 Jun 2007
    Wed, 27 Jun 2007
    Episode 128
    Janice approaches Roger about rasing Leanne's ten grand for the restaruant leading him to learning the turth about her escorting work.Sean learns that Violet is looking into fertility treatment because she wants to find a father for her child.David begins his job at the salon surprises both Gail and Audrey.
  • Monday 25 Jun 2007 [Episode 2]
    Leanne finally gets an oppotunity to raise the money in order to buy the restaurant but can Janice stop from returning to her escorting work in order to raise the cash? Blanche dissapointed by the turn out her wake decides to turn nice much to the rest of the street's surprise.Joanne returns to the street as Hayley tries to get the rest of the factory girls to work.moreless
  • Monday 25 Jun 2007 [Episode 1]
    Leanne approaces Carla again about the Restaurant and Carla cotinues to refuse to work with Leanne she gives her an ultimatum-she's either on board or she go's it alone.Roy worries that the factory girls are taking advantage of Hayley's good nature.The oldies gather in The rovers for Blanche's wake but wonder why she's celebrating her wake while she's still alive.moreless
  • Sun 24 Jun, 2007
    Sun 24 Jun, 2007
    Episode 125
    Michelle takes Ryan on holiday leaving Steve in limbo yet again about his feelings for her.Jason, Sarah and Beth head off to greece for a break as Audrey offers David a job at the salon.Claire continues to be stressed out trying frigure out why Casey didn't go to the police earlier about the fire and she and Ashley accept her mother's proposion to stay at her place for a while.moreless
  • Fri 22 Jun, 2007
    Fri 22 Jun, 2007
    Episode 124
    Following the previous day's events Claire and Ashley get Casey's address off Steve and head off to confront Casey at her house but Claire only ends up making hershelf look bad in Casey's eyes.David gets his marching orders from the builder's yard for a second time when Bill and Jason catch him ruining good material.Ryan is furious when Vernon tells him about Leanne's involment with Paul's death.moreless
  • Wed, 20 Jun 2007
    Wed, 20 Jun 2007
    Episode 123
    A picture of Casey appears in the papers and Casey duley hands hershelf to the police but when she's then released without charge it leaves Ashley and Claire right back at square one.Liam's grief over his brother's death finally gets the better of him and tells Lloyd to take hime to the airport but will he back on the street? Realising that Carla has all but pulled out of the Rustraunt Leanne pours over the bank statements in order to buy the place hershelf.moreless
  • Monday 18 Jun 2007 [Episode 2]
    The grieveing Connors from Ireland after Paul's funeral but when Leanne tries to talk to both Liam and Carla she gets the cold shoulder.Claire and Ashley take the photo to the police and DI Parks agrees that it should be shown on the news.Will Casey come forward and put an end to the Peacock's nightmare? Blanche decides to have her wake while she is still around to see it.moreless
  • Monday 18 Jun 2007 [Episode 1]
    Claire is delighted when she finally finds prove that Casey does indeed exsit when she finds a picture that Josh took during a day out and tells Ashley that they take the photo to the police.Jason attempts to get Bill to eat humble pie and give David his job back.Leanne finally decides to face the world as Jamie prepares to pick up The Connor's from the airport.moreless
  • Fri 15 Jun, 2007 [Episode 2]
    David uses Jason's fear of heights to his own advantage when he leaves him standed on top of Jerry's take away place by removing the ladder and telling him he's not gay after all but how will both Bill and Gail react to his latest devious stunt.Ashley has an unhappy father's day as the tension in the Peacock house continues but as a famillar face makes another silent call to Claire has she finally found the culprit for both the fire and the abduction of baby Freddie.moreless
  • Fri 15 Jun, 2007 [Episode 1]
    Claire spots a woman in the street who she thinks is Casey but will it leave Josh's life on the line when an oncoming car driven by Lloyd heads towards him.An annoyed David when Bill and Jason tease him at the builder's yard so he ends up confiding in Jason that he's gay but it's another lie-Just what is the devious teenager up to this time? Kirk is upset having found out about Fiz's affair with John but when Sally finds out it was Sophie who vandilzed Fiz's motorbike Fiz asks Kirk if they can still be friendsmoreless
  • Wed, 13 Jun 2007
    Wed, 13 Jun 2007
    Episode 118
    Sophie is furious when Chesney tells her about Fiz and John's affair and she ends up vandalizing Fiz's motorbike-It turns out she has a secret crush on her drama teacher.When David continues to refuse to show any remorse over setting fire to his exam paper at school Gail decides it's time he learnt some hard graffe but also decides that Jason can move into the Platt house after much to Sarah's delight. Claire recieves a mysterious phone call but does still think that Casey abducted Freddie and started the fire?moreless
  • Monday 11 Jun 2007 [Episode 2]
    Bethany's birthday party comes to a complete halt when David's headteacher turns up at the Platt house to expose his latest stunt and exclude David from school but will Gail find a solution to their problems? Fiz bottles out of telling Kirk the truth about John but when Chesney catches John kissing Fiz he is both shocked and gutted. Claire reports to Ashley that the police have not caught the arsonist yet but does she share the same confidence as Ashley about things getting back to normal?moreless
  • Monday 11 Jun 2007 [Episode 1]
    Claire and Ashley return from their break from The Isle of Man upbeat and detemined to find out who started the fire and Abducted Baby Freddie.David makes it to his exam but has one last deadly trick up his devious sleeve.The day of Bethany's 7th birthday drawns.Kirk becomes covinced that Fiz's new boyfriend doesn't even exsit but will Fiz tell him the truth about John.moreless
  • Sun 10 Jun,2007
    Sun 10 Jun,2007
    Episode 115
    Following the previous night's events when Denise made a pass at her ex, Ken decides he wants to give his marriage with Deirdre another go but how will she react to his return? The Connor's hit rock bottom as they prepare to leave for Ireland for Paul's funeral but is Steve also going with them? Gail is adement that David will sitting the rest of his GCSE exams whether he likes it or not!moreless
  • Fri 8 Jun 2007
    Fri 8 Jun 2007
    Episode 114
    As the Street tries to come to terms with the aftermath of both the Car crash and Paul's death, The gossip about Leanne leads to a violent showdown in the street between Kelly and Janice which is broken up by Steve and Lloyd but will Leanne put the whole street out of it's misery and confess all? Denise is left with egg on her face when she makes a pass at Ken but how will he react and is this the kick start he needs to make amends with Deirdre? Gail's attempts to get David to revise for his French GCSE exam fall on deaf ears.moreless
  • Wed,6 Jun 2007
    Wed,6 Jun 2007
    Episode 113
    As Paul's life hangs by a thread,Michelle finally decides to forgive her brother and go and see him in hopsital but he then dies leaving her, Carla and Liam devastated but after telling the factory girls what has happened how will Liam react when he comes face to face with Leanne? Denise questions Ken's commitment to Daniel but continues to let him stay on the sofa much to her son's dismay. David skips his exams but lies to Gail that the Biology GCSE exam was easy but will he refuse to sit the rest of his exams just to wind his mother up?moreless
  • Monday 4 Jun 2007 [Episode 2]
    As Janice and Liam face a race againest time to find Leanne and Paul the car chase comes to a horrifying conclusion when it crashes head on into a skip leaving them both fighting for their lives in hopsital.Gail goes on the warpath in the aftermath of David's revelation leaving Sarah furious that he leaked her and Jason's plans.moreless
  • Monday 4 Jun 2007 [Episode 1]
    As Carla refuses to forgive her husband, Paul's fury with Leanne and over what has happened reaches the point of no return and he violently confronts her before bundling her into the back of his car and embarking on a terrifying car chase.David comes up with a new way of winding Gail up by telling her that Jason is moving into the Platt house.When Linda confides in Liz that Derek is having an affair, Liz Realises that liason with Derek is getting serious and decides to go and visit Bev and Shelley.moreless
  • Sun 3 Jun 2007
    Sun 3 Jun 2007
    Episode 110
    Having found out the truth about Leanne's escorting, Carla tries to find out whether Leanne has slept with her husband or not.Is she about to find out about their indescatsion and how will Paul get out of this one? Violet confides in Sean the reason she went on a date with Tam was to get pregnant not because she fancied him.Krik uses Chesney to try and find out who Fiz new boyfriend is.moreless
  • Fri 1 Jun, 2007
    Fri 1 Jun, 2007
    Episode 109
    Leanne walks straight into Carla's trap and is forced to confess to her about her escorting leaving Carla furious but will she keep quiet or tell Liam the turth? Tired of the constant gossip in the wake of the fire and Claire's arrest she And Ashley decide to take the boys on holiday to get away from the talk but are Kirk's fortunes about to go up when Fiz suggests he covers for Ashley at the butcher's? Violet goes on her date with Tam but runs out and calls Jamie when passions begin to risemoreless
  • Wed, 30 May 2007
    Wed, 30 May 2007
    Episode 108
    Leanne and Carla sign the contract for the resturant but when Carla is approached by one of Leanne's clients in the Rovers is the truth about Leanne's escorting jobs about to be exsposed? Tam asks Violet out on a date but will she accept his offer? Kirk cotinues his stuggle to find a new job following the closure of the kennels but tells Fiz the opposite.moreless
  • Monday 28 May 2007 [Episode 2]
    Claire tries in vain to convince the police that it was Casey abducted Freddie not her as Ashley confides in Kevin that he's having doubts about Claire's innocence.Paul is furious when Carla tells him over lunch that she and Leanne are going into business together and he confronts Leanne.Violet gets a new admirer named Taz.moreless
  • Monday 28 May 2007 [Episode 1]
    Sally becomes concerned for Claire and takes her for a walk but on their return they find the police at The Peacock's where they arrest Claire for abandoning Freddie and in connecing with the fire. Leanne tells Carla she will be able to cover her share for the resturant but Janice is shocked when Leanne puts hershelf back on the Escort agancy's books.Has Derek's wife found out about his affair with Liz?moreless
  • Sun 27 May 2007
    Sun 27 May 2007
    Episode 105
    The street continues to rally round Claire and Ashley in the aftermath of the fire as the investigations continue.Kirk thinks that Fiz wants to rekindle their relationship but she drops the bombshell that she's seeing someone else leaving him feeling gutted but how will Maria react knowing she caught Fiz kissing John the previous day.Carla cotinues to try and convince Leanne to go into business with her as Leanne begins to realise that her lies have gone too far.moreless
  • Fri 25 May 2007
    Fri 25 May 2007
    Episode 104
    The police visit the Mortons but when they tell them about Claire taking Darryl's sound system from their garden shed just before he fire the spotlight is put on Claire who thinks that it was Casey who abdcuted Freddie but is she right? Carla takes Leanne to lunch and tells her that the resturant they are omeating in is up for sale and tries to convince her to buy the resturant.Liz checks out the competition when she meets Derek's wife Linda.moreless
  • Monday 21 May 2007 [Episode 2]
    As Ashley and Claire reel from the news about baby Freddie they finally recieve the news they have been waiting for Baby Freddie is found alive in a park but the question still remains-Who abducted Freddie?.Cilla thinks Kirk should cash in on his heroism.Michelle's attempts to finally get some time alone with Steve are dashed yet again-this time by the news about Baby Freddie.moreless
  • Monday 21 May 2007 [Episode 1]
    Ashley finally finds out about the fire and cuts short his holiday with Josh but as he waits for the verdcit about the cuase of the blaze the investigators make a shocking discovery which leaves Ashley reeling-Freddie was not in his cot at the time of the fire.Leanne finally does the right thing and quits her escorting job but will this put an end to her lies? Michelle and Steve continue their stuggle to find time alone with each other.moreless
  • Sun 20 May 2007
    Sun 20 May 2007
    Episode 101
    As the fire at the Peacock's continues to rage out of control, Roy summons the fire brigade as the rest of the street watches in horror.But as the firefighters attempt to put out the blaze will baby Freddie survive? Deirdre finally makes an attempt to mend her marriage with Ken but is shocked by his determination to put Daniel first.Is Liam finally about to find out about Leanne's lies over her job.moreless
  • Fri 18 May 2007
    Fri 18 May 2007
    Episode 100
    As Ashley and Josh set off on their holiday, Claire decides to keep The Mortons hanging over giving back Darryl's sound system but as she finally prepares for a good night's sleep, blazing inferno strikes the Peacock house leaving both Claire and Baby Freddie's lives in the balance.Leanne starts to worry she's been rumbled when Liam confronts her.Rosie seems more intrested in Darryl than her revising for her exams.moreless
  • Wed 16 May, 2007
    Wed 16 May, 2007
    Episode 99
    Having gone another night without sleep, Claire finally snaps and decides to take matters into her own hands over the Morton's garden shed and fights.Maria confronts Fiz when Kirk reveals that he has been dumped. Does Fiz have feelings for John? Liz at last takes pity on Michelle and Steve over their dating problems.moreless
  • Monday 14 May 2007 [Episode 2]
    Fiz reels from her kiss with John but how will she react when-To their favourite Slim shady track- Kirk asks her to marry him.As Steve tries to find a babysitter for Amy he discovers that his date with Michelle is now a threesome-Ryan's tagging along as well.Leanne decides she wants to take her relationship with Liam more slowlymoreless
  • Monday 14 May 2007 [Episode 1]
    With his relationship with Fiz on the line and the kennels still closed, Kirk plans a big gesture.Fiz, Meanwhile is invited to lunch by John but she mistakes encoragement for the come on and tries to kiss him.Leanne finally gets the lifestyle she craves when she spends the day with Carla.Can Blanche succeed in getting Ken to stay and talk to Deirdre?moreless
  • Sun 13 May 2007
    Sun 13 May 2007
    Episode 96
    As Ken moves his things from the Barlow house he annouces that he won't be contacting Deirdre til she has clamed down and apologised to Denise.The Battersbys go to see Chesney's school play but Maria starts to see the attaction between Fiz and John. Michelle helps Steve realise he's been taken for a fool-Paul's 4 times golf club champion!moreless
  • Fri 11 May 2007
    Fri 11 May 2007
    Episode 95
    Denise's attempts to sort out Ken and Deirdre's marriage backfires when it leads to a massive showdown in the Rovers between the threesome which ends with Deirdre slapping Denise hard across the face.Kirk continues to fret over the Kennel's future.Steve finds himshelf out of pocket when Paul wins another round of Golf with him and Dev.moreless
  • Wed 9 May, 2007
    Wed 9 May, 2007
    Episode 94
    After Blanche tells Deirdre about Ken's meeting with Denise and Daniel relations between the pair finally reach an all-time low as they confront each other about their former lover.Claire tells Jerry he has to take the shed down as she has infromed the council on him but will he listen?.Kirk is horrfied when he realises the kennels could be closed down.moreless
  • Monday 7 May 2007 [Episode 2]
    When Paul tries to tell Liam that Leanne is no good for him she confronts him with an ultimatum-if he interferes again she will tell Carla about their liason. After the visit with Daniel goes well Denise offers Ken the sofa for the night.Kirk becomes worried with the amount of time Fiz is helping with Chesney's school play.moreless
  • Monday 7 May 2007 [Episode 1]
    Ken comes clean and tells Deirdre and Blanche he's going to Denise's house to meet his son Daniel for the first time in years but will Blanche end up ruining the meeting by following him.Paul decides to act uneasy around Leanne but will he reveal her escorting secret to Liam? Liz and Derek continue their affair behind both Derek's wife and Vernon's back's But will they find out?moreless
  • Sun 6 May 2007
    Sun 6 May 2007
    Episode 91
    Leanne is shocked when she discovers who her new client is-Paul! Has he rumbled her escorting secret? Claire and Gail put a plan into action to get measurements of the Morton's garden shed but will it be rumbled when Ashley is nearly caught by Darryl.? Fiz is shocked to discover that Chesney's drama teacher is also her ex.moreless
  • Fri 4 May 2007
    Fri 4 May 2007
    Episode 90
    As Deirdre wakes up alone at the Barlow house, Ken has spend the night at a B&B.He then pays a visit to an old flame- His ex Denise Osbourne- and tells her he wants to see their son Daniel.The Morton are shocked when Mel annouces that she wants to join the police force.Paul returns but refuses to make admeads with Carla so turns to the drink.moreless
  • Wed 2 May, 2007
    Wed 2 May, 2007
    Episode 89
    After Ken's attmept's to cook Deirdre breakfast backfires their marriage finally reaches crisis point and Ken decides to walk out of the Barlow house.Has their marriage reached the end of the road? Gail and and Claire find their peace when they discover that Darryl is living in the Morton's garden shed.Ryan starts to get suspicous as Paul dissappears again.moreless
  • Monday 30 April 2007 [Episode 2]
    Michelle is shocked by Steve's move on her leading a tense evening at The Rovers.However they soon clear the air and Steve is left stunned when she tells hm about Dean's death. The fallout from Liam's revelation continues. Ken confides in Emily about his marriage troubles.
  • Monday 30 April 2007 [Episode 1]
    Michelle decides whether she's going to tell Ryan the turth about and thanks Carla for being honest.but when she decides she wants to leave the area Steve decides to comfort her in the only way he knows how-By kissing her! Ken and and Deirdre continue to blame each other for Tracy being in prison as their marriage continues to reach breaking point.Sean and Violet prepare to hit the town.moreless
  • Sun 29 April 2007
    Sun 29 April 2007
    Episode 86
    Michelle confront Liam and is horrfied when she hears what happened the night her boyfriend died and reacts by slapping Liam round the face and disowning him and Paul.Vera enjoys being an invalid as Jack,Tyrone and Molly rally round to help her.Chesney presents his school play costume to his family.
  • Fri 27 April 2007
    Fri 27 April 2007
    Episode 85
    Vera's attempts to get Jack to help more around the house backfires when she takes a tumble down the stairs.Eileen breaks down as she tries to come to terms with Holly's departure.Carla's fury at being turfed out of Underworld leads to Michelle's suspicions about her boyfriend's death being raised.Is the turth about Dean's death about to come out?moreless
  • Wed 25 Apr, 2007
    Wed 25 Apr, 2007
    Episode 84
    The day Eileen has been dreading finally arrives as social services come to take Baby Holly back to Emma. Will Eileen hand the baby over? Is Liz really about to betray Vernon and begin an affair with Derek.Blanche arrvies home from her friend's place to find tension between Ken and Deirdre.The tension also continues to be rife at Underworld and Liam has had enough.moreless
  • Monday 23 April 2007 [Episode 2]
    Gail and Jason try to stop Eileen from leaving the street but will she really do the unthinkable and through with her plan to kidnap Baby Holly? Sally and Hayley confront the Connors again over Kisha's death but are fobbed off by Paul when he makes an annoucment.Liz and Derek continue their flirting behind Vernon's back.moreless
  • Monday 23 April 2007 [Episode 1]
    As Gail realises that things with Eileen aren't what they seem,Eileen comes to shock decsion about her and Baby Holly's future.As tensions continue to mount at Underworld Paul decides to to organise a collection for Kisha's family. Ken- reaching breaking point with the guilt people are suffering over Tracy's trial-tells Claire the turth about Charlie's murder.moreless
  • Sun 22 April 2007
    Sun 22 April 2007
    Episode 81
    Eileen's anger at both Jason's move to the Platt's and Baby Holly boils over as Claire joins the battle to try and get her to give the baby back to Emma.Liam refuses to give up on Leanne but will they give into passion or will the escorting win out.The factory girls are shocked by Carla and Paul's behaviour as the gulf between Management and staff over Kisha's death widens.moreless
  • Fri 20 April 2007
    Fri 20 April 2007
    Episode 80
    Emma tries again to get Eileen to hand Baby Holly back to her and when she again refuses to listen, Jason takes serious action.Janice confronts Leanne about her new relationship with Liam but will Leanne continue with the escorting? Peter and Adam leave for Portsmouth leaving both Ken and Deirdre with their deteriorating marriage and Maria cursing that she's been lied to again.moreless
  • Wed 18 Apr, 2007
    Wed 18 Apr, 2007
    Episode 79
    Liam and Leanne give into their passion and share a kiss as they drown their sorrows at a Italian resturant.Still suspicous of the events over Kisha's death, the factory girls confront Paul as Health and safety declare that the death was an accident.Adam and Peter preapre to leave for Portsmouth.Is Bill about to propose Marriage to Audrey?moreless
  • Mon 16 Apr 2007 (Episode 2)
    The Police and Ambulance teams swarm the street following Kisha's death at the factory but Sally and the rest of the Factory girls start to become suspicous over what really happended.Jerry confronts Teresa over her treatment of Kayleigh and Finlay when she calls round to reclaim her electrical goods.Audrey and Bill decide to organise a party for Gail's 50th birthday.moreless
  • Mon 16 Apr 2007 (Episode 1)
    Carla's delight at finishing her last pair of dungarees turns to horror when Kisha falls down the stairs to her death-but will Carla call for an ambulance or will she call for Paul to cover up the death? and will they be caught in the act when Liam and Sally arrvie for work? Violet tries in vain to get through to Eileen over Baby Holly? Vernon has a hangover and a lot of explaining to do to Lizmoreless
  • Sun 15 April 2007
    Sun 15 April 2007
    Episode 76
    The tug of love for Baby Holly leads to violent showdown between Eileen and Emma and it also leads to Jason to wash his hands of Holly by issuing Eileen with an ultimatum- It's him or Baby Holly.Will Peter decide to keep his relationship with Maria going.Carla tries to get a big order finshed by persuading the evening shift to work through the night.moreless
  • Fri 13 April 2007
    Fri 13 April 2007
    Episode 75
    Jason confides in Sarah about what has happended over Holly but will he change his mind and help Eileen fight for Baby Holly? The Mortons have sore heads following the party the previous night while Gail has the hangover from hell. Vernon disappears again but returns with a marriage proposal leaving Steve horrfied.moreless
  • Wed 11 Apr, 2007
    Wed 11 Apr, 2007
    Episode 74
    Eileen tells Jason he is not Holly's father but is stunned when he tells her he refuses to fight for her.It is the day of Darryl and Mel's 18th birthday but Jerry and Gail enjoy the party a little too much.Janice's gulit about dobbing Joanne into immigration is coumpounded when her colleauges decide to support Joanne's appeal.moreless
  • Monday 9 April 2007 [Episode 2]
    As Eileen tries to come to terms with Emma's bombshell she realises she's got a fight on her hands if she wants to keep Holly.The Mortons are stunned when Kayleigh and Finlay's mother Teresa takes off on holiday leaving Kayleigh and Finlay to fend for themshelfs.Jason and Bill are delighted when Audrey invites into the Bulider's yard as Jason's furture begins to look brighter unaware of the bombshell that Eileen has for him.moreless
  • Monday 9 April 2007 [Episode 1]
    Eileen is shocked when Holly's mother Emma returns to the street to drop a shocking bombshell-it turns out that Charlie is really Holly's father-Not Jason! Kayleigh's shop lifting leads to a shoc discovery for Jerry when returns her to her mother's.Ken's attitude to Tracy's request angers a distraught Deirdre.
  • Sun 8 April 2007
    Sun 8 April 2007
    Episode 71
    Ken and Deirdre visit Tracy in prison where she disowns them and tells them not to vist her in prison again leading to a tearful goodbye.Paul is furious when Janice confesses to calling immagration. Peter decides to go back to Portsmouth and also invites Adam to go with him
  • Fri 6 April 2007
    Fri 6 April 2007
    Episode 70
    Immagration and the police decsend on Underworld but Janice's attmept to get rid of the polish workers backfires when it is revealed that Joanne is the illegal immagrant and Janice realises she has shopped her own friend to the police! The aftermath of Tracy's trial continues.Liz gives Vernon an ultimatum about his drum lessons.moreless
  • Trial of a Barlow [The aftermath]
    Shockwaves rivaite round the street as the residents try to come to terms with the verdict of the trial and life will never be the same again for the Barlows.The Mortons start planning Mel and Darryl's 18th birthday party.As Janice continues to wind up the polish girls with her comments, Joanne shocks Hayley with a confession about her past.moreless
  • Trial of a Barlow [Episode 6]
    Tracy is found gulity of Charlie's murder is given a mandatory life sentence with minimum of 15 years leaving both Barlows and the rest of the street reeling.Jason and Sarah tell Gail about the cctv tape as Gail confronts David about his story.Leanne makes a fool out of Liam over the survey at No.7moreless
  • Trial of a Barlow [Episode 5]
    Both the defence and prosecution give their closing speeches as the jury prepare to reach a verdict.Steve is devastated when Deirdre tells him Tracy plans to leave the street whether is found gulity or not leaving him worried about Amy.The factory girls have had enough of Janice's behaviour over the polish workersmoreless
  • Sun 1 April 2007
    Sun 1 April 2007
    Episode 66
    The tension mounts at the Barlows with Tracy still furious with her Deirdre over her perfromance in the witness stand and it leads to Tracy makeing a shock decsion about her future.Baby Freddie goes missing in Casey's care.Has Claire made a huge error of judgement? Molly and Amber are bemused by Dev's midlife crisismoreless
  • Trial of a Barlow [Episode 4]
    David and Deirdre both give bad perfromances in the witness stand and as the jury prepare to retire for the weekend,has the defence team done enough to prove Tracy's innocence?.Vicky refuses to take The factory girls's jibes lying down.Deirdre tells Tracy's solictor Jane the turth about Charlie's death leaving Tracy fruious with her mother.moreless
  • Trial of a Barlow [Episode 3]
    The Prosecution try to discedit Claire by forcing her to reveal that she once had post-natal depression and the fact that was sectioned. Meanwhile Tracy takes the stand but will she crack under pressure and reveal the turth in court?.Kayleigh moves back in with her mother but can Teresa afford to keep her?moreless
  • Trial of a Barlow [Episode 2]
    Tracy's long awaited Murder trial finally begins with Jason taking the stand first. Meanwhile Adam and Peter start to become suspicous of Tracy's innocence.Kayleigh is delighted when Jerry gives into her demand that she move back in with her mother
  • Trial of a Barlow [Episode 1]
    it's the day of tracy's trial for killing Charlie and Deirdre tells Ken the shocking turth what happened leaving Ken furious with Tracy. Kayleigh tells Jerry she wants to move out of the street.Norris cooks for Emily following her trying day.
  • Sun 25 March 2007
    Sun 25 March 2007
    Episode 61
    In a special two-hander episode between Mother and daughter set the night before Tracy's murder trial, she and Deirdre exchange home turths and their relationship reahces breaking point when Tracy finally tells her mother what happened on the night of Charlie's murder.
  • Fri 23 March,2007
    Fri 23 March,2007
    Episode 60
    Following Deirdre's panic attack Ken tries to tell her not to take the stand at Tracy's upcoming trial.Jaice and Leanne continue to clash over Leanne's job.Norris is not happy when Doreen moves in with Rita
  • Wed 21 March 2007
    Wed 21 March 2007
    Episode 59
    The paramedics are called to the street when Deirdre has a terrible panic attack following a vicious showdown between Tracy and Maria over Peter.Janice tries to put an end to Leanne's profession. Derek asks Liz out on another date
  • Mon 19 March 2007 [Episode 2]
    Janice confronts Leanne about her new profession and gives her her marching orders when she hears what she has to say. Tracy continues to be on edge over Deirdre's snopping.Steve and Dev are shocked when Paul loses his cash in huge style.
  • Mon 19 March 2007 [Episode 1]
    Janice discovers the shocking turth about Leanne's new profession-She selling hershelf for sex.The Morton clan gather for the opening of their new takeway business.Paul,Steve and Dev bond over a game of golf.
  • Sun 18 March 2007
    Sun 18 March 2007
    Episode 56
    New family the Morton's move into Tracy's old house but how will she and the rest of the street react? Tracy tires of Deirdre's constant questioning as her doubts about her daughter's innocence continue.Janice gets her job at Underworld back.Deirdre asks Claire whether she saw Tracy murder Charlie.
  • Mon 23 July 2007 (Episode 1)
    Claire confides in Casey, telling her that she misses Ashley dearly - so Casey visits the street to help the overburdened butcher, an offer he's more than happy to accept. Meanwhile, Sean pressures Violet into taking a pregnancy test.
  • Fri 16 Mar,2007
    Fri 16 Mar,2007
    Episode 55
    Deirdre visits Gail to discuss David's "nightmares" in order to find more over whether Tracy is telling the turth but when she finds out Tracy is furious.Paul finally arrvies home as Carla promises to keep his secret.Does Leanne's new job seem too good to be true?
  • Sun 22 July 2007
    Sun 22 July 2007
    Episode 54
    Liz makes a heartfelt plea to Vernon when he prepares to jet off to Spain, and Leanne plays down her staff problems to anxious investor Roger. Ashley pays Claire a surprise visit, telling her that he can't cope on his own, while Jason is unhappy when he sees Eileen with Pat.moreless
  • Wed 14 March 2007
    Wed 14 March 2007
    Episode 54
    Deidre comes to the conclusion that she doesn't believe Tracy's version of the events surrounding Charlie's death. Liam and Carla fear for Paul's safety when he doesn't return to the Street. Derek asks Liz out but is turned down in favour of Vernon.
  • Mon 12 March 2007 [Episode 2]
    Liam reinstates Sean to end the strike after a disastrous business meeting. Carla continues to fret about Paul's behaviour before discovering the terrible secret her husband has been hiding for years. Peter is astonished at Tracy's confident attitude to her future prospects, Janice and Leanne catch up on the gossip, and Peter eyes up Maria.moreless
  • Mon 12 March 2007 [Episode 1]
    Paul loses his temper, sacking Sean for boasting and causing the Underworld workforce to go on strike - just as Liam is preparing for a meeting with potential buyers. Janice returns from France, and Dev's tired image gets an overhaul from Molly and Amber.
  • Sun 11 March 2007
    Sun 11 March 2007
    Episode 51
    Jason hands over The tape of Tracy and David to Deirdre who is shocked by what she sees and confronts her daughter but will she keep the tape or destroyed it? Carla and Liam continue to be shocked by Paul's extreme reaction to Ryan's arrest for joyriding.Sean's apologies to Michelle continue to get him nowhere even when he breaks it off with Sonny.moreless
  • Fri 9 Mar,2007
    Fri 9 Mar,2007
    Episode 50
    Ryan's discovery of Sean and Sonny's affair lands in hot water with the police and into trouble Paul.Jason shows Sarah the CCTV footage of David and Tracy and she and Deirdre confront Tracy-are about to find out about her and David's scheme? Liz hits off with new deliery man Derek.
  • Wed 7 Mar, 2007
    Wed 7 Mar, 2007
    Episode 49
    Tracy tries to use Adam as a get out ploy over her and David's scheme but when he lets her down she realises she's going to have to go through with sudction David but as they head to Charlie's flat,Jason gets the shock of his life-is their scheme about to be exposed.Sean and Michelle come face to face as Steve realises the secret's out and thinks with chance with Michelle has come.moreless
  • Mon 5 Mar ,2007 [Episode 2]
    Michelle is devastated when Sean tells her the turth about his and Sonny's affair leading her to break off her engagement with Sonny and ending their relationship.Vernon dissappears while on a job for Streetcars Will Tracy stall David or will she give into his demands. Jamie tries to warn Liam about messing with Leanne. But will he listen?moreless
  • Mon 5 Mar ,2007 [Episode 1]
    After extracting the turth from Steve, The Connor brothers confront Sean about his affair with Sonny. Is The game up? Tracy's had enough of David's game playing and issues him with her own ultimatum.Leanne moves out of Jamie's and with Liam's help breaks into Jancie's flat.
  • Sun 4 Mar,2007
    Sun 4 Mar,2007
    Episode 46
    In order to slience Steve, Michelle confronts Sean? Is the turth about to come out about Sean and Sonny's affair.Are Jamie and Leanne about to rekindle their relationship?.Norris is furious with Rita when she suffers another hangover following another night out with Doreen.
  • Fri 2 Mar,2007
    Fri 2 Mar,2007
    Episode 45
    The news of Sonny and Michelle's engagment spreads throught the street and Steve tries to drop the bombshell about Sonny and Sean's affair but he is not believed.Paul comes under fire from the factory girls as a frim divivde rocks the workplace.Jamie gets a shock when Leanne returns to the street and with Janice still in Paris she is forced to spend the night at his place.moreless
  • Wed 28 Feb, 2007
    Wed 28 Feb, 2007
    Episode 44
    Sonny invites Michelle to lunch where he ends porposing marraige to her leaving Sean confused about where he stands with Sonny.Jason to starts to come round slowly over the responsibility of looking after baby Holly.Claire breaks the rules in order to meet up with a girl named Casey but she is telling Ashley the turth about thier meetings.moreless
  • Mon 26 Feb,2007 [Episode 2]
    The bomb disposal unit and the Army move out of the street leaving behind them a scene of devastation at the Peacock's. Steve revels in the knowledge of Sean and Sonny's affair.Tyrone decides to get rid of the metal detector.Tracy is so freak out by David's campaign she ends up confiding in Steve.moreless
  • Mon 26 Feb,2007 [Episode 1]
    Kirk, Chesney, Tyrone and Eileen make a shocking discovery in the Peacock's back garden leads to both the bomb disposal unit and the army being called and the whole street being evacuated.Sean tries to end things with Sonny but to no avail as they spend the afternoon together in bed.David and Tracy's liason is stopped by the arrvial at the door of a soldier. Have David and Tracy been rumbled?moreless
  • Sun 25 Feb,2007
    Sun 25 Feb,2007
    Episode 41
    Jamie is shocked when Sean confides in him about his lust for Sonny. Will Sean tell Michelle? Meanwhile Steve gives Sonny a hard time about the previous night infront of Michelle.Becky solves Carla's staffing promlems but what's her price? Tyrone Molly Fiz and Kirk argue about how to spend thier new found fortune.moreless
  • Fri 23 Feb,2007
    Fri 23 Feb,2007
    Episode 40
    Steve Lloyd Jamie and Sean hit the town for a lad's night out and the lads are delighted when Sean pulls but when Steve goes to look for Sean he him and Sonny kissing.How will Steve react and will he tell Michelle? Tyrone and Kirk discover an old metal dector in the back of a customer's car.Tracy puts on her sweetness and light act for David.moreless
  • Wed 21 Feb, 2007
    Wed 21 Feb, 2007
    Episode 39
    David campaign on Tracy continues but when the Barlows learn that they are not entitled to legal aid which could mean a hefty court bill how far will she go to satisfy him? Hayley finally makes amends with Becky and offers her her job back at Roy's Rolls.Steve decides to plan a lads night out for Friday nightmoreless
  • Mon 19 Feb,2007 [Episode 2]
    Tracy is furious as David ups the ante on his blackmail and manipulation campaign gathers apace but will Tracy be forced to agree to his demands? Hayley attempts to get Becky's job back at underworld but to no avail.Michelle continues to be irrtated by Steve's attmepts to sabotage her relationship with Sonny.moreless
  • Mon 19 Feb,2007 [Episode 1]
    David visits Tracy's solicitor Jane to go trough and dispite a bad start,manage to convince her of Tracy's innocence but after the visit he then issues Tracy a new ultimatum but what is it?.As Roy and Hayley begin the clear up following the fire,Hayley cotinues to feel gulity about her treatment of Becky.Has she forced her back to a life of crime? Steve continues to wind Michelle up over his relationship with Tracy.moreless
  • Sun 18 Feb,2007
    Sun 18 Feb,2007
    Episode 36
    Following the cafe fire, Hayley publicly blames Becky in the rovers but when she is the stunned to discover that an electrcal fault with the fat fryer caused the fire.but is it a case of too little too late for Becky? Cilla gloats over her victory as Maria tries to cheer Fiz up. Carla and Paul's marraige reaches crisis point.moreless
  • Fri 16 Feb,2007
    Fri 16 Feb,2007
    Episode 35
    Becky tries again to apologise again to the Croppers but her attmepts fall on deaf ears and she ends becoming prime suspect when the cafe burns to the ground.Eileen and Claire decide to job-share in both Streetcars and Babysitting both Freddie and Holly.Chesney makes an important decsion as the battle between Cilla and Fiz comes to an end.moreless
  • Wed 14 Feb, 2007
    Wed 14 Feb, 2007
    Episode 34
    Eileen and Jason have a huge showdown over Holly when she finds out Jason called social services.The showdown ends with Jason declaring that Eileen can have Holly.Cilla regains the upper hand with Chesney.Steve tries to make Michelle jealous by kissing Tracy but is his plan working?
  • Mon 12 Feb,2007 [Episode 2]
    After Holly is found safe and well,Jason confides in Violet about his problems before coming to a major decsion about Holly's future.Michelle and Steve continue to try and outwit each other their relationships with Sonny and Tracy. Cilla resorts to dirty tricks in the battle over Chesney as Les warns her not to push it.moreless
  • Mon 12 Feb,2007 [Episode 1]
    Jason problems reach breaking point when Holly disappears from the Grimshaw house. Steve is caught red-handed by Blanche trying to leave the Barlows following his one-night stand with Tracy but he is delighted when sees the effect the news of his liason has on Michelle.Fiz finally loses patience with Cilla over Chesney and declares war.moreless
  • Sun 11 Feb,2007
    Sun 11 Feb,2007
    Episode 31
    Amy's birthday party brings Tracy and Steve closer together and they end up spending the night together.Liam gets it from all corners over his liason with Joanne.As Fiz stuggles to fed her brother she's forced to take matter into her own hands
  • Fri 9 Feb,2007
    Fri 9 Feb,2007
    Episode 30
    Kelly discovers the turth about Joanne and Liam's affair and gives Paul an ultimatum-either Joanne leaves Underworld or she does.Blanche gives Tracy a warning about her drinking habits and her new found feelings for Steve.Jason continues to come under pressure from Jodie.The battle between Fiz and Cilla over Chesney's well being continues.moreless
  • Wed 7 Feb, 2007
    Wed 7 Feb, 2007
    Episode 29
    After Tracy's mystery man stands her up at a nightclub Steve drives Tracy home but will their passion be regnited? Sean comes close to telling Michelle the turth about Sonny's past.Jason gets strips teared off from both Jodie and Sarah as he continues to juggle both work and looking after Baby Holly.moreless
  • Mon 5 Feb,2007 [Episode 2]
    Sean confronts Sonny about their past and then confides in Steve that Sonny is not all he seems.Cilla continues to feel gulity about her treatment of Chesney and starts a campaign to get him back.Kelly is suspicious about why Joanne suddenly dumped Adam.
  • Mon 5 Feb,2007 [Episode 1]
    As Steve stews over not being able to have the woman of his dreams, Sean is horrfied when Michelle Itroduces him to Sonny-it turns out that Sean knows Sonny as Sondip! Cilla is called to Chesney's school where after Chesney's headteacher tells her some home turths- she begins to realise the concequences of her cancer lie.Rita is reunited with her old friend Doreen Fenwick.Becky's attempts to apologise to Hayley fall on deaf ears.moreless
  • Sun 4 Feb,2007
    Sun 4 Feb,2007
    Episode 26
    The Police find Roy and Hayley's car in the middle of the countryside and Becky's part in the thief is exposed when her coat is found inside forcing Hayley to give Becky her marching orders from the cafe.Sonny arrvies back from his business trip to Dublin with gifts for Michelle and proves to be a hit with the Connors when he cooks dinner.The Barlows are furious with Tracy for staying out all night.moreless
  • Fri 2 Feb,2007
    Fri 2 Feb,2007
    Episode 25
    After she gives David a car stereo and a few of Amy's teddies,Tracy goes off the rails by trying to flirt with Dev,Getting drunk in the Rovers and then taking off for a night club in a taxi,Much to Ken and Deirdre's dismay.Slug and Becky steal Roy and Hayley's new car.Will they get rumbled? Joanne's affair with Liam hots up.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jan, 2007
    Wed 31 Jan, 2007
    Episode 24
    Tracy is shocked when her plan is ruined when David reveals he didn't see her murder Charlie and blackmails her by wanting her to be very nice to him.Slug returns to the street and demands that Becky meets him for a drink.Will she return to her bad ways? Cilla and Fiz square up over Chesney.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jan, 2007
    Wed 31 Jan, 2007
    Episode 24
    Tracy is shocked when her plan is ruined when David reveals he didn't see her murder Charlie and blackmails her by wanting her to be very nice to him. Slug returns to the street and demands that Becky meets him for a drink.Will she return to her bad ways? Cilla and Fiz square up over Chesney.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jan,2007 [Episode 2]
    Suspicious about what he knows, Tracy confronts David and soon realises that he's lying and decides to use him to her advantage.Meanwhile the police question Maria about Charlie trying to drown David.Jodie Morton Arrvies on the street with her grandad.Joanne and Liam give into temptation but will she tell the rest of the factory girls?moreless
  • Mon 29 Jan,2007 [Episode 1]
    Tracy is finally granted bail after David goes to the police with his claims about the murder but is he telling the turth? Les and Cilla invite Chesney to lunch but end up blowing their chance by brickering so much that he ends up going back to school.Roy and Hayley make a surprising find as they help Becky prepare for her car boot sale.moreless
  • Sun 28 Jan,2007
    Sun 28 Jan,2007
    Episode 21
    After being spunned by Maria, David gets his own back by revealing to Blanche that Charlie tried to drown him.And then Looking Maria in the eye, he makes a shocking revelation.Les's attempt's to bond with Chesney over a game of football backfires.Sean arrvies home from his trip to find Violet in tears.Is Kelly intrested in Liam?moreless
  • Fri 26 Jan,2007
    Fri 26 Jan,2007
    Episode 20
    Tracy is let out of prison long enough to attend Charlie's funeral and an upset Maria blames her for his death.Dispite Cilla's amour the Battersby appear to be missing Chesney.David misreads the signals and tries to kiss Maria but she rejects his advances.
  • See you in the Mourning
    The Barlow's commiserate with Tracy as she spends her 30th birthday behind bars. after playing the wronged women with her parents, Tracy's solicitor heaves a big dose of reality onto her when she tells her she could face 20 years in prison. Jason plans Charlie's funeral, and David tries to make the most of Maria's vulnerable state. Cilla accuses Fiz of brainwashing Chesney, and Norris internet hobby gives Rita an idea to trace members of her former dance troupe.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan,2007 [Episode 2]
    As the Battersbys look for Chesney he wanders the streets with Scmeichel, cold and hungry. Cilla calls the police as the youngster huddles in a bus shelter, unable to take the bus with his pet. As the search party continues the night grows darker Which leads to Fiz having an accident on her motorbike and a heart to heart between the pair.Jason is told that Charlie’s body can be released as soon as someone claims it, but with no trace of any relatives he’s left wondering what to do. Biting the bullet, Jason asks the Barlows if they will sort out the funeral, but with their daughter in prison and the cost of Tracy’s trial hanging over them, they’re in no mood to help. Where will Jason turn next?moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan,2007 [Episode 1]
    Cilla’s back and despite Les’ efforts to clean up the house, she’s less than impressed and tells him she’s still planning to make his life a misery. But her cocky mood soon evaporates as she receives a frosty reception on the street from those she conned, before learning that Chesney has moved out and is now living with Fiz. But as they argue amongst themselves, Kirk realises Chesney is missing and as the search begins it soon becomes clear he’s done a runner.It’s Blanche’s birthday but the Barlows are in no mood to celebrate as Ken tries to figure out how he can raise the cash to pay for Tracy’s fancy new solicitor.

  • Sun 21 Jan,2007
    Sun 21 Jan,2007
    Episode 16
    With Tracy’s new solicitor on board, Ken starts to worry about how she’s going to be paid for now they’re not on legal aid. Tracy’s angry as she pulls on their heart strings wondering how much her freedom is worth. Blanche offers some of her own cash but with Deirdre piling on the pressure, Ken knows this is his problem to sort out and as he goes through his paperwork he realises there’s only one solution.Peter, meanwhile, finds a pleasing distraction to the Barlows’ problems in Maria and wastes no time in launching into some serious flirting with the sexy salon girl. Will she succumb to his advances? Les is still in the doghouse with Chesney after Cilla’s departure and attempts to lure him back to the Battersbys’ with the prospect of decorating. But Chesney won’t be swayed and an irate Fiz marches round to number 5 to tell Les he needs to buck his ideas up if she’s going to let Chesney return home.

  • Fri 19 Jan,2007
    Fri 19 Jan,2007
    Episode 15
    Claire is busy trying to rally support for Tracy on the street whilst Ken and Deirdre visit her in prison. Deirdre’s wracked with guilt about what’s happened and resents Ken for stopping her interfering earlier. It’s an emotional visit and Deirdre is heartbroken when they’re forced to leave Tracy. However, once her parents are out of sight Tracy transforms into being a hard-faced murderess. Should she be feeling so confident? How long will Ken and Deirdre be hoodwinked by her? Sarah helps Jason out with Holly and Liam isn’t happy to see Carla is recruiting more Underworld girls to work on her dungarees project.

  • Wed 17 Jan,2007
    Wed 17 Jan,2007
    Episode 14
    After being charged with the murder of Charlie ,a frightened Tracy makes her first appearance in court where she is denied bail. As Tracy is led away she lets out an impassioned cry claiming that she loved Charlie and didn’t murder him. Back at the Barlows’, tensions run high as blame is bandied around. Tracy, on the other hand, appears cool and collected; she seems ready for the fight, but will she come out on top? Back at the yard, Jason is struggling to come to terms with the death of his mate and while Sarah is helping him cancel jobs the police arrive to question him. Jason wastes no time in enlightening the police to Tracy’s scheming ways and insists that she is guilty of murdering Charlie. Is Jason’s testimony going to destroy Tracy’s chances of getting away with it?moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan,2007 [Episode 2]
    Maria and Jason are shocked and devastated to discover that the crash team were unable to revive Charlie and he’s dead. The police break the news to Tracy who hides her joy and plays the grieving girlfriend. However, the police disrupt her performance when they explain that new evidence has put events in a different light and are taking her back in for questioning.And just when Tracy thought things couldn't get any worse she is then charged with Charlie's murder! Elsewhere, a furious Fiz gives Les a piece of her mind when Chesney is locked out of the house because he’s lost his key and Les is asleep on the sofa! How long will Fiz let Les get away with neglecting Chesney like this?moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan,2007 [Episode 1]
    Claire and Gail are being questioned by the police and it appears as though Tracy’s months of plotting are paying off as the two women paint a damning picture of ‘violent’ Charlie . Over at the hospital, Maria joins Jason at Charlie’s bedside, her emotions all over the place as she sees the man she once loved in such a critical state. As they discuss their shared scepticism of Tracy’s version of events, an alarm goes off as Charlie flat lines.Over at the Battersby household, a concerned Fiz looks on as Les falls apart without Cilla.While he works all the hours he can, poor Chesney is suffering. Will Fiz take matters into her own hands?moreless
  • Sun 14 Jan,2007
    Sun 14 Jan,2007
    Episode 11
    Charlie has survived Tracy’s attempted murder and is on a life support machine in hospital. Meanwhile, Tracy doesn’t know whether he’s dead or alive when she’s interviewed at the police station and plays the part of battered girlfriend perfectly, dropping hints about Charlie’s ‘violent abuse’ whilst all the time claiming her only concern is for him! Tracy manages to get bail returns to the street and goes to the hospital to wish Charlie a speedy death! Meanwhile, everyone on the street is shocked by Tracy’s actions and only Jason believes that Charlie might be the victim. Claire blames herself for not doing more, whilst Maria struggles with mixed emotions.moreless
  • Fri 12 Jan,2007 [Episode 2]
    As murder week comes to an end,Tracy's revenge plan reaches a shocking climax. Has she finally got the ultimate revenge on Charlie? Or was she unable to carry it through to its bloody end? Meanwhile her plan seems to be working as everyone discusses how brutal Charlie has been ‘abusing’ her. Do they believe her lies?moreless
  • Fri 12 Jan,2007 [Episode 1]
    As ‘Murder Week’ on the street continues, will Tracy be able to go through with her plan? Will Charlie survive the day? Meanwhile the Barlows’ concern for Tracy grows and Deirdre wants to go over and see her, but Ken stops her from interfering until things have calmed down. Will Ken regret this decision? Becky arrives late for her shift in the same clothes as yesterday after spending the night with Rob, leaving Hayley and Roy concerned about her willingness to have one night stands!moreless
  • Wed 10 Jan,2007
    Wed 10 Jan,2007
    Episode 8
    Charlie finally rumbles Tracy's big revenge plan and challenges her to kill him? Will she go through with it? Liam is getting more frustrated with Carla’s constant presence and is shocked when he returns back from lunch to find that she’s squeezed her own desk in to the office!Becky is delighted when a handsome customer in the café, Rob, takes her out for a drink.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jan,2007 [Episode 2]
    Fuming Charlie lunges at half naked Peter and continues to pummel him despite Tracy’s frantic protests, genuinely worried she hurries downstairs to call the police. As Charlie drags a bloodied Peter into the street to continue the brawl he doesn’t discover that it’s Peter Barlow until Deirdre and Ken come running over as Peter lies unconscious on the floor! Charlie is furious with Tracy for misleading him and she feels guilty that Peter has been harmed. However, when the police arrive she has no problem turning events to her advantage and playing the part of the battered wife! Will Charlie get away with it? And will Tracy continue to plot against Charlie after seeing how dangerous he can be?the pub quiz kicks off and Roy and Norris take it very seriously indeed! Fierce competitors to the bitter end, it’s neck and neck between ‘Stop Press’ and the ‘Barmcake Army’ until Roy’s team win on the final question!

  • Mon 8 Jan,2007{Episode 1]
    Peter arrives back on the street to tales of Charlie’s alleged violent abuse of his sister and decides to spend a few days at her house to keep an eye on her. But when Charlie arrives home to the sound of a man in the shower, the sight of a man’s shirt and Tracy on the sofa with a bottle of wine, he jumps to the wrong conclusions.Will Tracy stop Charlie before he beats up her brother? Steve and Michelle have fun as they prepare questions for the pub quiz.Liam’s annoyed to find Carla using his office and his staff to aid her burgeoning business.

  • Sun 7 Jan,2007
    Sun 7 Jan,2007
    Episode 5
    A reluctant Liz is looking after Ryan whilst Michelle’s on her date with Sonny . When jealous Steve discovers that Sonny doesn’t know about Ryan he decides to use the situation to sabotage their date.The Barlow's concerns about Tracy grow decide their is one person who can deal with him-Her brother Peter.Janice decides to go to France with Rogermoreless
  • Fri 5 Jan,2007
    Fri 5 Jan,2007
    Episode 4
    Carla is still furious with Paul about the money and has no intention of giving up her business plans. She pays Hayley a secret visit in the factory to find out who is the best seamstress. When Hayley tells her it’s Kelly, Carla approaches her and tells her she’ll pay her extra if she makes some sample dungarees for her.Jason and Eileen meet with social services and are told that they have been unable to trace Holly’s mother.Tracy succeeds in rousing Deirdre’s concern when she acts the battered wife and complains about banging her head.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jan,2007
    Wed 3 Jan,2007
    Episode 3
    After fretting all night about who his new business partner might be, Liam is stunned to discover that Paul has bought Danny’s share of the factory at a hefty cost! Violet is devastated to learn that she’s lost the baby, but it gets worse when she’s also told that she has also lost one fallopian tube and damaged the other, so it’s likely that she won’t be able to have children.When Jason moans to Sarah about missing work, she berates him and tells him to get on with it like all other single parents have to, Jason finally starts to realise that Sarah might actually think better of him if he faced up to the duties of parenthood. Will Jason take heed of her advice and take his responsibility towards Holly more seriously or is he just interested in getting into Sarah’s good books?moreless
  • Mon 1 Jan,2007[Episode 2]
    Violet is rushed to hopsital where Eileen,Michelle,Sean and Jamie get some devastating news.Liam is angry after receiving a call from the elusive Danny and is furious that Danny has sold his share of the factory without informing him. Who is his mystery new business partner? Jason is left alone with Holly who won’t stop crying and calls Sarah desperate for some help. She reluctantly comes over and tells Jason that he should treasure his babymoreless
  • Mon 1 Jan,2007 [Episode 1]
    Whilst working in the pub, Violet complains that she has sharp pain in her shoulder but puts it down to sleeping awkwardly, Liz lets her go home but as the pain becomes unbearable Violet realises there is something serious wrong and manages to call 999 before collapsing. What has happened to Violet and will she and the baby survive? Jamie is on the warpath following Danny's phonecall and accuses Sean, Violet and Liam of spying for his dad!Eileen is getting more and more frustrated with Jason’s lack of interest in Holly and his eagerness to pass her onto social services.moreless