Coronation Street - Season 5

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  • Wed 30 Dec, 1964
    Wed 30 Dec, 1964
    Episode 105
    Stan and Charlie start collecting paper. The residents go to Hilda to have their fortunes told. No.13 is turned into a paper store. Hilda reads Val's cards and tells her she's going to have twins. Ena gets a letter from Wormold asking her to see her. The papers carry the story that David has been suspended, suspected of taking a bribe.moreless
  • Mon 28 Dec, 1964
    Mon 28 Dec, 1964
    Episode 104
    Stan likes the idea of Irma going out with the wealthy David. Ken feels that David could do better than Irma. Charlie is sacked from the Club. Irma's Godfather, Bernie Sparks turns up and tells Stan about his successful waste paper business. Hilda invites David for tea. Annie lends her her Crown Derby tea set. Bernie offers Stan a job, driving a waste paper van for £12 a week. Stan refuses the job and plans to start his own waste paper business with Charlie and Albert. Whilst washing up, Stan breaks one of Annie's plates. David and Irma are amused by the Ogden's idea of courtship.moreless
  • Wed 23 Dec, 1964
    Wed 23 Dec, 1964
    Episode 103
    The Street panto: Ena and Florrie arrange the children's refreshments, Hilda is in charge of makeup, Stan props and Minnie prompt. Cast: Cinderella – Lucille, Buttons – Dennis, Prince Charming – Elsie, Dandini – Emily, Ugly Sisters - Irma and Charlie, Fairy God Mother – Annie, Baron Hardup – Albert, Brockers man - Len The children enjoy the pantomime, especially when Len gets a custard pie in the face. David pretends he has torn a ligament but Irma reports they went dancing. The panto ends with the cast singing 'She Loves You'.moreless
  • Mon 21 Dec, 1964
    Mon 21 Dec, 1964
    Episode 102
    The players are reunited when they remember they're doing the panto for the kids, not themselves. The women withdraw their custom from Val's Salon. David Barlow turns up in a flash car to spend Christmas at No.9. He tells Ken and Val that he doesn't want the press knowing where he is. Irma falls for David and he arranges to take her on a date. Swindley fears the panto will never be put on. Elsie knocks them all cold with her costume and tights.moreless
  • Wed 16 Dec, 1964
    Wed 16 Dec, 1964
    Episode 101
    Ken refuses to let the bribe incident pass. Swindley wants to get involved in the panto. Val is horrified when Ken tells Piggott he's informing the police. The residents are disgusted with Ken for going to the police. He is shocked when Val sides with the others. Swindley takes charge when Emily finds the rehearsals too much. The cast walk out.moreless
  • Mon 14 Dec, 1964
    Mon 14 Dec, 1964
    Episode 100

    Ken refuses to touch the money and gets Albert to keep counting it to make sure it's all there. The costumes arrive for the panto. Emily tries hers on at Gamma and is embarrassed when Swindley returns. Billy gets a new job. Ken tells Piggott to take the money back but Piggott offers another £100 after the exams. He refuses to accept Ken's morals. Ken follows him to the Rovers and returns the money publically.

  • Wed 9 Dec, 1964
    Wed 9 Dec, 1964
    Episode 99
    Jack refuses to let Billy fetch Annie from the Egremont Hotel. He feels Annie might have left him for good and breaks down. Ena overhears and goes to see Annie herself. She tells her that Jack is decaying and tells her to return. Annie fears Jack won't want her back but Ena brings her home. Billy tells Annie he was sacked from the garage and that Jack has been paying his rent - to Mrs Nicholls. Annie apologises to Jack. Willie Piggott visits the Street to the resident's surprise. Billy returns to London. Piggott gives Ken £100 to ensure his son Brian passes his tech exam.moreless
  • Mon 7 Dec, 1964
    Mon 7 Dec, 1964
    Episode 98
    Dennis pays for the hole to be repaired when Charlie blackmails him over Rita in the bed. Billy arrives to find out the truth over Annie. Annie stays in a hotel under her maiden name. Stan gets a job at Shuttleworth's as Santa Claus. Elsie returns to the hole and to hear about Rita. Jack knows that wherever she is, Annie is enjoying her acting. Annie breaks down in the hotel so that a fellow guest will phone Jack and tell him where she is.moreless
  • Wed 2 Dec, 1964
    Wed 2 Dec, 1964
    Episode 97
    Jack contacts the police over Annie's disappearance. Dennis lets his old friend, showgirl Rita Littlewood, stay in Elsie's room in her absence. Bowden tells Jack there's nothing the police can do. Charlie lays flex in the Barlow's loft and puts his foot through the ceiling at No.11, and sees Rita in Elsie's bed.moreless
  • Mon 30 Nov, 1964
    Mon 30 Nov, 1964
    Episode 96
    Jack discovers that Annie has left. He realises she has found out about Mrs Nicholls. He phones Joan but Annie is not with her.
  • Wed 25 Nov, 1964
    Wed 25 Nov, 1964
    Episode 95
    Annie tells Jack she may visit Joan. She takes the evening off after seeing Jack with a woman. Jack accuses Lucille of not locking his private drawer and tells Annie he's had enough of her moods - he's master in his house. She starts to pack.
  • Mon 23 Nov, 1964
    Mon 23 Nov, 1964
    Episode 94
    Annie discovers that Jack has made regular payments of £6, 10 shillings. Emily organises Christmas entertainment for the children's home. Annie opens Jack's private drawer and discovers the cheques were to a Mrs Nicholls. Emily asks to play the lead in her Cinderella production.
  • Wed 18 Nov, 1964
    Wed 18 Nov, 1964
    Episode 93
    Lucille misses Harry. Grieves starts work on No.9 but walks out when Ken tells him to do a good job. Len lends him equipment and Charlie agrees to do it for them. Annie tries to withdraw money from the bank and discovers they are £63 overdrawn.
  • Mon 16 Nov, 1964
    Mon 16 Nov, 1964
    Episode 92
    Ken refuses to decorate No.9 himself and seeks professional help. Elsie is adamant that marriage to Len would not work. The Bank manager tells Jack his account is in the red. Decorator, Ted Grieves' estimate is sky high. Len tells Harry that Stanley can stay in Nottingham with him. Val decides to shop around for another decorator, but Ken gives Grieves the go ahead.moreless
  • Wed 11 Nov, 1964
    Wed 11 Nov, 1964
    Episode 91
    Val asks Emily to be Godmother to her child. Stan admits to stopping the clock and tells the police. Len rows with Elsie for not cooking his tea after working all day. She refuses to give up her job and he realises it wouldn't work out if they married. The police let the clock matter drop. Len tells Harry Bailey that he has an answer for him about Stanley.moreless
  • Mon 9 Nov, 1964
    Mon 9 Nov, 1964
    Episode 90
    The Walkers plan a free and easy with their new license. Elsie takes £9 off Len for his food per week. Sgt Bowden takes over the district and meets the residents. Annie brings in Howard Seymour to be the pianist but Jack sacks him when he refuses to play pub music and employs Alf Chadwick. During the party someone stops the clock. Ena and Minnie keep watch on Len's comings and goings at No.11. Bowden books Jack for serving after hours.moreless
  • Wed 4 Nov, 1964
    Wed 4 Nov, 1964
    Episode 89
    Sandra turns out to be one of Dennis' clients. She is madly in love with him and gives him a lock of her hair to keep. He is horrified as she has a Gretna Green timetable in her bag. He tells her he is engaged to Irma. The Walkers get their music license. Sandra tackles Irma in the Rovers but she cottons on and goes along with the story.moreless
  • Mon 2 Nov, 1964
    Mon 2 Nov, 1964
    Episode 88

    Len has his meals at No.11 but Elsie refuses to let him get physical. Trevor sends £4 home to repay some of the money. Len isn't pleased when Elsie makes him wash up. Sandra doesn't turn up at the rendezvous to meet Dennis, he discovers her at No.11.

  • Wed 28 Oct, 1964
    Wed 28 Oct, 1964
    Episode 87
    The word spreads that Dennis is getting married. He is not amused. Irma advises him to put an advert in the paper to meet Sandra. Emily studies the residents for a psychological course. Elsie suggests a trial marriage to Len to prove that they wouldn't work together.
  • Mon 26 Oct, 1964
    Mon 26 Oct, 1964
    Episode 86
    Jack wins Annie over with perfume. Len asks Elsie to marry him and be Stanley's mother. She laughs. Dennis passes his exam. Lucille meets Dennis' fiancée - Sandra Petty. Dennis denies knowing her.
  • Wed 21 Oct, 1964
    Wed 21 Oct, 1964
    Episode 85
    The Brewery install an electric clock in the Rovers. Ena breaks the news to Len that Nellie has died. Val suspects Irma of writing to Dennis for a laugh. Len tells Harry he won't go to the funeral. Harry asks him if he wants Stanley back. Jack goes on a tour of the local pubs on his wedding anniversary. Dennis sits his hairdressing exams. He confronts Irma but realises she didn't send the letter. Jack decides the Rovers needs music. Annie swears vengeance for him forgetting their anniversary.moreless
  • Mon 19 Oct, 1964
    Mon 19 Oct, 1964
    Episode 84
    Lucille accuses Emily of telling the Walkers. Jack refuses to let Annie write to the Hewitts about Lucille. He sorts her out by listening to her. The Brewery tell the Walkers that the other pubs have higher sales. Harry Bailey returns to the Street and asks Ena to tell Len that Nellie has died.moreless
  • Wed 14 Oct, 1964
    Wed 14 Oct, 1964
    Episode 83
    Elsie humours Dennis when he swears he doesn't know who sent the letter. Lucille plans to give her notice in on Friday to get extra money. The school's welfare officer calls on the Walkers about Lucille's 'illness'. They promise she will soon be back at school. They tell Lucille she has to return to school.moreless
  • Mon 12 Oct, 1964
    Mon 12 Oct, 1964
    Episode 82
    Florrie refuses to weep over Tickler. Dennis worries about his stylist exams. Florrie thinks Tickler will return. Emily discovers Lucille working at Mason's Record Shop, posing as 'Miss Jones'. Emily promises to keep quiet on the condition that Lucille gives the job up and returns to school. Dennis gets a mysterious love letter from 'Loverdoll'.moreless
  • Wed 7 Oct, 1964
    Wed 7 Oct, 1964
    Episode 81
    After everyone has been paid, Stan ends up with 30 shillings winnings. Jack is puzzled when a letter goes missing, not knowing Lucille has hidden it. Ena and Annie both have hangovers. Tickler worries as Florrie feels he wants to marry her. He feels she's too old for him. Dennis tells Lucille he knows she's skipping school. Tickler sneaks off, away from the area and Florrie.moreless
  • Mon 5 Oct, 1964
    Mon 5 Oct, 1964
    Episode 80
    Stan tries to back out of the match but can't. The residents gather on their ring side seats to watch the sport. The seven foot Ian petrifies Stan. Despite being four stone lighter than Ian, Stan is cheered on. Ena and Annie refuse to attend the match and get drunk together. Stan submits after a Boston Crab and is counted out after being thrown onto Hilda's lap.moreless
  • Wed 30 Sep, 1964
    Wed 30 Sep, 1964
    Episode 79
    Emily makes Stan a cloak with 'Ogden the Terrible' on it. Ena discovers Minnie has been gambling and has won on a treble accumulator. She accuses her of walking hand-in-hand with the Devil. Charlie is interested to discover she never picks a loser. Tickler fixes Stan up with a match - next week in the club against Ian Campbell.moreless
  • Mon 28 Sep, 1964
    Mon 28 Sep, 1964
    Episode 78
    The residents don't know who to vote for in the elections. Hilda can't sleep through worrying about Trevor. Tickler asks Florrie to help finance Stan's wrestling. Ena tells the candidates to visit her at the same time. The residents demand their money back from the Ogdens. Val feels there's something wrong with Lucille. Minnie rents a television, Ena wants to know where the money's come from. Stan goes into training. Ena agrees to let him use the Mission for 10% of his earnings.moreless
  • Wed 23 Sep, 1964
    Wed 23 Sep, 1964
    Episode 77
    Tickler is more interested in the shop than Florrie. Stan is alarmed when Irma sends him a 'get well' message via a request in Housewife's Choice. Trevor overhears the residents suspecting Irma of being the thief. Annie advises Florrie to set a trap for Irma. Irma sees through it and walks out. Irma finds Len's petty cash box empty in Trevor's room. Trevor leaves a note saying he's gone to London.moreless
  • Mon 21 Sep, 1964
    Mon 21 Sep, 1964
    Episode 76
    Ken's play is rejected by a TV company. The Barlows discover money has been taken from their house. Len suspects Irma, Minnie, Dennis and Tickler. He wonders if one of them is a kleptomaniac. He tackles Tickler about all his money and learns it's winnings from the dogs. Tickler thinks of promoting Stan as a wrestler. Elsie finds £2 is missing from No.11. Albert lays the flags back in his yard so that he won't get into trouble with Wormold. Stan agrees to be a wrestler.moreless
  • Wed 16 Sep, 1964
    Wed 16 Sep, 1964
    Episode 75
    Minnie is thrilled that Tickler is a wrestling manager. Len discovers someone has stolen his petty cash. The residents are surprised when Minnie starts spending money. Trevor writes off for a job in London. Albert's gold sovereign is stolen. He and Len start an investigation to find the thief.
  • Mon 14 Sep, 1964
    Mon 14 Sep, 1964
    Episode 74
    Tickler Murphy thanks Florrie for sending his wage packet back. He tells her he plans to stay in England until he has made his fortune. He shocks her by suggesting he moves in. Annie finds the till is £2 short. Tickler talks Minnie into taking him in as a lodger, sharing a room with Charlie. Hilda feels that Annie thinks that Irma has taken the money. Tickler makes Florrie feel important. Florrie discovers cigarettes are missing from the shop. The residents realise that someone went on the rampage during the bomb scare.moreless
  • Wed 9 Sep, 1964
    Wed 9 Sep, 1964
    Episode 73
    The residents are evacuated to the Mission cellar as the army are called in to defuse the bomb. Ena organises everyone and reminisces about the blitz with Albert and Minnie. Florrie refuses to leave the shop and has to be carried, kicking and screaming to the Mission by Stan. The residents relive the war singing their favourite songs. The army defuse the bomb but the residents enjoy themselves too much to return home. A policeman tells Florrie that there's an Irishman waiting for her in the Street.moreless
  • Mon 7 Sep, 1964
    Mon 7 Sep, 1964
    Episode 72
    Irma clears up the mess in the shop. Florrie has to have six stitches in her arm. Albert plans to turn his yard into a garden. Florrie regrets buying the shop and wants a man. Stan lifts the flag stones for Albert. Ena takes charge of Florrie when she goes into the Rovers in her pyjamas. Stan uncovers an old wartime bomb buried in Albert's yard.moreless
  • Wed 2 Sep, 1964
    Wed 2 Sep, 1964
    Episode 71
    Florrie accuses the customers of laughing at her over her Irishman. Stan shows off the Rolls and gives Hilda, Irma, Ena, Minnie, Albert, Charlie, and Little Titch a ride in it. The dog relieves itself in it and Minnie rips a seat with her hat pin. Stan is sacked. Norman offers Lucille a contract as a singer but she turns him down. Irma has enough of Florrie's behaviour and walks out. Florrie feels old and alone and snaps, wrecking the shop and breaking the window with a tin.moreless
  • Mon 31 Aug, 1964
    Mon 31 Aug, 1964
    Episode 70
    The talent contest at the sporting club. Lucille wins with a rendition of "My Guy".
  • Wed 26 Aug, 1964
    Wed 26 Aug, 1964
    Episode 69
    Charlie and Norman organise the talent contest. The residents grow concerned for Elsie's welfare. David confronts Elsie in No.11 and draws the gun on her when she tells him he's behaving childishly. When she starts to cry he breaks down and shows her that the gun is empty. He runs out and Dennis comforts Elsie.moreless
  • Mon 24 Aug, 1964
    Mon 24 Aug, 1964
    Episode 68
    Lennie threatens to close the club if trade doesn't pick up. Norman tells Charlie he'll be the first to go. Stan finds the chauffering easy. Charlie thinks of putting on a talent show at the club. Dennis tries to make David see he'll get over Elsie but David considers using his service revolver.moreless
  • Wed 19 Aug, 1964
    Wed 19 Aug, 1964
    Episode 67
    Stan has his interview at Amalgamated Steel. Elsie decides to finish with David. Ken tells Dennis that David is unbalanced and hates being crossed. Harry and Concepta say their goodbyes. David refuses to let Elsie finish with him and tells her he won't leave her life. Lucille assures Harry she'll be alright. Alone, she weeps. Stan gets the job. Irma finds David crying in the Street. He tells her that if he can't have Elsie no one can.moreless
  • Mon 17 Aug, 1964
    Mon 17 Aug, 1964
    Episode 66
    Dennis goes for David but Elsie stops him. He feels upset and feels that Elsie is showing herself up. Elsie tells him that she's just mothering David. Ken writes a television script based on Elsie's anonymous letter saga. Dennis asks Ken to find out what sort of person David is. Harry gets Stan an interview for his old job. Lucille sorts out her new bedroom at the Rovers. Ken comes round to the idea of being a father when Val tells him that she's expecting.moreless
  • Wed 12 Aug, 1964
    Wed 12 Aug, 1964
    Episode 65
    Lucille plans to move into Florrie's flat with Irma. Harry and Concepta are reconciled but realise that Lucille won't come with them. Elsie tells David not to crowd her. Dennis finds David's medallion and thinks it's for him. Emily returns to run Gamma, Swindley takes over another branch on holiday relief. Annie tells Concepta that Lucille can stay at the Rovers. Harry gives his notice in. Jack reinstates the Ogdens. David turns up at No.11 and is introduced to Dennis.moreless
  • Mon 10 Aug, 1964
    Mon 10 Aug, 1964
    Episode 64
    The Hewitts return from Ireland. Harry agrees to take over the Riley's garage although he doesn't really want to. Concepta tells him she's going to go even if he refuses to. David calls on Elsie at the dress shop. Dot thinks he's too young. Concepta decides to go to Ireland with Christopher. She tells Lucille she's tired of being treated as the wicked stepmother and that she should stick with Harry. Harry tells Lucille that they have to listen to Concepta. She realises he's now on Concepta's side. David gives Elsie his lucky charm necklace as a pledge.moreless
  • Wed 5 Aug, 1964
    Wed 5 Aug, 1964
    Episode 63
    Trevor finds a buyer for the onions. David is surprised to find Elsie has a son his age. He refuses the fact to spoil their affair. She tells him not to visit the Street and worries about his intenseness. Ena and Hilda keep watch as Trevor shifts the onions. Annie catches them and when she threatens Trevor, Hilda rows with her. Annie sacks her and Irma. Trevor makes a profit of 10 shillings but Hilda, Ena and Irma take it.moreless
  • Mon 3 Aug, 1964
    Mon 3 Aug, 1964
    Episode 62
    Ena discovers Trevor stacking twelve bags of onions in the Mission. She agrees to let them stay overnight for 10% of his profits. The Irishman writes to Florrie to thank her. He says he wants to thank her personally. Art teacher David Graham completes his portrait of Elsie and is infatuated with it. Ena keeps Annie occupied as Irma opens the Rover's cellar shoot and Trevor pushes the onions down. David tells Elsie he can't cope with not seeing her all the time.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jul, 1964
    Wed 29 Jul, 1964
    Episode 61
    Dennis is upset that men oggle at Elsie. Ena tells him it's his duty to shame her. The residents take precautions after a lot of burglaries in the area. Len offers Trevor an apprenticeship but he wants to make money. Dennis decides to pack in hairdressing so that Elsie won't have to pay for his course, he writes a letter of resignation. Elsie tells Dennis her posing is harmless and tears up the resignation. Irma gets Hilda the cleaning job at the Rovers. Ena is disturbed at night by an intruder in the Mission.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jul, 1964
    Mon 27 Jul, 1964
    Episode 60
    Elsie refuses to tell Dennis what her job is. Hilda plans to get a job to help Stan out. Ena advises Dennis to follow Elsie when she goes to work. Stan asks Len for a job but he has no training. Dennis follows Elsie to the School of Design. He watches as she poses for art students.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jul, 1964
    Wed 22 Jul, 1964
    Episode 59
    The police aren't interested in the fight. The riggers try to get the menfolk to join in the fight. They start on Len when he has his back turned, getting Ena out of the way. Val refuses to let Ken join in but Stan helps Len. Concepta is shocked when Hilda tells her that Stan enjoys knocking her about and that she doesn't mind. After the fight, Len snubs Harry. Dennis is suspicious of Elsie's job, especially when a Grecian urn arrives for her to use.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jul, 1964
    Mon 20 Jul, 1964
    Episode 58
    Emily goes to Wakefield for a rest, after sending the wedding presents back. Three riggers, Duffer, Dand and Joss, descend on the Street trying to make trouble. When they insult Ena, Len stands up for her. They challenge him and two mates to a fight that evening. Harry can't help Len as he has to arrange for the family to go to Ireland again. Annie removes her miniatures from display, anticipating the fight. Charlie, Ken and Gus back out of helping Len. He refuses not to fight and faces the riggers alone. Annie dials 999.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jul, 1964
    Wed 15 Jul, 1964
    Episode 57
    Jack gets prepared to give Emily away. Swindley has a hangover and is very nervous. Concepta, Val, Annie, Ena, Minnie, Hilda, Stan and Charlie wait in the Mission with Stuart, Lucille is bridesmaid, Ken and Harry are ushers. Emily tells Jack she can't go through with it because he knows it's wrong. The wedding is cancelled. Swindley knows that Emily did the right thing. He feels that she has spoken for both of them. He goes to the honeymoon hotel alone.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jul, 1964
    Mon 13 Jul, 1964
    Episode 56
    Emily isn't sure about her wedding dress. She isn't sure about the idea of sleeping with Swindley. He books the honeymoon in North Wales. Stuart tries to make Swindley see Emily would like to live in a new house. The men get a kitty going to buy drinks to get Swindley drunk. Ena feels that Swindley will drive Emily into an early grave. The batchelor party turn up at Swindley's. Emily tells Ken that she knows Swindley doesn't love her. Ena, Minnie and Hilda prepare the Mission the for the wedding. Emily's brother is stuck in Germany and can't give her away.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jul, 1964
    Wed 8 Jul, 1964
    Episode 55
    Elsie rows with Ken when she discovers he blames Val for being pregnant. She tells him she doesn't feel he's fit enough to have children. The residents set up the bazaar. Trevor does a lucky dip. Minnie judges the knobbly knees competition, she chooses Jack. The Barlows run the hoop-la, Minnie and Ena the cake stall, Swindley the clothes stall and Florrie refreshments. Swindley discovers he'll be married in a week.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jul, 1964
    Mon 6 Jul, 1964
    Episode 54
    The Ogdens move in with a party. Val finds out that she is pregnant but Ken isn't pleased.
  • Wed 1 Jul, 1964
    Wed 1 Jul, 1964
    Episode 53
    Florrie finds a factory worker's paypacket in a box of goods from Ireland. Ken advises her to send it back to the factory. Elsie tells Irma that if she doesn't want to live with her parents and can she can lodge with her. Wormold offers No.13 to Stan Ogden and his wife Hilda for £700 but they agree on £575. Stan puts £200 down and takes out a mortgage for the rest. Irma can't see how six of them will cope in the house.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jun, 1964
    Mon 29 Jun, 1964
    Episode 52
    Elsie agrees to tell fortunes at the bazaar. Lorry driver Stan Ogden roams the Street looking for his daughter called Freda, who turns out to be Irma. Len organises a knobbly knees contest. Swindley is annoyed that Albert is organising the bazaar. Stan tells Irma he's been reconciled with her mother and they want the family to get back together. She tells him if he means it he'll have to buy No.13.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jun, 1964
    Wed 24 Jun, 1964
    Episode 51
    Val tells Dennis that Lucille could easily have lost her hair and that it'll take three hours to get it back to how it was. Elsie gets an evening job, but is mysterious about it. Lucille likes her hair but Val redoes it for her at great expense. Albert starts to organise the Over 60s bazaar. Annie has an accident in the cellar, getting her arm jammed under a barrel. Mr Nugent refuses to attend the wedding.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jun, 1964
    Mon 22 Jun, 1964
    Episode 50
    Swindley and Emily set the date for July 18th. Dennis enroles in a hair dressing course for £60. Swindley buys Emily an engagement ring for £25. Elsie agrees to give Dennis £15 so he can enrol on the course. She tells him she's going to get a part time evening job. Len agrees to be Swindley's best man. Val lets Dennis watch her in the Salon. Mr Papagopolous disapproves of the engagement. In Val's absence, Dennis experiments on Lucille's hair and dyes it straw blonde accidently.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jun, 1964
    Wed 17 Jun, 1964
    Episode 49
    Concepta is summoned to Ireland when her father falls ill again. Harry and Christopher go with her and the Barlows take Lucille in. Jack refuses to sack Irma just to please Annie. Len is paid for the work he did at the club. Ena feels pushed out by Charlie. Elsie discovers Dennis has given up his job, she tells him to pack and leave but he tells her he's written off to get a trade in ladies' hairdressing.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jun, 1964
    Mon 15 Jun, 1964
    Episode 48
    Ken gets a scooter. Annie isn't sure about having Irma working in the Rovers. Charlie has Dennis climbing onto the roofs looking for his pigeon.
  • Wed 10 Jun, 1964
    Wed 10 Jun, 1964
    Episode 47
    Charlie's act doesn't go down very well at the club. Emily resigns from Gamma as she feels she can't work along side Swindley. She tells everyone she's leaving the district for good. Val is hurt that Ken had an intelligent conversation with Pip, she'd have rather he'd kissed her. Jack shows Irma the ropes at the Rovers. Charlie tells Dennis he won't make it in showbusiness. Swindley changes his mind and accepts Emily's proposal.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jun, 1964
    Mon 8 Jun, 1964
    Episode 46
    The men tell Val and Concepta about the strippers. Irma offers to help Jack out in the Rovers in the evenings with Annie away. Emily entertains Swindley to a romantic meal. She proposes to him but he refuses and runs out.
  • Wed 3 Jun, 1964
    Wed 3 Jun, 1964
    Episode 45
    Ken and Harry tell their wives that they're going to a Battle of Balaclava anniversary function. Swindley agrees to let Emily cook him a meal. Concepta and Val discover the men have lied to them. At the party, Ken tries to make Pip see that she's wasted as a dancer. He wants a relationship with her but she refuses. After the party the men are drilled as to what they did and are then confronted with the truth by their wives.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jun, 1964
    Mon 1 Jun, 1964
    Episode 44
    Minnie finds it hard to cope with Charlie's dog, Little Titch. Exotic dancer, Pip Mistral, invites Charlie to a party and asks him to supply the men. Lucille's headmistress demands the tattooes removal. Ken and Harry agree to join Len at Charlie's party.
  • Wed 27 May, 1964
    Wed 27 May, 1964
    Episode 43
    Emily feels Len is pitying her by slapping her bottom. Frank buys a detached house in Wilmslow and says his goodbyes. Charlie talks Minnie into letting her spare room to him. Frank leaves the Street without saying goodbye to Ken. Emily tells Annie that she feels her life has been wasted. She asks her if it would be right for her to propose to Swindley.moreless
  • Mon 25 May, 1964
    Mon 25 May, 1964
    Episode 42
    Swindley returns to Gamma. Dennis is told to find Charlie digs. He accidently lets Charlie's pigeons loose. Emily realises it's leap year. Elsie refuses to let Charlie stay at No.11.
  • Wed 20 May, 1964
    Wed 20 May, 1964
    Episode 41
    Ena lays on the funeral tea with Emily's help. Stuart and Swindley conduct the funeral together and Martha is buried with her husband. Workmen clear out Martha's house as a new family move in. When Lily pretends to be upset over Martha, Ena rows with her. Charlie Moffitt is taken on as resident comic at the club. The Booths leave the street.moreless
  • Mon 18 May, 1964
    Mon 18 May, 1964
    Episode 40
    Swindley returns to the street when he hears about Martha. Ena lays Martha out herself, in the Vestry bedroom. Lily Haddon and husband Wilf sort through Martha's belongings to find her policies. Minnie returns from holiday and breaks down when she hears the news. Lily is disgusted when Martha's policies come to only £22. Ena and Minnie discover a record at Martha's on which she swears her love for a strange man. Ena is pleased to know she had some fun in her life.moreless
  • Wed 13 May, 1964
    Wed 13 May, 1964
    Episode 39
    Frank sells his shop to Summitt Supermarkets for £6,000. He buys a new car, a white zodiac, and throws a party in the Rovers. Jerry finishes at the Yard and is taken on at Rosco & Pitts. Martha gets a passport. Frank is patronising to the Booths and is cold shouldered. The residents drink Frank's champagne but grow annoyed as he lords it over them. Ena plays the piano for a sing-song but the party ends abruptly as Martha dies of a heart attack in the snug.moreless
  • Mon 11 May, 1964
    Mon 11 May, 1964
    Episode 38
    Frank starts throwing his weight about the Street. Martha is invited to Spain with the family for a holiday - her first trip abroad. Len is sued by Minnie's solicitor. He has no orders coming in and has to sack Eddie and Jerry. George Dickenson agrees to pay the Booth's debts if they'll live with him. Myra blames it on Jerry not earning enough. Jerry gives up and agrees to everything George and Myra says. Len settles out of court and gives Ena £50.moreless
  • Wed 6 May, 1964
    Wed 6 May, 1964
    Episode 37
    Jerry refuses charity from the neighbours. Elsie tells Irma she's welcome to use their bath. Jerry rows with Len when he tells him Myra wears the trousers. He asks Jack to lend him £80 but is turned down. Dennis walks in on Irma's bath, to Elsie's amusement. Frank gets drunk and breaks the news that he has won £5,000 on the premium bonds.moreless
  • Mon 4 May, 1964
    Mon 4 May, 1964
    Episode 36
    Myra is refused credit in the shop. Val insists Ken buys a car rather than them going on holiday. Harry tries to help the Booths manage their money but they still can't afford to pay the money they owe.
  • Wed 29 Apr, 1964
    Wed 29 Apr, 1964
    Episode 35
    Minnie convalesces with Ena, with her torn ligament. Jerry asks Len for a rise but Len tells him he hasn't been paid by Laurie yet. The Booth's electricity is cut off for not paying the bill. Stuart arranges a holiday for Minnie at the seaside. Len lends Jerry £3 to pay the electricity. Stuart calls in a solicitor to sort out Minnie's claim. Wormold is annoyed that Len vouched for Jerry over the mortgage.moreless
  • Mon 27 Apr, 1964
    Mon 27 Apr, 1964
    Episode 34
    Stuart and Dennis find Minnie at the bottom of the stairs, having fallen through the bannisters. Ken grows annoyed as Laurie doesn't pay him for the work at the club. Minnie is taken to hospital, Ena plans to sue Laurie. Jerry refuses to do foreigners to get more money, not knowing that the electric bill has arrived. Gus gives £10 to Dennis to bribe Minnie with but then discovers that it's Len's fault, not theirs.moreless
  • Wed 22 Apr, 1964
    Wed 22 Apr, 1964
    Episode 33
    Martha goes to Lily's to look after the children and Minnie stands in for her at the Rovers and the club. Stuart wins Ena over by helping her wash the Mission walls. Jerry is horrified when Myra continues to spend on Hire Purchase. Myra tells Jerry the £20 she paid Frank was from her dad. He tells her they owe £85. She breaks down and he tells her he'll take over the payments to sort them out. Gus leaves Minnie on her own at the Club where she has an accident whilst cleaning the stairs.moreless
  • Mon 20 Apr, 1964
    Mon 20 Apr, 1964
    Episode 32
    Myra only pays Frank back £20. Stuart tells Emily he plans to see the Mission bursting, not close it. He wants to brighten up the Mission. Myra puts the £5 down on a deposit for a holiday. Val thinks of joining the congregation when she sees Stuart. The Hire Purchase man tells Jerry that Myra hasn't paid the last two month's instalments. Martha finds it hard work coping with two jobs. Jerry discovers Myra has not paid the mortgage for three months. Myra tells Jerry she is pregnant.moreless
  • Wed 15 Apr, 1964
    Wed 15 Apr, 1964
    Episode 31
    Ena pressgangs the residents into going to the service. Frank demands £25 for the repayment for the furniture. Stuart Hodges turns up and Emily falls for him.
  • Mon 13 Apr, 1964
    Mon 13 Apr, 1964
    Episode 30
    Ken starts at Granston Tec. Emily discovers Stuart will give his first sermon on Sunday. Myra tries to put the furniture together but bodges it. Ken finds it hard teaching teenagers after the Bessie St kids. Florrie warns Myra that her slate is nearly £2. Gus refuses to give Elsie membership of the club. She tells Dennis she's thinking of going to live in Canada.moreless
  • Wed 8 Apr, 1964
    Wed 8 Apr, 1964
    Episode 29
    Elsie refuses to listen to Laurie's excuses. He tells Dennis he's not blaming him. Myra's fitted furniture arrives to Jerry's horror. He refuses to let her take a job. Irma starts work for Florrie. The Frasers leave the Street and return to London, with Gus running the club. Stuart Hodges takes over the Mission from Swindley. Emily worries that the low turn out at services will cause him to recommend the closure of the Mission.moreless
  • Mon 6 Apr, 1964
    Mon 6 Apr, 1964
    Episode 28
    Ken starts teaching at night school to get ahead of his pupils. Elsie decides to leave the club. Mrs Fraser tells her Laurie has lots of other women and she doesn't mind but Elsie refuses to play their games. Myra wants a foreign holiday and thinks of taking a job at the club. Dennis fears that he will be sacked over Elsie. Emily tries to get the residents to boost the congregation. To the residents delight, Elsie throws all the presents Laurie has brought her at him in the Street.moreless
  • Wed 1 Apr, 1964
    Wed 1 Apr, 1964
    Episode 27
    The ceiling in the Viaduct Sporting Club is repaired. Martha admits that Ted didn't ask her to marry him and that she had a horrible time. She neglects the Rovers to clean the club. The club opens with Elsie in charge of the roulette table. She is amazed when Laurie's wife, Rosemary, turns up.moreless
  • Mon 30 Mar, 1964
    Mon 30 Mar, 1964
    Episode 26
    Laurie, Dennis and Elsie become preoccupied with the opening of the Viaduct Sporting Club. Martha returns from London and hides at home. Laurie is horrified as the ceiling in the casino room collapses. Minnie and Ena think that Martha has married Ted and is settled in Australia. Laurie threatens to sue Len as the opening will have to be postponed but then discovers that Gus used the room above as a liquor store, thus causing the collapse. Len is angry when Jerry tells him he threw the race.moreless
  • Wed 25 Mar, 1964
    Wed 25 Mar, 1964
    Episode 25
    Irma Ogden is interviewed for the job at the shop. The Street turns out to watch the race. Jerry leads after the first lap. He pretends he's torn a ligament so he and Len can tie and Len won't be shown up. Dennis is horrified to meet Gus Lowman, the new manager of the club.moreless
  • Mon 23 Mar, 1964
    Mon 23 Mar, 1964
    Episode 24
    Florrie advertises for an assistant for £5 a week. Len riles Jerry about his weight. They decide to have a walking race with a £5 wager. Whilst Jerry goes into training, Len has to be pushed into it. They both want to drop the race but Ena pushes them to keep it.moreless
  • Episode 7352
    Episode 23
    Tracy tells the courtroom that Gail admitted to following Joe down to the jetty with the rolling pin and smashing him over the head with it. Gail's apoplectic. Dev and Sunita move into No.7 but are still waiting for the removal men to collect Maria's furniture. Sunita sends Dev back to work while she waits in with the twins. Gail's defence suggests that Tracy made up the story of Gail's confession. Tracy gives a convincing performance as she vehemently denies it. Carla's working alone in the factory when the police arrive and inform her of Tony's escape. Carla's alarmed and summons Trevor to her side. Sunita is startled to find Tony lurking in her back yard. Oblivious to his identity, Sunita invites him inside when he feigns sudden illness. Tina sets off for the court with Jason, Eileen and Julie in tow for support. David sees her and begs her not to betray Gail. Graeme leads him away. The police call on Roy and advise him to stay alert while Tony is at large. Sunita innocently chats to Tony about Maria moving away because of her murderer boyfriend. When the removals firm arrives, Tony takes the opportunity to slip away. The pathologist takes to the witness box and admits that Joe's head injury could equally have been caused by the boom of the boat as a rolling pin. Claire tells Dev about Tony's escape. Dev dashes home to check on his family and is horrified to find that Tony has been there. Dev phones the police. Sunita's shocked. Tina tells the jury how Gail always forgave Joe and was desperate to hang on to him. She declares that an innocent woman wouldn't have sent a text from a missing person. Gail's QC points out that Joe never gave Tina a thought when concocting his plan. Tina's stung.Tony watches as Carla talks to Dev. He calls Robbie and tells him to prepare for tomorrow.moreless
  • Wed 18 Mar, 1964
    Wed 18 Mar, 1964
    Episode 23
    Laurie tells Len to tell Joyce there's a job for her at the club. Martha withdraws her savings for her fare to London. Ted didn't think she'd take him up on the offer. Ken tells Val he's got a new job as Head of English at Granston Technical College. Jerry worries as more furniture arrives at No.13. Ena pretends Ted has proposed to her to put Martha off but as far as Martha's concerned, she's going to London.moreless
  • Episode 7351
    Episode 22
    Robbie returns to the caf?? and urges Roy to attend a railway gala in York tomorrow. Roy's reluctant to leave the caf?? but is sorely tempted.Lyn wishes Gail luck on the first day of the trial. Robbie calls in at the Rovers and gets chatting to Sean. Robbie pretends to be interested in buying seconds from Underworld and Sean lets slip that the factory's closed and has just had a big order cancelled. Sean points Carla out to Robbie. David's unhappy that he cannot attend the trial until he has given evidence. Audrey and Nick set off for the court. Robbie approaches Carla and expresses interest in buying Rickson's order. Carla plays it cool but is secretly delighted. Robbie calls Tony and fills him in on Underworld's troubles. Tony instructs Robbie not to be late. Anna nags Roy to call on Hayley. Roy decides he will definitely attend the York gala. Deirdre visits Tracy to make sure she knows what she's doing by testifying at Gail's trial. Tracy tells her she has a chance of moving to an open prison if she helps the police. She assures Deirdre that she's telling the truth. Eddie's perplexed when Roy calls at No.6 and heads up to Hayley's bedroom to leave a surprise for her. Tony stages a fight with a fellow prisoner and fakes a heart attack. He is rushed to hospital by ambulance. Robbie follows in his van and engineers a crash. The trial commences. The prosecution QC outlines the case against Gail. Tracy takes the stand and explains how Gail felt she could confide in her. Armed with a gun, Robbie manoeuvres the driver and prison guard into the back of the ambulance and sets Tony free. He locks them inside while he and Tony drive away in his van.moreless
  • Episode 6829
    Episode 22
    Teresa persuades Jerry it's best if she moves in. Darryl thinks it's a good idea whilst Mel's convinced Teresa must have an ulterior motive. Steve and Dan race each other to Swinton. Dan wins the race but Steve reckons he must have cheated. Miss Finn the drama teacher announces that the school play will have to be cancelled as Kenzie's been arrested. Sophie tells her Chesney can play Romeo as he learnt all the lines for the audition.moreless
  • Mon 16 Mar, 1964
    Mon 16 Mar, 1964
    Episode 22
    Ted tells Martha she should stay with his sister in London for a visit. Eddie tells Len he did not know Joyce had stood him up. Minnie decides she wants a koala bear. Ena is shocked to discover Ted has 30,000 acres. Elsie tells Laurie she will only work at the club if he gives Dennis a job, he agrees. Val is amazed when Ken takes her out for a meal. Martha tells Ena she's going to London with Ted.moreless
  • Episode 7350
    Episode 21
    Audrey visits Gail and tries not to let Gail get her hopes up about the witness. Gail says she's scared. Audrey fights back tears as she leaves.Steve commiserates with Lloyd and assures him that Cheryl was definitely showing an interest in him. Robbie spies on Carla as she locks up the factory. He calls at the caf?? and oblivious Roy prepares him a fry-up as they chat about railways. Eileen informs Lloyd that Cheryl needs collecting but requested a different driver. Lloyd ignores her and sets off for Cheryl's house. He's surprised when she emerges with a young boy in tow. Nick and David panic as they imagine how the prosecution will tackle Anka. Cheryl explains to Lloyd that the boy is called Russell and is her son. He's startled when she admits that she's still married to Russell's father but all is not rosy. Lloyd's relieved she's put him in the picture. Izzy explains to Kirk about her disability. Ken and Deirdre wonder if Audrey was right about Tracy lying about Gail's confession in order to gain something for herself. Jason tries to keep Tina calm ahead of the trial. She asks him to stay with her. Audrey asks David outright if he had anything to do with the sudden emergence of the witness. He denies it. Audrey receives a call to say Anka will be giving evidence in court. Audrey apologises to David. Robbie observes Carla and Trevor together before taking out the phone and calling Tony in his cell, telling him everything is set. In hushed tones, Tony declares Carla's life will be ruined just like his. Tony clearly has some dastardly revenge in mind for Carla.moreless
  • Episode 7086
    Episode 21
    Ryan's despondent feeling he's messed things up with Sian. David is quite pleased that Gary is currently unemployed.
  • Episode 6828
    Episode 21
    Becky and Jason are all loved up after a night involving chocolate body paint. Mel and Darryl realise they've got their work cut out looking after Finlay and Kayleigh and running the shop. Chesney pretends he's too ill to go to school because he can't face Kayleigh. Fiz sees straight through him and forces him to go in. Mel, Darryl and Finlay visit Jerry in hospital. Fiz tells Julie to back off and stop interfering in Chesney's life. Roy and Norris visit Jerry and tell him he's the hero of the hour for giving chase to the robbers.moreless
  • Wed 11 Mar, 1964
    Wed 11 Mar, 1964
    Episode 21
    Florrie's new look shop/post office opens. Martha invites Ena and Minnie to tea. Ena is suspicious. Dennis finds it hard work at the shop. Ena and Minnie are shocked when an immaculately dressed Martha introduces them to Ted. Florrie is worn down by Dennis as he nearly wrecks the shop. Lucille is upset when Eddie becomes evasive about taking her out again. Ted is embarrassed by Martha's attention as he doesn't remember her. Len is stood up when Joyce and Eddie go off together.moreless
  • Episode 7349
    Episode 20
    The electricity's back on at Underworld and the workers are under pressure to complete Rickson's order before today's deadline. Audrey worriedly tells David and Natasha that the trial is going ahead and the witness statement may not prove as conclusive as they had hoped. David's panicked.Lloyd bumps into Cheryl in the Rovers. They are joined for lunch by Peter and Leanne and enjoy a convivial time together. David and Nick fear that the police may suspect that Anka has been bribed. In a prison chapel, the priest hands out Holy Communion to the inmates, Tony Gordon among them. Rickson arrives to collect his order from the factory but angrily points out that the product does not match the original design. He decides to take his business elsewhere. Nick, Carla and Hayley are horrified. Ken and Deirdre visit Audrey, hoping to discuss the trial. Audrey is unwilling and asks them to leave but not before Natasha blurts out that a witness has come forward. Tony gives his cellmate Robbie a SIM card the priest passed to him. Robbie produces a mobile phone. Tony's plan is coming together. Hayley breaks down in front of Nick and Carla, the stress of her separation from Roy too much to bear. Lloyd drops Cheryl off at home and tries to kiss her. She gently rebuffs him and Lloyd is left feeling foolish.Nick and Carla are forced to give the workers a fortnight off while they get the roof repaired and seek out new orders. Tony shakes Robbie's hand as he is released at the end of his sentence.moreless
  • Episode 7085
    Episode 20
    Fiz feels destroyed by John's rejection of her yesterday.
  • Episode 6827
    Episode 20
    Hour-long Special Norris insists on having CCTV installed in the Kabin although Rita's not keen. Roger finishes putting in the Barlows' new bathroom but they're shocked at the size of his bill. Roger assures them it's correct and Ken's embarrassed. The three thugs who robbed the Kabin try to rob the caf?? but Roy is too quick for them and chases them out of the door. He shouts for Jerry and Darryl to come and help. Darryl and Jerry give chase but the lads get away. Jerry suddenly suffers shooting pains in his chest. Roy's concerned but Jerry insists he's fine. Tina visits David and tells him how she's lost her job and fancies working in the Salon.moreless
  • Mon 9 Mar, 1964
    Mon 9 Mar, 1964
    Episode 20
    Jerry worries that Myra is spending too much money. Florrie can't open the post office until she has an assistant, Myra agrees to have the job. Emily asks her to be her assistant at Gamma. Myra tells them both to sort it out between them. Martha discovers Ted Ashley is back in town after 40 years. Emily and Florrie can't decide about Myra. Jerry tells them that he doesn't want Myra working at all - she's a housewife. Len drops everything to fit the bath in No.11. A despondent Florrie gives Dennis the job in the shop.moreless
  • Episode 6826
    Episode 19
    Rita and Emily fuss round Norris who insists he's fine but just wishes he'd caught the teenage thugs who stole the money. Roger continues to chat to Ken about history. Deirdre and Blanche send Ken out for a walk just to ensure Roger gets on with the plumbing. Claire's delighted when a couple offer the full asking price for No.4. However Jerry tells them about the robbery at the Kabin and they withdraw their offer.moreless
  • Wed 4 Mar, 1964
    Wed 4 Mar, 1964
    Episode 19
    Dennis plans a party for Elsie's birthday. Emily summons Swindley's sister to take care of him. Martha agrees to clean the club. Dennis shows Elsie her present - a bath, paid for by Walter. Elsie decides to turn Linda's bedroom into the bathroom. Ena starts a collection for Swindley. Papagopolous sends him flowers and fruit. He is taken home by his sister. Dennis presents Elsie with a birthday cake with forty-eight candles.moreless
  • Mon 2 Mar, 1964
    Mon 2 Mar, 1964
    Episode 18
    Swindley packs his belongings from the shop in the night and leaves, with the shop door still open. Florrie worries that the shop will never be finished. Emily finds Swindley at home, worrying about rationing and a childhood book - he's had a breakdown.
  • Episode 6824
    Episode 17
    Sally storms round to the Peacocks and tells Claire what she thinks of her for calling her house a slum. Sally tells them the deal's off. Ashley's furious with Claire. Molly tells Tyrone it's their duty to tell Jack about Paul's plans to do a runner. Liz hangs one of her wedding photos in the Rovers living room. Steve and Michelle notice she's had it touched up. Harry's annoyed to discover Clarissa is treating Lloyd like a personal chauffeur and running up a huge bill. Jack tells Paul he knows about his plans to abscond. He tries to talk him out of it.moreless
  • Wed 26 Feb, 1964
    Wed 26 Feb, 1964
    Episode 17
    Swindley misses a PPOP meeting and is dropped as candidate for the elections. Emily is shocked when he comes to work dressed scruffy. Jerry and Eddie work in the shop as Len organises the work at the club. Elsie tells Len everyone thinks he's a dirty old man, he tells her to mind her own business. Swindley frightens Emily by showing signs of a breakdown. Ken and Val try too hard to be nice to each other. Harry and Concepta are pleased when Lucille ask their permission before going out with Eddie. When Swindley misses a meeting with Papagopolous Emily goes in search of him. Swindley is nearly knocked down by a bus as he wanders the street, crying.moreless
  • Episode 7345
    Episode 16
    David finds the Barlows in the Rovers and lays into them, revealing Tracy's plan to stitch up Gail. Ken and Deirdre are shocked and baffled.Graeme's excited about his date with Rosie. He calls on Tina with a kebab for her but feels obliged to stay and comfort her as she's upset at the police insisting she testifies in court. Roy gives Hayley some money and sends her to buy the salsa dress. Hayley sets off. David and Nick explain to Audrey what Gail told them about Tracy. Lewis advises them to inform Gail's solicitor. Izzy calls on Carla to berate her for not giving Kirk a fair chance at his interview. She's caught by surprise when Carla offers her the machinist's job. Lyn moves back into Gail's cell. Gail tells her about Tracy's betrayal. The Barlows ponder Tracy's motivation for getting involved in Gail's case. Deirdre thinks it's because she's missing Amy so badly and will try anything to get released. Rosie gets fed up of waiting for Graeme in the pub and leaves. Hayley's terse with Roy as the dress had been sold before she could buy it. Graeme calls on Rosie to apologise for standing her up but she slams the door in his face.Angry David decides to throw a brick through the Barlows' front window but Peter catches him and sends him packing. Izzy nervously tells Kirk that she's got a job at Underworld. He's happy for her. Carla turns up and offers Kirk some work as a delivery driver. Kirk and Izzy are thrilled.David informs Graeme that he's going to bribe someone to back up Gail's story. Graeme's wary but David insists if the truth is not enough to set Gail free, he must take action.moreless
  • Episode 7081
    Episode 16
    Chesney secretly phones the Home Schooling Network and finds out Fiz is lying about her meeting that afternoon.
  • Episode 6823
    Episode 16
    Claire chats to Norris in the Kabin. She slags off the Websters' house calling it a slum and says how Sally is trying to rip her off for fixtures and fittings. Paul tells Molly how he's planning to do a runner to avoid prison. Molly's shocked and points out he'll get a longer sentence when they catch him. Leanne gets another part-time job showing prospective buyers round the new flats on Victoria Street.moreless
  • Mon 24 Feb, 1964
    Mon 24 Feb, 1964
    Episode 16
    The Barlows return from their holiday reconciled. Len is amazed to discover Joyce is a friend of Eddie's. Laurie gets hold of some cheaper curtains, to Swindley's horror. Emily breaks down when Swindley tells her she is completely lacking in judgement and sense. Swindley has twenty-four hours in which to get rid of the curtains. Emily begs Laurie to take them back but he refuses. Lucille agrees to go out with Eddie.moreless
  • Episode 7344
    Episode 15
    Tracy's anxious to get herself moved to another cell before Gail learns of her treachery. Tina's disturbed to receive a summons to testify against Gail at the trial. She tells Graeme she cannot stand up in court. Carr and Glynn search the cottage at the Lakes and discover a rolling pin hidden in the wardrobe. Graeme tells David that Tina won't testify. Nick's pleased as he feels it will strengthen Gail's case. Lewis calls in at the salon and suggests a drink after work to Audrey. He invites Deirdre and Ken to join them. The leak in the factory roof causes concern among the workers.Steve, Becky and Amy visit Tracy. Steve puts a stop to Becky and Tracy's sniping. Hayley's salsa teacher Bella delivers the dress she ordered. Roy's sparing with his compliments and upset Hayley asks Bella to take it back. Steve tells Tracy how great Becky's been with Amy. He begs her to give them a positive reference. Tracy thaws slightly. Kirk goes for a job interview at Underworld. Carla's distracted and barely acknowledges his presence. Gail's surprised when her solicitor visits. She's dumbfounded to learn about Tracy's accusation and the police's discovery of the rolling pin. Kirk tells Izzy that he failed the interview as Carla said he was unsuitable. Gail returns to her cell to find Tracy has gone. Graeme's stunned when Rosie agrees to have a drink with him. Gail phones home and tells her sons about Tracy's actions. David's outraged and storms over the road to confront the Barlows.moreless
  • Episode 7080
    Episode 15
    The doctor calls and tells Eileen that Colin died of a heart attack.
  • Wed 19 Feb, 1964
    Wed 19 Feb, 1964
    Episode 15
    Swindley tells Laurie his curtain order is cancelled. He will not handle Laurie's tainted money. Laurie throws him out of the club. Swindley accuses Emily of being against him and lying to him. Laurie offers Martha a job as cleaner at the club. Harry warns Len that Joyce is just after his money. Mr Papagopolous refuses to cancel the order. When Swindley shouts at Emily, Ena stands up for her. Swindley realises he has to apologise to Laurie.moreless
  • Episode 7079
    Episode 14
    Eileen begs Paula to retract the allegations she's made against Colin but Paula refuses to be swayed.
  • Episode 6821
    Episode 14
    Liz lies to Steve telling him she's spending the evening with Deirdre. Steve's annoyed as he was hoping for a night out with Michelle. Becky chats up Jason in the Rovers and takes him home to Roy's. Sally's delighted when the survey for No.4 says there's a problem with the conservatory. Molly and Tyrone get a quote for removal of the stone cladding - ??1500. Liz tells Deirdre she's used her as an alibi so she can secretly have dinner with Harry.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 1964
    Mon 17 Feb, 1964
    Episode 14
    Eddie Thomas starts as Len's apprentice. Lucille falls for him. Emily has to cancel the velvets from the warehouse without Swindley knowing about them. She is too late and the order is processed. When she tells Swindley he stands by his principles and refuses to hold the order. Len shocks everyone by taking Joyce out.moreless
  • Episode 7342
    Episode 13
    Becky returns to the Rovers and admits she had a row with Tracy and their adoption chances are in jeopardy. Steve's annoyed that she couldn't control her temper just this once. David starts a petition for Gail's cause. Tracy phones Deirdre and tells her how Becky threatened to stop Amy's visits. She pretends to become distressed and Deirdre comforts her. Carla reveals that Underworld's current order has doubled but the deadline remains the same. She orders the girls to get working. Deirdre confronts Becky and Steve about Tracy's phone call. Steve's shocked when Deirdre reveals that Becky was thrown out of the visiting room for attacking Tracy. David and Graeme hang a 'Free Gail McIntyre' banner outside No.8. Nick congratulates them and informs David that he's arranged for a Gazette reporter to cover the campaign. David's surprised but grateful.Roy prepares a special meal for Hayley. She attempts to persuade him to celebrate the longevity of their relationship with a wedding but Roy cannot overlook the expense and reluctantly withdraws his proposal. Hayley's gutted. David passes round his petition in the Rovers. Eileen and Liz sign it. Lloyd collects Cheryl from the club and observes as she gets ticked off by the manager for skiving. Lloyd offers to help if she's having trouble with her boss but Cheryl assumes he's just chatting her up. Lloyd curses his stupidity. Nick tells Carla he's approached an old contact with a view to securing another order. Becky rows with Steve for not supporting her in front of Deirdre. Steve objects but Becky emotionally declares that they have no chance of adopting a child.moreless
  • Episode 6820
    Episode 13
    Claire feels she's being ripped off by Sally and that No.4 has been under-valued by ??5k. She decides to do something about it. Molly and Tyrone raise the subject of removing the stone-cladding to Jack. They're relieved to find out he never liked it - it was Vera's choice. Claire tells Sally she's realised they can't afford to by No.13 and have it done up as they'd like it. Sally's annoyed that Claire's backing out of the deal. Michelle arrives back from Ireland.moreless
  • Wed 12 Feb, 1964
    Wed 12 Feb, 1964
    Episode 13
    Frank gives Dave a week's notice to vacate the flat - he's closing it up. Elsie refuses to ask Laurie for a job for Dennis. Frank realises Dave didn't lure Val away but Dave refuses to let him retake the notice. Val agrees to go away on holiday with Ken. Laurie promises Dennis a job when the club opens. Annie tells Swindley that Emily has sold Laurie 100 metres of velvet curtains, Swindley refuses to believe her.moreless
  • Episode 7341
    Episode 12
    Becky's astonished to receive a visiting order from Tracy in the morning post. Roy's spent the night in the spare bed and has a bad back as a result. Hayley's unsympathetic. Tracy talks to Gail about Amy and Becky. Gail remarks that she heard Becky is unable to have children. Tracy's thoughtful. Roy fails to open the café due to his indisposition. Anna struggles to cope alone and gives Roy a massage to relieve the pain.David's upset to find that the medical centre is advertising for a new receptionist. Nick says they have a business to run but David feels everyone is turning their backs on Gail. After speaking to Fiz, Hayley decides to patch things up with Roy. Steve advises caution but Becky is determined to find out what Tracy wants and sets off for the prison. Lloyd tells Steve and Eileen that he's split with Teresa. Steve suggests he can now pursue Cheryl. Lloyd's defensive. Becky visits Tracy, who's stunned to learn that Blanche has left her £14,000. Lloyd sets up a contract for Street Cars at Cheryl's lap-dancing club. Carla tells Nick that the business needs more orders and soon. Tracy tells Becky that in exchange for a favourable reference for their adoption application, she wants Steve to support her request to move to an open prison by proposing extra visits from Amy. Becky accuses Tracy of using her daughter. Tracy hits back, saying that at least she can bear children. They brawl and Tracy is led back to her cell, as Becky realises her adoption hopes are in tatters.moreless
  • Episode 6819
    Episode 12
    Carla tries to buy Rosie's silence by giving her a designer handbag. Maria tells Liam how much she loves him and begs him to take her back. Gail and Ted visit David in prison. David's amused at discovering he has a long lost gay granddad. Liam agrees to give their marriage another go and hugs Maria. He says he wants them to go away for a second honeymoon and start again. Amber chats to Paul but Dev is quick to intervene telling Paul to stay away from Amber.moreless
  • Mon 10 Feb, 1964
    Mon 10 Feb, 1964
    Episode 12
    Frank tells Ken he doesn't blame Val for walking out. Dave is alarmed when Val tells him she should have married him, not Ken. She tells Frank she intends to stay with Dave. Len takes up with machinist Joyce Lennox, to Elsie's amazement. Ken confronts Dave and Val. When Dave tells him he doesn't want Val, Ken takes her home.moreless
  • Episode 7340
    Episode 11
    Tracy tries to convince Glynn and Carr she's onto something with Gail. They tell her to get a confession or some new evidence or else stop wasting their time. Cheryl drinks with Leanne in the Rovers. Teresa's on edge when Lloyd greets her. Tina's about to venture out for a walk with Graeme but has second thoughts and darts back inside. She tells Graeme she has panic attacks at the thought of going out. Norris is on tenterhooks as Blanche's will reading takes place. She leaves Simon a watch, Amy a music box, some books for Ken, her jewellery to Deirdre and the remainder of her estate to Tracy. Norris learns Blanche wanted him there so he would have the gossip first-hand and also to cancel her magazine subscription. Roy's annoyed that Hayley discussed their wedding with Anna. He cannot see the point of spending lots of money on a big ceremony. Hayley's downcast. Janice tackles Trevor about the money she found. He explains that it's the kitty for the World Cup trip which is a secret from the lads' partners. Janice realises Peter's going and hasn't told Leanne. She agrees to keep it quiet. Tracy talks about how she was driven to killing Charlie. She tries to get Gail to admit to feeling the same about Joe. Gail's horrified and reiterates that she loved Joe. Lloyd walks Cheryl to her taxi and admits his fling with Teresa has run its course. David and Nick visit Gail. She's pleased to see them. Liz advises Teresa to move on before Lloyd dumps her. Ken and Deirdre are shocked that Blanche bequeathed everything to Tracy. Lloyd's gobsmacked when Teresa moves out, saying it's been a laugh but she's found a job and flat with Jerry's mate Mally. Lloyd fondly bids her farewell but it's clear Teresa's lying to save face. Tracy pretends to comfort Gail when she breaks down proclaiming her innocence.moreless
  • Episode 7076
    Episode 11
    Jason starts looking at care homes for Colin. Colin begs Eileen to let him stay at No.11 but she refuses.
  • Episode 6818
    Episode 11
    Liam's spent another night with Carla. Carla's on cloud nine whilst Liam can't help feeling guilty. Julie continues to fuss over Chesney. Chesney's adamant he's fine whilst Fiz is fed up with Julie's interfering. Rosie calls round to Carla's flat to get the keys to the factory. As she arrives she clocks Liam and Carla kissing in the doorway.moreless
  • Wed 5 Feb, 1964
    Wed 5 Feb, 1964
    Episode 11
    Dennis is threatened with the sack if he makes another mistake. Len reveals that the PPOP members are all doing business with Laurie and that Alderman Langton has sold Laurie his share of the factory. Val doesn't know what to do to help Ken. She blames him and he hates her for not being completely interested in him. He tells her he doesn't need a wife, he needs someone who understands him. They realise they shouldn't have married. Len thinks of taking on an apprentice with all the work at the shop and the club. Dennis takes the blame for a smashed crate so that he will be sacked. After drowning his sorrows, Ken returns home to find Val has left. Val arrives at Dave's flat with her suitcase.moreless
  • Episode 7339
    Episode 10
    Gail cannot believe she is locked up with Tracy but feels strangely reassured by the familiarity of having her around. Deirdre learns that Blanche has instructed her solicitor to carry out a will reading in front of a specially invited group of people. Hayley explains to Anna how she would love a big wedding but Roy is uncomfortable about publicly declaring his feelings. Norris is excited when Ken informs him that he is invited to attend Blanche's will reading. Graeme continues to try to bring Tina out of herself but makes little progress. Gail opens up to Tracy about Joe's death and the money problems that led to it. She explains how she tried to cover for him and go along with his plan. Tracy listens with interest when Gail tells her she hid a rolling pin from Joe to stop him baking. Janice discovers a biscuit tin full of cash under Trevor's bed. Lloyd jumps at the opportunity to collect Cheryl when she orders a taxi. Teresa spots them laughing together and fears the worst. Tracy quizzes Gail about the night of Joe's death. Gail remains certain that he must have had an accident. Tracy's frustrated when a guard interrupts and takes her away.Anna informs Roy that Hayley deserves a proper wedding with all the trimmings. Tracy is interviewed by Carr and Glynn. She tells them she's positive that Gail killed her husband.moreless
  • Episode 7075
    Episode 10
    Mary enthusiastically tells Emily about her culinary skills and offers to cook her breakfast.
  • Episode 6817
    Episode 10
    Liam feels awkward after spending the night with Carla. Fiz is convinced Chesney's not well but he insists he's fine. Maria bumps into Liam just as he's arriving at the factory with Carla. Liam lies saying they had a breakfast meeting. Maria asks him to go with her to register the baby's death. He agrees and they set off together. Gail calls Tina's mother to tell her Tina is staying with them and she's fine. Ted shows Gail some old family photos of her grandparents.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 1964
    Mon 3 Feb, 1964
    Episode 10
    The club is granted a license. Ken doesn't get the job of head of department because of the TV interview. Dennis gets mucked around at work by the other loaders who have a joke at his expense. They get him to send a load to Glasgow which should have gone to Leeds.moreless
  • Episode 7074
    Episode 9
    The crowd stares in amusement at the naked photo of Dev.
  • Episode 6816
    Episode 9
    Maria asks Liam if he thinks they have a future together but he can't answer. Ted talks about his sexuality. Gail tries to take it in her stride and Tina finds the whole thing hilarious. Maria leaves Liam and moves in with Fiz. Carla wants to know what's going on. Maria tells her she and Liam have split up. Carla conceals her delight. Audrey calls in on Gail and Ted.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jan, 1964
    Wed 29 Jan, 1964
    Episode 9
    Susan is put on the danger list. Ken gets a TV producer friend interested in the crossing story. Laurie offers £750 to Len to sort out the alterations for the club. Len wants the work but doesn't want to run around Laurie. Susan dies in hospital. Dave refuses to do the TV interview so Ken agrees to do it, without the school's permission.moreless
  • Episode 7337
    Episode 8
    Tracy rows with Steve about changing Amy's name. Amy gets upset and Becky comforts her. Tracy screams at them that they will not take Amy away from her. Tracy's bundled into the van and returned to prison. Social worker Hilary proves hard work but Eddie and Anna begin to win her over. Emotional Deirdre drops flowers onto Blanche's coffin as the burial takes place. Becky fears that a negative testimonial from Tracy will thwart the adoption application. Steve tries to placate her. Dev and Sunita arrive back at the shop to find Sophie and Sian revising. Sunita gently reminds Sophie that she's supposed to be working for them. Blanche's wake takes place in the Rovers. Members of the One o'clock Club swarm around the buffet. Deirdre informs Ken that she has spoken to Tracy and is going to the prison tomorrow for a meeting with a solicitor. Deirdre has a sense of foreboding. Roy offers to assist Becky with the various adoption application forms. Mary turns up at the wake and Norris makes a hasty exit. Anna and Eddie tell Steve that their meeting with Hilary seemed to go very well. Rita tries to mend relations between Norris and Mary but Norris won't co-operate. After a stressful day, Peter tells Leanne he wants them to be married as soon as possible. Ken makes a heartfelt speech about Blanche in the Rovers. The mourners raise a glass to her. Back in her cell, Tracy assures her cellmate that she will be out of prison very soon. On her way to bed, Deirdre places fresh flowers on Blanche's bedside table.moreless
  • Episode 7073
    Episode 8
    Dev excitedly takes Amber shopping to choose an engagement ring for Tara.
  • Mon 27 Jan, 1964
    Mon 27 Jan, 1964
    Episode 8
    Ken is summoned to the Education Officer. Val tells Dave he's not wanted in her house, he tells her how lonely he is and they are puzzled by the fact that they are talking for the first time. Susan Schofield is knocked down outside Bessie Street and is rushed unconscious to hospital. Dave blames himself as he was getting the children across the road. Whilst Ken gets angry with the council, Val tries to comfort Dave.moreless
  • Episode 7336
    Episode 7
    It's the day of Blanche's funeral. Deirdre fights to hold herself together with Ken's help. Peter worries how Simon will cope with facing more grief at such a young age. Leanne reassures him. Amy is also struggling to come to terms with her great-grandmother's death and, desperately trying to cheer her up, Steve agrees she can change her name to McDonald. Becky and Liz are perturbed. The mourners gather in the street as the funeral procession departs. Anna and Eddie prepare for a visit from the social worker. Outside the church, everyone is staggered when a prison van draws up and Tracy emerges. Deirdre is overjoyed. Sian informs a thrilled Sophie that she will not be returning to Southport until her exams. Tracy's put out when Amy sits with Steve and Becky in church. Deirdre summons all her strength to take to the pulpit, delivering an affectionate eulogy recalling Blanche's best and worst points. Hilary the social worker arrives at the Windasses' and it's clear she's going to be tough to impress.After the service, Tracy and Amy are reunited but Becky and Steve are alarmed when Tracy confronts them about changing Amy's surname to McDonald.moreless
  • Episode 6814
    Episode 7
    Baby Paul's funeral takes place. Liam and Maria clutch each other at the graveside and sob uncontrollably. Tina calls to see Gail and tells her she's been to visit David. Gail's pleased they're back together. The estate agent gives Sally and Claire the valuations on their houses. Sally, Kevin, Ashley and Claire shake hands on the deal. The Websters calls round to the Peacocks to look at their new house.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jan, 1964
    Wed 22 Jan, 1964
    Episode 7
    With the national papers reporting the news of Walter's tour, the Street fills with screaming fans. Walter doesn't want to go as he'd rather stay with the Tanners. Laurie makes him realise if he wants success he must accept his fans and do the tour. Florrie plans to change the shop round, moving the door to stop the draughts. Dennis smuggles Walter out of No.11 and off to Cannes dressed in his old window cleaning clothes. Walter gives him money to have a bathroom installed in the house.moreless
  • Episode 7335
    Episode 6
    Steve's furious with Becky for upsetting Dawn. Contrite Becky explains that she's had trouble dealing with social workers ever since she was little.Ken finds a box of Blanche's belongings under her bed. Deirdre shouts at him for going through her mother's room again. She's startled when Ken confesses how much he misses Blanche. Graeme coaches Kirk on how to behave during his date with Izzy. Amy gets upset about Blanche and, as Becky consoles her, Steve arrives with Dawn and they eavesdrop. Dawn's impressed and advises them to proceed with their application. Becky's grateful for Steve's well-timed intervention. Kirk's nervous around Izzy but she forgives him for using Jason's photo to attract her and they enjoy each other's company. Fiz and Julie comfort Sean who's still miserable about not seeing his son. After polishing off a bottle of wine, Julie encourages Sean to contact Violet via Facebook. Sean sends a friend request. Ken helps Deirdre to write the eulogy for Blanche's funeral. Deirdre hopes that Tracy will be let out of prison in order to attend. Steve and Becky look forward to getting on with the adoption process. In prison, Tracy tearfully beseeches the governor to release her for her grandmother's funeral. The governor agrees. Tracy's delighted.moreless
  • Episode 7071
    Episode 6
    Peter makes snide digs at Ken about his affair with Martha. Deirdre's oblivious.
  • Episode 6813
    Episode 6
    Maria's refusing to go the baby's funeral. Liam's hurt and confused. Claire's excited at the prospect of moving to No.13. She and Sally arrange for an estate agent to come round and value the houses. Audrey does her best to persuade Maria to go to the funeral but Maria's adamant Liam hates her and doesn't want her there. Julie gets on Fiz's nerves as she fusses round Kirk getting him ready for the funeral. Gail plucks up the courage to phone Ted but is disappointed when she gets the answerphone. Sally shows the estate agent round No.13.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 1964
    Mon 20 Jan, 1964
    Episode 6
    Harry blames Walter for the tattoo. Val rows with Ken when he and Dave write to the papers over the lack of a school crossing. She tells him that if he gets the sack she'll leave him. Dave moves into Frank's flat. Swindley and Ena form an allegence to fight Laurie. Dennis finds the hard work getting to him. Walter is offered a European tour with the group but the screaming fans are getting to him.moreless
  • Episode 7334
    Episode 5
    Becky nervously makes preparations for the social worker's visit. She borrows some frumpy clothes from Claire in an attempt to look more motherly. Deirdre reads Blanche's letter to Ken, Peter and Leanne. In it Blanche sets out her funeral instructions giving everyone cause for amusement. Norris panics when Mary turns up at The Kabin. Norris makes a quick exit leaving Mary to give Rita and Emily her version of events.Rita tells Mary how Norris reckons she murdered her mother. Mary assures her that her mother is alive and well and living in Newton-le-Willows.Becky and Steve's talk of babies upsets Sean, reminding him of his own son Dylan. Dawn the social worker arrives but things get off to a bad start when Amy bursts into tears having just been told of Nana Blanche's death. Becky tells Dawn how she's had two miscarriages and can't have children. Kirk plucks up the courage and texts Izzy. Mary tries to build bridges with Norris and apologises to him for lying about her mother's death but Norris is adamant he never wants to see her again. When Dawn starts to ask tricky questions about their criminal pasts, Becky loses her rag and throws her out.moreless
  • Episode 7070
    Episode 5
    With trepidation Ken lets himself into No.1 but there's nobody home. Ken realises the letter has gone from the dresser.
  • Episode 6812
    Episode 5
    Fiz becomes increasingly concerned about Chesney who seems very down. Liam pours his heart out to Carla about the baby. Carla's genuinely shocked. Audrey breaks the news to Kirk and Julie about Maria's baby. Carla drives Liam round to Audrey's and waits in the car. Maria and Liam are awkward with each other. Liam says he wants to go and see the baby. Maria's understanding but refuses to go with him. Carla takes Liam to the hospital where he holds his dead son.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jan, 1964
    Wed 15 Jan, 1964
    Episode 5
    Lucille is so concerned with Walter that she forgets Concepta's birthday. The fans hold fort outside No.11. When they chalk 'I love Brett' over the Vestry, Ena demands their removal and is shocked when Lucille defies her. Florrie puts an application in for a sub post office. Lucille prepares for battle against Jennifer. Ena opposes the club venture. Swindley tells Laurie he will fight him over the plans. Harry is horrified when Lucille has "Brett Falcon Fan Club President" tattooed on her arm.moreless
  • Episode 7069
    Episode 4
    Peter's furious with Ken for the way he's treating Deirdre. He calls him a coward. Ken sets off for his new life on Martha's boat.
  • Episode 6811
    Episode 4
    Liam forces Maria to tell him what happened with the baby. Ashley tells Kevin about Claire's mad idea of down-sizing the house. Claire takes their money-saving plans to new heights and orders tap water in the pub. Liam desperately tries to make sense of what's happened but he's angry that he never got to hold his son. Sally suggests to Claire they could swap houses and avoid using estate agents.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 1964
    Mon 13 Jan, 1964
    Episode 4
    Dennis starts work in the loading bay. After the concert, Walter has a load of screaming fans outside No.11. Lucille is furious when Jennifer Knott is photographed in the paper as President of Walter's fan club. Walter's fans kiss Elsie's front door. Elsie is amazed when Walter's record sells 100,000 with him getting 2 1/2d for each one. Walter doesn't think he can cope with success. Len gets annoyed when the Barlows keep chasing him to get the flat ready for Dave. Laurie tells Elsie he's planning to open a nightclub in Elliston's basement and asks her to be a croupier.moreless
  • Episode 7332
    Episode 3
    Deirdre's in a state of shock as the news of Blanche's death sinks in. Norris accuses Mary of talking to a photo of her dead mother but Mary explains she was on the phone. Norris is cross that she never mentioned she had another phone. Jason tries to show some prospective buyers around No.12 but discovers the lock has been changed. Jason's bemused when Graeme lets himself out of No.12. Graeme covers saying he's watering the plants for Tina while she's away. Blanche's friend May calls at No.1 and tells Ken and Deirdre how Blanche had fallen in love with a chap called Arnold in Portugal and they'd got engaged. Whilst Mary's preparing dinner, Norris sneaks into her bedroom to find the phone. He's horrified to see a wedding dress on a tailor's dummy. Norris calls the police and tells them he's being held hostage. Mary tries to explain to Norris how she's fallen in love with him. But Norris tells her he's reported her to the police for kidnapping him. Steve and Ashley offer to buy two World Cup tickets from Trevor but he's adamant he's only interested in selling all four. Ken and Deirdre set off for Portugal. A bemused Rita arrives at the police station to collect Norris. Mary is kept in for questioning.moreless
  • Episode 7068
    Episode 3
    Jason phones the hospital. He tells Eileen that Colin's condition is stable.
  • Wed 8 Jan, 1964
    Wed 8 Jan, 1964
    Episode 3
    Lucille is delighted when Harry tells her she can go to Walter's concert at the Palais. Ken goes after promotion as Head of English on an extra £150 a year. Dennis gets the job at Amalgamated Steel. The Hewitt's worry that Christopher's coughing will get worse living in the Street. Ken argues for a crossing on Rosamund Street. Val thinks he's putting his promotion in jeopardy.moreless
  • Episode 7331
    Episode 2
    Deirdre plans a barbecue for Blanche's homecoming. Mary takes Norris breakfast in bed. She knocks his glasses on the floor and 'accidentally' crushes them. Unable to see, Norris panics but Mary tells him from now on she will be his eyes. Steve tells Becky the social worker is calling to see them on Friday. Becky's worried her dodgy past will go against her. In an attempt to appease Mary, Norris tells her he still hasn't decided whether or not to accept her proposal of marriage. Trevor tells Ashley and Steve he's stuck with some World Cup tickets which he needs to sell. The lads are very tempted. Graeme calls to see Tina. He does his best to cheer her up but it's clear she's still very depressed. At Ken's request, Jason calls round to give an estimate for a loft conversion. Deirdre sends him packing and rounds on Ken for going behind her back. Peter returns from the airport and tells Deirdre that Blanche wasn't on the flight. Norris is seriously worried when he spies Mary talking to a photograph of her mother and telling her she's going to marry Norris. Ken comes off the phone from Portugal and tells Deirdre the awful news that Blanche has died.moreless
  • Episode 6809
    Episode 2
    Ashley finds Claire cutting up all their bank cards. Ashley admits to Claire theyr'e in financial trouble as the business has been failing for ages. Audrey makes Maria comfortable in her spare room. Maria makes her promise not to tell anyone where she is. Gail and Bill arrive at Audrey's demanding to know why she's been in touch with Ted Page.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 1964
    Mon 6 Jan, 1964
    Episode 2
    With a new roundabout being built, all the town's traffic is diverted down Rosamund Street. With Emily away, Myra helps at Gamma. Elsie puts pressure on Dennis to get a job. Jack thinks Joan should be sent home. Joan tells Concepta that Gordon is against them having children and won't let her work. He treats her like a child. Dennis plans to open a club but no one will back him. Jack tells Joan she must stand against the Davies' and makes her see that her marriage will not be a bed of roses. She agrees to return to Gordon. Elsie is shocked when Dennis agrees to go for a labouring job at Amalgamated Steel, despatch dept.moreless
  • Episode 6808
    Episode 1
    Liam's frantically trying to get in touch with Maria but her phone's switched off. The midwife explains to Maria how she'll need to make funeral arrangements for the baby but Maria's not really taking it in, she's too numb. Vernon's getting ready to leave for his cruise. Liz tells him she's change her mind and won't be going with him as she doesn't want to leave the pub.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jan, 1964
    Wed 1 Jan, 1964
    Episode 1
    Laurie tells Elsie that Dennis had to go because he didn't open the office over Christmas, losing them eleven bookings. Annie overhears Joan telling Gordon she can't return because Annie is ill. Val gets Frank to show Dave around the flat above the shop. Dave isn't too keen but realises he'll have to take it. Joan tells Annie she's left Gordon and is not going back.moreless