Coronation Street - Season 6

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  • Wed 29 Dec, 1965
    Wed 29 Dec, 1965
    Episode 104
    Lionel cuts down on credit at the shop. Ena is sent a rocking chair as a present by her brother Tom. The locals puzzle at Emily taking up photography. Sid Lambert tells David he's entitled to £300 compensation but he can't stay on at the club - that job goes with the football one.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 1965
    Mon 27 Dec, 1965
    Episode 103
    David has a bitter Christmas and blames Larry Palmer for tackling him. Lionel decides to close the sub post office as it's not making any money. David refuses to believe he can't play again until his leg buckles and he falls. He feels he is finished and that he's let Irma down as they'll have to cancel the new house. He begins to worry about his job at the social club. Val and Ken entertain Albert, Ena, Minnie and Clara. Jerry helps Emily sort out her new camera. Larry apologises to David but David tells him he doesn't want his charity.moreless
  • Wed 22 Dec, 1965
    Wed 22 Dec, 1965
    Episode 102
    Len thinks Lionel beat Turner up. Annie prepares for the LV Ball with nine pages of notes for her opening speech. Lionel tells Len it wasn't him. David falls at a charity match when tackled and injures his knee. He is taken to the Royal Infirmary. Annie is grateful to discover it was Jerry who beat up Turner. Lionel escorts Annie to the dance in his medals. David is bought home in an ambulance. Nellie misses Jack at the Ball but is charmed by Lionel. The doctor tells David the ligament of the knee is damaged and he'll never be able to play football again.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 1965
    Mon 20 Dec, 1965
    Episode 101
    The doctor diagnosis Jack as having a nervous break-down and orders him to stay in bed. Annie is put on a course of pills. Annie invites Lionel to escort her to the LV Ball. Len and Jerry start work on No.9's playroom. Annie tells Len and Stan about the blackmailing. They are angry. At night, Turner is jumped in the back alley and is beaten up. Len and Stan are puzzled as neither of them did the deed.moreless
  • Wed 15 Dec, 1965
    Wed 15 Dec, 1965
    Episode 100
    Ken organises a party to cheer Albert up. Minnie decides not to have another lodger - it's too upsetting. Emily worries that Brenda has been sent to spy on her. David and Irma view a house on the new estate for £3,600. Irma decides she wants it. Emily discovers that Brenda is not Papagopolous' niece at all. She starts working her harder. Charlie repays Ena's £50 bond and leaves the Street. David signs up for the new house on Sandy Lane. Jack snaps in the bar and shouts at Minnie. He breaks down in tears in front of Lucille.moreless
  • Mon 13 Dec, 1965
    Mon 13 Dec, 1965
    Episode 99
    Albert returns and is unhappy to hear he wasn't told about the Barlow wedding. David and Irma plan their future in their new digs at 17 Ackroyd St. Emily's new assistant, Brenda Hartley, confuses her by not caring at all about the job. She is alarmed to discover she is Mr. Papagopolous' niece. Charlie decides to leave to return to the stage. When Turner continues to turn up at the Rovers for free drinks, Jack decides to call in the police. Annie stops him, realising they could lose their licence. David and Irma are made to feel guilty over not inviting Albert. Minnie is grief stricken over Charlie leaving. Turner blackmails Jack for £2 and he begins to crack.moreless
  • Wed 8 Dec, 1965
    Wed 8 Dec, 1965
    Episode 98
    Irma and David go to get married. Jack gets Arthur to look after the Rovers, as the residents leave, on mass, for the reception. David and Irma are married at Ridgeway Street Registry Office. Jack, Annie, Stan, Hilda, Len, Elsie, Ena, Minnie and Ken hide behind a screen at the reception and surprise the Barlows. Arthur leaves Lucille alone in the Rovers whilst he places a bet. Val is chatted up by Frank Turner in the Street. He steals cigarettes from the shop, and gets Lucille to serve him at the Rovers. He makes her feel uncomfortable. Stan makes a speech at the reception. Turner tells Jack that Lucille shouldn't be serving behind the bar at 16 and makes him see that he's going to blackmailed.moreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 1965
    Mon 6 Dec, 1965
    Episode 97
    Stan tells Hilda about the wedding, she is very upset. Len suggests the residents gatecrash the Barlow's reception, and books a table for eleven.
  • Wed 1 Dec, 1965
    Wed 1 Dec, 1965
    Episode 96
    Clara moves Albert's furniture around. Val accuses her of taking liberties. A taxi driver innocently tells Len about picking David and Irma up from the Registry Office to take them to the reception on Saturday. Sandra leaves Coronation Street. Len tells Stan about the wedding.
  • Mon 29 Nov, 1965
    Mon 29 Nov, 1965
    Episode 95
    Sandra works a week's notice. To everyone's surprise, Dennis sells all his trees. Annie organises the LV annual Ball. Len agrees to help move Sandra into Leestand Road. Irma and David secretly plan the wedding. Irma feels bad about not telling her parents.
  • Wed 24 Nov, 1965
    Wed 24 Nov, 1965
    Episode 94
    Sandra takes the day off work. Clara housekeeps for David with Albert away. Sandra tells Lionel she's found herself a flat on the other side of town and she's leaving him. Lucille's workmates warn her about falling for Kenny. Elsie discovers Jim is not married. Ken asks Jerry to start work on the front room at No.9 to turn it into a playroom. Sandra realises Dennis doesn't care anything for her at all. David suggests he and Irma elope and marry on the 18th December. She agrees.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 1965
    Mon 22 Nov, 1965
    Episode 93
    Lionel is amazed when Sandra questions Dennis' sanity regarding the Christmas trees and seems to have gone off him. Dennis puts the trees in all the backyards to the residents' fury. Jim Mount installs a lacquer red telephone at No.11. Lucille agrees to go on a date with Kenny. Jerry agrees to let Dennis store his trees at the Yard for £5 a week. Elsie is taken with Jim's cheek. Sandra tells Dennis she's had enough of being used. She shocks Lionel by making it plain to him that she is not going to be content living over the shop, after being impressed by Kenny's independence.moreless
  • Wed 17 Nov, 1965
    Wed 17 Nov, 1965
    Episode 92
    The coal under some nappies starts smouldering, filling the house with smoke. Val returns home and manages to put out the fire. Sandra lets Dennis store the crackers after hours. Val gives Ken the silent treatment over the fire. Albert asks Clara to look after his house while he visits Beattie. Emily finds out about the crackers and blames Sandra. A load of Christmas trees are delivered for Dennis. An angry Sandra refuses to help Dennis, telling him he's selfish. Kena and Val row. She tells him that she'll leave him if she catches him smoking a cigarette again.moreless
  • Mon 15 Nov, 1965
    Mon 15 Nov, 1965
    Episode 91
    Clara looks for cleaning work for extra money. Ena tells Val about her son who died through lack of nourishment. Sandra agrees to store 144 boxes of crackers at Gamma's loft for Dennis. Not knowing that the loft is damp because of a faulty pipe. Emily is disappointed in Sandra because of her lax attitude. With Val at night school, Ken nips to the Rovers. A piece of coal falls from the fire at No.9.moreless
  • Wed 10 Nov, 1965
    Wed 10 Nov, 1965
    Episode 90
    Emily worked until 2am. The residents gather at the Mission to watch the fashion show. Irma, Sandra and Lucille model the garments and get mixed up back stage. Alan drops woodwork when he discovers girls. The show turns into a fiasco and most of the audience leave during the interval. Elsie is horrified to discover Dennis has bought 108 Christmas trees.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 1965
    Mon 8 Nov, 1965
    Episode 89
    The residents make the last minute arrangements for the bonfire. Len and Jerry make up. Dennis and Len both make the guys for the bonfire. The gowns arrive for the fashion show but they all want altering. With everyone at the bonfire, Emily has to do it all herself.
  • Wed 3 Nov, 1965
    Wed 3 Nov, 1965
    Episode 88
    Len throws the toast rack onto the bonfire pile. Lucille is bewildered by the chemist, Kenny Stevens, and his noncholent attitude. Len grows suspicious when Jerry rescues the toast rack. Jerry is horrified to hear that a little boy has burnt his fingers off, playing with fireworks. Len meets Alan and discovers what's been going on. He calls Jerry an idiot and they row to Allan's horror.moreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 1965
    Mon 1 Nov, 1965
    Episode 87
    Lucille starts work at the mill. Jerry tells an angry Len that he broke the plane and will replace it. Ken gets a letter from the GPO telling him Dennis' phone will be a party line with the Barlows. Albert refuses to cooperate when David wants to buy him a new overcoat. Lucille agrees to pay the Walkers £2, 10 shillings a week on the condition she also saves some. Albert is secretly delighted when David buys him the new coat. Allan leaves a hand made toast rack in the Yard for Jerry.moreless
  • Wed 27 Oct, 1965
    Wed 27 Oct, 1965
    Episode 86
    Hilda gets Stan and Irma to appologise to each other. David tells her he has £1,180 in the bank, he earns £27, 11 shillings a week. He tells her he wants them to marry and move to Cheshire. She is ecstatic. Jerry is horrified when Allan drops Len's treasured plane and splits it in two.moreless
  • Mon 25 Oct, 1965
    Mon 25 Oct, 1965
    Episode 85
    Dennis contemplates having a phone installed at No.11. Irma refuses to talk to Stan, or eat in the same room as him. Hilda tells Stan he had no right to hit Irma. David is furious to discover Stan hit Irma. Dennis orders a phone in his name. David makes sure everyone knows Stan hit Irma. Jerry catches Allan Platt stealing wood from the Yard for a bonfire. Jerry agrees to give him woodwork lessons.moreless
  • Wed 20 Oct, 1965
    Wed 20 Oct, 1965
    Episode 84
    Lucille turns down the filing job. Emily searches for models for the parade. Dennis starts 'Tanners Enterprises' and turns the front parlour into an office. Albert organises a Street bonfire. Lucille goes for an interview at the Research and Development department of Marshall's cotton mill. Val starts evening classes. Lucille gets the job at the mill, to Annie's disapointment. Stan catches David in Irma's bedroom. He slaps her face and she walks out.moreless
  • Mon 18 Oct, 1965
    Mon 18 Oct, 1965
    Episode 83
    The Council plan to demolish Coronation and Mawdsley Streets. The surveyor tells Ken that the ring road is only in the planning stage. David is touched to discover Irma has kept a scrap book of cuttings on him. Jerry starts doing all the housework at Len's. Lucille goes to the employment office and is sent for a job as filing clerk. Emily decides to pick up trade with a Mannequin Parade in the shop.moreless
  • Wed 13 Oct, 1965
    Wed 13 Oct, 1965
    Episode 82
    David wears Dennis out with jogging. Annie writes to the MP about the survey. The surveyor plans to fob Ena off with his assistant but Ena stands firm. Jerry lends Dennis some dumb bells. Ena forces the surveyor to talk to her. Val signs up for evening classes, studying sociology. Ena announces the Council's plans to build a ring road through Coronation Street.moreless
  • Mon 11 Oct, 1965
    Mon 11 Oct, 1965
    Episode 81
    The surveyor refuses to tell the residents what he's measuring for. Dennis worries about his waistline and goes on a diet. Ena calls a Street meeting about the survey. Annie makes her own enquiries through the LV. Val is tired of Ken treating her as an idiot. David agrees to help Dennis get fit. Ena is elected spokeswoman for the Street. She arranges a meeting with the surveyor. Val is surprised when Ken starts asking her opinion on world matters. The residents laugh at the idea of Dennis keeping fit.moreless
  • Wed 6 Oct, 1965
    Wed 6 Oct, 1965
    Episode 80
    Lionel accuses Emily of splitting up a home. Elsie decides to go and see Moira. But she turns up at No.11 to find out the truth. She accuses Elsie of being a dirty backstreet tart and realises that they both know that Bob hated her. Elsie realises Moira blames herself for the death and is glad to let her blame someone else. Minnie is delighted when Ena gives her three presents. Annie advises Lionel to let Sandra have her own way. Half the neighbours see Lionel entertaining Annie to her embarrassment. Ena discovers city surveyors measuring in the street and sets Minnie and Clara out to discover what's going on.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 1965
    Mon 4 Oct, 1965
    Episode 79
    Sandra starts at Gamma. Clara is upset that Ena is returning. Lionel accuses Emily of coming between him and Sandra. Ena returns home from seeing her brother in America. Elsie goes to the inquest and refuses to go without speaking to Moira Maxwell. She refuses to speak to Elsie. Emily realises Lionel is like her own father. Ena agrees to let Clara sit in Martha's chair so long as she buys the drinks. Elsie doesn't believe the Maxwell incident is finished.moreless
  • Wed 29 Sep, 1965
    Wed 29 Sep, 1965
    Episode 78
    Minnie is upset when she doesn't get a birthday card from Ena. Emily employs Sandra on £5 a week. Lionel tells her she can't have it as she has to look after him and the shop. She threatens to leave home. Minnie has a party with Albert, Clara, Charlie and Jerry. Elsie faces up to the neighbours. Annie tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself, everyone is on her side. Minnie gets a telegram from Ena saying she's coming home.moreless
  • Mon 27 Sep, 1965
    Mon 27 Sep, 1965
    Episode 77
    As Elsie panics, Len makes her see that no one will care what she's been up to - she's just a tart. Emily has difficulty getting an assistant. The police, Det Sgt Sowman and Det Constable Lucas, tell Annie they're trying to trace the woman from the Fox and Hounds who told the barmaid the Walkers recommended the pub to her. Emily agrees to taking Sandra on at Gamma if Lionel approves. Elsie breaks down and smashes a window. The police return Elsie's gloves, telling her she'll have to appear at the inquest. Sandra says yes to the job without asking Lionel. Dennis rows with Annie for telling the police about Elsie. She breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 22 Sep, 1965
    Wed 22 Sep, 1965
    Episode 76
    Stan accuses Len of being jealous, Elsie tells him nothing happened between Bob and her. She wants to tell the police but Len stops her. The police try to get in touch with the Walkers.
  • Mon 20 Sep, 1965
    Mon 20 Sep, 1965
    Episode 75
    Elsie runs off from the scene of the crash when she realises Bob is dead. She asks Len for help, telling him she couldn't report the accident for the sake of Bob's family. She realises she's left her gloves in the car. Len agrees to fetch them, but when he gets there the police are around. Ena writes saying she's returning but Emily can't bring herself to sack Clara. Len discovers Bob died two and a half hours after leaving the pub with Elsie. He tells her he wants nothing to do with it anymore - it's obvious they got up to something together.moreless
  • Wed 15 Sep, 1965
    Wed 15 Sep, 1965
    Episode 74
    Lucille doesn't get a secretarial job. Jack tells her it's bcause of the way she speaks. Annie agrees to give her elecution lessons. David and Irma grow fed up with all the wedding talk. Elsie goes man hunting at the Fox and Hounds and meets Bob Maxwell. They enjoy each other's company and he offers her a lift home. He collapses at the wheel and crashes the car.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 1965
    Mon 13 Sep, 1965
    Episode 73
    Lucille makes plans to turn her bedroom into a bedsitter. Hilda dreads the thought of Irma moving away. Jack treats Annie to a night out in Wilmslow for sorting Lucille out. They bring back reports of the pub and the rich men there. Elsie is tempted and thinks of going to the Fox and Hounds.moreless
  • Wed 8 Sep, 1965
    Wed 8 Sep, 1965
    Episode 72
    Jack lets Lucille in when Annie becomes tearful. Hilda wants Irma to have the white wedding she never had. Lucille's workmates start to resent her qualifications. Custom and Excise inspect the Rover's cellar, and take samples of the beer. Lucille is ignored at work. The Walkers agree to give Lucille more space and respect her as a woman. Stan can't sleep from worrying about the cost of the wedding. David assures him they don't want a big one. Hilda convinces Irma that David wants a big wedding. She tells Irma to push David to buy No.3.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 1965
    Mon 6 Sep, 1965
    Episode 71
    Len and Jerry start knocking down No.7. Dennis finds it hard being a salesman. David gives Irma a proper diamond engagement ring. Val can't get the twins to sleep with all the noise from No.7. Len becomes abusive when Ken asks him to stop. Jack locks Lucille out when she comes home an hour late at nightmoreless
  • Wed 1 Sep, 1965
    Wed 1 Sep, 1965
    Episode 70
    The residents fear the rest of the Street will fall down. The Barlows seek refuge for the twins in the Rovers as everyone moves out of their homes. The police rope the house off and Wormold arrives. Annie worries when Lucille doesn't return after a night out with friends. The menfolk start to shift the rubble in case Lucille is under it. She arrives home safe. The surveyor detects no subsidence. The collapse was caused by a faulty beam over the bay window. Len is given the contract to secure the house. Ted decides to go back to the home and leaves. Lucille cries over No.7. Wormold feels it isn't worth the £300 repairs and tells Len to pull it down.moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 1965
    Mon 30 Aug, 1965
    Episode 69
    Ted's daughter writes to Albert asking him not to interfere. Lucille gets four 0 Levels - Science, English, French and Geography. Ted is hurt by his daughter's indifference to him. The residents are shocked and shaken when No.7 suddenly collapses.
  • Wed 25 Aug, 1965
    Wed 25 Aug, 1965
    Episode 68
    Ted thinks he's bought Albert bad luck. David puts it down to subsidence from the old Barton Colliery. Jerry wants a legal agreement drawn up regarding the partnership. Hilda thinks Albert has got a poltergeist. Barry asks Lucille to go to a party with him, when the other girls agree, so does she. Len discovers Albert's floorboards have cracked. Elliston's changes into manufacturing PVC. The supervisor at the OAP home arrives. Albert tells him Ted is staying at No.1 for good.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 1965
    Mon 23 Aug, 1965
    Episode 67
    Len enjoys sharing the house with Jerry. Lucille starts work at Mitchells. Len gives Jerry his birthday present - a partnership. Lucille is chatted up by loader, Barry, at work. Ted finds Albert and tells him he's run away from an OAP home, Albert takes him in. Len throws a party for Jerry with the home made beer but it all goes off. Albert's sideboard mysteriously jumps in the night.moreless
  • Wed 18 Aug, 1965
    Wed 18 Aug, 1965
    Episode 66
    A tramp turns up on the Street looking for Albert. Elsie fears he's after money and fobs him off. Sandra has a new hair do for Dennis' benefit. Annie realises Minnie is lonely and invites her to Sunday lunch. Charlie, Len, Stan and Albert go fishing on the canal and Charlie falls in. Albert discovers the tramp is an old friend, Ted Bates, and hopes he finds him soon.moreless
  • Mon 16 Aug, 1965
    Mon 16 Aug, 1965
    Episode 65
    A hungover Minnie orders Charlie to get rid of the beer. Sandra thinks she's too drab to interest Dennis. She helps out at Gamma as a favour and shocks Dennis by refusing to go on a date with him. David's players win their first match 2-0. He upsets Irma by buying a new suit rather than saving. When Jack tells Annie he's sick of hearing about Forsythe Jones she tries to make him jealous by showing an interest in Lionel.moreless
  • Wed 11 Aug, 1965
    Wed 11 Aug, 1965
    Episode 64
    Len throws Jerry out of the Yard. Jack buys Annie a necklace for her birthday. Albert and Stan row with Len over his treatment of Jerry. The bottles start to explode at Minnie's, scaring Bobby into the coal hole. Elsie persuades Jerry to sleep at No.11. Minnie and Emily test the 'tonic'. Len gives Jerry his job back and gives him a room at his house. Annie is elected chairperson of the LV. Minnie and Emily drink themselves to sleep.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 1965
    Mon 9 Aug, 1965
    Episode 63
    Jack prepares for the bowls final. Dennis tries all his jokes out on Elsie. As the smell of the beer making becomes unbearable, Charlie worries that they've gone wrong. Jerry returns and tells Len he's looking for work as the Blackburn job folded. Stan bottles the beer. Len refuses to feel sorry for Jerry. Jack wins the President's Cup. Jerry sleeps rough in the Yard.moreless
  • Wed 4 Aug, 1965
    Wed 4 Aug, 1965
    Episode 62
    David holds a dance at the Club. Dennis' sales samples arrive. He admits to Elsie that he's a rep for the Children's Novelty Toy Company. Sandra dresses herself up for the dance and gets Dennis' attention. Johnny and Tony make trouble at the dance. Elsie and Lionel decide to leave Dennis and Sandra to it, to let it fizzle out. When Johnny pinches Irma's bottom, David intervenes and threatens to bar him. Ken agrees to buy a car. Lambert tells David not to push his authority about. The smell from No.5 of the beer making starts spreading down the Street.moreless
  • Mon 2 Aug, 1965
    Mon 2 Aug, 1965
    Episode 61
    The Barlows celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Dennis gets a new job. David comes up against a couple of insolent workmen at the Social Club and crosses them. They get angry when David gives Len work at the club rather than them. Dennis entertains Sandra in the parlour on the piano.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jul, 1965
    Wed 28 Jul, 1965
    Episode 60
    Hilda orders Stan to throw the equipment away, thinking it's for home made tomato sauce. Charlie takes it all in. Annie prepares for Nellie's visit. Minnie agrees to the equipment, thinking it's for making health tonic. Nellie catches Annie in her dressing gown and shocks her by being familiar with Jack. Stan, Charlie and Len try to keep their exploits secret. Nellie tells Annie she plans to put her forward as chairman of the LV committee. Annie realises it's thanks to Jack.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jul, 1965
    Mon 26 Jul, 1965
    Episode 59
    Annie continues to be cool towards Jack. Stan starts brewing beer. Minnie is angry when she finds the Mission cleaner, Clara Midgeley, using Ena's china and shouts Clara down. Annie discovers Nellie Harvey has influence in the LVs and invites her to tea. Hilda discovers Stan's beer making equipment in the yard. Len and Charlie buy themselves into the set up. Minnie makes up with Clara. Elsie starts work at the Laundryer. Hilda returns all Stan's bottles to the off licence for cash, and catches the men with the equipment.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jul, 1965
    Wed 21 Jul, 1965
    Episode 58
    Elsie considers applying for the job of manageress at the Laundry but doesn't know how to tell Emily. The Walkers clash over his bowls and a Licenced Victualler's meeting. He refuses to let her go . Dennis hates his job and thinks about becoming a rep.
  • Mon 19 Jul, 1965
    Mon 19 Jul, 1965
    Episode 57
    Emily recommends Elsie is made manageress during Emily's holiday. Dennis starts at the shop, humping stock. Elsie is annoyed when Mr. Papagopolous wants to put a supervisor over her. She rows with him. Irma tries to be domesticated. Mr.Papagopolus tells Emily to sack Elsie.
  • Wed 14 Jul, 1965
    Wed 14 Jul, 1965
    Episode 56
    Elsie makes Dennis do the housework. David is annoyed when Irma goes dancing without him. He orders her not to do it again and she returns the ring. David makes Ken see he loves Irma. Dennis gets Sandra to do all the work at No.11. Albert decides to sell his coin collection. Lucille lands a temporary job in a factory for the holidays. David and Irma make up and get engaged again. Lionel grows tired of Sandra spending her time with Dennis and gives him a job at the shop. Albert is shocked to discover his coin collection is only worth 50 shillings.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jul, 1965
    Mon 12 Jul, 1965
    Episode 55
    Val has to stay away from the twins for two weeks. Hilda tries to push her way in but Ken shows her the door. Irma feels she's not sure about marrying into the Barlow family.
  • Wed 7 Jul, 1965
    Wed 7 Jul, 1965
    Episode 54
    Jack enters for the bowling President's cup. Albert asks around for odd jobs to earn extra money. Dennis has an interview for Pepper's Salon. He discovers his diploma is a private one and won't get him work anywhere but Gerald's. Elsie is annoyed because of the £65 it cost her. Dennis walks out on Gerald. Val goes down with chicken pox.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jul, 1965
    Mon 5 Jul, 1965
    Episode 53
    Ken doesn't give David and Irma's engagement long. Hilda starts planning for the wedding. Dennis decides to pack Gerald's in. Ken realises in horror that the Ogdens will be his in-laws.
  • Wed 30 Jun, 1965
    Wed 30 Jun, 1965
    Episode 52
    Emily leads the trip to the Blue John Mines with Dennis, Sandra, Irma, David, Hilda, Stan, Charlie, Minnie, Albert, Elsie, Len, Jack and Annie in attendance. Arthur Walker looks after the pub. The residents view the mines, 850 feet below ground level. Irma grows frightened of scaring David off. Dennis escorts Sandra. Lucille sees Harry off on the train for Liverpool and the boat to Ireland. David presents Irma with an engagement ring from the cavern. She accepts it.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 1965
    Mon 28 Jun, 1965
    Episode 51
    Harry arrives to sort out Lucille's future. She wants to stay with the Walkers when she leaves school. Annie would prefer her to go to Ireland. Dennis thinks of getting another job. The coach company get their dates mixed up and Emily is faced with the prospect of not having one for the trip. One is found but she has to pay more for it.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jun, 1965
    Wed 23 Jun, 1965
    Episode 50
    Minnie gets emotional about Ena's departure. Tom suggests Elsie knocks her dividing wall down to have a large lounge. Ena and Tom leave for Nebraska. Lucille is estatic when she hears that Harry has arrived in Liverpool to see her.
  • Mon 21 Jun, 1965
    Mon 21 Jun, 1965
    Episode 49
    It is Sandra Petty's 19th birthday. She is upset when Dennis tells her he can't go to the party because of work. Stan stops smoking to spend more money on drink. Dennis' work lecture is cancelled so he has to go to the party. Lucille takes Roger to the party where Sandra fools all Dennis' attempts to escape. Stan goes back on the cigarettes. Ena grows sentimental about seeing her brother again.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jun, 1965
    Wed 16 Jun, 1965
    Episode 48
    Emily advises Lionel to take a personal interest in his customers. Sandra plans a party for her birthday, with Dennis as the main guest. Ena and Elsie accuse Len of being jealous over Tom. Lionel starts getting on better with the residents. Len apologises to Tom. Ena discovers she'll be going to America in four days.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jun, 1965
    Mon 14 Jun, 1965
    Episode 47
    Ena applies for a passport. The residents boycott the shop. David starts a football gossip column in the Advertiser for £5 a week. Irma bunks off work to get away from Lionel. Lionel confronts Ena over his lack of trade. When he insults her, Tom threatens to throw him out. Ena is vaccinated and has her passport photo taken. Len refuses to accept drinks from Tom and walks out of the Rovers when Elsie accepts one.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jun, 1965
    Wed 9 Jun, 1965
    Episode 46
    Ena discovers she has a family in America that she never knew existed. Lucille prepares for her exams. Tom tells Ena he's come to take her to America to stay with her brother who she hasn't seen for years. The residents snub Lionel after he is short with Ena. Ena tells Tom she will go to America.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 1965
    Mon 7 Jun, 1965
    Episode 45
    Ena is told someone will contact her soon. Lionel upsets the customers by showing them no civility. Len takes Elsie to Belle Vue for the day. Ken thinks of buying a house with a garden but Val doesn't think she can cope with a move. Emily organises a street outing to the Blue John Mines. Ena receives a visit from her great nephew, Tom Schofield, from the USA.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jun, 1965
    Wed 2 Jun, 1965
    Episode 44
    Lionel gets to know the shop doing everything in army fashion. David signs up with the Athletics club. Florrie finds it hard to leave everything behind to make a new start. Dennis is horrified when Lionel likes him. Florrie gives Emily her favourite vase. Lionel puts Irma on three months trial. The residents wave the Lindleys on their way. An advert in the paper searches for Ena, telling her to contact a firm of solicitors.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 1965
    Mon 31 May, 1965
    Episode 43
    Charlie returns the money to his boss. The Lindleys grow desperate to sell the shop. Hilda appears much happier. Ena and Minnie watch as the militaristic Lionel Petty views the shop. They realise he is Sandra's father. She tells them she saw the shop advertised and persuaded Lionel to look at it, planning to capture Dennis. Swindley plans to leave the area and Emily is made supervisor at the Mission. David is offered a two year contract as player-coach with Weatherfield Athletics on £35 a week. He takes the post. Swindley says his goodbyes and leaves. Sandra tells Dennis she idolises him and knows that he will grow to love her. She tells him she's going to marry him and doesn't care how long it takes.moreless
  • Wed 26 May, 1965
    Wed 26 May, 1965
    Episode 42
    Minnie wants Charlie brought home. The twins are christened at St Marys, the Godparents are: Peter's - David, Albert and Val. Susan's - David, Emily and Val. The Lindleys are vaccinated for their trip. Emily tells Len she was joking with him about the holiday. Charlie doesn't go down too well at the Red Lion. Len and Stan bring him home. £20 is pushed through Minnie's letter box.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 1965
    Mon 24 May, 1965
    Episode 41
    Minnie misses Charlie. Val tries to organise the Christening party. Ken feels they shouldn't be christened. Minnie covers up for Charlie with his boss. Norman Lindley returns from Iceland. Albert discovers that Charlie is still doing his round. Florrie sends bills to all her credit customers demanding immediate payments. She advertises the shop for sale in the paper. Albert finds Charlie singing in the Red Lion.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 1965
    Wed 19 May, 1965
    Episode 40
    Minnie offers to sell her TV for Charlie but he refuses to let her. The area prepares for the Queen's visit. There's a burst water main so the procession has to be changed to come down Coronation Street. Ena organises the decorations and the Council provide window boxes. Minnie prepares No.5 in case the Queen pops in. The leak is repaired and the Queen is directed back along Rosamund Street. The residents watch and Ken is presented to her at the Tec. Charlie leaves the Street at midnight.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 1965
    Mon 17 May, 1965
    Episode 39
    Hilda breaks down, not knowing what to do about the money. The residents prepare for the royal visit at Granston Tec. Charlie's supervisor checks his books. When he hears about the money he tells Charlie he wants him to see the area manager. The police are called in. Emily has to cancel her European holiday when her friend lets her down. She has a laugh at Len's expense by agreeing to go with him instead. Charlie's boss suspects him of using the money to go to the Cup Final. Hilda breaks down and confesses to Irma.moreless
  • Wed 12 May, 1965
    Wed 12 May, 1965
    Episode 38
  • Mon 10 May, 1965
    Mon 10 May, 1965
    Episode 37
    Charlie can't find his £20. Emily has her last driving lesson with Mr Hopwood. Charlie fears he's running out of time as his insurance books have to be right. Hilda spends £6 19/6 on a two piece. David sulks about the fact that Irma works nights in the Rovers. They row and she tells him he should take someone else out. The cigarette packet is found empty.moreless
  • Wed 5 May, 1965
    Wed 5 May, 1965
    Episode 36
    Elsie tries to make Dennis see his 'friends' are taking him for a fool. Irma feels out of place at David's favourite jazz club. Lucille feels she has seen the last of Roger because of the class difference. Len confides in Dennis that as a lad he fell in with the same sort of crowd and ended up fighting with them. Hilda finds a cigarette packed stuffed with money lying on the bar and keeps it, not knowing it's Charlie's.moreless
  • Mon 3 May, 1965
    Mon 3 May, 1965
    Episode 35
    Dennis is certain Caroline fancies him. Elsie thinks she must be kinky. Albert and Charlie return after losing Stan in Soho. He gets into a fight with a Leeds supporter, misses his train and has to hitch home. Lucille's 16th birthday arrives and the Walkers ask her to call them Auntie and Uncle. Len returns to discover Jerry has left. The Cheshire set amuse themselves with Dennis. Lucille wishes the Hewitts would return. The et take Dennis for a ride.moreless
  • Wed 28 Apr, 1965
    Wed 28 Apr, 1965
    Episode 34
    Ken and Val find it hard to cope with the crying twins. Albert, Charlie and Stan get ready for the match. Minnie's TV packs in and she worries that she won't be able to watch the match. Dennis' clients, Caroline Critchley and Jane Maxwell invite him to Oulton Park for a laugh. The residents gather in the Barlow's parlour to watch the match.moreless
  • Mon 26 Apr, 1965
    Mon 26 Apr, 1965
    Episode 33
    The twins come home. Lucille finds it difficult persuading the OAP's she wants to help them. At the salon, Dennis is humoured by his posh customers. David arranges a date with Irma as soon as he returns. He gives Albert four tickets for the Cup Final. David tells Ken he's bored with football and has given it up. Albert sells two of his tickets to Stan and Charlie. Hilda holds on to Stan's until he does some jobs around the house.moreless
  • Wed 21 Apr, 1965
    Wed 21 Apr, 1965
    Episode 32
    David has torn a ligament. Val persuades Ken to end the feud and write to him. Piggott gives Jerry money to repay what he owes Len so that he is free of committments. Jerry decides to close the Yard and go. David phones and asks to stay with the Barlows. Val doesn't think there'll be any room. Albert agrees to put him up. Jerry leaves everything in Jack's hands and leaves, everyone is cold towards him.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 1965
    Mon 19 Apr, 1965
    Episode 31
    Piggott taps Ena for information about Jerry. David is injured in a football match and is carried off the field. Piggott takes Elsie to watch football in the director's box. Lucille gets involved with Roger helping OAP's. Piggott offers Jerry the Blackburn job.
  • Wed 14 Apr, 1965
    Wed 14 Apr, 1965
    Episode 30
  • Mon 12 Apr, 1965
    Mon 12 Apr, 1965
    Episode 29
    Len plans to spend some time in Nottingham with Jerry running the Yard. The residents buy the Barlows a pram set. Val returns, with the twins still in hospital putting on weight. Piggott shows Len the houses. Len tells him he'll decide before he goes to Nottingham. Piggott tells Elsie he's sure Len will go in with him as Len has nothing going for him in Weatherfield. Len thinks of offering Jerry a partnership when he gets back from Nottingham. Piggott is angry with the news that Len won't be working with him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Apr, 1965
    Wed 7 Apr, 1965
    Episode 28
    Piggott asks Len to help him convert six old houses into thirty six flats in Blackburn. Len doesn't like the idea of working away from home. Jenkinson cancels the supermarket deal with Len. Len discovers Piggott told Jenkinson Len wouldn't have time for the job. The Barlows decide on Susan Ida and Peter as names. Len realises he is in a rut in Weatherfield and wonders what to do.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 1965
    Mon 5 Apr, 1965
    Episode 27
    Len takes Val to hospital in his van. Ken feels completely useless. Jerry worries about his future. Len gets a contract from Arnold Jenkinson to do a conversion job for one of his supermarkets. Ken discovers that if the twins are born before midnight he'll get tax relief on them. Piggott is fined £150 for bribing Ken. Val gives birth to a girl and boy. The Walkers break open the champagne.moreless
  • Wed 31 Mar, 1965
    Wed 31 Mar, 1965
    Episode 26
    Swindley and Emily worry about what Mr Papagopolous will say about the case. Ken asks Irma to cook for him in Val's absence but Val ropes in Ena. The residents go to court to watch the proceedings. Emily pleads guilty, the Magistrate sympathises with her and fines her £5. He threatens to send Swindley to prison for a month but only fines him £20. The newspaper carries the report: "Magistrate Attacks Local Preacher". Val goes into labour.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 1965
    Mon 29 Mar, 1965
    Episode 25
    Everyone thinks that Swindley will get prosecuted. Swindley and Emily receive a summons. The Barlows prepare for birth. Swindley discovers Strangeways Stan to be the magistrate.
  • Wed 24 Mar, 1965
    Wed 24 Mar, 1965
    Episode 24
    Val doesn't want anyone else to know she's having twins, but lets it slip to Elsie and Ena. Hilda confronts Stan at Mrs Sugden's house as he eats there. She discovers Mrs Sugden is a little old lady who Stan keeps company in the mornings. Emily drives the wrong way down a one way street whilst out with Swindley. Ena spreads the word about the twins. Albert is annoyed he wasn't told first. Val pacifies him by asking him to be a Godfather. The police let Emily off for the driving offence but want to see Swindley's licence. He discovers that his licence has expired.moreless
  • Mon 22 Mar, 1965
    Mon 22 Mar, 1965
    Episode 23
    Stan sleeps on the sofa. Frank sends the Barlows an expensive pram which is too big to get in the house. Stan throws Hilda's packed lunch away and Hilda wonders who'll be feeding him. Swindley, as acting area manager, supervises Emily and Elsie at the shop and volunteers to help Emily with her driving. Stan is adamant he got his black eye from a crate at the dairy. Hilda plans to follow him. Val tells Ken she's going to have twins.moreless
  • Episode 7109
    Episode 22
    Molly and Kevin pull apart and set off back to Coronation Street. Hayley's angry to discover Pam's now selling cakes and drinks too.
  • Wed 17 Mar, 1965
    Wed 17 Mar, 1965
    Episode 22
    Lucille refuses to eat meat to Annie's annoyance. Val worries as no one wants to buy her salon equipment. Emily is horrified to discover Elsie is her new assistant. Hilda feels sure Stan is playing away when he disappears for the afternoon. Roger enlists Lucille to help him look after elderly people. Stan turns up with a black eye.moreless
  • Episode 7108
    Episode 21
    Rosie takes delivery of a new sports car. Kevin's furious she's wasted ?23k on a car when she can't even drive.
  • Episode 6850
    Episode 21
    Liz admits to Vernon she should never have married him. Vernon's devastated and begs her to reconsider but Liz has made up her mind. Liz pours her heart out to Deirdre over a bottle of wine and several fags. Claire shows Ashley the cheque for ??7k which she got for the programmes. Ashley's amazed and tells Claire not to mention it to Sally. Liam tells Maria that Steve's going to propose to Michelle. Carla and Tony overhear. Liz breaks the news to Michelle that she and Vernon are splitting up.moreless
  • Mon 15 Mar, 1965
    Mon 15 Mar, 1965
    Episode 21
    Elsie has an interview. Annie feels sure Roger will be a mod or a rocker. She prepares a feast for him and is shocked when he turns out to be a class above her. He refuses to eat any of the food as he is a vegetarian. Elsie feels sure the personnel manager will give the job to an old friend but he offers it to her. Roger asks Jack not to tell his parents he's been to tea as they wouldn't approve of the pub. Elsie is surprised when the job turns out to be at Gamma Garments.moreless
  • Episode 6849
    Episode 20
    Vernon excitedly tells Michelle that he and Liz are thinking of buying a bar in town. Michelle's pleased as she and Steve will have the pub to themselves. Claire continues to sort through the rubbish in the attic at No.13. She finds a box of very old concert programmes. Sally tells her they're worthless. Tony discusses his idea of expanding the factory with Carla. He tells her he plans to buy out the Kabin and the garage and use the space for a new loading bay. Michelle tells Liam how Steve's going to propose to her.moreless
  • Wed 10 Mar, 1965
    Wed 10 Mar, 1965
    Episode 20
    Hilda discovers Stan has given Albert a handmade sweater and demands to know who knitted it. Elsie enjoys her new life of leisure. Dennis demands that she gets a job. Roger Wain phones Lucille at the Rovers and Annie grows curious. Stan tells Hilda how the jumper was left on his float during his round. She doesn't believe him. Annie phones Roger and invites him to tea.moreless
  • Episode 7106
    Episode 19
    Gary's inwardly terrified as he gets ready for court. Anna and Eddie are too upset to speak.
  • Mon 8 Mar, 1965
    Mon 8 Mar, 1965
    Episode 19
    Hilda suspects Stan of having another woman when he gets later at coming home. A pipe bursts in the Rovers cellar. Annie wonders over the change in Lucille over the production. Elsie rows with the supervisor and walks out, she refuses to apologise and writes her resignation. Hilda serves Stan's tea in the Rovers and tell's him he's not the only one who can play around.moreless
  • Episode 7105
    Episode 18
    Rosie's spent the night with Luke. Fiz excitedly tells Julie how she eventually got to see John.
  • Episode 6847
    Episode 18
    Tina and David both hungover survey the post party damage at No.8. Sally takes photos of Rosie's scratches intent on going to the police and reporting Teresa for assault. Kevin tries to talk her out of it. It's Jason's birthday. He's pleased to receive a card from Becky but embarrassed to see posters all over the place announcing it's his birthday. Michelle overhears Leanne on the phone to Steve and her suspicions grow. Sally goes round to No.6 and confronts Teresa.moreless
  • Wed 3 Mar, 1965
    Wed 3 Mar, 1965
    Episode 18
    Lucille is given the part of the maid in 'Way of the World', in a joint production with the boys Grammar School. Emily's instructor Mr Hopwood takes her out for a coffee. Dickinson accuses Jerry of having an affair with Irma. Jerry refuses to return and is chased for the £30 he owes him. Len writes Dickinson a cheque and he leaves.moreless
  • Episode 7104
    Episode 17
    Fiz persuades the prison governor to let her see John. Rosie, dressed to kill, heads off for her business meeting with Luke.
  • Episode 6846
    Episode 17
    Ted and Tina bop to some early disco whilst they get No.8 ready for the party. Lloyd warns Becky that Michelle's worked out that Steve had a one night stand with another bird. Ken tells Ashley how Irma Ogden was an amateur artist and enjoyed copying Lowry's paintings. Ashey's disappointed to discover his 'Lowry' is a fake. Mel and Darryl arrive at No.8 for the party. Tina tells David she's invited quite a few friends. Teresa's annoyed by the music coming from No.8.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 1965
    Mon 1 Mar, 1965
    Episode 17
    Val tells Ken she won't be coming to the staff dinner as she'd feel uncomfortable. He refuses to listen. Val starts to close down the salon, planning to sell all the equipment. Emily has her first professional driving lesson and hurts her leg when trying to avoid another car. Mr Dickinson looks for Jerry, wanting to know if he's going to return to Myra. Ken goes to the staff dinner alone.moreless
  • Episode 7103
    Episode 16
    Sally tells Kevin that Rosie's thinking of investing in Underworld. Kevin's not happy whilst Sally thinks it's a great idea
  • Episode 6845
    Episode 16
    Michelle puts pressure on Lloyd to tell her what he and Steve got up to on their night out. Lloyd lies saying Steve ran up a huge debt in a casino. Audrey's furious with Ted and David for forging a reference in her name. She threatens to phone David's new employer but they talk her out of it. Tony tells Carla he's got a masterplan for the factory. He wants to buy the Kabin and the garage and expand their loading bay out the front.moreless
  • Wed 24 Feb, 1965
    Wed 24 Feb, 1965
    Episode 16
    Florrie decides to go to Canada and thanks Elsie for helping her to see that she had to grasp the opportunity. Norman tells Elsie that she should be the one going to Canada. They say goodbye. Norman leaves for Iceland.
  • Episode 6844
    Episode 15
    Michelle receives some flowers from Steve. He then phones from Spain to see if she likes them. Michelle becomes deeply suspicious wondering what he's done. Liam's bored at home and misses the factory. Carla's annoyed when she discovers Tony's using Rosie to organise his Gordon's business. She points out that Rosie works solely for Underworld. Michelle goes in search of Lloyd intent on interrogating him over the evening he spent with Steve.moreless
  • Mon 22 Feb, 1965
    Mon 22 Feb, 1965
    Episode 15
    Len asks Irma if she'll take Jerry out for some company. The residents delight in the fact that Elsie returned at midnight from seeing Norman. Jerry decides it would be alright to have Irma as a friend. Norman tells Elsie he's going to Iceland soon and he knows Florrie won't come to Canada with him. Jerry and Irma play push-penny together. Elsie tells Norman she can't go on lying. She tells him that if he wants her, she'll go to Canada with him.moreless
  • Episode 7101
    Episode 14
    It's the day of the 10k fun run and Molly's nervous about it. Kevin tells Rosie she shouldn't accept John's money as it's morally wrong.
  • Wed 17 Feb, 1965
    Wed 17 Feb, 1965
    Episode 14
    Emily corners Ken into giving her a lesson. Florrie worries that she's too set in her ways to go back to Norman. When Florrie is busy, Norman takes Elsie to an Engineering exhibition. Ken finds it hard work teaching Emily to drive. She has no sense of danger. Norman takes Elsie back to his hotel and they both realise they're attracted to each other.moreless
  • Episode 7100
    Episode 13
    Rosie throws another sickie. Sally and Kevin point out she'll lose her job if she's not careful but Rosie's non-plussed.
  • Episode 6842
    Episode 13
    Ashley and Claire pack up their furniture. Sally and Kevin do the same ready to swap houses. Carla offers Rosie the job of becoming her personal PA. Rosie's chuffed. Whilst Carla's out of the way, Rosie downloads the photo of Carla and Liam onto her computer. Tony offers Liam ??180k for his share of Underworld. He knows it's worth more but tells Liam to take it or leave it. Liam's fuming. David and Tina read the reference Audrey's written for him.moreless
  • Mon 15 Feb, 1965
    Mon 15 Feb, 1965
    Episode 13
    Norman tells Florrie that if she doesn't go to Canada with him they should get divorced. Emily gets a second hand 1959 car and tries to find someone to give her lessons. Charlie is alotted the area around the Street. Norman takes an interest in Elsie. Len, Stan and Charlie talk their way out giving Emily lessons. Norman tells Elsie that he and Florrie have been apart too long.moreless
  • Episode 7099
    Episode 12
    John tells Rosie he feels guilty for what he put her through and by way of compensation he's giving her the money from the sale of his grandma's house. Molly and Jason return from the gym.
  • Episode 6841
    Episode 12
    Under pressure from Tina, David looks for a job. He arranges an interview at a hair salon in town but he's worried Audrey won't give him a reference. Liam meets Tony at the gym. He tells Tony he wants to sell his share of the factory and wants to give him first refusal. Tony's suspicious. Maria does Carla's hair. Carla makes jibes about Liam but Maria ignores them. Vernon gets some work in a music studio doing the backing track.moreless
  • Wed 10 Feb, 1965
    Wed 10 Feb, 1965
    Episode 12
    Florrie tells Norman she regrets not going to India with him. Word spreads that Florrie is not a widow. Florrie is relieved when Norman is not after a divorce. Charlie gets a job as an insurance man but needs to find £50 deposit money. Norman tells Florrie he wants them to get back together. He tells her he has to go to Iceland for a while then to Canada for two years. Ena tells Charlie she'll lend him the £50 so that he can afford to pay his rent to Minnie.moreless
  • Episode 7363
    Episode 11
    Ciaran persuades Liz to let him arrange a speed-dating evening in the Rovers. Nick asks Hayley to take the singed stock to Weatherfield market.Norris arrives back from a stationery fair to find Tina back working in the Kabin. She explains how Rita took her back on. Norris is secretly pleased. Peter's furious with Leanne for going behind his back and putting Nick in touch with George. He accuses Leanne of still fancying Nick. Leanne and Peter row. Hayley spots Chesney at the market selling dog collars. He's surrounded by customers and it's clear he's very good at it. Hayley phones Fiz. Fiz drags Chesney home from the market. Chesney explains how he accidentally ordered 1000 dog collars instead of 1 on her credit card and he wanted to pay her back. Fiz is touched but insists he'd be better off at school so he can forge a proper career. Chesney's adamant he's done with school and exams. Natasha offers Nick the money she'd saved towards a deposit on a flat to pay George for the deposit on Turners Joinery telling him she sees it as an investment in their future together. Nick's slightly phased. Mary plonks a weighty tome in front of Roy and Hayley explaining that it's her wedding dossier and insisting they must borrow it. Peter's jealousy is evident as he confronts Nick telling him to stay away from Leanne.moreless
  • Episode 7098
    Episode 11
    Sally tries to persuade Kevin that investing in the factory would be a good thing. Kevin's not convinced.
  • Episode 6840
    Episode 11
    Teresa nicks some cash out of the till in the takeaway. Ken's invited to a university reunion. Deirdre thinks he should go. Blanche wishes they'd be quiet while she's watching Jeremy Kyle. Harry tells Liz that Dan has changed his statement and Steve's now in the clear. Lloyd gives Teresa a computer game for Finlay and asks if he can spend some time with his 'son'. Carla books a hair appointment with Maria.moreless
  • Mon 8 Feb, 1965
    Mon 8 Feb, 1965
    Episode 11
    Jerry tells Len that the baby died prematurely. Florrie agrees to him having the shop flat. Stan gets a job as milkman but has to get up at 4.00am. Ken and Albert go to court for Piggott's case. Jerry moves into the flat and feels very alone. Piggott's bail is set at £100 and the case is put up for the Crown Court. Ken is annoyed when David sends him £5 for his keep over Christmas. He then reads that David has been cleared over the bribe. Florrie is shocked when her husband Norman tracks her down.moreless
  • Episode 6839
    Episode 10
    Harry puts pressure on Dan to admit Steve didn't intentionally leave him for dead but Dan's unrepentant and he's enjoying make Steve suffer. Liam and Maria arrive back from their holiday all loved up. They agree to try for another baby. Blanche kicks up a fuss about wanting a proper roast dinner. Ken goes to buy a chicken but he gets side-tracked and ends up in the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 3 Feb, 1965
    Wed 3 Feb, 1965
    Episode 10
    Jerry asks Len not to ask him any questions. Swindley makes a Spring scene for Gamma's window. he promises to promote Emily when he is area manager but she tells him she doesn't want it - she's happy in the shop. Ena sells No.11 to Wormold for £350, and gets him to agree to do the repairs for Elsie. Swindley leaves Gamma to return to Headquarters. Jerry tells Len that he's left Myra.moreless
  • Episode 7361
    Episode 9
    Janice, Julie, Fiz, Izzy and Hayley are gutted to learn that they're out of work. Nick assures them he did everything he could. Roy prepares a romantic meal for Hayley and waits for her return. Nick begs Carla to help him save their business but Carla's adamant she no longer cares about Underworld. When Hayley's late home Roy starts to fret. Anna tries to calm him down. Leanne finds Nick alone in the burnt out factory. She phones George and arranges for Nick to rent Turners Joinery from him. Nick's grateful and they agree to put their past behind them. Lewis begs Audrey to give him another chance and promises to give up his job as an escort. Audrey softens towards him. Gail gives Tina the Pluto watch which Tina bought for Joe when she was a little girl. Tina's touched and finally relents, telling Gail she knows she didn't kill her dad. Hayley eventually arrives home but Roy's meal is ruined. Leanne tells Nick that George wants ??2k up front. Nick promises he'll raise the cash.Chesney tells Fiz and John he no longer needs to borrow any money from them for his school trip. Fiz is bemused. Roy gets down on one knee and proposes to Hayley. Hayley's thrilled and tearfully accepts. Carla and Trevor leave for South Africa. As Nick thanks Leanne for her help there's a spark between them.moreless
  • Episode 7096
    Episode 9
    Chesney tells Fiz he's only living with her until he's 16 then he'll be off as soon as he can.
  • Mon 1 Feb, 1965
    Mon 1 Feb, 1965
    Episode 9
    Minnie agrees to be Ena's rent collector for 8s 1/2d. Elsie pays her rent with no fuss. She cries as she realises she's getting old and heading towards nothing. Swindley feels that he may be promoted to area manager. The pipes in the Street freeze. Jerry turns up, out of work, and is taken on immediately by Len. Dennis tells Ena that Elsie is scared of her and the future. Jerry is evasive about Myra and the baby. Ena tells Elsie she's going to sell the house to Wormold.moreless
  • Episode 7360
    Episode 8
    Roy's disappointed when Hayley puts her cardigan in the wash unaware of the love note in the pocket. Roy secretly plans a romantic meal instead. Nick tells Janice he plans to rent alternative premises while the factory is re-built so they should be up and running soon. Janice is impressed. David enlists the help of Graeme and Eddie and between them they push Joe's boat down the street. Nick asks Peter who owns Turners Joinery but Peter, still smarting from their argument in the Rovers, refuses to tell him. Leanne's annoyed with Peter pointing out Janice's livelihood is at stake. Trevor excitedly shows Carla the tickets for South Africa and makes her try on an England bobble hat. Gail calls round to Tina's with the box containing Joe's belongings. Natasha's amused to find Graeme giving David a shoulder massage. Chesney's feeling down after his maths exam. Fiz tries to cheer him up. When Paul Stokes discovers the factory has burnt down he cancels his order. Nick's beside himself. Audrey's still peeved with Lewis and sets off home by herself. Nick breaks the news to the factory girls that he did his best to save Underworld but failed and they no longer have jobs.moreless
  • Episode 7095
    Episode 8
    Fiz is upset when John returns her letter with a note attached asking her not to contact him again.
  • Episode 6837
    Episode 8
    Steve regrets spending the night with Becky. They agree to keep it a secret. Roy looks on disapprovingly. David and Tina are delighted when Gail says she's going to visit Sarah in Milan. However they're less impressed to discover Ted will be looking after them. Tony tries to order the factory girls around but Carla's quick to point out she's their boss and not him. Steve seeks refuge at Lloyd's flat. He asks Lloyd to lie for him and pretend he spent the night there and not with Becky. Roy lectures Becky about spending the night with Steve. Teresa collars Lloyd and taps him up for some more cash for Finlay. Tina's working in the takeaway when she gets a call from her dad.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jan, 1965
    Wed 27 Jan, 1965
    Episode 8
    Ena inspects the state of No.11 complete with Dennis and finds damp patches. Elsie tells her the house is falling to pieces. Ena sees through it all and tells Minnie she intends to live there. Ena gives Elsie notice in writing. Elsie goes for Ena in the snug and the fight spills out into the Street. The residents take sides. Ena tells Elsie she wouldn't be throwing her out if Swindley wasn't throwing her out. Ena attacks Elsie with her handbag and smashes one of No.11's windows. Swindley separates them and tells them that the Mission is to stay open, Bold Street is to close.moreless
  • Episode 7359
    Episode 7
    Tina finds out from Eileen how Tracy lied about Gail's confession and made the whole thing up. Tina's in turmoil not knowing what to believe. David lets slip to Gail how Natasha stayed at No.8 with Nick while she was in prison. Natasha's embarrassed. Nick delights in the news that Tracy's been beaten up in prison. Peter sticks up for his family and Lewis steps in before a fight breaks out. Anna persuades Roy to do something romantic for Hayley. Roy copies out a love poem and hides it in Hayley's cardigan pocket. Audrey's disappointed when Lewis cancels their date saying he's got to work. To Gail's horror, the police return Joe's belongings including his boat. Owen gives Izzy a peace offering and she begrudgingly agrees to go round for lunch on Sunday. Gary says goodbye to Izzy and sets off back to his barracks in Leconfield. One by one all the lads drop out of the World Cup trip. Trevor asks Carla if she fancies going and he's thrilled when she agrees. Nick accepts an underwear order from Paul Stokes. Secretly he wonders how he's going to pull it off. Gail finds Tina sitting alone on her dad's boat in the dark. Gail tries again to convince Tina of her innocence but Tina's still unsure.moreless
  • Episode 7094
    Episode 7
    Gary denies the burglary and the police let him go after taking a DNA sample.
  • Episode 6836
    Episode 7
    Steve wakes up having spent a night in the police cells. Teresa plays the caring ex-wife and puts Jerry on a strict diet. Mel's not taken in. Becky quizzes Bill and realises Jason is avoiding her. Steve visits Dan in hospital and tries to get him drop the charges but Dan's hell bent on revenge and enjoys watching Steve suffer. Harry suspects Dan's lying and leans on him to forget his stupid feud with Steve but to no avail. Michelle continues to berate Steve for locking Dan in the cellar.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jan, 1965
    Mon 25 Jan, 1965
    Episode 7
    Elsie decides not to row with Ena over the notice but to get everyone on her side. The word spreads that Ena is putting the Tanners onto the Street. Charlie thinks about being an insurance man. Stan thinks about being a milkman when he discovers they finish at noon. Stan finds a bracelet in the lucky dip and gives it to Hilda. The residents give Ena the cold shoulder. Elsie asks Len to fix things in No.11 so it looks as if it's not worth living in. Annie recognises the bracelet as hers and Hilda returns it. The residents anticipate a battle between Ena and Elsie.moreless
  • Episode 7358
    Episode 6
    As the Platt family celebrates, Tina feels let down by the justice system. Jason tries to calm her. Izzy's annoyed that Owen has found out where she is. Gary tries to intervene but shuts up when Owen reveals he is Izzy's dad. Michelle calls on Carla. The atmosphere is initially tense but Michelle's concern is genuine as Carla bleakly ponders her future. Deirdre fears for Tracy's safety once news of the verdict reaches her fellow inmates. Trevor tells the lads that he's pulling out of the World Cup trip to look after Carla. They all find excuses to cry off as well and worry about telling Trevor. Carr and Glynn visit Tracy and tell her Gail was found not guilty. Tracy's outraged when they refuse to keep their part of the bargain and relocate her to an open prison. Gail arrives back on the Street and is shocked at the state of Underworld. Lyn and another prisoner corner Tracy and give her a vicious beating. Chesney asks John to lend him some money for a holiday with some friends after his exams. John agrees to think about it. Ken and Deirdre dash to the hospital when they receive a call to say Tracy's injured. Tracy's in a bad way and admits lying about Gail because she wanted to see more of Amy. Deirdre's disgusted and walks out on her daughter. Nick tries to get Carla to consider the business. Trevor throws him out of her flat. Gail approaches Tina in the street. Tina makes it quite clear that the verdict does not change her opinion and they will never be friends. Deirdre apologises to Gail for Tracy's behaviour. Gail's incensed to realise that the Barlows knew Tracy was lying but did not stop her. Gail emotionally thanks her family for standing by her.moreless
  • Episode 7093
    Episode 6
    Ted's in hospital having suffered a heart attack. David sits anxiously at his bedside.
  • Episode 6835
    Episode 6
    Hour-long Special Steve finds Dan lying unconscious in the cellar. Michelle and Liz are furious with him - they can't believe how stupid he's been. Ryan phones an ambulance. Leanne thinks Dan's spent the night with another woman. Jerry arrives home from hospital. Teresa plays the doting mother so that he'll let her continue to stay. Mel can see straight through her. Liz fawns over Vernon making him suspicious. Harry rushes to the pub when he hears the news about Dan. Darryl moans that they're short-staffed in the kebab shop.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jan, 1965
    Wed 20 Jan, 1965
    Episode 6
    Swindley is horrified when he realises Ena would evict the Tanners. He discovers the lease on the Mission expires soon. Elsie delights in telling Harry that Norma is at Len's. He asks her to return with him but she refuses. Harry tells Len, Norma tried to marry the last man she kept for and she agrees to return home. Ena gives Dennis a month's notice to quit No.11.moreless
  • Episode 7357
    Episode 5
    The former factory workers survey the wreckage of their erstwhile workplace and wonder whether Tony is definitely dead. Hayley tries to put yesterday's horrific events out of her mind but she's still very shaken. Maria clings to Liam following a sleepless night. Lyn wishes Gail luck as she leaves for court to learn her fate. Nick and the factory girls watch as the forensics officers remove the remains of two bodies from Underworld. Carla awakes in hospital with Trevor at her side. She's incensed when Nick calls wanting to discuss factory business. Tina's determined to see Gail found guilty as she sets off for court with Jason. In the Rovers, Janice and Julie contemplate finding new jobs. Gary arrives and buys Izzy a drink. There is a definite spark between them. Chesney's alarmed when Fiz offers to tidy his room. Maria tells Kirk she's arranged for him to move into the salon flat. She prepares to return to Ireland. Izzy's less than pleased when a middle-aged man tracks her down in the pub. Roy apologises to Hayley for always being absent when she most needs him. Hayley thought she'd never see him again. They embrace. Deirdre and Ken fear they will be ostracised whatever the verdict at Gail's trial. Mary bets Norris ??5 that Gail will be found guilty. The jury returns. Carla and Maria agree to move on from the trauma caused by Tony. Carla offers to move away. Maria refuses to forgive her but agrees not to bear a grudge.The Platts are overjoyed when the jury delivers a verdict of 'Not Guilty'. Tina's enraged.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jan, 1965
    Mon 18 Jan, 1965
    Episode 5
    Norma moves in with Len. Stuart tells Swindley that the Glad Tidings Mission is to be merged with the Bold Street Mission and one will have to close. Ena gets a copy of the rent act and puts Elsie's rent up by 20 shillings a week. Harry Gee looks for his wife. Ena tells the committee she's not bothered about losing her home - she can always find other accommodation.moreless
  • Episode 7356
    Episode 4
    Roy takes in Maria's bombshell as she dashes to the Rovers to call the police. Tony continues to throw petrol around the factory while Carla tries to fray the ropes tying her hands. Hayley's desperately afraid. Maria tells Michelle, Steve and Becky about Tony. Steve dials the police and Maria tells them Tony's holding two hostages at gunpoint and has already killed a man. Roy bangs on the factory door and begs Tony to take him instead of Hayley. Tony replies that Roy's pain will be greater if he loses the love of his life. Roy's distraught. Becky ignores the police's advice and heads over to Underworld to rescue Hayley. She enlists Tyrone and Ashley's help. Gary follows. Carla begs Tony to set Hayley free. She reminds him that he had Liam killed for love, and he would be destroying Roy and Hayley's strong love by killing Hayley. Becky comforts Roy as Steve and Tyrone try to break down the door. The police arrive and stop them. Tony suddenly snaps and pulls out a knife and walks towards Hayley. She's paralysed with fear but he cuts her free before throwing her out of the door. Carla's relieved. Roy runs to Hayley and cradles her in his arms. Carla keeps a scarily calm Tony talking as she continues trying to free her hands. Roy tells Hayley how much he loves her. Hayley hugs him tightly. Carla suggests to Tony that they could run away together and start a family. He maintains that between them they have wrecked several lives and they deserve to die. He takes out a lighter and sets fire to the petrol. As the flames appear, Carla finally frees herself and hits Tony over the head with a chair. Tony grabs her foot as she makes for the door. Trevor sees the crowd outside the factory. Janice tells him Tony's got Carla inside. Carla grabs Tony's gun and shoots him in the shoulder. He dares her to shoot him properly but there are no more bullets. Tony chases her up the stairs but Carla leaps off the balcony onto a pile of boxes. The fire-fighters break through the door. Asmoreless
  • Episode 7091
    Episode 4
    Joe repairs the kitchen and is calmer as he has new pills.
  • Wed 13 Jan, 1965
    Wed 13 Jan, 1965
    Episode 4
    The first applicant accuses Len of being a womaniser, thanks to Ena. The second is a glamourous blonde called April. Swindley starts a lucky dip at Gamma. Hilda sells the paper to Bernie for £4 a ton. Making a profit of only £2 6/8d each. April scares Len but tells everyone she has the job. She insults Elsie and is seen off. Len gives the job to Norma Gee.moreless
  • Episode 7355
    Episode 3
    Carla and Hayley are in a state of shock as Robbie's lifeless body lies on the factory floor. Tony's startled as Maria suddenly starts banging on the door looking for Carla. Tony thrusts his gun into Carla's back and leads her to the door, ordering her to send Maria away. Maria refuses to be fobbed off though, so Carla screams at her that Tony's holding her at gunpoint. Shocked Maria makes a run for it but Tony knocks Carla unconscious and drags Maria inside. Nick and David return home in low spirits, feeling certain that Gail will be found guilty. Tony ties Carla up again. Maria's petrified but Tony tries to reassure her that he would never harm her. The factory workers ponder finding new jobs. Julie thinks it's too soon but Kirk informs them that Carla's halted the repairs to the roof. The girls are worried. Gail returns to her cell in a state of distress. She breaks down as she tells Lyn about the trial and wonders how Tracy could put her through this. Lyn's sympathetic. Tony points the gun at Carla. Maria pleads with him to stop if he cares about her. He lowers the weapon. Maria distracts Tony by talking about Liam and showing him photos on her phone. Carla desperately tries to work herself free of her bonds. Natasha tries to lift spirits at No.8 by cooking a meal. David walks out and Graeme sets off in pursuit. Nick thanks Natasha for her efforts and suggests a night out. Roy arrives home from York but Hayley is nowhere to be found. David spots Tina and begs her to hear him out. He explains that he only sent the text for her sake and Gail's truly innocent. Tina is unmoved and walks away, leaving David devastated. Anna and Eddie are pleased when Gary arrives home on leave. Tyrone, Ashley and Trevor discuss the World Cup jaunt. Trevor's amused to see the lads' nerves about informing their wives. Tony's determined to carry out his plan to kill Carla and Hayley. Maria tells him that if he loves her, he will let her leave. She heads for the door. Desperate Tony pomoreless
  • Episode 7090
    Episode 3
    Audrey and Gail leave for Italy to visit Sarah. Joe is wondering where his pain killers are.
  • Episode 6832
    Episode 3
    Dan asks Steve to shift his cabs from outside the bookies as they're in the way. Steve ignores him. Darryl and Mel visit Jerry in hospital. Mel tells him he's got to go on a diet. Blanche has a go at Jason and Becky for carrying on when Jason's a married man. Blanche scrapes one of Steve's taxis with her wheelie bag. She checks nobody saw her do it and slinks home feeling guilty. Claire suggests to Steve that he and Michelle should buy No.4.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jan, 1965
    Mon 11 Jan, 1965
    Episode 3
    Elsie demands the repairs from Ena. Hilda hates her paper filled house. Len advertises for a housekeeper. Stan goes to a paper merchant to sell the paper but is only offered £5 a ton instead of the market price of £7. Len and Lucille prepare his house for the interviews. Ena intercepts one of the applicants and tells her about Len.moreless
  • Episode 7354
    Episode 2
    Tony's return shocks Carla and Hayley. Carla unleashes a tirade of verbal abuse at him. Tony's unmoved. Robbie hands him the gun. It's clear that Tony's insane. At the court, Audrey and Nick are distressed to hear of Anka's desertion. They realise that they must pin their hopes on David's testimony. Gail's QC informs her about Anka absconding. He advises her that Anka will now be considered an unreliable witness so they must press on without her. Gail's resigned. Maria arrives back on the street to tie up loose ends regarding Ladrags and the sale of No.7. She plans to call on Carla but goes to the pub with Kirk and Tyrone first. Tony sends Robbie to fetch petrol. Hayley pleads to know why she's been captured. Tony answers that he hates Roy and he intends to mess with his mind. Tony tells Carla and Hayley that he is going to kill them.David is beset by nerves as he enters the witness box but is determined to convince the jury of Gail's innocence. Tony raids the factory safe to pay off Robbie and is shocked to find it empty. Carla is nonplussed. Angry Robbie refuses to help Tony any further until he is paid. David tells the court that Joe was a foolish man but Gail loved him and would never have harmed him. Audrey and Nick are relieved it seems to be going well. Maria's shaken to hear of Tony's escape but is mollified when Michelle and Kirk assure her that the police don't think he's nearby. The prosecution accuses David of being dishonest, pointing out how he stole a motor boat in order to tow Joe's boat back from the lake. David gets agitated and unwittingly blurts out how he sent the text to Tina on her birthday and Gail lied to protect him. Tina's stunned. Audrey and Nick despair. Robbie demands payment from Tony. Tony tries to stall him. Robbie picks up the gun and points it at Tony. The prosecution sums up, highlighting how Gail lied about the text, and all of her actions after Joe's disappearance were illogical. The court is adjourned. Carla and Hayley shoutmoreless
  • Episode 7089
    Episode 2
    Peter tells Michelle he needs her. David discusses 'the job' with Gary; Len becomes suspicious of the two.
  • Episode 6831
    Episode 2
    Vernon admires the wedding photo which Liz has had framed. Liz tells him how much she missed him while he was away. Lloyd confides in Steve about his one night stand with Teresa and the fact he might be Finlay's dad. Steve thinks it's hilarious. Whilst Jerry has his heart operation Darryl waits nervously in the hospital.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jan, 1965
    Wed 6 Jan, 1965
    Episode 2
    Elsie realises with a shock who her new landlord is - Ena Sharples!
  • Episode 7088
    Episode 1
    Michelle has regrets about spending the night with Peter and wants to leave quickly.
  • Mon 4 Jan, 1965
    Mon 4 Jan, 1965
    Episode 1
    Stan refuses to let Irma bring David into the house. Elsie demands repairs to No. 11. Ken rows with David for not telling him about the suspension. He tells him he doesn't believe the story. Wormold tells Ena that Mrs Briggs, owner of the Street, has died and has left Ena one of the houses. Wormold offers to buy it off her for £350 but when she discovers which house it is she tells him she wants it.moreless