Coronation Street - Season 7

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  • Wed 28 Dec, 1966
    Wed 28 Dec, 1966
    Episode 104
    Lucille is excited about her fiancée Alistair Bradshaw. Annie thinks she's joking. Dennis is amazed that Lucille has fallen for Alistair who is always engaged. Lucille shows off her ring. Minnie accuses Vera of taking advantage of Ena. Hilda orders Stan to find a job as they have no money. Lucille breaks off the engagement, realising it's merely infatuation. Ena tells Ken she needs a part time job. He recommends she applies for Supplementary Pension as she's entitled to it.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 1966
    Mon 26 Dec, 1966
    Episode 103
    The residents dress up for the fancy dress party: Dennis – Batman, Albert - Father Christmas, Ken - Laurence of Arabia, Val - Nell Gwyn, Lucille - a chimney sweep, Minnie - Old Mother Riley, Elsie - Spanish dancer, Irma - Flapper girl, David - Old Time Butcher, Len – Batman, Jerry - Robin Annie - Queen Elizabeth 1st. Ena tries to help Vera rest but Vera is suspicious of her mother's sudden concern. Dot judges the grand parade. Ena has to hold back the tears as she watches Vera dying. Dot gives Jerry and Annie prizes for their costumes. Lucille tells Jack she's engaged.moreless
  • Wed 21 Dec, 1966
    Wed 21 Dec, 1966
    Episode 102
    Ena refuses to believe Vera is really ill. Stan asks Len for a job, but Len refuses to sack Dennis for him. Ena tells Vera to look after herself more or find somewhere else to have Christmas. Doctor Connor tells Vera to rest but Ena refuses to let her. Hilda rows with Len in the Rovers and accuses him of keeping Dennis on to please Elsie. The doctor tells Ena that Vera can't be cured and only has a month to live.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 1966
    Mon 19 Dec, 1966
    Episode 101
    Hilda can't face moving again. The Barlows decorate the Mission for the party. Len tells Dennis his debt is paid now; he can leave the Yard. Dennis asks to stay on and Len agrees. Lucille gives Ena and Minnie food parcels but Ena refuses to accept charity. Vera Lomax arrives to spend Christmas with Ena. Elsie is taken on at Miami as supervisor, Dot is hurt. Stan decides to stay in Weatherfield. Vera tells Ena she can't cope with Colin and has given him to Bob. She asks if she can stay permanently.moreless
  • Wed 14 Dec, 1966
    Wed 14 Dec, 1966
    Episode 100
    Ken plans to go to the party as a monk. Margot and the barman fleece Jerry of his £25. Albert tells Stan he's going for the job of Father Christmas at Gale and Gordons. Stan goes for the job himself. Jerry feels no different in the morning. Albert gets the Father Christmas job. Stan tells Hilda he's got a driving job in Newcastle. He's going, with or without her.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 1966
    Mon 12 Dec, 1966
    Episode 99
    Ken organises the fancy dress party. A bitter Jerry tells Ken he's going to spend all his savings on a good night out. Stan goes after a job with eight others but is too old. Jerry is picked up by club hostess Margot.
  • Wed 7 Dec, 1966
    Wed 7 Dec, 1966
    Episode 98
    Lucille collects for parcels for the poor. The residents are glad to hear that Neil is moving on. Ena and Minnie compare prices between the shop and the supermarket. The shop prices are much higher. Dot tells Elsie to apply for her job at Miami as she's going to be supervisor. Ena writes to the Minister of Agriculture as the Government have asked everyone to freeze prices. Jerry discovers Neil and Sheila have left town together. Stan comes off his diet when he is made redundant.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 1966
    Mon 5 Dec, 1966
    Episode 97
    Jerry tells Neil to stay away from Sheila. Neil asks Sheila to marry him. Val thinks about having a Christmas fancy dress party for the Street. Neil tells Sheila he starts at a new job on Saturday. It's up to her to make a decision.
  • Mon 30 Nov, 1966
    Mon 30 Nov, 1966
    Episode 96
    Linda buys an expensive sweater for Mike. She is heart-broken to read he has another girl. She gives the sweater to Ivan. Stan loses two pounds in weight. Len tells Jerry that Sheila has been seeing Neil. Sheila tells Neil he has a son and that she doesn't know how to tell Jerry that it's over. The Cheveskis leave for Birmingham. Neil arrives to talk to Jerry.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 1966
    Mon 28 Nov, 1966
    Episode 95
    Linda agrees to go to Birmingham with Ivan and Paul. Neil takes Sheila out. Elsie realises that Linda is still in love with Canadian Mike. Linda shows her two airline tickets for her and Paul to return to Canada. Elsie calls her a thick-headed slut and tells her she'll ruin her life. She refuses to let her take Paul. Linda admits she's only thinking about herself but can't bear to live with Ivan anymore. Elsie tells her she's going to tell Ivan. Sheila stands Jerry up to go out with Neil again. She realises she's got to tell Jerry she loves Neil. Linda receives a letter from Canada.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 1966
    Wed 23 Nov, 1966
    Episode 94
    Stan is advised to look after himself more when a local forty year old man dies of a heart attack. Elsie is shocked to find Neil working as manager of the local supermarket. Stan refuses to eat any more stodge nor smoke, much to Hilda's amazement. Elsie advises Sheila to stay away from Neil. Elliston's put some of the girls on short time. Stan starts drinking tomato juice. Sheila goes to visit Neil in the supermarket.moreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 1966
    Mon 21 Nov, 1966
    Episode 93
    Ivan gets drunk in the Rovers whilst waiting for Len. Paul regains conciousness. Ivan refuses to listen to Len's excuses and hits him. A fight starts and Jerry, Linda and Elsie have to separate them. On the train back from visiting her parents, Sheila meets Neil Crossley.
  • Wed 16 Nov, 1966
    Wed 16 Nov, 1966
    Episode 92
    The Gazette reports that Len blocked the tender for the Council fence. The residents think Len is being used by business men. Ena celebrates her birthday on her own with a pound box of chocolates. The paper is hidden from Ivan but he comes across a copy and reads the article.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 1966
    Mon 14 Nov, 1966
    Episode 91
    Ivan arrives. He and Linda are closer together. Ron tells Irma he'll give her her compact back if she'll meet him in the Rovers. Ken gets tickets to see an ex-pupil's band for the four Barlows. Ken and David chat to Ron and Brian in the Rovers not knowing who they are. The Barlows are amused by their wive's embarrassment over Ron and Brian. When the situation is explained they go along with it until Ron and Brian discover the truth. Ena reads the headlines of the Gazette in horror.moreless
  • Wed 9 Nov, 1966
    Wed 9 Nov, 1966
    Episode 90
    Elsie becomes hysterical and is slapped by Len. He makes her try to understand and she forgives him. Val and Irma refuse to go on the back row with Brian and Ron. Val is annoyed when Irma encourages the lads. They are embarrassed when Lucille sees them but she plays along. Len contacts the police to get in contact with Ivan. Val tries to pair Brian off with Lucille. Dennis refuses to be polite to Len. The police find Ivan. Ron and Brian track the girls down to the shop and insist they meet again. They make a date. Linda and Elsie wait for news of Paul. Ron keeps Irma's compact.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 1966
    Mon 7 Nov, 1966
    Episode 89
    Paul has pneumonia and has to stay in hospital in an oxygen tent. Linda breaks down as she realises Paul could die. Val and Irma go to the Luxy together. The Tanners try to contact Ivan. Jerry innocently tells Elsie that Len blocked the tender for the council fence. Irma and Val are picked up in the cinema by Ron Jenkins and Brian Thomas. They say their names are Gail and Avril. Len tries to explain to Elsie but she throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 2 Nov, 1966
    Wed 2 Nov, 1966
    Episode 88
    The police find Paul and put him in the Infirmary after he is taken out of the canal. A mystery man pulled him out. The hospital keeps Paul in for observation. Len tries to hide the fact that the incident happened on the un-fenced side by Gas Street. Linda phones the news to Ivan. A reporter tries to find out the story of Paul's disappearance. Everyone refuses to talk to him. Linda tells him the story in the hope something will be done about the canal. Len confides in Jerry that he voted against a fence for the canal. Linda stays the night in the hospital with Paul.moreless
  • Mon 31 Oct, 1966
    Mon 31 Oct, 1966
    Episode 87
    Elsie and Linda worry about Paul's whereabouts. Linda discovers he was last seen talking to a man with tools. The residents join in the search. The men get a search party together. The police join in. Linda refuses to stay at home and joins in the search. The search reveals nothing.moreless
  • Wed 26 Oct, 1966
    Wed 26 Oct, 1966
    Episode 86
    Minnie refuses £5 from Annie. Dennis borrows the brooch from Lucille to compare it with some others. Minnie and Annie agree to abide by Ken's decision, he suggests Annie keeps the brooch and the money. Linda worries that Paul has become spoilt. Dennis sells Hilda a plastic cameo like Annie's. Annie discovers her brooch is missing and assumes Hilda has taken it. Lucille returns it before Annie accuses Hilda. Annie gives Ena £4 to give to Minnie. She lets Minnie think it's coal money. Ivan tells Linda he's found a house in Selly Park. She feels she could live in Birmingham now. Elsie goes to fetch Paul from school only to discover he's not there.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 1966
    Mon 24 Oct, 1966
    Episode 85
    Elsie is scared of finding out who the caller is. Linda worries that Paul has become very quiet. Elsie is stunned when Moira Maxwell turns up - the caller. She accuses Elsie of wrecking her marriage and killing her husband. The unbalanced Moira breaks the phone and becomes physically violent. Len breaks in and stops Moira as she goes to attack Elsie. The police take Moira away. Annie's 2 shilling brooch from Jed's auction turns out to be worth £15. Ena asks if she'll give money to Minnie but Annie refuses.moreless
  • Wed 19 Oct, 1966
    Wed 19 Oct, 1966
    Episode 84
    Hilda accuses Elsie of shopping her to the police. Albert advises Minnie to give Jed's stuff to the rag and bone man. A dealer offers Minnie 30 shillings for all Jed's stuff. The residents are disgusted. Jerry tells Sheila that now he's been married three years he can start divorce proceedings. Jack feels that Minnie should auction Jed's stuff and the residents should pay over the odds. Albert helps Minnie organise the auction. David feels he can't cope with talking to women all day anymore. Jerry gets a solicitor. Elsie and Hilda make up. Minnie is amazed when the residents bid outrageous prices for Jed's junk. The auction makes £12, 10 shillings. The caller tells Elsie she'll be seeing her tomorrow.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 1966
    Mon 17 Oct, 1966
    Episode 83
    Jed is sent to Walton Prison for nine months. Minnie has to pretend she thinks he's working in a funfare so as not to upset Jed when Dennis visits him. Ena tells Len to tell the police about the phone calls. Minnie keeps Jed's room ready for him. The police try to trace the calls and tell Elsie to keep the caller on the line. Jed gives Minnie a message - to sell all his stuff. Annie puts the police onto Hilda.moreless
  • Wed 12 Oct, 1966
    Wed 12 Oct, 1966
    Episode 82
    Elsie accuses Val of being the caller. She tells her she's sick and needs a doctor. Ena makes Elsie see that it couldn't be Val as they share a party line. The incident causes Val to break down. Elsie is sacked from the Laundryer. Hilda accuses Elsie of thinking she's lady muck for not recommending her for the laundrette job. Elsie and Val make up and Val is in time to hear one of the phone calls. Ena sees Hilda making a call-box call and sees she has written Elsie's phone number on a directory. Elsie confronts Hilda who breaks down and admits she made one call.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 1966
    Mon 10 Oct, 1966
    Episode 81
    The Barlow's potted meat is cleared by the Health Inspector. Lucille and Hilda clean the Rovers for Annie's return from Joan's. Linda tells Len about the phone call. Elsie breaks down and tells Len the calls are cracking her up. She tells him the caller is female and swears a lot. Linda tells Elsie that she suspects Irma of making the calls through jealousy. The phone rings again and Linda catches Val on her phone, at the same time.moreless
  • Wed 5 Oct, 1966
    Wed 5 Oct, 1966
    Episode 80
    Linda can't understand why Ivan can't get a local job. He is adamant about going to Birmingham. She refuses to go with him. Linda tells Elsie she had an affair in Canada and that is why they have returned. Len tells Linda that Elsie is worried about something other than the Cheveski's. Elsie tells the Cheveski's it's obvious Paul will never have a happy life with them rowing all the time. She plans to see a solicitor to get custody of Paul. She's sick of them. Ivan goes to Birmingham to sort out a home for them all. Linda receives one of the phone calls and realises why Elsie has been acting strange.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 1966
    Mon 3 Oct, 1966
    Episode 79
    Elsie's phone calls continue. The Cheveskis return from Canada, Elsie wonders why. Linda decides she wants Paul to go to a local school. Ivan is annoyed as he wants the family to move to Birmingham. She tells him she's not sure if she's coming to Birmingham. Irma suspects that David once went out with Linda. Bessie Street takes Paul on, to Ivan's annoyance.moreless
  • Wed 28 Sep, 1966
    Wed 28 Sep, 1966
    Episode 78
    Sharp tells Jed he's wanted for questioning for receiving five dozen stolen blankets. He has a warrant to search No.5. Sharp agrees to pretend he is a friend of Jed's so as not to upset Minnie. Sharp finds the blankets at No.5. The residents try to keep the truth from Minnie. She recognises Sharp as a policeman but pretends not to have. Jed is taken away with Minnie in tears. Jack persuades her to keep up the pretence for Jed's sake. Dennis is sure the police found Jed through Stan giving his name in Liverpool. Hilda feels Dennis is calling Stan a copper's nark and thinks Elsie is jealous because she's got a husband. Elsie gets a phone call from Linda - she's on her way home.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 1966
    Mon 26 Sep, 1966
    Episode 77
    Jed nurses Minnie better and plans to leave for West Hartlepool. The Laundryer opens another branch. Hilda asks Elsie to put in a good word for her. Minnie plans her birthday and decides to buy Jed a new cap. Jerry reminds Jed that it's Minnie's birthday tomorrow. He decides to throw a party for her before leaving. Hilda is too late for the job. She thinks Elsie didn't put in a word for her. Elsie gets mysterious phone calls. Dennis worries when Det Con Bill Sharp turns up. Jed rehearses the residents in 'Happy Birthday'.moreless
  • Wed 21 Sep, 1966
    Wed 21 Sep, 1966
    Episode 76
    The Public Heath man calls at the shop and takes a sample of the potted meat. David throws the rest of the meat. Jack throws out the Rover's pies. Jed has a phone call from Spider Webbin in Liverpool, telling him that the police are after him. He plans to disappear but wants to say goodbye to Minnie. Customers stay away from the shop, Irma blames Len. Ena and Minnie are told to rest in bed for a few days. Jed realises that he can't leave the area with Minnie ill in bed.moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 1966
    Mon 19 Sep, 1966
    Episode 75
    Len wins the toss and is declared Councillor Fairclough. The residents celebrate in the Rovers. Len admits to Ena that he's scared. Annie cries herself to sleep. The residents all feel ill after the celebrations. Ena blames the potted meat sandwiches at the party and accuses the Barlows of selling contaminated food and causing food poisoning. She demands Len informs the Public Health.moreless
  • Wed 14 Sep, 1966
    Wed 14 Sep, 1966
    Episode 74
    Polling day: The Mission is used as a polling station. The residents vote: Hilda – Annie, Val – Annie, Dennis – Len, Ken – Len, Jerry – Len, Stan – Len, Jack – Annie, Irma – Annie, David – Len, Albert – Len. Len and Annie do last minute canvassing with their helpers. The residents feel that they've had enough of politics. Irma provides food for the party in the Rovers. The votes are counted, with Annie and Len equal and the Labour candidate close behind. A recount is called and is still a draw. A coin is tossed between Annie and Len.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 1966
    Mon 12 Sep, 1966
    Episode 73
    Merle wants to stay at the Rovers and threatens to tell the papers the whole story if Annie throws her out. Jack returns to sort the mess out, he gets Billy's point of view and gives Merle her fare home. Len and Annie make the peace on the eve of the elections.moreless
  • Wed 7 Sep, 1966
    Wed 7 Sep, 1966
    Episode 72
    Merle and David don't recognise each other. They realise someone has used David's name to string her along. Len delivers his election pamphlets, whilst Annie canvasses. The residents split into two camps - Jed, Lucille and Hilda for Annie. Elsie, Dennis and Stan for Len. Merle reveals she has a photo of her 'David'. It turns out to be Billy. She discovers the same photo at the Rovers and is determined to stay.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 1966
    Mon 5 Sep, 1966
    Episode 71
  • Wed 31 Aug, 1966
    Wed 31 Aug, 1966
    Episode 70
    Len and Annie are not satisfied with their speeches, both written by Ken. He is annoyed by their attitude and withdraws from chairing the meeting. He is forced to change his mind when this sparks off another row. At the meeting, Len pledges to fence off all the canal and impresses the audience. Cockney Merle Baker is found looking for her fiancée - David Barlow.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 1966
    Mon 29 Aug, 1966
    Episode 69
    Annie is furious with the absent Jack. Len arranges an election meeting at the Mission. Ena books Annie in for a meeting at the Mission knowing that it will clash with Len's. Len feels that the Street is a slum and should be demolished. Annie and Len row over their meetings. Annie accuses Len of only standing through spite. He accuses her of being a mouthpiece for snotty women. Ena settles the argument by suggesting a joint debate - Len verses Annie.moreless
  • Wed 24 Aug, 1966
    Wed 24 Aug, 1966
    Episode 68
    Annie annoys Jack by putting her electioneering before the pub. David and Stan are out all night in a barn and are threatened by a farmer. Ken agrees to write Len's election address. Irma and Hilda throw water over their husbands and try to enjoy the rest of the weekend with no gas and in complete isolation. Annie asks Ken to help her with her speech. Stan leaves a gate open and a herd of cows gather around the caravan. They all admit defeat and pack up. Jack arranges with his brother Arthur to have the brewery summon him to look after Arthur's pub, leaving Annie on her own.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 1966
    Mon 22 Aug, 1966
    Episode 67
    Elsie agrees to let Len use No.11 as a committee room. Jack tells Annie that Len is standing against her as an independent candidate. Elsie gives her bribe money to Sheila. Val is ill so she and Ken have to pull out of a caravan weekend with David and Irma. Hilda wangles it so that she and Stan are invited instead. The Barlows and Ogdens set off for the weekend, in an isolated field. Stan and David get lost whilst trying to find a pub, leaving the women alone in the caravan.moreless
  • Wed 17 Aug, 1966
    Wed 17 Aug, 1966
    Episode 66
    Elsie and Ena plot together. Councillor Sid Platt resigns from the council. Ena sets Bishop onto Elsie's trail. Elsie dresses up dowdy to give the impression of wholesomeness. Bishop tells her he's a PI and has been employed by Dickinson to find out about Jerry's love life with Sheila. Elsie promises to find out what she can, for £2. Ena tells Jerry about Bishop. Annie announces that she is standing for the Council, as Len announces that so is he.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 1966
    Mon 15 Aug, 1966
    Episode 65
    Irma grows fed up with the factory. Mrs Arkinstall tells Annie she should be proud of the way Jack stood up to her husband. Harry Bishop asks questions about Jerry in the Street. He gets out of Minnie the fact that Jerry is in love with Sheila. Irma packs the factory in and leads David to believe it is to help him in the shop. Ena warns Elsie that Bishop is a Private Investigator.moreless
  • Wed 10 Aug, 1966
    Wed 10 Aug, 1966
    Episode 64
    Annie is horrified to hear about Jack's behaviour. Jerry finds Sheila at the bus shelter. She tells him she's tired of being hurt. She's relieved when he tells her he's made contact with Mr Dickinson. Starving Dennis breaks into No.11 to raid the larder. Elsie catches him in the act. Myra leaves everything up to her father. He tells Jerry he'll have to give Myra grounds for a divorce as she doesn't want one. Sheila tells Jerry that Danny has been adopted by his foster mother. She tells him Danny is the past. She wants everything to be new for when they get married. Annie discovers Mrs Arkinstall is coming to see her.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 1966
    Mon 8 Aug, 1966
    Episode 63
    Albert and Jack prepare for their Regimental Reunion dinner. Dennis is starved of food in Jed's bedroom. Mr Dickinson tells Jerry a divorce will not be easy. Irma helps Annie out with the bar with Jack away with Albert. Jed and Irma kid Dennis that Elsie is distraught with worry. Albert and Jack get drunk. Jack picks a fight with Colonel Arkinstall - Annie's sponser's husband. Sheila waits at the bus station for the last bus.moreless
  • Wed 3 Aug, 1966
    Wed 3 Aug, 1966
    Episode 62
    The residents think that Elsie ought to be worrying about the missing Dennis. Sheila feels that it's her fault and she ought to leave No.11. Minnie wonders at Jed as he seems to be eating more. Unknown to Elsie, Dennis stays in Jed's room to see what her reaction will be. Elsie doesn't care where Dennis is. Lucille guesses where Dennis is when Jed buys cigarettes for him. She says she won't tell - for a price! Sheila demands Jerry sees Myra for a divorce.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 1966
    Mon 1 Aug, 1966
    Episode 61
    Val is annoyed when Ken forgets their wedding anniversary. Dennis skips work. Sheila feels she's in the way at No.11 and should move on. Dennis decides he's going to leave, fed up with work and living with women. He packs and goes. Elsie is sure he'll return.
  • Wed 27 Jul, 1966
    Wed 27 Jul, 1966
    Episode 60
    The customers are surprised when Annie agrees not to change the name of the Rovers. Ruth tells Len she's getting married. He can't believe it, but tells her he's glad for her. Mrs Arkinstall tells Annie the FWA want her to stand for something special and that she has to make sure nothing spoils her copy book. The residents give Ruth a good send off. Annie confides in Jack that she has been nominated as a Councillor in the by-elections.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 1966
    Mon 25 Jul, 1966
    Episode 59
    The Brewery considers the name change of the Rovers. Jerry tries to get hold of Myra about a divorce. Ruth tells Ena that she has had a proposal from an old friend. Sheila and Jerry try desperately to get his divorce so that they can marry. Ruth tells Ena that Paul wants her to go to Rome to live and that the Community Centre is being moved from the Mission to Chester Street. The menfolk hold a meeting and decide to stand up against Annie. Annie entertains the president of the Federation of Women's Association, Mrs Arkinstall. Ruth decides to go to Rome, and will have to tell Len.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jul, 1966
    Wed 20 Jul, 1966
    Episode 58
    Ken, Jerry, David, Dennis, Len and Stan set off for Liverpool to see Brazil play Portugal in a World Cup qualifier. Len feels torn between the football and Ruth. Ruth tells him to go. Annie fantasises about the picture. She feels that the Rovers has some romantic past and that the pub's name may have to be changed to 'The Masked Lady'. In Liverpool, Jed is angry when Stan jokingly gives Jed's name to a policeman.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 1966
    Mon 18 Jul, 1966
    Episode 57
    Jerry feels that Dennis is a nuisance and no use at the Yard. Ruth picks Ken, Jerry and Ena for the quiz team, and has to join the other team to make up numbers. Jerry thinks about getting a divorce. Jed is the question master when George Chippendale and Alf Whittam join Ruth from the "Bird In Hand". The contest is neck and neck but Ena wins for the Rovers on the last question. Annie gets George to identify a painting she finds in the cellar. He discovers the frame is stuffed with money and a mask. Ruth tells Len she'll go out with him on her birthday - tomorrow.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jul, 1966
    Wed 13 Jul, 1966
    Episode 56
    Jerry reasons with Sheila and she decides not to leave. Jack gives up his match ticket to Jed. Annie worries when Lucille fails to come home after work. Benjamin and Bet are disturbed at the factory at night when Len looks for Lucille. He threatens to report Benjamin for not running the factory properly. Benjamin goes for him with a glass ashtray but the Barlow brothers arrive. Dennis brings Lucille home at midnight. She confesses that she was frightened of Annie. Len tells Ruth he fancies her. She tells him she's frightened of his reputation.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 1966
    Mon 11 Jul, 1966
    Episode 55
    David gives the World Cup tickets to Jack, Albert, Len and Stan. Ruth organises a pub quiz contest. The factory girls ignore Lucille. Annie accuses Sheila of giving Lucille the black eye because of her hurt pride. Annie refuses to let Jack go to the match. Jerry defends Sheila in front of everyone. Benjamin asks Bet to apologise for hitting Lucille but she refuses. A fight starts when Lucille calls Bet for sleeping with Benjamin. Sheila decides to leave Weatherfield, Jerry vows to stop her.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jul, 1966
    Wed 6 Jul, 1966
    Episode 54
    Ken considers buying a second hand caravan. Lucille doesn't own up to doing shoddy work and all the girls get blamed. In her anger, Lucille lets it slip that she knows Sheila has an illegitimate baby. The news spreads. Len is surprised when Ruth agrees to go out with him. Ken asks David to go halves with him for the caravan. Lucille sports a black eye. Irma thinks Sheila gave it to her.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul, 1966
    Mon 4 Jul, 1966
    Episode 53
    Jerry is confused over the baby. At the factory, Bet Lynch grows annoyed at Lucille's speed. Annie is horrified to discover that Lucille earns £13 a week. David promises tickets for a World Cup match in Liverpool. Sheila tells Jerry her baby is Neil's. The Walkers make Lucille agree to put some money aside each week. Ken's film society grows in numbers. But everyone walks out when he shows a nudist film by mistake. Sheila doesn't know where she stands with Jerry.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jun, 1966
    Wed 29 Jun, 1966
    Episode 52
    Elsie is horrified to discover the heavies are going to beat Dennis up. Ena realises the men are in No.11 and tries to get the menfolk to help the Tanners. Dave Smith refuses to help so Len and Jack go. Elsie tries to fight the heavies off Dennis as they try to take him outside. She lashes out with the poker and Dennis has to fight to defend her. When Jack appears they lay into him as well. They stop when Len turns up with £94 for them. To make sure he gets his money back, Len gives Dennis a job at the Yard. Sheila takes Jerry to see a baby - her son.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 1966
    Mon 27 Jun, 1966
    Episode 51
    Elsie refuses to sell herself for Dennis. Val surprises Ken by showing an interest in Russian films. She arranges for Sheila to babysit, hoping to get her and Jerry together. Ena moves back into the Vestry. Sheila and Jerry make peace. He tells her he loves her. She tells him she's been in love with him ever since she returned. Elsie discovers the two heavies, Sid and Geordie, in No.11, waiting for Dennis.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jun, 1966
    Wed 22 Jun, 1966
    Episode 50
    The heavies catch up with Dennis at the betting shop. They give him a week to come up with the money. Dave Smith says he'll help him. Dave tells Elsie he'll pay the money if she becomes his mistress. She refuses and he angrily walks out.
  • Mon 20 Jun, 1966
    Mon 20 Jun, 1966
    Episode 49
    Ena refuses to let the thugs vandalise the Vestry. They tell her she can go but refuse to let Lucille go, planning to have 'some fun' with her. Ruth arrives and the thugs lock the door behind her. When they hold her she hits them and gives one a nose bleed. They scuttle off. Elsie promises Wally won't have to sleep on the sofa for much longer. She calls on Arnold and discovers the shop has large living quarters. She dumps Wally on him and tells him if he doesn't take him in he'll go to a home. Jerry tells Sheila he realises she doesn't want a permanent relationship with him. Two thugs try to track Dennis down.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jun, 1966
    Wed 15 Jun, 1966
    Episode 48
    Len agrees to be bouncer at the Mission dance. Sheila doesn't want Jerry to be too serious about their friendship. Dennis puts his £12 weeks wages on a horse to win, Wally puts on half his pension but it comes in second. Elsie tells her menfolk that if they don't give her any money they'll not get any food. Whilst Len entertains Ruth at the Rovers, the dancers blast up the music and get frenzied. They start to vandalise the Mission. Ena tries to stop them and is cornered by two thugs in the Vestry who threaten to carve her and Lucille up.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jun, 1966
    Mon 13 Jun, 1966
    Episode 47
    Sheila turns the front parlour of No. 11 into a bedroom. Elsie begins to take Dennis' death threat story seriously when she finds him locking himself in. Dennis starts work at the betting shop. Albert's talk at the Mission clashes with Ken's film club. The residents worry that Jerry is getting too involved with Sheila whilst still being married.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jun, 1966
    Wed 8 Jun, 1966
    Episode 46
    Sheila, Elsie, Wally and Dennis clash for use of the bathroom at No.11. Ruth asks Lucille to help her organise a dance at the Mission. Elsie determines to find a job for Dennis. Benjamin gives Irma a rough time. Stan is sacked by Rose. He is touched to discover Hilda was jealous of them. Elsie gets Dennis a job at Dave's betting shop. Irma blows her machine up and is put onto folding plastic. She's told to work faster or she'll be sacked. Dennis refuses to leave the house. He gets a phone call from a Carlisle heavy saying they know where he lives.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jun, 1966
    Mon 6 Jun, 1966
    Episode 45
    Lucille, Irma and Sheila start work at the factory with welders Bet Lynch, Cilla Christie and Denise Bolton. Checker Lizzie Woods, cleaner Polly Sagar, shifter Kenny Pickup and works manager John Benjamin. Wally is put on the sofa as Sheila has his room. Hilda starts work at the shop. Lucille and Sheila take to the machines but Irma finds it hard going and keeps burning the plastic. Dennis returns and tells Len he's terrified as the heavy mob are after him for owing £94 due to a dodgy deal with a night club croupier. He asks Len to lend him the money. Len doesn't believe him. Hilda throws Rose out of No.13 and accuses her of having an affair with Stan. Stan refuses to give up working for Rose. Sheila and Lucille are put on piecework and Irma on day work - £6.50 a week. With Sheila and Wally at No.11, Dennis is bedless. Hilda reports Stan to the Town Hall for trading without a licence.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jun, 1966
    Wed 1 Jun, 1966
    Episode 44
    Hilda refuses to sell the icecream to Rose. Sheila and Jerry reminisce. Rose and Stan strike up a deal where he sells her the van and works for her. Jerry tells Sheila about the factory in the hope she'll take a job. She applies and is taken on. Hilda is jealous when Rose shows Stan the ropes. Irma offers to let Sheila the flat but she refuses to live there. Elsie takes her in. Dennis writes to Len telling him he's coming home from Carlisle and not to tell Elsie.moreless
  • Mon 30 May, 1966
    Mon 30 May, 1966
    Episode 43
    Hilda joins Stan on the ice cream run. Jed plans a day out for Minnie. The Bonnetti lads, Frank and Tony, follow Stan whilst Rose stays one street ahead of him. She sells up whilst Stan watches £20 worth of ice cream melt. Jed takes Minnie and Jerry to a posh club. Minnie feels uncomfortable. Rose offers to buy Stan's ice cream. Jerry is shocked when his blind date for the evening turns out to be Sheila Birtlesmoreless
  • Wed 25 May, 1966
    Wed 25 May, 1966
    Episode 42
    Minnie has been overworking and is told to rest. Bobby goes down with flu and they are both nursed by Jed. Stan starts with his ice cream van. The skeleton staff moves into the factory in readiness for the opening. Stan does well in the van. Irma and Lucille get jobs at the factory, as welders. Annie is horrified. Jack reminds her that she started off in the weaving shed. Irma gives Hilda the job of assistant at the shop. David is annoyed. Ice cream baroness, Rose Bonnetti catches Stan on her patch and declares war on him.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 1966
    Mon 23 May, 1966
    Episode 41
    Wally stirs up a boycott of the over 60's club as he thinks Ruth will start interferring. David tells Hilda she'll get no more free stuff at the shop. He tells her he'll wipe the slate clean but she says she'll pay what she owes. The OAP's boycott the over 60's club. Ruth is shocked when Ena leads them all in for another function at the Mission. The factory advertises for staff on £15 a week. Irma pays Hilda's debt for her. The OAP's have a hymn session with Ena on the harmonium. Ruth is impressed. Hilda thinks of applying for one of the factory jobs. Minnie collapses in the snug with head pains.moreless
  • Wed 18 May, 1966
    Wed 18 May, 1966
    Episode 40
    Ena and Len enjoy themselves by playing up to each other. Stan plans to do his round in the mornings and sell icecream in the afternoons. Annie is insulted when Ruth asks her to join the over 60's club. The raincoat factory is revamped and changed to plastic welding. Stan asks David to come into the ice cream round with him, financially. David is annoyed at the way the Ogdens sponge off them. He tackles Irma about not writing down Hilda's shopping. She tells him she's going to get a job.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 1966
    Mon 16 May, 1966
    Episode 39
    Irma is fed up with all work and no play. Ena starts bossing Len about. Len can't stand everything being neat and having Ena about. She overhears him complaining to Elsie. Stan acquires an ice cream van. Ruth asks Len to try harder for her sake. He moves the rocking chair into his house for Ena.moreless
  • Wed 11 May, 1966
    Wed 11 May, 1966
    Episode 38
    Ena agrees to look at a council flat. Elsie finds it hard coping with Wally, especially when he flirts with Val. Ruth starts a whist drive at the Mission. Len plans a men's night out. Ruth and Jerry show Ena a flat on Navigation Street on the 11th floor of a tower block. Ena says she'd rather sleep in a bus shelter. Elsie is fed up of Wally's pigeons in the house. She's amazed when Wally entertains Minnie to an intimate twosome. Len is horrified when Jerry moves Ena in as their resident housekeeper.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 1966
    Mon 9 May, 1966
    Episode 37
    Chimney Sweep, Wally Tanner returns to the area after twenty years. Ruth promises she won't be in Ena's way but Ena refuses to move back to the Vestry whilst the 'activities' are in the Mission. Ruth asks Len to help her at the Community Centre/Mission, running a handyman class. Ena walks out of a Mission service, feeling that dancing classes are not the Lord's work. Wally attaches himself to the Rovers as potman. Val signs up for the playgroup at the Mission. Ena feels lost and alone and gets no comfort from prayer. Elsie is shocked to find father-in-law Wally at No.11.moreless
  • Wed 4 May, 1966
    Wed 4 May, 1966
    Episode 36
    Lucille returns the £5 to Jack. Ena is worried about going to prison. Her friends rally round. Ken and Minnie go to court with Ena as she is charged with thieving. Ena refuses to give her age to the magistrate until he threatens her. She pleads not guilty to theft. Ruth Winter sorts out the Mission. Ena explains that she did not intentionally steal. The magistrate finds Ena guilty and accuses her of setting a bad example to others at the Mission. She is fined 40 shillings and is given a conditional discharge. Ena is horrified to discover that Ruth is to work as community social worker at the Mission, all day every day. Ena resigns.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 1966
    Mon 2 May, 1966
    Episode 35
    Ena is accused of not paying for two tins of salmon at 4/6d each. The store manager saw her put them in her basket. Minnie realises Ena is confused and the police are called in and charge Ena with shoplifting. Elsie's endowment policy expires and she has £50. She decides to decorate. Ena makes the police search the Vestry and No.5 to prove she's not a thief. Ken and Elsie try to help Ena but she feels she's being patronised. She refuses a solicitor and plans to plead not guilty.moreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 1966
    Wed 27 Apr, 1966
    Episode 34
    Stan borrows Hilda's club money to back Jim in the snooker. Ena moves in with Minnie and shares her bed. David beats Jim at snooker to Stan's horror. Jack stops Jim hitting Jed. Elsie points out to Hilda that Jim is leading Stan astray. Hilda tells Stan she wants Jim out of her house. Minnie worries about Ena's sad behaviour. Jim feels he's had enough of the Street and agrees to move on. Jim is cold towards Elsie about her cattiness. He and Brenda leave together, glad to get away from the Street. Ena is stopped whilst shopping at the Pick-a-Snip Supermarket.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 1966
    Mon 25 Apr, 1966
    Episode 33
    Ena asks if she can stay at the shop flat but Irma puts her off. Jed organises a billiard game in the Rovers between Jim and David. The residents bet on them. The Walkers return unexpectedly to find the Rovers in uproar. Annie is horrified to discover Brenda is to stay on to teach her how to be friendly to customers. Minnie offers to share her bed with Ena. Annie orders Brenda out of her pub when she finds the snooker game in progress.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 1966
    Wed 20 Apr, 1966
    Episode 32
    Nesbitt catches Brenda putting on a mimed striptease to the men at the Mission. Ena wonders if Elsie knows that Dennis has a new job. Nesbitt feels that Ena should move out whilst repair work is done at the Mission. He tells her she has no say in the matter. Dennis leaves for Carlisle. Everyone brings up excuses as to why Ena can't stay with them. The brewery ask Brenda to stay on after the Walkers return.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 1966
    Mon 18 Apr, 1966
    Episode 31
    Ronald Nesbitt, Emily's replacement on the Mission Circuit orders a survey for the Mission. Ena tells Vera to stand on her own two feet and face up to things. Jed gets permission to use the viaduct as an auction room. Vera tells Ena she owes £150. Dennis is offered the job as entertainments manager at a holiday camp in Carlisle. Vera worries about being evicted and tells Ena that Colin is thinking of leaving school to get a job. Ena gives Vera £150 - all her savings. Nesbitt finds Ena playing the piano in the Rovers and tells her he is disgusted with her.moreless
  • Wed 13 Apr, 1966
    Wed 13 Apr, 1966
    Episode 30
    Brenda lets Clara stay on at the Rovers. She refuses to take Hilda back until she knows Annie's wishes. Hilda tells Stan and Jim that the Rovers is out of bounds. Brenda gives Hilda her job back. Dennis applies for a job in show business. Ray calls on Brenda thinking she wants his body. She tells him to stop seeing Lucille. When he threatens her Len appears and sacks him, threatening him with the police. He throws Ray out. Ray tells Lucille that he'll catch up with her one day. Vera tells Ena that her husband has left her as they are in debt. She asks Ena for help financially.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 1966
    Mon 11 Apr, 1966
    Episode 29
    Clara is upset to give up her Rover's job when Hilda returns. Stan and Jim clean up No.13 for Hilda. The hoover goes wrong and blows out dust. Stan trips over the table and breaks it. Ena is surprised when Vera turns up for a couple of days. The residents row with Diggins, a customer at the Rovers, who keeps his son outside for an hour. Hilda accuses Stan of wrecking her house. She tells Clara she'll be having her job back. Lucille tells Brenda about the whisky. She isn't bothered. Lucille tells her Ray wanted to have sex with her, but she refused.moreless
  • Wed 6 Apr, 1966
    Wed 6 Apr, 1966
    Episode 28
    Lucille persuades Brenda to go to a football match so that she can entertain Ray. Ken tries hard to convince Val he's a devoted husband. He tells her his fling with Jackie just happened and she tells him she's not interested. Lucille wants a permanent relationship with Ray. She is puzzled to find a bottle of whisky in Ray's bag. He tells her it's from the Rovers. When she threatens to tell Brenda he threatens her with violence.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 1966
    Mon 4 Apr, 1966
    Episode 27
    Minnie, Jed and Dennis search for the dog. The Barlows celebrate the twins first birthday. Big Arthur returns for Penelope. Jed finds Penelope with a man who passes her off as Cilla. Jed buys her back for £5. They close the kennels. The Barlows throw a party for the twins.
  • Wed 30 Mar, 1966
    Wed 30 Mar, 1966
    Episode 26
    Brenda advises Clara to find out from Albert where she stands. The dog's barking keeps the residents awake all night. Dennis has difficulty controlling the dogs at walks. Clara proposes to Albert, for companionship. He tells her he's too set in his ways and they part company. Dennis takes in a Labrador. Len and Jim compete for Brenda's affections. Dennis is horrified when Big Arthur Johnson's dog, Penelope, eats its way out of the kennels and escapes.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 1966
    Mon 28 Mar, 1966
    Episode 25
    Lucille enjoys living with Brenda who gives her make-up tips. Ken phones Val and she agrees to come back. Dennis and Jed have to close the auction room. Jed changes the room into a boarding kennels when he gets a customer. Ken tries to impress Val by redecorating No.9 and buying a car. Val doesn't think anything's changed, she's not sure if Ken loves her. Jed tries to rent the dog out as a guard dog. He is then landed with another five dogs to look after.moreless
  • Episode 7133
    Episode 24
    Gail wonders what's happened to the new packet of paracetamol she bought. Joe waits until she's gone then pulls them from his pocket and downs a couple. Fiz goes to visit John. She lies about her engagement ring saying she's dropped it into the jewellers to have the size altered.Chesney offers to clean Rosie's car for her, secretly hoping to look for the ring. But Rosie insists she cleans it herself. Michelle arrives home on a break from her tour. Becky and Hayley go shopping for a wedding dress but Becky takes offence at the snooty assistant in the shop and they return empty-handed. Rosie finds Fiz's ring in her car. She gives it to Sally as a present pretending she bought it. Sally's thrilled and shows it off to the factory girls. Fiz recognises her ring. Jason has a meeting with his bank manager. He's thrilled when he gets the go ahead for a mortgage. While Sally's distracted, Fiz takes her engagement ring from Sally's handbag. Joe begs the doctor for a painkiller prescription but she refuses saying he needs to make an appointment. Joe slams out of the medical centre. Gail's shocked. Sally discovers her ring is missing. Tony suggests they conduct a thorough search until they find it. Fiz is secretly panicking.moreless
  • Wed 23 Mar, 1966
    Wed 23 Mar, 1966
    Episode 24
    Albert continues to avoid Clara. Lucille phones Concepta and says that she can't get time off to visit them. Elsie asks Jim if he's got any plans to marry her or if she'll always be 'good for a giggle'. Lucille tells Jack she can't go to Ireland because of work. Jim tells Elsie he'll never marry and wants to continue seeing her. She tells him it's over and throws him out. Minnie performs the opening of the auction room. Nobody is interested in buying anything. The Walkers relief, Brenda Riley, arrives. Dennis discovers they haven't got planning permission for the auction room. Len and Jim make up. Jim is delighted to hear Brenda is the relief - she's an old girlfriend.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 1966
    Mon 21 Mar, 1966
    Episode 23
    Dennis tells Elsie he's fed up with her love life. Annie is a bit annoyed when Lucille doesn't want to join them in Ireland. Jed and Dennis advertise a celebrity opening the auction rooms. Ray threatens to go out with someone else if Lucille goes to Ireland. Elsie feels that she's been a bad influence on Dennis. Linda calls from Canada and causes a stir as the residents gather to talk to her. Elsie is sure Jim loves her but Len tells her he's only after what he can get. She tells him he's wrong.moreless
  • Episode 7131
    Episode 22
    Chesney watches Fiz as she searches frantically for the ring. He's angry she's still lying to him about John. Jason's delighted when he receives a letter telling him his loan for the flat deposit has been accepted. Eileen's concerned they're getting into too much debt. Fiz confides in Julie how she's engaged to John and she's lost the ring. Julie's sympathetic and helps her search but with no luck. Maria arranges to go and stay with Helen and Barry in Ireland. Tony's secretly disappointed that she's going. Jason and Tina show Eileen and Joe round No.12. Eileen offers to lend them some money she inherited from Colin to help them out. Becky asks Hayley to be Matron of Honour and Roy to give her away at her wedding. They're delighted and Roy gives her ?200 towards the expense. Anna tells Becky that Eddie will bake her wedding cake for her. David overhears Tina and Jason excitedly discussing their new flat. David's furious and corners Joe telling him to split them up or he won't get his pills. Lloyd tries to call Liz and is miffed when some bloke answers her phone. Rosie's washing her sports car when the phone rings. She leaves the keys in the ignition. Chesney in a moment of madness leaps in the car and drives off. Rosie's stunned to find her car has gone.moreless
  • Wed 16 Mar, 1966
    Wed 16 Mar, 1966
    Episode 22
    Ena threatens Lucille and Ray with court and warns them to play safe. David refuses to let Dennis pay by cheque. Elsie advises Ken to fetch Val back from Glasgow. Dennis is sacked from the novelty firm. Elsie is annoyed when Jim chats to an old flame in the Rovers. She hits him when Jim insults her. She tells him she tried to make an effort for him and won't be treated like a tart. When she becomes hysterical he hits her. Len catches up with Jim and fights him in the Rovers. Jim beats him to the floor.moreless
  • Episode 7130
    Episode 21
    Joe's suffering from withdrawal but he tries to mask his desperation in front of Gail.
  • Episode 6871
    Episode 21
    Ken is editing his novel fervently. Liz tells Betty and Sean about Clarissa and Harry. Clarissa persuades Harry to move back in with her. Julie is piqued when Kirk sees Fiz being pestered by John again and runs to her aid. Harry tells Vernon that he and Liz never slept together, not even after they split up. Tyrone confides in Pam that he is worried about wedding costs. Dev spots Nina in the golf club and recognises her as a Bollywood star he used to idolise. He soon finds out that she is Prem's wife but is still extremely taken with her.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 1966
    Mon 14 Mar, 1966
    Episode 21
    Ken tells David that Val has left him. Elsie is annoyed that Dennis hasn't been into the novelty works for a week. Jed and Dennis open a bank account in the name of Viaduct Auction Rooms. Jim asks Len to join him on a date with two ladies. Ena gets Lucille and Ray together to talk to them about the £5.moreless
  • Episode 7129
    Episode 20
    Jason enthusiastically tells Eileen and Tina how Leon wants him to join his football team.
  • Episode 6870
    Episode 20
    Harry suggests to Liz that he'll meet her in the Rover's after he's seen Clarissa off. Tyrone talks to Steve about doing some shifts at Street Cars. Prem quizzes Dev about his business ventures and property. Clarissa tells Harry she knows he doesn't want the divorce either but is hurt when he doesn't agree. She storms to the Rovers, where Liz is also waiting. They bicker. Jason and Becky arrive back from holiday. She's relieved Michelle knows nothing. Clarissa storms out of the Rovers after giving Harry a piece of her mind. He chases after her and they kiss.moreless
  • Wed 9 Mar, 1966
    Wed 9 Mar, 1966
    Episode 20
    Val refuses to believe that Lucille stole the money. Ken challenges Lucille but she brazens it out. She tackles Ray but he tells her not to bother about it. Annie starts making mushroom patties to sell in the pub. Jack gives Lucille £5 when she asks for it. Val guesses that Lucille had a boy in but she refuses to tell her who. Val accepts the money from Lucille. Ray tells Lucille he took the money for his mother. Val rows with Ken for being so distant with her. She packs a suitcase.moreless
  • Episode 7128
    Episode 19
    Gail tells David that Joe is off the painkillers. David feigns surprise.
  • Episode 6869
    Episode 19
    Jack wants to fund some of Tyrone and Molly's wedding. They tell him it's his company they want not his money. Pam gets carried away with expensive ideas. Clarissa is incensed as Harry and Liz planning an intimate getaway. Blanche 'catches' Ken reading an explicit gay novel and takes a phone message for him from Ted Page. She suspects this means he is gay. Deirdre is incredulous.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 1966
    Mon 7 Mar, 1966
    Episode 19
    Ray offers to do a foreigner for Jack. Jack is annoyed. Clara returns alone, and helps clean the Rovers when Hilda goes away. Ken is lumbered with £30 for a school outing overnight. Clara is evasive about Cleveleys. Lucille babysits for the Barlows and entertains Ray. Clara confides in Minnie that she didn't get very far with Albert. Ray takes £5 out of the £30 at the Barlows. Ken discovers it's missing and suspects Lucille of taking it.moreless
  • Wed 2 Mar, 1966
    Wed 2 Mar, 1966
    Episode 18
    Jed and Dennis open the 'Viaduct Bargain Boutique'. Jerry comes to in hospital. Len apologises to him. Jerry holds no grudge - they'll survive. Hilda discovers Stan has sold Jed a framed photograph of her mother for 10 shillings. Jed offers it to her for £1 but she snatches it back. Elsie rows with Len about his drinking and he takes notice. Ena thinks Lucille's affair with Ray will end in tears.moreless
  • Episode 7126
    Episode 17
    Helen remarks that Maria was out late the night before and Maria admits that she went for a drink with Tony.
  • Episode 6867
    Episode 17
    It's Chesney's birthday. He's thrilled when a new bike is delivered to No.5 and assumes it's from Cilla. Pam gives Tyrone a fake Faberge egg into which you can record a message. She reckons he should use it to propose to Molly. John goes to collect a customer from Underworld only to find it's Rosie.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 1966
    Mon 28 Feb, 1966
    Episode 17
    Len and the brewers free Jerry from the scaffolding which fell on top of him. Ena is not keen on setting Dennis' lyrics to music. The brewery men blame Len for Jerry's accident. Ena sets Dennis' song to music. Unconscious Jerry is taken to hospital. Jim takes Elsie to an Irish club for a pre birthday night out. Jed hires the viaduct for premises. Elsie stands Jim up to help Len. The brewery foreman tells Len the scaffolding wasn't safe and terminates his contract.moreless
  • Episode 7125
    Episode 16
    Ashley visits Claire. She puts pressure on him to have a vasectomy but Ashley refuses to make any promises.
  • Episode 6866
    Episode 16
    Pam tells Jack she's determined to get Tyrone to propose to Molly. Gail persuades Ted to stay for a few more days. Teresa convinces Jerry to let her stay a bit longer and look after him while Mel goes on holiday with Abi. Fiz is furious when she discovers John's got a job with Street Cars.moreless
  • Wed 23 Feb, 1966
    Wed 23 Feb, 1966
    Episode 16
    Hilda wants Jim out of her house. Elsie has no sympathy for Dennis as he searches for his identity in bed. Ena ministers home remedies to him. Jim works Hilda round by giving his £4 rent to her and not Stan. Concepta invites Lucille and the Walkers for a holiday. Jerry is angry when he discovers Len hasn't done a job. He realises the business is sinking and tells Len he's going to drink himself to death. Lucille and Ray arrange another date. Dennis discovers Ena can write music and has an idea that they can write songs together. Len refuses to help Jerry work and plays cards whilst Jerry falls off some scaffolding.moreless
  • Episode 7124
    Episode 15
    Ashley apologises to Claire for upsetting her and they agree never to argue again.
  • Episode 6865
    Episode 15
    Fiz slaps John across the face and slams the door in his face. Teresa takes Jerry to the Medical Centre worried he might be having another heart attack. John bumps into John in the caf??. She gives him a hard time. Carla makes Michelle see how Steve is using Amy to worm his way back into her good books. Michelle's furious and tells Steve to get out. John calls in Street Cars looking for a job. Sean, Janice, Sally and Fiz discuss the fact that John's back on the scene. Fiz assures them she sent him packing. Gail discovers she's allergic to the pot plants.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 1966
    Mon 21 Feb, 1966
    Episode 15
    Jerry takes on ex-Borstal boy Ray Langton to help on the Brewery contract. Len doesn't trust him. Dennis feels he's reached a crossroads in his life. Elsie thinks he's just being daft. Jerry is annoyed at Len's constant drinking at the brewery. The brewery workers have a dig at Jerry because he won't drink whilst working. Jerry starts to fight one of them. Dennis likes Jed's idea of holding auctions, but realises they'll need premises. Ray asks Lucille out, she is taken by him. Jim reminds Stan that when drunk he offered him a room at No.13. Stan thinks it's a good idea. Minnie thinks Dennis needs a psychiatrist and does the job herself. Hilda is put upon by Stan and Jim.moreless
  • Episode 7123
    Episode 14
    Ashley has spent a sleepless night in the hospital's relatives' room.
  • Episode 6864
    Episode 14
    Steve's spent the night in the cab office. Fiz gets an anonymous phone call. Julie reckons she might have a stalker. Steve calls to see Michelle. She's still hurt and angry. Steve persuades her to pretend nothing's happened in front of Amy. Fiz is unnerved when she notices a car which seems to be following her. Jerry and Mel suggest it's time Teresa found somewhere else to live. Mel admits she's run a police check on Gary and discovered he's doing 6 months for assault.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 1966
    Wed 16 Feb, 1966
    Episode 14
    Annie worries that Lucille would rather work for Jed than the mill. Jack plans to throw a farewell party for Emily. Dennis and Jed try to remould the waxworks to look like the Beatles. The residents present Emily with a parasol. She says goodbye to everyone. Jerry tells her that he knows she's not going to Majorca but Harrogate to look after her father. Dennis tells Jed he's had enough of him and his get-rich-quick schemes. He tells Elsie he's not taking her advice anymore - she's old and past it. He takes to his bed in a depressed state.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 1966
    Mon 14 Feb, 1966
    Episode 13
    Len joyfully starts work in the Brewery. Emily gets her work permit for Majorca, and reveals her father is going into a home. Val packs special things for Ken's 'conference'. He decides to stay at home and stands Jackie up. The regulars are shocked when Jed brings waxworks of Gandhi and Chaplin into the Rovers, having gone into the waxwork business. Ken tells Jackie he won't be seeing her again.moreless
  • Episode 7121
    Episode 12
    Ashley wakes up in Peter's flat with a hangover. He goes home intent on making up with Claire but she refuses to let him in.
  • Episode 6862
    Episode 12
    Michelle's spent the night at Carla's. She's hurt and upset. Steve tries to blame Lloyd for his broken relationship but Lloyd's quick to point out Steve was the one who spent the night with Becky. Pam calls in the corner shop to see Molly and sells Dev some of the ham from her holdall. Dev and Vernon leave for the Golf Club. Vernon's dressed in old cast-offs and carrying an ancient set of clubs.moreless
  • Wed 9 Feb, 1966
    Wed 9 Feb, 1966
    Episode 12
    Ken tells Elsie she can tell whoever she wants to about his affair. Mr. St John Hunter sends Emily the key to the shop to be his manageress. Albert decides to go to Clevelys. Ken plans to spend a weekend with Jackie on the pretence of going to a NUT conference. Jack lands Len and Jerry a contract at the brewery. Emily makes up her mind.moreless
  • Episode 7120
    Episode 11
    Ashley and Claire row over the holiday and the backyard. Ashley's adamant they can't afford either.
  • Episode 6861
    Episode 11
    Tyrone tells Jack he's going to propose to Molly. Jack's delighted. Michelle continues to let Steve think everything's okay. Inwardly she's fuming. Rosie tells Tony that Kevin's business is starting to suffer. Tony assures her she did the right thing handing over the client list as Kevin will be grateful one day. Roy's short-staffed in the caf?? so Vernon helps him out. Dev joins Oakhill Golf Club. Vernon offers to have a round with him.moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 1966
    Mon 7 Feb, 1966
    Episode 11
    Jed starts on the markets with a junk stall. Joan feels that Emily should look after their father, or he'll have to go into a home. Lucille agrees to work on Jed's stall on Saturdays. Elsie isn't sure whether or not to tell Val about Ken's affair. Clara asks Albert to go to Clevelys with her to help run her niece's hotel. Emily realises that she'd have to nurse her father for the rest of his life. She refuses to give up Majorca for the sake of her sisters. Ken and Jackie realise they are serious about each other.moreless
  • Episode 7119
    Episode 10
    Molly tries to feign excitement over the holiday. Sophie's pleased when Ben texts her asking to meet up.
  • Episode 6860
    Episode 10
    Steve and Michelle celebrate their engagement with drinks in the Rovers. Tony tells Kevin he's looked at the deeds for the garage and accuses Kevin of using land belonging to Underworld. Kevin's furious. Rita calls in the factory and tells Tony he's putting her in an awkward position by falling out with Kevin. Tony tries to placate her by offering her a good deal on one of the new apartments and offers to show her round. Ken admits to Deirdre and Blanche that his university reunion made him realise life's too short to spend it wiping down tables in a caf??. Rita's impressed with the apartment.moreless
  • Wed 2 Feb, 1966
    Wed 2 Feb, 1966
    Episode 10
    The Barlows close the Post Office. Elsie worries about Jed leading Dennis astray. Nuttall corners Dennis in the Rovers when he realises he's been swindled. Dennis tells him the police are around as the socks were stolen. Ena is repayed her £15 leaving Minnie with £5. Jed wants to put a fruit machine in Gamma. Annie provides a cheese board in the bar. Elsie warns Ken to be careful with Jackie. He tells her it's nothing to do with her. Emily's sister, Joan tells her their father has had a stroke.moreless
  • Episode 7118
    Episode 9
    Sally's all loved up after their night in a posh hotel. Kevin feels slightly awkward. Molly's fed up.
  • Episode 6859
    Episode 9
    Michelle's worried that Steve still hasn't proposed to her. She starts to wonder what's going on. Kevin's furious when Tony gets a mate to park a truck across the garage forecourt. He tells Tony to shift it or he'll do it himself. Carla's annoyed that Tony's making enemies out of the neighbours. Dev's looking forward to lunch with his bank. He's disappointed when they phone and cancel. Liam takes Steve to one side and tells him to stop messing Michelle around. Eileen grills Lloyd wanting to know why he and Steve are at loggerheads.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 1966
    Mon 31 Jan, 1966
    Episode 9
    Jed tells Minnie he's come to stay and pays a months' rent in advance. Emily announces she's emigrating to Majorca to work at a friend's souvenir shop. Jed starts trying to sell fruit machines but the Walkers refuse to have one. Emily gets drunk to celebrate her departure. Jed promises to sort out Nuttall for Minnie. Ena says she'll pay the £17. Jed discovers she really owes £13 the rest being interest. They both fix Nuttall. Dennis and Jed rope Nuttall into paying them £20 for a load of socks which are rejects. Elsie sees Ken and Jackie kissing.moreless
  • Episode 6858
    Episode 8
    Steve casually asks Michelle what Becky's doing behind the bar. Michelle explains how Leanne walked out after she accused her of sleeping with Steve. Michelle apologises for her suspicious mind. Steve feels terrible. Tony tells Carla how he plans to make ??10m by the time he's 47 and he's not going to let Kevin stand in his way. Steve's furious to discover Liam, Maria and Carla all think he's going to propose to Michelle. Steve tells Vernon how sorry he is that he's split up with Liz. Blanche tells Dev his fig rolls are out of date. Dev feels more and more depressed. Steve collars Becky and demands she hands her notice in.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jan, 1966
    Wed 26 Jan, 1966
    Episode 8
    Lionel shows David the ropes and hands the shop over to him. Ena tries to help Minnie over her money situation but Minnie tells her to stay out of her life. Jackie cooks Ken lunch and persuades him to go to a play with her. Annie lays on champagne at Lionel's farewell party. Club man Nuttall asks Minnie for the £17 she owes for a coat. He puts pressure on her when she tells him she can't pay any back. He tells her she's only paying interest on the money she originally borrowed and if she doesn't pay he'll take her to court. Lionel leaves for Wales. Minnie receives a visit from Jed.moreless
  • Episode 7116
    Episode 7
    Sally opens her birthday presents at the breakfast table. Rosie shows off buy giving her some diamond earrings.
  • Episode 6857
    Episode 7
    Carla tells Rosie she knows she's been helping Tony and going behind Kevin's back. Michelle's excited as Steve's due back from Spain. Lloyd's worried. Deirdre goes to visit Tracy in prison. She's annoyed with Ken who's more interested in his forthcoming reunion and rifling through old photos of uni-friends. Clarissa continues to use Lloyd as her personal chauffeur much to Harry's chagrin. Tony hires a dodgy guy called Jimmy to ruin Kevin's business. Tony introduces Jimmy to Kevin pretending he's a friend.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jan, 1966
    Mon 24 Jan, 1966
    Episode 7
    The residents celebrate Stan's pool win. Hilda breaks the news to Stan. He goes berserk and tries to kill her - she escapes. Clara and Ena blame each other when Minnie hasn't any coal or money. Annie gives Stan a bill for £6 18/ 6d for the drinks. Ken calls on Jackie and they exchange a kiss.moreless
  • Episode 7115
    Episode 6
    As Sally makes preparations for her party Kevin's mind is on Molly.
  • Episode 6856
    Episode 6
    Maria unimpressed to find Liam and Tom hungover having made no progress with their new business venture. Steve phones Lloyd from Spain. Lloyd tells him how he had to lie to Michelle and told her how Steve is going to propose to her. Steve's furious. Tony tells Carla how he's manipulated Rosie into stealing Kevin's client list. Carla's not happy that he's involving Rosie in his scheme. Sean begs Tony and Carla to give him his job back but to no avail. Rosie sneaks into the garage and finds Kevin's client list.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jan, 1966
    Wed 19 Jan, 1966
    Episode 6
    Irma goes against Hilda's advice and returns to David. David changes his mind about the shop to Irma's delight. Minnie worries about her lack of money. Stan thinks he's come up on the pools not knowing Hilda has just filled out the winning numbers to check his. He buys drinks all round. Lionel accepts the Barlow's offer. Jack calculates Stan has won £75,000. He cries with happiness.moreless
  • Episode 7114
    Episode 5
    David is livid with Jason for stealing his girlfriend. Tina tells Graeme how she's just made it clear to David that they're finished for good.
  • Episode 6855
    Episode 5
    Sean and Marcus excitedly plan their house-warming party for when they move into their new flat. Sean arrives late for work and Tony sacks him. Sean's devastated. Tom and Liam discuss their new business venture in the pub. Carla's annoyed with Tony for sacking Sean without consulting her however she goes along with his decision. Sean leaves the factory upset. Mel's angry with Teresa for taking Jerry to the pub. Sean breaks the news to Marcus he's lost his job and they'll have to cancel the new flat.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 1966
    Mon 17 Jan, 1966
    Episode 5
    David is annoyed to read that Jackie has done a piece in the paper and Ken has helped her. David starts to drink a lot and realises that Ken fancies Jackie. Irma is upset when a drunken David ruins Lionel's shop display. When David gets paralytic in the Rovers Ken refuses to sort him out. Irma suggests to David that they buy the shop. He thinks that would be sinking too low and refuses to live in Coronation Street. Irma is upset and walks out on him, going back to No.13.moreless
  • Episode 7113
    Episode 4
    Jason and Tina tell Eileen about their plans to buy a property and do it up.
  • Episode 6854
    Episode 4
    Eileen's feels like she's running a doss-house with both Marcus and Becky out of work. Marcus sets off to find out what course he can apply for. Teresa continues to flick her fag ends on to the Websters' conservatory roof. Becky calls in the caf?? for the last of her things. She and Roy are awkward with each other. It's clear they both regret falling out. Tony lets slip to Sally that he's made Kevin a very generous offer for the garage.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jan, 1966
    Wed 12 Jan, 1966
    Episode 4
    Ena tells Lionel not to sell to Dave. He tells her to mind her own business - he owes the Street nothing. Lucille finishes with Kenny Stevens when she gets fed up of his ideas. Val takes up the piano. Len provides an old one for her. Ena lays into Dave and is annoyed when Minnie bets in the shop. Ena agrees to give Val piano lessons. Albert tries to avoid Clara. Lionel tells Dave he wants £1,750 for the shop and £200 for the stock. Dave isn't interested in the stock so Lionel refuses to sell to him.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jan, 1966
    Mon 10 Jan, 1966
    Episode 3
    Albert battles against kids playing on his allotment. Dave Smith goes after opening a new branch in Waterloo Street but loses it. He starts thinking about the Coronation Street area. Jackie entertains Ken to a meal after he tells Val he's working. She wants him to tell her about David's early football career for an article she is writing in the paper. He refuses but persuades her to take him along to an art exhibition review. Dave approaches Lionel about buying the shop. Lionel is interested. Val realises Clara fancies Albert, to her amusement. Ena discovers Dave Smith's plans and swears to oppose it.moreless
  • Episode 7111
    Episode 2
    Maria goes into labour on the beach. Tony carries her across the sand dunes and phones for an ambulance.
  • Episode 6852
    Episode 2
    Becky arrives for work with a spring in her step after spending the night with Jason. Roy's annoyed that she's late. Ken tries to keep the peace. Rita tells Tony she'd like to accept his offer to buy the Kabin. Norris is furious but powerless as her junior partner. Roy continues to snipe at Becky when he finds her gossiping to Lloyd. Deirdre tells Vernon how sorry she is about his break-up with Liz. Blanche however is less sympathetic and Deirdre has to drag her inside. Michelle asks Becky if she'd like some regular shifts at the Rover.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 1966
    Wed 5 Jan, 1966
    Episode 2
    David is embarrassed by Stan's interfering. Irma tells him to fight back. The local paper takes David's side and feels he's been treated badly. Emily and the residents discover Dennis' nude studies of Jerry and he is forced to apologise. Lambert offers David a job as an engineer on his factory floor. Elsie feels at home with Jim. Stan tells David to stop moping and to take Lambert's job. Ken has a liaison with Jackie Marsh.moreless
  • Episode 7110
    Episode 1
    Eileen's all loved up after spending the night with Jesse. Sean and Jason quiz her closely.
  • Episode 6851
    Episode 1
    Vernon tells Norris that he and Liz have split up. Norris is immediately keen to spread the gossip. Ashley and Claire move out of No.4 and into Claire's mum's until the re-wiring is finished at No.13. Sally and Kevin are glad to be rid of them. Liz is relieved but sad that she and Vernon are over. Harry finds out from Norris about Liz and Vernon. He's immediately interested. Liz offers Vernon her wedding ring back but he refuses to take it. Sally rows with Teresa when she finds her fag ends littered all over her garden. Jason asks Becky out on a date. Becky's delighted they're back together and snogs the face off him.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 1966
    Mon 3 Jan, 1966
    Episode 1
    Jim Mount looks for Elsie. Dennis borrows Emily's camera and secretly takes photographs of Jerry half naked. Stan is angry that Lambert has sacked David. Elsie agrees to a date with Jim. Stan rows with Lambert before discovering that Lambert had agreed to see David in the morning.