Coronation Street - Season 8

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  • Wed 27 Dec, 1967
    Wed 27 Dec, 1967
    Episode 103
    Elsie, Dennis and Linda spend their last day together. The Barlows are sad when Jill goes home to her mother who has now come out of hospital. The residents gossip about Elsie's suitcases with 'E T' in gold on them. They all gather in the Street to say goodbye to Elsie. Irma decides she wants a child. Steve allows Elsie to take her frying pan with her. Linda and Dennis see Elsie off at the airport. Minnie discovers that the Luxy is being demolished. Ena makes Len confirm that the Mission and vestry are to be demolished.moreless
  • Mon 25 Dec, 1967
    Mon 25 Dec, 1967
    Episode 102
    Christmas Morning: The Cheveskis stay at No.11. Jill settles into family life with the Barlows. The Rovers and Flying Horse tug for a barrel of beer and lose. The Tanners and Cheveskis spend Christmas together. Ena plays the piano for a Christmas singsong as Elsie grows nostalgic.
  • Wed 20 Dec, 1967
    Wed 20 Dec, 1967
    Episode 101
    Elsie and Steve pack. She asks if she can return occasionally. He isn't keen and tells her she can't take her old junk with her. David tells Irma their foster son is arriving. Elsie tells Dennis she is going to America. She agrees to spend Christmas with him at No.11. The Barlows and Ogdens buy presents for the boy. Len tells Ena that the factory is going to be demolished. She makes him promise he'll keep her informed about the Mission. Dennis plans to cancel the party but Lucille changes it to New Year. The foster boy turns out to be a girl - Jill Morris.moreless
  • Mon 18 Dec, 1967
    Mon 18 Dec, 1967
    Episode 100
    Steve tells Elsie he's doing her a favour making her an American. Annie gets the men into training in the Rovers. Len is concerned as the Council have plans for Ellistons. Jack throws out a spy from the Flying Horse. Polly Sagar announces the factory is closing down. Len advises Elsie to let Steve go to America on his own - she belongs in Coronation Street.moreless
  • Wed 13 Dec, 1967
    Wed 13 Dec, 1967
    Episode 99
    John phones Val and tells her he's going to kill himself. Steve tells Elsie to organise a traditional Christmas with all the family. Ena teaches the men tug-of-war tactics. Mrs Potter discovers John is at a garage. Ken realises he only wants to be a mechanic. Lucille introduces her hippie friend Robert Croft to Dennis and Elsie. Dennis is horrified to discover he and his friends are coming to the party. Ken makes the Potters see that if they push John academically he'll never succeed. They agree to him staying at the garage. Steve tells Elsie he's been posted back to America.moreless
  • Mon 11 Dec, 1967
    Mon 11 Dec, 1967
    Episode 98
    Lucille tries in vain to get Dennis to throw a party. Albert can't find anyone to be in the tug-of-war. Lucille uses two girlfriends as bait to persuade Dennis to have a party. Elsie returns but she and Steve are still unsure of each other. David discovers John is mad about football. Ken is angry when John is slow at his essay writing. Ena and Annie work on the men and get them to agree to the tug- of-war. John leaves home, leaving a suicide note.moreless
  • Wed 6 Dec, 1967
    Wed 6 Dec, 1967
    Episode 97
    David discovers he can't adopt as he'd only be using the child as a stop gap until Irma became pregnant. Ken is annoyed that he has to tutor John at night, but needs the money. Irma suggests they try fostering. Ken finds teaching John is hopeless as he's too thick. Dennis is annoyed when Wally turns No.11 into an OAP home with all his friends. He makes Wally feel that he's not wanted. The Potters are angry that Ken thinks John will never pass his GCE's. They tell him they'll find another teacher. Wally leaves No.11. Ena reveals he had somewhere else lined up. Albert arranges a tug-of-war between the Rovers and the Flying Horse on Christmas Morning. Val begs Ken to give John another chance and he agrees.moreless
  • Mon 4 Dec, 1967
    Mon 4 Dec, 1967
    Episode 96
    Annie is detained at the police station. The police find a toilet roll in her handbag. Len tries to get her out but the police aren't interested in his connections. The residents are disappointed when Jack brings Annie home. David goes into town, not telling Irma were he is. Len manages to get Annie off the hook, but she has to pay for the window. Ken takes on giving John Potter extra English and History lessons. David visits the adoption centre.moreless
  • Wed 29 Nov, 1967
    Wed 29 Nov, 1967
    Episode 95
    Irma returns to work, against David's wishes. Dennis tells Ena he intends to look after Wally. Jack talks Stan, Jerry and Len into going to the match with Annie and Lucille. Dennis visits his father and discovers the £70 is back-rent that Wally owes them. Wally tells him he's bought the stone for £60 and gives Dennis the other £10 for rent. Annie looks for trouble at the match. Irma tells David the miscarriage has scared her and she doesn't want another baby. Annie gets into the match. When some rival supporters slag City off, she retaliates. Ken suggests adoption to David. Annie disarms one of the hooligans and throws away his rattle - it smashes a chip shop window. They are all arrested.moreless
  • Mon 27 Nov, 1967
    Mon 27 Nov, 1967
    Episode 94
    Ena slips outside the Rovers and twists her ankle. Irma has a miscarriage. David tries to tell her she can have others but she thinks it's the end of the world. Len, Jerry and Lucille plan a trip to see Weatherfield play Burton at football. Dennis is annoyed when Wally Tanner arrives to stay. Annie is not happy about Lucille going to the football match. Wally tells Dennis that Norah Tanner is after his money. He tells him he has £70 and wants a headstone. David is keen to have another baby and has the doctor's backing. Irma convinces herself that she can't have children. Annie tells Lucille she intends to attend a football match to see for herself the violence and vandalism.moreless
  • Wed 22 Nov, 1967
    Wed 22 Nov, 1967
    Episode 93
    Lucille and Jerry go out with each other as a means of checking out the local talent. Len regrets telling Steve about Elsie's lie. Steve lets Elsie go to Linda's without telling her he knows about the lie. Amy is horrified to discover Emily and Douglas have found a flat. Annie worries about Lucille going out with Jerry. Len tells Elsie that he told Steve he advises her to sort it out with him. Amy ignores Douglas as he packs his bags and leaves with Emily. Jerry assures Annie that Lucille is just a friend. Emily tells Douglas she knows he doesn't want a wife - he just wanted to escape. She tells him he's free now. He's grateful. Steve tells Elsie she should go - they need some time apart. Irma complains of pains, Ena tells David to phone the doctor.moreless
  • Mon 20 Nov, 1967
    Mon 20 Nov, 1967
    Episode 92
    Elsie receives a letter from Linda telling her she's ill and asking her to look after Paul. Elsie tells Steve she's going. Elsie reveals to Val that it's a lie concocted by her and Linda so she can get away for a bit. Dennis gets a job as a waiter. Ena advises Val to let everyone believe Ken hit her. Amy shocks Emily by giving her blessing to their wedding. Ken and Val stage rows to confuse the residents. Emily refuses to live at the hotel after the wedding. Susan scratches Val and she bears a scar. Len tells Steve he knows Linda is well.moreless
  • Wed 15 Nov, 1967
    Wed 15 Nov, 1967
    Episode 91
    Elsie agrees not to take the job at Miami but is unhappy about Germany. To make sure she doesn't take the job, Steve phones up behind her back and cancels the job. Emily agrees to end her friendship with Douglas because of Amy's possessiveness. Ena gives Len a gold watch to sell for the Mayor's Christmas Fund. He wonders where she got it from. Peter throws his fire engine at Val and gives her a black eye. Albert believes Ken hit Val. Amy Preston calls Emily a selfish grasping woman and orders her out of her brother's life. Ken is amazed as the residents think he hit Val. Jack guesses the watch is a present from Henry for her birthday. Ryan tells Elsie that Steve asked for the transfer to Germany. He tells her he'll turn the transfer down if she promises to try to be a serviceman's wife. Jerry returns the watch to Ena telling her she shouldn't get rid of birthday presents. Steve is angry about Germany and tells Elsie she does need a new life - away from Coronation Street. He tells her they'll move to married quarters at Burtonwood. She refuses. Emily tells Douglas she is the right woman for him.moreless
  • Mon 13 Nov, 1967
    Mon 13 Nov, 1967
    Episode 90
    Emily reorganises the Yard office, installing a filing cabinet and typewriter. Len isn't keen on it. Miami Modes agree to take Elsie back. Len is happy with Stanley back at school. Steve submits a transfer request to Germany. He is annoyed to find Ken trying on his uniform whilst showing Major Ryan around the flat. Lucille tells Emily about Douglas' wife. Douglas tells her he's not married and isn't the marrying type. He decides to break their relationship. Ken has a heated discussion with Major Ryan regarding the violence in America and Vietnam. Steve and Val are embarrassed. Emily tracks down Douglas' hotel and discovers has a domineering sister, Amy. Amy accuses Emily of being a harlot. Elsie and Steve clash over Germany and Miami.moreless
  • Wed 8 Nov, 1967
    Wed 8 Nov, 1967
    Episode 89
    Hilda is worried about Harry doing the decorating when she discovers he is a baker by profession. Ena can't decide what to do about Henry's offer. Harry completely ruins the decorating. Hilda throws him out. Lucille tells Ena she should go for the change. Elsie considers getting a job. Ena turns Henry down because she's too old. Albert sees Douglas and tells Lucille he thinks he's married.moreless
  • Mon 6 Nov, 1967
    Mon 6 Nov, 1967
    Episode 88
    Emily is stood up by Douglas. Ena traps Henry into confessing he is the sender. Steve refuses to tell Emmeline she's not wanted to please Elsie. Henry tells Ena how he took a job which should have been Alfred's. She tells him she doesn't want his conscience money. Stan gets a cheap decorator. Douglas Preston turns up. Emily takes him to her flat. Steve tells Elsie she no longer lives in Coronation Street - she's got to be classier. Harry Lester, decorator, turns out to be colour blind. Minnie calls Ena pigheaded for not accepting the money. Lucille is suspicious of Douglas. Emmeline tells Elsie they all have to try to adjust. She tells her Steve is an obstinate man before leaving for America. Henry asks Ena to be his housekeeper in St Anne's.moreless
  • Wed 1 Nov, 1967
    Wed 1 Nov, 1967
    Episode 87
    Ena realises the sender must be Jack Brown, Ian's Godfather. She sends for him. Elsie cries off from showing Emmeline around Lancaster Castle. Jack tells Ena he is not the sender, but reminds her that Henry Foster called Ian 'half pint' as well. Emmeline discovers a 'sick' Elsie preparing to go to the cinema with May. Hilda decides to get a decorator in. Elsie tells Emmeline she's married to Steve whether she likes it or not. Jerry does some detective work and finds Henry Foster's address for Ena. Val catches Ken's cold. Emily makes contact with man No.2 - Douglas. Emmeline tells Steve that Elsie has an inferiority complex and is a disappointment to her. Elsie overhears and tells Steve perhaps she should leave. Ena goes to St Anne's to call on Henry.moreless
  • Mon 30 Oct, 1967
    Mon 30 Oct, 1967
    Episode 86
    Lucille returns from Ireland. Elsie is scared at the idea of meeting Emmeline Tanner. Ken gets a cold from being locked out. May helps Elsie clean the flat up. Hilda tells Stan she wants the parlour decorated. Len recuperates at the seaside. Emmeline arrives and tells the Tanners she wants to visit Historical England. Stan gets cheap wallpaper, which turn out to be blank sheets. Ena gets a letter from the benefactor. He gives himself away by referring to her son as 'half pint'. Elsie feels out of things with Steve and Emmeline.moreless
  • Wed 25 Oct, 1967
    Wed 25 Oct, 1967
    Episode 85
    Ena goes to the florists shop. Emily visits Frank farm in Clitheroe. Ken refuses to let Val do anymore cooking for Dennis. Val envies Irma's pregnancy. Elsie goes to Burtonwood to look round Steve's office. Ena discovers a man bought the flowers and that someone has put £100 in her bank account. Emily discovers she is frightened of cows. Ken refuses to have any more children. Val locks him out in anger. Steve feels Elsie is too demanding on his time. Minnie thinks Ena should just accept the money. Emily finishes with Frank as she finds the farm too much work. She looks forward to her next man. Steve gets a telegram telling him his mother is coming to visit.moreless
  • Mon 23 Oct, 1967
    Mon 23 Oct, 1967
    Episode 84
    Ena thinks Alfred might have had another woman. Frank joins in the party and is stunned by the residents. The women are impressed by him and envy Emily his rural roughness. Emily is thrilled when Frank kisses her on the cheek. Dennis is bored on his own and can't cope with the cooking. Val finds herself looking after him. Steve is annoyed that Elsie wants to spend so much time back in the Street. Emily looks forward to visiting Frank's dairy farm. Ena discovers more flowers, with a florist's card.moreless
  • Wed 18 Oct, 1967
    Wed 18 Oct, 1967
    Episode 83
    Emily celebrates her birthday. She takes the day off work. Steve encourages Elsie to be friendly with snotty Mrs Hunt but Elsie gets on better with her cleaner May. Ena asks Albert to visit Alfred's grave with her. Emily meets Frank Starkie from the Bureau. Dennis feels sorry for Emily and plans a surprise party for her. Frank tells Emily about his seventy acre farm. She is relieved that he has never been to the bureau again. Stanley tells Len the fire was an accident. He is pleased to find him improving in hospital. He tells Jerry he is going to go back to school in Nottingham. Emily is upset to discover Dennis has a party planned when she's going out with Frank. She promised she'd be around for the party. Ena is shocked to discover fresh flowers on her husband, Alfred's, grave.moreless
  • Mon 16 Oct, 1967
    Mon 16 Oct, 1967
    Episode 82
    Workman Jim Lloyd rescues Len and Stanley from the fire. They are both kept in over night at the hospital. Emily makes arrangements for her birthday. Elsie misses working. Minnie, Ena and Albert join forces to go into bulk buying to save money. Stanley is discharged. He breaks down, fearing Len is seriously ill. Elsie refuses to pay Dennis' electricity bill. Stanley tells Jerry that he has guardian devils who are ruining his life and he can't stop them. Nobody wants to celebrate Emily's birthday with her. Elsie finds it hard to get on with her neighbours. Emily signs up at a marriage guidance bureau.moreless
  • Wed 11 Oct, 1967
    Wed 11 Oct, 1967
    Episode 81
    Len gets Stanley a place at Granston Tech. The Cooks leave over Val. Stanley tells Len he doesn't want to go to Tech. Len tells him if he wants to be a man he can - he's on his own. Elsie discovers Dennis has not been paying the rent. He promises Elsie there'll be no more lodgers. Stanley starts a fire at the Yard office, he panics when the door doesn't open. Len arrives and smashes the door in but is himself trapped.moreless
  • Mon 9 Oct, 1967
    Mon 9 Oct, 1967
    Episode 80
    Albert worries about Stanley's attitude to Len. Val falls for Arthur's muscles. Mrs Cook worries about what she's up to. Annie and Hilda visit Elsie, to oggle at the flat. Stan catches Stanley using Len's plane and ruining it. Stanley tells Len it wasn't him so Len blames Stan. Annie and Hilda are amused to meet Elsie's neighbour, Philip Laker. Mrs Cook warns Val off her boys. Elsie is angry when she discovers Steve has lied to her as to where he has spent the day.moreless
  • Wed 4 Oct, 1967
    Wed 4 Oct, 1967
    Episode 79
    Len gives Stanley jobs to do at the Yard. Irma cuts the bottoms off all her dresses when David refuses to buy her new ones. Len is annoyed when the Cooks break a sheet of glass. David shocks Irma by liking her dresses. Elsie arrives at No.11 to find the Cooks exercising in her lounge. She thinks Mrs Cook is a good influence on Dennis. David gives in and tells Irma to buy some new clothes. Arthur admits to fancying Val. Stanley tells Albert he plans to leave soon.moreless
  • Mon 2 Oct, 1967
    Mon 2 Oct, 1967
    Episode 78
    Dennis is not allowed to smoke in No.11. Len finds it hard going with Stanley. He lets him smoke, against his instincts. Dennis tells the Cooks they'll have to go but is ignored. The Tanners return from honeymoon to Altrincham. Stanley annoys everyone with his snobbery and cheekiness. Dennis asks Val to complain about the Cooks to Elsie. Elsie is not surprised to learn that Dennis has opened her house up to circus acts. Len feels he owes Stanley more than he has given him. Elsie rings Dennis and tells him she's coming to see the Cooks.moreless
  • Wed 27 Sep, 1967
    Wed 27 Sep, 1967
    Episode 77
    Peter tells Jerry he's a pacifist. Jerry agrees to pretend Peter hit him for Sally's sake. Mrs Cook changes the sleeping arrangements again and Dennis finds himself sleeping on the sofa. Stanley Fairclough turns up in the Rovers. The residents are shocked by Stanley's lack of respect for his father. The Cooks are signed up for another month in Weatherfield. Stanley tells Harry Bailey has sent him to stay for a bit. Jerry tells Len it was his fault for telling Harry. Len has been depressed.moreless
  • Mon 25 Sep, 1967
    Mon 25 Sep, 1967
    Episode 76
    Jerry spends all his time at the library. Hilda fusses round Irma too much. Mrs Cook takes over No.11. Sally agrees to go to the pictures with Jerry. Irma doesn't appear very happy about the baby. Dennis lets the Cook boys have Elsie's bed because of their somersaulting act. Peter, Sally's boyfriend turns up and asks Jerry for a fight.moreless
  • Wed 20 Sep, 1967
    Wed 20 Sep, 1967
    Episode 75
    Minnie wants Jerry to meet and marry librarian Sally Frost. She gives him a book to take back with a letter in for Sally asking her to take pity on lonely Jerry. Dennis is relieved when the pipers leave. Sally and Jerry get on together at the library. The Pinelli Brothers arrive at No.11 - Albert, Arthur and their mother. David tells the Ogdens that Irma is two months pregnant.moreless
  • Mon 18 Sep, 1967
    Mon 18 Sep, 1967
    Episode 74
    The residents are shocked by bagpipe noises. The women think it's criminal that Dennis can entertain six women. Jerry returns from a Scottish holiday to hear his divorce is up in a couple of weeks. The menfolk perk up as the pipe girls go on the prowl. Minnie and Albert try to find a match for Jerry to bring some excitement into their lives. Annie, Hilda and Val catch their husbands being entertained by the girls.moreless
  • Wed 13 Sep, 1967
    Wed 13 Sep, 1967
    Episode 73
    Jack breaks Lucille down by telling her she means more to him than his own children. Harry's inquest brings forth a verdict of accidental death. Jack realises Concepta and Lucille are heading for a row. Elsie worries that Steve is missing Boston. Len offers to go back to Ireland to sort out the garage. Lucille and Concepta try to comfort each other. Lucille decides to return to Ireland with Concepta. Dennis rents the house out to a girls' pipe band.moreless
  • Mon 11 Sep, 1967
    Mon 11 Sep, 1967
    Episode 72
    The wedding guests move onto the Rovers. Dennis advises Lucille to go to Ireland for a year to make the Hewitts happy. Harry dies in hospital. The Tanners settle into their villa with maid service. Len breaks the news to Concepta, she has to identify the body. Len blames himself for having an old van. Concepta can't bring herself to tell Lucille. Dennis buys in a load of food. Minnie tells Lucille she's sorry before realising Lucille doesn't know anything about the death.moreless
  • Wed 6 Sep, 1967
    Wed 6 Sep, 1967
    Episode 71
    Rev. Hesketh marries Elsie and Steve, they exchange vows and rings. Elsie throws her bouquet to Ena. Concepta tells Lucille they want her to return to Ireland with them until she's of age. Lucille tells her she's not going. Hilda, Emily and Annie flirt with the Yanks. Harry admits to Lucille that there's nothing for her in Ireland. Dennis and Gregg read the telegrams from Mrs Tanner, Frank, Jerry, Irma, Albert, Jim Mount, Capt Bill Myers, Miami Modes, Christine, Billy, the Lindleys, Charlie and Jed. Emily and Annie get drunk. The Tanners leave for Lisbon. Len and Harry go to visit an old mate. On the way the van breaks down. Harry tries to repair it, the jack slips and he is crushed to death.moreless
  • Mon 4 Sep, 1967
    Mon 4 Sep, 1967
    Episode 70
    Elsie has pre-wedding nerves. The Cheveskis arrive for the wedding, as do the Hewittts. Concepta feels Lucille is too sure of herself. A coach takes the residents to Warrington. Len promises Elsie he is not hurt by her marrying Steve. Rev Bryan Hesketh looks forward to the wedding as it will be his first. The guests gather at the church: Annie, Jack, Lucille, Harry, Concepta, Minnie, Ena, Val, Ken, Hilda, Stan, David, Gary, Jim Cullie, Dave Pike, Al Carroll, Emily, Walter, Len. Ivan is the usher. Gregg is more nervous than Steve. Dennis leads Elsie down the aisle, followed by Dot and Linda.moreless
  • Wed 30 Aug, 1967
    Wed 30 Aug, 1967
    Episode 69
    Lucille hears that the Hewitts are coming over for a visit. Elsie says they can come to the wedding. Annie, Lucille, Minnie, Ena, Val, Elsie, Hilda, Irma and Emily go to Tatton Park. Dennis steers a barge full of Jack, Albert, Steve, Stan, David and Gregg through the canal. They are horrified when a crate of beer falls into the water. Their horse keeps refusing to move. Albert is seasick. The women try to escape from the lecherous coach driver. Minnie is courted by Herbert Whittle, an elderly guide. Gregg worries about his duties as Best Man. Both parties are shocked when the barge ends up in Tatton Park. Stan and Jack are forced to look round the house by Annie and Hilda. Val tells Steve not to mess Elsie about. If he doesn't intend to love Elsie forever he shouldn't marry her. Steve tells Elsie he's busy all weekend so won't see her until the wedding.moreless
  • Mon 28 Aug, 1967
    Mon 28 Aug, 1967
    Episode 68
    Steve, Len and Albert play pitch and toss. Dennis gets a job at the Where-you-whither car hire firm. Len and Steve lose their money to Albert in the Yard. They are caught out by Sgt. Bowden of the police. The copper joins in and Steve manages to win the outing money back. Emily and Annie plan the outing to Tatton Park. The men refuse and settle on a booze-up. Dennis suggests they use his firm's barge.moreless
  • Wed 23 Aug, 1967
    Wed 23 Aug, 1967
    Episode 67
    Albert wins £30 off Stan. Jack employs Dennis as skivvy in the Rovers. Stan admits to Len and Jack that the money was the outing fund. Albert refuses to give the money back. The Tanners decide to rent a flat in Altrincham. Annie finds Dennis hard work and is pleased when Hilda agrees to return after her break. Steve books the honeymoon to Lisbon. Len and Steve agree to try to win the money back from Albert.moreless
  • Mon 21 Aug, 1967
    Mon 21 Aug, 1967
    Episode 66
    Steve looks for a flat for after the wedding. Dennis gets a job selling ice creams. Jerry plans a holiday in Corsica. The tax inspector demands £100 in part payment. Jerry refuses to sign the cheque as it will mean the end of his holiday. Elsie is annoyed when Steve runs a poker school at No.11. Jerry is talked round by the female inspector. Emily worries where the Rovers outing is going to be. As the poker game hots up, Stan dips into the outing money.moreless
  • Wed 16 Aug, 1967
    Wed 16 Aug, 1967
    Episode 65
    Hilda was found on the Pier Head, suffering from a break down. She still has all the outing money on her and is sedated. The doctor tells Stan that subconsciously she is jealous of Elsie getting married and having some excitement and diagnoses paranoid psychosis. Dennis gets a job advertising Crickles Circus. Hilda doesn't remember anything about Liverpool. Stan makes an effort to make her feel loved. David forces Irma to say that Hilda had a mental breakdown, to force her out of herself. An inspector from the Inland Revenue calls at the Yard to chase up the unpaid tax.moreless
  • Mon 14 Aug, 1967
    Mon 14 Aug, 1967
    Episode 64
    Val discovers her washing has been stolen. Stan discovers Hilda has taken the money for the Rover's outing which he, as treasurer, was holding. David worries about Irma's health. Karen is sent to be an au pair in Putney Bridge. Len, Jerry and Emily have their first Ltd Comp meeting. Len is selected as Chairman, Emily as secretary. A Doctor McKenzie turns up with Hilda.moreless
  • Wed 9 Aug, 1967
    Wed 9 Aug, 1967
    Episode 63
    Stan goes to Liverpool to search for Hilda but returns alone. Karen gets a job in a Manchester cafe. Stan has to identify a body found in the canal, it isn't Hilda. Dennis cleans No.11, borrows Val's washing, and pays Lucille to stand in as his wife. They are inspected by an official who passes them before being introduced, by Len, to the real Steve Tanner.moreless
  • Mon 7 Aug, 1967
    Mon 7 Aug, 1967
    Episode 62
    Irma blames Hilda's disappearance on Stan's treatment. David calls in the police. Conway takes up the enquiry. Hilda disappeared in her slippers and red hat. Elsie thinks Karen is a gold digger. David relives Ida's disappearance. A porter saw Hilda catching a train to Liverpool. Dennis hears an official is coming to vet Dennis over Karen.moreless
  • Wed 2 Aug, 1967
    Wed 2 Aug, 1967
    Episode 61
    Stan is annoyed when Hilda stays over at her cousins. Dennis tries to fix the Barlows up with Karen but Val refuses. Annie considers putting tables outside the Rovers. Ken hatches a plan to stop Annie's French ideas. Irma is suspicious of Hilda's disappearance. The men order pints in wine glasses and make Annie realise she's been talking about Paris too much. Irma discovers Hilda is not at her cousins but is missing.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jul, 1967
    Mon 31 Jul, 1967
    Episode 60
    Annie returns from Paris. She brings Lucille back a French book and a beret for Jack. Elsie plans the wedding with Dot and Linda as matrons of honour. Karen leaves her job and tells Dennis she's going to live with him at No.11. Annie prepares French meals and plays French records. Karen moves into the front parlour. Dennis writes to the Swedish consult telling them he's employing Karen as his au pair. He signs the letter 'Steve Tanner'.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jul, 1967
    Wed 26 Jul, 1967
    Episode 59
    Annie prepares for her trip and has Jack and Lucille running round. Dennis returns from Sweden with Inga's sister Karen. Hilda feels depressed and vague. Annie is driven off in a chauffeur driven limo. Karen doesn't like au-pairing. Annie nearly goes off without her passport.
  • Mon 24 Jul, 1967
    Mon 24 Jul, 1967
    Episode 58
    Jack doesn't want to tell Annie about Paris for fear she'll be too posh. The vicar at St Mary's refuses to marry the Tanners because of Elsie's divorce. Annie finds out about Paris and is delighted. She then calls it off because of all the talk about strip shows, Lucille takes the invitation. But Annie changes her mind again. Steve books the wedding at St Stephen's, Warrington, for the 4th Sept.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jul, 1967
    Wed 19 Jul, 1967
    Episode 57
    Jack and Lucille hide the circulars from Annie. The Council refuse planning permission on the deal, losing all the money invested. Jerry refuses to accept Len's apology. He says he's leaving unless they become a limited company with equal shares. Len agrees. Lucille discovers Annie has won a weekend in Paris with a French film star for being the 100,000 person to apply to Cutie-Beauty Cosmetics.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jul, 1967
    Mon 17 Jul, 1967
    Episode 56
    Annie is sick of all the circulars. Alf tells Len to tell Jerry the truth about the money - that he invested it in a property deal. Hilda, knowing about Stan's lead deal, discovers £300 is missing. She tells Stan to throw himself on Len's pity. Len tells Jerry about the deal. Jerry demands the money back or he's leaving the partnership. Jack discovers Lucille is sending for the circulars to get back at Annie for opening her mail. Stan tells Len about the lead and begs him to believe he didn't get £300 but £5. A ladder salesman turns up at the Rovers to see Annie. Len suggests he and Alf don't declare their interests in the property deal and vote for it to secure their money. A motorbike salesman arrives to give Annie a test drive.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jul, 1967
    Wed 12 Jul, 1967
    Episode 55
    Emily shows the figures to Jerry. Annie is puzzled when she receives a load of circulars in the post. Stan hears the books are light and begins to worry. He tells Billy there'll be no more lead. Alf tells Len that Emily and Jerry have discovered their game.
  • Mon 10 Jul, 1967
    Mon 10 Jul, 1967
    Episode 54
    The residents are sad to hear the Lawsons have been split up. Lucille accuses Annie of opening her mail. The Street loses the competition to Inkerman Street. Stan sells lead from the Yard to Billy Jump. Emily realises Len is the only yard member who handles money.
  • Wed 5 Jul, 1967
    Wed 5 Jul, 1967
    Episode 53
    Annie erects a striped canopy over the Rovers' door. She discovers she knows the Senior Judge, Mrs Delamere. Betty splashes out when someone posts £1 through the door. The police, Health department and Children's department descend on the Street during the competition. The Lawson's are taken away as the judges inspect the Street. Len tells Jack he was responsible for the Lawson's removal. Emily discovers Len's books are £300 out.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jul, 1967
    Mon 3 Jul, 1967
    Episode 52
    Elsie tells Major Ryan she loves Steve. Len sorts out a bench for the space in the Street. Betty is stunned when the residents buy the family food. Major Ryan approves the Tanner wedding. Ena gives Elsie her approval. Betty refuses to go to the authorities, fearing she'll lose the kids. Val urges the residents to take the Lawsons in but no one wants them. Ken asks Len to report the Lawsons.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jun, 1967
    Wed 28 Jun, 1967
    Episode 51
    Ena is annoyed when graffiti appears in the street. In No.3, the Lawsons - Betty, Ronnie & Clifford - hide from everyone. Elsie goes public on her engagement. Ena and Jerry discover the Lawsons. Elsie is relieved when Len offers his congratulations. Betty tells Ena they can't afford to rent anywhere and her husband left her after they were evicted for not paying the rent. Len fears that the Lawsons would be split up if they were reported to the Council. He tells them they can stay at No.3 until he sorts something out. Steve takes Elsie to see his CO - Major Ryan. She worries as they need his permission to marry.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jun, 1967
    Mon 26 Jun, 1967
    Episode 50
    Hilda panics as Annie considers having all the brickwork scrubbed by hand. Ena calls a meeting. Elsie tells Steve she still wants to go out with him. Emily takes on the Yard's books. The residents meet to decide on a colour scheme for the street. Annie fancies white and yellow but Ena wants light oak. They ignore Albert's request for bottle green and Ena wins the vote. Gregg tells Steve he fears he put Elsie off. Stan makes window boxes for the competition. Emily starts a books system at the Yard. Ena gets £25 out of Wormold to help the Street. Steve makes Elsie see she'll be fine in America and the engagement is on again. Ena and Jerry enter No.3 in order to clean in out but somebody else is already in it.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jun, 1967
    Wed 21 Jun, 1967
    Episode 49
    Annie is keen to enter the Street in the competition when she hears of the £100 prize money. Elsie isn't sure she did the right thing accepting Steve. Steve buys Elsie a diamond engagement ring. Len and Jerry find it hard to sort out their taxes at the yard. Annie is too late to enter the Street in the competition, but Ena declares she has already entered them. Steve gives Elsie the ring but she refuses it.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jun, 1967
    Mon 19 Jun, 1967
    Episode 48
    Dennis hopes he's going to get the sack. Emily is amazed as he resigns to save her the bother. The residents aren't interested in the Street competition. Dennis tells Elsie he'd love a new daddy. She realises he has grown up at last. Gregg writes to Dot to tell her he can't see her anymore because of Walter. Dennis tells Elsie he's going to Sweden with Inga. He has a barman's job on a ferry between Immingham and Gottenburg so he can see Inga once a week. Elsie thinks it's very romantic. Ena battles with Nellie Underwood of Viaduct St over the competition. Dennis and Inga leave for Sweden. Gregg warns Elsie that Steve's family are very posh. He tells her she won't fit.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jun, 1967
    Wed 14 Jun, 1967
    Episode 47
    Inga can't stop kissing Dennis. Weatherfield Council announces a Best Kept Street Competition, with a plaque as the prize. Emily and Lucille are amazed when Dennis admits he loves Inga. Gregg is surprised to hear of the Tanner engagement. Inga tells Dennis she has been summoned home to look after her sister and baby. Gregg tells Steve he'd be better off marrying an American. Dennis entertains Inga at Gamma late at night. They are caught by Emily and Mr Papagopolous.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jun, 1967
    Mon 12 Jun, 1967
    Episode 46
    Elsie takes it in her stride that Dennis has a Swedish girlfriend. Albert and Minnie row over where to go on the picnic. Dennis is annoyed when Steve and Inga hit it off. The picnickers end up in Lyme Park. Dennis' romantic intentions are spoilt by family and neighbours. Elsie and Steve go to the Roebuck Inn where they first met in 1945. He tells her to start believing he loves her. He proposes and she accepts.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jun, 1967
    Wed 7 Jun, 1967
    Episode 45
    Elsie wants Walter to tell Steve the truth but Dot begs her not to get him involved because of Walter. Gregg hits Len to the ground. Elsie tells the men about Walter and Steve apologises to Len. Stan tells the Tanners how he found the case. Hilda overhears his account of the cup tickets and is not amused. Elsie realises that Dennis has a girlfriend. Hilda gives Stan seven days to paint the house as a penance. Ken invites Albert to join the trip on Saturday. Swede Inga Olsen turns up at Gamma and tells Lucille that Dennis is teaching her English.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jun, 1967
    Mon 5 Jun, 1967
    Episode 44
    Dennis tells Elsie Jerry gave him the case, she thinks he's covering up for Len. Minnie agrees to a car trip out with the Barlows. Elsie tells Steve it was Len who jumped him. Walter gets drunk in the Rovers. Jerry and Stan try to stop Steve and Gregg finding Len. Walter tells Dot and Elsie that he hit Dot's boyfriend on Saturday. Elsie realises he got the wrong Yank. Gregg and Steve corner Len in the Yard.moreless
  • Wed 31 May, 1967
    Wed 31 May, 1967
    Episode 43
    Elsie tries to get Dot. Irma discovers the cigarette case with ST on it and removes it. Albert ignores Ken. Stan tells Irma he found the case outside the Betting Shop. Irma gives Jerry the case. He gives it to Dennis and tells him to 'find' it at No.11. Albert tells Ken he wasn't bothered about him not going, but for Minnie. Ken decides to take Minnie out instead of Albert, calling his bluff. Dennis' attempt to 'find' the case is skuttled by Elsie, she demands to know where he got it from.moreless
  • Mon 29 May, 1967
    Mon 29 May, 1967
    Episode 42
    Dot returns to Walter. The Barlows plan a picnic to Morecambe. Elsie asks Len to stand with Steve against Dave. Albert is put out when the Barlows take Ena on their outing. Irma blackmails Stan into painting the shop for her. Walter throws Dot out again. Dave wants Steve off his back. Steve refuses to avoid him. The Walkers panic as Dave, Steve and Len gather in the Rovers. Dave gets Len to verify that he was in a gaming club when Steve was assaulted. Stan stores a cigarette case at No.13.moreless
  • Wed 24 May, 1967
    Wed 24 May, 1967
    Episode 41
    Walter Greenhalgh rows with Dot when she stays out late. Steve staggers back to Elsie's, she makes him and Dot stay the night. Stan returns from 'London'. Len returns home drunk after a night out. The inquest on Sonia brings a verdict of accidental death. Elsie thinks Dave was Steve's assailant. Dave tells Steve it wasn't him but it could have been one of Elsie's other men friends. Steve realises his cigarette case is gone.moreless
  • Mon 22 May, 1967
    Mon 22 May, 1967
    Episode 40
    Hilda wakes Stan at 5am to get him to go to the Cup Final. Irma and Val swap places. Irma lets the twins run riot, calling it self expression. Val finds she can't find anything in the shop. Both Val and Irma think the other brother is nicer than their husband. Dave invites Steve and Elsie out, Steve accepts. Stan spends the day on a park bench. Ken ends up looking after the twins, Irma doesn't cook him a meal and relies on Jackson's Chippie. Elsie warns Steve that Dave will make him feel like an embarrassed hanger on. Steve tells Dave the date is off, Dave is not amused. Val and Irma are annoyed that the other got a soft time from the men. Outside Dave's betting shop, Steve is assualted and knocked to the ground.moreless
  • Wed 17 May, 1967
    Wed 17 May, 1967
    Episode 39
    The residents send Ena presents. Hilda searches for her ticket. Irma feels David compares her to Val being a good housewife. Ena walks out of the hospital. Dave asks Elsie for a date, she refuses. He tells her Len is jealous. Ena arrives home having grown tired of hospital. Steve asks Elsie where he stands with her. He tells her he loves her. Stan confesses to Irma. She promises to keep quiet for £5. She gives the money to Hilda. Irma can't see that looking after the twins is hard work. Val challenges her to swap places for a day, she accepts.moreless
  • Mon 15 May, 1967
    Mon 15 May, 1967
    Episode 38
    Sonia's body is carried away. The bricks start to fall again and the rescuers try desperately to get Ena out. Jack and Elsie try to comfort Minnie. Jack is given permission to open the Rovers. Stan discovers Hilda has a ticket. David drags Ena out of the rubble, she is taken unconcious to hospital. Hilda plans to go clubbing in London with Stan. Steve sleeps in Dennis' room. Elsie tells him she's not sure about their relationship. Elsie pretends to be Ena's daughter to discover she has bruises, shock and a broken arm but is otherwise fine. Mickey offers Stan the ticket back for £20. Hospitalised Ena tells Elsie she approves of Steve. Stan burns Hilda's ticket.moreless
  • Wed 10 May, 1967
    Wed 10 May, 1967
    Episode 37
    The menfolk set about moving rubble aided by the police. The guard is carried from the train with fractures and cuts. The police hear there was a car under the viaduct. Jack, Ena, Elsie and Lucille are missing. Jerry crawls through the rubble and pulls PC Conway out. He says his girlfriend Sonia is under the rubble with someone else. The police bring in a power digger. Annie feels sure Jack is under the rubble. Jerry threatens a reporter when he harasses Minnie over Ena's disappearance. Elli Peters, Sonia's grandmother, turns up and is taken in hand by Minnie. Five people are carried out of the wreckage in Victoria Street. Jack and Lucille turn up to Annie's relief. David crawls under the rubble and finds Sonia. He can't tell if she's alive or not. Elsie turns up. Sonia is declared dead, Conway tries to comfort Elli. Lucille breaks down as Sonia was a school friend. David finds Ena under the rubble.moreless
  • Mon 8 May, 1967
    Mon 8 May, 1967
    Episode 36
    Elsie and Steve reminisce about the past. Stan discovers his ticket is worth £10. Elsie takes Steve to the Rovers. She keeps telling him she's a grandmother and tells him she can't see him again. David gets another ticket. He gives it to Hilda. Stan sells his ticket to Mickey Ridehalgh for £10. He plans to have a day out on the money. The residents are horrified when a train crashes through the viaduct.moreless
  • Wed 3 May, 1967
    Wed 3 May, 1967
    Episode 35
    Lucille's 18th birthday. Jack buys her an original from Gamma. The Hewitts send her a hairdryer. Irma can't compete with the other girls. Elsie tells Dot she's got a date with Steve, she worries about his reaction to her twenty years on. David gets a ticket for the Cup Final, he gives it to Jerry. Stan thinks he should have it as he's David's father-in-law. Len wants it as well. Ken suggests they play darts for it. Stan wins. Elsie meets Steve after twenty-two years.moreless
  • Mon 1 May, 1967
    Mon 1 May, 1967
    Episode 34
    The police look for Eastham. Irma wants to join the Hotspurs. Jerry starts a whip round for Minnie. Irma decides against footballing as she doesn't want red knees. When she finds Beryl flirting with David she changes her mind. Minnie is touched by the resident's £5 whip-round. Irma strains a ligament on the field. Dot and Gregg conspire and get Steve to phone Elsie up.moreless
  • Wed 26 Apr, 1967
    Wed 26 Apr, 1967
    Episode 33
    Eastham gets Minnie out of the way to look for the money. Jerry looks at Minnie's chimney. Jerry realises Minnie's been had and calls Ena in. Elsie is too scared to meet Steve. Minnie discovers her £52 has gone. She breaks down. Ena tells her God will avenge her.
  • Mon 24 Apr, 1967
    Mon 24 Apr, 1967
    Episode 32
    Irma worries about David working with a load of women. Eastham arrives to mend the chimney. He looks for the money whilst Minnie is out. He watches her when she pays him. Dot gets hysterical when she discovers GI Gregg Flint, a wartime flame, in Weatherfield. Irma is interested to meet Beryl Thom, captain of the Hotspurs. Annie is thrilled as the Yanks return to the Rovers. Elsie is embarrassed by the attentions of Gary Strauss, a young GI. Eastham tells Wade he's only taking the £20 from Minnie. Wade tells him they need the rest of the money. The football team admire David. Gary and Gregg arrange to take Dot and Elsie out. Elsie feels she's kidnapping. Gregg assures her it'll be alright. He tells her Steve Tanner, a boyfriend in the war, is posted at Burtonwood. She can't believe it.moreless
  • Wed 19 Apr, 1967
    Wed 19 Apr, 1967
    Episode 31
    David decides to start a new venture. Minnie hides the money in books. Eastham tells Minnie her chimney is falling down. He offers to repair it for £20. David tells Irma he going to manage a local football club. Dot tells Elsie the Yanks have returned to Burtonwood. Minnie tells Jerry about her chimney but he has too much work on. Wade poses as an inspector and threatens to report her if she doesn't have the chimney repaired. David joins the Weatherfield Hotspurs, an all-ladies team.moreless
  • Mon 17 Apr, 1967
    Mon 17 Apr, 1967
    Episode 30
    Irma hates the idea of David standing for the Council and tries to embarrass him in the Rovers. Dennis wins at cards but Bert refuses to pay up. Dennis stands up to Bert and wins his admiration. Bert agrees to be the Gamma debt collector in exchange for Dennis wiping Mrs Frisk's slate clean. The Barlows throw a birthday party for the twins. Irma walks out when David talks about the elections. She refuses to become old and boring. Annie tries to help David in the elections but he decides not to stand. Minnie worries about keeping her money in the house. Two men, Harry Eastham and Johnny Wade, see her with the money.moreless
  • Wed 12 Apr, 1967
    Wed 12 Apr, 1967
    Episode 29
    Minnie's insurance policy matures and she receives £72. Ken is asked to stand for the Council. They ask him to explain things to David. Dennis thinks of resigning but Elsie refuses to let him. David takes the news of the election badly. Dennis repossesses Bertha Frisk's goods for Gamma, he takes her lodger's donkey jacket. Ken turns down the council invitation in favour of David. David agrees to stand. Bert Tate, the lodger, plays Dennis at cards to see if he's to pay for his goods.moreless
  • Mon 10 Apr, 1967
    Mon 10 Apr, 1967
    Episode 28
    Dennis celebrates his official birthday. Len refuses to apologise to Elsie. Jerry and Albert arrange a meeting for them and they make up. David is keen to stand for the Council. Dennis hates debt collecting and refuses to do anymore until Emily treatens him with the sack. David's electors realise they've asked the wrong Barlow.moreless
  • Wed 5 Apr, 1967
    Wed 5 Apr, 1967
    Episode 27
    Mr. Papagopolous worries about the number of credit sales at Gamma. Dennis persuades Elsie to give him a present for his 'official' birthday. Len tells Elsie he knows she went on holiday with Dave. David advises Emily to employ a debt collector. She tells Dennis it's his job. David is approached by the rate payers association to stand in the elections against Len. Len is horrified when Dennis confirms Elsie was with Linda, sorting out marital problems.moreless
  • Mon 3 Apr, 1967
    Mon 3 Apr, 1967
    Episode 26
    Elsie and Ena see the funny side of Jack's appearance but Annie sees it as conformation of the affair. Albert tells Annie the truth but she refuses to believe him. The tech management committee don't like the idea of ex-con Ken teaching the teenagers. Annie threatens Jack with a solicitor. Val asks Len to talk to the tech committee about Ken. Ena brings the Walkers together and Annie breaks down when Jack tells her he loves her. Ken keeps his job. Elsie is hurt when Len shies from her.moreless
  • Wed 29 Mar, 1967
    Wed 29 Mar, 1967
    Episode 25
    Albert's cooking gives Jack stomach ache. Jerry tells Len that Elsie was on holiday with Dave. Ken returns from prison. Annie breaks down and tells Minnie Jack has left her. Minnie advises Annie to fetch him back. The tech's principle sends for Ken. Annie asks Elsie for her husband back. The residents watch as Elsie goes for Annie in the Street with Hilda and Ena joining in. They are shocked when Jack appears from No.11.moreless
  • Mon 27 Mar, 1967
    Mon 27 Mar, 1967
    Episode 24
    Hilda nearly causes a flood in the Rover's ladies when she pulls the tap off. Annie keeps up the pretence that Jack is living in the Rovers. She thinks Jack is staying with Elsie. Elsie and Irma take Val out for the night. Annie sees Alf going into No.11 and thinks it's Jack.moreless
  • Wed 22 Mar, 1967
    Wed 22 Mar, 1967
    Episode 23
    Annie discovers Jack's bed hasn't been slept in. Elsie returns and is guarded about her holiday. Jack turns up for work telling Annie he had a good night's sleep in bed. Annie thinks he's been staying with a woman. He doesn't tell her he's staying with Albert.
  • Mon 20 Mar, 1967
    Mon 20 Mar, 1967
    Episode 22
    Annie is annoyed as Jack spends his third night in the spare room. Val realises she can't pay the fine because of Ken's reaction. Emily, Irma, David, Dennis, Lucille, Jerry and Stan go swimming. Dennis discovers Elsie is not in Birmingham when he phones Ivan. PC Conway arrests Ken and takes him to Strangeways, Val tells him she'll never understand him. Jack grows tired of Annie's nagging and leaves home.moreless
  • Episode 6892
    Episode 21
    Mel's furious to find Teresa has moved back in. But Jerry's pleased to have her back. Gail's excited as she gets ready for a lunch date with Joe. David's oblivious. Eileen gets a call from Todd saying he saw Marcus getting very cosy with another bloke in a club in London. Eileen tells Sean.moreless
  • Wed 15 Mar, 1967
    Wed 15 Mar, 1967
    Episode 21
    The Walkers make up over the truth game. Val has sleepless nights over Ken's prison sentence. He refuses to pay the fine. Jerry gives Emily swimming lessons to help her over her fear of water. David and Val grow upset over Ken's lack of concern. David sends for Frank but Ken refuses to listen to him. David and Val decide to pay the fine for Ken behind his back. Annie refuses to let the truth game drop so Jack sleeps in the spare room.moreless
  • Episode 6891
    Episode 20
    Mel arrives back from her holiday in Greece. Molly and Aunty Pam go window shopping for a wedding dress. Molly tries on a gorgeous one but is down-hearted knowing she can't afford it. Amber tells Dev she'd like to continue living on her own in the flat above the shop but Dev won't hear of it. Amber slyly points out that three is a crowd.moreless
  • Mon 13 Mar, 1967
    Mon 13 Mar, 1967
    Episode 20
    David and Val row with Ken over his principles and his pompousness after the police end the demo. Ken discloses he was charged. The customers are shocked when the Barlows refuse to sell perishables on a Sunday due to the new law. Annie continues to be upset over Jack's answers to the truth game. In court, Ken pleads not guilty. He says he felt the request for the students to move on was unreasonable. The magistrate fines Ken £5. Irma tells David she wants a baby in two years. Ken tells Val he's not paying the fine and is going to prison for seven days.moreless
  • Episode 7152
    Episode 19
    Janice puts her first aid skills into practice and puts Joshua in the recovery position. Claire's shocked whilst Ashley quickly phones an ambulance. Rita breaks the terrible news to Emily that Ramsay is dead. Emily's visibly shaken. Umed sets up a curry stall at the fete. Teresa insists she makes a better curry and they agree to a 'curry challenge'. Kevin and Molly finish their race. Sophie congratulates her dad and leaves them saying she wants to join her mates at the fete. Kevin and Molly look at each other longingly. At the hospital, the doctor tells Ashley and Claire that Joshua is going to be fine. Emily makes a phone call and discovers Ramsay died of a brain tumour. She realises Ramsay knew he was dying and wanted to make up with Norris before his death. Norris pretends he doesn't care. Emily loses her temper with him and calls him a selfish little man. Sian and Ben con Umed and Teresa out of free curry. Teresa can't help being impressed at their cheek. Emily tells Rita how much Ramsay meant to her. Ashley thanks Janice for helping save Joshua's life. Janice is glad she could help. Kevin and Molly have sex in a hotel room and admit it's what they both want. Graeme wins the raffle and returns the Ricky Hatton signed boxing gloves to Ashley. Ashley's very grateful. Emily sits alone and cries over her loss of Ramsay. Norris visits his mother's grave and places some flowers next to those left by his dead brother. It's clear that deep down he's very upset.moreless
  • Wed 8 Mar, 1967
    Wed 8 Mar, 1967
    Episode 19
    Lucille shocks Jack by announcing she's joining the student demo. Annie shocks him by giving her approval until she discovers Lucille is only going for the aggro. Alf discovers the students haven't got police permission. Lucille gets Annie interested in the Gazette's truth game, to find out if you married the right person. She is caught in the middle as Jack and Annie vent their anger towards each other during the game.moreless
  • Episode 7151
    Episode 18
    It's the day of the DVT Charity Fete. Claire rushes round organising all the stalls. Graeme runs a barbecue stall. Sean runs the Rovers drinks stall. Janice and Kelly run an underwear stall. Blanche sets herself up as a fortune teller with Simon as her assistant. Kelly and Graeme are her customers. Emily and Rita run the cakes and jams stall. Norris refuses to take part and sits alone at home. However he's disturbed by a knock on the door. The police call round to tell him Ramsay died on the flight to Australia. Norris sits alone in shock. Kevin and Molly take part in the charity race. Sophie cheers them on. Tyrone gets called out on a break-down and promises to arrive in time to see Molly cross the finish line. Emily admits to Rita how much Ramsay meant to her. Rita goes to see Norris intent on giving him a piece of her mind. She's shocked when Norris tells her the news. Joshua and Simon dress as Batman and Robin. Joshua swallows a bee and suffers anaphylactic shock. He collapses in front of Janice.moreless
  • Episode 6889
    Episode 18
    Fiz admits to Maria how she kissed John. Maria thinks she's mad. Tyrone and Molly nervously go to visit Tyron's mum Jackie as it's her birthday. They're impressed by the nice house she's living in in Chorlton. Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie bicker as they get ready to leave for their holiday.moreless
  • Mon 6 Mar, 1967
    Mon 6 Mar, 1967
    Episode 18
    Ron threatens to tell Emily that Dennis fixed her up with Brian unless Dennis puts a stop to the affair. Emily makes a date with Brian. Brian plans to ask her to share the future with him. Ken grows determined that the meeting should take place. Brian is annoyed when Emily introduces a chaperone - Audrey Hargreaves - as he prepares to propose. Emily leaves Audrey and Brian to it as they hit it off. Ken tells Alf the demo is going ahead - and he'll be joining it.moreless
  • Episode 6888
    Episode 17
    Fiz is on the warpath for John. Tyrone has forgotten his Mum's birthday. He calls her in Spain. John explains to Fiz what really happened saying Kayleigh witnessed it. David heads off to the festival with Amber. Gail plans another secret date.
  • Wed 1 Mar, 1967
    Wed 1 Mar, 1967
    Episode 17
    Dennis worries that Brian is going to make a fool of Emily. The council refuses to let some students hire out the Town Hall for an anti-Vietnam meeting. Ron grows annoyed at Brian's lack of interest in their birding. Emily grows alarmed at Brian's infatuation. Ken discovers Len and Alf Roberts voted against the student meeting.moreless
  • Episode 7149
    Episode 16
    Eileen and Gail row on the street as Jason is driven off in a police car. Tina's furious and tells Gail and Joe how David came round to the flat and threatened her. Ashley tells Claire how Roy has donated the weekend in Paris which he won as a prize for the charity fete. Claire's thrilled. Jesse's deeply concerned that John the parrot has taken an instant dislike to Eileen. He tells Eileen that John is usually a very good judge of character. Joe tells Gail he's got a part-time job in a hardware job. Audrey's unimpressed but Gail's pleased he's making an effort. Claire lures Ashley home on a promise. Ashley takes Graeme home to avoid having to tell her about his cancelled vasectomy. Ramsay accompanies Emily to Ernest's grave. Ramsay talks about his childhood and it's clear Emily's very smitten with him. Jason's released as there's no evidence against him. Tina apologises for disbelieving him and they make up. Ramsay and Emily invite Norris to join them for a game of Scrabble. Norris agrees thinking that Ramsay will be leaving for Australia soon. Gary's released from prison and makes it clear to David that he organised for him to be beaten up.moreless
  • Episode 6887
    Episode 16
    Chesney is concerned about Fiz and John Stape. Nina and Prem offer help and advice with Dev's new flat. Nina wants to help with the interior - she suggests she take a look at it. They arrange to meet on Monday. Tony enlists Rosie's help in his strategy regarding Kevin.
  • Mon 27 Feb, 1967
    Mon 27 Feb, 1967
    Episode 16
    Val and Irma are surprised when Brian comes to call for Emily. Emily enjoys his innocence. Val decides Albert will have to go. Ena withdraws the petition. Albert leaves No.9 of his own accord after giving Val flowers. Elsie tells Dennis she's going to stay with Linda but really goes away with Dave. Brian admits he's fallen in love with Emily.moreless
  • Episode 7148
    Episode 15
    Gail takes photos of David's injuries for the police. David reckons it was Joe who beat him up. Gail's upset and doesn't know what to think. Rita tells Ramsay how Emily is going to miss him and urges him to stay in Weatherfield. Joe arrives home having spent the night in his van. He's shocked at the state of David and swears to Gail he had nothing to do with it. Gail believes him. Tina's horrified at David's injuries and asks him what time he was attacked. David realises that Tina thinks Jason was responsible. David's furious. Tina confronts Jason but Jason swears he never even saw David last night. Tina doesn't believe him. Ramsay announces to Emily and Rita he's decided to stay in Weatherfield and is going to put an offer in on a flat in Victoria Court. Emily's delighted. Gail and Joe have a heart to heart. They admit they still love each other and agree to give their relationship another go. Jesse tells Eileen his mother has thrown him out and he'd like to take her up on her offer. Eileen's pleased and Jesse and his parrot John move into No.11. The police turn up at No.11 and arrest Jason on suspicion of assault.moreless
  • Wed 22 Feb, 1967
    Wed 22 Feb, 1967
    Episode 15
    Val can't cope with Albert and the twins all day. Lucille plans to match-make between Emily and Brian Thomas. Brian tells Lucille he's still in love with Val. Dave bars Eric and Phil but they refuse to leave. His heavies persuade them not to hang around anymore.
  • Episode 6885
    Episode 14
    Roy tells Becky Hayley has advised him to let her live her own life without interfering. A furious Kevin storms over to the factory. He gives a statement to the police. Molly and Pam continue to look for Molly's engagement ring. Kevin's insurance company won't pay out. He tells Tyrone he has to cut his hours.moreless
  • Mon 20 Feb, 1967
    Mon 20 Feb, 1967
    Episode 14
    Stan gets bored of being the Yard secretary. Emily is still not sure about her appearance. Stan does his back in again when he shifts some scaffolding. Len tells the residents he can't lead the fight against Dave because in court it will look like a personal vendetta over Elsie. Elsie tells Dennis that Emily's image would change if she was trying to attract a man. Len realises he has to back his voters. Elsie tells him she doesn't care about her reputation. Lucille thinks she's got the ideal man for Emily. Elsie asks Dave not to make a fool of Len in court. He agrees. Hilda massages Stan until he is better. Dave swears to keep the thugs out of the shop if Len will get Ena to drop the petition.moreless
  • Episode 7146
    Episode 13
    Joe makes a surprise breakfast for Gail but she's unimpressed and tells him she's not sure she wants to be with him anymore. Joe's crestfallen. Steve and Becky distribute the photos of Slug amongst the taxi drivers. Tina, Jason and Joe set to doing up the flat. None of them notice when Tina's charm bracelet slips between the floorboards. David goes for a nosy in Tina's new flat on the pretext of helping Joe carry the floor- sander. Pam's annoyed to discover Jesse hasn't paid Bill a bean for storing all his clobber at the yard. Tyrone asks Molly why she hasn't been doing any running recently. Molly's evasive. Tina discovers her bracelet missing and assumes David nicked it when he was in the flat. She storms round to No.8 and confronts him. David protests his innocence but nobody believes him including Gail. Deirdre moans to Liz that she's been made redundant from the council. Lloyd begs Liz to reconsider and tells her he loves her but Liz is adamant it's over between them. Steve gets a call from Eddie to say he's spotted Slug going into a pub. Steve and Becky set off in haste. David forces his way into No.12 and corners Tina. Tina's unnerved to see him so angry.moreless
  • Episode 6884
    Episode 13
    The Webster's electric bill is huge as they prepare to go on holiday. Tyrone can't work out why Molly is acting strange. She still hasn't found the ring. Marcus heads off to London to do a course in botox administering. As Michelle prepares for Belgium, Liz tells Steve she's taking advantage.moreless
  • Wed 15 Feb, 1967
    Wed 15 Feb, 1967
    Episode 13
    Emily entrusts herself into Elsie's hands to create her new image. Ena discovers that Dave has to apply to have his licence renewed in April. She starts a petition to get the shop closed down. Stan shows Len a doctor's note saying he can't do any heavy work. Emily has beauty treatment but feels tartified and not at all herself. Albert takes Ena's advice and contacts the police. Dave is angry to discover Len has signed the petition as 'Councillor'. Elsie accuses Len of being jealous of her and Dave.moreless
  • Episode 7145
    Episode 12
    Kevin and Sally go house-hunting in Cheshire but find everything too expensive. They return disappointed. Steve tells Becky how he tried but failed to bribe Hooch. Joe heads off for the job centre but it's a wasted trip. Jason bumps into Joe and asks him to help him clear out No.12. Joe's only too happy to help. Norris insists on searching the internet for flights for Ramsay. Rita and Emily do their best to persuade Ramsay to change his mind and stay in Weatherfield. Steve and Becky find out from Betty that Slug was in the pub on the morning of their wedding. They realise Slug must have planted the drugs. Claire and Ashley try to drum up interest in the charity fete. Tina proudly shows off the charm bracelet Jason's bought her. David takes the mickey. Steve and Becky go to see a solicitor and tell him about DC Hooch and Slug but the solicitor points out that without any concrete evidence they haven't a hope. Jim and Andy say goodbye and leave in a taxi. Liz is sad to see them go. David tells Joe that Gail was better off before she ever met him. Joe quietly wonders if David might be right. Becky finds a photo of Slug. Steve promises to get copies made and distribute them round all the taxi drivers in Weatherfield in the hope they can track him down.moreless
  • Mon 13 Feb, 1967
    Mon 13 Feb, 1967
    Episode 12
    Dave gives Albert, via Elsie, £25 compensation. Dennis is stunned when Emily accuses him of not being hip. Albert refuses the money. He thinks Dave is bribing him to keep quiet. Elsie advises Dave to find the thugs and settle things publicly. Elsie tries to make Emily realise she's too stuck-in-the-mud and is not encouraging the young mods to shop at Gamma. Stan is discharged from hospital as there is nothing wrong with him. Ena is infuriated to discover Dave offered Albert money.moreless
  • Episode 7144
    Episode 11
    Steve tries to defend Becky but in Liz's eyes Becky's guilty. Molly and Tyrone arrive back from their holiday. Kevin grabs Molly on her own and tells her it would be best if she pulled out of the fun run to avoid having to spend time together. Molly's hurt and suggests he pulls out instead. Blanche and Norris gossip about Becky and her 'drug dealing'. Hayley's quick to defend Becky, convinced she's innocent. Kevin suggests to Sally they should consider moving to Alderley Edge. Sally's thrilled whilst Kevin secretly just wants to get away from Molly. Jim and Andy persuade Liz to re-open the pub. Ramsay announces he's moving back to Australia. Emily's disappointed whilst Norris is pleased. Ashley offers to help Claire organise the fete. Secretly he's hoping to get in her good books before he breaks the news that he never went through with the vasectomy. Steve confronts DC Hooch and offers him ?1k to leave Becky alone. Hooch takes the money but laughs in Steve's face. Steve realises he's been had.moreless
  • Episode 6882
    Episode 11
    Steve is beside himself about Michelle and JD. Tina continues to ignore David. Sean is intent on getting botox even though Marcus thinks it is superficial. Steve finds JD still at the Rovers and throws him out. Michelle is less than impressed. Jerry's not feeling well.
  • Wed 8 Feb, 1967
    Wed 8 Feb, 1967
    Episode 11
    Dave takes a shocked Albert home. Val insists he stays at No.9. Dennis and Lucille get depressed due to the lack of customers. Ernie refuses to get involved with the incident and identify the thugs. Albert plays up to Val. Ena thinks the betting shop should be closed. Dennis and Lucille find Emily too dated in her approach. Dennis decides he'll make her a new woman.moreless
  • Episode 7143
    Episode 10
    Sophie encourages Kevin to take up running again. Under pressure Kevin agrees. Norris is cross with Ramsay for mixing up the paper deliveries. He's quick to point out that one of their customers has cancelled her order as a result. Ramsay makes things worse by breaking Norris's favourite mug. Norris is furious. Liz explains to Lloyd how she's had a bit of a mid-life crisis, she feels she's too old for him and that's why she wants to end their relationship. Lloyd's disappointed. Becky's released on bail. Steve collects her from the police station. He apologises for ever disbelieving her over the drugs and they make up. Sophie tells Kevin she's had a look at the Red Cross website and suggests he could raise funds for them with his run. Ramsay presents Norris with a new mug but Norris is unimpressed. He tells Rita he's going to sack Ramsay as he's not up to the job. Claire decides to raise money for the DVT support group which she attends. Rita suggests she organises a fete. Claire thinks it's a brilliant idea. Tina gives Joe a piece of her mind and tells him to pull himself together. Joe's shocked. Liz tells Becky everyone thinks she's a drugs dealer and she's not welcome in the pub. Becky storms off feeling deeply hurt.moreless
  • Episode 6881
    Episode 10
    Ken shaves off his beard. Steve's relieved when he thinks Michelle's night out will only be to a gay bar. Gail notices that Jerry has made his way through his prescription too quickly. Gail and David turn up at the bowling alley. Tina isn't impressed when she sees them there. She stays a while then leaves saying she can forgive but not forget.moreless
  • Mon 6 Feb, 1967
    Mon 6 Feb, 1967
    Episode 10
    Stan goes into hospital for observation, and loves every minute. Albert puts a bet on for Minnie at the betting shop and is harrassed by the thugs. Len and Miss Weatherfield both open Gamma. Dave takes Elsie to a concert. Eric hits Phil when he refuses to share his winnings. Albert tries to stop them and is knocked to the floor by Eric.moreless
  • Episode 6880
    Episode 9
    Jason tells Steve he's noticed friction between them. Joe invites Gail for a meal following a successful lunch together. Steve is alarmed that Becky fancies a night out with the girls - including Michelle. Pam persuades Tyrone to give her some money to buy bankrupt stock saying he'll make a fortune on it that he can spend on the wedding.moreless
  • Wed 1 Feb, 1967
    Wed 1 Feb, 1967
    Episode 9
    Dennis arranges for Miss Weatherfield to open the New Gamma. Emily asks Len to perform the ceremony. Len offers Stan Dennis' old job. He takes it for £14 a week. The residents gossip as Elsie's friendship with Dave deepens. Len agrees to open Gamma leaving Dennis to find the 10 guineas to pay off Miss Weatherfields. Two thugs, Phil Ferguson and Eric Briggs, cut up rough at the Betting Shop, annoying Ernie. Stan's back goes on his first day at the Yard.moreless
  • Episode 7141
    Episode 8
    Lloyd, the best man, helps Steve prepare for his wedding. Slug meets up with DC Hooch and tells him he's changed his mind and he's willing to help him nail Becky. DC Hooch gives him drugs and cash to plant on Becky. Hayley and Natasha help Becky with her wedding dress, hair and make-up. Liz and Andy turn up at the Rovers and surprise Steve. Liz makes it clear that she and Lloyd are no longer an item. Lloyd's furious at the way she's treated him. Slug sneaks into the pub and plants the drugs and cash in Becky's handbag. Eddie puts the finishing touches to Steve and Becky's wedding cake and he and Anna deliver it to the Rovers for the reception. Becky suffers from last minute nerves but Roy manages to calm her down. Jim arrives at the wedding. Liz and Andy are shocked to see him whilst Steve's delighted. Becky explains she arranged it as a surprise. Steve and Becky exchange vows and are married. Michelle collects her stuff from No.7. She apologises to Maria for overreacting and wishes she and Tony well. Steve and Becky's wedding reception is in full-swing when the police arrive explaining that it's a drugs raid and they have a warrant to search the pub.moreless
  • Episode 6879
    Episode 8
    Deirdre is concerned about Ken. David pulls a sicky. Gail shows him she understands. Blanche winds Deirdre up about the character Ken has depicted. Pam and Molly look at wedding dress catalogues
  • Mon 30 Jan, 1967
    Mon 30 Jan, 1967
    Episode 8
    Len refuses to believe Dave saved Paul. Percy tells Elsie his old landlady is holding his clothes as he owes her rent. Elsie gives him money for his rent, watched by Len and Jerry. Ena and Albert clean up Len's house. Emily asks Dennis to work on Lucille. Elsie accuses Dave of lying. She is sure Percy saved Paul. Dennis wins Lucille over with talk of cut price gear. Len and Elsie get Dave and Percy together in the Rovers to discover the fraud. Emily offers Lucille £8 a week and commission of 6d in the pound. Lucille agrees to take the job. Dave produces Paul's cap as proof. Elsie is disgusted and Len throws Percy out after retrieving her money. Elsie says thank you to Dave.moreless
  • Episode 7140
    Episode 7
    Michelle lets herself into No.7. Maria quickly chucks a blanket on the sofa and pretends Tony spent the night there. Michelle's none the wiser. Becky's thrilled when she gets a call telling her she's won the honeymoon competition and they're off to Spetses. Lloyd's fed up that he's still had no word from Liz. Maria and Tony meet up in Roy's Rolls and agree they must work out a way to tell Michelle how they've fallen in love. Becky's hen night takes place. Becky sticks to soft drinks, determined she's not going to mess up her wedding again. Jason and Tina spend the evening in their new flat with a takeaway. Jason does his best to take Tina's mind off her dad. Steve's stag night takes place. Ashley's on a mission to get drunk - unable to face telling Claire the truth. Steve confronts Becky about her furtive phone calls. Becky gets upset and explains how she was trying to get Jim along to the wedding as a surprise. Tony calls to see Maria and they fall passionately onto the sofa. Michelle and Ryan arrive home and are shocked as they take in the scene. Liz and Andy arrive at Piccadilly Station and jump in a cab. Michelle's furious with Tony and Maria pointing out that Liam's barely cold in his grave. Tony tries to defend their actions but Michelle storms out in disgust.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jan, 1967
    Wed 25 Jan, 1967
    Episode 7
    Dennis tries to get the fire under control but the curtains catch light. The firemen deal with the fire and have to spray under the floorboards. Dennis resigns from the Yard before Len can sack him. Annie wants Lucille to work at Gamma but she refuses. Dave Smith tells Irma he's thinking of opening a new betting shop in the area. She refuses to sell the shop to him. Dennis asks Emily for the Gamma job and against her better judgment she gives it to him. Dave tells Len it was him who pulled Paul out of the canal.moreless
  • Episode 7139
    Episode 6
    Maria and Tony pussyfoot round each other, neither daring to admit their true feelings. Graeme builds a 'Blackpool Tower' out of sausages. Ashley accuses him of taking the mickey out his vasectomy. Michelle's delighted to see Maria and the baby and suggests that she could rent No.7 from her when she moves to Ireland. Maria's non-committal. Tina quizzes Joe and then Graeme about the drugs. She realises how David took advantage of her dad. Maria admits to Fiz that she's in love with Tony. Fiz reckons she should just tell him. Claire's looking forward to a romantic evening with Ashley. Ashley's secretly worried she'll discover he never went through with the vasectomy. He decides the only way out is to get drunk. Becky arranges for Jim to attend the wedding as a surprise for Steve. Steve's concerned, wondering what she's up to. Maria's about to admit her feelings for Tony when she bottles out and searching for something to say asks him if he'd like to be Liam's God Father. Tina confronts David. She accuses him of feeding Joe's drug habit and tells him if he ever crosses her or Joe again he'll regret it. Tony finally admits his true feelings and tells Maria he doesn't want her to leave. Maria kisses him and it quickly becomes more passionate.moreless
  • Episode 6877
    Episode 6
    Teresa is surprised to see Jerry lively and well. Ken is still editing his novel which is causing friction at the Barlow's. Kevin defends his decision to abstain from Tony's offer. Rosie feels guilty. Joe calls in at the Platt's to drop off a top for Tina. He invites Gail to the Rover's.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 1967
    Wed 23 Jan, 1967
    Episode 6
    Dennis sets about decorating Len's living room. Emily has persuaded her sisters to have their father in turn and has returned to Gamma Garments after a proposition from Mr. Papagopolous. Percy accepts more money from Elsie. Dennis makes a good job of his decorating. Emily asks Dennis to be the Gamma Guy - running the men's section of the new Gamma boutique. He tells her he's happy working for Len. Elsie tells Len that she owes Percy much. Emily wants Lucille to work at Gamma in the new teenager section. Annie is keen to get her out of the factory. A distracted Dennis starts a fire when his blowtorch ignites some paint and rags. As the fire rages Dennis phones for a fire engine.moreless
  • Episode 7138
    Episode 5
    Tina's convinced David has something to do with Joe's drug addiction. David proclaims his innocence but Tina's not buying it. Eddie shows Steve his grand design for the wedding cake but Steve's unimpressed. Chesney asks Fiz if she'll alter his overalls for him. Fiz is just glad he's talking to her. Tony apologises to Michelle and they agree to put their differences behind them. Rosie threatens to withdraw her investment if Luke doesn't stop sniffing round Michelle. To appease her Luke promises to market her underwear designs. Fiz visits John wearing her engagement ring. John assumes she's got it back from the jewellers and Fiz is forced to lie to him. The doctor wants to prescribe Joe with methadone to alleviate his withdrawal but Joe refuses any more drugs. The doctor tells Gail the only way Joe will get through the next few weeks is with her full support. Maria and baby Liam arrive back from Ireland. Tony's delight is evident. David tells Joe he's just a junkie and he's going to make Gail think Joe led him astray by forcing him to score painkillers for him. Joe tells David he's twisted. Graeme picks Umed's brain about setting up his own gardening business. Gail admits to Audrey she's not sure she wants to be with Joe anymore but feels she has no choice at the moment. Slug demands cash from Becky. When she's not forthcoming he threatens to turn up at her wedding. Steve watches the exchange from a distance.Maria drops the bombshell that she's thinking of moving to Ireland. Tony's secretly devastated.moreless
  • Episode 6876
    Episode 5
    Teresa and Jerry are flat-hunting though Teresa is more than defeatist. Gail mentions the flat above the salon but she passes it off as far too expensive. Janice tells Gail that Bill is sleeping on Kevin's sofa. Kevin can't park outside the garage because of a lorry at the factory. Rosie asks him to park out of the way. He is furious that Tony has his daughter barking orders at him.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jan, 1967
    Wed 18 Jan, 1967
    Episode 5
    The residents collect for a wreath. Bob Lomax is informed. David and Irma advertise their flat. Percy goes after it to Irma's annoyance. Minnie, Jack and Albert go to Vera's funeral with Ena. The Barlows refuse to let Percy have the flat after he turns up with a ferret. Bob and Colin turn up at the funeral to everyone's surprise. Len agrees to let Dennis decorate his house. Someone else arrives to view the flat - Emily Nugent.moreless
  • Episode 6875
    Episode 4
    Bill tells Janice to call an ambulance as Audrey seems to be hurt. David finds nothing suspicious in the emails, just one calling him un-spontaneous. Jerry tells Teresa he's been given a good bill of health. Gail receives Bill's phone call about the accident. Nina drops Dev off at the shop. Amber is unimpressed.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jan, 1967
    Mon 16 Jan, 1967
    Episode 4
    The Social Security agree to trace Bob Lomax. Elsie's strange man, Percy Bridge, hangs around the Rovers looking for work. The residents worry that the unemployment situation will get like the depression. Percy tells Elsie it was he who pulled Paul from the canal. Ena reaches breaking point as Vera accuses her of not caring for her. Elsie gives Percy £2 as a reward. Vera dies in Ena's bed.moreless
  • Episode 7136
    Episode 3
    Kevin quizzes Chesney about nicking Rosie's car and frogmarches him round to No.4. Chesney apologises to Sally and explains how he hates John and his plan was to drive to the prison, give him the ring back and punch him. Rosie wants to know what Michelle's got that she hasn't. Luke fails to take Rosie seriously and she leaves the Rovers in a huff. Gail searches frantically for Joe.She asks Audrey if she's seen him. Luke bumps into Michelle and she invites him back to No.7. Joe breaks into the medical centre and sets the alarm off. He's in a terrible state and sweating profusely as he takes a sledgehammer to the alarm. But still the noise continues. Audrey tries to talk some sense into Gail telling her that Joe's unstable and unreliable. Meanwhile Gail realises the medical centre alarm is going off. Joe smashes up the pharmacy in a desperate search for his drugs. Gail discovers her medical centre keys are gone from her handbag and with a sense of foreboding rushes to down the street. Jason and Tina buy No.12 at auction at a cost of ?54,750. Gail finds Joe tearful and shaking in the medical centre. She's devastated as she surveys the damage.moreless
  • Episode 6874
    Episode 3
    Dev is on cloud nine following last night's developments. Bill, Audrey, Janice and Roger return from France, all but Audrey in high spirits. David is convinced Tina is cheating on him with Matt. Jerry isn't looking forward to visiting the doctors.
  • Wed 11 Jan, 1967
    Wed 11 Jan, 1967
    Episode 3
    Hilda threatens to throw Stan out if he doesn't get a job. Ena asks Len to get the police to find Vera's husband. He says they can't as it's not an emergency. Stan gets a job shifting coal at the sidings for Howarths. Ena is secretly pleased when Vera splashes out on a new coat. Elsie is puzzled by a strange man in the Rovers.moreless
  • Episode 7135
    Episode 2
    Sally berates Rosie for giving her a ring that wasn't hers to give. Rosie's unrepentant and starts to phone the police but Kevin stops her. Joe meets up with Len and the project manager at the flats. The project manager tells him he's unreliable and clearly unfit to work. He fires Joe from his job. Jason, Tina and Eileen set off for the auction of the flat over the Kabin (No.12). Luke chats up Michelle and makes it clear his relationship with Rosie isn't serious. However Rosie is quick to break up their cosy chat. Jesse asks Sean for advice on how to deal with his forceful mother. Sean gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Jesse's trying to tell him he's gay. Kevin calls to see Fiz and gets her to admit it was Chesney who took Rosie's car not her. Julie overhears Jesse and Sean's conversation and is shocked, wrongly assuming that Jesse is gay. Tony shows Michelle some photos of Maria's baby and Michelle is touched to see he genuinely cares. Gail finds Joe at home in a state. He's visibly shaking as he explains he's lost his job. While Gail's back is turned, Joe steals the keys to the medical centre from her handbag. Gail panics when she finds Joe's disappeared.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jan, 1967
    Mon 9 Jan, 1967
    Episode 2
    Stan doesn't tell Hilda about the lack of money as she worries about the bills. Vera believes the doctor has told Ena what's wrong with her. She asks Ena to swear she doesn't know on the Bible. Ena refuses. Vera is sure she's going to die. Stan spends all his money on drink. Elsie tells Hilda and Irma that the dole has been stopped. Ena tells Jack about Vera's brain tumour, she doesn't know whether or not to tell Vera.moreless
  • Episode 7134
    Episode 1
    Gail wants to know why Joe caused a scene in the medical centre. Joe tries to play it down but Gail's secretly worried. Tony searches the girls' lockers. He finds the ring in Fiz's locker. Sally's furious and demands they call the police. David continues to taunt Joe telling him he'll get his pills if he can persuade Tina to give him another chance. Joe's at the end of his tether. Julie can't bear to watch Fiz being wrongly accused and announces to Tony and factory girls that the ring belongs to Fiz as she's engaged to John Stape. Sally and Rosie are stunned. Joe begs Tina to give David another chance. Tina thinks he's mad and wonders what's the matter with him. Steve takes Becky back to the wedding dress shop and buys her the dress of her dreams. Becky's thrilled. Fiz confronts Chesney with the ring and accuses him of stealing Rosie's car. Chesney admits it was him says he doesn't give a stuff. He's furious with Fiz for keeping her engagement a secret from him. Fiz feels terrible. Bill lets Jesse store his cowboy props at the yard. Jesse tells Bill he's an electrician by trade and suggests they could work together. Sally tells Fiz they've worked out that Chesney stole Rosie's car and they're going to report him to the police. Desperate to protect her brother, Fiz lies saying she stole the car not Chesney.moreless
  • Episode 6872
    Episode 1
    Harry persuades Clarissa to apologise to Liz. She agrees only when he points out she will remain barred if not. Betty warns Liz to steer clear of Harry at all costs. Audrey is worrying about leaving Natasha in charge while she is away. She is irked to find out that Janice and Roger are staying in the same hotel as her and Bill.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jan, 1967
    Mon 2 Jan, 1967
    Episode 1
    Stan refuses to do general maintenance in a mill for £9 a week as he's on £8 10/- on the dole. He refuses a labouring job with Len because it's raining. Ena can't afford coal so she and Vera go cold. Minnie applies for a supplementary pension and advises Ena to do so - getting £4 10/- a week and rent paid. Secretly, Ena is interviewed by the social security. She is told she'll get £5 a week as her rent is free. She is convinced that she is entitled to it. Irma refuses Hilda tick until Stan gets a job. The social man, Mr Hale, says Vera can have £3 19/-. The Labour stop Stan's dole as he keeps refusing jobs.moreless