Coronation Street - Season 9

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 1968
    Mon 30 Dec, 1968
    Episode 103
    Ken advises Albert to move to Bury completely. Albert thinks that his life is in the house although he can't afford to keep two places on. Val suggests he gets someone to share the house with him. Marj is excited to think that Len is going to fight Basil over her. Len isn't so sure and tells her to leave. Basil arrives and dumps Marj's things on Len and tells him he's welcome to her. Albert asks Effie to be his sharer. Ray advises Len to scare Marj off by asking her to marry him. He asks and Marj feels nervous. Effie agrees to move into No.1. Len is horrified when Marj accepts his proposal.moreless
  • Wed 25 Dec, 1968
    Wed 25 Dec, 1968
    Episode 102
    Christmas Day. Audrey, Dickie, Gordon and Lucille are amused as Emily takes a shine to Rev. James. Ena, Minnie and Effie spend the day together, Albert joins the Barlows. Marj and Elsie cook for Ray and Len. The residents get drunk together at the Rovers with Ena on the piano. Basil Griffin leaves a message for Marj - he's coming for her.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 1968
    Mon 23 Dec, 1968
    Episode 101
    Albert refuses to talk to the Barlows as they set off for Majorca. The panto starts at St Mary's: Aladdin – Lucille, Wishee Washee – Hilda, Princess Balroubadour – Audrey, Widow Twankee – Stan, Abanazer – Len, Genie – Albert, Emperor Ming – Rev. James, Empress Ming – Annie, Moon Jade – Maggie, Lotus Flower – Elsie, Slave Girl – Marj, Chi Chi – Ray, An An – Dickie. Directed by Emily, Prompted by Minnie, Teas by Effie, Music by Ena with Alf Chadwick on piano. Len, Albert and Stan leave beer around the stage to keep them going. Ken and Val realise they don't want to go and call off the trip. The panto ends with Elsie leading everyone in 'Jingle Bells'.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 1968
    Wed 18 Dec, 1968
    Episode 100
    The residents prepare for the panto. Abanazer Gordon starts to lose his voice. Len lets Marj stay at No.9 and agrees to play Abanazer. Annie insists she is given a song in the show. Val is stunned when Ken announces they are going on holiday.
  • Mon 16 Dec, 1968
    Mon 16 Dec, 1968
    Episode 99
    Emily and James decide the panto will be Aladdin. Elsie returns, Ena tells her about Len taking Maggie out. Emily starts to blackmail the residents for cooperation. Marj Griffin arrives in the Rovers to the men's delight. Len can't cope with Elsie and Maggie and then Marj tells him she's left her husband for him. The Barlows entertain Martin and Jo, Ken makes Val make ratatouille and is embarrassed when Albert calls round. Emily casts the panto. Ken tells Val he wants to spend Christmas abroad.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 1968
    Wed 11 Dec, 1968
    Episode 98
    Ken talks Val into seeing the Hepworths again. Emily tries to drum up support for the panto. Martin advises Ken to get Val off to work. No one attends the panto meeting, Emily threatens blackmail. Minnie announces that cat's to be called Sunny Jim. Ena tells Len that Elsie is due back.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 1968
    Mon 9 Dec, 1968
    Episode 97
    Ena sends Effie off to the Social Security. Len advises Maggie not to turn Gordon into a mother's boy. Val worries about meeting some of Ken's friends. Maggie tells him she only wants him as a friend. Val and 'Kenny' go to the Hepworth's party. Gordon sits his exams on Merchantile Law. Rev Reggie James asks Emily to help produce a children's panto. Val finds herself being sexually insulted at the party and is disgusted to find three babies crying in a bedroom. She is horrified that Ken enjoyed the party.moreless
  • Wed 4 Dec, 1968
    Wed 4 Dec, 1968
    Episode 96
    Minnie worries that she'll never find Bobby. Lucille and Gordon return. Gordon tries to explain to the Walkers but Jack throws him out. He is shocked when Maggie refuses to discuss the matter with him. Maggie tells Ena that Effie has no money. Ena tells Effie she'd like to help her sort out her pension. Maggie stuns Gordon by going out with Len.moreless
  • Mon 2 Dec, 1968
    Mon 2 Dec, 1968
    Episode 95
    The Ogdens celebrate their silver wedding. Stan gives Hilda a fun fur. Annie discovers Lucille and Gordon have run off. Jack and Maggie inform the police. At the station, Gordon and Lucille miss the train to Gretna Green. Ena looks after the shop and finds Effie's slate with £10 owing. She lets Effie know she knows. Effie accuses Maggie and Val of telling Ena about the slate and breaks down. The party takes over the select and Ken plays his trumpet. Lucille worries about Gordon missing his exams.moreless
  • Wed 27 Nov, 1968
    Wed 27 Nov, 1968
    Episode 94
    The Ogdens plan their silver wedding party. Minnie takes in the stray. Lucille tells Maggie she loves Gordon. Maggie tells her to stay away from him. Ken takes up the trumpet again. Maggie tells Gordon that she will not give him her permission to marry. Gordon tells Lucille they should give their relationship a rest. He then changes his mind and tells her they could run away and get married.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 1968
    Mon 25 Nov, 1968
    Episode 93
    Jack is in hospital with extensive bruising on his leg and shock after being hit by a motorbike. Annie accuses Lucille of causing the accident by being out with Gordon. Maggie upsets Lucille by blaming her for the accident. Minnie finds Bobby stuck on the viaduct. Stan agrees to fetch him down and discovers it is not Bobby. Lucille overhears Annie slagging her off and is upset. Annie and Maggie agree that they don't want Gordon and Lucille seeing each other. Gordon tells Maggie he's had enough of her.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 1968
    Wed 20 Nov, 1968
    Episode 92
    Audrey tries to match-make between Albert and Alice. Len offers Ray a partnership. Ray turns him down - he's got higher ambitions. Hilda tackles Effie in the Rovers for her window money. Albert escapes thro' the Rovers' toilet window. Jack stops Effie from pawning her wristwatch. Albert leaves the Flemings and returns to Bury to escape Alice. Hilda gets a telegram from Australia announcing the birth of a 8lb boy. Annie worries that Lucille is out late. Jack looks for her and has an accident.moreless
  • Mon 18 Nov, 1968
    Mon 18 Nov, 1968
    Episode 91
    Alice Pickens turns up to sort Albert out. Effie tells Val to keep the twins in order as they bother her. Len returns and refuses to tell Ray where he's been. Jack offers to lend Effie some money but she refuses. Alice has designs on a horrified Albert.
  • Wed 13 Nov, 1968
    Wed 13 Nov, 1968
    Episode 90
    One of the Yard's cheques for £45 bounces and Ray is given three days to clear it. Audrey can't cope with Albert. Effie's TV is repossessed and she tells Maggie she spent all her savings paying off her sister-in-law's debts. Ena advises Audrey to get in touch with Alice Pickens. Len phones Emily and says he's returning.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 1968
    Mon 11 Nov, 1968
    Episode 89
    Albert wears out both Audrey and her purse. Gordon proposes to Lucille on her sick bed. She accepts. Albert reveals he has another two weeks holiday. Effie returns, her sister-in-law having died. Maggie and Annie take the news of the engagement badly.
  • Wed 6 Nov, 1968
    Wed 6 Nov, 1968
    Episode 88
    Albert moves his bed into No.3. Jill's mum's boyfriend takes her back, upsetting Stan. Emily tells Ray there's no money left in the business to pay the bills. He realises he'll have to lay the men off. Gordon tells Maggie he's going to marry Lucille.
  • Mon 4 Nov, 1968
    Mon 4 Nov, 1968
    Episode 87
    Albert looks for somewhere to spend his holiday. Stan takes Jill on his round and begins to like her. Audrey rows with Gordon over the way he is treating Lucille. Albert dumps himself on the Flemings for the week rather than inconvenience Val. Emily tells Ray the firm is sinking fast.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 1968
    Wed 30 Oct, 1968
    Episode 86
    Elsie agrees to go to Wakefield with Dave and they leave together. Lucille is confused when Gordon has a date with another girl. Maggie approves of the move. Stan finds Jill in his bed.
  • Mon 28 Oct, 1968
    Mon 28 Oct, 1968
    Episode 85
    Dave asks Elsie to go on holiday with him looking at flower shops, she isn't sure. Gordon resents Lucille's efforts to help Ray find work. Hilda hides Jill in the spare room. Lucille lets it slip to Elsie that Len has disappeared.
  • Wed 23 Oct, 1968
    Wed 23 Oct, 1968
    Episode 84
    Ray has trouble coping without Len. Wilde refuses to take the lads back on the hospital site but Ray promises them their wages. Elsie refuses to let Dave give her driving lessons. Jill's mum is in hospital again, Hilda wants to take her in but Stan doesn't. Jill overhears Stan saying he doesn't want her.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 1968
    Mon 21 Oct, 1968
    Episode 83
    Hilda is shocked to discover Stan did a good job cleaning the Rovers. Dave tries to bring Elsie out of herself. Ray wonders where Len has got to, he keeps Wilde hanging on. Jill Morris turns up at the shop looking for Irma. She is upset to hear the Barlows have emigrated. Wilde tells Ray they can still have the contract if Len signs a penalty clause. Jill runs away from Gordon. Ray discovers Len has run off with the petty cash.moreless
  • Wed 16 Oct, 1968
    Wed 16 Oct, 1968
    Episode 82
    Gregg finishes with Dot. At the inquest, Elsie and Len are questioned and both admit to rowing with Steve. The jury returns an open verdict. Ray and Len lose the contract with Wilde because Len is not available for work.
  • Mon 14 Oct, 1968
    Mon 14 Oct, 1968
    Episode 81
    Dot is upset at Gregg's alibi of being with another woman. Hilda enjoys the job swapping when she earns more than Stan. Dave discovers that Len has told the police that Steve owed him £1,000. The police take Elsie to the station.
  • Wed 9 Oct, 1968
    Wed 9 Oct, 1968
    Episode 80
    Wilde is annoyed that Len is neglecting the contract. Len's fingerprints are all over Steve's flat. He tells them that he went to hit Steve but hit the wall and left him. Stan and Hilda swap jobs. The police tell Len he has to take part in an identity parade. The press interview the residents. Dot discovers that Gregg was with another woman. Len is let go after the parade. Len and Elsie discover Steve owed Dave £1,000.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 1968
    Mon 7 Oct, 1968
    Episode 79
    Elsie apologises to the police for roping Val in. The police tell her that Steve left everything to her in his will. She tells them she didn't know this. Stan worries that he's going to be suspected because he was with No.19 Inkerman St. Len's fingerprints are taken and he is questioned. Len tells Elsie that he could have killed Steve - for her. Gary and Joe fly off to Hamburg. Ray is questioned by the police, as is Val. Gregg tells the police he was with a Sally Wells in Altrincham. Stan tells Hilda he knew all about her and George Greenwood. The police feel Len is their main suspect and arrest him.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 1968
    Wed 2 Oct, 1968
    Episode 78
    The police interview the residents and find out about Stan stealing the cigarette case. Joe and Gary give each other alibis but the police don't believe them. Elsie gives Val as an alibi. Val agrees to back her up. Len's fist is bandaged. He says he wacked it on a cistern. The police realise Val didn't see Elsie and want to know why she is covering up for her. The police want to see Gregg and Len.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 1968
    Mon 30 Sep, 1968
    Episode 77
    The residents wonder why Elsie has been taken by the police. The police tell her that Steve was found at the foot of his stairs. She realises they suspect foul play. Dot is shocked that Gregg is not bothered about Steve's death. The police take Elsie's finger prints when she tells them how she refused to return to Steve. They then release her but she realises that they think she is involvedmoreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 1968
    Wed 25 Sep, 1968
    Episode 76
    Len offers to talk to Steve but Elsie stops him. Emily helps out at St Mary's nursery. Maggie wants to keep Val on but Ena makes her feel guilty. Emily reveals that Ena told the vicar that the shop was too much for her. Rev James asks Emily to be his assistant at the nursery. Elsie prepares herself to tells Steve 'no' for the last time. In the taxi she hears over the radio that Len is at Steve's. She asks the taxi to take her home. The police tell Elsie that Steve is dead.moreless
  • Mon 23 Sep, 1968
    Mon 23 Sep, 1968
    Episode 75
    Gregg gives Len Steve's address. Emily realises she is the only secretary at the firm, although they claim wages for three. She tells her boss she is not a sucker and walks out, after putting the police on to the firm's crooked deals. Len and Dave don't know whether to help Elsie or not. Ena returns from holiday to take back her job but Val refuses to leave as she needs the money.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 1968
    Wed 18 Sep, 1968
    Episode 74
    Emily is run around at the shipping office. Elsie grows tired of Steve hounding her. Lucille asks Elsie for a job at the florist. Elsie takes a taxi to visit Steve at Claydon Court. Lucille and Gordon apologise to each other. Elsie runs away from Steve's in tears.
  • Mon 16 Sep, 1968
    Mon 16 Sep, 1968
    Episode 73
    Steve phones Elsie. She tells him she is not returning to him. Lucille tells Gordon she enjoys Gary's company. She is alarmed when Gordon fights Gary. She tells Gordon to stop telling her what to do. Emily has an interview as a receptionist for the Import and Export Office. She is taken on as her bosses think she is gullible.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 1968
    Wed 11 Sep, 1968
    Episode 72
    Elsie starts work at the Posy Bowl. Dickie is upset about Audrey walking about a stage in her bikini. Audrey wins the contest and the prize of £50. Emily asks Dave for a job at the florist but he says no - she's too old. MC Norman tries to push Audrey into making beauty contests a career. She refuses. Steve keeps trying to get in contact with Elsie. Gordon is annoyed when Lucille flirts with Gary Strauss. Maggie agrees to Val helping at the shop whilst Ena is on holiday. Emily has no money to pay her rent. Gregg visits Steve and discovers he wants Elsie back, as his wife.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 1968
    Mon 9 Sep, 1968
    Episode 71
    Gregg and Dot refuse to tell Elsie about Steve. Annie allows Dolores to stay overnight. Joe Donnelli and Gary Strauss return to the Street. Dolores disappears. Dave Smith turns up and tells Elsie he needs her for a business venture. Emily discovers Tommy is really on holiday in Majorca. Audrey gets her 'O' Level results. Tommy gives Emily a wooden donkey. Dave shows Elsie that he's bought Gamma and has turned it into a florists 'The Posy Bowl'. He tells her it's all hers.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 1968
    Wed 4 Sep, 1968
    Episode 70
    Emily keeps Dolores in the corner shop yard. Audrey wins the area's heat in the contest on the strength of a photo she sent in. Dickie isn't that keen. Dolores puts people off shopping at the shop. Annie refuses to have Dolores in her yard before discovering Emily has already installed her. Steve phones Gregg and tells him he wants to see Elsie.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 1968
    Mon 2 Sep, 1968
    Episode 69
    Dickie realises he'd be better off serving his apprenticeship. Tommy Deakins looks for somewhere to keep Dolores. Greggg returns to the area from Germany. He is sorry to hear that the Tanners have split up but tells Elsie that he did warn her. Ray tells Audrey she should enter the Miss Petrol Pump Beauty Contest. Emily takes care of Dolores so Tommy can go into hospital.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 1968
    Wed 28 Aug, 1968
    Episode 68
    Dickie spends his money going out with Ray. Val regrets sending the letter. Ena is amazed to discover it was Val. Val apologises and agrees that Ena can play 9.30 - 11.30am, and 6 - 8pm. Annie tells Jack that she spent the evening in a cinema. Maggie reveals that Les has discharged himself and has gone to work with his brother in Stafford. Dickie wants to give up apprenticeship to get a labouring job so that they can have money, upsetting Audrey.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 1968
    Mon 26 Aug, 1968
    Episode 67
    Ena is issued with a final warning. Ray annoys Dickie by showing off his money. The Crusaders ring to say they've invited the wrong Walker; they wanted Alice Walker. Jack is too late to stop Annie. Ena determines to continue the services. Ray persuades Dickie to have a night out with him whilst Audrey works late. Annie walks out of the dinner when the mix-up is explained. She tells Jack she attended the function. He is puzzled. Val tells Ken she complained about Ena's playing.moreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 1968
    Wed 21 Aug, 1968
    Episode 66
    Ena decides to resist the Devil and continue to praise God on Sunday mornings. She accuses Effie of making the complaint. Effie ignores her. Audrey goes job hunting. Ena goes to the Town Hall to see the housing officer. Val lays on a birthday tea for Albert. The Housing officer tells Ena she can't hold prayer meetings at No.6. She tells Minnie to round up her regulars. Audrey gets a job at the petrol station on Union Street for £8 a week. The housing people call on Ena during a prayer meeting and tell her that if she doesn't stop she will lose her flat. They are horrified when Ena continues to play.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 1968
    Mon 19 Aug, 1968
    Episode 65
    Annie prepares for her speech. Ken demands to know what happened between Val and Riley but she just wants to be left alone. She realises that everyone thinks she was raped and that Ken would never forgive her if she had been. Albert visits the street and the residents are interested to hear him talk about the Fusiliers. Ironfield tells Len someone has complained about Ena playing the harmonium. Val and Ken argue. Ken tries to convice Val that he loves her. Len tells Ena she can't play her harmonium early in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 7 Aug, 1968
    Wed 7 Aug, 1968
    Episode 64
    The Flemings take in Ena, Elsie and Len. The police refuse to let Ken try to speak to Val and Riley refuses to let her speak to him. Val is terrified when Riley produces an iron crow bar. The police realise they can't break the door down. They get Ken to phone Val and he tells her she must shut the sliding door between the lounge and the kitchen so that the police can get into the kitchen through the window. To her relief, Riley closes the doors himself. The police cut the glass out of the window and climb in. Riley prepares to leave, using Val as a shield but the police burst in and overpower him. Val assures the police and Ken that Riley didn't touch her. A WPC tells her that Riley is a convicted rapist. They aren't convinced that Val wasn't attacked. Val grows hysterical and tells Ken Riley didn't touch her. Annie is asked to give a talk on "Fifty years of women's Suffrage and where has it got us" at the Lady Crusaders meeting.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 1968
    Mon 5 Aug, 1968
    Episode 63
    Convict Frank Riley traps Val. She tells him she has no children and is only just married. The womenfolk gather in the Rovers, not wanting to be on their own whilst the convict is on the loose. Val tries to alert Ena by banging on the water pipes. She is terrified when Peter wakes up and Riley realises she has children. Ken phones Val but Riley refuses to let her answer it, threatening to hurt the twins. Ena hears the phone ringing and begins to worry. Riley takes a fancy to Val and starts caressing her. Ena raises the alarm. Annie takes charge and Jack phones the police. Riley demands money and clothes from Val. He then tells her he wants something from her. The police move the residents into houses so no one is alone. Val promises that she won't raise the alarm if Riley leaves her alone but Riley sees the police outside. Ken arrives at the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jul, 1968
    Wed 31 Jul, 1968
    Episode 62
    Val is annoyed that Ken has got to be in the play. He is amused when she forgets their wedding anniversary. Len tells Ray he can lodge with him at No.9. Audrey has her last day at school. The police stroll round the street after a prisoner escapes whilst being transferred. Ena wonders how Effie got an OAP Maisonette when she seems quite well off. Emily plans a holiday in Scandinavia with her sister. Ena thinks it's not right that Effie should get a flat as she's a foreigner. Effie tells her all she wants are some friends, but all she's got is enemies. She tells Ena she's won; she'll move on. Ena tells her not to be so daft. Ken has to rehearse after tech with the players. Ena invites Effie into the snug. A man forces his way into No.14.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jul, 1968
    Mon 29 Jul, 1968
    Episode 61
    Ray tells Len he never laid a finger on Elsie and refuses to leave the Yard. Elsie tells Len she was just sick of Ray watching her, saying things. Ken rehearses Pam Dickenson for The Country Wife at the Tech. Audrey cancels the party when she discovers people are coming to ogle at them. Dickie makes her change her mind. The neighbours gather at No.3. Hilda and Annie go along to ogle. Ena starts a game of pass-the-parcel, Hilda wins and opens the parcel to discovers the Flemings' wedding certificate.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jul, 1968
    Wed 24 Jul, 1968
    Episode 60
    Elsie tells Ray to leave but he refuses as he's paid a week's rent. She asks Len to get him out. The Flemings worry about people thinking they're not married. Ena and Annie realise Effie is driving wedges between them and Minnie and Jack. The Flemings decide to have a housewarming. Len hits Ray when he calls Elsie a tart and they fight in her kitchen. She screams at them both to leave her alone.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 1968
    Mon 22 Jul, 1968
    Episode 59
    Minnie celebrates Bobby's birthday. Ray implies to Dickie that people think they are living together and aren't married. Gordon compiles a song for Bobby: "Bobby was all her joy, Bobby was her heart's delight. Bobby was a pain in the neck According to Mrs Sharples. Bobby got very sick, Bobby went off his food. But me mother brought him back well again For the sake of Minnie Caldwell." Ray comes on strong to Elsie, she tells him he's nothing but a kid and she wouldn't let him lay a finger on her. He tells her he wouldn't bother; he's got his own grannie.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 1968
    Wed 17 Jul, 1968
    Episode 58
    Hilda grows jealous of Stan and No.19 Inkerman Street. Hilda suspects Audrey and Dickie of not being married. Audrey delights in baking a cake for Dickie's birthday. Ray hints to Elsie that he fancies her. Annie entertains Effie to coffee, she asks her to stay away from Jack. Jack signs Effie's application to join the bowling club.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jul, 1968
    Mon 15 Jul, 1968
    Episode 57
    Ray settles into No.11. Dickie and Audrey settle into No.3 having married in secret. Ena tells Annie about the dancing and is put out when Annie doesn't seem to mind. Hilda decides to help out on the window round so Stan can earn more money. Annie feels Jack married her on the rebound. Hilda can't keep up with the windows. Stan secures her services by telling her his female customers fancy him. Annie apologises to Jack but he plays her up saying he'll have to rethink their marriage. Ray enjoys the notoriety of living with Elsie.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jul, 1968
    Wed 10 Jul, 1968
    Episode 56
    Gamma holds its sale. Emily prepares for a visit from Papagopolous. Lucille tells Gordon she'll stop seeing Ray to please him. Emily is baffled when Papagopolous gives orders to clean out the whole shop of stock. She is horrified to discover he is closing the branch down and they are fired. They rebel by using the phone to ring family and friends long distance. Gary sends Elsie a cheque for £175 when he sells the car. Effie asks Elsie's advice on how to deal with Ena. Emily locks up at Gamma for the last time. Elsie tells Annie about the dancing before Ena can stir it. Annie pretends to laugh it off but is furious.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 1968
    Mon 8 Jul, 1968
    Episode 55
    Ena finds two little lads in the shop, she lets them off but makes them do odd jobs around the shop. Len tells Emily that Papagopolous owes him money. Mr Bright and Mr Fleming look for Dickie and Audrey. The neighbours haven't seen them for days. Annie accuses Jack of flaunting Effie. Len is annoyed that Elsie has taken Ray in. Ena catches Jack and Effie dancing in her flat.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jul, 1968
    Wed 3 Jul, 1968
    Episode 54
    Stan plans to take Hilda out to celebrate his new job. Effie and Jack relive their childhood romance. Ray plans to spend his winnings paying his landlady off. Len refuses to let him move in at No.9. Ena refuses to sell Minnie at the shop. Stan takes Hilda to a Chinese Restaurant and orders her egg, chips and peas. Elsie offers Ray a room at No.11. Ena stays at the shop whilst Maggie has a break. Annie is put out when Jack and Effie reminisce about past sport events. Ena is disturbed at the shop at night.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jul, 1968
    Mon 1 Jul, 1968
    Episode 53
    Ena takes Effie's washing down when she puts it up on a Sunday. Elsie decides to sell the car. Emily goes after a job running a marriage bureau. Minnie takes a liking to Effie, to Ena's annoyance. Ray gives Lucille a racing tip. Hilda overhears, but the horse loses. Lucille puts Ray's money on the wrong horse and it wins. Emily doesn't get the job because she's too romantic. Gary packs his bags and leaves in the jag. Effie bumps into Jack and they recognise each other.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 1968
    Wed 26 Jun, 1968
    Episode 52
    Stan and Elsie return at 7.30am. Len tries to bring Maggie out of herself. Audrey buys a whicker elephant but the store delivers a swivel chair instead. Dickie loves the chair but it turns out to be the Barlows'. Hilda hunts after Elsie. Gary and Emily are horrified at Elsie's driving. Hilda accuses Elsie of scheming to get Stan on her own. Elsie tells her she's not that desperate. Ken decides he'll have to sell the car to buy new furniture. Elsie crashes her car into the back of Ken's. Len moves into No.9. Effie Spicer moves into No.4, the maisonette next to Ena and crosses her with her airs and graces.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jun, 1968
    Mon 24 Jun, 1968
    Episode 51
    Gary tries to tell Elsie the car is an investment. Stan buys I-Spy-Dyer's window cleaning round off him for £45. Dickie and Audrey go shopping for a double bed. Len is told to fire Stan or the contract with Wilde is off. Stan resigns before Len can sack him. Emily gives Elsie a ride in the car. She realises the car is going to cost a fortune to keep up. Stan gives Elsie a driving lesson at 5pm. Hilda is furious when they haven't returned at 10pm. Elsie and Stan run out of petrol on the moors.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jun, 1968
    Wed 19 Jun, 1968
    Episode 50
    The Barlows move into No.14. Val feels nostalgic about No.9. The residents help them move across the road. Gary talks Stan into investing £2 in an antique deal. Ray is annoyed that Lucille is spending so much time with Gordon. Gordon goes for Ray when Ray taunts him about Les being a drunk. Gary turns Stan's £2 into £8 by buying and selling a chair. Ena makes Maggie go to the Rovers with her. Elsie lends Gary £200. He buys her a white jag with the money. She is annoyed as she can't drive.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 1968
    Mon 17 Jun, 1968
    Episode 49
    Val is curious as to the surprise for Elsie that Jenny and Linda have planned. Stan is annoyed that Ray bosses him about. Maggie agrees to Ena helping out at the shop. Ken agrees to sell No.9 to Len for £1,000. Ena stops Annie from gossiping about the Cleggs by telling her the truth. Annie tells Lucille about Les being an alcoholic and tells her to stay away from Gordon, thinking that alcoholism is hereditary. Lucille runs out on her. Elsie's nephew, Gary Bailey, turns up to tell her he's been told by the family to keep her company.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 1968
    Wed 12 Jun, 1968
    Episode 48
    Elsie gives Dennis £125 of Steve's money as a wedding present from Steve. The floor caves in at No.3. Ray assures Fleming that the house is sound. Len promises to do it up for nothing. Dennis pays back the money. Jenny gets Ashworths to transfer her to the Bristol branch. Les asks the hospital if he can see a psychiatrist about his drinking. They tell Maggie it'll mean a long time in a mental hospital. Wilde gives Len another contract at £185 per unit. Emily prepares for an interview. Jenny makes plans with Linda in secret. The residents wish the Tanners luck and see them on their way. Len needs his house for storage and tells Ken he needs to buy No.9, Ken tells him he can't.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 1968
    Mon 10 Jun, 1968
    Episode 47
    Elsie and Dot both start at MacAverty's Department store, Elsie demonstrating in the food hall and Dot in lingerie. Les in unconscious in hospital with concussion. Ken gives first refusal to Dickie and Audrey. Len tells him he'll buy the house straight away. Albert decides to take the museum job. Dickie has £550 saved and asks his dad to lend him another £400. He agrees. Gordon wants Les to know he's sorry. Len gets Fleming interested in No.3, telling him it'd go for £400. He persuades the kids that it'll be fun to do up and they agree. Elsie gets a letter from Steve asking her what her plans are. She refuses to acknowledge it. Emily hears from a man who tries to interest her in body building. Dunscombe tells the residents how Albert saved his life during the War. He and Albert leave. Les comes too. Gordon apologises to him. Dickie and Audrey plan their future at No.3. The debt collector tells Dennis he must repay the full sum before he moves - tomorrow.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 1968
    Wed 5 Jun, 1968
    Episode 46
    Maggie worries about Les. Gordon goes looking for him. Ena tells Maggie she knows who they are and listens to her. Maggie is pleased to talk to someone. Dennis is summoned to an executive breakfast with his boss. Val notices an ad in the Gazette with the Rovers' phone number: "Refined lady seeks stimulating opportunity. anything considered." Dennis is annoyed when he lets it slip to his boss that he's married as the company are against married employees. Ena sits with Maggie all night. Dennis' boss is impressed that he left Jenny for the firm on his wedding night. Ray suggests that Len buys the Barlows' and expands the business into his old house. Two youngsters, Dickie and Audrey show an interest in No.9 but are dismayed at the asking price - £975. Gordon spends the night searching for Les in vain. Dennis is offered a job as area manager in Bristol. Ken discovers it is Emily advertising in the Gazette. Les returns at noon. When she snatches a bottle from him he struggles with her. Gordon pulls him off her. Les hits the counter and hits the floor, blood on his brow.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 1968
    Mon 3 Jun, 1968
    Episode 45
    Dennis gets the contract for the South West and Midlands. Len moves Ena into a maisonette - No.6. Ray takes Lucille out for the day. Ironfield tells the Barlows they have been allocated one of the maisonettes. Ken is a bit put out as he thought they wouldn't get one. Ray's van breaks down. Ena is pleased as her maisonette is on the foundations of the Mission. Les' team wins at bowls. He asks Maggie to join the celebrations at the club but she feels he can be trusted to go on his own. Lucille is annoyed at the non-event date with Ray and agrees to go out with Gordon. Albert admires his old friend Harry Dunscombe who has been made curator of the Fusiliers' museum. He asks Albert to be his live-in assistant. Albert is thrilled. Gordon sees Les coming home roaring drunk. Les walks off into the night.moreless
  • Wed 29 May, 1968
    Wed 29 May, 1968
    Episode 44
    Dennis and Jenny both wake at 5am and wake their households up to try to clear their nerves. Ena thinks she's heard of Les Clegg before. Albert buys a stag's head with the present money. The residents prepare for the reception but feel sure something is going to go wrong because it's Dennis. Elsie, Linda, Ernie Sutton and Jerry witness Dennis and Jenny's marriage. Annie, Lucille, Gordon, Maggie, Les, Len, Emily, Minnie, Ena, Albert and Wally join in the reception. Jerry shocks everyone by his speech - urging the Tanners not to be selfish and to work at their marriage. Unseen by anyone Jerry leaves for London. Jenny doesn't mind about Dennis going to Bristol. Les leaves the reception early because he doesn't want to stay around drink. Jenny spends her wedding night on Minnie's sofa.moreless
  • Mon 27 May, 1968
    Mon 27 May, 1968
    Episode 43
    Jenny's mum can't attend the wedding as she's having an operation. Albert collects for the Tanner's wedding present. Linda arrives for the wedding. Dennis gets a christening cake for 20% discount to serve as a wedding cake. Ena arrives back. Minnie tells her she can stay, forgetting about Jenny. Jenny says she'll sleep on the sofa. Len and Jerry take charge of Dennis' stag night. Lucille is bored at the hen party where everyone drinks tea and makes small talk. Wally arrives for the wedding. Dennis is told by his boss to be in Bristol on his wedding night.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 1968
    Wed 22 May, 1968
    Episode 42
    Maggie asks Annie to keep Lucille away from Gordon; he has his studies and she wants something better for him than Lucille. Annie accuses her of smothering Gordon and of making him lead a miserable life. Maggie accuses her of corrupting Gordon and walks out. Dennis refuses to have the reception in the Rovers and books the Lancastria. Val is upset at the way Ken treats her like a school child. Gordon is keen to have a relationship with Lucille. They arrange a date and Lucille stands Ray up. Gordon tells Maggie he's out with a college friend. Jenny is pleased when Dennis suggests they marry in a registry office. Ena sends Minnie her hairnet to let her know she's coming back.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 1968
    Mon 20 May, 1968
    Episode 41
    Gordon's 18th birthday. Jerry tells Len he doesn't know why he's leaving but he wants to make a fresh start somewhere else. Gordon is confused when Lucille offers him a celebrationary drink in the Rovers. Jerry agrees to be best man before he leaves. Gordon drinks the same as Ray to prove his manhood. The Stotherts look round No.9. Maggie is upset that Gordon has been drinking with Lucille. She is angry to discover he skipped night school to see Lucille. She is worried that people will find out about Les. Ray entertains Lucille in his car. Ken tells the Stotherts the house is not for sale. He tells Val they'll have to make sure they've got somewhere to move to before they show people round. The residents are surprised when Maggie arrives in the Rovers to talk to Annie.moreless
  • Wed 15 May, 1968
    Wed 15 May, 1968
    Episode 40
    Val is angry at Ken's hypocrisy considering his affair with Jackie. She swears she is not interested in Ray. Weatherfield prepares for a Royal visit. Dennis tries to get in contact with Jed and discovers he's in Blackpool. Maggie tries to put Lucille off Gordon. Len, Jerry and Ray finish the maisonette plumbing contract. Ken tells Val he's put them on the list for a maisonette. Gordon finds Lucille fascinating but finds himself out of his depth. Jerry tells Len that Fairclough and Booth have finished.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 1968
    Mon 13 May, 1968
    Episode 39
    Maggie tells the Ogdens not to worry - the insurance will take care of the window. Gordon is angry that Les is happy to let Stan take the blame. Maggie stops Les from telling Stan the truth. Lucille advises Val to make Ken's cosy life a bit uncosy so that he'll consider moving. Jenny wonders why Dennis is so keen on a church wedding. The vicar, the Rev Peter Hope, puts Dennis off when he realises he is not a church goer and just wants the ceremony. Dennis asks Jerry to be his best man. Jerry refuses; he's off weddings. Val tries to make Ken see the house is too small but he gets angry and accuses her of fancying Ray.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 1968
    Wed 8 May, 1968
    Episode 38
    The residents are shocked to discover someone has broken the shop window. Gordon is furious but covers up for Les having smashed it with an empty bottle. Jenny gets Elsie an interview at Ashworths. Les tells Maggie he can't help himself anymore. She tries to cover up for him. But worries how they'll pay for it. Hilda thinks Stan broke the window whilst drunk. Val drinks with Ray in the Rovers rather than cook Ken's dinner. Dennis tells Elsie he borrowed the money from a money lender, at 48% interest. Thinking the Cleggs are insured, Hilda makes Stan confess. The Cleggs are astounded.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 1968
    Mon 6 May, 1968
    Episode 37
    Mr Wilde tells Len to get Stan off the site. Len refuses so Wilde calls a union meeting. Lucille warns Shirley off Ray. The builders threaten a strike if Stan works with them. Len argues that he is in charge of the plumbers. Hilda butts in when Reg Barton calls Stan useless and incompetent and has to be led away by Stan. Lucille asks Gordon to help her with the Gamma accounts. He agrees much to Maggie's disapproval. Elsie fears that Dennis has stolen some money. Ray shows Val drawings of the maisonette's interiors. Len and Jerry agree to take Stan off the site and back to the Yard for the duration. Dennis buys Jenny a zircon ring. He is summoned to Head Office. Les stays out drinking.moreless
  • Wed 1 May, 1968
    Wed 1 May, 1968
    Episode 36
    Jerry stops Len and Ray fighting. He makes Len see that Ray is a good plumber and they need a good plumber. He tells Len he and Ray are very alike. In response, Len refuses to sack Stan. Dennis looks forward to his £100 commission. The residents think it's unnatural that les in never in the Rovers. Shirley feels threatened by Lucille being around. She tells Ray she'll kill her if he goes near her. Dennis is horrified when he only gets £25 wages for the month. Elsie begins to look for a job; she doesn't want to use Steve's money. Elsie discovers a bundle of £5's in Dennis' pocket. The site workers down tools when Stan arrives to work on the maisonettes.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 1968
    Mon 29 Apr, 1968
    Episode 35
    Stan is sacked from the site but can't bring himself to tell Hilda. Dennis wants a big wedding, they set the date for May 29th. Jenny reveals Monica is getting married the same month. Hilda finds out about Stan and tells him to ask Len to take him back. Len gives Stan his job back. Mr Sutton refuses to pay for two weddings and backs Monica because she's marrying a bank manager. Dennis decides they'll marry in Weatherfield. Albert tries to match-make between Lucille and Gordon. Len refuses to have Ray working at the Yard.moreless
  • Wed 24 Apr, 1968
    Wed 24 Apr, 1968
    Episode 34
    Emily is harassed by workmen in the Rovers and threatens to strike. Stan pretends his foot is painful to get sympathy from Hilda. He is horrified when Hilda tells him to show the workmen that he's not workshy. Shirley is annoyed when Ray calls her 'Lucille'. Annie is annoyed when Emily proves a success in the pub. The workmen ban Stan from the canteen. Ray is worried to discover Len is returning. Stan drops a partition from the second floor level, onto the building site where his mates are working.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 1968
    Mon 22 Apr, 1968
    Episode 33
    Ray tells Jerry he has grown up a lot and needs a job. Jerry takes him on. Emily returns from Scotland and looks for somewhere to live. She tells Val Miklos has gone to Newcastle and she doesn't regret the holiday. Annie invites Emily to move into Joan's room as her guest and doesn't give Emily the chance to say no. Shirley Walton, Ray's ex-girlfriend, looks for him. Emily moves into the Rovers. Stan scalds his foot with tea from the urn. The Walkers and Lucille go down with a bug. Ray skives off work to take Shirley to the pictures. Emily is left holding the fort at the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 17 Apr, 1968
    Wed 17 Apr, 1968
    Episode 32
    Gordon looks for Les. Maggie is pleased he's not in the pub. Dennis takes Minnie to the zoo to please Jenny. Maggie relieved when Les returns after just having a walk. Albert gets together with some old war friends. They all disagree about the Battle. It becomes clear that Albert missed the Battle because he'd got lost whilst being on patrol. Ray Langton turns up planning to apply for the plumbers job at the Yard.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 1968
    Mon 15 Apr, 1968
    Episode 31
    Maggie introduces the customers to her son Gordon. Minnie makes Elsie see Jenny is quite nice. Gordon shows little respect for Les. Elsie apologises to Jenny for being a bitch. Gordon refuses to forgive Les for beating Maggie up. Ken lends Albert a book on the Battle of Lys. Albert thinks the author's got all his facts wrong and plans to expose him. Ken agrees to write an article for him for the Gazette. Gordon can't find Les but tells Maggie he knows where he'll be.moreless
  • Wed 10 Apr, 1968
    Wed 10 Apr, 1968
    Episode 30
    Irma has last minute doubts about emigrating. Stan is taken on at the site by foreman Wilf Jones. Val tells Ken that No.9 is getting on her nerves. Hilda tells Irma she sent Vince round. Irma accuses her of trying to wreck her marriage and they both break down. Les paints over the Barlows name on the shop. The residents see the Barlows off as they leave for Australia. Jenny feels there's not much chance of Dennis and her ever settling down. She tells Minnie that Elsie is still making her feel uncomfortable. Minnie decides to tackle Elsie; if Ena can do it so can she.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 1968
    Mon 8 Apr, 1968
    Episode 29
    Jenny packs but Dennis stops her returning to London. Hilda is horrified that Stan has resigned from the Yard. Len goes to Nottingham as Stanley is ill. Val sees an artists impression of the new maisonettes and thinks they look great. Dennis persuades Minnie to take Jenny in. Stan plans to get a labouring job at the building site. Dennis is amazed as Minnie guards Jenny's virtue. David and Irma pack. Val calls Ken a stick-in-the-mud for not being interested in the maisonettes. Hilda discovers drayman Vince Boyle tried to settle in Australia but couldn't. She asks him to talk to Irma. Irma is horrified at Vince's tales, Hilda is pleased.moreless
  • Wed 3 Apr, 1968
    Wed 3 Apr, 1968
    Episode 28
    Jerry wants to give Stan a chance to prove himself as a plumber but Len thinks it's a bad idea. Maggie tells Irma she's interested in herbalism. Len tells Stan he can't be their plumber; they're going to get someone else. Stan walks out of the Yard. Les works at the shop with the Barlows. All the OAP flats are allocated but Len puts pressure on Ironfield to house Ena. She has been allocated a flat two miles away. Elsie admits she wants Jenny out of No.11.moreless
  • Mon 1 Apr, 1968
    Mon 1 Apr, 1968
    Episode 27
    Emily is upset that Miklos is moving on and feels he doesn't want her anymore. Jenny decides it's time she got a job. Mrs Maggie Clegg looks at the shop and tells David it's exactly what she's looking for. Elsie doesn't want to be bitchy with Jenny but can't help herself as she feels too much like her. Maggie brings her husband, Les, to the shop. Miklos asks Emily to go on holiday to Scotland with him, he promises he will not make any demands on her and she agrees. Jenny gets a job as demonstrator at Ashworths, selling kitchen equipment. Minnie gets a letter from Ena saying she wants to come back, and move into one of the maisonettes. Emily packs and leaves with Miklos for a holiday. The Cleggs decide to buy the shop. Les realises it's a fresh start and it's up to him to make it work.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 1968
    Wed 27 Mar, 1968
    Episode 26
    Len agrees to work on the units. Jenny threatens to leave unless Elsie is nicer to her. David tells the Gazette about his Australia plans in an attempt to interest people in the shop. Emily tells Val that she wants Miklos and wants to marry him but he doesn't want roots. David is horrified when he reads the report in the paper. Miklos tells Val it is because he cares for Emily that he can't pursue her - he knows he'll hurt her. The story on David says that "Young people want more out of life that this town can offer; a vista of dirty back streets, railway arches and the eternal dingy local pub. According to a close family friend. Mr and Mrs Barlow feel that the one man grocers shop in this day and age is a complete anachronism." David realises Albert has been on to the paper. Lucille rows with Emily for taking the day off work and is told to shut up by her. Val protects Albert from David. Albert tells her he got £2 for giving the paper the story. Dennis asks Elsie to try to get on better with Jenny. Lucille discovers that Miklos has been transferred to Newcastle.moreless
  • Mon 25 Mar, 1968
    Mon 25 Mar, 1968
    Episode 25
    Dennis and Jenny find it hard living with Elsie. Ken and Val plan a picnic but the car won't start. Emily is surprised at the amount of time she spends in the Rovers. She tells Val she fancies Miklos but doesn't know if she could sleep with him. Minnie amazes Ken by getting the car to work. Lucille feels Miklos is wasted on Emily. Miklos lets Emily's hair down and tries to get her into bed. He is angry when she stops him. She tells him she tried and breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 20 Mar, 1968
    Wed 20 Mar, 1968
    Episode 24
    Val lets Ken believe she's opening a barbers. He is furious. Len thinks Jerry is running his life. Irma worries that no one is buying the shop because of the slum clearances. Wilde thinks he'll get shoddy workmanship from Jerry and Len for £180 a unit, but gives them the contract. David puts the sale in the hands of an agent. Len thinks the tender is too low. Jerry knows they'll make no money out of it but is thinking of the future. Len doesn't want to expand; he likes things the way they are. Jerry tells him he'll take the contract on himself.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 1968
    Mon 18 Mar, 1968
    Episode 23
    The shop goes up for sale. Jenny feels unwanted by Elsie. Wilde tells Jerry to submit a tender for the maisonettes that are being built on the factory site. Dennis can't sell the sundries. Len is angry that Jerry saw Mr Wilde without telling him. Val agrees to give Dennis a £30 order and give him back the stuff to sell so that his bosses will be pleased with him. He is taken on permanently at Crowning Glory. David shows a buyer round the shop but he thinks the price is too high. Val thinks of opening the Salon again. Ken discovers a box of one gross cut throat razors on the doorstep and thinks Val is going into men's hairdressing.moreless
  • Episode 7701
    Episode 22
    Peter faces the music as Leanne demands answers. Finding a distressed Carla outside the doctors Peter's taken her home. But when Leanne comes calling, demanding answers following Frank's allegations, the fact he's there is all the proof she needs. Laying into them Leanne claims she knows about their sordid affair and how Carla left Stella for dead. As she storms out Carla hits the bottle, self-destructive she's spiralling into depression and despair. Meanwhile Peter desperately tries to convince Leanne that she's wrong about him and Carla, begging her not to tell anyone he lied about the crash for Simon's sake. Will Leanne be moved?moreless
  • Episode 6915
    Episode 22
    Kevin and Sally calls the police and report Rosie missing. Janice continues to enjoy her winnings as she and Roger take delivery of a new plasma TV. Becky and Jason celebrate finding a flat to rent on Mawdsley Street. Eileen's pleased for them. The police question Tony and John as to Rosie's whereabouts.moreless
  • Wed 13 Mar, 1968
    Wed 13 Mar, 1968
    Episode 22
    Elsie refuses to believe Dennis is married. Emily worries that Miklos is too passionate. Jenny tells Elsie they're not married. She tells them they can't sleep together. She locks Dennis into the parlour. David is told the Australian job is his. Irma realises they'd be stupid not to go to Australia when she sees the picture of the house that goes with the job. Dennis is annoyed that Elsie is playing Miss Morality. She dislikes Jenny and thinks it's only infatuation. Hilda breaks down when she is told about the emigrating. Dennis gets a job selling hairdressing sundries.moreless
  • Episode 7173
    Episode 21
    John's devastated and begs Fiz to reconsider but she's adamant she can't marry him and risk losing Chesney forever. Michelle arrives at Luke's flat to find him semi-naked. Rosie emerges from the bathroom and pretends she's shocked to see Michelle. Luke, realising he's been duped by Rosie, tries to explain himself but to no avail. Michelle dumps him. Luke tells Rosie she's fired. Chesney realises how much Fiz means to him. He tells Hayley he's changed his mind and wants to attend Fiz's wedding. Fiz sits outside the prison sobbing in her wedding dress. Roy consoles her. Dev bribes Darryl with ?500 to move to Spain and leave Amber. Darryl initially refuses but Dev persuades him he'll be doing Amber a favour.Norris interviews a lady called Sheila Wheeler for the job in the Kabin. He offers her the job. Darryl tells Amber he's moving to Spain. Amber's devastated. As Fiz and Roy prepare to leave the prison, they're shocked and delighted to see Chesney and Hayley running towards them. Chesney apologises to Fiz for missing her wedding but she tells him she couldn't go ahead without him. They embrace.moreless
  • Episode 6914
    Episode 21
    Janice and Leanne are excited when the bank card arrives in Rosie's name. Janice celebrates by skiving off work and making Roger a Champagne breakfast. Sophie shows Kevin a flier she's made for the garage. Kevin's touched. Sally's worried sick when she discovers Rosie's bed hasn't been slept in. Kevin reckons Rosie's just up to her usual tricks.moreless
  • Mon 11 Mar, 1968
    Mon 11 Mar, 1968
    Episode 21
    Hilda gets on everyone's nerves about Australia. Dennis and Jenny Sutton travel up from London, needing a base. He gets her to pretend they are married to put the neighbours off. Hilda is stunned when Stan tells her she can go to Australia - on her own. He's not leaving England. David tells Irma he realises they can't go to Australia. She tells him she thinks she's pregnant. Dennis introduces Jenny to Elsie as 'Mrs Tanner'.moreless
  • Episode 7172
    Episode 20
    Fiz is downcast as Natasha and Anna help her prepare for her wedding. Amber tells Dev she's thinking of jacking in university as she's back with Darryl. Norris makes it clear to Tina that he's now the boss. Tina humours him. Rosie invents a fake meeting and tells Luke he needs to meet his landlord back at the flat at lunchtime. She secretly steals his mobile and texts Michelle. Roy insists he can't let Fiz down and he's going to attend her wedding. However Hayley and Chesney stick to their guns and refuse to go. The factory girls spot Fiz in her wedding dress about to leave. They're shocked but Sean, Kelly and Janice wish her well whilst Rosie is vitriolic. Teresa's furious to find out Darryl and Amber are back on. She complains to Dev who promises he has a plan to end their relationship once and for all. Norris interviews Kirk for a job in the Kabin but he's totally clueless. Fiz arrives at the prison for her wedding. She finally admits to John that everyone's against them including Chesney. John's annoyed that she lied to him but touched realising how much she must love him. Rosie dupes Luke and Michelle round to his flat. Rosie arrives before Michelle and sets about seducing Luke. The registrar is waiting to marry Fiz and John when Fiz suddenly gets cold feet. She tells John that without Chesney's approval she can't marry him.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 1968
    Wed 6 Mar, 1968
    Episode 20
    David tells Irma he played football and never had a twinge, she slaps his face in anger. He tells her he wants to play professionally again - for a team in Australia. The Barlows worry as Dennis sends furniture from London to store with them. Irma doesn't want to go to Australia. She tells David he can go on his own. She is shocked when Hilda says they'll come as well. Emily and Miklos realise they have no ties - they can do anything they want to. Elsie ventures into the Rovers. Annie gives her a free gin. Miklos kisses Emily.moreless
  • Episode 6912
    Episode 19
    Rosie and Kevin are still at loggerheads. Sally takes Kevin's side. Clarissa surprises Harry telling she wants them to give their marriage another go. Tony invites Rosie out to lunch to make up for their cancelled evening. Rosie enjoys showing off to Janice, Sean and Fiz.
  • Mon 4 Mar, 1968
    Mon 4 Mar, 1968
    Episode 19
    The residents wonder at what Elsie is doing, locked away in No.11. Len realises that it's Elsie's birthday. David tells Ken he's going to play a game of football - his first since the accident. Val gets a letter from Dennis saying he's returning. Miklos tells Emily he doesn't want to put roots down. Len bangs on Elsie's door until she lets him in. He makes her talk to him. She tells him she's left Steve. She didn't fit in in America. He makes her admit that Steve wasn't the perfect husband but was a swine. She tells him they had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Steve was posted to South America - he volunteered and didn't want Elsie to go with him. She tells Len that Steve had told her he was sorry he'd married her. She doesn't know what's going to happen to her.moreless
  • Episode 7697
    Episode 18
    Peter takes the law into his own hands. As word spreads that the wedding is off, and a shaky Carla returns to her flat, the police start their enquiries on the street. First it's the Alahans who report they served a cheery Frank last night. Next it's Peter who's forced to deny Frank's allegations that he was having an affair with Carla. His anger building Peter confronts Frank but as a furious fight spills out onto the street it's Peter who ends up getting arrested! Meanwhile Leanne calls on Carla where she can't help but question just how Peter's involved in this. Breaking down Carla promises that Peter has done nothing wrong but will it quell Leanne's suspicions?moreless
  • Episode 7170
    Episode 18
    It's Fiz's 25th birthday but the day is marred when Kirk announces he is moving out. Chesney's upset and blames Fiz. Rita contemplates life away from The Kabin. Michelle agrees to go for a drink with Luke. Tina's highly amused when Jason informs her that he has made the finals of Mr Gay UK. She decides to throw a party to celebrate. Rosie puts on a brave face at the factory in front of Luke and the girls. Kirk bids Chesney, Fiz and Schmeichel an emotional farewell before knocking next door and asking Maria if he can stay. An estate agent shows Rita around one of the Victoria Court apartments. Tina invites Darryl and Michelle to the party. Rita tells Norris that she will sell him her share of The Kabin and that she intends to move into Victoria Court. Norris is thrilled and suggests she need not come back to the shop at all. Kelly flirts with Luke in front of Rosie. Rosie throws her Frappuccino over her. Sophie assures Rosie that she can have any man she wants. Rosie determines to win Luke back.Darryl asks Amber to go to Tina's party with him. Teresa invites herself along too. Fiz visits John. He apologises for not getting her a birthday card and tells her he's written his wedding vows. Fiz is uncomfortable about lying to him. Rosie's furious to see Luke and Michelle kissing in the street.moreless
  • Episode 6911
    Episode 18
    Liz is distraught knowing Harry used her, and Vernon who really loved her, has gone. Audrey arrives back from her holiday. Maria feels sick. She wonders if she's pregnant but it's only food-poisoning. Tony's financial advisor warns him he needs to make cut-backs and suggests he postpones the wedding. Tony refuses - he doesn't want Carla to know about his cash flow problem.moreless
  • Wed 28 Feb, 1968
    Wed 28 Feb, 1968
    Episode 18
    Albert tells the police Miklos stole the coins. David likes the idea of living somewhere where he doesn't know anyone. The residents worry about Elsie, living in a pigsty in No.11. Miklos accuses Albert of slandering him. He refuses to tell Albert where he spent the day. Miklos tells Emily he was visiting a friend in hospital. The police catch the thief trying to sell the coins. He's a casual worker from the building site. George Dickinson turns up and asks Jerry to take Myra back. Elsie breaks down.moreless
  • Episode 7169
    Episode 17
    Rosie is excited about moving in with Luke. Norris sorts through Ramsay's belongings for the charity shop. He donates everything but the photos and letters. He gives Emily a fob watch that Ramsay treasured. She is grateful. Sean notices Fiz's gloomy mood and thinks her friends should be more supportive. Rosie announces to the factory staff that she and Luke are going to live together. They are incredulous. Dev's thrilled when Amber visits as it's Freshers' Week at university. Minnie notes that there is something wrong but Dev's oblivious. Fiz glumly puts the finishing touches to her wedding dress. Kirk announces that he has an interview for a dental hygienist's job. He asks Fiz for advice but Julie steers him away. Luke tells Michelle that he couldn't bring himself to dump Rosie and he doesn't want her to move in. Michelle's sceptical. Gary's annoyed when Anna invites Chesney round for a meal again. Norris stuns Rita by offering to buy her share of The Kabin. Kirk's upset when he fails his job interview. Fiz lays into him, saying she has more important things to think about. Amber admits to Minnie that she's not settling in at university.In the Rovers, Luke finally tells Rosie that he doesn't want her to move in and that they are finished. Rosie leaves, hurt and humiliated.moreless
  • Episode 6910
    Episode 17
    Harry's desperate to find Liz to tell her their date's off but Clarissa, aware that he's two-timing her, refuses to leave him alone. Janice goes to see an old mate of Les's and pays him ??50 for some fake identity. Liz excitedly gets her hair done and shows off her new dress to Deirdre.moreless
  • Mon 26 Feb, 1968
    Mon 26 Feb, 1968
    Episode 17
    Jack goes to tell the enquiry agent that he didn't see Myra but Jerry stops him and changes his own statement. David feels there must be something more to life than serving a load of gossipy women. Jerry tells the agent what really happened between him and Myra and how she tried to seduce him. Miklos stands Albert up in the Rovers. The regulars row in the Rovers over Communism. Albert finds No.1 has been ransacked and his coins are missing. He blames Miklos.moreless
  • Episode 7695
    Episode 16
    Carla suffers a terrible ordeal. As Frank struggles to get his head round what Carla is saying she insists a clean break is best as she can't return his love. It's a slap in the face for Frank who storms out of the factory. Witnessing his anger Peter heads inside where a bitter Carla reveals she's called the wedding off because of him. How will Peter react? Back at the flat Frank's waiting for Carla, having worked out why she's been seeing her solicitor. His suspicions and his blood boiling Frank refuses to walk away. Needing to get through to him Carla admits her feelings for Peter. Losing it Frank grabs her...when we next see Carla she's lying on the floor traumatized. Fighting her tears she calls Maria who races round. As she breaks down Carla reveals the horrible truth about Frank.moreless
  • Episode 7168
    Episode 16
    Luke confides in Michelle that his relationship with Rosie is coming to an end. He invites Rosie to his flat to talk. Emily tells Norris that Ramsay left him the trunk for a reason and orders him to open it. Leanne informs Peter that she has taken a job in a bar. He's not pleased as he'll hardly see her. Rosie criticises Janice's handiwork. Janice tells her that Luke has no intention of producing her designs and everyone is laughing at her.Norris steels himself as he opens Ramsay's trunk. He discovers a bundle of unopened letters. Anna sees Chesney looking miserable and invites him round for lunch. He's grateful. Janice and Blanche discuss Peter and Leanne's union. They both have misgivings. Norris shows Emily the letters. They were from Ramsay to his mother, desperate for some acknowledgement. He sees his mother in a new light as she sent back the letters without even opening them. Chesney compares John to Cilla's dodgy boyfriends. He fears he'll be left to fend for himself. Fiz is adamant that John is the love of her life and she is nothing like Cilla. Norris finds a boomerang which Ramsay once sent to him. He's upset that his mother never let him see it. He's horrified to find a cruel note his mother sent to Ramsay, telling him to leave her alone. Luke admits to Rosie he was humouring her design ideas. She cries in the toilet. Luke cannot bring himself to finish with her. She suggests she move in with him.Norris breaks down in Emily's arms, full of regret at turning his back on Ramsay.moreless
  • Episode 6909
    Episode 16
    Vernon pours his heart and soul into a love letter in a last ditch attempt to win Liz back. Norris is horrified having discovered weevils in the breadbin at Emily's. Rosie's upset neither Kevin nor Sally believe her story about John. Sophie's annoyed they can't afford for her to go on the school ski trip. Kevin's at his wit's end and wonders if he should sell the business to Tony after all.moreless
  • Wed 21 Feb, 1968
    Wed 21 Feb, 1968
    Episode 16
    The students campaign for ransom money. Jack refuses to pay up. Elsie wants to get in contact with Dennis but no one has his address. Minnie becomes an agent for a catalogue. Hilda is annoyed as it is the same firm she's an agent for. Annie enjoys her captivity in the University and gladly pays the students £5. Tim asks Lucille to appear in the rag procession on a float as a 1920s Bathing Beauty. Hilda warns Minnie off her patch. Myra tells Jerry she has a witness to prove they were together. Irma discovers Emily is reading up on Communism. Hilda feels bad when she discovers Minnie has taken to drink. Lucille dresses up in Annie's old swimsuit. She is scared of losing Tim's affections. The enquiry agent tells Jerry that Jack is the witness. Elsie tells Len she wants to be left on her own. Hilda gives Minnie half her catalogue and they go into partnership. Jerry asks Jack to commit perjury and say he didn't see Myra.moreless
  • Episode 7694
    Episode 15
    Carla bites the bullet and confronts Frank. It's the eve of the wedding and Carla now knows she has to get out of this. Meeting with her solicitor Carla hears how Frank could make life very difficult for her and is advised to make the split as amicable as possible. Full of anxious determination she heads off to speak to Frank. Putting the blame firmly on herself she reveals her doubts. As Carla tells Frank she can't marry him how will he react?moreless
  • Episode 7167
    Episode 15
    Norris reveals that Ramsay has left him ?127,000 and all his worldly goods. Sophie and Ben search the internet for Australian holidays for Emily. Emily's grateful for their thoughtfulness and is moved when Sophie asks her to speak at her baptism. Fiz cannot bring herself to tell John about her row with Chesney. She squirms when he tells her he's made special arrangements so that Chesney can be at the wedding. Rosie finds Luke in the Rovers. He tells her his night out was postponed. Liz notes Michelle's attraction to Luke. Norris undertakes an impromptu stock-taking to avoid going home to open a trunk containing Ramsay's belongings. Rosie takes Luke back to Number 4. They sleep together but he can't wait to get away. He returns to the Rovers and chats up Michelle. Rita and Emily encourage Norris to open the trunk but he claims he is not interested.Kirk admits to Fiz that he told Chesney about the wedding. Fiz is despondent as she can't seem to please anybody. Sophie asks Rosie how it feels to be in love. She thinks she's falling in love with Ben. Norris informs Rita and Emily that he doesn't want Ramsay's money. He gives the trunk to Emily for the charity shop. He shouts at them to respect his feelings.moreless
  • Mon 19 Feb, 1968
    Mon 19 Feb, 1968
    Episode 15
    Lucille takes up with art student Tim Jordan. Jerry is pleased that he feels nothing for Myra. Len and Val take care of Elsie, she gives nothing away. Tim charms the ladies in the Street. Jerry discovers Myra has told the court she's spent the night with him. Minnie advertises in the shop window for a man for companionship. The students collect for rag week. Len assures Jerry he's in the clear as no one knows Myra stayed. Annie throws the students out of the Rovers. Tim bets Lucille he can get the Rovers to pay up for Rag week. David tells Minnie to talk to Ena before she advertises. An enquiry agent checks Jerry out. Jerry tells him Myra is lying. Elsie lets it be known she's home for a break because Steve has been posted to Panama. Annie is kidnapped by the students, who demand £5 for her release. Jack starts off the appeal with a penny.moreless
  • Episode 7693
    Episode 14
    Becky fights but is it all for show? Becky reels, unable to understand why Steve is siding with Tracy. Biting the bullet Steve reveals it's because she's carrying his child. As Steve tries to explain why he wants the baby Becky's crushed and orders him out. But after a chat with Hayley Becky's steel returns. Storming round to the flat she throws Tracy out, claiming that while she's still married to Steve it's her flat and she's going to bleed him dry. Arriving at the scene will Steve be able to talk her round?moreless
  • Episode 6907
    Episode 14
    John begs Fiz to reconsider but Fiz tells him it's over. Tom sets off for New York on business. Liam wishes he were going too. Norris calls in the kebab shop hoping for gossip. He's not disappointed when Teresa and Jerry row in front of him.
  • Wed 14 Feb, 1968
    Wed 14 Feb, 1968
    Episode 14
    Hilda receives a valentine from George. Jerry tells Myra it's no good - they can't get back together. She tells him he hasn't given it chance. He asks her to leave. Ken gets Val a 'modern' painting as a Valentine. She hates it. Jack calls on Jerry and is surprised to find Myra there. Albert shows Miklos his coin collection. Jerry tells Myra he's glad they're getting divorced. She phones the divorce courts. Ena leaves for St Anne's as Elsie arrives back in the Street.moreless
  • Episode 6906
    Episode 13
    Jason and Becky are all loved up after a night of passion. They agree to go flat-hunting. Kayleigh pours her heart out to Gail saying she blames herself for encouraging her dad to let Teresa stay at the house. Gail comforts her. Janice and Sean continue to needle Fiz over her relationship with John. Fiz gets increasingly upset wishing she could have her friends' approval.moreless
  • Mon 12 Feb, 1968
    Mon 12 Feb, 1968
    Episode 13
    Ken and Val realise the twins are missing. Ken hears the twins squealing in the factory as they play in the puddles, he and Miklos carry them out, stopping the bulldozer. Myra tries to analyse where the marriage went wrong. She tries desperately to please Jerry. Ena accuses Minnie of being too interested in Bobby to see the twins. Val realises the twins are becoming more independent. Jerry visit's Myra's house and brings back some of her clothes. Annie complains about the dirt in the Rovers but Miklos wins her round. Ena tells Minnie that Henry has offered her lodgings again. Jerry refuses to sleep with Myra. Minnie begs Ena not to leave but Ena says she's accepted the offer.moreless
  • Episode 7691
    Episode 12
    Steve decides to face up to his responsibilities. As Tracy heads to the abortion clinic Deirdre is desperate to stop her. Feeling powerless she turns to Steve urging him to see that while Amy wasn't planned she's the best thing in his life. He was desperate for another child and now he's making Tracy get rid of one. As Steve falters Becky waits at the mediation meeting, heartened by how amicable her relationship with Steve has become. But as time ticks on it looks like Steve isn't going to show. Steve's at the abortion clinic but is he too late?moreless
  • Episode 7164
    Episode 12
    Sally finishes packing for the holiday. Kevin and Molly arrange to meet at the motel earlier than planned. Janice notices Leanne is wavering on her decision to leave. She tells her that Peter is bad news and she should forget him. Jack sorts through his belongings. He gets sentimental about Vera and wonders if he's doing the right thing by moving. Dev bids Amber an emotional farewell as she leaves for university. Norris decides he cannot attend Ramsay's funeral as he would be a hypocrite. Rita asks him to make the effort for Emily's sake. Norris capitulates. Molly and Kevin have sex at the motel. Molly notices it's time for Kevin to leave for his flight but chooses not to tell him. Norris, Blanche, Emily and Rita attend Ramsay's funeral. There is a good turn-out. At the last minute, Norris decides to address the congregation. He admits not knowing his brother but is pleased to see so many people liked him. Emily's grateful. Peter pleads his case one last time to Leanne. He tells her he'd never really wanted to commit to anyone before her. Sally's in a panic as Kevin is late and they are due at the airport. Peter and Simon are ecstatic when Leanne turns up with her bags and agrees to move in. Molly feigns ignorance as Kevin realises the time and dresses frantically.moreless
  • Wed 7 Feb, 1968
    Wed 7 Feb, 1968
    Episode 12
    The demolishers descend on the factory with bulldozers. Len is annoyed at Myra's presence in the house. Bobby goes missing. Minnie thinks Ena has driven him out. Annie strings onions up around the pub to get rid of the paint fumes. Len tells Jerry to get rid of Myra but he is keen to have her around. He warns him that they could be accused of collusion and goes away to leave them to it. The twins follow Bobby into the factory. Myra asks to spend the weekend with Jerry. He agrees. Minnie rescues Bobby. The demolition starts as Susan and Peter cower in the factory.moreless
  • Episode 7690
    Episode 11
    Tracy makes a drastic decision. As Steve reels Deirdre pleads with him to speak to Tracy before it's too late. At first Steve refuses to believe it, accusing Tracy of lying, but as she breaks down her vulnerability finally convinces him she's telling the truth. But it changes nothing for Steve, he won't let her use another child to manipulate him and refuses to be a father to this baby. Thrusting her referral to the abortion clinic into his hands she spits back it's nothing more than she expected from him. Will Steve agree that an abortion is the way forward?moreless
  • Episode 7163
    Episode 11
    Leanne and Peter have spent the night together. Peter's elated but Leanne's keen not to rush things. Sally prepares for the holiday. Kevin books himself and Molly a motel room for tomorrow afternoon. Jesse learns that his van has turned up and goes to collect it. Simon's overjoyed to see Leanne. Leanne's suspicious when he mentions Michelle but Peter glosses over it. Rosie's unimpressed to see Michelle back in town. Leanne tricks Michelle into divulging her one-night stand with Peter. Norris informs Emily that Ramsay's funeral is set for tomorrow. She says she will spread the word. Norris thinks nobody will be interested. Leanne confronts Peter about Michelle. He tries to explain but she calls him a compulsive liar and says they're finished. Eileen's annoyed when John the parrot turns up in her back yard. Jesse's delighted. Janice tries to persuade Leanne not to leave. Leanne refuses to talk to Peter and throws items of Janice's shopping at him from the window. Emily suggests to Norris that he give the eulogy at the funeral. He refuses. Peter tells Blanche he's blown it with Leanne. Molly's alarmed to learn that Jack's leaving drinks clash with her planned tryst with Kevin. Blanche instructs Leanne to consider Simon's feelings. Blanche says if Leanne intends to leave again, she must stay away for good. Leanne's thoughtful.moreless
  • Episode 6904
    Episode 11
    John and Fiz are all loved up over breakfast. Julie's disapproving and thinks Fiz is making a terrible mistake taking him back. Norris is worried that Emily's gone to see her solicitor to change her will. Rita enjoys winding him up. Becky drops hints to Jason that she'd like them to get a place of their own.moreless
  • Mon 5 Feb, 1968
    Mon 5 Feb, 1968
    Episode 11
    The Rovers is decorated. Emily tells Irma she and Miklos are getting very friendly. Myra flaunts her new friendship with Jerry. The Walkers change the old pumps. Annie is horrified to discover the factory is to be demolished when the Rovers is to be painted. Miklos worries about the demolition because the factory is so old. Myra calls on Jerry late at night and begs him to tell her he loves her. She tells him she is lonely and begs to stay the night.moreless
  • Episode 7689
    Episode 10
    Deirdre betrays Tracy over her abortion. As Steve and Becky chat it's clear he's still harbouring feelings for her but he's thrown when he spots Deirdre with Amy. Finding Tracy he lays into her for stealing his daughter, Tracy tries to calm him saying there's something he needs to know but Steve refuses to listen, he hates her. Tracy's broken and with all hopes for her and Steve gone she tells the Barlows she's going to have an abortion. Tracy swears Deirdre to secrecy but convinced it's a knee jerk reaction to Steve's anger she heads to the pub. Steve's upbeat having made plans with Becky to offer her a good settlement at the mediation meeting tomorrow but when Deirdre drops the bombshell that Tracy's pregnant how will he react?moreless
  • Episode 7162
    Episode 10
    Peter admits to Leanne that he has seen other women in her absence. He promises to be entirely honest with her if she will let him cook for her tonight. She agrees. Sean's full of remorse for admitting a burglar to the house. Eileen's forgiving until she discovers that the insurance company won't pay out as the robber was invited in. Molly fears that Kevin will finish with her after a posh holiday with Sally. He tells her that they have something special and he is not prepared to give her up. Amber begs Darryl to forgive her but he insists their lives are going in different directions and they should end their relationship. Jack tells Molly and Tyrone he will move out on Friday and they can keep his and Vera's belongings. Guilty Molly's tearful when Jack says she and Tyrone are made for each other. Audrey's sceptical of Gail's claim that Joe is making an effort. Joe informs Gail that Bill has asked him to help repair a kitchen. Blanche babysits Simon while Peter entertains. Leanne compliments him on his improvement as a father. Audrey's grudgingly impressed when Joe gives Gail some of his wages from Bill. Michelle arrives back and Ryan takes her bags into the salon flat. Peter informs Leanne about the fire at the flat and his two conquests. He fails to mention Michelle's name. He tells her how much he loves her and she kisses him.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jan, 1968
    Wed 31 Jan, 1968
    Episode 10
    Ena is curious of Minnie's habits. Myra is thrilled when Jerry calls. She assures him she has no ulterior motives. Irma and Val chat Miklos up. They arrange a date but then want to back out. Minnie and Ena fall out about household money and sharing. Val and Irma try to set Emily up with Miklos. Len warns Jerry that Myra is up to no good. The Brewery refuse to decorate the Rovers to Annie's specifications so she tells them she'll pay for the decorating. Jack refuses. Miklos takes Emily out. Myra tells Jerry he's under Len's thumb. To show her she's wrong he takes her out.moreless
  • Episode 7688
    Episode 9
    Peter has some stern words for Carla. As the police question Peter and Leanne about the night of the crash Peter's torn between protecting Carla and revealing the truth. Does he still have feelings for Carla that will prevent him from seeing her jailed? Meanwhile Frank is taken to the police station to make a statement. Will he be charge or will their attentions be turned to Carla?moreless
  • Episode 7161
    Episode 9
    Eileen is horrified to discover she's been burgled and the TV, DVD player and radio are missing. In her panic, she fails to spot Jesse's parrot escaping. Leanne tells Janice that she has split up with her boyfriend. Jesse discovers his van has also been stolen. He's mortified to find that John is missing. Blanche tells Peter about Leanne's return. He dashes round to see her and they arrange to meet for lunch. Joe asks Bill to notify him if there's any work for him. Sally shows Kevin a holiday brochure. He dismisses the idea as too expensive. Amber apologises to Darryl for their row the night before. He tells her he saw her kissing Mitch and finishes with her. Leanne and Peter lunch in Roy's Rolls. Leanne's impressed by how Peter's dealing with his drinking. He thanks her for helping him realise his problems. Sally reveals to Kevin that Rosie has agreed to pay for their holiday. Kevin and Molly are less than happy with the news. The police investigate Eileen's robbery. Sean admits that he brought a bloke home last night and he must have robbed them. Eileen and Jesse are stunned. Leanne pretends to Peter that her relationship is going well. He fibs that he's been living like a monk since she left. He asks her to come back for good. She realises she can't trust him and walks out.moreless
  • Episode 6902
    Episode 9
    Fiz stays the night with John at his Gran's house. John persuades her to phone in sick again and take the day off work. Mel's hungover and depressed about Abi. She blames herself for the situation. Tom and Liam move all the stock out of No.7 to their new lock-up.
  • Mon 29 Jan, 1968
    Mon 29 Jan, 1968
    Episode 9
    The residents try to clean the dust away from the demolition. Len worries that Myra could try to jeopardise the divorce. Ena settles into Minnie's and tries to get used to being retired. The Brewery plans to redecorate the Rovers. Annie wants it done it Silver Buckingham wallpaper. The residents get to know Miklos. Jerry discovers Myra has been in the Street. Myra assures Len she is not contesting the divorce, she is interested in Jerry's relationship with Irma. Jerry decides to visit Myra to find out what she's up to.moreless
  • Episode 6901
    Episode 8
    Fiz skives off work to go to John's grandmother's funeral. John's really touched and they set off to the church together. Tom and Carla go to look at lock-ups they can use for storage. Liam's not happy.
  • Wed 24 Jan, 1968
    Wed 24 Jan, 1968
    Episode 8
    Ena is moved out of the Vestry but refuses to tell where she's moving to. She lets the removal men pack the van full of her belongings before telling them she's moving across the road to Minnie's. Dennis apologises to the Walkers and is allowed back in the Rovers. Annie advises him to go to London to find Jenny. The residents enjoy watching the Mission being flattened but Ena breaks down as she watches her home being demolished. Agnes and Stan realise it's all over between Hilda and George. Dennis packs and leaves the Street. Minnie presents Ena with a key to No.5. At the ice-rink, Jerry and Irma bump into Myra.moreless
  • Episode 7159
    Episode 7
    Simon asks Peter if they can hold a funeral for his rabbit. Peter agrees. Becky and Steve prepare to hold a second wedding reception at the Rovers. Darryl's put out when Amber's friend Mitch shares a cab to a party with them. He's even more upset to hear that Mitch is going to the same university as Amber. Sophie suggests Peter holds the rabbit's funeral in the back garden of Number 4 so that Simon can visit its grave.Darryl accuses Amber of fancying Mitch. They row and she leaves for the party without him. Peter, Simon, Sophie, Blanche and Ken attend Leanne the rabbit's funeral. Simon makes a speech. Jesse auditions potential assistants. A lady called Halley fails to impress and Eileen sends her packing. Julie volunteers her services to Jesse. Peter decides Simon needs cheering up by taking him on a little trip. Lloyd steps in to help Liz behind the bar when Sean skives off to meet Jason and Leon in town. Hooch drives up outside the Rovers and orders Steve to get into the car. Steve hesitates before climbing in. Hooch drives off. Peter takes Simon to an Italian restaurant in Leeds. A waitress shows them to a table and sends someone to take their order. It's Leanne. Simon's thrilled.moreless
  • Episode 6900
    Episode 7
    Liam's furious with Carla for buying into his business. He tells her she can have her money back and storms out of the pub. Fiz finds out from Lloyd that John's grandma Nel has died. She makes up her mind to go to the funeral as she got on well with Nel.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan, 1968
    Mon 22 Jan, 1968
    Episode 7
    The demolishers move into the Street. Miklos promise Minnie he'll make it as painless as possible for Ena. Jenny tells Dennis she knows about him blackmailing Rowe and thinks he's clever. Ena is given the choice of a Council flat or Sunshine Villas Old Folks Home. Jenny realises Dennis fancies her. Hilda investigates Stan's woman. Jerry agrees to take Irma skating to ease her boredom. Hilda tells George she can't see him anymore. She agrees to let Mabel stay with Winston. Dennis discovers Jenny has left for London.moreless
  • Episode 7685
    Episode 6
    Stella's life hangs in the balance. As Stella's taken into surgery bleeding internally a distraught Karl, Eva and Leanne wait for news. Seeing Frank Karl flies at him demanding to know what happened. Frank covers, apologising that it all happened so fast, she came out of nowhere. It's not good enough for Karl who has to be restrained but will it be enough for the police? Meanwhile Carla's in turmoil, she's horrified to hear that Stella might die and refuses to let Frank take the blame for her. As Frank insists she keep to the story will Stella pull through?moreless
  • Episode 7158
    Episode 6
    Steve and Becky are certain that Becky will go to prison later today. They worry about the effect of her disappearance on Amy. Liz suggests Becky explain to Amy. Peter discovers Simon's rabbit Leanne has died. Becky tells Amy that she might not be around when she gets back from school. Amy tells her not to be sad. They embrace. Liz and Steve are moved. Amber invites Minnie and Darryl to a friend's party. Darryl agrees but is not keen. Minnie tells him to share his concerns with Amber. Kelly and Blanche tell Peter that he must explain the truth about the rabbit to Simon. Pam offers to help Jesse advertise for a new assistant on the internet. Becky goes to the caf? for a final meal. Kelly gloats that she deserves to be framed as she played the same trick on her. Becky tells her she'll always have Steve. Liz and Lloyd wish Becky luck and bid her farewell as she and Steve set off for the police station. Darryl suggests to Amber that he could get a job in London and they can share a flat. She dismisses the idea but promises to visit at weekends and assures him they'll survive. Darryl's downcast. Peter breaks the news of the rabbit's death to Simon. He's upset and asks if it's in heaven with his mum. Peter comforts him. Becky and Steve return to the Rovers in a state of confusion. Becky's been released and the charges dropped but she's suspicious of Hooch's motives. Jason models a bright orange boiler suit for Bill. It's Pam's idea to make the business recognisable. Leon arrives and admires Jason's outfit. Peter confides in Blanche that Simon's using the rabbit's death to grieve for his mum.moreless
  • Episode 6899
    Episode 6
    Sean's heartbroken and keeps leaving messages on Marcus's phone but to no avail. Maria and Liam are all loved up as they try for babies. Sean plays the drama queen and goes on and on about Marcus driving the factory girls mad. Tom gets a call from the bank refusing to lend him the ??50k. Tom lies to Liam telling him the money is sorted.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jan, 1968
    Wed 17 Jan, 1968
    Episode 6
    Dennis threatens to tell the management that Rowe is on the fiddle. Rowe pretends Dennis beat him and apologises to Jenny. Hilda writes Stan a note telling him of her unfaithfulness. He ignores it. Demolishers Jimmy Gibson and Miklos Zadic reccie the factory. Lucille falls for Hungarian Miklos. Agnes and Stan worry about the confession element. Elsie phones up, Dennis tells her about Jenny. Len tries to get her to talk about herself but she puts the phone down. Hilda discovers Stan has been entertaining a woman.moreless
  • Episode 7684
    Episode 5
    Stella could die as Frank carries the can for Carla. As Frank checks Stella's lifeless body Peter emerges to survey the carnage. Sending him for an ambulance Frank drags Carla into the passenger seat, a desperate plan forming. He's just finished when the emergency crews arrive. An emotional Leanne goes in the ambulance with Stella as Peter calls Karl. Still at the scene the police question Frank as medics attend to a groggy Carla. At the hospital Stella's on life support, her injuries critical. But as Frank tells a confused Carla he's prepared to take the rap for her will Stella pull through?moreless
  • Episode 7157
    Episode 5
    Becky lays into Slug, demanding the truth. He denies planting the drugs. Tyrone is furious that Jack intends to live with Connie. He thinks she's a gold-digger. Jack offers to show him round Connie's house. Blanche offers to babysit Simon during Peter's dinner with Naomi but Peter says he wants Simon to be there. Becky realises Slug's lying when Lloyd tells her he is still taking drugs. He admits Hooch blackmailed him into setting her up. Tyrone is impressed by the size of Connie's house. Jack assures him Connie will never replace Vera. Tyrone wishes him well and apologises to Connie. Naomi is irritated by Simon's presence at Peter's flat. Simon tells Peter that Naomi makes him feel in the way. Peter informs her that he has no future with someone who doesn't get on with Simon. Naomi leaves, disgruntled. Joe tells Tina he was sentenced to community service. Sally's alarmed when Kevin says he intends to do more recovery work. Molly lies to Tyrone, saying she wants to start yoga classes at a new gym. Steve persuades Slug to tell Hooch he intends to expose him in court. He confiscates Slug's drugs. They meet Hooch in a deserted spot and Steve confronts him. Hooch is unfazed, declaring that Slug's word as a witness would be worthless. He tells Becky he'll see her in court.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan, 1968
    Mon 15 Jan, 1968
    Episode 5
    Jack becomes very old suddenly through worrying about Lucille. Lucille returns when she gets lonely. Dennis doesn't know if he can trust himself alone in the house with Jenny. Stan gets Hilda to buy expensive food for him. Jenny is taken on at the Hotel as bar steward Maurice Rowe fancies her. George gets Hilda a budgie, she decides to keep it with Winston. Hilda tries to tell Stan see is seeing George. Rowe takes Dennis off barwork and onto waitering again so that he can work with Jenny. When he gropes Jenny in the stockroom Dennis orders him outside.moreless
  • Episode 7683
    Episode 4
    Frank and Carla's party ends in tragedy. As Frank's parents arrive and the party gets underway Carla feels suffocated. Spotting Peter she starts to drink in a bid to cover her turmoil but when Frank makes a speech about how happy he is all eyes are on Carla. At sea she starts necking drinks. Peter's about to intervene but a row kicks off between Leanne and Eva which ends with Leanne laying into Stella, saying she wishes she'd leave town. A row is also brewing between Frank and Carla as he accuses her of being drunk. She storms off outside and Frank is stunned to find her behind the wheel of the car. He jumps into the passenger seat in a bid to stop her but she goes careering off down the street just as Stella heads out to talk to Leanne. Out of control the car slams into Stella before smashing through the bookies.moreless
  • Episode 7156
    Episode 4
    Jack checks the Gazette for flats. Molly's supportive but Tyrone tells him to take his time. Ken brings Simon back to Peter's flat, where they find him chasing Naomi round the room in a state of undress. Joe sets off for his court sentencing.Tina offers to go with him but he refuses. Tyrone tells Molly off for encouraging Jack to find a flat. Kevin concocts a scheme to pretend to take on more vehicle recovery as a cover for seeing Molly at evenings and weekends. Roy unintentionally offends Becky by suggesting she brings trouble on herself. Lloyd drops off some wedding guests in town and spots Slug outside a pub. He calls Steve who tells him to keep him in sight. Connie reiterates her offer to Jack and he surprises her by agreeing to move in. Slug spots Lloyd and runs off. Lloyd tackles him to the ground and ties his hands. Steve arrives and tries to get him to admit to planting the drugs in the Rovers. Slug refuses to talk. Jack enlists Molly's help in breaking the news to Tyrone that he's moving in with Connie. Roy apologises to Becky and instigates a hug. Steve and Lloyd bundle Slug into the boot of the car. He's worried about what they have in store for him. They take him back to the cab office to be confronted by an irate Becky.moreless
  • Episode 6897
    Episode 4
    Two men in the caf?? give Roy a hard time. One of them leaves a mobile phone behind. Roy, intent on returning the phone, manages to find the man's address. Pam's made a bit of money selling dodgy goods in the Weatherfield Arms. She gives it to Tyrone insisting he puts it towards the wedding.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jan, 1968
    Wed 10 Jan, 1968
    Episode 4
    Stan is suspicious when Hilda treats him well. Jenny joins the hippies but tells Dennis she thinks they're crazy. Jerry's divorce case is heard in court. Agnes calls on Stan and tells him Hilda is seeing George. She produces the scarf as evidence. Jerry is granted his Decree Nisi. Agnes tells Stan that George always strikes up friendships in the Winter. It's quite harmless. She tells him that George always feels guilty and treats her well and that Stan should make the most of Hilda spoiling him as well. Annie takes to her bed. Stan enjoys having Hilda waiting on him. The hippies decide to move on. Jenny decides to stay and Dennis gets her a job at the Hotel. Lucille doesn't know whether to join the hippies or stay in the Street.moreless
  • Episode 6896
    Episode 3
    Jerry tells Darryl that Teresa's gone. He keeps quiet about the fact Teresa nearly killed him. Roy prevents a young boy from being run over. However the boy's mother is totally ungrateful. Roy feels disillusioned with society. Becky's sympathetic. Tom tells Liam about a possible great business deal with an American firm but they would need ??50k to set the wheels in motion.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jan, 1968
    Mon 8 Jan, 1968
    Episode 3
    Jerry goes to court to sort out his divorce. Annie tells Jack she has summoned Mr Wormold. George entertains Hilda in his workshed. She takes a shine to his budgie Winston. Wormold tells Dennis he wants the hippies out and him with them - he's behind with the rent. Jerry is put out as his court hearing is delayed. Lucille tells Annie that she's going to live with the hippies. In her excitement, Hilda leaves her scarf in George's shed. His wife Agnes finds it. Dennis calls Annie an interfering old cow. She breaks down and Jack bars him from the pub. Dennis tells Len he's not going to fight the eviction - he's got no reason to stay in the Street anymore. Jenny Sutton arrives looking for her sister, Monica. Dennis takes a fancy to her.moreless
  • Episode 7681
    Episode 2
    The four amigos have a hostage situation. Having 'accidentally' kidnapped Leon the three lads have a council of war about the situation. Panicking over what to do and turning on each other they confide in Gary. He can't believe the mess they've got into and refuses to get involved. But when Chesney returns from the prison in bits, having seen the state Fiz is in, Gary reluctantly agrees to help. However as they head to the butchers' (where Leon is hidden) they're horrified to see an estate agent outside.moreless
  • Episode 7154
    Episode 2
    Sally plans a surprise dinner party for Kevin's belated birthday celebrations. Molly reluctantly agrees to help with the food while Tyrone keeps Kevin occupied. Steve goes chasing a drug-dealer whom Becky thinks may lead him to Slug. Liz disapproves. Emily's upset that Ramsay's cremation will take place in Australia. Rita tackles Norris and suggests the arrangements could be changed. Jack looks at flats in the paper. Connie suggests he move in with her. He declines the offer. Becky resolves to enjoy what freedom she has left with Steve. Liz tells her it's no fun being married to a prisoner. Claire's still angry with Ashley, believing he refused the vasectomy in case he ever wants children with another woman after her. Molly warns Kevin about the surprise party. Norris arranges for Ramsay's body to be flown back to England. Emily's pleased. Becky overhears Liz and Deirdre talking about her and the effect her imprisonment would have on Steve and Amy. Sally, the Dobbs and the bickering Peacocks surprise Kevin with a party. He pretends to be pleased to mask his discomfort. Steve shows Liz a note from Becky. She's gone.moreless
  • Episode 6895
    Episode 2
    Vernon's working in the caf?? but his mind is on his song-writing and not on the job in hand. Roy's cross with him. Dev has a drink with Nina and Prem. Prem tells him he'd like him to become Chairman of the new Asian Business Group which he's setting up. Dev accepts.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jan, 1968
    Wed 3 Jan, 1968
    Episode 2
    Annie worries about Lucille's whereabouts. Jack tracks her down but she refuses to return home. Hilda enjoys a bit of romance with George in the park. Lucille refuses to go to work. Hilda enjoys her meetings with George. Annie accuses the hippies of being Devil worshippers. Dennis refuses to help her drag Lucille home. Annie decides to contact the landlord.moreless
  • Episode 7680
    Episode 1
    An unlikely trio tackle Leon. Tyrone's come up with a plan and enlists Tommy and Kirk's help. They're going to follow Leon, take photo evidence of one of his drug deals, then bribe him with it to keep Fiz safe inside. But when Leon catches them following him and attacks them with a baseball bat the plan suddenly changes!moreless
  • Episode 7153
    Episode 1
    Molly's in a foul mood and Tyrone worries that she is angry with him for missing her race. He asks Kevin if she complained to him but Kevin guiltily reassures him. Steve reminds Lloyd to ask the cab drivers to keep looking out for Slug. Becky reckons he will have left the area. Ashley and Claire take Joshua to thank Janice for looking after him. Janice is touched. Jack tells Connie that he feels in the way at Number 9. Norris and Rita bicker over his treatment of Ramsay. He stomps out of the Kabin, accusing her of blaming him for his brother's death. Kevin and Molly agree to continue their secret liaisons and decide to enter another run as a cover. Janice tells Kelly that the incident with Josh confirmed that she would not like the responsibility of being a nurse. Norris visits his mother's grave again in a contemplative mood. Lloyd tells Becky and Steve the drivers have not seen Slug. Becky opines that he wouldn't get her off the hook even if he did turn up. Ashley plucks up the courage to tell Claire that he did not go through with the vasectomy. She's furious with him for ignoring her feelings because he was scared. Rita and Emily make Norris admit his regret at the way he and Ramsay parted. Jack tells Tyrone and Molly that he intends to move out of Number 9. Tyrone's upset but Molly ruefully states that you can't prevent someone from doing as they please.moreless
  • Episode 6894
    Episode 1
    Jerry's unconscious. Teresa and Mel wait nervously at his bedside. Dev and Nina arrive back from their luxury weekend. Dev feels used. Darryl, Kayleigh and Finlay are worried that Jerry's going to die. David asks Tina to move back into No.8 but Tina reckons they should take it slowly and enjoy being boyfriend and girlfriend for the time being.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jan, 1968
    Mon 1 Jan, 1968
    Episode 1
    The Council buys the Mission with a Compulsory purchase order. Minnie tells Ena she can move in with her. Out with the twins, Hilda is flattered when keeper George Greenwood shows her round his park. The residents call Len 'Judas'. He promises them the redevelopment does not include the houses in the Street. Dennis is horrified as the hippies - Robert, Monica Sutton, Roy, Keith and Vanda - move themselves into No.11. Lucille is delighted. The regulars see in the New Year in the Rovers. Dennis is put out when the hippies don't party. He is horrified when Lucille tells him she is joining the hippies and they are staying at No.11.moreless
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