Coronet Blue

CBS (ended 1967)




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Coronet Blue

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It's New York City in the middle 1960s. Murder, robbery, violence, all are at peak levels for this big town. So when a man is shot and his body dumped in the East river, it looks like just another crime in New York.

Only this man doesn't die. As he awakes into his time of recovery, he discovers that he can not remember his name, who he is or was, and why someone tried to kill him. The only thing in his mind are the words: Coronet Blue.

Using the name Michael Alden, the man sets out to recover his memory and find out his identity, only to be pursued again by his attackers.

Production Notes: The series was canceled before the meaning behind the phrase could be learned. Only years later, would the secret of Coronet Blue be revealed by it's creator, Larry Cohen. Michael Alden was a soviet spy, raised to look and act like an American. He had no background in the U.S. so when he was found nearly dead in the river, he could not be identified by fingerprints or Social Security ID.

But when Alden (a name he made up from a combination of his doctor's name and the hospital's name he woke up in) tried to defect to the west, the cell of spies he was part of, known as Coronet Blue, tries to kill him to keep Alden from exposing their group's existence. They fail. Alden recovers and sets out on the mission of trying to find out who he is, always dogged by assassins not too far behind him.

The original 13 episodes of the show were shot in 1965 as a summer replacement show but did not air on CBS until the summer of 1967. As the program picked up fans, CBS wanted to pick up the show and shoot more episodes. But Frank Converse had moved on to a starring role on ABC's N.Y.P.D. and Coronet Blue was never revived. Only eleven of the original thirteen episodes ever aired.


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