Corrector Yui

NHK Educational (ended 2000)




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Corrector Yui

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In the year 2020, a global network named ComNet provides support for society and all the computers of the world, linking them all together for the better of mankind. Managed by the supercomputer known as Grosser, everything goes smoothly until the day Grosser decides it is time to use all of the computers to take over the virtual world.

While most of the people in the world now consider computers to be an essential part of their lives, there are still those who get by just fine without them. Yui Kasuga is one such person, being a young girl who knows nothing about computers. One day, she is pulled into the virtual world of ComNet, where she is recruited by a corrector called IR to help fight against Grosser. Now dubbed the savior of ComNet and given the power to transform into Corrector Yui, she will fight against Grosser and the Corrupters to save the virtual world from their evil reign.

Japanese Show Title
コレクター・ユイ (Korekutā ・ Yui)

Opening Themes
Season One
"永遠という場所" ("eien toiu basho" -- "A Place Called Eternity") by Kyoko with Masayoshi Yamazaki and Shikao Suga

Season Two
"鳥になる時" ("tori ni naru toki" -- "When I Become a Bird") by Satsuki

Closing Themes
Season One
"未来" ("mirai" -- "Future") by LEGOLGEL

Season Two
"レクイエム" ("rekuiemu" -- "Requiem") by Satsukimoreless

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