Corwin's Quest

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jun 15, 2005 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Shark's Jaws
      The Shark's Jaws
      Episode 13
      Jeff Corwin's mission in this episode is to come face to face with a great white shark without becoming dinner.
    • The Falcon's Swoop
      The Falcon's Swoop
      Episode 12
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to out-fly a peregrine falcon, and what a mission, the peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world.
    • The Puma's Prowess
      The Puma's Prowess
      Episode 11
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to get close to the biggest cat in the northern hemisphere, the puma.
    • The Lion's Pounce
      The Lion's Pounce
      Episode 10
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to find one of Africa's most dangerous predators, a lion. But lions are not the only dangerous animals Jeff needs to look out for in this episode when he gets up close with crocodiles and elephants.
    • The Eagle's View
      The Eagle's View
      Episode 9
      Jeff Corwin's mission takes him to Scotland to find out if the golden eagle really has the best eye-sight of all the animals. A mission that brings him up close to the giant eyes of a giraffe, a not so friendly minded spitting cobra and a swivel-eyed Jackson's chameleon.
    • The Blue Whale's Tail
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to get up close to the largest animals of them all- the blue whale, a search that turns out not to be as easy as one would think finding a blue whale would be. Along the way to find the worlds largest animal Jeff encounters some other mighty species like mountain gorillas, reticulated python and feeds a friendly Goliath beetle.moreless
    • The Elephant's Trunk
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to find an amazing group of elephants deep in the heart of Africa- The elephants are about to graduate from "elephant college." The elephants have been trained to sniff out and catch poachers, and to graduated they have to catch Jeff Corwin. In his quest for "smell" Jeff also visits a couple of smelly skunks and a group of killer bees.moreless
    • The Sardine's Run
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to swim with the largest mass created by one creature on the earth- a sardine shoal, and find out just how amazing their technique of defence is.
    • The Chimp's Politics
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to find out what goes behind the amazing teamwork of animals to ensure their survival. Jeff infiltrate a troop of chimpanzees and observe their behavior. In his study Jeff witness some amazing, but macabre, behavior.
    • The Crocodile's Element
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to swim with a big, mean saltwater crocodile and observe its swimming technique. But the 14-foot crocodile has other things on its mind- like having Jeff for dinner. Jeff also observe how other animals move from A to B, like; swinging orangutans, kangaroos and a sidewinder.
    • The Bear's Hunger
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to figure out "Why do animals eat what they eat" To to that he travels to Alaska's remote Kodiak Island to study the infamous Kodiak bear, one of the biggest bears of the world. He observe its fishing technique and find lots of clues to what these bears live of. Jeff also discovers what leafcutter ants do with all those leaves, and how it feels to have one's teeth brushed by a cleaner shrimp.moreless
    • The Camel's Hump
      The Camel's Hump
      Episode 2
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to explore how animals have evolved to living in extreme conditions. Jeff sets of to survive a trek across Australia's Simpson Desert with on of the toughest animals on the planet, and while the camel dose fine without water Jeff is in desperate need of a drink. Jeff also finds life in a giant clump of dirt, brings a frozen wood frog "back from the dead," and much more.moreless
    • The Alligator's Bellow
      Jeff Corwin's mission is to explores how animals use sound to communicate with. Jeff sets of to the Florida Everglades to experience an alligator's bellow, a dangerous task that has to be done when the alligator is aggressive. In his quest for sounds Jeff encounters such animals as rattlesnake, vervet monkeys and Mexican free-tailed.moreless