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( I know the show has i woulnt say ended but............) Epsidoe ideas for CITH

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    I know it's kinda to late but maybe we can fill 9n the gaps by creating epsidoes for cory in the house.

    season two (from where it left off)

    epidoe 13: Friday the thirteenth: The white has is being prank called and then some one is found dead.

    epsidoe 14: Valentines day(you stole my heart): soem one has a major chrush on cory and Meena and Candy go missing.

    epsidoe 15: The sunday cartoons: cory and freinds are brought into The TV into Phinise and Ferb

    ****note*epsidoe 13-14 is part of a return weekend for CITh epsidoe 13 Fri. 14 Sat and 15 Sun*** and 16-22 are moday tru friday (fri has 2 epps)

    episode 16: Raven's warning: Raven warns the house taht the S.S. Tipton is going

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    Series Finale: The Debate of United Staes: The President is now up to against Michelle Wallace in the the debate. Michelle wants to take over the United States and won the debate. Cory and Victor offer the Martinez family to stay at the Baxters' house. Raven, Cory Newt, Meena, Jason, Sophie, Candy, Eddie, Chelsa, and The Juicer have a plan to stop Michelle from taking over the United States. Stanley set traps for them that they can't get to Michelle. But Raven, Eddie, Chelsa, Cory, Jason, and The Juicer pass all the traps, except Meena, Newt, Candy, and Sophie. Because their trap in the closet and blocked by Cory's Muscle in the Minute machine by Stanley.

    The Juicer is about to juice Michelle, Jason called his CIA mens, Cory and Eddie wrestle Stanley, Chelsa is finding a way to get Meena, Newt, Sophie, and Candy out of the closet, and Raven trying to convince Michelle that the president job is way harder than the reporter job. CIA took Michelle to prison for 20 years. The Martinez is back in the White House. The Baxters, Eddie's family, and Chelsa's family move in the White House as an award for saving the United Staes. The reason why the family of The Juicer not staying at the White House, because Cory don't trust them.

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