Cory in the House

Season 1 Episode 12

Get Smarter

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM May 11, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Get Smarter
Newt meets the new girl in school, Jessica, and develops a crush on her. Lucky for Newt, she likes him. When Jessica asks Newt out on a date, Newt accepts. However, Newt doesn't feel like he can go through with it since Jessica is smart, and he is not. With a little help from Stickler, Cory and Meena use a special ear piece to talk to Newt and they tell him what to say. Meanwhile, the President's mother comes for a visit and redecorates the Oval Office. In order to keep her out of the office, the President makes Victor keep her distracted, which results in a cooking contest between them.moreless

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  • I liked this episode!

    Newt meets a girl that he likes and, lucky for him, she likes him too! Her name is Jessica and she is a genius! Newt plans to go out with her, but he is afraid because of how smart she is and how not smart he is. With Stickler's help, Cory and Meena make a plan for Newt. They talk into a microphone and tell Newt what to do. The President's Mom goes to see him. She and Victor fight about food. Get Smarter was a pretty good episode! I thought that Jessica was pretty gorgeous! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Probably one of my favorite episodes of the series.

    Like I've said, most Cory in the House episodes will get boring after you've seen it 2-3 times, but THIS episode, I could probably watch five times and not get tired of it. It was cool to see Newt get into a relationship.

    So first off, Jessica the "Genius" moves to Washington Prep and on her first day, she meets Newt, and is instantly into him. So is Newt... into Jessica, of course. Then Newt agrees on a date later, but admits to his regret to Cory and Meena when he explains he is worried that she won't like him anymore if she finds out he is stupid.

    After committing a poem so very crazy, Jessica actually breaks up with him because she thinks Newt is too smart for her. OMFG. How can that poem prove someone is smart? Who knows, but Jessica eventually asks to start over. Are they still boyfriend and girlfriend, and or still dating? I don't know. :| Oh well, the episode was great! And trust me, it takes a lot for a Cory in the House episode to get a perfect score from me, so take this advice and watch this freakin' episode!moreless
  • Funny episode.

    This episode of Corey In The House was a great one. Newt is my favorite person that plays on the show and thsi episode was centered around him trying to impress a girl with his smarts. Well I thought that it was great the they were going to put a device in his ear, but I knew that something was going to go wrong. That was so funny when he was saying that poem out loud, I was rolling. It was so great. But I thought it was sad when she sad that your too smart for me. But I loved this episode.moreless
  • newt's girlfriend

    the smartest girl in the country comes to dc to go back to school and meeets newt and likes him and ask him on a date and he says yes. he must get help from cory and meana and stickler who tell him what to say. there are many problems because of this but she still likes newt and thinks he is very smart. so he tells her the truth and they are able to start over. he is happy then. some antics included the stinky dog and many other funny gags that ended up in newt's poem that the girl liked. an oaky epiosde.moreless
  • I really liked this episode.

    Newt has a crush on the new girl at school, Jessica. In science class, they find out jessica is really a genius and she then asks Newt out on a date. He says yes, but is worried cause he's not that smart, so they won't have that much to talk about. Jason, Meena, and Cory help him out using Jason's spy gear.

    I found this episode really good. I love Newt in this episode. But I think the actress who played Jessica could have been a little bit better. I didn't really like the sub-plot that much though. I love Newt's poem though! This is a good episode to watch and Jason Dolley (Newt) was great in this. He does a really good job at playing Newt.moreless
Lupe Ontiveros

Lupe Ontiveros

Mama Martinez

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Josie Lopez

Josie Lopez


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Paul Rogan

Paul Rogan

Mr. Dobbs

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Jake Thomas

Jake Thomas

Jason Stickler

Recurring Role

J.R. Nutt

J.R. Nutt


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Running Gag: Meena laughing at stuff that is not funny, and being serious at stuff that is funny.

    • The President's nickname (at least the nickname his Mom calls him) is Rico.

    • Newt is talking to Jessica at the vending machine which is right outside of the science classroom. He says "See you in science class" and Jessica walks away down the hall. Then Newt walks into the science room and Jessica is already in there.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Mama Martinez walks into the kitchen and takes a sniff of Victor's chicken soup)
      Mama Martinez: Needs more cilantro.
      Victor: No, it doesn't.
      Mama Martinez: One sniff tells me your chicken soup is too bland.
      Victor: (looks up and sees Mama Martinez) Ma'am, I don't know who you are, but you're not supposed to be in this kitchen. If I have to call security...
      (Pres. Martinez walks into the kitchen)
      Pres. Martinez: Mama!
      Victor: (confused) Mama?
      Mama Martinez: (to Victor) Mama!

    • (Newt has just been asked out by Jessica)
      Newt: You're not gonna believe this, but I've got a date with a brilliant, beautiful girl who really likes me.
      Cory: All right, man, that's awesome!
      Newt: No! It's so not awesome!
      Cory: Why?
      Newt: Because! She's, like, the smartest girl in the universe! Maybe even in America!
      (Cory and Meena look puzzled)
      Meena: Then why'd you say yes?
      Newt: Because I got nervous and couldn't think of that other word, um...
      Meena: "No?"
      Newt: Exactly! This is a disaster! A fiasco! A quagmire of epic proportions!
      Cory: But you couldn't think of "no?"

    • Jessica: Plus, you have to be 18 to do brain surgery.
      Cory: (to Meena) Too bad she can't operate on Newt's brain. (Meena doesn't laugh)
      Meena: Well, yes, she cannot do brain surgery because of the age restrictions.
      Cory: No, no, that's not why it's funny.
      Meena: Oh, funny like one of your "ding-dong" jokes?
      Cory: (annoyed) Knock, knock!
      Meena: Come in!
      Cory: (frustrated) Oh my goodness!

    • Mama Martinez: (to Victor) Tell you what. You make your albondigas, I make my albondigas. And we shall see which ones my little Rico likes best.
      Victor: You are on.

    • Cory: Knock knock.
      Meena: Come in.
      Cory: Come in? No, no, you're supposed to say, "Who's there?"
      Meena: Well, why would I do that? I know it's you.
      Cory: Oh, my goodness!

  • NOTES (1)