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Cory in the House

Season 2 Episode 8

Making the Braid

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM May 31, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Making the Braid
Cory's great aunt passes away, and he receives some of her money for inheritance. She insisted he uses it for college, which Victor agrees to, and puts the money away. At school, Cory, Meena, and Candy discover that Newt has a talent for braiding hair, which gives Cory the idea to open a braiding shop with his money. He eventually convinces Newt to go ahead with the plan, until rival Mr. Michelle threatens to shut them down so he can reclaim his business. They then decide to have a "braid-off" to see who is better, Mr. Michelle or Newt. Meanwhile, Sophie and Tanisha want to dress like their idol Tiffany Starr for Haley's birthday party., but their parents won't let them. They then have Tanisha's sister buy them some clothes and head to the party.moreless

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  • Cory in the House looked to be worth of it's predecessor That's So Raven. Kyle Massey, Rondell Sheridan, Lisa Arch, John D'Aquino as the president, and Madison Pettis as the president's daughter were a talented group. It lasted less than 1 season sadly!moreless

    The majority of this episode and the main plot had the typical light fun that Kyle Massey's character Cory Baxter as a comic original brought. Yet, Cory's 2 Washington DC aristocratic friends Newt & Mina (from the mysterious land of Bohovia)are fine, as supporting roles. In this episode you can expect Mina to make a Yak pun and Newt being his fruity self. This time he is suckered into a braid off! This episode's side-plot featuring one of the real stars of the failed series, Madison Pettis puts its producers in distain. Here Pettis' character Sophie and friend are inspired to wear an uncommon look for them at a birthday party. The hypocrisy of Disney is bright as lightning in this part of the episode. Though this look was no different from some of Miley's in Hannah Montana or Gomez's in Wizards Sophie and her friend are humiliated and scolded in the scene. The two stand alone and awkward in high heels as the other children view them with contempt and playground prejudice. Mother by her side the birthday girl calls the pair hoochy mamas. Nice, Mr. Disney. One message in this episode is that you will get background laughter whenever you call others names for how they might be dressed. Another is that it is okay for kids to be gawked and stared at and isolated at a party if they don't look like the others.

    Here's my alternate scene. They say lets blow this birthday party marching away on high heels.moreless
  • Dumb

    Newt's hidden talent is braiding peoples' hair. Cory gets an inheritance from a distant relative. He uses it to start a business for Newt to braid hair. Things get ugly when a fellow braider wants them to go out of business. They have a braiding competition. Newt wins. Sophie wants to wear inappropriate clothing to a party.

    This was a dumb episode. It was really pointless and cheesy. I don't really know why I watch this show, but I do. I did, however, like the positive message on modesty with Sophie. This episode gets a 5.5 out of 10 from me.moreless
Brianne Tju

Brianne Tju


Guest Star

Teddy Lane Jr.

Teddy Lane Jr.

Mr. Michelle

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Karen Maruyama

Karen Maruyama


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Jordan Puryear

Jordan Puryear

Candy Smiles

Recurring Role

Zolee Griggs

Zolee Griggs


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    • Candy: C-Bear we have a problem.
      Cory: Candy, I told you I'm not ready to meet your parents.

    • President: Oh, hey girls, I just came down for a little ice cream.
      Sophie: Your too late, Chef Victor just left here with a tub and a spoon.
      President: Man, I hate when he's in a mood.

    • Sophie: Chef Victor, I hope you don't mind, we're reading your gossip magazines.
      Victor: I don't read gossip magazines.
      Tanisha: Then why is addressed to Chef Victor Baxter, 1600 Pennsylvania...
      Victor: Fine, you can read it, just don't do my celebrity fashion puzzle.
      Sophie: Too late.
      Victor: Oh man! You're just evil. How you going to do a grown man's celebrity fashion puzzle without even asking. You don't see me drawing all up in your coloring books do you? No 'cause that would be wrong!

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    The Blacklist Luther Braxton
  • 8:50 pm
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon