Cory in the House

Season 1 Episode 14

No, No Nanoosh

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 2007 on Disney Channel
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No, No Nanoosh
Meena is really excited that her favorite Bahavian singer, Nanoosh, is coming to town, and Cory quickly gets jealous. Meena enters a contest to meet Nanoosh. When Meena gives Cory the postcard to mail, he decides not to mail it, and gives it to Newt instead. When Newt forgets to mail the postcard, Cory is pleased and ready to comfort Meena. However, Meena somehow wins. Cory and Newt pretend they are Bahavian musicians in order to sneak into the studio and stop Meena from kissing Nanoosh. However, it seems that Nanoosh is not what he seems.moreless

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  • Okay

    Meena's favorite Bahavian pop singer, Nanoosh, is coming! She is so excited and asks Cory to mail in her entry for the contest to meet him. Cory asks Newt to do it, but he doesn't. Somehow, Meena still wins the contest! Cory tells Newt about his crush on Meena. Meena finds out why Nanoosh fixed the contest to make her win. It's because of her dad. Since he is the ambassador, he was wondering if he could get special treatment. She realizes what a jerk he is and gets over him.

    This episode was okay. I didn't like it that much, it wasn't horrible. Also, Shalim Ortiz from Heroes was Nanoosh. This episode gets a 7.5!moreless
  • cory in the house i really funny.

    in this episode, i actually laughed. i laughed so loud wen i was hearing meena say this,"he makes me melt like yak butter on a toasted goathorn!" that is so funny. and meena has sayings or expressions just like miley stewart from hannah montana. but to me, nanoosh is kinda ugly. sorry. but, on the good side, she's over nanoosh. and meena still doesn't know that cory has a reall huge crush on her since the first day he met her. i guess they really make a good couple. cory in the house is totally funny. lol! i love it!moreless
  • it was a good Episodes Cory tells newt that he like Meena

    The Nanoosh comes to town Meena Faviove Bahavian singer who she in love with. She give cory a postcard to mail in so she can meet him. Cory just cant do it so he give it to newt who foght to mail it in, but Meena sill wins besuce the Nanoosh fix the contest, becuse Meenna Father is the Ambassador of Bahavian and thought he could help get him so recud deals. Cory was there for her and almost told her that he like her but he dint not tell in the end.

    I thoug it was very well done and a good Episodemoreless

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    • Newt: (staring at the Bahavian instrument) How do I work this thing? I don't know whether to blow it, strum it... or milk it.

    • (Newt reminding himself not to get distracted from sending Meena's letter in the mail, he then sees a 'Flu Shots Today' sign on the wall..)
      Newt: Flu shots? Awesome!

    • Victor: Becky, what happened? Where is everyone?
      Becky: They quit, then they came back and tied me up with salami.
      Victor: What? Why, why?
      Becky: I guess they were all insulted by your decision to put me in charge of the kitchen.
      Victor: I put you in charge of stirring the soup!
      Becky: Stirring the soup? Well, that's a waste of managerial talent. Now I'm insulted!

    • Victor: What do you know how to cook?
      Becky: You name it... as long as it's cheese and it's in a cup!

    • Newt: Dude, it sounds like you didn't want her to win.
      : Look,'re my best friend, right? I gotta tell you something. The truth is, yea your right, I didn't want Meena to win and, and kiss Nanoosh, because...well, I've had a giant crush on her ever since the first day I met her.
      Newt: You mean all those times you used to gaze at her and melt when she talked to you and smell the air she walked by, you had a crush on her?

    • (Meena has just learned that Nanoosh fixed the contest in her favor; Nanoosh awaits her kiss) Meena: (hurt) I am not going to kiss you. (everyone gasps in shock) You're a jerk. (everyone gasps again) You fixed this contest, which, by the way, is illegal! (everyone gasps again) I would never kiss someone like you even if you ripped off your shirt. (everyone gasps again; Meena storms off the stage, then storms right back) Which, by the way, was...stupid.

    • Cory: (indicating Nanoosh) He may have the abs, but baby, I got the fabs.

    • Newt: Dude, your over-duding it.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Yak Beat magazine is an reference to the U.S. teen magazine called Tiger Beat, where most of the Disney Channel stars (including some of the cast) have appeared in.