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  • This is a very complex show to understand

    There are some anime that are simply boring. No plot. For example dragon ball z , one piece, my hero academia. But then there is this. This show is the best anime I have ever seen. I want a cory body pillow and sleep with him every night. I have to go play minecraft so bye

    P S shout out to simpleflips
  • One of the best anime in existence.

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Cory in the House. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Cory's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Cory in the House truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Cory's existencial catchphrase "Cha-ching", which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Cory in the House tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.
  • Forced and bland. That's so Raven deserved a better spinoff than this.

    Gosh is this one's a doozy. Cory was pretty funny and entertaining in That's So Raven but his actor tries too hard plus it doesn't help when there's a lousy script to work with. Seriously a character doesn't have to be funny all the time nor do any of the characters. The premise is lame to start with: The President himself invites/hires Victor Baxter to be one of his cooks without ever knowing or meeting him? Seriously why would the President do that? Doesn't the President have other much more pressing things to do? I mean Victor hasn't entered any contest or anything. Nor was Victor contacted ahead of time. Like is it too much to email, call, fax, or mail a letter for goodness sakes? First don't you have to apply and the hiring staff at Whitehouse and you will have to go through numerous background checks. Sometimes illogic can be amusing but not this because it has no heart, soul, or creative effort like the predecessor.

    Even more the vast majority of the characters have almost no good moments and that's probably because they are just half baked. There's only so much actors can do. The plots are almost always the same with Cory coming up with a grand idea that backfires and he has to admit his fault. That becomes dull after just a few episodes. Running gags and themes can be funny no doubt but they need more substance from the plot and other characters.

    I'm not against spinoffs but if the producers aren't going to allow it to be made right or well then they just fail and wasted tons of time, effort, and resources.
  • The definition of perfection

    What can i say about this beautiful work of art, first of all cory in the house is not your average anime, its a mix of all human emotion, the complete human experience packed in 2 hearth breaking season, it will make you cry, laugh, suffer, enjoy. It's amazing how this anime can make such a perfect blend of life itself, and in the end it will leave you empty, but at the same time complete, like if you were just born into this amazing world, That give birth to the tale of cory baxter, if you're looking for meaning in your life or all the answers to all the questions that you have or will have about yourself, THIS IS YOUR ANIME!!!!!!!!
  • 10/10 "Best anime" -IGN

    Iz da bestt animee evar
  • Cory in the House is teh best anime ever!

    Forget Dragon Ball Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Astroboy, Sailor Moon, Pokemon: Indigo League/Orange Islands/Johto Journeys/Master Quest/Advanced/Battle Frontier/Diamond & Pearl/Black & White/X&Y! This is the greatest anime ever!!
  • Not one of my top favorites, but it was okay.

    The only episode I like more was "And the weenie . Cory in the House was a good show, until it stopped in 2008 when Disney Channel (unexpectedly) cancelled the show's production due to mixed to negative reviews and low ratings. Most of the cast then moved-on to other shows after the cancellation. According to my rating, it's pretty clear to me that this show was okay. In my opinion.
  • i love cory in the house

    cory in the house is my favorite show i love it very much <333333333333333333333333333333333333333 it is awesome

    Read the title!
  • It was OK.

    This show was OK. It was and will never be as good as it's predecessor, That's So Raven but it was decent.
  • I dnt think so, no thank u.

    This was an awful idea!!!
  • This show should have never been kicked out of the house.

    OK. That was lame. But this show is awesome. I mean really. Spin-offs of good shows are usually awful because they come a long time after the show itself and therefore they need to appeal to today's audience. But this show is awesome. Sure there are some flaws here and there, but over-all, awesome.
  • Was this necessary at all?

    I never was a big fan of That's So Raven, but I did find that show to be entertaining enough. But was a spin off needed at all? Cory in the House is about Mr. Baxter and Cory moving into the White House after the President invites them to be Mr. Baxter's cook. Now there is already a huge problem with the premise. Does the President of the USA really have time to go to some random person's house and make them a chef of the White House? Shouldn't he at least send an email or a letter? The actors in this show are just terrible. Kyle Massey was pretty good as Cory, and Rondell Sheridan was good as Mr. Baxter, but everyone else was just terrible. The President himself act immature and doesn't seem ideal for a leader. The stories themselves seem like rehashes from That's So Raven or are stories already done with little creativity added. The humor in this show is just juvenile humor that didn't get a smirk from me. They of course added a pointless laugh track in this show. Occasionally Raven will make a cameo appearance but it would have been nice to see her more on the show. In the end, Cory in the House was just an unwanted spin off to a mediocre show. The characters are annoying and flat, the acting ranges from acceptable to terrible, the humor is bad, and the stories are bland. Just stick with That's So Raven instead of this junk.
  • What have they done to Raven?

    I don't like this show all the character(even Cory)try to be too funny.The only charactwer I like is Newt Livingston I hated the others!(including Sophie that spoiled brat who gets letted away with everything).Lately reality show have been crap(except for The Suite Life on deck,Good Luck Charlie,Victorious,Sonny with a Chance and Kung Fu Panda Legends of awesomeness)everything else is going downhill and this didn't help one bit.
  • This show is pretty bad.

    This show is a spin off of That's so Raven and as usual it's not as good as the show that they've based it on. Okay, I don't actually remember the plot to this show but I think what happens is that Raven's dad Victor and her brother Corey move into the White House, hence the title, as Victor has been hired as the President's new chef. If I'm wrong, and I apologise if I am, then it's probably some equally silly cack somewhere along the lines of that. Now, to be honest this show isn't as bad as some of the other Disney Channel shows but it most certainly isn't good or worth watching.
  • Good but come on?

    How the heck does the president come to your door and ask for you to be the cook in the white house, i mean come on. Good show, quite good actually, i dont know why everyone hates it so much but the plot is a bit cheesy, the president is too happy and has too much free time. Also why is there an annoying tour guide lady who always says "No Way no waaaaaaay" I wish the show was realised on dvd but its one of the shows id watch once all the way through then leave it at that:P
  • No one will watch this. Oh, wait--no one did.

    This idea is the worst in a million ideas. Was the worst, sorry. It was a miracle this debacle lasted until September. What pinhead came up with a spinoff to That's So Raven, a cheesy (I admit it, it was sorta cheesy) yet original show from the 2000's? The PRESIDENT'S A PINHEAD IN HERE!!! What president has time to hire a chef, or partake in "wacky" adventures? Perhaps the presidents in the Disneyverse are dumber than real presidents? It makes me ashamed to be a member of this proud American country...who ran this tripe? Who? Who? Ibid says "Who? Who?"
  • What to say? what to say?

    I liked it. it wasn't as amazing as That's so Raven but it was good. not the funniest show ever but still enjoyable. but you got to admit that it is better then alot of the shows now on disney. I don't even watch tv any more because of the lack of entertainment now a days! I kind of miss this show. I think that every show should have a proper ending. good or bad it doesn't matter because some where there is someone who likes that show and doesn't want to just see it canceled. I'm just saying! I like this show.
  • Cheesy

    Let's see. The president comes to Cory's door and wants Cory's dad to be a chef. Well, that's just corny. The whole show is. It's full of cheesy, phony acting, terrible special effects, gag-like story writing, and bland jokes. In fact, this show was so bad it only lasted 1 season. I already wasn't a fan of "That's so Raven", so I got mad when this Cory dude got his own show. The only actor I even liked in this show was that guy who played the chicken mascot in "Hatching Pete".

    Overall, a big flop/fail of a show that deserved to be kicked off the air sooner.
  • Abysmal

    Wow, so one of the annoying kids from "That's Raven" (not even that great of a show to begin with) gets his own crappy sitcom. Disney Channel has become so freaking bad, it's almost laughable. With the slight exception of Phineas and Ferb and Good Luck Charlie and Wizards, the channel has practically no good shows. This show was basiclly "That's Raven" wit Cory insted of Raven. To put it straight, I would rather be subjected to 10 minutes of Patrick saying "I love you" on Youtube than watch 2 minutes of this crap. Disney's worst show in a while. 0/10 F-
  • Words Can't Describe How Bad I think this show Is

    Really, this show was dumb. I have seen like 8 or so episodes, maybe more. It's just dumb and not funny. Cory has many plans to get rich, so in that aspect it is like Raven. His friend Newt is dumb. HA! He's dumb. It doesn't equal good writing skills to make a character so dumb. He irritated me. Why do people think dumb characters are automatically funny?

    The plots of this show are dumb too. They are just Raven with Raven. This show should never have been made.

    This show isn't Disney Channel bad, it's just BAD. Glad it was canceled
  • thank you for canceling this show

    5 reason this show tanked because of how bad it. I mean Cory is just watered down version of an original are my five reasons why this show is stupid. 1. a kid living in the white house and stupid one at that.2 i hate when every time the president always reminds us he's the president and the camera zoom's in on his face it's not funny.3 The presidents daughter Sophie is such a brat i mean she forces the secret service agents to have Cory and his friends to play with her when they should be doing more important things with their job.4.Mina the girl Cory likes is so beautiful and so annoying at the same time. And number 5 this shows jokes are just corny i mean did 3 year old's right this or what. the bottom line i hate this and i'm glad it's cancelled.this show belongs in the trash with other Disney failures. they should call this show bory in the house because its boring.and another thing why are all the character stupid does disney think making them stupid it automatically funny.the only ones who are are stupid and automatically funny are Homer Simpson and peter griffen.Cory is just another step forward towards and abortion.
  • Kyle Massey in over his head.

    I was always a fan of That's So Raven while it was still running, and even if it was not at it's best at some part in the 4th season, I still thought it was good enough for a movie. But no, we got a spin-off instead. And now Raven's little brother Cory is trying to fill in some pretty big shoes.

    Now, for a spin-off, I would expect a brillient continuation of the original. But how does it comare?! That's So Raven was kind of a modern day "I Love Lucy"-like show featuring the comedic involvement of supernatural powers. I mean, a teenage girl with psychic powers who often get into weird senarios with the undpredictablity of her psychic visions but has her friends and family to back her up when times get tough; now that's promissing! Now as for the show in question... A boy named Cory, who has his mind full of cocky business ideas, moves into the White House when his dad is hired as the head chef. The concept is pretty original, but the show itself falls flat. Now, Cory has a new life at the Presidential estate, new friends Newt (a slow-witted wannabe rocker) and Meena (a sweet yak-loving girl), and a new pain in the butt, Sophie (America's "so-called" angel), but with a lack of good judgement, he often sets the bars too high and ends up taking everyone up and down with him.

    I have thought that Kyle Massey was a pretty good actor. He was so funny in Life is Ruff and did very well in That So Raven as the "original Cory Baxter". But in Cory in the House, his acting career totally went down and so did his voice (ironic, isn't it?). It's like Cory totally has everything set up for him to mess up and the turn-out always leaves you feeling aggitated. In the show, I could not believe even half the things Kyle Massey said, like both he and his character are trying to be something that they are not. Kyle tries to a leading man in a suppositely hit sitcom, while Cory tries to be a businessman and a 'lady's man' (blech!) in a new, totally overrated environment. I just cannot grasp the concept of what kind of enjoyment that they are trying to have portrayed in this show! This is where good acting and a fine plot takes place in a tv show, but there is a strong lack of that in this show.

    I don't know what Disney Channel could have done differently, but the best thing I can think of is 'thinking' while they are 'trying'. I'm not saying it's the worst show in the world and that it's Kyle Massey's or the rest of the cast's fault, but it just can't compare to the humor and charm of the first series.
  • This is one of the many reasons I hate the new Disney channel

    How can I even begin to review this terrible show? I watched That's so Raven growing up and COry always added a little something to the show. Now he is out on his own. Why? He is not a good actor for a show of his own. Maybe when I was ten years old I would have liked it, but i don't know. I tried watching an episode or two and It was extremely boring and retarded. The jokes are horrible and there is tons of bad acting throughout the show. Disney channel could replace this trash with something like "Even Stevens" or "Phil Of The Future", or even "House of Mouse".
  • Cory's sister Raven comes to the White House and has a vision and a classic "That's so Raven" adventure takes place.

    This is the best so far. It is a real classic. I love that they brought Raven to do a guest shot on it. It could and should have be a two parter. It is a personal favorite of mine. I hope they bring Raven back again. It wold be also nice to have her come back with either Chelsea her best friend or even her mother. I also thought the title was very cleaver how there combined the title of the two shows into the episode title. what trouble could Cory and his friends get into with a vision of Ravens. I hope we get to find out someday.
  • This show is awful....and here are my reasons

    Now I never watched alot of thats so raven but I do remeber that corys dad owned a retraunt called the chill grill which didnt seem very popular.And now they made a show called cory in the house where his dad was hired by the president to cook for him???...........Heres what i dont get of all the cooking chiefs why didnt he have to pick him.Also I never found this show funny .And its really hard to believe in the story because it seems so unrealistic.And of all the trouble they caused in the white house It shouldent be a suprise that the president would fire him but he dosent because hes to forgiving Its not like hes irreplaceable.

    SO 3.5 out of 10.00 seems fair.
  • It was better than That's So Raven.

    This show might of been as bad as people said in some parts, but it did have it's moments. I liked Cory better than Raven from the few episodes that I bared to watch of That's So Raven anyhow. Victor's a pretty cool dad. He may be embarrassing if he was actually my dad in some ways, but as an actor, he was sort of funny. But hey - my dad works for the White House! So I would be proud of him for that. The President was a good man and was pretty funny. He was probably my favorite character on the show if I have one. His daughter, Sophie, was annoying. She's controlling, demanding, and has an attitude. When she grows up, I could see her being like a Jackie (Mila Kunis) from That '70s Show. Cory's friends, Newt and Meena, were good. Newt may of been made too stupid, but he was probably the funniest character on the show, and is up there with favorite character, also. Meena's a good person, too. I liked her, but was kind of a fan of her and Cory being together, but that might be too late now as the show has been cancelled. It deserved to go longer than That's So Raven.
  • Don't waste your time with this show.

    Hey, I liked That's So Raven, I consider myself a semi-fan of Disney Channel. The shows have been going downhill in laughs and quality, but this show made it go to rock bottom.

    It's unfunny, poorly acted (mostly by the father), and has some of the worst and cheesiest plots ever.

    Cory moves from San Fransisco to the White House due to the fact the president chose him to be his personal chef. Not only does the sets look NOTHING like the White House, you know what I will make a list for you.

    1 - Nothing like Washington D.C. or the White House 2 - The President is like one of those guys sitting on a bus drinking a beer, in other words, a complete waste.

    3 - Every episode is like "Cory has a Scam Idea! He does it, it works, then fails, then he gives a heartfelt apology." 4 - Cory is plain annoying and unlikeable. Newt is the same, he's so dumb, it's unfunny. Boy Meets World was the first show to do that, and it was hilarious. TSR did it to, it was fine. Then The Suite Life of Zack and Cody did it, Kinda boring, now this. Extremely Lame! I've only laughed once in this entire shows running, please, don't watch it.
  • Who in there right mind watches this?

    Okay that's So Raven was pretty good, but then it started to get crappy really fast. So now they make a re-make of this? Putting Cory as the Star!!? I mean, the entertainment isn't that funny, the show is so fake and horrible, I can't even watch it. I can't believe the cancelled good shows! To put this piece of crap on here!! This show sucks so bad I wish disney would take it off the air and show some other decent shows that are better. Yup that's my take on it. Sucky show that is a complete waste of time.
  • Kind of a B+ - A- kind of show.

    First off, let me tell you that all the people who say that this show is horrible are exagerating. This is a perfectly good show with good characters and a good plot, but it is still no where near That's So Raven's quality. This show seems to be a show comprised of returning people (Jake Thomas as Jason Stickler, Rondell Sheridon as the Chef, Kyle Massey as Cory), which, depending on your view point, is either good or bad. Raven has not appeared in the show yet, but there is a rumor that she will along with Cory and Raven's mother. Overall, good show, definently worth your time.
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