Cory in the House

Disney Channel (ended 2008)





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  • Was this necessary at all?

    I never was a big fan of That's So Raven, but I did find that show to be entertaining enough. But was a spin off needed at all? Cory in the House is about Mr. Baxter and Cory moving into the White House after the President invites them to be Mr. Baxter's cook. Now there is already a huge problem with the premise. Does the President of the USA really have time to go to some random person's house and make them a chef of the White House? Shouldn't he at least send an email or a letter? The actors in this show are just terrible. Kyle Massey was pretty good as Cory, and Rondell Sheridan was good as Mr. Baxter, but everyone else was just terrible. The President himself act immature and doesn't seem ideal for a leader. The stories themselves seem like rehashes from That's So Raven or are stories already done with little creativity added. The humor in this show is just juvenile humor that didn't get a smirk from me. They of course added a pointless laugh track in this show. Occasionally Raven will make a cameo appearance but it would have been nice to see her more on the show. In the end, Cory in the House was just an unwanted spin off to a mediocre show. The characters are annoying and flat, the acting ranges from acceptable to terrible, the humor is bad, and the stories are bland. Just stick with That's So Raven instead of this junk.