Cory in the House

Season 1 Episode 5

Rock The Vote

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Rock The Vote
Like every year, Newt is forced to run for school president by his parents. Cory comes up with a plan to make everyone vote for Candy Smiles instead of him, but it backfires. Cory then enters the race and plans to go in a cage with Newt who will be disguised as a bear. However, Cory ends up in the cage with a real bear. Meanwhile, the President is upstaged by another dad when visiting Sophie's school and tries to redeem himself.moreless

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  • Getting better...

    Newt has to run for class president, but doesn't want to win. Cory comes up with a plan, but it works against him. Cory ends up in a cage with a real bear instead of the fake bear that's supposed to be Newt. He panics (duh!), but gets out alright. The President is jealous of another dad at Sophie's school.

    This episode was okay. The bear was pretty cool! I don't remember this episode that much, so here starts my rambling! Well, I don't really remember much about the President at all, but I remember that the Candy girl is annoying. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10 from me,moreless
  • I better "Class President" episode!

    Like every year, Newt is forced to run for school president by his parents but this time his excuse doesn't work on "Eccuse day." But, Newt always wins every competition and he wants to from his "family curse"! Cory says that his "family curse" can't get him. Cory comes up with a plan to make everyone vote for Candy Smiles instead of him when he signs up for class president, but it backfires. Meena tells Cory that hes not popualr and that if Cory decides 2 run he needs to do something extremere 2 get people to notice him and vote for him. Cory then enters the race and plans to go in a cage with Newt who will be disguised as a bear. However, Cory ends up in the cage with a real bear and Newt ends up coming later in the bear suit. Candy Smiles finds out and calls Cory a fake when after Cory gets out of the cage, Newt stands up for Cory and relizes he can run for president becuase he has a good leader but can still enjoy rock and roll!!!!moreless
Chris Coppola

Chris Coppola


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Lori Alan

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Olivia Everhard


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Jordan Puryear

Candy Smiles

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    • President: Now I'm going to tell you what it's like to be...the President of the United States!
      (boy raises hand)
      President: Yes, uh..Rico
      Rico: Mr. President, do you like doughnuts?
      President: Uh...yes I do. But as the President, I need to be in tip-top shape
      (girl raises hand)
      President: Yes, Brittany
      Brittany: If you need to stay in tip-top shape, can I have your doughnut?
      President: Fine...(gives doughnut to Brittany) Now, does anyone have a question about what I do?
      (another girl raises hand)
      President: Yes, Tanisha
      Tanisha: Mr. President, I have a question about your airplane, Air Force One
      President: Yes, thank you!
      Tanisha: What weighs more? Air Force One, or a million doughnuts?

    • Newt: (to Cory and Meena) Happy excuse day!
      Cory: Back atcha, heh! (to Meena) Uh, what's he talking about?
      Meena: Oh, you are gonna love this. Every year he has to give his parents an excuse why he cannot run for class president.
      Newt: Yeah, they got this thing for me called "expectations." But I don't wanna run. I wanna rock!
      Meena: (to Newt) So what's your excuse this year?
      Newt: I'm tellin' 'em I was attacked by a porcupine. It took me two hours to trick out my shirt. Watch this.
      (Newt drinks water from his water bottle; he turns something, and water comes squirting out of several places on his shirt)
      Cory: (bluntly) Wow.

    • Cory: Somebody has gotta run against him and win! Its gotta be somebody brilliant, charming, and handsome, somebody irresistible. Somebody like me!
      Meena: Yes, you could do it! Definitely! You have 3 of those 4 traits!
      Cory: Thank You! Which three, Meena!

    • Cory: Newt, the real bear doesn't get here till 4:00, so I need you in the bear suit and in the cage by 3:00, all right? And remember, you're an animal.
      Newt: What kind of animal?
      Cory: A bear. Dang!

    • Cory: Meena, Meena, I'm all signed up! I mean, look at me. I am running for President. Yeah, now I just gotta get people to know me.
      Meena: That's right. You're new in school, not that popular. Basically, a nobody. It's almost as if you don't exist.
      Cory: Okay, dang!

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