Cory in the House

Season 1 Episode 16

That's So In The House

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jul 08, 2007 on Disney Channel
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That's So In The House
When the President decides to make new uniforms for the White House tour guides, Raven shows up to help design them. When she has a vision of the hallway clock falling on the President, she tackles him to save her, but the clock does not fall. She runs away and the President has the whole security team trying to find her. Since Raven has to stay out of sight, Cory dresses up and pretends to be her to pitch her tour guide uniform ideas to the President.moreless

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  • The show should be called Raven In The House.

    If you're like me, you know you're pretty disappointed with the show so far. But, a miracle has happened. Raven Symone guess stars on an all new episode of Cory in the House as Cory's big sister! Yep, that girl really isn't leaving Disney that sudden, does she?

    In this episode, the president thinks he should have new uniforms for the staff. He's looking for a designer that can make great uniforms. We all know Raven can design. Just as Cory prepares to call Raven, Raven comes through the door with the uniforms. Raven had a vision of the president talking so she came with all new uniforms. But then at the White House, Raven has a vision that the Grandfather clock as gonna fall onto the president. So, Raven tries to save the president, put apparently the grandfather clock didn't fall. Now the whole White House is on a hunt to get Raven. How is Raven and Cory suppose to show the president the uniforms if the president thinks Raven is some stranger that tackled him?

    This is the best episode on the show yet. Raven comes back, that's one point already. Raven takes charge of the script and makes this the funniest episode yet. Although, the only comedy there is with Cory and Raven scenes. They're funny enough to make this the best episode. What really made it funny though, was the end half of the episode. Won't spoil it to you guys but it is HILARIOUS. This is a really funny episode and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.moreless
  • Best episode so far.

    In this episode of Cory In The House, the president thinks he should get new uniforms for his staff and needs a great designer to make some. So Raven Baxter comes down to the White House with some uniforms since she had a vision of her saying that. But, Raven then has a vision and accidentally tackles to president thinking it'll prevent her vision. But her vision didn't happen. How is Raven gonna show the president her designs if the president thinks she some kook? Well, you'll find out when you watch it.

    This episode is the funniest out of all the Cory In The House episodes. It lives up the That's So Raven episodes and the cast should really learn from Raven after making this episode. 10/10moreless
  • Raven comes to the white house and tackles the president after having a vision

    This is a great episode. Raven is back and they used her character perfectly. It has the old comedy thats so raven used to have and Raven was in it for more than 20 seconds unlike most great guest stars on disney nowadays. That's so pooshnik was great as was most of the episode. This is the best cory in the house episode so far. It wasn't filled with childish jokes and it was a treat for both thats so raven fans and cory in the house fans. If only the show could keep it up i would yell in joy.moreless
  • I Really Liked this episode..I am normally not a huge fan of Cory In The House..but after this episode, i re-considered it ! I think its a very special episode because it almost re-unites the baxter family! and it was great to see raven back in the show!moreless

    As i said before..Cory In The House is not among my favourite Disney Channel Shows and its maybe because i have not watched too many episodes, but after i watched this episode..i am happy to re-consider it. This was a really good episode. It was rather funny! and i think it was great that raven was back! It was quite great to see the Baxter family almost re-unite! :) There were many hillarious scenes in this episode and my favourite part was probably newt and meena's reaction to cory when he dressed up as a girl. it was really funny!

    Overall a great episode and a pretty good show! :) ¢¾moreless
  • Raven added a lot to this show!

    Raven comes to visit Cory and Victor. She also wants to design the new fashion line for the tour guides. She has a vision that a clock falls on the President and when she tries to save him, the clock doesn't fall. She hides from security, but can't pitch her fashion idea. Cory dresses up as a girl and pretends to be Raven. The President loves the designs, but the tour guides don't. When the clock actually falls, Raven saves him.

    This was a pretty good episode! It was really cool seeing Raven! I hope she guest stars more! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless


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