Cory in the House

Season 2 Episode 1

The Presidential Seal

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 17, 2007 on Disney Channel
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The Presidential Seal
Cory and Newt decide to try and get girlfriends. Cory tries to impress a girl named Nicole, but she only dates people who love history like herself. He then mentions that he lives in the White House and gets Nicole to come into the Oval Office with him. While kissing Nicole, he accidentally drops ink all over the Presidential Seal. Now he must try to somehow restore it. Meanwhile, Victor is put under pressure when he has to cook a $55,000 fish, and when Newt brings an actual seal to the White House, things only get crazier.moreless

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  • meh

    Uh, well... how unoriginal is this storyline? They do this all of the time in Season Two! But this is just the start! Cory and Newt always (ALWAYS!) try to get girls now. Its like the writers for C I T H are running out of clever storylines, though I loved Samantha Samuels's reference to Love Shack. I guess it was ok but I hated Newt in this episode, I mean they make his character seem too dumb! It is starting to get annoting and I think Jason Dolley has way more potential then to get him a role on Cory in the House.moreless
  • A seal?

    Cory and Newt decide that they should get girlfriends. Cory meets Nicole, a pretty girl who loves history. The problem is that she only dates boys who love history. After Cory tells her that he lives at the White House, she excitedly accepts the date. With Sophie's help, Cory sneaks into the Oval Office. Cory picks up historic ink and then they start kissing. He accidentally spills ink all over the Presidential Seal. He, of course, panics! Newt brings in a real seal, hoping to fix the problem. Victor is nervous when he has to chop up an extremely expensive fish.

    This episode was so-so. It was weird, but entertaining I guess. I give it a 7.0 out of 10.moreless
  • Eh, aight.

    This episode was pretty good. However, i do feel as if something was missing. In this episode, Cory takes this girl, Nicole, to the White House to impress her, since she loves history. He takes her into the presidential oval office. He shows her around all of these historic items, like James Madison's ink cartraidge. So, Cory holds the ink cartraige, and accidntly spills it on the Presidential Seal. THere is a huge ink stain on it. Cory calls Newt and Meena to help fix it. When they come, Meena brings some Bahavian stain removal formula and Newt brings an actual Seal, the animal. Meanwhile, chef Victor is pressured when cooking a very expensive, Japanese fish. Soo, the seal that Newt brought goes roaming around the white house and he wants the fish. Soo, Meena tries to remove the stain with her formula. She puts it on the stain, and nothing happens. However, they leave to find the seal. The seal ventures into the oval office and they go in too-and all of a sudde, the stain is gone! What I wonder is how?? They say it was the stain remover. I wanted to see how the stain remover kicked in. Now, as they get the seal, a Japanee ambassador meets with the president in the oval office, and victor brings the fish in there. The seal, attacks him for the fish. How will Cory deal with all of this??moreless
  • Season 2 gets a great start.

    Now, the first season of Cory In The House was unoriginal and almost completely boring. But some episodes like That's So In The House saved it and this show got a second season. Now, from what I've saw in this episode, Season 2 is already much better then the first already. But I'm only judging by the first episode of course but it is quite hilarious.

    In this episode, Cory and Newt try to get girlfriends. Man, that's such an overused concept when it comes to Disney Channel shows, especially in Cory in the House. Cory tries to ask out a girl named Nicole, but she only goes out with people that have a passion for history. So, when Cory says he lives in the White House, he invites Nicole to go to see parts of the White House filled with history. While they both were in the oval office, Cory spills ink on the Presidential Seal. He then has to somehow give rid of the stain. When Newt brings a real animal seal to the White House, things get even more hilarious.

    I can tell you, this is one of the most hilarious episodes the show has gotten. It's funny, the jokes aren't overused like the first season's jokes, and it's just plain hilarious. I cannot stop laughing at this episode. This episode really lives up to the That's So Raven episodes in my opinion. If Cory in the House continues this trend, we may have another 100 episode show.moreless

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