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  • Missing Episodes.

    I am looking for the following episodes to watch online, i cant seem to find them so far, if anyone knows where, would be appreciated.

    Season 1- Episode 5 - The Best Little Antique Shop in Astoria

    Season 2 - Episode 5 - Older and Out

    Season 3 - Episode 1 - Now Is the Time, the Walrus Said

    Episode 10 - Turkey Day

    Episode 16 - A Very Nice Dance

    I have seen every other episode but these, I'm desperate to see them.
  • You will learn plenty!

    Funny and sets the standard for family time and outside of the box scenes!
  • Premeiring in 1984 as M*A*S*H* was just saying goodbye, added another staple of late night television. It was based on a typical New York Family of seven, with mom who is a lawyer, and Dad who is a Doctor. Every week we laughed as a brlliant cast did.

    The Cosby show was as funny as it was enjoyable to watch. Bill Cosby is one of the funniest men around. Taking his stand up routines and putting them onto the screen for all to laugh at and enjoy. Cosby and co-star Malcolm-Jamal Warner, (Theo Huxtable), were a classic match up as father and son. The cast was funny and brilliant. The Cosby Show topped the ratings as number 1 for four straight years in a row. Premiering in 1984 and running through 8 years until 1992, and it is still one of the funniest shows ever to hit primetime television.
  • Great show!!

    I watched it from the beginning to the end! It's one of the best show i've ever watched!! Cosby - the head of the family is as always soooo funny. Not just his lines, but his expressions as well! And than his wife, and their relationship, children, grandchildren... Wonderful! I mean, being able to watch someone grows in front of your eyes and in such a nice show, it's a rare possibility! The show is very funny, and interesting, it can keep you in front of the TV all they if that could be possible.:) But, as always...everything has it's ending, so...i think it's going to pass a lot of years until we got something good and amusing as The Cosby show...
  • OLD

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!
    OLD TOO...-.-
  • Cosby has done so many wonderful shows and this is one of them!!

    I was a little kid when Cosby came to CBS in 1996. I thought it was hilarous!!! I like funny loving families like these. There are very few like them. Cosby is such a good actor and producer. He's also very funny and he knows how to make a script funny and make people think. His writers always listened to him and in return I know Dr. Cosby respected them as well. The big part of the show's success was that relationship that you saw between him and Phylicia Richard. She was able to act off him and still be very funny. That is the true key to a good sitcom. A funny man and a funny woman that could play off the lead male. I hope I can do a show like this one day or Cosby Mysteries. I'll figure out. In the meantime, why don't we put this on DVD?
  • A good show

    This is a good show for the whole family. I watch this sometimes when there is nothing good on tv. This show is on both Nick at night and tv land. This is a greate show for the whole family. I hope they never cancelle it. I still like to watch it even though it is old. Alot of people say this show is old but I still like it. This show is funny and enjoyable to watch anytime it is on Telivision. A good show for all ages. When I watched this show around christmas time I saw some christmas episodes that were good too.
  • Underrated

    Cosby was a very unheralded show probably because it was on daytime CBS. The show was a solid comedy and I would have liked to see it last a little longer. I think cosby might have been even funnier as a has been old man. There were some hilarious episodes such as when Cosby and Griffin had to land the airplane because the pilot passed out or something. And the one where Cosby and Griffin see who can sit out on the boat longer. Griffin was my favorite character, and he had good chemistry with cosby. Without Griffin the show wouldnt have been worth watching.
  • This show was a lot better than the trash CBS calls "comedy" today

    Cosby may not have been the Huxtable Family Pt 2, but it was still a great Cosby show. I grew up with Cosby before hearing of the oringinal Cosby show, and both shows were great. the humor that show had was something everyone could laugh at, instead of chuckling on the inside at an suggestive joke that the family may or not have liked hearing together. Clean humor..............where did it go? Who told the networks that sex sells with the family?..... It doesn't.
  • The Cosby Show, Part II

    I liked this show because it was exactly like the Cosby show, but less kids in it. And of course, it still was shot in New York, but the actual Boros of New York City.

    I wish there were more shows like this. Like the Cosby Show, it defined the 80s, and a generation.
  • Was actually based on the successful, dark British Sitcom \\\"On Foot In The Grave?\\\" by David Renwick (see nme listing under "CREW" in "CREATORS & PRODUCERS".

    I like Cosby--he\\\'s clever, funny, ground-breaking. family-orientated & can usually come up with a great TV show. When I had heard Bill Cosby was in discussion with David Renwick about an American Adaptation of his EXTREMELY funny although classically dark humored Britcom \\\"One Foot In The Grave\\\", I had my doubts about it\\\'s success on American audiences. \\\"OFITG\\\" is classic British Humor, and much like Rosanne Barr\\\'s failed attempt at an American \\\"Absolutely Fabulous\\\", the comedy of \\\"OFITG\\\" is so intense, dark & way out there that mainstream America would either not get it or complain to have it pulled from the air.

    To Start \\\"OFITG\\\" is about Victor Meldrew (played brilliantly by Richard Wilson), a man who is forced retired as a security guard for an office building in London. To add insult to injury, he is replaced by a little black box to automate security. So begins a life of a man with WAY too much time on his hands. In addition, anything that can go wrong in his life does go wrong, always complaining about the little nuances in life--much to the aggravation of his wife Margaret(played by Annette Crosbie).

    The show coined the catch-phrase \\\"I DON\\\'T BELIEVE IT!\\\", frequently uttered by Victor when life takes a downward turn. This was even parodied in the season three \\\"Father Ted\\\" episode \\\"The Mainland\\\" where Father Ted spots Richard Wilson (playing himself) & thinks it would be clever to go up to him & say \\\"I DON\\\'T BELIEVE IT\\\". Little does Ted realize his idea is NOT original & only irritates Richard Wilson.

    The Meldrew’s have no children, but are frequently visited by Mrs. Jean Warboys (played by Doreen Mantle), Margaret’s good but some-what ditsy friend and neighbors Patrick (Angus Deayton) & Pippa (Janine Duvitski) Trench. Victor & Patrick hate each other, and are always watching each others activities, much to the chagrin of Margaret & Pippa, who enjoy each others company & frequently vent to each other about their lives with their husbands. Some examples of everyday life of Victor Meldrew:

    1)Finding a toupee in a loaf of bread just picked up from the bakery.
    2)A container of rice from a Chinese take-out crawling across the counter.
    3)Discovering a frozen cat in their fridge.
    4)Locking a neighbor up in their attic & mistaking her banging for the water heater breaking.
    5)Using a toilet at a Chinese restaurant marked \\\"out of order\\\" and discovering it\\\'s a secret entryway to a Chinese brothel complete with topless hookers.
    6)Taking a day trip only to have it rain--seeking shelter in a friends van that has bags of quick dry cement and getting his foot stuck in a bag along with Mrs. Warboys.
    7)Taking a holiday trip only to be stuck on the Motorway for most of the day due to traffic.
    8)Getting buried up to his head in his backyard when he mistakes the daughter of the handy-man he hired as a hooker.
    9)Using fresh kelp from the beach to liven up his fish tank only to have a stowaway crab escape from the bag & crawl up neighbor Patrick\\\'s shorts & clamping itself to his scrotum.
    10)Yelling at the neighborhood kids (who\\\'s father is a sign maker) and finding a sign new sign nailed into his front lawn. The sign is a horrible portrait of Victor with the inscription \\\"PAIN IN THE ARSE\\\" written on it.

    I\\\'ll stop right there for as you can see, whereas \\\"OFITG\\\" used some very off-the-wall, dark, British humor to garner it\\\'s laughs, none of the above plots could ever be recreated by light-hearted, family-orientated Cosby. From what I have read from various fan websites, Cosby was receiving scripts from David Renwick while developing the show and subsequently
    watered them down to where he felt they would be acceptable to American audiences.

    Unfortunately, the \\\"Americanized\\\" scripts bore little resemblance to it\\\'s British counterpart & the show retained none of the cutting edge humor that gave \\\"OFITG\\\" it\\\'s six seasons of great comedy (Cosby only lasted four seasons). I urge everyone to check out \\\"OFITG\\\" to see the roots of \\\"Cosby\\\"--series 1-3 + \\\"best of\\\" are available from on DVD. The first season of Cosby mirrors most of the scripts from \\\"OFITG\\\" Series 1.

    One side note: Cosby did pay homage to creator David Renwick and the curmudgeonly character he created Victor Meldrew by naming the law firm Erica is offered a job \\\"Renwick & Meldrew\\\" Also. the theme song to \\\"OFITG\\\" was written & sung by Monty Python alum Eric Idle.

  • Just because you see Cosby doesn't mean its good.

    I like most people probably thought this was the Cosby show (The Huxtables version) especially when I saw Ms. Rashad at his side but this is just Cosby's terrible return to the small screen. The show features them with two kids now I think both are grown and so very boring. Ms. Rashad as always is excellent in proves Black don't crack. While Cosby's character is well practically Cliff Huxtable a couple years later. I watched only 5 or 6 episodes and was bored outta my mind. Mostly all rehashed material with unorginal makes this one a piece of poopie. So if you curious watch an episode to be amazed of how far Cosby has fallen from the legend known as The Cosby show to the half-*** Cosby and also what an unoriginal title and he most be in love with his name (even though he has many aliases).
  • It's Time To Bring This Show Back--Permenantly. (And They're Not Supposed To Be The Huxtables.)

    They keep airing this show, and then stop, and it is so hard to keep up with them.

    And for those that think that the show is different than The Cosby Show, you're missing the point. That's the show's entire purpose. It is based on BBC's One Foot In The Grave. Actually, there are way too many shows that are ripped off from BBC shows. But the bad thing about BBC shows is that they only air less then 10 episodes each year. Big dissapointment for Keeping Up Apperances.

    And I actually like this new show, The Cosby Show is dated, very 80's. And Theo is a jerk, and I like this neighborhood setting and again, it's supposed to look like it's about a bunch of old people. So it really isn't a continuation of The Cosby Show. The two shows are completely seperate.

    Too bad the show didn't air much after Madeline Kahn died. She was so funny. She was a star on Sesame Street. She was on "Sing After Me", and if any Sesame Street people are reading this, please bring back that music video with her and Grover. It is so funny.

    The funniest thing about this show is when she said, "Oh, my that's the 5th Martha Stewart they've shown today. She's going to knit a chair."
  • They aren't the Huxtables.

    It’s said the second time around is bigger and better, but in Cosby’s case, the second time around should have been a road never traveled.

    After spoiling fans for eight years in the role as America’s Most Lovable Parents Cliff and Clair Huxtable, Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashaad are back – this time as the weary and dreary Hilton and Ruth Lucas.

    Gone was the fancy brownstone, the five children and the fancy Heathcliff Huxtable sweaters. Instead, we are graced with modest domain, one daughter and Hilton Lucas a man whom you think at times should not have a friend in the world.

    Cosby was a dry run and perhaps it’s a move people make when they have too much time on their hands. There was absolutely no way to follow up a fruit punch parade like The Cosby Show with a dry glass of water such as Cosby.

    The public had grown to love the chemistry between Phylicia and Bill – but that was when they were Cliff and Clair. Anything less, was unacceptable and that is a good reason why Cosby never reached the height of fame as its earlier predecessor.

    It was just something lovable about the cluttered house with five kids, the family forums and Cliff’s tall tales about growing up. Take it all away and you found yourself with Hilton Lucas – and that’s no fun.
  • This show is funny, but is not even close to The Cosby Show.

    This is a funny sitcom. Cosby's comments on the differences between men and women are always amusing, and his interactions with Griffin (played to the hilt by Doug E. Doug) are often hilarious. I might even like this show better if I had never seen The Cosby Show. I know it's not fair, but I always compare everything that Bill Cosby is in to The Cosby Show, which in my opinion, was one of the greatest sitcoms of all times. This show is currently in reruns at 5:30 AM on TBS. I recommend this to anyone looking for a bit of innocent fun on TV.