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  • They aren't the Huxtables.

    It’s said the second time around is bigger and better, but in Cosby’s case, the second time around should have been a road never traveled.

    After spoiling fans for eight years in the role as America’s Most Lovable Parents Cliff and Clair Huxtable, Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashaad are back – this time as the weary and dreary Hilton and Ruth Lucas.

    Gone was the fancy brownstone, the five children and the fancy Heathcliff Huxtable sweaters. Instead, we are graced with modest domain, one daughter and Hilton Lucas a man whom you think at times should not have a friend in the world.

    Cosby was a dry run and perhaps it’s a move people make when they have too much time on their hands. There was absolutely no way to follow up a fruit punch parade like The Cosby Show with a dry glass of water such as Cosby.

    The public had grown to love the chemistry between Phylicia and Bill – but that was when they were Cliff and Clair. Anything less, was unacceptable and that is a good reason why Cosby never reached the height of fame as its earlier predecessor.

    It was just something lovable about the cluttered house with five kids, the family forums and Cliff’s tall tales about growing up. Take it all away and you found yourself with Hilton Lucas – and that’s no fun.
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