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  • It's Time To Bring This Show Back--Permenantly. (And They're Not Supposed To Be The Huxtables.)

    They keep airing this show, and then stop, and it is so hard to keep up with them.

    And for those that think that the show is different than The Cosby Show, you're missing the point. That's the show's entire purpose. It is based on BBC's One Foot In The Grave. Actually, there are way too many shows that are ripped off from BBC shows. But the bad thing about BBC shows is that they only air less then 10 episodes each year. Big dissapointment for Keeping Up Apperances.

    And I actually like this new show, The Cosby Show is dated, very 80's. And Theo is a jerk, and I like this neighborhood setting and again, it's supposed to look like it's about a bunch of old people. So it really isn't a continuation of The Cosby Show. The two shows are completely seperate.

    Too bad the show didn't air much after Madeline Kahn died. She was so funny. She was a star on Sesame Street. She was on "Sing After Me", and if any Sesame Street people are reading this, please bring back that music video with her and Grover. It is so funny.

    The funniest thing about this show is when she said, "Oh, my that's the 5th Martha Stewart they've shown today. She's going to knit a chair."