Cosmic Odyssey

(ended 2002)


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Cosmic Odyssey

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Cosmic Odyssey is a television documentary series featuring William Shatner that ran for only one season. The Discovery Channel produces the show, and Tony Papa directs each episode. The show is now syndicated for airing on The Science Channel. Cosmic Odyssey has nine episodes, each one focusing on a different aspect of astronomy and space exploration and narrated by William Shatner. Topics for episodes include comets and their formation, exploration of the planet Mars, star birth and life, extraterrestrial life forms, and a history of the scientist Edwin Hubble and his contributions to the field of astronomy. Other topics include black holes, Venusian astronomy, and space travel. The documentary is designed for educational as well as entertainment use, and all episodes feature facts that move along at a fast pace without becoming too scientific. The use of William Shatner as the narrator is a nod to Shatner's work on Star Trek.