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  • Worst cartoon ever in space!

    This is by far one of the worst cartoon i have ever seen in my whole life. This story makes no scenes at all. The characters looking stupid and the villains are a joke. First problem is the main characters. Cosmic Quantum Ray is totally ripoff design of Buzz Lightyear. Same head, '' whoa he can fly'' and shoot lasers. Next is Robbie Shipton. Robbie looks like a mix of Cody Jones (TMNT: FF) and Nestor (World of Quest). I'm so sorry for Robbie that he's in a awful show. He can be interesting character like in Transformers or Spider-man. Unfortunately he doesn't. :( A major problem is the villains. Believe me it's getting worst. The main villains are Doctor Brainhead and Mother. Brainhead looks like a idiot to me and has some stupid personality. More like a alien of Lilo and Stich. Behold the worst villain of all time is Mother the hamster. A hamster?! Yes a hamster. Why a hamster in space as a primary antagonist??? This isn't Hamtaro in space. Mah GAWD!!! She sure is ugly as an primary antagonist. (LOL) Why not a robot as a villain? Like Zurg was a good villain in Toy Story. But unlike that we getting a fur ball little whiny brat as a villain. The minor characters are also awful. Atee & Geecey are a ripoff of The PowerPuff Girls. But are they male or female? I don't care about this show anyway. Space is fine as long i don't see this show ever again.