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  • This is How It's Done

    All would-be science documentaries should look to Carl Sagan's Cosmos to see how to be a good science documentary. It's a brilliant show, with thought-provoking ideas. Everybody needs to see it. No one should be deprived of it.
  • Understanding The Universe

    COSMOS was one of the most intelligent & unparalleled science programs ever to be featured on PBS in 1980. Dr. Carl Sagan, a noted astrophysicist from Cornell University was the host who explained what the Universe is & why it should matter to our very existence in a manner that is in no way prosaic.

    It was a joy to watch. And not many shows these days can do what COSMOS does, makes you think.
  • Articulate science show that was also easy to understand.

    This show featured as its host the scientist Carl Sagan. An astronomy professor at Harvard and Cornell, he was also a prolific writer, whose credits included the book for which this show was named. This show pulled in over half a billion viewers worldwide. And well it might: Sagan, a warm and funny speaker, illustrated the most cogent points about the show's topics and yet never made you feel you were slogging through a difficult textbook. Sagan was one of the first people of the television era to bring science to the public in ways that truly sparked their imaginations. From Michiu Kaku to the Mythbusters, many a science-themed host and program owes much to this gentleman's work. This documentary appears Sunday nights on the Science Channel. Give it a try. Whether you're a student, a parent or just curious about the world around you, "Cosmos" offers much to enjoy.
  • Carl Sagan teaches the science of the universe.

    Carl Sagan, the incredible astronomer of our time, teaches the greatest truths of the universe. He cover the greatest minds of Earth to the greatest sciences of the galaxies. This show is incredibly informative, and has the most interesting and important facts and theories of the universe. The show has been a classic, edited for the older shows. The series was made into a book that broke the record for the highest selling book of science. The show was translated into several languages, demonstrating its immense popularity around the world. This show is a must see for all people who love science, specially astronomy.
  • Forget any other science show. Carl Sagan is the man!

    I watched this with my dad years ago. Nothing gives a more grounded view of the univers we live in. Carl Sagan pulls you into the info and make you want to learn it like any teacher should but few do. He understands the need for EVERYONE to know basic science. There is no show ever made that does better than Cosmos.
  • If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, then Cosmos is a show about EVERYTHING.

    Before the original showing of Cosmos, I attended a show that was hosted by Carl Sagan. Being a very young and uninformed young child of 9, I was less interested in the man, and more interested in the Stars, Planets, and spaceships. Many years later, when I was in junior high, I became more interested in the the man and the ideas and concepts and theories that Carl Sagan was discussing. (It was also at this time that my mom told me that I had met the guy, and had thanked him for the \"show on stars\". Man, if I knew then, when I was 10, what I knew later, when I was 15).

    It wasn\'t until I got in to college, though, and I read the book Cosmos and watched the 12th anniversary showing of the mini series that I could REALLY appreciated the splendor that is the show. This is more than just a show about star and space. It is about the exploration of the universe, from the smallest of sub-atomic particles, to the largest of universes, from the energy and matter that makes up EVERYTHING around us, to the concepts of our VERY existence. If Seinfeld was a show about Nothing, then Cosmos is a show about EVERYTHING!

    Mind you, this series is not for everyone. The two most important women in life- My mother and my (ex) wife- both hated the show, and failed to see what was so important about. My father, who would watch it with me, would get bored sometimes and \"have to go get a cup of coffee\" that would take him about 30 minutes to make and get. But for some, like me, this is the ULTIMATE in geek fest; covering topics ranging from mathematics and physics, to social sciences, history and economics, and biology and geology. This show is a perfect blend of information for those interested in many different themes and ideas.