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  • If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, then Cosmos is a show about EVERYTHING.

    Before the original showing of Cosmos, I attended a show that was hosted by Carl Sagan. Being a very young and uninformed young child of 9, I was less interested in the man, and more interested in the Stars, Planets, and spaceships. Many years later, when I was in junior high, I became more interested in the the man and the ideas and concepts and theories that Carl Sagan was discussing. (It was also at this time that my mom told me that I had met the guy, and had thanked him for the \"show on stars\". Man, if I knew then, when I was 10, what I knew later, when I was 15).

    It wasn\'t until I got in to college, though, and I read the book Cosmos and watched the 12th anniversary showing of the mini series that I could REALLY appreciated the splendor that is the show. This is more than just a show about star and space. It is about the exploration of the universe, from the smallest of sub-atomic particles, to the largest of universes, from the energy and matter that makes up EVERYTHING around us, to the concepts of our VERY existence. If Seinfeld was a show about Nothing, then Cosmos is a show about EVERYTHING!

    Mind you, this series is not for everyone. The two most important women in life- My mother and my (ex) wife- both hated the show, and failed to see what was so important about. My father, who would watch it with me, would get bored sometimes and \"have to go get a cup of coffee\" that would take him about 30 minutes to make and get. But for some, like me, this is the ULTIMATE in geek fest; covering topics ranging from mathematics and physics, to social sciences, history and economics, and biology and geology. This show is a perfect blend of information for those interested in many different themes and ideas.

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