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CosmoWarrior Zero

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Cosmo Warrior Zero is a 2001 Japanese OVA (Original Video Animation) by Leiji Matsumoto. It features the adventures of the Starship Karyu (Fire Dragon), captained by the titular Captain Warrius Zero (Toshiyuki Morikawa, Crispin Freeman). It is set in a world where man has fought a long, losing war against a race of machines. When a tenuous peace treaty is finally achieved, the terms favor the machines tremendously. While resentful of the terms, Captain Zero is given the difficult task of leading a joint crew of man and machine on a mission to capture the infamous space pirate Captain Harlock (Eiji Takemoto, Steven Blum). Further complicating his life, Captain Zero begins to develop feelings for his attractive first officer Marini Oki (Aya Hishakawa, Lia Sargent). A total of 15 episodes were produced in the series. Any fan of science fiction anime or space odysseys will find something to like about Cosmo Warrior Zero.

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AIRED ON 10/13/2001

Season 1 : Episode 15

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Teen, Adult, Anime, Comic Book & Graphic Novels, Futuristic