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Cosplay Complex (OVA)

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Cosplay Complex (OVA) is the comedy original video animation that follows the students of a cosplay club. Cosplay, short for costume play, is the art of creating and wearing costumes to represent characters, often from Japanese culture, cartoons, and sci-fi. From anime to comic books, video games, fantasy movies and more, any character can become a cosplay costume. In this series, we join junior high students who have a cosplay club. Chako Hasegawa is a smart but mischievous girl with pink hair a cheerful disposition. Sadly she isn't very good at sewing so she can't make costumes very well. One day an exchange student from Italy, Jenny Martel, comes to their school and wants to join the cosplay club. The leader of the club, Goro Bandai, gives her a challenge. If she can beat Chako at the cosplay battle, he will let her in the club. The team must also work together to compete to become cosplay champions, and they have some magical help.moreless

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