Cosplay Complex

A&E (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Round 3: The Final Battle: Showdown in the East Oizumi Academy Gym
      Coach Kuroba is recovering in hospital from an unknown illness. Sachiko sees a strange woman visiting the grave of her dead husband and elsewhere Chako bumps into a girl named Tsukasa and she asks her to take her to the Academy. It is soon revealed that Tsukasa belongs to the famous Shin-Takarazuka Academy Cosplay Club headed by Ranko Takara. Both clubs must now prepare for the ultimate showdown at the upcoming World Series.moreless
    • Round 2: Summer Training Camp of Charm
      The Cosplay Group is visited by Coach Kuroba, the new sponsor who demands they take their visit to the beach seriously. They must show off their best Cosplay outfits upon arrival. The Coach is soon taken ill, leaving Sachiko to look after the girls. Chako's friends decide to play matchmaker in a bid to bring Chako and Tamiya together. Meanwhile, Jenny is having the time of her life, surrounded by school children.moreless
    • Round 1: The Cosplay Club is Born
      The Cosplay Club is struggling to make ends meet and if nothing can be done soon then all their hard work will go down the drain. Chief of the club, Gorou tells the girls that they need sponsorship and a new member; one that can Cosplay amongst the best of them and achieve success - enter Jenny. Meanwhile, Chako and Sachiko celebrate the three month anniversary of Delmo and Ikebukuro arriving at their house. Chako meets her first fan, a young man named Tamiya who quickly wins her heart. And so the gang must get used to a few new changes but who is the stranger that awaits them?moreless
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