Costas Now

Season 4 Episode 1

Episode 401 - Town Hall Meeting

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2008 on HBO



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    • [Following Will Leitch saying DeadSpin doesn't go after athletes]
      Buzz Bissinger: I've just got to interject, because I feel strongly about this, I really think you're full of sh*t.
      Will Leitch: That's fair enough.
      Buzz Bissinger: Because I think that blogs are dedicated to cruelty, they're dedicated to journalistic dishonesty, they're dedicated to speed. I am over 50, do you know who W.C. Hines is? Have you ever read him?
      Will Leitch: I've read The Professional.
      Buzz Bissinger: Now tell me. You've read The Professional. Have you read his sport columns, in the papers? Tell me who has a better ability to evoke a game or a moment, W.C. Hines, one of the greatest writers, ever living, until he recently died, or this guy, who's printed in your thing, called DeadSpin, and it's amazing to me, you say "sports news without access, favor or discretion" and yet you admit to being biased for the [St. Louis] Cardinals. Anyway, I can't tell if this guy's name is "ballsdeep" or "bigdaddydrewballs."
      Will Leitch: It's bigdaddydrewballs.
      Buzz Bissinger: Ok, so ballsdeep. I will read a little bit. Here's insight into blogging, cause it really pisses the sh*t out of me.
      Bob Costas: Until you said that, it wasn't clear.
      Buzz Bissinger: Seriously, seriously. Because this is the complete dumbing down of our society. Complete dumbing down.
      Will Leitch: False
      Buzz Bissinger: Yes. I'll tell you, I don't spend a lot of time on your blog. But, I do watch it, and today you took an item from Robin Leech's blog, about some rumor he heard about Tony Romo, you don't even know if it's true, you don't know if it's bullsh*t or not. But, let me read about bigdaddyballs, or whatever his name is, which is in your publication DeadSpin. [quoting from bidgaddyballs] "He didn't need to see Rich Garces t*ts in order to gain insight on to how he pitches." Then in parenthesis, and this is so f*cking clever. "Though I've heard Rich Garces t*ts are amazing. Sh*t, he didn't even have to see him on TV."
      Bob Costas: We got the idea.
      Will Leitch: And for the record, I am not familiar with his breasts.
      Buzz Bissinger: How could you be proud of that stuff? How can you be proud of it?