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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Episode 101- Amphetamines in Baseball
      Bob Costas takes a look at the problem of amphetamines in baseball. Guest panelists include Charles Barkley, John McEnroe, and Cris Collinsworth, with correspondant Armen Keteyian.
    • Episode 102 - Lee Janzen & Aaron Stewart
      An interview with Reggie Miller. A look at the friendship between golfer Aaron Stewart and Lee Janzen. Also, a panel discussion regarding efforts to increase the minimum age for NBA entry.
    • Episode 103 - Jack Nicklaus
      Jack Nicklaus discusses his plans to retire from professional golf upon completion of the British Open.
    • Episode 104 - Tony La Russa / Steroids in Football
      Manager Tony La Russa and Bob Costas analyze the St. Louis Cardinals over a three game series. Also, a doctor reveals that he has prescribed steroids for players from the Carolina Panthers.
    • Episode 105 - Paul Newman
      Bob Costas travels to Philadelphia, Mississippi to interview Archie Manning, who evacuated from New Orleans two days before Hurricane Katrina hit. Also, an interview with Paul Newman and a round table discussion with Cris Collinsworth, John McEnroe, and Tim Russert from Meet the Press.
    • Episode 106 - Jackie Robinson's Son
      Bob Costas meets with David, a man who has established a unique coffee farm co-operative in Tanzania that offers opportunities to the nation's farmers. We are also surprised to learn that David is baseball legend Jackie Robinson's son.
    • Episode 107 - 1963 Army/Navy Game
      Remembrances of the 1963 Army/Navy football game. The game, occurring just after the assassination of President John Kennedy, featured the first use of televised instant replay, and a young QB named Roger Staubach. Also featured: A profile of Marvin Barnes, the former ABA player.
    • Episode 108 - Tom Brady
      In this episode New England Quarterback Tom Brady is honoured as Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. The show also takes a look at other top athletes of 2005.
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